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Daily Building Record May 9, 1912

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 -i  .-     O   .v...,-   W:���������^jLj.:���������'P*������\  '  (,  VV       ������, vS;^  tb-r>. **r������������������ .  Jj-/.  .,-. i  *v  -'ol  r    .  "^-"^  ';   ��������� Buildin-g, Contracting-;; Engineering, Irii-lgatlon and General Improvement News.     . v* r  **'  I Devoted to She Interests of Archatects,.Contractors, Engineers, Material Dealers and others interested in the building trade of the N.W������  \\   Record   Publishing   Co.,   Vancouver,' Publishers.  Covering British Columbia.  Vol. 2, No. 140, Thursday, May 9, 1912., '  ���������PEIvJaTE EXCHANGE,  SEYMOUR 4795. 548,,550 SEYMOUR STREET  IWoVTl SHOW ROOM WILL BE POUND SAMPLES OF AL������-KINDS OF MATERIAL  .SG&'SUILDING PURPOSES. WE HAVE A VERY/ FINE DISPLAY OF MANTELS,  GEATSS AND FIREPLACE FURNISHINGS, FLOOR AND WALL TILE, PAINTS,  WrNISFES, PLATE AND SHE3T GLASS LEADED LIGHTS, AS WELL AS MANY  jJPrXO-DATE DECORATIVE MATERIALS- PLASTER BOARD AND WATERPROOF  ���������Jt/LjS, BOARD.      '     ' r  ���������/y^ 5J4|P ������     '" r   THE RAECOLITH FLOORING CO.  Raecolith Plastic Flooring ���������  WATSONITE FLOORING  301 Pacific, Bldg.   Sey. 8144  REINFORCING STEtL.' '^  Plain or Corrugated - Round or Square.  Can Give Delivery Sn One Week To 10 Days.  312 Pacific Bids. F. T. CROWE & CO. & ,  Seymour 9422  "TJiverythlng  in   Building  Matei ia'"  * lu  r.'.rt.1^.''    *l  TROY ROOFING CO  Tar and Gravel Roofing  Water   Proofing ,  Roof Repairing     '���������  AH Work Guaranteed  Phone Seymour 7-317        ,  814 Metropolitan Bldg.  REINFORCED STEEL, PLAIN AND RIBBED.    ALL SIZES AND LENGTHS CARRIED IN STOCK.  DIRECT^ SHIPMENTS   ATTENDEp   TO   PROMPTLY  RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMITED  ,     Phone Seymour 91G2, Private Exchange.        Office  and  Bunkers,  Granville  Street  Bridge.  [jsyji.j-^oA^  BOIotiDIMG- PERMITS ISSUED AT  THE  VANCOUVEB CITY HALXi YESTEHDAY.  i Number.  description.  ������228'J!3^'itisto   fr   ies.  j8286-^-l%   sto   fi' res .  Viivt^ift  sto fr res.    .  2,29 Q-���������I*:4* to fr  ies   .  %%M-~tti>to addn   to  wrhse  -8283~2^sto   fr   res ..  |si.94~2-6to fr res- .. . .  IS2B6^r2,"-feto fr stable  |4?j? ���������*;!,%���������   Cost. | Streot Address,  T$2.000 224_'-fftli~Av"e    E~  . ?2,0OP 2i56-l0th   Ave   XV  ���������������fl,10'J IlTfi���������Lilloot   St  ,. $2,500 3S5C-7tli  Ave   "  . $4,000 56C   Beattj'   St  . $2,00,' 857-7th  Ave. W  $3,S0'i 2870-3rd   Ave  $5,200 Biidge   St.  lot and Blooli.  ~~E\P of~~G��������� in  .       . 1---70  . 2S'���������2  VIft   Of  2���������ll  161���������39  W'j   of  16���������297  . 2���������2S  Subdivision.  520    .   .  540 _  SlsU   of  24  540  541 .  526 ..  192  .      ..  J.   P.  Architect.  .Owner  .. Owner  ..    Owner  Owner  Mathleson  . Owners  .. . Owner  ..  Owners  Contractor.  Address.  Owner "   ������    .  Owner  Ownei  Owner  Dom   Const   Co..  Owners . .  Owner    . . .  ,F.  J. 'Palo      . ...  Owner.  Address.  .   35'Canada Life  Building permits  for Victoria will   be  H. Warner  L   W. Parren   E   Baynes   J. B. Atkins .. . .  R. A Welsh i. . .  C. D. & O. D. Coope  Currie & Wallace.. .  City of Vancouver .  2216-14th Ave. W.   1028 Harwood  ..Box 16,' Kerrlsdale   2250   Eaton  , 443'Homer St.  .    .225 Dufferin B   2870-3rd Ave  found on Page 2;  e^Vf^'H  [REINFORCING STEEL  til, Square, Round a'ncl Square Twisted Bars  Phone 2988  l*sssm  Triangle Mesh - Column Hooping  Largest stock in city  a  Our Plant is Fully Equipped For.Cutting  To Length aud Cold Twisting   -  Prompt Delivery "Our Specialty,  ALL  KINDS  OV GLASS ,  Seymour 4674  Western BSate Glass  & Imp. Co. Ltd.  '  Reg/ Office:  153 Cordova 8t A  ' Vancouver; b. c. \ ,"r  PLATE GLASS" ' ' '    ^ WINDOW GUS*  Leaded Art Glass  Thome Motal store  Trout Bora  Bevelling and Silvering .  , Uore frosts "OhHsed.  %  lie  T^Onr Office Issues Your Liability, Accident and Health Insurance  %%w$$k&justs losses without delay.or referring to any remote Head  'Office r c  /^JBfltlsh Am erican Trust Company, Limited.  'Zifc'P'S,       ���������> Insurance Department  rCasjt������l>potton Bldff. Pnone   Seymour  7620 </ANCOi7VEB,  B.   C.  9, v^i&Kens,  3*^&������s. Glass -importers and Manufacturers.  .irrrttl  .^   .wjjwv..  ;\4t|������. C������ Manufacturers ;df Hester store front  ^.ebnstruction.  1C00 Hosier  St.  Canadian Pacific Lumber Co. Limited  The   attention   of   Architects,   Contractors   and   Builders   is   called  to the NEW  ERA  REVERSIBLE  WINDOV/S, which 'we. are now maim- j  facturars of.   Calf at our factory and see them and team of their many  aclvaniaaes over any ether windows made.  Fact-ry:   Foot of Salsbury  Drive.   Q  , v  Branch  Factory at 1618 Third0 Avenue West, Falrview. Vancouver,  B. C.  Phone Bayview SS3   ���������  An unconflimed repoi t was current  yesteiday that the contiact for the  li E Campbell ofllce bldg at the SB cornel of Foi t and Douglas sts, Victoria,  has been awaided to Adkin=on vt Dill of  this citj' and Victoiia Seveial local  eontractoi-5 figured on the job Plans  call loi a seven storj icinforced conciete bldg,'with giound flood fitted up  ior '���������tore-., Land the uppei floois, with  the eJ:ception of the top one, for ofllces,  tire, top floor to be auanged for club  ipoms, with ioof gaiden, etc     Speclfica-  Jtlons call foi Dunham vacuum cleaning  >���������      ' \  svstem, vacuum steam heating, with oil  *��������� r ^  hViining apparatus,  GO bbrstoi.ige tank,  jOldewciMt pii^m glass, hot and cold watei 'In,each ofllce, two elevator, .Cutler  mail chute,' maible wainseoating, stall  rl eu,    tenarizo    floois,    Gnmewcll    file  alarm sj-^tem,  flic hose, llgnt standaivTo  r  lor   ioof   gaiden,   e\tenoi   illi.miration  and   the   usual   contiact   - 5Iost   of   t'ie  oflces   will   be   equipped r espec.allv   for  the   use   of     physicians     and   dentists  Thomas  Ilooiei,   this   city  and  Vlctorra,  is   the  architect,   and   all   contracts   will  r   BUILBINO   PEBMITS.  Only Permits amounting to leas than  $1000 will be found under this head.  22S1���������Westein Canada Power Co; conciete substation; Smythe St, Puidy &  Hcndeison;  $300.  22S1���������W. B Thornton, fr'addn'to re.s;  22S8   Vine   St ;   ownei,   $300.  2286���������S S. Selman;, lepaii s'to bldg,  Gianville St, ownei,  ?300  2288���������Jli. Block; laise ie=, 538 Clinton,  D   Knealo,   ?loO. '  2289���������,T IT Vickeis, 316 Ciown Bldg;  1 sto f) stoiage shed; Cainbie St ; owner,  ?:op - ���������*���������  2201-^A M Warden, 2226-13th Ave  W;   fr ti'ddn  to  re-.;   2226-13th  Ave.  VV" ,  < v  ownei;  $70  M'V'j.EEIAI.S TO BE USED  The following- material, t is m'ontlonod  to be used in the structures called l<n  in the permits above, whose numbers  coirospond to those preceding tho folio-wing  items.  Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd  2120 CEDAR ST.  Phone Bay. 646   Near Sixth VV  Standard Glass Co. Ltd  aBTOlrilBfl.  Fhone Seymonr 6470.   829 Buoufl Bt,  BRITBSM COLUMBIA  ' BJABDWQOB   ri.OOB   CO/  Floor Layers  and'"Designers '"  Sey. 6853���������Bay. 139B. 557 Granville Bt  UILDERS and CONTRACTOR  Sherardized Metal Lath  American Wall Board  :. Samson Fibred Plaster  Blue Cross Cement  SUPPLIES  Bydrated Lime  JOHNSON'S WHARF  C. Gardiner Johnson & Company  ..PHONES SEYMOUR 9146, 9147  22S2���������2000 br, 600 yd, pi, 1 bbls cmt  22S5���������2000 bi 6C0 ydo pi, 9 bbls cmt  22S7���������1000 bi, ."500 yds pi, 2 bbls cmt.  2290���������1100 hi, 100 yds pi, 7 bbls cmt  2293���������1300  hi,  600  jds  pi,  8 bbl , cmt  be haiidled from the Victoiia off.ee   The  bldg   will   piobably   cost   T-23,000  1 2294���������1S00  bi,  650  j'ds pi,  11 bbls cmt.  CONSTRUCTION   TO   START  Oir  WAREHOUSE  ADDITION"  Tlie contiact has been awaided  to the  nonunion Con-t   Supplj Co, Canada I-.ile  FBCPOSED POWDER  3JLA1.T  FOB   THIS   VICU<TIT"3f  Canadian JBuiiders SuppSy Co., Ltd.  , Dealers in ^  SCREEINED SAND AiND GRAVEL  CRUSHED STONE, LIME, CEMENT ETC. t  Offca - Bnnkers  1901   Georgia St. > gey.   4066  Sey.  7:75 4065  1  G C I-rael and Aithur Pepin of  Olvmpia, Wa h, are in the citv, with  the   c\pieSo.ed    intention   of   seeking   a  sto  brick  addition   to   the' slte  for  a  V������"de'   Plant   t0   bes located  bldg,   for   a   2  bldg   occupied   and   owned   bj   t'ie  Gur  1320 Richards St.  |l"������*������fr.ggoW"!>L'H**f  J. FYFE SMITH & CO.  E. H. HEAPS & CO., LIMITED  LUMBER & SHINGLES  Doors, Sash, Mouldings. Etc.  BANK AfaD OFFICE FIXTURES IN NATIVE AND HARDWOOD  Mills, Ofhtep and Factory:  Cor. VJctona Drive and Powell Street. Phone Seymour 8850  .'neai   this  citv     Tha.e  men  are  officers  ney Foundi v Co, at 1G6 Be.itty st.    The   oi  "1P  Impeilal  Powder  Co,   which   has  Phone Seymour 119C| blOjr has a 50 ft frontage, and inns back/ P1*���������*- at Chehalis, Wash. The company      I to  the  CPH   'tiacivs      It  is  at  pie-ent   "��������� reported to be about to invest ?2B,000  luilv   one .ton, and  the addition will be   fn  a Plant  for  the   manufactuie  of  ev-  1 elected'on  thi- bid3     Con-truetinn will [ P'oslves   tor  which   thej   have   the   Ca-  stait  at onco,  and  the  genl contrs vvl"l   nadinn patent  I tile   iill.figuiej   loi    the   sub-contiacts  I luti .���������  <5nET~YC������UR   rSTI7������AT^ESnFRl5M   Canadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..  Limited.  For  PTiASTEKEIG,   CEMErTT,   BRICK,   STONE   AND   TILE   WOBK  Fhoi-o Sey. 8^80 Ofllce:   104 Empire Bldg.  n  "BBS  ^w,grgr*ritiifl^^js!iiAoteaBB  k ������N*s<*tnrui'r<'i  Western "Steam J. Oi! Plants Co. Ltd.  1010    DOMINION    TBUST    BI.DG-. Sev   76"l)  MACEIITE SHOP IN BASEMENT OF 109 POWEJCI. ST.  Entrance in rear Plione Soy B732  Vancouver IVisrbSe Si Ti3s Co., Lfcd.  LARGE   STOCK   OF TILE   AND MARBLE ALWAYS ON   HAND AT  OUR  WORKS,  THEREBY  ASSURING   PROMPT   DELIVERY.  PHONE SEYMOUR  1518 848  BEACH  AVE.  TENDEBS   FOB   QITABBY  MACHINE&Y   WANTED  WH.J1   BE   BEADY   FOB  STESI.   FIGURES  TO-DATT  Contn   rioolvoi,   Camiibell  t*v Whipple,  -.-r,   Williamv   bldg,   who   have   the   general !  I '       I                                         conli ict   foi    the   Gold-rtein   u.;iurtment ^ I  West,   Citv   Ungi,  Noith   Van- ] ^  1>*1>-''   "0, Pendiel  an 1  Gi'ioul   -t    !  vv'll    ave  t'-'o 'tcel  e-llmatesjcodv*  to  *  WOOVER MACHINERY DEPOT, LTD.  A     II  couvei,    vvlll    IcIaC    tendeis   until    noon,  Sf.u    20,   foi    supplviiil,'   the   follovvmt,  ENGINEERS   AND   CONTRACTORS  Office and Works:     1165 Sixth Avenue W.,  Vancouver, B   C.  We  stock here a complete line of the goods of the following firms:  AMET-ICAN HOIST & DEBRICK CO. HOISTING GNGTNIJ.S AND UJ3RKICXS  E.  LUONABD ������5  SONS,   KNGINUS   AND   BOILI^TIS  WAS.ji.jMaTOMr  IBON   WORKS,   DONKKY' ENGINES,   HOISTS,   FJTC.  -    Oirrliactors' and  Builders'   Rfiuipirietit cairled  in atock,  including:  ll'i-ts,  Deiricks  and   Winches  C. m lete .Mixers  S< '.titers,   Dump  Gary  and   RplavliiK   Rails.        '  ( >" ti Ilug.ll Pumps.  Sit.tin  Shovels  and   Ro( k  Cru-heis.  .M< lors   Air Compifssoi s etc, >.lc  vt, 0  operate   11  fully   onulpped   mochlne   shop.     Contractors'   rush   orders  glvci. b.-oolal and prompt attention.  (laj   lm   flguie-s      Plans   call   for   about!  J 10 It'is oi  ii'MiJoicing steel ol ,i'l    i/u-  1  lo*-K,*  Balfour Guthrie & Co.  103 W.nch Building Phone Seymour 137 - 5929  English " K-B & S " and Caiofornia  " GOLDEN GATE " CEMENT  Lime, Plaster, Fire Brick, Tin Ptatesr.  Pig Iron Etc.  .Him iy   inacliiiiei v      une   ICO   lo   -'-'."1    It  < oiiipic-'sor,   with   ir.lo.iue*   and   Joinida-i  t'un holt-, ai: KK.vei. S.H, ft, ion,- ' Wltl. TASEB TENDERS  liivlf, one .10-10 lip in rlci JJ"*0 vclts,  .1 C 01 .'2') A C , iiil 1 In t-iul c-s licit,  ox o 1-;! in dill1. VMtii luuiid, weight,  uul I tlnm-, ">0 It ..1 hoi' and cot.p-  1 nr-.,  ore  jiltig  dull  .ml  3u  It  lio^e  loi  S lllit  1  FOR   PiASTriEIlTG- '  ja jrt -nsnri*   ������r-j������trma������ofc-������*/esr������q"^������^.������������g>j ittmii'"'  ���������JB"���������JCcit   __������������������r  ?a!n. Vacuutn Cicinier Cotsapany's  -SYSTEM OF S1A1I8HARY PiAriTS  7S1   Gra"viljo  St.  Fliono SeyniO'ir 14S7  Vancouver, B  C.  Sole     Apr pi-  I Ti!ie'v>r-JMT"o.������������STC-.'7'=:  City F^ap & White Pi? hre. Co  BRILLIANT   BLUE  PRINTS  DRAFTING TRACING MAPS  4C2   Cordova   Street  West  Phone     Sevmour  6G'JJ  COITT3ACT    LET    FOR  irORTEJ VAKCOBTEB  CETURCH  -Sicht-. Ale\aiH'ei v\. lliovvn. Paiilicld  nldjj have hcen av aided tlie Luut'.ct  ,01 the election 01 St Anduu-. l'ic--  h loi un chv'ich i'i Noi th \ i"< uti i' to  i Udell <fv. lnviii, ,"'1S V\ ll'on hulp V ?  , un tract had not been signed up 'i'sl  1 i���������'ht uii'i as soon as this iv i'o"2. i'U-  11 1   ]i i' Uciuai 3   uil)   he   L;i������tn   in   ne   *  v       Ill.l'II '  Wile- ������. PKhei, 1>2G Koh on 01 '31  Mi ' it ,i e o.iHIiijv" fc 1 tendeis fui t'ie  p'.i tu'i'., (.1 a 1 stoiv b. civ bldg at  l.*v2 Clia'i,.llL st, foi Jl Iloflinei t.^r.  'luileis   vv 11   he   received   iMitrl   M iv   11  2:OEBiRIN<G  CONCRETE   MliXERS  AltlS TUB DKST.    