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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Sep 12, 1912

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Enderby, B. C,  September L2. 1912
Vol. 5; No. 28; Whole No. 2C7
What Has Been Done re. Building
by School Board Since August 26th
ffrhe regular   meeting   of the-Board   wait for the street to l.e opened be-
ol'1'5School   Trustees    was held in the  yond the school property.   The prop-
| tenders have been -eceived for the
construction of the building, and all
that remains to be lone is to sign
the papers and proceed with the
We    understand    a    hunting of the
school board is   to be -held Thursday ���������
Town and District News in Brief
of People and Things Heard About
Miss 'Mowat, assistant postmistress, !    The opening service of ?. ara Church
is enjoying a few week's vacation. '    will be conducted    next Sunday eve-
City Hall last    Friday evening.     A  erty now has a   street ca two sides,   &*-"Jul ������"*������������������" i&    ������-u ,je t,l-IU  umi*,ad' i    Mr. Lawes   is   picking "pieen peas  ning, Sept.'15th,-at 7.30 r-m., by thc
number of interested   spectators were and there was no question about the  m.���������������lae to finaHy   settle all matters 'pianted on'his hill property the last Rev.  Canon    J.    Perkins,  Sacrist-of
present to hear the matter of school street being opened beyond when the
huilding, tenders, etc., discussed, but acreage properties were subdivided
they went away disappointed, for the and put .on the market. Until that
Board did not get even the matter of- time he did not see any necessity for
of difference, as well as io award the
contract for the erection of the build-
in?.     While   the    matter - has never
week in July.
Westminster   Abbey,   England.
I .
site settled.
A letter was read from the Provin-
the extension of the  jtr.ct.
Mr. Taylor agreed with Mr. Pyman.
A. Fulton purchased the Ira Jones  friends are cordially in/1 ted.
property,    corner   of   Mill and High     Mr. and Mrs.  S. F." "Vtmie of Vic-
Mr. Oiid Mrs. H.
Tolmie and Mrs.
Another sister,
��������� - <>4-A
i "/<H\
���������, -<;%!'
been ollicially announced, it is public  etre���������ts this week - tor[&> are visiting
talk that the    tender   of Mayor Rut- j   The   regular   ^eeting of the Board  w> Harvey.       Mrs.
tan is to be,    or   has been, accepted. iof Tra(le will be hflld -n tL_ City HaU  Har-vey are sisters
cial     secretary    stating      that    the  He did not think the school'should be Ma*y������r   Rattan    is    now heme  from   to-morrow (Friday) evening
initial appropriation for the school-  built on a'blind   alley, and felt-that Fort Fraser-    arKl   il 5icJms Probable j               _
$25,000���������had been placed to the credit the^people would not hsic them to do *ha,tit^e, who1^  Question will be set-  visitor 0f. Enderby this week, look
of Enderby in the treasury and   was  it, until the   -matter   jit    street was
ready to be drawn upon on architect  settled. . .
certificates as it was needed, and ur- j    A general discussion fc.u-.wed on the reckoned as the   best -ll ihe year. {������r  $18.50 against " Jas.    iioin.cn, in the  was woni by ; Pitcher    McGargyle,   of
(Mrs. H. O. Price, also <:i Victoria, is-*
F. R. E; DeHart of ������������iowna was a, enjoying thereiinion at Mrs.'Harveys .
_.   .   .      -.  , ing  home. ''���������;���������-' '     ./ - ���������-     ->    ��������� " -_  -
tied to-day or to-morrow. The months after his land interests herc<  ' |,  The Vernon News pt-ize of an auto-
cf September.and October are usually)    E   j   Mack Was given judgmen<. for. mobile>'in' the   sub getting contest,*
ging that the work be proceeded with, question, which ended nowhere , and
A"communication from- Superintend- the meeting adjourned w.il.cut going
ent of Education Robinson gave the into the matter of Seniors or pro-
* boundaries of the outlying school dis- ceedure, the matter being left in Mr.
trict ~ since the making of a1 new'dis- Taylor's hands to learn Mr. Sharpe's
trict out of North Enderby. '-'position in the matter. < --   y.
A letter   from   the   Department of j .  *������������������    ,     .',-'-
Health requested   the Board to com-'    Mr- Sharpe   was .{ean.hy the I'ic.-s
.ply. with tlie^ regulation calling .for u  this week, and states 'bar, t.'i. re neca [
report from ; the health inspector of  not have l?een ?������y Jelay so lar yhe i
the" school."   Nonlocal health inspec-  is-concerhed. " He is.prepared lo ''.���������'fn''
**  Id'
hanUmg    foundation    worK   and the   Small Debts Court on Monday. the baseball-team.     Misi Sewell, -the
system   of   underdrain me _r. connec- ]   Mr. and Mrs   Albert j,,,1I]Ston and  Enderby* contestant   who worked so
tion with the huiliing, and this part  family moved    to   Nelson *iMs weeki  faithfuily> won a^hanlsmie ring," set  '
of the work will   probably he under-  leaving Endcrby Sun,Uy evening.   -   'with eight diamonds and a sapphire. '
taken at once.   To luwe it completed (    j, E   Crane hfiS pun.h ldsd the-resi-h Colonel Gee,   of London;. Eng.;'or-\
before the winter sets in would^mean^ dentidl I;roperty 'oi 3en r.U(:hholz and '_ ganizer and fqbnder"pf.:tne Lad's. Bri-,".,-
:hr-/e months, in   v,m take possession October. 1st.-'       j gade, ^witb a ::membership, of-66,000,"
A party of    railroad surveyors ar- ���������>v*1M?n..spec^:;;*^
rived,Monday morning and moved up-s������out'8^M?n4a^
Mabel Lake' - Valley... on- Tuesday -and^_t|ie.-Op.era*vHouse.V. -^^one^Lpublte^
Wednesday.'   "-7 , .    - i w^ *&'. cordially.: v/elc^med'7to see.the.7.
Miss Dewey,, of "Portland, Ore.,-who ,iDS^ect\^,i 7   ^7
thc gain of at least
resuming operations in the spring
!-. A pretty"  home-'.velding was-celebrated on Wednesday-.ift'iriiobn at-the
townsman rtome last Thursday.    '     ------ .   / .--/.^streetonJGeorge/r.XCpn-uderaH
' ! ..Boy    Scout, badges.,>._'��������� the patrol'!thas;b-^n'''caused5by'the__s.ioy.deUyery ���������;'
���������tor had yet been-appointed!iin Ender-, Sicamous   street; -full
by, and the Board' requested Dr. H.   the full '
W.    Keith " to "submit ."a' * statement- H.e; would v
showing, what, the-cost would be for  wa^ any .
the carrying-out   of   the new health, acreage* property-, from this point to ������f ������" .'eno^e, ." y������u������f. .   ��������� .
regulations.     "-'       '-',-..;   r    *! '-. the city limits, ,-__e\iid' not think he ^Z     ^^n'''^y^r\^'  leaders    and   the   corpo-als were^re- M tbe-PipeS> ani'[ this- has kePt the ^ '
.-^report of   the , earning ofucer  -jouldb.;  asked   to'   fence a street gwn._ ������ ^������ . < ^;   ^ ^^toWbu^
showing.the result of the recent vote' through his... acreage unfl the, street '2JJ^"^��������� ter Campbell this week. ' jcipateil.^Contractor' RusseLand Mr.. .
The immediate   iriends ancl. relatives''   Tlie ^Iiss^ Addie and-I'hyllis Faulk- .Kenny have worked together to givc-^
ner go   to    Summerland'  this week,   the town a-good job. .    ���������      .      -
in number,',   sat.  down] to" the bridal  Miss Phyllis-to attend- college there,      School'Inspector. V. 1/. Denton .was
Sharpe site to   have carried over the  years' but he ^ad statei to the Board  tabl6'   . Wr'" a"d ^rS' jiobinsoh.
;   "J;""m
'   ; -��������� yk&
,    r '' vzfi
��������� - - -* y^^,
- ... tvateoj,
��������� ������������������-; ������������������&$���������
*- "=^iiil
-   .1. v;wijl
���������y- -r-'&M,
. ,i".",;t-_E*l
--    ^-i������rS_'
-,���������,��������� -,: iCSfe.
. -���������iv.^^i
    ___     _   ,cipated.'>-;jCcntractor Russel.and Mr
on school building loan    by-law and   is needed-     .There   is    ::jt any like-    "   "" 	
vote on sites submitted ly the Board    Hhood'of.the school.being finished in
The loan by law   was shuwn to have less than a-year, and ac the present  of the brK,e and B^?- ftCme thlrty
carried by ~ a   vote- of 92 . to 5; the  rate    of .going    it   may   be "several l"^.   Sat,- ?���������%X ^7 ^ and Miss Addie   on   a visit of a few !Jn Enderby; thta^ weekrv' He- inspected
the train at Armstrong- fri* a trip to 1 wee^s-
the Arrow Lakes.     They -.������������������ill spend a I    Alex*  MacQuarrle    was   in Enderby
week at    Halcyon    Hot' Springs, re-,th-is week losing up all. bufiness pre-
turning   to    Enderby    to make their Paratory to starting   oh his winter's  1S Pitting ,up 60. per cent, of the cost
home in the-pretty cottage Mr. Rob-' Pleasure trip east   and tnrcugh Cali-*of the building, it js^most important ,
Mrs. B. R. Keith, of San Francisco,
���������' l; *i$fl|
. ��������� ���������,   -r vy..r&l
..  .r,z''-lT-^?CSi
Forbes' site by a vote of 65'to'30.      -that he was    prepared   ti enter into
After the passing of the regular ac- an agreement to open the street in
counts, the niatter of 'site was called two years. At the same time, he re-
up by Mr. Fulton, ,vho wanted to alized that he would he placing this
know what' progress hid been made acreage on the market at "a subdivi-
in securing the Sharpe site       - (sion soon and would nave to open the  inson has   Just   completed, corner of
Mr." Pyman said he" would not con-  streets    of    his   subdivision to make  MiU and Sicamous streecs.      .
sent to the   purchase, of the site by  them conform with the pfeets of the
the Board until    Mri    Sharpe would  city-       Mr-    Sharpe   wiU open Sica-
open   or guarantee to op,.n, Sicamous ������������UB.^   throufh    "".f���������?6, b/  was held in the   Oity tf.ll last Tues-  tropolis
street through    his_.acr-3.\ge nronertv the time the school house is finished,        =       . .. === J     ���������
to meet the   proposed opening of the  and Perhaps before. y s'
street    through    the IVece  property, !    Mr' ShaI'Pe roughly ske+ched a plan
adjoining that of Mr. Sharpe. jof the site   and    its   relation to the
Mr. Fulton asked if Vr. Sharpe had 'acreage property through which Sica-
been approached on the matter. |tnous street will be tiiicinued.
