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Enderby, B. C, September-2, 1915
Vol. 8; No. 27; Whole No. 381
Miss Groves left for Vernon on
Monday.       -
Mrs. F: R. Prince left for Seattle
* last Saturday. -
Reginald Crane left, for Toronto
Saturday last.     **   ���������
Mrs. Ilchry Crane returned from
Victoria last Thursday.   .*
- -. Mrs. A. _f. Duncan and daughter,
Jean, are spending a few weeks" at
" Summerlanl. -   '   .-
, Jack Harvey left on Monday for
, Victoria, "where-* he will enter for
-the year the St.-Michael'school for
boys. ,..   -_.      7.      ' %-���������      ~ 7    ���������-
Mr/.T.-M.,Lewis,- sales_ manager
for the Okanagan ;'Sa\v- Mills,_Ltd.;
- left'- for the'' Prairie" provinces -on
" Saturday." " - ��������� "  .   V     " "**   '
Miss , Thorne;---who ** has,  been
visiting her sister, Mrs.'Jas. Martyn'
;several .weeks,   left   Monday- for
_Kamloops.' V   \'7 ' *  -" -'
/y-.Rcy. and Mrs.'Reed are spending
. ya~week*-or'more'in-camp" at Grind-
-rod,^ where Mr. "Reed-has in.prepar-
7 "atioii a* class of 'twelve 'for "co'nfirm-
-'-***"*���������*" n" *" " *1""5^'*   S������������������''���������''" *  --    ''*, S���������>~~~k
���������; 'ationr ���������.-- Ci.������^*->T"* '.^ y ���������,-r.^-��������� --���������- ~j^cmi*?>
S ^ parish\of,-Endej1)y; .ljth-Sunday.
" after,f rinity:;, Holy ���������Communion,y8
cakes 'or bread will be gratefully
received by the ladies in- charge.
Donations can be left at Brownie
Tea Rooms.or Mrs. Harvey's ollice.
V * *
- Mr. A. Fulton returned from the
coast last Friday. While in Vancouver he had occasion to get in
touch with general business condi
treasurer, was   authorized   to   pay
interest on overdue coupons in all
.The City Council, met in regular cases  in   which   such   interest   is
session  Monday  evening;   present, demanded.-
His AVorship the Mayor and Alder-j ' a communisalioh was read from
men Grant; Hartry and Dill.
Tuesday evening in  the* Baptist
Church^ before an audience of two,
dozen "men  and-women, Rev.  Mr.-
| Mr. J. B. Gaylord asking permission' Beat'tie and Mr. C. G. Piper, as clele-
Thc question as to the appoint: j to connect" his house with thc city-'SatesJo the prohibition convention-
ment  of  a  guage-reader  for  the. drain on George street in order to "held  in Vancouver last week,  re-
tions   and" he 'reports the best* of ^vatei7������-rks department was.again take,seepage- from* cellar. - The"ap-
SS_ ^HlK ������l   Sn5 fS br������Ught- u? for* .consideration.    It pHcation was referred.* the board
J ported  on  the  proceeding-of- the - V
fpplin_ nrpviilin_ in olMinf>������   imp ������""r "���������**"  ���������  " piicuuuu was reieireu-io me Doard ' convention.   -Mr.   Piper   read   ex- ^   <
_?������hKX"^W^___ *^..TS^*������T" ���������nLr.*_ ?.f ���������rks ���������������'*>,hcr^uest tha. the tracU-from Vahcouver dnily papen.
They report business conditions .in j convention V bV held at Chilliwack
the East exceptionally. cgood, par-'on"Sept. 9th and~10th. ' ' " I ;
ticularly in lhe:manufacturing cehr| ..'a. letter, was >read- from' R.-P.
tres of Ontario.;. And,crop condi-; Rithet & C67, Ltd.^hcknowledging
tions.in-the Northwest, give^every receipt 0f sketch showing location
bf roadway suggested by the coun-
ciPfrom Mill to Regent street on the
east side of-the railway track, and
stating '-that J they ( considered^ the
situation of the^ proposed-roadway,
so' detrimental-! to ^their," property
they-were unable^ to" entertain
proposal;^ '&%������< :|4i"-%>i.;
*    * \ *
promise-of-a. very prosperous season there, all of which means that
British Columbia will receive much
benefit, through" 'our., lumber.*1 and
fruit'industries.: N     -   :    -���������.V
.-~"J._'-CV English/-received, a .'.wire
calling-:himMo'} Prince^-Albertf-on that
Sundayy*Mo.xthe,pbedside ^ bfyl. his -.the.*
father,.;;whoy. *5vas-y reported; to.i-.be V^His .Worsfiip^ the'f.Mayprwrcpof^ed
very"near.*,death's**door!-'"Later���������-A" *K"* ,:*"'*" "k"*"'"1 'nin'M,ii.;'*rAj-m������: cimiinTt
^wirc was^recciVed by^MrsVEnglish
lW.ej3nesda^^ifterh66n to 'the*- effect
tliatyMRsEhglish-rliad^died; Jast Sat-;
urday"- morning,4 vbefore Vthe "isbi.
reached^him. .^Deceased t was-.well
known fin .Enderby, having .'{spent
He; yyas^estee'mcd ���������by^all,'".'fprlvhis
eyen^emperamenrand jovial," helpful 'dispositionry-- V, \ V iSSi ,"*,'.. t S
last Satiirday-th'at h'e.'Kadbeeri'ypro-.
motcd. from!- the VfreigHt  office" - at
Enderby. to Sthe ' .ticket  office : a't
Revelstoke, rand- leftlon������;SundayI to
take ujfpthe duties of his\ new'position.     Mr. - Campbell  , has  -been
freight agent at Enderby for some
three "years vor more, and his command of the work,-together with
his obliging ways, won liim many
friends, - who  will  bc  pleased ' to
R.'" service.     Mrs.-   Campbell   and
child will remain in Enderby a few
weeks before joining her husband
in Revelstoke.
