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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Oct 13, 1910

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Enderby, B. C,  October 13, 1910
Vol. 3; No. 28; Whole No. 142.
The Town and District  ,
and the Moving of the People
A concert is to be given soon by the
Methodist Ladies' Aid. Watch for date.
Ernest McMahon returned from a
visit to the Privincial fair on Friday.
The merchants of Enderby have declared the Wednesday half-holiday at
an end.
Painters are engaged in repainting
the Wheeler home, corner of Cliff and
George streets.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Reeves expect to
get into their new home the latter
part of this week, or early next.
There is ��������� something . about that
sporting-goods window of A. Fulton
that attracts and holds the crowd.
Foster, the unfailing weather prophet, says the farmer who is wise
will prepare for an early and long
Sam Robinson'left Wednesday evening for Cayley, Altai, where he will
spend the winter���������if it doesn't get
' too cold. .
Mrs. Hevenson, of Victoria, on her
way home from the Kootenay, spent
two days of the past week with her
old friend, Mrs. Burnet.
Manager Stevens reports the output of lumber for October is keeping
pace with that of September, the
record month of the company.
The Fall assises' will open at Vernon next week. The Dake case will
probably come up again, local witnesses having been subpoenaed.
The Poison Mercantile Company
have greatly enlarged their corner
show window, and are making some
very handsome window displays.
Rev. Mr. Mclntyre will preach the
anniversary sermon at Knob Hill on
Sunday, October 23rd, services both
afternoon and evening. The Armstrong choir will furnish the music
at both services. The date heretofore published: in this connection was
in error.
' A survey party of ten or fifteen
men , landed .at Enderby this week.
A similar party���������two of them���������have
been running lines over the Salmon
River valley for two or three weeks.
The size of .this party would indicate
it to be1' the forerunner of the railroad-into Grand Prairie.
Mrs. W. R. Barrows returned from
her Minneapolis trip last week. She
had a most enjoyable trip, but was
pleased to get back to the pretty
little town on the banks, of the
sleepy,' . soft-flowing Spallumcheen,
with its wooded hills bathed in the
glory of its golden sunsets.
The first shipment of apples for
exhibition purposes in London, Eng.,
to leave'- the Lawes' Orchards this
season, were loaded at- the station
on Monday. They were a splendid*
sample of fruit; and the i packing was
Al., a credit to Enderby and the
orchards from which they came.
The latest act of generosity on the
part of Mr. F. V.- Moffet, manager
of the flouring mills, is to offer to
ladies of the Hospital Guild, the free
use of the miller's cottage on the
company's home grounds, for an
emergency   hospital,   provided a cer-
Properties Put Through This Week
H. W. Harvey   reports   tiaviug  standard   the ^Association has main-
through    two   very   important ' tained in the past.   The show will be
were far inferior   in   quality.and ap-   Sale  Of the  KerfOOt  and  HanCOCk
pearance to our   Okanagan fruit and
would not be   entitled   to admission
���������to any of our   horticultural shows,"
said he in an   interview in the, Van-      Mr.
couver Province. Put
Mr. F. V. Moffet arrived from En- j
derby on Monday * and is opening up
business as an electrician in DeHart
& Harvey's old stand next the Royal
Bank. Mr. .Moffet has had complete
charge for five years of the lighting .
plant of the Rogers Lumber Co.,
which'supplies electric light to the
city of Enderby, and will still retain
that position. He will engage a competent assistant for his business here.
���������Kelowna5 Courier.
The Fernie Free Press has been at
tempting to lucidate the'affairs of the
City Council of that.city, to the advantage of   the   ratepayers, and the
men in power   have   been whispering
: about    town   that     the   Press   was
i "knocking"   the   city.-   This   is   the
'way   the    Free    Press    gets    back:
realty deals the past week, involving
upwards   of    ?13,000.     And,  what is
more   important,   placing    upon two
excellent   properties    close    to town
bone fide   home-makers    and permanent deveiopers. '
i    The first of   these   deals was made
on the Kerfoot   Place,   recently purchased by Capt'.    Myers, and located
adjoining the Stepney .ranch and the
Hassard home.- It embraces 154 acres
; of some of the best land in the dis-
| trict, and   is   considered a good buy
at a   much   higher    figure than "was
"When the newspaper says .anything
that hurts the individual he immediately emits a roar that the paper
is "knocking" the town. There is as
yet-no individual in ��������� this'community
who constitutes the "town." ��������� There
Miss Maggie Peever, of Delraine,
Man., is visiting her brother,- J. E.
Peever-. Miss Peever: contemplates
making Enderby her future home.
tified trained   nurse   can be found to
take charge..
R. P. Bradley   was a visitor for a
few days this week, from Chase.   Mr.
Bradley has recently added furniture
to his business'at Chase, and reports
Mrs.  S. Poison .left   Tuesday eve-  a very good business in the building.
daughters, in Chicago. She .will re- j has struck a line of good fortune,
turn .by way of Winnipeg, visiting her ^is Vancouver .ventures turned out
relatives there. , ,        i surprisingly well, and he is now more
Ed. Mack returned   from the coast   than making good at Chase.
Tuesday   morning.     He   reports   his
. No concert company has ever visited Enderby   and   given a better entertainment than   the Robert Meikle
company.   These artists were seen
K. of P. hall Saturday evening.   Mr.'
Meikll>and Mr. Lloyd and Miss Mal'-
colm were heard here last season, but
Miss Strachan was new to an Enderby   audience.    The    company    as   a
whole is much stronger than it was a
year ago.    Miss    Malcolm's work on
! the piano was decidedly pleasing, and
! Miss Strachan   won a warm place in
.hearts of   Enderbyites    by her pure,
j rich singing   of   the good old border
j The property was purchased by
Col. A. "0. Evans, late of Bermuda,
J India, for his son, Mr.-0. E. Evans.
! Col. Evans and his son made a very
thorough investigation of several localities in the Province, which are
acknowledged' fruit districts, and
they were pleased with all of them,
but- the property about Enderby was
in their estimation,'at the prevailing
prices! the best to buy. ; "\"-i" ���������"*
They believe they have in the Kerfoot place the- property . they were
looking for, and Mr. Evans, Jr., will
proceed with its development along
intensive farming and fruit lines.
The transfer was made at a very
nice advance over the price paid������for
; the property some three months ago,
showing that there is a steady advance' in prices, though yet very low
as compared with the price of acreage
property elsewhere in the valley.
The second deal was on the Wm.
Hancock place, a mile or so north of
Enderby, on the road to. Mara. This
is the making of a most productive
farm, but in recent years Mr. Hancock and family have devoted their
attention to other callings. A very
comfortable ��������� hon?e, with barns and
held on the 10th    and 11th of January, in K.. of P.   hall.   All birds not.,
delayed in transit,   are to be in' the
coops in the hall not later than op.
m. on the   evening   of   January 9th.
The practice of allowing local exhibitors to   bring   their birds in on-the
morning of the-judging day .is_" to ..he "
done away with,' it'being-recognized
that this   practice    gives   the   local
birds a   distinct   advantage over the ���������
birds   coming   from   outside   points, ���������,
which are cooped   two or three days
before   arriving   at .   the    exhibition =
building.    This rule is to be'strictly
adhered to, and   this decision on the
part of.the managers will be received
with favor by.   all, -breeders who are  -
desirous of   giving   the, outside birds,
a fair. footing with the home birds..    -
etc.,   are   erected,    and the
fields all cleared and into hay.   Half
brothers  .doing     very   well   in   the
undertaking   business recently established'at. Vancouver. ...
Before Judge Walker at Winnipeg,"
on the 1st of this month, R. C. Edwards, editor of the Eye-opener, (was
acquitted of the charge laid against
him by the Lord's Day Alliance,
The brickmasons on the Bank of
Montreal block have the walls up to
where the carpenters can get to work
ancl the work is being rapidly pushed
in order to get the roof on as soon
as possible.
, Armstrong's anniversary service in
the Methodist church will be held on
the 30th, to be followed on Monday
by .a supper.- . Rev. John Robson B.A.
of Vernon, will preach the anniversary sermon.
With the regular night and day
freight trains which the railway company recently put on, the mills of
Enderby and the railway tie camps
of J. R. Linton, are getting all the
cars they can use, and the tracks are
kept clear.
