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Daily Building Record Jun 4, 1912

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 h  -y*  ��������� ^Building, Contracting, EngBrseerSrsg, BrrsgatBore,ancS Genera! Improvement News. , '        -   ^ -, "-- /;"  Devoted to ������he Enteres������s'of Architects, Contractors', Eraginees;s, MateriaS Dealers an-d others interested in thebuilding trade?of the N-W.  -, ; -       ;     j        ; VciT^, No. *16l, Tuesday,- June 4, 1918,'  Record   Publishing~Co.,   Vancouver,  Publishers.  Covering British Columbia.  ���������7.  Sl  ������9  548, 550 SEYMOUR STREET  >������RIVATE EXCHANGE,  SEYMOUR 4795.  H'OUR-SHOW ROOM WILL BE FOUND SAMPLES OF ALL KINDS OF MATERIAL  FOR- BUILDING PURPOSES. WE HAVE A VERY FINE DISPLAY OF MANTELS,  'ORATES AHD'FIREPLACE FURNISHINGS, FLOOR AND WALL TILE, PAINTS,  ���������VARNISHES PLATE AND SHEET GLASS LEADED LIGHTS, AS WELL AS MANY  Jj$-TO-DATE DECORATIVE MATERIALS. PLASTER BOARD-AND WATERPROOF  ���������WALL" BOARD.  THE RAECOLITH FLOORING--CO.  Raecolith Plastic Flooring  WATSOSITE FLOORING  301 Pacific Bldg.   Sey. 8144  ���������<���������*���������  REINFORCING STEEL     ~  Plain or Corrugated - Round or Square.  Can Give Delivery'in One Week To 10 Days.  312 Pacific Bide.  F. T. CROWE & CO.  "Everything  In   Building Material"  Seyniour 9423  ' 'i  TROY ROOHNG CO  Tar and Gravel Roofing  Water   Proofing   ; ���������  Roof Repairing    '  ,  AD Work Guaranteed  ���������plione Seymour 7417.  814  Metropolitan'Bldg.  REINFORCED STEEL, PLAIN AND RIBBED., AUL SIZES AND LENGTHS CARRIED IN STOCK.  DIRECT  SHIPMENTS,ATTENDED  TO   PROMPTLY  RITCHIE CONTRACTING  Plione Seymour 9162, Private' Exchange.  SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMITED  Office  and Bunkers, Granville Street Bridge,  $���������������  Doscriptioir.  Cost.  ������������������/���������  BUILBINw  PEBMITS AMOUNTIBTG TO 51,000 OB OVER    ISSUED AT THE VAMCOUTEB CITY HAI.Ii XESTEBDAY.  Address.  Street Address.  Lot and Block.  Subdivision.  Architect.  Contractor.  Owner.  Address.  Building permits for "Victoria will be  found on Page 2;*  ���������   REINFORCING STEEL  IPPPj^lain, Square, Round and'Square Twisted Bars  ^kW^m Triangle Mesh -Column Hocping  ������M%  ' Largest stock in city  Our Plant is Fully Equipped For Cutting  " To Length and Cold Twisting  Prompt Delivery Our Specialty  Our Office Issues Your Liability, Accident and Health Insurance  ���������Jffao adjusts losses without delay or referring to any remote Head-  ���������JOfflce " '     -  ^British American Trust Company,, LimSted.  Insurance Department  .Carter-Cotton Bldg.    .      -      Plione  Seymour 7620,  Vancouver, b.  jaraus,- wscscesis.  '' GlassJmporters and^anaifa-cturers.,, -'  B/C. MamiJaciurers-oif. Hester store front  'construction' -        -  '    *-  1000 Eonier St.  TENDERS   rOB t TRAMWAY,  i i  , WHARF   AND  BUNKERS  \  The Billish-Paclfre Coal Co, thrs crty,  will take lenders untrl 6 p m J tine, 5,  lor the constructron of a tramway *at  therr   pioueits*;,   together-   with   a   wliarf  r  arid bunker Plans, specrf, etc, may 'be  seen at the office oC the company engineer, 812 Pender st "\V, and a deposit  of rlO per cent is requrred with each  tendei Tendeis'are to be addressed under double cover, and marked on outside  of  second co vei      XV   J   Baitiam,  Secy  '? v":?$i  I*  m*4  ft -*:.:. {*!  ���������*���������"���������"*-;,*-*  :f!C  Architects,  Contractors  srii  and   Euilders   is- called  |"iocthe  NEW" ERA   REVERSIBLE  WINDOWS, which  wo are now  manufacturers of.    Call at our factory and see them and learn of their many  ^advantages over any other windows mads.  ft  . '   Factory:    Foot of  Salsbury  Drive.  jM*i ^Branch   Factory at~1CI8 Third   Avenue  V,'e;t, Fairview. Vancouver,   B.  C.  ^'w*/*   ivS -   o     ���������< * ,  -'��������� ���������"S-'-m ii*    ' - -    Phone  Bayview ESS  STORES   AKD   APABIMEHTS  "FOR TEiC-XH AVEJSUS  MATERIALS TO BE USED.      ���������  i  The following- ' material is mentioned  to be' used in tlie structures called tui  in the permits'' above, -whose numbers  correspond to those preceding* the following1  items. *.'    ^  VANCOUVER  BUILDING  PERMITS  Only Permits  amounting* to" less than  ������1000 will be found under tills head.  COURT OP REVISION  WILL  t      i -.  CONSIDER LARK-E IMPROVEMENTS  At a failtrng  of  the comt of revision  lo  be(Nhelcl  in  July,.a laige  number   of  permanent   street     improvements.,   whl  come up for passage.   Among these im-  pro-*, emen.ts   are   paiingr  with   creosoted  -> *        i. * ���������* *       *i ' * (-  blocks,,Keefer  st, Main  lo Campbell ave,  Hornby st, Pender* to' JDa-we, "Xelson *t,  Granvillo to Jlomei, l")a\ro. st, , "Ricli-  -tvids (q lromer, aid uith ^granitoid,, Columbia st,  Bi cartway  to   12 a\ e  Ilas-tings st rs< to be widened to SO  It, fiom Nanaimo st. to Boundary road,  lane to be opened rn blk 173c, DL 261a,  concrete "sidewalks to bo laid on both  sides oi Hams st, Jackson to Campbell, and on'Union st, Hcafej- lo TJajvJaPS  C ft wide, on Coidova st south side,  fiom Main to Gore, S ft 0 lmwrde, and  on    Broadway,   both   srdes,      from   rjeui    Ke.th dme to Commercial dme and liom  .1   Pioctor, oi Mahon, McFailand S-^cott to St> Catheimes st, 12 ft wide  Proctoi,   who  owns   tho  piopeitv  at   t'.o j     Ornamental  cluster lights  aie aI������o   to  SE   come,   oi   Richaids  and   Georgia,   iS|bo  in = ta'led  on Powell  ccirlemplating   the  ceclion   ol   .1   50\1JO  .~i*c   itoi y   stoie   and   rooms,   bldg-   there, 'jf un  i  'Aicht XV  D   Goodfellow-, 303 1-2 ITas't-  ' -      j" ^     ������  ings st "W, ha^ completed plans ioi   a 2  stoiy liamo btoie and apartmer-*t .bid?  .to be erected at lOtli -and Tumble s>l.  ioi Job JMcGlashan Tho bids' -will contain 3 sides on the ground (loor, and  2 fi\e loom apartments on the' uppei  fiooi The**blds v������ill be modem Ten-  ei s aie not dcbiied gei'erallv, but irom  iselcpted contrs orly Tlio bldg- wril cobt  about   57,000  1 Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd  2120CEDARST.  Phone Bay. 646   Near Sixth W  ALL  KINDS  OF GLASS',  Seymour 467-4,  Western PSate Glass  \   & Imp. Co. Ltd.      ':  Reg. Office:  153 Cordova St. fi--,  f VANCOUVER, B. C.  PLATE GLASS   '\       WINDOW 6U^  Leaded Art Glass   '  Tborne  Metal Btor* Pront &*xi'>  i        i Bev������Uini?. and BUverlxtf ���������   ���������-    -  "itore ProntBrOlBsed .     .,,  Standard Glass Co. Ltd  '-, 'Abt au'si     .  .,'**''  Phone Seymonr 8476.   839 Barnard 8*t.  m.  ���������"( K  BRITBSH COLUMBIA  - HAEDWOOD   PLOOB   CO,/  ���������Floor 'Layers  and Deslijiiers  Sey. 6853���������Bay. 139K. 557 OranvUIe St  U1LDERS and CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES  Sherardized Metal Lath ;  merican Wall Board      .  -  siisdn Fibred Plasti  lie Cross  A )'4  . OardinerJohnson  JOHNSON'S WHARF  PHONES SEYMOUR 9148, 9I47  1  VJXX.X.  SEECT   BV1X.B1NG  AT  EICHABBS   AKD   GEOBGIA  ENQENEERS AND CONTRACTORS  544 Howe  St. ,        Phones:   Soy. 1336,   7951  r  E. H. HEAPS-& CO., LIMITED  LUMBER & SHINGLES' '     '  Doors, Sash, Mouldings, Etc.  BANK AND OFFICE FIXTURES  IN  NATIVE AND  HARDWOOD  Mills, Offices and-Factory: ^ *  Cor. Victoria Diive .and Powell Street.       s Phone Seymour 8830  Western S1m Jt Oil Plants Co.  - 1010,  DOMINIOM-    TRUST    BID9. Sey'7676  MACHINS SHOP IN BASEMENT OP 109 POVTBX,Xi ST,  Eiitianco In rear Phone Sey 3702  Vancouver IVIartoSe St. TiSe Co., Ltd.  LARGE  STOCK  OF TILE  AND MARBLE ALWAYS  ON  HAND AT  OUR  WORKS,  THEREBY  ASSURING   PROMPT   DELIVERY.  PHONE SEYMOUR 1518 S43 BEACH AVE.  tor y store ami rooms.  anirl has selected Sliarpe fr Thopmson,  5.SC Hastings st XV, to pie] are plans  Tlie-e wrll bo completed rrr d few cl.iv ,  and. tenders wrll be taken fr om ^selected  contractor -. on y,tfor the senl coiitract  ���������VTU.X.   BE   REA*-}*-.   THIS  ���������WEEK  -PCK HOTEIi TEHDEES  Camphell, ira^t-  rng&, GrariMllo South, Kobson, Seymour,  Geoig-a, Pender and Broadwav  The e* timated total cost of thet-e rm-  pio-iements and* therr* marntarnance foi  one ieai rs ?626,3j') SO.  COMT*3iCTS  OBTAINED POR  IiilKCrE   QUANTITY   OP   BBICK  The Rirchre Contr & Supplj*-Co have  recentlv secuied tho conti acts for 1 ">r-  000   Xo    '"39   Ri-'co   face   br ick   for ' the  on   "Water    st,  F   ir   Pender, I"*mpies*= PTotel, who cle-  srgncd    tire   anne*<   ior     that   Jildg-,    has.  started e\ca\a*t.on ior Llie bldg, and will b](1S ^0I D'*- Tliomp--on,  ca'l tor tender- for the general coirtractj Kouike McDonald & Moncnei', contrs,  some tune this -.\eol-- The rjrencral con-; -0.000 An\rl I-lan.l Br rcl< for Dr Wil-  tract will include tho vnrna, but sep.i-'son'*' ma8 at "omer* and Dunsmurr st,,  rate tenders \\ill be t.rl en for the p'umb-1 r-m-no- ������������������*** l'0*^. Senl coiius.. 50,000 of  in? and he.rUirj, rNo fij-nre- are want- t'*e ^'in*e buck for the bldg at Pender  ed untrl   announced  in   t'..e-e  column-.      "-t   and    bhanghai,    alle\.    J    G    Price,  cht    and   a  quantity  of Ttis'co  Xo    60  Canadian OisiSders Supply Co., Ltd.  - Sealers  in. i>  ,     SCREENED SAND AND GRAVEL  CRUSHED STONE, LIiVSE, CEMENT ETC.  Of co  1901   Georgia  St.  Sey   7175  -      I  Bunkers  Sey.   4066  4065  ENGINEERS  AND   CONTRACTORS  OrTlce and Works.    11S5 Sixth  Avenue W,  Vancouver, 'B   C. >  We  stock here a complete line of the goods of the following firms:   ****  A3VT*3-?1ICAN HOIST & DERRICK CO. HOISTIXG ENGINES AND DERKICKS  E.  LEONARD  &   SONS,   ENGINES  AND  BOIEERS *���������  W/. SEING-TON  IBON. WORKS* DONKEY   ENGINES,   HOISTS,   ETC.    .  Contractors' and  Builders'  Equipment carried in stock, including:  v  Hoists, Dei ricks  and   Winches _ ,   '  Concrete  Alrxers  Scrapers.  Drimp  Cars and  Rnla>ing Rails.  CVntr if ugal Pumps.  Steam Sho\els and   Rock Crushers.  .Votors, Air Compres*-ors, etc, ptc  Vfe  operate  a  frilly   ectnippea   machine   shop.    Contractors'  rush  ordora  gu'^u special and pionipt attention.  ���������Willi  MT CONTRACT  TOR  foi   the Go'dsteln  apirit*-,   Bcokei,  Camp-  CONVERT THIS "WEEK '���������'-���������111  ^  \**> hippie, contra  103 Wsnch Building Phone Seymour 187 - 5929  English K-B & S " CONDOR " and  CALBFORNIA " GOLDEN GATE " CEDENT.  Partition Tile For ABE BuSBding Purposes  REINFORCING and STRUCTUHAL STEEL.  Lime, Plaster, Fire Brick, Tin Plate, Pig Iron Etc.  Archts W.illliiK'lOii & A*-, .leatle*-.,, Da\ is  Chamber "s.1 ha\e comirletod the plans for  the Corr\cnt ol the Gootl Shepherd to lie  erected at Point Giev, and the plans  will 1)0 anpimed tins w eok, aftei which  the contract is expected to lie let at once  PIiAKS TOR JiANGI.EY  RE3I3*)ESrCE  NOW  DSATafG  CONTRACTyiET  POR  ADDITZONAI, STORT  li,:  [r,  I  I  m  Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's  SVSTEM OF STATIONARY PLANTS  791 &ranville/ St.  Phona Soymour 1487    - .'  Vancouver, B. C.  City R^ap&Whste Print Co  brilliant blue prints  Drafting tracing maps  432   Cordova  Street  "We3t  Phone:    Sejmour  C693  VICTORIA���������*.The contiacts ha^e been  awarded by Hnjwuid & Bainard foi an  addrtronal stoiy to the St James' bldg,  now rn course of erection on Johnson  *-vt, near the corner of Douglas fct Tro-  \r=ion  is  made for   102 apaitmcnt rooms  Goodfellow  303 1-2 Ha-t-  conrrni*-=luned to  re-.ldei-.ee    to   be  KOEHRING CONCRETE   i\  ARE THE BEST.    ASK   THE OPINION OF'THE  ���������45 Satisfscd  Users  Bn Vancouver  PRICES  OV   APPLICATION  CANADA FOUNDRYCO. LTD.  1065  Pender St. Phone   Seymour 571(  Archi *\\" O  inu;-. *-t XX', h<n been  prepare plans for a  elected at Laurie*., foi a rc-IJept of that1  nmnicrpalrtj- The bldg- Mill be 25\.'5J it,  .ind \\ rll contain ahoi't 6 looms Plans  wrll he completed in a few da> s, wnen  tenders wrll probabb be taken from  sele\clod contr actos.  TENDERS   TCR   IDTTERIOR  XOP.TH VANCOUVi:P.���������Goorg-e Ca*"p-  i^l  S������ru !3       '%''���������'���������' EI  Offlco: 108 A.axander St.  Phone Sejmour IT1,?,.  ���������WarohonBe:  821  Powell  St.  Uuilders and Contractors'  SUPPLIES  Metal Lath, Metal Ceil  inn. Wire Rope, Tool &  Drill Steel and General  Supplies.  Let us figure en your ELECTRICAL CONTRACTS. Nothing too large;  nothing too small. Our stock of Electric Chandeliers is the largest in the  city.  333 Hastings Street West *  Contractors  with all  modern  coruenrences, besides  $  bell,   sec  ot   the school   board,   v'i'1   tale  stores   on   the  ground   Moor,   and   a   t\\ o . lender -.   