cemetery!would-be $10'- ofrlr%i&it_t*
waSjdecidedto instruct^Mr.-Skaling
to "attend "tb;th'c";matter^VvV;v-US':
c Mt -.was" reported  that^'invconse
quence > ���������������- -   =---���������   -
city for>recoyery
overdue-interest fcoup^nsfand|of������ a"
letter" from ~Mc_srsVCr-H. "/Burgess
&vC6r,'the citjy'sregents in Toronto;
.who .were.of lopinion"tha.rrt-'would
be 'exceedingly inimicar,t6jthe interest-of the y city" to resi st/ - these
claims/ the treasurer, with the in-
dividual ^consent of every-member
of the council except "Aid; Dill,-who
was "out of town; had paid such
interest in each case in which it
had; been ,demanded.- '' Thc clerk
out'having a report on  the^com-
hiittee's .proceedings:'.'--  ������Yz
, The outlook for-the:fruitgrowers
of British Columbia was never better-than" it ^ is-at' present,, declares
Fruit-Jnspector Cunninghanrin.the
"Vancouver Province. jrThis"is "very
largely .due to ,thel attention .given
during jlie ;pasttJtwqyy^cafsj46^tlie
problem - of''i marketing;;-*r4in:Uothcr
yearscertaintownsvbecame. glutted
withyfruit."vNowMhrough' a. system'
of*advance reports from-agents/the
f ruiKshipmentszare^regulated 'Iand;
gan are short thirty.cars;of peaches
pons to come in on which interest
would doubtless bc demanded, and
asked   for   instructions   regarding
"filled-1 orders "for-: -t\vicc**> as>. many
peaches, if. wc had thc peaches."/- '
at Munrp's, Armstrong,-Friday'and
Saturday, promises, to*; be .the great
attraction southward, for Enderby
ladies-who, love '"to -'inspect;'the
.newest creations in head adornment. '^
Delicious" candies.going cheap al
Joe's ice cream parlor.
=-Be���������su remand���������read=thc^tax=^salc
notice in this issue of the Press.
them.   On motion duly carried .the at Joe's.
Fresh roasted peanuts every week
j - aini.;^Mattins5arid Holy/.Communioh
}7<ll "a.mf;yEyenson_;-7.3prp:m.'; ,Suri-'
.r-r^ajylsciibpl^.SO^p.m'."';^ ' iY������P?~i
FVVf 'yv>Mr.^:and "Mrs. l'King^of<.'%rm-
���������" Y-yst'rong,"" andVMi*r'and^Miss l'Gibbs
~-~:Y Mli4:.- }Jr-^=a^d^Mrs.7"'Hatcherl^nd
^^c.impcdlbnHlud^kej'Mara.y'y- >
jis7sMr7y7jisPrince".will return.from
M^the^Easty'this week". - Mr: Prince will
r 7 'clean'-upr*his-^business^*here and
Vleave; in-afsho'rti'wliile' for./Bend^
" ��������� Oregon""*where? he contemplates lb^
-eating.-  ^-:,    -s ��������� .*.'     ,- ���������-. .   .
y  .A"meeting "of the Enderby .Horti;
7 cultural Society-iscallcd;for Friday
evening at  8 o'clock  in the  City
.Hall. 'Important questions arc to be.
decided, and a full attendance of
members is desired.
Bright and early Wednesday
morning the barking-of shotguns
shooling season. No big bags have
been reported up to the time of
going to press, but there are indications.
Joe St. George has one. of the best
homesteads in thc Mabel Lake
.valley. With Falls" creek running
through thc property, and timothy
and clover_ficlds,_truck garden and
fruit orchard, Joe has everything
but the queen bee.
Thc ladies having charge of thc
Enderby Tobacco Fund arc in receipt of an acknowledgment from
the Overseas Club, London, for
������3 10s, the second cheque sent from
Enderby as a result of the tobacco
fund teas inaugurated by Mrs. Gray
and Miss Forster.
Axel Nordlow went hunting Sept.
1st, on his homestead in Mabel Lake
valley. He was looking for deer,
but stirred up a bear. Bruin went
one way and Axel the other, for
bears���������Russian or otherwise���������are
not in his line���������when he's loaded
only for deer and ducks.
Thc Enderby tobacco fund tea
will bc held at the K. of P. Hall on
Saturday afternoon, Sept. 4th. A
free concert 'will be held during
the afternoon. Little Alice Sowden
will give several selections, also
Willie Sowden. Mrs. W. Glen will
plav the accompaniment.
stall will be held in the K. of P. Photo shows the new head protection recently used by the French soldiers.     It is claimed lhat this
Hall on Saturday afternoon, Sept. steel protection saves 75 per cent of head injuries from   schrapnel   explosions. ���������     Sign   states   Italy   has
4th.    Any kind of farm produce, joined the Allies.
ings .were hcldin" the arena*; Bui ld-ff\""i-^^*?Jj?>l
ing and, were attended "by- 5,000.orVj^\f|V^,|
o,000 .people, j /..-.-" , -^ x, :%i2%^-^_^}
VHe"said the feeling of the.confyi^.^iV'J
yentioh was that-thc eyes'of the- \V^5V������*1
Dominion - vere- turned  upon~Uhis^V������"aV&i
..   ^ loj.pusii'>rancjn.������ji- ..���������������...^v,%^ r^ "Br^Att>���������
���������campaigniagainst. the^hquor^traffic^V^^^I
no, matteivif<lhe.-voteVofethe:people Jmt^-TsSm
evening.--j -       ._,������y ^   '-', V' ".->������,<i-''"-,l
" * Rev.- Mr. Bcattie reported ^alonfe'^VvviCl
similar lilies. -He said the. convent', -ij^'V^VI
tion was representative of Jhe"_bcsl-.V "
businesmen in the Province, "and,! \
in spite of reports' to the contrary,'^
could rightly bc termed a-business-
men's convention. He impressed '-y a^.\
upon the audience the importance
,of_earncst work, and said that the
convention delegates were fully-
alive to the fact that it was not going lo be a walk-over for the temperance cause. . Victoria, he said,
was going to fight hard for thc
|iquor interests, while it was bc-
iieved in the convention that Vancouver would go dry. It was thc
feeling of the convention lhat the
towns of thc interior would require
Ihe hardest work, for here, he said,
the voters arc not wakened lo thc
great importance of thc movement.
The idea of thc convention in
asking thc Government to give a
plebiscite apart from Ihe regular
parly ���������provincial ������������������..election is to keep
the question of prohibition outside
pf party ".lines.;* yThc purpose of the
Prohibition party is to organize
local associations in each small
locality, and a delegate from each
of these locals is made a member of
the central or district association,
and each district association will
have, representation in the Provincial organization,-through which a
campaign will he carried on, and
by which the general policy of the
whole movement will shaped. II
is estimated that the cost of Ihe
proposed campaign will be $-10,000.
