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 *     )
Devoted to the in
_,    lontracttng, Engineerl-ragr,Srrigafclon and General Improyemeni: News. '. J  "      ;,,> *
ts o*f ArcS>jtejcts, Contractors, Engineers, Material Dealers and others interested in the building trade d*f the N.Wi1
*^>ft.* * fsmem_ ' --.,',. .. , * - '
"   Jua&L .m^m" ~ Coverins British Columbia.       i r i    '    '' '   ? vol. 2, N0.162, Wednesday, June 5,1913"*'
Record   Publishing   Co.,   Vancouver,
n )
WALL BOARD. ��   ��� -
<. Raecolith -Plastic Flooring   r
301 Pacific Bldg.   Sey. 8144
Plain or Corrugated - Round br Square. ., \
Can Give Delivery In One Week To 10 bays/
312 Pacific Bids.
F. T. CROWE & CO.'
"*C\ervthrng   rn   Building-Mater ral"
Seymour 9422'
Tar and Gravel Roofing
Water   Prpqfing  '
1        Roof Repairing^
Al) Work GrUfr,ryinteea
,   ,     Plione Seymour-7417.
814 Metropolitan  Bldg.
Phone Seymour 9162, Private Ezchanffe.
Office  and Bankers,   Granville  Street  Bride's.
Cost.   Street Address.
���Lot and Block.
2513���2'sto lr   apmt hse
2544���1  sto lr* 'rot.
2545���1   sto   fr   ies
iJ'kto'254r7***f***l--s,to   tt   L0**
iLwfc���*&?*���&���   st0  P   factory
WE&)li'256133*1   slo   I'r   re,
Wfj$'2652451  &to fr res
i^tf^SSfajJa   sto   fr   res
VpS^iUa^Mldn to sto bldg   .
wi^ii'm&f^ -5t�� con addn ��fllce'
l,m%hU&Tr2 sto br* apml
S3.900, 2C17 Prince llCw- 1 .st
.   $2,200   H2S-lllh   a\e   E,_.
. $1,700   1735-Ttli   ave  E **
.$2,200'l-JU'J-llth   ave   II
$3,000   ]17S-Sth   ave   E
$2,000   2S23-10th   a\e XV -
$l,G5o   30,'17-2Stlr   ave   E
,*^VJi-25BB-?2-"l 1-2  sto  fr*  res **V
'^miUo^txvo 2 & two 1  bto  fr' ro,     $12,
!LkvJ**26$l*2iS fato.fr* sto & rooms.    .   -*512,i
,2770-25tli   a\e   13
Steplrerr St
ClO-lOtlr   a\e  XV
3G1G-5tli ave X\'
3003 to 15-7th ave W
2S3S-40   Granvrlle
'     8���117
J��� 153a
11,   12���-111
El-2   11���23
.      '      9���2
.    4���10
^ f
7,   S���33'
Wl-2  6���31
11,  12���20
20 la
264a . ���*���
SE 1-2 ,Sec   4S
SXV1-4  47
i54 0
1a2 '
526 ���
A    E   Cllne
v  . ' Contr
. Owners
I-'        "���Ov.nefj
.' Contr
Petiy  &  Nlcnolais
'. Owner
Jewrtt Designing- Co
J   P   "Matlneson & Son
E. Pope       , -      -
r  A. Bans ... 18S7 Powell St
H. F   Perkins 263G'Trinrty  St
Mail*, ay "Woodworkrng Co.     14th ave. E
Owners  . .... ...
���\V   Bennington
Owners  . - . ..
Owners .   ���-
X. ..Scnuller      .      . ������-    609   Hastings,ave
,1    McDraimid   Co ...
*E. ,J./Ryan  768 Gianville
Owner   . .... .   - - -
J    Olner                  . .      3500-lth   ave  XX.
Alon^o Smith Hauls St.
Owner.  -
Building permits  for "Victoria will be
C. ,Ti umbell .-     .       .     .    '   ..        *"
R.   D.  Ross    caxe Anglo Amer   Lbr  Co
J   Welter . . 10th ave E.
G.-M   Maclcay   . . 7*19-14th  E
Mackay Woodworking Co        . 1 Ith ave E
R   H  Spedding        * 633 Broughtan
Van   Broker age Co Ltd .   ..'
Van. Biokerage Co Ltd . . . ..    ..'
D.. Chesman  .   .    -
Swift Can. Co.
J.G. Chalmers 19th & Ontarro St'
A. Mains . -   328-23rd ave L
Cecil Home u  ..
H.-E  Selman.     .     .      .   1069 Nelson St.
found on Pag-eT2,^
Seymour 4674
��'!'.% 1 ii;. ��i
Square, Round and Square Twisted Bars
Triangle Mesh - Column Hocping
Largest stock in city
Phone 2988
FT.OFCoLUMBIAAV.      ��ur P,ant lsFul,y E��luiPPed For Cutting
��� * To Length and Cold Twisting
Prompt Delivery Our Specialty
Western Plate GJass
'*- & Imp. Co. Ltd.
Reg. Office: 153 Cordova St. &.
VANCOUVER, B.C. ,     ,
1  , Leaded Art Glass   *    '
"Thome  Metal Store "Front Bug
'   Bevelling* and Gllverlnff _,'
"Store Fronts Glazed   ���;
J Erf?1*!?-*
I far**??
(.lability,4 Accident and "Health
Office Issues Your Liability, Accident and Health Insurance
1^11 adjusts losses without delay or referring to any remote Head
JMmce . *,���'''
IjiSlritlsh American Trust Company, Limited.,
W'Wr ���   '       '  .       Insurance Dspartrnent
OMtor--Cotton,Bltlg-. Pnone  Seymour 7620
���rANCOTTVE'R, B.   C.
WW '""Glass,Importers and Manufacturers.
MB. C. Manufacturers.of Hester store front
?lioac-6   72SS-G   .   '. "    'At '
1000 Homer'St
  i       i
i        '
Arclit  S   13    Buds,  Duncan  bklg,  >es-
Loid.ii let the contract ioi the erection
ol tlie 1 storj Irrrck and mill constructed store rooms Jnd office Irldff to Ire
erected at 033 Or am rile st, foi Ackrojii
& G.ill-.to C L Williams, mi Pender
st AV, .it aboirL "fJO.000 The bids '.wll
li.ne tcira cotta front steanr heat, one
laiKO store, and w ill t bo J.*i.\l-'Q The-
gVl conti lia-. the entrro contiact, but
is not icidv foi aiii f'cCir11?1 on the suh-
i oi.Lract-. i (. I - ,     .
Tlie   following1  material  Is ^ mentioned
to bo used in the  structures  called Ioi
in   the i permits   above,   whose   numbers
correspond to those preceding* the following- items. ,
2S11���1000  br, 2200  yds  pi,  22 bbls cmt
2511���1000 biT 100  jds pi,  1G  bbls cmt'
2513���Soo   br,  100   yds  pi,   5   bills cmt
2517���1300 br,  150 yds pi, 7 bbls cmf
254S���1000  br,  C   bbls   cmt
2551���1000 br,   110 yds pi' S  bbls cmt
2332���1500 br,   150  \6Vpl,' C bbls cmt
253*!���700  br.  310  vds,pi,  7 bbls cmt
vJo'i)���1000  bi,  175, jdb  pi  A  bbl^ cmt
5.37-70.0011  bi     300  bbls  cmt
"I"**"���2 50,000   in     5000   }ds   pi;   10   bbls
ci-ui                 o    -      >
2531- _-u00 bi, 700 yds pi, 0 bbls cmt
.2300���10 000 bl,  2t0,vrtl'p',  ii -lpls cnit
,1000  In,'250(3  ids pi,  2-jvbtlsJcmt
The   attention    of    Architects,   Contractors   and   Builders   is   called
>to the  NEW  ERA   REVERSIBLE  WINDOWS, which  wc are  now manufacturers cf.'  Call at our factory and see them  and  learn of their many
advantages over any other windovvs made.
Factcry:    Foot of SalsL/uiy   Drive.
Branch   Factory at  1618 Third   Avenue  West, Fairview. Vancouver,  B.  C.
Phone   Bayview SSS        *
���Albeif    \\ rllr ti��,    "Metiopolitan    bl\'.g
Is   tho  a'cht  and   contractor, for*  a  fou;
sloiv buck store  and  looms  TjKlg  nhich   |rAKCO*0*VE*a BUILDING  PEBMITS
*vill be pieclcd at i:burne Ioi   2\li    Cro-.sjj   Only Permits  amounting- to less than
oi ' Vn-icumer       Tho   bids   n rU    be    .ii"H"i<ft)trr.-w*t]l be 'found under tlus*- liead.
b-rck   and    mill    construction,   and    Mill
co^-t .il c*riL $10 000 Plans ire nol lp.iui
Ioi fif,uiCr. on in\ of--the s\ b-oonti acL-
i t>i
23 12���Xational Finance Co, alter lodge
looms, llor.iei i**, Cordoia, S J Jmnri,
25IG��� XV    Clark,    .12S       Cmall     altei
 . shootniff   p.xllery,    106    llrr-.trng5   st,    It
COS7TB.1CT  LET  POR Giant,   "-150
J     , 2510���Bond &.  P.rcketts,   fr   shed,   ] 1-1-
Gtli avo  XV,  owners,   $100
2551 ���lohn "Morton,  1 sto  fr   sto   !$!��
Dominion Sash &,Door Co., Ltd,
��       21 20 CEDAR ST.
Phone Bay. 646   Near Sixth VV
Standard Glass Co. Ltd
*    - ass axjusa
Phone Seymotir 6476.   839 Baurnard Bt.
"   haed'-wood ricooB CO.
Ploor  Layers  and  Besigrners.
Sey. 6853���Bay.*139E. 557 Granville St
Stierardized Metal Lath \
American Wail Board
amson Fibred Planter   :������*.
. Blue Cross Cement
;  Hydrated time
i     ' *       "**���.',,
rdiner Johnson ^ Company'
���J.   ' r, i' v^- .
PHONES SEYMOUR  9146, 9147
 L^ i i	
1320 Richaids St
Phone Seymour; 1196
a < >
I* i
Doors, Sash, Mouldings, Ettj.
' "Mills, OfTices and Factory. '
Cor. Victoiia Drive and Powell Street. Phone Seymour 88S0
The Cool*  CoiT-t Co,  \2~*  .\lc\amlei   st
ha-5   Irec-rr  aw.u tied   Llie  conlrjtf   bj   iir.   llor to bt,   ?100 0
hue   .1   Fox,   aichts,   for   a   largo   trrrrae!     2533--]   ,\!rcionr   7 Id Prior  *5t, fr atkln
rc-iflciKe to bo elected at Korr Kci.ile for    to   &to>  ^v     *    Ciirg,   ?700 .
T    IT    T.r\loi   ol   tins   eiU       The   r e-I-	
fierce  wrll  contain   12   rooms,   frieplace**-.
.ind   bo   LlioroirgblN-   rrrode.n      If   wrll   rjp
heated b\  fm nace     The genl contr actor-       Jr   C   Tr tiinbell  for* w horn A   E   Cline
aro   not  now    re.id^    (or*   figure,   on   an*,    rrepared plan-?  toi   a  2  sto  frame btoie
ot   the sub contracts *-ir"'1   *iPi��L   bldg''to   be   erected   at   -647
  Prince   Cdward   .ne,     has   awarded   ttie
COHT3ACT  AWABDiiD  POB fienl cOnlract to E   Pdpe at ?*i fi00      Tlie
3 STOUT APARTMENT BIDG-   -,'enl   copti   wrll   hand e   all   mmoi   conti iCCts   '
544 Howe  St. Pliones:    Soy. 1336,   7951
Canadian BiaiSders StappSy Co., Ltd.
( , Dealers in
1901   ""feorgia  St.
Sey.  7175
Western Steam ,& Oil Plants Co.
1010    DOMIIIIOH    TTSUST    BLDG-. Sey   767b
Eiitiance m rear f
Plione Sey 37*32
Vancouver MarbSc ��k TiSe Co., Ltd.
.Aiehl-N PC r-*. & "\icholaT- Pacific bldg
'ia\e awarded the contract 1oi a " stor\
buck anirtrnent bl Ig Lo be erected al
10th a\o and Ontario st fr i ] G Oliuli-
iiiei -. to II I R\an 76S Gr iriMlle *-t
at '".(.O.O'IO The bid*,' will luntarn JO
<ipml-> ha\e team licit "o ele\a.ti>r etc
The genl conti w'lH handle all mil oi
conti act-
103 Winch Building
Phone Seymour 137 - 5929
English K-B & S " CONDOR "and
Partition Tiie For ABI Building Purposes
Lime, Plaster, Fire Brick, Tin Plate, Pig Iron Etc.
1j 1 Taind Kmpiie blilf, lias been
awarded the conti \<*t 1 nr dttlrrs, up tl'<*
lodcre rooms for the "Moose l.udure on
the llth ,iml lOLh lloois ul the WcUon
bid*,, at $5.7".. I Ji* Perkins ITiitchin-
^ori  bids,  aicht
Pi ess of othei -work is tho rea��on foi
a d$'a\ rn p-ettlnpr out the -plant for the
Tto-jnl Colurrbian ho-pital at XeM AVe��t-
inirTiter in tho oflice of the archl S B
r.inls T)ui'caii bldg It rs expected tint
jjl iris will be icrilv ioi fiffuiL=! in about
.1 wc.el-.-5 " i
Sey.    406S
Office and Works.     115*1 Sr\th  <Ucnue  XV.,   Vancouver,  B   C -,
������A e  stock here a complete line of tlie g*oods of tlie following: firms:
E.  XEOWAKD  &  SOUS,   liNGl.NLS  AND   BOll-LRS .
Contractors' and  Builders' rciulpnient earned In stock, including:      !.
y     K.H-.L',  Dcrrrcks  and  Winches t
C' rifrLte AMixers
Sfiapers,  Dump  Cars  and   Relavlng  Rarls
(ViitnfURd.1 Pumps
S" im  Shovels and   Rock  Cru<;hprs \ ^    <   !
Motors, Air   Compressors,  etc,  ��tc
Wc   operate   a  fully   equipped   machine   ehop.
g*iven  special and prompt attention
Contractors'   runh   ordeml?
Vi- '
It If
Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's
791 Granville St.,.
Fhone Seyniour 1487
Vancouver, B. C.
.. Vi Sble' Agents i
City IViap & White Print Co
432   Cordova  Street  West
rhone: 'Sejmour  6G93
Archibald IVSoir & Co
*���** The Map Men "   ' '
Draftins'   ,- Tracine
Reliability and Dl-spatch
Rooms 216 ��� 217 Emplra'Bldt ?hm Seymour 537S
Falkenburg 1 Laucks, Ltd.
We  inspect  cement,  all  structural
materials and construction work.
152 Trounce Alley. Seymour 7159
Tire Cedar Cottage Presbjtenin chirrc'i
ha*, decided to burdd a new church, ���*
laige share ol' the monev already bo in;
on hand It, rt, proposed to erect a
bids to seat 1000 people, and to cost
about $35,000
Aicht 1* Tl I'eiMii*- C7 Hutchinson
bldg is nnn rc.id\ for figures ioi the
L'vLa*.alion lei the reiri.ra lpn.t to be
elected it lla-tm-cs **-L and lackson a\e
Tenders for the verier il contuci ^rii_
be called toi some time this v eel..
Spccrfrcations max be s-een at the oflice of "ir.ithor, Vurll fr Co, irutclrrn<;oi-r
bias, for a 200 lip Drc-cl engine 1 e-
qurred bv the cilv of Penticlon and
tendeis for the engme and installation
'must be in by Juno 11, addiessed to
F   H   "Latimer    "Mun    Engr
4-5  SatisFiecS  Users   In  Vancouver
1065   Pender  St. Phone  Seymour 5711 >
Aicht C O, "Wrrkenden, 10G2 Ponder
st ""wl is taking figuies from 'elected
eontTrt i*oj"(Altejatrofi.s to tho bldgs at
thatr* number     Alterations  will cost  ?2,-
500     '
C   Gardmer Johnson &. Co lia\e operr-
ed   a   branch   office   and   yard   at  North
Vancou-*.er, adjoining  the AYallace Shrii-
>*iK',^fnjar- i
Office: 108 Alexandor St.
