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 WALKER'S  Published every Thursday at Enderby, the Gate-Way of the fameus Okanagan, Land of the Big Canadian Red Apple and the California of Canada  Entered in the Post Office at Enderby, B. C, as second-class matter.  Volume 1.  BY TIIK YEAR, S2.  ENDERBY, B.C., DECEMBER 31, 1908.  hy tiik coinr, ac.  Number 44  Published every Thursday by The Walker Press, at Enderby, B. C, the  Gate-way City of the famous Okanagan Valley.  II.      M.      W ALKER  Advertising: rates on application.   Subscription, one year, $2; six months, $1  A blue pencil mark here indicates that your subscription  is past due,  and the editor would like to retain your name on the roll of honor.  Address all communications to-   THE WALKER PRESS, Enderby, B. C.  Pa says:   "Th' only new leaf worth turning over   has  written across it these words: BE KIND."  FROM ONE MAN'S POINT OF VIEW  THE old year has gone, the new is here.  To all the world we wish loads of happiness and prosperity and enough  pain and sorrow to make the happiness  taste good. What we have made of the  old year largely depends upon the conception we had of our mission when we entered upon it 365 days ago. If we entered  upon the new year then in that indifferent,  lackadaisical way the chances are 1908  leaves us little better than it found us.  Our progress has not been gauged by luck,  chance, environment, nor what we have  suffered, but by the measure of sincerity  and the amount of energy we were prepared to put into the things of life with  which we had to do. If we have failed,  that is nothing. If we have given up,  that is hell. Rich may that man be who  has lost all but his nerve in .the.panic_tha.t-  has brushed so many men from their feet.  Poor may the rich man be, who, though  safe and smug from the sheriff, hasn't the  courage of his convictions and the nerve to  give expression to the soul within. Let us  forget the old year and its trials and tribu-!  lations. If we are growing they have been j  stepping stones to our advancement. Look  the New Year squarely in the face. Do  not sidestep, cut out the shuffle gait and  the weathercock. Drive hard and fast  straight for the goal you are aiming at. You  might stumble and fall, but up and at it  again!  I shall never forget this vim-builder.  Read it! Digest it! Take it into the New  Year with you! Apply it personally.  And don't you think it would help us to  apply it as a community?   Paste it in your  hat; post it upon your door post; shout it  from the housetop. Sing it, yell it, talk it,  dream it, live.it!  Did you tackle that trouble that came your way  With a resolute heart and cheerful?  Or hide your face from the light of day  With a craven soul, and fearful?  Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce,  Or a trouble is what you make it;  It is n't the fact that you're hurt that counts,  But only how did you take it!  You are beaten to earth?   Well, well; what's that!  Come up with a smiling face!  It's nothing against you to fall down flat,  But to lie there; that's disgrace!  The harder you're thrown, the higher you bounce,  Be proud of your blackened eye!  It isn't the fact that you're licked that counts,  But how did you fight, and why?  And though you be done to the.death, what then!  If you battled as best you could!  If you played your part in the world of men,  The Critic will call it good!  Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce;  And though he be slow or spry,  It isn't the fact that you're dead that counts,  But only how did you die!  NORTHERN OKANAGAN will have  a splendid Winter Poultry Show.  This is now assured. The liberal  cash prizes offered by the Association, and  the lavish special prizes donated by the  business people of Enderby and Armstrong  should cause our poultrymen to get down  to business in earnest. We are proud of  the business men of Enderby. They have  donated special prizes, cash and otherwise,  to the value of $85. The merchants of  .Armstrong^have^contributedliberally,^���������������������������We-  shall have a special prize list amounting to  $125.00 before it is complete. Did a poultry association ever start better? Did the  first poultry show ever offer stronger inducements? Let it never again be said that  Enderby "can't" doanything. Our poultry-  men must now "make good/' It is up to  them to bring up the birds. They are here.  Fetch them out. We shall have a poultry  judge the best in Canada; our prizes will  compare with those of much larger places;  we shall have a show hall that cannot be  beat, and an enthusiastic, liberal public to  visit the show. And, what is more, we  shall have the birds on hand to show. Push  aside the "Can't-be~diders," boys, and  squeeze in. Opportunity knocks at the  door of our breeders. They will do well to  open and let her jn and their birds out WALKER'S WEEKLY,  ���������������������������bt.i __j_ru.rr.jm: ___'_������������������'. _t.j  _T=.M.V-l_-_l_.!*  _z_x  ____><__x::  5   WINTER POULTRY SHOW  PROMISES  WELL    _xx���������������������������   ...   "  AMEETING of the executive committee of the  Northern Okanagan Poultry Association was held last Sat-  urclay evening in the office of Dr.  Keith, to complete final arrangements for holding the first annual  "i!  8  n  LI  shall take office forthwith, and shall  hold office until their successors are  elected.  Article VII.���������������������������Vacant Offices���������������������������Any  office becoming vacant between the  annual meetings of the Association  may be filled by the Board of Directors at any regular meeting.  Article Vi.il.���������������������������Alteration of Constitution���������������������������No alteration shall be  made to the constitution unless a  notice shall have been made in writing to the Secretary at least one  month previous; and such motion  shall be carried by a two-thirds ma-  oritv of the members present.  zzzrzx:  Messrs. Petar and Marshall,  who have been handling the Armstrong end of the enterprise,  have succeeded in getting a large  membership. The question was  asked by some of our Armstrong  friends why the show was not!  wintpr show The" "committee j held at Armstrong, but the great i  drafted a constitution and bylaws!majority of the citizens of our  and made up the prize list. These! sister town recognize wat En-  will be printed in book form and | derby has always contnoutea lib-  circulated amongst the members. I erally to the success of Arm-; by-laws. '  But, to quickly place the mat-1 strong's horticultural exhioition, j L ���������������������������Duties of the President���������������������������it  ter 'before the members and the ' and in view of this they feel that | shai] be the duty of the President, or  public generally,' it was decided j Enderby Qis entitled to the poul-: m his absence, the Vice-President, to  to publish the  constitution  and: try show.  bylaws and the regular and spe- j The appointment of J. C. Lng-  cial prize lists in Walker Weekly. Jlish to fill the office of secretary-  Thev appear below. j treasurer,   vice Herbert  Teece,  ��������������������������� It"will be seen that a very cred- i resigned, was made by tne executable prize list is prepared.    Es-; tive committee.  pecialiy good are the   specials.;    The following constitution and; se^on.  