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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Aug 21, 1913

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 Enderby, B.C., August 21, 1913
- #
V0I..6; No. 25; Whole No. 285.
Locals of Home Events of Interest
Near Home and Far Away
Rev. D. Campbell left _ for Victoria, the  .Provincial   Government   sending
last Thursday.
r Mr.   J.   Jamieson    is   visiting   the' trouble zone to   keep order. , Whole
Enderby   was "shrouded    in sorrow
last Saturday   morning when it was
t *s T
learned    that   little   Larry and Bert
la body of 1000   militia men* into the !Dill had   passed    away   the previous
t/y. 'Ji
coast metropolis.   ,
Mrs.  W. H. ' Golightly    and family
- ��������� are visiting the coast cities. " ���������
Mr.  and Mrs.   Jas.  Evans returned
from the coast the past week.
Mrs. 'John "Burnham and family returned from_theicoast last week.  .- -
'   The law-against spearing salmon is
to be strictly-enforced this .season.
'- -"J.; W/Hawley has   the stone work
.   in hand on the-Walker Press block:-
Mr? arid': Mrs.    W. _ A.-   Russell, of
- Radcliff, Alta., are visiting Enderby.
-', Died���������OnrFriday, Aug.' 15th, the' in-
-*''fant son of/Mr."-and Mrs.' Dan-Mc-
^ Leod. ,.^   ..' /   ;y~< J' _ ,y
A, /J: > J." Clarke,. late . of the Walker
'vS.Press "staff.leaves ^this'iweek fortMani-"
'A- toba-points. '= ..'��������� '"'���������-,_ '- ~ ' :'z__ "/_
���������//*MissrFraricis, "of "/thev/Three "Pine's
Ty ranch,- accompanied;���������-by /Mrs." "Scott-
,'".Allan, .will-jvisit1'Enderby" next*;week/
\ AA . Mr'.-r JoHn^ Simpson; * formerly-, cchool
y master-at'/Enderby,."..paid*"his many
,, .friends/of r  this   section'a visit this
'.week.'-". ;-    " ���������    ( -o / - \     y   /
. It is" reported., by .the   -Vancouver
Sun' that the \ demand for Okanagan
'fruit at��������� the coast"nretropolis far- ex-
,   ceeds the supply."  .*��������� \ y    - . j
v-'Miss Luckin,,'sistert  of-Mrs.~-.H: N.
Hendrickson,  returned to  Seattle  on
' Thursday' last,- after   a visit of some
weeks in Enderby..        - ,
Mr. and Mrs.  Albert Johnston and
" family "returned   to" Nelson-the past
sale arrests have been ordered of the
labor- leaders - identified with the acts
of lawlessness   which   terrorized   the
4 J
coal miming districts a week ago..   ,
The children's picnic given on .the
meadows east --of . town yesterday
afternoon: by the Sunday Schools was
largely attended, and the affair most
heartily ..enjoyed, by. everyone/-/In
the evening the/autos\ of:the town
were .placed at fthV disposal" of-'the
managers" of the] picnic������to ��������� gather - the
tired,boys arid'girls togeth'er-'and" to
their, homes./'. ',-  .]V -J ' '--������������������     ';
:Mr. Graham- Rosoman - intends" build
ing a home on .'his."hill acreage adjoining Johnson street in the near-
future. -'���������-" He..is" offering his Belviderep.
street property/for sale at "a.bargain.'
This/ property ^has -a'������-f rontage"" ���������of, 180
feet 'ori'- Belvidere-street,'1 '-.with-rear'
entrance - 'on "Stanley -; street,' "and ^"being /centrally/situated r/is. likely,:to
������ *\ *T t\ Y\ t\ ra "*���������������������      ***-   ItaIiiA     l     ������ 4-    .   * ������.       MnniJ        .nlft
night,- Larry, at . shortly after 6 and
Bert at' 11, o'clock. . Larry had beeu
taken to the Cottage Hospital a few-
nights before and, little Bert to the
Vernon Hospital,  where all that hu-
'1    r
man hands, could ' do was done for
them. - The . deadly colitis rapidly,
reduced the, elder child to, a shadow
of his Former. - robust body, while it
stole to the seat of.the brain of Bert
and^irieningitis" ensued.-, ,    ���������
-. These^ little bojrs" ��������� were great favorites with the/people- of Enderby, "and
their passing "away" brought deep' sor-
dwto-iriany *-Eriderby homes.     The
bereaved parents' have   the' siricerest
ympath'y '.of; the' /community in their
great" loss. "Z// A\yy . , A z' 7z ��������� .
The funeral'., services, were"'" held- in
the-'Presb'jrteria-a^church'- Sunday/af^
ternoon, /the/ churchy 'beings filled/by
mourning /frierias: - ' Members/of," the
Enderby" Boy, -'Scout jjtrbbp - bore "the
little "-white "caskets/into ~ the church;
and11" lowered ".them    side by, side > in a
Earl Junior, Champion Pacer, of      %'
Enderby, Winning on Eastern Circuit
advance,, ;in-value 'at-"a rapid .rate., single,."grave .in /tta recently plotted
money in a couple of years/
yvScoutmaster "'Campbell',, took;-...the
Boy-.Scouts '; of "Enderby", and * Arm;
strong to "Vernon Jon J, Monday /and
turned them ."'oyer- to the commaridirig"
officers of the" Scout -Camp'-held this
week "in .the vicinity of Oyama.   .The     ,:--- , -   ..
.   .-,     't rr -' -      i     -J '��������� - 1l'-l " \~\-' Words fail to -respress our feelings
hotels - of'Vernon, placed in.the hands ----- -      -     ��������� -    -    ���������""fa
beautiful 'flower, pieces which "covered
the caskets.bespoke- the.love
orrowing friends. ",-;, /-     y
- Revs! -;Mr.   Brown - and--Mr. :'~Dow
x, ."'4   ,   '',- -' "-        ' , ���������
officiated,  -z       - -      k _
P., H. Murphy's champion "pacing
stallion is this season making a" record for himself. He' has been entered in three races" already on the
New England States Circuit,.and in
all of them he carried off first mbney-
and broke the state records]' The
Bangor Daily. Newstells;"of his going
at,the Bangor meet, August 6th:
"There was horse-racing enough at
Maplewood,'- Wednesday -afternoon, in
quality,- and I quantity, to satisfy the
most discriminating . follower'of the
great sport.' '.Thirteen' heats' were
run ofl and .every one .was-: a horserace. .. A : horse ��������� that won a. heat
earned_. it"..; ' .There'\ was. no stopping
to-feed by-the way side, and - no buggy'
riding "'down the, lane. , .Not;,rriucb.
Nobody/pulledj, up/to,,-saye .his/mark.
It'-,was .such\y, horse racing"-as^people
here arid hereabouts' neversaw3 before.
������������������'"  "-'4- ���������yyz ���������<��������� - ���������',- -K' "-fi -p.". "* ���������,-/-;
f".Ot >course-*the-= top-line*:act-rof -the"
big: show wasv, the ; $3,00P;-free,-for:all
arid! it^wa's'';sure.'.some'-great��������� race.
The/money.1- was/"pulled; down'-by/a
sleek "grey,Spacer/'' all/the way'- frbrii^,
British'-Columbia,' ; called -Earl'i! Jr"v
because' his- father's " name was. Eafl?
Down the stretch they came the gray' /
still holding a bit of a. lead, and he''""
held- it. __ Scores of watches snapped,*.,
there was-a murmur among the horse-' -.
men for it'was evident that they had,/
just" seen the   fastest mile ever made - ,-
on Maplewood/ ���������"It was. with/a pardonable' flourish" that   Mr. ^Pike made / "_
the announcement in stentorian tones./':
telling off the quarters and-bringing-v/   ^/yj*
up- to - the - grandr ** climax-^-"arid -fthey''//- "*--" ~.A
mile in 2.06"and three-quarters."/ToV -jy
this was added thef-information^that"'.,-;;*'
the1 last half was   made^in 1^02^ and'*/-v"
the last quarter   in 29J secorids. VAU '��������� XA '
this/brought long1 and- loud .applause"/
J '.'The.third "and, fo'iirth 'heats' w'ereaiz.
