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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Sep 21, 1916

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Enderby, B. C, September 21, 1916
Vol. 9; No. 30;   Whole No. 450
Good morning! And-whom do we
have to thank lor digging us oul?
Lieut. Hatcher spent Sunday al
his home here.
Mrs. A. Reeves rclurii'jd from lhc
coast cities Jast week.
Mr. John Kidslon of "Vernon, was
a visitor lo Enderby.Monday.
. E. T. Forster returned on
from a visit to Edgewood,
Mrs. R
y. c.
Thos.   Wilkinson    visited
the week-end from Vernon'
the Cottage Hospital,
Sept. 10th, lo Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Glenn, a daughter.
Tax Sale al City Hall, Oct. 13th.
Latest date to save expense of ad-
1 verlising, etc., Oct. 2nd..-
Pts.- S. Robert, Edwin Wheeler,
H.cA. Preston, ancl C. Wynne, spent
the week-end at Enderby.
Mrs. F. S." Stevens intends spending the winter wilh her daughter,
Mrs. Geo. Keyes, at Ker.twood, La.
One thing about it: Mr. Price Ellison has a lot of company���������if that
is consoling���������and good company,
��������� Mrs. A. S.- Fox, of Vancouver, is
visiting- Enderby friends, Mr. and
Mrs. Wm.. Anderson, Mrs. Glenn,
ancl others.
' "A meeting of the Woman's Club
will b'c held at the house of Mrs.
Walker, Enderby, Saturday, Sept.
23rd, at 2.30 p.m.
. .E. J.^Mack, C. C. Fravel and Pro-
, vinqial Constable Patten'left""Saturday on a two-weeks' big game hunt
far up to the head of Seymour Arm.
Ex-Mayor George" Bell,  member-
elect for Victoria, will visit Enderby next.Thursday ancl spend a few
clays shaking hands with his  old
, friends.  .
St. George's Church, harvest
.thanksgiving, Thursday, 21st, 7.30
p.m. Sunday, Holy Communion, 8
a.m.; Evening service, with repetition of harvest hymns, cic, 7.30.
Miss Mowat, who has so faithfully
and cheerfully served lhe public as
assistant' postmistress for several
years; is.contemplating leaving for
England on or about the loth of
The evaporator plant at Armstrong is again in full swing, but the
sad feature of it is thai the great
portion of Iheir employees are
Chinamen, no other help being
The sale of plants, home cooking,
grounds on the afternoon of the
Mill proved a very successful affair
for the W. A. and'very enjoyable to
all participating.
Mr. J. M. Wright drove up from
Armstrong Tuesday evening. Mr.
Wrighl says lhc- Agricultural Fair
which is to be held in Armstrong
next Thursday and Friday gives
promise of being onc of the best
they've had,
Theannual Rally Day service will
be held in the Presbyterian Church
al 11 a.m. Sunday next. The ollicers
and teachers desire a full attendance of parents and children. The
children will meet 10 minutes before eleven in the Sunday school
I-'riday and Saturday evenings of
this week, the movie bill al the
Opera House will include Ihe four-
reel* masterpiece "The Lure of the
Mask," and 'Tally's Seaside Lover."
These special feature programs are
taking well with the patrons of the
house. Some enjoy them belter
than the more elaborate serials.
Mr. W. J. Lemke reiurncd from
Bremerton Ibis week. He will remain with the Okanagan Saw Mills
until the 1st of October when he
will return lo Bremerton lo permanently remain. Mr. Lemke is
elated over the success thus far bad
in 'the vulcanizing plant recently
purchased by him ancl Mr. Mann,
and says the outlook-for business is
growing brighter each week.
Attention is called to the advertisement for the Armstrong Fall
Fair, in this issue of The Press, to
he held next Thursday ancl Friday,
Sept. 28-29. Every possible arrangement is being made to make this the
best of fairs that have been held at
our sister town, and Enderby
friends are cordially invited to attend and enjoy seeing the excellent
exhibits. Others are urged to enter
exhibits in lhe various classes, and
thus capture some of lhe substantial
money prizes which are olfcred.
Dr. K. C. Macdonald spent a few
hours in Enderby Monday evening,
and, inspite of political differences
which some bold, he received from
one and all sincere congratulations.
Those who have been politically
against, Mr. Macdonald have nevertheless recognized in him in all the
campaigns he has fought in this
constituency a clean fighter and a
The father turned to his little
five-year-old daughter last Friday
and said, "Well, Verna, women can
vote now." Very dryly and unconcerned the little miss replied, "Oh,
well, I'll vole!, bul I won't go lo
Parliament!" ''And why won't you
go lo Parliament?" quizzed the fond
parent. "Well, you know,. Daddy,
sometimes Parliaments catch fire
and burn up, ancl I may be there
and get caught in the lire!"
Manager Bobbs of thc , Opera
House " greatly accommodated his
patrons ancl the public generally
last Thursday evening in getting the
special election returns over the C
P. R. service and Hashing Ihem on
the screen-in conjunction with a
specially good movie program. And
he held the charge down to 25c for
adults���������just 5c over his icgular ad-
! mission fee. The reiunis were nol
I received with any dcg.'cc of satisfaction from the various constituencies, but the news of the general
results as summarized on the slides
met with wild applause.
Constable Bailey went to Harrison Hot Springs on Saturday to remain [wo wceivs or longer. For the
past six months Mr. Bailey lies nol
been in his usual stale of health, bul
he has been able lo comply wilh ihe
trying demands of his posi lion. At
last he came to a point wherc he
could not mistake the call and hc
concluded to go lo the springs to
chase the rheumatic bug oiH of his
system. Mr. Thos. Kneale is acting
for Constable Bailey in the kilter's
No man wants to be .pessimistic,
but if you are wise you will take
this lip: if you have a family to.
provide for, and a piece of laud on
which you can keep a few cows, get
inlo the dairy .business as early as
possible. Hard times haven't hit
Canada yel���������but.Ihcy will if we are
not better prepared than we now
are. We can help Canada best by
doing everything within our power
to make ourselves and -the community more nearly self-sustaining.
Liberals Make Grand Sweep of Province
��������� ./'
The, latest returns, and,these, are
pposcd"   to rbc   iinaU' show   the
supposed to dc nnai, snow mc
Liberals elected .thirty-six, the Con
servatives elected nine, ��������� and llie
Socialists one. Prohibition i.s leading by a majority of G.,000 or 7,000,
while Woman Suffrage was carried
by a tremendousniajoriiy.
Thc civilian vote gave die Liberals a tremendous majority.. There
is the possibility of the soldiers'
vole giving Premier Bowser a majority over thc low man on the
Liberal ticket in Vancouver, who,
now leads the Premier by 200 voies.
