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Daily Building Record Mar 15, 1913

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 #fr.  1  SHE ONLY DAILY BTJiraHTG NEWSPAPER US' CASADA  ^BD������aiB^.        ^n^a* *V *n������     e*M_aa ^    i OB________ V-c^ ej_H_.   ______ .  _______ _ "  Record   Publishing   Co.,   Vancouver,  Publishers  1    '     -    4.2 - >    ... - - ���������  Covering British .Cloluinb'lla, *;,' -  \  ��������� {PHONE Sey. 9422 - 8942  922-5 Metropolitan Bldg.        Vancouver B. C.  PRIVATE 'E^gHANGE~ SEYMOUR 4795.  *������*������<<-  548, 550 SEYMOUR STREET  Davie and Hamilton Streets  Warehouse and Glass Dept   PLATE,;SHEETS, WIRED  !   N        ������ ' PRISMATIC UNITS AND SHEET,  t *2V ' ' '     MIRRORS; BEVELS, SANDBLASTING  .SILVERING, IN FACT EVERYTHING .;'    *     ,  j PERTAIlpNG TO AND WITH GLASS,  ~       i, LEADED AND COPPER ART GLASS  3. C. Manufacturers of the "EASY SET" System of Store Front Construction  EstimatesiFurnished Designs Submitted  Ttf  5>  ie-  FtASTIC FLOORING  V/ATSOKITE FLOORING  SOIPac'ificBldg.     Se.y.8144  TROY,ROOFBNO CO  1 Tar and-Gravel Roofing  Water  Proofing  Roof Repairing  All Work Guaranteed  ,  Fhone Seymonr 7417.  814 Mptropolitan.Bldfl.  taMBUiaynMfli^nHuam-HBMaBr-WHwann  "'  t  I A  .9X3  > ���������.* iitAmmyZgAyi^  AliZMAm  ~7 ,     WE HAVE,SfcECIAL CBANE EOFES POB CONTBACTOBS.  ,*���������-,-������,,*,{   ���������*  THE ANGLO-BRITISH COLUMBIAN^GENG^/Ltcl.  Phone Seymour'3425   <  Sole Agents,  '    "    '318 Homer Street"  H  . *    -a*i* -*tr     t t f f -    -  r  'BISCO AND SAMSON BRAND RUBBER ROOFING AND ATLAS INSU-  . '  ,        ,      . LATING PAPER; V   '  WE HAVE TOST BECBIVEB A LABGB STOCK, MANUFACTUBED OF HIGH GBABB MATEBIAL  EXPBESSLY POB "D-sry GET,SAWPLES AND FBICES FBOKC VS ON/TOUB BEQUXBESSENTa  RITCHIE CONTRACTS & SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMITED  Fhone Seymonr 9162,'Private'Exchange. ^     Offico and Bankers, Granville Street Bridge.' '  BUILDING PEBMITS AMOUNTING TO 81,000 OB OVEB   ISSUED AT TH'E VANCOUVEB CITY HALL YESTEBDAY.  Number.              Deccrlpt  Lon.  I ooms  Coat.  $2000  Stieet Address.  '      '  (i7G   Gianville   St  Xiot and Bloolc.  4CuO���������lepali   btouij "and  ^531���������alter  res  ,  $1000  103.1 Nicola St '  4552���������altei   apmt  r  $2 COO  2nd ave and Paik di  ..  ���������*  4533���������2  sto  fr res  $2500  *367S  14th  ave W  D���������101  4553���������t.vo 2 sto  fi   ies  .  $900i)  3S35-45   Sophia   St  10��������� 7S  *       r  s                             ,  t  i  -,  \  Subdivision.  Architeot.  Contis  Owner  Contractor.  Address.  Dixon  ic Muiray  -V   Sliavv  1065  Dunsmuli   St  510  t  I  Thorn  on  &   Jone-*  Owners  Coptrs  1  T  B  Helliwell  ���������  301  Blown  & Miller  ���������  HilIcrestJPO  11  i  -L  '  i  1  \        v     >  ,  ,                  r  ,  *-*           '  /  i  Owner.  Address.  John  Mahon  K   C.   Shaw-  Mr. Gascoy  Trltes & Co  Thos.   McCrossan .  .,    975   Gianville-St  1053  Nicola  St.  i  2nd ave and Park di  .. 3662  14th ave VT.,  .   .      s.   . .    Bute   St  Seymonr 8*8>  ii  / "V  \'*       M-Hf       ^'s*  XINITED  pttEttMMA*  LAROErSTOCKALW/kYS ON HAND  ' Can Make immediate Delivery >  .  ���������*i  "USE BLACBWELL'S; LINES"  E. G. BLACKWELL  108 ALE2CANDEB STBEET,  .      '   -,, -is- ��������� * ,.  r |   -* Vancouver, B.-O."'-   ''  w v j1; Fhone Seymonr 1733.-  l ~,t i -- ������<-".. \>> '���������^y'.i t.   V  tn Builders', and .Contractors* Supplies.^  .,  ..     Metal tath^, Metal ������Cellings.a.      I  -, '" Corner" Bead', tool and Drill Steel.)   i  Willamette Donkey .Engrlnea. 5  .'-.!"   BlalaaeU-VaennnfcCleaoere..,7    $  See me about Beady BOOPING.   t,havo the^ost In the-inarket-Vi,  Bogardys, WScke&is, UmifecS,  '2     Vi.  A t, >.,'  i 'Glass Importers and 'Manufacturers.  B. C. Manufacturers" of Hester store, front  construction.  7385-6  1000-Homer St.  Canadian Pacific Lumber Co. Limited  The' attention   of   Architects,   Contractors   and   Builders   is   called  to the NEW ERA REVERSIBLE WINDOWS, which we- are now manu-"  *- i  factu'rersof.   Call at our factory-and see them and'learn of-their many  advantages over any other-windows made.' ~  ' Factory: ��������� Foot of Salsbury Drive.  Branch? factory at 1618 Third Avenue ,West, Fairvicw. Vancouver, B. C.  M.     ^ SEYMOUB 4901      *   ~  - 'UiSrB'M  EDMONTON  SEWEB AND  1/  PAVING   CONTBACT..   SET  i  Coi tiact*i   involving   mile   than   ?2,-  000,000 have been awaidol by th.* citv  cpiriulssioneis of Edmonton foi paving  ami Hunk sewei constiuction Thercontracts for paving covei 75,000 squar������  j aids of completed paving, 100,000 sii  yd4' of surface paving and tv,o miles of  bevveis, langing from four to eight ft  in-dlametei, all In tunnel'woik. ,Th"  first named conti acts were awarded, to  the National Paving Co at $2 65; a sq  >d. and the second went to the Woi~-  wick Paving Co   at $105 a sq   yd.  VTli1  commissioners  have an-unawarded'con-  i    .,     , -    ,j  tiact   for  100,000   sq   yds , of surfacing  to be laid between car tracks, which will  (bo leconstiucted this season     The sev.  cr  contracts^ weie  awarded  as  follows  H     Uhlen,    $404,632,    $247,174;    D.   AT,-  Gairy Co,  $398,150; Lyal^ MUchellJ2o.,w  $3187297; ~$*223*643- and  $177 931.  1820 Rictavds St.^   J. FYFE SMITH Sc CO.  Plione Sevmour 1196  EVERETT SASH & DOOR CO.  < I .        t       A (  Manufac.Jiers of all kinds'of Interior sanded-finish and lumber and mould-  , 'lug's sash and doors,   cabinet < work,  otc.  ,    ,' *        DETAXL WOBK A    SPECIALTY.      , ^   '  Estimates furnlBhed from plans and specifications.  Sey. 4U     .. "  311" North West Trust Bldg1. G. A. Boll, Mjfr.  ���������*-  ���������    ..  ���������������!  a. -������%"���������   Ml  .A I  ���������   I-  OIL  westerasieamnrunTianisuoruar  1010   DOMINION    .BLDG. Sey. 7676  MACHINE SHOP XST BASEMENT. OP 109 POWElIi ST.  Entrance in rear Fhone Sey 3733  N i  DECIDE'ON  COMPETITIVE  SCHOOL BUILDING PLANS  VICTORIA���������The school boaid has decided to select plans In open* competition fiom aichitects for four school  bldg", two S loom bldgs at North Quadra and Hollywood, to cost $55,000 eath,  -fiom one set of plains, and two 6 loom  bldgs at James Bay and Hillside to cost  $,T),000 each, the usual commission for  fil't and; $100 piemium foi  second prize.  Wliethei tho competition will be opfn  to aichltectsioutsido of Victoiia has not  been  detei mined v  Conditions aie that nidging shall be  done by two architects, one named bv  the sohool boaid and one by the Victoiia I  VANCOUVEB BUILDING FEBMITS  ^nly^ Permits amounting: to less; than  SlOOOi trill be found'under this head.  4554���������E   C. Randell, 1 sto fr res, 3111  29th   a\e   E  PO,  contr,  f.  ,   A.   E  $350. '  MaclvEarles  road  MATEBZALS TO BE USER.  4553^���������1500  br,  400 jds pi,  8 bbls cmt  4555���������1000 br, 2000 >ds pi, 8 bbls cmt  WANTS TENBEBS FOB -'     _   '  ~ -   b SEWEBS.AND.CLEABXNG  ,'   Municipal   Clerk  Heighway,   of  Point  Grey, will receive tenders until 6 p. m  f i ^ i i  ������������������March   24   for   clearing   a   road   through  lot 17, Block "D," D. L. 319, teasterlv  fiom Dixon Road; also for laying/,1820  ft. of sevveis; specif, fiom municipal engineer.  ; ^NIONIRON WO$KS;  IBON WQBiC OF ALL-DESCBXPTIONS  Fair. 2173.       14S-8 Lorna^St.f near, Main  ALL'KINDS'  OF GLA88  Western Plate Glass  -    & Imp. Co, Ltd.  ^ MG.,o^iipB? wa,jsrAram,4w. <  PlfiTE GLASS - . WINDOW GLASS  ..- Leaded-Art Glass. ' ny}  Thome.^SSetfi tfttaai Front Mn",  Mfg, Co.  ..   . Toronto, Ont.  ��������� . G._E.%BRENDAN-A.������0'iV  ISeVl 6910*    ' T^ZIO Tender-Bti-VT.  BRITISH COLUMBIA  ,' HABDWOOD; F������OOB CO.  -    'Floor Layers -and -DsslgBezi   _.  .Bey. 6863���������Bay. 139B. 8B7 Oranvllle St  DEFABTMENT OF WOBKS A .-  |V , i, / INVITES PUEL,TENDEBS  *��������� The Dept of Works, Victoria, ,will ie-  celve tendeis ^until jioon,_March 2G,^^or  supplying 420 tons (long)' of the tfest  B C coal to be dellveied at the Pailia-  ment bldgs., Government House and  Court House In Victoiia. i  C. Gardiner Johnson & Company  .   P   1    "5   >    I  BUILDINa MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS.  MT. DIABLO CEMENT.  , SAMSON PLASTEE.  PLASTER^BOAED. ^  SHERAEDIZED, METAL LATH AND CORNER BEAD;  i\  TERRA'COTTA, FACE' BRICK^FIRE-BRICK;  '    -r      ",''        ^ ',   "iK   rAyy.   ' i  MALTHOID ^ObFi^G,  pH  -:"4l  ''A  BUILD JEBICHO CLUB  HOUSE BY DAY LABOB  Archts. Maclure & Fox, 744 Hastings  VT., have completed plans for a new  1 1-2 sto. frame clubhouse for the-Jeil-  clio Countiy Club, at West Point Grey,  tc cost about $21,000, and work will he  undertaken immediately by day labor    w  Canadian BuiSders SuppJy Co., Ltd.  '   ^       Bejders, la,, - ��������� ,,.    ,   ,  , SCREENED SAND AND GRAVEL,,  CRUSHED STONE, LIIV1E, CfeMENT ETC.  Jifflee,  901 Georgia St.  ���������Sey. 7175-  Busker*  Bey.   -40M  4HWS  Chaptei   of Alchltccts  Vancouver IVflarbfle & Tile Co., Ltd.  UNDER OUR'NEW MANAGEMENT PROMPT ATTENTION IS ALWAYS  ASSURED.   THEREFORE LET US HAVE YOUR ENQUIRIES  '  ABOUT   MARBLE  AND TILE.  PHONE SEYMOUR 1518 848 BEACH AVE.  103 Winch Bulletins Phone Soymour 187 ��������� 5929  ."EMPIRE" PLA8TER I  .  CALIFORNIA "GOLDEN GATE " CEMENT.  1 Partition T������Ie For All Building Purposes  REINFORCING-and STRUCTURAL STEEL.  STEEL YARD, COR.  RAYMUR  AVE NUE AND CORDOVA ST. E.  7Lime, Fire Brick, Tin Plate, Pig Iron, Etc.  2=  BOOICING HOUSE ADDN.  TENDEBS ABE DESIBED  Aicht "Win Fiedeiick Gaidinei-, 347,  Pendei W, has completed plans and invites genonl contiact tendeis foi .i  3 !\.60 2 sto and basement liame addn to  be elected in the West End for J C  XVh I te '  Bldg is to be ��������� an addn containing  about 15 looms with cone basement, hot  aii   heating,   additional  plumbing,  etc  KAMLOOPS   POWEB  BOUSE CONTBACT LET  The contiact for the povvei house bid?-,  at Kamioops, a 1 sto 35\90 lelnf. cone.  sti tictui o, has been let to Johnson &  Co, of Kamioops This Is a pait of th.?  h>dio-olec-tilc Installation tor which DuCane Dutchei & Co, Kogcis bldg, aie  consulting englneen.  FALSE CBEEK DBEDGING  i WILL STABT NEXT WEE IE  The Pacific Di edging Co, which l.a,  obtained the contiact for di edging ap  piovimately 3,000,000 cubic yds in False  Cieek, will piobably have the first i,f  seveial di edges at woik on the job eai-  ly next week.  ORINAIVIENTAL  Electro PBatBregr  ELEVATOR SUPPLY & EQUIPMENT  .  CO., LTD.  [1090 Mainland, foot of Helmcken Sey.  2479 I  WANTS  FIGUBES  ON  HOSE AND UNIFORMS  City Cleik Millei, Calgaiy, will re  ceive tendeis until 5 pm Maich 2', f<"  5000 ft of 2 1-2 inch fire hose, 80 fi.e-  men'h   summei    unlfoims,   00   fiiemen's  rubbei coats and 90 pairs firemen's rub-  bei boots, samples to be submitted with  tenders.  HULL  IS DESTBOYED;  TO BEBUILD AT  ONCE  KAMLOOPS���������The mill of the Thompson River Lbr Co. has been totally destroyed by file, loss $30,000, insurance  $7,000.   Will icbuild at once.  "APOLLO" GALVANIZED SHEETS'  f ' .AND  AMERICAN BESSEMER BLACK SHEETS  \ Stock Carried in a Large Range of Sizes in Birmingham Gauges  CORRUGATED GALVANIZED SHEETS  In 6, 7, 8, 9 ancMO foot lengths.   WiLK!NSONJOMPANYJJMITED_y_  843 BEACH AVE.  Fhone Sey. 7915  Vancouver,  B.  O.  -  Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's  SYSTEM OF STATIONARY PLANTS  1  732 Hastings St. W.  Phono Sey. 1106  ' Vancouver, B. C.  Sole Agents  THE DUNTLEY STORE  ly'.bMMTE^M'biiW^iyAli-  INDIAN RIVER GRAVEL CO., Ltd.  WASHED and SCREENED SAWP and GRAVEL  1 Office and Bankers Foot of Baymnr Ave.  Phcre'Highland  176 (Next to Sufftir Beflnery)  TO LAV SIDEWALKS AT  , EXHIBITION GBOUNDS  Tendeis vvlll be invited soon by the  board of woiks for installing concrete  sidewalks tluoughout the grounds of  the Vancouver Exhibition at Hastings  Paik, to cost about $25,000  BANK OF MONTBEAL  TO EXTEND PREMISES  VICTORIA���������The   Bank  'of   Montreal  vvill eiect a 1 sto stone addn to its piem-  Ises at Government and Bastion sts  to  cost   $20,000,  Westholme   Lbi    Co,   cot  tiaLtoit., At A   Cox, aciht  JANITOR'S   HOUSE   CONTBACT  Chailes I Smalley has been awaided  a contiact to altei a 1 sto fiame janitors house In South Vancouvei to co<-t  nbout   $1000.  SELECT DBILL HALL  SITE  KAMLOOPS���������A  site   was   chosen  foi  HOTEL  ADDN.   CONTBACT  ALBKUNI���������The contiact foi the bldg  of a laige extension of the Albeini hotel  lias been let to R. Heaslip, who vvlll  commence woik immediately. The pio-  prietor, W. G McAllister, plans to make  it an up to date hotel with eveiy convenience.  POBT ALBEBNI ENGINEEB  ALBERNI���������H R Gariaid, of Taco-  ma, Wash, who was offered the position of electiical engineer foi the citv  has accepted and vviirairive about the  fir.st of next month.  