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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Apr 8, 1909

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 I  "1,1  J, >  Enderby, B. C, April 8, 1909  A N D      WALKER'S  Vol. 2; No. 6; Whole No.' 53  xx  z>c<:  ���������������������������_  Enderby's Sawmill Company Busy  Manager Stevens states that  the sawmill of the A. R. Rogers  Lumber Co. will be started on  the season's cut, on Monday, the  19th inst.   ���������������������������  A large force of men have been  employed about the mill for the  past month or six weeks, making  - several important changes in the  positions of the machines in the  mill and adding others. The  planers have been lowered to the  ground floor where the "rough  lumber can be. put through the  machines from' cart to cart, with  one handling. . The machines  added consist of a siding resaw,  a mesher, and a 14x30 sizer.  Extensive improvements have  been made in the yard. The  Benson Buggy System. in handling the lumber from the mill to  the piles, will be tried this season  and to ��������������������������� prepare, for.;the. lumber  vcarts tKe yard- -has -been-heavily-  planked'in every direction.  A still greater improvement  has been made in the accommodations for the men. .The sleeping quarters have been parti-  ��������������������������� tion off into rooms, each to accommodate two men; with a  reading room down stairs.   /  The season- has opened very  ���������������������������promising." Forty-three cars of  lumber, or 1,300,000 feet, were  shipped during March, and April  starts very much stronger. Already, orders for 25 carloads are  received, and, the outlook for  =greatlyHncreased���������������������������shipments=is  very encouraging.  feel that they have a grievance,  and we hope that a change of  procedure will be adopted by the  Government in future contracts  of this nature.���������������������������Vernon News.  In the parlors of the King Ed:  ward, .last Saturday, Harry Ranger arid Miss Nellie" Ranger were  united in marriage' By Rev. J.  Leech-Porter. Dinner was served  to a number of friends, and.Mr.  and Mrs. Ranger left in the evening for Vancouver,- -their future  home.  Tl |i_ .1 MilV   .������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������  Mid-week Half Holiday  The merchants of Enderby  have signed an agreement to  observe the Wednesday half-  holiday, commencing the 14th of  April and running until the end  of September.  The C. P. R. has issued a  comprehensive pamphlet on the  industries "and resources of B.  C. It is a booklet that should  be in the hands ��������������������������� of every prospective settler;' it is unbiased in  every way,, and the information  thoroughly reliable. *  W. J. Y/ilson wound ��������������������������� up the  business of the Harvey & Dobson  estate last Thursday and returned to Vaecouver.  *^_  foard of Trade to Discuss Matters  Will Enderby issue a booklet  this season?    All about  us we  see extensive preparation being  made, to advertise the advantages  of the' individual districts. The  Boards of Trade of - the Valley  towns have gone to their respective City Councils and in every  instance $500' was appropriated  for the purpose. "That it pays  a city to put forth strenuous efforts to increase the population by  inducing settlers to locate there,"  WALKER'S  E E K L Y  Published ���������������������������rary Tkwaday ������������������t Enderby, the Gate-Way of the famous Okanagan, Land of the Biz Canadian R������������������_ Apple and the California of Canada  Enteral in the Post Ofiics at Enderby, Ii. C, ac second-class matter. -   -       - .  "In order to be poor in the Okanagan, you have to waste an awful lot of Time and Money.'  H.    , M,'   ,   .V AL K 2?. I.  Ad������������������erti6inerates on application.   Subscription, one year, $2; six fnor.ths. 31  A blue pencil nark here indicates that-your- subscription'-is past due,,  ;and_,thereditor would like.to.retain,ycur.������������������ameon therollof honoi-.^. t-L..,-;-'  Address all communications to- 'THE WALKER/PRESS. Enderby," B. C.  Pa says:  "When I see a feller stdndin' and deliverjm1 , I  never dishonor God by askin' fool qiiestionsabout his soul."  '^-^^"  :^m  FROM ONE MAN'S.POINT OF VIEW I  I  T pays to boost. It pays to be a booster.  No community,' ever so wealthy in  natural resources, can advance faster  than a snail's pace without the booster.  No business, however important it may be  or how strong financially, can reach the  greatest success without the booster.    No  Protect Home Industries  We cannot commend the Provincial Government for the system  it  follows   in  purchasing  flour to supply the .institutions  under its management.   In the  Hospital for the Insane at New  Westminster,  and to a limited  extent in the branch asylum in  this city, the flour used���������������������������and the  annual consumption is heavy���������������������������is  to a very large extent the product of Manitoba mills.   Now it  is a well known fact that the  , mills ,of British Columbia, both  at Enderby, Armstrong and the  coast, turn out an article that is  of splendid quality, and as these  mills are prepared to supply flour  manufactured from the highest  grade of Northwest wheat, there  seems no good reason why they  should not be given the preference over the imported article.  To protect home industries has  long been considered a watchword of the Conservative party,  and it looks as if the provincial  authorities are making a distinct  departure from a good principle  in this instance.   We  are   not  surprised that the local millers  portant that it cannot be helped by boost  ing. And the only individual that need be  afraid of the booster, is the man with the  hammer.  When you look back over the history of  nations, you will find the fine handiwork of  the booster looming up large at the turning  point in their career. When you measure  cities, weigh business firms and turn the  microscope upon individuals, you will discover back oi the city's growth, or the success of firm or individual, the booster's  boost. No man ever scaled the heights  beyond the,mediocre who was not a booster; and no booster ever boosted who did  not have at his heels a snarling horde.  Every step in advance of the what-has-  been and the now-is ha8 been made in the  face of opposition from Sordid Greed. The  men who for selfish reasons do not want to  see, will not see. None are so blind as  those whose sight is focused upon One  Thing, and that one thing the where-do-I-  come-in.  We have travelled some. We have seen  some big men in small places, and many  small men, in big places. And' one thing  we have made sure: The greatest need of  the world today is the unselfish booster.  Wherever we find him, he is the community's savior. In social life, in business life,  in church life, in lodge life, he is always  brushing aside* the wliat-has-been. He is  ever pointing onward, and upward." The  ;pasuis nothing io him..., He lives in .the  M.OWy^v rfeh- vasterundiscovered-worlds he^,  fore him; "-Consistent?" As- consistent' as'  Nature arid the . Divine.:''" After every  thought, every plan, is moulded he" breaks  the mould that he may not have'two' alike;  All life, community and otherwise,' must  be,continuous growth. To stand still isto  go to seed,. and for the booster to go"to  seed means death.  In writing these lines I have in mind a  young man by the name of Flint,' who went  to Los Angeles. 25 years ago. He was then  a mere lad. When he reached the proper  age he entered theucivil service and became  a postal clerk. Nothing extraordinary about  that.   Thousands of young men have en-'  i ii_ ������������������������������������������������������_ ��������������������������� i_ __  r            . . .  -       T , It is an indispensable part of  business orcommunity~is~so^small:orninim-yteredHhe^  ______ _.!____ _���������������������������_. __ i__ ______ j ___!     A   cierks���������������������������and of Los Angeles, too.   Some of  them are postal clerks yet. Motley H.  Flint is not. He was a booster, and you  will remember'that it pays to be a booster.  "Mott" Flint is postmaster of Los Angeles  today, with a salary of $6,000 a year. He  is a lot of other things besides. Los Angeles has grown some in the past 25 years.  Today its population is 300,000; 25 years  ago it was a Spanish town, with vineyards  all about. It has required some boosting  to build Los Angeles, and "Mott" Flint  was one of the boosters, ���������������������������he is today. At  first, of course, the old-timers who had  married Spanish to get the ' 'grants" that  went with it, objected strenuously to the  advent of the booster, but he,���������������������������and there  were many of him, ���������������������������kept right on boosting.  After a while it became catching, and when  we saw Los Angeles everybody had it. If  ever you want to see how it ''takes," go to  Los Angeles. It is the most systematically  boosted city in the world today. But,  Felix, don't think you that it is inflated.  They boost in Los Angeles by showing the  goods. It pays to boost that way. Why,  there isn't anything in Los Angeles too  good for "Mott" Flint. Byan'by there  wont be anything good enough for him,  and the people of the state will make him  governor, see if they don't. And when they  do they will  give California the  biggest  argues the Orchard City Record,  "is  now  generally ' recognized,'  and the   vigorous    advertising >  campaign which most. towns of  any-pretensions are conducting'  or "preparing to conduct,' is evidence, too, that they are beginning to realize that it is not sufficient, to. leave the matter solely  to the resources-of private enter-'  prise.   The real' estate firms do ���������������������������  their' share,  because they are,  perhaps;' the Yirst to benefit.' But  ���������������������������where they'gain one dollar from-,  the permanent' settlement of a  good citizen, the city as a.whole  .will gain a hundred."  ..  .   When,Chas.- W;  Little issued'  his Mara booklet last Fall, he did ;���������������������������  not realize what the results would';  be.' These booklets have been-in-.  circulation 6 months," 3 of which >���������������������������':  the dead of winter, yet Mr.: Little  is so.well pleased with the returns..  that .he-, is. putting~out ^-a '-second ���������������������������  edifioir-v' Z? ;*������������������-?*<:������������������*'<&A������������������\  '   There will be, the regular meet-'"  ing of the Brard of Trade tomorrow, (Friday)-night in the Board  of��������������������������� Trade room, Bell block, and-  your advice will be asked on this ,  question, and others of "equal im-  portance.   In lieu of the regular/'  notice of meeting being sent to'  members of the Board, the secre- '  tary has requested that this rio. -"  tice be given,' in  the hope, that -  there will be a full attendance. ���������������������������  Read the City A'dsT-'  *"V?'.'  '_'. I  and ever shaking up the dry bones and boost she ever got. It pays to be a booster!  mental institutions to have some  regular and recognized means of  communicating with the people.  Hence the official Gazette published by the Provincial and other  governments.    Do you take an  interest in the civic government  of "Enderby?   It is very much to~  your interest to do so. .  What it  really means in the ultimate perhaps you have never thought out.  But that is another story.   What  we are now talking about is gazettes,   official    and  otherwise.  The local paper is the gazette of  the city government.     The men  elected to attend to the civic business cannot go.'" round and make  their announcements to each individual citizen.   Therefore they  ;address the citizens collectively  from time to time  by inserting  advertisements for you to read.  These  advertisements   concern  you.   Therefore do not pass them  by without reading.    If you do,  you defeat the object of your  representatives in issuing them.  And if you defeat your representatives you defeat yourself.  " On .Good Friday evening, April  9th, Rev. j. Leech-Porter, B. D.,  will deliver a lecture in St. George  church, on' 'The Sayings of Christ  Upon the Cross. "������������������������������������������������������ 7:30 p.m. All  cordially invited. ���������������������������<B   ENDERBY   PRESS   AND   WALKER'S   WEEKLY.  un for Our Readers  OoQQobbbcxxxxxaaoc^  &J  w  \%  _  E  :*_.  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'.Might be all right.  ���������������������������ihrm-jAx, if you'd-authorise the teachers  7������������������< 4-irrv  'run.."���������������������������Philadeh-hir.  Ledger.  Terminology.  _   Big   Hit.  ''���������������������������"We'll need somebody to anuouuee th--  gue-'ts."  " "Tiu- butler ean-do Hint." said  Maw  Xiiriteh.  ".Aw. The butler ain't got no class ro  j iiini."   declared   Paw   Xurilcli.    ".IMl   im-  j port a. ti'ain annouu^er from one of the.  | An  Island.  !    Ter.eher���������������������������Children, an island is a body  | of   land   er.'.irely   Hirrounded by wa.or.  j .Vow, Willie, what is an island':'  j    Wiilie���������������������������A perso," in a bathtub.  Heard  on  the   Boulevard.  j_.}..���������������������������������������������What a ..eaatiful girl in that bearskin  auto  coat.  llarUcr���������������������������3-iut s'ae it not beautiful outside  cf Lhe- cos.'..  .liriits���������������������������AU. t ccc: in that case beauty :s  cIc:._  clee;i,   clsV  -.������������������������������������"  **%*  THE QUIET HOUR  fOR THOUGHTrUL PEOPLE  8.  SI  I  OHirfoiM Salcsm.i!!���������������������������Wouldn't you like | ''iiicago      depots."���������������������������Ldiiisvillu    Courier-  \u k..k at son1...: of our overcoatings or   ���������������������������Journn  ih'L-sr^iUc Looking Cu?tomer���������������������������Xo. but  V vou will  bo kind oiiouerh  to  tell me  On   Sunday.  Fiiml .Mother���������������������������Oh. 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A  Literary Career.  Father���������������������������My son look a literary course  at college, followed thi-s up aftev he was  graduated, and now he writes for large  .Hits of money,  j Friend��������������������������� All! then your son is self-supporting?  Father���������������������������Nor, much. He wri'cK mc for i  the money.���������������������������From the February Bohem  ian.  l lie Usual  Case.  $i.:;,_>���������������������������Go John .on I... ::o uio.icv?  _   ..i.--.No:   yon   :���������������������������'.'  iie   !������������������-:  tt/fiiw;   Tf'caitUy.   an.I   tiien   ic;  H'.icis io K_t Ulllitl'..  J!H     III  iii::     WVjllll  No   V/onder.  . ifr���������������������������Tlici'O ..jcs  a.  :ui;:   iiie   wtaiiicr  scl  JJyor���������������������������.o'.'   Who i.- :ic?  Ujeru!  Home  Reir.edy.  niih j     '-.\ M'urkish balh is s-uch an oxc-������������������ _lt.nt  ��������������������������� lliing.''  remarked .Miss Tartun, '���������������������������'i.hjj.t I  '! have often wished these Turks who sell  candies at expositions  would  take  one  .��������������������������� ���������������������������->i ...i _ir-.no 11 v _   Plenty   of   Company.  "I.ijan siiarl:, is i:u'.'" !  ���������������������������'I ishouUl siy not.:   'I'hcrc are v.'iioio .��������������������������� iehooln i  ot iiini  iu iliis town."  Nerve,  indeed.  ,        Mrs. A.���������������������������The nervt! of  .hat poultry Mian:  ���������������������������I..W.o..bonyi>'..aAU"i.-.y...__L_!!bi__i_ul_jiiti acto-  ���������������������������KX  ��������������������������� Net   Worth   While.  <V>rr-~H. .   tliv   ..v.c.a:;i.m   wratij.r   foro- [     .-.]j,>.1'l ynu thj,,).;. y\Y, Sjily." sab!  the  :.. .-Ko   ion?  In   Dcubt.  :'-.   :i.uil:'.    ii   ���������������������������,vii:'::is   iliM   I  boss, "von might  as  well take off vour  hat':"  "What'.-',   (he   use.?"'"   a-ked   (he   new  : ..y  i'L- won    pian,  who  was filling a  temporary  va-  caiiL-y  in  the clerical  department,    "'['in  only goiiig to hold t'.i!- job two week'-.."  .vliyjaM   marry  yo'.i,   ;.: ...t  <:::  tlr-���������������������������-Vir���������������������������. i: -'.:-j ;:-.'.��������������������������� ���������������������������'���������������������������I'.uv.n.'cllc p .���������������������������.���������������������������.���������������������������:���������������������������>���������������������������-��������������������������� rule  ?��������������������������� y.iur (;imily.'   ThoLig'.'iLls..:..   -. .    ..  *tT, .   '.'i;: a '���������������������������;'.<: r.iy.w ;.. ;,'.:.t ;':  ou!.  Irr. .       , , .       ..,,���������������������������,  "JttiM:   ������������������.   _iv!r:eii  v.:.-j  ^o;  ,:-j-y   v.; i'.i   No.   ;.; u-ed to lie gin..-��������������������������� New York Icu'firam  ..it<un o\nfi'- to h.::'���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  K-'o������������������:i  b'1. i :���������������������������  ::!..:i  to '"    .v.tjifiM   vvitii   i;:..:   1 "'i ii.u   i'..:.u'j' ".  !!'.-.   Wwincn are .1 !;������������������������������������������������������... y-'h.'i.t they  u-'-d  !,i  be.    Sip--Of cour.c not. silly:  (hey  Ho .   to   0.   It.  ";',?ii e. .'������������������������������������������������������ii'i'/ :  >:.!.. v of ,';���������������������������.'���������������������������' .i >' .'.  "!...< Im c::::. ' ;'  ���������������������������i.k. '".'Ir.:'. i'. ::���������������������������'  .'������������������������������������������������������..-*;. _>���������������������������<���������������������������:��������������������������������������������� i-'rf iiaI .'.'' ���������������������������  <ri '.ny liiv I'v.1;; ;.������������������������������������������������������-���������������������������.'  XtV. i. '  ���������������������������i:-|:vl" .: i-    f:',  ���������������������������i   I '���������������������������'.'��������������������������� ;,",,..; in,  . ������������������������������������������������������'. fi!   !ii"  ; :  .