It is nol possible, however, for any
material change lo be brought in
the general standing of Lhe parties
by the Overseas vote, 'which will
not bc counted until October 14th.
The following ticket gives ihe
names of the successful candidates
from thc various constituencies. It
is not likely thc complete returns
will be given out until the soldiers'
vole i.s counted. This led to great
dissatisfaction when thc election
bulletins -were., received ..at..various
They were never so poorly
compiled. (> .In;,yfacl,;. only, '.a; .few
"constituencies "gave * Llieir' returns
election clay evening,-though when
both Vancouver and Victoria went
against the Government, it was
conceded early in lhc evening that
the Government had been defeated.
North Okanagan
��������� Dr. K. C. Macdonald is now. credited with a majority of 240 over Mr.
Price    Ellison,'   lhe    Conservative
candidate.   At nearly every.polling
place Mr. Macdonald walked away
with  a  majority.    In  Vernon,  Mr.
Ellison's home, hc polled 385 voles
to 335 for the former member and
minister of agricullurc and Ii nance.
Armslrong gave him 150 lo 138 for
Mr. Ellison, and Enderby gave 112
to 79 in favor of tbe Liberal candidate.   Mara gave 18 for Macdonald
and 14 for Ellison, Mabel Lake gave
seven   of  a   majority   for   Ellison,
while Hupel gave 12 to 1  for Macdonald, and Grindrod 19 to 18.   On
Suffrage,   Enderby  polled   157   for
a ncl 30.againsl,_and .on.P rohibition
for to
tbe vote was 135 for to OT against
Constituency Conservative Liberal ���������
Albcrni  1'b *^- Brewslcr	
Allin   ...7777.'.'.'.'.'. '.W. X. McDonald   	
Cariboo    ���������'��������� X0,.\slon   	
Chilliwack    L. D. Barrow	
Cowichan    Capt. Hayward (I. C.	
Columbia    '. 'phn backhaul
Comox        ]ii������h
Cranbrook       ,\,
Delta     A.M.
Dewdney          h>hn
II. King
Oliver   .
hsqiumall    . .
Fort George .
Greenwood   .
Grand   Forks
Kamloops   ..
lion. W. IL Moss
A. W. McCurdy
A. I. F
lohn  I). McLean
.1. I.. W. Thompson  .,
M. Ii. Jackson  	
K. W. Anderson  	
.John Keen 	
Lillooel   .' Archie McDonald   r<i
Nanaimo    V\"������- 5>l������������������
North  Okanagan
South Okanagan .
New Westminster
Similkameen   ....
Prince Rupert
.Dr. W
O. Rose
Dr. K. C. Macdonald
Parker Williams  (S)
vid Whiteside
M. Manson  ..
. Sutherland  .
. D. Willson   .
G McGeer ...
A. Pauline ...
,L. W. Shatford
T. D. Patullo
Slocan  Chas.  F. Nelson
North Vancouver" .'.*.".'..... '��������� ��������� Mayor ITa.vnes ..
South Vancouver         '��������� W. Heart ....
.Jas. A. Schofield	
 -.Ralph Smith  	
 M. A. Macdonald  .
 P.  Donnelly   ......
 " ..Dr. .1. W. Mcintosh
Vancouver   '.". J. S. Cowper ......
Vancouver   ;'��������� \\- \ cB' ]V,ms ���������
Victoria H- G- Jjrcwstcr
Victoria    John Hart  	
Victoria    George_ Bell
Yale   .
.Alex Lucas
If. C. Hall
Former Mayor of Enderby, now a
resident of Victoria,- where-lie has
bceii tr member of Ihc-.aldermanic
board for lhe past.'two years,'and
has now *bjzen.: elected a .member
of thc^Provinciul Legislature,-.leading his hig'esl oppbnenL'by 1053-a/ic/
being- the-highest candidatc:.on thc
Liberal .ticket excepting'Mr.-Brewster the-parly leader. ���������' ** , .'".
*-"-' '���������"���������-��������� -.tV-- .,        -' ���������' ,     ''Sr   "���������"-''
All'   Enderby   "citizens, 'we   feel
sure, will he-.pleased,to jo in".-Thc
Press in extending-lo Mr. Bell the
hearty congratulations of lhe community o,n the political success thai
has-been his.    Mr. Bell drifted into
Endcrhy  some    25    years, ago,   a
stranger to all and wilh $10 in his
pocket.    He was then 21. ' In the
intervening ycars up to'the lime of
his removal from Enderby to Victoria, live years ago, Mr. Bell succeeded in gathering aboul him no
small amount of this world's goods,
and wils, indeed, considered a man
of wealth and business ability.   He
slill owns considerable'rental property  here, and  has  other land  interests in  this  neighborhood.    Mr.
Bell is loo good a man io stop at
his  present  achievement.    We  expect lo sec him chosen' as one of
the ministers inPrcmier Brewster's
cabinet, ancl if his vote standing i.s
taken   into   account,   Mr.   Bell   deserves lhis of his party.    In addi-
thc ability to lill such a position.
Simpson's big catalogue bouse, of
Winnipeg, "puts one over" on lhe
local merchanls in every 'community in the West. Al the same time,
tlie Posl Ollice Department aids
them in doing so. They ship their
catalogues from Winnipeg lo dill'cr-
eut dislribuling centres, by freight,
and from Ihesc dislribuling centres
the catalogues are mailed to any
point wilhin a radius of 20 miles at
tic postage. If Ihesc calalogucs
were mailed direct from Winnipeg,
Ihe cost on each would be 20c, the
same as is paid by Falon. It should
be very convenient for these mail
order houses lo be permitted thus lo
misuse the poslal regulations.
Thc Misses. Davies desire to acknowledge wilh thank the following
donations: Flowers and vegetables,
Miss Rosoman, Mrs. Hatcher. Mrs.
Carlson, Mr. Pound, Mrs. Handcock,
Mrs. Carson, Mr. Beallie, Mrs.Campbell, Mrs.Inch, Mrs.McPhcrson, Mrs.
Oakes, Mrs. L. Slroulger, .Mrs. Gosnell, Mrs. Paradis; papers, Mr.
Crane and Mr. Graham; linen, Mrs.
Greyell, and Mrs. Slcvcns.
A general annual meeting of the
Enderbv nnd Dislrict Conservative
Association, for thc election of
officers and other business, will be
held in K. of P. Hall, Saturday,
Sept. 30th, at 2 p. in.	