Phone Seymour 17X3
Warehouse: 821  Powell St.
Builders and Contractors'
Metal Lain, Metal Ceil,
lnsr Wire Rope, Tool &'
Dull Steel and General
M? t** j   j      +'j**
Aiclrt   Konncr!c\    Br\ an    Ciown   bids
m;i   take   ter der.s   for    the   rprr.o-%al  ard
]nuclvn-,e   of-the   ie-iderico   at   the   SXV j
cornel   of  Burra'rd  and   i:%elelgh   sts,  on I
Let us  figure on your  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTS.    Nothing  too  large;
nothing too small.   Our stock of Electric Chandeliers is the largest in the.
338 Hastings Street West
Contrac tors
the srte Cf thenropooed apartment house.
lor  J!   T    Rogers
The Surft Canadian Co has let the
contr ict to J "UcDiaimul <L Co for a 2
sto concrete nddntlon to their piemises
on AVater st The add vill be faced wrtli
brrcU  and will  cot,t  ?20,000
EBectric Hoists-,
Gasoline Hoists
And Elevators
In All Sizes
365  Water Street
Phone  Sey. 3237
Wimfy -'
i.\t..'-2!&K'S'' "��
.'���(*'Zi<** '   )   ;
A��*X\mr<- -��
l*-.f>^iV-r  i
���   \-A.^A.
*<  'A  A't'Ai
:\"'���-�����,*"? *
i't '    .   .A-'V       '
-W-I.VXV1 ���>:
W-*'   >J *--' r ���** ,
���K  ~>ltj!l
M BRITISH COLUMBIA  DAILY BUILDING RECORD.  dahiY building * becqbd.  Published Dally Except Sundays  &ECOBD PUBLISHIHO COMPAT-TY  tt*.   .-   Address:  583 Homer-Richards Lane.  Rear of 431  Dunsmuir Street  . . Telephone������Seymour 7808  Bubscription Price       -       $1.00 a month  ;. Payable  in,-Advance  BUILDING  PEBMITS.  Permits for the various municipalities  ���������will appear under this head on tire following days:  Monday���������Victoria.  'Tuesday���������South   Vancouver,   Victoria,  New "Westminister.  ,    Wednesday���������Xorth   Vancouver,   Point  Grey, Victoria,     ������  Thursday���������South Vancouver, Shaughnessey Heights, Vrctorra.  Friday���������North Vancouver, Point Grey,  Victoria. <u  n Saturday���������South  A'ancouver.  A'ictoria.  As Issued���������Wc.-.t Vancou\cr.  POINT   GH-SY   PEBMITS  24���������AA*.  J.  Alc-Jlillari   CSmytho  fr Beat-   .v..ty sts) 2 sto fr res; lot 13, blk 55; owner; $15,000:  hot water.  25��������� J."M.  A milage;  fr   garage;  lot 12,  blk  5  of   21,   DL   520;   Farley  fr  Crome;  5110.J  ^-'^5���������II. L. Finlayson  (2G30-5th  ave A\r,)  <   f 11-2 sto fr res, lot.l!)-2, blk 15S, DL 540;  owner;  $2,300;  furnace,  '   "  '      27....F.   Calkins   (2601   Stephens),, 1 1-2  sto  fr res;   lot   33,' blk  G4,  DL  2027;   JI.  Drake; $200.' ,      '   *' '  28���������T. II. Taylor (A'ancouver) 2 sto  fr res; lot S 1-2 13, blk 1, DL 526; Cook  Const Co';  $13,000;  furnace.  29-���������John Carter  (Kerrisdale)   2 ,sto  fr  -.   t*es; lot 3, blk 12, DL 2027;  owner;  $3,-  ' 000; gas.  SO*-���������T. .Hardy, S65-18th ave AV; 1 sto  tt', res; lot 11, blk 678, DL 520; owner;  *300.'    ~  31���������Mr.- Hobson (Vancouver, B.C.)' 1  '8t0 fr res; lot 137, blk 15, D^L 526; $245.  VICTORIA  99  VANCOUVER  Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  " Wire Rope WHITE'S Cement  "Santa Cruz"  BLUE CROSS Cement.  Western Bungalow  Company  Designing of homes our specialty  SUPERVISING and ESTIMATING  Sey. 1856.    703 Dominion Trust Bldg*.  Keep down your pay roll expense by using lime which  slakes instantly. 99.5% pure.  201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg.   vancouvee, b. c.      , Phone  Sey.  9506  Plans for Buildings in this Table are in the Hunds of the Architects,   and   the   Date   Givon   for    their  Completion' is Approximate only.   When the Contract is Let, Name of Contractor is Given in Last Column.  Character Estimated   Cost  KOBTH  VANCOTJVEE  PEBMITS  * '   217���������-J. C. Budniston; 11-2 sto fr res;  lot  26,  blk  20L  DL   545;  owner;   ?500.',  * *s  218���������Ole.-Knutson;   fr   shack; - "Water  Front; owner;  ?50. ���������>  * "  219���������J.  Craig   (1856  Triumph  st)   two  1 sto fr res; lot 3, blk 192, DL 54S-217;  , Chas. Mustard; $3,000. _ .  220���������Larson fr McMillan (No. Vancouver) alter sto'1 bldg; lot 16, blk 165,  'I>L >274;  Smith Bros;  $1,400.  22I7-M. B. Joclin Jr; 11-2 sto fr res;  t 26th   ave   &   Jones   st;   owner; t $2,500;  furnace.  222���������J. J3. Kirkness (PO Box-.19So) a  StO fr res; lot 13, blk 231a, DL 346; owner; $500.      * ' *       _  223���������H. (Hesketh; 1 sto fr res; lot 7,  blk.,8, DL 616;  owner;*-$250. **  .   224���������W.   J.   Han ford;   erect   camp; Jot  16,  blk  169;   owner;   $4u.  225���������E   J.  Culter;  22x24  fr shack; lot  B7, blk 152;.owner;  $150.      *   *  t*  Sermits issued in  ���������WESTEBW   CITIES  Permits Issued during the month of  May, and for the first five months of  the year, in a number of western cities,  are as follows:  , * May 1912  Vancouver   $1,944,728 $6,912,940  No.  Vancouver...'  56,429  4$eW Westminster.... 170,280 * 6S8.72S  Kahalmo    16,575 89,139  Victoria     650,015 1,047.890  Calgary  2,215,392 -  6,330,090  So.   Vancouver  220,000 ,-  "Winnipeg    3,030,020 8,061,730  Uerrisdale   '. 200,000-  4-sto   store   and   apmts    ���������   45,000  Add  to apmts         10,000  9  sto  conc ofc  bldg * $100,000  Sisters of Good Shepherd        75,000  8 bto conc oflice $200,000  3-sto  apt  hs,e          Go.000  1 sto   brk   apmts -15,000  a  sto  brk fr conc  oflices $2-10,000  Brk   school   bldg         90,000  2 sto stone fr frame ies S2o,000  3 bto brk store and rooms 25,000  1-sto brk add   to  hospital        60,000  Dawson school         150,000  6-sto brk office bldg      200,000  Power house          40,000  Two 3-sto brk rmg hse..:        70,000  8-sto   hotel   add      150,000  3  8-sto  school  adds .'      120,000  8-sto  brk office  bldg       110,000  3-sto apmt hse         55,000  3-sto brk apmt        40,000  4-room add    <         25,000  10-sto conc oflice-bldg     '358,000  Police Headquarters       175,000  Club   bldg          230,000  8 sto conc club bldg $350,000  3 sto brk stores & offices $40,000  2 sto , brk lodge $30,000  .6 - sto  brk apmts $85,000  3-sto stone and  brk hospital..     225,000  Brk and "stone* church      160,000  6-sto  brk bldg        95,000  10   sto   store .'. 2,000,000  Prov.  Girls'  Home -      100,000  3-sto; 80x90, apmt        75,000  3-4-sto apmts" and stores      160,000  3-sto brk apmts .*        40,000  Women's Club   .:      150,000  Brk or conc school        50,000  3'Sto brk apmt hse.......        35,000  Power plant (:.  - 696,000  1-sto store & lofts        "5,000'  University bldgs         c .-0,000  Steel  bridge    .*       150,000  10-sto  ofc  bldg    1,000,000  Club Bldg '"*....'   Bridge  :..?...  2.100,000  3 fire halls..'         41,500  3-sto   apmts    '         55;000  5-sto   hotel   bldg         6ft.0OO  4-sto brk apmts '         7 WOO  2-sto fr apmts ..     , 22,000  3-sto brk-stone res         20,000  6-sto   brk  whse         75,000  10-sto brk apmt hse       250,000  7-sto  conc  bldg       225,000  Rmg  house            2L000  S-sto-office  bldg .'..     230,000  6-sto'whse  bldg        36.000  6-sto store fr rooms         50,000  6-sto apmts         60.000  6-sto  conc add    *   60,000  Brk "and stone church       100,000  S-sto. steel & brk office* bldg..        85,000  Stone church         50,000  I to 10-sto conc stores & rooms 100.000  Brick and stone church. ..*..-... 25,000  3-sto   conc  wrh&e         50,000  .Location      Owner Architect  All  items  below  this  rule  appear  in'  ���������V  Broadway & Yukon D.  "NtcCjllum  Victoiia Miss  Je.in .Ylollioon  700   blk  Granvrlle ht   Point   Grey       1 fasting;, & Hornby E. A. Morris  Kitsilano   T/Jl.  C.UI.incl  Burrard fr Eveieigli B.   T ��������� Rogers  New Westminster. ..West. Trust Co  Tipperary  Park,   New   Westminster   Shaughnessey  Heights T.   Greenhow  Keefer-   nr   Main    Sam   Kee  Nelson, B. C. . .Kootenay Lake,Hosprt.il  Now Westminster Peoples Trust Co.  '���������"arls Road B. C. E. It.  New Chinatown    Hastings and Main L. L.  Mills  So. Van So. Van. School Bo.ud  Blk-12. Hast.  St. ."McDougal  & Cameron  llth   and  Main J.   P.   Mathers  Hastings * st  E A..  Central school    School  Board  Granville fr Georgia. .H. Birlcs Sons. Ltd.  Crty of Vancouver Powell st  Hastings  and   Hornby. .Vancouver  Club  Georgia fr Burrard sts Y.  M. C. A.  Kamloops       Syndicate  Victoria K. of P.  Hastings & Jackson...1.... A.  G.  Ferrera  New  Westminster.Roy.  Columbia Hosp.  Victoria 1st   Baptist   Cchurcli  Cordova st Scan.  Meth.  Mission  Georgia & Granville Hudson Bay Co.  Govt Hastings Townsite  Victoria Lindsay & Roberts  Pender,.Bute, Melville Sts...J. J. Banfleld  Park drive J. H., Richardson  Thurlow St   Women's  Clubs  Nanai mo School  Trustees  Broadway W   Kamloops - City  Pender, nr Columbia. .Story &.*Campbell  Point  Grey    "... .Province  Georgia-Harris st   City  Not to be made public. .Can. Home Inv.  Undecided V. A. C.  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.   .,    City  No.   Vancouver Stevenson   Bros.  Powell  and Heatley st -  Alberni st. .* McNeil Bros.  508-18 Semlin Drive Savainar Bros.  Shaughnessy Hts '   C.  P.   R.  Reserve    Dr."  Robt.   Telford  Howe st -. .B. C. Bible Society  Powell and Hawkes...'... .Chas. Putnam  Victoria Dom.   Trust  Co.,  Water st  .'.   Seymour, near Dunsmuir.. .D.  Campbell  Cardero fr Comox...-.'. .D  D. Hxitchrnson  Victoria A. A.....-.A ^...S. Jones  Carl and Pender... .Church of St. James  200  blk,  Hastings E .' c.. ... .-  Shaughnessy Hts  '. Methodists  Homer & Georgia Sts E. Mahon  Fraser ave South, Hrll Baptrsts.  E.  Powell St B.  C.  Sugar Refinery  loivnsend   fr   Townsend.  .1.    S.    D.   Taylor .<..<  Parr. > McKenzie it Day  Wnllinfiton   fr Whcntle*...  Plro-=.   Hooper    :.  XX\   F.   Gardiner*. .. "  K    Br .van ..'.       . ...  Gardmer  &  Mercer*..  Gardmer    &    .Mercer   .  G.  P.   Bowie   Bryan    & -Townsend  S.   B.   Brrds -  N.   A.    Leach   Gardiner   &   Mercer*..  B.  C.  12.  R  Xow  btua.it, White & Peters..SUr*t const"May 1  1*.  M.   Bender*  (Kansas Citv)  Al.iv  . . .Plans Eoady  . . .'.Rids   closed  ..*.... Uids   closed    !3id.s closed  > Rrds  clo-c(i\  Bids   closed  -..Bids   Closed  '.     ..Bid.s    Closed   Bids  Closed        Now  .. Selected  Contis   '- Now   Now   Now  Now  Producers Rock & Gravel Co., Ltd.  Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel /  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAY. *���������     ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD.  OFFICE AND BUNKERS j-RONT AND MANITOBA STS.  Head  Office and  Bunkers:  Store St., foot of Chatham  Phone 305  Victoria, B. C.  Vancouver Office and Bunkers:  Front and  Manitoba Sts.  Phone  Fairmont 552."  Telephone 1045  1318 Wharf Street  CANADA MOSAIC TILE CO.  (      * Manufacturers Of  "ArgJKa" Mosaic Flooring TiSes  P. O. Box 1171  VICTOBIA, B. C.   Slay   May   May   May   May  ������������������'���������'��������� June   June  1   June 1st   June   June   1   June  5   Juno  6   June   10   July   July   August  this table for first time  today.  J.   II.   Bowman  W. D. Van  Sielen      ,W. P. White     Jones & Beatson  " "  N.  A.   Leech   Somervell   &   Putnam'.   Competitive    Sharp & Thompson...'."'."!   H.  S.  Griffiths...;       G.   B.   Kaufman   Bresemann  & Durfee  P.  H.  Perkins ���������    S. ' B.   Birds '.   'J. M. Warren   Otto. Moberg      Burke, Horwood & White   A. A. Cox  ���������    -*       ��������� -   *"-*i  Robt. Knrpe .'.".".   F.   H.   Perkins 'A.'A s" "  J. H.  Bowman '..'.".'.'.'."'  Not chosen    '   '������'"'������������������   Not chosen        "'   Horel & Roberts            Dutclier & Maxwell '.'   XV." TV Whlteway      Not chosen' *.     Not chosen       " '.   Not   chosen '   'C..A-. Jones   John Wolfe-Barry Now' being"drawn  Not chosen      Townsend & Townsend .AAA.'.'.'.' Delaved  Alder & Campbell Delayed  Townsend  &  Townsend Delayed'  Townsend '& Townsend..- :. .D������lavod  W. p. Goodfellow Delayed  w~P<rBo^vil^ : ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� Delayed  XV.   M    Dodd '. ; Delayed  C. A.  .Tones      A'der������������������ & Campbell '.'.".'.'.'