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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Sep 19, 1912

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 Enderby, B. C,  September 19. 1912  AND      WALKER'S      WEEKLY  u  Vol. 5; No. 24; Whole No! 288  Town and District News in Brief  of People and Things Heard About .S^"  t     -    ��������������������������� ,. '_    _.-...    ,_-_    'a...  MARA CHURCH OPENING  Howard Logan left for the coast  last Saturday.  The Provincial Legislature will assemble on, Jan. 16th.  A Government Agent has been appointed at Fort Fraser.  The K. .of P. Social to-morrow evening is going to be "a bummer.  Joe ' Mowat visited his Enderby  home last week from Kamloops.  Dr. Crawford will leave shortly for  a few weeks'visit to Salmon Arm.  Quite a number' of i_!nderby people  lican church opening  The  Vernon Making Earnest Effort to  Make Okanagan Apple Show a Success  ���������������������������-m.--_._i_          .   _"      .      ,      .-      at Mara last    Sunday evening,     -ine     _,     .    ,   ,���������������������������, _   ,, -                             .  The    postoffice. window is showing, name of the new churches given as '   The first    Okanagan    \_liey Apple exhibits,    and    it   is   1 oped  that  a  some delicious-looking Liartlett pears g(.   Mattnew.g      it r^^-v comfort Sh������������������W WiU be heW at Vernon on the friendly rivalry between tht different  from'the    orchards   of F. W.  Collin.  abic* edifice> . well    bul������������������. ������������������nd the ac- 23rd aD(1 24th of 0ctoben     U is nofc sections ������������������f   the   Valfey   "i11 thus be '  This has been a   most favorable sea- n_llcH��������������������������� __ ������������������������������������������������������,..:������������������������������������������������������   ._..(.' . __f      Tf the first apple show to be held in the worked  up, and    that   many-entries   '���������������������������  t            ._    .  ���������������������������     -_   ,-     * *                   _.      . _                    COUoLlC   propel ClCS    .3,16- Li*c   DGSL.        J.I ���������������������������..                         __   ,                 .���������������������������*_-.������������������  son for all kinds . of   tree fruits, es- w&g erect<jd        private'^tributions 0kanagan  Valley' ' however.   Several will :be-received    in    this class.   Big    ;  pecially   pears    and   plums, and the     .            ,     .   tQn.        r,    i        .-'*-.. have been held at different 'points, but' prizes are'also    offered f.,r box exhi- -  x-    ,.' _     -     -              *.           -.     .           .                       at   3.   COSt   01     ^jUU.    ���������������������������    It    IS   not  lUilV r   ,, ~                                                                /  Enderby-grown ��������������������������� commodity   is    of a completni yet   and the C-0W will run none of the.se has been ���������������������������'* Valley show bits Tanging from 25* boxes down* tc5 /  very superior type,                                   into-the thousand.'"    Jt-Zis/however, tarking in the whole-*Iistrict*'    "    "    , Land' even    for   plate    exhibits the''  Thos:'-Pulos," one of tLe Greek con-  virtually paid iorX * ' ':'          '     ' '   The holdino .of    the October show, awards are    much   larger than have  struction gang   working" m the rail- j   The building is erected 'on the main WiU bC the    consumation    of   efforts hitherto been- alloted aLjccal" fairs.    .  road,  was arrested Wednesday,  Sept.'road leading into- Mara   a'few nun- WhiCh havebeen    made for,years to i    "The secretary, Mr. J. A:. Mel'dru'm,\.  11th, for attacking the foreman, John.dred feet'east of the Mara* bridge indU������������������e every. sec^ion ?f the. Valley to will'shortly make a-trip-through-the  ,  tr���������������������������^,-.���������������������������-   --rs^v.** -    ���������������������������j_ -Vm -  i ir   _......                                       ' combine in    one    big, grand show���������������������������a" Valley to' wake   up* interest'in this "  ���������������������������       -.������������������=> -.-,-���������������������������. -'    .uic-p   icci   caai   ui    luc   a������������������__w a - UI luge.  The Fall    assizes    of   the Supreme Hampa. with a.   spade. ' Thc accused j   The building   was   crowded to the  Don't forget the Pythian At Home, 'charged  to be  (Friday)  Ct.    G.     ..u. ������������������������������������������������������avu.   .uup,    i, ,������������������,������������������������������������   j.ji..-p_   _!__.,       . v   ; -_.,--    ���������������������������i..  _          -���������������������������--     iyui_    i/niuaui,    iuuuiiu::  mother,   sisters   and    brother-, -here,--Corner of"Georgei and" Xniprh't streets, i. Rev.'Mr.    Hilton' was in* charge of  f,-nm- Rirminrf.��������������������������� ' una * The. .-foundation, -walls   ,-f' the' new  the service, while-"the RevV'.Canon'J ' fa\C*������������������ proauce- as nas been the case  building.fcbver. 34x40-,fe3t^.p_T-;top .of: Perkins,"sacrist of=Westmi^te^ Abbe>>*ere-yf0/?.'\We,-'S-a11, ^e *within;.������������������ur-  the/concrete'foundation uie four feet read-, the." dedicatory;,.: ^/viie--'-���������������������������'::������������������Wn distnct' and we ^Ul,induce_out-.  of ?cement " block,   similar-to that  't forget the Pythian At Home,  charged.                    ...                            ! building-was'well lighted ly'.a system  Gol}imhl&' ~ Such* a show, wiir attract  too much to,hope.thaf.hs'y.  given in K. P. Hall to-morrow   ' J- S.  'Johnstone-this week finished  of-Aladdin'- lamps   installed by Ber-  V " iromthe    Eai3t' the* North-  the-Okanagan   Apple- Shov  iy) evening. ." - I the concrete-wbrk-oh^.the'fc't.'George's nard Rosoman,- the local -agent- for W<?St; and- -the Coast- ;^-d i^tead of come one_of-the most-ii,pc  J. Warwick last week joined his 'church" -vicarage to'f^l.uilt on the this brilliant" illuminnnC-"- " ' - ������������������UI' own Pe������������������Ple ^ng to tne Coast or attractive = exhibitions iici  t, sisters and brother-^here,--corner of-George and" Xn:prht .streets, i. Rev.'Mr. Hilton' was in* charge of 9 Spokane- *������������������ see ?h*\ the.Okaua-'West."-- y']-\ . ,.. V/y  Rirmm^hRm "Rn,.   " * ' The. ,;-foundati6n -walls   ,-f the' new  th*Sp���������������������������irP   ������������������,hii������������������.-fh'i R^'n, " t " gan c^n Pr������������������duce, as has been the case - V-V  ' -.  ���������������������������- ' ���������������������������^-r- //���������������������������-'���������������������������  from" Birmingham, Eng  - St. .George's Church, Endorby, Sunday,' Sept. 22: Harvest Tnanksgiving  services at usual-hours  d "; in "- theT  In'this; connection1,- the-.Cityi'Couhcil: .-"  ���������������������������*       ���������������������������- ��������������������������� ���������������������������������������������-'      ������������������.*w      ^>w>������������������a_*-_     a*i_>������������������*wkjt k ^ ��������������������������� , .    - ^������������������w_-������������������  . -_.������������������ >*-_������������������        v*li  ���������������������������Ten-trains into Enderoy in one day 'th? construction 0f the IlccvesVrhome. ,the-add"ress  last-'-week?-"- Jhe--freightHraffic'*is^s^BianP0^.r-d5-r^td^-?1^  much" as the road can handle? '���������������������������   "': " tra������������������t -for.-.the.building.   -     "' _" ''" '    '  \ upon the fidelity and, loyalty?of: each"���������������������������   m.   .��������������������������� -     _-.        ��������������������������� -    --.---   --_---;..-     ox- - -   -    ���������������������������. ~-  The-ladies   are * on thequf-vive in     *. i^proposed'to hold'an'American" individual - members yTne -speaker Hppi tf     ^"^ A.pple_8ho,w;waCby_jto ittend-.the firs^shnw in,a.bolyR'���������������������������  anticipation of the millinery opening^ in'St. George's Parish Room, on  complimented the'people of Mara on 'J ^-g "%*������������������?���������������������������,^,^r^^ ^^" We.b^Yt*^^ ^^l^tbe^Valle^  at-the Enderby Trading Co.,-Sept:^ ' Saturday,  October 5th,: fiom, 3.30 to  the splendid .spirit- shown byrthemin-. *���������������������������^r0-'   ^ .Ve?,0.n ^lb,5?n - ������������������^d^> take-the*! ^���������������������������e action, r  The Girl's Guild will h ,Id    ��������������������������� lft������������������r  7*' m'   AlLare cordially invited, and   attempting and*'darrying' through .-so '"f, *? the    conclusion   that    they It .seems to .be-most .t^ential that.  n2"tea L fh\ ba-rm n^ ^'SeP     ^ arcasked to ' kindly ^ng two arti-" splendid    a. .structure - in so.small a^r     ^ T" .  ��������������������������� ^ ^    " * -d^'^hln������������������-  ^ld>8ure;-  bZia-*l������������������h  XZ    Jent   mT  ClCS f������������������r    ^."('ancy -articles, cakes,  settlement, a���������������������������d urged :the members of IZl thL     tT\������������������} ������������������rfy ^to, the success^ the en^rpnse s0isurely,  bytenan  ehuich,  Friday,   Sept.  27th.  ^^^^                 ^.^             -        , the   CDngI.egation  "to- stand'- fast in  ^       ^an ^ !or'������������������ long a time   a?:.'or.>yery Valley town. to. name'-the"  Mrs   S.   Poison   and    children    "*" "geli the same'and make tv/0 puwhases  ^r loyalty to the msz.tution they JM ^ di������������������ussed. " Tue scheme has  same day   as   a ' civic holiday to te "  turned .from an extended, trip to Cal-ior pay a��������������������������� -ntrance fee of 25c      The  had helped to build been heartily   endorsed by the Asso-  known .for all. time as the Okanagan *  ifomia and eastern points, this week. 'proCeeds will be    devotL>d to           a, |   A- particularly    pieasing. feature  of  Cla ed Byls 0,.Trade ������������������f ''ie Pk������������������^:  APPle Sh������������������w" Day.   This wculd  make-  Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Dilfand family, 'church expenses.   Tea and-ccflee   15c   the service was the violin accompani- fan' V"1 XPP������������������     h&S ^Pn-P^mised, sure the,attendance of hundreds frpm *-  ir, Mr   anri Mro    a    -RAr..r_.o   ���������������������������r_, _,������������������. !���������������������������.._.-_ . ,1, , .,  . - '  _. _i -.,    ...    .-      -- -from  local    organizations  in all  the  every point in the Valley, and .would  --  and Mr. and Mrs. A. "Reeves, are enjoying an .outing to Mabel Lake this  week.  very handsome   pieces of wicker.fur  niture in his furniture pallors corner  of Cliff and George streets.  Mrs.,W. R. Barrows    and daughter  Music will-be-provided."                        ,ment played   by   Mr.   Ilcfoman, the X     T       oigaiuzacions .in au  tne  every point in the Valley, and..would  ��������������������������� Harry McAllister   *nd   M������������������ke    Ryne 'sweet, clear   notes striking true with ^l��������������������������� IX���������������������������     I       * td Pn-,ticton'      |be -the" means   of   onabling our own'  were arrested on    the In.iian reserve" every chan3e in the solemn responsive '    ���������������������������*   .f"011 NeWS '9ayB, rf the P>o-!People to . acquaint themselves with '  i���������������������������-<.  _,.._.._.._ ...  .-_ ^ lect:        This year    aoout. 5-1,000 will'the. magnificent   possibilities    of the  Crossley Poison is displaying some  last "Saturday   in company with two miisic-  Indians and with' fire wj.er on them.  