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Daily Building Record Oct 5, 1912

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 - 'fl  ��������� \  'r  __ Building, Contracting, EiiigirBecB^TTg^Fl^atEon and General Improvement News  Devoted to the unterests of Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Materia! Dealers and others interested in the building trade of the N<W<  Record   Publishing   Co.,   Vancouver,   Publishers  Covering British Columbia.  Vol. 3, Ho. 99, Saturday, Oct. 5, 191S.  , Wm. N. O'Neil Company, Ltd.    ,    ���������  PRIVATE  EXCHANGE,  SEYMOUR 4795. 548, 550 SEYMOUR STREET  iHERRINGBONE LATH  WALL BOARD   '   '  iduplex HANGERS AND CAPS  IHYDROLITE (lor Waterproofing)  1L1N0FBLT  MANTELS  ORATES  TILES  FIRE PLACE FURNISHINGS  ART GLASS  |-WBiB^lw,RER0PE  THE BEST  Estimates clioci'l'iilly furnished on Tile, Marble, Terrnzzo, Terra Cotla, Structural  Steel .Brick, Uarchvoocl Trim, etc., etc.     ' ,  PLASTIC FLOORING  WATSOftlTE FLOORING  301 Pacific Bldg.     Sey.8144- ,  TROY ROOFING CO '  Tar and Gravel Roofing  Water   Proofing  v     Roof Repairing  fiV Work Guaranteed  '  Plione Seymour 7417.  814  Metropolitan  Bldo,.  WE HAVE SPECIAL CRANE HOPES POB CONTBACTOBS  THE ANGLO-BRITISH COLUMBIAN AGENCY. Ux*m  Phone Seymour 3425 Sole Agents .  318 Homer Street  Sand, Gravely Brick, Lime, Cement and Plaster  LARGE STOCK ON HAND  RITCHIE CONTRACTING  Phone Seymour 9162, Private Excliangre.  SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMITED  0������;ce  and  Bunkers,, Granville-Street  Bridge,  timber.                *neBcrlptioj).  |87~2 "sto  fr  res "....".  105���������1   sto   fr   factory   p)S���������two 2 .**to  fi*  re*   ._        '  ..    faU^P^aj^^B^JSaagOUW-TING  TO S1.C00 OB  OVER     TISITT-.T,   AT  T-FTT! VANCOUVER CITY S&ImI. YESTERDAY  r.n������t. I st--">Bt  <e drVens. tot and  Block. | Subdivision. ~  ~~   ?1'000   lf.2!)   Parker   st.   $1200   G30   ICtli   ave   M    $3000   L'203-d'J   Gravely   St....   20���������2 I    20 IA   ....   2D,   30���������2   S\V 1-1   1���������17    1S3      >cc.    IS.   P.  S. Combs   Owner   i   Contr      Contr.  Contractor.  Owner    F.  J  Harris   .R. 5-Srcl-er f.   , Dixon Sz Murray....  Morel Sz Koberts ' .1.  -\V.   Schneider   i  ....1,   SI.   !���������'  Contr  Arm strong  A.  D. Itamnjre...  Owner     Earls Rd P.O.  ..Pender Sz Glen Drive   J0G5 Dunsmuir   1S-12  McSpadden   1350  Gth ave E.  Owner.  Addrfi-js.  A. ir. Meakin -131 Glen Drive"  J. C. Reid !.....'  Earls Hd P.O.  Mrs.  J.  Latimer .-. 20G5  Hastings  Thomas  &  McBain Goo  Granville  Trustees  Methodist  church   Van.   "Wire  Works ICth'ave  13.  J.  E.  Atkins G01  ower Bldg  ALL   KINDS  OF  GLASS  Seymour 8<8$  Alca  Hard as Cement  Pure White in Color  Ft.dfColumbiaav.  EMPLOYERS LIABILITY INSURANCE  |!eneral  Agents   for  RAILWAY   PASSENGER   ASSURANCE   COMPANV  of London, England.   The Oldest, Strongest and Best in'the World.  EVERY POLICY GUARANTEED EY OVER $110,000,000 OF ASSETS'  British American Trust Company, Limited.  Insurance Department  PVioiie  Seymour 7b*20  Western Plate Glass  & Imp. Co. Ltd.  BEG. OmCEi 318 WATBB WXk  VANCOUVER, Bl C.  PLATE GLASS / WINDOW TO  Leaded Art Glass  . Thorne   Metal   Storo  Front  Boca  Bevelling and Silver-lag  ���������tore Fronts Glaxed~  Standard Glass Co. Ltd?  ��������� AET GI.AS8  Fhone Highland 791...829 Barnard St.  tarter-Cotton Bldg*.  ���������TANCOUVEK.  B.  MATERIALS TO BE USED.  TAKING BIDS FOR SYSTEM: I  IM? TTATEB DISTBIB1TTION *   [I-ql-Tji   .,r.*l jliiK-ii -,|     The   ���������followl-n8'   material  Is  mentioned  TDutcherr Maxwell   & ' Co.,   consulting *������ be nBed ln the structures called tox  nguivei-.,,   CIS   Cot'oi-s   lilrtg,   are  taking'^   tlle--Permits   above,   whose   numbers  correspond to those preceding* the following  items.  Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd  2120CEDARST.  Phone Bay. 646   "Near Sixth W  Glass importers and Manufacturers.  B. C. Manufacturers of Hester store front  construction. ^-  Phone������   7385-6 1000 Homer St  Canadian Pacific Lumber Co. Limited  The attention of Architects, Contractors and Builders is called  lo the NEW ERA REVERSIBLE WINDOWS, which we, are now manufacturers of. Call at our factory and see them and learn-of their many  advantages over any other windows made.  Factory:    Foot of Salsbury  Drive.  Jranch  Factory at  1618 Third Avenue West, Fairview. Vancouver,   B.  C.  SEYMOUR 4961  iein.ior,  in  duplicate  lor  excavating  nclies   ami   laying   pipe   required vin  ;  construction   of  a   distributing  sy-s-  n   for  waterworks   supply   at   Salmon  ���������m.    The engineers  aro also receiving  ..urate   bids, for   materials    "required!  tlie  above  work.    Bids   lnu.st, be  ad-  resse'd  to the  city clerk,  Salmon  Arm,  '. C��������� and will be received  by  tlie latter  ntll  Oct.  15.       Plans  and .specifications  re   on   file   with   tlie   consulting' engineers.  HEAVY lOCAI. DEMAND  IN CEMENT MARKET  35S7-  35SS-  .'l.lflO-  3 5 ���������'liar-9 5-  -1000  br,  1200 yds pi, 1   9bbls cmt.  -700   br.  -500  br,  100   yds  pi,  6 bbls cmt.  -3000   br,   900   yds  pi,  20   bbls  cmt.  -2000  br.  35i)7���������000 br, 250  yds pi,  12  bbls cmt.  350S���������1000  br,  1000  yds pi, 0 0  bbls cmt.  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  .    HABDWOOO   FX.OOB   GO.  Floor Layers and DenSpcora  Sey. 6853-7-Bay. 139R. 567 GriuivlU-k  ���������-  [I  i |!  '' *���������!  1  The steamer Montnra. has' discharged  IG.OOO sacks of cement for Ralfour,  Outline & Co, at Lhe G.T.P. wharf, and  the Eureka, will follow shortly with 2-1,-  100 sacks, and with an additional shipment of Hi,000 .sacks before the end of'vo:  the month, a total of nii.OOO sacks will  have been   received  by  this  firm.  Dllllculty  'is    experienced    in    Retting  ufliciont cement  to supply  tlio demand,  which  i-; unusually heavy just now. Tho  hlpment  on   the   Montara   was   entirely  cleaned  up  in  exactly  three  days.  VANCOUVER  BUILDING   PERMITS  '   Only Permits ainountlng to less .than  31000 will be found under this head.  3590���������.1. C. Donald, alter res,  115 11th  a\o 13;  Ti.  Ilutchings;   $500.  3,-)9]���������Mr.-*.  Stewart.'  1  sto fr res, 2272  Ponder E; IX. J.  Burdette; ?300.  3591���������Whitworth   Sz  Stewart,   1  sto  fr  workshop,  1005   llarri.-; st; owners;  ?100.  359G���������Mrs. ,.la.s.   ^IcGuire,   fr   addn   to  157!   fit!i   ave;  .(.  Orchard;   ?100.  3597���������.1. Smith,  1 sto fr res, 30 IS 2Sth  a\e   E;   owner;   ?500.  3599���������J. 13   Atkins, 1  sto fr oflice, 3C03  ���������lth   ave XV;   owner;   ?100.  3 (TOO���������G.   llaillie,    1    sto   fr   res,   33S3  Triumph  st;  owner;   5100.  A  C. Gardiner Johns' i & Company  BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS;  ,   , MT. DIABLO, CEMENT.! ,  SAMSON PLASTER. '   ;   ' "  PLASTER''BOARD. s *"  ' SHERARDIZED METAL LATH AND*CORNER BEAD,  TERRA COTTA, FACE BRICK, FIRE BRICK,  MALTHOID ROOFING,  PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES,  JOHNSON'S WHARF PHONES SEYMOUR 9146-47  '*a^_.  I  STEEL PLANT TO BE  COMPLETED EY NOV. 15  I'j Richards St.  J. FYFE SMITH & CO.  Phone Seymour 119tf  EVERETT SASH & DOOR CO.  tanufticturers  of  all Muds' of inter*.or sanded flnlsh and lumber and mould-  ���������  ���������      inffs sash and do jrs,   cabinet   work,   etc,  DETAIL WOEK A    SPECIALTST.  Estimates furnished from plans .and specifications.  ley, 411 311 North West Trust Bldg*. G. A. Bell, Mg*r.  Western Steam & OH Plants Co. Ltd.  1010    DOMINION    TRUST    BLD&. \      Sey.  "S70  MACHINE SHOP IN BASEMENT OF 109 POWELL ST.  Entrance in rear Phone Sey 3732  WILL   SUBLET   GAB.AGE  AND   AP:jIT.   CONTRACTS  _i_'',    ^-Jsi'SSi',    1715   Woodland    Privc.       Work i,< j*roifro<-*,sing on  the new plant  vlio   lia-*   the   wneral   contract   for   the, of  the  Canadian  Northwest  Steel   Co at  ���������rot lion of a brick and   mill  conn store j the loot of Georgia  st on  tlie south side  md apmt bid:? at 1 lth and Grtmvillc fori of Kal-sc Creek and  the company expects  I*.-.  -Mar hall,  ii  prepared   lo sublet *-ome   to ha\o It in operation by Xov.  li,.    The  )1   the  work.     He want.;  bid-; on  plumb-I si le. which will be occupied by the shops'  iii?   and   lieallncr.   wirinf?, 'roofin<?      and' and   stock   yard,   is   ] POxSOO   ft.  and  will  luct   metal   work.     .Mr.   Lannor   U  ai n'��������� bo enlarged   to   1000   ft long.     Tho  main  orci-tiiig a mirage ill ISth  and  Oriiiiville  .sliop  will  be   100x100   ft  and .will   be of.  for,   R.    .1.   Snellgrove   and    will   sublet: steel  and  timber'construction.'    The en- i  plumbing   and   heating,   wiring,   roofing,   tire   investment-will   be   about   ?!i00,0o6 '  and   sheet'metal   work.     Tlie   plastering'��������� and 'employment   will   'be   given   to   100 '  contract  ha-! .been  sublet  to  Geo.1 81;iler,-; men   in   the shops  and  23   in   the  offices'  ancl.-IUiv  hanger will  do  all' 'other ���������'work land .drafting room.1    if it i.s found neces-  on  both  job.-;  him-oll".     I'raiinton  X:. i.oi- Uiiry  to run a night shift the number of  V   Electro ,-P'la ting  ELEVATOR SUPPLV & EQUSPfVf ENT  GOmLT-P,'.:^'^..;':';  Bey. q*.79  1090 Mainland, foot of Helmcken  bert.   I'.'xchiuige   bldg,  are   the  archt**  both  bldgs. ' .  "APOLLOV GALVANIZED SHEETS  ���������'"'��������� '--.'��������� '.''."���������'   AND' . .'. -o.."  American Bessemer Black Sheets  Stock carried in a large range of sizes in Birmingham gauges  CORRUGATED GALVANIZED SHEETS  in 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 foot lengths  WILKINSON COMPANY LIMITED  Vancouver,  B.  C  on j men employed will Ijo increa-ed about  ouo-hair. The plant will be able to fabricate' about  1000  tons of steel'n month.  GREATER VANCOUVER  ELD������.  Vancouver Marble & Tile Co., Ltd.  LARGE  STOCK  OF TILE  AND  MARBLE ALWAYS ON   HAND AT  1   OUR  WORKS,  THEREBY ASSURING  PROMPT   DELIVERY.  PHONE SEYMOUR  1518 ���������  848 BEACH AVE.  PSRKITS   REACH   LAB3I!   SUM j CITY  OF DUNCAN  WILL  OITER  DEBENTURES  103 Winch Building Phone Seymour 187 - 5929  English KB & S u CONDOR " and  CALIFORNIA "GOLDEN GATE "CEMENT.  Partition Tile For A!l BuiSding Purposes  REINFORCING and STRUCTURAL STEEL.  Ltme, Plaster, Fire Brick, Tin Plate, Pig Iron Etc.  iTY MAP AND WHITE��������� P'aiJIT CO.  IJOBAFTING   TRACING   MAPS  BRILLIANT  BLUE   PRINTS  ^       Phone:    Seymour   6693  432   Cordova  Street  West  Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's  SYSTEM OF STATIONARY PLANTS  791  Granville St.  Phone Seymonr 1487  Vancouver, B. C.  ���������    '        Sole Agents.  THE DUNTLEY STORE  'Hnilfling   to  'the'amount 'of-' over  liull'j  a    million    (lolliu*.-*    wn?   started    dnrhif,'    He]it. in tlio six ont'ide mtiiiicii)iillt!es' The oil yor Duncan is taking- ten-'.cr*  'ecn.= tltiitfntr Greater Vancouver. The i iu������ to Dec. I for the piircha~e of tlie fbl-  e-tiniate-i complied in some'��������� "Instance * lowing . debentures: Klectric liirlit and  approximately, and in others taken ill-, power loan bylaw, $115,000, 2i> years; wa-  rcct from the municipal records, are as | (erworks bylaw. ^ 525.000 at 5 per' cent.,  follows: Point Grey, .f 17-1.720: South \ 2i>.year-.; scliool loan bylaw. $1 0,000 at o  Vaneouver, $162,605: Burnaby, $00,000; ' per cent, .10. years;, streets loan bylaw,  North-Vancouver City, .$ I0.S IS; North ,'?1 0.000 at 3 per cent, 1 0 'year's. The city  Vancouver District, ,$25,000; Wc.^t Van-, at tho present time is absolutely free of  ccuver District, $15,000. ,. indebtedness,    hai   assessed    hind   value  t-  and improvements to the. amount of $],-  TvIORE   CARE  REQUIRES ! 3S7,5S0  and a population  of about  1,500.  IN HANDLING POWDER   The.'1012  tax rate is .7 1-2  mills, general  Tho   municipality   of   Burnaay    gives J r"u--   an(i   *J--'-:   mills   school   tax.     Fur-  notice that henceforth contractors  using.1"-'1' P������'*tii:ulnrs may be had from James  KOEHRSNG  CONCRETE   MIXERS"  ARE THE  BEST.    ASK THE OPINION OF THE  60 Satisfied Users  In  Vancouver  '. " ,. PRICES  ON   APPLICATION  CANADA f OUNDRY GO. LTD.  1065  Pender  St. Phone   Seymour 571f  l|  "USE  BLACKWEIiL'S  LINES"  E. G.  