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Walker's Weekly Feb 4, 1909

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 ���������������������������;->  m  I'" '���������������������������  R-  KER'S WEEKLY  Published every Thursday at Enderby, the Gate-Way of the famous Okanagan, Land of the Bis Canadian Red Apple and the California of Canada  Entered in the Post Office at Enderby, B. C, as second-class matter.  Volume 1.     .������������������_������������������_____,.*      ENDERBY, B.C., FEBRUARY 4, 1909.  ilY TMK COl'Y,  SC  Number 49  Published every Thursday by The Walker Press, at Enderby, B. C, the  Gate-way City of the famous Okanagan Valley.  H.      M.      W A. L K __ R  Advertising rates on application.   Subscription, one year, $2; six months, $1  A blue pencil mark here indicates that your subscription is past due,  and the editor would like to retain your name on the roll of honor.  Address all communications to-   THE WALKER PRESS, Enderby, B. C.  Pa says: "Enderby could do a lot of things like it if she'd  try hard enough.''  FROM ONE MAN'S POINT OF VIEW  THE businessmen of Vernon ought to  prepare a new code of ethics for their  sports committees. In their eagerness to milk the rest of the Valley towns,  they seem to forget the true principle upon  which all clean sport is based. They forget  the unwritten law observed everywhere,  that if any advantage is given it should be  to the visitor. Seldom, indeed, will a home  team enter a contest with a visiting team  with the odds three to one against the visitors. To do so might mean the defeat of  the visitors, and the keeping of the prize  money by the home team, but it is not the  spirit of the sportsman. It is more the  spirit of a bum sport looking for a lead-  pipe cinch. It will be many a long day before the Okanagan curlers forget the treatment accorded them at Vernon last week.  I  T is. amusing to see how_ greedily,some  of the Vancouver papers attempt to  assume the credit of making the first  shipment of B. C. flour from Vancouver to  Liverpool. A couple of weeks ago the  Province gave the startling intelligence to  its reader to the effect that a Vancouver  mill had Just made the first flour shipment  from that port to Liverpool. Three months  ago Walker's Weekly told of a shipment  then made by The Columbia Flouring Mills  Co., Ltd;, from the Enderby mill direct to  Liverpool via Vancouver. The schedule  under which these shipments were made  went into force last June. The Enderby  mill was the first in Canada to take advantage of the all-water rate, and it is rather  encouraging to see the coast shippers trying  to steal the credit. By-and-by those Coast  fellows will wake up without being pin-  punctured���������������������������perhaps.  EVEN the good people of Salmon Arm  have grown tired of pea-soup journalism. George Armstrong has bought  the Observer of the Fraser Brothers and  will give our sister town a newspaper. We  extend to the retiring editors our best  wishes, and to the town and new editor  a hearty handshake.  TOO much credit cannot be given to the  local men who succeeded in carrying  off so many of the prizes at the Winter Poultry Show. It is a big feather in  Enderby's cap to have the highest-scoring  bird at the Exhibition, and especially  against such birds as were sent from Manitoba. Geo. H. Smedley deserves all the  credit, for to his foresight and good judgment, and his willingness to invest the  money and take all the risk, is due the  honor of having such a bird in Enderby.  Let our poultrymen keep steadily hammering for better stock, and when the next  show is held here, let us hope to see the  highest-scoring birds owned in the District.  BILLY SUNDAY is one of those professional revivalists who go about the  country seeking whom they may devour. They say he is extremely successful  with his clap-trap, and his meetings "for  women only" are said to be deeply tear-  stained'and quite pentecostal. In a recent  -rant^at-a^meetingHii-Georgia^this-man-Sun--  day said: ' 'I have studied the Bible from  Genesis to Revelations, and I have read  everything that Bob Ingersoll ever spouted  from one end of the land to the other, and  I have read it carefully. And if Bob Ingersoll isn't in Hell," God is a liar and the Bible  isn't worth the paper it is printed on." Is  it not an awful thing that these ranting,  canting, spitting, spouting, pink, punk and  puggy, pulpit-pounding "duly ordained"  "servants of God" should be so damnably  cruel! Contrast Rev. Mr. Sunday's words  with those spoken by Ingersoll at his brother's grave: "He who sleeps here, when dying,  mistaking the approach of death for the return of  health, whispered with his latest breath: Tarn  better now.' Let us believe, in spite of doubts  and dogmas, of fears and tears, that these dear  words are true of all the countless dead. Speech  cannot contain our love. There was, there is, no  gentler, stronger, manlier man."  L  r%\  m  ������������������  HI  (I  III  m  ,y.l  rip  Ml  m  K  W  i  11 WALKER'S WEEKLY  mm  ���������������������������_.._. _m*j.**  n_rx=__  rxzc  NORTHERN  OKANAGAN  POULTRY  SHOW  I  ^^ REATER Poultry Shows have  f ^ been held than that which  \^1 closed at Enderby last Saturday evening, but never did  the success of anything mean  more to the District in which  it was held, than did the  success of the Enderby show. To  President Waby and Secretary English, the Nortnem Okanagan Poultry  Association owes a debt of gratitude,  and to the Northern Okanagan Poultry Association Enderby owes more  than it has. realised or will realise  for some time. In signalizing President Waby and Secretary English we  do not mean to ignore the splendid  work done by Dr. Keith, Tlios.  Pound, Mr. English, Sr., the Messrs.  Marsh-all and Petar of Lansdowneand  Armstrong, and the several who contributed their work gratuitously to  make the project a success. It is no  small matter toinaugurate and bring-  to a successful ending the first Poultry Show in a district indifferent to  the benefits to be derived, and these  men-deserve-praise for the great success that has rewarded their efforts,  in"later years, as the annual poultry  show increases in importance and  scope, the full meaning of this success will dawn upon the members of  the Association and the public .in-  general.  From start to finish the first poultry show was a success.  It was conscientiously managed,  and. from the owner of the poorest  scrub bird to the fancier who sent to  the show the finest exhibition stock,  we have.heard nothing but words of  praise for the men having charge of  the exhibition room. And from Dr.  Bell himself, who has judged the  largest shows in the East, and should  know whereof he speaks, we learn  that Enderby's first show was in  _m_any_ respects much  better than the  K. Bristo, of Summerland, sent several splendid birds of the Brown Leghorn variety, and T. Cockburn Kerr,  of Kelowna, brought three coops of  VVyandottes and Anconas. The local  entries brought the total number of  birds on exhibition up to nearly 200.  That some of these birds were not  qualified to appear in the score-card  list, must be expected, since this was  the first score-card exhibition that  has been held in the Okanagan; but  on the other hand there were a number of birds which scored very high.  The highest scoring cockerel was  that of Geo. H. Smedley, of Enderby,  whose Black Minorca was given 95 y2.  points. This is the handsome first-  prize bird that Mr. Smedley bought  at the coast last fall. Mr. Bristo's  Brown Leghorn Cockerel scored next  best, being given 94% points. Mrs.  