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Walker's Weekly Oct 22, 1908

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 <JtTULH  WALKER'S  Published every Thursday at Enderby, the Gate-Way of the famous Okanagan, Land of the. Big..Canadian Red Apple and the Cali.  Entered in the Post Office at Enderby, B. C, as second-class matter. ^ ^ l      l,i "^   l<~>'ijQ  lifornia of Canada  I!  Volume 1.  IIV THE YEAH.   #!i.  ENDERBY, B.C., OCTOBER 22,^908/           \N (-'  z^-.  JIY TIIK COPY,  .1C.  Number 34.  , Published every Thursday by The Walker Press,  at Enderby, B. C, the  Gate-way City of the famous Okanagan Valley.  II.      XI.      W A I. K 1?: R   c __   Advertising rates on application.   Subscription, one year, $; six months, $1  Address all communications to-   THE WALKER 'PRESS. Enderby, B. C.  A blue pencil mark here indicates that your subscription  is past due,  and the editor would like to retain your name on the roll of honor.  Pa says:   "No man what's honest an' right is afraid o'  bein' talked about.  ~~-rxrm~  72*-  FROM ONE MAN'S POINT OF VIEW  THE great drawback to honest criticism  in any small community is this: men  insist upon localizing the issue and  measuring the individual rather than the  truth or principle the individual stands for.  Prejudice stands in the way of reason, and  the great broad principle of right is lost in  the pettifogging cry of Vanity, whose pride  , has suffered a prick from the shaft of Truth.  There are men in all communities who  can recognize Truth wherever found. Intuitively they know the right of an issue  when it is brought out. There are others  whose prejudice will not permit sane reason  to lift her head, and who blind their eyes  to Truth when she comes dressed in a garment, unlike their own.  In another column the editor is pleased  to produce an unsigned communication  from a friend who, under the caption, "A  Plea for Unity/' says some very earnest  "Buttie "speaks"  of his day,��������������������������� men who-put-up-With no criticism and ruthlessly brushed aside all who  dared to question their authority,���������������������������indicate  that the no criticism policy was not his  policy.  The thing is, not to be afraid of criticism  nor to hate it, but rather to court it and  profit by it. The author afraid of criticism  is a "dub," the actor who cannot stand  criticism is a false alarm. Progressive  men in all vocations court criticism. They  recognize in the severest critic their best  friend. It is the man of small calibre that  looks upon criticism as opposition. The  critic is destructive only to those things  and conditions which are of themselves  destructive. Silence criticism and you take  out of the community its best impulse in  the daily march forward. Criticism is not  chastisement. It is the goad that inspires  men to do things, not dream them.  I  s.  ADMIRE a man wherever I find him.  We may hold different opinions on questions that interest us, but that need not  mar our friendship. I do not admire an  individual, wherever I find him, who condemns unheard the man he does not know.  A preacher the other day accused us of  putting stuff in this paper that was a disgrace to any decent man. Of course, we  may be very indecent ourselves���������������������������not as decent as the preacher, to be sure���������������������������but we  are acquainted with other men and women  The     preacher  in half-truths.    He does not reach deep  enough.    He would for the sake of what  he calls "unity," build falsely upon a rotton  bottom.   HeVould erect his house upon  shifting sand.    "Criticise nothing,"   says  he, and then proceeds to lay down rules  that in his mind would bring unity.     The  thought back of-his words is good; he has  an ideal, but the ladder he would climb to | may disagree with him in many things and  reach it is frail and without a rung safe for !   JM1 '    _1       x'    rnu���������������������������~ - ��������������������������� :-~ 1-���������������������������'  as decent as  who strongly commend the very stuff the  preacher condemns. We do not see why a  preacher cannot be as sane and reasonable  as anyone else. Not that we expect him  to relish everything we say, but that he.  should allow that there are decent men and  women outside of his particular faith as  well as in it, and that these men and women  a community to stand upon. Without  honest criticism this world would be a  cipher in the sum of time and we a lot of  sap-heads. Criticism honestly maintained  and conscientiously directed is the finest  tonic a community can have. The Man of  Nazareth recognized this ^ fully, and his  words to the pharisees,  priests and scribes  still be decent. There are men in business  in Canada, licensed by the government,  that have been classed as low down scoundrels by this preacher, and yet I have seen  these men do more practical charity, and  be more practically helpful, than the institution of which the preacher is a part. It  is not fair to damn a man we do not know,  nor condemn what we do not understand. WALKER'S.-WEEKLY,  IMI.IUI1WW  zxxz  XX.  NEWS IN AND ABOUT THE TOWN AND DISTRICT  rxxr  i  i  3:  A. Sutcliffe has cleared his  excellent High-street property  preparatory to building.  J. S. Johnstone returned this  week from Salmon Arm, where  he erected a cement-block home  for John Dolan.  A. H. Blair has completed the  Dolan school building at Salmon  Arm, and has returned to his  home at Enderby.  Frank Hawes is bush-whacking  on his fruit ranch up Mabel Lake  Valley, and getting his land  ready for more peach trees.  Miss Grace Bonner pleased a  50-dollar house in K. of P. hall  last Saturday evening with her  rendition of Esmeralda. Miss  Bonner is an artist and always  pleases.  The Liberal committee rooms  are marked by a flag flying from  the Bell block; the Conservative  by a host of flags from the Bradley block. The pot won't boil  until after the Dominion elections.  The good people of North Enderby are giving a dance in the  school house Friday, Oct. 30, to  raise funds to purchase - the organ. Gentlemen will bring a  dollar; ladies, cakes, sandwiches,  1oMl;}iinpn;l5^  Chas. W. Little has left at the  office of The Walker Press a  number of the Mara booklets, to  be given away where they will'do  the most good. If you are interested and cannot call, write  for one, enclosing a 2-cent stamp.  