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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Apr 8, 1915

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 - _-jJa>1,itj_n_*k_ iH^U  ^  Enderby, B. C, April 8, 1915  AND   '-WALTER'S.    WEEKLY  Vol. 8; No. 6; Whole No. 360  Assailing an Unassailable Position  on the Political Platform in Enderby  A Conservative meeting was held  in the Enderby Opera House Tuesday evening. Thc object in calling  the meeting was apparently to give  Mr. Ellison an opportunity to explain lhat historical cattle deal with  lhe Colony Farm. Mr. Basil Gardom,  the man responsible for bringing  lhe unpleasant transaction to lighl,  arrived in Enderby Tuesday morning and appeared al the meeting.  The opera house was fairly well  filled. It was not what one could  'call an enthusiastic audience, but  a good-natured one���������������������������and well that  it was. It was apparent, however,  that every man .in. thc audience  entered thc hall with a certain prejudice' for one man or the other,  and when the meeting closed he  carried that prejudice away with  him' somewhat accentuated.  ' The meeting was somewhat of a  "corker"  with  the  accent  on   lhc  " first syllable if not both syllables.  Thc" "unassailable position" of Mrv  ��������������������������� Ellison * was, assailed- from' ever'/*  point.l It was none, of your trench  warfare .either.    It was all in the  "open,* wilh everybody" in-dead earnest yet with*enough humor' iir.it all  To save the situation. - V   'J -  Mr. Chas;'' Little, -of Mara, occupied the chair, ��������������������������� and tactfully allowed tlie meeting ..to' drift along  with .the'streain.so as to avoid the  rocks: r There -were .some' cow bells  present���������������������������very /appropriate to the  occasion���������������������������but these, for' the most  part, were,kept pretty well under  covcrT On taking the chair Mr.  Little's, preliminary remarks were  pacific to a degree, and precluded  all thought of any disturbance in  the china shop. Mr. Gardom was  given half an' hour in which to ad-'  dress the meeting,* with a further  courtesy granted of 15 minutes in  which to.reply to any statement that  Mr. Ellison might make, with the  closing of the meeting to be left to  Mr. Ellison.  Mr. Gardom's Statement  In his opening remarks, Mr. Gardom showed sonic disinclination to  approach thc subject uppermost ih  his mind. He confined his remarks  to reading a letter written by him to  Jhc Vancouver News-Advertiser ex-  "plainiiii^lIis^Tntry-intcr-the-^arena  against Mr. Ellison. He had no  quarrel with thc Conservative parly  but was in the field to expose the  Colony Farm transactions in which  hc claimed Mr. Ellison was guilty  of misconduct as a minister of the  Government and untrue to the confidence reposed in him by the electors of the' Okanagan. He read  from the official proceedings of thc  .Provincial House lhe questions ancl  answers given in the House in connection with Mr. Ellison's transaction with thc Colony Farm. In one  of these official records, when similar questions were asked in tne  House, Mr. Ellison's answers gave  in one lump the sum paid by him  by a certain promissory note for  certain cattle and certain "young  stuff," without naming any of the  pedigreed cattle or the 'young-stufi.  These answers were given al 1914  session of the legislature. In thc  session of 1915 he himself had prepared questions covering the same  transaction but specifically naming  the cattle as found registered in the  Holstein herd book of Canada. The  answers in the official journal ot  1914 give the prices as, "Cattle,  $300," and "Young stuff, $250." In  the journal of 1914, Mr. Gardom  read the prices paid by other buyers of stock from the Colony Farm.  These prices, for cattle sold to Rev.  Andrew McDonald, Ladysmith, B.C.,  (eight head) are, given oppositeethe  name of each animal, as "$500,"***  "������������������500," "$500," "$500," "$400,"  "$400," "$200," and "$400." In the  official journal of 1915 we find the  answers given over Mr. Ellisons  signature, ancl that he paid , in  some round about way by a hen  note the sum of $175 for four cows  which he says (in the same document) cost the Government $1,201.  "But Mr. Ellison says these were  culls. Yet they had been bred before thev left the Colony Farm to  two of the premier bulls on lhe  continent, and in the next year's  Holstein Fricsian Herd Book I see  five calves registered from these  'worthless' culls. Mr. Ellison did  not pay as much for these cows as  the service fees of these famous  bulls would have amounted' to. I  myself paid $575 under the auctioneer's hammer for a suckling calf  from one of these bulls."  "Colony Roel Luella is put down  by Mr. Ellison, in his answers on the  floor of the* House, as a calf at $25,  yet she had been bred toivorndyke  Butterboy Pride before Mr. Ellison  got her_.and Mr. Ellison registered a  calf,as born,to her Feb. 25/1913,  six'months' after she was taken  from the Colony Farm to Mr. Ellison's ranch in the Okanagan.  "Colony Celia-Fayne is down as a  calf at $25., Her mother-had a record of, 30 -pounds of butter in a  vveek, and was worth $1000. She  was in calf when Mr. Ellison got her  for in Vol. 17 of the Herd BopkJie  registered Ellison's Ellen of Okanagan, got ��������������������������� by - the . famous ''bull. Rag  Apple Korndyke 'Vllth, whose; sire  was*sold 'for. $5',000r : -    *   y   * V''  '* "Meta Clolhilcl P. had'a-record of  99.2 pounds of milk per day, and  was. already "in;'calf Avheh Mr. Ellison got her, lo one of tlie,most fam-  ous'^bulls on".the "��������������������������� American' conti-;  nent, and the next,year, in Vol: 17,  page. 81,' of the  Holstein  Friesian  Herd Book we find Mr. Ellison registering a heifer calf from her, born  March 26th, 1913,    This- cow was  put down by Mr. Ellison at $75, and  as a scull.     .She cost the Government. $500.  ���������������������������   . '  ' '"Mr. Ellison tells us on .the order  paper" that the valuation was -put  upon  these  cattle by thc medical  superintendent and head herdsman  of the Colony Farm.    I am in a position to say lhat no such valuations  as'Mr. Ellison states in his answers  were set by the head herdsman.   I  have seen the valuations set for the  cattle, and can-say that the.cattle  which Mr. Ellison  says were valued ,to him at $475, were really valued !by the herdsman al $2,175."  Mr. Ellison's Statement     ��������������������������� ,  Mr. Ellison took the platform the  momentJVIr.^Garclom_stepp_edJjlowii1.  Hc launched into the cattle subject  somewhat apologetically, but with  evident determination to make the  best of a bad deal. Hc ridiculed thc  idea that he had ever been guilty of  wrong doing. 'The Colony Farm, he  eaj?h calf, did it not cost the Government Farm as much to keep the  mothers of these calves before he  got them at $25 ancl $50 ancl $75  apiece?  "1 have a hundred cows on my  ranch better than those sent me  from the Colony .Farm. I fear  nothing that any man has lo say  I value my  any of you  I am hot afraid of the  will .give on election  against me.  reputation  genllemen  said, was not under the Department  of Agriculture, therefore he could  not have used the people's money  to buy thc cattle and then sell them  to himself at the reduced prices  slated. Hc visited lhe Colony Farm  but had no intention of buying the  cattle. The cattle he got from thc  farmxwere culls of the Ayorst type.  He bought them because they were  culls. He did not see them until he  saw them on his ranch in the Okanagan. They were not the cattle he  had spoken for. He was greatly  disappointed in them. They had  not come up  to  his  expectations.  "A thief is not made in a night,"  said Mr. Ellison, "and I am sure  that you will not turn down a man  who has served you for 17 ycars  with no further charges against  him than those put up by the man  who is my opponent in this election. I am the legal nominee of the  Conservative convention, and ask  the support of all Conservatives in  Enderby district. You have always  given me a handsome majority and  I ani sure you will do so again.  I am as innocent as any of you,  gentlemen, in this cattle transaction.  The cows were very indifferent  animals. It doesn't matter about  the $2000, or $500 prices mentioned  as what they were-worth or cost the  Government. I tell you, gentlemen,  they were culls���������������������������very indifferent  cows. I did sell two or three of  the calves from these cows at $125  apiece, but I tell you, gentlemen, it  cost mc a good $10 a month to raise  these calves, and they were worlh  all I sold them for."  Here a voice from thc audience  wanted to know of Mr. Ellison if , , _. .  it cost him $10 a month to raise slated, but whal he had read was  the same as  value yours,  verdict you  day." -  Regarding, his resignation, 'Mr.  Ellison said he wired it in to Sir  Richard McBride from Salmon Arm  on his way home from Victoria on  the day lhat the House prorogued.  He resigned because he-found the  duties of the oflice too arduous for  him To attend to. <  Mr. Ellison Avas kept busy for  some time explaining.how he was  not responsible for the answers  given over his,signature on the order paper of the legislative proceedings. The answers were made  by other officials, .'he said, 'in the  Colony Farm department.   ^  Mr. Ellison was asked'how.much  he would take for, the cattle he-had  bought from the Colony Farm,; for  $475. * His reply was',a request for  the enquirer-to. come down-to his.  ranch and* see' them. , "The.co.w  that "I" gave .$250yfor is condemned,  so those Isaidwereyculls tire-'still,  culls, genllemen." ^.'v- ' -7 ���������������������������*:  >Mr;; Heggie: ^"Will* *y'o.u 'telF-the  meeting- why,,you , ibought those  cows,,-Mr. Ellison?'.'  "I bought them because7 they  were being weeded out, gentlemen."  --"Then you bought them because  they were ciills.' ' We who have  known-you a long time, Mr. Ellison,  cannot be expected to believe that.  It is not the way you- do things  generally."  "T have told* you why I bought  them, gentlemen. I did not see  them. They were not the cattle I  expected to get. I did not go to the  Colony Farm to buy them. Do you  believe me, gentlemen?"  Cries of "No," "No," "No."  "Some of-those which you say  were suckling calves, when you  bought them, we learn from the  herd book had calves six months  after you, got them? It must be the  climate up here is responsible?"  Mr. Gardom's Reply  News Notes of Enderby and District _  Briefly Told for Busy Readers  left on Monday  Mr. Ellison "parried the thrusts  as deftly as possible ancl with not  a little good humor, showing how  well he has learned the art of platform speaking. On the contrary,  Mr. Gardom, who retook thc spot  light, showed an exuberance of fire  and earnestness, but fell short in  humor and sauvity. He hit hard in  his reply to Mr. Ellison's explanation of the cattle**deal. Hc said nc  would gladly go into the qucslmn  of platform ancl what hc proposed  to do for the people of thc Northern  Okanagan, if elected,, at his own  meeting-in the near future. What  he believed Ihe people of this riding arc particularly inlcrestd in  just now is whether Mr. Ellison has  proved himself a fit person to be  again entrusted with the important  duty of representing the riding. He  claimed that he had forfeited the  right to carry lhe prefix 'honorable'  to his name, and he charged Mr.  Ellison with having been untrue to  thc trust reposcl in him. He ques-  lioned-whether Mr. Ellison had ever  paid a cent on the cattle. Certainly  he did not pay one dollar clown on  the purchase of them*, for hc so  states in his answers on the floor of  the House. This is not the usual  way of doing things when any of  the farmers of the Province go to  the Colony Farm to purchase these  fine-bred animals. They have to  buy them al auction; they go to the  highest bidder, ancl for cash. It  does not inaltcr who the buyer, thc  cash must be paid clown. He said  Mr. Ellison did nol buy in this way.  He went in bv the hack door and  look the cattle. And he says hc  paid, for them in a round .about way  by a ccrlain mysterious lien note.  He said Mr. Ellison could hardly  hope to pull lhc wool over the people's eves as he was attempting to  do. He had read from certain papers, il was true, as My. Ellison has  . Rev. J. A. Dow  for Vancouver. ���������������������������  Mr. J. L. Fortune is reported seriously, ill at his home.  *  Hard times dance al Grindrod'to-  morrow night, Apr. 9th.  Miss Beattie is .spending the Easter holidays in Kamloops.*  ��������������������������� Mr. A.-C. Skaling returned from  the coast Tuesday'morning.   -, '  Miss Marie Murdock is spending  Easter week with her parents.  Born���������������������������On Saturday, April 3rd, to  Mr. ancl Mrs. Wm.-H, Scott, "a son.  ��������������������������� Miss Kate Graham, is visiting her  mother this week from Revelstoke.  The Enderby Egg "Circle handled  HIS1/! dozen eggs for thc month of  March. '    .       '     .  Pat Mowat is spending a week or  two with his parents, from Victoria  military camp.- '      ��������������������������� _   \  Miss  Margaret "'Hartry has been  seriously ill.since Saturday, with an  attack .of'pneumonia."/   ���������������������������     ���������������������������   ',    ,  ���������������������������/  Mrs. Wm,"Sewell  and  daughter,  Miss- Daisy,-rare -spending-.Easter  week,ah Enderby. froin^Lavington. *  Gcor D.y Myers,  of -Sand' Point,  Idaho,:'sori of ,Miv GcoV Myers?-of��������������������������� thc  Okanagan rSaw Mills," is7visiting his  parents.,       - -.; .     .;.p<..-,,,..-...;.>  ,, There will be a campaign meeting  of-the ��������������������������� SocialisUparty _.of/JCariadat.in..  the-" Opera House" this". (Thursday)  evening,.at 8 o'clock  tH. ���������������������������'Gildemeester, wife and-ch.il-'  dren, left - Enderby this week for  Coronation, Alberta, where they expect to make-their future-home.  * The whist drive given in the K.  of,P.'Hall.Tuesday evening, proved  very enjoyable to a large crowd. It  netted the Ladies'-Hospital Auxiliary some $35.      *-' -      -   "      '-  Parish of Enderby, first Sunday  after Easter: -Mattins' and Holy  Communion, Grindrod, 10.30-a.m.;  Evensong, Mara, 3 p.m.; Choral  Evensong, Enderby; 7.30 p.m.  