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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Sep 28, 1916

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Enderby, B. C, September 28, 1916
Vol. 9; No. 31;  Whole No." 451'
- Good morning! Nail thc business.
Miss Marie Murdock is visiting at
Lacombc, Alta.
School  Inspector Anstey visiied
\ Enderby the past week.,
Pte. Bush visited his home from
the Vernon camp over Sunday.'
Armstrong merchants have combined to hold a Dollar Day on Friday.-"
Mrs. W. J. Thompson, of Armstrong, visited Enderby friends the
week end.
-   J. A. Dougal left on Monday for
Vancouver, where he will remain
- some time:
Cougar have been seen- several
times recently along the road to
Mabel Lake. .
Miss B. Lcatlierdale returned hist
* week. from.a two-weeks',  visit"to
coast, cities.
Willey R. Barrows says he ha? no
. intention of severing his connection
with the Okanagan Saw Mills.
Mrs. P. Miller,j_ who has beenvis-
Jting her parents'several weeks, left
7for her Cranbrook home Monday.
lhe, honor .'roll of the Enderby
"boys-at thc front was unveiled'at,
the Presbyterian church lasl Sun-'
.day.    -   _    ' ..        *1--
"-. Mrs.y A;-' Glenn   returned  Friday
..from! a .-visit *of .several weeks to
"relatives inSaskalchewan and Manitoba. ..." ' .. "- _ .
* Elnier-Black'rctinnedvfro'm a.visit
to Seattle last, week "and went, to
Vernon,.where lie-joined the medi-
. eal corps.' ~" .'..*",:-������������������.' ,-_,
With "all .polls -in the Slocan
riding heard from, Mr. Win. Huiitei\
-��������� tlie Conservative member, has a majority of-17.    -
You can still avoid, tax sale expenses���������but only by paying up your
, 1014 arrears between now and Monday 'next at 0 p.m. ���������
Thc local Masonic lodge gave a
very enjoyable Al Home in the I.O.
"O.F. HallWedncsdav evening "to its
members and their ladies.
Miss Winnifred JMcDougalc' .visited' herhome .in New Denver last
week from* Saskatoon, where .ihe is
nursing in one of the hospitals.
.Anniversary services will he held
in the Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Oct. 22nd. Thc annual dinner
wi'H'be held the Tuesday following.
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Chapman arc
visiting their Loon Lake retreat for
P. H. Murphy. is proving ��������� how
profitable registered pigs arc, on his
King Edward ranch this season.
With thc finest.brood sows and one
of the best boars in the Valley, he
has several litters of porkers that
are a picture to look at.
Today and tomorrow are going to
be big days at Armstrong. Those
who are not exhibitors, however,
who arc going simply io see the exhibits, will be well advised if Ihey
make the trip on Friday, when all
exhibits will have been in place and
. Rev. E. C. Curry officiated at a
very pretty home wedding at the
residence of the bride's parents on
Wednesday afternoon,"- Sept. 27th,
when Susan Li la*, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. James Baird; Knight street,
became the bride of Mr. George N.
���������Loomis, of Sicamous. Mr. and Mrs.
Loomis will reside at Mara.
-Mrs. S. Poison and Mrs. S. Speers
will hold a whist .drive on Tuesday'
evening, Oct. 3rd,, at 8 o'clock, admission 35c. /rhe'-object of holding
the whist drive is to obtain yarn'to'
knit   into   sox- for   the   Christmas
parcels for the soldier boys.   The
yarn will be-oblainable on the night
of the (Vive so anyone wishing io.
knit can "get the.yarn from'the president.""*.   VV,-\"~"     r"'''.", ~-~ .'���������'-
.*In the:Methodist Church,*5 Thursday-evening,'Sept. 28th: the officeiys
and,musical members of the-Vernon
CampJOLCAVwill give an.evening
of . entertainment;; in> .connection
with the workyqf the Association-in
the ������ military "camps   in    Canada,
Overseas and at the front, wilh vo-_
c'al and instrumental music.to intersperse  the  lecture.'*   A   collection
will bc taken up in aid of ihe.fund.
rest after a busy summer in Vernon
Thc Big Game Hunters returned
on Monday from the headwaters of
Seymour 'Arm, bringing back���������a
nourishing crop of curly whiskers.
On October 12th. in the Methodist
Church, Rev. J. H. Howe, of Vernon,
will give a dramatic recital, assisted by several artists, vocal and
Mondav evening Mayor Dill and
Ed. Mack motored to Hupel and
returned the following afternoon
with Iwo deer, which they bagged
that morning.
The last day of registering to he
placed on the Provincial or Federal
voters' list will bc October 2nd. Any
one who is not* registered-may do
so before lhat dale.
A meeting ol" the Red Cross will
be held in the City Hall at.3 o'clock
Tuesday, Oct. 3rd. Important
business is to bc taken up, and a full
attendance .is desired.
Percy G. Farmer has severed his
connection with the Okanagan Saw
Mills, and left Monday for Vernon
where he has accepted a position
with S. C. Smith Lumber Co.
When the evenings are too cold
for an ice cream, a cup of k\i ot
. coffee,'with cake or sandwiches as
they are served at Joe's might add
the same amount of cheer and
make the music sound as soulful.
Manager Reeves reports receipt
through the Enderby Growers Association of a very fine quality of
apples, though thc quantity this
season is below the average. The
bright weather of .the past month
has been ideal for bringing the apples up to the highest color.. The
price is good and demand greal.
Spuds have taken a temporary drop
in price, but this, il is believed, will
not continue long.
Owing to the cxtrcmclv dry season, little1 rain having fallen during
the summer months, and the fall
rains not having yet commenced,
the water in -'the river is rapidly
falling to" a point not reached in
many years. A report is current to
the effect --that the Okanagan Saw
Mills will stop the season's cut this
month, but the latest information
from thc mill office is that culling
will continue as long as the logs can
bc floated in the mill boom, which
may be some weeks yet.
in the public elemcntarv'school at
very little expense, as the Educa-
St. George's, Church was crowded lional Department defrays 75 per
to the doors Tuesday afternoon, cent of the cost. - In addition, a sub-
by friends,of the pride and groom, slanlial grant is paid to'assist in ihe
to witness the happy event, the salary of the instructor,
marriage of Miss Hope Aldin, a native Enderby girl, to Capt. Thos.
Wilkinson, of the ,172nd Battalion.
The church" was' beautifully decorated. The groom was attended by
Capt. Plumbly, and, Capt. Wiseman,
chaplain of the 172nd officiated.
Capt. Colly and'Capt. Wagbcrt, were
also present. The. bride wore a
travelling suit of 'khaki, and the
sharp; military trim'ness of the ceremony lent to the beauty of the occasion.-. After Jhe" ceremony the
bridal couple were motored to Sal-'
nion Arm wherethey look" the train
for the coast. They will spend ihe
winter at Victoria.