They were taken before Magistrate  Rosoman   Monday    morning by Con  FIRST PUBLIC INSPECTION  jbe offered  in prizes,  particularly lib-  .eral awards   being   made for district  Valley they   love   so well but really  know so little about. ������������������������������������������������������  The Enderby Boy Scouts had thsir  BOY SCOUTS   GOING TO  VERNON,!      .'FOUND DEAD IN -HE BUSH  stable" Oland and   McAllister pleaded  first    Public    inspection   on   Monday j   ���������������������������ftOue������������������pected-.home=from^thc������������������east^this^guiity*r-He=lSia=he was a stranger" "'g^t���������������������������in"tli^Op^fTl'l'Ul^s^r'lT^a^  week.     Mr.    Barrows will leave' this  evening to meet them _,t Golden.  The Government has issued instruc-  dians to purchase the liquor, and they  Band,   and,   instead    of giving their  were having a   lunch tofitber.     The  C0Ilcert from    the   bandj:,-ind, it was  least 3 ft. 6 in. across *he wings.  T. E. Rodie has a rine window display  this week,  which iin aides some  deUcious Alexandria, __r j'P.'es,   some  big mealy spuds and a few weighty  mineral specimens.  Sixteen year old boys cannot carry  - ���������������������������    xl uas i:eca noueu iiv rannv tnat tnp      Mr. H.  Seydei;' an    old resident-of"  here, and was given money by the In-   the regular concert night,of the City '"       ������������������^ raan^���������������������������   n������������������   Armstrong, and  well-known  through-  difln������������������ t.n m,������������������.h-.. m,��������������������������� , .^���������������������������   Band.    and.    ,W.^,    ���������������������������f ,Mn, ������������������H,.r  ,l,DMi,Jr 0I    the   ro>al    CllICal Pafty   out  th'e..Okanagan'.  wds  found  dead-  on the L! Norris;farm, north of Arm- "  strong, some days agj. The body  was'found in the hii'sh' m\ir the house  in a badly decomposed tstute. It is  siiijppsed the deceased was .stricken  with heart failure whi]e _ga_lbaring an J  Tirmfurbf woo<(."T '  tions not to Pay the bounty on Big  minimum penalty of $25 or a month  givcn in tI,c ������������������Pei'a   House in connec  Horned owels unless they measure at  in jail was   levied.   Ryne was set at tion  with    the    inspection.     Colonel  liberty as   there   was uo evidence to  Gcc' of t,ie rj������������������ul's    Brigade, London,  hold him. .E������������������g-> performed the inspection.     The  j Scouts acquitted themselves well, but  It has been hoped by many that the  tinerary of the royal ducal party  would permit his highness to stop a  few minutes at Enderby on his way  in or out of the Okanag-m, but it is  now learned that this cannot be, as  the Connaught special will go south  through Enderby at G a.m., Oct. .th,  and north nt_2. _n.___m.-_ Oct._.5th.._. An_  ., A_HRPTY_.WATCH. FOB _-   _J showed evidences- of -^stage-fright"- in - ^-"^- ft-t-s-    jsjme   of    the   important    details in  CfTo,t ha8    ^   mu(,c l>y Vornon to  In nosing about for news the other connection    with   the 'irillt;.     In his  day,  we   happened to    tumble   upon  remarks at thc   conclusion of the in-  NOT AS LOW    AS REPORTED  get a   special    from    this end of the :  Valley on October .th, but up to the .    ., ..    j ������������������������������������������������������.    wl���������������������������    uLij-i   vum.'U-   Wll ) -  ��������������������������� --        - -       "i-w..     iiiiiiiimi)   ni,    _jiC-      UUIH.1U -illJH    Ol     Liie    ill- .. -     ' ~������������������������������������������������������~"*  guns of any   type,   according to thc ,foUr men P^^ng with a dinkey little spection, Colonel Gee cille 1 attention  |,rcBCnt t,mc   a"    e"orts    alon* this ;   A despatch    from    uuidon,    under  Provincial law.   There .ire lads 1G and  PlftyfchinJ?  which   they v acted  us  to to these   shortcominys, at the same  1Inc hftVC ,,cen  lll,aVflilin<-   Tlie ������������������*ftll-  date of Sept. 15th, says:  under in  Enderby who aro not com-' hanP lipon our watcl> dub for a fob. time complimenting    tne officers and   ���������������������������ay.  c0���������������������������}mv{   <ioes not feel Justified,    "The following bulletin  uas issued  plying with this law, the officers say. r11 was at the   home ^ A'oflcts Best, scouts    on    the    generally    excellent  The Methodist Ladies' Aid will hold .an(1    consisted    of   the half of a fly character of their work and the whole   .........w....i,u uuunij   __,u  vvui iiuiu , ���������������������������              "���������������������������   ������������������*   "J   witn u>,li;i   ui  unci; won. nrjii i.uc wnoie ,.  an afternoon    and   evening   tea and   whcel whlSl1 they were ^ttinS in po-  heartcdncss with which they entered   m"','C   ,l.m"   ,hp 1("!Cal  candy sale   in   the   ice cieani parlor .sltlon to run a new online being in- into it ���������������������������        e hntler,)y 13������������������y s   -._._-.__ _ ._ . ���������������������������.. ._p.   ofol Ift'l Kit 4-K������������������ /"1_1 ,! ���������������������������������������������-_* . I -_.  in  breaking Into   thc tremendous  in-  by Mrs. Chamberlain to-r.ight regard-  crease in traffic   over   the road with   ing thc health of the :.r.  Hon    Jos  more  than  thp ducal social. Cbamherlain: 'There is no foundation  recently occupied by Miss Ruttan, on  Saturday,  Sept. 21st, coriimencing at  3 o'clock.  Mr. and Mrs.    H.   Mc^ee left Wed-  stalled    by    the    Columbia  Flouring;    Colonel Gee referred vi.rmly to the  Mills.     The half of the wheel weighs   pleasure he felt at being present, and  (four and a half tons, the whole wheel   particularly   to    meet    his  friend  of  .w-_._.,. ....  ���������������������������cu-  nine tons-     The   engine r a  Jerome  earlier days,    the   Rev.  Mr.   Hiltcn,  nesday evening on a  visit of several  WheeIock.   .J8x42   cylin'Jer,  and  is of  and to find him here interested in the  weeks in the   Northwest ai.d Oregon.  250 to 300    horse   Power.   This Long  same great   work   for tbe boys that  T^'   ���������������������������e    C0St    ������������������f    1,,;lklng: SI  They expect to enjoy,the fall and per- |Tom ?!ant   has   a bed of solid con-  engaged him    in   the old home land  l?X he '"    lhe   -I8,?hbcrho  haps the winter    visiting the homes  crete 6 feet deeP and ^ 'eet long.   It  in connection with the lads' brigade.  '$������������������0-00-      ManaSer    Stewns,    of  th.iP ,wm������������������- |has been  found   necessary to  install!    Capt.    Henniker   and Lieut. Cross-  scom:s have been   to. the reports of   Mr. Chamberlain's  officially invited to participate in the  condition.     He is very well and  has  reception  of the royal p.-.rty at  Ver-   been out walking to-day.' "  non at 11 a.m.     There being no way !    of getting there but by being driven \ ADVICE TO   HUNTERS  down, the boys   will have to go this ,    way.   The    cost    of    making such  a ���������������������������    When you are in the woods dodging  their children.  lod of bears and scaring game, den't shoot  of    the at every  bush  which moves���������������������������wait,   if  Okanagan    Sawmills,     lus agreed   to your nerves  will   allow, till you see  let    Assistant   Scoutma.itors    Prince clearly something to shout at���������������������������there  -������������������  ll,  ppupuow    lu  give  a  jsuai'u   oi "���������������������������=      "     ������������������������������������..������������������-   mc   mm   man,   ui   lhc d.   w.     '..ui-!.,   wt:iu  pies- o   u    ���������������������������  Trade concert    within tne next week  that outP������������������ts Enderby's famous flour ent in uniform.       The :��������������������������� _jin floor of &chmi<lt   ������������������������������������   ^r t.ie aay and to may be a    man,   perhaps a personal  or   ten   days.       Wednesday evening, I-M������������������ffet's Rest,    One doesn't have to  the Opera House   was ph en  over to  furnIsh    transP������������������rtation  for 12 of the friend, in that bush insr.oad of a deer  u- l';i- ---������������������������������������������������������"-      ���������������������������   ��������������������������� ��������������������������� - u~-.���������������������������4-~        There   are 30 in all to be or bear.     If you cannot do this, stay  at home.���������������������������Slocan Record.    Ill      ��������������������������� ������������������-���������������������������-     I ���������������������������w.i*i,������������������. ������������������.AVO<4>I,4>.l_,.. MliVi _--i_.\_4U. \_/4   W.VJO  It is proposed   to give a Board of new   en������������������ine   to    drive the mill  man, of the B. C.    rlor-se, were pres-  w������������������       w^.^       "t-jo. IT -Ulicoutljr     evening,   i .  --....._.   o   nave   _u     unc    \JliKHl    1J<JII������������������C       ������������������_l������������������    ^.l>_n     uv.l     LO     ., , rn.  Sept. 25th has been .suggested as the'be hlt with a brick to awaken to the the boys for drill, and along the ,bcouts', fhere are 30 in a11 to be  probable date. Watch for date and'fact that Moffet's Best is in demand, j walls and in the balconies were seats !-Provule(1 for* A subscription paper  fuller particulars. I    D       ~- "  for spectators.     These wo.c all filled. i1S in cimilation' all(1 the amount re-  probable  fuller particulars.  The service next Sunday morning in  the Methodist church will be attended  by the Boy Scouts. The pastor will  address the Scouts on the subject of  "Jacob's Ladder." In tbe evening  the theme will be "Jacob at Peniel."  quired will be asked of any feeling in-  i'e.  a...     .. ,_ m*-"-  awKViLULuis.       i ut:������������������t_   in-.u mi  mien, i          Sweet cider, 40c per irabon* cookinp-   m, ��������������������������� ,      , ���������������������������   ,    ���������������������������,        , ,   quired will b  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������i^���������������������������   ���������������������������,, -    u"' ^-ooh-ing | The band    occupied    thc    stage,  and , ,  apples, l^c    per   pound.        Geo    R  ',���������������������������       *., ���������������������������        ��������������������������� l ���������������������������    _ , clined to giv  t o,.,���������������������������o   t-i   i    l      yullu-        ueo-   ������������������.   from this point gave <iii excellent pro-* '  Lawes, Enderby Heights i   *        ,   t 7.4.^0.        '  " :���������������������������  ���������������������������"/-. -7       -��������������������������� igram before and after-tLe-Scout ex-  STRAYED-To my olaco,' one Jersey  FOR RENT-Purnished,house, 5 room   ercise8'"     ��������������������������� .- '-ri.         . |heifer-calf; no marks.    .Vill be sold if  Call and see our new Fall Suits. J. jnot claimed    within 30 days.     P. R.  'W*. Evans & Son. jprosser,  Enderby, Sept. 19, 1912.  on Knight street.   Apply, R. Blackburn, PJnderby,  FOR SALE-15 vol. Historical Tales,  bound ������������������ Moroco; also embroidered  screen; also one bird ''eg and 22-c  rifle. I am leaving'.Er.derby and  will accept cleaning and pressing  orders only up to Sept. 27th. Mrs.  M. E. Bouch. THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, September 19, 1912  EVERYTHING  FOR THE  SHAVER  (  We do not know anything  a shaver could ask for that  -vwe haven't got. Safety  'and other razors���������������������������stick,  cake, and tube soaps-  Face Creams and Face  Washes���������������������������Strops and Hone  Stones���������������������������Shaving Mirrors  & Mugs���������������������������Shaving Brushes  ���������������������������in short, everything for  the shaver.  