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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Nov 13, 1913

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 ������������������^ m.  Enderby, B.C., November 13, 1913  AND      WALKER'S       WEEKLY  Vol 6; No. 37; Whole No. 297  City Council Concludes to Hold  Telephone Company to Agreement  A special meeting of tne- City Coun-' the result  her, 1913.     "  " finally Aid. Teece moved, seconded  by Aid. Hartry that the Okanagan  Telephone Company be notified that  it must return to the hours and rate  Locals of Home Events of Interest  Near Home and Far Away  ._ = _     ...       __._.... Saturday eve-. Nov. 15th, movies at is Mr. McPherson's intention to keep  cil was held   last   Monday    evening, j   Mayor Ruttan   said he did not see, provlded ,in   the    a������������������reement.  by the the Opera House. tha Enderby stork   up" to the highest  Mayor Ruttan in the'ohair and a Ml'why we should   allow   the telephone :10th  of Derember.   1913>   failing  that i   Tuesday( Nov.   18:    "The Barr er," standard   compatible ���������������������������' with   business  board present. company to override   the agreement'. |the Glt? wiU then enforce its option I at th_ 0p_ra House  The first matter   to be disposed of He thought the matter had been set-1 P���������������������������"ded ? Se^  7 ������������������^ the aSreement'  was the   amending   Building By-law, tled( long ago that   we were to hold  which has been up for consideration the company   to    the    terms of the  at    recent   meetings,   the    amending agreement with the city.     Personally  conditions. .    -  Born���������������������������On   Sunday,    Nov. 9, to Mr. j   The   entertainment   given    in    the  and Mrs. Geo. Robinson, a son. , Opera House last night by local tal-  which reads:  "If the Company shall fail to oper-1   Mayor Ruttan   and    gon pcrcy re. C|)t trained for the occasion.by Mr.Mc-  _.     _,_,    ___     ���������������������������               ,   ate and maintaln'.its said l0-cal'ex-. turned" irom Fort Fraser this week.    ' Donald,   under'  the   auspices   of-the';  clauses of which have appeared in. a. he believed the people "would stand ; Change When es-tab\is'hed> or the trunk j Aug. ��������������������������� Antilla, E. Antilla and C. -Hospital Auxiliary, was somewhat'  previous issue of, the Press. The back of them if they told the corn-;| ne . when constructed,,,,at any" one jonnson returned from the coast a handicapped owing to so many-other "  By-law passed its   third reading. and'pany either to comply with the terms time ^or f penod .of. one.month, un- few dayg agQ , things going on;' and the attendance "���������������������������  of the agreement or get out  less the .'failure    to.   so operate and..  was duly signed and sealed. -  , Tenders for   the   post of assessor,      ���������������������������    _.��������������������������� _._    .  ���������������������������- _.. ., .  laid over from last meeting, from N.  city could   go    any   farther than to tlo"s over which the Company has na the-winter in at Enderby.  FL Kenny, for    $125,   and'from-Jas.  order the city's phones out      He was C0*   0; or lf lt    ^1 wilfully make j   ,WMle the okanagan "is enjoying'the  Johnston,    for:   $98,   were   taken" up. afraid the agreement Was not sound. ��������������������������� ���������������������������yy,���������������������������    substantially   complying warm dayg of   sunshine(    word is re-  It was moveh by. Aid. Grant, secon-     Mayor Ruttan:    "What"   makes you I���������������������������* tenas hereof- then the right ceived    -f   disastrous   storms'in the  ded by   .Aid. .Worthington, that the think-the agreement is not sound?' I ***&"**&������������������ hereby granted shall af-j^.  f^,i���������������������������. ..'if.    t.u-^u-    v. -*_ #__i _��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������    ���������������������������v-.,4.   ,4. ������������������������������������������������������-���������������������������i,"+v.���������������������������* T.the option of the Municipality forth-     r������������������������������������������������������  N.  Flewwelling. returned   from the..was much smaller  .than it-otherwise  Aid. Worthington did not think the ^������������������.���������������������������n:_B^1.1. *!!   CaUSed by condi~ Northwest'on Saturday,'and will put, would have been.       The performance  will be repeated this evening/     ,  .  '���������������������������K. OF P. MUSICAL EVENING  The concert, and   social "evening ��������������������������� giv-  Municipality  with cease and determine.  .The-motion carried. -.  I.Churchof   England    services   <ot^0*A;^*\   evening by the��������������������������� local;.  Sunday, -16th:   Mara, " 10.30     a. m.; !������������������- ������������������f'��������������������������� \>������������������^>- ^^y^-  ������������������h-e -  1 " 'Misses   Dillon, ., Mr., Calder ;and-Mr.-* \  tender of Mr.   Johnston   be accepted feel so sure   about   it myself that. I  Ayes,  Grant,   Worthington and Har-jam prepared,tc tell this .Council that  try; noes, Blanchard and Teecef 11, myself, will stand the cost of tak-  ,A    financial    statement ,'from" the;ing it into court.if we. finditfjneces  treasurer for  Sept.--730th,    ..���������������������������_.    _. . _w-____ -r  .- -_,- ���������������������������   ,     -_ - . ... --. ������������������������������������������������������-      - . ....w.   ���������������������������v,.��������������������������� .������������������������������������������������������,    .        ,-,     ..        ,_-   i   guidance 'of-the Council in future>x-!ment is^sound, \.What mow'do.you ^'."J!!;?-^ ^ ?^Per "the past ..week;   and left-on Monday��������������������������� ���������������������������*A7A������������������7? COaChes -OfjPythlanB.and  .   _.��������������������������� ,     ���������������������������,   , .. Grindrod,, 3.00 p. ^ m.; Enderby,  7.30  A bill for; $10, \ the cost, of erecting p   m _. -^ ��������������������������� y      ��������������������������� .-  -  Hill,- of Vernon, , and";,Miss. Stevens^.  Courtney,; '���������������������������  >rthe months. Jan.'-1st to'W .Besides,- "here     we W-"the * ^"F"a������������������* |h? Cottage" Hospital |   .Mr.'arid M������������������: Edward Faint:spent aj^.^-f ^erford -^-M  ywns   submitted^for:the!-opinion'-of i* solicitor that the a^f-f^���������������������������d^,OT\^-\^^^dMV.09������������������rfiw.'dky8 with   Mr.l land .Mrs? Jones ������������������f Enderbyr proved-tp be a  huge'-suc-j  penditures - for    the    balance, of'the want?'  year.     The' '-report; showed a small  "Aid; Worthington then proceeded to  margin, to'. the- good,','but indicated explain. He said .he did-not want to  th"at,?"there---"would -.have-to* be close- say^ctfmuch for the-company for 'fear  calculating all   along the line. " The'somebody might,  think he had some  week   was . received-_ from Mrs.  Hat:  cher - and .ordered' paid.  -ANNIVERSARY;rSERVICES ���������������������������  for Halcyon'.Hot- Springs - '- -' JZ" V. wives "and friends ^me-up, froni .'  ��������������������������� The young.people-of the , Presbyter- 1^erBon.' ,a"d the JocaL atten dance,.'was ;  t/r. ���������������������������u������������������������������������������������������u r. * "- -' . i.i larger than usual; with .'the result.-.  ian: church - spent   a . very.fenjoyable;-.. &, ���������������������������.   ,-_,���������������������������������������������������������������������������������---     yr _-��������������������������� .-. ��������������������������� * -  __.-���������������������������'* +.    . . - . .... .that K.;of P.-Hall, was packed to the-'  evening, at the home'.of/Mr: and~-Mrs.--_- ���������������������������-.-    v.y,-     -.-- -----    .*"-t  -**  --;-  - y _ -y .i -s<|  y 7y:}r. f  a-. ypA/i  ���������������������������^���������������������������.^.^....litti  -The   anniversary    services    in   the  G. Murdock, on-Friday.  ,,.-t"v doors:     All the   singers taking, .part ;'���������������������������  total receipts   for -the   nine months]financial interest . in  -so. doing. . He Presbyterian-Church' Sunday morning    Leave , your-ct orders���������������������������--__for Christmas -in   ?e: co"c_ert. were   hearti y appre-L  were shown to be $65/420."; The esti-' hadj "however,-, some idea of "fairness.' and evening were ' attended bv\ laree ereetin& cards at the-' Walker Press. Cla   d an     ,sang   ' a-freedom  of  - -  1 v ������������������. w������������������-\-**x*i_-v* uj\ j-cii.^^ , ,     * ^   -    - expression t.ha.t w&s inost refreshing   ^' -  ^mated    balance    of   receipts'for the'He said^he  ^was    strolling down the crowds, the j church   beirie riacked to -'A" choice , selection \ just"-'unpacked.-",,. ���������������������������. , , ~':T'-  year are  .placed   at    $8,240,  against street in Vernonon    a. recent visit,, the .doors at' the/evening -service.' In .M.ake your selection ��������������������������� early:       ���������������������������;       -   j "    .  '���������������������������;-.   -   ' .    r. -  which   are   expenditures" footing fup p when Mr. Dobie, manager of'the tele-"the morning, Rev.":Mr.".Dow. occupied [   The'Methodist'Church was, crowded��������������������������� P-.|ng "���������������������������-n selections, was es-  $7,985.     .'    \ ' . 7\ Phone company, called ."him* into a ho-- the.pulpit," and in -the evening, Rev. j last night-to hear  .'the'Clum lectuWPeclally. ^'   a nd , i^i ,    S-S  ' The'following letter was read from tel and .invited" him to. go up and Mr. .Henderson, t- of Armstrong, -assis- on California;, and the films .were ^y 1^S^��������������������������� ���������������������������Rutnerforcl. and that byi iJr.  Messrs^ Billings & Cochrane:'. . ' Ihaye a fquiet talk' with Mr. Jones,'ted by Rev. Mr". Brown, of -the' Meth- 'most heartily 'enjoyed by all."-- _ ' -Courtney, each was received .with  Mr. Graham   Rosoman," C.M.C., En-' president of the company." He found odist church.     The selections by thei   Contractor   Russell, is^pushing the j applause.    * Refrcshmnnts    foi-  derby.B.C;- '        _"-���������������������������."    j Mr... Jones, to-   be   a    very nice man.' 'choir- at the 'evening "service were of foundation" work   'on   the Drill Hall,: |0W������������������d *"? _concert-    and after the re-^-  'and hopes to   have the walls -.started ,fresh���������������������������ents   cards_ and    dancing were  -"?,"  r J-'<���������������������������--������������������������������������������������������'.  