Rev. Mr. White, of New Westminster, spent Tuesday in Enderby, going south to Hedley on  Wednesday. Mr. White is head  of the Methodist church in B. C.  and he goes to Hedley to hold  services there in the interest.of  that church.  W. T. Holtby has sold his entire interest in the furniture  business at   Armstrong to Mr.  McPherson, and will devote his  entire attention to his Enderby  business. A carload of furniture  will be added to his Enderby  stock this, week.  The Pythian Sisters gave one  of their enjoyable entertainments  and suppers Monday evening in  Pythian Castle hall. The hall  was packed as it always is when  the Pythian Sisters get busy.    It  prepared for a skating rink this  winter, and .when spring opens  make it ready for tennis. Mr.  Hood, an experienced rink man,  will take charge of the ice, and  we may be sure, if Jack Frost  does his part,������������������ that we will have  as fine ice as ever was skated  upon.  F. H. Barnes is building a wood  emporium for The Walker Press.  is their intention to give one of j If you hear sundry  and weird  '  _    -       -   i _  these entertainments the third  Monday in each month during  the winter.  We have on exhibition at this  office samples of apples from the  orchards of Geo. R. Lawes which  are perfection itself for color and  size. They are the Baxter, Peas-  good's Nonsuch and Canadian  Greening. Enough of such fruit  would bring fame to any community.  If you want to see a typical  Fall scene, look into the yard  about Mr. Hale's home. The  carpet of gold,  the gaunt trees,  noises exuding therefrom in the  dead of night you will'know that  it is the editor trying one of his  editorials on the wood pile before  putting it into cold type.  Col. Lowery has returned to  Greenwood from the cent belt.  The nearest he came to matrimony was to buy a shirt that  buttons up the front. We had  hopes of seeing lucid accounts of  his trip, but when the Colonel  got back to Greenwood he found  the ad columns of his paper were  suffering from an attack of disembogue and he   has been busy  with here and there the richer since trying to check it. When  colors of the foliage o'er hanging | he finds a cordial we shall hear  the rustic seats, and the blades j from him.  of green peeping out from under j perhaps when the warm  the fallen leaves���������������������������it is a picture; sung of spring steai away  one doeg not care to turn away Lthj- snow and lay bare the bosom  irom.  The Union evangelistic services  which have been carried on in  Enderby the past three weeks b>;  of Nature, exposing her mantle of  green, perhaps then the heart is  more glad, but now, when the  golden leaves lay thick upon the  the Methodist and Presbyterian j ground and Nature tucks in her  ohurches, will close this week. I children to sleep through winter's  They have been profitable and;chilling snows-now, the time  of great interest to all who take | when the heart sings low and the  pleasure in this mode of opera- j Calm Within whispers of the  tion. Evangelist Russell goes j fruits of dying efforts, do we  from Enderby to Armstrong, j know that it's all right with the  where meetings are to be held I Eternal. I Am, with whom man  under the same auspices. j has no quarrel.  t  At the meeting of  the Lawn  Tennis Club last Friday evening  it was decided to lease the half j  block,   corner   of   George    and.  Knight  streets,    (back   of   St. |  George's churcb)   and   have it1  Cut out the Pipe Dreams,  Boys, and  Show  the   Goods <?i  ENDERBY,B. C, October 22, 1908  Poultrymen Organizing  The poultrymen of Enderby,  Armstrong and Salmon Arm are  organizing,  not exactly as one  ������������������ organization, but with one object  and one purpose.     Bird fanciers  are   numerous  about  Enderby,  and the idea of a winter poultry  ' show met with  ready response.  Armstrong also has a fine lot of  utility  and   fancy  breeds,  also  Salmon Arm, and the poultrymen  of both these districts are prepared to join in the movement.  It is the intention to have a regular   score-card   show,    and   a  prominent judge from the East  will be engaged to scoreihe entries.     A combined meeting of  the representatives of  each of  the districts has   not  yet been  held, and the question of where  the first season's   show will be  held has not been considered.    It  will probably be decided at the  meeting to be held in Enderby  Saturday afternoon, Oct. 31st.  Great interest is shown by the  poultrymen. They are just beginning to realize what it means  to the districts, and already the  work is well in hand. Men like  Mr. H. Smedley mean business  when they pick up the first-prize  cockrel at Victoria, paying $15  for him.  Considerable activity is evident  in buying fine fowls locally, and  we   may expect to see a large  number go into fine poultry who  have heretofor been satisfied to  raise anything in the way of a  hen that could lay  an egg.   If  you are going to buy any thorough  bred poultry, now is the time to  get it, regardless of  the breed  and the number of the birds you  may want.    Fall is the season for  low prices, and,   in order to reduce their  stock before winter  sets in,  breeders offer very attractive bargains at  this time.  The best stock is usually picked  up before spring, and thus good  opportunities  are lost by .prospective buyers. A further reason  for making the purchase now is  that if the birds are shipped now  while the weather is mild, they  will not be so likely to acquire  colds, out of" whicha may later  -LUJitI  develop roup,   or similar trouble.  Last Saturday afternoon in the  King Edward, the second meeting of the Northern   Okanagan  Poultry association was held. The  attendance was   not large,  but  intense   interest   was    shown.  Mr.   Petard   and   Mr.  Marshall  were in   attendance from Armstrong.    A   letter  from   F.   B.  Howarth,   Salmon Arm,   sfated  that a partial  organization  had  been effected there   and asking  for information as to when the  next meeting is to be held, so as  to enable Salmon Arm to be represented.  Mr. Petard and Mr. Marshall  were appointed provisional directors for Armstrong, to act until  organization is effected there and  directors are regularly appointed.  