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Daily Building Record Sep 3, 1912

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 trjts^^jS^i^'S.-^zsx-^'^i^sxxxaiixiautrc^.-^. *... I?***^  l^i-l-gETT^'^--^  "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^  ^^SjSikpAM^Zoi^  i^statt*iggBBSggyg!Eff^5{^ 'A  Devoted to the  ontracting, Engineering, Irrigation and General Improvement News.  ���������*���������- Contractors, Engineers, Materia? Dealers and others interested in the building trade of the N.W.  Record   Publishing   Co.,   Vancouver,  Publishers.  //  ~iimiiii..niiini   m  ���������  Covering British Columbia.  Vol. 3, No. 73, Tuesday, Sept. 3, 1912.  ���������Wm. Mm O'Neil Company, Ltd.  PRIVATE EXCHANGE,  SEYMOUR 4795.' 548, 550 SEYMOUR STREET  HERRINGBONE LATH  WALL BOARD  DUPLEX JIANGKKS AND CAPS  IIVDROLITE (for Waterproofing)  jENOKELT  MANTELS  GRATES  mi i   no    '<  FIRN PLACE FURNISHINGS ���������  ART CJJjASS  Estimates cli cor frilly furnished on Tile, JMai'File, Terrazzo, Terra Colin, StructuralI  Sli'ol Brick, llarthvood Trim, etc., etc.  man-*  PLASTIC FLOORING  V/ATSONfTE FLOORING  301 Pacific Bldg.,   S<������y.8l4<4  TROY ROOFING CO  Tar and Gravel Roofing  i .Water   Proofing  Roof Repairing  AH Work Ctuaraiiteed  Fhone Seymour 7417.  814 Metropolitan > BldCj. .  ULLIVANTS'- THE BEST  WE HAVE SPECIAL CRANE HOPES POR CONTBACTOBS.'  THE ANGLO-BRITBSH COLUMBIAN AGENCY. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 3425 Sole Agents 318 Homer Street  complete stock    RANSOME CONCRETE MIXERS  RANSOME   Hoist Buckets, Receiving Bins and Run Carts  RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, i LIMITED  Phone Seymour 9162, Private Exchange. Office   and  Bankers,   Granville   Street  Bridge.  Our Office Issues Your Liability, Accident and Health Insurance  Mao adjusts losses without delay or referring to any remote Head  >ffice  British American Trust Company, Limited.  Insurance Department  larter-Cotton Bldg-.  Phone  Soymour 7620  (/ANCOUVER, B.   C.  ���������������  Glass [Importers and Manufacturers.  B. C. Manufacturers of Hester store front  construction.  Phones   7385-6  .1000 Homer St.  Canadian Pacific Lumber Co. Limited  The attention of Architects, Contractors and Builders is called  Jo the NEW ERA REVERSIBLE WINDOWS, which we, a'reJnow. manufacturers'of.' Call at our factory and see them and learn of their many  Advantages over any other windows made.  Factory:    Foot of Salsbury  Drive,  branch  Factory at  1613 Third  Avenue  West, Fairview. Vancouver;*^.  C,  SEYMOUB 4961 j! Y  The  follow ins  is   the   report  of  S.   X.  .Inrretl,    Vancouver    building    inspector  for eight months ending Saturday, August 31:  lien-airs  and  Alterations  ....    f    $    2,000  Dwelling houses  220  Apmt-*. -and  ring, houses   18  Factories and warehouses.... 20  Olllces and store bldgs  .IS      1.16.:i00  Total So. permits Aug. 1012.... 293  Value of buildings A us.  1<)12.$     Oll.ilTO  Total Xo. permits Auk. 1!>11.... ' 290  Value of buildings Aug.  1911..     1,125,91s  Total  Xo. permits  i'or  S  raos.,  1912    ..' ..... 2,357  Value of buildings for S  mos.,  HU2     11,151,702  Total Xo. permits  for S  mos.,  1911      J1,S22,702..  i     . i  Value of buildings for S mos., ���������  1!>I1     1.S50  The following* material is mentioned  to be used in the structures called lui  in the penults above, whose numbers  correspond to those preceding* the following*  items.  2:133���������SO.OOO br., 800 yds. pi., 10 bbls cmt.  3SS,1 20   VANCOUVER  BUILDING  PERMITS  17(i.:;00       Only  Permits  amounting* to less than  22S,3.jO  ,$1000 will be "found under this head.  1.10.:  2330���������XV Taylor; raise res.;  17S1 10th  Ave.  10.;  owner;  $100.  2331��������� .1. Mitchell; 1.sto. fr. res.; 3104  27th Ave  K.; G. XV. JlcFarlund;  $900.  2332���������Vancouver Lumber Co.; fr. garage; Camblo St." Bridge; owners;  $300.  Willi LET CONTBACT POR PINE  j SHAU&HNESSY HEIGHTS HOME  ^ Archt. G.  T.  Howie,  20C-7  Bank of Ot-  .' lawa,   will   let  .1  genl.   contr.   today   for  the erection  of a fine  home on  Sliaugh-  iiivsy   Heights   for   XV.   B.   Cooke.     The  dwelling  will   bo  of   frame   con--t.   on   a  concr.    foundation,    containing   S    rooms  with  hardwood Moors' and picked fir fin-j  B.>   Marcus     Priteca,      Empire .' '*���������'���������     T,*c exterior  will   be  finished  with;  bldg.,  Seattle,  has. returned  to  that city   '���������������''-'><? cedar boards.       ...   , ,",  j from   an   extensivo    tour   on  '.which   he'     Features of the bldg. are a hot water  gained  several  ideas  to  be   used  in  pre-   heating .-plant,  sleeping porches,  vacuum  Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd  2120 CEDAR ST.  Phone Bay. 646   Near Sixth W  BRITISH COLUMBIA  i     EAEDWOOD   FLOOR   CO.  Floor  Layers   and  "Designers        t  Sey. 6853���������Bay. 139R. 557 Gr������>nvUl������ Si'  C. Gardiner Johnson & Company  BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS.  MT. DIABLO CEMENT.  SAMSON PLASTER.  PLASTERBOARD.    '  SHERARDIZED METAL LATH AND CORNER BEAD,  TERRA COTTA, FACE.^BRICK, FIRE BRICK,  MALTHOID ROOFING,  PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES,  ARCHITECT FINISHING- PLANS j  FOB PANTAGES  THEATRE  '**->'   ���������"''���������  Archt.  Richards St.  J. FYFE SMITH & CO.  Phone Seymour 1196  EVERETT SASH & BOOR CO.  lanufaeturers  of all  kinds  of interior sanded finish and lumber and mould-  ingrs sash and do -rs,   cabinet   work,   etc.  DETAIL WORK  A    SPECIALTY. '...'..-  .Estimaigs furnished from plans and specifications.  411     .- 311 Worth West Trust Bldg*. G. A. Bell, MgT.  paring plans for Alex. Pantagcs' now  theater bldgs. in Western Canada. ' Mi*.  Prltee'a is now at work on tlie drawings  and no. time will be lost In finishing  them and later calling for.tenders. The  Vancouver bldg. is proposed to be of  steel and'concrete,. 10 sto. In height audi  designed to accommodate oflices. The  estimated  cost   is   $::75,000.  , Canadian Builders Supply Co., Ltd  Dealers In  ���������        SCREENED SAND AND GRAVEL  CRUSHED STONE, LIME, CEMENT ETC.  Offlce   .  1901   Georgia   St.  Sey.  7175  Bonkers  Sey.   4066  4063  cleaners, a-billiard" room, gas, generating!  plant, electric heaters, stone verandah  columns, plate glass, etc. The genl.  contr. also calls for grading and level!,  ing tho grounds, building cement walk",  fences  and  a garage.  Western Steam & Oil Plants Co. Ltd:  1010    DOMINION    TRUST    BLDG. Sey.  7C7G  MACHINE SHOP IN BASEMENT OP 109 POWELL ST.  Entrance in rear     ' Plione Sey 3732  Vancouver Marble & Tile Co., Ltd.  LARGE  STOCK  OF TILE  AND MARBLE ALWAYS ON  HAND AT  OUR WORKS, THEREBY  ASSURING   PROMPT  DELIVERY.  PHONE SEYMOUR  1518 848 BE AC ri AVE.  103 Winch Building Phone Seymour 187 - 5929  English KB & S " CONDOR " and  CALIFORNIA " GOLDEN GATE ���������"��������� CEMENT.  Partition Tile For All Building Purposes  REINFORCING and STRUCTURAL STEEL.  Lime, Plaster, Fire Brick, Tin Plate, Pig Iron Etc. .  COMPETITIVE   DRAWINGS  HELD POB EXHIBITION  Practically all of the competitive plans  SOUTH VANCOUVEB BLDG.     '���������. ' .submitted in the Victoria -STormai school  INSPECTOR MAKES REPORT   competition,  together with  Arclit.- XV.  C. ���������  ���������  ��������� j I*.   Gillain's   prize  winner,  are .still   held.  Two  hundred and-firty-thrce  building   by the minister of education.    They are'  permits   wore   issued   in   August   by   A. I on  exhibition  in  the .works  oflice of  the,  I?.   Young,   building   inspector   or   Soutli   addn.  to the .parliament bldgs.1, Victoria,'  Vancouver.    Tho   valuo   is '$3G2.3'10*   es-   "m1  may be  viewed  there  by  interested  labli.-*hi*.>g   ii��������� new   record,,   tlio   previous.' archts. ���������     <'  , high   figure  being  S'lL'O.OOO   in   March   of {    ." . ������������������ :   .this year.    Last November was  the first , CONTRACTORS NOTIFIED  TO  ''���������full   monHi" in' which   permits   were   re-1 OBSERVE  EIGHT-HOUR  DAY  'curded.,   The   figure   then   was   $l-ir.,-isr.. J . ���������X.EW    YVKSTMIXSTEH;���������Adkison     &  since, which time the volume or bus-iness ' l'1".  Vancr.  genl.  contrs.,  on  the .Royal'  has sloaillly increased.    T'ermlLs  for the- Columbian  hospital  job  here,   have  been  year   lo  date  total   2,070,   and   represent   instructed to observe the eight hour day  ii  value of $2,.IDS.',01. 011 all  work,   this decision  being reached  _^ 2 at'u Joint meeting of tlie city council and  INCORPORATED COMPANIES    ;. '    ho.-pltal   hoard.     The  contrs. 'claim   thatj  ,    , _  j they   did   not   know   that  an   eight   hour  The R. C. Gazette. Victoria,  announces ' *l*'>' ���������n* specified.    An extension of time  corporation of tlie following companies:   '���������*-��������� Kivcii until Wednesday next.,  i Acme Press, Limited; Capital Trust Com- '   I ny, Limited; Home Builders Investment  Company, Limited; Pacific Sales Association.  Limited;  Portland  Canal  Tunnels,  "APOLLO" GALVANIZED SHEETS  ���������   ���������     .AND ."  - American Bessemer Black Sheets  Stock carried in a large range of sizes in Birmingham gauges  CORRUGATED GALVANIZED SHEETS  In S, 7, 8, 9 and 10 foot lengths  WILKINSON COMPANY LIMITED  846   BEACH  AVE.  Phono Sey. 7915  KOEHRING .CONCRETE. MIXERS-  ARE THE  BEST.    ASK THE OPINION OF THE  GO Satisfied   Users  In Vancouver  PRICES  ON  APPLICATION  'CANADA POUNDRYCO, LTD.  1065 Pender St. Phone Seymour 571f  I >  PERSONAL   SURETY   NOT  CONSIDERED   SATISFACTORY  The city .council of Calgary lias or-  Uimited (non-personal liability);- Soolco dored that henceforth all applicants for  Harbor Water Company, Limited: Stoltze city contracts must supply bonds from  Manufacturing' Company. Limited: - Uni-' Simrantee companies. An effort was  ver-al Metal Flumo company. Limited, i made to secure exceptions in the case  Licenses as extra-provincial companies' of small contractors, but it wks pointed <  have been  issued  to Acme Glove. AVorks, ; out that pergonal .security is not always  .        "USE   BLACKWELL'S  LINES"  E.  G.  BLACKWELL Builders' and Contractors' Supplies,  ion AT.-p-R-A-wnv-B. <--p-iTT"r ���������   Metal Lath. Metal Ceiling's.  j.ob AiiiXAnuhB hiKBiX Corner Bead. Tool and Drill Steel.  Vancouver, B. C. Williamette Donkey EngrineH.  Phono Seymour 1733. Blaisdell Vacuum Cleaners.  See me about Ready ROOTING. I have the Beat in tho market.  Y MAP AND WHITE PRINT GO.  BAPT2NO   TRACING   MAPS  [BRimiAKT BLUE  PRINTS  Phone:    Seymour .6693 -. '  432   Cordova  Street  Wait  Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's  SYSTEM OF STATIONARY PLANTS  j 791 Or an ville St.  Phono Seymour 1487  Vancouver, B. C.  ! Sole  Agents  THE DUNTLEY STORE  Limited: Canada Fine Art Company. Limited;   Fitting-s,  Limited.     Tlio   Rochester  Stamping Co.mpany has secured regntra  toin as an extra-provincial company.  satisfactory.  Dominion Pressed Brick  1415  915  Main St.  WDL BUILD   ON  MAIN   ST.  The Palmer Land & Investment Co. will  build a $10,000 warehouse on Main St.  adjoining Fal--e Creek. Plans were prepared by A. F. Hardy.  BOARD OP "WORKS REPORT  SOUTH VANCOUVER.���������The report of  the board of works and engineering dept.  for August shows tlie clearing, grading  and rocking of seven miles of .streets  and the construction of a number of  small  bridges  and  culverts.  ���������WILI,   ERECT   BUNGALOW  J. R. Springfield, municipal clerk, of  South Vancouver, is building a small  bungalow'for him'-elf at. South Hill.  WORXING   ON   PLANS  Work i.s progressing on the plan.s for  the proposed 10 slo. Yorkshire Guarantee it Securities Corporation bldg., on  Seymour St. It is hoped to be ready  for   tenders  early  In  October.  Gilley Bros.? Ltd.  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK, SAND AND GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  Phones 15 8c 16  New Westminster, B. C.  Electric Hoists,  Gasoline Hoists  And Elevators  In Ail Sizes  365  Water Street  Phone  Sey. 3237  4 \  ���������\-  tolTISH COLUMBIA  DAILY BUILDING RECORD.  