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, ^
fcsl*'.?*'* '���������'.
^S^fe^PS.''^-''       -   !>  ' '
)., 4*2 2
Enderby, B.C., December 31, 1914
Vol. 7; No. 44; Whole No. 346;
News in Brief of Enderby and
District of Interest Far and Near
Born���������On Dec. 28th, to Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Connors, Grindrod, a son.
Married ��������� On Wednesday evening, Dec. 23rd, at the home of the
bride's parents, Miss Pearl Cameron to Air. Wesley LaRoy, by the
Rev. J. A. Dow.    '
at Joe's
Mr. White won the
on Wednesday: 13 1-4
Lieut. Roy Wheeler will return
from mobilization camp this week.
Fred McKay has been with the
Murrin Hardware Company the past'
few weeks.
Miss Kate Graham spent Christmas week at her Enderby home,
from Revelstoke.
Mrs; Merrick has established her
Elite Millinery Parlors in the Bell
block, next the Postoffice.
The annual - Christmas tree services by the Presbyterian Sunday
school children, will be held this
(Thursday) evening in K.- of P
..; ..Hall. ���������; y- .>,/'7 --. _ ���������_ ;_ /.;
'S.a - Frank; Pearson, is ^ spending the
"- .-,- - Chirstmas holidays at his Enderby
hits' home,'^ returningj,to ^Vancouver.; on',
-��������� v��������� ... . _ j  ������ .-_- >__..,_-__r ,..   unjVersityi
midnight (watchnight) service will
be held, consisting of hymns,
prayers and address.
Methodist Church services, Sunday, Jan. 3rd: Morning subject,
"Spiritual Stock-taking." The evening service will be taken by Rev.
T. D. Hall. Service at the Ashton
school at 2.30.
" A proclamation has been.issued
by the King setting forth Sunday,
Jan. 3rd, as a day of prayer and
intercession on behalf of the';'cause
of the Allies in-the great European
war, and special services are to be
held in the Anglican, Presbyterian
and Methodist. churches as appointed by the King.
The officers of the Enderby
branch ,of the Okanagan Ambulance
League have received acknowledgment from the head office in To-,
ronto of the last shipment of clothing etc., forwarded from here. Tlie
need-for more' is urgently.. c\\
pressed.in the acknowledgment
and the Enderby League ladies are
hoping that there, will-be. a" gener-,
bus -.'attendance'. at = IhciNew;: Year's
da nee' given "ih-Vaid-'o'f the - f uri cC tomorrow^ (Friday) teveriin'grin ;K'.- of-
R.^HaUJto'.'ehable'themMb'' purchase
b*l_������_i!l_\'*__f**f3t' irf'*    aA**. * * J^-������A,������i'S -<W> n --**���������'��������� ""ji ��������� ������V*f,iA*������ +*~'
j__3������_l���������__*_t. vsiAfrtc^thela���������
The war news of thc past week
has been unimportant. There was
no cessation of hostilities for Xmas.
On the contrary, on both fronts the
armies of the Allies and the enemy
met in1 many desperate encounters,
but the net gains have been slight
on either-side.
Seven British seaplanes supported by cruisers and submarines
made an attack on the German sea
coast- at Cuxhaven, ancl of these
seven, four were ' lost in the encounter.-with'German aircraft and
shore-.batteries. The comparative
ease with which'' English .airmen
reached Cuxhaven'has driven home
Summary of Recommendations pf
Agricultural Commissioners
The complete report of the Royal
Commission on Agriculture, appointed on December 4, 1912, under
thc Public Inquiries Act, has just
been issued by the-Department. It
is a very voluminous document,and
on the recommendations contained
therein will be based the bill which
will 'be presented at - ihe forthcoming session of the local Legislature, .which will convene inh. three
weeks'-time. .-, . \",     7.   ������������������
The report now published is di-
, That, at as early a date as possible, improvements on  farm' lands
be  exempted ,- from "* taxation,' and
that thc basis of valuation of land
for taxation purposes be' made as'
nearly as possible the price that, a,
willing purchaser, would pay foriiI.
if-'the land were in a staleof nature..
to the people of England the; idea-yided'into two" parts, thefirst deal
" *'"        '     ~"    ing briefly with the findings-and
recommendations which were pre:
sented at the-.last session \of the
Legislature; rthe second" part 'sup-,
plies more, details'of the, information obtained which influenced" the
findings and recommendations, ancl
other particulars' bearing iipon the
subject- of the inquiry., ,< V -*
Some of the more; important conclusions ' arrived.' at * by the < Commission are: yThatit should "be the
duty:of th'eorgahizations' under.the
commercial 'branch .of. the,-Depart:
cationalVwork* in ,tne "differcnKdisV
that a  retaliatory visit would not
present any greater difficulty.
From   latest   reports   from   the
Russian frontier it would-seem that
the Russians have this,week  succeeded in getting thefupper hand,
though no great movement has been
made by either"side.   Petrograd reports one thing and Berlin another,
it is apparent,-however, that despite the fact that the Russians have
had" to give up their, investment,of
Cracow, and. retreat fifty ...miles to,
the; rear, ^they ������have* been' able'to'
and'are'M.n -stfonge^pjbsitiohVof^de*-*",
f ensc? thanr/ heretofore.-?,-?fin* ^thcir'
new "position >lon&\the.;Bzura~andj
There was a decrease of 238 car'-'"';,,
loads in the shipments from Ender-; S:"
by in 1914'as compared with'those-*,
of 1913.., The;decrease was "largely*
in lumber 'shipments. The, hay<-;%
shipments, of 1914 .exceeded 'those*',
of 1913 by 19 carloads. Following/S
are.th'e carloads sent out:'   */ -' -^ ' 7
,Lumber^ . .. ; :SS... AV.)' ���������"
pence Posts <.. >.'.. S '.'.. /.*-.*. ...*,* 9-v
Cordwood   ...-.:.... ~ ..".:.'.- ''-' 1: -"
Hay  -.\7...-.,.-....,...?... :S.7\   80"
Flour and feed ......' .-*...: .\ .'.:.-: 18
:Tics ,..........7. ..i.':....::.. 7 J37
Live stock- -.'.: .7.-."....:: s :t.:S-J 3
;Brick,V.-r' .:.\S\ ?.?;,::. .v.". .:.\^f."4
Settler's reffects;'..���������:.-. *:S: \-,n.':.'. .1-^3
Potatoes^f������>77 7/7:S.'.;'/.<'. \'-\ r^|.;;.?'-l
.-. *s~^7^ZS?:^-^S&SS2Jis. .