The secretary was instructed  to communicate with several Canadian poultry and pet stock exhibition judges, with a view of  finding out when one of them  could be available.  A lot of men are like soda fountains-give off a lot of froth but  mighty little solid substance.  ?  ���������������������������&������������������    ���������������������������  \ If you wish to save money, PAINT NOW ' I have on hind n mnnHfv ^  paint suitable for all kinds o/outside painting, which I do not wish to^can-v over  winter, and will sell same at LESS THAN COST for the next 30 days  i      5������������������ n(S miss this GREAT OPPORTUNITY !   Get your buildings painted for  less than the cost of the paint at ordinary prices. painrea ioi  Small lots, $1.50 per gallon.   Barrel, 10 percent discount.  . I have also the largest and best stock of Stoves, Gran iteware, and General  Hardware eqer shown in Enderby. Call before you purchase elsewhere The  prices are right and I will treat you right.  9  CLIFF STREET  s Hardware Store  ENDERBY, B. C. WALKER'S WEEKLY,  ��������������������������� fill   j.jijiiw������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������!���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Enderby School District  The Enderby City School District has been redefined by the  Superintendent of Education. It  now is as follows:  Commencing at the southeast  corner of Lot 149, Kamloops Division of Yale District, being the  southeast corner of the city of  Enderby and a point on the Spal-  lumcheen river; thence due west  along the northern boundary of  the Spallumcheen Indian reserve  to a point where it intersects the  eastern boundary line of Section  21, Township 18, Range 9: thence  due north to the northern boundary line of said township; thence  due east to the western boundary  line of Lot 159; thence due north  to the - northwest corner  of said lot; thence due  east to the Spallumcheen  river; thence following up the  course of said river, easterly and  southerly to a point where the  right bank of said river inter-  "QUALITY  ff  &������������������:m.. &MM%-$&$? '-'^Jsi- ������������������������������������������������������$' ^'  ���������������������������'   V-',' ������������������������������������������������������. -^V  1  i  www f  Wm  S^0*tC^  sects the northern boundary line | bodily life,   his mental life, his  of Lot 237;  thence due   east to! soul life, his home life, hie busi-  | the northeast'Corner of said lot; j ness life, his town life,  his dis-  | thence due south to the northern trict life,   his   national life,   his  | boundary   line  of   Section   36, world life.    Nothing less than a  Township 18, Range   9; thence j living, . all-embracing    interest  due east to the northeast corner j characterises the man who thor-  of   Section    32,   Township   18, joughly alive.    The man who is  Range 8; thence due south to the j thoroughly alive owns the world,  Spallumcheen river;   thence in a and all that's in it.  westerly direction, following the  northern shore of said river to  the point where it intersects the w> Campbell mailed last weel  northern boundary line of the to his father in Ontario a sample  Spallumcheen Indian reserve; j of Salmon Arm apples, that those  thence following the northerly j bafek home could see what is  boundary line of said reserve to | raised here. The apple, a Wolfe  the point where it intersects the: River> measured at its greatest  eastern shore of the Spallum- j girtri 12J inches and at its least  cheen river; and thence up said 15} inches-Salmon Arm Obser-  river to point of commencement.  One of Noodles' Apples.  ���������������������������_  ver.  Are you alive? Some , people Are you a citizen of Enderby?  don't quite know whether they j If so, are you sufficiently inter-  are. A good way to find out is ested in the business of the town  to notice whether you take an ���������������������������which is your business���������������������������to call  interest in things. A live man I at the City Office and have your  takes a  lively  interest  in   his | name placed on the voters' list?  I    ���������������������������WH I'l I  t__._=_^t_-=  wmmnmmMmiw.u ���������������������������jjip .  ��������������������������� ��������������������������� i������������������~h .rw."J>. 9\  Businessmen tell us there will soon be a  in business, but in the meantime we all have to economize.     However, all men must dress, and  o  a lot of money if you buy your clothes from us.    We can give you men's suits  TORONTO  SS.00 up, in good clothes, well-tailored.    It is a  ���������������������������  Sill  to sell them at the price, but we have too many.   You need the goods and we need the money  HARVEY & DOBSON ENDERBY, B. C, October 22, 1908  Clothing that Speaks for Itself  The Fit  Reform  This store's purpose is to dress men better than they have ever been dressed-to provide  such styles and patterns as will express the individuality of the wearer and give genuine satisfaction. We allow np one to give a greater equivalent for your money, and the suits and  overcoats we have for Fall and Winter wear easily discount everything in the past We  mean to make this the safest store for you to buy at every day in the year. We sell only the  very best of clothing and insist on a perfect understanding with each'customer. You run no  risk at all m buying here. X>ur prices are always the lowest for which equally good clothing  can be bought anywhere.    Sweaters and all seasonable goods; full stock; Al goods  *  O. Ltd- 6  S__H  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  Toivn Improvements <  The street work done by  the city this season has clone  much to improve the appearance of Enderby and contribute to the comforts of her  citizens. The grading of  Russell street from George  to Sicamous, opened a choice  locality; the gravelling of  Cliff street should add much  to the navigability of that  thoroughfare when the soft  weather comes. Two thousand feet of sidewalk has been  laid, greatly improving conditions for the pedestrian in  all directions. The system  of surface drainage installed  early in the summer, will, it  is believed, afford quick  drainage for that section of  the town tapped by it.  