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Daily Building Record May 25, 1912

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 L. V^^^A^,^^^
*���*    ���- c#s 1
��           ��-  * ��-,-���* n
f      ��_^ to-rfi^i*-*.
.Building, Contracting, Engineering, Irrigation and Oeneral Improvement News;
Devoted to the interests of Architects,-Contractors, Engineers, Materia? Dealers and others interes
Record   Publishihg "Co.,   Vancouver,  Publishers.
Covering British Columbia.
i l-
d?in the buikjUl
trade of the N.V^g.
ts?-�� <&&&K%No? 153, Saturday, May 25," 19127
o *
WALL BOARD.   ^      *    '
Raecolith Plastic Flooring
301 Pacific Bldg. 'Sey. 8144
Tar and Gravel Roofing'
Water   Proofing
"Roof Repairing
-    All Work Guaranteed
Plrone Seymour 7417
814 Metropolitan  Bldg.    '
< Plain or Corrugated - Round or Square;
Can Give Delivery.In One Week To 10,Days.
-'   L
312 Pacific Bids;. F.T. CROWE & CO. Seymour 9422 ^
t-   "Everything" in. Burlding  Material"
���   '7 DIRECT  SHIPMENTS  ATTENDED  TO   PROMPTLY       -    .   '   ,\
Phone Seymonr 9162, Private Exchange,
Office and  Bunkers,  Granville Street Bridge.
2451���2 sto fr res
2457��� two's
2460���1 sto fr- res
2461���1% sto fr res
sto fr res
1 sto fr res
.' $1,150
Street Address.
Lot and Block.
2644 Cypress st
S%  19,- 20���367
1S31-12   Larch   St
19,   20���221
24th & 25th iveE    .
A, B, C   & D���J
2119-71U ave  E    ' " '
B of  12���14
301 .
,, Owners
Owner s
"Western Bungalow Co.
1 .   -      Owner
M   F   Armstrong
Owners ... * ...
Owne's - ' -
Can Amer Contr & Inv Co, 104 Emp bldg
Owner -    - -   - 	
McConnell Lbr Co
Ellis & Clayton.  "
if. F. Keely . ..' .
B   J. Berentsen. .
J. E  Athens ... .
-413 Granville
.. 3250 Ontario.
\ Holden Bldg.
. 255-13th ave E.
v..2250 Eaton St.
Building permits for Victoria will be
found on Page 2;
Plain, Square, Round and SquaroTwisted Bars
Triangle Mesh - Column Hocping    ���-   _
Largest'stock in city    , '  '     '
Our Plant is Fully Equipped For Cutting
To Length aud &old Twisting
~ Prompt Delivery Our Specialty    *
"Seymour 4674
Western Plate Glass,
& Imp. Co. Ltd.' V
Reg. Office: '153 Cordova 8t.,eE.
��      VANCOUVER, B. C,
'    '"     - Leaded "Art Glass     '     .
Thome Metal Store Front Bara   '
'.    ;. Bevelling1 and Silvering" ~
3tore Fronts (Hased-
.   Liability,
ji        Our Office Issues Your Liability,-Accident and Health Insurance
'I Aiao adjusts losses without delay or referring to any remote Head  .
;  ^'fice '"     '     v-   ��� ' '   ���'-  - "- ~"     ' \
<     British Am ericaii Trust Company, Limited.
'��� *  - Insurance Department  s        1
'! *    tar-Cotton Bldg. * * Phone .Seymour 7620 7ANCOUVEB. B. C.
Glass Importers and Manufacturers
B. C. WBanufacturers of Hester, store front
construction.   "\J'    \   ~: "\"    v   '
Phones   7385-6
1000 Homer St.
������ Canadian Pacific Lumber Co. Limited
The   attention 'of Architects,   Contractors ;and   BuildeFs' is   called
to "the NTEW  ERAVREVERSIBLE WINDOWS, >which v/t, are now manu-
lecturers of.    Call at our^factory and see them'and learn of their^many,
vlvantages over any other windows made.
Factory:    Foot of Salsbury Drive.     r    v   ;   -
branch  Factory at J 618 Thirds Avenue  West, Fairview. Vancouver,  B. C.
Davis-Sanders Co, 3-11 Cambie
st, .who have just secured tlre^contract
for - the Haley' & Sutton bldg, to be
erected on Richards st, between Dunsmuir, and Pender -sts, are now ready for
figures on practrcally all of the trades
The ,bldg will bo 4 stories," with stoie
on the ground floor,'and' rgoms on the
upper floors It is 25x120, of brick and
null, and steel girders will bo used o'^r
tho^tore - White'enamclled brrpk, Keens
cement, granite bases, sandstone sills,
sidewalk-lights, tar and gra\el roof,
galv iron cornice, p'arlilo treads and
risers to starrways, and tile wainscoat-
mg, plate and clear glass transoms,
Gurney or .Ideal boiler, and auxiliary
tank heater, etc, are among Uip specifications The contractors want figures
at once for the excavation, and for tlie
other  trades Within the ne\t few days.
Tenders are now being taken from selected contractors only, for a 3 story
brick and mill store and room? bldg  to
Only Permits amounting to less than
91000 will be found under this head."
2450���First ' Pres. Church;r repair
church, Hnstmgs  st  E,  owners;  $100.
28451���W. 'H .Noble; fr addn to "r'es,
1968  Charles   st;   owner,   $275.        "    -'
2132���Air    McCue, t 2323   Napier" st;   1
sto-fr res,  3229 Willrams; owner,  $150.
< ',
2456���M Wilson, 406 Duffer rn -E, 1
sto fr res; 2SS6-22nd ave E, o\yner;
?250 '       \j-
2459���r Malcom; 1 sto~fr res; 3642-
2Sth ave, IX. Child; $450
Tho following: material Is mentioned
to he used in the structures called tui.
in tho permits above, whose numbers
correspond to those preceding the following Items.- , *    ���>
2151���2500 br, 750 yds pi, 35 bbls pmt -.
2456���600   br <.  I
2457���4000 br,  1800 yds pi, 30 bbls cmt
2'459~71>omfmsm^^^^ix>s .^-
Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd
2120CEDARST.    ",
Phone Bay. 646   IN rar Sixth W
,-, i f'^z
r i '
,7      I '�� t.
,' 1 t    <
i     ]>    -Sr
' 7/
V     r  i 7
*       ' '-    7     .
Standard Glass Co. Ltd
AST OliABB'    '      *,   '-} ,
Phone Seymour 6476. -829 BftrauA 8t>
\    ,7 i       J|
'Floor layers and Designers
Sey. 6853���Bay."139R. 557 Granville 8t
Contrs Egdell & Drxon,  who have the
genl   contr    for   the   Brown   &   Ho\iey
be .erected  orr   Keefer st  between  Main Ibldff to be erected or ^Vater st, are now
Tne  ready  for  tenders   on practically  all  of
solid1 tIae su,)_contracts> and desrre tenders for
in   the excavation at once.    The bldg    will
Sherardized Metal Lath :;
American Wall Board  i
Samson Fibred Plaster
Blue Cross Cement
Hydrated Lime :j
\ C. Gardiner Johnson & Company
t < ,vi
vpia-.vim.L J^HNSON^S<WHARF
^^M1,-^Ji^i^Mcl^rSiSupp!y Co., Ltd.
1901  Georgia St. ~_        *i^^^^g|��^-a���M^��dS*-'s*15*,--��~'*l,l,*���'
Sey. 7175-     _ v < ^#&��5g��
Phone Seymour 1196
Doprs, Sash, Mouldings,-Etc.
bank And office-'fixtures in native and hardwood
^ Mills, Offices and Factory:       "?    "  "*     "     ' <     ".''   v     "
ir. Victoria Drive and Powell Street.        "    ���        Phone-Seymour 8890
Western Steanf & Oil Plants Co. Ltd.
1010    DOMINION    TRUST    BLDG.
Sey   7676
Entrance In rear
Phone Sey 3732
Vancouver IVf arfoie Sc Tiie Co., Ltd.
"     PHONE SEYMOUR 1518      ,' 848 BEACH AVE.
and Columbra s>ts, for Sam Kee
bldg wrll have concrete bsmt,
wood floors, fireproof windows
court, wrll bo 25x122 in srze, with two
stores on the ground floor, and 26 rooms
on the upper floors It will cost ?14,-
000 Kennerley Bryan, Crown bldg, and
T. Li Townley, Northern Crown Bank
bldg, are assocrated in the drawing of
plans for thi-s bldg    (
i?  , ,
Schceppe ��& Geor ge jSakofC Co,. have
been-'awarded the contract for the excavation for the'proposed YMCA bldg
on Georgra sU bjr the archt, IT S Griffith. Tenders for the genl contract will
be called about the first of June, c
103 Winch Building       < Phone Seymour 187
^    English K-B & S " CONDOR " and
Partition TiSe For All Building Purposes
Lime, Piaster, Fire Brick, Tin Plate, Pig Iron Etc.  -
Archt \V D ' VanSlclen of VanSiclon
& Macomber, Can Life Bldg, has. removed   to   Edmonton   with   his   f.imilv.
be of brick and mill constructron, with
steel   girders   for   some     of   the   floors.
Half of tire ground floor wrll be divided
mto   a   hall   for   the   City   Mission,   the
second floor will be divided mto rooms,
and   the   upper   floors   will   have   rooms
and.  large   dormitories.    ���The   bldg   will
have steam heating plant, pressed brrck
face .with, granite  bases  and  sandstone
Mils       Partitions   on   tho, upper   floors
will   be'Rabbetted      There  wrll   be   tar
i *���
and gravel roof, sidewalk lights, marble
treads and risers to entrance stairs,  tile
glass for the front, etc. The general
contiactors ���will also handle the heating
nnd electric work
',-,.-       '     GET YOUR  ESTSMATES'-'FROM
Canadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..
Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work.
r         Quality Work, Bight Prices  and Promptness Guaranteed. ""~
Phone Sey. 8480  Offlce:   104 Empire Bldg.
wainscoatlng, opaque wire glass,
cement,   fire   escapes,     plate   and
Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's
-' 791.0ranvUle St.   "
Fhone Seymour 148?
Vancouver, B. C.\
Sole Agents
City Map & White Print Co
432  Cordova Street West
Phone:   Seymour  6693
Archts Alder & 'Campbell, Exchange
bldg, will have plans completed about
where ho will practice in con junction J-Tuno^ 1, and u 111 call for tenders at that
with the office in this city Mr W K. |ttme. loi the construction of-a store" and
Macomber will manage tho lot.il office apartment hldg to he crectel on Westminster   ro.rd
They wljlwcall lor. figures at the same
.        i
time,  when plans are completed, for an
apartment bldg to go up on Alder, st in
Fairview.     Full   details   will   be   given
* i ���
when  the plans .ire completed.
That theio Is a need for more,skilled
laborers "in this city, especially In plastering and .similar trades, is the opinion of two pramment contractors, who
state to the RECORD that thej are unable to get enough men Carpenters
and common laborers are not desiied,
as there are sufficient for  the work now
on hand.
Archibald M6ir&vCo
��* The Map Men "
Drafting {Traclngr
Reliability and Dlspatfch
Koont 213 - 21) Empire Bide. ,     Hunt Seymou 5370
FaEkenburg & Laucks, Ltd.,
We Inspect  cement,  all structural
materials and construction work.
153 Trounce Alley. Seymour 7159
James , Stuart. City-Purch Agt, will
take tenders [until-noon; June 12, for a
supply of 10,000-fti'24-in. pipe,'and 4,000 iWlncl
ft of 18-in. "flexible joint C. I. water
pipe. Plans and specif may he seen at
the office of Ilermon & Bur-well, Inns of
Court bldg.
N. C Gordon, Sec fliof the Point
Grey School Board will take tenders until 5 p nr May 31, for clearing the remainder of the Kerrisdale and West
Point Grej' school grounds^.
Office and Works:    1155 Sixth A\enue_W.,  Vancouver, B   C.
,,We stock here a complete line of the goods ot the following firms l
Contractors' and Builders'-Equipment carried in stock, including:  *
Hursts, Derricks  and  Winches. .     '
Concrete Alrxers.
Scrapers,  Dump  Cars and   Relaying Rails.
Centrifugal Pumps.
* St earn Sho\els and  Rock Crushers.
Motors, Arr Compressors, etc, etc,
We  operate  a  fully  equipped  machine   shop.     Contractors'  rush   orders
given special and prompt attention.
45 Satisfied  Users In Vancouver
1065 Pender St. Phone Seymour 571f
Builders and Contractors'
Metal Lath, Melal Celling. Wire Rope, Tool &
Drill Steel and General
Office: 108 Alozander St.
Phone Seymour 1733.
Warehouse: B21 Powell St
The Western Bungalow Co., Dom.
Trust bldg, are drawing plans for a
small bungalow to be erected at Pem-
.berton  Meadows  for1  J.  A.  Brokaw,     of
at district.