Turnbull's underclothing for children: all sizes. Buy early: combinations and two-piece. At Speers'
Following are the scores made by
the various competitors iii the crop
competition held under the' auspices of the Northern Okanagan
Farmers' Institute:      ' J
T.Skyi'ine, Grindrod���������Sugar Beet:
Method of planting (5) 4 3-4; stand
qf crop (8) 7; lypc of plant (G) 5;
vigor of plant (10) 8 3-4; freedom
from damage (10) 9; method and .
thoroughness (15) 13 1-2; purity bf
variety (5) 5; size ancl uniformity
(10) "'8 3-4; quality and'soundness
(8) 7; shape and smoothness (8) 7;
uniformity of maturity "(5)' 4; general field conditions (10) 9; total -
(100) 89 1-4.-
Wm. Monk, Grindrod���������Slugslrop:
Method of planting, (5) 4 3-4; stand
of crop, (8) 7;' type,of plant (G) 5; ,
vigor of plant (10)  8 1-2; freedom
from damage  (10)  9; method and
thoroughness (15) 13 1-2; purity of
variety,  (5) 5; size ancl uniformity ""
(10); quality'and soundness (8) 7;,--
space and smoothness  (S)',7; unk,
formitv of maturity (5) 4;���������gencral "'-*
iield conditions (10) 9; total (100)"
88 1-4. .,  V  '���������   .*  ;.
, J.   Enieny,   Enderby���������SlugstropV.
Method (5) 4 3-4; "stand'(8) 0; type "'
(G)   5; -.vigor .(10)   8 1-2;' freedom;'.
from  damage * (10)"8- 1-2; -method'',
and' thoroughness- '.(15);'13; ;purily>,:
(5) 5; size -" uniformity^ 10). "8 1-2 ;V
quality- ancl *. soundness".(8) .17; uniVy
fortuity of maturity (5)M;\ general '���������
field condilions*_(10y 9;-"t6t"al"(lK)0)' -
���������8fi"A-A:S-\-  -'.-    -   ��������� V,  f..,   "   r--?'VV"
���������'"' T.    A:" Sharpe, " Enderby���������Slug-. ;
strop':'Method (5) 4 1-2; stand (8);-
0; type (6), 5; vigor (10) 8-1-2; frceV-
dom from'-'damage (10) 9; .method'
(15) 12; purity (5)-5; size ancl,uni-���������
���������formily (10) 8; qualify and, soundness  (8)  7; shape and smoothness '
(8) 7;'uniformily ofniaturity (5) 4; -
general field conditions (10) 8 1-2;
total  (100)  84   1-2.
-   ii. Kellett, Mara���������Flooded* oul.
.1. F. Moore, Enderby���������None.
Rupert Davy, Mara���������Damaged by
R. M. Mri.u-u, Judge
Winnipeg speculators are buying'
heavily of B. C. potatoes. One
broker is reported io have sold 90
cars and another 40 cars at prices
around $1(5, $17 and $19 a ton B.C.
points. Minneapolis is enquiring
for potatoes from this Province II
is learned lhal Indiana, Ohio, Illi-
co 1
j-���������****���������    tf  ������-\.
^*-S!"-"kT.53* t
'-~. t?l-,--.i������:-|
- '-���������?*, v:v'������j
op at all, while Michigan, Wis-
.jiisin, North Dakota, New York
and Maine have a crop 70 per cent
of last year. One Minneapolis firm
is in the market for 50 cars of
potatoes. North Yakima i.s endeavoring to get the Minneapolis market and has sold potatoes at $22
f.o.b. for Netted Gems and Bur-
banks, these varieties always commanding a premium. Idaho has
offered potatoes* in Minneapolis aL
$14 f.o.b., but the trade there
seems a little afraid or Idaho spuds.
Walla Walla is asking $25 f.o.b., but
no sales have been made at that
price A car of B.C. oolatocs was
sold in Minneapolis recently at,
$1.50 a bushel, or 2 l-2c lb. wholesale price.	
Clearing  His  Farm
Farmer Wheatsonspuds-- "Whal
in tarnation i.s lh';it com in* through
vour new ground, Cy?"
Farmer Oatsonfalia���������"Oh. Hint's
onlv son Zabe. You see thar's hears
back o' thai new clearin, so I tie
Zabe lo a stump onlil one shows up,
when, besides pullin' up the slump
he brings it to lhe woodpile."
The Ladies of the "Methodist
Church will serve ice cream and tea
at lhc Red Cross tea rooms on the
afternoon of Saturday, Sept. 23rd.
TiirnbuH's,underclothing for children; all sizes. Buy early; combinations and two-piece. At Speers'
Fancy candies, delicious cakes
and cookies, cooling ice cream and
sodas, always will be found at Joe's
Choice cukes and cookies���������Joe's THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  Thursday, September 21, 1916  Every Party  "Machine" is  born beneath a  sign board which  reads: "To ---/"  the Conservatives of the Province will gather up  tiie fragments and start anew to build for a bigger  and a heller party. In the meanwhile wc all will  (ind plenty to do ie. joining hand-in-hand with the  administration in an effort lo solve Die larger  problems which confront the Province, the  Dominion and the Empire.  Intense heat-resisting power is the feature of the almost  imperishable fire-box linings of our own McClary semi-  steel fire-box made in eight pieces���������������������������can't warp.  Did you no lice, Mr. Voter, when you cast your  ballot on September 1-llh, lhal neither ol" the referendum ballots on prohibition and suffrage were  marked wilh an ollicial mark on the back, as required by lhe Elections Act? A mere technicality,  ol* course, bul grave results could and may follow.  HERE'S TO THE WOMEN  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  If.   M.   WALKEK  Published every  Thursday al    Enderby,   _. C. at $2   per  year,   by   the  Walker   Press.  Advertising- Rates:   Transient.  50c an inch first insertion,  25c each subsequent insertion.    Contract advertising:, SL an inch per month.  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1916  GATHERING UP THE FRAGMENTS  Unless thc twenty thousand soldiers now Overseas from Brilish Columbia, and whose voles will  nol hc counted until early in October, come to the  aid  ol*   lhe   Conservative  parly,   there   will   nol  hc enough left ol' Premier Bowser and his administration   lo "wad a  gun."    The  turn-over  was  complete.    11  was  a   landslide,  a  snowslklc,  a  tumbling down of mountains and an cngulliing  by lhc seas all in one.   There arc some things so  plain lhal Ihey cannol he argued.   Nothing can  make Ihem more plain.   The results.ol' the recent  ejection is one ol' these questions.   In the face oi'  legislation   which   is   recognized   by   voters   oi'  both parlies as the best lhal has been pul through  since lhe party came into power in Brilish Columbia, ancl in thc face ol* every assurance lhal Premier Bowser would administer thc affairs of the  Province economicahly and ably, the electors, on  September 1-llh, made almost a clean sweep of  every Conservative candidate.   With a campaign  cry of "loo great a majority; we must have a  strong Opposition  lo have good government no  matter which parly is in power," thc voters turn  the tables, and instead of an overwhelming Conservative majority as heretofore, they have now  an overwhelming Liberal majority.    In  the lasl  ���������������������������legislature. IhcjConscrvalivc .administration, had  on the Opposi  in the next  Said a man: If women are lo have Ihe vole lhcy  ought lo study lhc principles of our government  ancl lhe merits of political issues. Said lhe one  addressed: How would il do for men lo sel the  example? This is lhc final lesl. Will women bc  less indill'crent lhan the men have heen? Will  women, aflcr years of suffrage, know as little  aboul llie principles of our government and lhc  merits of political issues as men voters now  know? Will lhcy not lead thc men in this respect? Any man who will honestly face present  day political conditions must admit that men  have shown a woeful lack of interest, if nol woeful ignorance of and in thc principles of our government and lhc merits of political issues. In  fact, lhe lasl thing men seem to be interested in is  a study of the principles of our government. At  election lime Ihey become intensely interested in  the success of their parly, but even then have very  little interest in the larger issues of government.  