ENDERBY PRESS  Published every  Thursday at  Ender.by, B.C. at  $2 per year, by the Walker Press. .  Advertising Kates: Transient. 50c an inch first  insertion, 25c each subsequent insertion. Contract advertising. $1 an inoh per month.  LcKtil Notices: 12, a line first insertion; Sc a line  each subsequent insertion.  Rending Nakiccs and Locals: 15c a Un*.  furnish many difficulties when the  country has been further developed.  The trust system has gripped Canada  to an alarming extent, wliich eliminates the state, and labor is very much  disorganized. Politically, Canada is  ifar behind its material dc cJopment."  SEPTEMBER 19,  1912  ST.  MARK'S  UAhh  A. REEVES  Druggist & Stationer ',  Cliir St. Enderby  SECRET SOCIETIES  " equipping a  A.F.&A.M.vtedmen  Last week, Rev. C.  A. St-ager, principal of St. Mark's Hall, Vancouver,  jwas in Enderby in the interest of the  ���������������������������institution with    which l.e is connected.      Mr.  Seager   is making a tour  ;of the Province"with che object.of interesting the members cf all Anglican  churches  and  the public generally in  St.* Mark's Hall.  i  St. Mark's Hall is a training school  and  residence    for    men looking forward to the priesthood of the Church  of England.     Temporary quarters are  now occupied in the '.ity - of Vancouver, but in due time college buildings  of which St. Mark's will be one, will  be erected  on the University site at  Point   Grey.       The    objects   of    St.  Mark's are too well kn ;wn to be repeated here.     In a word, it. aims at  body    of virile and de-  'meet   for the Master's  use" anywhere they may go, but es-  40 ipecially in   the    large    future life of  POWER AND LTGyT PATES  A difficulty with Alariraro Bros,  over their power -bill, which was ventilated in. the Council chtmbcr last  night, says the Fernie Free Press,  arose from the fact "hat our power  and light rates are so arranged that  it. may easily be the case that the  bill for one consumption of power is  less than ' the bill for a greater  amount of .'Jjuice." Marinaros used  about 1,175 kilowatts -jne ncnth. The  rate on this amount is 5 cents.. On'  1,200 kilowatts the rar,e is 3������������������ cents;  the bill for 1,175 kilos i.s $58.75; the  bill for 1,200 kilos is ?42.00. Jt  scarcely looks right.  Bank of Montreal  "     '' Established   1817  CAPITAL   all   paid   up,    $15,413,000;   REST, ?15,000,.M.S9  Hon. President, Rt: Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal G. C. M-. O.  President, R. B: Angus, Esq.   Vice-President, Sir Edward Clouston, Bart.  General Manager, H.V.Meredith  BRANCHES IN LONDON, ENG., NE W  YORK and CHICAGO.  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT  Deposits received from $1 upwards, and interest alLowcd at current rates.  Interest credited   JOth June and 31st December.  ENDERBY BRANCH". A.  E. Taylor, Manager  CANADA LEADS  Enderby   L-)d>re     No  .iexjlar     meetings     firtt ��������������������������� ,, . -,-. i l     .  Thursday o*ior after the this   great   Province   v.rere most of  full moon atSp. m. inOda- Lupm u.jii nrnhnhlv = i>ind their  fellows Hall. VinitJh. I T'nem v,ul' PrOna'-������������������'>, -P< na tneii  brethren cordially invit������������������T   lives  in   the work.  A. SUTCUFFE  W. M.  F. H. BARNES  Secretary  I. 0.0. F.  M w  S/   Eureka Lodge, No. SO  Meets every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, in I. O,.  O. F. hall, Metcalf block.    Visiting brothers always    welcome. WM. DUNCAN. N. G.  GEO. BELLAMY, V. G.  R. E.WHEELER, Sw'y,  J. li. GAYLOHD. Treas.  St. Mark's, as indeed tl e whole college, depends for support upon the  gifts of interested people. The sum  of $11,000 is already 'n band as the  nucleus, of a permanent building fund.  According to the report made by  Sir Robert Baden Powell, the founder  of the Boy Scout movement, the Boy  Scouts have gained a better hold in  Canada than anywhere else. This report was made after Sir Robert returned from a tour of inspection  round the world. The statement  means much for Canada, as all must  admit'who have noted tbe excellent  effect of the Boy Scout training on  the character of the boys.  THE  "GET ACQUAINTED"  SPIRIT  ENDERBY   LODGE  -    ��������������������������� ,      No. 35, K. of P.    .  Meets every Monday evening ' acquaint  our  people  Dr. E. S. RDwe, commissioner of  the Vancouver Progress Club, who  visited Enderby    some   v,ceks ago to  with the objects  SNOW IN MANCTDBA'  in K. of P. Hall.    Visitors cordially invited to attend..' ..  . G.G.CAMPBELL, C.C.  C. E.STRICKLAND. K:R.S.  T. E. RODIE..M.F. -;  "Hall suitable fa C.ncerts, Dances and all public  entertainments. - For rates, etc., address,,  T-. E. RODIE.' End������������������rby  0 ��������������������������� ���������������������������������������������~aa^���������������������������*^^m^^^^���������������������������m^amaaam~ma*mamm���������������������������^*mm*m,ammmammmmmmawm,  '���������������������������'   ��������������������������� j  PROFESSIONAL^X'.'" '  b W. CHAPMAN jj"""  ���������������������������       [O'rganiit at St. George's Churih]-.*. '  Visits or receives pupils for I'iano, Organ",'Violin,  Sinf ing and Theory of Music, Etc.. .'  w  Addres������������������, P. O. Box E-i, Enderby.  ALTER ROBINSON  NOTARY   PUBLIC      **  CONVEYANCER  Agreements of Sale.   Deeds & Mortgage.*.  Document. Witnessed.. Loans Negotiated  OiTice: Poison & Robinson,  next  door Fulton's  west, Enderby, B. C.  ���������������������������CINDERBY   COTTAGE  HOSPITAL  MISS WARWICK, Proprietress  Maternity Fee.". .-J20 per week  Foes covering ordinary illness. ?2.50per dav.  ENDERB Y. Ii. C. .  "ft  =fc=WI-bHA=M*S-  and aims of that Club, recently interviewed Premier McBride with the object "of inducing   the   f.rvernment to  place  an    exhibit    in    the   proposed  Chamber of   Commerce    t.*> be established by the Club'.  '���������������������������"I found. Sir   Richard   much interested  in  our  work,"  said Mr.' Rowe  to a representative of ihe Vancouver  Trovince.     "I showed him a plan of  our permanent exhibit and the position of the various exhibits.     He told  | mc that he would take tne matter up  ; with the executive council when they  'reassembled and would urge them to  :'establish an exhibit in our quarters,  as he considered that jt would -be an  excellent  chance  not  o^uy  for strangers to    get   acquainted with the resources    and    possibilities  of British  Columbia,  but    would also give British Columbia a chance to get better  acquainted with the progress and opportunities of   all    parts of the Pro- '  vince.     This is, of course, cne of the \  chief objects    of   this club���������������������������to foster!  the !get_acauaiDted^_v_JJLh=y.oui_-,Ero-  Weather canditions'in Manitoba and  the Northwest are most unfavorable for the harvesting of the crops.  Reports from Manitoba inc'itate that  5 per cent, of the wheat flop is lost.  Snow and heavy rains are general  over Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan. Frosts are i. no**ted from  most points in0 the .'-"orthwest. At  Arborg, Man., three im-nes of snow  is reported, with; ther,l eautiful: still  falling.   - ,   -  Victor Gramophones and Victrolas  Disc Records  Perforated Music Rolls, from 15c up  For all Player Pianos  Always in stock-  Leave 3'our order with us.jf or Eclison; or Disc Records, if we haven't  :what you want in stock, i -. -See and hear the Gourlay-Angelus  Piano.  J. E. CRANE,  Agt nt also for Church and Parlor Organ ���������������������������  Also Fire and Life Insurance  Oflice in brick block opp. Thc Walker Press.  Enderby Agent  Finest in the Country  "Enderby is a charming villiage with city airs.  When Paddy Murphy shook the snow of Sandon  off his feet ne came here, and now owns one of  finest brick hotels in tne country. Although  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan, he calls his ���������������������������  hotel the King Edward. In addition to the ex- "  cellence of the meals, breakfast is served up to 10  o'clock,, which is an added attraction for tourists."  -    (Extract from Lowery's Ledge.) *i  King Edward Hotel, ������������������opS  MURPHY  Proprietor^  Enderby  LOW RATES TO TOAST  Unusually low- fates are being offered by "th'e Canadian Pacific to the  exhibitions at Victoria and New Westminster. For . the Victoria exhibition tickets"may be purchased from  Sept. 21st to 26th, good to return  till October lst; for New Westminster  tickets will be sold Sept. 28th to  Oct. 3rd, good to return i-util Oct.8.  JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN DYING  Dominion and  Provincial Land Surveyor  Bell Block       Enderby, B.C.  D  R. H. W. KEITH,  vince'   spirit."  ONE WAY OF GETTING EVEN  Smashing Lloyd-George 's the new*  After years of almost complete paralysis, Joseph Chamberlain, whose  mind has remained alert until, now,  is sinking fast, and the cad may come  any day. During the last five weeks,  a London despatch says," he has  ceased to take any interest in political events, lying in bed n entally and  physically_helpless.  BEST COUNTRY IN TITE WORLD  "-���������������������������'���������������������������������������������������������������������������������-*::<   ENDERB Y. .-���������������������������;*:���������������������������  ,-.'���������������������������  No Irrigation Required  These lands are -situated on the benches near Enderby and are especially suited for Fruit and Vegetables, and, having been in crop, are in splendid condition for plant-.Bg!' *  . An experienced fruit; grower is in charge and .will give instruction to  purchasers free of charge, "or orchar. will be planted and cared for at a  moderate charge.    -..,    '-- ,u.���������������������������  ,;,-,' .'"''-.,'  160 acres, sub-divided into 20-acre lots ..r now^on the market at -J?175  per acre. **������������������������������������������������������     ���������������������������   ' ���������������������������.-'/���������������������������'���������������������������'���������������������������> .'*.-- '- '      ' ...  Get in on the first block and make money on the advance.  Apply to���������������������������    GEORGE PACKHAM,  :' "   '     Deer Park" Land Office, Enderby.  Get Ready for Winter  In  closing   a    short    letter to  the  Press from Hereford, Eng.,  Capt. E.  1 H. Edwards,    who left Mara in  July  Office hours:  Forenoon,  fl to 10:M  Afu-rnoon. 3 to 4  Evening, (!:.')() to 7:30  Sundny, by appointment  " l i liie*-: "Cor." Cliff "nnd" (j cor jr.-.S't e. K N DEB BY  POLITICAL  T  am getting on splendidly and hope in  another 12 months or so to return to  the best conntry-in-the v orld." ��������������������������� -  TPNDERBY  and popular game in England.     It is   ������������������  ciA   f-.  -.,���������������������������   ���������������������������~r.r    r. ., i ��������������������������� 4.v,  i     i '< to seek medical treatment, writes  baid  to  bc  most   popular with  land   ___   _ 1A._ , _J.,1 ,  owners and    insurance stamp lickers,  who are crowding over fa-"h other for  rt-chance to take "a" hand.   "The" game  consists of    china    plates,  bearing a  likeness of Lloyd-George, which can be  smashed at a   fee    of .1 penny each.  CONSERVATIVE.The ,h'st   liil>'  tlK're   we'"e  only 300  -^ ASSOCIATION  ���������������������������J. L. RUTTAN,       A. F. CROSSMAN  President. Secretary.  BLANCHARD & ENGLISH  Kndrrljy. B. C.  Contractors & Builders  I-'int-rlas." Cabinet Work  nnd   Picture Framing.  Undertaking Parlon- in connection.  Next to City  Hall.  B. BRUNDISH  Enderby, B. C.  I have purchased  the old Parm-  plutes, and artists were summoned to  supply the hungry cails for more.  