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' s
Enderby, B. C; January 25; 1912
.   Vol." 4; No. 48; .Whole No;r204
.',  *"
Government to Kill Poll Tax and to
j sense   retroactive.    Handloggers'    li-
I censes will in    future be issued only
-Assess' Land at Its- Actual Value'! t^^��������� **?'** mimstcr m
Victoria, B. C, Jan. 23���������One of
the most important documents that
has been laid ' before the Legislature
of British Columbia in years is the
synopsis and report of -the Royal
Commission on Taxation, consisting
of Hon. Messrs. Price Ellison, A. E.
McPhillips, C. H. Lugrin and W. H.
Malkin, which completed its intricate
work some few weeks ago. This report was placed on the table of the
House af Monday's sitting and-isex-
" pected to .form - the basis of legislation during the present, session, by
which the- revenue (or Poll) tax and
the' personal property tax will be
"eliminated 7 altogether,1' and   various
are not likely to
work injury to crown lands or other
ting forth the true consideration for" property. An increase in royalties
purchase, and - '        is provided for on a graduated scale,
4. That the registration fee of one-- the royalties differing according to
fifth-of one per cent on the' value of -tne grade of lumber . cut,. three
real estate up to $5,000 should be ex- grades being recognized. Restric-
tended to all"real estate, irrespective tions- for- the prevention of forest
of value. , .'fires   are    rigid   and^  the    penalties
As to the wild land tax, "the evi-  severe.' ,      -   -    - ���������
dence went to ' show that in some '" Tne Present provisions of the Land
cases the assessment value of wild' Act in respect to timber'scaling and
land was somewhat. low. At the measurement; and those, relating to
same time the'Commissioners regard timber ^marking and , manufacture
the tax of 4 per cent as sound,'and' within the /Province,- are not,inter-
are'of opinion,, despite a few objec-. fer.ed~with- - ^ Special-provisions, are*
tions raised by some'witnesses, that .made for the clearing away of.debris/
the rate should remain as at present"- aroun'd camps,, mines, mills,- engines'
fixed.     The Commissioners; however,  on ��������� rights-of-way,.-.-telephone, / tele-
-_.��������� '_> ,-
News of the Town apcT District   ;
of Interest to Enderby Readers t'.c
other-.taxation' changes   reduce   the'by way of   general   recommendation;" graph7electric power and other lines/
revenues of the'country, in the aggre-  consider that   there should-bean in^  In^'respect to railways,' a .safety.'zone
: gate  -by'; about     $500,000   annually;..crease in the staff of assessors.   They  is created on either .side _to. the width
'. while.at .the'same time the burden of "also recommend   that the regulation   of, two, hundred ' feet,-which'must-'be
-- -taxation will be' mado lighter where  which at present"prescribes that'wild   kept clear\of all combustible mater-
-���������_ it is'-borne b'y, the man of-limited re- .land situate"  west,-of ,"the- Cascade  ial- .   In   every;- case, the .department
'  \ sources/arid. proportionally: increased ' Mountains ^ shall-, be '.classed'-as'im-\"re!tains the power .'of.doing at the ex-
as it .bears-',upon ..his /richer;fellow"proved land,,when-improvements have.'pense of the party- responsible, what
-- "citizenr ," As an example-in-point/the been "effected-:"thereon -tor the assessed"-"that' Party fails-.to perform,in ac-
?7 "income tax'/it" is "proposed,- sliall~be...value - of $2.50 .per acre; "should *be ex- ! cordance with" the requirements \oi the
-' .': materially! readjusted, "the- synoptical? tended to- land .situate-: east'of'the- Act- - Every-owner-; of ^'timber 'lands,
J- report^on this head "reading:������:���������,,' i-.'- 7 Cascade-Range; -'.wlien it is also'-sit^ ^whether -in,-.the., natur'e&pf-/crown
-6 "-"After ^ar consideration - of'tHis^tax' iiate to. thc north'of the 53rd paral-J grants- lease^or,-licenses; rwill-. be'fe-
���������;7\^whichfyrelded7a'1reveriue1"of7_$192>24--'lel>bf latitude. y"J/i ������- - ,""-\" <y ���������-'?������ir?d:'.t? --contribute^a'-cent; an-acre:
'^for/1910-ll^from'.an' liistoric-'and eco- |:--Touchingn���������timber
nomict point7of 7view, -"the 7report ;2jper.cent upon '
r-/, shows,, that "it-is .- generally regarded-
"7\7as'''.'the fairest .tax,'���������'������ although, there
il'fwas; strong presumptive evidence ..that<
""> the ;i>hraseol6gy.,in''fofm- 8 should be'
17 rendered more 7 "clear",' comprehensive
'. "and ~ informative.    -""The Commission
recommend. ���������'-    '  '
- - \ '-.'The"raising of the" exemption from
.$1,000'to $1,500;, '     '    -
''The .withdrawal of any * exemption
from incomes ��������� above j$ll,500 and under $50,000; ;
'-"The -withdrawal, of any exemption [
from incomes.above'$50,000, with the'
,   addition of a super-tax of 5 per cent
for that part of ithe income which ex-
��������� cecds $50,000.'     ;���������    .    " '   l" j
--  .   "An exemption of.$200 for each legitimate   child   under 18,'for certain
classes of income;
,"The Commissioners have attempted
. to achieve the task of reducing taxa-
= tion in    the   case - of   citizens    with
��������� - smaller   incomes    and    at   the- same
time of   readjusting' its incidence on
the possessors of larger incomes.
"An-analysis of the revenue shows
 _that there was__a^___ery__saitisfactory_
report states'that    .    . .       ,_��������� ..
was'" generally 'regarded- as-'satisfac-- contribution .torthe.expense/ of.'-look-
tory, though views'differed as.to" the^-mS after fires.;.;and '/'fitting out/fire
fairness'of the-respective rates-" of U-.crews.T,. Crown-granted , lands .'which
do. not-, pay/royalty :qn the'cut'are
required to-pay.   two"cents ah.acre.-
Against. the amounts contributed the
Government - puts dollar - for dollar. - "
-Death entered the.'home of Dr." and
r_ ___         _.r>w_. Mrs- -H-   W-   Keith,   .last - Saturday
"the appointment of 7rpermanrat"Fire -horning arid took,from this sphere a
Commission. r - - -. . s .v.- ;character- of sterling/worth and a
With resnect to'coal, land taxation marvelous depth >of "sympathy and
at 1 per cent on assessed value- on' lo?%- Mrs. Mary A. Carter, mother
worked mines and 2.per cent Ian "un-,of M.rs\ ; Keith, -. was stricken .with
worked mines, many witnesses direc-/ Paralysis a week previous, and7 in
ted attention .to "the- disparity- be-. sPlte P\ al-L that coukl be donc_to_re-
tween -the cost - of   coal at the mine
vences and -royalties. ' Considerable
satisfaction was expressed as to .the
operation of .the present .system"of
fire protection, but;, some -witnesses
ventured the''" opinion that a'still
more efficient 'method might, be adopted, and that the owners of" timber
land should share the cost "of such
fire    protection,   "while  others-urged
head and the price paid by the consumer. Appeals to be relieved from
the tax on coke were also urged. The
Commissioners refer the evidence, regarding the cost of coal to the consideration of the~ Government, and
>ecj3mmend7 that _ the^ tax _on coke^
ton1.    - il
I    Taking up next the 2 per cent min
'lieve her," succumbed to the fatal
1 malady. ��������� Interment took place
1 quietly from the home on Tuesday
'morning,-only_ a few close friends of
the aged lady being present,', together
[ with such of her sons and daughters
as could reach   here   in time for the
surplus of actual receipts over estimated ($10,492, 892.27 as against $7,
000,026.66)    for   1910-11, in the Pro
vincial treasury. This surplus, how-! eral tax on the assessed value of ore,
ever, for reasons which are given, is which brought to the treasury $91,-
not accepted as sufficiently reliable 038.43 in 1910-11, the report describes
to warrant material alteration at, the system of taxing minerals, and
present of   the   principles of assess- ' draws attention to the present mar
quainted in Enderby, from the fact
that she harl been an invalid for some
time, but to those who had the honor
of a personal acquaintance she will
ever be remembered as one of the
saintliest souls that - life , in this
sphere can    produce.       Of good old
Leap Year Ball to-night.
���������The Sun will rise in "Vancouver on
February 1st, or thereabouts.   "'
Mrs. Sidney' Speers entertained at
cards last Friday afternoon.
,f Miss Mowat is meeting with flattering, success.with her dancing class.-
The Boy Scouts will take their first
fort on;the_ Lawes'.Hill, Saturday.
The Jubilee--Singers t played -to a
good' house last- Saturday evening"
andXthey"-we're;heartily enjoyed.  . : -
fj*Bbrh-^-At .the" /Enderby /Cottage
'HospitalfrfJanf 19tti/ to Mr7 and Mrs.
'Jas.. C. 'English; -James;Junior III7;.'
\-In",the:Methodist church'next Sun-'
day- evening;;Mr.- McAusland..'(Signor
Auslano). will/sing -"solos 'and -give his
life's\_stqry.vand   -why he left Italian
opera.' . ' -J ' . -,-- -   7-   .     .   .~T*-
;f .-.,1 ������������������    -j    -j  -        ' " -
:,-';Mara'/citizens'are to give*a concert-
in Mara/Hall" on", the evening oL Friday," Feb7'2nd,7 and' a -.cor'diaK invitation1 is/-'extended- 'to-Enderbyites7to
ta^e^ifay ;fy/ "v-;.^ \*Cyzyi7/
."^Father ""JenncttoVhonbre'd" us7wit_Ta
yisit-this^weekr. vlt^was^-as _gb""od ^as^a'.
yisit/lrom'. Father"' JBolajider,". 'almost-v;
Father * Jennettb ',7visits������Lumby,.; Ver-"
non',*-AVmstrong andlEiiderby.-'y.y,,y���������
$~ F.}B; -Mdntieth'^and jjf-Dicko.nt,; 0?'
Vernon, are/visiting;: the'-u-""!2 ;^-������~-
this _week/Mr7 Monteitli
the, new owners;-. who.
of-the property in the" spring"
.. A- fancy dress ;masked dance will-be
given,in the Opera "House, Enderby;
on Wednesday, Feb. 14th,*.(St.'Valentine's Day)7,in aid ""of the funds of
the Ladies' Hospital Auxiliary.   >
"Snow slid'off-the main.sawmill roof
on to one of the loading sheds late
last night.and completely, wrecked the
shed, narrowly missing Nig.it -Watch-,
man Pound who was making/ his
rounds. '    -   >. -   .    -    '-_-.;'
The Ladies~of' the. Methodist- churclr
will-hold a sale of aprons and other,'
\useful articles," candies, etc., and" will
serve tea, on -'St. - Valentine's" Day.
afternoon "and "evening. Place will
be made known later.   -  '   -'
- Manager Sawyer is endeavoring to
get the "required number of seats
spoken"for    to   warrant bringing tfo.
over until- next'' week] a communication from Thos. Pound" in reference;to'7,
the delay in   closing up .the poultry -"'
show business,   and .one.'fr.ora Percy.'
Rosoman ..urging .the, flooding of, the,/
Cliff street, .bridge" to    make an] ice ���������
bottom and' thus preventlthe bridge
becoming    bare -with" the first "warm ,
days,of spring.   ' A^ good" suggestion. 7'
.r* *������-
,. The,regular/.schedule games ,'of* tlie\{yy-/A
season were ,��������� closed -,on the-tnig^CoC������/y^j\
the', 18tli. 7 AV "jcorrect'ed/ record ,-of ^"the^vJ. .^^'ll
res'ultUs'given/belowf.- /.^InHhe^sea-V74r-?i"^l
son's playing' Skip Dill;; carried" offrthe^vr.^S^I
-honors".for"- steadiness-, of"- play. an"d^^s^?e'j
the,,, real ..science."of ;;the7 gaine.\, "Th'e^^'V^I
result- '----���������* --'"'" -y \yy ->_*^"-*- ������'.V>   vjJA
series-/���������; These j -;kndck;but>.'-5-,^.s-,^_i
games j started. bii--""Monday:-''--Tlie < t&%&&$������$$\
pitted against - three' \skip_s;.,the -IfirsV-yiiW^-
night and. "cleaned up i..theyice,'.mth '---"*"* ,;
ment or the incidence of taxation ex
cept to the degree and of the nature
recommended ; nevertheless, the Com-
__missionersJ.clieve_that_the reductions
advise will prove of material benefit
to the people of the Province.
"A division of the revenue into five
separate heads and examination of
the amounts derivable from each,
show that the total abolition of the
taxes on property and persons and
raising of the revenue solely from an
increased. tax on natural resources,
which, even if it were held desirable
for other reasons, involve a 50 per
cent, increase in the rate of taxation
of such resources, i. e. timber, coal
and minerals."
Land tax revenue for 1910-11 is
shown at $316,130.83, and the report
sets out general considerations why
improvements on lands should not
be taxed, at the same time clearly
defining the meaning of such improvements. Real property taxes revenue
for 1910-11 totalled $352,372.44, at *
evidence taken by the Commission
of 1 per cent, on assessed values. The
showed that the rate of taxation is
not generally regarded as burdensome, but certain representations
were made as to assessment inequalities and complaints as to thc taxa'
tion of improvements. . The Commissioners in dealing particularly
with real property, recommend:
1. A periodical reassessment of
property according to its actual defined value;
2. The abolition of taxation on
3. Legislation enforcing registration of real estate on affidavits set-
kert value of   copper.
witnesses were   generally directed to
the inequality of the tax as between
high-grade__ ancl _lo\v_:grade_.ores._/ _A_
suspension of the tax was asked for,
or alternatively a reduction of the
J tax. ��������� The -Commissioners do not
recommend any change in the tax
imposed on minerals.
Complaints of ;}oyallst stock������ sne had seen life in all
Virtual reorganization of the Provincial system of timber lands administration   and    the   conservation
and protection of the forests is com- ._.._._.
passed in   the   new   Forest Act now  Pjf ^1S_ superintendent of education of
its phases in the pioneer days of thc
Dominion, and    with each .trial there '
was stamped upon her character more 1
of sympathy-'more-of" patiencermore"!
of womanly   kindness,    and a deeper
understanding.       To   come into personal touch   with    such a character,
makes life seem   dearer and nobility
worth while.
The deceased was the widow of
William Carter, of Kingston, N. B.
She was 78 years of age, and the
mother of 13 children, nine of whom
are now living. Her eldest son, Dr.
William Carter,   of   Frederickton, N.
before the legislature, this law being
based largely upon the expert investigation and very full and scientific report of the Forestry Commission of
1910. The Forest Act provides for
the creation of a Department or
Bureau of Forestry, with a chief forester and subordinate officials who
will exercise wide authority in all
forest matters. When any portion
of the reserved timber lands of British Columbia shall be thrown open in
future, licenses will be procurable
under a radically different system
from that obtaining in the past, the
new Act providing for the adoption
of the Ontario plan of license purchase by tender: Bids will be invited and the tenderer offering the
largest cash bonus, in addition to
royalty on such timber as may be
cut, is to be granted the license, or
alternatively, -the minister may accept the highest lump sum for the
whole limit. This does not affect
present licenses, the law,^ being in no
that province; "Ned" Garter, another
son, is a prominent New Brunswick
newspaperman, and Liberal organizer
of the province; Frank is a member
of the St. John Telegraph staff;
Rowland, a New York lawyer, and
Beverley A., a prominent rancher of
Alberta. Four daughters survive her:
Mrs. Dr. Keith, Enderby; Mrs. King,
Vancouver; Mrs. King, Sussex, N. B.,
and Mrs. Catlin, New York.
The A. R. Rogers Lumber Co. Ltd.,
of Enderby, B. C, will be known
hereafter as the Okanagan Saw Mills,
Ltd. There will be no change in thc
management. Mr. F."S. Stevens will
continue as General Manager, assisted by thc same office force.
NOTICE���������Estimates for seeds, etc.,
sent in  after   Feb.   1st, will not be
considered.     By onler of Directots.
0..-S. HANDCOCK, Sec.-treas.
greatest success,  "The Barrier," and
he asks all who wish to see the play
to hand in their names to Mr. Reeves-
the druggist.
Mrs. W. J. Lemkc inaugurated the
early start and early home innovation at her very enjoyable card party
given last Thursday evening. There
is the desire expressed by many that
the custom be carried to the dances,
and _lthe.l obsolete- lall-nightl_nerve--
wrecking custom be relegated to the
land of forgetfulness.
Thc members of the Enderby Choral
Society are billed to give their first
concert of the season on Wednesday
next, Jan, 31st. It has been suggested that no one should miss the
opening piece, which will be the newly
adopted Canadian national hymn,
together with pleasing glees, songs,
etc., from noted musicians.
The Provincial Game Department is
strictl/ enforcing the game law. W-_
N. Brightho'pe, of Cherry Creek, was
convicted before L. 'Norris, Govern-
riient Agent, Vernon, .on Jan. 22nd,"
of having venison in his possession
during the protected period, and was
fined $25 and costs, or two weeks'
imprisonment.     Fine paid.
A public meeting was held in the
City Hall last Saturday to hear the
report of the committee appointed to
enquire into the matter of rural incorporation. About 25 persons were
present, and when a vote was taken
the proposition to incorporate was
carried, only three voting against it.