Cooper's highest-point cockerel  scored 93%, being cut one point for  a broken wing-feather. There were,  in all, 55 birds scoring over 90  points, which indicates the high  standard of the birds on exhibition.  There were few dubs."  \ That this Winter Poultry Show  w~l be a permanent thing there is  no doubt. Enderby business men  have indicated their determination  to contribute their part towards unking it a "go," and for next year have  already given enough special prizes  to make the show a success.  For the best cock, cockerel, hen  and pullet, any breed, the Enderby  Trading Co., Ltd., will give a silver  cup. (ei  For the best cockerel and pullet,  any breed, Dr. Keith, will give a  silver cup.  For the best male bird at the show,  H. E. Waby will give a silver cup.  For the best female bird, Geo. H.  Smedley will give a  silver cup.  Robert Bell will give a cash special of $25.00. to go to the best ox-  majority of first shows.  Locally the show was very well  patronized. Saturday morning and  afternoon the Exhibition hall was  well filled with spectators. Friday  the judging was done, and only members of the Association were admitted to sec^ the scoring. A pleasing  feature of Saturday's attendance was  the arrival of two sleighloads of  happy people from Salmon Ann.  In view of the liberal spirit that  has always oharactprized Lndorby's  altitude toward the Fall Fairs at our  sister towns. Vernon and Armstrong,  it was anticipated that a fair share  of exhibits'and possibly a few spectators would put in an appearance  and lend a hand to make the first  Winter Poultry Show held in the Vai-  1 y a success, but not.an exhibit came  and not a spectator, excepting- Scribe  Wolfenden. of the Armstrong Advertiser, and E. T. Pc^ar.  Two handsome Ringlet. Barred  Rock'cockerels came from Trees-  bank. -Manitoba, and several birds of  the same variety came from Langley  Prairie. Mrs. A. Cooper sent the  former, and  Robt. 'Wilson the latter..  ThIJiTToTr'pTlT.  " V =  With these excellent prizes to  start the list, it should be an easy  matter to make the inducements sufficiently heavy for the next show to  bring birds from far and near, and  it is believed that instead of 2 00 we  shall have GOO birds, many of them  from the best poultry farms in- Canada. The date for the next show  will be fixed for December instead of.  .January, and will be set so as to not  conflict with coast dates as it did this  year, Victoria's show being on the  same dates as the  Underby show.  Friday evening at the close of the  close of the exhibition hall, a banquet  was given to Dr. Hell in the spacious  dining room of Ihe King Edward.  Mine Host Murphy set up a princely  supper. Twenty-seven plates were  laid, and every chair was filled. The  following men were present: T-T, \V.  Harvey, Wm. Elson. W. Allan Dobson, Geo. Bell, J. A. Dake, Dr. Keith.  T. Cockburn Kerr, Thos. Pound,  Tlraham Rosoman, Dr. A. W. Bell,' H.  M. Walker, Geo. Rominson, Walter  Robinson, F. II. Barnes, W. L.  Marshall, E. T. Petar. .1. C. English,  ,_. E. Waby, S. Teece, Geo. H. Smedley, E. T. English, H. N. Hendrick-  son, A. Fulton, R. T. Turner, F. C.  Wolfenden, R. J. Coltart, VV. E. Ban-  ton.  Dr.   Keith   acted   as   toastmaster.  Following were the toasts:  "The   King"���������������������������National   Anthem  ''Northern   Okanagan   and   Its   Possibilities"  H. W. Harvey  "Enderby and Her Guest"  Mayor Geo.  Bell  Dr .A. W. Bell  "The Poultry Show and Its Objects"  I-I. E. Waby  "The  Golden  Egg  Hen"  G. H. Smedley  "Breeding to Elvate the Brood"  W.  L.  Marshall  "The Hen and Her Feed"  E. T. Petar  "Our Market"  W. Allan Dobson  "The Ladies"  W. E. Banton  "The Press"  F. C. Wolfenden  I-I. M. Walker  "Our   Town   and   Country",  F.   H.  Barnes  Grab.am   Rosoman  "Our Host"  In responding to the toast with  which his name is associated, Dr.  Bell spoke very encouragingly of the  Poultry Show. While he had been  disappointed in the number of  entries, he was pleased to find so  many high-scoring birds in the exhibition. He said he had scored the  birds the same as he would had  tliere been 2 000 entries instead of  200, and did not "let them down  easy." Were they entered at any of  the big shows, he said the result  would be about the same���������������������������there  would be no material difference in  l-lre^p o ints^gi- ve liT-^He���������������������������t-h-o u-g-h-t���������������������������th e-  Association should feel riattered at  having so successful a show to start  with, and hoped to hear of the active  co-operation of the poultrymen so as  to bring, about greater things from  year to year. As to advertising the  district, he sail he believed the best  4fnd���������������������������pnly^cffeetuall^vayiof. doing .it.  was to send a car exhibit to the Winnipeg Fair, showing what, the District 'can'.produce. ". iviid he advised  strongly that steps be taken to this  end.; Especially with regard to our  'fruit. He did not know of anything  that would so impress the Manitoban  as an excellent display of fruit.  Speaking as a poultryman, and to  poultrymen and those having a desire  to improve their flocks, . he said  whether the poultry business were  gone into from a utility standpoint  or the standpoint of the fancier, it  was an exceedingly profitable calling,,  and intensely interesting. He could  give innumerable instances Avhere  breeders of fancy and utility stock  were finding a ready market for-  everything they could raise at almost'  any price they might ask.    One thou- /  7  ENDERBY, B. C, February 4, 1909  ������������������������������������������������������'  ������������������������������������������������������1'  sand dollar hens and cockerels were  not uncommon. Two-hundred, three-  hundred, five-hundred-clollar hens  and cocks were common. The market is unlimited for market eggs at  50c, 60c and SO c a dozen, and broilers at from 5Qc to 75c each. These  from the utility end. Fancy-strain  eggs, find a ready market at prices  ranging from $2 per setting up to  $15. And there does not seem to  be any abatement in the demand.  Mr. Dobson gave a characteristic  reply to the toast, "Our Market,"  and as it gives some splendid pointers, and calls attention to many influences that lead to failure in the  making and keeping of a market, his  response is given here:  "I feel some hesitation in replying  to the toast of "Your Markets" for  I never raised poultry in my life.  However, the market for poultry  must necessarily be much the same  as any other market, but with the  important difference in this case that  it is entirely a question of supply,  for the demand exists to a practically  unlimited extent. Do not flatter  yourselves that you will ever glut it,  there is no fear of that. You start  under exceptionally favorable circumstances, the whole country is crying out for your goods, and all yoa  have to do to rapidly degenerate into  bloated plutocrats is to supply the  demand. Can you do it? I am  afraid you will call me a heretic  when I say, as I do, that the first  thing you must do to secure and keep  a market is to put yourselves in a  position to supply poultry and eggs,  not spasmodically, but at all seasons,  and of good quality. I cannot pose  as an expert judge of poultry, you  would find me out if I did, but my  mother taught me as a child one  valuable test of the edibility of fowls:  When you go to buy one, dressed  ready for the table of course, take a  long, strong pin with you, and surreptitiously push it into the breast  of your prospective dinner. If you  can push it in without bending it,  and your fingers are strong enough  to pull it out again without the aid  of a pair of pliers, that bird is fit to  *ea-ts  'Of eggs I have had more experience, and I can assure you that  there are only three varieties of eggs  ���������������������������the new laid egg, which is a practically extinct variety, the fresh egg  which is very scarce, and the EGG,  which is the one that causes all the  trouble and the only one of which  the supply exceeds the demand.  "It is all very well to raise a lot of  aristocratic fowls, whether of the male  or table persuasion or the female or  egg-producing variety; if silver cups  and glory are the limit of your ambition you may attain it by spending  enough money on imported stock, but  if you want your poultry to class  with city debentures as a permanent  source of income, you must not expect Vancouver, or Calgary or Winnipeg or othei* adjacent villages to  eat unlimited crates of $25 birds or  eggs at $15 for a setting of 13. It  is useless for you to hold,shows and  invite or expect the buying public to  visit them unless you are in a position to supply the goods, it is no use ,  to  have  nothing  but  samples.     Let'  me give you by way of illustration  an instance that I know of. At an  agricultural show an exhibitor took  a valuable prize for a dish of a dozen  or so of potatoes of one variety, a  visitor asked him what they were  .worth per ton,, and the man quoted  a price. After a few minutes deliberation the visitor said, "I will take  two carloads at that price. Imagine  his surprise and disgust when the  exhibitor told him that he had not  a barrow full of them altogether.  Now that is no way to look for business. What would a merchant think  of a traveller who after showing him  all through his samples, tcid him  that he could not supply the goods.  It is no use to have nothing but  samples.  "I presume that your executive  does, or will busy itself finding  markets for you, but it is up to  all the mem'bers to see that you keep  them. If you leave it all to one man  to keep up the supply he will either  fail, or become a millionaire, and in  either event you will lose him.  "An important point which my  experience teaches me, many  farmers do not consider, or if  they do they ignore it, is the  temptation to take all the profit.  It is unreasonable to expect a retailer  to sell goods at the same price as he  pays for them, but you do it, particularly with eggs, and you give him  no option, but force him to do if by  Peddling them yourselves if he refuses, and if ho pays you y mr price  and raises the retail price five cents  a dozen for himself you touch him  for the advanced price next time you  bring eggs. Do you call that a square  deal? Why, it is not even good business, for you take no account of the  value of your own time, and I suppose you pay a peddler's license. No,  you must cut it out. Either take  your produce to your own organisation, and put them in a position to  fill orders promptly���������������������������and this is the  only proper way���������������������������or if they have no  orders, which however they always  will, then sell them to a local merchant, and let the poor beggar make  five cents.  ____A_dvertisement._. or.-.,rather...Pub-  licity, must naturally play an important part in any modern selling  scheme, but 1 believe that no amount  of publicity can make a success of a  business when not backed up by absolute value in the goods sold.  Gentlemen, 1 ask you as one who has  suffered much at your hands, for  Heaven's sake look at tlieir^teetiriie^  fore you ship them. Eat the pensioners yourselves. Last summer I  shipped on behalf of a farmer, a  crate of fowls to an hotel on the  main line, in a few days the manager,  who .fortunately is a humorist first  and a hotel man next, wrote acknowledging receipt of a crate of "frames"  and asking when the meat would  be along. Don't ship "frames" and  spoil your markets. Recommendation is always the best advertisement,  and recommendation can only come  from satisfied customers.  "Success in any business largely  depends on the personality of its  heads. Unswerving purpose is the  root idea of continued success, and  unswerving purpose must be largely  wrapped up with .personality. If  your methods and purpose arc right  you can proceed fearlessly, ignoring  competitors and moving on in your  own lines. To stop and watch competitors is unprofitable timidity. If  they copy your methods you can afford to smile���������������������������it is the greatest compliment they can pay you, and the  surest indication of success. The  fundamental truth, the point I want-  to make, is this: You must produce  the goods, but remember, any sort of  goods, in any sort of shape, won't do.  Study your customer, if you get an  opportunity to talk to- him seize it,  if not, write to him occasionally, ask  him if your goods are giving unqualified satisfaction to his customers. If they are, pat yourself on the  back and at the same time see if you  can make them still better. If they  are not, find out why, and set yourself to remedy the fault. Above all,  give your customer what, he wants,  not what YOu want. If he wants  fowls plucked and the head left on.  leave it on. If he wants it off, off  with it. If he wants his eggs in 6-  doz. crates, let him have them that  way, don't write and tell him that  your grandfather always packed  them in 24 doz. and so do you.  "In order to suceed you must be  reliable. If you write to a customer  and tell him you can ship him six  dozen pullets twice a week on Tuesdays and i<ridays, at $6.00 per doz.  f.o.b.. and he accepts your offer, ship  them to him on Tuesday and Friday,  not Wednesday and Saturday, and  ship him six dozen, without any  variation in the price.      Don't make  ALEN  TINE  NOW in the time to get  your Valentines, while  the stock is complete and  the selection good. We  have the choice ones: new  and up-to-date. All the  Novelties;-and���������������������������many of  the kind that touch the  heart in the sentimental  corner. Call and look them  over. They are sure to  please you.  Enderby Drug &  Stationery Co.  *d  ? Ml  in  111  ;������������������i  Watch Enderby grow !  m  tiki  KIjT  i;ivl WALKER'S WEEKLY  an offer until you are sure you can  fill it. Unless you live up to these  rules you will be always hunting new  markets, for your first order will al-  wavs be the last.  "You will perhaps tell me that 1  indulge in a good deal of repetition  clothing that very original remark,  "produce the goods," in different  language, but, gentlemen, I assure  vou that when I have said "Produce  the goods" I have given you an epitome of the whole art and science  of securing and keeping a market."  PRIZE LIST.  BROWN LEGHORN���������������������������Cock���������������������������1st,  W. T. Marshall, Lansdowne; 2nd, S.  Teece, Enderby. Hen���������������������������1st, H. F.  Waby; 2nd. H. Bristo, Summerland;  3rd, W. T. Marshall. Cockerel���������������������������1st,  H. Bristo; 2nd, I-I. E. Waby; 3rd, ii.  E Waby. Pullet���������������������������1st, H. Bristo;  2nd, S. Teece: 3rd, S. Teece. Best  pair, H. Bristo; 2nd, H. E. Waby;  3rd   W.  T.  Marshall:   4th,  S.   Teece.  BARRED ROCKS ���������������������������Pen ���������������������������1st. S.  Teece; 2nd, Ii. E. Waby; 3rd, Ii. E-  Wabv. Cockerel���������������������������1st. Mrs. A.  Cooper, Trecsbank. Man.; 2nd, Mrs.  A. Cooper;   3rd, I-I. E. Waby.  BUFF ORPINGTONS���������������������������Hen���������������������������1st,  H. E. Wabv 2nd.