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Daily Building Record May 3, 1912

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 ���*~>0��*��mtir****nM*mwMr9MtwtH^ t*,*,rv**b~~Z<.' i- JJ��� ~o3-.���,J '__���. ���
W$MP~C -<% V* ~^''j7"r''^m!k,'
|f/l{" V3
i* i .-1
I"**, ."j
It.!?1..! V*
��� i
���    I V-
I- r
ling, Contrac:iLij*��ja^^Eng��ni
Building, Contractin^1^^
&>evofced to the interests of Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Material1 Dealers and others interested in the building trade of the N.W.
Record   Publishing   Co.,   Vancouver,   Publishers.
Covering British Columbia.
.Vol. *2,  No. 135, "Friday,  May-,3,  1912,"
I i
J *J
in .
.vALL -BOARD. ' ' ' '      ��     ^
*> r \ r
1 I
Raecolith Plastic Flooring
301 Pacific Bldg.
312 Pacific Bldsr.
Plain or Corrugated - Round or Square.
Can Give Delivery In One Week To 10 Days.
*���   -       1 .-_     _ r .   .
Seymour 9423
"Fvervthlng  in   Building  Material"
Tar and Gravel Roofing
V/ater   Proofing
Roof Repairing*
'    ,    AU Work Guaranteed
i Phone  Seymoiir 7417
814  Metropolitan  Bldg.
-    'DIRECT   SHIPMENTS  ATTENDED   TO   PROMPTLY .   . .  \ ������
���Phone Seymour 9162,- Private Exchange.        Office  and  Bankers,  Granville  Street  Bridge.'      <
H um Dei	
22'J0��� U��-sto fr
-.to  CIM1C
...fi..-.     -
'to  fr   "-tore
store Sz room ,
2234���2- to   lr    re-, .
22,15���1 V*_--lo fr ret
So'lli���2-sto fr, res
2237���1%-sto fr   re-.
2.3S���'2-sto   fr    re-
Coat. | Stieet Address.
T2-100   2741   rnl.cn   st
523,000    JC-l-CG-bS   Coulo\a  E
IStHIO.'Xfl'l l-iJJ-52, Gianwl.e
$'2500 ' I 201* 12th ave K
1750 i 14    5th   a\e   F1
W  V.3'
- \d-
277 0.10th ave VV.
3517 2nd ave W
f65 13th' axe W
!.%   of   SOO
of 910���371
of 910���172
of   5���31A
n       1-70
540   .
540   .
"c   Baiter
F  Gaidinei"
V ''
. Owner
'     ��    .   Contr
Jones  & Aspell
. .   Owner
.tiut and Elook.   Subdivision.' ���
H~T ~~
G.   W
E. J
Ow net
J   McLeod
J   Alihott
Owner,' *-.
Wm.   Skoog
Owner  '.t'
3GS   Pender   E
7G8 Gianville
..   So.   Van    P.   O.
3611  Pt .Giey  road
Owner.      - '
T.   W.   Hemphill
D    Sanguinetti
R.   W   Harus   .
C. W   Meldrum
J  Armsttong
W  S.^Pearcy. ..
T.  Morton .
F. Sharpe .
So    Somas,   B    C
..    367   Coidova   E
.   1200   Baiclay  st
.1231  13th ave E
.     50 5th ave E
.1266 12th ave W
.    2700  Sth'ave
. .765 13th ave W
Seymour 4674
Building'permits  for Victoria will be I found on Page 2;
Plain, Squared Round and Square Twisted Bars
. Triangle Mesh1- Column Hocping
'   n        Largest stock in city L
Western Plate Glass/
& Imp. Co. Ltd.
Reg. Office:  153 Cordova St. d.'
*   VANCOUVER; B. C.'-'    '  /'
'-'.'   Leaded, Art, Glass
Thorne   Motal  store  Frost  Bairg
- BeveHingr and Eilvsrinff , -1 .'
���    v ,5r,ore Fronta Glased   .      '
Our Plant is Fully Equipped For Cutting.
To Length aud Cold Twisting '
Prompt Delivery Our Specialty
Our Office Issues Your Liability, Accident and Health Insurance
Also adjusts losses without delay or,referring to any remote Head
Office "; \- '    , '','���'
British A.n arlcan Trust Company, Limited.
Carter-Cotton Eld?.
Insurance Department
Plioue   Saymour  7620'
V^STTiTJAB    BTF Tue  Tjonff-Life  Enamel.    Vltralite is an
1   I   B   nf A(L I   I   t'] absolutely   white  enamel,' unequaled^ for
dm ability'and elasticity, eitl.er in the Gloss or Egg-Slioll ftmsh.    Not only is
Vit.iilite  supe.ioi   foi  niteuor work  "out" it  can  toe absolutely'depended   apon
foi all outside wort' and Such L.touoi  woik  subject, to freijueut wetting, as
hatluooms, kitchens, .etc. <        ,..'-." -> '
... i        *,o: T
illilUS, WICXENS; -BEBfi. IMe
/0- "dovftova -3t?-Weit ^ ���*> ���*���
--Phone-Sevmour   6i>75
uifliser 18. LI3.K8I
j f
itter.ti^n    cf    Archiierls    C'rtracl.crs   and s Bi'i!." ers   is   called
NE'.V  EFA   REVERSIBLE  WINCOV/S,  whirh  we, are  now  manu-
of.    C? I ai oi'i ''actcry ?nci see tl'.cm and learn of their many
over any cthei vMndov.s r>-ade.
* v
Factory:    Foct  of  Saicbury   Drive. v
Bianch   Factory at  1618 Third   / venue  V/e���t, Fairview. Vancou\er,
Phrne  i.a>view ��88
B.  C.
Of the 265,289 a aids of asphaltic mixture pavement covering sectrons of 26
street*, the Board of Works yesterday
morning avaided the following amount-.":
.\t r Cotton Sz Co, 100,000 sq yds, Canadian Mincial Rubbei Co^ 100,000 sq
vd-,, T R. Nickson vt Co, 17,500 sqVds;
Columbia Bitulithic Co, 15 000 sq vd->
A balance of .12,789 -\ ds Avas lelt o\er for
futve coiisulpiation The amount rep-
le-ented in the la\ing of this amount
of pa.enient will tofaha'mo t "?lr000,000
Clulia Creek Sawer Tsnders.
1'oiulci j  -i\eie   al-o  opened   loi   a.  sec-
I r
vt'on   ot   the   China   Cioek   mem,, which
jrr.m-,   p." it   of   the    I3uuaiii   renin ^ula
���j-'-t.-vieia-rc'   ���"���,   If""      The   fen^ei'
I v eie    ent  to   t''e  cua   eiiv,n.v!t.i   foi   1 e-
pou   \\l1c     R    McLean   i'Co     ?S7,S67
GraH  Ccitttittctioii   Compar,-,  $85,026.23
T "��� -islam  it   Coopei    $''1 dS'l    JlcOun
.t  Uo,   '?*)! "Ti jn.   Pal.rci   lillls    vt   IClii-
nlnn,    <;''fiGiil,    Romano    Pn lo    &     Co,
$*fi', Ol'l      'I ae   ��-e(tion   ol   tie   ti'ink   i1-
fioni'Tth   a\e  up   lo   11 th   a\e  in   Chiiui
cieek   at    t'ie   v.oi thea t   tomei    ot    the
heal o^l  1 a -e ci cok   and  tue tiunk will
mo.1 me 11  It 1 niche*  b\   9 ft 1 inch
Opei e\\e\ temiei ���- opcp��d weie 16th
a\e Ma'iitona to OpI.vio, to connect
wiVi   piopo ed   foiith   Vaieoinei   seuci
Only Permits amounting to less than
$1000 will' be found under this head.
"t 2233���JJTk Devastos, 1321 Harris; 1-sto
fr res,,'l323 Harris, J E Miller, $700.
-'_ 2'2S^PlL' Rv Falls, 2565, 5th ave W;
fr garage,'-2565 5th ave W; owner, $100.
2210���Ardath    Estate;     1-sto   fr   res,
3437 2flth'ave1E; $350.
-i i
Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd
2120 CEDAR ST.
-Phone Bay. 646   Near Sixth VV
Standard Glass Co. Ltd
AET G"&ABS '���
Phono Seymonr 6470.   829 Barnard Si.
'  -     HAEDWOOD   FXiOOB   CO.
,   Floor layers  and EeEignara
, Sey. 6S53���Bay,, 139B-. S57 Granville 8t
The  following  material  is  mentioned
to  be used in the structures  called tux
in*" the   permits   above,   whose   numbers
correspond" to those preceding the following  items.* ^ ���,/ . v"""   k  x * r
2230���1S0O,'"Die,630 jds  pi, 7 bbls. cmt   -
2231���200,000 bi, 6000 yds pl,i5,bbls cmt:
2232���110(f, bi, *)70  Ads pi, 9 fobls'^cmt.,
22,.������S00''bi, 200 /yds pi, 5 )jhl, cnit."" "
o'^ilsi)!,-! hlilVcmt*-'
7 bbl- cmt
|223S--vl000 bi, 700 \.V, pi, 11 bbls cmt
2217���2500 bi    750 viU pi   10 bb's cmt       j
i'2J1S���1S00 br, <)00,id, pi,  4 bbl�� cmt       I
0���rmO   br , !
.     .     .y-2L>24.->-1500>=b!
w inch i
"   "'5���1000 bi, 650 jd, pi
'','-. .r
Sherardized, Metal Lath,    ���:
American Wall Board
Samson Fibred Piaster,'���������..
���    ;-. Blue Cross Cement
mison ig Gompaoy
PHONES  SEYMOUR  9146, 9147
��� T->     r-.t
i.120 Richards St
Phone Seymour ll9*o
Doors. Sash, Mouldings, Etc.
Mills, Oil.cos and  Factory: . . '
Victoiia Dri\e and  Powell  Street. Phone  Seymour 88 0
. ��j  lirriCE ETJis'cizrc} to
CO    UP    ON   8C0    EX.OCK    OW
P in aie complete1 and ��-peci?ration
aie in the hands of 'elected contractor1,
lo ficuie on. the S- loi\, >0vl20, leir-
foiccd conc.ete con~tiucte<l ofhee biu'i?-
int, io he elected in the SOO biock or
J. Shnnn, S4238; T.edinjjham vt .Cooper, j'H i--tn.gs st W, dn��ctly oppo.ite the
$5600 McGan\ Sz Co, ?6 1ll, Bivce &, Metiopolitan bldg and adjoining the
Poid $5 150, Lal'laca Bios, froi Mc-I',u*-' on ,3a"> In-.u'ance Co "s rev. builtl-
Kei s-ie,    Bio.idloot    vt   ,7onn=oti,    fJO.lOS, ! 'prT i
Vrernedj    Bio,',    ?GJ57S1,      D    Timeio. j     T''p   ownei   or   the   building   is   C    A
J5 Sfllj | Moi i is   and   the   aichitect     is     Thoma
Sewer en Keefei    Lakewood to Temple- ' Hr-opei     lt,u- not known delnitelv when
ten   on  Templeton   on   Keeiei   to   Union , the cortiactoi   will be  selected oi
and   on    Union,    Templeton    to   Gar den,' con  triction woik will  be staited
CaraacSiiavJi Builders Sajpp2y Co., BLEcS.
Dealers  in >
Office t Bunkers
1901   Georgia   St. Sey.    4068
Sey.  7I7S 4065
Canadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..
Phone Sey. S^SO	
 Ofilce:   104 Empire Bldg.
"Western Steam & Oij Plants Co. Ltd7
ioio   noMT-'TOtsr   T"?xrsT   bt.tj'*. Sey   7676
Entrance in rear "Pl1��ne Say 3732
Vancouver Marble Ss. Tile Co., Ltd.
���    i<-ji
.        Jj  T
m$ -
P?*M' :'
103 Winch Building Phone Seymour 187 - 5929
English " K-B & S " and California
Lime, Plaster, IFire BrieH, Tin Plates.
Pig Iron Etc.
Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's
'....'������ 791  Oronvillo St.
Phono Seymour 1487
Vancouver, B. C.
,        Sole  Agents
City: Map ^Whcte PHnt Co
433  Cordova  Street  West
/���       Phone:   Seymour  6693
Sruce   &   Pord,   $15,500;   LaPlaca  Bio^,
*5,6S7I,   Ledingham   &   Coopei,   ?17,SI'),
;McGaiM   v*C Co,   ?10S00    Ifomano,  Pirto
& Co, 510 6S7, Keniiod\  Bio-, , 20 ">.j
Contract for Eloclc Pav-iug1.
T!-c aw aids foi  wood block p.ueme'.ts
on Ha tiiiK*. K   Rob on   L)a\ie and Dinr-
muii    went   to   Led!'isI am __A.     Coopei,
Pa mei   Bios   t(o   irenning   Ledni-rhani   vt
Coopei, arc! T   R   Xrclvsnn vt Co, le^pec-
The tendei > weie llo\ tincr- \". Ver-
nnn to Victoiia "Cedinjxliam & Coopei,
$74.56S; Indepeiulent Asphalt Co, ?7!),-
075, Palmei Rio-, it Ilei.ninpr, $77 117
McAdam Construction Co, S70S00, T
R Xick^on it Co, $71,S50, Ilomnno.
Pinto  &  Co .  $77,950
Robron st Bute to Denman, Palme-
Bros. & Eenningr, $47,924; T R >.ic\-
son it Co, $ 1S.00O. Romano Pinto vt Co,
$56,440 15; McAdam Con-.tiuction Co,
Pavie st GranMlie to Richaids Eed-
inerh.im St Cooper, 96,703; T R Nick-on
it Co, $7,050, McAdam Consti uction Co.,
$7,350, Romano; Pinto & Co, $7,39120;
LaPlaca Bios . $7,139
Dunsmuir st, Howe to Burrard, T. B.
Nickson & Co., JJ9.0OO; LaPlaca Bros ,
$9 698, Peterson & Keelsdo. $9,S29. McAdam Construction Co. $3,900
bin dins  will   be, finished   in   ten a
w hen
and   ��tone  and  the  mtei ioi   will   be  ele-
sjartlj   done with  maible t        ]
Aichts    Jones  it Beat on,   Hutchinson
bids   are piep.uins plans   foi   a 3-ston,
75\73.  hi ick and mill consti ucted  apai t-
ment  house  to  be  bui't  on   Hh..tings  --t
10, to cost  $10,000 oi   moie     The ownei"
name  i. withheld     Tno apaitment^ wii
he   finished   with    buck   and   cut   stone
The suite-, will  bo of thiee looms each
and  the finishing loi   tue vestibules will
! he  of solid   mahoganv  paneling and  tiling foi   the Ilooi,     There will  be a hot
watei    heating   sy tein   and   a   vacuum
cleaning   plant   and    other    innovation
with   which   the   aichitect*     Intend     to
make  the  apartments   the   most  modem
in  the cHy.
Tlie pans will be 'eadj   for tenderer
--ome time this month.
Office  and  Works       1153  Sixth   Avenue.   W,   Vancouver,  B   C
We  stock  hero a complete line oi  the  ffoods of tlie  following  Arms:
E.   I.EONARD   Sz   SONS,   LNGIM S   AM")   BOIL1.RS
ContiaLtois' ami  Btn'dcrs'   r.iiiilpmeiit earned In  slock,  including:
Hoists,   Derricks  and   V\ inche-.
Concrete  Aliveis
Si-iapers.  Dump Cars  anif   Relavlng   Ralls
Centi IfiiRal  Pump--
Slcam  Shovel- mid   Ro< k   Crushers
Motois,   \n   Compies  ni--. eti ,  > tr
We   operate   a  frlly   eq lipped   machine   shop.     Contractors'   ruBh   orders
fjfiven special  and pi ompt attention
45  Satisfied   Users  In  Vancouver
1065 Pender St. Phone Seymour 571f
The council of Point Grey will receive
tenders up to Mondav, Maj.   13, 1912, for
the   following     Clearing   13th   ave,   Im-
Marshall I perlal to Tiimble st   dealing -outh side
Phone Seymour !7*'3.
108 Alexander St.
821   Powell Bt.
Builders and Contractors'
Metal Lath, Meia) Ceil
inu. Wire Rope, Tool &
Drill Step) and General
Let us figure on
nothing too small
Electrical       ��F
Contractors      %*
your  ELECTRICAI    CONTRACTS.    Nothing  too  large;
,   Our stock of Electric Chandeliers is the largest in the
33S Hastings Street "West
& McLean,
er,   $9,221.-
Archifoald Moir & Co
"The Map Men "
Dn-pftlnK Tracing
Reliability and Dispatch
Iotas 218 - 217 tapiri Bldt ' Nut Shidmi 5171
Falkenburg & Laucks; Ltd.
