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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Aug 5, 1915

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 V?C>   \
A AUG:   ~"   "'Sib* I
\ h a
V\ ** /"Ohi'      A,>"   /
"--. Y-^1^,   - V,'V"
*'*^>r-J.^_tc^/ v j--***'
Enderby, B. C.; August; 5, 1915
AND      W A L KE R 'S      WEEKLY
Vol. 8; No. 23; Whole No. 377.
City Council Asked to Make Taxes
Payable Quarterly to/Finance City
���������' -.
I'"- "gX -*
1 """" *f -,*"*���������
ii " -
"   ** \
The regular meeting of the. City
Council was held Monday evening,
- His Worship the Mayor in the chair
and1 all members'present. After
the  reading" of  the  minutes,  and
* their approval, and the passage and
sealing of By-law 82, governing
the use of streets and lanes," an important   question   was  introduced
. by Chirman Dill, of the finance
committee, in the folio wing _com-
y municationV -'    , ���������   '
The~finance..cdmmittee beg leave
to' submit "for the information. of
.the council thc following letters re-
; ceivedfrbm "an institution who/'are
holders,of bonds "of this city:    .,
* - i���������       '  .     - **"        ;
., Canadian Order of Chosen Friends,
���������  * Oflicelof"Grand Recorder, Hamilton, Ont., July 15, 11)15.
The  Mayor, yEnderby,, B.C.
-j Dear Sir: - Fhave been advised
by the Bank of Hamilton that coupons ih regard to-some debentures"
of your- municipality to the extent
^of * $75/, and' which" had been  de-
-positedrwith-the;bank for collect
rHionJ were returried,;by the Bank of
.** Montreal:* with ^the'statemeht!! that
MheVeVwere' no: funds- to 1 pay-the
^vsrere! payable! at the Bank foffMontreal,* yandjlvmusti'adniit'rthat^lilani
;.-more:^ than V surprised --"that- there
should-not be.funds ondiand'to pay
' theysmalL;amoiint=Lo.C$75-"C Ifi the"
"Barik?of'-MdntreaF""ar_7your bankers
j then, it.jdoes iseem -to me ,that-they
' treatTyoii rath'erVshabbily^and* this
conduct- ony their..'part reflects'< on
-th"e���������credit of-"your; municipality! 7I
would be ��������� glad' to know "why 'these
-.coupons were not paid promptly,
- and also as. to.vwhether any; future
Eaymehts r wilh -be* .met^ promptly"
y your'*municipality,_br" not, and
. would*-* thank, you "for, a  reply, at
your earliest convenience.   ���������-'
. ��������� Yours very truly,       ';,   7,    '** -
Wm.** F.' Montague, Grand Recorder
Canadian Order-of Chosen Friends,
-Office of Grand Recorder,' Hamilton, Ont., July 19th, 1915.
City- Clerk, Enderby, B.C. ' *  .
Dear Sir:" When-a municipality
-gets in such a tight financial position that it is unable to pay the
small sum of $75, it is certainly
time.that something was done, as,
such a condition of things cannot
- b_e_ cojisidered  satisfactory toyany
-one  Holding   debentures   of your
city. = Would you be kind enough
to send me a financial statement
showing the actual condition of
things existing in connection with
your city-so that I can submit the
same to our investment committee,
which has.such matter in charge.
> It seems to me that the Government should come to the assistance
rassed by abnormal conditions-
whatever local inconvenience they
might suffer���������would at least" be
sustained in meeting their liabilities to the investing public.
The experience of the last twelve
months, however, as far as this city
is concerned, has gone'far to nullify this confidence, and to impair
correspondingly the credit of the
municipality.* Owing to unemployment,- restriction of business and
general depression, the/ .civic
revenues; for the, first time since
incorporation, have been-deficient,,
and1 all- grounds of confidence on
the    part"' of - bondholders    have
Eroved illusive,, no support having
een forthcoming cither from federal, provincialor banking sources.
For seven; months payment'of interest to"'" bondholders has been
suspended, and although the city's
bankers have now consented to
make advances, the damage to the
cityV credit will not be repaired
for years to come,* if ever.
It is evident,- therefore, that  if
similar, disaster- is to berguarded
against for the futur-j'it must be" by
somd - efforts .of ~ oirivown: ""--Your*
committee --have -given ^this1 "matter
their"'""earnest.yconsiderationV' and-
are "of 'opinion?that!if is' feasible.,
greatly to improve the_city-'s finan-*-
ci'al system,*+with marked benefit" to1
the/taxpayers-as V\vellVas^ to^ the*
corporation.   -^r,y3"'-;f,.- -**V'--ci .y j
-Your'jcommittee. recommend. (1)���������
that: in future-'real'property"' taxes
be made optionally payable in four,
instalments,' due," ��������� say,  on M March'
31st,- June: 30th; y September^ 30th-.
and, December* 31st,  in.~ each Valid'
every year;  and-that ^ suitable jn-
ducements by.'way of rebate, etc.,
be   offered - for  prompt  payment;
(2)   that" your  committee  be  empowered jo   frame   the  necessary,
by-law or by-laws to give effect to
the  proposed  change,  and  to  the
variousv adjustments necessarily-involved;  and* to-obtain  such legal
assistance as may be required  in
connection ^therewith; ,(3)   that  a
tax'sale be held in each arid every
year: to clear off-all..tax arrears of
the  previous  year;   and   (4)   that
provision be made annually, for the
setting aside of such sum of money
as may be deemed suitable towards
the accumulation of a reserve fund
credit  against   the   effect  of  any
deficit    which    may   arise   in   thc
future, similar to that of the past
year.  .
Your committee are of opinion
that the taxes, if made payable by
instalments, would be met far more
readily" by the majority of taxpayers than under the present system, while the advantage to the
corporation would be that instead
of municipalities who get in W1|W1���������UUI1 wulllu uc llliU I11M���������ilu
trouble this, way throughout the f having-to-wait-till the year is
Province?   as   some   responsibility   .��������� e> _ -
rests on them in connection with
the matter. It-will be bad, indeed,
for future investors if this kind of
thing keeps up as it discourages us
from doing anything in your Province, as you will readily understand. Yours fraternally,
Wm. F. Montague, Grand Recorder
half through, "or - longer, for lhe
bulk of the taxes, and having in
the meantime to finance the city on
borrowed money, they would have
the revenue coming in at frequent
intervals, save interest on loans,
and be, to a large extent, independent of assistance from the bank.
All of which is respectively submitted.     - F. B. Dill, Chairman.
The finance committee's report
was received-with, favorable comment, but it wasdecided lo lay it
over until the next meeting for the
consideration its importance required." - \ ^
. A by-law giving effect to the decision of the council arrived at in
the meeting of-two weeks-ago, to
extend the time for,rebate,.on taxes
until the 31st*-of August, passed "its
first and second readings. "���������
A communication was read-from
R. F. Rithet & 'Co.,'owners of the
Columbia Flouring"Mills,-asking for
a plan showing location "of'.proposed thoroughfare- on the west
of'the miirproperty'to'conncct Mill
arid Regent" streets, along the railroad right of way. -The clerk was
instructed-to furnish'same.    -   '.