BLACKWELL Builders* and Contractors' SuppUos  108 ALEXANDER STREET Cor^ Bead^ToK^D^llf IW '  Vancouver, B. C. wnia-mette Donkey Englnoa.  Phone Seymonr 1733. Blaisdell Vacuum Clcanorn.  See me about Ready ROOFINO.    I have the best in the market.  pee Brick To Order. Any Size, Shape and Color Desired  powder must obtain a license for its  use or el *e employ a licensed powder  man to handle all explosive's. The order ii signed by Fred. L. MacPherscn,  municipal engineer, and follow.'* a number of comp'.-lints concernlns the alleged  cnrle'-sness of contractors in . handling  powder.  Greij;, city clerk.  E/iCTORY   AT'KOOS'S   JAW.  Phones  15  86  16  DEALERS IN T  CRUSHED ROCK, SAND AND GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  New 'Westminster, B. O.  17. 1'41S  915  Main  St.  BTTIIiCINa IN X.ETn3EI3t7,E  T.KTHHKIDGH,  ADTA.���������P,uildins  permit-;   for  the  fir t  nine  month;-  of   1912  | an-.ounuted   to   $1,113,883.  MOOSK J AAV���������The Morley Twine and !  Jluchiiiery C^o., Sioux ,City. Iowa, will!  erect a plant hero to be completed In time!  lo handle the 1913 trade. The 'factory!  bldg-*. and warehouses will occupy a five:  acre tract and fjive employment to 100,  person-*. The Canadian company will;  opcrale under the title of tlio Canadian;  Cnrdacro Co.. .Ltd. Harry Morley Is sec- !  rr-tnry   treasurer  of  thej concern.  Electric Moists,  Gasoline Hoists  And ESevators  In AH Sizes  365  Water Street  MMiM?$M  Phone  Sey. 3237  /���������\ r? ���������''���������'!'; ���������  Jl;;; /'  if -j'.!.     :  III' 'j   k  % :  I ���������  > > -  i i  ���������   ! *  I-.' f !  Mi  i /< ��������� >������������������  |.-4-f '  ,'Mf'i  W%(Z\-  l;'iS?i  i,������;J  iH('  1  Kit  ���������f  I? j  \\\  till  ,1'  F  ���������:ii*-V--;:  Z:    J",-- ..."  -%������mSH COLUMBIA  OATE.Y    BUILOING   R������COSli.  Published Dally Except Sundays  ���������ttSOOSS P-0BI.ISHING  COMPANY  DAILY BUILDING RECORD.  hMH-rosa:  583 Homer-Richards  Lane  "Rear of 431  Dunsmuir Street  Telephone Seymour 7808  -SUvhacription Price       -        $1.00 a month  Payable In  Advance  BUILDING  PERMITS:  Permits for the various municipalitle������  ^JrtU appear under this head on the fol-  ^OwItik days:  Monday���������Victoria.  Tuesday���������South Vancouver, Victoria,  ���������N-yw Westminster.  Wednesday���������North Vancouver, Point  ���������WW, Victoria.  Th-urKdny���������South Vancouver, Shaugh-  "tt*������R6y Helfrhts, Victoria.  "T������o*n will save two dollars "by paying*  ^4 your ia" advanoc for tlie Record, oe-  %VIA������b saving* considerable time and the  ���������JMaxoya-oce of paying1 a small bill each  ���������KaBemth. Sixteen and two-thirds per cent  *������-������rotty o-ood interest on vour money,  ���������������������������>* it? worth saving1! The price for  *$m*> ytMir noid in advance is ten dollars.  i.TjnrrBEE,   SHIPPING   SEED.  lifEW  WESTMINSTER���������A   new   shlp-  .-Jihig- shed for dry,  finished  lumber  will  'be *e*rected at the Brunette Sawmills, Sap-  '"-Tpe.'rteri.      Work    on   driving    the   piling  YjfcStm Monday.    The shed  will cost ap-  ^���������"jTOXlTnately $4,000,   An increa-e In business   within   the  past   few   months   has  -^nade necessary the enlargement, of the  ''ftitMrinsr facilities of the concern.     The  ^Fr^-ieT River Pile Driving Company will  -'%ftt in the foundation for the warehouse.  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  - Fire Brick, Fire Clay; Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  99   B3H11  B  FfcO-tf*  ������<  CONTRACT BONDS Promptly Issued by NATIONAL SURETY  COMPANY,  OP NEW YORK.  "Santa Cruz"   BLUE CROSS Cement.  British Columbia Produces  The Best Lime In  All North America  S9.5 % PURE  201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg.  Pacific Lime Company, Umitsc'.  VANCOUVER.   B.   C.  Phone   Sey.   9506  Producers Rock & Gravel Co., Ltd.  Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAY.       ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD.  OFFICE AND BUNKERS FRONT AND MANITOBA STS.  Head   Office  and   Bunkers:  Store  St., foot of  Chatham  Phone 305 Victoria.  B.  C.  Vancouver Office and Bunkers:  Front  and   Manitoba  Sts.  Phone  Fairmont 552.  Plans for Buildings iii this Table are in the I-binds of the Architects,   and    l.he    Date    Given    for . their.  Completion is Approximate only.    When, the Contract is Let. Name of ^Contractor is Given in Last Column.  SUBDrVXDE INTO WABBS* .  >70RTH VANCOUVER���������The city coun-  "���������fcJl has "completed a draft of the pro-  ^pos-al-to subdivide North Vancouver into  -Si* wards. The scheme will shortly be  ^���������resented to the ratepayers in the form  ������������������ot b, bylaw.  LIENS FILED.  ������������������&. *W. Ro-lo vs Wm. Currio; lot 13.  '>>>k 5-64, DL 526; $G0.  V. Barranoff vs T. E. Finlay et al; lot  ���������1'T. bite  17, DL  541;  $42.50.  ���������Ijolvn Timmons et al vs W. A. James;  3*9* 28. blk 128. DL 540;  $35.  "Fourth Ave. Plbg. Sz Htg. Wks. vs  ^���������r--*. J. Forster; lot IS, blk 62, DL 5-10;  *$1-7S. %   -  Telephone  1318 Wliari  CANADA MOSAIC TILE CO.  Manufacturers Of  "ArgtHa" Mosaic Flooring Tiles  L045                                                                                                                 F.  O. Bos  Street                                                                                       VICTORIA,  1171  B. O.  Character.  .Estimated   Cost  -J3O-0TH VANCOUVER PERMITS  S^U���������O. Elken, -1 sto fr res, lot 27,  "������lfc D of 27, DL 391-2; owner; $1500;  '���������furnace.  '5:242���������IT. H. McKInron, box M79 city,  1-sto fr res; lot 10, blk C, DL 703; own-  -���������i&r:^200. ' '  "S2li���������t-r. B. Wewolf, 1291 .Sevmour st.  ."J ���������sto fr re*, lot 3, blk 7, DL 051; owner;  $1800:  furnace.  32S*!"���������A, Croker, City Heights, 1 sto  -fr re<*. W 5, blk 3G to 43, DL C31-2:  <6wnori $SO0.  ���������S!������4*S���������HiclT.ctt Xz Wat'-in,-, Xorth  ���������Jrw, Yv stable; lot? 1 and 2, blk 3, DI.  "2W>**  ���������owner;  $200.  H2S1���������7ol*n Bel', 1 "to fr "tub'e, loi  '���������^���������d,  blk C. DL 726; owner:  $200.  ****' >M|   iCCRPORATION   OF    POINT   GREY.  The Council is prepared to receive  -*#i'ilei'*> r*" t" s n rri. Monday, October  5-Ub, for the follcwlnp:���������  Construction of a 6 ft. bo.T-d fence  'ftround a portion of the Municipal Hall  sgTovrnd".  Clear/nc* i*oad������ ap'l lane-- in D. L. 139  ���������w-ft'-t ot Blenheim  Street.  -r-?pec-fttontion������ and further in-cormation  ������������������j- be obtained from the Municipal En-  ���������-rf/'ter.  T<*n'f������-r.'������ piu"*t be. accornpqniefl bv a  ���������"*-w"'������ It of 5 per cent, of the amount  tuttOtered.  Henry CTot-i,  Co-mptrollor'.  ���������V*"**-?"^   HnP.  Vcrrl -dale, B.  n.,  v3*tober  2nd,   1912.  Sisters of Good Shepherd   S bto cone ulllce   3-sto apt h-*e    li-sto brk oflice  bldg-  ..  0 sto.  oflices     ���������j-sto   hotel   add   ;i-sto brk apmt   S sto cone club bidg   Prov.   Girls'   Home   J-actory  bldg.  & plant   3-stu, fcOxUU, apmt   Police Headquarters  ;   3 sto bank & oflices,   10 sto Ateol & concr officer    10   sto  store .*.   Brick   Church      Women's  Club      Power plan I    University  bldgs      Steel   bridge      Hippodrome'   Slone church    Convent       JO sto.  theatre Sz offices   10-sto  ol'c   b.dg   7-sto  cone   bids'   Cold   storage  plant   Bridge     I-sto  -.tore &  lofts   10 sto oflice bldg   15 sto office bldg   1 sto. concr.  apmts   S-sto   brk  oflice   bldg   3-sto   apmts      5--to   hotel   bldg   1-stu brk apmts   -.'-sto  fr apmts   .'i-sto  brk-stone  ros   10-sto brk apmt hse   *!-hto   office   hldg   (i-sto   whse   bldg .'  'i-sto store St rooms   (i-sto  cone  add   s-sto steel & brk  oflice bldg..  Stone church   Itmg   house      I to 10-sto cone stores & rooms  Hrk  and stone ch u rch .���������-.   75,000  ....$200,000  6(i,000  200,U00   $50,000  liu.UUi*  40,000  , .$35ip.ii(l0  100,000  ...$250,000  75,000  17 5/000   150,00u  ...   500 09'.  -.2,000,000   $35,000  150,000  696,000  ������.0,000  laO.nm  ...$500,000  .....'$25,000  ...$100,000  ...$375 000  l.UOO.OOH  ??5.nm>   $65,000  2.100.000  "5.000  ..$350,000  ...$550,n0'<   $75,000  11 ti.noii  55,000  6U,0Oi  75,00(  22,000  20.00c  ���������50.00U  230.00"  36,000  50,000  60,one  85,000  50.U00  21,00'.  100.000  100,000  Location  , Owner  Point  Grey :............ .i... ..ii.....  Hastings Sz Hornby...... K. A. Mbrri<  Kitsilano T. H. Calland  New   West in in.-'ter ..Peoples Trust, Co.  "I-Ja.itings  St. IS. ;.Mrs. C. Dawson  Hastings  and  Main L.  L.  .Ui'.la  Ha-tings  st   E   Georgia & Burrard st- V.  M.  C.  A.  Govt '.  Hastings  Townsite  Coquitlam   Call  Switch  Co.  Victoria Lindsay & Koberit.  City of Vancouver Poweil  si  Huotings   &   Carrall '.Merchants   Bank  Seymour Street,....  Vorkslnre Guar. Corp.  Georgia & Granville Hudson'Bay Co.  Cedar Cottage Pre-byterians.  Thurlow   St    Women's   Clubs  Kamioops  City-  Point  Grey    Province  Georgia-Harris  st    " City  Gran. & Pac....Brit.-Can. Amusement'' Co.  Victoria ..:  St. Barnaba-s  Haro  St Church   of  Holy   Roiary  Undecided   .Alex. Pantages  Howe Sz Dunsmuir....Can.  Home Inv.  '.Jo.  Howe st IB.  C.  Bible Society  Rifhards Sz Pacific...Brit.-Can. Securities  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Pender, m* Columbia. .Story Sz Campbell  Ha-tings   &  Abbott A.   Grossman  ���������Richards   &   Ha.stings....Inv.   Guar.   Corp.  We-t End  >..L. K. Laurie  Blk   12,  Ha  t.  St. .McDoucral  &  ijanipron  Xo.   Vancouver Stevenson   Bros.  I'oweli   and  Hcatley  st   \lbcrnl  st McNeil   Bro-  50S-1S Sonilin Drive Savainar Bro-  Sliaiiglinessy Hts ".    Dr.    Robt.   Telford  Victoria Dom.   Tru.st   Co  AVater st   Seymour,   near  Dunsmuir. . .D.   Campbell  Victoria S. Jones  200  blk.  Hastings   E   Shaughnessy   llts    Methodists  Powell and  T-Tawkes Chas.  I-'utnani  Homer Sz Georgia  Sts E.  Mahon  Cari and Pei.der. . . .Church of St. Janie-  Architect . . .. .... ... .  Wellington ���������'&' Wheatley.......  Tlio ,'��������� i-iuoper. ....:.  Wi'F. "G:'i.*diner..:-..;..   Gardiner   Sz   Mercer.. ;  ���������).' jjuw-oir .........:.i........   P. M.  Bender.'.....   Jones  & Beat.on   li.  S.  Grilliths   A. A, Cox  :   Owner ���������>      kobt.  Knipe   Loctor, Stewart Sz Davie...."..  boiucrxeii  Sz  .Putnam   Somervell .&  Putnam   Burke,  Horwood & AVhitc  Horel & Roberts   Not  elio.-un   . . :   Ihitcner & Maxwell   Not  cho en      C. A. P. Turner, Winnipeg.  M.  de  1-r. Duval  :'..  Jones & Beat on    J.  J.   Dnnnellan     U. il. Priteca, Seattle   Not   chosen   C.   P.   Jones    :.  Not" cho en      John   Woll'p-Barrv Now  XV.  T.- Whiteway   Russell,  Babcock Sz Rico   Russell.  Babcock &  Rice   Jone** &  Beatson   VarSiclun * Macomber    Townsend Sz Townsend    M. D. Campbel!   Townsend   &   Townsend....  Townsend   Sz   Townsend <.. .  W.  1"   Goodfellow   W.   M.    Dodd   1-1.   S.   Griflitl:   II.  B.   Wat-on     Ilumh   Braunton     Thos.   Hooper     Parr.  McKenzie it Dav   G.   A.   Horel   il.  D. Campbell    \V.   F.   Gardiner   Alexander & Brown \V  . .Flans Beady  ...Bids closed  ...Bids closed  ..Bids ?Clo -e-.i   .......''...NOW'    Xow  '7  " N. A. G. "  Roof Compositions  For Waterproof ing Or Fireproof ing  345  Water St.  ."''���������' Vancouver'  132G Wharf St.  Victoria  iiatiW  *.>i-  PERFECTLY VENTILATED  itfuiaAaiiEaEgagpg  being draw n   Ian.,   191,'i   Ian.  1913.   Jan.  1913   Delayed  ......... Delayed   ...Delayed  ..-������������������->.. . Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Tndellnilf   Indefinite   lndelluilc   lndelinite  . . .Indefinite  . . .Indefinite  ..... Indefinite   Indefinite  liting fund  ARCHITECTURAL TERRA COTTA  PRODUCT OF  THE NEW YORKAKCHITECTURALTERRA COTTA CO.  Supreme For Quality  REPRESENTATIVE FOR B. C.  418  Pacific   Bldg.        Vancouver,  B.  C. Phone  Seymour 5021,  Less Space Required  For Beds  Ve^tiSatiosi Simple aeid Perfect  PERFECT CONCEALED E3EL> CO.  *"  Display Room. 570 Granville St.,                                           VANCOUVEB, B. C.  Phone: Sey. 5092  CHE   TOI.I.CWIHG   TABIE   SHOV/S   B 1JII.*DIIICrS    COSTING   $SOOO   OR   OVER,      OM*      WHICH      CONSTRUCTION     IS  ���������NTDER   WAY,   OS   ON  WHICH  CONTR iCTS   HAVE   BEEN   LET   BUT   CONSTRUCTION   KOT   YET    STARTED.  ��������� haracter     Cost   Iiocation        Owner Architect       Contracto  CITT OP S'lMOIT ARM, B. C.  "5&***ae:*:s for Steel Pipes and Pittlng-s.  "Ssal-ed. Tender-* in duplicate, marl-ed  "**"/"--*n>aer--: for Steel Pipe=* and Fitting-'."  ���������jx-Ptre-iKecl to tlie City Cleric, Salmon Arm,  sr-*.f'j be recei\e<l up. to 4. p.m., October  ?-*���������'���������''���������. fcr tTle material r^ni-ir������'l f-or the  ^Cw-te-r supply sytcra In the City of.'Sa'-  ~\i',f   ' mi,  R. ���������"'. ���������    ���������  ct*laln---  and Specllcatlon'*  may  be "en  '*������<. the   office  r. '   Me   *r-.   Du flier,   Mat-  ,>'*U;.!:-. Co.. Suite 6:8 Rogers Bldg.,-Van-  ���������!Mi������������ve:s, CB.". ��������� "-    .     .  .'*. ec-Wrd   cheque   i%   on    the    total  iowS't-rt   ������<*   tender,   to   uccompiiry   r-a"li  "teTi-fler.     The  lowf' t   or   any   tender  not  "������i<^������ <-arHj"  accepted.  xllt   cxxy vt s^raroN abk, b. c.  ���������JDuc-Coi'S    fer   S*-c*vatiii.T   Pipe   Tiencli  niu'. Hayi-fli* Pipe.  ?rul������l Ten-er', In duplicate. Tor Kx-  >������������������������ :\tirifi* Fire Trerch nnd Laying 1-Mpe-*,  .i������"*.lfe -sid to the City Clerk, Salmon Arm,  fe. 'C, wl I he received up to 'I p.m.,  i'**K.I)ei* rStli. for the. labor required In  .'V*-"-- cciirtructlcri of the Pipe Dine and  1 / vUiuOrtr Sv tern for the Water  ���������S'Vl'ly ���������������������������'' fie City of Salmon Arm.  .������. ccrtl^ed checiue of $300 to auconi-  itevy each tender. T''e owe. t or, any  . **c trrier- ret  nece "arlly  accepted.  T>������.n<-- nnd SnFo'aca tlcp r*a*- he -con.  '*���������* 'ho r<H<;������ of Mi^-t*. Mavwell & Co.,  Sol-to ������1S. .Rogers  ldg.,  Vancouver,   B.  C.  WI&'CO������/Y������ff'FL00AC0  .arsityrHitfG ��������� f������BrA/B///f-To-  Z^T������.<iOffS .' OF - WOO������>-  mMOl/V������ffFl0OA C0  ���������OB/G/BA/. ��������� BESfGJVS ��������� /B'  .   fVELBS��������������������������� AA/D-BOBDEBS  mNCOl/V������R FLO0ffC0  OFF/GE ��������� ABB ��������� FA CTOB Y ���������  -W"*ANi> G������������jV OP/V������ ��������� FA/P.   /G/S **  Hospital      Brk.   &  concr.' church   I3r.   school    hldgs   Immisrntior   bldg      S-sto office bldg      300,000  10-sto Hotel          520,000  Water  extension          760,000  Convent           300,000  3-hto stone & cone  bldgs       750.000  H-.sto  hotel    1,000,000  Power  plant          500,000  .letty          171,000  5-.sto <tore and offices       10O.000  Concrete   docks       1.000.000  10-sto cone apmts      400,000  G <*to store-room 'bldg $115.000  S-sto brk  business   bldg         SO.00U  5���������,to  garage           75,000  7-sto   apmt   b.dg       135,000  G-sto   brk   apmt   bldg       12.J.00U  6-sto brk  sto & rmg hse        SO.000  6-sto brk hotel       100,000  G-.sto  bank  bldg       100,000  ���������i-sto    hotel            100.000  G- to brk hotel '.      100,000  \dd to Cecil  Hhode.-: school.... i*>,ui*n  7-sto   aiMiits           1U0.00'  Urv    duck            260.0(h  Vlise bldg         75.001  S-������to   brk   apt * 250.0m  '���������Irk   school   bldg  .        OO.OOi-  'awson     chonl   ...':.....'.        I5fl.nn  10-sto cone olfice bldg        350,Olh-  '  S-  to     chnol  adds..'       l ���������.ni.Oiii-  6   sto   brk   ai'mts :$S.-i.niH  l-'-'to  stone  and   brk   hospital..    s225.00''  :-sto apmts : ..... ������������������������������������; 60.fl0u  -room   school   bldg        53.G1M  Depot & olllces  .   I.onri.ii">-  ��������� t   Pres.   Church.   Victoria....    '100.000  'rame   Church   ...:.. '. 1......1 5.00"  .'one.   Llglithou  e ....'. : ..$'.'2,00(1  l ..to brk store Sz rim..: .....:..S.G1,0<10  ���������I  sto   brk   apnit .......$60,00'  .1 sto  fr  -'to  ft  apmt?..... $1 '.'.OO'-  I    sto    brk    apmts ���������. 15,000  !  "to   relnfpvc--"-'- fr.nor  theatre.'...  " ��������� <  ��������� s-lo. hrk. store .t apmts $70,000  3    tn  hrk  --tores  it  oflice' $10 00')  * fire hn'-'s .      .    ......... .... 4-. r> < i'  5- to br Sz mi'l  con.str, hotel    ���������.<���������->.fine  ���������hlb   bldg     :.....'       230. OOn  323.000 Burrard it Comox SNters of Charity    R.  F.   Tegen Xorton   Grlinth  ....$75,000 \ Ictoria    Congregational    lire cir.ai n   it   Durl'ee T.   II.   Brown  ..SI00.000   Pt.  Grey  We tern   he;.  Scliool'* Alaclure it Fok J. J. Dinette it Cu.  .$3(in.nn0    ������������������Valerfrunt V.C. P.  R. Sz Dom. Gov.   Contr-.    We  tingliou   e,   Church,   Korr Cu.  WIL-KENS-ON COMPANY- LIMITED.  8<G BEACH' AVE.   . '" PHONE:    SEY, 7915  CARNEGIE STEEL BARS PLATES, ETC.  REINFOXCING STEEL FROM STOCK & IMPORT  D. E. S. Co.  CHAIN   BELT  MIXERS, Concr*le Skip, Buckets, etc.   Gasoline Saw  Rigs, Reversible Buiklei-s' lloists, M.tcrtial Elevators, Portable Hand Derricks, Gasoline Trench Pumps, Whe ilLarrows, Concrete Carts.  LARGE  ST03K  CARRIED.  Sey. 7155  839  Beatty ^Street.  CO.  Cor. Robson.  ^.fcASEB KITES PHiE DKryiNG CO.  ;���������?.  A.  Jones,   Kgr.  ���������^���������fc-arf   BniJdi.-n-j*   and    (Je3oral    Con-  Btrn otioa V/o-lt; "Pile "Ponndatlons  a Specialty; Estimates Pnr-  uiaLed  ������*w ���������Weaiiiulnster,  B.  C.  ���������'���������"SU &48 G33 Clarkson St.  TIlTn      'P...|f.t-    p,}  Melville & Burrard.... ...W. H.   Ramsey  Seymour Creek.. .. i. .City of Vancouver  Point  Grey..-.. .Sisters of Sacred  Heart  Victoria,  B. C.. .Provincial  Government  Georgia arid Granville.........-. .C. P. R.  Pundledge River. .... .Canadian Collerles  Steveston  .Dom.  Govt,  Victoria ..' T. N. Hibben & Co.  .North   Vancouver.' i...... ..... .Jas.    Fell  Georgia & Hornby. ........ . . .Mr. Evans  XE cor Homer it Duns..Wilson &'.Harris  Hastings   st   .Jas.- Borland  Thurlow and Alberni Beggs Auto Co.  Thurlow and Haro. ..... .T.  F.  Paterson  I127  .Kobson.  Chas.   G.   Mulier  Gore &, Hastings ..Hooper & Snider  Hastings and Dunlevy.'.Dr. T. H.-Wilson.  Hastings  and   Main..;.;-. . Jiolspns  Bank  Abbott & Pendrill -......-..: ..T. Mathews  Keefer & Gore... . .Mrs. W.' Sanford  City '..'...-.". ........:....-.. .Sciioui t>i-ai'i.l  Bute  Sz   N'elson. . . .... .Lightheart   Bros.  ���������'rlnce  Rupert. ..:....... .G;  T.  P.  R. R.  Davie   and   Hamilton....Oti i-Fen.some   Co.1  i.'cach  it Chilco st ...A.   D.  Goldst'oil  Tipperary  Park,  New  Westminster.    . ...  'VranVi'l'e & Ge'orsrlii.'. fl"Rir':' is'nri--' i.td  So.   Van....'. ' So.  Van.  School  Board  Ifa'-tings' &  Jackson... ...A.   G.   Fene.a  ��������� eu-   v\ ������ -tiniii  ier. lioy.  CoUimbia   Mciip  ardero & Comox.  IX I. 3������l :   ���������fr.-iuv I'-p Sr '"'ordn'a.  Quadra it   l^irguard...  So.. Vin'cnuver       Pt.   Atkinson   burne ...  G 10-1 0th a\c  W   'fas-IO'.Granville   burrard   Sz   Fvelci.-JTli.'..  IX  IX Hvitchinsor   :CH\   .....C. PR  ....I.st   Pre-liyterian   Bapti  v;   Doni-t G('\ I  .....: Mr.    Gi'iiiht'   I.  G.  Cha'tH'M*   ...H.  IC.  Selniai-  R.  T.   Roger  'cr Pt.  XV.-.; .M'I'Ho't  X-   l;'n'lcv  ���������f.1 Scvii'our SL...D. S. Sz IX .1. McDach'air  I'drn onpi       s--"d'c:ii  \  I'   II.  RcTM-ve ...Stewart it Cromie  l-Ta-'tlnijs hot .lac!-  on &   'ai*l  Henry l'"r  'fii--'tlnij-i   <ind    Mori'.liy.. Vnncnii ver   Clnh  Thos.   Hooper.  L. !���������;. Gordon.  ILL. Stevens Co..  A.   J:   Bird ....  Hugh   Braunton..-.  X. A. Leach   owner  IT.   S.   Grifliths Xbrton-Grilliili-   ('���������  Quandt  it, Cr(:utzor.....,...l','erro.   Const.   Co'  \V.  S.   Lea. Burrard Engr.  Co.  et  al  C.   G.   Badgely... S.   J.   Lund  F.'M.  Rattenbury.. .McDonald  & Wilson  W. S.' Painter  .Skene & Christie  Company........... .Grant-Smith   it   Co.  Go\;t.   Engineer...........'..........'.T.   F.   Sinclair  Thus". Hooper..Sound Conn, it Engr. Co.  .... . . . . ..... . ... .. . ������������������-;��������� XTorton   Griflitlis  E.  S. Mitton. . .'.-. .���������'���������.*... .i.-Eifdell   Sz Dixon  Dalton & Eveleigli. .... .Baynes & I-Iorie'  Parr, McKenzie it Day. .. .. .B.  David  on  L. E. Gordon.-...;...Dom. Const.  Supply. Co.  W. D.Van   Siclen. . . .-. . ,Dom.   Cone.   Co.  D. Van Siclen'.. .Dom._C'onst. Co., Ltd.   Frantz Const.  .Dom. Const. Co., Ltd;  .'...H..L.' Stevens Co.  .'-. ;R. McLean Sz Co.  .. ....... F..   G.   Albin   M'cLain  it Co.  .'.  .. ..   Owners  'o.   Ensrnrs. . . .Britr-di   X.   A.   Const.   Co.  Thos.   Hooper .-...McDonald   &   Wilson  VV.P.White..Booker,. Campbell  Sz Whipple  Gardenerl& Mercer ........ Adkin  on it Li I  X. A. Leech..Canadian Ferro Cone ret" <"*'  Somervell & Putnam '..Xorton-Griflltlis  J.  K;  Bowivan  AlcPhaion' lirn .  P..  IT.  Porl.ins     Davis, Sanders it Co  S. B.  Birds .'.  Adkinscn it Dil  It. Jl.  I*"ripp   I-". J. Kelly it Son  X. A. Leech..Booker. Caniphel   it Whipple-  Ceniir *....A\'e tingliouse,. Cluirch.  Ken* Co  W. , It;, AYIh-on... Par"tt   Bro ,  .1.  P.  .Mathc on  & S'*n ...Mr.  Thomp -on  Govt..........i'tourke,   McDonald  Sz  Aloncrie  Rnsse'l,   Babcock & Rice... A.   William  I'erry Xz. Xlcelai ' :..E.-.1.   Ilyni  '.   I".   Alalho on  .t Son   Alc*'Zi-  SniH  K.   Bryan J.  H.   Vlckcr  IO.  W.  IIoiiKllton ' I. .!.  ������������������"������������������in-IV.    'on. '*  I-'.'.I.   Pi-ier -...-.'...U.   McLean  it Co.  O. B.  Kuiirniann..W. Can. Tru A Co., A-,'t-  G.   I"    B"Wlo Adam*-- Cfin   f. Cc.  I-'.   If.   Pcri-in-' K.   .1.   Lund  Sharp .t Tliomp on Xorton Grilliths Co'  The Imperial Agencies Corporation  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND NOVELTIES  CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  Phone Sey. 6122   ,    VANCOUVER,  B. C.        409  Hastings St. W.  (Rear)  Vancouver. Kocfing Co  Contractors I or  ar and Gravel, Roof Inc. Da;, pproof'np  Expert Roofing: Repairing  Sheet Metal Worlc of all -Descriptioiu  Pactqry,   1,921   Triumph   High.- E09E'  Vacuum Cleaner Plants, Churoh.,1  IiOdg-e and School -Furniture. Theater!  and Opera Chairs. Metal tiOckerBj  tnd   Office   Fixtures.     Wall   Burlapa,  Phone, Sey. 5476      532 Fender St. W.  HEATING AND VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office Suite 614-615-616.  B.-nk'.of Ottawa BuHding*.  B.C. Screen & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.  SLIOIMQ AVO CXIZMIHT WINDOW SC??EE 43  C:-������UJ������CH A-O LDDGE FUR>ilTUa������  STORE AND OFFICE FITTINGS  266   Dufferin   Stroet  East Phone. Fairmont 1643 VAJTCOTrVBH,   B.  C'  ALL KINDS CF  Wholesale and Retail  Tlie Contractors' Powder Supply Co.  Phone Sey. 4105  310 Richards St.j  Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel  Office: Sey. 4534 429 PENDER STREET WEST   ' Bunkers; Say."6751  G. E. BRENNAN & CO.  T jrnbuU Elevators & Lcweratorc  Contractor's Materia! Kcists in, Stock.  :-. 3"9 Pender St.     Phone Ser. G910.  CARPENTERS  Contractors, BurMers 3"d  Others   P4n"',\rst   C=*'"f,',������,ters  RIMG SEYMOUR 13EO  No Office Fee   Coirc^'-nt Kelp  FURBISHED  i- 1JU-J   AND   IUJRGLAR   PROOF  s-rES  See  ���������T. G. FAiir^ELL  "���������"���������B������-   ������!<���������������   "ypi ";P7  Rn-i-niltnTi  St  m  BUILDING MATERIAL  SAND.   GRAVEL,   CEMENT, f LIME,   BRICKS,   ETC.  Office and Store: 1527 Main Street  Phone Fa!rnront 1050  Vancouver B. rfj      .���������  .���������)#r$v  WsJk,  -���������.Jiw.". DAILY BUILDING RSCORD.
'he "Wayrae" Gasoline and Oil Tanks and Pumps.
Sole Agents.
[hone  Seymour 3892
319 Pender Street W.
Support Home Industries, By Specifying
Office and  Works:   Apvil   Island,  Howe  Sound,  B. C.
Alexander & Brown, Faniieid Bids	
Badgoly,   Cv D.,  Rigg��-Seiman   Bids 7
Barber &."C;trbci, Xi nil  Vancouver	
Barker, 1-1.  Jl..  Hutcainson  Bklg	
Bayly,' G.  Jl., Dom.  Trust,Bldg:	
���^ird.   A    .1     Winch  Bldg..."	
Eirds,  S.   B.,  A. Z.1.B..D., Z05-G  Durcan Elder.
EinLt-ni.eau, w. a..   715 Gamble St *:	
Biaokadder,  if.. ������ So.   Vam-ciuipr	
Blaci-n-ore,  IS.   E.,  306  Loo   Bldg.	
"i-iir    P'i.1'1 ;-���������.'   Pender   W	
Bowie, G. P., 200-07 Bank of Ottawa	
in/h...ui., j. tx., crown mag	
Brauiuon  Sz  Lieberl,  M   Lxehange  Bldg.
.Sey. SS31
.Sey: 5643
.Sey. 42SS
..Sey. 4897
u   R   Jlorrison,  712  Richards  St Sey.  2151-2152-
Vo Van. Coal & Supply Co., 5C Lonsdale,. .X. V. I9S-J .!,
\Vm. S. O'Neil! & Co.. 548-50 Sevmour St. .Sey. 4795-479iv
({itchie Contr. & Sup Co.. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 910.