Wo  inspect  cement,  all  strnptnral
materials and construction work.
153 Trounce Alley. Seymour 7159
$12,200;  Ledingham &, Coon-
\. Engineer's Recommendation.
j     The   engineer   recommended   the   con-
I ?truction   of   a   21-inch   sevyer  on   Point
j.Grey road from Balaclava to 3S7 ft east
of/B-ayswater at a cost of $5.S35.
;   A 4-ft brick sewer between  Columbia
and Abbott .st, and a 3%-ft brick sewer
from Abbott to Cambie, and the co.st of
this; together with the necessary connections to existing sewers,, and the cost
of replacing pavement on Alexander st
only,   Is  estimated, at ,$22,000.
of. 16th ave, Kaye to Clere roads; 'clearing -22nd ave, Clere to Collingwood -road;
I laying sidevya:It on Centre road, from
j Kaye road-.westerly. Also tillMay 20
; for grading Johnston road, from Chalde--
' cott  road  to   16th   ave.
Archt. Arthur .1; Bird, Winch bldg,
will take tenders for the construction of
a large 12-room residence to be erected
on., Shaughnessy Heights  for Dr.  Baker.
Electric Hoists,
Gasoline Hoists
And Elevators
In All Sizes
365 Water Street
Phone  Sey. 3237
f A
ir?v.-T'^^^r'aTr2lw-rjjinr*CT^ s  ..r  ;.--*-**  >***'  (J������~������jKre-������t������tU ������"   K^-lUrVrt^^ltt-o.-**.  rf ^Ml>"������u-rtl.*,VA<JjM*A**W*WrtOwAM^������lVj  British Columbia  DAILA  BUILDING RECORD  I  1  1$  IS  I**'  r-  li  i*?<  If  DAILY   BUILDING   RECORD.  Published Daily Except Sundays  StSCORD PU3LISHING COMPANY  Address:  5S3 Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 431  Dunsmuir  Street  Telephone Seymour 780S  ��������� . r...i  - - ���������-  Subscription Price       -       $1.00 a month  Payable in Advance  VICTORIA NEWS.  VICTORIA  PERMITS.  "VICTORIA���������A peimit was ' granted  "Wednesday for an S-ioom house on Dallas rbad, for "Wolndge Bios., costing  $2500.  OAK BAY PERMITS���������Building per-  *Hllts have Ijeen gian ted by the Oak Bay  ���������municipal council to the following: Mr.  Simons, frame building, Saratoga ave,  designed and built by A McCilmmon,  $3100; also lo Nap Ccte foi a stiuctuie  on Mow at st. The returns which have  just been "made foi the month of Apiil  show an increase of neaily $50,000 ovei  those-of the couesponding month >a-,i  year. The' letmns for February and  "March each s-Iiow an inciease of nearly  $6000 over then corresponding months  in 1911. It is interesting to note that  the'total amount of'peimits Issued in  '1910 by the Oak. B.n council was $114,-  995,''while up to the encl of Apiil of this  year, that is onlj one-Uurd, oC the ve������ii,  the peimits have ulieady totalled $2SS,-  335, a good deal moie than twice the  amount issued duiing- 1910  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  99  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  "Santa Cruz"  BLUE CROSS Cement.  Western Bungalow  Company      '  Designing of homes'our specialty  SUPERVISING and ESTIMATING  Sey. 1������56.    703 Dominion Trust EldST.  Others may talk  99.5% Pure  Pacific Lime Co.,  Ltd., Lime Manufacturers."  but chemical analysis  ,     tells the true story.   *  Plans for Buildings in this,Table are m the Hinds of the Architects,   and    the   Date    Given  , for    their '  Completion is Approximate only.   When the Contract "is, Let. Name of Contractor is Given in L.ist C oliimn.  Character Estimated  Cost   .Location     Owner Architect  WESTHOLHIE Z.UMEER CO.  GIVEN ANOTHER   CHANCE  ON SOOKE LAKE  CONTRACT  ' After consideiation of offers to com-  trtete^the Sooke Lake department woik,  the city council' has-given the original  contractors, the Westholme Lumber Co ,  another chance to show where they can  "make good under their contiact to do  the work at a price of $1,169,720 ,  intiact^.o  n.struction.  ������OBTOBr-GRIPCTTH CO.  ' GETS   VICTORIA   CONTRACT  VICTORIA���������The f B     C '  Permanent  "ioan  Co.   has  awarded   the  conti  the  Norton-Griffiths   Steel   Com.v,o.o.y.-,  Co. for the erection.of a 10-story modern  i - <*/  Office building.in Victoria.    "Work on tne  Structure   is   to   be   started' within   the  Very   near   futuie.     The   contiact   calls  for  the   completion   of  the   building-   in  r   JJeCembei, and it will, theiefoie, be leady  * ior occupancy by Januaiy l, 1913        '  H. T. V. HOTEL TO BE BOUT.   '  VICTORIA���������It is piobable that witi.  the return of F '"M- Rattenbuiy 'from  England In a"bout two weeks' time he  "will be In a position to make a definite  statement with regard to the^proposed  G, T. P. hotel, -and aftei conference with  Acting President "Wainvvnght be in -a  position to announce the attitude of the  company with respect to going on' with  the work. There is little doubt that the  company will adheie to the view taken  l>y the late "Pires'iaent Hays that the  Company would be piepared to hurry  Construction of the hotel, if the city  ������ave exemptions fiom taxation and  for water chatges for a iperiod of 15  years.  TENDERS rOB PtTMPS. ,  VICTORIA���������Tenders wrll 'be received  "Up to May 6 for two pumps, numbered  1 and 2, to be built and'delivoied in accordance with the ^specifications, which  can be seen at the ofllce o������ Wm W.  JNorthcott, purchasing agent, citv hall,  Victoiia, B C The lowest or any ten-  tier not necessarily accepted  ���������i-sto  stoie  and  apmts  45,000  Add to apmts  40,000  4 to 10-sto cone stoics & looms 100,000  Dawson  school ,. 150,000  6-sto   bik  office  bldg...          .'... 200,000  2-sto   bik  hotel            45,000  Powei   house    *  40,000  4-sto  img  hse  30,000  10-sto bik apmt hse    250,000  9 sto  cone ofc  bldg  $100,000  0-sto   whse   bldg       36,000  Two .1-sto bik img hse       .'   . . -70,000  S-sto   office   bldg  230,000  8-sto  brk  oflice  bldg ' 110,000  Club   bidg     239,000  Sisteis oi Good Shepherd <-. 75,000  b-sto   hotel   add      150,000  3 S-sto  school  adds  120,000  1-sto brk add  to hospital....1. 60,000  Brk   school   bldg  90,000  4-sto img hse    ....            .. 35,000  3-sto apmt hoe   55,000  3-sto  apt hse    60,000  4-room add     25.000  Police Headquarteis '.... 175,000  Shipyards    25,000  Saw  mill     ,50,000  Depot & offices r...  1.000,000  S sto cone club bldg ?350,000  6-sto  rmg hse "..... 40,000  4 bridges      1,750,000  1st  Pres.  Churoh,  Victoria  100,000  Prov.  Gnls' Home  100,000  3-sto, 80x90. apmt  75,000  3-4-sto apmts and stores  160,000  Hotel        1,000,000  Cone stadium     250,000  Drill  hall    200,000  Lower Lake ' 250,000  .Manufacturing plant    100.000  3-sto brk apmts  40,000  Womev's   Club     160,000  Bik or cone school  50,000  3-sto brk apmt hse     35,000  Power plant  696,00u  I-sto stoie & lofts  "5,000  University bldgs    EjO.OOO  Steel   bridge   ...: '. lSOO*1.,  10-sto s'eel & cone ofc bldg.1... 500,000  Theater  250.000  10-sto  ofc  bldg    1,000,000  Club Bldg o.   Bridge   .'    2,100,000  i fire halls  41,500  Brk and stone church  150.000  3 sto   apmts    '. 55,000  5--,to   hotel  bldg  6t),00u  4-sto bt k apmts  75,000  2-sto fr apmts...:  22,000  3-sto brk-stone res  20,000  0-sto   brk   whse  75,000  3���������-to   brk   apmts  $145,000  7-sto  cone  bldg  225,000  Rmg   house     21,000  S-sto   office   bldg  175,000  3-sto stone and brk hospital.. 225,000  6-sto store & rooms  60,000  C-sto apmts  '60.000  6-sto cone add  60,ci00  1-Uo   brk'whse              S0.000  10-sto cone office bldg  350,000  3-sto store & apmts  70,000  6-sto  brk  bldg   95,000  Brk and stone church  100,000  8-sto steel & brk office bldg.. 85,000  Stone church  50,000  Brick and stone church  25.000  Add to apmt hse  20,000  3-sto   cone  wrhse  '5o,000  Broadway & Yukon D.  McCallum  Victoiia MioS Jean Molhson  llomei & Geoigia Sts   E   Mahon  .New Westminstei   .  Princeton, B  C   ..  ���������Calls Road       100  blk,  Coidova B  ..Peoples Ti ust Co  . .Pctei  Sw anson   B   (J  E  R   V   C.   McXeil  Dr.   Ho W.    Telloid  700  blk  Gianville st   Water st .   ..     .    <       New  Chinatown . .   .  Victoiia, Dom   Tiust  Co  Blk 12, Ha=,t St. .McDougal & Cameron  -Hastings and Hoinby. .Vancouvei Club  Point  Giev    . ....  Hastings and Main .. .. .. L   L.  Mills  So   Van     So   Van. School Boaid  Xelson, B C- . .Kootenay-Lake Hospital  Tippeiary Paik,  New  Westminster    ..   .  Richaids  st .     _ Halev  vt  Sutton  11th  and  Main      J.  P.  Mathers  Kitsilano ...    _ T. II   (Jalland  Central school      School Boar d  City of Vancouver Powell st  Buirard Inlet..W. D. Anderson, Toronto  Not chosen.. .-Bloedel, Stewart vt Welch  Granville vt Coidova C. P.  R.  Georgia Sz Burrard sts Y   M. C. A,  Blk S, Cordova st. .Vancouver Realty Co  British Columbia C. N.  R.  Quadra and Fisguard st. '...'.   Govt        _. Hastings Townsite  Victoria  ;..Lindsay & Roberts  Pender, Bute, Melville Sts.. .J. J. Banfield  Secnelt, B  C. P.'P. Bigwood  Coal Harbor '. .Vancouver  Deadman's Island Dominion  Burnaby Mun. of Burnaby  Burraid Inlet G   B   Bouratteau  Park diive ..J. H.���������Richardson  Thurlow St   Women's  Clubs  Xanaimo J. .School  Trustees  Broadway W   _ ".,.   Kamloops  .' City  Pender, nr Columbia. .Story & Campbell  Point Grev    -....Province  Geoigia-Harns st \ City  Granville, nr Georgia Syndicate  Gianville St lo. Richmond, Jr.  Not to be made public. .Can. Home Inv.  Undecided V.V  A.>C.  2nd Nariows. .Burraid Budge & Tun  Co      City  Victoria '. 1st   Baptist   Cchurch  N'o    Vanccuv ei Stevenson   Bros.  Powell  and Heatley st   Alberni st ." McNeil Bi os  50S-18 Semlin Drive Savainar Bros.  Shaughnessy Hts '   C.  P.   R   Reserve   1st & Point Giey Ave R. H Partridge  Howe st B. C   Bible Society  Pow ell and Hawkes Chas.. Putnam  fCew  Westminster.Roy.  Columbia Wosp  Sevmour, near Dunsmuir D   Campbell  Cardeio & Comox D. D. Hutchinson  Victoiia S Jones  Homei   st _     Alvo von .Alvensleben  Granville & Georgia. .H. Birks Sons.. Ltd.  4th & Yew Svndicate  Cordova st Scan.'-Meth ^ Mission  Carl and Pender.. .-Church of St. James  200  blk,  Hastings E TX..X.   Shaughnessy Hts   Methodists  Fiaser ave South Hill Baptists  Thurlow and Robson W.  L. Tait  li Powell St B. C. Sugar Refinery  1 Tow m end   &   Tow user.,  .1    S    D    Tay ioi   W. F. Gai diner   X    A     Leacn  Gaidinei    it   Meicei.  Hi c tern.m & Dm lee  IS   C   E    R  J   P   Mathe-on & Son.  W   M    DoJii  Pan   JiOjKeii/'ie & Dav  II   13   Wat on  Stuai t, While vt Peteis  H   S   Gn'iit'i  W   D    Van  Siclen   '  Shaip & Thomp .on  AVallington iz Wheatic  F   M   Bender   (Kansas  I.   11   Bowman   .  S  B  Buds  Gaidinei  it Meicei  Biaunton & Liobert    .  W   P   White    ..  W.  1������\  Gardinei   i\*. A.  Leech   . /   Competitive  . *"-.  Net Chosen      Not chosen      TV. S. Painter :   H. S. Griffiths   A  C. Hope   Waddell   &- Harrington  .. Plans Ready  i  .   .Bids   closed  ..Bids   closed   Bids closed   NOW  . . X OW  . . Now  .    .    -Now  ' " .' 'ii aV' i *i  Bid.* deed  Indefinite  irt const Ma> 1  Indefinite  .May  15  Jui.e 1st  .May  S  May  10  May   10  -May 15  May 15  Alav 13  May 10   Muy  . Mav  Producers Rock & Gravel Co., Ltd.  Washed and,. Graded Sand and Gravel  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAIT.     ' ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD  OFFICE AND BUNKERS FRONT AND MANITOBA STS.            '      <  /   -  Head  Office  and  Bunkers:                     Vancouver Office and Bunkers:  "'Store St., foot of Chatham                    Front and  Manitoba  Sts,  ,    Phone 305               Victoria, B. C.          Phone Fairmont 552.  CANADA EV30SAEC TELE CO.  Manufacturers Of  "Argllla" Mosaic Flooring Tiles  Telephone 1045 _ p. O. BjOx 1171  1318 Wharf Street , VICTORIA, B. C.  Newton  1118 Granville St.  j Vancouver  " W������ A. G. " Roof Compositions  For Waterprcotfircg Or Firerproofing  1326 "Wharf St.  Victoria  St.  City)  June 1  ...June  ...June  .. .June  ...June  A   A   Co^c  Robt  Knipe   F.   H.   Perkins   W. M. Somervell  ..  Fiedk. Heath   Not chosen -.   Not chosen      Not 'chosen      J. K   Bowman   Not chosen   .'   Not chosen   Hoi el & Roberts   ."  Putclier & Alavwell.  W. T.  Whiteway...  Not chosen      Xrot chosen      Not chosei"*   <'������-l*tJ|ltf^^^  CANADIAN EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  - VANCOUVER, B. C��������� AND CALGARY, ALBERTA,  METAL SASH and METAL CASEMENTS  Many of the largest building's and residences of this city  equipped with our Sash.   Enquiries solicited' from architects and  contractors.  Phones S,eymour,2."70 and 5021.  * ��������� i'  418 Pacific Building.'  To be selected within two  C. A. Jones    .. .  John Wolle-Bairy. I.. Now  Xot  chosen      Not   chosen          Tow nsend it Townsend .  