������������������H. Byrnes, Ender-  bv; 3rd, H. Byrnes. Cockerel���������������������������1st,  H. E. Waby. Pullet���������������������������1st, H. E.  Wabv: Snd. Thos. Pound, Enderby;  3rd, Thos. Pound." Pen���������������������������1st, H. E.  Waby.  BLACK MINORCAS���������������������������Hen���������������������������G. Ii.  Smedlev. Cockerel ��������������������������� 1st, G. Ii.  Smedley; 2nd, G. H. Smedley. Pullet���������������������������G. H. Smedley, 2nd and ribbon.  WYANDOTTES ��������������������������� Cock ��������������������������� Geo.  Robinson, Enderby, 1st and ribbon.  Hen���������������������������Geo. Robinson, 1st and ribbon.  Cockerel���������������������������T. Cockburn Kerr, Kelowna, 1st and ribbon. Pullet���������������������������T.  Cockburn Kerr,  1st and ribbon.  ANCONAS ��������������������������� Cockerel���������������������������T. Cockburn Kerr, 1st. Pullet���������������������������T. Cockburn Kerr, 1st and ribbon. Pen���������������������������T.  Cockburn  Kerr.  1st.  SILVER SPANGLED HAMBURG3  ���������������������������Cock���������������������������.B.- Bronson, 1st and ribbon. Hen���������������������������13. Bronson, 1st and ribbon;   Geo.  Robinson,   2nd.     Pen���������������������������B.  Bronson,   TsL  HOUDANS ��������������������������� Cock���������������������������Wm. White.  2nd.    Hen���������������������������Wm. White,  3rd.  S. C. WHITE LEGHORNS���������������������������Pen���������������������������  1st. .1. F. Moore; 2nd, .1. F. Moore;  3rd. .1. F. Moore.  EGGS���������������������������White���������������������������G.  1st and  2nd.    Brown-  ��������������������������� 1 StT���������������������������-������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������~" :  Best pair Buff Orpingtons, $2.00  bv    Enderby    Trading    Co.���������������������������H. ���������������������������   E.  Waby. -  Best pair Black Minorcas, $2.00  by F. V.  Moffet���������������������������Ii. E. Waby.  Best, pen birds, any breed, watch,  value $7.00, by J. A. Dake���������������������������Ii.  Bristo.  Best pair American Class, $2.00 by  A. Reeves���������������������������Geo.  Robinson.  Best pair English Class, $2.00 by  Evans & Mack���������������������������ii. E. Waby.  Best pair Mediterranean Class,  $2.00 by Enderby Trading Co.���������������������������H.  Bristo.  Best pair French, $2.00 by Enderby Trading Co.���������������������������W. White, Enderby.  Best pen fowl, single comb, Brown  Leghorn, bred in Okanagan Valley,  pair Brown Leghorns, W. Marshall���������������������������  H. Bristo.  Largest exhibitor at show of birds  scoring not less than 85 points, 1  combination trapnest, recording S  hens, by G. C. Salt���������������������������H. E. Waby.  Best shaped male bird, 1 model  recording trapnest, by G. C. Salt���������������������������  -_. Bristo.  Best Okanagan-bred female bird,  $2.50 printing and 1 year's subscription to Walker's Weekly, by The  walker Press���������������������������Ii. Bristo.  Best pair Barred Rocks hatched in  the Okanagan, $5, by H. W. Wright  ���������������������������H. E. Waby.  Best pair fowl exhibited by a lady,  1 Model Elevating Clothes Drier, by  Model Incubator Co.���������������������������Mrs. T. Cockburn Kerr, Kelowna.  Best pair fowls mated to produce  exhibition males, 1 Model Elevating-  Clothes Drier, by Model Incubator  Co.���������������������������H.  E.   Waby.  Best pair birds mated to produce  exhibition females, 1 Model Elevating Clothes Drier, by Model Incubator Co.���������������������������S.  Teece,  Enderby.  For the best pen of Buff Orpingtons' bred in Okanagan, special prize  from Maws Poultry Farm, a setting  of Buff Orpington eggs���������������������������Ii. Byrnes.  Best Black Minorca cock, $2.50,  by F. C. Wolfenden, Armstrong���������������������������G.  H. Smedley.  Best Barred Rock Cock, $2, by  Forman   &   Armstrong,   Armstrong,  i-iri_rWaby. -     -���������������������������������������������������������������������������������-���������������������������  Best    Buff    Orpington    Cockerel,  B.  Best pullet-bred males on exhibition, any class, $2.00���������������������������Robt. Wilson,  Langley Prairie.  Best pair dressed birds ready for  oven, $1.00���������������������������u. E. Weeks, Kelowna.  If at any time any bird in the  brooding pen shows signs of disease, remove it at once. No ailing bird should be allowed in the  breeding pen under any circum-  stances.  Birds of Highest  Quality  For Exhibition and Breeding  F. Jamieson  H.    Smedley,  Thos.  Pound,  srix ial riu/ES.  Best cockerel and pullet, silver  cup by ii. F. Waby, to W. T. Marshall, Lansdowne.  Best male bird (Bantams barred),  silver cup by R. Peel���������������������������.1, Ii. Smedley,  Enderby.  Best pair birds at. show, silver cup  by. Mr. Smedley���������������������������H. Bristo, Summer-  land.  Best pair Brown Leghorns, $2.00  by A.. Fulton���������������������������H. Bristo, Summer-  land.  Best pair Barred Rocks, door mat  by W. T. Holtby���������������������������H. E. Waby, Enderby.  Best pair White Wyandottes, 125  Tbs. wheat by W. Robinson���������������������������Geo.  Robinson, Enderby.  coffee pot, H  -Ii. E. Waby.  Cockerel,  $2.00  Armstrong���������������������������A.  219 Kingston St.  Victoria, B.C.  Breeder of S. C. Black and White  Minorcas, S. C. White and Brown  Leghorns, Houdans. Stock for sale at  reasonable j rices. EGGS: Leghorns,  $2.50 per setting; Minorcas and Houdans, $3.00 per setting. Satisfaction  Guaranteed.  Bred to LAY  WHITE WYANDOTTES!  Strength, Vigor, and Productiveness, combined  with Standard Breeding. Eggs, $2 per setting;  $7 per 100.      Fine young stock for sale.  SPENCER    PERCIVAL  Svnnyside Ranch Pender Island, B. C.  nickel-plated copper  Morley, Armstrong-  Best White Rock  by     John     Currie,  ���������������������������Baird, Enderby.  Best   Shaped   Barred   Rock   male,  ^���������������������������2Tb0^by^Cr-a^Da;yI���������������������������iv-&-G6'n-Ar-m-;  strong���������������������������H. E. Waby.  Best Orpington Hen, any color,  $2.00 by A. F. Fraser, Armstrong���������������������������  li. E. Waby.  Best Leghorn Hen, any color,  $2.00   by   1.   Fraser,' Armstrong���������������������������H.  .13.. Waby.  Best Wyandotte male, any color,  $2.00 by O. McPherson, Armstrong  ���������������������������Geo.  Robinson, Enderby.  Best Wyandotte Hen, any color,  $2.00 in baker's goods, Idding &  Home���������������������������Geo. Robinson.  Best Mediterranean Cockerel,  $2.00 in men's furnishings, Kennedy,  Armstrong���������������������������Mrs. A. Cooper, Trees-  bank,   Man.  Best Cockerel in American Class,  $2.00 copper tea kettle, by W. F.  Brett,   Armstrong���������������������������M,rs.   A.   Cooper.  Standard Bred  S. C. White  Leghorns  From  CAPT.    MITCHELL'S  famous laying strain, Santa  Barbara, Cal. Selected for  great layers by the   HOGAN  .System.,  Average clear profit per bird, 190o $ 2.70    1907     3.20  This year I expect to do better still  All drones severely weeded out.      You get  eggs from nothing but heavy layers.  EGGS FOR HATCHING  : $2 for'15; $0 jm' 50; $10 for 100  $ SO for 1000  Order early; I am getting orders now. I had  great difficulty in filling all the orders last  year. ERNEST T.  HANSON.  Cowichan Station, Vancouver's Island, B.C.  Our Meats are  always fresh  and we serve the best  on the market. Fish,  poultry and eggs in  season.  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C %  ENDERBY, B. C, February 4, 1909  Call and Get one of Our  New Grocery  Price Lists-just printed  and compare our prices with those  found  elsewhere  ^Moffe&  it.  