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Walker's Weekly Sep 24, 1908

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 WEEKLY  Published every Thursday at Enderby, the Gate-Way of th������������������ famous Okannpun, Land of the Bijg.Cah'adian Red Apple and the' California of Canada  Entered in the Post Office at Enderby, B. C, as second-class matter.'  . i c, i.. V rj  'ft.  Volume 1.  IIV TIIK YHAIi,  #'J.  iiv iiii-: copy, ac.  Published every Thursday by The Walker Press,  at Enderby, B. C, the  Gate-way City of the famous Okanagan Valley.  ENDERBY, B.C., SEPTEMBERS. 1908  IT.  XI.      W A J. K is 11  Advertising rates on application.   Subscription, one year, $: six months, $1  Address all communications to-   THE WALKER PRESS, Enderby, B. C.  A blue pencil mark here indicates that your subscription  is past clue,  and the editor would like to retain your name on the roll of.honor.  Failure is sure to find   the   loop-hole  we leave for our  laziness to crawl out of.  frlJjMBER 30.  <__  FROM ONE MAN'S POINT OF VIEW  HERE is a preachment on economy.  The men who profess to know, tell  us that good times will come again,  not as the whirl wind or a prize package  out of a grab bag, but by a year or two of  strict economy on the part of the people.  We have been spending too much money.  This is not a new prescription for the  cure of financial meningitis. Solomon in  own way said the same thing: 'The soul  of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing,  but the soul of the diligent s;7iall wax fat."  "How much does it cost to live in New  York?" asks Inquisitive.  "About 10 per cent more than your income," answers the comic paper.  But whether it is in New* York or the  pastoral town by the tortuous, sleepy, soft-  flowing Spallumcheen, this bit of synicism  is applicable,...as._it is built .upon,the.very  groundwork of human nature. We do not  have to go into argument to prove this.  Just take your own case and I'll take mine.  We'll venture to say without knowing anything about you or your condition that you  liave^een-saving-less-money-than^ou-had  expected to; and, further, that you have  spent some money that you wished you  hadn't. And we do not doubt that you sit  down every now and then and" think-over'  your losses, ��������������������������� "the loss of the money you  ought to have saved, and the loss of the  money you did save but spent after you  saved it."  One and all of us have decided time and  again "to be more economical," but seldom  do we find a workman who has done or  is doing much more than repeat this vague  determination. We forget that saving is  governdd^bpsQience. ^ T_\eL science must be  learned, ahd4her6h������������������ > wh6^"h-a������������������fself-control  enough to learirtffls"sc1ence, will need less  self control to practice it.  Let us take a lesson from the French.  France has been daubed  "a nation of investors." ��������������������������� The thrift of the French middle  | class is proverbal.    It   is  not necessarily  | because   French people have more   will-  | power than we.   It is rather because the  French Government has,  in effect, made a  business of advertising the two great principles of personal investment.   v Here they  are.   What do you think of them:  "(1) The best way to save money is to  invest it before you have it. Then you get  interest on your savings; and you are practically compelled to economize.  "(2) The best way to keep money is to  invest it in proper securities, or in land.  Then your money breeds more money; it  will not "burn a hole in your pocket."  The French clerk or seamstress or laborer  with as little as 20 francs ($4.00) goes to the  postoffice, or Town Hall, and buys a Government bond. When enough bonds have  accumulated, the owner changes them into  one of the many Government loans, which  come in titres as small as 500 francs ($100).  As soon as a few more francs roll up, another tiire is bought���������������������������on the installment  $_i_m____Ih^^  as security, and pays for the second at the  rate of so many francs each week or month.  Here are powerful incentives to save.  The Canadian government offers no such  inducements. The Postal Savings Bank  pays 3 per cent; the incorporated banks  pay 3 per cent. No way is offered for the  ���������������������������Canadian workman to make more than this.  At the same time municipalities like Enderby are paying 6 per cent on municipal  bonds issued in larger denomination than  the laboring man can handle. At the same  time, capitalists who can handle them will  not do so because just now they can get 8  and 10 per cent on their money elsewhere.  Would it not be a splendid thing if our  municipality could formulate some plan  similar to that of the French government?  ������������������ 2  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  OCI  _xx:  zxxz  NEWS IN AND ABOUT THE TOWN AND DISTRICT  _xx  r>cr  JZXZZL  A school holiday was declared  Friday to enable those who wished  to take in the Vernon Fair.  The excursion rate to Westminster and return is $11.70, going dates, Sept. 26th to Oct. 2nd;  return Oct. 7th.  ��������������������������� No morning service will be held  at St. George's Church on Sunday next, but there will be Choral  Evensong at 7.30 p.m., as usual.  Wm. Hayhurst brought in a  load of splendid three-tier apples  from his Deep Creek orchard on  Friday, shipping them through  the Exchange.  The dance given by the Enderby City Band last week  proved highly enjoyable to all  and netted the band boys  enough to make it worth while.  Mr. Rogers, a B.A. from near  Edmonton, Alta., has accepted  the position as teacher in the  Enderby high school, and the  class will start on or about Oct. 1.  Grand Organizer White]y, of  the Loyal Orange Order, addressed a public meeting in L.O.L.  hall, Bell block, Tuesday evening.  His address was highly instructive and enjoyable and made  many friends, for the order.  W. Grade manager of Riverside  Farm, returned last week from  a two month's visit to Scotland.  Mr. Grade reports a very stormy  voyage ' both going and coming,  _but quick time was made, espe-  ^ialTy~bir"fhe"T^turri" mpT'fW^f^  riving in Enderby in 11_ days  from Liverpool. Mr. Grade was  called home by the illness of his  father, arriving there three days  before the father's death.  Armstrong's two-day fair-opens  to-day. Enderby's crowd will  go to the hustling burg to-morrow. While no effort has been  made by Enderby to put up an  exhibit to help make the fair a  success, yet we know one good  citizen���������������������������and she a woman���������������������������who  will have thirty-two articles on  exhibition. God bless thewomen!  