Class distinction vanished in tbe line  of impatient smashers awaiting thoir  turn. One farmer spent IJ300 to vent  hi.s satisfaction, but this splendid  record went down later in the day before n London landlord. Later an  elderly clergyman purchased a handful of balls with an air of determination and broke eleven piates before  tearing himself away.  A delicious peach ph is made by  baking the under-crust before filling,  and it i.s thon filled with fresh sliced  peaches, sweetened and covered with  whipped cream.  and do your repairing with some of those Cheap, Boards at  $3.00 per Thousand feet   No.2 Dimensions $12.00 per thousand;  Flooring, Ceiling and Drop Siding, $10 and up.  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. End.rby  PREACHING   CAUTION  While wc do not anticipate any serious setback in the near future, there  are reasons, nevertheless, for preaching caution, says the Loudon Daily  News, commenting on the Canadian  revenue returns. *  i    "Speculation    in land,'' the article  concludes,   "has reached a dangerous  Estimates furnished on all kindi P������������������int- and in the mklst i>f this rush  of Cement, Brick  and   Plaster,of Prosperity it is well to remember  Work. It,ie grave evils developing which will  ers' Exchange building, on the  railway, and am placing in  stock a full line of  Bricks, Lime, Hard Wall  Plaster and Cement  Latest improved non-fragile Tungsten Lamps in all sizes for sale by  II. G. Mann, electrical contractor.  <$**-$x^>^*<"'H*-"s>^ <  E. J. Mack  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  ENDERBY, B. C.  Good Rigs;   Careful Drivers; Dray ing of all kinds.  Comfortable and Commodious Stabling for teams.     -  Auto for Hire  Prompt attention to all customers  Land-seekers  and Tourists in  vited to give us a trial.  * $-M4yH^4������������������������������������4QQ4&$&$������������������&Q44'  Maundrell & Robinson  LICENSED  AUCTIONEERS  Provincial and City License  Let us put money in your pocket by selling that  . which you do not want  Walter Robinson  Clerk  A. E. Maundrell  Auctioneer  No Shooting   |  NOTICE is hereby giun that no  shooting will be allowed on the property of the Stepney Farm during the  season of 1912-13.  THOS.   SK.YRME,  Manager,  R/ChadMcl;  :registered:plumber^  (certificate.) . Painter and Decorator,  Box 74, Enderby.  F  *  i  4  ���������������������������A  -<] Thursday, .September 19, 1912  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Wood Furnace  McClary's Magnet Wood Furnace has a fire-box with corrugated sides-r���������������������������not straight like-the fire-box   in   ordinary  wood  furnaces.    The   Magnet    corrugated   fire-box,   if  stretched1 out straight, would be one-third longer.    You  can   readily   see   the   advantage of this McClary feature  ���������������������������it    nearly    doubles  .the heating power and  gives you the best results,     The   Magnet  fire-box   is   b e t t,e r;  stronger, heavier than  ��������������������������� you'll   find  in. other  "wood.furnaces, and it  is in only two pieces,  held   together    with  McClary Oil Cement  at   the Joint    (cup-  shaped): so no fumes,  smoke    or    gas   can-  escape.   The McClary  agent in the nearest  town  will  show you-  all of the good points :  of the Magnet. Write  to   the" nearest   McClary **��������������������������� branch   for  booklet. No charge.  London, Toronto, Montreal,, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, Hamilton,,Calgary.  SOLE AGENTS' FOR MIDEMY<;"  tender being but   a  that of T. E. Crowell,  Limited;  Enderby, Bf^"?  .We'carry everything for the Sportsman, the Builder, the Home  Maker, the Farmer, that can be purchased. In, an up-to-date Hard-  . ware,^implement* and - Crockery S,tore.|.|{ Plumbing;arid Heating  _���������������������������  System's installed. - Call or write forprie'es. ������������������7'" "L- -_  The Board of School 7,ustees this  week let the contract ior tht erection  of the new- school. _ Tbe "successful  tenderer was Mayor 5\ 1.. Ri'ttan, his  little lower than.  Vernon. His  price for' the' school on the Sharpe  site is $50,000.  The school board * r'uichase'd the  Carefoot' home corner, extending  from Salmon Arm Roa'd'to'Sicamous  street, and" embracing app: cximately-  one acre. With this tho/'purchased  twoacres from Geo. P,.. ."1i _rpe. This  gives'a school' site of unexcelled position, with a" 66-foot street on three  sides, now'open, " and another street  |    As soon as the contract was let and  the plans for the" work laid out, Mr.  Ruttan left   by   auto for Kamloops,  where    he   'has'" purchased an engine  land1 concrete mixer to push:this.part  of the work'by'tlie    latest improved  method.      He   will    proceed to Fort  Fraser, where he has .other interests,  [to^close 'up his   season's work there.  Mr. Blanchard has been left in charge  of the work here in Mr. Ruttan's absence.   - The : basement and walls will  -be-proceeded with as far as it is safe  to push them before winter sets" in."   .;  The cost of the school rito selected5  by the school   board   is ?4,200. '"It"is.  about $1,000   more   than  the 3:acres  originally    selected ' on   the"   Sharpe  WATER NOTICE  For. Licence to.Take and Use.  NOTICE is hereby given that J. J.  Steele, of--Vancouver, B. C, will apply for a licence to take and use 500  miner's inches of water out of Spallumcheen or Shuswap River, which  flows-in" a northerly direction through  Dominion Lands, and empties into  MaTa Lake, near Mara.  The water will be diverted at 200  yards-from King Fisher creek, and  will be used for industrial purposes  on. the land described as-*vacant Dominion lands.. . ���������������������������. ���������������������������  :'-This notice was posted on the 17th  day,of August, 1912. The applica-  tio&^'wilL be filed in the Office of the  -Water Recorder at "Victoria, B.C.  Objections may be filed with the  said.-Water Recorder" or1-with the  Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C." ���������������������������'  ...J . " J.-J. STEELE (Applicant)  ' '   By ALEXANDER REID (Agt.)  WATER NOTICE  of similar proportions whpn the prop- 'property ' would have .come'to, but  erty to the' north is plotted. The-the advantage" of ���������������������������'���������������������������hav'ng" the corner  school building is to be built in the. in connection with the school proper-  centre of J.this site, and -the grounds  appropriately laid out to make them  of unsurpassed beauty and conven-  ience as school grounds. '���������������������������_,..     ,  The sub-contract . for , the excavating has been let' to,, E. (J. Mack,,and  this work is to ;be started Thursday  morning.    ..��������������������������� -       -    '  '  '   / . ��������������������������� .  ty cannot" be ���������������������������'���������������������������questioned,' and*must  meet with the" approval of' everyone.  In addition "to the .contract price,  and the cost of' the "site, there is the  matter'of* school furnish5figs'/ ground  improvements, " etc., which will have  to -be met out"-of the"$53,000 "voted  "and 'appropriated for the' purpose. '  For Licence to  NOTICE   is  James   Hozier-**  Hupel," British  Take_ and Use Water.  hereby     given     that  Gardiner    Baird. -of  Columbia,  will apply  for J a," licence- to take and use-three  hundred inches of water out  of an unnamed creek,-which.flows in  a southerly direction through Government land and my blocks, and empties into.a cedar swamp near Hupel. '  The water will be divertedfat a point  one mile .from.Hupel, and, will' be used  for domestic and irrigation .purposes  "oh* the- land described s-is "N. -E.* quar-  teivlsection;* 7, ^Tp. 19,fRange;6, and  '.S.^.B. .quarter..;of ' sectionals," in the  said township.  "-^Tbis 'notice   was   posted'on - the  ground'.on   the   19th day-of August,  .1912., The application..-.vill-be .filed' in  t^eOoffl'ce/of   the^Water Recofder'4at  Kamloops, B.C. y .,,,,*.-*-"-*"-������������������������������������������������������"..-.-  .;>  ^Objections;   m'ayV be',. Sled -.with ."the  Csai<iv*'-Water.- .Recorder- - or-, with'- the  Comptroller^ of Water Rights^' Parliament-Buildings,-"^ Victoria, B.C.  ^^-f^JAMBS H..G. BAIRD,  '""   "    " '     ' Applicant.  , <&&*:������������������������������������������������������  . :_** c_r-  Real Estate, Insurance, Etc'.  Post Office Block, Enderby  >-A':���������������������������"'--:;���������������������������?' /*.-<''-'  A large listing River Froht-Earids'iri smalr&creage*���������������������������close to town.  , v. ;' On monthly payment system.- * ��������������������������� f"j^ ^; 't'X������������������"r\ 7* 'X ������������������������������������������������������'���������������������������  20 acres Bench Lands, excellent for fruit; Pjrl.ce^Vii,500.;������������������r-?;r.<,., ���������������������������'���������������������������  14 acres Friiit and Hay Land, with building? for $lj250; oh.terms.  .-,-.:-  ������������������������������������������������������   -..     ,     yy.': .���������������������������;,-,.-.-.:  w ,y^.,~y ;���������������������������  -i .-���������������������������-_> ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������"-; -  I have the largest listing of fruit an.d,farminglahds to be  had in the Northern Okanagan. ' Intending buyers wbuldtdowell  to call and see my listing before securing'elsewhere/-; '-���������������������������"; ;.: "V  0OJNTTHAVE  Dangerous, unreliable, expensive" Gasoline    or   Ascetylene    Lamps in your  home. r,.  49Hr=Patr=  Odorless, noiseless, clean, steady, safe.     Combining    elegence   of    design  with the most up-to-date powerful white light���������������������������60^ to   80 c. p.   More brilliant than* electricity, yet easy-on the .eyes.;.   .   J  "',; ,-  ��������������������������� '  '   This triumph of" modern science is  built on'the Arysand j iinciple, using  the Bunsen flame and *".he modern incandescent mantle.  The Aladdin Lamp burns common coal oil with .great, economy;-using  only one-third as much as the old-fashionedclamps;.'- '"It'yet produces from  three to ten times more light'of superior Quality. ''-" '���������������������������' *   " "  SOLD ON TRIAL���������������������������Absolute satisfaction    guaranteed.       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'      ,-���������������������������-, y _ ._  ., ;���������������������������7/: ~  ;.BOARD.-OF:TRADE -MEETING   -   would;also'.give"a short''ipa'd to,B_je  "���������������������������-: " .:'���������������������������'-/������������������������������������������������������*'.   derb'y'ffom'Deep Creek.. .'���������������������������" -     ,'.-;*  The regular 'meeting'of Jthe Board .'"ft was moved, by' Mr. Fulton /and  was held'in the City '4a.il fast Friday, carried that the secret-try con?muni-  evening. President. Ruttan. was in c,ate with .the Dominion J jinds Depart-;  the chair and the'attendance fair. . "jment and endeavor-to, learn when-the  ^Mihute's/of Ihef Previous, meeting lands 'in- Question were to be .thrown  were, adopted.' '" '.,".' ...v,' ".',.- , open for settlement.  ,The managing.^ committee}reported  the. Board-,of Trade journal,now in  the hands ,.of the' -printer;.also-progress'in the matter of ;1h������������������ erection  of,a.kiosk at the station.. The committee also reported" having-received  a communication ' from Superintendent Kilpatrick to the .effect that he  had given-instructions that all* trains  COMMITTED ' SUICIDE  Francis Hart - Cres.vill,'son of the  late postmaster ' of Ouolin, Ireland,  and -brother- of* the- chief architect'in  the colonial-office, "London, "committed suicide at Okanagan Landing last  week. He had been working on the  Vernon sidewalk' construction, and  come, to a., stop -at ine -Cliff street, went down to the Empire-ranch,-half  crossing, from the-suith, and the a' mile from, his- home, on the-bench  track cleared by. a train.hand before above Okanagan Landing, "and" where  proceeding.,. The. committee reported he had been shown a gtcatdeal-of  haying entered into a cun tract with kindness, and, no one being about  Heaton's Annual for advertising to but the cook, - selected a six shooter  cost $180. .,-, .'