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Daily Building Record 1913-05-23

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Bgt7?j??^f ["'T^ B!>^^wff��^^'r?iw'vr' y'Ai-.-.-fy i7:"A7ilil
"���'���* """        "'"    v'it'ia^'-pyryys^a?
.���17 97A'; 77:'--   'i-.-y-'y^nK
yoii believe in
jd toother cannot be: excelled jf6t artistic and ^ac^ical effegi^ ^y j:.
Their construction is most simple and is to be used in place pf lettli
id ��� nlaster ������ ''' ���'
s iE^aM^Jravel Eoofling;
'.ivy. '��� yWaterKProofing"' Ay-l
-;��Roof Repairing   :i,;:__;J
Alt Work Onsranteed
Phone Seymour,74l7.
it-, j ^B14.iMetropftUtan.i'^ldftvii>
���?^s^ftr-";.^^^ ;.-.���. r ,-....^5W
y Sfcobf s| STONETE^
��7 W
,:.��������� iu:2��6ai.;,afc^o��.'iM^:^^te'i����oiiaa_'e.' ��� ������       ���--������.���;,>^gng^iB3^nr.:iiyxxjimdmul^xuxat*
���h-M-i I ��.(.*��.-* ���'���'.M'rf'*'"'
-2   sto.   fr.   res......:..
-1 sto. fr. res....	
���P. pout.
Street Address.
;2036���-Harris.  st.;
2442���is'th   ave.   E..
_Lot and Block.
,    ������ ���., ���
.7.1.:....  Contr.
Sec.  34  ...........
.....::...:...:... Owner
A'AlAy -lAAMbi
Owner. '-"���
- '������������  Address.
P.' Duftey:.....
 :.;.... 1642' Charles st.
XV; P. ,Boddy..
......:~ .".
....1877 Powell'; St..
Owner i....7:..
John Lowe......
-. '.::....:..:.
..1925 Gardeii'Dr;
Sf'7'.'i. ..V >7
........���.................'...'.........V....:.. ......
PP.;. ........
 : ............���..........:....
............rir.���. _...;Uir.*.;:i7
,"--v,���".-��� ���",���.������."
���:.   's, -. y. ...     . : ,:���
.............���_........���^ .���
V ���.���:/���'-������'7  - ;':.'...������   yy.
V'' I' -ifr'vir W^   7 7:'"
y'.P.P-; ���-,'���'"-���, yyyy 77 71--.,^: :.r ly.-p- ������-���:-:���'. IPs:-:
. .��� ,-,,   ���������;.   ���     ���������:���:���_ r  .:...: .;.-   -..
,-_    .,'V!,.\V '.���"'  '���''.,.'ii-y
yi. nyp:.-.:..P.. 7p.i.....i.y..s.,y-.,..
' e.V;. ���
'}i;"'.:>iV.':'*i..i -it.-1^ VyivV-V^rii-! ��� v .r/,*,'*;,
��� '
��������� - 'yy
108 ALB^NDMt flAblEET
,' ,W^-,'
.Vanconver, .-b.'aO. .....
;��� A>li^^iiSilJir^h!^i%^
Phone Seymour 1733.
>y   Builders' and Contractors' Snpplles.
yy^C)(>w��^e^iri_^i:attfc^^;^       .
'/'���: '���������. y wniiitmbi^M
Lry^^BiaUd^r^T^n^^wers. 7,7
'��� Bee "mif^6Wiii��^6W^OiO^^ :
^ ��>.'i r:;;y J^:^lpr;;r#/y7y.rr!yv7. '^^-6-S^^3^^%^^:rrS
r^rfion DoPifin Inmhor Pft  iimi
'���''��� ���yriri79ytiy.yi7yii7Z7i^ii/ri7' .'i7iyyy:77A ���VV'.^;:��V^��|<P'.fB.Vr:'<%l:'J{,'.-l;'<!��H'...-������',.t''���'.
The^^ Attention 'otyArohltecta,' Contractors   and   Builders "Is galled
v.:: - \:.r��iy:>ii��MZfrnit;2l&iitt'��Ai:;. ���ii.f^^^ridt\>^^^^J^^^iiS
7Silk '��br-fc^:K.^y^-^5 ; -*^^?#HrT?^f' S^V^'-'^t^'^-^ra^rfr^^r-4*i^i;^ '
IrahffirtteKHH��^1B1B -jTHIrd^Avenue W^it, Falrylaw. Vancouver, 6. C
rr'..,r   ,r  '" : rrr.r.r-r:;; r-*''?^.;.^..,.;^.^^.^...^^^ rr';,,- ���  ���        ���
,7 ::' ',{���'. Z'y 77777Zii'AiyiBiB^v^Mii^zyyyyyy:
*��*-:rTrr\��r. p
li'lyi       ���' '��� SOON'7 POB^'SCHOOD/yBtDq-.
Plipi ���'
; S?hooi.^-.Arc'ht.':J. H:. Eorvvman;> .Crown
JBld^y Aylirlri'vlte tenders; in :;ab6.ut.;t'wo
nveeks rfor. the_'erectiori. of;;,_aii -8-rbom'
'reinf,7cohcyschool; bldg. r'atl'Burhabyyfor:
ithf '���.'".} u t na^yr Sch6pi'7Board^7 yi, 17917177.
j,;y.Thve. bldg.7-will .cost*inythet'.nelgh'DOr'-;
jho6,u7;of:;:$65-fl00y;ofywhich'' f .O.OOOyhas
ibCei^yapprdprlated r by^ the; government.
jThe^^ structurewiljl^^^berflreproof>,and:thdrT.
rBihd i&il; large' >assembl^' r'hal^yiy; ly Z'ZZAp
' 'A "AbZA'yy .^^^i.^^i^s^^*^
ryyv^_tv��-' yyy r ��� ^ - ������ ���177797777717:7'^
$te ph'en.;, ^y^lttakery'V0^^*5 Wt$ Zfl^^
|'; fr? res;'which.V'.Hv^tfrMtO'wlii 'erefii
lin'.rpoint .Grey, ,tb^ cost :?8,566;7ho^ water,
jheaty 7 -A 7'1 i4l,i7.7l AlAliAAiiAyi'l
\lZ7ii7/"7Z;yy., ,r.';:,rr;;i: yAhZ'y 1 y-,y:.t:
WILK.8TABT W.OBB.SOON, r/7"y-yfy.;...
i        :. -  :
_ ,rift^O-Jk'V>nC(.r7^vTv-:v-.
iMaaufac.orers of *U
*;;Jtai��^at^��afl;4ii��iaB'and Imftw''aad7'moBl��<
,a*��,^i��a'yB��M^A*prk;'wa|W'7 ���    -^y-':
I ':r';--,"��V;y;f ���' '7��irtii^^-toir*ashl^';<itom-pta��s:M^
|��&*u|*^.���'^ "  '"'
\rj'i:A-:. ���    ,  .*-.;^>;Mrttf ��*S'?!"r-?Mr   '
1090 MtalBland^fetwV-tig ���rtme>ea:>:   r -
-PP.'7'l.. ���7 7 -:A*'. Pr. ' y'r.n      ��� n'Atiy 7ri A,r.7l    A V
iteH' -River| iPpwe'r"Company. expect ;.to
vstart' w.ork:; atVan early'r-date .on the 'first
.jyjnjt'''.bt" Its.Vpiant on Vancouver. Island.'
iUltlmatelii'. -.itl. :4s thoughtr that? |00,000.
'horsepower .''.will be available/''"tlt'e - esti*r
[mated , expenditure "for the-' completed'
Jplant as ^projected entalling;'an:-inyest--
mei}t of-nearty. fifteen .million ddllars,:.all.
i'of' which' ���, is-.expected,,to'' be .utiiized', by
[different 'industries on'^ancbuver, island,;
i: ,'���'.;?���:���? '���;.''.;��! j!J ' .-..l.y ;i>:l.i:'i\\l-r- '..".' ".' ;'.��� ���': 'i V ."''���
WILL INVITE TOWD^JBS:':':^ ���'-��� r77 ;.-,
y.: impyy. ;^pdi*jxap��': buppltiis.
,. idj-htlnar,, ^ioi^lii^'Tlie:. council will
caiii!^tenders.'v^or/- the.:neoessary' lamps
and apparatus i.tor.-tiie ::Ross; BayyMarine
Drive at an estimated cost;pt'?l:20^'; for-
'the standards, and installation thereof ori'
jthe.-sanie roadway, : and for eable and,
rpoles for- use on other portions, of ��� .the
city's llghtlngrsystem;   ������-/7'::'.'r-'.'."'���"''".".-������.
' y^/r, ;..y., i'/.^H.'v..... yip      Zyi-Z
rrOnly Permits'less7than
810^;;'Wlli::be>*ound' uni��er 'rifl^heailiyr^
v75W2���H.SLandeiy:frame:raddn.rto :res^;
il60O3���-W\ ';B:'; Jamieson.rrl^siq^Vfr.^ajt^f
l)iei";^743 ;)ll tli. ave; 'as:,;, ownerryjiiio ;f :> 7Z
Stb.rf r.Hforge, ;25597 Pender;:7str' E^ irowh^
.i:.,��� -.pyrJ- '; .-���.'.>.-',; ���' . .��� ��� ..' ���.'-���r,r  ::���:���..���\':-ij,-'pyis,r-r-P,C,
y\ 50^6-^yerfnbnt;;-Marble ICpi'. jjL:Vsto^riiS
iy ''50r6s-^B;y 'rBi^kwoo^y^i^iieKJ^alter;
P7~A.^iy.pprA.-y-:. Pre ���y'-iriArp^P.^isP-ir.r.syyi-tr s.-.r?.
Can Make Immediate Deilvsn^
��� ���       ..77     yA7y,7.  :s,r..^sP,-.S.y..^.,..>-.:,...U-S.  7.A..^,,   ���,,,.:���.<, ;.K ,
Polr.:ai73.7ri_6-8.Lorneat. hear Main
&lmp.eo. Lt��L
Z MO. ,OPPXO^''Sir^?aPl':B��.f:
^.--   ���-.. ���,.,--/.'.^<!<>'���TV'.>^��~Kr-��Oj;i.vV.-r-i?:M"'r;o],li.-;<':
^. Tiiowe'iiUtal'x��V��^?l*^yj|S8s"'"
:' r.7i.'-y:y*|#^J|iagJB^��^^
iM. P��,yE'-^^tt��p_��_atttl*air,	
sej-iJesip;^ i.M77 #i�� ;JMJi^��T:|*iflwy. *
���'V';A7^/;'j'r^>ff,V~'.;':;:^y;0'-:3:^.fe^^.?'fT<^t/^ '  '
103-106 Winch Building . 420 Hibben-Bone Building,
Sey.; 9197-9198-6575 . Victoria, Tel. 5037.
,'EMljmE',JPLASTER." ^
IPACi^io iMe;' 7  - .. yy7 y    .,  '.   ,.;.:-r;r7;.: - " 7'i
BTOiaviA^:s:wi^ yiz. : ��� -\...':���,;������ .''������"
FROST'S MANli^i^C&c.^        f '
! ..Market": Bldg.���City. Clerk' -^m.' Mc-
JQueen will .receive tenders until. 3. p.m.
IMaV 28, for.'constructing a wooden awn7
y'lnffi-orr sales lshed:_on_the_clty7 market
Wharf   in- front   of   the   market   bldgs.
i     i      nnd -specif,   from   the   bldg.   inspector's .office..      .   : .
Must Instal Meters. .
Contractors must instal meters in all
Point Grey bl'dg. jobs as soon as the
work i-i started, according to a decision
of the .council, the following rates be-
,.., ,.i.~;.Wd'. For buildings'costing up
tc $1500, ?2.50; up to ?2500, jr.; up to
lin: Hiid'nn to JTfiOO. $10. From
7500 the rate will bo J2.50 for each
���w..icii.iiul...J2I>00. x-
 il-lr fHr:-ir^!.y:Sfyfl^4^Vl;7^'-1:y<.     ,...,���...
:->;. 5004���iooo Ibrlt^ I5,(^yds?'_ia%ribhl aicnit:
y 77: '.7: ��� 7 r&rrtfityx'k 'y'Zyj^-iyy^f '^^ryv'r.
7 yliyZAbfAivi^oi^
��� Z HptrtV'Vlp^iiiiL^Archfc'^Je^^^
reh ?ijas ��� pi-ei��red; plansyfor!'^^
Classy 'A'y^otelvbldgVi'torbeMlrectedr on
Brpady ���sti',^or \- Adams   Bros:;' ;,tb '!cpst
abputy. 5o,o/ioyr;,.yyr:7yy 1771.779 bZpAiZAi
yyThe ;��� construction���-; wiirybe'7ot ;>relnit.;
, cohcretev i;and- r-flreproof,, y TheW; ground
'the:r>basem'elnt'vwiil'bevused ;:iror'-a*grill:
TJpp.ecv-floors-,<will j.he! Tooms.rv all/Vwttl*
'pVlvateiV/batH;!' 'terephone's,yf,etc.; "1;.;.. hlkh
' feinee��; (SikrvB^^^^yryy a 7;;li\^yy '"
Hotal, Vlotorla.^-Archt. Jess^M. sjvajfc
rrep is also preparing plans -for a^jsta
;CIass "A"', hotel:bldg.'to .be./.ere:'cte'di:for*
7the'; VictoritLrPhbenixy Brewi'ng'.'rCo.';'^'-roh"
the Xsite \"of jthe-'jliighth-bus'e'1. salbpn.vya.f
Store' &V'COrj^ "to cost .��� %$$,000;
^prk^'to /start:, foofiii>:...ifg.S pyiZA'A
.';'., Hesl4t"-'W y^,"**'^^^?^ ���'���.?'.?.'1S -' ^r
Arbht. S.: Maclii
wood ari^ cement.residence for. F'.-'Na-
tlohy on j Rbckiihd av^' tp rcost |3l.06pf
Pl,an3 have 'been 'appirbyedy ' Specif.;icail
for modern'equipment.: Ai'7.-,;     '    r
Canadian Buiiders Supply Co, B-td.
7 iM^7ipiiAii^bZMMi^!r1ai- t(^i''ii77''inm7TA7AA:77A
'OfSee  ���'.���"  .     '���'������'':'''������-''��� iiyyip'-77''ly-A: ������'.!.��������� 'Hi^iiS':������ Ai-i -p y-:7.;iiA'-&#iri6ii#il
SUBBBT- ^"AJJttra'.iTBWDEAsVy yirv: 7f
r Hoods,' Cloverdale..���The municipality
'of-Surrey: Is- receiving tenders :until: .2
p.m., Mayi 31, tor the following work: :
. 1.. Regradlng portion'of Coast Merld-,
ian. road;  north of Campbell .river. ���
��� 2. Graveling portion of Latimer road,
north-'Of-^Yale=rpad^=^=^ -������ -^~=r^=-=ys
3. Clearing, grubbing, grading and
re-grading;portions of Newton road,    ...
4. Grading and contingent work oh
School road'at South Westminster.
fi.' Regradlng portion of Scott road,
south of B, C. Electric Railway at Scott
Plans and specifications can bo obtained at the office of the municipal
engineer, Cloverdale,  B. C.
....���,.;. .'.U...
';��� i:i:zby7:i Ap :-AonNA^
'������ '��� '���'.Ahiciii^ud 136,:���;7:'"'Ay.'������;I -AA'Ay-A'AyA:7i&Pi'yen^rjles:0p.
].     p':p.  Ay, ��� 'Offlee and'Bunkers, Ppot ot Bayntur Ave.'7'
|tpho,ii!��,-Hi8rhianar.l7a-i:,'.  .-.;.   ,',:',';.,- ::(Ne��t7 to. Suffar''Bei
Hotel,-' Port Alberni.���Construction lias
started on the new hotel, a 4-sto��� 60x71
structure, designed along Colonial lines.
A feature will  be a roof garden.
���    v    Burnaby Sohool Tenders.
School, Burnahy.^���Tenders . for ' the
'erection of a .fr.^ddn. to, the Alta Vista
jscliobl bldg. wllVfiie-'closod at.noon, May
'26." Plans"froifr/^irefet. J. H. Bowman,
Crown bldg., Vancouver.
���Want Oas Engineer.:
The North Vancouver council has de-
rl'i?1. tn "nnll   for : applications   for   the
position'of gas engineer, previous to tak-
,-ei- .steps towards establishing a
municipal gas plant.