indulged1 in.  OKANAGAN   POULTRY SHOW   ��������������������������� '  r ** *���������������������������������������������  Many Enderby poultry men are en-  <Dear Sir:       We   are   in receipt'of.He laid before Mr. "Jones.every point unusual sweetness.. "-'"'"_.   j  your letter   of    the   6th'   inst.  with in" connection with the telephone con-1   The, anniversary   suppers - given by'jn an������������������ther week .or ten-days, z   -  agreement   made    between   -the Tele- troversy here, and on every point Mr. jthe   Presbyterian   ladies,      following!    S- H".  Speers, opened for business  uhone Company anh your city.     The' Jones >assured him that the telephone each anniversary   service, ~are always this week in tne F^ton Block, where  same question has come up in respect company" was    right.       The Enderby, patronised- to "the   limit,     and  this;lie is showing a clean, fresh stock of!     . . .        -  of the city   of Vemon.and the Muni- business was not   paying, Mr.   Jones .'ear the limit was pushed .far higher! staPle and   fancy 'groceries    for the le.nt������������������f l|.pun.*    nd P t Stock������������������Sbow  (jipality of Coldstream.     As a matter told him, and they simply had to re-j than any previous record.     The base-' :fami*y trade- '     t   1S      .        .    ^ ..      p. .    v   '  of fact,  thc    agreement   you, have_isldu.ee. the_hours___of__service-and-raise7ment^of^thft^p.hurf'.h^wng=^r������������������^^^^rom-i^fl^c^^W-oma  with the present   telephane company, the rate." j6 until 8 o'clock,    and a very happy George's  Church  will  hold  a sale  of i  and in this respect you are in a much i    Mayor Ruttan: "It seems to me the gathering it was.       The tables, with  better position than the city of Ver- company/has    taken    a poor way to a seating capacity   of 100,  or there-  non, on the 2Gth, 27th and 28th.     It  work in Parish Hall on Tuesday  Dec. 2nd. Particulars will be an.  nounced later.  Rev. W. J. Beamish, of- Salmon  be. If he could just be s\ire that the'was heard by a crowd 1o thc doors. Arm' wil1 Preach in the Methodist  ent company. The present compan agreement was binding he would then and every number was heartily,church next Sunday at 11 a. m. and  is   under    the   impression    that   the feel safe.     But there   were two clau- enchored.     Those    taking part were:!7,30 D- m-     Sunday School and adult  Bible class at 2.30 p.m.    noo, who made    its   agreement with increase their business here." jabouts, were four times filled,  the Okanagan   Telephone    Company,  Ltd, which was absorbed by the pres-  Ald. Worthington thought that may \   The" concert    following  the  supper  agreement   you   reler   to   was made ses in the agreement that he had been  Miss    Stevens,    Mrs._ Neil .andjMrs.  -with"the ~Okgnagan~'Telepbone~ Com-"informed"by "a"solicitor ~ were vital, Turner,    Miss    Murray,    Atmstrong,  pany, Ltd., and not with the present'and simply' destroyed the whole con- Mrs. Rutherford, Mr. Calder, Vernon,  company, and we think that if its at- tract. I Mr.    Courtney   Mrs. Lawes,  and Mr. i'and candies in   the    basement of the  tention is called   to this it will cer-1   For fully an hour the conversation Rosoman. ' |church on Saturday, Dec. 13th,  irom  tainly    not     attempt   to   force     on lingered along this line of argument. I   ^"e visiting   pastors of thc several *2'30 *������������������ 6 P- m-     Tea wil1 he served,  your municipality the changes in the Then Aid.    Teece    asked    Aid.   Wor- j churches also  unbended  on the occn-|    Mr. and Mrs.  J. B. Gaylord left on  rates that it suggests. ^hington to point    out the two sec- sion, and    afforded   many   a   merry, Tuesday on a holiday for thc winter  The difficulty that the city of Ver-,tions in the agreement   which he felt laugh at   their   clever   feints at one in Eastern Canadian   and  New York  non is having with the present com-j were weak.      Aid.    Worthington was'anotner-     To the Enderby Orchestra, points.     Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Russell  should be remembered that all bona  fide members of the Northern Okanagan Poultry Association can compete  for all specials at the Vernon show  without additional entry fee. All  membership tickets must bo produced  by those attending thc show. It is  hoped that as many birds as possible  The Girl's Guild of the Presbyterian twiU ������������������e"sent" from- Bndorbyr   Entries  Church will hold a sale of fancy work  must bc mfldG by the 21st 'nst-  FATHER  JEANOTT DEAD  Father Jeanott, one of the best  known of the pioneer priests oi thc  southern interior of British Columbia,  died last Friday morning in Montreal  ancl in his going the West is deprived  pany is by reason of the fact that,' scanning the agreement at the time, jis dl,e much of the credit for thc un-.have rented their cottage for the win- of a man oi noble mein and a priest  the agreement entered into by it was and in a few minutes   read out Sec.  usual success    of    this   affair.   Their,ter months. in everything that thc name implies.  selections pleased everybody.  with the   old    company and not the H. which reads:  new one;    hence   this   city's troubles!   ''This agreement   shall    be binding  cannot be so easily settled as yours, and enure to   the   benefit ofi as well  We would strongly recommend that the parties hereto as their respective  the city of   Enderby,   in the case of successors and assigns."  its own phones    or those of some in-j   He was   perfectly    clear as to the "u 01"euo'    ucavy    anu "S*"    IU11 and Graham Rosoman secretary.  dividual subscriber, make a test case city being bound but had his doubts Can get as e������������������od pnccs and tcrms of I   Foreman Calnan, who has charge'of  in case of a breach of agreement. The about the company. |me as y������������������u can &et   anywhere.   Don't'  writer considers your city's position'   He was asked to read out the other Se"d ������������������Ut ������������������f tOWn'     JaS' McMahon  rather exceptional towards this tele- v*tal section.      After scanning every  CUTTERS AND SLEIGHS  Just received.   A    stock of cutters  and sleighs;    heavy    and light.   You  At a meeting    of   the  directors o'f Father- Jeanott   was   ahead  of  even  ,'the    Enderby   Horticultural    Society! tno prospectors in many places in thei  j yesterday afternoon, Mrs. G.  S. Salt Kootcnays,    where   there    arc     now  was  chosen    president;  Miss Forster,  flourishing towns.     He was loved as  vice-president; Miss   Cobb,  treasurer   a man and revered   as a priest.  phone    company,    and   we   think  it section of the   agreement, hc had to  should bo   brought   to   time as it is admit that    he   could    not find  any'  certainly getting too high-handed.      j clause that said what he hnd thought  We return copy    of the By-law and  was there.  ,the work   on    the    Court   House, is*    j showing how   to    get    ahead on thc  ���������������������������_      "     ,"       ���������������������������       ,. _ __   :construction.     The past week of fine  Tea served   every   afternoon at the ,���������������������������������������������������������������������������������<., ������������������������������������������������������ u ^      ,    . l ���������������������������  .   .     _ . _ I weather has    played     nto   his hands  agreement   which    you  forwarded  to  ������������������s. Yours truly, **"  BILLINGS  & COCHRAN.  It was explained by Aid. Worthins;-  ton that hc hnd   instructed thc City  Clerk to    write    Messrs.    Billings  &  Cochrane, and    the above letter  was ment was binding  Aid. Hartry snid that so far as he  was concerned, he had thought the  telephone users were asking the city  to test out in court, their case. He  did not before realize the importance  of the agreement, and thnt the agreo-  Enderby Bakery.     Try a cup and  be '���������������������������-���������������������������,���������������������������   mu     i ���������������������������    f���������������������������  rr^^trx^ ui I       , * nicely.  The shingling is now finished,  romfortably warm    when down town ������������������������������������������������������,, M,    .  .    .     ,  . , . ,���������������������������  and the interior finishing will be well  and the day is damp and cold.  Remember the date of Dr. Ta'ube's  under way by Saturday.  The McPhcrson Furniture Company  visit to Reeve's Drug Store, on Mon- 0f Armstrong,   this    week completed  day,  Nov. 24th,  and if there is any-'  thing wrong with    your eyesight  do  not fail to consult him.  F. Pyman is on   a business trip to  the Slocan.  the purchase of the stock and business of Blanchard & English, and Mr.  McPherson, one of the new owners,  is taking up his residence in the  Pound residence, on Clifl street  Eighty-five per cent of headaches  nre the result of cyc-strain, which can  be permanently relieved with the aid  of Toric Optical Co.'s scientifically  fitted glasses. Specialist will bc in  the Enderby Hotel, Monday and  Tuesday, Nov. 17th and 18th. Consult him.  Ii. lho civil oiipcof Clro.'im in v������������������. Bell and Biiiley  h������������������*nr(i Inst wpek nt Vcinon tl e Court derided that  thc costs idiould bejmid by Crosanuin, and ordered  Tinnion to vcturn cortnln Vool-s by Dec lst.     Tho  ���������������������������nsoof Linton vs Olinnng-an Fr.wznills wns settled  ���������������������������ut of court.  Brick house   to    let.   Reduction  of  It | rent for winter months.   C. G. Piper. ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  if  m  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, November 13, 1913  T.-f'  ___  A good time  to stop talking is when  you're up a  tree land attempting-to  climb  down  Mtfjt  m  OKANAGAN  SHIPMENTS  One hundred and thirty carloads of  fruit and produce were shipped from  the Okanagan Valley during the week  ending Nov. 4th, according to figures  compiled ,for the Vernon News by C.  P.. R, freight agents, These shipments bring the total for the year,  in carload lots only, to 1583, which,  at a conservative valuation of $750 a  car, represents an export value of  $1,187,250. Shipments reported for  the week and year .are as follows:  Week        Year  Vernon     42   '        465  Okanagan  Landing       41 463  Armstrong      40 325  Enderby       6 325  In addition to the six cars of produce noted above, Enderby shipped  out 17. carloads of lumber and one of  brick.  