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Daily Building Record May 1, 1912

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i -^,
Bujldins, Contracting, Engineering, Irrigation and General Improvemc	
1$, Devoted to the interests of Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Material Dealers and others interestekl^
���rft .  ' ���  ��r_
 Covering-British Columbia.
Record   Publishing   Co.,   Vancouver,   Publishers.
rF. building trade' of the IN.W*"
'^���\Z,   No.   133,   Wed.,   May   1,   1912.
Wm. N. O'Neil Go.,-Ltd.
High Grade Building Material
Private Exchange, Seymour 4795 548-550 SEYMOUR STREET
Plate and Window'-Glass ,    " Leaded Lights
Mantels. Grates, Tiles and Fire Place Furnishings
. "Minerva" Paints, Varnishes and Stains
"Bryan's" Brushes-'fOR Painters' Use
Manton Bros.' Shingle Stains
Raecolith Plastic Flooring
301 Pacific Bldg.   Sey. 8144   [
Tar. and .Gravel Roofing
��� Water   Proofing
Roof Repairing
All Work Guaranteed
Flione Seymour 7417
814  Metropolitan  Bldg.
Plione Seymour 9162, Private Exchange
Office  and  Bunkers,  Oranvllle  Street  Bridge.
-if221-1���2-sto i'r ies	
7221G���2--.IO  li   ies	
r|j2216���2���to   l'l    ioi	
I/./-017���i-sto   I'r  workshop...
!fi221S���Six  1',4-Hto  D   re-,   ..
'ft.-iu���i-.lu  in I- apml  Use
?2220���U/j-sto li   ic,    . .
,9.2221���S-slo steel S- brk bldg
? 221)8���Two 2-sto fi   ies     .    ..
A2210������2-sto lr ies
Cost. I Street Address.
, $2fifi0 ' 19.10  lsto live XV..
,.$58()u I lS'ili   12lli   .ive   XV
%2a00\"2S32 TiaCalg.u     N.
.$2""-00 I 037   Union
Xiot and Block.
2103-2!   Macdonald,
7 lb Janis .st
310!) :>id a\e  W-.
1S5   Hastings  E
33 11-17  7th  ave XV
1017  13th ave K
.   . 1���-107
II It of 19, 20���400A
.    . 26���94
2818-2 1   oth   XV...30
X%   19���31
. .. * 11���9
.      . .   .      10���40
. .   .22���17015
520 .
5 '0
1S1 .
1S3  .
5 10    ��
. . Contr
. .. Contr
. .  Owners
;      Contr
Shai pe as Thompson
... Owner
.. .     .Pan   & Kee
. i. Contr
D. Mahony
Itason .
Ownei s
\V.  .li Pi out.
Ownei s
XV. Jfason
B   Davidson .
C. J  Chinch
R.  Hudson. .
S59 7th ave W
. 1727 2nd ave AV
" 1122 Hornby  st
" 1727 2nd ave"w
.1016   BiouglVton
200G York -st
.     31S  "Main  st
H.   J.   Hutchison   ..
F. S.   Garner. ..    .
Nelly  Ss DeLancev
G. XV. Phipps
"Bentley & Wear
Mrs.  E   E   Bewes.
John  Boyd  	
Jas   Bordland   .
G   W.-Wllson	
A. B. Scott    i
1100  Seymour st
1S65   12th   ave  \V
.1380  Gianville  st
 1167 Georgia st
. .2012 Granville st
     615  Pender
 2456 York
.Hastings E
 2066 York st
  647 Piior'st
|     Building permits  for Victoria will  be I found on Page 2;
.,_���,��� ;   ���'  REINFORCING STEEL
���^rW^tn, Square, Round and Square Twisted Bars
lffi$?/p*$      Triangle Mesh - Column Hocping
U%P-'iV0'    ' Largest stock in city
Phone 2988
Our Plant is Fully Equipped For Cutting
To Length aud Cold Twisting
Prompt Delivery Our Specialty
Seymour 4674
Western Plate -Glass
, & Bmp. Co. Ltd.
Reg. Office: 153 Cordova 8k. '��.
VANCOUVER, B. C.      r     ,
Leaded Art Glass
Taorno  Metal Store  Front  Sua
Bevelling, and Silvering
���tore Fronts Glazed
'-''\}Our Office Issues Your Liability, Accident and Health Insurance
Aloo'.adjusts losses without delay orjreferring to any remote Head,
.-Office . ������ r
^British Am erican Trust Company, Limited.
Oastar-Cotton Bldg-.
Insurance Department
Phone   Seymour 7620
The Iionor-Iiife Enaxnol.    Vitralite is an
absolutely   white  enamel, unequaled   for
.        r
'antftiihty mid'elasticity, either in the Gloss or Effff-Sliell, tlnish. Not only is
JVitralito supoiior for interior wort out it can be absolutely depended upon
-"'forYall outside work and  juoli interior work 'subject to frequent wetting-, as
bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
r.m.~x���. ��*   -ar����t  ���   "* '"'Phone'Seymoui* 6S76.
If "Canadian Pacific LumSjer Co. Limited
^'yThe   attention    of   Architects,'  Contractors   and   Builders   is   called
to'"the  NEW "ERA   REVERSIBLE  WINDOWS, which  we are  now manu-
"facturers of.    Call at our factory and see them and learn of their many
r advantages over any other windows made. ���
r 1\ ,} Factory: 'Foot of Salsbury  Drive.
"iBranch  Factory at  1618 Third Avenue  West, Fairview. Vancouver,  B.  C.
Phone  Eayview ��88
Aiclits AVallington Ss Wlieat'.ey, Davis
Chambeis, aie completing plans foi a
pioject that is by no moans new to
contractor in the city, and the plans
for which have been delayed and the
working postponed for munj- months.
The plans being piepaied aie for the
new mona-toiy and home for the catholic ordei The Sisteis of the Good Shep-
hoid, foi Point Gisv, the foundation of
���which has a'leady been completed Plans
will be completed and tendeis will be
cai ed loi by May 1th foi the 'geneial
ccmstiuetion woik Tendeis for plumbing will be taken sepaiatclv but later
on The building Is-to be 169x0."), unci-of
brick comtjuction, four stones including   a   lull-sized   basement,   which    will
i     o o i
al--o be Ihe fiist door ancl will 'have
study looms, cla>s looms, music and
evliibltlon looms The second (loot* will
be arianged lor cla-.s and iccltalion
looms and 'a chapol,' while the uppei
llooio. will be divided into dornntoiv accommodations. The building will cost
$75,000      .
Only Permits amounting* to less than
$1000 will be found under this "head.
 ^_  L
2211���R.   Hudson,   31S   "Main;   move   and
lepaii   ies,   1333  Woodland,  $300.
2.212���Blown Bros. & Co., Ltd, 1-sto
���?<���' traiage and wihse, 310 21st ave E;
< The following*- material is mentioned
to bo used in the structures called tux
in. the permits above, whose numbers
correspond to those preceding* the following* items. _-���
220S���1800 br, 1100 yds pi. 10 bbls cmt
2200���1200 br, 350 yds pi, S bbls cmt
2210���1200"" br, 600 vds pi, 7 bbls cmt
2213���1000 bi, 330 ydo pi, 6 bbls cmt.
221 1���2200 br, 600 yds pi, 12 bbl- cmt
2215���2500 br, 1000 yds pi, 20 bbls cmt
211G���1100 br, 700 yds pi, S bbl-. cmt.
221*8���1 S50 br, 600 yd* pi, 5 bbls cmt.
2220���2500  br,  650 yds pi,  5 bbls cmt
thesBoaul of  Works
ye-iteiday afternoon   was
1320'Richards St
1!       '.
Phone Seymour 1190
>.Vv'* ���
Doors, Sash, Mouldings, Etc.
Mills, Offices and Factory:
JCoVr Victoria Drive and Powell' Street.    Phone Seymour 8800
Western Steam & Oil Plants Co. Ltd.
1010    DOMINION    TRUST    BLDG. Sey.  7676
Entrance in roar Phone Sey 3732
Repairs and alteiations 32 $ 22,-ICO
Dwelling houses 2IC 1*59, ISO
Apmt   ancl rooming- house-. .10 55C.200
Kactones   find   wai chouses 11 !)7,S50
OlTice   and   stoie   buildings    2")      516,SI5
Total No  permits Apnl,  1!)12 .   352
Value  of bldgs  Apnl,   1012       .$1,6.12,803
Total  No   peimits  April,   1011 2S6
Value ot bldg? Apnl,  1911 $1,lS(i,320
__Tlie  meetingSoi
scheduled   foi
postponed    until    Thursday     afternoon.
This   action    was   taken   by   the   board
membeia in  lespect of Aldeiman Ciowe,
chaiiman ol   the boaid, whos>e wife died
' i *
late Monday  night.
The woik that was lo have boon tian-*-
actcd bv  the  boaidJwa-   the opening of
tendeis  foi   the  China  Creek sev ei   and
othei   tenders  that  wei e closed Monday
The  engineei's   lecommendation   foi   the
awaid of the contiact foi  the bulk yaid-
agc of a phaltie pavement wa-,  to have
been  leconed  by  the  boaid,  n-,  well as
Dominion Sash & Door Co;, Ltd
< 2120 CEDAI? ST.
Phone Bay. 646   Near Sixth VV
Standard Glass Co. Ltd
Fhone Seymonr 6476.    829 Barnard St.
Ploor  Layera  and  Designers
Sey. 6853���Bay. 139B. 557 Granville 8t
Sherardized Metal Lath    >
American Wall Board   s v   ,
Samson Fibred, Plaster-
Blue Cross Cement,
Hydrated Lime : X
,C. GarjnerJohnson & Company.__,.
PHONES SEYMOUR  9146, 9147*
Canadian Builders SuppCy Co;, Lt<d.
Dealers in
Offlce * Bunkers
Sey., 4066
Total Xo petmits I months, 101.'^ 11-11
Va ue of bldgs I tilths, 1912 $-l,96S_'l-i
Total No peimits -I months, lill . STS
Value ot bldy> 4  mtlis,  1911      $5,79'.,650
' Vancouver Marble St TSSe Co., Ltd.
', TO COST 560,000
Aicht J Daw on, l'oimeilv of Dawson Ss Pentecost, Holden b'd-f, is petting
out plans for a 5--.toiy apartment house,
50\120, ol bi ick construction, to cost
$1.0.000. to be built on 6th a\e XV The
building' will contain '16 two ancl thiee
room hiiite-s, installed with wall bed:,.
The buildlntr will have a lull basement,
o'lcctiic cle\ator, hot water heating,
vacuum e'eaninj? plant, tiled hallways
and  maible  ancl   tiled  entiance.
A,l\o,von Alvenslehcn Ss Co., will build
a large brick ��� warehouse' building on
Homer st , is the Information gleaned
from the plans that'liave been filed at
the building ispector's oflice at the city
hall. The architects are Horton Ss
Phipps,- Pacilic  bldg.
:,a-The building will be of 1 stories, of
brick construction, 210x126, and will cost
about $S0,000. More, definite information
will be published later.
"fsi-m Vacuum Cleaner Company's
791  Oranvllle St.
Phone Seymonr 1487
Vancouver, B. G
Sole Agents (
421-429 Dufferin St. W.
Plione Pair. 1238
Archibald Moir 8c Co
Draftlns Traclns:
Reliability and Dispatch
Rosmi 216 - 217 Eiopln BIdr. P*ons Sepnonr 537B
Falkenburg & Laucks, Ltd.
We  Inspect  cement,'*' all  structural
materials and construction work.
152 Trounce Alley. Seymour 7159
Tenders for the supply of lumber for
each ward of the municipality will be
received   till   May   2,   5   p.   m.,  by  F.   J.
Springford,   C.   'M.- C,   box   122-1,   South
i ���!���.'������
Hill, B. C. Specifications may be seen
at the'engineer's'office at municipal hall,
cor Fraser st and 43rd ave.
"Musgrave Ss Blake, -ISl 11th ave B,
have been, awarded the contract for the
heating and plumbing for the new McLaughlin garage now being built .on
Dunsmuir st "VV; Provincial Construction
Co,   contractors.
othei   locommendationfa   for  moie  sewer
woi Ic.
Tho (ily engineer has made a pielim-
maiv lecommendation foi the award of
the bulk jardage asphaltic pavements
a=i lollows Canadian Jlineral Rubber
Co, Ihe Bitulithic Company, T R Xick-
son and M P Cotton & Co The following aie the figuies that weie tendci-
ed bv these funis Nickson, $250,"571 75,
M P Cotton, $Sr>'i,SIS 10, Canadian Min-
eial Rubbei Co, maximum amount,
SH.Tji, I Jl 05. and the Bitulithicb Co,
SO.'iT.S'lO Sl   lor   two   bundled   yaids
Othei i ecommendations weie to ha\e
heen as follows
The laying of a new sewer on Alet-
andci and Water sts, to loplace the
sow ei outlet at Cambie st ovei the'C P.
R nght-of-way This plan is estimated
to  co,t  $22,000.
Othei sewer construction to be iccom-
mended Is that on Point Giey nmd, liotn
Bal.icla\a to ea-t of Bayswater, at ��
cost of $,")S:i5, and Walnut st, $0.")0. It
l.s undei tood that the cost of u sewer
on 10th ave, from Vine to Vew, would be
$1100. ������;������ '
Further grading and rocking of streets
is estimated at $-10,000, grading and
rocking lanes In Ware] 111, $28,000;
clearing and rough grading of. boulevards, $8100; clearing and rough grading
streets, $1200; three-plank walks, $2100;
clearing and rough grading lane?, $1100;
clearing and rough grading lanes,'$1100;
grading and rocking, on Commercial
tit,. 15th ave and ' Cedar Cottage road,
$1,150; grading .of the lane between 1st
and York, from Vine to Trafalgar, $200u;
plank roadways on Sth and lllh > ave?,
$1200, and the1 construction of bulkhead;,
on Campbell'and Raymer aves and Union
st,   $6350. ''*.,���..,
CanaJian and American Contracting and Investment Co..
For ""
__Pl*��j-e gey* 8-^80 _ Office:   104 Empire Bldg.
vImcouvoTmachinery depot, ltd.
Offlce and Works:     1155 Sixth  Avenue W.,   Vancouver,  B   C.
Ve  stock here a complete line of tlie  goods of tlio following n-Tnn:
E.   LEOJtrARB  &  SONS,   ENGINES   AjND   BOILERS- uniu\.ao
t nunattors' and  Buildeis' Equipment cained In stock, uicludlug;     ""
II   i  t-, Derricks  and  \\ incliea.
(���ii rete Alixeis. ' "
Sc   .cpeis.  Dump Cars and   Relaying  Ralls.
(iiii ilugal  Pumps.
S ,1.1111 Shovels and   Rock  Crushers.
S    inis, Air Compiessors, etc, etc
Ia e   operate   a  fully   equipped   machine   shop.     Contractors'
g-ivon  -.pedal and prompt attention.