- *��������� i^i
repetition of ;the second,'- although-in /7~'J^']XM\
slightly,'slower time."5\": "'yA-XXV -S 7 'A/A\L<XTi'XI
.-4 ���������  s.r
A'MrS'JaB'.r-'El Freeland/^fepreseriting
rod;this/week getting'a;lirie~ upon'the7���������;; J/^.Xv ll
CarHnr--:'prpperty at , Grthdrqd,'twiTh/^,"!?'Jl'S|
the "object '".of ."reporting/to ��������� h'is, icom-'/y'/A .~'*>r-?|
pany.r the"" best, way * to"^ handle--, the/a "rAVf">l
of their W������ d?nt   knbw/"how,   fast Ajhe /old property and 'get" upqri it" the,right A/y ������f;yQ
.. -.r. --" horse could .go, .but   Earl .Jr.-,rriust'class^f^settlers>7/The'"No^
[r :-'dow have,*ha.^some gopd^bringing*'up/:^ Land1 Company recently "'acquired '"the ;/V/ ^-/i
of the. officers huge . baskets ,of good
things for the boys,, to"eat on the
way. to. camp,, and  they started in a
week;   after   several/weeks spent Wbbd7 -   from Vernon,   a- very .happy
the shores-of Mabel Lake.   -
. Geo. Folkard reports that he cut
-five tons of timothy and clover to
.the* acre this   season    on   his - farm
along the river north" of.Eriderby..
 In the International egg_Jaying
Assistant -Scoutmasters
contest being held at Victoria, the
pen of Rocks entered by H. E. Waby
are still numbered among the leaders
in their class.
Principal .Calder   last week sent a
number of neatly   executed paintings
and drawings by the Enderby school
children to be exhibited at the Vancouver Exhibition.
Mrs. and Miss Robson and Miss
Seymour, late of London, Eng., are
building a home on the Poet Mclntyre place, adjoining that of H. E.
Waby, .on the road to Salmon Arm,
which they have recently purchased.
Penticton has succeeded in..capturing the great irrigation convention
of 1914. This is a gratifying recognition not of the importance of Penticton alone, but of the development
of the Okanagan Valley.'
G. G. Campbell has' the picture of
an ostrich egg pasted up in his hen
house. The other day he saw one
of his biddies studying the fine points
of'the picture, and'the next day she
layed an egg as big around the center as a small sugar bowl.
The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Pound passed away, on Friday and
burial took place Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Pound is in a very critical condition and is not expected to
survive the child many days. Mr.
Pound has the deep sympathy of the
community in the sore trial that has
come to him so early in life.
The miners' strike at Nanaimo,
and the recent outrages, growing out
Prince and. Warwick will join the" En-'
derby "troop to-day."
Some -years ago Slocan City, at
the foot of Slocan Lake, had two papers.   Later one of them died.   Then
of' ,gratitude -.towards,.-'our-"many.
friends'1- int"��������� their kindness shown us
during the* sickness and burial of our
little loved ones.\ .. -  ~ .-.,
"    "-"   %Mr: &-MRS.-E. B.-DILL:<
the'other'died. And for many many
moons the citizens of that salubrious
hamlet missed its weekly excitement
and slumbered on. Last week it
was rudely- awakened. Another paper appeared or the horizon. And
now you can' go into one of the Slocan City stores and .buy what you
want���������or something just as good���������
without���������having- to - waken-- the - proprietor, and the grass is cub in the
centre of main street.
The Annual Flower Show given by
the Enderby Horticultural Society,
was held in the Opera House yesterday afternoon and evening. It was
by far the most successful of any of
the shows held in the three years the
Society has been .in existence, so far
as the flower entries were concerned,
and the general   arrangement of the
xhibits, but all admitted tho display of fruits and vegetables was not
up to   former   occasions.        Messrs.
Vhite   and   French,   Government ex-
" The Enderby Board' of School Trustees deserye great credit for the hard
work-they have given and are giving
in^toliHection with public school af-
fairs. Recently they have taken up
with School Inspector Anstey the
matter of centralizing the Enderby
district and at the same . time enlarging it to a three-mile limit, with
the new school building the radial
point. In these days when the tendency along all educational lines is
to-ceritralize���������the���������districts and-thus
give the school children the best possible advantages, it would seem to
be the essence of folly to continue
the up-keep of the   little single-room
chool houses scattered about the
district when the Government will
provide such a substantial buildinrr
as that erected in Enderby, ancl
which is to he made available for all
children within a three-mile limit
Inspector Anstey was in Enderby
several days the past week, and war
driven about the district by Trustee
Fulton.   He is   getting-a line-on the
roposed    new     district.       Inspector
Anstey   was    formerly   inspector   at
perts,   , did   the    judging. Mayor Denton       Recently   Mg  headq1Jarterg
Over . in '-Lewiston;'"' last*' -week - he
fractured^ thei State record in the last
time 'round ��������� in' a .six-heat race,"hang-
ing' out the <mark" of- 2.08. Yesterday
he,"turned Maplewobd iri*2.06i-, going
thei last half at the-rate of"2.04i and;
the    -last-'quarter   in "291--secorids",
~ Company recently"'acquired ��������� t
Carlin property,    and    is ."seeking/to;/
learn   its /advantages , and possibil-/ "- // "M
ities..;-rMr. Freeland" states that his"?;/'fp'/������:������������^'l
company." is, .not. a, selling .'agency cqn--t-.i/\       :>~''
cern 'but one that'cbuys  outright all,   J
the lands- they putc upon" the market - ��������� -
and "deal"" direct 'with.- ttie/nYan' who "V   ���������
���������'- *
against-the ', wind,'/ior --some better, buys. 'They,,-handle " nothing - they,/
than a-two-minute - clip. * "They will j cannot recommend. -/Beings in" touch*"/
have, to'go,   some' at -Unity-to beat with:a desirable ""class of 01d::Couri-/-
1 4-1
-*. -/-"is
that, -this fallr The next time out he
went the" mile in 2.07J, so he 'appar-
try settlers of'  the   truck gardening
type, and also with-a very desireable"
ently wasn't much tired  with-his. ef- elass of'Illinois   small . farmers,  Mr.
orts to please the crowd. ' The peo- Freeland believes the ultimate, policy
Ruttan awarded the prizes at 9
o'clock last evening. A detailed report of the show has to be crowded
over until next week.
In Bob Peel's ad last week our intelligent compositor set the word
'suits" for "shirts" and made a run
on a line that was already short, but
Bob was good natured about it and
said he doesn't care when the run on
shirts begins, so if your boy is look-
ing\ for shirt bargains he ought to
get in on the    "run   on shirts" this
of it, has  been   firmly put down by J week.
were shifted to Vernon, and he now
covers the Okanagan and Similka-
meen district.
The "key" sales business started by
the Enderby Music Store is proving
a winner. Ask Mr. Crane to tell
you about it.
pie cheered him, and as he couldn't
edgement, his driver/Mr. Milloy;, accepted the congratulations in behalf
of the team.
"As has been mentioned to some
length, Earl Jr., was the star performer of the great free-for-all, but
there were three other horses in the
race. There was the Canadian flyer
Hal_B.-Jr.,_who /won���������the-first heat'
and made Earl Jr. go to a record-
breaking gait to beat him in the second heat. Then there was the Boston horse Mansfield who did not attract much attention but was never
more than a. length or two in the
rear for' the four heats. Pickles,
picked by some of the wise ones as
the winner was also a contender but
something of a disappointment (as
only in the last heat did she show a
sample of her goods.  -
"Babe and Hal McKinney were on
the card but drawn.
"In the first heat Pickles drew the
pole but didn't keep it long as she
went turkey-trotting on the first
turn and Earl Jr. went to, the lead
with Hal B. after him and Mansfield
in third place. There was no change
in positions and all swung into the
stretch, and in a terrific drive to the
wire Hal B. Jr. just nosed out the
"In the second heat the gray took
the pole with Hal, B. Jr. after him,
of his company   will   be to push thej7.
Carlin-lari~dsTiri    those   sections,' be--
lieving    that ' these    settlers are the
type most needed here 'and would be ,
able to /develop   the lands in a way
they should    be   developed,   and add
materially to the   output of the'disT
trict.      Further   particulars    of    the
company's    intentions    will be given'
when a definite policy is shaped up.
1   ij  >a>v������ ������������������      **r  I
To hear some of the complaints in
regard to the enforcement of the new
game law   one    would think that all
common   sense   had    been pushed to
the background    and   tyranny substi-.
tuted.     No man^without a license to
carry a gun   can,   according   to the1
construction   of   some    of our game
wardens,  defend   himself with a gun,
against the   destruction of his property pr personal safety on the roads,
by any animal that roams the wilds.
If this is' true it   is time some horse
sense were hammered  into the heads
of the   men   enforcing   the    law.