arrtrl   Juno   11.   for   the   inter lor  s   ~t.,.y basement     The bias is expected to  woil:  to  comp'ete  the  uppei   flo'oi .cl.i s  !   ha f,.iu   pnmnli.ff.fi nnd  in  rrrnrinc oi dt-i   i oorr*=- in  tl*o Li)ii*-rlale school   Check foi r  be firllj   completed and rn  lunnng ordui   r oorr  :   by the end of August  ArchSbald Moar & Co  "The Map Men '������  BLUE PRINTING  Drafttime ' Tracing  Reliability and Dispatch  Rooms 216 ��������� 217 Empire Bills Km Seymour  Falkenburg & Laucks, Ltd.  CHEMISTS,   ENGINEERS  We  inspect  cement,   all  structural  materials and construction work.  152 Trounce Alley. Seymour 7159  ���������ELECTRICIAN VTAN1BB  Applications will be leeer\ed until  June 12, by S XV Barclay, ut\ dor K ol  reirne, B C, for the position of cit.*.  electilcran Applicants to <-t;������te qi.ahh-  catrons and salary wanted.  f!\c i ei   cent to accompany tender  CONTRACT LST POR  ���������KTT3irCIPAX HAI.Ii  AA'E^T VANCOUVER���������Tlie contiact foi  the nei\ munrcmal hall has been awarded to Kejnold Jionrt of this mu'ircipalitv,  work  to begrn at once  ���������Si  g  Eiecttric iHoists,  GasoUrae S^ojs-s  And ESevators  En A3I Sizes  365 Water Street  Phone  Sey. 3237  "'Xttm&xrb,  tI:i'w^;a i,-:,- /-. :^.-.\^���������l-^\.^>.'i'^.^,is----r<^.\'i ���������.iV������fc,i,6 'i. ^^./V-t\^,:%jr������?.7.i:,r-*.!-*--i JuitCWiS ui.**i'iifl,.v,iu,i:Tt\->l>.*M&i',\'-..**��������� i -. PP������;>-.l*?i^'-������������������:,���������&*>���������     "' '  ;fo-i.+������-J&C",  .*���������*.���������'*.>���������:i-.��������������� -^���������^���������n,'^'i^i^-i^M^-%X,h'~?rhTi'PM:-.'.m^&^:y^t^., ���������#-,.*���������������������������,���������<*'���������.��������� ������*������->,jf."i.smu..���������������,.-���������*-���������.��������� m.-'-fs*-,���������*.���������=���������-��������� c^-.'ti.-i.i'  '?^:*N.\*i������WJtiV.-*- \--,������'-'l!l--'^i"<:-.-<-.WA..--i*r&:"^ \  fc&ITISH COLUMBIA  ������(*, _* ittsrt "**Vi ������������ vjt*p ������������������",    5-1-**"-  ---tvsl       -  '^tf.'  vDAILY BUILDING RECORD.  ���������t- ..V     m.v   ,*>       ���������   ^,1,/  9AZL? Birxz.'Bxsra ��������� RECORD.   iN  Published Dally Except Sundays  BUECOBS PUBLISBXNa COMPAKT  Address:  583 Homer-Richards Lane.  Rear of 431 Dunsmuir Street  Telephone Seymour 7808  HubBcription Price       -       ?1.00 a month  ,r  ���������'������������������ Payable In' Advance ,   .  1 '  BUILDING-  PERMITS.  Permits for the various municipalities  "Will appear under this head on the following days:  Monday���������Victorra.  Tuesday���������South Vancouver, Victoria,  New Westminster.  Wednesday���������JVorth Vancouver, Point  Grey, Victorra.  .    Thursday���������South  Vancouver,   Shaughnessey Heights, Victoria.  Friday���������North Vancouver, Point Grey,  .Victoria.  Saturday���������South   Vancouver,  Victoria.  As I&iued���������West Vancouver.-,  Producers Rock & Gravel     Ltd. r  Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAY!       ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD  OFFICE AND BUNKERS [FRONT AND MANITOBA STS.  BUILDING PERMITS  EXCEED   $200,000  -kfiRHISDALE��������� That building permits  Tor the month of "May probably exceeded  any  other  month  in  the  history of  the  'municipality,  is   tho statement of Point  Grey  building inspector,  AVrlliam  Neve.  Returns are not complete as jet, cuing*  io   the  fact   that   the   inspector  did' noL  enter upon his dirties  until  tlie  13th  of  - May.' ' , ,     i )������,.-  , ^ ' * -        .  Results,    however,    are     expected   to  show   an   amount   in   the   clos,o   -vicinity  of $200,000.     ,.  The activity in building wars reflected  ,'by the/,record-breaking number, of permits I, issued by the wiring rnspector.  ?274.33 was realized in fees for permits,  the number of which was more than one  hundred:*      . '  Head Office and  Bunkers:  Store St., foot of Chatham  Phone.305 Victoria, B. C.  Vancouver Office and Bunkere:  Front and Manitoba Sts.'  Phone Fairmont 552.  Western Bungalow  Company  Designing of homes our specialty  SUPERVISING and ESTIMATING  Sey. 1856.    703 ���������Dominion Trust Bldg.  Keep down your pay roll expense by using lime which  slakes instantly. 99.5% pure.9  'B^     ESntblU*1*i  201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg.   VANCOUVER, B. c.        Phone Sey.  9505  Plans for Buildings in this Table are in the Hone's of the Architects,   and    the   Date   Given    for   their  Completion is Approximate only.   When, the'Contract is Let,'Name of Contractor is Given in Last Column.  Character Estimated   Cost  l--sto  store  and  apmts        45,000  Add to apmts        -10,000  9 sto  conc ofc  bldg $1 00,000  Sr.sters of Good Shepherd        75,000  S sto conc oflice ?200,000  'BOUTO VANCOUVEB BUILDING  PEBMITS    TOTAL   ������?220,000  SOUTH VANCOUVER��������� It was ' an'-  iliiUhced ,by Building Inspector JYounge  ���������yesterday morning that he had ' issued  tWo hundred and * thirty-three building  i ^permits 'during the month of May aggregating a sum'of $220,000. ' These totals  &re not as large as those compiled for  the month of April. The month of June  is expected to break the record, as in  \h\s month'many new dwellings will'be  started.  3-sto  apt  hse         Co.OOO  1   sto    brk   apmts 15,000  5 sto  brk & conc oflices $2 10,000  Brk   school   bldg .*. .-.        90,000  2 sto stone & frame ies  $25,000  3 sto fork stoie and looms 25,000  -1-sto brk add  to hospital        60,000  Dawson school         150,000  6-sto brk office bldg      200,000  Powerhouse      ,   40,000  Two 3-sto brk rmg hse        70,000,  8-sto  hotel  add      150,000  3  8-sto  school adds '    120,000  8-sto  brk office  bldg      110,000  3-sto"apmt hse  :..       55,000  3-sto brk apmt .'.        40,000  4-room add        -'25,000  10-sto conc office bldg :      35������,000  Polrce Headquarters       175,000  Club   bldg          230,000  8 sto conc club bldg ?350,000  3 sto brk stores' & offices $40,000  2  sto, brk  lodge .-. $30,000  6  sto   brk  apmts $85,000  3-sto stone and brk hospital..   ,225,000  Brk and stone church ".'.     150,000  6-sto  brk bldg :     95,000  10  sto  store 2,000,000  Prov.  