;��������� St ^.:-^r-*^*t������"-f>f:������.-' \������;rS>r^-'VS .
,>:ln the-jumbcivshipnicnts were, in <;
"cludcdKfou'rScalibtuIs'isentVto^U.S .
T    |3
f     ^1-������*|
attendance.is requested.
The postponed Christmas tree, for
the children of St..George's Church
will Jake place on Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 5th, ih the Parish Hall.
l'eaat;4yo'clock;"tree at 5.30. .
.Mn.- and VMrs. 'Thompson   and
, daughter returned to Enderby on
Wednesday, Mr. Thompson,having
taken over the billiard rooms adjoining thc Enderby bakery.
The first games in the curling
ning, on slow and heavy ice. The
various rinks are shaping up well
for a good season's play, and there
promises to be a very interesting
scries of games.
With development of the alfalfa
meal business by the Alfalfa Products Co., and the promise of its
growjng to very large proportions,
(here is an assured market right at
home_.for.alI_ the alfalfa .that this
district can raise.
Special evangelistic services during thc week of prayer, beginning
.Ian. 3rd, will be held in the Methodist Church, starting each evening
at 7.45. A special preparatory service will be held to-night (Thursday) at 7.30. A cordial invitation
is extended to all to come and join
in the services.
Mr. A. McPherson\s Brahma bantams carried off 1st cockerel and
pullet and 1st pen prizes at the Provincial poultry show at Vernon recently, and his prize pigeons netted
1st in their class. With a few
fancy birds Mr. McPherson won
money prizes that exceeded the
winnings of some of the big exhibitors.
There was a very happy Christmas
dinner party at the King Edward
last Friday evening���������much larger
than on previous occasions of the
same character���������and Mine Host
Murphy more than sustained the
reputation of Ihe house by the excellence of the dinner. New Year's
day dinner will be served as usual,
which means that it will be as good
as the best.
Parish of Enderby, 2nd Sunday
after Christmas: Holy Communion,
8 a.m.; Mattins and Litany, 11 a.m.;
Evensong, 7.30 p.m. Special
prayers, intercessions and hymns
on behalf of a speedy and lasting
peace.   On  Thursday,  at   11.30,  a
.can Ithe/.wai*" be" carncdf6nxto)a'?siic^
cessf ul "issue. ^-Ga'ptr "v.Gamerbni*������lef t
Enderbyrat the-opening.'of. hbstili-*
ties to join, the'engineer corps, rand
was  in ~ active - service - upj.to "six
weeks ago,-when he became, ill and
was unable to  take  up  the  work
again   owing  to .the  state. of. his
health. ,      -
;A very enjoyable Christmas entertainment was given by.the school
children of North Enderby in the
school house last Wednesday evening. The attendance was large
and the performance of the chil-
and visitors. The great success of
the entertainment was largely due
to the untiring efforts of Mr. and
Mrs. Cameron who left undone
nothing that would add to the
pleasure of all. The school .trustees provided for a present and
Christmas fniit for each child. It
is said that the progress of the
North Enderby school has been
very encouraging. They expect ,to
have 24 children on thc roll the ensuing term.
-w 1*7 ���������
i.n������riri>1    .   ._U.K>_   _,_
('important .crossing'bf-.the Lys river,
toi-whichjhe; Germans;,have ..been/
holding tenaciously, and-the taking
of.* these trenches., gives them a*
stronger foothold.1  ;V -.;
The Daily Telegraph concludes a
Christmas review7of>the war situation with these words, "In Poland,
as elsewhere, all goes well with the.
'       '&>'
If you want to live in the kind of
Like thc kind of town you like,
You needn't slip your clothes in a
And start a long, long hike.,
You'll   only   find   what   you   left
For there's nothing that's really
It's a knock at yourself when you
knock your town:
It isn't your town���������it's YOU.
Real towns are not made of men
Lest somebody else gets ahead;
When everybody works and nobody
You can raise a town from the
And if while you make your personal slake
Your neighbor can make one too,
Your town will be what you want to
II isn't your town���������it's YOU.
For the past week or two Mr' S.
-Pol.son=-has=been���������strenuously^ canvassing for support and stating that
he was intending to run for Mayor.
Just what success Mr. Poison has
achieved in the way of pre-election
promises no one-can say. Rut the
problem i.s before the people of Enderby and il must be .faced. And
just at this time it i.s most important for Enderby to have at the head
of municipal affairs a man of sober,
tried business capacity. The past
year has been a'difficult one . to
finance. Businessmen have found
it difficult to collect the amounts
due them, and have had to curtail
expenditures all along the line.
Thc cily has been placed in a similar position. Taxes have nol been
paid iis in previous years, and with
no money coming in the city has
been compelled lo put a stop, so far
as possible, to money going out. It
has been a year of "marking time."
If the war i.s prolonged, next year
conditions will be much the same.
It is therefore up to the people of
Enderby to say who they will have
to represent them in the handling of
the,public business. In the enforced absence of Mayor Barnes on
military service, Alderman Murphy
has handled himself in the capacity
of acting mayor most creditably,
and to him should go thc office if
he will take it. Wc know Mr.
Murphy does not seek the office.
If the ratepayers and business people desire him to stand it will be up
lo them to requisition him.
a*hd,; also^ainong.
cultural product:
'��������� 1!That the'Governmeht.VdopLa.sys
fern of direct agricultuV.al'credit oii
the lines df~ the;system in .force" in
New Zealand.: ]     ,   *'""-"'-     - 7
.That, as,another means of attracting to the'province "a very desirable class, of settlers, viz.,' lads and
young men intending to. become
Agriculturists and with' means to
do, so. government training farms
should be established, in which fees
ation would be charged.,
That systematic experimental
work be done by the government in
land clearing.
That registration and licensing
of-all-persons, companies or corporations doing real estate business
in the province, and the furnishing
by them of bonds, would' tend to
reduce the evil of real estate mis-( ...
representation, and would certainly [Turner,
be of service to injured parties in [Folkard;
l.llw,     I
coupled, h
~-*ii������i -V &ijr"'V'''rf,2'"v'"''"''.S"'>>l^^
with^phneumonia^KA^veakitheart1  ;
f^. -->������,-.A J ..-^fW.s.W. \������-X WSSM'*'7.'������f9*7 ,'S/f & **. ,c. >
"she?sh'o\\"^cd?niari>^signslbf������impr6ve" . '
stowed ?u'pon;'h'er.5!*.pji/the^:mbrningt_
de'nly*-"taken' witfr-scvcfccXcoughing, -v,
and.", this Vended; thc\ heart ceased-.^'
beating, and,the child<was^at'rest.
