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 ^Y-fo'Enderby, B. C,  January 4, 1912
Vol. 4; No. 45; Whole No. 201
1*.*f_.f-A.   ^ IV
SSNews of the Town and District
1.13 I-    _
oi interest lo iMiuerby rteauersi particular attention i^aiM to ti,e
auditor's statement of the city's
,/'-$%��������� Good morning ! Come in, tbe ice The Rev. M. F. "Hilton invites all finances at the close of 1911. The
^'j-jfisifinc. Enderby   boys   of   12   years and up- f statement was placed in the hands oi
/,'/.<_'?'. Wm. Yule next Monday night in the   u-.rds   to   a   meeting   in the Parish'the   electors   on    January 2nd.   The
Roonron Friday, Jan. 5th, at 7.30 p. i fact that City Clerk' and Treasurer
ni. to consider tire formation of a i Rosoman had his books Su up-to-
troop of "Boy Scouts, and to assist date as to make this possible," is a
in its organization.       v matter for    congratulation, not, only
On January 21st the Original Jubi-; to Mr. Rosoman and the City' Coun-
<-!& "/.Opera House.
yttr-Zy rr\... ,.���������,,( .'o.-.
  !���������   n 1   .-..   tti���������.-:���������T.-���������.>,
L������      ..uui,      Wl._l.iuy       UUUll.      LLl      J^.i_l.V..   ,1J
,,'''��������� ij'Z ii; - set for April 9th.
J 7J'f'r' ^-r- J- ������- English   moved    into n:
���������Z-~//b.cw home this week/
lr'7'v^Last   night   thc    skating rin'_ wm lcc Singers will appear at the Ender-jcil, but also to   the city as a whole.' that the previous e\erring,
77. v'optmed'for business. c    " by Opera House.     This is one of the I    The report    is,a good one.   It di- festivities    were     celebrat
hi'.\k     The A. R. uOt,uio Cui^cuij' oLatLou ^L Li'o,c Lions    wliich     J.    Cosgrove is I vulges.much   intcrccLi:^' iuforniation Lu^uo, aud ouuiLly   aiLer
Perished in the Flames in the
Burning of Home at Vernon
j i \
The city and district of Vernon re:! judgment and   liberality.   Judgment,
ceived a grevious shock on New Years j because it is a comedy sure to meet
morning when it    was reported that' with the approval of his Matrons, and'
the home of Mr. McDonald, formerly  liberality,   because- the   play is'-not.
liiuiicLgor   of   the   13. a.    ila'ucli, had .built to 'display    the ability of any
been burned to the ground during the : one particular   actor or actress, but-
night,'and that   Mrs.'McDonald had   abounds"  in    what   is   known in" the I
been'burned   to, death.     It appears .theatrical profession.as '.'fat" parts���������,,
that thc previous e\erring, New Year ' prominent and good roles."  Too few'
atccl   in   the , stars have the courage or generosity
bcciiig "Liie j to Select' a play which permits .others
���������a|ni?rnt run on the planers Inst night,   sending through the Dominion.   Any-'for.anyone keeping a close tab on the !okl year out and ,th,e new���������ycar in,"
>..|7,7Born.-rOn Dec. 28th, at'E-nclerby, to  th in <f given .-the .stamp' of-merit by ', past' year's   city business.    .The sum t the' friends had   left for their-homes:.
'Mr..'and-Mrs. Edward Henniker, a son- "J. Cosgrove does not need any boost-
;';,;,) 1^;, En derby   Troop B. C. Horse'has a  ing.   It is recognized at once.'       "/"
^���������.membership of-.33,    and many more:    The dancing class to be established
,^'ar'e ready to join. ,       "    .     in Enderby   by    Miss Mowat should
.yZyypid   Sport   says    fishing might he  prove one of the best things for the
^k;^o<3od if   there   were not so m- eh 'ice  young'people, and should-.-be "tncouv-
fjl^i'tifis side of thc fish.    -       ���������       " a?-)d. by all who-enjoy the social side
^,ii'!.:^'f45-'he ' fourth   annual    LoVl  Option  of dancing. . Miss   Mowat-is making
'   \  ���������IfiWvsonvcntion will be held in'Vancouver,   -provision to take into the classJeven
f>^;_J3c;bruary'lst and 2nd. -   "        v   -.fie,, best -dancers'lwho wish to ioin
���������    j||x������|3p._and Mrs. F. Prince are expected, to ..participate " in / the;,weekly social
'   \7':^^^Wbe Jlome rfrony^theLr eastern: trip "���������gatherings for .'dancing."' .7*." - y"~'-~
of $40,000 is - not a great .deal for a
town of this size to spend on the improvement ' of   the streets;  still it is
in  their   company . to ' share honors
with therri: - Mr.1 Yule, however, with
Mr. and   Mrs.   McDonald and family |characteristic   'generosity.-'has"  dc_ne
retired, and about   two o'clock Mrs
McDonald discovered the * house .to. be
a sufficient sum to indicate the trend ��������� on .fire.   The^ flames   spread.rapidly
and the measure of. the growth during the year that has closed.
.The past year is the first in;which
the town has liada'paid policemen oh
duty "all. the time: The salary paid
was-not large, ;it -is-- true, but; as
large as the city was justified in paying at" .the* start.- ?. This': was "one of
���������,., \i   i'Sj^tfnl or-abqiit "thcOOth inst.._-'_ :/    7   Miss-Cobb, secretary of uthe \Enderby_ our best'.investments;, for-in addition
; )://(-' vP^^fhe-name of'Jas'. "Johnson-has'b'eoi) -Horticultural "-^Society,'"" bias'received;
"'-""I  -sfl^&djaed-to-thc'-'nominees'- for' Coun'cihVwor'd'from" _,th'e'. Department*- of Ag'ri--
/mQi) mentioned "last".wcck7 ._-
i^men mentionca-last .wcck,-__- -'���������-.'"-   culture_to^ the effect "that;the7Society
Tii^'j.T|'t!yNew -Year wps ushered ���������in-f3ane-,-.will,'be.duly "" accepted under the' Pro-
^    l^and serene; the mill "whistles didn't' -Vincial Act,, providing 7_the'names of
\   go}'crazy and nobody else had to.' :   -    25 members 'are secured .'to -the appli-""
Enderby mercl.auts' report the most" cation.   -This is.now being done and
successful    year'!;  .business"' for -1911  the application-will be made in regu-
"    since.they have'been established.'" lar order,-and a" request'for speakers'
Annual" meeting    of    the  Northern  will be made.
Okanagan   Farmers'    Institute ' next     "When - we" hear    anyfplace "cracked
up" as The Place for growing winter
to" doing1 the ha'rd 'workdnHhe .Water
and -it- was   with   difficulty, that'all
were taken from the"burning building
in  safety. '. Mr.', McDonald"- took ,,the
little boys to-another- building close
by   for*   protection  .from   the bitter
cold, and avhile-he was thus engaged,
Mrs.;- McDonald; returned ,to' the. burning' -building .:--for0'; something. 7and.
ran.,up    the ' stairway,  to-the" second'
floor."-"'. ^he;v was=?tliere'' overcome -.by;
tho .smokedand "-fire.-Van'd-'-w.as'^lpst.
in the seetliirig-swirling'aamesr-Thelr-
eld'est" daughter ['ran' inttfT'the* building,
after" ��������� the^mother;:-- but'^vyasi"rescued/
when but - slightly'' burned about., the
shoulders. _" She"-is~ now in the Vernon
U  5,,
Saturday at 31 a.m., in K.P.Hall.
"" The annual Vestry   meeting of St."
apples,-we feel like questioning if it
George's church "'will be held in the Ms as good-a"s vthe Enderby district.
Parish Hall at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, jF. H. Barnes showed us,some sam-
the 30th inst.     - " ���������" 'pies.of Wealthies, Ontarios and Win-
.Two rinks of curlers rame up from  ter   Bananas    grown -on his place in
-Armstrong New Years Day and spent; town   that" were   as perfect fruit as
the afternoon and evening on.the ice
with" local rinks.        -
The curlers are working off the new
schedule.      Games are more interest-
ing'as the   ends   grow    big and Dill
pickles are still up..
_ We haven't yet heard the .proverbal
Old Timer prophesy an early spring,
i but when we look   at our wood pile
we think we'd like to.
Twenty below zero may be all Tight
for thc plumber, but it's what Sher-
,' man said of war for the feller behind
the pipes, and water oozin'.
The annual Hospital 'nceting will
be held at the City Hall at 3 o'clock
Thursday afternoon (to-day) Election of .officers. Full turn out asked.
Wc regret not being able to make
changes in thc ads of Messrs. Harvey
; & Rodie and   The   Enderby Brick &
1    ^ Tile Company.     Watch for them next
( Capt. Edwards, of Mara, spent the
week before   Christmas at the coast.
3 He   returned   a   few   days ago, con-'
! vinced that he knows where tne rain
f. ,        comes from.
j A local man has two thermometers
, hanging in his   room, one above the
other, and oh New Years night it got
so cold the mercury went to the
bottom of both of 'em.
j Mr. A. L.   Fortune   is   a   familiar
i figure on the streets again.   Since his
sickness   early   in   the   winter,   Mr.
[ Fortune has been in better condition
! and is stronger to-day than for many
[ seasons.
! Father    Jeannotte   has-been trans-
' ferred from the Slocan district to the
j Okanagan.   Father Jeannotte is pop-
' ular with all classes of people, and is
) a priest   who   has   a good word for
\ everybody.
���������/   '.v"V
Works} department,*1 - Officer: Bailey, enriched" the 7 city" 'treksury, in-.keeping'
the-'peace.-.'td~;th&. .Vamount" of^some-.
thing joyer -$400" more" thanJiis_ salary
amounted to.- "..Tlie showing of assets
oyer-: liabilities " is also.'.a'matter "fori
congratulation, the surplus, being'over hospital.". * ./The head'and a few.-of the
$26,000.- "It . should valso be remem- ribs were-'all that* was "discovered -the
bered that the .* outgoing- Council following day in the cold ashes* of the
cleaned up -an   overdraft o_f the pre-' body of Mrs. McDonald. ^ The" funeral'
which was held yesterday,"" 'was at-''
tended by' nearly; e.very citizen of the,
sorrow-stricken .community.
this.- and has, secured 'the ..best, avail:.
able players for.' the various difficult
roles. - . .: - / - ,zK ; - - "'
.Miss-Violet .Eddy,' who was seen-in";
Enderby. as - '-'Rosaline" inr"As You*
Like It,"''" and ! -as - '-' ^Viola''- in'j-'The-
Twelfth1; Night,-'.' ""-will.:,,on\iMonday7yf]z^/K\
night- be-seen asM'Lydia'Languish.^-v, ^-^s^l
The play- throughput is said7Vo3sbe^\-*75?;j^s
well-balanced,*, and .we" may- io6V/.'fo"r-'4^'l;1f;-<^S
warrt ' t.rZ sppintr .. fho" -hoa+'���������" f ViinoT. /TTf"''+>i^ jy-iZ'*������������-i/������\
ceeding'year amounting to $1,800.
This time it is none' other than
T. Crossly-Poison. "''Cross"'quietly
departed   last    Sunday   evening""   for
ever was    grown,   and they were as Bellingham,    Wash.,  accompanied"by
firm"  and   luscious-   as'    when   just-his   bride-to-be,-  and" there, v at the
ripened.     And Mr.   Bogert presented
us with   a   basket   of ; Russets   that
were large and juicy and of delicious
flavor.      Winter   apples for Enderby
and the name of   the district will be
heralded far and near.
Constable Bailey arrested a half-
breed by the name of Frank J. Basil
drunk and disorderly, on Tuesday
evening, and he found two bottles of
Scotch, unbroken, upon him. The
man came in from Armstrong on the
afternoon train. It is said he had
four bottles of liquor on him when he
home of her "three sisters and. mother,
^Manager^Sawyer' hasTaddedVtheTJBji-
ishing; touches tthat -make?theVEhdefti ji
Opera,. House: Al;- and>verafcMnj^iU?l
;be Jdone/.to'5; make -7 the}-Yult^erfonS^^sMw
7- "      " ( T      -7    .,    "' * ' l * '\ Ij ,"* '*" ^ *t*"^ A ���������*������������������**\"''r'T1'*'***"', 0^*5jC*y I
"NOT" YET,';BlIT. 'SOON'-'"/;'1;'-:-' - Z-7'TzBM
The school" children "of'"Armstrqng,,
under, the directorship of Principal
Rankin, , drove;.up from the sister
town last Friday   afternoon and pre-
he made Miss Adeline Ambrose his|sentcd in the' ^"by 0?era House
wife. The ceremony was performed 1 commencing shortly after 3 o'clock,
on New'  Years   night.   Mr. and Mrs. |that pretty children's operetta,"Little
' Tln_'Dnnn    "        mU ~        _ i.L J           1. _
Poison are, expected home some day
this week. The bride is the daughter
of Mr. John Ambrose, of Knob Hill,
where she has resided for the past
year. Her charm of manner has-won
for her many friends among the
young people of Enderby, while
the groom is ono of our most popular
young businessmen. The Press extends to   them   its best wishes that
landed-at-the depot.--He was -met-by . ever -little Cross along life's highway
Siwashes from the Enderby reserve,
but it is not known that the Indians
walked away with the ��������� two bottles
that were missing when1 the man was
arrested. He was taken before Magistrate Rosoman Wednesday afternoon, and a fine of $5 and costs imposed, and the Scotch confiscated.
The New Year's ball given by the
Enderby Oddfellows in the Opera
House, Monday night, was a great
success. The hall was /ery prettily
decorated with bunting and boughs,
with a sprig of mistletoe hung over
the warmest spot in the house���������oyer
the central radiator. The bunting
was gracefully hung from the balcony
and looped to a point over the stage,
and under the bower thus formed the
emblem of the Order was centrally
displayed. The    attendance     was
large, probably 150 being on the
'floor, the music good, and everybody
had a happy time.
For Sale��������� Home-made second-hand
cutter. Sound and roomy, $12. A.p-
ply, Press oflice.
may be   dipped
in   the sunshine of
We have discovered that the staff of
printers on Enderby's leading excitement can do without sleep three
nights out of seven, and can ticidc
the toggle with the thermometer below the belt and the water cocks
cracking in the cold, but they cannot
set ads on Wednesdays any more. It
will 'be necessary in the future for ail
advertisers in the Press to ha?e their
changes of copy in the hands of the
printer not later than Tuesday noon
of each week, otherwise a change in
the set up cannot be counted upon.
23i acres, about three miles from
Enderby; raw land, very easy clear
ing; timber consists of fir, cedar and
pine. Soil the very best for general
purpose farming. The price is right
and the terms are exceptional. $80
per acre: first payment, $750, balance
over two years. Address, Box 153,
Enderby, B. C.
Bo-Peep." The attendance was far
such a performance as this, and "did
not sustain the reputation the Enderby people have for patronizing anything of real merit. The children
gave a splendid performance, conducting themselves in every part of the
operetta with a cleverness and finish
that spoke volumes for the care-and
patience ___excrciscd_._in_their_training
as well,as for the natural ability of
of tho children themselves. Mr. - J.
M. Wright accompanied the boys and
girls, and, while not .enthusiastic in
his appreciation of the small attendance, Mr. Wright, said he hoped to
give the school children another outing next year, and hoped Enderby
people would then make it a point to
see the children's performance.
��������� ��������� /    .  -      -     - <-.."'     zz *\\/y/z/yjig&yJg.
>_ Premier McBride's ' government.'has "i/MVi^t^
the reputation   for ,vmaking good.its;77';7V������"x7t-
pledges. ' Therefore ",the dispatch "."fromJbyzTy^-
Victoria, published in "another column ������H, %/77p
of this paper7 to ,the effect���������'that ''there'yti7~i77tzf������
will.be no   distribution "biil brought ^--'L-v^S
downat ;the   approaching .session 'of-\7-/7-^77Zy
the local legislature,' will" not 'be're-J-V.^'':'-:'''>"i'4
ceived_, with" any.-; degree^of .pleasure1" .^jfe^
by^the .electors"'of' the,Northern ;'Oka-;_ ������*'���������'��������� '{7Ji%
hagan- wh"67haVe" for"- the"past two '   ^L'':C*-'S-
provincial   campaigns   been promised*-   '; ������������������> y:"z
such legislation.     "As one "prominent',,;*-, '-'ly ?r
Conservative, and a great admirer.of ~'~z7'77
Hon. Richard McBride, has said:   "I     -
cannot believe that a measure which"
has been   promised   so long_can_no_w    ���������
Mr. Yule, the eminent comedian,
will be seen at the Opera House next
Monday evening, Jan. 8th, in a new
role���������that of "B,ob Acres" in R.
Brinsley Sheridan's famous comedy,
"The Rivals." Mr. Yule has for
several seasons past been a familiar
figure to the theatregoers of the west
having entertained them with many
of his able and delightful comedy
characterizations; and his appearance
in a role entirely different from those
he has heretofore portrayed will be
awaited with keen pleasure by his
many admirers in Enderby.
In selecting such a noted comedy as
"The Rivals" Mr. Yule has displayed
be denied the Province without serious consequences to the party. It is
the duty of every member of the party to do what he can to induce the
Government to put through a redistribution bill. Premier \IcBride has
made good every promise. To-day he
heads the strongest government in
the Dominion, but even Premier Mc-w
Bride,cannot- afford-to""j.ide-step""an""
issue like this."
Booze ancl poker are profitable to
some people. In Nelson this month
Boyer Bros, sold tho Sherbrook hotel
for $21,000. About five- years ago
they paid $12,000 for it, and have
since cleaned up a small fortune.
They will now take up their residence
in California. Many of the lumberjacks who helped them ��������� make their
fortune will continue to cut logs in
the forests of B. C���������The Ledge.
An incipient fire was discovered in
Fravel's shipping office of the Rogers
Lumber Co., at 5 o'clock this morning,
by Night Watchman Pound. A four-
foot hole in the floor in the extent of
the damage.
All bills due G. E. Manning, grocery or hotel accounts, must be paid
before January 1st, otherwise they
will be placed in the hands of an attorney for collection.
