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Walker's Weekly Apr 23, 1908

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 %���������������������������'-.  l*>  i  WALKER'S WEEKLY  Published every Thursday at Enderby, the Gate-Way of the famous Okanagan, Land of the Big Canadian Red Apple and the California of Canada   Entered in the Post Office .'it Enderby. 13. C. as second-class matter.  Volume 1.  IIY T1IK YHAk, *2.  ENDERBY, B.C., APRIL 23, 1908.  iiy Tin-: copy, no.  Number 8.  PIPS ON THE CARDS OF LIFE BY A PIOUS PIPPIN  /   TTlNDERBY was more than usually hon-  H i ored this week.     First,  there came  m^"^ into camp one Peck McSwain, riding  on a tie-pass, twelve hours from Vernon.  Few people hereabouts know Peck McSwain. He may not know himself���������������������������I do  not know. He is a printer that loves  Bacchus not wisely, but too well. Bacchus  reciprocates, not well nor wisely, but dod-  gastedly to the limit, and, as a result, when  Peck McSwain wants to see his friends, he  prefers to put on his old clothes and walk,  rather than be mistaken for a corporation  lawyer or a tabernacle parson and ride on  an unearned Pullman pass. He came to  Enderby after attending the Liberal convention at Vernon, and showed signs of  being badly treated by the convention, or  treated too often and too well. Going to  the convention, he lost the only pair of  pants he had with him on the boat, and  he would have walked into the convention  hall illumined in a smile and his shirt tied  down with a shoestring but for the fact  that his coat would not have looked well  on a scare-crow in the fence corner.  Peck McSwain is a sincere believer in..  Eractical inceneration, and the first thing  e did on reaching the sanctum sanctorum  of the Walker Press, was to consign to the  crematory what the Liberal convention had  left him. Mister McSwain is a character.  There are few like him, and they are dead.  Life is a huge joke to him,and the people in  it all jokers���������������������������except the brakey on the fast  freight.  The second person to honor Enderby with  his presence this week was Col. R. T.  Lowery. Colonel Lowery was en route to  Vernon to attend the Conservative convention there. No man in Canada has done  more to put genuine humor into journalism  than R. ;T. Lowery. He is the only humorist worthy of the name doing newspaper  work in Canada. It is true that the postal authorities have twice put Lowery out  of business, but when the good postal au  thorities that did the work are dead and  forgotten, the name of R. T. Lowery will  be printed big in the hearts of the people  who know him and his work.  Here is a sample of Lowery's work���������������������������not  his best, but something to show his style.  I know there are a number of good people  who read Pips that will ask,' 'can anything  good come out of Nazareth," but read and  see:  "As a rule, the biggest toad cannot jump  the farthest.  ' 'The ghosts of our imagination often  chase us to the devil.  "Mustard is good for the memory, but  many of our subscribers never use it.  ' 'If selfishness and the actions of narrow  minds could be eliminated from the church,  it would be the grandest institution on  earth.  "When times are hard do not forget to  pay the printer and spend all the money  you can. It is the spending of money that  makes times good.  "One Greenwood saloon has cut out the  water.   If its patrons should cut out the  j&hiskeyJhei^^^  but a tap and be harmless.  "Dunsmuir thinks that the prosperity of  this province is marred by a lack of cheap  labor. Perhaps his idea is to have this fair  land owned by absentee millionaires and  peopled by slaves. Merr of Bunsmuir's  mentality usually think this way, especially  when they are only a generation or two  removed from the shirt-sleeve period in  their own families.  "Twelve years ago tonight we lost $300.  It was at New Denver, and the hotel  burned down, causing us to jump from a  window to the glass-strewn terra firma,  leaving our clothes and our diamonds to be  cremated. As the landlord did not charge  us for the room that night, and we have  never had a shave since, we have by this  time recovered from the financial shock of  that period." 9.  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  zxxz  XX  x>������������������c  THE NEWS IN AND ABOUT ENDERBY DISTRICT  zxx.  TZX^X  E>CE  Upwards of $400 has been raised for  the celebration of May 24th.  The Mayor and Councilmen will attend  divine services in St. George's church, as an  cSfecial body, on Sunday, May 3rd, at 7:30  p. m.  Rev. Mr. Campbell has been unable to  carry on his work for the past two weeks  owing to a slight attack of nervous prostration.  Jas. McMahon has purchased the blacksmith business of J. H. McVeigh, and is  prepared to do general blacksmithing and  wood work.  A meeting of the Directors of the Enderby Fruit & Produce Association will be held  Saturday afternoon at the Farmers Exchange building.  Robert Cummings is acting Provincial  Constable, in the absence of Bassal Gar-  dom, who is at the bedside of his wife at  the Vernon hospital.������������������������������������������������������  Frank V. Moffet lately installed 35 lights  in the home of W. Allan Dobson. He reports that he is placing electric lights in  most of the Enderby homes.  John Coulthard, accountant at the Bank  of Montreal, left Tuesday evening for the  coast, where he will spend a few weeks  ruminating in the brambles of city life.  The Enderby  junior lacrosse club was  reorganized Saturday night. Watson Miller  was made captain,  and Ernest Evans secretary treasurer.     Tuesday ahd^THursday"  nights were made practice nights.  There will be a nickel social and conundrum supper in the basement of the Presbyterian church on May 1st. ^ There isn't  anything mysterious about this affair, the  ladies say. "You simply pay the nickels and  eat the conundrums.  