If the Enderby curling club does
not start'the hog-line game this year
in November, it won't be the fault of
Mr. James Evans. Everything is
even now ready for the ,first hard
freeze-up, and Jim will be there with
the water when it comes.
- One of the unwritten prohibitive
laws of all newspaper offices is never
to publish a communication that is
unaccompanied by the name of the
writer���������"not"" necessarily for publication, but' as an evidence of good
faith." We are in receipt of a brief
item relating to mud being found on
a church door, which is signed by "a
subscriber.". We have four hundred,
and would ask our correspondent to
bc more specific.
Tho dress goods window of the Enderby Trading Company is this week
attracting the attention of the ladies
It is most artistic. When the Bell
block annex is completed, this company will move into the store now
occupied by .the Reeves Drug store
and utilize also a portion of the !
new block. They contemplate separating each department, having one
store for groceries, one for gents'
furnishings, one for dress goods and
millinery, and one for hardware and
J, A. McKelvie, editor, of the ..Vernon, waa one of the official delegates
from British Columbia province to
the Eighteenth Annual National Irrigation Congress, recently held at
Pueblo, Colorado. Mr. McKelvie returned a-few days ago. "At the congress there were displayed samples of
fruit grown on irrigated lands. They
stronger in   voice    and easier in de- I
livery and carriage   than on his pre- j
vious     visit,    and   Mr.   Lloyd-was Iof the Property was purchased, with
bubbling over with    fun.   He has the
happy  faculty   of    keeping    his    funinikerand    J���������-   D-   Dickson, late of
clean, and leaving his audience better j Saskatchewan;   are    the   purchasers
for the laugh   he    makes them take, i
It was hard    for   him to get ofl the j with a family.
stage when the audience insisted upon 'associated with
hearing" him" agaiif and again."
This is the   first    entertainment of
, A   congregational   supper is to-be
held- in the -basement of the Presby-J
terian^.church.on Friday.evening, at 7
o!clock. ' The .occasion is for the carrying out of a   plan of visitation of .
all the congregations   in the Presbytery for   the   cultivation   of mutual
sympathy and   the   discussion -of the ���������
work of the church, and especially of
its Home Mission and other mission ���������
work.   Representatives of the'Presbytery are expected to be present, also
Mr.    Wilson,    the   superintendent   of
missions, Mr. G. F. Gibson, a prominent businessman of Vancouver, and
Principal     McKay,   of    Westminster
Hall.   The addresses and discussions
will be at the table, immediately following  the supper.   While  the ladies
are welcome, it is   especially desired
that the gathering   be of interest to
the men:   Anyone desiring to' attend
is requested to   secure a ticket at as
simplify preparations.
all improvements,
niker and' Jas. D.
Saskatchewan,' are
Mr. Henniker is a married man
while Mr. Dickson is
him in the purchase
and takes the rough land. -They-are
taking immediate possession, and will
the season from the Walker Lyceum P���������eecl at once on a line of inten-
Bureau. It will be followed on No-,sivc terming. They purchased the
vernber 18th by -William Yule in the ; Pr������Perty at a vcry favorable figure,
Shakesperean comedy, the "Twelfth 'anii are men who
Night." It is fortunate that we are
to have such high-class entertainments this season as are booked un
der the Lyceum Bureau, and Mr.
Crossley Poison, ' under whose auspices these attractions are to be
played here, is to be congratulated
on having shown the public spirit to
bring them here.
know thc business
they are entering upon. . .
j Mr. Harvey reports a number of
! prospective settlers coming In, and
all are satisfied with thc appearance
of tlie Enderby district.
Superior   quality     domestic    coal.
For sale by JAMES MOWAT.
Bell Block, Enderby.
A lot of people go to church under
the impression that they are serving
the Lord. It is just as reasonable to
say that Lethbridge was performing
Sir Wilfrid a service when her people
cheered him and petitioned for the
removal of the coal tariffs.���������Ex.
W. A. Matheson returned from the
East this week and is taking orders for
Crown tailor-made suits.
The prize list of the approaching
Third Annual Winter Poultry Show
by the Northern Okanagan Poultry
Association will be out this month,
to be followed the latter part of December by the Special prize list. It
will be the largest and handsomest
prize list the Association has yet put
out, and will eclipse anything of the
kind issued: outside, of the large
poultry centres of the East and the
Coast. Nothing could better indicate
the growth of the industry in this
district, or attract more attention to
the character of our shows. Judge
Woods, of Winnipeg, will score the
birds, which is a guarantee' that this
year's judging will be up to the high
The executive council oft the Provincial government on Monday of this
week, refused a! request of the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway Company that
it be permitted to use Oriental labor
oh the construction of its "railway- in
British Columbia. In, taking this action the executive expressed the opinion that to grant the request would
be inconsistent with tlie government's
principle of conserving British Columbia _and its resources for white people
Hon. Rodolphe Len .eux, postmaster
general of Canada, addressing the
Sphinx Club, in London, announced
that Minister of Finance Fielding's
surplus would be $30,000,000. He attributed as the main cause for this
the abundant prosperity of Canada.
LOST.���������On the 26th of September,
1910, on Mabel Lake road between
Enderby. and Mabel Lake, a leather.
purse about six inches long and four
inches wide, containing a $20 bill and'
some valuable papers; papers^of no
value to anyone but owner. The person who finds and leaves it at the
office of the Walker Press will be
handsomely rewarded.      A. DOYL.
8TRAYED���������From Johnny's Meadow
���������'big roan cow, branded HL. Finder
please notify J. E.  Peever,  Enderby.
:-^J THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday,   October 13, J 910  ENDERBY PRESS  Published every  Thursday at  Enderby, B.C. at  $2 per year, by tlie Walker Press.  Advertising Rates: Transient, 50c an inch first  insertion, 20c each subsequent insertion. Contract advertising. $1 an inoh per month.  Li... 1 Notices: 10c a line first insertion; 5c a h'ne  each subsequent insertion.  Ki'itdinf. Notices and Locals: 10c a lino.  OCTOBER 13.  1910  PLACING  THE BLAME  At 1 a.  in., October 1st, an explosion occurred   in    the    Los   Angeles  Times building,    which shattered the  building  from    foundation  to tower,  and in a moment the whole structure  was a muss   of   seething   flames.   Of  the workmen engaged in the building  at the time of the explosion, twenty-  one are missing.   The charred trunks  of eighteen   of   them   have   been    recovered.   There    was   a report circulated that the catastrophy   was due to  the explosion of gas, but the general  opinion   has    been   created  that the  explosion ,was the work  of organized  labor.   A copy    of   the Times of October 3rd is to   hand.       It tells the  tragic story of the awful catastrophy  and mingles   with    its tears many a  thrust   at   its    enemies���������������������������the unions.  It ridicules the idea of the explosion  being caused   by   gas,   and says the  evidence points clearly to the door of  the   unions,   and   declares    that the  crime will   be   placed and the perpetrators punished.   A reward of $150,-  000 has been   offered   for the conviction of the   men   implicated, and the  best detectives it is possible to get  are being placed on the track of,_men  whom it is believed placed the dynamite. The Times cries aloud its  hatred of its enemies:  "The one place in the Times building that was not shattered by the  explosion was its tower, and the one  object that was not blackened-by the  smoke was the stone eagle, which  stands as ever perched upon the summit of the tower, with wings outstretched.  "O    you   anarchic   scum, you cowardly    murderers,    you   leeches  upon  honest labor, you midnight assassins  ���������������������������you whose hands are dripping with  the innocent   blood of your victims;  you against whom the wails of poor  widows and    the   cries   of fatherless  children   are   ascending to the Great  White Throne,   go,    mingle with the  crowd on the street corners, look upon the crumbled and blackened walls,  look at the ruins wherein are buried  the calcined    remains of those whom  I you murdered,    and then look'up���������������������������if  you   dare    raise   your   eyes   in that  direction���������������������������and   behold   the stone image of the eagle   that you could not  reach.    Behold-, the    emblem    of the  piercing eyes that will discover you.  