���������������������������        ,     ...   land blew his brains out.     His mind  he being obsessed  idea that   he   had  curable disease.  by ttie unfounded  contracted an in-  SLOCAN MINES MA-ClVG GOOD  This week-thc deep-level adit of the  'Slocan    Star   Mines,    Ltd..  Sandon,  Enderby Hoard to sup-1 crosscut thc ledge at about 2,100 feet  INSURANCE AGENCIES  REAL ESTATE  Fruit  Land Hay Land  ..Town Lots  The Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co.  The Phoenix Insurance Co. of London.  L)n'ion-L-incashire Fire In-iiii-ance Co.  Royal Insurance Co.,of Liverpool (Lifeiiept  The London & Laiciahire a i u-j, il.j  Accident Co., of Canada.  BELL BLOCK,   ENDERBY  Jh_e^matteLoLcontmai'ng_a&sociatcd_-:had  accounting for the full quantity ot  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such  returns should be furnished at least  once a year.       '" r ���������������������������*     J   "  The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may be  permitted to purchase whatever  available surface rights may he considered necessary - for the_ workingji_of_  the.-mine"at the" rate of "$10.00"an" acre  .For ..full- information application  should be made to the Secretary of  the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent  of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY.  , . Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���������������������������Unauthorized    publication    of  this   advertisement   will not be paid  for. . - Sp2  with the Associated Boards o^ Trade  was brought "up, arid 'It was moved  and carried that the Knuerby Board  continue* as' a member of the Associated Board.  A resolution was presented by the  representative . of Heaton's Annual  pledging the  PoiL-thc. movement Jo .'induce, thc .As- ;fLO!1L*__tI1.e_. l-"?!'^1!-. ... .T'JP 'edge is.J.8.  sociated Board to continue the ad- feet in width. Drifting, has been'  vertising carriod in Heat.jn's Annual jcommenced. The .-striking of the  last year. It was moved and carried j ledge at a vertical depth of 1000 feet  that as this was distinctly Assocla-Ms another proof that the ore bodies  ted   Board,   of   Trade    business   we,of the Slocan- do    "go e.rwn."   The  Fred. H. Barnes  ���������������������������'���������������������������'  BUILDER& ^  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  furnished  Dealer in Windows, Doors, Turnings 'and :'all - factory work.  Rubberoid Roofiing, Screen  Doors and Windows. Glass cut  to any size.  We represent S.C.Smith Co,, of  Vernon. Enderby.  ������������������._������������������*-  ��������������������������� <  IF YOU WANT TO OWN  Pocket  Knife  BUY; A CARBO MACNETIC jCNIFE  'J. i ;i  <>*���������������������������  For Sale by  THE ENDERBY TRADING CO  should take no action until requested  to do so by the Associated Boards.  Mr. SutclifTe gave 'notice that he  would at the next .nci-ting of the  Board bring in a motijn to amend  sections 16.and 19 of jthe by-laws  Chas.  Gardner asked .the Board  to  go into the   matter    lo'oLing to the  opening up of "Government lands in  this vicinity, more ,parti ;Uarly those  lands  lying    northwest    of Enderby.  He pointed    but' that-'- there were a,  number   of   locations    Lack   of Glen  Mary,  settlement,    leaiing into Deep.  Creek.   The land is good, and the location all right, but '������������������������������������������������������>r seme reason  this land was withdrawn frcm home-',  steading.some years ago and had not,  been re-opened.      It was Lot covered^  by timber limits as was. much of the  land to the east   ,of Enderby, and he  believed it   would   be Lo the interest  of������������������������������������������������������ Enderby -to   seek to get access to-  the lands   and   settlers upon it .   A;  wagon road   through   1 o Deep Creek  would  give   access    to the land and  next to   come   into   'ine will be the  The  with  Paine  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGULATIONS  :.p !���������������������������-<?��������������������������� I.-*i,-'. -,'-  -      .- -'      z   _������������������������������������������������������ -. :r_ ���������������������������',-���������������������������-,.  :r.Coalmining^rights of .the' Dominion  jq/Jfflanftoba,, Saskatchewan, and Alberta? "> the w ZY ukon -. ^Territory, the  Northwest*- Territories- and-a portion  of the province, ofjjBritishTColumbia,  may be leased for "a 'term ~s>t-' twenty*-'  one\gears' at- an - annual:reiital of |l  an acre. Not "more "than 2,560 acres  will,.be,leased,. to;..onevapplicarit. - ii-.-i  'Application '.for- a lease-must be  made by the applicant in person" to  the Agent '.or;- sub-Agent of-the district in which rights..appliedTfor-vare  situated.      *-������������������������������������������������������;���������������������������'-.'j���������������������������*.,,*���������������������������,*���������������������������? ; ."'���������������������������'  .-v/**.  In surveyed territory th'e land must  be described.., by sections, or legal  sub-dlvisions'-of - sections! and in un-  surv������������������yed territory r the tract'applied  for shall be staked"out by the applicant-'himself.     -   '   '     *!,',.;.;..*_'.-,.  Each application must be accon������������������- .  panied by a fee "for* $5 which "will be  refunded- if th'e rights applied for are  not available, but not-otherwise. v A  royalty shall be paid on the mer:  chantable output' of the .mine at the  rate'of "five, e'ents per ton'.'  The person operating the mine shall  and  mines* that  depth are the  Rambler-Cariboo,  prise and Star,-  others, that have  thc   Idaho-Alamo,  ���������������������������have - been  p'cved  Van-������������������.*)i,   Standard,  LucKy    Jim,   Sur-  with   a number of  reached a depth of  400 and 500 feet*.-���������������������������Slocan Record.  GLEN MARY NOTES  Mr. Gorham, of 3mith & Gorham  Nurseries, Hullcar, made a business  trip through here last week. Mr.  Gorham has made a life f.tudy of the  fruit business, and pronounces Glen  Mary one of the natural fruit gardens of the Northern (��������������������������� 'i: tgan.  J. A. Mohr is busy building and  cleaning up space for i cxt year's  crop.  Geo. Bucknell returned last week to  make improvements on the farm.  Mr. Bunman, who bought the property formerly held by C.������������������ as. Skeeles,  intends making room fur increasing  his orchard.  If you  haveland  to sell  List it with- me.  If  you  want' to  .;:;. ���������������������������" *   buy land, see me.  My n������������������w-'; booklet' dmcriptive of the Mai-a District is now out.   GET   ONE,  '_.-)  Chas. W. Little  Eldernell Orchard,Mara, B.C.  V   "���������������������������*    ,!��������������������������� THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, September 19, 1912  CITY OF ENDERBY,   JUNE,   1911  ENDERBY AND DISTRICT  Written by MR. W. G. BOYNTON, a Traveller-of Wide Experience, who  has Pen-pictured Peoples and Conditions in all Points of British Possessions  "It is when one considers the  amount of good available land to be  had in this district that the claims  of Enderby become assertive. Although comparatively an old farming centre, it nevertheless remains  supremely new in its capacity of constructive development. Unlike so  many regions of high value, it is  close to the mainline of the C.P.R.,  being within but an hour's journey !  of that transcontinental artery of  commerce. The short journey to  Sicamous also unfolds the nature of  the lands adjacent, and reveals their  many advantages.  "Enderby is the natural meeting  point and terminal of a series of valleys, radiating from this attractive  focus, in all the output of their varied products.  "The branches and tributaries of  Shuswap river, together with the  continuous valleys of the Okanagan  lake system, here find .their, .united,  outlet and distributing centre, which  must eventually become of important  magnitude. For both from the south,  . northwest and east, converge the" valleys and their land systems towards  Enderbyf - Supplied by the-"produce  of these three valleys, and the hand-'  " ling ;of. their products, this, place  should assume ."a significance'-'h'ftrdly  to be.credited at present../-- " ���������������������������'���������������������������'*-_���������������������������  "The    lands    available   througlfgut  these  extensive   and   uncultivated' regions are  both    numerous and  valuable.     The    farms already  occupied;  and  their high and distinctive devel-'  opment,- have proved thc capabilities  of  the soil,    and   the  favored  conditions   of    thc    climate.    Mountains,  timber-covered,    that    distantly surround the town, progressively descend  into the    foothills   and    bench lands  tbat more    immediately embrace the  wide and fertile    valleys amid which  Enderby is situated.     Thus, from its  unchallenged    situation,    it  contains  all classes of lands within its sphere.  Nor are these lands-all- occupied.- On  every side the traveller may see, behind and -between  the many prosperous     farmsteads,      the      untenanted  spaces   stretching    far back into,<the  foothills, and    extending even-to-'the  farthest mountain   skyline.      Such a  well-favored country can,  besides.'Jbe  scarcely elsewhere encountered.  "Among  these    systems  of unoccu-  =\iiea���������������������������  ments of irrigating specialists. In  addition, as before remarked, the  snowfall is plentiful and the rainfall  regular. Thus is attained a degree of  agricultural capacity ��������������������������� unrivalled  among the many valued lands of the  interior of this great Province, since  thorough soil saturation is secured.  "Although both in mountain and  valley the forest lands are very hard  to clear, yet these offer peculiar advantages of soil when once under  cultivation.       Naturally   thc     same  their means. The winds of many  another good country make it intolerable during the harvesting season,  and dry up the soil to a driving and  these branches    it offers notable ad- ,- grow strongly in Enderby, and have,  vantages to those understanding'the  value of persistent 'abor and are  content with regular and fair returns  smothering    dust.    All this  is quite j In dairying,  however; it would seem  absent from the   climatic conditions j that the nature    of the country and  of Enderby. I its climate would present even fuller  "It    would   therefore   appear that j benefits  than  those reaped from the  we learn, secured marvellous returns,  lt is in the nature of tilings that the  clearing for such root crops must bc  costly,   but    the    results and profits .  are    correspondingly   high. Grain  growing    is   well fitted for this rich  alluvial    soil,    and   nere the market ���������������������������  here a**e  found   all   the essentials to i other lines.  constitute a farming home land con- market produce, crops cannot be  genial to those requiring comfort equalled; while the notoriety of its  with success in life.     Such is indeed    potatoes  vies  with  that   of Ashcrolt  In growing root and ; prices and    returns   are all that can  the case,  and    nowhere can a better  ----- -    * '-yy'y>zzr//i-Z: "'"r'/z-j-V' - ���������������������������  .. '    -  ! -   -   *.    ..-"^-.yP. -.*_'.������������������-i-{_'--'- l ''--^-i"'^--* r-r.   - - 1.  