This sum of money musl bc raised
by private subscriptions, but it was.
nol believed thai this would be at
all difficult, as the sum of .$3,000
was raised in short order on the
lloor of the convention loVstart .the
campaign. THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, September 2, 1915  bring a low price. If we.had live stock in the  district to feed lhis prolific harvest to, we should  have a district as prosperous as any in America.  It is live stock wc need���������������������������horses, cattle, hogs,  sheep, goats and poultry; and systematic, intelligent breeding.  THE CAMPAIGN IN POLAND  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Published  uvery  Thursday at    Enderby,   13. C. at  $2  per  year,   by   the  Walker   Press.  Advertising Rates:   Transient,  50c an inch first insertion, 25c each subsequent insertion.    Contract advertisinK-. SI an inch per month.  Legal Notices:   12c a line first insertion: 8c a line each subsequent insertion  Reading Naticcs and Locals: lac a line.  SEPTEMBER 2,  1915  AGRICULTURAL MANUFACTURING  How many farmers in this district have stock  in an agricultural co-operative institution? How  many arc prepared to organize co-operatively and  get together.lor lhe purpose of taking hold of the  problems which must be worked out and, themselves, find a way out of lhc dilemma in. which  Ihcy find themselves? The farmers arc just a.s  capable as anyone else to find a solution of the  problems which have lo be met, and.they can  work wilh a heller spirit than anyone else to solve  lhc problems when il is their own best interests  Ihcy arc serving in doing so. Farmers-should not  on by make lhc profits on the production of their  raw material, but should co-opera lively own and  manage all lhc enterprises for pulling Ibis raw  material into whal wc may call a secondary form.  Agricultural manufacturing should bc carried on  in enterprises co-operatively owned by farmers,  the profits being paid out in thc form of patronage dividends to lhc persons who furnish Ihesc  profits. While many other co-operative enterprises may bc named showing rapid progress in  lhe development of lhc co-operative spirit, particular attention should be given lo the conspicuous success which has attended thc operation of  co-opera live creameries everywhere Ihcy have  been established.  The German-Austrian troops, wilh Ossowctz  and Brest-Li tovsk now .safely in their hands, are  rapidly gaining lhe whole triangular- railroad  system .which wilh its apex at Bialystok, also  serves Grodno and Ossowetz. They have, in fact,  actually-captured lhe whole line of defense of thc  Russians, so far as the fortresses and fortified  rivers and railways arc concerned, and from now  on they musl meel the Russians in thc open,  where field manoeuvring will count more than  the use of heavy artillery. If lhe invaders have  decided1 lo push on to Petrograd, they will no  doubt find their way checked by the Russians  who arc digging thcmsclv.es in much thc same as  lhc lines in lhc Western front arc facing each  other. In this type of warfare they may be able  to hold their ground better than they have succeeded in holding their fortified positions, but  they can hardly hope to do better than the British  and French and Canadian troops have done in the  West, where lhc great war has resulted in a stalemate, neither side being able to make any appreciable impression on the other's defense. It is  more than probable, now that the invaders have  captured the strongest line of defense of Russia,  and have possession of the system of railroads  serving Poland, that they "will content themselves  with silting tight in the Eastern front while freeing most of their army for service elsewhere,  either in the West or to assist the Turks on thc  Dardanelles. One Ihing is certain: if the.Russians could not hold thc invaders back from the  Bug-Brcsl-Litovsk line, 150 miles from Warsaw,  where they had ample opportunity to dig themselves in, it is not probable they will succeed, at  least for many months to come, in recuperating  sullicienl ly to bc able to retake the Bug-Brcst-  Lilovsk line from the invaders. .  Thc near East continues to present an appearance of precarious balance between the warring  groups. The central powers claim a diplomatic  victory in thc form pf a Turco-Bulgarian agreement, While thc Entente allies apparently arc  bringing Serbia around lo their way of thinking  that concessions are necessary to. procure Bulgarian adhesion lo the reformed Balkan league.  A Carload of Robin  Hood Flour received  Let us have your orders.  Book your orders with us for Peaches,  Plums, Pears and Apples  TEECE & SON,  We deliver to any part of the city  Old Poison Mercantile  Block, Enderby  Specials in Lumber  while they last:  No. 4 Novelty Siding,  No. 2 2z4 and 2x6,  No. 2 Mixed Lath,   -  Short Cordwood,  Dry Blocks, -  GREEN BLOCKS,  $10.00 per M  -     $13.00 per M  $1.75 per M*  $3.75 per load  -     $2.25 per load  $1.00 PER LOAD  SA VE MONEY-Bivy your winter's fuel NOW.  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. Enderby  VOLUNTARILY OR COMPULSORILY  MIXElrTARMlNG  Aflcr much speculation as to thc probable  advantages, lhe farmers of the Okanagan arc  adopting-lhc mixed farming idea. From many  of our exchanges we note lhat the idea is rapidly  developing into practical application, thc tendency being,-first,. ..to. go back to the cow. The  Penticton HeraUr.lells of. the upward movement  ih-lhal-locality-.���������������������������-There-were-Ihrcc occurrences  during lhe .pasl Iwo or three weeks which give  rise lo lhe hope lhal.Penticton will nol bc behind  in adopting mixed farming methods." says the  Herald. "First was the beginning of a movement for lhe establishment of a creamery here.  ' Jusl a few days ago an Ottawa Valley  man named J. Sherill' brought oul a carload of  callle for Mr. Mall Wilson of Paradise ranch,  above Naramata. Mr. Wilson has mosl of llie  callle now on his ranch properly. He proposes in  fulure lo have some heel' and dairy callle as one  of the important sidelines on his I'ruil properly.  Several Naramata people bought some of lhc  dairy cows in lhe shipment and Mr. Sheriff has  been urged lo bring out another carload."  "II i.s very encouraging," comments the Herald,  "lo find fruit ranchers deciding to have slock on  their places. This means lhat they can become  more nearly self-sustaining in limes when i'ruil  brings very low prices."  