������������������������������������������������������:. il;. '��������������������������� .  Counsel Take.   _:<ccplion.  ".(?%���������������������������,  .������������������������������������������������������ir," !'.:'!ill ti::   'i<-:.i> iy  ������������������'ri(fi-_c,   "Uii.'iily ii-":; ������������������������������������������������������'. ���������������������������!���������������������������''���������������������������'  .'.   tl'i 'MC  Paradoxical  as   It May Seem.  "On i;;i. Ib'Jiiy." call"! mil the boy'-;  father fnui th" i"nl ni' !:;<��������������������������� >lairway, "or  vi.uMI be late i.i ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������hodl. It's aii'.'i' 7  d'cWw i.-.."  ������������������������������������������������������(!(���������������������������������������������:" g'.'innbii'd l!ie snial! boy. ''It  g.i-  l.iio  awi'u! early  ih.it- day.-!'1  (-lint   tor   V/ise   Parents.  Tlie Vii!!HLr.M.'.u-.--l wish fo thank you.  sir. fur 'sW'vw'j me vour assistance in per-  i ii!!v ouuMi'-'ii U liiii c" wind ib~]:ialre^rrit>itfi\  i hir .-.-!���������������������������  I     .Mr.. K.���������������������������Oil. lot.-! of tliom iJo Liiat.  j     ......   A.��������������������������� Yr...   init   this   ui-.n   ac-'.aii!!y   'r..!0 ���������������������������  ' 'ii.) :iu<lici'.v io borrow our aino.iiouiie puuii.- |  ! te i.Iv) it wit':. _. |  j The   Rightful   User.  !    l\ui���������������������������-ke: -Why did you di-:c!ia:ge your  1 cliaiii'feui?  .     locker -II >  peisi-ted  in    taking    Ins  i friend,  ou.  wh.-n  lh._ cook  v; an toil  the  ja.ulu. "_  ! In a Safe  Place.  i    "Wi> li;ivc a  man  iu  Hi':-,  pii-on who :  iiyiiT trie.! in e.u-.ipe." lieciaivd the head. ���������������������������  I keeper. J  !    ���������������������������*%\'ii.iL"- !i'.' in  f"i":" inijuiied tin; vi- j  Beauties  of  the   Infinite.  (By a Banker.)  If only our visual power were intensified to such au extent that th0 splendors  of the canopied vault of the midnight  sky were revealed to u= in all the'? wondrous grandeur as with the aid of a  giant telescope/what u sublime and majestic spectacle would be presented! .!'n-  i.tcad of the three or four thou.-and  stars which even the sharpest unaided  vision can detect, nearly forty million  burning suns would be seen scintilla ling  in ali their glory; some a deep 'azure,  .. ar in the constellation of the Lion,  like glittering emeralds; while, scattered  throughout the illimitable, right down  oven to its remotest depths, are unnumbered thousand.- of other suns glowing  in vivid hues; here clustered together, a  galaxy of varied tints; here glistening  alone amidst their less gorgeous companions: or here a pair revolving around  each oilier, one a bright indigo-blue, the  other a deep blood-red.  Ami then run- lovely fellow-travellers  in space revolving round our little sun  ���������������������������for our luminary compared with some  of the giants'of tlie universe, as mighty  Arcuirus or flashing _irius. is but an in-  .tinifieant star���������������������������how beautiful and  striking they would appear; magnificent  Saturn'encircled with immense glowing  rings, some shining with a golden radi-.  ;in_.' others transparent.: and attended  by a number of lustrous satellites: '-tu-  u'cndou..--L_Ji,.pi.ter._a ndghty globt'. yQua  ii.ii'.'.  I?  ~������������������r> *  __VS XM*i*____  , '���������������������������-.>��������������������������� -.��������������������������� ���������������������������j..i.f>-* ���������������������������        "!!igamy."  i-piied   t!:e   head  kei'p/i'.���������������������������  i  ; !:;-n!i!  l!i:.-  i'-'b. nary   V. dsemii'.:... I  '' Sht; Was  Wrong.  ���������������������������I    Tiiacher -Johnnie,   who   c-uu;:.dcd   our i  ' fir-'C dicii.-i'iary": j  j    .loliunit��������������������������� Daniel Webster. |  j     Teacher���������������������������>'", it wasn't .IJaim-!. if wa- ;  jXeah.  !    Johnnie���������������������������Come   off.   teacher!       Noah  ;  | ..i.upilcdlhe ark!-���������������������������The Circle. \  i Coal   to   Burn.  j     Hotel Cleric���������������������������t -found the "Xot io be :  ; i;.i'd   except   in   case   of   fire''   "placard '���������������������������  I iiir.c college boys slide out of the cor- j  i ridor.  i     l\f a nager --Where? ' '  !     clerk���������������������������. They'd ��������������������������� nailed -if  np  over  the;  i loal  bin.----no's ton 'J.'r.-mscripv. j  j Importance  of   Little Things. j  I Tl "-' v.T" r. lime whea she iMcludcd i  i     .n:.i v,ith  the  bores  _l.u ehuneod to Know, .,  i ��������������������������� .... u-.m. to u .i  when  hc'lalruuo.l;  I ' iie:- hi ah was not a lave _g!i. ihuus'.i.  i '.  ! K.'r  cstiraate   or  him  at   present       _  I     .-'t'oi'l'l i-u've lo make liim very $;1iki. ;  l \U .-<>ai  iivouii-.t ii  blrtlnlay  .)n.io;U ;  !     i>.r   the hist Uirl-hday she had.  ! .. '  'T'- _tr?.n. ; l;i--.'-   KtUo thin,-? m:i.v ot.cn j  U, "of  ii'iuioriaaco.  aftf.   all: ;  !���������������������������;������������������������������������������������������  :���������������������������^-   tliat. eaiwcd  her  heart  to  so.ten    .  1     iv.. _   .'!.-. -i:.d a rd..' Ico   .mill. ,,   ���������������������������  i    Nvl'^ n'-K"' chiwo nocord-Hcra'.J. :  In dimensions to fourteen hundred of  our own earth, or relatively exceeding  if in size even more than a football a<  compared with ;i very small marble:  blood-red Mars, with its strange canals;  or the minute minor planeis. probably  the wi-'-ck of a great planet, which far  back in the aeons of the remote pa-t  was ^haltered into fragments, now all  ������������������������������������������������������evolving' in lhe same great orbit.  And all i1icm\ with innumerable other  wonders, created by liu- fiat-of the Kiel"-  ital: created, lint for nought, but .-urely  each .-tin llie centre of a planetary .\'-'s-  .em, -Line lmt. yet in 111_��������������������������� il* prime, .ms  babilable. Mime', a-; our saiellile. dyad.  And if habitable, certainly inhabited.  And if inhabited, .-nine, alas, like ourselves, iluiibiles-; fallen! lint (lie fireat  Atonement of lhe Son ot Ood cou-um-  maled. once for all, ou this favored  sphere inu-t certainly avail for (he pai'-  tion of the fallen in every orb throughout the iini'.vr-es. the Oood News being  heralded, we "may assume, by angel or  archangel. Tor it i<utterly inconceivable that that mighty and all-glorious  Hciug who by tiie fiat of His Father  ������������������������������������������������������made lhe world.-" should suffer all that  agony and ui! those; scoffing insults millions of limes'over and- over again.  .Moreover, happily, we are assured that  ''Chri-it Imvin:������������������ died once uieth no more."  SKATING  DAYS.  y.}10���������������������������  How  long did'it  take  you to  i.':irn  lo skate?  He���������������������������About  fifte..!  .sitting.-:.  "I came to >:ee if I can get some fire i  insurance." "On your homer" "No; ���������������������������  on  my job."���������������������������Mou_toi.  Post.  t-raycr.  Our Father in heaven., as we study  Thy dealings with M'hy children in the  past, and as we meditate upon Thy dealings with ourselves, we are lost in won-  de. at the magnitude of M'hy seeking and  redeeming love. How wondrous ���������������������������.i.������������������.Thy  compassion and how far-reaching Thy  mercy. In the Son of Man coming to  seek'and. to save the lost-we see the  expression of Thy great yearning, loving  heart. Hear us. our Father, as we confess our sin and lay hold of Jesus for  pardon ami for cleansing. Deliver us.  not only from the guilt of sin. but from  its enslaving power. We pray for the  jnv of heart purity, tliat we may be  delivered from the domination of evil  in our heart-. Create in us clean hearts  and renew right spirits within us. and  make u  to know the joy and ^b'.d.ucs-  of those whose hearts are at one with  M'itcc.  Amen. -;  What's   in   a   Name?  -When a ship is launched she receives  a name. When a" child i.s born the first  thing given is a name. Wheu a thought  takes shape in your heart it is endowed  with a band, a swaddling band, a tag  to distinguish it, so that it may be  gathered and placed in that silent temple you arc building, and which will ���������������������������  not be completed till your work io done.  0! thought builders take heed how vou  build.  What's iu a name? MMicrc is power,  personality aud life. A name is a wire  that receives and transmits energy, behind tlie wire there is silent power, personality.' and purpose. A suggestion is  deposited and sent forward, it arrive?  with undeviating certainty, it- holds  with marvellous tenacity, it finds expression in words ar.d deeds, and 'institutions. Wilh amazing accuracy a name  shrinks or enlarges, brightens or be-  is behind it. Nothing can permanently  comes dim in unison with the life that  binder the operation of this register.  3'f you want a self-registering machine,  look inlo your own heart, the patent is  waiting your adoption without a broker's fee.  What's in a name? MMicrc is character,  reputation, renown, there is celebrity,  eminence, honor, there is fame, d .tine-  tin praise. All these come from an in-  4_nial=woi:l:s]iO]),^dai!k-J=_myi>tcrioiis,_EiL_=  ont, impenetrable, only that which we  call ''"'I/' the real ego. is Men entire by  the Most High ! God hides from all eyes  the workings of a human heart, and  what comes up and stands in order lo  the individual ������������������������������������������������������ .uscionecuess is only  partly   revealed   and  gently  unfolded.  What's in a name? Memory, identify,  destiny, a living entity, au immortal-  it v. Pc goes before a man. hovers over  a man, sleeping or. waking, works for  him or against him, according to the  real stuff that's in him. 11 an i.s ever  a moving picture, and silent kodaca are  taking imprc.-.sions and scon there are  developments. How much man would  leave out of the record if he had the  choice, but r.o. The whole man moves  nil the time; every time. 'The Dyacks.  we are told, after an illness change their  names, so that the evil spirits .'who sent  it may not recognise them and so continue  to  persecute  them. _���������������������������    .  What's in a name? "When a baby .oy  is born I can tell what his name, will  be���������������������������rather I can tell wlint his name will  not be. It will not be Jesus. It will ,not  be Judas.  Parents have the privilege of giving  names. I would like them to be wise.  I once asked a donation of a man named John Wesley Jones, I soon found  out that Jones was there, and not much  of John Wesley, it's not wise to call  our children Cromwell or Luther, or  Gladstone, or M'upnc:-. Do not burden  your children. In names there i.. hid a  mystery deep as eternity. There is a,  name waiting for our children beyond  our own. May it be a "new" name, for:  the recording angel to write down.  IT.  T.  Miller.  .     Once  Glorious;   Now  Old  Junk.  The  battleship  Devastation,  built  in  "ISi. al a cost of $2,15:.,7:J0, wa.s sold at  She-rue.. Kng.. the other day, for .10S.-  f������������������00.   The obsolete gunboat Cornel, which  cost $00,000. was sold for $4,50!).   . *-������������������   ''What makes vf.u think she has got  him intimidated?" "I took lunch with  (hem to-day and he told her her biscuits  were  delicious.���������������������������-1-foustoa   Post.  > <A A  n  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  UWIWIftHHII  l'\ J  NEWS FROM THE OLD LAND  Many Interesting Happenings Reported From  Great Britain.  (London' Daily Mail.)  A fierce blizzard swept Dorset. Devon,  Somerset, Wales. Lancashire. Yorkshire,  the Jtord.r country and th--. west of Scotland during the week-end.  Jn the. west Highlands it snowed incessantly for twenty-four hours, lhe blizzard at one time being siecompaiiied by  lightning. The West'Highland Railway  from Glasgow to Fort William was  completely blocked. . ,  A l ..hi, was held up_ at llanno. 1. on  ou the truckles.- moor'of that name.  The carriages were steam-healed, but the  twenty passengers, were short of food.  The railway officials supplied hot tea  and what eatables they could spa.ve, and  Mv. D. MePhail. a passenger, who had  a large cake and a bottle of.wine in his  bag, shared it wilh his companions. He  had' his bagpipes, loo, and throughout;  ���������������������������Jig night played spirited airs. Next  morning Die train struggled to Corrour,  .. station 1.JJ0O feel above the sea level,  where the track  was again blocked.  MMie signalman- did his b.st for the  wornout passengers, some of whom removed a case of sausages from the van  and cooked i-iicm. They were kept again  all night till gangs of men- from Fort  William cleared the drift.  So violent was the blizzard at Hud-  dersficld that Moore, a player from York  ia a northern football league match, had  to leave  the field with' a frozen arm.  (MMMWMWII  H0MHWM"  natives are subjected to no disciplinary  influence: Their own sweet will is their  only guide.''  _'rofes?or Wallace believes that T.hod-sin is to be one of the great gold-  y ie! din,0;\ conn tries of (he world. Tt has  future      as   a  ca. tilt-breeding  n groat-  ecu nii-y.  of the bi  but   the.  complete   destruction  1 "������������������������������������������������������'���������������������������'!. and the stamping out of  lions are necessary for the agricultural  improvement, of the country.  P'_l _LS OF MOVING BOG.  Hupcikd by heavy floods .behind, it a  1 :ol.. thousands of acres in size, on Mount  Mary Kihnore, " near Pailygar. County  (jaiway. began moving on Sunday and  lias ciguifed farms and hamlets at the  fool of the mountain.  Early on .Monday morning when_Mrs;  Martin opened bor front door sho found  the house, surrounded by liquid bog. She  alarmed her husband, and it took -'their  united efforts to save their children. All  their stock had to be' abandoned. The  'occupants of the three neighboring  ��������������������������� houses narrowly escaped with their lives,  and had not time even to dress themselves.  Th _ cabin 'of an old woman named  McDonnell; is entirely submerged, only  - the- chimucv appearing above the surface, and it is feared that she was unable to escape iu lime. No trace of her  , "can be found. ,  Several of the small farmers have lost  all their stock. One man had to rush out  of the house with his family practically  naked, and had no (ime lo release \x\s  six head of stock from an outhouse. The  house was shortly after engulfed.  STRAW BUSBIES FOE. WOMEN.  The battle of tho hats has ended in  the complete rout of. the "Merry Widow,"   which' has   retired   from  tlie  mil-  ��������������������������� linery    arena    a    victim  to' the newer  charms of the spring busby.  The windows and shew-rooms of Regent street and Bond street are eloquent of the change- In tlie windows  where sale prices prevail is tho'"Horry  Widow" hat in all its Brobdingnagiau  glory, -marked dov.'ii lo a quarter cf its  former price.  ' In the innermost show-rooms, swathed in tissue paper wrappings, arc the  first arrivals in spring miliincry for  the Riviera season, which indicate the  trend of fashions to conic.  For-the very early spring the busby  hat, the novelty of the winter season,  has been tianslatcd from fur and marabout to straw and silk. It preserves the  outline of an inverted jam-pot, is destitute of brim, and is encircled round  ���������������������������the base with a wreath of flowers.'  .Although the -"'Merry Widow" hat is  dead, the picture hat survives. "The  picture hat is too becoming to British  Avomen for the fashion ever to go out  entirely," slated one fashionable milliner.  CORNS CURED  W "KJf _T_, _  .   VJT, |N 2. HOURS  You can painlessly removs any corn, eit..ci  Sard, soft or bleeding, by applvmg Putnam*-,  (.orn Extractor. Jt never burns, leaves no sear,  contains no acids; is harmless because compose,  only of healing guras and halms. Fiftv-vears In  use.. Cure guaranteed. Sold by all .lr'u<_'-i_t;>  Mc. oottles.  l.efusc substitutes.  PUTNAM'S   PAINLESS  CORN EXTRACTOR  ~TH������������������ SALESGIRLS.  CHANCE TO RISE FOR THOSE BE-  '���������������������������HIND THE COUNTER.  stauranfs.' Their days are too busy and j .-��������������������������� $  fail of excitement and events  to leave i (_. -jl  them with much de.-ire for laic hour. .     j  "They   must   keep   well,  for  just  as  ;_'iir  !    ./!  ���������������������������Success in Business and Marriage  Both Open to- Them���������������������������It Takes  Hard Work and Self-Denial���������������������������Good  Saleswomen .Spoiled by Marriage  ���������������������������Better  Paid.  1 .VXCY DRESS TRACKDY.  The death of Miss Elizabeth Crayston, |  a ntir.ve at the Liverpool Royal Infirm- j  arv, who was fatally burned at a fancy j  dress party, was the subject of an inquiry ���������������������������  bv the Liverpool coroner. .  ' Tbe other night a number of ^thc :  mirses held a surprise party m their  si I tin. room at the infirmary, tlie surprise 'element consisting of the_ style of  fancy costume 'to be worn. Miss Crayston appeared as '"worc-wolf," her costume consisting of col ton-wool.  - After a whist drive Nurse Crayston,  who had teen warned about the dangerous character of her attire, w-.is standing near the fire when a spark flew out  and ignited her clothing. She was mi-  mediaUdv enveloped in flames.  ==^?,.IifrdrTfTit-b^anot-hei-nursiie..-=quicK.l-j;  threw a rug over Miss Crayston and exilic  TENSION PROBLEM.  A problem not covered by the old-  age Pensions Act has occurred at West  Bromwicji,. Birmingham, where a pensioner, John Harper, after drawing two  -sums of five shillings, gave his book  lo his wife and entered the workhouse.  The clerk to the guardians stated  that the man ' cotild stay iu the .work--  house at the public expense and draw the  remaining ��������������������������� eleven weekly payments of  the'pension at the end of the" quarter.  Tho clerk knew of no' provision that the  pension should not be paid because the  pensioner bad been granted' Poor Law  relief after receiving the pension. .