It will be interesting to  know what the cost has been  of this work. It has all been  paid out of the general revenue. In a statement submitted to the city council by  City Clerk Rosoman some  weeks ago, the total receipts  from all sources, independent  of the $2000 raised by loan,  for waterworks extension,  was $7,592. Of this amount  $1,935 went to the public  school, $1000 to pay bank  loan, $900 to drains, $500 to  Bobbie Stood In.  Little Mollie had hastily  undressed and jumped into  bed without saying her  prayers.  "Why dearest!" said the  nurse. "Aren't you going  to say you're prayers tonight  especially when you have  had a new baby brother  brought to the house today?"  "No, I ain't," said Mollie.  "And that baby brother's  just the trouble."  "But why?" asked the  nurse. "Don't you like your  baby brother?"  "What's the use?" queried  the little girl. "I've been  prayin' # for a little . sister  every night for six months,  and Bobbie, he only began  askin' for a little brother  yesterday, and he got his  right off."  Not in Enderby  he collided with a box picket fence which had beeri  placed around a tree to protect it. Being somewhat  unsteady on his limbs, the  man grasped hold of what  he supposed was a picket  fence and started to feel his  way along. After rotating  around the tree for half an  hour he appeared somewhat  puzzled at the extraordinary  length of the fence, but he  kept bravely on for some  time. Finally, however, his  courage failed him, and h  sank down at the foot of th  Cs  box fence with a groan of  despair. "Fenced in!" he  moaned. ���������������������������Saturday Sunset.  P-HUffKUKIMJ--'.  }? J--WJ_JC"_������������������������������������J-Jul-.!���������������������������.!.'  rundish & Baird  Plain and Ornamental  PLASTERING, LATHING  Brick and Cement work.    Hard Wall  work a specialty.  'No Job Too Big; No Job Too Small"       Enderby  A man slightly the worse  off for that which inebriates  but does not always cheer,  was on his way home when  Cut out the Pipe Dreams,  Boys, and  Show the Goods  __________!____ king of bread flours.     And it is  port was made,  the costof|an  Enderby-made fl^^  subsequent street work has    -. _������������������      v Ap ���������������������������_  been in the neighborhood of always iresh. ������������������������������������������������������     Oi   COUrSe,   yOU US6 it.  $450.   Thus we have about x  $2,000 expended on drainage | Columbia Flouring Mills Co.,  and street work for the sea-j - -   - - ��������������������������� -     ^^^^-^d^.^..^,  son, which is an exception-'  ally good showing.  Enderby  You can't forget  SUNDAY __SER VICES  11 a. m. Mr. Campbell in! The old home place���������������������������the place where the pioneers of the Valley put  Presbyterian church IUP when Enderby was a'bornin'..   You can't forget the hotel home  3:30 p.m. Mr. Russell will! Rrofv\dS? in lhe W??^!^^?!' It was the Enderby  arlrlrPQc n mncQ ^.^-^ -r Hotel then; it is the Enderby Hotel now. And you won't forget the  auu_e&&  a nid&b  iiieeLnig in cordial treatment that will be accorded you today as it was the  pioneer then.        The ENDERBY HOTEL,^������������������$GKT'n***"  the Presbyterian church.  Subject, "Bird's Eye View of  Redemption."  7:30p.m.    In Presbyterian  church.     Mr.   Russell   will,  speak on, "Time's Tragedy."!  Working Harness,  Anything you need, in' stock  I   W    Fuane HARNESS MAKER  ���������������������������!���������������������������   VY .  J__VCU1&,AND REPAIRER  lrmg  Enderby ENDERBY, B.C., October 22, 1908  Woodyard to be Established.  A wood yard is to be established in Enderby. Henry Grey-  ell is the promoter. Mr. Greyell  will establish the yard at his  High street property, where he  will install an up-to-date outfit  for sawing into stove lengths.  Mr. Greyell has upwards of 150  cords of 4 and 5-foot lengths  ready for the saw. It is all green-  cut, seasoned wood. It is Mr.  GreyelFs intention to establish  a price of $3.50 per cord for this  vood, or $4 per cord split for the  stove. He will have a cheaper  grade of wood at a less price. He  is how'taking orders for winter  delivery.  L  Tea and  Coffee  stin  Lowest in Price  Because I put them up myself  in paper bags, saving you from  4c to 5c, the cost of lead or tin  Walter Robinson  CASH   GROCER  ��������������������������� /*���������������������������  Grown SEEDS  TREES, PLANTS  Reliable varieties at reasonable prices.' No Borers.  No Scale. No fumigation to damage stock. No  windy agents to annoy you. Buy direct and get  trees and seeds that grow.  Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps, Spraying material, Cut Flowers, etc.   Catalogue free.  M. J. HENRY  3010 Westminster Rd. VANCOUVER. B. C j  N. B.���������������������������Anyone wishing; a Catalogue free, may !  have one by calling at'the ofliceof Walker's Weekly  _Lll_J_J  PZUURY TO ORDER.  Thriving Class Make Their Living by  Telling  Lies   Under  Oath.  There is much virtue in an alibi.  Unlike Boyle Roche's famous bird, a  man cannot be in two places at once,  and you invariably find that the "first  idea of the professional criminal when  arrested on circumstantial evidence is  to prove an alibi.  As is pretty well known, however,  there exists in India, and also in  China, a large class of professional  perjurers. For a sum equivalent to  four shillings you can hire a man to  swear in a law court to any tale you  choose to make him learn. Mr. Kipling, in one oi his stories, describes  the kind  of thing.  All through the East these professional perjurers form a regular class,  and even British rule has utterly failed to exterminate them. Indian judges  have long ago learnt to take all evidence with rathe)1 more than the proverbial grain of. salt.  Even in.this country the law courts  are not free from a similar curse. Bill  Sykes always knows where to lay his  hand on a man who, for a consideration varying between one pound and  five, will take his oath that Bill.was  ill the bar at the Blue Dragon at .the  very minute when the police aver that  he   was   escaping   from   the  home  of  Lord  B , with the best part of the  family plnte in a bag on his back.  Some o: these, gentry the police get  to know. But even so, the authorities are almost powerless. Perjury is  a difficult thing to prove, and it is  only in the divorce courts that there  is a King's Proctor to watch the evidence, and take such steps as he sees  fit.  The professional perjurer has been  to the fore in several of the most sensational cases which ever came before  the courts of this country, and more  than once, by the cleverness of counsel, has been detected and exposed.  .Take the great Parnell-Pigott case.  The case against Mr. Parnell hinged,  t will Iv remembered, on a letter from  :i. member of the Clan-na-Gael, a fac-.  simile 'of. which   Pigott swore he had  bought in Paris.  iToiTi^RiTREeli^rvHlvillow^enT^w'ho^was-  '���������������������������Livelihood."     ana     several     ocnersy  "Oh, and- one other"; he ended with  "hesitancy."  Pigott spelt the word "hesitency."  It was spelt in the same way in one  of the incriminating letters. Forty-  eight hours later Pigott was a proved  perjurer and   forger.  In the Meikle case, which caused a  tremendous sensation some years ago  in New Zealand, a well-to-do farmer  named John Meikle was charged with  sheep stealing. He .was convicted  solely through the evidence of a man  named Lambert, who was afterwards  proved to be a professional perjurer,  and to have,been highly paid for his  evidence by an enemy of Meikle.  Poor Meikle served a sentence of  seven years' hard labor; yet, after  he got out of prison, he set to work  with, splendid pluck, secured the conviction of Lambert, and established  his own innocence.  Expected  a  Uniform.  While the steamer Speedy, conveying the Gover'no.- General on his tour ���������������������������  of the canals, was going through the .  Cornwall   Canal   recently   His   Excel- "  lency stenped off the boat'and walked':  up and down the hank for a few. rhin-.-.  utes.     He   wore   an   ordinary   tweed",  suit.   A member of his staff, who was  in military uniform., was standing on  the  upper   deck.     One    of    the   lock  hands,   who   wan   anxious  to' see  the  Governor-General. .stepped ,up to Earl .  Grey and  noli'elv  asked  him  if'that  was His Fxcoll.op.ev,   pointing  to   the  officer.    It was  rather an embarrassing  question.   b'H   the  lock   man   received'a pleasant answer in the negative.    He was a much surDrised man  when he learned a  few minutes later  that he had been talking to "His Excellency.; .   . ���������������������������  defending Parvll, asked Pigott to sit  (lown and write certain words. His  own   name firsl..   tVien   "proselytism,"  Bic  & Bicycle  ies  Gasolene Engines arid/ Supplies.    Electrida}l wrcTrk  and'Fixtures a-Specialty  F.  V.  MOFFET  :i T ���������������������������->  Enderby  Just Arrived  New samples for Fall and  Winter Clothing from the  famous ' 'House of Hobber-  lin," Toronto. Give us a trial  Satisfaction guaranteed and  prices right.  Underwear, Sweaters and  Gloves of all kinds.  :;3-pound: tins Pie Peaches  25c, while-they last.  WHEELER & EVANS  Monteagle Won Race.  The arrival of the C.P.R. steamer  Monteagle a,t Vancouver with a cargo  of silk from the Orient excites much  interest. She was one of three steamers racing with silk for-the New York  market. One, (he Siberia, left four  days before the Monteagle for San  Francisco, and has not yet arrived.  The other, the Tosa Main, left the  .sa-me-day__as. -thc���������������������������Monteagle.._hut-hnsi  not yet been reported. The Monteagle  will deliver her shipment by the Canadian Pacific in Now York several days  in advance of the others, and as the  race was intended as a trial of the  routes via. San Francisco, Seattle and  Vancouver, the result is hailed as a  notable victory for the Canadian  route.  Measuring Time.  .lust when the day became divided  Into hours is not known, nor is the  process explained. The Greeks and  Romans measured time by the water  glass and the sundials. The hourglass, filled with sand, was the outgrowth of these vessels, from which  the water dripped  through tiny  open-  liura '_''���������������������������'           On Nov. 9th when we give  thanks, Jet us not forget the  elections on both sides- of  the border. 8  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  Advertising Enderby  Chas. W. Little, single-  handed and alone, has done  more to turn the attention of  homeseekers   to   the   north  end of the Okanagan than  anything that ever happened.  As the result of his Mara  booklet he made two more  nice sales last week, and he  has not really started yet.  He is, in fact, just getting  ready. By next spring he  will have another and still  handsomer booklet out, and  in circulation through all the j  best channels. He has a|  large and splendid field, and  can go to homeseekers with  "the goods."  If one individual can do so  much in so little time, what  might not a community do  if all would contribute a  little? Enderby is the seat  of a section of magnificent  possibilities. Its beauty-spots  are numerous; its sites for  homes are unsurpassed, and  back of it all, we have the  land that produces the crops.  While Enderby can grow  fruits to perfection, and cereals, hay and vegetables as  well as they can be grown  any place, still we do not believe these are   going to be  4he^steady^mone_y=m akers-for.  all.    Poultry and stock raising seem to promise the best  for the future.    British Columbia has never had sufficient butter and eggs to supply the home demand.    Andi  the demand of the future, j  with all the railway building;  and city building, and thous-j  ancls coming to develop the\  vast country   being opened;  up,   promises   to   be   very';  much greater than   can be |  supplied at home. |  A booklet pointing out the  advantages offered here,  would induce hundreds seeking homes to come and see  what we have to offer.    En  derby does not need to stand  aside. What it does need  is more public spirit; more  unselfish effort to make its  advantages known. To get  out a creditable 24-page  brochure, illustrated, descriptive of Enderby would  cost in the neighborhood of  $150 per thousand. It would  be worth $15,000 to us. Here  is $20 towards getting it out.  FT, TURNER  Plumbing and  Steam Fitting  All kinds of Tin and Zinc Articles Repared  Rear Evans Blk Enderby  Cut out the Pipe Dreams,  Boys, and  Show  the  Goods  Why not build  a home of your own?  We carry a full line of all kinds of building material,  including Lime in Barrel, Cement and Wood and Hair  Fibre Patent Plasters.   We have a large stock of   SEASONED LUMBER ON HAND  Estimates cheerfully furnished.  MILL WOOD-Direct from the saw mill:   short wood,   $1.00  per load; dry wood, $1.50 per load.  