What the Herald says by way of com men I, applies as well lo the hay and produce men of the  Northern Okanagan. On a trip through lhis end  of the Vally one sees Ions and tons of hay still  standing in the fields, wilh lhe barns and hay  sheds filled lo overflowing. And only here and  there can one see evidence of any dairy callle, or  horses, or hogs, or sheep. This year the Northern  Okanagan farmers have thousands of Ions of hay  and other feed crops which, if sold al all, wiil  Something in thc nature of conscription, though  thc term was not employed, was foreshadowed by  the Earl of Sclbournc, President of the Board of  Agricullurc; in an address a Tew days ago in  London lo a deputation of agricultural land  owners which visited him.  "Many more men have got to join the army,  'whether" voluntarily or compulsorily," said thc  Earl. "Thc agricultural laborer ?has done his  part nobly in this war, but the response has been  very unequal over-the country, and I fprecast  that during the next year men will he taken from  districts and farms to where hitherto Ihcy have  not gone. What I shall'aim at���������������������������and Earl Kitchener has been very sympathetic���������������������������is to leave the  farmer his foreman, stockman, carters and shepherds, but thc rest of thc work will have to be  done by women or men hitherto engaged in  agriculture."  Earl Selborne emphasized the fact that Russian  reverses had imposed a greater strain on her  A11Ii cs. " W c 11 a ye a greater burden on our  sliouhlcrs alThc present moment than six months  ago," hc said. "The financial strain is going to bc  very great, and the situation'.is going to demand  from every class greater sacrifices."  CAN'T STARVE HIM OUT  King Edward  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  King Edward Hotel, ^SURPHY Biderby  55H"  II is estimated by Henry .1. Rcilly, after spending some monlh.** in Germany studying general  condilionsHhatrowing lo the prompt measures  adopled by the German government at'the outset  of lhc war to regulate the food supply,-for man  and beast, lhal nation has a I the end of lhc first  year of '/starvation," u surplus of 080,000 tons of  grain. Andr the 1915 harvest is now ready. If  these figures' are true, it does nol look as though  the enemy is going lo he starved out, particularly  in view of the further fact lhal he has all of lhe  fertile fields of Belgium, some of France and now  of Poland, in addition lo his own, from which he  may draw supplies for feeding thc army. II begins lo look as if lhe slalemenl is correct, that this  war is not going lo be won by newspaper talk and  "steam rofler"' optimism, bul by smashing lhe  enemy on lhe battlefield.  A Home Product  It stops the leaks in hay-feeding and turns loss, into profit.  Improves the stock and increases production.  4  ALFALFA PRODUCTS, LIMITED  F. R. Prince, Manager  a-  Chance at Your--  Loose Leaf Billheads  Letterheads  Statements  Booklets  Counter Check Books  Stock Certificates  Window Cards  Stork Cards  Ball Programmes  Butter Wrappers  Duplicate Billing Forms J  Envelopes 'Y\  Price Lists "    .j  Dodgers  Circular Letters (typewriter)  Posters  Wedding Stationery  Wedding Cake Boxes and Cards  Invitations  LET THERE BE NO SCAMPED PLACES  The war is leaching us to Irusl each olher and  lo become trustworthy ourselves. We can only  do this if we consider il as our first duty lo our  country lo do our own job, whatever il is, as well  as il can bc done. This should bc lhc beginning,  if nol lhe basis, of everything else. Good business means national prosperity. It is philanthropy  of lhe highest kind. Il is 'the best and only  foundation . for social reconstruction. Thc  scamped places in our own job become lhe holes  in Ihe. nation's armour.���������������������������Co-operation in Agriculture.  'Visiting Cards -  Alf Lines of Ruled and Unruled Writing Paper r ? -.  In Short: Anything in Printing.  HAVE YOUR PRINTING DONE IN THE HOME TOWN.  THE   WALKER   PRESS  It will cost you just one-  third of a cent a pound ������������������_r-  Butter wrapped in your own neatly printed Butter Parchment, if you order from-    THE WALKER PRESS t  Thursday, September 2, 1915  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  ii  V  v  V  if,  _> -  /_*-���������������������������<'��������������������������� -  r\  r**  |For tif- Mro W %t jFront  ���������������������������CANADIAN PATRIOTIC FUND  Enderby Branch  .   ~~T>���������������������������'    ���������������������������'���������������������������  The committee are receiving  from -headquarters- and distributing to soldiers' relatives in this  district month by month a considerable amount of money, and are  anxious to make as ample returns  to the Fund as possible. ** They  therefore appeal to the public to  keep the Canadian Patriotic Fund  in mind, and do what they can to  help. -Any contribution, however small, will be thankfully received and faithfully applied.  Donations may be handed to any  of the ollicers, or to.Thc Enderby  Press. . Graham  Rosoman,  Hon.   Secretary.  MATERNITY NURSING.   Mrs. West,  Enderby. m4-tf  OF CANADA  With Cash in the Bank  You Can Buy to  ' -. Advantage  You know how everything  costs more when you have to buy  on credit. Why not practice self-  denial for a while if necessary,  open a Savings Account in the  Union Bank of Canada, and,  .with the money in hand, buy at  Cash prices? The discounts will  help to swell your bank balance,  and you will have a goody start  towards financial independence.  :  ; J. W, CILLMCMa*  Lord God of Hosts, whose mightyhand  Dominion holds on sea and lahdV~"r;r"'������������������*' >  In Peace and War Thy will wc see  Shaping the larger liberty.  Nations may rise and nations fall��������������������������� -  Thy-changeless-purpose rules them all.  When death flics swift on wave or field,  Bc Thou a sure defense and shield !  Console and succor those who fall,  And help and hearten each and all !  Oh, hear a people's prayer for those  Who fearless face their country's foes.  i  For those who weak and broken lie.  In weariness and agony���������������������������  '  Great Healer,'to their, beds of pain  Come, touch, and make them whole again;  Oh, hear a people's prayer, and bless  Thy servants, in their hour of stress !  For those who minister ancl heal,  And spend themselves, their skill, their zeal,  Renew their hearts with Christ-like faith "  And guard them from disease and death.  And in Thine own good time, Lord, send  Thy Peace on earth till time shall end.   ,  ���������������������������Selected.  these arc not tourists, and, for that matter, are  not all Canadians, the figures .give a basis upon  ���������������������������which' to make a calculation as to the ��������������������������� money-  annually spent abroad by Canadians, and the calculation is that the total is ncarlyc$15,000,000.  