���������������������������  The Rev. C. G. Gardner* thought that  Harper had no right in the workhouse;  but it was pointed out that he had given up his home and had nowhere to  sleep, and therefore could' not be refused admission.  .  young  selling  BLIND BEG G AH. GI RT .  Li  n  lecture on Monday -at the Vic  k.-ia Institute upon ���������������������������'Science    and   the  (-Cew York Sun.)  '���������������������������J often wonder," said a clever groy-  iiairc.t. woman who lias risen to the position of suneriivtendent in one of the' department stores, "if the. crowds of busy  shoppers and the frivolous persons who  are only killing lime have even tho faintest notion of the innumerable good qualities wi."... iX'svy efficient saleswoman  must possess.  "'-Ve have mirny bright, clever saleswomen whose books show their wonchr-  fui ability in. selling goods, their steady  advance from the lowest positions  through sheer pluck and industry, for  nothing else pushes a sales eleik along.  Every business firm knows the value of  the viomau who can sell goods, attrae:  and hold customers, introduce new-  things, push certain stocks, etc., and  department stores accord rapid advancement to the clever saleswoman. She i-.  encouraged in other ways, too. . Credit  accounts are extended to some, and when  woman really makes good in  expansive .;virm.uts like'furs,  costumes and evening wraps she often  zy.ts a. couple of good gowns a year as a  present from  the firm.  ������������������������������������������������������Buyers get trips to Europe, and no  one. can say. as formerly, chat the work  of a saleswoman offer., no chance for a  future. Certainly it- should bring good  lewards, for it is a tiying place, especially before a young woman has acquired tiic poise and confidence, which enable  her lo curb her temper and remain silent  in the face of rude and sometimes ignorant shoppers.  '"'The saleswomen have, grown to iie  distinguished by well- arranged lipjr,  well cared for skin and pretty neckwear.  These, items ali help in their, advancement and procure them places in desirable-departments.' "A store is made much  more attractive by pretty, cheerful looking girls with "graceful coiffures. -They  arc obliged lo wear black frocks to 'prevent a clash of color, so to gain a stylish  appearance they dress the hair according  to the mode and indulge in a bit of lace  or a string of tends or a chain.  '���������������������������To p''range that pretty coiffure, and  those little details of dress a girl must  often rise and get ready for her journey  to the sto"c by gaslight.' Sometimes it  is in a cold room and she must slight her  breakfast. ���������������������������  .   "There  are.   certain   standards   as   to  s-oi .i a^ a girl begins to get listless or >  to look out of sorts she is required to  take a few days off lo recuperate. Some  of the old c-ales women are widows or  married, but 1 have made a remarkable  di-.covery in regard to this. ' ��������������������������� .  "There ia much discussion on the-q'ues-  lion as to whet her business life unfits a  gii! for marriage. I think, of course',  that a .good, bright business girl who  comes back after a disastrous married  life i. never worth much as a-sales woman. I cauT explain it except by saying that the old active In bit's are gone  and a sort of hb.h and mighty air takes  the place of tne former de.. re to please  apped From  To  s  H  1   ������������������>.���������������������������>-./'  Agony Relieved by  Zam-Buk.  A married woman can make a good  model or a head of department, but she  ban lost the knack of selling goods.  - "I never realized all the good quali-  tie< a sale- woman must possess until  quite recently, when one of our old .and  most succe.slul young women who had  been0married a short time���������������������������five or ������������������...  years���������������������������returned to us looking for employment. She had been a model sales  clerk iu the gold, jewelry anil diamond  make a purchase- she had them with  her.  "Shj did not look very well and hap-  stock, and she got $2.3 a week. She  was sure of steady advance aud a position for life.  '"She married a rather fancy sort of  swell chap and we lost sight cf her for  a while, fancying that she had grown  toe proud lo come and see her old time  friends. Then we heard she had a cottage somewhere in the country and two  children, and one day .she came in to  py. and was not so bright and pretty as  in her shop days, but the children were  little dears and were finely dressed, so  we thought that like all mothers she  was sacrificing herself.for her little  ones. Jt seemed too bad.'for'she had  always been a bright, engaging personality, remarkable for her charm and  style'.  ���������������������������'The next thing there was a scandal-  in the papers and we learned that, her  husband had deserted her and run off  with another woman. She'gave tlie children to relatives and finally came back  looking for work. *  '���������������������������_. ow _t never occurred to us thai she  would deteriorate. Heij character had  been so fine and her cleverness as a  business woman so pronounced that we  made a place for her at once. .Jt was  pitiful to realize the change that had  taken place, iu her.  "One might expect her to be quiet and  a bit sad 'after such an experience, but  she had become morose, careless in dress,  unpleasant to li.c-se about tier, with an  of being above her employment. She  li' you are i-uffcnnc. from badly chx^/pt/S  hand', yon v, i:- be :.b!n to eomprchead a. Et:i*  o. the nKO-iy which Ile-jry Walker, ��������������������������� It  .Mu:_u.r.?li_roi. street. Montroal, einlurcii .e-  _o:e /.am- . ul. uave hi:n relief. Iiis nswl __������������������������������������������������������  j tcllin _ cf the case to a Press r<._irc������������������__-a!.__  .a!'.!:���������������������������  "Henry works with his shirt sleeves rallcst  ui) above his elbow;?," and passing froj_ a  warm room to the biting cold, as be vsv������������������  obliged to do, he sot the voris case of ciiajs-  neJ hands and ami I have ever toon. _ _������������������_  his fingers io his eifoows was one mass c_  raw flesh, with bad cracks here and them.  W'.c-ncver he v.'.ished, it brought tears to _"������������������  eye.. the pain was so oeule. Ho tried seve ._  kinds of'salves, but nothing relieved Jilia  really until he tried Zam-Buk. This bahtt  seemed to take away the burning and __*_.-  lil.<    c.lijlual.     au    ui..'.,      :ii.     ._ .i.._o    utlsaJ     Lft  heal, and' a few amplication:, of t&e baf_.  cured him. His bands and arm are ns__  sniooth and soft.^  "We  have   also  used   Zam-Buk  for otter  (���������������������������_c-_i.eni;i<_.   l feusiuiuui  <i  i.i_ru  on oue /*������������������ _  my finders.   Zani-Uuk took the fire" wit ani  healed up   _ie yore.   It really seems a . duties- ���������������������������  ful household preparation.  "Ou one occasion my son Harry had. tas  foot irosen. 1: was \ cry swollen a_ci discolored, but /_am-}.uk both .relieve. tS_������������������'  sv.llina and removed tho di ficoloratioiu  .am-Bu3_'is so handy and so eiieclive Uist  we shall  always  keep  a supply  handy."  Miss Hattie. Eertrand," of Salisbury (Out..,  says:���������������������������"Every winter 1 suffer from cbsffl?*-*'  hands, but I liav^. found a cure ia _ua-_������������������__  ADr-Hod at night, it heals the eractos _r  morning,  and takes  away a.il the KarencE.."1  Similar effects follow its use for ������������������_������������������_.  scalp sores, blood-poisoning, ulcers, ria^-  worm. children's sore . cuts, burns as*  bruises. It also cures piles. AHr druEs&j-s  ar.'! stores sell at 50c a box; or post .reft  from Zam-Buk Co..  Toronto,  for pjica.  The   Kettle  Song. - '- ��������������������������� ,  I wish the kettle would  sins again.  Just as it used to do;  I wi.li it would sing- of a lion sl-*In���������������������������  ;.t   _.   pirate   crc-w   ua   tne  Span:sn  main���������������������������_  Of a clipper ship on chc sea-way, lu&h. .'  With a caosn ooy and the Boy waa 1���������������������������  Just as i: \\z<-tl to do.  i   wish   the   kettle  would   zva? agaia  Ju.Ft as it used, to do, ,. ,        '.   '    .  Of a little f.h'1 in a bonnet, red,'  .r.ri caved   by  a priace from a hyfira-licaa-  That lurked  In the  corn (hat towered hi;;}. .  And the Kirl was Sho and' the Prince vras L���������������������������   "  Just as it used to' co.  , \ -   .-  I  wish  the kettle would sing again,       .'    ..-���������������������������  Just rz it used to do-p - - .    -  I wish it would sing of war's alarm.'   '  Thu  -lOo���������������������������in? of  cannon  and'clash of *rs_s_. -,-  'Of a blue-clad boy where the strife.nut MfA. .'/I  With faco to the. steel and willing t������������������,������������������!icr-".  Just as'it used to do.'-'~:- "      -' -----  .  never approached her old standards and ;)  when spoken lo she was cross and fearful.   We chanced her about in different    r .wish the. kettle wouhrsing again,-  departments and finally we were Eorced,.. ^ ,VI.ic,. jf  to let her go. She was utterly gone as ^Al the Wi  in ������������������rii.r.nlo ...nd drifted awav from her old���������������������������-  bourne J "ark Chapel. She had been to  eye hospitals, but-iiotlting could be done  to remedy her blindness. A Salvation  Army captain was holding a mission in  for tube ilo road Barracks, and " Hluid  .������������������F:iriha" attended. The captain rubbed  her eyes and prayed, and immediately  ..-!.��������������������������� could sec well. Dr. .chofield him-  -se-!M-oi>k=_.'_ r-Uia^fo^see_t-\v_J'amona=,o.cji__  !i.-t .    who were nimble    adequately to  im-nisiied "the flames, but tho   woman - explain  the change,  but  her s-ght  was  was  so badlv burned that she   died.       : so pood that she obtained, through Dr.  The ittrv  returned  a  verdict of acci- ��������������������������� S'c-i.ol'iebl. a situation  as  nurse  girl  to  dental death. I lv-"o children.    ;     "7 am fully convinced/' said Dr. Scho-  "SPIHITUALISM'S CURSE." j field,  ���������������������������'from" personal    c:q . rionce,  that  i ceit.iin  case"- of mania and frenzy c.tn-  Strangc letters were read at an     in- , Uf.. 1)f. se.,;t.ntific->llv accounted for with-  quest   held   at   Manchester  on   .wond;iv ���������������������������, v.,x luj;,r;^L;,,,,. t\Vi "possibility of the pos-  conecrning the death of John Houghton, j sf_.;:0!1  n|- {)10 \mm.n\ body by a spirit  aped" thirtv-uino, a school teacher.      oi"| otlior'ihjin ils'own."'  "_        ' ""   ""  Whalley   l.ange,   who  shot  himself  a letter to a friend he wrote  . ������������������ .  The  spiritualism.  I 'bought such      a \ QQj   \]<$\  WHAT   IS  '    ut a curse lo me. \  CLAIMED FOR THEM  blessing ha-; turned out  "I have been urged into this for the i  last twelve months by the unseen world, j  which 1 wish I had never found out," he ,  wrote to his wife. To    his sisters    he ;   .              w,           , ..     M-cHin  wrote: "This would never have happen- j I hat s.    What    Josep..    fllacUin  cd if I had  not bothered with spiritu- j      S:iys of Ootid'S Kidney P J Ii S.  alism." j '   Mrs. Houghton said her husband took ;  up spiritualism  three years ago, and  it | Tl.c-y  Cured   His   Neuralgia,  Cramped  seemed to upset him a great deal,    ric M_i3clc3  and  Heart  Disease  From  had often threatened to take his own  life and hers. '-'He had suggested that  we should both take poison or both go  into tho river and drown ourselves."  Which   He  Had  Suffered for  Years.-  two  St.  Paul de Metis.  Alt  Feb.  S.���������������������������  to   tUC   nv   _   .um   iuuhii   uauuiia. ot.    x.-.ui   u-s   1.1^.15.    ...v.., .. ^...    >..  '.Hie jury  found that  Houghton  com- I (Special).���������������������������"Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   have  in it-ted suicide while  his mind was tin  liimjcd.  EKITO.N* OIL J.O__R?  Accordinir to 1'rofessor Wallace, of  Edinburgh University, the J .-iton cannot  manage'the South African native as well  as the 15oer can.  lie rend a paper on the agricultural  possibilities of Rhodesia before the _oy-  al Ci.'lonial Institution the other night,  in which lie pointed out that natives  show nioi'e- respect for Jjoer than for  British masters.  Tne Poor makes tho native '��������������������������� learn  Dutch, and give, his orders in that language, while the Briton tries to.pick up  ii smattering of kitchen Kaffir, and  "n.1-. infrequently makes himself ridiculous by reciting orders, characteristically  pointed with strong lain, uige, which he  does not more than half understand.  "Tho  change from  the  iron    rule  of  T.obe.nstila  to  the  paralyzing policy of ,  British rule has been too sudden,    The 'Scfaool Journ* .  done for mc all that is claimed for  them." So says Joseph Macklin. a well  known farmer of this district. "I was  il! for over si>: years with Neuralgia,  Cramps in my muscles, Backache and  Heart Disease.' I called on different doctors but got no help. I heard that  Dodd's Kidney Pills were meant for just  such cases as mine and bought eight  boxes of them. Now I feel just like a  new man. I recommend them to all as  ii --"re cure for -Rheumatism and sill  troubles arising from diseased Kidneys."  Thousands of farmers all over the west  relate similar experiences to that given  by Mr.."Macklin. They find that Dodd's  Kidney Pills do just what is claimed for  them���������������������������cure all diseased .Kidneys and all  diseases arising from diseased  Kidneys.  We'are thankful for words of praise,  hut pudding, as well as praise, is essential to the well-being of every human  licine  here below.���������������������������From   tits  Western  others who was "not minutely careful of  lier appearance. There has grown up n  certain rivalry which changes a girl who  begin, tlie work with a dull complcxim*  and badlv dres.ed hair in'o a'beauty iu a  month or sc '-  '���������������������������.Many of the saleswomen have, tt  *pend their Sundays w:i������������������.jing aud doing  Hip=t-h-3HiU-le=-lace-col!a-i!^������������������ind=cuff3^t!i!H.=  they must change so often during cht  rt-eel . 1 happjn to know that a few <;i  ,.hcm iu this sl.'re have curtailed .heir  .uiK'h.un-money in onhr to indulge iu a  .yndieatoc! beauty li _at.:.eii- at the  hands of a friend who ha? gone into tbs  business and who gives them a n .iitei-;!  rate for scalp and skin treatment, j'.iani-  .uring. ct'.\, on Sunday.  "Ali this mean. tcU'-dsiiial anil fewo.  lion:.-, in-bed. Then those girls niu-f,  tiav. Hie"more inYjVoVtaut ~ viitues,"tact,  iulinita patience and cotutesy and be  blind to the unpleasant remarks of iv.j.ty  shopppi _. Sometimes a floor .nana;.")'  will have a very disagreeable way of  enforcing di.cipliiio, but that ���������������������������<_ not allowed in this store, at all evenis.   ���������������������������  "."n.. sec f take the side of the -airwoman every time ni'.ttn.Mly. I I.av^  been through it aii myself anil f know  all the discipline the job is to a woman.  You mii?I, put- your pride in your .xx-ker  and hustle al! the time to be a successful  saleswoman.  "'In other kinds of employment, office  for instance, _. girl can loaf now und Uien  iv put her work over, but the saie--  .Oman's work is the.i. for hor each day  and if enforced absence, lessens her sales  it enunts against iter and her neighbor's  list, grows in proportion.  '"The young women are s. _ ouiot ami  kind to each other. They receive from  seven io fifteen dollars a wee.1--- except in  special slocks, where they get much nio-r.  -.ometiir.es. Then there arc .-onie who .1:0  beginning and get b'-s un'i! they prove  their ability to sell: hut watrt's arc  much better than I'.icy were some year'  ago. and, be������������������t of all.'ability and eifort  meet speedy recognition.  "There arc some men of the masher  type who will seek to annoy some of  tlie girls, but we lake special precautious- to discourage anything of this  sort. Most of the young women have  their own admirers and some of'them  are engaged. They am all girls of excellent principles and of far.better class  ami education than the Knglish shop  woman, for instance.  "Many of them study music and  French and a few of them cultivate  their voices evening?. A girl who has  been a long day behind a shop counter  is too tired at night for dancing or re-  to principle.,and drifted away from her  home and friends and children.  "Owing to our experience with similar  cases we never encourage the return 'of  the old sale."clerk who has left us to get  married, for we find her a different person altogether. It seems as though the  enthusiasm was gone and a bitter don't  care feeling had "taken the place of effort- and Jif_. ,  ..  '"Marriage improves .ou., men clerks  and we are always inclined to take -a  married man in preference to a bachelor.  There is no doubt that it makes many  women very idle in their habits and that  they let go mor's in matters of dress and  appearance.  "Many of our sales women make very  fine marriages. I an glad  to say, and  Just a:;-it used to do,.  crooned, and the talcs'.rt tnlc.���������������������������  ih Is  chill,   and the y������������������_s are"  become our charge customcrs-  a few of  liiem. Life in a big shop knocks the  romance out of tuoir minds and they,  seem to' appreciate what a good marriage means to a girl, =o they, choose  ������������������w_l.���������������������������--   ''Our 'girls, arc not chicken- by any  means, vou know. They are in the important''positions, all over 2o. and some  of them are 35 and over. The younger  p-lrls are in the notion-, at .argitin  counters and in charge of sticks that do  not aggregate so much money in the  . tie--;Cb_il"they speedily begin to show  what they are"made of and chances arc  civcii them to rise."   .*-���������������������������->������������������������������������������������������   INVENTORS   F00n_Y~PAlD.  