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Daily Building Record Jun 26, 1913

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Record   Publishing   Co.. ^Vancouver,  Publishers
Covering British Coluirnbia.
f ^warehouse Davie and Mainland
led'usa "White Portlatfiy ^
leen's Cement (Engliifa)
atin Spar Plaster Finish
lortar Colors (Dry anij Pulp)
i. I. W. Technical Paints
Santon Bros. Shingle Stains
,nton Bros. Shingle Stains \~:>S/J'I Marble, Tile '
=====���     ��� ^"~��___gB    ""'"'
Duplex Joist anc? A^gJl Hangers
Einnear Steel Rolling Doors
Marble, Tile T   '*   "
B20 Sogers Bldg.    -     Sey. 81441
VoL 5, No. 16, Thursday, June 26, 1913
wire rope -BULLiVANTS'- the best
Phone Seymour 3425 Also Manila Rope 318 Homer Street
Tar and Gravel Roofing
Water  Proofing
Roof Repairing
Al) Work Guaranteed
-Fhone/Seymonr 7417.
814 Metropolitan BldQ.
CARpIfMf_*X��? -ROWE COMPANY Limited
PHONE Sey. 9422 . 8942 922-S Metropolitan Bldg.        Vancouver B. C.
Just received a large shipment of FEROKLAD for finishing concrete floors. Will make them as hard as:
steel. Wearproof, Waterproof and Dustproof. Get prices and full particulars from
Phone Seymour 9163, Private Exchange.  EVEBYTHINO IS* BUILDING MATBBIAL.
j)���alter  hotel   	
13���2  sto  fr  res 
4���1  sto brk addn:..
;eet Addreaa. v   Lot and Block. i'��-*�����-^-'- -
 Cost, [street Address
 .��S000 ,.-400 "Cardei-o St. W
2749 15th ave W.'
Front & Ykon Sts	
.. Owner
.. Contr.
A. Bourne ..2645 llth ave 'W.
Smith Sc. Buckland .*.....
# *	
 : '��i::::::::
A. M.r Johnson. .400 Cordova St. W.
J.  Brown ..^.2645  llth ave W.
B. C.  Telephone .Co.?	
Phone 2988
,   ;    ���   " - .     i ' ,'\ ' l   '  .
A '        ,
Can Make Immediate Delivery
Western Plate tes&
Imp. Cdi Ltd.r
Registered Office 318
Water St. Vancouver, B. C.
Vancouver, B. O.
, Phone Seymour 1738.
Bee me about Beady BOOFING.
Builders' and Contractors' Supplies.
Metal Lath, Metal Celling**.
Corner Bead, Tool and Drill Steal.
.Willamette' Donkey Engines.
Blaisdell Vaouum Cleaners.
I heve the best In the market.
- - arts giving complete- satisfaction in
sbine of the largest construction work
on: thePacilc Coast.-Let us.send you
1 ^catalog showing the 2099'types and
      ,   sizes made by ' 'l *"* "A.��
The CLYDE IRON WORKS of Du.uth, Mlnnl, U.S. A..
\.,      -     -   -j-Vancouver,' B.C...'
P13 Paciflc Bldsr.
i'.��?*!$ fV*"i**a��'*
|0 Richards St.
Phone Seymour 1196
Sanufaowdrers of'all. kinds of-Interior sanded finish and lumher and mould-
l lngs sash and doors, 'cabinet  work, 'etc
Estimates.furnished from plans and specifications.
311 North West Trust Bid;. G. A. Bell, Iggr.
lay. 411
. Electro Plating
CO., LTD. ���.,,,
90 Mainland, foot of Helmcken   '
Vancouver Marble & Tile Co., Ltd.
PHONE SEYMOUR 1518        '  848 BEACH AVE. .
Fr. Bldg-s., Junean, Alaska���Archt. J.
Everett, Walker bldgr., Seattle, has;complete.! plans for a 2 sto 50x110 ft fr bldg
for rLloydTHlll at. Juneau. The owner. Is
now taking bids..  To cost $12,000.
Mr. Everett lias also awarded contracts to '.P. Skoog.of Juneau for constructing two bldgs for Jaeger & Erics.
One. will be 3 sto reinf cone costing
$30,000, and one 2 sto fr bldg costing
$8000. Mr. Skoog also secured the contract for constructing the 2 sto fr office
bldg for R. E. Robertson and Judge Ly-
one at a cost of $9600.
The same archt. has awarded a contract to Cleveland &'Clevedahd for; the
construction _o_f a 2 sto fr cone fnd bldg
for Z. R. Ch'eney'at cost of $8500.      ,'
Mrs. M. E. Bergman's 3 sto and basement $18,000 hotel bldg at Juneau-will
be built :by* day labor. Plans completed.
Paclflo .Coast Co. Dook '' '
Dock, Juneau, -Alaska���Capt. P. C.
Brown, supt of the Paciflc Coast S.S. Co.
docks and warehouses, states that plans
.will be prepared for the const of. a 600
ft dock on the Co.'s property at. the foot
of,Franklin st in Juneau.       .. '\
'The   dock   will   have   ample   facilities
for, warehouses,  heavy,;cranes  for moving  large  cargoes   and   will   be' modern
I In   pvpi-v way.    Plans  will  be prepared
in Seattle. ' I
New Juneau Hospital I
Hospital, Jnneau, Alaska���-A re lit Julian Everett. Walker bldg, Seattie, ' has
completed plans for construction of the
first' unit of the Sisters Hospital bldg
in Juneau. The first section will be 4'sto
40x110 ft of reinf cone construction with
steel frame. This portion will cost
about  $60,000.
Work will be done by day labor under the "supervision of  the, archt.
Only Permits amounting1 to'less than
91000 will he found under this head.
5214���T. Holden, 1 sto fr res, 2824
Grant  st;  F.   Colbourne, "$350.-
5215���Long Kai Tip, alter rooms, 1670
Albert St.; W. H.' Chow, $200.
5216���R. H. C. Greene, 1 sto fr garage, Gilford & Alberni st; W. Hepburn,
$175..       .
,5217���John Nash, 2 sto'fr stable, 1221
Parker st, owner,  $250.
��� 5218���Ed.' Mathieson, repair store and
apmt,. 253, Hastings st E; W. H. Preston,
$500. ���" *
''5219���C. L. Perrin, 1 sto fr garage,
3648 2nd ave W,'owner, $86. ,   ""
5221���VancouVer Floral Co., alter
store, 667 Granville st, Dixon & Murray,'
$400..   ���[ ���  ' -
,.,5223���Campbell Storagef Co., 1 sto fr
'store shed, Cambie st bridge, Dixon &
Murray, $700. ^  /'/, '   '
5223���IJOO'brl. 3900 yds pi, 6-bbis cmt
5224���20,000  brk. '     '
.a 7,      7   ,_OF .MACHINERY  SUPPLIES
Pumps, Begina���Sealed tenders will be
received by the City Commissioners at
Regina, Sask., up until noon ;of July
12th, for the supply of two vertical
shaft, motor driven, centrifugal pumps
to operate against 22 foot head, capacity
12,500 gallons per minute each!
��� Further particulars may be obtained
from E. W. Bull, Superintendent of
Light and Power Department, Regina,
The New Westminster council has au
J thorized the purchase,.of additional  ma
chinery for harbor work.-1   The' Schaake
'Machine  Works   will  supply. 34   sets.at
$24   a  Set   of   mountings   for   unloading
derricks;   Messrs.   Evans,   Coleman' and
Evans   will   supply  not 'more   than   600
yards  of  G0-tori  rail  at  $49.50' per Idng
ton,   and   also   be   given   an   order   for
angle bars, track bolts and track spikes,
Which   it   was   explained 'could   not  be
obtained    in    New    Westminster.      The
Brunette   Saw .Mill   will supply lumber
Lfor an  unloading derrick .and a  dredge
derrick   at   $i;569,   and   an   eight-drum
winch llor hauling barges will be obtained from  the Washington Ironworks for
$1500, F.O.B.,  Seattle.
Fair. 2173.       146-8 Lome St. near Main
Turnbull Elevator Mfg, Co
Toronto, Ont.*"' -      -'" ���
G.  Ef BRENNAN  &. CO.
B. O. Benresentatlves ���-
Sey. 6910 \ i 319 pander St. \T.
.��_ USir 5w��w *��<��� DNinui   . i
Btiy. 6853���Bay. 139BI 6.7 Onnvllla M
"The Right Material at the Bight Time, at the Eight-Price.
Mt. Diablo Cement
Keene's Cement
Sackett's Plaster Board
Partition TSle   -      .
Flue Lining-';   -
Manila'Rope "N     /
Samson Plaster
Satin Spar
Roseliiank Lime
VitrifiedSewer Pipe
Blacksmith Coal
Brick,,- ', \"'- * ...,
Foot of Carrall St.
Phone Sey. 9146
Canadian Builders Supply Co.; Ltd;
^ Dealers In /
OtB.ee Bankers
Sey. 7175 T 40M
1705 MAIN ST. ORNAMENTAL ' Fairmont 292
Elevator   Cars and Enclosures
Iron Stairs and Railings'
Estimates Furnished
Satisfaction and Protapt
Delivery Guaranteed,
��� ������'"   "������ '  '��� 'y':':' 171''A77p7a   ' .���.-"     ''''A- ?'"'.'    '"���'��� .
_?7i&,NT^TENDEBS . FOB NEW���������
School Furniture, N.. Westminster���
Tenders are now being called for tlic
'furnishings of the how Dukn of Connaught High School. Prices nrc tvsketl
on chairs, tables, desks nnd other fittings, and tenderers will have until June
30 to send In their bids. The contractors are rushing the work, as the hoard
expects to have the now' school In mul I-
n'ess  by  September  1.
Hotel, Saskatchewan���-According to
present/plans of the promoters, the new
hotel at Moqse JaW, Saskatchewan, will
contain 350 ''rooms, and 75 per cent, of
the required capital will come from outside 'sources, with the understanding
that local backers will put up $150,000.
an elaborate scale, and is expected .to
milk  with  the  best in  Western  Canada.
Bank and  Office Grill Work
Fire Escapes
Folding- Gates ,
Specialists  and Experts
In Jail and Prison
Sewerag'e, Vancouver���Provincial government engineers declare that tho big
Burrard Inlet sewerage plan drafted to
provide drainage for the entire Vancouver peninsula district, must, bo drafted
again. At present the engineers who
have'investigated the project state that
they, must have more datn on which to
work. The project will probably'involve
an expenditure exceeding ,$10,000,000.
r. I. Hifehiantf ii^7M:^y77AmM^
Office.and Bunliers Foot of Baymur Ave.
I^one Hlsrhland  176 (Next to Sugar Befinery)
. School Addn., Fraser Mills ��� Tenders
will be received by P. Barth, Eraser
'Mills, up ito 4 p.m. June 30, 1913, for the
erection of an addition, 22x36, to the
Blue Mountnln school. Plans and specifications may be seen at thp residence of
Mr. Ewen Arartin, chairman of the.board.
North road, Burqultlam. THe lowest oi
any!tender not necessarily accepted.
During the last few days building permits totalling over $30,000 have been
Issued by the Oak Buy authorities. Tho
Cadboro Construction Company is building a ten-roomed house on I.ansdoYi ne
road which will cost $15,000; .Mrs. B. G.
Perry, one of eight rooms on Cranmoro
itoad at a cost of $8,000; Mr. XV. C. Van
Munster, a seven-roomed house on Kair
St. to cost $3,000; Mr. \V. 11. Collins, a
five-roomed house on Cowan Ave. at a
cost of $2,000, and Mr. .1. C. F. 1-iynd-
nian one of eight rooms on Granite St.
for $-1000.
3/16., i^in., %in., yzin. thick ���
3, 4 and 5 feet wide by 8, 10rand 12 feet long
Bessemer Blue Annealed Sheets
in standard sizes No. 10 gauge to. No. 28 B. W. gauge
Rounds/Flats and Squares, sizes %fn.j to 2ln.
Stocks carried by
New Tenders Invited
��� Coal Supply���Sec. R. C. Desroches,
dent of public works, Ottawa, will receive proposals until -I p.m. July II. for
the supply of coalfo'r tho public bldgs of
the Doniinion. Specif and forms of tender from cnrethlters of various Dominion
School, Clnny, Alta.���J. D. McLean,
Sec. dept. of Indian Affairs, Ottawa, will
receive proposals until noon, July 2. for
erecting a fr board sohool on the Black-
Work will soori.be started on the now
Baptist churph that is to be erected at
the corner of Hospital and Richmond
Sts'., Sapperton. Tlic building will cost
about $5000 and is, 30x60 feet. It will
be a wooden structure.
The school board will call for tenders at onee for equipment for the com.
merclal, domestic science and chemical
laboratory depts. of local schools.
It is .estimated that at the present
time active construction is under way
on residences in this city, costing a total of $250,000. This list embraced 50
new dwellings.    ���
60 Satisfied Users In Vancouver
1066 Pender St. " Phone Seymour 571f
Gilley Bros., Ltd.
All Kinds of Building Material
Phones 15 at 18 New Westminster, B
foot Indian Reserve, near Cluney,  Alta.  Record
Courthouse Bldg., Vancouver���J. E.