VALUABLE PAMPHLETS ISSUED  SECRET SOCIETIES-  R. E. WHEELER  W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  - "**������������������������������������������������������������������������ .\- >' -'  Enderby.'Lodge Ho. .40  Regular ��������������������������� ' meetings first  Thursday on or after tht  full moon at 8 p. m. iti Oddfellows Hall. Visiti-hV  brethren cordially invited  JNO. WARWICK  -=    Secretary  , ENDERBY  LODGE  No. 35. K.of P.  ' Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Hall.   Visitors cordially invited to attend. -  R. E. HARKINS. C. C.  G. G. CAMPBELL. K.R.S.  R. J. COLTART. M.F.  Hall suitable forConcerts, Dances and all public  entertainments.    For rates, etc., address,   .  F. FRAVEL. Enderby  PROFESSIONAL  D  R. C. J. McCULLOUGH,  -     ���������������������������"       DENTIST. ���������������������������_  Hours, 9 to 12 and 1 to 5.  By appointment only  Poison Block, at bridge.     Enderby  ^C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  iMonejr to Loan  Bell Blk.        Enderby, B.C.  -ft*************--*  E. J. Mack  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  ENDERBY, B. C.  I    Good Rigs;  Careful Drivers; Dray ing of all kinds.  Comfortable and Commo- \  dious Stabling -for teams.  Auto for Hire  Prompt attention to all customers J  Land-seekers and Tourists invited to give us a trial.  OK.  Baths in connection  H. HENDRICKSON, Proprietor  Next the Fulton Block, Enderby  :. The Dominion Department of Agriculture has  just issued through the live stock branch Pamphlets Nos. 7, 9,. 11-and 12, which may bc had on  application by any farmer interested. Pamphlet  7. is of particular interest to poultrymen, as it  shows the wonderful increase in consumption of  poultry products at hoiiic and abroad, and the  opportunities open to men engaged in the poultry  industry. In the past year Canada imported more  poultry and eggs than she exported. Her production, however, materially increased, but not suflfi-  "ciehtly to keep pace with thc consumption. In  20 ycars the egg production developed1 from 64,^  499,241 dozen to 123,071,034 dozen, but the consumption increased from 11.8 per capita to 17.39;  That is to say, tlie individual fondness for eggs  increased.over fifty per cent. .The population,  grew in" those 20 years, or from 1891 to 1911,  according to-the census, from 4,833,239. to 7,204,-,  838, an increase of 2,371,599, and the egg production- mounted- iip 58,571,l723..;: Here -'again;-ral--  thoiigh the increase Was close upon 13,000,000,  the-imports exceeded.the. exports.iruvalue to,the  amount of $111,696. . Last year, the excess "of -inn  ports of eggs over exports reached the enormous  total j)f 11,150,106 dozen, while of. poultry in 1914  \ve exported in value $206,370, but we "imported  $406,366, a difference -against, us of $199,998.  These figures, striking as they are, and almost  impossible.as they seem, arc yet official. The  pamphlet'shows that England is certain to be  short of eggs and poultry this year to tlie amount  of a million and a half dollars, or of eggs alone to  the amount of one hundred million dozen.  Pamphlet 9 deals with thc importance of care  in handling ram lambs intended for slaughter  and shows the advantages of docking. Pamphlet  11 treats on the question of "Hothouse" or winter  lamb raising, and Pamphlet 12 gives important  information on thc raising of Angora goats. All  these pamphlets would be found to contain much  valuable statistics of service to every farmer, and  to get any one or all of them would require only  aJettcr_to_the department    THE PROBLEM IN BUTTER-MAKING  In the Agricultural Gazette of Canada, J. A.  Ruddick, dairy and cold storage commissioner,  has this to say on the question of improving the  quality of Canadian butter: "Thc improvement  in thc quality of Canadian butter in recent years  has resulted in a great increase in home consumption and consequent enlargement of the market.  Every effort which has been made through the  different agencies, both federal and provincial,  to raise the standard of quality has been well  worth while, and the results arc a standing encouragement to further effort' with the same  object in view.  "In these sections of the_ country where thc  cream gathering system is in vogue, no single  measure for the'improvement of the quality of  thc butter is of greater importance, or is likely to  bc more- successful, than .that of. cream grading.  Thc results already attained in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, especially in Alberta, ,are:  abundant proof of the practicability and efficiency of.the.methods which have been adopted  in these provinces for thc grading of the cream-  as supplied to tlie creameries. If cream grading  can be supplemented by a workable system^ of  butter grading, which will ensure a fair discrimination in price according to grade, the stimulus  thus given to everything which makes for better,  quality will be very great. The value of the  grading of the cream and butter lies in the fact  that it leads to payment on a quality basis. It is  the lack of this discrimination in the butter trade  generally, especially in relation to the primary  sale by the manufacturer, which stands as thc  greatest barrier to progress that'the industry has  to face. All arguments or representations looking  towards improvement lose their effect when-it  can be asserted in reply that the butter of inferior  quality can be sold at the same price as other  butter produced under very-much better. conditions." V, ~  BREST-LITOVSK  IMPORTANCE OF DOMINION PARKS  In the report of the Commissioner of Dominion  Parks, recently issued by the Department of .the  Interior, the commercial value of national parks  is emphasized by the Commissioner. As an indication of whal national parks mean *to other  countries, figures arc given showing the annual  revenue from tourist traffic. To France, -in  ordinary ycars, it means $500,000,000; to Switzerland it means $150,000,000; to Italy it means  $100,000,000; to the state of Maine, U. S. A., it  means $40,000,000, and to California $100,000,-  000. It is estimated that the expenditure ol  American tourists abroad in a single year, under  ordinary conditions, will reach the enormous  sum of $3350,000,000.  Nothing attracts tourists like national parks.  