THE RAW FUR MARKET  (i  wi;.  M  $u.  Poultry  V  NDERBY PRESS  Published every   Thursday at  Endenby, B.C. at  $2 per year, by thc Walker Press.  Mmtf&iJ'���������������������������"��������������������������� ~J  *������������������&&0^ffi^Z/'/~  --^-Jy^y-    COPKHICMT 1907  CAPT. CAMERON begs to announce  "that he has taken over the entire  stock of exhibition and pedigree  laying strain of Brow'n Leghorns  from Mr. H. E. Waby. Orders will  be received -for settings of eggs for  next season. Prices according to  strain required. Orders filled in rotation. Also settings of P. B.  Rocks (Waby's strain), White Wyandottes, Buff Orpingtons, White  Leghorns, and Black Minorcas. For  terms apply to advertiser, or Miss  Simpson,' Gainford Ranch, Enderby,  P. 0. Box 121  & 123.  ."    . , . v.,1 .���������������������������'.' i  Advertising: Kates: Transient 50c an inch first  insertion, 25c each subsequent insertion. Contract advertising. SI an inoh per month.  Legal Notices:   12c a line first insertion; 8c a. lin������������������  ottch Bubeotjuent insertion.  Reading: N������������������ti������������������������������������������������������ and Locals: Joe a line.  NOVEMBER 13, 1913  PRESIDENT WILSON AND MEXICO  Campers and  States has designs on the country.  A month after the assassination of  Madero, England, with regrettable  precipitancy, recognized Huerta as  the de facto ruler oi Mexico. Our  precipitancy then should make us  doubly cautious now. Nothing must  ibe done by England to hamper or  the Mill Warehouse, furnishing my'thwart America's policy. President  gasoline .launch.or. row boats as-may Wilson has pilt hishand'to a diflicult  ba  desired,    by    the  trip,  hour,   day.'task  Pleasure Parties  I am inaugurating a regular gor-  vice for the summer months, on Mabel Lake, making the trip every Sunday morning, or as otherwise required,    from    Cottonwood Point  to  President- Wilson's- diplomacy in  dealing with the Mexican situation  is fast gathering to his support all  the diplomats of Europe, and it is  doubtful if he will' experience any  further difficulty in making himself  understood in his attitude towards  Huerta, the murderer now governing  Mexico. That he has a difficult task  before him is recognized by all, but  ', the big powers seem to have implicit  faith in his ability to, bring order  out of chaos in Mexico, if "given a  free hand to deal with the situation.  The Daily Chronicle, of London,  voices the sentiment of England, and  no doubt of the other European  powers, when it says:  "The danger in the situation is  that the dictator (Huerta) may try  to play off England against the United States, at the same time arousing the suspicions o'f the people, who  are none too friendly to Americans,  by false suggestions* that the United  Those of our readers' who are interested in the raw fur business will  find it to their advantage ta kcep in  touch with the fur market. There is  no better way for you to get this in  formation and ' protect yourself than  through the publication issued by A.  B. Shubert, Chicago. "The Shubert  Shipper" is sent to thousands of  trappers and shippers of raw furs in  the United States and Canada, and  they would just as soon go without  their traps or gun, as to miss a copy  of "The Shubert Shipper" when it is  issued. It is not a magazine, it contains no advertisement whatever, and  every word in it is good sound market news on every branch of the fur  business^ Write the above mentioned  firm if you would like to have the fur  news.  jjifrt-'aa^-  BURIED BY CAVE-IN-  A shocking fatality occurred at  Penticton on Thursday last, when  three city employees met their death  near the end.of the Okanagan River  bridge on Lakeshore Drive, when several hundred tons of dirt slid from  the cliff and buried the men working  in the gravel pit below. The dead  are: James Campbell, James Boyce,  and Malcom Nicholson. Billie Weir,  who was caught at the edge of the  slide, escaped with a broken leg.  BELGIUM CAPITAL COMING  "I can safely state that there1 is at  least five million dollars capital coming to Canada from Belgium, alone  before next spring, and at least a  quarter of that will come to this  province," declared S. E. Sadoine, of  Brussels, Belgium, at Vancouver last  week, discussing the prospects of capital coming from Europe.  ade of the best  tempered steel with all  attention paid to that hefty feel  that makes the RIGHT kind of  axes and hatchets. The prices are as right as  the goods. The" best testimonial is to come in  and get acquainted with them. We have what  you want.  i������������������MiM[E0llllilNadlJHING  week or month, to all the fishing  places on the lake and the camping  grounds. Prices reasonable for good  ���������������������������service.     Address���������������������������  F. D. ABBOTT  Cottonwood Points  We hope hc will succeed in it  without bloodshed.  ALBERTA'S  LIBEL  ACT  Fresh Meats  ==If^y.ou^want^prime,^fresh-meatSr-we-  have them. Our cattle are grain-fed  and selected by our own, buyers front  the richest feeding grounds in Alberta, and are killed and brought to the  meat block strictly FRESH.  We buy first-hand for spot cash, bo  can give you the best price possible  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. G.  Just Arrived  A fine line of horse blankets, robM, rugs, suit    cases.     A   good 6tock of  heavy and   light   harness always on hand.     Repairs   promptly done.  C. RUTHERFORD, Cliff St., Enderby  As the result of the work of the  Alberta & Eastern B.C. Press Association, the Alberta legislature has  just passed an amendment to the libel Act of that Province which gives  the judge discretion as to costs in  case( a nominal verdict for damages  is rendered after an apology has been  tendered, and this provision was further amended so that all the plaintiff's legal costs up to the trial  would accompany the nominal verdict in his favor.  While this is not considered so favorable as the    clause that the execu-  List' it with me. *ZV���������������������������AABT*ion *** rOP,e,d i������������������  have passed, yet    in   view of all the  If    yOU    Want   to'circumstances it    may not work out  buy land see me. it0������������������ ]mi]]y^   A publisher gets notice  of intention to proceed in tne libel  My new booklet descriptive of the Mar* DI*- action, which gives him an opportunity of settling the matter before  it goes into court, and in case of  "straw" plaintiffs thc judge has discretion to compel such plaintiff to  put up security for costs.  If you  have land  to sell  trict ia now out.   GET   ONE,  Chas. W. Little  Eldernell Orchard, Mara, B. C.  OVER 65 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  ATENTS  ....yfkzr-y ������������������������������������������������������- ���������������������������������������������**.- jfyy  Trade Marks  DcafoNs  Copyrights Ac.  Anyon^eendlnit ������������������pketeh nnd description may  qijIeKlr aaeeruiJn our opinion fre������������������ whether an  Invention 1* probntiljr patentable. CominuflleA-  tions itrlcUjr oontldoutlal. HANDBOOK on Pateuti  Bent fret. Oldest Cp-encr forsoourinapaUiitg.  Pnteriu takon through Munn & Co. recelrt  special notUe, without obovgo, la the  Scientific Btsericait.  A handsomely Uluifrated weekly. Large*! ths  cnlortoQ of any eclcnUflo Journal. Termi for  Canada, |t.7f a year, postage prepaid. Sold by  all newsdealer*.  &'Co.3G,B������������������������������������"!^- Mew York  Branch Offlco. 024 F Bt, Wash In. ton, D. C.  NOTICE  To whom it may concern:,. I will  not be responsible for any debts contracted by my son, Arnold.  J. E. BOGERT.  Enderby, B. C, Oct. 1G, 1913.  Finest in the Country  ''Enderby is a charming villiage with eity airs.  When Paddv Murphy shook the snow of Sandon  ._ _������������������ff .his feet he came here... and_now_ owns.one of _:   finest brick hotels in the country. Although  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan, he calls his  hotel the King Edward. In addition to the excellence of the meals, breakfast is served up to 10  o'clock, which is an added attraction for tourists."  (Extract from Lawery'e Ledge.)  King Edward Hotel, L^mmY Enderby  E. J. Mack  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  ENDERBY, B. C.  <���������������������������    Good Rigs; ,Careful Driv-  o ers; Dray ing of all kinds.  J;    Comfortable and Commo-  f dious Stabling for teams. '  Auto for Hire ir-  Prompt attention to all customer!  Land-seekers and Tourists in  vitea to give us atrial/-     /  Norman Grant  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  Furnished  Dealer in Windows, Doors, Tunnings,  and all factory work. Rubberoid  Roofing, Screen Doors and Windows  GLASS OUT TO ANY SIZE  We represent S. O. SMITH CO.,  of Vernon  Russell Street Enderby.  W  ��������������������������� ���������������������������-! "5.1  ffl  ���������������������������i'S  >w  h'J  ill  - M  i-im  ft  rt]  tl ;^m^-^������������������������������������wm%&'&  ���������������������������itsezwAit-r.r.  w?$&  ���������������������������*-~vrf.'r!  ���������������������������4*Vfr-  Thursday, November 13, 1913  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  WANT ADS  ADVERTISEMENTS under this head  3c a word first insertion, lc a word  each subsequent insertion.  Dr. Kilburger, eyesight specialist,  representing The Toric Optical Co.,  of Vancouver, will be in Enderby, at  the Enderby Hotel, Monday and  Tuesday, Nov. 17th and 18th, arid  will be pleased to have persons with  defective eyesight call and consult  him.  ROSE BUSHES POR SALE���������������������������Of varieties proven suitable for' this climate and district. 50c and 75c  each. Apply, The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd., Enderby.  FOR SALE���������������������������Piano in good condition  Price, $325; easy terms. Apply Box  139, Enderby.  YOUNG PIGS  FOR  SALE���������������������������Apply at  . DeHart Ranch,   Enderby;   -        ol64  AM prepared to saw any quantity of  cordwood, or will buy any- quantity  of standing wood near railway. Apply, C. Imanaka, Box 240, Enderby!  FOR SALE���������������������������Heavy horses. Okanagan ,Saw Mills, Enderby, B.C.''  MRS. C. PARADIS, a dressmaker of  wide experience, - has removed her  dressmaking parlors to the Matthews house, on Cliff ^Sti, west of  George. ,     ,-  *    SEALED , TENDERS ) addressed to  the .undersigned, and endorsed "Ten-"  der for construction of wharfs at ,Vic-  " toria    Harbour,    B. C,"  will"be re-  ceived at this office, until'4.00 P."vM.  "   on Tuesday, December 9, 1913 for the  '---construction "of   Wharfs .at Victoria  ..Harbour; B. ,C. .- ..-.