The bride is the only daughter of
Mr. and Mrs^ H. "C. Aldin, pioneers
of the .district.". Twenty years ago,
or thereabouts, Mr. and Mrs. Aldin
were'themselves "married in Enderby,'at ihe home .of Mr. and Mrs. G.
R..Lawes. "Hope" was their,-first-
daughter. She- advanced .to. girlhood,
then intp womanhood, beloved '.by
all: .:Capt. Wilkinson-came.lo Enderby, four years,ago, as manager of
the Burnham-'poultry, farm5.."** A year
ago* he joined-ilie-colors'1 and.-has^
won rapid, advancement.:.\��������� <" --:- - V
T"T^rDi vTrnn (FDt^&^vTC o rse t s"rf u 11
range sizes; style and /it guaranteed
���������al Speers.
VTheT ProyiricialVEdiicational*. Department is endeavoring-to'induce**
each small community .that-feels it
can stand the.'cost, ."to "establish, a'
manual'- ��������� training    and ., domestic
science branch,*"*, with ��������� the ��������� idea ' of
making the'book work more effective.   To thc-great majority of people-books do not appeal; and no interest or impulse to .effort is found
in the written word.    Experiences
are what count in educational affairs.   "The  handling  of "the   real
material   .with   which   to- do   real
work appeals to llie'nature of most
boys ancl girls; consequently manual training and  domestic science
forms  the  ground .work, of- effort'
and energy-from which springs sue-'
cess.    "Manufacturers   associations,
trades unions, social reformers.and
educators are all pointing out ihe
wisdom of such woi-k in'schools. In
1909  the  American  Federation  of
Labor passed  a  resolution to this
end: "We demand this training as a
id gh Iff or*ihave=we=noHo=-ni ake^ou r-
living by our hands?"-
Manual equipment can bc installed
By instructions of the Hon. Minister of Agriculture, a distribution
of superior sorts of grain.and potatoes will be made during the coming winter and spring to Canadian
farmers.    The'samples, for general-
distribution will consist of spring
wheat   (about  5  lbs.).fr while  oats
(aboul 4 lbs.), barley (about 5 lbs.)'
and field peas (aboul o lbs.)   These
will be. sent from Ottawa.' A'-dis-
tribution of potatoes; in:samples of
about 3 lbs. will be carried on from
several of the experimeiiatl farms,
the Central Farm at Ottawa supplying only the provinces of Ontario
and  Quebec.    All samples' will be
sent free by mail,   r   ���������
- Only one sample of grain and one
of  potatoes  can1'be  sent   to  each
farm. - As1**the  supply .of-'sced  is
limited, farmers.are advised "to-apply, early.   Requests received -after.'-
the end of "Dcccmbeiyywiirprobabljy.
be. too 'Ja'tc^ .-Anyone* desiring, a-
sample should write-, (post .-free) to"
thev Dominion*^' Cerealist,; VExpcnV
mental Farm",' Ottawa.rfoivan^applirTj
cation blahk.'' . :/���������----'..--/.,. .v*-"" '--
-r .Labor/;-organizations*, .including
about    1,100,000' -workers,,'met' in
New. York- Sept.i25lh to\.yotc*oh the'
question olVjoining imthe proposed
general- strike-toT'take effect-there'-
this week.'""Ernest Bohm,.secretary,
of ihe conference of labor-Readers'
direeling the movemenl, asserted to
the press that unions representing
'179.500 workers, already had, voted
to quit work. ' The*secretary also,
asserted that if the strike becomes*
effective it will hot Jast more, than
two    days,   as  he  belives   it   will
quickly. force   the   traction   com-',
panics to arbitrate.with their striking employees. ' "   ,
: The British havcentercdCombles' "V'
"on the Somme front, and are over--   --
coming the resistance of the Ger-  - (
mans.    More  than   1500-prisoners'   -<
and a large amount of war material-
were taken.   The French forces co-  -.
operating   with   thc   British,   have y
come in from.the opposite direction . (
and have taken the Combles ccnie1*" V
tery������ also capturing many prisoners.
On'the Russian front heavy fight- :���������
irigis in progress.at all points, the.'  '.
Russians taking the offensive.       *���������' -'���������������������������
On the Italian front Austrian re.-.,, y
ports claim to have repulsed all atViy '*
tacks of the enemy. "    V���������- ' VvV
, In._Dobrud.ja- .Valley, it was. .re-^V.
ported that the Teutons had-bcc'nV^V
defeated.in a six-day.battle with tbc^77Y:
reinforced Russo'-Uoumanian forces' V,\>
and were in1 retreat. _ A later report,-,'yA
slales_ that a BulgaY-Gennan-Turlc^VV
army had, attacked "the, Roumanian" -V
'forces from-the Hank, aiid rear andV,V""'. ^...,,.
that the Russo-Boiimanians were in *-V'^Vt-isjj
turn on the run.; 1 - * /- -y' 7rS 7"'Y~^%1
'. In Macedonia heavy .-fighting.isjn.'v'"*'** 1;-<rv"
progress-ins the. vicinity-of,Fiorina;, .v:
with the whole ^Macedonian'-front-V
more .or'dc'ss-involved
v. ���������***
,y'et-made as to dam"ag'c,6i\casu������alties.{r^r;^#1
A general annual meeting of the
Enderby and District Conservative
Association, for thc election of
officers and other business, will bc
held in K. of P. Hall, Saturday,
SepU-30thr=n U2^p.^m.	
Choice cakes and cookies���������Joe's
Men and Things as Seen Thro' Hank Reklaw's Periscope
The Fence Viewers lor the Mara-Grindrod (lis-! lhc Fence Viewers' right to. conslrucl Jhe prp-
Irict arc endeavoring to untie a langle in Govern- posed clileh through its berth without permission
.... i- i  ��������� ii     s. r..,.<  o   Ihe Dominion Government and ol   the coin-
mental red tape winch is more than cxaspe.aling. M[ q|. which Jmw ,)c icchnically lruc an(,
Thc tangle has arisen out oi lhe tence Viewers lal lhc s.,mc limc a|)SllI.(fty foolish.
decision some months ago lo allow a ditch, lo he
dug along the cast boundary of L587, running!
norlh and south through lhc Hazclmcrc Ranch
and lhc adjoining properties of Messrs. Bell,
George and Weir. The. purpose of lhc proposed
ditch is to drain much valuable hind-on'.these,
properties which is now virtually useless except
as pasture during the summer months. The ditch,
as surveyed, also cuts 'through a small portion of
Timber Berth No. 287, now .the-!properly, under
lease, ol' the Columbia River Lumber Company.