AbK J UK Ui'iNION OP THE  /IS SatisfieciS  SJsers  Bn  Vancouver  IM'iCJ:S   OV   APIM.ICATIOV  CANADA fOUNDRY CO. LTD.  106r   "i ncier  &t Phone   Snymour  571f  TArriKS    STJJ-Eli    riGURES  I i.'iiie.   toi   tlie   1 ciiifoiclnj,'   ��������� teel   fni  the   Ret,^   Ka'.U'e,    Mbemi   ami  '1 hui low  ''t     ai" no:    'jehif?  t.ikrn  bj   t'ie  Do ��������� ip-  1011   Ciiot   .-vi pl\   Co    and   the  con.ii  t  'villi 'i������ lit 1,1 a fev\  tlajv     B.ilfoi.1  Gvth-  i'i   <v Co  <��������� 1 1  <-v.ru 'v    tne   ce'i'e' t  for   '.'-.e  1 lil 'g,   "I'cl'lcn    G 11<������ '    ben-",    t' p    bum 1  t'Mufi       Crnvt t'ct'on    v ,il    <int    11   t  ililvi   ll an   t'ie  1'i-t  ol   v c< *'  55a  BiacKwe  1   rviVi^Vo/y       -.    1 *f*'"���������sat i^n������*T**.  ���������������������������!������������������������  Once- 108  A.oj.aiider St.  I'lioi"- Sevmoi'r 'VI'',  vrii 0.10 use:  8i,3   Poi>r������ll St.  builders and C'onlrao-  tois'  SUPPLIES  Mot-il l.uh, Metal Ceil  in/, \V110 (lone, Tool <v.  J)nl' ^'eci Hud r;<*nernl  -si'tii 'ir>g  S������  1  Let os f'jtire on your ELECTRICA1 CONTRACTS. Nothing too large,  nothing too small Our stocU of Electric Chandeliers is the largest in the  city  Ele< una!  Con licit tors  igoa  SL   ^  33S 5-!������-js.Jr:'3:������-3 Street West  I'bnne  Sfvinnur  .     St.00  v t.3 Tmtc-jrjst*m-ri  ArchSibailcS ^oSa-tSf Co  '     "TheMapMen"     ���������  ���������':''��������� BLUE! PRJNTJINGJ'  Draftlne T������-acins  ReSlablllty tind Dispatch.  Banns218-217EmpireBUt . PhoneSe;mcar.537B  TENDEliS   FOE   EITOfKTG  --1 cclf (.alioir-    r-.a      'ic      fen     it    l)".i  I.      Stole     Irin'.ibv    i.jli'     f 1 v 011     nn  11 If    li i"' "���������   K .    101    <1.',, 11 (,   1 " 11     t   of  v I   ft   il.lv.ncs      Tctilvi-.   a i'   w 'i ('il   at  T-KS'J'JiS   ror    XEVEToJ,I,'Ti--  \   ir   J\r if" 11^1    .ii i.i<   o' Wii  n  *v     "v   "     1(  t'v      "il"u    'I   1    t"1  ",       tV      VI 1   It   '  fl (1 1 1 r .ll I p ' 1 A' iv 11 "1 , c ,'c'l'  '"Mi (1 (.'1 111. TO 1 111! Ill ( ri'n'M  * 1 0111   annv e  ' Ilif  's  e   I  Faikpbisrg & Laucks, Hi  :'"[;    CJHE1VIISTS,   ENOINEE3S  We inspect  cement,, all   structural  materials and construction work.  152 Trounce Alloy.   ;:    Seymour 7159  BlTKNABTr   B3VS    CE"U3E;J3B.  EDMONDS���������The    .municipal  . i;coiincil.  P-II^TING.. COITTKACT   I.ZT  F. K. Harkell, I^oo Blc.g, nar. bnen  warded the' contract for the painting  has purchased a rock ci-ualiins- plant | of the .Tohn Mole bldg, ��������� Wii--on road,  v.-iiich lias beenin u-ie in the municipal-j .Kerrisdale, by the Dominion Conit. i-iip-  '.ly !iy Uic Toiy.'cr 'Ccnrt.  Co. ,���������::���������!>" '~c, ������..:r.'i ccnliv:. ,'):���������       '���������"  "Ice?"  He Moist  ^������  C5*3soii?{io S-3c!!&i*s  And Ete-i'ates's  In A!i SEzc-s  ;       fmSSEMi  365  Water Street  JMITEi  Phone   Sey.   3237  - j->o������JVVitr������ioW-.<fj������H>*j.M.L<J_nj������iJM.t*������>^i. wi*.mMj������i������vii.imu..^. -���������|-rri ^ .|   inliT-S.iT^,- -.trrni ���������to.    -*T17yA-T;r'"''-'''5^y'r."*rTr'*ff'*Ft''al'..t''-���������-.py.. m.Qm*-_...^.,���������. rMnca-rjs.��������� -.^^H.* ������N*������i{V^-jE..3.  ......ro-.   -  -I"   *..-   'I-''    *  ' r   ,,- -X3i   fr1.  ;������������������������  -   -V  So.'ro.n,r^.;^������������������',?S3--J������^^������^'Va-5o^,^-i--  Brltish Columbia  DAILV BUILDING RECORD  DAILY   BUILDING   BECOBB.  , Published Dally Except Sundays  ���������    BBCOBD PUBLISHING COMPANY  v*L. ,   Address:  5S3 Homer-Richards'Lane.  Rear of 431  Dunsmuir Street  Telephone Seymour 7808  '���������*.-4_  . Subscription Price       -       $1.00 a month  Payable  in  Advance  VICTORIA NEWS.  VICT03IA  PEBMITS.  VICTORIA, JMay S.���������Building permits  Were issued ye<-terdaj' as follows-: Bungalow Consl. Co., res on Plnevvood ft,  $1,700; A. .1. JAIai-shall, trninsre on Scott  st, $100; L. to. Biown, garage, St.ida-  cona st, ?J25; G. XV. Cremer, ies Edmonton road, ?1,300; ITeiman Sing, garage Edmonton road. $160; 1. I.ano, res  . Pendergast st, $3,cS00; Robertson Iron  Wks. shop, Ildiald st. oo'Cj; "W. to.  Crawford,  res Dallas road,  $3,700.  VICTORIA,  ..VANCOUVER  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  " BULLDOG " Wire Rope WHIT  J "Santa Cruz"  BLUE CROSS Cement  Western Bungalow  Company  Designing of hemes our specially  SUPERVESEKG 'and ESTIMATING  Sey. 1856.    703 Dominion Trust Bids.  Notice  of  Removal  THE   PACIFIC   LIME   CO.,   LTD.  Have   removed   their   offices   to   201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg.  Phone  Sey.  9505 vancouveb, b. c  ,    Producers Rock % Gravel Co., Ltd.  Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel'  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAY.       ROCX CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT.HEAD,  OFFICE AND BUNKERS [FRONT AND MANITOBA STS,  -Head Office and  Bunkers:  Store'St.-, foot of Chatham  Phone 305       '      Victoria, B. C.  Vancouver Office and Bunkertj:  'V. / '-J  Front and  Manitoba  Sts.     '  *r ..  Phone Fairmont 552. .-��������� .-���������'  m  I i  -,    ,-ttl  T.Tri���������va"*;-*/-rs"X  -Ttr'1'1 at: n-s; *���������tH^iaja. a.-^_������������������smzt  SED   NEW    WORK  Plans for Buildings in ihis Table arc iii the H-inds of the Architects,   and    Hie    Dare    Given    for    their   ���������  Comiiletion is Approximate only.    When'the Contract is Let, Xame of. Contractor is Given in jMist C ohmm.  C017TBACT  J.ET  FOB  NANAIIVIO  BAira BLDG.  *    VICTORIA���������Chas.    W.    Carkeek,    619  'Sayward   bldg.,   has   been   awarded   the  genl   contract  for   the  erection   of^ the  ,Merchants   Bank   of    Canada   bldg    at  .('Nanaimo'," for.about  $20,000.    Tlie  bldg  Will   be   two   stories   and   basement,   of  brick,'and   with   banking  rooms  on   tlie  ground   floor   and   offices   In   the   upper  ftoor.' 'The genl contractor is "now ready  tor bids  for  the  following  traded:   mill  j '��������� r * f  oWork,   sheet   glass,   plate   glass,   plstrg,  n "e^eo   wiring, '-marble   and   tile,   roofing,  sheet  metal work,  plumbing and", steam  heating plant.    Tenders for these trades  frill' be received  for  about  ten  days  or  two weeks.  Character Estimated  Cobt   Location    Owner Architect  teOZUB PAYING  CONTRACTS , -     - ���������  v   U! ~ ���������   -LET  UT  FAIBFIELD  ESTATE  9 i .  VICTORIA���������At   the   meeting   of   the  city  council   last   Monday  night  paving  u . I, f  Contracts -for approximately 20,000 j'ds  "Were let to, the Wor'svvick Paving ' Co;  at  $1.35   a  j'ard.     The  streets'"awarded  "are Plnevvood ave from St. Charles st  to Wildwood ave; Earl st from St. diaries'st to Fairfield road; Arnold st from  ."Fairfield road to Richardson st;"Standard st'from-Fairfield'road to. Richardson st; Brook st extension, rrom section  line "E," side of Jot". 7S to St. Charles  st; Fort st from where the company's  ���������present contract .terminates to Foul Bay  road. ' ,  Special ivieeting- of  ,   ���������      council ' on sooke lake  VICTORIA���������A special meeting of the  ^tty council was' held"yesterday afternoon to take up the matter of the award  of the Sooke Lake water contiact, and  to' arrive at a decision as to how the  ��������� contract  will  be  let.  I-sto  store  and  apmts       15,000  Add to apmts '         10,000  4 to 10-sto conc htoies Sz rooms 100,000  9 sto  conc'olc  bldg $100,000  Dawson school          150,000  C-sto" hrlt olllce bldg      200,000  _!-sto  brk  hotel    '        45,000  Power house   '.        40,000  Two 3-sto bik ring hse        70,00u  Sisters of Good Shepherd        75,000  S-fato   hotel   add .'.      150,000  3 S-sto  school adds      120,000  S-ito  brk oflice  bldg.' '   110,000  4-sto brk  add to  hospital        60,000  Brk  scliool   bldg        90.000  4-blo rmg hse        35"009  3-sto apmt hse         55.000  ] 0-sto brk apmt hse .'      250,000  3-sto brlO apmt  ,    40,000  3-sto apt hse        60,000  4-room  add    ,       25.000  Police Headquarters ��������� .'      175,000  Club   bldg         222'22j2  Shipyards        25,000  Saw  miir        50,000  Depot & offices   1,000,000  S sto conc club bldg $360,000  6-sto   rmg  hse..."      ���������iMW  4 bridges      1,750,000  1st  Pres.  Chuich,  Victoria ,   100,000  Prov. ,Girls'  Home '   100,000  3-sto, 80x90, apmt:'. '    76,000  3-4-sto apmts and stores      160,000  Hotel '..'��������� ,1.000,000  4-sto  rmg  hse     rJ0.������������p  Conc stadium ��������� : .'       250,000  Drill hall      200,000  Lower Lake .<      r52-22S-  Manufacturing plant   '...     100.000  3-sto brk apmts        40.000  Women's  Club, ,..     1 ^Mti  Brk or conc school        50,000  3-sto brk apmt hse    ,   35,000  Power-plant      696-222  4-sto store & iofts       _ "5,000  University bldgs'      5-/0-92S  Steel  bridge    :    ' lRS'222  10-bto steel & conc ofc bldg      500,000  Theater '. ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������, '   250,000  10-sto  ofc  bldg 1,000,000  gr.^I^.:::::::::::::::::::1;iofooo  3 .fire halls , 11.500  Brk and stone church      150,000  3-sto   apmts    ,<    55.000  Broadway Sz Yukon.  Victoiia..  JJomer Sz Georgia  700  blk  Granville  .1").  "McCulluni  .Miss Jean  .Molli .on  Sts 12   Alahon  fat   Peoples Trust Co.   Potei  Swaiii-oii  J" 13. C. E. K  60,000  75,000  22,000  '.20,000  75,000  225,000  21,000  230,000  36,000  200,000  175,000  225*000  50,000  60.000  60,000  350,000  70,000  _._���������  95,000  Brk and stone church      100,000  o-sto   hotel  bldg   4-sto brk apmts.L.   '2-sto fr apmts   3-sto brk-stone res   6-sto  brk  whse   conc bldg   house     office   bldg...,..;   whse   bldg   rein cmt office bldg '  oflice   bldg'   stone and  brk hospital.  store & looms.   6-sto apmts .'   6-sto  conc-add   10-sto conc office bldg...  3-sto stoie & apmts   r.-cto  brk bldg.  sto  Rmg  S-sto  G-sto  S-sto  S-sto  3-sto  6-sto  jVevv Westminster..  Princeton, B. C   '-Jarls Road ,  New Chinatown ..  Point Grey  ...  Hastings and Jlain L.  L.  IMi.l.s  So.  Van So. Van.  School Board  Blk 12, I-last. St. .JVIcDougal & Cameron  Kelson, B. C... .Kootenaj' Lake Hospital  Tipperaiy  Park,  New  Westminster   Richards  st  Haley  &  Stilton  11th  and  Main  J.'P.   jMatncr.i   Dr.    Robt.    Tellord  Haatrngs fat 12   Kitsilano  T.  H.  Callaud  Central school    ,. School  Board  Citj' of Vancouver Powell st  Haitings and Hornby. .Vancouver Club  Burrard Inlet'.".XV. D. Andeison, Toronto  Not chosen... .Bloedel, Stewart Sz Welch  Granville & Cordova .".. .C. P. R.  Georgia & Burrard -ts...:..Y. to. C. A.  Blk S, Coidova st. .Vancouver Realty Co.  British Columbia  C..N, R.  Quadra and Fisguard st. .���������   Govt Hastings Tovvnsite  Victoria Lindsay & Roberts  Pender, Bute, Melville Sts...J. J. Banfield  Sechelt, B. C .P. P. Bigwood  100 blk, Cordova E A. C.  "McNeil  Coal Harbor ..' Vancouver  Dead man's Island   Dominion  Burnaby Mun. of Burnaby  Burrard Inlet G.   B.   Bouratteau  Park drive J. H. Richardson  Thurlow St   Women's  Clubs  , School Trustees  Towii'-cnrt   vV;   Tov.'ns.Piid  ���������J.   S.   JJ.   T.iyloi   W. F. Gardiner   Pan. ..IcKei.j'.ie & liav  -\T    A.    Leach   Gaidiner 'vt   .Meicer   Illc-enian Sz Durlcc    B.  C.  E.  R       Stuai c, White Sz Pelei-s-...SU  v\ .iiJltiptv.il vt Whcitlev .  I'\ to. Bonder  (Kant-.is Ci  .1.   If.   Bowman       xv. D   Van Siclen   S. B. Bud-   Gardinei  & Mei cer      Biaunton & Liebert   W. P. White   W.  M.  Dodd   Jones it Beatson   \\". F.  Gardiner   X.  A.  Leech      Competitive     Sharp & Thompson.-   Not  Cho=en      Not chosen      W. S. Painter   H. S. Griffiths   A   C. Hope   Waddell   Sz Harrington...  u-t  ty)  .Flans Beady  . .Bids closed  -Bids clc-eo  . . Bull closed  . Bids closed   Now   ". Now   Now   ' Now  convt .May I   Now   -May  10   Mav   10   May  15  ... . May ] fi   May 15    il.iy 15   May 10   May  15  . .. .May 20   Way  ..,<"..... Mu j-  -v'... June   1  . ..June 1st   June  .....'. ..Tune   June   June  CANADA TOSAEC TSLE CO.  . rVianufnCvUrers Of "  "Argilia" Mosaic-Flooring TiJ'es  Tc!op:-.cno,10.5  1318  WliMf Street  -*><V    ,     r  iV- ���������/  f. o. 3ox^ii7i;;  VICTCaiA,^B.'.C.  " fLA. 0=1 "  Rhq^ Co-mffspsotiQiiis     t p'.y*  Fo'r.Wat8rprooi?iirig Or F.rrsproofiifig vf^  '<     '                             ' 132tJ Wharf' StCb  -   ^^ ������ Victoria,^.  111G Ci-anville St  ,      Vnncoaver '*" '  Nanaimo.  Broadvvaj' W  Kamloops     Pender, nr Columbia. .Story  Point  Grey    '   Georgia-Harris ,st     Granv ille, nr Georgia   Granville St '...!.  Not to be made public  Undecided  ���������I  COKSTBUCTION STARTS ON  ' ,     ���������"���������      '      LABGE   BUSINESS  BLOCK  VICTORIA���������The' Norton Griffiths' Construction Co has begun the erection of  the 10-12 story Rorii^n bldg, 100x114 ft  In size, on the site adjoining the post-  office.    II.  S.  Giiffith  is  the architect.'  TEXDEBS  FOB. WIFE  VICTORIA���������XV. XV. .Northcott, City  Pm chasing Agent, is calling foi* tenders to be in by 3 p.m. .May 13, for 12,-  O^CO ft No 10 cable;. 2,000 ft No 1! Duplex cable; 10 miies No 12 W. V. B. & S  guage tteel wire, and 32." iron pole top  fittings.  