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Daily Building Record Oct 2, 1912

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 f\i-it^-''-ii'-''i^' ���-""-., /   *
svofcecfl to tn<z interests?
ontractinrg, Engineering, irrigation and General Improvement News. ,        '
, Contractors, Engineers, Material Dealers and others interested in the building trade of the ISLW*.
loord   Publishing .Co.,   Vancouver,  Publishers.
Covering British Columbia.
Vol. 3, Ho. 96, Wednesday,' Oct. 2, 1912.
O'Neel Company,. Ltd,
)R0L1TE (lor ���Waterproofing)
Estimates cheerfully  furnislicd on Tile, Marble, Te'rraz/.o, Terra Cotta, Structural
Steel Brick, Hardwood Trim, etc., etc.
SOIPacificBUp.     Sey.8144
Tar and Gravel Roofing
Water   Proofing
Roof Repairing
AV Work Guaranteed
Phone Seymour 7417.
814  Metropolitan   Bldg.
Phone Seymour 3425 v Sole Agents 318 Homer Street '
Sandy Gravel, Brick, Lime, Cement and Plaster
Phone Seymour 9162, Private Exchang-e.        Offce   and  Bunkers,   Granville  Street'Bridg-e.
sto   fr   n
.13 1-1 -l���o 3 !
\l sto fr res '. $1500   "0-2  2Xlh   ave  I-: 29���1 j S|5 i-.| Sec.   is
II sto fr vet $1000   SMI)   Vcneablc-i   st ��..,1���2 | s\S 1-1   Sec.   2.",: Owner
two 2 slo  fr i-(
00'20I1-I3   lltli  ave W J 2���GiS
Cost. I Street Address. Eot and Block. '
r?2S0O   S-"" Slh ave'W~.. ".".."
 12G0 Sth'ave W.
E. Neil	
'Owner  ;
Buxton Watson & Co Central Park
Owner.  ��� Addroas.
wTu. Browin 202S 3r7llive~wT
II.   Parker 722   Hamilton
M.   Goumain 775   Harris   St.
A. F. Lovering	
Seymour 8488
Blard as Ceinent
Pure White m CoSor
Western Plate Glass
& SmpvCo. Ltd.
VANCOUVER, B. C.       '
Leaded Art Glass    -
Thome   Metal  Store  Front  Bus
Bevelling- and Silverinff
��� tore Pronts Glazed
is'!���1 ��� n!T''r" UACcvT-c.i��t4AER.ijr \-V vt. tan ��� tb, J^KtfntkaA
If liondoil, England.,   The Oldest,' Strongest and'Best in the World.
Witish Amsncara Trust Company, Limited.
ler-Cotton Bldg-.
Insurance Department
Plione   Seymonr 7S20
'9     wwawH*^-a����?
Glass Importars and folanufacturers.
B. C. Manufacturers off tester store front
[construction. .-
Iphoncs   7085-6
-iOOO' Homcr���Stf
Canadian Pacific lumber Co. Limi
iT/he   attention
of Architects, Contractors and Builders is called
jthe NEW ERA REVERSIBLE WINDOWS, which w& are now manu-
Iturers of. Call at our factory and see them and learn of .their many
|/antaaes over any other windows made.
Factory:    Foot  of Salsbury  Drive,
jnch  Factory at 1618 Third  Avenue  West, Fairview. Vancouver,   B.  C.
SEY3K0TJ3 4961
MacKenzie, Mann & Co., fAd��� Metropolitan' bldg-, ,are uniting tenders for
(ho general construction of ,tlio Okanog-
an branches of the Canadian Northern
railway. The work extends from Kamioops to points at Vernon,1 Kelowna, and
Lumby, B.C., a distance of approx. 131
miles and contracts will be let in two
divisions. Tlie first division embrace1;
tlie territory from Kelowna to Vernon
and Lumby, IS miles, and the second division from Vernon to Kamioops, S3
Tenders are to include the following:
Clearing, grubbing, grading, bridges, culverts, trestles, masonry and fencing.
Tlans and'specifications may now be had
from tlie company's Vancouver offices and
bids will b'e taken until Oct. IS.
The following- .material Is mentioned
to he used in, the structures called loi.
in the permits above, whose numbers
correspond to' those preceding- the following*  items.
3561���200 br, 500 yds pi, G bbls cmt.
35G1���1500 br, 1150 yds pi, S bbls cmt;
3505���1000  br.
Sash & Door Co., Ltd
Phone Bay. 646   (Near Sixth W
Standard Glass Co. Ltd
abt eiAaa   ,
Phono Highland 791...829 Barnard'St.
Only Permits  amounting to less than
$1000 will he found under this head.
30G2���JO. Ward, fr addn to res, 557 10th
ave E; owner; $-100.
35G3���Mrs. R. A. Hunter, alter store
room,- 531 Kdway "E;  S.  Sims;  $S00.
3566���U. D. Ross, 1 sto fr garage,
112S ilth ave 15; ownerY ?100.'
3570���,1. 11. Tregont, alter res, 1129
Georgia st;  owner;  $25.
Tho following
meiidntions -of
is the report and rccom-
tlie   city   engineer,   ��".il-
The .1. .1. Frantz Const. Co., Arts Sz
Crafts bldg, have started work on tho
proposed   theatre bldg  to  be erected acl-
��� HARDWOOD   FliOOB   0O.:;
Floor  Layer*  and Dealg&era       us
'Sey. 6853���Bay. 139R. 567 CtauivlU* ttrj
mi tied to the Hoard of AVorks mooting joining the Hotel Rlyxium. R. V\". T-tough-
I yesterday: ton,   Seattle,   is   (lie   nrclit  and   the  bklg
I     That three n'ank walks be laid on foi-I will be sublet by the owners, Marriott &
lowing streets: Woodland drive. . Dili j Fellowes, Art-! & Craft-: bldg, to John
|a\e,   l.arc-h.   Cypress,   Ogden,   Kan loops. J Cort. the Seattle thcntiical magnate.
Parker,  Vencables,   2Cth  ave,   Cariooo  st       The proposed erection of this bldg was
C. Gardiner Johnson & Company
Canadian BisiJcSers Supply Co., Ltd.
Dealers in
Offlce Bnufceiw
1901  Georgia St,
Sey. 7175
Bey     4068
. 1  .--,*'*-    /XT*
|:,M*ftotuM��''-of-jair��a^s  of interior sanded finish and lumber ana mould-
HiBttMWWWwa-.u* "t5^B.,sr.sh and do^rs,   cabinet   worn,   etc.
' \MM-^t^%M^BV^^ WORK  A    SPECIALTY.
v.   -V6,%��l5stittB&s furnished from p'-ino and cnei
311  North West Trust Elds'.
G. A. Bell, Mg-r.
That boulevard on east <-ide of \'ine st
bo uratfed from Rdway to a point about
50  ft north:  S7.1; approved.
That lane between l-ltivand ..15th-.aves
from Commercial to Victoria bo cleared
and rough graded; $350; approved; ,
. TCstimated cost of'grading and rocking
following lanes: Between Sth and Broadway from Yukon to Bridge. $700: "between ;7th ami...Sth from Yukon to Bridge,
$500.    Laid over. ��� :   '
Recommended that Venables st be recked from Commercial to Salsbury, $1030:
in The Record and later republished in
other Vancouver newspapers. As staled
at that time, the bklg. will be 120x132
ft, 5 sto in height, '-provision', being
made over the auditorium for, 100, rooms
to be used" by the Hotel Elysium. In
connection with the new work a number of alterations will be made in the
present hotel bidg.
Tlio -theatre will have a seating capacity of 1 GOO. It will contain a full
complement of boxes, stage accessories,
dressing rooms, etc. and, on tho roof n
roof garden  is planned  along  lines sim
eSecfcro Plating
CO., LTD...
J 090 Mainland, foot of Helmclcen
Sey.   2479
Western Stsasn & Oil Plants Co. Ltd."
1010    DOMINION    TRUST    BI.30. Sey.  7676
Entrance in rear    ' ^lone Sey 3732
That  box  drain  lie built in  lane  from : ilar to  that of the Madison  Square gar-
i Cotton.to AYocdianci; between 1st aml^hil, : denp,   New' York.     The   bldg   will   cost
,$75;  Approved. S about $200,000.
! '  That  box  drain  bo built in  lane   from i ' 	
. ,     . ' -i .    .'
Commercial to Salsbury. between Charles j HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY
I,. Vancouver Marble & TiSe Co., LJxL
P<. PHONE SEYMOUR  1518     '       848 BEACH-AVE.
and, Bi.-miarek. $75: approved.
That . IC. ft plank roadway be constructed on 21th ave. from Burns tn
l"ni:er,    $S?">: approved.
Tliat plank roadway be built on 15lli
ave   from   St.   Catherine-,   100    I't   wen,
Tenders are now  invited  by  tlie Hud- j
���.-mi's  Bay Co.   for  the  erection  of  tlielr;
proposed   bldg  on   Georgia   st   extending j
from  Oranville   to   Seymour.     Bulk   ten- j
tiers art- preferred for all work with tlio j
American Bessemer BSack Sheets
Stock carried in a large range of sizes in Birmingham gauges
In 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 foot lengths
Phone Sey. 791S
Vancouver,   B.   C.
60 Satisfied  Users  En  Vancouver
1065 Pender  St. Phone   Seymour 57K
103 Winch Building Phone Seymour 187-5929
EngSSsh K-B & S " COWROR'? and
Partition Tile For All Building Purposes
Lime, Plastc, Fire Brick, Tin Plate, Pig Iron Etc.
$1 It):--approved. | exception   of  plumliinK.   lientiiifr.   wirins
Kstiniiitod cost of gradins and roc-kln.i? ! and Konoral nioolninicnl cciiiipmcnt. Plans
1 lltli avo from Burns to St. Catherines, j and >peeific-i'tions aro on file w-Hli the
Jill's; laid over. j archts, ThirUe. Horwood Sz AVliite, Toron-
K-Uimated, co---t   or   rocking   20tli    avnjto; and  the AVinnipet,'. Calgary and Van-
from Main to Prince Kdward,  $2,100. and j couvcr odicesof  the  Hudson's  Bay  Co.,
from  Glen to Burns st.  $3:~>00: approved; j but will not be available  from  the Van-
Estimated  co.--t of grading Prince  Ed- ' couvcr odice until next Saturday, Oct. 5. j
ward  from Ifitii to 2.1th,  $7110: laid  over.   C.P.B. ANITOUNCES ITS
"use bi.ace:-weli.'S lik-es"
Vancouver, B. C.
Phone Seymour 1733.
See me about Beady KOOFHTG-.    I have the  nest in tlie market.
Builders' and Contractors' Sn'ppUet.
Metal lath, Metal Ceillng-s.
Corner Eead, Tool and Drill Steel.
Willamette DonSey EnyineB.
Blaisdell Vacuum Cleanors.
| Estimated cost of grading 20th ave
I from Sophia to St. George, ?1!)07; approved.
DOTTBXjE tracking plaks
,T.   G.   Sullivan,   chief  engineer  of  the
Phone:    Seymour  66i)3
''     432   Cordova   Street  West
Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's
,    791 Granville St."
Phone Seymour 1487
Vancouver, B. C.
Sole Agents
|     Estimated  cost  cf clearing and  rough 'western   lines   of   the-C.P.B.   is   in   the.
; grading following boulevards', for instal- city from AVinnipeg. He announces thnt
latibn of arc lights: Renfrew from ��� 13th ' work starts simultaneously next springi
to 22nd ave. $10.10: from Charles to nth'nt .several points on the proposed dou-
ave, $2200; Slocan from I-laUlngs to . ble tracking of the C.P.R. main line from;
render, $200; Ka��lo from Harris to Un- Vancouver to Calgary. Tho surveys are ,
ion,. $200; Xontka from IStli to I (lth, now almost completed and specifications-
$100; Windermere from 20th to 22nd, ' for contractors are being completed as j
$300.     Carried,   with   exception   of   lien- '��� rapidly as  possible. I
frew.st items which were laid over.	
ASI Kinds of Building Material
Phones 15 & 18
New Westminster, B. C.
*'ace Brick To Order. Any Size, Shape and Color Desired
, 1415
915 Maiin St.
Recommended   that   Windermere   st   be   NORTH   VANCOUVER   ELDG.
; graded from Hastings t* Charles. ?-IS��7
1 approved.
Permits  is.suc-d   by  the  bldg   inspector:
That Vancouver Gas Co be allowed to   during the month of f?ept. numbered :;!),
lay  mains   and  services  on  speeif.cd   st;
under usual conditions.
(Continued  on  Page  4)
with'a value of $I0,S1.1. The totals,for
the month were comparatively the same
as tlie previous one.