Let us  figure on your  ELECTRICAI   CONTRACTS.    Nothing too  large-
nothing too small.   Our stock of Electric Chandeliers is the largest In the
������city. :       .-.,������    ���',.���'   .",,     ������'..������������;      ���'��� '.--,,.. .-���.���.������
338 Hastings Street West
.    8600
Archt. Kenerly Bryan, Crown bldg, Is
getting out plans for a small $2000 6-
room frame dwelling for L. MacAllister,
to be built at Point Grey.- Tenders will
be taken from selected contractors within  two weeks. ,
Electric Hoists,
Gasoline Hoists
And Elevators
In All Sizes
365 Water Street
Phone  Sey.  3237 ���������J^5������W������*  t titish Columbia  DAILY BUILDING RECORD  -���������w  BAX&7   BUILDING   RECORD.  Published Daily Except Sundays  RECORD PUBLISHING COMPANY.  ���������JL  Address: 583 Homer-Richards Lane,  Rear of 431  Dunsmuir Street  Telephone Seymour 7808  Subscription Price       -       $1.00 a month  .     i, Payable  in  Advance  VICTORIA NEWS.  "CITY ENGINEER  MAKES  <.-  . ESTIMATE OF PUBLIC WORK  VICTORIA���������A valuable report on the  "position of tlie sewers has been prepared  by the city engineer, ancl will go to the  Sewers  committee   for  consideration.  It sets out that of tli8 appropriation  of '$���������'50,000, the sum of $115,000 has already been spent, and that the works  appropriated will consume $33-1,473 of  the total vote by bylaw in January.  The details are as  follows:  Main brick sewer, Foul Bay to King's  road, $92,-173, with 20,000 ft of contributory sewers, more or less, costing $50,-  ���������000.  Shelboumc st, main sewer from tlie  ���������north; of Ryan st, and east of Cook st,  ���������$26,000.      ' '  Main sewer from ravine, Gorge road,  \o Quadra st and contributory sewers,  ������47.000.  Extensions to' main' sewer system,  $16,000.     ,  , .  St. Charles surface drain as' far as  Quamlehan ave, $30,000."     ' ��������� '-���������  Low level  sewer, Victoria West,  $7,500.  VICTORIA  -=���������    Fire  99  VANCOUVER  ���������     9 S     RRHil<VBI   v&%   T&fit&a    la 1 Pn  Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  " Wire Rope WHITE'S Cement  "Santa Cruz"  BLUE CROSS Cement.  Western Bungalow  Company  Designing of homes our specialty  SUPERVISING and ESTIMATING  Sey. 1S56.    TtWDominion Trust Bldg.  99.5% Pure  Others may talk  but chemical analysis  tells the true story.  Pacific Lime' Co.,  Ltd., Lime Manufacturers.  Plans for.Buildings in this Table are in the Hinds of the' Architects,   and    the   Date   Given,   for   their  Completion is Approximate* only.   When the Contract is Let, Name of Contractor is Given in Last Column.  Character Estimated  Cost   .Location     Owner Architect  :XmVT WESTMTNSTEB. BUILDING  .BRISK  FOE  APBIL  _ KEXV WESTMINSTER ��������� For the  hit-nth of April, New-Westminster building permit figures are already well over  the $100,000 mark. Nineteen permits,  calling for the construction of buildings  br alterations to existing structures and  Valued at $2'6,700, were taken out during  last week. The largest Individual' permit during the week' was that for a livery   stable   on   Carnarvon   st,    to' cost  CHll.I.rWACK  WOTT-DD . '   .'  ��������� '  BUY "WATER SYSTEM  ', *c ;  .CHILL1WACK���������The"'" Chllli'wack city  council has made an offer of $14-1J000 to  ������������������'the Elk Creek' Waterworks Co., Ltd.,  ��������� for .the purchase of the waterworks system and their working franchise in the  valley. It i.s expected tlie oifer will be  accepted, and if so steps will' at once  be taken to raise the money by debenture loan. '    '  CAIOABY PERMITS "WILL EQUAL  ���������" VANCOUVER'S  APBIL  EECOKD  CALGARY���������Building permits for this  month will run over a million and a half  dol'ars, over four hundred applications  ���������having been received. There was a tre-'  niendous rush at the'building inspector's  office Saturday and the day before, when  the amount of permits issued reached  the  total of $G07,32D.  Included In the list were several largo  blocks, such as the "Maclcic block and  the Anderson apartment house, -but the  permits were- remarkable for the number of fine residences which were .submitted. Included in the li-sl^nre the following: F. C. "Manning, $0000 house  "Mount Royal; .Tos. Stanley, $S0O0 "residence, 4th ave AV; A'liance Investment  Co., two ?C00O houses. Elbow Park; XV.  A. Han ton, ���������JJojOO house, Elbow Park. ,  The Crescent Helshts Baptists are to  have a, ?10,000 church built on the north  hill. Other large permits for the month  were: Canadian Malting Co., building  to cost $200,000. The Walker House  Hotel Co., hostelry to be Greeted In  Maharg at a cost of $]fiS,000. Tt will be  t\vo stories in height and have a frontage of 81 ft and run back 120. Another  office and store building is to be built  on 8th ave, between -lth and 5th sts W,  for G. IX Venine. at a.cost of $20,000.  It is to be two stories, built on a single  lot."  ���������1-sto  store  and  apmts        45,000  Add to apmts        40,000  4 to 10-sto cone stores Ss rooms     100,000  Dawson school          150.000  G-sto  brk office  bldg      200,000  2-sto  brk  hotel          45,000  Power house           40,000  4-sto   rmg   hse -.         30,000  10-sto brk apmt hse       250,000  9  sto  cone ofc  bldg : $100,000  G-sto   whse   bldg        36,000  Two 3-sto brk rmg hse        70,000  8-sto   offlce   bldg       230,000  S-sto  brk office  bldg      110,000  Club   bldg          230.000  S-sto  hotel  add      laO.OOO  3 S-sto school  adds ,   120,000  4-sto  brk add  to hospital '       60,000  Brk  scliool   bldg..-.  *"    SO.OOO  4-sto rmg hse ."..''.        35,000  3-sto apmt hse  '.        55,000  3-sto  apt hse  :.    .  60,000  4-room add   ..'. '.   25.000  Police Headquarters       175,000  Shipyards  :        25,000  Saw  mill    : ".       50,000  Depot & offices....--.   1,000,000  8 sto cone* club bldg... ' $360,000  6-sto   rmg  hse ���������     ,���������40'000  4 bridges .'   1;7BO.OOO  1st Pres.  Churoh,' Victoria....     100,000  Prov.   Girls'   Home .' -.      100,000  3-sto, 80x90, apmt   75,000  3-4-sto apmts  and stores       160,000  Hotel        1,000,000  Cone stadium        250,000  Drill  hall          200,000  Lower Lake '. '.    ' .250.000  Manufacturing plant   ,   100,000  3-sto brk apmts        40,000  Women's  Club        150,000  Brk or cone school         50,000  3-sHo brk apmt hse .'.   -    35,000  Power plant      696,000  4-sto store Ss lofts..'.         "bW������  University bldgs      5^0,000  Steel   bridge' '. ,..      15M$2  1 0-sto steel & cone ofc bldg       500,000  TheateV      250A������,9,  10-sto  ofc, bldg ,.  1,000,000  g^e31^.:::::::::::::::::::^^  3 fire halls  ....,  "'M2P,  Brk and stone church  ,150.000  3-sto   apmts'     55,000  5-sto   hotel   bldg  60,000  4-sto brk apmts "��������� ��������� 5,000  2-sto fr apmts  22,000  3-sto brk-stone res  20,000  6-sto   brk   whse  75.000  3-������to   brk   apmts $145,000  7-slo  cone bldg  225,000  Rmg  house     21*������"2  S-sto   offlce   bldg  17u-2������2  3-sto  stone  and  brk  hospital.. 225,000  6-sto store & rooms  50>99x  6-sto apmts  60.000  6-sto cone add  60.000  10-sto cone office bldg  350,000  3-sto store & apmts   T0*SS������  fi-sto  brk  bldg  95'2P"  Brk  and stone church  100,000  S-sto-steel  & brk office bldg.. . S5.000  Stone church    50.000  Brick and stone church. 2������.000  Add to apmt- h*-*c..'  *-������'222  3-������to   cone   wrhse  50,000  .Plana Ready  Broadway Ss Yukon D. McCallum  Victoria Miss Jean Mollison  Homer & Georgia Sts 12. Mahon  New Westminster Peoples Trust Co.  Princeton, B. C .Peter Swanson  'Carls Road  100 blk, Cordova E.  .Dr.  . B. C: E. R  ..A. C.  McNeil  Robt. ,Telford  700  blk  Granville st  Water s t    New Chinatown ' '..:   Victoria Dom.   Trust   Co.  Blk 12, Hast.  St.'iMcDougal  Ss Cameron  Hastings  and   Hornby. .-Vancouver   Club  Hastings and Main D. L.  Mills  So. Van So. Van. School Board  Nelson, B. C... .Kootenay.Lake Hospital  Tipperary  Park,  New  Westminster   Richards  st Haley  &  Sutton  11th  and  Main 3: P.  Mathers  Kitsilano  T.  H.  Calland  Central school, School Board  City of Vancouver ; Powell  st  Burrard Inlet..W. D. Anderson, Toronto  Not chosen... .Bloedel,'Stewart & Welch  Granville & Cordova C. P. R.  Georgia & Burrard sts Y. M." C. A.  Blk 8, Cordova st. .Vancouver Realty Co.  British Columbia - ' C. N.  R.  Quadra and Flsguard st :  Govt Hastings Townsite  Victoria Lindsay & Roberts  Pender, Bute, Melville Sts...J. ./. Banfield  Sechelt, B. C P. P. Bigwood  Coal Harbor / Vancouver  Deadman's  Island    Dominion  Burnaby Mun. of-Burnaby  Burrard Inlet G. B? Bouratteau  Park drive  ..T. H. Richardson  Thurlow  St    Women's  Clubs  Nanaimo School  Trustees  Broadway W ...  Kamloops   City  Pender, nr Columbia. .Story Ss Campbell  Point Grey      Georgia-Harri** st   ..  Granville, nr Georgia  Granville St   Not to be made public.Can. Home Inv  Undecided V. A. C.  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.   '    City  Vlctoria 1st   Baptist   Cchurcli  jVo.   Vancouver Steven-son   Bros.  Powell  and  Heatley s>t..'   Albtrni st   50S-1S Semlin Drive   Shaughnessy Hts   C.   P.   R.   Reserve   1st & Point Grey Ave. .  Howe st B  Powell and Hawkes....  Bids closed  Bids closed  .Bids closed   Now   Now.   ..Now   .'. Now  .!."..!.Vfay isi.   .May 1st  .....May 1st  fownsond   &  Townsend.  J.   S.   IX   Taylor   W. F, Gardiner   -N.    A.    Leach   Gardiner  &   Mercer....  Brcseman Ss Durfee ....  B.  C. E.  II ���������  J. P. Mathcsoii Ss Son. ..  W. Jl.  Dodd ;���������    ....  Pari', McKenzie & Dav.  J I. U. Watson I.....'.... wilJ    lh,  ���������?JtUiiI't,^1UtP & Peters..Siart const May 1-  11.   S.  Grilhth.s  May   1  W.   D.'-Van   Siclen M'av  1.  Shaip  Ss Thompson. . .' JLay   V  }'"- -?!���������  "gender  (Kansas City) May  10  ���������h   "������������������^������,WI"'>aii    May   10'  S. B. Birds  Sl-iv l������;  Gardiner & Mercer  Z.IZI": Mav 15  Braunton & Liebert         '   Mav 15  W. P. White.., Mav lo  AV. F. Gardiner              Mav!  N.  A. Leech    .....** Mav  Competitive      "   jUne  l  Not Chosen    .���������""���������."I?JSnJ   June   June   June,  Producers Rock & Gravel Co, Ltd.  Washed and Graded Sand and Grave!  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAY.'      ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD.  OFFICE AND BUNKERS FRONT AND MANITOBA STS.  Head  Office and, Bunkers:  Store St., foot of Chatham  Phone 305 Victoria, B. C.  Vancouver Office and Bunkers:  Front and Manitoba Sts."  Phone Fairmont 552,  CANADA MOSAIC TILE CO.  Manufacturers Of  "Argilla" Mosaic Flooring Tiles  Telephone 1045  1318 Wharf Street  P. O. Box 1171  VICTOKIA, B.  C.  It  1118 Oranvllle St.  Vancouver  . A. G. "  Roof Compositions  For Waterproofing Or Fireprpofing .  *       ' 1328 Wharf St.  i* Victoria   '������������������  wmmmmmmmmmmmmm  PERFECTLY VENTILATED  losen  Not chosen     W. S. Painter   IT. S. Griffiths   A.- C. Hope.. . v*   Waddell  & Harrington..  ^IO������1llC������tfELM^^  .Province   City   Syndicate  .L. Richmond, Jr.  ..McXeil  Bros.  .Savainar Bros.  .R. II. P-u-tr.dsc  C. Bible SocicLy  .. .Chan. Putnam  Now  Westminster. Hoy.  Columbia Ho^p.  Seymour,  near Dunsmuir.. .IJ.  Campbell  Cardero Ss Comox D. 1). Hutchinson  Victoria .' S. Jones  Granville & Georgia. .l-I.'Birks Sons. Ltd.  ���������lth cSr Yew '. .Syndicate  Cordova st Scan. Mclh.  Mis'sion  Carl and Pender. .. .Church of* St. James  200  blk,  Hastings E '   Sliaughnessy  Hts  -. Methodists  Fras-er ave... .��������� South IliU Baptists  Thur'ow and  Rob'on XV.  D.  Tail  K.  Powell  St B.  C. Sugar Refinery  A. A. Cox    Robt. Knipe   F.  H.  Perkins   XV. Sl. Somervell ..  Kredk. Heath   Not chosen   NTot chosen      iVot  chosen      J. H.  Bowman   Xot chosen      N'ot,chosen ���������.  [lord & Roberts    l'uteher & Maxwell.  XV. T.  Whiteway...  Xot chosen      Xot  chosen      XTot  chosen  '.   To be selected within  two" weeks!!'.'.'. !'.  C. A. t Jones   John 'Wolfe-Hurry  .Vol  chosen  Xot   chosen *.   Townsend it Townsend .  Alder Ss Campbell  .  Townsend  it   Townsend.  Townsend   Ss  Townsend.  W....F. Good Tel low   G. P.  Bowie   I'\   IT.  Perkins   C. A. Jones      Aldor  Ss  Campbell   H. S..UrifIlrI,    K.   B.   Birds   IHmh  HruuiHon    K. Al. Fripp   Thos.   Hooper    Somervell & Pulnam   .1.   P.  Matheson  &  Son....  Otto  Moberg    Alexander   &   Brown....  Parr,  McKenzie Ss  Day..  G.   A.   Horel   Horel   &   Roberts   Jewett  Designing Co   Kennerly Bryan   All   items   below   this   ru:o   appear   in   this ta"ble  for first  time today.  Now being drawn   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed  .'.'.'.'.Delayed   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite   i.Indefinite   Indefinite  .. .Indefinite  .. .Indefinite  . . .Indefinite  ..Day labor  .. Day labor  . .Day labor  Si-*ters nTGood Shepherd..  4-.sto   brk   wlitso ,   Ta.OOOPoInt  Grey  .  