Dorothy was'nine yca"fs';ofiagc,",and>-
a   child . of. charmingi'disposition''"
and   great   affection.-    Her. 'death    '
came as a great shock to alLwhO-y,,
knew, her, and "thc .sincerest-sym-;7
batliy of the community'goes,Quito'--'
5Mi;^a n d^Mr.sfPoifrrd-i n-rhci rfgrcalTT^
loss. ,*'*' ' ' v       '''   \
Interment took place on. the 29th ""
from,St. George's Church,* Rev. C-  '
Reed   officiating.     Beautiful ��������� floral ���������"
pieces    were    received > from'' the   ���������
teachers and children of-St.:George  ".
Sunday Sshool, and thc rector, or-y
ganist  and  choir;  from. Mr., F. ,S.
Stevens, Miss Kathleen Poison, Mrs.
Warwick and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Misses. "Carlson,- -Masters j_
Miss  Cissy" Sparrow" "and
���������������������������* Z~S-
-~'���������*���������?-* I
V"'Vf?,f% I
g* '-i vv istXt
obtaining redress.
���������lhe Home.
First Curling Schedule
Dec. 28
We   wish   to   thank   the   many
friends who in any way helped us
during our time of sadness and bereavement.
"Mn.'AND-Mns. Poun'd & Famii.v.
opening  for  Enderby  small
-a hole in Ihe ice.
Dec 30
Dec' 31
4 th.
Jan. 12th
.    Dill
'!'  '.: "���������;'                               .-.��������������������������� THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, December 31, 1914  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Published  every   Thursday .'it    Enderby,   13. C.  at  $2   per  year,   by   the  Walker   Press.  Advertising Rates:   Transient,  50c an inch first insertion,  25c each subsequent insertion.    Contract advertising. Si an inch per month.  LukuI Notices:   12c a line first insertion: Sc a line each subsequent insertion.  Reading Notices and Locals: 15c a line.  DECEMBER 31, 1914  HAPPY NEW YEAR, ALL !  Merc's good luck, good fortune,. good health  nnd good friends lo all ior every day of the year  1915^ May every sigh of yours he for others and  every smile be one that/is shared by all your  friends. And. at'ithe end of.the .year may wc all  look back upon it as gladly as we will .look for-!  ward lo the ncxl���������������������������with the world once more at  peace and wars and rumors of wars, unheard .of  in all the-land. .  TAKE HEART !  The year 1915 opens bright and promising for  Enderby and district. Wc see in the future a  greater prosperity and greater promise than that  of lhc past. Big things arc soon lo open up, and  greater development along industrial lines is already taking shape. We expect to sec Enderby's  pay roll doubled wilhin the next year. The past  season of depression has held back development,  back Lo a point where men arc compelled lo  think twice before venturing. This has been a  good thing, and cannot but lead to a more pcr-  nitj_ncM31,__fiijl_cr .cjeycIopnie 111 \\'jicii the tide turns  The opposite direction, as it must turn sooner or  later���������������������������sooner, wc believe, than most of us now  anticipate.  There should be no downheartedncss. The  period of depression is waning. There are many  indications of a belter growth lhan Enderby and  district has ever had. The real estate hobbyhorse and rider have been, or are being laid  away. Xo more will they be i'a\ al Ihe expense of  Ihe legitimate investor���������������������������the man who honestly  endeavors lo build up himself by building up lhe  town. II was the sorest blow Enderby ever had  when this blighting influence became a resident  of the community. And il will he Ihe best thing  lhal could happen lhe community when lhis  "something for nothing'Mnibblc is shot to pieces,  and we gel back lo Ihe good old policy of "value  received, dollar for dollar."  We have done with the real estate gambler.  The man who lies up property on the small firsl-  paymenl plan and does nothing lo improve it.  And thai spirit of gambling is rapidlv disappearing, if il has nol already vanished. We start lhe  New Year on a better foundation, nol only in this  respect, but in lhe various business lines also.  and Ihcy declare they are determined to make the  dairy proposition "go."  it is most encouraging to see the various sections of thc Okanagan becoming interested in the  cow. Thc Press has endeavored to show ihe advantages of dairying, poultry raising and hog  raising over fruit raising as a commercial proposition ^i'or several years. Without attempting to  discount the splendid opportunities here for the  practical fruit man, wc arc convinced that, as a  commercial; proposition, I'ruil growing in the  Okanagan (Iocs not oiler the ordinary man who  desires' lo "gel back to the land" one-half thc opportunities for money-making that dairying and  'its side-lines offer.  We understand the question of a creamery for  the Enderby district has been taken up by local  men, and has progressed in some measure���������������������������to a  point where it is now a question.ol" whether or  nol il shall be a co-operative proposition, with  the shares held and money provided by local  ranchers. Merc it rests. Nevertheless, there is  a conviction prevalent that the creamery must  soon come, cither as a'co-opcrativc proposition or  a private business proposition. Thc number of  cows in thc district is steadily increasing, though  slowly, and sooner or later the proposition must  command the attention of our people. There  must come combined effort in these matters of  development if the industry is ever to reach thc  point of successful achievement, and thc only  way it can be handled successfully is along the  same lines lhat have proven successful in other  countries and other sections���������������������������through combined  effort.  Thc Kelowna Record gives this rough draft of  of thc plan it is proposed to follow there: "The  idea is lo incorporate under the Agricultural Associations Act with a capital of $40,000, of which  20 per ccnl. would be paid by thc shareholders,  and 80 per cent, loaned by thc Provincial Government. Building and equipment arc estimated  at $5,000; $5,000 could be reserved for working  capital, leaving $30,000 with which to assist thc  farmer shareholders in purchasing cattle.  "There arc at present in lhc Kelowna district  300 mature cows available for supplying a creamery. Suppose wilh thc $30,000 a purchase was  made of 300 good two-year-old grade heifers, and  these allolcd to the shareholders in thc proportion  of three cows to every four shares held, with the  payments spread over five years, by deducting a  certain, portion of thc cream returns due each  week. In five ycai;s the cows would be paid for  andHhcy and their progeny would have increased  in the meantime to a value several times thc  original cost, and thc creamery would have $30,-  000 of thc government loan repaid. v  "Assuming that there,arc'now 300, cows in the.  district, and that, another' 300;.wcre''brought, in,  even a conservative estimate of the increase in  five'years presents some startling figures. Allowing 50 per cent, of the progeny to be heifer calves  and 50 per cent, bull calves, at thc end of five  years there would be the following stock: Cows,  1,800; two-year-old calves, 700; yearling calves,  900; -bull calves, 2,580. Valuing cows 'at $100,  two-year-old heifers at $50; yearling heifers at  $25, and bull calves al $8, these would have a  value of $284,140, or an increase in five vcars of  $204,140."  