OAXLY   BUILDING   EECOKi).  Publishefl Daily Except Sundays  i^SUBCORD PUBLISHING COMPANY  -Address:  583  Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 431  Dunsmuir Street  Telephone Seymour 7808"  "Subscription Price       -       $1.00 a month  Payable in  Advance  *M������������������������������������wm^amMwwwwniiwi������iiniiwnw,���������^o������������������  .     BUILDING,, PERMITS.  Permits for the various municipalities  "Will appear under this head on the following days:  Morulas*���������Victoria.  Tuesday���������Soutli Vancouver, Victoria,  New Westminster,  Wednesday���������North Vancouver, Point  ���������Grey, Victoria.  Thursday���������South , Vancouver, Shaugh-  ������essey Heights,  Victoria,  ^STon will. save two dollars Jby paying*  % year In advance for the Record, besides Slaving* considerable time and "the  tumoyance of paying a small bill each  ���������month. Sixtsen and two-thirds per cent  *������ pretty -rood interest on your monoy,  iBla't it? worth saving*! The price for  One year paid in advance is ton dollars.  99  LB      B  B      9  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  LLDOG " Wire Rope   ' WHITE'S Cement  CONTRACT BONDS Promptly Issued by NATIONAL SURETY COMPANY*)  OP NEW YORK.  "$anta Cruz"   BLUE CROSS Cement.  CONTRACT AWARDED  TOR    ���������  X NELSON FXRE HALL BLDG  is'ELSON.���������A genl. contr. luus been let  to John Burns & .Son for the erection of  a fire hall bklg. at a cost of $17,1173.  Other tenders were submitted.by .1. Dan-.  'cey, ?18,974 and "Water.s Xz Pasco, $19,300.  Concrete foundation and brick superstructure. Automatic fire apparatus will  be installed at a'cost of 51,700.  British Columbia Produces  The Best Lime In  All North America  99.5.;% PURE.  201    Carter-Cotton    Bldg.  Pacific Lime Company, Limited.  ���������(..'��������� VANCOUVER,  B.  C.  ��������� Phone   Sey.   9506  Plans for Buildings in this Table are in the Hnnds of (.lie Architects, vand %l.he   Date    Given1   for    their  Completion is Approximate only.' When the Contract is Let. Name of Contractor is Given in Last Column.  Character. .  .Estimated   Cost' Location".  fcOSTRACT LET FOR POST  OPPICE BLDG.  AT MONTREAL  OTTAWA���������The  Dominion   government  '   -'has awarded  a seal  contr to  Peter Ly-  all Const.  Co,  for tlie  erection  at Montreal   of   a   postoffice   bids   to   cost   $1,-  000.000.  Contracts have been let for 14 loco-  "motlves for the International railway,  "five to be supplied by the .Montreal Lo-  'comotive Works and nine by the Canadian Locomotive Co, Kingston.  W. McCartney has the contract for the  'srection of the Tete du-Pont military  ^barracks at Kingston. Contract price  I17.O00.  3 sto  brk sto Sz rms $l.r>,000  Sisters, of Good Shepherd        75,000  8  bto  cone  uliice $200,000  3-sto   apt   h.-e            Ci',000  a  sto   brk Xz cone  offices Jl'10,000  Brick   church    ?1 ".'.SOO  4-ato   brk   add   to   hospital         80,000  G-sto   brk  oltice  bldg ���������..     200,000  Club   bidf?          2:1(1.000.  G   sto.   oflices      S-hto   hotel   add   U-sto brk apmt   S sto cone club bldg. .  3-sto brk apmt hse   4-roorn  add      Brk and stone church.  Prov.   Girls'   Home..   $50,000   /.....     150,000           10,000   $350,000           35,000    25,000  150.000  100,000  RESIDENCE  CONTRACT  Aroht H. S. Griffiths, Dominion Trust  "TaWg, Vancouver, and 1006 Govt, st, Victoria, has let a genl contr to J. S. Hick-  ^ford, Victoria, for a residence to cost  $S0O0.    H. W. E. Cameron Is the owner.  WAGES INCREASED.  The B. C. Copper Co., Greenwood, has  Voluntarily increased the wages of all  its workmen 25cts per day. The com-  , I>any promises that w;ien copper reaches  IS cents per lb. that a further increase  Of  25 cents  will   be granted.  WILL   BUILD   BLOCK  "Pert Mann���������C. F. Jliller of Port Jlann  is contemplating the early erection of a  small business bloc'*: to be of brick eon-  -struction.  ADDITION   TO   RESERVOIR  Xew Westminster���������The city council  ha*? let a genl contr to the Columbian  Concrete Co for an addn to the Sapper-  ton reservoir at a cost of .$2079.  Grand  C. P. R. BUILDINGS  Porks���������The    Canadian    Pacific  factory  bldg.  &  plant $250,000  Brick   Church    ^ $35,000  3-sto, 80x90, apmt         75,000  5-sto br & mill  constr,  hotel     So,000  Police Headquarters       175,000  3 sto bank Sz offices  * 150,000  10 sto .steel & concr offices    500 000  10   sto   store 2,000,000  Women's  Club          150,000.  Brk or cone school         50.000  Power plant       696,000  University bldgs          5^0,000  Steel   bridge       150,000  Hippodrome   > $500,000  Stone church  ';. $25,000  Convent     $100,000  10 .sto.  theatre & offices $375 000  10-sto   ofc   bldg    1,000,000  7-sto  cone  bldg *       225.000  Cold   storage   plant $05,000  Br.   hotel    $40,000  6-sto   brk   whse         75,000  Bridge     2.100,000  I-sto  store & lofts...         "-S.OOO  10 sto office bldg : $350,000  15  sto office bldg $550,000  4 sto.  concr.  apmts $75,000  S-sto  brk  oflice  bldg   3-sto   apmts      5-sto   hotel   bldg   4-sto brk apmts   2-sto  fr apmts   3-sto brk-stone res   10-sto brk apmt hse   S-sto   office   bldg   6-sto   whse   bldg   ���������i-sto store & rooms   6-sto, cone  add   S-sto  steel   & brk  offlce  bldg..  Stone church   Kihk  house      I to 10-sto cone stores Sz rooms  Brk  and stone church   3ts."  '.'..  Owner  S.  Tiimuni  Powell  Sz. Dunlevy  Point  Grey .......: :.........  Hastings Sz Hornby;..- . '..IS. .A.Morris  Kitsilano   ...........::...........:..T.   H,  Calhmd  New Westminster...... West. Trust Co.  Quesnel :>............   Anglican  .Nelson.  B. Ci. . Kootonay. Lake  Hospital  New Westminster..........Peoples Trust Co.  Hastings   and   Hornby. . Vancouver "Club  Hastings  St.  IS.  .......: Mrs.  C.  Dawson  Hastings ,aml  Main ::L. L,.   .Mills  Hastings' st   IS  :........:.   Georgia .& Burrard -sts... .'.   Y. M.--C.  A.  Broadway W...........:.. ...........:...:........;...   Central scliool  ..--.- .School  Board  Victoria  .. . .1st   Baptist   Cchurch  Govt.  .............................. Hastings Townsi te  Coquitlam ..Call   Switch   Co.  Cedar Cottage ...........;.. Presbyterians.  Victoria. ............Lindsay & Roberts  Hastings bet Jackson & Carl Henry'Pope  City of Vancouver Powell si  Hastings' & Carrall..:::...Merchants Bank  Seymour Street,.... Yorkshire Guar.' Corp.  Georgia & Granville........Hudson Bay Co.  Thurlow  St-''.'... .������ .Women's  Clubs  Nanaimo .'...'.".. .School  Trustees  Kamioops   ...  City  Point Grey    .-..............province  Georgia-Harris  st   ................ .City  Gran. & Pac...Brit-Can. Amusement Co.  Victoria .:.......v. ..................  St.-Barnabas  Haro St.   -Church  of Holy Rosary  Undecided  ..:... ..;.. Alex. Pantages  Howe & Dunsmuir....Can.  Home Inv.  Co.  Howe st/. .'.. ..- B. C.  Bible Society  Ricliards &lPacific���������..Brit'.-Can. Securities  Coquitlam  Frank Pylc  '.'. ........................;...-City  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun: Co.  Pender, nr Columbia. .Story & Campbell  Hastings  Xz Abbott..... ...A.   Grossman  Richards   Sz   Hastings..?.lnv.   Guar.   Corp.  West End .....:/...���������........:.............L. R. Laurie  Blk 12,  Hast.  St. .McDougal  ii Cameron  No.   Vancouver... . .... .Stevenson   Bros.  Powell  and Heatley st...-.... .-..-.. -.-....  Alberni st......... -.--..-. ... .McNeil  Bros.  50S-18 Semlin Drive.... ..Savainar Bros.  Shaughnessy Hts ......���������........'.......    ..... . .'-. . . .Dr.   Robt. " Telford  -.. ....Dom.   Tru.st   Co.  Architect  . .Flans Ready  110.000  55,000  60,000  75,000  22,000  20,000  .150,000  230,000  -Victoria.  36,000 Water st, ......:..:.- .-:........:..:   50,000.Seymour,  near  Dunsmuir,.. .D:   Campbell  60,000 Victoria  . . ...... ... .. .". ....... .S. Jones  85,000-200 ..blk,   Hastings   E.. .... ..........   50,O00.Shaiighnessy  Hts" i ". ..'. . .Methodists  21,000Powell and  Hawkes.1".. . . .Chas*.  Putnam'  100.000 Homer & Georgia Sts-.,....... E. Mahon  100,000Carl and Pender. ...Church of St James  Townsend Sz ,Towii.sond .Now  W'allingum   Sz   \\ lieatiov. Bids   clo-ed  Thb.->'.   Hooper....... ....Bids   closed  XV.   P. .Gardiner.. .........Bids   Clo-jei:  Gardiner A  .Mercer .'.Bids  Cio.'.e..  Twizell  i<c Twizull     i������,id, CiO^ed  Compelitno   plan      Gardiner   &   -Mercer Now  Sharp   i'i   Thompson    Nov.  .1.   Daw-on   Now  F. .Al. Bender .". '  .lone-i  &   Beatson   II.  S.  Griffiths '...'..  Horel  it   Roberts July  1  N.   A.   Leech j\,j \  J.  M.  Warren *uh  -\. A. Cox  '  Owners       Not  ehc-on   ....'. '. .'.   Robt. Knipe '."'.".  F.  H.   Perkins     Aug.   2S  W. A.  Doctor ."....'.  Sept.  10  Somervell  & Putnam Sept.   10  Somer\ell  & Putnam Oct.   15  Burke, Horwood & White  Sept. U  Not  chosen      Not chosen   Dutcher & Maxwell   Not  chosen      Not  chosen      B. M. Priteca, Seattle   M.  de  U. Duval  i  Jones ������t Beatson     J.  J.  Donnellan   * "  Not.  chosen ,.   C. Pi Jones    '  Not .chosen   Not  chosen    "  Not   Chosen    .........  John  Wolfe-Barry Now being drawn  AV.  T,  Whiteway '...Jan.,   1913.  Russell,   Babcock Sz Rice Ian.   1313.  Russell,   Babcock &  Mice Ian.  181,1.  Jones   Sz   Beatson Delayed  VanSielen <������- Macomber   Delaved  Townsend Xz Townsend  Delaved  M. D. Campbell Delaved  Townsend   Sz   Townsend Delayed  Townsend   &   Townsend Delaved  XV. F. Goodfellow ". .Delaved  W.    M.   Dodd Delaved  11.   S.   Griffith : Indefinite  II.  B.   Watson   Indefinite  Hugh   Braunton   Indefinite  Thos.   Hooper   : Indefinite  I'arr,  McKenzie Xz  Day Indefinite  G.   A.   Tlorel Indefinite  M.  D. Campbell   Indefinite  AV.   V.   Gardiner -.Indefinite  Alexander Sz Brown Waiting fund .  Producers Rock & Gravel Co., Ltd.  ���������7 t1  Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAY.       ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD.  OFFICE AND BUNKERS FRONT AND MANITOBA STS.  Head  Office  and   Bunkers:  Store St., foot of Chatham  Phone 305 Victoria.  B, C.  Vancouver Office and. Bunkers:  Front  and  Manitoba  Sttf.  Phone  Fairmont 552.  Telephone 1045  1318 Wharf Street  CANADA IVSOSA8C TILE CO.  Manufacturers Of " '  ''ArgiiSa" Rflosaic Flooring Tiles  P. O. Box 1171  VICTOBIA, B: O.  1118 Ortinville  St.  Vancouver  " N.-'A-zG.--"-'- Roof Compositions  For Waterproof ing Or Fireproof ing  1326 Wharf St.  Victoria  MIWIiMiiMSlM^^  PERFECTLY VENTILATED  2IO RICCi^^ELMANBLDC VAJMCOCfVERrnioie^To  -9-  Less Space Required  For Beds  PERfECTGONCEALED'BEi:  Display Room, 570 Granville St., \  VANCOUVER, B. C.  ���������*i������������  CO.  Fhone: Sey. 5092  Afru, H 8 'i fcfcTi b kAL 'ii HhRA C011A  PRODUCT OF  THE NEW YORK ARCHITECTURAL TERRA COTTA CO.  Supreme For Quality  REPRESENTATIVE FOR B. C.  E.G. CULLEN  418  Pacific   Bldg.        Vancouver,  B. C. Phone Seymour 5021,  WILKBNSON COMPANY  LIMITED.  846 BEACH AVE. 'v-' PHONE:     SEY. 7915 I  CARNEGIE STEEL BARS PLATES, ETC,  REINFORCING STEEL FROM STOCK &,IMPORT  Efiixers  Concrete Carts Concrete Wheelbarrows  Concrete Skip Hoists For Steei and Wood Guides  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO.  Phone:    Sey. 7155 Office:    508  Holden   Bldg.  Warehouse:   345 Water  St.  IS  i3rk.   it   concr.   church   , fi  .- to.   brk.   rmn   railway   has   appioprhilGd   ?IS0,000   for,   .l(.e:*ui-*n-*      ,       _   , ,    ,. ,i Br.   school   !jKli*s   local  Improvements,  including  a iiiiinbfi*    |  oLo   j3,    ^Lf)   ^  rm^  or "bldffs.    'n'. P. Tiornoy, Nelson, haa tlie    imnsiararion   hhl-,'  THE   TOJmImOXVING   TABLE   SHOV7S   B UX'C'DZK'GS   COSTIJSTG   S3000   OR   OVER,      ON     WHICH      CONSTRUCTION  UNDER   WAY,   OR   ON   WHICH   CONTRACTS   HAVE. BEEN   LET   BUT   CONSTRUCTION   NOT   YET   STARTED.  Character     Cost   Location   ......... ... .: :���������������������������������������������   Owner Architect   ..    Contractoi-  llo.spitnl          323,000   Burrard Sz Comox. .... Sisters of Charity K.   F.  Teyen ....Norton   GriHitiis   ?75,000   Victoria ���������5? Consrcgai.ional .lirej-eniaiiii   .t   l.iurl'pe. iT.   11.   