Girls'"'Home      100,000  3-sto, 80x90, apmt         75,000  3-4-sto apmts and stores <   160,000  Location     Owner Architect  "PERMITS  TOTAL   $3,030,020.,  , "WINNIPEG���������Building permits in May  totalled $3,030,020. Permits numbering  $67 for 802 buildings were issued'. ' In  Stfay, 1911, 563 permits for 660 bldgs  costing $2,374,550 were granted. ��������� <  Since Jan. l; the permits were 1756,  ���������Jor 2175 bldgs costinfi $S,061,730. During the corresponding ^period of 1911,  k^6S permits for, 1755 bldgs costing $6,-  165,100   were  issued.  SOON BEADY TO BEGIN  .CONSTBUCTION ON THEATBE  '- VICTORIA���������The lease on the bldg occupying the property on ,whlch it Js  lntened to erect a theatre for this city,  expires in July, and it is exepcted that  Construction will begin shortly after.  Plans are completed by the archts, XV.  O .H. Rochfort, and E W. Sankey, and  the  stock has  been  fully  subscribed.  J   'WEST VANCOUVER PASSES  ALL IMPROVEMENT BYLAWS  "WEST VANCOUVER���������All the implement bylaws brought before the voters  last Saturday were passed. These pro-  Vide for $75,000 for various roads and  school sites for' $25,000.  40,000  150,000  50,000  35,000  696,000  "5,000  SjO.OOO  150,000  1,000,000  'i'lOO.OOO  41,500  55,000  60,000  75,000  , 22,000  20,'000  75,000  10-sto brk "apmt hse      250,000  7-sto  conc  bldg...'. ,   225.000  Rmg house          21,000  8-sto   office   bldg '.       230,000  6-sto   whse  bldg        36,000  6-sto store,& rooms..'..."-. '   t60,000  6-sto apmts      60,000  6-sto  conc add         60,000  Brk and stone'church...:      100,000  S-sto steel & brk office bldg..        85,000  Stone church v         50.000  4 t6 10-sto conc stores & rooms     100,000  Brick and stone church '...       25.000  3-*sto   conc   wrhse '         50,000  3-sto brk apmts.  Women's "Club  '.   Brk or conc school...  3-sto brk apmt hse...'....  Power plant   4-sto store & lofts...  University bldgs  Steel, bridge      10-stp  ofc .bldg. .A   Club Bldg.   Bridge   ,  3 fire halls   3-sto   apmts      5-sto   hotel   bldg   4-sto brk apmts   2-sto fr apmts.'..'   3-sto brk-stone res....  6-sto  brk  whse.  All   items  below  this  rule ,appear -in  Broadway & Yukon I*>. "McCallum  Victoria Miss Jean Mollitoir  700   blk- Granville st   Pornt  Grey     Hastings & Hornby E. A. Morns  Kitsilano   i. 1..T.  II.  Calland  Burrard & Evelergh B.  T    Roger-,  New Westmrnster    'West. Trust Co  Tipperary  Park,  yew  Westminster   Shaughncsfeey  Heights T.   Greenhow  Keeier*   nr   "Mam Sam* Kee  Xelbon, B. C... ^Kootenay Lake Hospital  New Westminster Peoples Trust' Co'.  'Cai Is Road B. C. E. K.  New Chinatown    Hastrngs and Main L. L   Mills  So. Van So. Van. School Board  Blk  12, Hast.  St..McDougal fr Cameron  llth  and  Main J.  P.  Mathers  Hastings fat  E   Central school   School Board  Granville & Georgia. .H. Birks Sons. Ltd.  City of Vancouver Powell st  Hastings  and   Hoinby. .Vancouver   Club  Georgia fr Burrard sts* Y. M.'C. A.  Kamloops ...._ '    Syndicate  Victoria K. 0f P  Hastings  & Jackson A.   G.   Ferrera  New  Westminster.Roy.  Columbia Hosp.  ���������Victoria 1st   Baptist   Cchurch  Cordova st _ Scan.  Meth.  Mission  Georgia & Granville Hudson Bay Co.  Govt Hastings Townsite  Victoria Lindsay & Roberts  Pender, Bute, Melville Sts...J. J. Banfield  Park drive .'. J. H. Richardson  Thurlow  St    Women's  Clubs  Nanaimo School  Trustees  Broadway W   Kamloops *;   Pender, nr Columbia  Point  Grey      Georgia-Harris st  ..  Not to be made public. .Can. Home Inv.  Undecided V. A. C.  2nd Narrows.. Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.   :    City  No.   Vancouver Stevenson   Bros.  Powell  and' Heatley st ,   Alberni st... i McNeil Bros.  50S-18i Scmlin Drive Savainar Bros.  Shaughnessy Hts ..' '.   C.  P.   R.   Reserve '.  . ?    Dr.   Robt.   Telford  Howe st .* B. C. Bible Socletv  Powell and Hawkes Chas. Putnam  Victoria....' Dom.   Trust  Co7  Water st  A   Seymour,  near Dunsmuir.. .D.  Campbell  Car-dero & Comox..'.'.. ,D. D. Hutchinson  Victorra ' .'   . . ��������� S. Jones  Carl and Pender Church of St. James,  200  blk,  Hastings E   .Shaughnessy  Hts   : Methodists  Homer & Georgia Sts E. Mahon  Fraser ave South Hill 'Baptists  E. Powell St B. C.  Sugar Refinery   ' City  .Story & Campbell   Province  ,.City  Towriherrd   &   Townsend  J.   S.   li    Taylor   Parr. McKenzie & Dav...  *\*> allmgton  &  Wheatley  Thos.   Hooper-...  *W.   F.   Gardiner. ..."    "  lv.   J3i,\an  >  Gardiner  &��������� Mercer.'."." "  Gardmer  -fr   Mercer  G.  P.  Bowie     -      ' "  Bryan   &   Townsend.   ..'..  S   B   Birds   N.,  A.   Leach     '  uardiner  &  Mercer   B.  C.-K.  R   Stuart, White & Peters. Start'coiist  t    ir   5ender  (Kansas City) i\.  J.   II.   Bowman    ...>... m  )Y. D. Van Sielen AAA...   ttr. P. White   Jones & Beat&on   N. A. Leech      Somervell   &  Putnam '  Competitive    Sharp & Thompson.   H. S. Griffiths *"'.".'  G.   B.  Kaufman   ^Il^rlit^^'" ftJEf  S.    B.   Birds....  j ���������T,VIle, S  ,J. M. Warren.........      t���������i v  Otto   Moberg         ; "["J,  AUA'ecox0rWOOd & ^'i^-���������-"-V-Augu^t  Robt./Kriipe ".".".'."." '.'   F. H.   Perkins     'A "A  J. H. Bowman   Not chosen      Not chosen A ...: ..  Horel & Roberts .  Dutclier & Maxwell..  XV. T. .Whiteway   Not chosen      Not-chosen      Not   chosen !   C. A. Jones   John Wolfe-Barry..'.'.'"."n  Not, chosen        A*  Townsend & Towr^nd '..'..'.'..'..';':" Delaved  Alder & Campbell AAA. Delaved  Townsend. &  Townsend   '.".".De tved  ^ownsend  &  Townsend .1 Delayed  XV. F. Goodfellow    DelS-SS  G. P. Bowre  .. ."Plana Ready  ...". .Bids   closed  .. . .Bids   closed    Bids'closed   Bids  closed   Bids   closed  -    -Bids   Closed  ..     Bids   Closed   Bids   Closed  ���������  Now  ���������Selected, Contrs   Now   Now   Now   Now  ...Now  May 1  May   May   May     ,  ,....:. May   Mav   May   June   June A   June 1st   June  . June '1  Telephone 1045  1318 Wharf Street  CANADA MOSAIC TILE CO.  Manufacturers Of "  "Argilla" Mosaic Flooring Tiles  ������  v.?-"1-'.  P. O. Box 1171'}  VICTORIA, B/O.  ' '1  :''il  iV;  A]  '. lig  ewtoui & Greer Co., Limited.