British   Admiralty   Ni.S^ly '"in    !t  Rewards  lo   Clever   Workrr.cn.        j  Tlio Lord.-  of tho llriiish Admiralty j  i--is_ ml ii circular to the officials 01 tho I cine.  Mrs. James II. \\ aril, Lord's lore-,  X. J'.., <���������������������������������������������}������������������������������������������������������". "About two reins aj,������������������  1  Miffereii  so much from nervous pras-  The f?_ic!<_ it whimpered have ai! ta-ltna -niss,  Ai.fl never as.ain will the kettle sing  '   Just os it used to" dol  ���������������������������.John  ID. AVell-.'ia    '\..vr.y    Folks   aast  Others." ���������������������������  ^    L "���������������������������  WORKANDVVORRV  New Health and Strength Canfc������������������\ .  Had lhrough the Use of.Or.  Williams' Pink Piis.  It is'useless to tell a-hard   .workiK^ .'  woman to take life easily and not   ta . ���������������������������  worry.    I ml    it is  tbe duty of    crerf:-  w.man  to s.'.ve her strength as   mack  as possible;  to take her, cures as ligJifc--';J  ly ;ts may be and to build up tier system to meet any unusual demands.    It  -i������������������-j;Cy-tlui y i o-iieraclf- and-to. hfj. faa*=- j  llv. for her   ftituie health "dfipcjxis uj-  or. it.  To ' .laid against a complete *������������������_���������������������������$������������������-  downCin ht.illh the blood must be  kept ric'.i and red aud pure. -So other  mt-dicine docs this so well as Dr. William-/ rink 1'ills for Pale People. Tf������������������"i  m.-dieino actually makes new, red  biuod. strengthens the nerves. rc-  -love. the appetite and keeps evv.rj  ovjan iu.'althy and toned up. Wocneu.  e:i7.ii!)'. always Ye.'-" when they 'shoalii^"  but thev call keep their Mrength autf  l:i't'P diVrafte awav by the occasionitS  u-e'of Dr. Williams' i'ink Pills, whietc  lia\e done nioro U. lighten U-.e cai.'i  in"  weak women  tkr.n  any  other wr-dj-  vtu'iou:.  nnvitl  dockyard.,  .some    tituo j  go in which a system of payment  for |  iitj-     --- . -      -  suggestioiKS nuido by the workmen or,-.-  plovod in nil departments are introduced. Tli is, it v."iis hoped, would  entourage the men. hut the scheme  is now ������������������pradically defunct owing to  the extraordiiitii'V parsimony of the  \dmiralty  officials.  The workmen manifested keenness  ia applying their minds to mechanical applinnee. for saving hi_ov and.  cost, but ssftcr waiting for months  received a few paltry dollars as their  regards. Some of tlie inventions are  valuable and will snvo the country  large sums of money, but in no case  has any man received more than .25  .for hi.s ingenuity. The men complain that they have ppent their  spare lime in patient study to receive  in return grants which tire ridiculous.  . As an instance of tho Admiralty'.-.  niggardline.s one man fjubni .led tin  invention which enables a diver in  difficulties under water to .ittach an-  ���������������������������)thei" air pipe and cut the ipc which  is entangled in wreckage. Until tni?  ingenious device was .vuhniitted such  a thing was'thought impossible. The  Admiralty officials adopted the idea  and awarded tlie .clever inventor the  sum  of  $15.  By the  Inaccurate.  Oat- of Sir Boyle Roche's Invliotlona to an  Iris.},   nobleninn   wns   mho-  (���������������������������-.���������������������������iv--"!  wrote*  "I liope,  my- lord, if you ever como  . itiiln a mile ot my House you will suy im. a  all night.  ���������������������������'y of Dr.  Willi.. ..*  only   bern   tsldnw;  t rat ion that J was Jittlc better lh_n:  a lieljile-.s wreck. i suffered fr<m.  hf-adaches and a constant feelijig nt  dizzim-.. The lea..t unusual ni������������������u������������������  would s-tartle me aud set . my heav.  palpitating \;oiontly. I had littl. ������������������ir  im appetite and grew so weak Llut .  was hardly alt!" in drag myself ;itrout;  and could not do my houseworlc. Ja.  every way J was in a deplorabb. wib-  dition. A* tho medicine 1 ha<_ bet.  taking seemed to do mo no good, in*  liu-iiand got a supp!  I'ink V:\\<.      1   had  Cue pill- for 11 couple of weeks" v.-Jrar.  [ ���������������������������.rmed lo fee! somewliat better and  tliU encouraged me\to contin.ft ������������������ft_  treatment. Vrom that on my stranglU  gradually but surely returned, and ire  tho cnur-e cf a few more weeks I wa.-.  once mare a ' well womau. ablu to _$>  niy own hou-t-wnrk. and feeling }������������������._-  tf'r than 1 had done f.r years. T hir*1.  'iiipe rem lined >ve!l and I fe<>l tliat ������������������  owe my jrood health to tho hi':i..s^>-  power of Ih-. Williams5 Pink Pills."  J.very other weak.-sickly, worn atrfc  woman should follow- the ' exsunpla of  Mrr.. V.*ard and give- Dr. VVillmms'  Pink Pi!U a fair trial. These ..-Pills'-"  will send new blood coursing througb-.  the vein? and bring-.' brightness a'.s<!  energy to the Aveak and despomient.  .Sold by all medicine dealers or by matt  at 60 cents a box from The Dr. WiS-  liiuns' Medicine Co., Broekville, _w_ THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  April 8, 1909.  WHY  When you can  build a home to  Suit Yourself  ??  Seasoned,  Lumber  c Always on Hand  also a full line of building material. Estimates cheerfully  furnished.  A. R. Rogers Lumber Co.  Limited  Enderby B. C.  ENDERBY PRESS  Published every  Thursday at  Enderby, B.C. at  $2 per year, by the Walker Press.  APRIL 8, 1909  r>d  Comment and Affirmation  3_X_I  The Home of the Old-Timer  and the abode of the New-  Comer. All will find a warm  welcome at the pioneer house  and you'll be made to feel at  home, no matter when you  hang up your hat.  H. W. WRIGHT, Proprietor  Enderby  We can  still show  the Goods  Some  prime  stall-fed  beef  on  cut at the present time  Our Sausage is still a  Leader  Fish and Poultry  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C.  Brandish & Baird  Plain and Ornamental  ^PLlCSTERINGrrATHINGr  Brick and Cement work.    Hard   Wall  work a specialty.  Developing Our Homeland  IF we were to accuse the  Canadian Government of  being disloyal to Canadian-  born subjects we would rro  doubt be accused in turn of  being disloyal to the Canadian Government.    Nevertheless,  if  we know what  loyalty  is,  we  believe the  Canadian Government is and  has been guilty of just this  thing.   Why?    Because the  the  Canadian   Government  has been more intent upon  colonizing Canada with Duk-  hobors and the like, to take  the place of the thousands of  young    Canadians    forced  across the American border,  than it has been in formulating ways and means and  offering  the  same  inducements to keep the native-  born at home.    Again, ,_ our  Government is disloyal to the  Canadian-born white in tying  up and keeping tied up hundreds of thousands of acres  of  our   best   public cland  in  Indian  reserves,   which  never   has   been,   is    not  now, and never will be used  while the Indian has it.   All  over  Canada   the  choicest  sections, are  blanketed  by  these  reserves,   which   are  producing nothing, and are  only a menace to the community in that they are the  breeding places for all the  pests that the white man has  to fight.  The Canadian Government  has done, is doing, and is  offering to do more for the  colonies of imported foreigners than it has done, is offering to do or v/ill do for the  poor native-born Canadian,  seeking to make a home for  himself in his native land.  In British Columbia, the Indians have thousands of acres  of our most valuable land  tied up, which never has been  used=by-them=and=never-=w-ill-  be. It is untaxed, uncared  for and is producing nothing  except pests to infest the surrounding districts. Roads  have to be maintained  through these vast unoccupied breeding places to the  white settlers who arehew-  ing out of the forests beyond  homes for themselves and  families. The expense of  these roads must be paid by  the white man. The Indian  pays nothing.  If the same inducements  had been offered to the white  Canadian farmers as were  made the Dukhobors it might  have kept many thousands  of the best of our young men  on this side of the American  border. If one-tenth of the  land allotted to our Indian  population had been given to  the same number of white  Canadians, we should have  twenty thousand contented  Canadian homes where today  there is nothing. If, after  the Indians had, been well  provided for, the Government had taken the hundreds  of thousands of acres in excess of what they ever can  use, and placed upon it white  settlers, how different would  the history be of many fertile valleys such as the Spallumcheen! Districts that  have been held dormant for  the past half-century, covered by these pest-breeding  blankets of the Siwash,  would long ago have blossomed into prosperous communities of white men.  This Indian question is a  serious one. No white man  begrudges the Indian all the  land he can and will make  use of, but when, as is the  case on the Enderby reserve,  there are 30 acres for every  man, woman, child and dog  on the reserve, it is too much  of a bad thing, especially  when 200, or at most 500  acres, would cover every foot  of land that is of any use to  them. The population of  the Enderby tribe is less than  200 and they hold 6000 acres.  There are many other cases  even worse than this.  Any sane white man, or  colony of white men, would  be glad to dispose to the  Government any part of his  holding-4hat^was=useless-to-  him, provided he could turn  it into money, which he could  use in properly developing  the small bit of land he could  handle. The Indians would  do so, too, were the right  influence brought to bear.  With the money received  they could build and maintain an Indian school, erect  decent homes, and cultivate  their land.  Our Canadian Indian policy  is miserably weak. It loads  the red man down with a  landed wealth he is not capable of handling and leaves  him in his ignorance and  filth to get along the best he  can, at the mercy of the Indian agent and priest, both  as good as a thousand miles  away. The Indian children  are left in poverty, filth and  rags, and hear nothing that  would inspire them with a  spark of intelligence. They  cry for light, and all they get  is what the periodical priest  brings them, and God knows  that is little enough. Contrast this with the Indian  policy of our cousins to the  south. There, with an Indian population of 270,000,���������������������������  nearly three times that of  Canaaa, ��������������������������� it is safe to say  that not one-third the land  is tied up by reserves as  Canada is wasting on her  99,000. There, the reserves  have been bought from the  Indians and the money paid  over. The Indians are well  supplied with farm implements; Indian schools are  provided on every reserve,  and Indian churches that are  non-sectarian. An Indian  agent is stationed at every  reserve, and he cares for  their bodily ailments if they  have any. Government supply stations or stores are  operated under the supervision of the resident agent.  The Indians buy and sell  where they please, but back  of every deal stands the Indian agent, to give advice.  Slowly the American Indian  is evolving, intellectually  and morally. There, the  Indian agent stands, for  something. He has something else to do besides  drawing his salary. J  When we throw open our  useless Indian reserves in  Canada to white men, and  provide our Indians with  the means by which they  may help themselves, they,  too, will evolve into something more useful than a  festering sore on the neck of  Time���������������������������a wet blanket over  many a struggling community.,  tvl  1 _  1 si  Wheeler & Evans  . agents for  House of Habberlin  Come and leave your order for  new Spring- Suit.  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AH rubbish likely to become offensive must be  cleared away; all drains,  privies and ceis-plts put  into good order, and all nuisances abated.  By order of the Board of Health.  GRAHAM ROSOMAN.  Secretary.  March 18th, 1909 3-18-4  "Despair and postponement are  cowardice and defeat. Men are born  to succeed, not to fail."  GRAHAM BROS.  CONTRACTORS  and BUILDERS      -  Estimates Cheerfully furnished.-     MARA, B. C.  F. T. TURNER  Plumbing and Steam Fitting  All kinds of Tin and Zinc Articles Repared  Rear Evans Blk Enderby  ���������������������������_*__>K]K_fcU_Ct-\3n_XV*������������������_riC__h'17  A Shoe for Every Foot  and for EVERY Foot a Fit  m wi tuMai^^TOioM  Come and See  H _!_iiCBCKT������������������.   i*Ki !WMiUFll(..  ENDERBY    TRADING    C O.,    Ltd.  .J &0  r  April 8, 1909.  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CITY OF ENDERBY  ASSESSMENT, YEAR 1909  COURT OP REVISION ���������������������������  ' NOTICE is hereby given that the first  sitting of the Annual Court of Revision  of the Municipality of the City of Enderby for the year 1909 will be held at  the City Office on Friday, the 30th day  of April, at 8 o'clock p.m., for the purpose of hearing and determining complaints againstthe assessment as made  by the Assessor, and for revising and  cjrrecting the assessment roll.  Any person complaing of an error or  omission, or as having been undercharged or over-charged in the assessment roll, may come before Lhe court  cither (1) personally, (2) be means'of a  written communication, (3) by an attorney or (4) by any other person authorized by him in writing to appear in his  behalf; and the court may, in the exercise of their discretion, either correct  or confirm the assessment; but no complaint can be heard unless xoritten notice  of the ground of such complaint shall  have been given to the Assessor at least  Tan Days before the date of the first  sitting of the Court.  GRAHAM ROSOMAN,  -   -'  Clerk of the Municipal Council  City Office, April 1st, 1909.  CITY OF ENDERBY -  DOG TAX  NOTICE is hereby given that the Dog  Tax for the year 1909 is now due and  must be paid at the City Office within  thirty days from the date hereof.  Under the provisions of By-law No.  26, any person being the owner, har-  bourer or keeper of a dog, and refusing  or neglecting to pay tax in respect of  same, thereby renders himself liable to  a'penalty; and should any such taxes  remain unpaid after the expiration of  the said period of thirty days, legal proceedings will forthwith be taken for  recovery of same.  By Order of the Council.  Graham Rosoman  City Clerk.  City Office, April 1st. 1909.  HENRYS  For the  Farm  and Garden  Seeds, Trees, Plants  and Bulbs.     Homegrown and thoroughly tested.  140-PaifC Catalogue FREE  M. J. HENRY, Vancouver,B.C  NURSERIES  CROSSING  HOGS.  Some  Results Obtained  by the  Michigan  Experiment Station.  Writing of the work of the Michigan  experiment station in crossbreeding,  Professor A. C. Anderson says: .  We are practicing one line of crossbreeding only, using several different  broods. The plan is to mate the bacon  sows. witli the: la rd boars. We have  used Tarn worth and large Yorkshire  sows and have mated them with Berkshire, Poland-China and Duroc-Jersey  hoars.  Tlie reason for this is that we think  lhe bacon sow is more prolific than  many of the others, is a good miiker  iind a good mother. That is why we  use tho bacon dams rather than sires.  No doubt the crossing of sows of these  other breeds with Tarn worth or Yorkshire boars would give about equal results so far as form and characteristics  of the progeny are concerned, but it is  highly probable that a larger number  of progeny would be obtained from  using the bacon sows and the lard  boars.  We have selected the medium type  of all the breeds used. We have not  used the Yorkshires or Tamworths of  extreme length, such as the Canadians  Hfe enthusiastic over, but sows of medium size. For the sires we have used  those that we have selected for herd  boars.  All these crosses have shown satisfactory results. As a personal choice  I should say that the Berkshire form  blends more readily with the bacon  form than does cither the Poland-China  or the Duroc-Jersey.  The progeny from all three of these  crosses seems to us at present to be  is demanding today and is paying the  highest market prices for. All buyers  who have looked at the progeny of  these crosses have at once expressed  the opinion that they were well adapted for American packing products and  at the same time were not of such extreme type as to exclude them from the  local market or heavy butcher style  of hog when fed to weighs most suitable for those market classes.  PROFESSIONAL  D  R. H. W. KEITH,  Rules For Swine Breeders.  Following are ten rules that should  be followed by every intelligent swine  breeder:  1. Breed from mature stock.  2. See th .t they have dry, clean  sleeping quarters.  3. See that they arc never overfed  and no sudden changes made in their,  feed. ;  4. See that they have free access to  pure water.  5. See that they have good shade  during warm weather.  6. See that- they are not obliged to  eat their feed in filtn or mud or in the  dust  7. Never feed an exclusive corn diet  8. Do not inbreed.  9. See that their surroundings are  kept clean. In warm weather dust  fresh lime around any places that are  apt to give off a stench.  10. Keep the following mixture in a  dry place where they can help themselves the year round: One load of  ashes, 100 pounds of salt, fifty pounds  of sulphur, twenty pounds of copperas,'  one barrel of lime; mix thoroughly.  In addition, feed charcoal and soft  coal.  Office hours:   Forenoon, 11 to 12  Afternoon, 4 to 5  Evening, 7 to 8  Sunday, 12 to 1  Office:   BELL BLOCK ENDERBY  w.  E. BANTON,  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public, Conveyancer,  etc.  Offices, Bell Block, Enderby,B.C.  W ALLAN DOBSON,  ���������������������������     ^Auetioneer  Debt Collector  Real Estate & General  Agent '  Intermediary  Enderby, B.C.  pLAUDE P. JONES,  V^   ARCHITECT  CONSULTING ENGINEER  FOR HEATING AND  VENTILATING  INSTALLATIONS.  VERNON B. C.  9 MOTTO hangs on the wall  of our printormm which  reads: "Hard work never  kills; it's what you do when you  don't work that gets you." Bob  often drops in to see us at it when  all decent people should be in bed.  