Engineers     Waddell      &     Harrington?
bldg,   require   the  services   of "a
draftsman   at  once.     Apply  at   their  office.    Steady position  offered.
SEATTLE��� Sears-Roebuck & Co, the
big Chicago mail order house, will let
the contract this week, for the erection
of a 7 story, 165x185 ft warehouse at
Lander and Utah sts, to cost $300,000.
ElacU-Aell & Eaker are the archt:.
Let us figure on your ELECTRICAL CONTRACTS. Nothing too largo;
nothing too small. Our stock of Electric Chandeliers is the largest in tho
\a      Phone
338 Hastings Street West
k   8600
Electric Hoists,
Gasoline Hoists
And Elevators
In All Sizes
365 Water Street
Phone Sey. 3237
f ���&,
fctt U^-^TT^t
I c
Published Dally Except Sundays *
Address: 683 Homer-Richards Lane.
Rear of 431  Dunsmuir, "street .
Telephone Seymour 7808    '
Subscription. Price'
Jl.OO.a month
Payable In Advance
Western btxildiwg notes
_      HEGINA���Tenders  'will    shortly    be
,    (tailed for by the board of highway com-
ttllssloners for the steel work of a num-
' ��� ' ber Of bridges In different parts of the
provlhce    Bridges will be located as follows:���-Northwest of Asquith, over Eagle
/ Creek, span   100   ft;   south   of  Estevan,
Over Sourls  river, span  100  ft; east of
Davidson,  over Arm  river, span loo ft,
> west   of   Battleford,   over   Battle   river,
1     7 span 150 fe, north of Melfort, over Mel-
"<6rt  creek,  span  60  ft;  south  of Maple
Creek, over Maple,.span 60 ft; south of
ftiinkwater, over Moose Jaw creek, span
"ISO   ft;   north   of Veregm,   over~Assrnl-
feolne'river, span 125 ft; west of Gorlitz,
eVer Whitesand river, .span 80 ft; west of
Sturgls, 'over Assinrboine river, span 80
v  * ft;  south  of Webb,  over Swift Current
Creek, span 120 ft.
MEDICINE HAT���Plans'will be secured., and work rushed  for the following:
^Waterworks Intake,  timber,crib or concrete  intake   tower,   centrifugal,   electri-
tallyy operated pumps, mechanical type
' Blterer capacity of 4,000,000^ galls, per 24
' " hours, provision to be'made for increased
Capacity,  hfgh; lift  pumps'with-boUers,
, .   two ' turbine   pumps,   capacity ��� 3,000,000
wh-E*113, Per 24 hours, each tVhave a direct
1 - Connection   with ���Ji!gh   speed   engine   of
��� (  ' SelUs &'Morcom type; water-tube boiler
v (Babcack & Wilcox),  18 .In.   steel'main
-  <ttom pumping plant to reservoir; reser-
/J-Volft.l.SOO.OOo'' galls, capacity, reinforced
concrete construction; supply main-to be
��� * in 18 in. steel pipe.j,    "u _\
' feASKATOON���The  city ,will  built an
Incinerator. City commissioners, J. Clink-
tfklll,  W.  B   Neill^E.  M.  Snell.'    Sealed
lenders addressed to cityv commissioners
i    Mil be received until Tuesday, June'25,
& p.m., for the complete installation (in-
'   eluding all  buildings),   of a ,70-ton  per
' S4 hours incinerator plant, and-'must be
fifUaranteed for'operation'for a period j>f
Hire? rrtonths after completion. ' Tender-
ferS   Will   supply   their   own "plans   and
���peelcations. j ' " f ���   r ^ JX
CALGARY���Mr. Suppv. Travis block,
Contemplates4 trie erection of a block to
bontalrr siz stores and .hall,- to be used
as a picture theatre Plans are being
Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.
ULLDOG " Wire ftope
"Santa Cruz" BLUE CROSS Cement.
Western Bungalow
Designing of homes our specialty
Sey. 1856.    703 Dominion Trust Bldg.
Producers Rock & Gravel Co., Ltd.-
Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel
Head Office and  Bunkers:
Store St., foot of Chatham
Phone, 305 Victoria, B. C.
Vancouver Office'and Bunkers:
Front and Manitoba Sts.      , "
-Phone Fairmont 552,
Keep down your pay roil expense by using lime which
slakesinstantly. 99.5% pure. ' '
Pacific Lime Co., Ltd.
201 ( Carter-Cotton   Bldg.  jtawcotjveb, b.\j.        Phone  Sey.  9506
Plans for Buildings in tnis Table are'in the Hinds of the Architects,   and   the , Date   Given   for   their
Completion is Approximate only.   When the Contract is ,Let, Name of Contractor is Given in Last Column
Character ".. .Estimated. Cost
4-sto  store  and  apmts    ~   45,000
Add, to apmts .'    ' < 40,000
4 to 10-sto cone stores & rooms     100,000
9 sto  cone ofc  bldg $100,000
5 sto cone offlce $200,060
Dawson school  .-       150,000
6-sto brk office bldgr. ;      200,000
2-sto  brk  hotel'        45,000
Power house         40,000
Two 3-sto brk rmg hse.....:        70,000
Sisters of Good Shepherd ."...    " 75,000
8-sto  hotel  add      150,000
3^8-sto school adds :.      120,000
8-sto brk office  bldg :....   110,000
Location   Owner Architect
Took, of Calgary, is the arclri-  Brk anti stone church "'" .":
8-sto steel >& brk offlce bldg
MOOSE JAW���ManlejvLoney & Co will
Srect a buildmg , It rs  the intention tu
build   the  rst   two  stones   of   the   bldg
this   year   and   the_ foundatron
feullt to carry a ten
storj, offlce
On 8th ave between 4th
br   Blow, at $25,000
Chris Pofferrroth will 'build a V brrck
"""Veneer-residence in Rrversrde to "cost
$6,000 The contract has not been let
, MEDICINE HAT���The Medicine Hat
Steel Co will erect plant for the making
Of hails, bolts, nuts, etc, also open hearth
8t��el furnaces. Construction to be of
troh and steel, absolutely fireproof Cost
J600.000 " <
SASKATOONJ���Robinson & Tupper
Will build a stores^ and office bldg to
COst $60,000 Archte SStorey & Vancg-
fttond, Regina, 4 stories reinfocred con-
Crete construction, concrete foundation,
electric lighting, steam heating, pitch
and gravel roofing.'      , ,
MELFORT.   SASK.���Owner,   Town   of
Melfort;  sec-treas. J.. E.   Rurnin;  engrs
McArtlrur.   Murphy  &" Underwood,   Bot-
komtey blk. Saskatoon.    Tenders will- be
received by the sec-treas. until noon, aMy
J��th for the following:���<a)( supply, delivery and erection,'of, generator, exciter
and switchboard,   transformers  and  meters, and series of Tungsten street lighting apparatus;   (b)  supply, delivery :and
Erection   150   b.h.f.   internal   combustion
Ahgine;  (c) supply, delivery and erection
ot pumps  and  motors;   (d)   supply  and
delivery of poles,  wires and line material;   (e)   erection of pole line;   (f)   erection ot power house and construction of
rfcservoir;    (g)'   construction   of   sewage
disposal works;  (h) supply and delivery
of Approximately  29,000   ft  steel   water
jpipes   and   specials,   approximately     30
hydrants   and  30   valves;   0)   laying  of
tender "H";   (j)   supply and delivery of
approximately   13,500   ft   vitrified   sewer
pipe;   <k)   supply   and   delivery   of   two
pneumatic  storage     tanks.     Plans     and
Specif may be seen at the offlce  of Canadian     Engineer,   ���Wrnnipeg,     Toronto,
Montreal and at the above engineer'^ offices.    A  marked  cheque for 5 per cent
Of amount of tender to accompany each
bid. '
4-isto brk add  to hospital        60J000
Brk  school  bldg ;    <   90,000
4-sto rmg hse           '35,000
3-sto apmt.hse     ���   55,000,
10-sto brk apmt'hse ;.'.     250,000
3-sto brk apmt : J        40,000
3-sto apt hse n .: .:-*   r60,000
4-room add   ...:      , 25,000
Police Headquarters  ,   175:000
Club   bldg          230,000
Depot & offices..- .'   1,000,000
8 sto cone club bldg $350,000
1st Pres.  Church,  Victoria....      100,000
Prov.  Girls'  Home ;...     100,000
3-sto, 80x90, apmt        75,000
3-4-sto apmts and stores'....:-.     160,000
4-sto  ring  hse.V. *..-.       30,000
3-sto brk apmts .+.-. i.       40,000
Women's  Club    ; :.(   160,000
Brk or cone school ^   50,000
3-stotbrk apmt,hse .T. ::.       35,000
Power plant -. ;     696,000
4-sto"store & lofts :....";      -'S.OOO
University bldgs   :   ��� E ,0,000
Steel   bridge    s   150,000
10-sto  ofc  bldg   1,000,000
Club Bldg.   ' :	
Bridge  / -..  2,100,000
3 fire halls ." j.41,500
Brk and stone church v   160.000
3-stc "��� apmts            55,000
5-sto   hotel   bldg ".. .. , i 60,000
4-stotbrk apmts...:         75,000
2-sto fr-apmts...''..'. '22,000
I 3-sto-brk-stone res."':...'.'     '  20,000
6-sto  brk  whse....' 75,000
7-sto  cone  bldg.~. .'      225,000
Rmg house    ". '.  '    21,000
8-sto' office   bldg...'".-. :....    230,000
6-sto ,\vhse   bldg ...'..���..'. :..\'.   - .36,000
3-sto stone and brk hospital.:'    225,000.
6-sto'^store & rooms ���   ��� >50,000
6-sto apmts *...;         60.000
6-sto cone add .l ' .,    60,000
10-sto cone office bldg.....-...".      350,000
6-sto  brk bldg 1 ;....;   *��� 95.000
~  100,000
. ..         . .   ..._���   . 86 000
Stone church  50,000
Brick and stone church..      ..,_    ..26 000
3-sto   cone  wrhi,e *   ..... ,*rtij��l&��&0
Broadway & Yukon D. McCallum
Victoria Mibs' Jean Mollison
Homer & Georgia Sts.-. E. Mahon
700  blk  Granville st .'...
Hastings & Hornby :. E. A. Morns,
New AVestminster. Peoples Trust' Co'
Princeton, B. C Peter Swanson
iSarls Road - ; B. C. E. R.
New Chinatown  : :	
Point Grey 	
Hastings and Main L. L   Mills
So. Van ;. So. Van. School'Board
Blk 12, Hast. St..McDougal & Cameron
Nelson, B. C Kootenay Lake Hospital
Tlpperary Park,  New  Westminster.':.	
Richards^ st Haley,&  Sutton
11th  and'Main .-. J.  P. Mathers
-���������������,���'��� ���_���"��� Dr.  "Robt.   Telford
Hastings st E.-.	
Kitsllano-; T.rH. Calland
Central school   " School rBoard
City of Vancouver .-...Powell st
Hastings^ and- Hornby. .Vancouver  Club
Granville & Cordova. ...:..-...���. .C. P. R.
Georgia & Burrard sts Y.-M. C. A.
Quaclra and^FIsguard-st :	
Govt.' : Hastings Townsite
Victoria'.-...-. v. : Lindsay- & Roberts
Pender, Bute, Melville Sts...J. -J. Banfield
100 blk, Cordova E..' '.A., C. McNeil
Park drive,..��� ;.,.J. H. Richardson
Thurlow St  	
Broadway" W	
Kamloops. '...'..
Pender, nr'Columbia
Point Grey   	
Georgia-Harris st'.'  ���
Not to^be made public".Can. Home Inv.
Undecided '. .>. '... V. A. C'
2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.
 .' .-. .\ ..:..-..'.  City
Victoria.-...:.' 1st   Baptist   Cchurch
No.   Vancouver..-. Stevenson   Bros.
Powell  and Heatley st	
Alberni st...:.-. McNeil Bros.
508-18 Semlin Drive Savainar Bros.
Shaughnessy Hts ),	
,C.  P.   R.  Reserve -.	
Howe st..:..-..-. B. C.~Bible Society
Powell andiHawkes Chas. Putnam
Victoria...". .-.���>, :. ..Dora." Trust  Co.
Water st  .-....:. ::.....;? .-	
New 'Westminster.Roy.' Columbia Hosp.
Seymour, "near Dunsmuir.. .D.  Campbell
Cardero & Comox. .* 'D. D. Hutchinson
Victoria v.'.':'. ;. -...s. Jones
Granville & Georgia. .H." Blrks Sons. Ltd.
Cordova st :.....: Scan., Meth. Mission
Carl'and Pender        Church of St  James
200 blk   Hastings E
Shaughnessy Hts  . .    Methodists
rraser ave    .       ..    South Hill Baptrsts
E  PoweU_SttJl.^wJkja����iC��aau��i!br(��Refinery
.Plana Heady
Telephone 1045
1318 Wharf Street
, Manufacturers Of
"Argilla" Mosaic Flooring Tiles
'     P. O. Box" im
'        '"VTCTOBIA, B. O.