T3NJDEI-S  FOB  SCHOOL   OPENED  VICTORIA���������Tendeis for tlie genl  contr on the Burnside road school were  opened at the ie������rular meeting of the  schccl hoard last night. The -uocessful  ecutrartor will be announced  thi-i week.  8-������to, steel'& brk office bldg.  Stone churclu ���������   Brick and.-.tone church.  Add to apmt h������e   P.--to   conc  vvrlise   S5,00ft  50,000  25.000  20,000  50,000  2nd Narrows.  ^Victoria. .v   No.   Vancouver   Powell, and Heatley  Alberni st   50S-1S Semlin Drive.  Shaughnessy Hts ...  C.   P.   R."Reserve...  Howe st   Powell and Hawkes.  Afotoria   Water  st   :   Hastings st XV    City  &- Campbell  .. .Province   City  ... .Sj-ndicate  Richmond, Jr.  Can.' Home  tnv.  V.-A. C.  .Burrard Bridge it Tun. Co.      City  .1st   Baptist   Cchurch  .St..  .Stevenson   Bros.  .. McNeil Bros  .Savainar Bros.  .B. C.- Bible Society   Chas. Putnam  ...Dom.   Trust -Co.  ".PP.   'il.'A.'Tio'rrls  A. A. Cox .-     Robt. Knipe   F.   H.   Perkins   XV. to. Somervell     J. P. Matheson & Son.  Fredk. Heath   Not chosen   Xot chosen      Not chosenr   J.  H.  Bowman   Not chosen      Not chosen    lloiel it Roberts    l'utcher & Maxwell   W.*T.  White-way..1   Not chosen      Not .chosen"   Not chosen      New  Westminster.Roy. ,Columbia  Hosp.  Sevmour, near Dunsmuir.. .D.  Campbell  Cardero<& Comox D. D. Hutchinson  Victoria S. Jones  Granville vt Georgia. .H. Bilks Sons.. Ltd.  4th & Yew ��������� Syndicate  Cordova st Scan.  Meth.  Mission  Carl and Pender Church of St'. James  200   blk.  Hastings E   Shaughnessy Hts    Methodists  Kra-er ave Soutli Hill Baptists  Thurlow and  Robson W.  L.'Tail  .... Powell St B. C. Sugar Refinery  To be selected within  two  <"*.  A. Jones _   John Wolfe-Bai ry Now  i\'ot chosen    '....,  Not   chosen '..  Townaend <t Townsend   Alder & Campbell   Townsend '&   Townsend   Townsend  &   Townsend....  W. F  GoodJellovv   G. P. Bowie   C. A.  Jones      Alder  & Campbell...-   II.'S   Griffith   II.  B. Watson     :   Thomas Hoopei   .....'.   i   H. S. Griffith    S.   B.   Birds   Hugh  Braunton     R   JM. Fnpp   Thos.  Hooper" .'   Somervell & Putnam   J.  P.   Matheson  &  Son   Otto Moborg    Alexander   &   Brown   Parr, McKenzie & Dav   G.   A. .Horel .'   1 lorel   it   Roberts   Jewett Designing Co ,  ������������������ v-i.nvrlv   Bi v-.in   weeks... I...  being drawn    Delaved   Deiaj'ed  .., .Lelayed  .... Delaved  ... .Delayed  ... .Delayed  . .. .Delayed  ... Indefinite   Indefinite  .... Indefinite  .... Indefinite   Indefinite   Indcilnite  ... Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite  . .Indefinite  ..Indefinite  ..Indefinite  .Day labor  . .Day labor  .Dav labor  CANADIAN EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  ,-.    VANCOUVER, B.C., AND CALGARY, ALBERTA.  METAL SASH and METAL CASEMENTS  Many of the largest buildings and- residences of this s-. city  equipped with our Sash. Enquiries solicited from architects-'and  contractors,, ->   ���������" *   '        ,'-,>-.'���������'"  Phones Seymour 2330 and 5021. ��������� 418 Pacific Building.'  O       '1-   '    t-   J r  CARNEGfE STEEL.BARS, PLATES ETC., '���������  ,    REINFORCING STEEL  ;<, -     .    ffP  ��������� * From stock and import c' x, '"';���������"  WILKINSON COMPANY, LIMiTED. , I'p;, '  846  Beach Ave.      ��������� _ ' < Fhone  Sey.'^ 7915  uMiim  We have them IN STOCK (j/Y  Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, Transmission f������tc. "-. ,  PHONE:    SEY. 952,   VANCOUVER,  B.  C.    37-43  ALEXANDER "STV"'  ~j������Tj   items  below   this  rule   appear' in   this table  for first time today.  I.I.I. I^MI.  III. HUM  Less Space Required  For Beds  eotiiatlogi Simple asid P$  PERfECT'CONCEALED BED CO.1 /  Display "Boom. 570 Granville St., v ^ VANCOUVEB, F. C. ,    Fhone: Sey. 5092  TEE   FOLLOWING   TABLE   SHOWS  B UILDIirGB "cOSTISG   58000   OK,   OVJffS.,     ON"     WHICH     CONSTRUCTION     IS  "IJITEEK   WAJXV OB   OSt WHICH  CONTR ACTS   HAVE   BEEIi"   SET   BUT   CONST RUCTION   MOT   YET   STARTED.  The Imperial Apcies Corporation  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND NOVELTIES  CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  Phone Sey. 6122  '    VANCOUVER,  B. C   -   409 Hpstings St. W.  (Rear)  Vancouver Roofing Co  Contractors For  Tar and Gravel Roofing. Dampprooftngr  Expert Roof inu Repairing  Sheet Motal "Work of all Descriptions  Pnhuo  Sey.  6949   ' 407. "too  Bldg1.  ractnry. 192J Trininph St,   Sey. 4130R  a  Vacuum Cleaner Plants. Church,  ZroaiTe and School Fnrnifiro.- Theater  and' Opera Chairs. Metal . LocJter*  viid   Office  Fixtures.    Wall  Burlaps,  Etc. *  Phone, Sey. 5476     502 Fender'St/ "W.   i���������  ���������a*  Character     ��������� ���������  Cost  Hospital    v      ,?23vU,Uti  0 to  in���������io cone bids.".       .iuu.OUO  7---to  01.110  .ipinth   "Location    Owner  bklj  anil  r.iom.-.  IioCl-1   1  V.'llili   TAKE   TENDERS   FOR  CHESTERFIEI.D   DOCK  NOKTir VAXCOUVER���������A. to \\~e-t,  City I.r.Ki!.eet, will take ten tiers umil  noon, "May 20. for the eonstr uctio.i of  a dock at the foot of Chesterfield ave,  Xo. Vancouver. All information at o������-  flce.of city engr.  I'l  "i  WHE VOTE B"Sr-EAV.'"S  " KnRXIJ!:���������By-laws for the following  public works will he submitted to _the  Voters in a few clays: $5,000 ror a clty  Storcliouv.e, $10,000 for park lmpiove-  rnents: $10,000 for street impiovcments;  $15,000 for electric light extensions, in  all   $10,000.  SAWMILL   BURNED  SUM-iS,'MAY   S���������The  <--nv. mill  of  the  Cline Lumber Co  at   thii  point was  <lo-  stroj-ed by fne earlv  tlii*--. morning, v ,l'i  a loss  of  $i:.,000      The rliv  Kiln .  -hod*  .'-sto  tjrfiiK  bldg..  s-.sto oliii e hi'lg..  lU-.-,to hold      S-^io oll'u.eri      Ue���������ervon        Water  evrension  I'uiiveiit    ,1- -tn   -Wn.e v*;-  cone  I I-sto  li'iti-l. .   .  Waiehou  <���������  I'uvvei   iik.nt   ..  VV ill lilinll-i  ."i-sii.  ink  -tore  ���������i--ti.   i fiiiJ-ecni'  ."i-hto  brli  addn   vlt>         Ji-vto  -loie and odlces   JolKlPtC   "lOCKs       (i--tn   vonc   lintel ,.  .ilulK'  ic   10���������to cciic n|>ints '. . .  i -,ti' -toi v-i oiiiii bid'-'   J ���������.(_,!  bi K -toi e it one   S-stO   brk   11I1M!1PS<-   bldg....  ."- to  g.ua���������'<;   ���������iioliuol   a.lil         l.unsilule -chool bldg   7-sto   upmt   bidg   l-tto   conc  rm   hse   bi-k  apmt bldg   bik  vto & rmg hse...  bik inig bse   bik hotel   bank  bldg     com; garage   ..    holel        *;-��������� to bik hotel   ���������d.l  to r-ocil  Rhodes- school.  'i-s-to   conc   ofliceb   "i-sto   conc   whse   i Irk   and  -tone  school   -.-������t<> steel  <fc brk n ig li.se.  7-sto   apmts      4-sto  brk sto & apmts   I >ry    dock       Rrealcvvater  jettv      4--CO   brk  odiue  bldg   .'.'hse bldg      i!--fo ofliop bldg        S--to brk hotel add   ,1-sto  brk im-r bse   S-sto   brk   apt-   .i-sto   bik   vv n-ac.  S-ioom   school   bl.lg       JiuiTtird & Comox Sinters, of Chanty  W aicr vt Abbott Sts owl it Ji Co.  .?JT5,000   Victoiia     SvinliLcotv-  100,000   itich.u-ds, ni-HaJt..Can. Perm   llor. Cor.  3(.0.U00   Pun.le'r vt Homei Uom  Ti ust Co  5^0,000   .MeiV'illo vt 13ui-raid XV. IT   Ram .py  bo iiuu   ioy-15 Richards bt. .K. XV. Can. Tru -t Co.  '.5,215.25   Burnaby      Burnaby  7S(i,ii.'O   isi'Viuuiii- Creek City of Vancouvei  IJiiO.uOO   I'o'inr  Giev Sisters of Sacred  Heart  75",GOO i Victoiia.   i'-.  C.. .'.Provincial  Guveriiinent  , l.O'i.l.iiyd   Georgia and Gianville C   P. R.  'i.i I.SilO   J o.H ol   liovvc Si Dominion  60u.iiiiO ' Pi.nilleiige River Canadian Collei ies  Sj.li'iu ! SnnniTli.il allijv . Vvnrid Yallviiii_e iM- Insult  (jU.OO.i j llii'.ting.s nr Columbid .Seabold & Robert  r.-.sto  0-slO  1-sto  B--to  G-sto  J-sto  l.-sto  IdO.OOo ' \'ictiii.a St.  5   j.'o.UUO | IJ.iio Sz Thuilow- ,  I il.noo | sto- i- -1���������">11      l Mi.onii ' Victor-la T.  j.UOu.iiu'u   .\oith    Vuncouvci-   60.000 i (ilo-12 Coidova st   -Ti.OOO I .s'li.iiifrliness.v   lit-   100.000 : Gi-iu-aia vt Hoinby   .$1 I'l000 I Sll coi   FioiniT <v.- Duns  . . $3U.liO')   IJoniGi- vt A\ atei-   S0.000. I Ja-tings   st   73,000   Ti'ui'iOW and  Allieini.  511,000 ' lthodc^  school      l.'.OOO ' IrOn-da'e   Thurlow and Tlaro T. F. l'.iterson  Seymoui- and Dunsmuii H. Pybus  1127    Kobson Chas.   G.   Mullor-  Gore vt Hastings Hooper vt Snider  .16:1-5 llrimilton    W. E  Hannon  11a- tings and Dnnlevy. .Dr. T. II   Wi ton  Jliio-tinsb and  Main JMolsons  Bank  Victoria    Met.   Motor  Car   Co.  ������bbott  it Pendrill P.   Mathews  Keefei   vt Goie Mrs   W.  Sanford  Citv School Doaid  Perider Jfahon, McFarland Sz Proctor  Jainc-  Co.   btd.   ..P. Agicn   I io ii i    Gov t.  X. liibben ,'i Co.   1.LS     J-Vll  . . F. W. 1'adinoie  .Mrs. Dr    Mackay   Mr   IS van-  .Wll'on <t llari is  . . Tliomp on IJi o^   Jas.   norland  . Hoggs Auto Co.   City  Architect       Contractor  R. F.  Tegen   A LJ. Shank. . . .  Iloult Horton .  .1. D. S. Taylor.  II    S    Giiliiths.  .1 P. siatlne ori  Cleveland Sz Cameion.   Not ton  Griillths  ... .J. JAlcDiarmid & Co.   Xortoii-Crinith.-  . Fori o-Conc   Const. Co.  .. .jNorton-Grilliths   Co  .Feiro-Conc  Coii^t. Cu  .t Sun. . .Dom. Coiict. Co  h>. J,ea lim-iaiil  G    B-ulgoIy   M KriUeiibury.  S Painter. .. .  Com, .inv   Daiion vt lSv Pli'if  11   A. Hodgsiin.  *l..  135,000  35.000  125,000  80,000  33.000  100,000  100,000  36,000  100.000  100,000  78,000  225,000  60,000  75,000  75.000  100,000  55,000  260.000  300,000  oil.UOO  \. lo. Olts ,t Co  ISngr.  Co   et <u   S.   .1.   Lund  .McDonald & Wilson  . .. .Skene Sz Cliiivtie  ..1. McDaiiiii'd ,t Co  ..Giant-Smith .t Co  G. finder <t Bicthoui  . .. K. MacDcan iz Co.  Rie-t'iiiiii'ii vt Dnrfco.W o-tliolme Lbr Co  Quandt  & CrouUer. . .Owners  vull   build   v T.  F. Sinclnli  'i'hos. Hooper. .Sound Const, vt ISngi. Co  Xorton Gnliitli.*-  K ,.I    -MacDonald...  W.  A.  Doctor   IS   S.  -Mitton      Dalti'ii it ISvcl'-n-h . .  Stuai t it "White  ...Dayucs   <t  Hone  .... ISgdell  vt JJnyon   Dgilcll  vt DKon  . .. . Havncs & Hoi ic  . Uiirraril  Const   Co  Water   St  I"2th  and   Victoria  dr.  500  blh,  Hastings  E..  Bute  &  Nelson   Gore  and Pender-....  Prince Rupert   Fr-aser   It,   Steveston,  10th  and  Main.  75.000 I lav :e   and   Hamilton ...Otis-Fensome  S5.000 Govet .st,  Victoiia    30,000 Uai ii. and Main  . D. McClaien  15,000 '-owe 1   st      Mr.  Saiiguinetti  iSO.Of'O  Heacli <t Chilco sts A   D   GoirlsU-in  35,000  ;..iii lniiii  it Beatty      .       . C. A. God-on  53,0!Ji D   L   I'll  City  Alclreau   Bio,   Scliool   Board  .Light-heart   Bros.   Lee   Kce   G. T. P. R.  11.  B.  C Govt.   D.  IS. lUrn  Co  Pan, McKenzie <t Day li   D.ivul on  L   IS. Cordon ...   .Dom. Const   Supply Co.  .N. A. LppcIi    Robt   McLean & Co  .laineson .t Blackaddcr.J IS Wright & Co  XV. D.  Van  Siclen Doin   Coin.   Co  11. J.  Steverrs & Co..II   L. Steven.-, Sz Co.  W  D  Van Siclen. . .Dom. Const   Co., Ltd  Thos. Hooper Frantz Const. o<  "W.   P.    White Fraiiti!   Const.   Co  L  IS. Gordon Dom. Const. Co., Ltd.  .H lo. Stevens Co  . .jVdkins-on & Dill  , R.   McLean  vt  Co.   IS    G.  Albin   McLain <t Co.  .C. .Ferro Conc Co.  ...Adk-ison & Dill  McLain   Bros.  II. L. Stevens Co. .  II    S.   Griffith   A.   J.   Bud   Hugh   Braunton   N. A. Leach   Somervell vt Putnam  Thos.   Hooper   N.   A.   Leech  Parr,  McKenzie & Day B. Davidson  Ownei s       Owners  S. B   Birds C. L. Williams  Co.  Engnis British   N.  A,   Const.   Co.   Sinclair Const.  Co.  A   J.  Bird Wile., & Fisher  Tlios.   Hooper McDonald   Sz  "Wilson  Thos. Hooper  "Westholme Lbr. Co.  Townsend  & Townsend E.  J. Ryan  Owner    .: IS. J. Rj>an  AV   P. AV., Booker,  Campbell   ..   AVhipple  G. P   Bov. ip .. .   .A.  Adams  .\. A. Leech .Kuoket, Campbel' & AVhipple  Pertaining;  " - To Floors Of'  WOOD  VANCOUVER FLOOR CO.  Hardwood  Floor  layers   and  Finishers/.  Sth Ave. & Gien Drive Rhone Fat'lrniors'i: 1612  B  KEATmG AND VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS KOBSTS  Office  Suite 614-615-616.  B -nit of Ottawa' Building1.  -B.C. Screen Si Manufacturing Co. Ltd-  SLiDJNS AVD CASEMENT WINDOW SCREENS  CHURCH AMO LOOSE F0JR-M3TURE  STORE AND OFFICE F6TTBNGS  2ES Dufferin Street Ea������,t Phono. Fairmont 1643 VANCOUVE3,  3.  C.  <|!  ; E.'G. PARNELL    ���������,.  Fire and Burglar Proof Safes  Vault Doors  School desks and Opera chairs  Phone: Sey. 1584 567  Hamilton  St.  COIMGrRETIE   .CONSTRUCTS  **������.  ji, Cement   Walks,   Terrace   Steps,   Bank   Walls   and   Basement   Floors  SJ .Phone  Sey.  6612R.'.        E.   WESTLUND,  Mgr. 1263 Hornby St  Dunhmvi''Vacuum     ,  ."���������'���������" s,       . and " '��������� "  ; Vacuo-Vapor-'KeatEing'!  Systems  .AbIc  for latest Catalogue  and  IP *3i3^{u. C li 111? S  l.r>7 Water St. Phone:, Spy. 5632.  STftATKCCNA,  Roint Gr  dead Office  310 Richards St.  Phone Sey. 4105  ANGUS  KEKKESDALE  S5.  Branch  KemsdaEe B. C.  Fhone Eburne 46 R  MAGEE  1.   iku  DEWAR CO., Limited.  Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Washed and Screened Sand and Grave!  Office: Soy. 4534  423 PENDER STREET WEST                      Bunkers; Sey. 6751  If you want any information, or estimates on your  ELECTRICAL WOJSIC,   CAI.1V UP'  Agrents for "Aston Z" Tungsten Lamps, the Best on the Marltet , .       r'r>/     I 1
I -      V"   ' - |
-    v"V
'<**    *"]
British Columbia
Donfmion Equipment & Supply Co.