Aldei   & Campbell  Townsend   &   Townsend   Tow nsend   vt   Townsend. .. .  W   F  Goodfellow   G   P   Bowie   F. II   Peikins...,   C   A.~ Jones   Alder  &  Campbell   II. S   Gnffith  S   B   Buds  Hugh  Biaunton  R   M. Fripp.  Thos   Hoopei  Horton & Phipps..  Somervell & Putnam    ..  J   P.  Matheson  &  Son  Otto Moberg   Alexander   Sz   Biown   Pair, McKenzie & Dav....  G. A.   Ilorel ".   Hoi el   &   Robeits   Jewett Designing Co   ut-ru'ci lv   biyan >. ..  weeks.   being drawn  Delayed  .    Delayed  . .Delayed  . .D'M.ived  De laved  .. .Delayed  .. .Delayed  All   items  below, this   rule appear  in   this tab e for first time  today.  .   . .Delayed  Indefinite  Indefinite  Indefinite  Indefinite  Indefinite  Indefinite  .   Indefinite  .. Indefinite  Indefinite  . .Indefinite  .  Indefinite  . .Indefinite  Day   labor  . Day labor  .Day  labor  3-sto brk apmt  S-sto lein cmt office bldg  40,000    ILi tings  st  E  200,000   Has.tings st W  .  'ores & Beat-on  R  A   Moms Thomas Hooper  Mav' 20  Indefinite  TENDERS FOR P5INTINO.  VICTORIA���������Tendeis will he received  "by Wm. W Northcott puicha-ing agen,t.  City Hall, Victoiia, B C, up to 3, p m.  Monday, May 6. for painting a quantity  of lamp standards as per specifications  which can be seen at (the office of t!hr������  purchasing'agent The lowest or any  tender not  necev-.-arilv   accepted  NEW   HOTEL   I"OR   SOOKE.  VICTORIA���������C II B-iJliour ;s building a hotel at Sooke The foundation"?  tire now being laid and theie i,s no  doubt that the new hotel when completed v. ill be an added alfiaclion to the  district The building will contain fifty  "rooms and will be fitted with ei ������rj  modem   convenience  NELSON BTTILDINCJ PERMITb.  NELSON���������Building peimits for Apiil  totalled $76,100, as against $10,980 for  the same month in 1911 This is an Increase of $29,120, or 38 per cent, for t!i������  first four months of the vear.1 The total  Is $150,175, compaied with $70,790 for  the same period last year     This  is fin  Less Space Required For Beds  PERFECT CONCEALED BED CO.  Display Boom. 570 Oronville St.,  ��������� i       t        VANCOUVEB, B. C.  Phone: Soy. 5092  THE   FOLLOWING   TABLE   SHOWS   BUILDINGS   COSTING   S80OO   OB   OVER,     ON     WHICH     CONSTRUCTION     IS  UNDER WAY, OR ON WHICH CONTRACTS   HAVE   BEEN  I.ET  BUT   CONSTRUCTION   NOT   YET   STARTED.  Character     Cost  Hospital         323,000  6 to  10-sto cone bldg      300,000  7--to  cone  apmts $275,000  2-sto bank bldg      100,000  S-������to office bldg i..     300,000  10-sto hotel        528.000  S-sto offices            S5.000  7-sto cone stores & looms         50,000  Reservoii              15,245 25  Abater  extension          750,000  I-sto store & rooms .'..       3������ 00ii  4-sto cone store & looms        30.(10(1  Cmnent   .-.   ..       '10U.OOO  l-^iii bik apmts       .        I'iu.uho  :���������to  -tone & coin,   bldgs      7511.000  14-sto hotel 1,00'J.dOO  \\ arehnu-e    '. U3.niK'  F',,w.i    plant          500.00U  Uaithnu-e           So.000  {���������to   In k   apmts $1 I.OOi  5 ���������to  bik  stoie and  robms         60,000  (.--to  leinf-conc  hotel      lOOOOo  I���������to brk addn $   225 000  ictlj               171,000  5-sto store and ofiices      100.000  ���������oituete   ducks       1,000.000  i,- to   tone   hotel        50,000  V.lobe res           25,000  10���������tu cone apmts      400.000  0 sto .-.toie-room hldg $145,00(1  sto brk store & offc $30,000  S0.000  S-sto  brk   business   bldg.  ',- to garage  *      School   add        '.onsdale school bldg   7-sto  apmt   b.dg   I-sto  cone  im  hse........  t,-sto  bik   apmt  bldg   (i-sto bik  sto & rmg hse..  i-sto bik rmg hse   C- to Ink hotel.  75,000  r^ 53.000  42.000  135,000  35.000  125,000  SO.000  33,000  100,000  100,000  36.000  ���������   ��������� ������������������. , , ������-sto  bank  bldg.....   Increase  of   $79,385,   oi   over   one   hun-   ������.st0 conc gaiage   dred   per   cent      The     total     for     the r"-;---to ^hote^................     100.000  Mid to Cecil  Rhodes school..  twelve months of 1911 was $166,000.  so that building duiing the four montlis  <of 1912 Is nearly as .heavy as duiing  the whole of the pievious year.  'i-sto  cone   offices  "i-  to   eonc   wh,se   MiK   and   stone  school   >.-sH>  stee'  St brk  i r ig hse. . .    _  7-sto   apmts          100,000  Bute  &   Nelson Lrghthe.ut   Bic<  l-v(o  brk  sto  & apmts         55,000   Gore   and  Penddr    ..   ..'Lee   Koe  Location    ,  Buiraid & Comox Sisters of Chanty  Water & Abbott Sts Switt vt Co  Victoria    SyndiLate  Richaids, nr Hast..Can   Perm. Mor. Cor.  Pendoi & Homei Dom  Tiust Co  MeiMlle & Bunaid \V" H   Ramsey  509-15 Richard- St. .N. W   Can. Tru^t Co.  Gcoij-'ia  &  Hamilton  ..Heibert  Bentley  Burnaby      1 Burnaby  Svvnv>ui  Creek City of Vancouver-  Seyi'ioui   iz Davie Pri-ciIIa  Hunt  52 Coi'lova St   I-" D   Campbell  Point Giey....  Sisters  of Sacied  Heart  20 I i   tfeach  Ave    A    A.  Davidson  v'letona   B   C...  Provincial  Government  Geoigia and Gian wile C. P. R.  I'oot ol Howe St   Dominion  HundledKe River   Canadian Colleiies  Shanghai alh'V.Wood Vallarree & Ley^att  Pendrill Sz Gui'ford. . . .C T Tweedale  Hasting-, nr Columbia Seabold & Roberts  V'lctoil.'i     St   James Co, Ltd  llaio Sz Thurlow P .Agien  M. v c  ton      "... .Do'm   Gov t  Victoria :    T. N. Hi,bben & Co  \oiih    Vancouver   t.l0-12 Cordova ot     V  bhaui*hnessv Hts Mrs   D'-   Mackaj  GeoieTia Sz Hoir.by Mr. Evans  \12 f..r IIoim.r vt Duns. .W.Kon & Hairis  Homei  Sz Water ....  Ta tings   ������t   Thin icvv  and Albeini  Rhodes  school      L,oiv da'e   Thurlow and  Haio T   F. Paterson  Seymoui and Dunsmuii H  Pybus  1127   Rob,on Chas.   G.' Muller  Goie Sz Hastings Hoopei  & Snidei  563-5 Hamilton W. E  Hanson  Hastings and Dunlevy. .Dr. T. II  Wnson  Hastings and Main.   Molsons Bank  Victoiia         Met    Motor   Cai    Co  Abbott S: Pendrill. ..'/..     ..P   Mathews  Keefer & Gore ...Mrs. W. Sanford  City    School Boai ci  Pender Matron, McFarland & Proctor  Water   St McLean   Bros  12th and  Victorfa dr School  Boaid  /' Jos    Fell  W   Padmoie  . .Tnomp-on Bio  .... Ja-,.   Boil.ind  Beggo Auto Co   -:.Crty  100,000  7S.000  225,000  60.000  75.009    ._ _      75.HOU '500  blk.   Hastings  15  OPERA HOUSE FOR NELSON.  NELSON���������A new opera house, co-tin:,'  ?65,000, will  be built in  Nelson  bv   local ,,._ to lp)J   |)0U]-ati,i,  capitalists- - | 3-~ to  br)-  img h ,e .    I S-icom   -chool   lilil-f ������  Dm    dock      260.000 t'l n.ce  Rupert    G   T   P   R   R  Birakwater   lettv        300.000 l'ra-er   R,   Steveston,   B    C Govt  I-  to- brk  oflice  bldg  .'9,000 i Ot h  and  Main..- D   H.  Harris  ; hse bldg     75.000 Davie   and   Himllton. OfIs-Fen=ome  Co   | Thos    Hooper  fi-'to office bldg        85.000 Covet  st   Vietona     ..."   .._.__ ������������������   Thos   Hoopei  30.000 Tain   and. Main  13.000  'ov.'Pll  st  53,691    (i   L  ,101  Owner  Architect   ���������;....   Contractor  ��������������� Jf- Tegen Nor ton Gr rfilths  A   L. Shank J   McDiaimul & Co.  Hoult Horton      Not ton-Gnifltn.<  J   D. S. Taylor Peiio-Conc   Const. Co.  II    S.   Gnffiths Nortorr-Grifnihs   Co  - ��������� ������������������ Fen o-Conc. Const. Co  J  P  Mathieson & Son..   Dom   Const  Co  Stuatt Sz White Dominion Const. Co  Cleveland & Cameron  ..A   L  Olts & Co  \V. S   Lea Bunaid Engi. Co   et a!  <V  J,  ���������Klrd R-  "MaeLean vt  Co  Hugh Biaunton Egdell ,t bivon  c. ?.   ,J,3.af'Se*o- S    J.   Lund  \\"   P   White E   cook  r   M. Rattenbuiy..  MoDonaid vt Wilson  W. S   Paintei Skene & Chi u=tie  -, J   Mcbaii ninl vt Co  coin, any Giant-Smith   .t   Co  Da ton it Eveleigh     G. Snider it Brethoui  Sharp Sz Thompson U 111    .Muson  H  A  Hodgson R   MacLean vt Co.  Bieoeiiuinn vt Dur fee. \\ esiliolme Lbi Co  Qu.indt  &  Cieulzer. . .Owneis  will   build  _, ������������������ T.  F.  SnifJan  lhos. Hooper.   Sound Const   vt Engi    Co  ������������������    Noi ton   Gnfliths  R    J    MacDonald   Baj nes   it   Hone  \V.  A.  Doctoi EmIoII  & Dixon  L   b   Mitton Egdell  vt   Dl\on  D.ilton Si Eveleigh Bavne-i ii Ilonc  Stuait & White Bunaid  Con .t   Co  Parr, M< Ken^re vt Dav    ...   .B   David .01.  L   E  Goidon        Dom   Const   Supplj  Co.  N   A   Leoch    Robt. McLean & Co  Jameson & Blackadder.J E Wiight & Co  W. D   Van Siclen Dom   Cone *Co  II. L Stevens & Co. .11. L. Stevens & Co.  W  D   Van Siclen.. .Dom   Const  Co , Ltd  Thos. Hoopei Frantz Const   Co  W.   P    White Fiantz   Const.   Co  L  E  Gordon Dom. Const. Co , Ltd  H. L. Stevens Co H   L  Stevens Cm.  H    S    Griffith Adkin.son   &   Dill  A.   J.   B11 d R    McLean   Sz  Co.  Hugh   Biaunton E    G.   Albin  N   A. Leach McLain & Co.  Somervell & Putnam. .C. Feiro Conc Co.  Thos   Hooper Adkison  &  Dill  N    A    Leech McLain   Bros.  Pair, McKenzie & Day..   ..B. Davidson  2"* "erJv ���������    Owners  S   B   Birds   C. L   Williams  Co.   Engnr.s British   N   A   Const   Co.   Sinclair Const   Co  A    J.  Bird    Wiles &  Fishei  McDonald   &  Wilson  . Westholme Lbi   Co.  CAKNEQ..E STEEL BARS, PLATES ETC.,  REINFORCING STEEL  From stock and import  J  WILftENSGN COMPANY LifVfllTED.  846  Bench  Ave.       "                                                     -                        Phone   Sey.   7915  v We have them IN STOCK  Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, Transmission Etc.  PHONE:    SEY. 952,   VANCOUVER,  B.  C. ��������� 37-43 'ALEXANDER  ST.  Tlie Imperial Agencies Corporation  ELECTRICAL SUPPL'ES AND NOVELTIES        ,     CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  Phone Sey. 6122  /   VANCOUVER, B. C.        409 Hastings St. W.  (Rear)  Vancouver Roofing Co  ������.    Contractors For  Yar aqd Gravel Roofing. Darrfpproofing  Expert Rooflne Repairing  Sheet Metal Work of all Descriptions  ?ohne  Sey.  6949 407 Loo Bldg".  Factory, 1921 Triumpli St.   Sey. 4130R  Vacuum Cleaner. Blunts. Church,  Lodge and School Furniture. Theater  and Opera Cliftirs, "tVfetal Lookers  Ind  Office  Fixtures.    Wall  Bar)aps,  Eto.  Phone, Sey. 5476      5������2 Pender St. W,  Pertaining?  To Floors O-f  WOOD  VANCOUVER FLOOR CO,  *��������� . Hardwood  Floor  Layers  and   Finishers.  8th Ave. & Glen Drive Phone Fairmont 1612!  HEATING AND VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office Suite 614-615-616.  B-iik of Ottawa Building.  B.C. Screen & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,  SLIDING AND CASEMENT WINDOW SCREENS  CHURCH AMD LODGE FURNITURE ^  STORE AMD OFFICE FITTINGS . *  266  mfferin  Street  Bast Phone. Fairmont 1643 VANCOUVEB,  Bv  C.  Head Office  ^fl*,*  Branch.  310 Richards St.  ft?[]||[ilH"    Kerrisdafe 3, O,  Yd! % l x i rKW Phone Eburne 4(5 R  MAGEE  Phone Sey. 4105  D  McClaien     Townsend  vt Toun^end . F.   .1    Kvan  Mi    Sanguinetti     Owner E   J   Kvan  Citv   N A Leech BocKci, Campbell & Whipple  E. G. PARNELL  Fire and Burglar Proof Safes  Vault Doors  School desks and Opera chairs  Phono: Key. 1584        567 Hamilton St  CONCRETE   CONSTRUCTION  Cement   Walks,   Terrace   Steps,   Bank   Walls   and   Basement   Floors.  Phone   Sey.  6612R. E.   WESTLUND, Mgr. 1263 Hornby St.  IS  ===-  Esunfoam Vacuum  and  Vacuo-Vajjor Keating'  Systems  Aslc  for latest  Catalogue  and  . Farticnlars. ,  157 Water St. Phono: Sey. 5632.  J. A������  DEW Mi CO., Limited.  -  Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel  Office: Sey. 4534   : ��������� ~~~~~  429 PENDER STREET WEST                      Bunkers; Sey. 6751  If you v/ant any information or estimates on your  EIECTEICAIj  WOBK,  CAIi   TJF  Phone PBIHPffCUflirJEf  ?   PO 584  Seymour 534S       UnUlwnOIIKWn  fi<  Uil. Richards St.  Affents for "Aston Z" Tung-sten lamps, the Best on tlie Market  ��������� i >  I     4  . 1  1 ,  I  ii-.1,  gg^tl^^  '  '��������� iB������*������WvMf^TO(S*it3^ ������:������������������'****  ]H5S3232i^^  -��������� -   v^ ������,.  *     1   .  T**i  DAILY BUILDING RECORD  British Columbia  \l  Dominion Equipment & SuppBy Co.  '-"     CONTRACTORS'EQUIPMENT  Chain Belt Concrete Mixers, Wheelbarrows, Concrete  Carts, Concrete Elevators, Grading Machinery *  Large Stock Carried  GET OUR PRICES     ,_  Phone:   Sey. 7155  ARCHITECTS.  .Sey.  .bey.  8648  5974  Warehouse:  ^     Office:   508 Holden  Bldg.  345 Water St.  Tile GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., LIMITED  Wholesale Distributors of    *  Steam and Hot Water Boilers  Hot-Watery and   Steam   Radiators  Warm-Air Furnaces and Registers  566-570   BEATTY ST.  