Electric B-SoSsts,':
Gcsolcrte Hoists
And Elevators
in ASS Sizes
365 Water Street
Phone  Sey. 3237
��Wt��*B^^ fclOTLSH COLUMBIA  DAILY BUILDING RECORD.  "ATT.Y    BUILDING   BECOKil.  Published Daily Except Sundays  UXCORD PUBLISHING COMPANY  Address:   5S3  Homer-Richards  Lane  Rear' of  431   Dunsmuir Street  Telephone Seymour 780S  Subscription Price       -      <$1.00 a month  Payable  in  Advance  BUILDING   PERMITS.  Permits for tlie various municipalities  ���������Will appear under this head on tlie following days:  Monday���������Victoria.  .    Tuesday���������Soutli   Vancouver,   Victoria,  Ke-w Westminster.  Wednesday���������North Vancouver, Point  tlrey, Victoria.  Thursday���������South Vancouver, Shaugh-  "���������esuey Heights, Victoria.  Ton will save two dollars by paying1  % year la advance for the Record, be-  MtSos saving- considerable time and the  fcnnoyance of paying- a small bill each  taonth. Sixteen and two-thirds per cont  Is pretty good Interest on your/:noney,  Isn't it? worth saving1! Therrrice for  ������U������ year paid in advance is ted'dollars.  TAVOR EXPENDITURE OP  -��������� MXX.X.XOir   ON   W>\TERWORKS  following tli 6 visit irfaissssok of .several  Y&nCouver aldermen to Seymour Creek,  "15 miles upstream from Xorth Vancouver, a proposal will soon be submitted to  'the ratepayers to provide a scheme for  holding back 2,250,000,000 gallons of water by means of a great civic storage  reservoir. Consulting Engineer Burwell  estimates the cost of the undertaking at  Approx. $1,000,000. Tho work will in-  1 elude building a dam, clearing tlie area  to be flooded, and building an additional  large main down  to salt water.  It Is intended, also, to extend the new  ���������36-In. main now being laid, from the  temporary intake, upward to the reservoir lake. The land required'for the  project Is held by the Hoflus-Robinson  interests of Seattle, and was offered to  tlio city a year ago as part of a parcel  tit 7000,. acres of shed on Seymour Creek.  ^The city will now endeavor to reopen  Negotiations with the Hofius-Robinson  Interests for a tract of 500 acres in the  proposed flooded area.  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  99  "Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tip Plate, J?oofing Slate.  LLDOd " Wire Rope WHITE'S  CONTRACT BONDS Promptly Issued by NATIONAL SURETY  COMPANY,  OP NEW YORK.  "Santa Cruz"  BLUE CROSS Cement.  British Columbia Produces  The Best Lime In ,  Ail North America  99.5 % PURE  o&6i   Carter-Cotton'..'Bldg>  Pacific Lime Company, LSmite'eL  VANCOUVER,  B.  C. '     /  Phone  Sey.  9506  Producers Rock;& Gravel Co., Ltd.  Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel  '��������� CRUSHED:';ROCK;,:-.;i:  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAY.       ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD.  '"'���������"'���������   OFFICE AND BUNKERS FRONT AND MANITOBA STS.  Head  Office  and   Bunkers:,  ���������'��������� Store  St., foot of Chatham      ;  -  Phone 305 Victoria, b! C.  Vancouver Office and Bunkers:  Front and  Manitoba  Sts. ..������������������>'<���������  Phone, Fairmont 552.  .Plans for Buildings in this Table are in the H-mds of the Architects,   and   l.he   Date   Givwi    for,   their  Completion is Approximate only!   When the Contract is Let,'Name of Contractor is Given ill Last Column.  Character.  .Estimated   Cost  fetO PAVING-  PROJECT  POR   SOUTH   VANCOUVER  the city council o������ South Vancouver  >ias decided to proceed at once with the  paving- of Westminster Road within the  boundaries of teh municipality and the  "city engineer has been instructed to call  for tenders at once. ' Tenders will be  'invited on the unit basis and will cover  the following classification: Asphaltic  'concrete, bitulithic, creosoted blocks and  granitoid.  The proposed work will be undertaken  lit the request of property owners who  have agreed by petition to assessment  \mder local improvement bylaw.  POINT   GREY  PERMITS  ������93���������Thos Cutts,  1  sto fr res,  lots  1,  2, blk 1, DL 52G; W. McNeill; .$1150.  296���������W. A. Bauer, 2 sto fr res, lot 1,  Ulk 43, DL 526; Somervell Sz Putnam,  ���������archts; M. Arvensen, 305 Cotton bldg,  %ohtr; $20,000;  hot water.  297���������H. P. Leek, 1576 -lth ave E��������� 1  ���������sto fr res, lots 6, 7, blk 136,'DL 540;  'owner; $2500; furnace.  298���������H. J. Simpson, 1 1-2 sto fr res,  "lot 30, blk 16, DL 526; JlcXames & Rogers'; $3000.  299���������D.  W.  Johnston,  1 1-2 sto fr res,  3219 37th ave; "W. Tinney & Co, $1000.    ���������  300���������Rev.  J.  Briggs,- 2 sto fr res,  lot  5,   blk   7,   DL   140;   W.   Tinney   Sz, Co.;  ?7000; furnace.  301���������Crpn of Pt. Grey, 2 sto fr fire-  "hall, 3Sth ave; Tinney Bros; $1390; furnace.  302���������A. P. Bogardus, 2 sto fr res, Cedar & Cypress sts; A. AVilliams, 509  Metropolitan  bldg,  $10,000;  hot water.  305���������J. Morlcy, 2415 7th ave W, five  1 sto fr res, lots 16 to 20, blk 157, DL  540;  owner;   $12,500;   furnaces.  310���������Dr. Brydone-.lack, 2 sto fr res,  lot S, blk 50, DL 520; Alexander & Brown  archt?; flallora'n Const. Co.; $30,000; hot  "water.  Sisters, of Good. Shepherd....     :i75,000  8 sto cone offlce..... .....$200,000  3-sto  apt  hse        6(1.000  6-sto  brk  office  bldg...........:..... ..     200.000  6   sto.   Oflices   .:.......... .....: ...$50,000  S-sto   hotel  add.....      150,000  3-sto brk apmt...........        40,000  S sto cone club bldg....;. -.$350,000  Prov.   Girls'  Home:...:      100,000  Factory  bldg.  Sz plant ..$250,000  3-sto, HOxDO, apmt..... ....         75,000  Police Headquarters ......1.............     175,000  3 sto bank & offices :.............:.150,000  10 sto steel & concr offices  :.... 500 000  10   sto  store........................ ....:...2,000,000  Brick   Church    .....'.................. .$35,000  .Women's  Club ... ... .......     150,000  Power plant . . ..  ....     696,000  University bldgs  .............     ������.,0,000  Steel   bridge   .       150,000  Hippodrome  :: :....i..r......:......; $500,000  Stone church .v.......:...... ..-. :..$25,000.  Convent  ���������.........;............... ���������;...' $100,000  10 sto. theatre & offices : .$375 000  10-sto   ofc   bldg. ....:.........  1,000,000  7-sto   cone   bldg. .........: .....,"    225.000  Cold   storage  plant....:.......... ........$65,000.  Bridge  ..;;..... ..........  2,100,000  4-sto store & lofts. ......... ..        ''B.OOO  10 sto office bldg ..$350,000  15 sto office bldg .........................$550,000.  4 sto.  concr.  apitits.1.......:..:...........;..$75,000  S-sto  brk  offlce  bldg.........-..    110,000  3-sto , apmts   ..'........;......       55,000  5-sto   hotel . bldg.......... ....        60,000  4-sto brk apmts...;...........       75,000  2-sto  fr apmts         22,000  3-sto brk-stone res     ���������   20,000  10-sto brlc apmt hse       250,000  S-sto   offlce   bldg       230,000  6-sto   whse   bldg :        36,000  6-sto store & rooms         50,000  6-sto  cone  add :         60.000  S-sto steel  Sz brk offlce  bldg.. 85,000  Stone church         50.000  King  house         21,00v  I to 10-sto cone stores & rooms     100,000  Brk and stone church       100,000  .Location '���������'.....  Owner  Point  Giey . ...:.  Hastings & Hornby. E. A; Morris  Kitsilano ..............T.  IS.  Calland  New Westminster Peoples Trust' Co.  Hastings St E. Mrs.'C. Dawson  Hastings and  Main. L. L.  Mil Is  Has tings st  E.....  .-.  Georgia & Burrard sts.....  Yi M. C. A.  Gqvt. Hastings Townsite  Coquitlam .......Call   Switch  Co.  Victoria. ���������;  .Lindsay & Roberts  City of, Vancouver........ .....Powell st  Hastings   &  Carrall..: Merchants   Bank  Seymour Street,....  1'orkshire Guar. Co'rp.  Georgia & Granville........Hudson Bay Co.  Cedar Cottage Presbyterians.  Thurlow  St   ............Women's  Clubs  Kamioops  . . .............. .. .. . . .. .City  Point  Grey   ........:........ ..Province  Georgia-Harris  st ...  .City  Gran.- & Pac....Brit.-Can. Amusement Co.  Victoria  St. Barnabas  .Haro.'St;'.  .....Church  of Holy  Rosary  Undecided :. .'. Alex. Pantiiges  Howe & Dunsmuir....Can. Home Inv.  Co.  Howe,st......:.:. ...B. C. Bible Society  Richards Sz Pacific....Brit.-Can. Securities  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Pender, nr Columbia. .Story Sz Campbell  Hastings  & Abbott .A.  Grossman  Richards  &  Hastings....Inv.  Guar.  Corp.  West'End L. R. Laurie  Blk '12, Hast.  St..McDougal & Cameron  No.;. Vancouver. .......'. .Stevenson   Bros.  Powell  and Heatley st.................  Alberni  st......... McNeil Bros  50S-1S Semlin Drive Savainar Bros.  Shaughnessy Hts    Dr. ,Robt.   Telford  Victoria Dom.   Trust   Co.  Water st  :   Seymour,  near Dunsmuir.. .D.  Campbpll  Victoria   S. Jones  200  blk.  Hiistings E   Shaughnessy  Hts    Methodists  Powell and Hawke's.:' Chas. Putnam  Homer & Georgia Sts E. Mahon  Carl and Pender. .. .Church of St. James  Architect '.-. .. ."...  .'.'  Wellington   Sz Whcatley.......  Tho.-.   Hooper   W.   F.   G.--diiier......................  Gardiner   Sz   Mercer...............  J.  1 Jiiwson   F. M. Bender -,   Jonej Sz Beatson   1-1. S.  Grilliths   A. A. Cox    Owners    '.   Kobt. Knipe ,  Doctor, Stewart & Davie   Somervell  ii Putnam   Somervell  & Putnam   Burke, Horwood Sz White....  I-lorcl Sz Roberts   Not  chosen      ditcher & .Maxwell   Not  chosen      C. A. P. Turner, Winnipeg...  M. de H. Duval    Jones & BeaU-on     J.  J.  Donnellun    B. M. Priteoa, Seattle   Not   chosen   C. P.   Jones      Not  chosen     John Wolfe-Barry Now  W. T.  Whiteway   Russell,  Babcock & Rice   Russell, Babcock & Rice   Jones  &  Beatson .\  VanSiclen & Maeomher    Townsend Sz Townsend    M. D. Campbell '. ,  Townsend  &  Townsend....  Townsend   &   Townsend...'.  W. F. Goodfellow   W.   M.   Dodd   H.   S.   Griffith.   H.  13. Watson  .'   Hugh  Braunton    Thos.  Hooper    Parr,  McKenzie & Day'.  G.   A.   Horel   M. D. Campbell  :   W.   1'".   Gardiner   Alexander & Brown W  .Plans Ready  ...Bids closed  ...Bids closed  ..Bids   Closed   ....Now  :........ :. Now   Oct. 10   Sept. 10   Oct. 15   Oct. 15   Oct. 20  Tolephono 1045  1318 Wharf Street  CANADA MOSAIC TILE CO.  o Manufacturers Of  "Argclla" Mosaic Flooring Tiles  <    P. O. Box 117JJ  VICTORIA, B. Oi  345   "Water'St.  Vancouver  reer w.?  "���������'N. A. G.���������'" -Roof Compositions  For Waterproofing Or Fireproofing  1326 Wharf Stf  ������������������ry   ���������".������������������"��������������������������� viotoria  PERFECTLY VENTBLATED  2UmRICW-JELMANBLDC VAWC0������^R^g^&i3k  being drawn   Jan.,   1913.   Jan.  1913.   fan.. 1913.   Delayed    Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite  .. .Indefinite  . . .Indefinite    Indefinite   Indefinite  aiting fund -.  AKCKiTECTURAL TERRA COTTA  PRODUCT OF  THE NEW YORK ARCHITECTURAL TERRA COTTA C<  Supreme For QuaESty  REPRESENTATIVE FOR B.'C.  Phone Seymour 5021.  ' 418   Pacific  Bldg.        Vancouver,  B.  C.  Less Space Required  For Beds."  ���������   Ventilation Simple and Perfect  PERPECT CONCEALED BED CO.  Display Boom, 570 Granville St., VANCOUVER, B. C.  Phone: Sey. 5092  THE   FOLLOWING   TABLE   SHOWS   BUILDINGS   COSTING   $8000   OR   OVER,      ON      WHICH      CONSTRUCTION  UNDER  WAY,  OR ON WHICH  CONTRACTS   HAVE   BEEN   LET  BUT   CONST SUCTION   NOT   YET, STARTED.  IS  Character  . Cost  Location  Owner Architect  i Contractor  , NORTH VANCOUVER PERMITS  365���������U' T. Rogers,- 12 IS Beach avo.  three 1 s-(o fr res,''lot M, lilk IOC, DL  550; Smith Bros, box 1SJ0, So. Van.;  $2250. ,  3GC���������R. Yomur. I. sto fr rp,<v2iri,-29lli  St;  owner;   $1200;  furnace.  