PROVINCIALISM IN JOURNALISM  The Revelstoke Review draws attention lo a  phase in thc handling of thc war news by our  Canadian newspapers that Thc Press has frequently referred lo.   "We have noticed," says lhe  LOOKING FROM FRUIT TO THE COW  The business people and farmers of Kelowna  and vicinity have determined lo have a creamery  established there, and much effort has already  been taken to get such an organization under  way. Of course, lie first thing necessary is to  have lhe cows. Without these il is impossible to  interest creamery capital. It is interesting to  nole lhat the people of Kelowna recognize the  advantages of a creamery community over a  I'ruil community, for Kelowna I'ruil growers are  supposed lo have succeeded above those of other;  sections of lhe Okanagan. And yet, we see them i  looking from  fruit as an industry to dariying,  would seem lhal unless Ihey have not sonic good  news to tell they will let an item of real news  slip by with little notice. This is not good newspaper work. Neither is it fair to the people. In  a sense it i.s a slur a I the intelligence and fortitude  of our people. No ma tier what Ihe reverses may  be we are not children and can stand to hear  aboul them. It is nol doing our cause any lasting  benefit to keep lhe people in ignorance of thc exact condition of a Hairs. When the people of  Great Britain realize the enemy arc striking hard  Ihey in turn will strike all the harder.  "We are strong enough to face lhc swaying  fortunes of a great war. Otherwise wc-would  not be strong enough lo wage it. Why cannot  lhe daily newspapers tell the facts as they happen? People gel tired of always hearing aboul  lhe successes, wilh very little mention made of  the reverses."  There is a great deal of truth in these remarks  of the Review. The war correspondents have  told us nothing-but about Russian victories on  Ihe Eastern lighting line and victories of the  Allied troops on thc Western fighting line. Of  course, all are pleased with this news, so far as  il goes and can be believed, but the question arrises in the mind of any thinking person why, in  face of all these reported successes, have not the  Russian troops and lhe Allied troops made better  progress in driving back lhe enemy to the borders  of Germany ? This question is only natural in  view of the ever repealed reports of daily reverses to thc enemy, and must eventually, if not  already, greatly weaken the confidence of the  people in anything sent from thc censor's table.  BAN KoF MONTREAL  Established 1817  Capital,  $16,000,000 (paid up)  Rett,  116,000,000  H. V. Meredith, Esq., President  Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor, General Manager  BRANCHES IN LONDON,  ENG., NBW  YORK and CHICAGO.  SAVINGS   DEPARTMENT  Deposits received from $1 upwards, aud interest allowed at current rate������������������.  ���������������������������  Interest credited 30th 0'une  ENDERBY BRANCH  and' 31st December.  A. E.TAYLOR, Manager  Specials in Lumber  while they last:  No.  No.  No.  4  2  2  Novelty Siding,  2z4 and 2x6,  Mixed Lath,    -  Short Cordwood,  Dry Blocks,  $10.00 per M  $13.00 per M  $1.75 per M  $3.75 per load  $3.00 per load  Why not lay in your winter supply of wood NO W  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. Enderby  g  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  King Edward Hotel, &JJ  . MURPHY  riefeor  Enderby  &,-  -cl  fVfccf c Use Alfalfa  l^OSlS Meal  Alfalfa Products Company  ENDERBY  ttSJ-fSr^^  President  Patron: His Majesty the King.  Field Marshal His Royal Highness thc Duke of Connauglil,  Governor-General of Canada.  BRITISH   COLUMBIA   BRANCH  Committee: His Honor Thos. W. Paterson, Lieutenant-Governor,  Chairman.  The Hon. Sir Richard McBride, K. C. M. G.  F. S. Barnard, Hon. Sec.-Trcas.  J  Subscribe for the Press and get thc war news  boiled down.  SHOULD WE BE DOWNHEARTED ?   NO ! !  ENDERBY BRANCH  Committee: Aid. P. II. Murphy, Acting Mayor, President,  Graham Rosoman, City Clerk, Hon. Sec.  YV. Gilman, Manager Enderby Br anch Union Bank of Canada,  Hon.-Treas.  The objects of this organization are: "To collect, administer and  distribute a fund for the assistance, in case of need, of Ihe wives,  children and olher dependent relatives of ollicers and men, residents of  Canada, who during tlie present war, may be on active service with  the naval and military forces of thc British Empire and Great Britain's  allies." Thus, those who will benefit by the Fund are the dependents, not only of Canadian volunteers and regulars, but also of British  army and navy reservists, ancl of French, Belgian, Servian, Russian  and Japanese reservists who have joined the colors and left dependent relatives in Canada; these soldiers are lighting side by side for a  common cause, and their families are entitled to equal consideration.  Under the direction of the central organization at Ottawa, and  making allowance for differences in the cost of living, the scale of  distribution to those entitled to assistance will be approximately the  same throughout Canada.  Thc Executive Committee of the Enderby Branch earnestly solicit  donations, which may be remitted or handed to any of the local  ollicers, or to Mr. H. M.-Walker, of the Enderby Press. All contributions will be promptly acknowledged through The Press.  Oct. 27h, 1914. GRAHAM  ROSOMAN, Hon.-Sec.   .-  It will cost you just one-  third of a cent a pound y^r  Butter wrapped in your own neatly printed Butter Parchment, if you order from-    THE WALKER PRESS ft  -7  Thursday, December 31, 1914  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  WHEN BUYING YEAST i  INSIST ON HAUING  THIS PACKAGE  KftTHEWHITEST.UGHl  AOYAi.  DECLINE SUBSTITUTES  i.  '   ��������������������������� .   ���������������������������  Men are ever ready to help others  into liberty, but never ready to  help themselves.  A CENTURY OF PEACE  OFCANADA  With Cash in the Bank  You Can Buy to  Advantage  You know how .everything,  costs more when you have to buy  on credit. ' Why not practice self-  denial a while if necessary, open  a Savings Account in the Union '  Bank of Canada, and, with the  money in hand, buy at Cash  prices ?, The discounts will help  to swell your bank balance, - and  you will have a good start towards  financial independence. ������������������  Enderby Branch,_    J. W. GILLMAN, Hanagci  ���������������������������.     ,t -  SECRET SOCIETIES 7  fv -,  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40.  Regular ^me^-tjngs^ first  Thuraday'onsor afterj-the  full moon at 8 p. m.