.Delayed  " Newton & Greer Co.,~ Limited.:  " M. A. <S= "  Roof Compositions  For Waterproofing Or Fsreproofinjr  1118 Granville St. , , " ���������   .���������.      , oi  ,.        < <- '        ���������*. 1326 wliarf St.  Vancouver , , ���������.  .     ,    al"  Victoria ',*''.  H.   S.   Griffith   11. B. Watson    Hugh  Braunton     R. M. Fripp "  Thos.   Hooper  >  Alexander  L&   Brown.'..".'.'  Parr. McKenzie & Day...  ���������������   A-   Horel Indefinite  XV.   It    Gardiner Indefinite  Horel   &   Roberts Day   labor  Kennerly Brvan Da"v labor*  ..Indefinrte  ....Indefinite'  ...Indefinite  ...Indefinite  ..' Indefinite  . .Indefinite  . .Indefinite  tendebs fob lab6e amount  qV concbete walks -and cttbbs  RED   DEER���������Tenders 1 v. ill   be   taken  "by 'commissioners    of    this    city,    until  .-"'  ' -June 8, for laying  12S.3C0  sq  ft of corr-  ' "'J, "i leiete walks and 10,310 lineal  ft of curb  }* ,--    1  i',Vi -and   gutter.     Plans   and   specif   may   be  *A *,-*-*-.* -^  ���������-���������^"���������'^���������obtalned  from   the  office  of  Seymour  &  ���������-.,*?'���������' ������>awe,   ci\il     engrs,     Northern     Crown  -' .'J,-/'/Bank  bldg,  Red  Deer.  Less Space Required For Beds  Ventiiafion Simple and Perfect  PERFECT CONCEALED BED CO.  Display Boom. 570 Granville St.,  VANCOTJVEB, B. C.  Phone: Sey. 5092  THE   FOLLOWING   TABLE   SHOWS   BUILDINGS   COSTING   58000   OB   OVEB,     ON     WHICH     CONSTBTTCTION     IS   -  UNDEB WAY, OB ON WHICH CONTBACTS   HAVE   BEEN  LET BTJT   CONSTBUCTION   NOT   YET   STABTED.     -  Character    .' Cost   Location       Owner Architect    >."....   Contractor  t'A-.'Ai   , \'    AKENA   PLANS  APPBOVED.  t ���������* *. 1 --'���������-    " \ "    \*"?'   ''-^V"Ar.VEW WESTMINSTER���������Pln-s   for the  1       A*-*  -*"*������������������ . proposed aiena for the exhibition giouiuK  * r      llfere have been appnned by  the Exhlbl  "tton  A^.sri, and  will  be approved  by the  t 1  V '., tbuncil at^its next meeting.    After that,  '   V    tenders   for    it?    construction    will    be  tailed  for at  once.    The  proposed  bldg  ��������� -J-'.Vflll be 16SX235 and 63 ft high, with an  , ',arena 90x200 ft and accomodation for  . \ t>Ver 3,000 people and 70 horses. The  1     *6st Will be about $25,000.  SWTLL  VAIES   DSA3TZC  ACTION  y ';' 3kERRISDALE���������The council has au-  . c ^nOrlsed Wm. Neve, building Inspector,  / ', ttt .take action against those "contractors  ',    ' '.tyhc-   have   been   erecting   buildings   In  * *>   *MJA municipality'without first securing a  A      ���������**���������'.  r'i"   Mffetmlt.    A  number  of  breaches  of  the  . .wJwIb.w  have  taken  place,  and   Mr.  Neve  - /'.^Sjfltt at once take action against tne con-  ��������� '   - "tractors.  E.'G. PARNEIX  IFire and Burglar Proof Safes  Vault Doors   ,  Schooi desks and Opera chairs  Phone: Sey. 1584        567 Hamilton St  Hospital          323,000  2-sto   brk  hotel       ���������    45.000  6 to 10-sto conc bldg       300,000  S-sto office bldg       300,000  10-sto hotel    .'       520,000  Water  extension          750,000  Convent    -      300,000  3-sto stone fr conc bldgs ,   750,000  1 4-sto  hotel   1,000,000  Power'plant          500,000  .Jetty          171,000  5-sto store and offices      100,000  Concrete  docks      1,000,000  6-sto   conc   hotel       *50,000  Adobe res           26,000  10-sto conc-apmts       40,0,000  6 sto stoie-roonr bldg   S-sto  brk   business   bldg. . .  5-sto  gai age .,. -   Lonsdale --oliool  bldg   7-sto   apmt   bldg ,  4-s.to  conc  rm  hse   6-sto  bik  apmt  bldg ,  ii-*-to brk sto & rmg h^e..:  l-sto br k r-mg hse   6-sto brk hotel   6-sto  bank  bldg   1-sto  conc garage   6-sto    hotel        6-^to brk hotel   \dd to Cecil Khodes school.  "i-sto   conc   whse   3rk   and   stone  school   *.-sto steel fr brk  rng hse.  7-.sto   apmts      l-sto  brk sto & apmts   Dry   dock       Breakwater   lettv      l-sto  brk office  bldg ,  \ h.se bldg  ,  *>-sto office bldg  :.   ''.-.������to brk hotel add   "-sto  brk  rmg  hse   S-*-to   brk  apt**   5-sto   brk  whse .'.   S-room  school  bldg   t sto brk apmts..  Burrard & Comox Sisters of Charity  R. F.  Tegen Norton Griffiths  .?! 45,000  -S0,000  73,000  42.000  135,000  35,000  12j.00d  SO.OOO  33,000  100.0(10  100.000  36.000  100.00H  100,000  7S.00H  60,000  75,000  75.00"  100,000  55,000  260,000  3nn (ind  59,000  75,000  S5.000  30,000  45,000  ..250,000  35,000  53,691  $40,000  Princeton, B. C Peter Swanson  Water & Abbott Sts Swllt & Co.  Pender & Homer Dom. Trust Co.  Melville & Burraid W. H. Ramsey  Seymour Creek City of Vancouver  Point  Grey Sisters ,of Sacred  Heart  Vrctoria,  B.  C.. . .Provrncial  Government  Geoigia and Granville C. P. R.  Pundledge Ri\ er Canadran Colleries  Steie^ton    Dom   Goit.  Vrctorra .' T. N. Hibben & Co.  North    Vancouver Jas.   Fell  610-12 Cordova st F. XV. Padmore  Shaughnessy d-Its Mrs.  Dr   Mackay  Georgra & Hornby Mr. Evans  SE cor- Horner & Duns. .Wil-on & Harris  Hastings   st '. ..  Thurlow and Albernr  Lon-da e   Thurlow and  llaro T.  F. Pater^on  Seymour and Dunsmuii II   Pj bus  I I.'7   Robson    Ciia-.   G.   Mullei  Gore &  HiUalings.,_ ...   Hooper ���������<& Snider  .->(>'���������-.���������> Hamilton W. E   Hanson  lia-tings arid Dnnle\ y. .Dr. T   II. Wrlson  I la- tings  and  Mam Molsons   Bank  -.'Kloi-ra     Met.   Motor"C.ir   Co  , ..la.-.   Borland  ... Beggs Auto Co.  ..P. Mathews  Jlrs. XV Sanlord  . . . .School Board  . .McLean    Bros.  . . .School   Boaid  Depot & offices    1,000,000  l---to   rmg  hse         30.0AO  1st Pres.  Church,  Victoria      100,000  4-sto rmg hse   12-stall   roundhouse      \bbott  &  Pondrrll  Keeier fr Gore   Crty   Water   St   12th   and   Victoria  dr  .-,00  blk,  Hastings  E   Bute  &  Nelson Llghthcart   Bros  Gore  and Pender Lee   Kee  Prince. Rupert G. T. P. It. R.  Fraser   R���������  Stevcston,  B.   C Govt.  10th  and Main D.  E. Harris  Da\ie  and  Hamilton....Otis-Fensome  Co.  Govet st, Victoria  .'.   Harris and Main D. McClaren  Powell st  .'....Mr. Sanguinetti  Beach & Chllco sts A. D. Goldstein  Dunsmuir & Beatty C. A. Godson'  D. L,. 301  City  Thurlow & Pender .! Mrs. S. Woods  Granville'& Cordova C. P. R.  100 blk, Cordova E' A.- C. .-McNeil  Quadra and Fisguard st   35.000  Richards  st Haley  &"Su*tton  50.000 Coquitlam C.  P. -R  Bresemann & Durfee C. P.^Stanley  A. E. Shank I. McDiarmid & Co.  H.   S.   Grrffiths Norton-Griffiths   Co   Ferro-Conc. Const. Co.  XV. S. Lea Burrard Engr. Co   et al  C.   G.   Badgely s.   J.   Lund  F. M.  Rattenbury. . .McDonald  & Wilson  W. S. Painter Skene & Christie  Company Grant-Smith   &  Co.  ���������-, ������������������ T   F. Sinclair  Thos. Hooper. .Sound Const. & Engr. Co      Norton   Grimths  R    J.   MacDonald Baynes   &   Horie  XV.  A.  Doctor Egdell  & DiKon  12.  S.  Mrtton Egdell  & Drxon  Dalton  &  Evelergh    Baynes & Hone  Pair, McKenzie ^ Day B   David on  L. 12. Gordon Dom. Const   Supplv Co.  Jameson fr Blackadder.J E  Wright & Co  W.  D.   Van  Sielen Dorn    Conc   Co  K. l-i. Ste\errs & Co..II   L. Stevens & Co  VV. D   Van Sielen. . .Dom   Const. Co , Ltd  Thos.  Hooper Frantz Corral. <_'o  W.   P     White Fronts!   Const    Co.  Dom. Const. Co , Ltd.  .. .11   L. Stevens Co  . ..Adkiiibon   &  Drll  Frame   Church    3 5,000 So.   Vancouver    i Baptists  5 .sto  store  and   rooms  35,000 Alexander st :  Brown & Howie  Conc.   Lighthouse $22,000 Pt.  Atkinson  Dom.  Govt.  4 sto brk store & rms $30,000 Powell nr. Gore K. Tsuchlda  6 sto- brk wrhse & office 62,000\Vater  St ��������� Dr.  A.  Thompson  "McLean   &   Co   12    G.   Albin  . .McLain  & .Co  Adkison   &  Dill  McLain   Bios.  .. .B.  Davidson       Owners  .C.*L.  Williams  L   E. Gordon..  II. L. Stevens Co  II -"S.   Griffith. ..  A.   J.   Bird R.  Hugh   Braunton   N. A.  Leach   Thos.   Hooper ,  N    A.   Leech  Parr,   McKerrzie  &  Day.  Owners     .*..  S.  B.  Birds   Co.  Engnrs... .British  N.  A.   Const.  Co.   Smclarr Const.  Co.  A.  J.  Bird Wiles  &  Fisher  Thos.   Plooper McDonald   &  Wilson  Thos. Hooper  .AVestholme Lbr. Co.  Townsend & Townsend E. J.  Ryan  Owner  E. J.  Ryan  \V.' P. W., Booker, Campbell  .... ^Whipple  G. P.  Bowie A.  Adams  N. A.'Leech. Booker, Campbell & Whipple  XV..P.-White S. C. Briscoe  Contrs....Westlnghouse, Church, Kerr Co.  J.,iP, Matheson & Son.. .Dom. Const. Co.  W.   R.   Wilson Parfitt   Bros.  Braunton  & Liebert. .Davis-Sanders  Co.  CompSny...... S. Gordon & Son  J.i.P/ Matheson *& Son Mr. Thompson  Braunton &��������� Liebert Egdell & Dixon  Govt Rourke, McDonald & Moncrief  'W. M.  Dodd ..'. J. J.  Frantz oCn-t Co.  Sharp  &  Tnampson.-.Rourke,   McDonald  &  Moncrief.'  G. E.  Turnbull Elevators & Lowerafors  Contractor's Material Hoists in Stock.  319 Pender St.    Phone Sey. 6910.  S. RSZZO Contractor  Sewer Connections a Specialty.  Excavating, Land Clearing.  Phone Sey.' 7532.  ,-���������  224 Harris St.  Dunham Vacuum  and  Vacuo-Vapor Heating  Systems  Ask   for Latest  Catalogue  and  Particulars.  157 Water St. Phone: Sey. 5632.  i^iiWi������wi:lwiiiHwi  PERFECTLY VENTILATED  ������*������|JWJ-#*EW  i?X, vv  CANADIAN EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTBl  VANCOUVER, B. O., AND "CALGARY, ALBERTA.     ^  METAL SASH and METAL CASEMENTS       $|?f  Many of the largest buildings and residences of this city.'  equipped with our Sash. ' Enquiries solicited from architects aad^  contractors.' .'*.-��������� *  - - <���������$,������  Phones Seymour 2330 and 5021.      ,    , 418 Pacific BulltHj,^'  '������������������'*'/���������.  \.i I  -���������"fin  jf.i  i4l  '���������ft A'iA 8  rytf  -;"*1.'!I  m:.  ,fi'A'r-  J J Vj vi  J'.V>,S  -������-) r  -r :,"��������� ���������  ?������������������������>������������������ ���������  wire xto-p-a  ,  Manufactured   "by   American Steel  & Wire Co  best qualities for  LOOGINCJ,   HOISTIKO and other purposes. *  , *' Stock carried "by  -   -  WILKINSON COMPANY LIMITED.  846  Beach  Ave.  , VANCOUVER   '   ' . Phone Sey." |$P  ���������  - im.*  ���������n  *.*A- fr-*- *v  ft'*"-*"1-.,  ^ limited/  We have them IN STOCK     *���������  ,   Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, Transmission Etc. "  PHONE:' SEY? 952,   VANCOUVER,' B.  C.*,   37-43  ALEXANDER   ST  < jW v **  YfrA  ���������   l/ it ���������'  ,'*���������'��������� 'A'"  <A"^  ���������*' r L ���������  -���������*-.-1"'',  "m<,  -p  .!���������,"/.-XI  A* ^ ���������  'if-lA  <>.&?  j:m  '��������������� 'J' "A  The Imperial Agencies Corporation  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND NOVELTIES  CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  Phone Sey. 6122     * VANCOUVER, B. C.      ,409 Hastings St. W.JfRear)  Vancouver Roofing Co  Contractors For  Tar and Gravel Roofing. Dampproofing  Expert Roofing Repairing   -.  Sheet Metal "Work of all Descriptions  ?ohne  Sey. 6949 r 407 Loo Blag*.  Fnctory, 1921 Trinmph St.   Sey. 413QE  Vacuum Cleaner Plants.* Church,  Lodg-o ana School Furniture. Theater  and - Opera Chairs. Metal - Lookers  Ind   Office   rijttnres.     Wall' Burlapu,  *Btc.  Phone, Sey. 5476      532 Pender St. W.  Pertaining:  To Floors Of  WOOD  VANCOUVER FLOOR, CO.  Hardwood  Floor  liayera  and   Finishers. -       '  Sth Ave. & Glen Drive Phone Fairmont 1612  AS  HEATSNG AND VENtlLATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS HOESTS  Office Suite 614-615-616.  B -nk' of Ottawa Building-.  B.C. Screen Si Manufacturing Co. Ltd.  SL!D!N3 AMD CASEMENT WINDOW SCREENS  CHURCH A?I3 L035S FU.tfJSTUHE  STORE AND OFFICE FITTINGS  266  Dufferin  Street East Phone. Fairmont 1S43 VANCOUVEB,  B.  C.  ALL KEMDS OF  Phone Sey. 4105  Wholesale and Retail  B. C. POWDER SUPPLY  Successors To  POINT ������KEY SUPPLY CO. '  ' v. -"^  31������ Richa'r������fe'St.  *rt������Wm  ��������� -5;-, -Producers of iasjil^bealers Sit  Crushed Rock; Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel  Office: Sth 4534 429 PENDER STRKT WEST Buskers; Sey. 6751    '  If you want any information or estimates on your  EX-ECTBICAl. WOBK, CdX***.  XT?  SeymourS348       CRUICKSHANK  &  CO. Richards St.  i'.     