Signed, G.  E   MANNING,
y ENDERBY PRESS AND  WALKER'S WEEKLY  =32=  HAPPY HAWKINS  Copy right, I JrJj  Bs ROBERT ALEXANDER WASON  [By Small, Mayrmttl & Company, Inc.  l'HAPTER XXIV,  Fountains Logic  Well, the Diamond Dot was sure a  dismal dump lifter that. fivory ouo  hini liked Dick; but thoy didn't know  how iniic.n until he was.sniffed out like  tlie llmne of a candle. The ol' man  biul me tnakc a stagger at filtin' Dick's  blu-os; but it wasn'I what a truthful  wan would will a coal-osHiil ' success.  Dii-k hail left a lot of directions, tellin'  how to judge the markets an ' "low to  make improvements without feel in' Zne  cvst. aa' a dozen other things that I  ha-.i alius supposed was simply a mixture <>' luck aa' 1'rovidoncc; but it  vrasn't ia my line to figgcr things out  on paper.. Give mo the actual eattlo  an'* I eould nurso 'em along through  aanil-dionu aa' blizzard, an' round 'ein  ap in tho President's back yard; but at  that rime thoy didn't signify much to  nit? when they waa corralcd up ou a  sheet of paper. When it came to action I -.vas as prepossessed as a clerk  af a pie counter; but I didn't havo the  slightest, symptom of what they call  the legal mind.  The' wouldn't much 'a' come of ir.;  ���������������������������mt onft day Barbio came out of her  la/e an' walked into the ollice where  1' was sweatia' over somo of Dick's  prognostications, stuck a pencil behind  her ear, aa' waded into'-'em; an' from  Unit, on I took oft my hat to a college  abdication. Dick may have beeu oa  the queer all right, but ho was smooth  enough to hide it. Anyhow, oi' man  Judson's bank account was a heap  plumper'n it was when Dick had first  whack at it, aa' Dick had drawn a  mighty stately salery himself. But he  ���������������������������aavned it. for the ranch was in strictly  modem order an' runnin' on a passenger schedule.  It alius gave .me a hurtia' in tho  ishest to seo either Barbie or the olJ  mau himself thoso days. The' was a  set look in Barbie's eyes; cold an' un-  fliuchia' aa' defiant. I once saw the  same expression, in the eyos of a trapped mountain lion. The ol' man'3 face-  was all plowed, up too. Ho reminded  aie of aa Injun up to Fort Bridger.  A Shoshone he wa.3 from ,tho Wind  Biver country, au' he had tho look of  ���������������������������m eagle; but he got a holt of somo alcohol an-' upset'-a kettle 0' boil in'  grease oa himself. Ho lived for oight  days with part of his bones stickhr  through, "out never givin' a groan; au'  I ain.'t got .the look, of his face out 0'  "toy system, yet." Jebez reminded me of  it's heap; au' he was just about as  ���������������������������noisy over "it too. J never supposed  ��������������������������� that the Diamond .Dot .could get to  ,-Lookin.' so much like a desert island to  rue. , I got to feelin' like oue who had  been sent up for life, an' I would sure  have made a break for' freedom if it  hadn 't been for the littlo girl. T couldn't bear Lo loave her.  One of tho saddest things I over see  in my.whole life was the difference bo-  " tween tho way she an' Jebez acted au'  the  way they  used.  to.      I'v.   heard  preacher3 beseech their victims to live  ia peace an' harmony together, an' not  to quarrel or complain; an' right at the  :    time   it   didn't   sound   so   empty   an'  iiiockish; but -when, you come to boll it  down, tho' ain't nothin' in that theory.  Why. I'd seen, the ol' man hunt Barbie  nil forenoon just to pick a quarrel with  her: an' they would fuss au' stew an'  revile  each   other- an'   keep it  up  all  through dinner; an' then go oil in the  afternoon an' scrap from wire to wire;  but they was eujuyin' themselves line,  an'  addiu'  to  their  stock  of   what  is  called mutual respect.      Every time one  ====of=^rrT==^ould=laad^l^w^nhi&chcQiwhiin.  up P.n ' put the other ono of his mottle;  an' thny certainly  did  get  moro comfort an' brotherly love out of it than  most. folk?, does out of a prayer-meot-  ii';   but   after   Dick  went  away  the'  ������������������..isn't   uo   more  quarrels.      No,   they  ifas as differential as a pair of Japanese ambassadors; an' she never called  him Dad again���������������������������never oncu! an' T could  nee him a-hungorin' for it with tho look  -...in'Iiis cycb ft young cow has when sWe  i* huntin'   for "tho little "weYcalf tho  :ovotes ht.a beat her to.     Tt was alluK,  "Ves. air," or "No, Bir," until L" could  almost hear tho ol1 man 'a hwirt a-brcak-  tn' in hia breast.  Sho aercr .complained none, Barbie  jjdn't. Sho plowed through hor work  as though it was goin' to bring him  oack to her; aa' whon sho couldn't  think ot' anythiug cine to do Hho would  tramp off to the liilla or ride like tbe  wind over tho roughest roads she could  find. Time an' again she wouldn't be  iblo to sleep, but would steal out 0'  the .house, an' we could hear hor guitar  Aobbin' vn' wailin' off in the night;  but if Barbie herself over shed a tear  it never loft a mark on her cheek nor  put a glaw to her eye.  'ihe' n-a?- one knoll not far from tho  twuse which commanded the view a long  way toward Danders in one direction,  ���������������������������\n' a long way toward Webb Station iu  Mother, an' she spent about ten minutes each ijvenin' on this knoll. Oh,  it used to hurt, it used to hurt, to see  that purty little light-hearted creature  amkin' hor fight all alono, an' never let-  tin' another livin' bein' come within  bailiu' distance. At times it was all  l. could do to keep'from goin' gunnin'  for Pick myself.  Once sho sbk to me, "Happy, if. any  tail comes to me I want to get it my-  self.an' I want you to flee that I do  get'It"   .  ''Barbie,'' soz I, ''as far as my feeble  power goea you'll get your mail; an' if  it happena to involve any other male���������������������������  ters." She was grateful ail right, an'  fried to7������������������nulo, but it -vas a purty 9uc-  ���������������������������esst'ul' failure.  Soon the winter nettled down ah' tne  .now   blotted   out   tuo   trails,   but '4he  it.vi1.!'nearu  from .him..,    The oi'  man  i;id -'wrote  to   the  postmaster  at   Lar-  .i.nue, an'  do had  answered  that  Dick  ind aJlurf  piayed  fair accordin'  to  the  vest 0' his belief.     Yin went ou to say  ���������������������������hat Dick was generally counted about  ;hc   bent   lUti/.en   chey   had;   but   that  u.t.r  he  had  shot  P>ig  Brown -he  ha(i  IMilled  out an' no one know whero he  vas.      lie said   'at, Browu hadu't died.  which   was a  cause  for sorrow   to  the  whole town.      tie also said that Denton  would be a disgrace to coyote parents.  Iio furthermore went on to state that  Dick still owned quite a little property  in Laramie.      The old man showed me  an'   Barbie   tho   letter;   but   it   didu't  help much.  Whoa Thanksgivin' hove in sight the  ol' man dug up a bottle 0' whiskey, an"  put on a few" ruffles to sort 0' stiffen  up his back; an' ouo day after dinnei  ho sez to Barbie, "Now you .just stay  ���������������������������settia'." She was ia the habit of  estunatin' just how little nurishment  it would take to run her to the .isxt  feed, gettin' it into her in the shortest  possible time, an' then makin' a streak  'for it.  "Now, little girl,"'sez Jabcz. tryin'  to look joyous a:i' u'oo from can:, "you  are leadin' too sober a life. I want  to sec you happy again. I want to sec  you laughin' about the house, like you  used to. Can't vou sort 0' liven up  a little!"  "I might," so/, she, with the first  sneer I ever see her use on the ol' man,  "T might, if you'd give me the rest 0'  the bottle vou got vour own gaiety out  of."  Cast Stool's face turned as red as a  brick, an' his fist doubled up. "That's  a sample 0' your idee of: respect, is it?  Tou're gottin' too infernal biggoty.  N"ow you pay' attention. [ waut to  have a littlo gather!a' here Thanks-  givin'. Will you, or will you not, see  that the arrangements are attended  to?"  " Y"es. sir," sez Barbie, lookin' down  at her plate. -"How many guests will  the' be?"  "Well, how cau I tell?" sez Jabez.  "Can you get ready for twenty?"  "Yes, air/' answers Barbio, nevor  liftin' her eyos. " " " '  "Yes, sir; yes, sir; yea, sir!" yells  the ol' man. "I got everiastin' tired  0' your 'yes, sirs.' , Am I or am f  not your ol' Dad?"  "If you prefer, I' can' call you  father," sex. she, Like she was talkin' to  thc moon through a telephone. "Dad  is not correct English; it is a kalew-.  quism." ' ''  -  This,was alius like a pail 0' water  to ttuj'ol' man. Nothin' stung him  any worso than to have her peel a  couplo 0' layers off her edication an'  chuck 'em at him.  "Do you know what is apt to happen if you keep on pesteriu' me?" he  .-sez glavin''at her. "Do you think 'at  you're too big to be whipped?"  She raised her eyos an' looked at'him  then. Poor fellor. hc could 'a' torn  his tongue out by tho roots the minute  it was guilty 0' that fool speech; but  she  didn't  spare   him.      She  let   him  havo the full effect 0' that look, an:  ho  seemed to shrivel up. "1 reckon you're  big enough to whip me���������������������������once," she  said; "but I'm of age, an' I'm mighty  sure 'at that would be the finishin'  touch 'af"Wu!d~b7Fa"lc1thT^bonds^vhat-  seem to hold me to this house. 1 probably have bad blood 0' some kind in  mo; but I'm not 90 ill-favored but what  Y ean find a man to go along with me  when i. do conclude to go."  She looked al me. an' the ol' man  looked at me, an' I felt like a red-hot  stove; but I straightened back in my  chair an' T cleared my throat. "Y  ain't no mind-reader," sez 1. "but I'm  bet tin' on that same card." --        The ol' man couldn't think up a come-  back; so in about a minute ho pushed  back hiB chair, upsottin' it an' lettiu'  it lay where it fell. He went up to  his room. Blum ruin' the door after him,  an' Barbie got out a pony an' galloped  off t������������������ the hills.  Jabcz had an idev in his head, an'  it didn't take no ferret to nose it out,  neither. Ife wan extra cordial to tho  storekeeper from Webb Station, an' a  young Englishman by the name 0' Hawthorn, finally settlln' down to Ha%7-  thorn ?���������������������������n' playin' him wide open. We  had a mighty sociable time, au- whenever we wasn't eatin' we played games.  Barbie did just exactly what ol' Cast  Steel played hor to do. She was too  red-blooded to lot an outsider see 'at  she'd been bad hurt; so she brazened  up an' laughed an' danced an' sang,  an' showed 'em games they hadn't  never dreamt of before.  Most of 'em went home by.Sunday  night, but Hawthorn was prevailed  upon to stay n week longer. He had  a little ranch up in the hills, an' seemed a well-meanin..' sort of a foller, but  slow, Ho belonged to the show-mo  club, an' had all his facial muscles  spiked fast for fear they'd come loose  an' grin before ho saw the point himself.  Barbie sob through the 0!' man's lead,  an' she took her revenge ont on Hawthorn. She would lean forward an'  hold his eye, an' Bay, in the sweetest  voice you ever heard, "Oh, Mr. Hawthorn, I want to t������������������H you somethin' that  WGidu start in an' eel! some long-winded  taie 'at didn t haw. no more point than  a mushroom, an; ns'sho toJd along she  would call his attention to certain details ��������������������������� an though-they.'was goiu' to Jigger iu at tlie wind-up. Whon sh������������������ would  roach tho end she would break out in a  peal 0' ipontumouo laughter; while he  would look as if he had been lost in the  heart of a great city without hia uanie-  piuie ou. "rftill, ho had a certain brocdy  loot; about him, an" boforo tho weof..  was up nne grow ashamed of herself an"  .snowed him a good timo.  lie was one 0' theso sad ouen���������������������������donti-  nicntul an' romantic, with a bad caso o'  chronic loncsotueiiess; an' one twilight  he told hor a pathetic littlo love stoi'y  about a girl back in England what had  had sonso enough to cut him out of her  assets whon he had trooped over to this  country to punch a fortune out 0' beef  cattle." This had been about fivo years  previous; but his heart still ached about  il���������������������������though it hadn't eut hia appetite so  you could notice. Sho. treated him  mighty gentle after thia, an' when he  started to ride away Jabez had the look  of a man what had filled his hand.  Jn about a week he camo over-an'  stayed for a couple 0' days, an' ho  showed up at Christmas too; an' about  onco a week after that he'd drop in  an' stay four or five days. Early in  irarch he paid a visit to his own ranch  to ready things up for spring, an' the  day after ho was gone Jaboz sez to  Barbio at dinner, "iSrow, Mr. Hawthorn  is a gentleman. He askod mo for thc  honor of wiunin' your hand in holy  wedlock; an' I have give my consent."  Barbie went along eatin' her meal,  an' purty soon Jaboz sez, "Well, did  you hear what I had to say?'-'  "'Why, certaiuly [ did," sez Barbie  calmly.  "What have you got to say about  it?" sez ho.  "Oh, nothin' in particular," sez she.  "It was very polito in him to ask^an'  very kind in you to;give your consent;  but I can't see as it interests me much.  i can't seo that h������������������ h*s any show of  winnin' the hand. I' promised that  once, an' 1" ain't never got tho promise  b.ick."  "Xtt," snaps Jabez, "an' who did  you promise it lo? To a sneak who  didn't caro a pin for you but was only  afttr my money. If ho ssan honest why  uidn't h������������������ ask mc, th������������������f' ������������������ann a? Hawthorn did?"  "Of ������������������onrse, I-eim's tell-.for ������������������iire,':.  sex she, without raisin' her voice or  changia' h������������������r expression; "but I tkought  ut the time that Jt was the .hand itself  be wanted, au' not nioreiy permission  to sot an' wish for.it. In this life  a man generally gets -what he risks for.  Dick got the hand."  "Seetna to set a heap 0' ?tore by it,"  sez the ol' man. edgin' np his voice  cruel an' tantalizin'. "Where's this  Dick now; when did you last hear from  the winner of hands?"  It waa a Cerce stab, an' Barbie went  white as a sheet; but she faced him cool  an' steady. "I ain't never heard from  him since the day he left; but- I trust  him just thc same. The hand will be  his when he chooses to claim it; or if  hc nevor comes back it all���������������������������why the  hand will still be his."  ���������������������������-Cast Steel got on his hind legs an'  struck the table till every dish on it  jumped, an' I rose a bit myself; but  Karbie  only  curled   her  little   red   lip.  The ol' man leaned forward, shaking  with anger, an' BarbU got up like a  queen au' walked out 0' the room as  though she was stepping on the nocks  of tho airy-stockracy. She wenfc to tho  omce, an- after a couple o' minutes I  foilered her, expectin 'to cheer her up  a bit;.; but .she wasn't inoumin' none;  sho was workin' like a steam ���������������������������engine,  with her face cold an' white except for  :i little patch 0' red in ouch cheek;, an'  when she raised htir eye* to mine "I  Knew 'at th������������������ ol; man had gone a link  too far.  After me ami Barbio had. taken up  Dick's work wo had divided hit) wages,  an ' .she had a niise little roll of her owri  corded away, I didn !f ;u*k no qties:  tions, but it. was plain as day that she  had jerked up her tio-ropc; an' the  next time Cast Steel used'the-spurs.-ho  was goiu' to bo dumped off an' she was  goiu' to hit the trail for Novor-again.  i didn't blame hor a mito; an; though  I didn't pestor her with queries nor  smother her with advice nor sicken her  with consolation nor muildou her with  pity, Y did give hor the mau-to-man  look, au' she knew 'at all she had to  do was to issue orders.  It was that very afternoon that sho  started to corrcctin' my talk an' stimu-  latin' my ambition, an' tollin' mc  about it nevor bein' too lato to mend;  an' while T couldn't quito decido just  what she was drivin' at I saw that  when she found sho couldn't trust hor  cinches any longer wo was both goin'  to jump together.' About five o'clock  she put her hand on my shoulder an'  sez: "We've been mighty good pals,  flappy Hawkins; an' while you ain't,  parlor-broke nor city-wise, any time 'at'  anybody counts on you thoy don't have  to count over."  She walked softly out 0' the office,  an' I sat until" it was long after dark,  enough to marry me; I could see the  gulf between us plain enough, an' the  higher you aro the plainer you can see  the difference; but I could seo that unless Jabez changed his ways, why, the  Theee two qualities, physical H%n������������������������������������  ami intelligence, are suck as we expeei  to find in all soldiers in a greater or  liS:;er  degree;, they  alone  do  mit  distinguish tho Frenchman from hik German rival, but he has two other dualities, almost personal to him, <>u  yhifch  1  would  build great hopes of siwew  for his country; they are frugality and  gaiety.    Tho  former  quality  is  at1108t  essential'to'  a.   fighting  man   in theae  days of massed armies, when as tiuiny  as  a   million  mon   may  be   rung^i  ou  either  side;   tbe  feeding nrningCjionta  continually broak down, tho'Ovevoaded  trains do not-arrive, there i.s ehA08 jn  tue camps.. All  this  was  the Problem  Lord  Kitehenor  had  to  faco in 'South  Africa, and a difficult task he f<UI1Q it  even  though he had but a i.utvt������������������.r of  a million mon to feed.    But Lc^i Kitchener had to deal with  Britisl iroopa  W1.0 are accustomed to a stitlicio.tiy ���������������������������)���������������������������  food  and  to  comfortable  standaqs ol  every  doicription;   if  he  had  bojn  _n  charge of French troops he wou'j have  found   his   difficulties   halved,  :or   t)M,  frenchman is accustomed to sii'ali and  poor   rations,  mainly  a   coarso  '-arioty  of bread and tho refuse of the but-.j.or>a  stall.   .Milk,   butter,   eggs,   bacon   !ire  unknown  to  him;   tobacco  is a .'j_rity  and tho pay a halfpenny a da}','  j^ j8'  therefore,    not    surprising    tlr^    the  French  soldier   makes   no  dem:^^  on  tho   commissariat;   what   is   wcIU|orfur  is that,-in spite of these cotidit!,)n3  he  should preserve that last, and gr.;it,o_ft  of his gitts���������������������������gaiety.  