A. E. Taylor and children returned from  the East Good Friday morning. Miss Howe,  grand daughter of the Hon. Joseph Howe,  mainly through whose efforts a responsible  government was won for Nova Scotia, accompanied them. Mr. Taylor and children  will occupy the bank residence.  Rev. F/V. Venables will visit Salmon  Arm on Sunday, the 26th, by request, in-  order to conduct the Easter services, as the  Church of England people of that place are  again without a resident vicar.   There will  therefore be no morning service in St.  George's church, on Sunday next. In the  evening there will be Evensong, at 7:30.  Robt. Waddell has cleared a large acreage on his splendid farm near Enderby, this  spring, and expects a bumper crop of oats  off the land this year. The Hazelmere ranch  is one of the finest out of doors, in this or  any other land, and should be worth $10,-  000 a year to the owner when properly  worked.  The band boys worked like Trojans  most of the day Good Friday in order to  get the bandstand ready for the evening  concert. It was gaily lighted by electric  lights when evening came and promptly  on time the first band concert was given.  The citizens turned out almost en mass  to show their appreciation.  Harry Ranger's launch, the "Dorothy"  was launched Good Friday morning. She  took to the water like a long-necked goose  and but for a mishap to the engine pump,  the performance would have passed off  splendidly. After an hour's work on the  pump, the boat got in motion, and her  maneuvers in the water were greeted with  cheers from the spectators.    ,  Rev. Mr. Hicks and his brother, a bass  soloist, prominent in the coast cities, entertained an appreciative audience in the  Methodist church Tuesday evening. Rev.  -Miv-Hiek-s-was-stat4oned���������������������������in4his^fieldTsome^  15 years ago. He saw the first building go  up at Armstrong, and was pastor when the  Methodist church was erected there. He  now is editor of the Methodist Recorder.  FRUIT & PRODUCE EXCHANGE OFB. C.  This letter speaks for itself:  Mr. George R, Lawes, Enderby. Dear Sir: At  a meeting of our Executive held this week it was  resolved that all payments be made by check and  that all checks should be signed by both the Secretary Manager and the Treasurer. It was also  decided that both the Secretary-Manager and the  treasurer should be placed under bonds of twenty  thousand dollars each.  It is evident that the Central Exchange will distribnte at  least nine-tenths of the fruit and produce of the Province  this season. With our officers under the very heaviest  bonds procurable, and payments made to producers every  fifteen days, I think we have now done everything possible  to inspire confidence and insure  our members against loss.  I trust that this action will meet with your entire approval. Very truly yours,  .JAS. "JOHNSTONE, President. ENDERBY, B. C., April 23, 1908  o  O  \  WALKERS  WEEKLY  Published every Thursday by The Walker Press,  at Enderby, Li. C, the  Gate-way City of the famous Okanayan Valley.  U.  M.  W A T. K K R  Advertising rates on application.   Subscription, one year. $2: six months. $L  Address all communications to-   THE WALKER PRESS, Enderby, B. C.   THURSDAY,  APRIL   23,   1908  Don't judge of men's wealth or piety by their  Sunday appearances. ���������������������������Benjamin Franklin.  S:C3Xi'CJ������������������������������������������������������3Enxn2S5rS!fC2^il3WE33353S*Wa!"E������������������������������������ra���������������������������  n  POSSIBILITIES OF OUR TOWN  AS familiarity bred contempt in the  citizens of Enderby for the beauty of  the town's environment, and the excellence of its possibilities? Have they lived  so long in the enjoyment of this glorious  climate, and rested in the abundance of  the annual harvests that they have passed  out of the circle of activities, and into the  sump of indifference; or are appearances  deceiving, and is there really a burning desire to beautify the town and make it  as beautiful as Nature intended it should  be? Are we doing what we can to lift it  above the sordid and mean? or are we  tabooing the trees and plants and flowers,  and turning our streets and sidewalks over  to the itinerant cows and calves, bulls,  horses, colts, dogs, chickens and ducks?  Is it our ambition to make our streets and  homes beautiful .with shade trees and  foliage? Do we want to make Enderby  the admired of all, and attract hither the  home-lovers of Canada? Do we realize  4i0w^bea*H*ti���������������������������-ul^  Are we satisfied to let it remain less beautiful than what we know we should make  it? Are we, each one of us, willing to lend  a hand to make our part of town beautiful  and a joy to ^  they are, can hardly realize the. feeling of  disappointment that strikes into the heart  of one coming to Enderby from any section  where the people pride themselves on their  flowers, trees and foliage. Nothing is more  essential to the town's progress than clean  streets, beautified by shade trees and  flower gardens. Without these things Enderby promises little; with them, Enderby  is sure to excel, and to grow into the happiest homeland in Canada.  Mr. A. E. Taylor, of the Bank of Montreal, returned to Enderby this week after  spending six weeks in Eastern Canada.  Mr. Taylor is more pleased than ever with  the conditions in and about Enderby. He  says our weather conditions are six weeks  ahead of those of the east; We do not  realize what advantages are ours until we  measure them by contrast. The east is turning to the Okanagan, he says, and a tremendous influx of homeseekers may be  expected this summer and fall. He urges  Enderby to awakened to the possibilities that are her's; that we make the  most of our advantages. He is sure that  we have here a town and district of almost  unlimited natural advantages, and these  we should make the most of.  THUS far no real step has been taken  in the matter of exhibition building  and winter recreation grounds, suggested some weeks ago, though the matter  of organizing a company of public spirited  citizens to carry out the project has been  openly discussed and favorably received.  