Freedom. that you vainly endeavored j  to destroy,    of   the   Eternal  Justice |  that will surely reach you both now j  and hereafter."  There seems to be much of the  spread-eagle, holier-than-thou bombast about this scream from the  Times. But in the heat of the burning ruins it is   to be excused.   When  the Times cools -down it will look at  things more sanely.  Crimes    of   this    type���������������������������if   it   be a  crime���������������������������are    sure   to    react upon the  I perpetrators.      It    is    a   deplorable  i thing.   Yet there   is   a cock-sureness  ;about'the    Times'   arraignment that  may not be   justified   by facts.   Perhaps an  unbiased    investigation will  find very little   to justify the supposition that the unions were responsible for the explosion.   There is much  to be commended about the long fight  the   Times   has   waged    for what it  pleases to term "industrial freedom"  but few    union   men   will   admit it.  And there is   also . much to be commended about unionism, but we have  i never known the   Times to admit it.  It has been war   to the hilt, and so  long as   General   Otis   lives,   it will  continue, for   he   is a man who asks  no quarter���������������������������and gives none.   If it is  proven   beyond   a   doubt    that   the  destruction of the Times building was  the work of the men who are at war  with the Times,   the guilty ones will  and should pay the extreme penalty,  but in justice to organized labor the  world over, the crime should be fixed  upon the unions before they are condemned.     It   will   be   interesting to  watch'   future   developments.   The industrial   institutions   of Los Angeles  have com_ forward with a reward of  $150,000 for the perpetrators.   In addition to this   the   financial institutions and   business   men of the city  have raised a   fund   of $40,000 tc be  distributed   amongst   the families of  the men who perished in the building.  YOU  Buy Flour that Gives Steady Satisfaction  MOFFET'S BEST is dependably good and will make most luMesome and inviting bread.  It is scientifically milled by practical and competent millers and in a clean mill, and all  wheat for Moffet's Best is washed before being milled. For sale by all representative  grocers.  4>  Need a pair of Rubbers.  We have all kinds and all sizes in stock.  Let us fill your requirements in this line.  t  We wish to announce that Miss Morgan has opened up  a Dressmaking Department in our store, and would be  pleased to give you figures on any work you may wish  done.   We may state here that the goods do not have  to be bought from us.       No matter where the goods'  have been purchased, Miss Morgan will be pleased to  make them up for you.   Kindly note,  however,  that \  we have a very nice line of Dress Goods and Trimmings ���������������������������  in stock in all the latest shades and fabrics, and would  be pleased to have you call and examine them.  9m#**_w*_m* #���������������������������*_���������������������������*��������������������������� 0 ������������������������������������������������������_. ���������������������������*9**9* G��������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������� tm9 **w**9 ** ������������������������������������������������������*_*������������������������������������������������������_������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������#*B_^ ���������������������������"������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������W" ���������������������������" ���������������������������*���������������������������#������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ .!  Enderby Trading Co. Ltd.   1  Leaders in General Merchandise and Supplies Z  SHOULD WORK BOTH WAYS  The local C. P. R. agent'at Armstrong is very strictly enforcing regulations these days. Hard and fast  rules are rigidly adhered to. We  have no kick on any man obeying instructions, but people who are so all  fired particular about getting what  is-=coming^toHhem^sho,uld-=be^equally-  prepared to give the public what  they pay for. When a man uses the  telegraph, for instance, it is for the  sake of speed; it is speed they pay  for. But do they get it? Well, we  will let the public judge for themselves. On Monday evening, at Enderby, C. 0. Metzker filed a telegram  addressed to Thc Advertiser, asking  the manager to meet the train on  Tuesday. The telegram was filed at  18:08 (eight minutes past six) on  Monday. It was delivered nt this  office at 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon,  just 21 hours after filing, or one hour  after the train had gone out.���������������������������Armstrong Advertiser.  PROFESSIONAL  D  R. H. W. KEITH,  Office hours:   Forenoon, 11 to 12        ;.  Afternoon, 4 to B  Evening, T to 8  Sunday, by appointment  Office: Cor. Cliff and George Sts. ENDERBY  ORDER IN COUNCIL  At the Evecutive Council Chamber, Victoria,  Tuesday, the 23rd day of August. 1910. Present: His Honor The Lieutenant-Governor in  Council.  "On the recommendation of the Honorable the  Attorney-General and under the 'provision!, of 61  Victoria, chapter 24, 189S, the '.'Game Protection  Act", and Amendment Acts, ;  His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor of Britiph  Columbia, by snd with the advice of his Executive  Council, doth order aa follows:���������������������������  That the regulation under the said Act made  by Order in Council No. 664, dated August, 8, 1910  provided that the "disabilities as to to the shooting  of the Columbia Sharp-Tailed Grouse, commonly  known as 'Prairie Chicken', shall be removed  throughout the Province from the first day of  October, 1910, to the 31st day of October, 1910  both days inclusive," be and is hereby amended by  inserting after the word 'Province', therein, the  words 'except in the Yale, Kamloops and Okanagan Electoral Districts'.  HENRY ESSON YOUNG,  Clerk, E tecutive Council.  E. BANTON,  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public, Conveyan������������������er,  etc.  Offices, Bell Block. Enderby,B.C.  secrct"sc^Teties^  A.F.&A.M.  FRED. H. BARNES  W. M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40  Regular meetings first  Thursday on or after tke  full moon at H p. tn. in Oddfellow.. Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited.  J. C. METCALF  Secretary  I. 0.0. F.  __     Eureka Lodge, No. M  Meets every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, in I. O.  O. f. hall,  Metcalf block.   Visiting brother! always    welcome.    J.   A.  McMorland, N. G.,  A.  Reeves, Sec'y, K. J. Mack, Troas.  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 86, K.of P.  Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Hall. Visitors cordially invited to attend.  J. N. GRANT,. C.C.  C. E.STRICKLAND. K.R.S.  R. J.COLTART. M.F.  K. of P. Hall Is the only hall in Enderby suitable  for public entertainments. For ratw, etc, app.y  to- R. F. JOHNSTONE. M. B.. Enderby  FT. 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Armstrong is gathering together a  fine exhibit of the king of fruits; Vernon intends to   outstrip all previous  ies,  having  of 3,000.  a total seating capacity  IN THE FRUIT MARKETS  in good 'condition.    Fruit was well  efforts, Kelowna will endeavor to do  Packed .and up to grade in every re  Fruit Commissioner Metcalf, in his  report this week, tells of several'  shipments of prunes and plums which  arrived at point of destination in  poor condition. But B. C. apples  seem .to have captured the markets.  He writes from Saskatoon:  "Early & Co., jobbers here, report  having had five carloads of B. C.  fruit this season to date; all arrived  even better than she did at the Spokane apple show, and Penticton is  getting an exhibit into shape that  will open the eyes of her neighbors.  The Okanagan, indeed, will.show the  goods that ought to win the prizes.  . It is anticipated that this will be  the greatest display of apples the  world has . ever seen. It will be  housed in the Vancouver Horse Show  Association building. This building  has a grand total of 98,640 square  feet of floor space.  The big arena of the Horse Show  building will be used to display the  District, limited to two-box, two-  barrel, two-basket, two-jar and two-  plate contest, and box exhibits. The  show ring is 75x199 feet, containing  nearly 15,000 square feet. The exhibits will be arranged around the  ring upon an incline of 45 degrees,  having a perpendicular of about 12  feet and 12-foot base. This arrangement will give a continuous display  12 feet wide, 12 feet high and approximately 450 feet   long, and will have  spect'.V He stated it was the finest  fruit they had handled this season.  He further stated that they had  found it difficult to obtain enough  and had not been able to supply the  demand for B. C. fruits. Had one  car rolling in from B. C. now, and  thought this was our opportunity to  push B. C. fruit from the shortage at  other points. The Northern Fruit  Company, jobbers here, report our  fruit the best they have had this season to date. Have had a number of  carloads of B. C. fruit, all being very  satisfactory, and at the present time  are wanting to buy apples, and.pears  and are prepared to pay more for B.  