Griffith,', public works engineer, Victoria,
will receive proposals until noon, July
7, for demolishing .and removing the old
"courthouse" bldg. at Hastings and Cum-
bie Sts. For details see official "advertisement"  in  this  Issue of the Building
Electric Hoists,
Gasoline Hoists
And Elevators
In All Sizes
365 Water Street
Phon. 8ey. 8237 u\i-^������j������a-������vMw^H^jp/M������--^^  BUILDING RECORD  DAILY BUILDING RECORD1.  m  i  im  '���������m  DASLY   BUILDING   BECOBD.  Published Dally Except Sundays  ' "BBCOBD PUBLISHING COMPANY  Address: 583 Homer-Richards Lane.  Rear of 431 Dunsmuir Street  Telephone Seymour 7808  Clyde M. David Business Manager  Q. S. Costello '.. Editor  I* Walby Circulation Manager  Subscription Price       -       $1.00 a month  Payable in Advance ,������  Another Sawmill  The plant of the Seymour Lake Lbr.  Co. has reached Omineca, B.C., from the  ���������coast and is now being freighted to  Smith'ers, where it will be installed and  in running order within three;weeks.  Official Proposals  /  r        NOTICE  TO   CONTBACTOBS  Bidgedale School Extension.  Sealed tenders, superscribed "Tender  for Ridgedale School Extension," will be  received by the Honourable the Minister  of Public Works up to noon of Monday,  the 30th day of June, 1913, for the erection and completion of an extension of  one room to the school-house at Ridgedale, in the Chilliwack Electoral District.  Plans, . specifications, contract, and  forms of tender may be seen on and  after the 9 th day'of June, 1913, at the  ���������office of S. A., Fletcher, Government  Agent, New Westminster; Mr. Wm. Mer-  ryfleld, Secretary of the School Board,  liountrehman;'B. C.  .  Intending tenderers can obtain a copy  of the plans and specifications by applying, to the undersigned, for the sum of  ten dollars ($10), which will be refunded  on their'return in good order.       .  Each proposal must be accompanied  by an accepted'bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of  Canada, made payable to the Honpurable  the Minister of Public Works, for a sum  equal to 10 per cent, of tender, which  shall be forfeited if the party tendering  decline to enter into contract when called  upon to do so, or if he fail to complete  the work contracted for. The cheques or  certificates of deposit of unsuccessful  tenderers will be returned to them upon  the execution of the contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless  made out on the forms supplied, signed  ���������with the actual signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. .  3. E. GRIFFITH,  Public Works Engineer.'  Department of Public Works  J. B. WHITE'S  Bamberton  In Sacks  J. B. WHITE'S  Best English  . Bn Barrels  LARGE STOCK ON HAND  Victoria        UNIFORM QUALITY PROMPT DELIVERY  LET US SUPPLY YOUR CONTRACT   .  OFFICE���������SEY. 279  99.5%'PURE.  PUREST IN THE  WORLD  PACIFIC        PACIFIC        PACIFIC  VANCOUVER  WAREHOUSE���������SEY.  1944  MAKES SNOW WHITE WALLS  SLAKES INSTANTLY  CONSUMES MORE SAND  Pacific Lime Company, Limited. Manufacturers  201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg. vancouveb. b. c. Phone  Sey.  9506  Character Estimated  Cost Location  '  Owner. Architect  DEPARTMENT  OF  MILITIA  AND  DEFENCE.  .   -   Notice to Contractors^  Sealpd   tenders,' marked  on   the  envelope "Tender for. Construction of a Drill  Ball at'Armstrong, B. C.,",and addressed  to   the   Director   of  Contracts,   Ottawa,  will   he   received   until   noon,  .June   30,  3913, for the construction of a new Drill  ,      Hall at Armstrong, B. C.  .   /  Specifications   may   be   seen   and   full  particulars obtained at-the offices of the  District   Officer   Commanding   Military  Plstrict No. 11, Victoria, B. C, the Town  Clerk, Armstrong,- B. C, and the Director of Engineering Services, .Headquarters, Ottawa.  Tenders   must   be  made  on   the  form  supplied by the Department and accompanied bv an accepted cheque on a Canadian chartered bank, for ten per cent.  <10 p.c.)   of  the  amount  of  the tender,  payable to the order of the Honorable  ���������the   Minister   of   Militia   and   Defence,  which  amount  will  be  forfeited  if  the  party  tendering  declines   to   enter  into  or fails to complete the contract in accordance'  with  his  tender.  ......  The Department does  not  bind  itself  /    "to accept the lowest or any tender.  EUGENE FISET, Colonel,  Deputy Minister.  -..Department of Militia and Defence,  Ottawa, June 2, 1913.  Hotel   ,   $1,000,000  Depot bldg $1,000,000  fertilizing plant & wharf. $125,000  4 sto  60x120  brk apmt $60,000  Sisters of Good Shepherd        75,000  8 sto cone office $200,000  3-sto  apt hse  -.        6(1,000  School-Club  , $70,000  Power plant      696,000  6-sto   whse   bldg.        36,090  Bank building \ Not given  8 sto 35x120 apmt $130,000  5 sto  reinf cone. apmt... $80,000  School   (fireproof)    $60,000  Church bldg -. Uncertain  City hall  bldg..... : Uncertain  Brk  addn   land   office $40,000  5 sto brk hotel not given  Brk   "Old  People's   Home" ...$40,000  2 sto fireproof creche .$45,000  7 sto reinf cone hotel .'.. ...$100,000  6 sto.  offices ...$50,000  6 sto brk hotel.. ......N^w Westminster  3-sto  brk   stable   6 sto reinf cone apmt.��������� .......$62,000  Office bldg. .,....-.��������� ......... .....;....$100.000  5 sto brk apmt ....���������..:. ��������� :.$80,000  5 sto brk, mill and steel.; ......$160,000  6 sto.   apmts    ....   $75,000  Steel & Cone. Transf. bldgs........$460,000  Women's  Club      150,000  6 sto reinf cone rooms.'.... $60,000  5-sto   brk   bldg $60,000  Explosives  Plant   $1,000,000  Wharves     $2,500,000  6-sto. brk. 66 ft. addn $75,000  6-sto.  brk  &   mill  apmt $153,000  Theological   College   bldgs $500,000  Church   bldg   $75,000  Y.W.C.A.   Home      $150,000  Nurses' Home  $100,000  Wharf    $500,000  Parliament bldgs  $2,000,000  10 sto  exchange bldg $250,000  10  sto  reinf cone $200,000  Hotel   $2,000,000  Bridge     2.100,000  10 sto office bldg '. $350,000  University bldgs      5JO,000  4  sto. concr.  apmts $75,000  3-sto   apmts        55,000  5-sto   hotel   bldg         60,000  4-sto brk apmts        76,000  S-sto steel  & brk office bldg..        85,000  Brk and stone church....:....      100,000  6 sto  cone   apmts $200,000  8 sto brk  and steel $100,000  10 sto. department store bldg., $2,500,000  14 sto ofllce bldg :. $750,000  Normal School  .".   4  sto  brk  apmt  bldg $SO,000  7 sto cone rooming bldg $100,000  Church  $100,000  Union Passenger Depot $1,000,000  8 sto office bldg $300,000  Stone church    : $25,000  3-s,to, 80x90, apmt         75,000  S-sto   office   bldg       230.000  10-sto.   office   bldg.    $1,000,000  6-sto  brk  apmt $160,000  S-.-to  theatre  $110,000  10-sto office bldg  $250,000  10   .sto  office   bldg $250,000  Christ   Church   Cathedral $400,000  6-sto. reinf. cone. apmt.  $300,000  6\sto. mill hotel bdlg. l.,$25,000  8-sto. reinf. cone, hotel $40,000  6-sto. ,100-room hotel $100,000  4-sto. cold stg. plans ; ..$160.onfi  5-sto. brk. and cone, apmt $110,000  2-sto. cone, school $50,000  7 public bldgs  $375,000  Fireproof Theatre  .'.  $150,000  Fireproof Theatre   $126,000  5-sto. mill const, apmt $200,000'  Prince Rupert Grand .Trunk Pacific  Prince Rupert .Grand Trunk Pacific  Skeena River���������Scot.-Amer. Oil & For. Co  Seymour near Helmcken....D.  Robertson  Poin t Grey   .��������� ��������� .....  Hastings & Hornby ;..E. A. Morrir,  Kitsilano  T. H. Calland  Haro ; Church of HoiJ>.. Rosary  Kamioops '.ty.City  Water St Mr*. Montgomery  Dunsmuir Se Granville Dominion Bank  Burrard near Davie Smith & Smith  West  end Name  withheld  Burnaby Burnaby   school   board  Van.  Methodist Extension  Society....   New Westminster Government  Main  and  Pender '.    : City   of. Vancouver  Haro   St .:. City   of   Vancouver  164 Cordova st E....-..1 .���������- :.  Hastings St. E.  Mrs. C. Dawson  6th   St   -: :.....   Pioneer Laundry........Richards & Smythe  624 Main st.. i. A. E.  Suckling  Homer & Georgia sts. . ...E. Mahon  Robson & Thurlow '. .:..:'..- I...  Kamioops ��������� Kamioops Hotel Co  Eighth  Ave. .- J.  P.- Luno  Burnaby & Hastings...:^. C. Electric Co.  Thurlow St   ...'... Women's Clubs  Pender St..! ...Law A. Soong  New Westminster  Law A. Soong  Near Victoria Victoria Chemical Wks  Burrard   Inlet    .....Government  Water near Cairali  W. H. Malkln  Hastings & Jackson.-.Morden & Thornton  Point Grey     10th   ave W 6th  ave  Methodists,  Victoria       Y.   W.   C.   A.   Vancouver General Hospital  Adjoining sugar refinerv Government  Winnipeg   Manitoba  Gobmt  Seyniour and Robson B. C. Tel. Co.  1100 Blk Richards W. A. Lightheart  Mt. Robson  G. T.  P. Ry.  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Hastings  St Abbott : A.  Grossman  Point Grey    Province  West End  L. R. Lurie  No.  Vancouver Stevenson   Bros.  Powell and Heatley st   Alberni st    1  McNeil Bros.  200  blk,  Hastings E   Carl and Pendei.... Church of St. .lames  Chilco St J. A. Russel'  New Westminster Dominion Trust Co....  Viotoria   Hudson's  Bay Co  Victoria Albion  Tru������t  C '  Victoria      Prov.  Govmt.  Victoria  , A.   McCrimmol  Alexander near Carrall....Seamans  Home  Victoria First Baptist Churcl  Victoria C. P. R. and C. N.'R'  Victoria German Can. Trust Co.  Victoria St. Barnabas  Victoria Lindsay Se Roberta  Victoria Dom.   Trust  Co  Victoria    '.   Victoria  Harry -Humi  Victoria    Alex   Pantages  Victoria  :..^...B. C. Electric Co.  Victoria    7. Weiler  Bro<-.  Victona....Chri'=t Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd.  Victoria C. C. Pemberton & syndicate  Victoria  Brewing Co.  Victoria  Adams Bros.  Victoria      Cambie & Nelson..Mainland I.&C.Stg. Co.  Robson St. (W. End) Withheld  Burnaby  '..... School Board  Vancouver   Government  Main near Keefer  : Withheld  Victoria   Withheld  Victoria   WitHheld  ��������� Flans Beady  D. J. Myers  (Seattle) Soon  1'*. M. Rattenbury (Victoria) Soon  .1. S. D. Taylor  Tenders closed  G.  P.  Bowie  Tenders closed  Wallington  & Wheatley....Tenrlers  closed  Thos.  Hooper  Tenders  closed  Wm. F. Gardiner Tenders soon  Tegen & Vezina tenders closed  Outcher-Maxwell Several  contrs.  let  H. B. Watson ....Now  Not selected Sketches' under way  Not selected Sketches under way  Horel Sc Roberts ..tenders closod  J. H. Bowman  Tenders soon  In   hands  of  committee   fCot selected  :.   Gardiner & Mercer ...tenders  soon  Parr McKenzie & Day tenders soon  R.  T.  Perry Taking, tenders  R, T. Williams Taking  tenders  Otto Moberg :.  Delayed  J.   Dawson    ....'..:...:. 1 ....Delayed  Gardiner & Mercer Preparing  W.F. Gardiner.:..... .............Tenders soon  Braunton   &   Leibert Filed  W. F. Gardiner ....Soon  Emil Guenther ...PP......: .....delayed  W. T. Whiteway..! ........Tenders closed  T. H. Bamforth-....  Indefinite   - .............*.......;.; Plans ready soon  Not chosen   ...................v   J.  P. Watson  (New Westminster)....soon  J. P. Watson Tenders closed  Not selected  .'.   Not Selected    Not selected  Spring  Braunton  &  Leibert Permit   issued  Probably Sharp & Thompson   Not  selected     Soliciting   Funds   A. A. Cox  Tenders soon  Not   announced   F. W. Simon, Liverpool-, Eng   Co sub-contract  tenders =oon  Owner   Soon  Company   Summer  John   Wolfe-Barry Now  Russell B. & Rice Tenders Closed  Sharp & Thompson Preparing  Jones & Beatson  Tenders soon  Townsend & Townsend  Delaved  M. D. Campbell Delaved  Townsend   &   Townsend Delaved  Parr. McKenzie Se Day Soon  Alexander & Brown Waiting funcK.  