SU.000 Homer st   ..Al\o  von  Alvcn-ioben  Wa.'llngion  .t  Wheat ey*. Mav  S  Horton ���������������  1-hlpp.s -. Indefinite  "MIIililON DOE-EARS  IN PERMITS.  jMOOSIO JAW���������The permits for the  hew post office and the l')12 buildings  for the .Saskatchewan college were taken  out Saturday, with an aggregate of  ($400,000. The permits for April will, It  Is expected, amount to a million dollars.  renCW REVELSTOKE  BUILDING.  REVELSTOKE���������Actual building of  Arthur Smith's new building on 3rd ave  and Gth st lias commenced. The ground  floor on the 3rd ave side will be occupied  by a liquor store and a shoe store, while  "on the 5th st side a g-eneral dry goods  Btore will be opened. The second floor  will be fitted up for offices.     -"~  NEW CANNERY BUILDING!-.  BELLIXGHAM, Wash.���������Tlie Pacific  American Fisheries Co., in co-operation  With the Bellingham Canning Co., will  grade Commercial Point and erect a  cannery and warehouse costing S^OO.OOO.  Less Space fSeqejired  For - Beds*  imimn simple  ifKpERFECT CONCEALED BED CO.  Display Room. 570 Granville St.,  fr  VANCOUVEB, B. C.  Phone: Sey, 5093  THE   FOLLOWING   TABLE   SHOWS   BUILDINGS   COSTING   $8000   OR   OVER,,    ON     WHICH     CONSTRUCTION  UNDER   WAY,   OB ON ! WHICH I CONTR ACTS   HAVE   BEEN   LET  BUT   CONSTRUCTION   NOT   YET   STARTED.  IS  'E.G. PARNELL  Fire and Burglar Proof Safes  Vault Doors  School desks and Opera chairs  t������Vnri������r  Rf>7    1SP<������      ���������  5R'   Tnintlton   St.  Character :. v- ���������,��������� .���������  Hospital .'....  6 to lo--.to cone bldg.........  7-.ito  cone apmts......;....;..  2-sto  bank bldg   S-sto of rice bldg ���������........  10-sto hotel    .'...".....  S-sto ofllces   ,.........  7-sto cunc stores & rooms....  Keserv. oir     .*.."'... ...  Water  extension   ............  1-sto sli'i-c it rooms...;....i.  1-sto cone store Ss rooms.....  Con ven t     ���������....... ���������  *J-*-to brk apmts..............  S-'-to stone Ss cone bldgs......  H-.sto hotel .'. ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  Warebou e   Power  plant    ;'-.;;..;..  Warehouse   Sewer   :������������������ito   brk   apmts   5-sto brk store and rooms....  (i-sto   reinf-conc  hotel........  5-sto  brk addn   lotty    *. i ���������... ������������������'...���������  5-sto store and ofllces...   1-sto brk store & rms   Concrete   docks   (>-sto   cone   hotel   ,\dobe re.s   10-sto cone apmts   6 sto store-room bldg........'  2 sto brk <-tore & ollc. ...  S-sto brk business  bldg. .  5���������to garyge   School   add ...'...  Lonsdale school bldg.....   7-nto  apmt   bldg   1-sto  cone  nm   hse...........  6-.sto  brk  apmt ��������� bldg...; .  6-sto brk sto & rmg hse.....  1-sto brk rmg hse  .  6-sto brk hotel.   6-sto bank bldg   3-sto cone garage............  6-sto   hotel   6--to brk hotel   Add to Cecil Rhodes school..;  ���������'-���������-���������to   cono  offices............  5-sto  cone  whse............  Brk  and  stone school.......  8-sto steel & brk rng hse...  7-.sto   apmts   ���������1-sto brk sto & apmts ...  Dry   dock   Breakwater   letty      4-sto  brk  office  bldg ...........  Whse bldg  ........  6-sto office bldg   ,- iu lu-iv noit-1 add   ,-<=to  brk  rmi?  h--e   S-room   school   bldg....   .Cost  Location       Owner  .'���������  323,000   Burrard Ss Comox Sisters of Charity  '���������'������������������"' 300;000   Water Ss Abbott Sts Swift & Co.  .5275,000   Victoria     Syndicate  '100,000   Kichards, nr Hast. .Can. Perm. Jlor. Cor.  -300,000   Pender & Homer. . ..'.' Dom. Trust Co.  ���������520,000   Melville & Burrard XV. II. Ramsey  : S5.0UO   509-15 Richards St. .N. W. Can. Tru.st Co.  50,000   Georgia  &  Hamilton  ..Herbert  Bcntiey  .. i 5.245.25   Uurnaby    Burnaby  -750,000   Soymour Creekf City of Vancouver  1    >-30.0O0   Seymour &  Davie PrisciMa , Hunt  30,000   5-i Cordova St.  E IX Campbell  l '300.000 'Point  Grey Sisters  of Sacred  Heart  '    100,000   204-1  Beach  Ave A. A.  Davidson  "750,000   Victoria,  B.  C. .-Provincial Government  1,000.000  .Georgia and Granville C. P. K.  333,500.   Pout ol Howe St Dominion  ��������� ���������' 600.000   Pundledge River Canadian Collerlcs  S5.000   Shanghai alley.Wood Vallaiice & beggatt  27,500   Kcrri dale   :   .Mun.  ..$*i:l,00f   Pendi III  & Guilford C. T. Tueedale  60.000   Hastings nr Columbia.Seabold & Roberts  100,000   Victoria. ........... .St. James Co., Ltd.  ?   225.000   Haro & Thurlow. ........'..... .P. Agren  171,000   Steveston   .,.......;........Dom., Govt.  100,000   Victoria .T. N. Hibben & Co.  29,000   SOO Blk, Richards St. .J. A, Montgomery  1,000,000   North    Vancouver. ;V ..... ..la.s.    Pell  50,000   610-12 Cordova'st. .., V. XV. Padmore  25,000   Shaughnessy  Hts....'. .Mrs. Dr.' Mackay  400.000   Georgia & IToi-Jiby. .......... .'Mr. Kvans  .$145,000   NE cor Homer Ss Duns. .Wilson Ss Harris  . .$30,000   Homer & Water ........Thompson Bros  SO.OOO   Hastings   st. ...............las.   Borland  75,000   Thurlow and Alberni Beggs Auto Co.  53.000   Rhodes school     City,  42.000   Lonsdale ...,.-'....���������;...,   \135,000   Thurlow and Haro...... ,T. .F. Paterson  35,000   Seymour and Dunsmuir........IT. Pybus  125,000   1127   Robson..... .....'-.Chas.   G. . Muller  80,000   Gore & Hastings ...Hooper & Snider  33,000   563-5 Hamilton... ...'.'... ..W. E.Hanson  100,000   Hastings and Dun levy..Dr. T. H. Wilson  100,000   Hastings and Main...'... .Molsons Bank  36,000   Victoria    Met., Motor ��������� Car   Co.  100.000   Abbott & Pendrill. .'..������������������..... .P.' Mathews  100,000   Keefer & Gore....'...;..Mrs. W. Sanford  78.000   city ......................School Board  225,000   Pender... ..Mahon, McFarland & Proctor  , ���������."���������    tiu.000 Water "'St. ...............McLean   Bros.  '75,000 12th and Victoria dr.. ..'..School  Board  75;00<l 500  blk,  Hastings  B...!   100,000 Bute &  Nelson... .. ...Lightheart  Bros,  55.00.0 Gore  and  Pender.......... Lee   Kee.  260,0O0Prince Rupert.. .. .G. T. P. R. R.  300.000 Eraser  R.,   Steveston,; B.   C... ... .Govt.  59,000 0th and Main .....:. AX E.. Harris.  '   75.000[)avie   a.nd   Hamilton....Otis-Fensome   Co.  S5.000Govet st, Victoria. ..:.:.;.........   30,000-Harris and Main...... D. Mc.Claren  ���������15,000Powell st.....l :- Mr. Sanguinetti  Architect    -.    Contractor  11.  F.  Tegen "Norton  Griffiths  A. E. Shank J. McDiarmid & Co.  lloult Horton    Xorton-Griflitli?  .. l''erro-Conc. Const. Co.  (. . . Norton-Gnlliths   Co.   Ferro-Conc. Const. Co.  .1. P. Mathleson & Son...Dom. Const.-Co.  Stuart & White Dominion Const. Co.  Cleveland & Cameron.. .A. Ij. Olts & Co.  XV.  S.   Lea Burrard  lOngr.  Co.  et  al  J. D. S. Taylor..  II.   S.   Grilliths.  A.  J.  Bird,  llu^h Braunton. ..  C.   G-.   Badgely...  W. P. White   I*'. M. Itatteiibtirv,  XX'. S.  Painter   Conii.anv   Dalton & Eveleigh  Cleveland  Ss Cameron  Sharp  Ss Thompson..  IT. A. Hodgson  .11.  MacLean  & Co   Egdell Ss Di.\on   S.   J.   Lund   E. Cook  McDonald Ss Wllsffn  . . .Skene & Christie  .1. "MclJairmlii Ss Co.  .Grant-Smith S- Co.  G. Snider & Brethour  . . .McAdain Ss Co.   Win.   Mason  11. MacLean & Co.  Bre-einann Ss Durfee.Westholme Dbr Co.  Quandt-& Creutzor.. .Owners  will  build  .... ���������.���������;, .............. . ;t. F. Sinclair  Thus.' Hopiier. .Sound Const. Ss Engr. Co.  .Egde.l Ss Dixon  . ' A'orton 'Griffiths  ..Baynes & Horie  .. .Kgdcll & Dixon  ... Egdell &- Dixon  ... Baynes & Horie  .Burrard  Const. ,Co.  G. P., Bowie...  R."j." Maciional'd.'.'  AV.  A.  Doctor ;.  E.S.- Milton. ..   Dalton Ss Eveleigh.  Stuart &  White:...  Parr, McKenzie & Day... ...B. Davidson  L. E. Gordon........Dom. Const. Supply Co.  N. A. Leoch..........Robt. McLean & Co  Jameson & Blackadder.J E Wright & Co  XV. D; Van  Siclen Dom. Cone. Co.  IT. L. Stevens & Co..H. L. Stevens & Co.  W. D. Van Siclen..'.Dom. Const. Co., Ltd.  ... ..Frantz Const. Co  ...Frantz   Const.   Co.'  .Dom. Const. Co., Ltd:  .. .'.H. L. Stevens Co.  .;. .Adkinson   &; -Dill  ...R.  McLean  &'Co.  ..........E.   G.   Albin  ... .McLain & Co.  C. Ferro Cone Co.  ..Adkison  & Dill  Thos. Hooper  W.   P.   White..1.  D: E. Gordon....  H;:D. Stevens Co  H:- S.   Griffith...   A.  J";   Bird.."........  Hugh   Braunton.....  N;'. A. Leach........  Somervell Ss Putnam  Thos.  Hooper'....;...  N.   A.   Leech  Parr, McKenzie & Day.  Owners   ...............  S. "B. Birds..  Co.j Engnrs. .  A'fr."'Bird...  Thos. ���������Hooper  Thos. Hooper  Townsend & Town.:end  Owner  McLain   Bros.  ;. . ;B. Davidson   ,'........   Owners  .........i.C. L. Williams  .British  N.  A.  Const.  Co:  .......Sinclair Const. Co.  ...........Wiles & Fisher  ..........McDonald  &  Wilson  .........Westholme'.Lbr.  Co.   E.  J.  Ryan  : E. J. Ryan  3,091   D, L. 301...  ...City  X. A, Leech..Booker, Campbell & Whipple  ;^*^UMBBB6U'"3&a    B    ������������0*tfH8Eg5    ���������^'W-'h  .CONCRETE   CONSTRUCTION  Cement, Walks,   Terrace   Steps,   Bank   Walls   and    Easement   Floors.  Phone  Sey. 6612R. '        E.  WESTLUND, Mgr. 1263  Hornby St.  Durham Vacuum  and'.  Vaeue-Vapor Heating  Systems  Ask  for Latest Catalog-vie  and  Particulars.  157 Water St. Plione: Sey. 5632.  CANADIAN EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.!  VANCOUVER, B.C., AND CALGARY, ALBERTA:   'l".'^  '   METAL SASH and METAL CASEMENTS -  Many of the largest buildings and residences of this, city*  equipped with,our Sash.' Enquiries solicited from architects "and  contractors. ��������� ���������'      - , *-'- (*  Phones Seymour 2330 and 5021.   * 418 Pacific .Building;  WIRE  ROPE    '  Manufactured "by American Steel 8c Wire Co.  best qualities for  LOGGING-, HOISTING and other purposes.  Stock  carried  by  WfiLKINSON COMPANY  LEM9TED.  846  Beach  Ave.  Phone   Sey. .7918 .  r a LIMITED.  ,    We have them IN STOCK  Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, Transmission Etc.  PHONE: SEY. 952, VANCOUVER, B. C. 37-43 ALEXANDER ST. "'  Tlie Imperial Agencies .Corporation  ELECTRICAL SUPPUES.AND NOVELTIES CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  Phone' Sey. 6122       VANCOUVER," B. C.   '    409  Hastings St. W.  (Rear)'  Vancouver Roofing Co  Contractors For  Tar and Gravel Roofing. Datnpprooffiiu  Expert Roofing: Repairing  Sheet Metal Work of all Descriptions  Poline  Sey. 6949 407 Xioo Bldg-.  Factory, 1921 Xriumpli St.   Sey. 4130R  Oi  Vacuum Cleaner Plants. Churoh,  Ijodg-e and School Furniture. Theater  and Opera Chairs. Metal Lookers  .Ind   Office   Fixtures.     Wail   Burlaps,  Etc. ><  Phone, Sey. 547G     532 Fender.St; W.  Pertaining,"     \  To, Floors Of ������������������  WOOD *;  VANCOUVER FLOOR CO.  Hardwood   Floor  layers   and   Finishers. ' "<"-  8th Ave. & Glen Drive Phone Fairmont 1612  HEATING AND VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office  Suite 614-615-616.  B.-nk of Ottawa Building'.  B.C- Screen St Manufacturirrag Co. Ltd,  SLIDING AMD CASEMZNT WINDOW SCREENS  CHURCH AND LODGE FURNITURE  ������ STORE AND OFFICE FITTINGS  266 Dufferin Street Hast Phono. Fairmont 1643 VANCOUVEB,  B. C.  STRATHCONA  KERRISDALE  Head Office  310 Richards St.  Phone Sey. 4105  ANGUS  BUILDERS  ifiiiS-'  Branch   /  * - -  Kerrisdale 8. C.  1       i  Phone Eburne 461  ���������   Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel  Office: Sey. 4534 429 PENDER STREET WEST Bunkers; Sey. 6751  J UTS7171  j-j������  If you want any information or estimates on your  ,  EiECTBICAli  WOBK,  CALL  XfP  Phone  Seymour 5348  Agents for "Aston Z" Tungrsten Lamps, the Best on the Market  SCO.  584  Richards St.  f Ji-.1v.V-. *���������* r-usBsi<rwiwa.i-Tiatr, tCTJT.7rrifi  ���������j-^.i-niato-La.,  r  H,  DAILY BUILDBNG RECORD  British Columbia  Dominion Equipment & Supply Co.  CONTRACTORS'-EQUIPMENT    '  [jOhain Belt Concrete Mixers, Wheelbarrows, Concrete  Carts, Concrete Elevators, G-rading Machinery   ���������  Large Stock Carried  GET OUE PRICES ' .;  Phone:   Sey. 7155  Warehouse:  Office:  345 Water St.  508 Holden  Bldg.  The GURNEY FOUNDRY CO.,; LIMITED  ' Wholesale  Distributors of  Steam and  Hot Water, Boilers  Hot-Water  and   Steam   Radiators     '  Warm-Air Furnaces and Registers  566-570   BEATTY  ST  PHONES Seymour 7596-7597  North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co., Ltd.  ii DEALERS   IN   COAL,   BRICK,   LIME,   CEMENT,   SEWER   PIPE   AND  {'GENERAL  BUILDERS' SUPPLIES.      . '  [Office 56 Lonsdale Ave. j Wharf foot of St. George Ave.  ,    Phones  198,  178. ' '    (  Western Plumbing Co.  WATER.AND  STEAM   HEATING, SHEET METAL  ������k PLUMBING,   HOT  AND FURNACE WORK.  I'Warehouse  and' Office:  Esplanade  and St.  George's Ave  Fhono 365  ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.  ENGBNEERS AND CONTRACTORS  644 Howe  St. Phones:   Sey. 1336,   7951  ARCHITECTS.    '      "  Alexander. & Brown, Fairfield Bldg -.Sey. 8848  Alder & Campbell. Exchange Bldg , Key. 6974  Badgely. C. D., Riggs-Selman Bldg   Barber & Barber, North Vancouver   Barker, H. Jl., Hutchinson Bldg ,Sey. SS31  Bayly, G. M., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 5643  Bird, A.  