Jt  is  alomst  impossible  to   ov(y  oldost man the' was couldn't tell how  far barbie would go. I didn't think  a bit of myself, I can say that much;  all I looked at was what would make  her happiest, an' she was welcome te  take my life any way she wanted. If  sho chose to drag it out for fifty years,  or if she selected that I cash it in the  next hour, my only regret would be  that T hadn't but ono life to give her.  (To bo Continued)  (rate  the value of gaiety for a fighting niau  It   means   that   he   would   boar 5hort-  conimons,  weariness,  rain, and  ^yunda  without repining; that he will, as I %vo  seen   him   do,   sing  as   he   tramps' -.y  tiirough  the  day  on  sodden  roads, t;8  heavy kit on his aching shoulders. witl  the rain slowly soaking liim to tho skii^  It is because I havo heard the FreiieJ  soldier sing and make jokes under thcry  intolerable   conditions   that    I   belief  him to be still of thc stuff of the ragg<?(]  and starving sous of the First Repub![c  who ran, singing, to attack and destroy  why, from this on, f'ra under your or-1 happened at school"; an*    then    ohe  "Cur������������������c him," sez thc ol' man, "curse  him, wherever he is an' wherever he  goes. Ho has ruined my life an' he  has ruined yours; an' if he ever steps  foot on this ranch again, I'll���������������������������"  " " STopT''" sez"~BSrbieTWrilrgiTf'"n)~n"cr  feet. "You give me more sadness every  day I live than Dick has altogether;  but for pity's sake don't bind yourself  by ji threat. Wait till h'j comes back,  an' bo free to meet him liko a mao,  not liko a thug pledged to murder."  "What do you know about, him?" sez  the ol' man, sittin' down. "For all  you know, hc may bo robbiu' trains for  a livin'. It would be right in his  line." -   -    -- ---   --- -----    --  " Ptr all I know, robbin' trains waa  where you got your start," soz Barbie;  an' t������������������o ol' man's face turned gray an'  his even stuck out like picture nails,  He wasn't used to gettin' it quito so  unpolluted, an' it gnvi. him a nasty  jar.  "How do you know 'at he ain't livin' with the woman he kept over at  Lar������������������.mie?" Fez Jabez, tryin' to get tho  whip hand again. "How do you know  he ain 't married?''  ��������������������������� "An' how dn 1 know 'at you aver  wan mimed���������������������������-"she stopped short, bit-  in' her lip an' turnin' red with shame.  " I know it's well nigh hopeless to plead  with k natural bully," she sez in ������������������ new  (one; "but I do wish 'at you'd let  me alone. You're- destroyin' my respect for everything. .[ can't stand  this much longer. If I can't live here  in peaco I'll have to hunt a new place  to live: but as long as I do Htay here  you will have to act like a mau���������������������������even  if you can't act like a father. I think  that in tho fnturcl shall take my meals  alone,  "I do want to act like a father, little  girl. That's what I want most of all.  !'f yon would only go back to the old  times, if you would only get. this .sueak  out of your head"���������������������������Jaboz had started  in gentle an' repentent, but tho minute  he thought of Dick again he flared out  whito with rage���������������������������"an' you might just  as well get him. out of your ��������������������������� head;  'cause he's the same as dead to you. I  hate himl I hate- every Bneak; an' I  hate every lie���������������������������ftpoken or lived, f hate  alia!"  THE FRENCH SOLDIES TODAY  In the disciissious of " Weltpolitik,"  which havo lately occupied Europe, one  factor^ has largely beeu neglected���������������������������the  material whieh tho French government  has at hand to enforco its decisions.  That material is the French soldier.  Many have assumed with some rashness that France today trusts neither  her men nor her.-guns,-and would,not  pit tb'em against a powerful "adversary.  Having some'contact with- the- French,  in view also of the time! served under  the-tricolor, I venture-to submit "that  such is not the case. There is no distrust "and there is no reason- for distrust.  Individually  the  French'   soldier    is  probably the most efficient fighting man  Europe  has   known.   Ho   may  be  less  well disciplined than tho Gorman, less  stolid  than  the Austrian, more  afraid  of death than the Kussiau or the Turk,  but  he  has   uo   defects   that   arc  not  balanced  by qualitios.    He is a  queer  blend   of  enthusiasm   and   caution,   of  energy  and  fitfulness;   taking   him   in  the  aggregate  he  is  quite  extraordinarily  human  and  vivid.    Thc  Englishman abroad is too readily deceived by  tho Frenchman's ��������������������������� small stature;   he is  too   prone   to   think   that   these   little  soldiers, few of whom attain 5ft. 10in.,  while the majority are somo four inches  shorter, cannot hope to withstand  the  trials  of  a   campaign.    He  i3  entirely  wrong.       Personal   experience   iu   the  ranks has demonstrated to me that on  marches 3nd manoeuvres the small and  not the tall  man reached quarters in  "gboYt^conditioiiT^^It-^was^the^talHman-  we left by thc wayside to  be picked  up by the company's wagon, while 5ft.  4in. struggled on in full kit.    And the  Fronch kit is no triflo; clothing, havor-  sack, wallet, rifle,  provisions, ammunition,  etc.,  total  a   weight of some  513  pounds,   under   which   tho   little - man  marches,   rune,   and  jumps.      Uo   has  even boen known, thus encumbered, to  perform gymnastic foafm and to climb  trees.  Physically, therefore, tho little soldier is extremely fit, and incidentally  it should be wrirt that he ia nevor fitter  than n������������������w, for the contingent wan discharged Inst Septembor; thus overy  Fronch soldier has today had between  ten months' and twenty-two mouths'  continuous training: he ia in tho pink  of condition. Tt is not, however, on  physical merits that the French soldier  must roly, even though they probably  t>o superior in this respect to t.h<j heavier  German troops. War, as wan taught  u? bj our South African experience, is  very-much a matter for individual intelligence, an ndvonturo whore personal  energy and initiative iu the ranks may  mean as much as good generalship.  These qualities are opspntially French.  It would 'be���������������������������'remarkable -if ' tbe race  which had produced a number of the  finest Bcientists, lit'-'-ivy' ������������������umi. nnd  statesmen Mip wnrM has (",���������������������������;���������������������������>��������������������������� known  were uo't ^ono ally; distinguished, for  intellect springs immemorial!)' from the  masses. The French soldier is notably  quick; ho learns with ease from textbooks, and I have seen him on scout  duty apply his knowledge with unexpected facility. Quickness is bis dominating quality���������������������������quickness of movement,  quickness of apprehension, and quickness of decision. Thus Buch matters  as the taking of cover, newa-gathering,  oxtended order, come almost naturally  to him. I have many time* -been in  charge of my company'h scouts, and I  cannot recall an occasion where they  wore discovered by tho "enemy," while  they invariably succeeded in approaching bim bo near as to exceed their duty.  the Monarchist army at Valniy. T.  strength of an army resides not onu  in its marching power and firing car,a.  city; it resides, as Napoleon well kntw  in good temper under conditions whic^'  none but a Mark Tapley could wUjj..-  stand.  A  great deal has been written from  time to time as to tho effects of Sociaj.  ism in tho army.    These tales were ^  rife in my time as they are now, am\  I  can  vouch  for   it  that my" garrison  (a large one) showed no signs of int<!r.  est   in   revolutionary   propaganda���������������������������������������������n.  deed, there was no propaganda" in  tDW  town.    Generally speaking, the of!ic^ra -  are popular^ and mix fairly freely w^j,  their men:   A conscript army-natura.jiy"-  destroys   class ^distinctions,, for   the,re  duko and docker*serve side by side."/it  is,  therefore", .most unlikely  that  tKey-  "wilhin the hour of need find.themselves/  deserted by tho men with whom, t\\o,y  have been linked;  the time may^come !"  when troops -will mutiny" in presence of\'  thc enemy,  but that, time .is.-riot yet,"  Indeed���������������������������and this a guarantee of peace'  ���������������������������it   is  abundantly   certain., that   the"  French   troops,   both   individually   -������������������nd  collectively, have never before contained such fino material  as they doniw; ���������������������������-  They can  view hopefully the" proBpect -  of meeting their foe.    The better this  is- understood    the    greater   are' cli*.  chances that peace will be maintained.  MASSACRE IMMINENT  .  It Beems safe to predict that a- massacre   of   Russian   Jews- is   imminent.  All the portents of previous holocausts)  arc now boing-repeated, and on a larger scale  than  ever  before.      At. the  time of his assassination Stolypin was  perfecting a measure to filch from the  the Jews the remnants of liberty still  remaining  to  them,  and  governmunta)  action   of  this   kind   has  always  been  translated   by   tho   mob   into   acts   of  brutal violence.     But thc most sinister  sign is thc activity of the monk Holio-  :d o ru sr-w h o=m s^n 0 w=o n-a=c-r-usa d e^t-h ro u gK=  tho  Volga  districts  openly    preaching  the extermination of Jewry.     No one"  dares  to  molest    Hcliodorus.      Ho  is  known to bo a pet of the Czar, anil tho  ignorant peasantry hear him as (.hough  he wore the Czar himself.  The favorite theories of Hcliodorus  are well calculated to arouse tho frenzy  of thc people. Not only doos lie assert that the .lews intend to deposo  tlicO'/.ar and to-place one-of-tlicir-owu-  peoplo in his stead, bnt he revivoti all  the horrible superstitions that attribute  to the Jews tho practice of sacrificing  Christian children for tho eclobration  of tho Passover. Stories of repressive  enactments aro now coming from all  parts of tho country. Jewish .soldiers  wounded in tho Japanese war havo been  expelled from tho hospitals uncured for  no other reason than that tho hospi  tals woro within thc prohibited areas.  Largo numbers of Jewish soldiors wore  forbidden to roturn to their homes on  the conclusion of thc war, their exemplary military record having no weight  with the authorities. All these thing*  are having thoir inevitable effect upon  a populace that 13 peculiarly prone to  gusts of cruel rage. And when tho  trouble romps we shall be told, as wa  havo been 1-nM ?o often before, that  tin3 authorities are straining overy  nerve to protect the Jews and the pat'  crnal heart of the Czar reflects every  pang of his suffering Israelitish child  ren.  The aviator'6 wife wfts taking her  drst trip with her husband in his air-  ihip.  "Wait a minute, Goorga," she said.  "I'm afraid we will have to go down  asked   the   hus-  igain  "What's   wroug,"  band.  "I believe I have dropped ono of the  near! buttons off' my jacket. I think  [can see it glistening on tbe ground."  "Keep your seat, my dear," 3aid the  mator.   "That's Lak������������������ Erie." ^1Jr,r^TTWJ,ij'-;\������������������.k*3i   .'    ;.__.'>  sl  w /:-  ii>)  S,v  '  %\  I-  ..*  .'    V  1 .  ���������������������������������������������  &  ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKERS .WEEKLY  DIZZY HEADACHE  CURED IN ONE NIGHT  IF  TEOUBLED WITH  HEAD-FULLNESS, RINGING NOISES, SPECS  BEFORE THE EYES, THE STO-  ACH   IS   AT   FAULT  Some Queer Sea Superstitions  Still Believed  "I had terrible pains in my head.  My appetite faded away and when I  did eat anything it disagreed and made  me very sick for hours after each meaJ.  The active pains in my stomach and  the dizzy headaches I had to endure  almost set one wild. Sometimes attacks  came on bo severely that I had to go  to bed. I would feel so worn, depressed and utterly miserable that for .hours  I woudn't speak to my family. My  system was poisoned with wastes and  nothing helped me till I used Dr. Hamilton's PiUs. Without this grand system-cleaning": remedy I. would he sick,  bat each day brought me better health  and spirits. 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Therefore   the _ king  sent-for the arckbfsbop and ���������������������������xpostula-  .ted'with, him,   but   he  was  obstinate  '-and "would  not- "willingly "comply .with  his majesty's request.'     : j    u .,   -   -  "-The king desired to' know how. many'  ."feet deep the holy ground, reached." '".���������������������������-  '     The bishop replied, "about eight. V'-  '    "Well,"  replied  the  king,  "I find  there is no'gotting over your scruples;  let his grave bo dug tw������������������lve feet; that  is   four   feet   below -your   consecrated  ground." -        - .  Ii  I  'RY MURINE EYE REMED  For Red, Weak, Weuy, Watery Eye*  AND GRANULATED LIPS  Murine Doesn't Smart���������������������������Soothes E.e Psln  Mumse Eye Rqeedr, Liquid, 25c, 50c $1.00.  vluriae   Ere Salves, in  Aseptic Tube*,  25c,  $1.00  ���������������������������YE BOOKS ANO ADVICE FREE BY MAIL  Murine Eye .Remedy Co., Chicago  Why Suiter all Winter  liarafield, N.B..  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GU.  messm  MAMMMMyMMMI  Don't Persecute  your Bowels  OdI ont atfapUlk* ud mammas.  ^-Wnh���������������������������aon������������������ce������������������������������������rr. Tit    .^  CARTER'S UTTLE  UVER PILLS  Ptrdy TtseuUe. AAA  ���������������������������entty en th������������������ &������������������.  tfauMle bflc, ������������������"���������������������������_!  ������������������������������������o|h* (Ik deKctle^  0aobnnc of ,  J tbe bowel,  CmCn>  asr _     ^.  ff*'H������������������fc<fc ami hl^llT. i  Sa*U PUL SomQ D������������������m, Snull frimm  ' Genoint Mtb������������������u Signature  Why doos a Bea-faring man���������������������������captain,  cook or cabin boy���������������������������consider it unlucky  to ship -with a man who neglected to  pay hia laundry bill!    ���������������������������  Why docs a sailor nearing port after  a lengthy voyage gather up old clothes  and shoes unlit for further use and  ceremoniously commit them to the deep?  Why does ho liko to Bail on a ship  which displays a shark's tooth firmly  nailed  to tho bowsprit or jibboom?  Why does he like cats!  Why does he place great faith in the  merits of a pig as a weather prophet?  The simplest answer to theHO questions is���������������������������because the average "sailor is  superstitious. He may not be quite as  superstitions perhaps as the old-timer  who went long voyages in sailing vessels, but even thc advent of the four-  day transatlantic liners���������������������������6kyscraping  steamsn.ps and floating hotels which  travel from port to port on schedule  time in defiance of storms, doldrums,  and other unfavorable weather conditions���������������������������has not quite deprived the sailor  of his reputation for superstitiousnesis.  Some day he may become as a matter of  fact as an underground railway guard,  but there still lingers round him enough  of the romance and mystery of the sea  to make an interesting study of him  and his odd beliefs.  During very rough weather at sea  it would be hard to convince and old-  time so,ilor that there wasn't a Jonah  aboard. Many captains of the old  school, who ought to know better, are  so superstitious .in-this respect that it  is not uncommon for them to take intense dislike to officers who have happened apparently to be the harbingers  of bad weather, and especially fog. It  is quite usual on board ship to find  members of the crew nieknamed "Foggy Jones," "Heavy Weather Bill," or  "Squally Jack."       .  Cats on board ship are e*nsidered  lucky, and many a stray one finds a  comfortable home and careful attention  with .lack for its friend, although on  the other hand, our domestic friend has  at times been-held-responsible for "the  continuance of very bad weather and  had to play the part of Jonah to tbe  full extent.  Perhaps thc most amusing superstition tf the sailor is in considering it a  crime foi the member of the erew" to  leave port with his washing bill-unpaid,  as his neglect is. generally believed to  be the cause of bad weather being encountered jost after' leaving. port.  The, ways 'of invoking , the" gods of  the' elements to bestow fair weather  and winds are^-numerous. .Among the  best known is that,when nearing, port  ;after-a ���������������������������lengthy ...voyage.',- Old -dotties  and shoes unfit, for further use_ are collected and thrown sverboard with much  ceremony and faith as to the ultimate  beneficial. results which- will carry the  Bhip swiftly and safely into harbor. "  One of the most curious superstitions: is that dealing with tke capture  of a shark.       *   - .  . \  The natural dread and antipathy  with which these monsters of the deep  are viewed eauses a capture to.be hailed with ���������������������������' much rejoicing." All hands,  from]the captain to the cabin boy;-take  a keen,interest in the operations, and,  having ' successfully landed the" shark  on.deek���������������������������a proceeding that causes"no  littlo excitement���������������������������it is killed and its  tail eut off. This trophy is then nailed  either on the ond ofr the bowsprit or  jibbosm, and is considered a valuable  charm, capable of having the power  to bring the ship fair winds and finest  of weather. It is not uncommon to  see sailing ships lying in port with this  peculiar sign of the sailors' superstition, but tbe enstom is fast, dying out  with the advent of the steamship,  _wh_eT_e-____t_he-L.capture__ of^a_s_hark; at sea  is a very rare occurrence.  Another remarkable and weird belief  is that connected with the albatross.  These huge birds, measuring 14 to 18  feet from tip to tip of their wings', are  only to be seen in the stormy regions  of thc Capes^ of Good Hope and Horn  and the surrounding latitudes. They  follow ships for weeks at a time. The  peculiar belief of old sailors eredit  these birds, with possessing the souls  oT ancient" mariners who'for their-misdeeds havo been doomed to scour these  stormy regions for eternity.  During calms these birds are easily  captured by a contrivance of the sailor's own invention, which being baited,  attaches itsekf to thc hooked bill of  thc albatross ntf&mpting to procure the  bait, and the bird is then hauled on  board. Few captains of ships will allow these birds to be killed by thc  crew on account of the belief that the  killing would be certain to bring disastrous results.  