^  c" N. A. G. "  Roof Compositions  For Waterproofing Or Fireproofing  Mr 1  1118 Granvillo St,  " Vancouver  1323 -Wliarf 'aWr''   Victoria ,fiA.  : il  sTow> being drawn"  .Delayed  CANADIAN EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO  LTD-  ' VANCOUVER, B.ic, AND CALGARY, ALBERTA       "'l  METAL SASH and METAL CASEMENTS -3  Many of the largest buildings and residences of this cit&  equipped with our Sash.   Enquiries.solicited,from architects tfta*  contractors.  Phones Seymour 2330 and 5021.  r; - :*  418 Pacific Building.''  t'.-t  s    -i  ������,i "I  WZBZj bopb"  Manufactured   by   American Steel &' Wire  Co  ,.__������������������������������������     nest tlualltieB for , Co'  ���������LOOGINO, - HpfflTtto ana /tier purposes,  "btock carried' "by  .-AA  i'   .  this table for first time to'lay.  ~XV.   M.   Dodd-..._   C. A. Jones    -  Alder-fr Campbell   H.   S.   Griffith   II. B. Watson .*   .  iruc?h Braunton    R   M. Fripp     '  Thos.  Hooper     .  Alexander   fr   Brown',".'  Parr, McKenzie fr Day  G. 'A.   Horel   XV. ;F.   Gardiner, .v.  Horel   fr   Roberts -. .xjay   ia.oov  Kenrrerly  Bryan .*-..-��������� Dily  IaboJ-  Delayed   Delayed   Delayed'   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite  ... .Indefinite  ... .Indefinite  ... .Indefinite  ..   .Indefinite  Day   labor-  "uw\.a  wii-uecr oy '  W8LKINSON COMPANY LIMITED  B46< Beach   Ave. ''.VANCOUVER ������        e'        ''���������'   3  . : . _.   Phone Sey. 7915'-,  BAR-BOB  BREAKWATER  VICTORIA���������Notificatron has been received in Victoria that specifications for  tenders for the outer wharf breakwater-  are being prepared at Ottawa.' When the  plans ahe complete tenders are to be  invltd.^. The work is being piepjared  5n the office of the department of public works at Ottawa, and C. . C. Wors>-  fold, the British Columbia resident engineer, is back at Ottawa now In connection with  the matter.  When completed, the plans, if drawn  according to the leport of'Louis Coste,  will show a bieakwater large enough  to shelter five concrete piers, providing about 6,000 feet of berthing for  ocean-going  vessels.  Less Space Required  For Beds  ^  Ventilation Simple and Perfect  PERFECT CONCEALED BED CO.  Display Room, S70 Granville St.,t VANCOUVER, B. C.  Plione: Sey. 5092  B LIMITED.  HAUdMAN MACHINERY CO  > ; We have them IN STOCK *tm*a  Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, Transmission Etclff  PHONE:    SEY.  952,   VANCOUVER,   B.  a  -37-43 a'S"     "        ^  ������NDER  Tlie Imperial Agencies Corporation  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND NOVELTIES ���������   CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  Phone Sey. 6122-       VANCOUVER, B. C. '    > Hastings St. W. ,(Rea"  is  TKE   POIiLOWING   TABLE   SHOWS   BUIliDINGS   COSTINO   $8000   OK   OVER,     ON     WHICH     CONSTRUCTION  UNDEB  WAY,  OS ON WHICH CONTB ACTS  HAVE   BEEN  X.BT  BUT   CONST RUCTION   HOT   YET   STABTED.  Character     ' Cost   location        Owner Architect       Contractor  Hospital ' '. **   323,000  2-bto  brk  hotel           45.000  6 to 10-sto conc bldg ,   300,000  S-sto office bldg.'       300,000  10-sto hotel          520,000  Water  extension   ...-      750,000  Convent           300,000  3-bto stone & conc bldgs    t 750,000  14-sto hotel   1,000,000  Power plant   .- '   500,000  Jetty         171,000  5-sto store and offices       100.000  Concrete   doclts       1,000,000  6-sto   conc. hotel         50,000  Adobe res           25,000  10-hto conc apmts       400,000  NEW WESTMINSTER PERMITS  Ss'EW WESTMINSTER���������The total of  the building permits for the fir it five  months of 1912 Is $688,728, a������ compared  with a total for the six months of 1011  which barely passed the $600,000 mark.  The total for May, 1912. is $170.2S0, as  compared with $290,255 in May, 1911. Of  thClatter fig'ure, $150,000 was accounted  for by the New Westminster Trust block,  ���������TENSERS  FOR MUNZCIPAI,   WORK  NORTH VANCOUVER���������John R. Cos-  grove, district engineer, has plans and  Specif now ready and tenders may be addressed to John G. Farmer, municipal  clory, until 5 p.m. June 6, for" building  li fire shed, lavatory, etc, at terminus  of the Capitalo carline, and clearing,'  grading and grubbmg several'loads in  the  municipality.  6 sto stoic-ioom bldg...  S-sto brk  business  bldg..  5-*-to garage    Lonsdale -chool bldg   7-.sto  apmt   bldg   4-sto  corrc  rm  hse   6-sto  brk  apmt  bldg....'.  6-sto brk  sto & rmg hse.  4-sto brk rmg hse   6-sto brk hotel   6-stb bank bldg../.   3-sto conc garage   G-sto   hotel  Burrard & Comox Sisters of Charity   R. I  Pnnceton, B. C Peter Swanson   ~  Water & Abbott Sts Swift & Co.  Pender & Homer Dom. Trust Co.  .Melville & Burrard W. H. Ramsey  Seymour Creek City bf Vancouver  Point  Grey Srsters of Sacred  Heart  Victoria, B.  C Provincial Government  Georgia and Granville C. P. R.  Pundledge River Canadran Colleries  Steveston    Dom.  Govt.  Victoria T.rN. Hibben & Co.  North    Vancou \er Jas.   Kcll  610-12 Cordova st F. W. Padmore  Shaughnessy Hts Mrs. Dr   Mackay  Georgia & Hornby Mr. Evan-.  NE cor Homer &. Duns. .Wll'-on & Harris  .Jas.*  Borland  ..Beggs Auto Co.  G-sto brk hotel       100,000  \dd to Cecrl Rhodes school.  5-sto  conc   whse   Brk  and  stone  school   S'-sto steel fr brk mg hse..  7-stot apmts      1-sto'brk sto & apmts.  7S.U0I  60,000  75,001'  75.001  100,000  55,000  Dry   dock           260,000  gnu nnn  59,000  75,000  85,000  30,000  45,000  Rreakwater   Wtv  4-sto brk oflice  bldg   Whse bldg    6-sto office bldg  .*. ,  6-sto brk hotel add   3-sto brk  rmg hse   S-sto   brk   apts 250,000  3-sto   brk  whse        35,000  S-room  school  bldg        53,691  3 sto brk apmts $40,000  Depot & offices   1,000,000  1-sto  rmg   hse        30,000  1st  Pres.   Church.  Victoria      100,000  4-sto rmg hse   12-stall   roundhouse  .$11=1,000  SO.O00   Hastings   st  75,000   Thurlow and Alberni...  42,000   I.on*-da e  135,000   Thurlow and  llaro T. F.  Paterson  35,000   Seymour and Dunsmuir H. Pybus  125,000   1127   Jtob->on Chas.   G.   Muller  SO,(lot*   Gore & Ila&trng--. Hooper & Snider  33,000   363-5 Hamilton XV. E  Hanson  100.Ouo   Hastings and Dunlevy. .Dr. T. H. Wrlson  100,000   Hastings  and  Main    Molsons  Bank  36,000   Victoria      Met.   