WAI7T5  BASCULE   BBIDGE  VICTORIA���������Aldei man Cuthboit will  Intioduce a resolution callinr for the  installation ol a bascule lirt biidge between Lauiol Toint and the Songluei  leserve  the now dilll hall at the coinei   of 3id  ' ��������� o  ami  Nicola  st.  MOOSEJAW BYLAWS PASSED  MOOSE.IAW���������Bj laws   totalling   $230,  000   for   sowers,   paving   and   YW.CP.  bldg  have  passed.    The  grand  total  nt  money bjlavvs raised this 3 cai  is ?7"0,-  000.  KOEHRIIMG CONCRETE  MIXERS  ARE THE BEST.   ASK THE OPINION OF THE, .  60 Satisfied Users-In Vancouver  PRICES ON, APPLICATION  CANADA FOUNDRY CO. LTD.  1065 Pender St. Phone Seymour 571F  fsvttfAsrm imR&mtim  \m*mm^\M-j  .CANADIAN Van  ,'yYAN CCWVEP H;'y VICTOR! Av>G^  Gilley Bros., Ltd.  ���������*sas-  DEALEBSIN  CRUSHED ROCK, SAND AND GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  Phones IS tt 16 He* Westminster, B. O.  Electric Hoists,  Gasoline Hoists  And Elevators  in All Sizes  365 Water Street  Phone Sey. 323  ,0  ton1  A������Ai'A% .'/^irj-ax������Kv-(i:nr.tiOi2 a  m\V>  Pi     '  BSITISR COLUMBIA  MASUZ  BUZLDIHO  BBCOBD.  Published Dally Except Sundays  S&OOB9 rmxaarnxva covtamtI  Clyde M. David Business Manager  G. S. Costello_    Editor  1a. Walby...   .   _ Circulation Manage*  DAILY BUILDING RECORD  Address: 683 Homer-Richards Lane.  Rear of 481 Dunsmuir Street  Telephone Seymour 7S08  Subscription Price      -       $1 OO a month  Payable In Advance  VXCTOBIA   PEBMITS  March 19th.  E. Miles, owner and bldi, 5 im fi  ies,  Hulton st, $900.  D. H Balo, ow ner and bldr, 9 rm t:  les, 2 sto and basement, $5000, also C  im fr res, 11-2 sto, Catheilne st, $3300  ' Williams Theilse & Williams, owners  and bldrs, altei, bik store fiont, Bioad  and View,  $100  Bank of Monti eal, ovvneis, A. A. Co*,  archt, Westholme Lbr Co, bldis' alter  and addn to bank bldg, Government ird  Bastion,  $20,000.  J   W.  & W.  D.  Hiscott,  o-wners   and  bldrs, 5 rm fr res, 1448 penman, $1900.  Geo.  H.  Mabon,  owner,  Ma/bon  Bros.  bldrs, temper res, 1132 Carlin st, $200  Same, sanie,  4 rm fr res, 2666  Scott,  $1600. M 'i  9 > i March 13thr r  D. R. Banfleld, owner; A   W. Thompson,  bldr;  fr and cone  stable,   $160.  '      Mrs.   M.   Phlpps,   owner;   C    Phipos.  tildr,   7  rm] fr  res,   11-2  sto,"  Prior st,  $2000. ,-> |  ! Miss Carr, owner; A."' McCrimmon,  bldr,-8 rm fr rest 2 sto, 'st Andrews,  r$5000.  James Couch, .owner and designer; O.  E. Stokes, bldr; 8 rm fr res, 11-2 sto  and basemt; Stannard_ & Richardson,  $3600. '  ViCVORIA  Office - Sey. 279  Warehouse. Sey. 1944  99.5% PURE.  201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg  P A CI F IC MAKES SNOW WHITE WALLS.  L, I ''Ml' E SLAKES INSTANTLY.  PUREST IN THE WORLD CONSUMES MORE SAND.  Pacific Lime Company, Limited. Manufacturers  VANCOUVEB, B. C.  Phone Sey. 9506  Charaoter Estimated Cost Location  Owner Arohiteot Flans Beady  Ampt   bldgs   (detached)  Hotel         .   . .  Depot bldg. ....  Fertilizing plant & whaif  6 sto 40x120 brk hotel addn  6 sto teinf cone wihse  4  sto  50U20  brk apmt  dock  and warehouse .  Sisters of Good Shepherd...-..-  8 sto cons office   3-sto apt hse  ���������._ ,  School-Club ,  Power plant  $125,000  $100,000  $150,000  $60,000  SOUTH VANCOUVEB PEBMITS.  283A���������Ida  May  Field,  4386  Dumfries  I st, raise fr res, lot 11,-blk 6, DL  352,  , Jas. H. Free, contr, $300.  1      384A���������Lome   Cudmore,   159   12th   ave  . B, 1 sto fr res, lot 6, blk 9, DL 327A,  owner,  $100  '      385A���������Daniel   Robertson,   South   Hill,  1 1 sto fr res, lot 16, blk 1, DL 733, owner,  9300.  3i86A���������Trustees 'school   board,    alter  janitor's house, blk 707, DL 526,  Chas  j I   Smalley, premises, $1000, furnace.  387A���������Higgin,  Johnson & Klggin,' 2",1  '" 36th ave^E, 1 sto fr res, lot 2S, blk 9S4  i DL 526, owner,  $1800, furnace .  '      388A���������H   S   Manley,  881  Union  st,  1  1 sto fr res, lot 8,^blk'6, T>L-3i7,iowner,  $2200, hot water, fiieplace. ,  389A���������I   Halfijight, 417tli   dist,   1   sto  " fi  res, lot'13, blk C of 3,'DL1 336,  $500  '      391A���������E   H   Rose,  Cummerdene^ P O  j 1 sto fr ies, lot;9,.blk"4,DLK703, owner,  $,1800,  fireplace    j  394A���������Albert   Cookes,   4231   Sophia.   1  "   fr stores, lot 2, hlk 68, DL 302, owi\  $1800.f \       "  .,   ' ,?   ;  395A���������Ed   Peaver,. McCormack Can.ly  Factory,   1   sto "fr^res,  lot  21,  blk sub  r n.w. portion DL 720, owner, $1000. f  396A���������Henry  I   Phelp," 1002  Box,   So  Hill, 1 sto fr res, lot 26, blk 7, DL 655,  owner,   $1800, "furnace  and  fireplace  76,000  ,.$200,000  6U.000  . $70,000  696,000  Church   bldg      $130,000  6-sto  whse   bldg        36,000  7 sto reinf cone hotel _ $100,000  6 sto. offices  $50,000  6 sto brk hotel X-ew Westminster  3-sto  brk  stable       ...;..;.  6 sto reinf cone apmt $62,000.  6 sto brk and mill apmt    $50,000  Office bldg.'.... ...y. $100,000  6 sto brk apmt  5 sto brk, mill and steel .. ..  6 sto.  apmts   Steel & Cone. Transf. 'bldgs  Women's Club  ...'   Hippodrome    5-sto   brk  bldg. .    . .  4-sto. steel & brk apmt  .. .  Explosives  Plant  .       ...  Wharves   .. ._   Steel  Bridge   6-sto. brk. 66 ft. addn.   6-sto. brk & mill apmt :  Theological  College  bldgs  Church  bldg  Garage, 60x132 ..  T.WCA.  Home      1  Hospital  Wings  ..    . .]  Wharf / .    .  Parliament bldgs   Concr. theatre   10 sto exchange bldg    !.    .  19  sto  reinf  cone         Hotel   Depot -  .    '  Bridge    2,100,000  4-sto store & lofts         'B.OOO  10 sto office bldg $350,000  University bldgs      SjO.OOO  . $75,000  65,000  75,000  85,000  100.000  $200,000  $100,000  4 sto. concr. apmts,  3-sto  apmts      5-sto   hotel   bldg   4-sto brk apmts   8-sto steel Sc brk office bldg..  Brk 'and stone church.....'...,  6  sto  cone  apmts  8  sto brk and steel  10 sto   department,store bldg, $2 500.000  14 sto office bldg \L .   $760,000  Normal  School . .   .   $200,000  4  sto  brk  apmt bldg $80,000  4  sto  brk club ,bldg $10,000  7 sto cone rooming bldg $100,000  3 sto fi and br club bldg, $20,000  Schobl< $60,000  3 residences _ $10,000 to $25,000  3 sto mill const wrhse $25,000  Church/ L . . $100,000  8-sto reinf cone office bldg  Union Passenger Depot.  8 sto office bldg , .  Stone church  3-sto, 80\90, apmt  $50,000 Kitsilano Dr.  J.  S.  L.  McAlpIn  . $1,000,000 Prince Rupert Grand Trunk Pacific  . $1,000,000 Prince Rupert Grand Trunk Paciflc  " Skeena River���������Scot.-Amer. Oil & For. Co  Victoria   Dominion Hotel   Nat.  Drug & Cliem. Co.  Seymour near Helmcken....D.  Robertson  False Creek  H. A,  Forsyth & Co.  Point Grey    Hastings & Hornby E. A. Morris  Kitsilano  T. H. Calland  Haro  Church of Holy Rosary  Kamioops  City  '2nd   and   Larch Kitsilano   Methodists  .Water St Mivj. Montgomery  164 Cordova st E   'Hastings St E Mrs. C. Dawson  6th" St    Pioneer Laundry Richards & Smythe  624 Main st .' A. E, Suckling  .1004 Albert st H. S.������ Rowling  Homer & Georgia sis _ E. Mahon  Robson & Thurlow.....'.: ;..  Kamioops Kamioops Hotel Co  Eighth  Ave J., F.   Luno  Burnaby & Hastings....ii. C. Electric Co.  Thurlow St ���������.' Women's! Clubs  Gran. & Pac....Brit.-Can. Amusement Co.  New Westminster .'..Law 'A. Soong  Main near Gore  Barrett & Deane  Near Victoria .Victoria Chemical Wks  Burrard Inlet  .'.: Government  Georgia-Harris st   City  Water near Carrall  .'...W. H. Malkin  Hastings & Jackson....Morden & Thornton  Point ,Grey   ;   10,th  ave  W 6th  ave  Methodists  Bute & Georgia sts..-. E. Hobson  yictorla     Y.   W.   C.   A.  ...ii. '.  Vancouver Geineral Hospital  Adjoining sugar refinery Government  Winnipeg  .: Manitoba- Gobmt.i  Richards St Klaw & Erlanger, N. Y.  Seymour and Robson B. C. Tel. Co.  1100 Blk Richards W. A. Lightheart  Mt. Robson  .v.-.G.- T. ��������� E. Ry..  Pender   St .Great-' Northern  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Pender, nr Columbia. .Story & Campbell  Hastings  & Abbott A. Grossman  Point Grey Province  West End L. R. Lurie  No.   Vancouver '.... Stevenson   Bros.  $80,0d0  ... $150,000  .   $75,000  $450,^000  lee.oot-  ,.. $500,000  $60,000  $60,000  $1,000,000  $2,500,000  .   $431,600.  .   $75,000  $153,000  $500,000  $75,000  $20,000.  $150,000  $200,00,0  .  $600,000  $2 000,000  . $250,000  $250,000  $200,000  .. .. $2,060,000      $1, "  ,600,000  60,000  Powell  and Heatley st.  Jameson  & Duggan tenders  all   in  D. J. Myers  (Seattle) Soon  F. M. Rattenbury (Victoria) Soon  J. S.  D.  Taylor taking tenders  Fox Se Berrlll taking tenders  H.   S.   Griffith te������ders  closed  G. P. Bowie taking tenders  T. H. 'Bamforth Ready for Tenders  Wallington & Wheatley���������.Tenders closed  Thos. Hooper i Tenders closed  W. F. Gardiner  Tenders closed  J. J. Donnellan  Tenders closed  Dutcher-Maxvvell Several contrs. let  Thos. Hooper Taking tenders  H. B, Watson  _. Now  Otto Moberg \ Delayed  J. Dawson   Now  Gardiner Se Mercer Preparing  W.F. Gardiner  Tenders soon  Braunton   &   Leibert .'. Filed  Stuart & White .-. .-.taking tender.s  W. F. Gardiner  Soon  Emil Guenther  .*. Now  W. T. Whiteway : -...Spring  T.   H. ? Bdmforth.'. _    January  ���������������������������' Plans ready soon  Not .chosen    i '...'.   M. de H. Duval  ;v. .-. ���������*  Probably Gardiner & Mercer ���������.   Wm. Frederick Gardiner Tenders Mar. 12  Not selected      Not Selected    C. A. P| Turner Tenders closed  Not selected  _ Spring  Braunton  & Leibert Permit  issued  Not selected  _   Not selected    -Not selected    Soliciting  Funds   Not   Selected      Not   announced   F. W. Simon, Liverpool, Eng.-. : :. '  G. J.  McKenzie,  Agt.,  Seattle    steel   contract ,lct.  Owner   Spring  Company  .Spring  A. P. Hogeland, Ch. Engnr :..:... "Spring  John   Wolfe-Barry Now  W. T. Whiteway  ..Spring  Russell B. & Rice Tenders Closed  Sharp & Thompson Preparing  Jones Se Beatson Tenders in March-  Townsend & Townsend  Delayed  M. D. Campbell Delayed  Townsend  &  Townsend Delaved  Parr, McKenzie & Day Soon  Alexander Sc Brown Waiting fund-:.  H. B. Watson Tenders soon  Alberni st.... McNeil Bros.  200  blk,  Hastlnes E :   Carl and Pendei.. ..Church of St. James  Chllco St J. A. Russell  New Westminstei- Dominion Trust Co   .-.    Soon  Victoria   Hudson's  Bay Co. Burke,   Horwood   &   White   ....Preparing  Victoria Albion  Trust (Jo. H.  S.  Griffith Preparing ,  Victoria   :   Prov.  Govmt. W. C. F. Gillarn tenders soon  Victoria  A.  McCrimmon L.  R.  Hazeltine  soon  Prior   st B. ��������� C.   Electric   Co. Co.   architects tenders   soon  Alexander near  Carrall.:..Seamans  HomoHcllyer   &   Archer soon  1100 blk on Nel-on St  W. Able Stuart  &  White   .".'Tenders   soon  Magee (Point Grey)   School Board Claude P. -Jones   Tenders Soon  Victoria    .'  S.   McClure tenders  soon ,  Victoria : Scott   Se  Pedcn M. S. Farwall taking tenders  Victoria .'..First Baptist Church Jesse M. Warren, Vic Tenders Soon  $175,000   Victoria  R. T. Elliott Tesse M. Warren .; Feb. 15  $1,000,000   Victoria C. P. R. and C. N. R. Co. Engineers  No date set  $100.onn   Victoria German Can. Trust Co. No.further details available   $25,000   Victoria :....; St. Barnabas Jones    &   Beatson���������Arranging   finances.  75.000   Victoria i..Lindsay Sc Roberts Horel  & Roberts  .'...Undecided  8-sto   office   bldg..   .������       230.000   Victoria..' Dom.   Trust  Co. H.   S.   Griffith Indefinite  6-sto cone add.  10-sto office bldg  6-sto  bik aprnt"  3-sto theatre  10-sto office bldg  Theatie  bldg  10  sto  office bldg  60.000  Victoria '. S. Jones Thos. Hooper  Indefinite  $100,000  Victoria    .'..*. .:  Thos. Hooper Tenders soon  $160,000 Victoria   Harry  Hume W. T. Whiteway  Sooni  $rt 0,000 Victoria    .' A lex -Pantages Yelland & Riley  :  Soon  $250,000 Victoria  B. C. Electric Co. Yelland & Riley  Soon  $40,000 victoria Island   Amusement  Co.   Ltd.   Not selected   ,  $250,000 Victoria  .'.'...Weiler. Bros.   A. A.  Cox Soon  I   , OAK BAT PEBMITS  Permits were issued yesterday, bv thr  Oak Bay authorities to Geo Bell for a  store and ampt house with 34 rooms on  Oak Bay ave opposite the ^lunli ina!  Hall, which will cost $20,000, also to  Guy Tord for a 7 room house Beal cf  to   cost   $4000.  LIENS   FILED.  James Leighton vs Ernest .Mason, lots  .������-- 7-and-8,-blk-50,-DL-261a,_$ 125.85   .  .    .  Eburne  Saw  Mills  vs  J   J   Moravrc  lot 17, ne   sub of lot 3, blk 21, DL 526,  $225 05  The Vancouver Steno-tjpists  Public Stenographers  SPECIALTY  SPECIFICATIONS  i  Fhone Sey. 1980 313 Pacific Slag.  Fhone Fairmont 1158  MAX BERGER  ARCHITECTURAL   MODBLEB  ORNAMENTS  Of Flootor, Composition, Cement,  For  Interior  and   Exterior  Use.  