PHONES Seymour 759G-7597  SS3i  561'  42SS  489V  489.  710o  3510  5028  3921  North Vancouver*Coal & Supply Co., Ltd,  CEMENT,   SEWER   PIPE   AND  DEALERS   IN   COAL,   BRICK,   LIME,  GENERAL  BUILDERS' SUPPLIES.  Office 5G Lonsdale Ave.  Phones  198,  Wharf foot of St.  178.      -  George Ave.  Sill  I  PLUMBING," HOT   WATER AND  STEAM  HEATING, SHEET METAL  AND FURNACE WORK.  Warehouse  and  O.Tlce:  Esplanade..and St.  George's Ave.        , Phone 365  Alexander & Brown, Fairfield, Bldg.  Aldei  iz Campbell,'Exchange Bidg.  BadgGly, C.  D, Rlggr-Selman  Bldg   Barber & Barbei, Noith  Vancouvei.....'   Barker, H. M., Hutchinson B.dg Sev.  Bayly, G   M, Dom. Trust Bldg : Sey.  Bird, A. J., Winch Bldg Sey,  Birds, S. B., A.B.I.B.A., 205-6 Duncan Bldg- . . . Sey.  Blackaadei, H, North Vancouver   Blackmoie, E   E,  Loo  Bldg '...Sev.  Blair, David, 522 Pender W Sey.  Bowie, Geo. P, Bank: of Ottawa Bldg Sey.  Bowman, J. H., Crown Bldg Sey.  Braunton At Liebert, SI  Exchange Bldg Sey.   Bresemann & Durfee, Holden Bldg, Sz Victoria.Sey. 2202  Bryan,  Kennerley,  Crown Bldg.". Sey. 550S  Cox, Arthur A, Caiter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 6577  Dalton & Eveleigh, Davis Chambers Sey.    C62  Dawson,   J.  Holden-Bldg f ���������  Doctor, W. A., Metropolitan Bldg Sey. 6137  Dodd, W. M., Can. Bank of Commerce Sey. 69S5  Donnellan,   J.   J,   Riggs-Selman   Bldg; Sey 16015  Dutour,   J.   B,  Riggs-Selman   Bldg   Dewar, Andiew, 84 .Lonsdale, Noith Vancouver....  Fiaser, Kenneth, Metropolitan bldg ".Sey. 9096  Frlpp, R   MacKay, Hutchinson Bldg   Sey. 493.:  Gamble At Knapp, Davis Chambeis Sey   51  Gardiner, V,rm, Fiecllc, Hartney Chambers Sey. 2615  Gould   iz Champney   Rogers   Bldg.   ...'..   .. Sey. S441  Goodlellow. W  D, 303 %  Bastings St. W &ey   6691  Giant At Hendei-on,  Williams  Bldg Sey.  Gufr.th.3, H. S , Dom. Trust Isldg .   . ..        Sey.  Gaidiner & Mercer, K. S. A., New Westminster    ..  Gillani, W  C. F, Hutclun-on Bldg Sey  Haiiimei,  P,   1������34  Williams  St  . .   ,.  Hai greaves,  L   \V,  425  bay ward Bl.ig,  Victoiia  .earn Manfg  Co  FLOORING.  298 Prior St..  innville.  C   Hardwood Floor Co, 557 Gi  -{~C   Lumber Coip,  Ltd,   1605  Georgia  1. C   Supply Co., Doin   Trust Bldg   ,an  Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Rwy  Sz Salsfcury  Join. Sash'At Door Co, 2120 Cedar St   ;   H   Heaps & Co, 115 Victoria Drive   .lillwoik Supply Co, 1605 Main St   f   Fyfe Smrth At Co,  1320 Richards  ..Sey.  ..Sey  . Sey.  ..Sey.  ..Sey  ...Sev  ...Sey  Fair 95S-546  .Sey. HSU  1708  6853  6504  bid  6800  6136  8899  139.J  4320  6009  Heath, Gove A. Neuse, Metiopulitan Bld-g  Hel-vei   U Aicher, Doin   Trust Bldg   Heule, A   r    Metiopolitan Bldg -~      Hodgson, llt.gh A, cai ter-Cotton-Bldg  .  rJonevman vt Cm lis, S21 P���������snder W.. ,..   ..  Hoopei,  Thomas,   Winch   Bldg   Hope. A   Campbell, Empne Bldg   Hoiel & Robeits, 2">th AL Main st  .  Hoi ton & "Phipps, Pacrlic Bldg   Iloyt,   VV    T   S    709  Dunsmuii   St .   . ..     '  James,  C   D    Bank of B   -V   A   Jameson  & Duggan, 70s   Metiopolitan Bldg  EfcSGSNEEKS AND CONTRACTORS  544 Howe  St. Phones:   Sey.  1336,   7951  2M3  ..   bey   7!>o i  .    Sev.  lit'"  ..  Sey. 5311  .    Sey    fa 'do  ..  Sey   3 621  Sey   5351  .    Sey   5925  Fan   1 194-L  ..  Sey   7096  .    bej  .     Sey  Sey  Sey  Sey  Sey.  .     .     .Sey.  Vancouver.  ..    '.      Sey  .... Sey.   Sey.  .t-Ofc  953-  991  5021  HIS  442C  274C  439(1  75 lb  5122  Uilev  Hardware  Co,   2407   Faik  Drrve   Sev   GS70L  KEATING-���������EC1- AIR, STBAM AND VENTILATING.  '    BEST BUILDING  BRICK  * ,     <  THE  process  of manufacturing brick  is  a  very  important  matter.    Every  ' \brick turned  out of  onr latest improved  Berg--press  is  made  under   a  pressure of 400 TONS. .They are also cured ln cylinder under 120 pounds  steam pressure. ' , .  ABSORPTION of moisture is only from 8 to 10 per cent. This is a very lni-  " portrait feature in this climate. Oar "brick is being used in many important buildings. <  WE can supply brick of all kinds and colors.    Our prices are right,  to get our figure before closing' order.   Von wii} save money.  Be sure  Jones,  Cl.iude 1J,  Hutchinson   Bldg  Jones Sz Aspell, liaitnej  Climbs and No   Van  Kaufruaan,  it. B., Davis   Cnanibers..   ..  Keagej,   1.  \\r, 821 Pendei   St   W     ...     .  Koalas, N. A., No.  .VUiLuie Ac 1 o\, Pacific Bldg  .   .   .  Mathe-on, J   P, iz Son, 532 Gianville  Milton ^11   Manlev,   Williams   Bldg  Mobeig, Otto,   12 Inns ot  Com t Bldg  Fan    AicKen^ie Sz Day, 570  Gianvnle St '.   ..'Sey  Peilcms, 1*. H., Hutchinson Eldg Sey,  Peity   &  Nieolais,   Pacific   Bldg Stj  Pracna,   A    B,   821   Pender  St    W Sey . ..   ...  W. D.'O. K. Rochfort, 407 Foinberton Bldg., Victoria, 1804 Dunham  Systems,  157  Watei   St  eUilo.nei, H   S, Riggs-Selman Bldg  .     .      -ruiiiev Foundiy i^o, Ltd, 566-70 Beatty  Prudential Builders, Ltd., 101 Dufferin St   W..Fair 101  FURNACE AND SHEET METAL.  \cme Plumbing Sz Htg  Co, 131 10th Ave. E...Fair. 535  irmstiong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave W Bay.    296  I. E  Campbell At Co, 1064 Pender St   W. Sey. 2736  Grandviow Sheet Metal Wks... 1729 Venables. .Sey. 5284  umey Foundry Co, Ltd., 566-70 Beatty. .Sey. 7596-7597  folinston-Thompson  Co,  525 -Burrard  SL Sey. 7899  >   L  Kelling & Co.. r>05 Pender St Sey. 8228  Pease Pacific Foundiy, Ltd., 324 Drake St Sey. 8397  Vancouver   Rolling Co, 407 Loo Bldg        Sey."1 6949  Western Plumb  Co, Esplanade & St  George.N. V.      36  GALVANIZED IBON WORKS.  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1510 5th Ave W ',  Giandview Sheet Mecal Wks, 1729 Venables  /ancouver Roonng Co,  107 Loo Bldg r.  GAS   APPLIANCES.       '  Burnside Gas AppI   Co, 1037-9 Gianville St.  ..allei   Kinsey, HGG Gianville St    ,   . ancouvei- Gat. Co, 10 Hastings St  E   GLAtfS���������Ajl.Ii  1TINDS.  Jogardus, "dickens, uptzg, Ltd. 70 Coidova W, Sey  6S75  \m  .\   O'Neii iz Co , o*5-50 Seymoui  St..Sey   4795-479S  jtandaid   Glass  Co,   j-td,   S29  Barnaid Sey. C47C  veU   Plate Glats iz Imp   Co,  153 Coidova E Sey   4674  \i.co.\  Art  Glass,  l-nl  Broadway W Bay. 245  HJi.j*DWOOD TLOCIIS.  i   C   Hardwood Flour Co,  557 Granville Sev.  6S5.1  an < Pac   Lumbei  l. v., Ltd , Rvv j   &. Sals buij . .Sey   6S00  ailP,  E   A ,  iz Co ,  532  Pendei   St   "W      Sey   5416  ^   II   Heapo &. Co,  j.15  Victoria Diive Sey   SS90  .Vm   N   O'-Veil Sz Cu , 54S-50 Sejmoui St. .Sey   4795-179o  J   Fyfe Smith Sz Co,  1320 Richaids     Sey   1196  ���������lillwoik Supply Co, 1005 Main St    ...Pali  95S-5 16  .'ancouvei Flooi Co , Sth Ave and Glen Dme  .Fail   1612  HAWDWOOD IitTHLSER.  i   Fyfe Smith Sz v.o ,  1320  Richaids 'Sey. 1196  HARDWARE.  Bay.  Sey.  Sey.  Sev.  bi-y  296  6281  2015  3/04  'oOoZ  .sey. 5000  vcme Plumbing <a Htg Co, 131 10th Ave  umst.on^ A: Wolte, 1540 oth Ave \V. . .  "air & Andeison,  114  Hastings  St   W...  Ian    537|R  Bay.    2 Ufa  .Sey   61S0  472S JLin-skle Gas Appliance Co, 1037-9 Gianville    Sey. 3704  S9U1 Jan   BuUalo Foige Co   (G  A   Biovvning, 1201 Albemi St  102.1/1   12   Campbell Ao <_o_,__ 10i>l Peruler St   W .Sey   27.it)      .Sey   563  .&ey. 7596-7597  F. T. Crowe &~Co.. 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 9422'  .Newton <fc Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, U8 Gran Sey.-139'i  Victoria. 1326 Wharf St 887  'ancouver  Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg      Sey. 6949  Urn  .N. u'JNeii Ai Co, 54t>-.")0 Seymour .St. .Sey. 4795-4798 ,  PARTITIOIT���������riREPROOF. '  F  T  Crowe Sz Co., 312 Pacific Bldg;^^T....".. .Sey. 9423 ,  Cvans, Coleman Sz Evans, Ft. Columbia. .��������� ....Sey. 2988  J Gardiner Johnson Sz Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147"  Win. N  O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Wm  C. Thomson Sz Co., 319 Pender St  W Sey. 3394  Ritchie Contr. & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  '       PATENT BEDS.      j     _, , "   " '  Holmes-DIsap. Bed Co., 319 Pender Sey. 642f  Perfect Con   Bed Co., 570 Granville... ..Sey. 6091'   '  Reversible Cons. Bed Co, Holden Bldg Sey.  168(    '  PAYING.  Columbia Paving Co.,  1263  Hornby, St Sey. 6612tf   '  PLASTER.     .  Balfour, Guthrie & Co, Winch Bldg '. .Sey.'lS7-592{  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 298V  Great West Sand Sz Gravel Co., Ltd.. 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  F. T   Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 9422    ���������  No Van Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-178  Wm. N  O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour. St. .Sey. 4796-4798 _  Point Giey Supply Co, 310 RlGhards St Sey.  4105  Ritchie Contr. vt Sup  Co, Ltd, Gian  St Bridge, Sey. 9162  ohover Ao Thomas, 959 Main St Sey   13G51  PLASTER   BOARD. v        ''���������',,  B  C  Supply Co, Dom   Tru-t Bldg'. Sey. 6161  T   Crowe vt Co, 312 Pacific Bldg , Sey.  9422  J Gaidinei Johnson Sz Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9116-9147  \o Van Coal & Supplv Co ,.50 Lonsdale,. .N V-198-171  Win  N   O'Neil Sz Co , 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798,  ,\'ni  C  Thomson .t Co , 319 Pender St   W Sey   3354 >  Ritchie Conti   AL Pup  Co , Ltd, Cian  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  PLASTER PARTITION BLOCKS.  B  C  Supply Co', Dom   TrusfBldg   Sey   6161  J  Gaidinei Jonnson vC Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  '   T   Cid7,e & Co, 312iPacific Bldg Sey   9422     '  '.Heine Conti   & Sup  Co , J^td, Gran   St Bridge, Sey, 9162     -,  t     PLASTER���������ORNAMENTAL. ,' , '  C Gardiner Johnson & Co', Johnson's Whf, Sev 91 16-9147 '  O   R   Momson.  712  Richards  St Sey   2351-2152      "  Wm  N  ONeil & Co, 518-50 Seymour St    Sev   17D5-4798  Ritchie Conti. <������. Sup  Co , Ltd  Gian   St Bridge, Sey, 9102   *  ,'   PLASTIC   FLOORING. . '     '  Raecolith  rioonng Co,  301  Pacific  Bldg Sey   8144' "  ' FIOS���������IRON AND  TIN.   , " *n        -a.  i3alfour, Guthne & Co , Winch Bldg / Sey   187-5929  "  Gaidinui ,J,ohn?on & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sev 9146-9147  V. Winch Sz Co ,  279-1941  Sedger, Thos   D, 512 Bastion Squaie, Victoiia   944 \   G   Langiey & Co, Ltd,'319 Penden W Sev  Shaip & Thompson, ������Id bale Bld^ .- ..  Spy. 106 J Pease Pacific Foundiy, Ltd , 321 Diake St  ancoover presse  dmilh A: Goodfellow, 303% Hastings W Sey. 6614  Someivel!   &  Putnam,   Pacific  Bldg..1 Sey   6230  Stioud, Angus B, Cai tei -Cotton Bldg   Sey. S46I?  Stuart 8c White, Metiopolitan Bldg Sey. 8649  Taj lot, JDS, Bovver  Bldg Sej. 8314  Thornton  vt Jones,  Old Sate Bldg   Sey.    810  Townsend <������. Townsend, 520 Gianville  Sey. 1770  TwU/ell,   R   P.  S,   Metropolitan  Bldg..: Sey   7926-  Van Siclen, W  D, Canada Life bldg    Wallington At Wheatley. Davis Chambers   Watson, H  B, Holden Bklg  Sey   3451  White, W. P.. Hutchinson Bldg    Sey. 873S  VVhitevvay,   W.   T,   Molsons   Bank   Sey. 3029  Wkkenden, C. O, 1062 Pender St  W ' Sey. 1744  Wilson, John,  221  Penibei ton Bldg, Victoria 1592  Wright.  Rushfoith  & Calnll,  709 Dunsmuir. ..Sey.  2S09  Wright & Mclntvre, Dom. Tiust Bldg Sey. 8413  Wentcm Bungalow Co , Dom   Trust Bldg Sey   1S56  ENGINEERS.  Robinson,   L    G,   211   Holden   Bldg    .'    ., ..     Sey   3112  .Sey  .1������.<1  S397  HOISTING ENGINES.  ,v BRICK",  ART  STONE,   CEMENT  LAUNDRY  TUBS  PHONE:  FAIRMONT 101 COR. DUFFERIN  AND  MANITOBA STS.  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   AND '.BUYERS'  GUIDE.  /  p. o.  Box 546  J.   P           ,   ..  . _       ..    _  Specialist in Portiand and Other Cements  SR !  CEMENT TSSTING   , , Phone Sey. 7255R  ., B-. C. S. Eiig. M. A. C. S.  Expert Adviser on Building^Materials, Etc.  ;' ^HE^nCAL ANALYSIS    "     -.  883 Burrard Streot  VANCOUVER,   B.  POLYGON CONCRETE MIXERS, BUILDERS' HOISTS AND DERRICKS.  New  and   Secondhand  Contractors'  Plant  >}" -  319   Pender   St.   W.  Rhone  Sey. 6910  :.;    Pease Pacific Foundry Limited.  Manufacturers of  ''ECONOMY"  Warm .Air  Furnaces���������School  Heating   Apparatus���������Hot Water   and  Boilers, Registers, Radiators, Pipe Fittings,  Eto,  Office and Warehouse:   324 Drake St. Phone Sey. 8397  Steam  i  i   C  Equip. Co. (iu6-7 Bank of Ottawa.. .Sey   7056-781u  .   G   Blackwell, li>6 Ale\andei  St Sey   3 733  an   Equip   & Sup   Co , Ltd ,i Pac. Bldg..  Sey   2330-502i  ^.anada Foundiy co, Ltd, 1065 Pender St Sey   5710  Heniy Darling,  28 Powell  St Sey.  512  rtaliinan Machmeiy Co, Ltcr, 37-13 Alexander.  