IJi-own      *-.")(i.m)0   Peiulbr   near ..Abbott lofni ,..Walkor Kraiintiin   .*i   Leibert. :....'.K.   b. , haiif-er   $lf"- U"!l-J40 Ha * tings. W Cauaila l.iie * -*n-: i n^i* ������st. l-VHi\soii.....\la*.-doimld Xz Wil.-uii   ?ioo,ouo ��������� "*   "* ���������������������������    ���������      "'    '        "   *" -   -   - -   *.....  5.110,000    $3(10,000  excavating  contrs.  WILL SHIP C2-&IENT SOON  PRIXCF.TON.���������The railway ,-.pur lo the  "new plant of tlie P. C. Portland Cement  Co. has been completed and it is expected  that the company will ho producing by  tho fir-.t of the year.  WAXIIflHOUEE PliAITHED  EDGKWOOO.���������Plan-, are bciiif- (nm-  ���������pleted for a new 11 ��������� ���������'-*rli t war-'i-ni -e on  the Kilciewood wIiitI'. Siz- ,'!'i-:!(i an!  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SOO.000   Pundlodg-e liivor-. ..... .Canadian Colleries  1 'i I,lino   Stove-ton Dom.' Govt.  I 00.000   Victoria:  .T. N. Hibben' ,t Co.  1,000.000    Xorth    Vancouver Jus.   ,l*'eli  ���������.'5.000   Shauslinessy IIU ar'rs.  Dr.   Mackay  100,000    (i'eorsia &  1 lornliV Mr.  Iilvuus  , .?! II."(ci     ���������,']���������; cur Homer Xz Duns. . WJNon &- Harris  Sn inn.,    fla-.alns'.-*   st...... ..las.    Ijorl.md.  75 OOJ     rhi'i'.'ow  and   Albevni  Heivs^  .A>ilo  i *o.  i*J.iu 0    km:  dale ....No.   Vancouver Scliool  Hoard"  1ou.ik.i0   Tliiirlinv  and. 'Haro .T.   F'.   l.'aier-ion  3.1.ooo   .Seymour and Diuisiiinir. . . .-. . . . 11. Py'b'us  I'i". OHO    li*.'7    Itbh-on  ..Clia-.   G.   -Muller  .s-i.iiKii    ..lore ,>������������������' Hastine.-: l-loilpor  & Snidei:  H'O.imO    iia:.tiii;;s and Dunlevy;. Dr. T.   II.  Wilson  1011,01111    !'������������������ ���������liny--   on.)   .Mi'iln .....'. ..Mol-'Oii-i   Hank  100 a,,,i   ..*..||h,)(t & Pendrill ! T.   .Mathews  jno.'liiO    .���������-..-eicr i;  Gore. ........ ..Mrs.   W.  SaiU'onl  *,,s urn,     -jiy \ , ,- .'...'. ..School  l.loari!  100.00i'    niite   A   .Vol son. ...... .Lifjlilhoart    1-lros.  5.1 noil    -lore   am!   Pender.. kee    lice  ���������.'On n(iii    i'riueo Jtupert ...C. T.   I'.   Ik   It.  7.i.noii   Dane   and    1 l:i.iiiilloii....Otl---l'"eh   nine   i.'o.  3n ui.ii    ilarri- and .Main... :.-I>. -Mcl.'la ren  1" i'0'i   I'mvo'l  st. Mr.   SamniiiK-UI  . ..2i'i "���������' ' : Peach it-  Chilco   >;|.-- .\.   Ij.   Goldstein  "..I ueo i ! inn .miiir ,*i   lioatiy .-...C.   A. God ,on  t'O.mm ! Tippcniry   Piirk.   Xew   We dnilnster   lf.nnit-. ! .    I'i,iniii I **!irl������ iioi'ul ��������� Ii. C. Ik It.  :'.r,0.eiii. I ��������� '���������;ran> i! 1��������������� ������������������.si Gcoi-..-1'i . . 11    Hir'* ��������� Smu-j. I.t.l.  I ���������..'O.uii.i ; So.   Vim.....'..... So.   Van.  School   Hoard-   :..-.. :K. of IV   V.   CI.   Pen-era  I'oMlllllila    l|n-;p.  D. 1;-. l.k;(i.'!iiuso!i   : ' *ily   .Mrs., S.   Wood ������������������   C.  P.   Ik  . . . ..\.. C Mr-Veil  .l.st I're-h.vtcrian  ..Haley   i'i   Siiilun  : :...'.:.  -P.    H.  Ikipli   t  The Imperial Agencies Corporation  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND NOVELTIES  .Phone Sey. 6122        VANCOUVER,  B.C.  CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES j  409  Hastings St. W.  (Rear)  Lr,  '*$. RI2ZO  Contractor  Sewer  Connections a  Specialty.  .   Excavating*, Ziaiul Clearing*.  Phone Sey. 7532. 2?i Harris St.  i i-iiui j.n  '���������"*���������'"������������������ "���������""I"!"���������   ������������������".-���������������������������^  ���������11"*���������***  FIRE  asd r!i;r:GkAit pi;  Srirss  ���������      .See  OOF  E.  G. .PARNELE.  Ph  one: Hey.   15R4         SR7  Hamilton  st  ......$:'.0,nii0 ��������� \*ictoria  ���������.'���������."S.i ilia   tiiDV.s   ,<v   .laiviaoli  .....?-'���������"..oi������0 j ,   ev.    v\ c-tniiu -1������������������i-. I-.  (Pi.oiid I   ���������ui-dero & Conio.*.:. . .  .ri.".*i!!| ! 1 i.  I��������� ::oi    :    ��������������� i".Him  'Thuriow   S-   P-'iidor,   ���������l,0l'0,:iOn ! Granville,.1::  Cordova..  '    :i'.������,(i.'Mi : i lie   bk.   Curdiiva   !���������;... .  1 mt.iVoi I i.:i; ,n!ra   i*t   I'-irunard   -     :-;i, u'lii i !.'!,.i,:n-,l<- st -.    no.,'l"0 ; Cuiit.itlani.. :    ! S.nOii ; .So.    \'iini:ou\cr      - S.-i.n.-'!.'.  *���������  cvai'dcr   k(    S*.'*J,iHin   Pt.   ..\tl;in������nn   i  .-ui  brk  store fc mi? .' :...S'P'i.(i')ir y,,\veil nr. Gore   :: -un  vi::ni, X: frain;* re-* ;? IR.ooo ��������� Sliau^hne-*-- ev    I lc*i','lits...  :;    :-to   bl ���������!;   rme;   h.-e :....?:p'. 000 -Sow   Cli inn town:.....   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Hadgely. ..  . s.   ,j,   Di,n<l  h.-M; Itattenbury. .>Jlcl.)inia:d & Wilson  W. S; Painter. .......'. .Skene & Christie  Coni,:.uiy  . .Grant-Smith   *���������  Co.  Co\t.   l-:ns'iuoer...: ..T.   F.   Sinclair  .Thos. Hooper. .Sound Const. Sz  Kngr.  Co.  .-���������' .;......     Norton    Griffiths  \V.  A.   Doctor ���������. .. .; K-j-ilell   &' Dixon'  IS.  S.  .Mition  K.udell \<i  .Di.von  Daltdn  iC-   !r:voleis,'h '. .B;i.\ lies  &  Ilorie  I'ai-r,  .McKenzie iV:  May .;'... .U.   David,on  I.. -P.. G,a-dnii........l.ii,in. Const.  Siijiplv Co.  ���������ii.iniesoii ,<i iiiackadder.,!   F. 'Wright ',<;-, Co  ���������W.   I.i.   Van   Siclen Doin.   Cone.  Co.  II. I.. Steven-; &' Co..II. I.,. SCovetii- it Co.  y-'.  I). -\an Siidcii.: .l.lom. Const. Ci\, Ltd,  Thos.   Iloopcr Frantz  Const.    '-  L. I-;. Gordon . ,i; .... Dom. Con.st. Ci.t., Ltd.  IT.   li. Slovens Co. . .. . .11.   L. Stevens Co.  A.   .1. ..Hii-fl u.   Alc|,ean   it   Co.1  ilii^li    Hr.-iiniton K.   G.'.Alliin  X.   A.   1.each  ..McLain   &   Ci>;  iiwnoi* i  . . .    Owners  S.   P.   I.lirds '. c.   D.   Wil-innis  ��������� Vi.    I*:it.:iii*.s. . . . liriti-di   N.   A.   Const.   Co,  'I'ho-..    Hooper McDonald    .t  .Wil -oi;  Tnwnyi'iiil   it   Town-end 10.   .1.   Uvan  i.)wiior ...:.. !���������:,  j,   l:'v;u.  W. P. 'a'lilte.. Hooker,  Campbell   ,'i   Whipple  G.   P.   I!owle :.........: A.   .lo.-un-  Gardci-or ,t   Aicrcer      Adkin   on ,t  Dili  X*.   A'.   !.fci>li..C.-|!inil!.-iii   Poitii i'i-neri'lo lit.'  P.  C   I--'-   P ...MeP'inh-ii   ll-o . ���������'  Soiuorvoll   ,t   I'litnam: Xorton-Griilllhs !|  ,1.   I!',   liown.an  .Mi'Pbalo'i   Urn . c  Ilro.'i-niiinis  ,t   Diirl'iT Ander-on   iiros. ,!  I-'.   11".   1'i-i-i.ins. ........  Davis-.  S:,ndi-r- ,t  ���������'������������������  S.   I'..   Hirds  ; Vll.iii.si-n X. |iii   ���������  It.  Al.   Irlpp .'.    I**. .1.  Kelly ,t S������.i   :  X. A. I.eooh..Hooker. Canipbell it Whipple ;  W. P.   While :.s.   C.   Hri.-.,'o,   '���������  Cont ri....\\ c tiii,'ilioir-e, 'Church.'   Kerr  Co j  .1.   P.   Mai he.son. ,t,  .Sen....Dom.   Const.   (':,.. j  W.    It.    Wil,on I'nriil-t   I!!���������"���������-���������. i  llraiiiiton   it    l..icl,i-rt ...| ia\ i.s-Sander-:   Co.!  'Company....<.:'. ., S.   Gordon   ,t  Son I  .!.   P.   .Mai lie  on   ,t  Son M r,. Thomp- on j  Brown   ,t  Howie i Pr-iiii-ton  ,t   Liebert Ku'dell  it   l.dxcn I  ....Dom.   C,o> t. ! Govt...  Itiiitrko.   .McDonald   Sz   Moiicriefj  ....IC.  Tsiichida I W.   IM.   Dodd I.   .1.   Pranl/.  oCn  t   Co.'1  ..T.   GreenliowlG.   P.   Ilowi-'          W.   XV.   .lerrelt      Chine  e'| Sluart.   White   Sz   P Wood   ,t   Al.-Donald  1.   P.   lumbers j W.   P.   White lleoke'r,  Campbell  ,t   W.  ....Mr.    Craiii.-r. I Pii-s.-a*:!,   I'al.cocl-   Sz   Kice A.   William  Vancouver ll-tocffirag Co  Cor.tractorsJr or  far andGravel Roofing. Dan pproofln-j-  Expert Roofinar Hepairt'ns  31ieet Metal Worlc of all "OeEo-.-ii)tions  ���������"actory, 1921 Trhuuph St.   Soy. 4130"B  &1.-J.X a"H.m   ������L������tWiB D^7 -������JSo V^S  Vacuum Cleaner Plants. < Chuvoldj  Ledge and Scliool Purnitare. Theatef  and Opera Chairs. Mstal Iiookei'4  Ind   Oiflce   Fixture-!.     Wall   BurlitiiS|  -.-':.*.    ' Etc   ���������       ':���������:���������  .',:'.  Phone. Sey.-5476       532 Pen'tje'r St. XVS  ffl  . .:PertBinins  | tip0*.      To floors Of  !^':,i'i.'wooD    ���������  Zy '.'" ���������;.  'VANGOliyERfLOOR GO.  Kardwooci   "Floor   Layers   and   Finishers.  8thAvc.& GSsn DrEvc Phone Fairmont 16121  ��������� ���������::.;������������������ robt,- hamiltoW'.&xo.  HEATING. AND. VENTBLATENG FANS  '.    B-DSL������KSy.CONtRACTORS HOISTS  Cillco Suite C14-615-G16. -        B-nk of'Ottawa 3ui!diii!-*,  - 'B.C'Screfec-a --&.|V!anufacturiri-g;Co. L������dj  SUDUI& AMO CA^-HM-TeJT WJNDOW SCaEL'^S  C2*JU.'-JCK AI'-JO L03GE {������������������������JSSi3TU������E ."''...'..  STORE AND OFFiCE FITTINGS        '  2GG  Dniforin   Street   East Plione. Fairmont 1G43 VANCOXTVEIt,   S.   cl  SH'i.eO'i ; li-ili-lflth  ave  W .1. G.  Ciialmrr-i    P-.-r-ry .(,r .Vicolal-:     .'. SU'.eOMi ���������:-.���������:������������������:..pi .Oranvillo IT.   IC.  s-'ulinan    .1.   P.   A!all:e-on  ,t  Sen   i:$*.'!i.no'l . ������:;.*;   (iranvilic   Ki Ai'.rovil   X-.  GalP S.  13. ,1'inl.-* .'   |.   -Jfi.OOO    Fra-o.r a"o Smith   Hill   HapliMt- j I lore]    &    I'obert.-.. .!.  ..'GJ.OOfi   'Water   SI...   10. .1.  I {.van   Mniisto  S-nith  ,.C.   D.   Williams  . ..Day    labor   .Dr.   A.   'J:i.oi,'ip,soii : Sharp   .t   Tlioiiip:son.'...Konrko,   AlcDoiuiM  &   Alnncriel*.  ..T.J.   White -iilc-   TT.     A.     Iloilsror, .'.'.'. Owner  ...K.   A.   Wallacr f Praunlon   it   Leibert...... Allen   ,<i   Jones   I.   B.   John -nil    Ponlr.   ..: Alex   Piimlop   R.   T.   Itr.gcr     K.   Bryan '. I.   IT.   Vk*!<er.-      Chine r j Stuart, Whi te Sz'Peters.... Wood Sz AlcDon-  ... !!|_i'i ���������';'���������' S |V;;;;;i;';:''-:;i'''\v;"V3rr^ATi'.--ilVi'!''^'"^e'V'';;: ; k." w' -irouj-'iiton i. j. I'Vo'ic- pon. <",.   SiO.000 ��������� (���������--) sevpinur St ...I..). S. Sz I'). .1. Alol.aeh'an I !���������*.   .1.   Peter:-: ._, II.   AlcT,ean   S; Co.  .'....$10 OOil . Kanronps :     S-.������������������-������������������! Y-ir������ | G. .1!.  Kail l"niann..W. Can. Trust Co., A(,'f  ....?-JT.e00!i-!0  Slh-avo   I'I   ...S if,.iii-ii j -- i;*r-Tr.   Ha   tinprs   IS   ...SI'..-fin I 7:pl   l'ou-ell   si   .... -Iii.*!���������.���������!){ Mi-rninl   Xz   Kvoloisfh.  ...$ir.,n(l0 | Albert   St : .....  ���������11.50(1 ;  ].'.   It.   Hi-serve..  .Stewarl & Cromie   G. P.  Howie '.Adams Const. Co.  G. E. BRENNAN & CO.  Turnfoull Elevators & Lowerators  Contractor's Material Hoists in Stock.  319 Pender St.    Phone Sey. 6910.  CARPENTERS  Contractors,'Euiiders and  Others   Requiring   Carpenters  RING SEYMOUR 13SO  No Oilier Fee   Competent Klelp  FURNISHED  Dunham Vacuum  and  Vacuo-Vapor Seating  Systems  Ask   for  X>atest  Catalosrae   and  Partionlnrs.  157 Water  St. Phone:  Sey.  5632,  ' . ALL Kfi.KBS OF  A%   K*-*****4  S     14   frf  WholesaEe aa^d Retail  m*?i  ; : The'" UQRtractois'  Phone Sey.:4iG5'  Powder|Siippfy  yi  .31.0.'Richards SI1  smite*  Producers of and Dealers in  'Crushed Rock, Washed mi Screened Sand and Gravefj  Office: Sey. 4534 429 PENDER STREET WEST Bunkers; Ssy. 6751 "  s^>ra  BUBLDING MATERIAL  : SAND.   GRAVEL,   CEMENT,   LIMIT,   BRICKS,   ETC.  Office and Store: 1527 Main Street  Phone Fairmont 1050  Vancouver B. ifcvtJaH. v-Kfci,  'BliMliittMattM'tlMlttilMMlU^^  S-J'isM"-Vi.>";ii  .'���������iMSsttJH I rS^W'-/-Zr'S!'-'''"-5'l'l''nn'  gjK"^'-''^^-''-^^  ���������itasiAilSia  Sp*rajn*frfw"<a,|l*^"A'"^ew'^niwlg ���������*���������**  X  DAILY BUILDING. RECORD.  BRITISH COLUMBIA,  iURNEY-OXFORD  566-570  BEATTY ST,  The GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., LIMITED  Wholesale Distributors of  Steam and Hot Water Boilers  Hot-Water  and   Steam   Radiators  *  Warm-Air Furnaces and Registers  ' PHONES Seymour 7596-7597  ARCHITECTS.  Alexander & Brown, Fairtield Bldg. .1 Sey. ,88-lS  Badgety, C. D., Riggs-Selman Bldg :   Barber & Barber, North  Vancouver   Barker, H. M., Hutchinson Bldg Sey. S831  Bayly, G. M.. Dom. Trust Bldg Sey.  5613  Bird, A.-J.,  Winch Bldg Sey. 42S8  '���������'rds. S. B., A.B.^.B.A., 205-6  Duncan Bldg Sey. 4897  Birkenhead, G. A._ 715 Cumble St   i^icicxauiier,   i-i.,   Xo,   "ancuuitT :   351  Rlackmore,   E.  E���������   300  Loo  Bldg Sey, 2379R  rcinir   rv.vi,-.   ---j  fender  \V ' S-iy.  710o  Bowie, G. P., 200-07 Bank of Ottawa Se.v.  ljcwjna.i, j. in.., Crowu Blag Sey.  Braunton & Liebert, SI   Exchange  Bldg Sey.  l-Sre.-einaim & Durl'ee, Holden Bldg., Sz VictorlaiSey,  jntreal- '        London, Bug*. \ Toronto  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., Limited.  INSPECTION* TESTS CONSULTATION  ispection -of Steel, Comeiit, Building , Bridges, Pipe, Bails, Cars, ���������Locomotives.  Second-hand Equipment, Croosota,  ���������Materials,   Cement    Testing,  Physical  Lfiljorrixono-*; ami CHcos.  In Bank of Ottawa Bldg*., Vancouver, B. C.  North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co., Ltd,  iALERS   IN   COAL,   BRICK,   LIME,   CEMENT,   SEWER    PIPE   AND  SNERA'L  BUILDERS'-SUPPLIES.  Ice 56 Xionsdale Ave. Wharf foot of St. Qeorgo Avo.  Phones  198,  178.  Bryan.   Keiinerley,  Crown   Bldg.......  Campbell, M. D. Exchange  Bldg   ��������� u.\,  Arthur A.. Carter-Cotton Bldg...  Ualton  &  Hvplolgh,  Dnvls Chambers..  ��������� raw-son,  J.,  Ho.den  Uldg    Doctor,   XV.   A., Arts it Crafts Bldg   I-odd. W. .\l��������� i'an   Hank of Commerce,.  Duncan,   XV.   S.   .Metropolitan  Apts   DonneJian,   J.   J.,   ������'������������������-���������, *-,ini:in   Bldg.  Dutour,  J.   B.,  Kl,TRs-.Selnian   BUlg   .Sey.  ....Se.v.  ..Sey.  . .Scy.  ....Sey.  ..Sey  3510  502t  3'J^i  2202  660t>  5 Hi 1  6677  66  S1S3  013,  .o. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N.. V. 198-17'  Vm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-47!*  Utchie Contr. & Sup Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916  t. V. Winch & Co.. Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-194  FLOORING.  .Sey.  6'J.S.".  Sey.  Dowar, Andrew, 84 Lonsdale. North  Vancouter. .  60 I,1.  Sey.  2911  GET  YOUR   ESTIMATES   FROM  snadian and American Contracting and Investment Cc.  Limited.  '    Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work.  Quality Work,  Bight Prices  and Promptness Guaranteed.  pne Sey. 8480 Offlce:   104 Empire Bldg.  gaiow  Of Particular Interest  To Builders and  Contractors  CONTAINS SUPPLEMENTAL  PLANS AND DETAILS WJTH EACH  ISSUE.  ML L. TAYLOR  iTOR CANADIAN SECTION  703 DOMINON TRUST BLDG.  Fraser,  Kenneth, Metropolitan  bldg Sev.  9l)9i  Fripp, R. MacKay, Hutchinson Bldg Se.v.  4!)*L'  Gamble Sz Kuapp, Ua\ls Chambei*.-, Sey.  511;  fs-ardiner. Wm; Troa~-., Hartney Chambers Soy. 2615  jould Sz Wood, ilogt-r.s   Bldg So v.   S-N"  Goodfellow, W. IX, SO^'/j Hastings St.  \V..- Sey.  6C9I  Cram Sz  llender.-on, Williams  Bldg Se.v.  13a:  t-Uiiltlis, H. S., 'Dom. Trust Bldg Sey.  492(  Gardiner Sr Morcor, M.S.A., New Westminster   661  Gillam. XV. C. P..  Ilutchin-on  Bldg  Sey.  6001  Hammer,  P.,  1116   Bute  St '. Soy.  5:1101  IIargrea\es,  L.  W.,  4 25  Sayward Bldg,  Victoria. ... 271:  Heath, Oo\e Sz Neuse, Meti opolit.in Bidg Sey.  'S3'  llt'ijcr it  Archer,  Dora. Tru-t  Bldg..". Sev.  4 Iii".  lloide.  A.  !���������"*..  Metropolitan  Bklg Sey. 5341  Hodgson, Hugh A, Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey.  62C  tloneyman Sz Curtis, S21  l'endei  W Sey.  10-'  Hooper.   Thomas,   Winch   Bldg Sey.  535'  Mope, A. Campbell, Umpire Bldg Sey.  5fl2."  Horel fr Roberts,  1101-2 Dom   Tru.st Rev.  1 !)0  biortiin & Hhipps, P.icl/tc Bldg Sey.  709C  lloyt,   W..-T.   S..   70!)   Dunsmuir   St Sc-v.   2*>U.  J a mos  CD..  Bank ot  B.  X.  A Sey.  953:  Jameson  &  Dnggnn.  70S  Metropolitan  Bldg...Sey.     911-  .lories Sz  Beat-on,  Huiclim.son  Bklg..; Se.v.  5021  Jones it A spell, Hartney Climbs and Xo.  Van.. Sey.  441 .*���������  X.infmaiin,   G.  B.,  Davis  Chambers Sey. 442(  Keau'ey, .1    W.,   ^2'   Pender St.   W Sey.  2741  Koarns,  X*.   A.,   Km.  30,   Exchange  Bldg.  'a.'Lore it-   l*<>\.   i'.iciiii- ' '-Ms ' Sev.  430i  Mathe-on,  J.  P. Sz Son, SOI) Northwest Trust Sey. 753f>  .Muiiin.   i-.    Stanley.   Williams   Bldg Sey.  54  Moberg, Otto, 41   Inns   of  Court Sey.  7171  Pair.  .McKenzie Sz Day,  570  Granville St Sey.    73  Perkins, T. H.,/ Kutchinso*-; Bldg Sey. 472;  Peny  Sz   Nieolai-*,' Paciflf   Rldg Sey.  S'J'J-  T. J. Peters, "metropolitan Building Sey. 262  Pra-cmi.   A.   B.,   S21   Pender  St.   W Sev.  102  W. D.'O. P"  fto-bfort, 407 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria, 1804  Wenyon, Goo. H, M.S.A., Lie.  R:1.B.A Glencoe Lodge  ltuM-ell,  BabcooK & nice, "Metrop-"*itan Bklg Sev.     9i>"  Sedger, Thos.  D���������  612 Bastion .Square,  Victoria 941  Sharp & Thompson, Old Sal? Bldg Sfiy.  106-*  Somervell   Sz   Putnam,   Pacinc   Bldg Sey.  62,'lu  Stroud, Angus  B��������� Carter-Cotton  Bldg Sey.  S46  Stuart  8c   White,   Metropolitan  Building,   Seymour  S649  !. C. Hardwood Floor Co., 557 Granville Sev. 685?  '.  C.   Lumber  Corp.,   Ltd.,   1605   Georgia Sey. 650-'  I. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 61G  un. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. 680>  Dom. Sash Sz Dnor Co., 2120 Cedar St Sey. 613'  I.  Fyfe Smith & Co.,  1320 .Richards Sey. 119i  Prudential Builders, Ltd.,  101 Dufferin St. W...Fair 10  FURNACE AND SHEET Hr^AL.  vcme Plumbing & Htg. Co., 131  10th Ave. E...l-"alr: 63.  .���������.nnstroiig & Wolfe, 134U Sth Ave W Bay.    2!m  i.   li. Campbell S- Cu.. 106 1 Pender St. XV Sev   273<  Irandvlew Sheet .Metal Works, 16S5 Venuble.s....Sov. S701  Pea-e Pacific Foundry. Ltd., 324 Drake bt Sey. 8397  .ancouver Roofing Co., 1921 Triumph St Sey. 41301  GALVANIZED IEON WORKS.  vrmstrong & Wolfe, 1510 Sth Ave W Bav.    29i  JraniHIew  -sii^-t Metal  Wks..  1729  Venables. .Sej-.  52S  ancouver Roof ng Co., 19.21 Triumph St Sey. 41301.  GAS   APPLIANCES.  '���������urnside Gas Appl. Co., 1037-9 Granville'St..  Valter Klm-ey,  1360 Granville Sr   .'ancouver Gas Co., 16 Hastings St. E   ..Sey. 611%  ..Sey. COS)  ..Sey. 1081  ..Sey. HIS  : Sz Co., Winch Bldg Sey. JS7-.59.&  IS Pacllic Bldg SevV 2230-5Z21.J  Sz.Kvans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2981,  .Sey.  . Sey.  .Sey.  370  905'  GHOi  GLASS-���������ALL   KINDS.  ��������� Sey.  Vm. X. O'Xei! & Co., n IS-50 Sevmour St  tandard   Gla.ss  Co.,  j_,ul.,   S29 "Barnard  ,,  ."est. Pla'te Glass Sz imp. Co.,  1������3 Cordova E. Sey  1795-179*.  Sey.  64 71  407  .Sey. fiS.V  .Sey. OSU'  .Sey. 5-171  4 i U5-17li  .Sey. Uin  Fair. 161  . .Sey.  2731  ���������. Sey.  563  ..Sey.  3SH  ...Sey.  8397  Symonds, H. E., 604 Holden Bldg ���������...Sey. 9397  Taylor,  J.  D.  fc,..  Bower Bldg Sey. S3H  Thornton  & Jones,  Old  Safe  Bldg Sey.    Sli.  Town-.end X- Towncnil. 520 Granville Sev.  177i-  Twizell Sz Twizell,  1019 Metropolitan  Bldg Sey.  7925  i an Siclen & Macomber 51 Can. Life Bldg Sey. 416  Wallington dz  Wheatley,  Davis Chambers   Watson,  H. B.,  Holden Bldg Sey.  White, XV. P., Hutchinson Bldg   Sev.  Whiteway,   *W.   T���������   Molsons, Bank Sev.  Wickendon, C. O., 1062 Pender St.' W Sey.  Wilson,  John,  221  Pemberton  Bldg,  Victoria.-.   w>-te-bt.   Kusliforth  X- Cahtll.   709   Dunsmuir.. .Sey.  ���������������������������Wilson,  Joseph   and  A.   S.,   532   Granville St   muni <s*. iKintjie, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey  Western Bungalow Co-.^Dom. Trus-*- Bldg Sey  ENGINEERS.  Jrown, Philip, P., A.M.I.C.E.'   419 Pacifis bldg Sey  -������������������uii.  un.    1^.   C.   *.ji    l-ioiden    Hldg ocy',  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   AND  GUIDE.*  BUYERS  Box 546 CEMENT TESTING Fhone Sey. 2884E.  J. P. Wright, F. C. S. Eng. M. A. C. S.  Specialist in Portland and Other Cements  Adviser on Building Materials, Etc. 883 Burrard Street  EMICAL ANALYSIS VANCOUVEB,   B  ���������tart  C.  POLYGON CONCRETE MIXERS AND SPREADERS  BUILDER'S HOISTS, GASOLINE OR ELECTRIC      ���������  M AGENTS FOR WILLS ON FLARE LIGHTS  |?rie Sey.   oaiO       ,'-���������������������������..     ���������        ;     ; 319.   Pender   St.  W.  Furnaces, Boilers, Pipe and  Fittings.  School  Heating and Ventilating Apparatus.     ,  Office  and ,"Warelio.u.se, '324-Drake'St., Phone Sey. 8397.  ARCHITECTURAL TEEH-^ COTTA.  Cullen, E.  G,  4iS Pacilic Bldg Sey.  2330-5021...  Wm.  K. O.'.Neil & Co., Ltd.. 54S  Seymour   St..Sey.  47H.  Thomson, Wm. C. Co., 403 Dun&muir St.    Sey. 3394.  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916*.  ASPHALT   FELT.  Vancouver Roofing Co., 1921 Triumph'St .'...Sey. 41301  BLUE   PRINTING.  City Map & Wnite Punt Co., 432 Cordova W..Sey. G69  BBiICK���������ALL   KLWDS.  Bli-iU-e Diether Co., 925 .Main St Sey. 1 -M.'  i.i .   -mi.ile  m iuk. Co., Ltu.,  IUUS Metropolitan .Sey.  Slni  Cullen,  E.  0.,  -US Pacilic Bldg   Sey.  23,10-5021.  liviind, Coleman-& Kvans, Ft. Columbia. ...... .Sey.  -US.**  Great AY p. *r. Sand & Gravel "Co.. Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8 4!* :  Gilley Bros., Ltd., Xew Westminster, B.C., Phones 15, If-  u. GutTuiiier juiiii.-jon ii Co., Joiim-on's. Win, Sey y 146-u 14  ..Vo.", Van'.' Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale....V. V... 1 aS-1 '<  'Wnir-S.- O'Xeil !*i Co.;1 .*)4S-aO Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-4 7!'.  Port Haney Brick Co., 615 Hastings St. ,W.. .. .Sey.  13N  'Kiteine Contr. Xz Svfi. Co., Ltd. Gran; St Bridge, Sey, 910.  ���������Van.  I'res'd   Brk;'& Stone.  Ld,  101   Dufferin  W.  Kair  1(>  K.  V.  Winch.* On..  l,t(l..  Winch   Bldg. ... .'-.Sey.  279-19-1  BUILDING PELTS AND PAFESS. ���������    '     ,      ���������  Blake Diothc-r'Co.,  925 Jlain-St .'........Si'y. '1-I1.-1  iie.:. y ������������������i>ii.r,iiig, 2S l'uwell  St.."  ....:. Sey.  512  JSvans/Colerniiit &".Evans,  Ft.  Columbia.. Sey.  2'JSS  C. Gardiner 'Johns-oil .Si Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  JID.'l-i.   Morrison.   712   Richard.-!   St.... . . . . .Sey.   2151-2152  Thom-on. W'm.C Co.,  403  Dunsmuir St.     Scy.  3."194  ! Yaircouvor Roof.ng Co.,. i i-21 Triumph St Sey. '413i  Wm.  u.-,ui* i.N>      .:-,-nii ;s.../.....ii-  EOJJDS���������SUEETY,  SL. .Sey.' ii u5--i i'y.  HAxcDWOOD  PLOOH.S.  i. C. Hardwooc'. Klour Co.,  557 Granville   'an. I'ac. Lumber Co., Ltd., riwv. gz Salhbury.  arifc,   IS.  A..  Sz  Co.,  532 .Pendei*  St.   AV   A'm. X. O'.Vel! & Cu., BlS-.'.u Seymour St..Sev  I.  Kyfe Smith  & Cu.,  1320  Jllchards ".  .'ancouver !��������� loor Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive.  HAKDWOOD LUMBEB.  ���������smith. J. Fyfe.& Co..  1320 Richards St.    Sty.  11SG.  HEATING HOT AIR, STEAM AND VENTILATING.  .cme Plumbing &: Htg. Co.; 131 10th Ave, E...Fair. 53'.  .u-nistrong Sz AVolle, 1540 5th Ave A\- Bav     ������9.  .-.arr & Ander.-on,  114  Hustings  St.  AAr Sev.  61bi  .jurnsule Gas Appliance Co., 1037-9 Granville. .SeV. 370  Jan. Buii'alo Forge Co. t.G. A. Browning, 12G1 Alberni Si  I. IS. Campbell Sz Co.,  1001  Pender St.-W..  Dunham  Systems,  157  Water St   \. G Langiey Sz Co., Ltd., 319 Pender XV  Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd., 324 Draive St....  -iiiiitn,    \\.   J.   iS:   Son,   309   lOtil   Ave.   E.  HOISTING ENGINES.  .!. C. Equip. Co.. 6UG-7 Bank of'ottav.-a.^.. Sey. 7056-7S1  .)om.  Kquip  Sz Supply Co,  SOS  Holden  Bldg Sey.  715."  G.   Blackwell,   luS Alexander St Sev   173.  lullen,  E. G..  4IS Pacific  Blilg Sev   '>san-5n--'  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St ."...Sey   512  lallman  Macninery  Co.,  i^tu.,  3.--13  rti*!*iaiiuei,,Ut,    J.  Itobt. Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa Sey.    3S  .Mussens, 'Limited,  365   Water  St '....Sev    S''*:  Itchie Contr. & bup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey", 916  Strumbert-Virtue <S������ Co.,   319  Pender St.  A\'...Sey.   691  INTEBIOS  riNISH.  E. G. Blackwell, 108 Alexander St   B.  C.  Lumber  Corp.,  Ltd.,   1605   Georgia....  B. C. Screen &Mfg. Co., 2C6 Dufferin St. li...  Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsburv  Dom. Sash & Door Co., 2120 Cedar St ". .  C. Garuiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whi", Sey 9146-914  nn. X.'uXeu & Co., 54*5-50 Seyniour St..Sey. 4795-179  .itchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge. Sev. 916  Thomson, Wm. C. Co., 403 Dun.smuir St.    Sev.  3391.  ancouver Floor Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair. 161  IKON   AND   STEEL���������STBUCTUBAL.  