This berth has been tied up as a limber lease for
20 years or more, yet in that time, residents of
lhat locality tell us, not a log has been cul on thc
Wc wonder how much longer the Dominion
Government is going to permit Ihesc immense
tracts: of valuable agricullural land lo be tied-up
aiul withheld from preemption as timber limits,
wilhout a slick of limber being cut.on them vear
after year? Wc wonder, too, how long theiaiid
department' will permit these Fence Viewers lo
be Tied up with the proposed ditch started and
well under way, hy a simple red tape technicality
invoked by the Columbia River Lumber Company as a means of delaying and discouraging the
ditch building? Nobody will question the lumber
company's rights under the lease.. But does it not
seem to bc most -unjust for these farm lands of
limit by this company or its successors.    The the men named above to bc rendered practically
Berth includes some 160 acres, and embraces ex-[useless, while the timber berth is unused by'the
lumber company and cannol be made use.of'by
anyone else?
There arc so many other case of a similar nature-in this district thai it would seem lo be advisable for the Government to make a thorough
investigation of,condilions. Thc case in point
is of more pressing importance.   Unless the ditch
cellent agricultural land
The hard knot in the tangle seems to bc the
Columbia River Lumber Company's claim that it
has the right to refuse to allow thc timber to be
cut along the proposed ditchway without compensation being paid thc company. And the company claims, further, that lhc Dominion Govern
-According.to the' rate at which b'a't^'V^-
talions;arenow being'sent overseas,'/'"'--,
there"*-will .*not-bc more-1 ha if '60^000 VVr
Canadian tro,ops:left in Canada ov,ei\VV,
the'winterVaithougli  this'numbenj -f���������}
will,", of' course; -be ..greatly" aug-lVV^
mented as recruiting goes'on.'- Last V VV*
wihlei: over   100,000; troops--wc're-V,-.'-,;
(Iiiartered: in Canada, i'n-;Novembei;v>;- y.
and December.    By. the -beginning-.-' V?
of November"there will. bc-consid-Vj-,-;-
erably more  lhan this  number in  -".V
training in - England, -where VU is ;   -
slated climatic condilions are belter .    ".
for etfeclivc battalion" and brigadfeW':"
training during lhc-winler months. -'SS.
In addition lo thisrcasoii" tor send- ' ���������'.���������.-<:-
ing  the. troops   overseas   this   fall'., h ,.
there is the-further reason tliat they-   -'.',
will" be   immediately   available in *���������-, "-
the spring for a movement, to ihe-   / ,
front for what is hoped-will bc the'  \  *
final big ofi'ensive.    It is probable    "" "-
t h a Ua=num be.i_o Lihcto wn__l b rough-^���������^
���������JL, S.
'"��������� SS
: I'X. |
ment, while licensing the timber, still retains an!is finished this fall it will mean lhat it will have
interest in same to the extent of government dues| lo be held over until next summer's end, and lhe
and royalties. And, furthermore, the Columbia land which might be reclaimed, rendered useless
River Lumber Company refuses to acknowledge still anolhcr season,.
out the Dominion which will benefit
from having military units Quartered there during the winler will
be announced later. Mosl of the
troops will bc concentrated in a few
large centres, as the billeting and
small unit system has been abandoned.               _
This popular Master Picture will -
he the big attraction :it the movie
show in the Opera House, Friday
and Saturday evenings of lhis week.
It will be accompanied by the cx-
cruciatinglv funny comedy "Ethel
Gets Consent."   Sec llicm.
Pass- Half Billion Murk Pre Monlh
American exports finally have
passed the half billion a monlh
mark. Statistics issued lhis week
by lhc department oT-cominercc at
Washington, show lhat goods sent
abroad in August were valued at
$510,000,000, a record nol only for
tbe Uinlcd Slates but for the the
world. * *:
Have We?
From congratulatory dispatches
appearing in lhc Vancouver Sun, -
onc would almost believe that Fred
Wade and not II. C. Brcwsler was
lhe Liberal leader. Have we
simplv swapped dictators���������Bowser-
ism for "Wadcisin?��������� Medley Gazelle.
FOUND���������A siring of Catholic beads
initialed. Owner may have same
by proving property and paying
for this ad. Apply, Walker Press.
TurnbulPs underclothing for children: all sizes. Buy early: combinations and two-piece. Al Speers* THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  Thursday, September 28, 1916  CAN ROUMANIA MAKE GOOD ?  to prove their  own virtue by  denouncing  \ the enemy!  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  II.   M.   V'ALKKR  Published every  Thursday at    Enderby,   B. C. at S2   per  year,   by  the  Walker   Press.  Advertising Rates:   Transient, 50c an inch first insertion,  25c each subsequent insertion.    Contract advertising. 31 an inch per month.  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1916  SAVE THE LIVE STOCK  Men in a position to know tell us there arc fully  double the number of cattle, sheep and hogs in  this dislrict loday(lhal were here,a year ago. H  this is true il is one ol' lhe best signs oi' lhc limes  we know ol'. There is yet room I'or one hundred  milch cows where lhere is onc today, and for pigs,  sheep, horses and poultry in thc same proportion.  This district will not come into its own until we  have Ihem. At thc same lime, men who know,  tell us lhat, owing to the. high price which hay  will unqucslionably bring'this winter, unless the  winter hc an open one, farmers arc going to  sacrifice their stock in order lo cut down thc feed  bill. There arc indications 'that thc winter will  be a mild one. This would mean more than we  can imagine for the farmers of this district. 11 no  doubt would mean less profit for thc hay men, but  il will mean the saving of several hundred head of  slock. This, after all," is lhc important thing. A  few dollars more or less on a Ion of hay is a small  mailer compared to the holding of thc young  stock, so much needed in lhc district.  Onc of the remarkable things which this world  war has demonstrated conclusively is that there  is a'distinct code of morals for tlie Eastern front  and another for the Western front. When Germany approached Belgium and offered her immunity from harm, together with certain olher  considerations, provided Belgium would allow  lhe Teutons to march through her territory, little  Belgium heroically replied: "Wc are a nation, not  a road!" And we know full well what followed.  The world today applauds Belgium for the position then taken. And Great Britain, we are told,  is fighting the battle of this heroic lillle Kingdom  upon whose neck lhc fool of lhc intruder is set.  Contrast lhis with what we see on lhe Eastern  fronl. II was a greal moral as well as diplomatic  victory when we induced Italy to break .her treaty  with Germany and Austria; il was anolhcr moral  and diplomatic victory when we quietly slipped  inlo Saloniki Bay and landed troops on Greek soil  and said lo Greece, "allow us peaceful possession  or wc shall blockade your coasts," and we did il  and gol it. Now, the last great coup. Russia induces Roumania, by offers of territory, etc., lo allow lhe Russian army to march through Roumanian territory in order to attack thc Teutons at  what is believed to bc their weakest front. And  we do not hear anything about Roumania being a  kingdom and not a road. King Ferdinand, ruler  of Roumania, is a prince of the house of Hohcn-  zollcrn; Queen Marie of Roumania is a British  princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and the  granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She is also a  cousin of King George, thc German Emperor and  lhc Czar of Russia.  