He read the motto. ' 'I guess so,"  he added, "you can be morally  certain of this much, not many  people die of it.  ir  IN.  THE   CHURCHES  CHURCH OF ENGLAND. St. George's Church.  Services every Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.  m. Holy Communion every Sunday at 8 _ m. and  1st Sunday in month at 11 a.m. during March,  April and May. Same on Friday at 8 p. m. Service  North Enderby at 3 p.m. every alternate Sunday;  Mara, at S.OO p.m. every alterate Sunday. All cordially invited.   Rev. J. Leech-Porter, B.D., Vicar  TV/TETHODIST CHURCH���������������������������Young People'* meet-  ���������������������������"A ing, Sunday, 7 p. m.; Preaching. every  Sunday, 7:30 p. m.; Junior Epworth League,  Tuesday, 3:45 p. m.; Prayer Meeting, Tuesday,  7:30 p. m.; Clas������������������ Meettng, 8:15 p. m. (immediately  after the prayer meeting); Sunday School, 2.S0 p.  m. A.' N. MILLER, Pastor.  DRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-Sunday School,  ���������������������������*��������������������������� 9:45 a. m.; Church service, 11 a. m.; Young  People's meeting, Wednesday, 8 p. m.  D. CAMPBELL, Paator.  pETER BURNET  Dominion & Provincial  Land Surveyor  Enderby, B. C.  -;i,   HIGHLY BRED TAMWOKTH SOW.  [This animal shows the extensive depth  of side which tlie Tamworths carry, j  For crossing with some of the lard |  breeds for the production of bacon hogs j  this type of sow is one of the very |  best This animal is owned by the Mich- |  igan experiment station.J |  about what lhe American packing trade j  Butter-  If any butter maker makes butter that she's  proud of, it's good business for her to let the  world know where it came from. Nicely printed  vegetable parchment butter paper, and printed  with an alkali ink that won't run, will do it. The  Walker Press can furnish the finest vegetable  parchment, the finest ink that won't run, and the,  finest quality of printing. If you can furnish the  finest butter, you'll have a winning combination.  Come in and talk it over with  THE   WALKER   PRESS,   ENDERBY  mmmmmmmm������������������.  "DAPTIST CHURCH-Sunday School. 10 a. m.;  JJ Church service, 11 a. m.: Prayer meeting,  Wednesday, 7:30 p. m.     B. S. FREEMAN. Paator  CITY OF ENDERBY  CITY OFFICE-Cliff St.. office hours, 10 a. m. to  12:30, 1:30 to 4 p. m.; Saturday, 10 to 12:30 m.  City Council regular meeting, every alternate Saturday at 8 p. in. Geo. Bell, mayor; Graham Rosoman, city clerk. Chairman Board of Works, Ira  C. Jones; Waterworks Committee, J. W. Evans;  Finance Committee, D. T. Forbes; Committee on  Health, Geo. R. Lawes.  POST OFFICE  TJOURS-8 a. m. to 6:30p. m.; mails close; south-  *������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������   bound, 10:00 a.m.; northbound, 4:00 p. m.  SMALL DEBTS COURT  CITS every Saturday, by appointment at 2 p. m.  k-' Graham Rosoman, Police and Stipendiary  Magistrate.  SECRET SOCIETIES  J. F. PRINGLE  W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40  Regular meetings first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows. Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited.  . .V. C. BRIMACOMBE  Secretary  0.0. F.  Eureka Lodge, No. 50 .  Meets every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, in I. O.  O. F. hall. Metcalf block. Visiting brothers always welcome. H. -N. 'Hendricksori; N. 'G., A.  Reeves, Sec'y, J. B. Gaylord, P. G., Tress.  fi  .i  I  '���������������������������Kl  il  Tfip NEW TOWNSITE of the Northern Okanagan Valley; situated on the  Canadian Pacific line of railroad, seven miles north of Enderby.  This townsite is in the very centre of the Great Agricultural District of the  Spallumcheen Valley, and will command the shipments of the products from  this vast District; besides which it is sure to control the products of the Northern Deep  Creek section, and miles of the main trunk road from Enderby to Salmon Arm; all of  which District is rapidly growing into importance.  Adjoining the Townsite some twenty to thirty ten-acre blocks have already been  surveyed, and will be offered to the public.  The land is of the richest kind, well watered, and admirably adapted to fruit  raising and agricultural purposes.  Maps of this town and district, showing the surveyed blocks and lots, will|be  completed by Wednesday, April 14th, on which date the property will be opened to the  public for investment.  Address all enquiries for particulars to���������������������������  The Best Lots will be the  first picked up: a wink to  the wise is sufficient.  H. W. Harvey,  Sole Agent  Enderby, B. C aJ  April 8, 1909.  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Standard Bred  S. C. White  Leghorns  From CAPT. MITCHELL'S  famous laying strain, Santa  Barbara, Cal. Selected for  great layers by the HOGAN  System.  Average clear profit per bird. 1906 $ 2.70  ^  1907    3.20  This year I expect to do better still  All drones severely weeded out.      You get  eggs from nothing but heavy layers.  EGGS FOR HATCHING  $2 for 15; $6 for 50; $10 for 100  $80 for 1000  Order early; I am getting orders now.      I had  great difficulty in filling all the orders last  year. ERNEST T. HANSON,     '  Cowichan Station, Vancouver's Island, B.C.  Birds of Highest  Quality  For Exhibition and Breeding  F. Jamieson  219 Kingston St. Victoria, B.C.  Breeder of S. C. Black and White  Minorcas", S. C. White and Brown  Leghorns, Houdans. - Stock for sale at  reasonable prices. EGGS: Leghorns,  $2.50 per setting; Minorcas and Houdans, $3.00 per setting. Satisfaction  Guaranteed.  H.  E. WABY  Enderby, B. C. '  Breeder of Red Polled  Cattle  Winner of 2nd and 3rd in 3-days' Dairy Contest  ���������������������������1907  High-class Poultry;   Ringlet' Barred Rocks, S. C.  ,   Brown Leghorns, Buff Orpingtons.  LAYERS and WINNERS  j. Egg and, Stock .-For Sale...  Eggs for Hatching  From prize-winning S. C. Brown Leghorns. Cockerel or pullet matings.  $2.50 per 13. First Enderby cockerel  and some nice pullets'for sale.,.  HENRY BRISTOW  Summerland .. B. C.  for  Hatch-  ing. S. C. Black Minorca. The Great  WINTER LAYERS. Exhibition Pen,  $3 for 13 eggs: laying strain, $2 for 13.  Call and see our stock.  _1. G. H. SMEDLEY  The World is Getting Better  In spite of the blue-glass fraternity, the world is getting better. A better understanding of  life, and a clearer vision of the  future prevails. The action of  the churches in broadening out;  the Anglican church, for instance,  striking boldly out for Socialism;  the-Presbyterians cutting out infantile damnation, and the Methodists expunging from their belief  the story of Genesis as fact, and  withdrawing the ban on dancing  and other amusements, all points  to one thing: the budding of the  Better Way. In labor circles, we  see a similar spirit. of "live and  let live" growing. The Labor  Digest, a new labor and capital  journal published at Minneapolis,  sounds the new note���������������������������the note  that the advance thinkers have  sounded in and out of the  church in recent years���������������������������when it  says: "There is a large and constantly growing number of members of the labor unions who  recognize the fact that the day of  the radical, blustering, bulldozing  representative has passed,., and  that if there, is. to be future  gro\yth,���������������������������prbgress and prosperity  on the.part/:of the unions, they  will be compelled to adopt policies  which will win them the support  and co-operation, instead of inciting the opposition and,antagonism of the employers." ���������������������������  By changing the word "union"  to "church" we have in this excerpt . almost the very - words  spoken by Rev. Mr. Jackson to  Rev. Mr. Carmen, father, "of  Methodism in Canada, in their  recent theological tilt about the  actual truth of the stories in  Genesis., And at the general  meeting of Canadian Methodist  theologians, the position taken  by the-Rev..Mr. Jackson.was en-,  dorsed. It simply shows that  the world is moving . rapidly in  the fulfillment of prophesy. v  Nails, $4.25 per keg  Wire, $4.25 per hundred  .Builders'Supplies,   Paints and Oils,  Varnishes,  Woven Wire Fence,   Wire Gates  Sharpie's Tubular Cream Separators  Stumping Powder  Having taken the agency of E. G. PRIOR & CO., I can now supply you anything in  this line.   A stock of Garden Cultivators due in a few days.  Fulton's Hardware, Tin and Plumbing Works  CLIFF STREET ENDERBY, B. C  Enderby.  Orders taken NOW7  T. & W. Pound  Importers and Breeders  ������������������������������������������������������   of Black & Buff Orpingtons. Our breeding pens  are now mated up and  We have a limited number of eggs  for setting purposes.    Fertility  guaranteed.  Bred to LAY  WHITE WYANDOTTES!  Strength, Vigor, and ProductiveneaB, combined  with Standard Breeding-. Eggs, $2 per setting;  $7 per 100.      Fine young stock for sale.  SPENCER    PERCIVAL  Svnnyside Ranch Pender Island, B. C.  John S. Johnstone  ' ,   Contractor and Builder, Enderby  Cement Blocks and Exshaw Portland Cement on hand���������������������������the best  on the market. All kinds of  cement work and masonry  promptly attended to.  I HAVE placed my entire stock  of electric lamps and supplies  ih A. FULTON'S hardware store  and am now prepared to devote  nay entire time to electrical work  and installing. Orders, large or  small, promptly attended to.  Estimates cheerfully furnished.  F. V. MOFFET  _i.de.by  Increased Representation  The official returns of the Yale.  Cariboo election are to hand, and  an analysis of the vote in the  eight electoral districts which go  to make up this big constituency  shows that Okanagan is far in  the lead as far as population is  concerned. We find that Cariboo  polled 381 votes, Lillooet 272,  Yale 537, Kamloopa 1260, Simil-  kameen 601, Greenwood 537,  Grand Forks 721, and Okanagan  -220Q.^.^._.__It_must..be remem-  bered that the voters' lists were  compiled on the revision of May,  1908, and that the emigration of  last summer to the Okanagan,  which was undoubtedly the  heaviest to any part of the interior, would now entitle us to a  much heavier vote. In view of  the fact that a provincial redistribution of seats cannot long be  delayed, these figures are significant as indicating the strength  of our case for increased representation.���������������������������Vernon News.  While the-electors of the Okanagan are well pleased with the  good work on behalf of the District done by our member, Mr.  Price Ellison, and recognize that  the Provincial Government could  not have done more for us as a  whole, even if we had half a  dozen representatives, yet the  fact that our population demands  another member and entitles us  to it makes a redistribution sure  when the proper time comes.  The new district will in all  probability observe the lines of  that section now officially known  as District No. 4, which includes  the districts surrounding Adams,  Shuswap and Mabel Lakes, arid  the Valley of the Spallumcheen  river.   From Larkin southward  to the International Boundary  is known as District No. 5, or the  great Okanagan Valley.      . ;  Glen Mary Notes  , Where is-Glen Mary? Three  miles northwest of Enderby.  There you find fertile bench lands  timbered with tall firs and white  birch, watered by numerous  springs. ,  Geo.   Bucknell  is building  ai  dwelling house on his homestead.  G. Mohr's house looks quite  jaunty in a fresh coat of paint.  Gib contemplates erecting a new  dwelling and extending his orchard this spring.  Your correspondent in visiting  the rest of the ��������������������������� settlers*. in this  corner of the Enderby District  found fruit tree planting the or?  der of the "day.; " ,"''?-~ -.=7 '".' r".  '    Just a Pin  Bank of Montreal  Establish*. 1817 '.   ��������������������������� ' ���������������������������  Capital, $14,400,000 ,     .   Rest, $12,000,000.  Undivided Profits, $699,969.88.  ; Honorary President, Rt. Hon. LORD STRATHCONA, MOUNT ROYAL, G. C. M. G. '  President, Hon.  SIR GEORGE DRUMMOND, K. C. M. G.  Vice-Presidcntand General Manager,   SIR EDWARD CLOUSTON, Bart.  Head Office, Montreal. London Office, 46-47 Threadrieedle St. E.C.  A General Banking Business Transacted  SAVINGS BANK.;DEPARTME^-S^j^S_������������������nff.  Branches in Okanagan District: Enderby, Armstrong, Vernon, Kelowna and Summerland  G. A. HENDERSON. Esq.. Manager A. E. TAYLOR, Sub-Agent Enderby  The other morning a boy named  Johnnie started to school somewhat late, and to. save time, <eut  across lots. Coming to a barbed  wire fence he gently threw his  books over.and then proceeded to  crawl through beneath the wires'.  In doing so one of the barbs  caught the caboose of his pants  and caused a rip clear up to the  waistband. Johnnie f onnd a solitary pin in his coat, and, closing  the rent as well as possible, went  on-_ his_way, arriving at the school  house just after school had taken  up. As he entered the school  door the teacher said: "Johnnie,  I see you're little behind." "I  know it," replied Johnnie, turning to starboard, "but if I had  another pin you wouldn't."  -Have   you - a- dark. hole  in . your  heart?  you   a- dark, hole  Let the sunlight in.  Finest in the Country  "Enderby is a charming villiage with city airs. .:. ,  When Paddy Murphy shook the snow ofSandon. . '-���������������������������������������������  off his feet he came here, and now owns one of * ; ;T  ... finest brick hotels in the country.; "Although, f-  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan, .he calls his;.:f. .'������������������������������������������������������*  hotel the King Edward. In'addition'[ to" thVex-f. .-_���������������������������.'���������������������������  cellence of the meals, breakfast is served up to 10 }' .  o'clock, which is an added attraction for tourists.",   J  (Extract from Lowery's Lodge.) '".-.'  King Edward Hotel, IS1MURPHY Enderby  THE BEST CLAY IN THE VALLEY, well-burnt; makes the  Best Bricks in the Valley  A large stock of bricks now on hand.   Reasonable prices in large or  small quantities.   Build of brick, and you'll have all the comforts,  of home���������������������������and a great many more.   The cost is about the same as  frame-built, and the comforts a great deal more.  The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby.  UTTON'S-SEEDS^  HIGHEST IN QUALITY OF PROVED GERMINATING POWER  SEND FOR HANDSOME CATALOGUE  The Brackrnan-Ker Milling Co.,Ltd.  86 Hastings St. W������������������tt, Vancouver, B.C  R.   BLACKBURN  CITY MEAT MARKET  Fresh  of all  kinds.   Fish and  in season  Meats  Poultry  Livery I Feed Stables  Remember your horse: Feed him well and he'll serve you  right.   Leave  him with us when  you  come  to  town.    '  EVANS & MACK  ENDERBY  A share of your patronage is solicited. Metcalfe Block, Cliff  St., Enderby.     Town delivery.  WM. ELSON  Merchant Tailor   Enderby, B.C.  Begs to call the attention of hip friends and the  public to the fact that he has opened for business  as above, opposite the new Baptist Church, cor,  Mill and George Sts., and solicits the favor of  your patronage. w.  Butter-Paper  Pvinfinrr In 500-lots,  $2.25  rrinung In 10oo-iots, $3.50  THE WALKER PRESS  Cliff Street Enderby  JAMES MOWAT  Fire, Life, Accident Insurance  Agencies  A Life Insurance policy in the Royal Insurance Co.  ., of Liverpool, Eng��������������������������� is a valuable asset.    A plain,  straightforward  contract,  leaving no room for  doubt as to its value.  The Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co.  The Phoenix Insurance Co. of London  British America Assurance Co.  Royal Insurance Co. of Liverpool (Life dept)  The London & Lancashire Guarantee &  Accident Co., of Canada.  BELL BLOCK, ENDERBY  Pny������������������w_11 Rt Cc\ Plumbing and  Eave Troughing and all kinds of Sheet Tin and Copper work.  Jobbing Work given prompt attention.  Corner Hudson and Alexander Sts.  Repairing and.  SALMON ARM  Working Harness, Saddles, Repairing  Anything you need, in stock  I  W   Fvftn������������������ HARNESS MAKER  ���������������������������I ���������������������������  VY.I_.Vttn5,AND REPAIRER m^E "ENDEEBY cPRESS   AND   WALKER'S   WEEKLY.
>'"1 7 .   T T-J
* ^-AIN.
prompt remeay is what
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The efficiency of Peruna is so well known that
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n free illustrated booklet C7i-
iitlaci "The Truth About, Pen.'iiu'" .id-
.ire.ss 'J'he Peruna Co.. Columbus,
Ohio.   Mailed   postpaid.
*������ .	
Tonsorial Tale.
"By Jove, Ori.'" said Bo n't ley. as tlie
.arber nibbed ihe .op of his head, '��������� that
leels mighty good, i can tell you. The
nan who invented massage'was not only
i genius, but a. benefactor to tlie w'njlo
They ought  to put up
tu man  raee.
Untiic  to  him.    There's nothing Jiqu
idipn a follow feels seedy. There's only
>ne trouble about it."
������������������'vol iss it'/'' asked Carl, hoping tlint
>r>rliups he might overcome lhe d.fl'ieul-
""Why. its" all on the outside,"" =a:d
(Sent ley. ::lf tliere were only .onie apparatus that would enable you to f:et in-
lide a fellow's head and clear out ihe
sains of the ���������morning after, what a bless-
in . it would  be."
' '"Veil." -said Karl. ;'I (/ink tliat maybe
ionic dav dose vaeuurii:cle.".uer fellers
rill do dot already yet.' Vol?''��������� Rar-
>er's Weekly.
Wood B. .Booth���������How arc you feeling., old ruaii?
Manager���������l'retty good, but I have
trouble after meals.
Wood I . Booth���������Queer, most of my
trouble  is  before  meals.
The Charm of Algiers.
_\ celebrated Anglican divine, the late
Bishop of Bochester. wlio had been ailing fur some'month.-, decided to consult
_ir Frederick Treves, the. noted surgeon.
After a careful examination -Sir Frederick pronounced his verdict and added..
"Vour Lordship must go fo Algiyrs or
some winter resort on tlie Hiviera."'
���������'Impossible/'" replied the bishop;
"'quite impossible. I have too much
work to get through."
"Well." said the doctor, "you must
make your choice. It is either Algiers
or hea von.���������'������������������
'���������.Dear me." said lhe bishop wilh a
sigh: "then 1 suppose it must be Algiers-."���������Success ^Magazine.