The killing of a pig at sea is always  an occasion of much importance, not  only for the reason that fresh meat is  to be enjoyed���������������������������a great luxury on a sailing ship after perhaps months of salt  provisions���������������������������but also because what is  termed a "pig breeze" or favorable  wind may be looked upon as a certainty.  Pigs, when kept on failing vessels,  are often let out of their pens, and  their movements are watched with keen  interest. Should a pig show signs of  laziness and merely lie down or wander  lazily about the decks, this is considered  a sign of calm weather, with little or  no wind in proepect, but any friskinesB  and a great amount of squealing is  bailed as a sure sign oi" winds, a very  necessary factor for the navigation of  a sailing ship.  Sailing on a Friday is, as many know,  considered unlucky; Sunday is generally considered a lucky day, although the  supemition as regards the day of sailing is almost forgotten and seldom commented on in these days of rapid travelling.  Whistling on board ship is considered  a dangerous habit and a direct call for  stormy weather. The culprit, whoever  ho may be, is quietly rebuked, although  during calms captains and others indulge in the habit, preferring to risk  stormy weather to tbe drifting about  motionless.  The superstition in regard to what  iB known by sailors aB St. Slmo'e lights  is vague, and beyond thc fact that  tnere is something uncanny about it,  few men of the forecastle understand  the cause of the soft--glowing-lights  whieh sometimes appear on the tips of  the yards and masts of a ship in very  stormy weather. This phenomenon is  due to the electrification of the air,  the -tips of the yards and 'masts form-'  ing a contact with a thunder cloud and  earth. It was the belief among the  Romans that when only one light eould  be seen the worst of the storm was  still to come, and this single light was  known by the name of Helong. However, when two or more lights appeared it -was considered a sign 'that the  worst of the weather waa past.  BEETLES  THAT GROW MUSH-  BOOMS  Certain wood-boring beetles cultivate  their domains varioue species of  fungi as-food for their offspring. The  kind   of   wood   in   which   the   tunnels  m  If a cough makes your nights sleepless and weary, it will worry you a  good deal, and with ��������������������������� good' cause. To  dispel the worry and give yourself rest  try Bickle's Anti-Cohsunn>tive" Syrup.  It exerts a soothing influence on the  air .passages ��������������������������� and allays the irritation  that leads to inflammation. It will  subdue the most stubborn cough or cold,  and eventually eradicate it from the  system, as a.'trial of��������������������������� it will prove to  you.; .���������������������������;'."     '���������������������������'���������������������������'-   y  are bored is carefully selected with a  view to the successful -.cultivation of  the fungi. These facts we owe to several recent investigators, of whom the  latest is J. Bonverie, a French entomologist. Mushroom-growing ants  have been known for a long time, and  thc list of insects that deliberately cultivate food for their young is probably  not yet exhausted. Says Henri Coupin,  writing in La Nature (Paris, August  26), of the work of Mr. Bouverie and  his forerunners:  "When we examine the walls of the  cavatieB wade by eoleoptcra of thfi  group of Bostryckides in the wood of  our trees . . . V*e find a uori-'of  white crnst, which appeared to the  earlies observer to bo only a salty excretion. ... It was not until 3844  1hat Hartig recognized tbat this crust  was iu reality formed hy a fungus, and  that its presence was responsible for  the change in tlio rolor of thc walls to  brown. ?  "This .fungus���������������������������there are in reality  several species, which Mr. Bonverie haB  studied���������������������������ia not a simple mold, which  would he useless or even harmful to  thc insect. It is in reality very useful  in* forming a healthful and abundant  food for the larvae, which is proved hy  the fact lhat tho latter develop better  when the mycelium is more abundant.  This is also explained by thc fact that  thc filiaments of thc fungus ond on thc  ^allery side in,globules, rich in glycogen and oil.-*"'Further, the. fungi of the  galleries' hored ���������������������������hy. the ��������������������������� Bostryehides  serve in some sort as drains to draw off  the-nitrogenous matters in the wood and  SUFFERERS FR8M PILES I  ZAM-BUK HAS CUBED THESE!  Friction on the hemorrhoid veins tha*  are swollen, inflamed and gorged witk  blood, jb what causes the terrible pain  and stinging and smarting of piles.  ���������������������������Jam-Buk applied at night will be f ounil  to give ease before morning. Thouf-  andB of persons have proved this. Why  not be guided by the experience <rf  others?  Mr. Thomas Pearson, of Prince Albert, Sask., writes: "1 must thank yow  for the benefit I have received from  Zam-Buk. LaRt Bummer I suffered  greatly .from pilee. I started to use  Zum-Bnk and found it gave me reliot,  so 1 continued it, and after using throe  or four boxes I am pleased to say it  has effected a complete cure."  Mr. G. A. Dnfreene, '388-185 St. Joseph Street, St. Boeh, Quebec, P.Q.-  writes: "I ean highly recommend Zam-  Buk to everyone who Buffers from  piles."  Magistrate Sanford, of "Weston,  King is (X, N.8., says: "I suffered long  from itching piles, but. Zam-Buk ''"-  now cured mc."  Mr. William Kenty, of Upper l-l-.wf  Mile [River, Hants Co., NJS,, sajs: "1  suffered terribly from. piles, the pain  at times being almost unbearable. 3  tried various ointmentei'.b'ut-everythinjg  I tried failed to do me the slightest  "I  l/  good.   I was  tired  of" trying  varioue  - remedSesp when- I heard of Zam-Buk,  1        .t        at tt? "P?831 of ttc lllT-  ana thought as a last resource I wouIB  vac.' It has been noted that the Bos  tryebides bore their galleries only in  quite fresh wood and in the inner bark,  i'or only in these 'conditions does thc  fungus find the water and nourishment  necessary to its development, as well  as "sufficient��������������������������� aeration:'"Thcee conditions  are so we'll adapted to tbe fungus that  the tissues formed hy 'it constitutes  literally a pure cultnre.  ' "Thc first spores of the .fungus seem  to be brought in by thc adult insects.  either on the surface of their bodies  or in their exerctions. This sowing ol  the seed is .evidently involuntary on  their part; but both insect, and fungus  make the ^est. of their association.  .  "There is.,a real.symbiosis, for the  fungus ���������������������������. . ". -finds itself.loeated,"H\\  the act of the insect, in a very ?avor:  able - medium, and on the otheT hand,  the insect finds in it a food sufficiently  tender for'its feeble jaws."    (i"   -  "    THE HOBBLE. fiKIBT  He. strolled out with his lady_lov*i,   .  A hobble- skirt'-wore she; ;   -  Two souls with but a.single thought,  ;,, Four' legs .tfcat. walked, as-three.. -  give this balm a trial. After a short-  timj_ Zam-Buk effeetecl. a eomplet*  eure.-" ���������������������������       _  Zam-Buk is also a sure cure for sfcijn  injuries and diseases, eczema, uleera,  varieoee -..veins, cuts, - burns; bruises,  chaps, cold ' sores;'etc. 50e. box all  druggists and stores, or post free froni _  Zam-Bnlc Co., Toronto," for price.- h>-  fnsc harmful imitations."  Try Zam-Buk Soap, 25c. tablet.  Uluunoii;   skims   that   lave 7 beam? ,7  greasy,and dirty may be cleaned thu������������������: ���������������������������'  Soak  the skins- in water  with  whicfc .  a.fair quantity of-ammonia, has bEBft- -  mixed."i . After. ,twehEB: I������������������onr6   of7tM>-'-  bath, rinse them and'then waib. th������������������m  in-an ample Bupply"jjf"������������������al������������������x and wlutev'  soap." When  dry tlreywill be' almoit '.  a"s.g������������������wKl as new..- 7 -'".������������������������������������������������������"' '  ii... ���������������������������*  &sZj  ���������������������������jrtU'.l  ' ', * "I  J������������������/3/%/. y&W\  a-������������������___t__ r?H5ri_*_ja;* I  * 'JaI?'-    ._... ,_ W*|  ���������������������������J'-Ji'"Z, y-"~i"irr  ."',.---.���������������������������"..-ili '.Vi. a; I  The Poor Man's Friend.���������������������������Put up in  small bottles that are easily portable  and sold for a verysmall sum, Dr.  Thomas' Eclectric Oil -.possesses more  power in concentrated form than one  hundred times the quantity of many  unguents. Its cheapness and the varied  uses-to which it can bo put make it the  poor man's friend. No dealer's stock  is wmpleto without it.  il-  /s;y/Z  W-H) ������������������������������������������������������;'������������������������������������������������������ '.  ZfiX..J:  IP THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, January 4," 1912  Emulsion of  Codliver Oil  Nature's Remedy in all  cases of physical] exhaustion; it builds up, gives  strength and tone, [wards  off severe colds and is a  general food for worn-out  nerves. It is generally  needed at this season of  the year.  A. REEVES  Druggist & Stationer  Cliff St. Enderby  ENDERBY PRESS  Published'every  Thursday at Emlei-.by, B.C. at  S2 per year, by the Walker Press.   Advertising' Rates; Transient, 50c an inch first  insertion, 25c each subsequent insertion. Contract advertising SI an inoh per month.  Legal Notices: 12c a line first insertion; Sea line  each subsequent insertion.  Reading Notices and Locals: 15c a line.  JANUARY 4.  1912  MUCH ADO  ABOUT  NOTHING  B. BRUNDISH  Enderby, B. C.  I have purchased the old Farmers' Exchange building, on th?  railway,  and  am   placing   in  stock a full line of  Bricks, Lime, Hard Wall  Piaster and Cement  ��������������������������� Estimates furnished dn all kinds  of Cement, Brick and Plaster  Work.  During the past few weeks there  have appeared in the newspapers of  Canada.numerous references to a tcn-  ative proposal that, to facilitate the  administration of that district and  its development, the Yukon territory  of Canada should be annexed to or  merged.in the province of British Columbia. A resolution.in advocacy'of  such action, originating hi the Boundary district and first given .publicity  in thc editorial columns of one of the  weekly journals of that section, may  be said to constitute the sole foundation of the question; and it is well fto  remember that, although this resolution was. prepared for submission to  and endorsement by the B. C. Conservative Association in annual convention at New Westminster, it never  so much as reached that body, nor  even the committee on resolutions  exercising a reasonable censorship  over the yearly grist of proposals in  party policy. The impression which  has been gained by quite a number of  Canadian newspapers, and by a considerable portion of the Klondike  community that the absorption of the  Yukon in British Columbia is desired  by the Government', of by the Conser-'  vative.* party in this province, is  quite erroneous, and based upon  what, when it is traced to its origin,  large influx of settlers, as well as the  investment of vast amounts of capital in th? further development of our  natural resources.  "With this bright prospect in view  we.may all, with peace and happiness  surrounding us, enjoy a bright'and  prosperous New Year. " 7o '  "Most sincerely,  "RICHARD   M'BRTDE."  DUTIES OF HUSBANDS  The duties of a husband, according  to one   George   Fitch,   are   to come  [home on time for meals, to pay the  j bills, to exterminate burglars at night  to go to parties and remain happily  around until   called for,  to hook up  dresses beneath his breath, to eat the  tough end of the beefsteak at dinner,  to go back to the house after handkerchiefs   an'd    gloves, to admire the  latest misdemeanors in millinery, to  make the   last   year's overcoat do a  few years longer, to put his collar in  the laundry bag, to mail at the earliest possible minute a letter' written  in answer to one   received last year,  ancl to enjoy conversation served liot  or cold at all hours.  NOTICE  SECRET SOCIETIES  WALTER ROBINSON  - -= -    - W. M.    appears to have   been merely an individual   editorial  suggestion.      This    only applies,  of course,  to the pres-  A    u"1 A    TK ff    en^ f^scussi������������������n of the possible aclvant-  jrkmK* .&��������������������������� J^aWL*  atecs ������������������f an enlargement of British Co-  Iv.mbia's boundaries, to  embrace the  Enderby   Lodge     No.   40   -.-,,.. m, ,    .  HcKular meetings first Yukon territory. The proposal is  Thursday cm or after thc nnL hnwovpr liv anv itiMns a n.w  full moon at 8 p. m. hi Odd-   n01',  n0flC.U|-   l)y    an>   means   a, new  fellows   Hall.      Viiritihj.  one, having been   debated in extenso  brethren cordially invited.-. __ , ,,  :in the House .of Commons at Ottawa  S. II.SPEERS,   'five .or six. years   ago, and then; as  Secretury -      I - --   -   : now,  opposed   by   the directly inter-  7__vgS^3>w_       T     f\    /~\   T7^    ested   community   through its repre  /#t!P JSIP^l. U. U. Tv  ^S^y Eureka Lodpe, No. ������������������0    Thompson.     Interviewed with, respect  __...      x, .sentative"   in   parliament,  Dr.  Alfred  Meets every Tuesday evening at So'cloek, in I. 0.   ',,..., 7  0. F. hall, Motcaif block.   Visitine brotiiws ai- to the various   late newspaper refer-  w'nys   welcome. h |JwheeVJr.'Se'c'y.'     encestothis,   at all events interest-  w. DUNCAN, Treaa. _n<* r-ronosM,' Hon.   Richard McBride  stated that the   proposal of annexa-  Sgfc     ENDERBY   LODGE tin71 hn(I  ncvcr  emanatCd from this  In the matter of the Creditor's Trustees Act,-1901, and amending acts:  And in the matter of T. E. Orton:  Notice is hereby, given that the creditors of the above-named firm are required on or before the 5th day of  January, 1912, to send their names  and addresses and the particulars of  their debts or claims, accompanied  by proof thereof, to the undersigned  as solicitor for the Assignee of the  said T. E. Orton.  And, take notice, that the assignee  will, on and after the said date, proceed to distribute the assets of the  said T. E. Orton, among the parties  entitled thereto, having regard only  to the debts or claims of which he  shall then have had notice. ���������������������������  Dated* this 21st day of November,  A. D. 1911, at Enderby, B. O.  W. E. BANTON;  Bell Blk.,   Solicitor1 for Assignee.  COAL !  COAL !  I am prepared to fill-.orders for  domestic coal; large or small..quantities.     Jairres Mowat, Office Bdl Blk.  Snap���������������������������20,000 ft. rough lumber. -.-No  reasonable    offer    .efused. Apply,  Sharpe, Hullcar.  %w  No. 30, K.of P.      ^      prDvir.ce, at all   events   ince he has  Meets every Monday evening  ^Qi������������������<!'V?lSf   in K.of P. Hall.  Vi.itors cor- been First Minister, and that there is  <^S������������������7     dially invited to mtenti. , quite enough   to   be clone within the  c'^&S* J. H. CHALMERS, C.C.    :,       . ._.,*>. _.  ^<2.-]       c. E.Strickland, K.R.S.   .borders of the province as at present   ft- J- COl/i'ART, M.r. ��������������������������� .^inst^  without going farther afield  in scprch of hew responsibilities. Al-  ; thoiifrh comnlaints have been made in  j the nast with respect to the adminis-  Itr.ition nf xmblfc affairs in the Yukon  j he felt confident that, under the new  order cf things   federal, all cause of  SALE   !'  PROFESSIONAL  FOR  Thoroughbred Cockerels and Pullets  of the following varieties: Barred  j Rocks, Barred Leghorns, -Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Islands, White Wyandottes and White Orpingtons. From  $1.00 up. M. Marshall's Lansdowne  Poultry Yards, Armstrong P. O.  TT/"ALTER ROBINSON  NOTARY   PUBLIC  CONVEYANCER  Agreements of Sale.   Deeds & Mortgages. Docu>  ment* Witnessed.   Loans Negotiated i  OT.:.- P.Uon& Uobinion, noxt door Fulton' j dissatisfaction    would   quickly   disap-  weai, Enderby, B. C. ' pear.      With    respect to British  Co-  ~ " ' - lnmhia and its nolicy, it would be for  "PINDERBY COTTAGE HOSPITAL,the peonlo of this province to develop  *-J         --- -      ������������������������������������������������������  i.th_ejr..ow_n_rich_heritage..in_.thc-westp.r.--  STRAYED���������������������������To my place; ove black  stud and one grey stud; on Salmon  River reserve. Been there for past  summer. Owner identify animals &  pay charges within "thirty days from  date of this notice.  JIMMIE FELIX, on reserve  Armstrong, Dec. 21, 1911.  Bank of Montreal  Established 1817  CAPITAL all paid-up,. $14,887,570.00:   REST, 515,000,000.00  Hon. President, Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal G. C. M. G.  President, R. B. Angus, Esq.,  Vice-President and  General Manager,   Sir Edward Clouston, Bart.  BRANCHES IN LONDON, ENG.," NEW  YORK and CHICAGO.  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT  Deposits received from $1 upwards, and interest allowed at current rates.  Interest credited 30th June and 31st December.  A. E.  Taylor,  Manager  ENDERBY BRANCH  SPECIAL'' BARGAINS IN LADIES''  NIGHT -GOWNS,. UNDERSKIRTS,  CORSET COVERS, DRAWERS AND  COMBINATIONS. DON'T. MISS  THIS OPPORTUNITY ��������������������������� TO STOCK  YOUR WARDROBE ;.WITH THE  DAINTIEST LINES OF WHITE-  WEAR. '  ALSO SPECIAL CLEARING OF  ALL DRY GOODS, LADIES' :iEADY-  .TO-WEAR, MEN'S CLOTHING,  FURNISHINGS,    BOOTS & SHOES.  Saturday Specials  34 Table Oilcloth, 25c yd  3 pr Ladies' Cashmere  Hose, reg. 45c & 50c -  Saturday,-   3 pr ������������������1.00  ~ v.%  =--MISS-W-A K-W! GK^Rroprietreis^  Maternity Fees. ?20 per week [most nnd southerly areas of Canada  Fees covering ordinary illnens. $J!pw day. land   see   them   occupied,   populous  and  Hoppit.-ilTickots, half yearly nnd  yearly.  Si per 1 ������������������        '   l    L "i,vl  month. endekbY. B. C.      : prosperous before seeking other tern-  G.  L. WILLIAMS  Dominion and  lVovinci.il Land Surveyot  Bell Block       Enderby, B.C.  tory to reclaim from the wild.  