Boads, Pt.-Orey.���Pt. Grey council litis
.autlioi-iiicil the following local Improvements: .Clearing Twenty-third avenue,
Mackenzie' street to Carnavon street,
Nineteenth avenue, one-half block oast
and west of Curnayon street; Highbury
street from Thirtieth avenue to Thirty-
fifth avenue; and a lane running north
and'south in Lot 12, Block.17, D, L; 536.
Sldewalksv-will be laid on" Tweiity-flftli
avenue, Trafalgar to .Arbutus streets;
east side of Colllngwod, 'Sixteenth to
Eighteenth;       and      north' '���' 'side     of
/Eighteenth,    Collingwood.   to ; Blenheim
Street.*^    ' >:;;'���
LumWer  Mill  Notes.        .
The Fraser Mills shingle mill will
open this week.   , :
Fire has completely, destroyed T.. K.
Smith's sawmill at Vernon, B. C, loss
Jl0,000; little Insurance; will rebuild.
As previously announced in the Record, the Vancouver Timber & Trading
Co.,. expect shortly to establish a large
mill'at Port Moody, to xost about $300.-
000. The mill will be electrically
<, Senders Are Delayed.
New Westminster.���Tenders for the
supplies and equipment of the. new
Royal Columbian hospital were not
opened, as expected, at the meeting
Wednesday afternoon of the board of
management of the hospital, but a special meeting for this purpose has been
called for next Tuesday afternoon.
New. Westminster Bylaws.
Tho eight bylaws passed by the ratepayers on Tuesday provided funds for
streets, waterworks, electric lights, new
public schools, sewers; ��� flrohrills, city
stables and addns. and alterations to
Exhibition bldgs., of which detailed reference has appeared In the 'Building
Record   recently.
,'Hn.if 7
,. *. ����Stfc..^i<i-.
��� . ;-���. ��� Any, 7^777 y-.yiA'- A'-yyuy;- 7y'.-: y-
yFqr Logging; and Hoisting fA.';.
.'���''":''   --siAil'llZiyipZAryii'   i-  '���'p::7'i"Zi.-ii.P'i7      'p.
���\���.,.; .W&carrycstoekiin y^couxeriie^^,^?,
:i^R_d^,STidH^^w^      yy'iry
' Write for Catalogue.'
'7 -'��� i.i:    'ij7l>7,
Phone Bey. 7915
Vanoonver, B.  O.
60 Satisfied Users I ri Vancouver
1065 Pender St. Phone Seymour 571f
Gilley Bros.. Ltd.
���    '"���-���  ,1.1     'DEALEBSXN '   ��� ,.'->:cf".'..      Hffrt
All Kinds off Building Material      L    :
Phones 15'*..!��,���..;���. .....,.���..AMewyW<niafaiMr,'M O.
.   f
.    /
Electric Hoists,
Gasoline Hoists
I  ���
And Elevators
In All Sizes  .
Street ���                                       .     #           ��� Phont
8237 '    1.   'a*������"S'  7    r     V   -?H . ;*.  ���������M.V.^fc-'rv.i ,w.r  **r.4'.������- -'V V- t   i.*  -..&.-���������  'V. ������������������' '������������������ .-���������>'.-.   4'������ "  ���������4- -    ..  ���������V.'    *:  BUILDING RECORD  Published Dally Except Sundays!  SBOOBD POSLZSBINa OOMPAWT.  DAILY BUILDmqSggQBP.-  . ;--^yr .  ;������������������ ������������������#  ���������.a'>:i/.t;....f';*.V7fl.s  Address: 583 Homer-Richards .Lane.  Bear of 431 Dunsmui^1 Street   ,  -Telephone Seymour:.7.808'  - E3CTBA APPBOPBIATIONS'  , FOB GOVERNMENT WOBKS  ��������� Govt. Works, B.C.-���������Supplementary appropriations have been made by, the Do-  ,minion government for public works in  British Columbians follows:':  Pnblio  Building*.      '  Courtenay���������Public   building,   ?5,000.  Comox���������Public building,  $3,500.  Coquitlam���������Public   building,   $15,000.  Duncans     Station���������Public  ��������� buildings,  $20,000. "���������'���������    '   '   '  Kamioops���������Drill  Hall,   $25,000.  Nanalmo-'-Publlc building,  $25,000.  New Hazelton���������Public building $7,000.  Powell River���������Public building, $12,000.  Prince Rupert���������Drill Hall,  $35,000.  Prince Rupert���������Quarantine station, re-  vote, $2,400, $59,000.  Prince Rupert���������Public building,  $100,-  000.  . Sidney���������Public  building.  $8,000.  Vancouver,      South���������Postal     station,  , $15,000.  Vancouver���������Drill Hall, further amount  required,  $200,000.  Vancouver,     North���������Public     building,  $25,000.  Vancouver���������Old Post Office building,  additional $17,000. ,  -.  Vancouver,  North���������Drill hall,  $30,000.  Vancouver���������Postal station; "B,"   $35,T  ��������� ooo-   ' ��������� -.,',  ...    :-,.:  Vancouver, 'North���������Post office,' $750...  Vancouver���������New" detention building,  $50,000.  Victoria���������Observatory,  $12,000.  ,'  Victoria���������Old Post Ofllce bldg, to pay  taxes  due  for  years  1900   to  1906  and  3910   to  1912,  inclusive,   $13,010.67.  Victoria���������Post office improvements,  additional   amount  required,   $20,000.  Victoria���������Public   Building,   to  provide  for government's share of cost of new,  '  pavements  put  down  by  the  municipal  authorities,  re-vote,  $5,310.42.  Vernon���������Public bldg,' further amount  required,   $2700.  Williams Head���������Quarantine station,  new buildings, improvements and repairs to existing building and fittings,  additional  rervote,   $15,000,   $86,000.    .  Harbor  and  river  votes  Include  $16,-  000 for three surveys and maii.tenanco  of gauges in the f'ainy V.h-cr and $5,000.  for a wharf on Rainy it.ver.  British ' olumbia votes are nvnierous,  those amounting to $3010 and over' being as follows:        4 ,  Campbell    River���������Repairs    to    wharf  and construction of shed(i $4600.  , Clam Bay, Thetis Island���������Wharf,  $3,-  000.  Columbia and Kootenay Stivers ���������  Wharves, $25,000.  Deep Cove���������Wharf, .$6500.  1 Cr'ofton���������Wharf,  $4000. '  Fraser River,., North Arm���������Improvements,   $200,000. *-  Fraser River���������Training piers and  dredging further amt required,  $250,000.  , Fraser River���������Removal of, further amount  required,  $23,000.  " -Fraser River���������Protection of banks at  Canoe Pass,  $4500. ,,, "* -y  j Friendly Cove,���������Nootka Sound���������Wharf.  $5500.    ' ���������  ' '  . Holberg���������Wharf, re-vote, $12,000.  .  ' Granthams Landing, Howe ^ound���������  ���������Wharf, $4500.'������'*   ,    ,    -. 7.7 ,,  "* Howe -Sound���������Removal of, snags, $5,-  .00.    ���������������'*" "   - -    '      y  ��������� Iiillooet    River,    South    Branch���������Improvement of the chanriel,*$6000.  ' Lockport,     McResby     Island���������Wharf,  $400*.      ���������.' "  , Nanalmo- ,Harbor���������Improvements, re-  vote, $43,000.  pak,Bay���������Breakwater and wharf, $10,-  000. ���������' '��������� "        ' *   Pender Harbor���������Wharf,   $4000.  \ Pitt  River���������Wharf,   $3000.,-,  ,. .. ��������� . ,..  UjPoint   Cowan,   Bowen   Island-^\yfiarf/  i%������00.  t^Pritchard���������Wharf, $7300. i:,<������.-,���������'.������!,  * Queenston, Yakoon River���������Wharf1, $57  000. ,   L  -,  J Rocky Point���������Wharf, $3500.      '������������������w, --'  Saanich���������Wharf, $5500."  t Roys Beach���������Wharf, $6000i'  Scotch   Creek   Flat^.Shuswap, Lake-  Wharf, $4500.   - Shelter Point, Gillis Bay���������Wharf, $6,.  000.  Shoal Bay,  Burlow���������Wharf,  $4400.  Sorrento���������Wharf,   $3200'.  . Squamish���������Wharf repairs; $3800.    ...  Summerland���������Wharf,  $23,400:  Ucluelet���������Wharf,  $45,500.  - Wolfson Bay-^-Wharf, $3000, ,  New   Dredging  Plant,   British  Columbia���������Further  amount required,  $100,000.  Blue Cross Brand ,  LARGE STOCK ON HAKD  ^Victoria    *   BEST QUALITY PROMPT DELIVERY  LET US SUPPLY YOUR CONTRACT  f^/^r!plliMi^yiNCH & CO., LTD.  VANCOUVER  OFFICE���������SEY; 279  WAREHOUSE���������SEY. 1944  99.5% PURE.  PUREST IN THE  WORLD  PACIFIC       PACIFIC     , PACIFIC  201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg.  H B      BusB      HI  m      H   8wB   WZL  BflBHI     B9 _    .B W 86      oHBdh  Pacific Lime Company/Limited. Manufacturers  MAKES SNOW WHITE WALLS  SLAKES INSTANTLY  CONSUMES MORE SAND  VANCOUVER. B. O.  Phone Sey. 9506  PROPOSED   NEW   WORK  Character ' Estimated  Cost location '. Owner Arohitect  -Plans Beady  Hotel .   $1,000,000  Depot bldg $1,000,000  Fertilizing plant & wharf. $125,000  4 sto 60x120  brk apmt ...$60,000  Sisters of GoodJShepherd        76,000  8 sto cone office .-. $200,000  3-sto apt hse  ���������  6(),000  School-Club ; ., $70,000  Power plant -696,000  6-sto  whse  bldg         36.000  Bank building ....;....... '. Not given  8 sto 35x120 apmt $130,000  5 sto reinf" cone apmt $80,000  Scliool   (fireproof)    $60,000  Church bldg  Uncertain  City hall  bldg  Uncertain  Brk  addn   land   office $40,000  5 sto brk hotel not given  Brk  "Old People's Home" $40,000  2 sto fireproof cieche ,....$46,000  7 sto reinf cone hotel $100,000  6 sto.  offices   $50,000  6 sto brk hotel X*w Westminster  3-sto   brk  stable ;.........  6 sto reinf cone apmt $62,000  Office bldg $100,000  6 sto brk apmt $80,000  6 sto brk, mill and steel  $150,000  6  sto.   apmts   $76,000  Steel & Cone.  Transf.  bldgs $450,000  Women's Club      158,000.'  6 sto reinf cone rooms $60,000  6-sto  brk  bldg $60,000  'Explosives  Plant   $1,000,000  Wharves    $2,500,000  6-sto. brk. 66 ft. addn $75,000  6-sto.  brk &  mill  apmt $153,000  Theological  College  bldgs $500,000  Church ibldg    $75,000  V.W.C.A.  Home    J150.000  Nurses' Home  $100,000  Wharf    $600,000  Parliament bldgs  $2,000,000  10 sto exchange bldg $250,000  10  sto reinf cone $200,000  Hotel   $2,000,000  Bridge   .'.  2.100,000  10 sto office bldg $350,000  University bldgs  /..,     BjO.'OOO  4 sto. concr. apmts .'. j=$7C,000  3-sto  apmts           66,000  5-sto   hotel   bldg      ' 60,000  4-sto brk apmts        75,000  S-sto. steel & brk office bldg..        86,000  Brit and stone church.....'....     100,000  6 sto  cone  apmts  $200,000  8  sto  brk and steel $100,000  10 sto. department store bldg., $2,500,000  14 sto office bldg $750,000  Normal  School , .'.   4 sto'brk apmt bldg..1. $80,000  7 sto1 cone looming bldg $100,000  Church  $100,000  Union Passenger Depot $1,000,000  3 sto office bldg     $300,000  Cf ama   /-tT-Tii r������j-������1i _ Ac Ann  Prince Rupert Grand Trunk Paciflc  Prince Rupert Grand Trunk Pacirlc  Skeena River���������Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer. Co  Seymour  near Helmcken....D.  Robertson  Point Grey . '.   Hastings & Hornby ...E. A. Morris  Kitsilano T. H. Calland  Haro .11....... Church of *Holy Rosary  Kamioops City  Water -St. .......::.......;........Mw. Montgomery  Dunsmuir & Granville......Dominion Bank  Burrard near Davie ,.Smith & Smith  West end....... ..Name' withheld  Burnaby .....Burnaby \school  board  Van. Methodist Extension Society...-.   New Westminster .:. Government  Main  and  Pender.. ..::..'.. :.....   :..... : City   of   Vancouver  Haro   St .:.... City. of-. Vancouver  164 Cordova st E... ...:   .Hastings St. E .........Mrs. C. Dawson  6th; St .............:... :   Pioneer .Laundry...:....Richards & rSmythe  624 Main st...........'......:......;.A. E. Suckling  Homer '& Georgia sts  E. .Mahon  Robson; & Thurlow.......:..:......:.....:...^:..'.......:..'.  Kamloops.......:.i'......:.....Kamloops Hotel Co  Elgh th  Ave.'-.:........:.:....;.....:..:...J. f F.  Lund  Burnaby & Hastings���������IB. ��������� -C.'< Electric Co.  Thurlow St ............Wortien's Clubs  Pender St...:..........'............ ..Law A.; Soong  New Westminster :... :.....Law A'. Soong  Near Victoria........Victoria Chemical Wks  Burrard Inlet  ...Government  Water near Carrall- .....I........W, H. Malkin  Hastings & Jackson....Morden & Thornton  Point Grey    10th  ave W 6th ave  Methodists  Victoria     Y.   W.   C.   A.   Vancouver General Hospital  Adjoining sugar refinery Government  Winnipeg  Manitoba  Gobmt.  Seymour and Robson B. C. Tel. Co.  1100 Blk Richards W. A. Lightheart  Mt. Robson ..-. .'..'. G. T. P. Ry.  2nd Narrdws.-.Burrard Br'dge & Tun. Co  Hastings & Abbott A.  Grossman  Point Grey ��������� Province  West End  L. R. Lurie  No.  Vancouver Stevenson  Bros.  Powell and Heatley st .'...::'....  Alberni st McNeil-Bros,  200  blk, Hastings E   Carl and Pendei... .Church of St. James  Chllco St J. A. Russell  New Westminster Dominion Trust Co   Victoria   Hudson's  Bay Co,  D. J. Myers (Seattle)..:.. ; Soon  F. M. Rattenbury (Victoria) Soon  J. S. D. Taylor Tenders closed  G. P. Bowie  ;. Tenders closed  Wallington & Wheatley���������.Tenders closed  Thos. Hooper Tenders closed  Wm. F. Gardiner Tenders soon  Tegen,& Vezina tenders closed  Dutcher-Maxwell Several contrs. let  H. B. Watson....:... ..:....;.,:.....:...:...:...:....Now  Not selected Sketches under way  Not. selected  ......;.  Horel & Roberts ..tenders closed  J. H. Bowman preparing  In  hands  of  committee ....  Not selected. .:....... ......  Gardiner' & Mercer... tenders soon  Parr McKenzie & Day..'