Therefore our national parks provide the chief  means of bringing lo Canada a stream of tourists  and a stream of tourists' gold. With the natural  attractions and wonders possessed by Canadian  parks in particular and Canada in general, it  seems obvious that a proper and adequate development of Dominion parks means that millions  of dollars annually will be brought into Canada  by tourists. It is quite as important to keep Canadian money in Canada as it is to attract foreign  money to the Dominion. While figures arc not  available in regard to the amount of money spent  by Canadians at American resorts, a moment's  thought will .convince anyone that it will total  many million's. Even the money spent abroad by  Canadians is very great. Thc steamship figures  of castbound traffic during 1912 from Canadian  ports are: first cabin, 8,607 and second cabin,  25,519. It is said that $600 per first-class passenger and $300 per second-class passenger, is a,  modest estimate as to thc average expenditure by  such passengers abroad.    While, of course, all  'This, fortress, captured by the:Germans; is one  of if hot thc greatest fortress which has ever been  inanncd:by the Russians, and'was -believed; at-the  beginning of i the Avar, tp. be��������������������������� practically imprcg-:  nable; Jt was thc central pointin\the Muscovite's  European.Ulefense and offense,, and ;orie\ of: the  most   important   depots   for,   and   distributing  points of military supplies near the western,frontier.   Brest-Litoysk, rated by --military critics .as_n.  much,more important strategic point than Warsaw, .around  which,  according. W., recent -,disr  patches,   the  armies  of   Russia    were;-- to   be  regrouped, for. the  defense <of  the -Empire,  is  described in a geographical sketch just, issued by  thc U. S. National Geographical Society, as "a  powerful fortified Russian stronghold;  one of  the   oldest Important   fortresses   in   Northern  Europe, and itsjiistoiy has been a changeful and  stirring one.    * V    *.   The older fortifications  lie about one mile east of Brest, and havc-.a circumference of four miles.   The field works have  been kept up to date, and everything possible has  been done by Russia .to .make them unconquerable.    Brcst-Litovsk was regarded in Russia as  thc most powerful individual stronghold in thc  Empire."  Jn this connection, it would bc interesting to  discover-the^mode-ol=rcasoning-ot-the-war-pub-  licity bureau at Petrograd, which now sends out  thc story that this fortress, together with thc  other fortresses on thc Bug-Brcst-Litovsk line  were evacuated by thc Russians to strengthen the  great strategic movement which Grand Duke  Nicholas is reported to bc preparing to carry  out some time in thc future when his army is reorganized and rcadv to push the steam roller over  thc. Bug-Brcst-Li toysk. line back into Galicia and  through thc Carpathians over the Hungarian  plains into Germany. According to this Petrograd war news bureau the more the Russians  have' to give up to the invaders, the more the  Russian army is strengthened, presumably  through having that much less to hold. And, according to this same authority^ the more the  enemy wins the worse off he becomes through  having so much to defend, regardless of the  fact that he has won what was said to be the  strongest line of offensive and defensive in the  Russian Empire. This line of strategic reasoning  makes it very difficult to know just what to expect from Russia in her defensive campaign on  thc open plains. It is hard to satisfy one's reason  that thc Russian army is in a better strategic  position "dug in" on thc plains than thc invaders  snugly tucked in behind those mighty Russian  fortresses with all thc railway lines of Poland and  the lines of river navigation open to them irom  the rear. However, this seems to be one ol thc  mysterious things about Russian strategy too  deep for the lay mind to comprehend.  An advertisement is a beckoning hand, a token  of invitation, a sign of welcome. A business  serving the public should most certainly advertise  ���������������������������beckon, welcome, and show an eagerness to  serve. The altitude of a business serving the  public, yet which docs not advertise, is not one ot  courtesy or appreciation.  Grindrod Grocery  We believe we can save  you DOLLARS if you will  buy your GROCERIES at  our GRINDROD store. We  have saved dollars for  other -patrons���������������������������why can't  we for YOU? Give us a  . trial order and let us convince  you.    Fresh  goods.   .  H. TOMKINSON  GENERAL GROCER  GRINDROD  SYNOPSIS OF GOAL MINING REGULATIONS  .- Coal mining rights of theDomin-1  ion in-Manitoba, Saskatchewan and-   - * V  Alberta, the Yukon Territory,  the. '<  ..Northwest Territories and a portion    ',  of-the-Province of British Columbia,. '    **- <  may he leased for a term of twenty-   .   ���������������������������  one years at an annual rental of $1_ y  an acre.   Not more than 2500 acres'"  wilt be leased to one applicant. "* ' .-  Application for a lease- must bc .  made by the applicant in'person to  ,the Agent of J-ub-Agent of the district in which' rights applied for are   ~  situated. ?  In surveyed" territory the land ��������������������������� y .-" 7  must be described by sections', or S '...;.  legal sub-divisionsr>of sections, arid/ ." -V'  in unsurveyed territory the tract ,VV:  applied for shall be slaked out'by . r-��������������������������� -yy  the applicant himself. ~ '   7 '���������������������������'.' W  ��������������������������� Each application,must be accom- .-y"; >  panied by a fee of $5 which ^'ill bo SS'S^..  refunded if the rights applied for. ;'u',\ .V>  are not available, but nol otherwiseVV -, JV  A royalty shall be paid on the mer--'" y' "J  chantablc output of the mine at Jlhe-*-" yV- \  rate of five cents per ton. - ' --rjs   *77;  '   The' person  operating the  mine V     "--J.  shall furnish the Agent with sworn"'".;', <   iF  returns   accounting   for   the<; full SS'SSz  quantity    of    merchantable Vcoal-V\-..|-'*  mined and pay the royalty thereon: JV.L/Vf.  If .the'coal mining/rights'-are noty^VVf  bpcratedVsuch  returns  should yhc-Sl;^^;,  furnished at**least:;oncc/a^ycarr;;"?5_^  tiTha, Jease^yvill -include tthe^cpalj:^^^  -mining - rights "only,, but the>JesseeyyXi^l|  may ,be "permitted to" purcha^wlial-J-^v^il  ever, available surface' rights aVriiay -i^V^I  j- *���������������������������<  -i-*S  ������������������A  ,be-consideredVnecessary -^ for*--'the!;  working.of the.mine, at the rate--oCr?-  $10.an-acre. - *-,yV -.-V.y S- -V. SS  For -full - in formation' application''*  should-be made to'the Secretary of:;  the Department of 4he.InterioiyOttawa,' or.to any Agent or sub-Agent, .  of Dominion Lands.    * " ~ V V~  -���������������������������.-.- W. W. CORY,.    . .'  : Deputy Minister of the Interior. ; - /VVl  ** -N.B.'--Unauthorized publication *f f^V^-y/'l  this advertisement"will not be paid  for���������������������������58782.y  .,  .      -.-    -.:.   -^  Fresh Meats^  If you want prime, fresh meats, we  have them. Our cattle are grain-fed.  and selected by our own buyers froo -  the richest feeding grounds in Alber-'  ta, and are killed and brought to the .  meat block strictly FRESH.  We buy first-hand for spot cash, ���������������������������  e  ��������������������������� CftB-giv8-you-the_.hest-prict-posBibl>_  G. R. Sharpe,  ENDERBY; B. C.  Customer's Own Material Made  Up.        Prices from $15.00 up.  Cleaning, Pressing & Repairing.  A. E. WEST  Ladies' and Gents' Tailor.  c.  P.  R. TIMETABLE.  In  cfTect May 31, 1015  Southboi  nd                    Northbound  10.40 lv.  Sicamous       ar. 17.25  10.50  I'osscll                17.08  11.11  Mara       _         10.10  11.25  Grindrod              1G.24  11.39  Enderby           16.09  12.05  Armstrong             15.40  12.13  Realm                 15.32  12.23  Larkin -             15.20  12.50  Vernon                14.55  13.10 ar.  Okanagan Ldg   lv. 14.40  II. W. BRODIE        JNO BURNHAM  G. P. A.,  Vancouver   Agt., Enderby  An exchange says death comcth  to every man who does not pay for  his paper, and Peter lets no one  through the pearly gates unless hc  can produce a receipt from the  editor.  If its fruit ices or a delicious cup  of lea and light lunch that you  want, you will find them at the  Brownie tea rooms. 11  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, September 2, 1915  LATEST WAR SUMMARY  London, Aug. 31.���������������������������The Russian  armies along lhe line-of the Upper  Bug and the Zlota'Lipa are being  wilh drawn rapidly ancl apparently  Avithout great loss, as neithcrViennu  nor Berlin claims any extensive  captures of prisoners or booty in  this region. East of Warsaw the invaders continue lo make steady  progress, while further north they  are  advancing  more  slowly.    The  upon by - the authorities is the  "quota" system, a system which has  been in force in South Africa since  1912. This compels each community to furnish a definite number of troops in case of war.  .ipsk  brings  fall o  forces nearer Grodno, the lasl big  fortress on the front to be retained  by the Russians.  Along the western front the usual  artillery, mine and hand grenade  warfare marks the operations.  Berlin, Aug. 31���������������������������Pushing through  Lipsk, which was captured yesterday, the Germans today were subjecting Grodno's defences lo heavy  bombardment from their 42-centimetre howitzers, according to an  official statement from the general  staff. It is believed that thc Russians will evacuate Grodno shortly,  even though it entails the loss of  Vilna, Russia's greatest strategical  base, from which the routes to  Moscow and Pctiograd are controlled. Thc German turning movement places the fortresses of Lutsk,  Dubno and Rovno in precarious  positions, and evacuation of these  also is expected.  Russians have- surrendered some  Grodno positions on lhe eastern  border of thc- Bailyslok forest, according lo official announcement in  Berlin.  London.. Aug. 31.���������������������������While reports  form ihe eastern war theatre, embracing the region from Courland  to Southeastern Galicia, indicate  lhat lhe Germans'and Austrians are  slill pressing the Russians hard in  combat or tenaciously following  them in retreat, military observers  here are hoping lhat the approaching equinoctial season will limit  the further'forward movement of  Ihe Teutons, and force them lo bc  content with thc fruit of Iheir past  English  Sterling  Going  Down  What looks like a retaliative  measure, a sort of.protest against  the blockade carried out by Britain   against   American   trade  wilh  I WILL ARISE  lhe attacking neutral  countries,  is  evidently be  ing brought lo bear in the money  markets of America.    Foreign exchange rates have been going down  on the New York market for some  weeks,   reaching   what   was   considered  to  bc  the low-water mark  a week or more ago.   To offset this  tendency,     England     immediately  sent to New York gold and securities to thc value of $40,000,000, believing that lhis would relieve thc  pressure   and   bring  the  exchange  rate     back     to     something     like  But this shipment did not have thc  desired  effect, and under date of  Aug. 31, a New York dispatch says  the   exchange   rate  has  only   now  reached its most serious stage, with  an overnight break of two and one-  half cents in sterling, the English  pound   selling   in    the    market   at  4.58   1-2.     This   break  means   that  English buyers, in addition  to thc  lop   of  the   market  prices  already  paid by them in the United Stales,  for American  products, are called  upon lo pay a premium of 28  1-2  cents-on   every  pound's  worth  of  purchase, or more than 5 per cent.  I will go up* in to the lofty places  Apart  from all man's works,  and  there commune  With God and mine own soul. I will  search out  By  lonely   thought  some  meaning  or accord ls  Or    radiant    sanction    that    may  justify  Thc ways of life.    The void  and  troubled  world "  Will I renounce, to gain in solitude  What thc world gave not���������������������������sense of  life's  design.  ���������������������������Arthur D. Ficke.  Where Screw Nails are Handy  Tt was Sunday morning ancl Donald was ^hammering away at the  bottom of his garden when his wife  came upon the scene.   '  "Mon," she said, "you're making  owcr much noise. What'll the nee-  bo rs say?".  "I dinna care what the neebors  say," retorted the busy one, "I must  get my barrow mendit."  "Oh, but Donald, it's verra wrang  to hammer on Sawbalh," expostulated his guid wife. . "Ye ocht tae  use screw nails."  Led by the Almighty  POOR SHIPMENTS OF FRUIT  Thc plain truth, while always  wholesome, is seldom palatable.  Such is the case with Fruit Pests  Inspector Cunningham's remarks  about the shipment of Okanagan  fruit to the coast this year. Mr.  Cunningham declares that there is  not enough of it, and that in any  event it is undersized and not to be  Replying to congratulations from  lhe King of Wurlemberg on thc fall  of Warsaw, Emperor William, according to a press dispatch, tele-  We can supply you this year as in former years  with all the requirements of the  SHOOTING SEASON  Ammunition of all kinds:  Rifles and Shot Guns,  Hunting Suits,  Cartridge Belts,  Duck Calls, Etc.  graphed   the   following:  "Many  compared    with    the    Washington  successes as lhc winter season falls  product for quality.  We all know, of course, lhat we  upon them.  