On Wednesday, a second meeting was
held, at Mara, and there the proposition to incorporate was lost, only G
voting for it, out of 54 persons at
the meeting.
Thc important matter sent us this
week by our Victoria correspondent
relating to the report of the Tax
Commissioners,   forces   us  to crowd
them, and last night-won out/againsti" M^j^I
P.""Murphy's"-'rink ; with-������-Taylor slni>%zyrV,n\
Friday ^night-,th"ey > will' tackle 'Dill'si'L-=%lB|
Pickles," with r* Johnstone" skipping, f",
the latter    rink- having knocked-but?> ���������
Reeves' ' rink".with-" -Hardy""skipping,--���������v,.^;7^
ahd""Sc6tt's fink' withsPymah master %,Z/xj&
of ceremonies.        Jas.    Evans' ~rinkiyy-*'"���������'*
with Barrows skipping, went down-to!7/'t
Pyman, arid Erney" Evans' rink-with.V""*\
Joe (Evans - skipping,   .went down to- :'���������'
Prince's Kolts.      -= -"'   ,-,- .-. "7-. 'i/- zi* '::
'pt. 1
Tenders are invitedtfor 50..cords.'of'."fc'-
green sound fir; s'pMt an'd "cuVinto' 4-7: ~
foot lengths",    to be delivered at:the .--7
Enderby;' School    House, " properly"-'5"
piled, within the next-two months."     yy'.
The lowest or any tender not neces-    ,-
Secretary of School Board, Enderby.
To the bachelors of Enderby:
Greeting ! We the "Spinsters, Return", to Enderby on Feb. 18th, from
our trip to Klondyke, and invite you
all to our 2nd annual meeting, when
we will relate our experiences in
quest of husbands, since our��������� "Old
Maid's-Convention "-last-year. y-*'-
The Enderby   Troop, 1st B. C. H.
will parade at 7 p.m., Thursday, Feb.
1st, at K. P. Hall    for   squad drill.
Every member   of    the    troop is re-"
quested to attend.
Capt. 1st Reg. B. C. H.
Grain Hay For Sale���������Any quantity.
Loose.     Albert Hayhurst, Deep Ck.
New York, Jan. 21.-All New
York is interested in- the announcement that this week will
see the -visit to this city of a royal
guest purely on a social mission.
From Monday until Thursday the
representatives of the so-called
"Four Hundred" will extend
courtesies to the only surviving-
son of the late Queen-Victoria,
and his wife and daughter.
The royal guests who reach
here from Ottawa this morning.'
are the Duke of Connaught, Canada's new governor-gegeral, the
Duchess and Princess Patricia.
They will stay at the New York
residence of Mr.Whitelaw Reid,
American ambassador to Britain. ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  if  id  ' m  ,SS52E  Bv ROBERT ALEXANDER WASON  f upyrijfht, 1U09J  [By Small, Maynard & Company, Inc.  -."UAPTKU X.X VI.-���������������������������(Continued)  A Morlein KnightEirnnt  I L-;t!ii>.'ii a .spc.u- witl: a iiUlcs ting on  ,., ;i>i' i.j.i.- :i l-.'..-:.-i buili like a barrel.  Hf h:\-\ i'ti^n iii lhc bruvveiy businea!-  iv!i ii.^ lii'e an' looked the purl. At'U'it  tin- oi'ly itfii in ihe. whole i^iado r.hut  j.i-rjt mo in iiihtii of myself whs my lar-  ir.'i. L viiiiij^l'-'d that aionji for cuiu-  luniy, :m ' so I \1 have smiiethhi' lo worl:  v\il!i. |iiu%id(jii ,'uiythimj turned up.  T-'jitiy had give mo a book called  "haii'lioc" the niyht before i started  out. an' ii was full o' picturea about  knights, kiiot-kjji' each other about with  dpi\-ir>; an' I bet a hat it was fun to  be a iimI oui: an' not havo no tobacco  to advoiti-e, but just nothin' to do ex-  ivpl to jab cacti other \v-!th spears.  [r.'L-l.or. a c.orl'.in' good one like Jvan-  uoe himself or the" lilack Knight got  wore 'ai: throe a day for it too; but  lii.v iu'c heat bet is, that the vigilance  ei'ii'.u.iitcc-Ihoso (lays didn't take on  atueb superfluous fat. .  I enjoyed myself first rate, an' upset  &. couple o' doliveiy wagons because  tiiev wouldn't make way for me. roped  * ruiuiw.iy steer 'at had the whole towa  -���������������������������('���������������������������e!. .''.il' chased a flat-head clear into  t-lu: J"'al:ic.' i J ot oL t'ur rnrowm' a pear  ni, ire. Fatty'3 brother confided to  tim that" I wan the best ailcertiscuiont  tTi'ey 'd ever had.  "81 ill I alius ^.t weary 0' doin' tlio  mme soit o' thing day after day. That's  ���������������������������rCiiiil gots mo about, livin' in town;  if'." ko1 'blame��������������������������� monotonous. Out ou  nio r.-ni^c now .". feller ean aliu3 be ex-  j>'cc1 in' li little excitement even if he  jirn'l on.iovin' it rujht at thc time; but  in town' it's just the same thing over  urn' over again. It's bad enough at  _uiy time; but it you want to soak  yoiuvr.K plumb Cull 0' the horrors of a  grr-nt dry you want "to wear a tin suit  with an "iron kettle strapped on your  head that you can't take off without  help. I trot so blame disgusted drink-  in' steam' beer through a ��������������������������� straw that  ii' any one would 'a' dared me I'd 'a'  digued the pledge.  If   It,  hadn't  boon   for tthe   children  ��������������������������� I'd. probably-got hysterical au' been  roteii into "the uncurable ward; but  thev thought -r was the finest thing out,  i_n'" f used to give 'em little plugs 0  iobaeco for souvynears. 7 I U3ed to read  -"lYaniioe" at night an' tell stones to  tbe "kid? the next-day. Some o' them  thought Zl was a fairy "godmother; an  .   I  geuVrallv harl-such a_gang -troopm  After me rhatwo" looked like an orphan  .._yh;rn but for, an airin'.      1 alius did  like children. -     -      -     .  AY oil. one clay [ was ont, at the foot  i������������������   xho    hill    neighborhood - on   Sutter  ,  Street.'    A  lot 0' oars was blockaded,  ' j-n' "'i hard 0' kids stood lookin' on.  f stupoert an' talked to 'em, an', the'  m������������������ one littlo girl, just for all the  "fforlil like another little girl L used to  iuiow, away back yonder in Indiana.  She had tho. same coaMin' smile an  tlo same big, wide open eyes; an I  Mt ���������������������������! *ort 0' lump in iny throat whon  she looked at me. * She had that same  jueer little look thiit' Barbie'd naa  *���������������������������__.���������������������������., Jne vm n child too. Her mother  tfiis named Maggie, '.vhich also happened to be the name 0' the little girl I  had known clear away back.-wh.en I'd  been a school-boy. All of a sudden-  r felt lonesome again; so J give uue  Kids the slip an' skirted the cur.  1 -.tinted to ride up the Hyde Street  hill on ihe other sido, aa' say. it was a  hill' ^teep? Well, it wan about all  'V[r Homs could do to climb it. While  I wa- wondcrin' if I hadn't hotter  let that pari 0' town go unadvortisod I  _ . -, __. U1 .. 1 * rTlr i 11 <_��������������������������� -11 I������������������  __j____-__Sa_VV-  ���������������������������neirm���������������������������n���������������������������m m a ixr,���������������������������a> 0 i������������������ u.^���������������������������\.jat���������������������������^ai���������������������������M���������������������������  comin' over tho square 0' tha next  ������������������'trp"t a big wagon loaded with lumber  ,������������������_.' ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������nunin' toward* me down the hill.  The' wasn't no houses hitched to it,  Vi' the tongue stuck straight out in  trout It was comin' like a .steam-  ipigiuo, an' like a flash J. remembered  tfau"'- on the other side 0' the car.  Tburwa"oa would 'a' weighed six tons,  %u' anv fool could 3ee what would happen v.Luj..il.'fltruelt_tliar arrect__(*Rr.  Fot ii Hecond���������������������������for just one second,  TV-biuli si-emcd to last a thousand years���������������������������  1 w;.m turned to Btoue. f could hear  IU i-insh; I could hear the sereanw; l  rjoul'l fi'*'l l-l'C horrid scrunch as ea:*,  Wfir������������������">. :J������������������' ft" fffo������������������������������������a ovcr poor little  Mr^.'i������������������'; and then everything cleared  jp, si'   1  could think  ninety  times ft  (flimiU". 1   j    11  I turned my ropd loose an' backed 01  ���������������������������tlr l'..iricl up on the mdewalk iu too  ���������������������������viril: of 'i hair trigger. I looked down  nt 1'ic boss, a"' he would have weigb������������������.d  t fi.ii urn himself; but I" knew tha* ho  wo-,-,!, n'- have 3*nse enough to brace  iji���������������������������,.,..|f when tlie jerk camo. It was  .p",..���������������������������,....I thc way thoughts kept flashin  tb���������������������������.n"li my heaJ���������������������������everything T had  lono "rn ova-vlhing I might havo done,  an' j, h.'ap moro beside; bnt tho tnnig  i-lvi* worried ine most was the thought  ..bar a mighty goo'i story ^vas about to  tai.'f.pn. an' tba chances were Uat I  .-rniildn't be the one to do the tellin  of i afterward. I can talk about it  w.v now; but T waim.'t breathin then.  On .-amc the wagon, an' it looked  .e, rhmH'h. nothin' under heaven could  *Vop i*. " A Blrauae Ecelin' 0' weakness  <W(.,.i ���������������������������vcr mo for a minute, and���������������������������and  -dnnii-d if f didn't pray right then  rhn nrfisauro lilted like a fog, an 1  ���������������������������������������������at' ihero as cool an' still as though  1 Vaa Jvanhno, darin' the whole blame  outm to come at me in a buncn; an-  I w..s wine pleased to notice that a  IHtlo ''roup had gathered to see the  out.-orm.. My kaeee dug into the  hn������������������s'������������������ ribH as I circled the rope around  tny heod, an' .then at. just the right  in.r... ! T gavo the foreleg throw Well,  tt "tou.U'd���������������������������everything landed.     As soon  i.s the uooso caught tlio tip 0' tho  ongtii' I yanKci oai-K ou tne br������������������w������������������:r  1 ri til he' in use 'a thought his l������������������wor  aw had dis-<olvBi. parmerbnip.  The' :ievi.r was any neater work���������������������������  njvor. Tho jioosd tightened well out  .si the twiigiH*, an' wlien tho strain  ���������������������������amo the wagon turned in toward tho  .iiJowalk, ni 111:111' in a big circle on the  .inside wheels. The ,ierk had lifted ol'  ���������������������������Jade li rower, who didn't havo gunip-  -,ion enough to srjuat, plumb one iu the  niddie 0' the srruijf.. an' just as the  wagon climbed the curb an' dove into  the basement office of a .lew doctor  the rone tightened up with me an' the  brewer so/.iare bohyid. it didn't last  long; the' waa only one cinch to the  saddle, au' thc first jerk had purty wejl  discouraged that; the brewer had grow  suspicious an' all four of his feet was  dug into thc cobble stones; tho wagon  was lopin' along about ninety milos a  second, an' when the tug came me an'  rhe saddle au' the U uwn re an' about  !:our thousand plugs 0' tobacco made a  ���������������������������an  the  tii  hurt:  half-circle    in    the    air    au  thiough the first story winder onto the  dinin'-table  dinner.  Nobody -was  plunged  he  milv    was   at  but   I   wish you  could have seen tho eyes 0' that family  ���������������������������an' their hands���������������������������yss, an' thoir tonsils too. They didu't seem fully prepared. After a tiir.-o the doctor got  iiis huart to pumpifi' again, an-' he  roars out, " Vat are you doin'���������������������������vat are  you doin'?"  "['m advortisia' tobacco," sez I,  tryin' to cut tho kettle off my head  with" a fruit-knifo.  Then he did thc w.ind-n.ill act with  his hands an' roiled up his eyes, an'  sez, "Well, miuc Cott, man, dis iss no  vay to atfertice dobaggo!"  . "Mcbbe not, ol' sport," sez 1", think-  in' 0' the way that wagon had- dove  into his oflice. and' takin' a general  survey o! the-dinner table; '-'but if  you're game at ail you got to own up  it makes a strnna1 impression."  0"c was ii comical little cuss, an' it  amused me a heap to sec how excited  he was. Uc spiulered an' fizzed away  like a leaky sody fountain, while tbe  rest 0' the tribe kept up a most infernal  squawlcin'.  By .the lime I "had tho tobacco au^  the balance- o' the trimmin's picked1 up  au'- got .back to the street again I  found tho rest.o' the population .gath-  _ere<l together fco,; seo .-who was holdin'  tho celebration; an' from that- on my  stay in tho city-was-a nightmare.-The  passengers iu the car gave mo gold  watches an' champagne suppers, the  Jew doctOT woVo himself to a bone try-  in' to find out'whether it was me, the  lumber company, or tho tobacco firm  which had to pay tlie piper; while tho  newspaper reporters pumped me as dry  as tho desert. Tho tobacco company  kept me on double pay, because whon it-  came to what they call a. publicity agent  I played every mania' auiaber opea  an' coppered all th������������������ one? that lost.  That car h&d. been* loaded with a  grovip 0' the real, genuine gold-sweaters, an' they entered into a fierce competition to see which could l*ad ine  down with the finest watch an' load mc  up with the finest champagne. They  got mc to make 'em after-dinner  speeches an' do fancy stunts with my  raw-hide���������������������������ronin' -wine battles off "the  waiters' trays an' such���������������������������until we got  as friendly as a herd of tramps. They  oven got me into a long-tailed coat an'  a bullfrog vest; but !. didn't take kindly to that,''count 0' thore not boiu'  any handy place to tote 0 gun except  the._tiil-.pocI;et���������������������������which_J[_noyqr  could  have got at in case of trouble  i kept lookin for little Maggie, an'  one day I" found ber. I bought her a  couple 0' pound:-* o? candy an' a lot  0' now dresses; 11 a' I took hor out to  her nomy iu ��������������������������������������������� carriage. Well, this  home 0' hers was a thing to wring the  heart of au os.-fificd toad. It was up  near the Barbery coast, where- they kill  folks for exeroise. She au' her mother  was livin' in two miserable rooms, her  mother doin' wasbio '-an'-Maggie run-  riiu' errands; but tkey was as near respectable as half-fed peoplo ever was in  tho world, mi' it mado 'cm bristle fco  even keop half-fed, too, 'cuuse they  waa in com petition with the Chinks,  who don't have to eat at all���������������������������that is,  not regular food.  .An' would you believe it, her mother  was the little Mnggie I. usod to know  away back yonder ia tho kid days when  ail the world was just like a big, bul-  gey Christmas-stocking. She had married a good man, an' had come out to  the coast, with him on account of his  health, an' he had dickered out without 'loavin' her much bnt a stack 0'  doctor's bills an' little Maggie. She  had struggled along over since, an' it,  made my heart ache like a tooth to see  tho sweetness au' thc beauty o' tho  little girl 1 used to know come to the  eyes 0' this poor tired woman an' smile  ���������������������������smile tho same old siailo like what she  used to when i 4 given her an apple,  or when she'd written mo a littlo note  an' sneaked it across the aiHle.  Woll, r ..idn't stay long. r had a  special swell enaction to attend that  night, but ucnI mornin', whon the  Turkish-bath man was willin' tn risk  tho peace 0' that locality by tuniin'  me loose, I" gathered up a peck or so  0' watches an' cashod 'em in. I  reckon T got boat Borne;  but anyhow,  Shihhi Cure  I drew down soinelhia' over sixteer.  hundred in yfiler money; an' I took  them tvYO Maggie down to the train  an' shipped 'em buck whore the little  ono would have a cham-e to grow up hk<-  a Mower, with pJunty o! green grass an  suiu<time about hor. an' the mother  could put on a clean dress afternoons!  an' visit 'round a little with the t'rieud.s  0' Jong ago.  Alter they was gono everything seemed mighty gloomy an' damp au' lone-  home, an'-I entered into the social festivities most enthusiastic. The' svas  .something-about both these two Maggies that kept briugin' Barbio before  me, an-' what I felt "most liko doin'  was ro bolster up my forgetfulness.  Lt wasu 't very long, however, before  T noticed that rny quiet an' simple  life- hadn 't -in nowise fitted me for refined society, an' T made my plans to  .bid it a fond farewell. I'm just as  cordial a friend as whisky evor had;  but my conscience rebels at floodin' my  vifiii organs with seventeen different  colored winee at one meal. I've been  infested with pink elephants an' green  dragons an' [ never complained none;  but hang me if "[ can get any comfort  mil of a striped yellow spider teu feet  high on horrid hairy legs.  I was sittin' in the Palace lobby ouo  mornin' wond.erin' if I'd bump my head  should I happen to sneeze, whon' in come  one o-' my pals. His faee lit up when  he soe mc an' he came over holdin'  out his hand. f held out my own  hearty enough: but I sez iu a warnin'  voice, J������������������Now, before you ask mo the  customary question' I want to isform  you that I positively don't want a drink  neither'now nor this cvenin', nor never  again."'  "P3h.iw," sez he, I'm goin' to pull  out for home today, an' I don't want  to go without a farewell libation to tho  good times we've beeu havin'."'  "I'm goin' to pull out, myself," soz  f, "but I! wont on my farewell libation  last night. Whore might your home  be?"   "     .  "Texas," sez he.     t straightened up.  '"ICnow tno governor?" set I.'--  "'Some," sez he, his eyes twinklin';  "bo was my sister's youngest brother."  . "Yowr ssstor'a youngost brother?"  sez T, aa' then I tumbled... "Say," I  yelled, jumpin' to my feet, "yon don't  mean that you're it yourself," ��������������������������� .  7"That's the history,-"-aez he; "but  ifjt.s7.ust the same'to you,-I'd rather  you- didn't "work ,up much "of a' story  about'the way J'vo handled this town  since you saved that car."    '-" " .  "Do you really think" 'at 1 staved  your life?" sez J.  "W&y," sez he, '.'if that wagon kad  over hit tbo car the' wouldn't 'a' beea  anything left but my teeth to identify  mo bv, na' I ain't never had one filled  yet."' '.... -.  Well, [ took oue drink with him, an'  I told him the straight 0' that cattle  ring an' how Jim Jimison had surrendered oa account 0' tho best little-girl  that walked, an' that ho was the all  around vjusrest boy the' was. I didn't  eork up any natural eloquence I happened to hare, an' 1 wa? some *orry  'at &'��������������������������� Hammy couldn't have heard  that pieii. ft was dramatic, an' I'll  bet money on it. The outcome was,  that he swore he'd have Jim out 0' the  pen-as soon as he eould get back an'  do the signia'. He was a big man  with steel gray eyes, an' by jirig I felt  good over it; but I stuck to tbo one-  drink  proposition.  OtL\JJT.EK  XX VII.  ==!ni������������������=Ciweole='Bel_t9==s  Well, now, mebbo I didu't feel line!  I'd have .1 real mau Cor Barbie to marry  purty soon, an' it was u good job 0'  work to send that washy-vyed Englishman back fco his one-boss ranch to learn  how to act grown-up. [ waa njl squared around now.' Up to that mornin'  T couldn.'t tell whore* on the faee T  did want to head for; but now I know.  T wanted to bee-line straight; for tho  Diamond "Dot an' light "the "joy-lamps  in Barbie's eyes again. When I bad  given my lifo to hor tho' wasn't no  strings to tho gift. I hadn't said that  my happiness was to be considered at  all, nor the happiness of any one else  on tho whole earth except just her own,  an' t waa wild to be back.  I was makin' up my mind to sneak  away without seoin' any 0' tho glad  band���������������������������fchon-e D'risco fellers are terrors  when they take a fancy to ya���������������������������I moan  tho thoroughbreds, the toppy lads with  rolls 'at a ton-year-old boy couldn't  up-end without strainin' himself. I  bated ie do it; but I'm only human,  an' when I'm in earnest about heir.'  delivered from evil I alJus got up ������������������.ar!_.  iu thc dawn an'" get a good start while  temptation is ?till enjoyin' it,q beauty  nleep.  T had just got my will power properly  ntiffened up, when lo an' behold, f was  slapped on tho back an' a merry veict  oxulaioiod, "Happy Hawkins, bv" the  Chinese Dovil!"  f glanced up into ������������������ boarded fuee with  A Foo ef Indig'C8tiOH.--Indigo������������������fcion in  a eoniinou ailment and few are free  from it. It is a most distressing complaint and often the suffering attending it ia most severe. Tho rery'boat  romedy is Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,  taken according to direction!*. They  rectify the irregular action of tho Htoin-  nch and restore healthy action. For  many years they have boon a standard  romedy for dyspepsia and indigestion  and ,tq highly estocmed for their  qualities,  two twinklin-1 epos an:''an'outdoor look  about it., I recognized the eyes all  right, but I knew T hadn't never soon  'em in that sort 0'' trimxnih'��������������������������� before;  so I sez in a dignified matiner, "I'm exceeding-glad-to' see ya, but who the Ml  are yaV"  "Ches!" sez he, "italph -Cheater  Sr.uarr.���������������������������Great Scott, have you lost your  memory1."  Well, by the Jinks, but I was glad  to see die boy. an' Wo hid away in a  private room with two pure an' proper  iomonades before .us. He was a genuine  miuiu' engineer^ an' had been havin'  lots of queer experiences. Hc wauted  uiu to sign up with him, promisin' me  thnt we'd have change of bill twice a  week; but f finally prevailod upon him  that I had agod considerable siuco oui  didoes with the goat, an' all of a sud  deu ne ups an' sez, "By tho way, old  hat. t'vogofyou news!"  ';Vo9?" .mid I. " Where'd vou get  it?"  "Whv, about Creelo Bella," sez he.  "Creole Bello!" sez 1. "Well, tall it,  cell ic.    Why don't you toll it'?"  "Oh, fudge," sez he; "it's been long  enough on the way, an' I reckon it'll  keep a minute longer,. The Croole Belle  was a gold-mine named after ������������������ woman."  "Good or badf ���������������������������' sez l".  "Good," sez he. "Paid two hundred dollars to tho ton in spots."-  "I meant the woman, confound ya,"  sez I. ?  "ITell, it seems that she was & party  square sort of a woman," soz Ches,  "but I didn't suppose 'ab you'd care  much about her. The mine���������������������������" I groaned. "Well, you fool mo," sea Ches,  seein' I was in earnest. "The' was a  purty florid romance mixed up in it  too; but T didn't suppoeo you was interested in such tilings, an' I didn't  pay much heed to that part ef it,"  "That's alius lhe way whon r. boy  doos anything," sez 1, wilh peevishness. "JSTow you 30t there ?.n' think up  all von can about the desl������������������������������������������������������everything."  "Well," sez Choe, slowly, "it 3cem_>  that a couple 0' young Easterners came  out to find their fortune.. Thoy was tho  true Damon an' Pythias brand 0' partners, an' stood back to back durin' a  protracted spell 0' good, stiff, copper-  bottomed misfortune. They fleally located a mine that looked' ^ood-'natured  an' generous; but it waa a pooler. One  day it coaxed 'em an/ next" it give _'cm  the laugh. Filially they "each got-down  in turn with mountain-fever a*'-a beau-  timl young girl mirsed 'em. She was  there with hor father, who was workin'  a claim near, by. He was an odd sort of  chap to bo, minin'���������������������������though come to  think -of, that's not." possible, seein'  that all kinds 0' men "     ,- . ""    ���������������������������  "Ches," I breaks in,."will you kind-  ly.. get on. with "that _tal������������������f *x must.!  shake it oiit,-o'".ybii?"   ���������������������������-" --' .   -'"  ":"  lie seemed mightily.turprised, but.he  went, on:" Well, the girl was a beauty,  an' sho had a gigantie.ra.aid���������������������������" ,  ��������������������������� "-Monody!" I Fhonted. ��������������������������� , ���������������������������  "Keono!-"..shoat������������������ back O&as, soe������������������o  exMperated. -' ,  "2\row that.WAin't slung a������������������ naruasm  what I was usin'," sea I, rRioothin' it  ovor._ "That -gigantic1 m������������������id yon mentioned is part 0. the tale tha>t,.ye������������������ don't  know yet."  ."Well, naturally, while ikoy wa:. be-  in' nursed they both toll lu lor* -with  her- ".      - "  "With Monody?" I. yeli*.   -  "No, you ijiofc, with the girli" Ckoe  wae gettin' fiustored. "She was a cork-  in' handsome girl, an' tkey all cailod  her thc Creolo Belle. To ba strictly honest though, they didu't really" fall in  love with her. They both loved the  same girl back in Philadelphia, an'  they just took to the Creole Belle as a  sort of a substitute. Now U������������������o ol' man  an' the big maid watched over the girl  careful, an' the' wasn't 110 bam come'  of it: an' wheu the mine finally got to  haudin' out tho gilt witberat, jokin'  about it,_tho two pala got te goia' off  JVJcBEAIV BROS.  TlthiGralD Briweriof  Ms. iluiia, Saskatchewan and Alberta  Throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan and many parts of Manitoba frost,  damage has reduced ,tho grade of grain  down to around'feed quality, 'this reduces the amount of;. cash ��������������������������� the farmer  receives for his crop. It is therefore  necessary, in fact imperative, that the  farmer should get every cent possible  out of his low grade grain, and there is  only one wuy to do this. Ship it forward and get a reliable commission  merchant to handlo it for you. Get  one whose experience guarantees that  he knows his businoss. This is important. If a farmer who has never shipped is compelled to do bo this year  through the quality boing K9 poor that  he cannot sell to advantage at streot  prices, we make this statement, that  having low grade grain this year ia  the best thing that ever happened 60  him. It will initiate him into the  mystorioa of shipping grain, and the  gain in experieuco in future years  through this knowledge will mean a '  tug cash gain. Vou cannot make money  easier or quicker than by shipping your  grain out yourself. -    -  We have, boon handling grain in  Western Canada sineo ISS2���������������������������through  elevators, 011 commission, track buying,  and street buying;���������������������������and this experience  has taught us the best way for farmers,  lo get l'ul'  value  for I heir grain.  At  present   wo   are   comission    merchants  solely, handling car lots on commission.  It  requires   experienced   men   to   know  the true value of low grade grain and  farmers should have it, handled by "experienced men.    If you send us six or  eight, ounce samples of your grain  wo  will  advise you  grade and  value, an.t  you can compare  it with street pv'eoJ.  There will be a good sirong demand for  higher   grades   all   season,   and   those  farmers   vvno  aro -unable   to  got   their  high grade grain shipped need have no  fear of prices declining.   In fact it- will  likely prove most advantageous if they  are unable, to rush it out as early in the '  aeason as thoy- would like, because .v.a  believe   that   prices   later   on ��������������������������� will   bo   :  much better than  they are at present. -_  This will also apply to No. 2 C:W. oat*  and No. 3 barley.-" We have been hand-   .  liug   grain   ou   commission -for   many.,  years and farmers who began shipping  to  ub years ago" still  continue' to con- .  sign to. us, as they, realize that this is  the best method to get-good prices no"  matter what the grade may be. Anyone  can joason   out  that  this  is   the   best  method." If the grainJs loaded into the "  car by the farmer right from" the wagon; '  there is no dockage to stand," no clova-7  tor  charges,  and  only  one' commission",  charge, and, besides,/the--highest price  is.obtained at.the.time tlio.sale.is,made;  ���������������������������{-Write -us "fo_r ".shipping- instructions"-"  and-'other- market information Shipping ....  grain is quitc'simple when you-get used ���������������������������������������������-  to  it.'.    The  grading  and .weighing .o'f   '-  the  car -Jots"is   attended, to '.by . Government    inspectors    aiid. GoVornmoul-  woi'ghmasters, and1 we Bend-you a/Gov-  ���������������������������_.  eminent inspection certificate and-Gov-  ernment  weight   certificate, with ' each  ear lot handled.    We: are licensed-and -  bonded and  refer you  to the "Rank "of.   '  Hamilton, Winnipeg, ��������������������������������������������������������������� to our-financial  standing. ��������������������������� 7 '    "   ���������������������������  If you^haA'o any flax we,advise lulling fer higher prices.  m  V  m  -   - i  7 "'  (I  McBEAft. BROS.  Grain Exchange Winnipeg  "nloue a^'~Th"uiltin"' 0' tbo girl-back"  Bast. They had four or -flvu miners  workin' for 'em by thia timo, an' they I  was gettin' tho dust in quantities. Finally they got together about it. It seems  that they had an agreement that uoith-  cr one would propose to the girl without the other's consent, bu-fc they had  each been makin' gentle-lovo in thoir  letters to her, while she didn'6 sacm to  kuow which she liked best.''   ���������������������������(To-be-continued).-���������������������������  -    Qtoilliwack," British"  Columbia"  Tho-Garden of-B.C., iu fats famous frasei  fjtHey. Finest farming"and fruit Und in th#-  uui'1'1. Irriestion unknown. B.C. Electric" By,  'roin Vancouver: C.N.R. tri_na\jontii\ent!il and  H. Northern building. Cniilliwactf ������������������.modem  ���������������������������ity���������������������������water-work*, uloiuric light, etc, Greoa  crass tho year round. The- Prairio Mna's  3%rsdiac���������������������������no   /rost. .no   four   month*'   gnaw.  Writs H. T. Goodland, ��������������������������� Secy. Board 0/  rr������������������do. CJiilliwack. for all information, book-  ������������������t������������������l.  ffl*r>fi.  ������������������tr ���������������������������TH7.N  COMffi.  a'tiTeatise7-7!  m)H  I  A recent government pnpoi iauued ia  Great Britain, giving tho fcrtal naval  expenditures for thc last ton years  proves how keen 1b tho competition iu  naval construction among tbe .great  powers of tho world. In l������������������()l Great  Britain expended $50,000,000 ou aevv  construction, and in 11)11 tho amount ie  $85,000,000. Uermany,' wh biu i.h 190.1  spent $23,000,000, in 1011 in upending  -58,000,000 on now construction. The  United States spent .$26,000,000 Ln 1005  on new construction, and sho ia spend-,  ing about, tbe same amount thia yoar.  Tho outlay i'or new construction in  France was, about the game in both  yenrs ������������������8 that of the United 8Ut.o������������������������������������. The  most significant feature off this- comparison is the fact that in the decade  undor consideration, Gorman expenditures for new construction hn-re nearly  trebled. -~  029 tiHC  Horse-  FREE!  U������������������^  We offer yott free?  Jhlsbonfc that tellsyon  ���������������������������II about Jjorse di������������������-  eases aud how to cure  Ultra. Call (or Jt at  your local dniRgist or write an.  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The sore pints would itch and  burn and tingle, and then when rub  bed or scratch.., would become vorj  - painful. When thc kneo tfot Harm, il  burned worse, and (he itching and  burning aud smarting were almost unbearable. I tried various reinodiob,  but got no better, so i decided to go  to Montreal arid take special treatment.  I received treatment at the Montreal  General Hospital for thirteen weoks,  but at the end of that timo I was not  cured, and almost Rave in. A friend  advised me to" give Zam-Buk a trial.  "Almost ai soon as applied, Zam-Buk  stopped tho itchinsr and the, irritation.  rp'orFcvorod with the balm, and it was  seen evident that it would do mo good.  Bach day the' pain was reduced, the  soro spots began to heal, and by the  time 1 had used a few boxes of Zam-  Buk I was quito cured.    ,_  "Since thon Zam-Buk has cured  blood-poison in ray finger, and at a  time whon my finger was in "auch ft  .Iorrible condition that I feared it would  have to l)e amputated."  ' Por eczema, blood-poisoning, piles,  ulcers;"sores, abscesses, varicose ulccrb,  bad leg, eold sores, chapped hands,  cittF, burns, bruises and all skin injuries, and diseases; Zam-Buk is without equal. . .  ���������������������������50c. bo;; all druggists and &Uros or  post free from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,  for price.      Refuse imitations.  IT WAS STONE  IN THE^BLADDER  '       - GIN PILLS PASSED IT  The Spirit of the West  "Any per8on who is sole head of a know the young people and te synipa-  family, or any male over eighteen yearn ; time with them in their desire, and  of age may homoscead a quarter section , when the crowd learned that, through a  (J60 acres, more or Icsb)  of available  trick, Faux had become dispossessed of  I1,   -"t  ���������������������������?."  -,i>  "-"Five years ago, I  was taken down  with' 'Wkat  the   doctois  called  lniiam-  .matiori ol the Bladder���������������������������intense pains  in'the back and loiiib." aud difficulty in  ���������������������������urinating, , and, the attacks,- which  became more frequent, amounted to unbearable-agony. I became so weak that  F -eould  not walk across the floor. ,  "My wife read in..thc papers about  GJJN PThLS and sent" for ������������������. box. From  the.'very" first, l'felt that. GIN ..PILLS  were" doing'mo^good..   . Tho-pain was  ���������������������������ro)iov1bd'at,ouce,1 and the attacks were  less'frequent.   --'���������������������������   / .*  " ���������������������������,������������������  ./J-'~r y   ;  <.'''lri-7������������������i������������������' weeks, -the," Stone in..,thc  'BladdcrToMne' away.  ������������������ AV__ea"l. recall  . hcrw*']-7s������������������ftorcd,rand', h"ow_ now, I. am  'hosltliV and'-able'-to work,'I cantot"cx-  proiw -nirjkelt: strongly 'enough  when 71  'speak-of ..what, GJN .TILLS-hare done  far me."> .7OHN-'HEUMAN,'Hamilton,"  ont.-" .-������������������������������������������������������ . -:-���������������������������-'"--���������������������������l."."'" ;.-; ~:zT-'~j  -v'Regular aize,',50c. >"box, ��������������������������� G for��������������������������� $2.������������������0  ���������������������������at all dealers." Ypu.'cau*try. them free  by writina'for'irfree sample to National  Drug- & .Ohe'tiiical 'Cory of Canada,  Limited, Dept. R.P., Toronto. " /"  y.    '.-*,'���������������������������' . ' ,88  "OAftADA.'S'   greatest     SOHOOl  . *     ESTABLISH CO 1882.  Cor. Portage Are. and Fort St.  "  -Awarded  Sr&t prize at-"World/*   Bj  -BOBitioji.da ite work and methods.  Write" for, a free catalogue.    We aW.  fi*e iBFtrrjetioD-by .iisi:  ROAD SONG  =iJtJieYer^eeeme(L_a=_noble^tliing=  Some little leagues of land io gain  From broken'men, nor yet to fling  . Abroad thc thunderbolts ef pain.  Yet   I    have    felt Hhe   quickening  breath  >���������������������������   As peril heavy peril kisfecd���������������������������  My weapon was a little faith,  Anil  fear  was my antagonist.  Dominion land in Manitoba, Saskatche  wan or Alberta.  ','Tho applicant must appear in person at tho Dominion Landh Agency, or  sub-agency for lho district.  "in certain districts a homesteader  in good standing may pre-empt a quarter section alongside his hoiiu'steau."  ���������������������������Government Lands, Free Homestead Regulations.  