The business men of   Enderby j bylaws will  govern the associa- j  have given liberally to encourage; tion untiUhe next regular gen- j  th  preside at all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors,  to ^preserve order, give the casting  ���������������������������vote, call special meetings of the Association and' Board of Directors, to  insucct and announce the result of  ballot and other voting, and to attend generally to the interests of the  Association. Me shall not move or  any motion, or resolution,,  shall he take part in any debate while in  the --hair.  II.���������������������������Duties of the Secretary-Treas-  i ���������������������������  ie  Sto^'and" m^e "the I eral meeting, when they will be j Z^** be t: e *lt" 0( the  first show a success.   The Trad-j adopted:  Article   1.���������������������������This  Association   shall  ���������������������������y-Trcasurer    to    recehe'all  moneys  d u e  or done lions to the  be   organized  Poultry  ing Co. 's donation of $10 in cash  prizes, and Robert Peel's donation of a silver cup valued atjkT10wn  $12.50, indicates the spirit back | Poultry  of this company, and is highly  encouraging to the men who  have had charge of the work.  The donations of the other busi-  f i"i e  under   the  Association,   and  as   the   Northern  American  shall   be  Okanagan  head-  Association,     with  quarters at Enderby, 3. C.   '���������������������������  Article IT.���������������������������The objects of this Association shall be: To advance the  general interests of the Poultrymen  of the Okanagan  Valley,  and to en-  nessmen are "sure'To'" make" our, courage the highest possWe'standard  poultrymen  sit   Up   and take no-; of perfection in  poultry breeding b>  tice.  sociation, and to deposit the.r.i in  ! Bank of Montreal;  to nay' all or vers  | drawn   on   him,-  by';check;   eounter-  ! signed by the President .or the Vice-  ! President;  to keep a correct, account  ! of all cash received and paid out by  ! him,, and to present to the Associa-  ! tion  a  yearly  report at the  regular  meeting,  or often or,  if require:!:   to  keep the minutes of the meetings of  the Association  and of the Board of  Directors;   to record  the names an i  .1 ��������������������������� ec e i v e.._ t h e ,._e n t r.a i i c e_ fe.es_o.__. a 11_ me m -  a n ������������������������������������������������������  The date of the winter show is  set for Jan. 28-29-30. The date  previously.set,. January 26-27-28,  was found to conflict with the  date of the winter show at Edmonton, where Dr. Bell is to  judge, after the Calgary exhibit.  It is extremely fortunate that  the association is permitted to  use the excellent K. of P. hall on  the occasion of the first show. It  is well-lighted, well ventilated,  and, situated as it is in a brick  building, ensures the owners of  birds against the fowl being exposed to overheating or cold. A  finer hall for the purpose could  not be found anywhere.  A.s-  anr.  holding a   Winter   Poultry  show  nually in the Northern Okanagan.  Article III.���������������������������Donations���������������������������This  sociation will receive donations  other special gifts of whatever kind  they may her and apply them conformably to the wishes of the donor.  Article IV. ��������������������������� Membership ��������������������������� Any  nerson can become a member of this  Association by paying the annual  membership fee of $ 1.00.  Article V.-----Officers���������������������������The officers  of the Association shall bo a President... Secretary-Treasurer, and Boar.l  of Directors, which latter shall consist of five members elected as  such. The- President, and Vice-  Presidents shall be ex-oflicio members of the Board of Directors.  Article VI.���������������������������Election of Officers ���������������������������  The,President, VicePresidents, secretary-Treasurer and .Board of Directors'shall-be elected annually by members present at a meeting to be held  immediately after the annual Winter  show, and the members then elected  hers, either directly or through the  Directors, giving a receipt for the  same; to correspond with other Societies, and keep copies of all correspondence; keep a poultry breeder.-;  list.: to furnish such information to  members of the Association as may  be required, and to make a yearly report. ' at. the "annual meeting, " or  oftener,  if  required.  IV,���������������������������Duties of Directors���������������������������Fivv  members shall constitute a quorum  for the transaction of business, an I  in the absence of the President ani  Vice-President, shall appoint a chairman from their number It shall be  (heir duty to arrange the general affairs of'the Association, and to prc-  s'-rihe such rules and regulations, for  holding exhibitions as they may  r'cern necessary. Every member of  the Board of Directors .can receive  subscriptions from members, giving  receipts for the same, and shall hand  over such subscriptions to the Secretary,  taking a receipt from him.  ��������������������������� V.���������������������������All membership tickets shall  fall due and be payable on or before  the date of the annual exhibition. ENDERBY, B. C, December 31, 1908  ���������������������������"1WJVI _KI'.J_JLHII<1I_I.1I.IMI_U II Lll.WW  Rules and Regulations  The following regulations shall  govern the Winter Poultry Show:  The premiums of this Association  are open to the competition of the  world, and the Exhibition will be  conducted under the following rules  and regulations:  1. The American Standard of  Perfection shall be the guide to the  Judge on all varieties mentioned  therein.  2. All exhibits must be shown as  classified, and marked with a numbered band on the leg: the number  to be put on the entry paper in space  provided for same. (Bands may be  procured from officers of the Association at 25c per dozen.)  3. All exhibits must be shown in  regulation coops of the following dimensions: Fowls and Ducks, 2x2x2  ft. G in. high; Bantams and Pigeons,  18 in.x2 ft. high; Turkeys and  Geese,3 ft. square. Exhibitors of  Turkeys, Geese and Ducks must provide their own coops; also exhibitors  of Pigeons and pet birds. Coops will-  be furnished by the Association to  exhibitors paying transportation  charges.  4. An entry fee of 25c will be  crarged for single birds; 50c extra  for exhibition pen, and 15c for each  entry of Pigeons. All specimens  entered for competition will be con-  si 'ered as competing for both the  regular and special premiums without an additional entry fee.  6. Exhibition pens to consist of  one male and three females. Any  exhibitor showing male and three  females in single bird classes may  enter same as breeding pen by paying  . 5 0 cents additional entry fee at "time  of making entry.  7. All specimens sent will be  properly cared for by the Committee,  and returned at the close of the Ex-  1 ibit.ion. The expense of transportation must be prepaid and all specimens entered at risk of owners.  Coops must have owner's name and  address printed thereon "for return :  i ou ri) ey, a n _ also th e name of th e j  express company by which they are!  & toHj<rrerfcu* r n^Tlr^Tlre^lvs sWra7tTO~irvnU~  not be_.responsible for loss from any i  cause whatever, but will exercise all  reasonable vigilance in the care of  specimens.  S. And all exhibits not coming  under the foregoing paragraph must  he removed from Exhibition Hall not  .. 1 af.cr-. th a n.. 0 . a. m. .1 an u ary 2 0 th, o r  they will be returned at owner's risk  and  expense.  fl." All specimens must, be exhibif-  the exception of Games and Game  Bantams. Any violation of this rule  will exclude the specimens from competing, and cause the withholding of  premiums awarded to such birds. No  exhibitor will be allowed under any  circumstances to handle any birds except, his own, unless by consent, of  .the owner.  