PREMIER  M'BRIDE'S  MESSAGE  Onice hours:   Forenoon, 0 t. 10:M  Afternoon, 3 to 4  Evening 0:30 to 7:80  Sunday, by appointment  Office: Cor. Cliff and George.Sis. P.MDEBBY  Premier McBride's Now Year message to the people of the Province is  DK. M.-VVr-KEITH.,- ��������������������������� - filled" with -optimism," and" has "the  ring ol sincerity so characteristic of  nil of the Premier's public utterances.  Thc message from thc Premier was  published simultaneously in the Victoria Colonist and Vancouver Ncws-  W-n    r> a \Trprk\T Advertiser on   Sunday.     It is in the  _H_.   tfAlNlUiN, following-terms:  * , "I am grateful   for this invitation  Barrister, Solicitor, ,to extend   through    these columns a  Notary Public, Conveyaneer, [ New Year's message to the people of  etc. '���������������������������British    Columbia,    and partly avail  Offices, Bell Block. Enderby,B.C.'myself of it.   During the past twelve  ;sz^S=?^^^���������������������������====== = \months  the  province has experienced  POLITICAL j wonderful growth    in population, in-   : t dustries    and    general     levelopment;  T7NDERBY    CONSERVATIVE'extensive    railway    construction  and  *-* ASSOCIATION ; large additions to the merchant ma-  F. H.fBARNES,  President.  Pool and  THR  ONE  Opp.WjIker Press Office Hi BIGIIAM| Pmv.  THBEFi regular Pool Tables  ONE tull-aized Billiard Tabic  W. E. BANTON  rine have   been    necessary to supply  Secretary.    ] the demand    for   greater transportation facilities, and on all sides there  has been  healthy   and  well-sustained  progress. ~  "For the year 1912 there is a certainty of nn increased impetus along  all lines that make for material advancement,  and    we may look  for a  Cooking Stoves  Coal and Wood  Heaters  Ranges, Etc.  I have added a standard line  of these goods and am prepared to quote you prices.  Wm. H. Hutchison  KNDKRKY  OVER 66 YEARS-  EXPERIENCE  ATENTS  Trade Marks  Designs  .... Copyrights Ac  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly ascertain our opinion free whotnor an  Invention is prohnbly patentable. Comninnlcn.  tions strictly conlldontial. HANDBOOK onl'atoiiti  sent free. OldestTfitoncy for securing patents.  Patents taken tfirouph Itluim & Co. rocelTt  special notice, without charge, la the  Scientific American.  A handsomely illustrated weekly. Larceiit circulation of any scientific journal. _^lerms ��������������������������� for  Canada, $3.70 a year, postage prepaid, bold by  all newsdealers.  MUNN & Co.36,Broadway' New York  Branob Office. 025 F 8U Washington, D. O.  E. CRANE  Agent for  FIRE, LIFB.& ACCIDENT INSURANCE.  GOURLAY-ANGELUS  PLAYER PIANOES  ANGELUS PLAYER ATTACHMENT FOR ANY  PIANO  ESTEY CHURCH & PARLOR ORGANS  SHERLOCK-MANNING CHURCH ORGANS  SECOND-HAND PIANOS & ORGANS-  at low prices and easy terms.  OFFICE WITH   MR. GEO. PACKHAM,  Deer Park Land Office. fl     :  ' ' '  Ma_.net Cream Scpnratora  Finest in the Country  "Enderby is a charming villiage with city airs.'  When Paddy Murphy shook the snow of Sandon  off his feet he came here, and now owns one of  finest brick hotels in the country. Although  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan, he calls his  hotel the King Edward. In addition to the excellence of the meals, breakfast is served up to 10  o'clock, which is an added attraction for tourists."  (Extract from Lowery's Ledge.)  King Edward Hotel, kJ.^URPHY Enderby ir      "  i,  ^OJif.V^jM, _.<",  _ i-ijy  v.--.*    ,1-      )-'   ���������������������������  >T*  ;4^  I  *  V  ft."  W'-y  til  IT*'  n1  IiV  - :i  V  l< >Z t.  '!-    ,  ll  Thursday, January 4, 1912  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Union Bank  of Canada  Paid-up Capital - . $4,755,000  Rest and Undivided Profits 3,300,000  Total AsieU, (Over)        ���������������������������       53,000.000  London, England Oflice,  51,Threadneedle Street, E.C.  A Branch of.this Bank has been  established in London, England, at  No. 51, Threadneedle Street, E. C,  where letters of Credit and Drafts  payable at all important points in  Canada and the United States, can be  pvtrchesed, and Money Transfers  arranged.  A Visitors' Room is provided for  the convenience of clients of the Bank  when in London, to which their mail  may be addressed.  Correspondence solicited.  LanrionBranch*'        ^SHE, MSIISjBr.  " IC. M. C. HABT-SMITH, Assistant-Manager.  We have  Regular Prize Winners in the  Enderby Winter Poultry Show  on cut at all times,  and our aim is to  give good service.  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C.  C. G. PIPER  GENERAL HOUSE DECORATOR  Painting,   Paper. Hanging, Kalsomin-  ' ing, Graining and all kinds "  of' Decorative  '.'"��������������������������� Repairs  --BUGGIES; SCATTERS," ETC.,.  - Painted-and. Striped, equal to new at  '/~'J,y." "Small"Cost _" - " ''  ,. Estimates Free -  Box 437 Enderby  Following are the regular prize  awards in the recent poultry show  held in Enderby. The list of awards  has been furnished by Secretary Waby  who states that he will send the list  of special prizes awarded as soon as  he has it prepared.   ,  It does not appear that the comparison judging ,of the recent show  gave anything like the satisfaction  heretofore felt ' at the score card  events, either to the exhibitors of  birds, or to the public looking on.  It also seems to retard and complicate matters when it comes to deciding the placing of some of the special  prizes, and the compiling of the list  of winnersf To this, no doubt, is  due the long delay in giving to the  public the details of'the winnings:  Barred Rocks���������������������������Cock: ��������������������������� 1st, W. R.  Moore, Okanagan Landing; 2nd, E.T.  Petar,    Armstrong.       Cockerel:   1st,  . P. Lanaway, Armstrong; 2nd and 3rd,  j W. R. Moore.     Hen:, 1st, H. E.Waby,  "lEnderby;   2n'd, W. R. Moore; 3rd,  J.  ��������������������������� Crofts, Armstrong.      Pullet: 1st, W.  R. Moore;' 2nd   and   3rd, R. .Smythe,  , Revelstoke; 4th, E. .T. Petar.   'Pen':  1st, H. E. Wab^, '2nd,    R.   Smythe;  13rd, W. R. Moore.      j  r White Rocks���������������������������Cock: 1st, O. B. Hol-  den, Peachland; ' 2nd, Tf Thomas,  Armstrong; 3rd, Roy Smythe. Cockerel: 1st, 0. B. Holden. Hen: 1st,  3rd and'4th, R. Smythe; 2nd, T. E.  Thomas. Pullet: 1st and , 2nd, T.  Thomas.., Pen: 1st, R. Smythe, 2nd,  0. B. Holden.  *Bnff Rocks���������������������������Cock: 2nd, R. Smythe.  Hen: 1st and 2nd,'W. Dawson. Pullet  1st,' R.   .Smythe."      Pen,    1st;   R.  Smythe.    '- '������������������������������������������������������  '    7 '  Silver   Wyandotte���������������������������All    awards   to  W. Fletham, Revelstoke.  "  , Golden   Wyandottes���������������������������Cock:   1st, P.  Lanaway.   Cockerel; . 1st, and -2nd, P.  Welch, Okanagan   Landing. - Hen, 1st  and 2nd^ P. Lanaway; 3rd, P. Welch.  Pullet:   1st-and "3rd, P. Welch;',2nd,  P. Lanaway. /Pen:-1st" P. Lanaway;  2nd,' P. Welch... .   -:    ;,,      7   ,..,  _'_White    Wyandottes���������������������������Cock:71st,7 2nd  and' 3rd; R."��������������������������� Wafldell, Enderby.' rCock-  Ierel7: 1st, - R.;/Waddell; - '2nd,- * J. W;:  ,-Evans,; Vernon.--''"Hen: 1st, 2nd and"  3rd, R. Waddell. Pullet: 1st, R.  Waddell; 2nd and 3rd, J. W. Evans.  Pen: 1st and 2nd, R. Waddell; 3rd, J.  W. Evans.  Buff Wyandottes���������������������������All awards to W.  Dawson.  Partridge Wyandottes���������������������������All awards  to R. Waddell.  Columbian, Wyandottes���������������������������All awards  to P. Welch.  S. C. Rhode Island Reds���������������������������All prizes  to W. Fletham.  R. C. Rhode Island Reds���������������������������All prizes  to W. Dawson.  Light Brahmas���������������������������All awards to T.  Pound.  Langshans���������������������������All'awards to W. Dawson. '  S. C. Brown Leghorns���������������������������Cock: 1st  and 3rd, H. E.( Waby; 2nd, M. Marshall. Cockerel: 1st.and 3rd, H. E.  Waby; 2nd, M. Borton.. Hen: 1st and  4th, E. T. Petar; 2nd and 3rd, H. E.  Waby'. Pullet: 1st, E. T. -Petar; 2nd,  Mr. Robbins; 3rd, H. E. Waby. Pen:  1st, H. E. Waby; 2nd, E. T. Petar;  3rd, Mr. Borton.  R. C. Brown Leghorn���������������������������Cock: 1st,  Mr. Betiervaise. Cockerel, 1st, Mr.  Downes;' 2nd Mr. Bechervaise." Pullet,  1st, Mr. .Downes.  S. C. White Leghorn���������������������������Cock:'1st, 0.  B.' Holden; 2nd and 3rd, R. Waddell.  Cockerel: Island 2nd, P. W.elch; 3rd,  0. B./Holden; ? 4th, R. Waddell; 5th,  Mr. Orr. Hen: 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th,  R. Waddell;2 nd, 0. B. Hoiden. , Pullet: 1st-and 4th/ P. Welch; 2nd; Mr.  Lumb; 3rd and 5th, R. Waddell. Pen:  1st, P. Welch^ 2nd, 4th and 5th, R.  Wgddell; 3rd, b. B.. Holden.      "     "  S. C. Buff Leghorn���������������������������Cock: 1st, W.  Dawson; 2nd and 3rd, "Mr. McKinncn.  Cockerel:'1st and 3rd, Mr. McKinnon;  2nd, W. Dawson. ��������������������������� Hen: ' 1st, Mr. McKinnon; "2nd; W. Dawson.-Hen: 1st,  Mr. McKinnon;,2nd and 3rd, W. Dawson. Pullet:'lst and 3rd,.W. Dawson;  2nd," Mr. McKinnon. .'Pen,. 1st and  2nd, W.-Dawson. " ( .  " R. C7 Buff "Leghorn���������������������������All awards to  Mr. Laing.   ''>������������������������������������������������������   --~-    "' 1 -    y    - '���������������������������  Black' Leghorns-r All awards to J._  Crofts. v��������������������������� '--\ Z-: '-JZ -vy       --_ ���������������������������> V V- ;-;  S: C Black 'Minorcas���������������������������Cock:"' 1st,  G. -H. Smedley. ���������������������������Cockerel:   1st   and  3rd, G. H. Smedley; 2nd, ivtr. Gamble.  Hen: 1st, 2nd and 3rd, G. H. Smedley. Pullet: 1st, 2nd and 3rd, G. H.  Smedley. Pen: 1st and 2nd, G. H.  Smedley.  R. C. Black Minorcas���������������������������All awards  to G. H. Smedley.      , '������������������������������������������������������,  Red Caps���������������������������Cock: 1st, P. Lanaway;  2nd, E. T. Petar. Cockerel: 1st and  2nd, P. Lanaway. Hen: 1st, P. Lanaway; 2nd and 3rd, E. T. Petar. Pullet: 1st, 2nd and 3rd, P. Lanaway.  Pen: 1st, P. Lanaway; 2nd, E. T.  Petar.  Buff Orpington���������������������������Cockerel: 1st, Mr.  Robbins; 2nd, J. Dagg; 3rd and 4th,  H. E. Waby. Pen: E. T. Petar; 2nd,  W. Dawson.  Black Orpington���������������������������Cock: 1st, F. Pyman; 2nd, H. W. Keith. Cockerel:  1st, F. Pyman; 2nd, 3rd and 5th, H.  W. Keith; 4th, Mr. Downes. Hen: 1st  ���������������������������and 2nd, H. W. Keith; 3rd, F. Pyman  4th, Mr., Downes. Pullet:., 1st, 2nd,  4th and' 5th, H. W. Keith; .3rd, F.  Pyman. Pen: 1st and 3rd, H. W.  Keith; 2nd, F. Pyman; 4th,, Mr".  Downes. _. ,  White ' Orpingtons���������������������������Cock: 1st,- J.  Crofts; 2nd, Mr. <Wise. Cockerel: 1st  an'd 3rd, Mr. Wise; ,2nd, J. Crofts'.  Hen: 1st and 2nd, J. Crofts; 3rd, Mr.  Wise. Pullet: 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Mr.  Wise. Pen: 1st, J. Croft; 2nd, Mr.  Wise. ���������������������������      .    '       .   .  ,  . White Crested Polish���������������������������All awards to  W. Dawson.        t      -    ���������������������������-'  Silver. Spangled Hamburgs��������������������������� Cock:  1st, J. Peever; 2nd, Mr. Bristow; 3rd,  P. Lanaway; 3rd, J. Peever. Pullet:  list and 4th, P. Lanaway; 2nd and 3rd  Mr. Bristow. Pen���������������������������1st and 3rd, P.  Lanaway; 2nd, J. Peever.  Black Hamburgs���������������������������All awards to W,  Dawson.- -   -. .-  Houdans���������������������������Cock: 1st, >M. Marshall.  Cockerel: 1st, E. T. Petar. ' Hen: 1st;  M. Marshall: 2nd and'3rd, E..T. Petar.- Pullet: 1st and 2nd,"E. T. Petar. . Pen: 1st, M. Marshall; 2nd,_E.-  T. Petar.    . ' " :       ".  Game Bantams���������������������������All-awards ito H.  E. Waby. "    -       - -. * ~    i  Buff' Cochin' Bantams���������������������������Cock: 1st,. T."  Thomas.-; Cockerel: lst,-E.'T.~ Petar':  2nd,"P; Lanaway.' Hen:" 1st,-2nd''aiid'  3rd, -E. 'T.' -Petar.- Pullet':' lst,7P."  Lanaway; 2nd, T. .Pound.,-Pen:-1st,'  E. T. Petpr." ,-7\ 'v __ _;; ',',; " y  -, Black Cochin Bantams���������������������������Aii; awards  to P. Welch.  Turkey���������������������������All awards to R. Waddell.  Toulouse   Geese���������������������������All awards to R.  Waddell.  Pigeons���������������������������All awards to M. Marshall  Fred. H. Barnes  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  furnished  Dealer in Windows, Doors, Turn-  , ings  aiid' all   factory  work.  Rubberoid    Roofiing,    Screen  Doors and Windows.  Glass cut  to any size.  Representing S. C.Smith Co,, of  Vernon. Enderby.  M. E. BOUCH  Ladies' Tailoring  and Dressmaking:  S.UITSPRESSED & CLEANED  Cliff St., next door to City Hall.  ''  BLANCHARD & ENQLISH  '   ���������������������������      -_ Enderby, B. C. '       '     -. "  Contractors & Builders  Firit-clmss Cabinet Work and  Picture Framing:.  'Undertaking Parlors in connection.  Next to City Hall.,  ,"-.',���������������������������-. ������������������_;  l>>~  IF YOU WANT TO OWN   '  -  ���������������������������     ' . ���������������������������������������������  Pocket  Knife  BUY A CARBO MAGNETIC. KNIFE  Vf  Perfectly. Sanitary  Odorless, and  Comfortable  =SYSTEM^OF^INSIDE^CLOSET=  Chemical Closets  i >  Price, $22.50  FOR SALE BY  FULTON'S  HARDWARE  Enderby,  , B. C.  ^ *.'.iiv-J I  "���������������������������  _.v    *^ * "*** V-"  y..yy&  yyz.yyS-  i ^Z; ������������������������������������������������������'- 'Z n~*r">  ^ '"Z 'J'-^X-f-fil  -���������������������������"- \7sy'(������������������$-i  t       r   -������������������    9 '*���������������������������  j������������������   -V t  i**j I  y  -* i _'* ^^"tf*!  ���������������������������7   ^'.Pof'Saleby^'^ ^ '^:^%^  THE, ENDERBY ^mNG'Coflgflg  '    jT"-"-^ ~-*^i_ -I  ._ ��������������������������� .^i, *Z6,3>|  yyyys\  ~y-jyyzz/f/J\  p'/ ;  c s z--   '  j "jy? -''  - s y:s-  - * .r , i  . i -I ,������������������������������������������������������  Canada's Best Range  s  Prices, $50.00   $58.00  60.00     68.00  Over One Hundred and Fifty satisfied  users of this Range in the Enderby  District.  We have a large stock of  Heaters to choose from.  That old one may not last out the winter.   A new  one now will save trouble some cold morning.  We supply repairs for any stove made in Canada.  I THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, January 4, 1912  CITY OF ENDERBY  ELECTION OF MAYOR AND  ALDERMEN  'PUBLIC NOTICE is-hereby given  to the Electors of the Municipality  of the City: of Enderby that I require  the presence of the said Electors at  the City Hall7 Enderby, B. C., on  Monday the 8th day of January, ',.912  At 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing persons to eprebent  them in the .Municipal Council as  mnyor and Aldermen.  The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows: The candidates shall be nominated in writing;  the writing shall be subscribed by  two voters of thc Municipality as  proposer and seconder, and shall be  delivered to the-Returning Officer at  any time between the date of this  notice and 2 p. m. of the day of  nomination. In the event of a poll  being necessary, such poll shall1 be  opened on-rr  IHIiaSDAY, ttiGlltii Day cf January, 1912  At the City Hall, Enderby, of which  every person is hereby required to  take notice and govern himself accordingly.  The qualifications for a person to  he nominated and elected as Mayor  arc:' That such person is a male  British subject of the full age of  twenty-one years; is not disqualified  under" any law, and'has been for the  six months next preceding the day of  nomination the registered owner, in  the Land Registry Office, of land or  real property in the city of the assessed value, on the last municipal  assessment roil, of one thousand dollars, nr more, over and above any  registered judgment or charge, and  who is otherwise duly qualified as a  municipal voter.  The qualifications for a person to  be nominated and elected as an Alderman are: That such person is a  male British subject of the full age  "of twenty-one years, is not disqualified under any law, aud has been for  six months next preceding the' day of  nomination the registered owner, in  the Land Registry Office of land or  real property in thc city of assessed  value on the last municipal assessment roll, of five hundred dollars, or  more, over and above any registered  judgment or charge, and who is  otherwise duly qualified as a municipal voter.  Given under my hand at the City  Hall, Enderby, B. C, this 21st day of  December, 1911.  GRAHAM ROSOMAN,  Returning  Officer.  eer  Merrill  ENDERBY  DUKE   OF.CONNAUGHT   AND   BROTHERS  The late King- Edward is standing on the extreme right, the Duke of Connaught being the other figure standing.' The Duke of Edinburgh (on the  right)  and the Duke'of Albany are sitting.  ccially chargeable  SCHOOL  DISTPJOT  OF  ENDERBY,  NOTICE  PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given  to thc Electors of the School District of Enderby, that I require the  presence of the said Electors at the  City Hall, Enderby, B.C., on Monday  the 8th day of January, 1911, at 12  o'clock noon, for"thc purpose of electing three persons to represent them  as Trustees on the Board of School  Trustees of Enderby, in the place of  Mr. A. E. Taylor and Mr. F. Pyman,  whose terms have expired, and Mr. S.  Teece, resigned.  Thc mode of nomination shall be as  follows: The candidates si���������������������������il be nominated in writing;   the writing shall  be    subscribed     by   two    voters    of '  the  School  District as proposer and j  seconder, and   shall    be delivered to j  the Returning Oflicer at any time between the date of this notice and 2  =prTfT��������������������������� ~ o f" t htT'dtry���������������������������o f���������������������������n omri n a t i on?=I n=r=^  the event of a poll    being necessary ' ���������������������������%  CITY OF ENDERBY  LOCAL IMPROVEMENTS  WHEREAS, public notice was given  on'the 11th" day of May, 1911, by the  Municipal Council of .the City of Enderby  of   its    intention to construct  certain works of Local  Improvement  on   Cliff,   Maud,    Mill and Belvedere  streets in the   said City, at an estimated cost of $13,107.32,  and  to  assess specially   a   portion of the final  cost of the said works upon tbe property fronting or abutting thereon and  to    be   especially   benefittel thereby;  and  whereas  particulars  of   the  said  works were given in the said notice:  and whereas the said works have been  completed, and the final ;ost thereon !  