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Daily Building Record May 8, 1912

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 X   (  1 -     -<���������-*-  1 y.        *<    r  ^  ������. ���������  Devoted tcyj^^,������rflterests 0,J  i Record 'Publishing   Co.*r-^^ncrwV^|r^*i'I^t!vh<S?rs.  insfn Contracting*;, Engineering, Irrigation and Generallmprovernent News.        '.\ v ~~  itects, Contractors, Engineers, Material Dealers an*d others interested in the building Irade of the IN.W*?  ".^������������������-.���������'.J' ~,?Z-*~-  Covering British Columbia.  Vol.  2,   No.   139,  Wed.,   May  8,   1912.  1&. rj<  i y  |?PJVATE EXCHANGE,  SEYMOUR 4795. 548,^550 SEYMOUR STREET  JIN OUR SHOW ROOM WILL BE POUND SAMPLES OP ALL KINDS OF MATERIAL  IfOR BUILDING PURPOSES. WE HAVE A VERY FINE DISPLAY OF MANTELS,  IGRA'TES AND FIREPLACE FURNISHINGS, FLOOR AND WALL TILE,-PAINTS,  TARNISHES, PLATE AND SHEET GLAS3 LEADED LIGHTS, AS WELL AS MANY  L'P-TO-DATE DECORATIVE' MATERIALS, PLASTER BOARD AND WATERPROOF  Iff ALL BOARD.        , n ' i ������������������ J  *  THE" RAECOLITH FLOORING COk.  ' Raecdliih Plastic Flooring  WAT&0NITE FLOORING '  301 Pacific Blelg.', Sey. 8144,  TROY ROOFING CO  Tar and Gravel Roofing  ,    Water  Proofing  i'1    Roof Repairing        - '  All Work Guaranteed  Fhone Seyntour 7417  814 Metropolitan Bldg.  : REINFORCING STEEL        , *. ^ /*  Plain or Corrugated  Round or Square.  Can Give Delivery In One Week To 10. Days.  312 Pacific Bids.  F.T. CROWE &,CO.  "Everything in  Building  Material"  Seymour 9422  o      '  n  REINFORCED STEEL, PLAIN AND RIBBED.   ALL SIZES AND LENGTHSXARRIED IN STOCK  I.       ' - v. ��������� ���������j\p*<'   -  DIRECT   SHIPMENTS  ATTENDED  TO, PROMPTLY      . i-     '  .j RITCHIE CONTRACTING. &' SUPPLY COMPANY,  LIMITED    '  Phone fSeymour 9162, Private Exchange.        Office   and ()Bankers,  Granville   Street  Bridge..  lumber.  Peacriptio  .74���������."-sto fr i'e_v  g27D���������2-sto bi^sto b'dg  276���������l%-=to  fi   res  1279���������1-sto fr ies  i Cost.! Street Address.  TT^GOO   3id Ave  Contractor.  ?8,000  ?2,500  1282 Gianville St  Jo962-"Jrcl Ave. ,AV  BUII|I)"rN<* PEBMITS ISSUED AT THE VANCOUVER CITY EALJC YESTERDAY.  Lot and Biook. I Subdivision.  F.ft  of "3���������21 J-540 .   ... .    .     \V.   D    Goodfellow  ;22, 23, 21���������102   541'      . . Owner  1        .A.  28! 192 . .    ."'' Contr  1  *1,000 1 214S���������1,0th ,Ave.   13  32���������104a  " N  264a  Ownei  Address.  Champion  Wiles & Fisher  Beaton Sz McNeil  Ownei  Pt   Grey P.O.  1326 Robson  St.  506  Richards  Owner.  Address.  <5  Building permits  for Victoria will be  Faris & Montsurat  R   Hoffmeister  Robert Herbert  John Miller   "415 Homei  ,.   761 Thuilow St  ..   506 Richards  2158,-10th Ave   E.  found on Page 2;  Phone 29S8  REINFORCING STEEL  Plain- Square, Round and Square Twisted Pars  Triangle Mesh -Column Hocping  , Largest stock in city  Liability-, Occident and ;Health  Our Plant is Fully Equipped For Cutting  ,   To LengthJaud, Cold Twisting  Prompt Delivery Our Specialty  ALL  KINDS  OF GLASS  Seymour 4674  Western Plate Glass  . & Imp. Co. Ltd.'  Reg. Office: 153 Cordova St. &. ,  VANCOUVER, B.C.  PLATE GLASS WINDOW GU^  >   '      Leaded Art Glass  Thorne  Metal  Store  Front'Bags   .  Bevelling1 and SUverins; '  'tore Fronts Cttaxed  Our Office Issues Your Liability, Accident and Health Insurance  Also adjusts losses without delay or referringoto any remote Head *���������  'Office      -,  o ( ���������   ,  British American/Trust Company, Limited.  "' ,        Insurance Department    <  Oarter-CottonvBlds. ,<��������� -Plione Seynloar'7620 (TANCOPVER. B.  C.  VI'T l������ A t   1TC The Lonff-Life" Enamel. ' Vltralite is an  B  I ^ M L.I J  E������   _J        ausolntely.. tvliite enamel, unecjuoled-for  durabilityoand elasticity, either in the Gloss or'SgiT-Sliell finish. -.Not only Is  Vltralite superior for interior workrbnt it can jbe absolutely'depended  aponj_  for all outside work nncl'unoli' Interior work subject ,to. frequent vWetUug', as,  bathrooms, kitchens, etc:  ,\  jri "��������� .'r>  BQGAR0US,vWI0K  ���������������7'*V<!j 70 Cordova -St." wirt^W^r-f  "w^.phooe^Se-^jiour.-fiS-TiB.v- vu  WILt, BUILD 22 BTTZTO-AZrOWS    1  IN"  SOUTH"VANCOUVEB  i Architect David Blan, 522 Pender, St.,  XV.,  is  preparing  plans* for  the  British'  I Canadian Investment Co foi 22 bungalows of five and six 100ms each lo bo  built in  the AVrnsor, Ross and Kcnsrng-  1 ton stieet distncta to cost ?1,500 and  $2,000 each.    Tendeis will bo called lor  V." k V  the construction  ot  the  bunga'ovvs0 and  ���������work will be stai ted as soon .as the  * ' i ���������  giound can be cleared  * - c  Aichitect Blau is also piepaiing plans  'foi "a ?5,000  eight',100m  fi.nne  couhtly  bunga'ow  foi   C.  Tiener   to  be built ,at  Men ill," B    C  v The'bungalow   vvlll 1 lie  modern in  every  respect and  the aichi-  ,tect will fuinish information concerning  1I1-    - * i       ,  s-o.encler8--wanted,-ietf.<--. _, ,'iv, r? ,...->.  nadianPacific Lumber Co. Liniited  The attention of ' Architects, Contractors and 'Builders' Is called  to the NEW ERA'REVERSIBLE WINDOWS, which we. are now manufacturers of/ Call at our factory, and see them arid learn of their'many  advantages over any other windows made. . y  v      -"j.. " -  Factory:    Foot of Salsbury  Drive. "     ���������> -  r      f. . ,  Branch factory, at 1618 Third  Avenue-West, Fairview. Vancouver,  B. C.  Phone" Bayview 888       ' '"_'  TEXH.EB.S WAETEB'POR TWO  STORY, BRICK BUIIiDIlSIG  BXTIZi-OIITa   PEBMITS.  'Only Permits amounting1 to less than  91000 will be found under this head.  2272��������� E Cook, 1047 Beach Ave, 2-sto.  fr vvrhse and stable,_1017 Beach Ave.,.  C   Kilpin,   ?S00. .    <  2273���������AV    Tinney   &   Co,   459   Pender  St.   K,   1-sto  fi   factoiy,   l-C27-2nd  Ave  1 -T      "-  AY., Owners, $500.  2277���������R AV Stuait, 24601 Cambiidge,  fi  addn to ies, 2160 Cambiidge;  $130.  227S���������F Colbouine, 214-llth Ave E.,  fi saiage.^H-llth'Ave'E , $100.  2280���������,T.  Yates,  1160,  Comov,   fi  jra:-  age;"l60Como\, $100.    '  'P 22S1��������� "Mr     McNeill,    fr   gaiage, .2735  6tli.'Ave   AV ,y?U6     ' ' "' '        1   .'  ,<      MATEJBIAI.S TO BE "ITSED.  The   folio-wing'/material   1b   mentioned  to^be used  in "the structures  called to'v  ^n^tho  pennits^above,   whose ' numbers  'oorrespond-ta those-preceding- th������ follow���������  lug-  items.  22 7(1���������2000 In, 600 yds(pl. 10 bbls cmt,',  2271���������95,000  bi,   HO  vds pi   50  bbl, cmt'  Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd    .  2120 CEDAR ST. I  Phone Bay. 646   Near Sixth W '  Standard Glass Co. Ltd  A ART aZkAB*    ,'"  i  Phone Seymour 6476. s 839 Samara 8%,  BRITISH COLUMBIA  ,   ,,   HARDWOOD   PI.OOR-CO.,,    .  ,' Floor layers and Designers  Sey. 6853���������Bay. 139R. SS7 Oranville St  /  1320 Richards St.  j.-FYF^SMITH & CO.  Phone Seymour 1196  E: H. HEAPS & CO., LIMITED  LUMBER & SHih'GLES .-  '  *   ' Doors. Sash, Mouldings, Etc. *" *   |  BANK AND OFFICE FIXTURES IN'NATIVE AND HWRDWOOD  Ml'lls, Otlices and Factory: , -       - '    r      ^  Cor. Victoria Drive and Powell Street Phone Seymour 8810  Western Steam & Oil Plants Co. Ltdv  1010    DOMINION    TRUST    BLDG. Sey    7670  MACHIIIE SHOP IN EASEMENT OP 109 POAVEI.I. ST.  1  .Entrance in roar _ Phone Sey 3732  Architect   XV.   P     White,  ' Hutchinson  I Bldg , wii leceive tendeis  foi   the con-  ��������� ti uction,  to  include  all .tiacle  work,  of  a two story biick building to be elected  on  Sth and Main foi   ,T.  B   Mathers ^  Mi   White will al-o be piepaied by the  'end of the week to ta've tendeis for the  construction  of  a  3-story,  mill  woil  and also foi  J* B  Mather-..  Thls-'building   will   go   up   at   11th   and  ���������* ������  Main and is designed for apaitments  and stqre.. ,Tlio e\cavation ha-, been  completed.'  2274���������3000 bi  2273���������600 br,  2279���������1000 bi  750  vds pi,* S' bbls  cmt  .' bbls cmt  400  >ds pi,  4  bbls  cmt  BUILDERS and CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES  Sherardized Metal \M     v,  ,   American Wall Board      \ .  ..j*   'Samson Fibred Plaster ���������  Blue Crass! Cement; ���������'',���������*���������'.'  : / Hydratedlimfe: .   "  :;   C;&anlir)erJah!ison;^Cijm  JOHNSON'S WHARF  APHONES SEYMOUR 9146, 9147  1 ,  <,*"  .'" {.  " ^  rl  WESTERN"   CANADA   BUILDING  and  cost $55,000,  61x130  biick  v  con-tructed  building,   to  TENDERS WANTED POR  " RESIDENCE  CONSTRUCTION  Aichitect   W    JD    Goodfellow,    303%  1  Haatuigs AA, vvi 1 taUe raridei, toi the  consti uction, tiade, vvqik unci .ill mateiial used 111. the election ot a seven-  100m tvvo-.toiv ?:>, 500 dwelling foi Mi  Olivel to be elected on the lowei Shaugh-  noSs-y  Heights    < /  INJUNCTION TO  STOP  CONTRACTORS ^Er"  "JED  Vaimcotflver rViarfoSe Si T3Be Co., Ltd.  LARQE STOCK" OF TILE AND MARBLE ALWAYS (j>N  HAND AT  OUR  W0RK8, THEREBY  ASSURING  PROMPT   DELIVERY.  PHONE SEYMOUR  1518  848 BEACYi AVE.  103 Winch Building Phone Seymour 187 - 5929  ������������ i*r-B & S S* and California >  "-GOLDEN GATE " CESVIENT  English " K-  Lime, FPIasttir, Fire Brick, Tin Plates.  Pig Iron Etc.  Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company'  SYSTEM OF STATIONARY PLANTS  791  Granville St.  Phone Seymour 14B7  ,      Vancouver, B. C.  Sole   Agnnts  THE DUNTLEY STORE  City R/3ap& White Print Co  BRILLIANT   BLUE PRINTS  DRAFTING TKACING MADS  432   Cordova   Street   West  riione     Sevmour   66*13  The application of Mcliouagll &. Co  and .\itken & Co, conti.iclois, ioi .tn  injunction to lesti.nii I'.ookei Campbell  vt Whipple liom completirig the woiK  of electing the new Clnilinei'-, Chinch  was refused dv Justice MpuNon ve lei-  day. The applicants claimed to he the  assignees 01 the conn act loi the cai-  ponte' woik held bv the Lite Will am K  AVat-'on, to whom thev had alleceiliv  advanced monies, and given a bond loi  the   peiioimance   ot   lu^   conti,icl  The   dispute  as   to   who   should   com  plete   the   conttait   has   1 aged   loi   thiee1  months   evei since Mi   Watson was kill-1  ed bv   the fall ol a dernclv at the huild-  mj,     At pie=ent the work is bein-^ cum-'  nleted   b^    Jle^sis    Bookei,   C iinpbcll   \. |  AVhipple    the   contiat toi s   in   chid,   w ho 1  had  ouleied  the  otnei   cl.uinai ts oft   tne  iieini-.e I  NEW  lyJIII.   POR  BEDLH.GHAM  Arcitiibald Moir Et Co  ������������ The Map IVSerB V  BLUE PRINTING  Drafting; Tracing  Reliability and Dispatch  Room! IK ��������� 217 Empire Bid! Phore Setniojr 5378  Falkenliurg I Laucks, Ltd.  CHEMISTS,   ENGINEERS  We  inspect   cement,   all  structural  materials and construction work.  152 Trounce Alley. Seymonr 7159  HTI T.1NG1I >M \\ >'���������.spmloi  St'VLns and a o-cialis will e ecl  at Duvall at a cost  01 .? I 00 0(in  .A I  11 ill  TENDERS   POR   TRADE   WORK  Ha,tings   St  SASKATOON���������Office building on Fist  avenue Aichitect, M Patent Geneial  conti actor. Shannon Sz Sassldj , Sask 2-  sty , conciete foundation;.,bi ick and stone  construction, steam heating, electilc  lighting, asbestos and shingle looflng,  oak   flooring,   vaults   lequiied  Plans aie leadv foi two residences on  Albert avenue for T C Beattie, Saskatoon . Frame construction, concrete  foundation, hot air heating, electnc ltg,  I , v  B   C. shingle looting. .  Plins aie  readv for re-ldence to co������t  *51,000,   avenue   G,   for    Mai tin . Daley,  Saskatoon      2-"t\ ,   fiame   construction,  concrete foundation, vacuum steam htg.,  electiic   lighting,   shingle    looting,    oak  filnsh  Plans  are  li"Inir prepaied  for   paison-  iu<e   to  cost   $5,000   foi   Tnnitv  Geiman  Lutheran  church   Architect   C   AA"   Bei-  "enhanen   S.i-k     2---tv. fiame constiuc-  tic'i, ennccte foi'nc'aUon, vacuum vteam  1 oatii.g    elect''c   'i*j,ht,    B    C     shingle  looting, oak fini'h  Plans'aie icadv foi  leslclence to coM  $4,000   Avenue" K, -Coi  AA'm   Aimstrong.  S.i-1 a icon      2-stv , vtone  founrtit'on  and  fi.imn consti notion,, vacuum steam he.it-  I,,,,    c>lprtilc    light    shin/le   ioo*ing,   oak  and   fn   flooi ing  P'ln-.  .lie  icidv   fni   residence  to  co-t  $3,")00    2"th -stieet    foi   Geoi ge   Pinclei  Pianic consti 11c lion, coi.ciele foundation  vacuum   steam   heating,   electnc    light,  shingle  moling   01k  I 111  h  J      CAIoGVRA"    (LAST)���������Plans   ail'   lo.irlv  j foi  ofllce building to cost % IS 000 foi   TI  ! I    Finn   Centre 'tieet   C'.ilgaiV       Vrchi-  tec t,   Leo   Uowlci       Gen     conti ictoi    is  I ownei        '-stv     *i"i\')i,   conciete   iounda-  I lion,  electnc light, steam  heiting   bnclo  consti uction   with   giavel   looting  I     The    citv    council    is    contemplating  building public  swimming  baths  at     a  10-I ot   $21000 .trul arc   <i  king  foi   111I01-  1      /  j   nation   nn   tV'e  viihiect  I     The boaid  of heilth ot  =;a=lv.atoon  a-e  contemplating   tin c c    lmspil il    boildin.-s  I lor irirectiou- disc 1 e- f'ovt Si(i,dQ0  Knov Pitsbv Icnan Ciiuicli have liad  I)I.-"I1S ijlip.HLI1 h> \ 1 < li 1 t'-'c t- Hiomi ������.  A'.il' nice Al'nt 1 il. f"i the" encj'on 01  1 new chinch un Isi lilma ivtnie lo co< I  <11(i 000  MKLVILLC     S'SK ��������� \     liv-Invv    has  been   passed   In   the   iitcravcr-.   101   the  Canadian Builders Supply Co., Ltd.  