R. V. Winch & Co.. Ltd.. Winch Hids. .... .Sey. 279-194"
....Sey. 2379R
. . . .Sey.   .': H3
 Sey.  3510
 Sey.  5028
. Sey. 3
C. Hardwood Floor Co., 557 Granville!
C.   Lumber Corp.,   Ltd.,''1605   Georgia..
C._Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bld--
65u 1
Xewton & Gieer,
British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.
505 Georgia St.
Vancouver Phone. Seymour 6504
inadian and A merican Contracting and investment Co..
Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work.
Quality Work, Right Prices  and Promptness Guaranteed,
gne Sey. 8480 Oface;   104 Empire Bldg*.
5*1 I
���: t>
SI 53
i; :i .*;.-,
Bre-enumn .t .' "rlee. Hidden Bid's:. & Victoria.Sey. 22U:
Bryan,   Kennerliy, .���Northwest.. Trust:.:...::...... .Sey.
Brjan   Sz   Gii'm.ii, N.W Tr l, and Victoria Sey.
Campbell, M. D. Exchange Bklg...... ':-....- .....Sey.
'ua.,  .wtnur A.,  Caller-Cotton   Bldg. ....Sey.
Lialton  &   Kwiplgli,  I'nvi-. Chambers Sev
imwson,  J.,  Ho.deri Bidg ....Sey.
Doctor, ,\V\ . A;, Art.-* Sz Crafts Bldg ......:............Sey.
'"in,  W    ���������.    < 'mi. Rank 'ii Cu:nmtM'ce......   ..'.Sey
r-unenn, \V.  S...Metropolitan    Apmt-.. .
PoriiuJlan, J. J.    Hiss -Seliinin   Bldg....
Dutuiir,  j.  Li.,  KL'gs-Soiinan   Bldg	
DewaK Andrew, Si  Lonsdale. Xorth  Vancouver
Eraser,  Kenneth.  Metropolitan   bldg...- . . Se.v.
Fripp, k. Mac Kay, Muleliin.-on  Bldg.....;. ... ,Sey.
Camhie Sz Knapp. Davis Chambers...........ISfcy.
Gardiner, Win. Fred-., Hai'tney Chamber*...... .Sey.
jOuld Sz "Wood, JlogLiy  B;dg Sey.
���;.iodiell"W. W. U. 303^  Hastings St.   W Sey.
3runt,   Henderson Si Cool:, Williams Bldg............Sey.
.vTi'iiiiciis, -<a,.- *���>., iJoiu.Truiic iJfug*.:.... .-. . .-.. .     .Sey.
'vivdincr fr ivrercor, M.S..A..,' Mew "Westminster	
Gillam,    W.   C.F.,'Northwest Trust. .....:: .Sey.
nainmer, P., 11-10  Bute  St..:.......:...-... ......:......Sey
Hargreave.-,,   L.  W.,-  125  Sayward  Bldg,  Victoria
.Sey.  Ol C.
.Sey. GSOi
547 3
S4 4;
'  -11!'!
.  634';
535* |
. Sey.
London & BrEtisSi Mortli America Co., Ltd.
ftftahoEi, {VB-eFarEacid & Procter, Ltd.
543 Pender Street West.
me Sey. 6286
rielyer &  Archer,  Dom. Tru.-it Bldg Se.v
Heide,  A.   F..  Metropolitan   Bldg..."....' .Sey.
Hodgson,  Hugh A.;: Carter-Cotton  Bldg. ..... ..'Soy.
Honey man & Curtis, 821 .Pender  W .Sey.
Hooper.  Thomas,   Winch   Bidg. ..........;.... .Sey.
Hope, A. Campbell, Empire Bldg...... ...."..". .Sey.
Horel & Roberts, 1101-2 Dom   Trust Sey.
liortoh <& Pliipps, Pacific Bldg.'..........;.... .Sey: 709''
Hoyt,   W.   T.   S... 709   Dunsmuir  St. .......... .Sey.  2,m
James,  C.   D.,  Bank  ol'  B ' N.  A., Sey
Jameson v&:  Duggan,  70,8  Metropolitan  Bldg.. .Sey,
Jones  & Beatson,  Hutchinson  Bldg.........J ......Sey
Jones*. & Aspell, Hartney Chnibs and No. Van .'.Sey
Kaufniann,   G.  B.,  Davit.  ChamJ>ers	
Keas-pv,  J     \V..   *>T   lender  Rt    W	
Keani3,  N.   A.,   Rm.  30,  Exchange  Bldg.    t
,   i i|i'(>  ,v   I. n\     Pul'lln    *�������� i^  ...
Matheson,  J. P. .t'Scn, SOU Xorthwe-t Trust
.ii.ui'ii -i,.'iie.\,   W'n.iams   Bldg	
���iHoberg, Otto, 41   Inn*   ol'  Court.......::...:....... :.Sey. 717
Parr. < AlcKeiigie & Day,  570  Granville ;St.... ..Sey. ���, 73
Perkins, T. H��� Hutchinson Eldg-. .......... .; .Sey. 47��
tVrr\   X-   Vicolais,   Haciin-   LSIilsj '..Sej*.   S'i'
P. J. Peters, Metropolitan Building*','."'-" Sey. 2C
1'rucnj     \     B.,   821   Pender   St.    \\...i ...Sev.  10:*
W. D.'O. 'P:   V.o.rMfort, 407 "Pemberion Bldg*.,-Victoria, 180
" enyon, Geo. H, M.S.A., Lie. R.-J.B.A Glencoe Lodg'
Rustioll,  Babcoc ., ii lllce, T.retrCpcrtitan Bldg......Sey. .-, 9S
���   n !���.',>. on.    i   ���   ��� . 't-  P.,iln Si-\.  101-
Symonds, .V. IS., 717 Holden  Bldg Sey.  190
���jiimervell: &'."Putnam.   Pacific .'.Bidg. .. . . ..... .Sey.  62."
Stroud.' Anfru-J  B..'Cnrter-Cotton   Bldg. .-.:.'.. .-.Sey.  8-U
Stuart   & White,' Motropnlitan  Building*, , Seymour  C6*
Taylor, J. D. S.,   Bower ���"Hg ..;....... ...Sey. S3i
Thornton  &  Jones,  Old .Safe  Bldg. ..... .:.: .. .Sey::   SI
'''own end- Xr.  Townsend. 520 Granville... .. .. .; . Sey.
Twizell -&' Twizell,' 1019 Metropolitan Bldg........Sey.
. Sey.
. Bay.
Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., JIwv. & SaNbury.
Horn. Saslr &;rJbor Co., 2120 Cedar St	
J. Fyfe Smith & Co.,  1320 Richards	
Armstrong'& Wolfe, 15-10  Stli'Ave W	
J. IS. Campbell Sz Cu.,  106-1 Pender St   W	
Jiand\K\v Shecl Mtl. Wks., 16SS Venables St..High. 0 12
Pea-e Pacllic i'oumli'y, Ltd ..*<���_��� i    m.i  - ....     -'ev,  x:vi:
ancouver Jtoohng Co., 1921 Triuinnh St High. 509R
gaimVauxzsh isoir works.
.irms-trong & Wolfp   1510 5th  ,'vp W Bnv.    2!"
Jrand\ lew Sheet Mtl. \Vk����� 10S5 Venables St..l-Iigh. 012
.'ancouver ltooflng Co., 1921 Triumph St High. 509K
. Sey.
Burnside Gas Appl. Co., -1037-!) Granville St..
nalter Kin-ey,  1366 Granville St	
/ancouver Ga.s Co.,  16 Hastings, St. li	
r i
v'in. X. O'Xeil & Co., o4S-nO Seymour St..Sej-.
Uandard   Gla.i's  Co.,  i^cd.,   S29  Barnard	
Atet. Plate Glass & Imp. Co.,  153 Cordova B. Sey. -10
hardwood Floors.
3. C.  Hardwood Flour Co., 557 Granville.
Sey. ,64;���
an. Pac. Lumber Co., Lid., Rwj.^S Salsbury.
���me,  L.  A.,  Sz  Co.,  532  Pender St.   W	
.in.  X   O'Xel   it Cl... 5 l !>-:>!) Si \ niour St..Sey
.Si-v   4 3''
..Sey. 753
*?ey.  54
sey. C.s:-
Sey.  OS'i
Sey. bl'c
I.  Fyfe  Smith  & Co.,  1320  Richards Sey.  II:
ancouver .Floor Co., 8th Avy and Glen Drive.���'."Fair. 161
Smith. J. Fyfe & Co.,  1320 Richards St.    Sty.  1196. ���
Ltd., Vancr.,  345 Water St.....Sey. ��B9
Victuiiu.   i3j0  \\ uari ol   . . .     88.7
Vancomer Roofing Co., 1921 Triumph St High. 503.E
Wm. J\'. O'Xeil & Co.. 548-5U Se.\-uour St.-Sey   4j��5-47D8r
Blake Diether Co., 925 .Main St Set'. 14.13
Cullen, E.  G.,  118 Pacific Bldg Sey. 233w-j02t. ..
i.Mum, Culc.aii ui i-.aiii, I-I., Columbia . . . .S'-v 298-8
C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Jolinson's Whf, Sey 9H���-91.Gr
Win. X. O'Xeil <���; Co., 548-50 Seymour t-.-.Sev 47HS-17��a
Thorn.on, Win. C. Co., 403 Dunsmuir St. Sey. 3394. ,
Ritchie Contr. dz Sup  Co., Lid, Griin. St Budge. Sey. 91-aa
Holmes Disap.  Bed Co., 319  Pender Sey   642J
t-eriecl Con.   Bed Co.,  570  Gru.u-.ilit! Sey    50S1
Reversible Cons. Bed Co., Holden  Bldg Sey    156$
PLASTER.    ���
Blake Diether Co., 925 Main St Sey. 1415
bailuui, -Juiiirie'-v Cm., Which  Bulg      Su>.  li>i-51Ul'
Jullen,  E. G.,   US Pacific Bldg...... Sev. 2330-5'.;*.l.^
i-.\una, Coleman & Lvans,  Fi. Columbia Si-y   296*.
Hi'?."1 'VVe'*t Sn��<l * Gra\el Co., Ltd., I"29 Main. Sev Sltfl
Gilley Bros.. Ltd.. Xew Westminster, B.C., Phones 15, 1-C
.\p. \ an. Coal ii Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .X. V. 198-17S
\\ in. .N. O'Xeil it Co., 5IS-5U Se.xmuur St. .Sey 4795-47itS
Ritchie Contr. ,t Sup. Co, Lid. Gran. St Bridge, Sev, 9103
���shover Sz Thoma,,  959 Main  St Sey.   13C5
 Sey. 2330-5021..
\ an Siclen & Mueoniber 51 Can. Life Bldg.
Wellington   .si w'lieatle.v, Davis  Chambers.   .
���Watson.- H.-"B���. Holden  Bldg'..............:.   .
White. W.  P., Hutchinson  Bldg   ..........   .
Whi tewa.y.',-.-- W.'" T.,��� Mol'-ons   Bank: .'. . . .-.'.-' .
Wickenden, C. .0.', 1062 Pender. St.,, W. . . ... .'.;
Wilson. John, 2Zi. Pemberton Bldg. Victoria
".������-isrht. R'.n.wlifnrtii I Cnhill. ~np l.iun-imuir.
Vfilson,   Joseph   and A.   S.,. 532   Granville St.
.'-;-'���.'���:' i ���-'���-��� ���-���'���' ���������������:    -..'i .ori'i   Tro-t  Bldg.:...-..'
Taylor, M. JL., 7 SDom. .Trunt Bids.... ...;....:-,
'��� -',-2-n-GIHEers. ';;--.'
Brown,-Phllip P;' A.Ma.C.ii!., 4Vi/ i-'acific- Bldg.
.Ii'iihin���:..!,,   '.-. ���! ii., .-'-JI4-:' Holden..- Bldg...:...,:..   ....
.'. Sey.
. .Sey.
. . Sey,
. .Sey.
.'. Sey.
. '.Sev
4 1 .:���'
Armstrong & Wolfe,   i'54n"5th Ave XV.
an* &/An_clerson, 1060 Homer St........;
 Sey 6ISO
C^rBuir^ VpVgV COMCT-A. Brown^V-io'l AuTeVn? S;
Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd , 324 Lra���e nt.... Sey 8397
omii.li,    w.   J.   ^   aun,   Su9   10th   Ave.   E.       	
B. C. Equip. Co.. O'JO-7 Ban'- of Ottawa
Blake Diether Co., 925 Main St	
1J.  C."isuppn   Co., Loin.-Trii.-i   biug. .
Cullen,  E.  G.,  4:8 Pacific Bldg	
C. Gaidiiii'i- ^uiiiu-uii i*i Co., Joimson'.- \\ hi', Sey 91 IH-UH3
XO.' Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsclalei. .N, V. I9S-17-5
Wm. X. O'Xeil Sz Co., 5IS-50"Seymour- St. .Sey   I795-479S
Thorn-on, Wm. C. Co., 403 Dun.smuir St.    Sey. 3394.
Ritchie Contr. Sz Sup. Co., Ltd, Gi'an. St-Briilge. Sey, 9161
B. C. Supplv Co., Dom. Trusi  Bldg     Si-\v6lM
Jullen,  E.  G.,  4'S Pacific Bldg Soy. 2330-5J21.. .
J. Garuiner uuiiimuii 6c Co., Jonii.-on's Win. Sej 91 Ib-i��l47
-tltchie Contr. it Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran,. St Bridge, Sey,-9l6i
J. Gardiner Johnson & Co:, Johnson's Whf. Sey 9146-914J
..).  R.  Morrison,  712   Richards  St Sey   2151-2152
���Vm. X. O'Xeil it Co., 548-50 Sevmour St. .Sey.  1795-4798''
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 9108
.Sey    8144
.Sey. 7056-7SI
���Jominion Equip. & Supply Co., S39 Beatty St....Sey. 7155
1.. U   Blackweil, loi Alexander St Sev.  173..
Cullen', E.  G���   I.S Pacilic Bldg Sey. 2330-502'
Henry Darling, 28 Powell  St..................Sey. 512
Root.   Hai'jii Luii dz iwU., lJuiiiv oi  wLLaW a, ^ ...
Mussens,  Limited,  305   Water St.............. ,Se.\    .���>
.:itcliieContr. it sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 91
Strumbert-Virtue  iS* Co.,   319   Pender  St. -,W.. .Sey.   6i>
Raecolith Flooring Co., 301   Pacific   Bldg.
Balfour,, Guthrie Sz Co., Winch  Bidg Sey   I87-592B
J. Gardiner Johnson1 & Co., Johnson's AVhf, Sey 91 16-9147
R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey   279-1944
Box 546 ' VET.1-ENT T SS1ING Phone Sey. 2884R.
J. P. Wright, F. C. S. Eng. M. A. C. S. '
Specialist in Port?at;d and Other Cements
pert Adviser on Building* Materials,'Etc. 3315-7th Ave. "wr.
uIKLa. iGl^
AiND    JioYbi.
pne   ��Sev.  o9i0 319   Pender   St.
Furnaces, Boilers, Pipe and  Fittings.
School  Heating and Ventilating Apparatus.
Office and ���Warehouse,  324 Brake St., Phone Sey. 8397.
British and Foreign Marble and Onyx
Sloe and Works, 3149  Main St. '.:���.' Phone Pair.
..-���'���   Vancouver, B. CV ;-,
pans, Heating and Ventilating Apparatus, Spiro Steam Turbines
Pumps and Air Washers -.
Browning* Vancouver,SB. C. 1261 Alberni St.
Of Fartolar Interest
To BisJIders
ISSUE.     >
.'.-':: -.-=tCK.I-l'��i;Ta-a^iL TEJKR~ COTTA.
Cullen, E. G.; 4,,;o lJaeiiic Bal's-:.........:.. Say. .2330-50*^;
wiiii. ,.\. O. .-.eil & Co., --Lit'd.'. 54S Seyinour' st. .Sev. -I.���-.-'
;'���.; Thorn, on, \xm. C. Co., 403 I>un.=iiiiuir St..': :Sev. 3304.-,
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd., Gran, at Bridge, Sey, 91 ���
-.'.���).-.,!   "..������.'.������ ���: ASPHALT    TSImT^ ���    '',
"Vancouver Eoo'fing Co.,  1921 'Triuiiipiv"'St:.'.-.'!.'.���I-ilgh:','��io'b''
:<���-������.-���   ;������---       ,i.iiUB���"jr&Xin'EZZxii'i ���     ~r ".--"���' :' ''>���
i-'ity.Wap & White Print Co., 432  Cordova.\V���:'. .Sey. UU.