Chain Belt Concrete Mixers, ^VYheelbarrows, Concrete
Carts, Concrete -Elevators, Grading Machinery
*    ' Large Stock Carried *
Phone:   Sey. 7155    '
345 Water St.
508 Holden  Bldg.
Wholesale  Distributors' of
i .
Steam and Hot Water Boilers
Hot-Water and   Steam t Radiators
Warm-Air Furnaces and  Registers
566-570   BEATTY  ST.
PHONES Seymour 7596-7597
North Vancouver. Coal~& Supply Co., Lti
Offlco 56 Lonsdale Ave. "Wharf foot of St.
, Phones  198, 178.
George Ave,
Western HumbiBg'Co.
Warehouse,and  Ofilce:  Esplanade   and St. George's Ave. ,       ��� Fnone 365
544 Howe  St. Phonos:   Sey. 1338,   7951
Alexander & Brown, Fairfield Bldg	
Alder Sz Campbell. Exchange Bldg	
Badgely. C. D��� Riggs-Selman  Bids	
Barber & Barber, North Vancouver	
Barker. H. AI., Hutchinson Bidg..': Sey.
Bayly, G. M., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey,
Bird, A. J., Winch Bldg ., Sey,
Birds, S. B., A.R.I.B.A., 205-6  Duncan Bldg- Sey. 4897
Blackadder,  H, No.  Vancouver         351
Blackmoie, 111.  E,  306  Loo  Bldg Sey. 2378R
Blair, David,  522 Pender AV bey. 7103
Bowie, Geo  P., Bank of Ottawa Bldg Sey. 3510
Bowman, J. H., Crown Bldg" Sey. 5028
Braunton & Liebert, 81 Exchange Bldg Sey. 39.il
Bresemann & Duilee, Holden Bldg, Sz Victoria.Sey. 2202
Br j an,  Kenneiley,  Crown  Bldg Sey. 5508
Cox, Arthur A, Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 6577
Dalton Sz Eveleigh, Davis Chambeis Sey.' 662
Dawson,   J.   Holden   Bldg.
Doctoi, \V. A��� Metropolian Bldg Sey. 6137
Dodd, AV. to.. Can   Bunk of Commeice ...Sey. 6985
Donnellan,   J.   J.,   Riggs-Selman   Bldg, Sey    6013
Dutoui, .1   B,  Riggs-Selman  Bldg . Sey
Devvar, Andievv, Si Lonsdale, Noith Vancouver
Beam Manfg. Co. 298 Prior St...t .-..:.. .Sey.. 170.S
B. C. Hardwood JFIoor Co, 557 Gianville Sey. 6853
B. C.  Lumber  Corp,  Ltd.,   1605  Geforgia .-Sey. 6501
B  C.'Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg..." Sey. blCr
Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd, Rwy. & SalsburyJ.Sey. 6S0v
Dom   Sash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St Sey. 6136
E. H. Heaps & Co, 115 Victoria Drive /.Sey. 8890
Millwork Supply Co., 1605 Main St .'.Fair 958-546
I   Fyfe Smith & Co, 1320 Richards Sey. 1196
Prudential Builders, Ltd, 101 Dufferin St.  W...Fair 101
Acme Plumbing Sz Htg   Co., 131 10th Ave. E'. .Fair. 537
Armstrong* AVolfe,1540 Sth Ave AV Bay.    296
J   IS. Campbell Sz Cu, 1064 Pender St   AV Sey, 2736
Grandvievv Sheeh Metal Wks., 1729 Venables .'.Sey." 52S4
Il-\ T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg S
Newton & Greer,.Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran....b
Fiasei,  Kenneth, Metiopolitan  bldg Sey. 90*)6
Kri],p, It   Ma. Kay, Hutchinson Bldg   Sey   l'.)3_-
Gainhle & Jvnapp, Davis Cliainbeis   ....' Si-y   3D3
Gardiner, Wm. FrctlJc, Hartnoy Chambers    Ssy. SClfj
Could   vv.   ChRinpncj.   Koser-   Bldg Sey   S11 {
Joidfellaw, AV. D, 303%  Hasting*. St. AV    Sey   6691
Grant vt llendei son, Av illiams  Bldg     bey   ] 19
0-iJi.ths, BJ, S., Dom. Trust Eldj?
OaidiJicr Sr Meicer, 3V1.S.A., New 'Westminster
Gil'ani, A\. C. F    ilu'cnin on Bldg
1-faminei, 1 ,   1931  AVil lams St .    . Sej
naif,i caves,   L   \\���   115 bavwaid  Bldg,  Victoiia
Sey. 4970
Gurney Foundry Co, jJtd., 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596
lohnston-Thompson Co.,   523'Buriard St Sev.
G   L   Kelling iz Co , o05 Pender St * Sey
Pease Pacific Foundiy, Ltd , 321 Diake St  Sey.
Vancouver  Rooing Co,   107 Loo Bldg  Sey.
A'v'estem Plumb. Co, Esplanade Sz St. George.N. V.
Ai nvUrong & AVuli'e, 15 10 3th Ave A\"  Bay.
vli.imiv lew  bheet Metal   Wks., 172*'  Venables. .Sev.
ancouvei  Hoofing Co,  407  Loo  Bldg       .        Sey
Heath. Gove & Neijsc, Metiopolitan Bid
lleivei   it Aichei    Uom   Tiust Bldg...
Heide,  A    r.  Metiopolitan   Bldg  ..
Hods on   Hugh   \    CMi tei-Col ton  Bklg
rlonoj man vt Cuitis, 821 Pendei AV	
Hooper   Thorn.,.-.,  Winch  Bldg	
Hr.i.e   A Campbell, Empire  Bldg	
Iloiel & Robeits, 1101  Dom   Tiu^t
Hoi ton A. l-nipus, Pacinc Bldg Sey
fioyt,   AV    T   S.   109  Dunsmuii   St      Sey
.lames, C   D.  Bank  oi  B   .V   A Sey.
Taineson  & Duggan,  70S Metropolitan Bldg..  Sey.
Jores & Bcatson, Hutchinson  Bldg bey   3024
Jones vt Aspi.il, iiaitnej  Clunb-s and J\o   A'an..s,ey. 441S
Xaufm.mii,  <-v. B.,  D.ivis  Chambers   Sey. 4C20
Kerigev, J   A\'.,  S21 Pendei   St   AV      Sey. 2716
iieams, N. A., l     ' No. Vancouver ...   .
.MacLuie it I'ov, Pacinc Bldg       Sey   4396
.Matheson, J   P., & Son. 532 Gianville Sey. 7535
Mitton.   E    Stanley,   AA'illiains   B.dg Sey. 5422
Moberg,  Otto,   12   Inns  of  Couit  Bldg
Parr. .McKenzie & Day, 570  Granville St Sey     (10
Buinside Gas Appl   Co, 1037-9 Gianville St...Sev. 3704
v a!tei   Kin.--.ey,  1301) Gianville bt..   '. bey   UtlJu
"ancouvei  Cur., Co, IC Hasting-, bt   ("Js tooy   500(
GLASS���.-L.LL  Kli.iljsi. v
Sey G009 fcjogaidus, AVicKens, isegg, Ltd.. 70 Cordova W, Sey 6S7.
911" i. in, X O'Xeil iz Co , u4S-50 .Seymoui -jl. Sej 1793-179-
~'ii St.itid.it d Gl.U"-. Co? jotd., S29 Bainaid' .. ..bev. (ItTi
'S31\\e.t   Plate Glass Sz Imp. Co, 153 Coitlova E Sev   4G7I
ip'J \A uco-c  Ait Glass,   i,a   Broadway   XV     bay.  24
jj'!'.^ < EAuSWOOS  FLOORS.
1621 B   C   Haidwood Fluor Co,  557 Gianville Sey.  6853
5351 Can   Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Rwy   & Salsbuiy. :Sey. 6800
.Sey.  5925 Latle,  IS   A,  &  Co,   532   Pender   St   W Sey. 5176
"-v       12   H. Heaps & Co, jlD Victoria Drive Sey. 8890
7096 \vm   N. O'Neil & Co, 518-50" Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479S
-o09ij   Fyie Smith & Cu,  1320 Richards Sey. 1196
9332 Miliwoik Supply Co, 1605 Main St Fait  95S-546
991 \~ancouver I loor Co , Sth Ave and Glen Diive. .Fair. 1G12
Fyie Smith 'iz co ,  1320  Richards.v. .'...Sej. lim
Builev  Haidvvaie  Co,   1407   P.uk  Diive Sey    68701
Acme Plumbing az Htg   Co,  131  10th Ave. E ..I air   5.J.
Ainistiong i: Wolle, 1540  5th Ave  W Bay.    2'jl
Baiint  .fviidei-oii,  111  llanfings  St.  AA' Sev   61M
.Sey   9422
Sey. 139)
\1etoria, 13*26 Wharf St 887
Vancouver' Roofing Co, 407 L'oo Bldg    Sej'. 6949,
Wm. XM. o'Nen is Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4<96-4798   ,
F.'T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg.-..'., '..Sey. 9422
Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia..... ..Sey. 2988
G Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
Wm. N. 0'Neil"& Co.. 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4796-4798
Wm. C. Thomson & Qo, 319 Pender St W..-.. .'.Sey. 3394    ,
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co , Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 91G2
THE  procais'of manufacturing- "oriole is  a  very important  matter.    Every
brict turned out  of our latest improved. Berg1  proas is  mode under  a
pressure of 400 TONS.   They are also enred in cylinder under 180 pounds
. steam pressure. *    " '
ABSORPTION of moisture is only from 8 to 10 per cent.   This Is a very important feature in this climate. l Our bricli is being: used in many import-'
,* ant building's. , < /
���WE can supply bricli of all Irinds and colors.    Our prices are riffht.    Be sure
to get our figure hefcre closing order.   "Jfou will save money.
FeriinB*wFwH7rHutchYnsnn"Bld^ 4729 Bmn'-ide Gas Appliance Co,  1037-9 Granville, .bev. 370
Penv  ir  Nicolais    Pacific  Bldg Sey.  SJ94 Can   Bulfalo Foi ge Co.  (G. A. Biovvning, 1261 Albemi Si
I'raciia    A    13;     821   Pender   St    AV '..Sej'.  102S I.  li   Campbell vt Co,  ll)b4 Pender St   XV Sey.  21U
W  D 'O*. E. Ro'chfort, 407 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria, 3804 Durrham  Systems,  157  Water St Sey   563
Schlomei.  H.  S, Rrggs-Selman  Bldg             .    *Sey   6121 Gurney Foundry voO , Ltd ,'506-70 Beatty. .Sey. 7696-759
sciiiomei,. n.   d.  rifafas.      .       _       ��     ,���..._,. g44A   G   Langiey & Co,  Ltd ,   319 Pendei AV Sey   IS'i
1064 Pease Tacilic Foundiy, Ltd , 324 Diake St.   .   .   Sej'.  8397
ancouver Presse
P. O.
bedger, Thos. D, 612 Bastion Squaie, Victoria	
.inaip Sz Thompson, Old Sale Bldg Soy.
'dmith & Goodfellow, 303% Has tings'W Sey.
Someivell   ��  Putnam,  Pacific  Bldg Sey.
Stioud. Angus B, Caiter-Cotton Bldg bey.
Stuart, "White 8c Peters, metropolitan Bldg        Sey,
Taylor, J. D   S ,  Bower Bldg.... Sey.
Thornton vt Jones,  Old  Safe Bldg Sey.
Towns-end & Townsend, 520 Granville Sey.
Tvvizj-ell,  R   P.  S.   Metropolitan  Bldg Sej'.
VanSiclen, W. D , 51 Canada Life Bldg Sey.
Walliiigtoii it Wheatlej'. Davis Chambeis  ....
Watson. H   B,  Holden Bldg..  ...Sey. 3451
White, W. P., Hutchinson Bldg ' ...Sey. 8i3S
Whitevvaj,   AV.   T.,   Molsons   Bank bey. 3029
Wlckenden, C. O., 1062 Pendei  St   AV Sey. H44
84C9'b. C  Eciuip  Co.. 6U6-7 Bank of Ottawa.. .Sey. 7056-781>
8649 xS. G   Blackwell,  luS Alexander St Sey. 173v
8314,Can. Equip  & Sup. Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sej'.  2330-502,
810 Canada Foundry i_o.   Ltd, 1006 Pender St bey   571o
1770|Henry Dailing,  28 Pbwell St Sey. 51
792t> J-ialimun Machineiv Co, Ltd,' 37-13 Alexander.  Sev   or
4136 tlobt. Hamilton & Co , Bank of Ottawa Sej'.    383
-Mussens,  Limited,  365  Water St Sey.  8237
Kltcliie Conti. & bup Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162
rittumbei-t-Viitue Sz\Co.,  319  Pender St.  AV..Sey.  6910
Van. Machinery Depot, 1155 6th Ave. W...Bay. 470-471
McKinley, R   M., 36 Flack Bldg
Kobin on.  L   G,   211   Holden   Bldg
Box 546  t CEMENT TSSTING '      Fhone Sey.
J. P. Wright, F. C.S. Eng. M. A. C. S.
Specialist in Portland and Other Cements
Expert Adviser on Building Materials, Etc. 8S3 Burrard Straot
New   and   Secondhand   Contractors'   Plant
Phone  Sey. 6910
319   Pender   St.   W.
Pease Pacific Foundry Limited:
"ECONOMY"  Round Steam and  Hot Water Boilers . -
"IDEAL"  Sectional  Steam  and   Ho'  W'*��r  Boilers.
Radiators,���Pipe Fittings,���i/alves
Office and "Warehouse:, 324 Prate St.        , Phone Sey. 8397
F. T. Crowe & Co, H2 Pacific Bldg  Sey.
AA'm. i\. O'Neil & Co, Ltd, 54S Seymour St..Sej'.
AVm C. Thomson is Co 319 Pendei bt \\...bev.
Ritchie Conti. vt Sup  Co, Ltd. Gian  St Bridge, bej,
Vancouvei    Roofing Co ,  407 Loo B.dg Sej-.
Archibald  Moir &  Co.,   216   Empne  Bldg
Manfg. Co.,. 298 Prior St Sey. 1708
Blackvvell, 108 Alexander St Sey. 1733
_    _   Lumber Corp, Ltd.,��1605  Georgia Sey. 6504
Can. Pac."" Lumbei Co., Ltd., Kwy. Sz baisbury. .buy. oaf
7171 Dom   Sash & Door Co., 2120 Cedar St ...-'....Sey. 613
311. E. H. Heaps Sz Co, 115 Victoria Drive Sey. SS9-
 C. Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's AVhf, Sey 9146-914
RLJYFRS' Miliwoik Supply Co, 1605 Main St : Fair 958-541
uv-r * 1-"->-'J  win. N. O'Neil vt Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey   4795-479:
Ritchie Contr & Sup Co, Ltd, Gian  St Bridge, Sey, 91G.
Win. C. Tliornson & Co , 319 Pender St AV Sey. 339
Vancouver Moor Co., 8th Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair.!161.
ai')9 xaua    Ji-JM-J    S-J.-JUJUXJ ��irsUHUJI,rv^. v      ,
4,", Can Equip it bup Co., Ltd.," Pac Bidg..!be> 2330-50.
3<j94 <\in ida 1 ouniliv Co Ltd., 1005 Pendei St....Sey 57i
nib' Evans, Coleman Sz Evans, Ft. Columbia Sej    29b
C Gaiuiner Johnson &-Co ,.Johnson's AVhf, Sey 91 IG-'JI l
GG19A   G.  Jo,angley tsz Co    Ltd,  319 Pender  XV .'.   .S��v    "��
Monis, S   Jvl   vt Co, Ltd.,  2130 Cedai  St Bay 1043
British and Foreign fVSarble and Onyx
Office and "Worlt3, 3149 Main St. '    Phone Fair. 810
Vancouver, B. 0.