10. First premium birds must  score at least 90 points: second premium 'birds must score at least .88  points; third premium ���������������������������. birds must;  score at least 85 points. In competing for displays or sweepstakes, premiums will count as follows: 1st  prize,  3 points;   2nd  prize,  2 points;  3rd prize, .1 point. A display shall  consist of not less than 10 birds.  . 11. The Judge shall award all  prizes, both special and regular. His  decision shall be final except in case  of fraud or error in adding up the  score cards. As soon as the score  cards have been delivered by the  Judge to the Secretary and entered  in .the book, the prize cards will be  affixed to the winning coops by the  Committee appointed for that* purpose, and by no other.  12. All specimens competing for  premiums must be strictly property  of the exhibitor. Exhibitors shall, if  deemed necessary by the Committee,  make statutory declaration that the  specimens exhibited  by them are  in  ..accordance with this rule. In case  any exhibitor refuses to make such  declaration, on being requested, all  premiums awarded him shall be  withheld.  13. Any person making a protest shall deposit $2, and in. the  event of his protest being sustained  such deposit shall be returned, but  if the protestant fails to prove his  affirmation, then the deposit shall be  forfeited. All protests must be in-  writing and deposited with the Secretary by 10 o'clock a. m., the dav  following the judging.  14. All exhibits from the town of  Enderby must be delivered at the  Exhibition Hall on Thursday, January  28th not. later than 12 o'clock, and  no outside exhibit will be accepted  under, any circumstances after 6 p.m.  of said date, unless delayed by Express Company.  15. The Exhibition will, be  opened to the public at 1 p. m., Friday,  Jan. 29th, and from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m.  Saturday, Jan. 30th.  Admission, 25 cents; children  under 12 years, 10 cents. School  children will be admitted free to  Exhibition, Saturday afternoon, Jan.  30th, from 4 to 6 p. m.  Members   of   the   Association   and  representatives  of the ..press  will  be '  admitted free of charge. !  Free passes to Exhibition will  given to n on-members paying $i  or over in entry fees.  ~J3 irtllTls b own "nTISeTl Tug" C1 a s"s"w iTl  be judged by comparison, except  when scoring is requested. Weight  clause not. to apply to Selling Class.  Persons   wishing   to   sell   exhibits  must place a. price thereon, and  the  Superintendent will endeavor to  same at price state:!, deducting  for- the Association. -->'--  NOTICE���������������������������Strict,   attention   to  above   rules   will   save   unnecessary  trouble,  as  they   will   bo  closelv  adhered  to by  (,ho Association  be  50  Best pair Brown Leghorns  $2.00 by A. Fulton.  Best pair Barred Rocks, door  mat by W. T. Holtby.  Best pair White Wyandotts,  125 lbs. wheat by W. Robinson.  Best pair Buff Orpingtons,$2.00  by Enderby Trading Co.  Best pair Silver Laced Wyandotts, $2.00 by Enderby Trading  Co.  Best pair White Rocks, $2.00  by F. V. Moffet.  Best pair Black Minorcas, $2.00  by F. V. Moffet.  Best pair Turkeys, $1.00 by F.  V. Moffet.  Best pair Geese, $1.00 by A.  L. Fortune.  Best pen birds, any breed,  watch, value $7.00 by J. A. Dake.  Best pair American Class, $2.00  by A. Reeves.  Best pair English Class $2.00  by Evans & Mack.  Best pair Polish. Class $2,00 by  Wheeler & Evans.  Best pair Mediterranean Class,  $2.00 by Enderby Trading Co.  Best pen fowl, any breed,  watch, value $7.00, J. A. Dake.  Best pair Asiatics, $2.00, by  N. IT. Hendrickson.  Best pair French, $2.00, by Enderby Trading Co.  Best pair game, $2.00, by A. L.  Fortune.  Best ornamental Bantam, $2.00,  by Enderby Trading Co.,  Best pen fowl, single comb,  Brown Leghorn, bred in Okanagan valley,pair Brown Leghorns,  W. Marshall.  Best pair Buff Orpingtons,  bred in valley, pair Buff Orpingtons, by Mr. Petar.  Lai:g.eat_.exhihi-tio.KuaU=sh-o-\^o-f^=  sell  0/_  the  Special Prize List  The following list of special  prizes is complete to date:  Best cockerel and pullet, silver  cup by H. F. Waby.  Best male bird (Bantams barred), silver cup by R. Peel.  Best pair birds at show, silver  cup by Mr. Smedley.  Best pair White Leghorns, $2.00  by Jas. McMahon.  I birds scoring not less than 85  points, 1 combination trapnest,  recording 8 hens, by G. C. Salt.  Best shaped male bird, 1 model  : recording trapnest, by G. C.Salt.  j Best shaped Okanagan-bred  ���������������������������male bird, poultry journaHand  1 year's subscription to Walker's  Weekly, by The Walker Press.  : Best Okanagan-bred female  :bird. $2.50 printing and 1 year's  i subscription to Walker's Weekly,  j by The Walker Press.  Best pair Ducks, 1 year's subscription, The Walker Press.  Best pair Barred Rocks hatched  in the Okanagan, $5, by H. W.  Wright.  Membership tickets are in the  hands of the following executive  officers, who are authorized to  collect and  give  receipt for all 4  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  moneys paid by members: Dr..  Keith, W. T. Marshall, F. Petar,  Thos. Pound, H. N. Smedley, H.  M. Walker, J. C. English and  H. E. Waby.  Regular Association Prize List  (Solid color birds must allow 1  point per bird.)  Premiums in all  Poultry Classes.  SINGLE BIRDS.  1 G Entries.  First prize $3.00  SeGond prize       2.00  Third, Fourth and Fifth prize. .    Ribbons  10 Entries.  First prize .". . .$2.00  Second prize    1.00  Third and Fourth prize Ribbons  A   Entries.  First  prize $1.00  Second prize 50 cents  Third prize '. . . H. C. Card  There must be three or more  entries or 2nd money in "the best  entry number will be awarded with  1 st premium ribbon.  These premiums are given on cock,  hen, cockerel and pullet, respectively.  TURKEYS,    GEESE    AND    DUCKS.  First Prize .$1.00  Second prize  . . 50 cents  Third  and  Fourth. . . Ribbons  Exhibitors of Turkeys. Geese and  Ducks must provide their own coops.  EXHIBITION  PENS.  v   1   iMale and  o Females.  First prize..  $2.00  Second prize.     1..00  Third prize 50 cents  Fourth prize H.  C. Card  POULTKY   CLASSES.  CLASS   1���������������������������AMERICANS.  Plymouth Rocks���������������������������Barred, Buff  and White.  Wyandottes ��������������������������� Silver, Golden,  White, Buff,  Black and Partridge.  Any other 'Variety.  CLASS   2���������������������������ASIATICS.   Brah in as���������������������������Light and  dark  Cochin's  CLASS   S���������������������������GAMES.  Game ��������������������������� Black Breasted Red.  Brown Red, Golden Duckwing, Silver  Duckwing, Red Pyle, White, Black,  Birchen, Malay.  Indian Game���������������������������Cornish and White.  CLASS  9���������������������������BANTAMS.  Seabright���������������������������Golden and Silver.  Rose  Combed���������������������������White  and   Black.  Booted���������������������������White.  Brahma���������������������������  Cochin���������������������������Buff, Partridge, White  and Black.  Japanese���������������������������Black Tailed, White  and  Black.  Any other variety.  Game���������������������������Black Breasted Red,  Brown Red, Golden Duckwing, Silver  Duckwing, Red Pyle, White, Black  and Birchen.  CLASS  10.  Guinea Fowl���������������������������Pearl and White.  CLASS  11.  Rumples���������������������������Any color.  CLASS   12���������������������������MISCELLANEOUS.  Any   variety   not   elsewhere   classified.  CLASS  13.  - Bronze,       any      other  Turkeys  variety.  Ducks -  Aylesbury,  White Pekin, White  Colored Rouen, Black  Cayuga, White and Black Muscovey,  Crested White and Indian Runner.  Geese���������������������������Toulouse, Embden, African, Brown and White Chinese.  Wild and Egyptian.  CLASS 14���������������������������ORNAMENTAL BIRDS.  Entry fee, 50 cents per pair.  For Best Pair���������������������������First prize, $2.00;  second prize, $1.00.  Lady Amherst Pheasants.  Reeve Pheasants.  Ring Neck Pheasants.  English Pheasants.  Silver Pheasants.  Golden Pheasants.  . Peafowl.  CANARIES���������������������������(No entry fee).  .Best   Exhibit   of   Canaries���������������������������First  prize-, Ribbon:  Second prize, Ribbon.  Armstrong Prize Money  Tar -fi_ge7-"J3 u "ft","  and White.  Langshans���������������������������Black and White.  CLASS   3���������������������������MEDITERRANEANS.  Leghorns���������������������������Brown,   R.   C.   Brown  White,   R.   C.   White;   White,   Black  Buff   and   Silver   Duckwing,   or   any  other variety.  " Ahc'ona:���������������������������  Minorcas���������������������������Black. White and R. C.  Black.  Andalusians���������������������������Blue.  Spanish���������������������������White Face  Black.  CLASS -1.  Polish���������������������������Any variety.  CLASS 5.  1-1 a m b u r gs ��������������������������� G o 1 d e n and S i I v e r  Spangled. Black, Golden, Pencilled.  Silver or any other variety.  Red  Caps���������������������������  CLASS 6���������������������������FRENCH.  1-1 on dans���������������������������Mottled.  Any other variety.  CLASS   7--EXGLISH.  Dorkings���������������������������Any variety.  Orpingtons ----- Buff.     "Black      and  White.  The following: additional amounts were subscribed by the Armstrong: business men. They  3^|^j^j-were-received-too-late-to-be-appropriated-as-prizes--  but will be set apart by the committee at its next !  meeting. The amounts contributed prove that j  Armstrong is also alive to the importance of the  Winter Poultry Show, and is prepared to support the movement enthusiastically. Messrs. Marshall and Petar are to be congratulated on securing- !  such a liberal amount for special prizes. Well j  done, Armstrong. i  F. C. Wolfonden $2.50 i  Forman & Armstrong1  2.00 j  II. K. Morley, nickel-plated copper coffee pot  2.00 j  .John dime   2.00 j  C. T. Daykin & Son   2.00 I  A. F\ Fraiser  2.00 !  1. Fraiser   2.00 :  Whiting & Kodgers  2.00  Oni McPhersun  2.00 j  biding & Home, baker's goods   2.00  Kennedy, men's furnishing goods   2.00 j  W. F. Brett, cupper lea kettle   2.00 I-  A..H. Fraiser   2.00  (Continued on page 10)  Fancy  Candies  When you want to get  soft, sweet and delicious  ���������������������������something to make the  cozy corner in the long  winter evenings the most  delightful place on earth���������������������������  take home a box of our  Chocolates.  Enderby Drug &  Stationery Co.  ENDERBY'S  FURNITURE   STORE  and see my line of  Easy Chairs  Morris Chairs  All kinds of Chairs at the lowest possible cash prices  Carpets, Squares, Rugs  &  Mats at Wholesale Prices  Call and inspect them.    It is a  pleasure to show these goods.  W.  T. HOLTBY  Furniture Dealer and Undertaker  BRADLEY BLK.       ENDERBY  LOST ���������������������������An adjustable. 14 k.gold bracelet (Carmen stvle). Finder will be  suitably rewarded, if same is left at  the office of the Walker Press. Annie  Fenton.  WANTED-A general family servant.  Family of two. Apply Mrs. V. C.  Brimacombe, Enderby.  FOR SALE���������������������������Two part-jersey heifers,  ed Christmas   Day,   other to come  Jas. Emeny.   Enderby.  Onecalv-  in shortly, ENDERBY, B. C, December 31, 1908  rs__r*_7r-7T*.������������������r  wnwwjLuui. ���������������������������  5  xx:  XZXZZE  nxn  PREPARING  FOWL  FOR  THE SHOW  ROOM  By.H, E. Waby  xx:  xzxzr  I would like, as president of  the Northern Okanagan Poultry  Association, on behalf of the  members, to thank the tradesmen and citizens of Enderby for  the hearty support given when  called upon to assist by donating  special prizes.  We poultrymen of the northern part of the Okanagan, especially, are expected now to make  the coming show a success and  bring out our birds in as good  shape as possible. Enderby has  come forward and given freely a  long list of special prizes, and  some especially have donated  handsomely. With three silver  cups and a watch and numerous  cash and other prizes, besides  the regular prizes and a chance  s bill to g;et more, we have asj  good a prize list as any, and one  which will compare favorably  with the larger shows.  Donators will naturally want  us to put our best foot forward  and make a good, clean, creditable exhibit.  To begin with we would ask  all members to make a good showing. If you don't want to enter  all, make a few nice coops and  put a few specimens on exhibition. Grit, chaff, water and  feed will be provided free of  charge, and a superintendent will  always be on  hand to attend to  over  have ^,,j ������������������_,������������������.���������������������������._   __s  combs;    broken   wing   and   tail  feathers are better left in now as  the time is too 'short to pull them.  If your bird  has scaly legs, dip  them in coal  oil  and hold them  there   for three   minutes;  next  day put on   some sulphur  ointment.    This will clean off all old  scales and bring out nice colored  new ones.    For two days before  the show wash the legs in soap  and water and polish well.    Put  on legbancl nice and neat.   Combs  frozen   should  be  dressed with  turpentine to take off dry skin  and  rubbed with vasaline each  day  if   possible.    The   last day  wash  in warm soft water  and  soap; rub gently and dry with a  soft cloth, then rub on vasaline.  Go carefully over your specimens  and pull any off-colored feathers,  such as black or white in barred  rocks, etc.    I would   not advise  washing unless you have had experience  or could  get   practice  beforehand.   A better way would  be to take a wet cloth and dampen  the feathers.    Put your bird in a  coop# in the sun  or near a stove  and it will soon  do the washing  sufficient to make it look much  better.    This   in white varieties  will help quite a lot.    If you wish  to go to a little more trouble you  could polish spurs in male birds;  them  and_ assist in every way j wash mantles, earlobes and comb.  possible.   Information as to selec- i Dress with vasaline and  coop a  tion, etc., will be gladly furnished! few hours each clay to get your  ,b_y_-kl_-e���������������������������^  breed. ! handling helps a bird to take a|  In treating on preparation we | good position in the coop for the;  will just touch lightly on the sub- j final 'judgment on carriage and '  ject as time is limited, and if|general condition. In a general'  eveiy one fits in a general way it! way if you feed well (but don't:  is all that canbe expected for ���������������������������this j overdo it) will  put a good gloss.  your flock and see. if you j weights required, it would per-  any scaly legs   or  frozen haps be   as  well to have   your  bird in pretty good condition, as  allowed  you are allowed one pound of  overweight but nothing in underweight. Weight does not apply  to leghorns and several of the  Mediterranean breeds. Be very  careful and don't break any flight  or main tail feathers, as these  are the chief disqualifying feathers and loss of each one means a  cut of from one-half to two  points. This is about all that can  be done in a general way. White  earlobes can be brought back to  their color quite a lot by rubbing  in zinc ointment. If you have a  bird which gets into a scrap,  take it while bleeding and apply  salt butter.  