- in Oddfellows -Hall'.* Visiting  brethren cordially invited  GRAHAM ROSOMAN    A" .' JNO- WARWICK  .  W. M. . ��������������������������� - ���������������������������   '     '    '"'-''        Secretary   .  g^^t Q.0.F.  . ^5������������������5g/r' Eureka Lodge, No. 60  Meet's every Tuesday" evening at 8 o'clock, in I. O.  O. F. hall, Metcalf block.   Visiting brothers always   welcome.        " JAS.^MARTIN, N. G.  C. PARKINSON, V. G."  R. E. WHEELER, Sec'y.  J. B. GAY*,0,RD. Treas.  The people of Canada are asked  to celebrate with devout thankfulness the celebration of the 100 years  of peace between the United States  and Great Britain in an appeal issued Christmas Eve by Mr. Edmund  Walker, president of thc Canadian  Peace Centenary Association, and  C. F. Hamilton,^ honorary secretary. "We address this appeal,"  their statement reads in part, "to  your memory of the history of our  continent in a solemn and moving  time. No such happy fortune has  befallen the continent of Europe.  "Hut while the battle cloud hangs  low, while our gaze is riveted on  scenes of suffering, wc must not  .forget that North America presents  a spectacle which is at oice a contrast and a promise. We invite thc  gratitude of the Canadian nation  for the merciful dispensation of  Providence which has bestowed  upon our lonapre-our.yl Ogcforouc  peace upon our land. For one hundred years the sword has been  sheathed upon the border between  Canada and the United States. Two  peoples, energetic, active, anxious  to make the most of their possessions, have dwelt side by side and  have avoided armed strife. Occasions of difference have arisen;  conflicts of interest have disturbed  their harmony, but always the  voice of reason has been heard and  the disputes have been adjusted.  , "Firmly as we British people  have grasped the sword, resolute  as we are not to sheathe it except  with honor and with a new security  we are convinced that the dealings  of the great Empire and the great  Republic afford a noble example  to the rest of the world. They remain as our ideal international relations, and, coming as the centenary does at so troubled and absorbing aytime, we urge' the' Canadian  people to Icelebrate it with: devout  thankfulness .'arid as -a pledge jfor  happier times to-come."   -V.- -  feet Canada. That doctrine, as you  know, does not embody any principle of international law, but is a  policy proclaimed nearly one hundred years ago by the government  of the United States. For the reason that it is a policy of the United  Stales that country alone has the  right to determine its scope and its  limitations. As the policy of a  grcas friendly nation, the Monroe  Doctrine is entitled to every respect, but Canada does not seek  shelter behind it in this war. .The  people of this Dominion are eager  and determined to lake part in a  struggle which involves the destiny  of- their Empire, and, indeed, ils  prepared and willing to assume all  responsibility which that action involves, and Ihey have a reasonable  confidence in Canada's ability to  defend her ieritory."  CONTEMPLATE A RAW FUTURE  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 35, K. of P.  Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Hall.   Visitors cordially invited to attend.  T. H. CALDER, C. C.  J. WARWICK. K.R.S.  R. J. COLTART. MlF.  Hall suitable forConcerts, Dances and all public  entertainments.    For rates, etc., address,  R. N. BAILEY. Enderby  "PROFESSIONAL  J^C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  Money to Loan  Bell Blk.        Enderby, B.C.  o  <>  E. J. Mack  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  ENDERBY, B. C.  Good Rigs;  Careful Drivers; Draying of all kinds.  Omfortable and Commodious Stabling for teams.  Auto for Hire  Prompt attention to all customers;  , Land-seekers and Tourists invited to give us a trial.  THE MEASURE OF CANADA   -  T' Responding to.a^requTst'fronrthe  editor of The Ottawa-Citizen for .a  Christmas message for publication  from the Premier of British Columbia,* Sir Richard McBride sent the  following: H S"' '" ,7- -fy   ' /'    77  "While the Empireis at war and  Canada is.involved in the issue to  the measure of her resources,'Canadians���������������������������men arid, women, old and j  young���������������������������shonld be.strong of purpose  resourceful in emergency, eager for  opportunities of industrial expansion, thoughtful of neighbors, generous towards debtors.-  "The war may be long, but, long  or short, thc outcome is as certain  as that right must ultimately prevail. The attitude of the French  people,, as indicated by Premier  "Vivianh^lh-at^they���������������������������are^rcady^-to1  make all sacrifices, must be thc attitude of Canada.  "If thc Allies ares truggling to  the end for the liberty of Europe,  it means also that we are struggling  for the existence of thc British  Empire, with, whose destiny Canada is bound up, and for thc maintenance of British .institutions and  time-honored traditions of British  liberty and  enlightenment."  THERE CAN BE BUT ONE ISSUE  "There can be but one issue to  this war," said Hon. R.-L. Borden in  an address at Toronto recently,  "but do not expect that it -will be a  speedy issue. I have reason to  know that the results hitherto attained haveb een all that were anticipated by the Allies; but so far  as can be foreseen there is a long  struggle before us.  "The justice of the Allies' cansc  is generally understood and recognized among our kinsmen in the  great neighboring nation, and we  are proud of their sympathy. A  representative of the German Government in that country has recently thought it necessary to discuss  the Monroe Doctrine as it may ef-  .-.....-.*.-.-.  j Royalite Coal Oil in bulk;  ? 3 gals, for $1.00. It pays to  | buy it that way.  ? POLSON  fr..t���������������������������-t-  &     MURRIN  Captain Persius publishes in The  Berliner Tageblatt a curious appeal  for a better appreciation of the  facts regarding . the British navy.  He says that, ywhile hitherto thc  wish has often been the father of  the thought, the approach of "raw  winter" makes it desirable for Germans to reflect more calmly and so,  "armed in .confidence," to make  themselves able to "contemplate a  raw future."   He proceeds:  "One of our chief mistakes was  to under-estimate, our opponents.  In ,many cass the activity of the  British navy was disposed of with  a contemptuous gesture. It was  said lhat the whole behavior of the  English forces gave evidence of a  serious- weakness, and that there  could be no talk of a navy supremacy of Great Britain. It seems advantageous to reduce this view to a  more modern proportion. _It is, of  course,, casier'-toywin applause.with  high-sounding phrasps, but "does  that-serve .pur' interests?^*!'