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Walker's Weekly Nov 19, 1908

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Array Published every Thursday  Volume 1.  lay at Enderby, the Gate-W4V*a������������������th������������������ ������������������am*u������������������ f^^agA,1L-M)rf (lie Bi_ Canadian Red Apple and the California of Canada  Entered in the Post Office at Enderby, B. C, as second-class nwftter.  r������������������v_,���������������������������     ENDEK_Y, RC^ NOVEMBERQ9^_908.     ..v���������������������������,co-v._   Number 38  ENDER^ Rfc_TNOVEM.  Number 38.  Published every Thursday by The Walker Press,  at Enderby, B.  Gate-way City of the famous Okanagan Valley.  The  H.      XI.      AV _V T_ K 15 1_  Advertising rates on application.   Subscription, one year, $2; six months, $1  Address all communications to-   THE WALKER PRESS, Enderby, B. C.  A blue pencil mark here indicates that your subscription  is past due,  and the editor would like to retain your name on the roll of honor.  Pa says: "It don't make much difference w'ich way a  man votes, nor hoiv many times he gets on an' off the fence, if  he'll jest quit votin' an' saiv tvood w 'en the polls close.''  J  FROM ONE MAN'S POINT OF VIEW  :N HOUSTON, in common with all  big frogs in small frog ponds, has an  exaggerated opinion of the importance  of his own croak. And John has much to  justify that opinion, else he would not have  so many followers who believe in him. But  with all his virtue, John has faults. If we  are to believe the Alberni Pioneer News,  some of John's faults are damnable. Much  surprise has been expressed by Conservatives that the deferred election in Comox-  Atlin should have been allowed to go to  Sloan by default. But when the facts are  known, the surprise gives way to disgust,  for it is a simple case of "art, diplomacy,  weakness, and a betrayal," and John Houston is in the mixed-up as a big frog in a  small green pool. Says the Pioneer News:  "If, in all the Dominion there was one constituency with a member who  sought less,  or ob-  /_    i     ___-i    _i - i��������������������������� , tained less for it,   in the past  four years, than  final,    Gentlemen,  we don t  want your  William Sloan got, or tried to get, for Comox-  pap and favors; we  ask  for  that which is   Atlin; and if, with acclaim,   it sent that member  justly ours; give us what rightly belongs to  us and keep the change."  In the face of the biggest bait the government had to offer, lavish promises and  the tremendous advantage that victory  gives, the government lost by overwhelming majorities, and two more strong men  were added to the Opposition. British  Columbia has spoken in no uncertain tones.  She will send five of her strongest men to  Ottawa to secure for her her rights as a  provinee,-==^hey-ape-menH0Qrwho-wHfde-  WHAT a surprise there must have been  at Ottawa when the result of the  deferred elections in Yale-Cariboo  and Kootenay were made known! It was  a most remarkable expression of disapproval of the methods adopted by the government with reference to the holding of  these elections, and a declaration clear and  mand a hearing; not machine politicians  to be bent and giggered about by the man  that handles the whip.  In Yale-Cariboo, at least, the personal  character of the candidates played arrimr  portanTpOT^  We want to be represented in the Dominion  parliament by a man whose sense of propriety and force of habit make an armor  impenetrable by the balls of scandal, whose  friends are relieved of the embarrassing  necessity of putting him to bed with his  boots on. Mr. Burrell made a clean, manly  fight, and his victory, even in Mr. Ross'  home, indicates that the people appreciate  his worth and have confidence in his ability  to serve them well. Mr. Ross and his supporters fought well and lost. The verdict  of the people goes. We shall now saw wood.  back to office, its people ought to be disfranchised.  ' 'The returning officer for Comox-Atlin declared,  in Cumberland, on Wednesday, Oct. 28,1908, that  William Sloan was elected by acclamation. Nominally that was so. Virtually it was a travesty on  the meaning of the word. This constituency was  betrayed into the hands of William Sloan.  "Long before the campaign was formally  opened a strong wave of opposition to the sitting  member was felt in all parts, central and remote,  of this electoral wilderness. It was of great  strength in this important part of the constituency  and it seemed to be even more powerful in Prince  J^.iipert._^Mr.^Sloan^^as^stiiuck^byJt,=,and^so4or--  cibly was he hit that all the nerve with which he  intended to meet the electorate was knocked out  of him. He hadn't even enough courage left  to take a chance before a regularly called Liberal  convention. He started on a quiet tour of his  riding, and, in an artful way, laid plans to escape  -the^arena-where he would -be forced -in to-an-attempt-at-giv-  ing an account of his stewardship. . . . There are two  others, up in Prince Rupert;'who are wanted in the free air  court of pubiic explanation. One of these is Dr. W. J.  Quinlan, the Conservative and Independent nominee, who  funked at Cumberland. The other is John Houston, the  newspaper editor, he of the Prince Rupert Empire, the  journal that boldly boasted, but a few weeks before, a  British Columbia monoply on independence in thought, word  and action. . . . It is too much ���������������������������and the mockery of it  is so sickening-��������������������������� to -recount" the declarations, the promises,  the indictments, the scorchings, the challenges sent forth  by the Prince Rupert Empire. Suffice it to say that the  Opposition met the wishes of that paper .    .   .    Dr. W. J.  Quinlan was nominated, and just as the smell of powder from the musket  of that veteran war horse, John Houston,' was anticipated by those who  had fixed their faith in his sincerity, he laid away his ammunition and  abandoned the fight. . . There is the Empire's word for it that William  Sloan "spent five hours lecturing its editor-on the folly of bull-headed,  independent journalism." . . The Conservative candidate���������������������������he is now  known to be a man of such weaknesses that he should not have been entrusted with the confidence of the party. . . About the only date he kept  was when he arrived in Cumberland in time for nomination. Then he  threw his arms around William Sloan and gave him the election." WALKER'S WEEKLY,  mrm.mmmnt  xxz  XX  NEWS IN AND ABOUT THE TOWN AND DISTRICT  XX  x<  Tree planting is the order of j two years ago, was not being de-,    Now   the elections are over,  the day-and it isn't Arbor Day veloped by anyone.    There is a! would it not be a wise thing to  still more striking example of  Enderby's steady advance to the  north of town.     Two years ago  do to organize that Board of  Trade in Enderby? There is  much organization work neces-  Mr. Bell bought back from A. C.  sary before a Board of Trade can  Points 150 acres of land adjoin- j be really effective,  and this can  ��������������������������� ing the city limits,   and today 12'������������������������������������������������������ be done in the winter months so  home owners occupy these  150, when Spring   opens   the Board  i acres- - ���������������������������   "! ! will be prepared to start to work.  either.  Another dance will be given by  the Enderby City Band, Friday  night, Nov. 27th.  Mrs. C. E. Strickland is enjoying a visit from her sister; Miss  Byrnes, of New Denver.  For     Sale���������������������������Timothy     seed,  alfalfa seed and young pigs. The     The dance given lastWednes-i    It is interesting to   note the  Stepney Ranch, Enderby. dav evvning by the Tennis Club j growth of Enderby,   Armstrong  Mr. Burrell wires from Grand was greatly enjoyed by all.   The j and Vernon as indicated by the  Forks: "Convey thanks and ap- spirit of the evening   was just; vote polled.     Four   years   ago  what one might expect from a j Enderby polled 85 votes, of which  party  of   tennis    players:   the;Mr.   Burrell received 40 votes  stock of jewelry and will add to! w��������������������������������������������� handfak% cordial smile,! Mr. Ross 34, Mr. Mills 11.    Last  it for the Xmas trade.     Mr Pv- ^eshments on time and every- j Thursday Enderby   polled    183  body happy. j votes? of which Burren received.  H.   H.   Worthington  has dis-p8, Ross 72 and Bunting IS. Four  covered that all good  things do years ago Armstrong gave Mr.  not come from Liberalism.     Mr.  Burrell  112,  and Mr.   Ross 84.  Worthington felt keenly the de-jLast week it gave Burrell 173,  feat of Mr.   Ross,  and   well he jRoss 95.    Four years ago Vernon  i   i   .i ,   _, _.    |might for few men have fought\ gave Burrell 127, Ross 140.   Last  exceeded   those   of   the   entire, harder for fl leftde - than did week it gaye B]mdl  OM ^  Jof������������������ctob^ bymore than : Worthington>    But even political 223.    It will be seen   by these  $150.00.    Business is improving. ; douds haye silvery linings.    Pour comparisons that Enderby's rate  H. A. Brown, accompanied by I days after Mr. Burrell was elec-  Mrs. Brown, of Revelstoke, paid;ted Mrs. Worthington presented  Enderby a visit Monday. Mr. j her husband with a bouncing,  Brown is Grand Chancellor, of! rollicing 10-pound boy, and now  B. C. Domain,   K.   of P., and is j Harry   doesn't    care   anything! _.   ,     ---   ._.,  making his official   visit to the" about his politics nor the color of !and indicates what the growth of  iodger^rth^  preciation to all Enderby friends.'  F. Pyman has purchased a  ock of jewelry and will add to  it for the Xmas trade. Mr. Pyman intends to continue in business at the old stand, and solicits  a share of your patronage.  Here's what we like to hear:  A. Fulton reports that his sales  for the first 15 days in November I  of increase in voting population  is greater than that of either  Armstrong or Vernon, though  the showing of the three places  is something to   take   pride in,  Jeweler Dake is showing his:tne Vernon hospital  on Monday. I Valley has been.  skill as a window dresser.    Con-!    R. R Bradley has purchased a i    There is a st fee]i       .  sidermg what he has to build up-; fancy grocery and feed business : Enderby that   st        ghou]|  on his displays are very attrac-; at 2218 Fourth Ave.,   Kitsilano, ! taken to organize the local hos-  Sfit'^' ?*      , plan!f^ ^"Vancouver;"   and    Miss   Agnes = pital association.    The ladies are  nfice sale^ of jewelry suitable for Bradley left for the coast metrop- taking the lead in  the matter  Xmas gilts, and solicits a share 0lis Monday evening to join her and they express the opinion that  0T*0U1 ���������������������������*me&s' ,father"    Mrs*   Bradley andchil- since it has been demonstrated  Geo. hell reports the sale of 55, dren will remain at Enderby un-: that they cannot  at   this time  acres of  meadow land near the til Spring, when they anticipate : build a hospital, they should lease  Heggie Crossing to Geo. Heggie :removing to  Vancouver.    