Annual Meeting  The annual meeting of the Spallumcheen Farmers' Institute will be held  in the K. of P. Hall, Enderby, Thursday  Jan. 7th at 2 p. m. The 'president's  .���������������������������eport, financial statement and election  of officers and other business. W. P.  Horsley, president; Jno. Bird, secretary.  A meeting of the Curling Club  wi.l be held Friday evening, January 1st, at Dr. Keith's office, at  8 o'clock sharp.  year.    To begiirwith^weinustall  be careful to avoid all disqualifying defects; that is to say, if you j  have a bird with side sprigs on ;  the comb, or at the side of .the;  comb, or stubs between the toes j  or on the legs of clean-legged va-j  rieties, or white or black at the!  base of primary or flight wing!  feathers   and main tail feather!  in breeds which should not have j  them,; don't   show   the   birds.!  Sometimes these feathers can be  pulled without injuring the specimen.    About the most glaring of  defects are side sprigs and stubs.  In preparing, it is as well to look  on. the feathers,  and "if possible  unless   you   know  the difl'eien  .    A  Surprise Evening  ~r~iv_^^  Come and See!  North Enderby School   House  January 6th  Entrance, 25c:  Ladies please bring a basket  ���������������������������St  The Big Bread Maker, made where we live.       This is also  Enderby?s Pay Roll Flour  If your grocer has not sufficient local enterprise to handle  this flour, try a grocer who has; or we would gladly supply  you at our Mill.  Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Enderby  0 fi  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  ���������������������������������������������^^pw������������������fj 'iwygL.'_ ������������������������������������������������������g_et_B.__e'J gumaw-  Mi_iu.Ji^nLiK.iJa-iiiJ*W>  Asky������������������������������������r Orocer for it,  CITY   OF- ENDERBY  NOTICE  PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the Electors  of the Municipality of the City of Enderby that I  reauire Vas presence of the said Electors at the  City Office, Enderby, B. C, on MONDAY, the  Eleventh Day of January, 1909  at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing persons  to represent them in the Municipal Council as  Fred. H. Barnes     MAYOR   AND   ALDERMEN  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  furnished  Dealer in  Sashes,   Doors, Turn-:  ings and all factory work.  I represent the S. C. Smith Co. j  of Vernon.       Enderby.        i  The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as  follows: The candidates shall be nominated in writing;  the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the  Municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall be  delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between  the date of this notice and 2 p. m. of the day of nomination. In the event of a poll being necessary, such  poll shall be opened on THURSDAY, the  Le  Our Meats are  always fresh  e  is  and we serve the best  on the market. Fish,  poultry and eggs in  season.  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C.  Fourteenth Day of January, 1909  at the City Office, Enderby, of which every person is  hereby required to take notice and govern himself  accordingly.   , -  The Qualifications for a Person to be Nominated  and Elected as Mayor are: That such person is a mal  British subject of the full age of twenty-one years;  not disqualified under any law, and has been for the  six months next preceding the day of nomination the  registered owner, in the Land Registry Office, of land  or real property in the city of the assessed value, on the  last municipaf assessment roll, of one thousand dollars,  or more, over and above any registered judgment or  charge, and who is otherwise duly qualified as a  municipal voter.  Pacific Coast  Grown SEEDS  TREES, PLANTS  Reliable varieties at reasonable prices. No Borers, j  No Scale. No fumigation to damage stock. No ;  windy agents to annoy you. Buy direct and get j  trees and seeds that grow. _-....��������������������������� '  Fertilizers. Bee Supplies,  Spray Pumps, Spray- ;  ing material. Cut Flowers, etc.   Catalogue free,     j  M. J.HENRY  3010'Westminster Rd. VANCOU \  N. B.��������������������������� Anyone wishing a Catalogue  free, may ;  have oneby calling at the office of Walker's Weekly  FT. TURNER  Plumbing and   Steam Fitting  All kinds of Tin and Zinc Articles Repa red  TlTeTI)ljalffi  and Elected as an Alderman are: That such person is a  male British subject of the full age of twenty-one years,  is not disqualified under any law, and has been for the  six months next preceding the day of nomination the  registered owner, in the Land. Registry Office of land  or real property in the city of the assessed value on the  last municipal assessment roll, of Five Hundred dollars,  or more, over and above any registered judgment or  charge, and who is otherwise duly qualified as a municipal voter.  Given   under my hand at Enderby,   B.   C, this  31st day of December, 1908.  GRAHAM ROSOMAN, Returning Officer  Ml I WWIWffTW  ���������������������������.���������������������������mu. ���������������������������'._iiiTM;ir.'JWCT-1  WT/yrwr1 i.i jlhijijwm'.wi���������������������������* m .win  Rear Evans Blk  Enderby  Working Harness, Saddles, Repairing  Anything you need, in stock  J. W. Evans,KSIRMEARKER Enderby ENDERBY, B.C., December 31, 1908  mi9t.m '������������������i ��������������������������� iv* \     mh  W .F   WlPlf.1 ������������������PJ '������������������������������������������������������*  School District of Enderby  NOTICE  PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the Electors of the  School District of Enderby, that I require the presence of the said Electors at the City Office, Enderby, B. C, on MONDAY, the  Eleventh  Day of January, 1909  at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing a person  to represent them as  TRUSTEE  on the Board of School Trustees of Enderby,  in the place  of Mr. W. Jones whose term has expired.  The mode of nomination shall be as follows: The candidates shall be nominated in writing; the writing shall be  subscribed by two voters of the School District as proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning  Officer at any time between the date of this notice and 2  p.m. of the day of nomination. In the event of a poll  being necessary such poll shall be opened on Thursday, the  Fourteenth  Day of January,   1909  at the City Office, Enderby, of which every person is hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.  The Qualifications for a person to be nominated and  elected as Trustee are: That such person is a householder  in the School District, and is a British subject of the full  age of twenty-one years, and is otherwise qualified under  "The Public Schools Act, 1905/' and Amending Acts to  vote at an election of School Trustees in the said District.  Given under my hand at Enderby, B.C., this 31st day of  December, 1908.  GRAHAM ROSOMAN  Returning Officer.  IN   THE   CHURCHES  PHURCH OF ENGLAND. St. George's Church,  V Services every Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.  m. Holy Communion every Sunday at 8 a. m. and  1st Sunday in month at 11 a. m. during December,  January and February. Litany, ,,Friday,  7.45 p. m. Choir rehearsal. Friday, 8 p.m. North  Enderby at 3 p.m. every alternate Sunday, commencing July 12th. Mara, at 3.00 p.m.every alternate Sunday, commencing0 July 5th. All cordially invited.    