Agenttt for "Aston Z" Xungraten Lamps, the Best ou the Market f  DAILY BUILDING RECORD..  BRITISH COLUMBIA  t      - i  Deads, Not Words!  Mr. Contractor: Don't take our word for it tliat we have the best  CONCRETE MIXER on the market, and that it will do this and do that  for you, but ask any contractor who has used or is using the  CHAIN BELT CONCRETE MIXER. ^  Just what he thinks of it.  Dominion Equipment & Supply Co.  Sey. 7155 , Office:   508  Holden  Phone:  7155 ,  Warehouse:  Office:  345 Water St.  Bldg.  The, GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., LIMITED  Wholesale Distributors of  Steam and Hot Water Boilers  Hot-Water  and   Steam   Radiators '  , f *  Warm-Air Furnaces and  Registers  566-570   BEATTY  ST. PHONES Seymour 7596-7597  ARCHITECTS.  SS48  597-J  Alexander & Brown, Fairfield Bldg Sey,  Alder & Campbell, Exchange Bldg Sey,  Badgely,  C.  D., Riggs-Selman  Bldg   Barber & Barber, North Vancouver...."   Barker, H. M., Hutchinson Bldg Sey. S831  Bayly, G. M., Dom. Trust Bide Sey. 5643  Bird, A. J., Winch Bldg '. Sey. 4288  Birds, S. B., A.B.I.B.A., 205-6  Duncan Bldg*. Sey. 4897  Blackadder, H., No. "Vancouver /. -.....:  351  Blackmore,   E.  E.,   306   Loo  Bldg : Sey.  2379R  Blair,  David,' 522  Pender W Sey. 7103  Bowie, Geo. P., Bank of Ottawa Bldg Sey. 3510  Bowman, J. H., Crown Bldg* Sey. 5028  Braunton & Liebert, 81 Exchange.Eldg Sey. 3921  'Bresemann & Durfee, Holden Bldg., fr Victoria. Sey. 2202.     ,  Bryan,  Kennerley,���������Cro\vn  Bldg Sey. 5008 s-.  Cox, Arthur A., Carter-Cotton Bldg.   Dalton fr Eveieigli, Davis Cliambeis...,  Dawson,  J.   Holden  Bldg. ��������� *���������  Doctor, XV A, Metiopolitan Bldg.". ,  Dodd, W. JI. Can   Bank of Commeiee..,  Donnellan,   J.   J ,   Riggs-Selmnn   Bldg ;  Dutour,  J    B ,  Riggs-Selman   Bldg  Sey  .Sey.  ..Sey.  . .Soy.  ..Sey.  604**  tSey  6577  662  6137  69S5  2912  Norin Vancouver Goal & Supply Co., Ltd.  DEALERS   IN   COAL,   BRICK,   LIME,  GENERAL  BUILDERS' SUPPLIES.  CEMENT,   SEWER    PIPE   AND  Office 56 Lonsdale Ave.  Wliarf foot of St.  George Ave.  Phones   198,  178.  GET  YOUR   ESTIMATES   FROM  Canadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..  ���������Limited. *��������� ' '  Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work.  i         Quality Work, Bight Prices < and Promptness Guaranteed.  Phone Sey. 8480     ' , *     Office:  104 "Empire Bldg.  Deuai, Andrew, 84 Lonsdale, Nor til Vancouvei.  ri.is.ei, Kenneth, Metiopolitan  bkU Sey   9096  1'irjjp, n   MacKav, llutclrin-on Bldg Sey.  493.:  Gamble fr Kn.rj.ip,  Davis, Chambers        Sty.  517a  Gardmer, Wm. riadk., Hartney Chambers  .   .    Sey. 2615  Gould   fr  Ch.impnoj,   llujreis   Bklg             Sey   Sli  Goodlellow. W   D, 303 Vi JI.is.tln*?-  St. W      Sey.  6694  Grant A. Hendeison, Williams  Bldg       Sej. 1193  Gi'filths, E   S., Dom. Trust Bldg.       . Sey. -1920  Gaidiner lr Mercer, M.S.A., ifew Westminster 661  Grl'ain, XV   C   F    llutchin on  Bidg Sev   Oblte  Hur.mci,  P.,   llld   Bute   St .Sev.  531G  D. R: Morrison. 712 Richards St.. Sey.  2151-2152|f. t! Crowe & Co.. 312 Pacilic Bldg f: . .Sey. 9422-'  So. Van. Coal & Suppb* Co., 66 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-178 Newton & Greer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran Sey. 1391 cr  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., M8-50 Seymour St.. Sey.-4795-4798 ���������^_    ,        Victoria. 1326 Wharf St 887   *  Vancouver  Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg Sey. 6949*  Wm. M. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 47U6-4798  ( PABTinON���������PIBEPBOOF. '  F. T. Crowe fr Co., 312 Pacific'Bldg Sey. 9422  Evans, Coleman fr.Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-4798  Wm. C. Thomson & Co.,.319 Pender St. W Sey. 3394  Ritchie Contr, & Sup. Co., Ltd, ,Gran St"Bridge, Sey, 916a  ' -' PATENT , BEDS.  Ritchie Contr.,& Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  ["*, V. Winch & Co.,:Ltd.. Winch. Bldg Sey. 279-1944  FLOORING.  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co., 557 Granville Sey.  6853  B. C. Lumber Corp.,  Ltd.,  1605  Georgia Sey. 6504  B. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 616  Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  Dom. Sash & Door Co.. 2120 Cedar St Sey., 613G  E. H. Heaps & Co., 115 Victoria Drive...- Sey. 8890  Millwork Supply Co., 1605 Alain St *." Fair 958-546  J. Fyfe Smith &,Co.,  1320 Richards Sey. 1196  Prudential Builders, Ltd., 101 Dufferin St. W...Fair 101  FURNACE AND SHEET METAL.  Acme Plumbing & Htg   Co, 131 10th Ave. E.. .Fair. 537  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave W Bay.    296  J. E. Campbell & Co', 1064 Pender St   W Sey   273G  Grandview Sheet'Metal Wks, 1729'Venables . .Sey. 52S4  Guiney Foundry Co, l^td , 360-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597  Johnston-Thompson   Co,   525  Burrard   St Sej".  7S99  G   L   Kelling fr Co, i>05 Pender  St Sey. 822S  Pease Pacilic Foundry, Ltd . 321 Drake St . . . Sey. 8397  v'arcouver Roofing Co, 107 Loo Bklg . . Sev. 0919  Western Plumb  Co , Esplanade & bt  Georges   V.      .560  llaiiji i.ne5,  L   XX',   125  Savward  Bldg,  Heat.li, Gcivo ,<; Xcu-e. Metropolitan BidL  Honor   fr Aielici. Dom   Xru.t  Bldg  lleide,  A   ]*.   Metropolitan   Bldg   IJpCson   JJurih A, Car tei-Cotton  Bldg ,,   ..  IIuulv man A. Curtis^ S21 Pendei  XV ��������� .  Hooper.   Tliorna',   Wmch   Blcl^-.  Hope   A   Campbell, Umpire Bids      .   .  Hoiel  & Robei t .  1101-2  Dor'i   Tiust    .  Ilorton A\ Plnpps., Pacilic Bldg. .    Ifovt,  \\    T    b     709   Duiisinuir  St    ..  James,  C   D ,  Bank  of  B   V   A  Jameson  &  Dug^an    70S  Metropolitan  Bid,:  Victoi ra, ..  g  .     .   gey  ..., . Sey.   Sey.  ..   ..   ..Sei  ��������� ...  Sey  ..  Sej  .   .     Sey  Soy   Sey  .   bej  .Sey  Soy  Se*,  So  Van  2743  7S33  119*1  5341  6 '60  1621  0351  5025  1901  7096  21SO  93J  994  5024  HIS  Sey.' 4420  Sey. 274L  4396  753b  5422  7171  730  4729  S9U4  102  BEST BUtLDSNG  BRICK  -  V      . *  THE  process  of manufacturing* brick  is  a  very important  matter..  Every  brick turned  out ot our latest  improved  Berg* press  is  made  nnder  a  <       prossure of 400 TONS.    They are also oared ln cylinder nnder 120 pounds  y steam pressure.'  ABSOBPTION of moisture 1b only from 8 to 10 per cent. This is a very important feature in this climate. Our brick is being used in'many important buildings. ' **  WE*can supply brick of all kinds and colors.    Our prices are right.  to get our figure before closing* order.    You will save'monoy.  Be sure  Vancouver Pressed Brick & Stone  Ltd.  PHONE 1  <     BBICK,  ART  STONE,   CEMENT  LAUNDBY  TUBS  FAIBMONT  101      ��������� COB.  DUFFEBIN AND -MANITOBA  STS.  P. O. Box 546  CEMENT TESTING-  Phone Sey. 7255B  J. P. Wright, F. C. S. Eng. IV9. A. C. S.  Specialist in Portland and Other Cements  Expert Adviser on Building "Materials, Etc.  '   CHEMICAL ANALYSIS "        '  883 Burrard Street  VANCOUVER,   B.  C.  OUB  SYSTEM OP MIXING AND DISTBIBUTXNG CONCBETB IS OP IN-  TEBEST TO  CONTP A.CTOBS.  GET  OUB PBICES   ON  NEW AND   SECOND   HAND   EQUIPMENT.     WE  BENT  OB  SELL. Agents  for WILLSON FLAKE  LIGHTS.  Phone  Sey. 6910  319   Pender   St.   W.  Jones  A.  Pe.rtsun   "tmiciirnson   Bld^  Jones AA Aspell, ILutncy Chn.bs  and No  JT,-uliuann,   G.  B.,  Davis  Chambers  Keagev,   I   XV,  S2:   Pendei   St    XV     .  Keams, N. A,       u Wo. Vancouver  MacLure A; l'o**:, Pacrfrc Bklg Sey  Matheson, J   P, & Son, 532 GianMlle   Sey.  Milton    D    Stanlev,   Williams,   Bldr? Sey  Moberg, Otto, 41  Irn*?  of  Court * Sey  Parr,  McKenzie fr Day,   570  Granvrlle  St Sej  Perkins, P. H., Hutchinson Bldg- Sey,  Perry fr Nieolals, Pacific Bldg*   Sey  Piacna   A    B,<821  Penlflei   fat    XV Sey  W. D.'O. H. Bochfort, 407 Pemberton Bldgr., Victoria, 1804  Sedger, Thos.  D��������� 612  Bastion  Square,  Yrctoria 914  Sharp fr Thompson, Old Safe Bldg Spy. 1064  .Smith fr Goodfellow, 303 % Hastings, XV. A Sey   6694  Somerveil  fr Putnam,   Pacrfic   Bldg   Sey   6230  Stroud, Angus B, Carter-Cotton  Bldg Sey. 8469  Stuart, White & Peters, Metropolitan Bldg*        Sey,  Tavlor, J. D.  S.,  Bovver  Bldg Sey  Thornton & Jones, Old'Safe Bldg Sey.  Townsend fr Townsend. 520 Granvrlle Sey  Twizell & Twi/ell, 1019 Metropolitan Bldg.      Sey  Van Srclen & Macomber 51 Can   Life Bldg Sey.  Wallrngton &  Wheatley, Davis Chambers, p.   Watson, H. B, Holden Bldg Sey  White, W. P., Hutchinson Bldg   Sey.  Whltevv ay,   W.   T.,   Molsons   Bank Sey.  Wickenden, C. O, 1062 Pender St   W Sey. 1744  Wilson, John,  221'Pemberton Bldg, Victoria 1592  Wright,  Rushfoith & Cahill,  709  Dunsmuir.. .Sey   2S09  Wright & Mclntyie, Dom ' Trust Bldg Sey   8413  Western Bungalow Co., Dom   Trus>t Bldg Sey. 1856  ENGINEERS. ,  Robinson,  L    G.,   211   Holden   Bldg  Ar matron?  Giarrd ic\*>  \'ancou\cr  GALVANISED IBON WOBKS. -  iS. \\ olfo. 1540 3lh A\e XV   ".  Bar.  1729  Venables..Sey.  .   Sey  296  5iS4  0949  Sheet Muurl  Wks  Roofing Co ,   107 Loo Bldg  G2!S   APPLIANCES.  Burnside C4as Appl   Co, 1037-9 Granvrlle St ..Sev. 3704  V alter   Kinscv,  U06  Grain ille St ,.Sty    9053  Vancouver Gas Co, 16 Hastings St  13 Sey. 5000  'GLASS���������ALL   KINDS.'  \\ rn   X   O -Veil .S. Co , o 18-50 Sevmour St.   Sey   1795-1798  staudnid   Glai?   Co,   i_td ,   S29   Barnard   ..     ..Sej    6170  ^ est   Plate Glass, & Imp   Co,  153  Coido\a 13 Spv    1671  v'/r.co\ Art Glass,  lt/1  Broadvvaj   W Bay. 245  HAbDWOOD FLOORS.  B C Hardwood Tloor Co, 557 Granvrlle .. -^..Sey 6S*>3  ^an Pac. Lumber Lo , Ltd, Rwy fr Sal*obur\'..Sey. 6S00  -aile,  1)   A,   fr  Co,   532   Pender   St    XV  ...   .  Sev   5170  ���������J   II   Heaps fr Co,  Ll5  Victorra Drive Sev   SS90  .Vm   S   OSeil fr Co , 51S-50 faevmour  St. .Sey   4735- 179b  1   Fyfe Smith  <������. Co,  1320  Richards Sev    319G  \tillvvoik Supply Co, 1605 Main St Pair   95S-5I6  Vancouver l*,loor Co, Sth Ave and Glen Dnve. .Parr. 1612  Holmes Disap. Bed Co., 319 Pender .' Sey. 642f '  Perfect,Con. Bed Co., 570 Granville Sey. 509J  Rever&ible Cons. Bed Co, Holden Bldg v.Sey. 1681  PLASTEB.     ,  Balfour, GuthrJe & Co., Winch Bldg/. '. .Sey.,187-592f  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 298t  Great West Sand &,Gravel Co., Ltd , 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  V   T   Crowe & Co., 312 Pacinc Bldg..1. Sey. 9422  Xo  Van   Coal & Supply Co., 5G Lonsdale,. .St. V. 198-178  Wm   N   O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey  4795-4798  Point Giey Supply Co. 310 Richards, St Sej*. 4105  Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9162  fahovei  & Thomas, 959  Main St...t Sey.  1365  _ .  ���������>) .  r     , ������  1 "���������ni  PLASTEB   BOARD.  HABDWOOD LUMBEB.  Fjfe#Smrth fr uo ,  3 320 Richaids Sey.  , ��������� HARDWARE.  1196  864S  8314  810  1770  7925  4155  '3451  S73S  3029  Barley Hardware  Co,   1407  Park  Drive  ... Sey   6S70L  HEATING���������HOI AIB, STEAM AND VENTILATING.  Acme Plumb'ing az Htg   Co, 131 10th Ave   E..Farr.  537  Armstrong'fr Wolfe, IS 10 5th Ave XV Bay.    296  Darr & Anderson,  114  Hastings  St   W Sej'.  6180  Guinside Gas, Appliance Co", 1037-9 Gianville.  Sey. 3704  Can   Buffalo Forge Co.'(G  A. Browning, 1261 Alberni St  I   E   Campbell & Co,  1064 Pender St. "VV Sey   2736  Dunham Sj stems, 157 Water St Sey.  5632  Gurney Foundry co , Ltd , 666-70 Beatty. .Sey. 7596-7597  V   G   Langiey & Co, Ltd, 319 Pender W Sey. 3892  Pease Pacinc Foundiy, Ltd , 324 Diake St.. .     .Sey   8397  HOISTING ENGINES.  B   C Equip. Co.. 6u6-7 Bank of Ottawa. .'.Sey. 7056-78.1S  Dom. Equip & Supply Co, 50S Holden Bldg     Sey   71*55  l.   G   Blackwell, l*j)> AlexanderSt   Sey. 1733  Jan. Equip  & Sup. Co, Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5021  Janada Foundry uo.   Ltd.,  1065 Pender St ....Sey   5710  Henry Darlmg, 28 Powell St *;....Sejr. 512  ilallman Machineij^ Co , Ltd, 37-13 Alexander . .Sey. 955  Robt. Hamilton & Co . Bank of Ottawa.  C   Supply Co, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 61C)  T.  