H.   B.   Watson Indefinite  Burke,   Horwooci   &   White   ....Preparing  H.   S.  Griffith  Prepai ins?  W. C. F. Gillam tenders soon  L.  R.  Hazeltine soon  Hcllyer   &   Archer .-.soon  Jesse M. Warren, Vic Tenders Snon  Co. Engin'eers  i. Preparing  No further details available   Jones    Se   Beatson���������Arranging   finance-1.  Horel  Se Roberts  Undecided  H.   S.   Griffith Indefinite  Thos. Hooper : tenders closed  W. T. Whiteway  Soon  Yelland & Riley  Soon  Yelland & Riley  Soon  A.  A.  Cox So'or.  J.- C.  M.  Keith ., Summer  Jennings & Boulanger Tenders soon  Jesse M. Warren Tenders June 1  Jesse M. Warren Tenders June 5  (Yelland & Kiley Indefinite  Gould & Wood  Foundation Started  F��������� Evpns Se Son Tenders soon  'J. H. Bowman Tenders soon    Appropriations Made  J. J. Donnellan Tenders soon  J. J. Donnellan Tenders soon  J. J. Dennellan   Tenders soon  MARSHALL S STEARNS  OSCILLATING  PORTAL  WALL BEDS"  SIMPLE,- SANITARY ~ SUBSTANTIAL  PERFECT CONCEALED BED CO., Ltd.  670   Oranvllle   St.  ��������� Boom 106  Vanoouver, B. C.  Phone Sey. 5092  WALL  SEAT  ROLLING  BEDS  OXY-ACELYLENE WELDING AND DOTTING  At The Welding Shop Or On The Job  COMPRESSED GAS CO., Ltd.  Office: 571 Howe St.  Phone: Soymour 4216  Works: 1530 Basting's  ' Fhone: Highland 45  N. A. G. Paints, Stains and Roof Compositions]  Made By  345 Wat<������r St. and 968 Main St.  Vancouver  ���������  1336 Wharf  Viotoria  ������HOIM5MSffl?  mem  PERFECTLY VENTILATED  210 RICCS 3ELMANBLDCVAWCOaVEg po f^y6Q^  THE CHlCAGCTcUiRElvilXER  The only mixer used on the  PANAMA CANAL  E.  326 Drake St.  Phone Seyniour 5021.  THE PATERSON MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.  Montreal,        Toronto,        st.  John,     >Halifax,   y Winnipeg-,        Vancouver.  Roofing and Paving Material  Building Papers ShHgle Stains  ^ Disinfectants, Etc, Etc.  Vancouver Factory and office:   Tenth Ave.  and Arhntu_ St  PHONE BAYVIEW 77������.  THE LATEST DEVELOpkENT IN BUILDING  _���������. CONSTRUCTION  TEN MONEY SAVING REASONS WHY  YOU   SHOULD   USE   "H    B'  REINFORCEMENT "      "  1.  3.  4.  6.  Saving in first'cost.  Saving in foundation.  Saving in    maintenance.  Saving In interest.  Saving in depreciation.  10.  6,  7.  Increased life.  I ncreased comfort, owing to hol-  low walls, giving insulation.  /   8.    Increased beauty of appearance.  9.    Freedom  from Insulation.  Ak-������i   ������  ,  ' a,      .  .     '"���������   .Fl*oedom  from noise .  Absolutely the latest thing in building construction   Write   '  fop Particulars and  Pn'ces. ��������� o be up-to-date use "H. B." Reinforcement.  THE    REINFORCED   BRICKWOR K COMPANY," LTD.  .   100 Carlton Bldg. .*��������� Winnipeg  1 ' ���������*���������������.���������.- Western Agents: . ���������   ^,' r ,    ��������� ���������:-  THE DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO.  Winnipeg.       '..'Vancouver.      .. i-V   Edmonton'  . Calgary^AUa^' Brick and Supplies,. l_t<5L ' ���������  ROMAN MOSAIC  TERRAZZO. PAVING  TEARRAZZO STEPS  WAINSCOTTING AND BASE  WINDOW SUS  ALL KINDS OF CEMENT^WORK  . C. MARBLE TEARRAZZO CO.  TMAVIOVTXVX,   MOB.  ALL ROMAN, MOSAIC-AND TEARRAZZO LAID BY/ITALIAN EXPERTS.  FIRST CLAsTw^RlTGUARANTEEfD  OUR WORK IS OUR, REFERENCE  phone set. edoo -   ,   aia babbis st.  THE   TOX.X.OVTXVG' TABLE   SHOWS   BUILDINGS   COSTING   38000   OB   OVEB,     ON     WHICH     CONSTBUCTION     IS  CNDEB WAT, OXk OS WHICH CONTBACTS   HAVE  BEEN  LET  BUT  CONST   SUCTION   NOT   TET   STABTED.  Charaoter     Cost Location       Owner Arohitect      Contractor  4  sto  brk club  bldg....'. $40,000  School         $60,000   $160,000  "6,000  .........$260,000'   $40,000  tiCOOO   ...$40,000  CANADIAN AND EUROPEAN  EMPLOYMENT CO.  FURNISH ALL KINDS OF LABOR  CONTRACTORS FURNISHED  FREE.  220 Carrall St.  Phone Sey. 6811 N. Paato, Mgr.  DEXTON  ���������   PLASTIC FLOORING  Jolntlen Fireproof  E. COWDELL  S30 Seymour St. Sey. 8761  TRAPP & CO.  NEW WESTMINSTER  Stock a complete line  of Contractors Hoists.  6 sto reinf cone wrhse   l-sto store & lofts...  10 sto offlee bldg. ......  Theatre bldg  .......  6-sto cone add   2  sto brk  warehouse!  8-sto reinf. cone, office bldg.. $175,000  5 sto  40x120  brk hotel addn $100,000  Sunday school :..... $30,000  5 sto fr and br club bldg., ..$20,000  4-sto. steel & brk apmt $60,000  SteeI=Bridgc....^.vSivw^S;ssfsss;vSf--$43l7600  6 sto brk store and apmts  $132,000  15 sto office bldg $800,000  4-sto.   con.   office   bldg $45,000  Provincial Gaol  $223,465  6 sto addn dept store... $100,000  5-sto. brk, apmnt. $50,000  8 sto cone club bldg- -.$350,000  Police Headquarters       176,000  10-sto  store  bldg $2,600,000  10 sto steel St concr offices  500 000  6 ito brk and mill hotel $160,000  7 sto 100X132 theatre $600,000,  10-flto hotel         620.000  7-sto. mill const, warehouse..... $160,000  Water extension         760,000  14-sto hotel   1,000.000  Prov.  Girls' Home ���������.     100,000  7-������to   nnmt-i    -   100,000  Depot & offices   1,000,000  1st  Pres.  Church,  Victoria....     100,000  Club   bldg          230,000  .1 sto bank & offices 150,000  4-sto. brk. apmts $146,000  6 sto. concr. store & offices $80,00<*  4 sto. brk. apmts  $45,001  10-sto hrk apmt hse       160.0M  8 sto hotel  addn $80,000'  Residence   _   $35,000  2-sto.  60x120  cone,  theatre $46,000  2 sto cone garage $40,000  Dredging $700,000  S-������to mill cons, hotel $20,000  Stores  and  apmts $30,000  ATarlne   depot    ; $159,445  '���������I  room fr ampt bldg $35,000  3-sto. cone, laundry $150,000  10-sto. office bldg $350.(00  S--ito.  br. rooms $70,000  I sto brk apartment bldg   5 sto  brk  apmt  bldg $48,000  I   sto   brk   apmt ...$100,000  ���������nlmol   bide-   (concrete) $45,000  3 sto brk apmt... $40,000  -.* sto cone dairy $15,000  ���������'. ,������(o brk core wrhse $00,000  -Vlion]   (11.   Hudson) $51,519.54  Prior   st B.   C.   Electric   Co.  Magee (Point Grey)   School Board   Nat.  Drug &,Chem.  Co.  Pender, nr. Columbia. .Story & Campbell  Victoriai B. C. Permanent Loan Co  Victoria ...Island  Amusement  Co.  Ltd.  Victoria :. ... .s: Jones  Homer  Sc Davie  sts Adamson  &  Main  Victoria R. T. Elliott  Victoria  Dominion' Hotel  2nd   and   Larch Kitsilano   Methodists  1100 blk on Nelson St  W. Able  Main. near^G__e_ .....Barrett-&-Deane  Georcia-Harris st  City  777 Burrard .;  C. N. Davidson  Richards  &  Hastings....Inv.  Guar.  Corp.  Sey. near Dunsmuir....Standard Trust Co,  Victoria   Government  161 Hastings W Woodward Dept. Store  1004 Albert St H. S. Rowling  Georgia * Burrard dts   Y. M. C. A.  City of Vancouver Powell st  Georgia & Granville....~.Hudson,s Bay Co  Seymour Street  Yorkshire Guar. Corp.  R40 Howe St E. G. Baynes  Pender.& Burrard E. R. Rlcketts  Melville Se Burrard W. H. Ramsev  Beattie near Cambie st   J. W. Gibb  Seymour Creek City of Vancouver  Georgia and Granville C. P. R.  Govt. Hastings Townslte  Bute Sc Nelson .'.Lightheart  Bros.  Granville & Cordova *... .C. P. R.  Quadra & Firguard 1st Presbyterian  Hastings  and   Hornby. .Vancouver"  Club  Hastings  &  Carrall Merchants  Bank  602-16 Howe St Bowser & Wilson  Seymour  St ;   Sixth & Main Dr. I. W. Powell  ��������������������������������������������������������������� Dr-   Robt.   Telford  Hastings and Main........ L. L. Mills  Victoria  Andrew  Wright  Victoria    Dominion   Theatre   Co.  N'ot   selected Dom.   Motor  Car  Co.  Fnl-'e Creek Government  Victor a McPherson & Fullerton  Victoria Dr.  T.  J.  Jones  Prince Rupert  .......Government  Victoria   V.   L.   Ellard  6th & Quebec , Local Syndicate  Hastings & Hornby... Franco-Canadian  Carrall st. and Market Alley....Wing Sang  ytctoria Dr. A. Pallant  S52 Nicola St ; D. B. Forster  Victoria Cameron   Bayne  Co.  W.   K't.siiano school   board  1103  Oth nve W T.  Storev  '569 Gth W A.  Bolderstoh  False   Creek    ..C.P.R.   Vancouver school board  Co Geo. Snider & Brethour  Jones & Beatson S. J. Lund  H- S.   Griffith....Geo.   Snider  &  Brethour  W. T. Whiteway Campbell  & Wilkie  H. S. Griffiths ....Sound Construction Co.  Rochefort & Sankey   Yelland & Riley....   Owners  R. F. Watson  Jesse  M.  Warren... ........;;......-���������  Fox   &   Berrill ....'  Thos. Hooper........S. Olfon, 109 44th Ave.  Stuart & White...���������...Rbbt. McLean..& Co.  'WV-'F.1-=Gardiner.~^���������.Winelahd"C6hst. Co.  C. A. P. Turner :...J. McDIarmid & Co.  Braunton & Leibert ....W. XV. Jerrett  R. Babcock & Rice....Can. Ferro Cone. Co.  Braunton & Leibert....Hoburg-Surgen C6.  W. R. Wilson....B. C. Const. Sc Eng.Co.Ltd  Geo. H. Wenyon....B. Campbell & Whipple  Stuart   &   White Owner  IL S. Griffiths ....B., Campbell & Whipple  Doctor, Stewart Se Davie..: C. F. Perry  B. H. Sc White....Rourke McD. & MoncrlelT  Somervell & Putnam Dom.  Con-t. Co.  H. S. Griffiths ....Booker, Cam. & Whipple  E. W. Houghton & Son..... :E. J.  Ryan  N. A. Leech  ..Ferro Con.st. Co.  Parr, McKenzie & Day W. H. Mueller  \V, S.  I.ea..... .Burrard Engr. Co. et al  W. S. Painter ....Skene & Christie  A. A. Cox  ...Campbell & Wilkie  Owners   ..........'    Owners  Conir.s....Westihghouse, Church, Kerr Co.  W.   R.   Wilson..................; Parfltt   Bros.  Sharp & Thompson Norton Griffiths Co.  Somervell & Putnam Norton Griffiths  Parr, McKenzie & Day E. J." Ryan  F. J; Peters.......... Robt. McLean & Co.  Braunton,& Lelbert....J. H. Tolman & Co.  W. M. Dodd.. ...J. J. Franta Const Co.  F. M. Bender....Wineland Bldg. &' Eng. Co.  P. M. Jullien.. ..........day labor  E. W.  Houghton....Alex.  C. Dow,  Seattle  W. M. Dodd & Co ....B. C. Granitoid  Eng. Dept Paciflc Dredging Co:  Jeses M. Warren ............. B.'C. Const. Co.  L.  R, Hazeltlne ..Teed & Cummlngs  Govt. Eriglneers....Pac. Coast Con-=t. Co.   '..... Pawson   <B-   Peer  G. B. Kauffman ;. Hodgson & King  H. L. Stevens & Co., architectural ongnrs.  J.  G. Price ...day labor  Wm. Fred. Gnrdiner....Geo. Mesher & Co.  S.   M.  McLeod ...day  labor  Kenneth   Fraser contract, let  School archt. Geo. Snider & Brethour  G.  P. Bowie day labor   .- ;.....W.   A.   McTlroy  Co... Westinghouse Church  Kerr Si Co.  School  arclit R.  McLean  Sc Co.  Victoria Office  103 Pemberton Bldg. '  Fhone 1664  Vancouver Office  41'/ Loo Kuuainff  Fhone Sey. 2015  Evening's Bay. 901L  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  Let Us Quote You Prices For Lime and Brick   PROMPT DELIVERY GUARANTEED  PEASE PACIFIC FOUNDRY LIMITED.  Furnaces, Boilers, Pipe and Fittings.  School Heating and Ventilating Apparatus.  ^Office'ah8^Wareaonger3a4-Bralce'Str,"FHonW Sey. 8397.  RAINY RIVER GRAVEL CO., LTD.  Fresh Water Washed Angular Sand and Gravel  Office and Bankers,  Nortneast End Connaught Bridg-e  Fhone Sey. 2161  RQBT. HAMILTON & CO.  HEATING AND VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office Suite 614-615-616.  B^nk' of Ottawa Building-.  ������������������: SEETHE"- h;-.*���������:.-���������  "PALM" SYSTEM OP STATIONARY VACUUM CDsANERS  DEMONSTRATED AT OUR NEW STORE.   .      ,  THE DUNTLEY STORES  Phone Sey. 1106  732 Hastings W.  DEWAR CO., Limited.  Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Wasted and Screened Sand and Gravel  Office: Sey. 4534  420 PEHDER STREET WEST  Bunkers, Soy. 6751  D. B. CAMPBELL  SAW MILL ARCHITECT  Phone   Seymour  4990  26 Williams Bldgf.      