Friday was moving day on Cliff  street. While the men were  loading one of the mill wagons  with F. L. Buckley's furniture at  the mill manager's home, Harry  Robinson missed his footing and  fell from  the wagon upon  the  horses, frightening them into  running away. They ran madly  down the street, scattering furniture and household effects by  the way. Mr. Robinson was  thrown to the ground and sustained several bruises but no  fracture. At the Bradley Block,  Mr. Bradley's horse and rig were  tied, and the runaways struck  the animal in the side, causing a  dangerous rupture, from which  the horse cannot recover. Jas.  Evans stopped the runaway in  front of the livery stable.  In Appreciation.  To the business people of Enderby and vicinity: I wish to ex  press my appreciation of the  cordial business relations that  have existed between us since  my incumbency as manager of  A. R. Rogers Lumber Co. Ltd.,  and trust that the same cordial  feeling will continue to exist  toward my successor, Mr. F. S.  Stevens, who will extend to all the  same liberal treatment I have endeavored to give on behalf of the  company.       F. L. Buckley.  To our friends and neighbors of Enderby and  surrounding country: We take this opportunity  to thank you all for your kindness and courtesy  during our two years' stay with you, and of conveying to all our appreciation of the many lasting  friendships we have made. After Oct. 1st we  will be at home at 11S1 Davie street, Vancouver,  and extend a cordial welcome to all.  MR. & MRS. F. L. BUCKLEY.  Shooting at the Range  The final government shoot, concluded last  week, ended one of the best seasons the Rifle  Association has had. The highest scores ever  made at the range were made in the final shoot.  Geo. Bell won the grand aggregate prize; Dr.  Keith the 600; E. Evans the 500; Geo. Sharpe  the 300; J. McMorland the 200. R. E. Wheeler  won the gold button for ^he highest score made  oftenest during season. ;/ Following concludes  the season's shooting:  6th Gov.  Aug. 19  500  200  29  99  19  W. Anderson ..  Geo. Bell   H. Butchart ...  D. Crane   M. Dunwoodie.  ,1. C. English ..  E. Evans   E. Emeny ! 25  A. Emeo.v, Sr..|  =Arr_lm en-y-.-���������������������������-.-.-.-.--14  J. Emeny..  R. Fen ton..  R. Forstcr .  W. Glen....  J. Green :  R. Hancock ....'  G. Hancock....!  R. Hadow !  A. Hayhurst...! 22  F. Hawes |  -VSUToItby :  B. HufTinun....! IS  Dr. Keith j 2G  II. Logan ,.  29  15  2<1  A  200  "g-  500  26  600'Lying  29    00    30  I  E. Mack ...  W. Mack   J. Macmorland,  B. Mo fret   ,J. Proctor   T. Sharpo   Geo. Sharpe   G. M.Salt   M. Salt   G. C. Salt   M. Smith   R.'S toward   L.Stroulger   W. Tomkinson.  J. Tomkinson..  A. Tomkinson..  A. E.Taylor ...  R. Wheeler ....  J. Wain   A. Johnson   I  15  20  2-1  27  10  '1  23  0  2S  12  17  25  20  21  Final Government Shoot  Kneeling Q.Fire Kneeling 300   500 COO  30  26  19  27  23  24  26  15  21  30  15  19  26     29     29  21     33     21  18     24  ��������������������������� -K-.-13   20  3  12  17  6  23  16  12  9  20  i  24    21  27    21  22  15  i  20  17  23  0  23  2:'1  2S  31  30  25 14  26  23  26  2S  5  30  29 24  -21  i    18  24'   29  !    16  I    32  !       <>  i     2  j    24  27,    2Q  ; 25  ;   14  |   6  18  15  22  26  30  28  24  22  IS  15  25  ,    S  0  23  23  21  11  18  16  18  16  29  25  26  25  21  19     24     11  4  19  22  27  20  19  19  23  12  .6  20  19  22  27  19  13  ' 14"  20  2  24  0  14  21  16  24  5  7  19  ,C4       2b  18   15  20 6  14 4  13  21 18  3  15 17  24 20  29 21  22  23   22  27   19  10      G  20     27  16  5  26     25  17 2i!  0 9  13 12  4, 6  18  16  4  19 2  18 11  19  24 27  29 24 ENDERBY, B. C., September 24, 1908  PRO BONO PUBLICO  Editor Walker's Weekly. My  Dear Sir: I am not a writer, nor  am I a kicker, and I am only addressing you to know if you know  what I do not know. Can you or  any of .your readers tell me what  is the matter with Enderby? If  your paper has reported things  correctly, some weeks ago the  Enderby Agricultural Society  was formed, and the first thing  the Society decided upon was to  solicit funds and produce for an  exhibit to be made at New Westminster. Can you tell me if the  exhibit has been prepared ?  I also understood from your  paper that a booklet describing  Enderby District had been prepared for distribution at the Calgary Fair. I was, at the fair but  did not see any of the booklets  .there. Were they sent by the  city?  You also stated some time ago  that a board of trade was going  to be organized in Enderby, and  that the matter had been placed  in Mayor BelPs hands to be carried out. Has the^board been established?  Two weeks ago you stated that  the Enderby Curling Club had  decided to wait until the matter  of a skating rink could be taken  _upbyAhe_cpra  to go ahead with it, and last  week you stated that the council  did not consider the matter ' 'official ly" and no action had been  taken. Does this mean that Enderby is to be without a rink of  any kind this winter?  In your reports of the council  meetings of late, I have noticed  quite frequently that the council  asked the C. P. R. to make the  tracks passable for vehicles at  the Mill street crossing. I find  that after all these weeks of  waiting, the crossing is still impassable.  Now, sir, I am not calling your  attention to these things to complain, but I think these are im  portant questions, and that we  should learn the cause of the  failures to accomplish what we  set out upon. Can you give me  any light?  Very truly,    Ratepayer.  [If we were to answer Ratepayer broadly, we would say, we  do not know. But taking his  questions in the order they are  asked we may be able to give  some information, though not  much. The proposed exhibit at  New Westminster was abandoned  because sufficient funds were not  available to make   a   creditable  r~  Dem Cows  (Dedicated to Old Spot and the Bell.)  Who vas it broke mine gate avay  Und in my garden eat all day  Und on my flower-beds vant to shtay���������������������������  Dercows.  Who vas it conies mine house'around  Und rips around und shpoils my ground  Und never once gets into pound ���������������������������  Dem cows.  Who vas it comes into mine lot  . Und on my doorshtcp leaves a shpot,  Und when 1 shlips in it und shquat  1 shvears out loud und says "mine gott!"  Dose cows.  Who vas it ven de year goes by  Comes round to see me on der shly  Und asks mine vote���������������������������not much says I,  Den at my droubles vinks his eye���������������������������  Der councillor.  Who is it allows dose tings to be  To drouble honest mens like me  Und leave me not a flower or tree���������������������������  You bet dey get no vote from me.  Dem councillors.  v:  showing, jQne .thousand booklets.  were sent to the Bureau of Provincial Information at Calgary by  the city, and they were returned  unopened. We believe the booklets are to be used at New Westminster. The matter of board of  trade has gone where most things  go when treated indifferently���������������������������  gone glimmering. The same may  be said of the city's recreation  grounds building proposition.  