}After  -nearly*-f our ..months.!o'fyhard '^struggle., if: is permissible .to appeal to  cool'judgment of\ reason." I *"< ,7 ;, "  After: discussingr various. details,  ,Captain Persius says: "With the_ex-,  "ce'ptibh" bf  a, .fewysmall'-randroid  ships, ;the* whole havy^withdrew, .to  the' protection of; its, ports���������������������������much  \o��������������������������� the disappointment rof vour submarines; i;\vhicht derive 'sympathy  because,'theyvfind;no .niore valuable  targets,for.their .well-aimed torpedoes..   It, would-be *a" mistake, to  criticise the British, navy on  this,  account.    It will, "perhaps,, be said  that in  viewj of .'its .enormous superiority'its tactics are feeble.   But  England never pursued a policy of  sentiment,   and   there   can   be   no  doubt that the tactics which have  been     followed     are    technically  right.    The' moment  for throwing  in   battleships and   battle  cruisers  has   not   come.    The  situation   is  similar for us."  Jiff's \%n\m ������������������if  If you can keep your head when all about you  Are. losing theirs and blaming it on you;  If yon can trust yourself when all men doubt you,  But make allowance for their doubling,  loo;  If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,  Or being lied about don't deal in lies,  Or being haled don't give way lo hating,  And yet don'l look too good, nor talk -too wise;  If you can dream���������������������������and not make dreams your master;  If you can think���������������������������and not make thought your aim;  If you can meet with Triumph ancl Disaster  And treat those two impostors just the same;  If you can bear to hear thc truth you've spoken  Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,  Or watch thc things you've given your life to, broken,  And stop and build "'cm up with worn-out tools;  If you can make one heap of all your winnings -7  And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,  And lose and start again at your beginnings,  And never breathe a word about your loss;       ���������������������������  If you can lorce your heart and nerve and sinew  To serve your turn long after they are gone,  And so hold on when there is.nothing in y,ou-T .  Except the will which says to them: "Hold* on!" "   v  If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,,  Or walk with kings���������������������������nor-lose thc common touch;       /  If neither foes nor cooing friends can hurt you;   7- .-''.'  '  If all men count with you, but none too, much;       .  If you can fill the unforgiving minute  With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,  Yours is thc earth and everything that's in it^  And���������������������������which is more���������������������������you'll be a Man; my son!../  - "     '��������������������������� '   "-" ���������������������������Rudyard Kipling.  SUNSHINE SERMONS  Cheerful Guidance to a Happier, Healthier Lite)  By the Philosopher-Physician   '  GEORGE F. BUTLER, A. M., M. D.  AN EDITOR'S LOVE LETTER  Dear Darling Delinquent. Our  precious subscriber in arrears:  You arc so shy: Don't think wc  have sold out and gone. No little  sugar plum; we could not get away  if we wanted lo. We arc still at  thc samc_old stand'dishing out advertisers on sweet promises and  bright expectations. They make an  excellent diet, darling, wilh a little  pudding flavored wilh a word of  encouragement to aer\e as dessert.  We arc waiting and watching for  thee, our turtle dove. We long to  hear the ring of happy dollars in  our oflice. Dear one, we feel unusually sad and lonely without you,  dear. Now little pic crust, come  through. Do we hear you say in a  voice so sweet and beguiling "I'm  coming?" or is it only the winds  that'around our oflice roar? Wc  pause for further developments.  No British trade route is closed.  No German trade route is open.  And still there are people who believe thc British navy is not doing  anything.  Most people, overdo' the' mat-;  , ter arid- overeat with the result'  that  they-^suffer" from-' Indigestion and clogging up?of .the sys-  ���������������������������"-'tern ywlth- "ashes", or waste;mat/  te r.'yyOccas io n a 11 y' a {pe rsonjsufS  ,f ers , from y, mental * .Indigestion  ' f rbirT/oyerstudy- or - reading,y but *'  |irarely'-ydoes. ,thls ' occur,.while!  stomach   1 ndigestion;y-;ls^' 'Wry- -  ,,cqmmpn.yy;' 7.; ^/^^K^  ,< 7lt;is a wise, practise, for .the  /majority- of, womenVaiid? for. al I"  /sedentary*, persons^ arid_fojv in/  . valids to stop eating before/they''  ~ are 7quiteT'satisfied;,y iny other"  words, to leave off'hiingry. 77/ ���������������������������  yV It. Is" scarcely 7 possible/that;  any''pers'on'yofs eyen a "moderate",  share of'.force of .'character and  intelligence  could .practise*  for  a single week ,the* habit of rising from the table a~ little" hungry thrice a day, .and,'then'comparing his general  .feeling    of  healthfulness   with   those   experienced from the contrary habit  of always overloading, and  not  be'overpoweringly convinced of  the  beneficial   effects as to  resolve-that for the remainder of  his  life  he  would  eat temperately, not fill to his utmost at  _a ny._ meal.   s-jm  SYNOPSIS OF COAL M1NINC REGULATIONS  - ��������������������������� --<\- --    - - - v-f, - <���������������������������'���������������������������- ��������������������������� 's.'k,;��������������������������� s  -���������������������������Goal mining rights of ths-Dominion ^--t,-,  in Manitoba,-'.Saskatchewanrand Al-S7^^vis7  berta'./ the.ViYukon ^Territory^'tht^j^l?^!  Northwest > Territories ; and-- a/'portiony*^:>^  of the-province '-ot^British ;Columbiaf-3!%#3fefe  m������������������y.>b\''leaseVf6^  one -years'-'at - an ������������������������������������������������������> annual-; rentals* of fcll^i^SS  , an -acre. -7 No   ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������--- ------  H-wiir be 'leased'  ���������������������������t.M  ���������������������������A Not,more- inan-^2j560. acreaf^.jifJji^f %l  ased"! to"r oWraPPlicant*ft$v^iA&^t^S1  The answer to the question  how much to eat, must depend*  largely on the circumstances  of age, sex, season, latitude and  employment. The following  rules will perhaps meet all cases  as to general habits. Eat at  regular specified times, and at  no others. Hard workers who are  most of the time out of doors  may eat-as-much as they want"  of breakfast and dinner. Sedentary persons who are indoors  most of the time should never  eat full as much as they want.  be.described ; by\r"8ebtions^brv/;lfi^v,^>~.  BubHdiviiibnB/ of /sections, jand/inf ua-';^;/,. M ,������������������.  surveyed /territory y they.tractTappUed*^/?' ^I  ���������������������������for - shall' be ���������������������������' staked "out by/the appli:'--// Ss/'/1  cant''himself.-' - 7"y ^77^^ 7//;'7.?/?;-i/;'..-  ; Each'-. ap"plie"ation7;.musti be Jacson^/f-'''  panied byfa������������������fee-for IS^whichywill'bt/:*,"���������������������������  :\ refunded'ifk<the rights applied for are 7:  dot available, ,but not ^otherwise.; "A'-'-j.t  royalty   shall   be paid "on* ;"the mer-' ;.',  chantable "output of the mine at:tbe/:  rate of fire cents per ton.