Mr.  Taylor,    in    whose   hands the
the site chosen by the ratepayers-for,,-,
the new school, and was most satis-- .
fied.,wit'h;it. -   Since ihe government,.
Cal., paid a    flying  /isit to Dr. and
Mrs. Keith en Monday, leaving Tues-
to have the   government representa
tive satisfied with the ppople's choice.
���������    Mr: and Mrs. J. H." Calder, of Hamilton', Ont.-, are visiting their sister,
Mrs.'"M*. - A.- .Wilson,    Salmon   Arm
road.,    Mrs.    Calder    is  particularly.
fairly  good    attendance.     The  qy'es- ley arrested Chas.    'iuaderson, drunk  P^te stocks of goods cairied'by the
tion of incorporating . \".is once more'and disorlerly, and ne pleaded guilty  ^ stores-^of   Enderby
discussed and was at icst disocsed of   before    Magistrate    Rosoman.   ��������� Ten
A supplementary   gensral    meeting  day evening for the Golden Gate me-
. '"'V--P*v' t
T.. . .^t. _.w_s 1
~ *(* CrSif71
'- - z.-yM
- - - ";.5fir
Vp    1**'U
matter had been placid at the last
meeting of the Board, ten days previous, reported that he had endeavored- three" times "to" "i-ee'Mrr Sharpe
since the meeting and had failed.
Thc matter stood as it had been left
ten days before. I
Mr. Fulton wanted to know the ]
reason for these seemingly unneces- '
sary delays. They h.ul spent the
summer investigating the matter of
sites, had put up the two sites chosen
by them as suitable, and had asked
the people to make their choice. The
vote showed the site preferred, and
the matter was settled. He felt the
people had all but kic'tml them into
activity in the matter and showed
that they wanted them to get busy
without any more delays. The extension of Sicamous would have to come
when the acreage was opened up. The
,Tho stocks
.compare favorably with the stocks of
the best houses in the larger eastern
cities, she says.
Mr. and'Mrs. Coles, some years ago
Carefoot orchard home
] by a resolution being pah&c-J that the  dollars and costs.
'club should not be incorporated.   The1    The reception tendered Mr. and Mrs.
J call for shares   had been vtry poorly  C. G. Piper last Thursday evenin..; at
I responded  to,   and in -the opinion of  the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Byrnes,   owners of-gthe    Hazelm-jre Farm,  are
i the majority   the club i.otild not he  was attended by 2. frien.ls, and a de- , visitin-? *X a.ntl. *lVH\ ' K'. Ll'. Fortune
1 justified in_taking ._su'jh a. step. ���������_ A.liphtfuLevening spent.- '__-	
'firther resolution  was  p.*- t.ed  to the!   Blanchard    &   English   nre making
! effect    that   the   club .aoi.ld  bc dis-  improvements to thc itit_.ior of A.E.
-- ���������&. L
. _*'**\*i
andother J3nderhy fnen Is this^ week_,_
After selling the Hazelmere Farm to
Mr.  and  Mrs.    Robt.   Wudoell;  seven
solved,  although    all   regretted  that  MaundreU's   bakery    and    ice  cream   yenrf ago, .Mr.    and i\la. Coles went
this should   have   to lc done.
meeting adjourned sine die.
parlor, this week, and C. G. Piper is
I following up with the paint brush.
Thc Boy Scout fire brigade is badly
  ' in need of three lengths of hose from
The new drop curtain f--1' the Optra  the city.   The boys practice regularly
House stage was hung this week.   Tt and can   now    throw   a   stream    as
1 will be seen for the first tune to-night  quickly as   most    of ihe big  teams.
'by those attending   .he i>ture show. J    Mrs.  Robt.   Bailey's condition  has
The business men of   3nde:..y are well   |,een less   satisfactory this week, and
to England, where thvy have since
resided.     They   arc ai.v on a plcas-
1 lire tour of the Province.
, The Fulton Hardware Company has
made a valuable acquisition to its
sale staff, in securing iho services of
Clarence Opperthouser, late of the N.
S. Dalgleish .^rm, of fvamloops. .Mr.
Opperthouser is an experienced hardware man, and one with a knowledge
���������IS iqBiux
represented   the painting being oonc her daughter,   Mrs. Burns, cf Carmi,   of. evcry branch of tne , UB,ncM<  m.
by Mr.*,   Jamieson, ..��������� ,n.st in that B. C, was called   to her bedside.   A  and Mrs. Opperthouser   and six hoys
line      The curtain ma.es a very at- 8nght improvement    in her condition  arrived  in    Enderl)y   ]ast  week
tractive   appearance,    awl adds ^ry was reported Wednesday afternoon. ��������� |'^eo. Johnston, an old-time chu
Briefly,    the   school   rut-tter stands
thus:   The government fU'ant of $25,-
matter of street should bc left to the ' 000 is subject to architect's drafts as
m of
���������,.,, ,, . , Enderby Lodge, Knights of Pythias, I.our townsman,    Geo. Brown, is on a
house.     Manager Will . ...ran contain-  wiU hol(] another Qf fchelr populaj. Afc   ^   ^   K ^    ^    ^
plates following this up with stage Homes> in K_ p> Ha]1> Fridayi Sept ; Johnston ���������ag spent tWrty yearg ln
City to deal with when the plans of jthe" work proceeds; the additional scenery* WI"'S; etc ai.l also will 20th Thoy invite an their friends Texas. Water looks good to him.
the subdivision were submitted to the! grant of $10,000 will bc ready by the j paint the exterior of Uie huilding. ^0 join w[th thom in nu,k|ag th,s oc. He has straiued nis ev,es looking ttt
council for its approval.   The streets [lst of'--April; the city of Fnderby has j    Preserving peaches at 90c per crate. ,casion thc best ever. ; the beaiity   spots   on   the shores of
would have to conform with the city:voted th'e'125,000 loan by-law to pro-,Leave your   order.       .T. W. Evans &i    The progressive    whist party given   the sleepy soft-flowing  SpaUumcheen.
streets or the plans would rot be ap- 'vide the city's    share of the cost of
proved.   He felt that the other mem-   the building; the site has been chosen
bers of the Board   were going out of  by a vote of two to one; Mr. Sharpe
their way to tie    up the school pro-j has met all conditions brought up by
ject, and wanted    to know how long  the School   Board;    the site is satisr     Leave your order for peaches at A.
they were prepared    to aft still and factory to School   Inspector Denton;   E. Maundrell's; 85c per crate.
'much to the general view ^,f the play
in K. of P. Hall last Friday evening   He thinks Mr. Brown's cosy home on
m .   .      T3 ...    ���������,.,,.   ll    , ._ .    ])y tbe VV.  A.  was    a*   .;rcat success.'the river   bank   is   just about ideal.
Tubular Reversible. T^the latest.  The games were most heaitily enjoyed  Mr.  Johnston recently .old his large
and the music kindly furnished by (sheep ranch holdings in Texas, and is
Mr. and Mrs. Mann following thc .residing.with his.family in .Vancouver
refreshments was delightful to all.       which city appeals to him strongly.    '