The Mill-street crossing is keeping the board of trade company.���������������������������Ed.]  Houston Not a Good Guesser.  John Houston being asked  about the rainfall of Prince Rupert,   thus ingeniously lets the  cat out of the bag. He says:  4 'No record of the rainfall at  Prince Rupert was kept until  about August 1st of this year; so  any estimate of the rainfall would  be mere guessing, and the editor  of The Empire is not a good  guesser, for had he been he would  not be in Prince Rupert."  ENDERBY'S  FURNITURE   STORE  Furniture  Carpets  Rugs  Linoleums  Window Shades  Curtain Poles  & Fixtures  Pictures Framed and all  kinds of Repair work done  on short notice  WHITE SEWING MACHINES sold  on easy monthly payments to suit  purchaser.  W. T. HOLT3Y  Furniture Dealer and Undertaker  BRADLEY BLK.       ENDERBY  Our Meats are  rtreshn^  and we serve the best  on the market. Fish,  poultry and eggs in  season.  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C.  FT. TURNER  Plumbing and  Steam Fitting  All kinds of Tin and Zinc Articles Repaired  City Restaurant Enderby  John S. Johnstone  general contractor  Building,   Excavating,   Masonry Work  a specialty  ENDERBY B. C. WALKER'S WEEKLY,  Depart for Vancouver.      j direction the  company has  '  ! erected splendid    residence  Mr. and Mrs.   F. L. Buck- j buildings for the  manager  ley departed for Vancouver, j and    employees.    When he  Monday   afternoon,    where j took hold of the  property  they will make their future j here,  Mr.  Buckley at once  home.    A host   of  friends entered into the interests of  gathered at the station to bid the town.    What he did was  them farewell.    It is with done well and with a view of  no small amount of regret | contributing to the upbuild-  that we lose Mr. and Mrs. | ing of the town and assisting  Buckley   from    our  midst. I all within its borders.    He  During their two years resi- ��������������������������� entered into the work in a  clence here they have made j spirit of magnanimity. Fore-  their influence felt in a. mea- seeing   the   greater   possi-  sure that will not soon be bilities of Enderby, yet unde-  forgotten.   In whatever they j veloped,    he    builded    for j  entered,  they aimed to ele-1 the future   more than   the |  vate it ancl make conditions present.    Under his pressure I  better for the town and dis- Enderby was given a splendid j  trict,  and the people living electric lighting system. New!  therein. streets were opened   tfnd aj  As, manager of the A. R.  Rogers Lumber Co, Ltd., Mr.  Buckley set a pace that few  men would have attempted.  Enderby owes much to Mr.  Buckley. As manager of the  lumber company he has stood  for the best that. was to be  had in all things.   Under his  general revival all along the!  line was experienced. Thej  company's mill property was  greatly improved, until today the A. R. Rogers mill is  one of the best-equipped in  the province. Its yard room  is twice the size it was two  years ago, and the output of I  m_w_w.m������������������muw  the mill has grown from 50  thousand to 100 thousand  per day.  Mr. Stevens, under whose  management the mill has  been operated this season,  is making a splendid record  for the company. Mr. Lemke  who. has been associated in  the work with Mr. Buckley,  will continue in charge of  the clerical force under Mr.  Stevens.  In transf ering his interests  to the coast, Mr. Buckley  will continue to be identified  with the saw mill business,  though not from the lumberman's end. He becomes  manager of the A. J. Burton  Saw Co., Ltd., of Vancouver,  having purchased an interest  in the company.  Dominion Elections Early  The die is cast. The edict  has gone forth. The general  elections will be held on October 26th with nominations  on October 19th.  Harvev  V  AND  son  Now is the time to come and inspect our  ���������������������������3  s.  naerwear  A large and splendid assortment in Children's, Ladies' and Mens' at popular prices  Our Ladies' Fall and Winter Hats  are a Marvel at the price���������������������������from $1.25 up.  i .  Our splendid assortment of  Eider Down Blankets and Flannelette Sheets  are sure to please.    Our Grocery Department is well-stocked.    Mail-orders promptly attended to.  HARVEY & DOBSON, General Merchants, Enderby  u o  ENDERBY, B. C, September 24. 1908  sons  Why  In adding a Special Order Department to our Fit Reform  Clothing business, and meeting the certain demand for  elothing-to-measure, we urge the following reasons why our  system of custom tailoring is in advance of anything previously attempted:  First���������������������������  We affiliate with the largest and finest tailoring organization in Canada, and send all orders to where they have  every facility for doing things right.  Second���������������������������  This establishment controls the very best tailoring  skill, the best designers and   cutters   naturally preferring  regular employment at high  wages to the uncertain income of a small town.  The range of fabrics  is  much   larger and more  exclusive than we could possibly afford in the ordinary way, and allows the best possible  selection at no greater expense.  Fourth-  Each particular garment  is tailored by   a specialist,  insuring absolute perfection in fit and finish, and such concentration o^^  perts for each line.  Fifth���������������������������  We give an absolute guarantee with every Tailor-made  FIT-REFORM Suit or Overcoat, and such measure of satisfaction as will bring you again, and encourage you to send  us your friends.  Sixth���������������������������  We give you Montreal-Made Clothing, made to order,  and deliver it to you at Enderby at the same price you would  pay for it in Montreal.  T    A*  <1aJ_*  Q9 Ltd. 6  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  rxx  xzxrzx  THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF ENDERBY  :x>c  3_=X__I  xx:  BY-LAW NO. 49.  A by-law to authorize the Okanagan Telephone Company to  construct and operate a telephone  system in the City of Enderby.  