���������������������������_  Plans, " specification . and   form of  contract can   be    seen *and forma of  tender obtained   at this Department  'and at the' District Engineers' offices  '    at .New Westminster, B. C, Victoria,.  ,B.  Gx, ���������������������������.Confederation --Life ' Building*  Toronto,  Ont., Post   Office Building,"  Montreal, P. Q., and " on application  to the Postmasterat Vancouver," B.C.  Persons tendering are. notified that  tenders will not be considered unless  ". mado on the   printed forms supplied,  .arid signed   with    theirn actual' signatures, stating   their occupations and  places, of   residence.       In the case of1  firms, the   actual   signature, the ~na-  ��������������������������� ture of the*1 occupation, and place of  residence of each member of the firm  A miiBt be given.  . Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank, payable to the order of the  Honourable the Minister of Public  ���������������������������^^Worksf^etiual^to^five^per^cent^CS^pTCr)1  of the amount of the tender, which  ���������������������������will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract  when called upon to do so, or fail to  complete the work contracted for. If  the tender be not accepted the cheque  wilt be returned.  The Department does not bind it-   self_to_accept the. lowest or _any_tender.  R. C. DESROCHERS,  Secretary.  Department of Public Works,  Ottawa, October 27, 1913.  Newspapers- will   not   be paid for  this advertisement   if   they insert it  without authority from this Depart-  rri-nt.���������������������������45197.  BUMPER CROP PREDICTED.  ."I predict a bumper crop of  fruit in the Okanagan Valley  next year," said Thomas Cunningham, Provincial Inspector of  fruit pests, after a visit to the  Summerland Apple Show.  ' ,'.1 have never seen the trees  ripen so well. The fruit buds  could not possibly be in a better  condition," continued Mr. Cunningham, "I have never seen  better samples of beautiful apples of the standard varieties."  .'..' 'I was glad to find an active  spirit of co-operation amongst  thermit growers, which is sure  to result in the success of the  settlement. The government  purchased many fine lots of apples which will be shown at the  approaching Chicago exhibition.  I predict as great success at  Chicago as thev government  achieved at Winnipeg this year,  where-they captured the Gold  Medal.  N"The good prices obtained for  fruit this year, and the active demand for it, have put fresh  courage into the hearts of the  growers. It is to be hoped that  provision may be made for an  adequate supply of properly constructed fruit cars for next year  by the companies which serve  British Columbia.  "Now is the time to take up  this question, instead of waiting  until next year when the season  for shipping will be upon us.  "I hope that* the" Various  Boards of Trade throughout the  Province will begin a vigorous  campaign along this line. Growers, may succeed in producing  the highest quality of fruit and  pack it carefully, but if we fail  in getting our fruit to the markets in the best possible condition, airthe "efforts of, the .growers will be rendered useless."  AN HONEST BUSINESS. .' .-  .'The writer holds that a man  can make his business , his pleasure, :his savings account, his-insurance policy, his" fad and his  amusement. " } ���������������������������  ,: If there is joy in work" there  must be joy in business.  ,CA riian can, take the, same pride  in"building up, an efficient business as in building and develop-,  ing,hisi home, his rent roll or in  making a collection of stocks  and bonds. ���������������������������        -''  -7k man can - not Jeave a finer  legacy to his family and the community than a well -ordered and  profitable' business."  While there is ..not one of us  but what would steal in order to.  provide for our families, yet our  first duty is to the 'community.  By_obs_er_ylllg_JJl'is scientific com-  munity relation is "where we get"  that by which we provide for our  families without stealing.  This does not  mean  that  we  should give the community  any  thing, but rather that we should  take in return for what is given.  A man should contribute in  service to his community or his  market, just as you have in mind  to call it, but always to his own  profit. ,.,     ,, '  He need not be like the man  who charged $5.00 a hundred  for auction bills, but reduced the  price to $3.00 as soon as he installed a cylinder press and a  boiler and engine. Instead of  keeping about half the saving  for his brains and courage, he  gave it all to the community.  In order to perpetuate a business it must be its founder's fad  and his amusement.  If he wants to make it his savings account and his insurance  policy he must not only manage  it, but manage to educate men,  morally and materially, to conduct it in the days of his waning  activity and after his passing.  In order to keep dry ret out of  his business, a man must keep it  out of himself.  AN IDEAL TOWN.  Klingenberg, a town in.South-  em Germany, on the river Main,  may/lay claim to many of tha  characteristics of a modern Utopia. It not only supplies every  resident with well-paid work and  relieves him of all his municipal  and state-taxes, but gives him  an annual allowance of. $400 for  pin-money, with occasional gifts  for holiday celebrations.'   '  The fortunes of - Klingenberg,  which has about 1700 inhabitants,  are founded upon its deposits of  clay, which on account of its fire-  resisting properties is widely exported, particularly to the United  States. -.,-".'  . The deposits'are worked by the  municipality directly' at, an,* annual profit of $100,000, and every  Klingehberger: is', entitled ,,to a  position as . miner. , The ? fortnightly pay day is observed as. a  holiday, .without detriment to"the  regular; German N holidays,' on  which an extra- payment of a  dollar to a dollar and a quarter is  made.to every citizen to enable  him to celebrate properly.  To prevent the flooding of this  ideal place;of residence,.by Germans from all parts of. the empire; it has been founpY necessary  to" limit fights of Citizenship. No  one is admitted without a,1 payment of $425 to.the, municipal  treasury. More 'favorable terms  are "granted, however, to men  taking wives in the town. ���������������������������  '   .    NOTICE     '  We have taken over the entire interest of A. Bogert in the former firm of  i Adsitt & Bogert, and are prepared to  ! conduct a first-class wood business in  i ff.nrip.rhy        Orders'_Liwill__receive__our  : prompt attention. Wood sawing in  j small or large lots, on the. ground or  !in the woods.     Address Box 172.  ADSITT BROS.  & PARADIS. .  Enderby, B.C., Nov. 6, 1913.  Bank of Montreal  Established 1817  Capital, $16,000,000 -.    -��������������������������� Rett,  |16,000,0W  Hon. President, Rt. Hon. Lord'Strathcona and Mount Royal G. O. M������������������ Q.  President, R. B. Angus,, Esq.  Vice-President,H. V. Meredith  BRANCHES IN LONDON,. ENG.,^NB W YORK and CHICAGO.  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT  Deposits received from Jl upwards, aud interest allowed at current rates.  Interest credited 30th June    and 31st December.  ENDERBY BRANCH A. E. Taylor; Manager  ���������������������������JU-L-I,  Donegal Tweeds  YOU'LL want one of these,  real Donegal tweed  topcoats the moment you see  the cloth.     They radiate an  indefinable something that no  other fabric does;    There is  something in their yfery  atmosphere that makes you feel  better dressed, better groomed,  than the other fellow.   v   ; ; V  And because they are the best  you'll find the largest arid most  complete assortment  *������������������'f> i  - $ '; S'"x^,t -in.   ''  Hobberlin Tailored  $30u $351^40 /  ^'. '^tKvr  fix .{i.  SOLE-AGENTS ..  ENDERBY, B.C.  ���������������������������> ,-  . . v,l,'.rJ:f-  7,-j _ < -*_."*;  \4 :<������������������.-^;|  ���������������������������_, f/,jr--     " lV'    I  ��������������������������� yr.  '.. *. ���������������������������   ���������������������������>- ii I  1   '      Uf"* I  *- "L_y~'i-1  Sole Agents for Hobberlin Tailoring  ifs Co.. lid  THIS  is a  HOME  DYE  that  ANYONE,  can use  DYOLA  kThe' Guaranteed "ONE DYE for  1 All Kinds of Cloth.  Clean, Simple,No Chance of Mistakes. TRY  ITI  Send for Free Color Card and Booklet.  I The Johnion-Rlchardaon Co. Limited, Montreal  Representing  the  TORIC   OPTICAL   COMPANY, Eye  Examiners and makers of Quality Glasses  OF VANCOUVER, B.C.  Carry only one grade of NURSERY STOCK, and that THE BEST!  There is nothing to approach TREES GROWN WITHOUT IRRIGATION.  They are hardier, sturdier, shaplier, better calipered and vastly superior  in root system to irrigated stock.  Isn't this the kind of FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL ��������������������������� TREES,      SHRUBS,  ROSES, etc., ,ou want 7 fi> ������������������   Q   HamS   to cairon~you;-"He-\rill-b������������������-delighte������������������l-  ABk our local representative,  ���������������������������  )|  Fix up your House, Barn,  and Outbuildings  Here are   some   specials in lumberwhile Vktj last :  No. 2, 2x4, per thousand  $ 13..OJ  No. 2 Lath, per thoosand     1.73  Short Gord Wood    3.75  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. e^a.  131 Hastings St.  Vancouver, B. C.  Today a man is known by the company he promotes.  Will be at the  Enderby Hotel, Enderby  MONDAY & TUESDAY,. NOVEMBER 17th & 18th  and will be pleased to have persons with defective eyesight call  and consult him.    Eyeglasses, Spectacles and Artificial  Ey������������������s fitted at reasonable charge.  Satisfaction Guaranteed absolutely on all work done  J. S. JOHNSTONE  Cement Building  Contractor  Is prepared to furnish straight blocks  veneer   blocks,    cement   brick,  lawn  vasts, peer   blocks,   chimney blocks  also lime and cement.  Leave orders early.  "The Shubert Shipper" is the namo  of a bi-weekly publication of interest  to trappers and fur handlers. An ad  in this issue of the Press gives full  particulars. Look it up if interested.  FOR SALE  No. 1 Seed Wheat, Timothy  and Alfalfa Hay. For further particulars apply to���������������������������  F. R. E. DeHart  Kelown-a B.C.  or N. E. Landon, on the ranch  Enderby M&icriurttt-Qt&axiXr<SLgz&". & ivxr:ff;*_*.-*WS-fiUf. *-Ct*  m  the  p<  re:  p c  ENDERBY.    B.RITISII    COLUMBIA  ^������������������������������������������������������.���������������������������"���������������������������^..���������������������������-e-������������������-*������������������#������������������������������������***-e>������������������������������������H_i..  v  U  a  ?  