Jas. Glen and .brother Kenneth  came in.on Saturday for a brief  stay. Bolh are members of thc Engineer corps in training at thc  coast for service at the front.    ���������������������������-  Provincial Constable Patton had  a case of cruelty to animals before  Magistrates Barnes ancl Rosoman, in  the Provincial Hall Wednesday af-  tcrnoqn, _ir__which Rene Potrie, of  Malicl Lakejdistricf, "was fihcd^SD"  and costs for working a horse that  , Melhodisl Church  day,  11   a.m,  "The  services:  Abiding  .ni  Sun-  Prcs-'  .V:  ence;" 7.30 p.m., "Obedience to the ...  Heavenly Vision."   Service at Ash-  ton school at 2.30. .   -,     , -.     '  *  Miss Nellie Hancock came in :on   '   y,  Saturday   from ��������������������������� the  coast  to"3 visit.' "V  Enderby friends.   Miss Hancock-is V  recovering Vrom   a* serious  illness V ' ���������������������������  :which confined her "to her-bed for'.. 7'  " ���������������������������"  some weeks. *     -.    ."��������������������������� - ]_';  Art Williamson, head sawyer atV'i ,7  .the Okanagan Saw Mills, returned -VVV  tp Enderby for, the' summer *-*>this V V-.  week. It is expected that, the mill...7.'7  will be in full operation on Monday - 7; ;.  next:   ,.      -" .      - \: _   . ���������������������������- "'���������������������������; /'V^y *"_  Miss Alma ���������������������������, Thomas, formerly. of.' v?>- 7  the King Edward Hotel, staff, whoW''  has been seriously ill in* Vernon for 7 .' ,<���������������������������.'***  some time past, was in-Enderby ,6ri>;'VV*7-  Mondayk   somewhat \ improved-'. - in'f* Sf ft7  health: V-    *'..       7     -   -. "^'i^'.-V'./v  * Mr'.Geo. Heggie Avas in Enderby*VjV.17  |lhis  week ^taking, a-look -at^his'JV^'V^  farming property Just, north-of -the^-vT. ,i������������������,  townalong the Mara road. 7H<i will"  have,:considerable ;-acreage'%>  foryseedirig-this'* spring.,.,������������������;?,'  ;^,Don't forgct'thesacrccrcci...-,- ,.-ar,,.,,,  the*. Presbyterian   Church   tonight^7*?V^^S|  -Thursday, -at .8 6'clock;v^Soldicrs/;f7;4k^M  of/the Cross,'with selections by-.tne/;^        ' '  Encle'rby'.orchestra.- The last con-'""V  cert of the Philharmonic Society'.V-T-  ':&��������������������������� '_4r.J  was  ving a horse  was barely able to walk..  Mr. Ellison's own statements, made  in answer lo specific questions,  asked ancl answered on the lloor of  Ihe House, and he wanted to know  if that wasn't pretty good authority  for the charges made.  . Question: "Wouldn't, you buy  $150 cows for $25 if you had thc  chance."  "If I could buy Ihem in a straight  sale, yes; but I would not go in oy  the back door and take them."  Mr. Ellison's Reply  In his reply lo Mr. Gardom's remarks, Mr. Ellison's keynote was  "judge mc as you would be judged  yourself." All'of us make mistakes,  In private and public life. If anyone had any desire to get into political life, he would advise them to  slay out. No man can know the  sins he is gulily of until he gels into  politics. He repeated thai thc valuations on the order paper were not  his valuations. II was true that the  Government has always demanded  cash from the farmers when they  purchased at lhc Government auction sales. The Government needed  Ihe money then lo buy more stock  to supply more farmers.  Question: "But, Mr. Ellison, did  not lhc Government need the money  as   much   when   you   bought  your  cattle, as they needed it from the"  poorer farmers?"  Mr. Ellison closed by Telling the  audience lhal he was never in such  close touch or in so complete accord wilh the Government as now,  and he asked Ihe support of the  electors lhal he might be vindicated  of tlie charges lhat had been laid,  and in view of the record he had  made in his 17 years' service in the  interests of thc people of the Oka-  BOUND, gagged and robbed 1,-  1 ��������������������������� _��������������������������� **** -       ~   ^, " _,   t. '   ���������������������������  ' Last Wednesday, night about 10.30 _'���������������������������  o'clock, when Sam La ugh line was.  closing up his books^.at the  tele- :  phone, exchange, hnd.Vnlering his';,  cash-receipts for the "day, seated'at.-  thc table in the telephone ofliccVa'Vy  man" rushed in upon him from be-' ..'.  hind and threw over his face.and'V  mouth a woman's skirl, which was'V,  lied  from behind so tightly as to.  make any oulcry impossible. Then^y -  his hands and feet were tied and-lie,!,  was carried out of the office inlo V  the living rooms at the rear of the"-,  office and left -lying with his feet-  partly inlo the hole leading to the"  cellar from the kitchen.   Thc telephone cash was taken, amounting to * -;  something over $12, and his,pockets *  were rilled of what coin he himself  h ad,Tsoui e_t h i n a ovcr.S2. .Mr. Laugh-..,.'  line declares that immediately the   ,  man jumped him hc was assisted  by a pal, who did the tying of. his  wrists and legs wilh telephone extension   cord.    In   thc   sculllc   lhe  table  was   thrown   about  and   the   .  office stove  knocked   over.    After -  taking what money they could get    '  the men stole out of thc building oy  the back door, as Ihcy entered it.  They left him lied hand and foot  and gagged.   -        ���������������������������-   ���������������������������   ���������������������������       :  ��������������������������� Mrs. Laughlinc was oul with  friends for the evening and hc was  to go for her when hc had finished  his books. 'She remained away until nearly i2 o'clock, when she was  taken home by lhe friends. On entering the house all was in darkness  and on going to the kilchen they  found Mr. Lvnighline lied and bound  as before stated. The wire cord  was nipped and lhc gag laken oil",  but it was some time before he  could give a clear account of what  had taken place. Dr. Keith and  Constable Bailey were called. Immediately the telephone wires were  in use and constables at neighboring points notified. Two men were  noticed in town Wednesday, and  were shadowed by Constable Bailey ���������������������������  until about 10 o'clock when he lost  sight of them. A description of the  suspects was circulated, and they  are reported to have been detained  a short lime al Salmon Arm, but as  Ihcy denied having been in Enderby  the "previous day they were allowed v  to go, and made good their getaway. .  Enjoys Their Confidence  low  strongly Hon. W. J. Bowser  enjoys the confidence of the Conservatives of Vancouver was shown  Ihe olher evening when lhe allorncy  general received a unanimous nominalion to lead the party in that city  at the coming election. THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, April 8,   1915  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  information and advice concerning the various  lines of agricultural effort and investigation.  "Our annual-reports are necessarily written in  great detail, which delays their issue for a considerable time after the results reported on are  actually obtained; the collection of data for our  bulletins is often a matter of years of patient effort. It is felt, therefore, that there is need of a  publication like lhe one now.published. Its title,  "Seasonable Hints," gives a fair idea of what we  aim at, namely, lo give, from time lo lime, some  findings pr advice, stated in a clear and concise  way, and issued at such seasons of lhe year as  will give lhc matter in each direct bearing on the  work in hand on our Canadian farms. The treatment of any subject may not be comprehensive or  final���������������������������this may be reserved for our reports and  bulletins���������������������������bul we shall Iry to put you in close  touch wilh lhc present slalus of our work; lo render ils results immcdialely available lor your use,  and lo strengthen between us the bond of a common endeavor."  Thc March number is made up of seasonable  hints covering every department of agriculture,  hints regarding lhc preparation and work for the  Spring season. If any. reader of thc Press has  not been favored with a copy of "Seasonable  Hints," a request to the Department of Agriculture will bring it  WHAT IS YOUR DIET ?  Published every  Thursday  at    Enderby.  B. C.  Walker   Press.  at S2  per  year,  by  the  Advertising Kates:   Transient,  nOc an inch first insertion, 25c each subsequent insertion.    Contract advertising. SI an inch per month.  Legal Notices:  12i, a line first insertion: 8c a line each subsequent insertion.  Keadintr Nelices and Locals: 15c a line.  APRIL 8, 1915  CANADA'S GREAT UNDERTAKING  ing  .lust how energetically the Government is carry-  out lhe policy outlined by Sir Robert Borden  at the outset of the war, of keeping 50,000 men  continually in training in Canada and of sending  forward a continual stream of lighting units to  the aid ol* lhc Empire is possibly nol realized by  the people ol" Canada. Thc ollicial figures show  lhal Canada today has 95,000 soldiers on active  service and under arms, distributed as follows:  First contingent, now at the front, with reserves in England, 33,000; Princess Patricia Light  Infantry and reinfo'rccmcnls, 1,000 men; Royal  Canadian regiment al Bermuda, 1,200 men; regiment at St. Lucia, British West Indies, 500 men;  thirteen regiments of mounted men, 7/100; second  contingent, mcl  tiding  4,000 already in England,  20,000; twenty-six regiments ol* third and fourth  contingents, 20,000; men on home defence duly  ancl guarding alien camps, 10,092 men. In addition to the foregoing, there has been sent forward  various hospital, veterinary and other detachments, which would make something like 1,500  or 2.000 men.  According  lo   an   ollicial  number ol  prisoners oi  w  801.000 enlisted   men  and  officers.    During the war o  of prisoners of war was  lhe Allies have an equal  not more, anc"  announcement, thc   ' "Tienf.ahv  ir now m uermany is  9.000  commissioned  1870-71  the number  383.000.    It is probable  number of prisoners if  the question soon will be a serious  one how these prisoners, il* Ihey keep on increasing, are going lo be taken care of.  SEASONABLE HINTS  Hon. Martin Burrell is not leaving a slonc unturned in his efforts lo make lhe Department of  Agriculture of practical usefulness and helpfulness lo even lhc humblest farmer .of lhe Dominion and lo lhe great agricultural industry as a  whole. The latest cll'orl is in the form of a  monthly bulletin entitled "Seasonable Mints,"  which, as ils name implies, is filled wilh seasonable hints given by the various men employed by  the (iovernmenl as superintendents of the Dominion Experimental Farms situated in the various  provinces. "Seasonable Hints," as we understand it. is published primarily lo assist in making  Ihe work of the Dominion Experimental Farms  of more and more use lo the individual agriculturist; to encourage every farmer to feel thai the  Department is deeply interested in his success; lo  make the Experimental Farms system a house  hold word as representing the inslilulion lo which  hc instinctively turns for assistance in sol villi  his dailv farming problems.  Number 1 of "Seasonable Mints" was publishec  Canadians eat loo much meat.' They arc one  of lhe three greatest meat-eating peoples in the  world, Australia and the United Stales being thc  other two. High prices for meal are coming. The  cost of food as well as ils nutritive value should  be considered. Prof. James Long, the eminent  British authority, recently addressed lhe following advice lo the war office:  "Jam has Ihrcc-and-a-half times the energy  value of butter. Ils value lies in ils richness in  sugar���������������������������of which one-half ils weight consists���������������������������in  lhc minerals present ih the skins of fruits, in ils  laxative character and ils mechanical aid to digestion. Thc most nutritious and useful varieties of  jam arc Ihose made from plum, apricot, gooseberry and currant, but a mixture of plum and  apple stand at the head of the list. Jam should  not be considered as a daintv, but as an article of  food."  Dr. Frank T. Shu It, of Ottawa, Dominion chemist, gives thc following authoritative statement as  to lhc great importance of vegetables, especially  fresh or home-grown.    Thc importance in connection wilh small gardens in towns and cities is  apparent, and the subject is opportune at this  time ol* thc year, when there is a general tendency  to en "large upon the garden plols in this particular locality.    It my be that a small garden will  keep down lhe doctor's bills and give the undertaker a vacation:      "That many of lhe ills lhat  Ilesh is heir lo arise from indiscretions in diet is a  fact   thai  more  of  us  should  realize���������������������������and   the  earlier in life Lhc belter.   Many of us, and perhaps this applies particularly to those who live in  the cily, cat too much.   As a result, we get too  stout as life advances and, what is slill more serious, an extraordinary strain is put on certain of  the organs of the system in nature's efforts lo gel  rid of'the waste.   Further, we who live more or  less sedentary lives, cat too much meal; lhc man  who si Is at the desk all day long or stands behind  a counter may work as hard as the navvy or  ploughman, but it is a different kind of work. It  does not call for thc same amount of strong food.  There is no necessity to diet ourselves by formula  or to weigh out what wc should cat, but we ought  to be guided to a certain extent in our eating  "by   common   sense" ruid^ll*u*r"lcno"\\dtRl"gC"*^vhi"cly  scincc furnishes respecting the requirements of  the body for the maintenance of lhc vital heat,  lhe development of energy and  the  repair of  tissue.     As cily people we might*keep in belter  health and live more.cheaply if we would cat less  meal and concentrated foods and use. more vegetables and I'ruil.- And lhis advice might especially  be emphasized for the summer diet, when there  is  nol  Ihe^same^calLoL lhe- -system ���������������������������for-- the  stronger foods.  "Fresh vegetables arc wholesome, palatable  and productive of good health. Though in direct  food value vegetables yield a first place lo meals,  il musl not be supposed Ihcy arc destitute of  those nutrients which build up lhc body tissue  and keep the machinery working. It would be  possible, though nol desirable, to live exclusively  on vegetable foods. Bul vegetables, and especially fresh vegetables, are not lo be regarded merely  from the standpoint of maintenance���������������������������though wc  assert that now-a-days Ihey would make a very  good showing on lhe ground of economy. Nor  nw.d wc urge their extensive use on the grounds  simply IhaUhcy arc appetizing and furnish variety lo the diet. They, in addition to these excellent  qualities, possess a medicinal value; they arc aids  lo digestion and afford that bulk or volume to lhc  food necessary For lhe right distension of thc ali-  BANKof MONTREAL  Established 1817  Capital, $16,000,000 (paid up)  Rest, $11,000,000  ' T  H. "V. Meredith, Esq., President  Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor, General Manager  BRANCHES IN LONDON, ENG., NBW YORK and CHICAGO.  SAVINGS   DEPARTMENT  Deposits received from $1 upwards, aud interest allowed at current rate..  Interest credited 30th June   and 31st December.  ENDERBY BRANCH E.J. WHITE, Manager  Specials in Lumber  while they last:  No. 4 Novelty Siding,  No. 2 2z4 and 2x6,  No. 2 Mixed Lath,    -  Short Cordwood,  Dry Blocks,  $10.00 per M  $13.00 per M  $1.75 per M  $3.75 per load  $2.25 per load  Why not lay in your winter supply of wood NO W  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. Enderby  King Edward  A name that stands for the best in hotel service.  KingEdwardHotel, ^^URPHY  Enderby  We have on hand good Alfalfa,  which we are prepared  to deliver anywhere in the City: one bale or one ton  A Limited Amount of Alfalfa Meal for Hog Feeding  at $1.00 a Hundred  ALFALFA PRODUCTS, LIMITED  Give Your Home Printer a  ^^^^Ghance^at^your^-  Loose Leaf Billheads  Letterheads  Statements  Booklets .'.���������������������������.���������������������������  Counter, Check Books  Stock Certificates  Window Cards  Stork Cards  Financial Statements  Invitations  Duplicate Billing Forms  Envelopes  Price Lists  Dodgers  Circular Letters (typewriter)  Posters  Wedding Stationery  Wedding Cake Boxes and Cards  Ball Programmes  Visiting Cards  Poultrymen's Mating Lists  iflulion lo which! nienlary  Iracl.    Many  vegetables  contain  salts  j ii  Mi  ire  n.  clirecior o  "We arc  In his foreword, Mr. .!. 11. (Irisdale.  Dominion Experimental Farms, says:  Avhich arc gently laxative, relieving constipation,  thai scourge that is Hie forerunner of so many  dangerous and nol infrequently fatal diseases.  And, again, many vegetables, especially lliosc used  in salads, have a'special value in cooling the blood    constantly striving lo widen the scope Vnd arc, therefore, most wholesome, especially in  of the work carried on at Ihe experimental Farms j the summer season. Fresh vegetables are vastly  and stations. We wish von to make use of these superior to those lhat arc willed Irom keeping a  farms and slalions, more especially those in vour day or Iwo, in succulence, enspness and palalabil-  own Province, and vou arc invited to applv lo lli_|ily. To be enjoyed a ^  principal ollicers and lo the superintendents for be eaten strictly lresh."  their best, vegetables must  Butter Wrappers  AH Lines of Ruled and Unruled Writing Paper  In Short: Anything in Printing.  HAVE YOUR PRINTING DONE IN THE HOME TOWN.  THE  WALKER   PRESS  It will cost you just one-  third of a cent a pound y0urave  Butter wrapped in your own neatly printed Butter Parchment, if you order from���������������������������    THE WALKER PRESS P7  Thursday, April 8,   1915  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  GILLETTS LYE  EATS DIRT  M ..  "���������������������������'i etfo������������������c opiniho -rutL oimcnoNi goiw <*���������������������������"***  ���������������������������Crimed  TORONTO ONT.  Mr. R. Robertson Resigns Management of Okanagan United Growers  and  Addressing Mail to Soldiers  In order to facilitate the handling  of mail at the front and to insure  prompt delivery it is requested that  all mail be addressed as follows:  (a) Rank, (b) Name, (c) Regimental  Number, (d) Company, Battery or  other unit, (e) Battalion, (f) Brigade, (g) First (or Second) Canadian Contingent, (h) British Expeditionary Force.  OF CANADA  Secure Prompt Returns  through Union Bank  ot Canada Drafts  1    When   you   ship your fruits,  grain,   livestock   or   any   other  " produce, ensure prompt payment  by, putting * through   a   Union  Bank of Canada Draft on the  Consignee.' This is the businesslike --way,* and, will;, save   you-  delayecl payments and sometimes1,  loss: "Th'e;cost is:trifli*_ g���������������������������-see the*;  Manager about it. -  Enderby Branch,      J. W. GILLMAN, Manager  SECRET SOCIETIES  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby , Lodge No. 40  Regular meetings first  Thursday on or after* the  full moon at 8 p. m. iri Oddfellows Hall. VisntiVifc  brethren cordially invited  JNO. WARWICK  Secretary  The Okanagan United Growers  last week took the first slep in what  is believed'will be the disorganization of the fruit growers' organizaV getting  lion of Ihe Valley. It was the only.:making  possible step to lake, under lhc circumstances.. yAt a meeting of the  Uniled Growers held al Vernon last  week, Mr. R. Robertson, manager  of Ihe organization since ils inception two years ago, resigned lhe  management, and will return to his  Vancouver business. It was a few  minutes of 12 o'clock last Wednesday night, afler hours of discussion  lhat lhc the motion asking for the  resignation of Mr. Robertson, was  adopted by a majority of one, the  vole standing 12 lo 13. This vote,  it is stated, represents thc wish of  but a few of the voters, but there  seemed to be no alternative. It was  either that they support the motion  or have Penticton . and Kelowna  withdraw from lhe Central.  Commenting on the resignation  the Summerland Review says:  "Peachland, Summerland, Armstrong, Enderby and Salmon Arm,  ancPa section of Vernon, opposed  Mr. Robertson's resignation, and  look upon the situation- as critical,  ancl view his- going with alarm.  Mr. Robertson declared, however,  that he could not continue in view  of, the clamorous opposition that  had been stirred up by, agitators,  both within and without. Mr. Robertson has offered, if it is desired,  to stay with the Growers till they  get into shape and a successor is  named. No probable successor is  in sight. Very strong expressions  of confidence in ancl approval of  Mr. Robertson were made by the  majority of the representatives,*  ancl the feeling at thc session the  next morning was deep ancl serious.  Thc policy outlined by the Central,  as published some/weeks ago,,was  practically adopted with only slight  modifications.���������������������������" 'It was' decided -to  'try.-out -some sales offices'- on- the-  prairies "and one warehouse at  least. .It is probable that .Salmon  Arm and'^ossibly 'other locals may  break away from the'Central"because .of Mr.. Robertson's resignation." -:    ,  This step in the turbulent experience of the Okanagan United Growers was not unlookcd for. So much  dissatisfaction has been felt with  the results of the policy of fhe Central Selling Agency, it was only the  garden  has  been grown and  was demanding a market. And the  only system that has succeeded in  the growers together ancl  them prosperous has been  by co-operalion���������������������������co-operation. ���������������������������' in  limes of adversity as well as times  of plenty. And if was-not done by  heaping the blame upon the manager and changing managers with  every adverse wind.  