Sey. 953  nobt. Hamilton Sz Co, Bank of Ottawa Sey.    383  Uussens/ Limited,  365 Watei   St Sey   821.  itltchle Contr & bup  Co, Ltd, Gian  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  stTumbert-Vlrtue i& Co.,  319  Pender St   W .  Sey   6910  Van. Machinery Depot, 1155 6th Ave   W...Bay. 470-471  INTERIOR  FINISH. _      i  WESTERN MARBLE AND TILE CO.  British and Foreign Rfiarbie and Onyx  Office and Works, 3149 Main St, ' Plione Fair. 810  Vancouver, B. O.  CANADBAN BUFFALO FORGE CO., LIMBTED.  Fans, Keating and Ventilating Apparatus, Spjro Steam Turbines  Pumps and Air Washers  G. A. Browning Vancouver, B. C. 1261 Alberni St.  ARCHITECTURAL TERRA COTTA.  F. T. Ciowe vt Co, ill Pacilio Bldg Sey   9422  V\ m   N. u 'Jveil Sz Co, Ltd, 54S Seymour   st..Sey 'iiiiu  Wm   C   Thomson iz Co    319 Pundei   St   W  .  Sey. 3391  Ritchie Contr. Ac bup  Co, Ltd, Gian  St Biidge, Sey, 9ib2  ASPHALI   F2uLT.  Vancou-ver Roofing co    407   Loo  Bldg :...Sey. 2015  BLUE   PRINTING.  Aivhlbald   Moir & Co,  216 Jumpne Bldg   Sty   537S  Clcy Map At White P/int Co, 432 Coidova' W. .Sty 6t,u3  Coiiimeicial Blue Pilnt Co,  329 Seymoui  St..Sey   5i".s  BRICK���������ALL   KINDS.  Anvil Island Buck Co, Anvil Isiand, Howe Sound,'B   C e  .vlil.vvoilv bupplj  Co., 1605 Main St Fan  95S-546  Coa.iv bluue Lilclv Co, Ltd ,*1008 Metiopolitan bey. 8450  F. T   Ciowe &- Co, J12 Pacihc Bid-; bey   9 122  Lvai.a, Coleman A, Lvano, i't   Columbia   Sey   2iihb  Gieav West band A: Giavel Co, Ltd , 1029 Main, bey S4ul  J GviUmei John-on A. Co, Johnson's Will, Sey 9146-914"  \o van Coal Ac'Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .N V 19S-17S  Wm   .v   OiNeilAiCo, 51S-50 beymoui bt..Sey   4795-4i9i  Point Giey bupplj Co, 310 Richaids bt bey   4105  Poit Haney Buck Co, 015 Hastings St. W.. . Sey 1389  Ritcme (.onti Ac bup Co , Ltd, Gian bl Budge, Sey, 91b2  Van   Pies'd Bik A. btone,  Ld,  ������01 Dultei in  \v    Farr   101  R. V. Winch vt Co, Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey   279-1944  BUILDING FELTS AND PAPERS.  F. T. Ciowe At Co, 312 Pacific Bldg  Sey   9422  Hem y Dai ling, 2S Powell St.. .*-, * faey. 51  Milivvoik bupply Co/lbOj Alain St Fail  95S-546  JCvans, Coleman A: Lvans, Ft. Columbia .: bey. 29iib  C  Gardinei Johnson Ac Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  D   It   Momson,  712  Richaids  St Jaey    2151-2152  Wm. C Thomson Sz Co 319 Pendei St W.. bey. 3394  Vancouvei    Roofinr Co, 407  Loo Bidg Scj    6ul9  Wm, ... OAeli iz Co, d4o-5U  bujinoui  St..bey   lii5-479i>  BONDS���������-SVRETY.  Lon. & Blit. N. Am "Co , Ltd, 543 Pender* W. .Sey   62S6  It.   V.  W men Ac Co, Ltd.,  Winch Bldg ,"-Se\^  219-1944  CEMENT.  Balfoui, Guthrie & Co, Winch Bldg Sey. 187-5929  Canauian Bulldeis bupply Co, 1UU1 Geoigia ..Sey. 7175  i . T   ciowe Ac Co, 312 Pacilic Bldg...'...".... .sey. 912  Evans, Coleman At Evans, Ft. Columbia bev   29t>h  viieat \v est sand Ao vji Avel Co , Ltd , 1029 Main, bey SlUi  C Gaidiner Jolnison Ao Co, Johnson's U hi, buy U 146-y 14,  .vliliwoik bupply L.0 ,  10U5 Mam bt !��������� ail   955-54'j  .No Van dial Ac bupply Co., 00 Lonsdale,.tN��������� *������ 19*s-17*.  ,v in ^ ONeil Ai-Co, 54i>-50 bij muui ot..bey 4795-179!>  point Giey bupply Co, 310 Hiciiaids bt. .  bey   4luo  Ititchifa v^onti   Ac bup  Co., Ltd, Gian  St Bridge, bey, 91t>-  u   v*. Winch Ac Co., Ltd, Winch Bidg   toe.,   2i!i-1944  ClfiVlElVi?  TiSSTIlvTO   AND   ASSAYING.  I ulkeribuig Ao Laucks, Ltd, 152 Tiounce Alley, faey   71 *ii-  wiiBiit,  J    V, bS3  Buriaru  tot bey   72051  CONCRETE   MIXERS.  C   Equip. Co, bUb-7vBaniv ot Otiav.a..  Sey. 7056-7S1.-.  Beam Manfg. Co, 298 Pi ior St Sey   1708  C   G   Blackvvell, 108 Alexander St Sey   173o  13   C   Lumber  Corp,  Ltd,   1606  Georgia Sey. 6504  Jan   Pac   Lumber Co , Ltd., Rwy  Sz Salsbuiy. .Sey   680u  Dom   Sash Sz Door Co ,,2120 Cedar St     Sey   6136  o\ H   Heaps Sz Co, 115  Victoiia Drive     Sey   8890  ; Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914  Vlihwoik bupply Co., 1605 Main bt Fair 958-5.b  .v'm N O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Sevmour St Sey. 4795-1791  Kite hie Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd, Gian St Bridge, Soy, 91b2  A m C Thomson vt Co , 319 Pender St W. ... Sey 3394  '.'ancouver Flooi Co , Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Fai>   1612  IRON   AND   STEEL���������STRUCTURAL.  Jan   Equip  & Sup  Co, Ltd, Pac   Bldg  ..bey   2330-5021  Canada Foundry  Co., Ltd,  1065 Pendei  bt Sey. 5710  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey   298s>  C Garuinei Johnson & Co   Jonnson's \A hf, Sey 91^6-9147  A   G   Langiey <fc Co, Ltd,  319 Pender W Sey   3892  Ritchie Contr Ac Sup Co , Ltd. Gran bt Bridge, Sey, 91G-  Wm. N   O'Neil At Co, 5IS-50 Seymoui St  .Sey   47*15-479"-  Wilkinson Co,"Ltd, 846 Beach Ave   Sey   7915  IRON  AND   STEEL���������ORNAMENTAL.  &   Blackvvell, 108 Alexander  St    Sey   173o  B   C   Supply Co , Dom   Trust Bldg Sey   6161  Can   4.0.Uip   ������. Sup   Co, Ltd, Pac   Bldg      Sey   2^30-5021  Canada loundiy  Co, Ltd,  10bo Pender  bt ...   Sey   57it  F   T   Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg.     .  Win   N  ONen & Co , 511-60 Seymoui Sr..bey  vym   C  Thomson & Co., 319 Pendei  St   W   .       bey   J3'  iviiv-nie Contr & Sup  Co    Ltd, Gran   St Bridge;- Sey, 910  LATH-���������DLETAL. ,    <  iJ  G   Blackwell, 108 Alevandei St Sey   17i  F   T   Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. <I42  ^<vn   Equip   Ac Sup   Co, Ltd, Pac   Bldj...  Sey   2330-502  Lvans, Coleman Ac Cvans, Ft   Columbia     Sey   2'Ji  ^ Gardinei Johnson A. Co, Joiinvon's Whi, Sey 9116-911  ,o^R Morrrson, 712 Richards St ... Sey 2151-215  ,\m N U Neil Ac Co, 5iS-ri0 Seymour St. Sey 1795-479  Point Giev Supply Co, 310 Richaids St .. ..Sey 110  titcnie Conti. <yc Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 916  LATH���������WOOD.  Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey  PIPE���������SEWER. ���������       ,        ' '  JJom   Glared Cem   Pipe Co ,'Domi Tr   Bldg... Sey.   82S6  Avails, Coleman AcEvans, Ft   Columbia Sey   2988  ' '  J  Gaidirei Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9116-9147  Vo  Van   Coal & Supply, Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .N.  V. 198-178   ,  Point Giey Supply Co, 310 Richaids St   Sey.,4105.  titchie Conti   Ac Sup  Co, Ltd, Gian  St Biidge, Sey, 9162,  R  V. Winch vt Co, Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey   279-1944      > ���������  PLUMBING.      C  -- '<  'cine Plumbing & Htg   Co, 131 10th Ave. J3 ..Fair. 537  vrmstiong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave W Bay.    296       ',  Barr  vt Anderson,  114 Hastings SL  W   Sey. 61i5l������  I   E   Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St   W Sey   2736  .rirrney Foundry Co, Ltd, 566-70 Beatty. .Sey. 7596-7597 ,    "  lohnston-Thompson  Co,   625   Burrard St Sey   7899  3   L  Kelling & Co ,-505 Pender St..' Sey.  8228  Valter Kinsey.  1366 Gianville St Sey.'9053 r  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour SL Sey '4468  Murray Bios.,  721  Main St...,.'. Sey. S614 <r  Western Plumb  Co . Esplanade & St  George.N.,V.      366 x      '  RADXATORS  AND BOILERS.  Canada Toundry Co,, Ltd, 1065fPender St Sey. 6710  Gumey Foundry Co, Ltd, 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7696-7597  Haliman Machinery Co, Ltd, 37-43 Alexander. .Sey   953       o       t  Robt -Hamilton & Co , Bank of Ottawa Sey     387 '  \   G   Langiey & Co, Ltd,  319 Pender W. Sey. 3891  Van. Machinery Depot, 1155 6th Ave   W...Bay   470-471'   .  Pease Pacific Foundiy, Ltd , 321 Drake St   *        Sey. 8397  <        ROOFING COMPOSITION. '     '  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St Sey.  511  Cvans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey "298i  C Gardinei Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9145  Newton Si Gieei, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran ...Sey.  1391  .   -  Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887  Wm N O'Neil At Co, 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey 4795-4798  Pvaecolith Flooring Co, 301 Pacific Bldg., .*.. .Sey * 8144  ivitchie Contr & Sflp Co , Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 9162  Wm  C  Thomson & Co.. 319 Pender St W Sey43394(jf"'W.i1(1w  'A  Tiov  Roofing  Co,   814   Metropolitan SpV.',.  Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg N     Seyy6949j.  ,"       ROOFING���������SHEET   METAL. "    .5^ ' ^fPfiF *������ '  (See Cornice and Roofing) o'-Tcrl^.'^A.r.fo  ^      ROOFING MATERIAL. -       '4,>jm 4-'-.  .    .  G  Blackwell, 108 Alexander St Sey.-'1733 ' W^  T   Ciowe Ac Co    312 Pacific Bldg Sey.-9422   r't������$''j*h   *������  '*,   'l|  Guiney.Foundrv Co, Ltd, 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597  Sev.  170  bey.  fa'ou  bey  68u  bey  bl3  Sey  889  CONTRACT, JUDICIAL AND FIDELITY BONDS  EMPLOYERS, PUBLIC, TEAMS AND AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY INSURANCE. PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND HEALTH  INSURANCE, PLATE GLASS, BURGLARY, MOTOR BOAT,  STEAM BOILER, SPRINKLER LEAKAGE, REGISTERED  MAIL, TOURISTS' BAGGAGE, COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS'  SAMPLES AND FIRE INSURANCE.  London t British North America Co., Ltd.  WITH WHICH IS INCORPORATES  i-ViaRion, iVIcFarBaeid & Procter, Ltd.  Phone sey. 6286 /        , 543 Pender Street West.  VANCOUVER, B. C.      .  v,an~ lMiuitj'Ai blip   Co, Ltd, Pac. Bldb      bey   2330-502.  v.anada lounuiy co, Ltd,  lUbo Penile!  bt    .   .bey   5  Sey  2S6S  Sey  104S Main Street.  Vfin^mivpr  Rr-'O:  ii  Robt. Hamilton"Ac Co, Bank ot Ottawa      bey     ib.  .v   G   Lu.ii0iey Ac Co, Ltd,  31U i'endei   W . ���������.  bv-y   ib\>  Mu-isen-.,  Limited,  Jb5  \v utel   st 'bey    623  Wm   Jjs   ONen Ac Co, 548-oiJ ai.vniour St    bej. 4i95-479t-  Ritchie Contr  Ao bup  Co, Ltd, Gian  bt Bndte, bey, 91b.  atluiubeil-Viitue  A.  Co,   319   PelivlOl   bt    \\   . .faej     bUl.  CONTRACTORS,   BRICK.  Dixon  Sz Sutton,   1024 Giaveloy- St Sey. S5051  CONTRACTORS���������GENERAL.  vim&tiong, .Momson di CO,  Ltd,  bowel  Bltlg.   Soj.  IS.ib  B   C   Gian   .t Conti    Co.,  Evcli.mge  Bldg bttj    Iln.  Buuliid  Const   Co,  301   Pacific  Bklg bey   8111  Dominion  Const   Co,  433 Homer st Sej    197o  .vvuDiii ,un,   L    G,   2ii   lioiuen    Bidg . bi.y    311.  1 incii, A   .\ , 20. '-. Cai tei-oooton Bldg boy. lib.  CO-lTR.iCTOIv.ii���������M-.SON.  io,an    At Amoi    conn   Ao inv    Co..  Ltd        t  CONTRACTORS���������P^IlNTING  AND   DECORATING.  Muipliv,  Ja,,  Ac bon,. 112  Crown Uildg... Sey. b70.  I COU'l'AAir'i.'OaS���������Tli^ii���������TEaRAZfriO. ,  B. C. Supplv Co., Dom.. Trust Bldy . .. ...Sey. 6161  Canada Alo-aio  TiiO Co.,  1318   Wharf St,-Victoria. .1046  J. Lbiioii Ac Co,  513 Hamilton St...;'....... ..Sey.  473u  IJ.  R.   Moirison,  712 Rionai>Is   St.. ..;... .Sey.  2151-215.  v\'m. N. O'jNeil At Co., 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479r-  "Win. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender bt. \V..'.. .Sey; ,33n ���������  Van. Marine & Tile Co., 848 Beacln Ave!...... .Sey.; luli  Western Marble & Tile Co., 3149 Ma.in St.... : .Fair. 81u  CORNICE 'AND ROOFING.  Armstrong & Wolfe, 164U 5th Ave  W .... .���������: .. .Bay.    29G  Grandvlew Sheet Metal Wks.,  1729 Venables. .Sey. 5284  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St.. ;..'.-.... ...Sey. 445>  Troy   Koohnc  Co.,;v814   Metropolitan..;...;.. .Sey. 7417  Vancouver   Roo  ng Co,'407 Loo Bldg...;..;,..........Sey. 6949  Western i'iuh.u   Co;. Ksplanaile At rfl. George.'N. V..     3b.  ELECTRICAL    CONTRACTORS.     '  Alltree & Churchland,  976 Granville ' St..;....Sey. 270i  Cope  At Son,  338  Hastings-St.   W.:.....;.'... .Sey. 86O1.  Cruickshank & Co., 534 Richards St..........; .Sey.'634b  Elec. Construction Co., 544, Howe St. ...J;'. Sey. 1336-795;  Imperial  Aguj-s Corp.,  314' Pacific Bldg....; ...Sey. 612-  Jarvis At Call, 570 Richards St/, v .. ...,;.,.Sey. 1406  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES.  Alltree'At Churchland, -976  Granville  St.... .. .Sey. 2707  Cruickshank At Co.,  5S4  Richards-  St....:    ;...Sey. 6348  Chapman  Ai  Walker,  448- Seymour St........Sey. 937!'  Cope & Son,  338 Hastings* St -TV..-..���������.'.'...'... .Sey. 8600  Elec. Construction Co.; 544 Howe St. Sey. 1336-7951  Imperial   Agcys   Corp.,   314   Pacific . Bldg. . Sey..6122  No. Elec  At Mnfg Co., Ltd., 313  Water St... ...Sey; 7400  ELEVATOR CABS AND ENCLOSURES. '  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd.,  1065  Pender St. ./.Sey. 5710  F. T.  