J. W. Evans & Son.
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The intention of the  government is to have a survey made  . of the    whole   province, vith the ob-  going to show the deep-seated-jcct of ,mving   s.Jch ,an(ls deared ^  desireof these   homesec,wrs to get ajquick]y as    posslble   ���������������������������     lhc lumbcr  SEPTEMBER 12,  1912  SETTLING  MABEL LAIIU  VALLEY  Wc are in receipt of :t communication  from a Mabel  Lake Valley settler, which, while too lengthy to pub- i  lish    in   full,   contains    r any state- '  ments  Bank of Montreal  Established   1817  CAPITAL   all   paid   up,   $15,413,000;   REST, $15,000,0^.09  Hon. President, Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal G. O. M. O.  President, R. B. Angus, Esq.   Vice-President, Sir. Edward Clouston, Bart.  Genera] Manager, H.V.Meredith  BRANCHES IN LONDON, ENG., NEW  YORK and CHICAGO.  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT  Deposits received from $1 upwards, and interest allowed at current rates.  Interest credited :J0th June and 31st December.  ENDERBY BRANCH A.  E.  Taylor,  Manager  chance to cut homes for themselves  out of thc vast scope oi valuable  wild land and forest there existing.  The writer sa.ys in part;  "I must thank you many times for  your article in the Enlerhy Press of  a week   ago.       I do    not know any-  ; companies so as to make it available  i for the settler. The crficials of thc  forestry branch are as ret only at the  beginning of their work, hut already  they have got far enough along to estimate roughly that about six billion  feet could be cut annually without Ci-  SECRET SOCIETIES  A.F.&A.M.  thing about the other settlers, if they ;minishing the   supply.     The dc;.art-  will thank you for it, lv;t so far as I j ment has discovered that at present  know they are all of the fame opin-.the amount cut   is about cne billion  ion.   Our opinion is that the Govern-I feet per annum.   The <iup.ntity there-  ment is squeezing    us .uut of here to'fore can he   increased six times with  form some government syndicate, but|a corresponding   increa.se ol the pro-  ! instead of there being fuwer settlers,'vincial revenue from this source, and  ��������������������������� there are more and more cf them, ancl |this rate   of   cutting can be kept up  j there is room    for a lot more.     You  forever.  Victor Gramophones and Victrolas  Disc Records   ,  Perforated Music Rolls, from 15c up  For all Player Pianos  Always in stock  Leave your order with us for Edison or Disc Records, if we haven't  what you want in stock. See and hear the Gourlay-Angelus  Piano.  SUTCLIFFE  W. M.  arc quite right that the oest land is  "Sn/lcrby   Lodge     No.   40 ,,       .   _, ,. .  .tegular    meetings    first, south  ot  the river���������������������������-many  sections  of  ���������������������������ThuMUy on or after the J it.   If   you    know    any  'ine  wanting  full moon at 3 p. m. in Odd- | J ������������������  fellows   Hail.      Tisitin������������������ j land,  send    him   to   >ne.   1 will tell  brethren cordially invited. ', . ,, .    ,,      ,      ,        , ._ ,.-  I him all about the land, where it lies  F. H. BARNES * and almost what   kind  of land it is.  Secretary ' _, ,. , ,     , , ,   .  It won t cost a cent, but, .!. want far-  and  farmers   prepared  tD stay  OUR AMERICAN COUSINS  i  ^���������������������������^Z   Eureka Lodge. No. 50  Meets every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, in 1. O  O. F. hall. Metcalf block.    Visitirur brothers al.  w.-<y.s    welcome. WM. DUNCAN. N. G.  GEO. HKLl.AMY. V. G.  K. E. WHEELER, Sec'y.  J. li. GAYLORD. Treas.  I 0 OF ;mcrs  ��������������������������� ��������������������������� iv ��������������������������� ��������������������������� , in ^g country. We v. out to settle  this valley, and get .sch. >ols here for  our children. We Intend to settle  and make our homes here."  This    pettier   has   expressed in his  own way    his   honest convictions in  LODGE  thc  matter.   His    remarks  regarding  ! the government are,  of course,  with-  ENDERBY  No. 35, K. of I1  Meets every Monday  evening I       ,,f       *-,   , . ,.      ., ���������������������������    n   i  r  in K.of I'. Hall.  Visitors cor-! 0lIt foundation and quite uncalled for.  di.-dly invited to attend.      -   j However, they    go to siiow the false  G.G. CAMPBELL, C.C.        !. . ,,*,      , ,  C. e.strickland. K RS.-  !impression that    has been caused by.  -    '.-    '--"..' - T. E. RODIE. M.F.  TIall suitable fo 0 inserts, Daises and all public  '-entertainments.    For rates, etc.. address,  .   T. E. RODIE, Enderby   professional  P^wTghapman-"  ���������������������������***   ���������������������������        [Organist at St. Georire's Church 1  Visits or receives pupils for Piano, Organ, Violin  Singing and Theory of Music. Etc.  w  Address, P. O. Box 81, Enderby.  ALTER ROBINSON  NOTARY   PUBLIC  CONVEYANCER  Agreements of Sale.   D.e Is & M-jrtg.'iRres.  Docu-  niinU Witnessed.- Loan.5 Negotiated  Office: Poison & R >bin_on, next  door Fulton's  west, Enderby, Ii. C.  "UWDERBY   COTTAGE  HOSPITAL  MISS WARWICK, Proprietress    ,,  Maternity Fees. $20 per week  Fees covering ordinary illness, $2.f>0per day.  ENDERBY. li. C.  ���������������������������Gr.  -byWIWrkUfr  Dominion and  Provincial Land Surveyor  Bell Block  -the tieing up of this district and the  continued     unsatisfactory    conditions  _ existing. _'..That a better understand-  , ing of thc matter is soon v.o be given  * the settlers, we feel sure.     The government commissioner, Mr. Maher, is  now in   the    Kamloops cli&xiict, and  'efforts are   being    made "to have him  * visit Enderby, at which time it will  , bc up to the settlers to present their  * cases before him.  I We understand many of the squatters have located upon lani which is  held by the   lumber    ������������������������������������������������������ompany under  i  timber licences. What disposition  can or will be made of these cases,  if any, remains to be soon. The lumber company will no doubt meet  each individual demand with its accustomed fairness, at tbe same time  protecting its undisputed rights under  the licences. Lands that have been  logged are too valuable to be allowed  to remain idle and unused, when so  -man-y-=bona=fule-^settler-s^aie=-prepared*  to take them up and assist in the  development of thc   listnct.  In his reply to the address of welcome presented to him hy the citizens  of Calgary last week, His Royal  Highness the Duke of Oiunaught, expressed this thought:  "Wc are very pleased -"o have this  opportunity of visiting \rur important city, especially when the Stampede is recalling your early, history  and the picturesque life of the cattle  range, which has now bctn replaced  by a more scientific and more profitable method of stock raising.  "There are* around me -I well'know  ���������������������������a groat number of our American  cousins from across the border, who  have been drawn, here by the numerous attractions presented by the province" of Alberta, and T wish to tell  them that they arc very welcome,  and that we,-readily extend to them  the hand of'.hospitality which they  have extended to our yc-ung men in  the western states during the past..  "The attractions for the settler are  ever increasing,    for the extension of  the railway,   milling and trading interests,    as   well   as,   of the widely-  spread  irrigation    schemes in  the vicinity, are- affording  laily more and  more  openings   to    the enterprising,  I and I trust that    this wave of pros-  jperity which    has    now reached you,  'may never recede."  Atrent also for Church and Parlor Organs  Al.-o Fire and Life Insurance  Office in brick block opp. The Walker Press.  J. E. CRANE,  Enderby Agent  Finest in the Country  ' 'Enderby is a charming villiage with eity airs.  When Paddy Murphy shook the snow of Sandon  off his feet he came here, and now owns one of  finest brick ^hotels in the country. Although  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan, he calls his  hotel the King Edward. In addition to the excellence of the meals, breakfast is served up to 10  o'clock, which is an added attraction for tourists."  (Extract from Lowery's Ledge.)  King Edward Hotel,  P. H. MURPHY  Proprietor  Enderby  EN DERBY  No Irrigation Required  These lands are .situated on the benches near Enderby and are especial-  y suited for Fruit and Vegetables, and, having been in crop, are in splen-  give instruction to  and cared for at a  -5175  lid condition for planting  An experienced fruit grower is in charge and will  purchasers free of charge, or orchar. will be planted  moderate charge.  ICO acres, sub-divided into 20-acre lots ..r   now on the,market at  per acre.  Get in on the first block and make money on the advance.      -   -  Apply to���������������������������  GEORGE PACKHAM,  Deer Park Land Office, Enderby.  " We know a great m-nny people in  Canada who keep one day in the  week holy, and-raise hell with everybody during the other six.���������������������������Greenwood Ledge.  Enderby, B.C.  ^Latesfr-nrnproved���������������������������.Ton-fragile- Tiing^  sten Lamps in all sizes for sale by  H. G. Mann, electrical contractor.  Get Ready for Winter  Early  D  R. H. W. KEITH,  Ollice hours:   Forenoon,  fl to IOiM  Afternoon. It lo -I  Evening, Ciltd to ?:.'10    _      Sun lay. by appointment..  Olliec:" Cor. Cliff and George Sin. ENDERBY  POLITrCAL  1?N DERBY   CONSERVATIVE  -^ ASSOCIATION  .1. L. RUTTAN,       A. V. GROSSMAN  President. Secretary.  BLANCHARD & ENGLISH  Endi'i-liy, Tt. C.  Contractors & Builders  First-claw Cabinet Work and   "Picture Framing.  UiuiertakinK I'arlors in connettion.  Next to City  Hall.  There is another .'.ection in the vi  cinity  of  Enderby���������������������������that  lying* to  the,!  northwest,    and   known    ,-i.s the Glen !  Mary settlement, hctwean the Salmon j  Arm road and Deep CrciC���������������������������that is of !  suflicieTit imporl.ancc._tu _lnng_ before;  Commissioner    .Maber.      Mr.     Chas. ,  Gardner, who perhaps knovs thc district as well as anyone in this vicinity, states that there arc at least 25  (Itiiirler sections in that locality upon  which no settler   has ,is jet locate 1.  Much of this land is sidchill and valley, i.s lightly timbered, ..nd it is not j  covered  by any  timber licence.     Thc  sctticrs who have  had  thc hardihood |  to get upon    the    hind and do some j  clearing and  planting, have found  the j  land to he excellent    for fruits of all j  kinds that can  he grown  in  this dis- j  trict.   