Thc great question now is: Can Roumania do  the job? Can she assist thc Russians inlo Serbia  and enable thc great bear of Europe to cut the  line of communication between Germany and  Bagdad? If she can, then her lack of Belgium  heroics will be forgiven her. If she cannot���������������������������this  is unthinkable. The Balkan campaign now centres around this one great objective���������������������������the effort of  the Allies lo wrest back the Oriental railroad  from thc Central Powers and the effort of lhc  Teutons to retain il. This Oriental railroad affords Germany thc only direct route lo Constantinople and beyond, with all lhe immense possibilities that may'follow���������������������������ah object long desired  by thc Kaiser. As wc sec it now, this effort is only  a war I'or a railway, but, as some of lhc world's  best thinkers believe, it may mean a war for a  world.  Simply a little rub with a cloth keeps the highly burnished cooking top always glistening, dustless clean, without blacking; in four pieces it cannot warp or bulge.  t*  Listen closelv���������������������������ancl not very closely, cither���������������������������  and vou can hear thc heathen giving us thc laugh.  Arnicd. Christianity masks a. savage���������������������������and even  thc Siwash knows il.  Harvest days*arc over, this year. If your returns have not been up to expectations, you will  iiave-all IhcquicUong evenings..olVvinter lo take  a long, sane squint al yourself so you can discover  how lo plant dilTereiilly and cultivate differently  in order lo bring better results.  LACK OF CO-OPERATION, AGAIN  May men Icll us thai, while first-class Okanagan  hay is now retailing.al $2().0{) a ton at Vancouver,  niKrluglTesl_lh"(\v"iarc"ol'Vcre(l***hy-*hay-*-buyei's-iii-lht:  Valley is $M.OO per Ion. Pulling lhc freight rale  from Valley points lo Vancouver al ft-l per Ion,  the middle man gels away wilh StS per Ion for  handling lhe hay from lhe farmer lo lhe consumer. We are nol in a position to know whether  lhis is an unreasonable profit or nol. bul let il  lie reasonable or unreasonable, il is prolil lhal  would mean a greal deal more lo lhe district if  lel'l in the pockels of our farmers lhan in lhe  poekels of lhe middlemen, here or at lhe const.  We have always conlended, and here wish lo  reilerate. lhal Ihe community which produces the  raw commodity will always he. lhe poor commimily as compared wilh the community producing Ihe finished product. The selling of hay al  $11 or even $'20 a ton means a depleted community in lhe long run. It means loss with every  Ion sold. II means land starvation and moral  starvation. 11 means pulling dimes in one pockel  and laking out dollars from thc olher. We have  been doing this for'twenty years in some parts of  Brilish Columbia, and then wonder why the development of agriculture has been so slow.  The ducks are said to have clear backbones this  fall, and lhis is given as a sure sign of an open  winter. If you don'l believe it, lake your gun and  get a duck.  Home i.s a place where some men and women  go lo change their dollies so as lo go somewhere.'  WHEN WILL THE WAR END ?  This seems to bc a favorite topic for guessing  contests just now���������������������������particularly for poets and  greater or lesser literary gentlemen. Scarcely a  day passes that a "story" docs not come from  London giving thc guess of this man or that on  this momentous question. Some will go as far as  naming the month, but all arc very hazy about  thc year. The other day thc world was startled  by the guess of Hall Cain, that noble Manxman  who wrote "thc Eternal City" and others���������������������������most  of it in bed. Mr. Cain's guess was that if the  '���������������������������British army had exactly three thousand of those  caterpillar "tanks" the. war would bc ended in a  month. And all thc while these literary gentlemen arc elucidating on the war and proving, to  lhcir own satisfaction at least, how much and  h(i\\'^littlc-^thcy^kiio^i-abouUitr--nG-ve-i^a--worcl=,is_  heard from thc men who are doing the fighling  and lhe planning. These men are thc only ones  who are in a position to know anything about it,  yel we never hear of them making a guess as to  lime limit. In fact, they arc the only persons  who even faintly realize what this war is coming  to. On both sides, lhcy arc face to face with the  horror of it all. They sec each (lay thousands of  m oil killed and ������������������������������������������������������wounded parried to the rear or  all;  It won't be fcard to decide what range you want in your  kitchen after I show you the Kootenay's special features.  r   867  Sold by   Fulton   Hardware   Company  Are you going to do any  Building or Repairing"  This Season ?  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Each application must he accompanied by-a fee of S5 which will bc  refunded if the rights applied for  are not available,JiiUnoTotherwise.  A royally shall be paid oh the mer-  chanlable output of the mine at thc  rate of five cents per ton.  The person operating the mine  shall furnish lhc Agent with sworn  returns accounting for the full  quantity of merchantable coal  mined and pay the royalty thereon.  If the coal mining rights are nol  operated, such returns shduld bc  furnished at least once a������������������ycar.  The lease will include the coal  mining rights only, but the lessee  may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights as may  he considered necessary for the  working of the mine, at the rale of  $10 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of  the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or sub-Agcnl  of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of thc Interior.  N.B.--Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not be paid  for.���������������������������83575.  Are your  Butter Wraps  running low?  Better order some now  n  --I 1  4  Thursday, September 28, 1916  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  "AFTER THE WAR"���������������������������WHAT ?  People talk glibly about what they will do  "after the war."   Just as if, some fine day, word  will come that thc war, is over and all will go  merrily on in the same old way as they were proceeding when thc storm broke.   They little realize  thc tremendous readjustment of things that must  inevitably follow, either while the war is on or at  its close.   Some writers feel that these changes  must come before the war ends���������������������������in fact, that an:  archy and internal strife must first come within  lhe nations at war, and out of it will emerge  peace���������������������������world peace.   This view, of course, is contrary to thc view and purpose of thc war party  in each of lhc nations at war.   They will put their  foot upon it thc moment it shows itself.    But  Ihcse   writers   conscientiously   believe that the  lime.will come, when thc people have suffered  sufficiently, that the cry will not bc "when will  the war cease", but "when will thc men who arc  making thc war cease."   