A letter was read-from.tlie-Bank
of'Montreal agreeing io advance to
the city the "sum of $8,700, for current "expenses," pending the, collection ~6f revenues, at"? per "cent in>
terest.,with a,.reductioii,;of o'ne;pef
cent";interest!.by thc'-bankZon "the!
city's sinking funds,- now* in"-the
bank to the/extent^'of ther amount
loaned to^the-city by the_bank,7in
other: words,"'/making' tlie,-interest
8 per ceriFdn .mbney^bbrrriwed-by
the -corporation -from" thc_bank~. '-'
. A - temporary. loan ��������� by-law to
cover the 'amount ;required by the
city, passed two .readings. ," _ _ .
"/"""���������   * ., Si ^
f-~Thc second: 10c teaisvill be" held
in the-'K. of P.-Hall/byykind per-
mission); _ in   aid   of  the   Enderby
tobacco   fund, .-.Friday,, afternoon,
Aug. 6th.   Mrs. S. Poison and Mrs.
S.y Speers  will  also  serve 'at7two
tables^witlHce cream and cake, for
10c, and Mrs. Twigg and Mrs. Bigge
will superintend the Red Cross produce booth.    All persons desiring
to give anything to help the good
work   along,   are   asked   to   leave
farm produce-for the sale either at
the Brownie Tea Room or K. of P.
Hall.    Everybody  is earnestly  requested to attend so-as to increase
the fund for tobacco to be sent to
men in the trenches.   Mrs. E. Gray
and Miss Forster will have charge
of the tea tables.      _   -
News Notes of Enderby and District ^ J
/   Briefly Told for Busy Readers
, Mack & Mann arc now running]apple crop escaped the serious iiail -
an auto service to Mabel Lake for siprm of several .weeks ago,!and.as'.
$10. ;     --      . -    ay consequence the  fruit  is 'badly
Mrs.. W.  J.  Woods  and   family]marked. , .       -  '
ire spending.a few weeks at the   : Some weeks ago it was promised.
A large proportion of the city's
bonds are held by the above-named
and other similar institutions, who
have been induced to invest their
trust funds in municipal bonds (1)
by the confidence which they had
in the stability of the municipalities; (2)":by their confidence that
the Governments of the respective
Provinces granting charters of incorporation���������the powers of municipalities being practically powers
delegated to them by such Governments���������if not as a matter of legal
liability yet in fact, as a matter of
public expediency, stood behind
the municipalities, at least to the
extent of seeing lhat the public
credit of the Province at large was
not injured by failure of the municipalities to meet their bond obligations; and (3) by their confidence that the Federal or Provincial authorities would certainly,
for   the   sake   of  the   country   at
Major Megraw has sold the Hedley Gazette to A. B. S. Stanley, of
Creston. Stanley is .making a live
sheet out of the Gazette, and is receiving commendable support from
the businessmen. These small fields
are none too fat for a printer, even
in the best of times, and now when
the war is on���������well, here's to you,
"Joc'n ice creanTsodas will make you forget it."
ideal camping ground, Mabel Lake
The infant child of Mrs. T. Ogata
died last Thursday, and was buried
that evening in thc Enderby cemetery
A number of Enderbyites went
to "Vernon yesterday to, witness the
troop, parade and- enjoy:-the field
sports.        -   ,- :   --_     -
Capt. .Cameron has. received his
commission as: lieutenant in the
54th, now stationed at Vernon pre-,
paratqry to going to the front.
C.t"P. Ryan, of' Athalmer, K. C,
has been placed in charge of the
teller's ^cage in* the Bank ]pf; Montreal, vice Mr. Knight who. resigned
to enlist.     V     , -
Parish of Enderby; 10th Sunday
after   Trinity:   Matlins   and  Holy
CommunionVGrindrod,��������� 10.30 a.m.;
-Evensong, Mara,7 3 p.m.; Evensong,
Enderby,t;7.30, p.m.    '-        ��������� /''   , y .
Mrs. .Geo. ,D.?,<MeycrsVand , child,
of_ Sand^Point,'Idaho", arrived^iij
,husband, Avhoiis employed withtthe
.Okanagan Saw-Mills.- ZJS.1 V #Sr~s
-c ^Majpr/Megraw,5 inspector "-of; Indian- reservcf-v arid Indian-"Agent-
Brown, paid-ithe "jEndcrbyUre.seR.ve-.'a
visit', last Friday,-accompariied'-by
the ollicial ^interpreter. ��������� y ��������� - -'.7 7
Mr." and Mrs. Gillman" and Mrs.
H.' Mann, Mrs. Leighton arid Mrs. J:
Mowat", Mrs.-G. 'L.;-Williams"" and
friend and-Mr. \Varwick. are en-
joying.camp'life oh Mabel Lake".V.
-Mi*.'Knight; .accountant *'at;f-the
Bank^of'Montreal, and Mr. Farmer,
accountant at the ' Okanagan Saw
Mills,-enlisted''the- past .wcek-*foh
active and"will soon bein,camp at
Vernon. '     ��������� ���������
Henry Stege, known to every
Slocan pioneer, is keeping a cafe
in Edmonton, where Billy Mac-
Adams can always get a square
when the lights go out on newspaper row. - *
Alfred High, now in camp at
Vernon, received the good news of
a settlement of an estate in thc Old
Country, this week, out of which
hc receives, in round numbers, the
sum of_.$2,000.   _ _ :
lrf"The'=_corii m i tt ee^iia vi ng~i n~ha nd-
the subscription paper for the En:
derby machine gun report having
$400 subscribed. Anyone wishing
to subscribe may do so at cither of
the banks, or at Reeves' or Dills.   .
J. B. Castner, shipments inspector for thc Central Selling Agency,
visited the Enderby association this
week, and inspected thc general
fruit conditions at this end of thc
Vallev. -Very little if any.of thc
by Superintendent of Roads Lang
that the Enderby-Salmon'Arm road, J-'7~l"S\
east 'of the-railroad ^ would -'be --V- "���������*
gravelled from the city limitslo tlie ������ V \&*
railway crossing., The season Jis^ --" '-, S\
rapidly advancing, and nothing hasV<; a *y<
been done on thc load in the way.V-'-VVV'
of.laying gravel.     ,   V     '  .     - V   .'-V!*
^Mrs'. W. R. Barrows presented the.,;. ;: _ v*
Press- staff -with la huge'basket, of-)Y't 7<YY*"i
Donaldson's "Butterfly sv/ect^peaslyV^'-f
last .Saturday,- which for-cclor and ->Vy V\v
bloom made thc. o'rdinary varieties/^- v "V\-
look weak. Mrs. Barrows has hadVVVP^
great successTin l growing. D6nald-V 'Y7s7- '
son's- varieties,7which^compare- hiV*";V-VV-i
all" details with the nation-wide * V V-V.f-'
varieties.  -- > -<  ---*:: y\"*������������������,-%���������
���������f:R: E. DeHart-visited'his^Fpr-j;-,-\S?,
tunc Meadow t ranch 'this-' week** *v y^'-V
from Kelowna, arid ���������-.reports -crop' YY^^'t
conditions -excellent. 7-Thc~DcHart**r; '" ^"C
ranch, under the able\manageriient',ys^'fv?^f|
of Mr. ^Landon, ���������"has""developed jint'a-^'v^ ,'/*%>|
marvellous' measur"c,VaThd>is today^^^V^i
"A war of endurance," was thc characterization given thc great European conflict by Premier Asquith in the House of Commons, the
other day, just before adjournment of thc war
session. "Germany's submarine warfare is a
menace, but it will not substantially injure our
trade. England's fleet is not only unimpaired,
but actually stronger than at the beginning of the
war. Recruiting operations are proceeding in a
highly satisfactory manner. Russia hitherto has
borne the brunt of the enemy's attack with indescribable gallantry, but England's turn will come.