Fans, Moating and Ventilating Apparatus, Spire Steam Turbines
' Pumps and "Ail" Washers
. A. Browning1 '        Vancouver, B. C. 1261 Alberni St.
;   London & British North America Co., Ltd.
t\V3ahon, J^cFarSand '& Procter/Ltd.
Phone Sey. 6286 54S Pender Street West.
i'lty Map &. White Pilnt Co, 432 Cordova
Comnieicial Biue Punt Co.,  329  Seymour St..bey
Anvil Island Buck Co, Anvil Island, Howe Sound, B  L
.,lillv.oik bupplj  Co, 1605 Jlaln bt ���,,-1'alA UoSJJ',J'
Ooa..,. Shale Buck Co.-Ltd. 100S Metiopolitan Sev        ;
F. T. Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 9422
Eva.,.,, Coleman & Lvans, It. Columbia... bey. 2984.
Gieav West band & Giavel Co, Ltd., 1029 Main, t,ey. S491
C  Ga.dinei Johnson & Co, Johnson's Vv'hl, bey 9146-914
Xo   Van   Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .Is. V. 198-11|
>Vm. ... O'JSerl Sz Co, 548-50 Sejmoui  St..faey   4,95:4i9S
Point Giey Supply Co., HO Richaids St... bey. -IIOj
Port Haney Buck Co, 615 Hastings St W.....Sey. 1389
Kltcme Contr. & Sup Co., Ltd, Gian St Bridge, faey, 9102
Van.  Ptes'd  Bik Ac Stone,  Ld,  101  Dutfeun   VV . 1-an   lOi
R. V. AVinch Ac Co.. Ltd, Winch Bldg    Sej'. 2<9-1914
F.  T.,Ciowe Sz Co,  312  Pacihc Bldg Sey   9122
jien.y Daning, 28 Powell St ., ������ ��� -bey   512
.vlllivvoik Supplj   Co., Ib05 Main St Ian   958-54b
livans, Coleman Ac Lvans, Ft. Columbia bej'   2J8&
C. Gardintr Johnson & Co , Johnson's \\ hf, bej Sil46-!114i
ii. It   Momson,  712  Richaids bt faey.  2161-215.
A'ni C T'iom-on Sz Co .119 Pender St AV.. Se.v. i.W
A'ancouvei    Eoofinf Co,  407 Loo  Bldg- .. bej'_ 6919
Wm. i\. O'lNeii iz Co., 548-50 bej moui bt..sey. 4i9o-4.98
Lon. & Bilt   N   Am   Co, Ltd, 543 Pender W..Sey   62Sb
1{. V.  Winch Ac Co., Ltd., AVinch Bldg bey. 2i9-1944
Balfoui, Guthne & Co, Winch Bidg.. Sey. 187-692*1
Canadian bulldeis bupply Co, 1901 Geoigia ..bey.  ilio
i     '1. Cio.se az Co, .112 Pacific Bldg oej.  9411
Lvans, Coleman Ac Lvana, Ft. Columbia bey   19bt.
Gltal \vest tsurid Ac Giavel CO , Ltd , 1U29 Main, bev. 64..i
..   caiuniei Jolnioon Ac Co, Jolm-on t. Whl, bej  9140-J14,
..lil.vvoik bupplj   Co.  H.05 Main bt.-...... .   1 an I 9JS-54U
.No   A'an   Coal Ac Supplj  Co. 36  Lonsdale,. .N. V   19!>-li!>
,��m   JN    ONeil A. Co, 34b-o0 tacj moui   St..bey   4i9o-U'Jv
Point Giej  bupplj   Co, 3jU Uicliaids bt... . .. .bej1
ititchifc Conti   Sz sup  Co, Ltd, Gian  bt Budge, bey, 91
,t. V. winch & Co, Ltd, Wincn Bidg bey   2i9-19
. alkenbui-. Ai Laucks, Ltd, 132 Tiounce Aliej, Sey^ 71
.\ilo,lit.   ,J    P,   68.i   Ban.nd   bt  toej    i2u
B   C   Equip   Co.. 606-7 Bank of Otliwa..   Sey
un. Lump   & bup   Co,  Ltd    P.ic   Bld���   .   be>
Canada  loundiy  Co, Ltd.  I00o  1'emli.r fat    ..
Hobt   Hamilton Sz CO, Bank ol O turn a        ���
A   G   Langiey  & Co,  Ltd,   319  Pendei   AV .. .
Mu-.s,en->,  Limited,' 3ua   Watei   bl	
v\m   N   O'Nei. & Co, 518-jO SPvmoui._St.   bov
<z*v =it7S Hitch.e Contr Ac Sup. Co , Ltu, Gian. bt Bj-id0e, sej, !��ji.
w"^v* fjiiWui. N. O'Xeil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey 4795-47S
jt.'.Sey-  5I'** "Wilkinson Co, Ltd, 846 Beach .Ave .'..-. ..Sey. 793
Sill 2
7 381
.Steaanshovels and
Trench Excavators
Bullfrog Barrows and
Eagie Dump Wagons
Western Dump Go's
Davenport Locomotives
' Sey *
1048'Mfi iri 'fib-eet.
���Vflnprmvor. B. 0.
.bej 371
.sej .i1-
Sey 3Su.
bt-\     8-
UlVol.   CV.   V.O,   V..O-."   .. v.    ..,.    --.       *,',|fi-**/''*
Ritchie Contr Ac Sup  Co , Ltd. Gran   St Budge, bej. 9162
Sliurnbeit-iMitue  vV.   Co.,   31')   Pen.iei   bt    W   ..faey    09lu
Lixon & Sutton,   1624  Giaveicj   St..\ Sej'.  S503R
Mtiistrong, Moll i   on v*v   Co,  Ltd     Bovvn   Bldg
B   C   Gum   A: Conti    Co,   UXchango  Bldg..
Buiraid  Const    Co.,   301   Pacilic   Bklg	
nonunion  ''oust   Co     411   Homer  bt	
i-tobln-on,   L    G.,   211    Holden   Bldg
i lncn    V   X, lili*!.  ('.i.lei -Cotton  Bldg
r.��n    A=   Anii'i     L oi.li     iz  Inv    Co.   Ltd
Muinhy. J.u-, vt Son,  112 Ciown  Bldg.     ..   -Sey. S707
B   C. Supply Co.. Dom. Tiust Bldg    ..Sey.  6161
Canada Jvlosalc Tile Co,  1318  AA'haif St, Victoiia.. 1015
J. Daii on Sz Co ,  513 Hamilton St  faey   4.20
D   R. Monison,  712  Richaids  St..   ....  bey.  2151-2152
AVm. N   O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Sejmour St..bej'. 4<9o-4<9S
Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. AV.."..
Van. Marble & Tile Co., 848 -Beaclv Ave........
Western Marble & Tile Co., 3149 Main St.....
Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5 th-'-Aye-. W.:..... ������
Grandview  Sheet Metal  AVks.,"l.r29'Venables
Little &'Lue, 6S2 Seymour St......'..:".......
Troy   Ronfinr-r   Co.,   814   Metropolitan....	
ancouver   Roo .ng Co, 401  Loo Bidg...i.......
E   G   Blackvvell, 108 Alexandei St	
B   C   Supply Co , Dom. Ti ust Bldg	
Can   jiquip  & Sup  Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey.
Canada Foundi y Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St	
F.  T.  Ciowe & Co, 312  Pacific Bldg    	
Monis, S   Jl   Sz Co, Ltd, 2130 Cedar St   .
Win. N   O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour s>l..bey   -4.0.0-4,0.
Wm   C   Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St   XV Sey.  339-.
Riu.nie Contr &'Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 916.
E   G   Blackvvell, 10S Alexandei St Sey. 173.
F   T. Crov, e Sz Co , 312 Pacific Bldg Sey.  942.
Covii   Equip   & Sup   Co, Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sej.  2..30-502
Lvans, Coleman Ac Evans, Ft. Cdlumbia Sey. 298'
Gaidiner Johnson Ac Co, Johnson's AVht, Sey 9116-911
R   Moirison,   712 Richaids  St Sej'.   2151-215.
wm   X   O'Neil & Co, 51S-50 Sejmour St..Sey. 4795-179.
Point Giev Supply Co, 310 Rlchaido St   Sey. 410.
xvitcliie Contr & bup  Co. Ltd, Gian   St Budge, Sej, 91C
ueain Manfg. Co , 29*8 'Prior St Sey. 1708
ts   C   Lumber Coip,  Ltd,   1605  Geoigia Sey. 60O1
,an   Pac. Lumbei  Co, Ltd, Rwy. Ac Salsbury. .Sey. 6SO0
joni   Sash <& Door Co, 2120 Cedai   St Sey. 6l3o
H. Heap? & Co,  115  Victoiia Diive Sey   SS90
.Miliwoik Supply Co., 1605 Main St Fall   958-340
Vo   Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V   198-17*-
Point Giey Supply Co, 310 Richaids St Sey. 41U1
Balfour, Guthrie & Co, Winch Bldg Sey. 187-592*
JJanadian Bulldeis Supply Co, 1901 Geoigia ..Sey   71"n
l>'   T. Ciowe Ac Co, 312 Pacific Bldg bey.  912.
avails, Coleman At Evans, Ft   Columbia Sey   298-
Gieat AAest band Ac Giavel Co, Ltd, 1029 Main, faey. 849,
,  Gaidiner Johnson Ac C6 , Johnson's Whl, bey 9i46-911
Jo   Van   Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .X.  V   I'JS-17'
vm   X   O'vNen Ac Co    04S-bO Sejmoui- St. .bey. 4795-479
I'oitit Giey bupply Co, 310 Rienaids St Sev. 410
t'acltlc Lime Co, Pacilic Bldg Sey   95(u
vitchie Conti. S. bup  Co, Ltd, Gian   St Budge, bey, 910
-never &  Thomas,  959  Main   St      Sey    130
.   V. W inch & Co. Ltd., AVinch Bldg Sej    279-194
1'   T   Ciowe & Co, 312  Pacific Bldg    Sey.  91.
,\ans, Coleman Ac Evan-, Ft. Columbia Sey   29b
.Heat AVest Sand Ac Giavel Co, Ltd, 1029 Main, Sej'. Sit.
vjatdinei .lolnison iz Co, jonnson's Will, bev 9140-914
Pacific Lime Co. Pacific Bids      Sey   9501
��� Liicliie Conti   ^ Sup  Co, Ltd. Gran   St Bridge, bey, 910
tairoui, Guthne & Co , W men Bidg Sey.  1S7-59.
..eaiii .Manln   Co, 298 1'uoi   bt faey   1 1 u
f   C    cuftibei   Coip,   Ltd,   IOud   Geoigia bej.  Ojii
.111   pac   Lumbei   co, Ltd , Kvvj   A. Salsbuiy. .bej   OMi
Holmes Dlsap. Bed Co., 319 Pender Sey. 642f
Perfect Con   Bed Co, 570 Granville Sey. 5091
Reversible Cons. Bed Co, Holden Bldg Sey. 1581
Columbia Paving Co., 1263  Hornby St Sey. 66121
Balfour, Guthrie & Co, Winch Bldg      ... .Sey. 1S7.*592(
Cvans, Cohtman &. Evans   Ft. Columbia.......Sey   298*.
Jheat AAest Sand & Giaiel Co, Ltd. 1029 Main, Sey. 849)
. t   Crowe & Co. 312 Pacific Bldg.......'... -Sey   9422
���Jo   Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale.. .N. V   19S-1.8
,'m  X   O'Xeil Sz Co. 5IS-50 Seymour Stv.Sey. 4795-4798
Point Giev Supply Co, 310 Richards St...... .Sey. 410o
I'lvchie Contr .C Sup  Co . Ltd, Grim  St Bridge, Sey,"9162
Shovel  AL Thomas, 959 Main  St sey   1305
B   C   Supply Co. Dom   Tru��t Bldg. Sev. 6161
,.\ T   Ciowe & Co.,  312  Pacific  Bldg. .. ........Sey   9422
: Gaidiner Johnson & Co , Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-91 lr
s'o   Van   Coal Ac Supply Co., 56  Lonsdale,. .X.  V   19S-17|
iVm  X. O'Neil vt Co, 348-60 Seymour St. .Sey   4796-4r98
v'ni  C. Thomson vvc Co. 31') Pender St   TO.....  &ey. 3394
titchie Conti   & Sup   Co , Ltd, Gran   St  Budge, faey, 9162
J   C   Supply Co, Dom   Trus^Bldg.^-fV^^._.Sej'o 616)
1 Gaidiner Johnson <t Co , junn-uii - ��. i.-t��o.t~.. ...��--..-
-   T   Ciowe & Co.  312  Pacific  Bldg. .... .....Sey   9422
titchie Contr  & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran   St Bridge, bey. 916.S
J Gardiner Johnson A: Co, Johnson's W'hf, Sev 9116-0147
) ,K   M-iuison,  712, Richards  St ������������Sey   VPl'llll
Vm  N 'O'Xeil Ac Co. 54S-50 Seymour St.  bey <li'i5-47?8
.Itchie Conti. iz Sup  Co, Ltd  Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9102
*      ���     PLASTIC 'FLOORING.
ilaecolith Flooring-Co,,  301   Pacilic ' Bldg .T.Sey   8144
FIGS���IRON  AND  TIN. ������'   '   ���
Jalfour, Guthrie & Co, AVinch  Bldg...... .bey '18J-5929
Gaidiner Johnson Ac Co.   Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
I   V. Winch & Co.. Ltd, Winch Bldg..... .Sey   279-1944
r FIFE���SEWER.",   *    _ ,    **
jom. Glazed Cem.'Pipe Co.,'Dom   Tr   Bldg....Sey.   82S6
.vans, Coleman Sz Evans,  Ft. Columbia. .....   bey   29S|
Gardinei   iohnson Sz Co ,'JohVison's- Whf, Sev 9146-9147
v'o  A'an  Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale.. .N. V   198-178
iJoint Giey Supply Co, 310 Richards St   Sey. 4105
titchie Contr. & Sup  Co.tLtd. Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9102
I. V. AVinch & Co., Ltd'. Winch Bldg Sey   279-1944
'       PLUMBING. *
vcme Plumbing & Htg  Co, 131  10th Ave. E...Falr   637-
vrmstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th 'Ave XV.. Bay.    296
Jan  Ac Anderson, f114 Hastings St.  W... Sey. 6180
I. E. Campbell & Co., 1064 Pender St   W......Sey   2736
luriiey Foundry Co.. Ltd., 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7696-7597
'ohnston-Thompson  Co.,  525   Burrard St Sey   7899
i. L   Kelling & Co., 605 Fender St Sey   8228
Valter Kinsey,  1366 Granville St bey   9053
rittle & Lee, 682 Seymour'St , Sey   4458
durray Bros.,  721 .Main  St...................Sey. 8614
.Vestern Plumb  Co . Esplanade & St  Geoi-ge.N.rV.   . 365
^anada Foundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St. ...Sey. b710
Gurney Foundry Co., Ltd., 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7696-<597
lallman Machinery Co, Ltd.. 37-43 Alexander. .Sey ~953/r
itobt. Hamilton '& Co , Bank of Ottawa....... .Sey     387
V   G   Langley & Co, Ltd,  319 Pender W. Sey   389
���an   Machinery Depot, 1165 6th  Ave   W...Bay   470-471
Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd , 324 Drake St.;. ....   Sey. 8397
Henry Darling, 28 Powell St.. .Sey. 51
Evans, Coleman & Evans,'l;t. Columbia.......bey- 298
C. Gardiner Johnson Sz Co, Johnson's "SVhf, Sey 9146-9l4i
Newton & Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran....Seyi 1391
' Victoria, 1326 Wharf St....'. .887
Wm. N. O'Ne'll & Co. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798
Raecolith Flooring Co., 301 Pacific-Bldg.,   ������������Sey   8144   ,
Ritchie Contr. '& Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge,"Sey,J 9162
Wm. C  Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St W.' Sey. 3394
Troy Roofing  Co.,   814 "Metropolitan Sey. 7417
Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg    - Sey ,6919
ROOFING���SHEET   METAL. ">' >"    ���
(See'Cornice" and Roofing.)
E  G.'Blackwell, 108 Alexander St Sey   1733
F. T. Crowe Sz Co., 312 Pacific Bldg .....Sey   9422
Gurnev Foundry Co, Ltd, 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7696-7597
Hemy-Darling, 23 Powell  St ...Sey.  512
Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia  .bey   2988
C- Gardiner Johnson oc Co , Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
Sey. 5710 xewton & Gieer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118-Gran... .Sey.'1397
Urn    <u .  i^*-""-"' A'ictoria, 1326 Wharf St 887
Bay 1043 Ritchie Contr. At Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162
.Sej'. 173.
.Sey. 016
k      ,   *
"���'-< ,
1    ft^
n    *    >   -. -
I    v��     V
bev ol.i.
I an "13S-5H
...Sej 88Si'
...bev   805
bev lie
1 11I1   K<
bej    79'.
.Sey. 3394
;.Sey. 151S
..Fair. 810
.Bay.    296
..Sey.  5284
.Sey. 4458
......Sey: 6949
Western x'lu...vr. Co.. Esplanade Ji St...George.N.  V.      365
vlltree. & 'Churchland.   976  Granville ,St -Sey.  2.07
Cope  &  Son,   338   Hastings'St.   XV.... .,Sey.  8600
Cruickshank Ac Co.. 534  Richards St  ��� -Sey. o34$
Elec-Construction Co..-544  Howe St.-........Sey. 1336-r951
Imperial-Agcys  Corp... 314 Pacific Bldg...