We think we hear it  in Germany today.   We shall hear it in England  as well, and in France, and in Italy, ancl in all the  others of thc fifteen nations engaged.   At thc present time..each nation is feeding its������������������subjects on  stories roseate with victories on this front or that,  but the only net results of it all that anyone can  sec is'in the casualty lists which continue daib/to  mount ever higher.   As one vyriter puts it: "Perhaps it is in relation to certain of thc things about  which most confidence is expressed that the prospect is the least reassuring.   There is for example  the general fraternity that is so much spoken  about.    We are told daily,  in  every patriotic  speech the note is sounded, lhat all class distinctions have been blurred, that the war has united  all sections of the people, that it isTmpossible the  old jealousies and antagonisms should be revived  after tlie war, and that henceforth merit in every  class and sphere will come into its own.    But  meantime there are no signs, unless at the front,  that wc arc moving out of .the old ruts.  Really  nothing is being done in the way of ameliorating  unjust conditions.   Apparently reform is to be deferred until after thc war, which means that there  will, be no actual reform..  The old conventions  will hold the field and we shall have no new  baptism, but only a fresh  outpouring of fine  phrases." ;  Breathe more, laugh more and love more; and  talk less of. what they are doing in Europe, if you  'would.'-really benefit yourself and.the community.  T    MUST PRODUCE SOMETHING  Sir George Foster, speaking to the people of  Vancouver the other, evening, said: - "One lesson  the war brings us. It is the povver.of co-operation  and organization. If those two great factors had  not been put together the army would not have  been supplied today. Is not co-operation, teamwork/needed in Canada today? Our trouble is  that every individual is too much for himself, too  suspicious of his fellows. The system is all  wrong. -  "You cannot have trade unless you have pro.  duction. You must get out and produce something; get out on the land and produce ,crops.  Don't be content to sit down and holler for trade  because you. have a fine harbor'and other facilities. You must get out and work to produce and  then you will have a great and growing trade.  You-will never have real prosperity until you do  produce. You must learn to look upon production as the means to develop moral, mental, physical and spiritual qualities and to bring to thc full  that manhood for which God gave all the wonder-  ful riches of this Province with the idea that they  ^woiFKTbc used~for "ultimate good "and" benefit at  all.   Let us stop quibbling and quarreling and  CANADIAN COW HOLDS WORLD'S RECORD  Fewr people know thai the world's record for  butter and milk production is held by May Echo  Sylvia, a Holstein, owned by Mr. A. C. Hardy, of  Brockvillc, Ont. Speaking of thc performance of  this champion of champions, thc Belleville paper  says: "lt should be a source of pride and satisfaction to all dairymen in this premier district to  know that thc cow that is now lhc acknowledged  queen and thc wonder of thc dairy world was  bred in thc township of Sidney, in thc herd of Mr.  Fred R. Mallory. This* phenomenal milk and  butter machine is now thc property of Mr. A. C.  Hardy of Brockvillc. For this record-breaker Mr.  Hardy was offered $25,000 in cold cash by an  American, but this offer was promptly turned  down. Double that figure, or. $50,000, is the  value set upon May Echo Sylvia by her owner.  "From June 1st to July 15th lhe records of 69  cows and heifers were received and accepted for  entry in the Record of Merit. Thc sensational  feature of this report is the work of thc mature  cow, May Echo Sylvia, thc greatest milk producer  thc world has ever known. Thc largest official  one-day milk record ever previously reported was  136.5 lbs. May Echo Sylvia sets the mark at 152.1  lbs. In seven days she gave 1005.8 lbs; in thirty  days, 4,196.9 lbs; in sixty days, 8,220.1 lbs; in  ninety days, 11,855.1 lbs; and in 100 days, 12,899.8  lbs., making her the world's champion for all  these periods. Her seven-day butter record of, 41  lbs. gives Canada her first 40-lb. cow, and makes  her Canadian champion for all ages. Her butter  record for 30 days is 169.72 lbs.; for 60 days,  323.32 lbs.; for 90 days, 463.6 lbs., and for 100  days, 505.34, all champion records for Canada.  "Some people affect to believe that payment for  milk acording to quality will give other breeds an  advantage over the Holstein. May Echo.Sylvia's  record of. 505.34 lbs. butter in 100 days is a fitting  answer to any such claims. It is highly doubtful  if any other cow in Canada, except Holstein,  could produce 25 per cent of the above amount in  tlie same time."  Wall  Paper  Bargains  o  Wall Paper prices have steadily  advanced since we purchased our  present stock, and if we were  buying this paper today we'd pay  as much for it wholesale as we  are offering it to you retail. We  do not believe in carrying over  old stock, even if our fall buying  has to be made at a much higher  figure. We want to clean out  the present stock to, make room  for our new Fall shipments. You  can buy at the old price, which  means that every .offering is a  bargain���������������������������and. every roll a snap.  FOR SALS. OR EXCHANGE���������������������������One  registered Shropshire ram. Will  pay cash for good fresh cow-, or  trade one four-year-old horse for  'same. E. H. Naylor, R.R. No. 1,  Deep Creek. '  SECRET SOCIETIES  J. E. CRANE,  Proprietor  The secret of keeping busy is thc secret of  keeping well. .��������������������������� -    *  THE RIGHT KIND OF LOVE  partizan strife and frittering away of effort, and  develop for the after-war period that same spirit  of co-operation and determination which characterizes our people during the war.".  ...  In thc dark ages of thc past thc great men of  thc world were warriors, priests, diplomats, poets,  statesmen, explorers, generals, sculptors, artists.  Today the big men of lhc world arc businessmen.  ONE HUNDRED BANTAMS WANTED  Thc 143d Overseas Battalion���������������������������thc B. C. Bantams���������������������������want 100 men to fill up thc battalion, and  any man in lhis district who is willing lo serve his  King and Counlry in the field is asked to communicate without dclav to Capt. J. Gordon Smith,  recruiting ollicer, Victoria, B.C. He will arrange  for transportation of any man who is physically  fit to join the Bantams at Victoria. It is expected  that the Bantams will he ready, to leave lor Overseas in October, and efforts are being made to  have the necessary hundred men required  bring the unit up to full strength enrolled  quickly as possible.  CANADIANS IN THE FIGHTING  Heavy casualty lists received at Ottawa the past  week indicate that the "Canadian forces are doing  their part in the British offensive on the Western  front. With the toll of 4,000 in the battle of the  Mouquet Farm, the total Canadian casualties up  to September 23rd are officially given at 42,063.  Of these 6,650 were killed in action, 2,505 died ol  wounds, 447 died of sickness, 927 are presumed  dead, 1,052 missing, and 30,482 wounded.  Salt���������������������������coarse���������������������������is a good cleanser of irons.  