When it does she will be prepared."
To the quiet and unobserved, but ubiquitous
and all-powerful activity of the British fleet, the
Premier said, was due the fact that the seas are
clear or substantally clear.
"For, after all," he said, "this submarine menace, serious as it has appeared to be, is not going
to inflict fatal or substantial injury on British
trade. These seas are clear. We have our supply
of food and raw materials, upon which we and
the rest of the country depend, flowing in upon
us in the same abundance and with the same
large,    make    such    arrangements
that municipalities in good stand- ,
ing and merely temporarily embar- irecdom; and I may say without much exaggcr-,
a tion, judging from the insurance rates and
other matters, with thc same immunity from serious hazards and risks as in times of peace."
"We should be ungrateful and insensitive indeed," continued the Premier, "if we did not
recognize at this moment thc indescribable
gallant efforts being made by our Russian allies
lo stem the tide of invasion and to retain
inviolate the integrity of their possessions. I do
not think in the whole of military history there
has been a more magnificent example of discipline and endurance and of both individual and
collective initiative than has been shown .by the
Russian army in "the last seven weeks."
The Premier asserted that thc British Government's confidence in the results of the Dardanelles operations was undiminished. He emphasized, also, his confidence in" the victory of both
the British and French armies engaged in the
western field. Referring to the fact that this
week would sec the completion of a year of war,
Mr. Asquith remarked that the world never had
seen a more miraculous transformation in this
country (England); not in its spirit and heart,
but in the outward manifestations of its life, than
had taken place in these twelve months.
year/or .more salcsrmanager"of'thcy"i^>4k'rr'rJ|;
Okariagan>SaAy 'Mills,. L-mited,*sc"y-#%g������iiar#
ered--his*-conriectibri"v.withLth"e -com^ JS- -Tf*~ v*.1
pany on.the'lst.ydf August"and"left" S-^V/,53r
Sunday ^afternoon Tor'the  North-* "e*VVjvf,
\vest.-*->H_r will,bc joinedvat*Winni-   ,V/ "������*������
peg in*a fewtweeks' by JMrs.. Meyers,Y' V~- f ������<i
and  will  proceed" thence* to "New !Vr-i
.York, -where* he-has ''accepted  thc( 7 1 ">
management of "a sales office for a' >.- ^
large American firm.;    jt    - S     -*- r* r /
MTh'e Misses..Davics,'of the Cottage-i -ST^-
Hospital, wish to acknowledge re-'"V^;/-
ceipt   of   the -following-contribu--.vyV",.
tions:" Miss' Forster,   fruit;   Miss   "'^V
Gibbs, flowers and* vegetables; Mrs.' ^ -
Hartry, linen and vegetables; Mrs."1" l<   V
Twigg, butter: Mrs. Carlson, fruit;- r _     -
Mrs. Brown; flowers; Gordon Eng-f,   , ..���������>]
lish,  llowers;   Mrs. * Emery,  linen;   _. -   "
Mrs.     Bute ha id, - vegetables    and'   > yv"
papers; Thos. Calder,-his orchard"      >V,,
crop of fruit. ~- ��������� '-   "*���������-,*-"
Capt. J. H. G. Baird, who was one *      -, **
of the first to leave" Enderby  for^      '7  '
the   front,  has  distinguished  himself  for  bravery  and   now  wears    /.   .:
thc Victoria Cross.    In leading his
company^into^the-=thiGkVof^the -=^f-r~
tighting his revolver was knocked
out of his right hand and thc hand
and  arm seriously injured by thc
explosion of a shell.   He picked up
the revolver with his left hand and
still led his men into action.    Another shell burst in front of him,
and this time his left hand and arm
were torn.    Thus injured  he still     ������
held on until ordered to the rear.
At a meeting called by thc ladies    .
of  thc   hospital   auxiliary,   in   thc���������
City   Hall,   Monday   afternoon,   a
number.of businessmen gathered lo
discuss with thc auxiliary Ihe advisability of appointing a board of-
management'to co-operate with thc   '
auxiliary.   The suggestion was well
received, and a board of management appointed,   ft was decided to,
continue the Cottage  Hospital under Ihe able management of Miss
Davics.' The board of management
will  work  with  thc,ladies of thc u
auxiliary, so as lo lighten the burden heretofore borne by the ladies
At thc tax sale held in Penticton
last week, thc Herald says only 30
lots were sold, out of 273 advertised. Many, of course, had been
paid up by the-owners before the
sale came off. The property advertised for sale meant about ������8000
in taxes and expenses. Of this
amount,$4000 was paid by lot owners before the sale. Of the remaining $4000 'going'to sale, approximately $1,500 was paid in by
purchasers of the thirty odd lots
and the rest lies with the municipality. ���������
A. C. Skaling Is leaving on Saturday
for the coast to be absent about ten
days. During Mr. Skaling's absence
hip legal business will be attended to by
Mr. P. M. D. Kerr, barrister and solicitor of Salmon Arm. ��������� *������, THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday,   August 5, 1915  SANITY AND TRUTH FIRST  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Published every  Thursday al    Enderby,   B. C. at  $2   per  year,  Walker   Press.  by   the  Advertising- Rates:   Transient,  50c an inch first insertion,  25c each subsequent insertion.    Contract advertising. SI an inch per month.  Legal Notices:   12c a line first insertion: Sc a line each subsequent insertion  Road it-if N������������������tHcos and Locals: ]5c a line.  AUGUST 5, 1915  KEEP UP THE CONFIDENCE  When limes were normal, before the war, it  *- won iu-nave been impossible lo Und-an individual  in the Okanagan who hadn't confidence in the  Valley and in himself. It was natural for it to be  so, lor there is nol a fairer dislrict in the whole  Dominion, or one more capable of a Hording any  man or woman willing lo work a good living,  wilh opportunities for bigger things if one has  an eye to business.    That was only a year ago.  Conditions, real condilions, have not changed.  There is not a district in the Okanagan that is not  in a more productive stage of development than  iI. was a year ago. In thc Endcrby-Mara district  llie acreage into crop i.s at least Iwo thirds more  than Iwo years ago. The yield will this year be  much heavier, per acre lhan lasl year. Perhaps  Ihe market will nol he so good, for all lines'of  farm products, and the prices may be lower, but  lhal is lo be expected. A dollar today has at least  once again lhe value of a dollar a year or two  ago. therefore, considered from this point of  view, the lower prices arc in reality not a reduction. And as for opportunities, they are as  plentiful and promising today as al any time in  lhe pasl. We arc not denying the-presence of a  feeling of depression and uncertainly. II does  ���������������������������"TxiMT^B iT nd?cfii! -Hit?���������������������������ri i eriri s=n o**rca so i Ho r-a ny-  hick of confidence in any section of Lhe Okanagan  Valley. Its possibilities arc as great loday as  ever;  ils fertile acres will produce as much as  War is a great game. When nations and peoples become involved, they seem to forget sanity,  forget that black is black and white is white, and  that Iwo and two make four, ancl, blinding their  eyes to reason, pass the "con" along, neighbor  to neighbor. In war as in peace, men believe only  lhat which suits their taste. Good report or evil,  it is all lhc same. Prejudice so beclouds the mind  that simple truth has little chance of getting a  hearing. Occasionally wc hear criticism of the  war censorship, and complaints about lhc way thc  war news is "colored," as il comes from the war  news bureau. But thc war news bureau knows  what it is aboul. Not that the war department is  afraid lo lake the. public into ils confidence and  lei the people know the exact truth, not this. But  lhc war news bureau knows best whal the public  wishes to hear, and the news from the fronts is so  "colored" as to best suit thc community where il  is to be read. For this reason, in very few cases  can the public in belligerent countries get at the  real facts in connection with the war if only the  war news bureau reports lor belligerent consumption arc depended upon.  