A little, slight, childlike woman  swung tiie door open for me an 1 sprang  from the auto and da&hed up the steps  into the Calgary omce of Dominion  Landp. Maybe sho was twenty-three  years old���������������������������maybe less. As I bowed to  thank her, 1 noticed that she was poorly  dressed, Aud it was cold, intensely  cold. A biting February wind swept  down from the boulder_.jroken onows of  the distant KockieF, whirling up������������������grcat  clouds of feathery flakes, and wailing a  paean of joy and victory in the swaying, struggling telegraph wires. "  Inside, I turned, curious, and looked  at her through the glass of the door.  Over.an undercoat of black cloth witlra  fur collar she had on a man's long-haired bcais'kin coat, from which the buttons or frogs had been torn, and their  places taken by short pieces of brown  string tied in bows. Over her head and  ears was pulled-a white, wollen toque,  while her eyes ehone dully through a  uavy-blue veil, gathered into a knot  at the nape of her neck. One hand, in  a man's black saeepskin gauntlet,-never  left the door-latch; the othcr.wss*thrust  deep into the' enormous cavity of the  black bearskin coat pocket.    .  >- "Well,-" ]���������������������������said to myself, as I went  up the siaire to the office, "I've'often  heard of these waiting homestead pre-  cmption'ietSj but I've ne^er actually  seen them' before." It certainly is interesting." -'.       -' '  "-"What's the story*" I said to'the  land clerk, as 1 nodded towards, the  door. "Where's she "from? What's she  doing?"        ' '   s'..-    /    ' ���������������������������_-,  '/Who?- OhI" "the" homesteader.?" ���������������������������he  questioned.' "Well} her,name is Mrs.  Faux,,"and she coniee 'from somewhere  up in the-Rosebud" country, about" oiie  hundred miles north," where sheand her  .husband have , a' homestead.. A .'little  while ago an adjoining homestead "was  declared funproven arid Jf or "'sale, and-so  BilFand his wife decided to'come down  and '_ pre-empt "_< it.-. "-Before .that,- when  they :first~������������������ got "^married,- 'she "���������������������������' lived:. at  Peterboro; ..where *������������������heVwai������������������..born;--Then  she went1 with, Bill, -her^husband,"--.to  Schenectady,-New,-York, and.there they,  sa'red "eno'ugh* money ',to move "Tup to  Western, Canada and:buy-an improved  homestead. "They made good-all-right,  and la.st year grew" thirty bushels, of  Aii winter-wheat to the-acre.".  ' "How. long have they been here?"-l  asked.   -     ' *���������������������������'.--.'  ���������������������������"Since Monday morning."- V  "Since Monday morning?"' ���������������������������_ ' -  "Yep. Day and night, one or' the  other of 'em never lets-go that "latch,  and. if 'they hold' out,,until- Satnrday' at  nine o'clock and get into the land office  first* they win a* piece of land worth $3,-  000\anykow."7 '   ' -   "  "Great Scott 1 Talk about nerve aud  courage," I-ejaculated, aa I turned  away, "I hope they'll win out, I'm  sure. Pluck like, that deserveB-it. It  sure does." :     '-'      '   " '   , 7   '-  When. I-went out I found that Bill  had joined his wife, who waB now,sitting, chatting, on tie atone balustrade  while he held the latch She smiled up  at him. "How do you. feel mow, Bill;  better fer "yerbreakfast, boy?" "Wall,  T"gue687ye������������������7" H"e"thr"ew~o"ut-h"i6^b"r?>atr  chest. "I feel like a two-year-old, a  fighting cock, or a landowner," at  which they both laughod heartily.  Bill was short and stout, with'yellow-  red hair, a heavy crop of freckles, and  n thin, pleasant face. He wore a black  hatchet-shaped cap, which intensified it.  One of his front teeth was filled with  gold, and when he smilled a ray from  the sun jumped back from it and stabbed me iri-tlio-cvo  his place at the head of the line, the  iow bogan. Everybody in' the street  pitched in, and it was a miracle how  the intruder escaped with life nnd limb.  In lho midst of the fight the land oflicer  suddenly appeared in the doorway nnd.  standing on a chair, road the Riot Act,  which, in the form of regulations, p/o-  vents all such doings. It was as follows:���������������������������  "it is to be distinctly understood  that priority of right on the part of a  waiting applicant to enter for any parcel of land does not arise before the  opening,of the office on thc day upon  which such land becomes available for  entry.''  The land Hgent bellowed this regulation from his elevated perch, gesticulated violently with his arms, and disappeared backward through the doorway.  All hauds wero ordered off the 6teps,  and three members of the Royal Mounted Police took charge. Later in-the  dajyhowevcr, tne young-couple, fearing  to lose the advantage their eaily coming ^"had" in the beginning .gained for  them, returned and - quietly crept up  the steps once more, and took up their  position at the latch. The sternfaced  Eiders -of the Plains, "who evidently  sympathized with them, looked the other way and said nothing,, and once  more Bill and his wife had possession  of the door-latch. And there they hung  on, at the head .of-the rapidly increasing line, until seven 'o'clock the following morning,-'when the outer .loor  of the post-oflice was opened, and a wild  scramble for the stairs up to the land  office ensued. 'At this door the pantomime was enacted once moie, with Bill  as the hero holding firmly to,the irr.ni  knob "of the door. At nine o'cioek the  inner doer swung back and William  Faux, the first in line, grabbed the  pen. from the desk "near-by,r signed his  name at the point 'indicated by the  clerk, paid the regulation fee, and <"ie-  lightedly left the office, clutching.tightly in his hand the long-sought papcit.  giving to liim the prize homestead.--,  ��������������������������� -'.'Were we there -with the* goods,  Bill?'."' asked his-'wife as she fondly  grasped his arm at the; bottom of the  stain; "did .we' get,the';land?"i-And  she,peered.wistfully into.his face'.,- '  .".Wall,"I just"guess we did;"replied  Bill, delightedly. "J-reckon we" was  thereJ with the. goods," and, ^smiling  fondly at"one another, they pushed their  way -through-.the.-.waitingrthrong .and  disappeared aronnd'the corner.  | say that the crop m������������������Rt be feasdled with  care as any abrasion to the skin will  promote rot. Some farmers are in the  habit of'keeping in 'baTrelSj but wc  strongly condemn this 'practice j������������������s it induces lot.  In marketing it will pay to have your  potatoes clean and uniform, and with  the name of vaj-icty on the bag wjui  your own namo. Jt pays to advertise a  good variety an3 yourself toe. Watch  the market columns and thc market  comments on supply and demand, and  operate yonr crop accordingly. Keep  your small potatoes for the chickens,  as they arc more valuable there than  on the markot.  The successful marketing ef the potato depends very little on the close  proximity of a centre large enough to  take your supply. Unions yo������������������ir local  freight rates arc particularly high, a  shipment of a decent Fixed quality for  200 to 300 miles is no obstacle in growing potatoes. Thc principal requisite  for those having Ja,-g������������������ quantities is to  ship in cailond lots ef 500 to (500  bushels. With good management a  large crop of potatoeB should be profitable at 40 fents per bushel.  Nasai Discharge Prdtes  Catarrk is Active  THE   FUSE   BAXfiAJCC  ECSENGM  OF CATAEJBHOEO^E ATFOED  SUR,E������������������I AJMD gPLCSr-  3SET CUKE  SURFACING CONCSETE ELECTRIC  POLES WITK MICA '  Ground mica is now being used extensively foi> surfacing eonerette in  cement work. Jt has proved very ef-  tcctivc for this purpose aa it- gives an  artistic finish to the work, and adds  life and sparkle to-the surface, taking  away that flat, dead appearanccthat is  common in concrete. About'Svcpounds  of mica is'sufficient to* cover "300 square  feet. The electric light eolurnns in  Lincoln Park, Chicago, were treated in  this way. Crushed red granite - was  used with the mica, ao that the finished  surface has~the appearance of polished  granite. Thc granite and "mica surfacing materia] was applied to,the inner  surface of,the square iron" trough in  which that part of the columns tbat was  to extend above ground was cast. Whon  the trough was filled, the top, 'or lid  ���������������������������was screwed down, crowding, the con-'  ciete int* all ihe lines arm ammmrb ������������������f  tne mold. Alter the cc.ncut had set  porfectly/part of the mold was removed  to permit the post to cure.mors rapidly.  The post was not removed from the  mold until it bad set for 2-1 hours at  least; After it "was perfectly "dry the  snrlace vwa.e scrubbed "with muriatic  aeid, to remove thc cement oil the outer  face of the granite and mica and leave  a "clean surface lescrnbling that of  granite. 7    ^ ". "  H  IT  '���������������������������t-'fUi/y-*'- .-A'lw������������������,,.', -..' ��������������������������� ���������������������������-.-  HIDES  Por four nights he had held the fort  against active competition, trickery,  and feint, on the top of that step, and,  with the end so near in sight, it was not  to be wondered at that he felt jubilant.  At seven o'clock each morning his wife  would relieve him, whon he breakfasted  at a snail hotel near by, and slept until  mid-day. She would relieve him again  late in the afternoon for supper, and  .remain on tho stops with him until ten  or eleven o'clock, when she retired.  Towards the end of the week thoy  were joined in their vigil by other aspirants to the homestead, one of whom  watched them like a lynx, hoping that  for one brief second Faux would forget  and let go of the coveted door-handle.  Bill's wife was beside him and warned  him to be careful, but somehow, in a  rush ef people through the door, he  dropped the latch for a moment, and  hey, presto! some one else had it.  During the week, however, the hun-  dredi of. people who daily sift in and  out of the basy post-office had come to  .niiniriif  . w'&ht k :po.h <; Lit r**i'#.v'?j.  $H**> TO OS. f  In its initial stages a eold is a local  ailment easily dealt witb. But many  neglect it and tho result' it often the  development of distressing Feizure* of  tho broachial tubes and lungs that render life miserable for the unhappy victim. As a first aid there ia nothing  in the handy medicine line so certain in  curative results as Bickl������������������'s Anti-Consumptive Syrup, the far-famed remedy  for eolcta and coughs.  WHEN AND HOW.TO HARVEST, THE  ? ,7 -  .   -     POTATO'' yJ". ' .o.-1''  -;' In, a .year- -when potatoes' were never  "much leareer/it'.will pay well to. take a  little extra care of this'common article'  of diet."- j Wt give the following "simple  instructions regarding the/-harvesting,  housing and marketing for the average  farmer:'   - -_     -*,- _ -" --       '7   - -  The death of the potato.vines is"the  signal K for ,-diggiug the -, crop. >"Of  course, fori the early market'-.the growers-do. not. wait for���������������������������'tbis, but are governed by..-the!-size of the tubers. As  long- as amy portion-of the -vines are  green the potatoes can continue te grow.  The farmers-who have more than five  acres of"potatoes to handle shonldcom-  bine aad buy ������������������ digger, of whieh there  are many good makes'on the .'market.  These machines will be found of -great  economic value, as potato digging is a  slow job and interferes with other-important fall work. However, for those  who dig by hand, a flat, four-pronged,  close-set fork is the uebi- implement to  use. ' Work from tue side of the row.  -as=it-will=save-the=deep=digging=whieh-  eanaot be avoided if the hills be straddled. When the potatoes are thrown  out it is best to let them lie until tho  earth dries on them-, a? it will faoilitate  the cleaning off. Do not dig aloug one  row at a time, but remove the crop  in patches, ns this will do away with  a lot of walking and will mean lets  work for.thc piekeis and loaders. The  wagon can be drawn'into the field at one  end and tlio potntoesdug alj_a_rouml_it.  A pail is about the best article foi  gathering in, or in lieu of this a half  bushel measuro will be found handy.  Keep account of the yield as it goes  out of tho field, but don't weigh half  the soil ou your poj-.ato field with Uo  erop. Grading should ba done as you  gather, and will tftxvc a lot of trouble  later on. If, however, you are pushed for time, this oprration may be left  until lator. Tue little potatoes should  go to the hens and pigs.  There is nothing particularly difficult  in the care that should be given to  potatoes in storing. The main thing to  avoid is dampness, and this can be  avoided by sufficient drainage in the  store house and by having the potatoes  kept from contaet with the walls.  Never roll the potatoes down a chute  into store room. Potatoes will not  ���������������������������taud the cold as well as apples, and  must be kept at a slightly higher temperature, about 32 degrees Fahrenheit  is the best temperature. Potatoes freeze  at 30.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Warmth  favors sprouting, which is injurious  both to the keeping and table qualities  of the tuber. '  Potatoes will keep well on racks with  slatted bottoms away from all contact  with walls and floor, and should be  kept in tbe dark or, at least, in a very  moderate light.      It is unnecessary to  RY MURINE EYE REMED  For Recl.-^cak, Weaqr, WatayEyes.  A ti D QRA NI UL ATED LIDS  Murine,Doesn't Smart���������������������������Soothes Eye,F:-.fn  J7-Muih������������������ Eye Rciaecj. Liquid, 25c,*SCc, $1.00.1, ' -  Vturiae   Eye Salve; iu 'Aiejtie/Ti&mt, 25e,'~$l.0ir  CYE BOOKS AND ADVICE FREE BY MAIL  VI u rl n e\ Ey er, H omody ,*���������������������������?������������������.;'C hlcago  Catarrhozone 5s certain to cure Bf-  cause its healing vapor is carried wilk  the  breath direct to the seat of tf*  chost,   nose  or  throat  trouble.    Belay  composed  of  tho  purest   balsams   and  pine essences, it immediately allays irritations,   facilitates   the   ejection   ef  mucus,    Boothes   aad   stimulates   .tht  lungs" and bronchial tnbes.    The marvel of the age in curing winter ill*���������������������������  that's what thousands  say about  Catarrhozone.   .Then) is nothing so eiire  to cure, and those iu fear of changeable  weather���������������������������those   who easily catch  cold���������������������������those wlio win-k among lung-clftS-  iiig surroundings, .or -where .dust, impjuw  air, fog, or damp _cun aJTect them���������������������������let "  them get CatarjJu)y.o������������������e and use it several   timefl   daily���������������������������it  Mail   eure   every .  timo.  BAD CASE CUBED JN TWO DAYS  "I was nnfornnatc euoogh to catnh  a bad cold from sitting in m dxaugJt*  in my bare head,'J ��������������������������� writes ICiss No������������������  E.  Jainieson,   tfcU known in   S&ngre  Grade,  Td.    "An. acnte condition .of  catarrh deTeloped i������������������ my nostrils, pat  for-three, days my eyes and nose' "ifaa  most copiously.   The usual remedies 'tee>-   .  tirely.-failed.to .relieve.- I read in.TTie  Mirror newspaper, about Catarrhozone. -_  and sent to Smith .Bros.' drug store JW '  a dollar outfit."' In two-days Catabrk- -  ozone cleared ont my nostrils, cured .'the  sneezing, cougking. And all  traces 'ef-'  catarrh."  ���������������������������'      'v ' :  Large- raze   Datarahoxouo,   saflipient  for two months"' njre, guaranteed, j\?i������������������e  .���������������������������}>].OOjvsmaller si7.ee _2i5ii."and 50e.   Jim-. .  ware'of imitations.' and   substituto|B,'.  and insist on getting "Catarrhozonft*' \  only.     By mail, from tlio CatarrhciZfJne*  Company. Buffale,' N.Y.. and Jliiigstae,' /  Ont._   ."-��������������������������� -        ~ .'���������������������������' ~   .-\    .  THE jBOJJIIHB -   '  '-' '       '      - - ��������������������������� -     .   '*���������������������������  .The large ropert ef .fame I 3a*k,- '-  . And _shin1������������������g" dawps-nai   crimsea'  y * ��������������������������� -eeara,,       , ,-"*���������������������������' -7,\-  Por I <ha,v.e Juild b_y .bivouac.-"-  ''"   'f  v    Alone amiei.tli^ untroubloi.stars.   {  Aly battle-Ueld has .knqwii jtfTda'wii**  Beelonded !by.R fthousand ������������������pearB; ",  I've boen.no monatiag tyrant's j������������������aw������������������  "To bay-hie gloxy.wlth .my-nktei J Zr  -fi;\  :������������������'  - A .-wife1-ra%y, -.b^.v* -ma?'s..balanoef^  wheelr^but" '.he. dMBB>t1'.'waat".''her^'te^''7  operate the Jsrakefc.'/.o.".- vf ^:.- JyZ~//<-  '?y '-;'--  7_ The man "rwfce..neyOT__emiles .inspireiv".  nb'*more coiifideaccltfcM.7lkeydag\whV^  never-wagB .He"t������������������H.-''^ _'i Zz-Zyy'^yt'  7.77  - T1TTV\Ti������������������  ���������������������������gi'iZ/m-15:"KEEPS i YOUR.���������������������������.HARME88~V;  tUKtl  f*.'- 'vk^ y r* soft ��������������������������� asJh -qlovev:^;^'  toil'"-.-'       TOUQH   AS A  WIRB   'r  -jijf^ 7 " '. .BLACK;AS, A pOALcy  HARNESS  i/' ��������������������������� '   " "SoMfisibmahritiEemrj/akmra' '-'  'JO! L   ThVJiijperial Oil (V, Linirerf  ^-rVJ* ' 'M'Vi.  . , V- - ~<-������������������iriJyfife'  _~ **_?���������������������������,*���������������������������?* lf��������������������������� Zt. (."*  ~i & !:r iwd"'t^tt\\  ~i IJ.J ,rJ$,_H -if.JSpr^ r  ZZ-fyiz\i\  ���������������������������iiit  -%   rZ-~<^-*:-,\  ., ,r.. .tv/V?������������������|  '-*/ Z-J/i.  "���������������������������'PI$T^.WRpR-������������������SS5Ba������������������  /'  S������������������rc cur������������������ aad''poKitivo-pre������������������������������������itive,\'n������������������i n*M������������������r..kaw-h^>������������������ee'���������������������������������������������''.  o'ny nge are "infected or J'exposed.'y Lljiu id,, gives on Uie "tonsoai--  &tts on  the'Blood and ^61nrid6,.'CxpelB^'tkK.'potern)Ous genji!_"_ro������������������ '  lhe l)od>-.    Cures Dist.cmper in Damn Ami _iae������������������j������������������ .and Oti^lfx*/*;,  Poultry.    .Largest stillinc  Sire ctefl' reinedy- r Carta li������������������ wa&yc  ami������������������ug hwuiBB beiiieB,"'ana i* ft in* Kitn9y tmmedy. 50c and'fl* :'  bottle; %*} and $11 a dozen.   Cut ttfis ont. Kecpji.    Sbow.to y'uax  druggist,   who .will, get "it for yon.    ZFrecl,1lmakleU~~''pi*l<!tniier."  Causes and Crires.7    "-"    , '- " ���������������������������     '���������������������������' -J' ''   .    "   ���������������������������'-������������������������������������������������������'/  ���������������������������- ���������������������������" DISTRIBUTORS���������������������������ALL WHOLESAXE DETJGGISTS -���������������������������,  SPtHI HEMM. CO., C8������������������������������������ms IN mttllH^^MKKI. III.. U. 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TKe long winter evos-  ings gr?������������������ a woman a splendid chance lor tewing or  embroidery^ but her eye*  suffer ^rom iKe slnui unlee������������������  she has a goad hgb.  The Rayo is the boM  lamp. ma������������������fe.  It gives a strong, diffused light that is remarkably e������������������cp fa3.lhe.9w.  There is no glare to it; no flicker,    it lights up a Whole rooea.  The Rayo is an economical lamp, too.  You get the most possible light-value (or tlie oil buraai; mmm\ tie Rayn ihetf if a  low-priced lamp.   Yet it is a handsome lamp���������������������������an otnameat te svty team it the Imusc.  Thc Rayo Lamp is cosily lighted without removing shads mt chlmijy. caay la  clean and rcwick.    Made c( solid brass, tdckel-ploted; nko "  and finishc*.  A*k your dealer to thow you hit tiae of Riyo Inrnpi; or write tar a  lo any Agcacy of  The Imperial Oil Company, JfaM  irt 1 r,  . Ifflk.  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Fin*  Thursday January 27, 1912  ENDERBY PRESS  The mark of quality is to  be found in the stationery  you use. Stationery is the  one thing in which one  cannot exercise too much  care. We would impress  upon you the excellence of  our stock of writing materials. We are always  pleased to serve you with  the best obtainable, and it  is a pleasure to show the  goods.    Prices right.  Published every   Thursday at   Endcnby, B.C. at  $2 per year, by tlie Walker Press.  Advertising Rates; Transient. 50e an inch' first  insertion, 25c each subsequent insertion. Contract advertising. $1 an inoh per month.  Lewd Notices: 12c a line first insertion; 8c a line  each subsequent insertion.  Re.-Klinj. N������������������*iees and Locals: 15c a lin*-.  JANUARY 27,  1912  GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS  A. REEVES  Druggist & Stationer  Cliff St. Enderby  SECRET SOCIETIES  A. SUTCLIFFE  r W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lod^e No. 40  fteg-ular .meetings fust  Thursday oil or ti!\er the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially'invited.  F. H.  BARNES  Secretary  I. 0.0. F.  ���������������������������    - ^S?   Eureka Lodge, No. SO  Meets every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, in I. 0.  0. F. hall, Mctcalf block. Visiting brothers always   welcome. R. BLACKBURN, N. C.  E. E. WHEELER, Sec'y.  W. DUNCAN, Treas.  ENDERBY   LODGE  "   No.'35, K.of P.  Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Hall.    Visitors cordially Invited to attend.-  J. IT. CHALMERS, C.C.  '  C. E.STP.1CKLAND, K.R.S.  R. J.COLTART. M.F.  ." '���������������������������.   PROFESSIONAL    ",  p W," CHAPMAN *   , -     ���������������������������/  *       [Org������������������niat at St. George's Church]  Visits or receives pupils for Pi������������������no, Organ, Violin,  " Singing and Theory of Music, Etc.  Address, P. O. Box 8., Endeiby.  When the late City Council took up  thc work of handling the City's business, in January, 1911, they were  confronted hy a deficit of $1,800. To  offset this, they found rcvenue"assets  to the amount of $1,000. In the year  311st closed they paid off thc deficit,  carried on the business of the year,  ancl quit office with a surplus of  $1,109.G3.     That is business.  In the    year    just opening,  Mayor  Ruttan promises    even better things.  Assessor Kenny   has just about completed  his    assessment roll.   He will  send out his assessment notices within the ��������������������������� next    week.       We have been  privileged    to;  foreshadow   what his  assessment   notices    will    show.   * In  compliance with  the Municipal Statutes,  Assessor Kenny has raised the  assessed value of land up to thc recognized   actual  value.   Improvements  have not been added to.     As near as  can be ascertained,    taking the property assessment as a whole,' the new  assessment will be about 50 per cent,  higher than    the   old.   The property  values have   jumped from $290,000 to  $440,000.     Under   the old low valuation assessment, the rate of taxation  was 21 mills,  while under the actual  valuation   assessment   now to be inaugurated, the rate will be about 12  mills.     In most instances the 12 mill  rate ion the actual    value assessment  will 'be not more than the amount of  taxes previously paid on the old valuation,   but the   higher-value assessment will place the city in- an infinitely better* position in the eyes of home  seekers ancl others desiring city property.  ���������������������������    Thc 12 mill "rate will provide  for all the running-   expenses  of.the-  town,' and'.carry    the city's share of  j the local, improvement work done in  j the past year,  ' besides providing the  'sinking fund   for   the various debentures now issued.       It provides also  a comfortable, margin over and above  the estimated requirements.  INCORPORATION   ENDORSED     '  The '... public meeting called to hear  the committee report on the subject  of rural incorporation, last Saturday  in the City Hall, wisely endorsed the  movement, only three out of an attendance ,of 20 or 25 citizens voting  against the motion to incorporate. It  would appear as though the farmers  who at first strongly opposed the  proposition, have reconsidered the  question, and are now as strongly for  it as they were previously against it.  This is one of the best indications we  have received that thc farmers of Enderby district arc awakening to the  needs of the district and to recognize  the responsibility resting upon them.  A NEW PUBLIC SCHOOL  Bank of Montreal  Established 1817  CAPITAL   all   paid   up,    $15,413,000:   REST, $15,000,000.00  Hon. President, Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal G. C. M. G.  President, R. B. Angus, Esq.   Vice-President, Sir Edward Clouston, Bart.  General Manager, H.V.Meredith  BRANCHES IN LONDON, ENG., NEW YORK and CHICAGO.  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT  Deposits received from $1 upwards, and interest allowed at current rates.  Interest credited "JOth  June and 31st December.  A. B. Taylor, Manager  ENDERBY BRANCH  The first work of the new School  Board will be tlie consideration of thc  question of the purchase of a new  public school site. The present site  and school building have become too  small to accommodate the increasing  number of pupils. Overcrowding has  long been complained of. To temporarily overcome the difficulty, the  Board will rent the old Methodist  church building for the accommodation of the primary department.  The purchase of a school site and  the erection of a new school house  has been under consideration some  time, but no step will be taken until  the new city council is in position to  attend to the business.  J. E. CRANE  --v. - .j ���������������������������  i  TXTALTER ROBINSON  NOTARY   PUBLIC  CONVEYANCER  Agreements of Sale.   Deeds & Mortgages.  Docu  mants Witnosaed.   Loans Negotiated  " SPOON FED "  Office: Polaon & Robinson, next door Fulton's  west, Enderby, B. C.  TjWDERBY   COTTAGE   HOSPITAL  MISS WARWICK, Proprietress ���������������������������  Maternity Fees. $20 p������������������r w������������������ek  Fees covering ordinary illneti. $2 per day.  Hospital Ticktts, half yearly and vearlv,  $1 per  month. ENDERBY. B. C.  Q   L. WILLIAMS  Dominion and  rJKrovinciahLand-Sui'-veyoi'-  Bell Block       Enderby, B.C.  D  R. H. W. KEITH,  Office houra:   Forenoon, 9 to 10:30  Afternoon, 8 to 4  Ev������������������min������������������. 6:30 to 7:30  Sunday, by appointment  Office: Cor. Cliff and George Sta. END Ell BY  w.  E. BANTON,  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public, Conveyaneer,  etc.  Offices, Bell Block,. Enderby,B.C.  POLITICAL  TPNDERBY   CONSERVATIVE  -^ ASSOCIATION  F. H. BARNES,  President.  W. E. BANTON  Secretary,  Enderby  Pool and  THREE regular Pool Tables  ONE Pull-sized Billiard Table  Opp.Walker Press Office Hi BIGIIAM> Pr  ���������������������������op,  Kwong Chong  NEW LAUNDRY  RNDERBY, B.  C.  Family    Washing   collected   weekly.  First-class workmanship. Satisfaction  i.'.ia ran teed.  We" were taken   to task by a friend  the other day    for    having used  the  term "spoon    fed"   in our references  now and then in discussing the policy  of  some of    our-   farmers  who have  seen fit to    oppose   the movement to  incorporate    the    Bnderby-Mara  district  as. a    rural    municipality.   The  friend's   argument   was that the district was   entitled   to all it received  from the Provincial Government, and  it could not be   said, therefore, that  this was a spoon-fed district.   Either  this friend or the   editor is laboring  -und er-a=m i sta k en=4 d ea=as=t o=wb at>  constitutes a    "spoonfed"  individual  or community.       We    best can illustrate our meaning   in the expression  "spoonfed"   by   bringing it down to  the individual in the hiomc.   The children    are    "spoonfed"    between    the  bottle and the knife and fork.     They  are "spoonfed" until they are able to  ; feed  themselves.       Thcrc_ is no question as to what   each is entitled to.  The  "spoonfed"    child is entitled to  what it gets   from    the spoon���������������������������<_uite  as much as the elder children arc entitled to what they get with the aid  of knife and   fork.   But the  "spoon-  ,fed" child is thc weakling. It cannot  jfced  itself.       It  lacks ambition, and  . whines to   be    spoonfed    rather than  .take up thc   responsibility of feeding  ,'itself.     While all    thc other children  [arc eagerly   taking up life's burdens  | and fitting themselves for the battles  | of everyday, in the home and out of  jit,  the   "spoonfed"    pines    to be relieved  of the    responsibility of tackling the    things   worth   while.     The  lusty, healthy    boy or girl���������������������������the kind  , worth    while���������������������������break    away  from the  spoon as early as possible.   Only the  weakling prefers    to depend upon the  parent for its sustenance.  If we arc to be understood in our  use of thc term "spoon fed" in connection with the movement on foot,  the thought in relation to the children of the home need only be applied  to districts. ,-  You-can't always tell by the  looks of a pup how big a thought  he can think.���������������������������The Pensive Pup.  Why do women always marry  men that save them from drowning?   The men mean well by it.  Agent for  FIRE, LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE.  GOURLAY-ANGELUS   PLAYER  PI A NOES  ANGELUS PLAYER ATTACHMENT FOR ANY  PIANO  ES'TEY CHURCH & PARLOR ORGANS  | SHERLOCK-MANNING CHURCH ORGANS  SECOND-HAND PIANOS & ORGANS  at low prices and easy terms.  OFFICE WITH   MR. GEO.. PACKHAM,  Deer Park Land Office.  Magnet Cream Separators  STRAYED���������������������������To my place; ore black  stud-and one grey stud;-on Salmon  River reserve. Been there for past  summer. Owner identify animals &  pay charges within thirty days from  date of this notice.  JTMMIE FELIX, on reserve  Armstrong, Dec. 21, 1911.  Finest in the Country  "Enderby. is a charming villiage with city airs.  When Paddy Murphy shook the snow of Sandon  off his feet he came here, and now owns one of  finest brick hotels in. the country. . Although  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan, he calls his  ^ hotel the King Edward. In addition to the ex- ,  cellence.of the meals, breakfast is served up to 10  o'clock, which is an added,attraction f or.tourists." ' ���������������������������  ./    - "      (Extract from Lowery's Ledge.)   . . - -   -     -   ,  King Edward;Hotel/frop^UR?HY  Has it ever occurred to you that in  building a frame house, costing, say  $2,000, you are losing every year  $100, or 5 per cent, in depreciation,  apart from the cost of repairs, as the  life of a frame house is about 20  years at the outside?        - ���������������������������  The Enderby Brick & Tile Co.  Build brick- and you will have a  house"that needs no repairs to the.  walls and will be worth as much, or  more, 50 years hence as it is toJday;  saving you quite- a" considerable sum  in painting, insurance and fueL meanwhile." A-large stock of first-class  brick now on hand.    .' :'  Enderby  yotir Nam*  your Pott Office  , your Province  WRITE your name and address In the lines above, clip  out  this ad,  and  mall  It now.    We will  send   by  return mail, a book that tells how to make yours a  "Twentieth Century" farm.  You wouldn't be satisfied to use a scythe to cut your grain,  when a modern harvester can .do it so much better, would you'  Nor to use the old soft-iron plough-share that your ancestors  walked behind, when you can get an up-to-date riding plough?  Jivery Canadian farmer realizes the advantages of Twentieth  -Century-implements.- -~     -   "    -- ��������������������������� ---  The next step is  The 20th Century Material-Concrete  ��������������������������� i-  ->  ai  UxjrrrMIl  Concrete   is  as  far  ahead   of  brick,   stone,   or  wood  as  the  harvester is ahead of the scythe or tho riding-plough is ahead  of the old iron plough-share.  Concrete is easily mixed, and easily placed.   Tt resists heat'and  cold us no other material uan; hence i.s best for ice-houses, root-  cellars, barns, silos and homes.    .It never needs repair; therefore  it makes tht best walks, foncc-posls, culverts, drain-tiles, survey  monuments, bridges and culverts.   It cannot burn; you can clean  a concrete poultry-house by filling it with straw and setting the  straw afire.    Thc lice,  ticks and all germs will be burned, but  the house is uninjured.  It  is cheap���������������������������sand  and gravel  can  be taken  from your  own  farm.    Cement,   the  only  material you  must buy,  forms from  one-seventh   to  one-tenth of the whole volume.  Do  you want to  know  more about  Concrete on  the  Farm?  Then write your name and address in the lines above,  or on a  postcard, mail it to us, and you will receive by return mail1 a  copy  of  "What the Farmer Can Do With Concrete"  NTot a catalogue, but a IGO-page book, profusely illustrated,  explaining how you can use concrete on YOUR farm.  ADDRESS-  CANADA CEMENT CO., Ltd.  NATIONAL BANK BUILDING . . MONTREAL  fi  mm*  ���������������������������\ri$.  1  <m  I <  Thursday January 27, 1912  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  /  Union Bank  of Canada  Paid-up Capital . . $4,755,000  Reet and Undivided Profit* 3,300,000  Total AuaU, (Over)       .       53,000,000  London. England Office,  f 1, Threadneedle Street. E.C.  A Branch of this Bank has been  established in London, England, at  No. 51, Threadneedle Street, 15. C,  where Letters of Credit and Drafts  payable at all important points in  Canada and the United States, can be  purchesed, and Money Transfers  arranged.  A Visitors' Room is provided for  the convenience of clients of the Bank  when in London, to which their mail  may be addressed.  Correspondence solicited.  Liiniiirmh ff- *��������������������������� ������������������HE,"Manner.  \G.H.C.H*BT-SMITH,As$!8tinMilin������������������������������������r.  We have  on cut at all times,  and bur aim is to  give good service.  G.: R; Sharpe,  ���������������������������     : "" Enderby, B. C.  B. BRUNDISH  Enderby, B. C.  I have purchased the. old Farmers' Exchange building,"on the  railway, - and; am   placing . in  ..   stock a full line of-,     ���������������������������'���������������������������'"-'." .  Ly ,>;Brick������������������, Lime, Hard Wall .r:  ,yPlaster ;and.Cement j :  i. Estimates-furnished,on all-kinds  olCement, Brick and Plaster  _ 7 Work.- -yy/<y :- >;/  ' :.-  Reducing Number Licenses  Victoria, B. C, Jan. 22.���������������������������That  Attorney General Bowser meant  exactly what he,said a few days  ago intimating that a general reduction in the number of licensed  houses in the rural districts was  imminent is emphasized by protests coming in from all quarters,  from thos* who were licensees but  are such no longer.  