1!  IhO  IH  y irmn  eld  j9  i  She Moped For Str-ericHi! From  Above, but Got on Weil  .  With What She Had  i  t  6-  By   F.   A.   MITCHEL  9*....t������������������ii-c-������������������������������������o.....o������������������...."*'.<j..pr..������������������'.������������������..������������������... ...*:-.  One morning in (ho year IGLiU. more  than two a half centuries ago, a young  man and a youim m'rl walking sfde by  side pns.-,od what wns then called (he  ordinary, afterward the tavern aud  which we now call hotel, in the village  of Hartford. Conn. The ordinary of  that clay was thc centra! feature ot  the town. There political a [fairs were  born, discussed; from there domestic  news, gossip and scandal were sent  forth. Indeed, the ordinary embodied  everything in the village.  Jt  was  not  kept  merely  for  money  making   purposes.     Since   a   stopping  place  for  travelers  was  necessary  iu  the town one ot tlie first citizens was ;  invited to take charge, of it.   Tbe rea- j  sons  for  this   were   manifold,   though j  the   most   important   was   that   since j  liquor  must   he  sold���������������������������so  it was  then |  considered���������������������������and    since   our   ancestors  man   who  had   had   too  much  of  tho  same, mixture laid by the heels on the  ground, will) a bar of iron fastened and  locked to his legs with sliding shackles  and a holt.   There were? salvages (sav-  ? j ages', present   who stared at him.  not  j j understanding this method of torture:"  J j     While   the   two "were   talking   Jacob  ������������������ I Murline, who Had passed with his love  | lout of sight, repassed, going the other  j    way,  and   under  very  different  condi-  =    (ions.    A citizen held one arm, another  *    citizen held the other arm, while Wood-  i ' man  Tuttle. the father of the girl  he  ? | had   been   walking  with,  led   the  way.  I    Ou  1 tittle's vixtKi' was a stern and re-  .a.^Q j lentiess lootr that boded tne prisoner no  i good.  "Now," said the landlord of the Hartford ordinary, "you have au opportunity to witness uiio of our customs, showing bow  parents discharge the duties  the Lord has imposed upon them in the  case of their offspring.   'J"hey will take  the  boy  to the magistrate,  where he  will be tried for inveigling the irirl. and  Jater you may derive much pleasure at  seeing the cat o' nine tails laid on his  back.    And mayhap if the judm* has  not had suQieient sack this morning to  steady   his   nerves   and   replenish   his  teniner after Lhe Live bowls he had here  .ast ni^ht the pleasure derived may pe  heightened by the gashes ou the swain's  back being supplied with salt and'vine-  .' gar.    Come, let us finish the bowl be-  ' fore us and be off."   &  j    The landlord and the author of a fu-  j ture work entitled "A Voyage to New  England." with a highly diverting ac-  I count: of the manners aud customs of  ; the colonists, published iu  London  in  I 1CG2. drank the remains of the plutonic  j It's lucky that I'm not compelled to  j administer the cat as well." Thon  : turning to the prisoner he added: "The  ; Lord will administer the cat to you.  ��������������������������� you jade! You've set a pernicious ex-  j ample to all the maids of the colony,  ! md I am troubled that 1 can make an  example of you only by the (inc."  i     "I'm   sorry,   your   worship."   replied  | Sarah demv.rely. "and I hope rind will  1 help me to carry it Letter for time to  ' come."  i K.uce Sarah had Thus far "carried  it" pretty well for herself in saving  her lover from a frightful punishment  for makin*.-- love to her it does not appear why any assistance was necessary. To outwit her father and the  judge, besides depriving all present of  the pleasure of (he only amusement  vouchsafed them at her lover's expense,  was a work not to be despised.  When the court was dismissed the  Londouer aud the landlord went back  to the ordinary, where, in order to  blunt his disappointment at not having beeu able to :;:ve hi.s guest a specimen of the favorite amusement o'f thG  colonists, lie brewed an extra strong  bowl of flip, pumpkin tiavoied. and to  make it doubly effective gave it ������������������  dash ot mustard.  MUSIC AND*MISERY;  Excuses   Oi  Mr.   Herbert  Messenger   Eovs.  -aimu  the  Dritish  some  Postmaster-General, reiatei  amusing .stories of excuses made by  messenger boys at the prize distribution, and display of ih-������������������ Brady Street  Club for Working L*ds. in the Pavilion Theatre. Milo Knd, London, recently. In his oliicial capacity, explained    Mr.   Samuel,   lie   employed  i mixture beforo them���������������������������tbe author with   about M.OCO ie!c������������������.rrai)h mcjs-spii_en>. and  i a grimace���������������������������and proceeded to the meet  ing house, which was the only available shelter for a court except the ordinary.' They arrived soon after the  prisoner, and the inhabitants of the  village were gathering for one of the  few diversions they were ever accorded. Everybody knew. .Jake Murline  and Sarah Tuttle for a pair of innocent'  young^persous. who were passing that  delightful period -when, lovers may. sit ' was passing through George street an  in twined in each others arms while-, old gentleman stood in the >ticet. I  the clock is striking the happy hours i threw a potato at the gentleman. 1  away. And now Jacob was.to 'pay the Hin wr>' I0*;*'- a'lUl ll0Pe jt wil1 not  penalty for their happiness, for everv  he heard a good d"al about boys and  their ways. The boys .always tried  ' to maintain a high standard of conduct.'and if they" tell away they were  always  very  ready to ow11 up.  The poslma.-lc������������������ in one town called  upon Messenger Brown to "explain  your conduct towards an old gentleman in George street." The following  reply ca'rnc:  "To   the   posi master.     Sir,���������������������������A.s    I  one knew that, tliere were witnesses  who had ?een them hugging and kiss-'  ing apparently without thought of  what was to follow such conduct when  indulged iu without Goodman Tu tile's  consent. "  occur again.  Not long ago. continued Mr. Samuel,  thc written explanation offered by a.  boy messenger when there had bt-tm  some distmbance in the oflice read:���������������������������  "Messenger Smith called hie a  wooden-head, so 1 poured hot tar over  iiis  dinner and   uunched  liim  on  the  His. A.;hes and Pains With Which Par- !  I formers Hsve to CcJitersd. *  i     I'iauist's cramp is more pamtul thau  ' writer's cramp an.   is tlie banc ol a I! j  virtuosos.   It is caused by the constant ;  contraction and expansion of thc muscles controlling tlie lingers,   lt becomes |  chionic when not guardiU against, and i  many a promising virtuoso's career lias ;  been  blighted  in  tins way.   Tbe only  remedy i.s to re>l  the overtaxed  muscles and then work them up gradually ,  to meet the strain ot constant playing. '  All   concert   pianists   are  subject   m  split finger tins.   The coust:irl'i  stroke .  of the balls of Ihe lingers on the lianl j  ivory  makes the  flesh so delicate nml  tender lhat frequently playing becomes '  acut������������������- agony.  Violinists suffer a great deal ot physical inconvenience. Most ol us nn veil n idea that the violin is held against  the neck and shoulder by the player's  left hand, which grasps the arm ol lhe  instrument. All great violin teachers  insist that the left hand be left entirely free, and to achieve this the violin is actually held by the player's  chin. In this attitude his head is hold  in a distorted position, and'this, working against the elevation of .the left  arm and shoulder, causes compression  'of the heart and lungs and curvature  of the spine.  Performers on wind instruments suffer many inconveniences, and in some J  instances their  work  leads  to  perma- j  nent physical disability.   Bulbar para I- j  ysis from'continued use of the tongue !  and   lips   is  au  ever  present  danger, j  Doctors havo a fearsome name for the I  commonest result of wind playing.   In J  plain  language it i.s overdisiention of j  the lungs.  This,stretching of the lungs i  from  constantly  heavy  nidation  leads  to  engorgement  of  the   blood  In   the  right  cavities of  the  heart,  aud  this  produces dilation of the heart aud hypertrophy.  Mental  peculiarities of oboe players  are traditional iu the orchestral world,  in   spite  of  the   fact' that   most -oboe  players are normal. Some explain that I  the oboe player is mentally'affected by !  the   fact   that'he   is   for'ced   to   blow!  through an exceedingly small aperture .  and   the  expiration   is  unusually   pro-I  longed. Others insist that the peculiar-j  ly melancholy-quality of-the tone pro  Mora        Honors       For  Miss   Grace   S*trachan.  Miss (Jrace Strachan says she's not  d "possibility" for the presidency ol  the .W-itiounl Kdiicational association,  which tit the next convention will elccl  n new head But tbe .New \ovU triend?  of tho lady insist th.it she is the "logical candidate."  Miss Str.'K ban at present Is the pro*?!-  fl^nt o( the New York Interburougl)  Association of Woman Teachers, aud it  ,-.-���������������������������;���������������������������''' ->*���������������������������  c'i-,   .-     ~ ���������������������������     " V  y.y  S'v.^fJ''   'Zl J  -hy- :���������������������������>,:-������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������" -J  fr?.V'..'\-..'-J-   J  ,<���������������������������'      ..''dtp---,  f  \  .r,'     J\  lih-ffyr-.     ������������������������������������������������������ .      ������������������������������������������������������ *���������������������������*���������������������������> -t ���������������������������  p-S'M'rft**-;.:- v-s ���������������������������  . tj-.-.���������������������������"'���������������������������     '  ^������������������*r-/':- ��������������������������� - -���������������������������  ?N  -I  M13S GKAOB'BTKA'CHAN.  was through her untiring efforts thaf  the equal pay bill for men and women  public schoolteachers passed tt.������������������ New  York legislature last year.   - ?'  Miss Strachan-'has not onlv won tha*  gratitude   and   admiration    of .public  ���������������������������~  duced and the invariable character ot I schoolteachers all oyer the country, but  the music written for the" oboe are re-  ulso the esteem of "the really big men  sponsible 'for any peculiarities display-; !l)   lue  -National   KducuUonal   ussociu-  Goodman Tuttle was there, exnectant ' ������������������o-ce-     Hoping-this   will   meet   with j  of vengeance, and   presently  his wife,-vou;/' ^PP1'0���������������������������  came   iii   with   their   daughter,   who  "���������������������������WELL,       TIIKRE'S       TltOUBLB  THF-JtE."  