Reports from the Dardanelles indicate some big military operation  has been in progress thc past week,  but   further   than   the   report   that! more   keenly   is   thc  Italy-has sent an army of 250,000 to | putting it before the  can grow fully as good if not belter  fruit than Ihey can produce soulh  of thc line: what we should realize  necessity   of  consumer in  hearty thanks for your congratulations. We can sec in the fall of  Warsaw a significant step on the  road upon which the Almighty by  His grace has led us hitherto. Relying on Him, our glorious troops  will continue to fight to an honorable peace."  Call and look over our stock.  Our stock is complete and  PRICES   THE   LOWEST  Plumbing, Heating, Tinsmithing.   Bring along your repairs.  RLUMBING.HEATINGJINSMITHING  \ ./  How Many Do You Take ?  How much-sleep'do you require?  An old saying'.is: "Five.hours re-  quireth nature,.but practice gives  us seven, laziness nine and wicKcd-  ness eleven." c  FOR SALE���������������������������CHEAP���������������������������One 20-h.p.  Canadian Fairbanks Oil Engine.  Run three months; good as new.  For particulars address, Alfalfa  Products C, Ltd., Enderby, B.C.  Remedy for  thc  Canadian  Thistle  co-operate, with   the  Allies on   lhc i the proper quantity and condition,  Gallipoli peninsula, no definite in-[���������������������������Penticton Herald,  formation   has  been  given  out  as I  to how thc fighting is progressing.  Thc controversy over the subject  of conscription is dividing England  into  two parties, one  for ancl  the  other   against   compulsory   service,  which the government i.s known to  have   been   considering   for   some  time.    The scheme almost decided  Entati',' Mc store  Clearing  Arrived this week,  SIX cases of  Japanese China  which will be sold  at Sale Prices  SPECIAL:  A jeweler's collection of  LIMOGE'S CHINA  Writing in the Eraser i Valley  Record, a correspondent gives thc  results of a successful experiment  hc made, with a new remedy for  j destroying Canadian thistles. He  ! squirted a few drops of gasoline on  thc bottom of the stems of several  thistles. The plants soon withered,  ancl after waiting two or three  weeks he carefully dug them up  and examined thc roots, which hc  found lo be completely destroyed.  T-he���������������������������melhod-=-ma>���������������������������seem^slowv^hc-  says, but as far as his experience in  i dealing wilh this pernicious weed  has laught him, the hoeing method  is not only more expensive but  must he repealed each year. ���������������������������  "Rough on Rats clears out  Rats. Mice, etc. Don't die in House.  15c-25c. At drug and country stores  .  CITY OF ENDERBY.  Appointment of Gauge Reader  Fall Millinery  He Had a Warm Spot  the  sitting  When Ihe iceman came out o  house he found a small boy  on one of his blocks of ice.  " 'Ere!" hc roared, "whal are you  sitting on lhal  for?"  The small boy raised a tear-  stained face. "Was you ever a boy?'  he queried faintly.  "Of course I was," said the iceman fuming.    "Hut "  "An' did you ever play truant?"  cut in the youngster.  "Of course I did!" snarled thc  iceman. "Now, then, you "  "An' when you got home did yer  falher take a slick an' "  Just the thing for wedding pres-\    "Sit   where   you   arc,   my   lillle  man,"   lhe   iceman   said,   gulping.  "I understand."  TENDERS are hereby invited for  reading the gauge on Brash's Creek  near the intake of the City waterworks, twice in each and every  week for the space of one year, and  recording and reporting, on forms  to be supplied, the observations  laken. The person whose tender is  accepted will be required to enter  into a contract with the Corporation, and to furnish a bond for due  performance of same.  -T-cndcrs^-must���������������������������be^enclosed--in  sealed envelopes, and must be dc  livered    to    lhe    undersigned    not  later than the 13th day of September, 1015, at 7.30 p.m.  Thc lowest or any tender will not  necessarily be accepted.  Cily Nail, Sept. 2nd, 1915.  GRAHAM ROSOMAN, City Clerk  MUNRO & CO., ARMSTRONG,  display this week the season's newest and most correct- styles '-in  Millinery. Mrs. Watson, who is:in  charge of this Department, has  brought from the- fashion centres  some exceptionally smart American  models. We are also showing' a  number of imported European  pattern hats, featuring the latest  style tendencies. /.  The women of Enderby who appreciate High Grade Millinery, arc  invited to inspect, the first Fall  showing.  Tans in Velvet5 ancl other fabrics promise to be much worn for  misses and young ladies. Some very becoming ones at moderate  prices now arc ready.  NEW QUAKER COLLARS. . NEW7 DRESS FABRICS  See  W. J. Woods  for  ents:  going at Sale Prices  J. E. CRANE,  Proprietor  Ranchers,  Attention !  Now i.s thc lime lo paint your  House,  Barn  or outbuildings.  Paint i.s going AT COST; labor  aboul  HALF-PRICE.  If you have not lhe cash, whal  will you trade?  C. G. PIPER, City Decorator  Box  13, Enderby.  i  Flour Dropping in Price  Flour dropped 75c a barrel in thc  i Ottawa market on Aug. 30th. It is  I said by wholesalers thai the price  has cased off owing to good crop  reports from the "West, and buyers  holding oil' for low figures. If lhe  price of Hour comes down another  50c it will have fallen lo thc level  of prices before the war���������������������������$5.80 per  barrel. It is now 80.25 and ������������������0.31)  in Ottawa.  A. MUNRO & CO.,  Millinery and Dry Goods Specialists ARMSTRONG, B. C.  Delicious in Quality and in Prime  Condition for Putting Up  25c a basket  CITY OF ENDERBY  Tax Sale  NOTICE is hereby given that all  delinquent taxes must be paid on or  before the���������������������������  13tii day of September, 1915  if it is desired to avoid the costs of  the tax sale proceedings now pending, which costs will amount to  ���������������������������$2.00 per lot or parcel, ancl a commission* of 5 per cent, on total  amount of taxes and interest.  By Order of Finance Committee.  Graham Rosoman,  City Clerk.  1915 FALL FAIR  Armstrong, B. C.  SEPT. 28-29  Bigger and Better  than ever  NEW FEATURES  District Exhibits (Yale-Cariboo)���������������������������  4_Silver Gups.  Boys under 16 showing best heifer  calf under 9 months. Silver  Cup and three cash prizes.  Boys under 18, decorating ancl  showing heavy draught horses.  Gold medal and 2 cash prizes.  Stock Judging Contest���������������������������thiee cash  prizes.  Horse Jumping���������������������������three cash prizes.  Broncho Busting���������������������������Two cash and  4 other prizes.  These are a few of the new features which the management has  added to its already attractive list.  All patriots should exhibit at and  attend the Fair.  Full information and Prize Lists  can be obtained from���������������������������  MAT. HASSEN. Secretary.


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