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Daily Building Record May 22, 1912

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. 41
11    <-������-, "'-^11
5j>-' ^Bufidlrag^Contractirag:, Engineering, Irrigation and General Improvement News,
'- ���'.,
I"j JDevoted to the'interests of^Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Material Healers and others interested in the building trade of the N.VV*
I        Record Publishing   Co., Vancouver,  Publishers.  '     '      ~~"       ' ' ~,        "Covering British  Columbia. '���' '   '   '    "''"      ��"'    ���''<��'     :     ~��      [       Vol. 2,  No. 151,-Wed., i May 22,M91ft""'*:"l
_ ajfceria ,
WALL. BOARD.-'    '',-;.', '     ,     --~-"1,.-   ��~
i      j   i - . *, -t
- Raecolitfi Plastic"Flooring"' :
301T Pacific Bldg. "Sey.'8144 '
i       (r
Tar and Gravel Roofing
Water  Proofing
Roof. Repairing
Al) Work Guaranteed
Phone Sflymour 7417
814 Metropolitan  Bldg.
<* -
.plain or .Corrugated - Round or Square.
Can Give Delivery In One Week To 10'Days.
312 Pacific Blcfff-*
t.     . ii ' ' '\
-;-F. T. CROWE & CO.
"Everything  In .'Building Material"
Seymour 9422.
Phone ,Seyraour 9162,^Private' Exchange.
Office and Bankers, Granville Street Bridge.
,2431-7���1 1*3 sto fr res..
2433���1 sto frr res . ..
2484���2 sto fr res.      . - -
.     . $2,000
.   .$3,600
.. c. .$4,700
Street Address.
Xiot and BlooJs.
26TS Pender E "
17 05-14 th avet\V
lOG-i���llth ave \V
A, re-sub 14���57
: .   11���428
. 3, 4���395
H   T.
.   . Owner
Parr,  McKinzie &'Day
Owner"..      r	
E. P. ennis
cAv. Potburk   &Co
 756 Hamilton
J  D   Greig : ...
J. DReynolds    .   Z  .
J. S. Simpson ... .care Val
..1949 Union
. . Robson St
Ice & C. S.'Co.
Building permits for Victoria will be
found on Page 2;
Plain, Square, Round and Square Twisted Bars
,   ,. -   Triangle Mesh -.Column Hocping   <���
" V ' Largest stock in city    V,
Our Plant Is Fully Equipped For Cutting
~To Length aud Cold Twisting   :;
Prompt- Delivery' Our Specialty
Seymour 4674
Western^ Plate Glass
& Imp. Co. Ltd.
Reg., Office: ,153 Cordova 8t> tt>
VANCOUVER, B.,Cv       "
PLATE GLASS a - ��� - ^ ^ WINDOW filM<
,  ' Leaded Art Glass ^ '���'"''>\'
Thorns Uetta^ Btoro Irront1 Bars'
iV t .BoveUiatf^sndJMlTorUMl, , j  .
"    \"  3tore', rror,t��, Olated ���,,.
'i' i /
Standard Glass' CcXtd
Phone Seymour 6476. ^829 Barnard {ft.
Our Office Issues Vour Liability, Accident and Health Insurance
Also adjusts losses without delay or referring to any remote Head
office x " ; ' ,
British Am erican Trust Company, Limited!.
,    ' .   Insurance Department
C.irter-Cotton Bldg.        ' PhonorBeyinour 7620
ffAKTCOT/VEa,  B.  C.
,"'  Glass Bmporters and SVianaifacturers
i B. C.' JNaiiufacturers of iHester'stbre fr^ont: f>
- construction^ -\ ,
The attention of Architects, Contractors and
to the NEW, ERA REVERSIBLE WINDOWS, which we/are now manufacturers of. Call at our factory and see them and learn of their many
advantages over any other windows made.
Factory:    Foot of Salsbury, Drive.
Branch  Factory at  1618 Third  Avenue West, Fairview. Vancouver,  B. C.
Phone  Bayvrew S88
Doors, Sash, Mouldings, Etc.
Mills; Offices and Factory:
Cor. Victoria Drive and -Powell Street.
Phone Seymour 8890
At the last meeting of the council, contracts for a large amount of pavrng and
other street work were awarded. ,The
following were tho successful contractors. <��� i
Wood block pave, Beatty st, eGorgia
���st to Robson, Paplaca Bros, ?15,579;
brick pave, Pender st, Car rail to Abbott,
T. R Nlckson & Co, 519,950, stone block
pa\es rn lanes, lane south of Powell,
Car rail to CPR, Romano, Pinto & Co,
?],017, we.st of Granvrlle, Georgia to
Pender, Ramano, Pinto & Co, $S,43fi, ea-t
'of Main st, Alexander to Prior, Romano'',
Pinto & Co, J2.B27, east of Grarnrllo,
Georgra to Dacle, T R Nickson & Co,
521,150, grading and trestle work on
Clark drive,,Broadway to 12th ave, T. R.
Nlckson St Co, $7,100, timber wharf and
bunkers at city yard, Rour-ko & Hon-
theif, $10,497, for 2000 fe IS in steel pipe
for Trst Narrow mains, Rober tson^God-
son"& Co, $5,SS0, for IC, 18, 22 and 24 rn
valves for above pipe, Robertson, Godson  & Co,  $2,090.15
The contract for <m Ajn\ auto gacolrne
pumping engine for the fire department
was owjided to C \T Stanclilfe & Co, foi
'an engine made in Manchester, Eng, at
At tire ,same meeting the application
for a burlding permit for a R story framo
rooming house bldg at the corner of Alexander st and Heatlov a\e, rn the name
Oi. Grossman, v\es refused '
sxrccitvxa pebhxts. ,
Only Permits amounting to less than
91000 will be found under this head.
2426���J   White,   fr addn ,to  res;   956-
22nd ave E; A   M. Bell; $120.
i   2427���Lennan & Reece; move r,es;  556
Prior;  J.  N   Menzles;  $200    "
2423���J. D ' Foreman, 151 Alexander;
repair sto and res; 127 Hastings E, owner,  $250. 1
2 129���I. Joyce, 1455-12th ave E; alter
res, 102-08 Heatley; A. Ledgerwood,
2430���J. W Plummer, fr garage, 2227
Vrctorra Dr, owner, $50 ,        V
2132���M J Watson, fr garage; 1749
Nelson, owner,  $100 <
2435���AV. T Styles; alter frr'res, 1023
llaro,  owner;  $300.   , . '   i1
2436���P.  Calkins;  1  sto  fr barn,   2403
Stephen st, owner, $250    ,.
* 2*437���1% J   McBaln, \  sto ���fr  shack,
,11731 1st ave,  R. Butchart, JU0.>ta^���
243S���R���Irving, 449 Homer St, fr gar-,
age,  1561  Venables;  $200.    ���
2439���Mrs. R Howard, fr'addn to res,
IS 13-lst ave D,  E   Coles & Coles,  $1S0
Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd .
,   '3130 CEDAR SX-' '   '
Phone Bay. 646' NearSlxthW
, BAS9VOOB   7��OOB .CO...  if
Floor Ziftjrera anfl Designer*
' Sey. 6853���Bay.,139B. 567 OnwivlUd Bt
m i* J
^iterardized Metal Lath
- American Wail Board        �� .   .;
Samson Fibred Plaster;    ;
Blue Cross Cemeiij
,   Hydratediime, .',.     :
i C. Gardiner Johnson Hompany, v
JOHNSON'.S- WHARP.^,,.^ ~-.r��� ;v..'. PHONk's^.SEYMOiJR-,9M6��1 9147 ",
Vancouver fViarble Sc TbSc Co., Ltd.
103 Winch Building Phone Seymour 187 - 5929
English K-5 & S " CONDOR " and
Partition ToSe For AS! Building Purposes
Limo, Plastep> Fire Brick, Tin Plate, Pig Iron Etc.
nans ��ro practically completea, but
tenders will be taken from selected contractors only, and then not for several
days, for a large frame bouse to be erected on ShQUghriessoy Heights for Dr. W.
U Coulth'ard, by Archt R. P. s" Twlzell.
Metropolital bldg. Tho residence will
contain 10 room.'., with 2 attics, hot water licatrncr, conciete basement, four
brick nreplaces, and oilier usual featuies.
The, style will be Colonial, with wooden
window shutters. A special feature about
this residence will be rr. mtioic room, 17x
111 fee.t -in size, with beamed ceilings.
Throughout the house will be roomy and
designed for light and pleasant ciuth-
The following- material Is mentioned
to be used in the structures called xui
inv the permits above, whose numbers
correspond to those preceding' the following1  items.
2131���1S00  br. COO yds pi,  S  bbls cmt
2433���2500 br, 600 yds pi, 16 bbls cmt
2131���2000 br, 900 yds pi, 30 bbls cmt
Canadian BuiSders Supply Co., Ltd. \
1 ,     Dealers in ,
Offlce Bunkers
1901   Oeorg-ia  Bt. , , Bey.
Sey. 7175 - /
Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company?s
������    79X Granville St.
Phono Seymour 1487        '
Vancouver) B. C.
Sole Agents
City SV9ap & White Print Co
1433  Cordova Street West
Phone:   Seymour  6693
Archibafld IVloir St Co
���� The Map Men '*
Drafting: TraclnB
Reliability and Dispatch
Rectus 218 ��� 217 Empire BUe. riou�� Straw 5378
Falkenburg & Laucks, Ltd.
We inspect cement,  all structural
materials and construction work.
152 Trounce Alley. Seymonr 7159
At a meeting ol the school board on
Monday night, the contract for thQ erection of the I..ake\lew Urlvc school was
awarded to the El O,o' PaVlng Co, at
$31,190. Booker, Campbell & Whipple
we're .low tenderers at ?51,I08, but the
rule o^. the board with regard to BrrtUh
subjects wa3 followed in awarding the
contract. ��� ;
The contract for    the school In IIa<=t-
'ings Townslte, wa sawarde'd to Geo. Snr
dcr & Brethour, at $53,731.
Plan.s are now completed and tenders
will be called for next Monday, to be
in by .Tune 3, for the general contract
on a 2 room frame school bldg to be
erected in blk 44, Ilastrngs Town-site.
The usual rule with, regard to British1
subjects tendering will bo followed.
Plans are also completed,-and'tenders
will be called for at the .same time, by
the school board, for brick and concrete addrtional story to be erected 'on
the School Board offices at Hamilton ar-d
Dunsmuir st--. This story will be fitted up for class-'roonrs, modelling rooms,'
laboratories,' etc, for the night school
clas.-es. X. A. Leech, Sclrool Archt, designed Li)oth  of _ these bldgs.
Plans for the proposed Dawson school
will r,ot be completed for_ about three
weeks, at which tlmo tender.-; twill be_
culled for. It is the intention of the
board to complete the new school before
raxing  tho  old  bldg.
Canadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..
Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work.
Quality Work, Rig'ht Prices  and Promptness Guaranteed. ,
Plrojio Sey. 8480 Office:   104 Empire Bldg.
' Archt G. B. Kaufman, Davis Chambers,
will haie plans completed in about two
weeks, for a 9 room frame residence to
be erected in Kitsilano, for Howes &
Proctor. The owners wrll erect the bldg
by day labor, but when announced in
these columns, the archt will probably
take tenders for .some of the trades. The
residence will have concrete basement,
stone pillars, hot water heating plant,
baths, fireplaces, etc., and will cost about
ArcMs Sharp & Thompson, Old Safe
bldg, have, awarded the - contract .to
Rourke, McDonald & Moncreif, 35 Exchange bldg, for a-6 story brick and mill
warehouse bldg to be. erected on Water
st for Albert Thompson, at about $58,-
'200. The bldg will be 30x110 in size with
stores on the ground floor and the upper
floors divided into lofts. The general
contr.s  will   handle  all  minor  contracts.
, Offlce and Works:    1155 Sixth Avenue W., Vancouver,  B.  C.
V.'e stock hero a complete line of the goodB of the following firms:
Contractors' and Builders' Equipment carried in stock, including:
���H-asts,  Derricks  and  Winches. ' '   a'
Concrete  Mixers.
'    Scrapers,  Dump  Cars and  Relaying Rails.
t'Pntrrftrgal Pumps.
Steam  Sho\els  and  Rock  Crushers.
Motors, Air Compressors, etc., etc *
Vi'e  opei-ato  a  fully  equipped  machine   shop.    Contractor*'   rash  praam
given special  and prompt attention. *
���45  Satisfied  Users  in Vancouver
1065 Pender  St. ; Phone  Seymour 57V
Builders and Contrac-
' torp" ���'
Metal Lath, Metal Cell"
ins;. Wire- noire, Tool &i
Drill Steel and,General,
Supplies. ; '.    '    j
Office: 108
Phone Seymour 1733.
Alexander St.
821 Powell Bt.
The announcement was nrado yesterday hy Sunt Berts Icy of the K. & N. at
Victoria, that tire contract for the grading of the first ten miles of the new extension from JIcBrido Junction to Court-
enay, includmg jtho necessary bridge
work, has been let to Culllton Bros of
Spokane. The ,successfuii contractors
will commence work about June 1. The
amount of the tender' is not stated.