HI  ill",  .It  -fr_l  O-;'  Enderby Trading Co.^  !li  ���������������������������m  m  Writ  Ml  I  jfi,!  W-l  IP WALKER'S WEEKLY  r>ci  xx:  _xx  :xx:  NEWS IN AND ABOUT THE TOWN AND DISTRICT jj  _xx:  xx  Have you caught that Spring  feeling?  Now is a good time to test the  fire hydrants.  Lost���������������������������On Monday., in Enderby,  a small gold horseshoe pin. Leave  at The Walker Press office.  We wonder if the new council  will be as successful as the old  in dealing with that Mill-street  crossing.  The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist church are arranging for a  St. Patrick's concert in K. of P.  Hall, March 17th.  Jack O'Connor and Robt. Bailey left for the coast Tuesday  evening to attend the Alaska-  Yukon Exposition at Seattle.  The Lawn Tennis Club is giving a ball to-night (Thursday) in  K. of P. hall. The tickets are  $1.50 per couple; ladies, 50c.  D. H.; Evans, of Saskatoon,  Alta., brother of J. W. and Jas.  E. Evans, is visiting Enderby  with the object of locating here.  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wood are  enjoying a visit from their mother  and sister, Mrs. Wood and Miss  Wood, from their North Dakota  home.  ������������������������������������������������������Jasr���������������������������MeFar-laner���������������������������of���������������������������=Reston,-^  Man., stopped off at Enderby  Saturday and spent the early part  of the week looking over the  District.  The Baptist church in course  of erection will be a great improvement to George street, and  when completed will be a splendid home for that denomination.  Jno. McClure, brother-in-law  of J. W. Evans, is looking over  the district. Mr. McClure is very  well pleased with what he has  seen and will probably locate in  this section.  The school board received word  the past week that the Enderby  high school had been given the  regular government grant.    This  relieves much of the burden that  the parents of the children going  to the high school had to assume  to get this important institution  established in Enderby.  About 25 of our young people  enjoyed a very happy evening at  the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. V.  Moffet, Monday evening, Feb.  1st, in honor of Miss Esther's  birthday.  Mrs. H. W. Wright entertained  Mrs. J. A. Morrison Wednesday  afternoon, a large circle of friends  gathering to bid Mrs. Morrison  good-bye. Agent Morrison and  family will leave Enderby for  Arrowhead Saturday evening.  Mrs. J. C. English entertained  the Pythian Sisters at her home  Monday evening, in honor of Mrr.  J. A. Morrison, M. E. C. Mrs.  W. H. Hutchison was elected to  fill the chair vacated by Mrs.  Morrison.  A meeting of the Executive  Committee of the Board of Trade  will be held at the City Office at  4 o'clock this (Thursday) afternoon. Matters of importance are  to be dealt with, and a full attendance is desired.  Robt. Peel purchased the first-  prize^Barred^Rock-coekereHenfc  in from Treesbank, Man., and the  prize bird of the same breed sent  to the poultry show from Lang-  ley Prairie. These cockerels will  head his pens for fancy and utility breeding.  The Enderby Trading Co. Ltd.  is doing much to keep the business end of Enderby up to the  highest stsndard. The printed  price list recently issued by the  Company is a progressive step  that will be much appreciated by  the buying public.  Let every member of the committee on advertising take notice  that a meeting of said committee  will be held at the King Edward,  Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock,  to draft a plan of publicity to be  submitted to the Board of Trade  at a meeting to be held Friday,  evening, Feb. 12th. Come prepared to suggest ideas.  All persons who signed the  membership roll of the Board of  Trade are earnestly reminded by  the secretary-treasurer that the  annual membership fee of $4 is  past due and should be paid to  enable the Board to plan its work  for the early Spring.  A card tournament will be held  on Tuesday, Feb. 9th, at the  North Enderby School House.  All kinds of games. Prizes will  be awarded to the champion  players at euchre, whist and  cribbage. Refreshments and  dancing will follow. Violin and  organ. Cards to commence at 8  p. m. sharp., Admission, 50c. It  The Band boys will give a grand  mask ball, in K. of P. Hall, Friday evening, Feb. 26th  ENDERBY'S  FURNITURE   STORE  and see my line of  Easy Chairs  Rockers  Morris Chairs  All kinds of Chairs at the lowest possible cash prices  Carpets, Squares, Rugs  &  Mats at Wholesale Prices  Call and inspect them.   It is a  pleasure to show these goods.  W.  T. HOLTBY  Furniture Dealer and Undertaker  BRADLEY BLK.       ENDERBY II^WV^JWIWI  ENDERBY, B. C, February 4, 1909  ?  Meets With Approval  Only words of commendation  are heard on the proposed action  of Aid. Peel in bringing forth a  by-law for public improvements.  The feeling prevails that Enderby  should do the same as other  cities, and make her public improvements by the issuance of  bonds, so that those who come  later will bear their "share of the  expense of city building. For  a city to confine its improvements  within the limits Gf a village taxation must of necessity restrict  growth and retard development.  Stettler, and dozens of other new  towns in the Canadian Northwest, built more sidewalks, and  graded more streets, and added  more improvements in two  months' time than Enderby has  done in her four years of incorporation. *: Did these towns wait  for the people to come in before  they made the improvements?  They did not. They raised the  money on the city's credit, .issued  long-term debentures, and made  the improvements. The improve  ments helped to bring the people  and now, where there was nothing 18 months ago, we see modern cities of 1,500 and 2,000 population. And these 1,500 or 2,000  people are helping to pay for the  improvements. This is the science  of city building.  Exchange Meeting  Last Saturday the members of  the Enderby Fruit & Produce  Association, met in the I. O. O.  F. Hall to hear the president's  and secretary's reports and review the past season's business.  The meeting was the best the  Association has held. Much dissatisfaction has been expressed  at the slow returns from the  Central for produce sold, and at  this meeting the matter was discussed in all its phases.  The reports of the president  and secretary showed the local  association to be in good condition  and in view of the fact that a  meeting of the Central Exchange  is being held this week in Revel-  stoke, it was decided to send another delegate to the meeting to  investigate the financial condition of Central. Mr. Saltwell  was appointed, and the meeting  adjourned to await his report.  If one thing was brought out  more prominently than another  at Saturday's meeting, it was the  faith of all present in the co-operation of the growers. And,  while it was admitted that the  past season had made apparent  many weaknesses in the operation of the selling machine, yet  the faith of the members was not  shaken in their organization.  Reduction in Men's Suits.  We are offering Men's and  Boy's suits at cost. Suits, regular price $9.00 now $7.00; regular  price $15.00 now $12.00; regular  price $20.00 now 17.00. Shirts,  regular price $1.25 now 95 cents.  Wheeler & Evans.  SUTTON'S SEEDS  HIGHEST IN QUALITY OF PROVED GERMINATING POWER  SEND FOR HANDSOME CATALOGUE  The Brackman-JCer Milling Co. Ltd. 86 Having, st. w������������������t. v������������������mc_uv_r. p.c.  ������������������.  