3G7���������G. Russ-ell, I s-to fr re--, lots 1 and  ���������2, blk 224, D'D nil; owner; $S00.  3GS���������Ij. T.. Roger--, 1 1-2 sto fr res,  lot 9, blk 215, DL 515; Smith 'Bros;  $1475.  rRASER RIVER PILE DRIVING CO.  P. A. Jones. Mgr.  Wharf   Building-   and   General   Construction Work; Pile Foundations  a Specialty; Estimates Furnished.    .  New Westminster, B. C.  Phone 048 638 Clarkson St.  S. miZQ Contractor  Bewer Connections a Specialty.  Excavating-, Land. Clearing-.  Phono Sey. 75.32. 224 Harris St.  FIRE  AND   BURGLAR  PROOF  SAFES  'j| See   '"  E.  G. PARNELL  Phone: Sey.  1584        567 Hamilton St  Hospital   ........ .........  Brk.   &  concr. 'church...   13iv school   bldgs '..   Immigration   bldg .....  8-sto offlce bldg   10-sto hotel    .;.........  Water extension   ;-.'   Convent '.       300,000  3-sto stone &conc bldgs......     750,000  14-sto hotel.......    1,000,000  Power  plant   ...... .......      500,000  Jetty .'.'.    . 171,000  5-sto store and offices..'.'       100,000  Concrete   docks     .1,000,000  10-sto cone apmts      -400,000  C sto store-room bldg. .......... $145,000  8-sto  brk  business  bldg. ..         SO.000  5-sto garage '. .     75,000  7-sto . apmt. bldg -.......'...     135,000  G-sto  brk   apmt  bldg  .      125,000  li-stp brk  sto & rmg hse. .....        SO,000  6-sto brk hotel...       100,000  (j-sto bank bldg..:      100,000  (i-sto   hotel       ......;    ,100,000'  6-sto brk hotel.........;......      100,000  Add to Cecil Rhodes school. .. .        7S.O00  7-sto   anmts ���������...'       100,000  Urv    dock     ':. ...260,000  Whse bldg  :..        75.000,  S-sto   brk   apt-..'... .' ..'. ..250.000  lirk   school   bldg -.  ..       90,000  '   i.iwson   school        150.000  1 0-sto cone olhce bldg.       350,000  '!   S- =to   school   adds     : 120.000  C   sto   brlc   apmts $S5.000  3-sto  .stone  and  brk  hospital..      225,000  si-sto apmts         60.000  <-room   school   bldg, .....:.        53.691  Depot &: omces         1,000.000  1st   Pres. .Church,   Victoria. ;..      100, Oi'O  Frame   Church    '. 1 5,000  Coiic.   Lighthouse :..-....' $22,000  I  sto bfk store &��������� rms..... ;.; $r>n,Ono  :>,   sto   brk   apmt-- $������0,000  3   sto   fr- sto   &  apmt3 .'$12,000  .1    sto   brk   .-ipmt-s... -15,000  I   stn   reinforced   conr-i'   theatre.-..  Il'i'i."''1  l  slo.  brlc. store Sz apmts.. $70,000  3 '-to  brk stores Sz olliccs $10 000  !!   flro ha'-s           . ���������41,50(1  j!--to br Sz mill constr, hotel     Si.ono  Club   bldg    ..;       230.000  .  323,000 Burrard & Comox.  .....$75,000 Victoria  .'::.'. ......  ....$100,000' Pt. Grej'  ...$300,000   ���������"  300,000  520,000  750,000  .. .Sisters of Charity    R.  F.  Tegen  .Norton  Grifliths  .:.:..... Congregational   Bresemann  & Durfee. ...T.   H.   Brown  Western .Kes. Schools lUaclure & Fox.,...'.......J. ,1. Dissette & Co.  C. P. R. Sz Dom. Gov.  Contrs.   Westinghou.se,  Church, Kerr Co.  H. ..S.  'Griffiths.,       " '      Waterfront :..  P<m<1nr Xr Hnnip'r:........Dom. Trust Co.  Melville & Burrard.'.'.... .W. H. Ramsey  Seymour Creek. ... ...City of Vancouver  Point Grdy... .'.Sisters of Sacred  Heart  Victoria,  B. C... .Provincial Government  Georgia and Granville.,  C. P. R.  Pundledge River Canadian Colleries  Steveston ...Dom.  Govt.  Victoria. T. N. Hibben & Co.  North   Vancouver.....-.- Jas.   Fell  Georgia & Hornby. Mr. Evans  NE cor Homer & Duns. .Wilson & Harris  Hastings   st...............Jas.   Borland  Thurlow and Alberni -Beggs Auto Co.  Thurlow and Ha.ro.......T; F. Paterson  1127   Robson..  Chas.   G.   Muller  Gore & Has tings. ..... .Hooper Sz ''Snider  Hastings and Dunlevy. .Dr. T. H. Wilson  Hastings  and   Main ilolsons. Bank  Abbott & Pendrill...: ....: T. Mathews  Keefer Sz Gore. Mrs. W. Sanford  City   Bute & Nelson,  Prince Rupert. .  Davie  and   Hamilton....Otis-Fensbme   Co  Beach & Chilco sts ,..A. D. Goldstein  Tipperary  Park,   New  Westminster.    .'..:-  GrimVi'll'e & 'Georgia .'.' IT. 'nirk������ Soiis:' Ltd.  So.  Van So. Van. School  Board  Hastings   Sz  Jackson... A.   G.   Ferrera  Xew   Westmin.-ler.Roy.   Columbia   Hosp.  Cardero & Comox. .... .D. D. Hutchinson  D. 1.. ;:<H ........City  Granvlile'&'Cordova..    C.  P.   R.  Quadra  Xz  Fit-guard :.l.st  Presbyterian  Po.   Viuicou\or ��������� " Bapti -ts  Pt.   Atkinson Pom.- Govt.  Kburne Mr.    Gra'ner.  01 0-1 0th ave .W 1. G. C!ia!(mor^  2S3S-I0 Granville... Jf. IS. Selman  Burrard  Xz   hlveleigli R.  T.   Roger-  Gondii- St.   W .Mn'-lnlt   Xr   Follow !  nriO'Soym'oiir St....D.'S. Xz' D..-.I. .Mel-achlan  Kain'onps       Syrcd'csiro  C.  P.  It. Reserve .Stewart Xz Crumie  Ha-tlngs bet .lack-^on Xz Ciivl Henry I'lip,"-  Hastings   and   lioi-nby. .Vancouver   Club  .School Boar  . .Lightheart   Bros.  .G. T. P. R. R.  ..I. .1. l-"'-antz Con. C'  F. J.   Poters ..li.  McLean  Sz. Co.  G. B.  l-r.-iufmahn..W. Can. TriMt Co., Agts  P.  Bowk- Adams Const. Co.  J-r.   Perkins S.- .1.   Lund  .iVorton-Grifliths    Co.  Quandt & Creutzer .Ferro.   Const.  Co.  VV.  S. Lea Burrard Engr. Co.  et al  C.   G-.   Badgely...; . .S.   J.   Lund  F. M. Rattenbury. ..McDonald & Wilson  W.'S. Painter... Skene & Christie  Comj.any..... Grant-Smith   &   Co.  Govt.   Engineer 1.....T.   F.   Sinclair  Thos. Hooper. .Sound Const. & Engr. Co.   ���������    Norton   Grifliths  E.  S.  Mitton ...... ..Egdell & Dixon  Dalton Sz Eveleigh. ... ..Baynes & Horie  Parr, McKenzie & Day. B. David--on  L. B. Gordon Dom. Const' Supply Co.  W. D.   Van  Siclen Dom.  Cone.   Co.  W. D. Van Siclen, . .Dom. Const. Co., Ltd.  Thos. Hooper.--...; Frantz Const, tv;  L; E. Gordon. ......Dom. Const. Co., Ltd.  H. L. Stevens Co ,'H. L. Stevens Co.  A.   J.   Bird.... R.   McLean   Sz   Co.  Hugh   Braunton .... E.   G.   Albin  N. A. Leach .-. McLain &  Co.  Owners     Owners  Co.   Engnrs:.; .British   N.   A.   Const.   Co.  Thos.   Hooper ....McDonald   Sz   Wilson  W.P.White.-Booker, Campbell & Whipple  Gardener Xz Mercer'.  Adkin  on Sz Uill  N. A: Loech..Canadinii Ferro Concrete Co.  Somervell & Putnam Norton-Griffiths'  J. H. Bowman  McPhalen. Bro--.  F.  II. Perkins ....... Davis, Sanders Xz Co.  S. ,Bi Birds'  Adkinson Sz Dli;  R. M, Fripp..:  F. J. Kelly & Son  X. A. Lc-ech..Booker. Campbell & Whipple  Contrs....We tinghouso, Church.  Kerr Co.  W.    P..   Wilson : ParOtt   Bros,  .1.  P.  Mathe-'on  & Son.; Mr.  Thompson  Govt Rourke,  McDonald  >t  .Moncriel  Ru.ssell,  Babcock ft-Rlce A.  William  Perry .t Xiccdais  ; F,. .1.  Ryai.  ���������I.  P.   Matheson'& Son Alotv/o  Kinit1  K., Bryan I.   K.   Vlckc-r  WILKIMISO^ COWEPAMY  LASTED.  846 BEACH AVE.. PHONE:     SEY. 7SlJ  - CARNEGIE STEEL EARS PLATES, ETC.  REINFORCING STEEL FROM STOCK & IMPORT  D. E. S. Co.  CHAIN   BELT   MIXERS, Concrete Skip, Buckets, etc.   Gasoline Sa^  Rigs, Reversible Builders' Hoists, Matertiul Elevators, Portable Haud Deil  ricks, Gasoline Trench Pumps, "Wlioalbarrows, Concrete Carts.  LARGE  STOCK  CARRIED.  BOWEGN EGHPraT & SifPLY CO.  Sey. 7155  839  Beatty Street.  , Cor. Robsorf  The Imperial Agencies Corporation  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND NOVELTIES  CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  Phone Sey. 6122        VANCOUVER, B. C.     ��������� 409  Hastings St. VV.  (Rear]  Vancouver Roofing Co  Contractors For  Tsr and Gravel Roofing:. Dampprooflng  v ������������������.' Expert Roofing: Repairing: ���������    _  Slieot Metal Work of all TJesoriptlons  Factory,   1921   Triumph  High.   50911.  e  Vacuum Cleaner Plants. Churufl  I,oclg-o and Soliool Purniture. TlisatJ  and Opera Chairs. Metal Lockai  ind Office Fixtures. Wall Burlapl  ..     Etc." ���������       !  Phone, Sey. 5476     532 Pender St. T>|  Pertainlngr  To Floors Of  WOOD  VANCOUVER FLOOR CO.  Hardwood   Plobr  layers   and  Finishers.  8th Avc:& Glen Drive Phone Fairmont 1612:]  K.,\V.  l-loiiKliton ...  KEATENG AND VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office  Suite 614-615-616.  B.-nk of Ottawa Building*.  B^C. Screen &. MarBLafactoring Co. Ltd)  SLIDING AND CASEMENT WINDOW SCREENS  CHURCH AND LODGE FURNITURE  STORE AND OFFICE FITTINGS  266  Dufferin  Streot  East Phone. Fairmont 1G43 VANCOTTVEH,  B.  C|  .Sh.-irp-.t Thompson .Vorton Orilllths Cu  !  / G. E.  Turnbull Elevators & Loweratorr-  Contractor's Material Hoists in Stock.  315 Pender St.    Phone Sey. 6910,  CARPENTERS  Contractors, Builders and  Others   Requiring   Carpenters  RING SEYMOUR 1380  No Office Fee   Competent Kelp  FURNISHED  Dunham Vacuum  and  Vaeuo-Vspor Heating  Systems  Ask  for Latest Catalogue  and  Particulars.  11!) Pender St. W., Phono: Sov. 50.12.  ALL KBNDS OF  Wholesale and Retail  The Contractors' Powier Supply Co.  310 Richards Si/  Phone Sey. 4105  Producers of and Dealers in  , Washed and Screened Sand and  Ofifice: Sey. 4534  429 PENDER STREET WEST  Bunkers; Ssy. 6751  BUILDING MATERIAL  SAND.   GRAVEL,   CEMENT,   LIME,   BRICKS,   ETC.  , Office and Store: 1527 Main Street  Phono Fairmont 105O Vancouver B. C)t  M^kH^tij������*JWMHi������iiiauumjikUAy^JvftBJi!mmAVfilEiailKJ^^  mssnssmsma a w^  DAILY BUILDING RSOORD.  BRITISH COLUMBIA  GASOLINE AND OIL STORAGE  ���������e "Wayne" Gasoline and OH Tanks and Pumps.  Sole Agents.'  >ne Seymour 3892  319 Pender Street W.  ARCHITECTS.  .Sey. 8818  Support Home Industries   By Specifying  THE ANVEL ISLAND BR8CK CO., LTD.  BEST PRESSED  RED BRICKS  Office and Works:   Anvil  Island, Howe  Sound,  B. C.  SELLING AGENTS  RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, uTD.  MSB SEYMOUR 9162." OFFICE AND WHARF GRANVILLE ST. BRIDGE  >   North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co.,  i                                     r  Ltd.  'alers in coal,  BRICK,   LIME,   CEMENT,   SEWER    PIPE  AND  NERAL  BUILDERS'  SUPPLIES.  l������ SS Lonsdale Ave.  Wharf foot of  Phonos  198,  178.  St. Oeorffo  Ave.  GET  YOUR   ESTIMATES   FROM  Inadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..  Limited.  Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work.  Quality Work,  Big-lit Prices  and Promptness Guaranteed. ( ^  fine Sey. 8480 Offlce:   104 Empire'Bldgj_  gaSow iviagozirie  Of Particular Interest  To Builders and  Contractors  CONTAINS SUPPLEMENTAL  PLANS AND DETAILS WITH EACH  ISSUE.  M. L.  BlTOR CANADIAN SECTION  703 DOIVJINON TRUST BLDG.  BO. Box 546 CEMENT TESTING Phono Sey.'2S84R.  J. P. Wright, F. C��������� S. Eng. IVS. A. C. S.  Specialist in Portland and Other Cements  faert Adviser on Building Materials, Etc. 883 Burrard Street  BhEMICAL ANALYSIS VANCOUVEB,   B.   C.  rv  POLYGON CONCRETE MIXERS AND SPREADERS  BUILDER'S HOISTS, GASOLINE OR ELECTRIC  AGENTS FOR WILLSON FLARE LIGHTS  Dtie Sey.  6910  319   Pender   St.   Wl;  Furnaces, Boilers, Pipe and Fittings.  School  Heating and Ventilating Apparatus.  Offlce and Warehouse, 324 Drake St., Phone Sey. 8397.  WESTERN MARBLE AND TILE CO.  British and Foreign Rfflarble and Onyx  floe and Works, 3149 Main St.  Phone Pair. 810  Vancouver, B. C.  CANADIAN BUFFALO FORGE CO.,  JFans, Heating and Ventilating Apparatus, Spiro Steam Turbines  Pumps and Air Washers  Vancouver, B. C. 1261 Alberni St.  A. Browning-  CONTRACT, JUDICIAL AND FIDELITY BONDS  EMPLOYERS, PUBLIC, TEAMS AND AUTOMOBILE LIAbility insurance. personal accident and health  Insurance, plate glass, burglary, motor boat,  fjTEAM BOILER, SPRINKLER LEAKAGE, REGISTERED  JYEAIL, TOURISTS' BAGGAGE, COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS'  SAMPLES AND FIRE INSURANCE.  ^    London & British North America Co., Ltd.  WITH WHICH IS INCOEPOBATED  MalioBi, fVBcFarlaBid & Procter, Ltd.  i o ��������� 543 Pender Street West.  Phone Sey. 6286  fihe A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. have removed from 1048 Main St.  $> to 175 Cordova Street West.  ! WrCH THIS SPACE FOR FURTHER    ANNOUNCEMENTS.  J ^s      CO. LTD.     yJ  a/QarJ^^rprvtech </oca 1  Vancouver,    B.    C.  Alexander & Brown, Fairfield Bldg.  Badgeiy,  C.  D.,  Riggs-Selman  Bldg   Barber & Barber, Nirtli   Vancouver   Barker, H.  Jl.,  Hutchinson  Bldg bey.  SS31  Bayly, G. Jl., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey.-5643  Bird, A.  .1..   Winch  Bldg Sey. 42SS  -���������-'is, S. B., A.B.I.B.A., 205-6   Duncan  Bldg1 Sey. 4897  Eirkenhead, G. A.   715 Cambie St : _������������������  oicicnuuuer,   ������i.��������� Xo.   Vancouver   351  Elackmore.   E.   E���������   30C  Loo  Bldg Sey.  2379R  Mlnir.  risitM.   *".2   Pender  W bey. 7103  Bowie, G. P., 20G-07 Bank of Ottawa Sey.  3510  liuwiiiau,  J.  a... Crown Bldg Sey. 5028  Braunton &  Liebert,  SI   Exchange Bldg Sey. 392J  Bre-eninnn Sz ''urfee. Holden Bldg.. Sz Victoria.Sey,  llryan.   Kennerl.-y,   Northwest  Trust Sey.  Bryan   Sz   Gillam, N.AV. Tr--l and Victoria Key.  U   It   Jlorrison,  712  Richards .St Sey.  2l51-215;[.\'ewton  & Greer, Ltd.,  Vancr.,  345 Water St Sey. 139  N'o. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 5G Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-17'   . _ uauiu, _lu-ti  tv nan oi 887  Wm. N. O'Neil Sz Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479-"  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 91H.  R. V. Winch & Co.. Ltd.. Winch Bldg Sey. 279-194  FLOORING.  2202  5508  ai.Ul   Sey,   5971  Sey. 6577  Sey,  Campbell, M. D. Exchange" BUg..  Co.v, Arthur A., Carter-Cotton Bldg.  DaltOn Sz Kvp|f>igh.  Davis Chambers.. Sey.    662  nawsori,  X,  Ho.den Bids  ..:...........' .....;..... :Sey. 8153  Doctor,   AA'.   A., Arts Sz Crafts Bldg..:...............-.....Sey. 613",  DOdil, W.  iM., Can.  Bank of Commerce. ;.. .   .. .Sey.  6985  Duncan, W. S., Jletropolitan, Bldg...;.. ..........(Temporary  Donnellan,  J.   J.,   R'-��������� ^. -ciriian   Dldg.;  Sey.   6������nj.  Dutour, J.  B.,  RUas-Selman  Bldg : :'.....Sey. 2912  Dewar, Andrew, 8-i Lonsdale,..North Vancouver........:  Fraser, Kenneth,-Jletropolitan  bldg......?... .Sey. 909C  Fripp, R.MacKay, Hutchinson Bldg...... .... ;Sey.' 4932  Gamble & Khapp, Davis Chambers............Sey. 5473  Gardiner, fWm. FredX, Hartney Chambers ,, .Sey. 2615  3ould & Wood, Rogers  Bldg.... ........Sey.   S443  Good fellow. W. D., 303% Hastings St.  W. Sey. 6694  3rant,   Henderson Sz Cook, Williams Bldg.!..:...:...:Sey. 1393  CTi'irilths, Ji. a., Dom. Trust Bldg.. ..... . . . .     .Sey. 492C  Gardiner. Sr. Mercer, M.S.A., Hew. Westminster......;..... 661  Gillam, AV. C.F.  Northwest  Trust ���������..;:..::.'.:.:.^.Sey.-.-55i  Hammer, P.,  1116  Bute St........:......... ;......Sey. 5316L  Hargreavos,   L.  W.,  425 Sayward  Bldg,  Victoria 2743  Helyer & Archer,  Dom. Trust Bldg Sey.  4409  Ilelde, A.  F..  Jletropolitan  Bldg Sey.' 5341  Hodgson, Hugh A., Carter-Cotton  Bldg Sey.  6260  Honeyman Sz Curtis, 821 Pender W Sey.  1621  Hooper,   Thomas,   Winch   Bldg Sey.  5351  Hope, A. Campbell, Empire Bldg '". '.Sey. 5925  Horel & Roberts,  1101-2 Dom   Trust Sey.  IUOj  Horton & Phipps, Pacific Bldg Sey.  7096  I-Ioyt,   \\*.   T.   S.,   709   Dunsmuir  St Sey.  2Sus.  James,  C. D.,   Bank of B.  N.  A Sey. 9532  Jameson  S:  Duggan,  708  Jletropolitan  Bldg...Sey.    994  Jones  Sz Beatson,  Hutchinson  Bldg Sey. 5024  Jones & Aspell, Hartney Chmbs and No. Van..Sey. 441S  Kaufmann,   G.  B.,  Davis  Chambers Sey. 4420  Keagey,  .1    W.,   ������2:   Pender St.  W Sey. 2746  Kearns,  N.   A.,   Bra,  30,   Exchange Bldg.  UnH.iire Sz  Vok.  Pacilic  :-Mg Sey.  4396  C. Hardwood Floor Co.,  557 Granville   i C.   Lumber  Corp.,  Ltd.,   1605   Georgia   B. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg   Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwv. Sz Salsbury.  Dom. Sash & Door Co., 2120 Cfcdar St -  ���������I.   Fyfe Smith & Co.,  1320 Richardst1   Prudential Builders, Ltd., 101 Dufferin St. W..  Sey. 6853  Sey. 6504  Sey. 61C,  Sey. 6S00  Sey. 6136  Sey. 1196  .Fair 10J  FURNACE AND SHEET ME=?AL.  Acme Plumbing & Htg. Co.", 131 lUth Ave. E.. .Fair." 53  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 Sth Ave AV Bay.    291-  I. E. Campbell Sz Co.,, 1064 Pender St. AV... ...Sey   273C  Grandview Sheet Metal Works,-16S5 Venables....Sej\ S70"  Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd., 324 .Drake Si...:........Se>'. 8397  Vancouver Roofing Co.-, 1921 Triumph St ...Sey. 4130R  ��������� GALVANIZED  IRON WORKS.  Armstrong & Wolfe,  154*0 5th Ave AV.".". ..Bav.    291  Grandview, Sheet Meial Wks., 1729  Venables. .Sev. 52S-I  ancouver Roofing Co., 1921 Triumph St...:......Sey. 4130R  GAS   APPLIANCES.  Burnside Gas Appl. Co., 1037-9 Granville St.. .Sey. 3704  Valter" Kinsey',  1306 Granville St.  Vancouver Gas Co., 16 Hastings St. E...  GLAtfS���������Aliti BXNDS.  Wm. N. O'Neil Sz Co., O4S-50 Seymour St.  .Standard   Glass  Co.,  x-.td.,   S2S  Barnard.   Sey. 9053  .Sey. 6000  ,Sey. 4795-479!  .Sey. 6471  .Vest. Plate Glass & Imp. Co., ]53 Cordova E. Sey.  HAHDWOOD FLOORS.  ���������1G74  Matheson, J.   P. & Son.'SOO Northwest Tru.st Sey. 7535  .Union.   10    Stanley, , Williams   Bldg '.Sey. 542'  Aioberg, Otto,  41   Inns   of  Court Sey. 7171  Parr.  McKenzie & Day,  570  Granville St Sey.    736  Forkins, F.' H., Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 4729  Perry  &   Nicolais,   Pacini  Bklg Sey.  S994  F. J. Peters, Metropolitan Building- Soy. 262  Pracnu.   A.   B.,   S21   Pender   St.   W Sey.  1022  W. D.'O. K Rn"iifort, 407 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria, 1804  U'enyon, Goo. H, Jl.S.A., Lie. RiI.B.A Glencoe Lodge  Russell, Babcoo.% & Rice, Tiletropc.itan Bldg Sey.    9S7  ���������iharii iv  j . o. .pion, Old I'nie Bldg Sey. 1064  Symonds,  N.   E.,  717 Holden  Bklg Soy.  1991  rfomervell   &   Putnam,   pacific  Bldg Sey.  6230  Stroud, Angus  B��������� Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. S469  Stuart  &  "White,  Metropolitan Building-,   Seymour 8649  Taylor,'J. D.  S.,  Bower r;dg Sey. 8314  Thornton  &  Jones,   Old  Safe  Bldg Sey.    S10  Tnwn.-end A-  Townsend. 520 Granville Sey.  1770  Twizell Sz Twizell,  1019 Jletropolitan Bklg Sey.  7925  san Siclen & Macomber 51 Can. Life Bldg Sey. 4155  Wallington <&  Wheatley, Davis Chambers   Watson. H.  hJ.,  Holden Bldg.: Sey. 3451  White, W. P., Hutchinson  Bldg   Sey. S73S  Whiteway.   W.   T..   Molsons   Bank Sey. 3029  Wickenden, C. O., 1062 Pender St. W Sey. 1744  Wilson,  John,   2-1   Pemberton, Bldg,  Victoria 1592  Mr"i������rht.   Rush-forth   X-  Cahill.  709   Dunsmuir.. .Sey.  2S09  Wilson,  Joseph   and  A.   S.,   532   Granville St.   11... i '. :   ".n:. Dom. Tru.-.t Bldg Sey. S4I3  Taylor, M. L., 7 )3Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 1S56  ENGINEERS.  Brown, Philip P ,' A.M.I.C.K., 419 Pacific Bldg....Sey. S937  Kobiii.suii.   i-.    U.,   211   Holden   Bldg Sey.  3412  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.,  557 Granville..' Sey. 6S.V  Jan. Pac. Lumber Cu., Ltd., Rwv. Sz Salsbury. .Sey. 6801  ^arle,  K.  A���������   Sz  Co.,  532  Pender St.   W .'.Sey. 547C  A"m. N. O'Neil & Cu., 54.S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479.  I.  Fyfe Smith  & Cu.,  1320  Richards Sey. 1191  Vancouver Floor Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair. 161:  HARDWOOD LUMBER.  Smith. X Fyfe & Co.,  1320 Richards St.    Sty.  1196.  HEATING���������HOt AIR, STEAM AND VENTILATING.  E.  Vancouver Roofing Co., 1921 Triumph St Sey. 4130K  Wm. Is'. O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Sey^nuur St.-Sey. 4795-4798  P-sB TITION���������FI-HPRO.Oir  Blake Diether Co., 925 Main St Sey. 1415  Cullen, E. G.,  418 Pacific Bldg Sey. 2Jdu-ouji....  ji\aiio, Coiumari dz fc.tu.iia, Fi. Columbia Sey.  2988/  ":. Gardiner Johnson Sz Co., Jolniaon's \\ hi', Sey 9146-9147  Win. N. O'Neil it Co., 548-50 Seymour fat..Sey   4795-479&  Thornton, AVm. C. Co., 403 Dunsmuir St.    Sey. 3394.-  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Lid, Gran. St .Bridge, Sty, 9162  PATENT   BEDS.  Holmes DIsap.  Bed Co,, 319 Pender Sey.  6421  Penect Con. Bed Co., 570 Granville Sey.  609J  Reversible Cons. Bed Co.. Holden Bldg Sey.  158k  PLASTER.  Blake Diether Co., 925 Main St...:. Soy. rl415  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.,  Winch Bldg    Sey. J87-5921  Jullen, E. G.,   US Pacilic Bldg Sey. 2330-5C21..-  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey.  298;  Great AV est Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 JIain, Sey. 5491  Gilley Bros.. Ltd.. N'ew AVestminster, B.C., Phones 15, IS  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-178  Wm. N. O'Neil Sz Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr; & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Shover, & Thomas, 959 Jlaln St. Sey.   1305  PLASTER   BOARD.  Blake Diether Co., 925 Main St..... Sey. 1115  B.C. tiuppiv Co.; Dom. Trusl'Bldg .-set,  tilsSl  Jullen. E. G.,  418-Pacific Bldg Sey. 2330-5021....  C. Gardiner .Johnson,* Co., Johnson's Win', Sey 9146-9147  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-179  Wm; N. O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey   4795-4798  Thomson, AATm.C. Co., 403 Dunsmuir St.    Soy. 3394.  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. Si Bridge, Sey, 9163  ' PLASTER PARTITION BLOCKS.  B. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey,  6161  2ullen,;E.G., ,418 Pacific Bldg...:.. Sey. 2330-5021.  .  J. Gardiner Julinson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Ritchie Contr. & Slip. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9163  PLASTER���������ORNAMENTAL.  J. Gardiner Johnson ii Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 914G-9147  X R.  Jlorrison,  712 Richards  St ....Sey. 2161-2152  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9163  PLASTIC  FLOORING.  Raecolith  Flooring  Co.,  301  Pacific  Bldg Sey.   8144  PIGS���������IRON  AND   TIN.  Balfour,-Guthrie & Co., AVinch Bldg Sey. 187-5929  J. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Jolinson's AVhf, Sey 9146-9147  R. V.  Winch Sz Co., Ltd.,  Winch  Bldg Sey   279-1944  PIPE���������SEWER.  ullen,  E. G.,  41S Pacific Bldg....: Sey.  2330-5021.  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   AND  ,BUYEKS  GUIDE.  Dom. Glazed Cem. Pipe Co., Dom. Tr. Bldg Sey.   8286  Evans, Coleman Sz Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey.  2988  ������J. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sov 91 16-9147  tcme Plumbing &z Htg. Co., 131  10th Ave. E...Fair. 537  Armstrong &  Wolfe, 1540 5lh Ave  W: Bav.    291  Jan- Sz Anderson,  114  Haslings  St.   W Sev. GlSt ���������,���������       ���������        -T     Burnside Gas Appliance Co.r 1037-9 Granville. .Sev. 370- Gilley Bros., Ltd., New Westminster, B.C., Phones 15, 16  Can. Buffalo Forge Co. (G. A. Browning, 1261 Alberni SI N������- y.an-. Coa.' & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale.. .N.  V. 198-178  .1.  E. Campbell Sz Co., 1UU4  Pender St.  \V Sey. 2730 Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St BriOge, Se.y, 9162  *-             '      -��������� --      R. V. AVinch & Co., Ltd, AVinch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  '   , ' FLUMPING.  