Judging from lhe news bureau-report about thc  evacuation of Przemysl, Lemberg, and now Warsaw and all of Poland, by the Russians, these reports would have us believe lhal it was all a  master coup on thc part of the Russian military  leader, and in no way a victory for thc enemy.  When thc Russians pushed thc Austrians out.of  Galicia and broke through Dukla, Lupkow, Ros-  tok and other Carpathian passes and established  themselves at Sztropko, twenty miles inside Hungary, lhe latter part of March, wc were told that  it was the Russian plan to run thc steam roller  onto and over the''Hungarian plains and to thus  cap I lire the granary of the'Austrian-Hungarian  empire and control this season's harvest.    Thc  -plan would have been a whirl-wind had Russia  been able to make good.    With the advent of  summer the,world generally expected the Czar's  forces  to pour into Hungary for thc long-pre-  diclcd invasion.   Late in April, however, thc German-Austrian army under Von Mackcnscn broke  through   thc Russian  positions  at  Gorlice  and  Tarnow, and thc great drive back through thc  Carpathians and on through Galicia was begun.  Not satisfied with this, and thc recapture of all the  ground  taken by .the Russians, the enemy- has  pushed on into Poland and captured Warsaw and  all thai territory west of the Bug River.   In other-  Words the enemy has thrown a line across Poland  from Galicia on thc south to the Prussian border  on the north, straightening out the line between  Austria-Hungary and Germany���������������������������700 miles across  ���������������������������and recognized as thc richest territory in all of  Russia, having a population, before thc war, of  nearly   2,000,000;     Thc   Russian   army   fought'  heroically to save Warsaw and this vast district  of great wealth, but finally had to move back to  the Bug river.   Aflcr making this gallant stand in  the defense of Warsaw and retreating as best they  could, saving as many of the Russian armies as  was possible, the great achievement, or thc glory  of it, seems to be. much dimmed by this absurd  slalemenl sent out from  Petrograd: "Russia is  only now, after a whole year of war has passed,  doing precisely what  her deliberate  and  considered plan of campaign for war on the Eastern  front had long ago laid down as her first move  after llie declaration of war."  Statements of this nature do not help Russia,  nor lhe Allies' cause. They discredit all olher  statements issued from the same source. To say  jhal Russia, allcra, whqjcyycar of fighting and the  loss of all and more than she gainccnrrilicrii^liP  We have a good stock  of the following Flour & Feed:  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD GLENORA  ROBIN HOOD RADIUM  OUR BEST CENTENNIAL  VARSITY, HUNGARIAN  Bran, Shorts, Middlings, Feed Flours, Wheat, Oats,  Crushed Oats, Barley Chop and a good assortment of  Cereals.   Also Poultry Grits, etc.  We deliver to any part of the city  Old Poison Mercantile  Block, Enderby  TEECE & SON,  Specials in Lumber  while they last:  No. 4 Novelty Siding,  No. 2 2z4 and 2x6,  No. 2 Mixed Lath,    -  Short Cord wood,       -  Dry Blocks,  GREEN BLOCKS,  $10.00 per M  -     $13.00 per M  $1.75 per M  $3.75 per load  $2.25 per load  $1.00 PER LOAD  SA VE MONEY-Buy your winter's fuel NOW.  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. En_.rby  King Edward  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  King Edward Hotel, SJU���������������������������*. Enderby  ing." is onlv now doing what she has all along  planned, is the sheerest of nonsense.   Grand Duke  before, and of llie same excellent quality.    Gel Nicjiolas has done  and is now doing  only what  busy; he of good cheer; boost the dislrict and lhejhc bus been compelled to do, either by superior  industries oY the district.    War or no war _he; generalship on lhe part ol lhe enemy or superior  really boom (lays for llie Okanagan are over for  lhe next few years.    They will nol return until  we-beconve~producers- ol!^^^  fyingly tangible.  A Home Product  It stops the leaks in hay-feeding and turns loss into profit.  Improves the stock and increases production.  ALFALFA PRODUCTS, LIMITED  F. R. Prince, Manager  a-  Chance at Your---  The enraptured music editor of a Milwaukee  paper recently described a young lady singer as  having "hazel eyes, cherry lips, a wiilowy form  and a voice of brilliant timbre," and a log roller  thinks llie said editor must have had some, training in the lumber'business.  MACHINE GUN CONTRIBUTIONS  i lew  Kitri-  more  In an interview in lhe Victoria Colonist  davs ago. Premier McBride, speaking of the  otic move throughout Canada to provide  machine guns for the Canadian troops, said thai  lie was lold while in England recently lhal Germany had a reserve stock of 50,000 machine guns  of which no one was aware until after the war  lighting and equipment. We have heard so many  stories of Grand Duke Nicholas "leading thc  enemy" into swampy .ground'and then of the  Gcrmans captn ri n g I he "swa m py grou nd" lhal it  is hard lo believe any of them. The military correspondent of the London Times, discussing the  Warsaw situation, gives a more sane version of  it when he says:  "This great operation against Russia, which  was planned by von Falkcnhayn and has been in  course of execution during the pasl three months,  is lhe mosl aspiring and in some ways lhc most  brilliant feat of slralegv lhat lhc war has yet produced."     .  If lhe Russian commander planned long ago  lo allow the Germans to cut his railway cum-  niunicalions at Lublin and olher points and hem,  his armies in between the Bug and Vistula rivers, ,iutter Wrappers  he will have lo make new plans, and lhal quickly,  if he is lo save any of his armies, for lhc Times  military writer says the new move of the enemy  on Vilna now being executed, "if not promptly  checked, will clear the passage of lhe Nicman for  Loose Leaf Billheads  Letterheads  Statements  Booklets  Counter Check Books  Stock Certificates  Window Cards  Stork Cards  Ball Programmes  Duplicate Billing Forms  Envelopes  Price Lists  Dodgers  Circular Letters (typewriter)  Posters  Wedding Stationery  Wedding Cake Boxes and Cards  Jnvitations  had been under way for some time. Great Britain  and her allies are now straining every cH'orlto the Germans, when lhe invaders will march on  overcome their handicap, and'every aid which. y[\\v.\ und throw themselves across the lines of  can be offered by individual contributions of the Russian armies already closely engaged wilh  these weapons will be greatly appreciated. .As lo ��������������������������� t),������������������ c������������������1kt armies further south. It is the most  lhe disposition of the machine guns, he said Ibis j dangerous move which has been  made against  Russia since lhe war began.    