Rev. J. Leech-Porter, B.D., Vicar  METHODIST CHURCH���������������������������Young People's meet-  ���������������������������*���������������������������"- ing, Sunday, 7 p. m.; Preaching every  Sunday, 7:30 p. m.; Junior Epworth League,  Tuesday. 3:45 p. m.; Prayer Meeting; Tuesday,  7:30 p. m.; Class Meeting. 8:15 p. in. (immediately  after the prayer meeting); Sunday School, 2.30 p.  m. A. N. MILLER, Pastor.  PRESBYTERIAN    CHURCH-Sunday   School,  ���������������������������*���������������������������     9:45 a. in.; Church  service,   11. a. m.; Young  People's meeting, Wednesday, 8 p.m.   P. CAMPBELL, Pastor.  "DAPTIST. CHURCH-Sunday School, 10 a. m.;  *-* Church service, LI a. m.: Prayer meeting,  Wednesday, 7:30 p. m.      B. S. FREEMAN, Pastor  CITY OF ENDERBY  fUTY OFFICE-Clifi St., office hours, 10 a. m. to  Y 12:30, 1:30 to 4 p. in.: Saturday, L0 to 12:30 m.  City Council regular meeting, every alternate Saturday at 8 p. m. Geo. Bell, mayor: Graham Rosoman, city clerk. Chairman Board of Works, Ira  C. Jones; Waterworks Committee, J. W. Evans;  Finance Committee, H. H. Worthington: Committee on Health, Geo. R. Lawes. Poundkeeper,  Evans & Mack.  POST OFFICE  H  OURS���������������������������8 a. m. to 0:30 p. m.; mails close, south-  - bound, .10:00 a.m.; northbound. 4:00 p.'m.   SMALLJDE^^dURT^'Zl"  CITS every Saturday, by appointment at 2 p. m.  ^ Graham Rosoman, Police and Stipendiary  Magistrate.  SECRET SOCIETIES   A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40.  Regular meetings first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially  invited.  N. H. KENNY  W. M.  II. H.  WORTHINGTON,  Secretary  1.0.0. F.  if  I t-=_=g^ xss^___^/   Eureka Lodge, No. 50  , Meets every Tuesday evening at 8o'clock, in I. O.  j O. F. hall. Metcalf block. Visiting brothers al-  i ways welcome. H. N. Heiulrickson. N. G., A.  | Reeves, Secy. J. B. Gaylord. P. C... Trcas.  ;    ���������������������������������������������--!  I..!l.-���������������������������=���������������������������.! _.*���������������������������.���������������������������,��������������������������� ���������������������������     __-M���������������������������OTR^n_^^_M���������������������������^���������������������������l_B_B_i  WMmmmmwmsa  ������������������_}_J&_Q  N^VN  *_3  3  Butter-ma  If any butter maker makes butter that she's  proud of, it's good business for her to let the  world know where it came from. Nicely printed  vegetable parchment butter paper, and printed  with an alkali ink that won't run. will do it. The'  Walker Press can furnish the finest vegetable  parchment, the finest ink that won't run, and the  finest quality of printing. If you can furnish the  finest butter, you'll have a winning combination.  Come in and talk it over with us  l-V-  k/W  D  ���������������������������PROFESSTONMr  RH. W. KEITH,  OHice hours:    Forenoon. 11 to 12  Afternoon, 1 to 5  Evening, 7 to 8  Sunday, 12 to 1  Office:    BELL BLOCK ENDERBY  W.  E. BANTON,  _3_E3___^  wmsmm^MM  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Pub 1 ic, Con veyancer,  etc.  Offices, Bell Block. Enderby,B.C.  pLAUDE P. JONES,  VJ   ARCHITECT  CONSULTING ENGINEER  FOR HEATING AND  , VENTILATING ^  INSTALLATIONS.  VERNON B.C. s  WALKER'S WEEKLY;  .���������������������������3__r:  i -.!._T.<g- --mj_a_sr m r__'ggi_sri  _zr>c=i  >c<  _><x  :xx:  _n  (I  NEWS IN AND ABOUT THE TOWN AND DISTRICT 8  IXX;  XX  nx:  n  i i  What are you doing to induce  prosperity to knock- at your door  in 1909?  A public meeting will be held  in K. of P. hall Tuesday evening,  to consider the question of local  option.  The Christmas tree entertainment was well attended and netted the Sunday school upwards of  $50. The exercises were well  given.  Frank Franklin is visiting his  home atjDauphin, Man., where  he was called by the illness of  his brother. He expects to return to the Okanagan soon.  Get in line for the Poultry  Show. It's going to be a winner.  Read all about it in this issue,  and then, if you own birds, groom  them up for the occasion.  C. Rice returned from Salmon !  Arm this week, where he com-j  pleted the plastering of the hand- j  some cement block home of John!  Dolen, erected by Jas. S. John-j  )    Ira C. Jones finished a $4,000  i residence on the BX.ranch, Ver-  room.    Windows are so arranged  that spectators can view the play-  non, ten days ago, and turned | ers from the warm room. Mr.  the keys over to the owner. Mr. jJones finished the building with  Jones is giving satisfaction and; the neatness and dispatch char-  fast winning for himself a repu-; acteristic of his work,  tation for getting things done That was a dirmer fit for a  that will stick,  The city books for the year  1908 will  be  closed at 4 o'clock  prince, or lord, or an epicure of  the royal household which Paddy  Murphy served to his patrons at  :one.  sharp today (Thursday). In or-j the King Edward on Christmas  der that the year's business may j Day, and one that should not be  be wound up in a satisfactory j forgotten by those fortunate  manner, it is hoped that all per- j enough to enjoy it.  sons whose real  estate taxes or j    water rates are  still unpaid will j  Reduction in Price of Tobacco  make  a point of calling at the ��������������������������� . .,,    ,,     1 ,    *  city office and settling same be- \ T commencing with the 1st of  fore that hour ; January,    (tc-morrow)   we   will  lore mat noui. | put the price of tobacco back to  Ira C. Jones completed the erec-1 wnere it was before the rise.  tion of the curling rink Monday j      Enderby Trading Co. Ltd  evening,   and  Enderby can now |        boast of as  handsome a rink as j    Fancy   dress   carnival   at   P.  there is in the Valley. It is 32x150 i Qreyell's   rink   tonight.      Band  feet over ail,   with   a dressing j cianCe tomorrow night.     Curling  room 10x28.    Two  sheets of ice | next weejc#  are being made.    A 4-foot side- ��������������������������� -      wollr rlnwn  rhp PPllfrP Ipads from    T WILL be in  touch  with  scalers   looking-  for  waiK aown tne cenue i_d,u& ������������������������������������ui_i L prop0].lvin the ,Enderi3y district,    see me  the     entrance      tO     the     areSSlllg   personally if you want to hcII. C.C. Rice. Emcpi-Lv  tar._ jamafVCTWt���������������������������**uj. *-n uwiiiji  utr.wu- .j lUJiu >M.t~������������������mnlw>** w1"  n������������������y.'.ft' \<mx...v���������������������������e. ,m.^*i������������������> vwmimzw^**.m  ������������������v���������������������������; ���������������������������f-.-'L. n  _'  ���������������������������__  _ *-ti!  |j__ra    ;j  '%s^ '4s_  We have not space enough to tell you of all the excellent and useful articles   ���������������������������WF"have-iirstocfc���������������������������_krtHtere^re-a_ew-o_4h-e-HK   Let us make 1909  the  Banner   Year !  Skates  Hocky Sticks  Pocket Knives  Carving Sets  Silver Spoons  Silver Knives __ Forks  Shaving Brushes  ���������������������������i  Carbo-Magnetic. Razors  i\     o  *3  lovs Air Guns  Everything that can be found in an up-to-date Hardware Store      Boy������������������   Hand _3l  Fulton's Hardware, Tin and Plumbing Works  CLIFF STREET  ENDERBY, _. O. ENDERBY, B. C, December 31, 1908  J. A. DAKE  Jewel.er and Optician  ENDERBY,  BRITISH COLUMBIA  Fine Watch and Jewelry repairing  a specialty.  Old Jewelry remodeled and fashioned to suit your wishes.  The cost of all work will be given  before being done.  