Whereas an agreement, in  writing and under seal, bearing  date the twelfth day of September, 1908, was made between the  Corporation of the City of Enderby, in the Province of British  Columbia, of the first part,  and the Okanagan Telephone  Company, of the second part,  and the said Company did  thereby agree to install and operate a public telephone system in  the City of Enderby, upon the  terms and subject to the conditions contained in such agreement, of such agreement the  following is a copy:���������������������������  'This Agreement, made in  duplicate this twelfth day of September in the Year of Our Lord  One Thousand Nine Hundred and  Eight, between the Corporation  of the City of Enderby in the  Province of British Columbia,  hereinafter called "the Municipality", of the first part, and the  Okanagan Telephone Company, a  body corporate duly incorporated  by an Act of the Legislature of  the Province of British Columbia,  Chapter 55, for the year 1907,  hereinafter called 'the Company',  of the second part:  u "Whereas the Company has  agreed with the Municipality to  install, operate and maintain a  public telephone system in the  ������������������������������������������������������ Gi -by-of���������������������������-E -n d erby-,==-f o r_=th e=b-ejiefit_==  of its inhabitants, and the Municipality has agreed to permit the  Company to break up and open  streets for the erection of poles  for such purposes, subject to the  terms and conditions hereinafter  contained:  '.'Now Tins Agreement Wit-  nesseth that in consideration of the  mutual covenants and agreements  hereinafter contained, the parties  hereto covenant, promise and  agree to and with the other of  them as follows: ���������������������������  "1. The Company shall forthwith at its own charges construct,  equip and install within the corporate limits of the Municipality  a complete and efficient telephone  system, for the benefit of, and  sufficient for the requirements of,  the inhabitants of the municipality, and operate same for a period  of twenty-five years, from the  first day of October, One Thousand  Nine Hundred and Eight, and the  Company shall at all times maintain, operate, keep up and repair  the  said  system   and every part  thereof in a thorough- manner;  the workmanship and the material used in the construction of  the said system shall be first  class throughout; the placing of  the poles shall be at all times subject to the approval of the Municipality;  "2. The trunk system shall be  installed and placed in operation  forthwith, and the local exchange  just as soon thereafter as possible;  the said, system as soon as completed shall be maintained and  operated so as to afford at all  times efficient means of communication with all other municipalities, towns and places reached  by said trunk line and all branches  and feeders thereof;  "3. The company shall have  the right during the said period  of twenty-five years to erect in  the streets and other public places  within the corporate limits of the  said city such poles, and to suspend therefrom such wires, as  may be necessary to install and  extend such system; the poles to  be of standard height and size,  and such poles to be erected  and wires suspended in such  places and in such manner as  shall be approved by the Municipality or the Chairman of its  Board of Works;  "4. The Company in entering  into contracts with the owners  and occupiers of dwellings, business premises, hotels, halls, factories, shops and other places, to  supply telephone accommodation  in connection with said system,  shall charge therefor a sum not  more than Two Dollars for private dwellings and not more than  Three Dollars for business premises per month;  "5.    The Company shall supply.  i_eJe})hpjie=._.accommodation in con  nection with said system ""wlTerT  the local exchange is established  to all persons within the city limits who may desire the same, and  who will agree to take same subject to the rules of the Company;  but the company shall not be bound  to extend the system to isolated  houses or buildings the rates receivable from which would amount  to less than ten per cent, per annum on the cost of such extension;  provided that the Company shall  not be bound to make any such  extension unless the subscriber  shall agree to lease such telephone  for at least one year;  "6. On each and every day,  excepting Sundays and holidays,  of each year the Company shall  operate a local exchange when  established, between the hours of  eight in the forenoon and half-  past six  in   the   afternoon,   and  shall at air times  period  between  keep   ready   for  trunk system;  "7.    If the Company  shall fail  during the said  the   said  hours  operation   the  to operate and maintain its said  local exchange when established,  or the trunk line when constructed, at any one time for a period  of one month, unless the failure  to so operate and maintain shall  be caused by conditions over  which the Company has no control; or if it shall wilfully make  default m substantially complying  with the terms hereof, then the  right and privileges hereby  granted shall at the option of the  Municipality forthwith cease and  determine;  "8. The Company agrees to  indemnify and save harmless the  Municipality from any suit or action at law for compensation or  consequential damages arising out  of any accident or injury to life  or property, caused by or attributable to the negligence of the  Company, its agents, servants  or workmen, in connection with  the said telephone system, or any  part or appurtenance thereof;  "9. The Municipality shall  forthwith submit a by-law to the  ratepayers of the City of Enderby  under the Municipal Clauses Act,  1896, and Amending Acts, for  ratification of this agreement;  "10. This agreement, shall  have no force or effect and shall  not be enforceable until the same  is ratified and confirmed as aforesaid by the ratepayers; but nothing in this agreement or in the  said by-law shall in any way prejudice the right of the Company  to break up and open streets in  the said City for the purposes  mentioned in its Act of Incorporation;  "11. This agreement shall be  binding upon and enure to the  benefit of as well the parties hereto as their respective successors  and assigns.  In Witness Whereof the  M u hie iptlity^hlJs^cWsred"thesie"  presents to be signed by its Mayor  and Clerk, and its corporate seal  to be affixed hereto, and the Company has caused these presents to  be signed by the hands of its  President and Secretary and its  corporate seal to be affixed hereto.  Okanagan Telephone Co.  per Fred. Billings, President,  [Seal] S. A. MuiR, Secretary,  Signed, sealed and delivered in  the presence of G. F. Refnhard.  The Corporation of the City  of Enderby,  GEO. BELL, Mayor,  [Seal] Graham Rosoman, Clerk.  Signed, sealed and delivered in  the presence of      J. W. Evans.  AND WHEREAS, in pursuance of such agreement the Corporation of the City of Enderby  agreed to submit a by-law to the ratepayers of the  said City to ratify and confirm the said agreement  and to grant the Okanagan Telephone Company  the rights and privileges herein contained,  NOW THEREFORE, the Corporation of the  City of Enderby, in open council assembled, enact  as follows:���������������������������  1.   That the said agreement so entered into by  Vi   i ENDERBY, B. C., September 24. 1908  the said Municipality and the Okanagan Telephone  Company, as above set out, be, and it is hereby,  ratified and confirmed;  2.    