It is indispensable  lhal il should be countered, and at once."  will rest upon the judgment of the ollicers in  command at the front. There cannol be the  slightest doubt lhal every gun contributed to the  Canadian forces will prove a real asset lo the  arm**' commanders, and to the extent lhal lhe  fund is swelled lhere will be a lessening of lhe,  expense lo be borne by lhe Militia Department.    '  From the Book of Smiles wc learn lhat some  men don'l make any more (if a stir in the world  than a lire-cracker lhat explodes a week or- two  after the Fourth of July.  Visiting Cards  All Lines of Ruled and Unruled Writing Paper  In. Short: Anything in Printing.  HAVE YOUR PRINTING DONE IN THE HOME TOWN.  THE  WALKER   PRESS  It will cost you just one-  third of a cent a pound %������������������w  Butter wrapped in your own neatly printed Butter Parchment, if you order from-    THE WALKER PRESS ^  Thursday,   August 5, 1915  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Some women give more thought  to the selection of a gown than of  ix husband.  OF CANADA  With Cash in the Bank  You Can Buy to  Advantage  You know how everything  costs more when you have to buy  on credit. Why not practice self-  denial for a while if necessary,  open a Savings Account in the  Union Bank of Canada, and,  with the money in hand, buy at  Cash prices? 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", ^_^B^������������������_\_x_W^k_\\\  *��������������������������� fSSsj*.. *Z_fmm_tSLJmefS.  e___p_*i*  Ws___^M^  _\'     ���������������������������*                        ' &_\ -  Wjflh____r_m i__-^_j!-CT  _5 Xsto^.- * *, '������������������."jfv51  _&iiF -' " *" '. r_MH  _S_fS^ ��������������������������������������������� "v f'-9H  *i|^_4      '4&;^  ��������������������������� ** *"jr*r* iF_nl|-Titn*^*_tf_!iii>fiii  _^^______nB_____l^il_f^  3_P^___Hof5_^__BSB  tSN_r^_____ivdn&jr_^'^  *^w^__^Bff_*^v!!*!*NK_Kr^_.''<  ^_U_x\r-vt^K>ty^ ^r5*-*  ','t>     **    '  ���������������������������'   MtJ  __'��������������������������� ������������������t ' -''   >v   1-   Ml  Jffl-^M* hi!<_ f"4^    fU  3_|rv*^Ii_6_5& wo������������������-V'_f_i  * ___H  (? _4raM  -wPS-k?  i'" '; ���������������������������*   :���������������������������* V  ���������������������������.'   '   v.. '��������������������������� __>������������������  ^%V$_!__*__  S__B_-_f'  ���������������������������fir-**  l^^___l^__fJ  w<       *3_mHP_  __r_wF<J>  >   ���������������������������*                            IL-">*  ___���������������������������/>_-*_ - f > **������������������������������������������������������                   -   Wf  1 1 . 1           " s-���������������������������  _g������������������g;PKTUHECUl-5tRviCt-������������������'|   1  "S*'C?Vitv^ NEW ������������������0R>\        4  J   '   Ij  ILJS_i_I_||  /t "IVar Aeroplane "Up a Tree"- * , ^  G  This remarkable  photograph, laken recently in France, shows a military biplane, which was flying  low ancl failed to clear trees.   Thc pilot of the machine can be seen on bis upper plane. *    \  SIR ROBERT BORDEN SPEAKS FOR CANADA  R. E. WHEELER  W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodg-e No. 40  .tegular meetings first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invite J  JNO. WARWICK  Secretary .  ENDERBY! LODGE  No. 35, K. of P.  'Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Hall.   Visitors cordially invited to attend.   -   -  R. H. CRANE, C C  T. H. CALDER, K.R.S.  R. J. COLTART. M.F.  .Hall suitable forConcerts, Dances and all public  -entertainments..    For rates, etc., address,   .-\ R. N. BAILEY. Enderby  PROFESSIONAL'  DR.-C. J. McCULLOUGH,  DENTIST  *, Hours, 9 to 12 and,l to 5.  By appointment only  Poison Block, at bridge. ���������������������������   Enderby  Thc highest honor a municipality can give���������������������������.ever has been subjected now confronts us. It rc-  the freedom of thc city���������������������������was conferred by Lon-1 mains to, be seen whether the love of individual  don, last Thursday on Sir Robert Borden,. the | liberty, Avhich is closely interwoven with our  Premier of Canada.   The customary ceremonies national ideals, carries .with it so strong* a.sense  took place at the Guildhall amid a downpour qr  rain. In responding to the honor Mr. Borden  made a memorable speech, in which hc said:  "I am deeply conscious of thc high honor conferred upon me, but I am equally conscious that j  of duty and service to thc stale in time of war as  to enable us to'withstand the onslaught .of the  most highly-organized and' formidable autocracy  thc world has ever known."  Of his visit to thc battlefront. Sir Robert thus  it is not so much a tribute to me as to the great!spoke: During the past week I have visited  Dominion which I have the honor to represent in'^ance, and that,visit was the most interesting  this great testing time of our manhood.    Love!event of.my hie.. I,have seen.a whole nation in  - ���������������������������   .1        xi. .      --.l-x-   __' xi.��������������������������� I nrms arin tho "piilim. milnl rv- ovp.n --lill to t hfiJ IlIICS  ^^C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor, "  Notary Public.  {Money to Loan  Bell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  get that the- same :qu  ities ch  country  sleep those whose blood runs in my veins  "For 1,W0 years the progress and advancement  of this great;city have kept time with thc march  pf civilization. In beginning within these islands  the building of a nation, thc necessity of an  orderly government compelled a system autocratic in character and methods. Then came  great charters of freedom and thc will of the  people to make their own laws and govern themselves.    Orderly government on the one hand  aon. - i\orHao i iorgei uiaij.nc-sain_.quai- jy.������������������,��������������������������� :-~,~~������������������������������������������������������..-.���������������������������: ���������������������������_.  laractcrizeVthe people of the neighboring W-age, the patience,,the seriousness and the-scli,-  r, within the quiet _of .whose churchyards I control of thc French nation.-No people so" m-  ''     -��������������������������� ^ --- \spircd.can ever be subdued.,.'We are-proud to  remember that this great nation is-of ourVowii  kin, because you in thc British Isles look back to  Celtic and Norman as well as to Saxon ancestors,  and if this is triie of you m Britain it is'still more  true of us in Canada.   V    *  ���������������������������"During my sojourn here and my recent visit  to France many men have spoken to mc with  tlie warmest appreciation of the Canadian troops  at thc front.   I am proud indeed .that they have  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING KGULATIONS  Coal mining rights' of the Dominion iu "Manilooa, Saskatchewan'ancl  Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tne  Northwest .Territories and a portion  oi* the Province of Bntisn Columbia,  may be leased for a term of twenty-  one years at an annual rental of $i  ai) acre. Not more lhan 25G0 acres  will be leased lo one applicant.  Application for a lease must be  made by lhe applicant in person lo  lhe Agent of sub-Agent of the district in which rights applied for are  .situated.  