. ���������Asojdg-]  io  bs.cq
,. A new tubercular, theory as to leprosy
was suggested some time ago by Dr.
Charles E. MacDcmald, of the army., who
noticed in the Philippines the same facts
as to fish diet-which have long been held
by Hutchinson as the cause. The present
idea is not that the diet itself is at fault.
;mt that there is an infection from tuberculous fish���������rather startling, to bo
.lire, but not at all improbable.
The. matter is of timely interest iu
view of the differences of opinion as to
the transmission .of bovine tuberculosis.
The vast difference -between bird tuberculosis and the human variety dins long
been known, and it raises ihe suspicion
that, there may be very many kinds of
tubercle bacilli, some of which produce
in man other conditions than tuberculosis as we now   ... sidcr il.
The revelation Unit bubonic plague is
in reality a rat disease and ihat some
rats have a ''tolerant immunity" to the
germ has raised comparative pathology
to exireinc importance. It is now necs-
sary lo study the parasites of every
lower animal'with a view of discovering
which of them can -exist in man, either
harmlessly or otherwise.���������From Amcrb
iean  .Medicine.
eye. and    rosy
blessing not  only  \o the .lit-
A medicine    thai    will    keep  babies
and  young  children    plump    and good
natured,  with    a clear
skin is
tie ones, but to mothers a . well. Unby's
Own Tablets is just such a medicine.
They cure all the minor ailments of
children and make them eat well,
sleep well and play well. Thousands
of mothers use the '.1'a.blets and praise
them. _\irs. Lorenzo I.ose, Lake Talon
Que., says: "I cannot .say too much
for Baby's Own Tablets, i have proved their value in colic, constipation
aud  other  childhood troubles." Sold
��������� by medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co..  J .���������op', vi lie. (Jut.
The   Latest   "Kit."
The celebrated soprano was in the
iniddio of her solo when Iii tie ���������lolinny
said to his mother, referring to the conductor of the orchestra: "Why does
that man hit al the woman with his
stick V
"He is nnt hitting at her,"' replied his
mother.    "Keep quiet."
jymrau���������i __ij___rBg.
for selling oniv 21-2 dozen
.old J'oiht jnl.less Pens ai.
fie. each.' These, pens write a
_    -*_-���������   jSfchcaiitinil color by siniply dip-
^_^gffif^_^Pi������|. hi water.   Write to-d;
n i_ in wa
id we wi!
incl we will send pens an
j; premium list.   In a short time you can
wiii this "Kl< _tric Sparkler" and also an
elegant chain.
JX'pt,.,      Toronto, Oat.
__.'U_ i    in
- ix) _ o k��������� n * p. v- - j ii h ___ t -1 h 0���������0������ ������*.
rn<.(..n__e Is  held by the of hoc follow
Don't hide your iiftlit under ;i bushel���������
nf.   a reflector and  make  the most  of it.
Success   is   tlie atriiliy   lo   forget  failure.
Yon can't play hooky from the Sehuol of
jt .siK-r._nce.
Trie reason tliat babies are fo expensive
i'i because iht uteri: baa such a long bill���������
Spanking does not cure children of
bed welting. There is a constitutional
cause for this trouble. .Mrs. 31. Siun-
mers, Box "W. 8, Windsor, Ont.. will send
free to any mother her successful homo
treatment, with full instrutions. Send
no money, but write her to-day if your
children trouble you in this way. Don't
blame tbe child, the chances are it can't
help it. This treatment also cures adults
and aged people troubled with urine difficulties by day or night.
Might  Not   Bark   Forever.
���������"Come ri^lit
a nner
in, 'J.nnii.o,-"' the
called out.    "He won't hurt you
know a barking dog never bites.".
"Sure,   bass,   all   knows  dat,"   replied
the cautious colored man, "but ah don't
know how soon he's going to stop bark-,
in'.'*���������.access Magazine.
" The Girl���������How did-ho lose his ideal?
The Bachelor���������Well, he married one of
them.���������New York Telegram.
UA^rr        Mill      IMMM.
A   Deadly Offence.
"Well, sir," remarked the somewhat
garrulous landlord of the .1 .i.\" ico tavern,
"'.riiogniortoii. the constable, arrested a
feller, day before yesterday, for walking down ".Main street here, in the middle of the afternoon in his slot-kin' feet.
He's in jail now. and���������"'
. "But���������great .colli���������ejaculated the
washing machine agent, "it's not a.
crime, is it. for a person to walk in his
stocking feet. Why, my dear sir, personal  liberty���������"
"Aw. iierson.il liberty is proper enough as long as it don't interfere with
the rights of oilier people. .Anything,
that tends to add to the silence of our
promisin' lillle city i������ an offense against
the general weal. We're public-spirited
here, even if we ain't cxactlv metropolitan."---I.'ik-!:.
The N'ova Scotia ''Lumber King" says:
"I consider    IVllXAI.D _    '.I.IX.1..MJ_NT
the BEST liniment in use.
I got my foot badly jammed Intel v.   1
bathed   it  well    with .HOARD'S L1NI-
_\I._XX and it was as well ns ever next
 _Yo i i r_=_v-e.r-y_-t. 11 l.y,-	
T. G". .\lt_-iLT __'_...
(t must give satisfaction or you den'i
pay for it.
Is the only Gasoline Engine that you can try
before you buy. 1 know what the "Champion" will do, and 1 want you to be fully
satisfied with it before you pay for it. Tho
prico is low. Full particulars free.
Wm. Gillespie, Dcpi. "WI"
93 Front St. Easi, Toronto
���������   i ia     i    i ii ���������������������������^������������������_��������������� ��������� ���������>��������� ���������   i   ^���������_������������������_���������mt���������������������������><���������__���������__������������������������__
"Here. JJonny," said .Mr. Bloo'.u'ounipcr to
liI_ young son, as t'uo latter slartefJ to caurch,
"here is a 5-cent jiioco and a quarter. You
tan nr.t which you please in the contribution  box. '
Benny thanked bis papa and went to
Curious to know which, coin .cmiy bad
given his papa ar,!:c:cl him when '.;C i _iu:n-
cil.  and   J.onny  replied:
������������������Well. papa, it w:i3 this v.-ay: The preacher
fiaid the Lord loved a cheerful givtr. and I
knew 1 could give a nickel a ������ood deal more
ehcorfuily than 1 coviki ������ive a uuarur, ,50
1 put ihe nickel in."-���������Philadelphia .' oiiger.
Pale, v/cr.k and nervous
pcoplo need . tonic tliat
will build thcin up and
make them well and
strong. Celory King is
tho tonic thiifc will do
these things. Largo
package '25 cen 1 . at, deal- ris
ew or by mail.   S. C. Wella & Co., Toronto.
mid spot
The Bald Truth.
'���������Harbor,   do  you     know   of
1 hal would  be good  for that
on Ihe crown oi" my head'."'
.'���������Ve... .sir. but.it would be pretty expensive.
"How much':"
"Probably not ]<. ���������; ihan &1~>."
"Is it a sure thing?''
"Ve.. sir."'
"What do you call il.':"
'A  wig. sir."
That  was the time lhe barber didn't
get any tip.
Also he lost 11 customer.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Garcot   in
Operaior--VVhaf do yon think of the
new. foreman, .Minima?
Devil���������Say. dat feller could print all
he knows in display type on a postage
stamp without cancelling the stamp.���������
Minard's   Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
 ������-*<> ���������
Monumental   Blunder,
It was while Charlemagne Tower was
Ambassador to Russia that a newspaper
"spread itself' upon a fete held at St.
Petersburg. A green copy reader produced this result:
"As pleasing to the eye as was all this
decoration there wa.s additional pleasure
in the sight, as one stood al the head of
the iWspekt Nevska, of Charlemagne
Tower, brilliantly illuminated, looming
grand and  imposing
against the winter
VI.-:HV S .I0I1T IN_)K.B ..
Binkr (who hn.i Riven Jinks a ei:?ar)���������You'll
find, old chap, that is *_iivotliln_; like a cigar.
,I!nl;s (afier a few puffvl���������Ity .Jove! there
is i>. .tl-lstl 11 resoniblanee. What l������ It.?���������Royal
At any ral- "���������    "" '��������� 'Veo l;-\"cs long-
Valued Advertising.
Fifty years ago Mr. Thomas Tieec-ham,
who recently died., and who founded the
famous pill-inanul'aelunng firm, was selling pills in the market-place of St. .!felon... The stall from which he sold them
consisted of a fish-tub and a tray which
was formerly part of a door. One day a
woman came up lo him and said that his
pills had done her so.much good that
(hey "were worth a guinea a box."'   The
"phrase gripped T\fi\ E< .chum, ami he"
spent hundreds of thousands of pounds
to advertise it, and to point the moral
of the pill. 'The vast business at St.
Helens is the result. Mv. 'Heecbam wa-3 a
model business man. and a great believer
in the value of advertising. He once
stated that bis firm spent' i"100,000 a
year in letting the public know all about
lhe value of t .odium's pill . [|. . .nself
managed and controlled his advertising
department for-a great number of years,
and no man knew better how to got the
greatest possible value from an outlay
on printer's ink.
 ���������-. ������. .
SI 1  Washington, D. C. and ftcturn.
via Philadelphia.
From Suspension Bridge, .Friday.
February IfJth, via Lehigh Valley R. K.
Tickets good ten days. J'nrlic.lars. 54
King street east, Toronto, Ont.
He���������Tin's is  heavenly, darling!
Servant      (entorin .)��������� Miss      Alico,
your  fripo  and   onions   is   ready!
'���������Well.   t!,": '<  she  hollerin'
f������ _���������:���������S.-c   ...   ... -
Talking   Post   Cards,
talking postul card is the inven-
tion of a French engineer, and has become so popuky in tliat country that
the American rights have been secured
and the device, will be placed in the cities of the United States. -The person
wishing lo send a talking postal card
to a friend, enters the booth and talks
into a machine that records the words
on the specially prepared <posl.nl card.
When the recipient receive.; tho card a
hundred or a thousand miles away. he.
or perhaps she, takes the card lo the
nearest posial booth and inserts it in a
machine which talks the message it contains. -The record ou the postal card is
indestructible and the exact voice of Ihe
sender is beard.���������Popular Mechanics.
Suai'ARfecc,: f ot" 20 yoars
lr������!r.Eior.s. ling4<loze:.Co.
ba.lt Gobi lnkloss liens at lio.
each. Tlioco pens writo a
beautiful colorby simolvdipping in water. No in . re-
,&.3_ quiroii. Write to-dav. Wo
J'u'WSS. trust you with tho pens, aell
VS*..; _Yiii__ them and return tho money
���������#N $$_ fi-ml w,n fehis ""'o beauty
$&JMW 6o������d . inishod Watch and
* x******* ,-iiso a, lovely Tea Set Freo
..cut   ],oq Toronto, Ont.
\J line of supplies used daily iu ' ovtry
liuiiso.   Apply Alfred Tyler, London.  Out.
���������t'J-.to advertise our goods, taclc up show-
cards in all conspicuous places and distribute small advertising mailer. Commission,
or salary, $83 per month, and expenses, .H
per day. Steady work tli0 year round; entirely new plan; no oxperleuco roriuired.
Write for particular . Royal Remedy Co.,,
London,  Out.,   Canada.
over Canada to work for us during
their spare hours, selling our high }. ado
Perfumes, Toilet Requisites, Teas, Coffees,
etc. No experience neewsary. Work plijas-
ar.t. and reinunorailvc. The Homo SpeoiaRies
Co . Tranby Avenue, Toronto,  Canada. 	
^     farm  of  l..  acres,   five  miles north  of
London, on Proof Line road; {.rand opportun-
itv   for   rii.ht   pariv.   Eiu.uire   Wm.   Slfioa,
Arva I'.  ()..   Qui. ________________������___
I. in Ontario. Sydney Smythe, -101 Talbot
street.  London,   Cut.
^ days: $ .00; ono half regular prico. Curd's Asthma .Remedy. 51 Richmond Ease, Toronto,   Ont.
S4S0.C0     CAS
South African Volunteer Land Warrants
If   substitute   papers   properly   executed.
Make  eiahL  draft with  papers   attaclieil.
First National &eaity Co.
Winnipeg, Man.
Vel'orence���������Merchants' Bank.
All  the   Pleasure  Taken   Cut.
The young Scotchman _".vor liked his
mo .ler-i'i-lav-' and this weighed heavily
on the wind of his wife, ho was ill.
Calling her husband to her >>cdsidc sbo
said to him. "Sandy., lad, I'm verra ill
and I lliink l.n gang to dee. and before I dec I want you to gie me a promise."
"I'll promise/' .replied Sandv. "What
i? it?" .       '
"Wool., T hen tliat when I dee I'll have
n fine funeral, and I want you to ride
up iu front in a carriage wi' mv mother,"
"Yvecl," sadly responded Sandy. "I've
gaed yc my word, anJ it's nae mc that's
gauin back 011 that, but I'll tell je one
thing, ye've spoilt tlie day for me."���������
Success Magazine.
 _ ������������	
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Colds,  etc.
Some Satisfaction in That.
Mrs. Hcwligus���������"Yon say that, i{
.1 burglnr wants to get. into lhe hou:-<_
he'll yet in ki s)>ite of everything
you can do to keep nini out. Then
what is the use of your. Inking ..0
much pains to fasten till the doors
and windows?"
_'Mr._ Heyvligus���������"I_\vfint._to give him
Sweet   Rumination,
Jacob J>iis tells many amusing experiences  about  street   urchins   when  they
first sec tho green fields and the wooded
hill=.    Here is one. of his best:
"A couple of waifs, who for the first
time were watching the cows being milked on a Cattskill Mountain farm, seemed
very much puzzled. The farmer, noticing
the peculiar expression 011 their countenances, inquired the cause.
The reply was. "'Say. mister, do you.-
keep dem animals in chewing gum**"���������
������������������������������ ���������
A Woman's Sympathy
. Are 3 _u discouraged? Is your"doctor".-?
bill a heavy, financial load? Is your jiai:;
a heavy physical burden? I know'', ha 1.
these mean to dclleato women���������I have
been discouraged, too; but learned how to
cure myself. J. want to relieve your burdens. Why not end the pain and stop the
doctor's bill? I can do this for you and
v/i 1.1 if you will assist me.
All you need do is to write for a free,
box of the remedy which has been placed
in my hands to be .iven away. Perhaps
this one box will cure you���������It has done so
for others. If so, I shall be happy arid
you will bo cured for 2c (the cost of a
postage stamp). Your letters held conii-
tlcntiiillv. Write to-day for mv free treatment. MRS. 1. E CURRA1 _, -Windsor, Ont.
Heard in a Restaurant.
Gerald���������On account of their-simihirity
in dress, it's hard'to tell a gentle 11 .ul
from a Avaitcr.
Gcraldine���������Rut doesn't a    waiter usually own   his  dress   suit.���������From  The-
Jtoheniian  Magazine  for  November.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Oistemper.
li Not   Profoundly   Impressed.
_ir._. Upsome���������So you took a lour
through Switzerland, did you? Vi'hat did-
you think  of the/Mattorhorn?
Mrs. I .icurich���������To tell you the truth.
''H~\\idii't-fry^itr^T""dbirt. t.iinlc_hiich^Uf^
the������e  foreien   beverages,  anyhow.
" Sitosift as th* Sphinx I *'
Always, everywhere to Canada, ask for Eddy's Hatches
���������.OO.OOO    MUSKRAT
SO,OOO    COON   _,
20,000    SKUNK
Shir, to us at once and aatbfy yourself that Wj_mo tho
' VERY BEST buyers 01 R&w Furs in Canada.