We believe enough money could be raised  right in Enderby to finance the proposition, and, once built and placed upon a  business footing, its success would be  assured. It is a matter that cannot be  too long delayed. It is something that  does not materialize in delays.  THE Armstrong Advertiser thinks the  Salmon Arm Observer "raps the  knuckles pretty hard" of the correspondent writing in Walker's Weekly rearing to the doings, or mis-doings of the  okl--Sal-mon���������������������������Arm���������������������������Excha-nge-managementr  Someone has said that "an empty head  and a big mouth are the qualifications  for professional criticism/' and this appears to be absolutely true with reference  to the Salmon Arm criticism.    The joke  formant this time. They directed their  whole charge of choice vituperation at the  head of Mr. Lawes of Enderby, who did not  write, and does not know who did write, the  words of commendation to Walker's Weekly  which caused such bitterness to flow. The  person who did write the letter referred to  does not live within 200 miles of Enderby.  Mr. Lawes'position in this controversy has  been one of candor and reason. The only  criticism he had to make of Salmon Arm  methods, was made over his own signature  and has not been answered. 4  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  The  ONE PRICE TO ALL  Our Cash Customers can buy as cheap as at a strictly cash store.  Our Credit Customers are not paying any more for their goods than a cash customer who buys from us or from any other store.  CURRENT PRICES  On a few articles.    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The work calls for a ditch three  feet deep, 14 inches wide, and is  to be dug at 5c per running foot,  the work to be finished by the  15th of May. The construction  of the wooden drains will be done  by day labor.  The new drains will run 850  feet along George street, from  the corner of Mill to Hubert,  thence westerly along Hubert 240  feet; along Russell from George  to Sicamous, 600. feet; along  Cliff from George to Sicamous,  600 feet; along Mill from George  to High street, 876 feet; a total  3,166 running feet.  This system of drainage will  drain all the principle streets of  the city, as well as the property  fronting thereon, and will be a  much needed improvement.  ON TO FINDLA Y RIVER  Adventurous spirits   all   over  Canada, if not the western con-  ^tln^tTlTO^a^M^^^  to get to Findlay River, the new  placer fields of British Columbia.  Tne Saturday Sunset gives reliable information, obtained from  those who have made the journey. Iiazelton, at the head of  navigation on the Skeena river,  is the logical starting point for a  land trip with pack horses. From  Hazelton proceed nine miles east  to the Babine trail and then a  hike of 335 miles brings the prospector to Findlay river. Here is  the route and distances:  Hazelton to Babine lake, 60  miles; Babine lake to Tetla, over  the Manson creek or Omineca,  both being the same trail, 50 to  60 miles canoe on Tetla to Buck  ley House, 25 miles; Tetla lake  up Driftwood river to Bear lake,  90 miles; foot of Bear lake to  Fort Con ley, at head, 15 miles;  from head of Bear Lake to Ses-  tool lake at the head of Skeena  river, 90 miles; then about 30  miles to Findlay river. Anyone  who has had experience in the  hills, with the aid of ( a government map will from the foregoing be easily able to trace the  lines of travel.  For the benefit of those who  may be contemplating the trip,  tne following list of supplies is  given by experienced men who  have made the trip, the list covering supplies necessary for one  man for a year. No one should  attempt the trip with less if he  expects to remain long enough to  accomplish any work. Following  is a list with weights: Flour,  350 lbs.; bacon, 150 lbs.; sugar,  100 lbs.; beans, 100 lbs,; evaporated vegetables, 50 lbs.; evaporated fruit, 75 lbs.; rice, 50 lbs.;  oatmeal, 50 lbs., condensed milk,  50 lbs.; clothing, tents, blankets,  etc., 100 lbs.; tools, 50 lbs.; tea,  coffee and miscellaneous, say 75  lbs; total per man, 1,200 lbs. Of  this weight it will be seen that  all but 150 lbs. is grub. The  average cost per pound for the  latter will be about 15c. A horse  will be required for at least each  300 lbs. of load.  Gavin Hamilton, a Hudson-  Bay man who has spent 25 years  in the Findlay river district,  strongly favors the Fraser river  water route. "I have spent 25  years and over in this self-same  district, and travelled pretty well  all over it from Hazelton to Babine, and to Bear's Lake." says  he. "I have also gone several  times by the water route via  Ash croft, and I maintain that  there is no route equal or fit to  be compared as,, via Quesnel, up  the. Fraser, across Giscome Portage, seven miles, where no doubt  a tramway will be constructed,  as it was during the Omineca excitement; thence down stream in  Crooked river to McLeod lake,  , thence down Puck river and Parsnip to the Findlay, up which  five days ought to land you at  Fort Grahame. Not a rapid from  Giscombe to Ingenica river."  Why not build  ?  a-  We carry a full line of all kinds of building material,  including Lime in Barrel, Cement and Wood and Hair  Fibre Patent Plasters.    We have a large stock of   SEASONED LUMBER ON HAND  Estimates cheerfully furnished.  DRY WOOD, sawed to 16-inch length, $2 delivered;  $1.50 without delivery.    Choice Timothy Play for sale by bale or ton.  A. R. Rogers Lumber Co* Ltd., Enderby  THE BEST CLAY IN THE VALLEY, well-burnt, makes the  Best Bricks in the Valley  A large stock of bricks now on hand. Reasonable prices in large or  small quantities. Build of brick, and you'll have all the comforts  of home���������������������������and a great many more. The cost is about the same as  frame-built, and the comforts a great deal more.  