..:.....t'enders soon  R. T. Pert-y..........: Taking tenders  R. T. Williams Taking tenders  ' >tto Moberg ���������-..  Delayed  J. 'Dawson  -..:..-.:.;..:..........���������...; :.....Delayed  Gardiner. &. Mercier:.... ..:.:...Preparing  W.F.; .Gardiner...:,':..'.......;.  Tenders soon  Braunton r&tLelbfert.;7..  W. F.: Gardiner il:::..:...:...  FmilGiipnther  W. T..Whiteway.....  T.H. Bamforth ......  ....:.......'.:.FUed  ;.......: .;, .........Soon  ...................;...:..delayed  :..........Tenders closed  .::���������  Indefinite  ���������������������������'...-��������� :. '.: Plans ready soon  Not chosen   . ....���������..,..........; ���������.  3. F. Watson (New, Westminster)....soon  J. F. Watson......:.... ;.. tenders soon  Not: selected ........ ..:. .'....:...........   Not Selected  :......:.....     Not selected  .....*........ ...:.Sprlng  Braunton  & Leibert Permit Issued  Probably Sharp & Thompson   Not selected    "olloitinir  Funds   A.  A.   Cox Taking  tenders  Not   announced   F. W. Simon, Liverpool, Eng:   Co sub-contract tenders soon  owner   Snrlng  Company   Spring  John   Wolfe-Barry... Now  Russell B. & Rice Tenders Closed  Sharp & Thompson Preparing  Jones & Beatson  Tenders soon  Townsend & Townsend Delayed  M. D. Campbell Delayed  Townsend  &  Townsend Delayed  Parr, McKenzie & Day Soon  Mexnndpr A Brown Waiting fund*.  H.   B.   Watson Indefinite      Soon  Burke,   Horwood   &  White   ....Preparing  ���������ACELYLEJOEI.DING AND CUTTING  At The Welding Shop Or On The Job  COfVIPRE3^EE> CaAS^CO., Ltd.      a  '""'""   "'"*��������� ���������{. '���������'". Worjts: 1530 Bastings  r '������������������Jry'.'.'iy''yi,-!':-''i,-'.i i'lyy Ipy' ��������� rPhone:. Blghlond  Office: 571 Howe St.  Phone: Soymour 4218  N. A. G. Pahtfcs, Siafns and  -_,7.7' -,  345 ..Water- St. and 968 Mala St.  Vanoouver  1338 Wharf  Viotoria  mHOIiMBjDJ3������l>PEailIXllIP������  PERFECTLY VENTflLATED   '  2IO RICCS 3ELMAN BLDC VANCOOVFP ^sag*.  ::   THE CHICAGO CUBE MIXER   ::  The only mixer used on the  PANAMA CANAL  ���������   PHONE. WRITE OR CAU.  E.G. CULLEN  418 Pacific Bldg.       Vancouver,, B. C. Phone Seymour 5021.  THE PATERSON MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.  Moitreal,        Toronto,        St. John,        Halifax,        Winnipeg        Vanconver.  Roofing and Paving Material  Building Papers Shingle Stains -  Disinfectant's, Etc., Etc.  Vanoonver factory and Offlee:   Tenth Ave! and Arbutus St,  *HOKH BAYVIEW 778.  Victoria .-. Albion  Tru������-t (V. H.  S.  Griffith  Prepailng  Victoria  .. .-.  Prov.  Govmt. W. C. F. Gillam  tenders soon  Victoria  A.  McCrimmon. L.  R   Hazeltine soon  Alexander near Carrall.. Seamans' Homo Hellyer   &   Archer    .' '.oon  Victoria First Baptist Church Jesse M. Warren, Vic,. Tenders Soon  Victoria j>. C. P. R. and C. N. R. Co. Engineers  No date set  .......   .   Victoria German Can. Trust Co. No further details available :   Stone church    * $25,000, Victoria St.'Barnabas Jones   &   Beafon���������Arranging   finances.  3-sto, 80x90, apmt;...., ,..       76,000' Victoria Lindsay ������  Roberts Horel  &  Roberts  Undecided  8-sto  office  bldff....' ".....     230,000^ Victoria Dom.  Trust  Co. >*.   S.   Giifflth Indefinite  '0-sto.   office   bldg.. ?1,000,000   Victoria    :.l:  Tho*. Hooper tenders closed  6-stp  brk  apmt $160,000  Victoria  Harry Hume W.. T. Whiti-way  Soon  3-sto theatre1 Jlip.OOO  Victoria   .-. Alex   Pantages Yelland & Riley  _  Soon  10-sto office bldg  .-..$259,000 - Victoria  : B. C. Electric Co. Yelland &'Riley  -t Soon  10 sto  office  bldg    ������2B0,000  Victoria  Weiler  Bros. A.  A.  Cox  Soon  Christ-Church  Cathedral^, .'.S'iOp.Ono   Victoria ...Chri-*t Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd. J. C.  M.  Keith -..Summer  S-sto/relnf. cone, apmt ;."..*W...'|S60,000' Victoria.: C. C. Pemberton & syndicate Jennings & Boulanger Tenders soon  marshall & stearns  . oscillating   ,  portaj^;  wall bfos j  <;   SIMPLE - SANITARY -..SUBSTANTIAL  PERFECT CONCEALED BED CO., Ltd.  570 .'Oranvllle   St.  v      Boom 106   ,  Vanoonver, B. C.  Phone Sey. 5093  WALL  SEAT  ROLLING  BEDS  I  The Vancouver Steno-typists  Public Stenographers  SPECIALTY  SPECIFICATIONS  Phone Sey. 1980 313 Paclflo Bldg.  DEXTON  PLASTIC FLOORING  Tolntless   , Fireproof I  E. COWDELL  330 Seymour St.    , Se.v. 876!  \  .,ii,<', r~. ~ ; ;  ,   I1 '"  THB  TOX.X.OVTXVQ TABIfc  SHOWS BVXXJtXMOB' COSTING  $8000  OB  OVEB,     ON    WHICH    COITSTBtJCTION'   XS '"  UNOBB WAT, OB OM WHICH CONTBACTS' HAVE  BEEN I.BT BUT  CONST  SUCTION  NOT  YET   STABTED.  '-'.9*!S**/S*?* ���������; j* ���������'���������:������������������'���������'��������� ...Cost location   ....'        Owner Arohitect     Contractor  i_?t.������..brk club  DltJ������ $40,000  Prior   sty......'..... B.   C.   Electric "Co.  Co '....Geo. Snider & Brethour  TRAPP&CO.  NEW WESTMINSTER  Stock a complete tine  of Contractors Hoists.  school.    $60,000, Magee (Point Gi-ey)  School Board Jones & Beatson .".    S. J. Lund  6.sto reinf cone wrhse $150,000   Nat. Drug & Chem. Co. H.  S.   Grifflth...'Geo.  Snider & Brethour  4-sto store & lofts '..       "-B.OOO   Pende.r, nr Cohjmbia. .Story & Campbell VT.  T.  Whiteway Campbell & Wilkie  10 sto office,bldg $250,000  Victoria  B. C. Permanent Loan Co H. S. Griffiths ....Sound Construction Co.  Theatre bldg  $40,00J  Victoria Island Amusement  Co.   Ltd. Rochefort & Sankey   6-sto cone add. '..       60,000   Victoria S.Jones Yelland & Riley ,  2 sto brk  warehouse $40,000  Homer & Davie sts....Adamson  &  Main Owners    ;. : , R. F.  dock  and  warehouse         False Creek  H. A.  Forsyth & Co. T.  H. Baittforth i H.  Peterson'  3 sto mill const wrhse $l'5,000   Victoria Scott &  Peden M.   S.   Farwell   8:sto reinf. .cone, office bldg $175,000 .Victoria .<���������i R. ���������������. Elliott Jesse   M.  Warren  ".  o sto 40x120 brk hotel addn $100,000   Victoria  ,  Dominion Hot<*l Fox  &  Berrlll : '"  Sunday school  $30,000  2nd   and   Larch Kitsilano   Methodlbts Thos. Hooper..-....^.S. Olson/109 44th A've.  .  ���������*��������� *_ ������������������,, u. _,..u v,^_ ..,*���������������������������      ...        ���������. .   _..    ... stuart & Whlte Robt   McI,ean & Co>  W,  F.  Gardiner Wineland Const. Co.  C. A. P. Turner J. McDIarmid & Co.  Braunton "& "LeiberiZ.7ZZZwZ'xvZ''3erreii  R. Babcock & Rlce....Can. Ferro Cone. Co.  Braunton & Leibert....Hoburg-Surge������ Co.  W. R. Wilson....B. C. Const. & Eng.Co.Ltd  Geo. H. Wenyon....B. Campbell & Whipple  Stuart_ &-White,..:............:...;.v....;.7i.:Owner  "II. S.-Griffiths ....B., Campbell & Whipple  Doctor, Stewart & Davie .'.C F. Perry  B. H. & AVhite....Rourke McD. & Monorieif  Somervell & Putnam Dom. Con't.  Co.  H. S. .Griffiths ....Booker, Cam. & Whipple  J. Y. McCartcr Dom. Const. Co.  Wm.  Frederick  Gardiner..! S.  J.   Ryan  E. W. Houghton & Son. J...E. J.  Ryan  N. A. Leech  ..': :.'.Ferro Const. Co.  Parr, McKenzie & Dny W.' H. Mueller  Wr. S.  Lea..:'.. .Burrard  Rngr. Co', et al  W. S. Painter ....Skene & Chrlftle  A. A. Cox  Campbell & Wilkie'  Thos.  Hooper....Norton-Griffiths  Co.  Ltd.  Owner.) '.    Owners'  Contrs.:..We'-'tln'gliouse, Church,- Kerr Co.'  W.   R. 'Wilsdii :. .........Parfltt   Bros,  Sharp ,_ Thompson Norton Griffiths Co.  Somervell'& Putnam ........Norton Grlfllths  Parr, McKenzie & Day, E. J. Ryan  F. J. Peter--.. Robt. McLean & Co.  Braunton & Lelbcrt..:..T. H. Tolman & Co,  XV. M. Dodd ....J. J. Frantz Const Co,  F. M. Bendcr....Wlnelnnd Bldg. & Eng. Co.  Doctor, Stewart & DavIe....Campbell & W.  P. M. Jullien , day labor  E.  W.  Houghton....Alex.  C. Dow. Seattle  W. M. Dodd & Co...: B. C: Granitoid  Eng. Dept ,...........;Pacific Dredging' Co  Jeses M. Warren :....:..,  5 sto fr and br club bldg, $20,000  l-sto. st,eel & brk apmt $60,000  Steel   Bridge   $131,600  Exhibition   (4   bldgs) $100,000  6 sto brk store and apmts   $132,000  '5 sto office bldg $800,000  4-stc  con.   office   bldg $15,000  Provincial Gaol....'.  $223,465  G ,sto addn dept store :. ....-.$100,000  5-sto.  brk.  aprnnt. $50,000  8 sto conc^club_blrlg.. _,....... ...-..$350.0001  Police Headquarters ':.      175,000'  10-sto; store  bldg ..$2,500,000  10-sto steel St concr offices .......;.. 500 000  6 Uo brk and mill hotel , .$160,000  2 sto mill const apmtv. : .....$30,000  3 bto. brk. &. mill const. rooms....$40,000  7 sto 100x132 theatre....... $500,000  10-sto hotel   ... .........:.....      520.000  7-sto. mill const, warehouse $150,000  760,000  1,000.000  100,000  ...$65,000  100,000  1,000,000  100,000  230,000  Water extension  14-sto hotel   Prov.  Girls'  Home   Cold   storage  plant :   T-sto   anrnts   Depot & offices   1st  Pres.  Church,  Victoria.  ��������� :iub  bldg      3 sto bank A offices-...'. : .iJAflo'o  4-sto.,brk. apmts m.; $115,000  S sto. concr. store & offices $80,000  I ������to. brk. apmts   10-sto brk apmt hse   8 sto  hotel  addn ,  3 sto'br store* & rms.....   Residence ....������������������   '.'-sto.   60x120  cone,  theatre:..  i sto cone garage... ..:........-...  Dredging !.... .'.  3-sto mill cons, hotel.......   Stores  and' apmts.....:   Marine   depot   -.: .-;:.-  3  sto Brk  addn  $45,000  ibO.000   $80,000   $15,000  ...   $35,000   $45',000  ...:.$to,ooo  ...$700,000   $20,000  .....$30,000  ....$159,445  1100 blk on Nel-on St .'.. W. Able  Main  near Gore  Barrett & Deane  Georgia-Harris st   City  Hasting'? Park Van. Exhibition  177 Burrard   C. N. Davidson  Richard1-  &   Hastings.   Inv.   Guar.   Corp.  Sey, near Dunsmuir....Standard Trust Co.  Victoria  .'.  Government  .151 Ha tings W...:..Wo6dward Dept. Stoie  .1004 Albert St. ..;...:: H. S. Rowling.  :Georgia~*=Bui-rardVtstT;r7T"yr"jr"C."~A7  City 'of Vancouver Powell st  Georgia & Granville Hudson's Bay Co.  Seymour Street  Yprkshlrp Guar. Corn.  S40 Howe St ���������/.. ;.i...E. G.  Ravnes  6th and Alberta. ....W.G. Elliott  Powell   St ...H.  Hemlow  Pender & Burrard E. R. Rlcketts  Melville & Burrard.... ...W. H. Ramsev  Bent tie near Cambie st   J. W. Gibb  S<\vmour Creek...... .City, of Vancouver  Georgia and Granville...........C. P. R.  Govt : Hastings Townslte  RIHinnls A Paciflc....Brit.-Can, Securities  Hute  &  Nelson ���������,.,Lightheart   Bros.  Granville & Cordova..    C. P.  R.  Quadra & Firguard 1st Presbyterian  Hastings   and   Hornby..Vancouver   Club  Hnstfncrs   A Carroll Merchants . Bank  602-16 Howe St :.....Bowser & Wilson  Seymour  St ; ;..:   Sixth & Main..: -'......Dr. I. AV. Powell  ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������, Dr.    Robt.   Te'ford  Hastings and Main L. L. Mills  Ponder near Butte....:..... ..J. ,Tr>rvIs  Victoria   Andrew  Wright  Victoria   .*. Dominion   Theatre   Co.  Not   selected /....Dom.   Motor  Car'Co.  Fal-e Creek Government  V Ictoria  McPhersoi) & Fullerton  Victoria......1..:..., *~     ���������    -    -  Prince Rupprt  THE LATEST DEVELOPMENT IN BUILDINO  '      mmn^     ��������� CONSTBUCTION " ' "  TEN MONEY 8AVING REASONS WHY  YOU  SHOULD   USE  "H    B'"  ,     ���������    .      ... REINFORCEMENT ,'     '  l'   I������_!J}I   S Jirst^c?f*- eJ   Increased life.  I'    stv nl   n    SH,n.n?i1n0rl; 7'    J "creased comfort, owing to hol-  4     Rav Sf   n -,m^.2c!nance' ���������"     , low ���������Dll*> SivlnS insulation.  K     invini !������ Ji������teIfs,tti '*      8-    Increased beauty of appearance.-  5.    Saving In depreciation 9.    Freedom fiom insulation.  ..      ,   .   ,    ^,     . 10     Freedom from noise .  Abso utely the latest thing In building construction   Write  for Particulars and Prices. ,0 be up-to-date use "H.B." Reinforcement.  T?���������En   "ENFORCED   BRICKV.OR K.COMPANY,'LTD.     r  100 Carlton Bldg. ,    ���������     ��������� Winnipeg. -     '  ��������� i_���������   - ^ *       ,. Westerr^Agents: -   *  THE DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO.  BUILDERS  HOISTS  Sey. 71S5  I       ���������   ���������  ������' IF  SAW RIGS ,  TOOLS and SUPPLIES  EPPMENT;!  s839 Beatty Striet:    '   ;"/" ,  7 .  PUMPS  Cor. Robson.  ,1 M      '  Vancouver Ofllce  417 ������00 Bnilding' 1 -  Phone, Sey.- S015-  EVenlngs Say. 9011  > Victoria Office  ' 103 Pemberton Bldg.  Phone 1664  VICTORIA I IMi: AND DDgpif  VANCOUVER Liml      DmUA  tiMlfiD  Let Us Quote You Prices For time and Brick  PROMPT DELIVERY GUARANTEED  t- ���������  _,    ,7   B. C. Const. Co.  ..Dr.  T.  J. Jones   t,.  r.  r-T������zp|tlne.:..: Teed & Cummlngs  *"snnn   sti   firon'Oih. est   .^....Government   Govt.  Englneers....Pac.  Coast  Con-t' Co.'  24 room fr amBtybTdZZ^^^ F' W' Macey..