THREE POINTS OF PROTEST  Briefly, thc tree points of protest  filed by the United States against  the blockade declared by Great  Britain and her allies of the German coast have been given as follows :  1. The. seizure by the Allies of  noncontraband goods proceeding to  or from Germany through neutral  territory is unwarranted.  ���������������������������2. The area of the blockading  operations, described by the Allies,  as "European waters, including the  Mediterranean," is too indefinite.  3. The intention to punish at a  subsequent time any vessel which  eludes the "cruiser cordon" and  proceeds to a German port is unjustifiable.  President Wilson's advisers in  these matters are clearly of opinion  that thc international law of blockades is against the Allies in this  case. The President has been advised, however, tha_t it would be  unwise to contend for too strict a  compliance with the rules of ordinary blockade, it being pointed out  that the development of submarines  will tend more and more to destroy  thc hitherto accepted', notions of-  a blockade.-  LAW.OR MILITARISM  WHEELER  W. M.  ENDERBY. LODGE  No. 35, K. of P.  Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Hall.   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In  losing Mr. Robertson thc Okanagan  United Growers lose a man it will  be very difficult to replace. A man  of exceptional nerve energy and  insight, ancl an indefatigable man-  agcr, MrTRobcrtson tried most con-  scicntiously and intelligently to  put the Okanagan United Growers  on a stable, sound co-operative  basis. That hc laid thc foundation  well will yet be proved, but thc  growers themselves have shown the  need of a truer conception of the  spirit of co-operation essential to  building upon  such  a   foundation.  War conditions the past season  knocked the bottom out of the market last year, and thc first season  caught the organization incomplete  with the fruit crop demanding  immediate-attention... It is doubtful  if any man on earth could have  done belter than Mr. Robertson in  thc first two years' of the organization's existence. Time will tell.  But one thing is certain: no man  will attempt to do belter than he  who is not given more loyal support  than was given Mr. Robertson.  We trust that the co-oprative  movement of the growers will not  receive a severe check owing to thc  resignation of Mr. Robertson. It is  certain that the growers of thc  Okanagan cannot do the impossible:  they cannot solve Ihe market and  production problems by any other  system than co-operation. They  may think their problems are different than the growers of .other localities have been through. But it  is not so. The same problems have  come up in every locality where  fruit and olher produce of the field  There is a broad principle involved of far-reaching importance  in. the stand which.,this'.country, is  making for a "strict, observance of  Uie 'rules1 of international" law- arid  the preservation of neutral rights.  It. is hot the mereVfucstion of dollars ancl cents; not whether American trade shall,suffer more or less  of interruption. The real question is  whether'th j" rules which have received the assent of .all-nations in  the past respecting" the rights of-  neutrals can be abrogated at will by  any power of great naval ancl military strength whenever it may find  it to its interests to do so.  If one country or another can  arrogate to itself lhe right to ignore  the rights of others, by reason of Us  military ancl naval strength, then all  rights of all countries are held entirely at the mercy of those particular countries. Thc only remedy for  such a condition of affairs is for  countries whose rights' are thus  overridden, and who are able lo do  so, to place Iheir military establishments on such a fooling that they  become equal or superior in military strength lo the powers which  assume lhat Ihey are superior lo lhe  laws of nations.  It is a question presented whether  lhere is such a thing as inlernalional law, through which national  rights can be protected without  Iheir defense by force, or whether  thc law is lo be thrown inlo lhc discard ancl wc are to go back lo primitive conditions wherein might is lo  be the only rule of right; when  countries have no rights save those  which they are prepared to protect  with the'strong arm.  In olher words, thc issue presented is that of militarism against  law. In this we arc standing hot  for any'cold commercial'proposition, not for any matter of dollars  ancl cents, but for thc national  rights of all countries. Wc refuse  to admit thai the rights of all of the  nonmilitary nations are held only  at thc sufferance of the strong-military nations, ancl that no nation has  any rights to be considered unless  she has the military ancl naval  strength to make it dangerous to invade them.���������������������������Chicago Tribune.  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And people never seek a  store to hear,, a grouchy merchant roar;" they'll, patronize, thc  wiser gent who doesn't air^ his  discontent. " Morat-VThc man  'who keeps Tsmiling and .advertises-gels the goose.   ���������������������������    V."  IS AT HAND  Book orders no,w to insure   7  prompt attention. -. Painting,  Kalsomining/-Papery  ���������������������������, hanging.   w������������������0^kBnoP near city h_h "  C. G. PIPER, City Decorator  ��������������������������� il  i .'I  Baths in connection  H. HENDRICKSON, Proprietor -.* '  Next thc Fulton Block,,En'derliyVp  - -i *\ t  ' ���������������������������      '"- "!  7   ' 7~ j  BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME  v*  ���������������������������jzs:  '������������������"_$*  To be great is to be misunderstood.   , ���������������������������. .  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Application for a lease musl be  made by the applicant in person lo  thc Agent of sub-Agent of thc district in which rights applied for are  situated.  " In ' surveyed territory the land  must be described by sections, or  legal .sub-divisions-of sections, and  in , unsurveyeel territory the tract  applied for slfall be slaked out by  the applicant himself.  Each application musl be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be  refunded if lhe rights applied for  are not available, but nol otherwise.  A royally shall be paid on thc merchantable output of. the mine at the  rate of five cents per ton.  Thc person operating Ihe mine  shall furnish tlie Agent wilh sworn  returns accounting for the full  quantity of merchantable coal  mined and pay lhc royally thereon.  If the coal mining rights are not  operated, such returns should be  furnished at least once a year.  