Vancouver, B.C,  OF   ALL   Kl NDS  WrnTllOLT  Fair. 1238  425 Dufferin W.  A. H.. EI.DRIDGE  417 lioo Bldg.   .  Briolr. and Concrete Wnlls. Elevatoi-  Pits,   Basements   and   Prism   liglits  Made Watertight.  Phone Sey. 2015 /Bay. 9011.  BUILDING MATERIAL  SAND.   GRAVEL,   CEMENT,   LIME,   BRICKS,   ETC.  Office and Storr:1029 Main Street  Phone Seyniour 8491 Vancouver B.,C.| DAILY BUILDING RECORD.  JFOR PLASTERING PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL  [anadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..  Office:  104 Empire Bldg.  pone Bey. 8480  Limited.  !/  MAKE YOUR OWN GAS  THE deLAITTE AIR-GAS MACHINE  HE ONLY RELIABLE "GAS MACHINE ON THE MARKET.  Eminently Suited For.  LIGHTING, HEATING  COOKINJB  Houses, Churches,.  Schools, Hotels.  Scores of testimonials  from satisfied users  Estimates free on application *  BEAD OPPICE AND SHOW BOOM  624 Bichards St.  Over" 10,000 Instalations  in many parts of the world  Costs only 5 cents per  1000 Candle power  Operates Automatically  NO SMELL   NO SMOKE  No Danger From Explosion  NON-POISONOUS  Soy. 3197  Vanconver, B. C.  Seymour 4928 ;,,   CEMENT TESTING- Bayview'1S2B  J. P. Wright, F. C. S. Eng. M. A.C. S.  Specialist in Portland and Other Cements  Bxpert Adviser on'Building- Materials, Bto.  CHEMICAI.AlrAI.TSlS O. Box 646  BARKER STATIONARY VACUUM SYSTEMS  ���������r MADE  IN  VANCOUVER  BY  BARKER KRUSE & PATTULLO  200 SOLD IN  VANCOUVER AND VICTORIA*  Highland 1110  We  Furnish  Smoothe  Carter ft McKenzie, Victoria Agents. 1957 Napier St.  "VANCOUVER FLOOR COMPANY  FLOORLAYERS AND PltilSHERS  EVERYTHING PERTAINING to  FLOORS of WOOD  8 and GLEN DRIVE  Telephone   Fair.   1612  NON-ABSORBENT  FIRE RESISTING  DAMP   PROOF  INEXPENSIVE ,.  TIME-TRIED  JOINTLESS.  SANITARY  ELASTIC  WARM  WITH  THEY  NEVER.  CRACK  BULGE  ���������    OR DUST  DESIRABLE  ��������� ADAPTABLE'  SERVICEABLE  PEDBGREE  ���������  OFFICE BUILDINGS  BILLIARD ROOMS  BALL    ROOMS  RESIDENCES  HOSPITALS  CHURCHES  SCHOOLS  HOTELS  SHOPS  CONTINENTAL SHIPPING & TRADING COMPANY, LTD.  IMPORTERS  AND   DEAI.EBS   IN  Reinforcing- Steel,' Pig- Iron,  "Golden Gate" r Cement,  "Reno" Plaster. ������������������--  Belgium Glass,  "Corrara" and other Imported Marble,  .  ...       ���������> Bricks,'--Prtised, Fire and Common.  Vancouver Offlee t 7        '.Warehouse:   1527 Main St. Victoria Office:  S07-S Bogers Bldg. ' - 601 Belmont r Honse  Sey. 6448.  Warrington- & Johnson  Architectural ��������� Terra. Cotta  '���������������       Of English' and American  - Manufacture a Specialty  Say. 4J12. .303 Duncan Bldg.  Vancouver, B.C. *  THE POINT GREY,  supply co:  AM, BTTH,DEBS' LINES  lead Office: Xerrisdale 8t.-N.  Phone Ebnrns 46B.  -   ON HEATING, POWER AND SPRINKLER WORK, AND  SUPPLIES FOR SAME, YOU CANNOT BEAT THE PRICE OR  REPUTATION OF THE  GENERAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER CO.  TRY IT  Phonejiey. 5138 ' '        - VanoonTsr. B. C.     ���������'   y t 1140 Hamilton St.  TOZER &TENGH  CONTRACTORS for the ERECTION of  STRUCTURAL STEEL of EVERY DESCRIPTION  Phona Sey. 7939  VANCOUVEB  815 Metropolitan Bldsr.  E. A. Earle* Co.  Vacuum Cleaner Plants. Church,  Lodge and School Furniture. Theater  and Opera Chairs. Metal lookers  Ind  Offloe   Fixtures.    Wall  Burlaw  Bto.  Phone, Sey. B47S.      417 Bogers Bldg.  C. M- SWAINBY  1  POWER HEATING AND VENTILATING J  ENGINEERING CONTRACTOR  Phone Sey. 2933       212 Duncan Bldg.  VANCOUVEB,' B.O.  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  BEAMS,  CHANNELS,  ANODES,  PLATES,   TEES,  COLUMNS  COMPLETELY EQUIPPED FABRICATING SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL CO'Y, Ltd.  Fairmont 3396  and 3397:  VANCOUVEB. B. O.  FESS SYSTEM  rotary Crude oil burners  the smokeless-noiseless system of burning  crude. oil.  is now operating at our' headquarters-  inspection invited.  1200 Homer Street MILTON A. FESLER  Vancouver B. C.     Seymour 3197     Canadian Manufacturer  Factories, Coquitlam, B. c.  M. 3. Hynes, Mng. Director  HYNES STONE & STAFF CO.  MANUFACTURERS OF ART VERONA STONE.    STAFF ORNAMENTS  TO DETAIL IN CEMENT FOR INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR.  PLASTERERS AND  MODELERS.  OFFICE: 553 Granville St.       24 Leijrli Spencer BI tig-. Plione Seymour 95C  THE BANK OF -VANCOUVER  Head Office:    Vancouver, B   C  Branches throughout the Province  of British Columbia.  SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO COLLECTIONS  Savings Department at all Branches.    Deposits of  One Dollar*1 and unwards  received and interest credited half-yearly.  Chas. G. Fennock, General Manager  Bed Deer Stems.  Machine Plant, Bed. Deer���������The KcJ  Deer Machine Co. will at once proceed  with the erection pf. the bldgs. for-tHeir  new machine plant.     - '  y   ��������� a..~;A'a  Owing to reduced demand the :plant  of the Cement Builders, Ltd., will, it i.i  said,- be-put on practically 'Tialf-time."  OFFICIAL PROPOSALS  ARCHITECTS.  June 23rd, 1913.  VANCOUVER  SCHOOL  BOARD.  Tenders will be. received by the undersigned on or before 12 noon the 26th  Inst, for Slate Blackboards.     .  Alj slate to be of uniform thickness'  and not less than 3-8 of .an inch thick. ,  The slate blackboards must be of the  bcit quality and free from all and any  defects. '���������   -       '��������� ���������������������������  The sizes to'be 3. feet, 6 inches, wide  and not less than 6 feet in lengths. A  quantity of . and 5 feet lengths'will be  allowed to make up but must riot exceed 10% of the-whole quantity.     -7 .',''���������  The number of feet required is about  6000 sq.ft.   ..���������..,/ "���������..' ';������������������'--  An examination ' of blackboards will  be made a-s soon, as .-delivered", arid if sat-  isfactoiv In all lespects will be paid for  Tenderers are required to state when  thej can guarantee delHeiy Quick delivery required.  A marked cheque foi five per cent  must accompany each/tender  GEBALD UPTON,  Secretary Sohool Board.  ISw- ---F^ BdS: ���������:::   Itrklr t ������"?"'   Non"h   Vancouver..  Bivlv ^ ifmlXBOn: ������9 Pender 'W.. .S. 8831  ^^.^f^^Bm-l till  Bteckadder. H..  n'o/VaSvel- *.. A. ]' 7 in  g^d^2f>^r^s;-";v"7fi||  BZle%������S'^ll6^%i^ 777ise% U%.  DoddJ W   M *Bm   i    io?������������er  B'dff..S.    876  ponn.,������n &'������ZrkJ7*Ka^A W- S. 6985  Dutour.j.   B.   Rlggs-Selman  Bdg.'.'.'.'.'s.';^  Court Hse.  Blk.,  Robson  St.  Duncan,  W.  S���������   .,   ������.  Dl,   Am  L.00 nag S. 3373  Dewar, Andrew, Si Lonsdale. N. Vancouver  Evans, E. & Son, Inns of Court . ..S. 1924  'Fraser.   i-������������������"'    734   Granville  St...S  r  79  9090  ^e���������*ihaIAJ?''B..sio2 loo Bd_:;.  Fraser,   Kenneth  GarXe_   "* S^'rcer   Sr ?T8t vBd&-"i s- ',020  He de" f ������che7'   Dominion  Bldg...  Helde,   A.   P.-,   Metropolitan   Bd������  S���������lSon'' 'Hl-'A"  Carter-CottonT Bdg  Honeynian  &  Curtis,   821   Pendei^w  Hooper   Thomas.   Wlnth   Bds  "ope    A   C     Empire Bids  unlll & DRo������erts   "01 2  gom   Bide  Horton   &   Phlpps    Pacific   Bds  James & Davidson   504 V W   T u   B  j������������.������_? t^^lr CroVn  Bdg"   B  tSS" S ^e^ts.on���������Hu'ch nson Bdg .  W. N. O'Neil & Co.,' 548 Sey. St. S: 4795-4798  Rltchlo   Con.    &   Sup.    Co.,   Ltd    Gran.    St.  Bridge :......:.. 7.   .-.;.   S. 916-2  Tozer & Tench,  SIS Met" Bldff...:.. .5. 7939  ELEVATORS  Brennan, G. E. Sc. Co., 319 Pender W, S. 691fl  Can. Van Emon Co.,  1150 Hamilton..S. 50rl6  Harris,' P. E. Sc Co., 309 Crown Bld-g. S. 469'8  Elevator Supply &  Equip.  Co.,   Ltd. :s. 2479  EMPLOYaiENT AGENCIES  Can. & Euope'n Bmp. Co., 220 Carrall.S. 6811  /PIKE-CLAY" ���������'���������"..;     P'i'Ayp  Balfour,  Guthrie &  Co...... ../.s. 9197-15575  Boultbee,  Johnson. & Co.,  Ltd....,.. :S.  9146  Carter Dewar Crowe Co   922 Met. B'g.S. 94-22  Evans,   Coleman. &  Evans    Ft.   CoI...S.   2988  Grey Su. Co., Kerrlsdale.. Elburne 46R  Ritchie G. and. S. Co., Grari. St..;.. .S. ��������� 9162  R. V. Winch & Co., Tinch Bldg., S. 279-1*44  FIRE  EXTINGUISHER  SYSTEMS.  Gen.  Fire  Ex.  Co. ��������� SOB Van.' Blk..  Barr & Anderson,  1060 Hcmer St..  FLOORING  B.C. Hardwood FI. Co., 557 Gran.ville, S. 6853  BUILDING RBOORD  S. 6138  S.  6180  B.C.   Supply  Co.,  Dominion  Bldg.... .S.. 6161  J.  Fyfe Smith  &  Co., 1320 Richards. .S. 1196  FOUNDERS       &       MACHINISTS,  N. Shore Ironworks, North Van. .P.O. B 1810'  IXRNACE AND SHEET METAL  Grandview Sht. Met. Wks..  1G8'5 Von.  H.  642  Pease   Pact  Found.   Ltd.,   324   Drake: .S. K3-97  Van,  Roof.  Co.,  1921 Triumph St, High. 609R  Wolfe.. J.  W..  154.0  5th-Ave. W.......B   ���������"  GALVANIZED IROJf WORKS  .....       AAV  Jones  St   Aspell,   Hartney  Chmbs.  Jullien; ���������P. -M.,  Arts and Crafts Bdg  Kaufmann, G. B., 61S Hastings W.  Keagey, J. W.,< Rogers BdB  Leech,  N.   A..   615.Pender :W  S  S  S.  -S.  S  s  -s.  s.  s  s.  s  ..Sey  ->lac^. Ffank W . ^26 Roger's Bide" S  Mac urc ^ Fox Paclflo Bldg S I  STe   JS   Pwft,g?������.������2?A Trust's  \r~,,���������-    -v -     .Vllllams Bdg  Parr % ������^ 4I,Inns  of  Court  ^?'^T,e.&.Di>    Van  Nicholas   Raphael   A.     ** -  Blk.  Rogers' Bdg.  Pracna^A M������ ^T0?."*?"  W  NOTICE   TO   CONTBACTOBS  "Creston   School."  Sealed tenders superset lbed "Tender  for Creston School Extension," (wlll be  received by th'e Honourable'i'the'r'Mlri'lster  of Public Worksup to* noon of jioriday,  the 30th day of June, 1913, for the erection and completion of a tyo-room extension to the school-house at Cieston, in  the Ymir Electoral District  The work to be stai ted Immediately on  acceptance of tender and finished and  handed ever ready for occupation on or  before August 25th,  1D13  Plpns, specifications contract, and  forms of tender may be seen on and  aftei the 16th day of June 1913, at the  ofllce of Mr W F Teetzel, Government  Agent, Nelson,. Mr J Crompton, Secretary of the School Board, Creston, and  the Depai tment of Public Works, Victoria ,  Intending tenderers can, for the sum  of ten dollars (?10), obtain one copy of  the plans and specif cations by applying  to the under-igned This sum will bo  refunded yhen the plans aie returned in  good order.  Each proposal must be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque or certifl-'  cate of deposit on a: chartered bank of  Canada, .made payable to the'Horiourable  the Minister of PubUq.jTVorks, for a sum  equal to 10 per cerit rof tender which  .���������shall be forfeited if the party tendering  decline to enter into contrnrt when called  upon to do so, or If he f'*i! to complete  the work contracted for. TIk; cheques or  certificate1* of deposit of unsuccessful  tenderers will be returned to thein upon  the, execution of the contract  ���������Tenders will not be considered unles1-  made out on the forms supplied,. signed  with the actual sip-nature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes fur-  nl'-lied  ;'The  lowest  or  any   tender  not   necessarily accepted  J. E. CfRIFFITH,  Public Worfcs Engineer.  Department of Public Works,  ��������� Victoria, B. C���������. June 10th, 1913  Price,   J:  B, 821  Pender sf'w  C,   Holden   Bldir  ^e^^a^?k^rrM#^,d!eVf2  S.   4499  ��������� S. 5341  S. 6200  S. 1621  5351  5925  1901  7096  9532  991  5024  4418  S27.0  7488  274 6  4150  1804  4396  75.1.';  5422  7171  730  ,S.  9424  S  9424  8. 472D  .8.   262  S  10-22  S.   94 47  1804  dge  0  S  Symonds,  N. E., 717 Holden Bdg....  