Let us figure on your ELECTRICAL CONTRACTS. Nothing tooslargo}
nothing too small. Our stock of Electric Chandeliers is the largest in-the
city. " '".'': ' '
338 Hastings Street West
Electric Hoists,
Gasoline Hoists
And Elevators
Bn Ail Sizes
365 Water Street
Phone  Sey. 3237
'. ��� *   .
w - "*     V ��� '  ������B.rw7co-UGrJJ.XZ7S77jaifM  2UuucKK.rU������r.rar������Wa.2&ssifc  nawirtd ittTMHawKMttetWfla.^t!ga:iE  3;'  ' is  ft ?  f  I'm  "tl  *S!  i  .���������iSft'  .{MMHHgg COLUMBIA  u  sax&y svx&snro), Bscoaxr.- -  Published Dally Except Sundays  aleO&itB Pins&zsasara coscpaht.  DAILY BUTXOING BECORD.  Address  "���������������Jutj  683 Homer-Richards Lane.  Sear or 431 Dunsmuir Street    -  Telephone'Seymour 7808  Subscription Price'   ' -;     (l.OO'a month  ���������.^       Payable In Advance   '  Bo&as OF WORKS  holds beciuiab meettwo  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  f9  li.1"  ��������� Aat the regular meeting ,of the Board  Of Works held yesterday, the following  Works were recommended:  3 Plank Walks���������     '  <th, 7th, 8th,  12th and 13th aves, and  wlliiam ,st, ?502.  Plank Roadways���������  8th ave, Waterloo to 150 East $165.00  Sth ave, Bayswater to Balaclava.... 750.00  idth ave, Alma to Dunbar  500.00  18th ave, Birch to Alder [ .".'..' 605.00  Uth ave, Clark to Woodland :.. 990.00  Srd ave, Bayswater to Trutclr 1,650.00  ' The   following   streets,     cleared     and  ,   And rough-graded:  " Cfcssiar, Williams to Charles .< $450  'J 13th ave, Semlin to Lakewood Dr  400  8Sr ave, Kamloops to 360 ft E  200  Grading Clark Drive, 6th ave to Broad-  Way, 'jid.ooo.      ' _   .,  "V" drains in Ward 6, passed...: $660  l,' Lower  walk  Danlevy   ave, -Keefer   to  ���������   Jiakrls, ?300.     ���������   ��������� ' '  'Grade'Oak'st, Broadway to 16th ave  %\\,m., _y;/: . .    . .������      ���������;  I'vj-What'll.ibo'-De appropriated from by-  .'<laW 876 to plank'streets in Ward 4, be-  ' J tw6en .Gravelly and Veneables, east from  ���������Victoria'Drive, and $400 to piank'Water-  j'lso, from 10th to l*th,'and ,6th ave from  aMcDonald to Stephens.        .   ,'\   '"     '  Sewers on the 'following streets:  ft lath"ave,'Oak to Yukon st $10,700.00  i4th ave, Oak st to Bridge st,   ,       ^  except    between  ' Ash     and " *  I "leather .1 ....: ;.,..<. > 8i40o.oo  - li*th ave, Yukon to Alberta ; 1,700.00  . .Ifith^'ave, Oak to" Heather ,,6,100.00  elt1th ave, Bridge to Alberta...:..''2,750.00  Columbia, 7th'ave'to lane north'    *s ,  ' ,    Of Broadway ."...1.1....  * 1,750.00  Columbia, Alexander to Powell " 750.00  - With regard to asphaltic mixture pave-  ,rnent tenders, it was decided to allocate  .'the.streets as follows:^ ^ ,.,������, , ujj-  Canadian Mineral Rubber Co., Asphaitic  Concrete, 100,000 yard basis,  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  BULLDOG "Wire-Rope" 'WHITE'S  "Santa Cruz" BLUE CROSS Cement.  Producers Rock & Gravel Co., Ltd.  ,, -; Washed and Graded Sand and Grave!  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT,,ROYAL MY. . TfiOCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD.  -     ���������      OFFICE AND BUNKERS [FRONT AND MAKfTOBA STS.   ".  Western Bungalow   ,  - Company  Designing of homes our specialty  SUPERVISING and ESTIMATING  Bey. 1856.    703 Dominion Trnst Bldg*.  Keep down your pay roll expense by using lime which  slakes Instantly. 99.5% pure.  .   Pacific Lime Co., Ltd.  201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg.-. VANCOUVEB, b. C. Phone  Sey. 9506  Head Office and Bunkers:  Store St., foot of Chatham  Phone 305   ���������        Victoria, B. C.  Vancouver Office and Bunkers:'  Front and Manitoba Sts.  Phone Fairmont 552.  Plans for Buildings in this Table are in the Hands of the Architects, ��������� and    the   Date    Given   for   their  Completion is Approximate only.   When the Contract is Let, Name of Contractor is Given in Last Column.  4-sto brk apmts  2-sto-fr apmts....  3-sto brk-stone res  ������-. , ^    , ,    6-sto^brk  whse...  Vernon  Drive  from  Harris   to  Keefer  7-sto  cone bldg...  Character Estimated  Coat  4-sto  store  and  apmts        45,000  Add to ,apmts     , 40,000  4 to 10-sto cone stores & rooms    100,000  9  sto  cone otc  bldg- ,....$100,000  8 sto cone office ..'. $200,000  Dawson school        150,000  6-sto  brk, office bldg ,    2-sto  brk  hotel     Power house    Two 3-sto brfi rmg- hse   Sisters of Good Shepherd   8-sto  hotel  add   3  8-sto school adds    8-sto  brk'office  bldgr   4-sto brk add to  hospital..  Brk  school  bldg   4-sto rmg hse   3-sto apmt hse  ,  10-sto brk apmt hse   3-sto brk apmt :   3-sto apt hse  ." .-   4-room add   Police Headouarters'   Club  bldg   .".   Depot & offices.. .���������   8 sto cone club bldg."   1st Pres.  Church,  Victoria.  Prov.- Girls'  Home   3-sto,' 80x90, apmt'.   3-4-sto apmts and stores...  4-sto  rmg hse -.   3-sto brk apmts...'....'   Women's  Club   ...'...'...:..  Brk or^conc school".   3-sto brk apmt hse   Power plant   4-sto store & lofts   University bldgs  .".   Steel  bridge   .'...-   10-sto- ofc -bldg ,  Club Bldg.  ...7 '   Bridge  .., ,  3 fire halls  ..    200,000  45,000  40,000  70,000  I.    s 75,000  ,     150,000  ,     120,000  .      110,000  60,000  90.000  .     -35,000,  55,000  .     250,000  . _l . 40,000  .    ���������  60,000  25,000  .     175,000  230,000  1 1,000,000  ..$360,000  100,000  100,000  76,000  ���������   160,000  ''   30,000  '    40,000  160,000  60,000  35,000  696,000  "���������S.OOO  5j0,000  150,000  1,000,000  '2,Yo'o",666  location   OwnerArclritect  Broadway &'Yukon D. McCallunr  Vrctoria Miss Jean Molli&orr  Homer & Georgia Sts E. Malron  700  blk  Granville st   Hastings & Hornby E. A. Morris  New Westminster Peoples Trust' Co'.  Princeton, B. C Peter Swanson  ���������saris Road B. C. E. R.  New Chinatown .������   Point  Grey     Hastings and Main r. L. L   Mills  So   Van So. Van. School Board  Blk 12, Hast. St..McDougal & Cameron  Nelson, B. C Kootenay Lake Hospital  Tipperary Park,  New, Westminster   Richards  st .....Haley  & Sutton  .Flans Beady  11th and  Main : J. "P.  Mathers  ���������������������������������������������, "..Dr.   Robt.  Hastings st E   Kitsilano;.. .....T. If. Calland(  Central school   School.Board  City of Vancouver. Powell st  Hastings  and  Hornby. .Vancouver  Club  Granville Sc Cordova C. P. R.  Georgia & Burrard sts Y. M. C. A.  Quadra and Fisguard st ,. .\ ..-.,.  govt. Hastings Townsite  .Victoria Lindsay .,& Roberts  Pender, Bute, Melville Sts...J. J. Banfield  100 blk, Cordova E..>. A. C   McNeil  Park drive J. H. Richardson  Thurlow St   i Women's  Clubs  Nanaimo School Trustees  Broadway W   Kamloops   "...".".".".'. .City  Pender, nr Columbia. .Story & Campbell  Point Grey.   : Province  Georgia-Harris st   >... .Clty  Not to be"made public.Can. Home Inv.  Undecided ��������� ' v. A. C.  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co  Townsend  &  Townsend Bids   closed  w. i<. uardiner.*    Rld^ rinsp,i  Thos'   Hon^ie & Day* ���������"..���������;.I1S cioled  Tiro;,   Hopper Bids close May 13.  *;���������       **������������������       J-*CelCll  rVflW  Gardiner  &  Mercer    v���������  B,ecenElnR& DUrf6e  ���������"..-".'.'".'.Now  ^BDB^.ff^!t'":===S  Gardmer & Mercer ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'." Mav  Braunton &-Liebert .-.    m-iv  white ::::::.":"::::::m$  -May  Telephone 1045  1318 Wharf Street  CANADA fVIOSAIC TILE CO.  > Manufacturers Of     ���������  "Argllla" Mosaic Flooring THes  P. O. Box 1171  VICTORIA, a. o.  Co., Limited.  " N. A. G. " Roof Compositions  .     For Waterproofing Or Flreproofins  1118 OranviUe St.      / ������������������������.������..  Vancouver / ,     r 132e wha>* St.  Victoria,  w.  P.  Telford I W. M.  Dodd...".  .._���������  Jones ;& Beatson ".'���������".'.'.". i\tl  W. P.'Gardmer         Z!       Mav  N. A. Leech    ;.   .      - ������\*y  Competitive     i���������ni ?  Sharp & Thompson -..-.June  1  W. S. Pain ter...      J  H. S. Griffiths..  lune 1st  .. .June  .. .June  _,,          41,500       City  Brk and stone church'.      150.000   Victoria.: 1st   Baptist   Cchurch  3-sto   apmts        55,000   No.'Vancouver Stevenson   Bros.  5-sto^horel   bldg..- '. ,60,000  Powell  and Heatley st .* .'   ~*~ 75,000   Alberni st .'.McNeil "Bros.  fits; Keefer st from Vernon  to Victoria  , 3bi*iVe;'lst ave from Yew to Cypress sts;  Cornwall st from-Yew st to Trafalgar;  '^lberta st from Broadway to. 16th ave..  1    *. St. IWckBoa & Co., Sheet Asphalt!-  BUte st from Pender to Robson sts';,  vSllte st from Robson to'Buranaby "sts;  ���������-Cw-dero st from'eGorgia''to', Robson sts'; j  Cardero st^from Robson st to abvie'_st.  < 1CblutB.Ua. BituUthic Co.' . ' " ������  ' > COininercial Drive 'from t 1st ave to  'ferondway. ,*  ',    The   following   pavements   were   rec-  'tmmended:  Wood Block���������     -. ,    -  'tidrhby st, Pender to Davie $77,317  Kelson st, Granville to Homer  *������,685  feavle st, Richards to Homer     5,154  Orahitoid���������  fcfclumbia st, Bdway to 12th>ave....$13,708  Cement Walks��������� ��������� >'    '  " tJnion st, Heatley to Hawkes ave....f 1,572  Rmg house  S-sto   office   bldg   6-sto   whse  bldg   3-sto, stone and,brk hospital".'.  G-sto store & rooms.' ."*   6-sto apmts....' '.  6-sto cone add... .->   10-sto cone office bldg -  6-sto  brk bldg   Brk and stone church   S-sto steel & brk office' bldg..  Stone church >....  Brick and-stone church'.-   3-sto   cone  wrhse .' f.i  22,000  20,000  75,000  225,000  21,000  230,000  36,000  225,000  50,000  60.000  60,000  350,000  '95,000  100,000  85,000  50,000  25,000  50,000  All -itema  below  tM������  rule  appear  in  508-18 Semlin Drive Savainar Bros.  Shaughnessy Hts   C.  P.  R.  Reserve r   Howe st B. C. Bible Society  Powell and Hawkes...' Chas. .Putnnrn  Victoria Dom.   Tru&t>Co.  Water st  ; .';   New Westminster. Roy.  Columbia Hosp.  Seymour,  near Dunsmuir.. .D.  Campbell  Cardero & Comox D. D. Hutchinson  Victoria v. s. Jones  Granville & Georgia. .H. Birks Sons. Ltd.  Cordova st .". Scan.  Meth.  Mission  Carl and Pender Church of St. James  200  blk, Hastings -E   Shaughnessy Hts   '...I.Methodists  Fraser ave -... .South Hill Baptists  E. Powell St. B. C. vSugar Refinery  this table for first time  to4ay.  A.'A. Cox    w     ���������,���������������������������  Robt. Krrlpe         I'V H.   Perkins .','.'   J. P. Matheson & Son...'.'."'"' *'.  J. H. Bowman   Not chosen              Not chosen          Horel & Roberts ..        ���������'  Lutcher & Maxwell...".'.".".'   \V. T.  Whiteway   Not chosen      Not choson    \ ''  To be selected within two weeks  c A. Jones        .'  John Wolfe-Barry..  Not chosen      Not   chosen           Tpwnserrd & Townserrd"..'..'..'.."..'..'..'.' Delayed  Alder' &  Campbell  Delaved  Townsend  &  Townsend.. ..."VVV'-oihtyod  v?TS8?Pd ���������& ,Tcw������serrd      .De ayed  C, A. Jones  .......  Alder & Campbell  H.   S.  Griffith   H" R   ������'������*%0n  " Indefinite  |U| Kv^"zz:.::z:zz:::l^el|{3i^  fi^:^^er'::::::::::::::::.zz':'"^^nni^  Somervell & Putnam Z..Zl������defi������ te  Otto Moberg  Indefinite  Alexander   ^   Brown ...VKdefinte  Parr   McKenzie & Day ijndlflS to  lJ.     A,    HOre  Inflpiinlto  Horel   &   Roberts.....       ...' DaV������������������?iab0?  Kennerly Bryan \ .'%������   }^0^  ..Now being drawn  .Delayed   Delayed   Indefinite  CANADIAN EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD  ;,       VANCOUVER, B. C, AND CALGARY, ALBERTA.  METAL SASH and METAL CASEMENTS   "  ���������     Many of the largest buildings^ and residences- of this city  eqmpped with our Sash.   Enquiries solicited from architects and  contractors.    , , '  PhoneB Seymour 2330 and 5021  418 Pacific Building.  We en .upply from .tock AMERICAN TINPLATES In cok. ������hd charcoal Br.d������  OPEN HEARTH FIRE DOOR STOCK  Nfanufactured to underwriters specification.  WILKINSON COMPANY LIMITED.  846 Beach Ave. ->��������� . ' "'  ���������������������������\-  HALLMAN MACHINERYCO.uM,TEp.  