I IB PJONTETTH, STROTHER FUR CO., "���������*& V^to" ST{
i.*>:.'irL 1 *~ j-iu i'h'ii'i'i- ��������� -������*���������������-������ i-1������. u*���������������,������" .^'^���������������S'^*'J>*^ W-U������i*jJtJJarJ'^"*J'** THE   ENDESBY   PSESS  AND  WALKER'S   WEEKLY.  S  /  mm  RHEUMATIS  Haud   Yer  Wheesht.  ;-.-mc moddlin' fiile. wi' ower much gab  Canna hand their wheesht;  Yi- nust them, rir-ht awa' they blab���������������������������  -.-;'er haud thciv wheesht.  Your confidence they ne'er respect,  Though ye had reason tae expect  Your glide advice tl'.e.y wad accept,  And  haud   thoir   wheosht.  When noehors qiiari'?! let them be  'And haud yer wheesht:  They'll simu make up, thcfrither "'gree,  Tlion haud their whecsht,  V>y mix-In' in ye'll naethin' gain,  ^ae let  them t'eclit it oot nkine;  Ymi've troubles plenty,o' yer ain���������������������������  . _*t hand yer  \vhc__hl-.  When scandalmonpers rant and whine,  L'ist, hand yer wheesht;  .And bletlieriu' l'ulcs wad waste yer time.  Aye haud yer wheesht.'  Tlie'lolk wha aye maun hue their say  Are in hot water every day,  .And quiet neebors often pi'ay  They'd haud their wheesht.  Think woel o' what ye're gaun to say,  Or hand yer v.-hce?Ill;  f-'omo folk we read o' every day  Should hand their wheesht.  Ambition fed, some men o' powet-  Wad fcatler war the world ower.  M:>y  the   sword  o'  justice  mak'   them  cower  And hand their wheesht.  Ay: dae yer best tae richt a wrang,  Or baud yer wheesht;  .ii-t deal oot kindness as yc gang  .    And baud yer wheesht.  Oor days are no' king hero at maist,  I .fe _ fatefu' road we'll smie hae paced,'  Tin-11, till the reckonin5 maun be faced,  We'll hand 001 wheest.  \Y. J,. Watson.���������������������������  Montreal.  Strikes  the  CAUSES: A run clown condition of the ^������������������?__*  system, poisoned blood, and  Uric Acid.      aiUCS tn������������������8D BvlSlS  The joints become clogged with irritating secretions and grow stiff.  Every movement tortures and racks the sufferer. Cure is not possible until tho blood is purified. The most potent blood purifier is  Ferrozone. It is a perfect solvent for Uric Acid and an antidote  for all other poisons liable to cause inflammation or Rheumatic  pains. But Ferrozone doesn't stop here. It' _ _ ._.. _  provides the" enfeebled sufferer with au SCIA I ICA  abundant supply of pure, invigorating blood.  This quickly results in more strength with which to fi<?ht the disease,  starts a rebuilding of the system, ends in a permanent cure. Mr. Thos.  Egan, of 92 Pearl street, New York, suffered so   intensely   from  Rheumatism tliat his friends believed he could not recover. "The  Rheumatism," writes Mr. Egan,  "crippled me for four years. It  seemed to rim to the joints, which  swelled and caused dreadful pain.  I wasn't able to walk and my strength rapidly decreased. My  heart became so weak I had to be bolstered up in bed. I was at my  wits' end when I heard of the wonderful cures of Ferrozone. Twelve  boxes cured and I am now strong and perfectly well." There is  no better remedy. Severe tests have proved it superlative to all  others. If you want the BEST and most scientific treatment for  Rheumatism, Gout, Neuralgia, or Sciatica, use Ferrozone. No case  too chronic. Price 50 cents per box or six boxes for $2.50. Sold'  by all druggists.  FERROZONE  CURES  More Than One "at It.  One of our Kilmarnock mini&levs recently preached an evening sermon. During the service he was much surprised  i-iid shocked to notice a young man and  woman exchanging rings, \vith_ much  vl_is..eving and amiable confusion. It  \va_ all done under the level of the book  board,'but tho minister from his high  portion could sec the whole' incident in  every detail. Perhaps ho should have  turned away his eyes from such a delicate transaction. Ff it had been done  \vit2i all due solemnity he might have  reasoned that if marriages were cole-'  ' brated in church, and it was tho proper  place for such, then why not enter into  a marriage engagement within the same,  -.olemn precinctsv P.ut there was not li--  hut of that." kind in the case. ���������������������������It was  I iii re flirting, and coquetry, and gig-  :. ui_r. and, very properly the minister  Thought it was-neither time nor place  for dalliance of-that sort. The church  was well filled, and many young people  were among the congregation. At tho  .-lore of the service tho minister mentioned what he had sren, and'said that  he. hoped the young man would call at  Ihe manse and apologize, otherwise he  mi^ht find it incumbent upon him to  make bis name public. That' was a  dreadful threat and evidently struck  home for during the following week be-  l ween thirty and forty repentant youths  vi<-ited the manse, who confessed passing the time away in church in exc.mnge  .,_���������������������������"������������������____ with thoir sweethearts. ^ I here  must We been au epidemic m love-  making in the church that night-or.  wa*'ther_ a kind of sweetheart guild  --and surelv some curious .asluon hail   m-nipvlup oLinter. lnngc of rings there.  Tale of a Haggis.  119 l.end.U! street. . lclom. H. <-������������������������������������������������������  mlmla. -ill. Drce.nl*. Hf-.'^ ;.  L-V.itor, "Kilmarnock btandard. '���������������������������������������������<���������������������������"  Sii -1 enclose a cutting from the \ ic-  toria "Dailv Colonic"' of Ut December,  v.-racb I think will probably inti-ve-i  lariuv of the readers of the "K_.manu,cU  Hati'dard." Although I have been a  resident of Victoria for over twenty  "v. . rs, I have still .-warm h",irt iov-iny  iM.ivtt town of Kilmarnock, and always  cn'-ov .-he wc-.kly reading of th: "Nil-  nun-nock St;uidnrd."--V. il'.i Ilia .seasons  ���������������������������.uvtings to all my old friends, 1. am.  \ i,urs .iuci-relv. Mv<. -Minn Allan.  f)n the steamer I'riiK'O. Victoria when  -in- c-imo from Scalllc .v.-lento y a tale  ��������������������������� d a nonr-tragedy was told. It wa.s tho  talc of how a SI. Andrew'.- banquet at  Seattle wa.-i almost deprived of the  -Ii-v.s" bv iiv. ovfV-/.paloiH cu-.totns  iuti'n.������������������ PreiKiration-s had been matte to  bold a banquet ut the Washington Hole! nn St. Andrew's night, a rn UN lanugo r  i.aiigton prepared a menu. The diet,  however, had no aequanit.r.u-e with hag-  M'nai comprend pa--- l'liaggk-," said tne  (kef when the manager laid his plans bo-  Son, him;    "what i* it, this  haggis'r"  1.10 assistant chef was summoned, and  lie had never heard of the Scottish di?h.  "\*oi is los luggi���������������������������:'" he queried.  Tbi! manager scratched his head. I'.c  riiust have h.ij|gis for St. Andrew's nicht.  and it was but four day- di-taur. In  d;-.-T3-aiv he went ui other cook . .None  had ii, speaking aequaintiuiw with hug-  r-i- . Then the''manager decided to send  to Victoria. That was a little bit ot  f _:g!and���������������������������he li'ul read that somewhere  ���������������������������iind wasn't .���������������������������hiylaml close to Scotland?  Of e-.iur^e. there were cooks in Victoria  who kri-vv this jniggis. So Uic"'order  ��������������������������� CH'.ri. to; Victoria for il,5. pounds of hag-  ;_.������������������. which was to cost ?, .-0.  '.file haggis was inade and sent to  -F-V .ttle, where it-arrived by the steamer  Princes* Victoria on Wednesday last,  Then the. customs officers stepped iu.  They looked  up the, tariffs, and    on  -Tione of them was there any reference t.  haggis.   It nif.st be dutiable, they held.  What was it anyhow? Was it an explosive; perhaps it was an article of bric-a-  ovac and liable to heavy duty. Anyhow  it was of foreign manufacture���������������������������of that  they v, _re certain. And the hotel man  failed to serine - del'very. He a.ppoalcd  co the customs men in vain. .. hey had  never heard of haggis, and they said  they would have known it if it had  [icon good to eat.  The hotel manager hurried out to secure 'friends, and all marched to the  customs men. The friends would vouch  for the hotel man, and if there was any  duty to pay it would lie paid. The customs men would not let" it go. They  were not sure, they said, that haggis  was'an'edible, anyhow. They weren't  going to be fooled.  Eventually someone got a bright idea,  fie hurried'out and brought'a- diction?  ary.  The,customs men gathered round. The  dictionary was conned by all, and they  read:  '���������������������������Haggis, u.." Scot., hag to hack.-chop.  I. hack. Formed perhaps in imitation  of tho J-', haciiis- (E. hash.) A Scotch  pudding made of the heart, liver, lights,  etc.. of a sheep or lamb, minced with  suet, onions, oatmeal.," etc.,*" highly seasoned, and boiled in the stomach of the  same animal: minced Head and pluck.  .(Written also haggis*, haggess, and baggies)."  The customs man gasped. If the par-;  eel contained that, he said, the hotel  man might have it quick. - -And there  was lingn'is on the,table at the Washington Hotel when the banqueters sat  down. y  A -Cinderella   Otory.  At a bail in a neighboring 'lowu lately,  a young linn overheard rather a cuiiou.  conversation. He was about to b-'giu a  dance and happened to stand before a  young girl who was a wallflower for tli?  time being, and was sitting it out. evidently quite alone. P,y-:im!-byc to the  qiil came a would-be partner, who asked  her for 'the dance. She said ..Jn* would  have been delighted, but-fh:; ������������������������������������������������������cotildiia."  "Why?" asked the mule ci.alur;'. "Because- mv chap ha.- one or. my slippers."  was-the" girl's reply. '���������������������������Where is he?''  "At the bar.-" "I'll soon get ye yer slipper." Off goes tins youth, and. immediately returns triumphant with tho slipper." which ihe fair Cinderella slips on  very deftly, and joins in 'the dar.ee Thi-  conversation roused the curiosity of  "Yol.i1i^}ro.^l f^tle =?. w .uiot-licr-gi rl ..^fcw-  darices later. . tiiiur with her feet snugly  tucked away bene.ith her rcmirkably  pr1 _jy gown. Hi' went up to 'her and  asked her to be" hi- pai'rner in a dnnco.  but was oenily refused. ,lis it your  slipper?" he a.-.kod. cautiously. '���������������������������Vos.''  was  ihe reply.   "Win.-, is your chap?"  ,    CHILD  WIVES   IN   INDIA.  American Women Striving to Alter,a  Cruel .System.  In India, a-girl must be married  before she reaches the age of T2, or she  and often her whole family is ostracized and suffers under the loss of  caste. Caste enforces rules and 'regulates marriages.  A man may be infirm, insane, loathsome, diseased, cruel and utterly reprobate, says tho National Congress of  Mothers Magaaino, yet he can receive  into his power through marriage' and  deal with her as he will a little girl  of any age under J2 n the caste relations between them are according' to  the laws of that system.  Accenting these sacrifices to bo duty  and suffering under caste compulsion  themselves, tho parents, place and  often even drive their helpless little  daughters into tho most cruol unions.  - The census of 1891 gives those returns of- early marriages in British  India:  Females under 4 years of age. 258.-  780; females from 5 to 9 years of age.  2.203.404; females from 10 to 14 years  oi' age G.016,759, and these to men of  all -ages. .   ,  In 190L two Avomen traveled through  Indian investigating A.hese dreadf.il  conditions. With . henrts rent with  what thev had discovered they ietuvn-  tkl to tho TJnited' States and spread  their knowledge 'wherever opportunity  permitted. '   -       "'  Thus they succeeded in enlisting  practical' sympathy, which has beon  embodied in the Yndo-Amcviean Woman's Restoration League, me purpose of this organization is to aid in  bringing about" the enaccnent of a  Sf_ciV_...w to protect tli. little girls  of India until they are J6 from child  marriage.  Great Britain in its treat}- with  India a arced never to into-fere with  the customs oi* the Hindu people. No  change- in laws'can therefore be made  until" India petition? that such laws  bo passed. The Indo-American Woman's -Restoration League is working  earnestly   to   organize   the  sentiment  of the most thougthful and advanced  .neu of the Indian'race thus 4o petition  Great Britain.  Race pride and tho conviction that  child marriages are causing tiie deterioration of the Indian race may  eause a change, .ho status of woman  in India is so low that such a change  muist bo mads for other reasons than  pity for hclplocis childhood. The  novo ment is one that must be kept  Cured  Just rub the painful spot with Nerviline; not much rubbing, because Nervi-  li:ic is made to ponetiate. i'ou'il not;  suffr-r long after ^Nerviline in applied, for  it  acts like   lightning,  swift "and  sure.  distinct from missionary work, for the '^ a^f "^  ������������������S���������������������������unS> ;V."L ana."���������������������������<������������������������������������������������������.  Hindu   would   not   coopcrato   in   any ^ei��������������������������� >* Sood ior any thing a nuhiiei.D  effort  which   savored   of  interferences ���������������������������������������������ld l.   li9 8���������������������������A f������������������i���������������������������wherever th.r.  i.  with his religion. 1>l11"'   -M'P^" Nerviline and the pam dis-  -<>-������������������-*���������������������������  appears.  No remedv so tliovoiu. iiv cures lame  b.:ck. stiff joints, sore niusc-1:., lumbago  and cold in the chest as  ervinne  Tho farmer, the mechanic, lhe man  who woiks at hard labor, is subject to  the baneful influence of dampness, fog,  and inclement weather, it . hard for  him to escape pain. What he needs ar.  home is a bottle of Nerviline,"which gives  instant east: to qvqvv kind of pain.  Nerviline is about four-times as strong  as the ordinary iiniintjnt.. it gets right  at'the core of pain and euros it as no  oth.r. remedy can. So stror." and concentrated is Norvilinc, that ,ne application is always as good as six ordinary-  rubbina. with other liniments.. Try a,  lame 25c bottle.   Sold _vavvwherc..  s:iid  the   vnu'.h. who  is an apt pupil  '"'At the refre.-huii'iit b-.r"' (evidently th-_  usual answer). ;>o to the refreshment  h.ir the would-be ]n_i-,.K'r hurri.'il. f.iuu.!  tlio man with tlie .-lipp-er, and found also  lint a dram was the price <>������������������. a dance  wiili this man's be-l girl. Me al--o found  out in the coin.-e of the evening tint it  was iv cii-lom of th.' lo .llity for tii?  young man who took a piil'io a dance fo  buy her a pair of -lipper-, and as lw������������������ did  nol like t!i. idea of hi-, ^irl dancing with  'Tom. Dick and ll.irry at hi- expeu-c. hi:  look the prceaulioa to pocket the "dipper  while he left her to gel tha re fri -liment  t lioiu on her b .mil' ^o well mcrili'd. Thu?  j the    jiirl    could    no-,    dance unlil  her  I 'Vliap's'' return,  even  if ?!k> clins.^.  and  I a  sujml'iant for her  favor w.c- nt  ov.o:  | refused if In-1  did  not   find  anprnvnl  in  i tho eyes of her temporary lord a:ul uvi.-  fer.   Surely this custom i= an i .iu>\-i'cioi|  even in di-vtrict'- of Ayrshiie C-? a "truly  rural" character!  axoro proof that Lydia E. Pinlc-  haiii .iVcsctabloCouiiJoundcui'c.  sick women.   . .   r<1  JMisr; M. U. iMorin, 330 Ontario St,  Montreal, writes to Mrs. l.nkV.uin:  ���������������������������' I was iu very poor health and doctored for months, receiving very little  which he evidently ennsidpiod his cx.'r-    benefit.    L bad lost all ambition, was  -���������������������������������������������-���������������������������-������������������-  ,-hn; u  fond  Choice  of  Evils.  President Nicholas TJrown. for  Brown Univcrsily was named, wa  of miiw.iiig small boys. One day. while  walking iu the -(reels of Providence, he  came upon a little fellow who a If meted  his noiice. ''How do you do. my boy'."'  said the President. "What is your name "  "Mv name is llany, sir,"' replied the  child."  "ffarry. is it?" returned President  Brown. ���������������������������'���������������������������'And did vou .know the evil one  i. often called Old'Harry!"   -        ,-  ''Whv, no, sir," answered 'the boy,- "I  thought he was! called Old Nick."��������������������������� Clii-  ���������������������������ai_o Tnte-r-Oeean.  nervous, and subject todir/.y spells and  painful periods each month.  "Airiend .snggcsterl Lydia 1������������������_. Fink-  liara's Vegetable Compound as the  proper medicine for inc. I procured a  bottle of this remedy and began taking, arid before it was finished. I felt  so .nuch better that I continued its use  and gave it a thorough test, with the  result I am to-day well and a much  healthier girl than I was tbire years  ago. 1 have no more painful periods,  dizziness or nervous troubles."  MUST HAVE TRIED BOTH.  Bobbie���������������������������Papa says "Honesty is the  best policy," doesn't he, mamma?  Mama���������������������������Yes,  dear.  ^ .������������������ ������������������������������������      ���������������������������  NIAGARA FALLS.  (Composed by Georfro  I _   Could,  St.   Marys.  Ont.)  Thuuderin..   mighty, O Niagara!  L.-H lay ioj .n_.j wtiters poar  . owi. tne a?.fcs.   iu .will!   lorrents,  Till  Old Time .shall  uo no inore,  1 _11iuk every race aud nacion  Thou art kin_? a uioiisjiiii-_on_,  For tho ao-.vcr oi lnuii-iutputeiii:  Cannot  haj-iiess  Hies  :"o;- sold;  Stiii thcu rumbl'at und.tnou pour'st .,  Tny sreat v,-aters to the sea,  Who can hush nice, who .111 s;ay thee  In thy  iiwrul  majesty?  On the ban!:s ot iNiag.iru-River,  Oi.  the chores ot i_ric I.ai:e,- _     , ,  .'lammoti.   came,   ore man  had' found  thco,  There their heated thir.t to slase.  Ah: Uieif bene .  reduced to askc .  Have been swallowed by the wave, '  Aua  the  tiees ot hoary ages.  In thee, waters found a garve;  Siili thou loam':-,t  and thcu da&Lt'st       '  Tbv   ru. lias   waters   on.  And no unie by thee is reckoned,  Till, a  thousand  years are gone. ,  What! would you, vaunting, tel! me .      , - , ���������������������������!  That,men by  machines  vast,  Will turn tbo.e onward waters  And send them up-hill 'ut the last?  Tell >:-io the winds around thee,' ,-  - ,Tc!i it, brother, not 10 uic,      _'  For these water&vare forever, -    .      .. ,"  They  are typical of Thee,  Gre-.it Jehovah, who hath fori .<_ them,,.  Ia their' native majesty,     ' ' .     *.  