Dunham  Systems,  157 AVater St.  \.  G: Langiey & Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender'W.  Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd., 3 24 Drake St.....  Snutli,   W.   J.   dz  Son,   S09   10th  Ave.   E.  .Sey  .Sey  ..Sey.  563  3S0L'  839  HOISTING ENGINES.  ARCHITECTURAL TERK~ COTTA.  Cullen,  E.  G.,   4.b  Pacific Bldg Sey.  2330-5021..  Wm. N. o.'Aeil  & Co., Ltd., 54S Seymour   St..Sey. 479.  Thomson,  AVm. C. Co.,   103 Dun.smuir St.    Sey. 3394.  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co.,.Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  ASPHALT   FELT. ,,  Vancouver Roofing Co., 192~1 Triumph St.; Sey. 4130:  BLUE  PRINTING. '  City Jlap & AVhite Print Co., 432 Cordova AV..Sey. 66!l  BRICK���������A.T.L   "KINDS.   -.-  Blake Diether Co., 925 Jlain St ; Sey. 141>  Coa.... snale   Brick Co.,  Liu.,  IU0S Metropolitan, buy.  S4oi  Cullen, E. G.,  41S Pacific Bldg :' "..".Sey.  2330-5021..  Eviii.s, Coleman & Evans, Ft. .Columbia1'. Sey.  29S^  GreaL AVeu Sand & Gratel Co., Ltd.. 1029 Main, Sey. SI9".  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New AVestminstor, B.C.,, Phones 15, 16  C. Uui'uiuef juuii������on Sz Co., Jolnioon's At'lu, Sey 9146-914.  No*A'an. Coal Sz Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V 19S-17!-  Wm.  .-'. O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4i9o-4<9>  BUILDING FELTS AND PAPEHS  Blake Diether Co'., 925 Jlain St i :....Seyi 1415  tieiuy xjariing, 2S "Powell at..............'... ..Sey. 51-  Evans, Coleman Sz Evans, Ft. Columbia." .Sey.  29i>!-  C. Gardiner Johnson Sz Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914,  D. R.  Morrison.  712   Richards  St  : .Sey.',2151-2151  Thomson, AArm. C. Co., 403"Dunsmuir St. .Sey. 3394.  Vancouver Roof.rig Co., 1921 Triumph St..���������....-Sey. 4130R  Wm. is. u'.������uii oi Co . S4X-5U SfVtiKMir ft. . Sey.: ii 95-41������  BONDS���������SURETY-.  Lon. & Brit. N.  Am. Co., Ltd., 543 Pender AA'..Sey.  62S0  R.  V. Winrh  X~ Oo.. Ltd., Winch Bldg. ..... Sev.  279-1944  Seeley Sz  Co.,   324 AVinch Bidg : Sey. 4911  CEMENT.        ^  Blake Diether Co., 925 Jlain St :.:..;.... Sey_. 1415  Balfour, Guthrie &JJo., Winch Bldg._ .faey. liw-5929  Canad " "        ~       '     "  Evans  ("' Garti'inpr .Y^hnso^n-ilt_Co.. JolinsoiVs Wlif, Sey .9146-9147  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New AVestminster, B.C., Phones 15, 16  No. Van; Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V.19S-.liS  Win. N. O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4i9b-4i9.s  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran/ St Bridge, Sey,.9162  R. V. Winch & Co.. Ltd., AVinch Bldg ,. .Sey.(..2<9-19.44  CEMENT   TESTING  AND   ASSAYING.  Eldridge.   G    S. & Co.,- 426  Richards St........... Sey... 4125  l:alkenburg Sz L.lucks, 152 Trounce. Alley....... Sey.  \t i-imil ���������-<:-'���������    Br.rr->rd   Si..-. .  V    ��������� .sey    i2ui>  Hunt,   Robt.   Vi   Sz Co., Bank of Ottawa Bldg.  CONCRETE   MIXERS.  jur, Guthrie Sz Co., AVinch Bldg bey. ibi-oa^a  dian Builders Supply Co., 1901 Georgia  ..Sey.   ilio  is, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia. ......Sey. ;29SS  t AVest Sand,& Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. S491  7159  79'  910:  IS?'"  2291  S144  311:  733!  7532  ...Sey. 4702  Sey. 3394.  .. .Sey.  151 S   Fair. 810  Robt. Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa --Sey.  Mussens,   Limited,   365   Water  St    . .....bey.  S  tVm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 54S-o0 Seymour .St. .bey. 4il>������-4  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Briogc. Sey  Strumbert-Vlrtue ���������&  Co.,  319   Pender  bt.   W...Sey.   69!  CONTRACTORS,   BRICK.  Dixon & Sutton,  1624  Grn voloy .St........ .-Sey.  S50f. I  CONTRACTORS���������GENERAL.  Armstrong, Jlorrison Sz Co., Ltd., Bower Bldg. .Sey.  15   C   Gran.  & Contr.  Co.,   Exchange   lildg. . . . .bey  Burrard  Const.   Co., -301   Pacific 'Bldg Sey.  Rubiiv.M.P.   L.   G.,   211    Holden   Bklg.....     . .bey.  Expert Bldrs. Sz l-'nei-<.   Carter-Cotton   bklg.. be>.  COWT-ttACTOKS-SXCAVATING,    ETC. ^  Kizzo, S.. 224 Harris    St ��������� b"-v  CONTRACTORS LAND CLSJi.EIli.G  Peunv, J.  S.,  319 Pender St   CpNTRACTOES���������MASON.  Can.   Xz, Amer.   Contr.  &  Inv.  Co..   Ltd.  CONTRACTOE.S���������PAINTING   AND   DECORATING.  AhbS, Jos. S.,  2125  13th Ave.  W.  Alurphv, Jas.,  ii bon,  112 Crown  Bldg Sej. S������0,  CONTRACTORS���������TILE���������TEHRAEZO._  B   C." Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg. ......Sey. 6161  D   R.  Morrison,   712  Richards  St., ......-Sey   2151-21������2  Wm   N   O'Neil & Co.. 54S-50 Seymour St. .bey. 4<9o-4(9i>  Thomson, Win. C. Co., 403 Dunsmuir St.  Van. Marble & Tile Co., S4S Beach Ave. .. .  Western Marble & Tile Co., 3149 Main St..  CORNICE AND ROOFING.  Armstrong Sz. Wolfe. 1540 5th Ave W. ...... ..Bay,    296  Cullen,  E. G.,  41S Pacific Bldg.: "---SS?" 23������'  oJsi'cV  GrandView sheet Metal AVks    1729 Venables. .Sey. 62S4  Little & Lee.  6S2 Seymour St. Sey. 4458  Trov   Roofing  Co.,   814   Metropolitan.... .Sey.   .41 <  Vancouver Roofing Co., 1921 Triumph St    Sey. 4120R  BX,������;CTRICAL    CONTRACTORS.  Alltree  &  Churchland,  976  Granville  St. . ... .Sey      ,0,  Elec. Construction Co., 544 Howe St... Sey. 1^6-'^J  Imperial  Agcys  Corp.    314  Pacific Bldg ������ev*  X40S  Jarvis & Call, 570 Richards St. bej.jj.4UJ  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES.  Alltree  & Churchland,  976  Granville  St.......Sev   2.0,  Trior.   Construction Co., 544 Howe St bey. i ���������:>-<b-.V'"i  FmperialAgcvs   Corp.    314   Pacific   Bldg Sey.  6122  N���������   E ec. & JInfg Co., Ltd., 313 Water St. .... .Sey.  .400  V.L^VJ>TOR Cft.RS AND ENCLOSURES.  Cullen   E. G.,  41S Pacific Bldg Soy.  2330-50 'j.  .-h I'T.iH   Kow���������v Co., Ltd.,  1065 Pender St Sey. .5.  o  Brennan    G.   E. Sz Co.. 319 Pender St W   Sey.  69 0  wm, O'tei, & Co. 54S-50 Sevmour St.-Sey. 4,9o-4,9S  Ritchie Contr. & Sup  Co.. Ltd. Grnn. St Bridge, Sey. ,9162  ELEVATORS  Brennan,  G.   E. Sz Co.. 319 Pender St AV   ! FTfE   CT.AY.  Blake Diether Co.. 925 Main St.... -���������������������������-  Halfour. Outline .*i Co.. \A inc., jf^-;.- ��������� ' 'bl-  i.-,.nr������   nn|B^.^  &  Evati������   Ft.  Colunib'a.  CillevBros    Ltl    New We-trnin'-ter. B.C.. I ho - -  O. 'R������r-1J������������r"'.l.mnson Xr. On . Johnson's Whi. Sf������ ������ ���������������������������".-Jl ���������'  B. C. Equip". Co.. OuO-7 Bank of Ottawa. . .Sev. 7056-781!:  Dom.  Equip  Sz Supply  Co, 50S Holden Bldg Sey.  715;  E. G. Blackwell, luS Alexander St Sev. 173.  Cullen,  E.  G..   41S  PnpifV  Bklg Soy   'r^n-Kn"  Henry Darling,  28 Powell St .'...Sey. 512  Hallman Machinery Co., Ltu., 3.-43 .���������iie.t,ain..ei. ._,...,. ..  Robt. Hamilton Sz Co., Bank of Ottawa Sey.    3i>."  Mussens,  Limited,  365  AVater  St .*....Sey.  S'l!  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916l  Strumbert-Vlrtue  & Co.,   319   Pender  St.   AV...Sey.   6911-  INTERIOR  riNISH.  E. G.s Blackwell, 10S Alexander St Sey. 17s:  B.   C.  Lumber  Corp.,   Ltd.,   1605   Georgia S<n\  65"  B. C.  Screen &Mfg. Co., 266 Dufferin St. B Fair. 1613  Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. Sz Salsbury. .Sey. 6isOi.  Dom. Sash Sz Door Co., 2120 Cedar St Sej'.  6136  C. Gardiner Johnson Sz Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9J46-914".  tfni. N. u'Neil Sz Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sev. 4795-479t  itilolne Contr. Sz Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridg"e, Sev, 916..  Thomson, AVm. C. Co., 403 iJunsmuir St.    Soy. 3394.  .'ancoutur Floor Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair. 161.  IRON   AND   STEEL���������STRUCTURAL.  Allien, E.  G.,  4IS Pacific Bldg Sey. 2330-5021  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd.,  1065 Pender St bey. 5.'li  Kvans, Coleman Sz Evans, Ft. Columbia Sev.  29SS  C. Gammer Johnson'& Co., Johriaon's Whf, Sey 9 1*16-9 I 4  Jouglilan, J. & Sons, Exchange Bldg ."...Sey. 79411  A.  G.  uangiey Sz Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender AV Sev. 3SH-  Morris, S. M. & Co., Ltd., 2130 Cedar St Bay 1043  '.itchie Contr. &z Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran, bl Bridge, sev, 9 lo.  Vm. N. O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-179^  A'ilkinson Co:, Ltd., S46 Beach Ave Sey. 79l!>  IRON   AND   STEEL���������ORNAMENTAL.  ;. G. Blackwell, 10S Alexander St. .Sey. 17.''.  i. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 616  Cullen,  E. G��������� 41S Pacific Bldg Sey.  2330-502  'an.ida Foundry Co., Ltd.,  l(n;5 Pr-ndfr bt S������v   5  ..lorris, S. M. & Co., Ltd., 2130 Cedar St Bay 1043  .V'lu. N. O'Neii & Co., b-in-au beyniour 'Si. .bey. 4..ia--ii^  Thomson, Wm. C. Co., 403 Dunsmuir St.    Sej-. 3394.  RUcnie Contr. &'Sup. Co., Ltd; Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 91C  LATH���������METAL.  li G. Blackwell, 10S Alexander St.  Sey. 173:  Blake Diether Co., 925 Jlain St....". ..Sey. 1415  Cullen, ,E.  G.,  4.8 Pacific Bldg..... Sey.  2330-5021  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia. ..... .Sej'; 2988  o. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914".  u.  R.  Morrison,  712  Richards  St.........Sej'.   2151-215:  tvm.N. O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479:  ititchie Contr. '& Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran.! St Bridge,, Sey, 916:  LATH���������WOOD. ,  ii.   C.  Lumber  Corp.,   Ltd.,   1605   Georgia. .... .Sey. 650  Blake Diether Co., 925 Main St. Sey. 1415  v.an. ;Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. 6S(Ju  Join, Sash & Door Co., 2120 Cedar St Sey.  6136  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co.; 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 19S-17i  LIME.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Winch Bldg.. Sey. 187-592!-  j.ii.>.e .Dietner Co., 925 Jlain St... .....Sey. 1415  "anadian  Builders bupply Co.,  lbOl  Geurgia  ..bey.  7J..  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia. ......Sey. 29S-'  Great West Sand & travel Co., Ltd., 1029 Jlain, Sey.S491  .Gardiner. Johnson '&"'Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914  Jilley Bros., Ltl.,-New Westminster, B.C., Phones 15, IC  n'o. Van. Coal Sz Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-17.'-  ,V"m.'N. O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479  Pacific Lime ,Co.,l-'acitic.Bid'g.. ... .. Sey. 95i  atchie Conti-. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, bey, 9H  Niiover &  Thomas,  959  Main  St .Sey.   13(1  ;. A', Wincli & Co., Ltd., AVinch Bldg. .... .Sey. 279-19-  LIME���������HYDRATED.  Jlake.Diether Co., 925 Main St Sey. 141;  i-'vuns, Coleman i!i Evans, Ft. Coluiubik b>.-y.  2:..->  Jreat West Sand Sz Gravel Co., Ltd..  1029 Main, Sey. S4'  i,ar'!"i>r .���������������������������'���������rison & Co., Johnson's Whf. Sey 9146-914  ���������5-lIley Bros., Lt!.. New AVestminster, B.C., Phones 15, 1'  Pacinc i-iii.e k_o., Pacific Bldg bey. 95u  ci'ichle Contr. Sz Sup. Co.; Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 91>-  LUMBER AND  SHINGLES  ..Jniroiir," Guthrie &��������� Co., AVinch  Bldg Soy  :.   C.   Lumber. Corp.,   Ltd.,   16o,S   Georgia   'an. pac. .Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. Sz Salsbury..  ���������om   Sa -h  ,ti .D.ifii- Co..  2120  Cedar  St   Prudential  Builders, Ltd.,  101   Dufferin St.  