ICODELS FOB STONE AND HETAL  ABTIPICIAL STONE  135   Broadway ..West   (Bear)  v,v.r  Y24IE POINT GREY  SUPPLY CO.  ALL BUILDSBS' LINS8  Scad Office: Kerrisdale St. Xt.  Fhone Ebnrns 46B.  MARSHALL & STEARNS  OSCILLATING     -  MORTAL  WALL BEDS  SIMPLE -. SANITARY ������ SUBSTANTIAL  PERFECT CONCEALED BED CO., Ltd.  ���������\  570   Granville    St.  > Boom 10G  Vancouver, B. C.  Fhone  Sey. 5092  WALL  SEAT  ROLLING  BEDS  TBE  FOLLOWING  TABLE   SHOWS  BUILDINGS COSTING .58000   OB   OVEB,     ON     WHICH     CONSTBUCTION    IS  UNDBB WAY, OB ON WHICH CONTBACTS  HAVE  BEEN  LET  BU.T   CONST SUCTION   NOT   YET   STABTED.  Charaoter   Cost Location    Owner Arohiteot       Contractor  10 sto office bldg '  Exhibition   (4  bldgs)  6 sto bik store and apmts ...   .  15 sto office bldg  4- to.   con   .office   bldg  12-sto  cone  office bldg  Provincial Gaol  6 sto addn dept stoie  5- to   brk   apmnt   .  3 sto brk apmt  S sto cone club bidg...".   Police Headquarters   4 'to -reinf  cone  10-sto  stoie bldg  ^lO ������-tO "=teel_& roncr offices   5-sto   steel & brk  addn  .  Steel  works  6 sto brk and mill hotel       2 sto new-paper bldg  2 sto mill const apmts  3 sto   bik   & mill  const   rooms  3 sto 80x100 mill const, apmt  4 bto brk and mill const      .    *���������  7 sto 100x132 theatre  8 sto bik and *-teal hotel  7 sto   concr. hotel \  10-sto hotel       7-sto   mill const  warehouse  Water extension      $250,000  Victoria .  .... B. C. Permanent Loan Co H. S. Griffiths ....Sound Construction Co.  $100,000 Hastings Park..-..'...'.;.:.:.'. Van.'Exhibition Contracts let..Van. Exhibition, Pac. bldg.  . $132,000 [71 Burrard   C. N. Davidson  Braunton & Leibert W. W. Jerrett  $800 000 Richards  &  Ha-stings....Inv.  Guar.  Corp.   R. Babcock Se Rice....Can. Ferro Cone. Co.  $45,000Sey. near Dunsmuir....Standard Trust Co. Braunton & Leibert...Hoburg-Surges Co.  $450,00') Pender & Howe North Germ. Lloyd   J. S.' Pierce C. W. Potbury & Co.  $223,46oVictoria     Government   W. R. Wilson....B. C. Const. & Eng.Co.Ltd  $100,000'51 Ha tings W Woodward Dept. Stote    Geo. H. Wenyon....B. Campbell & Whipple  $o0,0001004 Albert St H. S. Rowling     Stuart   &   White Owner  $o0,000 New Westminster A. W.  McLeod   Gardiner & Merocr  Adkinson  & Dill  .$350,000 Georgia ft  Burraid <-t.-<   Y. M. C. A.   H. $. Griffiths ....B., Campbell & Whipple  1 io,000 nty nf Vancouver Powell st   Doctor,  Stewart Se Davie C. F.  Perry  .   !lM������9 Ith and Y"k������n  Standard Dairy Co.   Braunton &��������� Liebert. ..J: J. Dissette & Co.  ?2 500,000Georgia & Granville HudsonVBay Co.   B.JI._&_W_hlte....Rpurke_M.cD. & Moncrlef.  ���������r,00-000=Seyfh6tir%^treet^^rYorl������htrf-GV!m-~Corp7i "  Prov   Girls'  Home   . .  .Cold  stoiage  plant       .   ..   .  T-sto   anmts   .  ,  10-;Ho cone office bldg   Depot Sr offices ,  1st  Prps   Church,   Victoria.,  Club  bldg      1 --to bank & offices  Hotel  \\ ai ehou e  Store and rooms  3 sto br & mill rooms  4-sto  brk   apmt'     '  6 sto   concr  store & offices  4 sto   brk. apmts  10-sto hrk apmt hse   8  sto  hotel  addn  3 sto br store &. i ms.    ,  Residence  2-sto.   60x120  cone   theatre  2 "-to oonc,gaiage  Dtpdglng .  Citv  Hull  1-=to mill con������   hotel  Stores  and  apmts  Mattnc   depot  1 sto bik addn  21 loom fi  ampt bldg  1   ^to   I0\110   cone   stable  l-sto   brk   rooms  S-^-to   bi    looms  3 ������to brk ipartmppt bldg-  Tocl plant and wharf  .     100.000  . .$65,000  100,000  .      ?50,000  ,  1,000,000  .      100,000  .      230,000  1 .0,000  $1,500,000  $76,000  $40,000  $40,000  $1 I'i.OOO  $80,000  $43,000  ���������50,000  $80,000  $4";.ooo  $35,000  $45,000  ? 10.000  $700,000  $3,000,000  $20,000  $10.00"  $1 50,445  S"-,000  11 th and Yew ....'..���������..;. ...Vancouver Brewery  i 97 Fraser St............J.  Coughlan  & Sons  840 Howe St... E. G. Baynes  New a Westminster....Columbian   Pub.  Co.  6th arid Alberta....................-.;.W.G.rElliott  Powell   St  .....: ..;.. ......:..H.' Hemlovv  York and Vlhe;sts ���������.........;. Local syndicate  Helmcken & Granville ......;...J. Borlnnd  Pender & Burrard..:..���������......;..15. R. Rickctts  Main & Hastings E.H..I..... Hotel Regent  Richards St. ......T. B. Hyndman  Melville & Burrard... ....W. II. hamsev  Beattie near Cambie st. ;......  j; W. Gllib  Seyniour Creek....-. ..City ot Vancouver  Georgia and Granville.... .. .C. P, R.  Govt/ ............................. Hastings Tovvniite  Richards & Paclflc....Brlt.-Can. Securities  Bute; &  Nelson. .Lightheart  Bros.  Granville Se Georgia.'.Hr-'Blrks Sons. Ltd.  Granville St Cordova..   ... .. ,C. P. R.  Quadra. Sc Flrguard........l-st Presbyterian'  Hastings  and   Hornby. .Vancouver   Club  Hastings  Sc Carrall.....:..Merchants .Bank  Edmonton .........;...7..;............G. T. P.  Pac. & R*chds....Mchnt. Ice & Cold  Stg.  754  Richards........ ..................L. O'Hagen  100 Powell StJ...:.............;...;. .E.'J. Ryan  602-16 Howe St. :..........:Bowser. & Wilson  Seymour  St.- ...  .............y............;.....  Sixth & Main........ ..;Dr. 1. W. Powell  . ................... .Dr. , Robt.   Telford  Hastings and Main.:...........-....:.L.L. Mills  Pender near, Butte..:.......................J.. Jervls  Victoria  .....:................. Andrew  Wright  Victoria   ................Dominioh   Theatre' Co.  Not   selccted......:.:...Dom.   Motor   Car   Co.  Fal������e Creek .:..................7:..........Oovernment  vYinnlpeg.r ........................Manitoba r Govmt.-  Victoria ........        --��������� ���������-   ������������������--  '���������'Victori a.A'..".  Sbmef veil���������&^Fiitha7*T73:Dbrii7_Cori - tTX'oT  Chicago'firm ....:..:............Sound Const. Co.  Owners.......:..........;.West.   Church   &   Kerr  H.S. Griffiths ....Booker, Cam. & Whipplo  Gardiner & Mei-cer.......:....Adkl--on & Dill  J; Y. McCarter... ...:.Dom. Const. Co.  Wm.  Frederick   Gardiner.......S.  J.   Rvan  ;J. S. D. Taylor ......;.......'. Expert Builders  Braunton  Sc Liebert ....:..... Jas.  Layflold  E, W. Houghton Se Son. E. .1.  Ryan  Emil Guentlier......J. J. Frantz Const. Co.  Emil'GuentliHr ..:....E.  .1.  ljy.in  ,'N. -A. ;Lcech ..:...'................Fcito Const. Co.  Parr, McKenzie & Day......W, II. Mm Her  XV. S.  I. cn; .���������;.'..' Burrard Engr. Co. et al  W. S. Painter....-. *.:;.; .Skene & Christie  A.A.Cox   :.................���������.Campbell Se WPkle  Tlios.r Hoopor....Nbrton-Gi-lfflth.s- Co.  Ltd.  Owner.-i    Owners  Somervell & Putnam....Bently Con--t. Co.  Contrs....We-tlnghou.se, Church, Kei i*Co.  W.   R,   Wilson. ......:.........Pai-ntt   Bros.  Sharp &,Thomp*-on: Norton Griffiths Co.  Somervell &'Putna:m ........Norton Griffiths  Company  .............:..Canadian  Stewart  Co.  ���������:���������.''.���������...;:���������..���������:;.���������..'.:���������.���������.'..:.:..-.':..���������:.���������.���������:.;.:.'..-:.'..::��������� Norton Griffiths  -James Se Davidson......Purdy & Lonergan j  Wm.' Gardiner................'..... :.. E. J. Ryan  Parr, McKenzie & Day :. .13. J. Ryan  F. J."Peters....:.;.........Robt. McLean Se Co.  Braunton & Leibort.y.J.H. Tolman & Co.  W.'M, Dodd............J. J. Frantz Const Co.  F.'"M. Bender....Wlneland Bldg. & Eng. Co.'  Doctor. Stewart & Davle....Campbell & W.  P. M. Jullien:........'.; \.7tB. C. Const. Co.*  E. W.  Hoii .hton...VAlex. C. Dow.  Seattle  W. M. Dodd &:Co.:::.....:..:...B. C. Granitoid  .F.nir. Pept...:....r:.....,..;Paclflc Dredging Co.  Clemeshaw' & Porthall, Regina soon  At The Weidlng Shop Or On������Th@ Job  COIV8PRe������S������DyGAS;CO., Lt������*.  Phone  Highland   405.    - . Vancouver, B.-.C. *  1530 Hastings E.  tt  343 water St.  Vanconver  N. A. G. " Roof Compositions  For Waterproofing Or Flreprooflng  1336 Wharf Bt.  Victoria  iktHpIMKIDI^I!^Ei������BE������W  PERFECTLY VENTILATED  *I������iR!C������������EI*t^  THE CHICAGO CUBE-MIXER  The only mixer used on the      ^  PANAMA CANAL"  '   i\  PHONE. WRITE OR CALL  418 Pacific Bldg.       Vancouver, B. C.  Phone Seymour 5021.  .������.  THE PATERSON MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.  -")  1  i ���������>-".-    j  Montreal, *   i Toronto,       Bt. John,  Hallfaxf  Winnipeg-,  1 Roofing and Paving Material  .   Building Papers   , Shingle Stains  y      t Disinfectants, Etc., Etc.  Vanoonver Factory and Offloe: \ Tenth "Ave. .and sArbntni St.  -    FHONE BATVIBW779.,        )       i      |  Vanoonver.  3.  4.  5.  THE LATEST DEVELOPMENT IN BUILDING  CONSTRUCTION , ;    -  -TEN MONEY SAVING REASONS WHY  YOU   SHOULD   USE   "H    B������������i  REINFORCEMENT i. '       .      "      -* 1  1.    Saving in first cost. - 6.    Increased life. " ' I  *5Z������Z   n f^'���������n<d^tlon- 7>    J "creased comfort, owlng^o ho'l-5  lav nf   n intoies?���������"'                     9     Z low wl^' Slv,n������ lnsulftion. |  gav ng in interest. s.    Increased  beauty of amiearanpp  Saving in dopieclation                        9.    Freedom from insuIat?oh. j  ..     ,      '     iL    ,        10.    Freedom from noise .                               -i ',(  Absolutely the latest thing in building construction - Write      . -,  for'Particulars and Prices, io be up-to-date use "H.'B."Reinforcement.!  THE    REINFORCED,'BRICKWORK COMPANY, LTD. i  ���������   .      100 Carlton Bldg.       .,         ]      P   '\ .,       '-Winnipeg.     ���������, "'l      ' j  V     .   -   Western Agents:        "     "'"i"*.                 _ |  THE DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO.   j  . ���������' Winnipeg. ' Vancouver.    '      ' '   Edmonton  Calgary, Alta,    Brick and Supplies. Ltd. "'      ���������  HOISTS     SAW RIGS    -----    PUMPS  TOOLS and SUPPLIES  DOMINION fQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO.  Sey. 7155  .  '839 Beatty Street.   '  .   "' /    Cor. Robsol'"  \  Vlctqria Office  103 Femborton Bldff.  --Fhone 1664,  Vancouver Office  ,417 loo Building  'Fhone Sey. 2015   '  Evenings Bay. 901S  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  Let Us Quote You Prices For Lime and Brick   PROMPT DELIVERY GUARANTEED "  PEASE PACIFIC FOUNDRY LIMITED.  ( Furnaces, Boilers, Pipe and Fittings.      ''      ���������'  School Heating and Ventilating Apparatus.   Offloe and Warehonse, 324 Brake St., Fhone Sey. 8397.  HEATING AND VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office Suite 614-615-610.  B <nk of Ottawa Bulidlnr. 1  i i.  Prince  Rupert ......  ;..'..'.;.McPherson-':& Pullertcn...Tese.s7M.r Warren....:......'.. B. C. Const! GV  .......^......;..:.....Di-.  T;  ,1. 'Jorie-; i,.  r. Hazeltine...;:.......Teed, & Cummlngs  Government Govt,7 Engineers..t.Pac.r Coast  Const.  Co.  %in'nnnrwTi il en&A\ih i?nr'iT,"'""'x������' Ai, Allel1-Brnunton' & Leibei-t.',.......;....... .day  labor  ?.0,00p.CarralI..st. and Market Alley.. Wing^niisr.j.G.. Pi-ice.;.: .............:........'.,.. day labor  Vot  ir'ivnn   Vndt, &*���������������������"���������' :���������������������������:������������������������������������--1>. A. Ppillani.wm., Fred. Gai-diner....Geo. Moslior & Co.  ^ot Kjyen. False Creek.. Col. BlocK Sc Tool; Co. T.,H. Bamforth,77...i...i...i .H. reterson  William Greenlees  PILE DRIVING  WHARVES, BRIDGES AND  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  407 Cordova Bt.  V glister. 1083.  D. B. CAMPBELL  SAW MILL ARCHITECT  Phono   Seymour  4990  | 26 Williams Bldgr.     Vanconver, B.C.  XiLASSy ���������  OF   ALL   KINDS  v.     WmTHOLT  1 Fair. 1238                    | 425 Uufforin W.  1  A. H. EI.DBIDRE  417 Hoo Bldg-.  Prich and Concrete Walls. Elevator  Fits,   Basements   and   Prism   Idg-lite  Made Watertight.  i Fhone Sey. 2015....  &ny. 9011  B.C. Screen & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.  STOREFRONTS STORE FITTINGS  OFFICE FITTINGS       :      ' *  266 Bnfferln Street East' Phone. Fairmont 1643        VAI.c6t.VEB, B. O.  Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel  Offico: Sey. 4534 429 PEHDCR STREET WEST ,       Bunkers; Sey. 6751  BUILDING MATERIAL  SAND.   GRAVEL,   CETMENT,   LIME,   BRICKS,   ETC.  Office and Store: 1029 Main Street ^  Phone Soymour 8491 Vancouver B. Ci ������ ^aw:ihi__idB^^A_JtiSaA^JB^  spates  GET YOBJR ESTIM/KTES  FROM '  iadian and American Contracting and Investment Co.  JMrnlttd. Z  Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work.  _   Qnallty Work, JXlffht Prloee and Fro mptneeo Guaranteed.  Bey. 8480 Offloe;  104 Empire Bldg.  LIABILITY  INSURANCE  London & British North America Co., Ltd.  WITH WHICH IS INCORPORATED  Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.  Bae Bey. 6286  London Bldff.  626 Fender St. W.  Seymonr 4928 , CEMENT TESTING /        Bayview 182R  J. P. Wright, F. C. S. Eng. M, A. C. S.  Specialist In Portland and Other Cements  Expert Adviser on Building- Materials, Eto.  