ullen, E. G.,  4 S Pacific Bldg Sev. 2330-502:  Janada Foundry Co., Ltd.,  1065 Pender St..."..Sey. 57)  .���������'vans, Coleman & Kvans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 29S  _. Gauiiner John~on & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sev 9146-914  Joughlan, J. & Sons, Exchange Bidg Sev   791  ,.  G.  i_,angiey & Co., Ltd.,  31U  Pender VV Sev. 3S������  '.lorris, S. SI. & Co., Ltd., 2130 CV   'ir St Bay  Hfll  .itch.e,Contr. i-c Sup. Co., Ltu, Gi     i. St Bridge, Sey, 91,.  /in. X. O'Xeil & Co., 548-50 Sejmour St..Sey. 4795-47!'  ."ilkinson Co., Ltd., S46 Beach ,Ave Sey.  791  IKON   AND   STEEL���������OK5TAMENTAL.  .. G. 'Blackwell, 1 OS Alexan ier St. ' Sey  '.. C. Supply Co, Dom. Trust Bldg Sev  :ullen,  L. G.,  4; S ���������Pacifier uldg ��������� .Sey. 2330-  ui,cala  Foundry ".Co.;   Ltd.,   10C5  Peinlei* St Sev.  57.  ������������������lorris, S. Jl.. &'Co., Ltd., 2130 Cedar St..... ..Bay  104  ii.i.-X. O'Xeil .& Co., 5,4*3-50 Seymour St. .Sey. -i. ;.0-4 ,.  Thoin.-on, AYm. C. Co., 403 Dunsmuir.St.    Sov.  3394.  .;kciiie Contr. & Sup. Co.,' Ltd, Gran. St: Bridge, Sey,; 9n  ,      .   ::       LATH���������METAL. ,.  i.i G. Blackwell, 10S Alexander' St. ���������'.'���������' Pev.  17  ���������ilake. Dietlior.Co.,' 925 Slain St. Sev. 14il  Jullen, ��������� E.  G.,. 4 .:,->. a^-i..^' ^u.g...r -...:....-je.>. .���������Jj-bu.  ���������iiii.-i CoieiiKUi &.L"vans,-Kt.  CoHimbia. ...-. . .S������s*.  29.*-  ... "Gardiiii!r.Johii.'*on &'Co., Johnson's AS'hf, Sev H'l'iG-yi-i  j.   li.   Jlorrison,. 712. ftichards   St Sev.   2151-21.'.  \ m. X.  O'Xeil Sz Co., 54S-50 Seymour St.. .Sey.'.471*5-17!'  .jijli lutchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sev, Sill.  3451  S73*  3029  1744  1592  2S06  "sTi.-i  1S5G  4S97  341.  .Sey.  173  .Sey.  650  .Fair. 1613  .Sey. 6*s0'  Sey.  613'  17.  Git.  50.  .-."ewton & Greer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey.'Uftf  Victoria, 1320 Wharf St 8&7  /ancouver Roofing Co., 1921 Triumph St Sey. U3Q&  Wm. M. O'Xeil & Co., 54S-50 Sey*nour St ��������� Sey, 4795-4798  7-BTITION���������FI^EPSOOI1.  Blake Diether Co.,- 925 Main St -Ser. HIS  ^uiien, E. G'���������   118 Pacific Bldg Sey. 2330-5021.'...  ..vans, Coleman dz ii,\ans, in. Columbia Sey. 29K.S ,  ;. Gardiner Joluiaon & Co., Johnson's WhT, Sey 9146-9143  .Vm. X. O'Xeil & Co., 548-60 Seymour ,vt. .Sey.. 4795-47,84  Thomson, Wm. C. Co., 403 Duiu>mulr St.    Sey. 33SA.  ilitchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9163  PATENT  BEDS.   .  Holmes DIsap. Bed Co., 319 Pender...',  cJertect Con. Bed Co., 670 Granville   ileversible Cons. Bed Co., Holden  Bldg.  ,.    ,     PLASTEB-.  Blake Diether Co.. 925 Slain SI   Baltour, Guthrie dz Co., Winch Bldg.  ullen,  E. G��������� 41*? "   ���������������������������-  Jvans, Coleman  Ireat AYest Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd,, 1029 Slain. Sey. 8491  ���������illev Bros.. Ltd.. New AVestmln-ner, B.C., Phones 15, 1������  Xo. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 5G Lonsdale,. .X. V. 1-38-17A  Wm. X. O'Xeil Sz Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-47SSJ  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 91C2  Shover it Thomas, 959 Main  St 'Sey.  13C3  PLASTEB   BOABD.  I. C. Sunplv Co.. Pom. Tru������t Bldg '.Sev. 61C1  ullen,  E. G��������� US Pacific' Bldg : Scy. 2330-5021 ���������  . GardJiiiii .,oiiii.son dz Co., Jonnson's Win, Sey 9146-9147  :o. A'an. Coal Sz Supply Co., 5G Lonsdale,. .X. V. 198-17t  v'm. X. O'Xeil ii Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey 4795-479B  ���������Thomson, AVm. C. Co., 403 Dunsmuir St. Sey. 3394.  Mtehie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, iHS  .PLASTES PABTITION BLOCKS.  J. C. Sur-plv Co.. Dom. Trust  Bldg Sej'. 61<S  .'ullen,  IS.  G.,  4:S Pacific Bldg ,Soy.  2330-5021...  . Gur.iiner ^oiui.son ii Co., Johnsons Whf, Sev 9I46-U14J  ���������Utchie Contr. iz Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge^ Sey, 9165  PLASTEB���������OltNAMENTAL.  . Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's,Whf, Sey 9146-9147  '. R.  Morrison,  712  Richards, St Sey.   2151-2152  \'m. X. O'Xeil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey.  1795-4798  ���������itchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Lid. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 91'JS  PLASTIC  PLOOBING.  ���������aecolith Flooiing Co.,  301   Pacific  Bldg Sey.   814-4  PIGS���������IBON   AND   TIN.  -Ialfour, Guthrie & Co., Winch Bidg Sev. 187-59'S  '. Gardiner John-oil Xz Co.. Johnson's Whf,'Sov 9146-9147  A. V. AVinch Sz Co., Ltd., Winch  Bldg Sey   279-19/fi *  PIPE���������SEWEB.   ,  .'ullen,  E. G., 41S Pacific Bldg S"v. 2330-50-t  Dom. Glazed Cem. Pipe Co., Dom. Tr.1 B.dg....Sey    i"Sfi  '���������Ivans, Coleman Sz Evans,  Ft. Columbia liey   Z'J&g  C. Gardiner Johnson Sz Co., Johnson's Whf, Sev 9116-9147  ��������� illey Bros., Ltd., Xew Westminster, B.C., Phones 15, JC  ���������No. Van Coal & Supply Co., 50 Lonsdale.. .N. V. 19&-178  Kitchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge" Sev, 916*'  R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd., AVinch Bldg Sey. 27*9-194*  PLUIZSINO.  \cme Plumbing & Htg. Co., 131  10th Ave. E...Fair. 5:*i  Yrmstroirg Sz Wolte, 1510 Sth Ave  W Bay     29-S  ���������larr Sz Anderson, 114 Hastings St.  W Sey   Glrfv  i. E. Campbell Sz Co.,  10(14 Pender St.  W Sey.' 273-6  V. J.   Smith  &Son, S09 Tenth Ave E Fairmont 274a  .Key tOoS   Sey. 445S   Sey. 8filfi~   Sey. 20���������S  Valter  Kinsey,  136������  Granville St   Little & Lee, 6S2 Seymour St   Murray  Bros.,   721   Main  St   FILING AND POLES.  'ederal    Lumber Co., 624 Pacific Bldg   POWDEES.  The B. C. Powder Supply Co., 310 Richards St....Sey. 4105  BADIATOBS  AND  BOILEBS.  'anada-Foundry Co., Ltd.,  1065 Pender St Sey. b'710  Hallman Machinery Co., Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey. 953  Robt. Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa Sey!    3������  A. G.  Langiey & Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender W Sey. 389-J  Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd., 324 Drake St       Sev   8337  ,i,lu,  W. J. &Sons, 809-10th ave E Fair.' 274B  i c -       ROOFING COMPOSITI014.  Blake Diether Co., 925 Slain St  gov   14IS  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St '. ".".".".".Sey. in  \an.-Jt  Coicman <ji L\an.s,  1-1.  Columbia Sey. *2914J  . Gm-dinor John.son Sz Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 914S-9141  .ewton & Greer, Ltd., Vancouver,  118 Gran Sey.  138.1  s.   ,->.x.  -,  ���������  ^        Victoria,  1326  Wharf St 887  j in. X   ONeil & COj, o4S-5(l Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479/J  taccqllth Flooring Co., 301  Pacilic  Bldg Sey   fii<-4  .lu-lue Contr. A: Suit. Co., Ltd, Gran* ai  Bridge. Sev   91(1*  Tnonison, AVm. C. Co., 403  Dun.smuir St.    Sev   3394  loy   Roofing   Co.,-, 814  -Metropolitan   ancouver Roofing Co., 1921 Triumph St...:.  BOOPING���������SHEET   JVLETAL.  ISee Coni'ice and   Rooling.)  Boopnra -watebialI  G   RlncWpll.   ins    \iex;iiKi������r rfi..  Henry Darling, 28 Powell  St '...  .���������.mo,  i���������ijh.i.i-ii  lv   r.\ano,   i'i, Columbia >acy.  ijsn  Uardmei Joniiion tt Co., John&on'a Whf, Sev 9j4'i-9H,7  ewton Sz Greer, Ltd., Vancouver, IIS Gran..! Sey 1397  . ,.    ,, ���������   , Victoria, 1326  Wharf St....'. .S&7  itchie Contr. & Sup   Co. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 'J16S  _ I ward  'limnini-,...  s'*s  7th Ave.   W  .Fair   I"57  AA. ��������� Johns-AI.uiville Co:,'Ltd.,   Winch Bldg....Sev' Aph  ������������������'-���������"-    011. ���������\\lin, C. Co.,   103 ��������� l;un,<muir St.    Sev. 3394   ;  Sey.  HI'S  ��������� Sey.  74ET  ....Sey. ilSCIli  .Se.y. 17SS  ..Sey. 5U  Sey. 2'jHd   ...Sey. 4130E  Sey.  2151-215:2  . ... .Sey.  2447   Sey.    3S3-.  ��������� :...Sey.   I5S-"  Sey. 4795-47DI  WESTERM fclAPJLE AND. T!LE CO.  British and Foj'eSg'n'!V?arfoEe and-.Onyx ���������  and V/orks,  3149 Main St. Plioiie Pair. 810  Vancouver, B.C.. . -  fCANADIAN .BUTFA'LCJ- FORQS CO.  ;'LEW!STEIDi '  fans, Heating  and VentHati  ng Ap;-*3ratus,"SpSro  Steaj-n TiiubJnes  i  Pumps  and Air Washers  SiA. Browning  ya:  icouvor, B. C.  '      1261 Albar-ji St.  Lon. i- Brit. N. Am. Co., Ltd., 5-13 Pender AA'. .Soy.  62Si;  'K.   V. Vvinch Sz Co., Ltd.. AV-inoh  Bldg. ;.... Soy.  279-1 944  '    CEME3STT.  Blake Diether Co., 925 Jlain St.....: :.Sey.  141  Balfour. Guthrie dz., Co.",- A\ inch Bidg. J. .. ..Sey; 1S7-592!)  i Canadian ' Builders'-Supply Co.,. 19 01.. Georgia- . .Sey. 71  P ICvans, Coleman "Sz Evans, Ft. Columbia. .;.. ..Sey. 2������Ss  j I Great \v-e.st Sand-'-fe Gravel'Co.. Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. S4;>1  I * |.*IMV'-r.l- .*;lr>'MKlin iV I'o.. .1 ohnson's . W h f, Sfty 9110-9147  6 i Gilley Bros., Ltd.. Xew.Wei.lniin.4ter, B.C., Phones 15, 16  j | .Vo. Van.'Coul.���������&��������� Supply Co., 5C��������� Lonsdale,. .N. V. 19S-17S  5 -i Win '���������"���������.' O'Neii it Co.. 54S-50 'Seymour St. .Sey. -I7II5-479.--  i i'Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co.;. Ltd. Gran. SI. Bridge. Sey, 910;.'  i\ li.'V.  Winch &. Co.. 'Ltd., Winch  CMg.. 'Sey.. 279-1944  | j CBMEHT   TJiSTIHG   AND   ASSin:.:-}.  | I l;;idridge.   G.   S. & .Co., -120   Richards  St..... Sey..'41'i'i  ������������������������������������...    ������������������'   ��������� "''��������� '   ��������� S3    l.liii-'i-'--.i   >i-    , ...-���������    ..Sey   725:".':  i-'lr.i'it,   llobt.   AV   & Co., .Ban!;, of Ottawa Bldg.  "   ������������������ COWC-SCri-iB   ii'IiKiiS;  13. C.  Fquio- Co.. G0G-7 Bank, of Ottawa...Sey. 705G  ink:n,  Ii.  G., 4  LATH���������-WOOD.  Gi'Lirgm  contract, judicial and fidelity bonds  employers','public, teams and automoeile lia-  ��������� lity insurance. pes.sonal accident and health  fsurance, plate class, -burglary, motor boat,  bsam boiler, sprinkler ' leakage, registered  ail, tourists' baggage, commercial travellers'  \mples and fire insurance.  London- 4  tritish - North kmm  w., Liu.  WITH VmiCH IS II*TGOH,POIti!.T"ED  '"r^ahon-, R/ScFarland .& Procter, Ltd.  'one Sey. 62S6 543 Pender Street West.  SIN  faciiic. Bidg Sey.  2330-5021  'ana-.ia  ,1 <i-......i .V- Co.,  Ltd.,   HUi5   l-Vndor St Sey.  ������71i'  Pi.m.   l.:i|iiip   Sz Supl'i-y  i.'o,  50->. l-loldt'if  Billy Sev.  7If,  llobt.. '.'Hami i tun i: Co., Bank of. Ottawa.. Se.v.    3,s  ��������� In i.-oh ..   Limited,  sua   \\ator  St..'........'.... Soy.  Sl'::  A'm.  N. O'.Voii & .Co/,' 54S-.rit'l, Si;yincur. St.. Sey;   17'.iii-4 7^!  'liudiie Ciiiilr. ,*i Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge. Sey, tilt:  htrunil*ert-Virtue..i������-   Co.,   Si!). l'ender   St.   \>'...Sey.   liui  COiraitACTOBS,   "GH.ICK.  Dixon  ,<;���������  Sutton,   l'i^-l  Orin.-'ley St.        ...... .Seyi S5051  CONTRACTOES- GSEEEAL.  Armstroii!,', .Mun-i.-iin i'i i.'o.. ljld.,  Ilowiir. liidg  ��������� i  C.  ('iraii.  it Oontr. Co.,  lCxi-ha;i;je   Bid-,'...  Uiin-ard   Const.   Co..   aili   Pncilic   Uldg   liui-.-.!'  nn    !.,(;..   211   iluii'ien    Bldg..:   ���������'���������'.X|iort Bldrs. & l-'ner:. -Carler-Cottoii   hid;;..'...  CU ������������������ I'lUCTCBS-SSUAV.'.l'IHC-,    JSTC.  I'iz/.o,  S.,  *124  Harris    Sl ; Si>y.  COlT'ftACTOIiS IiAKU  CJL.S.-UIN~<  l'enny, .].  S.,  ol!'   I'dn'ier ,st : : Sey..  .COIil'BACTOiiS���������rtASOJT.  'ari.   i'i   Anirr.   Contr.   ,-i   Inv.   Co..   Ltd.  COKl'-aicTO/aS���������PAI-STIWCr   ABB   DSCOBASIITG.  ,\.bba, Jos. S., 21^5  13th Ave.  w:  .Mi.ii/iiv,   .la.-..,   lv   .-ion,   ll-   Crown   Hid:,'. ...... .Sey.  S7o  CO'u I'iiAU'rOxlS���������TI'L.'i;���������TiSttMUlKZO.  II.  C' Supplv Co.,  Dom   'fru-.t  Hula Sov.  fill',  i.   It.   Alorr'h-cin.   TI 2   lliolnirds   St Soy.   llifil-iir,  ..Sey.  111 5  .X.  .bey.  Hi;.  y. -iss-r.  '"*    r,,,,���������i>f,,... r-o;... ,    ,,; ,.  Blake. .Diether Co., 925 -Alain St.  UIi.    x,,i^.   I.i., .liOul    ^vj.i   I.IU.,    i.,,  .,   c^   o....:.  ���������'Om.  Siioli Sz Door Co., 2120 Cedar St.-���������..  ..o.  \'an. Coal ii Supply Co.,. 5G ...Lonsdale;  ���������<���������' ��������� '.''