,i-;.,������:.    -     '.    '    BBIOIC���A Til, ;KIHDSi '''"''���'-'  '     .*
Blake Diether Co.,,925 Main St ...:......:.....:.:...i'i.SeyiX4-
:'��� n      onaii';' ,n'iOi>:vu..   i..Lu.    iiniii. iUetroinjUlan''. Sc.i.". S4.
Cuilen,  E. G., '.4.1S "Pacific .Bldg������--- i.-.Soy.. 2330.-50-J .
Kva���j,,jColt;i.,aii &  K\ari.s,  l-'t. Columbia; :.:. . .Sey.  2:>.\.
Grehi V>  r s.i"d Xz Gravel Co;. T.ixl.. .11129 Main. Sey: Si
Gilley Bros., Lit.l.,i\'ew AVeritmih^ter, B.C.; Phones 15, :'-.
.'. liuj't.nnii  ..o..n .011 i>c Co., .Join..011'..  ��i in, Sej'.ii i4i!-j ������
Vo.-Van-. Coal & Supply Co.. 56  Lonsdale.. ..X. ,V.-1 US-i  '
.Vm. .-'. O'Xeil & Co., ij-18-50 Seymour St..Sey. .���I7D5-4V-'-.
Port Haney.Brick Co., 615 Hastings'St. W.. . . .Sey.  13 '
.i-titcnie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey; 9i
ii.  V. Wincli X- i''r.'...LM.', AVinch  B dg. . -. . . . Sey. ,^79-1!'
Btlll-OINR PELTS AND PAPEES. .-    ���
Blake Diether Co., 925 Jlain St...:........:........:...:......Sey. l-l*.:'
. iuiii s   Ijm'. mg,  _.,  1 'u n ei.   ot  . . . Sej . ��� ;>
iCvans, Coleman & Kvan.s, .-Ft;' Columbia.. . . . . . .'Sey. '-2?
J. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Wlif, Sey HI 16-iM-
D.   h: Morrison,  712   Richards  St.. ...... .Sey.   2151-21?-
Tliom on,' V\ in. C. Co., -103 Dunsmuir St.    Sev. 33M-I   ���
Yancouvui* ..Rochng: Co.,  1921  Triumph  St...-......High.  509)
���nil.  .\. UiSaC dz    '������   -i'l-.-iiti >���'���' ii'imj.i   -^L. .a��i .   1, i'6-i.
Lon. & Brit. N. Am. Co.. Ltd.. *ri3  Pender \V. .Sev.  62.*
1;    V     a-inpl>  X-  i^n..  I.M..   Winch   BUls: Sev    -TO-if'
Seeley & Co.,   3:4 .Winch B'.dg... .....Sey. 491J
Blake Diethei* Co., 925 Maiiv St ....Sey. M]fi
Ball'oiu', Gutlirie Sz Co.",  \\ iticli   Bidg...... .Sey.   187-oMi:.
Canadian^ Builders Supply Co.,   1901 -Georgia-.'.Sey.  7-11.:
I'lvans. Coleman &  IS van--..  Ft. Columbia Sey.  29S'
'">reat-V\ est Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. S4:
r;,, ,..���,,..,,-   1..-'-,.!'.-nil .<��� i'n.. .lolmsonV \\-hf. Sev Hl-lfi-HI 1
Gilley Bros.,- Ltl., New Westminster, B.C., Phones .15, li
Xo. Van. Coai isi Supply Co., 56 Loilsdale,. .N.  V.  19.S-I", ���
\ ni. N. O'Xei- "& 1:0.. 548-51) Sevmour St. .Sey. 4795-47!-
Uitchie Contr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 91 ���
::.  V. Winch ��� & Co.. Ltd.. Winch  Bidg Se.v. 279-19-
Eldridse,   G.   P. -i Co.,'4.'6 Tiichards  St... ......Sey.  4!
' alkenburg Sz Liucks, 152 Trounce Alley.. Sey.  715-
A'rigiit, u.  ..*.   'i.3;5  7th Ave.  W.
lunt,   Robt.   \\  '&' Co.,  Bank ot  Ottawa Bldg.
CONCRETE   iMIXEBS. '      ,
Bi C. Eduin   Co.. 606-7 Bank of Ottawa. . .Sey. 705fi-7s
ullen, E. G.,  4 o Pacinc Bldg. .-. ..Sey. 2330-50.
'anu-lH*'- in.,   ..->   On..   Ltd..   loiiS   Pnndci: St Sey.  5i
Dominion Equipment & Supply Co., S39 Beatty .St.......
.     :*..:  Sey.   715
Rnbt. Hamilton & Co.. Bunk of Ottawa....:.. .S'.-y.
Mu.-.sens, .Limited,  365  \\ liter St Sey.
Wm. X. O'Xeil & Co.. 54S-50 Seymour St..Se.v. 4795
.;���.:;.;/,-    ;;;:;;ii7T2Bioii.riiiisB::";
ii. G. Blijckwell,  10S Alexander -St...... ;���". Z. .
Bi. C.   Lumber  Corp.,   Ltd.,   1605   Georgia. .'.'.
i3:"'-C.- Screen  & Alfg.- Co., 266 'Dufferin 'St.' E..:
Can; Pac. Lumber Co., -Ltd., Rwy. & Saisbury
Dom. Sash Sz Door Co., 2120 Cedar St........ .oe.v.  uj
C: Garuiner. Johnson 'dz Co., Jolinson's' Wlif,..Sey Dl-46-ii'l
.I'm. A. ,w'��\'fcii. ���St';*Jo.,'.'54o'-5u rSeymour- St. .Sey. !-l795-4; ;
��� ':i(:nliie Contr. ii. Sup. Co.,. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey.: <j\,
' Tliom-on,: Wm.XVCo.; 403  IJun-siuuir Qt.    Sey. 3394.
itneouver ,1'loor, Co.7"btii Ave and Glen Drive. .Pair..'iti:
.'--.,    ��   IKOif"iH-D   STEEL���STSiVC'UVBiAXm.,,     '
.Sey. 17:
.Sc-y. 6��.
Fair. 16 .
. .-.'*>. i) ������
Sey. 6 J
'���'��,-:ien,   Hi. G;,  4 ;6 Pacidc Blclg:^;l^...;......:Sey. ,^330
anaua I'ouliur.v' Co.,  Ltd.,   1065 Pender St.. .. .atr.v.
-.vans, Coleman & Evans,' l''t.: Columbia...... .Sey.
- : (jiti-Vi.iier..ii.l.i'ii.-'.oii it Cu,.,..lolin.-on'.- \\'ilf, Sey !' 1 <if>
oughlan, J.1 & Sdn.i, Exchange B.dg...... :......Sev.
X,rii>, ,o..;.'...,,ci Co., Ltd., 2130. Cedar St....l ....Bay
'.'itcli'/e Culilli. i"i a up. Co.,  Lia/'-Giaii'. SluUi'lusu, S<.j .
. m.:X. O'.Nei:- it Co.. 5-1.S-50 Seymour St.';Sey. ,471i��-4
Vilkinson Co.,' Ltd.,; S46  Beach Ave.:...,..,.. .'Sey. 7
.   . iiaO-NT-Al-fD ; S.TEEX.���03-TAMBKTAJ1'.    '
ii. G.::Blackweii,'lOS Alexau-'cr" St.:'.. ;...:'. .
R C Supply Co., Doni. Trust Bidg. ........ .
Cullen, E.  G.; 4.S Pacific��� Bldg...v..cV.v:.:V:....:.:Sey
Canada ������Foundry'Co. ���" Ltd..- I n'loVPenili-r St.. .
Morris,' S. M. & Co.,' jLtd'.; 2130' Cedar St...........
\\'iu. .N:. w'A el. iX: ,i^u.,- u-lu-uu  o^.tiiioui   oi'. ;jkj;   ,..;,,-,
Tliom-on, Wm. C. Co., 403  Dunssmuir St.    Sey. 33!<������'.
Ritonie Coiitr.;& Sup.'Co., Ltd, Gran."St Bridge, Sey, 9i
-CATS���METAI,      :c:, '
Sey:   IV.
Sey.  0,-
S.--v    r-   ��
.Bayv 104:;
ullen, E. G.,  11S Pacilic Bldg Say. 2330-5021...
Dom. Glazeu Cem. Pipe Co., Dom. Tr. B/dg....Sey.    *>2t>S
Evans, Coleman & Lvnib, l-'t. Columbia Sey.  29S8
C. Gardiner .Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sov !H 16-9147
,Gilley Bros., Ltd., Xew Westminster, B.C., Phones 15, IB
So. Van. Coal ii Supply Co., 56 Luu-dalc ,\ i. 1 tis-'J 7"S
Kitchie Contr. Sz Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bric'ge,. Sf'y, 016Z
R. V. Winch Sz Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey   L7S-1944
Armstrong & Wolfe. 1540 5th Ave W Bav.     296
Barr & Anderson, 1060 Homer St Sey 61 SB
vve E Fairmont 2741i
. ..Sey
W.  J.   Smith  Sz Son, ,S09,Tenth
W'alter Kinsey,   13U6  Granville, St.   	
Little & Lee, 6S2 Seymour St	
.Murray"-Bros.,   721   Main St	
Federal, Lumbal Co.," 621 Pacific Bldg. ........Sey
The B. C. Powder Supply Co., 310 Richards St.:..Sey; 4105
anada  Foundry  Co.,'. Ltd.,. 1065  Peiulc'r. St.
.;ubt.'llan)llioii"& Co., Bank.of������ Ottawa. .   .
G    LanKie>   & Co.,  Ltd,  319   l'ender  W.
Pea *e Pacific  Foundry, Lul., 3 .' 1  Lia.ve St..
..inn,  W. J. &0011T., Ddij-ibUi a\e E	
'.i.- 't ���..���  i.o.MPuolTlC-i.
olal e Diether Co., 92," Main St	
Henry Darling,  2S Powell St.	
. * uli.j, A.oi\;.,>t*,,   ^v   1- \ ali.j,   i* l. >\^uiu 111 Olll. . .
Gardiner John on ,t Co., John-onS wlif, s<-y 9116-91 11
ewtondzGieev,  Ltd,  \ancou\er,  Hi, Gran.. . .fie;,..   I39J
Vkturi.i,   I3J6   V\ narf  Si ,b!>Z
1'"'1   X. O'Xeil it Co.   olo-JO 01M110111   SI     Sey    I'Ha-'i TUB
. Sey.
��� S-y.
a 710
3 a
274 K
..Sey. 14 IS
. .*-�����>.   oil
^aecblitlv Flooring. Co., '"301. Pacific "Bid"--'
Sey.  Sltft'v'^
_ ,     -     -           . ������������o.,      ��  ��� out:,)'.'  Oitttt'   \
..���.itchie Contr. it *-) up. Co.,: Llil, Grau. Si  l> ridge, Sey. 91 Ui//f
Thomson, Wm. C.Co.', 403 Diiri..-.mt.ii*,:SL'-Sov.-3394      >*'���''-
1 .
E. G. Blackwell. 1 OS ��� Alfijcandpr St...:........:
Blake Diether Co., 925 Main.St........... :...... Sey. 141 ���
(Cullen,  E.G.,  4  ,S Pacinc Bldg. :.......:......Sey.  2330-nU.
|E��dns, Coleman & 'Evans,- Ft. Columbia.......Sey. 29b
v^i Giiruiiier Vjoiiiu-aon �� Co., Jolinson's Will', Sey 9 1-16-91 -.
u.  R. Morrison,  712 Richards  St. .Sey.  2351-2L.
wm. X. O'Xeil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St.,Sey. 4 795-4 79
lutchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916
B.  C. Lumber  Corp.,   Ltd.,   1605  Georgia.���... '.
Blake Diether Co.,'925 Main St..	
i,an. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. dz Salsbury
Lioni. Sash & Door. Co., 2120- Cedar St.	
X'o. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .X!
���LUVtE.    -
_..   103, iJun..-.mt.ii*;:;SL
Troy .Roufiiig-vpo.-,' -S14   .Meimpulitan ; .,!;;���?:.:
���/ancouver Roofing Co., .192.1, Ti-iuir.ph' St.....
���" KOO-TIWG���SHEET   Me'taL;
'���'���.     ' "..'  ' tSee Cornice arid ::- Kiiuli'nu.)-.'
'���; n . "R1ipI.-��v.����! I :������   ."..��;    . l,->-;i|,-, ,-Hr --'SI,!���'.���.   '."'.
Henry Darling,  2S Powell ,St.'.......... v,
. .....-,--*- jiv.....���i .M -i-iuJiu;. v. t.   v_.tflulllblu . . .
'   Onrdlii'ir : 'nhri������-(in :;��� Crj., JnhiT-otr.- Whf, ;
Xewton; & Greer,, Ltd., A-ancr., ,345 Water
J 326   \\ 11 an  ot.
Sey.. 3394.
.    Svy,  7117,
.High. 509J2.
��� Sov  me
 Sey.  513 '
��� ��� . .ai.i. 2jt>g .
-<*\ 91 li-.-91.47>
St.. ..Sey.  13ft
��� SSZ;
... -47
Uitchie Contr. & Sup: Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey. !!���'
~    ~              '       "������    W..".Se.v.   6
��� sT ���
Ie A. 6. Brown-Jamison Co. have removed from 1048 Main St.
to 175 Cordova Street West.
Iatch this space for further  announcements.
..Sey.   I5
..Fair. S
Strumbert-Virlne  X-, Co..   3} 9   [Vnder  St
Dixon,  F. L.,  1021. Gra.e'ey St High.
COwT.tc.v'x'On.'s���Grj.'.'ix!K.i L*.
M'm.-trong,  Mnrrlson it Co.,  Ltd..  Rnwc Bldg. .Soy.
-P.   'P.   Ornn.  Sr  Coiitr.   Co..   lixcliango   Bldg Sey.
Burrard  Const.   Co..  301   Pacific   Bldg. .. Sey,
-���.ilih   ��� ���      ���      G.,   211   Hidden   Bldg...... Soy.
Expert Bldrs. &  'tier .   Carter-Cotton   bldg Sey.
fenny, J. S., 319  Pender St Sey.
'an.  &  Amor.   Contr.   ii  Inv.  Co..   Ltd.
Abbs, Jos.  S.,  2125  13tli Ave.  W.
.duipio, Ja>���   ik son,   112  Crown  Bldg Sey. S7>
B. C. Supply Co., Dom. Tru-a  Bidg Sey. .61'
'.   R.   Morrison.   712   Richards   St Sey.   2151-21:'
Wm.  X. O'Xeil & Co.. 5IS-50 Seymour S��. .Sey   4795-47:
Thomson, W'm. C. Co., 403 Dunsmuir St.    Soy. 339 1
.'an. Alan, o Sr Tile Vo.. ^4.^ Bencu Ave...
Western Marble & Tile Co.. 3149 Main St..
Armstrong* Wolfe.  15(0��� 5th  Ave  W Bav.    2:
Cullen,  E.  G.,'4IS Pacific Bldg Soy.  2.'t:j'i-5ii-.'i
Gi*anu\ic\v  ouect Mtl.  Wks., 16S5 Venables St..High. 0i2
Little & Lee. 6S2 Seymour St Sey.  4-i;
Troy   Roofing   Co.    SI 4   Metropolitan Spv.   7i
Vancouver Roofing Co., 1921  Triumph  St High.  509R
Alltree  &  Churchland,  376  Granville  St Sev.  ?.7H-
Rlec. ^on---truotlr>n Co.    541  T4owp Pt....... Rev.  iS.?B-Tf>P
rmpcrial Agy. Corp., rear 409 Ha'tings St !....Sev. OF'2
:arvi:i Electric  Co..  520 Richard--  St Sey.   1109
Mltree  &  Churchland,   976  Granville  St......