While:a suitable building and furnish  and Basil Gardom.    This is the all will be glad-to learn of Mr. I four or five rooms for patients  last-parcel of   a  section  of 640 Bradley's purchase, and wish him Such a place in the hands of an  acres purchased less than two! continued prosperity, still we do  years ago by Mr. Bell and cut up j not relish the thought of losing  into parcels to suit purchaser. ! him and family from our midst.  There are now six  people devel-j Mr. Bradley has contributed much  experienced matron, would be of  great value to Enderby. We  understand a public meeting is  to be called to go fully into the  oping the 640 acres,  which up to! to the up-building of Enderby. l details.    The meeting should be NDERBY,B. C, November 19, 1908  attended by all having the interests of the town at heart. A  public hospital is as essential to  the upbuilding of the town and  the welfare of our people as are  our churches and public schools.  We are doing ourselves a great  injustice when we compel our  people to carry hundreds of dollars away from home each month  or two to pay for treatment that  Enderby as an incorporated city  should in all reason provide.  The sawmill quit cutting for  the season on Saturday, two  weeks later than the closing date  last season. The planers will be  run for some weeks yet. It is  estimated that the company has  ten million feet of lumber piled  in the yard. The A. R. Rogers  lumber camps will be working  full-handed this winter. The  outlook for next season is very  bright, as there is a probability  that the duty on lumber going  into the United States will be removed, which would mean the  opening of an unlimited market  to B. C. lumbermen.  The long-delayed crib-work is  being done on the river bank by  the Dominion government. The  sheds and stables are to be removed from the river bank and  the cribbing extended toward  the bridge. The work is in  charge of N. H. Kenney, which  ensures a good job when completed.  Walter Truesdale spent election  week in Enderby, drawing pictures and things, and disappeared  the   day    after.   Walter   went  down smiling, and when he comes  up will come up smiling���������������������������Mr.  Truesdale is the insurance man.  Mrs. Carter of Cranbrook, who  has been visiting her daughter,  Mrs. Keith, since early in the  summer, returned to her home  this week.  A meeting of the shareholders  of the Enderby Coal Mines, Ltd,  was held Monday afternoon in  the office of the company at Enderby.  Jas. McMahon is putting in a  12-inch Pelton wheel to run the  machines at his blacksmith shop  wagon works.  H. W. Harvey left for the  coast Monday evening on a business trip.  The last carload of apples-for  the season left Enderby this  week.  Stop  The Best-for-the-Money Store  Here  Advance Showing  XMAS GOODS  Brand New Candies! Fresh Roasted Peanuts!  Everything   Good   to   Eat!.  Walter Robinson, Cash Grocer, Enderby  worth of  Watches,  Chains, Rings, Optical  Goods. China, Cut Glass,       Novelties  Constituting the entire stock of F. Pymun, and purchased by me at Assignee's Sale  at 70 cents on the dollar. All of this stock I intend turning over to the citizens  of Enderby ���������������������������        ���������������������������  "* -������������������-*!-������������������������������������������������������_ -i i w ^      ���������������������������  at  lesaie  This sale presents to you an opportunity to purchase high-class goods at prices  unheard of before in the history of Enderby, and you will never have a better  chance to get your Xmas presents,   or to buy a watch.     Here are some prices:  a  a  i i  Only 10 16-size American 7-jewel movement in swing hinge, nickel case, $4.50  9      "'          "      15-jewel       "������������������������������������������������������        "��������������������������� " li "          $6.00  1 ������������������������������������������������������:"���������������������������"   Regina     7-jewel       "'       ���������������������������'���������������������������' "���������������������������'-.      " " $6.00  1 18-size   Elgin     7-jewel. .."          u u $5.00  I Guarantee all Repair work, and solicit a trial.    Put me to the test.    TRY ME.  J. A. DAKE, Jeweler & Optician, Cliff St., Enderby ���������������������������//  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  TZXZJ.  PRO BONO PUBLICO  T"  X  (Correspondents will please be brief and avoid  personalities. The Editor reserves the right to  reject any correspondence or part of correspondence that does not bear on the question at issue,  or treats the subject in a personal interest rather  than in the interest of the public. Be brief.  Words do not make thought. Write over a nom  deplume if you wish, but sign your name also.)  Editor Walker's Weekly: Sir:  "Deep Creek" has the advantage of me. My last letter in. reply to his was too personal, or  too truthful, for insertion in ex-  tenso, so you only handed him a  few lines which would not hurt  his feelings, and incidentally left  out the whole point of my argument, which is that "Deep  Creek" cannot fairly blame the  merchant for his own forgetfillness, for this is his whole kick.  He forgets, gets left, and blames  the merchant.  Yours truly,  W. Allan Dobson.  City Council Business  At a meeting of the City Council Saturday evening,  Nov.06th,  ! Mayor Bell reported the sale of  I $10,000 of the city water works  I bonds through the'-Bank of Montreal, at 84.90 plus 5 per cent,  interest since Aug. 1st.  