-...;. ......i.i^ duy wo^  ���������3   sto MOxllO.r cone,   stable      $20,000   Smyth '& Bentty "imperial' Oil   O..   c"ri ������������������QtlTSSn"*"'-���������"^- q    T:'qte?vK  1'3 o" hVk' apn^^Fbidg ��������� ; $7������'������00  VAAttta*' *"* Ma'"ket Mlel"V"S ^  *'  *' PH^yZ^^Z^^liaylabon  5 sto brkaapmrb;u^?::;::::::::::::::ns:ooo ^A* sjazzaz: ^ ��������������� %X T^^^f ner-^e0- M^������ tS?;'  ia^^'fc^ :-"HS5-gS8; w^Wftii^-s- ���������--"-������������ Ja^,"& ������pti\r^^e-cy:yzy-:^c^c^ei  3 sto brk apmt!"!!!^!::::::::::::::::::::l!n:f;^ ;vR Yw"^%^^z:zz'^hrlXv l01^01^^ "'Geo'Snider &d^ei&  ���������1 sto cone dairy $15,000   15.10 6th W.i... A   Boiderstnn Bowie  day labor  ,2 -sto,brk cone wrhse....:. SfiO.OOO   False Creek   ....      '       ao,tip?,Tp1   jv" ���������^v.-....-.......,..........^....:..W  A^.McIlrp.v  School. CH   Hudfnn) tc, ctn r, if���������U'A'A*,"^ ; ���������������������������'������������������t.ii.   Co Wcstinghouse Church'Kerr-it-Co.-  ^cnooi. (H.   Hiiasoiu...... ...������51,5111.04    .....Vancouver school board   School archt. R.  McLean & Co.  D.B.CAMPBELL  SAW MILL ARCHITECT  .   Phone  Seymonr  4990  06 Williams Bldg*.     Vanconver, B.C.  GLASS  OF   ALL   KINDS  Wm. HOLT     ���������  Pair. 1238 435 Datferln W.  PEASE PACIHC FOUNDRY LIMITED.  Furnaces, Boilers. Pipe and Fittings.  School .Heating and Vei^^  RAINY RIVER GRAVEL CO., LTD.  Fresh Water Washed Angular Sand and Gravel  Office'and Bunkers,  7 Nortneast Bnds Connaught Bridge  Phone" Sey. 3161 >  HEATING AND VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office Suite 614-615-616.        / , . B.-nk of Ottawa BuUoinr.  SEETHE  "PALM" SYSTEM OP STATIONARY VACUUM CLisANERS  DEMONTSTRATED AT OUR NEW STORE.  THE DUNTLEY STORES  Phone Soy. 1106 ' 733 SaBtitlgB w, il  J. A. DEWAR CO.,; Limited.  Producers of and Dealers In  '. /  Crushed Rock, Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel  JfflM: Sey. 4534 429 PENDER STREET, WEST Bunkers, Sey. 6751  A. H. BLDHXDOB  417 I.00 Bldg.  Brick and Concrete Walls. Elevator  Pits,   Banements   and   Prism   lights  Made Watertight.  Phone Sey. 3015 Bay. 901i  TWe Main Supply Co.  7 7.    BUILDBNG MATERIAL        ���������"!''<'���������'  SAND.   GRAVEL,   CEMENT,   LIME,   BRICKS,   ETC.  Office and Storr: _029 Main Street        "*  Phone Seymour 8491 Vancouver B.C.  K^i__i" daily jfetmamo>ssgow>  ll  ���������I11IIIIIK������������������������������MTlfrubwi���������fc���������^iS^S  :?|!'  FOR PLASTERIN^PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL  BnMmmmmmmMmKmMKamatmami^^M^M^MMBmmHmmnMammmm  !anadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..  , ,                               Ki&fted.  noiie gey. 84S0     ^ *^-    -> , i. Office) ,10ft Bmnlra Bldg.  MAKE YOUR OWN GAS  THE de LASTTE A1R-GASMACHINE  THE ONLY RELIABLE "GAS-MACHINE ON THE MARKET.  Over~10,000 Insfalations  Eminently Suited For  LIGHTING, HEATING  COOKING  Houses, Churches,  Schools, Hotels.  Scores of testimonials  from satisfied users  Estimates free on application  '     HEAD OFPICE AND SHOW BOOM  634 Bichards St.  in many parts of the world  Costs only 5 cents per  1000 Candle power  Operates Automatically  NO SMELL   NO SMOKE  No Danger From Explosion  NON-POISONOUS  i  Vancouver, B. C.  Seymour'4938 -  ~ r      CEMENT TESTING Bayview 182B  I. P. Wright, F. C. S. Eng. M. A. C- S.  Specialist In.Portland and,Other Cements  Mxp������rt Adviser on Building Materials, Etc 3315-7th Ave. W.  . CHEMICAL ANALTSIS :7  Box 543  VANCOUVEB,  BARKER STATIONARY VACUUM SYSTEMS  MADE IN VANCOUVER  BY      v  BARKER KRtiJSE frPAJTULLO  2Q0 SOLD IN VANCOUVER AND VICTORIA  Highland 1110 Carter & Mc^nsie' Victoria Agents.r       1957 Napier St.  We  Furnish  VANCOUVER FLOOR COMPANY  FLOORLAYERS AND FINISHERS  EVERVrHWG PEJR? AINIKgTS  FLOORS of WOOD  fl and GLEN DRIVE  Telephone Fair.   1612  SANSAN _.  wmmmmms  THE FLOOR WITH  THEY  NEVER  A PEDIGREE  NON-AEiSORBENT  FIRE RESISTING  DAMP   PROOF  INEXPENSIVE  TIME-TRIED,  JOINTLESS.  SANITARY  ���������ELASTIC  :WARM   l "  CRACK  BULGE  OR DUST  DESIRABLE*  ' ADAPTABLE *���������  SERVICEABLE  OFFICE BUILDINGS  BILLIARD ROOMS  BALL    ROOMS.  RESIDENCES  .   - HOSPITALS  CHURCHES  SCHOOLS  HOTELS  ���������    "     '   -SHOPS  point obex PEltssrrs. ,  815���������P. H. Alder, cor.y-llth & Cypress,  2%-sto. 'fr. -res.;  lot  4\> blk.  487, D.  L.J  526,   M.   C.   Griffith,   Shaughnessy   Hts.  Archt. & Contr.,  $7600;" .furnace.  816���������Mrs M. A. ,,, ;Bbui;ne Sta,  1 l-U sto. fr. res ; lot 9, sub!-4, blk. 1001,  D. X. 626; ov^ner; $'3000; furnace. ���������    "  817���������Mr. H, Grant, 2 sto. fr. res.; lots  12 & 13, sub. 3-'& 4, blk. 178^ D. L. 640;  Stephen   &  Whittaker,    1S46    14th   W���������  Contr. & Archt; $8500, hot'water. '  NOBTH r VANCOUVBB FEBMITS.  lot  93���������John  MacAfee,  addn.   to  res.,  6, blk. 59,'suh.. 550;'owner; $150.  94���������Curry & Co., addn. to' store, lot  ���������10, blk. 166, sub. 271; owner; $75.  NEW   WESTMINSTER   PEBMITS.  Building permits have been Issued to  AV. J. Whiteside, St. George street, to  remodel his residence at a cost of $3000;  and to Gilley Bros, for additions to  their garage7 on' Hqlbrook street,7 at a  cost of $100.  '      LIENS TILED.  . Vancouver Pig. & Htg. Co. vs. R. J.  Snelgrove; lots 19 & 20, Blk. 450, D. L.  526;   $596,00. '       " '  Cascade Gas & Electric Fixture Co.  vs. Pacific Amusement Co., lots 28 &\29,  Blk. 62,-D." L." 641;  $2,012.86.  ��������� G. Carmadella vs. J. B. Romano, et  nl.; lots 1 to 6, Block 30, D. L. 548, No.  Van.;  $275.50.  Vancouver Lumber Co. vs. Ll B. Lati-,  mer, et al.; lot 37, Blk. B, sub-div. D. L.  319, 323 &,324;: $579.93. 7   v        '  rJenckes Machine,. Co. vs. Board of  School Trustees; Block 81, D. L. 541;  $2420.00. ��������� ":' 7 "l Z '  ". Wm. N. O'Neil & Co. vs. C. B. Reeves,  et al.; Lots 9 & 10, Blk. 18;, D.L.:302;  "$227.60..   ���������:  OFFICIAL PROPOSALS  CORPORATION OF THE  CITY OF KAMLOOPS, B. C.  HYDRO-ELECTRIC MACHINERY  Sealed tenders marked "Tenders for  Hydro-Electric Power Plant"'will'be received up to; noon Thursday, June 12,  1913, by J. J. Carment, City Clerk, Kamioops, B.C., on water wheels, generators, exciters, transformers and switching equipment for the proposed Hydro-  Electric Power Plant.  ON AND AFTER MONDAY, MAY 5,  1913, plans and specifications may be  seen at the office of DuCane, Dutcher &  Co., : consulting, engineers, 915 Rogers  bldg,, Vancouver, B.C.  A deposit of 16.00 will be required on  all, specifications' taken from the- office'  Which'will'be returned only upon receipt  of a bona fide tender.  Each' ''tender addressed to the City  Clerk, Kamioops,. must be acompanied  by- a certified cheque of 5 per cent, of  the total amount of the tender. ,  ..The lowest; or any tender not necessarily  acceptable.  (Signed)   ' J. J. CABMENT,  City Clerk.  ARCHITECTS.  Alexander & Brown, Fairfleld Bdg...6. 884$  Archer, W. H .* 119  Pander St.  SfjKe'y. C. D.. Rlggs-Selman Bdg.   .'.  Barber & Barber,   North  Vancouver   2?r^er>   H.   M.,   Hutchinson   Bdg.   ...B. 88S1  ������f^ly'AaTM^Do,IllnIon Bldg.., S.  6648  5Jr^'  4.   J- Winch Bd������. S.  42S8  8lS!5'J?;������3 V*fB%4y Dontnn Bldg. 8. 4897  Birkenhead, Q. A., 715 Cambie St      BJockadder,  H,  No.  Vancouver   851  iif'iCi������,??re'. ^E , E ��������� *���������������������*<"> fed*   ...8   2379R  Blair. Da\id,  622 Pender W S   7.03  Bow   Bros,   206   Loo   Bldg      Sey 7368  Hn^'o^'/v,2*6^07 Bk   of Ottawa, 8   SB10  Bowman. J. H., Crown Bdg, ���������. ...S. 6088  Brauton & Liebert, Exchange'teldg .'.S. 3921  Breseman Sc Durfee. .Nanalmo and Victoria  Bryan   & GlLlam,   N W.   Trust  Bds,   S    560*  Campbell, M. D, Exchange Bdg  6   5974  ������0?!  A' /- ���������  Carter-Cotton  Bdg. S   6*77  Dalton & Evelelgh,   Davis  Ohmttt S.   662  Dawson   J,  510 X. W. Trust Bdg S 8153  S������Si"',..StS?rart  D-'   Bower Bldg S.    876  SSSS'^' ?'T,Rm' *��������� 92< Hasting W S. 6986  KS5?.e,IaS & Robertson    319 Pender. .S.  6046  Dunlap, G   W��������� 404 7th Ave   E   Dutour,  J   B.  Rlggs-Sftlman Bdg S. 2912  wi^.a!I���������.',y���������n,S"T,Cou^, H*������-  Blk., Robson  St.  Wetenhall,  E.  B.,  102.Loo' Bd������...... .S. 3373  Pu���������., ������niSe?' **i Lonsdale, N. Vancouver  fc,vans, E. & Son,..Inns of Court ...S. 7924  ?r|l^r���������oKe,';nei],��������� 734 Granville St.. .S. 9096  ?���������,ARi MacKay,  Hutchinson Bdg., S. 4932  Cm,?<!"*' ���������' /-'Hartney Chmbs..... 8. 8018  2������"'d. * WoSf   Rogers, Bldfe  ,S.  8443  Goodfellow. W. D��������� 303J Hast. St., W��������� S. 6694  rrtml'i HcJ1,de"onL* CooIt' WIH'ms B��������� S. 1893  J-J-IHIhs,  H. S��������� Dom.  Trust  Bdg.....S.192C  ^""ner ft- Mercer, M.S.A., ���������_,'. West 061  Guenther,  E���������  404  N.W.  Trist .Bldg.. .8.  6135  Hargreaves, L,  \V���������  Victoria; ..     ���������  He yer Xc Archer,   Dominion  Bldg.. i.S.   4499  S'���������A'   P-   Metropolitan   Bdg..... .S. 6341  Hodgson, H. A., Carter-Cottcn Bdg., S. 6260  Honeymau &  Curtis.   821  Pender W.,  S. 1-621  Hooper,   Thomas,   Winch   Bdg .S. 5361,  ������J!F;?,' /' DC'v. EmP'fe- Bldg.... I...... S.   5926  Horel & Roberts, ,1101-2 Dom,  Bldg.  s:   1901-  Horton   &   Phipps,   Pacific   Bdg....; ..S. 7096'  James & Davidson, 604 N.W.'Tru.'B., S. 9632  Jameson  & Duggan,   Orown Bdg..... .S.   994  Jones &��������� Beatson,  Hutchinson' -Bdg.;-..S.'5024'  T?mS  &T,AV,eU'  H^i-'ney  Chmbs.7.. ;S? 441S  Jullien,  P. M., Arts and Crafts Bdg.,  S. 8270'  Kaufmann, G. B., 015 Hastings W.". .S. 7488  Keagey   J. w., Rogers Bdg.  ...,..... .s. 2746  Leech,   N.: A..   615  Pender  W  .... .'Sey;  4160  Macey,-Pranlf W��������� 726 Rogers Bldg.. >S. 1804  JJaPiuro  & Fox.   Pacific Bldg........S.' 4396  Mf,,^!,80^   i   ?i,S,?on-'809 ������'W.Trust, S.'75S������  Mitton.  E.  S..  Will lams Bdg..;.., S.5422  Moberg   O..  41   Inns of Court... .S. 7171  Parr, MacKenzle & Day, Van. Blk:..S. 730  Perry<'& Fowler,  320 Pacific Bldff....S. 9424  Nicholas,   Raphael  A.',  Rogers Bdg S. 9424  Perkins,  F. H..  Hutchln������rn  Bdg.. -   " '  F. J.  Peters.' Metropolitan Bdg...  Pracna,  A. B.,  821 Pender St.  W.  Price,  J.   c,   Holden   Bldg........  W.  D'O.   H.  Rochfort,  Victoria.'..  Wenyon,  G.  H���������  M.S.A.,   R.I.B.A., Glen. Ld Be  Re:a Bros.,  619.Vancouver Bdg.......S ,15"0  Russell, Babeoek & Rice. Met. Bldg:.  S.   987  Sharpe.&.iThompson London Bid.. .Sey.; 1064,  Symonds. N. E., 717 Holden Bdg.....8. 1901  Somervell & Putnam, London Bldg ���������S 6230  H L Stevens Sc Co. 216 Duncan B, S 8835  tJI'i? *t Vte- Metropolitan Bdg.. S. 864D  Taylor. J. D S Bower Bdff... T...S 8314  Tegen & Vezina   Metropolitan Bldg . .S   1421  Thornton   St Jones   Old  Safe  Bdg S.   810  lajlor M L, 703 Domln'on BId(r...'S. 18������  TownscndA Townsend. 520 Granville, S 1770  Twizell & Twizell. 1-019 Metrop. Bdg. S 7925  Wallngton  & wiatley.   Davis  Chambers.:.  Watson,  H   B.   #->lden  Bdg S 3451  ^ri'}V?,n\J3eo H- 303 London Bldg..S. 1698  S5 ?f,ei?   S   N    Jn  Metropolitan Bdg....,  White   W    P,   Hutchinson   Bdg. S  8718  Whiteway   W   T, World Bldff       S   3029  Wlckenden, C. O., 1(*62 Pender S. W, S 1744  Wilson J Pemberton T*dir Victoria.. .1592  >Vright,   Rushforth   &   Cah.ll,   709   Dunsmulr  S 2S0-9  Wilson, J. end  A   S    532 Granv'lle St .'   Wright & Mclntvrc   Pnm'n'on Bidg ..S   8413  ENGIVKERS.  Brown, P   P , A M.I C E  8.4720  S.r 202  S. 1022  ,S.   9447  1804  703 Lon   B. S. 8937  CONTINENTAL SHIPPING & TRADING COMPANY, LTD.  IMPORTERS OF .  CEMENT, STEEL, IRON, BRICKS, GLASS, MARBLE,  TILE, COKE, PAVING ASPHALT., Etc.  Seymour 6448,t : .  ���������> .    Office 608 Rogers Bldg.  Warriniton & Johnson  Architectural   Terra   Cotta  Of English and American.  .' -Manufacture a Speoialty, ,.  Sey. '4=������12. .303-Duncan Bldg.  Vanconver, B.C. r~  THE POINT GREY  SUPPLY CO.  Atl, BOTI.DEBS' KIKES     .  lead Offloe! , Xerriedale St V.  Fhone r Ebnrne 46B.  >ON HBATING, tOWERrAND SPRINKLER'WQRK, AND  SUPPLIES FOR SAME, Y6U CANNOT BEAT THE PRICE OR  REPUTATION OP THE      .  GENERAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER CO.  ���������  >      ��������� .    TRY IT  Phone Sev. 5138 Vanoonver. B. C. ; 80S vanoonver Blk.  ERECTION OF STEEL STRUCTURES  - Structural Steel,  RelnfoVcIng Steel, Ornamental Iron  Interior Trim* Veneered Panels.  Por Estimates Apply to. William Tozer.    "  x        VANCOUVER 816 metropolitan Bldg.  CORPORATION   OF THE  CITY OF KAMLOOPS, B. C.  TRANSMISSION LINE.    /  Sealed Tenders marked "Tenders for  Transmission Line Material" not including .'erection oj*;i>oles will ibe received ,up  to Thursday, June 12th, 1913, by J. J:  Carment, GHy Clerk, for. the. new forty-  three mile Transmission 'Line between  Kamioops and the new Hydro-Electric  Power Plant on the' Barriere River.  