J., Winch  Bldg Sey.t 4288  Birds, S. B., A.R.I.B.A., 205-6  Duncan Bldg* Sey. 4897  Blackadder, H., Nortli Vancouver   Blackmore, E. E.,  Loo Bldg..*. Sey. 4897  Blair, David, 522 Pender W '....'....' Sey. 7103  Bowie, Geo. P., Bank of Ottawa Bldg Sey. 3510  Bowman, J. H., Crown Bldg Sey. 5028  Braunton Ss Liebert, 81 Exchange Bldg Sey. 3921  Bresemann Ss Durfee, Holden Bldg., & Victoria. Sey. 2202  Bryan,  Kennerley,  Crown  Bldg Sey. 550S  'Cox, Arthur A., Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 6677  Dalton & Eveleigh,  Davis Chambers Sey.    C62  Dawson,   J.   Holden   Bldg.  Doctor. W. A., Aietropolitan Bldg Sey. 613'  Dodd, XV. Sl., Can. Bank of Commerce Sey. 69Si  Doniiellan,  .1.   .).,   Riggs-Selman. Bldg.; Sey.   604"5.^       <  Dutour,  J.   B.,   Kiggh-Selman   Bldg .......  Dewar, Andrew, 84 Lonsdale, North Vancouver .\  Fraser, Kenneth, Metropolitan bldg Sey. 9096  Frlpp, It. JMocKay, Hutchinson Bldg* '.Sey. 493  Gamble & Knapp,' Davis Chambers '.Sey. 5 173  Gardiner, Wm. Frodk., Hartney Chambers Sey. 2615  Gould   Ss  Chumpney.   Rogers   Bldg ''r.Sey. 8443  Goodfellow, W. D��������� 303^. Hastings St. W Sey. 6694  Grant Ss Henderson,   Williams  Bldg...- Sey.  1393  Griffiths, H. S., Horn. Trust Bldg :...     .Sey. 4920  Gardiner & Mercer, M. S. A., Now Westminster....  Gillam, W. C. F., Hutchinson Bldg' Sey. 6609  Hummer,  P.,   1931   Williams  St   llargreuvej, L. XV., 426 Sayward Bldg, Victoria... .2743  Heath, Gove Ss Xeuse, Metropolitan Bjdg. ....*.Sey. 7831  Ileiyer Ss Archer, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 4499  FLOORING. If. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacinc Bldg Sey.'9422  3eam Manfg. Co.. 298 Prior St Sey. 1708 N'ewttn Ss Greer, Ltd.   Vancouver.118 Gran....Sey. 139}  3. C. Hardwood Floor Co.,  557 Granville Sey. G853L.neouver ,Roofinc. Co   iafloo ildf St......887  S.  C.  Lumber Corp.,  Ltd.,   1605  Georgia Sey. 6504 I^co^^.e,*lv"?������.";?>    ������'---- - ff"   B. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 61Gi  BEST BUILDING  BRBCK  *-  THE process of manufacturing brick is a very important matter. Every  brick turned out of our iatest improved Berg press is*made under a  'pressure of 400 TONS. They are also cured in cylinder under 120 pounds  steam pressure.  ABSORPTION of moisture is only from 8 to 10 per cent. This is a very important feature in this climate. Our brick is being1 used in many important buildings.    ' * , - b  WE can supply brick of all kinds and colors. Our prices are rig-ht. Bo sure  to get our figure before closing order.   You will save money.  Vancouver Pressed  PHONE:  BBICK,   ART  STONE,   CEMENT   LAUNDRY   TUBS  FAIRMONT'101   '*' COB.  DUFFERIN  AND  MANITOBA  STS.  P.  O. Box 546  CEMENT TSSTINO  Fhone Sey. 7255R  J. P. Wright, Jr. C. S. Eng.JV3. A. C. S.  Specialist in PcrtSartd and Other Cements  Expert Adviser on Building Materials, Etc.  CHEMICAL ANALYSIS   '     "'*"'  8E3 Burrard Street  VANCOUVEB,   b!"- C.  Heide,  A.  F..  Metropolitan J31dg Sey. 6341  Hodgson, Hugh A., Carter-Cotton Bldg \ ..Sey. 6.160  lioneyman & Curtis, 821 Pender XV .'..'. .'.Sey.  1621  Hooper,   Thomas,   Winch   Bldg '.. .Sey.. 5351  Hope, A. Campbell,  Empire Bldg Sey.'5925  Horel & Roberts, 25th Ss Main st Fair. 149 l-L  Horton Ss Phipps, Pacific Bldg Sey. 7096  Iloyt.   XV.  T.  S.,   709   Dunsmuir St Sey.  280s,  ���������lames,  C. D.,  Bank  of B. N. A Sey. 953.2  Jameson  & Duggan,  708  Metropolitan Bldg...Sey.    994  Jones,  Claude P., Hutchinson  Bldg Sey. 5024  Jones Ss Aspell, Harlney Climbs and No. Van^.Sey. 441S  Kau.fjna.nn, Ci. B., * Davis Chambers Sey. 4420  Keagey, J. XV., S21  Pender St. Wr Sey. 2746  Kearns, N. A., No. Vancouver  MucLure.ifi: Fox,  Pacific Bldg ��������� Sey.  4396  Matheson, J. P.; Ss Son, 532 Granville Sey. 7536  Mitton.   E.   Stanley,   Williams   Bldg Sey.  5422  Mobei'g,  Otto,   42  Inns  of Court  Bldg.  Parr.  McKenzie & Day,  570  Granville-St....'. .Sey. ��������� 736  Perkins, P. H., Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 4729  Perry Ss Nicolais,  Pacific  Bldg '. .- Sey. 8994  Pracna,   A.  B���������   S21, Pender  St.  XV Sey.  10  W. D.'O, H. Rochfort, 407 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria, 1804  Sehlomer. H. S., Riggs-Selman Bldg   Sedger, Thos. D���������  612 Bastion  Square, Victoria 944  Sharp Ss Thompson, Old Safe Bldg Sey. 1064  Smith'& Goodfellow, 303% Hastings W '.Sey. 6694  Somervell  & Putnam,  Pacific  Bldg..' Sey. 6230  Stroud, Angus B., Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 8469  Stuart & White, Metropolitan Bldg ,.'.'���������.". .Sey. 8649  Taylor, J. D. S.,  Bower Bldg Sey. 8314  Thornton & Jones, Old  Safe  Bldg : Sey.-   810  Townsend & Townsend, 520 Granville >...Sey.  1770  Twizzell,   R.  P.  S.,   Metropolitan  Bldg....' Sey. 792t>  Van Siclen, W. D., Canada Life bldg '.   Wallington Ss Wheatley, Davis Chambers   Watson, H. ii.,  Holden Bldg -..'..Sey.  3451  White, W.  P., Hutchinson  Bldg   Sey.  8738  Whiteway,   W.   T.,   Molsons   Bank <. ..Sey. 3029  Wickenden, C. O., 1062 Pender St. W.'...'....". .Sey. 1744  Wilson, John, 221  Pemberton  Bldg, Victoria 1592  Wright.  Rushforth & Cahill,  709 Dunsmuir.. .Sey. 2809  Wright & Mclntyre, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey.  8413  Weotcrn Bungalow Co., Dom   Trust Bldg. ..*..:Sey. 1856  ENGINEERS.  Robinson.   L.   G.,   211   Holden   Bldg ' Sey. 3412  Jan. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy.'& Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  Dom. Sash & Door Co., 2120 Cedar St Sey.. 6136  ii. H. Heaps & Co., 115 Victoria Drive Sey. 8890  -Miliwork Supply Co., 1605 Main St Fair 958-546  J. Fyfe Smith & Co., 1320  Richards Sey. 1196  .Vo. Pac. Lbr. Co., Ltd., 10th & Arbutus Sey. 8651  Prudential Builders, Ltd., 101 Dufferin St. W...Fair 101  FURNACE AND SHEET METAL.  Acme Plumbing & Htg. Co., 131 10th Ave. E.. .Fair. 537  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave AV...'. Bay.    296  J. E. Campbell & Co., 1064 Pender, St. W. Sey.- 2736  Grandview Sheet Metal Wks.; 1729 .Venables. .Sey. 6284  Gurney Foundry Co., Jjtd., 566-70 Beatty. .'Sey. 7696-7597  lohnston-Thompson  Co.,  525  Burrard  St Sey. 7899  G. L. Kelling Ss Co., o05 Pender St...."...'. Sey   8228  Vancouver   Roolng Co, 407 Loo Bldg       Sev. 6949  Western Plumb. Co., Esplanade & St. George,N   V      36  GALVANIZES IBON WORKS.  296  5284  2015  Armstrong Ss Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave W:   Bay  Grandview Sheet Meial Wks., 1729 Venables.  Sey  ���������Vancouver Roofing Co., 407 Loo Bldg     Scj  GAS  APPLIANCES.  Burnside Gas Appi. Co,', 1037-9 Granville St..  Sev. 3704  A alter Kinsey, 1366 Granville St   Sey   9051  Vancouver Gas Co.,116 Hastings St. E   Sey   5000  GLaaS���������ALL  KINDS.  Bogardus, Wickens, uegg, Ltd., 70 Cordova W, Sey  6S75  W.  Holt,   421-429   Durrerin  St.  XV Fail    1238  Win. N. O'Neil & Co., o4S-50 Seymour'St.'.Sey   4795-479*5  Standard   Glass  Co.,  j*-,td.,  829  Barnard   Sey   6176  West. Plate Glass Ss Imp. Co.. 153 Cordova E Sev   4674  Wilcox* Art Glass.  l-wl Broadway W Bay. 245  HAKOWOOS PLOOBS.  B. C. Hardwood Flour Co., 557 Granville Sey   6853  Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury    Sey  6800  ���������une,  E.   A.,  Ss  Co.,   532   Pender  St.   XV      Sey   5470  E. H. Heaps Ss Co., ������15 Victoria Drive Sey   8890  Wm. N. O'Neil ���������& Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey   4795-1798  J.  Fyfe  Smith  Ss Co.,  1320  Richards    Sey   1196  Miliwork Supply Co., 1605'Main St "....Fail   958-516  /ancouver Floor Co., Sth Ave and Glen.Drive  .Fair 1612  HABDWOOD LUMBEB.'      '  Fyfe Smith & i~o., 1320 Richards.'. Sey   1196  HABDWABE.  Bailey "Hardware  Co.,   1407   Park Drive   Sey   6S70L  HEATING���������HOT AIB, STEAM AND VENTILATING.  Acme Plumbing as Htg. Co.,  131  10th Ave. E .   Tail   537  Vrmstrong Ss Wolfe, 1540 6th Ave W j.  Bay     296  jarr & Anderson,  114 Hastings St.  W Sey   6180  Burnside Gas Appliance Co.,  1037-9 Granville.   Sev   3704  Jan. Buffalo Forge Co. (G. A. Browning, 1261 Albeini St  J. E. Campbell Ss Co, 1064 Pender St. W. Sey   2736  Dunham Systems,  157 Water St Sey   5632  cruiney Foundry Co., Ltd., 666-70 Beatty..Sey   7596-7597  A. G. Langiey'& Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender W Sey   3892  HOISTING ENGINES.  3. C. Equip. Co.. ti������6-7 Bank of Ottawa...Sey   7056-7818  Sl. G. Blackwell, lu8 Alexander St ".     Sey   1733  Jan. Equip. & Sup. Co., Ltd., Pac. Bldg...Sey   2330-5021  Janada Foundry Co., Ltd., 1066 Pender St..'...Sey   5710  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St ' Sey. 512  Hallman Machinery Co., Ltd., 37-43 Alexander.  Sey   953  Robt. Hamilton & Co.. Bank of Ottawa Sey.    383  Water St Sey  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   AND   BUYERS'  . GUIDE.  9422  4'iba  3391  2015  6693  5W-*  POLYGON CONCRETE MIXERS, BUILDERS' HOISTS AND DERRICKS.  New   and   Secondhand   Contractors'   Plant  Phone  Sey.   6910  319   P-jriHer   St.   W.  Pease Pacific  Manufacturers of. "ECONOMY"  Warm   Air   Furnaces���������School   Keating    Apparatus���������Hot   Water    and    Steam  I,, Boilers, Register-*, Radiators, Pipo Fittings,   Etc.  i'        Oidco and Warehouse:   334 Drake St. Phone Sey.  8397  WESTERN MARBLE, AND TILE CO.  British and Foreign Marble and Onyx  Office and Works, 3149 Main St. , ������������������ Phone Fair. 810  Vancouver, B.  C.  CANADIAN BUFFALO FORGE CO., LIMITED.  Fans, Heating and Ventilating Apparatus, Spiro Steam Turbines  Pumps and Air Washers  a. A. Browning Vancouver, B. C. 1261 Alberni St.  \L     i   CONTRACT, JUDICIAL AND FIDELITY BONDS  EMPLOYERS, PUBLIC, TEAMS AND AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY INSURANCE. PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND HEALTH  INSURANCE, PLATE GLASS, BURGLARY, MOTOR BOAT,  STEAM BOILER, SPRINKLER LEAKAGE, REGISTERED  MAIL, TOURISTS' BAGGAGE, COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS'  SAMPLES AND FIRE mSURANCE.  London & British: North America Co., Ltd.  WITH WHICH IS INCORPORATES  folahon, ^cFarland & Procter, Ltd.  Phone Sey. 6386 ;' ,543 Pender Street West.  ������������������'���������',*.*. .V^wcouves, b. ��������� a '������������������;���������';\  AECHITEUTUEAL TERRA COTTA.  P. T.  Crowe & Co.,  312  Pacific  Bldg Sey.  XVm. X. O.'Xeil & Co., Ltd., 5IS Seymour   st..Sey  Wm.  C.  Thomson  Ss  Co..  319 Pender tit   \V...Sey.  Ritchie Conti. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916  ,     ���������*��������� ASPHALT   pelt.  Vancouver Roofing .(Jo., 407   Loo  Hldg '....Sey.  *, BLUE  PRINTING-. ��������� ,-  Archibald  Molr Ss Co., '216  Empire Bldg Sey.  City Map & White Print Co./ 431 Cordova VV..Sey.  Comnieieial-Blue Print Co.,  321)  Seymour SL...Sey.  BRICK���������ALL   KINDS.  Anvil Inland Brick Co., Anvil Lsiand, Howe Sound, B. C.  Mihwork -supply, Co.,  J 603 Main St -..Fail* 95S-516  Co.u.��������� Snaie Brick Co., Ltd., 100S iMetropoluan.Sey.  S150  F. T. Crowe Ss Co, 311 Pacific Bldg , Sey.  9422  l������va..e, Coieinan Ss livaiii, Kt. Columbia Sey. 29SS  Gie*n. We=,t band & Gra\ol Co., Ltd., 1020 Main, Sey. S1U1  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co.,/Johnson's Win', Sey !U-16-91-17  Xo. Van. Co.il Ss Suppiy Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .X. V. 19S-17S  Win. ,;. O'Xeil & Co.,  5IS-50 Seymour St..bey.  1795-4798  ' I Point Gioy Supply Co., 310 Uicharda Si Sey.  4105  'Poitllaney Brici; Co., G15 Hastings St. AV Sey.  1389  Ritciue Conti. it Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, bey, 9162  A'an. Pres'd Brk ii Stone, Ld, J 01 Uullui in \V. Fair 10i  R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd.,  Winch Bldg Sey. "279-1914  building- pelts md papers.  F. T.  Crowe iSi Co..  312  Pacinc Bldg Sey.  9 122  llerii/ Lai ung, 2S  Powell SL Sey. 512  .Miliwork SupplysCo.,  1005 .Main St '....Pair 95S-516  Lvaiis,  Coieinan & li\an.>,  J,-t.  Columbia Scj.  2iibb  C. Ciidmei  Juluioon ii Co., Johnson's Whf, bey 9116-9147  D. H.   Moiiison,   7i2   KU'luud-   Sl bey    -;15L-2152  Win.  C.  Thomson   &  Co.    319  Pender St.   W...Sey.  339 1  Vaneouier   Kooiimv Co,   101   Loo  Bidg   bey.  6919  Wm. j\. uJNeii >.t Co..  o l.s-dO tat.-.* incur SL..tiey. 4iy3-4iUa  BOKDS���������SUEETY,  BriLibh^Vmer. Tru.st Co., Cai lei-Cuiton Bidg..Sey. 762''  Lon.  i&M-Siit. N.  Am. Co.,  Ltd..  513 Pender  \\..bey.   62&u  H.  \.   U moll & Cu., Ltd,   Winch   Bldg Sey.  279-194 1  CEMENT.  Balfour, Guthrie Ss Co., Winch  Bldg Sey. 1S7-5929  Canadian Builders bupply Co.,  100J   Georgia  ..Sey.  7175  F. T. Ciowe A; Co,  ill Pacilic Bldg bey.  942  lOvans, Coleman & L\aii.->,   Pt.  Columbia Sey.  2\)bb  GieaL \\est band Ss Gru\el Co., Ltd., 1029 Mam, &ey. blUj  C Gut diner Juhiisun Ss Co., Johnson's H hi, sey 9146-914.  .Uihwoik Supply Co.,  1605 Main St 1-air j5S-54d  Xo. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. . .\. V. 1 at>-l 7.v  W m.-X   O'Xeu it Co, 5 13-50 Seymour St: .Sey.   I7y5-179*  Point Giey Supply Co.,  310 Bichaida St Sey.  410.'  Kitcine Contr. it Sup. Co., Ltd, Gian. SL Budge, Sey, 9H>.  Li.  V. XX lneh Ss Co., Ltd.,  Winch Bidg..:.. .bey.  279-19 li  CEMENT   TESTING   AND   ASSAYH-G.  Kalkenburg Ss Laucks, Ltd., 152 Trounce Aliey, Sey. 715:  ���������\'iiglil,   J.   P.,   i>i3   Burrard   bt bey   7255i  CONCRETE MIXERS.  B. C. Equip. Co., 0O6-7 Bank oi Ottawa  can. Lquip. & Sup. Co., Ltd., Pac. Bldg  Canada 1-oundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender  Kobt. Hamilton & Co., Bank ot Ottawa.  A.  G.  Langiey it Co.,  Ltd.,   319  Pender  Mussens,   Limited,  365   Water  St   Wm. X. O'Neil & Co., G4S-50 Sejmour St  .Mussens,  Limited,  365 Water St Sey   823-.I "���������������������������������=*   -y"---*>--^----"-*i-;  ���������=--  Uitchie Contr. & bup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162 Little & Lee, ,682 Seymour St. Sey  v������mi5EffiVM^  INTERIOR   riKISH.     '    r  Beam Manfg. Co., 298 Prior St   Sey   170S  E. G. Blackwell, 108 Alexander'St   Sey   1733  B. C.   Lumber  Corp.,  Ltd.,   1605   Georgia Sey. 6504  Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey   680u  Dom.  Sasli Ss Door Co., 2120 Cedar St '.   Sey   6136  E. H. Heaps & Co., 115 Victoria Drive   Sey   S890  C. Gardiner Johnson Ss Co.,'Johnson's XVht, Sey 9116-9147  Miliwork Supply Co.,*1605 Main St...." Fair 958-546  No. Pac. Lbr. Co., Ltd., 10th & Arbutus   Sey  8651  VVm. N. O'Neil Ss Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey 4795-179!*  Uitchie Contr. Ss Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. XV..'... Sey 339 i  Vancouver Floor Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive.  Fair 1612  IBON   AND   STEEL���������STRUCTURAL.  Can. Equip. Ss Sup. Co., Ltd., Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5021  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St Sey   5710  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia   Sey   29Sb  C. Gammer Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914,  A. G.  i-angiey as Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender XV   Sey   389-  liitcli.e Contr. Ss Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, bey, 91C.  XVm. N. O'Xeil & Co,* 548-50 SpymourrSt-. .-Sey 47H5-479*-.  Wilkinson Co., Ltd.,  846" Beach Ave    Sey   7915  ',     IRON   AND   STEEL���������ORNAMENTAL.  E. G.  Blackwell, 10S Alexander St    Sey   1733  B. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg .*    bey   6161  Can. j-Jquip. & Sup. Co., Ltd., Pac. Bldg... Sey   2330-502J  -       -      - ��������� -     --       ��������������������������� sey   5710  Sej    942.  47 '3-179!>  ey   3391  .. .Sey. 7056-781  . . .bev. 2330-502  SL Sey.  571i   bey.    3b.  XV Sey.  389   Sey.   $23  .Sey.   11 95-479  Kiichic Conti. Ac Sup. Co., Ltd, Gum. St Bridge, Sey. 910.  Strumbert-Virlue  Ss  Co.,   319   Pendei   St.   \\...Sey.   691  ��������� CONTRACTORS,   BRICK.  Dixon & Sutton,   162 1  Gi.ueiej   St Sey.  S505J  CONTRACTORS���������G������jN ERAL.  Armstrong, Moinsun i!c Co., Ltd., Bower Bidg, .Sey.  B.  C.  Gran,  it Contr.  Co.,   Lxclumge  Bldg. ... .bey.  183'  229'  Sl'4-  19  104S Main Street.  Yfincmivpr. R 0.  Burrard  Const.  CQ.,   301   Pacilic   Bklg ....Sey  Uuiiiiiiion  Const.  Co.,  433  Homer  St......... ..Sey.  Robinson;  L:  G;, .211   Holden , Bldg ..;. ...Sey. 341.  riiicn, .A. X., 20V '6 .Carter-Cotton .Bklg....:........... Sey.  73S.  .  ... COiiTRAOTOliS������������������Mj-iSOH. *  Can.   &  Amer.''.contr.   tt   inv.   Co..   Ltd,.  :  CONTRACTORS���������P--.IMTING*   AHD   DECORATING-.  Murphy,  Jas., it Son,  112  crown  Bulg, '..Sey. bVO',  C01<T.aA*JTOBS���������TXii.i-'���������TEilSAiiijUO.     '  B. C. Supply Co., Horn.  Trust  Bldg. .......Sey.  61 6  Canada; Mosaic Tile  Co..   1318 Wharf St,   Victoria:. 101;  J. DairOn it Co.,'513  Hamilton  SL... .....Sey.  473'  U.-R.  Morrison,  7J'2   Kichards;  St......'. ..Soy.  2151-215  Wm. X. O'Xeil Ss Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479  Wm. C. Thomson & Co.. 319 Pender bt. W.....Sey. 339  Van. Marble & Tile Co., 84S Beach Ave: Sey. 151:  Western Marble Ss Tile Co., 3,49.iMain St.. ...; .Fair. 81'  CORNICE AND ROOPING-.  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave XV Bay.   (29i  Grandview'Sheet Metal   Wks.,  1729 Venables..Sey. 528-  Little & Lee. 682 Seymour St....'.... ....Sey. 446.-  Troy   Roofine  Co.,   814   Metropolitan Sey.,741  Vancouver   Roo ng Co, '407 Loo Bldg. r.j: Sey. 6949  Western Plumu. Co., Esplanade & St.-George.X. V.      36;  ELECTRICAL    CONTRACTORS.  Alltree & Churchland,- 976 Granville St Sey.' 270'.  Cruickshank & Co.,   684   Richards  St .' Sey. 634������  Cope & Son,  338  Hastings. St.  W..... ....Sey. 8601  Cruickshank & Co., 534 Richards St......; Sey. 634>  -       ���������       "       -      -������������������ - ��������� .Sey. 1336-795.  Caiictda Foundry Co., Ltd.,  1065 Pender St.  F.  T.< Ciowe & Co.,  312 Pacific  Bldg   Win. N. O'Xeil it Co., 54!s-50 Seymour St. .Sey  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender Sl. XV   Kiii-nie Contr. Ss Sup. Co., Lid. Gran. St Bridge, Sev, 910.  LATH���������ME TAL.  E. G.  Blackwell, 10S Alexander St    Sey    173u  F. T. Ciowe & Co.,,312 Pacific Bldg    Sty    942  ,a.*i. Equip   & Sup. Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey.  2-,,0-sOl  Lwins, Coleman it Evans, Ft.  Columbia    bey   2,)SV  ^. Gardiner Johnson it Co., Johnson's \\ hf, Sej  91 16-914  .^.   R.  Morrison,  712  lllcliaids   SL Sey.   2131-21D  ivm   X. O'Xeil & Co.. 54,s-50 Seymour SL..Sey.   1793-179S-  PoinL Giey Supply Co.,.'310 Kichards St   be\    110.  niLchie Conli. it Sup   Co., Ltd, Gian. St Bridge, bey, 9162  i LATH���������WOOD.  jieam Manfg. Co, 298 Pi ior St    Sey   170S  j.   C.   Lumbar Corp,   Ltd.,   1605  Georgia   bo*.    OoOl  ..an. Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Kwy. is Salsbury.   be\    0800  join   Sash  & Door Co.,  2120  Cedar Sl    bev    61Jii  ^.   H. Heaps & Co,  115  Victoria Drive    Sey    8S90  iihwoiK biipplv Co.,  1605  Main  Sl Fan   95S-546  s'o. Pac. Lbr. Co, Ltd., loth it Arbutus    Sev   Sbm  -'o.  Van. Coal & Supplv Co., 56 Lnnbdale.. .X. V   US-17s  Point Grey Supply Co., 310  Richaids St bej    U0u  LOrXE.  dalfour, Guthrie & Co., Winch  Bldg Sey   ]S7--,92'i  Canadian   Builders Supply Co,   1901  Geoiyia  ..bej    71i,  F. T. Crowe & Co.,  3t2  Pacific  Bldg b������-i    912.  Ovans,  Coleman it Evans, Ft.  Columbia bev   2'IS^  jieat West Sand As Gra\el Co., Lid, 1029 Main, bey   S19i  '. Gardiner Johnson it Co., Johnson's W 111, Sey 9140-914  so.  Van. Coal Ss Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N.  V   198-17  Vm. X. O'jNeii it Co.. 04S.-dO Seymour St. .Sey.   1793-179  Joint Giev Supply Co, 310 Kichards St bev    410  LJacific Lime Co., Pacific Bldg bey   950i  mchie Contr  it bup. Co., Ltd, Gran, at Bridge, bej, 910  iiio\er it Thomas,  959  Main   St Sej    13b  i. V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bklg Sey. 279-191  LIME-HYDSATED.  ������������������'. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey    91.  .wins,  Coleman A: Evans,  Ft. Columbia beyv   2'I8  lre.it West Sand Ai Giavei Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, bey   S19  '  ���������jardiner Johnson Ai Co., Johnson's Will, bey 9146-914  c'acilic Lime Co., Pacific Bldg Sey   9501  ���������ucliie Contr. Ai Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. SL Bridge, bey, 91o  LUMBER AND SHINGLES  .Jali'our, Guthrie & Co." "Winch Bldg Sey. IS7-592M  .Jeaiu Manlg. Co., 29S Prior Sc Sey    170**  i.   C.   Lumber  Corp.,   Ltd.,   16o5   Georgia Sej    6501  ;an. l'ac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Kwy. & Salsbury. .be\   0!>0i  Sey. 6949  Wm. -N. O'Xeil is Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  .-    ,. PARTITION���������PIREPEOOP.    .      -  F. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 9423  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia. Sey. 2988  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  VVm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798'  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W Sey. 3394  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916J  PATENT BEDS.  Holmes Disap. Bed Co., 319 Pender Sey. 642(  Perfect Con. Bed Co., 670 Granville Sey. 509}  Reversible Cons. Bed Co., Holden Bldg Sey.  15S(  paving*.    *- ��������� . -aaas  Columbia Paving Co,  1263 Hornby St Sey. 66121 -}fjjg  (PLASTEB.  Balfour. Guthrie & Co, Winch Bldg Sey. 187-5921  Cvans, Coleman & Evans, Pt. Columbia Sey. 298V  Great West Sand Ss Gravel Co , Ltd , 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  r. T   Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey   9422  Xo Van Coal Ss Supply Co , 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V 198-178  XVm  N   O'X'ell & Co   648-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-4798  Point Giey Supply Co, 310 Richardb St   Sev. 4105  Ritchie Conti. & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Shover & Thomas, 959 Main  St Sey   1365  PLASTER   BOARD.  B   C  Supply Co. Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 6161  r. T   Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey   9422  C Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Vo Van Coal & Supply Co. 56 Lonsdale.. N. V 198-17"  Wm   N. O'Xeil & Co    64S-50 Sejmour St.   Sey. 4796-4798  Wm  C Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St  W Sey   3394  Ritchie Conti   & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  PLASTER PARTITION BLOCKS.  B   C  Supply Co , Dom   Trust Bldg  Sey. 616?  C Gaidiner Johnson S. Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  F   T   Crowe & Co,  312 Pacific.Bldg Sey   9422  Ritchie Contr Ss Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Biidge, Sey, 9162  PLASTER���������ORNAMENTAL.  C, Gaidiner JoHnson ���������������. Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  D   R   Morrison,  712  Richards  St Sey   2161-2162  VVm   N   O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey   4795-4798  rtitchie Contr & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  PLASTIC  FLOORING*, i,  Raecolith  Flooring Co, 301 Pacific Bidg Sey   8144  PIGS���������IRON  AND  TIN.     * ���������*  Balfour, Guthrie Ss Co, Winch Bldg Sey   187-5929  ; Gardiner Johnson Ss Co   Jbhnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  R  V. Winch & Co, Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey   279-1944  PIPE���������SEWER.  Dom   Glazed Cem   Pipe Co, Dom   Tr  Bldg... Sey.   82S6  uvans, Coleman & Evans, Ft   Columbia  .   ...  Sey   2988  3 Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Vo  Van   Coal Ss Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V   198-178  Point Grey Supply,. Co , 310 Richards St Sey. 4105  Ritchie Contr & bup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Soy, 9162 <  R1 V. Winch & Co, Ltd , Winch Bidg Sey   279-1944  PLUMBING.  ���������Vcme Plumbing & Htg  Co , 131  10th Ave. 33 ..Fair   537^  Vimstrongi& Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave W Bay     296  Bair Ss Anderson, 114 Hastings  St   W Sey. 6180  J   E   Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St   W Sey   2736  Guiney Foundry Co, Ltd, 666-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7697  lohnston-Thompson  Co,  525  Burrard St..-... .Sey   7899  G. L   Kelling &,Co. 605 Pender St Soy   8228  Walter Kinsey, {1366 Granville St Soy   9053  ~ ������. ������        4458  8614  Westein Plumb  Co. Esplanade & St* George.N. V      365  RADIATORS AND  BOILERS.      , '  Janada Toundry Co, Ltd, 1066 Pender St Sey   b710  3uiney Toundry Co, Ltd, 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7696-7597  Hallman Machinery Co, Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey   953  Robt   Hamilton & Co , Bank of Ottawa...- Sey     38;    ,  \   G   Langley & Co, Ltd, 319 Pender W Sey   3891  Van   Machinery Depot, 1155 6th Ave   W...Bay. 470-471  ROOFING COMPOSITION.  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St Sey.  511  Cvans, Coleman & Ev.ans, It   Columbia Sey   2981  "��������� Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9141  \'ev������ton & Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey.  1391  -   Victoria, 1326 Wharf .St 887  ,Vm N O'Neil S. Co , 54S-50 Seymour St .Sey 4796-4798  Raecolith Flooring Co, 301 Pacific Bldg, ... Sey 8144  Mchle Contr  & Sup  Co , Ltd  Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wm  C  Thomson S. Co, 319 Pender St. W Sey   3394  Iiov   Roofim?  Co.   814   Metropolitan      Sev   7417 .  Vancouvei    Roofing Co,  107  Loo Bldg Sej   6919  ROOPING���������SHEET   METAL.  (See Coi nice and Roofing)  ROOFING MATERIAL.  Blackwell, 108 Alexander St Sey   1733  Ciowe AL Co,  312  Pacilic  Bldg     .       ,,  .  