Jarvis Si Call, 570 Richards St. '	
Alltree  & Churchland.   976  Granville   St...
Cruickshank &  Co.",   5S4   Richards  St...
Chapman   &  AValker,   448   Seymour  St	
Cope & Son,  33S   Hastings  St.  XV..	
Elec. Construction Co.. 544 Howe St...	
Imperial   Agcys   Corp.,   314   Pacific   Bldg.
\'o. Elec.���&:Mnfg Co., Ltd., 313  Water St.
Janada Ko'lihyr.v  Co.,  Ltd..   1 0H5   Puniler St Sey.  5" 1
!���".  T. ICrOVvev'K! Co..   312   Pacific   Bldg  Sey.   94.
'i\ m'..'.\".' ,'>.'N"ei|.<C- Co.. FrlS-r-'i tf<-.' moi.i- .^.l. .Sey.  41 95,-4'.'t
'.'itcliie Coiinv v*4 SUP  f"�� ��� ''''��� Grnn. sfi-irldge. Sev, 91'
���''''-,.'' 'fc;''V'' '���'.������'"������   FIJKE ���CLAY.'
lialfoiii-'.-Gu'tlirie.*' <"o.. AVitn-i,   B'rttr. ...... .Sey.   IS7-5!.
I". T.,,C.r��'vu�� Ai  Co.;  312. Paeillo--Bl.lg. .'.' Sey.   !'.l
i-Jvnris; Coleinnn &'��� Eviin��.  Ft.  Culumbia. ..... .Siry.   2t"
i;.-Gardiner.. Johnson <S- Co.. Joim-on's AA'hf. Sey Si i ifi-'.M
1)'   P.   MorrlMon.   712   Richard--   St.. ..Soy.��� 2151-211
Mo.-Van.'.'OiHl X-Suiuilv Co..  S(i  Lonsdale.. .X.  V,  1'iK-l
iVm.  X. O'Xellft Co.. n4S-r.n St-v-nioiir St. .Sev.  .t7nr.-47-
Ritchie Contr   & Pup   Co'. Ltd. Gr.in. St Br'dse. Sev. fn.
R.-V.Winch Ai Co., Ltd.,  AVinch  Bldg .Se.v.  279.-1*.
.;.. .Sey.
. .:..Sey.
.���..'. .Sey.
... :Sey.
. ....Sey.
Sey. .1336
���1,111    sash  Jo, llooi   Co,   2120  Vot-uai   St.   .
.111.woik Supplj   Co,  1003 Main St     	
.   11   neap- Ac Co,   115   V ictoi 1,1 Duve  ..
y   l',i<o   Lbi   Co, Ltd,  10th Ac .wUuliis     .
oint Giej   hupplj   Co,  310   UIcIiukU  fat   .
iinleiitiai   B.iiU.i-i-    Ltd ,   101   DulUun bl
vlilillmi   Lmbl  vv. Sli.,1    CO     iOb I'ollon  Blilg
C   I'.iiuip   Co., Ouo-7  Bunlv ol Ottawa
G    Buir nvvGll,  1U8  Alexander bt .
(.    IJii'W i-laini on     I01S   Mam   bt
Jan   L'lL.i'.o I oigt  C <   (G. A   Biov.nirio,'
an   i. |i..,>   w m.|j   cu    1.111 ,  1-.11   uiJrf
an 1 la  p oundij   Co,  Ltd,   1005  I'unnci
ill 11.111   A.   Wal.viM     II*-   Sev moui   bt ...
Teniv Darling, 28 Powell  dt<	
iLillman  -ALu hlnei y Co,  Ltd,  37-i::  Ale\aiidei
.ubl   Hamilton A.- Co,  Bank ot Ottawa .   ..boj
Gaidinei .Johnson <\c <_<i , Johnsons Whl, Sej  9116
Edward'-Timmons.  838 7th Ave. W Fair   1257
Wm  C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W Sey   3394
Tioy   Roofinar  Co.,   811   Metropolitan Sev.  7417
Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg ..<    Sej'. 6949
Westein Plumb  Co., Esplanade <& St George.M   V.     365
D   R   Morrison,  712  Richaids  St Sey.  2151-2152
Norris Safe Ac Lock Co, 330 Cordova' XV Sey. 24,47
Robt. Hamilton & Co, Bank of Ottawa '...Sey     383
E   G   Parnell,' 567  Hamilton St   Sey   ISS'
Wm. N   O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St. -Sey -4795-479,
Canadian Builders Supply Co., 1901 Georgia.-*. .Sey., 7171
.1   A. Dewar Co,  429 Pender St.  W ...Sey.  4634-67S
Great AVest Sand & Gravel Co, Ltd.,'102*J Slain.-.Seyi 849"
C. Gardinei Johnson & Co./ Johnson's AVhf, Sey 9146-914
Xo  Van  Coal & Supfily Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V' 198-171
Point Grey Supply Co. 310 Richards St Sey. 410
Producers' Rock & Grav. Co., Vancr.,  Front &~Manitob��
Victoria, store ft Chatham
titchie Contr. & Sup  Cb, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge."Sey, 9162
-hover & Thomas,   959  Main  St    Sey   1365
ancouvei Sand Ac ,Grave'l Co, ft Victoria Dr. .Sey   5161
.'earn Manfg. Co , 298 Prior St   Sey   170S
C   Lumber  Corp,   Ltd,. 1605   Georgia    Sey. 6504
an   Equip   & Sup. Co., Ltd . Pac   Bldg...Sey   2330-502J
an   Pac   Lumber Co, Ltd., Rwy   Ai Salsbury.   Sey   6800
'oin   Sash  &JJ6or  Co, 2120  Cedar  St    Sey   6136
II   Heaps & Co,   116  Victoria  Drive    Sey   8S90
lillwoik Supplj  Co,  1605  Main St Fair 9">8-54G
m   \*   O'Nci   .v> Co . 548-5'! Sevmour Pt    Sey   4796-4798
, 1.1.1  .
.   .bej
ot ...
Sey I 7 >
hi", 20iii
iIili .11 Si
2, jil-.l'l.
Sc> 571'
S. \ 'M-
.Sey.  512
til v J ���
il I
..  G.  Lansiey Sz Co., .Ltd.,   319  Pender  W Sey.  .ISO.
.Uussens,   Limited,   365   Water  St Se.v.   S2::
'.Vm. N. O'xell & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 471*5���1(9
titchie Contr. & Sup. Co.; Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9,10;
.Striimbei-t-Vlrtue  &  Co..   319   Penuer  St.��� WV. .Sey.   CiU
v"m. C. Thomson &��� Co., 319 Pender St. AV. .'. . ..Sey.  33!'
.'an. Maehiti'erv  Depot.   1 165  K Hi  Ave:   \V..   Ray   470-47-
.1. Dairon- Sz Co., 513 Hamilton's."  ��� ��� .. Seyi  473'
.lillwork  Supply Co.,  !G05:Main  St ...Fair  95S-54*:
.   R.  Morrison'.  712  Richards   St........ ..Sey.   2151-215:
Vm. N. O'Neil & Co., 5 4'S-50; Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479.'
titchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 910;
.'m. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. XV. ..-. . .Sey. 339-t
'an. Marble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave'.'.. J.'. .'.Sey.. 15H
���:. C. Supply Co.. Dom. Trust  Bldg. ......... .-. .Sey. 6161
.Dairon  & Co.,  513-Hamilton  St ...Sey.  47?,|.
���   R.  Morrison,  712  Richards   St  Sey.   2151-215:
."m.-X. O'Xeil At Cio.. 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479^
:itchle '"ontr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9lfi:
*."m. C. Thomson vt Co., 319 Pender;St AV.. Sey.  3394
an. Marble it Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave.... Se.v. .151 ���*���
Vestern Marble & Tile Co., .1149 Main St...... .Fair. Sic
Vestern  Stm. Ac Oil  Pinnts.  Ltd.  Dom Trust;.Sey. 767(1
'.iganliis.  WIckeiiM. Besg,  Ltd.,)70 Cordova AV, Sey. 6S7f
renry Darling, 2S PovvemSt... ......Sey.  5n
'm.-X.-O'Neil vt Co.. 54S-:'.il Seymour St..Sey.  4795l-47!r
.���estern Plumb.; Co.. EsiilnhndetA. St   George. X. AT.      3C."
"."T.  Crovve it Co..  312   Pacific   Bldg. Sey.  94-.-
nvvton Sz Gmer. Ltd..  Vancouver,  118 Grim... .Sey.   1HH
1       ���     '     V"ir-tnrl:i     ")���',!    Wharf   St 8S"
���"���-._ PAINTS���DAMP   PKOOP.
���oc-ardiis. Wickens.,'Begg.  Ltd., 70 Cordova W. Sey   6S7.
-enry  Darling.  2S  V'nvvel)   St .....Sey.   51
" Gardiner' Johnson Ac Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9116-914
I'oimlnnl Lmbr Sz Shgl  Co, 308 Cotton Bldg      Sey  7997
(See Lumbei   and  Shingles.;
T   Ciowe <t Co." 312 Pacific  Bldg Sev   9422
O.-mliiiei Joliiisim al Co, Jorin.soii s Whl. tfey a, i(,.yu7
.111   X   O'Neil Ac Co    5IS-50 Sevmour St    Sey   1795-4798
.   V, Winch & Co,  Ltd, Winch  Bldg Sey   279-1944
Itchie Onti   iz Sup   Co , Ltd   Gum   St  Bridge. Sev   9162
i/estein Maible & Tile Co ,  114') Main bt Fail. S10
inistiongit Wolfe,   1510 5t)i  A^e  W    Bay     2S��
E   Campbell ct Co,   1061  Pender St   W    faey   27.18
.uinev roumlrv  Co, Ltd. 506-70 Beatty    Sey   759fi-75')7
.altei   Kinsey,   1.166   Granville  St      Sey   9053
.ittle ��t  Leo,  682  Sev moui   St                Rev    t iOS
C   hcieen A. .Mnfg  Co, 20b Dutferln St   E..   Fair   1613
in   Equip   it Sup   Co, Lti'    Piic   Bldg   .   faey   2.110-5021
lillwoik Supply Co.,  1C05 -Alain St Fair 9SS-.116
Daiion vt Co,  513   Hamilton  St      Sej    1730
1 in   ,\    ONeil vt Co, 54S-50 bevmour St     Sev    1795-17118
Vest   Plate Glxss Ac  Imp   Co     133 Cordova  E  Sey   4674
ciin  Manfg   Co    298  Prior.-U Sey    1708
'an l'it< Luninei Co, Ltd, llwj it SaMiurv Sey CS00
II lleii|)s Ao Co, 115 Victoria Duve . . . bej 88&U
Gi.diner Johnson vt Co, Johnson s whf, Sej  91 16-"1 17
v   G   Lunglej   it Co,  Ltd    319  Pender  W Sey    !S*j2
,'ltlc  .*i   Lee   682  Sevmour St Sej    II5S
Vestern Stm   & Oil  Plants,  Ltd, Cotton  Bldg   .Sej'.  7676
iliaiis, Coleman Ac  Evans,   It. Columbia     ....   Sey   29SS
Great West Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8491
'. G irdinerJohnson At Co., Johnson's-Whf, Sey 91 16-9! 17
Point Grey'Supply Co., 310. Kiohards St.. .Sey.  4105
���titvhle Contr. <t Sup. Cc��� Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Shover & Thomas.  959 Main   St  ....\Sey    1.165
I).  R.  Morrison,  712   Richards  St.... Sej'.   2151-2152
Win. N. O'Xeil .t Co., 648-50 Seymour St.-. Sey.   17'j5-4791-  .
���Vin. C. Thompson & Co., 319  Pender SU  AV...   Sey 3391
1 Jalfour, Guthrie "& Co.,' \VInch  Bldg.... .. .Sey.   IS7-5929
".Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 91 16-91 17
Wilkinson Co., Ltd., 846 Beach Ave. Se.v. 7915
V. AVinch & Co., Ltd.. Winch  Bldg Sey   279-1944
Barr <t Anderson,   114   Hastings   St.   W........Sey.  61 Si
..(J.  Blackwell,  108. Alexander St.. S<-y   17.1.1
I'lie Duntley  Store,  791  Granville'St ........Sev    I4S7
"arle,  E.  A.,  A-  Co.,' 532  Pender St.   AV ..Sey   6476
'". Gilrdiner Johnson Ai Co., Johnsonis Whf, Sey 91 16-91 17
:���'. T. Crowe vt Co.. 312  Pacific  Bldg . .Sej    91.2
.'in. X. O'Neil At Co.   54.S-f.Ci Seymour St..Sey    I795-479S
\"m. C. Thomson <t Co.. 319 Pender St.  W.....
!. C. Screen & Mnfg. Co., 266 Dufferin St   E. . .
Vm. N. O'Neil & Co. .548-50 Sevmour St-.Sey
(owes,  F.' XV. it'Co..   1257   Gi-iinvlllp  St.......