A. R. Rogers Lumber Co.Ltd., Enderby  ���������������������������v^i  Butter-making  If any butter maker makes butter that she's  proud of, it's good business for her to let the  world know where it came from. Nicely printed  ^vegetaMe^parchmBnrt^^  with an alkali ink that won't run, will do it. The  Walker Press can furnish the finest vegetable  parchment, the finest ink that won't run, and the  finest quality of printing. If you can furnish the  finest butter, you'll have a winning combination.  Come in aM tM^  THE   WALKER   PRESS,   ENDERBY  W^Emsmmmm  k>X.  BRING   YOUR  ob Print  To The Walker Press  It will be done to  please you  Enderby District presents inducements for mixed farming that  are unexcelled, go where you will.   But the fact must be advertised. ENDERBY,B. C, October 22, .1908  9  IN   THE   CHURCHES  pi-IURCH OF ENGLAND. St. George's Church.  ^ Services every Sunday at 11 a. ni. and 7:30 p.  m. Holy Communion every Sunday at 8 a. m. and  2n Sunday in month at 1.1 a. m. during- September,  October and November. Litany, Friday,  7.45 p. m. Choir rehearsal. Friday, S p.m. North  Enderby at 8 p.m. every alternate Sunday, commencing- July 12th. Mara, at 8.30 p.m.every alternate Sunday, commencing- July 5th. All cordially invited.   Rev. J. Leech-Porter, B.D., Vicar  "METHODIST CHURCH���������������������������Young- People's meet-  -"-*��������������������������� ing\ Sunday, 7 p. m.; Preaching every  Sunday, 7:30 p. m.; Junior Epworth League,  Tuesday, 3:45 p. m.; Prayer Meeting, Tuesday,  7:30 p. m.; Class Meettng, 8;15 p. m. (immediately  after the prayer meeting); Sunday School, 2.30 p.  rn^  A. N. MILLER. Pastor.  pRESBYTERlAN    CHURCPI-Sunday   School,  -*���������������������������     9:45 a. m.; Church  service,  11 a. m.; Young-  People's meeting-, Wednesday, 8 p. m.   D. CAMPBELL. Pastor.  "DAPTIST CHURCH-Sunday School, 10 a. m.;  ���������������������������*-' Church service, 11 a. m.; Prayer meeting,  Wednesday. 7:30 p. m.     B. S. FREEMAN, Pastor  SECRET SOCIETIES  N. II. KENNY,'  W. M. ���������������������������  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40.  Rrg-ular meetings first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited.  H. H. WORTHINGTON,  Secretary  CITY OF ENDERBY  PITY OFFICE-Cliff St., office hours. 10 a. m. to  ^ 12:30, 1:30 to 4 p. m.: Saturday, 10 to 12:30 m.  City Council regular meeting, every alternate Saturday at 8 p. m. Geo. Bell, mayor; Graham Rosoman, city clfrk. Chairman Board of Work's, Ira  C. Jones; Waterworks Committee, J. W. Evans;  Finance Committee, H. H. Worthington; Committee on Health, Geo. R. Lawes. Poundkeeper,  Evri'is & ^*������������������������������������������������������'.-.    POST OFFICE  HOURS���������������������������8 a. m. to'���������������������������6:30'p. "n.; mails close, souths  bound, 8:45 H.m.; northbound. 2:45 p. m.  SMALL DEBTS COURT  CITS every Saturday, by appointment at 2 p. m.  k- Graham Rosoman, Police and Stipendiary  Magistrate.  -*_^w^-_"^!-*_i^V-  PROFESSIONAL  D  R. H. W. KEITH,  Office hours:   Forenoon, 1.1 to 12  Afternoon. 4 to 5  Evening, 7 to 8  Sunday, 12 to 1  =0 tfi _r:=B E LTt-BBOCK    -   END E R B-Y=  W.  E. BANTON,  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public, Conveyancer,  etc.  Offices, Bell Block, Enderby,B.C.  pLAUDE'P? JONES,  VJ   ARCHITECT  CONSULTING ENGINEER  FOR HEATING AND  VENTILATING  INSTALLATIONS.  VERNON B. C.  p  ETER BURNET  Dominion & Provincial  Land Surveyor  Metcalf Block,       Enderby, B.C.  Woman'sWorld  MRS. WILLIAM  J.  BRYAN.  The    Mistress    of     Fairview    and    a  Glimpse of Her Home Life.  Dorothy Dale iu an interview has  the following to say about Mrs. Bryan  and her home: The mistress of Fair-  view was at homo when I arrived. So  was Mr. Bryan He came out after  the servant to greet me-with: "Mrs.  Bryan decidedly objects to being interviewed. She has nothing important to  pay." Pause. "However, a visit is  different. Oh. Mary!" he called,  "Mamma. Mary!" And I understood  why that voice holds a multitude.  Mrs. Bryan came. There was an  amused twinkle in her gray eyes as  she held out a hand and prefaced by  saying that she didn't really need any  introduction to the people of her country. She was by no means a debutante.  That is Mrs.  Bryan's way.    She ac-;  cepts  everything graciously,  serenely.  Her manner says that if she is to go to  "��������������������������� ^.':'v>?__?>_.-**"__^i  -. ������������������������������������������������������:,'-��������������������������� ���������������������������ei-!::;>v.crA3^!__������������������:r__  E  ^S-~  ,__Zz������������������  T?'*������������������f_V...- JT  good Campaigning is only one interesting phase- of life, after all. But  "Wherever she goes and whatever she  does she will always be bigger than  the circumstance Every detail of her  home life shows (hat.  For instance, a Nebraska hill knows  the sun in all his glory. Besides, it  is treeless. But (his did not disturb  Mrs. Bryan. She planned a house  which, waiting for trees to grow,  would be comfortable. Then she considered the grounds. There were acres  in them, rounding up from the roadway far below.  A lawn would look bare aud stiff,  she decided. So alfalfa was sown.  And no one who has not seen the  bushy green growth can appreciate  how it softens the vast expanse. The  alfalfa also stays green long after fall  has seared other glasses.  Then the porch���������������������������it is a masterpiece.  From the outside it is a curving  white heat reflector with its panels of  glistening windows. But inside you  are introduced into another world.  The house is red brick. The porch  pillars are of red stone. And connecting  these is a circular wall of windows,  shadedand arranged so that the sun is ,  kept out and every morning breath of  air let in. Vines droop from the walls.  Ferns and flowers surround the supporting pillars. And with the bamboo  furnishings and Indian rugs it looks  as inviting as a mountain grotto.  However, its invitation is deceptive,  for it's a sort of watch tower, where a  servant keeps guard and detains politicians and autot'i'aph seekers aud the  rest of the daily pilgrimage to Fair-  view that has some pretext for overstepping the camera line.  The rest of the house is a gallery of o  nrt gems and curios. From Mr. Bryan's study and the dining room, built  below ground for coolness, to the garret roof there are beautiful gleanings  from the Occident and orient.  