The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby  'f  .rW������������������V 6  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  xxz  XZXCZE  TZXZT  THE ENDERBY FRUIT & PRODUCE ASSOCIATION  xxz  xzxczc  xx:  Remarkable progress has been made by the Enderby Fruit & Produce Association in  the short time it has been in existence. Its officers have proceeded systematically to work  to put the organization on a safe, permanent footing. No labor has been spared to systematize the handling of the business, and no personal sacrifice of time and convenience  has been too great for President Lawes and Secretary Strickland to make in order to bring-  about the -amicable adjustment of the affairs of the Association. For the present, Mr.  Strickland is handling all the produce shipped by the Association, and will continue so to  do until the shipments become too heavy for the Secretary to handle. He is at the Farmers' Exchange building all day Wednesday and Saturday of each week, where he would be  pleased to meet all members on Association business. A ready market is found for all  produce offered.    Following are the by-laws of the Association:   ...  i.  The object of "The Enderby Fruit  & Produce Association. Ltd.," is  the marketing* of all kinds of produce  grown by the members of the Association.  II.  Points   of   shipment   for   the   produce  shall   be  decided  upon   by   the  Executive Committee.  IN.  At the annual  meeting, the  members shall elect a Board of Directors,  seven  in  number,  who at  their first  meeting shall  elect  a  President  and  Vice-President from their number,  (a)   The Directors shall also elect  at their first meeting an Executive ��������������������������� Committee,    of    not  more than three, of which the  President  shall   be  chairman.  This   Executive  Committee  to  have   the   general   charge   of  the affairs of  the Association  during   the   shipping   season;  the   purchase  of  all   supplies.  eTlT "yalTin^x'ecuItve "CoinliTiF"  tee   to   meet,   at   least   once   a  week during the shipping season.  (1>)   The   I'.oai'd   of   Directors  shall  meet once a month during the  shipping season, and  a  record  of attendance shall be kcpr. by  (he   Secretary-Treasurer   in   a  hook kept   for i hat "purpose,  (e)   The    Directors   shall   regulate  the  amount,  of  compensation,  if   any.   the   Executive   Committee shall receive,  fdj   Should    any   member   of   the  Executive -Committee   bo   uliable to attend to his duties for  one month, through illness or  other cause, his place .shall be  filled by  the  Hoard of  Directors.  IV.  The  Directors shall  be elected  an-  nually,  by  ballot,  and shall hold office for one year.  V.  Any Director may be removed  from office for cause when, two-  thirds of the members present at a  shareholders' meeting consider such  removal necessary. In the event of  such removal, the vacancy so made  shall.be filled' by the election of another Director, at .the same meeting,  by ballot, for the unexpired term of  office.  VI.  The Directors shall appoint a  Secretary-Treasurer and all other  persons necessary to carry on the  business of the Association.  (a) The duties of the Secretary-  Treasurer shall be the general management of the Association; -the soliciting of  orders; keeping the accounts;  and shall receive all sums due  or payable to the Association;  and   shall   deposit  all   monies  The Bicycle Season  Is here. How is your wheel? Need repairing? If so  you can find Bicycle Supplies here; also new Bicycles.  I represent the Canadian Cycle Co., and can give you  the best wheels on the market at the standard price.  Have you systematized your kitchen?  Ladies, if you like "to run your kitchen on a system, vou  will be greatly interested in the PERFECT PANTRY.  It is the ideal thing for cleanliness, tidyness and convenience. Thousands in use in the systematized homes  of Canada.    Call and see them.  A. FULTON, g?ffigl������������������; S^ Fitting. Enderby  SPECIALLY GOOD VALUE  160 acres/5 miles from Enderby; .10 .acres cleared, 1 acre  slashed ready to burn; 180 fruit trees, 70 bearing; good  dwelling house, stable for three horses and three cows,  hay loft, carriage shed, wood shed and root house; two  good streams oji property; price $4,200.  Particulars of other properties furnished on application  James Mowat M,^?  ENDERBY,    B. C,  &  /f*l  / ENDERBY, B. C., April 23, 1908  7  received   in    some    chartered  bank    approved    of    by    the  Board  of Directors;   give  due  notice of all  meetings of the  Association;  keep a record of  all  proceedings of  the same;  write all letters in  the name  of  the  Association;   and   prepare an annual statement giving a full report of the business   of   the   Association   for  presentation   to  the  members  at the annual meeting.  VII.  All  accounts  shall  be  payable  by  cheque;   the cheque to be signed by  the   President    and    the    Secretary-  Treasurer.  (a) In the absence or other incapacity of the President, the  Vice-President shall perform  his duties and exercise his  powers.  VII r.  That the books of the Association  be open to the inspection of the  Directors at all times, and upon one  specified day of the week to ordinary  members; such specified day to be  posted up in the place of business of  the Association.  IX.  The    Directors   shall   require   the  Secretary-Treasurer to give bonds to  an amount satisfactory to them.  (a) The Secretary-Treasurer shall  turn over to his successor all  books, papers, money and all  other property in his possession belonging to the Association.  (b) If the Secretary-Treasurer appointed is a member of the Association   he   shall    have   no   _v.o.te.._ on_._th e.....api).oi n tm en t _o l'_  k,  ���������������������������in  tef  the Executive Committee.  X.  Each member shall be given a  number or mark which he shall place  on every sack, box, crate or other  parcel or thing shipped by him. The  Directors shall decide -where such  mark shall be placed.  