They fight earnestly for the election of this man  or thaljjut forget entirely what either man represents. Very few, indeed, have a full and free  knowledge of even parly issues. Indeed, parly  issues loday mean very lillle to the average male  voter. Thc prime issue seems to be lhat of patronage. Whether women do or do nol study thc  principles of our government and the merits of  political issues, 11 icy cannol fall far short of  whal men voters know of these things. Perhaps  when women begin lo study politics it will lead  thc men lo do likewise, to the good of all.  Scplembcrc15lh���������������������������a space of lime in which  something happens after something else has  happened.  PREMIER BOWSER THE STRONG  ion not more lhan five members;  legislature the Liberal administration  will have nol more lhan seven members, unless  lhe soldiers' vole makes material changes.  Oul of the frying pan inlo lhe fire. The complaint hurled al lhe Conservative administration  last year will lhis year he hurled al lhe Liberal  administration, and* wilh,* perhaps,-equal justice.  The worst position any parly leader can lie pul  inlcrVs^lrrlir^iylticed Vir powTr-witlr-aiT^ovcr-  whelniing majority and a weak Opposition. The  results arc invariably lhe same. The leader musl  hear lhc burden while lhe voters, tin: real culprits,  feel al liberty to immediately turn and condemn  the leader for having so large a. majority.  The result of thc vole in the Norlh Okanagan  was nol a surprise lo anyone. II was lo he expected. It could have been otherwise. Bul in lhis  constituency the parly was sacrificed hy lhe  organization- commonly known as the "machine" ���������������������������- in control. We see here a repetition of  whal has transpired lo wreck every parly al one  lime or another in its history in Canada. The  average Canadian voler is honest in his desire  for clean government. He will nol have lhe wool  pulled over his eyes when Ihings are nol as Ihey  ought lo be. And inspile of lhe increased steam  piled on, and lhe free use of lhe parly whip, hy  the parly engineers, who refuse to see the cataclysm they are bringing on lhe party, the average  voler i.s prepared lo vole his convinclions, even if  il does mean lhal his parly must go down. Il  seems lo hc lhe only way of breaking up Ihe  family compact into which all parties are more  or less inclined lo drift.  Premier Bowser stands today a defeated politician, but nol. a defeated man.   He has been the  strong man of lhc Conservative administration in  the pasl thirteen years, and it will lake more lhan  a polilical defeat"such as the one hc has recently  suffered to break the man, even with lhc people  who have mosl reviled him.   If wc should be so  fortunate as lo have him elected by lhc soldiers'  vole, he will bc lhc most valuable man in the  legislature for Premier Brewster and  his ministers.   As leader of thc Opp9silio.11 Mr. Bowser  would bc a lower of strength, nol so much, for thc  Conservative parly as for lhc administration.   No  man  is belter acquainted wilh  Lhc government  machinery and lhe country's needs.    And, with  parly issues out of the way, Mr. Bowser could  and no doubt would confine himself to the more  important issues confronting  the Province.    II  was not Premier Bowser's administrative ability  nor his actions as leader of the Conservative party  lhal brought defeat upon the Government. 'It was  his strength.   He was loo powerful a leader for  llie lillle'men lie had aboul him.   Hc dominated.  He-did-not lead. ...But.is. that a fault _of_,the.man  (ddiyS  The man who designed the Kootenay knew his job. I  know that and that is why it carries my guarantee as well  as the makers'.  870  Sold by   Fulton   Hardware   Company  Are you going to do any  Building- or Repairing  This Season ?  O    THE FOLLOWING ARE GOOD VALUES:  No. 4 Flooring and Ceiling 10.00 per thousand  No. 4 Drop Siding ��������������������������� ���������������������������* .-..���������������������������.������������������.���������������������������..-.������������������ $10.00'     "  Cull Boards ���������������������������,    5.00       "*   .  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He became the party  scape-goal, and had lo face lhe music made by  the poorer players associated-with him.  ������������������ S H  SH  EVERY   THURSDAY  GEO. R SHARPE  WHOLESALE - RETAIL BUTCHER  Vou ca ir a I ways  nol very much.  tell a defeated politician���������������������������but*  WILL SOMEBODY EXPLAIN  Now lhat il is all over and Mr. Brewslcr has  heen elected Premier of Brilish Columbia, whal  will he do about lhat writ?  When a parly 'organization degenerates inlo a  machine how long will the-machine wag lhe dog?  If prohibition  finally carries, what  will these  nd our  Greeks and  lion  finally  small towns do without an hole  restaurants in lhe hands of Chin  running,  iCS,  Japs?  Whal has become of lhc Good Roads Association which was organized under such favorable  conditions in Enderby a few months ago? Did it  die in the bornin"?  E. J. Mack  I Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  ENDERBY, B.C   Good Rigs;   Careful Driv-  ers; Dray ing of all kinds.  Comfortable and Commodious Stabling for teams.  Auto for Hire  Prompt attention to all customers  Land-seeker3  ancl  Tourists invited to give as a trial.  Whal  in  when a road gang lhal was  "ie Gov-  majorily of four for lhe op-  can we expec  "booked" lo return a majority of 18 for lhe Gov  eminent turns  posi lion?  When lhe returning ofliccr is the only person  lo vole for the Government a I a polling place  voting l.'l, whal is lhe unluckv number?  and m  Vict  oria where  !l was so  independent  up  dales  Out of whal now appears lo be a parly calamity  against  in Vancouver  Conservative   candidates   were   put  lie regularly nominated parlv candi-  A Christian nation is one lhat seeks lo impress  on another nalion lhe beauly of non-resistance by  exterminating its people.  Baths in connection  H. HENDRICKSON, Proprietor  Sail will remove stains on marble.  c.  P. R. TIMETABLE  Southbound               '     Northbound  10.40 lv.  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In surveyed territory the land  must be described by sections, or  legal sub-divisions of sections, and  in unsurveyed territory the tract  applied for shall be staked out by  the applicant himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of 85--which will be  refunded if the rights applied for  arcjioLavailablc,;buLnot otherwise..  