The cheapest Jewelry Store in B.  C. to purchase Watches, Rings and  all Jewelry.  All work guaranteed satisfactory  or money refunded.  Repair work a specialty  all u) or k guar ante ed  J. A. DAKE, Jeweler & Optician, Cliff St., Enderby  zxxz  NEWS IN AND ABOUT THE TOWN AND DISTRICT  XX  >x  Mrs. Herb McCormick left for  Vancouver Friday evening to enter for a course in nursing at the  hospital.  The barber shop will be open  on New Years day from 4 to 7:30  p. m. Get your shave for the  dance.  The body of Jas. Currie, one of  the old-time Slocan boys, was  taken to Vernon Monday morning and placed beside those of  Jas. Minto and Will Gibbs, fellow pilgrims of the halcyon days.  iWrrCurrie^was^recently^taken^tcr  the asylum at New Westminster,  and there he died last Friday  from softening of the brain.  The crib work on the river bank  is completed and the men are  filling in._^  leading from the street to the  water's edge makes it convenient  for boat landing, and when the  street is properly graded and  gravelled and the river shore  sidewalked and planted with  trees,. f what, a handsome river  shore we shall have! Mr. Ken-  ney has done good work on this  improvement.  Enderby Lodge, No. 40, A. F.  & A. M., held its annual installation of officers on Monday evening, the names of those who will  bear bfficeTffirng the coming year  being as follows: J. F. Pringle,  W. M.; Graham Roseman, S. W.;  Geo. Heggie, J. W.; H.H. Worthington, I. G.;;': G. G. Bowes, T. ;  A. Sutcliffe, S. D.; W. Robinson,  !_������������������._S.������������������������������������������������������JjJKm.jGracie,J. J3;.; ^Past  Comparisons:  a  a  a  Month of December, 1907, 501bs flour cost,        .-      .$1.90.  January,    1908, . ��������������������������� ���������������������������"       "      -      - $1.85  February,   1908, '   "      -"   -       -       -    .$1.75,  March,       1908,"      "      -      - $1.651  Beginning-'January 1st, 1909, ���������������������������"       " will cost at this store j  the small sum of $1.60  The good work I set out to do has but begun. I want the grocery trade of this j  town, and if clean goods, full weight and prompt attention, coupled with right j  prices count���������������������������?    Walter Robinson, Cash Grocer, Enderby  Master Fred. H. Barnes, M. C.;  Past Master F. Pyman, Chap.;  V. C. Brimacombe, Sec. At the,  conclusion of the ceremonies,  which were conducted by Past  Master John Highman of Vernon,  the members and visiting brethren sat down to an excellent supper, afterwards going through a  most enjoyable programme of  speeches, interspersed with musical selections.  Our merchants deserve full  credit for the excellent stocks of  fjoliday^goods^sht)wn7na=h1i^the^  pretty displays made. Xmas trade  was good in all lines and everybody was happy, excepting on  Xmas eve, when the Xmas tree  entertainment upset business in  all linesjmd made some^njiuire  If th������������������ children would not have  enjoyed themselves as much the  evening before or the night  after.  COMING  The Canadian Amusement Co, High  class moving pictures illustrated, illustrated songs etc.;K. P. Hall four nights  as follows: Wed. Jan, 6, Thur, Jan. 7,  Sat. Jan. 9, Tues.Janl2. Entire change  of program each evening. Admission;  Adults, 25c; Children 15c.  A FEW S. C: Brown Leghorn Cockerels still for  **��������������������������� sale. Brothers to Pullets that laid this year  at three months and three weeks old; bred from  trap nested and unbeaten show stock; $2to$5each  H. E. Waby, Enderby, 10  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  ~!+!X*m*m'*r������������������  ������������������������������������������������������_��������������������������� .m**** ������������������>.rj f jTT.a-L.-.'.j  t^_-.*W,,Jr2AJ!-l,.,JSJ!P5*2a,l  Regular Prize List  (Continued from Page -1)  PIGEONS.  4. The selling price to be stated  on entry form.  5. No sale shall be considered effected until money is paid in to Secretary.  January'2eies c'������������������se 6 p"m' Tuesday' If ifc injures   your  feet to  ' Prizes���������������������������Three prizes in this class:   wear rubbers,     try   the half-  s,f' hr"n,and 8rd for "est Wrds of rubber.   Thev keep the sole  any  Dreed. ,  , , *> ,  *���������������������������   ,.  also a nice line of  Fancy   Groceries  Underwear, Sweaters and  Gloves of all kinds.  WHEELER~& EVANS  Brusiclish & Baird  Plain and Ornamental  PLASTERING, LATHING  Brick and Cement work.     Hard   Wall  work a specialty.  "No JobToo Big; No Job Too Small"       Enderby  ���������������������������ihiiw   ii ii  iwi i w ii ii \ummm i ��������������������������� nr ihiiti ir~m 11   m r mi ��������������������������� mw n i_ mil i     ���������������������������! ~n  -4+ T <_"���������������������������������������������"(-"  CLASS  15.0  Entry Fee���������������������������Pigeons in all classes  must be entered singly. The tee is  15c. for each bird. ���������������������������.,..   ���������������������������_v,v,���������������������������. ,  , , - -   ..  Subject   to   the   same   Rules   and j       1st   prize 50 % of all entry fees     ; dry    and    prevent    Slipping.  Regulations   governing   Poultry   De-1      2nd prize 30%  of all entry fees       Wp Pnrrv fpipm  partment. j      3rd  prize 20% of all entry fees     j YVC ^ailJ   u^ui.  Premiums are given on Cocks and |      Remarks���������������������������Exhibitors in this class  Hens, respectively. ' are requested to send in all informa-  First prize, 5 0 cents; Second prize, ; tion regarding breeding of birds.  2 5 cents. .    Exhibitors must furnish their own ;                      OPEN CLASS.  coops and cages. i    Antwerps���������������������������Long Faced. . DRESSED  POULTRY.  Antwerps���������������������������Short Faced. ,(VVith heads on).  .Magpies���������������������������Black  or   Blue,   Red   or : 1st 2nd  Yellow, any other color. j i���������������������������Turkey    $1.00     $  .50  Swallows���������������������������Black,  Blue, Red, Yel-j o,���������������������������Chicken    1.00 .50  low and any other color. j 3���������������������������Goose    1.00 .50  Archangels���������������������������Any color. ; 4���������������������������Duck    "1.00 .50  Nuns���������������������������Any color. ;      Exhibitor     may     sell     specimens  Homers���������������������������Blue,    Silver,    Blue    or, through    Superintendent    of    Exhi-  Black   Chequer.   Red   Chequer,   and j bition at 10%   commission,  any other color. No sale considered  complete until  English Owls���������������������������Blue or Silver, and.; money is paid to Secretary,  any other color.  African Owls���������������������������Blue or Silver,  Black and White.  Chinese Owls���������������������������Any color.  Trumpeters���������������������������White, Black and  'Mottled.  Fantails���������������������������White, Black, Blue, Red  or Yellow, and any other color.  Orientals���������������������������Barred, Blue Laced,  and any other Blondinetts; any color  Sat.inett.es.  Turbits���������������������������Black, Blue, Red and  Yellow Wing, and any other color.  Carriers���������������������������Black, Dun and any  other color.  Pouters���������������������������Black Pied, Red Pied,  Yellow Pied, Blue Pied, White, and  White Pied, and any other color.  Barbs���������������������������Black and any other color.  Short Faced Tumblers���������������������������Almond,  Mottled or Rosewing, Self Color,  i\111 ffed R ose-wi nged.  