Townsend  &   Town&end...'. .Bids  closed
\v % r,,T.a���yl0' Brds  closed
w. i��. Udi diner    ujdo pln^err
Parr, McKenzie & Day      ..      B da closed
"     ���     ffii * ^^ close M"y 1.?
N. A. G. " Roof Compositions
For Waterproofing Or Fireproofing '
1118 Oranvillo St. H f3a8 Wharf^ Stl
,N.    A     .
Gardiner  &,. ilercer..
Breseman &> Durfee
B.  C. E.  R.
v.. '- Now
S'^t. White & Peters..Start const May 1
Wallington   &   wheatley .!..    Now
��. M..Bender  (Kansas Citvl...     Sinv
T   u -���    (Kansas City)'..! ZSi'ay
J.. H.   Bowman   ....r... ���-t0-*
WD. Van Siclen .'..".".'."
S. B. Birds :.
Gardiner-&- Mercer ...V. '.','""
Braunton & Liebert     " w "'
AV. 'P. .White.-.   '	
W: M.' Dodd.t..    "'" 	
Jones, &-Beats.on.... 	
W. ,F.  Gardmer....'...;.^;-..".'	
N.-A.  Leech   ;.' ~
Competitive T... . v > . "
Sharp"& -Thompson... '
W.iS. Paipter....   .      "	
H. S, Griffiths	
.:'....'..May '���
������': May
.:. ....May; -"
....."..iMay "
........May . ~
 May    --���
- May
��� May,
����� June "1
 June 1st
....". .'June
��� June
.Women's Clubs
..,. School  Trustees
��� Story & Campbell
.'i\ ..' Province
a. a. Cox      ":���������; -��� ; ���
Robt. Knipe ....".".'"." " "
F.  H.  Perkins ..'.'."'������������:���"���:������:
t '��; ''Matheson & Son '.:-'.*.".	
J. H. Bowman...;   ���'
Not chosen   ..".".... 	
Not chosen-  	
Horel & Roberts ...   -	
I>utcher & Maxwell."...'.'.' " r	
W. T.^ Whiteway    	
Not'chosen' .V...:.- ������������,������<���>......
Not^chosen  .. .t...::'.'.'.	
To be selected' wrthin two' weeks."; \"'''
v, A. Jone& .>      ��� .-       ���.     -
Not   chosen. !!*!! III '"""*""���-" ' - ���-}
TownsendI & Townsend-'..'..'..'..'..'..V..'..Del'a'yed
Alder & Campbell -     ���   De aved
Townsend  & -Townsend    iJeiayed.
Townsend  &  Townsend
W.- F. Goodfellow..
G. iP.^Bowre :..
C. A. 'Jones  .'	
Alder !&-Campbell.
H.   S- Griffith....1	
!l!liiPE!Bsi^ i
wmmsWE iw%M b to c: >ti��vjNc p OVER-
t  Many of the largest biulding^ and" residence^ of this city
^e,quipped with.our Sash.   Enqniries^solicited from architects and
contractors.     ���     - - ...
.Phones Seymour 2330 and 5021
418 Pacifio Building.
Townsend  & ;TownsendV."VVV".".".".'Eaiayeci
^ J '   '        ..Delayed
. .Delayed
... .Delayed
\. Indelrnite
H. B. Watson
S. rB.;Birds...:....x;:...
Hugh Braunton 	
���si?Ser*Yel & p-vtn!im ::-"lSSIflSitl
'a ����� o^0i)er? "S Indefinite
Aie\ander   i.   Brown... 7 Indefinite
Parr    McKenzie & Day.... M I linde/rniI e
A    Horel        Indefinite
846 Beach Ave.
/'   We can suppjy from stock
Phone  Sey.
Horel   &.   Roberts.-.'
Kennerly Bryan.
. .Day'Mabor
��� .Day labor
/'' We have them IN STOCK   --&
Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, Transmission Etc.  ,-
"PHONE:   SEY. 952, 'VANCOUVER^B.  C "
;    ,     Less Space Required For Beds
VentiBaf ion Simple and Perfect
Sloplay Boom, 570 Granville St.,
Phone: Sey. 5092
The ilihperial Agencies Corporation
Phone Sey.-6122    ' VANCOUVER.'B. C.
4p9rHaetlngs"st.vW.r (Rear)
Hospital         323,'O0O
6 to 10-sto cone bldg:       300,000
8-stO office bide ��..   ������,    300,000
10-sto hotel l    520,000
Water extension      760,000
Convent         300,000
3-s.to stone & cone bldgs      760,000
14-sto hotel -1,000,000
Power plant         600,000
6-sto  reinf-conc hotel v..s= 100.000
Jetty    .'..n     171,000
5-sto store' and .offices .\.. *-. 100,000
Concrete- docks    '.  l.'OOO.OOO
6-sto-cone   hotel....' :.        50,000
Adobe,res  .-. '. -26,000
10-sto cone apmts      400,000
6 sto store-room bids " $145,000
2 sto brk Ptore & offc....: .-.$30,000
8-a to \ brk business'bldg:.'......        80.000
5-sto garage  :. :.....::.         75,000
School   add-         53,000
Lonsdale school'bldg .~       42,000
7-sto  apmt   bldg j....     135,000
4-sto cone nrr  hse        35,000
6-sto  brk  apmt, bldg      125,000
6-stobrk sto Sc rmg hse         80.000
4-Bto brk rmg hse         33,000
6-sto brk hotel -.'   ' 100,000
6-sto bank bldg :      100,000
3-sto cone garage         36,000
6-sto   hotel      :      100,000
6-fto brk hotel...-      100,000
Add to Cecil Rhodes school....       78.000
6-sto  cone   whse        60,000
Brk" and  stone ��chool...-         75,000
8-sto steel & brk ring hse....       '75,000
7-sto   apmts    100,000
l-sto brk sto & apmts        56,000,
Dry   dock         260,000
Breakwater   letty         300.000
4-sto  brk office bldg        59,000
Whse-bldg          75,uoe
G-sto office bldg  _        86,000
G-sto brk; hotel add*....-....r        30,000
3-sto brk rmg hse       ^45,000
8-sto   brk   apt* ."...250,000
3-sto   brk  whse...:        35,000
8-room   school   bldg        53,691
3 sto brk apmts $40,000
Owner Architect
Burrard & Comox Sisters ot Charity
Water & Abbott Sts ...'...    Swift & Co
Pender & Homer Dom Trust Co
Melville & Burrard.   ..     .W   H  Ramsey
Seymour Creek City of Vancouver
Point Grey.r ..Sisters of Sacred Heart,
Victoria,  B   C Provincial Government
Georgia and Granville CPR.
Pundiedge Rivei   . -*. ..Canadian Collcrles
Victoria ....St   James Co,, Ltd
Steveston   Dom   Govt.
Victoria \. .T. N. Hibben & 'Co.
North   Vancou\er Jas.   Fell
610-12 Cordova-st..:: p. w  Padmore
Shaughnessy Hts Mrs. Dr   Mackay
Georgia & Hornby Mr. Evans
NE cor Homer & Duns. .Wilson & Harris
Homer & Water '.Thompson Bros
Hastings   st ....Jas.   Borland
Thurlow and Alberni.    . Beggs Auto Co.
Rhodes school    i-...City
Thurlow and Haro T. F. Paterson
Seymour and Dunsmuir H. Fybus
1127   Robson Chas.   G   Muller
Gore & Hastings Hooper & Snider
563-5 Hamilton ."^ W. B Hanson
Hastlngs^nd Dunlevy..Dr T. H Wilson
Hastings and Main Molsons Bank
Victoria    Met.   Motor  Car  Co
Abbott & Pendrill P.  Mathews
Keefer & Gore Mrs. W   Sanford
City School Board
Water  St .' McLean .Bros
12th and Victoria dr School Board
500 blk, Hastings  B	
Bute &  Nelson Lightheart  Bros
Gore  and  Pender Lee  Kee
Prince Rupert '.. .G. T. P. R. R.
Fraser  R.  Steveston,  B.  C rGovt.
10th and Main D. E   Harris
Davie  and 'Hamilton    Otis-Fensome  Co
Goiet st, Victoria .   . 	
R   T   Tegen.     .
A  E. Shank	
H   S.   Griffiths.
Harris and Main '
Powell st    .
Beach & Chllco sts
Dunsmuir & Beatty
D  L  301
Thurlow & Pender
.D McClaren
Mr. Sanguinetti
A. D   Goldstein
C. A   Godson
,.    City
Mrs   S   Woods
 :.  Contractor
 Norton Griffiths
...J. McDiarmid &<Co.>
..Norton-Griffiths   Co.
,,-.������  \ ..Ferro-Conc. ConstJCo.
W'/f   ��ea, ",������  Burrard JSngr. Co. et ai
-��   8   Badgely...- /.. .S.   J.  Lund
F  M  Rattenbury...McDonald &.Wilson
Jw8  Painter ..'.Skene & Christie
Company.        Grant-Smith & Co.
Bresernann & Durfee.Wfistlrolme Lbr Co.
Thos. Hooper. .Sound Const. & Engr1 Co
t>* ' Y-' "��>' * X ���' ��� ;j    Norton   Griffiths
5r   .   MacDonald Baynes   &  Horie
^ c7\$??toT Egdell & Dixon
��=rf^Mi"&n'; V \ EgdelI-& Dixon
?>��" �� Eveieigh...       Baynes-& Horie
Stuart & White Burrard  Cbnst vCo.
Parr, McKenzie & Day , .B   Davidson
L  hj. Gordon Dom   Const   Supply Co
N. A. Leech. Robt. McLean & Co
Jameson & Blackadder.J E-Wright & Co
W. D. Van Siclen Dom.  Cone   Co
& k Stev-erja, & Co. .H. L. Stevens & Co.
W.D., Van Siclen... Dom. Const. Co, Ltd
Thos. Hooper .jFranbe Const  Ug
w-���p>. White. Erantz   Const.   Co
L. ErGordon Dom. Const. Co, Ltd
g- hi bXe\SPA.Co H  L- Stevens Co
H   ?   S1-1^1?1 Adklnson   &  Dill
A   J.   Bird.:; R.   McLean  & Co.
Hugh   Braunton E    G.  Albin
N   A. Leach McLain & Co.
Thob.  Hooper Adkison  & Dill
�����   A-,HSch , McLain   Bros.
Parr, McKenzie & Day...._B. Davidson
Owners    Owners
S   B   Birds '.c. L. Williams
Co   Engnrs British _N,- A.< Const Co.
"a" V��;-i"" Sinclair Const. Co.
A, J' ?ird Wiles  & Fisher
Thos. Hooper . . McDonald & Wilson
Thos. Hooper .. ..Westholme Lbr.-Co.
Townsend Ec Townsend . . E J. Ryan
��wner . . .E   J  Ryan
w P- W, Booker, Campbell . Whipple
G   P. Bowie- A. Adkms
iir "^ L?,9c,h Boolter, Campbell & Whipple
w  P. White '   s   C. Briscoe
Vancouver- Roofing Co
.  Contractors For  *:-'_t'-'
Tar end Gravel Roofing. Dampprooflne
v Expert Rooflns Repairing
Sheet lUetal Wort of all Descriptions
Pohne Sey. 6949. ��� 407 HooBldg-.
Foctory,-1921 Triumph St.   Sey. 4130E
Vacnum, Cleaner    Flsntu,      Ohurelj,
Eodffo and School Furniture.  Theater
tad   Office  Plxtnreo.     Wrrll  BnT
.....     ' r-_ B*e.        i
Phone/ Sey. 5476     533 Pender
>- ���   Bardwoefl "Floor ��ayer��^ And
Sth Ave. & Glen-Orlve P^ione
,OIBc�� Snlte 814-S16-616. ' -l
Phono, ^alrment fie*8 -     VASTCOITVBJB, a. C.
B^nk of-Ottawa Bnlldlnir.
aeStOnfforla Street E����t-
��. 6. PA KNELL
Fire and Burglar Proof Safes
Vault Doors
School desks and Opera chairs
Phono: Sey. 1584        567 Hamilton St
Head Office
310 Richards Si.
Phone Sey. 41 OS.
. Kerrisdale ,B.'C.
Phone Eburne 46 R
Turnbull Elevators & Lowerators
Contractor's Material Hoists In Stock.
319 Pender St.    Phone Sey. 6910.
S. RiZZO Contractor
Sewer Connections a Specialty.
JBxcavating-, Land Clearing-.
Phone Sey. 7532. 224 Harris St.