We sell the  Woven-wire Fence  This Fence is the BEST value there is on the market. It is used extensively by  the Railways in the Prairie Provinces. We carry also an assortment of wire  Gates and Lawn Fences.     Call and get prices before placing your order for Spring  -^.���������������������������._....��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������._���������������������������l���������������������������rT.,..���������������������������, 1���������������������������.--..���������������������������.������������������������������������������������������.���������������������������..,���������������������������___���������������������������_.__.,__������������������ i���������������������������______������������������___.  Fulton's Hardware, Tin and Plumbing Works  CLIFF STREET ENDERBY, B. C  f'l  ii  i.'T  iil  tt  I  L  if"  jjijl  *!li ���������������������������  II  < ! WALKER'S WEEKLY  IN   THE   CHURCHES  PHURCH OF ENGLAND. St. George's Church,  ^ Services every Sunday at 11 a. m. arid 7:30 p.  m Holy Communion every Sunday at 8 a. m. and  1st Sunday in month at 1L a. m. during December,  January and February. Litany, F"dav'  7.45 p. m. Choir rehearsal, Friday, 8 p.m. North  Enderby at 3 p.m. every alternate Sunday, commencing July 12th. Mara, at 3.00 p.m.every alternate Sunday, commencing July 5th. All cordially, invited.   Rev. J. Leech-Porter, B.D., Vicar  METHODIST CHURCH���������������������������Young People's meeting, Sunday, 7 p. m.; Preaching every  Sunday, 7:30 p. m.: Junior Epworth League,  Tuesdav, 3:45 p. m.; Prayer Meeting, Tuesday,  7:30 p. m.; Class Meettng, 8:15 p. m. (immediately  after the praver meeting); Sunday School, 2.30 p.  m. " A. N. MILLER, Pastor.  PRES YTERIAN CHURCH-Sunday  ���������������������������*��������������������������� 9:45 a. m.: Church service, 11 a. m  People's meeting, Wednesday, 8 p.m.  D. CAMPBELL, Pastor.  School,  Young  BAPTIST CHURCH-Sunday School,   10 a.   m.;  Church service,  11  a.  m.;   Prayer meeting.  Wednesday. 7:30 p. m.     B. S. FREEMAN, Pastor  CITY OF ENDERBY  CITY OFFICE-ClifT St.. office hours, 10 a. m. to  12:30, 1:30 to 4 p. m.: Saturday, 10 to 12:30 m.  City Council regular meeting, every alternate Saturday at 8 p. m. Geo. Bell, mayor; Graham Rosoman, city clerk. Chairman Board of Works, Ira  C. Jones; Waterworks Committee, J. W. Evans;  Finance Committee, H. H. Worthington; Committee on Health, Geo. R. Lawes. Poundkeeper,  Evans & Mack.          POST OFFICE  HOURS���������������������������8 a. m. to 6:30 p. m.; mails close, southbound, 10:00 a.m.; northbound, 4:00 p. m.  SMALL DEBTS CQ.URT  SITS every Saturday, by appointment at 2 p. m.  Graham   Rosoman,   Police   and   Stipendiary  Magistrate.  PROFESSIONAL  D  R. H. W. KEITH,  Office hours:   Forenoon, 11 to 12  Afternoon, 4 to 5  Evening, 7 to 8  Sunday, 12 to 1  Office:   BELL. BLOCK ENDERBY  W  7 ALLAN DOBSON,  Auctioneer  Debt Collector  Real Estate & General  Agent  Intermediary  Enderby, B.C.  w  E. BANTON,  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public, Conveyancer,  etc.  Offices, Bell Block. Enderby JU^  fiLAUDE P. JONES^  VJ   ARCHITECT  CONSULTING ENGINEER  FOR HEATING AND  VENTILATING  INSTALLATIONS.  VERNON B. C.  p  ETER BURNET  Dominion &.Provincial  Land Surveyor  Enderby, B. C.  Essay on an Enderby Cow  One of the school children was  asked to write an essay on a cow,  and this is how he did it:  An Enderby cow is an animal  and is born while very young.  (So is a calf). An Enderby cow  is useful in two ways: It gives  milk. The milk is good to drink,  also white; so is the right hind  foot, except on brown cows, and  theirs is black.  The milk is also good to eat if  you freeze it. To freeze cow's  milk you use ordinary cold ice,  and after the milk is thoroughly  chilled you set it out in the sun  for an hour and a half (anyways  twenty minutes), then cut into  small strips like noodles and  serve while still warm.  Enderby cow's milk straight is  too strong, therefore they always  divide it with the town pump or  meadow brook before using. If  you pour two days milking from  fifteen cows into the well you can  have milk all winter. (Sure; my  Paw does). All cows give milk  and butter (but not eggs).  Enderby cows have horns���������������������������so  have automobiles���������������������������but a cow can't  blow his horn; he gives you the  horn and you make the noise.  All cows like red, some of 'em  will follow you all over the field  to get a little bump at it, and if  you are a gooder runner than him,  you beat; but if he catches up  with you you don't need to run���������������������������  you can fly or ride.  A dead cow won't hurt you,  neither will a live cow after he's  lulled;  to Eat  Moffet's Best is made in the  largest and most modern  mill in British Columbia  It is sold by all enterprising  Grocers  Made only from Hard Wheat  The first Canadian Flour  ever shipped by the Pacific  to U. K. ports  When you buy this flour you  not only get the BEST  bread flour made, but are  contributing your mite to  support a local industry.  The Columbia Flouring Mills  Company,   Ltd.  Enderby  B.    C.  J. _ \������������������v\_* ���������������������������  All cows has a tail also, which  hangs by one end and wings to  and fro (mostly fro); they use  the tail to bat flies with.  Enderby cows generally end  up at Geo. Sharpe's, where they  and their old friends finally meat.  Fred, ft Barnes  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  furnished  Dealer in Sashes,  Doors, Turnings and all factory work.  I represent the S. C. Smith Co.  of Vernon.       Enderby.  HENRYS  SECRET SOCIETIES  J. F. PR1NGLE  W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40  Regular meetings first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting-  brethren  cordially  invited.  V. C. BRIMACOMBE  Secretary  1.0.0. F.  _ Eureka Lodge, No. 50  Meets every Tuesday evening at S o'clock, in .1. 0.  0. F. hall. Metcalf block. Visiting brothers al-  wavs welcome. H. N. Hendrickson, N. G., A.  Reeves. Sec'y. J- B. Gaylord, P. G., Treas.  For the  Farm  and Garden  Seeds, Trees, Plants  and Bulbs.     Homegrown and thoroughly tested.  1'10-Page Catalogue FREE  M. J. HENRY, Vancouvcr.B.C  NURSERIES  F. T. TURNER  Plumbing and  Steam Fitting  All kinds of Tin and Zinc Articles Repared  Rear Evans Blk Enderby rO  ENDERBY, B. C, February 4, 1909  _=__  ���������������������������HE  PHYSICIAN TELLS HOW HE  TREATS RHEUMATIC  PATIEMTS  A   Distinguished   Specialist   Gives  Valuable Advice.  In the first place I always impress  upon my patients the importance of  careful living and regular habits.  Moderation in eating, keeping the  feet dry and wearing plenty of warm  clothing are some of the precautions.  No amount of medicine will cure,  or even help, unless attention is paid  to these few simple rules.  ������������������I have had perfect results where  patients folowed these instructions,  assisted by the following blood tonic  and rheumatic specific: Fluid Extract Cascara, \\ oz.; Fluid Extract  Carriana Compound, 1 oz.; Compound  Syrup Sarsaparilla, 6 oz. Dose: One  teuspoouful after meals and at bedtime.  It is advisable to drink plenty of  water  during  the   treatment.  A prominent local merchant who  has tried this treatment states that  it relieves backache, bladder trouble,  and urinary troubles almosa immediately, and. has a gentle but thorough action on the kidneys.  We advise all our readers to keep  this prescription. The instructions  are valuable.  Classified Want Ads.  will fill all your requirements. They act  as a lens which will  concentrate all your  needs, and bring' them  to a perfect focus of  satisfactory results.  