On and after Wednesday, May: 14th,  the plans and specifications may be seen  at the Office of DijCane,. Dutcl-er & Co.,  Consulting. Engineers, 915- Rogers blilg.,  Vancouver, B.-. C. yy..-.,. - .-��������� .$���������..!  A deposit of $10'will be required on all  plans and-specifications taken from the  office which will be, returned; only, on  receipt of a bona flde tender.  Puplicate tenders adresset) to-the City  Clerk must be accompanied by a certified  cheque of, E% of the total amount of the  tender. i '  'The.lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  '   J. J. CAF.1WE-WT,  ' ,. City Clerk,, .  Kemloops, B. C.  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   AND  BUYERS'  GUIDE  W. X. <yXel\ A Co., W9 Sejrrst. Sr*798-47������8  Ritchie   fcon.   A  8up.   Co,   Ltd    Oran,   St  Bridge   T... S. 9162,  Toser,  Wn���������  SIS Metropolitan Bdg..S.  79E������  "*    -     EtttVATOBS  Brennan, G. E? * Co, 819 Perder W, S. 69U)  Can   Van.  Emon   Co,  Dom   Bldg..  S   SOW  Harris. P. B. & Co., 309 Crown JBldg   S   46>S  Llewellyn  Ir'tt Wks    1*90  Mainland 8.   147,9  XIRE CLAY  Balfour Guthrie Co, Winch B S 9167-657P  Carter Dew������r Crowe Co 922 Met jB g S 9422  E^ans," Coleman & Evans Ft Col S 2988  Gilley Bros,,, >Jew Westminster, PhoneB 15,16  C. Gard'ner Johnson & Co . S 9146-9147  D R Morrison, 712 Richards St, S 21'61-21'62  W. X. O'Nell & Ce , 548 Sey St., S 4795-4798  Point Grey.Su. Co., Kerrlsdale'. .Etourne '46R  Ritchie C and S Co, Gran St . S 91*2  R. V. Winch & Co., Winch Bldg., 8.'-SriS-lAU  FIRE EXTINGUISHER SYtlflMS.  Gen   Fire Ex.  Co.    805 Van   Blk    ..   S S138  Barr &,Anderson, 1*80 Homer:St.;.. .8.'.61'80  FLOORING  B.C. Hardwood-Fi; to., 557Gran.vtlle, 8. 68S3  B.C. Supply Co., DominionrBldg.....S. 6161  J. Fyfe Smith & Co., 1320 Richards. .8. 1196  FOUNDERS      '*'���������. -MACHINISTS,  N. Shore Ironworks,' North Van. .P.O. B 181C  FURNACE ANJV SHEET METAL  Grandview Sht. Met. Wks.. 16S_ Ven. H. 642  Peasa Pac. Found. Ltd., 324 Drake 8 RS97  Van. Roof.. Co., 1921 Triumph St. High. 609R  Wolfe,   J.  W..   1S40  Sth  Ave.  W.......B,  296  GALVANIZED IRON WORKS  Grand. Sht. Mti.Wks. 16S-5 Venables St. 6 42  Van. Roofing Co., 1921 Triumph SI-...H. 609R  Wolfe,   J.   W.,   1640  Cth   Ave.   W.....B    296  GAS APPLIANCES.  Burnside Gas Apl. Co., 1037 Gran. St., 8. 3704  Van.' Gas Co.,  16 Hastings St. W S.  6000  GLASS���������ALL KINDS.  Cont'n'l Ship &' Trad. Co. Ltd.. .Sey. 6448  Holt, Wm.; Dufferin W.. . . lair 1238  W.'N. O'Neil & CoV 048 Sey St S 4795-4798  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender. .8. 4912  West.  Plate Glass,  318. Water St..;'. .6.' 8426  ������' li,; HARDWARE  Flett,  J. A.,, ill  Hastings St.  W...S.  2327-8  HARDWOOD FLOORS  B.C.   Hardwood  Flr.rCo.'.,   6o7  Gran  Earle,  E.   A.,   417  Rogers Bdg  Empire Hdw.  Fl.  Co., -684  Dunsm r  W. N. O'.Veil & Co.,-548 Sey. St...S. 4795-4798  J.  Fyfe 9mith & Co.,  1320. Richards. .S. 1196  Van. Fir.'Co., Sth Ave and Glen DI. .F. 1612  ������������������'..' HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith, J. Fyfe & Co.;.1320 Richards..S. 1196  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender. ,'S. 4912  HEATING���������HOT AIR, STEAM AND VENTILATING  Acme Pig. &Htg. Co.V'l'31''1-Oth A E F 637  ..���������"irr St Anderson,. 1060- Homer St.. .S.61S0  ���������Burnslde Gas Ap. Co.," 1037.Gran S 3704  Can. Buffalo-Forge'Co., r2*l Alberni St  Hodgson Plumbing. &,' Heating Co... .S.2412  Pease Pac. Foundry Ltd., 324 Drake. ;S. 8397  Royal  Pig.-& Htg.'Co.,   125  Dufferln  ���������   Street-East: .'.'...  .F. 2009  Smith, W.J. &6on,; 809 Krthr A. E F 27-4R  Swamby. C. M., 212 Duncan Bldg.. .3. 2933  Wolfe,   J.  W.,   1540 6th  Ave   W   ..    B    296  HOISTING ENGINES  B.C. Equip.. SM Bk of Ottawa. .S. 7-056-781S  Dom, Equip., & Sup. Co.. SM Beatty. .S. 7166  E. G. Blackwell,' 108 Alexander St.���������8.1733  Cullen, E. G., 418 Pacific Bld/g.'.S. 2330-54)21  Htnry Darling, 28 Powell St .. S 512  R. Hamilton & Co., Bk. of Ottawa S 383  Mussens,  Ltd,   865,Water St S    8237  -Ritchie: Con. & Sup. Co.,' Granville. ;Si 916!  Strumbert-Vlrfae Co:, 319 PenderrW ���������S 6910  Trapp,  T.   J ,* New Westminster 59-  Van. Hoist Co, 901, Met. Bldg       ... S 6667  (INTERIOR IINISH  Carter Denar Crewe Co, 922 Met Bdg   S 9422  E   G    Blackwell,   1-08   Alexander  St     S  1733  C.  Gard'ner Johnson  & Co S   9146 9147  W N. O'Nell & Co , 548 Sey St S 4795-4798  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co., Granville .S 9162  Van.   Floor Co.   8th   Ave 8. Glen  D     F 1612  IRON AND  STEEL���������STRUCTURAL  Can.   Fomdry Co,   10-66   Pender S 5710  Cuiien E. G, 418 Pacific Bldg S 2330-5021  Can.   Northwest  Steel   C,  . I. F.     307  Cont'n'l Ship & Trad. Co Ltd Sey 6448  I Evans. Coleman & Evans Ft Col S 2988  | C.  Gard'ner Johnson  & Co .        S. 9146 9147  8. 6853  S. 5476  S.   91S8  "rt"  .'i  phone Bey. 7939  E.A.EaHeaCo  Vacuum .Cleaner Plant!.,' Church.  Lodge and Sohool Furniture. Theater  and Opera Chairs. Metal Lookers  \nd  Omoe  Fixture*.    Wall  Burlaps,  Etc-  Phone, Bey. 6478.      417 Sogers Bldg.  yC.M.,SWAISIBV  i;POiKATINGWviTllATING  ENGINEERING CONTRACTOR  Phone Sey. 3933       312 Bnncan Bldg.  VANCOUVER,   B.C.  MARLBORO CAFE  ,    COMPANY LIMITED.  _MBHB**aa*aaH________a___aa(a___ai   '       -    -  POPULAR PRICES  Sey. 7799 ' Cor. Seymour & Dunsmuir  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  BEAMS,  CHANNELS,  ANGLES,  PLATES,   TEES,   COLUMNS  COMPLETELY EQUIPPED FABRICATING SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL CO'Y, Ltd.  Fairmont 3398  and 2397  VANCOUVER, B. C.  ROTARY CRUDE OIL BURNERS  THE I SMOKELESS-NOISELESS SYSTEM OF BURNING  ^JkUDE OIL.*  IS NOW OPERATING' AT OUR HEADQUARTERS���������  ;      >. .77  INSPECTION INVITED.  ��������� 7 " " : '  1200 Homer Street y ' .'V  MILTON A. FESLER  Vancouver B. C. '   Canadian Manufacturer  BASEBALL  SEATTLE VS. VANCOUVER  Week Commencing May 19th  4:00  p.m.; Saturday,  3:00 p.m.  Admission���������25c,  50c and 75c  ,S. 6429  .S.   2261  :S.  5092  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  ESTIMATES GIVEN.  GIBSON & RICHARDSON  PHONE SEY. 6557 545 KOBNBY ST.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Factories, Coquitlam, B. C. M. J. Hynes, Mng. Director  ' :^HyNjES!STbN .,  MANUFACTURERS OF ART VERONA STONE.   STAFF ORNAMENTS  TO DETArL IN CEMENT FOR INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR.  :'   y PLASTERERS AND MODELERS.  OFFICE: 553 Granville St.'      34 Leitrh Snencer Bldg. Phone-Seymour 95C  34 Leigh Spencer Bldg.  ' '   i i'.i   '       '        ���������'  THE BANK OF VANCOUVER  Head Office:   Vancouver; B  C       ���������''',���������  Branches thronghont thel Province of British Columbia.  SPECIAL ATTBNTION GIVEN-TO COLLECTIONS   7.  ���������airlnas Desartinent at all Branches.   Deposits of One Dollar''and npwarda  ��������� " received and Interest credited half-yearly.......:. '  Chas. G. Pennook, Oeneral Manager  Phone Fairmont 1158  MAXBERGER  ARCH3TECTUKAL   MODELER  ORNAMENTS  Of Plaster, Composition, Cement,  For  Interior  and  Exterior  Use.  MOBELS FOB STOHTE AND METAL  ARTIFICIAL STONE  135  Broadway  West   (Bear)  Sam Greenlees  PILE DRIVING  WHARVES, BRIDGES AND  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION   ������  Sey. 1083. 407 Cordova St.  ?8ASEB RIVEB PILE DRIVING CO.  P. A. Jones, MgT.  Wharf   Bnilding1   and   Oeneral   Construction Work: Pile Foundations  .a Specialty; Estimates Furnished.  JSjom 510, Westminster Trust Bldff.,  Maw Weutmlnster      Telephone 1016  Carter  Dewnr   Crowe   Co,   Ltd i BT  ,   politan   Bldg     S   J942  Cullen, E G��������� 418 Pacific Bdgr, S 2330?S021  Evans Coleman & E\ans, Ft Col. St.. S 2938  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup.   Co,   Ltd / Gran.   St  Bridge         S 91C2  Warrigton & Johnson, 119 Pender S.i :s! 4912  A8PHALT   FELT.  Paterson Mfg   Co,  10th & Arbutus S.B  772  Van   Roofing Co .  1921  Triumph St.  H. ������09R  BEDS���������PATENT.  Holmes Dlsap.  Bed  Co.,  319' Ponder  Murphy Wall Bed:  319 Pender.-.'...',  Perfect. Con. Bed-Co.. 570 Granville  -y-'-'.. -BLt'E   PRINTING:   ,-..  City   Map   &   White  Print   Co.,   432' Co'rdova:  . y>-    ��������� -,.. ,:.     S.-6693  BRICK���������ALL KINDS.  Carter   Dewar   Crowe   Co.,   Ltd..' 922 ���������'Metropolitan   Bldff.  ..S.   9422  Cullen;. E. G.-, 41S Pacific Bdg.. .S. 2330-5-021  Evans. Coleman & Evans, Ft. Col., S. 2988  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New West., Phones 15. 16  C. Gardiner Johnson &- Co.....V.S. 9346-9147  W. N. 0;Neil & Co., 54S Sey. St.. S. 4795-479R  The Main Supply Co., 1029 Main St., S. 84S1  Pt. Hariey-Br'ck Co., 615 Hast.. S. W.. S; 13.S9  Pt. Grey Supply Co.,'.Kerrisdale, Eburne 46R  Ritchie Contr; & Sup.', li'td.. 'Granville et.  ��������� Bridge',.. 1.7,1.., ill:: r:i..;.;... -s. 9162'  Vlct.-Vs.ncr. Llmo'o'iid'-Brick'Co:;-. Sey 2015'  Warrington- &'Jiit.nson, 119 Pender, S. 491!  R.V.Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch B. S. 279-1944  *���������"    BlILDIN(3  1'ELTS  AND PAPERS. ,  Carter  Dewnr   Crowe   Co.,   Ltd.,   922   Metropolitan   Bld'g. S.' 9422  Henry, Dari:ng.��������� 2S   Powell   St ...S.   512  Evans.   Coleman   &  Evans,   Ft.   Col.,. ,S. 29SS  C. .Gardiner  Johnson  &. Co .S. 914fi-91'47  D. R. Morrison. 712 -Richards. S. 2161-21-62..  W. N. O'Nell &.Co��������� 548 Sey. St., S.-4.79S-4798-  PatersonrMTg. Co., l������th& Arbutus Sts,, B. ,7-7-2  Thomson, W. C. Co., 403 Duns. St., S. 3391  Van. Roofing Co., 1921 Triumph St., H. IV09R  Warrington "& Johnson,  119  PenOer. .S.   4913  BUILDING   MOVERS  Kohlman  &  Clark.   1033  Howe  St....S. 3292  BONDS���������SURETY.  R.V.Winch St .Co.. Ltd., Wincli B��������� S. 279-1944  Seeley & Co., 324 Winch Bdg. S. 4911  CEMENT. _....-���������  BdlfoUr" Gilthrie "c6rr*WInch-"BrSr9167-C576"  Carter   Dewar   Crowe.Co.,   Ltd.,   922   Metropolitan   Bids: S.   9422  Can. Builders Sup. Co., 1901 Georg'a.S. 7175  Cont'n'l Ship & .rod. Co. Dtd...Sey. 6448  Evans.  Coleman   &   Evans,   Ft.   Col...S.   2-9S5  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co.,.... .S. 9146-914T  Gilley Bros., Ltd., Now West., Phones 15. 1-6  W.N. O'Nell & Co., 54S Sey. St.. S. 4795-479S  The Main Supply Co.. 1029 Main St.. S. S491  Pt. Grey Supply Co.. Kerrisdale, Ebiirne 4CR  Rltchlo  Contr.   &   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,   Gran.   St.  Bridge    S.   9162  R.V.Winch & Co.. Ltd., Winch B��������� S. 279-1914  CKMENT TESTING  AND ASSAVINO.  Eldrldge,'G.  S.  &  Co.,   426  Rlchnrds, S. 412T>  Falkeivburg &   I.iucks,   Trounce  Aly.  S.   715!i  Wright, J. P.. 3315 7th  Ave. W   Hunt,   Robt.   W.  St  Co.,   002   Hast S.   2199  CONTRACTORS,   BRICK.  Dixon,  F   I...   1024   Graveley St...High.  969R  CONTRACTORS���������EXCAVATING.  Campbell  Bros.,  1560 B'smnrk St.,  High   45S  CONTRACTORS���������GENERAL. !  Armstrong,   Morrison    &    Co.,    Ltd.,    Bower  Bdg ,.--.     S. 1836  B. C. Gran. & Cont. Co., Exchange B��������� S. 2296  Expt. Bldrs. & Flncrs. S20 Rogers B., S. 73S1  Greenleos,  W..   407  Cordova  St S.10S3  CONTRACTORS���������LAND   CLEARING.  Penny/ J.'S.,  319 Pender St.    S. 4702  CONTRACTORS���������MASON.  Can, & Amer. Contr. Se lay. Co. Ltd. S. 8480  ���������     CONTRACTORS���������MASTERING.  Cnn. St Amer. Con. & Inv. Co., Ltd. .S.'8480  Hynes Stone & :ritaff Co., Ltd- 563 Granville.  Rice;  C.  C.  Sc Co..   1083  Richard's St.  S.   a������49  ���������     CONTRACTORS���������TILE���������TERRAZZO.  B.  C.  Supplv  Co.,  Dominion Bldg... .S.   B161  D. R. Morrison, 712 Richards St., S. 2151-21152  W. N. O'Nell Sc Co.. 648 Sey, St.. S. 4795-4798  Van.Marble&TIle Co., 84S Bench Av- S. IBIS  CORNICE  AND  ROOFING.  Cullen.   E.   G.r.   41'S   Paclflo  Bdg.,   S. 2330-5021  Grand, Sheet Mtl. Wks., 16S5 Ven. St., H. 642  Little  St  Lee,   6S2  Soymour St S.   4 4'58  Troy Roofing Co., 814 Metropolitan, S. 741i7  Van. Roofing Co., 1921 Trfumph St., H. 50HR  Wolfo,   J.  XV..   15'0,.FIfth   -VV.   W.   Bay.    296  ELECTRICAL  CONTRACTORS  Alltree & Churchland, 976 Granvle St.. S.270.  Elec. Con. Co.,  544 Howe St S.t'336-7951  Gibson  &  Richardson,   645   Hornby St. .S6357  Jaryis Elec.   Co.   670  Richards  Rt S.   1409  ELECTRICAL SDPl'LIES  Alltree & Churchland    976 Granville,  S.  2767  Elec. Con. Co-  R44 Howe St  ....S. 1336-7953  Maynnrd   Electrlcnl   Supply  Co...... ������������������������   <207  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES (WHOLESALE)  Mavnard  Electrical  Supply Co.. S.   4207  ELEVATOR OARS AND ENCLOSURES.  .......y.   n       ^o   j,^^,,,^ -una   n   2330-6021  -,     > ETLBJG AND POLES" ��������� -' -f  Federal Lum. Co., 920 Rogers B1A������...8. a������������;  pip&_SEWERv    ", i  Coll**, B. G , 418 Paolflc Bid, ��������� -S ,29*������-50W,  Dop������. aiz*>Cmnt Pipe Co, Dom B������..S8W������  Evans. Coleman A Evans Ft Colum. .8 2988  C Gardiner Johnson & Co .... .8 914<-������1MT  Gilley Bros, Ltd, New West, ..Phones 16,16  Ritchie, Con & Sup Co, Granv Bd* .8. Mijt  Wairington & Johnson, 119 Pender St 8 *������12  R   V. Winch Sc to , Winck Bid . .8.   279-194*  PLASTEB a  Balfour Guthrie Co, Winch B S 9167-657G  Carter Dewar Crowe, 92$ Mot. Bldg . .8 9423  Cullen E G , 418 Pacific Bidig . .S 23S0-6O21  Evans, Coleman A Bvans Ft Colum .8. 2988  Gilley Bros, Ltd, New West ..Phonea 15, 16  W N O Nell & Co, 648 Sey St .S 4795-47������8  The Main Sup. Co , 1029 Maln< St . S .491  Point Grey Sup. Co , Kerrlsdale Eburne 46R  Ritchie; Con. & Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg.'.S. 9167  Shover, C   E, 969 Main St   .,   ...... S   1365  PLASTER BOABD  B.C.  Supply Co.,  Dominion Bld'g.... ,S.   6161  Carter Dewar.Crowe, 922 Met. Bldg...S. 9422  Cullen, E. G��������� 418 Pacific Bldg.,; .S. 2SSO-5021  C: Gardiner Johnson & Co......A  9146-9147  W. N. O'Neil & Co., 648 Spy. St.. :8, 4796-4798  Point Grey Sup. Co.,' Kerrisdale. .Eburne 46R  Ritchie, Con. & Sup. Co., Granv. Big. .8. 9151  PL48TER PARTITION BLOCKS  B.C. Sup. Co., Dom. Trust Bldg... ,.B. 6161  Carter Dewar Crowe, 922 Met. Bldg...S. 9422  Cullen, E. G��������� 418 Pacific Bldlg.. .8. 2330-6021  C. Gardiner Johnson' & Co., Johnson's .Whf ���������  S. M'40-9147  Ritohie, Con. & Sup. Co., Grnnv. Bdff. .8. 9102  PLASTER���������ORNAMENTAL  Berger, Max. 165 Brdway W(rear)'. ,F, 1168  Carter Dewar Crowe, 922 Met. Bids.. .-8. 9422  C. Gardiner Jonnsoa & Co, Johnson's WW,  6 ������146-9147  D. R. Morrison..'712 Richards St..S. 21/51-2162  Hynes Stone & Staff Co., Ltd., 663 Granville  W. N. O'Nell & Co., 548 Scy. St.. .8. 4796-4.38  Ritchie, Con   & Sup  Co , Granv. Bdg. .S. 9162  PLASTIC FLOOBING  Cowdell E 330 Seymour St .. Sey 8751  Raecolith  Floor   Co,   Rogers  Bldg. S-  8144  PLUMBING  Acme PImb & Htg, 131 10th Av E..P 637  Barr & Anderson,r'H>60 'Homer: St..'8. 61*0  Hodgson Plumbing-: & Heating Co.. ..S. 2412  W. J   Smith & Son, 809 10th Av   E .F 274R  Little  &   Lee,   682   Sey.   St v      8 4468  Murray   Bros,   721   Main   Sf       8 8614  Royal  Pig   & Htg   Cd,  125 Dufferln  Street   East             .                   .        F   2009  Wolfe   J   W    1540 6th Ave   W B    _96  RADLVTORS AND BOILERS  Can Found Co, 1065 Pendtor St . .8 6710  Rbt. Hamilton Co.;. Bnkvo-f OUawa..S. ; 383  Pease Pac. Found: Ltd., ,'324 Drake.:S. 8397  Smith,. W. 3.,.A Sons, S09 10th Av. E. .F. 274IR  Swamby    C   M,   212  Duncan  Bldg     S   2933  ROOFING COMPOSITION  Carter DewarfCrowe, 922 Met   Bldg . S. 94*2  Henry  Darling   28   Powell   SI    S    51S  Evans, Coleman & Evans Ft.<Columns. 2988  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co... 7:8. 9146-9147  Newton 8. Greer, Van, 34. Water St 8 1397  Victoria, 1326 Wharf St .. . 887  Paterson- Mfg. Co., 10 & Arbutus Sts.. .B.Y-772  W N O'Neil & Co 548 Sey St S 4796-4798 ,  Raecolith Floor Co, Rogers Bldg S 8144  R'tchie Con & Sup Co Granv Bdg. S 9162  Troy Roof Co, 814 Metropolitan S 7417  Van Roof CO 19121 Triumph St .H 50*lt,  Warr ngton 8. Johnhon, 119 Pender pt'S 4912  BOOFING���������SHEET METAL  (See Cornice andi Roofing)  BOOFING  MATERIAL  E G Blackwell, 108 Alexander 6t  Carter Diwar Crowl 922 iMet Bldg  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St ...  E\ans Coleman & Evare rt Colum  C Gardiner Johnson & Co .. S 9146-9147  Newton A Greer, Vane ver, 345 Water.8 1397  Victoria, 132-6 Wharf St .. 8������7  Ritchie  Con  & Sup  Co , Granv  Bdg   S 91-62  Ed    Timmons    888   7th   Av   W  F 1257  Point Grey Sup Co , Kerrisdale Eburne 46������  Tioy Boof ' Co -814 Metropolitan ...8 71417  Van. Roof Co 1912 Tilumph St H 609R  Warrington 8. Johnsonv119 Pender St.S 4912  ,     ,    ���������" ROPE-MANILA '  Anglo-B   C   Agency, SIS Homer  .   .,.S. 34254  SAFES���������VAULT DOORS "^Vj^-i.  S 1733  S 94-22  .-S ������12  .-S ^988  AIR OAS MACHINES  The beLaltte Co, 524  Richards...':'.IS   6249 I Cou^mSi!!* t "a"^^   wCo,^ t,,.8'' 91i6 91<"ID   R   Morrison, '7121-RichardB,St'.a1 JlBl^SlfiS  ARCHITECTURAL    TERRA ' COTTA.       |g^|SKa, |   g   fiff'W^ B^^S^V^'  W   N   O'Neil & Co. 548 S^r  lip  Cul'en.  E.  G-   418  Pacific BdK,   S   _.  ^ui.en.   a.      .,   ���������   . lA   li>9Bi pendcr, S. 6710  ._���������.._     .      _-   ���������   ww  136  ; Cannds. Found. Co., "-";-^"-.-u __ir' a mm  ��������� Bronnan. G. E. Sc Co., 319 Pender W. S. 6Sl<*  iGfnrtdvlVw Mfr Co.. ������J0 Venahlei...H. 136  I Hnrrls. P. E. '* Co.. 809 Crown Bldfr- 8. 469S  Llewellyn-It'n Wk������. Ld��������� 1090 Malnlnd S. 1479  ���������nn,, . ������-.--��������� '    st     8  4795-471S  Wl kinson Co, Ltd..  846 Beach Ave     S 7915  Union Iron Works, 146 Lome St     Fair   2173  IRON AND  STEEL���������ORNAMENTAL.  Carter Dewar Crowe Co, 922 Met Bdg S 942U  E G Blackwell, 108 Alexander St S 173'  BC    Supply  Co,   Dominion   Bldr S    61������i  Cullen, E. G, 41'$ Pad Mc Bldg S 2330 6021  Can Foundry Co , 1065 Pendtr St S 5"10  Cont'n'l Ship & Trad. Co Ltd Sej 64IS  E'ev. Sup. & Eqp. Co.. 1090 Malnlnd S 24'9  Grandview Mfg. Co., 1'530 Venables H 136  Morris,   S.   M.   Co.,. 2130r Cednr St B  10-43  Wi N. 0"NeiI-&Co.. 548 Sej St <5 4795-4798  Tozer,    W.. . S15 , Met.'   Bid? S  7939  Thomson. W. C. Co., 403 Dunsmulr S 3394  Ritchie Con. .&��������� Sup. Co.. rGranvllle. .S. 9162  Union Iron Works, 146 Lome St.. .Fair. 21"3  LATH���������MET! L  ��������� E.-.G.   BlHckwell.   108   Alexander  St...... 1733  Carter Denar Crowe .26, 922 Met Bdg S 9-,2-'  CullenrE. G., 418 Pacific Bids S 2330 afJ-J  Evans. Coleman & Evans. Ft   Columb   S  29 iS  C. Gardfner Johnson   &  Co.... ,.S.   9140 91!"  D. R. Morrison. 712 Richards.. .S. 2151-21 '2  XV, N. 0'Ne:i & Co.. 548 Se.v St ������* 4705-4798  Point Grey Sup. Co., Kerrisdale .Fburne 46R  ;;ilchle Con. &'Sup. Co., Granville. .S. 9162  Warrington   &   Johnson,   119   Pender. ,S. 4512  ,   LATH���������WOOD  Point Grey Sup. Co.. Kerr:sdhle. .Eburne 46R  LIME.     '-' '   .'-'  .',  Balfour Guthrie Co, Winch B. S. 9167-0675  Carter Dewar Crowe Co, 1)22 -Met Bdg. ,S. 942i2  Can. Bu!ld?rs Sup. Co., 1901 Georgia: ,-S. 7175  Svans. Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columb. .S. 29S8  C.   Gard'ner Johnson   & Co .S.'9146-9147  Gilley Bros- New Westminster. .Phones 1'5  16  W. N. O'Nell & Co., 548 Sey. St. ..S. 4795-4798  Pacific Lime Co, 201 Carter-Ctn Bldg..S. 9506  Point Grey Sup. Co., Kerrisdale. .Eburne 46R.  Ritchie   Con:   &   Sup.   Co..   Granville. .S. 9162  Shover,  C.  E.,  959  Main St.......... ,S. -1365  ���������Vlct.-Vnncr.   Lime   and   Brick   Co...Sey 2015  R: V. Winch Co. Ld- Winch. Bdg. .S. 279-1944  LINOLEUM   (Battleship,   Etc.)  Fraser Mather Co..-101 Welton Blk. S. 9354L  MACHINERY  B.C.   Eqp.  Co..  606  Bk.   Ottawa. ,S. 7066-7S1F'  -Er-G7'B!aekwe!lr"10S"'-Alexnnclef1-.Str:TSri733  Carter Dewar Crowe, Co. 922 Met Bdg. .S. 942C  Cullen. E. G- 41S Pacific Bldg.  ..S. 2330-5O.2H  Can.   Foundry   Co.,   IC'65   Pender....   S. 5710  Dom.   Eqp.   &  Sup.   Co..   S39   Beatty. .S. 7155  Henry   Dnrllng.   28   Powell   St S.   512  Hfct.  Hamilton Co.. Bank of Ottnwa..S.    3S3  C.  Gardiner Johnson   &  Co S.   9146-9147  Mussens,    Ltd.,    365   Wnter   St S. S23T  XV. N. O'Nell Sc Co.. 54S Sey. St...S. 4795-4798  ���������"Mtchle Con. St Sup. Co., Granville. ,S. 91C2  Swamby.   C.   M-   212   Duncan   Bldg.. .S. .2933  MANTELS���������BRICK. TILE AND WOOD  "arter Dewir Crowe Co., 922 .Met. Bg.,S. 942.2  Hynes Stone St Staff Co.. Ltd., 653 Granvilln.  D.- R. Morrison, 712 Richard SL..S. 21'51-215'  W. N,-O'Nell & Co.. 54S Sey. St. ..S. 4796-4798  P.ltchle Con. & Sup. Co., Granville B...S, 9162  .MARBLE   AND   ONYX  Cont'n'l   Ship   Xt   Trcd.   Co.    Ltd . .Sey. 6448  Hynes Stone Xt Staff Co- Ltd., 553 Grinvlllo.  XV. X.  O'N'e'.l * Co.. 54'S Sey. St   S.  479B-4T9F  Van. Marble ��������������� T!le Co.. S4'S.Bench Av..S. 14518  OIL  BURNING   TLANTS  Bojduc   Oil   Burning   Co.,   535   Rogers  BUI.   S.  4316  niobe Iron Works.  1-S15 P.indora SI...H. 490  Fess   System,    1200    Homer    St   Mach. Insal. & Contr. Co. Dom. Bldg S. 69P6  Swamby,   C.   M-   212   Duncan   Bldg...S. 2933  PAINTS AND OILS 1  Carter Dewnr Crowe Co., 922 Met. Bg..S. 942?  Henry   barling.   2������   Powell   St S.   513  W. N. O'Neil Sc Co.. 548 Sey. St...8. 4795-479S  TAINTS���������FIRE-PROOF.  Carter Dewnr Crowe Co., 922 Met. Bg..S.'94M  Newton & Greer, Vnn-   345  Water...S.  1397  Victoria,  1326 Wharf St  8S7  Warrington   &  Johnson.   119   Ponder. .S. 4912  PAINTS���������DASIP PROOF.  Henrv   Darling.   28   Powell   St.   . .S.   512  C.   Gard'lner  Johnson   Xc  Co S,   9146- DM 1  Newton & Greer. Vnn.. 345 Water...S. 1397  ,'. Victoria, 1326 Wharf St..,.. S-S7  W. N. O'Neil Xc Co.,-648'Sey. St'. .S. 4795-4798.  Paterson Mfg. Co., 10th & .Arbi'tus. .B. 772  Vin. Roof. Co.. 1912' Triumph St..,H. 509R  Warrington   Sc  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 4912  PARTITION���������llREPROOF  Carter Dewar Crowo Co., 922 Met. I3R..S. 942'?  Cullen, E. G��������� 418 Pacific Bid?.  ..S. 2330-.5021  Evnns. Coleman & Evans   Ft. Colum. ,S. 2.9SS  C.   Gardiner Johnson   Xc Co S.   9146-9147  [Ritchie. Con. St Sup. Co., Grnnv. Bdg. .S. 9102  Warrington * Johnsnn, 119 Pender St.S. 4912  PIG IRON  AND  TIN  Balfour  Guthrie  Co.,  Winch   B. S. 9167-6575.  C.  Gardiner! Johnson  * -Co S  R. V. Winch & Co- Wincli Bid  PILE DRIVING.  Fraser   River   Pile   Driving   Co.,   New  WoM  Qreenloes.  W.,   407  Cordova St, ������ <���������������������  SAND GRAVEL AND CRUSHED BOCK '  Can   Buildeis  Sup     1901  Georgia....S    7175;  J A  Dewar Co, 429 Pender W..  8   4534-6751  C    Gardiner  Johnson   &   Co     .  S    9140-9147 \  Gilley Bros    Ltd ,  New  west     Phones 15, 16  Indian  River���������;Gravel   Co.,   Ltd.....���������! .H.>    176  The   Main   Sup    Co,   1029   Main   St     S 8491  Point Grey Sup. Co- Kerrjsdale. .Eburne 46R  Rainy R. Gvl Co.; N.E.,cnd Con. Bdg.VS. 2161  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co:-, Granvl. Bdlg..S. 9162  Shover, .C.  E--95.9'Main  St.......;;. .S.  1365  Van. Snd & Gvl Co. ft. -Victoria' Dve..S. 5161  SXitll  DOORS,   lllNDOtVS,  LTC.  Cullen, B.r.G���������.41-8 Pacific Bldg...S.r2330-5021  W.'N. O'Neil St'Co., 548 Sey.' St.V.S.'4796-4798  SASH-WEIGHTS, ASH  DOORS & DUMPS  .vfcLc'ari &:powell, 392 Dufferin St. W..F1516  SHINGLE MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS  (SeeLumber' and .-'S .Ingles.)  ' SL 1TE  Carter Dewnr Crowe, 922 Met. Bldff.. .S. 942f  C. Uardiiiur ' Johnson- '&> Co..;, .S. 9146-'9147  W.N. O'Nell & Co:, 548 Sey. St.'.-.8. 4795-4-798  R. V. Winch & Co.; Winch'Bld.. ,S. 279-1944  Ritchie Can. St Sup. Co;, Granvl. Bdig..S. 9162  isLATE AND TILE, ROOFERS    ->',  Baif'd"&' Co-"' 9-15 2'5tli AVe.'lll..;. ..F. 1490L  Timmons, E,(& Sons, 838. 7th: Av. W.'F.1257L  .STE.iisi  FITTERS-''  Little.'"* Lee -6S2' /Seymour.-;:V.. ;.'S. 4458  Wolfe,   J.   W-   1540   Sth  "Ave. -.,',.. .B.    296  .-"',   .....   STEEL���������KEINFORCING".  Conf;n'l.> Ship,,&   Trad.   Co:   'Ltd.. .Soy. 6448  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 4912  -'"���������-STEEL ERECTORS :7-':r-7'?---  Moss,   H., .2165   Oxford   fet ..(Suite   8)  Tozer,  Wm;,   815   Metropolitan  Bldg. ,S. 7939  STENOGRAPHERS���������PUBLIC  Van'couverSteno-Typlsts, Pacific Bldg. ,S. 1980  STORE   &   OFFICE   FIXTURES   &   STORE  FRONTS                 - ���������.   ���������  CuI!en,���������Er,^G���������^418.i=Paciric^B]d'g,^.S.-233O-5021=  Orandview  MTg.   Co.,   1630   Vc-nablcs  H.     136  W.'N. O'Neil R- Co., 648 Sey. Sti..S. 4793-4798.1  West.   Plate  Glass.   318   Water S.   4674  TANKS  C.   Gardiner   Johnson   &   Co S.   9140-9147  Little- &   Lee,   682   Seymour   St S. 4458  TILE���������DRAINING  Cnrter Dewnr Crowe. 922 Met. Bldg..,'S. 9422  Colerr.nn & Evnns   Ft. Colum. ,S. 2988  Johnson   &   Co S.   9146-9147  Kvans,  C. Gardiner       ���������     ���������...  Ritchie Con, Se Sup. Co., Grnnvl. Bd'g..S. 9162  Gilley Bros., New Westminster Phones 15, 16  Tho   Main   Sup.   Co..   1029  'Main   St...8. 8491  Shover,  C.  E���������  959  Mnln  SI S.   1365  Warrington  &  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 4912  TILE���������FLOOR AND WALL  Cont'n'l   Ship   &   Trnd.   Co.   Ltd. ..Sey.  