Crowe & Co,  312  Pacific  Bldg Sey   9422  Gardiner* John on & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9117  \'o X'an Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V 198-17,-"  Wnr   X   O'iNerl .v. Co    51S-50 Seymour  St..Sey  4795-47  Wm. C. Thomson fr Co , 319 Pendei St  W Sey. 33 ,  Ritchie Contr   & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 91*J;  PLASTEB PARTITION BLOCKS,  IS  C   Supply Co , Dom   Tiust'Bldg '...., ..Sey. 61'_,  C Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's WM, Sey 9146-9H-J  I*"   T   Ciowe & Co,  312  Pacihc Bldg   3ey   942*  Ritchie Conti   fr Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Brrdge, Sey, 916i  PLASTER^���������ORNAMENTAL. ,  C Gardrnei Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  U   R   Morrison,  712,-Rrchards   St Sey.   2151-2152  Wm N O'Xerl & Co, 518-50 Sevmour St. .Sey 1796-4798  Ritchie Contr   & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Budge, Sey, 9162  / PLASTIC  FLOORING. "  Raecolith rioonng Co,  301  Pacific Bldg.'.... .Sey   8141  PIGS���������IBON  AND TIN.     ���������  Balfour. Guthne & Co, Winch BJdg Sey   J87-5929  Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  it  V. Wincli fr Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey   279-1944  * FIFE-/-SEWEB. ,  Dom   Gla/ed-Cem   Pipe Co.', Dom  Tr   Bldg...   Sey.   8286  Evans, Coleman fr Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  C Gardmer Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Xo Van Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V 198-178  Point Giey Supply Co, 310 Richards St.."'....Sey. 4105  Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9162  R. V. Winch & Co., LTd , Winch Bldg Sey. 279-.1944  PLUMBING.  Vcme Plumbing & Htg. Co., 131 10th Ave. E ..Fair. 537  Armstiong & Wolfe, 1540'5th Ave W Bay.    296  Barr & Anderson, 114 Hastings St. W Sey. 611*0  I   E. Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St. W. Sey. 55736  Gurney Foundry Co, Ltd., 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597  Johnston-Thompson  Co.,   625  Burrard St Sey. 7899  G  L. Kelling & Co., 505 Pender St Soy. 8228  \Valter Kinsey,  1366 ,GranvilIe St Sey. 9053  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St Sey. 4458  Murray^ Bros.,  721  Main  St Sey.  Western Plumb  Co. Esplanade & St George.N. V.  .POLES   AND   PILING.     '      J       ,  Federal   Lumber Co, 624 Pacific Bldg  Sej'.  BADIATOBS AND  BOILERS.  8611  365  2065  .Sey. 383 Canada Foundry Co., Ltd, 1065 Pender St....Sey. b710  Sey. 3412  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   AND   BUYERS*  GUIDE..  .Sey. 9422  .Sey. 479o  .Sey. 3394  6949  /  537S  6693  5(*������������  ECONOMY FURNACES  School Heating* and Ventilating*  Apparatus.  Oflice  and Warehouse,  324 Drake St., Phone Sey. 8397.  WESTERN MARBLE AND TiLE CO.  1    British and Foreign Rftarble and Onyx  Office and "Works, 3149 Main St.   ���������' Phone Pair. 810  Vancouver, B. C. ,  CANADIAN BUFFALO FORGE CO.,  Fans, Heating; and Ventilating Apparatus, Spiro Steam Turbines  > Pumps and Air Washers  G-. A. Browning Vancouver, B. C. 12G1 Alberni St.  , ARCHITECTURAL TBBBA COTTA.  F. T   Ciowe & Co,  312  Pacific  Bldg   XVm S. O'Neil & Co, Ltd, 54S Seymour st.  Wm C. Thombon & Co 319 Pendei St W..  ititchie Contr. & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran  St Br'idge,' Sey, 9162  ASPHALT   PELT.       f   1  Vancouver'*!Roo':ing'Co,  407 Loo Bldg Sey.  ' BLUE  PBINTINO.  /Aohibald Moir & Co,  216 Empire Bldg Sey.  Citv  Map & White Print Co, 432 Cordova W..Sey.  Commercrtil Blue Print Co., 329 Seymour St ..Sey.  BRICK���������ALL   KINDS.      ' ,   -  Anvil Is'and Brick Co, Anvrl Island, Howe Sound^B   C  Millwork feuppb Cot 1605 Main St '..Fair 95S-546  Coa^c Slrale Brick Co, Ltd, 1008 Metropolitan.Sey. 8150  F   T. Ciov\e-& Co. 31.! Pacrfic Bldg Sey.  9422  l<"va..s, Coleman & Evan*,, I't. Columbra:*.. A.. .Sey. 2DSS  Gre<ii XX est Sand & Gravel Co , Ltd , 1029'Main, Sey. 8491  C Guidiner Johnson & Co ,'John-on's **A hi, Sey 9146-9147  No Van Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,.-N. V 19S-17S  XVm   --.'   O'Nerl&Co, 51S-50 Sejmour  St..Sey   4795-479S  Point Grey Supplj Co, 310 Richaida St Sey. 4105  Poit llairej  Brrck Co, 615 Ilastrngt, St   W Sey.  1389  Ultcriie Contr .������. Sup Co, Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9162  \ an   I'res'd Bik fr Stone,  Ld,  101   Durferrn  W   Fair   101  H. \. Wmch & Co, Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  BUILDING- PELTS AND PAPEBS.  F   T   Ciowe & Co,  312  Pacrfic  Bldg        Sey   9422  llerro' Uarrrng, 2S Powell  tat  .. i Sey. 512  Urhvvork Supply Co., 1605 Main St Fair 958-516  Cvans., Coleman & Evan,, Ft. Columbia Sey   29t*,S  C  (jurdrner Johnson fr Co , Johnson's, \\ hf, Sey 9146-9147  1>   R   Morn-aon,  712  KrUiards, > St '";toej    2151-2152  Wm   C   Thomson  & Co"   319 Pender St.  XV..  Sej.  3394  Vancouver    Koonnr* Co,   107 Loo  Bidg        ..        Sej'   6949  \\ nj. i\   U'Aeii fr Co, 548-50 Sejmoui  StjrSey   li95-479b  BONDS���������SURETY.  Lon. & Birt   X   Am   Co, Ltd, 543 Pender W..Sey   62Sd  it. V    Winch & Co., Ltd.  Wmch Bldg Soy. 279-1944  CEMENT.  Balfour, Guthiie & Co,  Winch Bidg Sey   187-5929  ^aiiadran Builders bupply Co, 1901  Georgia      Sey   71  i*'. T   Crowe fr Co, 312 Pacrlrc BlUg aej.  94  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  Ft   Columbia bey   i'Jhb  Great *we*-t band fr Giavel Co, Ltd , 1029 Main, Sey. Si91  .���������  Gardiner Johnson fr Co, Johnson's V\ hf, bey 9146-9147  Mlliwoik Supplj Co, 1005 Mairr St    Farr  95S-510  N'o Van Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,.'.N V 19i>-17i  Am N ONeil Ac Co 548-50 bej moui St..bey 1795-479&  Point Grcj bupply Co, 310 Krcliaids St. ... Sey 1105  Krtclrre *~ontr   fr bup   Co, Ltd, Gran   St Brrd���������e, bey, 91b-  11. V. Wincn & Co, Ltd ,  Winch Bidg bej    279-194 1  CEMENT TESTING AND   ASSAYING,  Falkenbuig & Laucks, Ltd, 152 Ti ounce Allej, Sey_ 71  Mussens, Limited, 365 Water St Sey.  8237 Guiney,Foundry Co ,' Ltd ,' 566-70 Beatty. .Sey. 7596-7697  Kitchle Contr & faup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St_Bridge, Sey, 9162 Hallman Machinery Co^ Ltd, 37-43 Alexander..Sey. 953  Stium-Ueit-Virtue Sr Co.,   319  Pender St   W. .Sey    6910  Van. Machineiy Depot, 1155 6th Ave. W...Baj*. 470-471  INTEBIOR  PINISH.  Robt. Hamilton & Co , Bank of Ottawa '.Sey.    38J  A G. Langiey & Co, Ltd., 319 Pender W.....Sey. 389}  Van   Machinery Depot, 1155 6th Aye  W...Bay   470-471  Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd , 324 Drake St     Sey. 8397  BOOPINO- COMPOSITION.  Henry' Darling, 28 Powell St '.... .Sey.' 51f  Cvans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey   2981  C Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9141  Newton & Gieer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 1391 *  Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Raecolith Flooring Co., 301 Pacific Bldg, ....Sey. 8144  Ritchie Contr. & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wm. C  Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St W Sey. 3394  Troy  Roofing Co.,   814   Metropolitan Sey. 7417  Vancouver   Roofing Co., 407 Loo Bldg  .. ' Sey 6940-  BOOPINO���������SHEET  METAL. l-     -  (See Cornice and Roofing )  -      BOOFING MATEBIAL.  E  G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St .* Sey   1733:  F. T.  Ciowe & Co,  312  Pacific  Bldg.>, *-..Sey.  9422  Guiney Foundry Co, Ltd, 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597 '  Henry Dailing,  28 Powell St.. Sev.'Sla  E   G. Blackwell. 108 Alexander St Sey. 1733  B.  C -Lumber  Corp,  Ltd.,   1605  Georgia Sey. 6501  Can. Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd.. Rwy  & Salsbury..Sey   680u  Dom   Sash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St Sey. 6136  E   H. Heaps & Co, 115 Victoria Diive Spy   8890  C  Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sej 9116-9147  Milrwork Supply Co., 1606 Main St   Fair 95S-516  Wm   N   O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Se\mour St..Sey   4795-4798  Ritchie Contr. & Sup  Co , Ltd  Gran  St Bridge, Sej', 9162  Wm. C. Thomson & Co , 319 Pender St  W Sej'. 3394  Vancouvei Flooi Co, Sth Ave and Glen Drive. Fan   1612  IBON   AND   STEEL���������STBUCTUBAl.  Can} Equrp  & Sup. Co., Ltd ,' Pac. Bldg...Sey   2330-5021  Canada Foundry Co.. Ltd, 1065 Pender St Sey. 5710  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft   Columbia Sey   298S  C Gaiurner Johnson & Co , Johnson's W hf, Sej 91 16-9147  A   G   langiey & Co, Ltd.,  319 Pender W Sey. 3S92  Morrrs, S   AI  & Co, Ltd, 2130 Cedar  St .    Bay 1013  Kitclne Contr & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gian  St Bridge, Sey, 9102  Wm   N. O'Neil & Co, 54S-50 Seymour St .-.Sey   4795-479S .,       -    _  ,      -   ���������   ^  ~w.  ���������x������  Wilkinson Co, Ltd, S46 Beach Ave Sey.  7915^ins',,Cole"la" ���������**��������� Evana. Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  C Gardinnr Johnson fr Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Newton & Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran Sey.  1397  I  IBON  AND   STEEL���������ORNAMENTAL.  E   G   Blackwell, 10S Alexander St     Sey   1733  B   C   Supply Co , Dom. Trust Bldg Sey   6161  Can Equrp & Sup Co , Ltd , Pac Bldg...Sey 2330-5021  Canada foundrj Co, Ltd, 1005 Pender St ...Sej 5710  r   T   Crowe & Co.  312  Pacific  Bldg Sej    9422  Morris, S   M*   & Co, Ltd,  2130 Cedai   St Bay  10 I.i  Win. N O'Neil & Co, 54)5-50 Sejmour St .Sey 1795-4798  Wm C Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St XV.. . bev 3394  Uru-nre Contr. S. Sup Co, Ltd, Gran<St Budge. Sev, 9162  LATH���������METAL.  12   G   Blackwell, 10S Alexander St.." Sey   1733  T   Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey   9422  r   Equip   & Sup   Co., Ltd , Pac   Bldg...Sey   2:iJ0-5O21  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft   Columbia Sey   29SS-  <-   Gardmer Johnson fr Co, Johnson's "*A lit, Sey 91 16-914;  .j   R   Morrrson,  712  Rrchards St Sej    2151-2152  w m. N   O'Nerl&Co    54S-50.Sej mour* St. .Sey-J795-479*-  Point Grev  Supply Co, 310 Richards St  .     .. Sey   4105  uitchie Contr   & Sup  Co. Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sej, 916.  LATH���������WOOD.  C   Lumber Coip,  Ltd.   1605  Georgia  .   .. Sev. 6504  V\  CONTRACT, JUDICIAL AND FIDELITY BONDS  JIA-  EMPLOYERS, PUBLIC, TEAMS AND AUTOMOBILE  EILITY INSURANCE. PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND HEALTH  INSURANCE, PLATE GLASS, BURGLARY, MOTOR BOAT,  STEAM BOILER, SPRINKLER LEAKAGE, REGISTERED  MAIL, TOURISTS' BAGGAGE, COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS'  SAMPLES AND FIRE INSURANCE.  London & British North America Co., Ltd.  WITH-. WHXCH IS INCOBPOBATED  fitfflahon, RflcFarBand & Procter, Ltd.  ���������Phono Sey. 6286 / " . 5*3 Pender Street West.  Sey  1SJI.  faev  22'������f  ���������sev  81 14  So  1 07 ^  Sev  '*41.  bi j.  7'hi  19   ^H-^BBB)^^  Hydraulic dnd Road Shaking  ALWAYS   GO   TO   THE  ������6wm  VQa/parkJi  1048 Main Street  Vancouver. TJ.  Arrjlrt,   J    P,   bb3   Burrard   bt bej    72551  CONCBETE MIXERS.  B   C   Equip   Co, 600-7  Bank of Ottawa..   Sey. 7036-7S1S-  an. Uqurp   & Sup   Co, Ltd, I'ac.  Bidg.     Sey   23J0-5U2I  anada loundry Co, Ltd,  10b5  Pender St    .    Sej    3710  Dorn    Ltiurp  & Supp'j   Co,  50i>  HoKlerr  Bldg      Sey   715  uobt   Hamilton fr Co, Bank of Ottawa       bey      3i>  V   G   Lanjfiev  & Co,  Ltd,  319  Pendei   W...   faey   3b9.  Mussens,  Lrmitrd,  363   Water   St.. bev     ^2 .  v\ in   N    O Neil & Co    5 IS-50 Sevmour   St     Sey    1.95-47')  liitchie Conti   & Sup  Co , Ltd   Gran   St Br kl^e, Sey. 91l>.'  .stiumbci t-\ n trie  fr' Co.    *? ID   Tender   bt    -A  .   Sej     6!������������������*.���������  CONTBACTOBS,   EKICK.  Ur\on  it Sutton    1621  Graveley St Sey   &503K  COllTBACTOBS���������GENEBA L.  \r rnstr on?, Mor r i-on i\. Co.   Lid,  Howei   Bldg-  H   O   Gran   it  Contr    Co,   l.\(la*rt,'e   B'dg  .  