W..  eriuiiiiti Lmbr it Shgl. Co., 308 Col ton Bldg.. .  .Sey. 9053  -Sey. 4458  ��������� Sey. 8614  Acme Plumbing & Htg. Co., 131 10th Ave. E...Fair. 637  Armstrong Sz Wolfe,'J540 5th Ave  W Bay    .296  Barr & Anderson,  114  Hastings  St.  W Sey   6180  J. E. Campbell Sz Co.,  1064 Pender St.  W Sey. 2736  W.  J.   Smith  &Son, S09 Tenth Ave E Fairmont '74R  Walter Kinsey,  1366 Granville St   Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St   Murray Bros.,'721  Jlain  St   PILING,AND POLES.'  Federal   Lumber Co., 624 Pacific Bldg Sey. 2065  POWDERS.  The B. C. Powder Supply Co., 310 Richards St....Sey. 4105  RADIATORS AND   BOILERS.  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St Sev '{5710  Hallman Machinery Co., Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey   953  Robt. Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa Sey     3SJ  A. G.  Langiey & Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender  W. Sey. 3891  Pease Pacific Foundrj-, Ltd., 324 Drake St Sev   8397  .iniith,  W. J.'&SOHS, S09-I0tli ave E        - "'  ROOFING  COMPOSITION.  Blake Diether Co., 925 Jlain St   Henry Darling, 28 Powell St   i^tuii;.;  Culuiuuii  tti  liv.u.o,   i-1. Columbia"-. ���������_.,    ���������������������������,  :. Gardiner.Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9141  Newton & Greer, Ltd.,' A'ancouver, 118 Gran Sey   1393  Victoria,  1326 Wharf St.      '    "'   Fair. 274ft   Soy. 1115   Sey.  5U  ��������� bej    2i)b\  Troy   Roofing   Co.,   SM   Meti-opbiiian  .-ancouver Roofing Co., 1921 Triumph St   ROOFING���������SHEET   METAL.  tSee Cornice unil   Roofing.)  ROOFING MATERIAL.  P.. G.' Blackwell,  ins  Alexander bi...  Henry Darling, 2S Powell St   ���������.u.i;.j,   Uijit,.,^ii  ot   biuii.,,   ri,  Columbia....  C. Gardiner Johnson i Co., Johnson'- Whf.  ..Sey. 6919  ..Sev. 1415  :.   1S7-5'..  ���������.Sey.  7417  -Sey. 4130R  Se.v   173J  ��������� Sey. '511  0<=j.   2U!>S  Sey 914U-9147  Newton  A; Greer, Ltd., Vancr.,  345 AVater St Sej'." 139  ...,._, ' Victoria, 1326  Whart bt 8S7  'itchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sev. 9162  bdward Timmons,  S3S 7th Ave." AV Fair   1^57  1.   U.   Johns-JIjnville Co., Ltd., AVinch Bldg....Sev   41-?7  Thorn oi,.   v.m. C. Co.,  403 Dun.Mnuir Si.    Sey. 339 1.  Troy   Roofing  Co.,   S14   Jletropolitan sey   /417  .-ancouver Roofing Co., 1921 Iriumph St Scj\ 4130R  SAFES���������VAULT   DOORS.  D.  R.  Jlorrison,  712  hichards  St.  Norris Safe Sz Lock CoM 330 Cordova AV.  Robt. Hamilton/& Co., Bank of Ottawa..  Sey.  2151-2152   Sey.  2447   bey.     383   Sey.  15S'  St. .Sey. 1795-479,  SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK.  Blake Diether Co., 925 Jlain St......  Sev   1415  Canadian Builders Supply Co.,  1901   Georgia "'."soy." 7jTi  bey.  1534-675T  S. G.  Par.nell,  567 Hamilton St   Wm. N. .O'Neil.&Co.', 548-50 Sej-mour  J. A. Dewar Co., 429 Pender St.  W  1ST  -092  Sov.  65"  Sov  6SI-  Sev.  6i:i  . l-'a  r  li  Sey.  791*  -or.r  -7K:  S.;y.  173  buy.  261",  MACSIHEBT.  1   C   LqulP. r-o.. OOC-7  Bank of Ottawa. . .Sey.  ��������� ���������:. G.  Biuckvvell, -IflS  Alexander St.... ,   \    G.    Hi-ott-n-Jumhi'ti.   10-I8   -Main   St   'an   Bul't'.-ilo Forge Co   (G. A.   Browning,  1261  Albernl bl  '���������ullen.  E.G.,   4   s   Pacific Bklg Sey.  2330-5(12-  ���������ar.ailn   i-omi-lrv  Co..   Ltd.,   1006  Pender bt bey.  5.1  '-nrn.   ICquip  Sz Si't'.|i y  Co.  f.OS  Holden  Bl. '- S������'.f.  71:.  Henry Darling.  2S Powell  bt  Soy.  oH  Hallman  Machinery Co.. Ltd., 37-43  Alexander, .bey. 9n.  Robt. Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa bey.    3k'  C   Gardiner Johnson oe Co., Johnsons Whf, Sey 9146-91 I  v'   G   Laritt'ev Sz Co..  Ltd.,  319 Pender  W Sey.  3S9  JIussens,  Limited,  365   Water  St .....Sey.   82^  Wm   N   O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4,95-4.9'  Ritchie Contr. &��������� Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916.  Strumbert-Virtue  Sz  Co.,   319   Pender  St.   AV...S<>v    fi"'  Thompson, Wm. C. Co., 403 Dunsmuir St Sey. 3394  MANTELS���������BRICK, TXLE AND WOOD.  Blake Diether Corr; 925 Jlain St Sey. 1415  D    R   Morrison,   712   Richards   St Sej'.   2Jo1-2!!j  AVm   N. O'Neil Sz Co., 54S-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 916:  Thomson, AVm. C. Co., 403 .'Dunsmuir St.    Sey. 3394.  Van, JIarble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave ..Sey. 15.18  MARBLE AJfTD  ONYX.  D   R   Jlorrison,  712  Richards  St  .Sey.  2151-2152  AAfm   N   O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479^  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge. Sey. 916:-  Thonv-on, AArm. C. Co., 403. Dunsmuir St.    Se.v. 3394.  Aran   JIarble & Tile Co., 84S Beach Ave Sey. 1518  Western JIarble & Tile Co., 3149 Main St Fair. 810  OIL   BURNING  PLANTS.  Western  Stm. & Oil Plarts, Ltd.  Dom Trust..Sey. 7676  PAINTS AND OILS.  Henrv Darling,  2S  Powell  St Sey.  51  AVm. N. O'Neil & Co:. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479S  PAINTS���������FIRE-PROOF.  Ltd.,   Vancr.,  Victoria.  Newton  & Greer  PAINTS���������DAMP   PROOF.  .  - tob������  ^tchie Contr. Sz Sup. .Co^ ^^rT.%^^ ^M  Shover & Thomas, .959 Main  St 7.  sev   i 'IfiT  Vancouver Sand & Gravel Co., ft Victoria Dr.'.ley.  ixai  SASH,   DOORS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  B.  C.  Lumber  Corp.,   Ltd.    1605   Georgia Sey.  6304  '  '_:  I-. G., 41!) Pacinc Bldg sev   "3'!0-'i0''i  Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Kvvy; & Salsburv. .stv    6800  ���������   -  ���������.���������'^i) ite-jjoor Co.,   2L.0 cedar hi..    . . B.iwir-w  file  >Vm. A, ONe I & Co., 548-50 Seymour Si. . Sey   1795-1798  terminal Lmbr & Sligl. Co., 30s Col ton  Bklg. . .Sev   7997  SHINGLE   MANUFACTURERS   AND   DEALERS  (See  Lumber, and  Shingles.)  SLATE.  SLATE 8c TILE ROOFERS  .immons, E. & bon.i, 838 7th Ave'AV   STEAM FITTERS.  rni.strong,& Wolfe.  1540��������� 5tli Ave  W.  E.  Campbell'* Co.,   I or. I  Pender St.  ......Fair. 1257L-  W.  ..B.iy. ^.  ...Sey. 27;t6  , ..Sey, 9053  ... .Sey.  4458  .-liter   Kinsey,   1366   Granville  St...!  ittle & Lee,  682 Seymour St   STOKE & OFFICE FIXTURES &  STORE  FKONTS.  ;. C   Sci-f-e.. x-  Mnfg. Co., 266 Dull'erin bt   E...l"a!r.   1643  ���������ullen,  IS.  G.,  4  S Pacllic  HUlg .sev   -:i::o-M)-'l  ���������i"'.'vf.iV,',���������"���������"/.,,v Co<r r'if":'" S'-y""/'- bt..be'j   4,-:.r,-i798  .e.-t.  flute. Glass Sz  Imp. Co.,   153  Cordova  IS. Soy.  4674  TANKS.,  an. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., liwy ��������� & Salsbu-i-v. .Sev '6S09  . (.iiirdiner J0I111.-011 Xz Co., .luhn.-on'-  Wlif. Sev t.|-ic-'H47  G     UingLtyj.  Co;  Lid..  319   Pender   U'...:���������Sev.   3S92  .11 tu   .v   l..';e.  (,S2 hcyni'iur. St.   yL.'v   4.1^8  '. e.-U-rii   Steam .vi i.;iII'lanH, l.iom. Trust bklg....ScV  7B7G  TILE  ���������.'vans, Coleman &-  K.vaii  -DRAINING.  Ft. Culuinbla.   Sev.  TILE���������FLOOR  AND   WALL.  D.  R.  Jlorrison,  712   Richards  bt Sov   2151-215S  Win. N. O'Neil Xz Co., 548-50 Seymour St.. Sey   1795-173)1  Ihomson, Wm. C. Co.,  403 Him.smulr St.    Sey. 3394.  TIN  PLATES.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., AVinch   Bldg Sey, 187-5929  S\������a,rdlnel' Jolmson Sz Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Wilkinson Co., Ltd.. 846 Beach Ave  . . . . .Sev   7915  R. V. Winch & Co.. Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  VACUUM CLEANING SYSTEMS.  Barr & Anderson,   114   Hastings  St.   W Sej-. 618������  K. G.  Blackwell, 108 Alexander St Sw   173X  The Duntley Store,  791  Granville St  " "  Earle,  E.  A.,  Sz' Co.,  532  Pender  St.   AV.  .Sey.  14S7  ��������� Sej-. 547S  ....Sey. 1415  2330-51)21....  Water St Sej-.  139  fi  Wharf St 8S7  ...Sey.  51^  ter. B.C.. P'lonMj^lRlT-renry^^ Johnson's Whf. Sov 914B-Q14: Wilkinson Co., Ltd., 816 Beach Ave....  WATERPROOF   COMPOUND.  Blake Diether Co., 925 Main St  Cu.len,  IS.  G.,  418 Pacific Bldg ; Sev.". -���������.,_.  C. Gardiner Johnson Sz Co., Johnson's AVhf,"Sev 9146-i5l47  Win. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sev   4795-479S  Thomson, AVm. C. Co., 403 Dun.smuir St.    Sej-.  3394  WINDOW   SCREENS.  B. C. Screen & JInfg. Co., 266 Dufferin St. E. ..Fair,  1643  AVm.  N. O'Neil & Co..  54S-50 Sevmour St. .Sej-. 4795-4798  WINDOW   SHADES.  Bowes, F. W. & Co.,  '257 Granville St.. Sey.    S4S  WIRE  ROPE.  Anglo-B. C. Agencv. Ltd.. 318 Homer.    Sev. 3125.  Blake Diether Co., 925 .Main St Soy.  1415  B   C.  Kiruip.  Co.. SnU-7  Bank of Ottawa. . .bev.   i 11;*.6-Tis7 * ���������  E. G.   Blackwell.  1 OS  Alexander St  Sev..  1 733  ���������ulk-n.   E.  G.,   418  Pacific  Bl.lg Sey.  2330-5021  ,\.  G.   Langlev  *.  Co..   Ltd..  319   Pender  W Sev.   3S92  C. Gardiner .lohiv-on ,%> Co.. Johnson's AA'hf. Sev 91 16-9147  Uitchie Cnntr Sz Sup Co.. Ltd. Gran St Bridge. Sev. 9162  r?    tr    Y\rir,,.H *��������� r-o.. J,tri    Tt-i���������~i.  *-ifior c������..   ������-j 1 a>   Sey. 791C  i BRITISH COLUMBIA  ��������� DAILY- BUILDING RECORD  Phones " Sey'rnoqr," 2151,2t 52  sy;;yrafes.and:xi  Simile*  www ���������-���������������,-#v.:~w���������t  s>.ur;: prieei are-.'.righ'tv ���������  u.s;::feguEre ������ffi your floor";  9 \s  71 2::RICHARDS STREET  PLUMBING and....  International Automatic  Sprinkler E^sipesit  Phone Seymour G180  -.  10G3 Ko:ner St. ;  Vancouver B. C.  AKfjJST88NG, MORRISON������������������& CO. ���������  Public Works-  Contractors  Office: 813-015 Bower Bidg. Vancouver B.C.  '(Continued   from   Page  1)"  ''.That $300 be 'appropriated for clearing  Burrard, Thurlow and Bute sts north -at  Seaton, st.     Cut, down   to  ?200  and  carried, ���������'.,���������;     .'' . :' -  .That application of 'Western''' Canada  Power Co for transformer locations lie  granled on condition . that' transformers  be 'located In manholes instead- of on  polns.-'ancl that'this policy be adopted <ln  the future.     ,  In connection with (jurhlnR- in Ward 1  It will bo necessary to do some .rocking  'and'grading and renewal of box drains,  and it is recommended. that ?l-t,900 in bylaw Xo. S70 be set aside foi- necessary  rocking and that $5000 in, bylaw No. S77  'ie sot a?ido for grading and constructing necessary, .drains. ���������  HEARING- POSTPONED  VICTORIA.  Conduits.���������Underground conduits and  lateral connections for telephone, purposes on Government and Yates Sts.  Marine.���������Bids close Oct. In for con������t.  of $2,000,000 breakwater. Plans with  C. C. Worsfold, district engnr., Xew  "Westminster; the po.mnaster, Vancr.,  and AVm. Henderson, Dom. Govmt. Architect, Victoria.. .  Railway Const.���������IT. .1. Cambie, chief  engnr. C. P. It., Vancr., and R. A. Bain-  bridge, div. engnr. IS. Sz S., will take  tenders until Oct. 10, for grading and  bridging' Comox extension of IS. & N.,  approx. I!) niiles.    ',.       '  WEST  VANCOUVER.  '���������' Marine.���������Bylaw.s  $100,000 on ferry  incuts, .>���������  ���������-,-���������  passed     to     spend  iind   dock    improve-  ���������WTIHOW..POINT.'���������  , Wharf:���������Pile 'wharf at Willow Point,  B. C, GflG It. long, '111 to 32 ft. wide.  Bids open iint.il Oct. 11. Plans with^C.  C; AVorsfokl, Dist. Engnr.,' New Westminster. '   , ��������� ������������������.-.<.  Archibald Mair& Co  .,;'''The IVJa!p,,IVie'ri"  '���������'"���������V.BLUE 'PRINTING'..''"',  braftlne  ���������/.���������'" ���������...' .';���������   Trac}Ps\  ���������;".