S. I8D1  Pomervell & Putnam,  London Bldg^���������S. '6230  H. L. Stevens & Co..  216 Duncan B.,, S. 883S  Stnflrt'.-ft   White,  Metropolitan   Bds:.,   S. 8(549  ^Taylor,  J.  D.   S���������  Bower  Bdg.^:......S. 8314  Tegen St Vezina. -Metropolitan Bldg.. .S. 142!)  Thornton*  Jones.   Old  Safe .Bdg. ....S.   810  Titylor.   M.   L.   703  Dominion  Bide. .S.r 1856  Townsend*  Townsend.. 520 Granville,  S  Twizell,&: Twizell. 1019 Metrop.- Bdg  Walllngton,   E,   615   Hastings   W  Watson    H   B     Holden   BdC "       S 3431  Whlnfleld    FN     113  Metropolitan Bd.    ' .  White   W   P    Hutchinson  Bdg     .      S  R718  Whitewiy   W   T    World Bldg S   3029  Wlckenden, C   O    1P62 Pender S   W.S 1744  Wilson.'.;'J���������   Pemborton  Bdg..���������'-Vlotoria;. .1502  Wright, .Rushforth   &   Cahlll,   709,|DunamuIr  S 2S09  Wilson   J   ind   A   ������    "n /.��������� - %  1770  S. 7925  Wright & Mcfnt^re8 dV>'X^% **  Brown,  I  ENGINEERS  P   P . A M I C n , 703 Lon   B  S   S413  8937  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   AND  BUYERS'  GUIDE     -  AIR GAS MACHINES  The DeLaltte Co ,  524  Richards  .  ARCHITECT. RAL    TEBR\  Carter   Dewar   Ciowe   Co,   Ltd,  politan   Bldg .    _  Cullen    E   G     418  Pacific Bdg,  S  2330-&021  Evans   Coleman X. E-,ans, Ft   Col  St   3 29<*S  rmhrr   ������������������������   ������...----       - Gran.   St  S. 9162  1; 4912  ���������   .   S   6249  cotta; ���������  ������22   Metro-  ;?422  X-   Sup , Co ,   Ltd  Ritchie   Contr  Bridge  Warrigton & Johnson,' 119 Pender's  ASPHALT   TELr  Paterson Mfg   Co    10th & Arbutus S  . BEDS���������PATENT.  ������������Bfde^O������.p3en Ponder  Perfect   con   Bed Co    570 Granvi.Ie  BLUE  PRINTING.  Map   &   Vrhite   Print   Co     412  B. 772  i.' 6429  5.^2261  >.   5092  Citv  W.  Cordova  S  (,693  36  ..u,,o.ihisu  IKON  WORKS  Grand.  Sht.  Mtl.  Wks. 1GW Venables St. 642  Armstrong, Edw.  L,,  1640 6th Av.W.. .B. 296  GAS APPLIANCES.  Burnside Gas Apl. Co., 1037 Gran. St., S. 37-04  Van. Gas. Co..  10 Hastings Bt. W S.  6000  GLASS���������ALL KINDS.  Confn'l   Ship   Sc: Trnd.   Co,   Ltd... Sey.  6448  Holt,   Wm..    Dufferin   W     Fair. 123S  W.N. O'Nell &'Co, 548 Sey". St.. S. 4795-479S  Warrington Sc- Johnson,'-! 119 Pender. .S. 4913  West.   Plate  Glass,   318  Water St.. .. .S.   8425  HARD WARE I  Flctt,  J.  A.,  Ill, Hastings Stl W...S.  2?27-8  iLiRDwood laobRs  B.C.   Hardwood  Fir.   Co..,   557  Gran.. .S:'6863  Earle,   E.   A.;   417 ' Rogers Bdg.   ...-;'.'.S. 5476  Empire: Hdw.   Fi.   Co..   63'4   Dunsm'r..S.   9148  W   N   O'N'eil St Co. 548 Sey. St ..S. 4795-4798  J.  Fyfe Smith & Co.; 1320. Bichards. .S. 1196  Van. Fir.  Co., Sth Ave -'and-Olen D.. .F. 1612  ' HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith, J.-Fyfe & Co., 1320 Bichards. .S. 1196  Warrington: & Johnson,   119 .Pendfcr. .S.   4S12  HEATING���������HOT  AIR,   STEAM  AND   VENTILATING  Acme Fig. & Htg. Co.; Ml, Mth 'A. E; F.    5  Barr  &   Anderson,   106*   Homer 'St.-.S. 61  Burnside Gas Ap.  Co.,  1037 Gran.... .S. 3704  Can.   Buffalo   Forge   Co.,    1261   Alberni   St.  Hodgson. Plumbing & Heating Co.. .VS.  2412  Pease Pac.  Foundry Ltd.,' S24 Drake. .S. 8397  Royal  Pig. & Htg.   Co.,   126 Dufferln  Street   East   ........:........ ...F.  2009  Smith. W.J.& Son; 80S 10th A. E. F. 274R  Swamby, C. M., 212 Duncan Bldg...S. 2933  Armstrong, Edw.  L.,1640 6tii; Av.W.. .B. 296  HOISTING ENGINES  B.C. Equip..  6<1>6 Bk of Ottawa.".<S.  T066-7S18  Dnm'..iiv.i.i������'��������� ������-��������� ���������������������������������   -���������'   839 Beatty. ,S. 7155  Piling and poles  Federal Lum. Co.. 920 Rogers Bldff...8. 20W  PIPE���������SEWEB  Boultbee, Johnson & Co.,  Ltd S. 9146  Cullen/E. G., 418 Pacific Bldg.". .8. 2������&0-8������M  Dom. Glzd1 Cmnt Pipe Co., Dom. Bid. .8 8*86  Elvans, Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 2988  gilley Bros., Ltd., New West...Phones K, 1������  Kitchie, Con. Se Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .s. 9-MJ  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 4912'  R. V. Winch & Co., Winch BId...S.   279-1944  PLASTEB  Balfour,  Guthrie & Co  S. 9197-6575  Carter Dewar Crowe, 92^2 .Met Blag., .a. 9423  Cullen E.G., 418 Pacific Bldg.. .S. 23^-5021  ^n?ns' Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 2988  w'^'Sm8;', J'tS" New West.'.PhoneTlB, 18  W. N..O'Neil & Co., 648 Sey. St.. .-S. 4795-4798  The Main Sup. Co, 1029 Main St...B. 8491  n?,lnL6roy Sup-cCo- Kerrisdale..Ebm-ne46R,  Ritchie^Con. & Sup Co., Granv BdiTiltf1  False Croek Gravel & Siwly^Co . Ld.' S.1365  PLASTEB BOABD  B.C.  Supply Co.,   Dominion  B'd'g.... S    6161  BoultUee, Johnson & Co.,  Ltd 77 ..    s   9145  Carter Dewar Crowe,  922 Met. Bldg  ' s 9422  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .s. 916Z  PLASTER PARTITION BLOCKS  BC.   Sup.   Co.,   Dom.   Trust   Bids...    a 61st  Boultbee,  Johnson &  Co.,  Ltd SfliiK  Carter Dewar Crowe. 922 Mot. Bides 9422  Cullen. E. G., 418 Pacific Bide S sVtn 2nli  Ritchie, Con. Sc Sup. Co.. GrlTv.pi *"s.1!S  PLASTER���������ORN^VMENTAL  Berger.   Max.   165   Brdway Wf reari    ir> hbq  Boultbee,  Johnson & Co.,   Ltd "f" 9lf?  Ritchie, Con. & Sup:To.feGy;a?.V.'Bdg.'9S������.-91?2  PLAiSTIC FLOORING  S2Wd<i!LE^. 330   Seymour   st Sey    8751  Raecollth   Floor.   Co.,   Rogers  Blds..S.  8144  PLl'ifBING  537.  80.  B^lei]"ib-,& HtB" l31 1<nI> Av. E..F.    537  Barr   &   Anderson,   lo.6������' Homer   St...a 6180  Wdf8c'L������LUr?blne i  Heatirig CO....S.   2412  r.2T4R  S. 4458  Si.?. ^'^e& Sfr&?W*~tt ������������  Dom. Equip. & Sup. Co  E.   G.   Blackwell   108   Alexander  St.���������S.1733  Cullen.  E. G,  4-18  Pacific Bldrg. .S. 23S0-5-021  Henry   Darling,    28   Powe-ll   St S.   512  R.   Hamilton  &  Co.,  Bk.   of Ottawa. 7. ;S;383  Mussens,   Ltd,   3(1.  Water St S.   8237  Ritchie Con...&' Sup.',-' Co., Granville. ,S. 916?  Struiribert-V'irt'je Co, 319 Pender W.���������S. 6910  Taylor & Young,   Pacific Bidg S. 4502  Trapp,  T.   J ,   New  Westminster          69  Van. Hoist  Co.  901  Met.  Bldg.    I.S. 6667  INTERIOR FINISH  Boultbee,  Johnson Sc Co., Ltd S. 9145  Cartel, Dewar Ctcwe Co. 922 Met Bdg..S. 9422  E G Black-nell 108 Ale\ander St...S. 1733  W.'N O'Ne.f Sc Co., 548 Sey. St..S. 4796-4798  iRItchle   Cnr,     r.   c���������     >--      -  Van.   Floor"bo&.   ftT -?-������-- -G-r.anvlIIe- -S- 9162'  Ave. & Glen   D ..F.'1612  IRON AND'STEEL-^-STBCCTUBAL  Boultbee,  Johnson & Co.,  Ltd S. 9145  Can.   Forndry  Co..   1065   Pender S. 5710  Cuiien. E. G., 418 Pacific Bldg.7.S. 2330-5021  Can.   Northwest   Steel   Cr F.     307  Cont'n'l Ship & Trad. Co. Ltd...Sey. 6448  Evans, Coleman & EVans, Ft C0I...S. 29SS  Coughlan. J. & Sons. World'Bldg.;. .S 7940  Giandview  Mfg.  Co..   1530  Venahies..H    136  Morris.  S   M   Co.,   2130  Cedar St B  HM3  Pltchie   Con    &   Sup.   Co.,   Granvlllo. .S. 9162  Tozer & Tench,   8H5  Met.  Bldg ������   1������1������  XV. N. 0*Neil & Co., 548 Se������-. St...S. 4795-4.9S  Wilkinson Co., Ltd.. 846 Beach Ave...S  7915  Union Iron Works. 146 Lome St...Fair. 2173  IKON  AND  STEEL���������ORNAMENTAL.  Carter Dewar Crowe Co, 922 Alet Bdg..S.9421  E.   G. -BlaoVTi-nH    1/10    .'  B.C.  Cullen  ,,          -���������-ee'   6S2   Sey.   St.  ^rr?yr,,Bros ���������   721   Main   St   Armstrong, Edw. L. 1540 SthA'v.W.'. .B 296  Pw?,W?EK,S ^KD EXPLOSIVES  Pwd.  Supply  Co,   310  Richards.A  4105  . RADIATORS AND BOILERS  Found. Co, 1065 Pender St <<s ktio  Hamilton Co.. Bnk*of Ottlwa' s ?sS  fm������h W%Frca" Ltd" 3240DrX::i.'8i ?  Swamb^'c" V SV^ Sr?-9 10th Av- E..F 27+R  ftwamDy.   c.   M.,   212  Duncan   Bldg...s. 2933  ROOFING COMPOSITION     -  Boultbee, Johnson Sc Co.,  Ltd q   a-iAr:  Carter Dewar Crowe. 922'Met   Bldg"! 942!  &??������?  Darling,   28   Powell   straiag'"'s- 9ii2  Con.  Can  Rbt  S.   512  mn.n. uoium.-.S. 2988  reer, Van., 346 Water St. S. 1397  Victoria,  1326 Wharf St    887  _fg. Co    10 St Arbutus Sts...B.   772  W. N. O'Neil & Co., 548 Sey. St...S. 4795-4-798  Raecolith   Floor.   Co.,   Rogers  Bldg . .S. 8144  Ritchie, Con. & Suo. Co., Granv. Bdg. ,S. 9162  Troy  Roof.   Co..   S14  Metropolitan. ..-.6.   7417  Warrington St 'Johhson. 119 Pender P" S. 4912  BOOFING-i-SIIEET METAL  (See Cornice and Roofing)  , ROOFING MATERIAL   ���������  Boultbee,  Johnson Sc Co.,   Ltd !..S. 9145  E.   G.   lilackweil,   108   Alexander  St...S. 1733  Carter Dewar Crowe,--922 ftlet. Bldg...S. 9422  Henry   Darling,   28i- Powell   St S    512  Evans, Coleman & Evais   Ft. Colum..S. 2988  Newton & Greer, Vanc'ver, 345 Water.S. 1397  Victoria, 1326  Wharf St     887  Ritchie: Cor...& Sup. Co.; Granv. Bdg. .S. 9162  Ed. rTImmons,   838   7th   Av.  W. F. 1257  Point Grey Sup.: Co., Keirisdale. .Eburne 4CR  TYoy Roof. "-Cp..- 814 Metropolitan.*.. ,S. 7417  Warrington &'Johnson, ,119 Pender-St.S. 4912  iAtBOPE-MANIlJA.1,' " 'A.:,t<  Blackwell,   108   Alexander "st?. .S. 1  B.C.  Supply Co-,   Dominlorr Bldg.. ...S,  6161  BRICK���������ALL KINDS.  Boultbee, Johnson & Co.. Ltd...'.... .S. 9,145  Carter'Dewar Crowe Co., Ltd., 92'2 Metropolitan Bldg S "1422  Cullen, E. G;, 418 Pacific Bdg.. .S. 2330-5021  Dom. Dock Sc Supply Co., 50'.')-'RIch'ds S. 3711  r-~ t^ E" **������������������ *!'* Pacific BldK~."'s* Jii'n-^91  Can. Foundry Co.. 1*05 Pendfr St I Z-in  Cone,.,    Shjp   & -Trpd_   ^e0ndtLr[ds   -^S    5,10  r^S,Up' & E������P Co. IOM Malnlnd S *4 79  Horn's SW<?tSn C������o;^530 Venab"es .h: "136  WvVJ'A   213(1   Cp^r  St....   B   1043  |&0nco],v' ���������������&��������� ff ^s-������-''.-.i &<  Union Iron ���������    ���������  Safe ��������� Se 'tfock, 330 iCord-ova W.S. 2447  'Rbt. Hamilton .Co., Bnk- of Ottawa.-.S. .1S3  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 4912  W. N. O-Noll & Co.,'548 Sey. St.. .3. 4795-4*798  ,'SAND GKAVEL.Aj.-n CRUSHED'BOCK '  Can'   BuIId-ers  Sup.,   19-01^ Georgia  J. A. Dewar Co  C.   Gardinei  Gilley Bros,  .S.  C.   Gardiner ^ohnsonPe_.d^W'---?' ������������-������7H  7175  6751  914-6-9147  vx.iiey  xjros,   Ltd,   New   We.-t"'l^���������''i���������'D"-���������','  Indian  River  Gravel V-n     ?.V -Phones 15, 16  The   Main   sup    Co     ?0% L'd-"' Al -H'     17s  Pont Giev V,n   o��������� ' -i     ,   -Ma,n   St...s. S491  Rainy R Gvl &o ������N eTA^?*' 'Shu">������ ������������  Ritchie Con & Sup Co ^r^l" g^"S- "������  Shover, C. E." 959 Mam f,ranvl- Btig..s. 9162  Van snd & Gv, Co^.Vcio-riinW;^ lltl  SASH DOORS.   WINDOWS,  ETC  330-.502*  MARLBORO CAFE    j  COMPANY LIMITED.  POPULAR PRICES      7  Sey. 7799   .Cor. Seymour & Dunsmuir.  BASE BALL  SEATTLE  VS.  VANCOUVEB  June 30, July 1-2  4:00  p.m.;  Saturday,  3:00 P.m.  Admission���������26c,  60c and 75c  Ritchie   Contr.  Bridge  Vlct.-Vancr.  - - v.u,cnian   St   Evans.   Ft.   Co!.,   S. 29SS  Gilley Bros.; Ltd., New West., Phones 15. .16  W. X. O'Nell & Co., 548 Sey.'.'St. 8.-4 795-4798  The'Main Supply Co.. 1029 Main St.,'8. 8491'  Pt. Haney Brck Co., 615 Hast. S. XV.. S. 131-9  Pt. Grey Supply Co., Kerrisdale, Eburne 46K  "'*-'���������'-    ~ &   Sup.,   Ltd..   Granville   St  S. 916:  Llmo   =nd   Br.'ck   Co. ..Sey 2015  Warrington   &   Johnson,   119   Pender,   S. 4912  R.V.Winch  & Co.,' Ltd., Winch  B. S. 279-1944  Bl:ILDINTG  FELTS  AND  PAPERS.  Boultbee, Johnson &  Co.,  Ltd. .. .S. 9146  Carter   Dewar. Crowe* Co.,   Ltd.,   922   Metropolitan   Bld-g.    ...1.. S.    94 22  Henry  Darling.   