The   following bills were ordered paid:  ing against this law render themselves liable to a penalty of $20  or two months' imprisonment.  H. McDonald, School Board   M. V.BoaUio "    E.T.smith ;;         M. McKay  Enderby Drug: & Sta Co., School Board   w. t. Hoitby. ;;          C L. Williams, "    J. E. Peever, wagres October   John Hornell, "    Martin,  Craig,   Bourne &   Hay,  counsel's  opinion re. Okanagan Telephone Co   The Walker Press, printing   Evans & Mack, draying & grading   Enderby Trading Co., nails   Enderby Drug & Sta'y Co., stationery   F'rank V. Mofi'et, inst. & rep. street lamp..  A. R. Rogers Lumber Co., street lighting ,.  $30 00  65 00  GO 00  18 00  2 05  5  ' 1  10  50  13 95  10 25  25 00  6 50  6 75  4 35  3 35  5 75  10 60  Firing  Arms  The firing of guns in the city  has become a very common occurrence of late. It is only a  short time ago that a bullet went  through the sitting room of a  house in town, nearly hitting one  of the occupants. It ought to "be  known to all concerned that it is  unlawful to fire guns of any description in the residential and  business parts of the town without first obtaining permission  from the Mayor. Persons offend-  resent  make the most acceptable  gifts. We have as handsome  pieces as "ever were shown.  Make your selection while the  stock is complete. You will  not have a better opportunity.  Prices _not" high���������������������������low as you  will find them anywhere.  Ihderby Drug &  Stationery Co*  _>  Why will you shiver in the cold when yo can get such Underclothing as we sell for so little  money? Just ask to see it, and if you are not convinced that you are getting better value  for your money than you ever got before, we won't ask you to buy. it" is quality you are  after, and it's QUALITY we want to give you.  Ladies, you can get extraordinary values Jn ..Winter Dress Materials.   Stylish gowns  made up and ready to wear.  With the coming of Winter you will have to clothe the feet warmer.     Come in and see  the good things we have for the feet.  _a__A_ta__ft_d^_M^_M������������������kl_^_MMi  HARVEY & DOBSON, General Merchants, Enderhy T  ENDERBY,B.C., November 19, 1908  Your Health  I  S dependent to a great extent upon the fit of your  shoes, so the doctors say.    Ill-  fitting shoes make the feet feel  uncomfortable and also force  the wearer to walk unnaturally,  which, by causing the weight of the body  to be distributed unevenly on the foot,  brings nervous disorders^     IT you feeTalT  out of sorts,  perhaps your shoes are to  blame. Anyway, get a pair of WALKOVER SHOES and note the restful feeling they will give your feet.  *  Enderby Tra  o.Ltd  G 6  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  ���������������������������*WJ!l_RWU_!-BSBT.-.l���������������������������������������������������������������������������������*!.'.  W  What are You ?  Do you come nearer clay by day  To the  port  where   your   dreams all  anchored lie?  Or do you sail farther and farther away  On an angry sea with a sullen sky?  Do you come nearer the Ought-to-be  In the wagon you hitched to a distant  star?  Or do you drift on hopelessly,  Content to bide with the Things-that-are  Are you a Drone or Do-it-now?  A Hurry-up or a Wait-a-while?  A Do-it-so or an Anyhow?  A Cheer-up-boys or a Never-smile?  It's none of my business,  that I know,  For you   are   the   captain   and mate  and crew  Of     that    ship    of   yours,    but   the  Where-you-go  'Depends on the  What-and-how-you-do.  Are you a Yes or a May-be-so?  Are you a WILL or a Guess-you'11-be?  A Come-on-lads'or a Let's-not-go?  A YES-I-WILL or an Oh-Pll-see?  It isn't the least concern of mine,  I know that well, but as time endures,  When they thresh the  wheat and store  the wine  You'll find it's a big concern of yours.  ���������������������������J. W. Foley in Youth's Companion.  Improving Prolificacy in Hens  Previous to a  few years  ago a majority of the breeders of standard-bred poultry  paid but little attention to  the   developing    of   utility  qualities in their birds, devoting nearly   all   of their  time and attention to securing the highest scoring birds  possible.    At present a diff-  | erent situation confronts the  | poultry breeder; for, in order  to achieve any considerable  degree of notoriety,  says R.  B. Sando, a poultry expert,  his fowls must now possess  not only "fancy points," but  practical utility qualities as  well.  The making of an egg-  laying strain of fowls is no j  secret.    Its   only drawback j  lies in the fact that   it is;  harder to select the best lay-; p  ers, and at the same time to  keep   the   highest   scoring  birds,  than   it   would be to  work with a single purpose  in view.    Sometimes a good  layer   will   not score high,  | and often a high-scoring bird  | is about the poorest layer in  ; the pen. It has been fre-  iquently demonstrated that  [ there is a great difference in  the laying qualities of individual hens, and improvement-'is more a matter of  individuals than of breeds.  Therefore, if you would bring  | your flock to the highest  point of utility, you must  select your best layers to  breed from. The trap nest  is the only known method by  which the capacity of a hen  can be measured with any  degree of accuracy.  Electric Lights  and Fixtures  Gasolene Engines and Supplies.     Electrical work  and Fixtures a Specialty  V.  MOFFET  Enderby  What's the use of saying  "What's the Use?"  