The lease will include the coal  mining rights only, but the lessee  may be permitted lo purchase whatever available surface rights as may  be considered necessary for the  working of thc mine, at the rale of  $10 an acre.  For full information application  should hc made to the Secretary of  the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or sub-Agent  of Dominion Lands.  "W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.--Unaulhorizcd publication f  this advertisement will not be paid  for.  ButterWrapper  Parchment  ���������������������������VI  ;\  against thc selling of  The  Dominion   law  butler   without   thc   words   "Dairy   Buller"   or  __Crcanicry_Buttei_.,__rasJhc_casejnay_b_c__-printc_d,  on thc butter wrap, is a blessing in disguise to thc  average farmer. In thc first place, if his Butler  wrappers arc neatly printed with his name and  thc brand of thc butter on lhc label, lhc storekeepers can readily sell the butler al*5c a pound  more than hc can get for buller wrapped in paper  that is nol printed, and tbe butler-maker gels thc  advantage in 5c a pound more for his butler from  thc merchant.  It is the duty of every butter maker to comply wilh lhc law in this matter. Some butter  "makers have only,a cow or two, and make so little  butter lhat it docs not appear to Ihem thai they  can:afford lo have their butter;-..wraps'printed.,  They do not like'the idea of having 500 or 1000  butter wraps on hand. To accommodate this  class of butler makers, Thc Press has printed up  a quantity of "Custom" Buller Wraps. They arc  printed wilh thc words "Fresh Dairy Butter" but  do not bear lhe name of lhc maker. However, '  these wrappers fill the requirements' of the law  governing this point, and can be bought in small  quantities at the rate of 50c a hundred in 100 or  50 lots. If you do nol rcpuire butter wraps in  larger lots, lake these wraps in lesser 'quantities.  ' -'I  -ii  In lots of 500,  In lots of 1000,  $2.75  3.75  The Walker Press THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, April 8,   1915  Enderby Board of Trade Reports  a Quiet Year but Shows Glean Sheet  Only a few members of lhc Enderby Board of Trade attended the  annual meeting held last Thursday  evening in lhc City Hall to close up  the business of Ihe past year. The  president's report followed Ihe approval ol* lhe minutes of the lasl  The  report  was  as  fol-  Mcl'herson  (.apt. Cameron ............  S.  Poison   ....-..... .......  Graham   Rosoman      (Irani  from Cily     Balance from old account.  m eel ing  lows:  President's Report 'J[,0Ml)������������������S,,,,,,inge  ��������������������������� II. M. Walkei  Gentlemen:    When lhe season olj(;, ,|.| Mun-jn  101-1 opened, we did not si art underjG. E. McMahon  Ihe mosl favorable conditions. We  found on taking up the work laid  down by lhe old board an indebtedness hanging over us amounting to  several hundred dollars. "We had  some 35 or -10 members signed on,  bul only 12 or 15 of Ihesc paid lhe  membership fee of $3, hence we  were nol able lo carry on lhe work  we started oul to do.  We took Ihe matter of the board's  indebtedness up with Ihe Cily Council of 19 N, and succeeded in get-  ling an appropriation of $500, previously promised by lhe Council of  1013. " Willi lhis money we paid oil*  such liabilities as the board look  over. The purposes for which this  money was paid out are sel forth  Treasurer's Report  Receipts���������������������������  F. H. Barnes $  11. N. Hendrickson  ........  ("has.  Opperlshauser     M. A. Stevens     V.  S.  Slevens   ............  I). A. McLcod     A. Green.   II.  Peters   3.00  3.00  3.00  3.00  3.00  3.00  3.00  3.00  8.00  3.00  3.00  3.00  3.00  3.00  3.00  3.00  500.00  .72  in   Ihe  Treasurer's slalemenl.  In addition to cleaning up the indebtedness staled, wc appropriated  .$25 ouL of the funds of Ihe board to  be applied with an equal amouni  contributed by a few of lhc business  people of the lown towards Enderby's share of the cost of lhe erection of a very creditable kiosk at  Sicamous by the Commissary Department of lhe C.P.R. Wc believe  this amouni was well expended, and  would urge upon our citizens to  contribute fruits and vegetable and  other produce suitable for the Enderby cxhinil to be maintained in  the kiosk free of all further'cost to  lhe cily or dislrict.  We also invited the Associated  Boards of Trade of lhc Valley to  hold their next annual meeting al  Enderby, ancl our invilalion was  unanimously accepted. Il will be  up lo this board, therefore, to prepare lo contribute as much as possible lo the comfort and. convenience of'the'Associated Boards at  lhe lime of the meeting, which will  be in December, this year.  You will learn from thc Treasurer's report that wc have a small-  cash balance on hand. Wc owe lo  the Associated Boards of Trade our  membership fee for 191-1-15, Ihe  sum of ".25. It will be necessary  for us lo remit this amouni al our  earliest convenience.  Owing lo lhe general depression  and the lack of funds we curtailed  expenditures lhc pasl season lo the  lowest   point.  Respectfully submitted,  H. M. Walki-h. President.  $5-18.72  Disburse men Is���������������������������  A. FulIon, loan in full ... .$ 100.00  Montreal Star advertising.. 2(i.3'l  Vernon News in full  282.05  Walker Press printing .... 8.75  Kiosk  al  Sicamous   .. . .o . 25.00  Postage stamps for letters. . .33  Balance on  hand     20.05  $548.72  Treas.  A. T. ATTENBOROUOI  Owing to thc small attendance of  members the election of ollicers was  postponed sine die, and members  who have nol paid the membership  fee were urged to come forward  with the amouni to enable lhc board  lo finish the year with a clean sheet.  MORE TO DREAD THAN TO MOCK  The issue of the London Times  containing, the text of the Lloyd  George speech that roused all Britain against the liquor evil, has just  arrived in this counlry. Tlie speech  was delivered at a labor meeting at  Bangor, Males. The fervent peroration, which will become historic,  follows:  "Thc Allied countries, between  them, could raise armies of over  twenty millions of men. Our counlry can put in the field barely half  that number. Much as I would like  lo talk aboul the need of more men,  that is not lhe-point of my special  appeal today. We stand more in  need of equipment than.of men. The  war is an engineering work and il  will be won or lost owing to thc  efforts or short-comings of engineers. Our enemies realize lhis,  and employers ancl workmen in  Germany are straining to their utmost. T hear of workmen in armament works here who refuse to  work a full week's work for the nation's needs.   Thev are a minority.  But you must remember a small  minority of workmen can throw a  whole work out of gear. "What is  the reason? Sometimes it is one  thing, sometimes it is another, but  lei us be perfectly candid. It is  mostly for the lure of drink. They  refuse to work full lime, ancl when  they return, their strength and efficiency are impaired by the way  in which Ihcy have spent their  leisure. Drink is doing us more  damage than all the German submarines.  "Unless wc are able lo equip our  armies, our predominance of men  will avail us nothing. We need  men, but we need .arms more.than  men, and delay in producing them  is full of peril for this country.  "You may say that I am saying  things that ought lo be kepi from  Ihe enemy. I am nol a believer in  giving any information which is  useful to him. You may depend on  il, he knows. But I don'l believe  in withholding from our own people information which Ihey ought to  possess, because, unless you can tell  them you cannot invite their cooperation. Thc nation that cannol  bear the truth is nol fit for war, but  the many of our young men who are  volunteers, and lhe unflinching  pride of those they have left behind  Ihem in their, deed of sacrifice  ought to satisfy thc mosl apprehensive that we are nol a timid race  who cannot face unpleasant facts.  "We musl appeal for the co-operation bf our employers, workmen  ancl the general public. The three  must act and endure greater sacrifices or we shall delay, ancl may be,  imperil victory.  "Wc laugh at things in Germany  that ought to terrify us. Wc say:  Look at the way they are making  their bread oul of potatoes.' Aye,  lhat potato bread spirit is something which is more to dread lhan  to mock. That is thc spirit in which  a country should meet a great  emergency, ancl ���������������������������instead of mocking  it, we ought to imitate it."  Special  Order  Tailoring  Genuine  Semi-ready  Tailoring  WAR TAX ON LETTERS  ist Party of  Election Campaign  Opera House, Enderby, Thurs., Apr. 8  8 P. M.  Speaker, W. W. LEFEAUX:   Subject, "CULLS"  Everybody Welcome  Questions  Discussion  We  stock  BICYCLES  that  are  made  in  Prices  $35 and $40  BUILDERS' SUPPLIES  Our stock of Spring Goods, such as Poultry Netting, Garden  and Farm Tools, Lawn Mowers, Rubber Hose, Refrigerators,  Paints, Oils and Varnishes, and Paint Brushes is very complete.  We aim to be of service to you. Any goods you need which  we have not got in stock we can supply very quickly.  Plumbing and Tinsmithing.      Bring along your repairs.  Flllton Hardware Co   Plumbing, Heating  1 UilOIl Oc-irUWcire V^U. and Tinsmithing, Enderby  A war tax of 1 cenl has been imposed on' each letter ancl postcard  mailed in Canada for delivery in  Canada, the United Stales or Mexico  and on each letter mailed in Canada  for delivery in thc United Kingdom  ancl British possessions .generally,  ancl wherever the two-cent rale applies, to become effective on and  from thc 15th April, 1915.  This war lax is to be prepaid by  the senders by means of a war  stamp for sale by postmasters ancl  other postage stamp vendors.  Wherever possible, stamps on  which lhc words "War Tax" have  been printed should be used for prepayment of the war lax, but should  ordinary postage stamps be used  for lhis purpose, they will be accepted.  This war stamp or additional  "slam"if^foT^\varJT)iirposeS"=-.sIioiiUM)e*  affixed lo thc upper right hand portion of the address side of the.envelope or posl card, close to the  regular postage so that it may De  readily cancelled at the same time  as the postage.  Suits Made to Order in  Four Days  <I 300 patterns to choose from���������������������������All imported  British Worsteds, Serges, Cheviot's, Vicunas,  Tweeds and Homespuns���������������������������The richest collection of weaves ever shown.  i  <I Wc have secured the sole right to sell Semi-ready  Special Order Tailoring���������������������������hand-tailored clothes made  by specialists in. fine tailoring���������������������������20 different styles  in the Album of Fashion.  <J It takes exactly four days at thc shops to finish a  suit, and we guarantee satisfaction and an accurate  fit without a try-on.  Values from $18 up.  Enderby Supply Company  Enderby, B. C.  We can supply you with the following  brands of Flour:  Royal Household  Centennial  Strong Baker  A good supply of CeriaU  Glenora  Varsity  Hungarian  Feed of Various Kinds  We have a supply of SEED GRAIN on hand;   also CLOVER,  TIMOTHY and ALFALFA and SMALL SEEDS.  We deliver to any part of the city  TEECE & SON,  Old Poison Mercantile  Block, Enderby  Something  particularly  SPECIAL  in  fine  Crockery  and  Glassware  NOTICE  In the Matter of the Land Registry  Act: and in the Mailer of Lot 7,  Block 12, Map 211 A, City of Enderby.  Take notice that I shall, at the  expiration of one month from the  "cl a I troT "tlitrf 1 rsl~p lib I i ca t io n=o f-th i s  notice issue a Certificate of Indefeasible Title to the above Lot in  the name of Okanagan Saw Mills  Limited, unless valid-..objection in  writing he made to me in lhe meantime.  The holders of the following documents in respect of lhc said Lot  arc-required- to deliver lhc same to  me forthwith: namely���������������������������  iConvcyance, dated July 29, yhSOl,  T.McKay Lanihly and Robert Lahib-  ly lo John Eel ward Crane.  Conveyance, daled May  18!):., John Edward Crane to  John Scotl.  Conveyance,   daled    June  190-1, Henry John Scotl lo William  Tomkinson.  Conveyance, daled January 12lh,  1912, John Henry Carefool lo Walter Robinson.  Daled al Kamloops, B.C., this 1st  clay of April, A.D., 11)15.  C II. DUNBAR,  District Registrar.  11 Ih,  ���������������������������lenry  20111,  WANT ADS  SEED FIELD PEAS  per pound, f.o.b.  uray, Mara, B.C.  for sale; ^Vac  Mara.    Thos.  COWS FOR SALE-Two milch cows  rising 7 years; good milkers; well  broken and gentle; in calf to our  pure-bred Ayrshire bull, Bessie's  Model (20938)- due to freshen on  or about March 20th ancl 29th respectively. - Apply to R. J. Col-  tart, Enderby. Hi28-2t  STRAWBERRY, PLANTS���������������������������Magoons,  ���������������������������from��������������������������� Isl���������������������������year���������������������������plants.-.-���������������������������50,���������������������������75c;  100, $1; 1000, $8.50. Orders taken  until April 10th. Apply, L. Proctor, Enderby. m25-3t  J. E. Crane, Prop.  In the Supreme Court of British  Columbia  In the Matter of the Estate of Anthony McWhirter, deceased, and  in   the.   Matter   of   the   "Official  Administrators' Acl."  All persons having claims against  the estate of the above-named deceased   are  required   to  send  the  same  wilh  all  particulars  thereof  duly verified lo the undersigned on  or  before the  30th  day of April,  1915, and  all  persons indebted to  Ihe said deceased arc required to  pay Ihe amouni of such indebtedness to thc undersigned  forthwith.  Dated, March 29th, 1915.  ARTHUR O. COCHRANE,  Official    Adminislralor,    Okanagan  Electoral Dislrict, Vernon, B.C.  SETTING EGGS FOR SALE���������������������������From  pure-bred While Leghorns, $1.50  per setting of 13; from first-cross  Wyandotte and While Leghorns,  $1.00 per selling of 13; all from  2-year-old birds. Lawes, Enderby  Heights.  NO.l DUCK EGGS FOR HATCHING  Pure-bred White Pekin; $1.00 per  setting of 11 eggs. Mrs. John  McKay, Waterside, Enderby.   a31  MATERNITY NURSING. Mrs.West,  Enderby. ** m4-tf  Now is the Time  to Order Your  Customer's Own Material Made  Up.        Prices from $15.00 up.  Cleaning, Pressing & Repairing.  A. E. WEST  Ladies' ancl Gents' Tailor.  What I need I'll get, ancl if I don't  get it, ,it merely proves that I didn't  need it.


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