Dunham Vacuum
Vacuo-Vapor Heating
Ask  for Latest Catalogue  and
157 Water St. Phone: Sey. 5632.
Producers of and Dealers in
Crushed Rocfc, Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel
Office: Spy. 4534 429 PENDER STREET WEST      Bunkers; Sey. 6751
If yon want any information or estimates on your
sey::r53�� cruickshank & co.  Richassst
Agrents for "Aston Z�� Tung-sten Lamps,  the Best on the market
I    *������   I i.  1       -'l'JI        m ��� ��� ^*_^ >___ ��_>| ���   i  i  �� ^_^_'___S '_LM _L _^L__< ���_! 1_5  -���-*!   i ���*�����       *. *.Ve  ,.   *%^r\ ������'  DAILY BUILDING EECORD.  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ", ���������Deads, Not Words! "������������������    ^  Mr. Contractor:-'Don't take'our word for ifthat we have the"best  CONCRETE MIXER-on the market, and that it 'will do this and do that  for you, but ask any. contractor who has used or is using the       <  CHAIN BELT OPNCEETE MIXEE.  Just what he thinks of It.     *   ,_    " <���������-���������  ',-  .   ' Dominion Equipment & Supply Co..  Phone:   Sey.,7155 *       ,   *   - "office: ,508 Holden Bldg.  ' - ���������'���������    - Warehouse:   345 Wafer St. "   *  AECHITECTS.  ...-���������.Sey. 5974  T(te GURNEY FWRY CO., LIMITED  is?-  -" " Wholesale'Distributors of -'  'Steam and"Hot Water,/Boilers  Hot-Water and  Steam  Radiators      *v  ' i  Warm-Air Furnaces and Registers  .���������^���������.^.566.579-8 EA^  SD&AilERS'sil^^  i?GEN'ERA.li?BUi'l^  "  ;?'dAttc*'58?id^������diUev&'TO^^^^  Phonei  198,  178.  "&w  -Mbaxt^topt Vof:vBti^Oeor?e j'AyeM  tSSsS:  ^Mfe  Alexander ft Brown, Fairfield Bldg-.-;..  Alder & Campbell. Exchange Bldg-....  Badgely, C. D. Riggs-Selman Bldg   Barber & Barber, North Vancouver....  Barker, H. M., Hutchinson Bldg Sey.,8831  Bayly, O. M., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 5643  Bird. A. J., Winch Bldg Sey. "4288  Birds, S. B��������� AJ&.X.B.A*, 205-6 Duncan Bldff. Bey. 4897  Blackadder, H., No. Vancouver.   _. 351  Blackmore, E. E,  306  Loo  Bldg. : Sey..,2379R  Blair, David, 522 Pender-W ". Sey. 7103  Bowie, Geo. P, Bank of Ottawa Bldg...-. Sey. 3510  Bowman, J. a., Crown Bide...". Sey. 6028  Braunton & Liebert. 81 Exchange Bldg Sey. 3921  Bresemann & Durfee; Holden Bldg.; Sc Victoria.Sey. 2202  Bryan,  Kennerley, Crown  Bldg Sey. 5508  Cox, Arthur A., Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 6577  Dalton & Evelelgh, Davis Chambers .'....Sey.   662  Dawson,  J. Holden  Bldg.  Doctor, W. A-, Metropolitan Bldg.' Sey. 6137  Dodd, W. M., Can. Bank of Commerce ...Sey. 6985  Donnellan,  J.,J.,  Riggs-Selman ^Bldg.; Sey.  6045.  /Dutour, J. B., Riggs-Selman Bldg. Sey. 2912  Dewar, Andrew, 84 Lonsdale, North Vancouver..  iO. R. Morrison, 712 RIchards"St.:..V....Sey."2151-2I62  ���������    HP- Van  Coal * Supply Co.. 56 Lonsdale...N: V. 198-178  ..Sey. 8848hVm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  -��������� cQ���������   co7x aitchle Contr. & Sup Co.. Ltd. f>ran. St Bridge, Sey. 9162  ���������,.__._ . ~-   ,.. _.. ��������� .Sey. 279-1944  'fyi-t&l  Fraser, Kenneth, Metropolitan bldg Sey. 9096  Fripp, R. MacKay, Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 4932  Gamble & Knapp, Davis Chambers Sey.35473  Gardiner, Wm. Predk., Hartney Chambers Sey. 2616  Gould  &  Champney.   Rogers   Bldg Sey. 8443  Goodfellow, W. D, 303%.Hastings���������St. Wi Sey. 6694  Grant & Henderson, Williams Bldg...:- Sey.'1393  Griffiths, E. S., Dom. Trust Bldg* Sey. 4920  ' Gardiner & Mercer, M.S.A., New 'Westminster.;;^.:::;.'; 661  'Gillam;vw:^.NF;/:Hutchirisoh^BldgS;;;.:S^::::^Sey:/i6609  Helyer &v.Archer,=jDbm'.-;TrustfBldg?. .-.=. ii;  Helde>s:AI'F;,; Metropolltan?;Bldgg;- ""  Sey.j4499  Sey.J5341  ���������;. ��������� ���������jvjr.-v;-.1*  #Miffi.'WftVl'<'ffi:tN'^^foto'g^  ^^9Mel^i\\^^rMDMSnMX^t]L^^^^^  THE  process, of 'manufacturing': brick U: a., very,'.Important, matter.    Every  m?s  J5o������i^>ortMt;<fe^  &?;;$������.wit i^iilidii^  WB can supply brick of all kinds and colors.    Onr'prices are rigrnt.' __Be sure  to get our fig-nro.beforo closing ordor.   You will save money.  ���������?������.*<������'������*&  phone: paxsmoht ioi  TtBVpN7X*XHSXCBNT'VXjLUin>m^  if|%|������f|fg't^i^^  ;%^^,%|CEMEHTiTSS,TIKrO;  t-P.^O.';i'B6xv;64eps  w^^WSpecia^^  ^;JB^irt^dviBerjon BuUiUnffsMaterials^Eto.^:,883;Burrar4;Straet;35;wi:s  ..Sey.  3451  Hortbti :'& ;Phipps; ���������Pa.elflc^Bldg^^-.'.;;; ���������;'.: ���������;"?:> =;*>. Sey.^7096  ;H6yt^;;W." ;T:V;S:^709������DunsmuIriStiv';*;'l;:vvi'^i,;Sey.'!2809  ���������aames';SG.SD.;;;BankfbffB;:;:N.vrA^;^  -JamesonW&sDuggarii'WOS;^  'Jon'esi'&r&Beatson;*.Hutchinson: ���������'Bldg;.^ES;^'.-iiS:KSey.^6024  ;jones'"&.jVspell,������Hartney,-GhmbsV{M  'KaufmannryG.'iB.i'sDavi&XChambers-*^  ���������;Keagey;^:;;W4S'823gPerider;:;st;������W;^^^^  :XeaMs;.''N.*A,'y.!&.SV"ft'fe  Mac&ure'Sc>>F6x;^&lh^zBidgWrt  ;Mathesoniv:J:*P:i^iSon;i'6325GranvilleVvhn,?:;V;'SeySi7536  ;Mltton:irE:kStaniey>!:Williams5Bldg^;S:i'v;'iv;rtVSey;/;5422  :Mbberg;-TOttb;^4t"Mrihs'������bfn;C6urt;i^  'Parr.vsjvIcKerizie v&^Day,^1570'Granville ������St'������,KrfrtSey-;Sj-?736  Perklna,.;P.r H.vSHutdhiniibniBldg' vvA ;���������:-.'& S-S?."���������;��������� Sey;'"4729  ^Perry? :&* Nicolais,-;pacificxBldg ;-���������; >?.- 'ftr: ������������������:??!>���������. '������������������l.Sey.a 8 99 4  tPracna;S-AStB���������i,821:-Pender.ifSt.-SiW: /: ;V8;!Vj;;K:;::;Sey^l02J  W.'B.'O.-H. Bochfort,"407 Pemberton^ Bldg.j: VIctoriii,1804  ��������� SedgerV^Thbs>;;D.VIv;612,iBastibn:.-Square^nVIct6'rla,^:������-.;<.,944  ?SHarp=&>Thompson*OldtSafev:Bldg;;;^;iv;ff^';^;VSey^l064  ^3mlthf&; GbbdfellbwS303%?Hastings;=Wi;v^;3^fvSey.:i 6694  Sbmervell'f.&^Putnam^PacinOivBla^g;^^  ^Stroud;^ngus^B;;i!Carter-C6ttbn^Bldg;;-^';5rS^Sev.,i'8469  ������. V. Winch & Co.."Ltd;."WJncirBldg.  1 ,,'        ,- xziOOBoto:   '  B.JC. Hardwood Floor Co., 657 Grahville Sey.'6853  B. C. Lumber Corp, Ltd.,  1605  Georgia '.Sey. 6504  B. C. Supply Co, Dom. Trust Bldg.' i.Sey. 616a  Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury..Sey.-6800  Dom. Sash & Door Co., 2120 Cedar St'. Sey. 6136  EL H. Heaps & Co, 116 Victoria Drive Sey. 8890  Mlllwork Supply Co., 1606 Main St Fair 968-646  J. Fyfe Smith Sc Co.. 1320 Richards Sey. 1196  Prudeptlal Builders, Ltd, 101 Dufferin St W...Fair 101  PWSHACE AJTD SHEET.METAli. ,  Acme Plumbing Sc Htg. Co, 131 10th Ave. R/.Falr. 537  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1640 6th Ave W Bay.    296  J. E. Campbell Sc Co.,,1064 Pender St W. Sey  2736  Grandvlew Sheet Metal Wks., 1729 Venables. .Sey. 5284  Gurney Foundry Co, Ltd., 666-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7697  Johnston-Thompson  Co,  525  Burrard St..s..Sey. 7899  G.' L   Kelling & Co., 606 Pender St Sey. 8228  Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd . 324 Drake St..: Sey. 8397  Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg    .-. Sey. 6949  Western Plumb. Co , Esplanade & St. George.N. V. - 366  OAXVAMTZEB ZBOZT WOBXS.    '  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave-W Bay.    296  Grand\lew Sheet Metal Wks, 1729 Venables. .Sey. 6284  Vancouver Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg..        .    Sey. 6949  F. T. Crowe & Co., 312' Pacific Biag.r Sey.'9422  Newton & Greer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 1393  Victoria,11321! Wharf St......887 ,      .��������� ...,..,,...  *������407������Loo I'BldK&SiJ&SiSSeJte 6949^-#&SSaS|!:S|  Vancou% er ^Ro6fingi4Cb������407 *Lpb ;��������� Bldg&ESi  F.  Evans,  C. Gardiner;  Wm. :.._':   Wm. C Thomson & Co.;;319������Pender.St'sW.'i*  Ritchie r--    ..~--.,,-.-....,~;,-i-.,,-.~���������...  Sey43394?  Holmes             Perfect Con.':!Bed7.Gb.vi'570<OranvlUeV^v.'-v'^;'.;^vSey.?-.SO'  Reversible Cons; Bed:Cd.tfHbldenrBldg.v^;-;iy;Sey.%16  Balfour. 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Armstrong & Wolfe, 16406th: Ave .W-;..:'..-.. .Bay.    296  Grandvlew Sheet Metal'.Wks.; 1729 Venables..Sey. 6284  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St.;...............Sey. 4468  Troy  RoofincCo.,   814 'Metropolitan...-..;. ...Sey. ;7417  Vancouver" Booing Co, 407 Loo. Bldg......:........;..Sey." 6949  Western Plumb. Co., Esplanade & St. George.N.tY.   "366  ELECTBICAli    CONTBACTOBS. ":  Alltree & Churchland, "976;:Granville"St.....;'.Sey; 2707  Cope  &  Son,   338  Hastings  St.; W...........;.Sey;-86Q9  Crulckshank & Co., 634\Richards St.'.....������������������'.-. .���������.;.Sey;v-5'3!'*8  Elec. Construction Co.. 544 Howe. S.t> .... ,Sey.r.l 336-7951  ;7i^.:;:w;;;:������^IBpN:"ANDj;STEEI^qBWAamNTAIi;  iiTG:-r: Blackwell,'lOS:.: Ai'exanae'r'st;'^  B.V-CKSUpply;.Co.'ivDom.':'Trust-VBldg;";^0-.-'.-';"-.-',.-v;..-:;Sey:':;'6161  Can.:iiquip.'& Sup. Co.,'-Ltd4; Pac-vBldg; /.'Sey. 2330-502J  Canada Foundry'-Co.,;Lta.;K1065 Pender St.. .V.Sey. 5710  P.;-T.;:Crowe'&:Co.,>312'Pacific ;Bldg~;:.'.:;.'.;;.Sey-.; 942-  Morris,;;S;;M.v&3;Cd;;iLtd:^2130sCedar-;St;r:;;;X.r.;.Bay-1043  Wt������i'.';������NS.O?NeIl::&';Cb;-r548-60;:Seymbur;;'-Stif-.-Sey;t4795-479b  Wm.iC:\TlrbnTsbn;,'&;.Co:;';319tPender'St:':W;';^: .";Sey..3394  Rucnie:Cbntr;!:&Sup.;Co;?Ltd,iGran^StBriage/Sey,-9162  i^fU&I-'SK^fe^  is?i'&.^Biackweli;^i08^exa^  F:;;T;vCrbwe':MCb:^3l2iPacific^BiagV;,;v;::Z& -ivSey.49'4'22  eair;i:Equip;J&':Sup:TCp^?Ltd;.:iPac;?'Biagvi^Sey::;2330-5021  luvans;'.Coleman5 :&5Evans;-:Ft.;'Colunibia':-;";:;';:r;Sey.-;';298S  vi.;Gardiner;yJbhnson;&:Co:;:Jbhnson'stWhf;;Sey.