OHBMXOA& ANALYSIS ���������������   o. Box 546  331B-7th*Ave. W.  VANCOUVEB,  B.  RAINY RIVER GRAVEL CO., LTD.  Fresh Water Washed Angular Sand and Gravel  Office and Bunkers,  Northeast find Connang-ht Bridge  Fhone Bey. 2161  We  Fumiih  Smoothe  and  Finish  VANCOUVEB FLOOR COMPANY  FLOORLAYERS AND FINISHEF5  EVERYTHING frfcATAMNc to  FLOORS of WOOD v  8 and GLEN DRIVE  1612  iANSP  THE, FL09R  NON-ABSORBENT  FIRE RESISTING  DAMP   PROOF      ,  INEXPENSIVE       '       , I  TIME-TRIED     l    ,  JOINTLESS  SANITARY  ELASTIC'      ' '  WARM  WITH A  THEY  NEVER  CRACK  BULGE  OR DUST  ' DESIRABLE     ���������  ADAPTABLE '  SERVICEABLE  PEDIGREE  office buildings  billiard rooms  ball   rooms  residences  hospitals  churches  > schools;  HOTELS  ������    ���������     -SHOPS  CONTINENTAL SHIPPING & TRADING COMPANY,LTD.  ���������   '       IMPORTERS OF   -��������� A  CEMENT, STEEL, IRON, BRICKS, GLASS, MARBLE,  TILE, COKE, PAVING ASPHALT., Etc.  Seymour 0448  Office 508 Rogers Bldg  CANADIAN /BUFFALO FORGE CO., LIMITED.  /' v t '   <  Fans, Hoating and Ventilating Apparatus, Spiro Steam Turbines  Pumps and Air Washers    \  0. A. Browning1 Vanconver, B. C. 1261 Alberni St.  CONTRACTORS!    ARCHITECTS! .  IF YOUR  CLIENTS  ABE  INTERESTED IN  AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER F,IRE EXINGUISHING SYSTEMS  We can ^uote figures and. offer a Flan which will enable them to g-et baok the  oost in a very short time.  GENERAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER CO.  Fhone Sey. 5138  Vanconver, B. C  805 Vanconver Bit.  ERECTION OF STEEL STRUCTURES  Structural Steel, Reinforcing Steel, Ornamental Iron  Interior Trim, Veneered Panels.  For Estimates;Apply to William Tozer. '  Fhone Bey. 793& VANCOUVER 815 Metropolitan Bldff.  THE MONARCH LIFE ASSURANCE C07  'ISSUES THE BEST BUSINESS SEAN'S POLICY.  Money To Loan On Improved Properties..  O. A. CBYSDALE,  Prov. Manag-er.  28 Imperial Block  A. VT. pMTCTH,  District Manager.  Fhone Sey. 6770  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  BEAMS.   CHANNELS,  ANGLES,   PLATES,   TEES,   COLUMNS  COMPLETELY EQUIPPED FABRICATING SHOFS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL CO'Y, Ltd.  Fairmont 2396  and 2397  VANCOUVEB, B. C.  Warrington & Johnson  ARCHITECTURAL TERRA COTTA   *  ���������of  ENGLISH  AND AMERICAN   MANUFACTURE  a specialty.  303  Duncan  Building  Vanconver,  B.   C.  Fhone:    Seymour  4912.  Factories, Coquitlam, B. C.  II. J. Hynes, Tiling. Director  HYNES STONE & STAPPCO.  MANUFACTURERS OF ART VERONA STONE.    STAFF ORNAMENTS  TO DETAIL IN CEMENT FOR INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR.  PLASTERERS AND MODELERS.  1  OFFICE: 553 Oranvllle St.      31 Leigh Spencer Bldsr.     Fhone Soymour 1240  ;: yy, ���������:������������������;! #KE BANK OF '-VANCOUVER;: ,y;:;  . He-rid Office:   'Vanoonver, S. C ...... 1       ,.-,.  7 y , Brarokes throiighout the Province of British Columbia.;  SPECIAL ATTENTION-GIVEN TO COLLECTIONS       <  Tings Department.at all Branches.   Deposits o? Orre Dollar and upwards  . rcoelvod and interest credited half-yearly.  * Chas. G. Fennook, General Manager  STBEET  WOKS  OB&BBSD  FOB NOBTEC VANCOUVEB  NOKTH VANCOUVER���������Street improvements have been ordered by tlw  council as follows:  Grading1���������Wolf st, 17th to Fir; 22nd  from St. Andrews to Rldgeway; lfith  from Jones to Forbes, 60 ft on both  Wolfe and Fir sts; Rldgeway from ICth  to   16th  sts.  Sidewalks���������Jones, between 16th and  17th, North side of 15th from Mooilv  to Boulevaid; at 16th and Chesterfield  aves;" North side of 16th from lot 12  to  tho lane. *  CONFUSION IN NAMES  Owing to the slmlltuity of names  considerable trouble has been expcii-  enced by the bublic confusing the firm  names of S. J. Lund, now at 625 Dun  can bldg, and Llndberg '& Lund, now at  201 Kmpire bldg, both conti actors S  J. Lund, foimerly at 201 Emphe bldij,  has moved to his new address and thero  Is no connection between the two firms  OFFICIAL PROPOSALS  ARCHITECTS.  -i.  FUBLIC SCHOOL DESKS  Sealed tenders, superscilbed "Tendeis  for School Desks," will be received by  the Hon the Minister of Public Works  up to 12 j o'clock noon of Friday, 28th  of March, 1913, for supplying the following desks ���������  Single Seeks  Size No,  5  1000  Size No'  3  1250  Size No  2  Single Bears  1000  Size No  6  -  X '   40  Size No  3  60  Size No  2  '80  The desks are to be quoted at a price  per desk.  '  The name of the desk and maker to be  mentioned in tenders.  Dell'v pry at Victoria or Vancouver on  or before 31st day of July next  The successful tenderer will, free of  any additional charges, store the desks  and pack or ciate ready for.shipment to  places to be hereafter designated from  time to time to the older of the Department ���������  No tender will be entertained unless  accompanied by .an accepted,, cheque on  a chartered bank of Canada, payable to  the Hon. the Minister of Public Works,  or by cash, In the amount of five hun  dred dollars ($500), which will be foi-  feited if the partv tenderlner decline to  enter Into contiact when called upon'to  do so, or if he fail to complete the contract ' 1  ' Cheques of unsuccessful tenderers  will be returned upon signing of /contract. >     ���������" r      I ������    '*  The Department is  not bound to accept the lowest or any tender   ��������� (  3. E. GBXFFITK, ' ,  Public Works Engineer.  Department of Public Works,  Victoria,  B C,  5th March,  1913.  Aleocanaer & Brown, Fairfleld Bdg . .S 8844  Archer, W   H, 113  Pender St  pJ5k'V������������- Rlggs-Selman Bd'g      gaw-er & Barber,  Nortfo Vancouver   Stv������?r,������H,rM'~HutcMMOn  Bd&-   ���������������������������s- *������1  nfr^y' ������Q TM    Dominion Bldg B   <W43  gjr<J.  A. J, Winch Bdg    fi.  42S8  nHSiUh^ A;B.J.B.A., Duncan BMff. S. 4897  S^^^?"' S* A" 7" Cannble Bt.   Backadder,  H, No. Vancouver     351  g^njore -B. E, 306 Loo Bdg: ...S 2979R  Blair,  David, E_2 Pender W.  ........6   71*3  2������w   B'dsi, 20-6   Loo   Bldff      Sey 7366  iw������'���������j? TP-Wa06^7 Bk ������t Ottawa, 8 8510  ���������fcfrautora & Liebert, Exchange Bidig . S. 3921  SJ������8..mln &,Purtee' ��������� Nanalmo and Victoria  ^I^k^ Hlna^ ������w- Trust Bd<? ��������� S- 560S  Campbell   M. d, Exchange Bdg..... S. 8974  SS?fl A ���������A��������� Carter-Cotton Bdg    Bi 6611  Dalton & Evelelgh, Davis Chimbs.,...S 662  Dawson. J, 610 N. W. Trust Bd-g.....S 8153  S Sl?r,-.������StSwart D- Bower Bldg .. S 876  n������25���������W'���������I-'������B,ni *��������� m H������stlng W. S 6988  Duncan. W.  S,   224  Vernoh   Drive     Donne-llan &: Robertson   319 Pender. .8   6046  Dutour,   J.  B.   Rlggs-Selman  Bilg.....B 2812  Dunlap   Q   W, 40-4 7th Ave   E.  ...........T  Wetenhall, E   B ,  102 Loo Bdg ....    S 3373  SS^i"' ^ r?1w' Si Lonsdale N Vancouver  S2!��������������� ������ & s??' Inn������ <>c Court Bdg., S 7924  Sa,,11 MlcKv, Hutchinson Bdg, S. 4932  Gamble Se Knapp    Davis Chmlis....  S 5473  rSf,uDir'^' /-.Hartney Chmbs 8. 2018  nS^LS Wo5?'  Rogera Bldg S.  8443  Ooodfellow. W. D, 3<WJ.Ha8t   St   W, S 6694  ftrlmtlis, H. 8., Dom. Trust BdR1... .8.1020  Gardiner & Mercer. M.8.A., N. West. .. 681  Guenther E, 404 N W. TiustBldg..S 6135  Hargreaves, L w., Victoria  Helye-r X. Archer, Dominion Bldg .. S 4499  Helde. A F, Metropolitan Bdg. ..S 6341  Hodgson, H. A , Carter Cotton Bdg, S 62.69  Hone, man &  Curtis   821  Pender W,  S 1-621  Hooptr,  Thomas,   Winch   Bdg S 5351  Hope   A    C     Empire Bldg ...   .  S    6925  Horel 8c Ro-beits 1101 2 Dom Bldg S 1901  Horton & Phlpps, Pacific Bdg . S 7091,  James & Davidson, 6-04 N W Tru B , S 9532  Jameson & Duggan, Orown Bdg. . S 994  Jones & Beatson Hutchinson Bdg.. S.6024  Jones & Asrellv Hartney Chmbs. . S 7441S  Jullien,  P   M , Arts andf Crafts Bdg, S 8270  Kaufmann,  O.  B.,  DavlH  Chmbs 8.4220  Keagey, J. VT, Hogera Bdg      S 2746  Leech.  N   A,   615  Pender W    Sey. 4150  aiacluro & Tox, Pacific Bldg ... S 439-6  Mathcson,'J"   P*tSon 809 N W Trust, S 7B������_  MItton   E   S,  Williams Bdg. S 6422  Moberg,  O,   41   Inns of Court S 7171  ZfrE' MucKenele & Day, Van Blk..S 736  Nicholas Raphael A, Rogers Bdg ..S 9424  Perkins,'F. H��������� Hutchinson Bds. .. .8.4729  Perry,  B    T.    Pacific Bide       .     ... S    8994  F. J.  Peters, Metropolitan'Bda 8.   262  Pracna, A. B , 821 Pender St W. .. .S. 10'22  Price,   J   C,  Holden  Bldg..   . S.   9447  W.  D'O. II.  Rochfort, Victoria         1804  J,<l5yS?' G ���������H' MSA, R.IB.A.. Glen Ldge  Held Bros , 618 Vancouver Bdg .... S 7C20  Russell, Babcock & Rice, Met. Bldg S 987  Sharpe & Thompson London Bid.    Sey. 1064  Symonds, N. E., 717 Holden Bdg. 8.1991  Somervell & Putnam, Pacltic Bdg .. .S. 6230  H. L Stevens & Co 216 Duncan B, S'8836  Stuart  *   White, Metropolitan  Bdg.,   8. 8648  Taylor,  J.  D   S,  Bower Bdg    S 8314  Thornton Sc Jones Old Safe Bdg.... S 810  Tajlor, M. L. 7*3 Dominion Bld-g S 18-5-6  Town������nd& Townsend, 520 Granville, S 1770  TwlBeli & Twizell, 1019 Metrop Bdg, S 7925  Wallmgton & Wh������atley,  Dav% Chambers...  Watson,  H   B.  Holden Bd'g -S 3451  WhlnfKld   F   N.    313 Metropolitan Bdg.   ...  White.  W   P.  Hutchinson  Bdg    S 8738  Whiteway W. T, Molsons Bank .. B 3029  Wlckenden, C O , 1062 Pender S W.S 17-44  Wilson J,'Pemberton Bdg Victoria.. .1692  Wright, Rushforth X. Cahill, 709 Dunsmulr  '    ' S  2809  Wilson   J   aild   \   S    532 Granville -St ..   .  Wright & Mcln_> re   Domin on,Bl(ig s .8   8413  -    ENGINEERS. '  Brown   P   P    AMICE    420 Pac. B   e" S937  W. X. O'Neil & Co, 648 Sey. St. 8. 4795-4798  Ritchie   Con.   & jSup.   Co,   Ltd    Gran.   St.  Bridgo   S.916_  Tozer, Wm., 815 Metropolitan Bdg...S. 7989  1      _,��������� ELEVATORS ,  Brennan, O. E & do., J19 Pender W, S 69lO  Can. Van. Emon. Co.. Dom. Bldg .. .8 60116  Harris, P. EL & Co., 309 Crown Bld!g. 8. 4698  Llewellyn Ir'm Wks   Wfl-O, Mainland'S.  1479  FIRE CLAY s  Barfour, Guthrie & Co , Wincn Bg, S 187-5929  Carter Dowar^Crowe Co 922 -Met B'g. S 9422  Evans, Coicman & Bvans Ft C0I...S 2988  Gilley Bros.,, \ew Westminster, Phones 15,lfa  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co ... .8 9146-3147  D R. Morrieop, 712 Richards St, 8 2U5-1-2152  W N. O'ttell Se Co , 548 Sey. St., S.4TO5-4798  Point Grey Su. Co., Kerrlsdale .Eburne 46R  Ritchie C and.S Co, Gran. St ... .S������ <91������2  R. V. Winch & Co _"Vinch Bldg./S. 279-1-944  FIRE EXTINGUISHER  8YSTBUS.  Gen.  Fire Ex. Co.    806 Van.  Blk....  S. 6188  Barr & Anderson, 10-60 Hcmer St ... .S. 6180  FLOOBING  B C. Hardwood Fl. Co , 65-7 Gran vllle, S 6-86S  BC   Supply Co, Dominion Bid* 8   ������1���������1  Can Pac Lum. Co, Rwy & Salebry, S. 6800  J   Fyfe Smith 4, Oo ,  1320 Richards. .8. 1196  FURNACE AND SHEET METAL  Grandview Sht. Met   Wks    W*������ Veiy. H   642  Poase  Pac   Found    Ltd,   324  Drake.  S 83i97  J,?",. R������of-���������c.0' 192a Triumph St. High BOOiR  Wolfe.  J.  W'.   154-0- Bth  Ave   W B   296  GALVANIZED IBON WORKS  Grand Sht. Mtl. Wks 168,5 Venables St 642  Van   Roofing Co, 1921 Triumph St...H 509R  "XXtnlfA T        T\. 1CA      K.X.        .  n, _ ������������.  B    296  S. 3704  S. -6O0O  .S    2327-8  ,,S   6853  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   AND  '     BUYERS'  GUIDE  Wolfe,   J.   W,   1640   Bth   Ave"  W.  GiS  APPLIANCES.  Burnslde Gas Ap]   Co . 1037 Gran   St  Van   Gas Co,  16 Hastings fit   W.   ..  GLASS���������ALL KINDS.  Cont n'l   Ship   &   Trad.   Co    Ltd . .Sey. 6448  Holt,   Wm,   Duffel in   W        Fair   1238  W N. O Nell & Co , B48 Sey St S 4795-4798  Wairington Sc Johnson, 119 Pender. ,8 4912  West. Plate Glass,   318 Wator St ... S   8425  HARDWARE  Flett, J   A,  111 Hastings St   W  HARDWOOD FLOORS  B C   Hardwood Fir   Co ,  657  Gran  Can   Pac   Lum   Co    Rwy   Se Salsbry.'s 6800  Earle,  E   A,   417  Rogers Bdg       S. 5476  Empire Hdw Fl Co, 634 JDunsm'r. S 9TS8  W-N O'Neil &Co, 648 Sey St . .S 4.95-4798  J Fyfe Smith 8. Co 132* Richards. S 1198  Van   Fir. Co, 8thj Ave-and Glen D . .F. 1612  ~ HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith, J Fyfe & Co, 1320 Richards. S l''l96  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender S 4912  HEATING���������HOT AIR, STEAM AND VENTILATING  Acme Pig &Htg Co,'1131 lioth A E F 637  Barr  &   Anderson,   1080-  Homer  St .  S 6180  Burnslde Gas Ap   Co,  1037 Gran S. 370-4  Can Buffalo Torge Co, 1261 Alberni St  Hodgson Plumbing & Heating C0...S 2412  Pease Pac Foundry Ltd, m Drake. S 8397  Smith,   WJ &Son,   809   10-th   A   E    F    274R  Wolfe,  J. W,   1640 5th Ave   W B., 296  HOISTING ENGINES  B,C. Equip , 6016 Bk of Ottawa. .S   7-05S-7818  Dom.