28  Powell  St.   .......S."  512  Evans, Coleman St -Evans, Ft. Col.,. ,S. 29SS  D. R. Morrison, 712 Richards, S. 2,1'51-2162  W.'N. O'Nell & Co.. 64������ Sey. St., S. 4796-479S  Paterson Mfg. Co., lflth& Arbutus Sts., B. 772'  Warrington St Johnson, 119 Pender. .S. 4912  BUILDING   MOVERS  Kohlnian &  Clark.   1033   Howe St S. 3292  BONDS���������Sl'RETY.  R.V.Winch & Co.. Ltd., Wincli B.. S. 279-1944  Seeley &  Co.,   1205   Dominion  Bldg.. .S. 4011  Work,   ?i���������-t'    G"nvl������"-.S. 9162 SASH- WEIGHTS" iuilM'ni-8  4795-479S  Works. 14b Lorne st..Fair.  2173 McLean & Povvell   39"  n,,VS^Kil *, ������UMI'S  L4LTII���������3IBTAI.   '      " Dufferln St  W. .F154K  Boultbee   Johnson & Co.  Ltd S   9145  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  ESTIMATES GIVEN  GIBSON & RICHARDSON  PBONB SEY. 6557    545 HOBNBY ST.  VANCOUVEB, B. C.  Phone Fairmont 1158  MAX BERGER  ABCHXTECTUBAXi   MODBDEB  ORNAMENTS  Of Plaster, Composition, Cement,  For  Interior  and   Extorlor   Use.  MODET.S FOB STONE  AND METAL  VXCTOBIA- WORKSHOP  455 North  Park Phone  1405  ARTIFICIAL STONE  135  Broadway   West   (Bear)  William Greenlees  PILE DRIVING  WHARVES, BRIDGES'AND  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  Sey. 1083. 407 Cordova St.  FBASEB BIVEB FIDE DRIVING CO.  P.  A. Jones, Mgx.  Wharf   Building'   and   General" Construction Work; Plls Foundations  a Specialty; Estimates Furnished.  B Doxn 610,  Westminster Trust Bldgr-,  I WTetv WoMtmirster       Telephone 1015  CEMENT.  Balfour.   Guthrie  &   Co S. 9197-6675  Boultbee, Johnson & Co.,  Ltd S.  9i46  Carter   Dewar   Crowe'Co.,   Ltd..   922   Metropolitan   Bldg S.    9422  Can. Builders Sup. Co.. 1901 Gcorg'a.S. 7175  Cont'n'l Ship & Trad. Co. Ltd...Sey. 644S  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. C0I...S. 2<9SS  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New West.. Phones 15. 16  W. N. O'Neil & Co., 548 Sey. St., S. 4796-479S  The Main Supply Co.. 1029 Main St.. S. S491  Pt. Grey Supply Co.. Kerrisdale, Eburne 46R  Ritchie   Contr.   St   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,   Gran.   St.  Bridge    .^ S.   91C2  R.V.Winch & Co.. Ltd., Winch B., S. 279-1944  CEMENT TE8TING AND ASSAYING.  Eldrldge,  G.  S.  &  Co.,   426   Richards,  S. 412-5  Wright, J. P., 3316  7th  Ave. W   Hunt,  Robt.W.  &  Co..  6*2 Hast S.  2199  CONTRACTORS,   BRICK.  Dixon,  F.  L.,i 1624  Graveley St...H:gh.   1292  CONTRACTORS���������EXCAVATING.  Campbell Bros.,  1660 Bismark St.,  Hlgk 453  '������������������'." CONTRACTORS���������GENERAL.  Armstrong,   Morrison    &    Co.,    Ltd.,    Bower  B&g.     ........ ..... ��������� S   1836  B. C. Gran'. & Cont Co"'Exchange's., S. 2296  Expt. Bldrs. & Flncrs. 820 Rogers B., S. 7381  Greenlees,  W.,  407  Cordova St S. 1083  CONTRACTORS���������LAND   CLEARING.  Penny, J. S���������  319 Pender St S. 4702  CONTRACTORS���������MASON.  Can. & Amer. Contr. & Inv. Co. Ltd.  S. 8480  CONTRACTORS���������PLASTERING.  Can. & Amer. Con. Sc Inv. Co.,  Ltd..3. 8480  Hynes Stone & Staff Co., Ltd., 653 Oranvllle.  Rice.  C. C. Sc Co..  1083  Richards-St.  S.  2KM9  CONTRACTORS���������TILE���������TERRAZZO.  B. C.  Supply Co.,   Dominion Bldg... .S.   51-61  D. R. Morrison, 712 Richards St.. S. 21'61-2U52  XV. N. O'Nell Sc Co., 548 Sey. *St., S. 4795-47-98  Van.Marble & Tile Co. 848 Beach Av��������� 6.1618  CORNICE  AND ROOFING.  Cullen.  E.  G.,.41'8  Pacific-Bdg.,  S. 233-0-6021  Grand. Sheet Mtl. Wks., 1685 Ven. St.. H. 042  Little St  Lee.   6-82   Seymour  St S.   4458  Troy Roofing Co., 814 Metropolitan, 6.741-7  Armstrong,  Edw.  L,  16-10  5th Av.W. ..B-296  ELECTRICAL  CONTRACTORS "  Alltree & Chunhland. 976 Granvle St.. S.2707  Elec.  Con. Co..  544  Howe St -S.1336-7951  Gibson   &   Richardson,   545   Hornby St. .S6357  .larvls  Eloc.   Co.   570   Richards  Pt S.   1-409  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  Alltree & Churchland   .976  Granvlue,  S.  2707  Elec.  Con. Co..  514  Howe St S.  1336-7951  Mnvnnnl   Electrical   Supply   Co S.   4207  KLECTRICAL    SUPPLIES'   (WHOLKSALK)  Mnvnnrd   F.lectrleal   Supply   Co S.   4207  ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSfRKS.  fnn Vnn Emon <"> 1150 Hamilton. .P. 5016  Cullcn, E. G., 418 Pacific Bdcr, S 2330-5021  Canada Found. Co., Ld..'1066 Pender, S. 6710  Rrennnn. G. E. & Co., 319 Pender W, S. 6910  Grnndvl<*w M^r Co., 1610 venables. .H- 136  "nrrlfl P. E. * Co.. 309 Crown Bldg. P. 469S  Elevator  Supply  Sc  Equip.   Co.,  Ltd. .S. 2479  E.   G.7 Bliickwell,   1-08   Alexander  .. t. .H. 1733  Carter Dewar Crowe Co, 522 Met Bdg..S. 9422  Cullen, E. G., 41S Pacific Bldg. .IS. M30-502J  Dom. Dock & Supply Co.. 509 RIch'ds S  371.4  Hvans. Coleman & Evans, Kt. Columb..S- 29SF  D.R.   Morrison.   712   Richards.. .S. 2151-2152  W. N. O'.Veil & Co.. 548 Sey. St......4795-4798  Point Grey Sup- Co., Kerrlsdale .Eburne 4CR  Ritchie'-Con.- St Sup. Co.. Granville. .S. 9.16:'  Warrington   &   Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 4912  LATH���������WOOD  Point Srey Sup. Co., Kerrisdale. IBburne 46B  LIME.    .  Balfour,   Guthrie.!.  Co..... S. 9197-6575  Boultbee,  Johnson & Co.,   Ltd.......S.  9145  Carter Dewar Crowe Co, 922 Met Bdg..S. 942.:!  Can. Bu'.ld?rs Sup. Co.., 1901 Georgia. .S. 7175  Hvans. Coleman & Evans. Ft. Columb. .S. 298.'  Gilley Bros.. New Westminster. .Phones 1'B 1"  XV. N. O'Neil & Co.. 548 Sey. St..S. 4795-479S  Pacific Lime Co, 201 Carter-Ctn Bldg..S. 95CC  Point Grey Sup. Co... Kerrisdale.-. Eburne 46F  nitchie Con. & Sup. Co.. Granville. ;s. 9162  "?alse Creek Gravel & Supply Co., Ld. S.1365  Vict.-Vrincr. -Lime and Br.'ck Co...Sey 2015  R.'V. Winch Co. Ld.. Winch Bdg..S. 279-1944  LINOLEl'Sl   (Battleship,   Etc.)  Fraser Mather Co.. 101 Welton Blk. S. 9354L  MACHINERY  I SHINGLE MANL'FACTl'RERS AND DEAL-  1 EKS.  (See Lumber and Shingles.)  SLATE  B.C.   Eqp.  Co.,   606  Bk.   Ottawa. .8. 7056-7S1F  Uoultbee,  Johnson  &  Co.,   Ltd S.  9146  E. G. Blackwell, 1-0S Alexander St.. .S. 1733  Carter Dewar Crowe Co. 922 Met Bdg..S. 942iJ  Cullen. E. G., 418 Pacific Bldg. ..S. 2-33-0-50211  Can.   Foundry   Co.,   10>65   Pender    8-5710  Dom. Dock St Supply Co., 609 RIch'ds S. 3714  Dom.   Eqp.   &   Sup.   Co.,   S39   Beatty. .S. 7155  Henry   Darling.   28   Powell   St S.   512  Rbt.  Hamilton Co.. Bank of Ottawa..S.    3S3  Mussens,    Ltd.,    366    Water   St P. S237  W. N. O'Nell & Co.. 548 Soy. SL..S. 4795-479S  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co.. Granville. ,S. 9162  Swamby,   C.   M.,   212   Duncan   Bldg...P.  2933  Taylor Sc  Voung,   Pnclflc  Bldg S. 4 502  MANTELS���������BRICK, TILE AND WOOD  Carter Dewar Crowe Co., 922 Met. Bg..S. 9425  Hynes Stone & Staff Co., Ltd., 653 Granville.  D. R. Morrison, 712 Richard St.. .S. 21'51-216?  XV. N. 0'Noll'& Co.. 54S Soy. St...S. 4795-4798  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co., Granville B...S. 9162  MARBLE AND   ONYX  Cont'n'l   Ship   &   Trad.   Co.   Ltd.. .Scy. 6448  Hynes Stone & Staff Co., Ltd., 553 Granville.  W. N. O'Nell * Co..  54S Sey.  St- S.  4795-479S  Van. Marble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Av..S. 1518  OIL  BURNING  PLANTS  Bolduc   Oil   Burning   Co.,   535   Rogers  Bid.   S.  4316  Globe Iron Works.  1-815 Pandora St..H.  496  Fees   System,    1200    Homer    St   Mach. Insal. & Contr. Co. Dom. Bldg S. 6956  Swamby.   C.   M..   212  Duncan   Bldg...S. 2933  PAINTS AND OILS  Carter Dowar Crowe Co.,' 922 Met. Bg..S. 9422  Henry   Darling,   28   Powell   St S.   512  W. N. O'Nell & Co., 548 Sey. St..S. 4795-4798  PAINTS���������FIRE-PROOF.  Carter Dewar Crowe Co., 922 Met. Bg. .S. 9422  Newton  & Greer,  Van..   345  Water...S.  1397  Victoria,  1326 Wharf Rt     8R7  Warrington   &  Johnson.   119   Pend'er. .S. 4912  PAINTS���������DAMP PROOF.  boultbee,  Johnson Sc Co.,  Ltd S. 9146  Henry   Darling,   2������   Powell   Pt S.   61.  Newton  &  Greer,  Van..   345   Water...S.   1397  Victoria,-?. 1326   Wharf  St     8S7  W. N. O'Neil St Co.. *4S St-y. St.. .S. 4795-479S  Paterson   Mfp.   Co., J-nth   Sc   A rhiftus. ,B.    772  Warrington   &   Johnson,   119   Ponder. .S. 4912  PARTITION���������I'IRKPKOOF  rioulthro.   Jnhnson  &   Co.,   Ltd P.  91.15  Carter Dewar Crowe Co., 922 Met. Bg. .S. 9 4 22  Cullen, F- C, 41S rnclflc Bl.lcr. ,.S. 233n-r,n������l  E\-.inn. Coleman St Evnns Ft. Colum. .5. 29S8  Itltchlo. Cnn. fi Sup. Co.. Grnnv. Bdg. .P. 9102  Warrington .<:��������� Jnhnson. 119 Fender St.S. 4912  PIG  IRON  AND  TIN  nnl'our.   Guthrie  >t-   Co S.  9197-6576  Uoultbee,   Johnsnn  St  Co.,   Ltd S.  9115  R. V. Winch ft Co.. Winch Bid. ..S.    279-1944  PILE DRIVING.  Fraeer   River   Pile   Driving   Co.  GranviyBdig.'.'s. 9162  SLATE AND TILE ROOFERS  r:alrd&  Co..  946  21st Ave.   E ...F.  1490L  Timmons, E. & Sons, S3S -"th Ay. W.F. 1257L  -.-.���������'.      STEAM   FITTERS  Little    &    Lee     6S2    Seymour........S. 4458  Armstrong, Edw.  L,  1510  5th AV.W...B. 296  STEEL���������REINPORCING.  Cont'n'l   Ship   &   Trad.   Co.   Ltd...Sey.  6448  Dom. Dock & Supply Co., 509 RIch'ds S. 3714  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 4913  .-,*':..        STEEL ERECTORS  Moss,   H.,   2165. .Oxford   St.   ': i (Suite   8)  Tozer,   Wm.,   815   Metropolitan   Bldg. .S. 7939  STENOGRAPHERS���������PUBLIC  Va.ncouverSteno-Typists, Paolfic BldgLJ_S..i19S0=1  sroRE-a-oppiCE^rixTUREs & stork  Cullen, E. G.,  PROMTS  W. N. O'Nell ACniAiS     v<-'nnbles   II.     1  West.   ..ate   ������,___' V������ S,ey. St.. ,S. 4795-47  e   Glass.   31.   Water'.'.  ��������� TANKS   .'  noultbee.  Johnson & Co    Ltd  Little    &    Lee.    us* ���������<!.���������._���������. ~,u--.-  021  136  .98  ���������S.   4t(74  S.  914S  S. 4458  Lee.   682   Seymour "st  TILE���������DRAINING  Boultbee,  Johnson & Co    1 .H  Carter Dewar Crowe   9__' ������i?"~ii ' * "S- ������������  Evans, Coleman & Evans   V, r? ds" -S' 9<-J  Ritchie Con. & sun[  pj    n..     Colum..s. jass  Gilley Bro?.    kKL?/"'1' B������5-.& 9162  1ILE���������FLOOR AND WALL  TIN PLATES  Balfour,   Guthrie &  Co S. 9197-6575  Boultbee,  Johnson & Co.,  Ltd S. 9145  Wilkinson,  C  846 Beach  Av.........S.   791-5  R. V. Winch & Co., Winch Bld...S.   279-1944  VACUUM   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barker   Sys.   1957   Napier   St.  Barr ���������>'-   ���������--���������������    B.   G.     ..���������   a., ....      Dtintley Store, The, 732 Hastings W..S. 1106  Earle,   E.   A.,   417   Rogers Bld-g  Sc Anderson, 1&S0 Homer St fi. 6180  B.   G.   Blackwell.   1*8  Alexander  St...S. 1733  Duntley Store, The, 732 Hastlnc-s w   s. uoe  !*"'������    "     :       '--   "' S.-547S  WATERPROOFING  B>0dHdge0.CA&,fUP?# i0'' 5ffirtn'������";i������ S. 3714  ���������>=.    a*.    n���������    ill   lj00   Bldir.    ..Rnv    ������n,e  Loo  Bldg.   . .Soy." 201S  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  Boultbee,  Johnson & Co.,  Ltd. S.  Caiter Dewar Croive, 922 Met.  Cullen,  E. G.    ���������--  -    "  Bldg...S 9422  WINDOW  SCREENS  ^'���������" Can -Rustproof f;���������,,    ,,h   Av. ft nien  }>. .%. U.Nell ft Co., 5-IS pey. St...s. 17.15-479.  P.n\vps.   F.  Grandview  .11.  843  13l������  WINDOW SUADICS  XV.   St  Co.,   Gi-.invillo.'...  Mfg.  Co.    ir.'io- Venables  MIRK ROPE  Ancln-B.    C.    Agency,    .lis    Homer    . .S. .1-125  BC.   Eqp.   Co..   606   link   oitnwn..<*.   