'L _. ^ Dealers in  SCREENED SAND AND GRAVfEL  CRUSHED STONE���������LIME, CEMENT ETC.  Office , ~,      Buakera  -    . \      **?'  1901 Georgia St.  717S  /  Sev.  4068  406S  : CiET YOUlFl   ESTP>^rrES   R=ROIvr  Canadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..  Limited.  O < V '  Por  -      PiASTERHTO,   CEMENT,  BRICK,   STONE   AND   THE   WORK  Phone Soy. 8180 '         Office:   104 Empire Bldtf.  VANCOUVER MACHINERY DEPOT, LTD.  ENGINEERS   AND   CONTRACTORS  Office atid Works:    1166 Si>:th Avenue ,W .^Vancouver,  B. C.  '1 V/e  stock here a complete line of the goods'of tne following Anna:  AMERICAN HOIST & DERRICK CO. HOISTING ENGINES AND  l-rEKRiCKS  'E.  LEONARD  St  SONS,   ENGINLS   AND   BOILERS*  WASKIIfGTON  IRON   WORKS,   DONKIJ.Y   CNGINES,   HOISTS,   ETC.    ,. <  Conn actors' and Bulldeis'  Equipment can led In stock, including:  '   H< '  t-..   Derricks  and   Winches.  C"i crete  Mixers  Siiripers.  Dump Cars and  Reaving Ralls,  Cciitiitugal  Pumps. \ tq  ..    Si earn Shovels dnd  Flock Crushers. - 1  Mntors,  Air Comprcs-,ors, etc ,  "tc. j  We  operate  a  fully  equipped   machine   shop.     Contractors'   rush  order!  givDi. tipocial and prompt attention.  KOEtiRING CONCRETE   MIXERS  AilJjJ THE BEST.    AiaK XilK UWNION  OF THE  45  Satisfied  Users  En Vancouver  PRICES  ON   APPLICATION  CANADA FOUNDRY CO. LTD.  1065   Fender   St. Phone   Seymour 571/  ��������� a  In  K^turwru.  Office: 108 Alexander St.  Phone Sejmour 17"-S3  WarehoUBo: 821  Powell  St.  Builders and Contiac-  tors'  SUPPLIES  Metal Lath,  V1et.il Ceil  mg. Wire Rope, Tool &  Dull Steel and General  Supplies  Let us figure on your ELECTRICA1 CONTRACTS. Nothing too large;  nothing too small. Our stock of Electric Chandeliers is the larqest in the  city. __  Electural        /f^ ^*fe ������"*& |r������"      j*?*     ' ^ a^ [aj       Phone  33S Hastings Sfrrcet "West  8GO0  Aluel'ei and Tavloi 10  AV, will take tc-ndei-, foi , the clec ti ical | pui po^e ol laislng funds to build Town  wiling and the intcnor iinishmg foi tin 1 Hall Tlans have been picp.'ied bj  rcciinir.'i; hcu.'ie to be built for Sam Kee. \ vtcrey  ft ..A*anlC!jr.;or.d, of  P.esira.  ye r  E8ectr?c Heists,  GasolSne foists  And Elevators  Eim AS! Sszes  365  Water  Street  Phone   Sey.  3237 i --^^^^ss^l^i^^jf^rtK'^rfeT^L^*isi^b!SM-i  *rfV*IAw-.^--U������-     jJ������������LX.**i���������v- *������*>-V ������������>  .***������-.  ���������MM)    IGlWKAJ-Hv,*  ^tlliertjUJU^Viafjf*   I" Jfcta (i������������llM*  ^ TJ.lt     11        J-*JJ J      V-foCUJ-JC  ,..'  I  vfJS  F  ��������� fig  If-  fp  m  m  \   Y  "V   '  I  I'll  ll  Pi  i*K  iftfy  m  IK*'  . 'i!*<  lJsft������  rl  i".-  'J--  I*  Jfr������  1*^1  l<  o"h  ('.Vi  Mi  '.I  I'i'J  1^  I 'iU  ���������-*>'"  |l *  Us  tip  ,.<ii  I*4v\  i������  ;.<  \  /  x  s  ���������������  British Columbia  DAH.Y   BUILDING  RECORD.  "Published Dally Except Sundays  RECORD PUBLISHING COMPANY  DAIL>  BUILDING RECORD  Address: 583 Homer-Richards Lane  Rear 'of 431  Dunsmuin Street  "Telephone Seymour 7808   v  ���������*-������������.  (Subscription Price  $1.00 a month  T  Payable in  Advance  VICTORIA NEWS.  V VICTORIA  PERMITS.  VICTORIA���������Permits have been taken  vt>Ut by AA'illiam Dnnfoiil & Son for  houses.on Tiutch viiect (toi A L. Matthews), costing $1,000. fou one on St  Andiews stieets and another on^Sutle  'street, each costing $,',00fi A building  ���������permit has been gian ted bv the O.ik  *Bay council to Hclvvaicl Codling for a  live-roomed fiame dwelling house'' on  Pleasant avenue, at an estimated cost of  *$S,200.  \ ^VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  Fire-Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe; Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  " BULLDOG " Wire Rope WHITE  "Santa Cruz" BLUE CROSS Cement.'  -Western Bungalow  Company  Designing of homes our specialty  SUPERVISING and ESTIMATING  Sey. 185���������r.    703 Dominion Trust Bldg.  t '' Notice  of  Removal  '    THE  PACIFIC   LIME   CO.,   LTD.  Have   removed   their   offices   to   201   Carter-Cotton -Bldg.  Phone   Sey. '9506  i.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Plans ior Buildings in this Table are in tli^.H'inds of the Architects,    and    the   Date   Given   for   their  Completion is Approximate only.   When the Contract is Let, Name of Contractor is Given in Last C oiuniii.  TENDERS   WANTED   TOR  v>   I  VICTORIA  SCHOOL  RITIDDING  VICTORIA���������Tendei s   will  be. received  at the offic'e,of the Bo'.u d of School Trus-  , '       -  lees on or befoie Wednesday, 'JAIaj  15th,  at C. o'clock pm, for the election a;id,  Completion of afoui-ioom scliool building to be erected on the corner of Cecilia road and Oliver avenue .  A sepaiate tendei .will be leriuiied foi  -he" heating and ventilating plant  Character.  Estimated   Cost   .Location      Owner Architect  .v.  (  i i \    ~ ��������������������������� ,  CORRECTION   OF   STATEMENT  "' The-Recoid wishes to coirect a''typographical and other wise unfortunate  ���������error made in the" Tuesday edition in  regard to the stoiy concerning Horel  and Roberts who aievr^fklrrg tenders for  an   apartment, house      Tlie   addiess   of  ~- i ���������  Horel and Robeits was given as=the lltli  floor ol the "Metropolitan building, which  ,. Should be the Jlth floor ot the Dominion  Trust building  WII.I. REPAIR EVERETT  DOCK; COST $65,000  V'  /EVERETT, AA'jV.���������An ordinance' will  be presented to the city council calling  Tor a bond issue of $65,jJ00, to be used  In the lepaii and leconstiuctldn and enlarging of-jhe city dock here.  ���������POINT GREY BUILDING REPORT  KERRISDALE, POINT GREY"���������Forty-  eight new buildings 'of ,tliea estimtffed  Value   of   $175,360,- was' the) lecord' iii  ������������������ r  Point Grey for, the month  of April,, as  Just   compiled   by   Electric   AViring   In-  r  apector Burns.    This siiows a very de-  < i  cided increase of $62,750,ovei the flguies  '   for  March,  and  gives  evidence  of still  s larger   returns   as   the   building  season  advances. >��������� ,  l-sto  stoie  and  apmts        45,000  Add to apmts        40,000  1 to 10-sto conc stores Sz looms     100,000  Uvstu   conc  ole  bldg $100,000  Dawson school       130,000  6-sto  bik office bldg      200,000  2-bio   brk hotel       ....    A   ..       45,000  Power house   4.   .       40,000  Two 3-sto brk img hse '    .        70,000  SUteis of Good Shepheid ..       75,000  i-sto   hotel   add      150,000  .3^8-sto  school  adds 120,000  S-sto' brk office  bldg      110,000  4-sto-bik  add   to  hosprtal..   ..       60,000  Bik  school   bldg        90,000  1-oto rmg hse .    . .       35.000  3-sto apmt hse        56,000  10-sto brk apmt hse    < 250,000  3-sto brk apmt- .      .        40,000  3-sto  apt 'hse        60,000  4iioom  add            25,000  Police Headquai teis .   . .     175,000  Club'bldg' '. :       238,000  Shipyards            25,000  Saw   mill            50,000  Depot <������- offices   1,000,000  8 sto conc club bldg $350,000  6-sto  i mg  hse        40,000  I  bridges       1,750,000  1st Pres.  Church,  Victoria    ,100,000  PiovC Girls'  Home        ..    .      ..     100,000  3-sto, 80x80, apmt '.,....       ,75,000  3-4-sto apmts and stores./....     160,000  Hotel        1,000,000  4-sto  rmg  hse  30,000  Conc stadium    ."      250,000  .Plans Ready  00,000  250,000  100.000  40,000  150,000  50,000  35,000  Drill hall  Lower Lake 1..  Manufacturing plant    /. ;  3-sto brk apmts..,. /.. j  Women's  Club -..*:.'   Brk or  conc school :>   3-sto brk apmt hse       Power plant  69G.00O  4-sto stoie &p]ofts -.  "5,000  University bldgs    . E-/0,000  Steel   budge"  ,    150,000  10-sto steel & conc ofc bldg  500,000  Theater  250,000  10-sto  ofc  bldg  1,000,000  Club Bldg. *   Bridge    2,100,000  3 fire halls    41,500  Brk and stone church  150.000  3-sto  apmts  ���������  55,000  5-sto   hotel   bldg  60,000  4-sto brk apmts  75,000  2-sto  fr apmts.'  22,000  3-sto brk-stone res  20,000  6-sto   bik  whse  75,000  S-sto   brk   apnits $145,000  7-sto  conc  bldg  226,000  Rmg house    :... 21,000  <!-sto   office   bklg..'.  230.000  6-sto-whse   bldg .*         36,000.  S-sto rein cmt ofllce bldg   . 200,000.  i-sto, office   bldg ���������  175.000  3-sto Btone'and  brk hospital.. 225,000  6-sto store & rooms  _   60,000  6-sto apmts...:'.  60.000  6-sto conc add  60,#00  ,10-sto conc office bldg  360,000  3-sto'store & apmts  70,000  fitr-tOvbrlc  bldg    96,000,  Brk and stone church  100,000  8-sto steel  & brk office bldg.. 85.000  Stoneichurch      Sy.flvO  Brick and stone church  Add to-apmt h������e  Bioadw^y & Yukon D. McCallum  Victoria Miss Jean lUoIlison  Homei  & Georgia Sts   E   .Mahon  700 blk Gianville st    j '..  ���������\'ev\  Westminster .Peoples Tiust Co  Piinceton, B  C.        . .Peter Swanson  'Cai Is Road , B  C. IS. 'R  New Chinatown -  i'olnt  Grey  Hastings and JUain     '. L  L   Mills  So   Van     So. Aran. School Board  Blk 12, Hast   St  .McDougal & Cameron  Nelson, B   C...Kootenaj   Lake Hospital  Tippeiaiy Paik,  New  AVestimnstcr    . .  Richards  st Haley Vfe Sulton  11th  and  JUain-J... J.  P. Jlatheis   Dr    Robt    Teifoid  Hastings st E .    . .       .  Kitsilano .-    .    ....    T   H   Calland  Central school      School Board  Citj   oi VancotTver .     . Powell st  Hastings and Hoinby. .Vancouvei Club  Buriard Inlet..W. D. Anderson, Toronto  Not chosen*... .Bloedel, Stewart Sz Welch  Granville & Coidova..   .. .-. .C.^P. R.  Georgia & Bunaid v-f, Y. M' C. A.  Blk S, Cordova st. .Vancouver Realty Co.  Biftish Columbia  C'N.  R.  tjuadia and Kisguai d st.x.......'.'.   Govt   . ....        Hastings Townsite  Victoiia Lindsay Sz Roberts  Pender, Bute, Melville Sts...J. J. Bantield  Secnelt, B. C. P. P. Bigwood  100 blk, Coidova E A   C   McNeil  Coal Harbor  Vancouver  Deadman's Island    Dominion  Burnaby ...." "..  Mun. of Buinaby  Buriard Inlet. .���������>..... .G   B   Bouiatteau  Park drive .Tt T. H   Richaidson  Thuilow St   Women's Clubs  Nanaimo School  Ti ustees  Bi oadway W "  Kamloops  .. r- City  Ponder, nr Columbia. .Story.. & Campbell  Point Grey    Province  Georgia-Harris st   ." City  Gianville, nr Georgia Syndicate  Gianville St L   Richmond, Jr.  Not to be made public.Can. Home Inv.  Undecided V. A. C.  2nd Narrows. .Buirard Bridge & Tun Co.     City  Victoria 1st   Baptist-' Cchurch  No.   Vancouver...'..   ...Stevenson  Bros.  Powell and Hcatley st..,..'.   Alberni st McNeil Bios  50S-1S Scmlln Drive. Savainai Bros.  Shaughnessy Hts *...... .'   C.  P.  R.   Reseive. .-  1st Sz Point Grey Ave R  H  Parti.dge  Howe st B,  Powell and Hawkes....  Producers Rock 1 Gravel Co., Ltd.  - ^ *���������-  Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel   .  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAY.      ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD.  OFFICE AND BUNKERS FRONT AND MANITOBA STS.  Head  Office  and  Bunkers:  Store St., foot of Chatham  Phone 305      '        Victoria, B. C.  Vancouver Office and Bunkers:  Front and Manitoba "Sts,  Phone  Fairmont 552.,  . Telephone 1045 ���������  ^1313 Wharf Street  CANADA MOSAIC TILE CO.  ,. Manufacturers Of i   *  "ArgiKa" Mosaic Flooring, Tiles  P. O. Box 1171  VICTORIA, B. C.  Arictoiia.  AVater st .   .....  Hastings st W  C. Bible Socrety  .. .Chas. Putnam  .Dom    Trust Co.  ,E. A   Morrrs  New AVestmlnster.Roy.  Columbia Hosp.  .Seymour, near Dunsmuir.. .1).  Campbell  Cardero & Comox D. D. Hutchinson  Victoria S Jones  Granville & Georgia. .H Birks Sons. Ltd.  4th & Yew...%..., Syndicate  Cordova ^t Scan. vMeth. Mission  Carl and Pender Church of St. 'Jamea  2������0 hlk. Hastings E.<   Shaughnessy Hts    Methodists  2B.01)O1'.rraser ave South Hill Baptists  lovvrisend   Sz  TowusenJ. .ft. .Bids   closed.*,  .1    S    Ij    Taylor    Bids, closed  W   F. Gaidinei   .../'. Bid- closed  Pan   Mclven/.le <k������Dnv .     .    .Bids eloped  N    A    Leach Now  Gardiner  vC-   JUercei .       .       Now  Btesciii.in Sz Duifee .    , .   .Now'  H   C   E   R  A'ovv  Stuai t, White ."i-Petcis Stait const Mav 1  Wellington   Sz   AVhcatley      c .Now  F   to.  Bendei   (Kansas City) Mav  10  Jl H    Bowman   . ... .   .Mav   10  XV   D   Van  Siclen  . .     ,     Jiay 15  S   B   Biids .     . /.     .May'15  Gaidinei  Sz Meicer .     .. May 15  Biaunton & Liebert    . i, .    ' Mav 15  W. P.1 White .   .        -   Mav 10  AV   M    Docld '        .   . May  15  lonea & Beatsoii. . Mav 20  \V.,F.  Gaidinei ,    .. ,.. ..May  N   A.   Leech' .' ( ..Maj  Competitive         Juiie  l  Shaip & Thompson    .     '.       .   .".June 1st  Not  Chosen, ... .^ ���������. t ~. June  Not chosen- .-...,June  VV. S. Painter jUne  H. S.  Gi itTiths ,. .-.'.June  A  C. .Hope   Waddcll   & Han lngton..-.   A. "avCo\: ' ...*.'.' ".'.'.'.        *.  Robt. Knipe .* ���������>.   I'"   II.   Pdrkins   W. M.  Somei veil    '   J. P   Matheson & Son v   Er edk. Heath   Not chosen   Not chosen      Not chosen      J. H.  Bowman .*;...  Not ciiosen    '.   Not chosen     \   Iloicl vt Robei ts    lmtchei & Maxwell .'....  W.  T.   AVlutew.iy   Not chosen      Not  chosen   ,.,..,,.'. v...,   Not chosen ,   J-L  1110 Granville St.  ,       Vancouver  " N. A. G. " Roof Compositions  For Waterproofing Or Fireproofing  - i  1326 Wharf St.  Victoria |}f  !WHOI,I!������ffi0������Il^i^^  PERFECTLY VENTILATED  *iq>vWGS*^  To be .selected"witlii'n two weeks/   C   A. Johes       John AA'olfe-Barry Now being drawn  Not chosen      Not   chosen     Townsend & Townsend        . .     "'Delaved  Aldei   & Campbell      -        .    .     Delayed  Townsend  &  Townsend : .Delayed  Townsend  &  Townsend...." Delaved  AV  R Goodfellow../. Delayed  G   P.  Bowie / Delayed  K  H.   Perkins Delayed  C   A. Jones  CANADIAN EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  ,'  VANCOUVER,' B. ,C, AND,CALGARY/ ALBERTA. * ^  , METAL SASH and METAL CASEMENTS  Many of ^the'largest'buildings* and residences of. this city'  equipped with our Sash.   Enquiries' solicited from ^architects and  contractors.' ���������**' *"  Phones Seymour 2330 and 5021.  418 Pacific Building.  I  ������ ;t  Alder  & Campbell..   .' Delaved  H   S    Griffith . Indefinite  H   B   AA'atson        , " ...Indefinite'  Thomas  Hooper      . .... Indefinite  H. S.( Griffith ' Indefinite  S   B   Birds Indefinite  Hugh Braunton  .. IX...    Indefinite  R  M. Frlpp - Indefinite  Thos   Hooper        Indefinite  Somervell Sz Putnam Indefinite  J.  P.  Matheson &  Son Indefinite  Otto Moberg .*��������� Indefinite  Alexander   &   Brown Indefinite  Parr, McKenzie & Day Indefinite  G.   A.   Horel Indefinite  Horel   &   Robei'ts1 Day   labor  Jewett Designing Co Day labor  ���������PIRE DESTROYS ROUNDHOUSE -  J GRA7SID 'FORKS���������The/ C.P R. roundhouse and machine-shop at Tholt was  .burned down Friday night. One locomotive 'was also in" the roundhouse at  the time of the fire The .lo^s of the  building and 'equipment will amount to  1120^00.  ttAVT PAY OPT ICE  WANTS SUPPLY BIDS  ( -SEATTLE���������Bids will be received by.  the Navy Pay Office, Lowman Bldg.- for  the following-materials to be delivered  at the,Puget Sound Navy Yaid, Bremerton, Wn.    Bids Open at 11 am  May 10th���������1 centrifugal, motor driven  pUmp^-Req. No 204-L; 12 gouge's, Req.  "No. 206-L; 8 'sets guide caids, 206rL,  6000 sheets,  loose-leaf ledger,  206-L.  "May llth���������80 gals, aluminum paint,  fteq. No 362, 9 tuibine tube cleanets,  Req. No. 195-L; 2100 paper bagw, Req  No* 467, 36 cakes, black stencil paste,  fteq. No 167, 100,000 lbs pig lion, Req  ICo. 464, 2 dozen screw pulleys, 4 doz.  brackets, 4S yards cord, Req. No. 200-L.  Bids will be'opened by T J Cowle,  paymaster general U S N., Bureau Supplies and Accts. at Washington, D. C,  Ior the following delivery at Puget  Sound N.ijVy Yard, June 4th:  Wire rope, schedule 4560! 2,'500,000 gal.  fuel oil, sch 4551; 7000 lbs asbestos,  ���������plastei cement, sch. 4152; 12,000 lbs.  asbestos cement for pipe'covering, sch.  4452; 4300 lbs, asbestos paper, sch. 4452.  May 21st���������1 high speed cut-off saw,  fcch. 4505, 12,000 gal. gasoline, sell 4524;  It scales, sch.-4513, 60,000 lbs. white  JhC, *5Ch 4316; 468 glasses for guage,  sch   4578. J  The following bids will be opened by  the Navy Pay Officer, Lowman Bldg, at  11 am May 21st 2000 ga'v- hammock  Wngs, 111 mica cups, S4 impedence coils,  *fteq   No   441  ....       20.000   Thur ow and  Rob-on W.  L. Tait _  3-sto   coric  wrhse        IWW   K  Powell St ..B/C.  Sugar Refinery   Formerly Bryan r.'pay  labor  All  items  below  this  rule  appear la   this table for first time today.  Less Space Required For Beds  ���������  Vent flat ion Simple and Perfect  PERFECT CONCEALED B������E>CO.  Diaplay-'Rooni, 570 Granville St., '- ,   VANCOUVER, B. C.  1  Plione: Sey. "60&>3  3.    '������������������'     <,J>,P,V      '!���������"'.',        ���������   '-    '^"   'P'P������[       '     ' "���������'     v '     '     I  '.   SEE  POUVOWmO  IfAaffliJfi' SHOWS  BUUrDINOS  COSTING ������8000  OS   OVER,     OUT    WHICH    CQXtBTBXJCWCOX  UNDER WAT,' OB OK WTEtSCK CONTRACTS  HAVE  BEEN  1ET'BUT. CONST RUCTION   NOT  YET. STARTEB.  C4������HNEG8E STEEL BARS, PLATES ETC,  ; REINFORCING STEEL  4   From stock and import  WILKINSON COMPANY LIMITED.  846  Bench  Ave.  Phone  Sey.   7915  ?��������� LIMITED.  We have them IN STOCK     ;      . v  t Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, Transmission Etc.  PHONE: >SEy. 952,   <VANCOUVER,. B.  C.    37-43  ALEXANDER  ST.  "/  The Imperial Agencies; Corporation  eiecthicu siippues and novelties  .      I I  Phone Sey. 6122       VANCOUVER, B. C.  CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  409 Hastings St. W. (Rear)  Vancouver Roofing Co  -.'_- Contractors For" "  Tar and Gravel Roofing". Danripprooflng"  Expert Roofing Repairing  Sheet Metal Work of "all Descriptions  Pobne Sey. 0949 -. . 407 Sjoo-Blds;.  Factory, 1931 Triumph St.   Sey. 4130R  Vacuum Cleaner Plants, Cbnroli,  Jtodgre and Sohool Pnmitnre. TJieater  and Opera Chairs. Metal "&opk9rs  Ind  Office   Fixtures.     Wall  Barlftpa,  - .c^      Etc.   .  Phone, Sey. 5476     533 Pender St. W.  ste  is  Character    .. .���������".'.. .\.'...".". 1."...'.'..". .'Cost  Hospital .'.' "���������     32*J.<,,������S-  6 to 10-r.to conc bldg...v      .100,000  7-s'to ounCoapmts. .* ?2i5,000  2-sto bank  bldg      iSj?'0i,iJ  8-Mto olhce bldg      329-"jJSj2  626,000  85.000  60.000.  15,245.25,  760,000  30.000  30,000  JLocation    v. , Owner  Burrard & Comox Sisters of Charity  Water Sz Abbott Sts Swilt & Co.  Victoria    , Syndicate  Richards, nr Hast..Can. Perm. Ator. Cor,  Pender & Homer >J>om. Trust Co  10-uto hotel ' ,     630.000   .Melville & Buriard W.H.Ramsey  8-sto unices  ....'. .~ ���������"��������� ���������       85.000   509-15 Richard.- St. .N.'W. Can. Tru-t Co.  7-ato cune stores & rooms... >.       60.000. Georgia  &  Hamilton  ..Herbert   Bentley  Jtessorvoir    ������������������������������������       15,246.25( Rurnaby Burnaby  Watei   extension      750.00U/Seymour Creek City of Vancouver  4-t.to sioie & rooms        30.000   Seymour & Davie Pri*cilla Hunt  4-sto conc s.tore. & rooms ".    ��������� 30,000   52 Coidova St   E D. Campibell  Convent    '      300,000   Point Grey Sisters of Sacred Heart,  3-.sto brk apmt.s       100,000   .'044  Beach  Ave A.  A. Davidson  3-t.to stone & conc bldgs      750,000   Victoria,  B. C.. .Provincial Government  11-eto hotel   1,000.0^00   Georgia and Granville C. P. R.  Waieliou.e   ,      333,600   !��������� oot of Howe St Dominion  F'owet   plant         600,000   Pundledge River :Canadian Collerles  Warehouse .*        85,000  Shanghai alley. Wood Vallance & LegguBt  ,<-ito   brk   apmts...., $3 ,000   Pendrill & Gullfoid C. T. Tw<eedale  5-sto brk store'and rooms     -.60.000   Hastings nr Columbia.Seabold & iRdberta  e-sno-relnf-conc hotel...'      100,000   Victoria St. James Co.. (Ltd  5-s-to brk addn../. - $   226.000   llarrj & Thurlow : IP. A,gi'on  lettv    ".    -171,000   Steve.ston    Dom.  Govt.  5-sto" store and offices      100.000   Victoria T. N. Hibben .& Qo.  Conciete   docks'    -.  1.000,000   Noith   Vancouver Jas.   "Pall  G���������to  conc   hotel        50.000   610-12 Cordova st F. W. "Paftmofe  vdobe res         26,000   Shaughnessy Hts Mrs. Dr   Mackay  10-bto conc apmts      400,000   Georgia & Hornby , .Mr. cEvans  fi ������to stoio-room bldg $14."i,000   NE cor Homer & Duns. .Wilson & Harris  ' sto brk store & offc $30,000   Homer & Water Thompson Bros  R-s-t-i lirk  huslness  bldg        80.000   Ha-tlngs   st Jas.   Borland  ."i--to garage  75,000   Thurlow and Alberni     , ������eggs Auto Go.  School   add             53.000   Rhodes .school    City  Lonsdale ������chool bldg        42.000   Lonsda'e   7-sto   apmt   bMg      135,000   Thurlow and Haro IF. >F. iPttterson  l���������to  cone  rm   hse        35,000  Seymour and Dunsmuir >H 'Pybus  li-sto  bik  apmt  bldg      125,000   1127   Rob-on Chas,. <G.   Mullor  'j-sto brk sto & rmg hbe        80,000   Gore & Ha.stings, Hooper &.Snider  I-sto brk rmg hse        33,000   563-5 Hamilton r.W. E 'Hanson  G-sto brk hotel      100,000   Hastings and Dunlevy. .'Dr'T. H  Wilson  fi-sto bank bldg      100,000   Hastings and  Main Molsons  Bank  '--to conc garage        36,000   Victoria .Met    Motor  Car  Co'  fi-sto   hotd'           100,000   Abbott <fe Pendrill IP   "Mathews  fi- to brk hotel      100.000   Keefer & Gore ."airs. W. *Sanford  vdrl to Cecil Rhodes school....       78.000   city School Board  ,'i-sto   conc   offices      225,000   Pender Mahon, MdParland.'&"Proctor-  "i-sto   conc   whse        60,000   Water  St rMcLean   Bros  Hrk   anil   sfone  ������chool        75,000   12th  and   Victoria dr rSchool   Board  s-sto  steel-<S:  brk  rnghse....        15.00V   U'O  blk,  Hastings  E   7-fto -apmts^       100,000   Bute'&  Nelson Llghtlieart   Bios  I-sto  brk  <to & apmts        55,000  Gore  and  Pender Lee   Kee  lirv   clock    y 260.000 Prince  Rupert CG   T. P   R   R  Hicakwater   iettv         300.000 rraser  R,  Steveston,   B.  C Govt  i- to  brk   office  bldg ~   ,   59,000   nth  and Main.. .". D   E.  Harris  Whse bldg          ZS'SSS  )av,c   and   Hamilton .. Otis-Fensorne   C6  (j.������.fo ntrioe b'dg      ...._        85.000   rovet st   Victoria . .        _ .       .  30,000 rarris and Main .. D -McClarcn  4*".000 -'ovvell st . . .Mr. Sanguinetti  250,000 Beach Sz Chrlco sts A D Go'dsteln  35,000 Oun-imni & Beattj C. A God-on  53,691.0. U.301  -....City  <l-sfo ntfioe b'dg  (.-���������-to bik hotel add  '.=to  hrk  img  hs>e._       .    -.  g-bto   bik   apts  ',-  to   Ink   whse    .  S-rnom   school   bldg ,.  Arcbltect   ."...,.  *C������nitr������c*or  R. JT.  Tegen No*i������on" Grifnths  A. E. Shank '.J. MoDiai'mid & Co.  Hoult Horton    ,... Norton-Griffiths  J.'D. S. Taylor Ferro-Oonc. 'Const. Co.  H.  S.   Criitiths Norton-Griflithb   Co.   ' Ferro-Oonc. Const. Co.  3. E. Matiiieson &^on...Dom. Const. Co  ���������Stuart -& White Dominion Const. Co.  OJevetona--& Cameron.. .A. (L. Oits~& Co.  XV. S. \Lea Burrard Engr. Co. et al  A." J. iBtrd...- IR. MacLiean & Co.  Hugh Braunton..'. : .Egdell & J&ixori  C. <5.  iBadgoly S.  J.   Lund  XV. P. White.'  E  Cook  F. M  Rattei>bury...i\IoDonald & Wilson  XV. "S. 'Painter Skene & Christie   J. McDairmid & Co.  'Camr-any ; .'Grant-Smith & Co.  vDalton ifr Eveleigh. .'G. Snider & Brethour  Sharp & Thompson '..'.. .Wiji.  Mason  IH. oA. Hoagson R. MacLean & Co.  Brcsemann >& Durfee. Westholme Lbr Co.  'Quandt V& Crout^er... Owners  wjll, build   ".., '..i T. F. Sinclair  Thos.'Hooper.(j'Sound Const  & Engr. .Co.  ".. r....' J r..   Norton^Grifflths  R.   J   MaoDonald Baynes   &   Horle  XV. A. Doctor Egdell & Dixon  E..'S. "Mitton Egdell & Dixon  Dalton & Eveleigh Bavnes & Horie  Stuart &  White Burrard  Const.  Co  ���������Parr, McKenzie & Day B   Dav Id������oir  iL   E  Gordon.... . Dom   Const   Supply Co  N. A  Leech Robt. McLean & Co  Jameson & Blackadder.J E Wright & Co  W. D. Van "Siclen Dom. Conc   Co  H. L Stevens & Co. .H. L. Stevens & Co  XV. D. Van Siclen.. .Dom. Const. Co., Ltd  TPhos. 'Hoopei ^,-f Ftantz Const   Co  W.   P.   White Frantz   Const.   Co  L  E.Gordon Dom. Const. Co , Ltd  H. L. Stevens Co H. L. Stevens Co  H.   S.   Griffith Adkinson   &   Dill  A.  J. _Bird R.  McLean  &  Co  Tlugh   Braunton B    G.   Albin  N. A. Leach McLain Sz Co.  Somervell & Putnam,.C. Ferro Conc Co.  Thos.  Hooper Adkison  Sz Dill  N.   A   Leech McLain   Bros.  Parr, McKenzie & Day B. Davidson  Owners   ..'-.    Owners  S. B   Birds C. L. Williams  'Co   Engnrs... .British  N.  A., Const.  Co.   Sinclair Const. Co.  A    J. Bird Wiles  & Fisher  Thos    Hoopei    . .    McDonald  &  Wilson  Thos. Hooper Westholme Lbr. Co  Townsend  & Townsend . .      .E   J.  Rvan  Owner .      . E   J   Ryan  W   P   W,  Booker, Campbell        Whipple  G   P.  Bowie A   Adams,  X. A. Leech..Bookei, Campbell & Whipple  PerftaSnins  ti --r<*T"". '"'-'������������������ -";'  ��������� , " .VANCOUVER;jfTLO.pR^COr,  '*���������'    ' rs. Hardwooi^ Plo " " '  Sth Ave. ^ Glen Drive  /;.. Hardwood< Ploor i't^Jiw^and^ri^aJaerB. I      .   "; s  rrzt1.-. ir������-s-r������        <.-   "pr������or������e Fairmont 16.12  J4EAT&NG ^ND VENTILATIN6 FANS  .  SOILEKS, CONTRACTORS HOIS.TS  Ofllce Snlto 614-615-816.- ^ .   v .      ' "''' r"jB.^nk of Ottawa SuUtUnff.  y .***  B.C. Screen & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.  , SLIDING AND CASEMENT WINDOW SCREENS    >"  CHURCH AND LODGE FURNITURE  STORE AND OFFICE FITTINGS  266 OafferJtr Street Ea������t ">; ," Phono, ralrmont 1643    '    VAWCOTJVBS, B. C.  ; E.G. PARNELL  Fire and Burglar Proof Safes  '        * Vault Doors  School desks and Opera chairs  Phone: Soy. 1584       SB? Hamilton St.  CONCRETE   GONSTRIUC^ION  Cem'ent Walks,   Terrace  Steps,   Bank   Walls  and -Basement   Floors.  Phone Sey. 6612R.      '   E. WESTLUND, Mgr. 1263 Hornby St.  Dunham Vacuum  and  Vacuo-Vapor Heating  Systems  and  Asl. for "Latest Catalogue  FartlcnlarB.  157 Water St.   .       Phone: Sey,  5633.  STRATHCONA  Poiot"Grey  KERRISDALE  upply Cc>������  Head Office ~  310 Richards St.  Phone Spy. 4105  ANGUS  iiffiiii  0  Branch  Kerrlsdale B. C.  PJaone Eburne 46 R  **  . -   '    MAC5EE  j>*      r'  I  .  j.      Sa   ff^B  DEWAR CO., Limited.  Producers of and Dealers In  Crushed Roc!^ Washed and Screened Sand and travel  Office: Sey. 453*  /429 PENDER STREET WEST       ,              Bonkers; Sey. 6751  If yon (want any information or estimates on your  -' ELECTRICAL WOBK,  CALX. UP  CRUICKSHANK & CO.  Phone  Seymour ������������348  Affents for "Aston S" Tungsten Zampsj the Best on the "ttZarlcet  584  Richards St.  i i  i t-*  t L.   Ii;,. *sJ*i,������'  *. f-.  j ������< >^���������nj.-,*.  _*! _   t   r> ,    i -������-     , ������fc ���������.*���������*������������������������-   ", " -      *"������������������.*��������� ���������,| * ���������    '" ,  <>
'      rWr
,     J3I
British Columbia
, Dominion Equipment & Supply Co.