-Equip   & Sup   Co    830 Beatty. S 7155  E   G   Blackwell,   108   Alexander St���������8 1733  Cullen, E   G,  418 Pacific Bldlg. .S 2380-6021  Henry   Darling,    28   Powell   st S.   612  R   Hamilton &  Co , Bk   of Ottawa. ...S 383  Mussens,  Ltd,  3-65 Water St       s   8237  Ritchie Con, & Sup Co. Grinville S 916}  Strumbert-Virtue Co, 319 Pender W���������S 6910  Van. Hoist Co, 901 Met   Bldg.    S 6667'  ' INTERIOR FINISH  Carter Dewar Crewe CoJ- 922 MetBdg .9 9422  E G Blackwell, 108 Alexander St . .S. 1733  BC Screen & Mf. Co, 260 Dufferln E.F.1643  Can Pac, Lu-n Co, Rwy & Salsbry. .8. 6800  C Gard'ner Johnson Se Co ... S 9146 9147  W N O Nellie Co, 548 Sey St..S 4796-4798  Ritchie Con & Sup. Co, Granville. S. 9162  W -C Thompson Co, 403 Dunsmulr S 3394  Van    Floor Co,   Sth   Ave. & Glen  D .  F 1612  CORPORATION   OF  POINT GREY.  SEWEBS  The Council is prepaied to receive tendeis fot seweis as follows ���������a total e\-  tent of IS30 feet, same to be in bj  Monday.  Maich  24th,   1913,  5  pm  43id Avenue, East Boulevard to Maple  Stieet  45th Avenue, East Boulevaid easteily  330 feet  41st Avenue, McDonald "Street weat^.-  ly 180 feet '  Balsam  Street,   37th  to  39tli  Avenues  Specifications and furthei information  may be obtained from the Municipal  Engineer.  1t>niliis must be accompanied by a  deposit of 5 per cent of the amount  tendei ed  G. G. HEIQHWAY,  C. M. C.  Municipal Hall  Kerrisdale,  B   C  Maich 13th,  1913.  CORPORATION   OF   POINT   GREY  ������  The Council Is prepared to receive  tenders up to Monday, Match 24th, 1913,  5 pm, foi clearing ioad thiough lot  17, block 'D," DL 319, easterly from  Dixon   Road.  Specifications and further infoimation  may be obtained from the Municipal  EriglnPM-  Tenders must be accompanied b> a  deposit of 5 per cent of the amount  tendei ed.  G. G. HEIGHWAY,  0. ax. c.  Municipal Hall.  ���������Ken isdale,-B -C-  Maich 13th,  1913.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  ESTIMATES GIVEN  GIBSON & RICHARDSON  PHONE SET. 65S7    545 HORNBY ST.  VANCOUVER,  B.  C  Vancouver Roofing Co  Contractors For  Tar and Gravel Roofing. Dampprooflne  Cxpert Roofing Repairing  Sheet Metal Work of all Descriptions  Factory,  1921  Triumph High   609R  PLASTIC FLOORING  Jolntless Fireproof  E. COWDELL  330 Seymour, St. Sey. 8751  Vacuum Cleaner Plants. Char oh,  Lodge and Sohool Furniture. Thoator  and Opera Chairs. Metal Locker*  tnd  Office   Fixtures.     Wall   Burlaps,  Etc.  Phono, Soy. 5476.       417 Rogers Bldg.  PBASEB BIVEB PILE DRIVING CO.  P. A. Jones, Mgr.  Wharf   Bnilding   and   General   Construction Work: File Foundations  a Specialty; Estimates, Fur-  .���������   nished.  y  Boom 510, Westminster Trust Bids'.;  New Westminster      Telephone 1015  ARCHITECTLRAL    TERRA > COTTA.  Carter Dewar Crowe Co, Ltd, 922 Metropolitan Bldg . . . .? .. .. --S 9422  Cullen E G , 418 Pacific Bdg .-> S 2330-6021  Evans Coleman & Evans, Ft Col St. S 29SI8  Wm M. O'Nell &vco, Ltd Sey St, S 4795  Thompson, W��������� C Co , 403 Dunsmuir, S 3394  Ritchie  Contr | 8.   Sup    Co ,   Ltd , .Gran    St  Bridge               s 916-2  Warrigton & Johnson, 119 Pender S., 8 4912  ASPHALT   FELT.        ���������       *  Paterson Mfg   Co, 10th Sc Arbutus S.'B 772  Van   Roofing Co , 1921 Triumph  St. H 509R  ' ,      BEDS���������PATENT.  Holmes Dl'sup   Bed Co,   319  Pender    S    6429  Pertect   Con   Bed Co , 570 Granvl.le    S   50-92  BLUE  PRINTING.  City   Map  6.   White   Print   Co,   432   Cordova  W.    . ..     ' S  bG93  > BRICK���������ALL KINDS.  Caitei   Dewar   Ciowe   Co,   Ltd.,   922   Metropolitan   Bldg .. S    9422  Cullcn,   E   G ,   41S  Pacific Bdg     S 233O-5-021  Evans    Coleman   X.   Evans,   rt    Col ,   S 29ss  Gilley Bios     Ltd     New West, Phones 15    16  C   Gardinei   Johnson 8. Co              S 9140-9147  W. N   O Ne.l & Co , 64S Sej    St    S  4795-479S  The Main Supply Co,  1029  Main St,  S S491  P-t   Haney Brick Co , 613 Hast   S W   S 1389  Pt   Giey Supplj  Co    Keir'sdale,  Dburne 46R  Ritchie  Contr    8.   Sup,   Ltd,   Gianville   St  Bridge      ..            .                  .            .   .    S  91.2  Vict -Vinci Lime and Br'ck Co Sey 2016  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender, S 4912  R.V Winch & Co, Ltd, Winch B   S  279-1044  BLILDING FELTS A>1) PAPERS.  Caittr ^Dew-ii Crowe Co Lta 922 Metropolitan Bldg . S 9422  Henry Darling 2S Powell &t S 512  Evans Coleman <S. Evans, rt Col , S 29bS  C Gaidiner Jorn&on & Co . S 914C-9147  D H Moirison 712 R chards S 2J>51 2162  XV N ONeil Sc Co, 64S Sey St, ������ 479S-47US  Paterson Mfg Co , 10th& Ai butus Sts B 772  Thomson, W C Co , 403 Dun* St, S 3391  Van Roofing Co 1921 Triumph St , H 5C9R  Wanington X. Johnson,  119  Perder    8^4912  BONDS���������SLRETV.    -  Lon    8. Bilt    N    Am    Co     Ltd    543   Pender  St   S  62S6  R.V Winch & Co Ltd. Wincli B, S 279-1944  Seeley & Co,  324 Winch Bds.   ..     .    S  4911  CEMENT.  Balfour, Guthrie X. Co , Winch B  Carter   Denar  Crowe   Co ,   Ltd  politan   Bldg  Can   Bul'ders  Sup   Co  C'ont'n 1   Ship   tc   Trad  , <3  187-5929  922   iMotio-  S    9422  1901   Georg a,S 7175  Co     Ltd     Sey   6448  TJvans Coieman ������.���������Evars Ft coi S ifl-is  C. Gardiner Johnson St Co . S 9146 9147  Gilley Bros. Lid, New West, Phones 15 16  XV N ONeil &. Co, 54S Sey St , S 4795-479S  The Main Supp!> Co 1029 Main St, S S491  Pt Grey Supply Co Kenlsdale, Eburne 46R  Ritchie   Conlr    &   Sup    Co,   Ltd ,   Gran    St  Br'dge       S    1162  R V Winch St Co    Ltd , Winch B    S 279-1944  CEMENT TESTING AND ASSAYING.  Eldildife   G   S   fi.  Co,   420   Richaids   S 412>V  rnlkcnbuig K-   Liucks   Ti ounce  Aly    S   7139  Wright, J   P    3315 "th  Ave   W  Hunt,   Pobt    XV   X.   Co     602   Hast      . S    2199  COXTKVCTOHS,   BRICK.  Dl\on,  T   L,   1021  Giavelcy St .   High    909R  CON l'K \CTOKS���������EXCAVATING.  Campbell  Bios    1150 Bsmaik fat,  High  4".3  CON l-KAtTOBS���������GENERAL.  Armstrong    Monlson    fi.    Co,    Ltd,    Bowor  Bdg      .       . ..   .     .    S  1M6  B C Gian A Cont Co, Dschinge B, S 229u  Dxpt Bldrs fi. rincrs S20 Rofcers B , S 73S1  Gieeniees   W     407  Coidova  St .    S  10S2  CONTRACTORS���������LAM)   CLE VRING.  Penny, J   S , 319 Pender St    . .      S  4702  CONTR ACTORS���������MASON.  Can   fi.   \mer. Contr   fi. Inv   Co   Ltd   S   848-0  CONTRACTORS���������PLASTERING.  Hj-ncs Stone ._ btaff Co, Ltd , 553 Gianville  Johnson,   U    Gardiner   Sc   Co . 6  9147  lllcc   C   C    & Co     1083  Rlchaid. St   S    2l049  CONTR ACTORS���������TILE���������TERR \ZZO.  B C Supplj Co Dom'nion Bldg . S 6161  D R Morrison 712 Richaids St, S 2151-21152  W N O'Nell Sc Co, 64S Sej St S 4796-479S  Tomson, W C Co , 403 Dunsmu'r St , S 3394  Van Marble & Tile Co , S4& Beach Av , S ,1618  CORNICE  AND ROOI ING.  Cullcn   E   G ,   418   Pacific Bdg,  S 2330-5021  Grand   Sheet Mtl   Wks, 1685 Ven   fat    H  642  Little  SL Lcc,   682   Seymour Pt S    445S  Troy Roofing Co, 814 Metiopolitan, S 71 li7  Van Roofing Co 1921 Triumph St. H 509R  Wolfe    J    W,   1540   Tlfth   Av    W     Bay    2-90  ELECTRICAL  CONIRACIORS  Alltree X Churihlnnd   976 Gum Ic St    S 2707  IClec   Con   Co    511  Howe   3t fa lllo-'lBl  laivls Eltc    Co     570   Rlclnrds   st        S    140'l  EiixriJicvr, aui-piins  Mltreo Sc Churehlnid 176 Grnnviup S 2707  Clec. Con. Co.. 544 Howe St . S 1310-7131  Maynnrd 'Electrical Supply Co..-... .������������������������ <207  ELECTRICAL    SUPPLIES'-.(WHOLESALM)'.  Mnvnard   Electrical  Supply   Co. S.   1207  ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSURES.  CuHen. E. G., 418 Pnclflc Bdg.. S 2330-5021  Canada Found. Co.. Ld., 1065 Pender, S 5710  Brennan, G. E. & Co., 319 Pender W, S. 6910  Grnndvi��������� Mfr, Co., lfilO Venables. .H. .136  HnrHa P. E. 8- r-o,, $0-9 Crown Bld-g. fi. 469ft  Llewellyn Ir'n Wks, Ld��������� 1090 Malnlnd S. 1479  IRON AND  STEEL���������STRUCTURAL  Can. Foundry Co, 10-65 Pender ..".. S 5710  Cullen   E  G, 418 Pacific Bldg   . S 2330-5021  Can    Northwest  Steel  Co F.     307  Cont'n 1 Ship & Trad. Co Ltd .' Sey 6448  Evans. Coleman & Elvans Ft Col .S 298S  C ' Gardilner Johneon 8. Co . . S 9146-9147  Coughlan, J & Sons World Bldg...S 7940  Grandview Mfg Co 1530 Venables..H 136  Morris 8 M Co, 2130 Cedar St ...B.1043  Ritchie Con    &   Sup    Co,   Granville    S.~9102  Torer,  Wm  '815   Met    Bldlg         S 7*39  W N O'Neil & Co , 648 Soy St S 4795-4798  ���������Wilkinson Co, Ltd, 846 Beach Ave . iS 7915  Union Iron Woiks,J146^Lorne St Fair 2173  ^ 1 flBON AND STEELS-ORNAMENTAL.^  Carter Dewar Crowe Co, 9-22 Met Bdg..S 94212  E G Blackwell, 108 Alexander St . .S 17"  B C Supply Co , ,Doml-ilon Bids . S 6101  Cullen, E G, 4118 Pacific Bldg S. 2330-5021  Can Foundry Co, 10,65 Pender St . S 5710  Cont'n 1 Ship & Trad. Co Ltd Sey. 644S  E'ev Sup St Eqp Co 109-0 Malnlnd 8 2479  Grandview Mfg Co , 1'530 Venables: H 136  Moiris,  S    M   Co ,   2130   Cedar St B  10-13  W N ONeil & Co 548 Sey. St . S 4795-4798  Tozer, W S15 Met Bld_r *. .. S 7931  Thomson, W C , Co , 403-Dunsmulr S 3394  Ritchie Con fi. Sup Co. Granville S 9162  Union Iron Woiks   146 Lome St     Fall    2173  LATH���������MET-VL  E G Blackwell 1-0S Alexander St S 1733  Carter Dewar Crowe Co 922 MetBdg S 9422  Cullen, E G , 418 Pacific Bldg S 21330-502.1  Evars Coleman 8. Evans, Ft Columb S 29"!$  C Gardiner Johnson fi. Co . . S 9146 9147  D R Morrison 712 Richards S 2111-2112  W N" O'Neil fi. Co 348 Sc-v St S 47">5-479S  Point Giey Sup Co, Kenisdale .Ebuine 46R  Ritch'e Con X. 3..P Co, UranvUIe S 9102  Warrington   fi.   Johnson,   119   Pendeii  S 4912  LATH���������WOOD  Cin. Pac   Lum   Co    Rwy   & Salsbrv    S 6S00  Point Grey Sup   Co    Kerr sdale  .Ebuine 46R  LIME.  Balfour Guthrie Co Winch Bldg S 1S7-5129  Cartel.Dewai Crowe Co 922 Met Bdg .S 1422  Can Bu'Idirs Sup Co, 1901 Geo-gia S 7175  E*ans Coleman fi. Evans rt. Columb S SD^S  C    Gard ner Johnson   & Co ������s    SHii 9147  Glllej Bros New Westminster Phones 13 16  XV X O'Ne 1 fi. Co '54S Sev st S 4795-4798  Pacltic LImo Co, 201 Canei-ctn Bldg S 1306  Point Grej Sup Co , Ke-risdnle Eburne 46-R  Ritchie Con & Sup Co Granville S 9162  Shover   C   E ,   111  Miln  St S    13'jo  Vict-Vancr Lime and Brick Co Sev 2015  R   V  Winch Co   Ld , Winch Bdg   S  279-1944  LINOLEIM    (Battleship,   Etc.)  Frasei  Mather Co    101 Welton Blk   S   9334L  ���������MinM^iWMimi ���������������������������in       i ,  \i i     'iiniinjn i ,ft,���������  ( FILING AND POLES ^ fJ.       .  Federal Lum. iCo ,-920 Rogers Bldlg..IS. 206$  - FIFE}���������SEWEB        'is? j  Cullen, E. G, 418 Pacific Bldg. . .8.' 2330-50M  Dom Glzd) Cmirt Pipe Co, Dotal. BUI. .Q &_8&  Evans. Coleman & Evansi Ft. Colum..8.2983  C   Gardiner Johneon & Co a 9I46-9-1J47  Gilley Bros, Ltd, New West...Ph-onecie, 14  Ritchie, Con & Sup Co , Granv. Bd-g. .8. 91*t2  Warrington St Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 4������13  R. V. Winch Se Co., Winch Bid...8. 27S-1>44  PLASTER i  Balfour, Guthrie Co , Winch1 Bldg .8 187-691&  Carter Dewar Crowe, 922 Met. Bldg . .8. 9iit  CuHen B. G, 418 Pacific Bldg...������. 233O-C0-21  Evans, Coleman & Evans Ft Colum..S.'298|  Gilley Bros, Ltd , New West. .Phones 16, IS   >  Hynes,  M. J.  & Co ,  6-53 Gran S.  1240  W. N. O'Nell Sc Co, 648 Sey St..S 479S-4708  The Mali. Sup Co, 1039 Main St . .���������1 S491  Point Grey Sup. Cp , Kerrlsdale. .Eburne 49&  Ritchie, Con. fi. Sup  Co , Granv. Bdg. .8. 9162  Shover, C   E ,  969 Main St S. 1365  PLASTER BOARD |  B C. Supply Co , Dominion Bld'g .. .'.8 6141  Carter Dewar Crowe, 922 Met Bldg..S 9422  Cullen, E  G , 418 Pacific Bldg. . .6 2330-60*1  C   Gardiner Johnson<& -Co <S   91-46-9147  W N O'Neil & Co , 548 8cy. St.. .8 4786-4_98  Point Grey Sup Co , Kerrisdale Eburne 46R  ThojmsoH, W. C Co, 40-3 Dunsmulr. .8 3304  Ritchie, Con   & Sup   Co , Granv. Bdg.  S  9L6S  4 PL _STER PARTITION BLOCKS j  BCJSup Co, Dom. Trust Bids'....S MSI  Carter Dewar Crowe, 922 Met. Bldsr..S 9422  Cullen, D G , 41? Pacific Bldg ,S 2330-6021  C. Gardiner Johnson &'Co, Johnson's Whf,. *  . S 9H46-9-M7  Rllohie, Con   & Sup   Co , Granv. Bdg .8  9142  PLASTER���������ORNAMENTAL   -- j  Berger,   Max.   165   Brdway W(rear). .F 1168  Caiter Dewar Crowe, 922 Met iBlds . .S 9422  C. Gardiner Johnson Se Coi Johnson's Whf. J  ���������    "    . O S. 9.146-91A1  D R Morrison, 712 Richards St .S 21S1-2162  Hynes Stone "Sc Staff Co , Ltd , 653 Granville  W N O'Neil &Co, 548 Soy. SI...S 4795--4i7J8  Ritchie, Con   & Sup  Co , Gram v. Bdg. .S  91t*2  i      PLASTIC FLOORING      )    ������������������   '1  Cow dell   B     330   Seymour' St. "Sey    87S1   '   '  Raecolith Floor  Co., 301 Pacific .Bdg .S 81������ J  PLUMBING    v ,      ,      A  Acme Pl-mb & Htg., 131 ioth Av. |E..F 637  Barr & Anderson, 1060 Homerr" St . .8 61*0  Hodgson Plumbing & Heating Co...S 2412  W   J. Smith & Son,*������09 10th Av. E .F 27mR  Little  &   Lee,   682  Sey    St.   ..., 8. 4458  Mufray  Bros/721  (Main   Sf." /i.S ,861-4  Wolfe   J   W, 1540 Sth Ave   W .*.....Br 806 ,  'Z     RADIATORS AND BOILERS 1  '    ]  Can.   Found    Co ,> 1066. pendier. St. ~..B 5710  Rbt.   Hamilton   Co., <Bnk   of Ottawa. .S.   383*-.  Pease Pac   Found    Ltd.   324- Drake.  S 83-47        '  Smith, W J, & Sons, 8iOS 10th Av. E..F. 274R  BOOPING COMPOSITION     ..       J  CSrter Dewar Crowe,*922 Met1-Bldg..S 9422  Henry oDarllntg,   2$   Powell   &������.    S.   612  Evans, ColentanJi'& Bvano Ft Colum..S 2988  C Gardiner Johnson-& Co . . S U146-9i47 '  Newton & Greer,,Van , 34-6 Water St. S/1397  ' Victoria,' 132* Wharf fit.... ,8������7  Paterson 'Mfg. Co. M> & Arhutus Sts . .B. 772  W. X. O'Neil & Co , 548 Sey. -St.^ .8. 47������SHT1|S  Raecolith Floor *Co., 301 Pac. Bldg...8 81)44  Ritchie, Con. & Sup Co , Granv. Bdg. .8 91$2  Thomson, W C Co, 40S Dunsmuir. .8.3394 '  Troy Roof. Co, 814"Metrot>olltan>.. ..S. 741T  Van. Roof. Co. 19121 Triumph gt..H 60������P.  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender ft R 4-912  - *���������������  ROOFING���������SHEET METAL ,|  \ (See Cornice andi Roofing) j  v     BOOFING MATERIAL      <    '���������  E G Blackwell, 108, AlexanderTSt'. .S 1733  Carter D^war Crowe, 922 iMet   Bldg...S 9422  Henry  Darling,   28   Powell   St.*    s    612  Evans, Coleman Sc Bvane   FC Colum. .8 2988  C   Gardiner Johnson; &'Co .' ...S 19146-9M7   ' a  New-ton & Greer, Vane ver, 34i5 Watcr.S 13*7 *  . > i Victoria, 132-6 Wharf St.... 6S7  Ritchie Con*;& Sup  Co, Granv. Bdg. .8 "91������2 "  Ed.   Tlmtnons,   838   7th   Av.   W. F. 12-37    t  Point Grey Sup   Co, Kerrlsdale. .Eburne 46<R  Thomson, W   C   Co ,   4C3 Dunsmuir..S 3394  Tioy  Roof   CO," 814   Metropolitan".. K.. 7-417 "  Vam   Roof   Co,   1912   Triumph,St. H 599R' '  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender St.S 4912^  SATES���������VAULT. DOORS ^> C " >''  D R Morrison, 712 RichardB St .8 2161-2163  Norrls Safe & Lock 330- Cordova, W.S 2447  Rbt Hamilton Co,"Bnk of Ottawa .S. 183  Warrington fi. Johnson, 119 Pender,St.S 4912  W  N  O'Neil-fi. Co , 548 Sey. St.. .S 4795-4i79Si!  SAND   GRAVEL AND CRLSHED ROCK  Can    Builders -Supt-1*01  Georgia... Ts.-71T5  J A Dewar Co    429 Pender W .  S   45S4-OT51  C    Gaidiner/Johnson   ficiCo....  S V914������-91A7 i  Gilley Bros,, Ltd. New* West! .".Phones 15, It! ,<  Indian River  Gravel. Co ,   Ltd    ..   ..B.������  176  The   Main   Sup    Co,   1029 'Main  St ..S 84S1  Point Grey Sap , Co, Kerrlsdale. .Eburne 46R  Rainy ~R   Gvl Co , X E end Con 'Bds..8. 2161  Ritchie Con   8c Sup   Co, Granvl   Bdg .8 9*162  Shover,  C   E,  959  Main  St S   136>  Van   Snd & Gvl Co   ft   Victoria Dve..8 5161"  SASH  DOORS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  Cullen. E   G ,  418 Pacific Bldg . S 2330-<50-2ri  Can   Pac   Lum   Co, Rwv   St Salsbiy. ������ 680>>  W  N   O'Nell i Co    54S Sey   St.     fa  4795-+79S  SHINGLE MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS.  ' /  '  il  y   W*  A   '   ~ V  Can   Pac   Lum   Co    Pvvy   & Sa'sbry. S 6801  C    Gaidiner   Johnson   fi.   Co..    8    914-6 9147  Little   &   Lee,   682   Sejirour   St S  44I5S  West   Stm   & Oil,  Dom   Bldg S   787S  LIMBER AND 8IIINGLES  Balfour Guthrie Co . Winch B'dg S 1������7 6n2l  Can   Pac   Lum   Co, Rwv. & Salsbiy. S  CS00  MACHINERY  B C���������Eqp~Co eoe^Bk-Ottawa S~705C-7ilf  E G Rlackwell 108 Alexandei St S 1733  Cartel Dewai Cro.vc Co 922 Met Bdg S 91212  Can Buffalo Forge Co 1261 Albeinl st  Culler. E G , 41S Pacific Bldg S 21390-50 211  Can Foundry Co. 1U65 Pender- . S 5710  Dom Eqp .t Sup Co S39 Beatty S 71"i5  Henrj    Darling    28   Powell   fat     . 3    512  Rbt Hamilton Co Bank of Ottawi S 3S3  C Gaid ner Johnson fi Co . . S 9146 9147  Mussins     Ltd, i US   Water   St S  S2"*7  W N O N'c'l 8. Co ri4S Sev st S 4715-4718  Pltrlil" Con fi. Suo Co Grnnv'Me S 5162  Ctrumbrrt-Vlrlue Co 311 Pendei W S 6110  Thompson   W   C     Co    401  Dunsmuir ������  3314  M \NTEI.S���������11KICK. TILE AND MOOD  coriri  D������ nr CroAe Co , 122 Met   Bg   S  9422  Hynes Stone fi. Staff Co , Ltd , 553 Gianville  1)   i'   .Miinlson   712 Rlrhaid St     s  2151  215'.  W   N   O'N'eil fi: Co    51"; Sev    St     ������  4713-4798 | TIN PLATES  Pitchle Con   fi. Sup   Co . Gianville B    .S 91(12   ir)a|f01]r   Guthrie Co  (See Lumber and Snlngles)  SL \TE  Carter Dewai Cro.vc 92* Met Bldg . S 94-22  C Gardiner Johnson fi. Co .S 914,6-9147  XV N ONeil fi. Co ������4S Sey St.. S. 4795-v������93  R V Winch X. Co., Winch Bid S 279-1941  Ritchie Can   8. Sup   Co , Gsanvl   Bdlg .J? 9f S2  SLATE AND 1ILE ROOI ERS  Timmons, E   fi. Sons   838 7th Av   W.F. 12-57L  STEAM  TITTERS |  Little    &    Lee     682    Seymour   s 445-S  Wolfe,   J    W,   1540   3lh   Ave        B     296  STEEL���������REINFORCING.  Contnl   Ship   &   Trad    Co    Lt 1    .Sev    644S  Wairington 8. Johnson, 119 Pender St.'s  4912  STEEL ERECTORS  Moss-    H,   2165   CKfoid  St    .     ...(Suite   8)  lozei,   Wm     813   Metiopolitan   BIdfe-.  S  793D  Sl'ENOGRAPHERS���������PLBLIO  Vancouver-Etero     Typ'sts ...Sev    19S0  SI ORE   &   OH ICE   1IATURES   &   STORE  FRONTS  B C "c-een^fi. Mfg. Co , 266 Duffrn 13 F 1643  Cullen, D G 418 Pacific Bldg S 2330- 6021  Grand\lew Mfg Co 1130 Vembles H 13j  XV N O Neil fi. Co 548 Sev St .6 4795 479<  West.   Plate  Glass.   31-6  Wate>- S    4,671  TANKS  (      \  ' I  .    TILE���������DRAINING  Caiter Dewar Crowe 922 Met. Bldg . .8 9422  Evans, Coleman fi Dvans rt Colum..S 2384  Gt West Sndi & Gvl Co, N. Vane ver.. If 3  C Gaidiner Johnson fi. Co. .8. 914-6-91.;  Ritchie Con & Sup Co, Granvl Bdlg .S 91fJ  Gilley Bros, New Westminster Phones IS lb  The   Main   Sup    Co,   1029   Main  St...S. 84.1  Shover,  C   E    9"9 Main -Ft     .'.S   W>  Wanington fi.  Johnson,   119  Pender. 8  49^.2  Tn E���������ILOOR AND WALL ''  Cont'nl Ship &.- Tiad Co Ltd..Sev 64'S  D R Morrison 712 Richards St. .8. 2151 _|U 2  W N O'Xell t Co j4_ Tcv St . ,S 4795-471'S  Thomson ������W" C Co 403 Duntmulr. .S J3'4  Wairngton   fi.  Johnoon    119   Ponder. ,S. 4912  Thomson  H'14  151S  S10  H    4������fi  W*    C   Co     403   Dunsmuir    S  3111  MARBLE  AMI   ONI X  Cnnt n'l =hip fi Tr"d -Co Ltd Cev f44S  Its lies Stone & Staff Co , Ltd , 553 Granville  vV \ O Ne'l fi Co 54-S '���������^ St S 4795-4-9^  Thom'on W C Co 401 DnnMiui'r  Vtp M-rble fi T le Co 848 Beach \v  West   Ma-ble  fi.  Tile Co,  3149   Miln  OIL  BURNING  PL VMS  n'ohe Tron Woiks    1R15 Ppndori  ������t  Mach   Insal   Xc Cnntr   Co   Dom   Bldg S   6116  West   Stm    fi.   Oil   Plants   Dom  Bid     S 7676  PAINTS AND OILS  Carter Dewar Crowe Co, 122 Met   Bg   S  9<22  TTon-v    Dirllnir    2������   Powel'   St S    11-)  W   N   O'Nell & Co    548 Sey   st     S  4795-4798  I* \INTS���������riRE-PROOF.  Cnrtsr Dewnr Crowe Co, *22 Met   Bg  Newton  fi. Greer, Van     341 Wator  Victoria    1120 Wharf St .  Wairington   fi.   Johnson    111   Pendei  vuNrs���������miir PROor.  'Tenrv   Dnillns    2^   Powell   St  C   f irdi nor   Tohnson   &   Co s    0  Vewton  X. Greer   Arnn     145  Wat"  Vlcto-Ia,   1126 Wlini1-  "  XV   N   O'Neil fi. Co    64* SM   pt      S  471  Piteiron  Mfcr   Co     mth   t    >   bptns    B    772  Vnn     Roof    Co    %1112   Triumph   st      II  S^OR  W lrrlngton   X.   TbhT-on    111   Pender    S  4112  P \K riTIOV���������I IREPROOl*  Cnrter Dewar Crowe Co    122 Met   IjR   S  112*  Cullnn   r   G    41* P ic'rlc BWif       <"  2110-"n21  TTviuiB   Colo-m-n  fi   Cvins   Pt  Colum    s  2il>,!  C.  Gardiner Johnsnn   fi  Co ,S.   9140-9147  Thomson. W.'C. Co., 4M Dunsmulr. ,S. 3391  Ritchie. Con. Sc Sup. Co.. Grnnv. Bdg. ,S. 0H'.2  Warrington X- Johnson. 119 Ppndpr St.S. 4912  PTO IRON  AND  TIN  Balfour. Guthrie Co. Winch Bldg..S. 187-692!  C.   Gardiner Johnson  X-  Co.. S   914ii-!i1'47  R. Xr. Winch Sr Co.. Winch BM...S.    279-1944  PILE DRIVING.  Fraser   River  Pile   Driving  Co..   Ncw  West  Greenlees,  W.,   4ft7   Cordova St.   .... .S. 1083  ,s  9422  p  1117  SS7  .s  4112  s  "il"  46  11 17  S  1117  Q';-  1-  -171'!  ���������    _     ,.- -  --    Winch Brtg..S 157-59)2  C    Gaidinei   Jolinson   St   Co    .   .S.   9146-9117  Wllk'nson    C     846  Beach   Av     s   iri  R   V. Winch & Co, Winch Bid ..S    279-1914  VACUUM   CLEANING   SVSTEMS.  Bnrr fi. Anderson, 1C60 Homer St,... .13 61'0  E G Blackwell IOS Alexander St . ,S 1711  Duntlcv "toie The, 712 Hastings W S  Earle,   E    A,   417   Rotters   Bldg    S  1106  5iu  1  20'lS  WATERPROOl ING  Eldildge,   A    H     417   Loo   Bldff.   ..Sej  WATERPROOF COMPOUND J        '  Carter Dewar Crowe 122 Met Bld'g. S >4"2  Cullen D G, 418 Pncirtc Bldg . .S 233-0-5021  C Gaidiner Johnson fi. Co ,S 8146-9117  W N O'NeH & Co , 548 Se>. -St . S 4795-479*.  Paterson Mfg Co 10th fi. \rbutus .B 772  Thomson, W C Co 403 Dunsmulr. s 35)1  Warr.ngton   fi.  Johnson    119   Pendor. ,s   4912  WELDERS   AND CCTTERS  Com    Gas   Co,   1330 Hastings E....H  WINDOW  SCREENS  I  405  I  BC   .Serpen fi. ,Mnfg   366 Duffrn E     P   lit 13  W   N   ONeil fi Co    6 IS seJ   St .   S. 47������5-'4,j'9S  WINDOW SHADES ,  Bowes    r   W    fi  Co     Gionvil'o  Conrt.r Can   Rustpioof faern   "-th Av.  Giandvlew   Mlg   Co     1 :10i Venables.,  SI3  G!'*n  136  WIRE KOI'E  Anglo-B.   C.    Agency,    31iS   Homer   ..S. 3123  Blake   Delther   Co.     !>25   Main   St.....s  jii.-  B.C.  E_r������.  Co.,   606  Unit  Ottawa.8. 7056-7S18  E    G.   Blackwell,   3 0-8   Alexander  St..������     ,  Cullen,  E. G., 418 Pacific Bldg,. .-S. 2330-f 521  C.   Gnrd.ner Johnson   ,1 Co S.   9146-0117  Prior.  E. G. fi:  Co.. 869 Benttv St S,   3f{fi  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co., Granvl. Bd'g .3 1I6"  R. V. Winch & Co., Winch Bld...S. 279-<<.4i  Wilkinson   Co.,   846   Beach g,   ~91; ^ _. _$flA^^^K^^^^^^^P ^.  ^^^M^i^?^^^^^^^^ii^^^J"^^^^3  BTHTISH COLUMBIA  DAILY BUILDING RECORD. s  Phonies "Seymour.," 2,151, 2152  WE' HAVE A LARGE STOCK $F; METAL CEILING OP  SUPERIOR QUALITY'WHICH WE ARE CLOSING OUT.AT A  ' VERY LOW PRICE.   SEE US BEFORE PURCHASING.       '  714   718, RICHARDS' STREET  Sprinkler EquipKt  Phono Seymour 6180  ,   1060 Homer St.  .   .      Vancouver B. C.  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO.  Limited  Public Works  Contractors  Office: 813-815 BDwer Bldg. Vancouver B.C.  ANOTHER   STSES   T^iANT  MEDICINE HAT���������The Gieat' West  lion, Wood & Chemical *tvni ks of Pnnco  Albert, evidently a subsidiary company  of tlio CX.R., has decided to locate a  million dollar steel plant in this, city  for   the   manufactures   of   car   wheels,  CONCBETE MIXES POB BENT  Koehring    conciete    mi\or    lor    rent.   Phone Seymour 2142   -OCAl  TENDEBS WANTED  Street Work, Feint Oroy���������Ey JIunicI- 000;  Xoitlivve-t system   Csts  passed for  pal Cleik Heighway, Until 5 p m., Maich paving),   .12,000? Noi t'.nve-1 system  (im-  for   mjcadaim/.,ng   Tupper  st   from  Oeneral Contract  C. E. Shover  Sand  GraveB and  Building Material   -  'Fhone Seymonr' 138Si ' Offlco and,  -, }S,*VTh*xt i   '  989," SSain -Street  MAYNARDjELECTRICAL  ,   ..SUPPLY^CO.  "   y'r  .'wholesale ; '.  ' ��������� Fhone lUa Your*.Order  Homer Arcade .:...:.36S Cordova St. W.  Fhone: 'Seymour 4207 *        -.  S  ThelHbdgsdn Plumbing (  & fteatisig Company, Ltd.'  Plumbing, Hot Air and Hot Water Heating  1     ^^���������rA^nfe-For Tbo       - >'  '  '   -( PE^$|ECON0iHY ;' FDSKACE      ,.   ,'<  1136Hoif^^|������������;:  '     "-Sey.2412  ���������______a____JBBgnMJiiiimiiiLiiwmiwi^M i,iu  McIiEANy&' FOWEII '  ���������  Manufacturers of  -'' SASHiWESGHTS  Ash BdornZiAyAZA'  '     Ash- Dumps  392  Dufferln W.  Fairmont 41546  Ssf;i - L  HAM  !By Arclit, Stuart ic White, lietiopull-  tmi blily, foi eiectliiR J sto li.iinc ami  biick vcneei bachelor.-, club bldg In t.u  1100 block on .\elsoii &t  lor XV. Able  By���������Wm. Kiedeiick Gaidiner, aicht,  347 Pender XV,- loi geneial contract o.,  4 sto .steel, bik and mill constiuclnjti,  'i7ixl'22 apint bids on Pendei E between  Main and Gore; also for oil burning ma-  cmnei.v loi heating plant. Selected conti actois only. -  By���������Aicht. J. II. Bowman, Crown bldg  for general contiact of 5 room frame  teachers residence at Bamet, for the  Burnaby school boaid.  