7150-7S18  Itniiltlioe.  Johnson &  Co.,   Ltd S.  91.-5  E.   G.   Blackwell.   "OS   Alnxnmler   ������<i 1  Cullen,   E.   G..  41S  Pacific Bldg....������. 2:130-5021  Prior,  E.  G. *  Co..  809 Beatty  St P.    3S8  .Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co., Grnnv].  1WR..S. 9163  New   West ' B. V. Winch & Co., Winch B!d...S.   279-1944  --  "   '731*  Greenlees.   W.,   407   Cordova  St    S. 1083 .1 iiKm&uii   Co.,   mt,' Beach. ffBTTISB COLUMBIA  S-  m.  I  ������  \Ai  m  fi  fcg'  fi  I  Ei7'  I  f  I  I  I  #  DAILY BUILDING SSCn??r  ^HOJTES   "SEYMOUR"  2152  4$  714-718  BICBABDS  BT.  BARR  PLUMBING and HEATING  International Automatic  Sprinkler Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. C.  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO.  Limited  Public Works  Contractors  Office: 813-815 Bower Bldg. Vancouver B.C.  BRASS and COPPER FENDERS, FIRE SFTS  vmv QrWpE^Yc ^��������� and ������RATE1  to replace  intend-  LOCAL  TENDERS WANTED  Oeneral Contract  FALSE CREEK GRAVEL & SUPPLY C0.^  . LIMITEO ,'-.,���������''.  Sand   Gravel and  Buildin&r. Material '  'Phone Seymonr: 1365.' Offloa-ond  ���������-....Wharf  959; Main Street  MAYNARD ELECTRICAL  SUPPLY CO.  ' Wholesale  Phone Vb Tour. O.rder  Homer Arcade........365 Cordova. St. vs.  Phono: .Seymonr 4207  The Hodgson Plumbing  j& Heating Company, Ltd.  Plumbing, Hot Air and Hot Water Heating  Agents For The  PEASE " ECDKOUY " FURNACE  1154 Burrard St. '   Sey. 2412  Hotel, "Vanconver���������Archts. Parr, McKenzie Sc Day, Vancouver bldg., are now  taking both general contract and separate tenders covering the various trades  required in the erection of a 5-sto. and  bsemt.* brk.' and terra cotta hotel bldg.,  to be erected at the corner of Pender  and  Main. Sts.  The excavation for this site was completed some time ago. The estimated  cost of the bldg. Is not given until after  tenders are received, but the struoture  will be fully modern and equipped as an  up-to-date  hostelry.  The archts., as stated, will receive  both general contract and separate tenders," but in each case proposals must  come from fully responsible parties.  Bridffo, Vanconver���������It Is announced  that, the Dominion government officials  have approved the plans for the Second  Narrows. bridge. This probably, means  that tenders ���������will be Invited shortly for  a general contract.  Besidence, Shaughnessy���������Archt. J. H.  Bowman, Crown bldg,, has completed  plans and will, be .prepared to receive  general contract tenders on and after  Monday; June 16, for the construction  of a 2 sto fr and stucco residence^fbr  P. P. Wilson, on 21st ave in Shaughnessy Heights;7-approximate cost $7000.  Hot water" heat and modern equipment.  No  separate  tenders  will  be  taken.  Sub-Contracts and Materials  Tenders wanted for floor oil for South  Vancouver schools. All tenders must  ,be accompanied by samples. For further particulars apply at secretary's office, .Cedar Cottage.  ed 10 sto office bldg designed for R. T.  Elliott, K.C. The new bldg is being designed to the order of Mr. Elliott together with McPherson. Sc. Fullerton 'and  will occupy the same site at the corner  of Government an. Comorant sts. It is-  to be of class B const, brk and steel with  full stage and all the equipment of a  first class theatre. It will have one balcony and 14 boxes, altogether, accommodation for 1000 people.   ���������  Tenders  are already being called  for  the excavation and will be called for the  general  contract as  soon  as   the  plans  are ready about June 25.  The latest system  of ventilation will'  be   employed;   steam   heating   installed,  and the illumination will be by indirect  electric lighting.  The cost will be approximately $125,-  000.  Drill Ball, Armstrong-���������Eugene Fiset,  Dep'. Minister, Dept; of Militia and Defense, Ottawa, is receiving proposals.un-  tilLnoon, June 30, for the erection of a  new  drjl]   hall  at  Armstrong,  B.C.    ,  Specifications may be seen and' full  particulars obtained at the offices of. the  District Officer Commanding Military  District No. 11, Victoria, B.C., the Town  Clerk, Armstrong, B.C., and the Direc-.  tor of Engineer Services, headquarters,"  Ottawa.  ' Public Bldgf., Bnncan Station-���������Sec.  E. O. Desrobhes, Dept. of Public Work,  Ottawa, will receive proposals until:��������� 4  p'.m. July 7 for erecting a public bldg.,  at   Duncan   Station, 'B.   C.  Plans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and. forms of tender  obtained at the office of Mr. Wm. Henderson, resident architect, Victoria, B.C.,  at the Post Office, Duncan Station, B.  C, and at Ottawa.  Besidence, . Dig-by Island���������Sec. Desroches, Ottawa, Dept. of- Public Wks.,  will receive tenders, until 4 p.m., July  7,  for' erecting  a  doctor's   residence  at  SOUTH  VANCOTTVEB  PEBMITS  S81A���������R. Street, 3702 Quebec st, 1 sto  '.fr. res, iot 10, blk 11,. DL, 633; B. B. Prentiss, 3702 Quebec, contr, $1300-,. furnace.  ��������� SS2Ar���������Mrs. W. Robinson, Cedar Cottage, 1 sto fr res, lot 26,t blk 3 of 7, DL  394, owner, $1000. '.''*���������-''  : SS4A���������Geo/ Dixon, Janes rd PO., fr  addn to re's, lot 23, blk 9, DL, 391-2,  owner,  $16;0:0, furnace .and'-'/fireplace.  8S5A���������Johanson & Heggen, 231 36th,  ave E, 1 sto fr res, lot- 14, blk 8, DL  656,  owner,   ?500.'  8S6A���������Geo. Sealey, Cedar Cottage PO., I  1  sto  fr  stable,  lot  17; .blk  2,   DL   703, |  I Burry Bros-. $100.  S8SA���������Mr.   Woodman,   Janes   nil   PO.,  'move  and  raise  res,   lot.-10,   blk  4,  DL  336;  B. S..Walker, $75.  S90A���������A. C. Fraser, City Heights PO.,  1 sto fr res, lot S, blk M, DL MO, owner, $2000, furnace and flreplacev  UBars FILED.  Ritchie Contr. & Supply Co. vs Vernon  Bros., lot 4, sub div 3, .blk 154, DL 540,  $44.85.  Vanvouver Lbr. Co. vs J. D. McKKer-  zie,  lot 28, blk 2 of 21, DL 391-2 $96.10.  Blake Delfh'er Co. vs. Canadian Pacific  Railway  Co.  et  al  X.E. end: Cambie st  bridge,  $721.63.  ��������� I  Phone 164  Montreal'    Mechanical?  N0p������iONJO.HCLTD.  Derricks Tanks Boilers  ._ Worth Vancouver  P.O. Box 181  -, ���������������������������'-���������   London, ishg.       y A       Toronto     - Vancouver;  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., Limited.  HTSrECTIOK- TESTS CONSTTLTATIOU  INSPECTION  OF ENGINEERING MATEBIALS.  '"Physical and Cement Testing Laboratories, and Offices.  Seyniour 2199.   ''.. Bank of Ottawa Bldg. Vancouver, B. C.  Official Proposals  .    McI.EAN> Se 'FOWESXi.  ;        Manufacturers of  SASH WEIGHTS  Ash Doors' '   '    "Ash Dumps  Fairmont. 1546 392 Dufferln W.  P. E. HARRIS &CO., Ltd  Passenger AND Freight Elevators  Alternating Current Motors  ' Kept In Stock  307.'Crown Bids. Bey. 4698  Vanc'ver, B.C., Night Fhone High. 30ll  School, Vancouver���������Archts. Tegan &  Vezina; Metropolitan bldg., are now taking figures  on.i excavating  the site   for  Digby, Island,  B. C.   (Prince Rupert).  Plans, specifications' and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender  obtained at the office of Mr. Wm. Hen-  .. ��������� ���������������.-o   ...*.  one   iui   uwmmcu  *il  Luc umee ol ivn.   wm. irien  the proposed Church of the Holy Rosary  derson, resident architect, Victoria  B C  THE PAINT. ETERNAL.  LIQUID STONE  i *���������- >- .  A Stone Veneer For Finishing  Exteriors of Brick or Concrete  DAMP-PROOF FIRE-PROOF  DOMINION DOCK &  SUPPLY CO., Ltd.  Sey. ,3714 "      509 Richards St.  school and club bldg. -on Haro St., and  as.; soon   as   the   financial, arrangements  are all completed, will receive proposals  covering,the.several trades entering in  to  the proposed  construction  work.  .General  contract  tenders  were: closed  some, time ago, but owing-to, subsequent  delayr new tenders will be received when  construction  is  definitely  arranged,for,  on  the  basis  of separate   trades.    This  bldg.   will   be   a   5-std.   brk.   structure,  125x68, of :reinf. concrete, with brk. fac-  ingx and mill construction floors.  The same archts. will, soon demolish  that portion of the old bldgs. of St.  Paul's Hospital that will not be requir-  ed'-for future use. The new .bldg. is  nractirallv completed. The section of  the old bldg. facing Burrard. St. will be  torn down entiiely, while the Nurses'  Home, Isolation Hospital, and parts of  structures to be retained will be re  fitted-throughout.  at the Public, Works, Canada, Districts-  Engineer's office, Prince. Rupert, B.C.,  and at Ottawa.  Drill Hall, , Bed- Deer���������Eugene Fiset,  Dept; of .'Militia and ^Defense, . Ottawa,  will receive proposals until noon, July  12, for the erection of a new drill hall  iat Red Deer, Alta.  Specifications may be seen and full  particulars obtained at the- offices of ;the  District; Officer Commanding Military  District No. 13, Calgary, Alta.,-the Town  Clerk, Red Deer, Alta., and the' Director  of Engineering Services, Headquarters,  Ottawa.  Church, Victoria.���������From ��������� plan's -by  Archts. Butler & Harrison, tenders are  now -being invited for the construction  of a Ir. church bldg.-at Strawberry. Vale  for the Methodist Church, to cost $7,-  500.  rMUHICIPAS TENDEBS WANTED.  As a result of The .Building Record's  protest at the action of Archts. Burke,  Horwood & White advertising.for equipment tenders for the Vancouver Hudson's Bay bldg in a Toi onto publication  without  giving  local   people  an   oppor  tunity  to   tender,   the   local   officials   of  R- A- Ross  Power. Plant, calgary-rrTenders for the  addition to the municipal power plant  at Victoria park will be called for immediately from Montreal where Mr. Mc-  Call, chief engineer for the power station, w'ent to confer with power expert,  C. C. RICE & CO. L  i ���������������  Plastering Contractors  ��������� Stucco, Work a Specialty.  , '  TBY ITS. .  1083 Bichards St.       - Sey. 28491  GRANDVIEW  Sheet Metal Works  Warm' Air .Sedtinf  v Furnaces and General Jobbing  1695 Venables St.  _ Highland 642  the Hudsonis ;Bay_ Co. have obtained an  extension of time -in receiving tender  until June 30. and will advertise for proposals in local publications.  The. tenders  will  cover the  following  equipment:  Steam-fitting,   electric   wiring,   plumbing,    refrigeration, ���������   vacuum     cleaning,,  sprinklers,  steam-driven/generating un- i  its,     turbine ���������   generating    units,     steel  smoke' stack,  suction ash  conveyor and  pneumatic cash tubes.  . Grading:, 'Edmonds���������J.   J.   Miller,   418  The. additions to the; plant consisting  of gas fired boilers arid ; turbine, generators of:6600 h;p. for next fall or a total  capacity for civic uses of 12,600 h.p., alternating current and 2000 h:p. ...direct  current for the street railway.  . Clearing-, Cloverdale���������Tenders will be  received by. Municipal Clerk Carncross,  of Cloverdale, B. C, for clearing ana  grading as follows, until 2p.m., June 28: |  1. Clearing,    grubbing    and    grading'  portion rof Townline Road, Ward 2, approximately  2000'lineal   feet.  2. - Clearing, grubbing and, grading  portion   of   Sandel   Road,   Ward   2,   ap-  DEPARTMENT OF WORKS.  ��������� NOTICE   X.CT CONTRACTORS.  Old Court-House^ Vancouver.  Sealed'. Tenders,  superscribed  "Tender  for    Demolishing  -and    Removing    Old  Court-house,   Vancouver,"   will   be   received by the Hon.