[ihain Belt Concrete Mixers, Wheelbarrows; Concrete
Carts, Concrete Elevators, Grading Machinery
.  "   ,������ ^"Large Stock Carried,
Phone:   Sey. 7155 - Office:   508 Holden  Bldg.
Warehouse:   345 Water St.
Wholesale Distributors of      '
Steam and Hot,. Water Boilers
Hot-Water and   Steam   Radiators., '
.   / Wartn-Air Furnaces and Registers
566-570  BEATT-Y  ST.        'PHONES  Seymour 7596-7597v,        "
I __;  ' '_
North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co., Ltd.
llfflce 56 Lonsdale Ave. N ,      WhiU'f foot of St.'Oeorffe Ave.
Phones  198, 178. ��
Western Plumbing Co.
[AND FURNACE WORK.    ' v_   -        h
Tareliouse iana  Ofllce:  Esplanade  and St. iGeorge's Ave. "      Phone 365
'Alexander" & Brown. Fairfie*ld'Bldg Sey   8848
Alde"i  & Campbell, Exchange Bldg Sey. 5974
Badgely. C. D, Riggs-Selman ^.Bldg..	
Barber & Barber. North Vancouver	
Barker, H. M., Hutchinson Bldg..- Sey. S831
Bayly, G. II., Doin. Trust Bldg Sey. 5643
Bird, A. J., Winch Bldg '. Sey."42SS
Birds, S, B., A.B.I.B.A., 1205-6  Duncan Bldg".-.... Sey. 4897
Beam Manfg. Co, 298 Prior St , Sey.
B. C. JHaislvvood'Floor Co, 557 Granville Sey.
3.   C.  Lumber Corp..  Ltd.,   1605  Georgia Sey. 6604
3. C, Supply Co, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. bid
Jan.'Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Rwy& Salsbury. .Sey. 6800
Dom   Sash & Door Co., 2120 Cedar St.. Sey. 6136
i.NH   Heaps & Co, 115 Victoria Drive Sey.�� 8890
Millwork Supply Co., 1605 Main St Fair S58-54G
I. Fyfe Smith & Co., 1320 Richards.., Sey. 1196
IF. T.  Crowe & Co, 312  Pacific Bldg ' Sey,  9422
j70g'Newton <& GreeF, Ltd*,_Vancouver, 118l_Gran.i:.Sey. 1391"
Ilackmo^e,' K 'e*��Loo mdg0.^!?..'.".V.'.*.". V,.'. S*ey.'489. Pr^ti2Fffilte��\i&���l6lOu^* "st' W..""ift/lOl
544 Howe St. . > ,    Plione*:   Sey.  1333,-" 7961   i*
Blair, David, 522 Pender W Sey. 7103
Bowie, Geo  P.. Bank of Ottawa Bldg Sey. 3610
Bowman, J. E., Crown Bldg." c Sey. 5038
Braunton Sz Liebert, 81 Exchange Bldg Sey. 3921
Bresemann & Duifee, Holden Bldg, & Victoria.Sey. 2202
Bryan,  Kennerley,  Crown  Bldg Sey. 5508
Cox, Arthur A., Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 6577
Dalton & Eveleigh, Davis, Chambers Sey. r 662
Dawson,   J.  Holden   Bldg. <
Doctor, W. A., Metropolitan Bldg. .\ .'..: Sey.
Dodd, AV. M , Can. Bank of Commeice Sey
Donnellan,   J.   J,   Riggs-Selman   Bldg., Sey.   6015
Dutour,   J.   B,   Rigga-Selman   Bldg	
Devvar, Andiew, 84 Lonsdale, North Vancouver
Fraser, Kenneth, Metiopolitan bldg..:..
Ftipp, R. MacKay, Hutchinson Bldg..'...
Gamble & Knapp. Davis Chambers	
Gardiner, Win. Fredk., Hartney Chambers
Gould   Sz  Chanipnev,   Rogers,   Bldg	
Goodfellow, W. D, 303% Hastings St. W
Grant &  Hender-on, Williams,  Bldg....".
Giifliths, E. S., Dom. Trust Bldg..   .  ��..
Gaidiner Se Mercer, IVI. S. A., New Westminster
Gillam, AV  C  F, Hutciiin.on Bldg,   .    . Sey
Hammer,  P,vi934   Williams  St"	
Haigreaves, L\AV,,425 Saywaid Bldgj Victoria
.Sey. 9096
.Sey. 4932
.Sey. 5473
.Sey. 2615
.Sty. S14u
.Sey 6694
.Sey. 1393
.Sey. 4920
Acme Plumbing & Htg^Co., 131 10th Ave.M3.. .Fair. 537
Armstrong Sz Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave AV l.Bay.    296
J   JEr-Campbell Sz Co., 1064 Pender St. XV..... .Sey.*2736
Grandvievv Sheet Metal AVks., 1729 Venables. .Sey. 5284
uiney Foundry Co, Ltd., 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7696-7597
Johnston-Thompson ,Co.  525  Burrard  St Sey. 7899
G. L   Kelling & Co., t>06 Pender St. Sey. 8228
Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd '324 Drake St. Sey. 8397
Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg.' Sey. 6949
Western Plumb. Co, Esplanade & St  George.N. V.\ 365
Armstrong & Wolfe,  1540 5th Ave W Bay.    296
Grandvievv Sheet Meial AVks, 1729 Arenables. .Sey. 5284
Vancouver Roofing Co/, 407 Loo Bldg Sey. 2015
Burnside Gas Appl   Co.\ 1037-9 Granville St..,Sey. 3704
Waltei  Kliisey, 1366 Gianville St , Sey, 9053
IS. ' - ' ,' s
V J>
i THE  process  of manufacturing brick is  a  veryy Important  matter.^   Every
brick turned out of oar latest improved  Berg press is ^made under  a'
pressure of 400 TONS.   They are, also' oared in cylinder under ISO pounds
steam pressure. i-    i      <���   '    *    '' N' " v
ABSORPTION of moisture is only from 8 to 10 por cent.l This is p very important feature in tills" climate. Our brick is being* used'in many important building's.     v (  t ,
WE can supply brick of all kinds and colors.    Our prices are'right.1 Be sure
.    to get our figure before closing ordtr.   You will save''money. ,
Vancouver Pressed Brlck& Stooex
'���'-������' ������-' Ltd.   . ���_'���   \:
P. O. Box, 546 *    , CEMENT TSSTING v~" 'Phone Sey. 7355B
; J. f. Wright, F. ���;.S. Eng.'M. A. C? S.
v   Specialist En Portland and Other Cements    "
Bxpert Adviser on Building Materials, Etc.   -     -�� "-8S3 Burrard Street
Heath, Gove & Neuse, Metiopolitan Bidg Sey
Helver iz Aichei,  Dom   Tiust *Bldg :.   Sev.
Heide.  A.  F.  Metiopolitan  Bldg  T..Sey. 5341
Hodg.on,  Hugh A,  Cai tei-Cotton Bldg bev    6'60
Honev man & Cui tis*$S21 Pender'AV Sej;   1621
Hooper,   Thomas,   Winch  Bldg ' Sey   5351
Hope, A. Campbell, Empne Bldg Sey   5925
Hoi el & Roberts, 25th & Main st Fail   1194-L
Horton "Sz Phipps, Pacilic Bldg Sey. 7096
Hovt,   XV.   T   S,   709   Dunsmuii   St      Sey   280y
James,  C. D.,  Bank of <B   N. A        Sey. 9532
Jameson  & Duggan,  70S Metiopolitan Bldg.. .Caj     994
Jones,  Claude'P..' Hutchinson  Bldg   Sey   502
Jones & Aspell, Haitney Climbs and Xo  Van  .Sey   4US
Kaufmanii,  G. B.,  Davis  Chambers Soy. 4420
Keagev, J   W,  S21  Pender St   XV Sey. 2746
Kearns, W. A.��� - No. Vancouver,.   .   .
MacLuie vi 1 ox, Pacific Bldg Sey. 4396
Matheson, J. P , & Son, 532 Granville... Sey. 753!)
Mitton    E   Stanley,   Williams   Bldg Sey. 5422
Mobetg, Otto,  42 Inns of Court Bldg
Pair. iVicKenriie.& Day, 570  Gianvi.le St Sey.    736.
Perkins, P. H���'Hutchinson Bldg., Sey. 4729
Peny &  Xicolais,  Pacific  Bldg Sey   Sy*J4
Pracna.   A   Bi 821   Pender   St   W : Sej   1022
W. D.'O. H. Bochfort, 407 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria, 1804
achlomei. H   S.',  Riggs-Seiman Bldg	
Sedger, Thos^D., 5-12 Bastion Square, Victoria 944
.Sharp & Thompson, Old Sate Bldg Spv. 1064
.Smith & Goodfellow, 303% Hastings AAr Sey   6694
.Somervell   S, Putnam,  Pacific  Bldg i. Sey   6230
Stroud, Angus B, Cai tei-Cotton Bldg -.Sey. 8469
Stuart & White. Metropolitan Bldg Sey. 8649
Taylor, J. D   S .  Bovver'Bldg Sey. S314
Thornton  & Jones,  Old Safe  Bldg \ Sey     810
Townsend & Townsend, 520 Granville Sey   1770
TvviZrjell,   R   P.   S,   Metropolitan  Bldg Sey. 792b
Van Siclen. W. D , Canada Lite bldg	
\vaillngton & AVheatley, Davis Chambeis.-	
Watson. H   B,  Holden Bldg Sey   3451
/White, AV. P, Hutchinson  Bldg Sey. 873S
Whlteway,   AV    T.,   Molsons 'Bank. Sey. 3029
Wlcltenden, C. O, 1062 Pender St  AV Sey., 1744
Wilson. John,  221  Pemberton  Bldg, Victoria 1592
Wright   Rushforth <��- Cahill,  709 Dunsmuii.. .Sey' 2S09
Wright & Mclntyre, Dom  Trust Bldg Sey. 8413
Westein Bunga'ow Co. Dom   Trust Bldg Sey   1856
Roblnson,   L   G,   211   Holden   Bldg     . '   Sey   3412
.Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887 r
Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg  Sev. 6949
AArm. si. O'Ken & Co, 548-50 Seymour, St. .Sey. 4795-4798'
F.^T 'Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg../ '.Sey. 9423
Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988,
C. Gardiner Johnson & Co. Johnson's,Whf, Sey 9146-9147-
Wm. N. O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798
Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St W Sey. 3394
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Holmes DIsap. Bed Co., 319 Pender Sey. 6421
Perfect Con. Bed Co., 570 Gran-ville Sey.- 609!
Reversible Cons. Bed Co., Holden Bidg ...Sey. 1581
Columbia Paving Co.
���.������, , ^""i?.1^ ,**",' ''.""    I
'., 1263  Hornby St 7".Sey. 66121   v^'W^'^'N v   ,\
PDASTEB.                 ,    i    " v     'W $$&���*���& J.      J
lo., Winch Brag Sey. 187-592!  Sffi1��li'y% ' '   .*
V ancouver Gas Cq., 16 Hastings St. E
GXx&s&S���&-C.I.  KINDS.
Bogaidus AA'icKjfns'uegrg, Ltd. *70 Cordova W, Sey. 6875
v. ni   Js   O'Xeir <X. Co , uTii-oO Seymoui  St.  Sey. 47ii5-179b
stvindaid   Gloss  Co,   j^td ,   829   Bamaid Sey.  6476
<\ est   Plate Glass <St Imp. Co,  13 J Coidova E Sev   4674
VS'ncoN. Ait Glass,  Itll  Broadway   AV Bay. 246
,    """ ^     HAttDWOOD  FLOORS.
B   C   Haidvvood Floor Co, 557 Gianville Sey.'6S6
.Jan. Pac  Lumb'ei Cu , Ltd, Rwy   & Salsbury. .Sey. 6b00
..arle,   L   A���   &<rCo,   532  Pendei   St    AV -.   Sey f5176
If. Heaps & Co, ��10 Victoria Diive Sey. 8S90
Wm   N   O'fr'eil & Go., 54S-50 Sevmoui  St. .Sey. 47��5-479iJ
J    FyteiSinith-& Co,  1320  Richaids .....   Sey.  1196
..lillwoik Supply Co, 1605 Main'St...'..'. .'.  Fair 95S-546
.ancouvei Flooi Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive..Fair. 1612
j   Kyfe Smith Sz <wO , 1320  Richards Sey. 1196
'   ���      f HABDWABE. ,
Bailey  Haidvvare  Co , ^1407   Paik  Drive.:.. .Sey   6S70L
Acme'Plumbing 6_ Htg. Co1,  131  10th Ave. E.   .Fair. 537
.iim&tiong & AVolfe, 1540  5th Ave  VV..J. Bay.    290
& Anderson, 114 Hnstinifs St.'W : Sey   61S0
Burnside Gas "Appliance Co, 1037-9 Granville. .Sey. 3704
Jan. Buitalo Foige Co. (G. A. Biowning,U261 Alberni St
J    10   Campbell Ao v.0 , 1004 Pender St.  W bey. 2736
Dunham Systems, 167 AVater St Sey   5632
Gumey,roundly 00, Ltd, 566-70 Beatty. .Sey. 7596-7597
\   G   Langiey & Co, Ltd, 319 Pendei   W. Sey./3&*>2
Pea^e Pacific Foundry, Ltd , 321 Drake St. Sey/8397
, ' , HOISTING ENGINES.   "-    ! ,
B   C  Equip   Co.. 6u6-7 Bank ot Ottawa.. .Sey. 7056-7818
��   G   Blackwell, lub Alexander St Sey   1733
^an   Equip   AVSup   Co, Ltd, Pac   Bldg  .   Sey   2330-5021
Janada laundry <_o ,  Ltd,  1065 Pender St...   Sey   5710
Henry Dailing, 28 Powell St Sey. 612
Haliman Machineij Co, Lta ? 37-43 Alexander, .bty. 95i
Robt   Hamilton & Co, Bank of Ottawa. .\.... .Sey     383
Mussens,  Limited, 365  Watei   St .\ Sey   823.
Ritchie Contr ySz Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran   St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Strumbert-Vritue  &  Co.,   319   Pender  St   AV .   Sey   6910
Van. Maclnneiy Depot,  1155 6th Ave   W...Bay. 470-471
Beam Manfg. Co, 298 Prior St '..Sey  170S
C   Gv Blackwell, 108 Alexander St'. Sey   1733
B   C" Lumber Coip,   Ltd,  1605  Geoigia Sey   6504
Can. Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Rwy   & Salsbury. .Sey  6SO0
Dom   Sash'& Door Co ,  2120  Cedar  St Sey. 6130
C   H   Heaps & Co, 115 Victoiia Drive Sey   8890
Balfour, Guthrie & Co.,  ����m<;ii cub voj, ..... ���j.-,  ^r<n����iJ>.��
Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey." 298, i'iffgt,%- ;
Great West Sand & Gravel Co , Ltd ,-1029 rMain, Sey. 8491  yrf/^M, >
F. T. Crovve & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey  "9422 i^j-V" '*
No   Van   Coal & Supplv Co. 56 Lonsdale,. ,N.   V   198-178 1^^ </<���
Supply Co
BUSINESS   DIRECTORY^ AND   BUTEW'fe^a^ * g����� ffi^'- Whf- s-e->' ����fc��H
New  and   Secondhand Contractors'  Plant
Phone  Sey.- 6910
319   Pender   St. ,W.
Pease Pacific Foundiy Limited.
"ECONOMY" Round Steam and Hot Water Boilera' -
"IDEAL" Sectional  Steam and  Hot Water^ Boilera.
Radiators,���Wipe 'Fittings,���jValvea
Office and Warehouse 1  334 Drake St.        ,    - -     v Thetxa Bey. 8397
��'..��� A.
British and Foreign .Marble and &hyx
.   Fhone Pair. 810'
Office and Works, 3149 KalnvSt.'' **
Vonoouver, SS. O.