has been found   to exceed the above  mentioned estimated cost by thc additional sum of $'1,S92.GS;  no,v therefore���������������������������  NOTICE is hereby given that in ac- f.        , ���������������������������   ,  i the ground  cordance with    the provisions of the '  Municipal Clauses Act, 1906, and  amending Acts, in such case made  and provided,a further special assessment will be made upon the said  property in respect of such portion  of  the   said    additional   sum    as is,  thereon; that a  statement showing the ands liable  and proposed to be so further specially assessed, ancl the names of the  owners thsreof, so far as thc same  can be ascertained from thc last revised asscFsment roll and inerwise.  is now filed at the Oity Hall, and is  pen for inspection during fficc hours;  nd th?tt���������������������������  A COURT   OF   REVISION  will ,bc  tho  8'h   day  of January,   1912,   at/ S  o'clock p.m., for the purpose of hearing and   determining   complaints  (if  any)   against  the  said  oropjsed  fur-  ! thcr   special   assessment,   or the accuracy of the frontage   neasirements  of    the    aforesaid    property,   or  any  other    complaint   which the  persons  interested   may   desire to  maKe "and  , which by   law   is   cognizable cy the  'said Court; but no complaint can be  heard unless   WRITTEN   NOTICE of  of   such complaint shall  i have    been    served   upon  thc  under-  r signed at least eight days before the  holding of the said Court.  Dated at the   City   Hall,. Enderby.  this 7th day of December, 1911.  GRAHAM ROSOMAN,  No Irrigation Required  These lands are situated on the benches near Enderby and are especially suited ..for Fruit and Vegetables, and, having been in crop, are in splendid condition for planting.  An experienced fruit grower is in charge and will give instruction to  purchasers free 61 ehargc, or orchards will be planted and cared for at a  moderate chargt.  1'60 acres, sub-divided into 20-acre lots arc now on the market at $150  per acre.  Get in on tht first block and make money on the advance.  Apply to���������������������������  GEORGE PACKHAM,  Deer Park Land Office, Enderby.  Look at our No. 2 Dimension  that we are selling at $12.00  per Thousand.  We also have some cheap Flooring,  Ceiling and Drop Siding at $10.00  per Thousand.  .   Slab Wood, $1.75 per load  A. R. ROGERS LUMBER CO., Enderby  ENDERBY   BRICK~~  THE BEST BRICK IN THE PROVINCE.  Specified in C. P. R. contract for facing Revelstoke Station. A large stock now  on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small quantities. By far the cheapest  material for a substantial house. Cool in summer; warm in winter: saves most  of your painting, and half the cost of insurance. ?  The Enderby Brick & Tile Co. Enderby  OWAT  Fire, Life, Accident Insurance  Agencies  REAL ESTATE  The Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co.  The Phoenix Insurance Co. of London.  British America Assurance Co.  Koyal InsuranceCoof Liverpool (Life dept  The London & Lancashire Guarantee  Accident, Co., of Canada.  BELL BLOCK.   ENDERBY  E. J. Mack  I Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  f>        ENDERBY, B. C.  1  =������������������>  Good Rigs; Careful Driv- &  % crs; Braving of all kinds. <f  v f  |    Comfortable and Commo- |  <? dious Stabling for teams.      $  such poll shall be opened on���������������������������  THURSDAY, TIIE ELEVENTH DAY OF JANUARY  1911, at the    City Hall,  Enderby,  of  which every person is hereby required ( $>  to take notice and govern himself ac- ' |g  cordingly. . V, . *'iw"      Thc  qualifications  for  a  person to   <��������������������������������������������� Prompt attention to all customers <g   js now ready.  be nominated and elected as Trustee , % Tourists in- * ' ��������������������������� ^  are: That    such - person- is a house-   -t.   .L-RC.-Ecei.ois  t.na   Jounsts.inv.^,  1 ^> v.teil lo give us a trial.  If you want to  Buy, Sell or  Trade  ^j^EAmu  A) FRUIT LOT  A HOUSE  A,BUSINESS LOT  or A BUSINESS  I have them at Mara, Enderby, Vernon, Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg  or elsewhere.    Write t'o me.   My list  _     such _ person- is a  holder in the School District, and a  British subject of the full age of  twenty-one* vears, and is otherwise  qualified under "The Public Schools  Act, 1905," end amending Acts to  vote at an election of School Trus  tecs in the said District.  Given under my hand at the City  Hall, Enderby, B.C., this 21st day of  December, 191 J.  GRAHAM ROSOMAN,  Returning Officer.  I jChae. W.-Little-     -  ������������������ $^<^&wtti*i������������������*'������������������QQ4<i>*44������������������& J Eldernell Orchard, Mara, B. C.  23 \ acres, about  Enderby; raw land  ing; timber consists of fir, cedar and  pine. Soil the very best for general  purpose farming. The price is right  and the terms are exceptional. $80  per acre: first payment, .$750, balance  over two years. Address, Box 153,  Enderby, B.' O.  iarvey  Real Estate, Insurance, Etc. Tost Office Block, Enderby  We have just had issued in printc d form a few informative listings of  improved and unimproved properties taken from our General List. Get a  copy to send to your friends. Our unpublished listings include a large  number of real bargains in all kinds of buys. Many of these are listed at  very easy clear ' higher prices in other agencies. Many of them are exclusively listed with  us. You cannot afford to buy in the district without enquiring first as to  whether we can make a better deal.  three miles from  Kwong Cheng  NEW LAUNDRY  ENDERBY, B.  C.  Family    Washing   collected  weekly.  First-class workmanship. Satisfaction  guaranteed.       ' .  SOME GOOD BUYS FROM ANY POINT OF VIEW :  150 acres   House, buildings and good   improvements.     Near depot. Pro'du-  cer of hay and fruit.     Over 40 ac res in cultivation.       $38.00 per acre.  We  are exclusive agents for this.    Good terms.  320 actes.   Excellent land, having big  quantity of  commercial timber.   On  !       The river,    east of Enderby.   $12 per    acre.   Will   be   worth $100 per  !       acre in a few years.   Title clear,  This buy costs less than homestead-  jv     ing- or pre-empting.  !       If interested in the Mabel Lake, Mara or any other district, call and  get our listings for'these districts.       A year from now there will be two  railroad systems in the Okanagan Valley.   The   Northern   Okanagan    will  : then come into its own.      NOW is the  time    to   investigate good invest?  i ments.  ii'liotcsr������������������|>b l>������������������ NoUu������������������5.J_on______}  LORD STRATHCONA    ~~  Canadian Hi^h Commissioner to London  " " In 1838 a young-Scotch boy of eighteen, named-Donald A. Smith, entered  the service of the Hudson Bay Co. He had been educated for tho Civil Service in India; but the sturdy life of hardship, the rigorous, close, 'hand-to-  hand battle with fate, somehow appealed to him more than iUs easier and  more enervating life of the Orient.  For thirteen years hc labored on the hard Labrador coast, whore tho  climate was inhuman, the monotony insurmountable, the loneliness appalling, and promotion seemed slower than tho movement of a glacier. But  young Smith made his record, and in this rough training-school leaned self-  reliance, courage, self-conquest, prudence and shrewdness among the solitudes and a. sureness of judgment. He learned to conquer obstacles and to  laugh' in triumph at them. In 1S69 he had gradually risen to the post of  resident-governor���������������������������the supreme possibility under the Hudson Bay Co.  When the Federation decided to take over the title of the company, they  net an obstacle in the opposition of the Metis, the halfbreeds of the plains,  '���������������������������who rose in rebellion under the leadership of the fanatic Louis Reil. In this  extremity Donald Smith was recognized, and his courage, tact and wisdom  aided in cutting the Gordian knot of disagreement. Ho at once became the������������������  most powerful man of the Northwest, and a year later was elected to the  House of Commons. Then came the fierce battle against the corruption,  bribery, and Governmental incompetency in building the great railroad connecting the oceans, and later the organizing of the company, headed by Mr.  Smith (the future Lord Strathcona) and his co sin, Lord Mount Stephen,  that -built the magnificent railroad on the wins of the Governments hopeless  failure. Lord Strathcona's financial ability, his organizing power his genius  to inspire others to see and to realize his visions, earned the day;-and as  J J Hill savs, "the one person to whose efforts and confidence in the growth  of our country, our success in early railroading is due, is Lord Strathcona.  He received his first imperial honor in 1886 and m-189.7 was raised to  the neerage His manifold duties defy cataloguing; as financier, statesman,  philanthropist, and in various other fields he has been pre-eminent and liko  all really great men has retained his simplicity through it all. .To-day, at  the age of seventy-five, he is Canadian High Commissioner m London, a most  exacting position, and his marvelous knowledge of Canadian affairs and his  other unique qualities would make it impossible to replace him.  tiered accoruimr to Act of tbe TstOamU of-Cm-i* In lb. ?<>������������������ 1305, Ky W. C. Mack, at thc Dep.rliuat.or Ah-rl������������������u������������������������������������-  I  ,/| ���������������������������#  ".--I:..-.������������������;  *k-ii^iz^H  Thursday, January 4, 1912  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  if-  m   a  l.Nr  Oi  co  CO  u  M  s  u  a  "5  CO  (0  CO  cd  T3  c  (d  CO  0)  CO  co  <+4  O  a  0)  CO  :U-  5. ������������������������������������������������������  fl  ;  I.  ii  JL.  :E-  r-l  CO  =fSJ  H  c -  (    Al  ;>;   (I1  I  i  Cd  O  z  o  p  <  o  Ou  oi  O  u  W  X  H  . a  s  Q  6  M  Q  ss  H  tf  *U  H  ><  tf  O  55  H  H  CO  a  55  55  M  fo  ";���������������������������  I  V.  a.  -  ������������������  ������������������  ������������������  ������������������  io  ������������������  -'  ������������������  o  ������������������  ������������������  ������������������  10  ������������������  00  CO  rH  co  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ������������������ ������������������ ������������������ ������������������ ������������������ o  ������������������������������������'������������������������������������"������������������������������������  o ������������������ ������������������ o ������������������ ������������������  ������������������ ������������������ ������������������ us ������������������ io  H  (/)  ui  LO  B>  IO  ������������������  IO  io"  oo  *������������������-  o  t-l  .f-t  &  03  t-l  t-l  a  o  -J  CQ  <  -J  I  H  K  P  Eh  55  H  ������������������  fi  tn tn to  >-p P t-p  OOO  & & g  h h I.  0)0)0  +J +J +J  rt cd ctf  03  a  a  a  >  o  >>  f-l  4)  a  c>  a  M  fi  Swa������������������  ^.������������������"2 ___  MO o ������������������  _K   o  6 6 6 6 6 6  iz; 55 55 55 55 55  A fi fi a p fl  c3 cd rt cd ri d  o o o o o o  fi  rt  tf  to"  fi  d  O  U r-j  W r-i  ^ H  0^  2 <a  ���������������������������a fl  ^j r���������������������������  rt     ^j  CQ  P  tf  tf  P  CQ  00 S  to in  ������������������ ^  in  o  CO  If  OS  to  ������������������ io t> ������������������ Tt������������������,  ������������������ ������������������ Irt fr- OT I  91 ������������������ M 31  HMHN  4^    -  (0  <u  iH ������������������  J-)  H  H  fi  w  o  B)  to  ta  kl  fl)  o  o  KH  M  ri  M  rt  <S  rt  Oir*HH  o o:  tn  .O  a fi-_������������������  rt'ij'to tn tn  . x      rt  a -p ������������������  r-l  C0  O  r-l  ������������������ rH ������������������������������������  riisoei  CO 00 ������������������ io  00 5_5 ^ ������������������  r-l     eo io  w  v  u  p t? 4J  ftfl  fi c  . rt  : TJ ���������������������������_!  -   4)0  g = o  2 "J!  4J-P  ^  u.  o-g ���������������������������������������������������������������  5    fi^4J  W'Sfl rt e  00  00  on  t- ������������������ t- t������������������<  p������������������������������������.������������������ Ol H  00 ������������������ tC o������������������  9>OtSrl  <ONff>H  ������������������������������������*r-l 00  IA  r-l  ������������������^  oo ^r.    ��������������������������������������������� ������������������> t-  ���������������������������*' r-l        O   0O IO  co co     '������������������< ������������������r im  oo r-l     ������������������a co  IO  IO ^<  ** 00  OOr-!  r-l t-  CO  rA  ������������������  IO  CO 9> ������������������  ������������������ H i-J  00 CI ^i  l~ ������������������ <M  ������������������"������������������ t^"  W r-l r-l  IO  IO  ������������������  IO  00  tf  o  H  tf  to ���������������������������  o<)������������������  rt a  O   4)  .     ^   U  'tf  fi  P  CQ  ti t-i ������������������ u  rt rt g O  fi - :  ������������������    :  I'.-s  u  o to  cv ^  > -fi  A ���������������������������>*  M CQ.  55  P  O  \o  >.-o  oa h  H  7W.  2 a  ���������������������������s '  fl  o  ������������������rM  '8  g:K|i^  ?���������������������������&}># a  Ph 5 ������������������ o rt  "03  OKCQCQ:  ���������������������������Hf-"^'.-'  H  ���������������������������tf  -P  .e  tf  P  fo  "fit ft  '   o._jJ  _*_! 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"Would you drown an admiral iii freuli wator-}" bo shouted to  hi.* sto*?������������������.l.  Windsor,   Ont.,  OeV.  :������������������w.--Mi>:.->  >'<hiii  t.u.r.'n vane  will  provo of ������������������ii_-:il   interest  to  evorynne LruiiliU-il with  son' tliront,  hrouchitiK   oi   weak  lung*.  When asked for a statement, Miss  'louiitor SJiid: "About Hteven yours ago  f <!oi!t:aeted a heavy colli that settled  un my lungs ami resisted all treatment. Alter I had tried several doe-  ������������������u-������������������ here aad specialists in Detroit  without benefit, I. went to my druggist  aad. ajihed Mm ior the best remedy  he had for cold on the lungs. lie re-  i;ommended Catarrhozone, which eured  my eold ia one week. It brought back  uiy voice, and I havo been ever since  tree from my old trouble. For coughs,  colds and lung trouble L am sure that  ��������������������������� Jatarrhoaoue is the best remedy. It  goes right to the soro spot, gives quick  relief, aud innkGci a lasting cure."  Catarrhozone cures because its healing vapor is inhaled to the very places  that aie sore aud inflamed.  To pormaneutly cure your winter ill--',  your coughs, snoozing and C.atnnh, by  nil moans uso a tried and proven remedy like Catarrhozone. But bewaro ot  the Hubstitutor and imitator, hook for  ���������������������������JaiarihozoTio ouly, oOe. and .ft.00, at  all dealers, or by mail from the Catarr-  hozone Company, Buffalo. N.V., and  Kingston, Canada.  RUBBER PAVEMENT  A large area of the International  Rubber Imposition at Agricultural Hall,  Islington,, Loudon, i.^ to be paved with  india-rubber, and it is expected, says  The National Kit view (Shanghai, China)  ���������������������������>.n qnnted in American Industries (New  York), will give a fresh impulse to  proposals for the uso of this substance  us a road material.    We read:  "Tho arguments in favor of the adoption, of rubber for road surfaces aie its  aoiflelessnOHH and durability, combined  v."ith complete freedom from dust. El  is, moreover very readily cleansed, and,  being wholly non-absorbent, would not  require   much- watering.      Everything,  .however, depends H|xin tho questioned'  '"relative, economy. It seems almost impossible lo contemplate the uso of rubber in thia way upon a largo scale un-  -Icej. the cost of thu raw matorialshould  sink permanently to, say, two shillings  il pound. Very" favorable results are  oiid to hav? been obtained by tho employment of rubber blocks in roadways  exposed to. "heavy trnllic, and the  amount of woar after many years has  ' born  almost inappreciable.���������������������������'"  Fic.J   Lcijuon.  in  t.������������������.icago, took  ioad,    which    lie  week 's   occu j>ancy  have  become iif-ed  bv iu tho night,  spending   the   summer  a  Hat close to a  rail-  burrcudered   after   a  '���������������������������I   think    1   could  to  the  trains  going  hc said, "but evory  morning  at   eight  o'clock   two   engines  came under  my window and   rohftar-vd  nutil noon.'���������������������������'  i     >     i  A very loyal lady of British birth  asked an American dame iu Kngland  whether they bad any painters in  America.  "Oh, yes," said the American, "you  have some of them here���������������������������Sargent and  Abbey and Mrs. Morritt and McCluie  Hamilton."  "Dear me," said the Knglish lady,  "you'll be claiming Whistler next!"  ��������������������������� * '  The attorney demanded to know how  many secret societies lho witness belonged to, whereupon the witness objected and appealed to the court.. "Tbe  court  socs no  harm  in  the  question,"  may   an-  three.''  of  car  answered   the   judge.   "You  swer."    "Well,   I   belong  "What arc  theyV"  "The  Pythias, the Odd  Fellows, and  company.''  to  Knights  the  In a small South Carolina town that  was "finished" before the war, two  men wero playing checkers in the back  of a Flore. A traveling man who was  making his first trip to the town was-  watching tho game, and, not being acquainted' with tho business methods of  the citizens, ho called tho attention of  the owiwr of the storo to some customers who had just entered tho front door.  "Sh! Sh!" answered the storekeeper,  making another move on the checkerboard. "Keep perfectly quiet and  they'll go-out"  Harry   N\   Atwood.  the guest of honor at  Vork  on  thc oca sion  the aviator, waF  a dinner in New  of his  recent re-  Stops a Deep-Seated  Cough in a Harry  A Family  Supply  of   Uncqualed  Cou'.h  Remedy for 50c���������������������������Money Refunded  If It Fails.  Congh medicines, as o> rale, contain a  iaifre proportion of plain syrup���������������������������a good ingredient, but ono that anyone can make.  A pint of granulated fmgar, with y������������������ pint  ot warm water, stirred for 2 minutes, gives  you as good uyrup oe money can buy.  