Motor   Car   Co.  lOO.onc   Abbott & Pendrill P.   Mathews  Keeier & Gore "Mrs. W. San lord  ���������Jity School Board  Water   St McLean   L-troa.  12th  and  Victoria dr School  Board  ."'00  blk,  Hastings  E   Bute &  Nelson Lightheart   Bros  Gore  and'Pender .* Lee   Kee  Prince Rupert G. T. P. R. R.  Fraser  R.,   Steveston,  B.  C Govt.  10th and Main ' D.  E. Harris  Davie  and   Hamilton.. .Otis-Fensome  Co.  Govet st, Victoria    Harris and Main D. McClaren  Powell st Mr.  Sanguinetti  Beach & Chllco sts A. D. Goldstein  Dunsmuir & Beatty C. A. Godson  D. L. 301  : City  Thurlow & Pender Mrs.  S. Woods  Granville & Cordova C. P. R.  100 blk, Cordova E A. C.  McNeil  Quadra and Flsguard st   35(10(1  uicuaids  st Haley  &   Sutton  60,000 Coqurtlam ' C.   P.   R.  Tegen.  Vancouver Roofing Co  Contractors For  Tar and Gravol Roofing:. Dampproofing  Expert Roo finer Repairing  Sheet Metal Work of all Descriptions  ?ohno  Sey.  6949 407 Loo Bid*  r.-rctory. 1921 Triumph St.   Sey. 4130R  Vacuum    Cleaner    Plants.      Church  ^l8,������and Sc2l0������l "Furniture. Theater  J"? Opera Chairs. Metal lookers  ind   OMce   nsturee.     Wall   Burla|,"  Phone, Sey. 6476      533 Bonder St. W.'  Frame   Church    15,000So.   Vancouver   Baptists  5 sto  ������tore  and   rooms      35.000 Mexander st Brown  & Howie  Conc. .Lighthouse $22,000 Pt.  Atkinson Dom.   Govt  4 sto brk store & rms $30,000 Powell nr. Gore K  T.suchida  6 sto  brk wrhse & office     62,000 Water St    Dr.  A.  Thompson  ���������o  w -a Norton  Griffiths  Biosernann & Durfee C. P. Stanlev  A. E. Shank      J. McDiarmid & Co'.  H.   S.   Gr-rflitlis Norton-Griffiths   Co.-  ��������������������������� ������������������������;��������������������������� Ferro-Conc. Const. Co.  X,    J?- T,e<V ���������','��������� -Bunard Engr. Co. et al  ?-' $' ������*������BC\y ���������' s-, J*   L"nd  iVr *I' JJattenbury. . .McDonald '& Wilson  W. S. Painter '. . .Skene & Christie  Company ....Grant-Smith  &  Co.  mi' ' ��������� * tt' .: T- *'��������� Smclair  Thos. Hooper. .Sound Const. & Engr. Co.  o* VV. ���������'is- ������������������;:    Norton   Griffiths i  R.   J.   MacDonald Baynes   &   Hone  17- ���������A\������������,ctor Egdell & Dixon  ^ ,?��������� MIu?,n ���������; v \ ^'de'1 & Dixon.  Dal ton & 1m eloign Baj ires & Hone  Parr, McKenzie fr Day B   David-on  L. E. Gordon Dom   Const   Supplv vCo.  Jameson & Blackadder.J E Wright & Co  Y\ . D.   Van  Sielen Dorn.  Conc.  Co  I?; V,- $'evc������? ,& Co* -H- L- Stevens & Co.  XV. D. Van Sielen.. .Dom. Const. Co, Ltd.   Frantz Const. Co  . . .FranU Const. Co  .Dom. Const. Co., Ltd  . .. .H. L. Stevens Co.   Adklnson   &   Dill  ,,     ,    ,,----- li-   McLean   &   Co  Hugh   I3r aim ton E    G.   A Ibin  IV A. Leach McLain & Co  Thos.  Hooper Adklson   &  Dill  N.   A.   Leech                         .   McLain   Bron.  Parr,  McKenzie & Day B. Davidson  2WT,erTT.    Owners  S. B   Birds c. L. Williams  Co.  Engnr.s. .. .British  N.  A.  Const.   Co.   ��������� Slnclarr Const.  Co.  A.  J.  Bird Wiles  & Fisher  Thos.  Hooper "McDonald   &  Wilson  Thos. Hooper  Westholme Lbr. Co.  Townsend & Townsend  E.  J.  Ryan  Owner  E. J. Ryan  W. P. W., Booker, Campbell .... Whipple  G. P. Bowie * ...A.  Adams  N. A. Leech..Booker, Campbell & Whipple  W..P. White  ... S  C. Briscoe  Contrs.. .Westlnghouse, Church, Kerr Co.  J. P.  Matheson & Son.. .Dom   Const.  Co.  W.   R.   Wilson Parfitt   Bros.  Braunton &  Liebert. .Davis-Sanders   Co.  Company S.  Gordon & Son  J. P. Matheson '& Son Mr. Thompson  Braunton & .Liebert Egdell & Dixon  Govt Rourke,  McDonald & Moncrief  ���������W.' M. Dodd J. J.  Frantz oCn-t Co.  Sharp  &  Thompson....Rourke,   McDonald  &  Moncrief.  ��������� Pertaining,      i?     ���������;-'  To Floors Of- :y   '  -, - -������wj*'       <       WOOD  VANCOUVER FLOOR CO.  8th Ave. & (������7^ Eayera  ������"< ������*���������*������  ,,      ^r've Phone Fairmont 1612  HEATING AND VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office Suite 614-615-616. _    *        B-nk of Ottawa Building-.  Thos. Hooper.  XV.   p.   White   L  E. Gordon   II. L. Ste\errs Co.  II.   S.   Griffith   A.  J.   Bird..  B.C. Screen & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.  SLIDING AND CASE.-VSENT WINDOW SCREENS'  CHURCH AND LODGE FURNITURE  STORE AND OFFICE FITTINGS  266 Dugorln  Street' Bast        ^Phone. Fa.rmont 1643 VANCOUVBB,  B.  O.  STRATHCONA  &ERRESDALE  Point Grey Supply Co.  Head Office  310 Richards St.  Phone Sey. 41 OS  ANGUS  Branch  Kerrisdale B. C.  Phone Eburne 46 H  E. 0. PARNELL  Fire and Burglar Proof Safes  Vault Doors  School desks and Opera chairs  I Phono: Soy. 1584       667 Hamilton st  G. E.  6 CO.  Turnbull Elevators & Lowerators  Contractor's Material Hoists in Stock.  319 Pender St.    Fhone Say. 6910.  S. RBZZO Contractor  Sewer Connections a Specialty.  ���������Excavating-, land Clearing-.  Phone Sey. 7532. 224 Harris St.  Dunham Vacuum  and  Vacuo-Vapor Heating  Systems  .     Ask for  "Latest  Catalogue  and  Particulars.  157 Water St. Phone: Sey. 5632.  Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel  429 PENDER STREET WEST ��������� Bunkers; Sty. 6751  Office: Sey. 4534  If you want any information or estimates on yonr  ELECTRICAli WOBX,  CAlIi  UP  seylhr5348   CRUICKSHANK fi CO.    RiciiasS!Sf.  Ag-ehts for "Aston Z" Tungsten Lamps, the Best on the -War-iet  '*     "   %  a:A  .*��������� * * i<V .1  \-2' *   '*������������������ *, ft
Deads, Not Words!
Mr. Contractor:    Don't take our word for it that we have the best
CONCRETE MIXER on the market, and that it will do this and do that
tor you, but ask any contractor who has used or is using the
>.   , Just what he thinks of it. ' *
Dominion Equipment & Supply Co.
Phone:   Sey.
7155   .^
345 Water St.
508 Holden Bldg.
Wholesale Distributors of*     _
Steam and Hot Water Boilers
Hot-Water and   Steam   Radiators
Warm-Air Furnaces and Registers
566-570  BEATTY ST.
PHO'NES Seymour 7596-7597
North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co., Ltd.
Office 56 "Lonsdale Ave.
Wharf foot of St. George Ave.
Phones 198,  178.
Alexander & Brown. Tairfleld Bldg Sey. 8848
Alder & Campbell, .Exchange Bldg Sey. 697-4
Badgely, C   D, Riggs-Seiman Bldg..1.	