itself,  "Yet it is perhaps in its fruit raising capacity that it will attract  more attention in the immediate future. The advantage of being able  to produce its crops without irrigating them must ever give it a paramount place among the fruit-growing.  be wanted.  "In its apple growing Enderby may  be said to stand supreme. Here is a  line which no competitors can beat,  in the firmness and general quality  of the fruit, and is one which-is ever  increasingly productive. Tlie apple,  as all know, needs a cool and vigorous climate, with natural moisture in  a hillside air. Here all combine to  make the apples of  Enderby a temp-  Mabel Lake, n C:imi;erH' Resort of rare Scenic Beauty, ne.ir Enderhy  ,  spaces^are^man-y^areas=of=unr-i  vailed beauty and of thc highest .pro- j  ductivity. Here is not a land de-'  pending upon the chances of seasons  and the results of irrigation, but one '  that contains a wide river system  and receives a generous rain and deep i  snowfall each year. If there is one'!  thing more marked than another;  about the Enderby and North Okana- '  gan valley system, it is the extensive !  nnd regular amount of snow waters,  "that" permeate " tlfesc" "lands." Nor  drought here is feared, nor had. '  "This may well be appreciated by a '  Ltlnnec at the Shuswap river as it ���������������������������  careers grandly on its way beside the  town. For here is a stream of size *  and power, with a deep current and ,  abundant waters, running steadily on '  its winding course among the moun-1  tains. This with its tributaries, j  thus forms a riverside region that '  cannot well bc over estimated in .  worth. in the ample areas beside  its banks sterling results arc had ,  from all root crops and garden pro- '  duce. The sufficiency of such a \  stream i.s plainly manifest and must!  carry with it more conviction to the j  hesitating rancher than all the argu-  lands that produce vegetation so profuse when wild, will on being brought  into use become correspondingly prolific.  "The timber-covered areas around  Enderby arc certainly very numerous,  yet all these will in time be under  cultivation. The   mountain    lands  often produce the finest fruits, and  these are extensive in the ranges surrounding this district. But, thou'gh  the forest bottom lands may be the  hardest to clear, yet off small spaces  of such lands the most wonderful results are gained. These may eventually prove thc best investment, and  such are on all ands to be found in  the vicinity of the valleys surrounding .-.-Enderby.= ----However, should an  easier initial developmenfbe'rtesired,  the benches of this district afford  ample areas for occupation and successful settlement. Here, amid out-  "im*^sc^f^h"'n=iTiu5t^perfuct^bea;ut-y7="are=:  terraced hills and ranges, running far  back into the heights, presenting the  ideal lands for fruit fanning. Doubtless these less-timbered foothills will  become more than ever sought in the  district surrounding Enderby. It is  notorious that such bench lands become especially suited for fruit, and  give thc finest returns in the layer  varieties. Thus apples, pears and  plums may be grown to the highest  advantage..  "Yet, with regard to the seasons,  even more encouraging appear to be  the products. The year does not  here linger through a six-months winter. The colder months are late in  enuring, and pass away at an early  datr*; thus ensuring an acceptable season of development. Winter, indeed,  arrives but late, and it brings with  it such an abundant snowfall as to  protect the ground from frost. Thus  seeds, roots ancl plants remaining in  the ground are protected until spring.  Another favorable feature is found in  this fact, that the entire absence of  strong and prevailing winds prevents  the annoyance of home life and cultivation  so often    jeopardized  through  certainty 'be had that the settlers,  once come, will determine to remain  and prosper. At present, such an  attractive and suitable country becomes doubly desirable to those anxious to leave conditions ever growing more irksome^in England, and to  establish in a newer land connections  which* will never cause regret, nor  the discontent that loss occasions  through fluctuations or failure of the  seasons.  "As this is the first town to be  met with in the Okanagan Valley,  it should also claim to receive the  foremost consideration, and secure  for itself the. first impression of all  visitors to this country. Being immeasurably nearer to the main line  than others of* its class, it has thus  an asset-that, .-ensures it the very  first regard as" a/farming centre, and  ���������������������������also_as_a commercial... manufacturing.  and distributing point.  "As   to    its    farming capabilities,  these   have    for     many   years   been  districts of the west. As before in- * tation' in themselves. . Its winter ap-  dicated, its riverside lands, its rain-!pies are well known as the apple  fall, its snowfall, and its equable at-j "that stands up best," and once eat-  mosphere, all contribute to create at \ en are never to be forgotten for  Enderby a centre for fruit culture ; aroma, (lavor, juice and general ex-  nowhere to be surpassed. This may , cellencc. The storing of these fruits,  and must become known before long, jthe last picked in the fall, deserves  and then will its figures loom, beyond ; special care, and by placing them in  expectancy. But,    although    fruit j trays,  with proper spaces, they may  farming may  be   more attractive to!be   preserved   throughout    the year,  those arriving here'arid.making homes'and, kept in this way, are' ready .at '-  it has often' been "found;-among.such  any time "to beput:on themark-.t at -  bottom lands as   these,, that market   a time when the price is highest.'*  "That Enderby is already ahuad as '?  an industrial    centre is well known.-  The flour mills and mmber mi:is are  among   the   best equipped-in the in-,  terior.       As   a   manufacturing    and  commercial centre it will in tinre.de-  vclope."     The    river   power,   though  not   significant,    nevertheless  exists,  and wherever water may be had" some ���������������������������  industry   will    follow.     As a centre  for distribution,  Enderby ranks high, .  having several valleys to feed it, and  a vast territory of lands behind them  that can   only be   approached by its  means.  "The foreknowledge of its importr  ancc has evidently .'cd it to erect  several fine buildings and hotels, and  to make of its roadway and sidewalk  system a complete and substantial  work. Laid off as it is into blocks,  with avenues and streets, it already -  assumes the city aspect of the future.  "In conclusion', many things will  tend towards the making of- Enderby  into a substantial city:- By its permanent water system, and promin-  gardening and'the growing of roots be- ent position at the head of several  comes=the=most^profitabie=oUan-.-^In4-v-alleys,=^by.^  Australia, roots ;always take' the'climate and congenial .seasons, by its  place of fruits as the stepping stone proximity to the great main railroad  to successful. enterprise in farming, j and by its situation as the 'head outlet of the Okanagan lands and lake,  it becomes a place of paramount business opportunity and progressive interest. '  "For these reasons, backed by the  facts that it has the capacity in its  lands to combine the three branches  of mixed, dairy and fruit farming,  and-in-all of- these to-produce-thc- ---  best results in an ever increasing  manner, Enderby promises to make  one of the places so dearly wanted,  now that the world and its wife is  seeking some solid opportunity to  place its money on a really good investment.         "W.   G.  BOYNTON."  A Deer Park Drive  Home oi* Mr. and Mrf". A. h. Fortune, Pioneers of tlie District  known and abundantly proved. The  nature of its farming powers may be  classed "under" three heads: mixed,'  dairy    and    fruit    farming.      In   all  There, when the farmers cannot give  away their grapes and peaches, they  can always ensure good returns from  potatoes    and -onions.       These both  The above article was writen by Mr.  Boynlon after a careful investigation  of conditions as he found them. Hc  gives information that is usually  overlooked. This makes his article  of more than passing interest:  Anyone desiring further information  on any point raised by him will always  find the Enderby Board of Trade pleased  to give it.   A letter will bring it. **  Applications   received for  Loans'on improved Farming  and City property.  Apply-to���������������������������  G. A. HANKEY & CO., Ltd.        VERNON, B.C.  Send in your subscription to the Press  J. S. JOHNSTONE  Cement Building  Contractor  Fresh Meats  If you want prime fresh meats, w  have them.     Our cattle are grain-fed  and selected by our own buyers from  the richest feeding grounds in Al'ber  Is prepared to furnish straight blocks! ta' and   are   killed   and cut strictl  veneer   blocks, , cement'brick,  lawn     "  vases, peer   blocks,   chimney blocks;     We buy first-h^nd 'or spot cash, so  also lime and cement. can ������������������ive y������������������u the best Price Possible.  Leave orders early. /**     IJ     CUa������������������i*_.  "������������������������������������������������������ "'Enderby, B. 0.      *���������������������������*���������������������������  **������������������������������������������������������ OHa! pe,  Enderby, B. G. :i  4  V  Thursday, September 19, 1912  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  DISCOVERY OF A LOST TRIBE  Ranking next in importance from  an ethnological standpoint to the discovery of the lost tribes of Israel is  the discovery made by i'rof. Vilhjal-  mar Stefanson, of the American Museum of Natural History, of a lost  tribe of 2000 white people, who are  believed to be direct descendants from  the followers of Erickiwn, who came  to Greenland from Iceland about A.  D. 1000, and a   few   years later dis-  VALLEY NEWS  Enderby honey producers report an  abundant crop this-.season.  A freight wreck occurred three miles  i out of Sicamous last Friday, in  J which three   or   four cais of freight  were lost. Two cars of lumber were  I tumbled into   the lake, and a car of  fruit and prbduce'was badly damaged.  The Salmon Arm and Shuswap Lake  takes her turn now to exhibit the  bullion, and with the ,line-up the local boys have had the past season  jthey should be able easily to hold iti  'for two years more, when it would be;  their property.���������������������������Armstrong Advertiser'  POPULAR CONDUCTOR KILLED  Agricultural AssociatiDn will hold its  covered the   north coast of America, annual fair at Salmon Arm, Sept.27-  These people    are   living on Victoria 28-     The Hon-   Price Ellison will be  Island, 30-degrees east uf the mouth in attendance   to open the new agri-  of the Mackenzie    River,    and   more cultural hall at Salmon Arm.  . Write  than 2000 miles by the coast line, and the secretary for, prize list.  are still in "the stone age.     Whi'e the  civilization of   nearly 1000 years has  Homesteaders   who   i_i-_:ly    to  Secretary,   Department    of   Interior,  passed, they have stood si ill.     Prof. jdil.ect 0r through W. O. Cvell, agent  Stefanson   arrived-  in    Seattle   this'0f Dominion  week.'  During his peregrinations about the  region at the top" of the v.orld, Stefanson discovered thirteen new tribes  of people. Ten of these tribes had  never seen nor "heard of white men.  The progenitors of tne two other  tribes had seen tbe members of the  Franklin expedition, and one tribe  had once been' visited by a whaling  vessel.  lands, Kam'cops, for  permission to leave their lands for  the purpose of engaging in harvesting  operations, will be granted protection  while absent.  