The Bryan household is large.  Everything is well apportioned. Everything runs smoothly. If people are  re a d .v_.fo.r_ 11) e a I __ .when _ m_ e a Is a ijo roa _!>_._   very well. And if they are not, why,  the meals wait and no one fusses. The  servants follow their mistress' lead.  MKS.    W.    J     BRYAN    AND    TIER    HOME.  AT  ���������������������������LINCOLN,'NEB.  the   White   House  all   well  and  good.  Aud if she doesn't, why. all  well and  Airships In War.  Hudson Maxim contends that the use  of airships in war does not hold forth  auyterrifying prospects. The dropping  of dynamite from such vessels, he  says, might cause some superficial destruction, but it must penetrate and  explode inside battleships and earthworks to do really great damage. Half  a ton of that explosive dropped upon  the four inch deck of a battleship  might kill soine men, wreck part of the  superstructure of the vessel and dent  the deck, but the destruction would not  be extensive. Nor would the dropping  of such a charge on coast fortifications  cause serious damage, the action of  dynamite being such that the olast,  being unconlined. would rebound into  the air in the form of an inverted cone,  so that the effect in a horizontal plane  would be sir.all. 10  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  <s)  mmijrijt-  VANITY'S  VISIONS.  Toques and Tricorne Hats In Vogue.  Midi Blouses to Match Gown.  In the new hats three cornered turbans or tricorucs are very popular.  Toques are mostly oval, narrow in  width, with large drumlike crowns.  The mushroom shapes seen are disguised under a bushel of flowers used  as trimming. A number of the new  models have distinctly larger crowns.  Bank of Montreal  Established 1817  Capital, $14,400,000 Rest, $11,000,000  Undivided Profits,  $699,969.88  Honorary Psesident,  Rt. Hon. LORD STRATHCONA, MOUNT ROYAL, G. C M G  President. Hon.   SIR GEORGE DRUMMOND, K. C. M. G.  Vice-President and General Manag-er,   E. S. CLOUSTON, Esq.  Head Office, Montreal London Office, 46-47 Threadneedle St. E. C.  A General Banking Business Transacted  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT Peposits received from ��������������������������������������������� with  ���������������������������oxx v __X VJU   U_T._M XV   J_/__l ilLlVi. m__j������������������X ������������������    interest allowed at current rate  Branches in Okanagan District: Enderby, Armstrong-, Vernon, Kelowna and Summerland  G. A. HENDERSON, Esq,, Manager A. E. TAYLOR, Sub-Agent Enderby  Finest in the Country  "Enderby is a charming villiage with city airs.  When Paddy Murphy shook the snow of Sandon  off his feet he came here, and now owns one of  finest brick hotels in the country. Although  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan, he calls his  hotel the King Edward. In addition to the excellence of the meals, breakfast is served up to 10  o'clock, which is an added attraction for tourists."  (Extract from Lowery's Ledge.)  King Edward Hotel, PBStjMURPHY Enderby  This is the time of year when you should  Treat  Yourself   and  Family  A GIBSON SHIRT WAIST���������������������������3820.  A pattern of this Gibson waist can be  had in seven sixes���������������������������from 32 to 4-1 inches  bust measure. Send 10 cents to this office,  giving number (3SL'0), and it will be promptly forwarded to you by mail.  _JllLijC^L_ia.u(U-ol!==.cli=.uarise==sLia-pesrf=-such-=as-  conical," bell shape, zig topped, domed,  plain, straight and tam-o'-shanter.   .  Waists made of mull to match tailored skirts are in order. Dark blue,  the browns, greens, violets and grays  come in mulls and, being easily washed in a good soap and water, are Id expensive and pretty "'worn over "white  linings. A yarioi.v is attained when  the silk lining mau-hes the gown material, and a eon!pasting colored mull is  used for the waist.  The shirt waist illustrated is on the  Gibson order and is a '/cry popular design. -.The waist can be made with  long or short sleeves, as preferred.  Shirt waists sometimes give in the  back before they wear out, and if you  want to put a yoke on either an old or  a new waist cut a paper pattern from  the upper part of the back of the  waist about three and a half inches below the shoulder seams, sloping it  gracefully to a short point in the center of the back.     JUPIO CHOLLET.  to frequent trips into the country.     The hills,   canyons and landscape are at their prettiest.       Place your order with us for a rig,  and enjoy the half-holidays and the delightful Sundays.  EVANS & MACK ENDERBY  es  4- Real Estate  1 u & Insurance  _-N-_-_-K_"Tr~BTiCr  Fire Insurance in first-class companies.    Accident Insurance  REASONABLE TERMS WRITE FOR LIST  Carrol  Plumbing and  Furnace Work  Eave Troughing and all kinds of  Sheet Tin   and  Copper work.    Repairing and  Jobbing Work given prompt attention.  ! Corner Hudson and Alexander Sts.  SALMON ARM  I    THE BEST CLAY IN THE VALLEY, well-burnt, makes the  j Best Bricks in the Valley   ,  j A large stock of bricks now on hand.    Reasonable prices in large or  'small quantities.    Build of brick,   and you'll  have all the comforts  of home-and a great many more.    The cost is about the same as  frame-built, and the comforts a great deal more.  The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby  Wanted-At Enderby, a resident DENTIST.   A good field for a  man capable of doing the right kind of work. ENDERBY,B. C, October 22, 1908  11  ������������������������������������������������������vawcsntfg  ���������������������������_������������������_.  _5___9____*  Our Meats are  always fresh  and we serve the best  on the market. Fish,  poultry and eggs in  season.  G, R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C.  "Under the Pines"  a Little Magazine  published once a  month by H. M.Walker, from the  Walker Press, Enderby. Price of  admission, 50c a ���������������������������*  year and a pile of  earnest thinking  yourself. If you  don't want to think  don't subscribe.  But we want you  in our circle of  good play-fellows,  if you feel inclined  'Under the Fines"  The Walker Press, Enderby  Election Lau) Farce  Fred. HL Barnes  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  Dealer in Sashes,  Doors, Turnings and all factory work.  