Barber & Barber, North Vancouver	
Barker, H.  M, Hutchinson Bldg Sey   8831
Bayly, G   M. Dom   Trust Bldg Sey. 5643
Bird, A. J., Winch Bldg .' Sey. 428S
Birds, S. B., A.B.I B.A., 205-3  -Duncan Bldg     .. Sey. 4897
Blackadder, H, No   "Vancouver ��� 351
Blackmore,  E   E,  306 Loo Bldg - Sey. 2379R
Blair, David, 522 Pender W Sey. 7103
Bowie, Geo  P, Bank of Ottawa Bldg. Sey. 3510
Bowman, 3. H., Crown Bldg Sey. 6028
Braunton & Liebert, 81 Exchange Bldg Sey. 3921
Bresemann & Durfee, Holden Bldg, & Victoria Sey. 2202
Bryan, Kennerley,  Crown Bldg Sey. 5508
Cox, Arthur A, Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 6677
Dalton & Eveleigh, Davis Chambers Sey.    662
Dawson,   J.   Holden  Bldg
Doctor, W  A , Metropolitan Bldg Sey.
Dodd, W. M   Can   Bank of Commerce Sey
Donnellan,   J    J,   Riggs-Selman   Bldg , Sey    6045
Du,toui, J   B,  Rlggs-Selman Bldg Sey
De-\\ar, Andrew, 84 Lonsdale, "North Vancouver
D. R   Morrison, lit '-Richards St Sey   2151-21S2
Vo Van Coal & Supply Co., 66 Lonsdale,. .N. V 198-178
\Vm. N. O'Neil & Co., 648-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798
Ritchie Contr. & Sup Co., Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9162
R. V. Winca & Co.. Ltd. Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944
B. C  Hardwood Floor Co, 667 Granville Sey
B.  C   Lumber Corp,  Ltd,  1605 Georgia Sey.
B  C  Supply Co, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey.
Can. Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey,
Dom  Sash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St .i.Sey.
E. H. Heaps & Co, 116 Victoria Drive Sey   	
Millwork Supply Co., 1606 Main St Fair 958-646
J   Fyfe Smith & Co, 1320 Richards Sey   1196
Prudential Builders, Ltd, 101 Dufferin St. W...Fair 101
Canadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..
' t 2.1mltea. -*    '(
Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work. - '
Quality Work,  Bight Prices and Promptness Guaranteed.  " '
Phone Sey. 8480 : Office:   104 Empire Bldg.
Fraser, Kenneth, Metropolrtan  bldg '    Sev   9096
Fnpp  R   MaeKay, Hutchinson Bldg Sey   493.:
���Gamble & Knapp, Davis Chambers  . .      Sey   6473
Gardiner, Win Fiedk., Hartney Chambers Sey. 2615
Gould  &  Champney   Rogeio   Bldg Sty   S4I.<
Goodfellow, XV  D, 303% Hastings St  XV iSey   G694
Grant i Henderson, Willums  Bldg Sey   1193
Griffiths, H   S , Dom   Trust Bldg -   Sey. 4920
Gaidiner Sr Mercer, LISA., New Westminster 661
GUIam   W   C  F   Hutchinson Bldg Sey   GOOD
Hammer, P,  111G  Bute  St Sev   531CL
liar greaves, L   XX ,  425 Saj'vard Bldg   Victorra  .     2743
*vcme Plumbing & Htg  Co, 131 10th Ave. E ..Fair (537
Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave W Bay.    296
J   E  Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St   W. Sey   2736
Grandview Sheet Metal Wks,  1729 Venables. .Sey   5284
Gurney Toundry Co, J^td , 666-rO Beatty. .Sey. 7596-7697
Johnston-Thompson  Co,  625  Bunard St Sey   7899
G   L   Kelling fr Co. t>05 Ponder St Sey   8228
Pease Pacific Toundry, Ltd, 324 Drake St Sey   8397
���/ancouvei   Booing Co, 407 Loo Bldg Sey   6949
Western Plumb  Co, Esplanade & St  Qcoige X  V       36
THE process of manufacturing "brick is a very Important matter. 'Every
brick turned out of our latest improved Berg press is made under a
pressure of 400 TONS. They are also cured in cylinder undor 120 pounds
steam pressure. ��� < "      , ,-.
ABSORPTION of moisture is only from 8 to 10 per cent. This is a very important foature in this climate. Our brick is being used in many important buildings. * * <.���r ���-
WE can supply brick of all kinds and colors. Our prices are right. Be sure
to get our figure before closing order.   You will save money.     -
Vancouver Pressed Brick & Stone
lJ8$������fr. -Wright, E.' C, S. Erag: Rfl. A. C. S
**�����* ��-��$����*    -1-'
' Phone Sey. 7255E
!Vw%S!Spec!a!ist En Portland and Other.Cements
-3BipeE6''AafMer on Building Materials, Etc��_ -       *     fifia b�����'* j***���
���^'���jttafiH^to'-A-WAii-irsxs ;  "' ' ""'
883 Burrard street -    -
Heath   Gove fr Xeuse   "Metropolitan Bldg    .      Sey -7631
Hel\er   fr Archer   Dom   Trust Bldg / . Sey   1499
Herde, A    V    "Metropolitan  Bldg '  .     .   Sey. 6311
Hodgson   Hugh A, Cuter Cotton Bid*? Sej    6'60
Honejnid.il oL Cmtis, S21 Pender "*A . Sey   lb21
lloopei    Thoma-i   *\\ inch  Bidg .    Sey   i35l
Hope   A   Campbell, Empire Bldg .      ���   Sej    592a
Horel fr Roberts. 1101-2 Dom   Trust Sev   190J
1 lor ton fr Phrpps, l'acilic Bldg . Sey   7096
Uovt   V*.     T    S,   709  Dunsmuii   St Sej    2S0'
James,  C   D,  Bank of B   X   A Sey   9532
Jameson  & Duggan.  708 Metropolitan Bldg...Sej'.    941
Tones  & Beatson,  Hutchinson  Bldg    . *     Sej'. 302-1
Jones & Aspell, Hartney Clrmbs and No   Van    Sej    4418
Kaufmann,   G.  B.,  Davis Chambers Sey. 4420
Keagej, J    W,  S2:  Pender   St.  XV Sey. 2746
Kearns, IT. A, j No. Vancouver '
'MacLuie & l*'ox, Pacific Bldg .> Sey   439G
Matheson, J   P., & Son, 532 Granvrlle Sej', 753!)
Mrtton, 'E    Stanlej',   Williams   Bldg Sey. 542"
Moberg, Otto, 41  Inns   of  Court Sey   7171
Pair. McKenzie & Day, 570 Granvrlle St Sej*.    73b
Perkins, P. H��� Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 4729
Perry  fr Areolars,  Pacrfic Bldg ' Sey. 8991
Pr-acna,   A    B,   S21  Pender-  St.   XV Sey. 1022
W. D.'O. H. Kochfort, 407 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria, 1804
Sedger, Tlios. D., 512 Bastion Square, Victoria 944
.Sharp & Thompson, Old Safe Bldg Spy. 10G4
.smith & Goodfellow, 303% Hastings W Sey. 6694
Somervell   &  Putnam,   racific Bldg Sey
Phone  Sey. 6910
319   Pender   St.   W.
Stroud. Angus B. Cartel-Cotton Bldg 1 Sey. 8469
Stuart, White 8c Peters, Metropolitan,Bldg.    .Sey. 8649
Taylor, J. D   S ,  Bower Bldg Sey. S314
Thornton  &' Jones,  Old  Safe  Bldg Sey.    810
Townsend fr Townsend, 520 Granville Sey. 1770
Twizell & Twi/ell,  1019 Metropolrtan Bldg    ..Sey. 7925
Van Srclen & Macomber 51 Can. Lite Bldg,       ..Sey.'4155
Wellington & Wheatley. Davis Chambers	
Watson, H   B, Holden Bldg ' Sey. 3451
White, XV. P., Hutchinson Bldg    Sey. 873S
Whiteway,   W.   T.,   "Molsons   Bank ���*. ..Sey. 3029
Wickenden\ C. O, 1062 Pender St   W Sey. 1744
Wilson, John,  221 Pemberton Bldg, Victoria 1592
Wright,  Rushfoith & Cahill,  709  Dunsmuir... Sey. 2S09
Wright & Mclntvre, Dom  Trust Bldg Sey. 8413
Western Bungalow Co., Dom   Trust Bldg Sey. '1856
Robinson,   L    G.   211   Holden   Bldg. .*'. ..^..   .Sey. 3112
Armstrong fr Wolfe, 1540 5tlr A\e W . .. .,
Grandwew bhect -Metal Wks. 1729 Venables
Vancouver   Hoofing  Co,   107  Loo  Bldg
/        GAS   APPLIANCES.