���������'     ',   LlAl3.  nlfour.  Gut.hriR &-. Co..  Woirb   B!d,i. ...';. '.Spv   l S7-n'>  Slake Diether Co., 02ii Main St........." '.-.Soy. ill  .ilillu.illl    Dlll:ul:I....Vi���������1l,J     ������.���������. C,   ���������': jiii    ln-uio.u    .'���������:,|  ���������.vans, Coleman.&  L'varis,  li't. Columbia. Si;v.  2'.'.--  ���������Jreat-Wes-t Suricl-& >"! ravel Co., Ltd., 1021) 'llnin,, Soy. SI:  ilar.i:n..|- ,:.. ��������� n;-oii oi Co., Johnson's Wlif, Soy :iii"ii-!i|-  Ulley ;Bros��������� Lt i., .\e\v XVe~. tiniri ,-ter, B.C., Phones  35,  i  ',  ...ii-. ��������� ���������������������������: ���������;.  Snpi.ily Co., 5t>  Loii;.Jalt-.. .;\'.  \'   i:i-,-i  -.'m. X. O'Xei! Sz Co.. 54S-S0 Seymour St..Sev. 4 7:'n-i7  ai.-ilic- Lime Co., Pacific B'.d'-;. . . .  .'. .s-.'v. S5'  -itchie f.roiur. ,*i Supi' Co., i.nl, Gran. Sl Bridge, bi-v, In  nover it Thomas  !*59  -Mam  St...   :.  V.   W'iiich i Co.,  Ltd.,  Winch  BUlg. ..  Sey.  27!l-l !*������������������  e.y.  ey.  ey.  is;;.;  si.i i  ey.  t:j;;i  . y < LrME���������JI-jrDKATT--"0.  la!:c Diether Co., '.iz'i Main St........ ..; .' S.y.  ..iiivi  Cole!.,a:J   tc   i-.\ an -,   r I.  ...(.j.i'i.iln.t '. . o . .  ireat.We.-ii Sanri iSUra'.el (.;o.,  Ltd.,  IOl'li Main, S''V.  ������������������ " ������������������ ���������������������������.'nil  X- c,,.. .i.-.iii)-.(-.n'..- V-'lif, Si-v !i i 111  ���������Illey  Bros.,. Lt I..  .Vow We ���������tniin.-ter,  B.C.,  Phone-   1  Pacific Lime t..o.. Pacilic Bid^  .Soy.  Uucnie Contr. ,t Sup. Co., Ltu, Gran. St Bridge, Soy,  ICMBEB A-K2J tSHIKGiSS     '.'���������'  ilalfoin*. Guthrie Sz.Co., Winoli Bid-,''. ...'.. .Sc  :. C. l.aiiiil.i.o* Corp., Ltd.. ifii.i'i tj, oiviia. . . . ;  'an. I'ac. I.unil'or Co.. Lid., Kuy. it .Sal.rhury.  ��������� mi, .--a 4i  X-   I lour Co.  -JV2U  'o.iai*  Sl   Pi'iideutia!  Biill.ier'i.   Ltd.,   I til   LunTorin  St.   W.  I'oi-iniiKii Litibr iV S.'m'l , Co..  P.u.S Cotton  Uliljj..  MI  Z-l  Tho ir;  .'roy  Booiinj;   Co.,   S14 '.Metropolitan.  ancomer Kuofuijr'Co.'F-!lUi*l  Iriumph St.  SAI'ES���������VAtji,T   DO OKB.  '.' R.  JIoiTlson,  712  Itlcliards  St.....'...  orris Sale & Lock Co., 3*10 Cordova W.  oUt.  I-iaiiuHon & Co., Bank ot Ottawa. .  .  tr,   Pai-neil,. 507   Matuil.lon   St.   .in. K. O'Xeil it Co./u-JS-oO Seymour St.  SAlfD,  GKATEI AND  C2USKED   BOCK,  Blake Diether Co., 025 Jlain St....:...... .. . Sov   lilT  Jaiiadian   Bmhleri,..Supply Co..  1U01. Georgia, . .SeZ Tni  J. A.  Dewar Co.,  420 Pender St. AV .T.Sev.   utZl-OVi  Great. A\ e--t Sand Sz Gravel Co., Ltd.. 1020 Main, So-   slS ���������  V;. Gardiner Johnson it Co., Johnson's' Whf Sev Slfo-lif,  gilley-Bros..   Ltd.. ^ow-Westi-dnster,   B.C,  Phones  IS     fl  No. Van. Coal &' Supply Co., 50 Lonsdale... .V V   llS-ir  .  Producers' Hock & Grav. Co.,  Vancr.,  Front & ���������JWanltoiM'-  sum? ?^^������^M*'^;. g^  .ancouver Sand it Gravel Co., ft.  Victoria Di'-'. .Sey', iMtl  SASE,' DOOBS,   WliTDOVv-S.   ETC.  Georgia.;", . .  Luinlj.eivCo.,  Ltd.."u\v'j'"& ZiZi'lZburv  'om.fc.asli  <t Door Co.,   2120  Cedar  st !���������'...  .in. X.  u.X'ell it Co., fil'.S-oii..Su.\-iijutir St..Sev  '47SI-47q?  erminal Lmbr ^- ShKl   Co.; Sug Voltor.MlMdg    . Sey   73?*  SH11VGZ.3  .IrlAK-crx-ACTUB-SRS   AUD   DEAMas   '"  (bee  Lumbei   and   rihiuyies.-. , ���������    '    .   ;  SXmA'mzE.  G!i.^in..r.Tolms,,n ,t Co.. JonnsonV Whf. Sey 9MG-n>(7  '��������� 'u-i     ,    .   'r, ���������'':��������� :',,S-*J'-' .Seymour Sl. .Sev   47������6-4 70������  .. V.  H i.ich it Co..  Lid... Winch  Bids..... .Si'-y    ���������'-!!. Z'ue.  "U'M MMZ������:- l-1,i* G*���������*������������������"   ���������St  Rri.lw. s".v"  a'pj*'  1" *. Tile Co.. 3 I IV  .Main  St. "  :.  C.  Ltimhor. Corp.,   Lid.,   IrtiJo  alltn,  L.  G.,  41 S ��������� Pacilic  Bids......  Can. Pac.  ��������� Sey.-CaOt  283|)-'50*iL  . Sey   6i,'K  ��������� Sey   613&  itch io i;  '-���������estern  .Mar  ���������.  I J 7  . S'-v.  li".'  li.-i1  f,i;  ���������MAC3II2IEKY.  Sr  V.  ���������17 02 I  17  Sol-.  ..Fair. .Si  ,Vir..  .\. o'Nidl.it Co., 545-50 Seymour St.  Thorn ni'i,   Wm.  C.  Co.,   10:;   Duii.-uuiir.S  .-.���������in    Man,,,-- ,t Tile t.'o., ->-l>���������-l-iouvii   .We..  Western JIarble'& Ttlo Co., 314'.1  Main  St.  il ��������� coitiJica a.;;td������������������ttc-o^rrivG.  i .M-m-ti-onir X:  Wolfe,   1540. Sth  Ave  \V . . . .  [; ���������������������������.���������ullon.   K.   G���������   41.S   Pacilic   Bid,;;* ,...S:-y.   2:;:i;i-5  f I Crrand v lew��������� sneet  iVlcla:   Wits.;   1.72U   Venables. .Scy.  !; ; Little  it  Leo,   GS2 .Seymour  St Scy.  I'rov    Itiii-ifliur   Co.,   SI4- Metropolitan .....Sey.  1;  :i i  ,'.-. .Bay.  C.  I'.'uiip. Co..  tiaC-7 'Bank  of imau-a.  G. 'l:iacl;-"-������>ll.   ins .Alcs-iuiilci- St..   G.    Hi'..u-ii-.Liiiil  on.. 1 a IS    Main   St...:.  Can.  Buffalo  I'on.'c Co   (C. .V    Broivniii',*,  !,��������� a.-, i-:; G��������� -t*s p.-i.-ii'.c Bldg,   Canada  ronnory Co.,   Ltd.,   I i.n,,r   I'oiuiri   .->  '.-,       l-'pilp    rt    ��������� ''     ���������������������������    ��������� '".    ���������"���������"-;    I lol.Icll     Bl  llnnry  Ijarlint*-,  2S Powell  St...   :.u ,'niiii Aon ana';-.'.' ''o , Ltd., .L-t'; .\b'.\a  Loot. Hamilton ,t Co.. Bank of Ottawa..,  ���������' Gardiiito* .lohn.-air. it i. o., Jidinvmi ���������= U"l*.f,  <    G.   Lai,:.-:oy  ,t  Go..   Ltd..   V.ln   Pendi.-r   W.. . .  Jltisvsen,,   Limit-I.   "r,,".��������� Waw-r  St   Wm. S. O'Xoii it Co.; 54S-n'J Seymour St..Sey.  ������������������'-���������t.'di'e I'.onri* it Sun. Co., Ltd. Gran. St. Bridge  Pirun-.Iifrt-Vi.-i,,,;.  it   Co..   S'lii    l'ender   St..   W..  . .iomp.-on, Wm.'.'. C;p..   10;',; Diuismuir St ;  i  I  .\i  . mi men-  SI.ATE S; Tir,E ROC-i-jEI-aS  J'.,  it S.011.-,  -5.';*S  7l.il  Ave  \\-....:...  . -l''.-iir, ild  ..l*alr. l.'57-fj  '���������instrnntr &  li. Caiufibc!  alter   K'inso  ittle A   Lee,  St.   W.  i   St. . s-cy'���������  11 Ir  .'i't.kn-a   10. .Sov  . . Bay. 23������  . .Sey. 27*>.������  .. .Sey HHi,z  ��������� -Sey.   -t;i?  FKOWTS.  ���������   Fall-:   !.0(2  U-iiH-'l  :i-4:H:{  ��������� p;:<������  * w...  -Y i.idii  scy  7 I "  51  Sey  Hi-!M  .s..  ->: :*r.--4 7  .Se  :;:!,!M  'J 21  .ancou\or  n a or;  f '   ' CONTSACTOiiS J ..���������  ' PlrAI-TS  rTr.K.KISK-KT^_-ESTimS.TEE-I',5j3P-iK2-D.  'j a g*eneral layout given you of any equipment yon may retriare for any  clfic joh. All our liiacliinery and appliances are Cost- and Time-Savers and  |> you make profits. Plione or see us. It will cost you nothing- and may  ke you many dollars. '..'���������'".���������  Kool'.hif Co.. 1D:.'I  Trit.nii'h  St.  ji      ,i.-T:*-C!\-.    CC'KTS    CTO3S.    ���������  Alltree  ,t  Churchland,  07G  Gninviile   St Sey. 27  Elec. Const ruction Co., 511   Howe St Sey.  13.1(1-70  Imperial   Atrcv.'*  Coryi..  314   Pacilic' Bldg- '..Sc-y.  61  Jarvis it Call.  570   Piehavls St   ElECTSICAZ.  SVT'PJjXBS  \lltree  X-  Churchland,  !!7fi  Gr.inviile   St.  Elec   Con-miction Co.. 511   Howe St   Imperial   Ajrcys   Corp..   .'Ill   Pacilic   Bids  No   Elec   i-i* Mnfs Co., Ltd..  3E!  Water  St  ���������p.-r.-r-u--\TOK CABS   WTr EIXCImOSV.  Cullen, E.  G.,   I'.S  Pacific Hldsr  '-'!         ... ]>TA2-.'*.CET.5���������BTAICS:,  TII.E A24D -WOOD.  i|lJ.la'ro 1 n>;;-ei- (���������(,,,  :>2i, .Main. Sl S  y  l"-,..:l).   rt. Morrison.   712   l-.'iolm.rils   St  7-i'i  I.':  .Scy.  14DI>   Sev.  2707  Sey. l?,?,U-i'.iiil  .. ...Soy.   6122   Sey. 7 1 no  ES.  2:1.10-5021  . .  Co.. Ltd.,   1065 Pender St.. ...Sey.  5710  Brennan,  G.   E. ���������t Co.. (110 Ponder St W Se.v.  GftlO  ��������� \ in    N    ".''Neii >^ Co..  54S-50 Sevmour St..Sey. 47H5-479S  Ritchie Contr, .t'Sup  Co. 1,1,1   Ov>,n. St Brid/,-0. Sey, 9162  ������I>EVA TORS  Brennan,  G.  E. Sz Co.. SI!) Pender St XV Sey.  6010  ���������piw.-R r.r.flir.  Blake Die!her Co., 025 Main St : Soy.  Baltour. Guthrie rt  Co..  \\ inci,   Baif; Sey    I.Sc  Evans   cnlpr-r*-  Sz  Kvnn������.   Ft.  Columhin.. ,   !���������'���������"  Gi'lov Bros., Lt'    New \\'e-*tmin-*ter.  B.C.. Phones 15. 16  i<   1a,.,!ii,������|.  ,Ir,union  X- Co     Jnlincnn'c  V9i'.    S'*i-  " ' i-?-'I1.I  D. R   Morrison,  712 Richards  St Sey.  2151-2152  1 115  5������2'i  ������������������fiS1!  12   I-.'iclu'.nls  Win.  N. O'Neii it Co.,  5 IS-50  Seymour St. .Sey.,  Hiu-liie Contr. it Sup. Co.. Ltd. Gvan. St Bridire. Se.v.  Tliiim ion,  Wm.  (.'.  Co..  40"   ruiii'muir St.    Sr-v.  Van. Marble it Tile Co., S-1S Beach Ave.,  MASEII!  AIID   OKYX.  III  STEAM PITTEF.3,  U'olie;   1.', ni   ,U|,   A\ e    >i,-  !  -v Z'Z-' J *"'���������'   l'ender  ���������'.   I.'tilfi   Gran villi.,   >jt ���������  6.S2  Seymour  St  . Z.  S'i'QxlS  & Ori'IUE PL-.'JUKES  &  STOKE  ���������V   St'','";,'**' :Xi"i'~ Co., 2i'l������ Dul'Ieiin St    IS.  ilih.li.   1*..   G.,   I   .-;   Ba..'l,*ic   1.1,1-....  .111. .'��������� .  v_> .-.,:i, ,>.r Co., ii-lN-.in a.-vinr  ���������est.   Plate Glass  ,t  liup,  I'o.. '15;i  TANKS.  ��������� ni;  Pac.   Lumber Co..  Ltd.,  |;u v   ,���������������. s'.-il--lMj.rv  '���������;.;'������������������"���������"'��������� -l'"io.oi. .t (.���������....*.I,,,,,;.,.,.,.   ,vli/. Sev  ,,.   I.     I.al.-,'���������..y   ,t   Co,   Ll,l���������   .*; 1 ;,   |',.n..,  .itllt  it. Lee.   li,S2  Sevmoui-  Sl  .���������..tern   Sli-i.m c ��������� ii,'l '.ant..." i :,",in ' ���������';-'���������"  TIliE���������DSAIKI27Cr  ''���������'e'T'lv'"'^"'"11,*.  W:''"'\   *'-*   CoL.IIi^a Sey.   iK<  ,    .vl  Ue..i .���������.,,,���������I ,v, GriiM.-! Co..   Ltd..   i' 2:- Mai,,, s,.\-   s tfi  ;��������� ���������.<���������������������������> 'liner .10Iiii'wiirit '.:o.. .lolui,.,!,',-  wi,f   s,.v       -'  1'-'-  ,Li Oilc ���������: imtr. ,t .Siij). Co.. Liu. tlran   St   Bri.h-e  i .illey   Bros..   Lt I..  .V,.u- We   tn.li. ,|  ���������Shover it  Thomas.  !i;o  Main  Si   | T17.E���������1-IrOOB  AMD   WALL.  |D.   U.   Morrison,   712   Kicdiiini,   si ,<  ;\Vrn. N.  C/Xi-il it Co.. 5IS-5I    j     Tnoni. on,   Wm. C.  Co.,   ia;.  !','���������' 'I'lii  PLATES.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Wim-ii i!..|.  <:\ Ganhnor .lolmsoii .t i.'.o.. John.-,.;,  'X\ ilkinson' Co., Ltd.. SIS Beach Ave  ;K. V. Winch ,'i Co., Ltd., Winch B.<  ! VAOUb-M   CLEAWI3TG 'SVSTSMS  Barr &  Anderson;   1 14- U;lr tin-,-:-.   St    W  J'.. O.  Blackwell,  lOS  Alexamler  St "  'The  Duntl������y  Store,  7������l   GrauvW ''"  . Sey  * !'! III-  .Sev.  ��������� Scy.  ...Sey.  sin:-  ���������yiiiour  CSS*  ii m r  '���������'r'M:  11iii  7',TS  <;:  PllOllr-S   ir,,  Scy.   12ijs  ������������������t.  scy.  Sey  17 I'i". -! 7jy.   Sov.  1X7.  Whf, Soy flHU-   Sev,  ��������� Soy. **���������<,.  :m?  70 is  1 ���������jit-  .Sey,  , .Sey.  irilSil-arlc,   K.   A.,   tt   Co.,  ~t.  0 : ftl  i irt  14.-7-  z,ey.  2151-21C  4 .:������r������- i '.-":���������  Moi-ri-on.   712   P.iebards   St Sey.  Win.  N. (I'Ni'i' it-Cc.  5I.S-50  .Seytnour St..Sey  ilitchie 'Contr. Sr. Soli. Co.-. Ltd. Gran. St  Rridjnv.S.-v   OP'.  Thorn  oi:.  \'.'ni.  C.  Co.,   !0M   riun-miuir  Sl.    Sc;..  s;!04.  Van.   Marble .t  Tile Co.. SIS: Reach   Ave S---V  ��������� !5t>  Western Marble ,t Tile Co., 3 1 -1 ft  Main St ...Fair. 810  2  l'ender  St.   W   WATSXPSOO?   COMPOUND.  Blake Dietlur Co.. 0_'5 .Main  St  (allien,   h.   G.,   li>,   Pacinc  Bing.ZZZZ MZ.sZy'.   2:;:;n-;,::������������������'  C. liir.rdiiiui  .loim.ion it co.'; .lonnsniis  iVhf.Scy''i j pj-'i 1.17  A m   N. OXeii it Co.. 54S-50 .Se.M:ll.,:r St, :sev   41       '    "  .Ihomson,  \vin. C  Co..   102   I_������i;������������������-:<>::ii- St  Sey.  1  ���������4 7US  OIL   BTJBKirTQ   PLANTS.   ,  Western  Stm.  i'i Oil Plants,  Ltd.  Dom Trust. .Sev.  7676  PAINTS AND OILS.  Henry Darling.  2S  Powell   St I.Sev.  51*?  Wm. X. O'Xeil it Co.. 51S-50 Seymour St. .Sey.  1705-170.*.  PAISTTB���������PIKE-PitOOP.  Vewton Xz Greer. Ltd., Arancouver. US Gran....Sey.  1S07  vp-torin.   1326  Wharf St SS7  ,   PAINTS���������DAMP   PKOOP.  rienrv  Dai-lin:--.   2S   T'nweH   Pt Sf*v.   SI J  ���������:. Gardiner Johnson X: Co.. Johnson's Whf. Spv f)i j'B-<ii 47  WIBDOW. SCEEENS.  