The ministerial course is based wholly upon  the license inspectors'  reports,  the cancellations ordered and contemplated being for active violations of the law or for failure  on the part of the licensees in  unorganized districts to meet the  requirements named in the act  for licensed hotel premises ��������������������������� as in  the matter of dining room, guest  room and stabling accommodation  licensees living with their families  upon the premises, etc. It is also  reported that many road houses  have taken long chances with the  law in selling during prohibited  hours, in Belling to chaffeurs, to  minors and to interdicts, and also  in permitting   their   establishments to be used for improper  purposes.   That   certain    road  houses on   highways   radiating  from Victoria have been among  the offenders is matter of departmental knowledge, and instead of  initiating  prosecutions   penalty  will be imposed ^cancellation of  the. licenses. Nelson,  Rossland,  Phoenix, and a number of other  Interior towns have taken a hint  from the course that is being  pursued by the Department, and  cancelled licenses where the standard of hotel accommodation has  fallen short. Other towns will act  similarly in the public interest.  Of the well known road-houses in  the unorganized districts which  have already been cut off; the" license list are mentioned the Clinton Hotel and the Newmarket at  New Denver.: In-connection with |  the latter, _. action7was; taken 1 by:  Chief.Black7 of. Nelson,, on telegraphed instruction from Superintendent Campbell. The;|rierids  of the licensee, Henry Stege,7'are  utmost to obtain reconsideration  of the official action, alleging that  it must of been based upon incorrect and misleading reports, and  to make strong his hand, Mr Stege  has secured a petition signed- by  virtually all the active church  workers and temperance champions of New Denver attesting  his peculiar fitness to enjoy a  licensee's privileges.  Health Hints and Philosophy  If your kitchen is not good your  stomach will be bad.     *  The great' 'white plague'' flourishes in small, dark rooms.  When you think you think���������������������������you  never do. ���������������������������The Pensive Pup.  Hope is a longing for something  you know you shouldn't expect.  Knowledge is power to conceal  what you don't know.���������������������������The Pensive Pup. v  When mothers are working in,  the factories the infants are wasting in the homes.  High rent drives the poor into  low, death-dealing basements.���������������������������  Dr.Hyman Cohen.  A doctor charges you just "as  much for an ounce of prevention  as for a pound of cure.  "Hygiene aims to make growth  more perfect,, life more vigorous,  decay less rapid, death more remote:'-' ' \      ...  SomtimeSi, you 'are lucky  enough to be too late for an engagement that would, have lost  you money. .'  Overwork > and, fatigue stunt  growth,, prevent functions, invite  disease, cause individual and social degeneration.;    -.3  Some folks put two and two together with satisfactory results.  Others put, them C together < arid  make ".twenty-two.-^., _> 77; 7V ;  '. The thread of life; is followed  throughout: its- entiretjength by  the thread of death; throw away  . ���������������������������%        t        1        *��������������������������� *    1  j    ���������������������������" j* * ���������������������������     ���������������������������*-     ��������������������������� *"   1  ��������������������������� _  Second thoughts are best, but  the other fellow never gives us a  chance to get back at him with  the second thought.  The average man is not so fierce  about the people who invent new  fashions for women as he is  against those who make things go  out of style.  "For every death due to typhoid  fever somebody is guilty of murder and ought to be hanged."  Some of our citizens may be in  danger of their lives.  Opportunity knocks once at  every man's door���������������������������but generally  he is down street telling some  one about the good chances he  has missed.���������������������������The Pensive Pup.  FANCY POULTRY STOCK  ��������������������������� The Hazelmere Poultry Parni is  holding its annual sale of stock, .including most of the season's winners.  In White Wyandottes, 6 cock birds,  10 cockerels, 20 pullets and about 50  hens are being .offered! In. S. C. W.  Leghorns, 12 cocks, 30 cockerels, ��������������������������� 100  pullets and.60 hens. We offer special  prices on pens of 4 females and 1  male. n Carefully mated-'  R. WADDELL, Grindrod, B.C.  -     FOR       SALE!  Thoroughbred , Cockerels and- Pullets  of the following -varieties:' Barred  Rocks; Barred Leghorns, Buff Orpingtons, Rhode -" Islands, White Wyandottes and White Orpingtons. From  $1.00 up. . M. Marshall's Lansdowne  Poultry Yards, Armstrong P. O.   ,  COAL!..     COAL!     ">'���������������������������  I am prepared, to fill orders for  domestic,, coal; large or small-.quantities.   /James Mowat, Office. Bell Blk.  Fred. H. Barnes  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  furnished  Dealer in Windows, Doors, Turnings and all factory work.  Rubberoid Roofiing, Screen  Doors and Windows. Glass cut  to any size.  Representing S. C. Smith Co,, of  Vernon. Enderby.  Cooking Stoves  Coal and Wood  Heaters  Ranges, Etc. *-  ,  I have added a standard line  of these goods and am prepared to quote you prices.  Wm. H. Hutchison  ENDERBY  OVER OS YEARS'  EXPERIENCE.  the dead weight of injurious habit  now'exerting themselves to;-the if you don't want to be overtaken.  House and one acre,-of land fin the  city, for ._?l,4o6; one-half 'down", balance,'six and;twelve' months."." All"  cleared, .fenced on. two" side's; and in  a'-high state of "cultivation;" the "very  best _,of gardenf1; soil.V^-Good stable  and,;.chicken' house/ Full-particulars  at th is ^office.... '   .  '" ,-/" ~~ ' "-"."..  : A pup'_s thoughts are long, long  thoughts.'";/-      7 7     ��������������������������� ::'-'.  Tradk Marks,.  ,;- f- OcsiaNS v _  COPVRIOHTB *C7  . Anyon*lending��������������������������� iketchand deecrlptlonmay. ������������������  quickly, aieartaln oar opinion tram whether an r  itlon If probably patentable.  Communlca-  on Patent*'-   jjwtinti.. _-'  Patent* taken through Munn * Co. receive  tpseUUtwtk*, without ebarce. In the) , ,  Scientific American.  1A handwmely'Jlinitrated weekly.   I*rg������������������et dr- :  : dilation of any. acientlflc journal.- Terms  for.-  - Canada,' $8.78 a year, postage prepaid. - Sold-by .;  all newsdealer!. ���������������������������--.���������������������������=...  jQMIIreufwtr,  'Branch dflct, OK F St, Waahlngton,  r ^t *,->  'j$ I  BLANCHARD ArENGLISH^^  li..y\. '^i^d^rB.c;"7^-_:^7C^������������������^^e||  , Contractors ^efe^Buiideri^K^������������������?  ^      .'i'o   - -. ���������������������������-'-   . y j.  --Z..S ������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������-rfyy'r.y,������������������, ri-.-j^  First-class Cabinet Work "and Picture Framing.-;.'-', '���������������������������'-- -'fc  - ���������������������������    .>��������������������������� '.'-r^y -  ������������������������������������������������������-, v.,.----���������������������������,     -,-;_���������������������������&'���������������������������.-������������������.*.  _   .-   Undertaking Parlors in connection.Z-'/y- ".',;-"-yZ?S^  "Next to' City Hali!;    * * "j'riTiX %3&?M.  J       -  _"        '      y   l r "'     7" " j: *z  \ - i  J^l^W fy you^*?   We can do so to your entire satisfaction. _____7_ .._��������������������������� r y.___*:-_:_L:��������������������������� * ������������������������������������������������������7-__._  We will be reasonable with you if you require terms.        We will give you a special discount if you can pay cash.  If .you are not now one of our many customers, give us a trial.   It will pay you and we will appreciate it.  We have LOGGING SLEIGHS We have HEAVY LOGGING HARNESS  We have CHAINS and CALES and BLOCKS of all kinds  Axes, Saws, Wedges, Sledges, Anvils and Forges  We have Camp Ranges and Heating Stoves:���������������������������in fact, we have everything that you  could .want to fit up your home or your camp.  i^7������������������7  \~   ''/���������������������������&  j.   r i.r-  i -, ~- h -1*1-1  7 -..y-xrJ  Mail orders receive prompt attention.  FULTON'S  HARDWARE W Wfc.  ENDERBY  PRESS AND  WALKER'S WEEKLY  sr  aae  rvrr  2SHEK  =S������������������S  8a*���������������������������*' Tha  -'���������������������������The Loni  ���������������������������hurch is  ���������������������������preserve ub.  jammed."  IiOU  Pedestrian���������������������������"Hay!   You  just  missed  an iuch."    Chauffeur���������������������������"Be  pa-  tne by  tiont.  'm  coming  back directly."  it.  Jive  father,  is  true that it costs you more to  now.than  it cost your greatgrand-  but it wouldn't, cost he much if  Are You Dyspeptic?  Then  Wake  Up to the Fact  day That Yeur Trouble  is Curable  To-  1$k  r^s  'fiv-A CV.al .Swcnitft- coiiiliinrM pro  iretiou for tho thiout villi u ������������������������������������:it ap-  pcar.wvjc Tiie MMIlary Cull.-ii- ni.'tkffe  it pf-fiii!"' ;u \\4ir a  tip.  T he Cost is jfegS  fiipbjdiug Toque to match  Sweater  The Saving Is 100 p, c.  Tkio'Jgh  buying (iom u*.  We vjlieit i.oriesj'i.-ii'lcfii'c with  organizations requiring special  colors and designs, but i'or ordinary ric'e we suggest the following:  Navy Blue, Purnlc, Blaca,  Ei-own, Groy, Wliite, Yellow,  Green, Khaki, Fawn, Maroon,  Cardinal,   or   Smoke.  Our trimmings aro impropriate  ijiui vary according to your selection, hut it you wish you can  spe"ify tba color trimmings desired."   Mention   body color  first.  Wc guarantee extra heavy  weight as we use all imported  worsted yarn and best of work-  in a na'fii p.  Free $50.00 in Gasii  under the following conditiuos:  liioh order entitle,-* the pui-  chasor to one guess as to which  of the above enumerated colors  will prove most popular. State  iu osiimste the number of sweat;,  t-rs of the eoloi" yoirsalect which  iu yoar- estimation wilb. bo sold,  prior to 'Febmaty 15th, J 012.  In the <ivent of a tio tho winner will ht "determined by procedure, of receipt of o.dei.  Pisar-e mention this pnper  when  ordering.  Remit $5.00 by money order  or cheque, wheu we will immedi-  islaly acknowledge ordor aud send  sweater and toque by Parcel Post,  registered.  N������������������   orders    accepted    sit    thic  price.for delivery out of Oauada.  Hacked, in '* IJoliy  Box" only  wken reciupstpd.  you lived--at., ho did.  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-*    't  Clinton���������������������������;'i suppose your little ones  at-U you nmny cmborrussiug questions?"  wIuMeigb���������������������������"Yes, they are just likes  their uiothor."  ���������������������������    *.    i.  .MotO'inaniac���������������������������"What do you think  ;* the most difficult thing for a beginner to learn about un automobile1?"  Franks.ein���������������������������"To keep from  :������������������bout it all the timo."  talking  Pordiu���������������������������"Why do you sigh?"  Penelope���������������������������"Because I can't, see  back   of  my  dross.      They pay  it  beautifully."  "Yes,   iny   friond,   I   was  many   the   eountesa  when   1  about  sudden  learned   thnt   she   spent   moro   than  ihourand a yoar on her dressmaker'.'  "Then  what  did you  do?"  "Why, 1  married  the dressmaker.  Thinness,   tlrednoss,  poor  color,  loss  of appetite  and despondency indicate  the dyspepsia and Stomach Disorders.  "tij      You   don't  require  a  harsh,  gripinsr  medicine.    Lest icsults come  from Drl  Hamilton's Pills nf Mandrake nnd J-3i;t-  lo|ternut,  which- contain  soothing, stimulating   vegetable   ingredients    tbat    so  to  fhe  Mr.  try his  i don't  You  refuse to allow your sou  ���������������������������<tudy spelling and grammar?" said  teacher.       "Absolutely,"   replied  Grouolier.       "1   want   him   io  lu.nd at mrrent literature, and  pjepose to spoil his dialect and  ?       *       v  Racehorse Owner���������������������������"William, you are  loo hoav}-. .-Can't vou take something  off?"  Jockoy���������������������������"I'm wearing my lightest  suit and haven't tasted food all day."  ��������������������������� wnor���������������������������"Then, for goodness' sake,  sr.-/ and gat shaved!"  X. Ai A"  "'You say you charge extra for summer boarders who are trying to reduce  their freight?"  "Yes,"  replied  Farmer   . Conitosse1  strengthen   the   stomach  muscles as to enable them  as'  nature    intended.       W fieri  accomplished    all    trace    of  and  to again  bowels  act  . this   is  stomach  misery and dyspepsia disappear,"..  Yon wili find Dr. Hamilton's Pills a  scientific euro for all forms of stomach distress, headache, biliousness, bad  color, liver complaint and constipation.  ..o haif-w'iy meuriires���������������������������but lasting curs  for these conditions follow ihe use of  Dr. Hamilton's Pills. KEFUSL A SUBSTITUTE. All dealers sell J)r. Hamilton's Pill?, 2iie. per box. or from the  Catarrhozone Co., Kingston, Ont.  *'T have to.      They  thc biggest appetites.  ���������������������������V  always    develop  The Lady���������������������������What do you want, Utile  boy ?  Thc  Kid���������������������������Could, we  pull  off  a fight  t < p."  Norwood & Norwood  High-Craile Swestiii Exclusively  Somerset Blk., Winnipeg, Man.  Make your selection now and  fall ia the following aa a. reminder.  . OhgBt-Mflasnrernoat ....._._..._.._  Coior (Body)     Color (Trinm-.ings)  A group of lnarrii.t! women can't talk  to  it   bachelor  more  titan   ten   minute:.  without  agreeing  that   he   knows  more  -Limn-he-L.i..-uky -bitsincsb-tu know   Sympathy is n poor filler for an emp-  i,v Ktomsch. or even for a btoken heart.  SHIP YOUR  RAW FURS  and  Beef Hides  lo us and yet 20 per cent,  more i'or them than al home.  Write lo us for our new  price list S and we will moil  you one free. Watch thus  ad. weekly.  We solicit yonr shipments  for Beef Hides. Rnw. Furs.  Wool. Tallow, Seneca Hoot,  Horse Hair. Sheep Pelts, .etc.  between "Butch" Riloy anri 'Tun  cher" Smith .down in your cellar, nnd  eould you guarantee dat dore'd be no  police int-orference? ���������������������������   -  ��������������������������� An aristocratic visitor, who was making the final call in tbo slum district,  rising, said:  \ -   .     -  "Well, my good-woman,. 1 must go  n������������������v. Ts there anything'! can do for  yonV" * ��������������������������� _   - .  "No, thenk ye, mum," replied the  submerged one.. "Ye mustn't mind if  [ don't return the call, will ye* I have-,  n't any timo ro go slummin' meself."  r        * *  JUr. Jf. W', Wiley, the food expert, wan  taliting at a luncheon in Washington  nbost a food adulterator. "His first  oft'er," n������������������id Dr. Wiley, "sounded, ou  fan face of it, fair to the public, but it  w&fi in reality as unfair ns-the offer  of tbf divorcee. A wife, after tho divorce, wiid to her husband: 'T am willing to loan yon the baby half of thc  time.' 'Good!' said he, rubbing hi.?  haude, 'Splendid.' 'Yes,' she resumed,  'yuu may have him nights.'"  ������������������    #    *���������������������������  A certain editor had cnusc to admon-  i.sli his son on account of his reluctance  to attend school. "You must go regularly and learn to be a great scholar."  said the fond father, encouragingly,  "othervriso you can never be an editor, yon know. What would you do,  for_hiHtanee,jf.your paper came out fnH_  of mirtakesf7^"  hie  pareut's  fence.  North-West Hide  & Fur Co.  }jj 278 Rup������������������rt"St.     VVi������������������nipeg������������������ Km.  The i^v-looked up into  face with childish inno-  "Father," hc said, solemnly,  "I'd blame 'em on the printer!" And  then the editor fell upon his son's neck  aMil wept (ears nf joy. He knew he had  a MiecOKSfjr for the editorial chair.  An Irish doctor, while enjoying a  holiday in the country, took the opportunity i)]on������������������ with a friend, to {,'"  filing. ~ During operations the doctor's  linker cmiim* oft' and was lost. Tic wan  in a dilemma���������������������������no linker, ko more fishing tliHt tlay. Happy thought; hc bad  n bottle in his pocket. The bottle  \t������������������.y tillpd with water, carefully corked,  and *-T,ut  down on  its mission.  After u few minutes' interval lhc  doctor hud a bite and pulled nt 'his  lino at nicing speed, finding a fine pair  of fi.������������������h, one on each hook.  "Uo, doctor, twi������������������s this time!" exclaimed his companion.  "Ye?," quoth the doctor, "aud  brought up on the bottle, too."  It wits hie first appearance Hfl a dramatic critic, and during the afternoon he  saw thnt remarkable melodrama, "The  Red-handed Five," and in the evening  he wilnossod a thrilling performance of  "Flit the Forger; or, Thc Clue of the  Bird-l'Vightcner." And it made him  ������������������ad.'  Nevorthelofis, he went back to the office nnd prepared to write a scathing  sis-column condemnation. But bofore  he'd begun tha editor rushed in.  "Sorry," he cried, "but you'll have  boil your stuff down. Try and get a  The critic nodded. Then wirh a dash  he dipped his pen into the ink.  "The first drama," he wrote, "was  all blood and thunder, and the second'  was all thud and blunder."  *e        * * ������������������������������������������������������  Doctor: "Now, there is a very simple  remedy for this���������������������������er���������������������������this���������������������������er���������������������������rc&ur-  ring thirst. Whonever you feel that  you want a whisky and soda just eat an  apple���������������������������eat an  apple."  