-9r46-914r  ;X; R;;;Morrisoh, ;7J 2>RichardsiSt.;������������������;.!.-.:;-i-. Sey.^2161-216'i  wm.:;N:;O^Neil:&iCo;;j54S-50SSeymbur:;St;:;Sey.^4796-479f-  t'oint; Grey Supply.-:Co.; 310.VRichards: StKl-.'.'J^Sey.;;4105  ���������ivitehie.Contr; ���������;& Sup; Co:. Ltd.iGrah; St "Bridge;: Sey, '9161  ii;^C;;'Lumber iCbrp^fg������td^l605  ^ah;i:Pac^Lumber.,Co:^:Ltd:;5Rwy:^ Salsbury^.Sey;?6800  ^om.t-Sashv.*'--Dbor.,Co.;',:J2l20/'Cedar".St.';"v^'v;:;'i'Se'y.^613f-  >0;-H^Heapsr&:Co.;;;li5^;VictoriaSDrivev^:; ;;;Sey:v889<'  .Mill worki'Supply Co.;: 1605 Main St.':..;...'.. Fair ;968-54������;  Xb.;������Van;^CoaI^'Supply;rCbSi56ALbnsdale,;:.N.;V:;i98-17J  Point:Grey. Supply Co.,;;310-Richards:St..::..'. ;Sey.';410.r.  Balf our; - Gu thrle^S:' Cb:/jwlnch^  Oanadlan:;B.uilders; Supply-Co.;;1901iGeorgia-..i;Sey.'i717f  l-\iT< Crowe *jCo.;v312;Pa������ific'Bldg'/V.i..:;I;;;':Sey;5942:  Svahs?, Coleman.St:. Evans,������Ft;vCblumbia.'..'..''. ;Sey. '298^  3reat We'St-;Sa'nd-'*&'.Gra\-el'vCo;,rLtd;t'fl029iiraIn'*- Sey.? 8493  ;Sey.':512������  Sey:?2988:r'  -.���������';V5';jv!l������3,������^'Ga  7'$;tf?oiy?y+0F&Pte*rf^^^  ,ey.,.liiJ '^.'.���������:v>-:.������';i.::>.j'ifvi-K^''f,,: Victoria.  1326  Wharf. Qt:   * .-bst  i. :������������������:.L.iv.'-JS"  <������������������<.-������,������, BJtchle^nirSa-Sub^pg^^  Edward'Timmons,-��������� 838:7th:Ave.!-W:';-;-.������;.;;-..;vi'alr^1257;;������:;^?i&is*  Wm;:c..Thomson;& Co;-319;Penaer;SeW;;w.;Sey^3394-^:^^?B!  Troy :;RoofingvCo^v8i4;:Metrbpolitan;;VV^;.^Sey.tf4lfc*S':&$x&y  Vancouver ; RooflngCo; 407 LbbBldg.;.!.^ ---<���������������������������'���������'Sev   6949" r '"  Western Plumb. Co., Esplanaae & St. George;N:"V.'^365"  S^s;:;-,;;:^;^^ ���������-'> ���������" ���������"'  Dr;;R;i; Mbrrisbn; -712^Richards;'���������"St'V'i;. /iiviSev  Norrls Safe:&;'Lock;Co.,^330 Cbrdbva-W.'V..   '  Robt. Hamilton ^ Co., Bank^of-Ottawa.';.:;.'  E.vGAParnell;-567iHamiltoniStKr..^;V;V  Wm.i:'N:;lO"Neil !|&'; Co;; ;648-50:SeymourJSt:^Se;  /|^^gS^D^C������^VEX.|A������B  Canadian"'iBuilders-Supply Co.;!1901 ���������Gebrgi  JifAj>Dewar.i,C6.Vi"429':Pe'nder':St-'''W:',';-'-.'-.-';v-.,;Sb  GreatWest.Sand &;Gravel Co.; Ltd;;-1029,Ma|  C... Gardiner:;Johnson & Co.,' Johnson's \Whf,  Xo;;:.Van^Coa^iy&T.Supplyi'Co.Vv56:--Lbrj'sdale;v.A,.T ������...-A.���������-A.,  .,,.,- ^ ,-t  Point:Grey:SuppIy;:Co..i(310 Richards St.v;;vvLSey.;4101 -aU-*feS'sf.  E'roducers^i Rockx&;Grav.;cb^ Vancr.*-;Front &:.Manitobi" - ���������'$:���������&:���������&'%  Point GreyXSupply Co;;;310i:RIcHa.rds;St;;-.  Pacific ���������LimeiCo.V/Pacinc.jBldg:'.-.";-.;  ;yrbyer^&;^rhbmas;-959.vMain 'st;. Av.;;.;:. .v;'VSey:v1365 r;  i:ancouyer. Sand ^-.Gravel Co.;-f tcVictoriaf Dr.. Sey.; 6161 ^  ^^^&;^sas*-"oobs,-;wxnbowb^;eto.%s^^  ^H.-Heaps & Co.;>115?;.VIctoria;Drive",  lill work Supply ;Co]",;i 605 ^Main -St..  ^Sey^-8890"  Fair 968-646?;  Imperial Agcys Corp., 314. Pacific-Bldg..  Jarvis & Call, 670 Richards St...........  ELECTBICAl. .SUPPLIES.  Alltree & Churchland.  976,Granville St.  Crurckshank & Co., ^584 Richards  St...  Chapman  & Walker,  448  Seymour St...  Cope  & Son,  338  Hastings.'St.  W...v..'.".'  Elec. Construction Co., 644 Howe St..  .Sey.  6122  ...,.; Sey;-. 1409  .....Sey. '2707  ;... Sey., 5348  .....Sey:  9379  ....;Sey.  8600  Sey. 1336-7951  ^mperral   Agcys   Corp.,   314  Pacific: Bldg......Sey.  6122  Xb. Elec  & Mnfg Co., Ltd.. 313 Water St..... .Sey. 7400  EIEVAIOE CABS AND ENC&OSUBES.   ;  Canada Foi>ndo' Co.. Lt(l.,.;1065  Pender St..., .Sey.' 571fl  Brenrran,  G.   E. & Co.-, 319 Pender- St W���������---:...":.:.Sey.'6910  !���������".  T.  Crowe & Co.,  312  Pacific Bldg.....-..; ...Sev.  9422  Wm. X. O'Xeil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479S  Rrtclrre Contr. & Sup  Pri.rLM   Oran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  I ELEVATOES      .  Brennan,  G.   ,E. & Co., 319 Pender- St W.......:.....'.Sey.  6910  PIBE   CLAY.  Halfour, Grrthrie & Co., Wrncu  Bldg.... .'..Sey.' 187-5929  F. T   Crowe & Co.,  312.Pacific Bldg. ....Sey.  9422  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  Ft. Columbia. .... ..Sey. 298?  C\Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9141;  <\ T: Crbvi-e &?Co;;:"312TPafeihc;:Bidg.':';:;; .7: i. ;Sey.v:942:  Cvans, Coleman &' Evans,'. Ft; Columbia."..'.: .'.Sey. 298f  Great>W*est-Sarrd & Gravel;rCo.,;Ltd:T1029 Main,-Sey.-8491  J.:uardiner Johnson &Co.>Johnson's'*-Whf; Sey 9146-914',  Puerile Lime Cof,Pacific Bia'gViWCv-.x.;���������.'/;;;;.���������..';Sey. 950(  itrichie Contr>& Sup.fCp^Ltd; Gfan. St Bridge;'Seyr'*l'6^  iBalfbirr, Guthrlb&sCb;; Winch-Bldg; ^::.^; Sey:'187-692i  B. -C.\LUnrlier/Cdrp.-,?:Ltd;;:,16U6'-' Georgia..;.. :Sey.; 650i  ^i-'ari: 1'ac Lumber .Co.; Ltd.; Rwy:. & Salsbury. .Sey;' 6800  Dom.'. Sashr-&'; Door;:Co.';~ 2120>Cedar St...-'.... .Sey." 613'*-  Mlllwork Supply Co.; 1606 Main St.........Fair 958-641  ^���������;H.-.rieaps..'������j.'Co/,>.116vVlc'torlaiDrlveV'V.';;.".'..'Sey;';.'889'l-  Point: Grey Supply Co;, 310 Richards St. -..-;'.'; .Sey. 41 Of  Prudential:Builders"; Ltd.,^-10i;Duiterin St; W...Fair 10;  .rernrinai;Lmbr-&'Shglveb.;,-'308 Cotton Bldgi..Sey..799'.  '���������;-^^';^r^^;''VS^:i^oBanrMti;v^:,.' -;".'.  i. C. E(fuip. Co;;"606-7;Bank of Ottawa:.;Sey.? 7056-781>  ��������� I G. Brackwell, 10,8'Alexander St....;.;..... .Sey.' 1733  .V.  G;  Brown-Jaml'sbn;v'l048'- Main  St...... .;...;..Sey.^2666  Can.>BurTalo Forge Co.-(G. A; Browning; 1261 Alberni St  i'an.. Equrp;:.as-,a>up.-iCb.,VLtd., fac. Bldg.. .Sey. 233ri-502:'  /anada jpoundry-Co;;-Ltd.',' 1066 Pehuer-St..; .Sey.,;671(  ,,'hapman  *;.;��������� Walker,"i;448:������Se'ymorrr St.."-:....;.S<-v. ?9S7*  Obm.- Equip &yiipp!vxGb;;'508,-Holdeh..BiL''..:.;.Sey.: 7165  Henry DarJlng.^S-PowSll^St.;.:.........;.. viSey; 612  Hallman Machinery Co.U'Ltd;,;37-43 Alexander;;Sey.i950  Robt; Hamilton &CO.,1 Bank-of Ottawa........Sey:   383  C. Gardiner Johnson: * Co.;' Johnsons Whf, Sey-9146-914".  A. G..Laiik(ey,;&.Co.,"Ltd., 319 Pender W....'.Sey: 389^  MUssens, .Limited, .366 ..Water St...;'.....;... .Sey >823'.:  Wm.N.- O'Tvell;& Co.,-648-;60 Seymour St.:Sey." 4796-4798  Ritchie Contr.&.Sup. Co., Ltd,:Gran. St Bridge; Sey,'9162  Strrlmbert-Virtue ���������& Co.';: 319;, Pender St , W.. .Sey.-.6910  \Vm.,C.'Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St W.'.;...Sey. 3394  Van; Machinery Depot, ill 56; 6th Ave. w:.. Bay. 470-471  ���������':'���������. MANTEIiS���������BBIC1C,'TTXE'ASTD WOOD.  Millwork Supply Co.,  16,05 Main St....... .Fair 968-546  D.R;.'Merrisoh, 712 Richards <St:.....;.Sey.  2)51-215t'  Wm.INiO'Ne.il-& Co.;r648-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4791-  Ritchie Contr. & Sup: Co.; Ltd. Gran. St-Bridge, S6y, 9162  Wm.-C.Thomson &Co., 319 Pender St...W.;.. ..Sey.3394  Van. Marble:& Tile Co;; 848 Beach Ave......; .Sey 161S  :fr'''::" ������IASBX.E AND ONTS.      ":;."'���������, ' ���������'.-,  B. C. Supply Co., Doni. Trust Bldg...':"'...... ..Sey. 6161  D. R.  Morrison,  712; Richards' St....... i'. Sey.-.2151-2162.  Wm. ,N. O'Neil & Co., 5,43-50 Seymour St. .Sey; 4795-479S  RltchieContr. & Sup.Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sev, 9162  Wm. C:Thomson Sc.Co., 319. Pender St W..... .Sey. 3394  Van. Marble:& Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave. Sey.  15U  Western ..Marble & Trle.Co., 3149 Main St..... .Fair. 810  ';.'���������'���������'������������������.'���������'>::''^'OJ3&''bubwxh'b...pi.a'wts..  ���������.'���������'��������� ���������-'./'^:'  Western' Stm. &'Oil Plants, Ltd. Doni Trust. .Sey. 7676  ,;..:-.v.:   PAINTS AND OIES.     :     ���������   -������������������..:,."..  Henry. Darling, 28 Powell  St!l:...........;....Sev   51 -  Wm.vN: O'Neil, & Co.," 548-50'Seymour-St... Sey> 4795-179?  'Vestern Plumb. Co.. E!4planarle'& St. George.X. V.      36f  PAINTS-r-PIBE-PBOOP;  ���������\: T.  Crowe &' Co.,  312  Pacific ' BUs"........'. .Sey.  942'  Newton iSi.Gicer. Ltd.. Vancouver,  IIS Gran....Sey   13!),  :,;;.' -.yir.tnrla..'T3.?fi   Wharf-St..... .887  PAINTS���������DAMP   PBOOP. -  Tenry Darllnpr.  2S (l"owell   St.......; ......Sev.   51'  Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-U14;  Sey. 9422J  ������������������/?��������� Crowe,&:Co.;^312 Pacific Bldg.;.. -ocy. ,laa ,  .���������i.'VWrdlner;Johnson' &_Co.; Johnaon'a Whf, Sey 9146-9147;''.''  ��������� lmr^iiP'^y ^ Co- B48-50 Seymour.-St.^^ Sey; 47964788 J;  HMi^g"* &'Cb.;;Ltd.; WinclfBldgV?:;:!^. 279^1944  Mtchle Contr; ft Sup.rCo.; Ltd, Gran.������St Bridge -Sev 9162  Western Marble & TIIe"Co.;:3149-MainVst^ ������^v.F^r."l0:  '���������":?:::\';.y,      ���������:'������������������':. :'::;-'";:STEAa PITTEBS.    ������������������'-���������--..  .;rmsU-ong &_Wolfe,y640: SthTAve ,W;���������:;..; .v;Bay. :?���������������  l.'E.,Carnpbell;&.Co'.,;1064 Pender St. W....'..Sey. 2738  Lu^ey������Foundry/Co..-Ltd...666-70 Beatty.-.Sey.75^7597 i  ;;> alter Kinsey, '1366 Granville* St.'���������;".". *.. ��������� .���������;'������������������ Bev   8053  ���������Ittle^Lee, 682<Seymour. St .^V.;"^.'::::sly;?4458  V STOWB;ft rorWOK'TBtrirBEB - * >CSOBE? PBOHTS. ��������� ;  '���������}��������� 9,;^*r?'en ������ Wnfg.- Co.. 266 Durterin'St. E.". .Fair. 1643  ���������an; E^uiP^������������������:& Sup. Co., i'td:,'-Pac;-Brdg;. .Sey   2330-5021'  ,ri1?rvI'krt^VPPIy .Co.. 1606 .Main St......... Fair 968-546  'J������;;**i>PJ**)},& C^' 6<8-50 Seymour St..Sey, 1796-4798  'Y^st- Plate Glass & Imp. Co., 163 Cordova b: Sey.- 4674  yy"i .