in surveyed territory lhc land  must be described by sections,' or  legal sub-divisions of sections, and  ,n unsurveyed territory the-tract  applied for shall be slaked out by  the applicant himself. '  -Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will bo  refunded-if-the rights applied for  are not available, but not otherwise.  A royally shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine-at the  rate of five-cents per ton.    .     ('  The person operating the mine  shall *i"urnish. Ihe Agent with sworn  returns ��������������������������� accounting for . the full  'quantity of. "merchantable coal  mined and pay the royally thereon.  If the coal mining-rights arc'nol  operated, such returns should be  furnished at least once a year.  ���������������������������^ The lease will include the coal  mining rights only,', but the lessee  may be permitted fo purchase whatever available surface rights .'as may  be- considered' necessary "for- the  working of the mine, at the rate of  $10 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to thc Secretary of  the Department of the Interior, 'Ottawa, or to any Agent or sub-Agent  of-'Dominion Lands. -  .,  W. VWCOKY, ,     ;  '   Deputy Minister of the. Interior.  N.B.-Unauthorizcd publication-- f"  this advertisement will not be paid  for.���������������������������58782.  ; ���������������������������     '       ''- - i-'  ��������������������������� "j i  v-l  Fresh Meai&  ' -v.--//. 3,1  aind * selected -'by,������������������ our. own" buyers froh*"---"I  . ������������������     J'^.-i.  t .---..,   . -*-*.,"   -^k __2,'���������������������������* _   the: richest', feeding 'grounds- in^Alber^-.vV^IS  l-a* and   nri>'killp.d  and  hrousht. to-th_\-V ''S*.-!*__  ta, .and are killed and brought totheY?  meat block strictly-'ERESHV ,"- "* \~"~ f  , -  ' '        - - ���������������������������".*.., toAv",-"  We;buy first-hand for spot cash,'������������������ -y.  ".uaa.give you'the best price" possible:"'"  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C  i ���������������������������<t j  ^>y\\  -ErJr  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  ENDERB_Y, B. C.  Good Rigs;  Careful Driv-  3[ ers; Dray ing of all kinds.  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"In thc Dominion beyond thc seas the same  ideals of liberty and justice have led inevitably to  lhc establishment of self-������������������verni���������������������������g insmutions. ;^   ^^^^^ convalescent Canadians who ha  JjMU>rinciplc >^  their ancestors  "While in France I watched thc eager faces of  'the thousands of Canadians to whom I spoke  within sound of lhc German guns. Three days  ago I looked into thc clear undaunted eyes of a  '   '"*       ,- * - ���������������������������   '   d rc-  th.4n;  sighted seemed destined to drive thc far-flung  nations out  by tics stronger  any system  "For this  twelve moil  Africa and Canada   all great, free nations   ])os- great Dominion which has sent  scssinq lull rights ot sell-government and enjoy- :uUc,,aj  iyj *?  ing parliamentary institutions, living by the voice  of thc people���������������������������why have  they joined, in  this  conflict   and why arc  their citizens  from   the bc* involved in its "constitutional relations  remotest corners ol thc earth fighting side by side *;,*;���������������������������}  wilh men from this island home in thc greatest  these men across thc seas.  ".While thc awful shadow.of this war,overhangs  thc Empire I shall not pause to speak of what  war this world has ever known? Why arc thc  descendants in Canada of tho'sc who fought under  Wolfe and those who fought under Montcalm  when contending for thc possession of thc  northern half- of the American continent, now  standing together in thc Empire's batllclinc today? Why do wc find beyond the channel, in  France or in Belgium, a grandson of Durham and  a grandson of Papineau standing side by side in  this struggle?      '>.-'���������������������������  "When the historian of the future conies to  consider and analyze thc events of this war he  will realize that some great over-mastering  impulse is found in the love of liberty, the ideals  of democracy and the spirit of unity founded  thereon, which make the whole Empire united in     Impassioned pica for cessation of thc European  Those who arc to bc the architects will have a  great part to play, and 1 do not doubt they will  play it worthily. That structure must embody  not only thc autonomous self-government of each  inperial nation, bul thc majesty and power of an  Empire united by tics such as those of which 1  have spoken, but organized more cITicicnlly and  thoroughly for thc preservation of its very existence, to those who shall bc called upon to design  and erect so magnificent.a.monument, crowning  the labors of the past and realizing the hopes of  lhe future, let us all bid God speed in their great  task."  POPE BENEDICT PLEAS FOR PI^ACE  a single purpose, but there also is an intense con  viction that this war was forced upon our Empire  "In honor we could not stand aside and sec  trampled in the dust a weak and .unoffending  people whose independence and liberties we had  guaranteed. Beyond and above all this wc  realize that the issue forced upon us by this  conflict transcends even the destinies of our Empire, and involves thc future of civilization and  of the world  "The greatest test to which modern democracy heard.  war was made on July 30lh by Pope Benedict lo  the rulers of thc warring nations. "In thc Holy  name of God, our Heavenly Father, and Lord  Jesus, whose blessed blood was given as the price  of human salvation," says he, "wc beseech you,  whom divine Providence has placed at the head  of lhe belligerent nations,, lo end lhe bloody carnage which, Tor a year, has dishonored Europe."  Thus far none of the warring nations have indicated in any way that the Pope's plea has been  S.^---^-  Customer's Own Material Made,.;;  r Up.    ;   Prices from $15.00 up.  Cleaning, Pressing & Repairing. -  A. E. WEST ;  Ladies' and Gents'. Tailor..  " '���������������������������'--'  IN     THE     MATTER     OF     THE  ESTATE   OF ,TIIE   LATE   SO-  ���������������������������PI ILV-GOOK-E���������������������������Deceased.-   NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that  all persons having claims against . ������������������������������������  lhe estate of the late SOPHIA  COOKE deceased, are hereby required lo forward same lo mc on  or before Ihe 31st day of July, <  when the adminislralor will, proceed to distribute thc assets of the  said deceased among the parties  enlilled Iherelo, having regard-only! ���������������������������  lo the claims of which nolice shall  have been given, and that he will  nol be liable for the said assets or.  any part thereof so distributed to  any person of whose claim notice  shall not have been duly received  by him at thc time of said distribution.  Dated at Enderby, B.C., lhis 1st  day of Julv, A. D. 1915.  II.  G.  DAVIES,  Barrister, etc.  Bell Block, Enderby, B. C.  To Whom it May Concern  "Whereas much damage to growing crops and ornamental shrubs  has been committed by adults and  children on my farm, the public,  including children, are hereby notified that all trespassers will bc  prosecuted. GEO. K LAWES  .Enderby, May 20, 1915.  Wcap and you're called a baby;  Laugh and you're called a fool;  Yield and you're called a coward;  Stand and you're called a mule;  Smile and Ihey call you silly;  Frown and Ihey call you gruff;  Piit on a front like a millionaire  And some guy calls your bluff. THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday,   August 5, 1915  BIG B. C FRUIT CAMPAIGN  liousewile  sugar."    