A 50-cent bottlo of Pinex, mixed in a  18-oz. bottlo wilh homo-mado sugar syrup,  gives you 10 ounces of really better cough  syrup than vou could buy ready-mixed tor  ?5.50. There's a clear saving of ������������������2.00. Full  directions in package  And money couldn't buy a quicker,  better remedy. Takes bold at once, gives  almost instant relief, and usually elops  the most obstinate, deep-seated cough in  24 hours. lb stimulates the appetito, is  slightly laxativo and has a pleasant tasto���������������������������  children take it willingly. Splendid for  hoarseness, asthma, chest paius, and other  throat troubles*, and unequaled for prompt  results in whooping cough.  Pinex is a special and highly concentrated compound of Imported Korway  White Pino extract, a ud is rich in guaiacol  and other natural healing piuo elements.  Simply mix it as directed with sugar syrup  or strained honey, and it is ready for uso.  Used in moro homes in tho u. S. and  Canada, than any other cough remedy.  Pinex has often been imitated, bnt never  successfully, for nothing else will produce  tho same results. Tho genuine is guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction or money  refunded. Certificate of guarantee is  wrapped In each package. .'Your druggist  has Pinex or will get it for yon. If not,  send to Tbe Pinex Co., Toronto, Out.  cord flight, r Mr. Atwood's eloquent reply to a tonst on aviation torminatcd  neatly with thoee words: "Tho aeroplane, has como at last, but it wis a  long time coming. Wo can imagine necessity, the mother of invention, looking up ui a sky all criss-crossed with  flying machines,' and then saying, wn.  a shake of.her old head and a contented  smile: "Of all my family. the_ aeroplane ha>-. lM������������������en tho hardest to raise.' "  A gentlemau, now to Ireland, wished  to hiru a car. The-first driver who offered himself was "dressed" iu a horrible asaortmofifc of rags, and was indignantly rejected by the hirer. Finding a smarter coachman, the gentleman  pointed to the ragged one and asked  how a perron thus attired could be al  lowed on the public streets. Iio wut-  told that tho matt could hot help it, and  inquired whethor he was so poor. "Och.  no. yer honor." was the smiling answer. "But, faith, them's not a tailor  in all Dublin dars pul a measuring tape  to hiui���������������������������Iiu'k eo .ick.csnmc. "  Jt/.-" \-jty .tnvwlicn;. Jtiil.:iysiuin:i.ii'n->M������������������  H  "    VX   out"IniLiiuiniiiiim ;������������������������������������������������������.-irn.->��������������������������� H'-   AfMo  \^~   Ai    li :dln:..v*iUiiiiK.nr.i!ci':'.c.  J'l.-.}',  V-^3)    Minr(;--..ul H.lviiiivirln'iiliit<isl,ln  F ' ft\      IWcrliMv p.'lii:!,rrllillK bill cl������������������..\l no  S^iljr ^   (,;utt:r mvlrr l������������������r..U;..: nor v:vur. ��������������������������� an;  not  any  rx-cnifd nt. (".n:h  fj������������������!l(lp;il7iJltlH!S'i     1'Vw iJn-p/: ;f-ilf  >*���������������������������*$.. ��������������������������������������������������������������� <lmii.i!.M i>r ������������������i.)iiv.T������������������.ii. IMkjIc ti t. free.  W.^YOCKG. l'J).K..210Lymanslllil!.., &tonlren),Cau.  AW. r������������������r*������������������ifc^ Wr'������������������'ll������������������tl!l HOI-* * VYsVr. tQ-, Wl"l|-xl  IUI VATIflVAl, hlllU ������������������ I'llf.JlllUI. t<l., tVIniitpnf *A'I-  prft w������������������ SHXi)UUH������������������i MUM, U*., UJ* V������������������������������������eur������������������r.  Dr.Martpl's Female Pills  EIGHTEEN YEARS THE STANDARD  rrnr/sritM'.d *ad r*-6.:ur.',udcrf tor Tromrn's i'l-  iwnU, ������������������ HrieutlflcaUr prcpatod retnH-iy of  ������������������ro-������������������orj Torth. Tne remit frow their use In  (ttlr.k   ������������������������������������"!   p������������������na������������������oM������������������t.   F������������������I   ������������������*t������������������   U   ������������������il   4x^4  ttexta.  Kicliard Le Oallienno, the poet, said  in :i New York magaf.ino dure, ajiropos  of tho paltry pension recent ly granted  bv the British government fo William  Butler ir*att: "It is not a good age for  pofttrj. 'i'he poet might work as hard  ���������������������������yee, and as successfully���������������������������as Edison.  a:i"d still lack food aud shelter. I once  met a red-haired poet at Franklin Inn  in Philadelphia discussing tho evil days  on which pootry had fallen. This man  said bitttrly: 'I'm a poet, not a tattoo  ^r-t-istt-yoMVi^a=literaUfac.Ulhat-f:-d<i  11  my" writing���������������������������absolutely  ������������������M  of  it���������������������������  on tin' empty stomach.' "  Senator Sullivan nf New York once  put in a uew form a joko as old as medicine. Thc occasion was a banquet of  homoeopathic physicians. During the  banquet the usual toasts were drunk.  To thc health of "the ladies," of "the  1'rosidont," of " Ifahnemann, the father - of- homoeopathy,"_and...of_.a . dozen  other porous and subjects, glasses were  drained duly, and then, all of u sudden,  the toa.it master remarked: ".Senatoi  Su Hi vim ha:i not yet been heard from.  Senator- SMiHir.ui will now propose a  lioalth." The senator arose amlbeamed  upon the assemblage, of physiciftiis. "I  propose," he mid, "the health of the  si-k."  Gobsa Golde, before ho stnn-k oil,  went one day to the races aod lost all  on the favorite. It was a hot, day, and  Uob&a, though vory liiirisi^-, hadn't so  much as thc price of a glass of soda  water. Xevercholots, ne stepped boldly  into a palatial saloon. Jn the faloon  he struck up a conversation with a prosperous-looking man. "You're a hale,  sound, lusty man," said Gobsa. "It's  good for soro eyes in these degeucrate  davs to see a man'like you. What's  your age?" "Fifty-four," said tho fat  man, with a pleased, smile. "What's  yours?" "Thanks," said Gobsa gratefully. "Thanks.   Mine's a large beer."  The Weber and Fields Music Hall,  with an invincible list of comedians ou  the stage, also had a rare wvg in the.  box-otnec. McBride. E. J. Connolly,  before going in to make "up for tho  show, fonnd himself short of funds and  dropped into tho lobby to sign a tab.  A large number of people buying tickets bloc'ked him off from the window,  so he backed off to a distance, attracted  Mcliride's attention and-gave him the  high sign for five���������������������������thc raised hand,  with fingers" distended. McBride nodded nnd" Connolly waited. The lino  thinned out and McBride.camo out with  $'l.f)0, wliich ho handed to Connelly,  who had lost, in his infancy' ������������������ half of  one finger  raced on the Canadian tracks early this  season,' added1 a' -couple of high-class  racing prospects to his stable tho past  month when he leased the trotting gelding, The Wanderer, from Asa Spahr,  of Winchester, Ky., and bought from  W. Travis Deatherage, of Brighton, 111,,  the two-year-old pacing filly, Thei Ideal  Lady, payiug the sum of $3,500 for the  latter, cjho Wanderer is the fastest  green trotter that has been trained at  Lexington for some years and worked  a mile in 2.0(5'/_ for his trainer, George  li. Hayes, to cart. The Wanderer is a  splendid individual and beautifully  bred, being a son of The Tramp and  Maggie Jl.', 2.19V,, by Young Jim. His  dam "producod .the fast filly" Margaret  (:!), 2.V.I. lie has been in tho stable of  George Hayes for the past two seasons  and that trainer gave him all his training.  'lhe Ideal Lady is bred to bo a  world's champion pacer aud her early  form predicts that she is likoly to bo-  como such. Ilcr sire is Lord Direct  (son of Direct JIal, 2.04Vi, aud Lady  of The Manor, 2.0-1'/i, and her dam is  an own sister to Princess Koyal (2),  2.20, thc former1 champion two-year-old  fillv and dam of this season's sensational pacer, Jas. IL Kay, 2.00%. The  Corns aud warts disappear wheu  treated with Holloway's Corn Cure  without leaving a scar.  Useful Around the Fane  "Enclosed please find one dollar for  which please send me two large 50c. bottles of Nerviline. It isa remedy that I  do not care to bo without. It is especially good, around the farm for man or  beast. The worst,neuralgia it cures at  ouce. For a cold, sore throat or chost  affection, nothing is better than Nerviline.  (Signed)    "Eichard Hamlyn,  "French River, Ont."  Get Nerviline today. Sold by all  dealers, in 25c. and 50c. bottles.  fillv, with limited work, has boen a  miie in 2.14Vi>, a half in .1.03, and a last  eighth in 14 seconds, and as she is on-  tered in eight futurities it cost Mr:  i.stabrook, $8,500 to eccnre hor.  At any rate no one can blame AbdoJ  Hamid for'the present scrap.  If   it  were   not   for   Africa.  Enrop*  might be reasonably law-abiding.  Shilohs Cure  ���������������������������ulckly atop* cbudtan.   cure* ������������������*>lj������������������������������������������������������  ���������������������������"<*������������������������������������������������������  lb* thf-*l ud laid*.      '   -   ���������������������������      ������������������0 v*"**  JN CUBS UK  Smokeless   Powder   Shells'  tt  LEADER" and "REPEATER"  The   superiority   of  Winchester  ft Smokeless   Powder Shells   is ^  8 undisputed.    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Of  course there wero some o.vceptiane, but  bood horses wore conspicuous by their  absence when  winter racing began.  The majority of owners held tho  opinion that 'it was more or loss do-  gra.djng__t_o_[_ij_t. _a_ high-class trotter or  in  an  hi*  ap-  A founder, of CiiiniuniiiKou,  daily tour of the plant, noticed  prentice who was hammering in a rath  cr listlcsr inKuner. The founder, Hushing angrily, wont to the lad, took the  hammer from him, and said: "yon,  when I seo a man hold his hammer by  tho end of tho handle like this and  striko good, hard, quick blows, like  this"���������������������������bang, bang, bang!-���������������������������"why Y pay  thai man $K) n week. But whon a man  hold?, his hammer by tlie middle of the  handle, like this, and strikes as if he  was tapping an egg, like this���������������������������why, .1  only pay him $7 a week; and he's the  first, to go when we get slack." The  founder returned the hammer and looked at the boy sternly to see if his lesson had gone homo,  was the mild reply.  L to hold it, and "how ought Y to striko  for m-Y $2 a week?"  "Thank you, sir,  And where ought  Shihfi's Gun  pneer on (.he ice, but when tlie careers  of such- hoiscs as the dead Angus  1'ointor, 2.01ft, and The Kcl, 2.02Vi,  wero closely scrutinized, nnd it, was  found this noted pair of paccrh made  thoir debut on the iee, opinion... underwent u change, and now hoif-einen find  ico racing not only full of pleasure, but  also profitable as thc earning capacity  of their horses has been largely in-  created, anil besides experience has  taught tlmthorsiw really-men better-in  the summer after a winter campaign.  Scores of instances could be pointed  out, showing this to be the case, so  hi any. in J'a.-t, that the prejudice  against "inter nieing has entirely  vanished. Now. no hoise i.s i-onsidored  too good for thia sport, thr; chief difficulty with owners being llx.'ir inability  to got horsos good enough.  While thc incoraeed premiums arc  mainly icspons.ible for the prcf-.cnt pop-  ularitv of iee racing, the rnmnrkable  first year of The Eel, no doubt, had  much'to do with it. for this horse, sensational as ho waa on ice, was over,  more sensational in his first campaign  on fhe turf, and his case did a grea?  deal toward dcmonaliTiting that n gond  horse could be raced on the ice without injury.  tut  George 11. Katnbrook. of Denver, Col.,  who, it'will be remembered, owned tho  trotter,   Fanny   Lawvon, ��������������������������� ���������������������������. 2.1 ft -VS,   that  Clean Stomach, Clear Mind.���������������������������The  stomach is the workshop of the vital  functions arid whon it gets ont of order  tno whole system clogs i". sympathy.  The spirits flag, thc mine droops and  work becomos impossible. 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As the news of  thc outbreak came I happened to be  reading Gertrude Lothian Boll's splendid oponing article in the October  "Blackwoous": The empire is vast,  the means of communication iusulli-  cient, and provincial distinctions so  strongly marked that experience of any  ono district is littlo or no warrant for  embracing generalizations. .Nor is  tliere any salient uuity of aspiration;  public opinion in each province is  determined by local conditions and  uninfluenced by consideration of the  needB of neighboring districts, concerning wnich correct information is  seldom to be obtained. Every traveller in Asiatic Turkey must be familiar  with the baffling conviction that his  views are .based upon army reform.  Though the revolution of 1908 aud  tho rise of the Young Turks did not  please everyone; though - a general  system of spyoeracy and backsheesh-  grabbing takes the place of our own  particular form of civilization, I observe that Miss Lowthiau Bell confirms  tne impression- that the Turkish army  is not run on quite tho old lines, and the  old order generally tends to improvement. At the fool of tiie improvement  lie the rerorms which have taken place  in the army and the police. Of those  thc most remarkablo is regularity of  payment. All through the Turkish  Umpire every soldier and every zaptieh  receives the just measure' of his pay  month by month, together with the allowance-due to him of summer and winter, clotning. The ragged barefoot re-  triments of old;are now- dressed in  khaki and properly shod; the gendarme, whose patched garments  scarcely' retained auy likeness to. an  .official uniform, has been turned into  a smart horseman,, clad in blue ,cloth,  with a stout overcoat strapped behind  his saddle. - .Nor is tho transformation  confined to externals; it -extends to  discipline. Tn the town the-'police no  longer spend their days lounging in  cai'os and brazier aud narghileh; thoy  aro to be seen alert at every streot  corner. " "In the, province of Baghdad,  which'had been; ruled by the strong  hand "of .-Nazim' Pasha, most of-. the  zaptichs who rode 'with me'-refused "to  take my-tip, ��������������������������� on the/ground that all  backsheesh was forbidden. "Before the  constitution-they .were nominallylin re-  ceipt.of"41/l.-mejidehs7a month (about  fourteen shil!ings)/togother with .their  clothing. ��������������������������� The,salary'was "always in  arroar, and the clothing so .irregularly  supplied that*they were*obliged'tb"supplement, it out of their'own resources.  -They.now receive 8 mojidehs,''docked  of a small sum (2 or'3-piastres, if {I  remember rightly), which goes towards  the cost of their uniforms.- But the  real income of a zaptieh under the old  regime depended largely on ..is slcill  in coercion, whereas thc man who dares  not accept bribes finds it hard to keep  himself, his horse, and his family .on  a salary strictly limited to 8'mojidehs  a  month. - <  The vilayets of:-Turkey are as disunited as were the small'German States  before" the war with France'federated  thom." But if one pays attention to the  words of Sir Edwin Pears, oue is amazed to note the range- of nationalities  within the Turkish Empire. One has the  Greek, with his curious religious transition from the worship of Apollo .to  tho cult of St. George. St. John's Day  knows its bonfires, and Diouysian dance  is turned to Christian rovelry. Then  weUiave^tho^lAmaks>_jiiL,BuJgarian_ex  traction, the Jews as everywhere. And  if vou happen to see Sir Edwin's book,  "TurKev and its People," tho origin of  the Vlachs or "Italian," as these folk  of Roumanian extraction are called,  will be revealed to you. And I doubt  whether many readers of this paper  know what a " Dun may" may be. Lt is  quite simple They are .low converts  to Mohammedanism. Then the Albanians and Armeninus are present in large  numbers. ~~Indecd,~Bo-far-do- tho -roots  of tho Turkish population Htretch into  the Balkans, so bound up nre thoy with  Latin as well as Semitic stocks, that  tho Italian outbroak may havo diverse  bearings and reoulte unforeseen as yet.  Moslem peasants are convinced that  tho Sultan is lord of the world, and  that all the sovereigns of other nations  are under his orders. They admit that  be has great trouble in keeping them  in order, but that is merely part of his  kismet. What many of them failed to  understand about England was how.tho  Sultan would allow its' vali or governor  to be a woman. Of course, all the extraordinary phenomena of nature are  due to good or evil spirits. Foreigners  are rich and influential, because they  can control these spirits. Tbe belief  that every foreigner has the magical secrets of medicineVis almost universal.  An English house within ten miles ef  Constantinople, but in a Turkish village, serves perforce as a dispensary.  The owner took up his residence there  in the sixties of last century, and, as a  matter of course, everyone in the neighborhood who had fever or. any other  malady went to him for relief. He had  novor studied medicine, but had to practise it. This was, of course, without  any payment. When he died some eight  or ten years ago his sons and tho ladies  of the family had to continue his practice. Their annual bill for pills, and  above all for quinine, is a heavy ono.  I should be afraid to administor the  do*os which I have seen one of these  ladies give without  hesitation. If the  medicine is strong and particularly  nasty, it gets a great reputation even  in distunt villages. Travellers like Sir  William Jiamsay, who get away from  the great roads, find it difficult to live  up to their reputation as healers of the  sick. At fiibt sight the eagerness for  nieilicino looks like violation of the Islamic opinion that everything iB pie-  ordained. But Mr. Doughty, the Arabian traveller, himself a doctor of modicine, remarks that Islam "encourages  its professors to seek medicinos which  God has created on������������������ earth for the tier-  vice of man, but they may1 not flee  from the pestilence."  