fa)   The      Executive      Committee  shall have power to buy produce-from  non-members only  if they are unable to obtain a  sufficient quantity from members  to  fill   an   order.     Same  produce bought not to exceed  one-fourth of the order.  XI.      .  All  produce shall be inspected before shipment, and if any produce is  not of good quality and in good 'Condition   for   shipment,   such   produce  shall be sorted at the expense of the  party to whom such produce belongs.  XI i.  The Expenses and Losses of the  Association shall be met by a. per  centage, .chargeable on the returns  for produce sold by the Association.  The amount of such per centage to  be decided by the Board of Directors.  XIII.  Payment for produce shall be  made to the shippers on the receipt  by the Association of returns from  the sale of their ..produce, unless  otherwise authorized by the full  Board of Directors.  XIV.  In case of there being more of a  certain class of produce on hand than  the orders for such produce for the  time being demand, each member  shall, as far as the proper filling of  orders and the convenience of shipping permit, ...ship .proportionate  amounts.  XV.  The standard of quality required  in produce, and the condition in  which it is to be delivered for shipment, including the kind, quality of  sacks., crates or boxes, shall be decided by the Board of" Directors.  XVI  The amount of the salaries to be  paid to the Secretary-Treasurer and  others appointed under rule VI. shall  be decided by the Board of Directors.  XVI [.  Four members of the Board of Directors shall form a quorum at all  meetings  of   the   Directors.  XV] 11.  Any member of the Association obstructing wthe work of the Association;   causing loss  or  inconvenience,  may be suspended by the Secretary-  Treasurer until such question shall  be dealt with by the Hoard of Directors.  XIX.  Any member agreeing ��������������������������� with the  representative of the Association or  the Board of Directors, on the price  he will take for any 'certain produce,  shall not dispose of said produce at  another price unless he first gives the  Association  the  refusal of the same.  XX.  All complaints from members must  be made in writing to the President  of the Hoard of Directors.  XXL  A competent Accountant shall be  appointed annually by the shareholders of the Association in general  Merchant  Tailoring  Having secured quarters in Hendrick-.  son's Barber Shop, I will be in Enderby  Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday of each week. I am a graduate of  the famous Chas. J. Stone Cutting  School of Chicago, and also a member  of the Custom Cutter's Association of  America, and if favored with your patronage will ask you to accept nothing  from me that is not quite satisfactory.  Cleaning and pressing promptly done.  J. ML PAUL, Merchant Tailor  John S. Johnstone  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Building,   Excavating,   Masonry Work  a specialty  ENDERBY ' B. C.  Bank of Montreal  Established 1817  Capital, $14,400,000 Rest, $11,000,000  Undivided Profits,  $699,969.88  Honorary Psesident,   lit. Hun. LORD STHATHCONA. MOUNT ROYAL, G. C. M. G. "  President, Hon.   SIR GEORGE DKUMMOND. K. C. M. G.  Vice-President and General Manager,   K. S. CLOUSTON. Esci.  Head Office, Montreal. London Office, 46-47 Threadneedle St. E.C.  A General Banking Business Transacted  th  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT K^ffi ISM  tirnnelies in OkanaK<'in District: Enderbv, Anns Ironic. Vernon, Kelownaand Summerland  G. A. Jl ANDERSON,  Esq.. Manager A. E.TAYLOR. Sub-Atft>nt Enderby  I have two NEW  Raymond Sewing Machines  For Sale���������������������������Cheap, easy terms  J. C. English Enderby 8  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  meeting, who shall audit the books  of the Association; the audit to be  completed and distributed one week  prior to the Annual Meeting.  The value of each share in "The  Enderby Fruit & Produce Association. Ltd., shall be $10.00, and each  member shall subscribe tor not less  than one share.  XXI IT.  A two-thirds majority vote of the  members of the Association present  shall over-rule any action or decision of the Directors, and any member may appeal from the decision of  The Board of Directors to the members of the Association. In such  cases ihe decision of the two-thirds  of the members present shall be final.  XXIV.  Xo changes in these rules shall be  made except by a two-thirds majority vote of the members of the Association then present at a meeting-  called.to consider such -changes.  XXV.  '   Xo   meeting   of   the   Shareholders  shall   be   called   unless   at   least   ten  days'  notice has been  given  to each  member of the Association.  XXVI.  A majority of the shareholders  upon whose shares all legal calls are  paid in full., shall constitute a  quorum at any Shareholders' Meeting and no vote shall be counted  which is not represented by one  share of stock upon which all such  calls have been paid. One member  one vote.  XXVIT.  Votes may be given either personally or by proxy, but no person  ��������������������������� shn.ll.-.he--a.i)i)ointecl���������������������������a���������������������������proxy.-Avho.... is..  not a member of" the Association.  xxvn r.  The Directors shall have power to  levy and collect calls on the Capital  Stock, the same to become delinquent  in 3 0 days from day of notice. The  Directors may sell such delinquent  stock at public auction to the highest-  bidder for cash, providing said buyer  is a bona-fide farmer; first giving 3.0  davs' notice of such sale:  said notice  to be posted in the office of the Association.  (a)   Stock   shall    be    transferable  subject to the approval of the  Board of Directors.  XXIX.  