B44S  D. R. Morrison. 712 Rlchnrds St. ,S. 2151-M52  XV. N. O'Neil * Co., 548 Pey. St. ..S.' 4795-4798  Warrington  &  Johnoon,   119   Pender. .S. 4912  TIN PLATES  Balfour Guthrie Co., Wineh B. S. 9107-CD75  "    Gardiner   Jolinson   &   Co...-.8.   9146-9147  Wilkinson.  C-  84 6 Beaeh  Av.  R. V. Winch & Co., Winch Bid..  ,-S. 791������  .S. 279-1944  9146-9147  . ,S. 279-1944  .8. 1083  VACUUM   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barker   Sys.   1967   Nnpier   St   H1110  Barr & Anderson, 10OO Homer St S. 6180  E.   G.   Bln.ckwell.   108   Alexnnder  St...S. 1733  Duntley Store, The, 732  Hastings W..S. 1106  Earle,   E.   A-   417   Rogers  Bldg    S, 5476  WATERPROOFING       '      '   ������     ���������  Eldrldge,   A..:H- ,417.. Loo'Bldg.   . .Sey.r 2015  . WATERPROOF COMPOUND  Carter Dowar Crowe, 922 Met. Bldg.. .S. 9422  Cullen, E.G., 41. Pacific Bld������...S. 2330-502.1  C. Gardiner Johnson St C0.....S. 91,46-9147  W. N. O'Nell'& Co., 548 Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479S  Paterson .Mfg. Co.. '10th '& Arbutus. .B. , 772  Warrington .&  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 4912  WELDERS AND CUTTER8  Compressed Gas. Co., 571  Howo St.   . .S. 4216  WINDOW  SCREENS  Cooder Cnn.  Rustproof Scrn,  Sth Av.  Xc Glen  XV. N. O'Noll & Co., 548 Sey. St...S. 4795-479S  WINDOW SHADES  Bowes.  F.  XV.  Sc Co.,   Granville S.     843  Grandview Mfg.  Co.    1330) Venables. .H..- 130  WIRE ROPE  Anglo-B. C. Agency, 318 Homer '. .is. 3425  B.C. Eqp. Co.. 606 Bnk Ottawa.R. 7056-7818  E. G. Blackwell, 106 Alexnnd-er St.-,!������,.r>������-"  Cullen, E.'G- 418 Pacific Bldg.. .H. 2330-5021  C.   Gardilner Johnson   & Co S.   9146-9147  Prior. E. G. Se Co- 869 Bentty St S.   380  Ritchie Con. St Sup. Co., Oranvl. Bdg..S. 91'82  R. V. Winch & Co., Winch Bld...S. 279-1944  Wilkinson   Co.,   846   Beach ...S.   7916 |'iUiij;r,s;,Asa,,&K?!Wi:jK������Jf'M  ti--vi'v-_������ia:W!'>:__n-j  r  J;    ,.    PHONE3.' ''SETratOTO" ' 3153  714-718 BICHABDS ST.  ;jVf^TOgSr ^^ GRATES  Pfebrie Seymour 6180  10GO Hohier St.   .  Vancouver S. C.  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO.  BTew' Duncan Hall."  ��������� Hall, Duncan, 'B.' Cj.���������Construction will  begin, at once oh the new agricultural  ball: for, which contracts' have already  heeri  rewarded. '       v.-,  ���������  First class Architectural Assistance  rendered. ; Residences, Apartments,' Office Buildings, Perspectives, etc. Wobd,;  332 17th Ave: E. , . 6t  . General Contract  Public Woyks  Contractors  Otfice: 813-JBt 5 BpWej Bldg! Vancgtiver BC.  " C. E; Shover  Sand   Gravel  and  Bulfdins Material  *Phone Seymonr 1366.   Offloe and  Wharf  ,  969 JBaln gtyeet   ���������   MAYNARD ELECTRICAL  SUPPLY Cb; '���������  Wholesale  Phone Us Yoay Order    ;    '  Homer Arcade 365 Cordova St. VT.  Fhone:  Seymour -4207  The Hodgson Plumbing  & Heating Company, Ltd.  Plumbing, Hot Air and Hot Water Heating  Agents Fur The  PEASE " ECONOMY " FURHACE  1154 Bnrrard St. Sey. 2412  XOCAL TENDEBS WANTED '  Besldonco, Point Grey���������Architect J. S.  D. Taylor, 513 Granville st, has completed plans and will receive general  contract tenders for the erection" of n  2 1-2 sto residence on King Edward  Boulevard in Shaughnessy Heights, for  Dr. W.'T. Barrett, 709 Dunsmulr st.-The  coit.wlll run about $11,000.  Bldg will have a fulL stone basement  and frame construction with shingle exterior; garage in connection. ,  ' Specif, call for four baths, oak .floors  throughout downstairs, oak panel and  beamed ceiling in the halls, mahogany  panel and beamed ceiling In the dining  loom, bed rooms and drawing looms to  be finished In white enamel; hot water  heat, _ '  ' City" Blag's, Vanconver���������City Clerk,  Wm. McQueen will receive tenders, until  4 p.m.. May 30, for the erection of a  "creche" bldg on Haro st, also for an  "Old People's Home" bldg. in Hastings  Townslte.  Archt A. Williams, Metiopolitan bldg,  drew the plans for the "Home," and  lArchts. Perry & Fowler, Paciflc bldg.,  drew the plans, for the "creche." Plans  at Archts'  ofllces.  Sub-Contracts and Matorlals  McXiEAN  A POWEMi  , ai&aufaotareito of  SASH WEIGHTS  Ash Doors *������* Damps  Palrmont 1548' 398 Dufferin W.  t Heating' ��������� The scliool board has  tin own out tenders previously received  ���������for the heating equipment for the West  Kitsilano school, and have reinvlted  proposals, to be received until noon,  May 26.  I Painting1.���������Sec. F. M. Jones, " of the  Milner Hall Co, Ltd., of Milner, B. C,  |W1II receive tenders until noon, May 26,  :Jor painting the Milner Hall.  P. E. HARRIS & CO., Ltd.  Passenger AND Freight Elevators  1  Alternating Current Motors'  KenYln Stock   .,  107 Crown Bide:., a   .. -���������   '   *���������*��������� "j?  THE*  UOMINION  DOCK  &  SUP?LY  CO., Ltd-  RBrJFORCINQ'  '    l, :4   ,1 i (.  COMMON  tar.  MCtAt,'  SOB-  Rfchaftfe  3714-  c.c.mcE&co.  pfaii^ringfcontraetors  Btncoo','W;orl5 a Specialty;  f    .i, TBHT US. _ '-   ���������,._  ios3 yich������rda,st.. ������������������_t_t____  OUTSIDB BUH.PIKO TENDERS  Normal School, Victoria���������The department of woiks, Victoiia, will receive  tenders for the erection of the proposed  normal' school at that city, until noon,  June 2. Tenders were received once before on this bldg but were rejected, and  the archt, W. C. F. Gillam, North West  Tiust bldg, this city, Instructed to revise the specifications.  1 Upon the basis of the new specifications it is understood that the cost of  the bldg should run close to $300,000.  his is a more costly "hldg than was at  r~t contemplated i ,  The bldg which has been.described on  everal occasion? In the, Building Record  ill   bo   of   fireproof   construction   and  thoroughly equipped. ,  | Plans and specif, can be seen at the  offices of the government agents in,this  city and New Westminster' cr at tho  dept of public worksfVictorla., /  School ildfl*., Victoria���������The board' has  decided to proceed Immediately with the  erection of 8 rm fr school bldgs. in'the  Hollywood' and   Fernwood  districts.'-  Archt.   C.   E.   Watklns   was   also   Instructed   to  prepare  plans  Immediately  for an S rm school bldg for North Quadra st. '  i    '       .              >  Warehonse, Haney���������The United Farmers Ltd. are calling tenders for the erection   of  a   1   sto   24x100'fr  warehouse  ,������..  GRANDVIEW  Sheet Metal; Works  Warn, .U*\!������������������������������**  menace* and ������*aers-r***bls*  11^5 venables 'Bi.- .       Highland 643  EMPIRE .HARDWOOD  FLOOR CO.  Sey. 9188    2nd floor 634 Dnnsmair St.  CAMPBELL BROS.  CONTRACTORS  bldg.  Bathhouse. Banff���������Sec h Pereira. ot  the dept. or the Interior, Ottawa, will  receive tenders until noon. May 30, for  the construction of a bathhouse at  Banff.  .flans and specif may be seen at the  ofllce of Archts Painter and Swales,  Leigh-Spencer bldg, this/ city; also at  the offices of the Agents of Dominion  Lands at Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg.  FOR EXCMTIHt AXO TEAMIKG  Highland 453 1623 Blsmark  ACME PLUMBING & H'TG, CO.  131 10th Ave B. Pair. G37.  | MURRAY BROS.  PI.UOTI-VG AND  HEATING  I 721_Kaln_S Phono Bey, 6614  lock-up  Bldgs,, Victoria���������J.  E.  Griffith", public works engineer, at the Dept.  ',   "C'V-Ohe  six  panel' switch I>. ard. ...  , ."IV'TT-One.r series    Tungsten', lighting,  system.'.  ". ,      ,-.k": -s.-. ��������� ���������. ,���������'-������������������ .b.-yyy  I'B"���������Transmission   lines   and'  underground/cable. '".��������������������������� ���������"   -   s ���������'.'���������'��������� ''   "���������'.    ���������������������������'���������  "JF"'���������Two ��������� vertical vmviltircylinder internal -combustion 'engines/.1..- ��������� *;"������������������  BIBo. Mach., Kaioloopsr-By City Clerk  Carment, until noon, June 12.'for hydroelectric power .plant',equipment, lncludr  ing' water wheels, generators, exciters,  transformers arid switching; equipment;  specif.' from DuCane, Dutcher,r& Co.,  consulting engineers, Rogers Bldg., after  May i,5. .'���������'.,.   ,   ��������� '' .  Paving*, Vanoouvei>���������The city clerk has  been Instructed to call for tenders Immediately on the following paving work:  4th Ave.���������56 ft. asphalt from Vine to  Alma road; creosoted wood blocks from  Vine to Balsam,' and vitrified brk blocks  from Balsam to Stephens,; estimated  cost, .$212,887.  South Cambie st���������56 ft. asphalt from  Dufferin to Broadway; vitrified brick  blocks from 7th to Broadway; asphalt,  66 ft., from 10th to 16th: brick blocks  from Broadway to 10th; estimated cost,  $125,810. ������������������.'.''  Heather st���������30 ft. asphalt from 12th  to '16th; . concrete from . Broadway to  12th; estimated cost, S37:270.  East side of Vain et���������28 ft. asphalt  from 18th to 25th; estimated cost, $33,-  493.  Vlotoria Drive���������42 ft. asphalt from  Hastings to Victoiia drive; vitrified brk  blocks from Powell to Hastings; estimated  cost,   $217,095.  Commercial Driye���������45 ft. asphalt from  Broadway to 12th; estimated cost,<.%?!,-  759.  Venables st���������3fi to 39 ft. asphalt from  Vernon drive to- Glen diive; estimated  cost, $13,466.  Vernon Drive���������36 to 39 ft. asphalt  from south side of Hairis st to Venables st; estimated cost, $9352.  Glen Drive���������36 ft. asphalt from Union  to Venables st; estimated cost, $3809.  Bnrrard St.���������Paciflc to Drake sts, vitrified brick blocks; Pacific to Seaton.  65 ft. asphalt (except a central boulevard 18 ft. 6 in. in width from Pacific  to Seaton, exclusive of street intersections);  estimated  cost,  $144,436.  Hasting. St.���������56 ft. creosoted wood  blocks fiom Victoria drive to Nanalmo  st; estimated cost, $75,907.  Hastings St.���������56 ft. creosoted wood  blocks from Nanaimo to Renfrew; estimated cost, $153,452.  Union St.���������41 ft. creosoted wood blks,  from Campbell ave to' Vernon drive;  estimated cost $47,373.  Helmoken St.���������36 ft. creosoted wood  blocks, from Granville to Homer sts;  estimated cost,  $18,398.  Drake St.���������36 ft. creosoted wood blks  from Granville st to east side of Homer  st;  estimated  cost,  $20,960.  Water St. (resurfacing)���������41 ft asphalt  from Cambie to Carrall sts; estimated  cost,   $36,135.  Alexander st, (reaurfacinff)���������41 ft. asphalt from Carrall st to a point 271.26  ft., west* of Main st; estimated cost $20,-  256.  ' The city engineer also asked that provision be made to lay sewer and water  construction'on these sts. in advance of  the paving.. ���������  Power Plant, Calgary���������Renders for the  addition to the municipal power plant  at Victoria park win-be called for immediately from Montreal where Mr. McCall, chief engineer for the'power station, went'to confer with'power expert,  R. A. Hops. , v,  The additions to ttie(plant consisting  of gas flred boilers and'tui bine generators of 6600 h.p. for next fill or a total  capacity ^or civic u/*es of 12.600 h.p., alternating current' and 2000 h.p. dlrec:  current', for,the.~Street, railway. \  " _E_   OFFICIAL  Architectural       7jC^������^f^|^^ ^ "������������������'������������������"Ic.l  7____ri_7^7 -_'i_������i_Jf'"*y_.S-i'l ',;"/fe:'4_F������L,i;    "-ill '.ri-   :      VUfc  7 ['.'.-  Derricks  i;-*-''^*������>������rrS-.^*y-"  Phone 164.  y-yy^in^,, .  Boilers.   ,,  "7 T.O.'Box 1910'  DEPARTMENT  OF  WOBXS  NOTICE  TO  CONTBACTOBS  Normal Sohool, Victoria  Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender  for Normal School, Victoria," will bo received by the Honourable the Minister  of Public-Works up to 12 o'clock noon  of Monday, the 2nd day of June, 1913,  for "the erection and completion of a  Normal School Building at Victoria, B.C.  Drawings, specifications, contract, and  forms of tender, may be seen at the offices of the Govrnmcnt Agents at Vancouver and New Westminster, and at the  Depai tment of Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoiia, B.C.  , Intending tenderers can, by applying  to th'e undersigned, obtain one copy of  the drawings and one copy of the specifications for the sum of fifty dollars  ($50).  Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted bank cheque or certificate  of deposit on a chartered bank of Canada, made payable to the Honourable tho  Minister of Punllc Works, for a sum  equal to five (5) per cent, of his tender,  which shall be foifeited If the party  tendering decline to enter into contiact  when called upon to do so, or 16 he fail  to complete the work contracted' for.  The cheques or certificates of deposit  of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to thpm vpon the execution of the  contract.  