Fans, Heating and VontilafinS'rAt>para<tuaf -SiptFo^Steam Turbines
v Pumps and-'AIrVWa**lMS5B��  / v
' at ���    -���   , -.-*-   v s ^   "������
O. A..Browning"" s+ V4mef&*QS,ia.QB.~--\ ,*,""��� , 1361 Alberni St.
F. T 'Ciowe & Co J  312  Pacihc Bldg Sey   9422
Wm N. O'.Neil & Co, Ltd, 548 Seymour st..SeyM79o
AVm C Thomson & Co 319 Pender St W.. Sey 3394
iRitchle Contr & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gian  St Biidge, Sey, 91b2
Vancouver   Roo"ing Co, 407 Loo Bldg Sey .6949
jjiruii j^l-Ux-XIl-ui. , .-
Aiohibald  Moir & Co.,  216  Empire Bldg Sey. 5378
City Map & AShite Pilnt Co, 432 Cordova W..Sey. 6693
Oommeicial Blue Print Co., ^329 Seymoui St..Sey 5��i
'Anvil Island Biick Co, Anvil Island, Howe Sound, BC
ulllivvoik bupply Co, 1605 Main St Fair 9r,8-v>46
Coaw Shale Brick Co,, Ltd, 1008 Metropolitan.faey. 8I0O
F. T. Crovve Sz Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey.^9422
.fc.vai.fl, Coleman'& Evans, Ft. Columbia....'.. .Sey. 298S
Great, West Sand & Giavel Co , Ltd , 1029 .Main, Sey. 8491
O. Gmdinei Johnson iz Co, Johnbon's"AVhf, Sey.9146-9147
.Vo Van Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale.. .N. V 198-178
Urn. *,'   0^eil"& Co, 648-50 Seymour St. .Sey   4795-4798
Point Giey Supply Co, 310 Richards St Sey. 4T05
Poit Haney Brick Co, 616 Hastings St. W.... .Sey. 1389
iiitcine Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Van   Pres'd Bik & Storie, Ld,  101 Dufferin  W   Fair 101
R. X. Winch & Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944
J?. T. Crowe & Co,  312 Pacific Bldg..!'. S��!y   9422
Hemy Dai ling, 28 Powell St Sey. 612
'AllUwoik Supply Co., 1606 ^iAlain St   Fair 968-546
jivanb, Coleman & iJvans, Ft. Columbia Sey   19bb
O. Gardinei Jolii��oon'<fe Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-yi47
U   K   Momson,  712   Richards  St ..faey.   2161-2152
Wm C Thomson & Co 319 Pender St ;W'...Sev. 3394
'Vancouver   Boo/Ting CoJ&407 Loo Bldg   . Sey   6949
Wm. j\. uiveii ��vs Co., 64b-50 bejmour fat. .s>ey. 4796-4,9b
Lon. & Brit N. Am   Co, Ltd. 543 Pender W���.Sey   628b
K. V. V.HU.U & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg .<Scy. 2<9-1944
Bal'four, Guthrie & Co, AVlnch Bldg Sey. 187-6929
Canauian. Buiideis bupply Co., 1901 Geoigia-...Sey   iln.
�����. T  Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacinc Bldg .\... .se>. 94
Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia..:,.. .faey 29l>i>
Gieat we&t band & Gravel Co, Ltd, 1029 Main, faey. 84jj
C. Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's VV lit, bej  9146-914.
Uihwork bupply Co., 1606 Main St l>air ��6S-64b
No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V 198-lii.
Wm. iS."" O'JNeil & Co.. 548-50 bevmour St..bey. 4796-479b
Point Gj-ey^S'ji'AVly Co, 310 Hienaida bt Sev. i410u
Kitdiifc Ooiitii �� Sup. Co, Ltd, Gfun   St Bridge, bey, 91b.
"   Winch &X*o.. Ltd, VV'inoli Bldg bey. 219-1941
F. T   Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sej-   d V2? $vSJ,.'. v.
'JJ Gardinei Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9117 -fVj\-s'iV/
No  A'an   Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsda!��\.  N.  V   198-17* '%&*,&''*-   '   '
Wm. N   O'Neil & Co. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey   4795-4798 ���W^'-i'.* "?'     .
Wm. C Thomson & Co .' 319 Pender St. VV Sey   3394 ��b��� V'-.pX .
Ritchie Conti   & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gian  St Bridge. Sey. 9162 %7-^-Jnr
'     PLASTEB PABTITION BLOCKS. v    * ^fP^'l"'
B   C. Supply Co.,,Dom   Tiust Bldg..   ..   T.... .Sey. 616) ^.jA^I^'f
<J. Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 91 16-9147 jfcAVj.y
F. T   Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg    Sey   9422 W!|-sV �����
Ritchie Conti. & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gian   St Bri"
C  Gardiner Johnson & Co , Johnson's
D.  R   Morrison,   712  Richards  St .
Wm  N   U'Neil & Co, 518^50 Seymc
Ritchie Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd. Gran  St Bridge,^Sey.v916
PLASTIC   FLOORING.        -     - ^VjifWj J",-'-'
Raecolith' Flooring Co,  301  Pacific  Bldg Sey   8144 ^fejif. V'
-' PIGS���IBON AND  TIN. < 1 '"..^���'tj.^
Balfour, Guthrie & Co,'AA inch Bldg	
C  Gaidinei Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf,
R. V. A\"inch.& Co, Ltd, Winch Bldg.      .
-\ PIPE���SEWEB.   V '    VS      ''*A^3��.'V-
Dom. Glazed Cem   Pipe Co., Dom/.Tr. Bldg Sey. ,8286 ^k      u 1 *"
Cvans, Coleman & Evans, Ft   Columbia Sey   2988 Ifi.'Vli .'
C  Gardiner J"oh"n<:on & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 91 16-9147 ',$^<?\\
No   Van. Coal.& Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale . .N.  V   198-178 ;V?-;W ��� ~t
Point Giey Supply Co, 310 Richards St..' Sey. 4105 ",%Sv,;v./
Ritchie Contr & Sup Co-; Ltd, Gian  St Bridge, Sey, 9162   {jftAgV
R. V. Winch & Qo., Ltd", AVinch Bldg Sey   279-1944-jj4j-"tV. �����
1       PLUMBING.'       <"    o,    V      - -*"'""
Acme Plumbing & Htg  Co, 131  10th Ave..E.. .Fair. 637
Arfnstiong & Wolte, 1540 5th Ave'VV ...Bay.    296 �����'��,-,'��
Bair & Anderson,  114 Hastings  St.   W    Sey.'6l!'(, wj,^,*,, .
J   E. Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St   W......Sey   2736&.faw&^'-
Gurney Foundry Co, Ltd . 566-70 Beatty..s/y. 7596-7597 ^^S,"i%,
 Bay.    z a 0 V-Jiftfe, > i,
Sey   2736v^&)\iUV;
7596-7597 ^$&JH'Z
Fair 958-546
Wm. N O'Nefl iz Co, 548-50 faeymour St. Sey. 479^-479!)
Ritchie Conti   & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran   St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Win. C  Thomson & Co , 319 Pendei St  AV Sey   3394
Vancouver Moor Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair 1612
IBON   AND   STEEL���STEUCIBBAL.        ,     ,
Can. Equip'& bup   Co, Ltd, Pac   Bldg..   Se>. 2330-5021
Canada Foundry Co, Ltd, 1065 Pender St Sey   5710
Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft   Columbia Sey   2988
C Gaiuiner Johnson & Co , Johnson'b Whf, Sey 9146-911.
v    G/j^angley &'Co, Ltd, 31S. Pender W   ..  Sey. 3*<'>
Monis,   S \M,   &   Co,   2130   Cedai    St Bay. 1013
i-vitcl.re conti   ii bup  Co: Ltd, Gian  St Bridge, S��>y, 91b..
VVm. N   O'Neil & Co, 548-60 Seymour St..Sey   4796-479S
Wilkinson Co, Ltd, 846-Beach Ave Sey. 7915
E   Gr   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St .' Sey. 1J33
B   C. Supply Co , Dom   Tiust Bldg Sey. 6161
Can. xSquip  & Sup  Co, Ltd, Pac  Bldg..  Sey. 2830-5021
Canada l'oundiy Co.,^Ltd, 1065 Pender St
, i x   Crow* & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey   942
Monis,  S   M   & Co, 2130 Cedai   St, Bay  1043
Win. JN   OiNei* <sc Co, 54S-50 Seymour St..faey. 4(96-4ii��
Wm. C  Thomson & Co., 319 Pender StljAV..   ..Sey   339
Riis-nie Conti   & Sup  Co. Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 916.
E   vi   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St ,   Sey. 173
F. T. Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 942
dn. Equip   & Sup   Co., Ltd, Pac   Bldg...Sey. 2.>30-502
Lvans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 29u
o. Gardiner Johnson Sz Co, Johnson'b Whl, Sey 9146-914,
v,   R   Monlson,"712 Richards St Sey.  2161-215
wm   N   O'Neil & Co , 648-60 Sevmour St. .Sey   4795-479^
Point Grey Supply Co, 310 Richards St .Sey. 4i0i
ivitchie Contr iz Sup  Co. Ltd, Gra.1  St Bridge, Sey, 916
���eam Manfg  Co , 298 Prier St Sey   170;-
c��   C   Lumber  Corp,  Ltd,  1605  Georgia Sey
Canaoa.roundry Co., Ltd., 1066 Pender St Sey   b710
Gurney Foundiy Co, Ltd, 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7591 \f��If&*{<,.fi{*-~.
Haliman Machinery Co", Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey   953,'/^'H ��i v,> ���>
Robt.'Hamilton & Co.
V   G   Langley & Co
Van. Machinery Depot,
Pease Pacrfic Foundi
Bank of Ottawa Sey
,..,�� .,.,.o,,e,,,,,,,,A,)BOOPING;::MATEBIAL,
GurneyJFouhdry; Co.', Ltd."; 666470 -0���
Heriry ,-D'a'rlihg,:. 28 .Powell ��� St���*.<: .'
Evans;"'Coleman;&/Eyans,;:Ft. :Col
C. .Gardiner Johnson .'��&" Co., Johnson's
.Sey   5710"Newton &^Greer;;Ltd;; Vancouver,,''
"-"   ""     X'-xxxy-Xy .-'xyxyy^.;yictorla;'"-13.
Ivitchie Contr;,&.Sup; :C6., Ltd.; Gran:
ndward.Timmons,':838 7th; AveJJW
Wm. C;:Thomson&.Co., 319 Pender-
Troy.:;Roofing,;Co.,!J814.; Metropolitan
Western Plumb.-; Co.;"Esplanade & St>George.N
,an. Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd. Rwy   & Salbbury. .Sey   6SO1
li. V.
Falkenburg Sz Laueks, Ltd. 152 Trounce Alley, Sey. 71'
Wlight,  J    P,  883   Burrard  bt bey  72. *���
1       .                CONCBETE  MXXEBS.
B  C Equip. Co.. 606-7 Bank o'l Ottawa^. .Sey. 7066-781*
v.an   Equip   & Sup   Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey   2330-502j
Canada l>oundiy Co.. Ltd, 1TO5 Pander bt Sey. 6ilo
Uobt  Hamilton & Co. Bank or Ottawa.
, .isey.    ib.
60ntract, jvdiosmlmm fidelity bonds
employers, public, tkctajmeb and automobile liability insurance. personal accident and health
insurance; plate gla-ss, jburglary, motor boat,
steam boiler, speinklbe, leakage, registered
mail, tourkts^ba-ggage^ciommercial travellers'
samples and fire insurance.
' .   1 '
!l/Bahony gH3^arlagid& Procter, Ltd.
Phone Sey. 8286 <- 643 Pender Street West.
.Sey. 2296
.Sey.  8144
.Sey   1973
Sey   3412
Sey.  i381
<wail Wtr     jTX��*H.* ^V��1V��0      ��**      ���--..       ��� ���   ���      ��� - ���
Muiphj. J"as, it Son,  l"f2 Crown Bldg.
r- *^s. fnu a r   wnva rpTLtl .PTRW.-
'" %a/9c",k^^flPiifiii7) you
1048 Main Street. '    - .   >" '       Vanoonver. B. C.
A. G   Langiey Sz Co., Ltd,  311)'Pender  VV Sey. 38'.'.
Musbem,,  Limited,  365  Wuter*St i...bey   82o
\>m. N. O'iNell & Co., 54S-b0 Sejmour St. .bey   4195-419s
Ritchie Contr. & Sfp  Co ,*Ltdj-Grun  bt Bridge, bey. 91b.
btiumbert-Vlrtue & Co., -J*,;? .Pender^St  W...bey.  69li
Dirvon & Sutton,  162*4 Gravele>   St Sey. 85061*.
Aimstrong, Momson & Co., Ltd , Bower Bidg. .Sey.  1836
B   C   Gian. & Contr   Co., Lxehange Bldg -"���
Buirurd Const   Co.,  301  Pacific  Bldg....
Dominion  Const   Co.. 433 Homer St	
Robinson,   L   G.,   211   Holden   Bldg
1 incn, A   N , 201 ft Carter-Cotton Bldg
Can   &. Amer   conti.  iz lnv.  Co.  Ltd
  _ Sey. 8707
B   C  Suppli Co, Dom. Tiust Bidg...   Sey. 6161
Canada Mosaic/rile Co,  1318  XX harl  St,  Victoria. .104o
J. Dairon & Co.  613  Hamilton St    Sey   4730
U   H   Aioiiison,   712   Uichaids  St bey   2151-2152
Wm is O'Neil & Co, 518-50 Sejmoui St..bey 4795-479b
Wm   C   Thomson iz Co , 319  Pendei  bt   VV...   .bey   3394
Van   Maibie & Tile Co, 848 Beach Ave bey   161f>
Westein Marble & Tile Co. 3149 Main St   Fair. 810
Armstrong & VVolle,  J540 Dili Ave  W Bay.
Grandview  Sheet Metal Wks ,  1729 Venables
Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St	
Trov   Kootln"  '""o.,   814   Metropolitan /...Sey,
Vancouver   Roo ng Co, 407 Loo Bldg Sey. 6949
Westein Plumo  Co, Esplanade & bt  George j\   v.
Alltree & COurchland,  976  Granville  bt Sey
Cope & Son, 338  Hastings  St   W Sey. 8600
Cruickshank & Co , 634 Richards St Sey   6348
Elec  Construction Co , 544 Howe St    Sey   1336-7951'
Inipeilal  Agcys Corp,.314 Pacific Bldg.. Sey   612.
Jar vis & Call, 570 Richards St Sey   1409
Alltree  &  Churchland,   976  Granville   St
Cruickshank &  Co,   584   Richards   St     .
Chapman   &   Walker,   448   Sevmour  fat ..
Cope & Son. 338  Hastings  st   XV	
Elec  Construction Co , 544 Howe St
Imperial' Agcys   Corp.,   314   Pacific   Bldg
No. Elec. & Mnfg Co.. Ltd., 313 Water St Sey. 740i
Canada Foundry Co.,  Ltd.,  1006 Pender St.... .Sey..'571i'
K. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg.  Sey. 942:
Wm. N; O'N'eii & Co.. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479;-
Ititchie Contr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9JK--
PIBE   CLATT.      *
Halfour, Guthrie & Co.,'Wincn' Bldg. .... ..Sey.  187-592H
K<:-T; Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg. Sey. 94..'
i-Jvans, Coleman St Evans, Ft. Columbia. Sey. 298s
C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf. 8ey 91 46-9147
l).   R   Morrison.   712   Richards   St Sey.   2161-215.
N'o. Van. Coal & Supply Co.. 56 Lonsdale...N. V. 198-17.'-'
vVm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 648-50 Seymour St..Sev. 4795-479f>
rtltchle Contr & Sup Co.. Ltd. Gran. St Bridge. Sey, 91*."2
,R. V.JWinch;&_.Co.. ,Ltd.,  Winch .iBIdg-.... . .Sej'.  279-1944
jom   Sash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St Sej
J   H   Heapb & Co, 115 Victoria Drive Sey   8S9<
Millwork Supply Co, 1605 Main SC. ,...Fair 958-64t
No   Van   Coal & Supply "Co., 66 Lonsdale,. .N.  V   198-17 J
Point Grey Supplj Co, 310 Richards St Sey. 410.'
LIME.   - r-    v
Balfour, Cuthrle & Co, Winch Bldg Sey.~l87-69*
Canadian Bulldeis Supply Co, 1901 Georgia.... .Sej. 717
F. T. Crowe Sz Co, 312 Pacihc Bldg   faey. 942
Evans, Coleman <k Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 29bv
Great We��t faand <& Gravel Co , Ltd , 1029,Main, Sey. 8491
C. Gardiner Johnson ic Co., Johnson's Wht, Sey 9146-914
No. Van  Coal Sz Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-17'
Wm. N   O'Neil & Co. 648-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-479*
Point Grey Supply Co, 310 Richards St Sey. 410i
pacific Lime Co, Pacific Bldg Sey. 9601
lUtchie Contr, & bup  Co , Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, bey, 91b
anover & Thomas, 959  M.un  St .. r Sey   136.