And uiven; them an  hen-loon?, '������������������������������������������������������ .  For tlie centuries to be,  .  Unto  Canada, a  nation. . .        , '  The home of the brave-aad  free,      ,    -  Where  men  of, brightest taleaU  Mav  work  iu  harmony;        , "  .Where every kindred, every, league ;  May nial'.c a:i  honcat  name, ���������������������������_.  Ami   carve  it   in   bi_.   capital;. ,.   ."  "Within the hall ci fame.       '    .  On the  banks cf the Niag'ra,  Onct  th" red  man bravely t.-od,'       ���������������������������  Nir.v,   he't-,  s-leepinj;,   silent sleeping,  'Neath   tbe  slowly-mould'rintr  so<l;  Ah!   fond inaltl I see the wecpias.  Thou.   ���������������������������'The Lady of the Mist,"  Tbv Lett hand hold'st a'pai-ehment,"  "i"is-a Khastly. sober ll.t, ���������������������������  Of tli _   Ked Men,  oar forc-ranncr .  Who arc numbered with the dead:  With a slsh th������������������u would'st remind us  - Thai,  iheir blood  was   wrongly   she-.-  To ar.pcaeo the-white man's hunser,  ���������������������������    For land  and  shininj; gold,  Uu; why repeat a story  - That  is oftpn   told'.'     ���������������������������   1 ' j.  Tn tbv Ui.  it thou hold's-t a volume.  'Tii- a i.aj.e we all may read,  fn it is l'dh-iy .shroniclcd ,   .  The  Victor's   noble dee'l,  V.Ir. fousht and won the battle  On (lutensiowir.������������������  dwlns  height.  Or i . Mi.idy's Iinne or itidi.e-.vay  Wa=; the conniiercr in the fight;  Jt  is ������������������_hfol������������������  0!i_leuves  of which  Tin!-hum l51fSt-iirTa n���������������������������niay-w ri te j^-,=i====  i.  is  lhe   liistcry  of  our  hind,  Pray   noldier.  do itrirjht.   <-������������������<���������������������������   Field   of   Honor  Commission.  l_i-li-.il)-, wit i. jtiiiiuhi'ted bv a ..1 ii>ht  ilerau^o.v.eut of the nerves, and yuod  thin", s.ii.l :ji the field of battle ari  .ouietin.o.-i recoulcd. 'When '���������������������������r.ully Ivt.in''  foii^fit Curran with pi^toks the bti'ky  Kpiui cmiijilaiiicil that his opponent wa=  as thin" a< ,-i bladc'df ,.ra-������������������.. 'T.i _-my"si-;e  bv chalked out upon your body," ..lid  Cur!an. "and any hits outside of the line  shnil not count.-'-'  It wa-i not good form, however, to  make a parade of magnanimity, and the  eoxcoir.bieal practice of firing in the air  or "'dumb .'.bootin.' or 'children'.-, phy"'  was strictly prohibited by Hie rule .  of which tli'r.y-^ix were (irawii up by  repro.-cnvaiivps (if the five rnn'-fc einiaent  couiitits���������������������������tt.ilway, Tippor.iry. '.Mayo, .!i;_' 1  and Ho-c"ininon���������������������������in 1777. They met at  the sunr.urr A .si :.?.-��������������������������� at Clonmcl aad seen  to have done tii'ir work very "ravely  find hone .ly. ii.'liidintr a spccinl rule for  ���������������������������'siniijle. liiiprcncdit-alcd encounters ".villi  the snia!! .word." Thpre is a larffp <,lfl-  n:eut of absurdity about it all. no doubt,  but oven duelling has had it-s pluco :i< a  roiijrli. inefficient tost of inanliood.���������������������������  l.-om 1 .ackwood'^ ?dafta;'.iuc.   ���������������������������������������������-������������������-.   An Occa.Dioiial Thought.  His  Sign  Down.  A dishevelled"maG. miicli tlie worse for  liquor, staggered out of a Maine  "speak-easy" and laboriously .propped  himself against the door. Fc ��������������������������� a while  he owlishly surveyed th>_ p.-.ssers-by.  Suddenly his foot slipped, and he collapsed in a heap on the. sidewalk. A moment later he was snoring.  A hurrying pedestrian passed_~rcflecr_  ively surveyed the fallen man for a,few  seconds, and then poked Iiis head in the.  door. i     -.  ,   *  "Oh, Frank," he'called. "Frank. Conio  out here a minute." ���������������������������  ���������������������������   .  Presently the proprietor of the joint,  smoking a fa. cigar, emerged. lie.blinked in the bright sunlight. -  "Hello   jffud,"  lie said      pleasantlv.   '  "What's up?"   " '.  '   Hud jerked his thumb toward     the  slumbercr on the sidewalk. ",  "Yer sign has fell clown," he '. ex-' -  plained,"and briskly resumed iiis"walk"  uptown.. ...   -                       ���������������������������   ,. .   -     -  ��������������������������� . ������������������ . "  .PERFECTLY SAFE.    .  She���������������������������My face is.my fortune.  Cynical -Bachelor���������������������������That being' the- ease, -you.  are in no danger of being married for, your  iK-oaev.                                 ���������������������������   ' .'"*''  -      ��������������������������� ** TT  .'.,  BLOTCHES  ^All^Ekin^diseaSes^such-as-pimpiesr  originate through failure of the  kidneys and livor.     All taints  that block tho avenues of health  must be removed,     pr. Kamil-  . ilton's Pills do this quickly.  Thsy cleanse the system, make  the skin smooth, restore roses  to the cheeks, ar_d give clear  dainty-complexion..  i.. :_..  DR. HAP^iLTO^'S  PILLS  For good looks, good health, and'  good spirits there is nothing1 so  sure as Dr. Hamilton's Pills. "25c  boxes at all dealers.-'  Tbe advertiser who succeeds' \.~ broad-  minded enough i:.ol; only to mlvertise in  the papers be like . bv.t also in the papers other.peojilo like'.���������������������������V.:z.  -     ( ^-'v_.��������������������������� ���������������������������<   Ji  clisnlaucincnts, inflammation, ulceration, fibroid tumors, in.gulurities.  periodic- pains, back ache, that bear-  in .-down feeling, flatulency .mdiges-  ' ion, dizziness or nervous prostration.  rVby- don't you try it ?      . - -.   .  MrK. Pinklmm invites oill sm?������������������  vonio-u to write licr for a. vice.  m>e  tias   jruided   thousands   to  health.   Address, Lyui. Bl^ss.  drexj?'    "T ^o.i't see liov that enn ho h<i.lort. ro-  nlii'il Mi;, vuir.i). "When I 'save in the, morn-  la tr-they we not nj). an>l when 1 conu1 baek  iu the rvoiiln-r they're in bed."  "Vos." ussenlerl the pntietit wi .,-."tiiat 11  so but von niiiiht ?t lea.t semi ���������������������������tli-ai i  ���������������������������vmvenlr rost-eani nov,- and then."���������������������������Phiiadel-  nbtii Inar.li-r.!-.   ������������������������������������������������������_..������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Tbe e!ii!d siiows the. 111:1:.. as morning  ��������������������������� .!<��������������������������� >\vq tiir (l'.������������������y.���������������������������"Milton.  Some men tell deliberate lie--; and  oUici. lie on the spur cf the moment.  03EYED HIS FATHER.  Tenclior���������������������������Johnny, doesn't your eon-  science toll you that you are,doing  wrong?  Jointly���������������������������Yc?, but father said I  wasn't to believe evarythir.j; 1 heard!,   *^������������������-������������������   The fact that virtue is ita own reward  i.������������������ what make*: acme people gx>od for  nothing-. THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  April 8, 1909.  tt-xttt:  >x:  _xx:  NEWS IN AND ABOUT THE TOWN AND DISTRICT 0  xx:  _xx:  33CI  zzxzx  (Easter)    hat    on  "Is    my  straight?"  The Marrieds and the Unmar-  riecls will play ball tomorrow,  Good Friday.  Dake the Jeweler is moving in  to the store formerly occupied by  F. Pyman this week.  Painters are engaged repainting the exterior of the Poison  Mercantile Go's building.  The City band will give its first  open air concert for the season  tomorrow (Friday) evening.  There promises to be considerable interest in boating this season, and the river will be a favorite resort.  Mrs. Dr. Keith is expecting the  arrival of her mother and sister  this month, who will spend the  summer here.  Mrs. W. J. Lemke returned  from a two-month's visit in the  East on Wednesday morning, Mr.  Lemke meeting her at Sicamous.  Frank Prince, who was with  the A. R. Rogers Co. last season,  returned to Eiiderby Wednesday  morning, to start this season with  the company.  Another modernly equipped  cottage was started this week by  the A. R. Rogers Lumber Co., on  Russell street, to be occupied by  W. R.- Barrows and family..    .  Dr. Keith's fancy poultry yard  and the birds in it are attracting  the envious glances of many of  our poultrymen. He has a black  Minorca rooster that look, a  winner all over.  A. Fulton reports big business  in the plumbing line. He has four  men employed, with six week's  work ahead. That's the result of  going after it, and not waiting  for it to come to him.  H. W. Harvey is not losing  any time in getting the new  town of Grindrod on the market.  The maps are now being prepared  and by next week Mr. Harvey  expects to be ready to show the  town as surveyed. He believes  he can offer the best opportunity  for investment that has ever  been put before the people locally.  The improvements to the interior of the store of the Poison  be^opened for business, and for  the:'next week they are giving  what the manager calls a "warming up" sale. It is surprising  what cerpenters and painters can  do in the way of making old  things new. The shelves are  being loaded with new goods.  Looking  up Cliff street from  the station, one would think that  the Bank of Montreal and business men on the south side of the  street did not pay any taxes and  therefore had to be satisfied with  a toe-path from Belvedere street  to the bank.   In all reason, now,  Mr. -.Councilmen,   and  for  the  good  name of  Enderby,  don't  you think it is  about  time to  adopt a broader-gauge policy, at  least broad enough to lay a four-  foot side on both sides of the  business street?    The corner in  question is the most conspicuous  looking west from  the station,  and the most neglected by the  city.  Will the City do anything to  improve the river bank this  year, or will it drag along for  another decade? Last fall :the  Council decided to lay a plank  walk along the river bank from  Cliff to Mill street, with a railing  at the river edge. Since then  nothing has been done. It was  considered that this promenade  would be a splendid feature, for  sight-seers of the 24th of May  water sports.     The 24th is chas-  STOCK AND DAIRY.  MI can give congress credit for one  splendid deed," says a Texas cattle  breeder. "Tbe matter I speak of is  the appropriation of $250,000 for the  eradication of the cattle tick. This  miserable pest, according to the very  conservative calculations of the department of agriculture, causes an annual  loss of $05,000,000 by reason of tho  thousands of cattle which succumb to  its poisonous attacks.. I believe that  in reality the damage it does is more  than twice that given by the department, although it is difficult to get at  a correct estimate."  Molasses For Horses.  The Louisiana experiment station reports thus on tho use of cane molasses  for horses: In spite of many reports favorable to the use of molasses for  horses, the writer is not inclined to  recommend to northern farmers its indiscriminate use in place of the cereals  and their byproducts. As an appetizer  and tonic for horses out of condition,  as a colic preventive and for improving  the palatability of. rations two to three  pounds daily of molasses undoubtedly  would prove productive of satisfactory  results.  IF YOU GOT BURNT OUT  Would you quit loser?  Of course you would.  Then why not make sure?  ASK ME about insurance.  I CAN MAKE YOUR MIND  EASY for a DOLLAR.  I AM STILL LOOKING FOR  SNAPS.  List your property with me and  GET THE MONEY.  W. ALLAN DOBSON,  Real Estate  .nd Intermediary,  Enderby, B. C.  ing us fast.   It will   soon catch  us. Will the City be prepared to  give our guests something for  their money, or will interest in  the sports lag because not half of  the crowd can see them?  Thanks to the Ladies Aid of  the Methodist church, the music  lovers of Enderby will hear the  famous Williams' Jubilee Singers,  next Monday evening in K. P.  hall. This is without doubt the  musical event of the season.  The program is ' composed of  Negro melodies, plantation and  jubilee songs and humorous selections. To hear these talented  colored people once, is to never  forget the pleasure. They are  unsurpassed. As an Omaha pastor once said: "They are doing a  great work for their race; asmu  =Mei-cantile-���������������������������ofr^are-sufficientlyTsicians^and^entertainersr^they:  well along to permit the store to lead in their line."  Tuberculin War In New York.  Speaking of the fight against the use  of tuberculin in New" York state, a  dairyman says:  "On  my   farms   I   have  a   hundred  cows, and every one of them is healthy!  I do not want an unhealthy cow on my  place, and as soon as I find one that  does not seem well it is not long 'in my  possession.    But  I  do not want anil  nobody else wants well cattle made ill  by   having   tuberculin   pumped   into  them.   In my barns there is not a cow  that is not in  good shape.    The  mo  ment one gets off I put it off to one  side and see what is the matter with  it,  and   unless   jt  conies   through  all  right in a short time I dispose of it.  UsualJy   a   cow.   with   treatment   will  round up all right. 'Tube.culosis can be  eliminated  by giving-the cattle fresh  air,  good   fodder and good   water.    I  have been farming since I was a boy.  1 am now forty-eight years old. and I  have never had the disease among my  cattle.   The reason is that I take good  care of them.    Cows must receive _..  best care in winter.    I give them plenty of fresh air during the cold seasou,  but I always heat their drinking water  by means of :i  small  heating plant I  have erected outside  my  barns.    Tne  result is that they never suffer from  the effects of ice cold  water such as  furnished in many barns.    Of course  a farmer who has a brook or any run-  iiing water on his farm does not need  to resort to this plan..   I  have tried  heating  the  water   for several  years,  {.nd none of my cattle are ever III in  Winter or, for Mint matter, during any  part of tho your "  Stallion Needs Work.  The ability of the stallion to sire  strong, vigorous colts, depends very  largely on his being thrifty. He should  have good hard flesh and good powers  jof_jen<lurance.=_=_Th_^facts^are^that=the-  stallion should be worked at all times  except   during   tJie   breeding   season.  And even during tbat period he should  have exercise enough to keep him eating heartily and without getting too  fat A stallion handled this way is almost sure of being a reliable f oaf getter, and his colts will be more hardy  and vigorous than those from the pain  pered stallion. If a stallion is kept on  the farm he should do his share of the  work with the other horses. Do not be  afraid to work him because of his high  life and vicious traits. Usually idleness is responsible for bis bad traits.  Work him.  Planting Edelweiss on Mont, Blanc.  Count O'Gorman, an Irish Alpinist,  has again started this season on. his  self-imposed task of planting edel-  iweiss in the most inaccessible parts  of the Mont "Blnnc range, from which  the plant has prnotically disappeared.  Swimming Against  =the Stream=  It like trying to do a successful  business without advertising.  And it is not expensive to gain  desirable publicity by tho use of  printers' ink. Our Classified  Want Ads. cost little and are  read by nearly everyone.  Try them as a system tonlo  for your business.  retfrtthtai >W_W B._w IfrCJr  Classified   Ads  Under this head, 3c. word first insertion; lc each  subsequent insertion.  FOR SALE���������������������������1 Bain farm wagon; also  1 set heavy trucks 6-inch tires; both  in good condition. Apply, R. Waddell,  Hazelmere ranch, Enderby.  FOR SALE-A bed, spring and mattress; in good condition; cheap. C.  The Walker Press.  LOST���������������������������Brooch, set with amethysts and  pearls. Suitable reward paid if left  at The Walker Press, Enderby.  FOR SALE: CHEAP���������������������������One-horse tread  power complete; almost new. W.H.  Hutchison, Enderby.  FIRST  QUALITY  ONLY  W.R.  GAW  Departmental Stores  VERNON,   B.C.  '':^x..;s7������������������r_:.^^^  AND  PRICES  RIGHT  aseball  Goods  The 1909 line shows Class,  Style, and Snappy, up-to-  date features. Masks,  Mitts, Gloves, Bats and  Balls. The highest standard at popular price^  Fred. H. Barnes  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  furnished  Dealer in Windows, Doors, Turnings and all factory work.  Rubberoid Roofiing, Screen  Doors and Windows. Glass cut  to any size.  I represent the S. C. Smith Co.  of Vernon.      Enderby.  We have this boat in all sizes.   Write for prices.  The boating and fishing season  will soon be with us. If you do  not already own a boat you  should order at once.' Skiffs and  rowboats of different kinds in  stock, and more coming.  Enderby Drug &  Stationery Co.  LETS  QUICKLY  DISPEL  THAT  "BEFORE- BREAKFAST'  GROUCH  Made at Enderby  Always fresh  Better and cheaper than any imported Breakfast Food  When you use Wheatlets you are  patronising-a=home=industry-  You are buying an Enderby product  Do you know any reason why  you should not use Wheatlets?  The Columbia Flouring MilU  Company,  Ltd.  Enderby  B.   C.  Basswood and Cedar Canoes of All Kinds  In canoes our stock is very  complete, including varnished  and painted qualities. These are  the     reliable     Peterboroughs.    Steady, easy to handle, and the best of workmanship throughout.   Prices on request.  W. R. MEGAW, Vernon, B. C. ' ~ Departmental Stores  PROTECT YOUR TREEC  These destroyers cannot live where trees have been L j  treated with ^t0  WARNOCK'S   TREE   PAINT  Pear Blight, Rabbits, Mice, Borer*, Canker Worm, San Jose Scale,  Oyster Shell  Bark Louse and Sun Scald.   THE COST IS VERY SMALL.   It will not wash off.'  One application protects for two yearn.   Warnock's Tree Paint is notan experiment.   IthaH stood the  lest for 5 years in all parts of the Uuited States.   It is an absolute Preventative and Cure for Pear  Blight.   W������������������ invite investigation.   The Arkansas Experimental Station has used this tree paint for  three years.   November, 1907, they purchased 50 gallons for free distribution among: leading orchards  Send for 10-pa.re free booklet to G.   R.   LAWES,   Enderby, B. C.  Agents Wanted. Sole Manufacturer for B.C  Calling Cards  The correct sizes.  Ladies'  Gentlemen's  Misses  Orders promptly filled  The Walker Press  Enderby


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