Klec. Construction Co..  514  Howe St. ...i..Se.v
Imperial   Agcys   Corp..   314   Pnolflc   Bldg....',
Vo.  Klec   &��� Mnfc Co.. Ltd.. 313 Wntfr St	
���nr -rf-. -pos C\RR   \VfV- ENCLOSURES.
Cullen, E. G.,  4'S Pacific Bldg Sev.  2330-50"I
iii.^,    - Co.,   Ltd.,   infis  Pender St Sev.   571"
Brennan,   G.  E.   <���.- Co.. 319 Pender St XV.... Sev.  6!"0
Llewell;. n Jrcn   Work's, Ltd.,  1090  Mainland Sov.   1179
Vm.  X, O'Xeil  .?- Co.. 54S-f.n Sfvtuour SI .   Sev    1795-479'
'titchie Contr  Sr Sup   ^n . Ltd   Grnn   St Bridg'e. 7r-.y. 9l<;-
Brennan.  G.  E.   v Co.. 3C Pemlpr Pt XV	
Llewellyn  iron   Work".  Ltd.,   toon  Mainland
t-t-.-r   rT.ftY.
Bla!--e Diether Co.. 925. Main St	
Hallotii'.   Cruthrif Xr 1 'o.    Win.-i,   B1dc ...Se\
������,.1n-   f-inn-r-   .(;.   Pvjip'- ��� Pt    fnii'mhh
Hilley Bros., Lt'    Xpw We ���tmin-ter, B.C.. Phnre*-- 15. 1��
C. flai-'l-npr .iniinsnn Xr Cn . Johnson's Whi
.    . . V'lciui'la 	
ititcllie Contr. Xz Sup. Co., Lid.'Gran. St Bridge.'JSey. ,9J 6*4
JJdward Tiinmonsf S3S  7th Ave,  W........
Thom-on, Win. Ci-Co., 403 dun.smuir St;
Troy   Roofing  Co.,   S14 Metropolitan......
Vancouver Roofing Co., 1921 Triuniph St..'.
D. R. jrorrison.  712' hichards  St.	
Xorris Safe Sz Lock Co., 330 Cordova VV
1-tolit. Haiinlioii it Co., Bank of uttawa.
E. G. Parnell,  567  Hamilton  St -.'.
Wm. X. O'Xeil & Co.. 54*5-50'Seymour Si          .
Blake Diether Co.',,.925 Main St.. ; Sey. 1415
Canadian- Builders Supply-Co.,  19oJ   Georgia   . .aev.  ViJi
.1. A. Dewai  Co., 429 Pender St.W...... .Sey.   1534-67-5?'
eat West Sand & Gi*a\el Co., Ltd., 1029 Main. Sey. S'ltff/
Gardiner Johnson & Co., ,Johnson'�� Win'. Sey.91 46-91-9"
Gilley Bros., Ltd., Xew Westminster, B.C., Phones 15;' IS'
.\u. Van. Ci-al it Sui<ply; Co.. 06; Lon^ualo X. V I !l.s-l ?,���'.���/
Producers' Rock & Grav. Co., Vancr., Front Sz Manitoba:-
���   ,    ,,    ��� . Victoria, .-nore  r't Ciiatliaia*!
Balfour   Guthrie & Co.. Winch Bldg...... .Sey.  1R7-59    |Ritchie Contr. Sz Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge. Sey. i)lOS>
Blake Diether Co., 925 Main St Sey. 1415 Shover & Thomas,  9d<J  Main  St...    Sey, 1365 :
Canauian Builder.s Supuiy Co.,  1901  Geui'Bia  ..^tj.   ..      Vancouver Sand Sz Gravel Co;, ll. Victoria D
- ��� 'ey. 29'   I ; '
, .Sey. 651
...Sey. 1415
. . tocy.  6.*>u
.Sey.  613
V. 19S-1.
��� Fair   1257:
Sey. 339 1
 Sey.  H\i   '
 High. 50911   -
Sey.  2151-2152 ,
 Sey.  24 4JT   -
.....Sey      3!>&
��� ��� ��� ��� -Sey.   155^- '
Sey   17.15-4 7��   ���
Evans, Coleman &  Evans,  Ft.  Columbia..... ..S_.
Great West Sand & ���'.'travel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. S4
Gai-iliner .iolin.aoii <si Co., .Joiinson's Win. Se.v *i|-iG-;>,
:iey Bros., Lt.l., Xew Westminster, B.C., Phones 15, 1
Xo. Van. Coal dz Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale.. .X.  V.  19.1-1
W'm. X. O'Xeil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St. .Sey    1795-1
.n.i..<_ Luiic i_o., 2\)1  Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey.  95C
��� .Jitlu.      'jl' L,     ... oil, .   ' .!��� .   ...���-;   u . ,,;..   o.   .j. ' Jct'
-���o'ver i-i Tliomai.  ysu  Main  St	
V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg.
.. . . ftey.   1.
.Sey.  279-1
.il.e Diether Co., 9*.'5 Main St ;.... :...............Sey. 1-
aii.s, Culeinaii  iv   L>iui..   i- 1.  Coiuiiiuia n .,
eat We-'-t Sarin & Gravel Co.. Ltd..  1029 .Main, Soy. N
���tmi'-   *���  ��� ���    on X- i'i\.. .miio-nn'-   Wlif, S,.y !>l|6-:.
ley Bros., Lt'...-Xew AVe ���tmin.-ter,  B.C., Phones  15.
.ci.e L.I;;'l-' ..u.,  201   Carter-Oottci.   Bh:g S^y.   ��� ���
uclile Contr, /i Sup.'Co., Ltd. Gran. SI Brids*e. Se"y. .'���
:all'our, Guthrie Sz Co., ���Wincli   Bidg. .... .Sey.  IS7-r
:    C    l.timlior  '*orp.,   Ltd..   IC-'h   Goorgia Soy.   6
an. i'ac.  Lumber Co., ,Ltd.. Rwy   Sz Sal -bury. .Soy ' (*
���on).  Ml. h  it   L'OOr Co.,   2120  o.'eiiar  Si .      .....Spy.   6
"rmiiiai  L11 ibr & Shgl   Co., 30S Cotton Bldg...Sey.  '���
.Se.v.   270:
:Sev.   612:'
.Sey.  74""
r,9i '1
1 17!
.Soy. ll'
Spv g.an-<ii j:
��..v ".
��� Soy, 7!
.Sey. f
Se.\     :���
91 l(i-9i
Soy .V
.' C.  Kiiuip.  Co.,  6H6-7  Bank of 1 uta wa. . .Sov
G.   licackwo'l,   ins  AloMindot- St  '��
:.'.  i-.ii wi--.lii'-'il. 1 0,  I'fl Cordova St.   W. ..........St
>in.  Hitf'.V'   ,'��� 1 **ge Co   iC. A.  Bruwiuiig,  I2i.i  -Mo
iilli-n. IS.   G.,  4   '���;   Pacllic  Bldg .Soy.   23
Hid- .1 ��� ��� ��������� ''"    l.i'1     1 io",s  i'n''..t,T -;i ��� ,      ��������
onilnlni   K<|iiip. -Sz Supply Co.,  S39  Beatty'Si..
Ifenry  l/arling.  2S  Powell  01	
Robt. Hamilton ���Si Co., Bank of Ottawa	
Oanllm-r   K'lin'.'on .<: t ".. .lohn-on s Whf, Sov
Mussens,   Limited,  365   Water  St .*
Wm. X. O'.Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St. .Sev.
iillchlp Cnntr  * Sup. Co.. Ltd. Gran. St R rid ire. Sov
Strumberr-Vtrtue  &  Co..   319   Pendor  St.   W.. . Sov
nompson, Wm. C Co.. 403 Dunsmuir St Sey. 33*
Blake Diether Co.. 925 Main St 1 Soy.' i 4 1.'.
11.  R.  .Morrison,  712  Kichards  St    Se.v.   2ial-2i-
Wm. N. O'Xeil & Co.. 54S-50 Sevmour St..Sey. 4795-47'-
Kitchie Contr. &��� Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge. Sev. 91 >:
Thom-on, Wm. C. Co., 403  Dun.smuir St.    Sey. 3394.
Van. Marble & Tile Co., S4S Beach Ave. ...Sey. 15*
I).   R.  Morrison.   712   Richards   St Sey.   2151-215
Wm. X. O'Xeil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sev. 4795-479
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd. Gran. St Bridgp. Sev   910
Thom-on.  Wm. C. Co.,   103  Dun.smuir St.    Sey. 3394.
Van. Marb'e Sz Tile Co., 84S Beach Ave Sev.   151*-
vestern Marble & .Tile Co., 314S Main St Fair. 81'
-.'estern Stm. & Oil  Plants,  Ltd.  Dom  Trust..Sey.  767'-
Henry Darling. 2S  Powell  St	
Wm. X. O'Xeil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey.
.Sey.  51
4 795-4 79
"ewton it Greer,
Ltd., Vanci-.,
345   Water  St..
r. .Sey. f'o*I
B.   C.  Lumber  Corp.,   Ltd.,'  I6U5   Georgia. ... ..Sey. G,"0*
o.   !���;.. G.,  4 IS. Pacific  Bldg .....'.' Sey. 2330-5021
Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury    Sej    6.*>0��
...  oa.-Ji  & D-or Co.,   2120  oe.fcir  St Bayview   fi-JS
Wm. X.U'Aei.  it Co.,  54S-GII Seymoiil   Sl..Se>     ITlty-47US
J'erminai Lmbr >t Shgl   Co,. JUb Col tun   Ridg...Sey,  793?
(See  Lumber and   Shingle*.'
Gardiner���,.Iolir.--on .t Co., .lioni.-on's Whf, Sey 91 16-91 <7
: 111. X.  O'Neii it Co.. 54S-50 Se.v'niour St     Sey.   I795-479SS
:..���'��� V.Winch it Co., Ltd..   Winch  Bldg Sey   279-194*
.itchie 1' M.'ti'. it Sup   i.'o.   Ltd   Gran   Si Bridge. Sey, 9103
Vestern .Marble Sr Tile Co., 3149 .Main-st ...Fair. Sl��
millions,' E. Sz oon ., S3S 7lli A\e W;. Fair. 12571>
rnistrong it   Woifo.   ,'5-lu  fitii   Ave   W
alter -Kinsi-y.   1366   Granville   St...
.ittie it  Lee.  6S2  Seyniour St'   ���. . .���;Soy    I
,   i-  Sci-oo'   ,t  Mnfg. i.'o., Jilti liiifl'erin St
ullen,  E.  G.,.4  i' Pacilic  Hidg	
111. .��.  :/.���>.,    iv Co.   5IS-.rii' ai-.i 'luu'ui
.'e.st,  Plate Glass Sr   Imp.  i.'o..   153
an.  Pac.  Lunilier Co.,  Lid.,  Kwy   ,t Sal-ho-ry
tJai'dlnpr ,Jti|m-'oii ,<��� Co.   .luiiii-uii
.tl'tlt   <t   Loo   'is2  Seymour rit    ...   ...
extern  Steam .i iJll I'iant , Dom. Trn,
.vans,  Coleman  Sz, livun��,   Ft.  Columbia Sey
iu'i.1 U't-l aund it Giasel Co., Ltd..   io'J9 .Main. S'
G irdlner Joini- on ,t ��� 'o., Juliii.-oiiV \", hf
;<, lib. ''ontr   Sr Sup   <*.'.     I.i'i   Uran
illey Bros.;  Ltd.. New We tinln-toi
Shover dz Thoma-s.  959  Main St... . . . . Suy.   l.'ISir
D.  R. Morrison.   7J2   Richards  St	
Win. X. O'Xeil & Co., S-l'S-5'i Seymour St    Se.v    1795-473**-
Thomson,  Win. C. Co., 4 03 Dun.smuir St.
SI      ,>fs
-'ociiiv.-i, j.;
M hi, -Si.\
t hldg.
, B.-, v.
1; .1:,.
- sey.
��� Soy
5 02!.
9 1 17
.    , ��I 16-9117
B.C.,  Phones  15,  IC
Sey.   2I51-2U'^
' iy   r
Sey.  3394.
 Jo., Win<n  Bidg Sey.  IS7-5929
C. Gardiner Jolmson & Co., Jolin.--on's Whf, Sev 91 16-9147'
""Ikinson Co., Ltd., S46 Beach Ave	
R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd.,  Winch  Bldg..
��� ��� ��� -Sey. 791S
��� Se.v.   279-1944
. Sey.
��� Sey.
61 SB
Sov    1705-4798
t.     Sey.  3394
'3."R   U ban
St. . . .
iey.   139
Henry Darling.  2S  TViwrdi   St.....' Ppv  !?i
C. Gardiner .Tohnson St. Co.   Johnson's Whf. s'pv 9141,-014'
iarr Sz Anderson,  1060 Homer St	
i. G.  Blaclt.weli,  1 Oi Alexander St.. .   	
The Duntley Store,  791   Granville St	
Earle,  E.  A.,  <t   Co.,  532   Pender  St.   W	
Blake Diether Co.. 925 Main St    Sey   MIS
uUv.ii,  IS.  G.,  41S  Pacific*. Bldg Sey.  23j.j-i02l....
Gardiner .joiiiiouii ,v >.o., Juimson'.-  WIiI.Spj   hi is-iil'7
111.   X. O'Xei' it Cp.   54.S-5"..seyniour St "
Thomson,  Wm. C Co.,   103  Dun.viuulr .'
���:. C. Screen & Mnfg  Co., 206.P'l'ipnn St
������'m.  N. O'Xeil it c'o    5IS-51 s.-vrn..or pt
'.owes,  F,   W. Xz Co.   '257   Granville  St..
���nrlo-R   c. Agfnov.  1 td . 3'�� i-lumer.    S,
"flnko Diet her Co.. 9:T. .Main St	
.���    1-.rt 11 -���    i'.-     n'">->   Hani   id   'ittnuu
���   n    ni-ip'-'Vf"    '<-'���!    UoxnmW  St	
���dl.-n.   E.  G..  4   S   Pfici'Io   Bldg   *.	