-:;v' ',";;*AjrjBB.; >:���������������������������;        ;:'S'.v-;-!''-;-,;''i'":  C7at^1'?1c- Lumber Co.; JL|d., Rwy. & Salsbury. ;Sey. 6809 !  ^^���������Meapsr^ "Co- .1" .Victoria Drive... ..'..Sey. 8890  J.'Gardiner|Johnsonr&:Co.. Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  A. .G. Langiey-&-Co., Ltd.   319 Pender-,W.?.f Sey  3892  Little & Lee. 682 Seymour St"...:   .;.. .V.        ley   4458 ������������������  Western Stm. & Oil Plants. Ltd.. Cotton. Bidg;'sey; 767������:-i:  THJS���������DBAINIHO. -  :%$  ���������.���������r-"<T...-lv-  'M-SH-l.  Evans /Coleman &.Bvan������,: Ft. Columbia..  Great West;Sand & Gravel Co.;-Ltd;;-1029 2  - Sey. 298B-\il Mm'' '  Main, Sey..&49r-feH#1*   Boy.ict36^i--';Wm  SIX.1S--PIOOB ,-AND ^WAXav.";';-'    "$m?^h;''��������� :i%^  3ri,! 712 'Richards  St.... .';'V.7 Sev   aVint^lK-siSi'  Wm, N.,D'Nell ScCo^ 648^50 Seyniour StUsefeJI^,HfV  Wnr. C. Thompson &,Co:, 319 Pender St W.V%&ym\n    "  ;��������� \'.'''V'-''V^������������������:.������������������ WOT'piATJBS.';,-.'''-  ���������..iyy.^f0.fi*$--: -'  Balfour,, Guthrie &.Cp.lWInch *ldg..^?g$0fc0$2  -v,9Srd.lner^JohJlson & Co- Johnson'a.Whf.-9Seyf9ll6iS-i47  Wllk ns'on Co Ltd.,^846 Beach Ave.;... .^id&pTm  R.V. Winch Sc Co.- Ltd.,;Winch. Bldg... ^#i������^#-{944  '..������������������, :j.v'-TACWlTia,OIiEAHXNO,\'s^SaBB^S^:-i^.V,';   ..-.>���������:''  Barr a:AndersonV 114^Hastings St  wJ^^KSev '61R������      -  13  CJ-^Blackwell,������������������'108-Alexander St^^l^^S^V^i-^^-    ������������������  Th^Duntley-Store, 791 'Granville St^fj^^Sey   1487  Earle, E. A,/ Sc-Co., 532; Pender St|S^^H'Sfey ��������� 5476  K-.-'        ".'-',:':' wA^?^BOOP ���������COBE^JI^^^^I*'''''"  S- Uarj3,ner Johnson & Co., Jolinsbn;siWii������VBey 9146-9147  F. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg..V.V.'.'T sev 94"  Wm; N..O'Neil& Co.; 648-50 SeyrnoUr St. .Sey 4795-4 79K  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. VV...?.'.Sey   3394  ���������:,'..:'.;     'VsrXNDO'W SCBEENS.  B. C. Screen & Mnfg. Co., 266 Dufferin St.  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 548-60 Seymour St,  WINDOW   SHADES.  Bowes, F.-,.W; & Co., 1257 Granville St..  WIBE  BOPE.  606-7  Bank of Ottawa..  . 1 OS Alexander St..'   -ur. Equip. :& Sup. Co., Ltd., Pac.  Bldg  A./G.'Langiey & Co.,  Ltd.,  319   Pender   , OUv   aoa.  ..Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sev 9146-9147  ^CJ!ie.,������onAr- '*&������*.S^A. G,���������?- St Bridgl. Sey. 'All  Sey. 7915  B. G. Equip. Co.  ~   G. Blackwell  E...Fafr.  1613  .Sey. 4796-4798   Sey.    843  ..Sey. 7056-781 S  .......Sey. 1731  ..Sey. 231-0-EOil  W. Sey.  3S92  Wilkinson Co., Ltd.," 846 Beach .Ave"."..  1   V. WIlc1! & Co.. Ltd., Wln-h Bldg.  .Sey. 279-1944  MSMBIWaiM^SMI^^  -i^WBRiLiuffimmw  ^���������t xy,\, l|f.u>"  ������.1.iAl������--'T"������i  ���������FfBH  "r-������il.-'������fKTA!  IS. ,tf JL*  n. -.1 rVim������Jih^^JM������^Uk������m&r^  J^S^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^SI  R & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  -international Automatic  Sprinkler Equipment.  Phone Seymour 6180  114 Hastings St W.'  Vancouver B. C.  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO.  Limited-    "   ,  Public Works  Contractors  Office: 813-815 Bower BWg. Vancouver B.C.  J. DAIRON-& CO.  Tile and Marble Contractors  i  Mantels,   Grates, - Baskets  ,  ���������    _.   >  '    and Andirons"    -/r  513 Hamilton.    Phone  Beymour 4730  " Common,-' Impervious . Face,  and Building Pavers. / /  ^  Coast Shale Brick Co. Ltd.  1008 METROPOLITAN BUILDING-.  PHONE SEY! 8450 VANCOUVER "LU.  ������������������ ��������� ������������������ ^,^^^^^'^^^^l^m^^T^^-^~~^'^^^'^^^^^^^*r*r*=,^  Sash, DoorSi Moulding.  3 Mail Orders Promptly Attended To  MELLWORK SUPPLY CO.  ��������� Office 'and Warehouse .-  Phono Fair 546-958 1605 Wain St.  WALTER KINSEY  PLUMBING, HEATING  A.VD  ,     GAS CONTRACTOR. ���������   _  13SG aranville St.        Vancouver, B,C  Phone  Seymonr  9053  Dominion Constrddtion  .. Supply Co., Ltd.  BUILOSMGS FINANCED  T  J   Macllen, Mnrrr     Phone Sey. 8265  35   CAKADA MPE   BLPft  PKAITCEISB GBANTED TO  ^      ' STBEET  BAIIWATT   CO.  XANAlJfO���������The crty council lias  granted a franchise to Montague Yates  and associates, on conditions to he here-  after- arranged, for tho construction and  operation of a street railway in this city  ��������� Negotiations 'ha\o been completed' for  the erection here of a ?250,00O hotel to  replace tiro present Hotel Windsor. The  Peoples Trust Co of New Westminster-  has acquired the property and will rebuild. Gardiner & Mercer of New,"Westminster    will  probably draw  the plans.  PERMIT FOE SCHOOL  TAKEN OUT YESTEEDAY  "NEW "W.ESTMINSTElR���������A'permlt ,_has  been Ksucd to the school board for the  construction of the 7th avo school at  a cost of $35,000. Other large permits  Issued yesterday were for a brick laundry bldg at Blackie and Moody sts for  Byard -Abrarrrs, to cost %1,000] and a  gar-age,"for M. W.*Minthorne, to co3t ?2,-  500..    ~\   ���������  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED  VANCOUVER  QENE3AL CONTBACT.  R. n. CONSTRUCTION���������Bv Howe  Sound & Northern Uariway Co., 500 Carter-Cotton bldg, .Vancouver, trll Friday,  May 31, for the gradirrg, bridging, etc,  of the following, sections of the above  ral.wuv: (a) From end of present constructed lino to mile 12 0. (b) From  mile 12 to mile 24 1. (c) Branch from  mile 2.3 of main line along ea=t branch  ol ijquaniish ha er 2.7 mrlos. Plans and  specif 'at the olllce of Cleveland & Cameron, 50(5 Winch bldg.  Hospital���������3y S. B. Bird, Duncan bids,  tender-, addressed to Geo. Johnstone, Ner-  -son, for hospital at,that city, until May  31, 31  Houses���������By Vancouver Home Builders,  S8S Granville st, (or labor only necessary  for b'dg 1 houses. Apply between 7  and 10 p rn. , -5  Brick Work, Botiers.  Canals, Cement, Concrete,  Concrete���������By  Maclure '&  Fox,   Pacific  EZTOXNEEBICTG' BEPAHTMEKT *. (  '       ' ASKED" TO'RESIGN  PRINCE 'RUPERT���������The entire engineering staff was asked to resign at the  last meeting of the city council, ,to take  effect July 1. The positions will be advertised,  'and   applications   taken.  WILX.   TAKE   TENBEBS  FOB  '��������� ATTTO AMBULANCE  New "Westminster���������W. A. Duncan,'City  Clerk, ,is calling for tenders >to be, in by  May 27, for tire supply of an auto combination ambulance and patrol wagon.  ,' ��������� . , CONTRACT lET  PORT MOODY���������The contract has been  let by, Messrs. ������ Alvensleben,' Ltd, of  Vancouver, to A. Fraser, of. 336 Pender  sC Vancouver, to clear and grade the  millsite purchased'by that Arm from C.  T. Dunbar. It is understood that the  construction of .the mill will "be pushed  along as rapidly Vs possrble. The mrll-  sitejs.srtuated in^Dist. Lot 256 and the  capacity oi thejmril wi.l be 200,000 feet  per day. , '  P#$te������&   6RANDV1EW - -    -  ^Pll^leet Rrletal Works _  W^h^m Warn, Air  Keatinff       ., '.  ' saws? ^ar^^  .   ,  ���������.  BLUE PRINT CO.   ������  '' MAPS, DRAFTING AND TRACING  ��������� Phone Rpy. 5068- 329  Seymour St  VANCOUVER SCHOOL BOARD.  Tenders addressed to the'undersigned  will'be received until Monday, May. 2i,  at 5 "P.m., for supplying school desks  for the year 1912; - 25'per cent of the  delicto be adjustable Sample of desk  to be submitted. The lowest or any tender  not necessarily accepted.  , C. W. BIURBA-*,'  Secretary School Board.  Vancouver,  B.  C,  May  21,   1912.  ,_   VANCOUVER SCHOOL BOARD.  -  Tenders  addressed to  the undersigned  will  be  received  until Monday, (May 2/,  at 3 o'clock p m. for supplying linoleum  to the General Gordon fachool  ,    Particulars   to   be   had    troirf   N.  I Leech, Esq , School Architect.  bldg, until noon, May 24, for concrete  found and excavatron for W. H. Malkrn  res, Magee road, i 21  Concroto Work���������By Davis-Sanders Co,  341 Camblt st. fo rconcrete bsmt to  bldg on Richards near Dunsmurr. 1  Concrete "Work���������By Egdell & Drxon,  508 Weiton bldg, for concrete for bldg  on Water st. ~; ,1  Excavating, Elevators, Electric Piztures  Excavation���������By Egdell & Dixon, 508  Weiton bldg, for excavation for bldg on  Water st. ,. /      . 30  Excavation���������By Davis-Sanders Co, 311  Cambie -st, for excavation for bldg on  Richards, near  Dunsmuir. - 30  Excavation���������By Maclure & Fox, Pacific  bldg, untrl noon,' May 21, for'excavation  and concrete found, for residence for  W. H.,Malkrn, Magee road.   ' ,       21  Furnaces, Sheet Metal, -Fire Escapes,  ' j        ' Fixtures^ '' ,  Fire Escapes���������By Egdell & Dixon,"508  Weiton bldg, tor fire escapes for 4 story  bldg on Water st. " '  Fire Escapes���������Bq Davis-Sanders Co,  '311' Cnmbie st, for lire escapes for bldg  on Richards st. 5  Fixtures���������By Egdell & Drxon, 50S  Weiton bldg, lor'plbg fixtures 'in church  rn No4 Vancouver-    s   | 25  Grading',  Glass, Gravel.  Glass���������By Egdell & Dixon, 50S Weiton  bldg. for 'plate wire .and >prUm glass  for bldg orr Water st. , 5  Glass���������By Davrs-Sanders Co, 341 Cambie st, for plate, wire and transom glass  for bldg on  Richards  st. , . <   5  Clearing���������By N... C. Gordon, 'Sec. of  School Board, Eburne, untrl May 31, for  'cleuiing school grounds. . .   " 31  Glass���������By Egdell & Drxon1;. 5 OS Weiton bldg, for cathedral leaded lights for  church in No.  Vancou\er.        _      * 2o  ; H'fg.,  Hardwo'od.  Host. ��������� H'aware; "  Heating���������By,Egdell & Dixon, 508 Weiton bldg, for steam, htg plant for bldg on  Water st * ,   '   '        *������  Heating-���������By Davis-Sanders Co, 311  Cambie st, for htg plant for bldg on  Richards  st.        -    v ' ,' 5'  Hardware���������By Egdell-& -Dixon, 50S  We'ton bldg, for- hdwe for 4 sto bldg  on Water st. ������  Hardware���������By Davis-Sanders Co, 341  Cambie, for hdwe for 4 sto rmg house  on Richards'st.- ---     ���������_ -  -" --* ^  o  *��������� Heating���������By C. W. Murray, Sec School  Board, until May 27, for htg in 4 schools.  $10  required with  tender. -   .-.-'  Heating���������By S. B. Bird, uncan bldg,  untrl Mav 31, tenders.addressed,to. Geo.  Johnstone,  Nelson,  for htg,for hosprtal.  Iron   "Work, ' Interior ! rinish.  " Galvanized Iron���������By Egdell & Drxon,  508 Weiton b'dg, for galv rron work on  bldg on Water st p . .. "  Galvanized Iron���������By Davis-Sanders Co,  311   Cambie  st,   for  galv  rron   work  in  "Wrecking���������By B C E.R. unt'I noon. May  25, for wrecking bldgs at 19 to 45,Pender st W.    Contr gets materials.'' J25  Granite���������By Egdell &"Dixon, 50S "Weiton bldg, for granite bases .for bldg on  Water st. '        -       5  Granite���������By Davis-Sanders Co, 311  Gamble st, for granite bases for b.ldg on  Richards st. s 5  Stone���������By Egdell & Dixon, 508 Weiton  bldg, for s tone sills for bldg on Water  st. ' . 5  Stone���������By Daiis-Sanders Co, 311 Cambie st, for stone silK for bldg on Richards st. ' ��������� 5  Marble���������By Egdell & Di.\on, 50S Weiton bldg, .for marble stairs rn bldg on  Water st.     r   * ~>  - Marble���������By Davis-Sanders Co, ,341  Cambie st, lor marble stairs In bldg on  Richards  st. '    > 5  Tile���������By  Egdell  Sc Dixon,  ROS'WoIton  bldg, for trie walr.scoatlng In bldg on  Water, st ��������� 5  Tile���������By Davis-Sanders Co, 311 Cam-  bio st. (        s" < 5  Plaster. Fiber..  Friar.. Fav.". Pipe. Piling,  Water Pipe���������^By Jas. Stuart, City H.a".  until noon, June 12, for 10,000 ft 24-irt  steel pipe, and 4,000 ft 18-in. F J.C I.  pipe. Specif at offlce of Hermon & Bur-  well, Inns of Court bldg.' - 12  Painting���������3y Egdell & Dixon, 50S  Weiton bidg, for pntg in church in No.  ^Vancouver. , i 25  Plastering���������By Egdell & Dixon, 508  Weiton bldg, fpr plstrg In bldg on Water st. N-       - ,      , 5  Plastering���������By Davis-Sanders Co, 341  Cambie st,' for plstrg in bldg on Richards st.. 5  Plastering���������By Egdell &- Dixon, 508  Weiton bldg, for ��������� plstrg in church in  No. Vancouver.v 25  Plumbing���������By, Egdell, & Drxon, 508  Weiton bldg, for plbg in 5 sto bldg on  Water st ., --        5  < ��������� Plumbing���������By Egdell & Dixon, 508  Weiton bldg, for'plbg in church in No  Vancouver.      ,{ < ' 25  Booting,- Boads,   Beservoira,  -A'.;x6.'.Langiey; & Co., Ltd,  ������������������      -     ,-.-,,       ,    , ENGljyfeERS AINO AGENTS  ] ���������,*'<��������� -/-^Caledonian Wir%^Bope,^Park,er Derricks,  Electric  Hoists  ���������H*"'������Ott6'^Ga8bline'-EncJj^/Grab' Buckets,-"Globe"'Marine Engines ,  "'  ,- Steel Ta[jjr?jflnd Water,,Towers of any capacity  , "WAYNE" GASOLIMfflKwIttS ani PUMPS" for  PRIVATE    or   PUBLIC  GARAGES.   'r-'^lpE?--     ' '���������-'*"  Phono-Seymour'3892j;'V '   , *^- 319 Pender Street ,W.  BVC. EQUIPMENT CO*-  , (VSachinery-Qealers  CONCRETE   MIXERS,   ST.EEL   CARS,   ROCK   CRUSHERS;- ELECTRIC  "STEAM    AND   GASOLiNE    HOISTS.^. .WHEELBARROWS,  TRANSMISSION  MACHINERY, GASOLINE.ENGINES   a  PUMPS AND ROAD MACHINERY.  Phones: Seynionr 7056-7818.'  Offices: 606-607 Bank of Ottawa'Bldg.  REMEMBER  s;ot/  The STAIN  thatSTAIMS  Phono  Seymour  532 ^ HENRY DARLING'- 28 Powell St  '���������������������������  Shingling���������At   P.   O.  slunglfng.  Box   1S65, - for  r    '     , -2������  ROOKING���������By Wm. O'Dell, 757 Beatty st, for alteration work on 3-sto bldg  on  Granville'and Dunsmuir sts.   ,.  -    4  SEWH3S, STEEET WOKE, STEEL..  Steel���������By. Egdell & 'Dixon,' 508" Weiton bldg, for structural steel- for bldg  on  Water st.      , ' '5  Steel���������By Davis-Sanders Co, 311 Cam-^  ...e st, for steel* girders for bldg on  Richaids^ st.       ���������    * 5  Steel���������By VanSiclen & Macomber, ^1  Canada Lrle bldg, for steel in McDorrgall  &  Cameron  bldg.   s ���������'St  Wiring,   "Waterproofing,   Wharves.  *" Wiring���������By Egdell & Dixon, 508 Weiton 'bldg, for wiring in 5 sto bldg on  Water st - 5  "Wiring���������By Davis-Sanders' Co, 341  Cambre st,'lor elec-wrring in bldg on  Richards  st 5  - Wiring���������By Oliver & Wilson, 3262" 1st  a\e W, for wiring- in re= at 3200 1st a\e  W. -      -   .    " t 22  Wiring���������^By F. H. Perkin<5, Hutchinson  bldg, for wirrng in Moose club rooms.   25  Wiring���������By Egdell & Dixon, 50S Weiton bldg, ior- wirrng in church- in No  Vancouver , *��������� - , .25  '^Sidewalk Lights���������By Egdell & DKon.  508 Weiton bldg, for sidewalk lights, at  bldg on Water st. .      , . ��������� ,,  5  Sidewalk Lights���������By DavIs-SanderV'Co;  341 Cambie st for sidewalk, lights ' for  bldg on Richards  st.-^ - -5  t .We l are the nolo manufacturers of  Machine-made Glazed  Cement  Sewer  0 , _-piP* la' British  Columbia.  DOMINION GLAZED CEMENT PIPE CO., LTD.  Offlca:   Dominion   Trust   Bldg.,   Vancouver,  B.]C. \    Phone: ' Sey. 8386  .   , .   .  AKDMANUrACTURINGOp.umiin.  Electric Supplies and Telephones. 313 Wafer St.  TENDERS >WANTED.  %      OUT .OF TOWN.'    ���������  _' -3TfZJU>ZHGS.  Victoria���������Sy F. Sturgess & Co, 318  Pemberton bldg, untrl May 25, for grad-  mg several miles of streets and laying  walks. J 25  n      Bungalows���������By Foster, Mutch & Har-  5  rison, 578 Seymour st, until May 31, for  I p-Anr   r������fintt-  t,ry   fi   -ft-simrt   hnnfrolnivd   of   firt  .j.   ������������������"-;-. --v,--i   " c   risuii, aio oeymuur- si, urnn iuay tl, ior  dg on Richards, st ������������������'*,, I ffenl contr on 8 frame bungalows at So.  eecn, iisq , ocnuui "������w X~   > ���������ov ha '     Interior  rinish���������By .Egdell   &  Dixon, ,Vancou\er. "    31  The fir m to vyhom the contract may be  50g Wejton  bldg,  for interror finish for.    ���������      ���������    .    .    .        _    _.      ..  r ���������  5  PPf  G. L^ KELLING & CO  v      Heating nnd Plumbing Engineers     ,  ���������" 505 Pender St.   'PHone Seymour 8328 J  JAS. MURPHY & SON  :.   Oeneial   Painting   and   Becorattng,  -                 ..    CONTBACTOBS      - -  Office: 113 Crown Bldg^J Scy^JTO?;  si 'E^-j*������?  Acme Plumbing & H'tg. Co  -j|. 131' Tenth   Ave.pg.one   ralnnont   S37,  fiaest Workmanship Exclusive Design^  Wilcox Art Glass Studio  1471 Broadway W. Phone Bayvlew 345  EDWARD TIRHMONS  SLATER & ROOF-TILER   -  mp������������������������* *���������. W.   Phone-Talr. 13S7^.  R. Nelson Finch  Eiroert  Builder  nnd   Financier  jgyf %5T    307^  n^rter-Cotton Bldf  THE BURKSBBE :: ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-38 Oranvlll* Street  Telephone Seymonr 37,04  3^^S  '\-^"'^ir  !>'������ 'M.  _ T������| ��������� 'IV J!S  ft? $.,���������������&  1'" '^'-i  it   ! ^S  f. "������n > m  sit .���������' ' li  m*m  I. ������. Campbeil & C������.v  PLUMBENG-& HEATING  IJPaadttSt W -    >HrmtSwnngr273t  ggBCBUK   HSU* ���������������������������" '"���������r*.   _e  STRONG St WOLFE   TAKERS  HIMUCES  Sheet Metal Workers  Boat TartJ, Cornice. Booflnz. Farnitet.  ������82 Seymour St.     Phone Sey. 4458  L. G. ROBINSON  Consulting  Engineer  and  General Contractor  Sey    3*13 ?12   Holi'sj^FIi".  *   The firm to vvnom tne ���������������������������" I     '_   ~   50S  Weiton   Drag,   r  'awarded   will   be   requiredI   tc.put   up   a  bl&g on WatQr st.  ^   ^    marked cheque equal   to_10^ per   cent oi, _ Interior P1ijSh_By Davis-SanderSj Co   for  genl'contr'on   hrglT school  the amount of  thf, tender to insure  cne Canlme   st.   for   interior  finish^ for ...     -    -  work   being  completed   withm   tne   ume ^^ ^ Richards st_ j     5  requrrea.  tonAov  nnt  neces- ��������� <t__t.._   T.*4-Mr,tr   r.(m>        s     <  the   :'owe������t  or  any  tender  not  necessarily accepted. 'L^.-.���������  .                C. "W. UUBBAT,  Secretary School Board.  Vancouver,   B.   C,   Hay  21,   1912.  , CITY OF VANCOUVER.  Tenders for Tunnel "Worlc,"Capilano.  1 connection  with  the 24-inch Pipe, at the  Solans0anilpeciflcatrons may be seen  fl the offlce 01 Messrs. Hermon & Bur-  fvVn   FnSrnee", .423 Hamilton St  A'deS-ot'rin  amount aqual to five  per" cdenPt I*  ^.contract price  must^be  mado J.wrtli   each      t������nc������    Treasurer  ?1,Tr iSw^o^any6 t^dVnot  necessarily accepted      ^ ^  KcQV^N,  r "    ,   - , city Clerl:.  ritv~ Hall,  Vancouver, B. C.  C "*     May-l22ndv1912       /  ciTY OF VANCOUVER.  Tenders  for  Sewers  and Pavements   -  'Tenders, will be received by tlie undersigned   up   to  Tuesday,   May   2Sth,   1912,  at   2   p-m.   foi    the   construction   of   tne  following Servers and Pavements:  Sowers. ���������  .  13th Ave,  from Oak  Street  to Yukon  Tuth Ave, from'Oak Street to Bridge  Street,'except between Asll and Heather  15th a\e., fiom Oak Street to Henther  Street. - ,  Pavements.   ������  Creosoted Wood Block <Paven|ent. on,  Cambie St., from-Rohson to bmythe ���������   r  Creosoted Wood Block Pavement on  Homer St. from Bobson-to Drake  -  Stone Block Pavement <ki the lane east  of Granville, from Davie to Pacific.  