K. V. Winch & Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey. 279-194.
F. T. Crowe & Co, 312 Pacinc Bldg. Sey. 94.
Cvans, Coleman & Evan-5, Ft. Columbia Sey. 298'
Great West Sand &. Gravel Co , Ltd , 1029 Main, Sey. 849
J  vjarulner Johnson & Co , Johnson's Whf. bey 9146-914
pacific Lime Co , Pacific Bldg Sey. 950t
Uiiehle Contr & Sup Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 91b.
Balfour, Gathrie It Co, Winch Bidg Sey   187-5929
beam Manlg. Co., 298 -Prior St Sey   170b
B   C   Lumber  Coip,  Ltd',-160b  Georgia Sey. 6504
Can. l-ac Lumbei Co, Ltd, Rwy. & Salsburj,. .Sej   6800
SAPES���^VAULT :DOOBS.ti.;'"' ""
D. R. Morrison^ 712 'Richards 'St. .���/..':;.; .vSey.
Norris Safe:&;Lock' Co.;''330;Cordova.W..';.. .JA,Sey.; 2447
Robt. Hamilton &��� Co.;' Bank of'Ottawa.;-; ii.v. Sey: X' i^Z
E. G. Parnell;: 567 jHamiltbn^ St.;.'.. f..;.;..;>;. ;Sey.  158-��
Wm. N. O'NeiP&'CoJr 648-50-SeyinoursSt.'1 Sey "4796^479;"
Canadian Builders ��� Supply^;baJ-i'901:" GeorgiaK�� Seyy7171 r
I   A. DewarCo.;;429,-Pender iSt."W;;;:;i;.vSey. :4634-675 -
Great West.Sand & Gravel.Co., Ltd., 1020 Main/fSey.:849:.;
C. Gardiner Johnson & Co:; Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914i
613i INo. Van  Coal.���'&;.Supply.;-Co.; 56-LonsdaIe;. ;N. V. 198-17,
Point Grey Supply JCo:,-310.Richards. St.;;."... Sey., 410;
Producers' Rock. &' Grav.:'. Oo.,- Vancr., . Front & Manitobi
���;;���'>���'������ -4' ��� '.'���'-\XX-y''.xX3p-s;?,Victoria,"store:ft Chatham'
Ritchie Contr. & Sup., Co.; Ltd,'*Gran.!"St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Shover & Thomas, 959- Maih.;St''.'.:.':.';;:.;:;."..'/-. Sey.: 1365'
Vancouver Sand & GravelvCo.,';'ft';Victoria Dr/;Sey. 5161
SA8H;;; DOOBB.-j'W'fijOT
Beam Manfg>Co.-,;i98,Prior^St.V.l;..t.'.':;-.-...1.;'.Sey. 1708
B. C. Lumber Corp., Ltd., 1606 Georgia....; .Sey. 6504
Can. Equip.'& Sup.Co,; Ltd., Pac..Bldg.i,SeyJ2330-602I
Can. Pac. Lumber; Co., Ltd;;; Rwy., &;Salsbu'ry.;Sey.'; 6800
Dom. Sash & Dbor: Co;;'2120.Cedar ;St...-.;.';;.Sey. .6136
12. H. Heaps &;Co.,-.116.Victoria Drive.'."....; ;Sey. 8890
Millwork;Supply Co., 1605 Main St..':.:...:Fair *58-546
\Vm.;N; O'Neil & Co.. 648-50;Seymour St. .Sey V4795-4798
Terminal :Lmbr& Shgl.SCo., 388 Cotton Bldg... Sey.s 7997
!: ���*.''"      ���':'-; -(See Lumber;"ands Shingles;)
��� Pxxy'y   Jj;-' tpyxasJLTS.)^y. xyx -\x
��� 21 sr-215 2 f ^^^��i0M
i\ T; Crowe c&;Co., .312 Pacific Bldg.....;;...Sey. 943V
o  Gardin<ir- Johnso'n &'Co.;-JoIinsoii's"Whf, Sey. 9146-9147
WfflrivrrO'Neil & "Coi, 548-SO Seymour -St. .Sey. 4796-479��
R   V. AVinch &iCo., Ltd., Winch Bldg; .. .v;Sey.  279-1944
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co.,Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Western Marble & Tile Co., -3149 Main St..... .Fair.. 810
STEASS PIXTEKS,   '       ,'.'���>       -.'���P'*-������.-���-���:'
Uom   bash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St bey   bl.lt.
.vliliwork Supply Co, 1605 Main St Fair 958-6 lb
l   H. neaps is Co, 116 Victonu Drive bey   889U
so   Pai.   Lbr. Co, Ltd , 10th & Arbutus Sey. 86G1
Point Grey Supplj Co, 310 Richards St Sey   4105
Prudential Builders, Ltd, 101 Dufferin St   VV ..1-alr 101
Terminal Lmbr & Shgl   Co, 30b Cotton Bldg...Sey. 7997
B   C. F.quip. Co., 606-7  Bailk of Ottawa..  Sey   7056-781b
ii   G   Blackwell,  108 Alexander bt Sey   1733
V    G    Bi own-Jamison,   1048   Main   St Sey   2606
:an   Buftalo Foige C*   (G   A   Biowning, 1261 Albemi St
-<in.  Lquip   ot sup   <-o , L.co , fuc.  Bldg.     faey   23J0-6O2l|l
Vrmstrong & Wolfe, 1640 6th Ave W..1...
I   E.-Caihpbell & Co.", 1064 Pender St."W..
.Sey. 5284,
.Sey. 4458
��� .     .
. . . .
93 i
-79,"i i
o-anada loundiy Co, Ltd, 1065 Penaer at
'hapman   Sz  Walker   4 IS   Sevmour   St Sev   937*1
Henry Durling. 28 Powell st Sey. 612
Haliman Machinery Co    Ltd , 37-43 Alexandei.  bty   9o3
Kobt   Hamilton Sz Co , Bank of Ottawa Sey     383
J  Gardiner Johnson &. <.u , Johnson s W hf, Sev  9146-9147
V   G.  Langiey & Co, Ltd, 319  Pendei   W Sey   3892
Mussens,   Limited,  365   Water  St faej    823"
Wm. N O'Neil &Co, 548-50 Sejmour St Sey 4795-4798
Ritchie Contr & Sup Co , Ltd. Gran St Budge, Sey, Slb2
fatrumbert-Virtue &. Co,   319   Pender  St   W...Sey   6910
JA'm. C  Thomson Sz Co, 319 Pender St   AV    Sey   3394
van   Machinery  Depot    1155 6th  Ave   W..   Bav    470-471
J   Dairon ��. Co. 613 Hamilton St    Sey   4730
Millwork Supply Co,  1605  Main  St Tair  958-546
D   R   Morrison,  712 Richards St    ...Sey.  21G1-2162
VVm. N O'Neil & Co, 64S-50 Sevmour St..Sej 47%-4798
Kitchie Contr & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran   St Biidge, Sey, 9162
Wm. C. Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St  W Sey   3394
Van. Marble & Tile Co, 848 Beach Ave Sey   1618
U   C   Supply Co, Dom   Trust Bldg Sey. 6161
J. Dairon &. Co,  513 Hamilton St Sey   4730
U   R   Morrison,  712  Richards  St    Sev.   2151-215.'
Am   N   ONeil & Co, 548-50 Sevmour St    Sey   4795-4798
.Itchie Contr  & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran   St Budge, Se.v. 916.
Wm   C. Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St   VV      Sey   3394
Van   Marble & Tile Co. 848 Beach Ave Sev   151S
Western Marble & Tile Co., 3149 Main St.. Fair. 810
".Vestern  Stm. & Oil Plants.  Ltd.' Dom  Trust. .Sey. 7676
Ungardus, Wickens, Bexx/Ltd'.. 70 Cordova W. Say. 687?
Henry  Darling,  28  Powell ,St'  . .'.. .Sey.  51".
m.  N. O'Neil & Co.. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey.  1795-4""
. Bay.    29t
I   E. Campbell & Co., 1064 Pender St. W..... .Sey. 2730
Gurney Foundry. Co...Ltd.;.;666-70 Beatty; .Sey. 7596-7597
W alter Klnsey,  1366 Granville St............Sey. 9053
Little "ovivLee;: 682\Seymbur St.;.���'.............. .Sey. U458
B  C. Screen & Mnfg. Co., 266 Dufferin St. B.. .Fair.  1643
an/ E<iuip. & Sup. ;Co��� Ltd., Pac. Bldg..   Sey.  2330-6021
.vliliwork-Supply Co., 1605 Main St.. Fair 968-546
J   Dairon Sz Co., 513 -Hamilton St^............Sey. 4730
Wm.N. O'Neil & Co., 648-50:" Seymour St. :Sey. 4796-4798.'.'
West Plate Glass & Imp. Co., 153 Cordova  B. Sey.'i4674,'.
""' "tanks.'' j   -"-,'"' pp. X '.',.-
Beam Manfg. Co., 298 Prior St..;'........... ..Sey. 1708
Can. Pac. Lumber Co.; Ltd.,',.Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. 6800
'     H. Heaps & Co.,   116   Victoria Drive.. . .Sey.  8890
Sey   6710 C  Gardiner Johnson &Co., John.son's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
 A   G.  Langley & Co., Ltd..  319 Pender W Sey.. 3892
Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St.......    .....Sey.  4468
Western Stm. & Oil Plants, Ltd., CottonBldg. .Sey. 7678
Evans, Coleman & Evans,  Ft. Columbia.... ...Sey. 2988
Great West Sand & Gravel Co.", Ltd., 1029 Main; Sey. 8491
o.   Girdiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 91I6-9147
Point Grey Supply Co., 310 Richaids St Sey.  4105
Ritchie Contr. Si. Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. SI Bridge, Sey, 9162
Shover & Thomas.  959  Main  St...... a . Say.  1365
D   R.  Morrison;  712  Richards  St Sey.   2151-2152
Wm., N. O'Ne"!! &;Ca. 548-S0 Seymour St.. Sey.   1795-4798
Win. C. Thompson & Co.; 319 Pender St  VV... . Sey 3394
TIN PLATES.     ���
Balfour, Guthrie & Co.,Winch  Bldg ..Sey. 187-6929
1 Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 91 16-9147
Wilkinson Co., Ltd., 846 Beach Ave.... Sey. 7915
R. y.Winch & Co., Ltd.. Winch Bldg... ...Sey. 279-1944
���Vestern Plumb. Co.. Esplanade * St   George. N.
.������. T. Crovve & Co., 312 Pacific   Bldg. :..,.... .Sey.
.v'pwtim & timer, Ltd..  Vancouver,  I 1 8 Gran... .Sey.
���."Iftovln    'K'.'B   wiiarf St	
Ungardus, Wickens, Begg.1 Ltd.. 70 Cordova W, Sey  68"i
'-lenry Darling.  28 Powell  St.......  Sey.  51.
'. Gardiner Johnson'.& Co.; Johnson's Whf; Sey 9146-914.
Barr & Anderson,   114  Hastings  St   W
(1. Blackwell, 108 Alexander St .-.
The Duntley Store, 791  Granville St...
1 arle,  E.   A.,  &  Co.,   632   Pender St.   VV
Gardiner John.son & Co., Johnson's Whl, Sey 9146-9147
T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg......... .Sey.  9422
Win. N. O'N'eii & Co.. 548-50 Sevmour St. .Sey   47H5-479S
Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. V/ ..Sey.  3394
B. C. Screen & Mnfg. Co., 266'Dufferin Si
Wm. N. O'Neil & Co.   518-5(1 Sevmnur St
Bowes,  F.  VV. & Co.,   1257   Granville St.,
it   C.  Equip. Co..  tiOfi-7   BuriW  of ' ItlawH. . .Spv.   7('5fi-781!J
��� J   G-, Rlnckwell,   108 Alexander St Sey.' i>7?l
'in;'Equip. & Sup.  Co..   Ltd..   Pac.   Bldg. . .Sey    2'<30-50_!
V    G.   Langley  & Co.   Ltd..   319  Pender  W Se.v   3892
. Gardiner. Johnson & Co., Johnson's ,Whf, Sey 9116-9147
titchie Contr! & Sup. Co., Ltd, Graa St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Wilkinson Co., Ltd.. 816 li-ad, /< vs Sev. "915
il v. Wi .ci A Co.. Ltd.. Wt'i-i. "ldg Sey. 279-1944
. .Sey. 618��
..Sey, 1733
..Sey. 1487
..Sey. 5476
E...Falr 1643
Sey 4796-4798
 Sey. , 843 .W^tr^a.^.; ^j.,,;^  Wp't  PpPxixp,  tetri:  ppxxxP  iwrfc. .1  pyp^yy.-:/  #..���������,'���������������������������'  :':<ri<-: :v; ���������������������������''������������������.-,.', ,-'������������������  ���������Af;,i<':''  ."''.'i.-P.'-'.p -"���������'������������������''  s*!'-^  uSvii* ������������������������������������  ,l-.,i."/ :'' ;���������;' <,;������-;*. ���������;',;���������  M/:..  r^-.-r ��������� ^.i'.irxy^  h������#Vi;.  British Coliarnbiai  MftjM;'  .:,'('._ '���������'���������  Ijc^jtri^  antels, Grates and Tiles. Let us figure on-your  competent men to do'the  lv   /  Phones "Seymour," 2151, 215:2.  j  and ������or prices are right.  712 RICHARDvS STREET  <j ,,ir-*o,?'iu; ������>%<*&:  M    ' 'i      W*V*." J'S-TJ''  |8    ,    - r-'V-Slv^V*!*''' ���������  if ' '    fl -r'.>s''?vvVfi4yf/r'j  international Automatic  Sprinkler Equipment  Plione Seymour 6180    ��������� ������������������.-  114 Hastings St. W.  Vancouver B. C.  POSITION WANTED.  Position   as   s ilesinan   01    bookkeeper  wanted bv e\pei ienceil Building Miteiiil  mnn.    Best leleience-.     Addiess  Bo^  5,  Recoid  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO.  Limited   V  Public Works  Contractors  Office: 81*3-815 Bower Bids. Vancouver B.C.  BBICK   FOB   SALE.  , FOR SALE���������AI������otit 100,000 slightlv  undei burnt common biicks, suitable'foi  In Jde woik. >������ply 310 Jtichaid-. stieet.  Phone Sej    4105  FOE BENT.  TO RENT���������Building on ground floor,  IS\10, good light verj cf-ntial. suitab e  foi work si10p 01. ]|tj],t manufacturing.  Apply Hitchcock <$.- Meekei, 311 Pender  v t   AV  SCHOOL BUILDING���������J. H. Bowman,  Ciown b dg, for two-ato fiame-add to  W   Point  Giev  school  bldg.  DWELLING���������By Jones & Aspell,  llaitnev  Cnambei i,    for     $7000    liame.  dwe ling for Shaughnessv Ht-������  POAVIJIt  HOUS1      AND   SUBSTATION  ���������By B C li R Co , Holden bldg, till  May 13, fortconst ot lclnfoiced conciete  liowei house -it Kails load, South Vancouvei  Brick Work, BoLera.  BRICK.��������� By Bookei, Campbel vt  Wlnppie, 113 Gianville St, foi A D  Goldstein Building    ' ��������� i it.  BlvICK ��������� By Bookei. Campbell ' vv_  Whipple, 413 Gianvilie St, tor "A 1)  Gold tein  Building IS  BRICK���������By AA'm  O'Dell, 757 Beattv st,  loi    alteiition    woik   en   3-sto    bldg   on  G'diivillo^and  Dunsmuii   sts. -, 4.  Tne   Council   is   piepaied,  to   receive   .^g1^���������j???  F���������K*-   ''0I.e"-'   Empiess  LUMBER���������Bv S J" Lund, Empiie  bldg, toi l-.to, 50*60, ring hse for Hastings   and  Hawkes   sts  Mill   Work    41achln~rv  CORPORATION OF POINT GREY  J. DAIRON Si CO.  Tile and Marble Contractors  Mantels,   Grates,   Baskets  and Andirons  513 Hamilton.    Phone Seymour 4730  tendeis,up to 5 p m on Monday, May  Uth 1112, foi laving 173 tcet of cement  =ide\valk 9 leet wide, at the corner of  Wilson   Road  and  West Boulevard    ,  Specifications and fuitliei infoi mation  m.u be obtained fiom the Municipal  Engineer. (  1'ach tendei must be accompanied by  a deposit of 5 per cent of the amount  theieof  H. FLOYD, C. M. C,  Municipal   Hall,   Kenlsdale,   B    C,  tody 3rd, 1912  Common,   Impervious   Face,  ,  and Building Pavers.  Coast Shale Brick Co. Ltd.  ' 1003 METROPOLITAN BUILDING  PHONE SEY. 8450 VANCOUVER B. C  Sash, Doors, Moulding.  Mail Ordsrs Promptly Attended To ,  MILLWORK SUPPLY CO.  Office and Warehouse   "  Phone Pair 546-958   '    /1605 Main St  , CITV   OF   VANCOUVER.     '  i  Tenders   for   Pavements,   Bunkers   and,  Trestle -Work.  '    Tenders will be leceived bv the undersigned up to Tuesdaj-, May 14th,. 