to  as  Edward Goldbeck, in the Chicago Tribune, tells  this story of,"Cecil and Ellen." It is the last of  the scries... If you have followed those,which  have preceded this; you will .the. more appreciate  this, tlie climax:- " l-'-.7       "  .'.  "Ellen came home from shopping. 'Will Mr.  Webstcr,bcin for dinner?' she asked the maid. ,  ."'No, madam. Mr. Webster-left. a letter for  you.'    V      ; '���������������������������������������������������������������������������������/..���������������������������.  "'Where is it?'    :   _��������������������������� '   - ,    ;   -.  '"Here, madam.'  "Ellen dismissed the maid, looked into thc  mirror, smiled, looked at thc letter, sighed, ^nd  tore it open. She sat down hyi little cozy corner  at the window and read: V        .  "Dear Ellen���������������������������I shall not return tonight. I in;  tend to go for a trip to thc Adirondacks. This  seems rather sudden and not very polite. But I  shall give you the reason. I have felt during the  last few months.that you arc drilling away from  me, and I want you to be alone, to think things  over, and to tell me when I am.coining home  what vou have decided. Most, men keep their  wives in slavery. They adore.them; they idealize  them; they pervert them; they-educate them,  they don't love them, although, of course, they  think they do. Kam different; I have a deep  respect for the freedom of a human being. If you  .fGel=thaUyou-do-noUwant=,to=livc=aLan-y-side_an-y_-  longcr, leave me. I shall not protest. I shall  suffer, but I will not hinder you. You arc free lo  stay or go. I want you,to bc free, because I love  vou. Cecil."  "Ellen crumpled thc letter in her hand. 'He  says hc loves mc,' she muttered sadly, 'but that is  nol thc right kind of love!' " -  Thc Devil to.Fritz: "Say, Bill, you arc_now getting yours because you called mc God."  RECRUITING AT FALL FAIRS  IN   THE   SUPREME   COURT   OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  In Probate  In the Matter of the Estate of Hezekiah Elliott, late of Enderby, in  the Province of Brilish Columbia,  Deceased:       '  NOTICE is hereby given that all  creditors of the Estate of Eezekiah  Elliott, deceased, arc-required, on  or before the fifteenth day of October, 1916, to send particulars ~of  their claim, duly . verified, to the  undersigned, and all 'persons indebted to the said- Estate are re-^  quired to pay such indebtedness to'  the undersigned forthwith-.     -  Dated at-Salmon Arm, B. C, this"  eighth day of September, 1916. >  .    - ���������������������������       ' L. J..ROBB,  '���������������������������''-'"I   .      \ For.the Executors.\> <  R. E. WHEELER  W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. ,40  Regular meetings first  Thursday on or after the  full moon nt 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hnll. Visiting  brethren cordiully invited  W. J. LEMKE  Secretary  ENDERBY   LODGE  , No. 35. K. of P.     -  Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Hall. "Visitors cordially invited to attend.  Vf. G. PELL, C. C. **  H. M. WALKER K. R. S.  *     R. J. COLTART. M.F.       p.  Hall suitableforConcerts, Dances and all public'  entertainments.    For rates, etc., address,  F. FRAVEL. Enderby  PROFESSIONAL"  ^C. SKALING,, B.yA.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  GET THIS CATALOGUE)  Turnbull's underclothing for.children;, all sizes. Buy.?early; combinations and two-piece'. At Speers'  WANTED���������������������������A .."girl- for--light* housework; wages, $10." Apply, immediately 4o Mrs. A. - Rosoman,  Grindrod.   One cow to milk.  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',   . , ^.\: (.'el  ,   ���������������������������";/, ".V -~������������������l  I     -:1      ���������������������������  *'������������������������������������������������������i?_r  ������������������-- --., :>���������������������������*-������������������'*?.*MI  1 VVVV^M?  [���������������������������"    **a "' ."^"''l ^^l  i   > - -_i"l--���������������������������,_iMi|  1        -1  ****:  I >^-t    . -."**_> **...,.*. ..vtol  British Columbia has already more lhan recruited her quota oi' men in the grand army of  500,000 which Canada has set as her limit in thc  great life struggle of the Empire. In the Eastern  provinces lhcy "have not done so well, and lhc recruiting ollicers are finding dillicully in bringing  their battalions up to strength. Thc latest move  is being made upon lhc Fall. Fairs. Here advantage will be taken to the fullest extent, and no. one  is a closer student of dates ior the fall fairs than  the officers, of the units at Barricficld Camp. To  every fair, without regard to the place m which  it is held a recruiting staff is being sent. They wil  qonduct meetings, and the visitors to thc lairs will  have" given ��������������������������� theni a full explanation of why the  Empire now needs men. Thc requirements ol the  service will be detailed and the mosl strenuous  effort oi* personal appeals will be made to bring in  more men to thc khaki ranks.  If a homely woman lives long enough she will  become a pretty old one.  ' Salt and luke-warm waler is an excellent lotion  for styes.  Don't swear al the cows���������������������������it isn't their fault.  Parchment  The   Dominion  law   against '.the selling of  butter  without   thc  words  "Dairy  Butter"   or  "Creamery Butter"���������������������������as flic case may be���������������������������printed  on the butter wrap, is a blessing in disguise to thc  average farmer. In the first place, if his Butter  wrappers arc neatly printed with his name and  thc brand of thc butter on the labcl,_ the storekeeper can readily sell the butter at 5c a pound  more than he can get for butler wrapped in paper  that is not printed^ and the butter-maker gets the  advantage in 5c a pound more for his butter from  the merchant.        - -  It is the duty of every butter maker to comply with thc law in lhis matter. Some butter  makers have only a cow or two, and make so little  butter lhat it docs not appear to them that they  can afford to have their butler wraps printed.  They do not like the idea of having 500 or 1000  butter wraps on hand. To accommodate this  class of butter makers, The Press has printed up  a quantity of "Custom" Butter Wraps. They arc  printed with the words "Fresh Dairy Butter"-but  do not bear the name of lhc maker. However,  these wrappers fill the requirements of the law  governing this point, and can be bought in small  quantities at the rate of 50c a hundred in 100 or  50 lots. If you do not require butter wraps in  larger lots, take these wraps in lesser quantities.  In lots of 500,  In lots of 1000,  $2.75  3.75  The Walker Press THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, September 28, 1916  WAR  LOAN  OVERSUBSCRIBED  Cash subscriptions to thc Dominion war loan received by the department of finance up to midnight  on Saturday, Sept. 23rd, the dale  of closing, totalled .������������������109,000,000.  This includes lhe ������������������50,000,000 subscribed- by. the chartered banks.  When it is considered lhal only  ������������������100,000,000 was called for, some  idea of lhc success of lhc loan may  be gained.  "A am confident," said Sir Thomas  While, finance milliliter, "lhal. when  the subscriptions now in thc mails  are received, the total will be SISO,-  000,000, and probably more. Ninety-  five per cent of llie subscriptions  are Canadian. The number of subscribers may reach thirty thousand.  