A deposit of an amount equal to five  ner cent of the contract price must be  made with eacli tender, by marked cheque  payable 'to the City Treasurer.  Plan" and specifications may be seen  at the offlce of the City Engineer.  City  ���������^Tlie lowest or'any tender not necessarily accepted] ^������c���������������������������  City Clark.  .    . J, i * f  B.  C,  Ci'iy'Hall,  Vancouver,  >y- May 22na,"1912  CORPORATION   OF  POINT GREY.  The Council Is prepared to receive tender s for fire fighting apparatus for the  Municipality, to be rn bv 5 p. rn  Monday,  MTendeVers19"re requested to submit  schemes'for the effectual Are protection  of the distrrcts of fcburne, D. D. \t&,  KeirVsdal������ and D. L. 510, showing tire  apparatus required to carry out the  sSVeme,   the   initial   cost  and  estimated  ^uAne^^icXrs can be secured  from the .Municipal Clerk, Municipal1  Hall, Kerrisdale, B   C.  H.  FLOYD,  C. M.  C.  Kcrrisd-.le. B   Q  bnmber, lathing, 3Jim������  lumber  UXMlSXf     A.n*vu*uDi     ^..������- , y_,,t       UIIIU      lUd>       Ol       1V1       &V11L       UUIILIUUt.      U1J  ������_~t^���������,i������ii s niMm   *\a<i WpI-   Kootenay Lake Genl   Hospital,   Nelson  ���������By Egdell & Di^on   ������������4we[ '       -  Vancouver  tw������l   "Work  ton "bldg, for" lmbr- for 3 bto bldg on  "Water st 4 1      J  number���������By Dav Is-SanderS\ Co, i 311  Cambie st, for lmbr for bldg on Richards  st. ,  lathing���������By Egdell & Drxon, 50S Weiton-bklg foi lathing in bldg on Water  st N "  lathing���������By   Davis-Sanders ' Co,    341  Cambie st, fo? lathing for bldg on Rich-  aids st.     -'-.���������" ��������� ���������, ,  Iinmber���������By .Egdell & Dixon, 508 Weiton ��������� bldg, - for lmbr   tor church rn  No  ajachln������rv    Marble,     t  MUlworli-T-By Egde'l & Drton,. 50S  Welton^bldg, for millvvork-for churqh in  No   Vancouv er / i������  ' Mlscellanern������.  School Desks���������By. C. W. Murray Sec  School Board, until o p.m May 21. for  supplvmg school desks. 25 per cent to  be adjustable. 1 ���������   ' '      '  tineoleum���������By C. AV.-Murray," Sec of  School Board, until 5 pm. May 2<,,foi  linoleum for Gen. Gordon school. Information from school aicht. -'  . Ventilating���������By C W. Murrav.^Sec of  School Board, until May 27 for^ ventilating systems 'In 1 schools. ?10 re-  quired-witlr  tender.                                    /'  Valves and Pittings���������By H A Bayfield. "40 Postofflce bldg, until Mav 2S, for  supply\t valve, and fittings lor govt  dredges.    Specif from above. -        -������  " Carpenter Work���������By F. H Perkins  Hutchinson* bldg, for carpenter work in  fitting up lodge rooms In Weiton bldg. 25  '"*. MaterialD���������By F. H, Perkins. Hutchinson bldgT for all mils for fitting up  lodge rooms in Weiton bldg. ,   2o  ' Masonry���������By J. T. McNeill, Newport  Hotel, until May 24, for masonry labor on  basement at Eburne ' ' -*  ~VOTS^iWH & SON  Heating Engineers    '  Steam, Hot Water Sc Vacuum Systems  Phone Pair. 274-B,      809-10th"-Ave. B  Architects Builders;  Contractors  We are at your service to  give you any information required regarding installing  gas pipes and appliances.  Also location of mains.  Phone S. 5000 and ask for  .   New  Business  Dept.  VANCOUVEIt GAS COMPANY  779   Granville,   Show   Room  New Business Show Room  16  Hastings  E.,  Wow Westminster���������By Gar-diner Sc Me  cer, Westm. Trust bldg, until May 3  for genl contr' on hrg1- ���������i-������������i ������i ���������  specif, etc from above.  Nelson���������By Geo. Johnstone, Nelson, B.  C,   until  May  31   for  genl   contract  on  31  ir-  -. 31,  Plans,  31  Fresh Water Sand  For Sale  In Scow Load Lots.  Silica Sand And  Gravel Co.;  1    434 Bobson St.    ���������  ~   .   Tel.  Seymonr 4465        ;_  BEAM MFG. CO. LTD.  t     .   -   ^   .    '  -       c    Manufacturers   of  Lumber, Sash, Doors; Mouldings, etc.  Phone Seymonr 1708.    '298 Prior St.  CHEAPEST AND BEST  BAHLEVHardwarcCo.   ',    GET QUI PRICES  1407 PARK DRIVE.  BA'BLEY Hardware Co.  PHONE. SET. 6870 L  ""Cl,  Shingles, States and Sheets.  ,���������/i,: W..C. THOMSON ���������A^O'.^,'.:^   '"  319 Pender St.. WesVMain Floor; ' \,.-\^ 'Phone?Seymour 3394  Plans and specif at office of S  B  Bird  Duncan bldg, Vancouver.       - . , "31  Nelson���������By Geo. Johnstone, Nelson,' B.  C, untrl "May 31, for steam'lrtg for hospital at-Nel=on Plans and specif at office of S. B. Brrds, Duncan bldg, Vancouver. M ". ,* ^ ..'   31  Calgary���������By j!" Si.-Miller, Crty "Clerk;  until June 3, for htg and'pibg'rn 3 fire  and"*"police stations1 in Calgary. Separate tenders wanted  "-Calgary���������By J-' M MUlerrCity C^erk,  until June 3, for fireballs' and police stations rn Calgary. Separate tender.-,  wanted >'       s. -    '  Saskatoon���������Plans are being prepared'  for new hotel to cost $150,000, Avenue  B and 20tlr st, for Jamc* Barrey.' Arciir-  tects,' Thompson, Daniels & Colthurst  Reinforced concrete constraction; brick  .ind terra cotta lacing. TJre above architects will receive tenders and all m-  formation may bo received from them  Saskatoon���������By City Comnr.s, until June  25, for complete irrstall of all bldgs and  apparatus for 70-ton  incinerator 25  Begina���������By Highway Comnrs for steel  work-for several bridges ������ Plans, specie  ������tc, will be l'urnlsiiEu-uy-oornrirs after  Juno 1. 20  MCHY.,   UISC.,' MATEBIAX,- MARINE.  Edmonton'���������By R. C Desi'ochers, Sec.  Dept. Pub Wks, Ottawa, until June 17,  lor pile wharf at "Edmonton, Plan*  from L.   B   Elliott, Cnlgary. 1"  Victoria���������By City Clerk, until 4 pm,  May 31, for 211,000 sq yds asphalt pave.  Specif,  etc from C.  E. Rust,  City Engr.  31  "Bassano, Alta���������By    S.    E.    Whiting.  Pres.   Bas.sano   Elec   Power   &   Traction  Co, until June 3, for boilers,  generator,  steam engine and poles. 3  NorthNVancoavor���������By   Angus    Smith,1  City Engr, until noon, May 27, ifor <?pe-"'  cial  waterworks  supplies.    Specif  from  above. "        27  New Westminster^���������By W. A Duncan.  City Clerk, until 5 pm. May 27, for 4  separate contracts for storm sewers on  (I) 1st and 2nd sts; (2) 4th s>t; (3) 5th  st: (4) 6th st Plans, etc from Crtv  Engr. _     . 27  Vernon���������By D. G. Tate, city clerk, until June 10, for elec equip. Specif at office of, Mather, Yuill & Co, Hutchinson  bldg 7- 10  New "Westminster���������By W. A. Duncan,  city clerk, untrl 5 p.m. May 27, for auto  combrnatron ambulance and , patrol wagon. -^ " 27  Vernon���������By D. G. Tate, city clerk, untrl June 10, ior 17,000 ft 4 rn, and 10,500  ft 6 in C. I. water prpe. Specrf from  Crty Engr. 10  Vernon���������By D. G Tate, city clerk, until June 10, for 125 gate valves and 36-4  to S rn hydrants     Specrf from City Engr  10  Vernon���������By D.vG. Tate, city clerk, until May 27, for 50,000 ft cement walks  and curb combined      Specif from Engr  27  Slelfort, Sask By J. E  Durnin, secy-  treas, Melfort, until noon, May 29, for  supply elec apparatus, water pipes, hydrants, valvec, vitrrfied feeder p-r-e, eto.^  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY  J " -   Successors to^J. T   Herrett Co., Limrted.       '     *' ?**m  All Kinds,pf 'Byildirfg Material^  Office, Warehouse and - Wharf: 1029' Main St.  ,       Phone Sevmour SiSli  J3  , Support Home������4ndustries  By Specifying  ,  . THE ANVIL BSLAND BRICK CO./LTD.  '.   '- .    BEST PRESSED RED BRICKS  ;. v.   -        ^ Office and Works:   Anvil'Island, Howe Sound, B. C.  -     SEIZING A0ENT3 " '_  RITCHIE CONTRACTltfGJ& SUPPLY COMPANY, i.TD.*  PHONE SBYMOUR 9182. ~ OPFXCE AND WHABP GBANVrXIEST. BBZS  |r--l  XHAPMAN &,WALKER LTD,  -   ,--.      .  "��������� t    '        ^       'ENGINEERS.     'u  i   ".;   /   *  ^DEALERSJN   ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  ������������������������������������'-        -    fc s        ' ' XESP COO������. - \."  >*->,, -< USB     "C.v&   W" ' '   ^ S^-  ., ELECTBKTrANS. ���������   5^������5_,  -    v      . (All typea.)   OBSEB NOW. ^"SKTl  PHONE SEYMOUR 9379   44S    Seymour St. P. O. BOX 1333  -.,    Gnomical and Efficiency Engineers.  Inspection of Cement, Concrete, Oil and Road Materials.  . .Geological Beports on Bow Materials.  \   1 "      "��������� Waterproofing of Concrete.  NEWHALL, SMITH & CO.  OFFICE:   1106 ;Dom. Trust'Bldg., Vancouver.  PHONE:   Se^ 2814  British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.;;  1605 Georgia St.  Manufacturers  Vancouver   -^       , Phone. Seymour 6S04  "*?$?  ABfiiree & Churchland '  E&SOXBXOA& CONTBACTOBS     1  976 Granville Sticet  'Flione,  Soymonr 2707  Jofmstoh/Tbompson Co.  Plumbing and Heating  ^. , Engineers.  525BUBRA8rST.^>,:"fPiiane Ssy.-7899  vif  W  "Satrsd   Gravel  and  e.ulidlng Material^ -  'Plrono Seymonr 1365.    Offlca and  Wharf  959/Main Street  NOBTBWBSTEBN LEAGUB     '  Base Bali  Week Commencing' May bo.  SEATTLE^ VS. VAUCOTTVEB  Beoreation Park  Admission 23   and 50o  TERMINAL LUMBER ������ SHIN6LE CD. /  ,   BEAWt?PACTUBEBB-OP TVSTB    '  \ LUMBER AND SHINGLES  W. B. COOKE & CO.  308 Carter Cotton BldgT.  Phone:.,Seymonr 7997  CABINET BIAKEBS  BANK, STORE AND OFFICE  FIXTURES  Phono Fair. :i471   S3 Bnfferin Bt W.  Estliaates Furnished       '


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