P.. C. Screen it Jlnfj;. Co., 2������li Dufferin St  Win. X.  O'Xeil it Co    51S-50 Seviiiour  -Jt  VVIITDOVV   SHADES.  Bowes,  F.  XV. & Co.,   '257  Granville-  St...  V/IKE   ROPE.  Aiislri-B. C. Agenvy. Ltd.. :; I .<< Homer.    Sev  Blake I'liethcr Co.. 025  Main St   . "  iB   C. Efiuip.  Co.,  606-7  Bunk of Ottawa...Sey  I*:   G.  Black-well.  1 OS A loxandor St   .''ullen,   IS.   G.,  4'S*  Pacilic  Bblir         Sey  ���������X.  G.   LniiKiey  .t Co.,   Ltd..   31S   Pender  W .'.'.  E Fair,   164%  .Soy.  4 79S-4 73-?  Sey.    SU  12:  .Sov.  S  uli-  141S  7S1S  '.   17SJ'  0-5021  Sey.  3S32  C   Giirdinpr John'-on ,t Co.. Johnson's Whf. Sev 0146-'U4?  '"���������itchie rontr.t Pur>. Co.. Ltd. Gran. St Brld'pre. Sev. 0162  VVIlkliiMon  Co.. Ltd., 846 Beach />vj    Sov   79TK  R   V.   Wii.i-i * Co.. Ltd,    'JVin-.h  ^ldo- Us,.   o~^i������C  ������LM������ir������iiiii������riuii������jiu������iir������Bll������l������lllll>IJ������ulullllll������MlWMlllg BRITISH COLUMBIA  DAILY BUILDING RECORD  Phones "Seymour," 21 51, 2152  ana Tiles.  Let us figure oh your floor  have competent men to do the work,  712 RICHARDS STREET  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and KEATING  international Automatic  Sprinkler Equipment  Pfitme Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  /  AMSTHONG, MORRISON & CO.  Limited .  Public Works-j  Contractors  Office: 813-815 Bower Bldg. Vancouver B.C.  Archibald IVIoir <& Co  '���������*.������ The Map Men "  ���������'���������-'.'' ���������������������������'" .'.BLUE PRJSJTII\<3 ',  Draftlngf Tracing  Reliability and Dispatch  Saoras 216-217 Empire Bldg. Phone Seymour 5378 j  OVER & THOMAS  Sand   Gravel   and  Building Material  'Phone Seymour 1365.   Offlce and  .'���������.;. Wharf  959 Main Street  BUII.DING ACTIVITY IN  r VICINITY  OP NANAIMO  N.AXAJMO.���������C. A. Martin, proprietor  of tin- Ellis hotel nt Comox, is demolishing: the present structure and has. let a  genl. contr. to James Caitheiv for the  erection,of a new bltlK". Thirty-eight bed  rooms, steam lieat, electric lights, etc.,  are anions'the, features. .   \v '  At Courtenay, O. IT. Flclmer. proprietor  of the Klver.sjdo hotel Is huihling an addition  of, forty rooms. r  licPliee A Morrison have recently completed a new bldg. at Courtenay to he, occupied by.stores, rooms and a poot oflice.  Members of the Coijitcnay Anglican  congregation are 'proposing the early  i-roction of a suitable place of worship.  A. contract has been let and work will  start .soon on the erection of a $f>,000  post office at Comox.  At Cumberland much municipal work  is under way and a further number of  contracts will bo let soon.  A briquette plant is in course of erection at'..Union Bay and raw. material is  now  being dumped on the ground.  In the 'city of Naiiaimo building is active and there is a good deal of new work  In '.'sight for the. coming season.   . .  CORPORATION OF POINT GREY.  Notice to Contractors.  The Council is prepared to receive tenders up to Monday, September llth, 3 91-',  5 p. in., for the following .worits:  Clearing and, contour grading of Seven th  Avenue, Tolmie easterly llllO ft.  Clearing    and    contour   grading     road  through Block 25, IX D. 2027, from Blenheim Street, easterly COO lliv ft.  .  '   Grading  of  River  Ror-d   from   l.Cburne  Avenue to South Vancouver boundary.  ' 0/iaMing .. J-'ourth    Street,    from    B.   C.  Electric track to; Sea Island bridge.  Construction of-20-inch dlaiuett-r sewer on���������AVWou* Street, from Twenty-second  Avenue to Tweniy-nlnth.Avenue.  Specilieations and further information  mnv be obtained from the .Municipal Kii-  glneer.  .TYr.dors must he accompanied by a dope-it of "i  pet; cent,  of the amount ten  dered thereof.,  Bon A.   Cunliffe,  C. M.  Municipal Hull.- Kerrisdale, 33. C.,,  August I'Sth, 11112.  0  Common,   Impervious   Face,  and Building Pavers.  oast SMe Brick Co. Ltd.  1008 METROPOLITAN BUILDING  PHONE SEY; 8450  VANCOUVER B. C  BERMIT   rOJt. RESIDENCE  VICTORIA���������Tho Oak Bay building inspector has issued a permit to Mrs. Stone  for a 6 room residence on Earn St. at a  cost  of,?3,C00.    ''���������.-'       ,' '���������.,'���������  CITY   OP   DUNCANS,   B.   C.  Tenders  for  Cedar  "Poles.  Sealed tenders addressed to , the City'  Clerk, Duncans, B. G, will be received  up to noon,'September 1 Otli. for 325 poles  for carrying electric  light wires.   ' ,.  Poles to be 35 feet long, 7-inch top and  sound,   stripped   of   bark   and   clear   oi','  knots and projections.  'Prices may be given for: ,  (a) Cedar or iii* poles, f.v.o. b. Dun-  cans;  (b) Cedar or fir poles, delivered in  place along the streets 'at Duncans, B. C,  as required.  A. certified   cheque   for Five  per  cent,  of  tlie  amount  to .accompany  each   ten- "��������� '. Iiompson  dor.    The lowest, or any tender not nee- : plastering  ...Iivnilwork���������By Egdell & ''Dixon, AVelton  bldg, tor millwork in residence oh  Sliaugluiessy Heights for Mr. Justice  Morrison. '   r ���������   . 6  Millwork ��������� By  Arclit.-*.     Sharp     and  Thompson,    for    external    and    internal  millwork in new Vancouver Club bldg.   I.  "MISCELLANEOUS.  Carpentry���������By Arclit. G.  B. Kaufman  Davis  Chambers,  for  carpentry  work, in  residence on Sliaugnessy Heights for Geo  li. Trorey.,  ������������������ ..,���������.,���������  5  Carpentry ��������� By Archts. Sharp anu  Thompson, 5.-!li Hastings St. AV., for, carpentry work in proposed Vancouver, Club  hldg.    '     .������������������"���������;.-'������������������ -  " y '.'���������; '   -4,-\  Decorating-* ��������� Gy Archts. Sharp and  Thompson,.-538 Hn-tings' St. W., for., decorating in proposed- 'Vancouver Club  bldg. ' -I.  PLASTEB,    PAINTING,    PLUMEIITG.  Painting*���������"By ,1.. Y. McCarter,-Archt.  care Dominion Con������t. Co..'North AVc-*t  Trust,bldg. for painting in fi sto hotel  bldg. Hastings "t. betwoen Durilevy an''.  Jackson sts, for Dr. A. A. Wilson.    ..,      3  Painting*���������By ��������� Ai'cht. G. B. ICaufmaii,  Davis Cliambers, for painting residence  on Shaughiiassy Heights for Goo.,.J3. Tror,  ey.,'   : . .    ,   -:      ' '--. ,������������������' ���������*">  Painting'���������By Archt*. Sharp "Sz Thompson, 53(1 l-lii'-tiiigs St. XV., for .painting  proposed  Vancouver .Cub  bldg.    -��������� I.  Painting-���������By Efrdell Sz Dixon, AVelton  bldg for painting ,residence on Shaughnessy Heights for Mr.  Justice Morrison.  GASOLINE AND OIL STORAGE '  The "Wayne" Gasoline and Oaf Tanks and Pump;  Sole Agents.  A..G, Langiey ;&-.Co.,. Ltd,  ,319 Pender Street  Phone Seymour 3892  essarily accepted.  Dutclier,  Maxwell -8c Co.,  Consulting  liiigincer.s  foi-  the  City, of  Duncans, li. C;  Vancouver, B. C.  Plastering-���������By Archt. G. B. Kaufman,  Davis Chambers, for plastering residence on Shaughnessy Heights, for Geo.  13." Trorey. . 5  Plastering* ��������� "By Archts. Sharp i  f)3G 1-la-tings St. AA'., for  proposed     Vancouver     Club  B. C. EQUIPMENT CO.  MacSiisiery Dealers  CONCRETE   MIXERS.   STEEL   CARS,^ ROCK   CRUSHERS,   ELECTrJ  STEAM    AND  'GASOLINE    HOISTS.      WHEELBARROWS,  TRANSMISSION  MACHINERY, GASOLINE  ENGINES  PUMPS  AND   ROAD   MACHINERY.  Phones:  Seymour  7056-7818.  Offices: GOG-607 Bank of Ottawa Bid  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED.  .   WALT������-H ftlNdEiY'.  PLUMBING, HEATING  AND'--  GAS  CONTRACTOR.-  '.3G6 Granville St.        Vancouver. B.r  'Flio-no   Sr-.ymnii.-   nocr?  PHONE  SEYMOUR 4670  DOMINION BLUE PRINT  DRAFTING CO.  35-37   Inns   of   Court   Bldg.  VANCOUVER,  B." C.  M  TERMINAL LUMBER & SHINGLE CO.  LIMITED.  MANUPACTUBEBS   OP   FINE  LUMBER AND SHINGLES  W. B. COOKE & CO.  308 Carter Cotton Bids',  Phono:    Seymour 799'  GRANDVIEW  Sheet 3V8etaI Works  Wann.Alr   HeatlniT  I'uriincPB  a-o'l   General  Jobbing'  1685 Venabl03 St. Plione Sey 5284  iip ������������������wi��������� ��������� m wi in ihiii���������ii -���������������w^��������� urn ��������������������������������������������� iiwwii���������I'na n in���������*���������������������������*������ i  IAS. MURPHY & SON  General    Fainting   and    Decorating  CONTRACTORS  Qfiflre: 112 .Crown Blflg-. Sey.  8707 |  Acme PBimsbisig & K'tg. Cc  131   Tenth  ,      DEPARTMENT  OF  WORKS.  NOTICE TO  COJ-TTRACTOBS.  Scliool, Powell River.  SKAL.ED ���������'-. TENDERS,' superscribed  ".Tender for School-house,'Powell- River,"  will be received by the Honourable the  ���������Minister, Of- Public AA'orks up' to .12  o'clock .nooi.* of..Wednesday, the .IStli day  of September. '1912, for. the erection and  completion of a four-roomed frame  scliool building" at Powell River, in the  Comox'Electoral-District,".B.C.'  . Plans, specifications, contracts, and  forms of tender may be seen on and after the 2Sth"Clay..-ot' August, .1.912; at the  offices of Dr. A. Henderson, Secretary of  the School Board,r'owell TCivei;, B.C.; tlie  Government Ag-ents, Vancouvei-,: Xanaimo, and Cumberland: and the Department of Public AA'orks, Parliament Build-  Inirs,  Victoria. ,  .Each', proposal must be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque or certificate  of deposit on a chartered., ban kof Can-  ������������������������������������a. made payable to the Honourable the  Minister of Public AA'orks, for the sum  equivalent lo 10 per*', cent, of tender;  . :i<-h snail, "be forfeited if the party  tendering' decline to enter, into contract  when called upon to do so, or if he fail  to complete the work contracted for.  The cheques or certificate"-* of. deposit  of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution of the  contract. c.;  Tender-"* wiil not be considered unless  made on tne forms supplied-, si.smed with  the actual signature of the tenderer, and  'iiclosed   in   the envelope  furnished.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  J. E.  GBIPrirH,  Public AVorks Engineer.  Department of Public AVorks,  Victoria, B.C., August ������������������������������������3rd. 1912.  bldg.   , .     f  Plumbing*���������-By Egdell & Dixon, AVelton  bldg. for plumbing , in residence on  Shaughnessy Heights' for .Mr. Justice  Morrison. ;  ��������� ' 5  Plumbing*���������By J. Y.  McCarter,  Arclit  care   Dominion   Const.-��������� Co..   North   West  Trust bldg    for  plumbing in  G sto hotel  bldg,  Hastings st.  between' Dunlevy and  Jackson  sts, "for Dr. A.  A. AVilson. , -    3 I  Plumbing*���������By Arclit.   G.   B.   Kaufman, I  Notices' for   tenders   wanted   will   be : ^avis   Chambers,   for   plumbing  in, re-si-I  published under this  heading until time . ^I,T?.or2y^"aiiehnes8.^  Hei������'llts  tov Ge%  for closing tenders lias arrived, or until '  all figures desired are in. '  No charge is made for the insertion  of notices for tenders in this. column  unless they are in the regular legal  form  of official advertisements.  CABOT'S QUILT  THE SCIENTIFIC HEAT INSULATOR  and  S3UND DEADENER  Phono  Seymour  512     HENRY DAEf L2NG  28 Powell  VANCOUVER  0-ENERAL  CONTRACT.  G-enl. Contr.���������By J. Y. Jackman, care of  AValker Bros. Xz Jackman, iMlmond--. until  Saturday, Sept. 7, for erection ofGordon  Presbyterian Church. 7 i  BRICK   ArVORK,   BOILERS.  Brickwork���������By Archt. G. B. Kaufman,  Davis Chambers, for brickwork in residence on'.Shaughnessy Heights for Geo.  E.  Trorey.     , ���������...���������.,'.,".,. .5  Ericltwork���������By Egdell & Dixon, -AVelton bldg., for brickwork in residence- on  Shaughnessy 'Heights for Mr. Justice  Morrison. ' v 5  Brickwork ������������������ By Archts.. Sharp and  Thompson," fl36 Hastings St. AV. foi  brickwork  in  new  Vancouver Club  bldg.  CLEARING- AND GRUBBING.  ' Plumbing���������By Archts. Sharp' & Thompson, 58(5 .Hastings St. AA'., tor plumbing'  in proposed A'ancouver Club bldg. ���������!.  ROOFING,   RESERVOIRS.  'Roofing���������By J. Y. McCarter Archt.  care of Dominion Const. Co, North AA-'cst  Trust bldg, for roofing 6 sto hotel bldg,  Hastings st. between Dunlevy and Jackson sts, for Dr. A. A.-AVilson. ���������  Roofing���������By Archts. Sharp rt Thomp-  .son, 536 Hastings St. VV., for roofing on  proposed  A'ancouver Club 'bldg. -I.  STONE,    STEEIr,    SEWERS,    STREETS.  