C. fruit than for American, as it has  proved more satisfactory. Stated he  couid buy American fall apples, assorted varieties, at 75c to 85c per  box f.o.b.. point of shipment."  one which is doing most harm is that  of the land   surveyors.   Under existing laws the   land   surveyors of the  province have authority and refuse to  allow   any   surveyor   who   has    not  served   several   years' apprenticeship  in the, province   permission to work  at    his   profession.    It   means   that  qualified  men cannot take a job unless they    belong    to   the provincial  professional monopoly, which is very  diflicult   to   enter.   The argument of  qualification   does   not hold good, as  many of the survey jobs are done by  apprentices  and    assistants.   In this  country the survey of land costs n.ore  than the land    itself, and frequently  the land    purchaser   has   to go hundreds of   miles   for   a   surveyor.   It  needs no   argument   to show the injustice that is worked upon the prospective   settler.    It    is   keeping the  rancher off the soil.   Granting to any  class of workmen, either professional  or unprofessional,    the right to monopolize their   trade   in a province is  one of the   most   unjust and undemocratic laws in our constitution."  official capacity, in the course of  which every licensed hotel and every  provincial police office in the province will receive a visit���������������������������a purely informal call, for tbe inspector will  drop in entirely unannounced and  prepared to accept and to note conditions as they exist in every day  practice. He will report any suggestions he may have to offer as to licensed premises or premises proposed  to be licensed, and he will also advise  the department   as   to   approximate I  STILL IN BUSINESS  Headquarters for Bulbs. Two tons  just received. Also a full line of  seeds,  ornamental  Stock, Fertilizers,  Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps and Implements,  and all   garden requisites.  M. J. HENRY,  3011 Westminster Rd.  ������������������ Vancouver, B.C.  A. R. Macdougall, Mgr.  populations in each license centre, in  order that the revised scale of fees  may be arranged from the first of the  new year, in accordance with the  changed requirements of the law in  this connection.  THE NEW LIQUOR ACT  OUR LAND TIED UP  The Prince Rupert Optimist speaks  'strongly and well:   "One of the relics  the -appearance of a veritable cas-1 of feudalism which is doing much to  cade- of apples, having a fall of 17 ' delay and hinder the development of  feet without    beginning and without British   Columbia,   and   particularly  end.       Completely   surrounding   the  show ring are the spectators' galler-  this. new section, is the monopoly of  That the new liquor act is doing  its intended   work in the restriction  and regulation of the traffic is shown  not only by the amount which has  been collected' in fines for its infringement, which amounts to $6,550  since April, but also by the fact that  complaints which were formerly so  numerous, have now entirely ceased.  The act, which is being strictly enforced everywhere, is giving great  satisfaction both to the temperance  men and to. the liquor men who desire to have the traffic properly controlled.  Colin S. "Campbell, the recently appointed inspector of provincial police  and chief inspector of licensed premises under the new law, is now preparing for his first inspection! tour of  A $125  Typewriter  for 17c Day!  The Oliver Typewriter Co.,  lidThe Oliver TypewriterB'2n_r. Chicago, 111.  Uniform  Grades  AND GOOD MILL WORK  in lumber will  the professions of the province.   The ithe province, in   his   new   and-dual  John S. Johnstone  Contractor and Builder, Enderby  Having added a cement brick machine to my cement plant, I am now  prepared to enter into contract for  all kinds of cement work. Portland  cement,    plaster   and   lime   kept in  Reduce the Cost of  Building your  Home  more than BAD lumber at  cheaper prices. First Cost  is by no means the final cost.  Figure it out and you will  buy your lumber of���������������������������  A.R.Rogers Lumber  Company.   Ltcl.  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B.C. ���������������������������*���������������������������  st .; THl'j wearing or mourning in England consequent upon the  death ot: King Edward VII., ha.s exerted a wide-spread  influence in i'avor oi: black and black and white that  will be fe11 i'or several months, _ti.ingo.rs visiting 'Loudon  felt obliged to wear black because otherwise they wero disagreeably conspicuous. One American woman who, not provided with a black gown, went to the play attired iu light  blue, soon became .so painfully conscious tliat she was the  only woman in the entire house wearing a color that she left  before the play was over. It has been said that in conse-  tjnence of the enforced wearing of black an outburst of most  vivid colors, will follow, but that, remains to bo, "proved, and  the dressmakers arc busy turning out the smartest of all  black and black and white gowns thai are m.  becoming thev an1 certain to be copied.  fascinatingly  -v:_������������������������������������  . ___���������������������������. _>>��������������������������������������������� rf*>_9������������������j\ \  Wliite  Satin  Gown Veiled with Black Mousseline  Never were Iheie so many  black satin gowns worn, ihe  coat and skirt costumes especially, and it is lemarkable how  many different  kinds of black satin  there arc.    trome have  a  bright  finish, others a  dull;   then  some of the gowns aro  braided or embroidered, while others, and these the majority,  __o absolutely plain.    All are made with .short skirts aud the  coats are  either short or medium  length,  the  long coat of  last autumn  and   winter  having  passed   into  oblivion.     _..-  ueiuely  .scant,   both   skirt  and   coat,  ami   wilh   close  fitting  sleeves of a length that reaches midway between elbow and  wrist, these coals nre very smait if well  made and of good  material,  the   fashion   not   being  adapted   to  the  limited income, for to be .sal isfartory they must be of a good quality  of satin and also be well cut.    As has been already stated,  chore is a strong effort being made to bring in tho old-fashioned soft, lustreless silks in placo of black satin, but the former  is not  nearly so becoming a material and  it i.s doubtful if  the attempt will succeed.  The throe piece costume in black satin is certainly useful  -;_,..d-__j__:_! j,-'iiiil-iv.ll-ln'-i'riiiipil-fiii,-tli(> winter-in satin -finished  and all the light, cool materials are far more popular., Pon  lard, while emphatically o summer fabric, will this season be  worn late in the autumn, for tlio newest designs have a black  satin ground with only a small pattern of white, and that  quite far apart in tne design so that the effect is much more  of a satin than a foulard. One of the latest fashions is the  use of embroidery instead of lace on white muslin, the openwork light pattern and also the patterns thafc look like Venetian lace in design. This is always veiled with black voile  or chifl'ou and is newer than lace and i.s also combined with  lace, the yoke and collar, unveiled, being of the lace, while  all the other trimming is of embroidery, veiled with voile  de soie and chiffon.  In order to gain the desired effect of scantiness in silk or  light weight material thc greatest care is taken in the construction of the skirt. There is a foundation or uuderskirt  of the softest satin or silk, which is fitted as tight as possible  to the figure and reaches only a short distance below the  knees; on this is sewed a scant, straight flounce of the material and over this falls the straight skirt or tunic, finished  with a,;.vido hem. If the lines are too trying then thc tunic  is shaped to be shorter in the front or' the back and the  flounce has more fulness in the way of scant box pleats wide  apart. The most becoming style for any ono who is not  slender permits of a draped effect, as though the tunic were  long enough to dra fie across the front and tie at the side  with the back breadths. The lower part of the waist is  draped, the folds going around thc figure, not up and down,  and the material can either be drawn light to give a.s small  a waist measure as possible, or, like the classic draperies,  be left loose to quite hide the elfect of anv waist and make  the figure very nearly the same width at the waist line as at  tho hips. In description this fashion may appear impossible  for thc majority of women, but already it'is being so modified  and worked out that if is quite safe to predict that before  winter if will have become not only possible but even  attractive  .  