Crowe At Co., 312  Pacific   Bidg ..'..Sey.  942:'  Wm. N. O'Neil it Co., 548-5U Seymour St. .Sey. 47!)5-47!i.v  Ritchie Contr. At Sup. Co.. Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  FIRE   CLAY.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Wincn   Bldg. ..Sev. 187-532'J  F. T. Crowe At Co., 312 Pacific  Bldg. .. .'...Sey. 9422  lOvuns,  Coleman & Evans,  Ft!,'Columbia. .'."���������'.. .'.Se.y. "298,-  C. Gardiner Johnson Ac Co... Johnson's Whf, Sey'91-16-914',  IJ.   R   Morrison, .712  Richards   St.... .... .Sey.   2101-2151'  No. Van. Coal At Supply Co., 56 Lon'sda'le..;.N. V. 19S-17X  Wm. N. O'Neil At Co., 548-50 Sevmour St..Sey. 4795-479S  (titchie Contr. At Sup Co.. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  beam Manfg  Co , 298 Prior St   ii   C   Lumber  Coip,  Ltd.   1605   Geoigia......  . an   Pai.   Lumbei  Co, Ltd, Rwv  Ai Salsbuiy,  join   Sadh Ac Door Co, 2120 Cedar Si   ,.   H   fleapn Ai Co, 115  Victoiia Diive     Uillvvoik bupply Co, 1605 Main St Tail  958-51  Vo   Van   Coal At Supplj  Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .N.  V   198-17  Point Giey Supply Co, 310 Richaids St Sey.'410  LIME.  Balfour, Guthrie At Co, Winch Bldg Sey. 187-59.  Canadian Builders Supply Co,  1901  Geoigia  .  Sey.  ."li  F. T   Ciowe Ac Co, 312 Pacific Bldg 'bey.  94.  avails, Coleman Ac Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey   29!>  oJreat We^t band At Giavel Co , Ltd, 1029 Mam, Sey. S4  .  Gaiu.nei Johnson Ac Co , Johnson-. W lit, bt.y 911b-91r  No   Van  Coal At bupplv Co, 56 Lonsdale,.  N   V   19S-1.  ,\ m   N   ONeil Sz Co, 04o>-b0 Seymoui  tot..Sey   4735-47*  Point Giey Supplv Co, 310 Richaids St Sey.  411  Pacific Lime Co , Pacific Bldg 'Sey   950  ititclue Conti   At bup  Co, Ltd, Gran  fat Budge, toej, 9Ji  siiovci  At Thomas, 959 Main St     bey   13(  V. Winch AL Co, Ltd, Winch Bldg     Sey   279-19)  LIME���������H7DRATED.  F   T   Ciowe At Co, 312 Pacilic Bid*,      Sey. 94.  .vans, Coleman Ai Evans, It. Columbia.     .     .bey    :')>���������  Jieat We-t band Ac Giavel Co, Ltd , 102;i Main, Sey  i>t*  vjaidinei Johnson At Co . Johnson's Will, bey  9116-Uj-i  taulir Lime Co , Pacific bids Sey   !)5u  indue Conn   AL bup  Co. Ltu   Gian  St Budge, Sey, 91 ���������  LUMBER AND  SHINGLES  iJairour, Guthrie At Co, Winch Bldg Sey   1S7-59-  licala Manlg   Co,  298 Pi 101   St bey    liO  (    C   Lumber  Coip,   Ltd,   1605   Geoigia...   .   Sey. 65t  an   Pac   Lumbei  Co, Ltd, Rwy   Ao balsbui y. .Sey   680  Henry Darling,  28 Powell  St Se"y.r 512  Evans, Coleman At Evan-*, Ft. Columbia Sey.-2988  C GiidniPi  Johnson & Co   Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Se.>    9122 ve-v, ton At Gieer, Ltd, Vancouver, J18 Gran    ..Sey. il397  4795-47!, Victoiia, 1326 Wharf St 887  titchie Contr At Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey,,9162  .dwaid Tiinmons, 838  7th  Ave   W..., Fair 1257  Vm. C Thomson At Co, 319 Pender Si   W.-. Sey   3394  i'iov  Roonna-  Co,   814   Metropolitan Sey "-,7417j  rancouver   Roofing Co,   107 Loo Bldg Sey.~6949i  iVestem Plumb   Co , Esplanade At St   George.N. V       365'  SAFES���������VAULT  DOORS.  ">   R   Momson    712   Richards  bt Sey.   2151-2152  N'o'uis Sale At Lock fio , 330 Coidova W Sey. 2447    '  Robt   Hamilton At Co, Bank of Ottawa Sey   .'383  i0   G   Painell, 567 Hamilton St Sey' 158'  Vm. N  O'Neil At Co    548-60 Seymour St    Sey   4796-47**  SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK.      ;       y ^  Canadian Builders Supply Co, 1901 Georgia  ..Sev   7171./'' "J  I   A   Devvar Co, 429 Pender St. \V Sey.  4534-1175  Gieat West Sand At Giavel Co , Ltd , 1029 Main, Sev '849S  J Gaidinei Johnson At Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9l46-ill4i  Vo   Van  Coal At Supplv Co, 56 Lonsdale,:  N. V   198-171    i'  Point Giey Supply Co. 310 Richaids St Sey. *410 *'   ,.  Producers" Rock At Grav. Co, Vancr,  Front At Manitobt  '  Victoria, store ft Chatham ^   ,,  Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gian  St Bridge  Sey, 9162, '-  Shover Ac Thomas, 959 Main  St   Sey   1365  Vancouvei Sand At Gravel Co. ft  Victoria Dr.  Sey. 5161  SASH,  DOORS,  WINDOWS,  ETC.  Beam Manfg  Co , 298 Prior St   i    C   Lumber Coip,   Ltd,   1605  Georgia  ....  an   Equip  At Sup   Co, Ltd. Pac   Blidg.    Sey  ^an   Pac  Lumber Co, Ltd., Rwy  At S.Usbury.  Oom   Sash At Door Co, 2120 Cedar St   j. H   Heaps At Co ,  115  Victoria Drive   Uillwoik bupplv Co., 1605 Main St   Vm   V   O'Neli At Co    548-50 Sevmour St  *\'**  "rV  -W/'iSj*-;  V        o  Sey.-1708 , ,  Sey. 6504 ' .  2330-6023'>  Sey 6800 h,  .. .Sey 6136 ^  ...Sey "8890 ,  Fair 958-S46 ..  Sey   4796-4798 ^'  Terminal Lmbr At Shgl. Co, 308 Cotton Bldg    .Sey. 79971  SHINGLE  MANUFACTURERS  AND   DEALERS;  jum   fc>a--li At Door  Co, 2120 Cecal   bt .  liliwoilv bupplj   Cu , 1605 Main St..   ..  .   II   jicapj At Co,  115  Victoiia Diive.  ,o   1'av   Lbi   Co, Ltd, rOth AL rvrbutus  1 oint Gioj  Supplv Co, 310 Rich.ud-, fat  I'ludcnli.il liundeis, ltd,  101 DulCeiin bt  vV  v'eimiiiui Lmbi  Ac bhgl   Co, 30b Cotton Bldg  MACHINERY.  Sev  bey b 1 o  an *)58-,"i.  .bey Si',  . Soy 8b  .bev. lH.  .   Km   In  bey   79'  (   C   l.quip   Co., 60C-7 Bank ot Ottawa  .   G   Buiclvwel!,  108 Alexander tot..   .  \    G    Uiown-JoimUon    10IS   .Main   St  Jan   Buftulo 1 oige C-   (G   A   Bi owning  an   Lump   ������ oup   1-0, i.ia , i-iic   lilOp  7010-78'  ..   Siy    17  buy    2Cbi  12bl Albemi M  sev.  2330-".il.  , anada i-iJundry Co., Ltd.,  1065"Penaer bt ;Sey. 01I1  ���������liHprnan���������*   Walker.   44P   Seymour.-St..'.v.'... .Sr-v. 93" ���������  Henrv Darling,  28 Powell St..  ..Sey. .612  Haliman Machinery Co., Ltd., 37-43 Alexander, .buy.-,:>  ltobt. Hamilton At Co., Bank of Ottawa....... .Sey.    3S3  C Gardiner Johnson ac iou��������� Jolinsons Will", Sey 9116-911  A. G.  Langiey At Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender W Sey. 389.  Mussens,'.Limited.  365   Water St ........Sey.  82.1,  Wm. N. O'Neil At Co., 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. .4795-479-  ivitchie Contr. At Siip. Co.. Ltd,1 Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916:  Strumbert-Virtue At Co., 319 Pender St. W.. .Soy. .631..'  VVm.'G'Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W.... .'.Sey. 33.11  Van. Machinery, Depot, 1155 6th' Ave. W.. .Bay. 470-471  MANTELS���������I'ilCK, TILE AND WOOD. ;  J. Dairon &' Co., 513 Hamilton St....... ...Sey. 4730  Millvvorkt Supply Co., '1605 Main  St.. '..'' .Fair 95S-546  li.  R.  Morrison;  712  Richards  St. . ..Sey.   2151-2152  Win. N. O'Neil At Co., 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479!:  Kitchie Contr. At Sup. Coi, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wm. C. Thomson ���������&'Co.; 319 Pender St., W..'.-.v.: Sey. 3394  Van.-Marble-At Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave........Sey. 1518  MARBLE AND OUnfX.'  li. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg..... ...Sey.'6161  I. Dairon. At Co.;  513 Hamilton St  . .'..j. Sey. 4730  ;.:; R. Morrison,   712  Richards  St .Sey. '2151-2152  ^Vni. N. O'Neil At Co.,.'548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479S  riitchie Contr. At Sup. Co.; Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  ���������,Vm: G. Thomson & Co., 319.Pender.St:. W... .-..Sey.. 3394  -.-'an. Marble At Tile Co., S48 Beach Ave.."..... .Sey.  1518  Western.Marble���������&-Tile Co.. 3149 Main St..... .Fair. 810  , -.''  OIL, BURNING PLANTS.  Western  Stm. At Oil Plants, Ltd!  Doin Trust. .Sey.  7676  FAINTS AND OILS.  i.ogardus', Wickens, Begg,' Ltd., 70 Cordova W, Sey. 6STrfr  Henry uarling,  2S  Powell  St ...Sey.  512  Vm. N. O'Neil At Co.. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-47/1  Western Plumb. Co.. Esplanade, vt St George.N. V.  FAINTS���������FIRE-FROOF.  :���������". T.- Crovve 'vt Coi,  312  Pacific  Bklg  Sey.  \'ew ton itGitier. Ltd.., Vancouver,' 118 Gran.. . .bey.  v.-i,.t���������,,;a   ia:?s'Wharf St   PAINTS���������DAMP   PROOF.  Bbgardus.'���������Wickens,. Begg. Ltd.; 70 Cordova."W, Sev   6S"  Henry Darling, ��������� 28' Powell  St;..."....- Sev.  51  J. Giirdlner Johnaon At Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914  .f  912  i3:<  .SS  (See Lumber and  Shingles.) -��������� >-  SLATE. ^ ,  '. T   Ciowe AL Co,  312 Pacific  Bldg Sey   942if  Gardiner JoliiKon Ac Co, Johnsons Whf, Sey 9146-91 <7  .Vm   N   ONeil vt Co, 518-50 Seymour St.  Sey   4796-4798  {   V. Winch At Co, Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey   279-1944  itchie Cmti   At Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  vestein Marble At Tile Co, 3149 Malr. bt Fair. 810  STEAM FITTERS.  vimstiong AL Wolle, 1540 Sth Ave W Bay.    29������  '    E   Cunpbell At Co,  J 064  Pendei  St   W Sey.  27"t8  luinev loundiy Co, Ltd, 506-70 Btatty..Sey   7596-7597  \allei   Kinsev,   1366  Gianville St    Sey   9053  iJltle AL Lee   682 Seymour St Sey   4458  STORE & OFFICE FIXTURES 6 STORE FRONTS.  ti  C  Scieen & Mnfg  Co, 266 Dufteiin St   E...Fair   1CI3  an   Equip   AL Sup   Co., Ltd , Pac. Bldg. .  'lillwoik bupply   Co., 1005 Miin St   I   Daiion AL Co, 513  Huiulltun St   A in   N   O'N'ell Ac Co, 518-50 btjmour St  Vest   Plate Glass AL Imp. Co    153 Cordova  E. Sey  ^ TANKS.  Uenm'Mnnfg  Co . 2*18 Prior St Sev  Can   I'ac   Lumbei  Co, Ltd, Rwy  At Salsbury. .Sey  L. 11. Heaps Ao Co,  115  Victoiia Drive Sey.  0. Gardiner Johrison At Co.,. Johnson':; Whf, Sey 9146-  Sey 2:130-5021  ..Fair 958-5 46  .. . Sey 4730  Sey 1795-4798  4671  1708  6800  S890  ���������91-17  Sey. 3892  .Sey. 445S  7676  S9S8  8491  V.  G.  Langley ot Co., Ltd.,  319  Pender  W.  I.ittk  At Lee. 682' Seymour St. .-.   western Sim. At:Oil Plants, Ltd., Cotton Bldg..Sey.  TILE���������DRAINING.  lilvans, Coleman At Evans,- Ft.'Columbia Sev.  Great West Sand At Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Se*y.  j. Girdiner John.son At Co., Johnsori'a Whf, Sey 91 I6-&147  Point Grey Supply Co., 310 Richards St Sev. 4105  Ritchie Contr. At Sup'." 7..1.; Ltd, Gi-an. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Shover At "Thomas. 959  Main  St  Sey.   1365  ,,' TILE���������FLOOR  AND   WALL.  D.  R. Morrison; 712  Richards'St. Sey.  2151-2152  Wm; N. O'Neil At Co., 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-4798  '.Vm,' C. Thompsonj&JJo.; 319'Pender St W. ...Sey 3394'  "/���������' 7'-'\ TIN PLATES. :  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Win<ih; Bldg Sey. 3 87-5929  J. Gardiner Johnson At Co.,'Johnson's Whf, Sev 9140-9147  Wilkinson Co., Ltd., 846 Beach Ave Sey. 7315  U.V. Winch At Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  VACUUM  CLEANING  SYSTEMS.  Barr At Anderson,  114 Hastings St  W Sey.' 61S������  R (1. Blackvvell, 108''Alexander-St * Sey.  1733  The Duntley Store, 791  Granville St Sey.  1487  "Carle,   E.  A.,  it  Co.,   532  Pender St.  W Sey.  5476  WATERPROOF   COMPOUND.  C. Gardiner Johnson At Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  F. T. Crovve At Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. ?412  Will. N. O'Neil At C6...54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-179S  Wm. C. Thomson At Co., 319 Pender St   W.  WINDOW   SCREENS.  B. C. Screen & Mnfg. Co., 266 Dufferin St  Wm. N.,O'Neil At Co.. 54S-50 Seymour St.  WINDOW   SHADES.  Bowes, F. W. At Co.,; 1257  Granville St..  WIRE   ROPE.  B   C. Eouip. Co., 6C6-7  Bank of Ottawa. .  R. G.  Blackvvell, .108. Alexander St   C.m\. -Equio. vt Sup. Co., Ltd.,  Pile.  Bidt;  .',,  G.  Langley At Co..  Ltd..  319   Peruler  C. Gardiner John.son At Co., John.son'* Whf, Sey 914 6-9147  Utohle Contr. At Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge. Sey, 9163  ���������Wilkinson Co.. Ltd,, 846 Beach Ave Sey. 7915  R   V. Wi'.'iin At Co..'Ltd.. Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  .Sey. 3394  E...Fnir 1643  .Sey 4795-4798   Sey. 843  .Sey. 7056-7S1S   Soy. 17? J  ...Sey s.'.-lO-fiO-l  W.,-.. .Sey. 3S92  '���������!i\ :������������������% -J . '��������� -��������� H':^~
i*riaZPt��a.0imyi, iffa?*?*"*- ��,X3aLn- a'o��,_ .��.���. /,,.
British Columbia
British CoEurmbia
Phones "Seymour," 25151
International Automatic
Sprinkler Equipment
Pfcone Seymaur'BIBO
114 Hastings St. W.
Vancciiver B. C.
Bird,   Winch
BETTER  BUILDING-  B3ICX    !?TUI-'-, }0i    l-'-ipom   res   for
| Height-,   toi   Dr.   Baker.
GRAND  FORKS���Ciglng  the  need  of j      ORANGE   HALL���By   T.    Duke.    329
a   towei    with   bell   and   .stilking   clock !R0,,e ''*���- i1'1 y'av <>��� iov conot 01 Orange
lla 1  at Grandvievv.