The' lisls;closcd on Saturday and no  further * subscriptions can be received."  'The question of the amount allotment to the subscribers cannot  lie considered until the returns are  nearly all received, that i.s lo say,  until about lhe middle or towa'-'d  ���������������������������the end of next week. It is regarded  as probable that the banks will receive yno part of their ������������������50,000,000  subscribed, and that the smaller  subscriptions will be allotted in  full. Thc cutting down will be  done in connection wilh the larger  subscriptions.  "BUT WHEN THEY COME"  Sadly, grimly, the British are going now aboul their work. There  is no hymn of hale in their resources; they have no 'Marsellaisc';  theirs will be il slow, silent bul relentless action. What you have to  feel and sec is millions of men who  .urc at last awake to lhe fact that all  that life means io Ihem nationally,  morally, spiritually, hws. been and  is threatened. After thc tradition  of his race and lhe fashion of his  nalion the Englishman, millions"bf  him, has now gone out lo kill nnd  bc killed until the work that is to  be done is done Once that spirit  was clear in England, Ihen those of  us who believe that all that America  as well as all that democracy held  best  NOT A CARPENTER'S JOB  In a pioneer Western town, say  twenty years ago, writes a correspondent, my watch stopped. Neither  winding nor shaking would make  it go again.  Seeing 'Watchmaker and Jeweler'  over a store, I went in. The man  opened my watch, turned his head  first onc side and then on the other,  ancl said he thought he could put it  all right. When I got it back, it  went for half an hour then stopped  again, lie had done it more harm  than good . It cost twice as much to  repair in the end as if hc had never  touched it.  That man, I found, was a carpenter by trade. He had done his best  ���������������������������but a'carpenter's "best" for a disabled watch is not quite so curative  as his best for a rickety chair. It  was 'r..A a carpenter's job/'  When a soldier comes home "out  of repair," we have got to remember that a man is a more delicate  and complicated piece of mechanism than even a watch. Also, he is  infinitely'more valuable to his country than tlie most.���������������������������marvelous chronometer ever invented. The'country  naturally insists that the most skilful surgeons and physicians shall  be employed to heal the soldier's  physical ills. But this is only the  first stage of the disabled soldier's  treatment. ���������������������������'���������������������������Equal skill and 'thoroughness must be employed to  equip him, educationally, with technical knowledge and practice for  rejoining the ranks of industry.  Even then we cannot turn him  adrift. We must exert continued  and systematic care to see that he  gets work suited to him, or trouble  is "sure to follow.  The Military Hospital Commission of the Dominion Government,  and the Provincial Commissions  and local committees in co-operation wilh it, are trying lo do this. If  anyone can help them, either with  practical suggestions or offers of  steady work, it is his duty to do so.  No two leaves on a tree have precisely thc same shape, and no two  men are exactly alike. Each man's  capacities have to be carefully  studied to avoid putting round pegs  into square hole and square pegs  into round holes. On the care wc  lake now depends the answer to  the question whether our returning  soldiers are to he a burden or a help  to themselves and their fellow citizens.    Mere quacks and theoretical  TWO MORE AIRSHIPS DOWN  Of the twelve big Zeppelins that  invaded the British Isles Saturday  night to deal dcalh .and destruction  from the skies, two lay stark and  black masses of steel and aluminum  in the little- village of Mangold,  Essex County. Onc came down a  flaming torch, while thc second, disabled by gunfire, effected a landing  which saved the lives of the crew,  who are prisoners in England. The  crew of thc first raider died in the  consuming flames of their own ship.  Thc raiders took a heavy toll of  lives before Iheir destruction, 28  persons being killed and 99 wounded in the metropolitan district of  London alone. The property damage, while widely distributed, is  reported to be confined for the most  part to small suburban dwellings  and shops, although one railway  station was damaged, some empty  cars being destroyed and pa,;t of'the  tracks torn upV London also reports that twelve Grimsby.trawlers  were sunk in the North Sea by German submarines about the lime the  Zeppelins raided England. This  leads to the belief that U boats accompanied the airships to afford  Hi cm a certain amount of protection while crossing the water.  Armstrong Fall Fair  THURSDAY & FRIDAY,   o6P U '.-UO~Ju\j  (Today & Tomorrow)  Biggest Fair ever held in the Interior of B. C.  COME AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS. .  POULTRY RATIONS  "Poultry Rations and Their Practical Application" is .the title of Circular Bulletin No. 19, which has  just been issued by the Department  of Agriculture, Victoria. All the rations given in this interesting little  circular have been experimented  with many years ago, and have  been used constantly and successfully by a greal many poultrymen  in tliis Province. It is wilh the idea  that many poultry raisers can better and cheapen their methods of  feeding their stock by following  out the suggestions in this publication that it-is isucd at the present  time.  cure-alls   are   mischievous   enough  in the world was at slake in! at an>' n,tc' nnd cs^cial,y ������������������l "?"  Olil $���������������������������      J illS  Ihfs ^r.Tould afford to roll up the | of great emergency lik  war-maps and pul aside the battle j is no carpenter s job,  Pushing the Dollar Into First Place  reports. Thc incidental changes  would mean nothing. "They"come  slowly," the Frenchmah told you of  his allies six months ago, but in saying this he added out of his race  consciousness of half a thousand  years of" Anglo-French conflict, "but  when lhcy come they will never  stop."���������������������������New York Tribune.  Two L'.ys and Four Legs  Ali  Baba cai"e  Max Iloschiller, in an article in  the Temps, Paris, contrasts America's financial position now in respect to the foreign countries with  what il was before the war, and  says: "Then the United States was  sending to Europe from $200,000,-  000 1O..S300.000.000 in _injerests on  its    borrowings]    ������������������150,000,000    lo  tourists,  ft  over lo thc Shop S200.000.000 spent by  .he other dav. .ays thc Philistine,! ^00,000,000 to ������������������150,000,000 spent  followed by a shaggy Scotch collie. 11)>' expatriates and ������������������20,000,000 to  'rl am goin- lo kill that dog,"! 925,000,000 .in ocean freights. Since  said Ali, and make a pair of gloves!thcwar the Ullilcd States has im-  oul of his hide.'' ! ported ������������������740,000,000 in gold and has  paid back a considerable amount of  "What's tho rrallcr wilh the dog  -^-lie-looks like a g'jod one'?.". : .._,_.  Why!" said Ali, "he i.s what you; cl  call a-grave-digger dog." *iin('  "Goon," I said, "I don't exactly  understand."  "Well,  il is lhis way," ho said. ;  "lhat dog i.s like some folks, he is  always digging up things lhat have  been   buried;   and   I   believe    th;*lj  when    things    have    been    buried!  