The gun department of the Fulton
Hardware Company is attracting attention in view of the early opening
of the shooting season.
We are offering    No   4 Drop Siding aml the   horses   cHmbed    around the
turns while   the   horsemen began .to
at 58 per   thousand   at the yard, as
ong as   it    lasts.
Mills, Ltd.
Okanagan    Saw
"No   Shooting"   signs   for sale at
The Walker Press.    Two for 25c.
open their eyes as the seconds ticked
off. There was no letting up in the
pace in this heat for thc brown was
fighting the    gray   for every stride.
W.  J,   Woods is    showing a line of
'shooting   irons"    that would  make
any hunter's   heart   glad���������if not too
Call and examine the beautiful pictures just in stock at Blanchard t&
English's furniture store.
,.--������' not the aid of many counselors,  whole art of government  consists in the art of being honest. Only aim to do your duty,  and mankind will give you credit  where you fail.-Thomas Jefferson  ,^i''^i^^M'^^W^?Mi^^WrW^'���������������������������Tsr"  wmmk  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  competitors across the line find it an  easy matter to get into the B. C.  ancl Northwest markets���������������������������the natural  market for our agriculturists���������������������������ancl,  after paying freight ancl import du-  j ties, they walk out of it with a pro-  ��������������������������� fit. If they can clo this why cannot  our own  agriculturists ?  It is all    very   well to memorialize  the   Government.       But   there     are  jsome things a government cannot do.  | The Government cannot clo the farming for our   farmers.       The  Govern  I ment cannot go    onto the farms ancl  make  the   land    produce   three  tons  i where it'is now   producing a bushel.'  ;The  Government    cannot compel  our  'farmers to   get   clown    to a basis of  business:  if   they    will   not organize  ancl co-operate for   their mutual welfare, the   Government   cannot   make  ! them-clo it.     It rests with the agriculturists   themselves.      They  are as  much the masters of their fate as the  lumber -men, the commercial mon, the  mining men���������������������������or the men of any other  business calling.       If   they prefer to  /stand apart, suspicious of each other  j���������������������������if they refuse to take advantage of  fche commendable offer of the Government has   already   held out to them,  thcy clo not deserve   any better than  they are getting.  Under the new agricultural associa-  Thursday, August 21, 1913  ^'Z.z'Jt   iV-.  tions Act, passed at the last session  of     the   Provincial    legislature,   the  .Government stands    ready to put up     ���������������������������-==    :so Per cent, 'of the required capital to  ���������������������������j-iftT-rvr^f^ira^r    nrz-^nns   operate   local   co-operative    farmers'  LAsLferiOl      FKLbO institutes'  Provided  the members will   'carry the 20   per   cent.     What more  do our farmers' want ? Can't they  get together ancl run their own business on a basis of that kind ? Do  they want the Government, in addition to this, to take hold of their  I farms ancl produce the crops for  |them ancl then take the.responsibility  of marketing ?  In speaking plainly as' we have  we  jhave no desire   to belittle the efforts  i of the   Vancouver    deputation which  ������������������������������������������������������. J carried the memorial to the  Govern-  In another column of this issue we'ment>   Dllt the memorial itself brings  | present   a   memorial-   which -was . re-1out the '��������������������������� very   facts   which    we .have  jcently- addressed   tor the    Provincial ='nashed upon the canvas,-and there is  Dealer in  Windows, Doors, Turning's,'Government setting, .forth the condi-;'n.ot much use   attempting to get the  ancl, all    factory    work.   Rubberoid ! tion  of agriculture    in  the Province [Government to do   more than it. has  Norman  BUILDER  &  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  ie  Published every  Thursday at  Endei-.by, B.C. at  S2 per year, by the Walker Press.  Advertising Kates;   Transient. 50c an inch  first :  ��������������������������� insertion. 2.3c each subsequent insertion.   Contract advertising. $1 an inoli per month.  Legal Notices:   j2l a line lirst insertion; Sc a line  each subsequent insertion.  Reading- Notices and Locals: 15c a line.  "AUGUST 21, 1913  SORRY" CONDITION INDEED  Of building a home or any other building, call  and get prices on your Hardware, your Roofing,  your Plumbing, 'and your Heating .......  When your home is. finished, Jet us quote you  a. Kootenay. Steel Range, the BEST medium-  priced range in Canada.' -. "  We can also supply you with all your small  Household Hardware at prices that cannot be  equaled ? .".'...'.-.._..'. ..,,-.. .  ��������������������������� When" you want a nice cool  place to sit  .down and rest for a while when in town  call in.,.   We provide comfortable seats for  .all who .wish to use them.       You do not  need to buy, and our store is so large that  you will-not interfere' with anyone'-. .-  Roofing, Screen Doors ancl Windows  GLASS CUT TO ANY SIZE  We represent S.  C.  SMITH CO.,  of Vernon  Russell  Street ;     "    Enderby.  Campers and  ,. -���������������������������  Pleasure Parties  I am inaugurating a regular service for the summer months, on Mabel Lake, making the trip every Sunday  morning,    or   as    otherwise  required,    from    Cottonwood  Point  to ���������������������������  the Mill    Warehouse,    furnishing  my .  gasoline launch or row boats as may j  be desired,    by   the trip,  hour,-day,  week or    month,    to    all the fishing  and urging', the' Government to take,-at least " until the agriculturists of  immediate steps to'find a solution of,tne Province get together on a basis  the problems therein set forth. Theiof business co-operation. It is all  memorial was presented by a dep'uta- [top true that there is less produced  tion   irom    the    various    commercial j������������������y 0U1'  farmers today than  three or  &S&S3S&g&S&3&i7@&*  bodies  of Vancouver- ancl  the Fraser  Valley    agricultural    interests.      "We  urge our   readers    to read the memorial with special care.     It is a document that should attract attention.  Not that we   believe   anything will  come of it,  but rather, because of its  candor in putting the case before the  Government    and    more    particularly,1  because  in  telling   the   causes which !  have brought the   agricultural indus  try to its present unfortunate condition  the    framers   of  -the    memorial i  so clearly point to the remedy.  four or   ten .years    ago,    but    there  must be some other reason found for  this unsatisfactory    condition than a  lack of market when wc have to confess that our. imports of agricultural  commodities  -runs"   into   the twenty  and  thirty  millions    annually.    ��������������������������� And  while this is    so,    it    does not seem  reasonable to expect the Government  to work out a   solution of the problem.      There'   is    not,    in    fact,   any  problem  to solve.       If-an individual  J will not produce anything to  sell, it  As Bargain Sales are  Fashionable these days ; ���������������������������  I-have decided -to offer a few snaps.that will --no dbutff--  .   make.people sit up. and take notice.     These are real  Bargains and will ,only- be  open for a few days  FOUR beautiful lots with large fruit'trees and" a splendid" crop ot clover,;  close to centre of the city; each lot    containing  'one-quarter' of. an-  acre.   Price. $-100 each; very*'easy terms. "       '  '  So ACRES-excellent land for mixed-farming or   fruit   growing; . about -12"-    -  acres under cultivation; ���������������������������", good, comfortable    six-room " house, -   with"   "  spring water piped into it.   Sm all barn ancl chicken- house; all good '"  land.     Two miles from town: " Price," ?G0 per acre. ' - -     -  TEN-ACRE.LOTS at Riverdale, on'easy terms. "' '  arvey  Fire and Life Insurance. "   Post Office Block. Enderby   Real Estate Brbker.  No one would be foolish enough to!  .deny that    the   agricultural industrv  Ms not surprising that he should find  .difficulty in getting a market.   There  is not a   more    favored   countrv    in  places on the    lake ancl the camping.      -        --   -n*.^.^..^ iimusuv  grounds.   _Prices_reaspnahle.for_good1i^i1^ Province ^^unfortunate I Ameifica_1*an th������������������ end_ of the Okana.  ���������������������������r-r = =  'condition." ft���������������������������.= " tV,, <-���������������������������,..���������������������������~7~ lA~ l,.. !gan-ior-=t-he-=Tfnsing���������������������������uf   slockr-aW  service.  Address���������������������������  F. D. ABBOTT  Cottonwood Point.  