Xo dividends shall be paid on the  stock of this Association, but all surplus money arising from the year's  business shall be divided amongst  the shipping members prorata, after  the annual meeting shall have approved of such division. It shall,  however, be in the power of the two-  thirds majority of members present  at the Annual Meeting to devote all  or part of such surplus to the purchase of property, ereciion of buildings, or the buying of necessary  plant for the better carrying on . of  the said business of the Association,  or the formation of a reserve fund.  XXX.  The  President  or  Chairman  shall  vote upon all questions, but he shall  have no casting or dual vote, and if  the members are equally divided the  question shall be decided in the negative. " XXXI.     -  ,  The Directors may; with the sanction   of   a  special   resolution   of   the  Association  previously given  in.: general   meeting;    iucrease   the   capital  stock by the issue of new shares of  equal  value  to shares authorized  by  the Memorandum of Association.  XXXII.  The  Annual   Meeting  of  this  As  sociation shall be held on the last  Saturday in January of each year, at  such a time and place-'as the-Board of  Directors may determine, of which at  least ten days' notice shall be given  each member.  XXXIII.  Each shareholder-shall be entitled  to receive a copy of these by-laws on  application to the Secretary-Treasurer or to the President of the Association.  XXXIV,  This Association shall work in conjunction with The Fruit and Produce  Exchange of British Columbia.  XXXV.  The Rules contained in "Robert's  Rules of Order'' shall govern the  meetings of the Association in all  cases where they are applicable or in  which they are not inconsistent with  the by-laws of the Association.  Fred. H. Barnes  BUILDER &  CONTRACTOR  Plans and estimates  furr  lished  Dealer in Sashes,   Doors,  Turnings and all factory work.  I represent the  S. C. Smith Co,  of Vernon.       Enderby.  You can't forget  The old home place���������������������������the place where the pioneers of the Valley put  up when Enderby was a'bornin'. You can't forget the hoteljiorne_  TDrWMMlrTtliFeaTl^  Hotel then; it is the Enderby Hotel now. And you won't forget the  cordial treatment that will be accorded you todav as it was the  pioneer then. The ENDERBY HOTEL, ^������������������^lGm- Propriet(,r  Cor. GEORGE and CLIFF STS.  The best square meal in the  city for one round  quarter.  orders served at all hours.  FURNISHED ROOMS BY DAY. WEEK OR MONTH  Short  The  Day  we   celebrate  E  Inderby will don her good clothes to greet you on that day.    There will  be sports���������������������������water an  -et and dry; music galore; base ball, lacrosse and football; footracing, boat racing, jumping.  Don't be mean to yourself by depriving yourself of the pleasure of being with us that day  and land  etc.  '.I   ''  K  >*8$i >'  m  4   ( ENDERBY, B. C, April 23, 1908  9  1  should keep on for at least eight  measures after the others have  quit, just to show that they were  playing their parts all right.  Blow loud.  The minute the band stops,  enter into animated conversation  with your neighbor as to his  whereabouts and physical condition on the previous evening, or  some other edifying topic. Slap  him on the back and give him  the horse laugh. If the leader  insists on talking, pay no attention to him. He isn't talking to  you anyhow, but to some of those  new fellers who can't play their  parts.   Talk loud.  Above^ all, don't  forget that  yours is an amateur affair, and if  the leader doesn't like the way  you do, and gives you any back  talk, you can always quit and sew  up the band without it costing  you any money.  When your Sole  takes water  Take it to the Shoemaker.    He will doctor it up  and make it like new  Wm. E. Scott,Clif f St. Enderby  Tree  Spraying  Why let your trees sufter when you can  have them scientifically sprayed at very  little cost. No matter how large or  small your order, it will be promptly attended to.    ALEX MILLER, Enderby.  PETER BURNET,  Dominion & Provincial  Land Surveyor  Metcalf Block,       Enderby, B. C.  F.  V.  MOFFET  ELECTRICIAN  Estimates given on Electrical  Fixtures, Supplies, Wiring, Etc.  ENDERBY,  B.  C.  Is YOUR name entered on our  subscription list?   50c for 3 mos.  The best  that's going  is  Row to Make Your Band Succeed  Holton's Harmony Hints gives  the following suggestions, which  will be interesting to bandsmen  everywhere:  "Make it a point to miss at  least every third rehearsal. If  you do not do this the leader and  other members will get the idea  that you are not independent, or  that you need the practice.  "Always be at least fifteen  minutes later than the specified  time set for rehearsal. You know  that legally it is always 8 until it  is 9. Besides, if you came on  time they might not notice you.  You might vary the above rule  by coming down a half hour early  occasionally and filling-" in the  time by frantically blowing on  your instrument until they take  it away from you. About ten  good men jamming as hard as  possible in ten different keys, or.  better still in no key at all, advertises a band to the passers-by  as nothing else will.  When the leader raps for order  pay no attention to him until he  commences to heller and gets red  in the face. Then demand the  whereabouts of your music stand  and ask who has your red march  book.  The leader will probably start  with   a  march  that  you have  ^a^T5e1fOTe77^  to play, rouse up and say, "What- Okanagan. A home here ensures one of a good living,  chagonta play?" This will es- with climatic conditions the best to be found anywhere,  tablish your reputation as a humorist and will make them pay  particular attention to you next  time. If they should start without you, "fake" the piece, especially if on alto.    Plow loud.  Perhaps the leader may rap on  the stand, signifying that he  wishes to stop and try it over.  On no account humor him, or if  you must, do it gradually. The  effect of a band stopping suddenly is very annoying to listeners,  and is liable to throw some of the  cornet players over the dashboard. The alto section should  be the last  to  stop,   and they  sBest  and the way to prove it is to use it. This is the flour  of quality for homes of quality. It's the flour that  crowds out the   other   kind.    