A royally shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the  rate of five cents per ton.  The person operating the mine  shall furnish the Agent with sworn  returns accounting for the full  quantity of merchantable coal  mined and pay the royalty thereon.  If the coal mining rights are not  operated, such returns should be  furnished at least once a year.  The lease will include the coal  mining rights only, but the lessee  may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights as may  be considered necessary for the  working of the mine, at the rate of  $10 an acre.  For full information application  .should be made to the Secretary of  the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or.to any Agent or sub-Agent  of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.-Unauthorizcd publication of  this adverlisement will not be paid  for.���������������������������83575.  Are your  Butter Wraps  running low?  Better order some now  '^1  (  4  ii 4  \{p  Thursday, September 21, 1916  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  THE RIGHT KIND OF LOVE  Edward Goldbcck, in the Chicago Tribune, tells  lhis story, "Kale and ancl Max:"  "Max���������������������������You say that you want to develop all  your faculties and lhat thc fact of being married  ought nol to prevent you from doing that. Agreed.  Now, whal arc you intending to do, please?"  "Kale���������������������������I think I will study sociology.  "Max���������������������������Don't you think you had belter take  singing lessons?  "Kale���������������������������There seems quite a jump from thc onc  thing lo the other.  "Max���������������������������To study sociology is a mutter of ycars.  Neither is your body strong enough for daily  scicnlilic work of about eight hours, nor is your  mentality adequate to the endeavors.  "Kate���������������������������May be, but this is thc only thing which  appeals to mc.  "Max���������������������������Singing lessons would give you great  pleasure and would do you a lot of-good physically. You Avould learn how to breathe deeply���������������������������  "Kate���������������������������I need not learn that. , 1 can breathe  deeply enough for daily purposes.. (She breathes  provokingly deeply.)  "Max (with a smile of superiority)���������������������������I beg your  pardon. That is not at all thc right thing. You  arc breathing naturally. I want you to breath  scientifically.  "Kate (nervously)���������������������������You want mc . . . you  want me . . . and I want lo study sociology.  . "Max���������������������������But, my dear child, isn't it silly to refuse  my help? You must know that, as a scholar of  some standing, I am a belter judge of these things  than you.   Let mc guide you���������������������������  "Kate���������������������������I don't want to be guided.   I want lo go  my own way.  "Max���������������������������But if you go astray?  "Kate���������������������������1 prefer to go astray after my own ideas  to going straight after another one's. J  "Max���������������������������This answer only proves how feminine*  you arc.   You will never amount to anything in  scientific work.-. And thc domain of woman is art.  There she can use her beauty, her charm, her  pcisonality.  "Kate���������������������������Look-here, Max, why don't you let mc  develop myself after my own ideas?  "Max���������������������������But, Kate, I want you to develop yourself, only do it in the right way. I feel responsible  for you.   I love you! tl  "Kate���������������������������You tyrannize mc. With the best intentions, of com* , i cu want mc to develop,'but  only if 1 remain your pupil, your spiritual creature "and, after your preconceived ideas. You  love mc, certainly, but is that the right kind of  love?" .----���������������������������"-���������������������������"  TUBERCULAR SOLDIERS  Thc Dominion Hospitals' Commission has arranged for a conference of experts on the question of dealing with tuberculosis among Canadian  troops.   There already arc 370 tubercular soldiers  in the sanitariums of the different Provinces.   Of  these 175 have been overseas and 195 have not yet  gone across.   Of those who go overseas, about 30  soldiers infected wilh thc disease return to Canada every month.   This is not a'large percentage  of thc men who have gone overseas, but along  wilh the cases originating in  Canada military  camps it presents a problem which the commission must solve.   In order to sec what improvement can still bc made in thc treatment of such  soldiers,   the  conference in  question  has  been  called.   The experts arc being asked to advise the  commision regarding thc location of sanitariums,  thc most recent methods of treatment, diet and  exercise, Jhe maximum and minimum capacity  for sanitariums and all other questions pertaining  to the treatment of the disease.  It was only a few years ago that experts condemned cigarette smoking as the prime factor in  producing tuberculosis. As a result of the campaign then inaugurated by the anti-tuberculosis  leagues and olheis, several slates to the south of  us passed very stringent laws dealing with thc  cigarette evil. In many states it is a penal oll'ence  to sell.a package of cigarettes. And yet wc in  Canada, perhaps more in the interest of the tobacco trust lhan for the good of the boys at thc  iront, arc pleaded with to send cigarettes by thc  millions to thc boys in thc trenches; And thcnwvc  appoint commissions to deal with effects!  We sell only the best grade  of Coal Oil; Price, 3 Gallons  for    ONE    DOLLAR  WE CAN SUPPLY YOU WITH REPAIRS FOR ANY STOVE  OR FURNACE.  PLUMBING, HEATING AND ROOFING.  Mail Orders receive our prompt and careful attention.  FULTON HARDWARE CO., Ltd        _ ' \  SEASONABLE   OFFERINGS  ATLAS E.Z. SEALERS, half-gallons  ATLAS E.Z. SEALERS, quarts ....  ATLAS E.Z. SEALERS, pints ......  JELLY GLASSES, Fluted      FOR YOUR PICKLING  ..$2.00  ..$1.50  ...$1.25  ..   GOc  V  dozen  dozen'  dozen  dozen .  NATIONAL ROAD PROBLEMS  VACANT LOTS GARDEN CLUB  . Thc city of Calgary a few ycars ago organized  a Vacant Lot Garden Club, for thc purpose of  tilling thc vacant lots scattered throughout that  city.    Thc movement "caught on," has spread  rapidly and now it is onc of the most important  economical institutions in the city.   It has done  not a little in helping to keep down thc high cost  of Jiving for fresh vegetables "form our own gardens" arc being served with real housewifcy pride  in hundreds of homes throughout the prairie city.  Thc idea has grown so rapidly and the club has  met with such success that it was. decided last  year to hold a potato show, and very successful it  was.   This year thc club, under thc guidance of  thc city council, has decided to branch out somewhat and hold a larger and better show this season.   Vegetables as well as potatoes arc important  and so the Calgary Soil Products Exhibition is to  bc held on "Oct. 17-18-19, when all the biggest potatoes turnips, beets, carrots and cabbage will bc  shown in thc big horse show building.   