Long Faced Clean-legged Tumblers���������������������������Mottled or Rosewing and  solid, any color.  Jacobins���������������������������Black  or  Blue.  Red  or  -Y-t-'.l 1 ow-.a n d_W_h ite    anko  Established 1817 |  Capital, $14,400,000 Rest, $12,000,000 I  Undivided Profits,  $699,969.88 |  Honorary Psesident,  Rt. Hon. LORD STRATHCONA, MOUNT ROYAL, G. C. M. G.  President, Hon.   SIR GEORGE DRUMMOND, K. C. M. G.  Vice-President and General Manager,   SIR EDVVAi-.D CLOUSTuN. Burt.  Head Office, Montreal. London Office, 46-4-7 Threadnecdie St. E.G.  A General Banking Business-. Transacted  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT ������������������������������������r^  Branches in Okanagan District: Enderby, Armstrong, Vernon, Kelowna and Suirnv.erlMui  G. A. HENDERSON, Esq.. Manager  A. E.TAYLOR. Sub-Afc-eni. Enc'crby  ������������������<M������������������ r" !T������������������ t V_cjr������������������ U t _*��������������������������� _ ������������������  ines  uULIiUl  V  CM, ASS   10.  I_nrr\'  fee,  2")  cents. ������������������  The name of (he variety that, produced the eggs must accompany each  entry     Kirst pri/.c. $1.00; second prize. ">()  cents.  Per the   11'  best   Hen   Kggs.  white.  Kor the  12 best   lien  Kggs. brown  For t he  I 2 best   Duck Kggs.  \'\)V the host display of Kggs by  one exhibitor, not .less than six  ���������������������������varieties, each Lo.be named..  All   Kggs to be strictly fresh.  HULL INC   CLASS.  Knfry  fee,   10  cents.  1. All general rules which are  applicable will apply to this class.  2. . Birds cannot be shown in both.  'Open and Selling classes.  M. All birds in this class shall  wear a leg band, the number to be  given on entry form,  "Enderby is a charming villiage with city airs.  When Paddy Murphy shook the snow of Sandpn  off his feet lie came here, and now owns one of  finest brick hotels in the country. Although  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan, he calls his  hotel the King Edward. In addition to the excellence of the meals, breakfast is served up to 10  o'clock, which is an added attraction for tourists."  (Extract from Ixnv^ry's Ledge.)  King Edward Hotel, KtiMUEPIiY Enderby  Livery _ Fee  Remember your horse: Feed him well  and he'll seiwe you  right.    Leave   him  with  us  when   you   come   to   town.  EVANS & MACK "���������������������������' ENDERBY  Wanted���������������������������At Enderby, a resident DENTIST.   A good field for a  man capable of doing the right kind of work. ENDERBY, B. p., December 31, 1908  11  ratm^'r.'LTjg. 'i: -  :n.-i .ly^n-i"-"v.*  rt^*.T���������������������������!w.i r-iJ!' jjw'f.  w.^rwi^w.^:1^ * m ihm^  __ Practical Church.  The  Rev.    Mclntyre and the!  Board of Trustees of the Metho- j  dist Church at Summerland, in!  building a Y.M.C. A. at that town ;  have set an example of practical  Christianity that may   well be  emulated  throughout B. C. and  especially in the Okanagan.    The j  Rev. Mclntyre is a lover of clean j  healthy exercise, he knows fnll j  well that healthy minds are the j  product of healthy bodies; that  the training youth receives in a  gymnasium is an important step  in  the foundation  of character;  and his associates  are   as   one  with him.    They know that the  young manj is a restless animal,  he must have  some thing to do  and that the want of it leads him  astray.    The Methodist church of  Summerland have   proved that  they are above the usual run of  churches;'and they have made a  Why not build  ?  your own<  We carry a full line of all kinds of building material,  including Lime in Barrel, Cement and Wood and Hair  Fibre Patent Plasters.   We have a large stock of   SEASONED LUMBER ON HAND  Estimates cheerfully furnished.  MILL WOOD- (short) -$1.50 per load.  A. R. Rogers Lumber Co.Ltd.,  _j  err  You can't forget  v>  The old home place���������������������������the place where the pioneers of the Valley put  up when Enderby was a'bornin'. You can't forget the hotel home  provided in the early days by WEBB WRIGHT. It was the Enderby  Hotel then: it is the Enderby Hotel now. And you won't forget the  cordial treatment that will be accorded you today as it was the  pioneer then. The ENDERBY HOTEL, {^Se  WRIGHT.  Proprietor  RBY  THE BEST CLAY IN THE VALLEY, well-burnt, makes the  Best Bricks in the Valley  A large stock of bricks now on hand. Reasonable prices in large or  small quantities. Build of brick, and you'll have all the comforts  of home���������������������������and a great many more. The cost is about the same as  frame-built, and the comforts a great deal more.  The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby  J      Qr\n  ames iviowat&Lu,  Estate.  lsurance  E ND'E R B Y,    B. C.  Fire Insurance in first-class companies.     Accidenb Insurance  REASONABLE TERMS WRITE FOR LIST  Plumbing and  ��������������������������� Furnace Work  Eave Troughing and all kinds of  Sheet  Tin   and   Copper work.    Repairing and  .Jobbing Work given prompt attention.  Corner Hudson and Alexander Sts. SALMON ARM  ' move that will be of inestimable  benefit to themselves and to the  people of Summerland. We  heartily congratulate them.  Would that one at least of our  own churches would follow their  worthy example; they would find  a willing helper in the..Advertiser. ���������������������������Armstrong Advertiser.  Newsy Squib from Mara.  H. J. Blurton writes: "I notice  you are speaking very highly of  Mara these days, and the latest  thing is her gold mine. I had  not heard much about this mine  until I saw your news item, but  there is certainly lots of mineral  in the mountains in this section  of the country. . {#������������������������������������������������������"���������������������������  I notice in the Vernon News  and sometimes in the Armstrong  Advertiser little items about a  deer having been killed somewhere or other. Mara, I believe,  can beat most places in that regard. This season I killed two  caribou, (one having a magnificent  set of antlers) as well as two  deer. The Graham boys killed  three deer, and a guest of Mr.  Kellett succeeded in killing another.'"There ;r was very good  fishing and wild-fowl shooting all  fall for anyone who wanted it.  By-the-bye, I saw fifteen caribou in a bunch the time I killed  my two animals,   and this   was  within  a day's   walk of    Mara  lOTtioTr^    IRA C. JONES  Contractor and Builder  Estimates furnished on all  work, and contracts personally attended to.  15 N D E R B Y.    B. C.  John  So  Johnstone  GENERAL'CONTRACTOR  Building,    Excavating, "Masonry Work  a specialty  ENDERBY ' B. C.  Electric Lights  and Fixtures  Gasolene Engines and Supplies.     Electrical work  and Fixtures a Specialty  F.  V,  MOFFET  Enderby 12  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  Wishing all a Very  Happy New Year  *-+r\  WE take this occasion for thanking you for past  favors and hope that we will merit a continuance of same.  We have decided to make our prices and quality appeal to you, as we know that all business has to stand  on this basis. We are confident that if you will compare same with others you will find no occasion to  complain. In fact we are not going to consider what  goods are being sold for elsewhere, but conscientiously  mark every article at the lowest price it can be sold  for and still leave a margin for us to continue on in  business.  We do not ask you to take our word, but for you  to give us an opportunity to 'make good."  Yours for Peace, Happiness and  Prosperity for 1909  _____  *


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