Gfr'ijnf.j    it., n  "n ,*����� ' *o    .l(ii'r-,o:
���itohio <~ontr   t Sun   Co    Ltd   Grn
���-    n*l   ,.-    p.   -^^      r ...      -T-i.,.,.    ~
.Vllklns^n Co., Ltd., S46 leatl. Av
B. ..
��� Sey
4 798
i*. 3 11
'   Si.\"
'" 16
-> (I *
MMi)Mg��Mi!!��l!ll^^ ������  mm.  In  BRITISH COLUMBIA  DAILY BUILDING RECORD  t  ' j,)    :  ;.*;���������:..  ��������� ���������'     !   -'; ���������  Phones " Seymour," 2151, 2152  iiratc������5s, 1  and wall file  and  ^afes  S&3:  -* -a/'5  !������es:  Ca  712 R8CHARDS STREET  PLUMBING and HEATING  international Automatic  Sprinkler  Phone Seymour 6180  1063 tar St:  Vancouver B. C.  J  AK&STftONS, MORRISON & GO.  Limited  Public Works  Contractors  3ffce: 313-815 Bower Bid*: Vancouver B.C.  Archibald Moir & Co  :;���������'.  ,'f TheMap Men?'--'-  .....BLlJE'pRj'rSITING    '..'.���������..  ��������� Ocaftlns , ���������        ..Tracing  Reliability and Dispatch1       j  looms 21b" -217 Empire Bldg. Phone Seymour 5378;  SHOVER & THOMAS  Sand . GraVel   and  Building Material  'Phone Seymour 1365.  Wharf  Office and  959 Main Street  VANCOUVER SCHOOL BOARD.  Notice to Contractors.  Ttnilpr-. ���������Kl'ln.'i*-(j(l tii the uiiiler ijjnpii  .������������������ill lie i*c-l*i'1\0'I until Tin1 <I;i.\. Octoliei  *'lli, at 1 p.m. tor Kiip-il't Im; cluiir-i loi  ���������lia Auditorium ,,sit tlie ' lviKriy- i-'ilu'iirii  ���������-liKli, lilritiuiiiia JII-jtIi anil Tenny.-ion  sclmul--. .Sample cl' chair to be hub-  uitu-il.  I-uillioi- rorileulars   to  be  lifni  at   the  Sein ol  Hoar I  Oflice.  A cheque e(|ual   to .")  per cent, ol* con-  rafl   to  iii-compiiny  tciiilor.  The lowc-t or any ��������� teiulprs .not ��������� nece-i-  C.   XV.   MTJ-SBAY.  Secretary,  Scliool  Board,  ���������.'ancouver,  B.  C.,'  October 3rd, 11112.   \  ;;.' .'VANCOUVER''SCHOOL ECARD.  Notice  to, Contractors.   ���������-.-..'���������������������������     '  Tender,  aaaiesweu   to  tlie  uii(lciv;isnecl  .vill  be  received  nrtil   Tue ;0.ay, -October  tli, nI I p.m. for,a carload of Slate Blackboards. .   ' I ���������       I ..'.:���������'' ' .    ...... '  .'Further.'particulars can be hadat: the  ���������chool   Board   Office.���������-. .       <���������  :: A-marked  cheque equal  to 5 per cent,  ���������j-f contract to aeconipany,. each tender.  ." The  lo\ve~t  or any   tender  not  riecei*-  arily  accepted. ;''-..'.'.  , ,.' c. xv. ivruiiaAY. '  :,    ,.,  " Secretary,   School  Board.,.  Van'couver,. 13.  C, .' ,  ���������  October 3rd, 19.12.     '  ��������� ��������� '���������������������������' ������������������-������������������<������������������������ ������������������ rt---;  VANCOUVER, SCHOOL BOARD.  '-. y .:���������   Notice  to  Contractors.  Tenders acldressed  to  the  undersiffiied  ���������.vill  be. received, until. Tuesday, .October  Sth,   at' -I   p.m.   for   blinds    for ' several  '���������Schools'/;.'...'.'. ."'���������'."   ;.'    ".-���������      '.-���������'.���������;���������:���������������������������-''. '���������:������������������   ���������  ���������"!��������� urther rnvticulars - to . be - bad  at- thf  School   Board. ���������'���������-       ,'..-,,",.  ;-' A! marked cheque equal  to 5 per,cent,  of   contract   to   accompany   each   tender;  The; lowest  or any  tender  not  necessarily  accepted.      ..-,'"��������� ;',..'.." '"��������� ,.���������..:,  '���������-'   "'..:   C.  XV.  MURS-VST.  ":'���������.'���������             ' Secretary, '��������� Scliool Board.  Vancouver, B. C,    ���������-���������-:.':-:          .-.':-..:..-���������;  ,''      October 3rd, 1312;       ::  wheow poiet;  -Wharf.���������Pile wharf at Willow Point,  13. C, li:-l* It. loiiff, 1U to 32 ft. wide.  ...id open until Oct. 11. I'liin-s will) (J.  J. \\'oi\,i'olil, Diot. lingm-.i Sew Wej't-  nin,:tbi'.  CCKCSETE KIXEB FOB IlEIIT   .  Koeliriiif?    concrete    mixer    for;   rent.  Phone Fair. 1!������-JS.  Common,   Impervious   Face,  and Building Pavers.  'east Shale Brick Co. Lt  1303 METROPOLITAN BUILDING  PHONE SEY. 8450 VANCOUVER B. C  PLUMBING, HEATING  GAS  AND  CONTRACTOR.  13S6 Granville St.        Vancouver, B.C|  'Plione  Seymour  9053  tjimimiim-M  PHONE SEYMOUR 4.670  DOMINION BLUE PRINT  &  DRAFTING CO.  35-37   Inns   of   Court   Bldg.  VANCOUVER,  B.  C.  TERMINAL LUMBER & SHINGLE CO.  "LIMITED.  BIANUPACTXTBEKS   OP  FINE  LUMBER AND SHINGLES  W. B. COOKE & CO,  308 Carter Cotton Blag*.  Phone:    Seymour 7997|  sum  . boat.  of  SLATER & ROOF TILEH  P38���������7tli Avo. W.    Phone Pair. 12571..  ���������WVt  i������ v-  EXPE3T BUILDEHS & FINANCIERS, LTD.  Successors   to  R.-NELSON FiNCH  Will   finance   your  "bnilcliu'-f  Sey. 7381.  for   von.  ,820-21 Kog*ers Eld?.  THE BURNSiDE :: ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-39  Granville  Street  Telephone Seymonr 3704  J. E. Campbell & Co.  PLUMBING   &  HEATING  '*ii������ Pei-lfl'- II. *f.  PHllne SpVmn'T 7V.H  \m  " Good Cheer" Circle Water Pan Furnace  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  SHEET METAL WORKERS  BUCK'S LEADER and GURNEY OXFORD  FURNACES  Phone Bay. 296 1540 5th Ave. VT.  URRAY BROS.  PLUMBING and HEATING  72IMain Street. Plione Smi-hht 8H4  Sheet Metal Workers  . Boat Tanks. Cornice. Roofing, Furnaces,  ���������S82 Seymour St.     Phone Se.v.  445S  L. G. ROBINSON  Consnlting*   Engineer   and  General Contractor j  3"!2 211    HoldPii   Bli-l-r. |  '     PUBLIC WORKS. ';  TTnaer. this title i3 listed proposed mil:  nicipai; railway and general construo-  sioii work' not cai*ried in tlie Kecord's  :able of work exolnsively identified with  -:ew or. proposed "building's.  '  ';,���������:''.:���������'-��������� ZrCASSAsr. -;:: .'���������;;;���������: ^-i-;--:-'--  ��������� Bridg-e.���������City'V proposes    erection ', of  ligli   level -brirlire  on  Center. Stv to  co.st  approx.  $600,000. ���������,'      ,    ;-;.'-  ��������� Waterworks.���������Ratepayers     have    ap-  ��������� ro\ed   e.-cpencl'iture' of   537.8,000-. for-'e's-,.  ensicn    to.  waterworks   sy-tem,-; giviiH'  "ipprox.1 5,000 new connections.    -..-,-.    ;  ���������'���������-���������':V'.".-: Z'\'r      MACI.-SOI). :..-,-  ���������'���������' Sewerag*e.���������Citjo will -increase facilities at ex.jeii.se-of.$-10,000. ,'T. ^ird M\irr  av,  Lumsden  bldg.,  Toronto,  consuitinj.  ''���������hgineer;: JIavor- A. Di I'Uwcett, mayor:  ..., F. Brown, city - clerk, Macleod, .Aitai '  <': "m&ssstt. '..'���������.'        ".'���������-.."'���������'''.'  ���������"'.Aih'.arf.'��������� Ten tiers taken"' to rOct. 15, for  .-.���������hart  at   Jla-;sett,' 40xS0,  pile'approach,  si 10JC14.     Plans, with,   C.:.'. C.    Wordfold.  ��������� jist.  Kiigi;.,  New ,\Vestmin-3ter.  :-y���������;- --KTEW-.-. WESTMINSTB3.'..'.'  -.Bridg-e.���������Dept. of. Public' Works will  iiiild bridge. across Lillooet' Kivei* at  larrisoii Road.. Plans now on file with  .egistrar of deeds,,New-. Westminster.;.'  '���������'���������. Electrical.���������B. c! .Electric will extend  ower and. lighting facilities on Saanich  '.���������.erii'hi..u':a'..,.: ���������:  , ".'������������������' .'���������  .''Street   'Widening'.���������Proposed   to   widen  ..-Jai'iainio  St.   to  uniform  width  of sixty  ' 'est.. " -. ���������'���������'   "    .:��������� ' .      '[ ..: .'.    '.'.'.''���������'''.. :  "   EOBTH   VAHCO'JrVEIt.  Marine.-���������City  council  will  submit bylaws, one as guarantee for repurchase.of  ���������jid debentures, and ithe other in  ' 150,0.00 to buy-additional ferry  Sewerag*e.^An.gus ��������� .-Smith',, city engineer, will =0011 bring forward detailed report of proposed extensions for 1913.  POINT   GREY.  ' Grading*.���������Municipality will grade Gth  .-it.', vuiua Rd., 1.0th Ave., Bianca and  Jak- Sts,.  ���������'-. G-iading*.^irunicipaIity proposes grad-  iig and ,'ciearing following r-treet'-i:. Mc-.  .ti-ido, -lth Ave... Oak, Alma Rd.,' 6th  ���������.\e. and Peters-Rd.  ,, Sidewalks. ��������� Municipfi'ity proposes.  ';....,.\. \>iuiv'. en litli St.. .-.Una Rd., lUth  .ve.,  Bianca  and  Oak  Sts.  '���������'      EETHiiSTCZ-S.  "Waterworks.���������Ratepayers      have  '; ap-  roved expenditure of .fl 0,000  for exteii-  ion  to pre ent  waterworks  system.  SOUTH   VAI-fCOUVBS.  Cle-ring*���������Propo-oJ clearing and rough  . jra iing* foi* installation of arc lights on  portions of fcllowing it:: Slocan,.Kal. o.  Xcotka   and   Windemere.     Approx.'total  '.!0;t    $1,100.  '  Grading-���������Windemere st from Hastings  to Charles, $-1537. .���������������������������������������������.  I/ig-liting* Standards���������Fourth  aj'er'.-    con siiieriiis ��������� cost    of  .ml  cluster light;'.  F^ank   Roadway���������On    20 th  "Un-jv* -t U- 1'ra: cr a\o.    ?S::n. '  Pan?: ''V/all.s���������Prcpo-o.l   Jc-i- following  tivel'.:'     Woudiaiul ��������� Drive.,     10th. ; ave.,  -u.arcli. Cypru���������!>���������.. Ugden, Kamlooiis, Park-  r, \renables, -Gtli., Cariboo and IStli ave;  $1020. ���������   .  Railway    Const.���������Guthrie,    jrcDougall  i cu., genl. cunir.s. lor'const, of -12 mile;  l' -road .Irom   Coaimont    to   Coiiuahalla  oil in mi t   on    V.   V.   i*i    !���������:.    extension   of  Ireut Northern.     $l,r100,000.  Railway   Const.���������Contr.   let   to   Nortl  ���������ni  Con-t.  Co.,   IS   lla .lings   St.  XV.,  ���������iilKiiry-.Mac-lcud  branch  of C.  X.  11.  Rooking���������Veiiablus street to be Wicked  .ruin Commercial to Salsbury, $10.10.  Rocking���������Proposed to rock 20th ave  "roni Main lo Prince Edward, $2500; from  Clen to IHiiins, $::5O0.  Sidewalk.���������Fourth Ave. ratepayers cir-  .'t.iai,ni; putitioii lor 12 ft. sidewalk on  .Hi Ave.  Irom Gr.anville to Alma Ileal.  Street- -Widening.���������Proposed   to   widen  . . e  u.iin-'ler  uoiiii   lo  SU  it.  from  Prince  dwiinl St.  to 15th Ave.  by acciuiriiig 7-  t.   strip   on   eacli   side   of ' road.     b'sti-  nated cost.  $4-1,375, payments  to extend  over 20 years.  Waterworks.���������T. 'R. Nick.son & Co.,  Ltd., > ancr.. have contr. for 25 mile-  pipe for Burnaby waterworks depl.  i 10,-192. -.'���������'���������  VICTORIA.  Conduits���������Underground   conduits   and  lateral   connections   for   telephone   purposes on Government and Yates Sts.  Marine.���������Bids close Oct. 15 for const,  of $2,000,000 breakwater. Plans with  ���������J. C, Worsfold. district engnr.. New  Westminster; the po-tmaster, Vancr..  'ind'Win. !lender.-on, Dom. Govmt. Architect. Victoria.  Railway   Const.���������IT.   J.   Cambie,   chief  engnr.  C.  P.   Ti.,   Vancr.,  and  R.   A. 'Bain-  liridge.  .div.   engnr.   IS.   Sz   S.,   will   take  tenders   until   Oct.    10,   for   grnding   and  bridging   Comox ��������� extension   of   ]i.   Sz  S���������  ipprux.  Hi miles,  erection     of     proposed  building.   Vancouver,   P..  .specifications   on   file   in  aigury    and    Vancouver  Hudson's    Hay   Co.,    but.,  not  be  released   Irom   the  fu-e until   Saturday.  Oct..   5.  Heating���������Uy J. F. Langer, 1 71 f> Woodland Drive, for heating plant, in apan-  .-,.,,(. Cny E, -Marshall, corner- 1 lth and  Granville. II  jieaanif���������By J. P. I.anger, 1715 Woodland Drive, for heating plant in garage  It.'J. Snellgrove, 15th and Granville      11  NOTICE   TO  COITTRACTORS.  Tenders will lie .received by the undor-  'Igned for the con triiction of that portion- of tlie; Canadian Northern Pacilic  Railway: known-' ii* ''the "Ol-anagan  Briinclies" extending from Kamioops, B.  C, to points at;, Vernon, Kelowna and  Lumby, B. C, a total distance of ap-  ,:.;roxin..ately 131 mile-'. The contracts  will be let iii  two divisions as .follows:  Kelowna, to Veri-on . and Ijunib'y,' -IS  -lile, -...'���������" ';.''"���������"',-  Vernon to Kamioops, S3 iiii'es.,, ���������" ������������������  Terders to include c earing, grubbing.  . .Trading,' bridges,, :.;tre,;'tla.--, ..culvert ,  .I'.a.onry and 'fencing. Contractors .will  be .required , to, submit: -two alternathe  iids for gracing based upon the follow-  'ng cla-";ifications': " .    .-'���������,. ������������������,-"  (a)'���������Solid  rock, loo~e rock, hard pan,  '���������ravtii. ��������� .".���������-��������������������������� "'"���������"���������  ;"'���������  (b)���������Solid rock; all other material." '���������'" .  Plans,', profile:., .specifications -and  "forms" of ..contract may be' seen, and  "forms",, of tender obtained at the office  ���������of. Mackenzie,. Manri.& Co., Ltd., 71 0Mot-'  ropolitan - Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. . The  work to he- completed within one year  from  the date, of signing  tlie. contracts.  Tenders to be received at the offices of  Mackem-Jo, Jlann & Co., Ltd;. 71.9 Jletrd-  po'itan,'.Building, Vancouver, B. C, not  later than .12 o'clock noon, on' the -15th  day of .October, 1912, and to be enclo ed  in sealed 'envelopes marked "Tender for  Construction.".. ���������:"���������"'.'. ,.'.,.,     ���������  The'lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.'    ,-���������  BTaclcen-cie, "Kanh & Co., Iittl.  LOCAL T3ND3RS WANTED.  Notices for tenders wanted will-be  -published'under this heading until'time  .'or closing tenders has' arrived, or until  ill figures desired are in.  Ho  charge  is  made   for the  insertion  if   notices   for   tenders   in   this   colunu.  o  unless   they . are   in , the   regular   legal  .'orm of official  advertisements.  Ziumher���������Ey Wine'and Building & Engineering Co., Ltd.. Loo Ulili,-., for lumber reciuirc-d in erection of store and  warehou.-e bidg at New We.-tmins-cer toi*  T. J. Trapp. , .'������������������'" 7  <>���������     I.TISCEr.I.ANEOTJS.  Bridges-���������Ey MacKenzie, Mann & Co.,  Ltd.,, .Meti-fJiiolllan bldg.. for bridges to  bo erected on C. N. 11. -right of way  from Kelowna to Vernon mid Lumbj,  13. C,   IS ml e*.    JiUls taken until Oct.  15.  ���������Mechanical Eiiuijiment ��������� By Burke,  Horwood & White. 2S Toronto St., Toronto, Out., until Oct. 2-1, for general  mechanical eijuipliient' /required in pro-  po-,od lliul.-.on'-; Bay building, Vancouver, B. C. Plans and specification ���������; on  lile in the Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver otilces of tlie Hud,.soii's Bay Co..  but po-itivoly will not be relea uid from  the Vancouver office until Saturday,  Oct.  fi.  