Sey   9122  Guiney Foundiy Co, Ltd. 566-70 Beatty.. Sey. 7696-7597  Henrv/iDarling, 2S Powell St Sey. 512  Lvanss Coleman A*. E\ans It Columbia ....bey 2988  C GiidinPi Johnson ._ Co Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Xeviton it Gieei, Ltd, Vancomei, US Gran Sey. 1397  Victoria 1326 Wharf St... 8S7  Ritchie Contr  &. Sup   Co   Ltd   Gran   St Budge, Sev, 9162  Jdwaid Tnnmons   S3S  7th  Ave   XV       Fair   1257  Win  C  Thomson & Co, 319 Pender SL W   Sey   3391  Tiov   Roofin"   no     814   Metiopolitin ..   .   Sey   7417  ancouvei    Roolng Co    107 Loo B'd���������' Sey    69II  Western Plumb   Co, Esplanade & St   Geoi���������e X    V       365  SAFES���������VAULT   DOORS  D   R   Morrison   712  Richaids  bt Sey   '1 -.1-2152  Xoms Safe it Lock Co, 3,0 Coidova W bey   24 17  Robt   Hamilton Ss Co , BanU of Ottawa bey     3sJ  IJ   G   Painel!   567  Hamilton   St       .   . .   Sey   l*is>  Wm   X   O Xeil it Co    5 IS 50 Sejmour St    Sey   4795-179  SAND,  GRAVEL AND CRUSHED   ROCK.  Canadian Buildeis Supply Co    1901  Georgia      Sey   717/  1   A   Deuar  Co,   129 Pendei   bt   VV bey   45n-b/Ti  Gieat AV est band it Gi i\el Co Ltd . 102't Main, Sey S49  G n diner Johnson it Co Johnson's Whl, Sej 9146-9] t  Vo \an Coal S. Supply Co 56 Lonsdale, N V 19S-1?  Point Giey Supplv Co 310 Richaids bt .. Sey 410  Pioduccis' Hock it Gutv   Co, Vmcr,  Piont it Manitoba  Aictona stoie ft Chatham  titchie Contr it Sup Co Ltd. Gran St Budge Sey, 9162  ���������diovt-r Al 1 honicis   1'>'3  Main   St Sev   I {Co  iancou\ei  Sand ,t Gia\ei Co, ft   Victoria Dr    Sey   5101  SASH,   DOORS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  Beam Slunlg   Co    2 IS Pi ior St .     Sev    170S  i    C   Lumuci   Coip,   Lid     IO05   Georgia       .     Sej    6501  an   E-juip   i Sup   Co    Ltd    Pac   Blde'      Sev   23.0-502J  _an   Pac   l.u.mbei   Co    Ltd    R*vv   & Salsbuiy    Sey   6S00  Mom   bli-h  & J.ioor Co    2120 Cedar  bt         bev   6136  l.   H   Heaps & Co,  llr)   Victoiia  Diive    ...       Sey   SS90  'lillwoik buppK   Co    1605 Main  St ..   Talr 958-5 IC  \o   Pac   Lbr   Co    Ltd    10th & Ai butus       .   ..   Sev   8651  'Ml  :   '   ,i.>i  ' t ' *"���������,"*; I  jom. ba.h  it  Door Co.,  2120 Ceuar St...  iliiiwoik Supply Co.,  1005 jVlalii  bl   ,. II. neap.-, Ai Co , 115 Vlctuiiu. Drive...  .'o. Phi. Lbr, Co., Ltd., 10th & .nrliiitus. ..  . oiii t Grey. Supply Co.? 310 Kichards St..  I'rudential Builders, Ltd., 10! Dufferin St  I'orininul Lmbr A: Shgl Co., 308 Cotton Bldg  "MACHINERY.  bej    013i  Fan   job-i\  . ...Scj    t.!, i  ...bey   8b  . ..bc\     11 o  .l"ilr  10  I  bej    7.19  XV  .Sey.  70")b-781  So     171  ............. So*.    _bb'  1201 AlljLllii bl  :! iu-  .buy  .Sey.  ..Sey.  612:  140!  Sey; 270'.  ....Sey.' 534*-  ,. ....Sey. 937!  , Sey. 8601  .. Sey.  634)-  .Sey. 1336-7951  612:  7401  Elec..'Construction Co.,-5-i4 Howe St.  Imperial Agcys Corp., 314  Pacific Bldg..  Jarvis & Call, 570 Richards St...........  ELECTRICAL .SUPPLIES.  Alltree"& Churchland,  976  Granville  St..  Cruickshank & Co.,   584   Richards  St...  Chapman  & Walker,  448  Seymour St....  Cope &  Son,   338   Hastings   St.  TV........  Cruickshank AVCo., 534 Richards St.  Elec. Construction Co., 544 Howe St..  Imperial . Agcys  Corp.,   314   Pacific  Bldg Sey  No. Elec. & Mnfg Co:, Ltd., 313 Water St. Sey.  ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSURES.  Canada Foundry Co..  Ltd.,  1065 Pender St Sey.  57H  F.  T.  Crowe & Co.,  312  Pacific  Bldg Sev.  942:  Wm. N. O'Xeil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479:  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916:  FIRE   CLAY.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.,  Wincn//Bldg.......Sev.  1S7-592:  F. T. Crowe Ai Co., 312 Pacilic Bldg......... ."..Sey.  942:  Evans, Coleman.& Evans,  Ft. Columbia Sev: 298.*  C. Gardiner Johnson Ss Co., Johnson's Whf. Sey 9I46-914'.  U. .R   Morrison,. 712   Richards'St ;..Sey.  2151-215:  X'o. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsda.lfi,. .X.  V. 198-17*-  vVm. N. O'Xeil & Co.. 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-179  Ritchie Contr. & Sup   Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916  )������-  5711  'i <-  .Sey. 51?  .bl-J      9 I i  bo\       3M  C. Liitiip. Co., 606-7 Bank ��������� t uttawa  G.  Blackwell,  10S Alexander bt.   G.   Brown-.lamison.   10 IS   Main.'St...  Jan. Buffalo -Forge.Co. (G. A.  Browning  an.  J-A-uip. ix bup. Co., i-ui.,  l'ac,   Bldg.. .bey  ,'anada i-uuiHlry' Co.,  Ltd.;  1005 .Penaer St....  'hiiptnnn   Ai ��������� Walker.. 44K   Seymour  St   Henry Darling/28 Powell St.. '.....  Hallman Machinery Co., Ltd., 37-43 Alexander  Robt. Hamilton Ai Co., Bank of Ottawa,......  "J. Gardiner Johnson as uo., Johnson s Whf, Sey 91 16-911  A. G.  Langley Ai Co., Ltd., 319  Pender W Si.y   389  Mussens,   Limited,  365   Water  St ..Sev    S2 ,  Wm. N. O'X'eil & Co., 548-50 Seymour.St. .Sey. 4795-479  Ritchie ���������Contr. At Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, bey. 910  Strumbert-Virtue  &  Co.,   319   Pender  St. ��������� W.; .Sej    6"lo  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W..... .Sey    S39I  Van. Machinery Depot,  1165,6th Ave. W. ..Bay. 470-471  MANTELS���������BRICK, TILE AND WOOD.  I. Dairon Ai Co., 513 Hamilton St. ...Sey   4730  .���������lillwork Supply Co., 1606 Main  St.., ......Fair  958-546  U.-R.  Morrison,  712  Richards  St..i.".... .'.Sey.  2151-215.  '.Vm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-56 Seymour St1. .Sey. 4795-479!-  ���������titchle Contr. & Sup.Co., Ltd, Gran/St Bridge, Sey, 916.  .Vm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. TV .Sey   3391  Van. Marble & Tile Co.,.848 Beach Ave ...Sey   1618  MARBLE AND  ONYX.  a C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg. ..Sey. 6161  I. Dairon & Co., 513 Hamilton St.... ...Sey   4730  )."R.  Morrison,  712  Richards  St..'...... .Sey.  2151-215..  Vm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479'  ���������Itchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd/Gran. St Bridge.-Sev. 916.  Vm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W......Sey   3391  Vm   X   OXeilALCo    518-50 Somour St    Sey   4795-479S  reiminal Lmbr it Shgl   Co, 308 Cotton  Bldg      Sey   7997  SHINGLE   MANUFACTURERS   AND   DEALERS.  (See  Lumbei   arid   Shingles )  SLATE  T   Ciowe A\ Co, 312 Pacific Bldg      .     .   .  Sey   942-  Gaidimi  Johnson Ai Co   Johnsons, Wlif, bey 9I46-9H7  Vm   X   ONeilttCo    348-50 bej mour St    Sev   479r>-!79S  v.   V   'Winch AL Co, Ltd,  Winch  Bldg .Sey   279-1311  iitchie Conti   it bup  Co    Ltd   Gran   St Bridge  Sey, 916.  vVestein Maible & Tile Co   11-d  Main St   Fair  810  STEAM FITTERS  umstiong iS. Wolfe,  1510 5th  Ave  VV ...   Biv     2*-������  I   E   Campbell &. Co,  1061  Pender St   W    .       Sey   27,6  riiinej  1 oundr\  Co    Ltd, 5U6-70 Beatty    Sev   7396-7597  Valter  Kinsey    1306  Gianville St "..Sey   9053  .illle A. Lee    682 Sejmour St . ....   Sey   4158  STORE &  OFFICE FIXTURES & STORE  FRONTS.  .   C  Sciccn A. Ming  Co    206 Dulleriri bt   E       Fair   16 11'  in   L imp   A.  blip   Co    Ltd    Pic   Bklg      Sey   2 130-50. i  liliuoik buppK  Co    1605  Main bt       . I ,iir   )r>S-ri 10  I   Dillon  it Co,  513  II million  SL .     bf\     >7 i'i  Vm   X   O \eil A. Co    fi IS-50 bi-wnour bt    Sov   47-15-17'���������>  Vest   Plile GIlss is Imp   r0    153 Coidova  C bej    4071  TANKS.  Pram Manfg   Co, 298 Pi lor St.   .  Roy   170������  Can   l'ac   Lumbei  Co    Ltd    Kwy   A". & ilsbury    bey   68<)ii  1.   If   lleips  A. Co,   115   Victor-i   Drive .     bey    88 <u  luluison s  Whf  Sev 'U46-'JI4 i  -an. Marble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave...  Western Marble & Tile Co., 3149 Main St..  .Sey   161J-  .Fair   810  t.'  G inlinci   Johnson A. Co  V G   Langlcj   .t Co,  Ltd,  319  render  VV ...   Soy    3S9J  Utile  ,t Lee,  682  Si \ mom   bt .   .     be\    4l'i*.  \o   lac   bin    Co,  Ltd,   10th it Arbutus   .        .     bey    80")'  W ostein btm   it Oil Plants, Ltd    Cotton Bldg    Sey.  7bi6  TILE���������DRAINING-  Cvans   Coleman A.  L\ans,  1 t   Columbia   .     .   .Soj*   2'">S  Gient Wc-t band AL Giavei Co, Ltd, 1029 Main, Sey   Sl'U  Giidinei   Johnson A. Co , Johiii>on s W hi, bey 91 16-9] 17  Point Giev bupply Co, 310 Rich.irds bt Sev    410r>  Ritchie Contr   A* bup   Co, Ltd   Gran   St Bridge, bey. 91 b2  blio  er it Thomas   959  Main  St.   . ....Sey   1365  TILE���������FLOOR  AND   WALL.  D   R   Monison,  712  Richards  St    .       .    Sey   2151-27^*2  A'in   X   o.Neil it Co    648-JO Seymour *5t    bey   4796-4791'  V in   C   Thompson Al Co, 319 Pender St W...  Sey 3394  TZN PLATES.  Balfour, Guthrie Ss Co, Win- h Bldg Sey   187-5029  ' G u diner John*-on & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-4117  Wilkinson Co , Ltd., 848 Beach ^ve Sey   7915  ii   V. Winch & Co, Ltd, Winch Bldg' Sey   279 19)4  VACUUM CLEANING SYSTEMS.  Barr & Anderson,  114  Hastings St. ������W Sey.  61<!{  C  (f   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St   bey   1731  The Duntley Store, 791  Granville St     bey.  14s7  aile,  E   A ,   S.  Co,  532   Pender  St    W       ...   Sey    5176  WATERPROOF   COMPOUND.  .Gardiner Johnson &. Co, Johnson's Will, Sey 9146-'>147  OIL  BURNING   PLANTS.  .Vestern Stm. it Oil Plants, Ltd. Dom Trust.  PAINTS AND OILS.  iogardus, Wickens, Begg. Ltd., 70 Cordova W,  Henry Darling,  2S Powell  St' ....   Vm. X. O'Xeil Ai Co.. 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey.  A'estern Pluml). Co., Esplanade it St. George.X. V.  PAINTS���������FIRE-PROOP.  ���������*". T.  Crowe  .t Co.,  312  Pacilic  Bldg Sev.  Vancouver, 118 Gran.. ..bev.  viftorin. i .ni-fi wharf St   PAINTS���������DAMP   PROOF.  Bogardus, Wickens, Begg. Ltd., 70 Cordova W, Sey.  Heinry Darling   28  Powell' St      Sev  N'ewton & Greer. Ltd.,  Sey   767f  Spv   6S7  .Sey.  51:  4795-479  36f  9 -12:  139;  .887  687!  515  .^������������������y^-'^'n-^'.*w:-.-^--r.^inoh BId>r Sey- 279-'19.**-4. j. Gaidiner Johnson & Co., Johnson s,'xx'hi,'Sey 9146-914!  Sey  Sev    'M.2  4795-47 >b  .Sey   3 "4  E  .   Tilt    in ���������  Sty   4T')r,-4-^   Spy.     Ri-i  7-51 *J  Iii .1  ���������:\:l:  mmnmmtTesBiBBm&tmEMimEmssga  T   Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific  Bldg  Vin   j\   OXeiiitCo    648-50 Sevmour St  Vm  C  Thomson it Co    319 Pender St   W  WINDOW   SCREENS.  B  C  Rcieen i<z Mnfg  Co    260 Duffenn St  Vm   X   O Neil A. Co"  51R--.0 spvinmir St  WINDOW   SKADES.  Bowes, F. XV. Ss Co.,  1257  Gran ville St..,  WIRE  ROKE.  B   C.  Equip.  Co.,  606-7   Rank of  Ottawa.  E. G.  Blackwell,  10S  Alexander St..'....'  Cin. Equip. Ss Sup. Co.. Ltd., Puc.  Bldg.  A.  G.  Langley & Co.,  Ltd..  319   Pender* VV.'.."...Sey  C.Gardiner Johnson & Co.. Johnson's Whf. Sev 9146-������l'i7  ���������"titchie Contr. it Sup. Co.. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sev. !"������-.���������  Wilkinson Co., Ltd., 846 Beach Ave. Sev   7!''5  R   V. W'l .<-i & Co.. Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey.'������.7-9-1 944  ���������"���������a"?  ..Sey.  705fi.   S.-y.  ..Key.  2'-:.'Ui.  ���������3S92  ,1  ? ''.  1  V-  ~.f  1     t\i  -1' .-���������  ^ \  STO-lTOjiMM-i'liliJH^ ������ British Columbia  DAILY BUILDING RECORD  I fitt'-Sis  vmM  ifyri&jjt  s, Grates and Tiles.  Let us figure on  file. We have competent men to do  712 RICHARDS STREET  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International Automatic  Sprinkler, Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  114 Hastings St. W.     '  Vancouver B. C.  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO.  Limited  Public Works  Contractors.  Office: 813-815 Bower Bldg. Vancouver B.C.  J. DAIRO^& CO.  Tile and  Marble Contractors ,  Mantels,   Grates,   Baskets  ';* and Andirons  513 Hamilton.    Plione: Seymour 4730  PBOGBESS OP  CONSTBUCTION  \ mm  l'l* jSjjsS  i/'^tl  i������i$0-  mmimnm  ���������Iw'iW ���������'���������'������������������'���������';:'������������������������������������';:���������;���������,���������>..''.���������  ������Si:';-* ������������������. ;���������;'  ^#4f .'���������.-.'ft.- ������������������:"-:��������� :*������������������-:  Common,    Impervious   Face,  and Building Pavers.  Coast Shale Brick Co, Ltd.  1003 METROPOLITAN BUILDING ;  PHONE SEY. 8450 VANCOUVER B. C  P. Welcli, of Foley, Welch'& Stewart,  railway contractors, returned yesterday  from iui inspection trip in Xqrtliern  British Columbia. -He proceeded Inland  a. far as rail-head at Slteena Crossintf,  101 miles froni Prince Rupert. The run  by rail from Prince Rupert to Copper  River, a distance of 100 miles, was made  in throe, hours. The train service will  soon be extended to Skeena Crossinp.  where the work of erecting a steel railway  bridge   is   progressing  rapidly.  Mr. Welch received reports from various subcontractors thut grading'of the  main line is being rushed as far east as  Fraser Lake.  ���������   CONTRACTORS MOVE OFFICES.  Tiie Provincial Construction Co. will  hereafter occupy offices .at 601 Pacific  bldg.  LIENS    FILED  ���������ftS*afe.:'.'  Sash, Doors, Moulding  Mail Orders Promptly Attended To'  MILLWORK SUPPLY CO.  a      ' Office and Warehouse  Plioiie Fair 546-958   .      1605 Main St.  I-"'"?'"*--*,*^'':;-'.  ���������:    WALTER KINSEY  PLUMBING, HEATING  Aj\D ' "     ,     ���������  -    , GAS CONTRACTOR.  1366 Granville St.        Vancouver, B.C  'Phone   Seymour 9053 ���������_  Dominion Construction  Supply Co;, Ltd.  BaJia.03.MG3 FINANCED  T. J    iM-iiHen. Mnirr     Phnnc Soy. 8:!65  35   CANADA   EIFE   BIBO.'    *__  '       grandvTew       '���������  Sheet Rfleta! Works  Warm   Air   Heating1       .  '  Furnaces  and  General Jobbing  1729  Venable  St. Phone  Sey  5284  r^ClMERCIAL BLMNfciT  MAPS, DRAFTING AND-TRACING  Ph, re   Sey. 5068    329   Sevmoi'r   St.  G."L. KELLBNG & CO.I  .   Her.tln-*: and Plumbing- Bng-inoers      II  305 Pender St.    "Phone Seymour 8238 ||  Xelsnn' Clarberg vs P. A. Ferguson.   Lot  '    9,  l)lk 431, D. D. 520 ?170.70  Robt.   Rob-ion   vs   Vancouver  Arena   Co.  Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, blk 61, D. L. lS5....ffS050  T. Pettigrew vs AVm. Lockie.    Lot 13 in  re-sub of lot 4, blk 3 6, D. L. 192:...$2500  Henry  Velbauni   &  Co.   vs   Royal   Trust  Co et al. Lot S, blk 33, D. - L.' 52G  .    ' .' ?. ?601.'S0  TENDERS   FOR    HEATING./  Tenders addressed to tbe undersigned  will be received until Tuesday, May 6,  at 5 o'clock p. m., lor ��������� the Heating of  tiie Cecil Rhodes and Florence Xigbtin-  gale Schools.  -  Plans and Specifications can be seen  at tbe Oflice of the Scliool Board. .  "A marked cheflue equal to 5 per cent.  ���������m*. the contract to accompany each tender. ' ' '  - Tenderers will be required to deposit  a' marked cheque for $10.00 'in the offlce  before plans will be delivered, said  cheque to be forfeited If plans are not  returned within' one week after letting  of  contract. '                       ���������'....  Contractors  mu't  be  British  subjects.  The  lowest 'or any   tender not necessarily accepted. .   ,  C. W. MTTBBAY,  '    Secretary   School  Board.  April  29th,   1912.     .  JAS. MUKPHY & SON  G-eneiaJ    Painting-   and    Decorating-  -'CONTBACTOBS  Office: 113 Crown Bldg- Sey- 8707  Acnie PSumbSng & H'tg. Co  131   Tenth   Ave.  B. ���������''���������;���������   ���������  '   ���������  j ,, "Phone   Fairmont   537  nnssrWorkmansliip ( Exclusive Designs  Wiicox Art Glass Studio  1471 Broadway W. Phone Bayvlew 345  ,-- '��������� EDWARD TTIMRflONS  SLATER & ROOF TILER  h Ave. W.    Phonegalr^  R. Nelson Finch  Expert   Builder   and   Pinancier  Soy. 7381      207')''!  Cartei'^otton_BIdg1  THE BURNSBDE :: ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-39  Oranvillo  Street  ..'-' Telephone Seymonr 3704   J. E. Campbell .& Co.  PLUMBING   &   HEATING  1864 fUltr St. ��������������� ���������     ������������������:   ��������� Phone Seymour 2T3S  -*fi0d"B"C8E������������"TCIRCU WAltR PAH fllltKAK  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  SHEET METAL WORKERS  ���������SUCK'S UADER ind 61IRHEY OXFORD FURNACES     j_  Phone Bay. 296 1540 5th Ave. W.  PERFECTION GLIDING DOOR CO.  Phone Sey. 1649        719 Pender St. W.  .TMCrRR^CTTBROSr  PLUMBING and HEATING  721Main Street. . : Pbone Seymour B614  T. BTTLfiz St LEE:   ,  .Sheet Metal 'Workers  ��������� Bolt Tinks, Comics. Konlim, Fnrnacos,     ;  o82 Seymour St     Phone Sey. 4458  L. G. ROBINSON  Consulting'   Engineer   and  Gt-enoxal Contractor-  Sey. 3412 a" Bol&ea Bldg.  MUNICIPALITY    OF    BURNABY.  WATER SUPPLY  CONTRACT   No.   16.  RESERVOIR   No.   2.  Soa'ecl tenders eniloi"-:ed- "Reservoir  No "2" will be received by the under-  .-ig-neu mot later'than 5 p. m. on ."Monday, '"May 20tl,, 1912, for tlie construction of a concrete covered reservoir on  tiie Royal Oak Road in D. L.  158.  Pai-ticularls may be obtained at the  oflice of the Engineers, Cleveland &  Cameron, 506 Winch Building, on and  alter Wednesday, May l = t.. at which  ollice copie* of the Specification;;, Schedule of Quantities and Form of Tender  mav be obtained on payment of a de-  ^rWit of $20. which <uim will be refunded on receipt of a bona fide tender and  tlie  return  of  the documents.  Tender-' will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied.  The   Alunicfpa ity   will   not   be   bound  to accept  the lowest or any tender.  (S;jd.)    W.   GBIPPITHS.  Comptroller.  Edmonds,     .  April   29th,   1U12.  CORPORATION uF POINT GREY.  The Council is prepared to receive tenders up to s o. m. on Monday, 13th May,  1!)12, for the' supply of S25 enamsJiea  iron street name plates.  ��������� Specification"! and form of tender may  be obtained from the Municipal Kn-  ;*ineer. ��������� ...  Tenders to be accompanied b.v a mark-  .ed cheque for 5 per cent, of the amount  of' same.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  H.  PIiOYD,  C. M. C.  Municipal   Hall.' Kerrisdale,  April   2Gth,   1912.  CORPORATION OF POINT GREY.'  The Corporation is prepared to receive  tender-;, addressed to the undersigned,  up to 5 p. m. May Gth. 1912. lor the supply of 3000 feet of 2%-Inch Fire Hose  ind Fittings, to withstand a pressure of  300  lb;,  to the square  inch.  Tenders to be accompanied by a com-  nlete .specification and samples . covering the material' and fit tins.���������>��������� being ten-  lered on. '      ,  Al*--o for the supply of 6 hose reel*  capab e of carrying f>00 feet of ho-e  each: the tenderer lo submit specification  and  ������ketcli  of proposed  reels.  The  corporation  docs  not  bind  them-  elvcs  to accejit the lowest or any  tender.  H. FLOYD, C. 31. C.  Municipal Hall, Kerrisdale,  U. C.  April   ���������ISth,   1912.  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED.  VANCOUVER  -  OEKEEAL CONTRACT.  BATHING PAVILION���������By Honeyman  Ss Curtiss, S21 Pender st, till May 3, for  const of cone bathing pavilion at Second  Beach, English Bay. ,  .  MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL���������By  W. 'Murray, sec. of school board, till  April 30. for the construction;of a frame,  SOxGO, 2-story manual training school  building to be erected on the Henry Hudson school grounds. ���������,���������.',-' '  . CHURCH���������By secy St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, P. O. box 2035, No. Vancouver, till May 4, for the const-of St.  Andrew's church at cor 10th and St.  Georges sts. Plans, and specif at Alexander .&  Brown,  -Mo  Granville st.  P.. R^ CONSTRUCTION���������By Howe  Sound & Northern Railway Co., 506 Car-'  ter-Cotton bldg, Vancouver, till-Friday;  May 31, for the grading, bridging, etc.,  of-the following sections of the above  rai way: (a) From end of present con-,  structed line to' mile 12.0. (b) From  ���������mile .'12 to mile 24.1. (c) Branch from  mile 2.3 of main line along east branch  of Squamish river 2.7 miles. Plans and  specif at the offlce of Cleveland Ss Cameron, 506 Winch bldg. '  "��������� SCHOOL ADDITION���������By W.,..T..'East-  erbrook, secy of the Richmond school  board,'Eburne. B. C, till May 10, tenders  will be received for the erection and  completion (not including heating) of  an addition to the Bridgeport school  house. Lulu Island, B. C. Plans and particulars at the offlce of Joseph Bowman,  archt,   116  Crown   bldg.  RESIDENCE���������By Braunton & Liebert,  till May 10, for i*$8000 residence for  Shaughnessy Heights.  POWER HOUSii���������By Geo. Haddon, sec  Van. Gen'l Hospital Board, for const of  reinforced concrete power house in connection with hospital. Specif from Archt.  A.   A.   Cox,   Carter-Cotton   bldg.  SCHOOL BUILDING���������By G. W. Murray, secv school board, till April 30, for  i const of 2-sto, 50x60, frame manual  training bklg in Henry Hudson school  grounds. ,  STORE BUILDINGS���������By H., B. Watson, Holden bldg, lor lour 1-story fr  store bldg, 70x171, for Lynn  Valley.   22  APARTMENT 1-IOUSIS���������-By Townsend  Ss Townsend, 520 Granville st, ior  100x120 brk mill const apmt h.se for No.  Vancouver. .���������  SCHOOL BUILDING���������J. II. Bowman,  Crown b.dg, for two-������to frame aJd' to  XV. Point Grey scliool  bldg.  DWELLING���������By Jones & Aspell,  Hartney Cnambeiv-;, for $7000 frame  dwelling for Shaughnessy Hts.  JPOWEIi HOUSE AND SUBSTATION  ���������Bv 11. C. E. It. Co., Holden bldg, till  May 13, for const of reinlorced concrete  power house at Earls road,- South Vancouver.  Brick "Work, Bolior*. .    '  BRICK���������By Wm. "O'Dell, 757 Beatty st,  for alteration work on 3-.sto bldg on  Granville  and Dunsmuir  sts. ', I  . BRICK WORK���������By E. J. Ryan," 7CS  Granville st, for 3-sto brk and mill const  rmg line i'or Powell st.   ,. ���������    1  . BRICK���������By:> Paul A.' Jones, Empress  Hotel, for const of Harris b.dg, on Cordova st. ."       ' 29  BRICK WORK���������By S. J. Lund, Empire bldg, for 4-sto, SGvGO, rmg lise for  Hastings  and Hawkes  sts. 27  BRICK WORK���������By Ilowland & Newett,  1222 Melville st, tor Shaughnessy Hts.  res. "*,  Canals,  Cement,  Concrete,  CEMENT���������By Wm. O'Dell, 757 Beatty  *--t, ror alteration work on 3-sto bklg  on   Gram ille   and   Dunsmuir   sts. -1  CEMENT���������Bv J. F. .Wineland, 402'  Abbott st, for rein-cone laundry bldg lor  Van.  Gen'l Hospital.        _ 30  u CEMENT���������By Paul A. Jones, Empress  Hotel, tor const of Harris bldg on Cordova st. . ���������. -1)  Excavating*, Elevators, Electric Fixtures  EXCAVATING���������By Alder Ss Campbell,  ���������exchange bids, for 2-.-to, 61x33, apmt  lue on Broadway and Bridge..sts. '30  " EXCAVATING���������By E. J. Ryan, 70S  Granville st, for 6-sto add to rmg hse  on Harris and Main  sts.     ' ���������        1  EXCAVATING���������By S. J. Lund,-Emplre  bldg, for 4-sto, 50x60, rmg hse lor Hasting and Hawkes sts. 27  EXCAVATION���������By XV. P. White, Hutchinson bldg, for 3-sto, 64x132, brk bidg  for 11th and Main. >'    ���������  EXCAVATING���������By   E.   J.'   Ryan,   7GS  Granville st, for 3-sto brk and mill con.st  rmg hse for 'Powell  st.   ��������� . '1  Furnaces, ��������� Sheet   Metal,   Fire   Escapes,  Fixtures  '  SHEET METAL WORK���������By R. N.  Finch, 207%'. Carter-CoUon bldg, for  6-rm  fr  res. ��������� 29  SHEET METAL���������By S. J. Lund, Empire bldg, for 4-sto, ,50x6C, rmg hse foil-lasting.- and-Hawkes  sts 2/  L'lREPLACES���������By R. N. Finch, 201V2  Carter-Cotton  bldg, for  6-rm  i'r  res.     2 9  FURNACIC���������Bv R. N. Finch, 207V-2  Carter-Cotton bldg, for 6-rm  fr res.    29  FIRE ESCAPES���������By S. J. Lund, Empire bldp, for 4-sto. 5Px60, rmg hse for  Hastings  and Hawkes  sts. ' 27  Grading-,   CHass,   Gravel,  BUILDING SECTION E. Ss N. R.- 11.  Tenders ior grading and bridging of  firot 10 miles of Comox" exten-ion of  E Ss j\\ R. .11. from MeBi-ide Junction  'to' Courtenav will be received by H. J.,  Cambie, chief engineer, Vancouver, up  to  Mav  15. '     ,  GLASS���������By Wm. O'De'l. 757 Beatty  st, for alteration work on 3-sto bldg on  Granville  and  Dunsmuir  sts. 4  GLASS���������Bv T. A. Allan, 510 Pender  st,-W. for 3-sto, 2Sxl32, brk rmg hse  on   llob-on  st. ���������.,"-  GLASS���������Bv E. Stanley Mitton, -ft il-  liams bldg, for 3--to, 100x40, brk rmg  hse on  Pender st E. -2  SAND���������By Paul A. Jones, Empress  Hotel,  for const of Harris bldg on  Cor-  llflVT    St ~ ���������  SAND���������By J. F. Wineland. 402 Abbott  *-*t, for rein-cone laundry bklg for Van.  Gen'l  Hospital. ' ,     '30  GRAVEL���������By J. F.. Wineland, 402  "Abbott st. for reln-conc laundry bidg lor  Van.  Gen'l  Hospital. 30  H't:g*���������   Hardwood.   Host.   E-flware,  'HARDWOOD���������By    AVm.    O'Dell,    757  Beattv st.   for alteration   work  on   3-oto  bidg on   Gi-anvil e ancl  Dunsmuir sts.   4  1-1 BATING���������Bv Wm. O'Dell, 757 Beat-'  ty st.'for alteration work on 3-sto b.dg  oh  Granville  and  Dunsmuir  sts. 4  HEATING���������By S. J. Lund, Empire  bldg, for Sacred Academy, Point Grey.  HEATING���������By R. McLean & Co., Pacific bldg, for G--to, 53x120, hotel bldg  on   Abbott and  Pendrill.  LIME���������Bv Paul A. Jones, Empress  Hotel, for const ol" Harris bldg on Cor-  dov<x st    - ' **  HEATING��������� (FAN SYSTEM)���������By .7.  H. Bowman. Crown bldg, for the 6-rm  l"r add  to  tlie Richmond  scliool,  Bridge-  "'hUATING���������Bv E. J. Ryan, 76S Granville -.I. for 3--*to brk and mill con.st  ring hse  for Powell st. ' 1  Iron   Work,   Interior   Finish.  INTERIOR ' FINISHING���������By S. .T.  Lund, Empire bldg, for 4--to, 50x60,  rmg hse for  Hastings  and  Hawkes  sts.  IRON WORK���������By R.- McLean & Co.,  Pacific bldg,' for 6-sto, 51x120, hotel  bldg  on   Abbott   and   Pendrill. IS  Lumber, lathingr, Iiim-������  LATHING���������By Wm. Neve, 2436 Sth  ave W, ior re.s ut Kitsilano. 30  LIME���������Ey J. F. Wine and, 402 Abbott  nt, tor reln-conc laundry bldg for Van.  