The color that is introduced into thc black gowns is m3sf  cleverly dealt with. It, is never to be noticed in thc coat  or sidrl, but on the waist, when in bauds or folds, or waistcoat, it is most becomingly placed. One of the smartest  street suits for early autumn and winter is of black lightweight cloth; The skirl, short and narrow, is finished with a  broad band of black satin beaded with black braid in two  widths, one very narrow and onc quite wide. The jacket,  hip length, has also a band of satin beaded with the braidingj  and there are broad black sat-in rovers. The gown is not  so sombre as it would be without the satin, but, none the less,  is all black and would be perhaps dull looking were if not for  the most fascinating little fitted waistcoat of bright blue  moire. This is separate from the coat, which can be worn  without it if so desred. is fitted as carefully as the waist,  is open just a little at thc throat, is fastened with fancy  buttons, and it certainly makes the gown a hundredfold more  elaborate in effect. Cerise and a bright green aand an odd  shade of yellow arc all fashionable ii' color be desired, and  if a woman wishes to dress altogether iu black if is a relief  foknow there is some way iu which a too tiresome monotonv  can  be avoided.  Xot an absolutely new fashion is tho band of satin around  the bottom of the skirt; but it is at the moment a popular  style for the more elaborate street costumes, aiul is sr>.i. r.n  the all satin skirts as well as on the cloth���������������������������not oniv rhe  plain bands into which is gathered the fulness of the'sk'ut.  but thc straight skirt with no fulness is also finMied in  this  way.    When  combined  with  cloth   it   is ccv.aiiilv most  Is the Only Oil You Need for  Gasolene and Kerosene Engines  It provides perfect lubrication under high  temperatures without  appreciable carbon deposits on rings or cylinders, and is equally  good for the external bearings.  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THE DOMINION SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY-AND FINANCE  black (loth���������������������������the late autumn moods, if not too eccentric,  being taken a.s models. The three piece suit is more apt to  bc what it is called, tlnee piece, than what it was last season,  when the skill and waist in one wen1 vleclod. Xow waist  .ml ski rt are almo-it invariably chosen, for it lias been proved that for a "invn to be worn with a coat tnere is the greal-  ���������������������������>ht aihanluge in being able to wear dilfercnt waists. Most  "fascinating an- the waiits of lace and fancy net veiled in  black voile de >oie, with the lower part of the waist of satin  in soft fold.-., on the plan ot a hi_.li draped bodice. Hands  of the satin, which can be in color if so desired under the  black viiil. . go over the shoulders and tinisn the sleeves.  There is a uatmw round or pointed yoke and collar of lace  made ns trai>pannl   as possible, and  this  is not   veiled   .vith  the   lllai I.        >n   de.ei'l.    .-110   the    I'lihU   el'   >i-ilf>i'i|   dl-l-i'il   n  the wiu.it that tho effect is the    same  as  though  waist  and  ���������������������������,KJ,-t    ,,i|i.    ||I   i||   mIiC,  .i|.d   tile   goW'l   eati   hi'   Will II   Without   llle  ��������������������������� Miat.    ��������������������������� ai1'  uiu-l   Ic  ta! i'ii  lhat   the  fnldi :m'  imt   too thick,  for Hint ii i.ubei'oiiiii l' t" II"' figure.  I )lll>   III     '  |l'!.t_l II,  li.in  .���������������������������oat  and d<iv. n I'-ther side in  limit     The fronts  tn^i'thi'i   with  fa"c\   ni n.vni'"'!*     Il   !���������������������������. ipiite new  imt  ui'.(���������������������������.������������������������������������������������������ .1  line that  is not alwavs bocnining, and  Iv i.s often'modified  by having the trimming only  :'nmt.     It". however, it is possible, the. embroidered  ia-   i  >:   tiie  I.I*'!.'  ,c  uo.\<"-t   models  lor a i'ii'i'  nf >-.!!lli  nl   I'lnll)  is of  with     iiuight   but   half filling   back   and   front.  nt   In.tiding ami embroiili" \   mound the hot  nil  This  I run   .  arc c  and s.'oai  I'OUSI-i'jUO!  down the  band aiotiii-l the jacket is invariably .chosen as the smartest.  There js uui so marked a change, in the coats as the skirts  of flic strei-t i'ii-t nines, '|'l,e .st r:ii <_..!) t eifect back and front  is still fashionable, and it is only that there, is more shaping,  in -a curving at the side sentns---tho fashionable figure always  being est.ri'uic  than angular.  dc figure al\  Iv sii'inier, but  at   the snn.c time more rounded  Oniv the lending dressmakers now advocate an extremely  low cut and short corset, relying entirely'upon the cut of  her gowns and coals to give the required straight and slender  appearance  demanded.  It is most interest int.' and quite marvellous in pnte how  this slender of\'<"-\ is ob'nii. <l when tho-wearer of the frown  ia by no means thin. All seams are straight'in effect, for all  lines are perpendicular, loir as yet 'M requires tiie skill of a  clever dressmaker to carry out the idea, i'.ut iu itself the  is  not   so  involved, and   with  a  good, perfect   fitting  for  lushion  pattern   it   will   be  quite  possible   before   winter   seis   in  ijvcrv woman to.know  how her winter suit  s|i;i]| )-,,. mad,..  Black velvet is to be e.'.l retneiv fashionable this winter,  and in consequence black velveteen and cio-udroy will again  be in favor, hut for th-" .iresont siu'li innlerhtN ran only Ic  talked about, while cloth and the lighter weights of serges  and camel's hair are chosen in preparation for the first cool  davs of autumn.    At the moment, voile, chiffon, foulard, lace  The   Imperial   Oil   Company,    Limited -|  !t__JV:'K_3^Jg'v__IO^'ZrgriKt^^glggy" r_ "-ccrr-  SHOE  POLISH  Ho bottlos ��������������������������� liquids���������������������������mopi-or hard work. "2 In 1" shine*  instantly and gives a. hard, brilliant, lasting:, waterproof polish.  Contains no Turpentine, Acids or other injurious  ingredients.  ALL DEALERS, 10c 1  THE F. r. DALi_������������������Y OO.. L.MITCD, Hamilton, Ont., And Bufntlo, N,Y.  a  t������������������i  ACCOUNTANTS! Our courses in Higher Accounting mid Churterect Accountancy  were prepared bv three chartered iiecniintaiits and a  lawyer.  The st longest ACCOUNTANCY SCHOOL in  Canada.  Our lessons are authentic, up-to-date, the most complete on the market, and tho  only ones suiiiilile for any province in the Dominion.  Why study courses wliich were only written for one province?  V/o had more successful students at tlio C. A. Examinations in 1010 than the  total passes for Manitoba, Alberta ancl Saskatchewan in auy ono previous year.  Write for prospectus and full particulars:.  P.O. Drawer 2929     D. A. Pender, C.A., President Winnipeg, Man.  FOR  THAT NEW HOUSE  Sackett Plaster Board  The Empire Brands of  Wall Plaster  Gown of Wliite Lace and Elack Satin  ell'ei-t ive, and the-latest information vouchsafed is thai. I'or  lhc winter the same fashion will be carried mil iu velvet  instead ol" satin, while satin and velvet will be i\\i rouioly  small.  The fashions of the moment are so extraordinarily coin-  ph.'N that i|, is most dillieult in any way ro distinguish what  is attractive from such a mass of c.ont f.i 1 eiioa, a ml eon"-  servntive lasf.e has hard work to hold its own. '.mi. hc-.v and  there are to lie seen models' which display unbroken lines nol  ni.'Mi'ed by the introduction of (oo glaring contrast ��������������������������������������������� either in  material or color, and when black iu chosen there- is less  ('.'.iieer of one's lastc being led away into strange holds of  color and ell'ecf. Nothing simpler nor sum "tor cup l>e found  than the accordion'plaited and. tucked voile de soio gown  trimmed with black satin and ecru lace, tho shirr short, but-  not. exaggeratedly short, and the waisi. 'tight lilting, ihe  plaits held down by the broad bands of satin over the  shoulder:., .M'ussing back and front. An especially becoming  style h;is the braid bands crossed at ihe back and falling to  the hem of lhf> skin, forming in fact the buck of the gown,  the front being finished "with a wide band of the satin. Tho  ���������������������������..'own is inconspicuous save I'or its marked .simplicity and  beauty of line.    This is a new model that  is most  popular.  mi  Aunt   Anna  asked   her  little  nephew   wl  give hi- cousin  fnr his birl hdny.  "I   know." he an-wered. "but   I  ain't: bi  lie  woun  I  like  ,: onoue'li.  MAIVM.KAOTURKl) ONI.Y IIV  The Manitoba Gypsum Co., limited  WINNIPEG, MAM  WJ^^;^i__._:_,^^  UNLUCKY DAYS AND SIGNS  \ U'l.lTl.l. in oue of our loading  Ol dailies remarks: "No ono knows  why the number l.'i is counted unlucky,'' Thirteen was the number who  sat down to that "Last .upper," and  lhe old painter in depicting the scene  makes Judas, in rising hastily, upset  the salt. To eat salt together was the  sign of friendship. To upset salt is unlucky, says the. old saw. The first tn  leave the table where thirteen have  eaten is said always lo be the unlucky  one who will die the coming year, because Judas left first. Not to pick up  a pin is "unlucky''���������������������������because it denotes  thriftlessness���������������������������and'so-oh: there is til-  ways u reason for old saws���������������������������"dye fire  where the smoke rises." Vet a former  editor of this paper proved thirteen to  be a lucky number, and the present  writer prefers to begin things on a  . ridnv. that so-called unluekv day.