British  r^Gol u i n bia^lt iii t^growcrs'havc'bccn^a skechionnraker  a display and all thc Calgary fruit brokers and  jobbers were appointed a committee, headed by  W. E. McTaggart, B.C. Fruit Markets Commissioner, with ollices in lhat city, to look after this  part of thc display.   Our fruit growers arc urged  to lake advantage of this opportunity to place B.  C. fruit prominently before thc fruit buyers of thc  prairie city.    It is argued lhat this would bc a  good way to combat thc movement of IhcAlhcrta  Grain Growers, who recently passed a resolution  binding all members (o boycott British Columbia  fruit because of the increased  fruit  larill' law  passed by lhe Dominion in response lo a demam  from thc fruit growers of this Province.  Under the direction of thc National. Secretary  oi Agriculture, the United Stales Government has  concluded to tackle the road problems of that  country in a national way. Thc-enormous importance of good roads has been recognized for  some ycars, but no Avcll-dcfincd policy of national  scope has as yet been developed'. According to thc  secretary of agriculture, bad roads arc a very expensive possession. It is estimated that it costs  23 cents under ordinary road conditions to haul a  ton a mile on the average country road, and only  13 cents on a properly improved road, and this is  not all the story. The direct cost is very great but  the indirect costs arc possibly even greater. With  bad roads thc farmer is compelled to haul when  hc should be engaged in other work, while with  good roads he can plan his operations without  reference to the weather. :-  '     -  Realizing these things, it- is thc object of thc  federal government to co-operate with the states,  and to this end a comprehensive road-building  program has been laid out. Each individual state  must lake thc initiative j through its road department, to secure federal assistance. Thc federal  government will spend, in co-operation with the  states, sonic $75,750,000, on road improvements.  This money will bc spcnt.in road work only, and  under the strictest supervision of thc state and  federal road departments. ' Road-building gangs,  trained and equipped for the work, will operate  in the several states, and the whole problem of  road building and maintenance will bc taken out  of the hands of the counties and put into the  hands of thc federal and stale departments.  Wc offer GREEN AND RIPE TOMATOES, ONIONS and CUCUMBERS,  PURE SPICES and HEINZ VINEGAR in WHITE WINE,  MALT or CIDER. L .,*'.-'  PEACHES .\  ARE NOW ON IN FULL SWING.     LARGE   RIPE   FRUITi    PICKED  ESPECIALLY FOR OUR LOCAL TRADE,   $1.00.per crate.     .  WE GUARANTEE Til EM NO. ONE  DILL BROS.  Gents' Furnishings and Groceries  Mistaken as to His Requirements  A bald-headed man went into the  barber shop the other day and  plumping himself down in lhe chair  absent-mindedly said:  "Hair-cut!" . ;  Henry looked hinVover a minute  and slowly replied: "You don't need  a hair-cut; what you want is a  shine." '  Al Coffee  ,..-.. ,0    (In Bulk)., yv  f:v  IN   THE   SUPREME. COURT   OF  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  ������������������a__iw������������������      t  "* 1   -  In Probate  "^���������������������������"���������������������������"��������������������������� >  In the Matter of the Estate of Hezekiah Elliott, tale of, Enderby, in ,  the Province of British Columbia,  Deceased *  NOTICE is hereby given that all*  creditors.of the Estate of Eezekiah .  Elliott, deceased, are required, on  or before the fifteenth day of Oc-~  tober, 1916, to send particulars of  their  claim;  duly  verified,  to  the  undersigned,   and   all   persons .in-}  debted to the said Estate are, re-,;  (luired to pay such indebtedness to ;  the undersigned forthwith;T-3 V r,--,V-  Dated at Salmon Arm, B~ C./this  eighth day of-September, 1916..   */V:  z Y L..J. ROBB,   '-.-  -. For the Executors. .V-  S    *  So great was the demand lor this  delicious blend that we were, sold  out before we could get in a new  and larger supply. _ We are now  prepared to  supply all orders.  Come in and Inspect our new  line of BOYS' Fall Suits  When there is so muclvof'hellin  the air it is good to remember that  the hater is a fool who does not.  know that  to love is the greatest  of luxuries.  SECRET SOCIETIES  '."��������������������������� s.,--- v<'j';V*'V  *e J<i^S'-S"S%  *r. ��������������������������� ^ '--*. --^ S H'-**** ������������������  * '7*y7Si'~:. *** 3^5  j;V-- ���������������������������-* '��������������������������� 5 -sfjsl  ;V ;VV;Xg:  MR. BREWSTER IS THANKFUL  To thc Victoria Colonist Mr. H. C. Brewster,  leader of thc victorious Liberal party in thc Province, made thc following statement after hc received he news of Premier Bowser's defeat in  Vancouver r"~"I f  l\e-  APPLES BRING BIG PRICES  According to "Better Fruit," of Hood River,  Ore., the apple crop of thc United Stales is 72,-  000,000 barrels, while that of 1914 was 84,000,000  barrels and that of 1915, 70,000,000, yet the  Western apple growers will receive nearly  double thc price. "Belter Fruit" says the season  is not farxnough advanced for fixing prices :very  definitely, and that it is too early to get scared and  too early to go crazy.  Patronage formed a prominent part in the programme of the incoming premier. He promised  to abolish it. We will now have the interesting  spectacle of seeing him either'doing it or sidestepping it. It will not be an easy matter for Mr.  Brewster to do that. For thirteen ycars his party  have waited in the hungry lanes of opposition for  a chance to come in and feed in the fat barnyard  of power. Each man has his job picked out. He  has had his eye on it for a long time past and if  he does not get it there will bc trouble.���������������������������J. P.'s  Weekly.  is-nccTUess-to say wc arc ..^  lighted wilh lhc vindication'the policies advocated  by ourselves received from thc people of thc Province. But although wc arc much pleased with  the results, wc arc sorry that wc will bc unable  to know for some time the result of the soldiers'  vote. * * * I want, through thc newspapers, to  extend our thanks to thc various persons who, regardless of previous parly alliliation, assisted us  in-lhis victory. Many of the Liberal parly will re-  gfcl, that thc Prime Minister met defeat in Vancouver, as wc arc all anxious lhat there should bc  in lhc Mouse a strong opposition lo assist thc Government with ils legislation. "Personally I feel the  responsibility lhat lhc people of Brilish Columbia  have placed on the Liberal party. Because of this  wc arc asking the support and assistance of all  persons of every shade of political opinion in our  ell'orts to bring about healthier financial condilions in this Province, It is too early to state what  line of action will be taken by thc Liberal Government. Until wc know at least a lillle more of thc  results il would hc entirely premature to say anything."  Sealers, Caps, Rubbers, Etc.  