������������������  Reliability and Dispatch        j  lows 216 ��������� 217 Empire Blit. Phone Seymour 5378  HOVERS :TMiiM  Sand   Gravel   and  "'..Building'" Material      .������  Office and  959 Main Street  'Phone Seymour. 1365,   .Wharf  Tho argument ori the. interim injunction preventing the City of Vancouver  rrom. acting on tlie bylaw to close the  lane on Georgia st which divides the  Hudson's Bay property,.has been set forward for hearing on Holiday next. '  ^Common;; Impervious ��������� Face,  ;Vand Building Pavers.  Ooastsyg Brick Co.  1008 METROPOLITAN BUILDING  HONE SEY. 8450  VANCOUVER B.C  PAVING PLANT FIBS.  The Columbia Bitulithic Co',s bldg on  -Yukon'and'Front sts suffered damage by,  "ire'���������Monday afternoon to the amount of  'cibout .$000. The cause of the fire has not  been determined...   : '  _        POSITION AVANTSD.  First class    draftsman,    English    and  American ' experience,    wants    position;  Box. :1S,  Record. '  POB    : BEST ���������Wat erf roil t     warehouse  space for rent.    Phone Sey.  1-115.     ���������  CONCRETE BTIXER POP. REIJT  Koehring , concrete    mixer    for   ,relit.  Plione Fair, 19.-1S. ,  '   .  :���������-"WALt������H-:HimS&it-:, '  pLuIVLBING; HEATING  ���������r- ���������-    AND; ���������:������������������.:������������������".'"      ������������������   ���������  ���������       GAS CONTRACTOR.   ;;  ���������'366 Granville St.'      Vancouver, B.C  'Plione  Seymour ; 90.53 ������������������  ,'PHQNESEYMbUR 4670:  DOMINION BLUE .PRINT  &l  DRAFTING CO.  :;35-37   Inns   of   Court   Bldg. ...  VANCOUVER,  B.C.  TERMINAL LUMBER & SHINGLE GO."  LIMITED.    ���������'���������;���������.  RIANITPACTUREKS   OP   PINE  LUMBER AND SHINGLES /'"  ,W��������� B.'COOKE'&CO.. .  30S Carter Cotton Bldff. "���������     ��������� '  Plione:    Seymour 799.  PUBLIC WORKS.  , Under this title is, listed proposed.' mu-  ���������;iic:paa'1^i"iiWa'y"-r"-aiia''";g-enei.ai conucruc-  MU- .wo:j������ uoi cai-i-iect? in tlie, jtecjrd's  ,aJjio of. worji ^esciuaiv ely idtiitiliea..witii  .':.���������������������,. or'pivjyodetl buildings.  ���������'���������','        ���������..':.��������������������������������������������� 'ASBBBBL   /.:. '������������������ ',;' .  :. V/aterworis.���������Canadian Pipe Co., Van-.  ...liuiiif, oLixi-icd .,'stiii.' cuiiir. oil' .-iiberin  ... aici'\v'Orki .system.','   ,./������������������' .  ������������������_���������'���������'���������'���������"��������� C-ziitJARTr;  Bridg-e;���������-City��������� ���������'. proposes": erection oi  :.ioi' 'v-iLi uruge oil center ot. Lu c(v>i  *;jijro.i:;  ifdoo.uuo. . .''������������������.  ., u,ia..;\i.'. a.1-^���������Ratepayers  .ruKu1 ��������� cx-clidi LUi'c hu.    $o  !. . .. o...   u^Oi/'lit't    Lul.i.  d'  show  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED;  '.Notices for tenders wanted, will be  published under this Heading- until time  for closing- tenders has arrived, or until  all figures desired are in.  No charg-e. is made for the insertion  of notices for tenders in this column  unless tliey ��������� are in the regular legal  fomi of official' advertisements........  ���������''��������� Grubbing-���������By MacKenzie, Mann Sz Co.,.]  I^td.i Aletropolitan bldg., for grubbing'  right ol way of C. S. 11; from Vernon |  to Kamloo])-.,  Si!   mile.-:.  . Bids  taken: un-j  ���������'������rubbing1���������By \ MacKenzie, Maim & I  Co., Btd., Metropolitan bldg., for grub- j  ,bing right ot way ot C K. a. route n-orii I  Kelowna to Vernon and Lumby, B. G.,i  ���������IS miles.    Bids taken until Oct.. 15.  '������������������ Grading1���������By MacKenzie,, Mann  & Co., I  Ltd.,    Metropolitan    bldg..,    lor   grading  "right   of  way  'of   C.   A'.   U.   route   from i  Kelowna   to   Vernon   and   Lumby,   B.   C���������  ���������Is'  miles.    Grading'tenders to be class!-!  tied:    ia)   solid   rock,   loose   rock,,   hard >  pan  and  earth;   (b)  .solid  rock,  all  other  materials.    Bids taken until Oct. 15.  HDWE,  HEATING,   HOSE,  KDVYOOD.  f. Heating-���������^7 Burke, Horwood & White,  :':S Toronto St., Toronto, Out., until October L'-l, 'for heating plain required in  ���������erection' of proposed Hudson's." Bay  .building, Vancouver) B. C. Plans and  .specifications on file in tlie Winnipeg,  Cuigarv and Vnncouver ollices of the  l-ludsoii's ,B������y Co., but positively will  not be released from ,the Vancouver, oflice until Saturday,,Oct. 5.   ���������' . .  IHONV/ORK,   INTSRIOK   PINISH.  LUMBER, I.ATHING, XIME.  .   Lumber���������Ey Wineland Building & Engineering Co.,  Ltd.,''Loo  Bldg.,  for-lumber   required.in   erection 'of   store   and  warehouse ,bldg at New Westminster tor,  T. J. Trapp. ^^      __Jj.  Montreal ���������������������������   ,   London, Eng1.       . o Toron^  ,.'ROBERT:Wv^HUN'T^ CO.,'LBimtted.; ?;'":::'  INSPECTION   ...,.'"���������'" TESTS c6NSULTATIOi^,  Inspection of Steel, Cement, Building , Bridg-es, Pipe, Rails, Cars, Loco motive.  . Second-hand Equipment, Creosoted  Materials,   Cement    Testing',  PhysicB  Laboi-atonos and Ofeces. ...  In Bank of Ottawa EldgV, Vancouver, B. C.  9  \^.9    B~$  rVSachsrsery DeaBers  CONCRETE1'MIXERS,   STEEL-..CARS,   ROCK   CRUSHERS,   ELECTRl  STEAM    AND    GASOLINE    HOISTS.      WHEELBARROWS,  TRANSMISSION  MACHINERY, GASOLINE  ENGINES  PUMPS  AND   ROAD   MACHINERY.  Phones:  Seymour  7056-78i8.  Offices:, 606-607 Bank of Ottawa Bldl  VANCOUVER s  GENERAL CONTKACT.  ;have     ap-  6,0uu   lor  e.v-  I'WOl'nS,.    o.v~.l.e"l.      o"'"ii  LUlilioUUuil.'.  Civic   Ceute*-.���������1-ians    prepare  ''   civic .ccii-  oj.    Njl'crliel- ���������   V 'c  ..C'OI., ...ub^''o  icuuiciv,    tileveiuuu   ii;  j.^.=.,    > alio'., 'o'uiwuil-  ;   r   "\ ;V."."'":-'X������UHCAK'S.'-.~"'-.  iij-iiting ������l*.\lc -Concr. let.to C. H. L.  . .......I...,     Uxu     J. tllUti'     OL.      11.,    l-Ol'    oll'Bcl  ...A,    inu. '."J LUl.U.e '  I..U0111.IUO ��������� i/ii;il\10.  liOc  jl'S     u*uc  i-li.  MACLjSOJa.  . aiag'e.���������  ity.  wmi increase   facili-  oi 5>io,ou0.    j.'. --iU'U iu.ur-  ,uCI.,'U.ll5  .tx^-j oi'   -..  ,,..,  1,-t^ ���������'  'j.ul'ylllO,    COiioU.Llli������  j_.. . i''a������i eel t,   iijtt^ur,  i������Xj-SSjul"l'.  wnarr.���������Temiui-s Uiheii  to Oct. 15, -for'  : Sheet '-Metal''. Works "���������.  Warm   Air   Heating1  Vnrnar.ea  and ^General: Jobbing-  1SS5 Venables St Highland 642  JAS." MURPHY'&'SON  Oeneral    Paintlnsr    and    Decorating-  CONTBACTOBS  Office: 112  Crown  Bldg. Sey. 8707  w-yt.   *-.Mi*i,  -^  c������V     \,  CjtuiULiCl'.  *-*J-k  ���������J     iL^.^ii^i'i'ui'ii  -ht'LiiWay  X*.  iUfiC*.���������  -*ii0ii.- ie\el  b  fr.  ridg-c  w.^.,0         J-*������i  wiUj   .     -"i ������  Cv',            KJ.        J*>  ������������������  ���������������\.j.,  ,, ,.^M���������,       o  Co.  Ol ct.vi  v.O<-(W      iX.      iju#ii,  \  a^.c-  'w-U, i J-iio*t������.  ��������� a,  OOllLi  o.  -* ���������  wtf  +J Xlj  i-Ji<STi!3.  . ��������� iia^b;���������a^^Ij  t.      OX  ;; jlt none ; w orics  Wili   tu    U;',UJ  l;  A^i O~.o  J^H.OOCt ,   ' Xfc  A * KSt'        *J.L  .tk. ...-V...      *.  rf4X������  - .  J. 'J.i*  n_  -i*������j ������������   ������-<ii' i  iC  ^.ul.Ul      Oi  ������c  UU^i     *  o \t '     ������ i  ������J-t.������*li*t  o kv.  i ���������  - ���������     -         ^  ���������-���������j  a-JLCCLI iC      V������ Iii  , ���������<--  Ccllu  .   ���������     Phone Sey.  7fi51 L.  WILLIAM H. PAWSON  AUCUITIiCT   AND .ENGINEER.  1070 "Karo  St.     Vancouver,  B. ,C.  ��������� ' EDWARD. T3A?MONS  SLATES & ROOF TILER  038_7tli Ave. W.    Phone Fair. 1257L.  EXPE3T. BUILDERS &  FJHANCSESS,  LTD.  Successors   to  R. NELSON  F5NCH  Will   finance   your   Building1  for  you.  Sey. 7331 ..ZOIVz   Cartar-Cotton Bid?  ,���������ii. C. Transport Co.  liave iei  i.������.jji.oi.ii  *^;^~.   -������-<r ../i.^i.x  aiii.1  .yicio^ijii'.���������x-i-oijOaeU' .to   .widen  .....   .^'  u..;*>.������...   i.iuui   oi  ^i-'fj  ���������--���������������.. ��������� ��������� *i-^       LUltl.������-l  il  submit by-  ' cicy   eugin-  THE-BURNSIDE :: .::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-39   Granville   Street  Telephone  Seymour 3704  .    i-Olil*  asti^y.:  ij-radins  . ..lUni'^ilJ  a.iti  \>ill  grade  Cti.  ...  ��������� ^IL  , ....,      i ^/ .  .    -.  c,  .  ...  *"*-'���������*���������  U.-11..  iii  bl  .,-.���������  .���������.Municil  aiuj  prop  u>.e.s a  rau-  ���������    aii.  t         *-  !���������������     ���������.������-  . .... C.J .  Ul..  . ..-.    .. I  11  i't.l^l'o    liU  *l.l.O t  ������.*  .-.i    Oli    o."  11C1 i>  ���������w icy  ......a  prop  1.UC.  i o.,    xj  iai  ...   .j  j������ U JL*  ^.ilT.  aicrino.-  ��������� ,v (jl'lv    .'.UU'is  nOoll  on   .Prince  ��������� is*.*  L  ;...ci.  ���������j.....oiii.     .-..j.  ......  General Contract���������By Burke, Horwood  Sz. White, iS Toronto rit, Toronto, Out.,  until Oct. 2-1, for general contract on  proposed Hudson's Bay- building, Vancouver, B.C. Plans also on file with  the Hudson's Bay Co. in "Winnipeg, .Cai-  \jary. and Vancouver. Plan.-; and- speci-  iications positively will not'be released  antil  Saturday,  Oct.   5.  Bailway Const.���������By jMacKenzie, Mann  :i Co., Ltd., Metropolitan bldg., for general construction of section irom ver-  :.on to Kaihioops, S3 miles. Tenders to  .r.clude.'.' clearing, grubbing, grading,  bridges, .trestle.-., culverts,: ma-onry and  iencing. Alternative bids required tor  grading on bails of: (a) solid rock,  loose rock, hard pan.and .earth; (b) solid  rock; all other materials. .Tenders, will  be'received,'until Oct.' 1.5,; and work must  ,j'e CMinpieted within: one .year-from date  of signing contract.  Railway Const.��������� By .-MacKenzie, Mann  ���������a.-Co.,. Ltd.,'.Metropolitan bldg., tor general construction of section iromKel-  .wna' to Vernon and Lumby, B. C, 4S  :iiles. Tenders to include ��������� clearing-,  grabbing, grading, bridge.;, trestles, cui-  . erts, ina-ionry and fencing. , Alterna-  .i\e bids rei'iuired lor grading on basis,  ,if, (u.) solid rock, loose reck, hard pan"  unci earth; (bl -.ciid rock, ah other ma-  eriah . Tenders will be. received until  >ct. 15, and work must be completed  A-ithin one year .'irom date of signing  .on tract.    .   ���������  Genl. Contr.-���������By Archts Doctor, Stewart  & Davie,  Arts  & Crafts  bldg,  positively   Irom   selected   contrs   only,    for  jrection  of  residence  at New; AVestmin-1  ter for Mrs;  E. I-I. Johnstone. 3  BJSICK   WOBK,   BOILEKS.  Erickworlt���������By Segur Oil Refineries,  !02 . Arto Sz. Crafts bldg, 57S Seymour st,  ���������.or brickwork on two OGxlO ft H.K.T.  boiler-; near :Barnet. Quote price and  terms per 1000.   .       .    '  ai'asonry���������By 'MacKenzie, Mann & Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan bldg., for masonry re-  liii-recl on C. N.-fi. right of way'from  iveiowna to Vernon and Lumby, B. C,  IS miles.    Bids taken- until.Oct.. 15.  SEasonry���������By MacKenzie, Mann Sz Co:,  Ltd., Metropolitan- bldg'.. for masonry  required on-,.0. N. R. right of way from  Vernon to Kamioops, S3 miles. Bids  taken until  Oct.  15.  CANALS,   CEMENT,   CONCSETE.  Clearing-���������By . Pacific1' Bond and Land  Corporation, Ltd., 513 Pacific Bldg., until  let 15, for Clearing, grubbing, and grading'streets  in  Willow  City, B.  C.  Clearing-���������By "MacKenzie, lUann Sz Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan bldg., for clearing  right of way of.C. N. R.. line from Kelowna to Vernon and Luinby, B. C, IS  miles.    