wall.  It    is   tottering   to the!  It is most unsatisfactory.  >Q&^M&.&l<M������������������i<SM^^* j enough  to supply  X .hence the   home  i particularly dairy  stock,  and  yet we  Ami  i,-i.���������������������������9   "��������������������������� ���������������������������  . 'd0 not havc enough butter to supply  And   ll]y?    llm 1?i tcUs Ufi ,our iQcai    market_       Qw stQres  It is    because    we   do   not   produce ,butter from    Xew   Zealand, and can-  the home market, 'ned    nuitton    from    Australia.       No  E. J.. Mack  Livery, Fecd-& Sale Stables I  ENDERBY, B. C.  market has to bc  supplied by the agriculturists of  Washington,   Oregon,   California,   and  Lof Australia and New Zealand.  Good Rigs;   Careful Driv- |!  ers; Draying- of all kinds.      11  Comfortable and Commo- I  dious Stabling- for teams.      |  doubt there arc many communities in  the Province similarly situated. The  carloads of beef    cattle shipped into  .      . .   _. _ ..the .Okanagan ._cach._ _\vcek_.from_the  Our home    producers    declare   that .Northwest   must   amount    to    many  from  them-indeed,  the memorial as- thousands of   dollars.      Ancl  all the  . L-rts that our  home   producers have,'while wc see    thousands of acres tied  never had the   home   market.   Which  up into small fruit farm acreage pro  is quite    true.      Whv "  true.  ,j,'ct a market, and  % i the  home    market  one must   produce  ?  hold  has  what  Because to  a   rv i-������������������et  been   take  the market  ducing nothing, ancl held at a fancy  figure. If this land were cut down  to mixed-farming prices, we would  no doubt see   it   sold to mixed-farm  Auto for Hire  Prompt attention to all customers  Land-seekers  and  Tourists in  vitcd to give us a trial.  : demands.       This  .have not   done.       And    our     whole-;soon get the benefit  t^^^-j*-^*--^--^^ <������������������> iHence    the  our    agriculturists jhomeseekers,  and    the country would  -- ,  ���������������������������=--  ---- ������������������������������������������������������������������������   of thc resulting  salcrs, being compelled to supply the j prosperity,  demands made   upon    them for these j    There    are    other ' reasons   for the  stable   commodities,    have    gone    to Unsatisfactory 'condition of the agri-  thc producers having the stuff to sell, .'cultural    industry    of    the-   Province  IT  HOME-MADE   HARNESS,  IN  STOCK:   SADDLES*  SPURS,   BRUSHESAND  EVERYTHING   IN THE HAR-  *%xiirfiz-A>ry'   ���������������������������  V������������������k0^   IP YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ASET OP  WILL PAY YOU TO GET MYPRICES.  WHIPS, "BITS,  NESS LINE.  FAIR WEAR OR' FREE  REPAIRS.  REPAIRING DONE  PROMPTLYAND ONLY BEST MATERIAL USED  C. RUTHERFORD, Cliff St., Enderby  CHANGE  OF  COPY  jto  Copy for all changes of advertisements in the Press should be in this  office on or before Tuesday noon to  ensure the change being made. We  cannot guarantee a change if this  rule i.s not complied with.  The Walker Press.  Go to Joe's ice crei/m parlor when  you wnnt a refreshing soft drink or  a cooling dish of cream.  increase in our imports  the past few years. They have gone  the countries where the farmers  are organized, where they co-operate  | in their buying ancl selling and hence  are prosperous and can produce the  commodities required in quantities  sufficiently large to command a market.     What is the result ?  British Columbia agriculturists,not  being able to supply the needs of  thoir home market, find themselves  shut out of it, or taking second  place. By co-operating * and witb a  strong    selling     organization,  than that of "no market.  FOR SALE  No. 1 Seed Wheat, Timothy  and Alfalfa Hay.,��������������������������� For further particulars apply to���������������������������  F. R. E. DeHart  their Kelowna .    B. C.  Deer Park Fruit Land  ENDERBY  No Irrigation Required  These lands are situated on the benches near Enderby and aro ������������������!n.,.<���������������������������r  ly suited for Fruit and Vegetables, and, having been in crS?   are inSen  did condition.for planting. *'      c 1U "P1"-  An experienced fruit grower is in charge ancl will giVe inqtrimfi���������������������������n *7  purchasers free of charge, or orchan will be plauted and eaid for ������������������t ������������������  moderate charge. u lul at a  160 acres, sub-divided into 20-acre lota ir now "on the market at ^  per acre. ipiio.  Get in on the first block and make money on the advance.  i Apply to���������������������������        _ ..'*'".��������������������������� ....,'���������������������������'.  GEORGE PAKHA M,  ������������������������������������������������������ ' , Deer Park Land Office, Enderby. Thursday, August 21, 1913  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  f>  s  /  Lets Get  Better  Acquainted  <I Perhaps you have  worn Hobberlin  clothes before you read  this "ad." If you have  not, and have read the  statements we make  from time to time you  will know that we  claim to make better  garments, better tailoring, better styles, better  fabrics, better values  than you'll get elsewhere for the . same  money.  Memorial Setting Forth Agricultural  Conditions Presented at Victoria  A deputation representing the Markets and Industries Committee of the  Vancouver Oity Council, the Vancouver   Board    of    Trade,   the   Van-  trial ancl commercial development.  Of late years great stress has been  laid upon and great attention given  to manufacture'   and   commerce while  couver Progress Club and the Fraser 'agriculture has been' left generally to  Valley agricultural interests  recently'muddle along as best it could  waited  upon  the   Provincial  Govern-  'But    agriculture   cannot   hold its  ment for the purpose of presenting a'own under present conditions. It  memorial with regard to agriculturl needs fostering t and encouraging in  conditions   in   the   Province.       The every legitimate    way.     'Among the  memorial is as follows:  "Gentlemen: The members of the  Agricultural community desire to  (state that they are not unapprecia-  ftive of the excellent work done by  the Department of Agriculture in the  interests of agriculture in this Province.       Especially   would they com-'  <JIf there be the  shadow of a doubt, it's  easy to put us to the  test. Proving every  statement will please  us���������������������������and mean much  better clothes satisfaction to you���������������������������than if  you just came in and  ordered without putting us to the real test.  suggested remedies are the following:  "State assistance in the organizing  and marketing of produce.  "State    organizers   ancl instructors  to be stationed in the different agri.  cultural centres.  "Local   and    central    cold storage  plants.  mend and - endorse the - activities of | "Co-operation on the part of the  the Agricultural Commission at this Government with urban, authorities  present time. Much "valuable data in the collection- and distribution of  are being accumulated   and the find- produce,  ings of the commission should prove  most valuable in the solution of  many of the problems connected with  the industry of agriculture?  "At the same   time   they, desire to  point out    that   agricultural    condi-  '.'The establishment- of a provincial  agricultural organization with central markets and with district collecting agents in close touch one with  the other. '  "The securing to'   the producers of  , tions at present are most unsatisfac- their own expanding markets  tory and that something should be  done at once' to relieve the situation.'  "Notwithstanding the growth,and  expansion of the' province generally,  and the large increase in the :Con-  sumption of agricultural'products i  decided decrease in production of 'tie  taple articles    of   food is  shown by  "Assistance    in  draining of lands.  "  Establishment  banks."  the   clearing   and  of     agricultural  COL.  HUGHES  ENDORSED  The firmness   and  *I We know you will  agree with us once you  have seen the garments, the fabrics1���������������������������  the styles; -  Enderby, B. G. >  courage of Col.  departmental statistics. Dairying Hon. Sam Hughes in dealing with  .and stock rafsing ' have .declined-co:i : intemperance in the militia and per-  siderably. The totals for home pro- jmanent force of this country, and hia  duction show an alarming decrease in promptness in .appointing a succes-  milk, cheese, cream and,, butter. -The-^or to General -MacKenzie, chief of  total in(1901 amounted to $4,250,462; .' the staff, has met with an immediate  in 1912 to-,$4,018,000. ' In 1911 Vere response throughout Canada. The  produced "10,435,000 ' gallons of 'milk;'Manitoba Free Press, which can't be  in 1912" only-7,960,000. On the other accused of" friendliness towards Col.:  hand duty-paid imports of dairy pro- Hughe's,-has    the    following remarks  Sole  Agent*  for   Hobberlin   Tailoring  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGULATIONS  -Coal mining rights of the Dominion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and'Alberta, the Yukon * Territory, th������������������  Northwest'Territories, and a portion  of the province of British, Columbia,  may be leased for a term of twenty-'  one years at an annual rental of $1  an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres  will be leased to one applicant.  