���������������������������  Pall  .Mall  Ga. die.  UNIQUE SWIMMING MACHINE  AHNVTMMLN .. machine that ean  be  packed  in  au  ordinary traveling  bag. and  weighs on  has been   invented  by  a  the name of (Jaruier.    It combines some  of the principles of the catamaran, the  y ten  pounds-  'Yeiielunan  of  power boat, anil the bicycle, and enables  the user to make faster progress  through the water Hum by swimming. It  can be used with safely by a person who  cannot swim, and makes it possible to  travol relatively long distances in the  wilier without .exhaustion. The swim  Dior lies on his stomach on a connecting lube belwoen pointed metal iloats,  a ml ,,-ilh his foot in stirrups, pedals as  on a bicycle. There is a keel under the  tube, and a fin connecting the driving  mechanism with the rear (loaf. These  keep the machine on a straight course.  The front float; is swiveled and carries  a fin whieii serves . as a rudder. A  wooden bar is also connected with the  propeller by means of suitable gearing,  so that b;, altere.nT.ely pushing ane pn]|  ing on this bar the swimmer ean assist his legs', in propelling the machinp.  Sores Flee Before It���������������������������The ro arc  many who have been alllieted with  sores aud have driven them away with  Dr. Thomas' l.clectric Oil. which acts  like   magic. All   similarly   troubled  should lose no lime in applying this  splendid remedy as there is nothing  like '(. to lie had. ft is cheap, but its  power is in no way expressed by its  low price.  53 ���������������������������.  Thursday,   October 13, lyiO  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thousands of Emigrants  Devoured by the Vast Northwest  From $3 to $25  McClary's Kootenay Steel Ranges  are known   all   over    Canada as the  BEST RANGE ON THE  MARKET  They are   soli   at   very   reasonable  prices,   when    you   consider that  every one of them is good for  20 to 25 years' hard wear.  PRICE RANGE FROM  $37 to $68  ACCORDING TO  SIZE  Twenty years ago I first visited  Winnipeg. It was shortly after the  opening of the Canadian Pacific, and  I saw the marvel .'of three trains a  day being sent Westward, loaded with  emigrants. ,  " How long," said'I, "can this be  kept up?'  Last month I saw exactly the  same sight, only.' with more emigrants and a better train service.  " We have kept it up ever since,'  said the man who had taken a score  of years to answer.  Every- day during those twenty  years three or more packed trains  have   started   Westward from Winni-  travel, and that these emigrants  would go home and come back, and  some would travel "first-class." The  courage, the faith, the determination  ���������������������������the persistency of those builders of  empire who carried the flags and  sighted the transits and laid the  lines of steel, is a poem as yet unwritten. We are still too busy, or  too amazed if we stop to consider it,  to write about it.  The high hopes of the emigrants  were not founded on moonshine. At  a little town three hundred miles  west of Winnipeg, I saw a man who  took up a homestead of one hundred  sixty acres five years ago.   The first  peg laden with men, women, many crop was two thousand bushels of  children, with bags of brown bread, j wheat, which was sold at sixty cents  infinite links of bologna, and high a bushel. This man now owns six  hopes. ���������������������������   j hundred' twenty acres, and this year  The babies in arms I then saw are ' he marketed eight thousand bushels  now grown men, earning bigger wages (of wheat at a dollar a bushel. But  than-their fathers ever commanded,    jeven then he wasn't satisfied, for he  And still the crowd goes Westward, , told me that hereafter he was going  always and forever Westward���������������������������and J to devote his time to raising Clydes-  melts away into the vast expanses of  dale horses and Ayrshire cattle,' and  We sell other   lines   of smaller steel  ranges at prices ranging from  $14 to $30  Our  SJOVE   line   is   complete,   and  we ask   you   to   compare our  prices   with * others before      buying  Ask for   particulars about  This is a   hard   asbestos wall board  which   completely   does away  with the ordinary lath  and   plaster   and  does not   cost  nearly   so  much  OUR LINE OF  Loggers1 Tools  Builders' Supplies  Paints. Oils and Varnishes  is complete, and we solicit your  enquiries for .prices  WE DO PLUMBING,  . TINSMITHING  0 ROOFING  AND     HEATING  A, Fulton  ^Hardware,���������������������������T4n=&=������������������lumbing  Establishment.    Enderby  If you want to  Buy, Sell or  Trade  A   FARM  A   FRUIT   LOT  A   HOUSE  A   BUSINESS   LOT  or A   BUSINESS  I have them at Mara, Enderby,  Vernon, Victoria, Vancouver,  Winnipeg, or elsewhere. Write  to me.     My new list is ready.  Chas. W. Little  Eldernell Orchard Mara, B. C  Enderby Representative���������������������������  ANOR L.  MATTHEWS.  Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and  Columbia, and is lost to view.  From a comfortable seat in the palace car, the country looks uninhabited. Now and again you see a solitary figure driving four or six horses  to a gang-plow; all along one beholds  brown patches of cattle, the successors of the buffaloes that roamed the  prairies only forty years ago; now  and then a threshing-machine, ,and at  night distant fires burning stacks of  straw.  Northwest Canada has one hundred  and seventy million acres of arable  land, and only about ten million  acres are under the plow.  The long lines of-freight cars creeping to -the east ar* loaded with cattle, hor_.es and wheat. Who raised  the cattle, and horses, and who produced the .wheat?  leave No. One Hard to those who  couldn't produce anything else.���������������������������Elbert Hubbard in The Fra.  UNIVERSITY SITE NAMED  The wish was father of the thought  and none of us need feel that our  j ambitions were foolish or out of  reason. We believed the Okanagan  I Valley was the exact spot for the B.  C. University, and we of Enderby  could not think of any better place  for it than right here. However, if  we get right down to cold facts and  weigh the other side against our desire, we cannot but recognize that in  naming Point Grey, Vancouver, as  the most suitable site for the Provincial University, the. Commission  did the right thing. At all events,  Point Grey is named, and.Enderby is  out of it.   Should Point Grey' prove  Look at this Real Fire Box  It is wide, long, and deep. It has the coal capacity  that makes cooking easy all over .the top���������������������������and for  heating the oven so that a large joint roasts perfectly  at the same time. More, it saves fuel and reduces coal  bills. You'll never have to sacrifice youi* baking for  your cooking on top with this reliable fire box. The  best results are always certain.  There are a great many more exclusive points of merit ���������������������������  in a Kootenay.that you must see to thoroughly understand. 'The nearest McClary agent will gladly go over  them with you, one by one. Before you decide on any.  range, write the nearest McClary branch for full particulars.- It will cost only a cent for information that  means money in your pocket, - 50  .  Why, - the emigrants I had seen a j impossible, the commissioners sug-  decade or two ago with their'babies, -gest: First, a site along the shore  and bags of brown bread'and infinite.| west of   North- Vancouver, provided  the tunnel and bridge are constructed  For third choice, St. ��������������������������� Mary's Hill,  overlooking the Pitt, Fraser and Co-  quitlam rivers, provided residences  are erected for the students.  IN   THE   CHURCHES  fHURCH OF ENGLAND. St. George's Church,  '-' Enderby���������������������������Service every Sunday 8 a.m., 11 a.m.  and 7.30 p.m. LATE celebration of Holy Communion 1st Sunday in month at 11 a.m. Sunday  School at 10 a.m. N. Enderby Service at 3.15 p.  m��������������������������� 2nd Sunday in month. Hullcar���������������������������Service at 3  p.m. 4th Sunday in month. Mara-Service at 3 p.  m. 1st and 3rd Sundays in month. Regular meeting- of St. George's Guild last Friday in month at  3 p.m. in St: George's Hall. Rev. John Leech-  Porter. Vicar.  METHODIST CHURCH���������������������������Service, Sunday 7:30  p. m. Junior Epworth League, Tuesday 8 p.  m. Prayer Meeting, Thursday 8 p. m. Sunday  School, 2:30 p. m.   C. F. CONNOR, Pastor.  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-Sunday School,  * 2:30 p.m.; Church service, 11 a. m.; Young  People's meeting, Wednesday, 8 p.m.  D. CAMPBELL, Pastor.  