BKKWISU  were   thoroughly  impressed   with   fhe '  abuses liable to this Ira flic they desired  the management of a man they could i  trust. 0  Now,   on   that   morning   when   the ,  young man and the young woman, .la- I  cob Murline and Sarah Tuttle. passed  the  ordinary  at  Hartford   within  the ,  taproom sat an  Englishman  who  had |  showed in her visage and demeanor an '  unholy protest against parental author- .  Ity. They took seals in front. Avhile the  space behind was lilled by.-citizens ancl  Indians. Then the judge, all being assembled, asked Goodman Tuttle to  state his charge against ."Jacob Murline.  "The charge," replied the accuser, "is  Inveigling niy daughter's affections."'  "}Vhat proof have you to substantiate it?"  "On   May  day   last  without  asking  At, all events, remarked Mr. Samuel, i  fhey might, claim thai, so far asthe  boys were concerned, they regarded  truth'above all things.  ed by its executants. ���������������������������    .    (  After  (his  somewhat  grewsome. re- j I  | citnl  it  is cheering to know that one I j  tion.  Anaesthetics For Plants.  Most plants living for a greater period  than  a  year  require certain  intervals  vt rest,    lt is nt these times that en-  It Was a Dog.  Mr. George Smedley. the Toronto  banjo and guitar player, is doing well  "across the line'' with his big vaudeville act. Mr. Smedley had a thrilling experience while playing a sniall  Ontario town some years ago. Tt was  ;u fall fai j concert, aud those who !  have  attended  concerts  on  the even  instrument at least can be counted on  tc bring health and longevity to those  who practice it.  This is the time.'  Doc- .  tors  recommend  it  for incipient con- ! ��������������������������� >������������������ stored ,UI> ^ ''������������������������������������'��������������������������������������������� iu'tmty-  snmptives. as the operation of playing i ^ ������������������"������������������'e complete tins- period ot qmes-  the   instrument   involves   the   ,jrPCjPeJ ceuce Ibe belter is the development and  motion of the lungs of most benefit to J l ,e <l������������������"*������������������-'' l ,e rat,e of .f0^"  wl������������������n  the consumptlvc-th.it is. full "lnspira- \ ������������������* I������������������������������������������������������t awakens irom ils-sleep.    Dr.  tion. not too full'o'r strained, followed j J������������������hansen ot Copenhagen, after an elab-  bv   slow  and  gentle  delivery   of  the  breath.--.Iohn  Warren  m   Washington    *   ^   ������������������������������������������������������&   W������������������Ver  my. permission the prisoner had some   in^   of   tlle   ffl11   ���������������������������f;lM'   know, that   the  boisterous lovemakiug with my daughter. It began by his seizing her gloves  nnd demanding the forfeit���������������������������a kiss.  Whereupon   they   sat  down   together.  presence of the "fi --n" young man is  very  much in evidence.    During Mr  Smediev's  first number he was inter  Star.  orate series of experiments, has given,  to   Lhe   market   grower   nn   effective,  method of rapid flower production .based on an intensification of the plant'a  resting period.    For long it "has been  known  that" vegetable tissue is much  his arm being about her and her arm  just made a forty days' voyage from ; upon his shoulder or about his neck,   to".lie'footlights,  and  gave the sup-  London to America for the purpose of j ������������������ud hejd-^ed her, and she kissed liim. , posed imitator a apiece of hisjuind."  studying the riianiiera'ai'id cTsTomTof^ui*^^ "up therein the'galicry  the colonists with the intention of  writing a book about thom on his return. Ue, was .sitting with the landlord, who had Just brewed a bowl ot  Hip. a concoction ot beer sweetened  with sugar, molasses or dried pumpkin and rum. into which had been  thrust a 'redhot iron called the loggerhead, causing it to soothe ancl foam  -The laudioiV-was-giviiig bis guest, soling  account of the said mannt������������������'s and customs iu vogue lu the colony of New  II a ven.  "Do you see that girl walking T\iLh  that young' man? Well, there's trouble brewing there. The girl is old  Goodman Tultle's daughter, aud she's  keeping company with young Murline  without her father's permission. De'H  get Oned a dozen lashes at the whipping post if he doesn't mind."  "The whipping post! Have parents  power here to whip those who pay attention to their daughters without theh  consent?"  "Indeed they have, and a goodly custom it is.   The laws of the colony say  that any tempting without the parents'  bunction   cannot   be   done   by   speech,  ���������������������������writing message, company keeping, unnecessary familiarity, disorderly night  ���������������������������meetings, sinful dalliance, gifts or in  any other way."  "And if they disobey this law?"  "Heavy lines may be imposed with a  plentiful supply of  lashes to the in-.  veigler of the girl."  "And'is she not punished?"  "Not by the law.   Her father can attend to her case as he likes."  "Is the punishment lu public or in.  private?"  "In public, of course. We hav������������������.m>.  private punishment hore in the colonics. Heaven knows there are in this  desolate land few amusements.** Our  punishments serve us in this respectMn  good stead. When I was In Boston  Just, drinking with others a cup of sack,  ;we ^trere much diverted at seeing *  In this posture for about half an hour."  "Call your witnesses." said the court.  Since this outrage againsL parental  authority   had   been   committed  on   a  holiday when all were Maying toL'cth-  Simplif'y Your  Home Grounds.  Don't   inclose   your   property    with  hedges.   Irregular borders of trees audi affected by the vapors of chloroform.  ,       shrubs aro  belter.     Hedges cut  np a | aud  ot,ier-    After a  Sood doal  ot in"  rupted by some oue avIioiii he thought j ]an(]sea[K -Jluj rujn i_ w;th their hard. ' vestigation  the Danish professor  was  artificial    hues.     Borders    harmonize | *ble  '-������������������  demonstrate  that  plants sub-  wilh   Lhe   environment,   have   variety 1 fitted to the infiueuce of these unsies-  and cive interest the vear round. i tlielica  w������������������-e afterward capable of an  =*}oiWHjrSeet-vou r=la wn=w-i tb=a=d ri ve^^  he   said,   "will" come   down   here   for | or avenue.  half  a   nnnute   U will  make  liim  feel  like  the cm   that he is."    Then Mr.  Snicdlev   re.-umed   his   selection.     At  was   imitating   a   dog   yelping.     Mr.  Smedley  stopped  his work,  advanced  the conclusion lie was genercusly ap  er, there were ploutv of wltnos-e* to . P'lh"?ccI",   A^v.Micinir  to  ������������������cki.owlc,l������������������e  1       ��������������������������� it, Mr. iinonley heard a shrill, child-  prove it.    Some testified because llio.v  | were obliged to, but many did so (hat  : (he town might, he accorded theainuse-  usenL of .-seeing.J:1.cub.Lied.Lo Lhe_whip-  ping jiost receiving the strokes of the  I cat-o'-nine-tails.     Perhaps  there   wero  i *  ��������������������������� some who were sellish enough to testify   in   order   that   they   themselves  | might     be    accorded     thi-t     favorite  , ti.'uusement.    When the testimony was  till   in   tloodmau  Tuttle.  confident  of  ' receiving   a   goodly   sum   of   money  1 from'the  prisoner for  fines  and  nn-  i ticipatmg (he pleasure of hearing Marline's   howls   under   the   car.   looked  ; much   pleased.    Tbe   spectators   were  ! getting ready to go out to witness the  ' punishment, and it appeared thalnolh-  I Ing  could  interfere   with   the   merrymaking.   The judge asked Jacob if he  I bad   anything   to   say    for    himself,  "whereupon Sarah Tuttle, shamefaced,  arose and said sorrowfully:  "I have something to say, your worship."  "What i.s it?"  "Jacob Tuttle did not inveigle me at  all. 1 wished to induce him to kiss  me.    In fact, I enticed him.    1 dared  ��������������������������� him to steal niy gloves that he might  have cause to demand a kiss."  Here was a damper ou the assembly.  By these few words the case against  the prisoner fell to the ground.  "You're a 'bould virgin,' " cried the  angry judge, "and I must tine you for  Inveigling the prisoner instead of fining the prisoner for inveigling you."  "But," exclaimed the disappointed  ���������������������������Tuttle; "I shall have to pay the fine.  My daughter has no money."  "That's nothing to me." retorted the  court "I'm here to administer tho  law and must administer lt as It ia  isli voice of a boy up in the gallery  saying liie-o wunis: "It was a dog,  Mr. Smedley." And to bear convinc-  in-/- tf-limuny-,- Ihu-boy- heM--up a  ydfiing dog hy the back of the neck.  Don't sot trees and shrubs In  straight iines except whore absolutely  necessary, as ou streets; group them.  Don't n'ake a circle in the lawn  around every shrub. Plant bushes in  borders or beds.  tied has Lhe practical grower been that  tin- (rentmerit will be exceedingly helpful to him Lhat the method is being extensively employed.  The manner of procedure is decidedly interesting. Wheu in an entirely  restful condition specimens of lilacs,-  lilies of the vallev and other  Tho Woman Militant  Those ijiijitarit women.  Those ladies, gadzooks,  Who think Uiat jjood actions  Aro moto than yoorl looks,'  Arts busy thco days  hi their stvcctr gentle ways  Of smashing the wltidovvei  And bursting the doors  Of all public buildings,  Of houses and stoi-es,  And throwing their brickbats  Promiscuous at men,  And getllng arrested.  And at It again.  To show the man  Dow women can make laTrs  By ehowInK to man  How women can break laws.  Oh, feminine logic!  Say, ain't It the goods  That's bound to get woman's  Rights out of the woods?  ���������������������������W. J. J-,ampton In Mew 1'ork Tribune.  Dou't trim everv   bush into a   ball.   "__lleas  cube   or   pvramid.     Allow   trees   and   P"llll-������������������ "������������������'e P|nCf,J  il1  '">  airtight  box.  ElirubR   to   assume    natural   torms.-   A SU]1111 vf sbI :,mx0(l u> t,,e Iid *f liie  ' box Is filled  with chloroform ot- ether  ; find tlie cover is placed in position.  Be-  | Jng heavier than air. the vapors rush to  the bottom of the box and mingle with  the plants.  ���������������������������!$��������������������������� '��������������������������� \l  .y--: a  ��������������������������� " 5'1  I       1  / ,  Country Life Iu America.  -4  ��������������������������� 'S  Nearly Shot by Proxy.  In "ISO- M. Gleinenceau served two  mouths' imprisonment for shouting  "Vive la Kepublhiue!" and in 1871 he  was very nearly shot by proxy. He returned to Paris from u provincial  Bpeechmaking tour on ,the day on  which Thiers and the Versa ill nis succeeded in entering the city. Blood was  up, and 'his enemies were looking for  him. A voting Brazilian who re.-embled  i  I him was arresled in mistake loi' him  and conducted to La Peliniere to be  executed. Happily, however, he shouted for the Brazilian consul, and the  Brazilian consul turned up in time to  rescue him.  Wrinkles Have Gone Out.  In a shop recently a well known actress who is noted for her perennial  youth asked for a traveling hag of  alligator skin. The shopkeeper, who  had none of that particular sort,  brought out instead some of smooth  leather.  "And you tell me thia is alligator  ekiuV" objected the actress. "Why,  where are all Its wrinkles?"  "Ah, madam," replied the wily dealer, who knew his customer, "wrinkles  are out of vogue. The correct alligator bag is made from the skin of an  a:ufc*t:- ������������������.&������������������>������������������> k*x been massaged."-  Tit-Bits.  At the end of forty-eight  hours the specimens are taken ont and  grown in the ordinary manner.    Nothing in lhc way of forcing is required,  - und  without the employment of  any  great degree of heat the plantsdevelop  ] in a most remarkable manner.    Lilacs  were lu full bloom within a fortnight  ' nfter  beiug placed "in   the  vaporizing  chamber,   while   lilies   of   the   valley  ! woro hardly so long in coming to ma-  I turity.    ln no way did the treatment  j harm the plants, which produced flowers and foliage in profusion.  J  Applied Maxim.  "My dear, I am very sorry, but the  man who was lixing here said the  fastenings were too short to put up thh-  portrait of yours on the wall."  "All right. Just give me. rope enough  and I'll hang myself."���������������������������Baltimor������������������  American.  .... Lent.   .��������������������������� f .,-. ,;:...*/  She wears a gown of sober gray.  Without a bit ot trimming on it.  'Tis nice that sho can dress'that'wiiy.  It helps dad buy her Easter bonnet.'  ���������������������������Judge's Library. *������������������������������������������������������  Time Will Tell. '     '  "And what is your last name, little  irlrl?"  "Don't know, sir.    I ain't married  yet"���������������������������Boston Transcript.  An Ivory Mat.  Many people have never even heard  of such u thing, and it is not to be  wondered at, for these n%ts are exceedingly rare, and it is said by those  who know tbat only three of these  beautiful curiosities exist in the whole  world. The one we now write about is  the largest one made. It measures 8  by 4 feet and, though made in u small  hill state in the north of India, has an  almost Greek design for Its border. It  was only used on state occasions, when  the rajah sat on lt to sigh important;  documents. The original cost of tbe  mat ia fabulous, for 6,400 pounds of  ivory were used ln its manufacture.  The finest strips of ivory must have  been taken off the tusks, as the mat ia  as flexible as a woven stuff aud beautifully line.���������������������������London Uraphlc.  /   i /
Thursday, November 13, 1913
IV '
Coal mining rights of tha Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tht
Northwest Territories and a portion
of the province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of ?1
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will, be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or sub-Agent of the district in which rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or. legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in tin-
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the applicant himself.'
Each application must be acoont-
panied by a fee .for $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for ure
not available, but not otherwise.   A
Enderby Amateur Horticultural
Society Takes Step to Enlarge Scope
A meeting of   the   Enderby Horti-
Hall last Friday    evening.      At this
meeting the   following report of the
directors was read:
.Your directors beg leave to submit
their jinnual report for the year 1912-
13:     During    the    year that is past
the Society   has    sustained   a heavy
loss in the    resignation and removal
of its president, Rev. Duncan Campbell.       Mr.   Campbell   is an enthusiast in horticulture, and this Society
and the city and district of Enderby
owe much to him for the persistent
way in which he worked for the beau-
tification of the   town and homes of
Enderby.       The   ideal   ol "the City
Beautiful" was ever in his mind, and
he strove for its realization, not only
by precept    but   by   example.      The
Presbyterian   church    garden,    which
royalty   shall   be paid   on   the mer- was, brought"to^great perfection, was
chantable output of the mine.at the
rate of five cents per ton."
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the -full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbe
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal-mining rights only, but the lessee may-be
permitted to purchase -whatever
available surface rights may be con-'
eidered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should,.be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Suh-Agent
of Dominion Lands. "
.  Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���������Unauthorized   .publication   of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
'   -'    -  i.   Dominion and "
..   ,""   i Provincial Land Surveyor
;-Bell-Block- y Enderby, B.C.
' o
' Office hours:   Forenoon, 9 to 10:30      '������
>, Afternoon, 3 to 4
Evening. 6:30 to 7:30
Sunday, by appointment'
Office: Cor. Cliff and Georg-eSta.      ***  ENDERBY
Enderby LoJg-e No. 40
(tegular meeting* first
Thursday on or jiffcr the
full moon at 8 p. m. "
follows Hall,
brethren cordia \%r
the work almost entirely of his own
hands, and may be considered practically the proneei\ garden of present-
day Enderby.
An inspection of the town made by
one of your directors during the past
summer,    revealed    many partial attempts at garden-making; and,  altogether, it is felt that a genuine start
has been made in   the conversion of
Enderby into a-"gardn   city.".    One
very noticeable feature was the considerable increase    in the number of
rose bushes.       There   are still some
dwellings in the   town, however,  the
fences of which are broken or falling
down, and yards   grown   with weeds
and littered with tin cans and other
rubbish.      The   more"  thorough    enforcement of-the Noxious Weeds Bylaw, and the regular cutting,  during
the growing season, of. the weeds on
the city streets, are greatly to be desired.    -  . ��������� -.     , "    . -     ;   l
The Annual Show, which was held
in the. Opera; House on August 20th,
was ^by far" the most interesting and
successful show" which"we have so" far
had.". While' the number of exhibits
was not relatively large," nor the average .quality; of the^ very best; yet
there were some excellent 'specimens
shown in-~the"''Various '-"departments,
and.the show was. considering-^ tfie
circumstances,-a most gratifying success.; The" number of" prizes awarded'
was 43, distributed,, among 19 prize
winners. *���������.--.,     ���������*%. .   - - -..'".
The Society- is indebted to Mr. and
Mrs. Alwyne-cBuckiey, of Armstrong,
for the exhibition of a number of
beautiful'specimens, the presence of
which  greatly   enhanced  the interest
their - kind and much-appreciated
musical contributions to the day's
enjoyment; also to Mrs. Cobb, Mrs.
Taylor and Miss Gibbs for tajking
charge of the refreshment department
and to his worship Mayor Ruttan for
presiding at the prize-distribution in
the evening.
After    the    last-named    interesting
function   the    exhibits    were cleared
away, and an    impromptu dance fol-
owed,    which    appeared to be much
enjoyed by a number of people.
Your directors    desire   to place on
ecord' their high appreciation  of the
services rendered    by Miss Cobb, the
treasurer af the Society, upon whom
the making    of   the    preliminary arrangements, the' arduous work of preparing the building, entering and allotting space    for    exhibits, and the
conduct and management of the show
throughout the day chiefly devolved.
Thanks must   also   be tendered to
the management of the Opera House
for a   generous    contribution to the
funds, to the ladies   of the' Women's
Auxiliary of St.- George's church for
loans of tables,' and to other friends
for help in various ways kindly rendered."
The show, of course, is the climax
of the year's work, and-there is but
little to be added to. what has already
been saidrin this report.     We would,
however, express    the hope that" the
Society,  now that    it is well established;      will    progress    steadily   on
towards, larger    things.      The  facts
that it ..is-legally incorporated under
the laws of British Columbia and is
under the supervision of the Provincial Governments and that the prizes
re awarded,  by   psofessional judges
sent by ..the : Province, gives the So
ciety a status which it did not enjoy
previous to incorporation,  and which
cannot fail to-inspire confidence-and
to attract-an .ever-increasing number
of exhibitors.,as time goes on.'-   ",-  -,
"Your'directors  "desire"   to draw-attention to the work'of the City Beautiful Association  of Vancouver,which'
is.'bringing such ^excellent results'in
similar lines "of effort to those of this
Society,   and'  would    suggest     that
members would do   wellj.to acquaint
themselves     with     its -    aims     and
methods.       - _ f.      *
In "conclusion, .we . would remark
that; "to engage in the cultivation of
the soil; is one "of-the primary in
stincts of-humanity, and the training
of the powers of observation, reflection   and    practical    achievement   in
and Useful
For Children and Grown-ups.
We have had to order another
shipment of Dolls, so great has
been the early demand. Come
in and look over our beautiful Limoge China, Cut Glass,
ch������ja Sets, Glassware Novelties, Etc. Also a big stock
of Electric Lamps and Novelties, Electric Irons and Cook-
ing Appliances, Library I_amps-a host of useful things
to beautify and embellish the home.   SHOP EARLY. -
Agent also for Church and Parlor Organs
Also Fire and Life Insurance
Office in BELL brick block r
Enderby A cent
** furnished
arid Household Goods
Carpets, Linoleums and Wicker Goods. '-..'���������' ;,'<': '?"'..