That there is hereby granted the Okanagan  Telephone Company  for a period  of twenty-five  years from the first day of October, 1908, the right  to construct and operate a local public telephone  system in connection  with   the trunk  line of the  said Company, in accordance  with the provisions  of the agreement hereinbefore set forth, within  the corporate limits of the City of Enderby for the  benefitof its inhabitants; unless the said agreement shall be sooner determined, as provided in  the said agreement;  3. That this by-law shall before the final passage  thereof receive the assent of the ratepayers of the  City of Enderby, in the manner provided in the  Municipal Clauses Act, 1896. and Amending Acts-  4. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as  the   City of Enderby Telephone By-law, 1908."  TAS *0nTnIC?Kthf the ab������������������ve is a true copy of  ,-. the proposed by-law upon which the vote of  ^Municipality will be taken,  at the City Office  fqn8?^'������������������nMSldfy-the 28th day of September'  1908, between the hours of 9 a. m. and 7 p. m  Graham Rosoman,  Clerk to the Municipal Council.  IRA C. JONES  Contractor and Builder  Estimates furnished on all  work, and contracts personally attended to.  Screen Doors and  Windows put in at little cost  and no loss of time-my doors and windows last   E NDERBY,   B. C  Here a slogan for Enderby district that is worth more than  pages of talk: 'Show the Stuff'  l������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������___���������������������������_���������������������������___1   Notice of   Dissolution of Partnership  N������������������HJ?J,ereb,y -*\i.ve,\ that  the Partnership  I sim J     ���������������������������������������������������������������forc subsisting: between us, the under-  s ������������������ned    as   Bnckmakers.   under the   name   -.ml  I sty e of The Enderby Brick & Tile Com,^ Lim  ted, ,n the City of Enderby,   B.  C,  has this dTv  been dissolved by mutual consent *  A I debts owing to the said partnership are to be  . nd all cla.ms against the said partnership are to  be presented to the said R. Ronald Gibbs who is  Sill be pafd        bu8incs8 nnd  b* whom  the same  tembeSK,Crby'B- C-'  ������������������* ������������������*h day of Sep-  Anerevv M. Baird,  91 '4 R. Ronald Gibbs.  WHEATLETg  CITY OF ENDERBY  Voting on Proposed By-Law  PUBLIC NOTICE is "hereby given to the RatP-  J- Payers of the Municipality ?f Jhe City of E,f  derby that I require the presence of'the saidRat?'  payors at the City Office, Enderbv. on MONDAY  ,._ i������������������ i" .V -a- m- ana 7 p- m- for the purpose of  recording their votes, either to confirm or nee?  tive a certain proposed by-law, to-wit:  A By-law to authorize the Okanagan Tele-  T^rhP������������������mCPa?y *? ������������������������������������������������������^uct and o^Sate a  Telephone System in the City of Enderby  subject^nd^t'h^L6 ������������������r ?ma!e' beinff a British  siiDjett, and the assessed owner of land or ro-il  property within the Municipality, is en titled to  vote on such proposed Bv-law enta.ed  to  Given under my hand this 17th.day of September,  1JOii- GRAHAM ROSOMAN,  Returning Officer  A Whole Wheat Breakfast Food, made from the Choicest Wheat  equal to any, and superior to most.        You get FIVE pounds of  Wheatlets for 35c.    You pay 25c for TWO founds or less of anv  other breakfast food.     WHEATLETS is an Enderbv-mlfed oro  duct and is therefore always fresh, and more wholesome  Columbia Flouring Mills Co.,  Enderby  This is the time of year when you should  Treat Yourself  and  Family  ���������������������������        ���������������������������     " raAl'K ��������������������������� ENDERBY  No matter what your wants    in the Stove line, I am here with the goods   Ranges  Cook Stoves  Heaters   Oil Stoves   Furnaces  Also all kinds of Stove Requisites; Pipes and New Parts.     Stove Repairing done  on short notice.  Fulton's Hardware Store  CLIFF STREET  ��������������������������� m hi������������������i������������������i_i   hi,  i.i. ������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������� -.-.���������������������������, . rr _r K  ENDERBY, B. C. 8  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  G. R. Laives' Prizes at Revelstoke  The Revelstoke Herald,  commenting on the fruit exhibit made by G. R. Lawes  of Enderby says:  "Mr. Lawes, of Enderby,  displayed a magnificent co -  lection of pears. Quite a  showing of the different varieties of crabs and plums,  well colored, attracted attention. Mr. Lawes is another  competitor, winning a cup  offered by, the Fruit Exchange for the best exhibit  of ten varieties of apples.  Such fruit as is exhibited by  this well known orchardist  can only be possible as the  result of years of care and  attention.  Mr.  Lawes won the following prizes: Second on his j  Baldwin   and   Wolf   River j  apples, and first on his 10-!  variety apple special. j  He also won first on the  following pears: C. Favorite,  Duchess, B. Clairgean, Louis  B. cle J., Sheldon, Bartlett.  He also won first on the  following plums: P. Seedling,  Lombard, Yellow Egg, Damson, German Prune, Other  Variety.  ___��������������������������� In all, Mr. Lawes carried  ofiHsRcfie^  firsts and two seconds.  Trainmen Support Strikers.  Ottawa, Sept. 18.-The  striking machinists yesterday were addressed by Bell  Hardy, who optimistically  reviewed the past and present phases of the strike,  predicting a benefit whether  lost or won, from the move-<  ment for the betterment of]  Prize Fancy Work.        j first on child's  dress,   and    first on shadow work; second  Mrs. Geo. Sharpe made an on embroidered hat and sec-  individual exhibit of ten en-' oncl on crochet work.    This  is the customary award given  to Mrs. Sharpens work. Her  entries are solicited by the  committees in charge because of the artistic   taste  tries of fancy work at the  Vernon Fair and on these  won six first prizes and two  second. The prizes were  awarded as follows: first on  her Wallachian work; first on j shown, and she invariably  bedroom slippers; first on brings home red and blue  tea cosy; first on sofa pillow;! tickets on all of her exhibits.  Why not build  a home of your own?  We carry a full line of all kinds of building material,  including Lime in Barrel, Cement and Wood and Hair  Fibre Patent Plasters.   We have a large stock of   SEASONED LUMBER ON HAND  Estimates cheerfully furnished.  MILL WOOD-Direct from the saw mill:   short wood,   $1.00  per load; dry wood, $1.50 per load.  A. R. Rogers Lumber Co.Ltd., Enderby  fe^  &_ts  I  If any butter maker makes butter that she's  proud of, it's good business for her to let the  world know where it came from. Nicely printed  vegetable parchment butter paper, and printed  ~witlrai^  Walker Press can furnish the finest vegetable  parchment, the finest ink that won't run, and the  finest quality of printing. If you can furnish the  finest butter, you'll have a winning combination.  