* the Minister of Pub-  hlic  Works   up. to   noon  of Monday, - the  7th  of July, .1913,  for demolishing and'  removal  of  the* old  Court������house,  Hastings and Cambie Street, Vancouver," the  exterior walls  of -the  main  building  to  be taken down'toi the level-of the foot  walk in front and twbsides of. the build-  ing.as far,as they extend andthen level  with' the grass; on the.back' portion, the  retaining walls, to be leftrln^place."   All  the: interior   to   be   cleared  but   to   the  ���������basement- floor.   .'All'-.'t'h'e material in.the  ���������building,, including  heating and  plumbing fixtures   to  be  the  property, of  the  contractor. ,  : Each proposal . must be, accompanied  by." an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit-on a chartered bank of  Canada/made payable to7 the Hon. the  Minister of Public Works, for the sum  of. five hundred dollars, (Which shall be  forfeited if the party tendering decline  to enter, into contrad. when .called upon  to do so, or if he fail to complete the  work.contracted for.  ,   The cheques or. certificates of deposit  of unsuccessful tenderers'will be return  ed   to   them ^ipon   the  execution  of  the  contract. ,  ... .Tenders will not be considered unless  ,made out'on the forms supplied, "signed  with t'he actual ,signature of-the tender-  ��������� er.'.and enclosed in the envelopes furnished;: the > lowest or any tender not  necessarily accepted.  J. E. GBIFFITH,  Public   Works   Engineer.  Department of Public Works,  :    Victoria,  B.C.,  June 23rd,-1913.  MACHINERY DEALERS  CONCRETE MIXERS. STEEL CARS, TRANSMISSION AND  ; CONVEYING MACHINERY.; ROCK CRUSHERS, MIN-;  ING MACHINERY. FOUNDRY EQUIPMENTS.  PUMPING MACHINERY. - ROAD MACHIN-. .  ERY. ETC., ETC.  Phone Seymour 9040 Offices:-606-607 Bank ot Ottawa Bldg.   Warehonse; 1059 Hamilton street. "  Malthoid Roofing     Cronolite Roofing  P. & B. Building Paper  Paints,       . Oils, Varnishes  Phone Seymour  612     HENRY DARLING 28 Pow.ll St.  fi  COLIN F. JACKSON & CO.  Wire, Rope for Crane Work  Rails and Dump Cars    N.E. END  CAMBIE  ST. BBIDGE  PHONE SEYMOUB 600  SEWER PIPE  We are the sole Manufacturers  of Machine-Made Glazed Cement  Sewer Pipe in British Columbia.  DOMINION GLAZED CEMENT PIPE CO., LTD  ' - Offlc:   Dominion     Bid*..   Vancouver.  B. O.     Phone, .Sey. 8283-      "  SCREENS SCREENS  COODER CANADIAN RUSTPROOF SCREEN CO.  Screens for Residences, Apartments, Hotels, Restaurants.  Made to Order.  Made to Fit.  Last as. long as the house,  ook-as good as the house.  Made la Vanoouver.   Factory   ana   Office:  Eighth Ave. and G-en Drive  Fir^Proof!     Damp^Proof!     Vern#Proof!  ? ^JPGPif10!! 1WTEBHOCKIWG   BX.OCX'  ���������    ..    m. i~    **_? Ma*������ Your New Home All-of These  Cost. . loss  than Brieic V$������,*2St X.e��������� Than Frame  FAR WEST CLAY COMPANY  W.-T. ������ouW,������So^5feRnt ������T Pt������������? T211I!' PAB������������0������ T"EVBTa  :  -���������         ^05 Jbondon Bldg*.  EMPIRE jHARPWOOD  FLOOR CO.  Sey. 9188     and floor 634 Dunsmuir St.  ..    ,    ...������   pornon   ot   sandel   Koad,   w  Abbott .st,  Vancouver,  will receive ten- j proximately  1500  lineal  feet  ders until July 1 for cleaning and grad- |     3.    pifinrlnp-   wiflonini <>*.*  CAMPBELL BROS.  CONTRACTORS  FOR EXCAVATING MID TEAMING  Highland  463 1623  IdsmarK  ACME PLUMBING & H'TG, CO.  131 10th Ave E. Fair, 537.  MURRAY BROS.  PIDMEINO AND  HEATINQ  721 Main St. .    Fhone Sey. 8614  EDWARD TIMMONS  SLATER & ROOF TILER  838���������7th Ave. W.    Fhone Fair. 12571..  WE-BUILD ANYTHING  From a Bungalow  To a Skyscraper  EXPERT BUILDERS & FINANCIERS, LTD.  Sey. 7381.........    ...820-31 Bogers Bldg.  ders until July 1 for cleaning and grad  ing-property near Edmonds fronting on  N'ew Westminster road, containing 6.64  acres.  Tfindprs are invited for supplying.fuel  oil to the Board, of School Trustees for  Lthe period of one year from August 1st,  ���������1933. to August 1st, 1914.  Particulars to tie had-from the secre-  tarj',   Gerald Upton.  OTTTSIPE  B1TI1DING   TEBDEBS  THE BURNSIDE .. .,  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-39 Granville iStreet  Telephone Seymour, 3704  EDW. L ARMSTRONG  Sheet Metal- Contractoi  CORNICE       ROOFING       SKYLIGHTS  .rWarhirAlr Heating a Specialty'  Phono Bay. 296 1540 6th Ave. VT.  Kohfman.& Clark  BUILDING MOVEBS  I Bes. 1033 Eowe St.  Sby. 3292  Sheet Metal Workers  1.00 r. '" T,"Vs. Curaiw, Rtoflit larmv,  ':>82 Seynioi^ St.     Phone Sey. 4458  Heating", Calg-ary���������\Vs H. Ch'appell,  sec-treas., is receiving proposals until  S p.m. June 30 for heating and plumbing in the new Bollevue school.  , Apmt., Victoria���������Archt. Jesse M. Warren, of the Central Bldg., Victoria, will  receive tenders 011 June 16 for the first  2 storeys and basement,of a 3-store.v  -tptirtmcnl house for Mr. F. Patrick and  Jtrs. B. Post, to be erected at Cook and  Sutlej Sts. The ground lloor will contain two stores, the remainder being  devoted to the 16 suites or apartments���������  three and four rooms to each suite. The  whole bldg..'will cost about $23,000,  while the present cohtract will run to  approximately $16,000. The front.of the  bldg. will be faced with a brick veneer;  steam heat, will be used.  School, Burnaby���������The school board  has decided to invite general contract  tenders for erecting a new manual training school, in Vancouver Heights, to  close June 26. Bldg. will be of fr. and  cost about. $3,000. Plans -a'nd specif,  from Archt. J. H. Bowman, Crown, bldg,,  Vancouver.  Tenders for the erection of a modern  S-room school bldg. for Burnaby to cost  about\ $60,000, from plans by Archt.  Bowman, will be invited In about two  weeks. ' ���������  Warehouse, Victoria���������The B.C. Granitoid Co., Exchange bldg., who have been  awarded the contract to' erect a 2-sto  reinf cone warehouse in Victoria for  the Swift Canadian. Co., want figures  covering  the  following sub-contracts.  Plastering, plumbing, heating, sheet-  metal work, electrical work, painting,  cut stone and mill-work. Plans and  specif, 'at the contrs. offices.  Theatre, Victoria ���������Archt.    Jesse    M.  Wnrren   Is  prerarlns  plans  for  a  new  3. Clearing, widening and re-grading  that portion of the Mud Bay Road'south  of the McLennan Road and known as  "the Woodward Hill."  Waterworks, Victoria.���������Water Commissioner C. H. Rust will' receive proposals until noon, July 15,-for laying  pipe, and until noon, June 25,- for a  supply'of materials required in connec- I  tion with the construction of the Sooke |  jwate*7Supply-^works _ ^^^y^s^yi  The pipe proposals embrace the construction of about il 1-2, miles of reinforced concrete pipe and appurtenances  (gravity conduit) from specif, prepapred  by Wynn Meredith, consulting engineer;  specif, to be obtained from' the Sooke  Water Supply office, 1414 Douglas St.,  Victoria.  The materials wanted under separate  tender embrace from 500 to 900 tons of  20-lb,   to  the  yard  rail,  plate-and  bolts  CltVyOF VICTORIA7 B. c.  TENDERS   FOB  SEWEB PLANT  Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 4 p.m. on Monday,  June 30th, 1913, for: the following plant  and equipment:  5 Hammer Drills for tunneling.  2 Dump Cars.  2  Automatic  Concrete-Hoists.  2  3-phase 220-volt Induction  Motors.  3-phase 20 h.p. Induction Motor.  2   Ventilating   Fans    (exhaust)    complete.  1000 ft.  8"  G.  I.  Ventilating Conduit  Pipe.  4 50-ft. lengths Canvas Tubing.  1500 ft." 2" B. I. Pipe.  j     3000  ft.   12-lb.  Rails with  fish  plates  and spikes.  ���������'Plans'and specifications may be seen  ! at.* the office of the Purchasing Agent to  ^whomsall=tenders=-mustibeiaddressediahcl  marked on outside of envelope "Tenders  for Sewer Plant." Each tender must b'e  accompanied by a marked cheque, made  payable to the Corporation of the City  of Victoria, for 5 per cent, of the amount  of the tender. The lowest or any tender  not necessarily accepted.  W. GAIT,  City Purchasing'Agent.  Victoria, B.C., Jiine 14 th, 1913.  ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS  644 Howe St. Phones:   Sey. 1338," 7951  E. G. PRIOR & CO,  Tor Logging, Crane and All; Purposes  Manufactured by Wm. Cook & Co., Sheffield, England.  Phbne Sey. 386. 869 Beatty St.  WrjTSiVllTH~& SON  Heating Engineers  Steam, Hot Water Ss.Vncunm Systems  Fhone Fair. 374-B     '809-10thrAve. E.  GLOBE IRON WORKS  MANXJFACTUREBS   OF  Oil Burning Machinery  Plants Installed and Repaired  1815 PANDORA ST., cor. Salsbury  Fhone High. 496 ���������      Vanoouver. B. C,  . NOTICE  INSPECTION OF tfAS PIPING  Architects, Builders and Owners are  notified that all gas piping must be  tested before Walls are closed in. Oth  erwise this company will not. he re-  I sponsible for supplying- gas  for the  building.  Information  and  estimates re  gas  piping furnished without charge.  pCOlie GAS COMPANY  New Business Dept.    Phone Sey. 5000  and spikes, according to. the specif, ot  the Amerlcnn Society for testing materials, f. o. b. Sooke Harbor.  The estimate cost of the'materials for  which tenders will be called is between  $400,000 and $500,000 for the concrete  pipe and between "$300,000 and $400,000  for the steel pipe. ������The concrete pipe  will be used for what is known as the  flow line, which will connect Sooke Lake  with' the proposed reservoir at Humpback, and between the latter-work and j  the city the steel pipe will be" used for  the pressure line. ' rr _  Clearoing-,   Pt.   Greiy���������The   council' 'fs '  prepared to receive tenders 'up to M>n.~-  day, June 30, 1913, at 5 p.m., for the l'ol-  nv'lng:  ' Clearing  lane   through   lots   1, and   2.  blk 39,   DL  139.  ('���������tearing north  33  ft of 22nd   avsnu;  through blk 39, DL 139. . .7 ��������� ,       -..  1 Specifications and further information  may be obtained from the municipal engineer.  Tenders must be accompanied by a  I (!������������������ posit of 5 per cent, of the amount  ' tc-i'ilered. ' -.  Poles, etc, Victoria^���������City Purchasing  Agent Gait, of Victoria,-, will receive  proposals until 3 p.m. July 7, for furnishing a supply of cedar poles, magnetite arc cable and magnetite arc installations. Plans and specif at Mr.'Gait's  cfllce  In  Victoiia.  BOLPUC OIL BURNING COMPANY  Crude Oil1 Burning Plants Installed  Economical   Automatic   Regulation  Oil   Burning   Machinery  and   Supplies.  We Guarantee 33 1-<Tper cent, saving-on  any  plants overhauled  by us.  i See us Before You  Let Your Contact.  Phone Sey. 4316  Vancouver, B. C.  Suite 535, Bogers Building  470 Granville St.  .BB    ������������������  ������������������.������������������������������������    ������������������.   ������������������  Issued Without Any Delay   ������������������    ������������������    urn  CASUALTY and FIRE INSURANCE  Seymour 4911       ; SEELEY, & CO.        ,      1205 Dominion Bldff.  CONTRACTORS POWDER SUPPLY CO.  EVERY KIND OF  ��������� ^^^0J^MS:.A7..  LOW FREEZING STUMPING POWDER  '���������    HEAD OFFICE '���������..���������',:  310 Richards St.  Daily deliveries \ Vancouver, B. C.  to city excavation jobs Phone Sey. 4105  ALLTREE & CHURCHLAND  Electrical Contractors  'Phone,  Seymour 8707  97S Granville Streot  CARPENTERS  Contractors, Builders and  Others Requiring Carpenters  RING SEYMOUR 1380  No Office Fee   Competent Help  FURNISHED  nffi^r*Wttfc?������������������-*'3r_i.������r:r:r-r;".---..:-.  P?:s;ft������;>rls^-rrn!;^^


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