I represent the "S. C. Smith Co."j  of Vernon.       Enderby.  __������������������������������������������������������_____.__-���������������������������-     _        .    .   _   .    ..-.._���������������������������-���������������������������   ��������������������������� ...,.,    ��������������������������� __���������������������������������������������.������������������___-_���������������������������._���������������������������     f_    .. .   j .   -    -  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������_���������������������������!���������������������������  IRA C. JONES  Con tractor unci Builder  Canada has stringent election laws. The regulations  look well on paper, but in  practice the whole law is a  big farce. The law makes it  an offense punishable by a  fine of $200 for any printing  house -to print any matter  upon the election/ which does  not bear the imprint of the  printer. And yet the dead  walls about town are plastered over with highly colored show bills sent out by  the Liberal campaign managers, which are neither educative nor reasonable. The  election law also makes it a  misdemeanor, and imposes  a fine of $200 upon anyone  posting this anonymous campaign stuff, and yet our good  Liberals in the dead of night  think nothing of plastering  the town with it. A campaign booklet gotten up in  the shape and style of Little  Bo-peep and circulated anonymously, is another bright  Liberal dodge. All of which  is contrary to law. Just what  the party can expect to gain  by the circulation of this sort  of campaign rot is beyond  our comprehension. The printer who put it out was evidently so much ashamed of  itjthajb he would not put his  imprint on it. The very nature of it presupposes a very  low intellectuality. If  there were any number of  Canadian voters who could  be influenced by this sort of  thing, we should be ashamed  of them.  A Pleasing Talker  ments so dear to the heart of  the Socialist. Mr. Williams  followed, enlarging upon Mr.  Bunting's remarks, and going into Mr. Ross' record as  member for Yale-Cariboo.  Mr. Williams is as engaging  a speaker as there is in the  field, and his wit and logic  were much enjoyed. He  was particularly humorous  in his reference to the campaign literature sent out by  the Liberal party, and to Mr.  Ross' do-nothing record.  ENDERBY'S  FURNITURE   STORE  I have moved my  Furniture into  a larger store, and  invite you to come in and inT  spect my goods just to satisfy  yourself that I can furnish  your house cheaper than you  can buy elsewhere.  For the next two weeks I  will give large discounts on  Carpets, Squares, Rugs and  Mats, in order to make room  for fall shipments.    .  Pictures Framed and al!  kinds of Repair work done  on short notice  Wr^IVlGLTBY  Furniture Dealer and Undertaker  BRADLEY BLK.       ENDERBY  IX  x  7c7c<2<������������������w /?U'* 6&^.</'   .r_.������������������_.'(^' f.c</^  Y'S  sS  Estimates furnished on all  work, and contracts personally attended to.  E N DER BY.   B. C,  Charles Bunting, Socialist  candidate for the Dominion  House, and Parker Williams,  M.P.P.,  addressed  a large  John   S.   Johnstone j audjence in.K. of P hall on  general contractor      ! Friday evening.    Mr.  Bun-  Building,   Excavating,   Masonry Work | l\ng    dealt    ill     generalities  enderby   a specialty ���������������������������       b. c.j with the   issues and argu-  ^^/^_T *  i    ���������������������������  __ _ _    Bicycles & Bicycle  Supplies  Gasolene Engines and Supplies.     Electrical work  and Fixtures d Specialty  F.  V.  MOFFET  Enderby  You get the news if you  subscribe for this Weekly.  <���������������������������> 12  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  _a_  PRO BONO PUBLICO  i           A Plea for Unity.  Contributed.  There are two transcendent  forces in the world; the one destructive and the other constructive. All men are constantly using these forces. The efforts of  a few are mainly constructive;  the efforts of some are mainly  destructive. But most people  use both forces constantly and  indiscriminately; one day they  are destroying, the next constructing; with one hand they are  building, with the other tearing  down. Hence the chaos, the confusion and discouragement of the  world; hence the age-long delay  in the coming of God's kingdom.  Resist not evil; it will but rebound with the added force of  your attack. Criticise nothing;  by putting forth negative, destructive forces you do but weaken yourself; the mathematically  exact laws of nature will see to  it that you and your cause suffer  to precisely the amount of the  negative force you put in motion.  Least of all should they who  have seen the vision0 and are  working for God and humanity  permit themselves to criticise  those who in their own way are  doing the same work and are inspired by the same high motives.  Let us each be so busy constructing his own edifice that he has  neither time nor inclination to  turn aside and pull down his  brother's building. Rather let us  cheer each brother on to do his  work as God hath given him wisdom. In my Father's house are  many mansions; it takes all sorts  to make a world. Bid all Godspeed. As long as we oppose one  another we are still on the surface of life, we are not dwelling  in the secret place of the Most  High; for if we were, we should  know of a surety that all, in the  eternal purposes of the Infinite,  are working together for good;  and, instead of putting out our  hand to chasten, we should  breathe forth the spirit of love  and benediction, and of the peace  which passeth understanding.  gives strength and nerve  force. Build up for the  winter. We can give you  a perfect emulsion. Try it.  Enderby Drug &  Stationery Co.  ���������������������������wmvffwann  Enderby's school grounds  would look a hundred per cent,  better if they had a few shade  trees, don't you think so?  ng o  fthe  ss  We are now prepared to  do your work quickly  and well  The Walker Press, Enderby  ***!!��������������������������� ���������������������������'<��������������������������� i ��������������������������� n'���������������������������_��������������������������� ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������_.���������������������������_  ftuiumilittsssMii


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