One  Mr. J. Forsyth Smith, Provincial  fruit   market  commissioner,. is  an  ex-newspaperman,  and  knows  the  value of newspaper publicity.    As  an evidence of this, we have before  us'samples of* Calgary papers containing    attractive    advertisements  boosting B. ('.. fruit, and encouraging  the   housewives  of  Alberta   lo  put  up  as much   fruit  as  possible.  Newspaper   articles    also   appear,  making an appeal to the  lo "preserve without  of  the   strong  arguments   used   in  favor of B. C. fruit i.s in the nearness   of   British   Columbia   lo   Hie  Northwest market, .'-!()  lo -IS hours,  which   makes   it   possible   to   ship  fruit of a ripeness and consequent  flavor   impossible   to   find   in   the  foreign   fruit  handicapped   by  distance.    Mr. .Smith is offering prizes  for the  besl  short  articles  written  by housewives lolling of theirsuc-  cess  with   fruit  preserved   without  sugar, along the lines laid down in  the fruit booklet published by Hie  Department of Agriculture for free  circulation to anyone applying.   In  this  connection,   Mrs.   G.  C.   York,  of   Calgary    tells   her   experience.  Like   many   people   trying   a   new-  idea, she fell a little doubtful about  it,   although   quite   convinced   that  from   a   scientific   standpoint,   the  idea is theoretically correct.    However, the promise for economy and  superior quality seemed lo warrant  the experiment, and so she put <up  a small quantity of rhubarb and of  peaches. The results could scarcely  be heller, and as to the quality find  flavor, she says: "No one who has  nol used fruit put up in bolh ways  could realize how lhc cooked-sugar  taste interferes wilh and spoils Ihe  real   fruity    Ilavor.      The   peaches  were as  fresh  as  if they had jusl  been picked, and were voted by all  who lasted Ihem as very much better lhan the usual canned ones. The  rhubarb   experiment   was   just   as  successful.    The last of them were  used within thc pasl two weeks and  were just as good  then as the day  they were put down."    Mrs. York,  however,  emphasizes  the  necessity  for careful sterilization.    She boils  h'cr jars for 20 minutes before filling them with fruit, and is equally  careful     with    her    rubbers    and  covers.    She  says  this  is  the  real  secret of success, and thai good results will only follow if every precaution i.s taken.    She is even particular not to touch the covers and  rubbers  after slcrilization,handling  Ihcin     with     improvised     forceps,  formed by using thc handles ol" two  spoons.  LATEST WAR SUMMARY  Thc armies of Germany and Austria-Hungary are being held by the  Russians lo the west of Warsaw,  bul they are making progress eise-  wherc on the eastern front, and a  Berlin report says that Gen. von  Buelow's cavalry, which swept  through Milan Sunday, now is said  to be only 1*0 miles from Higa, the  most important port on the Baltic  Sea. Further progress i.s also reported to have been made by von  Mackcnscn, il being claimed lhat  his force has filled the gap in thc  semi-circle aboul Warsaw. Gen.  von llindenberg is in front of Warsaw and is shelling the l'orls with  10 and 17-inch guns.  Pursuing Iheir policy of culling  the communications of Grand Duke  Nicholas, heavy German forces arc  attacking the railroad linking the  main Warsaw-Pelrograd line wilh  Oslrolenka, llie last line of communication left to the Russians.-  In thc west fighting is again in  progress "on Ihe British section of  the battle-front and lhere has been  a resumption of infantry activity  with thc French admitting that lhe  Germans have captured some  trenches in the Argonne and the  Marie Therese district, but claiming that counter attacks have retaken a portion of the lost ground.  In the Vosges Mountains, Paris  slates that lhe French troops took  several German trenches after inflicting heavy losses on the defenders.  Thc admiralty reports thai an  English submarine has sunk a large  German transport in the Baltic.  Thc   crest   of   the   ridge   in   thc  Italians has begun on the Trentino-  Carnia fronts. The Austrians, in  some of their attacks, lost more  than half their men.  KELOWNA-CREAMERY PAYS  Gallipoli Peninsula has been won  by British troops, and the "positions  of the British in thc Dcrdanelles  has been improved, according 1o a  statement given out by the ollicial  press bureau.  According to telegrams from  Courtrai, Belgium, the boom of big  guns and mine explosions was audible here for hours, and was  quickly followed by a steady  stream of wounded men from the.  vicinity of Hooge, where it is reported the British have retaken a  portion of the trenches captured by  the Germans.  A dispatch from Milan to the  London Daily Telegraph says there  has (.been further marked., progress  by thc Italian arms, chiefly on thc  Carco Plateau, while Austrian  counter attacks have considerably,  subsided. The Austrians are busy  preparing fresh trenches -behind  (he positions they recently abandoned.   A general offensive by the  The Kelowna Creamery has been  in operation for slightly over one  month, and the Courier announces  that the results have amply warranted the faith of its promoters.  The first cream was taken in on  June 1st, but regular shipments  were not received until about .Time  11th ,yct during the short period,  since then over sOOO has been distributed amongst thc farmers supplying the cream. A ready market  has been found for the whole output of the plant, including ice  cream and other products as well  as butter, which is of very fine  quality. The creamery began in a  very modest way and only 43  shares (���������������������������'"'20 paid up on each) have  been sold. No further calls have  been made on the shareholders,  ancl it is hoped to sell more shares  rather than to call upon original  subscribers to pay thc balance of  their shares in full. The total plant  and equipment cost 81,958.05, and  thc incorporation expenses were  only ������������������50.05.   Silage is economical. On the  same acreage two cattle may be fed  where one could be if it were in  pasture. There is little or no waste  in feeding it.   Have you tasted those delicious  fruit ices at Brownie Tea Room?  WANT ADS  LOST ��������������������������� 7-vear-old brown' mare:  "16" brand. Notify Stepney  Ranch, Enderby. 21  Our Sale will close  l  Only 20 days more of  these extraordinary bargains in Hardware of  every description. hS_������������������ i  We can save you 20 per cent on every dollar's worth  of goods you buy. Hundreds are taking advantage  of these prices.   WHY NOT YOU.  Plumbing, Heating, Tinsmithing.   Bring along your repairs.  WANTED���������������������������Furnished house; two  bedrooms and modern conveniences.    Address X.,Walker Press  "WANTED���������������������������Strong girl or woman,  for general housework. Wages  $15 per month. Bernard Rosoman  Grindrod.  JOHN NORDLOW'S PLACE on thc  Endcrby-Mebel Lake road, for  sale: $4,000. Improvements,  standing timber and hay all into  the bargain. These are. alone  worth the full price asked, so the  purchaser would actually get thc  land- (96' acres) for ��������������������������� practically  nothing.    It' is- one of the most  ��������������������������� fertile places in-'the -Mabel Lake  Valley.