We have them IN STOCK  Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, Transmission Etc.  PHONE:    SEY. 952,   VANCOUVER,  B/C;   37-43> ALEXANDER   ST.  ftaMtrSESS TOB PAVEMENTS  AHX> 8EWSBB WAHTED  City Clerk McQueen Is calling for ten-  dtfg to be In by .2 p.m.. May 28, for the  *, e������nstruction of severs on 13th,' 14th and  16th aves and for pavements on Cambie,  Homer and lane east of Granville, from  ������>bVie to Pacific st. Full particulars may  be obtained from the city engr. See %ad  6h Pasre 4, this issue.   ��������� -z.  Less Space Required For Beds  Simple and Perfect  PERFECT CONCEALED BED CO.  BUplay Boom, 570 Granville St.,  VABTCOUVEB, B. C.  Phone: Soy. 5092  ZS  tbs roLXiOwnro table shows Btrax>xiras cosTzsra ssooo ob oveb,   on   wezch   cokbtbuctzoit  VKDE^^AT, ������B ������2T W&ZOH COITTBACTS  HAVE  BEEN ZiET BUT, CONST BUCTZON t HOT  TET   STABTEB.  ������. *._���������'"������������������'    ^      -'���������    " ������-.:*  v.������..������._      / ' 'oww Ar'ohltoct'���������...'...'....:'...>..   Ooatractor  The Imperial; Agencies Corporation  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND NOVELTIES  Phone Sey. 6122       VANCOUVER, B, C.  CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  409 Hastings^St.^W. (Rear)  Vancouver Roofing Co  Contractors For  Tar and Gruvol Roofing:. Dompproofln*  Expert Roofing: Repairing  Sheet Metal Work of all Descriptions  Pohae Soy. 6949 <07 Xmoo Bid*.  Factory. 1931 Trlnmph St.   Soy. 4130B  Vaonnm  Cleanor , Plants..    Church,  Hodge and School Pnraiture.  Theatar  tad  Offlce  Pixtnres.     Wall  Burlap���������  Phone, Sey. 5476      533'Pender St. W.  Character  .Cost  Vfcfci  VAXS^TEBSEBS  EOB SZCAVATZOST  Archts Maclure & Fox, Pacific bldg,  Mil take tenders until noon, May 24,  lbr, the excavation and concrete foundation for a residence for W. H. llalkin,  to be erected on the Magree road.    Plans  COBTBACTOB BStlMQS SUIT  Contr Geo. H. Webster, whose tender  *ras low for the Section 5 sewer at  &6int Grey, but who has not awarded the  ftOhtract, has brought suit agaiost that  (Municipality, to recover the costs of  hts preparing to undertake the work.  htr. Webster's tender was $153,000, while  th&t of the successful bidder, R. Mac-  Lean & Co. was $160,000.  mrass ros xrxstuA.KO  i, R. Clark, 1804 Maple st, will build  for himself a 2 story 8 room frame resi-  Aenoe at 3029-3rd ave W, to cost $3,000.  tfhe house will have- furnace and all  fcnodern fixtures.  l WXX.X. BUZZ.B BOAT FACTORY  Wm. Turner, 1963 Georgia st, will  ferect a 2 story frame boat house and  factory,, at the above number, to cost  31,200. Mr. Turner will erect the bldg  himself.    -  Hospital      323,000  fi to 10-sto cone bldg  300,000  8-sto office bldg  ' 300,000  10-sto hotel     620,000  'Water extension    '  760,000  Convent     300,000  3-sto stone & cone bldgs  760,000  14-sto hotel  1,000.000  Power plant    500,000  6-sto rclnf-conc hotel  100,000  Jetty    171.0UO  6-sto store and offices...  100,000  Concrete   docks     1,000,000  6-sto   cone   hotel  50,000  Adobe res  26,000  10-sto cone apmts  400,000  6 sto store-room bldg $HB.O0O  2 sto brk ������tore & offc $30,000  8-sto brk business bldg  80,000  5-sto garage   75,000  School   add  ".  63,000  Lonsdale school bldg  42.000  7-sto  apmt  bldg  135,000  4-sto cone  rm  hse  "36,000  6-sto  brk  apmt bldg  125,000  6-Hto brk sto Sc rmg hse  80,000  4-sto brk rmg hse. ..���������������.;  33,000  6-sto'brk hotel  '100,000  S-sto bank bldg  100,000  3-sto cone garage  36,000  6-ste-  hotel      < -100,000  6-sto brk hotel  100,000  Add to Cecil Rhodes school , 78,000  5-Hto ��������� cone  whse :  60,000  Brk and stone school  75,000  8-sto steel & brk rmg hse.... "C.OOfi  7-sto   apmts-  100,000  4-sto brk sto & apmts  66,000  l>ry. dock      260,000  Breakwater   <ottv       3n0 ftnn  4-sto brk office bldg. .  59,000  Whae "bldg  i..  H.uuv  6-sto office bldg    86,900  S-sto brk hotel add _ 30,000  3-sto brk rmg hse   45,000  8-������to   brk   apt* 250,000  3-sto   brk   whse  35,000  8-room  school  bldg ~. 53,691  3 sto brk apmts $40,000  Xiocation  Burrard & Comox Sisters of Charity  Water & Abbott Sts Swift & Co.'  Pender & Homer Dom.-Trust Co.  Melville & Burrard W.~H. Ramsey,  Seymour Creek..' City of Vancouver  Point Grey Sisters of Sacred Heart  Victoria, B. C.. .Provincial Government  Georgia and Granville C. P. R.  Pundledge River Canadian. Colleries  'Victoria '..::.:.,. .St. James Co., Ltd.  Steveston   ,.; Dom.  Govt.  Victoria T. N. Hlbben & Co.  North   Vancduver Jas.   Fell  610-12 Cordova st P. W. Padmore  Shaughnessy Hts Mrs. Dr. -Mackay  Georgia & Hornby, Mr, Kvans  NE cor Homer & Duns. .Wilson & Harris  Homer & Water -.. .Thompson-Bros  Hastings   st .\.Jas.   Borland  Thurlow and Alberni Beggs Auto Co.  Rhodes  school    .' City  Lonsdale   Thurlow and Haro T. F. Paterson  Seymour and Dunsmuir H. Pybus  1127   Robson Chas.   G. .Muller  Gore & Hastings.., Hooper'&��������� Snider  663.-G Hamilton W. B. Hanson  Hastings and Dunlevy. .Dr. T. H. Wilion  Hastings and Main Molsons  Bank  Victoria    Met.   Motor  Car   Co.  Abbott & Pcndrill P.  Mathews  Keefer & Gore Mrs. W. Sanford  City '. : School Board  Water   St McLean   Bros.  12th and Victoria dr School  Board  600 blk, Hastings E   Bute Sc Nelson Llghtheart   Bros.  Gore  and  Pender Lee   Kee  Prince Rupert. T G. T. P. R. R.  Fraser  R���������  Steveston,  B.  C Govt.  10th and Main D. E. Harris  Davie  and   Hamilton....Otis-Fensome  Co.  Govet st, Victoria  :   Harris and Main D. McClaren  Poweil st :..Mr. Sangulnetti  Beach & Chilco sts A. D. Goldstein  Dunsmuir & Beatty..,  C. A. Godson  D." L. 301  _...City  Thurlow Sc Pender Mrs. S. Woods  R- ��������������� c?,eee,n Norton Griffiths  A. K Shank j. McDlarmid & Co.  ti.   S.   Griffiths Norton-Griffiths   Co.  ;���������������������������<;������������������, ��������� ��������� Ferro-Conc. Const. Co.  rW'M' Lea......Burrard Kngr. Co. et al  C.   G.   Badgely s.   J.   Lund  S'r ������/ Sa"enbury...McDonald & Wilson  W. S. Painter Skene & Christie  Company Grant-Smith  &  Co.  Breaemann & Durfee.Westholme Lbr Co.  mV "'i* ������������������ T. F. Sinclair  Thos. Hooper..Sound.Const. & Engr. Co  ������ " V * VV 'X' ��������� ~;j (Norton   Griffiths  U;  J. - MacDonald Baynes   &   Horie  y* eA,xS?/:tor -Egdell & Dixon  E. S. Mitton .'Egdell & Dixon  Dalton & Evelelgh Baynes & Horie  Stuart & White Burrard  Const.  Co.  Parr, McKenzie & Day B. Davidbon  h E- Gord.0" Dom. Const. Supply Co.  N. A. Leech Robt McLean & Co  Jameson & Blackadder.J E Wright & Co  w- D.  Van Siclen....... .Dom.  Cone. Co.  5; ^ %l*veS? ,& Co- -H- L- Stevens & Co.  W. D. Van Siclen.. .Dom. Const. Co., Ltd,  ,?,h0?; HA������J?er* * , .tFraritrf Const. Co  JV.   P    White..:,.:.. iFrantz  Const.   Co!'  L. E. Gordon.   *        ~        _.-._.  very tiling  \.  Pertaining  To Floors Of  _ WOOD    .  VANCOUVER FLOOR CO.  '      .    . _     Hardwood ������oor X.ayerav ajid rialshero.  8th Ave. & Glen Drive VhoneVrtrmont 1613  HEATING AND VENTILATING FANS  BOffLER$r CONTRACTORS HOBSTS  Offlo. -It, 61^15-616.   ��������� o ���������       /���������     i.ifc of o������.w.'B������IMI������,.'  zj-  t    o. ^ Dom. Const. Co., Ltd.-  S- h; sAeYSPt Co H- L- Stevens Co.  H.   S.   Griffith.., Adklnson   &   Dill  A.  J.   Bird .' R.  McLean &  Co.  Hugh   Braunton E.   G.   Albln  N. A. Leach McLain & Co.  Thos.  Hooper Adklson  &  Dill  &���������   A.   Leech McLain   Bros.  Parr, McKenzie & Day B. Davidson  Owners    Owners  S. B   Birds....... C. L. Williams  Co.  Engnrs....British  N. A.  Const.  Co.  :���������������������������"���������; Sinclair Const. Co.  A. J. Bird Wiles & Fisher  Thos.   Hooper McDonald  &  Wilson  Thos. Hooper  Westholme Lbr. Co.  Townsend & Townsend E. J. Ryan  Owner  : :..E. J. Ryan  W. P. W., Booker, Campbell-.... Whipple  G. P. Bowie A. Adams  N. A. Leech..Booker. Campbell &.Whipple  W. P. White S. C Briscoe  &.C. Screen & IVHanuf act:urSn& Co. LfccS.  ,1 SLIDING AND CASEMENT WINDOW SCREENS  . CHURCH AND LODGE FURNITURE  STORE AND OFFICE FJTT9NGS  Phone, FatastMt 1<54������        TAMCOXTTZB, B. O.  2^6, Bttfferii^'strMt East  '''I1   '    if ' il'  i" '  Polrafc Grey Supply Co,  Head Office  310 Richards St.  Phone Sey. 4105  tUlMf  liiiif  Sranch  ^ o Kerrisdele S3.' ������.  ������%one Ehurne 4@ fl  E. G. PARNELL  Fire and Burglar Proof Safes  Vault Doors  School desks and Opera chairs  Phone: Soy. 1584        567 Hamilton St.  G. E. BRENNAN & CO.  Turnbull Elevators & Lowerators  Contractor's Material Hoists in Stock.  319 Pender St.    Phone Sey. 6910.  S. R1ZZO Contractor  Sewer Connections a Specialty.  Excavating, land Clearing.  | Phone Sey. 7532.  - 224 Harris St.  Dunham Vacuum  and  Vacuo-Vapor Heating  Systems  Ask  for latest  Catalogue  and  Particulars.  157 Wator St. Phone: Sey. 5632.  * Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel  429 PENDER STREET WEST        " Bnnfcers; Sey. B751       j  Offlce Sey. 4534  , If yon want any information or estimates on your  ElECTKICAl  WOBE,  CALL UP  Seymour S348       CRUIuKSHrlNK  fi   CO. Richards St.  Agrent* for "Aston Z" Tungrsten lamps, the Best on the Market -2* "li~  si     f   r  DAILY BUILDING RECORD.  BRITISH COLOMBIA  Mr.  ,  Deeds, Not Words!  Contractor:" Don't take our word fpr it that we have the best  CONCRETE MIXER on the market, and that it will do this and do that  for you, hut ask any contractorr,who has used or is using the "  CHAIN BELT CONCRETE MIXER.  < Just what he thinks of it. .       ,  , Dominion Equipment & Supply Co.  Phojie:   8ey. 7155  \  Warehouse:  Office:  345 Water 8t  508 Holden Bldg.  ARCHITECTS.  The GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., LIMITED  Wholesale Distributors of  Steam and Hot Water Boilers    *  Hot-Water and  Steam   Radiators  ' Warm-Air Furnaces and Registers  586-570  BEATTY STV  PHONES 8eymour 7596-7597 '  ESI  Supply Co., Ltd.  CEMENT,' SEWER   PIPE   AND  "Wharf foot of St. Goorgre Ave.  North Vancouver1 Coal  DEALERS   IN   COAL,'  BRICK,   LIME,  GENERAL BUILDERS' SUPPLIES:  Offloa 66 Lonsdale Ave. '  Phones 198, 178.  Western Plumbing Go. ;\  PLUMBING,   HOT, WATER AND STEAM  HEATING,' SHEET METAL-  AND FURNACE WORK. ,    , - "    <  Warehouse and Office:  Esplanade and.'St. George's' Ave."  < ��������� Phone 365  ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION CU, LID.  ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS  n -^  544 Howe St.  Phones:   Sey. 133C,   7951  Rough��������� Dimension ^--Finishing.  Fir - - Spruce - - Cedar-  SHINGLES AND BILL STUFF.  '0'   No. I EDGEGRAIN .FLOORING.   No. 2 FLOORING  CEDAR V-JOINT SHEETING  s  .  "���������        - / .  q       let ns Figure on Your Requirements"        \    '   ,|v''-  Phone Fairmont 101  Cornor Pufferln and Manitoba t Streets  Alexander &Brown,_Fairfleld Bids ��������� Sey. 8848  Alder & Campbell. Exchange.Bldg Sey/ 5974  Badgely, C.,D., Riggs-Selman Bldg....:..   Barber & Barber,.North Vancouver ." ;.  Barker, H. M., Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 8831  Bayly, G. M.. Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 6643  Bird, A. J., Winch Bldg Sey. 428S  Bixflc, B. B��������� AMX.BJL., 205-6 BUSCU Bids'. Bey. 4897  Blackadder, H��������� No. Vancouver.  i .* 351  Blackmore, Bl.E,  306 "Loo Bldg j Sey. 2379K  Blair,'David. 622 Pender-W Sey. 7103  Bowie, Geo. P., Bank of Ottawa BldgJ Sey. 3510  Bowman, J. Ht��������� Crown Bid* Bey. 5038  Braunton & Liebert, 81 Exchange Bldg. .i... .Sey. 3921  Bresemann & Durfee, Holden Bldg.. Sc Victoria. Sey. 2202  Bryan, Kennerley,' Crown Bldg Sey. 5608  Cox; Arthur A., Carter-Cotton Bldg....; Sey. 6677  Dalton &������Eveleigh, Davis Chambers Sey.    662  Dawson,  J.  Holden  Bldg.  Doctor, W/ A., Metropolitan Bldg Sey. 6137  Dodd, W. M..���������Can. Bank of Commerce Sey. 6985  Donnellan,   J.   J.,   Riggs-Selman   Bldg.; Sey.   6045.  