.     ���������' Picture Framing and Upholstering/. ��������� ���������' ���������*- -.���������{-   - -'���������'-
'""'���������" v /    Undertaking and Embalming %
Fire, Life, Accident
REAL ESTATE,.;:'     '_..    \ -'''..
Fruit Land''   * """   Hay Land  .
,   - ~. ���������'-��������� ;-'-'-r ----'���������Town LoU.  ,s   -..-,--.
?i\e Liverpool & London 4c Globe Ins. Co. f'
he Phoenix Insurance Co. of London. ''.-/'-
;' London-Lancashire'Fire Insurance Cm'Jj.
- Royal InsuranceCo.,of Liverpool (Life dept
," Tlie London & Lancashire Guarantee r'/;',i;-
;'������' ".VAccident Co., of Canada.' '. - r_.?}! >*--/-
.";"-    **-  -BELL BLOGK.iENDERBY^fffi:"
W. M.
'������0CSl- ������- ������- F.
^r.-^^ ^^S'S's/ Eureka Lodge, No. 60
Meets every Tuesday evening: at j! o'clock, fn I. O.
O. P. hall. Metcalf bloek. Visiting: brtlhws at-
ways   welcome. GEO. BELLAMY.   M. G.
R  v. WH'ttEUPP Sec'y.=
J. B. GAYLORD. Treas.
No. 35, K. of P.
Meets every Monday evening
in K. of P. Hall,   visitors cordially invited to attend.
T. E. RODIE, C. C.
Hall suitable forConccrts, Dances and all public
entertainments.    For rates, etc., address,
 T._E..RODIE, Enderby __
natural objects and processes .the perceptions 'r, are'' quickened,'' and a, love
and:understanding of Nature.are promoted^ which in .themselves" go V-far
towards the solution ,of^ some -.of
those moral,- social "and economic
problems which "are" causing-so much
anxiety to thoughtful persons at-the
present time. We commend the work
of this Society. to': public "attention,
therefore,, not .merely" as ."an attempt
to"' popularize a pleasant and' recrea-
tive.hobby   or    form' of amusement,
 -.-_.������������u   a���������u    .rwiuuu    achievement   ln but as constituting a serious,effort in
or the show;    and   many thanks are connection    therewith- is educational'the direction of good" citizenship "and
due to Mr.  J.. B. Crane, the Enderby! and developmental in the highest de-lthe weIfar<; ?f th? community; '
Mowat, for gree; through -increasing    interest in 7~     .       ' ,~]~~i   W
lhe report of the directors was unanimously adopted
The report of the treasurer was
then read, showing the receipts for
the year to be $86.70, with a cash
balance on_ hand    at    the commen'ce-
.- .Ten tons -^of -milk -and' half AaA ton-Apt ylA
ream' are" shipped fj daily ,from.46hilli:.*������t',
' ack. ;td . -Vancouver.^* ---About i f.the A~i:
ame^'amo ifnts'' are^'also"* shippedVfrom --'A -,
. he creameries' at ^' Sardis: and * South'?*; '.A
Sumas": '--   ���������-���������'."-��������� i.-_. :-_'���������. z,y-, ' ."Jy.-WJA
-An acre ..of--1 banana trees, will furn-/���������
shfjffood that '-'will ��������������� support twenty? yf-
-It, , -rr.L
... .1 >^������*^|
-V  : ,-> I
five;times., as
acre of wheat
, many, - persons . as an
, The minimum-salary., of.rural.post-'.';
masters in'^Canada is',-to be raised .'
from $35 to $50 a year."'   \" __. *''. \
Brass Band,    and   Mrs.
���������^ ASSOCIATION
President. Secretary.
Daily trains both ways from Sicamous Junction to Okanagan Landing:
South North
bound STATIONS bound
read down read up
10:30  (Lv)   Sicamous  Jet   (Ar)  18:00
11:01 Mara 17:15
13:80 (Ar)
Gen. Pas. Agt.
Sicamous  Jc
Ok. Landing
(Lv) 15:15
It is said to take a good man to
handle other people's money, but a
better man nowadays to get money
of his own to handle.
ment of~the .year of $41.75. Expendi-
tures, in prizes and expenses of show
amounted to $81.70, leaving a balance of $5 on the season's business,
and a total of $46.75 in bank.
Continued on last page
All persons who have acquired prop-
������.r^v_ in the Oity since thejast_acsess_
ment was made should register at thc
City Hall, otherwise their names will
not bc included in the voters' list.
The list will close Nov. 30th. If
you have any doubt at nil as to your
name being on the list, call at the
City Hall and make sure about it.
You will be sorry when voting day
comes if you have no vote.
Arc Vour Children
Learning to Save
Money ?
Each maturing son and
daughter should have a personal,
Savings~"Acc6iint""iu~tfie "Union"
Bank of Canada, with opportunities to save regularly, and
training in how to expend money
wisely. Such an education in
thrift and saving will prove invaluable in later life.
Wtrby Branch, ' W. 0. C. CHRISTIE, Manager
New Up-to-Date Shop, on
Russell St., west of Vernon Rd.
and General BHsmiing
Sold in Enderby by FULTON HARDWARE CO., Ltd
The most accurate, reliable and only Market Report and Price List
���������I Its kind published
"m* ftimtert ftfjfeper"
Malic* Aksetateiy Free to Fur Shippers-Scad "Shabert"
ywr mamm ea a postal today
You want this valuable publication���������it is worth hundreds of
dollars to you, issued at every change of the Fur Market,
giving you an accurate and reliable report of what is doing in
all thc Markets of the World in American Raw Furs.
Write for it-now���������it's free
A     R     QHIIIIFDT     ln<������     15-27 WEST AUSTIll AVENUE
/���������������   ���������������.   JUIBLMI,   1HC������,   DEPT.532 CHICAGO. U. S. A.
^^^^^'^'''''''''''''''''''''""���������'���������������������������'''''''''''''���������������������������������������������������������������������������������^������������������������������������^������������������������������������^���������^������������������������������������������������������������������������i^l^i^B��������� '?sV-J\i-!-'-r:,T.<,~-.JmZ--irm.<irr.  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, November 13, 1913  Seethe  Snaps on  our  Bargain  Counter  Dolls for the Children; hand  bags and scarfs for the ladies; wraps, coats & jackets  for the boys and girls; all at  prices that are way below  the  ordinary selling price.  We have the  Clothing to  keep the Children warm  W. J.~Woods  Enderby Amateur Horticultural  Society Takes Step to Enlarge Scope  Continued from fifth page  Baskets, Etc.  o-fo-fofof 0+0+0+0+O+Of 0+0  i. Jl.  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After citing the satisfactory  growth made by the Society, and the  very much better position attained since incorporation, andj the  obviously expanding field, the report  says: -  "When at the   coast   recently,  wc,  your treasurer   and   secretary, interviewed the Department of Agriculture  and again   took   up   with   them, the  question of obtaining government assistance.     We were most courteously  received,    and    the    whole  situation,  from the Government's point of view  was made clear.     The refusal of aid  during the past year had been due to  the fact that    the   objects stated in  the Society's   petition for incorporation had been too restricted; had the  petition included tbe whole of the objects stated in Sec. 4 of the Act, thc  Society would have been in line with  other     similar    societies,    and    then  would have participated in the very  liberal    appropriations   made by the  Government for their assistance; and  it was    suggested   that    tne Society  should    forthwith   make    application  for the amendment of its charter, so  as to include therein the whole of the  j objects set forth   in the Act; it was  'pointed out   that   this   would in no  ��������������������������� way interfere with    the continuation  'by the Society of its present line of  jwork,  but would    simply remove the  restrictions which   it is under at the  present time, and enable it to enlarge  its sphere of operation as seemed advisable from time to time, and thus  qualify for financial assistance by fulfilling the prescribed conditions.'*  After reciting, the serious condition  (which is world-wide) of the influx of  | population from rural districts into  i the-towns, and the resultant decrease  I in the number of persons in the-pro-  jduction of food, the report urges:  "An important work is :'to be done,  It is not a mere matter of having a  little show and celebration, and hear  ing the band ancl meeting with one's  friends and acquaintances, it is a  question of social science, public, service and practical patriotism. We  submit, therefore, that in recognition  of all these facts and circumstances,  the Society cannot continue to operate in the restricted field which it  has hitherto occupied, but must .justify its existence by accepting its responsibilities, re-organizing and entering on an enlarged sphere of usefulness in the service of the community."  This report was adopted by the  Society, and it was unanimously decided to reorganize so as to conform  to the requirements of the Act, the  Secretary being instructed to. prepare  the papers and forward same to the  Department.  The following members were elected  as Directors for the ensuing year:  Mrs. 0. S. Salt, Miss Forster, Miss  Cobb, Mrs. Lawes, Mr. Walker, Mr.  Fi Waby, Mr. G. Rosoman, Mrs.  Worthington, Mrs. Mowat. It was  decided that the directors should be  called together on Wednesday afternoon to name officers. .    FOR   MEN  A Stanfield Sweater Coat A Smoking Jacket  A Bath Robe A pair of Fur,  Silk or Wool-  A pair of Fancy Suspenders, lined Gloves.  Armbands or Combination Sets.   Also many other presents suitable for men.  Still some lines in Dry Goods which we are closing out regardless  of Cost  Thread, 7 Spools, 25c   : Ribbons, 25 p.c. Discount  Laces, 25 p.c. Discount Needles, Pins, Hocks and  Ladies' & Children's Shoes Eyes, Etc., Less Than Cost  AT COST  here in the,local field, by our Society  Open for Business  We are now open for busi-  nBssinthe FULTON Block,  where we would be delighted  t3 meet our friends and patrons. Our stock consists of  staple and fancy groceries;  nil fresh and; clean, direct  from the wholesalers. We  solicit a share of your business and guarantee first-class  service.  hill  BLm\\mmW Grocers  BROS.  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