,, Limited
"Public Works
Contractors   ���-
Office: 813-815 Bower Bidg. Vancouver B.C.
and loi better bilck foi walls foi the
new $50,000 post ofllce now under con-
- miction heie, the 'Gi.ind Foiks Conservative association has been Keeping
the   wiies   with   the   lederal   govcinnient
' llllsv
j     The  foundation of  the building is al-
iicady  completed  and   is   of  the   hlghe,t
class  of  woik,  the store  being massive
'and beautifu ly selected The sandstone
ti iiiiniiiigj, which have been biought
fiom Vancouvei T-aland, aie .iKo striking in uppeaiancc, and the local Consei-
vntive association wants first qualitv
of buck used to hainionizc with the le^t
of  the building
Tile and  Marble Contractors
Mantels,   Grates,    Baskets
, o and Andirons"
513 'Hamilton,    Fhone   Seymour 4730
' MONTREAL���Bui ding permits Qfor
Aljril totalled $2,311,291, an inciease of
��693,490 over the flguies for Apiil last
Common,   Impervious   Face,
and Building- Pavers.
Coast Shale Brick Co. Ltd.
Sash, Doors, Moulding.,
"  Hail Orders Promplly Attended To    '   ,
' -Office and Warehouse
^hore Fair 546-958 1605 Main St
B   AV. Roscoe vs J   E   Broughton et al
,Lot 'e,  ic-3ub of lots  1,  2,  11,  12,  of
lot  1,  blk 31,  D   L.  192       $65
B   W   Rof-coe vs Wm   Giant et al  ' Lot
6, blk 15, D   L   540" $105 50
B   W   Ro��coe vs Wm.' Lockie et al     Lot
' D,   le-sub   ot   lot   1,  blk   16,   D   L.   192
... . .$80
B    AV.   Roscoe  vs  ,1.  M   Leonard  et   al.
Lots A, B, C, of re-sub of lots 1, 12, 2,
���    11,  Of  lot  1, blk 31, D.  L    192 $45
B   AT   Roscoe vs AVm   Lockie et al     Lot
B,   re-sub lot  4,  bllt���16,  D.  L    192
B   AV   Roscoe vs AVm   Lockie et al
C,   ie--,iib   oi   lot'   I,   blk   3 6, ^D.  L.
Clown bili;, toi tvvo-Uo fiame acid, to
\V    Point   Giey  school   bldg.
DAVELLiNG���By Jones At Aspell,
II.u tnoy Cnaiiiber , lor $7000 frame
..we Img ior Sli.nigiine-.jy Hts'.        j
���Bv li C. L. II. Co., Holden bldg, till
May 13, loi conot ot lcinlorced concrete
"ow oi house at i.ails load, South Vancouver.
Brick Wori, Bolters.
PRICK���By Win O'Dell, 757 Beattv st,
foi altnatien woik on 3- = to bldg ' on
Granviuc   and   Dunsmuir  sti. <   ' !
BRICK AVOKK���By F. 'j. Ryan, 70S
Granville st, foi 3--,to bik and null con,t
rmg hse ioi   Powe 1 st.      ���* l
BRICK���By Paul A. Jones, Empress
Hotel, loi const of Harris b dg, on Cordova st 29
BRICK WORK���By S. J Lund, Empne bldg, ior l-,to, 50v60, r.-.ig hse for
Halting-,   and   Hawkes  .sts. , 27
BRICK WORK���By Ilowland & Newett,
1222 Melville,st, loi Shaughnessy Pit,,
res. ' -   �����   i
Canals,  Cement,  Concrete,
'-CEMENT-By Wm. O'Dell, 757 Beatty
-t, lor alteiation work on 3-sto bldg
on Gianville and Dunsmuir sts. , 4
CEMENT���By J. F. Wineland, 402
.'.bbott .st, tor rein-cone laundry.bldg ior
Van   Gen'l Hospital. 30
CEMENT���By Paul A. Jones, Empre-s
Hotel, for const of Harris bldg on Cordova st 29
Excavating, Elevators, Electric Fixtures
ViGG  "raiiville  St. Vancouver, EC
?' me   rjevmonr   0053
Supply Go./ Ltd.
r>  1    Mill^n    Mniri       I'limn   .-.��� y   SodS
...       $80'
B   AV   Roscoe  vs J   E   Broughton  et al.
Lot D,  re-sub  of lots  1,   2,   11,  12,  blk
31,   D.   L    192 . $63 SO
B. AA'   Roscoe vs AVm   Lockie  et al.   Lot
A,   re-sub   of  lot  4,   blk  16,   D  0,    192
li   W   Ro coe vs G   E   Broughton     Lot
F,   of   ie--ub   of  lots   1,   2,   11,   12,   of
lot 1,  blk  36   D   L    192 ' *$S5
I Ion i'y   Oelbai.m   At  Co    vs   Royal   T'ust
Co^'   Lot 8    blk 33, D   L   526       $601 SO
Paul  A    Jcno^  v;   Petri   Fei-vjuson  et  al
Lot   10,   bk    lil,   D    lo    520       '      ?15 17
Sheet JV234aS Works
Warm    Air    Heating
one   Sey  5234
|#||^&    COaimiAL SLUE PRIST CO.
The fouiuil l pi opal ed to icccive ten-
Ou - ioi t.io Iisrhtii.g app.iivilus loi the
M. nirinn'it' lo he m by 5 p in Mondnv,
Ala-    27th,   19121
Tenc'oiei ,    aie    icquc  tc 1    to    submit
oi.e',,e.  ioi   the eftectual fire  protection
i'ir     ii   r-,,.1::   0j.    Lbuine,   li    L     17  ,
IoCiiisdale,   add   D   L    510.   showing   the
'i |i.n id1      lvijiuiul    to    cai i v     out    the
rho.p'.p    ti-e   piitial   cost   and   estimated
cov-t  of  upkeep   etc
i mtiipi oai ticuiai-, can be secuiert
"lorn the .Mimciial Cleik, Municipal
Mall, Ki in- dale, B   C
H.   PLOYD,   C.   M.   C.
1"ei!i'cl'ile   B   C,
'Mav   i-t,   1912
EXCAVATING���By Alder At Campbell,
L-vchange'" bidg. for 2-sto,. 61x33, apmt
hoe on Broadway and  Bridge sts. 30
EXCAVATING���By E. J. Ryan! 76S
Gianville st, foi 6-sto add to img hse
on Hairis  and  Main  sts. 1
EXCAVATING���By S. J. Lund, Empire
bldg, lor 4--to, 50x60, img hse tor Hasting and Hawkes sts. *- 27
EXCAVATION���By W P. White, Hut-
chiiison bldg, for 3-sto, 61x132, brk bidg
lor 11th  and Main."
EXCAVATING���By   E.'   ,7.   Rvan,    70S
Gianville st, ior 3-sto brk and mill const
l mg hse  foi   Powell st. 1
Furnaces,   Sheet   Metal,   Fire   Escapes,
' Fixtures
Finch, i 207}4 Carter-Cotton bldg, for
6-rm  fr  res. 29
SHEFT METAL���Bv S. ,J. Lund, Empne bldg, toi -4-sto, 50f6C,' rmg hse tor
Hastings  and  Hawkes  sts'  t '      27
FIREPLACES���By R. N. Finch, 207%
Cai tei-Cotton  bldg,  for 6-im fr ies.    29
FURNACE���Bv R N. Finch, " 207%
Cai tc i-Cotton  bldg,   for 6-im  tr res      29
FIRE ESCAPES���By S. J. Lund, Empne bldg, tor'"'-!-'- to, 50.V.60, rmg hse for
HdoUiigs   and  Hawkes  sts 21
Grading,   G-.ass,   Gravel.-
Tenters toi giading and budging of
lust 10 lines ot^Como'c evten ion of
E & N* R R fiom McBnde Junction
lo Comteiav vv ill be leceived by H J
Canibie chief engineci,. \ ancouvei,. up
to May  1 ���> ���';h'x'.'X:'-'.i:..p:':.:X'X''^-XXXx.
' GLASS���Bv ;iwm/::.:b:Deil,:v757'"Beattj-:
��� t, toi alteiation -work, on -3-sto bldg'oii
Gianvilie   and ���'���Dii.nsniuir,-:'S'ts;--:.:"'vi-.  X.y''X4'
GLASS���B\ ;T:^'a:V-:A-llan*'5'i'b':':'Pe'hviiiri'
st \A , lor 3--to,':.'2Sk'l32,:. ,brir,rrrig.h.se,
o>i   Rob on  -t :.X,xyxyx-X.-.X:::X,Xy:yX::Z2
GLASS���Bv 'E.J;.StarViej':?Mitto:n,-'vwil-
liams b'dg 1 or-.3r;a6,: 100x40; >bi-k -"rmg
h no on Peiidei':;st';EJr:>..^.:y::^Jv;;; ''--Jf'v;j; 'J'j22.
S4.ND���By Paul''JA:.'?J6ne^,' ''Empress
He tel, ioi cci.o t-'of. 'Harrii'Abidg. oh, Cor-
(lov a   st :-;.*:-.':* ''���..���.���>'.;.:.-,-:-J|-,'V���'";:.'���   *.':���':-.���.';.':������,- :'"'���'-
SAND���Bv'J  .F.::.Wirieran'd,M02 Abbott
t    foi   lein-conc '.'lauridr.vj'bid,
CUT STONE���By Win. O'Dell, 757
Beatty st, tor alteration won. on 3-oto
blug on Granvi le and Dunsmuir sts,    4
CHIMNEY���By R. X. Finch, 207V-
Carter-Cotton bldg,   lor 6-rm  lr ie3.    2"i
MATERIAL���By S. J. Lund, Empire
bidg, lor 1-sto, 50x60, rmg h.e toi Haot-
ingi and Hawive,  st,, _.-,
TERRA. COTTA���By J. J. Donnellan.
Rio'gs-Selman bldg. for SuLivaii-Con-
oidme bldg on Granvihe tt. 2i>
CARPENTER WORK���By E, Stanley Mitton, Wll.iams bldg, ior 3-sto,
100x40, brk rmg hse on i'enJer st E. 22
Flastuz.   JPliift..   ^iiTit.,   fa.u..   Pijjl.  i-iin.ii,
PAIN'TING--By R. N Finch, 207 V.
Cartel-Cotton b.ug, ior 6-rm  n   reo.    lo
PAINTING���By   Hammer   At   Wagner,
lli6  Bute  st,   ior   bungalow.
, PLASTERING���By   Hammer   At   Wagner,  lilt)  Bute .-t,   lor  bungalow.
PLASTERING���By E. J. Rjan, 76S
Gianville st, loi 6-sto add to una h-e
on   Hams  and Main   sts. . i
PLASTERING���By AVm. Neve, 2436
Sth ave \v, loi  ies at Kit^llaiiur"^-���ai/
PLASTERING���By E J. Ryan, 765,
Granville st, roi 3- to brk and nu.1 con,t
img hse for Poweil st. ,    i
PLASTERING���By R. N. Fincii,-207%
Cai tei-Cotton bldg, tor 6-im tr re,. 29
n PLASTERING���By Frantz Con.t. Co,
346 Pender W, tor Hanson b.dg on Hamilton st.
PLASTERING���By E. Stanley Mitton,
Williams bldg, tor 3- to! I0o.v40, 'oik
rmg hse on Pender st E.' 22
PLASTERING���By T. A/ Allan, 510
Pender st W, tor 3-.sto, 2SX132, brk rmg
hse on Robson st. , >>
"Otto" GaaRenMi?,an1rW!re RoPe'uP'lrke'' Derricks,   Electric  Moists
Otto    Gasoline   Engines,  Grab   Buckets, "Globe*' Marine  Engines
oteel Tanks and Water Towers of ,inv ranaciru
Phone  Seymour 3892 ' ' 319 Pender g^ y/
IVSachiraery DeaBers
(PUMPS AND   ROAD   MACHINERY.'   "       .       .
Plicnos:   Seymour  705G-7818. Offices: 606-607 Banlr of Ottawa Bldg.
fr>H-@T'gj[ Office:  l"-2 Crown Bid
Faintui?    xntl    Decoratlwf/
Sev' B707.'
Ac Ki e PJumbing & H"tg. Co
1JJ   T^ntli
Ave    a
Falri-nont   537 '
(i iwest Vioiiiraariiiip
,-     o/cluSive iiesigur,
WiScox Art Glass Studio |
1^71  BroadwAy W   Phone Bayview 245
J3C���7th Ave.  W.     Phone FiUr^JjJSTli.
R. Nelson Finch
Exptrt   Builder   and   Financier
Soy. 7331       207-.6  rartcr-CP'trn  Bid"
The Council i= piepaied to leceive ten-
Tlci - up to ." o in on Mo'.dav, 13tn May,
.'0 2, loi the 'upplv of S25 enamccd
non   Micet  Maine  ji ates ,
Specific ilions and tcm of tendfi may
he oblan ed tiom the Municipal En-
'iroei        �� '
Ten lei to be accomr-umed bv a maik-
ihI cheque loi 1 pe, cent ot the amount
vf same
The   ov a t or anv  tendei not neceisai
y accepted
H    FXiOYD,  C.  M.  C.
vlunicnal   Hill    Kem dale,
Apiil   26tn,   1912
Tip Coino-atmn is prepared tn receive
oiijer ,   add! e soil   to   tlie   undei -igned,
,) to n  p   m   Alav  6tli   1912. foi   the  -up-
> j   of   1(100   feet  of  2i_-irch   Fhe   Hose
nd  1'itvliij     ro  vvitlistand a pie suie ot
i0  ib      to  the    qiiiue Inch
T'-nOei -  to  '^e aoeonipanied  bv n comet?    ~] en'r alior    anil     ninplfv    covei-
.',-.  th" iiiatni.il  ami fittings being ten-
"iel in
Also   foi    the   supplv   of   6   lio^c   icel^
ipab c   of   car. ying   500   leet   oi    ho e
.u h     the   tendei ei   to  submit  specitica-
r'i  and   "|-etcli   of piopo-ed   leels
Tnc   coipoiation   doe-,   not  bind   them-
elvos   to accipt  the lowe t oi   anj   teller.
Municipal   Hull,
-*|.iil   25th,
H. FLOYD, C. M. C.
Kcrilsdale,  B. C.
1037-39   OranvUle   Street       .
Telephone  Seymonr 3704
J. E. Campbell & Co.
HIH Piil.rSt. V��. :       '������' x      fhaiii Seymnnr 2738
sneeT metalworkers
Phone Bay. 896  "        1540 5th Ave. W,
. I
Phone Sey. 1649
719 Fender St. W,
721Hai�� itreei Rhone Seymour, B614
���: .���   Sheet Metal  Workers
Beat Tanks. CDrdce, Rmflue, Fantaces. '.<  J
���182 Seymour St.     Phone Sey. 4458
Consulting   Engineer   and
Qeneral Contractor,
Sey.  3413 211   golden  Bldg,
B\TIII.\G PAVILION���-By Honeyman
Sz Curtiss, 821 Pender .it. till May 3.- for
.const of conc bathing pavilion at Second
Beach,  English  Baj-. ���
W. Murray, sec. of school board,, till
April 30, for the construction of a frame,
.5.0x60,- 2- -itory manual training scliool
building to be erected on the Henry Hud-
-on'0-clrool grounds. '
... CHURCH���By secy St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, P. O. box 2035, No. Vancouver, till May -4, for the const of St.
Andrew's church at cor 10th and St.
Georges sts. Plans and specif at Alexander & Brown,- 445 Granville st.
Sound & Northern Raiiway Co;, 506 Garter-Cotton bldg,. Vancouver; till 'Friday,-
May 31, for the grading,' bridging, etc.,
of the following, sections of the above
rai-way: (a) . From ��� end of present constructed ��� line to mile 12.0. (b) From
mile 12 to mile 24.1. (c) Branch from
mile 2.3 of main line along eat branch
of Squamish-river .2.7. miles.-i. Plans and
-���pecif at tlie office of Cleve.and Sz Cameron,  506  AArinch bldg.
erbrook. -fecy of the Richmond school
board, Eburne, B.C. till May 10, tenders
wii. be received for the erection and
completion (not including heating) of
an addition"" to the Bridgeport school j
iioue. Lulu Island, B; C. Plans and particulars at the office of Joseph Bowman,
archt. 116 Crown' bldg.
, RESIDENCE���-By Braunton & Liebert,
till May 10, for $8000 residence for
Shaughnessy Heights.