- '" ~7',r-">     '���������������������������".:  '  The person operating- the mine shall-  furnish the Agent with sworn returns ...  accounting for   the   full quantity of  merchantable'coal mined'and pay the  royalty thereon. .. If the coal mining  rights are   not. being operated, 'such  returns should   be furnished at least .  once a year.  The lease will, include the coal mia-  (Copyrlfht, 1910, by W. Q. Chapman.)  LAW ENFORCEMENT  "What are Ihey moving the church  for?" asked the tenderfoot in a  Western town.  "Waal, stranger; I'm mayor o'  these diggin's, an' I'm fer law enforcement. We've got an ordince  which says no saloons shall be  nearer than 300 feel from a church.  I gave 'cm three days to move the  church."  injTTiglFts only, birrtBe'lessee may~bt y  permitted     to     purchase     whatever '���������������������������  available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of  the mine at the rate of $10.00 as acrs  For   full     Information   application  should be made   to the Secretary of -  the Department   of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Suk-Agent ���������������������������  of Dominion Lands.  W. W, CORY,      *  Deputy .Minister_of .the Interior   N.B.���������������������������Unauthorized    publication   of  his advertisement    will not be paid  for.  Five  Roses  and  Harvest  Queen  Flour at Dill Bros.  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A hwidiomely Ulnstrated weekly. l^������������������r"t olr-  culallon of any scientific Journal. ljl������������������n"f. for  Canada, $3.7S a year, postage prepaid. Sold by  all newridealer* ., J  MU.NM & Co.36,Broad-y New York  Braneb ORlco. 625 F 8U Washlugion, P. C  0. K. Barber Shop  H. HENDRICKSON, Proprietor  Everything   new   and   up-to-date.  Next the Fulton Block, Enderby 'v ;-���������������������������.���������������������������*.'., ���������������������������,- irf'j-  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, December 31, 1914  CITY OF ENDERBY  NOTICE  Public Notice is hereby given to  the Electors of the City of Enderby  that I require the presence of the  said Electors at the City Hall, En-  derbv, B. C, on Monday, the 11th  day. of-January, 1915, "at 12 o'clock-  noon, for lhe purpose of electing  persons to represent them in the  Municipal Council as Mayor nnd  Aldermen.  The mode of Nomination of Candidates shall be as follows: The  Candidates shall be nominated in  writing: the writing shall he subscribed by two voters of the .Municipality sis proposer and seconder,  and shall he delivered to the He-  turning Officer at any time between  the date of this notice and 2 p. in.  of the day of nomination: the said  writing may he in the form numbered 5, in the Schedule of the  Municipal Elections' Act; 1908, and  shall state the names, residence,  and occupation or description of  each person proposed, in such manner as sufficiently to identify such  candidate; and in the event of a  poll being necessary, such poll will  be opened  on Thursday, the  1-1 th  day of January, 1915, at the City  Hall, Enderby, of which every person is required to take notice and  govern himself accordingly.  The qualifications for a person  to be nominated and elected Mayor  are: That such person is a male  British subject of the full age of  twenty-one years: is nol disqualified under any law, ancl has been  for lhe six'months next preceding  lhe day of nomination ihe registered owner, in the Land Registry  Oflice, of land or real property in  the cily of lhe assessed value, on  the lasl Municipal Assessment Roll,  of one thousand dollars, or more,  over and above any registered  judgment or charge, and who is  otherwise duly qualified as a municipal voter.  The qualifications for a person  to be nominated and elected as an  Alderman are: Thai such person  is a male British subject of the full  age of twenty-one years: is not disqualified under any law, and has  been for the six months next preceding thc day of nomination the  registered    owner,    in    the    Land  ment Roll, of five hundred dollars,  or more, over and above any registered judgment or charge, ancl who  is .-otherwise duly qualified as a  municipal   voter.  Given under mv hand at the City  Hall, Enderby, B.C., lhis 31st clay  of December, 1914.  GRAHAM ROSOMAN,  Returning Officer.  VWWK������������������H"K"K������������������:~H"H^^^  SCHOOL DISTRICT OF ENDERBY  Registry  property  value on  Oflice,   of   land   or   real  in   the   city   of   assessed  the last Municipal Assess-  We desire to extend to  all a wish for every  Happiness and Prosperity in  the coming year.  We also want to thank our Customers  for the liberal support given us in the past  and trust that we may be accorded the same  patronage in the future.  If you have not dealt with us in the  past, we would appreciate a trial. We can  please you in Quality, Price and Service.  . Our 20 per cent Discount Sale on Men's  Furnishings is still on. It will pay you to  buy here.  DILL BROS.  GENTS* FURNISHINGS  GROCERS  o  If anybody has  neglected to  purchase a present  for Sbmebody  it is not yet too  late.   See what  we have left.  V  V  Our Prices will  please your  pocket.  Two Tons of Wall Paper  Arrived the Past Week  i4nd ve claim to have the  Largest and Most  Artistic   Stock  in. this Section  You might as veil get  vhat you vant.  Get vhat  you vill continue to like;  you are more likely to find'  it in a big stock, carefully chosen from  the best manufacturers, than from a more  limited stock ordinarily found.  J. E. CRANE, Proprietor  *  V  V  X  >������������������������������������������������������*������������������������������������������������������**������������������������������������������������������  ���������������������������;..-..-..���������������������������..  ���������������������������:������������������������������������������������������:������������������������������������������������������:������������������������������������������������������!������������������������������������������������������!������������������������������������������������������!������������������������������������������������������!������������������������������������������������������!������������������������������������������������������!������������������������������������������������������!���������������������������'!������������������������������������������������������  ��������������������������� ��������������������������� . .  ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������*.  '���������������������������m������������������������������������������������������<������������������^.h..x..:..x..:..:..h..:..:..mm;..:..  