;C.  1-Jquip.  Co..  61)6-7   Rank  of 1 ittnwa. . .Sey.   7i��f.��-7S1t
".   G.  Blackvvell,   10S Alexander St S.-j    17.U
in.  L-Jquip. it Sup.  Co.,  Ltd., .Piic.   Bldg...Sej"    2330-KOll
v; G.  Langiev  it Co.,   Ltd.,   319   Pender   W....Sey   .IS92
Gardiner John-on <fe Co., Johnson's vvnf, Sey !>��� 16-9147
���Itelile Contr  * Sup. Co.. Ltd, Grim. St  Bridge. Pey. '.tins
���Vilkinson Co.. Ltd.. 846 ".(.i. ).   ''."?    Sev   7915
!   '���"   Wi-.c'i & Co.. Ltd..   iVin-o  "Idg Sey.  :'7!i-i914
.Sey   3.194
Fnlr    1613
.Sev      S13 ���������^r.^-wp,.-^.tt?^Q-^..1.v,������^  y&xx  pWppMW  Brctisth Colombia  DAILYJ Byil^PilN&RE^  PPPPM^PiP'im'X  'Phones "Seymour," 2151, 2152  ,,and wall file. We have competent men to  our prices are ng  S>   OZ  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  Sprinkler Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  114 Hastings St. W. ,  ' Vancouver B. C.  POSITION-WANTED.  Position   a^   salesman   or   bookkeeper  wanted by experienced Building Material  ,man.    Best references.    Address  BOX  5,'  Record.  712 RICHARDS STREET  I  'AF.MSTR0NS, MORRISON & CO. -  Limited  Public Works  Contractors  jfficc: 813-815 Bower Bldg. Vancouver B.C.  FurnaceB,   Sheet   Metal,   Fire   Escapes,  Fix tines  BRICK   FOR   S2.LE. ���������  FOR    SALE���������About    100.000    slightly  underburnt con\inon  brick-;, suitable" fori  i"  file vvji-l:.     >npiy 310 Richards street.  Phone Sey.  4105.  ���������"������ rOUt RENT.  TO RENT���������Building on ground iloor,  ISv40. good light, very central, sultab e  for' work shop or light manufacturing  Applv Hitchcock'vt Meeker, ,114 Pendei  st.  AV.  J. DAIRON Si CO.  Tile and Marble Contractors <  Mantels,   Grates,   Baskets  and Andirons '  S13 Hamilton.    Phone  Seymour 4730  CORPORATION OF POIltf'*?*' GREY  The Council is prepared''Ho leceive  tenders up to 5 p. m. on Mondaj*, May  13th, 1912. for lajing 173 feet of cement  - idevvalk, 9 feet wide, at the corner of  Wii'on Road and AVest Boulevard  ,\ Specifications and further information  ���������mii\ be obtained from the Municipal  Engineer.      . i  1 ach tender must be accompanied bv  a deposit of 5 per cent, of the amount  iheit-of. '  H. FLOYD, C. M. C.  Municipal   Hall.  Kenisdale,   B.   C,  May 3rd," 1912.  FIRE ESCAPES���������By Booker, Campbell it AVhipple, 413 Granvi.le St., fdr  A. *1).  Goldstein   Building. .is  SHEET J1ETAL WORK���������By R. ' j\.  Fincn, 207% Carter-Cotton bldg, lor  6-rm  fr   re.s. 29  , SHEET METAL���������By R. J. Lund, Empire bldg, tor 4-.<to, 50x60, rmg hse lor  Ua.--.tlng.:-  and   Hawkes  st-i       . ,    27  FIREPLACES���������I!y R. N. Finch, 207V.  Carter-Cotton  bldg, for 6-rm  fr res.    29  FURNACE���������By R. N. Finch, 207 ft  Carter -Cotton  bldg,  for   6-rm  fi   ies     29  PIKE ESCAPES���������Bv S J Lurid, Empiie bldg,  ior 4-sto, 50\60, img hse for  lias-tin/  27  CITY  OF  VANCOUVER.  Competitive Flans New Police Station.  .ind Hawkes  -,1s  Grading,  Giaus,  Gravel,  GLASS ��������� B\ Bookei, Campbell vt  Wnipple, 111 Gianvilie St, ior A D  Gold-tein  Building is  SAND���������Bv Bookei, Campbell & AVhipple, 413 Gianville St, 101 A. D Goldstein  Building 18  GRAVEL���������Bv Bookei, Campbell &  AVhipple, 113 Gianville St, loi A. D.  Goldstein   Building IS  BUILDING SECTION E vt N. R R  Tendeis toi giading and biidging ol  fiist 10 miles of Comox extension of  IS & N R R nom McBiide Junction  to Couitenaj will be leceived bj' H j  Cambie, cliiei engineer, Vancouvei, up  to Jiay 15  GLASS���������Bv   XVm    O'Dell,   757   Beatty  F  m-  M  tor.  m  Common,. Impervious   Pace.  * 1  and Building* Pavers.  Coast Shale Brick Co. Ltd.  1008 METROPOLITAN BUILDING ' ,  PHONE SEY. '8450 VANCOUVER B. C  Competitive Plans wii1  be received by' **t, for alteration work on 3-sto bldg on  the   under- igned   up   to   May   25th,   1912,   Granville  and  Dunsmuir .sts 4  at 1 o'clock,p. m., marked "Competition  Plans for Police Station," In sealed envelope.  Condition's of "competition maj- be obtained at the City Clerk's Office, City  Hall.  WM. McQUEEN,  City  Cleric.  Cit.v Hall, Vancouver, .  May  3rd,   1912.  Sash, Doors, Moulding.  , Mail Orders Promptly Attended'To  EV3BLLWORK SUPPLY CO.  Office and Warehouse  Fhone Fair 546-958  ,1605 Main St.  CORPORATION OF POINT. GREY.  ' . The Council is prepaied to receive ten-  ders up to fi p. m. on Mondav, 13th Maj',  I 1912, for the sUppiy ^of 825 enamjlled  iron  <-treet  name plate*-..  Specifications-find form of tender mav  be obtained from tlie , Municipal Engineer '  ,       1  Tenders to be accompanied by. a marked cheque lor 5 per cent, of tlie amount  of =ame  The lowest or any tender not necessai-  I!j' accepted. ' -  '    H. FLOYD, C. M. C.    1  Municipal   Hall,  Kerrlsdale,  April' 26th, "-1912.   .  I'-j-D 1  '���������������������������ii?  -  m  I'll  m  , WALTER'.KINSEY.  PLUMBING, HEATING  AND  GAS CONTRACTOR.  1366 Granville St.*,--" Vancouver,'B.C.  <* 'Phone  Seymour  9053   .,  %  CORPORATION   OF  POINT  GREY.  The Council is prepared to receive tender-, for fire lighting apparatus for the  Municintlity to be ln by 5 p. m. Mondaj-,  Mav  27th, 1912.  Tenderers aie requested to submit  -chemes'for the effectual fire protection  of the districts of Eburne, D. Xo. 472,  Kerrisdale, and D L. 540,1 showing the  apparatus '.required to carry , out the  cheme. tlie --initial cost and estimated  eo=-t of upkeep,  etc.  , Further paiticulars can be .-sccuied  *"rom the Municipal Clerk, Municipal  Hall, Kerrisdale, B. C.  H.  FLOYDr' C.   M.   C.  Kerrrsdale. B. C,  '  .. . May  1st,   1912.  Iktti  \y>  li'S  m ���������  Dominion Construction  .   Supply Co., Ltd.  BUILDINGS FINANCED  T. J'Ma.llen. Mngr     Phone Sey. 8266  36  CANADA,LIFE   BLDG.  LOCAL 'TENDERS WANTED.  VANCOUVER   ( J  ���������   GENEBAL CONTRACT.     v  GLASS���������By E Stanley 'Mitton, Williams bldg, foi 3-sto, 100-U0, brk rmg  h-������e on Pender st 13 '22  SAND���������By Paul A Jones, Empress  Hotel, for conat of Hairis bldg on Cordova  st<"  SAND���������By J. F. Wineland, 402 Abbott  st. for lein-conc laundry bldg lor Van.  Gen'l  Hospital. 30  GRAVEL���������By J F. Wlneland, 402  Abbott st. foi rein-cone laundry bldg for  Van   Gen'l Hospital  ��������� 30  H't'g.,   Eaidvvood.  Host.  JET') ware,  HEATIN���������Bv Booker,' Campbe'l &  Whipple, 413 .Gianville St, loi 'A D  Gold-tein Building * 18  HARD AVOOD���������Bv Bookei, Campbell it  AA hippie,,; 113 Gianville St, foi -A D  Goldstein Building r      IS  HARDWARE���������By Bookei,'Campbell &  Goldstein  Building IS  Whipple, 413 Gianville St, foi A D  HARDWOOD���������By AVm O'Dell, 757  Beattv st. for alteration woik on,1->to  bldg on Gi anvil e and Dunsmuir .sts. 4  HEATING���������Bv AVm O'Dell, 757 Beattj' st, loi alteiation work on 3-ato b.dg  on   Gianville  and Dunsmuii   sto 4  HEATING���������By S J Lund, Empiie  bldg, foi  Sacicd Academy, Point Giej  HE .TING���������By R McLean vt Co, Pacific bldg, foi 6- to, 51V.120, hotel bldg  on   Abbott  and  Pendu.l  LIME���������Bv Paul A Jones, Empiess  Hotel, foi const of Harris bldg on Coidova st l'i  HEATING��������� (TAN SYSTEM)���������Bj J  II Bowman. Crown bldg, foi the 6-1 m  fi add to the Rieninond school, Bridge-  poi t  HEATING���������By E J Ryan, 76S Gianville st, for 3-sto bik and mill const  img hse for Powell  st ,     1  Iron   "Work,   Interiorv Finish.   '     '  INTERIOR   FINISHING���������By   Bookei,  Campbell ,&  Whipple,   113  Gianvil.e  St  ioi   A   D   Goldstein Building IS  GALVANIZED    IRON ��������� By     Bookei,  Campbell  & Whipple,   111  Gianvi,ie  bi  .01   r-v   D   Goldstein Building 18  GALVANJZFD IRON���������By Davii &.  Sandeis, 615 Hastings AV, foi C P R  Height sheds  at Vancouvei 15  INTERIOR     FINISHING���������By     S      J  Lund,    Empne ( bldg,    for   4- to,    50x60,  img  hse tor Hastings  and Hawkes  sU  > Lumber, Lathing, Limv  LUMBER.��������� By   Bookei,   Campbell   it  ,   tor    A.   D  PLASTERING���������By AYiles Sz Fisher,  231 Main St., until May ]5, lor pi tr,-  111 2 sto-bnfbldg in'1200 blk, Granville  St. in  PLASTERING���������By Hammer & AVag-  ner,  1116  Bute   -t,   tor bungalow,   '  PLASTERING���������By E. .1. Ryan, 768  Granville st, for 6-.sto add to rmg hse  on   Harris-  and  Main  sts. 1  PLASTERING���������By XVm) Neve, 2436  Sth ave  XV,  tor res ut Kit.silanu. 30  PLASTERING���������By E. J. Rvan,' 768  Granville'st, for 3- to brk-and mill con.-t  ring hse for Povveil st. 1  .PLASTEB1NG���������By Booker, Campbell .t  AVhipple,    41".   Granville   St,   ior   A.   D  Goldstein Building ��������� is  PLASTERING���������By 11   N   Finch, 207^  Cartel-Cotton bldg, toi  6-1 tn 11  ie.       29  PLASTERING���������By Fianls* Con^t   Co.,  3 16 Pendei  W, lor llaiiaon bulg on Hamilton st  PLASTERING���������By E   Stanley Mitton,  William-,   bldg,    ioi    S-.to,   100.\-40,i brk  img h-e on  Pendei   st IJ 22  PLUMBING���������By    AVm.     O'Dell,    r757  Beatty .st    foi   alteiation   <voik  on  3-5to  bldg on  Gianville and  Dunsmuii   sts.    4  PLUMBING���������Bv   Bookei,  Campbell   &  AVhipple,    413   Gianville   St,   lor   A.   D.  Goldstein Building is  PLUMBING���������By   S    J    Lund,   Empire  bldg,  foi   Sacied  Heait Academy,  Point  Giev  PLUMBING���������By Jones & Aspell, Hart-'  nev Chambeis, foi $7000 name dwelling,  toi   Shaughnessy Hts.  Roofing,   Boads,   Beservolrs.  ROOFING���������By    Bookei.    Campbell    &  AA'hipple,    413   Granville   St,   for   A    D.  Goldstein Building 18  ROOFING���������By AVm. O'Dell, 757 Beatty st, foi alteiation woik on 3--ito bldg  on  Granville  and  Dunsmuii   sts 4  ROOH.VG��������� By E. J. Ryan, 76S Granville st, 'toi 3-sto bik and mill const  img  hoe  for Povveil   st. , 1  CORNICE���������Bj; E. J. Ryan, 768 Granville st, for 6-sto add to img hse on  Hauls and  Main  sts. j  ROOFING���������By E J Ryan, 768 Granville st, foi 6-sto add to img hse on  Uarils   and   Main   sts - 1  ROOFING���������By J F Wineland, 402  Abbott st, foi lein-conc laundiy bldg for  Van   Gen'l  Hospital -       30  SEWEBS, STREET -WOBK, STEEL.  STEEL ���������By     Bookei,     Campbell     &  Whipple,-   413   Gianville   St,   101   A    D.  Gold-tein Building ' is  STRUCTURAL    STEEL���������By    Booker,  Campbell  A.   Whipple,   113  Gianville  St.,  for A   D   Goldstein Building is  (     REINFORCED     bTLEL���������Bv    Booker,  Campbell  vt  AVhipple.   113  Gianville  St..  foi A   D   Goldstein Building is  RciNl'iJUvolNG     STEEL���������By     J      F.  AA'Ineland,   402   Abbott   st,   foi   lein-conc  laundij  bldg foi   Van   Gen'l Hospital   30  STEEL���������By   J    J.   Donnellan,    Riggs-  Se man     bldg,     foi     Sullivan-Consldlne  bid*, on Gianville st ���������>$  STEEL���������Bv  T.   A.   Allan,   510   Pendei  st   AV,   for   3-sto,   2S.M.12,   oik   img   h-e  on  Robson   -t & *>���������>  STRUCTURAL      STEEL���������Bv   , S       j"  Lund,   210    Empiie   bldg,.   i,n   Sacred  He.nt Academy  at Point Giej  Wiring, ' Waterproofing,   wharves,  ELECTRICAL     WIRING���������By ' S. .   J.  Lund, Empne bldg, loi 4-sto, 5Jv60, rmg  IH     'Q&ia     nna-Bn-ia 1JJ3M-5 u ���������*v!* w .. *yj     ,Q&"^&m'B     Oa t& tVA Q  '��������� "������������������ ���������        '      ENGINEERS AND AGENTS*    "  "~      '  ,.nL ,, 9>aled������nian Wire Rope, Parker Derricks, Electric .Hoists  Otto    Gasoline   Engines,' Grab Buckets,. "Glebe" Marine ,Engines  ,���������.;.v    ������������������ ���������A Steel Tanks and Water Towers of any capacity  TaoX^E   <?AS0UNE TANKS and PUMPS -for  PRIVATE  GARAGES ->  Phone Seymour 3892  or    PUBLIC  1  319  Pender Street W.  TCO.  chiraery DesiSers  CONCRETE   MIXERS,   STEEL   CARS,   ROCK   CRUSHERS,   ELECTRIC  '     ..STEAM    AND    GASOLINE    HOISTS.      WHEELBARROWS  TRANSMISSION  MACHINERY, GASOLINE   ENGINES   ''  PUMPS AND  ROAD  MACHINERY.  Offices: 600-607 Bank of Ottawa Bldff.  Phones: Seymonr 70SQ-7818.  STAIN YOUR BUNGALOWS   ��������� ,   , '        t  Don't Paint Them, Stain Them All Over, Roofs, Siding and Trimmings, with  CABOT'S SHINGLE STAINS  Phono  Seymour  512 . HENRY DARLING      / 28 Powell St.  We, are the sole manufacturers of  "JMachine-made Glazed  Cemont Sewer  ,   Fipe in EritiBhi.Columbia,   '  .  GLAZED CEMENT PIPE CO., LTD.  omoviJZomlrilon' Tmet   Bldg.,   Vane ever, .p.  C.    .1 Phone:   Sey. 8a86  and MANUFACTURING CO-ltjited.  Electric Supplies and Telephones.        *313 Water St  hse loi   Hustings  and Hawkes st-3    .  27  ELECTRIC AVIRING���������By Boolcer,  Campbell Si AA'hipple, 113 Gianvilie St.,  toi   A    D    Goldstein  Building IS  ELECTRIC     1ITUPLS���������By     Bookei,  Cumpbell   iz  AA'hipple,   413  Gianvil.e  St  toi  A   D   Goldstein Buildinj, IS  ELECTRICAL WIRING���������Bv E -J.  Rjan, 76S Gianville st, foi 6-oto add to'  img h<-e on  Hams and Main sts 1  FLECTRICAL AVIRING���������By D J  Rjan,>i6S Gianville "t, ioi 3-,to bik and  mill  const  img hse  ioi   Powell st 1  Fresh Water Sand  For Sale  In Scow Load Lots.,  Silica Sand Ahd'A  Gravel, Co, *������  ���������334 JBobson St.  'Tel.^geyi-aour -1465    ,'"  . CO. LTD.  - ��������� "��������� '1'   -������; ' ���������', '  '���������   -      Manufacturers   of  Luinl>er," Sash,* JDoors, Mouldings, eto.  Phone Seymonr 1708. " ' 298 Prior St.  TENDERS WANTED.  OUT OF TOWN.  BUILDINGS.  ie  m  G RAN rD VIEW  Sheet F^etai Works  ., .0 <  Warm   Air   BJeatlnff  *"-' FnrnaceB and  Oeneial  Jobhlntr  1729 Vonable St. '       Phone Sey 5284  Roberts. Dominion Trust Bldg., for con-   1    ,"'>If    in��������� ,9* ain---e   St,   toi    A.   D        ED"axpiiri������s���������Tendei s   will   be  leceived  struction.of  3- to 50v-91  brlcltUnd  mill   Goldstein Building is   bv \V Giimth, Comptioiler. Edmonds, till  ��������� -       - ���������- j-jAij.���������Bv Booivei    Campbell Sz AAHiin-1 May  13,  for  ciearrng  and  giubbing tile  pie    411   Granville  St,   foi   A   D.   Gold-1 ea teuv   -section   ot   Boundaij   Road   to  stein Building                                              IS   the Gieat Northern  right-of-way   Dans  l..i1jii.\G-By   AVm.   Neve,   2436   Sth      -'            '  m  K.'j;  *i.  i^-ivi  \lr   ���������  . rO. I  ���������'H-S'  I '-H!  *s-A  ( ^ <l  ' I\ ������    -  h'*i'-)  COMMERCIAL BLUE PRINT CO.  MAPS; DRAFTING AND TRACING  H-ione  Sey: 5068    329   Seymour   St.  G. L. KEL.LING, &CO  Heating and Plumbing- Engineer*   . I  ;05 Pender St.    'Phone Seymonr 8238 J  IT  JAS. MURPHY & SON  ��������� 1   General   Painting   and    Decorating  I CONTRACTORS  j Oflice: 113 Crown Bldg. LBay-_?7_������jL  Acme Plumbing & Wtg. Co  131   Tenth   Ave.  E.  .   'Phone   Fairmont   537  iV  jaiKH'  |cj!j^!vf'':���������  vi mW-'  iSfHx'  Ie iif'to,.,'  "j.JljWoiS.!  '^ffe'/''  ftp:  Mm :  finest Worhmansfilp Exclusive Designs  Wilcox Art Glass Studio  1471 Broivdway W. Phone Bayvlew 245  /-i'EDWARD.:.vTBMMONS-v:  SLATER & ROOF TJLER  1738���������7th Ave. AV.    Phono Pair.  13S7I..  ; R.Ne'son Finch  E-rpc-rt   Builder   and   Financier  Sey. 7381      207V6 Carter-Cotton Bldg.  mix  m'jpy  THE BURNSIDE:::"-::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-39   Granville   Streot ��������� ���������  Telephone  Seymour 3704   '  I. E.-'���������Ca'.'mpbell '& Co.-  PLU^SIMG   &   HEATING  in;! Penler-Si. ���������..      ' '���������'��������������������������� Phone Sewnur 2738  ir.'!l!.',-  iw.'.-.  ji'ii ?!,������"'���������"  "BOOB CHEER" CIRCLE WAf������R PAN fURNlCE  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  SHECTMirrALVVORKERS  - .   BUCK'S LEADER and GUHNE1 OXFORD fllllNACES    .    '.  Plione Bay. 296 -1540. Sth Ave. W.  PERFECTION GLIDING DOOR CO.  Phone Sey. 1649        719 Pender,St. W.  I..1I !.���������.:>,,'  mm  .'"���������'!<'���������" "  mPx  W0U-  . ] PLUMBING and HEATING        |  721Ma?n Street. Plione SeVmonr 8814!  LITTLE"^ LEE  Sheet lyietal Workers  Boat Tanks, Cornice. Roofliiz, Furnaces,  ���������582 Seymour St.     Phone Sey. 4458  L. G. ROBINSON.  Consulting   Engineer': and  General Contractor  Sey.  3412 211   Eoltleii   Bldvr.  enst. apartment bldg. for Broadway "W  CONVENTr���������By Wallingtony&, Wheat-  aey, * uavn   Chamber-,,   till   May   11,   for  j-' n t of Si*-ter-  ot Good Shepherd con-  I'vent at Point Grej-.  R.     R.     CONSTRUCTION���������Bv   Howe  .-Sound & Northern Rai.vvay Co., 506 Caiter-Cotton   bldg,   Vancouver,   till  Friday,  May 31,  for  the grading,  bridging,  etc,  jf   the  following sections  ot   the  above  ���������ii vvav:    fa)   From end of piesent conducted   line   to   mile   12 0.     (b)    From  ..nle  12  to mile 21.1.    (c)   Branch  from  uile 2.3 ot main line a.ong ea 1  biam.11  it Squnmi'-h river 2.7 mile-i.    Plan.-i and  pecif nt the office of-Cleve.and Sz .Cameron,  506 Winch bldg.  SCHOOL ADDITION���������Bv W. T. Ea,t-  rhrnok. -ccy of the Richmond school  boaid, Eburne, B. C," till May 10, tendei,  wii be leceived tor the erection and  .ompletion (not including heating)' of  an addition to the Bridgeporf .-chool  ou e, Eulu I-.land, li. C. Plans and pai-  .ticulars at the office of Joseph B6wman,  .irciit,   116   Crown   bldg.  RKSIDENCE���������By Biaunton & Liebert,  till May 10s for $S000 residence foi  -lmuglini������s-,j' "[[eight" .  POAVER HOUSE���������By Geo. Haddon, sec.  >"nn. Gen'l Hospital Bo.ud, for const ol  .einlorced concrete power hou������e in connection with hospital, apecif trom Archt  \.   A.   Cox,   Carter-Cotton   bldg.  RESIDENCE:���������By A. .1 Bird, AVinch.  ���������''it/*. 101 12-"'-oin ipv <or Shaughne^av  Height*-   foi   Dr.   Bakei.  i:t.-slDls.ivj<wii,���������Jby A. .1 Bird, Winch  hiu^, lor 12-room res on Siiaughnesaj  .leightsl  S H )OL HTM EDI NG- By J. II. Bowman, Crown bldg.  till May  13, tor 4-rm  1 '..1111   v 1st.1  -iv.iuul  blug ui  Ijuiiidbj'  ' .I'SCHOOE  BUILDING���������J.   H. ^Bovvinan.  Ji-ovvn   b.dg,   for   tvvo-sto   frame  add' to  ./.Point  Grey scliool .bidg.. .:  DWELLING���������-By JoneoS Sz Aspell,  i-lartney v.uamber.s, - for $7000 ��������� frame  .iwe.iing lor fcinaughnessy Ht.-<.  POAVEU,HOUSE. AND 'SUBSTATION  -liy  u.  C. "E.;.11.  Co.,  Holden  bldg,   till  ��������� .viuy. 13, tor con.rt of rolnlorced .concrete  ov.or liou.-c at Ear.*! road,  South   Vancouver. ��������� ..'''���������!        :'"'��������������������������� ',      '��������� '  Brick Work, BoUora.  BRICK ���������By J Booker,'     Campbe"! vv.  VViiil-pic, : 413    Gniiivllie   St.,   for   A. D  Goldstein .Building. ..- " 14  BRICK ��������� By    ��������� Booker,-     Campbell <v.  U'liipirie, ' 41;{    Gr'anvil.e   St.,   for   A. D  Gold, tein'Building.      ,..      ������������������-<... ��������� lb  BRICK���������By AVm.iO'Dell, 757 Beatty. st,  foi- alteration work on 3-sto bldg on  Granville . and  Dunsmuir. sts.  :. .4  BRICK.���������By Paul A.���������'. Jones,'���������.'Empress  JJotel, for ��������� const*bf Harris b.dg, on Cordova at;   ...      ... ���������' .������������������>-.      ��������� .--.'. -.-    , ���������!<)  ��������� 'BRICK"-WORK���������By S. J. Lund,������������������Empire 'bids, for 4-sto,; 50v60; rmg hse for  Hastings a'nd. Hawkes sts. .' ���������;.' 27  13K1CK- WORK���������By. Hovviand'���������.&������������������'iNewett:  1222J Melville isti for Shaughnessy , Hts.  '.res.;.'.     ,r--;-   .     :-- -��������� ;:'-   |r-,'  Canals,   Cement, Concrete,  " CEMENT ���������By    Booker,    Campbell   &  AVhiyp e,   413   Granville   St.,   for   A'.   D.  Gold item- Building. 'is  ,' CEJMENT-T-ByW'm.' 0'DelT,-757 Beatty I  .-nt,' ior alteration work on 3-sto' bldg '  011   Granville   and   Dunsmuir   sts;       ��������� -1 I  CEMENT���������By     .T.   F.   Wineland,'  '402  A bbott.a-t; for-rein-cone laundry bldg for]  Van.  Gen'l-Hospital. ' .-' ���������        -30  Cj'..\1J:.NT���������By. Paul A. ...Tones, Empress  Hotel, for const of Harris bldg on Cordova st..     '; " ' :��������� -iv 1  oixcavating. Elevators, Electric Fixtures j  ^EXCAVATING���������By; E.   J.    Ryan,    7CS  Granville  st,   tor  (i-sto  add   to  rmgv hse  'on. Harris-and  Main  sts. -    ���������     1  EXCAVATING���������By S. J. Lund, Empire  bldg, for 4-sto, 50x60, ring hse for Hasting and  Hawkes sts. 27  EXCAVATION���������By-AV. P. White, Hutchinson bldg, for 3-sto, 64x132, brk bldg  for  11th  and  Main.        . !-  EXCAVATING���������By E. IJ. Ryan. 76S  Granville st. for 3-s-to brk and mill const  rmg h;-c for Powell yi. .    1  ave AA', lot  ies at Kitsilano 30  LIME���������By J F Wine and, 102 Abbott  st, for lein-conc laundiy bldg ror Van  Gen'l  Ho-pitai 30  LUMBER���������By S J. Lund, Empiie  bldg, foi 4- to, 50\60, rmg hse for Hasting:,   and  Hawkes  sts  Mill   Work    -Uachln-r-rv    Marble,  MARBLE���������Bj Booker, Campbe'l Sz  Whipple, 413 Gianville St, loi A D  Gold  tein Building IS  MARBLE���������By AVm   O'Dell, 757 Bpatty  t,   tor   alteration   woik   on ,3-sto   bldg  on  Gianville  and Diinsnmir sts 4  TILE���������By Wm O'Dell, 757 Beatty st,  lor alteiation work on 3-sto bldg on  Gianvi le   and   Dunsmuii   sts. 4  MILL WORK���������Bv   S    T   Lund, Empire  bldg. for 1-sto, 50\.60, img hse ioi  Hastings and Haw kea sts. 27  '     utlscellaner a*.  TIN  WORK���������By  Booker.  Campbell  &  AA hippie     113   Gianville   bt,   foi    A    D  Gold-tein Building                                   - IS  TILL���������By  Booke.i   Campbell & AVhipple    1J3   Gianville   St,   loi   A.  D    Go'd-  j>tein Building                            -                  IS  TERRV.ZZO  FLOORING���������By   Bool ei,  Campbell  Sz AVhipple,   413  O-anville St  CHEAPEST AND BEST  QWg������ttW*TM������...., TrtTT-������������MT.y.wnTmT-M������TO.J������M.1  BAILiEY Hardware Co;  GETSIH"*"*.  1407 PARK DRIVE.  B A, I Lie Y 8-1 a rdw'a re Co.     "l-iiOHE. Sit BB/0 L  and   ipecriicatroiis  liom  municipal   eiiji-  nees.  EDMONDS���������Tender, for 2000 jards of  cracked rock will be received b> AW  Griffith, Comptio.let, Edmonds, Burnaby,  till  May  uth  Medicine Hat���������Tenders will be received  till May 15 loi school to cost $20,000  101 "Medicine Hat Sepaiate School Boaid.'  Aichitect, A\* T AA'i liams 2--toiy and  basement, conciete foundation, biick and  s,tone eonstiuction.  Saskatoon���������Plans ai e being prepared  foi i.evv hotel to cost $150,000, Avenue  B and 20th .st, for Jame^ Barrey. Aichl-  tects, Thompson, Daniels & Colthui t.  Reinfoiced conciete eonstiuction, biick  and ten a cott.i lacing The above architects will receive tenders and all inclination niaj  be leceived from them  Saskatoon, Sask.���������Sealed tenders ad-  dres-ed to the Citv Commi"sloneis will  be leceived until noon, Jiay 17, for furnishing mateiial and eonstiuction of sup-  eistiuctuie for 23id st subway For  luithei mfoi mation wilte eithei of the  engineers Citv Engineer G T Claik,  Bridge Englneei AV L McKenzie  (CNR)  VICTORIA���������By   C    W    Cai keek,    619  Shingles, Slates and Sheets-  W. C. THOftfS0N & CO.  ���������> < Phone Seymour 3304  319 Pender St. West, Main .Floor.  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY LTD.  Successors  to J.  T.  Herrett Co.,  Limited.   ������    '     '-  O-ttce, Warehouse and^harf:  1029 Main St. Phone Seymour 8491  01    v    D   Goldstein  Building IS   Sajwaid  bldg   until  Mav  15 loi   tai   and  TERRA CO" ���������     Hi*   Bookei,  Campbell 1 giavel lfg in Mchts Bank ot Can, Nanai-  Support rlome Industries By Specifygne  THE ANVIL ISLAND BRICK CO^ LTD?  .    ���������' *,  BEST PRESSED RED'BRICKS     *  Offlco and "Works:   Anvil* Island, Howe Sour  & AVhipple, 413 Gianville St, foi A D  Gold  tein    Building IS  STONE ���������Bj Bookei, Campbell .'i  Whlpple. 113 Gianvile St, foi A D  Gold  tein  Build ng. IS  MATERIAL���������Bv Wm O'Dell, 751  Btattj st ioi alteintion woik on 3-sto  bldsj nn  Ginnvllli> and  Dunsmuii  .st-.     1  mo ig  VICTORIA���������By C W Cai keek, 61*1  Savw.vd b dg. until Mav 15 foi sheet  metal woik, Mchts Bank ot, Can, Nanaimo v t 10  VICTORIA���������Bv C AV Caikee'v, 019  Savwaid  bldg   until   May  20,  loi   steam  PARK SE-'-TS���������Bv AA'm Noi the'ott, ' heating In Mchtj Bank of Can, Nanaimo  citv   pui   agC Victoiia,  till Apiil   19,  foi | . 15  75  paik  voatv- .     VICTORIA���������Bv    AA'm     AAr     Noithcrtt  CUT STONE���������Bj Wm O'Dell. 757 Pin Agt, Citj -Hall, until J pin Jlav  Beittv st loi alteiation woik on 3��������� to ' it 12,000 It 10 pali No II cable, 2,000  bldg on  Gianvi le and Dunsmuii   sts      4   ft No   II  Dup'ev cable,   10  mile. No   12  riHJ!M:\���������Bv R N Finch, 207>/4|AV P li <^S guu���������'e steel wne (.ample  Cm tei-Cotton  bldg,  loi   6-1 tn  li   lei     2U|,n    rhove   office,   unci   .125   lion   pole   ton  MATTRIAL���������Bv   S     J    Lund.   Empiie   fitting,  Si WALKER LTD.  ENGINEERS. ,  DEALERS   IN   ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES  COOK WITH ELECTRICITY.  ,Poe,t ���������show you a cocking outfit made  coal range,  BUn.,. or-w..rs.-E:eCtricity for C00kinS purposes is cheap.  PHONE SEYMOUR'9379   448   'Seymo-ur St,  as, durable ad j-our pre.sent Malleable  P. O. BOX 1353  Chomlcal and Efflcioncy Engineers  inspection  of Cemout,  Concrete.  6il and^Road' Materials.  Geolog-iciil Eeports ou Raw Materials.    '"������"a-s-  Waterproofing- of Concrete.  NEWHALL, SMITH 8 CO.  OFFICE:   1106 Dom.,,Trust Bldg., Vancouver. 'PHONE:   Sey. 2814  b'dg, ioi 1-sto. 50-U.O, img hse foi Hasting and Unwltcs sts n  Ti:i.llV COTT/"��������� P.\ T J Donne'lir,  Ri*,g.s-Selm.in bldg foi Suliivan-Con-  Idine bl Ig on Gianville ^t lb  Plaster.   Plbg.   P������tg.  Pav.  Pipe.  Plliui.,  PAINTING���������1-1 j Bookei Campbell iz  "hippie ill Gianville St, toi A 1>  Gold-tein  Building 1S  POINTING���������Bv     R     N     Finch     201 ft  KEKIlISDALi:���������Bv H Floyd, C to C ,  until Alav IS, foi dealing 12th aie,  1Gtil ave J.'nd ave, and vvallo on Centri  to.ad     Spec If  fioin  mun    uigf js  K VM LOOPS���������By .7   Pni ett   Fieemont  blk,   Kninloops.   foi    nil   1 iboi    unci   mil  loi    election    of    high    scliool       Plan--  specil, etc    liom above n  KIPRlbALC��������� llv    DII    Flovd,   C AI C  Cai tei-Cotton  blclfc,  loi   C-i m fi   ie-      Ja   until  ,AIaj   20,  foi   giading  23 1  ave   S.tn  PUNTING ���������Bv    Ilimmei    i   AVagnei  1116   Bute  st,   foi   buiiL,alovv  B. C. SAND AND GRAVEL CO., LTD.  100  acies  on   Kovve  Sound,   23   miles  fiom  Vancouvei  Tne   for 1000 shaies- at $100 each  100 shaies on  the mai ket at par  -train   Ofilce:    503   Dom.   Trust  Bldg.  Phone Sey. 6756  refects Builders  We are at your service to  give you any information required    regarding    installing  gas    pipes    and    appliances.  Also location of mains.  Phone S. 50C0 and ask for  New   Business  Dept.  779   Granville,   Show   Room  New Business Show: Room  16 .Hastings  E.,   , , '���������  no clciung and gi iding* 21d ave and  icad Ihiough b'k .. D L 13!) Specif  ti cm  Jli n    Engl 20  KERR1HD ALE���������By    II     Flovd,    until |  Jlav 20   foi  grading Johnston iJ    Spenf I  ti om Lngr 20 '  A'ICTORTV���������Bv   C    XV    Cat keek,    til,  'Savvvaid   bldg,   until   Maj   15    foi   sheet."!  and  pate glass  in Jlclits  Bank of Can,'  Nanaimo ��������� 15  A'lJJTORIA���������Bv    C     AA*"    CarivCe'.,    619  Sajwaid  bldg,   until   Jlav   1*5,   J01   plstig  ,in  Aichts Bank ot Can    Nanaimo 15  ���������' ���������      AaCTORTA���������Bv    C     AA'    Carkeek     611  Sa.vvaid   b dg,   In   mill   woik  in  Jlcht-  Banl   ot  C in     Nanaimo *5  VICTOR! v���������Bv   C     AA"    Cai keek,    619  Savwaid   bldg    until    JTav    J1    1< r    c eu  vvrr ng in Jlchts  Bulk ot Can, Nanaimo  1.".  VTi'T'iprA���������Bv    C     W     Caileek     610  Savvvaid blip-   irtil  Mav   15   foi   maib'e  and 1 lie in -Alc'it    Bank of Can   Nanaimo  15  SICHY.,   TrXISC,   lVIATEItlA'C,,   MiVRIlTE.  '     Ve-non,   B.   C.���������By   D    C - Tate,   citv  f lei l\ until  Mav    10   foi   the supp j  and  I paction   on  Joundation  sup-*ied  bv the  I citv    of one  200  B   H   P, 257  R   P 'Jl  1 Ijh se!   ml   engine   loi    direct   connection  I to   125  K   AA'     "-pi1 lse,  60-cycle a'teina-  tlng current, generator with exciter, r Engine   must   be, complete   with Vindicator,  all tools and spart parts. Specif at offices  of -Ma titer. A'uill Sz Co., Ltd.i'Vancouver.  Moose  Jaw���������By   Citj*   Commissioners,  till Jiay 15. for the laj'ing of'approxim-'  ate'j'  34,000  square  yard's .'.'.of-���������-.pavement.  rians a;-u specif from-J. Antoniser.; city/  ritish Canadian Lumber Corporation Lfmifed:  r^anisfact&irers  Vancbuver Phcne. Stymcur C-S04  AUtree $k ChurchSand'  EEECTEICAE 'CO^TRACTOBS  S76 Granville Stieet <  'Phone,  Seymonr  S707  Johnston - Thompson Co.  Plum&ing and Heating  Engineers  5M BURRARD ST.-        Pfions_SejJ899  SHO-VER.ft'THOMAS  Sand   Gravel   arad  BuiCding Miatciriai  'Phone Seymour 13GS.    Qiu.ce and  ���������Whan  959  Main Street  -t.~ne-.t.rT--B*zr-^-a.~m-*w.--irr,���������l~o~  TERMINAL LUMBER 8 SfHE CO  "JTrrMITE-D.  jWAirtTPACTUREJaS   OP  FIJSTE  LUMBER AND SHSNGi.ES  W. B. COOKE & CO.  308 Carter Cotton Eldg.  Phoiie:     Seymour 7997  NORTHWESTERN "LEAGUE  Base Ball  AVeeX  Conimencing"  JMay  6  SPOKANE  VS. VANCOUVEB  . Recreation Park  Aclmienion 25    and 50o  ! Great West Mfg. Co., Ltd.  CABINET  MAKEKS  BANK, STORE  AND  OFFICE  FIXTURES  Phone Pair. 1471    52 Dufferin St. W.  Estimates Furnished  MSB


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