POAVER HOUSE���By Geo. Haddon, sec
Van. Gen'l Hospital Board, for const of
reinforced concrete power house in connection with hospital. Specif from Archt
A.  A.  Cox,   Carter^Cotton   bldg.
I Gen 1   Ho pital :V.-X.X y.XX^~.\y:::X--::y:.\ 30:!
I GliAVl.L���Bv';^J.. ;'F;^AVinplarid,:;x402:
Abbott st for ipin-cone-.laundry"bids:for
Van   Gen 1  Hospital.'.- x:.-y:; ~yy x^xXhZO.
H t-ff.,   Kardvvdod.���",-'Eos'b..'. E'awarei : j::
H-H-lDWOOD^Byy^iWrn:;:;: O'Dell -''-TO'T
Beattv  st   foi   altei'ation;:;vv6rlv..on.:3-.s'to,
b.ds  on   G am il':e.: and, Dunsmuir Vsts.-'4
J.Ij5aT1NG��� By ...Wni;,'iP'De] 1..:751. B'eats
t\   -I,  lor   alteration', .work on,-3-st6  b.dg
on   Gianville  .uid: Dunsmuir  stsJ.    '    '4:
,riL vTING��� By;:vS.:" ������JJ'--;,--L,uiiai---::-Empire'-
b'dg, foi  Sacietl. Academv,. Point Grey.������.;������'���
HEATING���By:, R? McLean .���"&, Co.',   Pacific   bldg,   toi   G-J,to,..51x120,.hotel'-bldg'
on    v bbott  and  Pen'drl-.'l.;'���-'���'.������?���������, '������>��� -',:-.----;',��� -,
LIME���By    Paiil-A::'  .Tories,: :Empr'es-s
Hotel,  lor   ccn  t ol  Uaiii.3  bldg  on  Coi-
Jovn st .29
IILVTTNG���   (TAN   SVSTTM)���Bv   .1,
II Bowman Cinnn b.dg, toi the O-im
ii add to the Ricnmoiivl scliool, Bndge-
poi t
HEATING���Rv   E   J   Rvan,  768  Granule     t    lor    :- to   b'k   and   mi'l   con-t
img  hse  tor Powell  st 1
Iron   Work,   Intel lor   Finish,
I\"TF.rjOR     FINISHING���Bj      S      J
Lund,    Empne    bldg,    lor    I-  to,    50.\60
img  hse   'oi   Ha tin^s  and   Haw Kes   ^ts
Lumber,  Lathing-,   Limn
LATHING���Bv    AVm    Nove,   2436   Sth
ave \V   ten   ies 'it Kit  llano oO
LIME���Bv  I   r   A\ ire and,   102  Abbott
t   tor leir-conc launiuv   bldg  lor Ann
Gen'l   Ho p.lai .10
LUMBER���Bv      R     T    Lund      Empiie
bldg. toi   I-  to   tO^OO   img hse ioi  Ha t-
ng     ami   Haw ke-   sts
LI-ME���Bv SanfoiJ Goidon & Son,
206 Bowei bldjr loi conciete round-
licu-e   at   Cocii-itlnm   foi   C    P    R 25
LUMBFiv���Bj Sanford Goidon & Son,-
'06 Bovver bidg, for plank load con t
out of Co(|Uit am  foi   C   P    R 25
Mill    Worn     *lachiii'"-v     Martin.
.MARBLE���Bv  AVm. O'Dell, 757 Br-atty
t.   loi   alteiation work   oh' 3-sto   bldg
'ii   Gianville  and  Dunsmuir xt.i. 4
TILE���Bv AVm. O'Dell, 757 Beatty st,
lor alteiation work on 3-sto bldg on
���Jmn'ile   and   Dunsmuir   sts. ;        4
MILL WORK���By S. J. Lund, Empire
bldg, tor 4--to. 50x60, rmg hse for Hastings and Hawkes sts. ' ������ '..'.  27.
Mlacellanar ub.
. MATERIAL���By     AVm.     O'Dell,     757
Beatty. .-t.  for alteration   work on  3-sto
bldg on  Granville and Dunsmuir stsi    4
PARK   SEATS���By    AVm.    Northcott,
rity. pur act,  Victoria, ;till April  29,   for
75 park seats.   .'""'���������
PLUMBING���By Wm. O'Dell, 767
Beatty st, for alteration'work on 3-ito
bldg on Granville and Dunsmuir sts.- i
PLUMBING���By S. J. Lund, Empire
bldg, ior Hacred Heart Academy, Point
Gi ej'.
PLUMBING���By Jones & AspeH, Hart-
ney Cnamben, lor $7000 name dwelling
ior Shaughneoay Hts. r���
'        y Booting,   Boada,    Seservolrs,.
ROOFING���By Wm. O'Dell, 767 Beattj' .st, tor alteiation work on 3-oto bidg
on Granvll.e and Dunsir.uir ots. <���* 4
ROOMING���By Sanford Gordon ,& Son,
206 Bovver bldg, tor conciete louiivl-
hoiio-e at Coquitlam tor C. P. R. 25
ROOFING���By  T.   A.   Allan,   310  Pen
der   s>t   W,   ioi   3-��to,   2SxlJ2,   brk   img
h^e on Robicn st. Z'l
ROOFING���By E. Stanley -Mitton,
AVilllams bldg, for 3-sto, 100x40, biu
rmg hse on  Pender st E. 11
ROOl-ING���By E. J. Ryan, 768 Gianville st, for 3--to brk aim mill conot
rmg  hoe ior Powell   it. l
CORNICE���By E. J. Rjan, 76S Granville st, for 6-oto add to img h^e on
Harris and Main sts. , j,
ROOFING���By E. J. Rvan, 768 Granvihe st,. tor 6-sto add, to img h.,e on
Hauls   and   Main   ��.ta. 1
ROOFING���By J. F. AVineland, 402
Abbott bt, ior lein-conc launuij oidg ioi
A'an.  Gen'l Hospital 3vi
Wlneland, 102 Abbott t, ioi leli.-coi.c
laundiy bldg ior Van Gen'. Ho pital ���u
1 STEEL���Bj S. J Lund, Empiie bldg,
ioi 4- to, 50v.i>0, rmg n.e Iui na m.t,
and .. Havvke.5-; :otj..,'- ��� ,;, ,..-.-.���..��� ,���;., :~ys\y:.n
'XjSTEEL���By-': jx j.;,Do'nnellai.;:^RTggs-
be.'inaii;; ������biUg,i.:;for.;- ��� Suilivah-Con,iii.ane i
���.blvlg:-bn;-;-'Gran.v;ille-'st;r;'-'.:::!.'-.S;:^;-L.^::r'-:r      .-���'.���>_��� 5 11
'���J'':S"TEEL'^By';'T'X'-'AV?Aiian;.-':5rd-V.Pen^ !f
':.,t,,\Viv''for:-3-stvi,:. 2Sxia2;-:' brk . i-iiig > n e i y
'pn.,l-Robooir':st;.'V;.i.-...;l-;,'';,.i.'i..-'-.'-;.; ,:.j' yy.yi*.;. ::���.':���.��� n '
^Liind, ;:.210.v .Empire" bldg;:'.- J tor;, Jfeacircd
Heart:- Academy..; at JPoiiit.^Grey;!,^;;,,:^,
::.;,,'��� Wiling,'y-;.Wati*irprb6iaij,---'c'y.';k^rvea3-'.
P: ELEGTRIC; -: CABLE���By ;'; W m!;': K brt li -
cottj- cit.v. piir: 'agt,-. yictoriaj: till'",'May' a,
for. 12,000,.:f t iT0.V-pair-r'i\b.''.J,i.4 -cabie;' .OUo '
ft:.No:-:;l4.' duplex' cable; '-'lO^fnilerf'.-.A'oi:12
10 ���r,*.^* ,BRITISH   STANDARD,  500  VOLTS   D.  C.
PRICE $650.00 EACH.
Prion,  Seymour  512     HENRY DARLING -  28 Powell St.
We are the sole manufacturers of
Machine-made  Glazed   Cement  Sewer
m._._,.... ' "Plpo  ln  B^tisn' Columbia.
Bo-:. Dominion   Trust   Bldg.,   Vancouver,  B.  c.        Phone:   Soy.  8286 "    .'
Electric Supplies and Telephones. 313 Water St.
North Pacific- Lumber Co.
Superior Finishing Lumber.
ICth Ave & Arbutus.   Plione Bay. 1019
. co. ltd:
Manufacturers   of
C\ .      ' .^-.X'.i-
Lumber, Sash. DoorB, "MouldingB.'fJetct
Phone  Seymour  1708.
293 Prior; Stl
'" '-<1
fiLT OURpftlCES&jirV
!i'��o'rWari.s|;XN-ri.p;.,B, &.,s
..--._     o-eaieel'vv;re;;-325-iron
polei.top;��� littingj.i-,, "i;;;^, V. , y: --,,'; . ].X'..x
/.-'   ELECTRioAL-'i'wiRiNG^Bv    v^
Lund; .'Empire;b;dg,- for*4- ,to',. 50.o6o,i:rmj
hse ioi; Hao.tiiigs,-,-ana_:Havyives!':itj.:' y^f
Ppni^NG-^By^PpAllan^oli) Pendei
istXW-i : for:J3-:ito;;:,2Sxl32, brk'-ring'-'JIUb
on . Rolijon-'st.'.-,--;���,;'-,::',:- ':-.���:.���-.-:-.,;':,.;:,..: ::.-..-���'-.:22
���'ELECTRICA-L' WIRING���By"''E:'':'Stan-
ley-'.,Miton,;-VVilJans -,bldg',-���.for������ ��� 3-.-;to,
1,00x40,-brk:rmg hse on Fender;st'ii.'���.���>>>
' -:;ELl'.CTRICALX-WTRIKG���By.������'���'��� By yj
Ryan,;,'768; GrahvilleJst, ,l;6r.,6-ito add':to
rmg: -h:.,e: on 'Harrls:."and :Muln 'sts. ������"- ��������� -'1
Rj'an, ,768 Granville -st^fbr^-'-'tolirk''ahu
iiliii:-corist, rmg-hse "for Poweli -it '���' 1
AIRING-By R N Finch, 207V- Cai-
tei -Cotton  b a0,   ioi   6-1 m   ir re^     r   2i)
Chsngiles, S?2tes'and Sheet?.
i ������;-')
Vv'est.  Mam   Floor
: :���*   I
* >;
Successors   to J,
r    Her r en .Co..
Olhce, W.ireiiouoe and  \Miarl    IL'2*j'Main St.
Pnoiie Su>Tnour Ji4!i.
100  acres  on  Howe  Sound, ,23  miles
from Vancouver. ���������''. ������ '
Inc. for 1000 shares at JlOO each.
100 shares on the market at par.     '
Main   Office:    503   Dom.' Trust  Bldg.
Phone, Sey. 6756.:
' : We are at your service to
give you any information required    regarding    installing
gas    pipes    and    appliances.
! Also location of mains.
Phone.S. 5000 and ask for
New  Business   Dept.
779   Granville,   Show   Room
New Business Show Room
16  Hastings  E.,
Abliotsfova, B. C.���By Abbot-foid
Temple co, till Mav 4, loi the election 01
-- toiy ha Specil fiom Dr bv.ut, ^b-
Kamlcops, B. iC���By Boaid ol School
Tiusteeo-, till Maj 11, foi const 01 Hl0h
.cl.ooi bldg Flans and specil 110111 Jno
Pailett,  aicht,  Kam oopo,  B   C
1V.OW Weatminsior���By Aicht Gaidln-
er & Meicei, We tiniii ter 'trust bldg
trll .vprrl 30, ror 7-sto, 64>vi32, reiruorced
iciiciete and steel coiict tueatei anil
olhce  bldg,  to  co-,t ?200,000
Edmonton,    Alta���By    L-ity   CommN-
ionei-,  till Apiil  JO,  101   con ,1 01  lcin-
101 ced   conciete   tunnel    sevvei       Specli
liom  citv en-i
Weyburn, Sask���Tendeis ate called
till Mav 10 lot Collegiate Institute lo
coat ?175,000 Secietaij, J C Jaiiott,
vvejbiiin, aicliitectj, Ross Sz Maciailii.e,
Wii nlpeg Two- toi j-, 70x125, stcne
ioundution, solid biick constiuction.
Medicine Hat���Tenders will be received
till May 15 for school to cot $20,000
for Medicine Hat Separate School Board;
Architect, AV. T. Wi liams: '2-story ��� and.
ba-emeru, concrete foundation, brick and
o'.tone ^construction.
Saskatoon���Plans are beirig, prepared
for new hotel to cost $150,000, Avenue
B and 20th st, for Jame.i Barrey. Architects, ������Thompson,-Daniels'���& i-Coitliur t.
Reinforced concrete construction; brick
and terra cotta lacing. The above architects will receive tenders and all information may be received from them.
.Saskatoon, Sask.���Sealed tenders addressed to the .City Commissioners will
be received until noon, May 17,for furnishing, material and construction; of superstructure for 23rd st subway For
further informatlon^write either of the
engineers: City Engineer. G. T. Clark:
Bridge Engineer.: AV. L. . McKenzie
(C. N.'R.)
Vernon,   B.C���By   D.   C.   Tate,   city
clerk,  until May 10, for^the supply and
erection,  on; foundation supplied by  the
citj',  of one, 200  B.  H.  P.,   267  R.  P., M
Diesel' oil  engine  for   direct   connection
to  125  K. W., 3-phase, 60-cycle a terna-
ting current generator with exciter.'   Engine  must  be  complete, with   indicator,
all tools and spart parts. Specif at offices I
of Mather,' Yuill. & Co., Ltd.,  Vancouver.
Point Orey���By Mun. Council, till May
6, for laying 4-ft sidewalk on N side or
roads between blks 7 and 8, bk 1, D. L.
526; ;laying 4-ft sidewalk   on   S side  of
roads between blks 8 and 9, blk 1, D. L.
526;  laying  5-ft wooden  sidewalk  on   S
'ldeiof'roads between blks  6  and 7, blk
.16,  D.  L.   526;  laying 4-ft  wooden  side-
watk on Townsend road and Marine dr,
' ��� 0  ft;  laying 4-ft wooden  sidewalk  on
41st  ave,, Blenheim   to   Dunbar, i  Specif
from mun. engr.
i.,*JaS?so Jaw���By City Commissioners,
till May 15, for the laying of approximately 34,000 square yards of pavement.
Plans and specif from J. Antonisen, city
.Vernon, fi. O.���By D. C. Tote, city
clerk, till May 6, for rock crusher complete wrth screens and portable bin:
crusher to have 25 to 30 tons capacity
per hour.    Specif from city'engr, *
Support Home industries   By SpecifVarilT
Office and  Works:    An^il  Island, Howe Sound,  B.  C.
*  / SELLING AOENTS' " '    '
^S,^ y��U ' C����k,n* ��Utfit ma-*e   " S e^if: your pre-ent  Malleable
|jHONE��BVMO��'R^T^y^-^' - ��� ' "
'P. O. BOX   1353
Xnspection^^^S^^a^^Sad  Materials.
Geological Beports on' Saw MateliaTs.
Waterproofing of Concrete.
NEWHAlL, smith
OFFICE:   1106 Dom. Trust Bldg., Vancouver.
PHONE:   Sey. 2814
British Canadian Lumber Corporation Linjifed.
1605.Georgia St.
Vancouver Fhone. Seymour 6S04
421-429 Dufferin St. W.
Phone Pair. 1238
Johnston - Thompson Co.
Plumbing and Heating
H5BMRMD.ST. Pftone_Sey. 7639
Sand   Gravel  and
'   Building MateriaS -:-
���Phone Seymonr 1365.
Wharf :���:���
Office and
959 Main. Street
AIBtree & Churchland
976 OranviUo Stieet
'Fhone,  Seymour  3707
W.B. COOKE ��& CO.
308, Oarter Cotton Bldg-. ';
'������\f"���,;;"'.-.:-Ptap&e:    Seymonr 7997
Great West Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Phone Fair. 2471   S3 Dufferin St. W.
Estimates Famished,
���*l    ?Sljf>.
'"   r,i*J'!.
'v^'f. 'rjnf'^.i.rliiin7-i.^Ti'"i^im.    "r ir--* ���  "l'..i  4.  -��t.^���... [..���.������������m    j.w,.ij,
i p        i   f     j- -��� ^#i ������        ������������ hi i      r       s*. -       %. i      ���*
ioJ M..


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