Everything required in the fruit  preserving season will be found  on our sales shelves. We have  all makes and all sizes, and can  supply every need. 'Phone your  order if you are not coming down  town and we will make immediate delivery.  QUEERING HIS POLITICAL CAREER  Various political aspirants have had their  political careers queered in strange and unlooked-  for ways, but thc story of Mark Twain's experience beats most of them: A number of his friends  induced him to run for governor of a certain  state. He was just getting started on his campaign tour, and was billed to speak at a certain  large town. He no sooner got upon his pins to  make his opening remarks than about two dozen  negro, half-breed, chink, Jap and Italian kids,  ranging from four lo five years of age, swarmed  upon thc stage and, throwing their arms around  his shanks, yelled "Papa!" in great glee. That  queered him right there.  =Fly=-SwattersrFly-PaperrFly^  Poison Pads, etc.  W. J. Woods  Wall  Paper  Bargains  Wall Paper prices have steadily  advanced since we purchased our  present stock, and if we were  buying this paper today we'd pay'  as much for it wholesale as we  are offering it to you retail. We  do not believe in carrying over  old stock, even if our fall buying  has to be made at a much higher  figure. We want to clean out  the present stock to make room  for our new Fall shipments. You  can buy at the old price, which  means that every offering is a  bargain���������������������������and every roll a snap.  -' i.  E. WHEELER  W.M.  A.F.&A.M.  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Immense  stock, prompt shipment  You save money by getting  Catalogue to-day.  T.W.Boyd A Son,  27 Notre Dune St Weil, Montreal  ^*s. THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  Thursday, September 21, 1916  NO ALUM  >VARE PLAINLY*7^  PRINTED ON THE,  ~***-~^->\*BE*L^ff  ������������������l_EWHITE5T.Ufi_2  Mm*  POWltfK  LATEST WAR SUMMARY  By thc {lid of ;i new motor contrivance, which i.s simply an improvement on the well-known  "cnterpiller lin tiler," hut armored  and equipped with machine guns,  lhe British forces on the Somjiie  front succeeded in advancing their  line a thousand yards on a mile  front, and gained a victory over  the Germans as important as any  .which has taken place since the  allied offensive began three months  ago. The ground gained is said to  be of great strategic value.  In the vicinity of Verdun the  French arc reported to have gained  important ground.  In Southeastern Roumania Lhe  Husso-Houniaiiian forces advancing  lo make a dash into Serbia in an  effort to capture the railway line  connecting Gremanv with Turkey  and Bulgaria, said to be 180,000  strong, were caught in .a deep  pocket al Dobric by the Bulgarian-  German army and forced to abandon large quantites of booty in a  hasty retreat. Field Marshal Mac-  keiiscn is in command. After failing  back some thirty miles, the l'Uisso-  Houmanian forces have been reinforced and at lasl reports were  holding a' line across the Dobrudja  valley a few miles south of thc railroad running from Conslanza to the  Danube. The taking, of the Roumanian forts on the Danube known  as Tutrakan and Silistria, by the  Bulgars, places these forces wilhin  fifty miles of Bucharisl, the capital  of Roumania. It i.s obvious that lhis  check of the Russo-Roumanian  forces will seriously retard the  movemenl from which so much was  expected when Roumania threw in  her lol wit'll' lhe Entente.  In. the vicinity of Monastir, on  the Saloniki front, the allies have  won a victory over the Bulgarians,  and at last reports the enemy was  falling back in the direction of that  important point. The allies have  obtained command of llie ranges  dominating the Fiorina plain.  On thc Treiilino front the Italians  have renewed their attacks against  thc whole Austrian front on the  Carso plateau.  TWO YEARS OF WAR  Leslie's Weekly of Sept. Mth,  summarizes the net cost and gain  to the fighting powers after two  years of hostilities:  Cosl in Dollars���������������������������  Greal   Britain     $7,070,000,000  France      (),(H:J,000,000  Russia     4.118,000,000  V ittlv    ���������������������������...������������������������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  2pl0^000;000'  Cosl  lo  Entente.. . .$20,805,000,000  Germany  Austria  Turkey  Bulgaria   $0,075,000,000     3,000,000,000     2,000,000,000         150,000,000  Cosl to Teutons ....$1-1,225,000,000  ���������������������������Territory -conquered-  Sq. Miles  Allies hold in  Europe   700  Asia   ...  lie  acific  ,   ������������������.)(i,()()(l  ,000,000  Africa   .   Al lies'  Gain    718,700  Teutons hold in  Belgium. ... 11,000  France  Muss ia  Balkan.'-  0,000  80,000  .25,000  Teutons' Gain    125,000  Lives   lost    5,500,000  Men wounded   11.000,000  FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE���������������������������One  registered Shropshire ram. Will  pay cash for good fYcr.ii cow, or  trade onc I'our-vear-old horse for  same. E. II. Naylor, H.H. No. 1,  Deep Creek.   ___ j  FOR SALIC���������������������������Thoroughbred Shorp-  shire ram lamb. Apply, George  A. Andrews, Enderby.  GRAIN GRINDING AND WOOD  SAWING. Apply, R. D. Murdoch,  I7, n d e r by. oM  SHOOTING i.s absolutely forbidden  over my properly. Any person  Irespassing will be prosecuted.  Signed���������������������������    GEORGE R. LAWES  DODGING THE "DRY"   LAW  Ontario became "dry" on the loth  September, but instead  of waiting  for  thai  event,  the  liquor men  of  Toronto  were  selling local   option  non-intoxicating   beer    for   weeks  before lhat date.   They were selling  it simply as "beer" and the public  didn't  know the difference.    Here  is   how   thirsty   Toronto   was   deceived.    For over a  month  hotels  which  have  agencies    for   certain  brewers have been selling temperance beer wilh less than 2 1-2 per  cent  alcohol  contents to their unsuspecting   customers.      Mr.    Bar-  lender, served  his  customers, took  his  money  and   rung up   the  sale  without a smile.   The man in front  of the-oaken bar sipped the beverage to slake his thirst, smacked his  lips  and   departed,    lie asked   for  lager beer,  but  he gol  temperance  beer and never knew the difference.  Hotelmen   were   anxious   lo   sec  how the public-would take to this  light beer. They have to sell it from  now on  or. close up their places.  They  agree   that   customers   never  knew the difference.   Several asked  their patrons   how   they   liked  it,  slating it was a new kind of brew.  "Fine," was the answer.  Thc shopkeepers have been selling it in bottles with tnc regular  labels. One man told a reporter on  the Toronto Star that a brewery in  Toronto had sent out over 100 cases  to their trade and everybody, was  "sold" and not a complaint was  heard. There is also an American  beer that is being sold in Toronto.  This beer, proofed by test, shows a  strength of two and live-sixteenths  per cent alcohol, or just three-six-  leenlhs under the forbidden content. This beer is claimed to bc 50  per cent cheaper than Toronto  temperance beer.  