Of course you  use it  IN     YOUR     HOME  It's an Okanagan flour made at Enderby by the  Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Enderby  The Food We Eat  And the way we eat it, is responsible for our condition of  health. A good meal, well cooked, and properly served  is the best medicine a well-man can take. You'll always  find it at the���������������������������  King Edward Hotel, K^urphy Enderby 10  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  HARVEY  N  ur Spring Clothing- Has Just Arrive  200 pairs of FLANNEL PANTS to choose from.  Just take a look at our display in the windows of Ladies', Children's and Gent's  WHITE  The Largest. Stock, and Cheapest in the Valley.  SHOES  Our LADIES' DEPARTMENT will be closed this week, but a splendid assortment of  Lawn Blouses  will be shown down stairs.  Our Grocery Department we need not say much about,   as the goods recommend themselves  as in the past. Mail orders promptly attended to.  HARVEY & DOBSON, General Merchants, Enderby  A Social Hint.  We have had all kinds of socials  in Enderby���������������������������everything but a  "white elephant" party. It  should come next. In a Pennsylvania town, where everything  is up to ., date and the ladies are  always planning some new  scheme, a strange thing happened.    A'"White Elephant" party  IvasHwrno^^  was requested to bring something  that she could not find any use  for, and yet too good to throw  away. The party would have  been a great success but for- aiL  unlooked for development, which  broke it up. Eleven of the nineteen women brought their husbands.  Bargains in Nursery Slock  To clear up block of land. Fine  2-year-old stuff. 500 Belle de  Baskoop, 300 Salome, 400 Gano,  300 Peasgood's Nonsuch, ; 200  Mann, 400 Stark, 300 Yellow  Bellflower, 300 Princess Louise,  1000 Ontario, 1000 Northern Spy,  400   York   Imperial,   400   R.   I.  Greening, 200 Wolfe River, 300  St. Lawrence, 100 Hyslop Crab,  100 Gen. Grant Crab. $12 per  100, $100 per 1000, f. o. b. cars  here. , First money takes them.  M. J. Henry, .Henry's Nurseries,  Vancouver, B. C.  IN~THE   CHURCHES  pilURCH OF ENGLAND. St. George's Church,  ^' Services every Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.  m.    Holy Communion 2nd and 5th Siihdays at 8 a.  CITY OF ENDERBY  Court of Revision  m. on other .Sundays at 11 a. m. Saints Day services as announced in church. Rev. F. 'Vernon  Venables, Vicar.  "JV/TETHODIST CHURCH���������������������������Young- People's meet-  *���������������������������"���������������������������*- ing, Sunday. 7 p. m.: Preaching- service,  Sunday, 7:80 p. m.: Junior Epworth League,  Tuesday, 3:45 p. m.; Prayer Meeting-, Tuesday,  -7:30 p. m.; Class Meettng, 8:15 p. m. (immediately  after the prayer meeting-): Sunday School. 2:30 p.  m. A.N. MILLER,  Pastor.  A C. JONES  Contractor and Builder  Estimates furnished on all  work, and contracts personally attended to.  ITousosbuilt and For Sale on easy payments.  E N D E R B Y,   B. C.  NOTICE is hereby given that the first sitting  of the Annual Court of Revision of the  Municipality of the City of Enderby, for  the year 1.90S, will be held in the City Office, on  Saturday, the 2nd day of May next, at 7:30 p. m..  for the purpose of hearing- complaints against the  assessment as made by the Assessor, and for revising- and correcting- the assessment roll.  Any person complaining of an error or omission,  or as having been under-charged or over-charged  in the assessment roll, may come before the Court  (1) personally, (2) by means of a written communication, (3) by ar. attorney, or (4) by any  ^IfeTTfCTSoTrTra^  . pear, in his behalf, and the Court may corrector  confirm the assessment: but no complaint can be  heard unless notice rhall have been given in  writing to the Assessor- of the ground of such  complaint, at least ten days before the date of the  first sitting-of the Court.  GRAHAM   ROSOMAN,  Clerk of the Municipal Council.  Enderby. B.C., A pri! 9th, 190S. 4-9-4-  The Juicy Steaks  are not al  gone  You can j_ what  you want in meats:  always fresh and the  choicest cuts.    .,  W. E. BANTON  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public, Conveyancer,  etc.  Offices, Bell Block, Enderby,B.C.  G. R. Sharpe,  Enderby, B. C.  The offspring' of them that are  very old, or very young, lasteth  not.  k CI ENDERBY, B. C, April 23, 1908  11  You don't know the  pleasures of  Business  if you do not carry a Fountain Pen.    But it must be a  Good  Fountain    Pen  ���������������������������there is a difference  We have in stock a full line  of the best made���������������������������self-fillers  and the older makes���������������������������Wat-  terman's and Moore's. Ask  to see them.  Enderby Drug &  Stationery Co.  Pacific Coast  Grown SEEDS  TREES, PLANTS  Reliable varieties at reasonable prices. No Borers  No Scale.    No fumigation  to damage stock.     No  windy agents to annoy you.      Buy direct and get  trees and seeds that grow.  Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,  Spray Pumps, Spraying material, Cut Flowers, etc.   Catalogue free.  M. J. HENRY  3010 Westminster Rd.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Wants and Don't Wants  [Under this head small ads will be inserted at  the rate of 1 cent a word, each insertion; 25 cents  the minimum charge.    Let your wants be known.]  FOR SALE���������������������������Strawberry Plants (Lagoons) 75c  per 100.   Add ress, Ed ward Hay nes, Enderby.  FOR SALE---Eggsfbr Hatchihgrfrbm l3uive-bfe<r  S. C. Brown Leghorn and   B.  P. Rocks.   Good  laying strains; $1.00 per setting.   S. Teece. '1-9-5  FOR SALE���������������������������Four Light Horses, 14 to 15 hands;  broken to harness and saddle. Apply, R. Wad-  dell, Hazelmere Ranch. '1-2-4  SEED POTATOES��������������������������� (The Famous Vicktor), also  a few tons Early Rose. Apply, R. YVaddell,  Hazelmere Ranch. 