Ml  itoxen  THE   WALKER   PRESS,   ENDERBY  m  PC!  2  m$mr  >I^l_^_y_i_3L2lG_i_:  _������������������__������������������_____!  THE BEST CLAY IN THE VALLEY, well-burnt, makes the  -   o>_.__i.  nc&s-m-the vaney  the working classes. Chair- [A large stock of bricks now on hand. Reasonable prices in large or  man Rigby, of the Superior! small quantities. Build of brick, and you'll have all the comforts  "   " "       committee   of home���������������������������and a great many-more.   The cost is about the same as  divison    strike  was also optimistic.   He said  over $14,000 had been volun-  frame-built, and the comforts a great deal more.  The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby  tarily    subscribed    by ^ the |    Wanted-At Enderby, a resident DENTIST.   A good field for a  trainmen west of Winnipeg. :man capable of doing the right kind of work. ENDERBY, B. C, September 24. 1908  " ���������������������������!��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� i_i i ���������������������������hm���������������������������  :   "55T5CW*WTC_*  IN   THE_CHURGHES  QHLTRCH OF ENGLAND. St. George's Church,  ^crvioes every Sunday at 11 a. m". and 7:30 p.  m. .Ho y Communion every Sunday at 8 a. m. and  2n Sunday in month at 11 a. m. during September,  October and November. Litany, Friday.  7.45 p. m. Choir rehearsal, Friday, S p.m. North  hmclerbysitdpm every alternate Sunday, commencing: July 12th. Mara, at 3.30 p.m.every alternate Simony, commencing July 5th. All cordially invited.   Rev. J. Leech-Porter, 13.D., Vicar  9  "Under the Pines'1  ��������������������������� Jf ETHOD1ST CHUR.CII-Youne People's meet-  c i inffVSoAlday* 7 p- m-' Pi-caching every  Sunday, 7:30 p. m.; Junior Epworth League.  iuesday,.3^a p. m.: Prayer Meeting Tuesday,  '���������������������������"Op.m-: Class Meettng, S;15 p. m. (immediately  after the prayer meeting-): Sunday School, 2 30 u  __  A. N. MILLER, Pastor.  PRESBYTERIAN    CHURCH-Sunday   School.  -      y:4oa. m.: Church  service,   11 a. m.; Young-  People s meeting, Wednesdav  8 p. m    P. CAMPBELL. Pastor.  BAPTIST CHURCH-Sunday School, 10 aT^T  _/��������������������������� ,Ch"rch serv>ce, U a. m.; Prayer meeting-,'  Wednesday, 7:30 p. m.     B. S. FREEMAN, Pastor  _S__CRET SOCIETIES"  N. H. KENNY,  W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 'JO.  Regular meetings first  Thursday on." or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited.  H. H. WORTHINGTON,  CITY OF"en.DERBY.T  G1T?o &FFo??~tCm St., office hours, 10 a; m. to  12:30, 1:3 J to 4 p.m.; Saturday, 10 to 12:30 m.  .Uty Council regular meeting, every alternate Saturday at S p. nv ��������������������������� Geo. Bell, mayor; Graham Rosoman. city clerk. Chairman Board of Works, Ira  O. Jones; Waterworks Committee, J. W Evars-  Finance Committee. H. H. Worthington; Committee on Health, Geo. R. Lawes. Pound keeper.  Evpns & Mack.  JJt'111.. JL1..1'..  POST OFFICE  "L.JOURS-8 a. m. to 6:30'p. m.; mails close, south-  _.__ ____T' 8:45 a,rn" nori-hbound,2:4D p. m.  _SMALL .DEB?S~COURT:  ell's every Saturday, by appointment at 2 p. m  Graham  Rosoman,   Police  and   Stipendiary  Magistrate.  _____PEOFESSIONAL  T\R. H. W. KEITH7  Office hours:   Forenoon, 11 to 12  Afternoon, 4 to 5  -_]-v en i n gr'rt d^"^  j    Number Two of this little  ! magazine will be issued from!  I The Walker Press early in'"  | October.   All readers of this  I notice who received a copy  | of the first number (Septem-  i ber) are requested to let us!  know as early as possible if j  you desire the magazine to  be sent to you regularly.  So  many  requests  for  it  are  coming from friends in other!  fields���������������������������the field it was intended to cover���������������������������that not more  than one copy will be sent to  j anyone   not   a    subscriber.  I The subscription price [now  I is 50c a year.     What it wiL  be later does not concern us  now.  # In his advance sheet  the editor says:  rpURN where you will, the cry  J-  of the human heart is, ' 'Back |  to the hills."     To realize what'  j man is; to know him at'his best;  jto comprehend the meaning of,  ; the words, made in the image of\  \God, we need perspective. Man's!  j dual nature forbids that he should I  j harness himself to the machine of!  | commerce, and become enslaved -1  to the greed of gold.     In the i  crowded cities the great mass of i  humanity  is   without soul.    In!  the scramble to live,   men sacri-!  fice-are compelled to sacrifice- I  the  best Nature has bestowed-!  upon them.   They exist but do I  not live.    The time-check is their ���������������������������'  the starving soul. Fain would  they get away-back to Nature's  heart where summer's suns and  winter's snows, and the sighing  of the pines speak true. But  Duty holds. The mountains will  not come to them, neither can  they go to the mountains.  To carry to these earnest souls  some of the soothing atmosphere  of the pines will  be the mission  of this magazine. ' "Life   is a  narrow vale between the cold and  barren peaks of two eternities "  spoke one of the world's big men.  We strive m vain to look beyond  the heights.    We cry aloud, and  the only answer is the echo of  our   wailing   cry.       From   the  voiceless lips  of  the unreplving  dead there comes no word f but  in the night of death hope sees a  star and listening love can hear  the rustling of a wing."   To give  the helping word that cheers one  on;   to  open the  avenues that  Nature provides for the expression of the soul within; to waft  soft pine-scented zephyrs from  the grand, eternal hills into the  hearts   and homes of  growing  men and women; to provide some  stimulus to better things, will be  our aim.  If you have not received a  sample copy and desire one  call upon, write or wire The  Walker Press.������������������  When will the City of Enderby  take pride enough in the public  school grounds to plant trees?  Sunday, 12 to 1  ������������������%������������������__ BELL BLOCK ENDERBY  W.  E. BANTON,  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public, Conveyancer,  etc.  Offices, Bell Block. Enderby, B.C.  pLAUDE P. JONESr  "  ^   ARCHITECT  CONSULTING ENGINEER  FOR HEATING AND  VENTILATING  INSTALLATIONS.  VERNON B. C.  p  ETER BURNET  Dominion & Provincial  Land Surveyor  Metcalf Block,       Enderby, B.C.  ] Jagannath-gold their god.   And  : they cannot help it.     They have  j not time to serve two gods and  i perforce choose the one nearest  ; their hearts,   and  which society  'and   custom proclaims supreme.  To them life has  but one object,-  ;one aim.     Priest  and layman',  ! saint and sinner,, whatever these  designations  mean, struggle for  a position close  to Money������������������Bags.  Little wonder that in the scramble men and women have the soul  crushed out of them!  