TRY!  ShelfsHeav  Graniteware  Tinware  Ranges  Paints  Oils  Varnishes  Plumbing  Tinsmithing  Heating  Roofing  Sheet Metal work in all  its branches  The Goods are the latest and best; the prices are right; we will treat you right  Fulton's Hardware, Tin and Plumbing Works  CLIFF STREET  ENDERBY, B. C.  t : NDERBY.B. C, November 19,  1908  rt        . MARA LAKE  One of the ^beautiful lakes in the interior ofBritish ColmnMa.       Unexcelled Jor Ji.kin,, camping and hvnlina  IF sane, .sound, business judgment, coupled with perseverance  and push, wil bring success, then success will surely be the re-  - ward that will crown the efforts of Chas. W. Little, in connection with his work to make the Mara and North Enderby District  known to the homeseeker and speculator. Mr. Little's latest  move is to place in the C.P.R. hotels magnificent enlarged bromide  photos of this picturesque lake.The picture is a beautiful one, and!  will make a favorable impression wherever it is shown Mr Little  reports two more transfers of Mara property  Now that It's  Over���������������������������  "Let every man  who can, smile and  pass the smile along.  When in doubt,  and the doctor isn't  around, take optimism.  Shake hands as  though you meant  it, and smile.  No matter how  many hats it cost  you don't let them  hide that smile.  In darkness, in  light, in sorrow, in  blight/: be'.an optimist ever and things  will come out right.  The man who does  things is the fellow  the world waits to J  crown, but he's got  to do things���������������������������no  four-flushing.  Just smile'n work.  Bank of Montreal  ,-       ..    ,    ^  . Established 1817  Capital, $14,400,000 Rest) $n,000,000  UndividedProflts,  $699,969.88  Honorary Psesident,  Rt. Hon. LORD STRATHCONA. MOUNT ROYAL   G C M C  President. Hon.   SIR GEORGE DRUMMOND  K  C M  G  Vice-President and General Manager,   E. S. CLOUSJlQN.JEsa.  =HeiaT)TfTce7M.ontreal. London Office, 46-47 Threadneedle St. E.C.  A General Banking Business Transacted  SAVINGS BANK DEPAR~TMENT Deposits r^**1 from *��������������������������� -ith  interest allowed at. ciirront rate  C   A 'Sni'^S2?'1 District: Enderby, Armstrong Vernon. Kelowna and Summerland  G. A. HENDERSON, Esq,, Manager A. E. TAYLOR. Sub-Atront Enderby  IF you have received the  impression of any pleasure, guard yourself  against being carried away  by it; but let the thing wait  for you, and allow yourself a  certain delay on your own  lpai*t.^_Th^n^think���������������������������of=l  Finest in the Country  "Enderby is a charming villiage with city airs.  When Paddy Murphy shook the snow of Sandon  off his feet he came here, and now owns one of  finest brick hotels in the   country.     Although  Paddy is an Irishman from Michigan, he calls his  hotel the King Edward. In addition to the excellence of the meals, breakfast is served up to 10  o'clock, which is an added attraction for tourists."  --_. __,   _ (Extract from Lowery's Ledpe.)  King Edward Hotel, PBS������������������MURPHY Enderby  times, of the time when you  will enjoy the pleasure, and  of the time after the enjoyment of the pleasure when  [you will repent and will re-  jproachr yourself: "And" set  ! against these things how you  will rejoice if you have abstained from   the pleasure,  | and how you will commend  yourself.    But if it seem to  you seasonable to do a thing  take care that the charm of  it, and the pleasure, and the  attraction of it shall not conquer you:   but   set  on the  other side the consideration how  much better it is to be conscious  that you have gained this victory.  i<:    r     i     c     r     i<:     r      u     s 8  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  J.W. J-irHffUEW-'W-'J1*  LOCAL NEWS ITEMS  Those rich, refreshing perfumes are in stock at the Enderby Drug & Stationery Co's.   ������������������������������������������������������  A daughter was born to Mr.  and Mrs. L. C. Garlinghouse last  Friday, at their home in Enderby.  H. H. Worthington was called  to Vernon Tuesday evening owing to the serious   condition of  given by the lodges. An impromptu program was given, consisting of choruses by the lodge  quintet, Mrs. Ira Jones, Mrs.  Sparrow, Mrs. Anderson, Robt.  Bailey and Aner Matthews; readings by Mrs. Foulds and Mr. Col-  tart, and solos by Chas. E.Strickland, Robt. Railey and Aner  Matthews. Refreshments were  served by the ladies, and at 11  Mrs.   Worthington,   but we are o'clock the happy gathering dis  pleased to learn that mother and  child are much improved.  persed.  A .small boy, 7 or 8 years of  Alphonse Moser, of Mara, was age^ was seen 0n Monday run-  found wandering about Enderby j ning about the streets with a 22-  some days ago in an unsound j calibre rifle. Some people ima-  state of mind. On the certificates gjne that these small rifles are  of Drs. Keith and Sutherland he no_ dangerous, but the serious  was committed by Police Magis- j and fatal accidents with  trate Rosoman to the asylum at j rjfles 0f this very size which  New Westminster. j have been reported in the public  Next Thursday evening, in the j press during the past few months  Bell block, has been set as the! show that they are. It is im-  time and place of meeting to con-1 portant that the law, which  sider the matter of a public hospital for Enderby. It is the desire of the ladies to have a representative meeting of Enderby  and vicinity, and YOU are earnestly requested to be present.  "      T,   .   , _ j    n- _ .; I'd like to live in splendid style,  The Knights   and   Sisters of j   rd like to own a palace car,  Enderby Pythianism, entertained ��������������������������� rd like to tour around a while  the organizer of the Pythian Sis-    And see how all the crowned  ters, Mrs. H. A. Brown, on Tues- are>  j ��������������������������� i   4.1  i    ���������������������������     I'd like to purchase gems of art  day evening,   and the   event is F to  conceded by all who were there  to have been the happiest of any  prohibits boys under sixteen  years of age from carrying firearms of any description, should  be strictly enforced.���������������������������Con.  After Election's Over���������������������������  FOR   SALE  A Rising Three-Year-Old Bull: first cross from  ���������������������������**- Platen's Jersey cow and Crane's Holstoin  bull.    Price. $40.    Geo. I_. Little. Mara.  heads  back   past    early  From     moderns  Greeks,  I'd like to pry myself apart  From goodly sums for rare   antiques,  T'cTlTRc more tilings "tMfrT^_ul_=WrrCe"  With quarts of ink to sooth my soul,  Yet I'd be satisfied, I think,  If 1 just had my winter c_al.  ffg-Jr-.'-c-jrajj  Why not build  a home of your own?  We carry a full line of all kinds of building material,  including Lime in Barrel, Cement and Wood and Hair  Fibre Patent Plasters.    We have a large stock of. . . . .  SEASONED LUMBER ON HAND  Estimates cheerfully furnished.  MILL WOOD-(short)-$1.50 per load.  A. R. Rogers Lumber Co.Ltd., Enderby  ENDERBY'S  FURNITURE   STORE  I have moved my  Furniture into  a larger store, and  invite you to come in and inspect my goods just to satisfy  yourself that I can furnish  your house cheaper than you  can buy elsewhere.  FALL SHIPMENTS  are arriving. Inspect our new  stock. Everything up-to-date.  Special discounts in Carpets,  Rugs, Squares, Etc.  Pictures Framed and all  kinds of Repair work done  on short notice  W.  T. HOLTBY  Furniture Dealer and Undertaker  BRADLEY BLK;       ENDERBY  IRA C. JONES  Contractor and Builder  Estimates furnished on all  work, and contracts personally attended to.  ENDERR Y.   B. C.  F.T.TURNER  Plumbing and  Steam Fitting  All kinds of Tin and Zinc Articles Rt pa red  Rear Evans Blk Enderby  John S.  Johnstone  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Building,   Excavating,   Masonry Work  a specialty  ENDERBY B. C.  You get the news if you  subscribe for this Weekly. NDERBY,B. C, November 19, 1908  9  Returning Prosperity  A special to the Minneapolis Journal says: "An industrial revival began in the  United States within 24  hours after the election of  William Howard Taft to the  presidency. Evidence of a  restoration of confidence  throughout the business  world in all lines of trade  and industry are apparent in  every section of the country.  Announcements of the resumption of operations, the  hiring of increased working-  forces and extending the  working time in scores of  factories in the east, south  and west, already have been  -i  made. Commercial leaders  in Chicago, St. Louis, New  York, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Detroit, Birmingham  and other cities predict a return of prosperous times in  the country and back up the  predictions with news of  great activity already under  way in manufacturing, in  the building industry, and in  general trade.  "This factory will resume  operations on full-time  schedule tomorrow" was the  notice posted in many factories in different cities of  the nation. In eastern cities  steel mills are increasing  operations. In Rhode Island,  New Jersey,  Maryland and  Range  EEDUOES   THOSE  BAKING   HOURS!  Why have an oven  sufficient only for three  pie_s__when���������������������������Sask-alta���������������������������  Range oven will take  four pies and other  cooking? The more  baking space you hays  ���������������������������the less fuel you use���������������������������the less work you do.  Fuel and work are just about the main items  of expense in the  kitchen.     "Sask-alta"  Range saves both  for you.  other manufacturing centres  business operations are moving with great strides, and  thousands of men are being  employed.  Martin Burrell Appreciation  Grand Forks, Nov. 16.  Editor Walker's Weekly:  Dear Sir: Would you permit  me through the columns of  your paper to thank the  many friends through your  district who gave me such a  splendid support in the recent campaign.  . I realize that the questions of  Japanese immigration and Better  Terms were responsible for the  strong endorsation of the Conservative side, and I also realize  that throughout the great fruit  growing districts I received much  assistance from those who considered that the Horticultural interests of British Columbia had  not had sufficient attention in the  House of Commons.  The task of defeating a Government candidate in the face of  persistent appeals to support  those who had control of the national purse-strings was not easy.  It is intensely gratifying, therefore, to find that the majority of  the people expressed themselves  so strongly for Principle as  against Expediency.  It has not been a personal victory, but I may be pardoned for  thanking most deeply the many  friends who worked so loyally  and unselfishly^^r_m_e_dining_tha=.  London, Toronto, Montreal Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, Hamilton, Calgary  Local Agent: A. FULTON, Hardware Merchant, Enderby  campaign.  To the work of the officers and  members of the various Conservative Associations throughout  Yale-Cariboo the results of the  12th are chiefly due, but I also  recognize that in- this election I  owe not a little to those who despite party ties gave me their  support.  