Application , for a lease must be  made by-the applicant in person to  the Agent- or sub-Agent of the district in which rights applied for are  situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  _be_dcscrihed by_ sections, or_ legal  subdivisions of sections, and-in un-  surveyed territory the tract applied  for shall be staked out by the applicant himself.  Each application must be aceon*-  panied by a fee for $5 which will be  refunded if the rights applied for are  uot available, but not otherwise. A  royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output, of the mine at the  rate of five cents per ton.   The "person-operating.the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such  returns should be furnished at least  once a year.  The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may be  permitted to purchase whatever  available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of  the mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of  the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent  of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���������������������������Unauthorized    publication   of  this advertisement will not be paid for.  ON ANY OF THE DOUGLAS LAKE  CATTLE  COMPANY'S   HOLDINGS  Anyone found trespassing will be  prosecuted.  By order,     i  THE DOUGLAS LAKE CATTLE COMPANY, Ltd.  ducts show large increase. The val-  ue in " 1910 was $224,453; in 1912 it  was .$1,072,435, or s nearly.5 per cent,  increase. In 19i2 butter shows an  jincrease from 3,050,865 pounds_-to .3;:  980,000/pounds," or nearly1'a quarter  of a million pounds over the imports';  of '1911.'' *We'j imported m'ilk'- in 1912 '  to the'amount of 1,100,000 gallons.  -"The home-/production -of meats"  shows a decided decrease, while there  is a -corresponding increase in imported supplies.       ^ -        .  "Now this increase" in "imported  staple food products makes clear the  unsatisfactory, condition of agriculture in- the. Province. ,. -According to  the budget ', the . increase in the- last  two years is over 53,000,000, but according- to ..corrected statistics, it  would appear that this increase is  nearer $20,000,000 or $30,000,000.  "The agricultural community of  the Province is "not contented or  flourishing.' Increase in cultivated  areas does not keep pace with the  devclopmeot of the Province in other  directions.  "Many sections of the Fraser Val-  -ley=4are=less^populated=today4=than-=20-  years ago. Lands formerly under  cultivation are now unproductive,  and many new settlers that have  come into the province of late years  have been discouraged and have left,  again.  "There is no satisfactory marke+,  notwithstanding the enormous growth  of the urban centres. Agriculturists  are therefore disheartened. Few men  encourage or desire to' see their children stay on the land. Life is too  hard and the results are not worth  while.  The primary cause of these unsatisfactory , conditions is the lack of  markets. We have never possessed  our own markets; 'they are in the  hands of foreign producers. There  is, again, the utter lack of organization and effective co-operation among  the farmers themselves, such as has  become a commonplace in other  countries.  "Finally, the commission men and  wholesalers in the  practically no assistance to home  producers and this is due, to a large  e:xtent, 'to the untrustworthy and unstable source of supply. Home producers, it is said, through lack of organization and business methods cannot be depended upon to provide the  home market with a regular and adequate supply.  "Among the remedies suggested is  the restoration of the lost balance  to our   own  to make in a recent editorial:' -  - "If he will always", in thus striking  out for hinself, ^ act as commendably'  as he did in regard to the recent disorderly, coalition of 'Mars and Bac:  chus at the military "dinner in' Halifax��������������������������� ?.t\.which he was- 'the' host "and  General Sir'Iari ' Hamilton-the" guest  of-honor, and a few, officers among  the other one hundred and twenty-  five guests. became, noisily hilarious���������������������������  and ap he has'acted in the matter of  a successor to Major-General MacKenzie, as chief of staff'of "Canada,  the Canadian neonle_ will re?a*H +1ip  present Minister of Militia as" holding  down his iob in the Dominion Government in an eminently satisfactory  manner." - '  CANADA'S  GOOD  SENSE  The following Detroit despatch to  the New York American is -about the  strongest" justification for Canada's  good sense in . defeating the reciprocity pact:  "When the heads of the United  States Steel Corporation learned a  couple of years   ago__that_the_r_ecip^  rocity agreement which the Tait administration had negotiated with  Canada had been defeated by a referendum vote in Canada, they came  to Detroit "and picked out a spot  I across the river in Canada, where  they could advantageously manufacture and ship steel, and bought it.  ���������������������������"They have begun work on the construction "of "a"second"Gary "there."-A  Canadian city oi some 75,000 population,  anh    named    Ojibway,    will  be  ���������������������������uilt up there within three or four  years. Had the reciprocity pact  been ratified that city would have  been on the 'American side of the Detroit River, the labor would have  been American. The supplies for  this labor would have broadened -the  market of the American farmers who  opposed reciprocity."  Change of Date  We have found it necessary to change date of sale  from Aug. 22nd to Aug. 29th  W.. T. McDONALD, Live Stock Commissioner.  SALE OF DAIRY    CATTLE  The B.j C. Department    of .Agriculture, Live, Stock Branch, will 'Veil at  public    auction,    on -Friday," August  ' th, '1913,''''at; 1 p: ��������������������������� m/A  at Vernon.  Fair   Grounds," "Vernon; 't B.   'CA,'. -A  FINE LOT.'OF-GRADE-DAIRY CAT-  TLE.     These . cattle ^.are'principally'  ��������������������������� high-grade"Holsteins,'-.-there being .one '  .pure-bred Holstein .in*the lot.    -.The  4 I  shipment consists of��������������������������� Z -        y    -  .  30 COWS, . '/���������������������������      '   .'���������������������������-*  10 TWO-YEAR-OLDS^in^caif,- ;-    -   ���������������������������'.  14 YEARLING HEIFERS.'   "  These 'have   been ������������������ carefully' selected -  and all^are tuberculin,tested.,  '  Terms,of Sale:���������������������������CASH./-" *' " '7'/ ���������������������������  '* -       w. t.-;Mcdonald,  . - - - Live Stock Commissioner. -.  ' Department of Agriculture; "--(Live"''  '.Stock Branch,    Victoria,' 7th.August,"  " 1913. .'   ���������������������������'      ',-...:.    : :': ,   -yiJ  ������������������.v- *  A Handsome Edison  ......    ..y z   -���������������������������,-\*(y-jdue.$97:50)'".-V-'i'i---::--'-V.-v:.:  -     - -������������������������������������������������������   *"<        - ������������������������������������������������������;���������������������������-'-      --    - - ,z- -'AT'--  . -/.* ���������������������������.-: -,       -- ,-".--   I     ���������������������������--   ./  Given;Awayl^?i^J������������������F������������������EiE;  $?*Z1^     r~fj  zm\  <>4.        ..,   4.   -4-   -4^  ���������������������������iy/y:z/m  ,r. p-ppr i*y.m  ���������������������������."!���������������������������: $i?y*i  i -���������������������������-.   A key. given,.with every-_|l!pp-cash' purchase/or -'every/.$2.'00f.paid:>pn"h'i.'5f'%:^;|  back-account.  -(The key .that-will unlock J ������������������"i ���������������������������.-���������������������������!oaio'':thArP'n(.nntrr!i"i.h ,--v A'^'1*!  and .-.release  -.takes 'the -instrument..?,  ",We.'will advise you when" the keys have all .'been':  This".offer' includes-'"alsV moneys paid Uor'electri raj.  to-u's on Mr. H: 'G. .Manri's''account.���������������������������-r    . -/-.';"-���������������������������'  /   ,  the-- ��������������������������� Phonograph..  ���������������������������iV-yZ Zyi-J'ry~iA  distributed.;" -���������������������������; V;-1 -  *��������������������������� goods; or'patd'-'ih-I  ENDERBY -MUSIC = STORE  * ^'"-Vl  yy)  Acent also for Church and Parlor Organs  Also Fire and Life Insurance"  -Officein BELLbricl. block  J. E. CRANE,  Enderby,'Agent  BLANGHARD & ENGLISH  -W]  "E, are -determined   to- give' the  people' of  Enderby and" District  the "best'quality  of  . '   Household Furnishing on the market, at live-  and-let-live   prices," and', solicit  your  patronage.  Come in and examine our stock of high-class furniture  bedsprings, mattresses, carpets, matting, etc.    We  ^iirb������������������^le^ecl='t(rshl)"w^h"eiTi.     . ,,.'"  FURNITURE DEALERS,  ENDERBY, B.C.  UNDERTAKERS  CABINET    MAKER  UPHOLSTERERS  APPLE AND PEACH CROP  The apple and peach crop of the  past have given Okanagan is now moving. This year  the bulk of the shipments by the  Central Selling Agency is going to  the Vancouver market, where Mr.  Robertson, manager of the Central,  has close connections with the wholesalers. The first consignment of the  peach crop reached Vancouver a few  days ago. They were the Triumph  variety. Outdoor tomatoes also  made their appearance. These were  Okanagan specimens and were in fine  agricultural and indus- condition.  IN 1914  Most of us hope to live thrmigh  1914."" It will be as great a year  as 1867, 1878, 1885, 1896, and  1911. 'Those years tell the whole  of the history of modern Canada:  1867-Confederation.  1878-The National Policy.  1885-Completion of C. P. R.  1896-Sir Wilfred Laurier becomes Premier.  1911���������������������������Defeat of Reciprocity.  But 1914 should be equally-famous. The Canadian Northern  Railway will be completed from  Vancouver to Quebec; the Grand  i'runk Pacific will be completed  from Prince Rupert to St. John;  and the Hudson's Bay Railway  will be completed to Port Nelson  OVER 66 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade,Marks  DttlGNS  Copyrights Ac  Anyone tending n sketch and description may  quickly ascerluln our opinion /roe wtioUior au  Invention Is probably pmontiiblo. Communion-  tlotiintrtctlyconujcutlal. HANDBOOK on I'atem  ���������������������������uut free. 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Tn the olden days dentists pulled  their victim's teeth; nowadays tbey  fill their teeth aod pull their legs.  Maiden  rimony.  efforts often  result in mat- ���������������������������"l-rfi I  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  sagagHaaagff������������������Bga  Swimming Against  = the Stream ==  Is like trying to do a successful  business without advertising.  And it is not expensive to QOin  desirable publicity by the use of  printers' ink. Our Classified  Want Ads. cost little and are  read by nearly everyone.  Try them as a system tonic  for your business.  l", 2 '���������������������������(-���������������������������.���������������������������XV'1*]  Cwrrww*-* miuK w  UrCm**i  J  YEA.RS AGO people used to  innKe themselves heard by  shouting from thc house tops.  If ."ovs tried that to-dny you  would probnbly have to appear  before n commission in insanity.  KOW-A-DAYS the business  man uses our Want Ads.  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REEVES  Druggist & Stationer"'  Cliff St.  Enderby-  Some Valuable Hints Given to the  Poultryman in the Home Yard  In recent- years probably no one  topic has caused so much discussion  or elicited so many diverse explanations as to its origin and solution,  as that"of "the high cost of living."  In a recent bulletin issued by the B.  C.' Poultry Association and written  by Mr. J. R. Terry, of the Department of Agriculture, an effort is  made to show how this problem may  be partly met or solved by the "keeping of poultry on the city lot, back  yard or garden." There is so much  good in thc bulletin that we are going to reproduce it in full. ' -The  first installment, dealing with the location, type of building and equipment will be given this week, and  that dealing with breeds, feeds ancl  feeding, and diseases will appear in  the Press of August 28th.  "Much pleasure.and profit-are oft-  times    afforded    householders" by the  PROFESSIONAL  G.  LA- WILLIAMS     ..  Dominion nnd  Provincial Land Surveyor  Bell Block    ������������������. Enderby, B.C.  D  R. H. W.'KEITH,  .   Office hours:   Forenoon, 9 to 10:30   "   .  -   Afternoon, 3 to 4  .    .. Evening, 6:30 to 7:31      ,   -    ,      '  Sunday, by appointment.  Office: Cor. ClifT and George Sta.-      ' ENDSRBY  SECRET SOCIETIES  A.F.&A.M.  gable, etc. Of the roof types enumerated, the shed roof is generally  cheapest to build. Where driving  rains are experienced, it is advisable  to place a hood in front of tbe opening? If possible, the door should be  in either the east, south, or west  side, and, where not much light is  obtainable, a window may be put in  either the east or west side.  "A board floor is generally used,  and it is advisable to build the house  oil the ground a few inches, to avoid  dampness^ and harboring of rats. In  severe climates, the house may be  banked up' with stable manure or  earth during the winter.   ���������������������������  "A foot board should be placed in'  the doorway, to prevent 'the litter  from jamming the door, and this will  lso save considerable snow-shovelling in winter. ' ~ a  "Where therhouse is located near' a  keeping'of a few fowls," says .the fence or-building to the north of it,  writer, "whereby they can secure thereby offering .protection from win-  fresh, wholesome eggs, and now and ter winds and storms, it need not be  again th'e best   meat    obtainable, by built so deep ,as    when   erected in a  more exposed position. In any case,  it should not be less than 8 feet  deep - in the milder coast .and  island sections, and not less than ten  feet in colder regions. Where the  fowls are confined to the house during the winter they should be given  at least six feet of floor space.' In  milder sections, four may.be found  satisfactory.   --  "During' the " hot summer months,  shade should be supplied in the yards  either _by "-natural growtfi, such as f  corn, -sunflowers, artichokes, etc'.,, or  by cotton screen or board shelters. -  I  should not be less than 14 inches  square, inside measurement, and  about one nest to from three to' five  birds allowed. The nesting materials should be changed frequently and  burned when removed.. A water pan  preferably enamelled, should be placed  on a board at least a foot above the  litter, the board being, broad enough  to allow the bird standing room  when drinking, a grit and shell recep  tacle, and, if desired, a dry-mash bos  or trough or board of wet mash. A  board of wet mash is preferable. It  is'much easier to clean than a trough  "The simplest and best form of dry  mash hopper is just a plain box, any  size or depth,,-with the top i-emoved.  A lath should be nailed all around  the top, flush with the outside edge.  This prevents birds from scratching  out the mash.  killing off -their surplus stock. .   ."  "In any city there are very few  yards so small or situated so that a  few fowls .could -not be profitably  kept. When considering such, a question the chief points to be 'remembered are, sunlight, reasonable space,  shade and good drainage. There are  ���������������������������certainly���������������������������other points "almost as  important, but the above,'are Jfbose  that should be mainly considered at  the outset.   -       - ,    '". ,  "Quite a -few -would-be " poultry  keepers are deterred, oftentimes by  the fear that the space���������������������������at their disposal is -not large enough. True, a  back yard or garden only a few feet  square is not. of sufficient area to  permit of tlie profitable rearing of  IStr' LmcltinffsN0'f1rl,t stock, but providing the, utmost care  Thursday on; or after- the js; taken as to cleanliness arid"atten-  full moon at 8 p. m. jfiOdd- | ��������������������������� , -  fellows- Hall.    "Visiting i tion, there is   no   reason_-why a few  brethren cordially invited.   . " .       ,,,       ,   ,  '       - .',. -   ,  ". .  hens should not be successfully kept.  H. E. BLANCHARD  --    ���������������������������-- W. M.- 4    '  WALTER ROBINSON  ' - _-   ZZA' Secretary ..;;  TZW.Fi  J ways  'lX,    *^y -"Eureka Lodge. No. 50  Meets every Tuesday evening at S o'clock, in I. O.  ������������������0.-F. hall,-Metcalf. block: "Visiting:,brothers al-  welcome.     '     GEO. BELLAMY,   N. ,G.  -'      y --HOWARD LOGAN, V. 6.  ;- >- -r-:r. y*Z    -t-^'-R.-E.-WHEELER: Sec'y, :  '     ' ,'  _ _ -   J. B. GAYLORD. Treas.  ENDERBY'LODGE  -   it: --No. 35, K.of P.;-   ���������������������������?���������������������������-  Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Halt.   Visitors oars'-'dially invited to attend.  -. T. E. RODIE, C. C.  C. E.STRICKLAND, K.R.S.  JOHN BURNHAM." M F.  ..j Hall suitable forConcerts, Dances^and all public  entertainments.    For rales? etc., address, ;  <-   T. E. RODIE, Enderby  POLITICAL  .