Kuii.ud   Cori*-t    Co,   301    IMfllic   l>ldjr. .      .  iiiimiiriini   Con^t    Co,   4)3   llonnv    bt   llubitioun.   L    G.   211   Holden   Hldpr  i liiLlr   A    \     207 Vs Cai ter-*'otton   Bldt*,  CO-T^ACTCES-EXCAV-ITH-TG,    ETC  iii//������, S, 224 Him-    bl Sej.  753.  oONTli&CTOBS���������M/.30N.  an    &   Amei    I ontr    iV   Ir.v.  Co.   Ltd  OOJN TKilXTOBS���������PAINTING-   AND   DECOBATING.  Muiplrj,   lis,  fr  Son,   112  Crown   Bldu  .   ..       Sej.  8707  C ONTBACTOBS���������TILE���������TEBBAZZO.  13   C   Supply Co    Dorn   Tru'-t Bldg Sey. 6161  rariaua  Mosaic  Tile Co,  1318  \*v hart  St,   Victoiia. .10 In  I   Daiion&Co,  513 Hamilton St      Sey   4730  L>   R   Monison.   712  Richards  St Sey   2151-2152  >*-'m   X   ONeil fr Co    54S-30 Sej mour  St.-Sey   4796-479S  W'm   C   Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St   XV Sey   3394  Van   Marble & Tile Co, 84S Beach Ave Sey   151&  Western Maible & Tile Co, 3149 Main St Fair. 810  COBNICE AND BOOFING.    '  Armstrong & Wolte, 1540 5th Ave  W Bay.     296  Giandview Sheet Metal Wks., 1729 Venables. .Sey. 5284  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St Sey.  445S  Trov   Roofinc- Co.,   814   Metropolitan -....Sey.  74^7  Vancouver   Roo me Co, 407 Loo Bldg    .    ..      Sey.  6949  Western Plumb. Co. Esplanade & St. George,N. V.      365  VELECTBICAL    CONTBACTOBS.  Alltree & Churchland,  976  Granville  St Sey. 2707  Cope &  Son.  338  Hastings   St,  XV. Sey.  8600  Crulckihank & Co. 634  Richards St Sey   6348  Elec  Construction Co, 644 Howe St Sey. 1336-7961  Imperial  Agcys  Corp., 314  Pacific Bldg., Sey. 6122  Jarvls & Call, 570 Richards St Sey. 1-409  ELECTBICAL 4UF2PLIES.  Alltree & Churchland,  976  Granville  St Sev.  2707  Cruickshank & Co.,  584   Richards   St Sey. 5348  Chapman   &  Walker,   448   Sejmour   St Sey.  9379  Cope & Son, 338  Hastings  St   XV Sey. 8600  Elec. Construction Co, 544 Howe St Sev .1336-7961  6122  an   Pac  Lumbei  Co, Ltd., Rwj   & Sal&buiy. Sey   6800  -rom   basil & Door Co,  2120 Cedar St Sey. 613d  .   H   Heaps fr Co,  115  Victoria Drive Sey   SS90  Millwork bupplj   Co, 1605 Main St .   .     Fair  958-541  \o   Van   Coal & Supply Co. 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V   198-17**-  I'omt Grey bupplj Co, 310 Richaids. St..   ..    Sey.  110.".  LIME.  ������������������talfoui, Gutlrrre & Co, Wmch Bldg   Sej   187-592'  Janadian Bmldeia Supply Co, 1901  Georgia . Sey   7175  F. T   Crowe & Co, 312 Pacrfic Bldg bey   9422  Avails, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbra  .     .. Sey   i'JSb  Jreat \\ eat Sand Ac Gravel Co , Ltd , 1029 Mairr, bey   S49'  '  Gardmer John-on fr Co, Johnson's "Win, bev Ui4(>-914  Vo   Van   Coal fr bupply Co, 56 Lonsdale,.   X   V   198-17<  v m. N   O.NerlAjCo    04&-50 Sev mour   St     Sey  4795-479"-  Point Giej  Supplv (Co, 310 Richaids  bt    Sev     110  r'aclfic Lime Co , Pacrfic Bldg *oey  950i  uitchre Contr fr bup  Co, Ltd. Gran   St Bridge bey, 9H*  Sey   130  Sej   279-194-  ���������siio\er & Tlionuu-,  959  Main  St  K. V. Winch & Co, Ltd, Winch Bidg.  LIME���������HYDBATED. 0 "  P   T   Cr ov>p A Co . 312 Pacific Bldg.- Sev. 9 12  i,vans, Coleman  A.  Kvans.s'l t   Columbia   .   .       Sev   298**  -licat XX est band A: Gravel Co, Ltd, 1029 Main, fc>ev   SI1'  uiidinei   Jolnr-on & Co    Johnson s \\ lit. bev 9 I l6-'i 1 I  t'ai ilic Lrme Co , Pacific Bids  Spy  930C  iclne Conti   A. hup   Co, Ltil   Grin   St Br id���������'e, Sey, 9 J t>  LTJ-SIBEB AND  SHINGLES '  G.iltour, Guthiie A*. Co, XX iricn  B.dg.       ...Spv   157-5').'  C    x^uniliur   Corp,   Ltd,    IGUir   Geoi gia S"J    ���������"'  in    lac   Lumber  Co,  Ltd, I!vu   fr baUburj     Si j   0M*  I )om   bi^lr A  1'ooi   Co,  2120  ceuai   bt      .. is* v    ol )i  Mrlluurlr bupplv   Co.  IC03  "Main St.     .     ..   Pan   y5b-.1l1  II    i leaps A  Co,   1J3   Victoiia  L'iim1  .   . S<v    bVi'  Point Giev  ���������supph   Co    ,110  llrchard- bt   .. *-iv    lie  riudeirtlal  Builder-   Ltd,   101  Duller in  St   XV     1   in   10  fermiriai Lmbr  A. Shgl   Co, 3U!> collon B.dg      Sej    7li'<  MACHINERY.  B   C   l.ijulp   Co,  COd-7   Bank otutlavva     .Sev    7'j:>G-7Sl **���������  i2   G   Brickvvell,   IDS Alexander  bt    . ...   htv    17V  V    G    Brown-l.miison,   10 IS   .Main   bt Sfv    2GU  Can   Bullalo I or -,e Co   (G   A. Blow rung, Uol .vlhiinr St  an. Lcimp   iv sup   c,o,  L.za , i-nt   Bldg..   *>i*y   .'u'U-jOj  Canada r uundrv   Co,  Ltd,   1005 1 enoer rat      .   bej    3710  Chapman  \   Walker,   448   Sevmour   St Sov   '*3 7*"<  Dom   Lquip  & bupplv   Co,  50S  Holden  Bh   -      Sev   7135  Henry Darling, 28 Powell  at    (    Sey. 512  Hallman Machine!j   Co, Ltd,' 37-13 Alexander, bey   933  Robt. Hamilton & Co, Bank of Ottawa Sev     383sllov���������_  iTi,.-.;  -QrQ  vlo���������������-'e*r  C. Gardiner Johnson fr cu . Johnson s Whf, Sey 9116-9147 bllover & -Thomas. 9C9 Main St  \   G   Langiey & Co, Ltd,   319  Pender W Sey. 3892 TILE���������FLOOB AND  WALL,  Mussens,_Limited,_365_ Water  St    bey   8237 D.  R   Morrison,  712  Richards St...  ��������� . . .   ���������    ,     ���������,��������� Victoiia, 1326 Wharf St 887  Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Bdwaid Timmons, S38  7th Ave.AVV ...Fair   1257  -,1!   u"��������� Jol'ns-Aidnville Co , Ltd /-Winch Bldg    Sey   4427  Wm  C.Thomson & Co, 319 Pender bt   W......Sey.  3394  Troy  Roofing Co.,   811   Metropolitan Sey. 7417  \ancouver  Roofing Co,  407 Loo Bldg Sev   6949  Western Plumb  Co , Esplanade & St George.N. V '    365  SAFES���������VAULT  DOOBS.  D   R   Morrison.   712  Richards  St Sey   2151-2152  Norris Safe & Lock Co, 330 Cordova XV .'.Sev   ''447  Kobt. Hamilton & Co, Bank ot Ottawa Sev    ~383  K   G   Parnell, 567 Hamilton St    ..ley   158?  Win. N   O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Sej-mour St. .Sey ' 4795-479,'  SAND, GRAVEL AND CBUSHED BOCX.  Janadian Buildeis Supply Co, 1901 Georgia ..Sey   7171  I   A   Dewar Co, 429 Pender St.  W -.Sey. 4534-67.";  ureat West Sand & Gravel Co , Ltd , 1029 Alain, Sey 8491  J Gardmer Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whl, Sej 9146-914  Vo   Van   Coal & Supply Co. 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V   198-171  I'omt Grey bupply Co. 310 Richards St Sev. 4HK  iJioduceis' Rock & Grav. Co,  Vancr, front & Manltob*  litchre Contr fr Sup  Co < Ltd.V&" V������& S&U������������?2  alrover & 1 nomas.,  959  Mam  St  *?ev    nfi?  ancouver  Sand & Gravel Co, ft   Victoria Dr. .Se'y   5161  SASH,   DOOBS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  .   C   Lumber Corp,  Ltd.,   1605  Geoigia Sev. 6504  an   Jqurp   As Sup   Co    Ltd, Pac. Bldg   ..Sey   2330-502"  S"  Podc,Li"*I**;er-CS' Ltd- Kw*y   & Salsbury. .Sey   6800  .rom   bash  & Door Co,  2120 Cedar St ...Sey   6136  w iT1   H,eai*s &,C?,' n~   v'ctorra Dnve ley   8890  Mrllwork Supply Co.,  1605 Main  St...'    Fair 958-546  Vm   N   O Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St.   Sey   4795-479?  I'enninnl Lmbr & Shgl   Co .-308 Cotton Bldg.. .Sey   7997  SHINGLE   MAN-GTACTTTBEBS   AND   DEALEBS  (bee  Lumber   and   Shrngles.)  SLATE.  T   Crowe & Co, 312  Pacrfic  Bldg     Sev   9422  Gndin. l Johnson fr Co , Julmson s Whf, Sey 9146-914?  ,' "lr -\-.������ ->e" i''Co    548-50 Sevmour St.  Sey   4795-4798  *   V   Winch & Co, Ltd.,  Wmch  Bldg. 7... 7sey   279-1914  Itclne CJiiti   & Sup   Co, Ltd   Gran   bt Bridge  Sev   93 62  \ ostein Marble & Tile Co, 3149 Main St. .....Fair. 810  STEAM EITTEBS.  .rmstrong fr Wolfe,   1540  5th Ave  XV        Rny     ���������.������������  i L Campbell A. Co. 1064 Pender St XV... Sev '7*18  ���������mncj oundrv Co, ltd, 516-70 Realty. S^y 75'K,-73D7  'alter   Krnsev.   1 {00  Grrnvi'le  St.   ......       Spv   90^  rule &.  Lee   bS2 Sc-jmour St  ......   Sey   4458  STORE & OFFICE FIXTURES & STOBE   FRONTS  I) C facrepn & Mnfg Co. 206 Dufferin St   E...ra'r   1043  an   Lquip   fr hup   Co, Ltd, Pac   Blu,'  .   Sev   27,Jo-5lMl  Mlliwoik Supplv  Co,  1005  Main bt .     Fair 9**S-"i4f,  v   in   NO Neil A. Co, 5U-50 Sejmour st     S.-v    4 7*'5-4 798  A est. Plate Glass A. Imp   Co,   153  Coidova  E Sey  TANKS,  Can   Pac   Lumber* Co    Ltd    Rvvv   & Salsburv.  Sey  1.   H   Heaps a. Co ,   11,'i   Victoria  I >ri  4 0*71  l  6S0O  Si 90  ���������   , TILE���������DBAININO.  Lvans, Coleman & Evans,  Ft. Columbia..  Sey>i365  Imperial   Agcys   Corp,   314   Paclfrc   Bldg... 7,'Tsey.  Xo   Elec  & Mnfg Co, Ltd.. 313 Water St....'. .Sey. 7400  ELEVATOB CABS AND ENCLOSTJBES.  Canada Foundry Co. Ltd, 1065 Pender St Sev   *7l<*  Biennan,  G. E. fr Co.  "19 Pender  St W Sey   6910  F.  T   Crowe A: Co,  312  Pacrfic Bldg Sev   942J  Wm   X   O'Neil & Co. 548-50 Sevmour St.   Sev. 4793-I79S  Rrtchie Contr fr Sup Co. T,<-d   Grin. St Budge, Sey, 9162  ELEVATOBS  Brennan,   G.  E. & Co., 319 Pender* ,St W Sey.  6910  FIBE   CLAY.  Balfour. Guthrie & Co., Wincn Bldg Sey. 187-5921-  F. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific  Bldg Sey.  9422  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  Ft. Columbia Sev.  2985  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Wm. N*. O'Neil fr Co., 548-50 Sevmour St..Sey. 4785-4798  Ritchie Contr & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Strumbert-Virtue  &. Co.,   319  Pender St   W...Sey.  6910  Wm. C Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St  W Sej'. 3394  Van. Machinery Depot.  1155  6th Ave   W...Bay   470-471  MANTELS���������BBICS; TXXE AND WOOD,  Millwork Supplj   Co,  1605  Main St Fair 958-546  D.  R   Morrison,  712  Richards  St Sey.  2161-2152  Wm. N O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St -W Sey. 3394  Van. Marble & Tile Co, 848 Beach Ave Sey. 1518  MAUBL3C ASS OJTTZ.  B  C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 6161  .)   R   Morrison,  712  Richards  St Sej*.  21*1-2162  Wm N O'Xeii &. Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey 4795-4798  Iitchie Contr & Sup  Co..Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, bev, 9162  .Vm. C. Thomson & Co , 319 Pender St  W Sey. 3394  Van   Marble & Tile Co, 848 Beach Ave Sey. 1618  Western Marble & Tile Co , 3149 Main St Talr. 810  on. BxmNxma plants.  Vestern Stm   & Oil Plants, Ltd   Dom Trust..Sey. 7676  PAINTS AND OILS.  Henry Darling. 28 Powell St Sev. 51"  Wm N O'Xeii & Co., 548-^50 Seymour St..Sey 47")5-47y"  Western Plumb  Co , Esplanade & St  George.NT   V*.      36'  PAINTS���������FIBE-PBOOF.  '���������'.  T.  Crowe & Co.,  312  Pacific  Bldg. .........Sey   sT-P"  N'ewton &.Grcer. Ltd.. Vancouver, 118 Gran.. ..Sey. 13a.  )Y,m' ��������������� 2,'Neil & Co* 5-18-50 Seymour St..SeV  Win. C. Thompson & Co, 319 Pender St, W  ' TUT PLATES.  Balfour  Guthrie & Co , Wlijrh Bldg Sey. 187-6129  a Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf. Sey 9146-Si������?  Wilkinson Co, Ltd.. 846 Beach Ave...?..... sit toig  R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg......sVy   279-194!  vaccwes CLE&wiNO QTrsTssesj.  Barr & Anderson, 114 Hastlnirs St. W c^   c<o.  Ed. Blackwell, 108 XlnSnda^t.... ] \ ['.m''m III' ?}!!  The Duntley Store, 791 Granville St.. .. .lav MR7  Larle, E.  A., & Co, 532 <Pender St   W.... .'.'.Sey. 6476  WATEBPBOOP COMPOUND.  C  "      "  F.  victoria. 132K Wharf St  PAINTS���������DAMP   PROOF.  Henry Darling.  2S  Powell   St.  J. Gardiner Johnson & Co  ..88'    Sey. 51:  Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914'.  .. Sey.  2151-215**;  4796-479S  ���������Sey 3394  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 3XS *Pender St W.'...V. Sey. ml  WINDOW SCSSSNg.  B C. Screen & Mnfg. Co., 266 Dufferin St E      Fair   iRii  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 648-50 Seymour St. ASey'4795-4798  WINDOW   SHADES. *���������* ��������� ������l> *������ < ������8  Bowes, F   XV. & Co, 1257 Granville bt Sey.    843  WIBE  BOPE.  ������ ������ -SJU,P- C?' 605"*7 Bank ot Ottawa...Sey 7056-7-;is  E. G. Blackwell, 108 Alexander St....'....7^ 7. Sey- 173*  -an. Equip. & Sup. Co., Ltd.', Pac. Bldg...Sey 2330-50S1  A. G. Langiey fr Co., Ltd., 319 Pender XVi.. A. ley 38?'  