Dutour, J. B., Riggs-Selman Bldg Sey. 2912  Dewar, Andrew, 84 Lonsdale, North Vancouver -  Fraser, Kenneth, Metropolitan bldg Sey. 9096  Fripp, R. MacKay, Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 4932  Gamble & Knapp, Davis Chambers ".Sey. 6473  Gardiner, Wm. Fredlc, Kartnoy Chambers Sey. 2015  Gould  & Cliampney.  Rogers  Bldg Sey. 8443  Goodfellow, W. D., 303% Hastings St. W Sey. 6694  Grant & Henderson, Williams Bldg. ......... ..Sey. 1393  Griffiths, H. 8., Dom. Trust Bldg         .Sey. 4920  Gardiner St Mercer, M.B.A.. Hew Westminster  661  Glllam, W. C. F., Hutchinson Bldg' Sey. 6609  Hammer, P., 1116  Bute  St Sey. 5316L  Hargreaves, L. \V., 425 Sayward Bldg, Victoria... .2743  Heath,. Gove & Neuse, Metropolitan Bldg Sey. 7831  Helyer & Archer, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 4499  Helde, A. F.. Metropolitan" Bldg Sey.(>5341  Hodgson, Hugh A.. Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 6260  Honeyman & Curtis, 821 Pender W Sey. 1621  Hooper, Thomas,  Winch  Bldg.'. Sey^ 5361  Hope. A.'Campbell, Empire Bldg Sey. 6925  Horel & Roberts,  1101   Dom.  Trust '.   Horton & Phipps, Pacific Bldg.' Sey. 7096  Hoyt, W. T.  S.,  709  Dunsmuir St. Sey.'2809  James, C. D., Bank of B. N. A...;\ Sey. 9532  Jameson & Duggan,  708  Metropolitan Bldg...Sey.    994  Jones & Beatson, Hutchinson  Bldg -. Sey. joQ2i  Jones & Aspell, Hartney Clrmbs and No. Van..Sey. 44J.8  Kaufmann,  G. B., Davit  Chambers ' Sey. 4420  Keagey, J. W., 82:  Penden St. W Sey. 2746  Kearns, N. A, < ''Ho. Vanoouver   MacLure & Fox, Pacific Bldg Sey. 4396  Matheson, J. P., & Son, 532 Granville Sey. 7535  Mitton,  E.   Stanley,! Williams  Bldg ".;:... Sey. 6422  Moberg, Otto, 41  Inns   of  Court : Sey. 7171  Parr, McKenzie & Day, 570 Granville St.. .\. .Sey. , 736  Perkins, P. H��������� Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 4729  Perry & Nicolals, Pacific  Bldg Sey. 8994  Pracna,  A.  B.,   821  Pender  St  W Sey. 1022  W. D.'O. H. Rochfort, 407 Pemberton Bldg.', Victoria, 1804  Schlomer, H. S., Riggs-Selman Bldg Sey. 6121  Sedger, Thos. D., 512 Bastion Square, Victoria 944  Sharp & Thompson, Old Safe,Bldg..: :...Sey. 1064  Smith & Goodfellow, 303% Hastings W Sey. 6694  Somervell  &^Putnam,  Pacific  Bldg Sey. 6230  Stroud. Angus B.. Carter-Cotton Bldg .'... .Sey. ,8469  Stuart, White Sc Peters, Metropolitan Bldg Sey. 8649  Taylor, J. D. S.,  Bower Bldg Sey. 8314  Thornton & Jones, Old Safe Bldg .....Sey.    810  Town������end Sc Townsend, 620 Granville..' '.Sey. 1770  Vah-Slclen & Macombor 51 Can. Life Bldg.:....;...Sey. 4155  VanSiclen, W. D., 51 Canada Life Bldg Sey. 4155  Wallington & Wheatley, Davis Chambers.   ..':   Watson, H. B., Holden Bldg...; Sey. 3451  White, .W. P., Hutchinson, Bldg Sey. 8738  Whlteway,   W..T.,   Molsons   Bank Sey. 3029  Wlckenden, C. O., 1062'Pender St. W Sey. 1744  Wilson, John, 221  Pemberton Bldg, Victoria..'.- 1592  Wright, Rushforth & Cahill,  709 Dunsmuir.. .Sey. 2S09  Wright & Mclntyre, Dom. Trust Bldg :...Sey. 8413  Western Bungalow Co., Dom   Trust Bldg.-... ..Sey. 1S56  ENGINEERS.  Robinson,   L.   G.,   211'Holden   Bldg Sey.  3412  D. R. Morrison. 712 Richards 3t.'.. ......Sey. 2161-2163  No. Van. Coal ft 8uJ>ply Co.. 56 Lonsdale...N. V. 198-178  vVm. N O'Neil & Co., 548-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr. & Sup Co.. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 9162  R. V  Winch ft Co.. Ltd. <Wrnch Bld.g Sey7 279-1944  t   ' HcooBora.  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co., 657 Granville .Sey. 6863  B. C.  Lumber Corp., Ltd.,  1605/Georgia Sey, 6504  B. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 616*  Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd, Rwyrft Salsbury..Sey. 6800  Dom. Sash & Door Co.. 2120 Cedar St. Sey. 6136  E. H. Heaps &'Co., 115 Victoria Drive..'. Sey. 8890  Mlllwork Supply Co., 1605 Main St... Fair 953-646  J   Fyfe Smith & Co.. 1320 Richards Sey. 1196  Prudential Builders,^Ltd, 101 Dufterin St. W...Falr 101  FURNACE AND SHEET METAL.  V'."T.< Crowe ft Co.. 312 Pacific BMg, .~ Sey.i9423  Newton ft.Greer, Ltd., Vancouver,'118 Gran.'...Sey. 139������  Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 88T  Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg. Sey. 6949  Wm, H. O'Neil ft Coi, 648-60.Seymour .St..Sey. 4785-4798  F. T.  PARTITION���������FIREPROOF.  Crowe ft Co., 312 Pacific Bldg .'...Sey.  9423  Evans, Coleman ft Evans, Ft Columbia.......Sey. 2988 <  C Gardiner Johnson ft Co., Johnson's,Whf,> Sey 9146-9147 fl  Wm. N. O'Neil &Co. 648-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798) *  Wm. C. Thomson ft Co., 319 Pender St W Sey. 3394   .  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran/St-Bridge, Sey, 9181  Acme Plumbing & Htg. Co., 131 10th Ave. E...Talr. 637  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1640 Sth Ave W Bay.    296  J. E. Campbell ft Co, 1064 Pender St W. Sey  2736  Grandvlew Sheet Metal Wks., 1729 Venables..Sey. 6284  Gurney Foundry Co, Ltd., 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7696-7597  Johnston-Thompson  Co..  625  Burrard  St Sey. 7899  G. L   Kelling & Co. t>05 Pender St i. .Sey. 8228  Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd, 324 Drake St..   .   . Sey. 8397  Vancouver  Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg Sey. 6949  Western Plumb. Co, Esplanade & St  GeorgelN. V.     365  <    GALVANISED IRON WORKS.  Armstrong St Wolfe, 1640 6th Ave W Bay.    296  Grandvlew Sheet Metal Wks., 1729 Venables. .Sey. 5284  Vancouver Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg   .   .    .   Sey. 6949  I  GAS  APPLIANCES.  Burnside Gas AppI   Co, 1037-9 Granville St...Sey. 3704  Walter Kinsey, 1366 Granville St Sey. 9X>63  Vancouver Gas Co, 16 Hastings St.' E Sey. 5000  v GD.AUS���������All KINDS.  Wm  N  O'Neil & Co, o48-50 Sejmour St..Sey. 4796-4798  Standard  Glass  Co,  i^td ,  829  Barnard Sey. 6476  West. Plate Glass & Imp. Co , 153 Cordova E Sey   4674  Wilcox Art Glass, li/l Broadway W. ,.Bay. 246  HABDWOOD FLOORS. ' ,  B. C   Hardwood Flour Co, 657 Granville Sey. 6863  Can. Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd. Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  Earle,  E.  A., & Co,  532 Pender   St   W Sey. 6476  12   H. Heaps & Co, ������15 Victoria Drive Sey. 8890  Wm  N   O'Neil & Co., C48-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  J   Fyfe Smith & Co., 1320 Richards...'. Sey. 1196  MillworK Supply Co, 1605 Main St Fair 958-546  Vancouver Floor Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair. 1612  HABBWOOD LtTMBEB,  J. Tyfe Smith & Co., 1320 Richards Sey. 1196  HABDWABE.  ''    ,. ' 7A.X2mrr 8SB8.' .    '" i- t <  < r r    <. .<,--, ��������� il    _,  Holmes DIsap   Bed Co. 319 Pender .'.s'.Sey. 642J .  Perfect Con. Bed Co., 570 -Granville.*.- Sey. -6091  Reversible Cons. Bed Co., Holden Bldg. ...'..���������.Sey.4158i  "     '        ,P������ASTZDB. ���������   "*>   V   r-~/Ks  t% >>  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Winch Biag.'..i/'/.SeyM87-69^    .  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft Columbia Sey.^2981  k  Great West Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd:,'1029 Malty Bey. ������491  F. T. Crowe & Co.; 312 Pacific Bldg '.JE.Sey. 8422  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,..������? V./198-178  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 648-50 Seymour St.'.Sey/rt795-4798"  Point Grey Supply Co. 310 Richards St... i*.,Sey. '*105  Rltchlo Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd. Gran. St Bridge; Sey, WW ���������  Shover & Thomas, 959 Main St .-. vSey.\136������  '     PLASTEB   BOABB.      ^    '������"*   pV- * V<  B. C  Supply Co, Dom. Trust Bldg...'. .���������"...."... Sey/616)  F. T. Ciowe Sc Co., 312 Pacific Bldg .'.Sey. 9422     '  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co.. Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-178  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Wm. C. Thomson & Co , 319 Pender St W .'Sey. 3394  Ritchie Contr. & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  _,  PLASTEB FABTXTZOST BLOCKS. '      .  ,ni  Bailey Hardware  Co,   1407  Park Drive Sey.  6S70L  HEATING���������HOI- AUt, STEAK AND VENTILATING.  Acme Plumbing At Htg sCo, 131 10th Ave. E ..Fair. 537  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1640 5th Ave W Bay.    296  Barr & Anderson,  114  Hastings St." W. Sey. 6180  Burnside Gas Appliance Co, 1037-9 Granville. .Sey. 3704  Can Buffalo Forge Co (G. A. Browning, 1261 Alberni St  J   E   Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St W....'. .Sey. 2736  Dunham Systems,  157 Water St Sey   5632  Gurney Foundry Co, Ltd, 666-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7697  A. G. Langiey & Co, Ltd, 319 Pender W Sey   3892  Pease Pacific Toundry, Ltd, 324 Drake St.. Sey. 8397  a.<MSTxara engines.  B C Equip Co.. 606-7 Bank"of Ottawa.. .Sey 7056-7818  Dom.  Equip & Supply Co, 508 Holden Bldg      Sey   7156  u  G   Blackwell, luS Alexander St \   ...Sey   1733  Can. Equip & Sup Co, Ltd, Pat. Bldg...Sey 2330-5021  Canada Foundry Co. Ltd, 1066 Pender St....Sey. 5710  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St Sey. 612  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY -AND   BUYERS'  1     .GUIDE.  P. O. Bos 546 , CEMENT.TESTING ,       ' Phone s"ey..' 7255B  J. P. Wright, F. C. S. Eng. M. A- C. S.  Specialist in Portland and Other Cements  .    883 Burrard Street      ~-  ���������     -      VANCO!TVEB,_B.   C.  Szcpert Adviser on Building Materials, Etc,  CHEMICAL ANALYSIS   ������������������'-        \_-.   .    ,  OUB BYSTEM OF MIXING AND DISTBEBUTING CONCBETH IS OF INTEREST TO CONTBACTOIIS.  GBT OUB, PRICES ON NEW AND  SECOND  HAND   EQUIPMENT.     WE  ������SWT OB SELL. Agents for WILLSON FLABB LIGHTS.  Phone Sey. 6910  319   Pender   St.   VV.  Hallman Machinery Co, Ltd, 37-43 Alexander. .Sey. 963  Robt. Hamilton & Co , Bank of Ottawa Sey.    383  Mussens,. Limited,  365-Water-St Sey   8237  Ritchie Contr St bup  Co., Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Strumbert-Virtue & Co.,  319  Pender St   W..Sey   6910  Van. Machinery Depot, 1155 6th'Ave   W...Bay. 470-471  >   _       INTEBIOB  FINISH.  ECONOMY FURNACES  School Heating and VpntilaUrrg Apparatus.  Offlce and'. Warehouse, 324 Drake St, Phone Sey. 8397.'  WESTERN MARELE AND Til.E CO.  British and Foreign Marble and Onyx  Offie* and .-Works, 3149/seain St  Vancouver, B. C  Phon* Fair. 810  CANADBAN BUFFALO FORGE CO., LIMITED.  Fans, Heating and Ventilating' Apparatus, Spiro Steam Turbines ���������"'  Pumps and Air Washers  O. A. Browsinff Vanoouver, B. C.    '���������_; ���������-- 1361 Alberni Bt-  1LITY - ������  CONTRACT, JUDICIAL AND FmELITY BONDS     (  EMPLOYEES, PUBLIC, TEAMS AND AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY INSURANCE. PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND HEALTH  INSURANCE, PLATE GLASS, BURGLARY, MOTOR BOAT,  STEAM BOILER, SPRINKLER LEAKAGE, REGISTERED  MAIL, TOURISTS' BAGGAGE, COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS'  SAMPLES AND FIRE INSURANCE.  WIWSI fnXXCS XS 22TCOBFOBATS9  Effiahon, RiieFari&fKS & Procter, Ltd  643 Pender Street West  ARCHITECTURAL TEB.BA COTTA.  F. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg.'. Sey. 9422  Wm. N. O.'Neil & Co., Ltd.,- 548 Seymour   st. .Sey. 4795  Wm. C. Thomson & Co.. 319 Pender St. W...Sey. 3394  Ritchie,Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  ASPHALT   FELT.  Vancouver   Roofing Co., 407 Loo Bldg :...::..Sey..6949  BLUE PRINTING.    '  Archibald Moir & Co.,'216  Emprre Bldg .".Sey. 5378  City Map & White Print Co., 432 Cordova W..Sey. 6693  Commercial Blue Print Co., 329 Seymour St...Sey. 5M������  BRICK���������ALL   KINDS.      ���������������������������  Anvil 'Island Brick Co., Anvil Island, Howe Sound, B. C  Mlllwork Supply Co., 1605 Alain St Fair 958-546  Coaot Shale Brick Co.; Ltd., 1008/MetropolItan.Sey. 8150  F. T. Crowe &-Co., 312 Pacific Bldg..,-. Sey. 9422  lSvai.s, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 298S  Great West Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  O. Gardlrrer'Jolrnson &jCo., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147. C   O  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co.. 66 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-178 ~  Wm. W. O'Neil Sc Co., 648-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798  Point Grey Supply Co., 310 Richards St Sey. 4105  Port Haney Brick Co., 615 Hastings St. W. Sey. 1389  Ritcirre Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey,-9162  Van. Pres'd Brk & Stone, Ld, 101 Dufterin W. Fair 101  R. V. Winch Sc Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  BUILDING FELTS AND PAPERS  F. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 9422  Hemy Darling, 28 Powell St Sey. 612  Millwork Supply Co., 1606 Main St Fair 958-646  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914  D. R.������ Morrison,  712 Richards St Sey. 2161-2162  Wm. C. Thomson & Co.. 319 Pender St. W.'. .Sey. 3394  Vancouver   Roofinir Co, 407 Loo Bldg Sey. 6949  Wm. c\. O'Neir & Co., 648-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  BONDS���������SURETT.  Lon. & Brit. N. Am. Co., Ltd., 543 Pender W. .Sey. 6286  R. V.  Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  CESSENT.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Winch Bldg Sey. 187-5929  Canadian Builders Supply Co., 1901 Georgia ,.Sey. 7176  F. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacinc Bldg Sey. 9422  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia , .Sey. 29Sf>  Great West Sand,& Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  O. Gardiner Johnson-& Co., Johnson's Whf,' Sey_ 9146-9147  Mlllwork Supply Co., 1605 Main ScT-. .".-.-.v; .'Fair, 558-546  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 66 Lonsdale,..N.,V. 198-178  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 648-50 Seymour St. .Sey.-4795-479k  Point Grey Supply Co., 310 Richards St Sey. 4105  Ritchie Contr. St Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  K. V. Winch & Co., Ltd.. .Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  CEKEHT TSSTXKO AND ASSAYING,  Falkenburg & Laucks, Ltd.. 152 Trounce Alley, Sey. 7159  Wright, J. P., 883  Burrard  St. Sey  7266 It  CONCRETE MIXERS.  B. C. Equip. Co., 606-7 Bank of Ottawa.. .Sey, 7056-7818  Can. Equip. & Sup. Co., Ltd.. Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-6021  t:anadn Foundry Co., Ltd.,  1006 Pender St Sey. 6710  Dom.  Equip  & Supply Co,  508  Holden  Bldg Sey.  7155  Robt. Harrrrlton & Co., Bank of Ottawa Sey.    383  A. G. Langiey & Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender W. Sey. 3892  Mussens, Limited.  366 Water St .- , ...Sey.  823.  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran.-St Bridge, Sey. 9162  Strumbert-Virtue  & Co.. -319  Pender St.  W...Sey.  6910  CONTRACTORS,  BRICZ.  Dixon & Sutton,  1624 Graveley St ��������� Sey. i8505R  CONTRACTORS���������OSNESAL.  Armstrong, Morrison & Co., Ltd., Bower Bldg..Sey.  B. C. Gran. & Contr. Co.,  Exchange Bldg Sey.  Burrard Const Co,. 301  Pacific. Bldg Sey.  Dominion Const. Co., 43S Homer St......:..'.\ Sey.~  Robinson,   L.   G.,   211   Holden   Bldg........;........:...:Sey.  Finch, A. N.. 207% Carter-Cotton Bldg...........;:...Sey,  ���������. ^ COHTRAOT.ORS-ESCAVATIHGv   S������C.  Rizzo. S., 224 Harris ' St.......... ..........' ........Sey.  UONTSAOTOBS���������HABOSr.  Can.  & Amer.  Contr. & Inv. Co..  Ltd.  ,    CONTRACTORS���������-PAXNTXN������ AND  SECORATINO.  Murphy, Jas.. & Sen,  112 Crown Bldg........Sey. 8707  COHTmACTOSS���������TILS���������TXSUUJESO,  B.C. Supply Co., Donr. Truat Bldg............Sey. C161  Canada MohbIc Tile Co., 1818 Wharf St. Victoria.. 1046  J. Dairon & Co.. 613 Hamilton St.............Sey. 4780  D. R. MorriBon, .712' Richardu  St........ .Sey. 2151-2162  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 648-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798  E  G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St   Sey. 1733  B   C   Lumber Corp,  Ltd,   1605 Georgia Sey. 6604  Can  Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Rwy & Salsbury..Sey   680u  Dom   Sash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St Sey. 6136  12. TL Heaps & Co, 115 Victoria "Drive .SSey   8890  C Gardmer Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Milrwork Supply Co, 1605 Main St Fair 958-546  Wm N O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Sejmour St. Sey. 4795-4791.  Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wnr, C. Thomson & Co , 319 Pender St  W   Sey   3391  Vancouver Floor Co., 8th Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair  1612  IRON   AND   STEEL���������STRUCTURAL.  Can. Equip  & Sup  Co., Ltd, Pac  Bldg. ..Sey   2330-5021  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St Sey. 6710  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  C Garuiner Johnson & Co , Johnson's Whf, 86^9146-9147  A G langiey & Co, Ltd, 319 Pender W.....Sey 3892  Morris, S. M  &. Co., Ltd , 2130 Cedar  St Bay 1043  Krtclne Contr. & Sup Co , Ltd, Gran St Biidge, Sey, 9102  Wm. N   O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  B. C. Supply Co, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 6161  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co , Johnson's ..Whf, Sey 9146-9147      ">  F. T. Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 9422 * ���������<  Kltchle Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey. 9162,\      '  PLASTER-^-OKNAMENTAL. -,     ,/  i  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147 ��������� -   -  D   R   Morrison, 712 Richards St Sey. 2161-2152 .-   r j  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour,St. .Sey. 4796-4798 }/  Ritchie Contr. Sc Sup. Co.iLtd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, ^168  i  PLASTIC FXOOREffO. -, .'   '        -,"  Raecollth Flooring Co,,801 Pacific Bldg. Sey.,8144 ���������>    '  PIGS���������IRON AND TIN. ' -     ' <  ,  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Winch Bldg Sey  187-5929 >  C. Gardiner Johnt-un & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey.9146-9147  ,./-  R. V. Winch & Co, Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey." 279-1944*   ' ���������  '     ' PIPE���������SEWER. j it     <������������������.',  Dom. Glazed Cem  Pipe Co., Dom, Tr. Bldg....Sey.'\ 8286 ,. ' V  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft.-% Columbia Sey. 2988 Jf    ������������������,  C Gardiner Johnson & Co , Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146*9147 n   ���������������',  No  Van  Coal & Supply Co.,i56 Lonsdale,..N. V  196-178,^      )  Point Grey Supply Co, 310 Richards St Sey."4105%',-,  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162 "> x.<.  R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944     '���������?������  < '   PLUMBING." ' ^J ,i     ���������    >���������    "  Acme Plumbing & Htg. Co.,'131.10th'Ave. E ..Fair. 637  Armstrong & Wolfe, 164Q 5th Ave W Bay.    296.     /  Barr & Anderson, 114 Hastings St W Sey. 6180 i  J   E. Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St W. Sey.f 2736    <   i  Gurney Foundry Co, Ltd., 566-70 Beatty. .Sey. 75.96-7B97 {  Johnston-Thompson Co,  626  Burrard St Sey. 7899,  G  L. Kelling & Co., 605 Pender St Soy. 8228**-  Walter Kinsey, 1366 Granville St..'f. Sey.-9063        .  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St Sey. 4468  Murray Bros., 721  Main St....'. Sey. 8614   ,  Western Plumb. Ce , Esplanade & St. George }N. V.   ,365   ���������     (j  POLES'AND   PILING. :���������  Federal   Lumber Co, 624 Pacific Bldg      .    .    Sey. 2065  RADIATORS AND BOILERS.  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd.,1 1065 Pender St....Sey. b710    \  Gurney Four-dry Co , Ltd , 666-70 Beatty. .Sey. 7696-7597  Hallman Machinery Co , Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey. 953  Robt. Hamilton & Co , Bank of Ottawa Sey.    381    ,  A. G Langiey & Co, Ltd, 319 Pender W.....Sey. 389J  Van. Machinery Depot, 1156 6th Ave. W...Bay 470-471  Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd ,"334 Drake St.   .      Sey. 8397  ROOFING COMPOSITION..,  Henry'Darling, 28 Powell St....'. Sey. 51/     v  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2981 '  C Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9141     , ���������  Newton & Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 1391  v   , Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887  WmvN  O'Neil & Co., 548-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798-  Raecollth Flooring Co, 301 Pacific Bldg Sey. 8144  '  Ritchie Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wm  C  Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St W Sey., 3394  Troy Roofing Co,  814  Metropolitan .'.Sey.  Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg     Se>  ROOFING���������SHEET METAL.  ������������������' (See Cornice and Roofing.) ,  ROOFING 2&&TERXAL. -  E  G  Blackwell, 108 Alexander 'St. .'.!..* Sey.  F. T. Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 9422  Gurney Foundry Cor; Ltd , 566-70 Beatty.;Sey. 7596-7697  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St Sey. 512  7417,  6949 J  173S  V  Wilkinson Co, Ltd, 846 Beach Ave Sey. 7916 Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  IRON AND STEEL���������ORNAMENTAL. ������ Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf. Sey 9146-9147  Newton & Greer, Ltd, yancouveru118_Gran..^J5ey. 1397  Blackwell, 108 Alexander St~:."......~... .Sey. 1733  B  O. Supply Co . Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 6161  Can. Equip  & Sup  Co., Ltd, Pac  Bldg. ..Sey. 2330-6021  Canada P'oundry Co, Ltd., 1065 Pender St ....Sey. 6710  r   T. Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg i... Sey. 942  Morris, S   M  & Co , Ltd , 2130 Cedar St Bay 1043  Win. N   O'Neil & Co, 64i>-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798  Wm   C   Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St W..   ..Sey.  3394  Riu-nie Contr  <������. Sup Co , Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  LATE���������METAL  E  G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St Sey. 1733  F  T  Crowe &. Co , 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 9422  an   Equip   & Sup   Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2JS0-5021  jLvans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  <~ Gardiner Johnson & Co . Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  ���������~>. R   Morrison,  712 Richards St Sey   2151-2152  wm   N   O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey   4795-4798  Point Grey Supply Co. 310 Richards St Sey. 4105  urtchie Contr & Sup  Co , Ltd. Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  LATH���������WOOD,  d   C   Lumber Corp,  Ltd,  160*5  Georgia .".Sey. 6504  an   Pac. Lumber Co , Ltd , Rwy  & Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  jom   Sash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St Sey   6136  2. H. Heaps S. Co, 116 Victoria Drive Sey   8890  vlillwork bupply Co, 1605 Main St Fair 958-64C  "'"  Van  Coal & Supply Co., 66'Lonsdale.. .N. V   198-178  iiuina oiiie at uvuh. uo , aau corcrova vv aey   Hit  Robt. Hamilton^ Co, Bank of Ottawa Sey     383  E   G. Parnell. 667 Hamilton St >..Sey   158'  Wm. N  O'Neil & Co, 648-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4791  1836  2296  8144  1973  3412  ;7381  7632  Vo  Point Grey Supply Co, 310 Richards St Sey. 4106  LIME.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co, Winch Bldg.. -s.. .Sey 187-692t  Canadian Builders Supply Co, 1901 Georgia ..Sey.  7176  1-VT  Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 942.  i������vans, Coleman & Evans, Ft Columbia Sey. 298b  Great West Sand & Gravel Co , Ltd , 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  J Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's V\ hf, Sey 9146-914.  No Van Coal & Supply Co, 66 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-m  iVra. N   O'Neil & Co. 648-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479.