Bids  taken until Oct. 15. ,  c:-������&:ir.s���������;:.;--  Maci-.'c-r.isie,  '.''lann -t Co..  Ltd.     Metropolitan    bldg..    i'or    clearing,,  right   of   way   of, C.   N.   It.   route   from  .Vernon    to    Kamioops,    S3    miles.      Bids  taken  until Oct.  15.  Clearing���������By Chris. F. Perry, G-13 Howe  St for picking up ' recks on ten acre  lot] corner of I'-lth -Ave. and Alexandra  St Bids received until Wednesday, Sept.  25. ,  Sxcavatingr; Elevators, Electric Fixtures  EKcavatingr���������By Pinner Sz MeClelian.  (i-'fl Cambie st, and 70(1 .block Powell st,  for excavating site for Langiey apmts. 27  PUBNACES,   PIXTS.,   FIBE   ESCAPES.  MISCELLANEOUS.  Bridg-es���������By*MaeKenzie, Mann & Co.,  Ltd:, Metropolitan bldg.', for bridges to  be erected on C. N. R. right of way  from Kelowna to Vernon and Lumby,  B. C, 4S miles.    Bids taken until Oct. 15.  Mechanical Equipment ��������� By Burke,  Horwood.* Whitei '2S Toronto St., Toronto, Ont., until Oct. 21, for general  mechanical equipment required in proposed Hudson's Bay building, Vancouver, B. C. Plans and specifications on  file in the, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver oflices of the Hudson's Bay Co.,.  but positively will not be released from  the- Vancouver oflice.' until' Saturday,  Oct.   5.'      ' ',  ' Treaties���������By MacKenzie, Mann, & Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan bldg., for trestles.to'  be built on C. N. R. right of way from  Kelowna to Vernon and ijumby, 13. C  -IS  miles.    Bids  taken  until  Oct.  15. ' ' .  .Culverts���������By'.-'MacKenzie, Mann & Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan bldg., for construction'of culverts on. C. N. R. rightof way  from Kelowna to Vernon and Lumby, b.  ,C, IS niiles.    Bids taken until Oct.  15.  Fencing-���������Ey MacKenzie, Mann & Co..  Ltd., Metropolitan bldg.,. for fencing C.  N. R. right of way Irom Kolowna to  Vernonrand Luinby, B. C, AS miles.  Bids taken until Oct. 15. '.'.. ���������'..-���������''  Briclg-es���������By MacKenzie, Mann .& Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan bldg., for bridges to  be erected on C. N. IU right or way  from Vernon to ...Kamioops, S3 miles.  Bids  taken  until Oct. .15.  Trestles���������By MacKenzie, M"ann Sz Co.,  Ltd., Metropolitan bldg., for trestles to  be built oh C. N. R. right of way from  Vernon to KamloOps, S3 miles. . Bids  taken  until.Oct.  15.      ���������  Culverts���������By MacKenzie, Maim & Co..  Ltd., Metropolitan' bldg., for culverts to  be built on C. N. R. right of way from  Vernon to Kamioops, S3 miles. ' Bids  taken  until Oct.  15. .���������.."'"...  Pcncirig-���������-By MacKenzie,  Mann  & Co.,  Ltd:,"Metropolitan" bldg.,  for fencing required, on   C.   N.   R.' right  of  way   from i  Vernon: to   Kamioops,    S3    miles.     Bids  taken  until.Oct.  15. ' , [  Line materials���������Ey C. I-I. E.'"Williams, '  015 Pender st. W.. for line materlias' i'*-- |  quired  in  lighting  plant at Duncans,  B.  C. '���������.'���������.'.   '. , '..    1  Track Ties���������By H. E. Beasley, general  supt, Victoria, for fty thousand railway  track ties. and distribution of same on  grade of E. Sz' N. Comox extension from  Big Qualicum River to MeBride Junction.  Specifications on' application to Mr.  Be.-islev oi-'to-ahv station .agent of the  E.-& N. c'Bids received, until Oct. 10.  Bailway Construction���������By, I-I. .1. Cambie, chief engineer, C.P.R., A'ancouver,  for grading and bridges on the Comox extension of the Esquimau and Nanaimo  railway funm Big. Qualicum River, Mile  15 1-2, to Union Bay, Mile 84.79. Plans  and specifications ori file with Mr. CanT-  bie and with R. A. Bainbridgo, divisional  engineer,- E. & N., Victoria. Bids received until Oct. 10.  PLASTES,    PAINTING,    PLT/MBING.  Plumbing-���������Ey Burke, Horwood &  White, 2S Toronto St., Toronto. Ont., j  until Oct. 24, for plumbing required in i  erection of proposed Hudson's Bay building, Vancouver, B. C. Plans and specifications ��������� on file in ��������� the AVinnipeg,' Cal-  garv: and'Vancouver offices of the Hudson's Bay- Co., but .positively will not  be released from the Vancouver office  .until  Saturday,  Oct.   5.   .���������-���������-.-  KOOPINCt,   BESEBVOIBS.  SHEET METAL WORK.  WHtlNG, AWATEItPROOFING-,  AVii-ing-���������By Burke. Horwood ���������& White,  2S Toronto St., Toronto, Out., until Oct.  24, for e'ectrical wiring required in erection of proposed Hudson's Bay building,  Vancouver. B. C. Plans and specifications on file in .the Winnipeg, Calgary  and A'ancouver "oifices of the Hudson's i  Ray Cc. but po;.'it'-. oly will not be :-e-  lea..ed from the Arnr:eouvcr office until  Saturday,  Oct.  5.  Copper  Wire������������������By   C.   IT.   E.   Williams,  015 Pender st AV., for approx.  12  tons of  six and  fourt waterproof copper wire to  bo used in lighting plant at Duncans, R. i  C.'  IN STOCK,  Two 2 Ton Electric Hoists.        ::  Three 15 Owt. Hand Derrick Cranes.  One 2 Ton Hand Derrick Crane.  Phono  Seymour' 5112  28'Powell  ,���������.    We are the sole jnanufaoturor������  Kacliine-macle  Glazed   Cement  Sew1!  Pipe in British  Columbia.       "  ';DOMINlbN;GLAZED.{CE'i^EN.t PIPE CO., .LTD.]  Office:.  Dominion   Trust   Bldg-.,    Vancouver,. B.  C.     Plione:   Sey. 3286  and MANUFACTURING GO.um.tio  ESectnc SsippJSes and Telephones.  313 Water StI  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL ���������OSVIPANYi:LTD!  Is  OFFICE WAREHO USE'AND WyARF:  PHONE SEYMOUR 8491.   , '     ' 1029   MAIN   ST.  544 Howe  Sey.   133S,  E. G. PRIOR & CO.  For Logging, Crane and AIS Purposes  Manufactured, by Wrn. Cook & Co., Sheffial J, England.  Phone Sey. 386. 869c Beatty St.!  ���������"''-���������' "'' CBJsitoii  Welded Fabric,  8  THE IDEAIi BEXHTFOECEMENT.  RESERVplRSi'l  SLABS.                  SEWERS.                  WALLS.  LA. NORS^iS CO.  ���������     ������^^f  Exclusive   Pacific Coast Sales.  PTTOITE  SEY.. 21 00.                                                                                          ^  06  BOWEB BUXja  TENDERS WANTED.  OUT OF  TOWN.  BUILDINGS.  j. E. Campbell & Co.  PLUMBSNG   &   HEATING  "il Pe-tW SI. W.  Phnne ^Rvmn'T ?7^R  " Good Cheer "Circle Water, Pan Furnace  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  SHEET METAL WORKERS  BUCK'S LEADER and GURNEY OXFORD  FURNACES  Phone Bay. 296 1540 5th Ave. W.  PLUMBING and HEATING  721Hain Street. Phnne Seymour 8fiU ; i  LITTLE & LEE  Sheet Metal Workers  Boat Tanks, Cornice, Roofing. Furnaces,  ���������582 Sevmour St.1    Phone Sey. 44nS  L. G. ROBINSON  Consulting-   Engineer   and  General Contractor  S������J2         211   Holrten   Blflcr.  jsey-  BBVELSTOK2.  Waterworks.���������itutc-pa.\ d-d have ap-  ,,'i'tnco ua,,ci...iiiiic w  yju.uOO iw' e.-cic.i-  '..O.l      LU     liiCoUi'l      l.llll!lliUI..Jl)'oUi������.  SOUTJBC   Vxi.iA CO UViiJ*.  Paving-.���������lJot,ition now in circulation  .Or paMiiy \'.'e^tniiiioLer j.io.ui \. 11..1.1.  uuuliuailu^   ol   ouutll   ViincOUVci'.  VAr^CO10V������������.  X.is'liting- Standards���������Fourth Ave. rate-  ,j:i^,'o i_���������iuiuei-inri' eosl oi' scanuurUs  -.liu   CllHLtr   llM'IIL^.  ilaii-.vay    Uw_iat.���������Guthrie,    McDousall  .-Cl^U.,    o^"l.    V.^l'(..'o.     .OI      UU..-1.    Ol    "1-     lli.itTo.  ..:      I'uaU     ll'Uii.     ^uu.i.ityi.L   ' Lu     ^Oti uailulltl  auuiViiit   on.   V.    v.   ni   in.    caeiioiou   o<.  ...cu .voiLiierii.     !pi,:>,)i),WJU.  liiailway coiist.���������Uontr. let to Norlli-  ei'ii K^uii.ii. Co., 16 i-iLi^Liligo iii.r \**, ior  ..ait;nry-:\iacicocl   hrancii   oi   V.  S.   li.  Biuewalk.���������Fourth Ave. ratepayers cir-  cuiaiina   I'uuuon   lor   i-   it.  .di _i.\e. ii-uni Granvine to  Street Widening-.���������Proposed to widen  \\ e.uniuiritc-r Koiui to bv it. irom -l-rince  ...uwii.ru ot. to l;jtn .avo. oy ac(iuinntr 'i-  i't. strip on uac-h sine or roaa. j-..^li-  inateu cost, ?���������(���������!,;; 15, payinoiUo lo exiunU  uiur ^0  yoaro.  ���������Waterworks.���������T.    R.    Xickson    &   Co.,  IjUI.,    \ aiiL-r.,   Have   contr.    lor  jjipe     tor  GBADIWO-, GLASS, GEAVEL,  til   Oct.   15. ���������.,.,, ���������    r.  Grading-���������By MacKenzie, Mann Sz Co..  btil Metropolitan bids?., tor. grading C.  X R i-iKlit of wav from Vernon to, Kam-  'oops S3 miles. Grading tenders to be  clarified: (a) solid rock, loose rock,  hard pan and earth: (b) .solid rock, all  other materials. Bids taken until Oct.  15th. '  biuuu'aiiv  on  Alma i-toa.l.  liurnaby     watui-woriis  mil  uupt.  ~^W. J. SnlilTH & BOH  Heating Enrgsneers  Steam, Hot Water & V acuuni Systems  Phone Fair. 274-B.      g09-10th Ave. E  NOTICE  INSPECTION OP GAS PIPING  Architects, Builders and Owners are  notified that all g-as piping1 must oe  tested before walls are closed in. Otherwise this company will not be responsible for supplying- g-as for the  building'.  Information and estimates re g-as  piping- furnished without charg-e.  f������  nnsflnAM  New Business Dept.    Phone Sey. 5000  Chilliwack���������^By the dept. of public works.  Ottawa, I'or interior linings in the post  otllcu bldg., Chilliwack. Plans and spec,  on application to .1. G. Robertson, clerk  of the works, Chilliwack; Wm, Mender-,  son, iJominion govmt. re-ddent architect,  Victoria, and the dept. of public works,  Ottawa. Marked check for 10 per cent,  of bid reriuired. Tenders received until  Oct.   I.  Chilliwack���������By tlie Director of Contracts, Dept. of Militia and Defence,  Ottawa, for construction of drill hall at  Chilliwack, B. C. ..Revised plans and  spec, on tile with tlie officer commanding military district N'o. 11, Victoria,  with Capt. A. D. Coote, '104th Regiment,  New AVe-'tminster, and with the Director of Engineer Services, Ottawa. Bids  will be taken until Oct. 7.  Calg-ary���������By J. M. Miller, city clerk,  for the position of city engineer. Successful applicant must be prepared to  start duties not later than Nov. 15. Aij-  plications  received  until  Oct.   1.9.  MCHY.,   MISC.,   MATEKIAI,.    flTAKINE.  Eassano, Alta.���������By Geo. R. B. Bond,  for labor only on brick veneer work of  new  Angelican  church,   Bassano. S  ....Victoria���������By Archt. D. C. Frame, 1011  Government St., for tiie erection of a I-  sto. reinforced concrete Oddfellows Temple.    Bids  taken until Oct. 4.  New Westminster���������By A. O. Powell,  harbor engineer, 26 Lome St., Xew .Westminster, for a ladder dredge, capacity 250  cubic yards per hour and excavating to  depth of ���������!������ ft. Bids taken until Tuesday, October S. Further particulars on  application, to   the   engineer.  "Victoria���������Por construction of breakwater in Victoria harbor. Plans and  spec, witii the Dominion archt., Wm.  Henderson, Victoria, C.' C. Worsfold, dist.  engnr., Xew Westminster, and on application to the postmas*������r, Vancouver, B.  C. Oct. IB  Takes the pSace of lath and plaster  STRONG - DAIWPPROCF - ECONOMICAL  Also RREPROOF ASBESTOS Board  For Garages, Light Walts, Elevator Shafts  Furnace Room Walls and Ceilings  W. C. THOMSON COMPANY, LTD.  Labor Temple Phone Sey; 3394  British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.  JVSanufacturers it  1605 Georgia St. Vancouver Phone. Seymour 6504 f  Electrical Contractors  'Fhone,  Seymour  2707      976 Granville Street  Record  Canada's Only DAILY  NEWSPAPER  Devoted Exclusively To Building News  g. Co., Ltd.  CABIWET   MAKERS  BANK, STORE  AND OFFICE  FIXTURES  Phone Fair. 1471    52 Dufferin St. W.  Estimates Famished


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