By���������D. Roy Cameron, Dist. Inspector  of Forest Reserves, until March 15, at  noon, at Kamioops office, for conducting two 35x9x2 tt. patrol service gasoline launches. ,  By A. S. Dawson, City Engineer, Calgary; 'until. March 29, for construction  conciete paving^on the dams and Lake  Newell reservoir of the C. P. R. amounting to about 11,200 cubic' yards of concrete paving,, and 8700 cubic ^yards of  gravel base. Constiuction materials, except forms,and; water for,concrete, will  be supplied by.the company. All labor,  plan,t and material for forms, mustt be  furnished by the contractor. ,  ���������-By���������Archt J.rD. S. -Taylor, Bower  b'dg, general contiact tendeis foi fei-^  tilizing plant, and wharf 90x112 on the  Skeena River, for Scottish-American  Oil & Fertilizing Co , Rogers bldg.  By���������Arclit G P. Bowie, Bank of Ottawa bldg, tenders fiom selected contrs.  only for 4 sto 50x120 bik and mill construction apmt bldg for D. Robertson  on* Seymour near Helmcken; htgy plbg,  elevators, ornamental lion and electrical  work separate.'  \ By-"���������Acting Dlv. Engineei II. B. Wal-  kem, of the CPR, until noon, Maich  29, for,.cleaiing light-of-way on Arrow  Lake  sub-division  By���������Stuart Sc White, archts. Metropolitan bldg, geneial contract tendeis for  tie Fire Aits bldg at Hastings park;  firepifiof, to coat between $9000 and $10,-  000  By���������PIrncr & McClennan, 10S Crown  b'dg,, tenders   covering   vanous   tiadea  i:  17.  16th to 18Ui and llth ave* irom Tupper  to Budge fats; also giading Hudson st  fiom Park rond to Shannon io.hI: specifications liom municipal engineer,  poles, 'hardware, wire and other material  lcqulied by the light dept  COMPETITIONS OF.v.N  Exhibition Bldgs, Kamioops���������Agiicu,'-  tuuil Association has, decided to call  >or competitive plans foi agilcultur.il  bldgs, bldg committee Includes Alder-  man Wade, Mayor Robin.son, S. C. Burton, Majoi   TIaipcr and E   S. Wood.  School, Hardisty, Alta.��������� Vlex. Mursell  ������������������eci-etai-y-tionsurcr ."-.chool board deslics  to heai tiom architects icgaidlng plans  for   -l-room   model n   school   bldg.  mediate),  $38,080: e.vten-ion  (.sts passed  POSITIONS VACAKT.  Mi'iwliwii ���������! ������jnlttM������t..iinilriTUB  CJty Clorb., Poi-t Moody���������K. Abemotliy,  Poit Moody, will leceive . applications  until Man.li 15 for the position of city  clerk of that city.  SCHOOLS  PROPOSED-  P. EsftyJ|pR1s;i& CO;, Ltd:  P������s||e|AMjeiglit Elevators -  A2torriatins.]Curreni Motors   )  Kept Jn'Stock ;  107 Crown'Bids.'  Sey. 4698  Vano;ver^.CffNlgfet Phone High. 301  STEEL  DEALERS IN STRUCTURAL* AND  ', "' x  ' -REINFORCING   STEEL   AND-  .*'..<!       ' /  '    ���������    - ; .METAL,LATH s  * <    / ,'r' 7  DOMINION  CONSTRUCTION  ,  -SUPPLY CO.,-LTD.  -509 Richarde St.  Sey. 8308-1413  required   in   erectirg   fr   apmt   bldg   on  Cook st,  Victoiia.  Sajvvard  bldg.)  (Victoiia  office,   42C  Sub-Con tracts and materials  C.C.RiC������&CO.  *       HI-*'       '���������>    I      <���������  i:, Plastering Contractors  ,   Stucco WorS a' Speoialty.  TBY'TUS.   -  1083 Richards St.       ,     .     Sey. 2849  GRANDVIEW ,  Sheat ftletaS Works  '  , Warm   Air   Beating ,, ,  Furnaces ond  Oeneral Jobbing  1685 ..Venables St ,  Highland 648  EMPIRE HARDWOOD*  FLOOR GO.,'  'Soy. 9188     2nd floor 634 Pcnsiaulr St. |  ' By���������J H. Tolman, contr, Metiopolitan bid)?, foi plastel ing, wiring, sheet  metel, roofing, biick, lumbei and some  *-Uel and iion, 1 sto 50x120 bik bldg on  Cordova W, for Lewis & Sills, 265 Hait-  i,i<rs   E  ,By���������J A. Ledlin, at the Gianville Pal-  act Hotel, for brk and stone work and  for plastel ing on 9 room 1 1-2 sto fi ard  s>tone residence at Shaughnessy Heights  to   cost   $9000  - By���������B. C.Gianitotd & Contracting Co  Ltd., Exchange" bldg, foi plastering, mill  work/sheet metal and roofing for 2rsto  '66x132, cone gaiage at 1233 Geoigia st  for H. A, Bower.  "-'.By���������Genser. Bios.. 615 Hastings W,  ,for pointing thiee bungalows in Grand-  view. .. \ \  , 'By���������W. W. Jerrett, general contractor,  603 Bower bldg, for brick woik, plastei-  ing,*f(concrete work, electrical 'work,  painting and iron work, on 6 sto ibrick  Davidson bldg.,' at 777 Burrard st.  ,*By���������Archts. Stuart &> White, Metropolitan <'bldg., (separate vtenders covering materials rand -subcontracts requir-  ed<in construction of'5 sto brkvand mill  construction apmt bldg at 1004- Albert  st. for H S. Rowling. < ,  "By J H.* Tolman, Metropolitan bldg,  for excavating, plate glass, brick work,  lumber, mill work, electiic wiring and  bair.ting on John McDonald bldg., at  "VTiin  and -Alexander St������        '���������  Fentlcton���������S-room brk. bldg., ?50,000  By-laws passed.  Duncans���������Plans prepared by W. T.  Whiteway, Vancouvei, for 8-room brk.  bldg.  Bnrnahy���������Modern bldg. Is planned on  Kingsway.  * Alberni���������Site secured for proposed  $30,000  bldg.  ! Kelowna���������Tenders closed Jan. 3 for  new'10-room bldg.  1 New Westminster���������School bldgs- are  asked on the Hjorth Road and at Delta  boundary.  1 Fort' Haney���������School Bd. will ask for  new school. ' ' ,     ��������� -  N. Vanoouver���������Site bought for new  hlgh^ school. ,k ��������� ,  * Oak Bay, Victoria���������Plans being drawn  for Monterey Ave. ������ehnol to cost $75,000.  - Victoria���������Archt. W. C. P. Gillam,-Vancouver, finishing plans for proposed Victoria Normal School, to cost $?50,000/  Ft. Orey���������Four 8-room fireproof  .schools will be elected in 1913 to cost  $130,000, calling competitive plans.  mission���������Govt, has been asked for ap-  propilatlon for 4-room bldg. here.      >  West Vancouver���������Sites have been secured for, three now bdiools. Xo plans-  yet. '  Coquitlam���������l' new bldg to be erected  at Poit Moody Rd.; three other sites  bought  Victoria���������Estimates for school i purposes for 1913 -will be expended as follows:  Bight room school on North Quadra  st school site, now available, $33,000,  additional amount required for bldg..  $40,000. . ^  Site for South Park manual training  and domestic science schools.  $15,000  Dome=tic science bldg. on Victoria W.  school  site,   $5,000.  New' public school site at Spring  Ridge,   $22,000  'Additional four rooms to Bank street  school, also manual training and domestic  science  bldgs., ,$S5,"000. ,  Extension of Hillside school site and  erection of new school bldgs, $16,000  Extension of Sir James Douglas  school  site,'" $16,000.  -Vanconver���������1913' estimates*' include  fojur S-room and two 12-room bldgs.',  1 S-room bldgs. to be elected at Wost  Kitsilano, South Ha-tings, and a location yet to be named, to cost $6S,000  each Also 8-room extension to the  Henry Hudson school, to- cost $75,000,  One'12-room school is to be built on  Strathcona school site and one on Mac-  donald school ^site, lo cost $95,000 each.  Other items" include' $20,000 for completing auditorium at Dawson school,. $9000  for ncw lavatories, $5 2,000 for six janitor's houses, $8500 for auditorium seats,  bldg. and. equipping gymnasium at King  Edward   school,   $50,000; ...  -OtlTSIDE BUIIiDINa-TENbEBS  . * Sohool, Kaolo���������By See.1 School'Board,  Kalso, BC, until'Apiil 10, tenders for  Electing 6 room brk and stone school  bldg, tenders wanted also'for all tiades  except plumbing and heating, plans and  specif from Archt. Will Haldane; at Nel-  -on,  B C  Kotol, Addn., Victoria���������By Archts  Fox  .t Ben ill, Victoria, until March 16, genial c-ntract figuies for erecting'5 sto  ���������i0\-*20 brk addn to the Dominion Hotel,  ert'mat' d cost $100,000.  Hospital, Duncan���������By Archt. L. W.  Uimreaves, Say waid bldg, Victoiia, until March 17, for electing fr hospital  bldg at Duncan, B. C, for the King's  Daughters. '   ���������  ... steam cheating  plant at Model'school, $10,000, drinking  fountains,'$10,000; 'grading and retaining walls,'$35,000: sidewalks. " $5000;  manual training bldgs., $18,200; , oil  plants, $850-0; gymnasium apparatus for  Kins- Edward and Britannia- schools, jrk nnn  $1000: school desks and furniture, $12,- *������������!UVU'  000; dining room and kitchen equipment,  $CS00; ,- plavground apparatus, $3000:  lockers at Kinsr Edwaid. and Britannia  high schools, $8000; general alterations  to old bldgs, $25,000; land "for school  sites,  $60,000;'a total oft $775,-500.  Universitv of B   C. Point Grev,"(Vancouver).    Plans of  Sharp Se' Thompson,  archts, Vancouver, accepted fonproposed bldg-; $300,000 already appropilated.  (See   ulso^ School   Pioposals)   '  for paving),  $5,250;   extension   (lmmedi  ate), $26,10(1; --unace drains, $78,900.  Water   Works���������Bylaw    appiopiiatlng  $50,000 for extensions appioved.  VANCOUVE3.  Vaucouvor���������By-laws pioviding $5,  112,800 for civic impiovements have been  voted by the Vancouver ratepayers as  follows: .  Geneial Hospital, $325,000, sewers, $1,-  000,000; locking, planking, etc, of roads  and stieets, $165,000; giading roads,  fatieets, etc., $220,000, waterwoiks pin-  poses, $S0O,000; paik improvements,  $S2,500; land for paiks, $353 500; Vancouver Exhibition, $163,000; for school  purposes, $6S3,000; foi school put poses  (building), $175,000; opening and clearing Ward VII. streets, $275,000; East  End viaducts, '$1 IS,500; Mount View  Cemetery, $16,500; land for new cemetery, $100,000, Ea������t Und police station,  $16,000, additional amount foi' new police  headquarters, $70,000: ereches or day  nurseiles, $70,000; public sanitation conveniences. $55,000; home for the aged,  e'iO.OOO; ferry subway, $47,300.  Faving���������Asphaltic mixture pavement  or   Fouith   ave   from   Vino   st   to   Altna  Road, $183,300 (petition filed for wood  blocks on this-'street, making additional  cost of S63,000); the same on Bridge st.  from.Dufferin St. to 16th Ave., $122,130;  the same on Burrard St., from Pacific  St. to Seaton St., $144,436; the same on  Glen Drive, from Union to Venables- Sts.,  $2,183; the same on Vernon Drive, from  south side of. Harris St. to' Venables St.,  $9,452; the same on Commercial St.,  from Broadway to.- 12th Ave., $31,759;  the same on Main St., from 18th to 25th'  Aves., $33,493. Wood block paving on  Union St., from Campbell Ave. to Vernon  ��������� DiiveV $47j37S; asphaltic pavement on  Bridge St., from^south,' of Connaught  Bridge to Broadway. ( !  Sewers���������Sth   ave.   from   Balaclava   to  Waterloo, $6500; 5th ave., from McDonald to Balsam, $8000; 6th ave., from Bal_  aclava   to , Watterloo,   $6500;    6th    ave.,'  from Balaclava  to Vine,  $23,500; 'Granj  vllle st, lane fiom 13th ave to loth ave.,.  $2600;   8th   ave,. fiom   Commercial    to  Victoria,    $4000;    15th    ave,   from    St.  Catherines  to Burns,   $1200'; Turner St.,  fiom  Lakewood  to  Templeton,   $1300.'  ���������  OTHER NOBTHWESX CITIES  Breakwater, W. Point 'Oxjy: ��������� Ratepayer   talking  of  immense  breakwater  and wharves.  Bridge, New ^Testmlnsi ar:���������Pel ltlon  filed with council asking f< r bridge between Lulu and Annacis Inlands.  Bridge, Granite:���������Spanning Slmilka-  meen,^ work will proceed, 2 buttresses, 3  spans,  cone,  foundations.  Bridge, Grand Forks ���������W Jrk will proceed on new Cooper brido0 .spanning  Kettle River,  cost  $15,000.  Bridge, Fort Fraper-���������Govt, plans to  go ahead with Upper Nechaco bridgo. l  Bridge, lillooet ���������Proposed ?t South  Fork on  Bridge river.  Bridge, Nelson ���������Const of Taghum  bridge, authoilzed (Dept. ������.������ Pub. Wks.,  Victoria)  tentatively.  Bridge, Brilliant���������Piovl.i. Govt, asked  for giant of $20,000 for pi jposed bridge  (Dept   Pub   Wks,  Victoria).  Bridge, West Vancouver ���������Traffic ovei  Capilano Canyon, cos! $5u,0l/0, $30,000  now appiopnated *  Bridge, Coquitlam ���������1 rnttc bridge  across Pitt River, proposed plans completed. ������ ���������  Dam, Bellingham ��������� Stuae & Webster  reported making suiveyaNfor dam on_  upper Baker River. i  Dam, ��������� Stewart:���������Dept of Pub. Wks.  proposes to build 2 or 3 wing dams on  Bear River.    ^Inquiries   to Victoria.)  Drydook Bldgs., PriJ-.$e Rupert'���������Con-'  tract for G T. P. dry Jock bldgs. let to  Wlneland" Const.--Co .-Vancouver.  <���������.  ��������� Drydopk; Frlnce Bupert:���������G and, Trunk  Paciflc taking tenders for1 pre posed dry-  dock. ,     - ..������������������  Dyke, Sumas ���������J lans apt roved for  Sumas dyking sche-ie. Awaiting,vote of  ratepayers. .,    * - /  t Dyking, Nicom������.i:���������Marsha.l & Plum-  mer, 'Vancouver, warded contract for  West 'Nicomen  Island  Dyke,     to    cost  RENT OR*SALE  VANCOUVER HOBST <CO.s LBIVS8T!  'll Ml A     Cf������T������        C0AM *  Phone Sey. 6eG7  901 metropolitan  Monti eal  Toronto  Vanq'i  London, Eng.,  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., Limited  INSPECTION tests CONSUI.TATIO;  INSPECTION OF ENGINEERING MATERIALS.  