������  Point Grey Supplv Co, 310 Richards St Sey. 410f  Pacific Lime Co , Pacific Bldg : Sey. 960C  tutchie Contr & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge. Sey, 916.  snover & Thomas, 959 Main St     Sey.  13bf  U. V. Winch & Co.. Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  LIME���������-KYDBATED.  F. T  Crowe & Co, 312 PaclPc Bldg Sey. 942.  t-Jvans, Coleman St Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 298}  Great West Sand & Gravel Co, Ltd, 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  J. uardlner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf. Sey 914fl-914i  fuel tic Lime Co, Pacific Bldg .>.... Sey. 960C  Knchie Contr. & Sup  Co, Ltd. Gran  St "Bridge, Sey4.914.  LUMBER AND SHINGLES  Bairour, Guthrie & Co., Winch Bldg Sey   187-692'  1}   C   Lumber Corp,  Ltd.,   1606  Georgia Sey. 660-1  Can. I'ac. Lumber Co, Ltd., Rwy Sc Salisbury. .Sey. 6800  Dom   sash & Door Co., 2120 Cedar St Sey.  61i(  tfillwork Supply Co., 1605 Main St Fair 958-54)  E, H. Heaps & Co, 116 Victorlu Drive Sey. 88IK  Point Grey Supply Co    310 Richards St Sey. 4101  Prudential  Buildera, Ltd,  101 DutTtrln St. W..Falr 101  ...Sey. 3394  Steamshovels and  Trench Excavators  v~~ Davenport Locomotives  Bullfrog Barrows and  Eagle Dump Wagons  Western Dump Go's  1048 Main Street,  Sey  i  U 2666  Vancouver. B. C.  .Fair. 810  Bay. 296  ,Sey. 6284  Sey. 4468  Sey. 7417  ������94������  366  2707  8600  Wm. C. Tlromflon & Co., 319 Pender St. W  Van. Marble A Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave...  Western Marble & Tile Co.. 3149 Main St... ���������  COfi&JlOA AilD AOOFUTO.  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1646 6th Ave W........  Grandvlew Sheet Metal Wkfl., 1729 Veaables  Little & Lee, 6S2 Seymour St....   Troy  Roofinir Co;,   81.4  Metropolitan.........  Vancouver   Roo:lng Co, 407 Loo Bldg ....'......Sey.  Western Plumb. Co., Esplanade & St. George.N. V.  1     ELECTRICAL   COHTSACT������RS.  Alltree & Churchland, .976 Granville St.. ..: .Sey,  Cope &^-Son,;'338-Hastings  S.fe'W.':....... ...'.Sey.  Crulckshank & Co.. 534 Richards St...........Sey. 5848  Elec Construction Co., 644 Howe St..... .Sey. 1336-7961  Imperial Agcys Corp., 314 Pacific Bldg..... ..Sey. ������122  Jarvls & Call, 670 Richards St.... ......Sey. 1409  ELECTRICAL .SUPPLIES.  Alltree & Churchland,  976 GranvlHe St.... ..Sey. 2-707  Crulckshank &  Co.,   584   Richards   St...     i. ..Sey. 6348  Chapman & Walker,   448  Seymour St. .1 Sey. 9679  Cope & Son;  338 Hastings  St. W.... ..Sey. 8600  Elec. Construction Co., 544 Howe St. Sey. 1336-7961  Imperial  Agcys   Corp;,   314   Pacific  Bldg..... .Sey. 6122  No. Elec. & Mnfg;Co., Ltd.. 313 Water St.;.. .:Sey. 7400  ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSURES.  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd.,  1066 Pender St.i.-.Sey. 5710  Brennan,  G. E. Sc Co., 319 Pender- St W ........Sey. 6910  K.  T.  Crowe & Co..  312  Pacific  Bldg.:......; .Sey.  9422  VVm. N. OINeil & Co.. C4S-60 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479S  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd   Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  ELEVATORS  Brennan, G. E. & Co., 319 Pender St W.:... Sey. .6910  .'<:.;.��������������������������� .'.'   . ���������     FIRE   CLAY.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Wincn Bldg...... iSey. 187-5929  F. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg... . /. Sey.  9422  ICvans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia .Sey. 2988  C Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Terminal Lmbr St Shgl  Co. 308 Cotton Bldg...Sey. 799  ssAcsEzznsaT.  tl   C  Equip. Co., 606-7 Bank of uttawa.. .Sey. 7056-78U  G   Bracknell, 108 Alexarder St Sey.  173<  A.  G "Brown-JamKon,   1048   Main  St     .. Sey. 266t  Can   Buffalo Forge Co  (G. A. Browning, 1261 Alberni St  .an   Equip, at Hup. Co.. Lta , rac lildg...Sey. 2430-602  -Januda l oundr>  Co., Ltd.,  1066 Pender bt Sey. 67K  -'hnpmnn   fr  Walker,   448   Sevmour St Sey.  HIT"  Dom.  Equip ft Supply Co, 508 Holden Bit ".     Sey   71G6  Henry Durirjig, 28 Powell  at Sey. 612  Hallman Machinery Co, Ltd, 37-43 Alexander. .Sey. 953  Robt Hamilton Sc Co., Bank of Ottawa Sey.    38c  ��������� -*-- = -- awl/I.   numuvii  m.  v.v.,   umia  ui   v/u������itb. ...... .oTsy.       .too  Sey- *5J*C. Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson n Whf, Sey 9146-9147  A. G   Langiey & Co, Ltd..  319 Pender W.  Mussens,  Dmlted,  866 Water St   ...Sey.  389.  823.  ........ .. Sey  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co. 648-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4796-4791-  Ritchie Contr & Sup Co., Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9161  Strnrabert-Virtu* & Co,  319  Pender St  W...Sey.  6910  Wm. C. Thomson & Co, 819 Pender 8t W Sey. 3394  Van. Machinery Depot, 1156 6tb Ave, W...Bay   470-471  MASmSLB���������SRXCX, TILE AND WOOD.  Mlllwork! Supply Co.  1605  Main St j. .Fair" 958-646  D. R   Morrison, 712 Richards St Sey. 2151-216  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co , 648-60 Seymour St. .Sey, 4796-479t  Ritchie Contr Sc Sup Co , Ltd. Gran 8t Bridge, Sey, 916:  Wm. C. Thomson & Co , 319 Pender St tv...,. .Sey. 3394  Van. Marble & Tile Co, 848 Beach A\e Sey. 1616  MARBLE AVD'ovrrac.  B  C  Supply Co, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 6161  D   R   Morrison, 712  Richards  St Sey   2151-2162  Wm N O'Neil & Co., 648-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co. Ltd, Gran St Bridge,^Sev, 9162  Wm C Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St  W Sey. 3394  Van   Marble & Tile Co, 848 Beach Ave Sey.  1618  Western Marble Sc Tile Co , 3149 Main St Fair. 810  OIL  BURNING PLANTS.  Western Stm   & Oil Plants, Ltd   Dom Trust..Sey   7676  PAINTS AND OILS.  Henry Darling,  28  Powell  St Sev   51"  Wm N O Ner! Sc Co.. 548-60 Seymour St Sey 4795-479)  Western Plumb Co . Esplanade & St George N V.      36f  FAINTS���������FIRE-PROOF.  F   T   Crowe & Co,  312  Pacific  Bldg ..   .  Sey   942.  Newton & Greer. Ltd. Vancouver, 118 Gran .. Sey. 149T  Victoria   ll^e Wharf St 887  PAINTS���������DAMP   PROOF.  Henry Darling. 28 Powell  St..;........' ..Sev.  51!  C. Gardiner Johnson &C6., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914;  Victoria, 1326 Wharf St..."...887  Ritchie Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Edward Timmons, 838 7th Ave. W ....Fair. 1257  Wm C. Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St W Sey. 3394  Troy  Roofinp-  Co.,  814  Metropolitan Sey. 7417  Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg    .    ���������      Sey. 6949  Western Plumb Co, Esplanade & St George.N. V.     366  SAFES���������VAULT SOOR8.  D   R   Morrison, 712 Richards  St Sey. 2151-2152  NorrisSafe & Lock Co , 330 Cordova W Sey   2447  3  *  4791  SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK.  Canadian Builders Supply Co, 1901 Georgia ..Sey   7171  J   A   Dewar Co, 429 Pender St. W Sey. 4644-673  Great West Sand & Gravel Co , Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  C Gardiner Johnson.& Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9141  No  Van. Coal & Supply Co., 66 Lonsdale,..N. V  198-171  Point Grey Supply Co., 310 Richards St Sey. 4101  Producers' Rock & Grav. Co., Vancr., Frotot & Manitobl  ���������,. , ,   ��������� Victoria, store ft Chatham  Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co , Ltd. Gran. St Bridge. Sey. 9162  Shower & Thomas, 969 Main St .Mey   1366  Vancouver Sand & Gravel Co., ft Victoria Dr. .Sey. 5161  SASE, DOORS/ WINDOWS,  ETC.  B   C   Lumber Corp,  Ltd.,   1606  Georgia Sey. 6504  .an. Equip. & Sup Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey 2330-502J  Jan. Pac. Lumber Co , Ltd , Rwy  & Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  Dom   Sash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St��������� Sey. 6136  &.,!*  ^"lP"* &,c9,' 115 Victoria Drive? Sey. 8890  Millwork Supply Co., 1605 Main St Fair 968-646  Wm. N. O'Nerl & Co, 648-60 Seymour St. .Sey  4796-4798  Terminal Lnrbr & Shgl. Co, 308 Cotton Bldg...Sey. 7997  SHINGLE MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS.  (See Lumber and Shingles.) *-  SLATS.  T   Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey   9422  ; Gardiner Johuaoir & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  .Vm  N  O'Neil & Co, 648-60 Seymour St. .Sey. 4796-4798  i   V. Winch & Co., Ltd., WinchT Bldg.7...7Sey. 279-1944  {itclrie Contr & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Western Marble & Tile Co, 3149 Main St......Fair. 810  ' STEAM FITTERS. '  Vrmstrong & Wolfe, 1640 6th Ave W.l Bay.    290  J. E. Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St   W. Sey. 2738  Jurney Foundry Co, Ltd, 666-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597  i\ alter Kinsey,  1366 Granville St Sey. 9053  kittle & Lee, 682 Seymour St Sey. 4455  8TOBS ft OFFICE FIXTUSX8 ft 8TOBE FRONTS.  i C. Screen Bt Mnfg Co., 266 DurTerln St E...Fulr. 1643  an. Equip  & Sup  Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-6021  illllwork Supply, Co, 1606 Main St .....Fair 968-646  Vm. N   O'Neil & Co, 648-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798  'Vest Plate Glabs & Imp. Co, 153 Cordova E, Sey. 4674  TANKS.  Jan. Pac. Lumber Co. Ltd. Rwy. & SaUbury..Sey. 6809  ... H. Heaps & Co. 116  Victoria Drive:.. .....ley. 8890  ;. Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-S147  iVi.f?   ^y*'6^ S0' Ltd- i19 Pender W.....Sey. 3892  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St Sey. 4468  Western Stm. Sc Oil Plants, Ltd., Cotton Bldg,.Sey. 7676  TILS���������DBAXOTNO.  Lvans. Coleman & Evans. Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  Great West Sand ft Gravel Co, Ltd, 1029 Main. Sey. 8491  0 Girdlner Johnson ft Co. Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Point G^y Supply Co, 310 Richards St..... '.Sey. 4106  Ritchie Contr. ft Sup Cc, Ltd. Gran. St Bridge. Soy S16->  Shover ft Thomas. 969 Main St "..Sey. 1865  TILE���������FLOCm ASB  WALL.  D. R. Morrison,  712 Richards  St Sey. 2151-2152  Wm. N  O'Neil ft Co, 648-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798  Wm   C. Thompson ft Co. 319 Pender St W....Sey 3394  VXB FLATK8.  Balfour, Guthrie ft Co., Winch Bldg Sey. 187-6929  2 Gardiner Johnson ft Co. Johnson's Whf. 8w 9146-8147  Wilkinson Co. Ltd., 846 Beach Ave *......Sey  791B"  R V. Winch ft Co.. Ltd.. Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  VACUUM OLlB/HITgg SYOVKStS.  Sa7> &a.An,der??lS������1o141,Hai,,1P������'J3t' w Sey. 6189  EG   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St Sey   1733  The Duntley Store, 791 Granville St Sey. 1487  Earle, E. A., & Co, 632 Pender St   W Sey! 647tf  ���������WATERPROOF  COMPOUND.  C Gardiner Johnson ft Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  F  T  Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg ...'.Sey. 9422  Sln' ������ J?JN*n & V������,4 648-50 Seymour St..Sey   4795-4798  Wm. C. Thomson & Co. 319 Pender St W......Sey. 3394  WINDOW SCREENS.  B  C. Screen & Mnfg Co, 266 DurTerin St E...Fair' 1643  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co. 648-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-47a8  WINDOW   SHADES.  Bowes, F  W. & Co, 1257 Grarnille St Sey.    843  WIRE ROPE.  *���������������'  ..Sey   705C-7818   Sey   1731  Soy VJJ0-5O21  C  Equip   Co , 606-7 Bank of Ottawa  C   G   Blackwell,  108 Alexander St  Can   Equip   & Sup   Co. Ltd    Pac   Bldg  A   G   Langiey & Co, Ltd,  319  Pender W....Sey   3S93  C  Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914V  Kitchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sev 916"  Wilkinson Co.. Ltd., 846 Beach Ave. .7....... ;.|ey  7915  R. V. "Wiiici & Co.. Ltd., Wfn-h Bldg.... ...S������y." 279-1944  ^yS.'Ve'',  *-Vj������K!  b- J", t- vw  7U'-' \u!^  '     Tr* a. I t-^finJ.M IKtf, ,3Wi  (\  BRITISH COLUMBIA  DAILY BUILDING RECORD  --*  Phones " Seymour," 2151, 21 52  competent mem to do the work.  our prices are rig  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  jntemational Automatic  Sprinkler Equipment  Phone Seymour  1 ,    114 Hastings St. W.  