links of bologna and worlds of high  hope. For a very few years only did  the railroad send "loaded cars Westward���������������������������then they began to haul loaded  cars the other way. Now, ithe difficulty is to get enough cars to carry  the cattle, horses and grain to the  seaboard.  And yet when the Canadian Pacific  was planned���������������������������and it seems but yesterday���������������������������I remember my father saying  it was a vain speculation to get  money out of the pockets of London  bankers.. Why, the railroad ran  through a country where nobody  lived !  And yet it was a friend of my boyhood days, Bill Van Home, who had  the prophetic vision to see these  brown patches of cattle feeding on a  thousand hills, and the long lines of  freight-trains creeping always . and  forever���������������������������to-the=East,--4oaded--with-the-  wealth which needs only the labor of  the men, women and children I saw  crowding the railway platforms of  Winnipeg.  He also saw that prosperous people  Fred. H. Barnes  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  furnished  Dealer in Windows, Doors, Turnings and all factory work.  Rubberoid Roofiing, Screen  Doors and Windows. Glass cut  to any size.  I represent S. C. Smith Co,, of  Vernon. Enderby.  WATER ACT 1909  London,    Toronto,     Montreal,     W'tinipez,     Vancouver,  . John, _f .3., .   Hamilton,    Calgary  For Sale by A. FULTON, Enderby  naps now  BY direction of the Board of Investigation, notice is hereby given  that the Board will proceed to adjudicate upon claims, to water on the  following streams and tributaries  thereto in the Similkameen- and Osoyoos Water Districts, under.authority of Part 3 of the Water \Act,'."1909:".  Pine Creek, -*/  Spring on Pre-emption No.-2986,.,  Spring on Ecks Pre-emption,.,'. '/_  Shoot Creek,  Ellis or Nanisheen Creek,  James Creek,  -=Penticton^Greefcr=^  Private  Livery  Rubber-tired Single and Double  rigs; stylish drivers; new harness; everything up-to-date and  well-kept. When you wish a rig  for a Sunday drive, speak for it  early, as my finest turn-outs are  usually spoken for in advance.  A. L. Matthews  Cliff Street Enderby  Spring on Pre-emption No. 2551,  Canon Lake  Second Creek,  Cedar Creek,  Little Penticton Creek,  Sheep Creek,  4-Mile Creek south on Dog Lake,  4-Mile Creek on east side Okanagan  Lake,  Five-Mile Creek,  Johnson Creek,  Spring on Pre-emption No. 4507,"  Spring near Pre-emption' near 4-  Mile Creek,  Spring near 1st, Creek near Preemption 138s,  Spring on Sub-lot 19, L. 2711,  Alder Creek,  Maple Creek,  Creek 3 miles south on Dog Lake,  McLean Creek,  Lake near Kelowna-Penticton trail,  Spring, Penticton,  Steward'8 Dam,  Creek, Lot 286  T-Mile Creek (Lota 210 and 266,)  Camp, Old Camp, 9-Mile or Ara-  wana Creek,  Creek on Lot 211,  Spring near southeast corner of lot  587,  South branch of Ellis Creek,  Spring, Lot 2551,  Meeting for tho purpose of adjudication will be held at Penticton on  or about October 20th, 1910; Okanagan Falls on or about October 25th,  1910; and Naramata on or about  October 28th, 1910.  W. S. DREWRY,  Chief Water Commissioner.  Landa Department, (Water Branch),  Victoria, B. C, July 15th, 1910.  NINETY ACRES of fine Agricultural land, situated one and one-half miles-  from Enderby, with good river front; all level, and, would as a whole  make an ideaj mixed farm, havinglands   suitable   for   fruit,   large and  small; also for grain, hay and vegetables.   Thirteen acres slashed.  Will sell on easy terms. ������������������    '  EIGHTEEN BLOCKS of land of one or two acres each. In the choicest  residential portion of city; situated conveniently for school and business. ' A rare chance to secure a healthy site for a home, on reasonable terms.  ,For further particulars and list of.properties, apply to���������������������������  H. W. HARVEY  Real Estate and Insurance Agent'  A^ent'for The National Fire Insurance Co.. of Hartford;   The Nova Scotia Fire Insurance Co.,   Lnndon.Gu.irantee and-AccidenUCo..-Ltd. r : r   The  ENDERBY  GRINDROD  BLANCHARD & ENGLISH  Enderby, B. C.  Contractors & Builders  Estimates Furnished and Work Guaranteed  Hazelmere Poultry Ranch  White Holland Turkeys  Toulouse Geese  White and Partridge Wyandottes  Send for my mating list giving 'all the information of my winnings.  My Partridge Wyandottes are the best on the Pacifie Coast.  N. B. ��������������������������� A few S. C. White Leghorns  and  White Wyandotte cockerels  for sale, from same strains as my winners.   Prices on application.  MRS. WADDELL, Prop.  Enderby, B. C.  i  JAMES MOWAT  Fire, Life, Accident Insurance  Agencies  A Life Insurance policy in the Royal Insurance Co.  of Liverpool, En_��������������������������� is a valuable asset.     A plain,  strait,   tforward   contract,  leaving no room for ������������������  doubt as to its value.  The Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co.  The Phoenix Insurance Co. of London.  British America Assurance Co.  Koyal Insurance Coof Liverpool (Life dept) ���������������������������  The London & Lancashire Guarantee  .  Accident Co., of Canada.  BELL BLOCK. ENDERBY  ENDERBY   BRICK  THE BEST BRICK IN' THE PROVINCE.  Specified in C. P. R. contract for facing Revelstoke Station. A large stock now  on hand. Reasonable priceB for large or small quantities. By far the cheapest  material for a substantial house. Cool in summer; warm in winter: saves most  of your painting, and half the cost of insurance.  The Enderby Brick & Tile Co.  Enderby THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday,   October 13, 1910  t  Witch-hazel  Cream  Will keep the hands and  face free from chap and  roughness.     Ifc is the best  o  of all face creams to use  after a shave. The season  of chapped hands is here.  Violet Witch-hazel Cream  will keep the hands smooth  and soft.  Requirements Which Must Be  Complied With to Get on Voters' List  One of the encouraging features of j All aliens owning or renting prop-  Bnderby's growth is the fact of so^ty are not entitled to vote until  many of our sturdy Swedish citizens j the necessary naturalization papers  qualifying as voters by purchasing j have been taken out. Forms of de-  property.   We have no better citizens jclaration can be obtained at the city  A.  REEVES  Druggist <_ Stationer  Cliff St.  Enderby  repare  _������������������  for the cold  weather by buying  ,i_ts  Mattress  A complete line in stock.  Also a nice line of Furniture   to make  the home  more cosy.  W.  T. HOLTBY  Furniture Dealer und Undertaker  BRADLEY BLK.       ENDERBY  ASSIGNEE'S AUCTION SALE  Acting under instructions from  Thos. H. Ingram, of Vancouver, assignee of the S. H. Lawrence estate,  I will sell by public auction at  SALMON ARM, B. C.  on  than our Swedish population. They  are a particularly intelligent people,  ancl liberal in all things looking to  the advancement of the town and district.  There seems to be unusual laxity on  the part of our license holders and  householders in the matter of having  their names placed on the City Voters' List. City Clerk Rosoman informs us that only one householder  has qualified this month. They have  but the balance of October in which  to qualify.  The following are the requirements  with which you must comply in order  ;to have your    name   inserted on the  | Voters' List of the city for the year  i 1911:   A British   subject, male or fe-  i  j male, of the age of 21 years, being:  I    1.   An owner   of   real estate of the  i assessed value of not less than ?100.  i    2.   A   representative,    being a resi-  j dent British subject   duly authorized  | by the directors    of an incorporated  j company, which is the assessed owner  j of lands, or of improvements of lands  , of assessed    value   of   not less than  ! $100, situated within the municipality  i    3.   The holder   of    a trade license,  the annual fee   of   which is not less  , than ������������������5.  |    A.   A householder���������������������������which shall mean  land   include   any   person    of the full  ; age' of 21 years who occupies a dwell-  , ing,    tenement,     hotel   or   boarding  house, who has been a resident of the  ' municipality    from   the   first day of  ! January   of    the   current   year, and  . who    shall,   unless   exempted by the.  ' provisions of the   Municipal  Clauses  1 Act, have paid   directly to the municipality,  all    rates,  taxes or assessments, which   are   not chargeable on  land, which   rates,   taxes   or assessments so paid    shall amount to not  less   than   two    dollars,    due to the  municipality    for   the   current year,  other than water   rates or taxes,  or  license fees for dogs.  Representatives of incorporated  companies must hand in their authority to the City Clerk before their  names can be inserted.  LICENSE HOLDERS AND^HOUSE  HOLDERS MUST MAKE THE STATUTORY DECLARATION DURING  ���������������������������THE MONTH OP OCTOBER AND  HAND THE SAME TO THE CITY  CLERK WITHIN 4S HOURS AFTER  IT IS MADE OUT. ALL DECLARATIONS MUST BE HANDED IN BY  5 P. M. ON OCTOBER 31.  hall on and after October 1st.  