The young  orchards,  just now i  bearing their first fruit, look to be as  ���������������������������healthy as any in the Okanagan. The  development of this !-*e^tion would be  a splendid thing for J.On.iorby,  and in  a short time would no doubt lead to  the opening of a slnrt road from En'derby in to Deep Creek tujlcy.   These  lands were   closed   to entry some six-  years or more ago, apparently for no  reason    whatever.       The'government  , surveyors, some   years jigo,  reported  'that all the land in this district was  unfit for    settlement,  and  yet, many  settlers went    upon the .b-nd, and   ve  have the Glen    Mary settlement as a i  E. J. Mack  Livery, FeecL&.Sale Stables  ENDERBY, B. C.  Good Rigs;   Careful Drivers; Dray ing of all kinds.  Comfortable and Commodious Stabling for teams.  Auto for Hire  Prompt attention to all customers  Land-seekers   and  Tourists in  vited to give us a trial.  B. BRUNDISH  Enderby, B. C.  I have purchased the old Farmers' Exchange building, on the  railway, and am placing in  stock a full line of  Bricks, Lime, Hard Wall  Plaster and Cement  Estimates furnished on all kinds  of Cement, Brick and Plaster  Work.  and do your repairing with some of those Cheap Boards at  $3.00 per Thousand feet  No. 2 Dimension, $12.00 per thousand.  .....Flooring, ..Ceiling.and.Drop Siding,-$10 and up.   OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. M-t,  JA ME-TM O WAT  Fire, Life, Accident Insurance  Agencies  REAL ESTATE  Fru it L������������������ad Hay Land  Town Lett  1 lie Liverpool & London & Globu Ins. Co.  J lie Phoenix Insurance Co. of London.  L>:i l;>n-Lmc:Hliiro Fire Insurance Co.  Koyal lnsiiruneeCo.,o_ Liverpool (Lifedept  The London ft Lancashire G ur.inta.  Accident Co., of Canada.  BELL BLOCK,   ENDERBY  Fred. HL Barnes  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  furnished  Dealer in Windows, Doors, Turnings and all factory work.  Rubberoid Roofiing, Screen  Doors and Windows. Glass cut  to any size.  We represent S.C.Smith Co,, of  .Vernon. Enderby.  YEARS  For Sale by  THE ENDERBY TRADING CO Thursday, September 12, 1912  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  /  1  4  WATER NOTICE  For Licence to Take and Use.  NOTICE is hereby given that J. J.  Steele, of Vancouver, B. C, will apply for a licence to take and use 500  miner's inches of water out of Spallumcheen or Shuswap River, which  flows in a northerly direction through  Dominion Lands, and empties into  Mara Lake, near Mara.  Thc water will be diverted at 200  yards from King Fisher creek, and  will be used for industrial purposes  on thc land described as vacant Dominion lands.  IN- THE GLORIOUS OKANAGAN  This notice was posted on the 17th  in ruddy   arches  "Lady Gay," of Saturday Night,  Toronto, recently vnade a trip into  the Okanagan Valley, and ol her visit  she writes:  i  j "All you who go travelling out  there should stop of! at Sicamous and  -go down the lake, if you love the  | fruit and flowers, humming birds and  (butterflies, hills and /alloys, young  [growth of orchard and hop-field and  I vine. It is a land of plenty. To-  jday I have seen cherry tif.es bending  day of August, 1912. The application wijl be filed in the Ollice of the  Water Recorder at Victoria, B.C.  Objections may be filed with the  said Water Recorder or with the  Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,   Victoria, B.C.  J.  J.  STEELE (Applicant)  By ALEXANDER REID (Agt.)  WATER NOTICE  For Licence to'Take and Use Water.  NOTICE is hereby given that  James Hozier Gardiner Baird. of  Hupel, British Columbia, will apply  for a licence to take and use three  hundred inches of water out  of an unnamed creek, which flows in  a southerly direction through Govern-'  ment land and my 'blocks, and empties into a cedar swamp near Hupel.  The water will be diverted at a point  one mile from Hupel, and will be used  for domestic and irrigation purposes  on the land described as N. E. quarter section 7, Tp. 19, Range"6, and  S. E. quarter of -section 18, in the  said township.  This notice was posted on the  ground on the 19th day of August,  1912. The application will -be filed in  the office of the Water Recorder at  Kamloops;- B.C.  Objections may be Sled with the  said' Water "Recorder or with the  Comptroller, of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C.  JAMES H. G. BAIRD,  Applicant.  SYNOPSIS Of COAL MINING REGULATIONS  with the rich, ripe  fruit,    which    no   one    had time  to  gather, pear trees split asunder with  the weight of thousands of fine fruit.  I heard   them   crashing   in the still  night and saw them nror.c this morning.     What   the   Okanagan must be  like in   flowering   time ono. can only  imagine, but I fancy it h,-.,s the valley  of Evangeline   beaten    out    of sight.  "Up   in   the    "ledges, ' behind the  hills, are   ranches    and   fruit    farms  which one must explore to appreciate.  Charming bungalows, with soft tones  of .brown" and    green,  or red-roofed;  tennis    lawns,   vivid    green, even in  late July; riding parties; the men and  women so trim   and    English-smart;  motors   by, the   hundred, sometimes  driven by .a starry-eyed, brown-armed  girl; her   mignon   face   framed in a  drooping   panama,    or a fair-haired,  blue-eyed, . sun-proof   lady,    with no  hat at    all.   A   rich, teeming, abundant life is everywhere, and the graceful hop   vines,    the   fine   little fruit  trees, the.riot- of old-fashioned garden flowers, the hen-yards with hosts  of busy fowl, and harvest of creamy  eggs, at    forty, cents - a dozen.     The  great   ranches,   such'--.as the    "Coldstream," Lord Aberdeen's place, over  which I -motored    to-day, the boy's  farm, where   the   young farmers are  toiling   grandly   to. pet a great hay  crop saved.     The pretty" little towns  along    the   lake    side,   the    regatta  course and stand, and here and there!  a smart club   house and cosy hotel,''  all thesethings alternate in my' mem-"  ory .with.  the. greetings of kinsmen,  and the laughter   of the tennis players, as" I sit in my little room.at Sicamous and-.think- over a great two  days fin Paradise. '.*    Jr  ��������������������������� r    OVERSEAS CLUB AT MARA..  ..'f   .... . . f.  In reporting, to his home paper, the  London' -DailyV - Mail, Mr.- Evelyn  Wrench" says, of .-his visit to Mara, in  July:       .;      ;. ,   ;._.**, ' *   ,' ���������������������������'  "Our last visit to a branch in tlie  Okanagan Valley was t-o Mara, where  __ Coal mining rights of .the Dominion  in Manitoba, '" Saskatchewan and "-Alberta," . the. -Yukon*. Territory; the  Northwest Territories and .a .portion  of the province of British Columbia,  may be leased for a term of twenty-;  one years at an annual rental ,of |l  an acre. Not more than'2,560 acres  will be leased to one applicant. -'  Application for a lease must be  made by the applicant in person to  the.Agent or sub-Agent of"the district in which rights applied for are  situated.     .- - "  In surveyed territory the land must  he described   by    sections; - or' legal  sub-divisions" of sections, and in un-'Jwe attended an inaugural banquet of  surveyed territory the tract applied | sixty covers. Mara is <iuite a small  for shall be staked out by the appli- settlement, and for this reason our  cant himself. ' - <  Each application must be accom- local members deserve the greatest  panied by a fee for $5 which will be credit for the banquet, l.elc on July  refunded if the rights applied for are 6th. The banquet was also given in  not available but not otherwise.. A;honor of Captain Edwards, R. N.,  royalty, shall   be paid   on    the mer- *     ...      ._, ���������������������������-   ,       , '        .  chantable-output of the mine at the;and Mrs* Awards, who t-.re returning  rate of five cents per ton. i to the Old Country.  The person operating the mine shall j    "Our chairman, Mr. Gordon Davies,  furnish the Agent with sworn returns ; made a charming little sptech   as did  accounting for   the   full quantity of,--     TT   __   _._ ,,        ,,  merchantable coal mined and pay the. ^Ir- H- M- Walker, the proprietor of  royalty thereon.     If the coal mining i thc-Enderby Press.     Mr. Y'alker, like  rights are not being operated,' such  returns should be furnished at least  once a year.  The lease will include the'coal mining rights only, but the lessee may be  permitted to purchase whatever  available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of  the mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre  For   full     information   application  should be made   to the Secretary of  -the -Department -of -the -Interior, _Ot-_  tawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent  of Dominion Lands.  W. W, CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���������������������������Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not be paid  for. sp2  If you  have land  to sell  List it with me.  If you want to  buy land, see me.  My new booklet descriptive of the Mara District is now out.   GET   ONE,   '  Chau. W. Little  Eldernell Orchard,Mara,B.C.  so many of my . Canadian friends,  conies from Ontario, and dwelt upon  the urgent necessity of instilling patriotism into the minds uf the children  in the prairie provinces.  "I wish some of my self-satisfied  friends in the Old Country and in  Eastern Canada would only study  conditions on the spot. Then perhaps  they-would realise" the'dangers of this"  foreign immigration in Western Canada. They seem to forget that 1,-  300,000 Americans and foreigners have  come into the Dominion in the last  eleven and a half yoars. If they  wish to study ' the matter in detail  they should read the. statistics published by the Department cf the Interior at Ottawa. . But mere figures  are not as valuable as first-hand experience on the spot.  "Canada���������������������������especially tie prairie provinces���������������������������has a great dc:-.l to learn  from tho United States in the matter  of instilling patriotism into the  young. I would commo.id this subject to all members of the Overseas  Club in Western Canada who  for something definite io do."  ri:  THE man who goes  a-travelling  needs  clothes effective in appearance and suitable to his purpose.    Travelling means hard wear. ]  It also necessitates having clothes of impressive quality, so  that the wearer may never be handicapped by an appearance open to criticism. ' "''* _ .  ���������������������������c. .-  -V--  FIT-PJTE style is the style of.the best ���������������������������""*  dressed;men.      "  '      i. ��������������������������� .. ��������������������������� yjj ".* 'j, . '���������������������������--'  It. means an exact fit and thc practical���������������������������--  expression of all that is most refined and'i;-  worth while in men's.dress.  FIT-RITE service is for the man of good  taste'1 who .wants;-everything,".desirable"in���������������������������/",  clothes, and yet at a moderate.price:y  FIT-RITE garments meet'these requirements'.      ' ,, '       ",".-'  J.  W.   EVANS  &. SON,  Exclusive Agents, Enderby  lP-\^ ~   ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ _"=T   ������������������km������������������/X������������������k  Departing Events  Cast Shadows Behind  &9f&?H&5S5^S^S&&  5HI-  isi^gSSiJ  ask  SAFETY OP LIVES AT SEA  As an outcome of the Titanic enquiry instituted by the British government, the Board of Trade of England has issued revised iules for increasing the safety of lives at sea.  The rules become, effective on January  it may be necessary to obtain further  .'.legislative powers in order to make  adequate boat drill compulsory and  secure crews to man the beats properly. The rule abrogates that which  permits ships with bulkheads tt?. carry  a lesser number of boats.  =AR-T*=OF���������������������������ARRLE=������������������AC1KING=  A vision of subdued animation, fresh in memory but deported in form and spirit.  1, 1913. They provide that oceangoing passenger ships and emigrant  steamships and foreign sailing ships  carrying passengers, snail be required  to furnish life-boat accommodation  for all on board, the life-beat equipment which has been included must  be in fthe boats as soon as the ship  leaves the harbor and tliere remain  throughout the voyage.  The number of persons to be carried  in each boat   must be maiked on it.  Rt. Hon. Sidney Buxton, president  of the Board of Trade, in issuing the  new rules makes the .suitement that  In order to encourage a knowledge  j of the art of apple    packing, the de-  Jpartment  of agriculture,  Victoria,   is  j conducting competitions at this year  , Fall fairs.       These    competitions are  ' open to any one who wishes to enter,  | except that    in    certain districts thc  ; fair managers    may, at their discre-  ! tion,"exclude" professionals?""'A ii~"entry"  ! fee of -fl   is    charged    and the prizes  'are .?15, $10 and $5.     The judges are  furnished  by thc department of agriculture.     The money for prizes is to  bc taken from    the    grant of $27,000  made by the    Dominion this year to  the Province for agricultural purposes  :"   There will also  bc at a number of  i  , fall  fairs   fruit-packing earnests lim-  i ited to those who attended the pack-  ing schools conducted  by the depart-  I ment last   winter   and who made 75  ! per cent,  or    over,    at tne cxamina-  ; tions.   There were about 500 of these  pupils and nearly all are eligible to  enter   -the    competition.     The places  where contests will  be held are Ganges Harbor, Victoria, Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton,    Summerland, Nakusp,  Armstrong,    Kaslo,    Nelson,    Grand  Forks,  Creston, Peachland and Kere-  meos.  OF   CANADA  Paid-up Capital, Rest ttfi IRf 07A  and Undivided ProHts-*vO������������������*0*������������������ O.IU^  Total Assets (Over)   $58,000,000  Photographer James has put out  some very good work since opening  his studio in Enderby. He is open  for any order in general photography  and is also prepared to handle the  developing for amateurs on short  notice.  Don't Waste Interest  and risk the principal itself by  keeping a lot of money in your  house or your pockets.  Itt would .^jj^uch_saXer_in_Hie__  Uuion   Bank   of   panada ��������������������������� less  likely to be spent���������������������������and instead of  being   idle,   would    lie   earning  Interest night and day.  If you haven't a Savings  Bank , Account already, come iu  aiid open one.  Enderby FrancX   W. D. C. CHRISTIE, Manager  LONDON, ENG., BRANCH,  51 Threadneedle St., EX.  F. W. ASHE, - . Manager.  G. M. C HART SMITH,   Assistant Mar.  SHUSWAP & OKANAGAN BRANCH  Daily trains both ways from  Sicamous Junction to Okanagan Landing:  South ". '.  bound  read down  10.15   (Lv)  STATIONS  North  bound  read up  (Ar)   17.30  10.48    "                Mara  1G.45  11.03       ,         Grindrod  16.29  11.18                 Enderby  16.14  11.45                Armstrong  15.45  12.03                   Larkin  15.25  12.30                   Vernon  15.00  12.45 (Ar)     Ok. Landing  (Lv) 14.45  H. W. BRODIE          * JNO.BURNHAM  Gen: Pas. Agt.   ���������������������������  Agent  -Vancouver '-- ���������������������������  Enderby  ;***:������������������ THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, September 12, 1912  KAMLOOPS  CELEBRATION  ADVANCEMENT OF  SCIENCE  Three Days Fun and Frolic  BIG PROFIT FROM TOBACCO  Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  Sept. 17,18,19  B A S EGA 1 ih TO URN A MENT  FOOT13 A LL TO URN AMENT  LAWN TENNIS TOURNAMENT  POLO TOURNAMENT  MOTOR BOAT RACES  FIELD   SPORTS  RIFLE  SHOOTING  AQUATIC SPORTS  The British Association for the Ad- It win bc interesting to note, in  vancement of Science met in Dundee, view of the fact that the laml about  Scotland, on Sept. '4th,, and the most j Enderby ig yery wcU ^^ to the  growth of tobacco, and climatic con-  interesting feature of the session was  the presidential    address by Prof. E. \Altions    are    i(leal   for   Ks ripening;  A. Schacfer, of Edinbu.*gh university,  'what the possibilities ore for anyone  which dealt with the nature,, origin ��������������������������� wh(J will-venturc its cultivation as a  and maintenance of life. During the ;markctable product. T.ie Penticton  course of his address he said: <Hcmlll hft8   tMs   iQ Say of the first  "We may   fairly    confide that all   tobacco crop ra,scd a(. j,entlcton:  changes    in     living    substances    arc 1    .,The fh,st tobftCCO rnls3ll in Pcnt|c.  brought about    by ordinary chemical |ton will be cut   to.(]ftyf on Major T>  and physical forces." 'E...Naish's ranch.      Over 8000 plants  Speaking     of     the    j-rrpcrties   ofsctIn   the   bcgilining   of the season,  growth and reproduction, he declared:,,lavc   maturod   and    iook    clean and  'They arc possessed r.ot alone by liv- jhcalthy;  a proo[   of  chc possibilities  ing    bodied,    for    inorganic  crystals   for thc industrv in this dlstrict.  grow    and    multiply   ar. 1    reproduce I  'One acre of land, lying on a gen-  Grand   Historical'   Pageant IlUstrat- their like, given a supply of requisite |tle sloping H(]gc>    was ljropal.cd and  ing   the   Progress   of    Events       i substance."  .Since  the   Founding of  the First   '-.Yhite  Settlement  in 1812  Further on,    he said:  "H has been  the plants set, under directions from  Mr. Holman,    of   the    1'iitish North  ���������������������������   ���������������������������   ���������������������������   ���������������������������   ���������������������������   ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������#   ������������������   ���������������������������   ���������������������������   ��������������������������� >  ���������������������������-���������������������������-��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  \ Maundrell & Robinson  LICENSED  AUCTIONEERS  Provincial and City License  Let us put money in your pocket by selling that  which you do not want  Walter Robinson  Clerk  A. E. Maundrell  Auctioneer  iproved that    we   can *io k-nger con- : American Tobacco Co.     Two classes  jsuler such an    apparently vital  phe--of plants    were    put ,n: thc Havana  TRADES PROCESSION  DECORATED MOTOR CAR PARADE  ,nomenon as    the  fertilizacion  of thei  ,egg as being the result of living ma-  and the Spanish Comstock.     The for-  inier is the   best   paying, as the leaf  terial brought to it, since it is possi- |can be sold any   sj!ie at ,Q centg pcr    jble to start the procoss  of the dm- :polind>   whiIe    the   latter mugfc have  TU/n DIP  niCDIAVCHF nDFU'nDlfCiS,^n 0ftl;eCeV" thc(JSSand there-jlcaves 19    inches   j in   order t0  IP DlU  MlMZ (Jl   rlRtn(lR!ld!8Ultin8    '���������������������������������������������ation    of cells and ultl-|bring  20  cents.      Anything  below  15  -\rrwed   bv  Hitt Bros     of  Settle Xatf\������������������\&l\ the tlMUes aD(1 or^ns' ,'tnchos are-counted as c,Us, for which  arranged   u\   imt mos .   ol   beattle.   in short   to brine about tlm dpvplnn- L.i ���������������������������    ~  The most elaborate ever shown in the '���������������������������    .      '. i , develop    thc pnce 1S 6 cents per pound      Thc  Interior : ment of the  whole body, if a simple ; average crop from an ,,,,.������������������, of laml .g  GRAND CONFETTI '".ARNlVAj  EN    MASQUE  On  the Closing Evening  Single Fare   from  all points en C.  .chemical reaction    is   substituted   for.1G00 poundS|  and    the eFlimated net  jthe male    element   in  the process of !profit about   ?200i     D      nd the first  fertilization.  "Wc may even hope to see the material  which composes tbe nucleus of  P. II..     For Programme and  further .cell life prepared by" fie'combination  Information,  address  HON. SEC. CELEBRATION COM  KAMLOOPS, D. C.  SPECIAL NOTICE  i of the proper substances."  In summing up his remarks he said  that research "seems 4.o point to the  j irrigation; which must be done very  | thoroughly; no further moisture is  necessary, but regular cultivation,  every 10 days, must be attended to if  the plants are to thrive their best.  With proper implements this is not  ,    . , difficult, as thc plants are placed two  I conclusion that the possibility of the ' fCflt apart with three ,ctt betWCen the  .production of life-that i,, of living |rows. Profits Can be in(.re;l������������������ed if th_  matcnal-is not so remote as is gen-  Bemis    planting   machine is used, as  erally asserted."  A MODERN MIRACLE  There will have to be some fast bid-      Horrified at the sight of an almost  tXtLft/^L^Z^/i'i/t. hz/lessicori)sc*the am>" ������������������lJ������������������lm  . 17-18. Mr. Waddell has so much that Edmonds, who was run over and  must be sold," and the quality is .50-killed by a train on Tuesday after-  good, the demand   will be great;  Helnoon on Main    street, Kamloops, A.  /iil^^.s^T^i^yi^ r r"T ol,u" Quccn's  "cows are bred'from winners in the 3-,Hote1' a clcaf, mutc> WflU known to  day dairy contest at Winnipeg. Also everyone in this .city, suddenly re-  young bull calves sired by that fa'm- gained his speech and -hearing the  ous Red Poll bull," President-Tra^.; miracle having been worked, it is  He has numerous    other grade cows,.l <* , .       .     ,        *     .  excellent .milkers.       Mr.   Waddell, is suPI)osecl by shock,  at using confron-  expecting 1000 buyers to be in attend-f^efl   suddenly    with    such    a   ghastly  **ance at the   sale.     He has made' hr- sight.      "Dummy"  as he was called,  rangements    with    Mr.   Maundrell -to '  provide the lunches for the crowd.  the acreage covered is as five to one  planted by hand."  WILL DRIVE EIGHT MILE TUNNEL  PATRONIZE  HOME INDUSTRY  was an eye witness . to Edmond's  death, and was the first to draw  away the coat that the police had  placed over the " body. In trying* to  utter a cry of horror, something,  snapped in his throat .-rid ears and  speech and hearing .suddenly returned  ! to him after two years of affliction  as a deaf mute. Jasiniski, since his  marvellous discovery, has been making good use of his tongue and has  never stopped talking, _,nd seems as  well and intelligent as any. one.���������������������������  Kamloops Standard.  ASK FOR IT  R. Chadwick  REGISTERED PLUMBER  .Lccr.tificate.) ���������������������������Painter, and Decorator,  Box 74, Enderby.  Avoid the feud, cut out the faction,  and go very slow in taking sides in  .(liiarrels.  It is understood    in    well-informed  Canadian Pacific circles-that" the vast  improvements   involving  fhe  double-  tracking of the Cv P. jl'; between Calgary and Vancouver to.be carried out  .during the next   four  years,  include  the-driving of. a., double-track tunnel  a.little over eight miles .:ong through  the summit of the Selkirks, in order  to eliminate    the   steep  grades over  Rogers Pass, the scene of many dangerous snowslides..     Surveys for the  proposed undertaking have been completed by engineering parties working  under the direction of Mr. F. F. Bus-  teed,  formerly general superintendent  'of the Pacific   division, and now engineer in    charge    of double-tracking  surveys,   with  headquarters at Kamloops.     -The proposed tunnel will extend   from    Bear    Creek, east of the  summit, to a   point    west of Glacier  station.     The    cost   is estimated at  over $1,500,000 per mile.     The major  portion    of    the    tunnel  will have a  gradient of one per cent with a central section of a short distance with  a^{^adientaif^about^t.\vo^iieii^cent.======  nm.mumnrtmH.im  Better Look Now  If you have dac\4m4 to. take m  ���������������������������ummtr co-tag*! new l������������������ the tlm*  te loefe ever th* ClMtlfl*** Ad*,  fer cettJ-C** te rant.  Vou will get a more tatltrac-  xory Mtocttofl new than you will  later en.  Or If you wl*h te tax* Doara*rs  er have pl*ce* te rent, now I* th*  time to place your Cla������������������������������������lfled Ad.  c^rrtiM- w ,, ��������������������������� v. ������������������^_*r   .  J  I  -I  CPARKLING WATER, cool and  - sweet, refreshes - the farmer who  builds a  Concrete Well or Tank  '"PHE FARMER, above all others, appreciates good water. He drinks  x more water than the city man. The city-dweller is dependent upon  the public water-supply for the purity of his water, while the farmer can  have his own private source of water, and thus be sure that it is pure  and healthful.  #  jV/JAN hasn't found a better drink than cool water, properly collected and stored.    But in order to keep  water fresh and pure, a tank or well casing that will keep out every possible ���������������������������impurity" must be used.  CONCRETE IS THE IDEAL MATERIAL FOR TANKS AND WELL-CASINGS.  The profit without lienor is the  amount you overcharge your customer,  m  i  i  TT is absolutely water-tight, protecting your water from seepage of all  A kinds, it cannot rot or crumb e. it is easily cleaned inside. -Time  anil water, in.-read of causing it to decay, actually "make it stronger.  (~)UIi Farmers' Information De-  puriment will help you to itcchlc  how to build anything, from a pureli-  slcp to a silu. The service is free���������������������������  vuii don't even h:i\-e lo promise to  built'. V/lien in doubt ask the Information Department.  Do With Concrete."  Address Publicity Manager  npHKREare scores of other uses for concrete on your farm���������������������������on every farm.   If  ���������������������������   .yw'.wnM like to know of them, write for our book, ''What tlie Farmer Can  The book is absolutely free.  Canada   Cement   Company  Limited  506 HERALD BLDG., MONTREAL  "\ATHENyou go to buy cement  be sure that this'label is on  every bag and barrel. Then  you know you are getting the  cement lhat the farmers of  Canada have found to be the  best. Thursday, September 12, 1912  /'  y  b  THEnENDERB'Y PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  BIFLES,  SHOT GUNS,    AMMUNITION,   HUNTING  COATS,  CAPS,  KNIVES,   ETC.���������������������������everything   for the Hunter and "Trapper.  Lord Strathcona Predicts that Our  Dominion will be Pivot of the Empire  without one inhabitant settled there;  to-day it is a bustling and beautiful  city of about 120,000 people with  world-wide business associations. Cal-  The last issue of "Counl.ry Life" to f "That was the Canada of 1838 as ffary, now .the, home of 44,000 ener-  hand contains thc following article J pictured by a great i'.r.tish states- j&ctic citi2cnsi stands in one's early  on "The T-wo Canadas: 1838���������������������������1912," j man. To-day the 'bustle and activ- | recollections as Whiskey Point���������������������������a deny'the Right Hon. Lord Strathcona, ity' which Lord Dur.um found so '  G. C. M. G., High Commissioner for j marked  a    feature   on  thc American,  Rifles, from $1.50 up  Shot Guns, $7.00 and up  side, is the peculiar possession of  Canada from sea to sua; what he saw  as the 'waste and desolation'ron the  Canada.  "It is now three-quarters of a con-  ,tury since I   first    went   to Canada,  and what a contrast between the Can-  Canadian   side    of    :;hc boundary  is i  jada .of    those    days   and these.   My {now the home of a united, prosperous '  young   imagination    nad teen moved'and ever-increasing British community a family    connection   with   Johnjty,   many    thousands  of whom come  Stewart,    the    companion   of Simon  from the Republic itself.  signation , due  liquor bnJugh't-  to   the quantities of  ���������������������������there by hasty trap  pers from across the .boundaries.     In  Fraser in his memorable trip of discovery to the   Pacific Coast, and af-  Our stock is .very complete and the prices the lowest that are possible.  If you cannot call at our store, mail your orders. They will receive  prompt and careful attention.  Fulton HardwareCo.  ��������������������������� Edmonton, instead-of the desolate*  ! Hudson's Bay Company's post of  'earlier days, we have a gieat centre  of commerce with a population of 25,-  000 and a*'university on whose roll  many of us may be as proud to be  inscribed a Doctor of Laws as when  similar, honors come' from the em-,  pire's most ancient seats of learning,  Oxford and. Cambridge.  "At Saskatoon another university  is in the making, for Western Canadians.realize full well'that it is not  by wheat and dollars "alone, or even  Limited.       Enderby, B  "Pessimism and apathy 0were the  prevailing notes ^f Canadian senti-  terwards Chief Factor of the Hud- ment in those early days. Seventy  son's Bay Company of Lesser Slave years ago there was not ������������������ dozen peo-  Lakc.     The West,  remote as it then  pie in the whole country who behaved  jWas, had also been made familiar to'as if the    Canadian   West could e~er  us* through    relationship     with     the'J be anything else than a fur-producin ���������������������������  Great family, who were prominent in , wilderness, and    there was a general .'chiefly, that a people are "judged, but  the stirring days of-the fur trade in  doubt whether a railroad would everjtv the higher   possessions which ma-  I Rupert's Land    in   the early part of (cross the northern half 0f the conti-  tei.'-U     wealth   places     within   their  the last   century,    and the offer of a  nent.     When in later years the Can-  reach.  (clerkship in the   Hudson,s Bay Com-jadian Pacific   was   irst spoken of, it!- "Such insl-nces of Canadian devel-  "pany was not to be refused.     At that  was regarded    as   an     idle   . dream. |opment could be multiplied "indefinite-  time the. first steamship was prepar-  Even when the contracts were actual--ly in the East as well as the West. It  inp-   fn     lira���������������������������      fV><_      A+1-.-4..-,.      ._,.    :_,, 1-.   l���������������������������������������������     ai ���������������������������  . I ... ... '���������������������������"   ,  ing to brave the Atlantic, and it* ly let, there'were not many who im-  took our little sailing ship of eight 'agined that the road world be corn-  hundred tons, or thereabouts, 43 days pleted inside of twenty or thirty  to.cross   from   Aberdeen lo Canada",  years, if ever.  and our vessel was considered a very J "What do we see to-day ? Not one  fast one at that. Last year I was transcontinental road, but three.with  able to leave London,- -cross the At- innumerable branch 'lines penetrating  lantic and be back in England again a land dotted with the I.omes of thri-  in half    that   time.       Moreover, the  ving cultivators.       When 1  first saw  , is an   inspiring    story   of pluck and  progress.*' "     * . ' * ,t  "To go   through  .the v-cstern land  to-day is, indeed, to be* lost in amazement at the   change 'of the past few  ( decades and to gain new hope of the  future.    May many more Englishmen  I'go' there 'to see the. work of cultiva-  j _ _.    _  "   "~������������������   --^o.       -,in... _  ma. sawition for .themselves   and-bnd how to  ,voyager of to-day passes to and from   it.-the buffalo roamed over the plains 'take their' part in "it      But great ,c  .Canada in ships so well equipped and  in thousands; to-day men talk with-!have been the   advances of the nasV  uxunous as to make the'condition of   out surprise of a production this year [they' are as nothing to  the improve-'  MMi almost unrecognizable. -       of   180,000,000    bushels   c|   wheat of  ments which .'some of those now living  But great as has been the lessen-  high grade on    the' prairie al6ne,  to  will see in"   the   next'_.-i.nVy<ars������������������  Ztl������������������    A       Atlan4tic.. P^sage,    far  say nothing   of    the   vast output' of jWhat the.