Vancouver B: C. '  712 RICHARDS STREET  TENDERS,RECEIVED FOR ,'  1    WHARF AND SUPPLIES  (    Houses���������By "Vancouver Home-Builders,  S88 Granville st, tor labor only nece^sarv  '    ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO.  Limited   \   ,  Public Works  Contractors N  Office: 813-815 Bower Bidg. Vancouver B.C.  J. DA1RON Sc CO.  ' > Tile and Marble Contractors"  Mantels,.. Grates,   Baskets-'  and Andirons  -  513 Hamilton.    Phone Seymour 4730  NORTH VANCOUVER���������Tenders for  the construction of a dock at the'.foot of  Chesterfield (ave, were opened at the last  meeting of the .council.' Those received  were as follows: "W. Greenlees, $1,800;  M.  LeBraslr,  $2,0S5.-  At the same tlmo tenders were opened  for a supply of rock crushing machinery  as  follows:  Sullivan,Machinery Co $1,021.00  Can.   Fairbanks-Morse   Co  1J710.00  Frank  Darling...'    1,703.75  Can.  Rand Drill Co  1,791.70  A. F. Nile & Co...   2,097.00  A. R. "Williams Machinery Co  2,230.95  Tenders were also received from Mus-  senVs, L,td., and tho Canada Foundry Co  but not  in  bulk, being itemized.  houses.     Apply, between- 7  CONTRACTORS WANTED',  for   bldg   4  and; 10 p.m.*  School���������By J. E Griffith, Prrb. Wks.  Engr, Victoria, until May 22, for- frame  school, on Scott roud, Delta dlbtrrct.  Plans, sueclf, etc, from abo\e. 22  Brick Work, Boliore.  BRICK ���������By Booker, Cumpbe'l &  Whipple, 413 Grnnville-'St., for A. D.  Goldstein Building.,        ."  ; IS  Chimneys���������By Can. & Amer. Contr. &  Inv. Co., 104 Empire Dldg,- for labor for  10 chimneys and fireplaces. 21  Fireplaces���������By Can. Sc Amer Contr. &  Inv. Co., 104 Empire bldg, for labor- for-  10 frrer-lncc" and i-hfmriet's.  Canals,  Cement, Concrete,  Concrete���������By Maclrrro & Fox, Pacrfic  bldg, until noon, May 21, for concrete  found and excavation for W. H. Malkln  res, Magee r oad. 2 I  CEMENT ���������Bv   Booker.    Campbell   &|  Whipple,   -113   Granville   St.,   for  A.   D.  Goldstein  Building. <* ' IS  Excavating, Elevators, Electric Fixtures  Excavation���������By Maclure & Fox, Pacific  bldg/ until noon, May 24, for excavation  /and concrete found, for residence for  W. H. Malkln, Magee road. ,        24  Excavation���������By F. M. Bender, Hotel  Empress, until noon, May 18, for excav  for hotel at Hastings and Main. 18  Wrecking���������By B. C Permanent Loan  Co. 330 Pender st for wrecking old bldgs  for 'material. j>0  TIN WORK���������By Booker, Campbell &  Whrpple,' 413 Granville St., lor A. D.  Goldstein Building. is  'MATERIAL���������By S. J. Lund, Empire  bldg, for- l-sto, 50x60, rmg hse for Hastings and Hawkes sts. ���������  27  TERRA COTTA ���������By J. J. Donnellan,  Riggs-Selman bldg, for Sullivan-Con-  .sidine bldg on Granville st. ->b  TILE���������By Booke.r Campbell & "Whipple. 413 Granville St., lor A. D. Goldstein Building. is  TFRRA'ZZO FLOORING���������Bv Booker,  Campbell Sc Whipple. 113 Granville St.  for- A. D. Goldstein Building. is  TERRA CO'"v- By Booker,"1 Campbell  A: Whipple, 413 Granville St.. for A. D  Goldstein   Building. is  STONE ��������� By Booker, Campbell &  Whipple, 113 Grarnille St., for A. D.  Goldatcln Building. ��������� is  MATERIAL���������By Wm. O'Dell, 757  Beatty st, for alteration work on 3-sto  bldg on Granville and Dunsmuir sts. 4  Plaster. Fib?.. Pntg-.. Pav.. Pipe.  Pilinir.  Paintingr���������By Egdell & Dixon. 508  Weiton bldg, for pntg In church In No.  Vancouver. . <--  A.-' Ga." Langiey .& .Co.," Ltd,  ,<r<     -<*:,.,!    ENGINEERS AND AGENTS-     ���������'.. ~ ;j. i^  ,,������ x     Caledonian Wirte Rope, Parker-Derricks, Electric  Hoists'  t,   Otto'   Gasoline, Engines,, Grab. Buckets, 'fGJobe" Marine  Engines  m������.J.,r������.������.   ���������    el Tanks and .Water Towers of any capacity  ','WAYNE������ GASOLINE TANKS'and PUMPS  for  PRIVATE    ,  GARAGES  ������������������. , /  Phone Seymour 3892  -or-  PUBLIC  ( ��������� I  319 Pender Street W.  B. C. EQUIPMENT ������0.  Machinery Dealers  CONCRETE   MIXERS,'   STEEL   CARS,'ROCK   CRUSHERS,   ELECTRIC  STEAM    AND   GASOLINE    HOISTS.     WHEELBARROWS,  TRANSMISSION MACHINERY, GASOLINE ENGINES  PUMPS AND  ROAD  MACHINERY.'  Office*: 606-607 Bank of Ottawa Bldy.  Phones :r Seymour 7056-7818.  u,r  k  BBffifSl  ���������h  tv*  $  h  JMHBH*  SSSgh  ><���������  WKl4l*  rt  wim*  4 "  tl  vs.  l't J  1  F  Common,   Impervious   Face,  "and Building'Pavers.  ���������'  '  Coast Shale Brick Co. Ltd.  '1008 METROPOLITAN BUILDING  PHONE SEY.'8450'VANCOUVER B.C  Sheot   Metal,  ,Fire  Fixtures  Escape*,  Fixturon���������By Egdell & Dixon, 508  Weiton bldg, for plbg fixtures in church  In No. Vancouver. <> 25  "WINNIPEG���������A  number  of < architects  in  Winnipeg  have stated  that  they are  FnrnaceB,  unable to secure bids upon certain classes  of,   work.     Particular   cases   have   been  pointed out In which work.has been delayed  from   this  cause.     The  class'    of      FIRE' ESCAPES���������Bv   Booker,   Camp  ...      , .  ���������    ,      ..,..,    bel1   &   Whipple,   413   Granville   St.,   tor-  work  referred  to  is  chiefly  residentral,   A.  D.   Goldstein   Building.        , < IS  and ranging In'size from ?6,000  to ?20,-   'r FIRE ESCAPES���������By  S.  J.'Lund,, Em-  000,, On Jobs wh.ch are smaller in mag-1g&fflf and Hawked Its'.  "* ^ Tl  nitude,   or   run   into  largert figures,- the  difficulty ' to, obtain  bids   is  not   In   evi  Grading, Glass,  Gravel,  dence, but on jobs of the size mentioned  tie difficulty i,s causing considerable trou-  ble.    .  Sash, iDoprs, Moulding.  .. mailorders Promptly Attended.^- - ^. .  (VIILLWORK SUPPLY CO.  '   ��������� Office ana'iWarehouso1  "  . ���������  '  Plrone Fair 546-958' \    1605 Main St.'  530,000   IH.I.OOET   HOTEL  MERRITT���������Harry Pleasant'has been  preparing plans for a $30,000 hotel to be  erected in Lillooet by a syndicate headed  by Murdoch: Mclntyre of this city. The  plans have been submitted to 'the government and a petrtlon signed by all the  residents of Lrllooet and manw commercial   travellers  asking for  the hotel has  been circulated and sent to the 'gover'n-  i ,  ment. . .  i   is?  Grading���������By G. H.. Peake, 102 Mercan-  trle bldg, until 5 p.m. Hay 20, for, grading, clearing" and' grubbing of roads in  "W. Vancouver. VBlarih, etc, at above offlce. v       i , 20  Glass���������By Egdell & Dixon, 50S Wel-  t������n bldg, for cathedral leaded lights for  church in No. Vancouver. 25  ��������� GLASS ���������By Booker, Campbell ' &  Whrpple, 413 Granville St., for A. D  Goldstein Buildmg. IS  SAND���������By Booker, Campbell & Whipple, 413" Granvrlle St., for A. D. Goldstein  Buildmg. ; 18  'GRAVEL���������Bv Booker, Campbell '-&  Whipple, 413 Granville St., for A. D.  Goldstein 'Building.   "��������� ��������� , IS  )  , Fainting1���������By Oliver & Wilson, 3262  1st ave W, for pntg in res at 3200 1st  ave W. '  , , 22  ���������P.AI^TI1!JG���������Bv Booker. Campbell i&  Whipple, 413 Granville St., tor A. D.  Goldstein Building.    ��������� / is  mP,la"t0^n8r���������By EStfeH Sc Dixon. 60S  We ton bldg, for plstrg in church In  No. Vancouver.  l" 25  . Plastering���������By Oliver & Wilson, 3262  ave W, for plstrg in-res at 3200 l&t ave  W., 22  ^rFLASTE,RINS���������B>' Bookpf, Campbell &  Whipple, 413 Granville St., for A. D.  Goldstein Building. , is  Plastering���������At P. O. Box 1S65, for  plstrg  and  chimneys. 20  Plumbing���������By Egdell & Dixon, 508  Weiton bldg, for plbg in church in No.  Vancouver.     '���������- 251  Plumbing���������By Oliver Sc' Wilson, 3262  1st ave W, for plbg in res at 3200 1st  ave W.        ~ r ,22  PLUMBING���������By Wm. O'Dell, 757  Beatty st, for alteratron work on .3-sto  bldg on Granville and Dunsmuir sts.   4  ���������,PLU,MBIN*G"i������By  Booker,  Campbell   &*  Whrpple.    113   Granvrlle   St,   tor   A.   D  Goldstein Building. . is  ���������������  REMEMBER  f  ��������� ���������  , Tfte STAIN that STAINS  Phono  Seynioui  512 , -HENRY DARLING ' " '-��������� 'Jgl Powe��������� 8fcl  1 -We are the sole' manufacturers ot  Machine-made Glased Cement Sowar  Pipe' in British^ Columbia. -: <��������� l > >������-.-    ���������  GLAZED CEMENT PIPE CO., LTD.  Plrone:   Sey. 8286  Offlca;   Dominion   TrrfBt   Bldg.,, Vanoouver,^ B.  Sooting,   Boads,  -At - P.   O.  Reservoirs,  Box    1S65,  WALTER KINSEY  PLUMBING; 1HEATING  -, -AND-, .-,''   -,  GAS CONTRACTOR.  1366 Granville St. '  "< Vancoirver, B.C.  1      Plrone  Seymonr  9003  .^  BUILDING'S ^FENANCED  r. .1.'Madlpn.'Mngr-' PhonerSey.i8265(|  .   35  CAWA'pA   I.IFE' BLP9;  grandvioaT  Sheet Metal-Works  ���������r  .  , Warm  Air, Hoatln? ,  Purnaces and General Jobbing^  1729 Venablo St. ~""  LOOKING POB FACTORY SITE v '  W.' J.^Gorham, president of the Gorlram  Revere Rubber Co of San Francrsco, is  at the Hotel Vancouver, lookmg o\er  the cityi. wrth- a view of establishing' a  gas engine factory in this city This factory ���������will be a branch of the Gorlram Engine  Works,   x , v  CITY OF VANCOUVER.  COMMERCIAL BLUE PRINT CO.   '  MAPS. DRAFTING AND TRACING  phone Sey. 5068    329   Seymour   S_t^  G.L.KELLBNG&CO  Heating and Plumbing Engineers   '  105 Pender St.   'Phono Seymour 8228 j  ���������     JAS. WURPHY & SOW  General   Painting   and   Decorating  COWTBACTOBS  nmr������: 112 Crown Bldg. Sey. 8707  Acme PBumbang & H'tg. Co  131   Tenth  Ave,  S.  ���������Phone  Fairmont   537  Finest workmanship ,    Exclusive Designs  Wilcox Art Glass Studio  1471 Broadway W. Phone Bayview 246  ' Tenders  for Sewers and Pavements  Tenders'ivrll be recerved by the under-  <=rgned.up  to  Tuesday,   May  2Sth,   11)12,  at   2   p.m.   for   the  construction   of > the  following Sewers and Pavements:  , , '   " Sewere. . '    > ' ���������  13 th  Ave.,  from Oak Street to Yukon  Street. ' .  , 14th Ave., from Oak Street to Bridge  Street, except between Ash and Heather  Sts.       ' ^  15th ave., from Oak Street to Heather  Street.   ,  ,.        Pavements. ,  Creosoted Wood Block Pavement on  Cambie St., from Robson to Smytlre.  Creosoted Wood Block Pa\ement on  Homer St., from Robson to Drake.  Stone Block Pavement on the lane east  of Granville, from Davie to Pacific.  A depo&rt of an amount equal  to  live  per cent of the eontract prrce must    be  made with each tender, by marked cneque | Vancouver,  pavab'e to the Crtv Treasurer  Piano and specifications mav be "seen  n( the office of the Crty Engineer, City  Hall  'The lov.-e^t or any tender not necessarily accepted.    ,  i, WM. M'QUEEH, City Clerk.  Citv Hall, Vancouver, B   C,   May   21st,  1912.  B't'g,,  Hardwood.  Host,.  ETdvrare,  Heating���������By C.' W. Murray, Sec School  Board, until May 27, for htg in 4 schools.  ?10 required wltli'-tender.    ' 27  Heating���������By Oliver & Wilson, 32C2  1st a\e W, tor htg in re* at 3200 l&t ave  W. ���������        ��������� 22  .Heating���������By   S.   B.   Bird,   uncan   bldg,  untrl May 31, tenders addressed  to Geo  Johnstone,  Nelson,  lor htg for lrosprtal  % - 31  HEATIN���������By Booker, Campbell &  Whipple, 413 Granvrlle St, for A. D  Goldstein Building ', IS  ' HARD WOOD���������Bv Booker, Campbell'&  Wlriprle, 413 Granville St, lor A. D  Goldstein Building: ,y *   IS  HARDWARE���������By Booker, Campbell &  Whrpple, 113 Grvtnvllle St., for A. D  Golclstem Building.     " '        IS  HEATING���������By S J. Lund. Empire  bldg, for Sacred Academy, Point Grey.  EDWARD TBEVSIVSONS  SLATER & ROOF TILER    ���������  838���������7th Ave. W.    PlipncJlair. 125m  R. Nelson Finch  Expert  Sev. 7381  Builder   and   Financier  207.Ki  Ca^ter-no������tnn ~"1"  CORPORATION  OF   POINT  GREY.  The Councrl i������ prepared to recene tenders for fire fighting apparatus for the  Municipality, to be rn by 5 p. m. Mondaj,  Mav   27th,   1912  Tenderer's are requested to "submit  clrerrres for the effectual fire protection  of the drstrrcts of kburne, D. L 1/2,  Ken i-dale, and D L. 540, showing the  .ipparatrm requrred to carry out the  cheme, the inrtral cost and estimated  cost  of  upkeep,  etc  Further partrculars can be secured  from the Municipal Clerk, Municipal  Hall, Kerrisdale, B   C.  