As a result of the laie accident at  the Cliff    street   crossing,   and . the  Alfred Penzer, one of the most popular conductors, and lor*-.._st in the]  service on the C. P. ".1., was killed';  near Golden last Satu. lay morning  When passing Golden C,'( nc'i ctor Pen-!  zer noticed smoke in a. colonist car]  and on leaning out of the car steps'*  to see - what the cause was, was-;  | was struck by a post of a cattle-  ,, i guard and* hurled from the'tiain. The-  injured man was picked- up in an un-^  conscious, condition and taken lack-'  to Golden.. Hospital,- but cied before'*  reaching there.   .' .        ���������������������������        -  DANCING CLASS TO RESUME'  Miss Mowat will    regime her l'-an-  cing Class for October, November and'*j  December; ��������������������������� Anyone    wis ning' toi jdn.i-  action of the Board of Trade-in call-; must apply by . letter, before the J 5th [  ing the attention" of the company to  September.       Terms for   22 lessons: f  the..danger   of'   the * trains speeding .'ladies,'$3; eentlemen, H>  over.this crossing, the otigine is now]  The tribe   of   white    m.ople, which ! st������������������PPed before the crossing js reached!  Stefanson declares are purely of Nor-jand signalled forward by the brakey '  wegian origin, never had seen other | It has been suggested that the horse; Vancouver, who will be at A Reeves'*  persons than of their cr.or. Their men of Enderby.,should form a-racing Drug Store, Enderby on Thursday <  number is about 2000, and more than association and get track and train- Sept. 26th. If there" is ��������������������������� ' th' *  half of them have rusty ipd hair,blue  ing grounds"for'*' the accommodation ' lng^  eyes, '��������������������������� fair skinsf,and tow-colored eye-; of eastern horses that'might be win-  brows, and beards. TL'ey live on tered here. "We believe-'-suitable land  both' shores of. Coronation Gulf, on . is available near Enderby that is sit-  the mainland of North America anduated splendidly': for such a purpose,  Victoria' Island,    which, formerly was to be, had oh most reasonable terms.  Remember   the date ..f visit of Dr.  S. L. Taube, Eye Sight Specialist of-^  the Taube Optical Co.,  Calgary andsl.  wrong, with your eye ?ight, don't fail ���������������������������������������������  to consult him. All work absolutely I  guaranteed as tested.  .   u  COAL FOR SALE  known as Prince Edward Island. ������������������,.  -      l.,���������������������������   .   ,A     e- ..     n  -r,        Jt     .. -..__,      -        oince-. taking thold. of   the Opera  It was for these people that Ronald  x^n,,aa   m^    r>���������������������������i_,       i j  .        , .. l  l-l    r.       ��������������������������� House, Mr. .Poison- Las made many  Amundsen,    discoverer  i-.t  the  South ^~T4r.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������m��������������������������� i. . . ...      .    .  ���������������������������, --'     .     ,_., ,.      , !improvements, and is rapiIly winning  Pole, searched while making his trip  ,nr.   r,._ . . ___..,_:  x, ,   .. ll.  '   l ulll,'for   his   shows- profitable   and"well-  through the northwest. -      tlU���������������������������M.-* ��������������������������� .: -.-       . ���������������������������   ..       ,    ���������������������������  pleased .audiences. -   He '.s putting on  every Tuesday., flight rut-.-Vs weekly  pictures of happenings the world over  of international interest. These give  ' graphic pictures . of world events as  they-happen,' 'and- are p.-spared particularly for" "the ' businessman' -  POTATO  CAVKER  There has been issued, by direction  of the minister of agri.u__ure at Ottawa, "a "conspicuous poster calling  the attention ��������������������������� of -potato growers to  the importance off- examining their  crop to ascertain whether or.not it is  infected ���������������������������with ."Potato Canker."    "    \  The-hanger"  ors,  shows,  in nt-lural col-  JARMSTRONG LACROSSE WIN  The Armstrong-, lacrosse' team  I am-prepared to All orders for soft  coal and hard* coal.  _     " JAMES. MOWAT, Bell Block.  All boyswish'injgto join^the Enderby  troop carinow be admitted as there is  ample-room in their new^Keadquarters  ���������������������������K.;6f P. Hall���������������������������for squad;.drills.>: .������������������   .  SHUSWAP &f OKANAGAN BRANCH  Daily trains both vvays, from; Sicamous Junction to Okanagan Landing:  has  South  ...  bound   *"  kept things humming for other' val'-jZ  a potato plant,-the'whole yield .ley lacrosse -'f'teams/ this'   year,   and  read ^own  of which is affected by the disease.-It  have captured ^all the silverware, con-'JIHo   ^X  also shows   the   appea.-.uce   of indi- fsisting of, the Kelqwna .Tobacco Com- .11.03    ~;  vidual tubers in which lhe "canker has , pany's cup,'the^-Eawson cup," and the  11U8. ****  Vernon -News ��������������������������� 'cupi-'^-S-vrhese -cups- have  H-45  .    .     i ���������������������������--     '  <   .'.-'t. -r  .*-; -     ;     ,      12.03  to-be won three-year in .succession by ,2 30   -  any team before.'.tHe^'become,. the ab- 12.45 (Ar)  STATIONS"  started to work. Growtrs who discover suspicious, symptoms of'tlie" disease in their   crop   are requested to  send affected specimens to the Domin-. solute   propertyivpf^the.team*/-  Ke-JH.^W. BRODIE  sicamous  Jet  Mara  Grindrod   '  ;  Enderby  Armstrong /  .Larkin   ���������������������������  Vernon  Ok." Landing'  - - ;  North  *S"T'bound*   read-up  (Ar)  17.30  ." "16:45  ion    Botanist,  Ottawa.  Experi-n: ual Farms,  lowna and Vernon have each.held the Gen. Pas. Agt.  -  ���������������������������    '" cups tor'yaz* season;'''and-Armstrong |'     Vancouver  ! *    16.29  16.14  ,    .15:45  15.25  15.00  (Ly) 14.45  : JNO.BURNHAM  . Agent-  'Enderby  HpHE man with.the correct, im-  ;A pressive clothes always gets favorable attention."'.: Usually his personality matches his clothes;;; He is neat,  cle'ari-?cut, admirable. .   ;;'.     ".''-'  '.      -:  &-\&*&������������������t$'l#!fa$ ���������������������������^yzj^MJt-.J -J^:"':  the men\vKb-wea?iOT '  the smartest,- most-lmpr^jLye !men ;;you ,  meet; FIT-R ITE. garments are>n out-;,  ward expression,of success/   ,    ;  J. W.  EVANS & SON,  Exclusive Agents,. Enderby  1>T" - i  ���������������������������* *&->  '   *-.<���������������������������-  mfrk^Mfam  108 Cheques Will be  DtsffiBute3l\mong Cana3Hn  Farmers. Will You Get One of Them ?  In addition to the twenty-seven first prizes of $50 each, there will  be eigh^-one other cash prizes, ranging from $10'to $25 in our  1912 PRIZE CONTEST FOR FARMERS  -- This contest is alongthc same lines as the In addition to thus being "divided into ~J  one \vi;ich was so successful last year, except  that there are three times as many prizes, and  therefore three times as many chances for  each contestant to win. ..very farmer in Canada who uses "Canada" Cement is eligible to  compete. The conditions are such that large  and small users of cement have equal opportunities to win a ������������������50 prize.  The contest is divided into three classes, and tliere  aie first, second, third and fourth -prizes (?50, $25,  f 15 and 510) in each class.'  CLASS "A"��������������������������� I'ri/o to lie au-ardnl to thr four farmer* i:i each jirotiiice  who ii-.<r mini "Canaila" CVmrnt on thi-ir farms in V)\2.  CLASS "l!"���������������������������i'ri/rs to lie awarclnl to the four farmen In each  province uho  beml   photo.rjphs of the bnt concrete  work done with   "Canaila"   Cement  on their   farm*  in 1912.  CLASS "c"~-I'ri/es to he awarded to the four farmers  in each proiince who tend the  best description, trllinir liow-any piece of concrete work  was done with "Canada" Cement.       (lintrie*  for this prize tm:������������������t hc accompanied by photo-  craphs of the wurk.)  Send  me  particulars  of your  Pi'ize Contest.  classes, so as to givo small users of cement an  equal.chance with those who use more, the  Contest is also divided into nine divisions, one  for each province.    So you sec you need only  to compete with thc other farmers of. your own  province, and not with those all over Canada.  j   :Don't think that becauso you have never  used cement, you cannot win a prize.    Many  of last year's prize   winners   had  never vised   cement   before   they  entered the Contest. We will send  you   a free book,     "What the  Farmer Can Do With Concrete,"  that will not only help you in the  Contest, but will tell you everything* you could wain to know about  the use of cement on thc farm.  Don't delay, but tend us your  name and address to-day ami ret  this free book>d (i,\ [-articular!  of the I'ri/e Contest rii'ht awjy.  U������������������e a letter, po.tal or coupon.  Address Publicity Manager  Canada Cement Company  ' * Limited  501 Herald Bide-  ���������������������������A  tree book,  What the Farmer;  i<fo with Concrete"  be sent to all.  request details  Prize Contest.  u������������������U������������������SlvlJcd Profits $8,181,370  T.t.1 Ami. (Over)   $58,000,000  Don't Waste Interest  and, risk the,j>/incipal itself by  keeping a lot of money in your  li9use:or_your_pockets._- '  Jim Skivvcrs says if he was accused of anything he'd a (rood deal rather plead guilty than  decline to answer,   -  It'would be much safer in the  Union Bank of Canada ��������������������������� less  likely to be spent���������������������������and instead of  being idle, " would be earning  Interest night and day. -  If you haven't a Savings  Bank Account already, come in  and open one.  Enderby Branch,   W. 0. C. CHRISTIE, Manager  LONDON, ENG., BRANCH,  '   51 Threadneedle St., EX.  F. W. ASHE, - . Manager.  S. M. C HART SMITH.   Assistant M0r.  Photographer James has put out  some very good work since opening  his studio in Enderby. He is open  for any -order in general photography  and is also prepared lo handle the  developing for amateurs on short  notice.  HOUSE FOR  Kriight St.  Enderby.  ' wi V .  ,i      .  ri  RENT���������������������������6   room:-,  on  H.     P.    Ficw.'-elling,  jyt-tf  PATRONIZE  HOME INDUSTRY  BES?  \*'~m ^(Suhiw  IN OCR BY. 5.C.  ������������������������������������������������������J������������������t������������������T.  ASK   FOR   IT THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, September 19, 191  ���������������������������sn  A Clean-Up Meeting Held by the  City Council and Table Cleared  A  clean-up    meeting   of    the   City [Clerk and Aid. Blanchard were selec-  Council  was    held   Thursday  evening .ted to represent the city,  to get rid of.the batch of unfinished!    A    communication     !.o:ti    Enderby  business   that    had    gathered on the'; Troop of Boy   Scouts a:;king for the  table in the past weeks. Mayor Ruttan was in thc chair, and Aldermen  P.lanchard, Keith and .' eel occupied  their places.  The first matter to '*.ume up was  the letter from A. Fulton et al. asking that a lane be provided through  block 13, postponed from meeting of  Aug. 5th- It was decided to notify  these property owners that the City  was not prepared to taKe any action  until' the right of way .vas provided  by the parties interested.  The report of the returning officer  on vote on loan by-law _nd school  site, was read and accepted.  The offer of Mr. Lawes to deed to  the city a right of way over his property for a pipe line, postponed from  meeting of June 24th, v.ds taken up,  and it was ordered tnat Mr. Kenny  be employed to run the levels to the  highest point on the La-yes property  to which the* present water system  would carry, with the . ibject of accepting Mr. Lawes' offer'.  