1912,vit  2pm, for the foi'owing  Creosoted Wood Block Favomenta���������  Beattj  St, fiom south side of Georgia  to south side of Robson St  Pendei  St, fiom Can all St   to Abbott  St,  with vitiified biick blocks liom  "    .Abbott  St   to, Cambie. St  Stone Block Pavements���������  Lane   south  of  Powell   St',   fiom  lane  ea-t of Can all St   to C   P   R   right-  ;       ol-vvay. \  Lane east of Cai rail St, fiom Powell  St    to   Coidova  St '  Lane   east   of   Gianvil'e     St,   'fiom  Geoigia St   to,,Davie St  -Lane    west    of 'Granville  to   the  St     from  south   of  ,' WALTER KINSEY-;  PLUMBING, HEATING  A N'D      '  *"   _       GAS CONTRACTOR.  _      ,  1366 Granville; St Vancouver, B.C.'  ���������Phone   Seymour 9053  Geoigia   St    to   the   lane  Pender  St /  Lane east of Main St, fiom Ale\ander  St   to Prior  St ,.   '  Tendera   for  Timber Wharf  ana  Bunkers. '       ,  For  the eonstiuction of,Timber Wharf  ind Bunkeis at Citv Yaul, Biidge St  Grading" and Trestle Work.  Foi . Gi ailing   and   Tiestle    Woik   on  ""lai k 'Dm e,   fiom   Bioadvvay   to   12th  Avenue j  Plan ^and specifications maj- be seen  at the Citv Engineers Office Citv Hall  A rlcpo ltrof an amount eaual to five  nei cent of the contiact price must be  made with each 'tender, bv inaiked  chenue" pavabie   to   the   Citv-  Treasuiei  The lowest or   any  tender not  neces-  "���������arr j (accepted  WM.   McQTTEEN,.'  City  Clerk.  City  Hill    Vincouvei.  B   C  .    *   May  3id,   1912  lor const of Hams b.dg, on Coi  dovA st ' '9  BRICK WORK���������Bv S J Lund, Empire bld'T, lor 1-sto, 50v60, img hoe toi  Hastings  and   Hawkes  sts 27  13RICK WORK���������By How land & Newett,  1222 Melville st, loi Shaughneasy Hts  res. ( , ;  Canals, jDement, Concrete,  I CONVENT���������By Waliington & Whe.it-  lej, ua\b Chamber, till Mav ll, ioi  c.rii t of Sistei . of Good Shepheid convent at Point Grey.  CLA1JE.NT���������By   Bookei,    Campbell   Sz  Whrpp e,   413   Granville   St,   for   A    D  Goldstein Building. i       is  U-llU'T-By  W m. O'Dell, 757 Beatty  st,   for   alteiation   woik   on   3-ato   bldg  I on   Granville   and   Dunsmuir   sts 4  1 ' CKM1..NT-By J. F. Wineland, 402  Abbott st, tor rein-cone laundry bldg toi  Van. Gen'l  Hospital ' ' 3u  CJ-.Mn.NT���������By Paul A Jones, Empress  Hotel, foi conot of Haiiic bldg on Coidova st. , in  Excavating, Elevators, Electric Fixtures  EXCAVATING���������By   K.   J    Ryan,   768  Gianville  st,  lor  6-sto  add  to   Img  hse  on Hams and  Main sts. i       _   _ _  EXCAVATING-���������By*1 S. J. Lund, Empire   AVhipple,   413   Gianville   s't  bldg, tor  1-sto, 50.\S0, img hse lor Hast-   Goldotein  Building.  Ing and Hawkes sts "    '���������       11   '   ���������-���������--   J'JXCAVATION���������By XV P AVhite, Hutchinson bldg, for 3-^,to, 61x132, bik b<d,j  .toi   Uth and  Main  \   EXCAVATINGVBy   E-   J    Rvan,   76S  " ""���������   *   *"���������  ������ ��������� to bik and m.ll con t  Gianville st��������� foi  3-  img hse for Poweil st  Furnaces,   Sheet   Metal,  Fixtures  1  Fire   Escapes,  Dominion Construction  Supply Co., Ltd.  BUILDINGS FINANCED  T, .1   Maiilen   Mngr     Phnnp Sev   8265  >     35   CANADA   LIFE   BLDG. <  GRANDVBEW  Sheet RrletaS Works  Warm   Air   Heating  . Furnaces  and   General Jobbing  1729 Venable St.,  ���������   , Plione Sey 5284  ������, COMMERCIAL. BLUE PRINT CO.    ���������  MAPS. DRAFTING AND TRACING  J?Hri,e  Sey. 5068    ?2'3' Sevmoi"- -'St.'  CITY, OF   VANCOUVER.  Competitive Pious New Police Station.  Competitive Plans will he leceived bj-  the undei igned up to May 2-")th, il9V2,  at 1 o'clock p in mai ked "Competition  Tlans foi Police btatlon," in sealed, envelope       X   renditions of competition mav be obtained at the Citj Clerk's Office, City  Hall   s > "    , " "  ; wm. mcqveen,  I City   Clerk.  City Hall. Arancouver,  Maj   3rd,   1912    _       ,        ..       ?  CORPORATION OF POINT GREY.-  The Council is prepaied to receive tenders up to fi p m on Mondav, 13th May,  1912, for the supply of 825 enameled  lion stieet name plates  Specifications and foim of tendei maj"  he obtained ' fiom the Municipal En-  srii-icor ,  Tenders to be accompanied bv a marked v. leiiue voj 5 pei cent of'the amount  of =ame .   ' .  The 'ovves-t oi any tendei not neceasar-  1 j' accepted  TIRE ESCAPES���������Rj Booker., Campbell vt AA nlppie, 413 Granvi.la St, foi  ji  iD ��������� Goldstein ^Building- lb  SHELT MLTAL WUll K���������Bv R N  Finch, 207% Cai tei-CoKon bldg./ foi  6-im   fi   ies. 21  <; SHELT METAL���������Bv S J Lund, Empiie bldg, for i-sto, 50\&t, rmg hse toi.  v-lastingr  and  Hawker  sts -        2".  riRLPLACEis���������By R   N0 Finch,  207 V.  Caitei-Cotton  bldg, loi   6-rm fi   ie5     lo  'fURNACL���������Bv R    N      i-inch,    207','.  Caitei-Cotton  bldg,  foi   t-im  lr res     'll  FIRE LSCAPLS���������By S   J. Lund,  Empne bldg, tor 4-������to, 50i.60, img  h,e Ior  Ha-siings and Hawkes sts     ������       r'        2?  Grading, 'oiasB,*" Gravel.      "'"  GLASS ��������� By C Booker, Campbell S,  AVhipple,. 413- Gianvilie St., tor-A. 12  GoldsteinNBuildliijL, lb  SAND���������Bj Bookei, Campbell vt Whipple    113   Gianville   bt,   loi   A>D    Gold-  \,rtein  Building  '   GRAVLL���������Bv  H.  FLOYD,  C. M.  C.  Municipal  Hi1!   Kerrlsdale, *'  j\pril   26th,   1912  Booker.    Campbell  Wldpple,   111   Gianville   St     loi    A.  Goldstein  Building  BUILDING SECTION E. vt N. R  Tendeia loi giading aid budging  hist 10 miles of .Comov' e vten^lon  E Sz N R R fiom McBnde Junction  | to'Com tenaj- will be leceived by H j  I Oambie, chief engineei, Vancouver, up  to May 15  GLASS���������By Wm. O'Dell," 757 Beatty  ������������������t, loi alteiation woik on 3-sto bldg on  Gianville  and  Dunsmuir  sts 4  GLASS���������By E Stanley Mitton, AVil-  liams bidg, tor 3^sto, 100x10, brk'' img  hse on  Pender st E. ' ' 2.  SAND���������By   Paul   A.   Jones,   Empre-  Hotel,  for^const of Harris bldg on  Cordova  st.  SAND���������By .7 F. Wiimeland. 402 Abbott  .st, for lein-conc laundiry-bldg for Van.  Gen'l  Hospital. '    30  marble.  il-ARBLi:���������Bv Bookei, Campbell- Sz  Whipple, 413 Gianville St, ioi A D  Golditein Building iic.  iMARBLlJJ���������By Wrn O'Dell, 757 BpuUj  st, foi alteiation woik on 3-sto bldg  on  Gianville  and  Dunsmuir .sts l  TILE���������By V\ m. O'Dell, 757 Beatty st  for alteiation woik on 3-sto bklg on  Gianvl le   and   Dunsmuir  sts 4  MILL WORK���������By S J Lund, Empire  bldg, tor 4-,to. 50\60, rmg hse for'Ha stings and Hawkes st-. >>i  I lYlIscellanerun.  i-,,r.IiV,wonK-r-:Bj' B,-oIce������. Camrbell &.  Whipjile, iu Gianville bt, roi A D  Goldstein Building ��������� .j,  TILL���������Bj Booke.r Campbell vt Whipple, 413 Granville St, tor A. D. Go d-  .steln Building is  TERRAZZO FLOORING���������By Bookei  Campbell Sz AVhipple, 413 Gianville St  ioi a   D   Goldstein Building is  TERRA CO"< Rv Bookei, Campbell  & AVhipple, 11.1 Gianville St, foi A. D  Gold-tein   Building is  STONE ���������Bj- Booker, Campbell &  AVhipple, 413 Gianville St, loi A. D  Goldstein  Building is  MATERIAL���������By     AVm      O'Dell,     757  Beatty st, for  alteration   woik  on  3-sto  bldg on Granville and Dunsmuir sts.    1  PARK   SEATS���������By    AVm.    jN'orthcott,  city pur agt, Vrctorla,  till April  29,  lor  i 7������ park 'seats  |     CUT   STONE���������By    Win?   O'Dell, " 757  Beatty  st. for  alteration  work  on  3-sto  bldg on Gianvl.le and Dunsmuir sts.    4  CHIMNEY���������By   R    N.    Finch,    207%  Cai tei-Cotton bldg,  for 6-rm fr res     2y  MATERIAL���������Bj   S.   J���������- Lund.   Empire  bldg, foi  4-sto, 50x60, rmg hse for Hastings and Hawkes sts. . 07  ' TERRA. COTTA���������By J. \t   Donnellan,  Riggs-Selman    bldg,    for    Sullivan-Con-  sidfne bldg on  Gianville s-t                     it,  Plaster. 'Plbaj.,  Pn.s;.; Pan-..'pipe Pilina,  PAINTING���������Bv   Booker.   Campbell   Sz,  toi    A.   D.  r-   PAINTING���������By" R 'N.    Finch,    207%  Cartel-Cotton t bidg,  for 6irm fr res     211  PAINTING-"���������By   Haminei   &  AVagnei,  1116 Bute st,   for  bungalow  PLASTERING���������By   Hammer  &  Wagner, 1116 Bute   .t,  foi   bungalow.  PLASTERING���������By   13    J     Rjan,   76S  Granville st,   for  6-sto add   to  img  hae  on   Hams  and  Mam  sts 1  PLASTERING,���������By   Wm. NVove,    2436  Sth ave AV, lor ies at Kitsilano.       v . 30  -PLASTERING���������By   E    J    Ryan,    76b  Granville st, foi-.l-Uo brk and mill const  1 ing hse foi Po/iveil st 1,  PLASTERING���������By Bookei, Campbell .v.*  AA'hipple,   413 .Gianville   St,   foi    A    D  Goldstein Building is  PLASTrRING���������By R   N   Finch. 207%  Cai tei-Cotton bldg, toi  6-rm fi ies       29  PLASTLR1NG���������Bv  Funis Coiiot   Co,  316 Pendei AV, lor Hanson b.dg on Ham--  ilton st  PLASTERING���������By E- Stanley Mitton,  AVilliania bldg, foi 3-sto, . 100*10, brk  img hse on Pender st E >2  PLUMBING���������Bv 'AVm O'Dell, -757  Beattj st, ioi alteiation woik on 3-vto  bldg on Gianville and Dunsmuii sts 4  'PLUMBING���������By Booker, Campbell vt'  .AVhipple, 113 Gianville St, 101 A D  Goldstein Building is  . PLUMBING���������By S J Lund, Empne  bldg, toi Sacied lleait Academy, Point.  Giev        1 '  PLUMBING���������By Jones & Aspell, Hart-  ney Chambeis, foi $7000 name dwe.hng  for- Shaughnessj- Hts    1 , /  Booting, <.Boads,   Reservoirs '  'ROOFING���������Bj Bookei, Campbell &  AA'hipple, 4J.J Gianvilie St, toi a D  Goldstein Building v 1 -IS  ROOMNG���������Bj Wm O'Dell. 757 Beattj st, foi alteiation woik on 3-oto bldg  on  Gianvll e and  Dunsmuir sts * 4  v ROOMNG���������By E J Rvan, 768 Gianville st, foi 3-sto bik and mill con.st  nng  hse  toi 1 Powell   st ]  CORNICL���������By E ,J Ryan, 76S Gianville st, foi 6-sto add to img hse on  Harris and  Main   st, j  1 ROOMNG���������By E. J Syan, 768 Granville st, lor 6-sto'add"1 to rmg hse on  Hariis   and   Main   sts ��������� 1  ROOFING���������By     J    F.  Wineland,     402  giey I Co.; Ltd  f.  '      "'    p  ,   ' ,   EMGINECRS AfND AGENTS '    '   . ">  1  ������nftn������ oJ    ,*?"   -*lWfrelRope' Parker Derricks, 'Electric  Hoists  ,    Otto" Gasoline'Engines,  Grab Buckets, "Globe" Marine Engines  bteel Tanks and Water Towers of anv 'rteafitu  TaA������Ya'fiE;;GAS0UNE TANKS' and PuW "pRl^t"or  GARAGES  Phone  Seymour 3892  PUBLIi"  319 Pender Street .WE  EQUIPMENT CO,  Machinery Dealers    \    p  C0^CSTlLM,LEnS'rtSTEEL   CARS'   R^K   PUSHERS,   ELECTRIcJ  .  ..STEAM   AN.D    GASOLINE    HOISTS.     WHEELBARROWS,  TRANSMISSION  MACHINERY, GASOLINE  ENGINES  PUMPS AND  ROAD  MACHINERY.  "Phones:  Seymonr  7066-7818. offices: 606-607 Bank of W^wk Bid*.'  8TAIN YOUR'BUNGALOWS  Dom't Paint Them, Stain ,ThenTAll Over, Roofs, Siding "and Trimmtags, with  \ \ f CABOT'S SHINGLE STAINS r;  Pfi������y Seymour 512 ' HENRY DARLING  28 Pbwel) St.  We are the sola mannfactaawrs vt  Machine-made  Glazed   Cement Sewer  - Pipe in British  Columbia.     :  offiCO   d   tt      Gl?AZED CEMENT PIPE CO., LTD.  Office:   Dominion , Trnst   Bldg.,   Vancouver,  a.  a, ���������V*."*** ���������  Phone:   Sey.  83SS*  'Sfec&fr  andMANUFAOI/RING CD.L.pi.rax  Etec^ric Supplies and Telephones::        313 Water St,  Alltree & Churchland :  ELECTBICAI, COWTBACTOBS    <  976 Oronvllle Stieet "  * ' - G  1   'Phone,  Seymour  2707  . CO. LTD.  .Manufactuiera   of i '  Dumber, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, ote.  Phone" Seymour 1708.  r^.^-'i,'v"-;.:;V ���������'������������������'���������  vmi^x'P-''  :-^.teSKEMMNG:;&. CO  T^-HehjtinpVahafpin  I ;05:'P<inder, Sti>* ^Phbne'"Seyinour t228  'Qenaral ^Painting ; and',.Decoratingr  .:XX:X:   ;    CONTBACTOBS,"  Office': 112' Crown:;Bldg; J-iv-' Sey. 8707  Acme Plumbing 8t HTtg.' Co  ��������� 131   Tenth   Ave.   E.  Fairmont   537  Ave.   B.  "Phona  le's-'j*'-  m..  rinest Workmanship    <        v      Exclusive Designs ,i  Wilcox Art Glass Studio }j  1471 Broadway W. Phone Bay view 245 ')  y-P"EDWARD'.--TIMMONS  I      SLATER'������������������& ROOF TILER  338���������^7th Ave.-'W. ' Phone.Tair. 1257-U  CORPORATION  OF  POINT  GREY.  The Courcil ii piepared to receive ten-  "i>rs for fire fighting apparatus for the  "'''unicivilrt'- to be In by 5 p. m Mondav,  Hiv-  27th,   1912.       t '      s  Tenderers    are   reque-ted > to    "submit  chemes foi   the effectual fire protection  i-'.r.    i,  triot<-   of  Ebi'ine,   D.   L     172,  Keirisdale,  and  D   L   540. showing  the  ipiMiatu-i    required    to    carry   out    the  cheme,   the   initial   cost  and   estimated  cost  of upkeep,  etc  'Fuither paiticulars can be secured  fiom the Municipal Clerk, Municipal  Hall, Keirisdale, B. C.  Keriisdale   B  Mav   1st,'  'H.  FLOYD,   C.  M.  C,  1912. ,   .  ' ^:; ,R;:-Nelsbn Finch  ,E:ipei"t   BUUder   and   Financier  *v<)'-     7?f' .