Patient:  "But���������������������������er���������������������������fancy eating fifty or sixty apples a day!"    "  *    *    ������������������������������������������������������'  "Mamma, can'you change fi-ve conts  for tne?" asked the innocent little Oer-  ������������������1(b  "Ifow do you wish it changed,  dear?'.' said mamma. ^   ���������������������������  "IntO'fi dime," was the ingenuous"response. ��������������������������� .  " - "            "       ."-"-*    *-. -���������������������������    --    _-""-_  First" Boy: "Your, folk ain't as. rich  as ours. My father finrhmother go .driving every day.'' '   -'���������������������������"'  Second Boy: "My-father drives <\v-  ery day, too. 7  First Boy: "L" don't-believe it! What,  does he drive?"  Second Boy: "jNails."  Jt was in the rabbit-hole railway, otherwise the subterranean line, aud tno  usual scramble was taking place at one  of the stations as passengers entered  or alighted.  - Tho dear old gentleman was buried  deeply in his favorite weekly���������������������������the otio  with golden covers���������������������������and as he rrsado  his wny unconsciously towards the exit  he trod -somewhat, heavily -on tho pet-  corn of a burly Scot.  "Hoot, mon!" groaned Sandy, tenderly caressing the injured limb. "Are  yc blind?"  The' O. G. glared fiercely over the  top of his paper.  "Hoot yourself!" he snarled. "D'ye  think I'm a motor 'bus?"  driver a '' wizard," ete. The next  year, however, this same driver may  have horses of but ordinary class, and  in this case, when he is unable to  finish in front in the majority of his  races, his reputation suffers and he is  no longer classed as the leader of his  profession.  As a matter of fact, there is very  little to chooso between the leading  roiiismen who aro yearly seen on the  mile track. One .year ��������������������������� Goers will head  the list of money-winning drivers, then  it will bo McDonald, and again Murphy, but who will say that Geers would  not have been the largest winner  among the race drivers this year if the  trotters Charlie Mitchell, 2.06 l-'l, and  Tf. T. ('., 2.0H .'{-I, and the pacer Sir  K., '2.03 l-'l, had been in his stable instead of .Murphy's, and who will say  that. Murphy could not havo boon at the  head of the list last year if he had  been favored with tho Abbey, 2.04. the  champion pacer of the year,"and Dudie  Archdale, 2.00 1-4, the largest money-  winning trotter, as tools to work with?  The disparity among thc drivers who  confine their operators on the half-  mile tracks is much greater, for the  principal reason that many ''greenhorns" or probationers, arc seen on  the twice-around courses, and again  many mon are found driving on the  smaller tmcks who shorn... be driving  mulos  or  handling a   pick  and  shovel.  Occasionally such a one will be seen  on the big tracKS. but the bonehcads  do not last long in high socioty. If by  some .chance one should find hi.s way  into tho Grand Circuit he quickly-llis-  covors ho is in dee]) water, and disappears, going back to the half-miJe  tracks, where ho is more at home.  The Grand Circuit is more of a High  School, as' it were, for only those cdu-,  cated in the art of race driving arc  able to retain tuoir positions, while on  the half-mile tracks the preparatory,  lessons aro obtained.  In connection with drivers, it recalls  the fact, that the lot of a starting  judge is much easier on the big tracks  than on the half-mile ones, for in the  oue case the starter has to deal with  men invariably proficient in their call-  HOW TO BEMOVE WABTS  Don't allow thewj imsightly excrese-  censes to spoil the beanty of your hands  or arms, liemove them painlessly. Cure  them for all time by applying Putnam's Painless Corn and Y/art Extractor. , Failure impossible, results alwayw  sure with Putnam's Corn and Wart Extractor.     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Suspension appears io be the  only solution, and while the latter remedy might look too severe, the ulfct-'  mate.result probably would justify the  means. , -  One of the commonest, complaints of  infants is worms.-and tbe mo������������������t effective,  application for them is Motker Graves'  I Worm"Exleriuiriatbr_:  -'-y~./^-   -'"---'���������������������������/���������������������������  With the Horses  The opinion is entertained by at least  one authority that Tourney Murphy, the  Long Islander, stands out as a shining  light among the reinsmen of tho present  day, and, thc wonderfully successful  t-eason~that- this-young- rnairhns" ju?t,  closed doubtless strengthens that opinion, but, good as Mu-rphy has provon  himself to be, fhu casual observer will  have difficulty in determining wherein  his superiority lies ovor such drivers  a? Rd. Oeors, Alon/.o McDonald, Billy  Andrews, Waller Cox, Dick McMahon,  and possibly one or two others.  Murphy's  rise   in   the   ha.nies.-'  horse  world  has been nothing short of phen-  -    -      -    -        .v.  WHEA T, BARLEY  OA TS, FLAX  - -Owing to-so much-unfavorable weather,rniany-farroers-ovfc-W-anterc  Canada have gnthored at least part of thoir crop touched by frost or  otherwise woathor damaged, flowerer, through tho large sboriugo in  corn,^onts.^ barley, fodder, potatoes and vegetables, by the iniuHiml boat  ifcjiada and  gcod price?  what ir������������������ quality  miu'-h  c������������������.y~  to  Htrong   criticism   of   both   plays  about���������������������������well���������������������������er, say two lines."  into  omenal, but the opportunity had  to do with his success, and it is a  question if one of his winning races  could be singled out that could not  have been won by any one of the other  drivers named.  -The opportunity has a great deal to  do with making reputations for race  drivers. One year we see a driver out,  with a stable of high class horse?, just  as Murphy had during the season now  at an end, or it may be that the driver  will have only one horse, in his stable,  but a regular rip-snorter, then the  scribes' aro. ever ready to acclaim such  Sh/bhh Cure  nuUUly  atopa coviha  ih������������������ tlst'tU ami l������������������ui������������������.  cure* colds.   beni>  ���������������������������   ���������������������������   .      sit, ������������������mU__  An Oil of Merit���������������������������Dr. Thomas' Ecloc-  trie Oil is not a jumble of medicinal  substances thrown together and pushed  by advertising, but tho result of the  careful investigation of tho curative  qualities of cortain oils as applied to  the human body. It is a rare combination and it won and kept public  favor from the first. 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'���������������������������*J& "i"-'  Masticating its generally considered to  bp   merely   tho  grinding  of  food   into  small  jiaitides,   in  order   to   facilitate  ���������������������������    wallowing and subsequent digestion.  Theio are othor considerations involv-  ad, however, tho partial digestion of tho  food in tbo mouth; the development of  the musclea of tho face, thus affecting  the expression; tho development of the  t������������������etb and jaw bones; the development  and  nutrition of tho  throat and nasal  passages.    Mastication is'accomplished  by the action of the teeth of the lower  jaw against those of the upper,   in tho  carnivorous or flosh-cating animals, the  movement of the Lowor jaw is limited to  ���������������������������p and  down motion -and  thc  food  is  ,crushed between tho very uneven surfaces  of  tho  upper and  lower  teeth:  while in the herbivorous or grass and  gaain-eating animal.'.,  the movement i3  almost   wholly  sideways,  grinding  the  food between, the comparatively smooth  surfaces of-the'leoth.    as man's diet  consists of a-large variety of foods, we  - find a modification of these two forms  iu  a  somewhat  uneven  uifrface of  tho  teeth and a .very f too movement of the  ' lower jaw, forward and backward, and  -from side to side.   When food has been  ���������������������������taken into the mouth, the tongue move*  il   back .between-'the spostenor  teeth,  .    where it is ground into small particles.  The movements of the tongue, lips_ and  cheek serve to retain.thc food in the  "   proper relation to the teeth until it is  sufficiently comminuted and mixed with  saliva, when it passes backward and is  swallowed. .-This  should   not   be   douc  until thc food is thoroughly masticated  and insalivated.  The   value   of   thorough   mastication  is 'threefold: '  (1)  Mechanical.���������������������������The .subdiciding of  .   tic   food  into   fine  pieces  is  of  great  .   value to subsequent digestion. The indi-'-  fgestibiUty of, many articles of. food" in  due  very 'largely to the facility-witb  which they may be." swallowed without  s   being very finely divided.. .While meat,  - ' eggs] "etcV are very readily'digosted^by.  Uio fluids of{the stomach .when in small  particles,, a' lump* of either  will  resist  Jhcir- action ior. a long-time. '_ -.-������������������  Z -'(2)-^Chemical.���������������������������During"   mastication  ;-- tic flow-of saliva'intqi the,mouth is'very  - - largely^ increased by the reflex'action .of  r/.fiisle^and alsov.by .the-pressure on. the  SValiviiVy glau'ds, of th'e?bones and-mus-  "VclcsSinvolvetl;'the- flow"'ot-the" stomach  7 -'is* alsoj'i lul'uceifT. jTbc"object\of Mas tica-,  f ^HdnfHheJtritiiratioji.and"insal.ivation-of  "1,7tVdl"fo6cl?Msrinof#Verl'e^^  Vired;by,-.tln_s>actidn3bciug;'prolongcd.*and  > }this,i" th'e'.-Tirst process'^df. digestion)"!)^-.  ��������������������������� ������������������*i'ng���������������������������thoiough/;the succee'ding.ones in.the  ���������������������������** ttomach\;and7intestiiies"7prbcecd with  j. greater'case,'"with"-a 'saving' of energ>  ' widyvitaljty.'! _7 a);l-.,,7_.^>---.~x:_"_;._..Xv  ���������������������������'-'(3) Physiological, or-the*effect on, the  * jaws-land- surrounding structures.-r-The  . muscles,.of ,mastication-are very large  -. ia. relation .to' "the^.b'ony 'structures, iii  ', jvonkecticm .with them.'. - Thc cxercise^of  _- tfisse muscles largely influences the nu-  - trition -and-development, not-only.lof  tiia muscles themselves, but also of.thc  -. ifeiportnut,,'structures near them, such  Mt-tbo', jaw jbones,'th������������������ salivary glands,  Hio soft palate, the tonsils-and the'posterior, portion, of the throat* and nasal  passages.    Tlie development of. a" bone  - depends considerably, on the.amount of  ��������������������������� "eKcrcise given-lhe muscles which are at-  7 t*eh"ed__tq"it. 'Hence in a .person ac-  "   e������������������Btomed from "childhood to thoroughly  masticate,-wo "generally find jaws .large  nnd-shapely, as well as the.teeth regular, the tongue' and salivary glands  -large, and the natal and posterior nasal  passages spacios and the membranes of  t_ho month healthy. As the" teeth" are  developed within  the jaws thoy neces-  =^6iTly^hTrTifrth"e"=nutriti6n='and=proper  development. If those Pones are pre-  ftrly excreisod during the formation of  *e teeth tho tooth germs will grow and  develop more perfectly and the teeth  will be mora resistant to caries or de.  oay, the best preventative of which is  efficient mastication.  The ample development of tho jaws  trough about by prolonged masticating tends to thc regularity of the leeth,  --ifciia providing a-propcrl" bite '_Lor_ the  Sroper relation between  the upper and  lie lower teeth.  "Why do tha vast, majority of people  Mt niKSticate properly*. Thore aro several reasons, the moct frequent, powi-  ���������������������������ly, hoing "soft" or "mushy" food.  This ia moat noticoable in the case of  lihildron's diet. Where thc necessity of  mastication is lacking, the instinct l!or  it .gradually disappears and the child  a.<jquir������������������3 thc babit of bolting its food  and very often comes lo reject thc bard-  t*r for lho softer foods, it is very im-  eortaat for the proper development of  the jaw bones and of tho permanent  teeth that a child should be given food  which eannot be swallowed without  thorough masticatioa.  Another reason is some defect iD tho  roacticatory apparatus, and this is yory  common in thoso who have not learned  to masticate properly in early life. The  defocta way be irregularities in the arrangement of the teeth whoreby they  do sot uorne into proper relation, the  appor with the lower, thus largely di-  iftjiunnhing the area of the griuding  hut Pace, -or tbo teeth may be decayed  or looso and paiuful upon prcBiuie, or  some may be lost. *���������������������������  \vliat are tho evils resulting from improper mastication 1 Their name is le-  Tgion. Possibly tho most important is  the tendency to take too -much food.  If tho food -wore of a varietyfnccessita-  tiiig abundant masticating leas would be  taken, on account of the longer time  and the more labor requirod, but thorough mastication, even of so ii foods,  "rodnees tho amount needful, for the  mora perfectly the food is chewed, the  mora perfectly It is digested-and-.the  moro economically is it disposed of in  tlio system."    An  inevitable  result of  an excess of food or of food insufficiently   chewed   is   a   dorangement   of   the  digestive tract resulting in more or less  serious  indigestion   or   ia some   cases  evou  in  cancor of  tho stomach  or  in  appendicitis.    Again,  iu   those  who  do  not masticate piopcrly in early life tho  nasal pn>sagcs and tonsils fail to pro-  porly  dtwolop,  and   in plater  life'also,  unless   mastication   is   prolonged   these  parts  aro ,deprived  of  tho "stimuli.ting  oll'cct of iiicieasod flow of blood to the  parts, brousrht about by the action  of  masticating, and hence aro more liable  to  become diseased   both  in  the child  and  in  the adult.    There  is  no  doubt  whatever that lack of efficient mastication  predisposes   the  child   and   the  adult to rhinitis, tousilitis, adenoids and  other affections of the throat'aud nasal  passages.      "The   prevalence rof adenoids among moderns  must  be the result of the modern system of feeding  children and the defective mastication  which goes along with il."   A'sequence  of adenoids is "inouth breathing" on  account of the prostorior nasal passages  becoming blocked up.   So,  also, a  sequence of mouth  breathing is the pre  disposition    to    laryngitis,    broncnitis.  phthisis,   dental   caries,-irregularity  of  the teeth, lack of development of the  cranial and jaw bones.    Another result  of  lack  of  abundant  mastication  is  a  lack of development of the tongue, salivary glands and jaw bones. ' The' effect  to   the teeth  is very marked.    As  thp  circulation  in "the  teeth  and surrounding parts is  not stimulated,  tho teetn  in infants do not develop properly and  aftcr'developmont they are not properly  exercised and massaged, while the secretions of the mouth are apt to be scanty  aud unhealthy.. .Under these conditions,  i-hox teeth., and   surrounding   parts  are  more   liable  tb'-fbecomc   diseased.    An  other result.. inVmqre mature life is the  looseninsr-of - the-'teeth" from- a"disease  ealled "pyorrliea'-alve'olaris or RiggVdi-'  sease",.   "Realizing   the-.importance,;of-  thorough'riiastication aiiiLthe evils, arising from' theJaciv^of"such,,-what should  be done?."In thc.ifjrst.-plac.e, the jaws  'amr'surrourifiing'1 parts should", be'.exercised   during 'their ^devclopnieht. : ^ A s  soon ;i3 an infant.shows any'disposition'!  to - bite "hard" substances,. the r instinct-  should be gratifiedr.74'77 '///'/ 7>- &'$.  [j]At- first,; a" hard 'riibbcrpfijigC may- be  RHEUMATISM  13 MONTHS' SUFfffltlifti CURED  "Dear Sir:  '' I wish you to put my letter on record for the sake of suffering humanity.  I have suffered IS months with Mus  cuiar Rheumatism in my back. I have  spent at least $20,00 on pills and liniments during that time, but nothing  would case mo of the paiii; iu fact, it  was a chionic pain. Por tho������������������e lonj.  18 months it stayed right with mc,  sometimes convulsivo and cramp-like,  causing me to groan and cry aloud.  Kvory moment was torture, T could  not turn in bed without yelling out.  Now E will ahvays bless the day when  I first started to rub in, and to take  internally, 'Nerviline.' After using  four bottles, my pains have left me. 1  shall always take off my hat to 'Ner-  vilino' and can honestly say it's the  poor man's best .friend, because it will  always drive away-from )rou tho Demon  ���������������������������Pain. -      . o  "Yours truthfully,  ."Thomas Goss."  " Use only Norviline. Sold in 25c. and  50c. bottles the world over.-    lT  is Abetter, '.however, \\ ofgi ve7the7cliild  som eth i ng which - is<n ot roiily-Mia rd}'bnt'  'nutrientVand-Jjileasjint t to"! the-1; tasted-  a ,'chickon_ bone" or a" chop; bono .from  ,which���������������������������al,most,.aH; the..meat������������������,hasl.be.en 're-,  moved*.may" be' employed^;.These',are  nott'qiiite' aV'hard "as,. iyoVy-rand. are,-  moreover, more.attractive pn account of  the'-.taste, c-After the*teeth, have erupt-,  od,. the'child should stilPHavc-abundant'  exercise'in chewing,-1 for example, hard  toast or-plain hard biscuit. '"Of [course,  other foods will, be'needful ai well, but*  as this article deals only with'.mastiea-  ting, mention isvmadc'only of'the best  means to thafend.    -*' -    -  .Once the habit of mastication is acquired the food will not be swallowed  before - being converted into., a fluid.  Thnt this habit, may, be developed and  retained through life," it" is absolutely  imperative that the teeth should be .in  .the' proper relation,"-t.h'o.upper 'to the  lower; also that they 'should be-free  from cavatics of decay and firmly fixed  iu the jaw.        .    '    ,x  ;  In" this connection is should be distinctly understood aud implicitly ��������������������������� carried* out, that every child should make  -frequent=visit������������������-to^the=-deiitist7=������������������nil=that=  evn-ry ono of the first teeth should be  filled if docaved, aud should be retain-  ed in position until the.permanent tooth J  is ready to replace it. i.  Periodic visits should be made to the  dentist by every person and all neces-  viry operations performed in order to  preserve tho masticatory apparatus in  ollk'ipnt working condition.  Tn n.word, what does efllcioat mastica-  tion_accompliBh? _,ft_jlivides  the ".food  into- very small particles; causes a flow  of saliva into tho mouth, thoroughly  mixes.the food with saliva, facilitatot  swallowing, partially digests fluids in  the stomach; "develops the muscles iof<  'mastication and those of the faee, thut  affecting beneficially tho expression;'influences, the nutrition and development  of the'teeth, the jaw bones, salivar,  glands;1 soft palate, tonsils aiid posterioi  nasal passages; is a preventative^ a  large extent; of decay or loosening of  the teeth; cures many cases of indigestion. Surely a sullicient benefit to re  conipense-for the small expenditure of  time and labor necessary to aceo'mplish  it.  Tn other words, in what does insuffi-'  cient' mastication result? The food is  swallowed before being sufficienty comminuted or';sufficiently insalivated; the  practice".may lead 'to-the habit of eating." too' much; to serious derangements:  of the "digestive" tract;" may induce,ean-  ccr".of-iUie_stomach'o'r appendicitis; lack  of proper development-of tho teeth, of  the,-muscles', of mastication, af "tho' jaw  bone's anilleranial bones, thus adversely,  affecting" the expression; lack of propef  development of "the throat.-and 'nose,  predisposing to rhinitis, tousilitis,- ade:-  nofds, mouth breathing .laryngitis,' bron-  chitis,/coii8uinptiou,.dental caries and  irregularity vof'.thci'tee'th.,'. Surely,' a  grcaty'isk-to".ass'ume-in* order.,to save" a  little/timerand-trouble., - -Z,'-'"- 's":- "  The  Swedish  axpeditioa .   .   .   fitaad  an intimate agreement between the au  roral  spectrum and that ���������������������������,* rhe bluish  light about, tho cathode of a tub* coa-  tainiwg rarificd oxygon and nitrogea.  "The frequency of pola- auru.as.is  not thc same at all poirts'of th* eaith's  surface.  "Study of the auroral spectrum Iaads  Paulsen to think that auroras result  from phospiioresencc of the air due to  cathodic phenomena taking place iu the  nppor rarified regions of tho ttmosphere.  Hut, as Ar.-henius remarks, this suggestion does not explain the formation of  calhodo my:.  "Au incontestable fact, dcriv&d directly from observation, is that a very  clear parallelism exists between polar  auroras, variations '"of tho magnetic  needl������������������,,and the occurrence of suu-spotn.  .    .    .    It  thus  scorns  natural-to scok  Taesa wave* are suppossd to be emitted by thc sun with special inteuuity  in sun-kpot legions. Mr. Loisel bV  lieYCB that th������������������re is not one ef-these' hypotheses that is not open to objection.  A good start has been made, but th*  complete explanation has Hot yet bctfa  formulated.  DON'T CUT OUT A VARICOSE VEJ.B  ^ABSfJRBlEJRS"8  A r\U(t, softs, antiseptic, d-������������������Roq-  Ucaiv, rcbolvcnt HniiiLunt, at������������������J^  Jirovcn rccnody forthlstkod aloS-  hvr.lronljjios.  Mr.������������������.UKolioe*  tho explanation  of the two former in ��������������������������� Boole a a m.o.  Writotorlt.,    -  a  direct  action   of  tho  <.������������������iifr<il  ������������������Mr  nt   W.F.YOUNG,P.D.F..2!0l-ymansBWn.,  a uirect action ot  tno central star ot AiDofon^iKMijyMsniiiiJoir&WTJuie  OliLY ONE'BITE  /:'  CUBED HIS WIFE  SO HE TRIED THEM  LEON      SERGENT     FO0N"D    NEW  HEALTH IN DODD'S KIDNEY  PILLS  Suffered ���������������������������with his Kklneys and war, very  feeble, but now ho is feeling fine  Saint Walburg, Sask., Not. 18.���������������������������{Special).���������������������������One healthy, happy family in  this neighborhood are always ready  to apeak a good word for Dodd's Kidney Pills. 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Sniith,-~hayc you;besn.-m"ak"  itig* "friends j with ; Fido * --An"d - do you  think" the'deur.lamb likes you*?'-'.', -~iZ '  ,T. "^Well;. 1���������������������������T;%d'on't'/think .lie's quite  decidedfyet���������������������������he*'������������������.-only had'ono piecel".  v-MYSTERT^OF THE  ''NOSTHEBM?  7"   '-        ,.v  LIGHTS'.' ,        ;\L ��������������������������� .  "That-auroras arcdiie to electria die-"  charges in", the upper,, regions 'of the  atmosphere,'few students" of'the* sabject  now doubt, but just what are'the nature and the cause of theso- discharge?  and why they are. located'as they are,  remains niore^ or- less .of a '"mystery.  There_'seeni"s to be some connection .between them and the activity on. the  sun's surface, 'manifest to usin the  form of sun-spots and'their.attenda.it  phenomena. J..Loisel, writing on the  subjoct in La Nature, tolls us that until  recent years attempts to fixe the photographic image, of auroars have almost  conTplctely failed by reason "of" their  very feeble and variable luminosity and  of "their mobility, "which is sometimes  extreme. Some good plates were taken  by Brendel in> Boseekop, Finland, in  1892, then by Westmann in Spitzber-  gen; and quite recently Stormer,-in a  =journey_of=exploratinu=to=Bossekop,=has  obtained 800 photographs, of whieh 40*0  are perfectly clear.    We read:  "Tho height of aurora's above the  earth may ,vary within wido limits.  Tho measurements taken by the Swedish expedition during tho winter of  189S1-1000 at Akureyri, Iceland, under  the direction of A. Paulson, have fur-  nis lied altitudes (250 miles) for relatively quiet arcs.- Stormer, by photographing tho aurora simultaneously from two  stations-a������������������d~"comparihg~ positTooiT~rTd^  tivoly to tho surrounding stars on both  plates, has found for cortais points  altitu'bs of f,0 to 1.10 miloM.  "The spectrum of the aurora was  first studied by Angstrom in 18Gt5.    .   .  our system. Ingenious hypotheses have  been put forward along- this line. But  although .the connection would appear  very probable, it is doubtless more com-'  plex than 'a simple relation of cause  and elfect. .The mechanism that joins  tho magnetic variations and the polar  auroras to those of the solar activity  itself (not to some of its manifestations,  such as spots;'faeulac, or protuberances,  as fias been 'attempted) has not yet  stood'out from an investigation of the  facts hitherto known, and remains  shrouded in mystery."  Some of the numerous'theories that,  havo been advanced are briefly summarized by -Mr. Loirel. Arrhenius supposes  that eruptions of ionized gas take place  from the sun and that condensation  takes, place.around the negative particles, which are then repelled from .the  sun and begin to emit eathodo rays  when thoy enter our atmosphere;' but  these do not become visible until they  reach air of - sufficient density, which  they do at the poles because ths^tor-  restrial lines of force conduct them  thither. Others, such as Deslaudroe  and . Bh-kcland, assert, that the sun's  atmosphere itself gives oft* cathodic  rays directly. Birkeland magnetized  a small steel sphere to represent the  earth" covered, it with7,a phosphorescent  chemical, and "placed it in "a beam of  cathode' rays." The rays, as they strike  the sphere,,.are so deviated "that thoy  form;two- phosphorescent,- polar bauds  representing the. zones"-of auroral frequency'.'-* f Still other'authorities believe  auroras.are due to_electric waves such  as arc employed in-wireless telegraphy.  firovcn)  hvrlrouplt ..  JBoclict, !_&������������������:., beforo lining i  rouodr. suffered Intensely wit  painful   a������������������t   lalluraca   v������������������!������������������ir  tDojr wero svrolloo, Vnottod ari  bard,  llo writes: "AtUir iwtn  ono  uxl onoiiulf   bottlM  AlJSOKEillK, JR.. tho YeH,.  woro ralaoedi lnflmsniiitlon nnd pain Rune, u.nd'l  ha��������������������������� lam no rcem-ronco of Kio trou&lo iurtnw tlfr  Sast, Eix years." Also rrmove* (loltro. l'pinf|fl  wellliins. 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"       (Quick deals: Big Cash Payments.)  i  Immense Profits in Poultry Products  as the Result of Co-Operation  It is an interesting and instructive,  though    possibly   not a particularly  edifying fact,    that the poultry products of this country last year totalled only $25,000,000, as against $625,-  000,000 for the United States, in the  same period.       Such figures as these  offer food / for   thought.     Poultry is  very much    underdone in  Canada at  the present    time, and unless we are  agoing to   import    eggs   and poultry  Very heavily, our output in the next  five years must 'increase to ten times  what it is to-day.     Even now we are  importing eggs from the United States,   Russia    and    Germany.    Sifting  . these figures 'down   to their plainest  meaning-,'  we   are    shown    that   the  United   States    on    poultry  ' isr.'beating   us' out    in- the  about three to one per head  lation.  .   --This  $625,000,000    of    poultry  pro-  ��������������������������� ducts in the United States last year,  > -is.more "than the* products in a similar period of   all the farms and ranches of the whole Dominion of Canada,  including    the    live   stock,  field  - crops, and everything which was pro-  >������������������������������������������������������ duced on  the    farms of Canada last  year.  In 1902 Canada "exported ?J,733,242  worth of poultry pn'Dducts. Last  year these figures dropped to but  slightly over half a million. In "1904  the Dominion exported to Great Britain ten times the poultry and eggs  s that she docs today. There are two  reasons for this state of affairs. In  thc first place, the Canadian farmer  fails to realize the enormous profit-  making possibilities presented by the  egg market ; in the second place,  while he knows the producer's prices  are high at present, he is afraid that  a greater production would cause  cold storage houses and other midclle-  ,_men__to._cut_these_-nrices-down Thc.  and  eggs in   greater    quantities lest  the price be forced down.  It looks very much as if co-operation among, farmers and team work  in marketing were to be the ultimate  solution of the Canadian poultry  problem. The idea of the farmers  getting- together to d,o their marketing ancl taking for themselves the  profits that would otherwise go to  the cold storage houses, makes a  strong appeal to common sense.���������������������������  Successful Poultryman.  England's Insurance Law  In general terms the Insurance  Bill recently passed in the British  House requires that a man shall  pay eight cents, the employer six  cents and the state four cents. In  return the insured receives free  medical attendance by a doctor of  his own selection from a panel of  doctors, and free medicines, sick-  pay at the rate of $2.50 a week  the first three months, $1.25 for  the next three months and for  life in case of permanent invalidism. For women the payments  and benefits are lower and  include maternity benefits. It is  estimated that 9,200,000 men  and 3,900,000 women come within the compulsory class, and that  of the total annual fund of $118,-  000,000 the state will contribute  over $27,000,000.  In certain highly skilled trades  like that of ship-building a beginning is also made in insurance  against unemployment, except in  case of strikes, on further payments by the three parties.  National sanitariums are also to  be established for the treatment  of tuberculosis.  WHERE UNION MONEY GOES  The defense of the McNainaras,  recently tried at Los Angeles for dyna-  products jmiting the   Los-   Angeles .Times and  ratio of   other.buildings,   cost   approximately  of popu-| $200,000.     Thc   amount spent in the  I fruitless trial of Haywood-Moyerand  Petti bone',   some   years.-ago. for the  murder  of Governor    Stunehherg,   of  Idaho, footed up\?300,000.  Some conception of the disastrous  : effects of the recent" struggle -between  jthe operators and miners in this dis-  j trict and the enormous financial loss  i entailed may be- had from-the an-  Inouncement of the U.S. Consul here  I to the effect that the expprts of coal  from the Crow's Nest Pass-fields clur-  ;ing 1910, exceeded the exports for  i 1911 by $1,730,000. Assuming* that  Jthe domestic markets were adversely  ���������������������������affected in a like manner the total  iloss to the Pass is simply appalling.  ���������������������������Fernie Free Press.  farmer does not want to produce unless he is sure that he is going to get  full return for his labors. He has  seen production increased in other  supplied    markets,    with    this result  Nothing helps business conditions more than being on good  terms with your competitors. No  matter how despicable a cuss  your competitor seems to you to  be, try to cultivate his friendship.  Yotf^ill=both=beiiefi<rby=it.  I have always said if I ever got  up a magazine it would be one  without a picture of a girl on the  In the last fiscal year Canada's  totsl trade was $769,443,000, an  increase of $76,232,684. The increase was largely in commerce  with the United States, the gain  being $61,590,676. With Great  Britain the increase was only $2,-  250,000; with Germany, a gain of  about $3,000,000, and with France  an increase of less than $2,000,-  000. The balance of trade in favor  of the United States was over  $180,000,000, the imports showing an increase of $51,000,000.  We are frequently told that the  ending of war by courts of arbitration, is too impracticable to  deserve", serious - consideration.  David Jayne Hill, former, am-  bassabor to.Germany, writes,1 in  his new book, "World Organization and the Modern State,"  "When it is considered that the  price of a single, battle-ship has  never yet been expended by all  the nations of the earth combined for the judicial organization of  peace, is it not atleast premature  to say that future, progress in  this direction is impossible?"  and hc is afraid  to produce poultry cover.���������������������������The Pensive Pup.  Books Magazines   Newspapers  We sell all thc bent magazines here, also a  good  books.   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Perhaps you.would like first, to . see .samples of the superb.and.--  .. incomparable.tailoring* of the.Semi-ready System���������������������������we.can show.;  J.yoli thatA"      ~*~-     - -7 '. 7,'" 7'\ ,, ��������������������������� ,-. ~-   ~7"-''~-'7"'i-~',7'7 .7-7  "You may be satisfied.with your present line of tailoring���������������������������but  r* you will, not be when you see the opportunity this.opens to you.  '���������������������������''- '-,7    --.-"..       ���������������������������' "7  -    ���������������������������        "       "     -   x-       '" -'  Enderby Trading Co., Ltd.  Deer Park Fruit Land  ' E NDERBY.  No Irrigation Required  Tbeee lands are situated on the benches near Enderby and are" especial-"  ljr suited for Fruit and Vegetables, and, having.been in crop, are in splendid condition for planting.  An experienced fruit grower is in charge and will give instruction to  purchasers free of charge, or orchards will be planted aiid cared for at a  moderato charge.  160 acres, sub-divided into 20:acre lots are now on the market at $159  per acre.  Get in on the first block and make money on the advance.  Apply to���������������������������  GEORGE PACKHAM,  Deer Park Land Office, Enderby.  Por your  Seeds, Ornamentals and Fruits  Go to the  ���������������������������?  UT7,\TDV Seedhouse &  illljiNrCl   Nurseries  Vancouoer, B. C.  We have Lhe finest stock on the Coast  Lust year being my first year in business, I was badly handicapped for  want of stock, but not so this year.  Send us your order and we shall give  you satisfaction.  See our new catalogue (FREE.)  A. R. MACDOUGALL, Prop.  Look at Our No. 2 Dimension  that we are selling at $12.00  per Thousand.-���������������������������_   We also have some cheap Flooring,  Ceiling and Drop Siding at $10.00  per Thousand.  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. End.rby  IF YOU WANT TO OWN  Pocket'  Knife  BUY A CARBO MAGNETIC KNIFE  For Sale by  THE ENDERBY TRADING Co.  LOANS  Applications   received for  Loans on improved Farming  and City property.  Apply to���������������������������  G. A. HANKEY & CO., Ltd.        VERNON, B.C.  JAMES MOWAT  Fire, Life, Accident Insurance  Agencies  REAL ESTATE  Fru it Land Hny Land  Town LoU  The Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co.  The Phoenix Insurance Co. of London.  Bvittuh America Assurunaa Co.  Royal Insurance Coof Liveirpoo! (Life tlept  The Londonf& Laneashire ������������������u ���������������������������������������������;  Aoeldent Co., of Canada.  BELL BLOCK,   ENDERBY  n  i  4  tf  Jl  vf  -.-. -j .  m  PI  J  "Til  I


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