It is impossible for me to answer personally all those who  have so kindly written their congratulations, and I trust they  will be good enough to let me  tell them in this way that I deeply value their good wishes, and  to assure them that if I fail in  the performance of my duty as  their member it will not be for  the want of trying earnestly to  do that duty, both in letter and  spirit.  i am. sir. yours very truly,  MARTIN RURRELL. .11  1  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  IN   THE   CHURCHES  PHURCH OP1 ENGLAND. St. George's Church,  ^ Services every Sunday at 11 a.-'ni. and 7:30 p.  m. Holy Communion every Sunday at 8 a. mi and  2n Sunday in month at 11 a. m. during September,  October and November. ��������������������������� Litany, Friday,  7.'15 p. m. Choir rehearsal, Friday, 8 p.m. North  Enderby at 3 p.m. every alternate"o Sunday, commencing July 12th. Mara, at 3.30 p.m.every alternate Sunday, commencing- July 5th. All cordially invited.   Rev. J. Leech-Porter, B.D., Vicar  METHODIST CHURCH���������������������������Young People's meeting, Sunday, 7 p. m.; Preaching every  Sunday, 7:30 p. nL; Junior Epworth League,  Tuesday, 3:45 p. m.; Prayer Meeting, Tuesday.  7:30 p. m.; Class Meeting,, S;15 p. m. (immediately  after the prayer meeting): Sunday School, 2.30 p.  m. A. N. MILLER. Pastor.  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-Sunday  *- 9:45 a. m.; Church service, 11 a. m.  People's meeting,  School,  Young  Wednesday, 8 p. m.  D. CAMPBELL. Pastor.  BAPTIST CHURCH-Sunday School,  10 a.   m.;  Church service,  11 a.  m.;   Prayer meeting,  Wednesday. 7:30 p: m.     B. S. FREEMAN. Pastor  . ^_���������������������������___._^^  PITY OFFlCE-ClifF St., office hours, 10 a. m. to  ^~> 12:30, 1:30 to 4 p. m.; Saturday, 10 to 12:30 m.  City Council regular meeting, every alternate Saturday at S p. m. Geo. Bell, mayor; Graham Rosoman, city clerk. Chairman Board of Works, Ira  C. Jones; Waterworks Committee, J. W- Evans;  Finance Committee, H.H. Worthington; Com-,  mittee on Health, Geo. R. Lawes. Poundkeeper,  Evans & Mack.    POST OFFICE  XJOURS���������������������������8 a. m. to 6:30 p. m.; mails close, south-  ���������������������������*������������������������������������������������������*-    bound, 10:00 a.m.; northbound, 4:00 p. m.  SMALL DEBTS COURT  SITS every Saturday, by appointment at 2 p. m.  Graham   Rosoman,   Police   and   Stipendiary  Magi s t rate.   SECRET SOCIETIES  N. H.KENNY,  W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40.  Regular meetings, first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially  invited.  H. H. WORTHINGTON,  Secretary  PROFESSIONAL  D  R. H. W. KEITH,  Office hours:  Forenoon, 11 to 12  Afternoon, 4 to 5  Evening, 7 to S-  Sunday. 12 to 1  Office;    BELL BLOCK  ENDERBY  W.  E. BANTON,  Barrister, Solicitor,  NotaryJPubHc, _ Con vey an cer,  etc.  Offices, Bell Block, Enderby,B.C.  pLAUDE^TrONES,  ^   ARCHITECT  CONSULTING ENGINEER  FOR HEATING AND  VENTILATING  .   INSTALLATIONS.  VERNON B. C.  WHAT  IS  WORN.  Faults   of   the   Popular   Short,   Loose  Coat���������������������������A  Pretty Spring Hat.  The popularity of the loose coat made  with au extremely bias back is responsible for the many unsightly effects such backs often present. Like  many other simple looking models, it  takes a skilled person to bring about  satisfactory results. The coat is not  difficult in itself, but the back seam  is a rock upon which the amateur tailor  is apt to be stranded. A good plan is  to cover a strip of crinoline with the  goods, stitching on both edges bos plait  fashion, then catching it down by baud  on both sides of the seam.  A pretty spring hat is trimmed with  violets, not the big double neapolitan  sort so dear to the makers of cheap artificial ttowers, but the single kind and  of natural size in variety of shades-  white, palest mauve, pinkish mauve,  neapolitan mauve. Kussian mauve aud  the usual violet. A charming idea for  evening wear in the hair is a big chou  of silver tulle  box   plaited,  and  from  Fred. H. Barnes  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  furnished  Dealer in Sashes,   Doors, Turnings and all factory work.  I represent the S. C. Smith Co.  of Vernon.       Enderby.  Our Meats are  always fresh  and we serve the best  on the market. Fish,  poultry and eggs in  season.  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C.  Pacific Coast  Grown SEEDS  TREES, PLANTS  Reliable varieties at reasonable prices. No Borers.  No Scale. No fumigation to damage stock. No  windy agents to annoy you. Buy direct and get  trees and seeds that grow.  Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,  Spray Pumps, Spraying material, Cut Flowers, etc.    Catalogue free.  M. J. HENRY  3010 Westminster Rd. VANCOUVER, B. C  N. B.���������������������������Anyone wishing a Catalogue free, may  have one by calling at the office of Walker's Weekly  Just Arrived  New samples for Fall and  Winter   Clothing  from the  fa.mou^^  lin," Toronto. Give us a trial  Satisfaction guaranteed and  prices right.  Underwear, Sweaters and  Gloves of all kinds.  p  ETER BURNET  Dominion & Provincial  Land Surveyor  Metcalf Block,       Enderby, B.C.  Omi/S  PIOL'li  FROCK���������������������������3574.  the   edges   depend   pear   sliapea   gray  baroque pearls of rather large size.  