0(,jM|hu< IBM Ii, H   m   M������������������Car*f  Brandish & Baird  Plain and Ornamental  PLASTERING, LATHING  Brick and Cement work.    Hard   Wall  work a specialty.  Buy   and    Boost   Home  Products.    It pays���������������������������BIG.  Wanted���������������������������A number of men to  cut ties.   A. Baird, Enderby.  BLIND CELEBRITIES.  Loss  of  Sight   Has   But   Little   Interfered   With   These   Men.  Dr. Campbell of Norwood, England,  has been the most successful of blind  mountaineers, having actually climb-  eel to the summit of Mont Blanc; but  he had a close competitor in Right  Hon. Henry Fawcett, M.P., the blind  Postmaster-General, who once ascended the Cima di Jazzi, near Zermatt,  a   mountain   more   than    12,500   feet  high.  Mr. Wolstenholme, the blind organist and composer, was educated at  the College for the Blind at Worcester, where youths are prepared for the  universities and for professional careers. Quite a number of them have  entered the church and become successful clergymen; and one, Dr. Ranger, is a well-known London solicitor,  conducting an extensive practice in  the City.  At the Worcester Blind College the  pupils take the same lessons and pass  the same examinations as at other  public schools, and play the same  games. They are quite expert at both  cricket and football, a hollow ball being used fitted with a bell, so that  they are guided by sound. Nearly 50  per cent, of them take university decrees and 25 per cent, gain university  honors, a proportion probably exceeding any other public school. At the  recent prize distribution Mr. Wolstenholme gave an organ recital, and one  of the principal speakers was another formal pupil, Rev. H. J. R. Mar-  ston, the blind incumbent of Belgrave  Chapel, London, a first-class in classics and at one time a University  Extension lecturer.  The Carriers of the Thames.  The reader who may have been inclined to look hitherto with something  sikin to" contempt upon the humble  sailing-barge of the Thames is entreat-  od to learn more about her. Let him  stand upon her deck and watch her  ia action, and he will speedily alter  his opinion. He will discover that  she is not humble at all, but a proud  vessel worthy oPTlm mighty flyer  which is her home. There is dignity  in her stately progress along the great  'vaterwnv, pomp and power in her  ���������������������������najestic' stretch of towering sails, a  magic in the steady gait with which  ;he holds h^r course that sets the  blood a-tinglin? in one's veins with  an -exultant joie -de vivre.  Anti-Swearing Club.  Established four years ago with the  object of improving the language of  working men and others, the Notting-  'ir^i Non-swearers' Club, having  VHquartcrs at a, well-known licensed house, the Meadows Inn, has had  ���������������������������\ very successful career. Members  oa." a weekly subscription of a pen-  ���������������������������w"! and a fine oi a halfpenny more  'or each swear word made Use of,  ���������������������������noribers reporting each offender, or,  i'n default, themselves being penalized.  Buy   and   boost  home products.  TENDERS  TENDERS are hereby invited for  the post of Assessor for the City of  Enderby for the year 1909. The  assessor will be required to make, on  forms which will be furnished to him  for the purpose, a complete assessment  of the City and of the Extra-municipal  School District, and to return same to  the Municipal Council, duly verified by  affidavit, not later than March 15th.,  1909; and he will be required to include in his returns a census of the population of the City of Enderby, together with a list of all persons owning or  harboring dogs within the limits of the  said city. The appointment will be  made subject to the provisions of the  by-laws of the City and the statutes of .  the Province of British Columbia in that  behalf made and provided.  All tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes, marked "Assessor", and  delivered to the undersigned not later  than 8 o'clock p.m. on the eighth day  of February, 1909. The lowest or any  tender will not necessarily be accepted.  By Order of the Council,  GRAHAM ROSOMAN,  City Clerk.  Jan. 27th, 1909.  Hotel  The Home of the Old-Timer  and the abode, of the New-  Comer. All will find a warm  welcome at the pioneer house  and you'll be made to feel at  home, no matter when you  hang up your hat.  H. W. WRIGHT, Proprietor  Enderby  John S. Johnstone  Contractor and Builder, Enderby  Cement Blocks and Exshaw Portland Cement on hand���������������������������the best  on the market. All kinds of  cement work and masonry  promptly attended to.  fRAXT JONES  Contractor arid Builder  Estimates furnished on all  work, and contracts personally attended to.  UNDER B Y.   B. C.   Electric Lights  and Fixtures  F.  V.  MOFFET  Ml  ' i  i'1  N  -I  i':-  Tfl  Enderby  V  $1  It WALKER'S WEEKLY  Vernon Bonspeil  Fourteen rinks were entered  in the bonspeil at Vernon last  week. Six of these were Vernon  rinks, 3 Kelowna, 2 Enderby, and  one each from Summerland,  Peachland and Armstrong. Instead of five sheets of ice as was  promised, only two were provided, and in addition to the $5  paid by each club entering, the  individual players were taxed one  dollar a head. But Vernon  learned her lesson, and when the  curlers go there again, it is hoped  the "hog line" will be less conspicuous. The Grand Challenge  cup was won by Lang's rink, of  Vernon, Murphy's rink 3rd; the  Henderson trophy was undecided  llADE-AT-HOME  and is to be played off between  Peachland and Summerland. The  Okanagan trophy was won by  Morin's rink, Peachland, with  Murphy second. The Enderby  rinks were skipped by P. Murphy  and Anor Matthews: Murphy���������������������������  Dr. Keith, A. E. Taylor, Ira C.  Jones. Matthews���������������������������Watt Mack,  J. W. Evans, Geo. Bell.  On the Home Ice  With three or four of the local  rinks broken by the crack players  RHEUMATIC TREATMENT  Some Simple Precautions Which  Will Prevent a Recurrence of  Attacks  Why  A prominent citizen, who had for  years suiliercd from rheumatism and  rheumatic gout, has been giving his  friends the benefit of his experience,  and incidentally a copy of the prescription which was of material assistance   in   effecting  a  cure.  In the first place, he found that  every time lie partook freely of acid  fruits his old trouble returned; and,  secondly, he learned that it was absolutely essential to keep the kidneys  active. To do this it was necessary  to drink plenty of water. Occasionally he would dissolve a Jithia tablet  __l__Ji____a__r- -to_assist-i ts_action_.,o.n_.  the  kidneys.  The treatment is as follows: Procure from your druggist: Fluid Extract Cascara. '_ oz.; Compound  Syrup Rhubarb, 1 oz.; Fluid Extract  Carriana Compound, 1 oz.; Compound  Syrup Sarsaparilla, 5 oz.  Take one teaspoon ful after each  meal   and   at  bedtime.  This is valuable information. This  can he mixed at home. Save the  prescription.  When you can 0  build a home to  Suit Yourself  <���������������������������>  Seasoned  Lumber  soir  I also a full line of building ma-  ] terial.     Estimates  cheerfully  furnished.  A. R. Rogers Lumber Co.  Limited  Enderby B. C.  ���������������������������������������������www,������������������.������������������wj:,'<nu>.iwi.i���������������������������,im.iiiiiiiiiiwu>jw,i m������������������. reman  James Mowat__*������������������_������������������  EN D E R B Y,    B. C.  Fire Insurance in first-class companies.     