^Location* of House and" Yard-  ."When i -building,z~._always ^endeavor  to locate the "house- as-far from the  Bank of Montreal  Established 1817  Capital, $16,000,000        '    ��������������������������� r Rest,  ?16,000,000  Hon. President, Rt.'Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal G. O. M-. Q.  President, R. B. Angus, Esq.   Vice-President fH. V. Meredith       '-     '  '? . " '      , '  BRANCHES IN LONDON, ENG., NEW YORK and'CHICAGO. .���������������������������  SAVINGS   BANK 'DEPARTMENT   ...  Deposits received from'51 upwards, 'and interest allowed at' current rates.  Interest credited 30th June' and 31st December.   ,- " "-   6; ���������������������������-,-  ENDERBY BRANCH       -     -- ' A-V   '/       -   A. -E;"Taylor, Manager  THE   ALWAYS  uniform: ff\xmjm  ^&wm*i^npAi*-^fa7wi  iiiiawwaa  ���������������������������Wm B'JIMWW  V.  -    . Equipment ���������������������������-.      ,  "Very few fittings will be needed.  The fewer the better. See .that all  are portable. .Roosts, of 2x3,- or.  barked poles,, may be placed running  east and west, andr from nine 'inches  to-a.foot-space allowed for each bird  according \to;\ breed. ' A- droppings1  board, 2, feet -.wide for a single, roost,,  (br,3,tq 3^;feet-for-..two-roosts," should  be/placed/under- roosts.   'This should  dwelling -of -owner'', as- possible.*, if/fle *>e--cleaned.-every Aew day.s' -������������������F--not  refer how, "to where it "is proposed to 'les,s than'twice weekly, and'"the"-board;  keep'fowls in-'the'ordinary back yard ['disinfected ..with .lime or liquid "d'isin-^  of,/say, 50" or . 'GO   feet '.wide by per- "Octant:" ��������������������������� The'.house   "interior-should  - Maintains its HIGH-STANDARD.OF,QUALITY. Each;''  Sack contains" flour., that 4 will act like .the last - "sack srndl '  always give youf-GOOD,-results in'BREAD;bakihg:^\ye1';r  exercise no end of "CAR^ in^CLEANING^aud WASHING "  .-*  y'>.  y  ,i*.-x:  - wheat, and also1 in milling our-Moffet's Best. Flqur/UThisl?>  all means-"success to the baker.-  --."-- zi'i-*&y?3fr?&&c$$fr  i-y,iyzjji'<&i'fi  YOUR   GROCER   SELLS- IT^  I.- " ' r-     J    ������������������,     ' ' -" *���������������������������*+     ' "    "*    "      ~       *  J If' he/.does not,, call   u"p,rr6ur\'office,^'Phone ":':41;,  y:y&,-������������������_i  ' v- '"Zy -  \\ * -:  y-zt  COLUMBIA :FLbUWNG'MIL������������������fe^  kz yt.  'zz-Zj-H  y t'r>y  zyyr������������������i.  -     V *- Ha f     "I"    '  7XXM  <yz^M  ENDERBY   CONSERVATIVE  - ASSOCIATION '     -^  .J. L; RUTTAN, _     H. M..-WALKER  /A   President.    "    -  -"V      Secretary.  Fresh Meats  If you want prime, fresh meats, we  have them. Our cattle are grain-fed  and selected by our own buyers from  the richest feeding grounds in Alberta, and are killed and brought to tbe  meat block strictly FRESH.  .We buy first-hand for spot cash, so  can give you the best price possible  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C.  R. Chadwick  '   REGISTERED PLUMBER  (certificate.)    Painter and Decorator,  Box 74, Enderby.  haps 30 to-50 feet deep).7" There.are  good reasons 'for this. Chief-among  these, are those of a'sanitary nature,  and.that"-the dwelling may. not obstruct sunlight "entering the pen or  house of" fowls. , ,- .   '  " y  ''Ahvays, enclose,the" yard with wire  netting, and-this'to be not.less than  six feet   high.      Where   wire * is not  used "and   the - fowls   allowed to run  through /your   -own rand   .neighbors'  yards, gardens   or    front lawns, unpleasant      consequences       invariably  arise.     If the lot is surroimded by a  board fence,  a   wire   netting two or  three feet wide may be strung along  the top  ol    the   fence,    securing the  same to scantling or poles nailed to  fence.     If the owner    desires to use  -part=ofH;ho*=yard=for=a-vege*tables=garp=  den as well,, a dividing fence of nesting should be put up, and by having  the whole lot wired, the fowls may be  allowed access    to   the   garden after  the  vegetables   have    been  removed.  This will afford the owner an opportunity to clean up and    spade   over  the poultry run in-the meantime.  Type "of Building  "For the Coast district and adjacent islands, au - open-front house  may be used.' In ,the interior, a  front composed of either coarse cotton, movable glass or a combination  of both, is preferable. The type 01  house in ' any locality may be the  same, and may be built according to  the owner's' ideas. These are the  types generally used:  "Woods' house, a semi-monitor,, or,  in other words, the roof on the south  side starts from a point usually two  feet lower from the ridge than the  north side; this allows windows to bc  placed perpendicularly in the portion  above. Tolman house, with an uneven roof, having generally two-  thirds of its area sloping to the  south, and the rest to the north.  The southern roof also comes down  a foot or two lower than the north  side; the common shed roof, with  slant to north; the combination roof,  which is practically a Tolman house  reversed, so that the south roof is  smaller in   size   than the north; the  be ,limewashe*d - once yearly,- all fittings being removed at same time.  The'roosts, may .be painted with creJ  osote,or tar',vto prevent the���������������������������breecling.  of" red- mites. ' In severe^ climates, - a  dust-bath box should, be "-provided.-It  should-be so 'placed that plenty-of  sunlight- can-'--play - upon it.' .,It  should be about half"filled with earth  with 'which has been mixed ,. some  powdered, sulphur.-It'may be neces;  sary to raise, the box on legs to prevent litter -getting , in.     Nest boxes  to sell "  List it' with me.   If;~you" "want "to  buy land, see me.  My new booklet descriptive of the Mara District is now out.   GET   ONE,  Chas. W. Little  Eldernell Orchard, Mara, B. C.  .>    ''Enderby, is a- charming -villiage/ witlveity ai^  * -. When :Pacldy Murphy ;fshook-> tlie:' show- ol 'Sandon7 yfXy-AA >?!  ��������������������������� /-' off-His-feet he. came riefe,-;;and now /owns^ne^f.^>;:^iv2|  :finest1"-brick/,hotels' in the/*country.,^ ^Although;^/...K^fl  " ' Paddy is; an irishman .fi$m'M0ng8Lti^ 7XJ777������������������\  '-7 hotel- the King -Edw'arcfc^ In������������������������������������������������������ addition ^to"'theex-_. Aj-A  .'"cellence.'of the meals,' breakfast.is-seryediip. to,,10r_,\,;\  *. o'clock, which"is an added attraction,for'tourists.'":-; -./';  ,,-   ,.      ,_      - ,   ,-  "'" (Extract from Lowei-y's Ledgc.)1^- '-���������������������������'���������������������������'���������������������������J- ���������������������������,-������������������������������������������������������'"-.  "--"-_. '._-_" **  King EdwardHotel/fcJet^URPHiyEnderby ^  tr������������������r  ES  Kr-e,-Life, Accident  INSURANCE AGENCIES  REAL ESTATE  "Fruit  Land Hay Land  Town Lots  The Liverpool & London & Globe Ins^Co.  ���������������������������Thc-P-lioenix-Insurancu-Gorof-LbriaonT  Lon-lon-L-insaihire Fire Insurance Co. 2  Royal Insurance Co., of Liverpool (Life dep t  The London & Lancashire Guarantca  Accident Co., of Canada.  '13ELL BLOCK,   ENDERBY '   '  The  Armstrong  Greenhouses  Fix up your House, Barn*  and^Outbuilding's --.���������������������������  Here are   some   specials in lumberwhile they last :  No. 2, 2x4, per thousand  ..? 13.00  Cull Boards, per M,        5.00  "S No- 2 Lath, per thousand      1.75  Short Cord Wood     3.75 '  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. E���������������������������derby  W  E have fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and  other vegetables for sale;  flower and vegetable plants  of - all kinds; cut flowers,  bouquets, sprays, wreaths  at all times.  Alwyne Buckley  PHONE  111  -ARMSTRONG  An  Opportunity for a Reliable  Man in Enderby  We have some gilt-edged originalprairie Townsites, (not sub-divisions)  which appeal to the intelligent investor, and we intend to put on an extensive advertising campaign in ENDERBY as soon as we complete arrangements with a first-class man, who can follow up enquiries. We will,  mail the district thoroughly. ' The right man who will apply himself caa  make this a permanent and very profitable position.  Apply���������������������������  ���������������������������  H. W. McCURDY, 503 Temple Building, TORONTO THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, August 21, 1913  WANT ADS  ADVERTISEMENTS under this head  3c a word first insertion, lc a word  each subsequent insertion.  FOR SALE���������������������������Heavy horses. Okanagan Saw Mills,  Enderby, B.C.  ONE SHETLAND PONY FOR SALE  Cheap. Enquire C, Walker Press,  Enderby.  FOR SALE���������������������������Cheap���������������������������Brood mare for  breeding purposes; ''also four fine  cows (two Jerseys). Enquire F.-,  Walker Press, Enderby.  