I ENDERBYMUSIC STORE I  NOTICE  Public Notice i.s hereby given to  the Electors of lhe School District  of Enderby, that I require lhe'presence of the said Electors al the City  Hall, Enderbv, B.C., on Monday,  thc lllh day,of January, 1915, at 12  o'clock noon, for the purpose of  electing a person lo represent Ihem  as Trustee on lhe Board of School  Trustees of Enderby in the place of  Thomas Robinson, whose term has  expired.  The mode of Nomination of Candidates shall be as follows: The  Candidates shall be nominated in  writing;* the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality as proposer and seconder,  and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between  the date of this notice and 2 p.m.  of the day of nomination: the said  writing may be in the form numbered 5 in the Schedule of the Municipal Elections' Act, and shall  slate the names, residence, and occupation or description of each  person proposed, in such manner  as sufficiently to identify such candidate; and in the event of a poll  being necessary, such poll will be  opened on Thursday, the 14th day  of January, 1915, at the City Hall,  Enderby, of which every person is  hereby required to take notice and  govern   Himself  accordingly.  The qualifications for a person  to be nominated and elected as a  School Trustee arc: That such  person is a British subject of the  full age of twenty-one years, actually residing within the School  District, and has been for the  six months next preceding the  clay of nomination the registered owner, in the land registry office, of land or real property  in the city school district, of the  assessed value on the last municipal assessment roll, of five hundred dollars or more, over and  above any registered judgment or  charge, and who is otherwise qualified to vote' al tin election of school  trustees in the said School District.  Given under .my hand at the City  Hall. Enderbv: B C, this'31st day of  December, M4;v  -   . GRAHAM  ROSOMAN,  Returning Officer.  t  t  t  y  v  y  v  y  ?  y  *  y  y  y  y  y  *  y  y  V  Y  y  y  y  y  X  y  y  j January Clearance Sale  ���������������������������  y  ICommences at Foreman,  & Armstrong's on     f  I Saturday, Jan. 2nd 1  y  NT 0 T ICE  Notice is hereby given that, at the  expiration of Thirty (30) days, application will be made to the Board  of License Commissioners for the  transfer of the'Liccnse for the sale  of Liquor by retail in ancl upon the  premises known as "The Enderby  Hotel," situate in the City of Enderbv, upon the lands described as  Lots'One (1) and Two (2), Three  (3) and Four ��������������������������� (<!), Block Eleven  (11), -Map Two Hundred and Eleven "A" (211a), and part of Lots  One (1) and Two, (2),* Belvedere  Townsite, to Morgan O'Brien.  RICHARD ELI BEST,  By H. G. Davies, Attorney.  Dated this Ninth day of December, A. D. 1914.  Poultrymen wishing to join the  Enderby Egg Circle can have rules  and.fuli.information.on application  lo Mr. C. . Bigge, Gainford Ranch,  Enderby.  i.|-������������������.|������������������M-|..M������������������|..������������������*.t'+*l������������������l"������������������"M-M"W������������������l������������������'  ��������������������������� I  t SPECIAL PRICES on all {  J Heating Stoves and Ranges j  ? ���������������������������and they are right, too. |  t  j POLSON     &     MURRIN  f.|N|HtH|M|N|H|..f|M|HJ|H|l|l*|l||.l|H|H|MfM|N|M|���������������������������|.<flli>  Fresh Meats  If you want prime, fresh meats, we  have them. Our cattle are grain-fed  and selected by our own buyers from  the richest, feeding grounds in Alberta, and are killed and brought to the  meat block strictly FRESH.  We buy first-hand for spot cash, n  can give you the best price possible  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C.  y  y  y  *  ?  y  y  y  y  For further particulars see posters  Fares on all purchases of $15.00 or over, within a  ' 20-mile radius, refunded.  We BIG CASH STORE  FOREMAN & ARMSTRONG,   Armstrong, B. C.  ���������������������������  ���������������������������  y  y  y  ���������������������������  y  y  y  y  -H-H^'f**********-**************^  Those Tinkling  Tunes  are simply fascinating when reproduced by The EDISON Phonograph.  There's no fun trying to" do the new  dances;��������������������������� the" Fox Trot; Maxixe,  One Step, Hesitation, Boston,  Three Step���������������������������to the jerky drumming  of a piano. There's no tempting  tempo.  But when the National Promenade  Band swings.- into the seductive  "La Bella Argentina" or "Waltz  Hesitation", and  <WSe  new  EDISON  PHONOGRAPH  <THE   INSTRUMENT  WITH    THE . DIAMOND   POINT  OVERCOATS  If you get your overcoat cleaned  and pressed, it will save you getting  a new one.  A.   E.  "WEST 'S  Ladies'  and   Gents'  Tailor  Enderbv  reproduces the full, rich  melody���������������������������the sway and swing  of it���������������������������the fascinating rhythm  of it���������������������������then, you have some*  thing worth dancing to.  . -.���������������������������There-Are, nthcr 'peci'l-HanfC   Recordi available to owners of  Edison Phonographs ��������������������������� several  hundred other Band and Orchestra  records, many of which are suitable  for the new dances���������������������������and any number  of Tango songs like "Underneath  The Tango Moon."  The new Edison Phonograph  has the diamond reproducing point,  unbreakable and long playing  records, superior motors and  construction, concealed horns, and  the Cabinets are made in true Period  atylea, in perfect harmony with the  finest furniture.  -   Come in *ni hear the EDISON play all these tinkling tango tunes���������������������������play them  ���������������������������s they should be played���������������������������then you'll appreciate just how much pleasure you can  have with an EDISON PHONOGRAPH io your own home.  J. E. Crane,     -    Enderby, B. C.  Our Groceries  are Al Quality at right  prices and good service  POLSON     &     MURRIN  1  NOTICE  MR. J. B. DUNLOP  WILL CONTINUE HIS MEETINGS  (D. V.) IN THE K. OF P. HALL,  ENDERBY, ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON NEXT, AT 3 O'CLOCK, AND  TUESDAY EVENING NEXT AT  7.30 O'CLOCK.  I See our new McClary Range ���������������������������  i ���������������������������The   Gary.       It's   some I  WANT ADS  FOR SALE���������������������������Registered Yorkshire  pigs; bolh sexes. Riverdale  Farm, E. Harrop, manager.  ROOM   TO   LET-  Tea Rooms.  -Apply   Brownie  FOR SALE���������������������������Sweet cider, cooking  apples, cider vinegar. Geo. R.  Lawes, Enderby Heights.  WHY use inferior wood when yon can  BURN BAXTER'S BEST BIRCH.  Leave orders at Dill Bros.  Range, at a popular price.  POLSON     &     MURRIN  CUTTER WANTED���������������������������Anyone having good second-hand cutter for  sale, give description and price to  W. A. Russell, Enderby.  FIRST-CLASS BOARD and rooms;  reasonable rates; Bradley house.  FOR RENT���������������������������A three-room Hat,  over old Walker Press ollice.  Apply Walker Press.  1  I


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