properly    Ihey    ought   to   be  its borrowings, increased its for-  girtnulc by ������������������2,250,000,000ycarly  cut to foreign countries ������������������1,-  170,000,000, so lhal the dollar now  las 'replaced lo a considerable ex-  ent the old sovereignly of lhe Eng-  ish pound abroad."  He Was Sho' Sick  Thc Bishop's Presence of Mind  A bishop recently addressed a  large assembly of - Sunday school  children, and wound up by asking  in a very paternal way: "And now,  is there any little boy or-any little  girl who would like lo ask me a  question?"  .' A thin, shrill voice at the back  of thc room called^out: "Please, sir,  why did the angels walk up and  down Jacob's, ladder when they  had wings?"  "Oh, all, yes���������������������������I see,'' said the  bishop; "And, now, is there any  little girl who would like to  answer this question?"  KGGS���������������������������Guaranteed   strictly   fresh;  35 c per dozen. ��������������������������� ��������������������������� Mrs. E. Gray.  XMAS PRESENTATION APPLES  FOR THE OLD COUNTRY  We will deliver to any part of England, Scotland or Wales, a box of  FANCY EXPORT APPLES for $3.50. Orders must be received by us not  later than October 6th, and accompanied with Express Money Orders or  Marked . Cheque, with exchange . added. _ WRITE THE ADDRESS  PLAINLY so as to avoid mistakes.   ,  OKANAGAN UNITED GROWERS LIMITED     VERNON, B.C. |  MATERNITY NURSING.  Enderby.  Mrs.West,  m4-tf  buried. Let 'em rest in their graves.'  An old negro was asleep on thc  lcl  -train out of Scdalia thc olher day;  "MY CREED''  The Rev. Toward A. Walter,  Hartford.  Conn., is  the  author  this brief poem  or  of  I would be Irue, for there are those  who Irust me;  1 would be pure, for there arc those  who care;  1  would  be  strong,  for- there  arc  those who sull'er;  I would bc brave for lhere is much  to dare;  I would be friend of all���������������������������lhc foe���������������������������  the friendless;  f would be giving, and forget thc  girt;  I would be humble for I know my  weakness;  I would  look ui>���������������������������and  laugh���������������������������and  love���������������������������and lift.  mouth open and snoring, when a  commercial traveler emptied a  quinine capsule on his tongue. The  old darkey awakened, began to spit  around and call for thc conductor,  and said:  "Boss, is there a doctor on this  'ore train?"  "I don't know," said thc conductor; "Are you sick?"  "Yes, sir, I sho' is sick; I sho' is  to  bc   the   matter  sic  "Whal   seems  wilh you?"  "I dunno, sir; but it tastes like I  busted my gall."  Fancy candies, delicious cakes  and cookies, cooling ice cream and  sodas, always will be found at Joe's  (In Bulk)  3 lbs. $1  So great was the demand-for-this  delicious blend that we were sold  out before we'could get in a new  and larger supply. We are now  prepared to  supply all orders.  Come in and Inspect our new  line of BOYS' Fall Suits.  TRUNKS  New Stock of various sizes  Sealers, Caps, Rubbers, Etc.  Everything required in the fruit  preserving season will be found  on our sales shelves. We have  all makes and all sizes, and can  supply every need. 'Phone your  order if you are not coming down  town and we will make immediate delivery.  Fly Swatters, Fly Paper, Fly  Poison Pads, etc.  W. J. Woods  LET US SHOW YOU OUR NEW NO. 9 G-IIOLE STEEL RANGE  me CITY QUEEN  This range has all the best features: Bright Burnished Top, Oven _  Thermometer, Large High Closet, Six 9-inch . Cooking Holes,  Large Copper Reservoir, Size of Oven 18x19x14 inches. .Look this  over; then think of lhc price; only, $45.80 cash, .$48.00 on terms;  and vou will bc convinced that this is the best value ever ollered  in a range. .4 guarantee by the Manufacturers goes with every  Range.    ��������������������������� * *'  We have also* the largest line of Wood and Coal Heaters and Box Stoves  ever shown in Enderby. Thc prices are low because wc buy  direct'from the ManufacturcrsTor CASH.  Old Heaters rclincd and all kinds of repair work done at reasonable  prices.    . . - ~  We can supply you with repairs for any Stove, Range or Furnace on  receipt of particulars of same. - .    ; .      .  Wc are pleased to give you quotations on Heating and Plumbing and  all lines of Hardware. Mail orders receive our careful and prompt  attention. '        .'._   ' ;  FULTON HARDWARE CO., Ltd  SEASONABLE   OFFERINGS  ATLAS E.Z. SEALERS, half-gallons -v . r.. .$2.00   dozen  ATLAS E.Z. SEALERS, quarts \ : $L?0   dozen  ATLAS E.Z. SEALERS, pints . ;..- $1.2p   dozen  JELLY GLASSES, Fluted   <?0c dozen  FOR YOUR PICKLING  We ofTer GREEN AND RIPE TOMATOES. ONIONS and CUCUMBERS,  PURE SPICES and HEINZ VINEGAR in "WHITE WINE,  .  MALT or CIDER.  PEACHES  ARE NOW ON TN FULL SWING.     LARGE   RIPE   FRUIT,    PICKED  ESPECIALLY FOR OUR LOCAL TRADE,   81.00 per crate.  WE GUARANTEE THEM NO. ONE  DIUU BROS.  Gents' Furnishings and Groceries  SUNDAY READING  Now days, when our Christian  nations arc spending most of their  Sundays ami week days trying to  kill each other and praying^the  Good Lord to help them do it, the  best thought of the best people is  not what we can do for God, or get  God to do for us, but what*can we  do rationally to better the condition of men without interfering  with others in their beliefs or religious faith. Within the past few  years -great-changes have occurred  in thc sentiment of the people as  to the Day of Rest, and also there is  a change in our ideas as to what  constitutes rest. Absence of effort  is not rest; absence of effort is concrete laziness. A mind quite idle is  a mind distressed. Rest consists  in change. That folks should bc allowed to rest in iheir own way, so  long as they do lot interfere with  others, i.s now the prevailing opinion of all sane minds. Moses was  all right in his Sunday-closing and  pork-eating laws, but we are not  living in exactly thc same conditions lhat prevailed in Assyria  three thousand five hundred years  ago. Wc.have a different climate  and different occupations. " And we  have fewer wives to take care. of.  The majority of intelligent people  everywhere regard it not only as a  privilege, but as a duty, to get out  in the open air on Sunday and indulge with the children in a little  harmless laughter, frolic and exercise. Natural joys bring no headaches, no back-aches and no heartaches.  He Advertised���������������������������at Last  There was a man in our town,  And he was wondrous wise,  He swore (it was his policy)  "^HF'S^ouhrhonKlvertiser^"^  But one sad day he advertised,  And thereby hangs a tale,  The ad was set in quite small type  And headed, "Sheriff's Sale."  Electrical  GOODS & FIXTURES  THE VERY LATEST IN LAMPS AT  MODERATE PRICES:  HOT POINT IRONS  HOT POINT GRILLS  HOT POINT ELECTRIC STOVES  HOT POINT HEATERS  ELECTRIC SHADES FROM 25c up  LACO NITROGEN &  LACO TUNSTAN LAMPS, ,35c up  J. E. CRANE, Proprietor  FOR SALE���������������������������Thoroughbred Shorp-  shire ram lamb. Apply, George  A. Andrews, Enderby.  GRAIN GRINDING AND WOOD  SAWING. Apply, R. D. Murdoch,  Enderby. ol4  SHOOTING is absolutely forbidden  over my property. Any person  trespassing will bc prosecuted.  Signed���������������������������   GEORGE R. LAWES


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