FOR SALE���������������������������Well-built brick house;  filled cable, etc. Good concrete cellar; half acre garden; adjoining two  streets; .$2,200 cash; $2,300 on time;  (3 years.) See me for owner's address.     C. G. Piper, Enderby.  'COTTAGE and two lots for sale;  cheap for cash, or terms arranged  to suit.     C. G. 'Piper, Enderby.  *>���������������������������  ���������������������������  MRS. C. PARADIS, a dressmaker of  wide experience, has removed her  dressmaking parlors to the Matthews house, on Cliff Stt, west of  George.  WOOD SAWING���������������������������LeUme have your  orders for cutting logs* into 16 to 24-  inch blocks. Apply, A. Bogert, Box  172, Enderby.  FOR SALE���������������������������CHEAP���������������������������Eighty and 1-  20th acres unimproved timber .land,  2-_, miles north of Enderby. - J. B.  Gaylord,  Enderby.  IF YOU have any insurance to place;-  Fire, Life, Accident, Disease, Automobile, Liability, Bonded; see me.  Best companies, best values, best  attention. House for sale at reasonable price; modern and nearly  new; favorably situated. Enquiries welcomed. Jas. Mowat, Bell  Block, Enherby.  TO LET���������������������������By thc week-end, week or  month; shack fully furnished, four  miles from Mabel Lake; close to  river; good bathing and fishing.  For particulars apply Postmaster,  Hupel.  FOR SALE���������������������������Registered Red Poll bull  "Fairview Chief" 20 mos. old, price  .$60; four-year-old black mare and  colt; 3-year-old gelding; 2-year-old  gelding; 1-year-old gelding. G.  Myrdock, Enderby.  KIND TO THE CONSTABLE  A CORRECTION  Have you  examined  our stock of  Sporting  Goods ?  In advertising property on Belvidere street for sale I gave the net  price of $3,600, forgetting to add  agents' commission. This comes to  $150, making the correct price $3,750.  The property is honestly worth this  amount today; and, being close in,  will become exceedingly valuable as  the town develops���������������������������worth, perhaps,  many times the amount 'it can now  be bought for. It will certainly  make a lot of money for somebody.  Why not for you? Better come and  see me about it today.  GRAHAM ROSOMAN,   Enderby  E;merson   wrote   in one of his immortal essays something to the effect  that if you   can   make a mouse trap  better than anyone else can make it,  and would   locate   away   off    in the  woods, the world will hit the pike to  hunt you up and buy thc article you  have for sale   or   the knowledge you  have to give.     In tlie same measure,  perhaps if   a   man���������������������������an   officer of the  law���������������������������has a nose   for    getting hold of  the trouble-maker,   the trouble-maker  will make it easy for him by coming  into his arms.    This    appears to  be  the case insofar as Constable Bailey  is concerned!       Some little time ago  ���������������������������a man wanted by the Provincial Police of the   Inc'-rior, early one morning walked to the home of Constable  Bailey and   wanted    to know if this  town had a   policeman.      In a little  while  Constable   Bailey showed  him.  One day this   week, a   man weighing  300  pounds   became   stupidly . drunk.  He managed to navigate main street  east as far   as   the   City Hall,  and  there, almost directly in front of the  jail door,    he   laid   down    upon the  sidewalk.       Constable    Bailey    soon  put in an appearance.     To raise t1 ���������������������������'      There is a definite and desirable  man was   out   of   the question.   Fe   standing readily accorded to the  OF   CANADA.  Paid-up Capital. Reserve Fund CO V7S AAA  and Undivided Proliu (Over) vOfOIOpWUV  Total Assets (Over)    $69,000,000  Financial Prestige  Shot Guns,  double & single,  Winchester Rifles,  Revolvers,  Ammunition,  Everything for the Hunter  FAMILY SEWING���������������������������Dressmaking, and  pressing and. cleaning, promptly attended^ to by Miss Lena Carlson, in  the Crane; .-building, next to City  Hall,'Enderby.  FOR   SALE���������������������������4-room   cottage,   bunga- j  low type, with 1 to 5 acres bearing  orchard   attached. Also  several  ' blocks of 5 to 10    acres;  fruit and  alfalfa land.     Apply to owner,- Geo  R. Lawes,' Enderby   Heights.   -     tf  Wm, Lawson, for " many years'- city  ALL" KINDS GARDEN   WORK done, (clerk at "Sandon, ' in "the Slocan,*"was"  .by John    Gardener,    landscape and   found dead in    his   bed one morning  jobbing gardener. Jast week. '  .     y-  Come in and see them and get  our prices"        -*  W. J. Woods  couldn't move himself. The Constable took him by the coat collar and  placed him behind the doors sitting  down. The next day Magistrate  Rosoman imposed a fine of $5 and  costs. '  ���������������������������  SCHOOL  OPENING    NOTICE  " Th- school^ opens on Monday, the  25th lnst. All beginners must enroll  before September 5th, as after that  date no beginner Nvill be admitted until next term. Beginners must be  six years of age.  T. H. CALDER, Principal.  man who maintains a . strong  banking. connection and makes  good use of it. In fact, by simply  opening a Checking Account and  making all payments by Cheque,  you gain the respect and-confidence of businessmen. Morever,  this is the safest and most convenient way to make all payments.  EnderDy Branch,   W. D. C. CHRISTIE, Manager  The man - who complains of his  wife's biscuits id often the one who  doesn't provide the dough.  J  Last year the gross earnings of the  C.P. R.:were .$139,000,000..and the  net earnings $46,000,000.   -  Dill Bros,    are   stocking   lor a -big  fall business in clothing for men.  J. S. JOHNSTONE  Cement Building "  "Contractor  Is prepared to furnish^ straight blocks  veneer   blocks,    cement ' brick, f lawn  vases,, peer ..blocks,' chimney blocks  also lime and,cement.      '-"-���������������������������'    ' -  Leave orders early.  .-,;���������������������������     '-',--.-  Endtrby, B. C.  SEALED TENDERS addressed to  the undersigned, and endorsed ."Tender for Public Wharf at Canoe, B.  C." will be received at this office until 4.00 P.M., on Thursday, September 11, 1913, for the construction of  Wharf at Canoe,  B.C.  Plans, specification and form of  contract can be seen and forms of  tender obtained at this Department  and at the offices.of F. W. Aylmer,  Esq., District Engineer, Chase, B.C.;  J. S. MacLachlan, Esq., District Engineer, Victoria, B.C., and on application to the Postmaster at Canoe,  B.C.  Persons tendering are notified that  tenders will not be considered unless  made on the printed forms supplied,  and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and  places of residence. In the case of���������������������������  firms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of  residence of each member of the firm  must be given.  Each tender - must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque' on a chartered  bank, payable to the order of the  Honourable the Minister of Public  Works,'''equal to five per cent (5 p.c.)'  of the amount of the tender, which  will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract  when called upon to do so, or fail to  complete the work contracted for. If  the tender, be not accepted the cheque  will be returned. .-  The Department   does not bind it- **  self to accept the lowest or any tender. .'-,-:'  By order,  R.  C. DESROCHERS,;: - '.  Secretary.  Department of Public Works, -  Ottawa, August 11, 1913. A  Newspapers   will - not   be paid" for -  this advertisement   if   they insert it:"f  without authority from  this Depart-  *  ment.���������������������������44882.    "'-   .'���������������������������"'    ,    .  -.'.'���������������������������'  '  Rutherfqrd,sxh'arness shbp and. "sad-A'  dlery has the most"completeL.stock in ,"  hand ever shown in \Enderby." His'\  heavy-harness work ��������������������������� is making a rec-:,  orhfor him. - .   '���������������������������-  ���������������������������   ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������������������������-���������������������������-������������������-+-��������������������������� -������������������������������������������������������-���������������������������-���������������������������  is (lie Time to get these  Necessaty-Ardcles���������������������������-  Hunting Boots  10-12-14 and 16-inch leg  Prices from $5 to $10  Don't overlook Slattr's Elk Tan in this line  Sweater Coats  MONARCH & JAEGER  Prices from $2.50 to $7.50  CAPS  All kinds; from 50c to $2  Canvas Hunting Coats  Vests, Leggings, Pants, Cartridge Belts, &c.  For the Rainy Season  Get one of our Rain Coats, or Slicker & Oiled Pants & Rubbers  and defy the wet  Get a Semi-Ready Suit for Fall and be Comfortable.    Ready-Made or Made-to-Measure.   The Suits that Satisfy  Gent's Furnishings  and Shoes  I  BOB PEEL  4-.J  -:m


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