Here and there in the eddy of  the current, men stand, sick at;  heart and soul sore. To them  life means more than a mellow i  rot on a fallen apple. They want i  to grow. The Man within seeks I  expression. All Nature cries to  them of their mission. Artifice  and the artificial does not appeal  to them;   behind it all they see  "Under the Pines"  a Little Magazine  published once a  month by H. M.  Walker,from the  Walker Press, En-   derby.    Price of.  admission, 50c a  year and a pile of  earnest thinking  yourself.     If you  don't want to think  don't subscribe.  But we want you  in our circle of  good play-fellows,  if you feel inclined  "Under the Pines"  The Walker Press, Enderby  You get the news if you  subscribe for this Weekly. WALKER'S WEEKLY,  and shipbuilding industry. Two  of his brothers are physicians in  Partick, whilst his sister is the  wife of a Partick clergyman. -  Glasgow Herald.  [Mr. Gracie mentioned in the  above extract from the Glasgow  Herald, is a brother of Wm.  Gracie, of Enderby.]  Big Around the Middle.  A great many people will sympathize with the opinion of Little  Willie. He had hard work keeping awake one Sunday at church,  and later, on being asked how he  liked the sermon he replied:  "Well, the beginning was good,  and so was the end, but there  was too much middle."  When will the City of Enderby  take pride enough in the public  school grounds to plant trees?    ini_m���������������������������rm~"  S/S^w rfC t&zv -tvtM ^/���������������������������"  Bicycles & Bicycle  Supplies  Gasolene Engines and Supplies. > Electrical work  and Fixtures a Specialty  F.  V.  MOFFET  Enderby   Tfrundish & Baird  Plain and Ornamental  PLASTERING, LATHING  Brick and Cement work.    Hard Wall  work a specialty.  "No Job Too Big: No Jop Too Small"       Enderby  When your Sole  takes water  Take it to the Shoemaker.   He will doctor it up  and make it like new  Wm. E. Scott,Cliff St. Enderby  Real Estate  \\ '.  Where Merit Wins  I   hear   that  Mr.    Alexander  Gracie, managing director of the  Fairfield Company,  was presented to the King to-day during the  Indomitable's cruise round   the  Isle   of    Wight.   His   Majesty  spoke highly of  the good work  the vessel had done.    Somebody  suggested that her Atlantic speed  was certainly a record for a warship, but the king insisted in his  courtly way, that it was a record  for any ocean vessel.    Of course  His Majesty was, strictly speaking, right, because the Indomitable is the only vessel which has  exceeded 25 knots speed on a  voyage across the Atlantic. ^ The  King was greatly interested in all  the details of the ship, and made  no secret of his admiration of her.  The Prince of Wales, to whom  Mr. Gracie was presented on the  departure of the ship for Quebec,  also had many pleasant things to  say   about   the   vessel.   Subsequently His Majesty sent for the  Commodore, the Commander, the  Navigating     Commander,     the  Chief Engineer, and Mr. Gracie.  On Commander King Hall he conferred the C.V.O.,   and on the  others M.V.O.    The honour  to  Mr. Gracie is obviously not merely in recognition of the Indomitable's record.   Mr.  Gracie was  -one-of-the-only^wo^GLyde^men  on the committee which designed  the Indomitable and her sister  ships; the other was   Professor Th    ld home   lace__the place where the ^^^^^U^l  Biles.    The king leaves   Cowes up when Enderby was;a'^^J^^^f^Xd^  on    Saturday   forenoon.    Some provided in; tf e ^  time later the Indomitable will [Hotel ^ t(4    as it was the  a  ������������������i-n,n,. fn PnvvQmmith or cordial treatment that w^.^rd^v unTFI    h. w. wright, proprietor  proceed  either to 1 01 ismoum 01 ,   -neer therL The ENDERBY HO 1 bL, enderby   to  Chatham to   complete.    Thej1 .��������������������������� _ ���������������������������-      ���������������������������  rr^>f io"������������������ Working Harness, Saddles Repairing  had to be deferred when she was Anything you need, Jn stock  ordered to proceed to Quebec.  Mr. Gracie, who is a native of  Morven, Dun vegan Skye, Argyllshire, his father being a farmer  in that district, owes his success  in life wholly to his own energy  and ability. He was an engineer  by trade, and has been all along  connected with the engineering  James Mowat  E N D E R B Y,   B. C.  ^ra,,^companfes- Ac��������������������������� I'gSsT  Carroll & Co. IKSe vvork  Eave Troughing and all kinds of Sheet Tin  and  Copper work.   Repairing and  ,   '***? T   glV6n Pr������������������mP SALMON ARM  Corner Hudson and Alexander Sts.  J. W. Evans  HARNESS MAKER  ,AND REPAIRER  Enderby  BRING   YOUR  ob Pr  To The Walker Press  It will be done to  please you  _A  ���������������������������> _i ENDERBY, B. C, September 24 1908  11  Revival Services.  Try our newest-it's the {  ESTIMO.   2 for 25c and I  3 for 25c.   All brands of |  the  best   cut   tobaccoes.  Everything   the    smoker  needs to make him happy, j  Enderby Drug Sl  Stationery Co.  Ju  1  Arrived  The first shipment of  CONCORDS  Rev.   Walter Russell,  B.A., a  a minister in full standing, of the  Presbyterian  Church in Canada,  and an evangelist of over 20 years  experience, is expected to arrive  in Enderby Oct.  2 or 3,   to conduct a series of evangelistic services in the Okanagan Valley.  He will begin the campaign in  Enderby,   with   a   great  mass-  meeting in the Methodist Church  on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 4, at  3 o'clock.    On Sunday evening a  second service will be held at 7.30,  and every evening   during the  l following, week, except Saturday,  commencing at 7.45: the first 15  minutes being occupied with a  song  service.    These   meetings  are under   the auspices of the  Presbyterian     and     Methodist  churches, the members of which  are looking  for gracious  visitations of divine grace.   All are  most cordially invited.    Do not  forget  the  date of commencement, Oct. 4.       A. N. Miller.  Lord's Day Alliance.  Rev. T. Albert Moore, General  Secretary of the Dominion Lord's  Day Alliance will be in Enderby  this week and will hold a meeting in the Methodist Church on  Friday evening, at 8 o'clock in  the interest of his special work.  The_.worj^of__the,Al.Uance-ought.  sacrificed to the Lake boys.    Of  the morning game,   "Wolf"  in  the Armstrong Advertiser says:  "Thursday morning's game of  baseball between Armstrong and  Kelowna was the best game of  the season,   and the spectators  had value received over and over  again.    Mack, who   pitched for  Armstrong was the hero; he was  as steady as a clock and at critical times was there with   the  goods.    Paddy   Murphy was as  usual the heady player and some  of his performances were of the  star variety,   he   took   advantage of every possible opportunity."  Vernon carried off the football  medals, Armstrong the lacrosse  and Summerland the baseball.  