C..Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147 '  Kitchle Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridle  Sey  OlU  Wilkinson Co., Ltd., 8,46 Beach Ave    ...;' lev' 791K  R  V. WIr.c-1& Co., Ltd.; Win-h Bldg......Sey  279-194!  . 5**,  ��������� v.,  I   I  v  -/v  VA ,  m  1 ^.\jvA!(m tyrZ^t* ���������!..v!-1ik'*^-iK.--*,?:'-:.:..'-VJ''-* r'-'H'j--*?'Jf* Jj,v."*������.1'i^1'.'\ V?v������ ��������� ^���������wtwr  Midr������i������>   ���������������*-jK,i.������- ^  ,r n.**ATJ**j*r-r ulu ���������������rs������������i.M ���������  BRITISH COLUMBIA  DAILY BUILDING RECORD  Phonies " Seymour," 2151, 21 52  712 RECHARDS STREET  BARRfl ANDERSON.  PLUMBING and KEATING  Internationa! AatOBisSc*  Sprinkler Equipment; ���������  Phone Ssymcur 0180  '  ,  " 114 Hastings St. W.  Vancouver B. C.   *  SSWE3    C03STTKACTS    LET  Excavating*,  Elevators, Electric Fixtures  Excavation���������Ey    I-1.    If     Perkins,' 07  Hutchinson  bid if,  for   e\ouvation  Ioi   "iOx  122   ft   apmts   at  ILi^tliiffs   and  JaclCson  lu  I *\TI***~V AVERTMl.VSTUlt���������Contracts for  'storm sewers were awarded at the lasL  j meeting of the courrcrl to T. It "N'ick-  I.mih   &   Co,   for   the   .sowers   in   areas   1,  2 aid   1,'and  to  Hip Powers  Corrtractins  Co  :,���������������  tiro  .sevvci., rn aica li j Furnaces,    Sheet    Metal,    Fire    Escapes,  * Ai   the   sjme   rrrectirij;   it   was-   decided | plxturos  .to call lor tenders, in a short time lor  ! the  Kradinj?  of  llth  st  hoivvpon   3d   and  1 Excavation���������3y Sljnrp & Thompson,  BSC 1 la-tines' st XV, lor iiulhny down  lr'dff and excnvalioii at Hicluuds* and  Geoigia sis. Plans, specu. etc, 1iom  nliovi-. Tenders must be rn by .lune  5. 5  llh   ave;.  .it  co-st  ol   $.11,000.  Aiiy\'.  :iv%  '"���������"''  *'. ,<>  WAJSTAIMO1 PERMITS  J.DA1RON & CO.  ' Tile and Marble Contractors     .  Mantels,   Grates,    Baskets -  and Andirons '_'  513 Hamilton.    Phone  Seymour 4730  9  Common,   Impervious   .Face,  ���������' and Building Pavers.  Coast Ska1*? Brick Co. Ltd.  1008 METROPOLITAN BUILDING  PHONE SEY. 8450 VANCOUVER B. C  XAX-UMO���������Hinldiiitf permits issued  durinjj "May totaled 510,37,"), an increase  over the same month last year of over  $10,000. The total for the first five  months of 'the year is" ?SSI,139, an Increase of 30 per ceht. '  INCIrTEKATION   FOB   DUNCAN  Fixtnrss���������T.y P. S. Comb-, it Son, lf,0  II,r* tui-.io t XV. J L'i 'itr-lil, bath and pllj,'  lir\.lures for  r<*-> i'-r- II. HotiK 7  Fire Escapes���������By KK.leli fr Dixon. ."OS  Welton bid*,', tor lire escapes ior 1 .story  bldf*;  on   Water .st      , ....      ._    .      Fire    Escapes���������B<i   ITivN-Saniler-!    Co    j'J Pits for .1.  B   3l.il her  :! IJ   rumble  si.   ior Hi e e-.caixjs  lor bid-  on  Richaids  .st.  "Water Fipe���������By .Ia������.;Stuar t. Citv TTall,  until noon, June 12. tor 10,000 ft Jl-in  steel pipe, and -1.000 tt IS-in. IM.CJ.  pipe.    Specil   at oflice of 1-Jennon & Bur-  well, lnn������! of Court  bldff. 12  Plastering"-*���������By .7,i������. Bryan, care Roolc-  i?r, Campbell & Wlnpp e, Ior pl&tig ior  .iprnt*. lor- .1. B. ."Mathers. 10 j  Plastering1���������By P. S. Cornb'3 & Son, 100  Hastings st XV, for plstrg' rn lcfc lor 11  Betlx. 7  Plastering*���������By Ksjdell fr Dixon, BOS  "Wellon bldg, Jor pStrfj in bldg on Water   st. ������        5  DUNCAN"���������At the last meeting- of the  council it was decided to establish a  municipal incinerator, and an expert has  been called upon to lay out a plan ror  one. ''  \  -LIENS FILED.  Guy Peterson vs L. R. Luile, sub. du\  S   of lot   10,   hlk   206,   DT,   5 15, - $37.25.  J. X. Freel and \\\ XV. Smith vs A. C.  Phillips 'el al, lot 21'of B, blk 3 1, DL  50,   ,?S0.  A Court vs A. C Phillips et al, lot i'  of B, blk  3 I,  DL 50,  ?S5.  Foreman Carpenter is open for job.  Can handle concrete construction, i'r e-  ler* laige residence woik. Applj Box 10,  Recoi d.  Sash, Boors, Moulding.������  ��������� '   Mail OrJers Promptly Attended To  fORK"SUPPLY CO.  Office and Warehouse  Fhone Fair 546-958 1605 Main St.  'WALTER Ki^S-EY- "'  PLUMBING, HEATING  1 AND1!    - *      -  '   GAS CONTRACTOR.  13G6 Granville St.    "   Vanopnver. B.C  'Fhone   Seymour   9053  'Dominion Construction  y  ti  BU3LD-1NGS FINANCED  T. J.  -Maillen.  MiiRr     Phone Se.v   S.'O.i  ' 35   CAKASA   I.IFE   BX.HG.  GumiWiE^'-i  ' Sheet Metal Works"  Warm'   Air   Keating'  *     Furnaces  and   General' Jobbing-  1729  Venable St. Fhone  Sey  5234  For Kent���������Cheap. " J3mjt,ll oflice with  use of phone. AVrtlr or without' fui nr-  ture.     G10   Holden   BUIr S  CORPORATION OF POINT-'GREY  Tlie" Conner! is- prepared to tecen/j b'tl"  uo tu *M.onckiv, June 10th, at 5 p m. Ioi  "he   lJirrcli.-i-e   ol*.i   rock   cr u  rici       'L;.t-  Grading-,   Glass,   Gravel,  Grading*���������Ey Aiirus Smith, citv engr.  So. A'ancouver*, urrtil .lurre 10, for prad-  inj*: Keith road, cut 13.J30, fill 12,900  25 per cent bond requited.      - 10-  Sand���������By Graff Con.st Co, Broadway &  Kerth, for 5,000 yds sand 6  Gravel���������By Graff Const Co, Broadway  & Keith Drive, for quantity of gravel.    6  Glass���������By P. S. Combs & Son, 160  Hastings st W, for all glass (antique)  rn res for H. Bettz ���������   , '  Glass���������By Ksdell & Dixon, 50S Welton  bids, for plate wire and prism glass  for  blder on  Water st. ' 5  Glass���������By Davis-Sanders Co, 311 Cambie st, for plate, wire and transom glass  for   bids   on   Richdrds   bt. < 5  H't'g".,  Hardwood,   Host.   S'aware,  Heating*���������By Jas. Br van, care Booker,  Campbell & Whipple, for htg ior apmts  lor J. B. Mather*-.. 10  " Hardware���������By P S. Combs & Son. 100  ITa-Uinst. fat XV, for hdwe for res for< H  Beetz ^ " '  Heating-���������By P. S Comb*! (Ji Son, IfiO  Hastings st XV, for furnace bt^ In icj  for H   Bettz '. '  , Heating*���������Ey EgdeV & Dixon, 50S Welton bldg, for- steam htg plant ior bids on  Water st. '       5  Keating*���������Ey Dav r=-Sanders Co, 3 11  Cambie st, for htg plant for bldg on  Richaids   st ,      ' ������  Hardware���������By TCsdell fr Dixon, 5 OS  We'(on bids, for hdwe for 1 fato bldg  on Water st. "  Hardware���������By" Dav js-Snndeis Co, Sll  Cambie. ior hdwe ior 1 stoj rmg horr&e  on   Richards   st. " <>  Heating-���������Ey   S.'  R    Bird,   uncan   bMg,  until   June   11,   tenders   address   to   Gei  Johnstone,  .Nelson,   tor- htg ior hospital  v. 31  -*- '  Iron   VTorlv,   Interior   Finish,  Galvani7ed Iron���������Ey .l'i- Br.van, cai e  Bookei. Campbell & Whipple, ior s.ilv  lion lor apmts fm  J.,'I-i. Mathers. JU  &  Fla3terln2*���������By l">av is-S:rndo:*s Co. 3-11  Camble st, ior pUtrg In bldg ,on Richards -t. "5  Flunibir.-f���������Bv ,1a-.  Bryan,   caie jiook-  pi. , C.ini|)bell    &   Whipple,   for   plbg    in    10  IS  '     ENGINEERS AND AGENTS  Caledonian Wire Rope, Parker Derricks,  Electric  Hoists  "Otto"  Gasoline   Engines,  Grab   Buckets, "Globe". Marine  Engines,1  Steel Tanks' and Water Towers of any capacity  "WAYNE" GASOLINE TANKS and PUMPS 'for  PRIVATE < or   .PUBLIC  GARAGES . '  Phone  Seymour 3S92 319 Pender Street W.  ci-uslier may be seen at any tune on  tl.ei     T^te^ioi*   riiiish���������Ey   P    S    Cot-It*   t<c  Municipal  hall grounds, Ker 11 dale   L   C j p*   ��������� . fi(1  Tfastings -n  XV, for inter'cr 11"-  rurther   iiaiticulai,   mav1   be  obtained *-,   *r {      jr   j^eUK-        ' 7  from tho Municipal Kngrpcei  BEa A. C*0*SI.IFFE,  1 Clerk.  Municipal   flail,  lieriisdale, B   C  June l.st.  lfllJ.  TSSTEXinS   FOU   Elfxil   SCHOOL  Sorfcd tenders supeiscr*ibcd "Tender  foi lllgli Sclioo'," and'addio-sc.l 'to L  Avorv White, IC-ci , Secret.tiy Xew \\ e������t-  rmn ter- School Board, wrll be re; ei vert  "    p.m.   of    Wednesday,    Ulh    of  ��������� Galvanised ' lion���������"Sy Rgi'ell & Di*cr*n,  ."0*" Welton b'ds. loivg.ilv rrorr work on  bldg on   W.itei   st ���������>  Galpani^ed I**on���������3y D.XM'-P.indpis Co  3 11 Cnin'ne *-t for galv non work rr  bldg on   Richaids st ' _ ������������������"���������,  Interior   Finisli���������*3y   Hsde'l   &  Divon.  c**S A\ olton blilg. tor inter for finish ioi  hUlg, on* Watei   st       c           , '  Interior Finisli���������By Davis-Randor*? Co.  3 11 ' (Jainliip st. tor in tei Ior iim-.li ? or_  bklg on  Richards  s't ���������>  Lumber.   Lathing*,  Lime ,  Plumbing-���������B<i l-> S. Combs .t Son, 100  Ifa-tnife:, .st ^V, lor plbg in ir.s Ior IJ.  Betlz     r, ; 7  Flumljing*���������By- ttgdell & Di\on.. iiCS  We'ton bldg, ior plbg in 5 sto bldg on  Water st. _ 5  Boofing-,   Roads,    Beservolis,  SEWEBS,  STBEET WOBK,  STEEL.  Sewer Fipe���������ByfGraft Con=t Co, Bdwv  fr Keith Drive, for about 500 lin ft of  G, 10, 12 in. vitrified sewer pipe. t>  Steel���������By Graff Const Co.** Bioadway  fr Keith Drive, for about l-'O tons twisted -reinf steel. .       6  ' Steel Fipe���������By IT. Floyd. C.M.C., Kerrisdale, until Juno 2-1, for S mrles steel  prpe, 4 to IS inches. Plans, specif, etc,  irom Cleveland & Cameron, 50G Winch  bids,   on  deposit  of  510. 21  Steel���������By Esdell ,& Dixon!' 50S Wellon bldg, for structural steel lor bids  on   Water  .st.      , * C  Steel���������By Davis-Sanders Co, 311 Cambie st, for steel girders for bids on  Rrehards  st - * ."j  '      "Wiring*,   Waterproofing*,   "Wharves,1  Wiring-���������By Jas. Bryan, care Booker,  Campbell & Whipple, for wiring for  apnits  for  J.  B.  Mather.       i  ���������Wiring*���������By P. S Combs & Son, 100  Hastings fat XX", lor wirrng in ie-. for H  Bett.: , ,j      '  Wiring-���������By Kg dell & Divon, ."OS Welton "bids, for wrung rn 5 sto bldg on  Wafer s-t.   * ,5  Wiring*���������Ey Davis-Sanders Co, 3 11  Cambre st, Jor elec Miring in bids on  Richaids  st. 5  Sidewalk Lig"lrt3���������3y TSsdell & Dlvon (  .iOS Wellon bide,, for sidew.i.K Irglrts at  bids* on  Water* st. 5  Sidewalk"Lisht3���������3y Davis-Sander-, Co,  311 Cambie s-t, i0y sidewalk lights lor  bld*-r on  Richards st. ' 5  P  C. IB  Machinery' Dealers  CONCRETE   MIXERS,   STEEL   CARS,   ROCK/CRUSHERS,    ELECTRIC  STEAM    AND    GASOLINE    HOISTS.      WHEELBARROWS,  TRANSMISSION'MACHINERY, GASOLINE   ENGINES  PUMPS-AND   ROAD   MACHINERY.  Phones:  Seymour  7056-7818.  Offices: GOG-607 Bank of Ottawa Bldg*.  , TENDERS WANTED.  OUT OF  TOWN.  BUILDINGS.  ,���������>���������  n ���������  ��������� ra  Phonj  Seymour  512  HENRY DARLING  28 Powell St.  We are the sole manufacturers of  * i.  Machine-made  Glazed  Cement  Sewer  Fipe  in British   Columbia.    ,  DOiVaSNiiON GLAZED CEMENT PIPE CO., LTD.  Ofllco:    "Dominion    Trust    Bldg1.,   Vancquver,   B.   C.        "Phone:-Sey.  8286  and MANUFACTURING GOunnuk  Electric StuppSies and Telephones. -       313 Water St.  Kow ���������Westminster���������Ey D A AVlnt.*,  Sec School Hoard, until .Innc 12, fci olee  v\ir in'new hisli school P'.m-, --pecif,  fit*, from Gardiner & "Moivcr, We tnnn-  ster Trust  I'lds *    '12  yibbotsford���������"By Abhodslord Temple Co, ,  Ijtd,   tor vvnirs  and   fixtuies'.ind  stenrri  hts  plant in Temple     Plans, spoolf, otc,  ai   office  of .1.   G   Gtiinon,  710  Columbia  st. Xew Westminster, or* above      *    '     b  Victoiia���������By'limpirc   Ke.iltv-   Co,   Clll]  Foil   *-l,   until   June   .'*,   ior   jrcneral   and ]  plbs   contrs   Jor   house  on  Jlockland  ave.  Plans   ami .specil  at  above ollice.  ' ""forth   Vancouver���������By   Geo    Campbell,  s-ec  School  Board,   until   .lune   11,   Ioi'  in-  j tenor  finish  for- uppei   floor  rn  Lonsdale  "school. : 1  Fresh Water Sand  For Sale    '    ���������  En Scow Load Lots.  SiSSca Sand And  GraveS Co.   ���������  -  "34 Bobson St.   Toi.   Seymour' 4465  /   ir  J  . GO. LTD.  Manufacturers   of  "Dunioor, Sash1, Doors, Mouldings, oto.  Phone  Seymonr  1708.   .  298 Prior St.  CrrEAPESr AND BEST BAILEY IJard ware-Co. GET OUT PRICES  1407 PARK DRIVE.  BAJ LEY Hardware Co.       PHOXE. SEY. U870 L  IVtill   Worlt    ���������Maclnn',rv.   