The letter from the Colombia Flouring Mills Co., claiming damages for  alleged injury to property by the  raising of the grade of Belvedere- St.  was read, and the matter referred to  the Clerk to point out to the company the particular sections of  the Municipal Cluases Act under ���������������������������  which the work wasrdone.  A letter was read from the secre-'  tary of the Union of D. (^Municipalities giving the dates of the convention to be held at Revelstoke,  Oct. 22 and 23, and urging ihe attendance of Enderby  delegates.   The City  , use of hose'for practice pm poses, was  favorably    received,    and  lhe  matter  was referred to Fire Chief English to  settle   minor   details   in     connection  with the    matter.       The mayor and  members of the Council wero unanim-jBank Montreal, coupons  :ous in    expressing   their   pleasure in iw- A- Russell, drain contract  seeing the Scouts roaning such  good  Bank Montreal coupon int.....  use of their practices. ������������������- p- R-. agreement re. chain  i A letter from the Associated Boards  of Trade asking for the Council's  opinion as to holding a civic holiday  in all towns of the Valley on the occasion of the Okanagan Apple Show,  Oct. 23-24, was favorably acted upon, i  the Clerk being instructed to name !  the second day as the day favored by  the river bed and crossing the Indian  reserve to get it. Also suggesting a  means by which the city could deal  with the Department in the matter.  The suggestion of the Department!  is to be acted upon. ;  The finance o Committee reported;  having received and accepted the offer I  of ?5,901 for the $6,000 drainage bond j  issue.      ������������������ I  The following accounts were ordered '  paid: j  J. C. Dagg, wages  ?   2G.00 j  125.00 ;  250.00 j  50.00 j  5.00 |  W. A. Russell, drain       350.00 !  Union Bank of Canada, (cup.       45.00 ;  W. A  C. P. R.  Dom. Cement Pipe Co. pipe.  Bank Montreal, coupon    W. A. Russell, drain    C. P. R., freight on pipe ....  Russell, drain       320.00  o .  freight on pipe    ���������������������������R. N. Bailey, sal. constable.  50.75  1,687.84  60.00  500.00  52.64  75.00,  25.00  .the Council.  |    A letter from the Provincial Board  of Health stating they uuderstand the  City  is installing    a  sewage  system;  calling   for    plans   to  be submitted,  and stating that    the river must not!_       _  ,������������������������������������������������������,,,, , .   ,.     .-,,    .  jTom Robinson, wages          5.00  be polluted, was read, and the Clerk I ^   _,   ��������������������������� .....  was instructed to reply that the City  is not installing a sewage system, but  a  surface    drainage  sy.stc.m,  through i  which nothing    will   be peimitted to  Ladies Hospital Auxiliary   Enderby City Band". 31.25  C. P. R., freight on pipe ...:..       48.30  [Brd School Trustees       450.00  J Dom. Cement-Pipe Co., pipe...    949.31  jC. P. R., rent of b.s,  ! Okanagan Saw Mills .  : Enderby Trading Co.  site  6.00  S9.32  5.85  Robt. Carson, wages        6.00  flow that would pollute the stream.  A letter from Mr. Lawes, et al. asking the city to lower the grade on  Johnston street under the local improvement by-law, was taken from  the table. The Clerk was instructed  to notify Mr. Lawes et al. that when  he had his street iniilt connecting  with the Johnston-street road, the  city would carry out the work asked  for.  A letter was read from the Indian  Department    re.    taking  gravel  from  Fulton Hardware Go,  tools ... 9.93  " .      "     imp'm't's.. 27.30  Okanagan  Saw mills, lights... 29.55  W. H. Hutchison, tools   2.65  H. G. Mann, lamps   27.90  Okanagan Telephone Co  5.80  A. Reeves, stationery     13.40  Walker Press,' adv.-ptg   55.45  G. Rosoman, cash disb  16.50  $5,401.74  MORE  LAND  FOR  SETTLEMENT  ENDERBY FLOUR  MOFFET'S BEST  A cheque for $1,109,000 was handed  ; by the Provincial treasurer on Mon-!  jday to J. S. Dennis, of tbe C. P. R., \  iin payment for the land grants made j  (to the B. p. Southern and the Co-j  j lumbia & Western Railways,1 and the j  lland became, once. ..more the property !  j of the. Province. \ The" knds com-  ! prise 2,550,Qi0O acres ��������������������������� granted to the  jB. C. Southern, and 1,225,000 acres to  Listen!  If you waait good,  pleasing shoes or  hose or eovything  else just come io  You stand on, your feet most of the  day. If you are comfortably shod you  can stand your work better.  Our shoes and hose will please your  feet. They will wear veil. Ve sell no  "shoddy" stuff.  Ve are exclusive agents for lines of  shoes and hose you cannot buy from  anyone but us. Ve stand behind every  pair ve sell.  Come to our store, then you vill understand vhy it is the place to buy everything \ou need.  Millinery Opening-  Sept. 24th, Don't Miss It  Made strictly from Saskatchewan and Alberta wheat, in the  ONLY MILL in the Okanagan. , The PIONEER mill of British  Columbia, and now one of the MOST COMPLETE milling systems in Canada. Try this flour and you'll find it will produce a  grent volume of good, wholesome, NUTRITIOUS bread. You  will find the color WHITER than any other flour on the market  ���������������������������this means that it is CLEANER, than any other flour on the  market.  WHY NOT USE YOUR HOME FLOUR ?  We both lose money if you don't.    For sale by all good grocers  or at our mill.  COLUMBIA   FLOURING   MILLS   CO. Limited  jthe  Columbia  ipaid���������������������������is forty.  Western.       The  cents por acie.  price  This  : would  make . $1,510,000,    but against  There was a baseball fame on the  recreation grounds last Saturday- afternoon, when the boys of Salmon  Arm tackled the Boy Scout baseball  team of Enderby. The "visitors put  up a nice game,    but they were out  ing; city water; city  530.00  per month.  Also two lots 50x100;  FOR SALE  HOUSE���������������������������2Cxl8, with ad.\;*ion 18x12;  well-painted and plastci'-jd throughout. Lot 40x100; facing a CO-ft  street with lar.e in ! ick of lot. For  short time, only S;i*)l; ?200 cash,  balance .$20 per month.   ANOTHER-GOOD BUY -House~lS" '  x24,  with kitchen  12x18.      Stable 12x  IS, and large chicken liuuse and  run,  situated in the centre o   the City on  two lots; 12 fruit   trees in  full bear-  of terms. Price, $1,500; ?::.0 down,bal.  this the Province had a credit'of  . $401,000 paid as interest on the bonds  ion-the Shuswap & Okanagan railway,  jpart of the bargain embodied in the  j legislation of-'last session being that  jthe C. P. R. should refund this  'amount.  j The Columbia & Western lands are classed by the home team. The lat-  ; resumed subject to P. August Heinzes-ter were heavier, and snowed them-  ! ownership of an undivided half inter- selves stronger in every position; The  jest in 580,000 acres. Mr. Heinze, SCOI'e stood 18~2 in ^^ of the En"  j during his visit to Victoria last week ,(lerby team- but this id hardly suffi"  ' suggested that the government should 'cient to -?ive a fair idea of how one'  i buy this half interest from him, and sic1ecl the ������������������ame was* The visitors de'  ! the Government is supposed to be not serve al1 kinds of praise for stayinS  altogether unfavorable Lo the idea, in the Same as Pllickily llS ther did*  .but.no_price-was-fixed:-in-.ftct,-^  matter did    not g*+   i������������������..,.nfl >-,������������������,������������������������������������������������������������������������, ���������������������������   to be snuffed at.   Clifford Gtcyell can  SALMON ARM OUT-CLASSED  beyond being a  suggestion.  OPENS  UP  VALUABLE LAND  W. R. White, K. C, of Toronto, is  one of the owners of a l>0 000 tract of  fruit land in the Okanagan.   He was  in Vancouver last    week fer the pur-  ! pose of closinga dealfor-the disposi-- Grantvs.s.  throw a true ball and knows how to  get it over the plate without the batter seeing it. And Aug. Antilla does  not let any of them oass him. The  support is good, in every position.  This is the Enderby line-up: C. Greyell, p.; A. Antilla, c; P. Mowat, 1st;  A. Wheeler, 2nd; F. Pearson, 3rd-; E.  F. Brash;-.l-f.'; B.- Faulk-  The best  the only ones in  town   at   this price and  these  terms:     .flaO each; $25 down ancl $10  per month.  WALTER ROBINSON  INVESTMENTS Room 2, Bell Block  LOCAL BUYERS    WATCH THIS SPACE FOR  INSURANCE  'NATS.  EYE SIGHT  In getting your Eyes suited, demand ability, reliability and above all,  DEMAND EXPERIENCE.  DR. TAUBE  EYE   SIGHT   SPECIALIST  of the Taube Optical Company, of Calgary and Vancouver, who has had 42  years' experience in che profession, Will be at A. REEVES' DRUG STORE  ENDERBY,  on���������������������������  THURSDAY, SEPT. 26th  If there Is anything ���������������������������>*���������������������������*��������������������������� ong with your  Eye Sight, don't la:i  t& consult  him.      All    work    absoLr-oly  guaranteed as tested.  Calgary: 132  Eighth Ave.  L'ast Vancouver: 51G-617 llolden Pldg.  tion of one-third of this pioperty.  Speaking of the Okanagan Valley,  Mr. White said to a representative of  the Sun, that this country would be  greatly benefitted by the operation  of the Kettle Valley Raiwny, which  will undoubtedly open up a tremendous area of valuable agricultural  lands. The present transportation  facilities of the valley wrrc proving  inadequate to carry the huge output  of the orchards, and the many transfers necessitated hy the present systems in use were proving of considerable expense. Consequently the valley farmers would reap much greater  profits with the completion of improvements to railway and boat service.  ner, c. f.; H. Aldin, r. f.  MILITIA ORDERS  Enderby Troops of 'T. C. Horse.  Drills will be held on Wednesday,  Sept. 25, at 6:30 sharp and en Friday  Sept. 27th, at 6:30 sharp, lor preparation for escort duty at Vernon on  Oct. 4th. All troopers umst attend  the two drills unless leave of absence is granted.  ALAN F. CROSSMAN, Lieut.  BOY SCOUT ORDERS  THE  WHEAT   CROP   SHORT  The lst Enderby Troop of Boy  Scouts will assemble for Church Parade, at Scout Headquarters, on Sunday, Sept. 21st, at 10:30 a. m., without staves or water bottles.  By order, G. G. CAMPBELL, S.M.  The last crop bulletin if>ued by the  census and statistics board dealing 85 per cent of all headaches are the  with crop and live stock conditions in .result of eye strain. If you are  Canada, up to the end of August, j troubled that way, conyult Dr.Taub'e,  estimates that    the totul wheat pro-  Eye    Sight    Specialist,    en his next  OF   CANADA  Paid-up Capital, Rest ttfi ffif JWA  and Undivided Profits *a9*������������������������������������*,������������������> IV  Total Assets (Over)  $58,000,000  Let tbe Mail-Carrier  Travel tor You  When roads are bad,,and a trip  to town means a hard day's work,  save your horses'and yourself by  "rjOlcinf^vitlf^TbyTnail.  You can do it safely, as.we give  special attention to deposits,  withdrawals or other banking  business handled in this way.  See the Manager about it.  Enderby Branch,   W. D. C. CHRISTIE, Manager  LONDON, ENG., BRANCH,       - 51 Threadneedle St.; E.C.-   F. W. AS1IE. > . Mananer.  G. M. C. HART SMITH,  Assistant Mgr.  TO  rs  duction will be over 206,000,000 bushels, compared with 21;",851,000 last  year.  visit to Arthur  Enderby, B. C.,  26th.  Reeves' Drug Store,  on* Thursday,  Sept.  Current Prices:  Wholesale Produce and Truits, by  HEWSON   &   HEWSON  Dealers,   Calgary.  Cabbage  2c It) per crate  Onions  2c per lb  Beets  2c per lb  Carrots  2c peril}  Parsnips ...............2c per It)  Turnips 2c per lb  Swedes  ,.2c per IV  Apples Ji.fiO per box  Pears  2.50 per box  Peaches ...............  1.50 pet box  Plums  1 Ofi per crate  We solicit shipments direct from  growers on consignment at 10 per ct.  net to us. Give us your business.  Wc can make you money. Write for  information to-day.  Quotations published weekly.  - -_-'-������������������


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