This pretty little girl's frock is most  attractive carried out in pique, duck  or any of the thick wash materials.  The square neck and cuffs are formed  Df cambric insertion, and the belt is  either of the material or a black patent  ienther belt is worn.  J U Dl(.\ CI10l.LI._T.  WHEELER & EVANS  Brundish ���������������������������& Baird  Plain and Ornamental  PLASTERING, LATHING  Brick and Cement work.     Hard Wall  work a specialty.  'No Job Too Big; No Job Too Small"       Enderby NDERBY.B. C, November 19, 1908  11  NO. 1 NORTHWEST  Oat  s  in half-ton lots, $30.00 per ton  We also sell Bran,  Shorts,  Barley,   Corn and several   grades of  Mixed Chop Feed.  Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Enderby  You can't forget  The old home place���������������������������the place where the pioneers of the Valley put  up when Enderby was a'bornin'. You can't forget the hotel home  provided in the early days by WEBB WRIGHT. It was the Enderby  Hotel then; it is the Enderby Hotel now. And you won't forget the  cordial treatment that will be accorded you today as it was the  pioneer then.        The ENDERBY HOTEL, &S������������������������������������gGHT' Proprietor  Livery _ Feed Stables  Remember your horse: Feed him well and he'll serve you  right.   Leave  him with us when   you   come  to  town.  EVANS & MACK ENDERBY  JEB16S lVlOW3/t & Insurance  ENDERBY,   B.C.  Fire Insurance in first-class companies.     Accident Insurance  EASONABLE TERMS WRITE FOR LIST  i^sxroii &_^  As Vieived at the Coast  Eave Troughing and all kinds of Sheet Tin  and  Copper work.   Repairing and  Jobbing Work given prompt attention.  Corner Hudson and Alexander Sts. SALMON ARM  THE BEST CLAY IN THE VALLEY, well-burnt, makes the  Best Bricks in the Valley  A large stock of bricks now on hand. Reasonable prices in large or  small Quantities. Build of brick, and you'll have all the comforts  of home���������������������������and a great many more. The cost is about the same as  frame-built, and the comforts a great deal more.  The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby  Working Harness, Saddles, Repairing  Anything you need, in stock  J. W. Evans,?4RKRME^ER Enderby  Wanted���������������������������At Enderby, a resident DENTIST.   A good field for a  man capable of doing the right kind of work.  Commenting on the elections last week, the Vancouver Province says: "Martin Burrell is victorious in  Yale-Cariboo with a plurality of almost 800 votes over  Duncan Ross, while A. S.  Goodeve, the Conservative  candidate in Kootenay, buried Smith Curtis, Liberal under an avalanche of votes  that his plurality is now estimated at approximately 925  votes. That the Conservatives should, under the circumstances, have changed  the complexion of these constituencies by such an overwhelming vote is a stunning  blow to Liberalism, and a  matter of great congratulation to the victors. The  echo of the result will, according to the consensus of  opinion, be heard and heeded  in the councils of the Laurier  government at Ottawa,  where was hatched the conspiracy to sand-bag the electors of the two ridings by  deferring the elections without a shadow of legitimate  reason. . . . That the  electors of Yale-Cariboo  proved superior to the thimble���������������������������rigging���������������������������game^demon^  strates once again the old  saw that the people cannot  be fooled all the time."  A DOG once gave a long  chase to a Hare. The  Dog having not long  since made a good meal, was  not at all hungry, and in  consequence in no hurry to  put an end to the sport. He  would at times, as they ran,  snap at the Hare, and at  others lick him with his  tongue. "Pray," cried the  persecuted and bewildered  Hare, "are you a friend or  an enemy? If a friend, why  do you bite me so? and if an  enemy, why caress me?" Ac,ap 12  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  Under the Pines  UNDER THE PINES is the daintiest little magazine published in Canada. It is issued by H. M.  Walker and costs but 50c a yeai\ ��������������������������� The Ledge.  A Magazine Published Monthly  UNDER THE PINES is not a picture book. It is a Magazine, clearly printed and of convenient size, arranged and  prepared to give to the reader a richer experience and fuller  conception,of life. It is published primarily to assist men  and .women as good and as bad as you and I to grasp life in  its fuller meaning and learn in and through the simple duties  of life the best way to live and serve. It can't hurt you,  and may bring  you   into much   peace   and comfort.      It is  A Magazine of Candor and Truth  A Magazine that touches man at his best and leaves him thinking  better of himself and his fellows. It lives to be conscientiously  true to Life at its best, and to develop in the individual a completer  J*-now-ledge-of-t-he-Gosmic-Self.- I-t-aims-to-make^man-f-ull-grown^  in his ideas, his expression and his work, and to contribute to his  Ego by drawing off his vanity. Life's realities are its steps to  Heaven���������������������������in the here, now and to-morrow.  Something to Make You THINK and DO  Appears in every number and if you are not satisfied with what  you get, tell us so and get your money back. "Broaden your life,  elevate your mind, increase your faith and remove all bitterness  from your nature, and you will be drawn to people that will not  disappoint."   Make yourself necessary.      Send for sample copy to  THE WALKER PRESS, Enderby, B. C.  _______a___i_j_____k_____


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