* Address, John Nordlow,  Enderby Postoffice.  . Thc following appearing in Beck's Weekly, of have thc Russians tightly enclosed between the  Montreal, under dale of July 2-lth, will bc oi" par-! Vistula and the Bug, except for one narrow  ticular interest to readers who wish to get a clear,avenue of escape along thc line of the central  idea of thc important events in lhc war taking railway which runs from Warsaw to Brest and  place in Russian Poland. Since thc fall of War- thence to Mocsow. Two-thirds of the way to  saw has already been announced, the great qucs- Brest il runs into swamp. After it leaves Brest  lion now is as to the fate of the Russian army. !il runs through a swamp larger and more deso-  "For some days it has been clear that Warsaw late. If the bulk of the Russian army were to  is no longer tenable." says the military writer in miss its chance of retreating to thc Grodno-  Beck's Weekly. "Thc Russians have not said so, Bialostok-Brcst line, and were >to bc herded in  bul they withdrew so rapidly and so secretly upon Brest alone, its military efficiency would be  from the positions they had held so long on the destroyed for want of a suitable ground to work  B/ura thai no other inference is possible." Except in, and while it floundered in thc marshes and  for a semi-circular position immediately fronting forests the advanced wing of the Germans, now  "WITrs'irsv. 7inTi~\\~ri I inrratl iwtjl Vrl:~~otrr20 Vrri l "csrl IkT"!'a r^trcrl I i cni or I lro H vi gar^o u Id's wccpVso u I h wa rd  whole left bank of the Vistula is by lhis lime in along lhe Duna, exposing the Russians to thc  actual or potential possession of the Germans.J most terrible hardships every time the invaders  Warsaw is in a pocket, and from lhe pocket lhe reached a railway.  German lines run away off to the norlhcasl and! "^s -l l������������������������������������fcs nmv- therefore, thc question is not  fo the..southeast. We can hardly look for a mili-'so much whether the Russians can hold Warsaw,  lary miracle, so we must assume lhal Warsaw: bul whether they can reach in time any conlin-  wil'l very soon cease lo bc a centre of Russian i uous position strong enough to enable them to  military"strcnglh. Indeed, the interest now is not! make such a stand as. for example, Ihcy made  so much in llie question whether Russia wilT along llie Bzura, the Xida and lhe Dimajee. We  abandon Warsaw, as in lhc larger question'can imagine lhal lhe Russians arc lotli lo leave  whether Russian armies can gel (nil of lhe War- Warsaw, bul so were Ihcy loth to leave lhe Gar-  saw district in lime lo avert a disaster of the palhians. ajid Ihey slaved so long lhal when they  highest magnitude. ; did make up Iheir minds to move they couldn't  "To move their armies eastward lo new posi- all get away.    So  long as Ihey could hold  lhc  lions the Russians have three lines of railway.'. Germans away  from  Lublin  in  lhe south, and  By this lime, in all likelihood. Maekensen's army i from Prasnysz in lhe north. Ihcy could hope to  is across one of them.    If it is, then lhal avenue bold on  wilhin  their great  triangle formed by  is closed for purposes of re I real just as effectively j Novo Georgeosk,  Ivangorod and Brest.    But  if  as il i.s closed for purposes of reinforcement and; Ihcy once found lhat lhc Germans were strong  supply.   This is lhe Lublin route, which leads to; enough lo bailer through-at these places, and slill  lhe supposed secondary Russian position on lhe; held on, Ihen every day must add to the prob-  line of the Bug, and which, so long as it was open,lability of Iheir being caught wilhin a circle of  kept Warsaw" in touch wilh what i.s probably ils! steel as lhe French were al Sedan in 1870, only  principal   base,   the   granary   and   armory   of j lhc scale of operations is so great as to make lhc  Southern   Russia.    Thc   most  northerly  of   thc ; Sedan all'air look like a sham battle.  three routes runs toward Petrograd. leading, on!    "After  lhe  retreat from   the Carpathians  the  the way. to the River Bug.    But if lhe Germans j Petrograd  experts enumerated,, with  legitimate  have forced a crossing of the Xarew in lhe Ostro-jsatisfaction, lhe things lhc Teutonic allies had not  lenka  district,  Ihey have doubtless chosen  that!succeeded in doing.   Since then almost all these  spot because lhere! is less marsh  there lhan in! things have been  done.    Perhaps never in  the  olher regions, which means lhat they must plan; history   of   war,   certainly   nol   since   Napoleon  lo strike'down swiftly against the Petrograd rail-, foughl his defensive campaign in France after his  way and stand across il also.   When they have: failure in Russia, has a commander had as difli-  done so Ihey will be on the east bank of thc'Bugjcull a task to face as lhat which now confronts  themselves, and the only safety for Ihe Russians) Ihe Grand Duke Nicholas.    Someone has calcu-  is lo be there before Ihem. .luted lhat. for one reason and another,'the army  "If the Russian armies win lhe race, they can j under his command is nol above 25 per cent, of  straighten out their line and awail events.   If the j the possible Russian ellicicncy.   If he saves il hc  Germans gel to the Rug fast enough  Ihey will'will have done wonders."  flliMBIN^ HEAJIMiJINSM ITHI NG  Columbian College  New Westminster, B. C.  Ladies'* College Young Men's Academy  : If your son or, daughter wishes to take��������������������������� '_���������������������������'-__  Preparatory or Advanced Academic Work,-':���������������������������;���������������������������-- ;   -:. V-yVV*���������������������������'_'"-;'~  A Commercial Course,'   .   V' V-V: _ . -"'     .:.'....  Piano, Violin,1 Voice or Theory,  Elocution or Art or Domestic Science,  Columbian College Offers Special Advantages  Will open September 8th. J  J| ty-jpty JJ . ^  A. E. Smith, the electrical supply  man, of "Vancouver, spent a few  days in Enderby this week. He expects to remain at the King Edward  hotel until this (Thursday) evening  where, ih conjunction with Mr.  Mann, he is olfcring.some remarkable values in electrical fixtures���������������������������  about one-quarter regular price.  The attendance al the Panama-  Pacific exposition to date totals  more than 9,000,000. '  Foxtail is lhe greatest enemy of,  alfalfa. '  "Itouffh on Rats" clears out  Rats, Mice, etc. Don't die in House.  15c-25c. At drug and country stores  MATERNITY NURSING.   Mrs.West,  Enderby. m4-tf  ANOTHER  Look at the Great Bargains  in our DOLLAR WINDOW  in our Gents' Furnishings  Department. Everything in  the window is a big dollar's  worth, and some are worth  three or four times that; but  everything in the window is  going at $1.  W.J. WOODS  3c Wall Papers are  all gone, but some  pretty things left at  5c and up  Specials for the balance of this  month in Sewing Machines:  FROM TEN DOLLARS UP  A Ten Dollar Machine will sew.  as well as the best.  ! i' "��������������������������� ' .   .  J. E. CRANE,  Proprietor  Ranchers,  Attention!  Now is the time to paint your  House, Barn or outbuildings.  Paint is going AT COST; labor  about HALF-PRICE.  If you have not the cash, what  will you trade?  C. G. PIPER, City Decorator  Box .3, Enderby.  If ils fruit ices or a delicious cup  of tea and light lunch that you  want, you will find them at the  Brownie tea rooms.


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