H.  rLOYD,   C.  M.   C.  Kerrisdale. B   C.  May  1st,   1912.  HEATING��������� (FAN SYSTEM)���������By J.  H. Bowman. Crown bldg, for the 6-rm  fr add to the Richmond school, Bridgeport. '  Iron   Work,   Interior   Finish,  INTERIOR   FINISHING���������By   Booker,  Campbell  & Whipple,  413  Gianvilie  St.  for. A. D. Goldstein Burlding. L1S  GALVANIZED     IRON ��������� By      Booker,  Campbell  & Whipple,  413  Granville St,  for A. D. Goldstein Buildmg.      , IS  INTERIOR     FINISHING���������By   lS. ��������� J.  Lund,    Emprre    bldg,    for    4-=Uo,    50x60,  rmg hse for Hastings and Hawkes fats.  Xitrmber, Lathing, Lim������  . Xtumber���������By Egdell & Drxon, 50S, Weiton  bldg,  for  lmbr tor, church  in  No  25  LUMBER ��������� By   Booker,    Campbell   &  Whipple,   413 "Granvrlle   St,   for   A.   D  Goldstern Building. IS  LIME���������Bv Booker, Campbell A- Whipple. 113 Gian-ulle St ,'lor A D. Gohl-  btein< Building. , IS  Mill   Work    machinorv.   Marble,  .Shingling���������At-P. O. Box 1S65, -for  shingling. 20  ROOFING-^-Bv Booker, Campbell &  Whipple, 413 Granville St, tor A. D  Goldstein Buildmg. , is  ROOFING���������By Wm. O'Dell; 757 Beatty st, for alteration work on 3-sto bldg  on ^ranville  and Dunsmuir sts. 4  SEWEBS, STEEET WORK, STEEJi.  ��������� STEEL ��������� By Booker, Campbell' &  Whipple, 413 Gr\in\rUe St, for A. D  Goldstein Building. is  STRUCTURAL ' STEEL���������Bv ' Booker,  Campbell Sc Whipple. 413 Granvrlle St.,  ror A. D   Goldstein Burlding is  REINFORCED STEEL���������By Booker.  Campbell ^'Whipple. 413 Granville St.  for A. D. Goldstein Building.        ,    "     IS  Wiring,   Waterproofing,   Wharves,    '  - Wiring���������By Oliver Sc WiKon 3262 in  ave W, for wiring in res ,it 3200 1st a\c  W. * .' 22  Wiring-���������By F. II Perkins, Hutchin&on  bldg, for wiring in Moose club rooms   25  Wiring���������By Egdell & D!\on. SOS Weiton bldg, for wiring rn church in No.'  Vancouver. . 25  Wharf���������By A. M West, City Engr, No.  \ancouver, until May 20, ,for dock at  Chesterfield Ave.        ' 20  ELECTRIC WIRING���������By Booker,  Campbell & Whipple 413 Granville St..  for A.  D. .Goldstein Building. is  ELECTRIC FITUP.ES���������By Booker,  Campbell & Whrpple, 113 Gianvilie St.  >for A. D. Goldstein Building. is  ; ���������*; and MANUFACTURING OO.unmn  Electric Supplies and Telephones. 313 Water St  Fresh Water Sand  For Sale  In Scow Load Lots.-  Silica Sand And  Gravel Co.  434 Bobson'st.   3?ol.  Seymour 4465  BEAM MFG. CO. LTD.  Manufacturers   of  lumber, Sash, Doors, Moulding0, ������to.  Phone Seymour 1708.      398 Prior St.  CHEAPEST AND BEST  BAILEYHardwareCo.  GET OUR PRICES  1407 PARK DRIVE.  BAILeY.Hardwbre Co.  Shingles, Slates and:Sheets.  ' ' W.' C. THOMSON'fi'CO.'f  ���������Phone^ Seymour 3394  319 Pender St.' West, Main Floor '  TENDEES WANTED.  OUT OF TOWN.  BUILDINGS.  THE BURNSSDE " ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-39 Q-ranville  Street  Telephone  Seymonr 3704   J. E. Campbell & Co.  PLUMBING   &  HEATING  IDS! Pia<cr St W "" 5mm 273S   'tssnxarmisvmmmoa.  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE,  SHgET METAL WORKERS  Phone Bay. 296 1540 5th Ave. W.  iVIURRA'  PLUMBING and HEATING  721Main Street' Phone Seymour 8SU  nTTCETfe LEE  Sheet Metal Workers  Beat TmU. Comlct, HMflW, Finnces.  ������82 Seymour St.     Phone Sey. 44o8  .You -will rsaye two dollars hy paying1  a year in advance for the Becord, he-  sides saving1 considerable time and the  anuoyanco of paying1 a small hill each  month. Sixteen and two-thirds per cent  Is pretty g-ood interest on your monay,  Isn't it? Worth saving! The price for  one year paid in advanco is ten dollars.  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED.  VANCOUVER  GXNEBAI. CONTRACT.  Noticou for tenders wanted will he  pnhiished under'this heading- until time  for,'closing' tenders has arrived, or until  all figures desired are in.  Sey.  L. G. ROBINSON  Consulting'  Engineer  and  Ooneral Contractor  3412   ' 311  H������lfl������n  Bldg.  R ��������� R. CONSTKUCTION���������By Howe  Sound & Northern Railway Co., 506 Carter-Cotton bids, Vancouver, till Friday,  May 31, for the grading, bridging, etc,  of the following sections of the above  raf'way: (a) From end of present constructed line to mile 12.0. (b) From  mile, 12 to mile 21.1 (c) Branch from  mile 2.3 of main line along east branch  of Snuamish rrver 2.7 mrles. Plans and  .specif at the office of Cleveland & Cameron,  506 Winch bldg.  Municipal Hall���������By G. H. Peake, C M.  C, West Vancorner, at 102 Mercantile  bldg. this citv, for genl contr on frame  munrcipal hall Plans and specif from  J. C. JIacKenzre, 330 Homer st. Tenders taken until noon, May 18 18  Hospital���������By S. B Bird, Duncan bldg,  tenders addressed to Geo. Johnstone, Nelson, for hospital at that city, until May  31. 31  House���������By applying at 1729 Grant st  in evening,  will  take tenders for house |  In So. Vancouver. 20  Willworlt���������By Egdell & Drxon, 50S  Weiton bldg, tor rnrllwork for church I"  Xo   Vancouver ' ^ 25  MARBLE���������Bv Booker, Campbell &  ���������\Vlupple, 113 Granvrlle St., for A. D  Goldstein Burlding  -     J IS  ' MARBLE���������By Wm. O'Dell, 737 BP.rtty  -t, for. alteratron work on 3-sto bldg  qn  Granvrlle  and Dunsmuir sts. 4  ' Fitting's���������By F. H. Perkins, ITutchrn-  -on bldg, for all materials and work for  fitting up Moose lodge looms in Weiton  bldg. > ..      25  MILL WORK���������Rv S T Lund, Emprre  bldg. for 4--to, 50x60, rmg lise tor Hastings and Hawkes sts 2V  Sllscellaneras.  -Ventilating1���������By C. Wi Murray, Sec of  School Board, until Mav 27. for ventilating systems in 4 schools. $10 ro-  ciuncd -with  tender.      . 27  Valves and Fitting's���������By II. A. Bayfield. 40 Postoflice "bklg, until Mav 2S, ioi  ���������������������������ripply of valves and fittings for govt  dredges.    Specif from above. 23  Carpenter Work���������By F H. Perkins,  Hutchinson bldg, for carpenter w6rk In  fitting up lodge rooms In Weiton bldg. 25  materials���������By F. H Perkins, Hutchinson bldg, for all mtls for fitting up  lodge looms  rn Weiton bldg. 25  Supplies���������By A. M. West, City Engr,  No. Vancouver, until May 20, for large  amount of quarry supplies, Lrst and full  information   from  above. 20  Masonry���������By J. T. McNeill, Newport  Hotel, until May 24, for masonry labor en,  basement at Eburne. 24  w. j. srnrn & SON  Heating' Engineers  Steaxn,~Hot Water & Vacuum Systems  Phone Fair. 274-S      809-lOth Ave. E  IL  Architects Builders  We are at your service to  give you any information required    regarding    installing  gas    pipes    and    appliances.  Also location of mains.  Phone S. 5000 and ask for  New  Business  Dept.  New Westminster���������By Gardiner & Mercer, ^estm. Trust bldg, until Mav 31,  for genl contr on high school. Plans  specif, etc from above.. 3]  Nelson���������Bv Geo. Johnstone, Nelson, B.  C., until Mav 31 for genl contract on  Kootenay Lake Genr Hospital, Nelson,'  Plans and specif at offlce of S. B. Birds,  Duncan bldg, Vancouver. 31  Nolson���������By Geo. Johnstone, Nelson, B  C, until May 31, for steam htg for hospital at Nelson. Plans and specif at office ot S. B. Brrds, Duncan bldg, Vancouver. 3i  Calgary���������By J. M Miller, Citv Clerk,  untrl June 3, for lrtg and plbg rn 3 fire  and polrce statrons rn Calgarv. Separate tenders wanted. &  Calgary���������By J M Miller, Crtv Clerk,  until June 3, for fire halls and police statrons In Calgary. Separate tenders,  ���������u anted  Saskatoon���������Plans are being prepared  for new hotel to cost $130,000, Avenue  B and 20 th .st, for James Bar rev. Architects, Thompson, Danrels & Colthurst.  Reinforced concrete construction, brrck  arid ten a cotta-facing. The above architects will rccerve tenders and' all rn-  fonnntlon may be received from thetn  Saskatoon���������By Citv Comnrs, until June  25, lor complete install of all bldgs and  apparatus for 70-ton  incinerator 25  Retina���������By Highway Comnrs for steel  work for several biidges. Plans, specif,  etc, will be furnished by comnrs after-  Juno 1. ' '   20  MCHT.,   MISC.,   MATEBIAI.,   MARINE.  ���������Victoria���������By City Clerk, until 4 p.m.,  May 31, for 211,000 sq yds asphalt pave.  Specif, etc from C E.  Rust, City Engr.  31  Wrecking-���������By B.C.E R. until noon, May  25. for wrecking bldgs at 19 to 45 Pender" st W; Contr gets materials. 23  'Bassano, Alta!���������By' S. E. Whiting.  Pres. Bassano Elec Power & Traction  Co, until June 3, for boilers, generator,  steam engine und poles.,        ���������    . ��������� 3  North Vancouver-^-By^1' Angus . Smith,  Crty Engr, until noon, May 27, for. special  waterworks   supplies,   ���������-������������������--  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY LTD.  Successors to J. T.  Herrett Co., limited.  E  Office, Warehouse-and Wharf:. 1029 Main St. /        Phone Sevmour 8491  ng  c Support Home Industries   By Soecifvin-  THE A^VBL HSLAND BRJCK CO " LTD  - BEST PRESSED RED BRICKS  Office and Works:   Anvil  Island, Howe Sound,  B. C.  SELLING AOBNTS  RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPAMV     xr>  PHONE SBVMOIXB S162.    OPriCB AI SZZ^, BBIDGB  CHAPMAN Sc WALKER LTD.  ENGINEERS.     ,  DEALERS   IN   ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES  KEEP COOH.  USE      "C. &   W"~  ELECTKIC   FftNS.    , (All types.) > OBDEBJ NOW.  PHONE-SEYMOUR 9379   *a������   ^.... ���������W p; Q   BQX ^  T A, Chemical ana ElHcioncy Engineers  Inspection  of Cement,  Concrete,  Oil  and Road Material*  Geological KeportrS on' Raw Materials. Materialfl-  ���������Waterproofing- of Concrete.  , SMITH  OFFICE:   1106 Dom.-Trust Bldg., Vancouver*  PHONE:   Sey. 2814  British Canadian Lumber Corporation LinuM  1605 Georgia St.  Manufacturers  Vancouver Phone. Seymour 6504*  above.  Specif, from  27  779   Granville,   Show   Room  New Business Show Room  16  Hastings  E.,  New "Westminster���������By W. A Duncan,  City Clerk, until 5 pm. May 27, for 4  ���������separate contracts for storm sewers on  (1) 1st and 2nd sts; (2) 4th st; (3) 5th  <=t; (1J 6th st. Plans, etc from City  Enrgr. , 27  Vernon���������By D. G. Tate, city clerk, until June 10, for elec equrp. Specif at office of Mather, Yuill & Co, Hutchinson  bklg 10  Seattle���������By Graff Const Co, for day  work or percentage contrs on 12,000 yd*  cone sidewalks at Kamloops. 25  Vernon���������By D. G. Tate, city clerks until June 10, for 17,000 ft 1 rn. and 10,500  ft 6 in C. I. water prpe. Specrf from  City Engr. 10  Vernon���������By D. G. Tate, city clerk, until June 10, tor 125 gate valves and 36-4  to 8 in hydrants.    Specif from City Engr.  10  Vernon���������By D. G. Tate, city clerk, until May 27,  for 50,000  ft cement walks  and curb combrned.    Specif from Engr.  27  Melfort, Sask.���������By J. E. Durnrn, secy-  .treas,  Melfort,  until  noon,   May   29,   for  supply elec apparatus, water pipes,  hydrants, valves, vitrified sewer pipe, etc.  39  Alltree & Churchland  E������EC?BZCA������ CONTBACTOBS  978 Granville Street"  t      ,  >    'JRhona,  geymour 9707  I  Johnston - Thompson Co,  Plumbing and Heating  v Engineers-  525 BURRABDST.      ' Phong Sey. 7893  Sand - Graves  and  Bulldins Material! ,  'Phone Seymour 1365.    Office and  Wharf  ~ 969 Main Street  TERMINAL LUMBER'S SHINGLE CO. ,  , ^ROTTED,  MAHTTPACTUREBS  OP TINS      ',  LUMBER AND SHINGLES  W. B. COOKE & CO.  308 Carter Cotton Bid;, i e '  Soymoar 7997  NOB'rBTWES'JEBN LEAGUE  Base Ball  Week; Commencing' May 20.  SEATTLE VS. VANCOUVEH.  Becreation Park  Admission 35   and 50o  Great West Mfg. Co., Ltd.;  CABINET  MAKEES  BANK, STORE AND OFFICE   '  FIXTURES  Phone Fair. 1471   52 Snfferin St. W.  t\       , Estimated Pnrninhed


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