Physical and Cement Te=tlng Laboratories and Offices/  Bank of Ottawa Bldg. " Vancouver,  Seymour  2199  ���������Bj--C. EQUIPMENT GO  MACHINERY DEALERS  -^oCN?vcTvr^IX^Kv?rIEEL CARS- TRANSMISSION AND-  COyy������\lFG' MACHINERY; ROCK CRUSHERS, M&  - ING MACHINERY,.,FOUNDRY EQUIPMENTS   -   DUMPING MACHINERY, RO^MACHIN-        "  ERY   FTC    FTC  .    Phon'e Seymour^O^^ '^Ogagm^ Bank of Ottawa Bldg.'  i^n^"M**^MBi������������e������MBaBMMia__HK^^^MI_______________________.  Cabots Stains, Creosote.  t   -    "CABOTS QUltT"' -        "*'  *,      , -- THE^SClENTIFIC HEAT IN8ULATOR '   "v;  mom, Seymours     HENRY DARLING     '���������-    -28"TowenW  Wire Rope for Crane Work  Rails and pump Cars  VANcotyyss, b.������,o. 355 wateb, bt.:  PHONE SE7HOUB 600  Wev'are the"*sole  Manufacturers  "t    'of Machine- Made  Glazed  CementJ  \   B***^ \ Sewer, Pjpe In-British Columbia.'   '  DOIV9.imON;<&LAZEb;ciMENT PIPEVCO.,LTD.  -Offloe:   Dominica     Bldgr,   Vancouver; B. C   .,Phone:   Sey..*8386 r  MTTOICIPAI, W03K  PROPOSED  MUNICIPAL TENDEBS WANTED.  yCAMPBELLlBROS^  CONTRACTORS -  '������������������ -' m ixonom and iumikb  Highland'453    ,. '      ���������' U623 Bismail:  ACME PMINGJ H'TG.,,C(I.  131 10th Ave E.  Fair. 537.  <S!  . jas. murphy ayson  i General -Pointing-  and   Decorating  ,���������    CONTBACTOBS   '.  Ofllce: 112 Crown Blag. Soy. 8707  f - EDWARD TIMMONS  ��������� .SLATER & ROOF TILER  838���������7th Ave. VT.   Fhone Fair. 12571..  WE BUILD ANYTHING  From a' Bungalow  To a Skyscraper  EXPERT, BUILDERS & FINANCIERS,'LTD.,  Sey. 7381 820-21 Bogern Bldg.  THE.BURNSIDE :: ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  '1037-39  Granville'Street  Telephone Seymonr 3704  J.W.WOLFE  Sheet Metal Contractor  CORNICE       ROOFING       SKYLIGHTS  Warm Air Heating a Spcciaitj-  Phone Bay. 396 1540 5th Ave   W.  MlTRttTerBROST  PLUMBING anil HEATING  72IMaln Street Pfane Siyntmr 86H  "norrrce-^srtize7  ft-bmot yr^4.il Wo������-Vqr������  tnt Inis, tuJct. tocnit, fntt vs,  ���������82 RpvMour. St.     Phone Sey  445*?  Sewers and1 Clearing, Point tixJ'/���������By  Muii iii.ui >-iei'A Helguway, until* 5 p m.  March 21 loi 'aylns J&30 ft _o_t_sewei,  also for cleai t , lane 'from Dixon'"Road  easterly.  Oloaring, South Vanconver���������By Sec.  .Wm. Klikland, South Vancouver ������cliool  board, at Cedar Cottage, .until March  18, noon, for clearing and rough giading  tin ce blocks for school site  ,Crushed Bock, Vanconver���������By Clt\  Purchasing Agent Stuait,, until 2 ip.m,  March 18, for supply of crushed lock  lequiied during ensuing >ear.  > Hospital Supplies, New Woutmingtor���������  By Board of-Managers until noon, Jlaich  lJ, lor, furnlHhlngs and enuipment foi  now Roval Jubilee Hospital, to cost  about'$30,000. /  Fire Dept, Victoria���������^Sy Citv Purchasing Agent Gait, until Mnrch 24, for  liose, rubbci insulated cable and blecl  wire.    Paitlcuiais fiom Mr. Gait.  Water System, Sidney���������By Western  Dominion Lands, 624 Fort St.. Victoria  ,until and including March ID, tendei-,  for installing wnter supplv for the toyn  of Sidrey, including supply nnd erecting of two 100,000 p-allon redwood water tanks and foundations, excavating  and backfilling ditches, supplying and  laving whe-*i\ound wood water pipes, fittings, etc.  - Supplies,' North Vanconver���������By Citj  Engineer Angus Smith! for 1913 supplies including haidware,}powder, lumber, coal, etc.  Power House Equipment, Begina���������Ey  E W. Bull, Light Supt.-, until March 15,  for supplying (six) 500 h p. mater tube  boilers complete with mechanical &tol'-  era''aijd Internal supei heaters for 200-  lb piessuie and 125 deg. Fahr. supei-  flieat���������also two 133,000 cp. ft. pei min  3-4 or 7-8 hou������ing Induced diauglit fans  ai ranged to di cbaige through one vei-  tical stack, 12 ft in diam and 70 ft.  hiirh above base of fans.  Supplies, Calgary���������By Citv Cleik Mil-  'ei, until Maich 17, for fuini-hing "-tore  supplies foi ensuing year (list fiom  Citv Storekeeper   Calgarv )  Boads, North Vancouver���������By Dist Engineer Cosgrove, -until 5 p.m. March 20,  foi road woik on 4 conti acts on L-snn  Valley ioad, Peters ioad, Dovecoui t  ioad and Cailsbioolc ioad, compiisin^  cleaiing 5 3 acrea (approx ), grading 28 -  .'00 cubic yuirti (appiox.); cedar culverts and bulkheading 310,000 f.b m  (appiox), macadamizing -;'0,G00 squaie  viuds (approx), giavelllng 1840 squaie  yards fnnpi-ox), contingent work.  Electrical Equipment���������The courcll of  vplson Ni <- decided to call for tendon  for 300 electric light meter": 3 15 k w.  transformer*; .llso for a veai's supplv  of     la.r.r ,     ti.in3?o..ntrc,     c.css-ainu,  VICTOBIA. '      ,  Grading      and      Walks���������115,      View,  Blanchaid to Cook, grading and sdwlks;  $.'6,S07;   211.  Haibinger  ave  Richardson  to   Fairfleld,   grading,   $S06C;   211.   Moh-  leal Kingston to Michigan, grading, etc  ?55S6, ������00. Lillian road, Irving to Roo-  ertyon, sidewalk, $822; 317, Dundein st,  expropilation. $4019; Go\crnment st Cor-  moiant to ITumbolt electilf* lighting,  ?17,43S; 30i Johnson st, elect/- lighting  Wharf to Government,  $'i521. 316   John-  on electiic lighting Go\ernmert to  Douglas $3024, Broad st Cormoiant to  Fort,  lishtlng,   $8368. *  Paving���������65, Fort ������t. Douglas to Cook,  p-i\ing and s'ldewalk^s, $65 003, 191,  Pine>st, Ciaigdower to Dominion, paving,  etc., $11,533, 151. Howe st, Mav to Dal-  in.. nn,ip^ nr1" v>niilo\a,-ds, $14,917; 181,  .iu.in.ui. -,���������., iuii co Pamlrrj, pa\lng,  $������5SS, 193 John'on st Quadia to Cook.  ,ia\lng and Jidewnlks. $J9.108, J52._0\z_  ford st, paving and blviding," $20,128;  174, Broughton st, paving, etc., $8,523;  110. Cambridge st, Mav to Dallas rd,  pa\ing, etc., $20,183; 196. Johnson st  Douglas to Quadra, paving, etc., $22,016,  149, Cornwall. Richard son to Fairfleld,  pa\Ing. etc, $13,926:, Ross st St Chailes  to Hobeit>-on, pailng and boulevards,  $15,413; Collinson, Vancouver to Trutcli,  paving, etc.. $9,439; 201, Quebec, St.  John to Menzies, paving and laterals,  9*15.289: 130, Pcndergast Vancouver to  Cook, boulevards, $6,548; 163, Oscar st,  Cook to Moss, paving and boulevards,  $!,������ 059  Sewerage���������Northen it svstem (Oak-  lands), $36,500: Northeast system, (sts  io bo paved), $30,700; Noitheast system,  (Immediate), $78,100: Northwest system  (Douglas  to   McLaughlan  Point),   .231,-  Dyke,- langley:���������A new dyking district  will be established.  -��������� i Gas Piant, ,S. Vanoonverl���������,S. Vancouver Gas.' Co. proposes to erect plant.  -..Gas Plant,   Edmonton:���������Natural   gas  'distribution svstem 'heing considered.   '  Hydro-Electric, Duncans ���������'DuCane,  DUtcher & Co., consult.' engln* ers, Rogers  bldg., Vancouver; will call tenders about  Peb. 1 for initial installation to ��������� cost  $45,000  Hydro-Electric, Vlotoria ��������� Gordon  River *Powen Co' is asking for water  license;-'plans plant at upier falls of  Englishman's,  River. ,    ,  Hydro-Electric, Bossland'���������J H. McDonald repoi ts plans are preparing for  plant near mouth of the Salmon Rlyer,  to furnish  2500 h.p ,  Hydro-EHeoti-lo,-. Victoria'���������*,>rontague  Yates, 605 Pandora ave, head of syndicate considering plant on Van   Island  Incinerator, S. Vanconver ���������S Vnncou-'  couver is talking of erecting a municipal,  incineiator  light Cluster, Edmonton- ���������Several  miles of cluster llsrhts proposec.  lights, North Vanoouver ���������City Engineer  recommends  cluster lights. '  lights, Summerland:���������By-law proposed for $ 10,000 addn   to system.  lights, Bevelstoke ���������Municipal officials  consideiing standaid st  lighting svstem.'  light* Cluster, --Nanalmo ���������Council  ii>=l,-pd to in'-tnl =v������tem on Wallace st.  livht, West Vancouvei ���������Council has  passed re olution tn fav jr of electric  light-system ��������� '  lights,    Alberni-���������Cou.icil    installing  .-COODER CANADIAN RUSTPROOF SCREEN CC.  Screens for Residences, Apartment^ Hotels, Restaurants.  ,   Made to Order.   - \- Made to Fit5  Last as long as'the house."   '��������� J       'V  dtok as good-as the house. <  Made in Vancouver.   Tactory   and   Office:" Enghth,Ave. E. and Glen-Drive  -m- V  Fire-Proof!     pamp;Prpof!    -Vermin-Proof! .;;  - *    DENNISON XNTEBIOCKXNG  BIOOK' "  Will Make Your'New Home, All of These. '-  Costs less  Than Brioi Ultimate Cost less Than Frame  FAR WEST CLAY COMPANY  v    '        ' ^ ���������     - [  A1SO  MAKEBS  OF  PIOOB THE,  PARTITION TIIE, ETC.  W.,T. Mould,'Sole Agent ,' '   - ,821 Pendei Street West.  ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION CO.  ' j \ * *  ENG9NEERS AND CONTRACTORS  i tiA Howe St. Phones:" Sey. 1336,   7951  ~wri7"SiVIITH~������$ SONT"  ' Heating Engineers  Steam, Hot Water & Vacuum Systems  Fhone Pair. 374-B      809-10th Ave. E  GLOBE IRON WORKS  MANUFACTURERS  OF  Oil Burning1 Machinery  Plants Installed and Repaired  1815 PANDOBA>T., cor. Salsbury  Fhone High. 496 Vanoonver. B. C  NOTICE  INSPECTION OF GAS PIPING  Architects, Builders and Owners, are  notified ti, at all gas piping must he  tested before walls are closed in. Otherwise this company will not be responsible for supplying gas for the  building.  Information and estimates re gas  piping furnished without charge.  VANCOUVER GAS COMPANY  New Business Dept.    Phone Sey. 5000  $30,000 system.  .  Faving, Bouth Saanlch--Bylaws passed  appioprinting $350,000 for paving.  "   Faving,  Bnrnahy���������Kir gswrfv    paving,  4.4 miles, awarded to Canadian Mineral  Ri-hber Co.  $334,000.       i ��������� / -  Faving, Kerrlsdale:���������By-law proposed  for paving of Bildce sU  ���������- Faving,     Kerrisdale: ���������Govt,     reports  favorably  on   addn   expense  of  $20,000  for woik on River Road,  Faving, Edmonton'- Several hundred  thousand dollars worth of work planned  for  1913.  Keservolrs, VT. Vtnoouver:���������Munlcl-  palltv considering erection of reservoir  on Capilano Crock, to cost $100,000.  Beservoirs, Ashoroft:���������Ashcroft Water  & Electric Co., 3 rcervoirs to store  124,800 acre ft. at Bonaporte Lake,  ynnng Lake and Loon T.nke  Beservoirs, New Westminster:���������New  We'tmln"ter Power Co., Ltd.. propose to  build 4 reservoirs yfor power purposes  on Brandt Creek, Ir dlan River, Young  Lake  and Norton  Lake. \  Boservoir, Vlotoria:���������Tullameen Gold  & Platinum, Lt(.,~iof- -Vancouver, propose reservoir on Similkameen River.  Boad.  Prince   Bupert:���������Road    around  Kalen Island, proposed to cost $150,000.  Boad,  Victoria-���������Govt,   will   establish  Victoria-Campbell  River  trunk road.     '  Boads,  Pt.   Grey���������Bylaws   passed   for  $100.000. for  roads.       >,  Boads, North Vancouver���������$150,000 appropriated  Boad  West Point Grey:���������Local Impr.  Ass. will-ask govt, for/appropriation for  I roadway connecting Vancouver with Pt.  1 Grey.  i    Sewers, Steveston ���������Plans prepared for  Richmond municipality svstem.  Sewers, Edmonton ���������Plans many extensions   in   1913  Sewerage-Coquitlim���������System i ecom-  jnended bv citv officials- none now.  Sewerage, N. Vancouver-���������City engln-  ppr recommends extensions to cobt  $101,000  Sewerage,  Kelowna-���������Council  has  dc-  decided to spend  $10,000 for extensions.  Sewerage, Pt. Groy���������Bylaws pa.sed for  $710,000 for "cwei lge '  Soweraoro, New Westminster-���������Queens-  hoiough Improvement Ass ask for com-  mIs������lon to piepare scheme of drainage  for district  Seworage, Alberni���������Consideiing plans  for svstem.  Sewers, Ashcroft'���������Sewerage system  prrrp^orl,  to  cost  $?6.000.  Stre-t Tr-nt Vancouver-���������Bv-law pro-  p^������i for $'.50,000 to macadamize Marine  Diive.  E. G.  Wire  [ppe  For Logg3r.gr, Crane aincJ-AI! Purposes   ���������-Manuiacturecl-t>y-VVm.iCook-a.-Con-8hefflehdrEnfllatid.���������������������������  Phone Sey. 386.  839 Beatty -St.  A.mm    ������������������  ��������� a    ������������������    bb    ������������������    bb Issued Without Any Delay   bb    bb    bb  CASUALTY and PIRE INSURANCE  Seymour 4911 SEELEY & CO. 324 Wineh Block  Takes the place.of lath.and plaster/:'  , "   STRONG - DAMPPROOF - ECONOMICAL /    ,  Also FIREPROOF: ASBESTOS Board    ,   . For,Garages, Light Walls,, Elevator Shafts  * Furnace Room Wahs and Ceilings        k '  W. C. THOMSON COMPANY, LTD. ,. ���������  Cor. Dunsmuir and Bomor Sts. ,      Vancouver, B. C. Fhone Sey. 3304 <  ALLTREE ft CHURCHLAND  Electrical Contractors  '        '** *        '  'Fhone,  Seyniour  3707  976 Granville Street  CARPENTERS  Contractors, Builders arid  Others Requiring Carpenters  RING SEYMOUR ..380.  No Office, Foe   Competent Help  FURNISHED  Sfcrtimfoert Virtue & Co;  patten contractor's hoists  olygon      Concrete mixers  and all kinds of machinery  Phone Sey. 6910 .' 319   Pender ,������.. ,*  A,'  .V'


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