Structural Steel���������By Archts.  Sharp  &  Thompson,   530   Hastings   St.     AV.,     for  structural    steel    and    concrete    in    new  A'ancouver 'Club  bldg. l -    4.  SHEET METAIr WORK.   ,  .   Sheot Metal���������By Egdell & Dixon. AA7el-  ton  Bldg..  for sheet metal  work  ir,  resi-'  dence  on   Shaughnessy  Heights   for  Mr. ;  Justice  Morrison. , ; 5i  Sheet Metal���������By J. Y. McCarter, Archt j  care of Dominion Const. Co, North West i  Trust bldg, for sheet metal work in 6 1  sto hotel bldg, Hastings st, between !  Dunlevy and Jackson sts, for Dr. A. A.!  Wilson. " 3;  Sheet Metal���������By Archts. Sharp and  Thompson, 536 I-Iiuilings St. VV., for sheet  metal work in proposed- Vancouver Club  bldg., . ������������������     ���������!.  Oifics:   Dominion   Trust  !^HB^Bp������ We are the sole manufacturer---]  ���������    1H^B Machine-made   Glazed   Cement  Set  . Pipe  in British  Columbia.  GLAZED CEMENT PIPE CO./lTD,  Bldg*.,  Vancouver,  B.  C.     Phone:   Sey.  8288  and MANUFACTURING CQ  UMITU*.  Electric Supplies and Telephones. 313 Water  TII.E, TERRAZZO, TERRA  COTTA.  'Clearing���������By Robt. A. Renwick,. dep-  iitv minister of lands. Victoria, for clearing and grading, grubbing and burning, .  ipprox. 49 acres of land in Hastings I ,., *riIe���������BT Arc)\*~ ,G- B- Kaufman,.Davis  Townsite. New Westminster tli.stiict. ' CIiamboi*.s for hollow tilu in residence  Plans and spec, on Tile with the surveyor- on ' .Shaughnessy Heights, for Geo. E.  -rener-al. -Victoria, and the timber inspec- irorey., 5  tor. Vancouver. Marked cheriue for ���������,,Terra Cotta���������By Archts. Sharp and  '.',000 is re-|iiired. Tenders received un- Thompson, 53G Hastings St. AA'��������� for  lil Saturday. Sent.  1-1                  ���������  '-   ,       '    I terra cotta  to be used  in  proposed Van-  ���������     T    ,     couvcr Club bldg. I.  Clearing���������By Dow, Fraser & Co., Ltd.,        _.. .  Wr_,.T,,(^_-Rv   a.-oi,^   oi,.,,.,,   c'  317 Cambie St.. for clearing 101 lots in ' T,��������� ��������� Sf 3. if n- ^ ',i-l  I). U 264A. Grandview. Tenders re- ^loiiipson o.,6 Hastings St. VV. for ti.e  ceived  until Sept. 9. ' alu* 1Tllll',,le '" proposed A'ancouver Club  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY LTfi  D       OFFICE WAREHOUSE AND WHARF:  PHONE SEYMOUR 8491. 1029   MAIN,ST.  Ave.   ������.  'Phone  Fairmont   537  EDWARD TIMMONS  SLATER & ROOF TILER  338���������7th Ave. W.    Phone Pair. 1257L.  EXPERT BUILDERS & FINANCIERS, LTD.  Successors   to  R. NELSON FINCH  Will   flnaiico   your  building  for   you.  Sey. 7381 207%  Carter-Cotton Bldg  OTICE    TO    COITTItACTORS,   ARCHITECTS AND M.-vTERIAIr DEALEBS  THE  HOLDEN OFFICE BUILDING  16   Hastings East.  The B. C. Electric vacates these premises for their new building and in consequence   after   September   1st   '90   choice  office-' will lie for rent in this mo'-t"dclr-  ible   oflice   building.     Centrally   located,  team   heated,   with   hot and   cold   water  n each room.    Midnight elevator service,  ���������ilso   Sunday   service.     Rents   moderate,  "or further particulars 'apply    .  ROOM   *i0f)   HOLDEN   BUILDING.       '  C. J. Bold-ridr, Agent. "-  Phone Seymour -I0S4. 31  CONCRETE ItTIXEK FOR KENT  Koehring    concrete    mixer    for    rent.  ?lione l*"air. 1 9 1S.  THE BURNSIDE :: ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-39   Oranviile   Stroet  Telephone   Sevmour  3704  J. E. Campbell & Co.  PLUMBING   &   HEATING  1 lit "e-Hnr SI. W. ?���������"���������������"! '������*n������ *������w  " Good Cheer" Circle Water Pan Furnace  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  SHEET METAL WORKERS  BUCK'S LEADER and GURNEY OXFORD  FURNACES  Phone Bay. 296 1540 5th Ave. W.  IV! URRATBROS.  PLUMBING and HEATING  721Hain Street. Ption-a Seymour 8614  ~TTTTLE & LEE  Sheet Metal Workers  Boat Tanks, Cornice, Rooflne. Furnaces,  ���������i82 Seymour St.     Phone Sey. 4458  L. G. ROBINSON  Consulting*   Eng-inoer   and  I Sey.  General Contractor  3112      211   Holden   Blflg*. |  NOTICE   TO  CONTBACTOBS  Industrial Scliool for Girls  SEALED TEN OHMS, suporscrllied  Toniler for Industrial School for Girls,"  -.vill he received by the Hon. the Minister  of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon  if Monday, lltli day of September, 1!������12,  I'or the erection and completion of an in-  lustrial school for girls.  Plan-*, .specification.s, contract and  forms of tender may be seen at the of-  .ices of the Government Agents, Vancouver and New Westminster, and the Department of Public Works, Victoria.  Intending tenderers can, by applying  to-the undersigned, obtain a set of the  drawings and specifications for tlie sum  of twenty-five  (25) dollars.  Each proposal must be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit.on a, chartered bank of  Canada, made payable to the Hon. the  Minister of Public Works, for a' sum  equivalent to 10 per cent, of the amount  of the tender, which shall be forfeited  if the party tendering decline to enter  into contract when called upon to do so,  or if he fail to complete the work contracted for. The cheques or certificates  of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will  be returned to them upon the execution  of the contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless  made out on the forms supplied, signed  with the actual signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the .envelopes furnished.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. ,  J. E.  GBIEPITH, i  Public "Works Engineer.  Department of Public Works,  Victoria,  B. C,  14th August, 1912.  Clearing���������By Williams & Murdoff,  Ltd.. 506 Ha.stings St. VV., for clearing  north side of Seventh Ave. from lane  jast of Nanaimo to Slocan St., also for  clearing south side of same street. Tenders  received until  Sept.   I.  Clearing���������By Yorkshire Guarantee &  Securities Corporation, Ltd, -110 Sey-  .uour st, for clearing 115 acres of land  in DE 113, Burnaby. Timber to be cut  and saved for firewood wherever po,s-  ible and work to be completed four  months from date of contract. Tenders  received until Sept. 3. ���������  Sxcavating,  Elevators, Electric "Fixtures  Elevator���������By .1. Y. McCarter Archt,  care of Dominion Const.'Co,. North West  Trust bldg. for electric elevator in 6  sto hotel bldg, Hastings st, between  Dunlevy and ,.lack.son'sLs, for Dr. A. A.  Wilson. 3  GRADING, GLASS, GEAVEL,  Sa*^;1. and Gravel���������By Davies & Sanders  015 Hastings st \V, tor sand and gravel  I'or C. P.  R. store bldg at Coquitlam.    30  HDWE,  HEATING,  HOSE,   KDWOOD.  Heating���������By ��������� j. Y. McCarter, Arclit,  care Dominion Const. Co., North West  Trust bldg,' for vacuum heating plant in  6 'sto ,hotel bldg, . Hastings st, between  Dunlevy and Jackson sts, for Dr. A. A.  Wilson. 3  Heating���������Gy Archts. Sharp Sz Thompson i>36 Hastings St. \\\, for heating  plant  in   proposed  Vancouver Club  bklg.  ���������    4.  IRONWORK,   INTERIOR   FINISH.  Ornamental Iron���������By Archts. Sharp rS  Thompson, 538 Hastings St. VV., for ornamental iron and bronze to bo used In  new   Vancouver  Club  bldg. ���������!.  MACHINERY,    MABBIE,    MILLWOEK.  M-ill-work���������By J. ,Y. McCarter. Archt,  care of Dominion Const. Co, North West  Trust bldg, for millwork in 6 sto hotel  bldg, Hastings' st. between Dunlevy and  Jackson sts, for Dr. A. A. Wilson. 3  bids  ���������WHABVES.  WIRING, WATERPROOFING,  Wiring���������By Egdell & Dixon, Welton  bldg, for electrical wiring in residence on  Shaughnessy Heights for Mr. Justice  Morrison. 5  Wiring���������By J.,. Y. McCarter, Archt,  care of Dominion Const. Co, North West-  Trust bldg, for electrical wiring in G sto  hotel bldg, Hastings stt between Dunlevy and Jackson sto, for Dr. A. A. Wilson. 3  Wiring���������By Archts. 'Sharp Sz Thompson, ��������� 53G Hastings St. W., for electrical  wiring in proposed Vancouver Club bld"-c  ,.     4.  mum co, lti  ENGBNEERS AND CONTRACTORS  644 Howe  St. Puone8.   Sey-  j��������� ,7M1  TENDERS WANTED.  OUT OF TOWN.  BUILDINGS.  W. J. SMITH & SON  Heating Engineers  Stoani, Hot Water & Vacuiim Systems  Phone ralr. 274-R      809-lOtn Ave. E  NOTICE  INSPECTION OP GAS PIPING  Architects, Builders and Owners are  notified that all gas piping must h-  i  tested before walls are closed in. Otherwise this company will not he re  sponsible  for  supplying  gas  for  the  building. ' .  Information  and  estimates  re  ga:  piping furnished without charge.  /ANCOUVER GAS COMPANY  New Business Dept.    Phone Sey. SOOC  Ottawa���������By Minister of Railways and  Canals, for construction of Hudson's  Bay railroad from Split Lake Junction  to Hudson's Bay terminus, approx. 215  miles. Separate tenders are'required in  accordance with a schedule on file with  tiie chief engineer of the Dept. of Railways and Canals and tit tlie office of  the Chief Engineer of the Hudson's Buy  Railway Co., Winnipeg. Kair wage  schedule and conditions must be observed and a marked'check for $150,000,  payable to the order of the Minister of  Railways and Canals, must accompany  eacli bid. Tenders will be received until Thursday,  Sept.  1-V  Victoria���������By Minister of Public Works  for erection of provincial jail at Fort  George. 21  MCHY., MISC., MATERIA!,. MARINE.  North Vancouver���������By John B. Cos-  grove, district engineer, corner Lynn  Valley and Fromme Road, for clearing  roads in D. L. G01���������GO"; for culvert and  box drain in D. L. 202G. and for erection  of fire hall in D. L. 21G9. Tenders received until Sept. 5.  PORT AIiBERNI���������By R.' P. Blandy,  city clerk for the installation of a waterworks system, including 5 miles of 16-  ln. wood stave pipe, 2 miles of steel pipe  and the lateral distribution system. Plans  and spec on file with Anderson, Warden  & Wilkin, engineers, Williams bldg,  Vancouver, and Carmichael & Moorohead,  501 Sayward bldg, Victoria. ,  VICTORIA���������Ey    the . dept    of   Public  j AVorks, provincial govt, for the con>trucr  tion of concrete sluices until Sept. 12, as  follows:  One 4 gates, in Maple Ridge district,  near the mouth of the Lillooet River;  one, 2 gates, in Coquitlam district, near  the ferry; one, 4 gates, in Coquitlam,  near the mouth of Pitt River; one, 2  gates, in Pitt Meadows district, Tract  No. 1, near junction of N. and S. Lillooet;  one, 2 gates in Pitt Meadows district,  Tract No. 2, near the mouth of the Lillooet River.  Plans and spec from the Provincial  Government Agent, New Westminster,  and at the office of the Provincial Timber  Inspector, Vancouver. Intending contractors, on giving reasonable notice to  Mr. R. D. Irvine, Coquitlam, will be  shown the site of the proposed sluices.  Victoria.���������For, construction of breakwater in Victoria harbor. Plans and  =pec. with the Dominion archt., Wm.  Hender-on, Victoria, C. C. Worsfold, dist.  engnr., New Westminster, and on application to the' postmaster, Vancouver, B.  C. Sept.  18  "     '     .'     ���������  SLABS.  PHONE SEY. 2190.  Clinton Welded Fabric  THE IDEAL REINFORCEMENT.  SEWERS. WALLS.  la;inorr!sco.  Exclusive   Pacific Coast Sales.  RESERVOIR!  406  BOWER Blil  Floor, Wall and Fireplace  TILES  Best Work and Lowest Prices  COMPANY, LTD.  Labor Temple Phone Sey. 33B<  Support Home Industries   By Specifying  THE ANVIL BSLAND BRICK CO., LTD.  BEST PRESSED RED BRICKS  ���������   Office and Works:   Anvil  Island, Howe Sound,  B. C.  SELIINO AQENT8  RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, i_TD.  PHONE SEYMOUB 91G2.    OPPICE AND WHARF GBAKVIME ST. BEIDOi  British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.  1605 Georgia St.  Manufacturers  Vancouver Phone. Seymour 6504  Electrical Contractors  'Phone,   Seymonr  2707     976 Granville Stieet  NOBTHTWESTEEN LEAGUE  Base Ball  Week Commencing* Sept. 16  VICTOBIA VS. VANCOUVEB  Recreation Park  Admission 25   and SOo  Great West Mfg. Co., Ltt  CABINET  MAKEBS  BANK, STORE AND OFFICE|  FIXTURES  Phone Pair. 1471   53 Dnfferln Bt.  Estimates Tnrnlshod  BIMS&&lll&&ffi3BSSMmmmmi!iiBaimstM!am!m!tmtwinmBnm  BammwwaAimimmiimmuMmaMBmM  -fRmmnsffinif-fi  MUIMUUHUUUUUAPI


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