Marble,  COMMERCIAL BLUE PRINT CO.  MAPS, DRAFTING AND TRACING  Phone  Sey. 5068    323   Seymour   St.  G. L" KELLING 8c CO  Heating* and Plumbing- "Cng-ineors *-  50S Pender St.    'Phone Seymour SZtiB^  "Ias? wsurphy"&~son  Geue-*-al    Paiiitniff   and    Decoratm*?  CONSBACTOKS  Office:  112 Crown_^ldg-.____Sey1_8707  Plans,, and   .specifications   can   be   obtained on application to the-undeisiRned  on receipt ot a depo-at of $10, which will       Mjilwork���������Ey Jas- Brvan, care Hooker,  be   refunded    orr    the    return    pi    p1-*"*3-' campibell   &   Whipple    ' ��������� ������������������ -     "*"  j one-room   school   at   Diamond   Ciossrn!*;,  I "N'evvca.stle District. *. 12  ,���������r -millwork   ior       New:   Westminster���������By   L.   A.   *\Vlule,  Jor  milivvorr-.   ior   V������c scll00|jbOitrtli_u���������tlI Jllne ]2, for genl  contr* on J sto brk and stone school.  Plans, .specif, etc, Irom Gar diner & Mercer, "Westminster* Trust bldg-, on deposit I  Each  tender must be accompanied by an   a,)nlts for j   j?   *M.itlrer.  accepted  bank  <henue  oi   ceitificate   o   t,  leposit  on   a chattered  bank  of  Canada, -    -       miscellanea  nade   pavable   to   the   Secietary   ol    tlie       T    41_E  'A   McLean, sec Bldg Cornte,   of '$10. .----..���������,��������� --  ^r,' eTnUmto1S.ne1r)������pe. ������ei^,* ' of^h.s K"Ur? funefs. for ���������������^-^^<������in������������ I Nelson-By Geo .Tohn.tone. Xelson. B.  rnclei which si all be forfeited if the la..- gi-o.m(K '"' . 'rcl1;, . ;6"(A ���������} 0m <?., until June 11 for genl contract on  ������?lv ��������� tendenng   decline    to    enter   into , In*   Bi ������"^rvl,^,an -   "peUl1   ^ S   Kootenav-   Lalce_Ge,.l    Hospital. ^Xelson.  lSBESTOS '  ShaeigSes, 'SSates and Sheals.  319  Pender St.  West,  Main  Floor  Plione Seymour 3SP4  P^tV ���������to^en���������ffcaccuu?ipLu    ������������^"-! pott office.-Tra.l  Plans and specif at office of S   E. Birds,  s.inlv accepted.  (JAKDINEB & KEKC33B,  Archrtects   to  the  School  Trustees,  New "Westminster,  L>.  C.  !1-7  Acms Plumbing & H'tg. Coj  idl    TfJitli    A'"-     " . ,.,   |.  j ���������i.'uunn    gqlimuiu    Jit  ||  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED.  VANCOUVER  GBNBB.AX.  CONI'BACT.  Granite Bv Kgdell fr Dixon,  50S "Wei-   fice.oi   S.   B    Birds,  Duncan   bldg,   Van-  ton  bUK'    for granite  base3  ior  bldg  on , couver , , 31  Calg-ary���������By .T. Jr lUillei*, Crtv C'erk,>  untrl June 3. for htg and plbg in .'j fire  and   police  stations   in   Calgary.     Sepa-  TiTiEsrWorkmanship Exclasive Designs  Wi3cox Art Glass StiidSo  1471 Broadway W. Phone Bayview 2-15  EDWARD TI2V1R-1GP4S  SLATER & ROOF TILER  033 7th   A-V^Jg^_^i1������ae-J'.**iir---^j^r:  PS. Nelson FSncth  EK-pert   Builder   and   Piuancler  Soyi_7381 20?.^_Caiter:C3a^i_B*dg  Water  st. A!  Granite���������Bj Dav i=-Sanders Co ���������> D  Cambre st, for* granrte bases for bltlg on  Richards  st. ' ������  Stone���������By Kgdell & Dixon. BOS AVolton  bldg, for -3 tone sill-s ior bldg on *-\ at erst ' ���������*> ������  Bubble, Book -Worn���������By P S ��������� %.���������'?&  Sen, 100 Ila-tings ������-t. Ior rubbb* lock  work on ie<-t (ni   If. Betty- '  M*icLean   &  Koiices  T^E BURNSIDE :: ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-39   Granvillo   Street  Telephone Seymour 3704    I      e-i-ii'-n   Eaninjuent���������f-v   '*���������   -MncUean   tc  for   tenders   wanted   wU1   toe ' Co     Pacific    bldg.    ioi" complete   'camp  published under this heading* until time   equipment.  for closing* tenders lias arrived,  or until       st0ne Ey Davis- = .inders Co, .111  C'.xm-  ill ftg-uros  desired are in. bio st   for  stone srlU  for bidg  on   l.icli-  Ko  cliarg-e   is   mads   for  the  insertion   ilU s *" ��������� ������ n -os -sVci.  oi   notices   ior   tenders   in   this   column J     MarWe-By EpacU *������n\������\'nillgon  unless   tlrey   are   in   the   regular   legal j ^-V.-1^ 5  foiin  of ofacial  advertisements.     , j     wl..rWp_Bv.     pavi���������Sandeis     Co. '   311    I cambie "t.   for marble  stairs  in  bldg  on  Richaids   st.  Ennealow���������Sy 13. Stanley Jlitton. AVil-,     Tile_-sy   Kgdell   & Dixon,  SOS  AVolton  hams  bl.lg,  for*  genl  contr on  bungalow   bl(1���������    tor   tile   warnscoatiim   rn   bldg   on  ,U X.-rnaimo. '        ]u   \Vater st. J  Addition���������By C  "W  "Mm rav. Sec School |     T1]e By j)aMs,-S4incleis  Co,   3 11   Cam-  riuaul    Hamilton   &   Ounsnuiir  sts    ui.ti     , ,0 sl "*  l&.\l'ir    o'.Mnu/l^.^arrs^tc'nom   ptaster.  Plbrr..  P������W..  ^-  ���������������������������  ���������ng.  Painting1���������By P. S. Combs, & Son 1 f*<>  Ila-tlrrgs st XV, ior pntg in lOo tot II,  Bett/,  rate tenders wanted  Saskatoon���������By Crtv Comnrs, until .Tunc  25, ior complete install of all bldgs and  apparatus ior  70-ton   ineineiator.N 25  Keg-ina���������By llrphvvay Comni������ for steel  work J*or* several budges. Plans, specif,  etc, will ho furnished by comnrs after  ..'LP'"   1. JO  MCIT.*-***.,    MISC.,    XltATBB,IAX.,   MARINE.  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL" COMPANY LTD.  , Successors   to J.  T.  Herrett  ^o.(  Limited.  Ml Kmds of BuMk  OilTco, Warehouse, and Wharf: 1029 Main St.     -     Plione Seymour S191  I  Support Home indsjstrics   By Specit*y5ng  "   THE Af^VIL ISLAND BRBCK CO.; LTD.  BEST PRESSED RED BRICKS  Office and Works:   Anvil   Island,  Howe Sound,  B.  C.  SBX.l.lNa  A3BNTS  RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, i_TD.  PHONE SEYMOUR, 9162.    OrPICE AKD WHARF CrItAIIVI*LI.E ST. BRIDGE  J. E. Campbell & Co.  PLUMBING   &  HEATING  113- Peilir XI H. n*��������� S*""11* ;736  "E00D"CHEER" CIRCLE WATER PAH FUHNACE  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  SHEET METAL WORKERS  BUCK'S UADEP and CURKEY OXFORD FURNACES  Phone. Bay. 296 1540 5th Av^JOT.  PERFECTION GLIDING DOOR CO.  Phono Soy. 1649        719 Pender St. *W.  PLUMBING and HEATIMG> >,  721Hain Street. -���������' mU-tyS^titm  SHoet'Metal Wbrjera    ,   ' ..  Boat Tanks. Cflriffl^oflrflrTurnata, !'* ._���������  ',582 Seymour St.     Phone- Sey. 44a8  L. G. ROBINSON  Con'anltlngr   Bfifflneer' and  Oenes;al Contractor  Spy.  3412 **.       211   Holden   BVIg.  ,     \*   l.i-ecli.   v.l'ool  arclit     Doi)o-.rt  ol  ST, lOiiiiiiotl and  loii'leici-. must, be Br-rt-  lill   sl,l)lC(,tS.  Biing-alo-ro-���������ByD.ivifl Illalr, %2'i Pcii'lor  M XV, lor sjenl contr on 1iuiikii1'*������ lor  C. Tvnor .\t Men It. Ownei will limn h  lieaL'"anfl lulvve  Reel Deei*, Alta.���������By Citv Comms until June S, for laige amount of conciete  .sidewalks, curbs and gutters lJlan =  Tiom Sevinour it Oavve,  lied Ueer S  Penticton���������By If. IT Latimer. "Mun.  Un,'?r. until June 1 I, lor suj;piv and install of 200 h.p. Die-el enffine Plan-.,  spefic, etc, ut oflice ol "Mather, Yuill fc  Co.   Hutclilnson   bldg. 11  Merritt���������By Crty Clerk, until June 15,  for pipe, special:-, valveb nnrt liydiants  Plans, *-per*it. etc, at otrrco ot Dut<Jici iS-  Ma*cwell,  -'il!)  Pender st AV. 15  Merritt���������By Cltv Clerk,  until  June In,  for*   steam     ensine     jreneiator.    pinups,  I tians-formers*,      ti-unsmlssroir     jioles   ami  anus       Plans,   epecil',   etc    at   odlce   of  Dutclier  &  "Maxwell,  :ill)   Pender   st  XV.  15  Hew "Westminster���������By L. A. AVhltf.  Soc   School    Board,   until    June    12,    lor  Pnintin-?���������By Jas Hi v ���������"������������������ "'f "0O **n plbg In 3 sto hUli school Plan-,, specif,  er, Campbell & Whipple, Ioi pnt*, rn ' ^,, om GanllI]ei. & Mercer, Weotmm-  ,ipmts  lor J    B.  "Matlier. J*1   s(el. Trust Bltlff ji  and    Yellovvhead    Pass  specif,  etc,  at  oflice of Waddell  & llar-  rinKton,   Wrnch   bldg.   after   June   o,   on  IMann  :c  dpposit' oi-" 'j'so'   "Tendei'eTs   can   bid   on  all   or   any   part   oi   work   or   mater ral.  julo  Hospital���������By S. B. Bird, Duncan bldg,  tenders addresi-ed to Geo. Johnstone, Nelson, for hospital in that city, untrl June  11. > ll  Moving House���������By Kennerley Bryan,  ,117 Crown bldg, tor purchase and removal ot house at SW comer Hurraro  and Kveleight  fat������. J u  Brici: "Work, Botter*.    __  Bricli���������By GrafC Const Co, Bioadway  & Keith Drive, ior about 100,1/00, paving  buck for .sew cr woik. , '"      ������  ��������� Chimneys���������By S P Combs .S- Son 160  .Hastings st W". for chimneys and piUais.  in res for II., Bettz.     _        1    a .    - '  Canals,  Cement,,'Concrete. ,. .-,  Cement���������By Graff Const Co, Broadway"  .& Keith  Drive,   for  about 5,000   bbls   of  cement. - '      . - "  Concreto "Work���������By "figdell &" Dixon,  .���������"OS Welton bldg, for concrete for bid-?  on  Water st, 1 '  "WTJ. SiVflTH & SON  Heating Engineers  Steam. Hot Water & Vacuum Systems ,  -S"a"'-g;-lr. B74-B,       8O9-10tli Ave.-E I  Architects Builders  . *   We are at your service to  give you any information required    regarding    installing  gas * pipes    and    appliances.  Also location of mains.  Phone S. 5000 and ask for  New   Business  Dept.  779    Granville,   Show   Room  New Business Show Room  16   Hastings   E.,  New Westminster���������By X. A. .White,  sec .school board, until June 12, lor htg  for new high school Plan.s, specif,  fiom Gardinei & "Meicer, Westminster  Tiust bldg 12  Vernon���������By D. C. Tate, City Clerk, until June 10, for supply f.o b Vernon of  2 oil .storage tanks. Specit at office of  Jlathor, Yuill & Co, Hutchinson bldg,  Vancouver 10  Edmonton���������By R. C. Desrochers, See.  Dept. Pub. Wks, Ottawa, until June 17,  for prle wharf at "Edmonton. Plans  from  L.  B   Elliott,  Calgary. 17  Victoria���������By City Clerk, until 4 p m..  May 31, for 211,000 sq yds asphalt pave.  Specrf,  etc from C. E.  Rust,  City Engr  Tramway���������By Board of Director1!, British-Pacific Coal Co, this city, untrl G  pm June 5, for constr of tiamvwiv Irom,  vvaleiiront to company mine, 11-5 miles,  also pooi and bunker Plans, specil, etc,  i at 312  Pender st W . 5  Vernon���������By D. G Tate, city clerk, until June 10, foi electetjuip. Srecif at office of Mather, Yuill & Co, Hutchinson  bldg. , ��������� 10  Vernon���������By D. G. Tate, citv clerk, until June 10, for 17.000 tt 4 in, and 10,500  ft C in C. I. water pipe. Specif fiom  City Engr. 10  Vernon���������By D. G. Tate, city clerk, until June 10, for 125 gate valves and 36-1  to S in hydrants.    Specif from City Engr.  CHAPMAN. & WALKER LTD.  ENGINEERS.  ,,     DEALERS   IN   ELECTRICAL.^ SUPPLIES.  KEEP COOI..  xtse    "c & *w"  ElSCT-aiC   PANS.  "--      (All types.)    OBD3B HCW.  PHONE SEYMOUR 9379    4-48    Seymour St.  P. O. BOX 1353  Cliemical and Efficiency Engineers. t  Inspection' of  Cement,  Concrete,   Oil   end  Boad  Materials.  Geological Keports  on Raw Materials.  "Waterproofing- of  Concrete.  NEWHALL, SMiTH & CO.  OFFICE:   1106 Dom. Trust Bldg., Vancouver.  PHONE:   Sey. 2814  British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.  IVflannafacturers  1605 Georgia St.  Vancouver  Phone. Seymour 6504  Alltree & Churchland  -  ELECTRICAL CONTBACTOBS  976 Granville Stieet  'Phone,  Seymour  2707  SHOVER & THOMAS  Sand   Gravel  and  IBuilding Material    .  "P^one Seyniour 1365.    Office and  ���������Wliarf '- ���������-'<���������' '  959 Main Street  Johnston - Thompson Co.  Plumbing and Heating  -Engineers  525 BURRARD ST. Phone Sey. 7899  TERMINAL LUMBER & SHINGLE CO.  "LIMITED.  MAI-TUP ACTTTBEBS1 OP ��������� PIBTB  LUMBER 'AND SHINGLES  ,W. B.COOKE & CO.  '   308 Carter Cotton Bldg-.  . ������������������   -. Plione:    Seymour.'7997  NOBTH-WESTEBBr LEAQ*SJE  Base Ball  POBT1AND "VS." VANCOUVER.  "Weei   commencing"  June   3d.  Becreation Part      / '.  Admission 25    and 50c  Great West Mfg. Co., Ltd.  CABINET  MAKEBS   " '"/ '  BANK,  STORE AND  OFFICE  -;.       ..   FJXTURES  Phon** Fair. 14V1   "52 Duflerin St. W.  Estimates FurnisbeA  <*������������������*-**.-%'���������  ffgk  *! -.Ji*:.


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