Trestles���������2y MacKenzie, Mann ,-i Co..  Ltd., Metro),ontan bidg., lor tre tie-* l(.  be built on C. N. It. right of way from  Kelowna' to Vernon and Lumby, . Ii. C,  IS   miles.     Bid^   tal������i*n   until   Oct.   J 5.  VANCOUVER  GENERAL  CONTRACT.  General; Contract���������By Burke, Horwood  i.White, *;������-Toronto St., Toronto, Out.,  jntil Oct.. '2l,: ;for general-contract, on  proposed Hudson's Bay, building, Vah-  -ouver, B. C;.-..'-.-Plans also on file -with  .ne-Hud oil's 'Bay Co. in Winnipeg,; cul-  ary, and' 'Vancouver..: Plan i and.-opeci-  03.110118' positively will jnot be, released  , r.i*n   Saturday,   uct. -5.  - "_ .     "      ','  BRICK   WORK,   BOILERS.     ;i  ���������fiTasoju-y^By.MacKenzie, Mann &;Co.,  ,td., Metropolitan bldg., for'ma-onry rer  luired-'bn. C -N. R.' .riglit' of way ��������� from  ������������������ielowna- to Vernon and Lumby, B. C:v  .S- mile's.    Bids taken "until Oct.  lo.'..'':'  . Masonry;���������By.'MacKenzie,' Mann '& Co.,  ��������� td., Metropolitan' bldg., for '.'��������� masonry  equired. cn,C..N.  R.  right,of way: from.  eriion to Kamioops, S3 miles. Bids  al*en  until Oct.   15.  Brickwork���������By   Kxpert   Builders,   S21  togers   bldg.,   for   brickw.ork   and   chim  eys in, residence for Aid." White  CANALS,   CEJ1EHT,   COBTCRETE.:  Clearing���������By MacKenzie,; -Mann ���������&������������������ Co  Ltd.,   Metropolitan    bids'-, ��������� for  right'of way-.of'C. N.  R.line from Kelowna  to   Vernon   and   Lumby,  -B. ,C,   IS  miles.    Bids taken until Oct. .15; ' " ��������� '. .  '. Clearing���������By 'M.acKeii'zIe, Mann Sz Co.,  I-itd., Metropolitan bldg., for, clearing  right of way of C. N. R. route from  Vernon to Kamioops, S3 miles.'. Bids  taken until Oct.  15. , .  Concrete���������By. Expert Builders, S21  Rogers: bldg.,. for concrete walls aiK'l  .floor in residence foivAld. White. , 11  Excavating, Elevators. Electric Fi-ittures  Excavating*���������By Campbell & Wilkie,  015 Pender VV.,. for exacvating required  in bldg lor Jarvis Bros. : 11  11  Culverts���������Ey MacKenzie, Mann &.Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan bldg., for'".construction of cuKerts on C...N. R. right of way  from Kelowna to Vernon and Lumby, B.  C, -IS miles.    Bids taken until'Oct.  15.  E-enciiig���������-By MacKenzie,' Mann & Co;.  Ltd., Metropolitan -bldg., for fencing CV  N. R. right- of way from Kelowna1,-. to  Vernon'" and Lumby, B. C, -IS miles.  Bids taken  until  Oct. 1,-5.  Eridges-r-By MacKenzie, Mann'-& Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan bldg.,' for bridges to:  be erected ' oh .-C. N. R. riglit of-Nway  from ' Vernon - to : Kaiuloop^, SU milei.  Bids taken until Oct. IB.     ::       -.',-.  ���������..���������.'���������,'���������:  Trestles���������By MacKenzie, Mann & Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan bldg., for trestles "tc  be built on C. N.H. right of way from  Vernon' to I-Camloojis,. S3 miles. Bid.-,  taken  until  Oct.  15., ...  Culverts���������ByMaeKenzie, Mann & Co..  Ltd.,-Metropolitan bldg., lor culverts to  be. buiit-noh . C. N. R. right, of way, from  Vernon to.' Kamioops, S3 miles. 'Bid;-;  taken until  Oct. .1.5.  Fencing^���������By;.MacKenzie) Mann & Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan, bldg., for fencing-required on C. N. R.. right of way from'  Vernon' to Kamioops, S3 . mile's. Bids  taken ���������until Oct.  1 5.  Line Materials��������� By G. "H. E. V.'illiam~,  ������������������615 Pender st...\V..' for line, materlias required in lighting plant at .Duncans, B.  C;   .,..,-- ;.....^ ��������� .._>,, ...-/:_-..,-.. .,7  Trr.ck Tie's���������Ey PT. E. Bea.Tley,; general  supt, Victoria, lor i'ty'thousand railway  track ties and distriljiition of same on  grade,of- E. & N. Comox extension from  Big Qualicum River to.'McBride Junction.  Specifications . on , application vto  Bea ley or , to any station agent'of  .12.-Sz N.    Bids received until Oct.. 10.'  .. Railivay'Construction-���������Ey 1J. J. Canir'  bie,-. chief engineer,���������-.OP..R..'.' Vancouver,'  ��������� ioi: grading'and bridges on the Comox extension of the -Es-quimalt and 'Nanaimo  railway frj">m Big Qualicum River,, Mile  .15 1-2, to Union Bay, Mile 31.79. ,: Plans  and specifications on tile'with Mr. Can>-,  bie and with R. A. Bainbridge, divisional  engineer, E;' Sz N., Victoria. Bids received .until .Oct. 10.        " i ..  ���������PLASTER, ;, PAINTING,    PLUMBING.;  ��������� Painting*������������������ By'���������-; Expert'-���������' Builders, S21  Rogers blcig.. ..'for painting required, in  residence for. Aid.'White. -.-.!'    '.   '] 1  PUvmbihg���������By J. F. Langer, . 1715  Woodland Drive,'for plumbing required  in apartments for E. ;Maiv>hall, corner  14th. and Granville. ���������/���������' :__-"- _ ''-yik_^ l*������  ' Plumbing���������By J. F. Langer, 1715  Woodland Drive, for. plumbing required  In garage for R, J. Snellgrove, 15th ani  Granville. .--,-.'' <   ���������'.  ,-. Plambing*���������-Sy     Burke,     Horwood  White;   2S - Toronto    St...   Toronto  I  Mr.  the  Ave; rate-  standards  live   from  GRADING,  GLASS,  GRAVEL.  for  , Grading���������By MacKenzie, Mann & Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan .bldg., tor. grading C.  N. R. right of way from Vernon to Kam-  oops, S3 ini:es. Grading tenders to be  classified: (a) solid rock, ldose rock,  .hard pan anil ' earth': (b) .solid rock; all  ether materials. .Bids taken until Oct.  15th. -  ;     ';'.,',''  - C'rnhbing���������By M^acKcnzie, Mann Sz Co.,  Ltd.. jMet'ropolitaiV bldg.,- for- grubbing  right .of'-way .oi" C. N. it. irom Vernon  to Kamioops, S3 miles.. Bids taken until  Oct.   15.  Grubbing-:���������By; MacKenzie, Mann ���������&  .'To.. Ltd., .Metropolitan bldg., for-'grub-  bing riglit of way of O. X. R. rente from  Ke i.wra to Vernon and, Liimby, B. C,  .8  in. .&'..     'Did',' ta*...n  ur. ti. X/ct.  .15.  G-laas���������By Kxpert Builder;. S2I  Rogers bldg., for glass required in.  residence  lor Aid.  White. 11  ilACEIiSiERT,    iVIAREX.il,   MILLWORK.  . Millwork���������By -'Kxpert Builders, S21  Rogers bldg.. for millwork required In  residence for Aid. White. 11  Grading���������By MacKenzie, Mann &' Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan bldg., tor grading  right of ;way of C. ,N. R. route Irom  Kelowna to 'Vernon' and Luinby, P....C.  IS miles. _ Grading Menders to be classl-  :ied: ia) * .solid rock, loose rock, hard  pan- ami earth.; (b) .solid rock, all other  .liiaterials. Bids tnken until Oct. 15.'  EDWE,   HEATING,  HOSE,  HDWOOD.  ��������� Heating-���������By Expert Builders, S2I  Rogers Bldg.. for hot water .heating  plant in residence for Aid. White. 11  Keating���������-Ey Burke, Horwood it White,  :s Toronto St., Toronto. Out., until October   21,    for   heating   plant   require<l   in  LUMBER, LATHIHG, LIME.  Lumher���������By Expert Builders, S21  Roger; . bldg'., for lumber required in  residence for Aid. White. 11.  14  Sz]  Ont.���������i  until . Oct.   24,   for  plumbing  required   in |  erection of propo-ed.Hudson's Bay build-  in'tr,  Vancouver. B.; G.    Plans  and'specifications   on   file; in   the   Winnipeg,   Calgary-and  Vancouver  offices  of the Hudson's   Bay   Co.,   but   positively   will   riot  clearing   be   released   from   the   Vancouver   office  " "    iiiitil/batiirda-y. Oct.   6.  Plumhing*���������By. Expert Builders, S21  Rogers bldg:, for plumbing required in  reMder'ce .for API. White. ,   . .11  Plastering*���������By   Expert   Builders,    S21  Rogers   bldg..    tor    plastering    required  >n   residence   for Aid.' White;;-.  '  ". , ���������     II  ROOPISTG,   RESERVOIRS,  ; Roofing*���������By J. F. Langer, 1715 Woodland Drive, for roofing on apartments  for E. Mar-hall, 14th and' Granville. 14  Roofing*���������By J. F. Langer, 1715 Woodland Drive, for roofing on garage for R.,  J. Snellgrove.  15th and Granville. ,14  SHEET METAL WORK.  Sheet   Metal���������By   J.   F.   Langer,   1715  Woodland Drive, for sheet metal work in  garage-for   R.   .1.   Snellgrove,   15th   audi  Granville. " 14  Sheet Metal���������By J. F. Langer, 1715  Woodland Drive, for sheet metal work  in apartments for E.Marshall, 14th and  Granville. - 14  Sheet Metal���������By Expert Builders, S21  Rogers bldg., for sheet metal work in  residence   for  Aid.   AVhite. 11  WIRING, WATERPROOPING,  Wiring-���������'Bv* Burke. Hoi-wood & White,  2S Toronto St., Toronto, Ont.. until Oct.  24, for e'ectrical wiring required in erection of propo ed Hud-on's Bay building,  .Vancouvei*. B. C. Plans and specifications en file in the Winnipeg, Calgary  nnd Vancouver offices of the Hudson's i  Bay Co.. b'.it )'0 it'* ely will ' r'ot be re-'  lea, e;l , from the Vancouver otlice until  Saturday.  Oct.   5. .  Copper  Wire���������By   C. \H.   E.   William--,  Gin Pender st XV., for approx.  12  tons of  ix and  four.t  waterproof copper wire to  be used  in lighting plant at Duncans,  B.  C. ���������'���������'.', < 7  Wiring-���������By J. IV Langer. 1715 Woodland Drive, I'or electrical wiring in apartments for 12. Marshall, 14th, and Granville. II  Wiring1���������By J. IV Langer. 1715 Wocd-  lancl drive, for electrical wiring- In garage for R. J. Snellgrove, 15th and Granville. ���������*'.'. II  Heating Engineers  Steam, K.o't Water 8c "vacuum Systems  Phone Fair. 274-R      S09-10th Ave. E  Hudson's Bay  C. Plans and  the Winnipeg,  offices of the  positively will  Vancouver of-  '}.  ni  NOTICE  INSPECTION OP GAS PIPING  Architects, Builders and Owners are  notified that all g-as piping must hej  tested "before walls are closed in. Otherwise this company -will not he responsible for supplying- gas for the  building'.  Information and estimates re g-as  piping furnished without charge.  New Business Dept.    Phone Sey,  il  500O]  TENDERS WANTED.  OUT OF  TOWN.  BUILDINGS.  Winnipeg*���������Time for receiving competitive drawings for proposed city hall  building ha; been-extended until February 15, 11113.. Copies of conditions and  further information may be had on application to Magnus Peterson, secretary  of  Board  of Control,  Winnipeg, Man.  Chilliwack���������By the Director of Contracts, Dept. of Militia an.(3 Defence.  Ottawa, for construction of drill hall at  Chilliwack, B.' C. Revised plans and  spec, on file with the officer commanding .military district No. 11, Victoria,  Willi Capt. A. L. Coote, 104th Regiment,  New ,AVe ;tmin."ter, and with the Director of Engineer Services, Ottawa. Bids  will  be takeni until Oct.  7.  Calg-ary���������By J. M. Miller, city clerk,  for the position of city engineer. Successful applicant must be prepared to  ��������� tart duties not later than Nov. 15. Applications-received  until  Oct.   13..  MCHY,,   MISC.",    MATERIAL.    flIARINE.  Eassano, Alta.���������-By Goo. R. B. Bond,  for labor only on brick veneer work of  new   Angelican   church,   Eassano. S  New Westminster���������By A. O. Powell,  harbor engineer, 2C-Lorne St., New Westminster, for a ladder dredge, capacity 250  cubic yards per hour and excavating to  depth of 25 ft. Bids taken until Tuesday. October S. Further particulars on  application   to   tlie- engineer.  Victoria���������Por construction of breakwater in Victoria harbor. Plans and  -pec. with tlie Dominion archt., AVm.  Mender-oil, Victoria, C. C. Worsfold, dist.  engnr.. New Westminster, and on application to tlie postinas-^r, Vancouver, R.  C. Oct.  15  RENT OR SALE  VANCOUVER MOSST CO.,  Phono Sey, 6667  LBMBTED  931 Metropolitan Bldg  Montreal  Toront-I  London, Bug.     '  n  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., Limited.  INSPECTION ',. TESTS CONSULTATION  Inspection of Steel, Cement, Building , Bridg-es, Pipe, Rails, Cars. Locomotive*)  Second-hand Eafcipment, Crcosotod  Materials,   Cement    Testing*,  Physiot^  Laboratories and Offices.  In Bank of Ottawa Elda*,, Vancouver, B. C.  E  IVIachSrsery C&eaSers  CONCRETE  MIXERS.   STEEL   CARS,   ROCK   CRUSHERS,   ELECTRll  STEAM    AND    GASOLINE    HOISTS.      WH EELBARROWS^iM  TRANSMISSION  MACHINERY, GASOLINE   ENGINES     "w?1  PUMPS AND   ROAD,MACHINERY.  Phones:   Seymour   7056-7818.  'ml  Offices: 606-607 Bank of Ottawa Blaif  Paints, Oils, Varnishes  P. &. B. Building Paper  Malthoid Roofing      Cronolite Roofing  Cabots Stains, Creosote..  HENRY DAStUftG  Phono ���������". Sej'mour  512  28 Powell  "We are the  sole manufacturers  -Machine-made   Glazed   Cement   Sew-J  Pipe in  British,  Columbia.  BOWHNBQN GLAZED CEMENT P5PE CO., LTD.  Oflice:    Dominion    Trust    Bldg-.,    Vancouver,   B.   C.      Phone:   Sey.  8286  <                                                                "                                                                                                             !       1  J\OJTmMiL//0CM  y/c.  and MANUFACTURING COlmnin  t  Electric Supplies and Telephones.  1  313 Water Sf  ������                                        fi  GREAT WEST SAMD & GRAVEL COMPANY LTDJ  All  fCisidsd  Buildfrag  a            H  ���������Material J  OFFICE WAREHO USE AND WHARF:                           J  -PHONE SEYMOUR 8491.                                                             1029   MAIN   ST.      !l   : 1  ENGiNEERS AND CONTRACTORS  544 Howe  St. Phones:    Sey.  1336,   7951  E. G. PRIOR & CO.  For Log-giim-g, Crane ancJ ABJ Purposes  Manufactured by Win. Cook & Co., Sheffieil j, England.  Phone Sey. 386. 869  Beatty Stj  SLABS.  PHONE SEY. 2190.  Clinton Welded  Fabric  THE IDEAL KKIOTOECEMENT.  SEWERS. WALLS.  L. A. NORRBS CO.  Exclusive  Pacific Coast Sales.  RESERVOIRS.!  406 BOWER B1DC  Takes the-.place of lath and plaster  STRONG - DAMPPROCF - ECOIVJONICAL  Also FSREPROOF ASBESTOS Board  For Garages, Light Walls, Elevator Shafts  Furnace Room Walls and Ceilings r:  W. C. TFiOlviSON CORfflPANY, LTD.  Labor Temple Phone Sey. 3394S  Electrical Contractors  .'Phone,   Seymour  2707      976 Granville Street  Daily JBajildirfig  Record    ���������  Canada's Only DAILY  NEWSPAPER  Devoted Exclusively To Building News  Great West Mfg. Co., Ltd  CABESBT   MAKEB-S  BANK,  STORE AND  OFFICE  FIXTURES  Phone Fair. 1471    52 Dufferin St.  Estimates Furnished


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