An American missionary told a Btory  of a poor Moslem who went to him in  great distress. His one possession of  value was a cow, which had fallen ill.  lie stated that thc mollah had given  him a verse of the Koran on a paper  wl.ich he had made the cow swallow,  but without avail. He then paid first  the Greek and then the Armenian priest  to read prayers over, it, but the cow was  no better. '"'If only you,' with your for-  oign knowledge, would read a verse  over it," he was convinced, a cure  would be made. It was in vain that the  missionary endeavored, to explain that-  such a practice was not in accordance  with American religion. The only result was that the poor fellow left, con:  vinced that the missionary did know a  charm which would cure tho cow, but  that, for some reason, he,.was unwilling  to use it. The missionary/however, who  had some knowledge of medicine, subsequently treated the cowo and thus  saved both it and his reputation. Few-  people know tho little, half-Moorish  town of Tripoli. Water is scarce, railways do not exist, aud it is a barren  waste set with a few oases.. In earlier  days it was a haunt of pirates. There  is a large Italian colony. Many Maltese live there. The-town is surrounded by old walls, and a few guns defend  the place, though the chief safety of  the'harbor"lies in the-'dangerous- bar.  Esparto, grass, is its. chief export, and  Greek divers incur paralysis by constant diving for sponges. ( Well-armed  i.urks and Arabs and dangerous, .bandits keep civilization at tho rifle point.,  BAEDEKEB  In the current" issue of Chasten's  Journal there is a' very interesting  article on-the evolution of "Baedeker,  by "' Mr. ' Eustace - - Reynolds-Ball,  F.R.G.S. .-By-the" death of Karl Bae-  d<kbr, son of-the-founder, says the  writer, 'innumerable'- continental, travel-  lers^will have-sustained an -.almost  personal loss^forBaedekerhas. served  for upwards o'f" three-quarters .of a-'century' as', their - guide, philosopher, and  friend.' The original Karl Baedeker  himself edited mauy .of the guide  books. ... j <-.- ���������������������������. "=- '-'  . Baedeker's guides.hold a position in  travel-literature, which ..is sui. generis,  xhey have attained the;'distinction" of  being, used Las a- common. - noun', like  Bradshaw, Hansom, Tauchuitz,' Kodak,  etc., and are conventionally used to  connote a guide-book. Baedeker has,  indeed, paid the- peualty of being'  regarded as "a household word, aHd  unscrupulous publishers- have' even  brought out rival Baedokers, no legel  redress being obtainable, as tho judge  rulod -that ."Baedeker" was, "to all  intents and purposes, synonymous with  a guide-book. Indeed, a certain "Gorman publisher went so far as to annex  the celestial regions with a Himmel's  Baedeker., Though this seriea of  guide-books (now comprising over  seventy volumes) is, of course, an  essentially German enterprise, its inception is due to an English firm of  publishers���������������������������Mr. John ' Murray. Mr.  John   Murray  had   recognized  tho  en  orrnous impetus given to continental"  travel by the cessation of the Napoleonic wars, wliich had devastated  Europe and practically closod the continent to travellers fo'r so many years;  and in 183G he inaugurated the first  of tho famous Murray's handbooks  with a "Handbook for Holland and  North Germany."  In 18159 appeared Baedeker's handbook for the same countries; but iu  the -preface -his--indebtedness-to-Murray's guide was expressly stated. Indeed, on one occasion this "lifting"  of literary matter had a very amusing result* It seems that Murray had  stated that pomegranates grew on the  sides of a certain valley in Italy. Now,  unfortunately, the German word  "granat" means both "pomegranate" and "garnet"; and Baedecker's  compiler was responsible for the curious-statement that garnets were embedded   in   the  cliffs  of  this  valley!  baedeker, of eourse, is a byword  for the. driest and dullest of rdry and  dull 'prose. Considering that' the ob'-'  ,icct of each volume is to give as many  facts as possible in as small a space  as possible this is scarcely surprising.  But cases of unconscious humor have  been discovered, we aro told. In reference to a certain statue -of Venus,  Baodeker described it as of "undressed stone." One story of a  printer's error, connected witb Baedeker, is very amusing. The editor  in his copy had referred in a descrip-  Asthma Victims. The man or woman  subject to asthma is indoed a victim.  What can be more terrifying than to  suddenly be seized with..paroxysmb. of  choking which seems to fairly threaten  tho existence of life itself. -From such  a condition Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma  Remedy has brought many to completely restored health and happiness. It is  known and prized inevery section of  this broad land.  tion of a eertain museum to a "room  fnil of plaster easts,'' and this is said  to havo been returned in proof as a  "room full of blasted eats-"  SAVED HERSELF  YEARS OF PA1I  JEWELS  AND ART  THEFTS  Curious that great jewel robberies  itiid" great art thefts often nearly synchronize, comments the London Chronicle. Gainsborough's "Duchess" was  stolen in Mav, 1876, a few weeks after  flatton-garden was relieved of $125,000  worth of precioiiB stones. Mr. Wer-  theimer's pictures were lifted in February, 1907, and a month or two later  $250,000 of state jewels were taken  from Dublin Castle.  In January, 1908, Queen Alexandra's  .niniaturcH disappeared, $25,000 worth  of jewelry disappearing soon after from  Wigmore street. The "Turners"  which were bagged in March this year  immediately preceded tho vanishing of  {10,000 worth of gems in a train journey from Rugby to Euston. And now  we have tho case of the Louvre "Da  Vinci" and tho Dalston haul of diamonds.  The older    tho Young Turks boeomo  the more troublo they seem to get into.  Shikfrs Cure  aulcMy  Slops couc-h.i.   cures colds,   ben la  th* thr~-\t auditing. ,     -   ���������������������������   .       23 ccnla.  IF SHE HAD USED DODD'B KIDNEY  FILL8 FIB8T  Mrs. McBea goffered for over two y������������������m"������������������  then two boxes of Dodd's Kidney  Pills made a new woman of her.  Previl, Oaspe Ckk, Que., October _M  (Special)���������������������������That she might have warped two yean, and seven months of suffering had she tried Dodd's Kijliuy  i'ills iu the first place iB the firm .torn-  riction of Mrs. John Mefiea, un old  and respected rieideni. uf this phase.  And this is tbe reason she given for  believing so:  "For two years and seven mon tha I  was a sufferer from Kidney Distose  brought on by a strain and a cole.  My eyes were puffed and swollen,.irgy  musclesv cramped and I sulFored fraro  neuralgia and Rheumatism. My back  ached and 1 had pains in iuy joints.  "For two years I was under the ,do������������������-'  tor's care, but he.never Beemed to ate  me  any  lasting good.   Two  boxes .of  jjodd's .Kidney PUte made a new "wm-  man of me."  To save yaursclf suffering cure-your  Kidneys at the first sign of troubJta,  Dodd's Kidney Pills are the ono mam  cure.  .?'-  An Innovation in Oil Heaters  y  "     ---'._)     ���������������������������      : " ���������������������������"..,-    7     \  The Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater, with its  drums enameled in turquoise, is an ornament-to any *-  rooms whether ia the country cr city-home.- r,:  ;:.y  r . No home is quiteir complete" "without:-.^a /Perfection. Oil ;���������������������������  Heater.., It is-'a necessity in die'fall'and spoing.'when'it is.too--  warm'to start the regular heating apparatus/and topcool Jx> be?  "without heat/ " Iu the'"midst oltwinier'it is*oitcn\c7>nv���������������������������_nicnt\as:i  an auxiliary heater,ias ."there"arc.alwa^Zsome^'cyd^Mi^Ts1-,  -in a house.;--  ���������������������������     _. '.���������������������������;���������������������������.-'.- ���������������������������:��������������������������� 7    L   -7". .-��������������������������� -77V.777, ?'7i  '..-" The enameled- heater always^presents a niceappcanince.-as jhe/;  enamel will not tamkh.or bum off. " It js not an "enamel pajnl," bu^.''  ia "thc same'as lhe "ename! of your cooking utensils.jv?' ������������������   -"' ''     -7. -:"���������������������������'  The,Perfection is the most reliable and convenient portable, heating;,  device you can find. ' An automatical ly-locking flame spreader prevents ���������������������������.  turning the wick high enough to smoke    _ "_'-'.  . _J^ ." -���������������������������_" :���������������������������'���������������������������_.-  lEREECTIO]  S*1.L HEAT������������������5  Dealers every*****.   Aii jo-wi to 4xx������������������  roa the Perfection Healer ������������������mU| erwtite  desa'pure drcukr te tmg^mmwtr tk  TU hpcru! Oil (������������������m Ifaafcj ;  "' ?  "VZ'h  'Z, 'T5_  *  * ;  r-     ������������������-.   ...  '  i     =  y ;������������������_*_;  tt-1  .-', v_J"V.<  Jl    *  *  ���������������������������.  - -'/.:-" !-Zf  \J"t-  A'rf- \  -*';  ~: **  "T     i- w"-^ = ���������������������������*-  -^ \  -.:y-rrihr<  i*  ������������������  - "f. *  W, ~ziTf  -/���������������������������  ~<i_ ~  i^$Jzr&  r77 S^i*"  iy  **, ~_cX  *'W','v,,i', Z-J  ^-',���������������������������"  >- -Vjj*  JL1'  .: ��������������������������� y,-y  *'*  J -* ������������������  '  --,_���������������������������-_-������������������.', V  b  ���������������������������V *��������������������������� "  -;* yyip.  j-  v <��������������������������� ur*  "&;-'. si  -1  _r"~  -f\      .r''J*  'i      '_  "ft  f  ,        ���������������������������   v  0">-.M&S?  i  \       ���������������������������  ���������������������������: '.'".-rr<  /  ,    *  HEADACHE .WAFERS  will stop that aplittiaa headache quick and cure.   Will not liarm heart or ocrvot-t eistczn.  25 cunt* a box at all druggists'       |,      ">   '.i#������������������ZJ   .    '        Re"  NATIONAL  DKCG  AfCirfCMICAI* CO.  OP -CANADA,'tiMi*Bn.w  r .tv-l I  fviv  -- ���������������������������.* I  WHEA T, BARLEY  OATS, FLAX  Owing to so much unfavorable weather, many farnaerB over WoHteru  Canada have gathered at least part of their crop tonchcrl by front ������������������r  othcrvrise weather damaged. Flowcrer, throngh tho large shortage in  corn, oatH, barley, fodder, potatoes and vegetables, by tbe unoaual heat  and drought of last summer Ln the United States, EaKtem Canada aud  WeBtcrn Eurojic, there i������������������ going to be a steady demand at good prices  for all thc grain Western Canada has raised, no matter what itH quality  may be.  So much variety in quality makes it impossible fo.- thewe lens experienced to judge the full vaine that should be obtained for Buch grain,  therefore the farmer never stood more iu need of the eerviees of tbe  experienced and reliable grain commission man to act fot him, in tl/a  looking after and'selling of hia grain, than he Ao'ed'tYa season.  Farmers, you will therefore do well for yonrac-li es, not to accept  street or'track prices, b.ut'.to' ship yourfgroin.Jby carload direct to Port  William or Port Arthur,' to be handled byTtiB in a i*ay -that will "get  for yon all there is in it. We make liberal advances when desired, on  receipt of shipping bil/B for ears shipped. We never bay yonr grain on  our own account, but act as your agents in selling it to the best advantage for your account, and we do so on-,������������������ fixed commission of lc per  bushel.  S We have made a specialty of this work for many ycar9, and are  well known over Western' Canada for onr experience in th������������������ grain trade,  reliability, careful attention to our customers' interests, aud promptness  in making settlements.  We invite farmers who have not yet employed ub to write to us for  shipping instructions and market information, and in regard to out  standing in the Winnipeg Grain Trade, and out financial position, we  beg te refer you to tbe Union Bank of Canada, and any of its branches,  also to the commercial agencies of Bradstreeta and B. G. Dun & Oo.  THOMPSON SONS & CO.  GRAIN COMMISSION MERCHANTS  703 Y Grain Exchange Winnipeg  I  ���������������������������m ������������������������������������������������������&'  .#���������������������������  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, January 4, 1912  NOT YET NECESSARY  Victoria,; Jan. 2.���������������������������Several rererences  have   appeared   recently   in the provincial press to the possible presentation of a redistribution bill (based on  ! the recent census) at the forthcoming  MOFFET'S BEST Flour, $1.65 491b. sk&^ ^T*Z t  "PvQn                                                                           1    9A QniK      ol/   statecl Uiat> although the matter has  J_)X &LL)        ������������������������������������������������������----          J_.Z_.U kJKJik).    QIYias yet    received    no    formal  cabinet  1    QO (i               .'consideration, it is highly improbable  -L������������������tJv '         | that a measure of this nature will be  ?  10 1 2^11l Qlc iresarded as necessary or desirable at  L50JL00   " " J" ' "  1.70  Shorts,   -   -   - ���������������������������-   -   -  Wheat,   -    -   -   -   -  Oats,   " Wheatlets, -   -   -  Brackman-Ker Rolled Oats 2.65 80  u  (i'or table use.)  a a a  a  40  20  Also a full line of other grades of flour, feed, etc.  a  a  a  a  1.35  .75  a  a  a  TRY  MAU  THE UP-TO  BUTCHER  For Choice Beef, Mutton, Veal, Lamb, Pork and Sausage!  Fresh-Killed Poultry, Salmon, Kippers, Bloaters, '  Celery,     Fresh Oysters,     Veeners  Formerly Orton's.  the present juncture. Representation  of a population of less than half a  million by forty-two members may be  regarded as numerically quite sufficient, while it is deemed the policy of  wisdom to allow population to settle  somewhat before deciding upon any  necessary readjustment ofl provincial  constituencies.  BETTER METHODS URGED  'Phone 5G  Next door to Evans & Son  Applications   received  for  Loans on improved Farming  and City property.  Apply to���������������������������  G. A. HANKEY & CO., Ltd.        VERNON, B.C.  id You Ev  Commenting" on the prevalence of  what is known as "brown rot" in  apples, Provincial ��������������������������� Horticulturist  Winslow concludes a recent paper  with this suggestion and recommendation:  "More rational methods of orchard  cultivation are absolutely essential  to permanent control of this disease.  Its prevalence this year has aroused  much needless apprehension in the  minds of fruit growers. The disease  can be avoided almost entirely by the  ; proper methods. It is significant  j that good intentions rather than  j wanton neglect, have brought it on,  Uo a very large degree. * * * In  I view of the possible injury which may  j be. caused our Province, by needless  ] alarm, it is to be hoped that fruit  ! growers will' investigate the subject  | rationally, and, having formed their  I conclusions, work out the remedy  best adapted to their  own  orchards.  About having- a picturu of your home and ..rounds, or any other subject of special interest to you,  printed on POST CARDS ? Your friends at a distance miprht like to have such a momento from you  and what is aa suitable and reasonable in price as a photo postcard? ,We will take a picture of any  subject you wish, and print same on post cards for $1.00 per dozen, of any one subject.  -    -As we have a number of orders on hand now,  you should place your order at once, and we will  guarantee you the pictures insideof four days.  T ,'H E   ENDERBY   FA I R  Opposite The Walker Press.  MILITIA ORDER  - The Enderby   Troop B. C. H., will  parade - on   Thursday, _Janf'11th,  at  for    squad   :lrill.   Dress  E.O.J.L.HENNIKER,  Z    ... ' Captain. ->  7:30  p  mufti.,  m.,  ' Brood    sows   for    sale.   To  February and-March. 'Kellet  Mara, B. C.  si row  Son,  Every man likes to be well dressed.     He enjoys the  feeling of QUALITY in his clothing.     A cheap suit  is the clearest thing you can buy. '  It never is satis-'  factory: is-not worth the   price   however low the  price may-be: -When out to .buy a "QUALITY "Suit-  come in-and see our Mr. Dill.-,   - ���������������������������  End������������������'**   r ^"**e*  r.oy  ������������������<du  I'd... LfdV'sH  ^^K^am^A^iU^saBm^mTiJimm HSjss&aasmmmu&msmsaiim  It ��������������������������� will Happen at  vans & Son's  I   s  a\  ���������������������������j  TH  6,M    101  Never Before, Never Again, will opportunities like this be- presented to the buying public of  JUST THINK!!     -���������������������������  ... .1 fl..._fVfMi������������������g.la& &i  Hosts ca w (a   U WU     M *  THIS  STOCK CONSISTS OP  DRY GOODS, CLOTHING. HOOTS AND SHOES, RUBBERS, MEN'S AND LADIES' FURNISHINGS, GROCERIES   ETC      ALL   MERGED    INTO   ONE  GREAT COLOSSAL SALE, .������������������. PROFIT IS FORGOTTEN AND COST ALMOST IGNORED , WE MOST REDUCE OUR STOCK, ANDt^ TRUT^ULL^YTIM- THIS  SALE IS AN OPPORTUNITY YOU   CAN'T OVERLOOK , , STORE IS NOW CLOSED REARRANGING      STOCK FOR THIS MAMMOTH UNdItAI   NG YOU   "AY HAVE  HEARD OF SALES. READ OF SALES AND SEEN SALES, BUT ALL OF THEM WILL PALE INTO INSIGNIFICANCE    COMPARED   TO    THIS ONE EVERY ARTICll IN  STORE WILL ���������������������������B TAGGED AND MARKED WITH ONE PRICE TO ALL.AND STOCK WILL BE SO DISPLAYED AND ARRANGED AS TO mIe    YOUR BUYING E^Y !nd SHo"  PING  PLEASANT AS   WELL  AS PROFITABLE. NOT ONLY THIS   13 UT WE WITT   T-tavp pt ���������������������������r or. nvnmm��������������������������������������������� Y AND bJI01 '  *' U Ui  "^ MLL HAVL PLENTY  OF EXPERIENCED HELP TO WAIT ON    YOU AND GIVE YOU QUICK  ,���������������������������,.. $250.00 of Merchandise will be Given Away during this Sale !!  DON'T FAIL TO ENQUIRE ABOUT IT���������������������������INVESTIGATE IT���������������������������AS   MANY   VALUABLE ARTTPT wq  wtt t   iaw nrvm, ������������������, r,, ������������������,  OF APPRECIATION TO THE PATRONS  OF THIS  STORE, THE MANAGEMENTTOL^^Sk   XpS t^p?v UT ^ ^^^ ^ ������������������F ���������������������������IS EVENT"       '  AS A TOKBN  IN MERCHANDISE PREMIUMS.       LET NOTHING KEEP YOU  WAYBUT B^ HERE ^ ������������������F    EA������������������H   DAY'S  SALES  EVER   INAUGURATED   IN   ENDERRY - AND PARTICIPATE IN ONE OF THE GREATEST BARGAIN EVENTS THAT WAS  E  ORDERS FOR  GROCERIES  WILL BE TAKEN ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY MORNINGS.  E^raaggggass^^  i  ��������������������������� W  iii  -i  . y ������������������������������������������������������'. *=���������������������������.  'y'Jjt  .. - ���������������������������  ^     p  W$y '���������������������������  y -  .,���������������������������.'.J...p-JWlp4SC������������������fi,������������������i&:l!:l:W


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