- f.i.71/.  :'<^n.-fr>^rnr-'tr   .    T-1.1-  ..'THE-'8'OKNS^������-:.' ::  "GAS". APPLIANCE. CO.  1037-39...a'ra'nvUle. Street  TelotJlione ���������. Seymour, 3704  J.-Ei Car  PLU-VI33NO  &  1051 Pen1*r tt.,W. J. ���������"  .' >. "  '  & Co.  HEATING  ' PHnne Scrmnur 273S  v    'XBODTHoEil'' CIRCU WATER PiSTURKACE  ARMSTRONG& WOLFE  SHIcET METAL WORKERS  ���������;"���������������������������'- BUCK'S LEADER and GURNEY'OXFa.tvl FURNACES  Phone Bay.! 296 '1540 5tb  Ave   W.  mi'1  ML-  PERFECTION GLIDING DOOR CO.  Phone Sey. 1649  719 Pender St. AV.  iVBU'lRRAY BiROS.  PLUMPING and HEATING  721l'3ifi Street.'    ' ���������'���������-,"':  -, Phono Seymour 8E14 ��������� I  .Sheet Metal Workers  Boat Tanks. Cornice,' Rnonnj.Jumaces,  ..iS2 Seymour St'     Phone Sov   44<iS  ,. I_. G.ROSINSON  Consulting"   Engineer   and  '   G-eaoral  Contrnctor  jr^j3-*-2j,r 'JtlJLMSlGe.'i   Blflr  'tw-inirrftrM-������������������*    n     iir       i  r--    i-   r~       --%*������ ���������^-^���������^t  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED.  . VANCOUVER  OEIS"EEAD CONTBACT.  APAnTMEXT BLDG��������� By.Hoiol and  l.oherts, Dominion Tiu-t Bldg-, for con-  'trrction of ,1-'to H0x91 biick and mill  enst. apaitment bldfr. for Bioadvvay XV.  11 v l ilJ.SG PAVlLIOiNi���������By Honevman  & Curtlss, S21 Pendei st, till May i, foi  const of conc bathing pavilion at Second  Reach,  LiiKli.sh   Bav.  MANUAL TIIALMNG SCHOOL���������By  W. Muuav, -sec ol school boaid, till  Apnl '10, ioi the ronstiuctlon of a liame  "iOxGO, J--toij' manual tialnlnj? school  bbi<d'iiiij to be eiocted on tlit ileniv Ilud-  ioii   -cnoul   gi omuls  CllVRl \l��������� By -ccv St. Andiew's Fres-  livten.in church, P O bov: !>033, No \ aii-  .ii.h'1, till M.iv 1, foi the const ot St  ndievv'i cln rc'i at coi 10th and St  Geoijtes st Plans and ������pocif at Alov-  uulei   vv.'-liiovn,   11,7 Gianville  st  II       R      COiNSTRUCTIOiV���������Bv    Howe  sjound i: iVoithein KaLvvay Co, 506 Cai-  tei-Cnttor   bl'l'f    Vancouvei,   till   Friday,  "U.iv   31,  foi   tlie gi.Kilns',  151111(1111?,  <J.tc,J  ol   the   following  sections   of sthe   above  -lai vi .iv      (,i)   l.%iom  end  of present con-1  stiucted   line   to   mile   12 0      (b)    Fiom!  mile  11  to mile  211      (c)   Bianch  from I  mile J 3 of main line along ea t  bianch .  of Sriuamish  iivei   2 7 milc-s     Plans and  pecii  at the oflice of Cleveland Sz Cameion,  306 Winch hide  SCHOOL ADDITION���������Bv XV T. East-j  lhionlv vecv ol the Richmond bcliool  boaid, D bin re B C, till Mav JO tendeis  villi he 'rocPived toi the election and'  completion uiot including heating-) ot i  ?n addil'un to tlie BndLrepoit .chool1  'ion f Lilu 1 land B C Plans and par-,  licul.u -. it the ofiice of Joseph Bowman, I  nc lit     116   Crown   hldar I  Hi SIDFNCF���������l!v   iliiunton   "i-LicbPit   I  till   Mav    10.   foi      $*v000     lcsidence     foi  siltHimhiiPssv   Ilfiir'its I  POWKR IIOUSD���������Bv Geo   Ilaildnn   sec  V'iii    Gen'l  Hospital  Poard, foi   con-t  of I  .c.n<oi'ccd  oonviete power   house  in  con-|  'KCtion with hospital   Specif fiom Aicht  V    A    Cox   Cai lei-Cotton   bldtr  llFfi.IDIIXCi:���������Bv A. J Bud, Winch  bldjr ioi Ii-inoi) ies foi Shdughne-ssj  iln -ii(s   ior   Or-    KaUei  RIJSIDENCE���������By A. J Bird, Winch  bldij, joi J 2-1 ooni ies on Shaut'hriessj  Hei-rhiN  OPvAXGB    HALL���������Bv   T     Duke,    S.'D  Goie st   till Mav 6, loi   cdnst of Oiang-e1  Ha'l  at  Giandvlew I  SCHOOL BUILDING���������Bv   T   H   Bow-  m-'n.  Crown  bldR,  fill Mav  13, lnr   l-rrn1  fi   . ita  \ lsta scnool bids at Bun.il)"      J.  GRAVEL���������By J , F. Wineland. 402  Abbott st, for le-toa-conc laundry bidg for  Van   Gen'l KobjjiitiaiL 30  H'fg-.,   Hardwood.' Boat,.  S'dware,  HEAT'lN���������By Booker, Campbe'l &  Whipple, 413 Qian-ville St., tor A. D.  Goldstein Building* .IS  HARD WOOD���������By Booker, Campbell <v.  Whipple, 413 Granville St. lor A. D  Goldstein Building 18  HARDWARE���������By Boolver, Campbell Sz  Goldstein Buildtag-. > ,        IS  Whipple, 413 Granville St. for A. D.  HARDWOOD���������By Wm. O'Dell,, 757  Beattv st, for alteration work on 3-sto.  bldg on Gi anvil e and Dun.smuir t>ts. 4  HEATING���������By Xk'm O'Dell, 757 Beatty st, for alteration work on 3-ato b.dg  on  Gianville And  Dunsmuir sts 1  HEATING���������By    S    J.   Lund,   Empire  bldg, foi Sacred Academy, Point Grej'...  HEATING���������By, R.  McLean & Co., Pacific  bldg,   for  6- to,   &lxl20,  hotel   bldg  on   Abbott  aad  Pendrl.l. ^  <IoTiAlS���������By Paul A Jones, Empress  Hotel, for eoHbt of Harris bldg on Cordova st s 19  HEATING��������� (FAN SYSTEM)���������By -,J  H. Bowman, Ciown bldg, ,for the 6-jm  tr add to the Richmond school, Bridgeport                         \                    \  HEATING���������By E. J Ryan, 768 Gran-.  ville st, for 3- to bik and mill const  img  hse lor Powell  st. '   ' 1  Iron   Work,   Interior   Finish,      ,  IXTKRIOR FINISHING���������Bv Bool'ei,  Campbell & Whipple. 113 Gianvjl e St.  toi   A    I")   Goldstein   Building IS  GALVANIZED     IRON ���������Bv      Booker,  Campbell  vt Whipple,   113  Granvi.le  bt  tor a   \i  Gold,tein Building " 18  GALVANIZI5D   IRON���������By     Davis     Sz  Sandeis,   fii;,   lla-tings XV,  loi   C   P. T.  lei-rht    beds  nt Vancouvei 15  INTERIOR     FINISHING���������Bv     S.     J  Luncl,   Lmpiie    bldg,    for    1- to.    50x60,  img   hse lor  Ha-tings ard  Hawkes  sts  Lumber.  Lathing-, Dlmtr  LUMBER ��������� Bv Booker. Campbell &  Whipple,    113   Granville   St,   for    A    D  Abbott st, for rein-cone laundry bldg tor  Van   Gen'l Hospital \ 30  SSWEBS, STBEET WOBK, STEED.  -STEEL ��������� By Booker, Campbell &  Whipple, 113 Gianville St., tor A. D.  Goldstein Building    - is  STRUCTURAL STEEL���������By Bookei.  Campbell iz Whipple, Hi Gianville St.,  for A. D. Goldstein  Building.        " IS  REINFORCED STiirEL���������By Booker,  Campbell & Whipple, 413 Gianvl.le St,  tor A   D. Goldstein Building.      , 18  ���������REINFORCING STEEL���������By' J.. ,F.  Wineland, 402 Abbott -t, for rein-cone  laundrj bldg ior Van. Gen'i Hospital. 30  ���������STEEL���������By J. JJ. Donnellan, Kjgga-  Seiman bldg, for ^uinvan-Coniidine  bldg on Gianville *>t. ' i>5 j  STEEL���������By T. A. Allan, 510 Pender  st W, tor 3-sto, 28x132, brk rmg hse  on  Robson  st. 22  STRUCTURAL ' STEEL���������By S. J."  Lund, 210 Empire bldg, lor Sacred  Heart Academy at  Point Grey. ^  Wiring, ���������WriterprooCng','- Wharves,  ELECTRICAL WIRING���������By S. J.  Lund, Empiie bldg, ior 4-sto, 60x60, rmg  h.se lor 'Hastings and Hawkes <sts 11  ELECTRIC WIRING���������By Booker-,  Campbell & Whipple, 413 Gianvilie St..  tor A. D.  Goldstein  Building is  ELECTRIC 1<ITUKJ;S���������By Bcokei,  Campbell Sz Whipple, 413 Gi anvil e St..  lor A.  D   Goldstein Building. ]S  ELECTRICAL WIRING���������Bv E. J.  Ryan, 768 Gianville st, lor 6-ato add to  i nig  h������e on Jlanis  and  Main  sts. 1  ELECTRICAL WIRING���������By E .1.  Ryan, 76S Gianville fat, for 3-sto brk and  mill  const rmg hse  for Powell  s,t ]  GREAT WEST SAftD & GRAVEL COMPANY LTdT  Successors to J. T.   Herrett.Co., Limited >    *   :  Ofllce, Warehouse and Wharf:  1029-Main St. "    Phone'Sevmour "<9I  .ft".  "EVRP^C11. Ho(r* Industries  By SDecifvIcJT  THE ANVIL>8SLAND BRICK CO.? LTD*  BRICK CO.. ltd:  -        -   Off!      ^wT >RessED Red.bpjcks     ' '   .  Office and .Works:   Anvil  Island. Howe Sound, B. C,  "       -r,.^���������- '   '���������     '       BSX.1.XSQ, AOEKTS   v ",     <���������  ������������������������������������ RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANV     rn  Grl.l  tein Building IS,     i.j3M03SrDS���������Tendeis foi 2000 yard  ,I'IJ,V'."~;n      '^e*"   Ca^nhpll ������ V W-I ciacke(|   lok   wi���������    be    recei     d- ,  pie    113  Granville   St,  for  A    D    Gold-   -     - -        -  - -  -.tern Buildmt, IS  LATHING���������Bj    Wm    Xeve,   2136   Sth  ave W,  toi  ie* at Kit'ilarto 30  LIME���������Bv   J   F   Wine and, 402 Abbott  st    foi   lein-conc  laundiy  bldg  loi   Van  Gpd'1  Ho pital 30  ~B. C. SAND ANO GRAVt1>C0.f LTD. "  100  acies   on  Howe  Sound,   23   miles  fiom Vancouvei  Tne   for 1000 shaies at $100 each  400 shares on 'the maiket at par  It-Tain   Office:    503   Dom.   Trust   Bldg.  Phone  Sey. 6756  iroliitects Builders  Contractors  We. are at your service to  give you any information required regarding installing  gas pipes and appliances.-  Also location of mams.  Phone S. 5000 and ask for  New  Business   Dept.  NCOUVER GAS CSMPAN  7*79   Gra.nville,   Sho"w   Room  New Business Show Room  '' 16  Hastings  E.,  :K '  TENDERS WANTED.  OUT OF TOWN.  BUILDINGS.  EDMONDS���������Tenders will he received  hv W Gu'litli, Comptiollei, Edmonds, till  May 13, foi clearing and giubbing the  en IP' v er'tion ot Boundai y Road to  the Gieat Noilheui iight-oi-vvay llano  i .ma rpvv...iv.citiv,na Horn municipal uii^ti-  nees.  ���������if  .   ^\  Gnllith,   Comptio lei,   Edmonds,   Burna-  bj',   till Mav  Uth  mledichie Hat���������Tenders will be received  till May 15 toi school to co-.t $20,000  .foi Medicine Hat Separate School Boaid.  Aichitect, W. T Wi liams, 2-stoij and  basement, conciete foundation, buck and  j,tone   con   ti uctlon  Saskatoon���������Plans^.are being prepared  <"oi new hotel to cost $150,000, Avenue  B and 20th -st,'for James Barrey Architects, Thompson, Daniels & Colthur t  Reinfoiced conciete eonstiuction, brick  and teria cotta faGing:1 The above architects will leceive tenders *%nd all in-  foi mation may be received from tnem  Saskatoon, Saslt.���������Sealed tendeit, ad-  dies-ed*to the Citj' Commissioners will  be leceived until noon, Mav 17, foi fuin-  l hinq m<.teiiril and construction of ������up-  er^ti uctuie for 23rd st subway. For  fiiithcr mfoimation write either of the  tnsineei, City Engineei G T Clark,  . i ldge     Engineer      W      L      McKenzie  IT'    Jv.     It )  MCEV.,   MISC.,   1IATBRLII,   "MARINE.  Vernon,   3.   C By   D    C    Tate,   crty  .leilv    until  May   10    ioi   the s-uppiy and  election,  on   tounilation   supp led   bv   the  "itv,  of one  200  B    H   P,  257  R   P   M  Ijie-.el   oil   engine  for   duett   connection  to  125  K   W,   3-phase,  60-cjcle  ateina-  vllng cuno'it genoiatoi.with etciter    En-  -r,ne   must   be   complete   with   indicator,  all tools and spaitpaits   Specif at offices  Of Mathei    Yuill & Co, Ltd, Vancouver  Moose  Jaw���������By   Citj-   Commissioners,  till r.lav 15, loi   the laying of approxim-,  atelj   31000  square   j'ards,  of  pavement  Plans and specif from  I   Antomsen, city  .Vernoii,   B,   C���������By   D    C    Tote,   city  clerk,  till Maj' 6V ,for rock crusher complete    with    scrcers    and,   portable    bin:  cnishPi   to,have  25   to  30  tons  capacity  ,.i   ...  .i.   ',-,|.vif   fiom   i .tj   eiifci  /  CMAPIVfiAN Si WALKER LTD  '  ENGINEERS.  DEALERS   IN   ELECTRICAL"  SUPPLIES  Lei i, show you ..cooSSJ^IffS Tl^^Hi youi  ^ Malleable  coal range.  e ao durable a->  E ectiicity lor cooking purposes "is cheap.  IgHONE SEYMOUR 9379   4^1^^  P. O. BOX 1353  T������������������������������������r..Mr,..   c,'������������lu*������������l and Efflcioncy Enjrinearn  Invwtion^^C^moii^^Concrete,  ������11 afd^Bood  Materials.  Qaolotrical Report, on' BaV Material..  Watorprooflngr of Concroto.  NEWHM, SMITH 8 CO.  OFFICE:   1106 Dom. Trust Bldg., Vancouver.  PHONE:   fiey. 2814  British Canadian Lumber Corporation LimiM  1605 Georgia St.  Manufacturers    J J  Vancouver  .Fhcne. Seymonr 6504  IMPOBTEB AND DBA-CEB IN  PDATB, SHEET, FZCVBED, WIRED,  ABT, FBISM AND'OOIiOBBD GIiASS  431-429 Dufferin St. W.  .   Phone Pair. 1238  Jolinston ��������� Tiiijnipson Co.  Plumbing and Heating  *    %     Engineers  525 BURRARD ST.   ..    Phone Sey. 7899  SHOVER & THOMAS  Sand   Gravel  and  Building, Material  'Phone Seymour 1365.    Office and''  Wharf  959 Matrix Street  TERMINAL LUMBER & SHINGLE CO,  LIMITED. '  ���������MANUPACTOBEBS  OP  PINE  LUMBER AND SHINGLES  W. B. COOKE & CO.  308 Carter Cotton Bldg*.  Plioiio:    Seymour 7997  NOBTHWESTEBN LEAGUE  Base  Ball ..  Week  Commencing- May 6  SFOKANS vs. VANCOUVEB  Becreation Para-  -   Admission 25   and 50o  Gruffest Mfg. Co., Ltd. K  CABINET  MAKERS  ifil  BANK,  STORE- AND  OFFICE     ,M^"S"  FIXTURES       " U-'-t,''"."-.^  Fhone Fair. 1471    52 Dufferin St. W.  Estimates Furnished  ij"i.1_<rijiv",,vyf>1" ��������� Bj.,_3v.'.o}s ������������������ "���������5rj//'srsB~<rlF.'7C;'"g.<".i Ly>^to*~r?rr^:i^'N!Z'7T-jX&T^,^ ������������������' =*.- -jrT-ygr-Ta'  ***%{$>


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