I  I  i  ���������������������������-���������������������������-���������������������������-���������������������������  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������_..���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������_..���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.  The Provincial exhibition closed on  Saturday last. It opened in a rain  |storm, it continued five days in a  ���������������������������rain storm, it closed in a rain storm  ���������������������������and such a rain ! The ordinary  rainstorms up and down the Fraser  are bad enough, but the rains of fair  week simply eclipsed all records. The  fair receipts were nearly $3000 less  than the receipts of last year, and  expenses of the exhibition far exceeded those of previous years. But  this unfortunate state of, affairs has  not put a damper on the officers of  the association. They are already  laying plans for the 191.1 fair.  Tlie press are responsible for many  things, and according " to the argument of the City Council, the newspapers have a deal more influence  than the . aldermanic body.���������������������������Prince  Rupert Optimist.  The goods in the store back  up.  Sometimes what is printed  in ads is better than what the  store sells.  But we are particular in this  regard. So much so that exaggeration is unnecessary.  When you read a statement  about what this store sells you  don't have to discount it to get  at the truth.  Just take what we say at its  face value, and you will find  no cause for dissatisfaction.  Walter   Robinson  CASH GROCER  7ff-niwi_ss_*.;*jywtjhwubts .wv_*  We have just placed in stock a complete line of  Men's Suits, Men's Fall and Winter Overcoats, Men's  Rain Coats, Men's Woolen Underwear, Men's Shoes,  Men's Hats and Caps, Men's Hose, Men's Mackinaw  Coats and Pants���������������������������in short, everything required by  men���������������������������and we want every man to inspect our stock.  Of course, the ladies will have our attention, too, but  we intend to make SATURDAY Men's Day. From  7 o'clock in the morning until 12 o'clock at night���������������������������if  need be���������������������������we will be prepared to serve the Men. Do  not let the choicest of the good things go before you  see them���������������������������we have very fine bargains in all lines.  Our business in Men's Clothing has increased 150 per  cent over that of a year ago. There must be a reason. Come  and discover it.  PREPARE TO KEEP WARM  You must look to your Underwear as the touch of frost is  noticed on the hills. We carry the famous Jaeger Wool Underwear, also Stanfield's and many other makes.  Have you seen our new stock of Bedroom Slippers for  the ladies and children?  Special Bargains in Flannelette  LOW PRICES'"  Now is the time to prepare for the wanter.   Also SPECIALS  FOR THE LADIES THIS WEEK.  .������������������������������������^-������������������-������������������..t-������������������������������������.������������������������������������t������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������������������������������������������^������������������������������������M������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-������������������������������������������������������_"���������������������������_-_'���������������������������_���������������������������������������������-���������������������������*   *���������������������������"���������������������������������������������"  Fhursdlay   Oct 13(British Columbia's Best'Fruit-Growing  ���������������������������'������������������������������������������������������j      District  at the premises  belonging to the  1 Our Grocery Department is Stocked  t with the Best Lines  1  1  t.  __.<������������������������������������ .KS<S>@ _>������������������^^ ������������������������������������Q<������������������8>������������������������������������������������������������������������^^  POLSON MERCANTILE CO.  At 2 p.m  The real property  said S, H. Lawrence estate, consist-  =i n g���������������������������of-th ree^l o ts=-"si tu atc~b n"th e^c __-  ner of Hudson St. and McLeod Ave.,  in the townsite of Salmon Arm. On  this property are erected a residence  nnd store building. It is a good revenue producing proposition, under  lease at present time.  Property will be oflered in one or  two lots to suit Didders at time of  sale.  Further information as to terms,  rental, etc., may be had on applying  to the undersigned.  THOS.  H.  INGRAM,  Assignee,  Box 2..1, Vancouver,B.C  SALMON"  ARM   l_I-.AI.TY CO., LTD.,  Agents, Salmon Arm, 13, C.  J.  JOHNSON,  Auctioneer,  Salmon Arm, 13. C.  Aro you aware of the  profit.'i to bc made from  fruit, growing- in-British  Columbia?  The climete of this Province, and especially that  of thc Okanagan Dimrict,  is extremely suited to the  industry. In fact, this district is admitted to be the  finest fruit Browing section on the continent.  Although this i.s comparatively a new industry.  j - - - ------ an(j onjy n {ev/ 0( t[10 orch-  I ������������������rdit nre fully matured, the results have bier, tii.vhly satisfactory.  j        When wo consider results, nhnwin������������������r from ,'.%0 to (M) and  even more per iicre. from fully matured  ��������������������������� orchard . the inducements are great ' r r the mun who would make money pleasantly.  1        Ten acre, uf 0.fi:>. _: in fr.iit land will proJusu moro than a quarter section of wheat kind.  CARLIN ORCHARDS  Bank of Montreal  . Established 1817  Capital, $14,400,000 Rest, $12,000,000  Undivided Profits,  $699,969.88  Honorary President.  Rt. Hon. LORD STRATHCONA, MOUNT ROYAL, G. C. M. G.  President, Hon.  SIR GEORGE DRUMMOND. K. C. M. G.  Vice-President and General Manajcer.   SIR EDWARD CLOUSTON, Bart.  Head Office, Montreal. London Office, 46-47 Threadneedle St. E.C.  A General Banking Business Transacted  SAVIN_GS_B AN.K^DE������������������aRT-MENX.&s^ ^y������������������-*���������������������������jLjm.  "interest allowed "at current rate  Branches in Okanogan District: Enderby, Armstrong:, Vernon, Kelowna and Summerland  G. A.. HENDERSON. Esq,, Manas_r, Vernon A. E. TAYLOR, Manager. Enderby  In th������������������> Upper OknmiRnn. is the rhuirc.������������������/ tract in the Valley; lies biavlifully; frontx on railroad (ind  rirrr; r"/"iT5 no frri.i (i'on; t-srrllcnt unit.  We are offering it in 10 to 2fi acre blocks at prices from .100 lo $125 per acre, with cleared block.-  [[ 'V'������������������-.   .���������������������������.���������������������������'���������������������������<���������������������������������������������������������������������������������-���������������������������. .-.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������*. ���������������������������..-?.. ���������������������������_4'4^4>^ I running tn.'l... per acre: small cash payment, balance in three years.  Thin is n ppecial offer made for the purpose of securing bona fide eettlfrs. Tho owners nra determined to have this portion of their holdings settled at once.  These prices can never be duplicated in the province, and, as will be found by comparison, are  much lijwer than any other good land in the Oknnagun Volley.  We advise you to write at once for the extensive information regarding soil, climate, transportation  and markets, which we have prepared after n careful study of CAKLIN ORCHARDS.  _  7  l  <*>  f  7  V  <.  I  <_  7  >'v  E. J. Mack  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables*?  ���������������������������ENDERBY, B.C.        t  ��������������������������� t  _>  <*>  Good Rigs;   Careful Driv-;:>  ers; Draying- of all kinds.     %  Comfortable and Commo-|J  dious Stabling for teams.     f  ROGERS, BLACK & McALPINE,  Selling Agents  524 Pender St., W..Vancouver.  _*  7  7  7  <���������������������������>  Prompt attention to all customers &  Land-seekers  ancl  Tourists in- y  vited to trive us a trial. %.  >  Applications   received for  Loans on improved Farming  and City property.  Apply tc���������������������������  G. A. HANKEY & CO., Ltd.        VERNON, B.C.  Finest in the Country  "Enderby is a charming villiage with city airs.  When Paddy Murphy shook the snow of Sandon  off his feet he came here, and now owns one of  finest brick hotels in the country. Although  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan, he calls his  hotel the King Edward. In addition to the excellence of the meals, breakfast is served up to 10  o'clock, which is an added attraction for tourists."  (Extract from Lowery's Ledge.)  King Edward Hotel,  P. H. MURPHY  Proprietor  Enderby  Cooking Stoves  Goal and Wood  Heaters  Ranges, Etc.  I have added a standard line  of these goods and am prepared to quote you prices.  Wm. H. Hutchison  ENDERBY  New Samples  for Fall & Winter  Suits & Overcoats  from House  of Hobberlin, Toronto  Finest range in the City;  prices from  $17 to $35  Fresh Fruits always on hand.  Sold agents for the famous Brooke,  Bond  Tea:  Wheeler & Evans


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