In the racing, the running was*  especially good, but the trotting  poor. All who attended the fair  from Enderby were well pleased  with the manner in which it was  handled and with what they saw  on exhibition.  Enderby experienced an awkward situation this week. The  town was out of Moffet's Best,  and not a sack could be had at  the mill. It all came about as a  result of the wheat tie-up owing to the C. P. R. strike. Armstrong flour had to be procured.  The   recent   winds   damaged  NIAGRAS  at 60c per Basket  Walter Robinson  CASH   GROCER  r red. H. Barnes  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  S  Flans and estimate  furnished  Dealer in Sashes,   Doors, Turnings and all factory work.  I represent the S. C. Smith Co.  of Vernon.       Enderby.  to have the hearty support of all  right minded people, one great  aim of the Alliance being to secure  to aH the -privilege of resting one  day in seven and in so far as  possible^makiu^that:restday the,  Lord's day'. Everybody welcome, j  Come and hear what Mr. Moore]  has to say.   A collection will" be!  taken.   A. N. Miller. I   __._  i  At Vernon Last Week. j  Paddy Murphy and Wm. Mack,  furnished Armstrong the battery I  that, won the ball game from!  Kelowna at Vernon last Thursday. |  In the game with Summerland. |  which came off in the afternoon j  of the same day, the battery was I  played out,  and the game was'  JseveranieaTily^oaded"trees m  Crane Bros. Deer Park orchard.  The apple crop is a record one  this season for size, quality  and   color.  FALL GOODS  IN   STOCK AT  REDUCED PRICES  Ladies' Lustre  Waists  Ladies' Leather  Belts  15 per cent off Boys & Men's  Suits  Fresh Groceries of all kinds always on hand  WHEELER & EVANS 6  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  A Place for Everything.  A Brooklyn man tells a good  one on himself. He was entertaining a friend from Philadelphia  when the conversation turned  upon domestic economy.  The Brooklynite had just explained how careful his wife was  in everything. . She had a place  for every object in the house, and  in that place the object was invariably to be found.  "Just to show you," said the  proud hubby, "I may say that  after I had dressed this morning  and turned out the gas, I found  tremelv annoyed at the noise Let US suppose that En-  made by theWlsinthenext derby should observe Arbor  room At last, unable to stand it! Day, and suppose one child  anv lono-er he looked over the | should plant one tree each  partitiorT and, seeing one W| Arbor Day;" how long would  talking louder than the others, | it take to make Enderby the  he - leaned over and hoisted him | beauty spot nature intended  over the partition, and banging j it should be^  him into a chair, said,   ' 'Now be' "**"  quiet.''  Some minutes later a small  head appeared over the partition  and a meek voice said:  "Please   sir,   you've   got  our|  teacher."  Snaps at Your Oivn Price.  pLAUDE P. JONES,  ARCHITECT  CONSULTING ENGINEER  FOR HEATING AND  VENTILATING  INSTALLATIONS. -  VERNON B. C.  ana turned out  uic _,<*������������������> x ���������������������������-*.���������������������������   ; ,  th. 11 had forgotten a handker- j    in the purchase of the Bradley j.  chief.    I opened the   chiffonier j stock 0f hardware, I find I have j paCjf jC Coast  drawer, and there in the corner j some things which I do not want.; _P r\0  as usual, was a pile.   I took the; Here   is   a list of the articles j (jjfOWn  ^IiJLIJD  top   one,   and   did   not have to! wnich will be sold at below cost: | TREES, PLANTS  strike   a   match.    Here  is   the!    i gnow Case. !  handkerchief.    I have not even!    1 set Tinner's and Plumber s; R^bie variety at r������������������������������������������������������*}>h?������������������?-���������������������������������������������^t  1 C i> i i a u ; Tools.  uniolclea it. ;    -< Writing- Desk  Whereupon    the   Brooklynite j    ^/e Pr0*f PainL  triumphantly shook out the folas; a. Fulton.  of the object, which he proceeded;  i   n_nauiu  Villus".-" ������������������"'-"���������������������������"'��������������������������� '  a���������������������������,l. XTrv  ! No Scale.    No fumigation   to damage stock.     No  ' windy :agents to annoy you.     Buy direct and get  trees and seeds that grow.  Fertilizers, Bee Supplies.  Spray Pumps, Spraying material, Cut Flowers, etc.    Catalogue free.  of the object, wnicn ne procee^u;    ^ ^ ^ ^ rf Enderby  to   flaunt   in his  ���������������������������������������������     ^ j take pride enough  in the public aoio w.������������������,in.t������������������-M  Then both burst into laughtei j i ^0^^ to plant ti-ees?  The Brooklynite was   waving a: ^?L^  baby's shirt!  Pays to Advertise.  When the teacher was absent  from the schoolroom Willie Jones  wrote on the blackboard:  "Willie Jones can hug the girls  . J. HENRY  VANCOUVER, B. C  N  B -Anyone wishing a Catalogue free, may  have one by calling at the ofiiceof Walker's Weekly  " *>   ���������������������������..������������������������������������������������������,,.��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������__pcteh__-_i>  better  any  )j_  "William, did you write that?" |  asked the teacher upon her re- ,  turn. I  "Yes, ma'am."        ;.  1 'Well;.-��������������������������� you may stay after  school as punishment."  "Got a licking, didn't you?"  asked one boy when Willie came  out.  Nope."  Got jawed?" asked another.  "Nope."  "What did she do?"  "Shan't tell, but it pays to advertise."  Established 1S17 ,   AAA r\f\f\  Pnnitil S14 400 000 Rest> $11,000,000  Undivided Profits,   i>699,969. bb  ^icc-ft'esident,and-General-Mauager,_j:.-S.-..CLOb^pN���������������������������Lgn,.  _         ,    ������������������ a P-m    ml 1 _    _   V-ice--l-4'esident-;ina-^enerai-JuauHg^-,_^^.- -.-v/.-^ ~~_--_-_���������������������������_ ��������������������������� .^y-__^_  Head Office, Montreal. Lon_doriOffice,46-47 Threadneedie St. _.U  A General Banking'Business Transacted  SAVINGS BANK DKPARTliENT '^JZf&'SSJkrT  Branches in Okanagan District: Enderby. Armstrong-Vm������������������i^^^Jf ^^Kent'Emlirby  O. A. HBMDEUSON, Esn��������������������������� Manager ._..._. _jj_____ii-_-_ ���������������������������T.  t in th*  s~>4  11 *  i i r\  And Zacchaeus Came Down,  i  The Bible   class teacher  in a j  certain Sunday school was ex  "Enderby is a charming villiage with city airs.  When Paddy Murphy shook the snow of-Sancton:  off his feet he came here, and now owns one ot  finest brick hotels in the country. Although  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan, he calls his  hotel the King Edward. In addition to the excellence of the meals, breakfast is served up to 10  o'clock, which is an added attraction for tourists.  (Extract from Lowery's Ledge.)  c!! King Edward Hotel, g&������������������MURPHY Enderby


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