-UnitecT  Kingdom'is to-day '  greater things are to come. . The day   other produce from farm and factory, 'in  population,    wealth    and    power  must soon arrive   (when- Canada- will  secure the full advantage of. her splendid position on   the North American t first "saw   it,   a    hamlet    containing  continent,    and   .we shall be able to'some 120 white people;, today it is a  leave London    at    noon on one day!city  of cosmopolitan  characteristics,  ���������������������������and arrive in Quebec four and a half  with" a population at' the time of the j  days later by steamers as fast and as !'last census of-135,000 people, reckoned  "Winnipeg,  the    present metropolis [ Canada will be before the close'of the  of the prairie   country, Mas, when. I (present   century.       The   i vast    lone  prairies with their myriad's of buffalo  ���������������������������Indians,,,-the' hunter.;and trapper,  the Red River, cart���������������������������they have passed'  v      \ .,-.'-        . '   '. ~-r-     -     i       r ���������������������������a'..--il��������������������������� -.1.-1   J,  ,-- * ���������������������������'_ -.-.- %-   -.���������������������������.���������������������������-*-.,-'������������������������������������������������������"' -v* --Z* ��������������������������� s   ���������������������������*> *>>'";*_?**** *' zy, r-\\"~-y,'<- ��������������������������� -.- -  away,' and in their place we see" thri-"  _.������������������. ���������������������������   \' ' - ������������������������������������������������������'���������������������������'- -'-'    -'     - -    I ���������������������������-  --,--- t-���������������������������r~y, ^v.nv,.i=u  ving, homesteads and busy cities  "and--7  .efficient as any on the high seas, 'and.jamong the, [best   o^the continent,-a iQ;t'hem;;>eV-have>.* prom.se-^f X-tir"   '  reach-the Pacific Coast ja/eight ''day's.* {city selected a little.while ago for the J greater, fiiturV/-    We who-are-of'Can-*'"-  M  fW-A  COLUMBIA   FL0U������������������MG-^M{U^  When  was not  I  a  first    saw'c.i a&a there, J annual meeting  m'ile-'.of    ���������������������������.  .!....������������������������������������������������������'  city selected a little.while ago for the;Jgreater,future'/  , of the British. Ass'o-^  ^-'^^y'^n "the'J ciatibn,-. and- destine! ttfore many  country; to-day'the Canadian'half of .years to rank among the leading in'-,  the continent "is threaded fby/some "of j^dustrial cities of the World.-- When I  the   world's   most    powerful* railway saw Vancouver, only twenty:six years  ago, its   site    on   Burrard Inlet was"  just a burnt   patch   in a wilderness,  w  "Real Estate, Insurance, Etc.  Post' Office Block, Enderby  A large listing River .Front Lands'jn small'acreage���������������������������close to town.  Oh-monthly payment system:   ...;,.,-,' " .--  20 acres,Bench Lands, excellent for fruit; Price, ������������������1,500  ~ v  14 acres Fruit and Hays Land," with building, for $1/250,'. on. terms  i have thejargest Jisting of frui^ and farming lands to be  "KatTih the "Northern Okanagan." "   intending buyers would do well  to call and see my listing before securing elsewhere.  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What are  now the    prosperous   provinces   of a  confederation were petty and warring  communities, and the  .Vest', the hope  of "Canada   and   thc    Empire, was ������������������  wilderness trodden   only" ny'-'the buffalo, the Indian and the trapper.'     'I  ^Ee^ted,L=said=_Lond==Di!diamT=ito-find--  a contest between a government and  a people; I found two nations warring  in the bosom of a single state; I  found a struggle not of pi inciples but  of races.' The industrial condition  of the country reflected thc gloom.of  its politics.  "Lord Durham    dwells with justice  upon the_ striking conjtrfist__then_;prc-_  sen tod between the Amorhan and the  British sides of" the frontier line.     In  respect to overy sign of productive industry,    increasing    wealth   and progressive civilization.     Un lhe American side all was activity and bustle.  In    Lord    Durham's   worls,      'Good  houses,   warehouses,    >niUs,   inns,  villages,  towns,    and  oven  ������������������,icat cilies,  are almost seen   to spring up out of  ^hc desert.       Every   villiage has its  v,ntc Ischoolhouse and place of public wor-  B.C. ish'P*     Every town has many of both,  with its township buildings, its book  stores   and    probably     one   " or  two  banks and newspapers; ami the cities,  .with  their    exchanges,    cr urt-houses,  and municipal halls,-of .sconeror mar-  , ble, so new and fresh an to mark the  .recent existence   of    die forest where  they stand, would be admired "in any  ,part of the Old World.'     But on the  British side of the line, vith the exception of a few favored sp-its, where  some approach to Amarican prosperity was apparent, all sremc-d to Lord  Durham   waste   and   desolate.   'There  is but   one    railroad    in"  all British  America, and    that, running..between  the St.    Lawrence    and lake'Cham-  plain, is only 15 miles Jong.'  cairns " than to-be  ' Our*" Dofiiiriion "* will.  "of the British Eni���������������������������  ada_jhay,e 'i lu'gher.  mere^D'^inTo^r: *  yetv/be'tK'e^pivor-  pire, and^it is ��������������������������� our hope md prayer r-  that it,may. be* an Empire which will"  -ensure peace^and    liberty throughout -'  the world:'''- - ���������������������������'--���������������������������'.'  \ -*s. ^f**s-  fa W,  Piping Hot Water Always Ready  for every occasion, with thc -KootenaySteel- Range,  "without "driving"" the"fire" of wasting fuel. " The"  generous firebox is built so that the water heats very  rapidly as it passes through the water front, and  gives a plentiful supply. One bath usually empties  the boiler heated by an ordinary range with the  result that thc rest of the family must wait for more  water to heat. Not so with the boiler attached to  thc water front of a  Steel Range  because thc Kootenay never fails to heat as much  water as is required and 'as fast as it is used. The  'nearest McClary Agent will make clear to -you the  reasons why you ought to own:a Kootenay."        50  M^ClaiyS  London,    Toronto,     Montreal,    Winnipeg,     Vancouvsr.    St. John, N.B.,    Hamilton.     Calcary  THE FULTON HARDWARE GO. Ltd.  ._.���������������������������)���������������������������  -���������������������������I  ���������������������������"ii  "��������������������������� vi  ** J*  '11 THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, September 12, 1912  Wacltleirs Auction Sale  BACK FROM FORT FRASER  Mayor Ruttan    returned from Fort  Fraser Saturday about n.-.-duight. He !  left Fort Fraser /Tuesday noon, by j  GREATEST  SALE OF  !tARM IMPLEMENTS,  PEDIGREED  STOCK,  &c. * auto.      No   rain    had fallen there in '  , the month of August, aud the dust;  i was up to the shoe-tops on the road. J  i At Ashcroft, however, he encountered '  wet roads, and from Kr, mloops to ]  ���������������������������Enderby very bad ones.     Meyor Rut- '  tan looks hale and hearty, and is en- ,  EVER HELD  IN' THE INTERIOR  TWO DAYS, SEPT. 17-18  each day at 10 a. m.     Entire Stock will be sold.  Sale commences  NO RESERVE.  FIRST DAY���������������������������Farm Implements, Poultry Yard Applian v:.s, Household thusiastic about the Fort Fraser  Effects in general. The Waddell Hazelmere Ranch is located near Ender- 'country. To the Fort Fiuser News, ;  . by. It is changing hands. It is stocked with thc BEST >';i everything, Mayor Ruttan stated in a recent in-  for an up-to-date fancy stock and poultry farm: Mowers, Hay Rakes, ' terview that his company's saw mill.  Wagons, Dob Sleighs, DiaC'Harrows, Drag Harrows, Cultivators, Field 'at Fort Fraser is now .Tawing 15,000 j  Rollers, Plows (hand nnd gang), Cultivators, Buggy, Cart, Two Cutters, 'feet per day, and this will be in- j  Seeders, Orchard Spray, Harness, Etc. An important feature will be the ',creased as soon as possibe. When -  .--���������������������������ale of several sets of Old Country Driving Harness, Saddles, Rugs, 'asked if there was any market for !  Robes, Horse Blankets,'lite. ] this   output,    he    replied,  "My, yes;  All High-Class Housenold Goods to be sold, including: A Player settlers are arriving daily, and as  Piano of the Aeolian'typ.", made by the Aeolian OrchestralJe Co.. New , they all want lumber the first thing,  York, ancl listed at $1,250���������������������������in perfect coalition; upwards of SJ-O worth of we are compelled to allot to each  roll music. Also a fine suite of Mahogany; Oliver Typewriter with Desk, ' such an amount as we k*;iow they are '  etc.; living-room suites, ere. Complete Kitchen Outfit: Cooking Utensils, in need of. The plant will have to  Tables, Cupboards, Range, etc.���������������������������all must go. Carpets, Bedding, etc. > be increased several times to supply  SECOND DAY���������������������������25 head of Horses and other Live Sto^R and Fancy the'demand. The owners of the  Poultry. Most people are aware of the high-standard of. Live Stock .plant, the Dominion -Stock and Bond  raised by Mr. Waddell < u his Hazelmere    Farm. All of i..".'s high-class  Corporation,     Ltd.,    nre    delivering  of stock must go, including'that Great Stallion, "Pride of Drumburle,"'lumber to bona fide settlers at cost,  an imported Clydesdale, -sired by the highest-priced stallion m the world:! and in addition'to this, the company  the "Baron of Buchlyvie.'' A prize-winner on two continents. Also the has fifty men at work clearing and  c high bred Roadster Stallion, "Edgar Wilkin," 013C0, bred bv J T. Wilkin- grading on the Fort Fraser townsite.  son, Chilliwack, B. C. Two Brood Mares, Clydesdale registered stock, | "I have a .store at Port Fraser,  both 5-year-old; bred to l'ride of Drumburle. Tn the peligroes of these [but owing to the distance from a sup-  , Mares is to be found th. finest breeding obtainable in imporr.cd horse- ply point it is impossible with one  flesh. Two yearling c.ilt.. from these pedigreed mares. Also Drivers, *team going all the time to keep much  Draught and Saddle Horses. jof a stock    on    hand.     However, as  Several  Cows, good milkers; also four Pedigreed Red-Pull Heifers and   soon as the iron horse r<! the Grand  other grade stock.. Piizc-winning Geese and Chickens f;r 1'n'vate Sale, i Trunk Pacific arrives, and their grade  This year's stock  includes some of the    finest    birds   ever    lu'sed  in the i is now only 70 miles distant from the  Listen!  