Gen'l  Hospital. ���������       ���������     -p  LUMBER���������By S. J. Lund, Empire  bldg, for 4-*-to, BOxGO, rmg hse for Hastings   and   Hawkes   sts.  LIME���������By Sanford Gordon & Son,  20G Bower bldg. for concrete roundhouse  at  Coquitlam   for  C.   P.   R. 25  LUMBER���������By Sanford Gordon & Son,  206 Bower bldg, for plank road eonst  out of Coqult'am  for C.  P.  R. 25  Mill   Work    ainclilr">rv.    MarbJe.  MARBLE���������By Wm. O'Dell, 757 Reatty  t,   for   alteration   work, on   3-sto   bldg  on  Granville and Dunsmuir sts. 4  B. C. SAND AND GRAVEL CO, LTD:  100  acres  on Howe  Sound,   23. miles  from Vancouver. ���������  .,���������'-'  Inc. for 1000 sharesat $100 each.     ^  400. shares on, the market at par;    :  Main   Office:    503  Dom.   Trust  Bldg1.  Fhone Sey. 6756  TILE���������By Wm. O'Dell, 757 Beatty st,  for alteration work on 3-sto bldg on  Granvi le   and   Dunsmuir   sts. 4  MILL WORK���������By S. J. Lund, Empire  bldg, lor 4--.to, 50x60, rmg lise lor Maot-  ings and ,I-Iawkes sts. . 27  ivilscellancr us.  -MATERIAL���������By Wm. O'Dell. 757  Beatty st. for alteration work on 3-jto  hldg on  Granville and  Dunsmuir sts.     I  PARK SEATS���������By Wm. Northcott,  City pur agt, Victoria, till April 29, lor  15  park scan.  CUT STONE���������By Wm. O'Dell, 757  Beatty st. lor alteration work on 3-jlo  bldg on  Granvi le and Dunsmuir sts.    4  ClllMiNM���������By it. N. Finch, 207 IS  Carter-Cotton  bldg, foi" li-rm  lr res.    '1\>  MATERIAL���������-By S. J. Lund, Empire  bldg, lor 1-^to, 50xGO, rmg lue for Hastings and Hawkes sts. 27  TERRA COTTA���������By J. J. Donnellan,  Riggs-Selman bldg, for Sulllvan-Con-  sidine bldg on  Granville St. 2a  CARPENTER WOltK���������By Ii Stall-  lev Mitton, AVilliams bklg, for 3-.,lo,  100x40, brk rmg Iis'e on Pender st E. 'l'l  Planter.   J?lbsr..   pDt8���������  JPav..   Ply-..   PUiui:,  PAINTING���������By, R, N. Finch, 207 ',<"���������  Carter-Cotton  bulg,  for 6-rm lr re;.     2y  CltESOTED BLOCK PAVING���������By  City of Vancouver, till April 30, for the  construction of the following creosoted  vtood block pavements: Dunsmuir st,  from Howe to Burrard st; Hastings-sl,  from Vernon dr to Victoria dr; Robson  st, from Bute to Denman st; Davie st,  trom Granvi le to Richards, st. Plan--,  and specifications at the oflice of the  city  engineer.  PAINTING���������By   Hammer   Ss   Wagner,  1116  Bute  .st,   ior  bungalow.  i,  PLASTERING���������By   Hammer   &   Wagner,  1116  Bute st,  for bungalow.  PLASTERING���������By E. J. Ryan, 7C8  Granville ,st, for 6-sto add to rmg hae  on  Harris  and Main  sts. 1  ' PLASTERING���������By Wm. Neve, 2136  Sth ave W,  for res at Kitsilano. 30  , PLASTERING���������By E. J. Ryan, 76S  Granville st, for 3-sto brk-and mill const  ring hse for Powell st.  , 1  PLA ST WRING���������By 11. K: Finch,> 207H  Carter-Cotton bldg, for 6-rm-fr res.      2D  PLASTERING���������By Frantz Conot. Co.,  346 Pender XXr, for Hanson bidg on Hamilton st. ,  . PLASTERING���������By E. Stanley Mitton,  AVilliams'' bldg, for 3--ito, 100x10, brk  rmg h.se on  Pender st E. . 22  PLASTERING���������By T. A. Allan, 510  Pender st AV, for 3-sto, 2Sxl32, brk rmg  hse on  Robson st. , 22  PLUMBING���������By AVm. O'Dell, 757  'Beatty st, for alteration work on 3-sto  bldg on Granville and Dunsmuir sts. 4  PLUMBING���������By S. J.' Lund, Empire  bklg, Ior Sacred Heart Academy, Point  Grey.    .  PLUMBING���������By Jones & Aspell, Hartney Chambers, for ?7000 trame dwelling  for' Sliaughnessy Hts.  Roofing,   Boads, ��������� Reservoirs,  ,  ROOFING���������By AVm. O'Dell, 757 Beatty st, for alteration work on 3-oto bldg  on  Gianville   and  Dunsmuir sts. 4  ROOFING���������By Sanford Gordon & Son,  206 Bower bldg, i'or concrete' roundhouse at Coquitlam for C. P.' R. -25  ROOFING���������By  T.  A.  Allan,   510   Pen  der   st   A\',   for" 3-sto,   2SX132,   brk   rmg  lue on Robson st. , 22  , 11001'1NG���������By E. Stanley Mitton,  AVilliams bldg, for 3-sto, '100x10, brk  rmg lise on Pender st.E. 22  ,.R001*1NG���������By E. ..1. Ryan, 7GS Granville st, for 3-sto brk and mill const  rmg  hse  for   Powell ^st. *   , 1  CORNICE���������By E.'J. Ryan, 76S Granville st, lor G-sto add to rmg hse on  Harris and  Main  sts. , j  . ROOFING���������By E. J. Ryan, 76S Granville st, lor 6-slo add to', rmg hae on  Harris   and   Main   sts.     - 1  ROOFING���������By J. F. ATineland, 4 02  Abbott st, for rein-cone laundry bldg ior  Van. Gen'l Hospital.        . ��������� -30  .'   SEWEKS,' STREET WOBK,  STEEL.   ,  REINFORCING .STEEL���������By J. ~F.  Wineland, 402 Abbott st, lor rein-cone  laiuidrv bldg i'or A'an. Gen'l  Hospital. 30  STEEL���������By S. J. Lund, Empire bldg,  for 4-sto, 50x60, rmg hse for Hasting-  and   Hawkes   sts. . 27  STEEL���������By J. J. Donnellan, Riggs-  Seinian bklg, for Sullivan-Considine  blclg on Granville st. *        25  STLEL���������By T. A. Allan, 510 ran deist AV, for 3-sto,. 2Sxl32, brk rmg hse  on  Rob=on  st. 22  STRUCTURAL STEEL���������By S. J.  Lund, 21,0 Empire bidg, tor Sacred  Heart  Academy  at  Point Grey.  Wiring,    Waterproofing-,   Wharves.  ELECTRIC CABLE���������By AVm. Northcott, citv pur agt, Victoria, till May 3,  for 12,000 ft 10 pair No. 11 cable; 2000  ft No. 14 duplex cable; 10 miles Xo.. 12  ,AAT.'P. Bl & S gauge steel wire; 325 iron  polo lop  fittings.  ELECTRICAL - AVIRING���������By S. J.  Lund, Empire bidg, for 4-sto, 50x60, rmg  hse  lor Hastings   and Hawkes  sts.       27  WIRING���������Bv T. A. Allan, 510 Pender  st AV, for 3-sto, 2SX132, brk rmg hse  on  Robson  st. ' 22  ELECTRICAL AVIRING���������By E. Stanley Aliton, AVililans bldg, lor * 3-sto,  100x10,' brk rmg hse on Pender st E.    22  ELECTRICAL AVIRING���������By E. J.  Ryan, 70S Granville st, lor 6-sto add to  rmg hse on  Harris and Main sts. 1  ELECTRICAL AVIRING���������By E. J.  Rvan,"76S Granville st, for 3-sto brk and  mill const rmg  hse for Powell  st.      " 1  AVIRING���������By R. N. Finch, 207% Carter-Cotton   bidg,   for   6-rm   fr  res.    o    29  iLi, ci i  SgiWj-y      W     W^Bi?  ENGINEERS AND AGENTS  , Caledonian Wire Rope, Parker Derricks,  Electric  Hoists'  "Otto"  Gasoline   Engines,  Grab  Buckets, "Globe" Marine  Engines  Steel Tanks and Water Towers of any capacity  "WAYNE" GASOLINE TANKS and PUMPS  for  PRIVATE- or    PUBLK  'GARAGES  Phone' Seymour 3892 319  Pender Street Wi  B. C. EQUIPMENT CO.  Machinery JDeaflers  CONCRETE   MIXERS,   STEEL   CARS,   ROCK   CRUSHERS,   ELECTRIC  '      ..STEAM    AND    GASOLINE    HOISTS.      WHEELBARROWS,  TRANSMISSION  MACHINERY, GASOLINE  ENGINES  PUMPS AND  ROAD  MACHINERY.  Flumes:  Seymour  7056-7818.  Ofllces :'<306-607 Bank of Ottawa'Bids'.!  FOR SALE  TWO SCOTCH ELECTRIC HOISTS  10   H.   P.  BRITISH   STANDARD,-500  VOLTS   D,  TWO  LONG'TON   LIFT  ON  SINGLE  LINE.  PRICE $650.00  EACH.     .  Phono Soymour  512   .'HENRY DARLING      "','  c.  2S Powell St.  We. are  the solo ��������� manufacturers of  "  " - \*  Macliino-made  Glazed   Cement  Sewer  "V  Pipe '���������in British ' Columbia.  DOMINION GLAZED CEIVBENT PIPE CO., LTD.  Office-:   Dominion   Trust   Blclg-.,    Vancouver,  B.  C.,      Fhone:    Sey. 8286   -  and MANUFACTURING 0O.uM.rai  Electric Supplies and Telephones. 313 Water St.  North Pacific Lumber Co.  LIMITED "  Superior Finishing Lumber.  10th Ave Ss Arbutus.   Phone Bay.''1019  . CO. LTD.  .   Manufacturers   of'  Iiumber, Sash, Boors, Mouldings, etc  Phone Seymour 1708.      298 Prior St.  .CHEAPEST AND BEST  BAILEY Hard-wore Co.  GET OUR PRICES  1407 PARK DRIVE.  BAILEY Hardware Co.  PHONE. SEY. 6870 I  ShiiingEes, SSates and Sheets.  W. C. THOMSON & CO.  319  Pender St.  West..Main Floor\ ' " .   'Phone  Seymour .1394  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL COSViPANY LTD.  t       Successors to J. T. Herrett Co., Limited.  Office, Warehouse and Wharf:'1029 Main St.'  Phone Seymour 8491  Architects  Contractors  ,       We are at your service to  give you any information required    regarding    installing  gas'   pipes    and    appliances.  Also location of mains.  Phone S. 5000 and ask for  New   Business  Dept.  VANCOUVER GAS COMPANY!  779   Granville,   Show   Room  New Business Show Room  16  Hastings  E., I  TENDERS WANTED.  OUT OF TOWN.  BUILDINGS.  , Abbotoford, B. C���������By . Abbot-ford  Temple Co., till Slay 4, for the erection oi  2-story liai. Specif from Dr. Swift, Ab-  botsford.  Kamloops, B. C.���������By Board of School  Trustees, till Alay 11, for const of High  school bklg. ��������� Plans and specif from Jno.  Parlett,  archt,   Kamloops,  B.  C.  Duncan, B. C.���������By Mutter Ss Duncan,  Station -st, Duncan, V. I., B. C' till April  30, for two-story brick bldg to be erected  on Front st.   ,-  -....New Westminster���������By Archts. Gardiner Ss Mercer, Westminster Tru.st bids,  till April 30, for 7-sto, 04x132, reinforced  concrete and steel const theater and  ortlce bids, to cost $200,000.  . Edmonton, Alta���������By City Commissioners, till April 30, lor const of reinforced concrete tunnel sewer. Specif  lrom  city engr. .   '  Calg-ary���������By A. S. Dawson, chief  engr C. P. 11., till May 1, for the concrete structures In the eastern section of  the company's irrigation block, Alberta.  Materials, except for forms, furnished  bv company. Materials for forms and  labor must be furnished by the contractor- The approximate quantities are:  15,000 cu yds of concrete and ,1,200,000  pounds of reinforcing.steel. The quantities in individual structures vary from  5 cu vds to .700,.cu yds..  .  MCHY.,   MISC.,   MATERIA!,,   WAKINE.  Vernon,   B.\ C -By   D.   C.   Tate,, city  clerk, until May 10, for the supply and  erection, on foundation supplied by. the.  city, of one 200- B.H. P., 257 R. P..>M'.'  Diesel oil engine for direct connection  to 125 K. W., 3-phase,': 60-cycle aiterna^.  ting current generator with exciter.' Engine must be complete with indicator,  all tools and spart parts. Specif at offices  of Mather, Yuill. & Co., Ltd., "Vancouver.  .Point Grey���������By Mun. Council, till May  6 foi* laying 4-ft sidewalk on N side ot  roads between blks 7 and'S/bik 1, D.-Xi.  526; laying 4-ft sidewalk on S side of  roads between blks 8 and 9, blk 1, -D. L.  526; laying 5-ft wooden sidewalk on S  si'le of roadsl between blks 6,and 7, blk  16, D. D. 526; laying 4-ft wooden sidewalk on Townsend road and Marine dr,  770 ft; laying 4-ft wooden sidewalk on  41st ave, Blenheim to Dunbar. Specil  from mun.  engr.  Mooae Jaw���������By City Commissioners,  till Mav 15, for the laying of approximately'34,000 square yards of (pavement.  Plans and specif from J. Antonisen, city  Vernon, B. C.���������By D. C. Tote, city  clerk,'till May 6, for rock crusher complete with screens and portable bin;  crusher to have 25 to 30 tons capacity  per  hour.     Specif   from  city  engr.  Support Home Industries   By Specifying  THE ANVIL -ISLAND BRICK CO., LTD.  BEST.PRESSED RED BRICKS  Office and Works:   Anvil  Island, Howe Sound,  B. C.  -    .      SSLLIliTG- AGENTS  , RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, i_TD.  PHONE SEYMOUR 9162.    OFFICE AND WHABP- GRATTVII.I.E ST. BRIDGE  .    OiAPMAiV& WALKER LTD.  ENGINEERS."  DEALERS   IN   ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  COOK WITH  ELECT3ICITY.  Let us show you a cooking outfit ma ,e as durable as your present Malleable  coai range. ��������� '  .'  E'ectricity for cooking purposes is cheap. '  PHONE SEYMOUR 9379    448    Seymour St. P. O. BOX 1353  Cliemical and Efficiency Engineers.  Inspection  of Cement,  Concrete,  Oil  and Road Materials.  Geological Reports on Raw Materials.  ���������  "Waterproofing* of Concrete.  IE  OFFICE:   1106 Dom. Trust Bldg., Vancouver.  PHONE:   Sey. 2811  British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.  Manufacturers  1605 Georgia St.  Vancouver  Phone. Seymour 6504  City Map & White Print Co  BRILLIANT  BLUE  PRINTS  DRAFTING TrtACING MAPS  432  Cordova. Sitreet West  Phone:   Seyi-iiour 6893  ,t  Johnston-Thompson Co.  Plumbing and Heating  Engineers  525 BURRARD ST. Phone Sey. 789iij  SHOVER J IHOMAS  Sand   Gravel  and  Building Material -  ���������phone Seymour 1365.  ,' ������������������ <���������:���������. ..     Wharf ,  Offlce and  959 Main Street  Alltree & Churchland  Si  I-     ���������     . .  EIjECTKICAL CONTBACTOBS  976 Oranvllle Street      ,  ���������Pbone,  Seymonr 2707  TERMINAL LUMBER & SHINGLE CO.  .: i,im"ited.  '���������'������������������:'  BtANTJFACTUKERS  OF  FINE  LUMBER AND SHINGLES  W.B. COOKE & CO.  308 Carter Cotton Bldg*.  Phone:    Seymour 799'������T  Great West Mfg. Co., Ltd.  CABINET MAKEBS j  BANK, STORE AND  OFFICE  ,    . . FIXTURES j  Phono Fair. 1471   52 Dufferin St. "W.-r.;-*v. -v  Estimates Furnished  ;���������*.**���������*  x.'ily  mm  :V^ilP  "' U'*~^f5ttf'ffir1:*77?-  sm������M^^  '���������MMmaa^^  LsSr'  ft Ai  ������������'  * ��������� ��������� I V  I*.".'/'  ������&&���������������������������-


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