TAKING IT NICELY  "Oh, yes, il was time for a  change," said a prominent Conservative to the 'Vancouver Province,  when asked his opinion of the election. Strange lo say, after the hard  fought campaign in all constituencies, this i.s the general opinion  expressed by men who are higli in  the councils of Ihe parly.  "Well," said anolhcr, "we have  been beaten and we have nothing to  say. We must jusl go ahead and  organize our party better than it has  been the pasl year. \Ve���������������������������kno\v how  to lake our medicine and we can  only hope lhat things will go as well  with the Liberals as. wilh the Conservatives."  -.Turnbull's underclothing for children; all sizes. Buy early; combinations and two-piece. At Speers'  Armstrong Fall Fair  WANTED���������������������������A girl for light housework; wages, $10. Apply immediately to Mrs. A.; Rosoman,  Grindrod.   One cow to milk.     3t  EGGS���������������������������Guaranteed   strictly   fresh;  35 c per dozen.      Mrs. E. Gray.  THURSDAY & FRIDAY,   06Pl. __8-__9  Entries close on 23rd.  Get your Prize List at THE PRESS Office.  Biggest Fair ever held in the Interior of B. C.  COME AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS.  MATERNITY NURSING.   Mrs.Wcst,  Enderby. m4-tf  XMAS PRESENTATION APPLES  FOR THE OLD COUNTRY  We will deliver to any part of England, Scotland or Wales, a box of  FANCY EXPORT APPLES for ?3.50. Orders must be received by us not  later than October 6th, and accompanied with Express Money Orders or  Marked   Cheque,   with  exchange  added. WRITE   THE   ADDRESS  PLAINLY so as to avoid mistakes.  OKANAGAN UNITED GROWERS LIMITED     VERNON, B.C.  "  |lllillllilllJlllil!lllllllllil!lilUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH  j WAR LOAN |  | DOMINION  OF  CANADA |  I , Issue of $100,000,000 5% Bonds Maturing 1st October, 1931.        |  SB PAYABLE  AT PAR  AT S  H OTTAWA, HALIFAX,  ST. JOHN, CHARLOTTETOWN, MONTREAL, TORONTO, WINNIPEG, ������������������|  S5 ������������������                                                  REGINA, CALGARY, VICTORIA. ==  H INTEREST PAYABLE HALF-YEARLY, 1st APRIL, 1st OCTOBER. =j  S- o                              PRINCIPAL AND  INTEREST PAYABLE IN GOLD. 5=  ISSUE  PRICE  971  A FULL HALF-YEAR'S INTEREST WILL BE PAID ON 1st APRIL, 1917.  THE PROCEEDS OF THE LOAN WILL BE USED FOR WAR PURPOSES ONLY.  The Minister of Finance offers herewith, on behalf of  the Government, the above named Bonds for subscription  at 97������������������, payable as follows:���������������������������  10 per cent on application;  30     " "   16th October, 1916;  30      " "   15th November, 1916;  27a  15th December, 1916.  The total allotment of bonds of this issue will be limited  to one hundred million dollars exclusive of thc amount  (if any) paid for by the surrender of bonds as the equivalent of cash under thc terms of the War Loan prospectus  of 22nd November, 1915.  The instalments may bc paid in full on the 16th day  =of=O.Gtobei^JM6.^oiko_=ai'"L^^  under discount at the rate of four per cent per annum.  All payments are to be made to a chartered bank for the  credit of the Minister of Finance. Failure to pay any  instalment when due will render previous payments liable  to forfeiture and the allotment to cancellation.  Subscriptions, accompanied by a deposit of ten per cent  of the amount subscribed,  must be forwarded  through  the medium of a chartered bank.    Any branch in Canada  of-any-ohartcrcd-bank will receive_subscriptions_and_iss.ue_  provisional receipts.  This loan i.s authorized under Act of the Parliament of  Canada, and both principal and interest will be a charge  upon the Consolidated Revenue Fund.  Forms of application may bo obtained from any branch  in Canada of any chartered bank and'at the office of any  Assistant Receiver General in Canada.  Subscriptions must be for even hundreds of dollars.  In case of partial allotments the surplus deposit will be  applied towards payment of thc amount due on the October  instalment.  Scrip certificates, non-negotiable or payable to bearer in  accordance with the choice of the applicant for registered  or bearer bonds, will be issued, after allotment, in exchange  for the provisional receipts.  When the scrip certificates have been paid in full and  payment endorsed thereon by the bank, receiving the  money, they may lie exchanged for bonds, when prepared,  with coupons attached, payable to bearer or registered as  to principal, or for fully registered bonds, when prepared,  without coupons, in accordance with the application.  Delivery of scrip certificates and of bonds will be made  through the chartered banks.  The issue will be exempt from taxes���������������������������including any  income tax���������������������������imposed in pursuance of legislation enacted  by tlie Parliament of Canada*  The bonds with coupons will be issued in denominations  of S100, 8500, ������������������1,000. Fully registered 'bonds without  coupons will be issued in denominations of $1,000, $5,000  or any authorized multiple of $5,000.  The bonds will be paid at maturity at par at the office  ^rtlfe^Mtmftere  or at the office of the Assistant Receiver General at Halifax,  St. John, Charlottetown, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg,  Regina, Calgary, or Victoria.  The interest on the fully registered bonds will be paid  by cheque, which will be remitted by post. Interest on  bonds with coupons will bc paid on surrender of coupons.  Both cheques and coupons will be payable free of exchange  at any branch in Canada of any chartered bank.  Subject to the* payment of twenty-five cents for each  new bond issued, holders of fully registered bonds without  coupons will have the right to convert into bonds of thc  denomination of $1,000 with coupons, and holders of bonds  with coupons will have the right to convert into fully  registered bonds of authorized denominations without  coupons at any time on application to the Minister of  Finance. .    ���������������������������  Thc books of thc loan will be kept at the Department  of Finance, Ottawa.  Application will be made in due course for thc listing of  the issue on thc Montreal and Toronto Stock Exchanges.  Recognized bond and stock brokers will be allowed a  commission of one-quarter of one per cent on allotments  made in respect of applications bearing their stamp,  provided, however, that no commission will be allowed  in respect of the amount of any allotment paid for by the  surrender of bonds issued under the War Loan prospectus  of 22nd November, 1915. No commission will be allowed  in respect of applications on forms which have not been  printed by the King's Printer.  "   \  ������������������= Subscription Lists will close on or before 23rd September, 1916. S  55    Department of Finance, Ottawa, September 12th, 1916. =5  llil|||||||||l!lllillilllllllllllllilllllli!lllllll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM


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