Accident Insurance  REASONABLE TERMS WRITE FOR LIST  Working Harness, Saddles, Repairing  Anything you need, in stock  J. W. Evans,  HARNESS MAKER  AND REPAIRER  Enderby  going to Vernon, the schedule of  games was not observed on the  home ice last week. This week  the January schedule is being  wound up, and the February  schedule will start Monday.  Following is the score of games  played to date:  Jan. 12  7 Matthews    vs. Scott 14  6 Morrison Taylor 9  Jan. 13  10 Pyman vs. Bell 11  15 Murphy Evans 12  Jan. 14  6 Matthews    vs.      Morrison 10  12 Taylor Scott 13  Jan. 15  16 Pyman vs.        Murphy 6  10 Bell Evans 9  Jan. 18  14 Matthews    vs. Taylor 10  14 Pyman Evans 6  Jan. 19  Scott vs.      Morrison  9  8 Murphy  Jan. 20  16 Matthews    vs.  1 Taylor  Jan. 21  13 Scott _  vs.   .  9 Morrison  Jan. 22  12 Matthews    vs.  9 Morrison  Jan. 25  13 Taylor vs.  14 Matthews  Jan. 26  Scott vs.  9 Morrison  Jan. 27  9 Bell vs.  Scott  Jan' 28  Morrison���������������������������=_/-s~���������������������������  14 Scott  ,    Bell  Pyman  Evans  Bell  Murphy  Evans  Pyman  Pyman  Murphy  Evans  Bell  Taylor  Murphy  ���������������������������Evans  13  12  7  19  .7  16  Q  O  11  11  5  12  13  Pyman  Jan. 29  Matthews    vs. Bell  Taylor Murphy  "SOMEiKihY AT THJ. J)OOK."  9  A story of 'extraordinary "deafness"  was unfolded at a recent meeting of  a medical society in Philadelphia.  An elderly woman, exceedingly hard  of hearing, lived near the river. One  afternoon a warship fired a salute of  ten guns. The Woman, alone in her  little house, waited until the booming ceased. Then she smoothed her  dress, brushed her hair back in a  quaint manner, and said, sweetly,  "Come in."-���������������������������Argonaut.  Early Closing.  Now that the cold weather is  over, this store will be closed  evenings, beginning. Monday,  Feb. 8th.      Walter Robinson. //  ENDERBY, B. C, February 4, 1909  Why not build  a home of your own?  We carry a full line of all kinds of building material,  including Lime in Barrel, Cement and Wood and Hair  Fibre Patent Plasters.   We have a large stock of. ... .  SEASONED LUMBER ON HAND  Estimates cheerfully furnished.  MILL WOOD- (short) -$1.50 per load.  A. R. Rogers Lumber Co.Ltd., Enderby  Finest in the Country  "Enderby is a charming villiage with city airs.  When Paddy Murphy shook the snow of Sandon  off his feet he came here, and now owns one of  finest brick hotels in.tne country.. Although  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan; he calls his  hotel the King Edward. In addition to the ex-  ���������������������������c cellence of the me;als, breakfast is served up to 10  o'clock, which is an added attraction for tourists."  (Extract from Lowery*s Ledge.)  King Edward Hotel, SL&���������������������������MURPHY Enderby  Bank of Montreal  Established 1817    "  Capital, $14,400,000 Rest, $12,000,000.  Undivided Profits,  $699,969.88  ���������������������������  Honorary President, Rt. Ron. LORD STRATHCONA, MOUNT ROYAL, G. C. M. G.  President, Hon.   SIR GEORGE DRUMMOND, K. C. M. G.   Vice^President-and-GencrahManagerr-SlR=EDVV-A-RD-GLOUS-TQN,^Bai-t.   Head Office, Montreal. London Office, 46-47 Threadneedle St. E.C.  A General Banking Business Transacted  th  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT ^"I^Sl^Jtv^  Branches in Okanapfsm District: Enderby, Armstrong, Vernon, Kelowna and Summerland      u  G. A. HENDERSON. Esq.. Manager . A. E. TAYLOR, Sub-Agent Enderby  THE BEST CLAY IN.THE VALLEY, well-burnt, makes the  Best Bricks in the Valley  A large stock of bricks now on hand. Reasonable prices in larjje or  small quantities. Build of brick, and you'll have all the comforts  of home���������������������������and a great many more. The cost is about the same as  frame-built, and the comforts a great deal more.  The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby  Livery I Feed Stables  Remember your horse: Feed him well and he'll serve you  right.    Leave   him with lis when  you   come   to   town.  EVANS & MACK ENDERBY  WHERE CRUSADERS LIE  OLD   TEMPLE   CHURCH    IN   LONDON BEING REPAIRED.  Historic Pile Is Famous as Link With  Order of Soldier-Priests Who  Fought In the Crusades ��������������������������� Nine  Warriors Are Buried Beneath Its  Tiles���������������������������Each Tomb Surmounted by  Stone Figure of Sleeping Knight.  The announcement that the Temple Church is undergoing alteration  and improvement serves to remind  Londoners that they have in their  midst a tangible link with the old  Knights Templars, the remarkable  order combining the priestly and  military character whose varying fortunes provided some of the most  romantic chapters in the history of  the Middle. Ages.  The first establishment of the  Templars in London���������������������������also the first in  England���������������������������stood on the site now occupied by Southampton Buildings, at  the Holborn end of 'Chancery lane.  11 It was early in the reign of Henry  EI. that the expanding" order, finding  T1-II_ TISM!VLB" CHURCH.  it necessary to provide larger accommodation, bought the land which corresponds to the area now covered by  the estates of the Inner, Middle, and  l_.i __1'... Tejn pj c.    "On t,his site fho"presentr"R6uricT  Church was built, with a magnificent  house, stabling, and offices, the vacant spaces being laid out as a garden and burial ground. The church  was consecrated on Feb. .10, 1185, by  Hcraclius. the Patriarch of Jerusalem, then on a mission to Henry II.,  in the presence nf the King and-his  court, and dedicated to the Blessed  Virgin.  The Hound Church, of which there  I m.i_ only four other examples in Eng-  j land, contains many features of in-  i forest... The'chief are the tiled pavements, with .-the -oft-repeated emblems  of the Temple, the painted ceiling,  and nine tombs of Crusaders, with  recumbent figures An full armor.  There arc .' ' '<> memorials to John  Selclen and Uichard Hooker, and in  the-'churchyard to the north of the  choir the t/rave of Oliver Goldsmith.  A FEW S. C. Brown Leghorn Cockerels still for  sale.    Brothers to  Pullets that laid this year  at three.months and three   weeks   old; bred from  I rap nested and unbeaten show stock: $2to$5e',ich  H. E. Waby, Enderby   if-  - e f  M  TH  it  1$*;  ill  1  Iff  1  I  Hi WALKER'S WEEKLY  :>J  r  w  Onward!  The First Annual Poultry Show  of the Northern Okanagan Poultry Association, held last week at  Enderby, was in every way a  success. ' It was a splendid start  in the right direction," is the  comment of all who visited the  Exhibition. It will grow in importance each year, and will be  the means of bringing to the  Okanagan the finest utility and  exhibition fowl in Canada. The  climatic conditions of the Okanagan are very favorable for  chicken-raising. Our poultry-  men should make the most of this  advantage. They should get in  line for the big things. Raise  the stock and go up against the  big fellows. Send as many coops  as possible to the Winnipeg Industrial. This year, push the  early hatch. Send the best to  iVinnipiegr^S^  object in view, and you will win  the best poultry prizes in this  class the Industrial has to offer.  Do this, and the big fellows will  come back at you at our next  Winter Poultry Show with the  best they have.  mnFemn  n  ������������������    .I1WMI  "*-* ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-"��������������������������� ���������������������������. ���������������������������-���������������������������   ���������������������������._ ^_.


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