Tenders will not be consldored unless  made "out on th" foims supplied, signed  with the actual --ignature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.  The  lowest nr any  tender not neces  sarily accepted.^  V. E. OBZPPXTH,  Publlo Works' Engineer.  Department of Public Works  Victoria. B.C. 12th May. 1913.  ..���������j )���������. .'.U.Ui/piwg??}"  Montreal' ..���������<������������������ ������������������-.---   London;7: Ea&y-rri-r'.. :���������-,';; j Toronto   .-''. Vancouver  ROBERT W. $00.:*������'CO., Limited;  ���������    INSPECTION    , !,;,.,    TEBM,'.;..;,;,!.:::.:t.j CONBUBTATIOir  INSPECTION OP EWfilNEBBING MATEBiAIS.  Physical and Cement.,Testing: Laboratories and bfflces.  Seymour 2199. s Bank, of Ottawa - Blilg. Vancouver, B. C.  MACHINERY DEALERS  CONCRETE MIXERS. ST EEL CARS; Tlt\]SlisMlSSiC>^ANI>  CONVEYING MACHINERY, ROCK CRUSHERS. MINING MACHINERY.  FOUNDRY, EQUIPMENTS;  PUMPING MACHINERY, ROAD MACHIN-.  ..  ERY, ETC., ETC.*  Fhone Seymour 9040 Offices: 606-607 Bonk of Ottawa Bid*.  Warehonse i 10B9 Hamilton Street.  "CABOTS QUILT"  ,   THE SCIENTIFIC HEAT INSULATOR'  and  Phono Seymour 512  SOUND DEAOENER  HENRY DARUNG  ,28 Powell St  'J,i  COLIN F. JACKSON & CO,  Wire Rope -for Crane Work  Raiis and Dump Cars  PHONE SEYMOUR 60o\,  ,. ,. ,   >ANCOyVBit, ������. ft J 385 WATE^ST,  T  ���������-",   > I     .     '"'  CITY OF VANCOl/VER"  TENDEBS FOBOLD PEOPLE'S HOME.  Tenders will be received bv file undersigned up to Friday, May 30th. 1913,  at 4 p.m., for the construction of Building for Old People's Home.  Plans and specifications can he obtained at the Office of the' Ardtttects,  Perry & Fowler, 320 Pacific BUIldlng,'  for the sum of $25.00, $15.00 of which  will be returned on'receipt' of plans and'  specifications.  A deposit of "an amount 'equal to 5%  of the Contractprlce aiusf be made with  each tender by' marked chetfue, payable  to *the City Treasurer, which amount  shall be forfeited If' the party tendering  declines to enter Into contract wheh call-"  ed upon to do so, or if-'he faii to com  plete the  work  contracted  for.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  "forAt'' MiQ#BBW,  City Clerk.'  Ctly Hdll, May 20th, 1913.   '  irWe, are the, sole 'Manufacturera  of a Machine ��������� Made ' Glazed  Cement  .7'   L. .j,_'.  .t> -;vC. ,    ������. i      .1.  a  Sewer: f^lpe In" British Columbia.'  DOMINION GLAZED CEMENT PIPECOV,:LTD:  Offleai   Dominion    Bldg.,   Vanconyer, B. o.    Phoney Sey. 8^89 ,     ,  * '  SCREENS  COODER CANADIAN RUSTPROOF SCREEN CO.  Screens for Residences,' Apartments/Hotels, Restaurants;,  ' Mabte'to'Ord'er.': '- , , Blade to Pit;1  Iastjaslori'ff^as^th.' honse.  itdk asgood &3 thehoHsey  SKade la Vanoonver. < Factory  and  OSlcei  Eighth Ave. and Chen Drive  ���������^      r ,-���������  i  " v,r    ��������� -    '^-r*���������^wwwn ja gi j. ^ jawwBt**B*wrar*w������  OOVERMJCtlNT tjrtB'ltoBBiBl jffAJ^ttBir.  Motor Boat, VlBtoria���������Dep. 'Minister of  Marine and Fisheries, Alex., Johnston, of  Ottawa, will receive tenders until June  10 for the construction of a motor life  boat 36 ft in length; plans and specif  frdm Marine and Fisheries dept. at Victoria.  Snaff'Boat Hull���������C. C. Worsfold, dls-  -      - in  trict engineer,    with    headquarters  of" PublicWorksi "yictorla," Vs now receiv- ^ew WestAiinster, will receive proposals  i .***?*��������� if,*  EOWAKD T!IWrV30NS  SLATER a ROOF TILER  838���������7th Ave. W.   Phone Pair, 12871.. I  WE BUILD ANYTHING  From a Bungalow  ���������!'���������   , To:a.Skyscraper  EXPERT BUILDERS & FINANCIER^, LTD.  Sey.' 738i.;.......7 ...830-21 Bpirers Bids'.  TH������ BURNSIDE :: ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  ���������        1037-33 OranyiHe 8treet  '   ,,   Telephone Seymonr;37p4,  EDW. i- ARMSTRONG  ..,,:,     $heet Metal Contractor  CORNICE    , ROOFINQ       SKYLIGHTS  Warm. Air. Heating, a-Specialty  Phone Bay,.896 ',..     154p' Sth.Ave.. .W.  ing tenders for five lock-up bldgs., to ho  erected at Spence's Bridge, Terace. Sa-  vona. North Bend and Bella Cooia.  Specif, from the government agents at  the points named or from the Dept. of  Public Woiks, Victoria. Tenders on the  ���������venous contiacts will be received until: Spftnce's Bridge, May 12; Savona,  ���������May^O ^Terrace, =Mayi23 ;^North^Ben,  Mnv 10: Bella"Coola, May 19.  . Theatre, Victoria���������Pinner & McLellan,  428 Sayward bldg, Victoria, have been  awarded a general contract covering the  erection of the new McBride Theatre,  nt Rlnnclianl and Broughton sts, to cost  about $345,000. ' .      '        '���������'  The contractors are prepared to receive tenders for various trades in  t'.ie construction at their Victoria office  on and after May 19.  The plnns, by Avchts. P.ochofort. nntl  Sanhey, provide for a . fireproof structure, embracing steel, concrete, brick,  marble and stone mosaics.  The interior decorations arc to be un-.  usually elaborate and of very artistic  designs, with the central motif the maple leaf and provincial coat of arms in  medallions In the proscenium arch an;l  In the panel treatment of the celling.  "' The lighting is Indirect, on independent banks of "dimmers." Outside of the  main auditorium will, be women's drawing room, check rooms, smoking room,  manager's' offices' and aconiplete equipment of stage accessory quarters. : '  The entire interior and' exterior "Is to  be of as near fireproof construction as  it Is possible"to obtain. The equipment  will be entirely modern in every particular. :������������������;,'. ' 9  Kohlrcian & Ctark  BtriXDINO MOVERS  Bos. 1033 Howe St;1  . .Sfcy. .3993  MUNICIPAL .TBNDEBS'WANTTin.  sa  S'lnet Metal Works rs .:,..(  iul'Xuis, tiitiu. trnitii fofM'U,  ���������IF2 Seynioiw St.     Phone Scy. 44KR  - Plre Dopt,, Vanconyer-^'city, Clerk J!c-;'  Queen will receive tenders until 2' p;m.:  June 12, for oi^e combination hose wagon   and  chemical,  and. service  trucks, for the fire department.' Specif!'  at the office of the Fire Clilef, Fire Hal!  No. 2, on Seymour St.  ���������  Quotations f.o.b.-Vancouver. ,   ..  ���������' Elec. MaohM Calgary���������The Bown'p������������ Tn-  vestment   Co.   of   CPlntary.   will   receive  tenders until'5.p.m. May ,11. for the foi-:  In-n-in.qr wtinhiror.v nr"!  erniinrr'pnt:  .'i-/"A"���������-T*o alternating, current- generators:' - .'.'������������������������������������������������������  n-p.i���������Tv'ri   riiropt   f������r\v,r,f.^fpr*   exciters:  one motor driven.exciter set.  until 4 p.m., June 11, for constructing  a new hull and house for the snagboat  "Samson." Plans and specifications and  forms of tender can be <*een at the offices of C. C. Worsfold. dl=tiict enflneer,  New Westminster; J. L. Nelson, Super-  intendent^of"-DrtfdgeaTVal^o'fiyer'; ah'd;  W. Henderson, resident architect, at Victoria. '   .'   '<:���������.'"���������.. .  ClTY/OF VANCOUVER  "'        * .     A    TENDEBS TO* CBECBS.  COMPETITIONS OP-UN  Spa��������������������������������������������������������������� III    SJI  I  '       ll-SWIJUSS '  ���������^������J...t-���������������   __  rins, Bod .Dser���������By A. T  Stephenson, municipal sec.-treas., design  for coat of nrms for Red Deer; design  should embody the figure of a red deer,  and Rvnihnllze dairying; dP'lirns accepted up to June -1.    Prize .is'$25.  Boval ornWJoe Hospital, VJotorl'i'���������Th������  honnl of mgrs will .soon Invite competitive plnns from prnvinrlnl nrchifct--- for  "���������o proposed hospital blilg, to cost about  $500,000.  Tenders will be received^ by ���������the undersigned up to Friday, May130th. 1913,  at 4 p.m., for the construction of Creche  Building  on   Haro   Street.     ,  Plans ,and' specifications to *e 'seen at  the Office of the Architectf Mr.' A. sWilliams,  509' Metropolitan Building.  A deposit of an amount equal, to 5%  of the contract price must be made with  each tender by marked 'cheque, -payable  to the City Treasurer, which "amount  shall be forfeited If the party tendering  declines to enter into contract when  called upon, to dp po. or_if he fall to  compiete^t'heTw.ork^cdn.tracted.Jfoi-  .F**M#.���������"���������ittrtrtrfr-y -i*irfi*������'  DBNTNiaON XNTE^^CXZNO mtOO^'i  i'. ^..   i&WlU;VKke Tonr Hew Home An otiThes*.  iyy,:-^ .. ;���������  Costa Xtena Than Brick,    .. , ,..,  .   ,    . intubate?Cdat 3b������M Than Trame  FAR WEST CLAY COWMANY     t  AXiBO tKA'KMMB OT TX.OOB, TttB, PABTXTXON TKUB, MVO.  VT. T. SJonld, BoM.'Ayeat1  005 Xandon Bldg.  'wrjrsMiTH & son "  Heating Engineers  Steam, Hot Waters Vaonnm Systems  Phone Pair. 274-B     809-10th Ave. B,  GLOBE; IRON WORKS  -'.,, .^OTrA^TUBBAsyOP   r,  Oil Burning Machinery  Plants Installed and Repairsd  ItilS PANDORA ST., Cor. Salsbury  ipiione glgh'. 498    ���������    Vanconver. B.:C.  NOTICE  i  xns'pjBctxon or gas piping  Architects, Builders, and Owners are  notified that all gas. piping jnnst be  tested before walls are closed in. Otherwise this oompanV will not he ri'  sponsible for supplying- gas for. the  oiliidln?.: ' '-'"', '���������������������������'''y  ' 'A-'l   ��������� ���������     ���������'��������� 7       '.  ��������� ������������������'    ; .;,,,,  'Information  and . estimates re gat  piping- furnished without ohargre.  VANCOUVER GAS COMPANY  New Business J>opt.   Phone Sey, 500C  The lowest or any tender not necessarily, accepted. ,  ' Wit .MoQUEEN, ;  City C2erk.;  City. Hall,   May . 20th,   1913. ,  VANCOUVER SCHOOL BOARD.  Revlrod .tenders ere cnlletl for heating  the school.'.to be everted .-'on'. Block S,  West Kitsilano. Plans and specifications can be obtained at the Architect's  office. Board of School Trustees, on fl  deposit of $10.00 being made, same to  be returned on jilans being lianded In.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. ...'     ������������������>'-..'  A marked cheque for 5 per csnt. of the  tender must be.'forwarded with such  tender. '        . '      '.       '  j Form of tender attacTi'ed to the spec!?  flcations must, be filled in as stated  therein.   ���������  ! Tenders to'be In the hands of the unr  "dersigned not'later than 12 noon Monday, the 26th inst.'       ; '.: "N.y  } GERALD'UPTON,  :        v Secretary,7 School Board.  Jl..������..1" Ji1'.'!. 'V-7  HJI  ���������"  v      "1   ���������������������������'���������"  TP"  ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS  B44V������W4'������.'  *.*  Phoa.i? *iy; 194*.  7������51J  E. G. PRIOR & CO.  For Logging* Crane and A3! Purposes  Manufactured by Wm.'Cook & Co., Sheffield, England.  Phone 8ey. 386. ,   , 869Be������ty St.  BOLDUC OIL BURNING COMPANY  ���������Crude Oil Burning Plants Installed  Economical   Automatic   Regulation'  Oil   Bufnlng  Machinery and  Supplies       ���������>..  We Guarantee 33 1-3 per cent, saving  on  any plants overhauled  by  us.  See us Before You  Let Your Contract.       <  Fhone Sey. 4316  Vanoonver,' B. C.  Suite S3S, Rogers Bnilding  470 Granville St.  '������������������    ������������������    BM"   ������������������    ��������� ��������� Issued Without Any 'Delay   il    in    BB    ll    ������������������  CASbAtTVand PIRE INSURANCE  Seymour Mli,. V:,..r yy4r.Sj.P^EY"&"CO. 7-. i   180? Dominion Bldy,  NOTICE,  ;���������. A. Busolini begs' to announce .that he  has now severed his connection as manager with' the B.j C. Marble Terrazzo  Co. and will not-bfe responsible for any  new work contracted for.or any debts  that may be Incurred.'.by said firm.'  In future he . will carry ��������� on business  .cinder the. name of A. Busolinl & Co.,  at 640 Pender-1 St.. E;,:v phone Highland  1342. .and .by.-.supplying the hlgbesjt  grade ��������� of-;', materia Is .,and,������^workmanship,  he' trusts^to'rhfei'it tirev support of' thp  trade. ��������� ������������������ ��������� r  (Signed) .   A. BUSOLINI,  -,:  Vancouver,. 17th May,'19l3.y... .       .,  ^a^Lil.J7!  EraYKINliOF  mmm.y  '���������'���������(yyip p .'J ,;:*i.r,.  LOW FREEZING STUMPING POWDER  V  HEAD OFFICE  '-..'.  [ l.ip.iyy,  ;.'-, - 310 Richards St.     .yil.  Dally deliveries      . , .-Vahcoiiverv B.C.  to city excavation Jobs Phone Sey. 4105  Tenders are wanted by McDonald &|  J.Perry, 6^5 Smythe st, for tiie brick set-  "ting'o'f two'-RH'urfi'Tiibular'.Bcllera.     ,<  ALLTREE & CHURCHLAND  Electrical Contractors  'Phone, Beynionk 8707  97a''orMviWStreet -'��������� ���������  CARPENTERS  Contractors, Builders and  Others. Requiring . Carpenter*  RING SEYMOUR 1330  No'Office Fee* "Competent Help  FURNISHED  |A'i, ���������".,'���������:-  tiMiiryyip.  mi&ii"P>.s,  >'7:7: ���������'  j^.y.'.'^r'^y^..y^,'a?i.;4^faft������i5.^'-^W


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