4-2-4  PASTURE at Hazelmere Ranch, on meadowland  of 300 acres, well watered. Apply early to R.  Waddell. 4-2-4  PROFESSIONAL  D  R. H. W. KEITH,  Office hours:   Forenoon, 11 to 12  Afternoon, 4 to 5  Evening, 7 to 8  Sunday, 12 to 1  ,A.R. Rogers Lumber Co.  Enderby is the home of one of  largest and most complete lumber mills in the Province. The  A. R. Rogers Company's mill has  a capacity of 90,000 feet every 10  hours; and manufactures all kinds  of lumber, mouldings, box-shooks  and lath. The mill is lighted  by electricity, and when the  cutting season is in full swing-  can operate a night shift .with as  good results as with a day shift.  The company has a most complete electric lighting plant, furnishing not only its own light and  ; lumber tramway power, but also  supplying the city of Enderby  with a splendid system of electric lighting.  When the mill is working full  handed it employs in its camps  and mill about 400 men. This  makes a nice payroll for a town  the size of Enderby.  The Company has large timber  holdings, some 50,000 acres, located on the Spallumcheen and  its tributaries, down which the  logs are floated to the mill.  M. J. Henry is shipping trees  from his Vancouver nursery to  United States points, also to the  Brown Bros', nursery, Toronto,  and the Ontario government has  placed a large order to be shipped to the experimental farm at  iJofdan, hear StTCathafihes.  I am going out of  business  every night at 6:30 sharp,  with the exception of  Saturday, when the store  will be open until 10:30 p.  m. These hours are until  Dec. 1st, 1908.  Just arrived  a fine line of McCormick's  Biscuits  Walter Robinson  CASH   GROCER  PRIZE APPLE  ORCHARD  FOR SALE  I find that the work of taking care of my apple  orchard is more than I can properly handle, and  I want to sell my property, either in a block or  small parcels. It adjoins the town of Enderby  and is an ideal home. My producing orchard is  15 years old. It pays me $1,000 a year. It is the  prize orchaitl of the District. J have 13.1 acres: a  house of six rooms, stone cellar, and out-buildin^s.  Twenty acres under cultivation. Excellent bench  land easily cleared: plenty^ of jarocxl timber._.My_.  =lti',i"cc='iB"$77000r==T rirtfoT TnTal I"pa re el s on "a i) f> 1 i ca -  tion. WM. ELSON. Endcrbv.  A fine line of warm-weather Prints just  opened for your inspection  We would also call youivatention_to  anH ^ New lines for you to look at.  Wheeler & Evans Enderby, B. C.  Office:   BELL BLOCK  ENDERBY  Working Harness, Saddles, Repairing  Anything you need, in stock  J. W. Evans,gMADRiSA/ER Enderby  Feed your horse  When you drive to town, put up your horses at the Livery  and Feed Stables on Cliff Street. Good care given. And  when you want to hire a cutter or rig, here's the place.  EVANS & MACK ENDERBY  when you  Feed Yourself 9*  WALKER'S WEEKLY,  TZXZZ  POUND BY-LAW AGAIN  When the questions of local  interest were placed before the  citizen's meeting held at the call  of Mayor Bell recently, they were  freely discussed, and the voice  of the meeting was accepted as  the voice of the city as a whole.  The City Council felt safe in  acting on the wishes of the meeting as expressed through the  various speakers.  One of the questions brought  before the meeting by the Mayor  was that of the pound by-law.  Many citizens expressed themselves strongly on the question  and not one of the speakers favored the continuance of the  lax enforcement of the law, the  feeling of the meeting being that  the time had arrived when the  law should be made effective.  It now transpires that the  Council is not sure that the citizens desire the pound by-law enforced; therefore it does not feel  safe in doing anything in the  matter, and unless a plebiscite is  taken to discover if the meeting  was in earnest or not, it is doubtful if the law will be made operative.  Under these conditions the city  4s-no-bet-ter-off���������������������������than���������������������������if4t>ha&=nc-  pound by-law. To make a law  operative after the damage is  done, is like locking the barn  door after the horse is stolen.  Pound by-laws should be preventive rather than reparative,  but the present by-law is neither.  It is like asking each citizen to  do police duty for the city, so far  as the protection of his property  is concerned, the city shifting  from its shoulders onto the shoulders of the individual the responsibility of enforcing its laws.  ASK   FOR   HENRY'S  Pacific Coast Grown Seeds. If your  local merchant does not handle them  send direct. We deliver free at your  nearest postoffice in pkt, oz. and l-41b.  rate.  Garden Hose-big  Shipment-now in  Also Garden Rakes,  Hoes, and  Pruning Knives���������������������������get busy  R. P.  BRADLEY, Hardware Merchant Enderby  REGINA i  VATCH0I  KEEP G������������������D TIME  They are made by the most  skilled mechanics in the world���������������������������  to insure accuracy���������������������������and from the  finest materials obtainable���������������������������for  the sake of durability. In fact,  they are made a little better than  sd      seems necessary.  All sixes and patterns to scect from at  Watch   Repairing    a  Specialty.  ENDERBVTBrC.  >* u sixes ana patterns to sc  Byman's, Jewelg������������������  tf%  l  imwwirwirir^  Maketfre Farm Pay  A Fairbanks-Morse  Jack-of-AII-Trades  GASOLINE tNGINE  will pump water, saw wood, shell corn,  run cream separator, in fact furnish  power for any purpose.  Every Farmer Should Have One.  Cut out this advertisement and send  it to  THE CANADIAN FAIRBANKS GO.. LIMITED.  Please send me   (without  cost to me)  your catalogue with  frill   information regarding your Gasoline Engine for farm use.  I  NAME  TOWN  Addmss-  ,         PROVINCE      THE CANADIAN FAIRBANKS CO.. Limited  101 Water St., Vancouver,  R. C.  f1!  ;i  ill  r  &..&>  111;


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