Biq Sisters Beau  Hazelmere Poultry    Yards.. ���������������������������   Open to make any private deal fer the whole  or any part of poultry stock.  Two hundred tons of Oat Hay will be sold in stack. Potatoes and  other roots. Anyone ('curing to see the stock will bc accommodated any  time before the day of sale.  LIVE PIGEON SHOOT THE LAST DAY OF SALE  Entrance money to be $1 ancl good prizes offered  LUNCHEON  WILL BE  SERVED DURING  RUN OF  SALE.  TERMS: $40.00 .md" under,-Cash;"'over that sum 9 per .';.-;.off for cash  or 7 per cent on appro.-ed notes (3 months.)  B. FRANCIS, Auctioneer  .Specially Engaged from tiiv. coast to handle sale.  FOR SALE  . HOUSE���������������������������26x18,   with  a<l.\rion   lSxl2;  well-painted and plastered  through-  ; out.       Lot    40x100;    fai-ing  a GO-ft  street with lar.e in ! -.<:k of lot. For  short    time,    only ?S)0'l;  ?200 cash,  balance .'j'20 per month.  ANOTHER GOOD BUY-House IS  x24,  with kitchen 12xL8.     Stable 12x'  18,  and  large chicken house and run,  situated in the centre o-. the City on  two lots; 12 fruit   trees in full bearing; city water; city light.     The best of terms. Price, .$1,500; $300 down,bal.  $30.00  per  month.  Also two lots 50x100; the only ones in  town   at   this price and  these  terms:     $150 each; $25 down and $10 per month.  WALTER ROBINSON  INVESTMENTS Room 2, Bell Block INSURANCE  LOCAL BUYERS    WATCH THIS SPACE FOR .SNAT S.  west,  these    difficulties will be overcome."  Mayor Ruttan was asked what  chances a man of limited means  would have there. Would he advise  anyone to go there to make their  home? "Most emphatically yes.  Any man, especially young men, who  want to get away from a si ave earning wage, .can -go there and make a  fortune, if-he gets in *.'.ow before'-the  railroad."  OPTIMISTIC CROP CONDITIONS  A despatch from Winnipeg under  of Sept. 7th, says there ;s a very optimistic feeling throughout the West  as a result'" of the crop situation.  In most sections of Manitoba, about  80 per cent" of the grain is in the  stook. This is about 20 per cent  ahead of last year, and ahead of normal years.  Be careful about the shadow you cast.  People will see you.  Dress veil; cast a well-shaped shadow;  then your "shadows" will fade.  Positions are hunting for those who  smile while they work, and feel that they  owe it to the firm that hires them to make  a good appearance, and worthily, properly  represent them.  Buy our ALL- WOOL clothes: you will  cast a good shadow; your girl, your  wife, your employer, will think more of  you; you'll think.more of yourself.  ���������������������������*-__-_-_-_-_-M*MBm_-l^-_MC*-_--M*'*K*"fi*W*W*"*CT.*g.^^ ll*Wia,JI"JUl    Jl    "T*-������������������*>*W*������������������r"C***!**-_-������������������PT**������������������*^MI*.l-_-������������������-������������������-___l^_____M_W  Millinery Opening"  Sept.24tfa. Don't Miss It  Enderby Triadihg Co., Ltd.  A MONEY-GETTING CTAMMDB  SIGHT  The management of the Stampede  may be congratulated on the ability  Threshing ir. under way with which the affair was organized,  in Southern Manitoba, and will com- it cannot be congratulated, however,  mence this week on the Portage either on its demeanor towards the  Plains and -throughout the Brandon public or its treatment of the public  district. There is every indication on several occasions. ln fact, if  that the yield will be over 125,000,000 there is anything of " .vhich Calgary  bushels, with Saskatchewan's yield feels a little, bit ashamed today it is  double that of n Manitoba, according the management of the Stampede it-  to acreage. self.     As the days passed, the impres-  The quality of the- new grain re- sion became prevalent, and events  ceived is well up to ihe standard and appeared to justify it, that those who  everything suggests that in quality had the affair actively in charge were  and quantity this will be the best out after the money, and did not  jyear in the_ history of tne West. Mr. care much for anything ������������������lse, as long  | Bruce Walker, commissioner of immi- as they got it. They broke faith  jgration, is reported as Paying that with the public on several occasions.  f357000-"hl"rvfstnflroyerrihTvT=bleTlliF==Th"ey  EXTENSION. OF TIME  "turned    thousands   of  In getting your Eyes suited, demand ability, reliability anl above all,  I) KM A ND EX PERI ENOE.  DR. TAUBE  EYE   SIGHT   SPECIALIST  of the Taube Optical Company, of Calgary and Vancouver, who has had 42  -years''experience in-che rrofession,-\Vill beat-A. R1_EVICS' UKIIG" STORE  KNDERBY,  on-  THURSDAY, SEPT. 26���������������������������  If there is anything w-cng with your Eye Sight, don't l.iii  tc consult  him.      All    work    ab.sjl.ifoly guaranteed as tested.  Calgary: 132  Eighth  Ave.  L'ast Vancouver: .-'lG-.-il? Holden I.'ldg  people  jtributed in the prairie pi evinces and jaway from the grounds one day with-  jthat while 50,000 were reouired, the out giving them more than a few  situation is being kept in hand by minutes' of a show, and without en-  j moving the men from prints where deavoring to return thjai their mon-  ' the harvest is over to the more nor- ey. They charged an a'lmissio:������������������ fee to  i therly sections. He thinks, on the see the Calgary Cadets honored by  i whole the labor situation is favorable the Governor-General jf Canada, thus  | and  about 30 per cent   *������������������������������������������������������  these men   making a circus spectacle ol a public  _!.will. remain- in -the -West-permanently.-event Then--when they had-taken-  |   the    people's    money    they   excluded  j      SINGLE FARE TO iOMLOOPS      '  NOTICE is   hereby   given that the  time for the reception of" tenders foi'  the construction of the Victoria Harbour,   13.   C,   Breakwater,   is  further-  extended to Tuesday, October 15, 1912.  By order,  R.  C. DES.ROOHERS,  Secretary.  Department of Public Works, Ottawa, August 31, 1912/  To  rs  Fresh Meats!    No Shooting  them from the inspection.  .,,    ��������������������������� " , ,   I    Lust night they got the horse show  All arrangements ..ire iu������������������w complete  ,   .,,,,,     . , ,  ,.���������������������������4fli-.���������������������������  ,i  -i :......  ���������������������������i- : ,)llll(linS jammed    with  people at so  much per head, rushed through a  hasty program, and turned their audience out at a quarter to ten in the  evening.       Towards the press,  which  ���������������������������,-,������������������������������������������������������������������������ .,,    . . , ,,     ,       has so   loyally    supported them, the  TAKE NOTICE    that   no.shooting "?*  *���������������������������   will^be *,1J  on  Monday .attitud_ of the management hag 'been  for a rattling good   three dr-ys'  celebration at. Kamloops in honor of the  -il.1.11111 ;Dukc of Connaught's vviit, beginning  September ]7th  nnd  coni.ini.ing until  the 20th.     Round trip tVkets at the  If you want prime fresh meats, we will be allowed  on any of the Doug-'.and Tuesday and    will  be good until  have them.     Our cattle are giain-fed las Lake Cattle Company property.    ; Saturday, the 21st.     Speciil arrangements have been made '.o supply good  I accommodation to the v'siiing public  By order, * during   the    celebration,    and  every-  THE DOUGLAS LAKE CATTLE COMPANY, Ltd   Douglas Lake, Nicola, B. C.  and selected by our own buvers from     Anybody found    trespassing on  the !,  the richest feeding grounds; in Alber- Company's   property   will    be prose  ta,  and    are   killed   ,ind cut strictl  FRESH.  We buy first-hand for spot cash, so  can give you  the best price possible.  arbitrary and    discourteous on many  1 occasions.     It is the hope of Calgary  people that if this performance is repeated another year it will be placed  .    , ���������������������������,_.,. .,,    in the hands   of    those who will see  body is   promised    the  best possible  +,   .  , ..,   .     , ,      ,    ���������������������������  ... ' that faith is observed wit.'i the public  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C.  No Shooting  centenary entertainment.  Remember   the date ..f visit of Dr.  S. L. Taube, Eye Sight Specialist of  j    NOTICE    is    hereby ghin  that no \the Taube Optical  Co.,   Calgary and  shooting will be allowed on the prop- i Vancouver, who.'���������������������������will be at A. Reeves'  S5 per cent of all headaches are the   erty ������������������f the Stepney Farm during the  Drug Store,   Enderby,   on Thursday,  result    of   eve    strain.      If   you are  season of 1912-13. {Sept.  26th.       If   there    is   anything  after the public's money is taken as  well as before.���������������������������Calgary Herald.  COAL FOR SALE  troubled that way, consult Dr.Taube,  Eye Sight Specialist, i'n his next  visit to Arthur Reeves' Drug Store,  Enderby, B. C, on Thursday, Sept.  2Gth.  THOS.   SKYRME,   Manager,    j wrong with your eye sight, don't fail  "      -- * -to consult him.     All work absolutely  BOARD-RESIDENCE   offered   in pri-! guaranteed as tested.. ^  vate house;   bath   room, piano,   etc. j "    Hiphly   recommended. Rox 139, En-!    Call ami see our new Fall Suits.  J.  derby������������������ '        i W. Evans & S.on.  I am prepared to fill orders for soft  coal and hard coal.  JAMES MOWAT, Bell Block.  All boys wishing to join the Enderby  troop can now be admitted as there is  ample room in their new headquarters  -K. of P. Hall-for squad drills.  Calgary, Alta., Sept. 3, 1912.  Current Prices:  Wholesale Produce and fruits, by  HEWSON   &   HEWSON  Dealers,   Calgary.  Cabbage ,..........._'Jc l?LP.er_..9.,.'a_^?_  Onions  2c per lb  Beets  2c per lb  Carrots 2c perlb  Parsnips  2c per lb  Turnips    2c  per lb  Swedes  2c per lb  Apples  Ji.f.0 per box  Pears   2.50 per box  Peaches   ].50 pet box  Plums   1 jr, per crate  We solicit shipments direct from  growers on consignment at 10 per ct.  net to us. Give us y >ur business.  We can make you money. Write for  information to-day.  Quotations published  wcokly.  J.S.JOHNSTONE  Cement Building  Contractor  Is prepared to furnish straight blocks  veneer    blocks,    cement 'brick,  lawn  vases,  peer   blocks,    chimney blocks;  also lime and cement.  Leave orders early.  Enderby, B. C.  -iii  ���������������������������*i  Ml  ���������������������������Ml  ���������������������������"if  It]  li''  ���������������������������a  "tl


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