Buinside Gas Appl Co, 1037-9 Gi.in\ille St.
\\altei Kinscj, 1366 Gram ille St . . .
/ancouvei Gas Co, 10 Hastings St   K	
'Vm   X  ONeil fr Co, o48-50 Sejmour St    Sey
standard   Glass  Co,  j^td,  t>29  Barnaul    '.     .
v\ est   Plite Gla-sj, & Imp   Co    153 Coidova 13 Sov   4074
v\ ilco\ Ait^Glass.  hil  Broadway  W    Bay. 245
B   C  Hardwood Flour Co, 557 Giumille. Sey
Can   Pac  Lumber  Cu, Ltd, Rwy  fr Salsbury.  Sey
���iaile,  13   A.,  fr Co,   332  Pender*  St    W Sey.
i2J H. Heaps & Co, il5  Victoria Diive Sej'.
Vm   N   O.Neil & Co., 54S-50 Sejmour St..Sey. 4795-1798
I   Fjfe Smrth & Cu ,  1320  Richards Sey.  1196
Uillwoik Supply Co., 1005 Main St.' .'.Fair 958-546
Vancouvei l"iooi Co , Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Talr. 1612
s   Fyfe Smith & i_o.,  1320 Richards	
Bailey Hardware  Co.,   1407   Park  Drive Sej'.   6S70L
vpnie_PliimJjjr��=-L.'Htg   Co, 131 ,1 Oth Ave. E...Fair. 637
Aimstrong & Wolfe, 1510 5th Ave W Bay.    296
Barr* & Anderson,  Hi Hastings St.  W .' Sey.  61S0
Buinside Gas Appliance Co, 1037-9 Granville. .Sey. 3704
Jan   Buffalo Forge Co. (G. A. Biowning, 1261 Alberni St
J. E. Campbell & Co; 1064 Pender St, W. Sey.  2736
Dunham Systems,  157 Water St Sey.  5632
Guiney Foundiy uo , Ltd, 566-70 Beatty. .Sey. 7596-7597
V   G   Langiey  & Co.,'Ltd.,  319 Pendei  W...:.Sey. 3892
Pease Pacific Toundry, Ltd., 324 Drake St Sey.  8397
F. T. Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg7.: Sey. 9422
Xewton & Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 139��
Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887
Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg   _   _    -Sey  6949
Wm. Si. O'Keil & Co, 648-50 Seymour St..Sey. 47K5-4798 (
F T  Crowe & Co, 312 Pacinc Bldg Sey, 9423
Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. .Columbia Sey.,2988
C Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
Wm. N  O'Neil & Co. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 479B-479&
Wm C. Thomson & Co , 319 Pender St. W Sey.*3394  ,
Ritchie Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9163
q 'PATENT BEDS.    '
Holmes Disap   Bed Co, 319. Pender \ .Sey. 642f
Perfect Con   Bed Co., 570 Granville Sey. 609J
Reversible Cons. Bed Co, Holden Bldg Sey. 15SI
Balfour, Guthrie & Co, Winch Bldg Sey  187-592f
Cvans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey, 2981
Great West Sand & Gravel Co, Ltd , 1029 Main, Sey..849l   ���
F  T   Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg.'   Sey   9422
No  Van   Coal fr Supply Co, 66 Lonsdale,..N. V  198-178,
Wm  N   0,'Nei* & Co. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798
Point Grey Supply Co, 310 Richards St Sej'. 4105
Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran ,St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Shover & Thomas, 958 Main St......... Sey. 136S
Sej'. 6170
.Sej'.  1196
P. T   Ciove & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 9122
Wm X. O'Nerl & Co, Ltd, 54S Sejmour St..Sey. 479u
Wm C Thomson & Co 319 Pender St XV.'. .Sey. 3394
Ritchie Conti. & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162
ASPHALT   PELT.                 /
Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg     Sej'. ,6949
BLUE PRINTING. , ���     .
Archibald Moir &*Co , 216 Empire Bldg... .".'.Sey., 5378
City "Map & White Piint Co> 432 Cordova Wi.Sej". 6693
���Joninrereral Blue Punt Co., 329  Sejmour St.,,.Sey. ^erT*"*
School Heating  and Ventilating  Apparatus.
Office  and Warehouse,  334 Diake St., Phone Sey. 8397.
British and Foreign Marble and Onyx
Office  and Works,  3149 Main St.
Vancouver, B. C.
Plione Pair. 810
Fans, Heating and Ventilating Apparatus, Spiro Steam Turbines
Pumps and Air Washers        ���
G. A. Browning , Vancouver, B. C. 1261 Alberni St.
Anvil*Island Brick Co., An\il Island, Howe Sound, B  C.
Jllllwoik Supply Co., 1606 Alain St-. Fan  95S-546
Coa'^ Shale Brick Co , Ltd , 100S Metropolitan Sey. 8450
IT. T. Crowe & Co, 312 Pacilic Bldg Sey. 9422
livans, Coleman & livans, Ft. Columbia Sey   2988
Or eat West Sand & Gra\el Co , Ltd , 1029 Mam, Sej'. S491
C Gardinei Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
No. Van Coal & Supply-Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .IN*. V 19S-17S
W'm .��' O'iseil & Co, 04i.-60 Sejmour St..Sey 4795-479*
.Point Grey Supply Co, 310 Richards St  .   ...  Sey.   1105
PortHaney Brick Co, 615,Halting!, St   W Sey   1389
Hrtcrwe Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd, Gian St Budge, Sey, 9162
Van   Pies-'d  Brk & Stone, Ld, 101  Lruffeiin W   Fan   101
a. V. Wmch & Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944
F   T.  Crowe & Co,  312 Pacrfrc Bldg Sej'.  9122
llen,>y UcUirng, 28 Powell St i Sej*. 512
Mlliwoik Supply Co., 1605 iUdin St Fan   95S-546
L"van��, Coltman & ISvans, Ft   Columbia   Sej'   29b!*
C Gardiner Johnson fr Co, Johnson's Whf, Sfey 9146-9147
O   l-t   Monison,  712  Richards  St Sej    2151-2152
XVm C Thomson fr Co 319 Pender St W.. Sey. 3391
\'ancou\er   Roohn". Co, 407 Loo Bldg Sej'.  0919
Wm.'i*.   u-Neii fr Co , 548-50 bej mour St. .Sey. 4ji)5-479b
Lon   & Brrt. N   Am   Co, Ltd., 343 Pender W..Sey   62S6
U   V.  Wmch & Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944
l3alfoui\ Guthne & Co, Winch Bldg Sey   1S7-5929
Canadian Buildeis Supply Co,  lbOl Geoigia ..Sey   71
F  T   Ciowe it Co, 312 Pacihc Bldg &ej.  9422
ii*\ans, Coleman fr l.-\ans, Ft   Columbia Sej'   2Ub6
Gieat \\e-t band & Giavel Co, Ltd , 1029 Mam, Sej. S491
>. Garilrner Johnson fr lo , Johnson's Win, bej 9116-914 i
Mlliwoik bupplj  Co, 1605 Main bt I a.ir 95S-546
No Van Coal fr Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .IS. V 19S-17S
vV'ni. .\ O'-Nen & Co, 54S.-50 Sejinour St..Sey 1795-479!*
i'ornt Grey Supplj Co, 310 Rrchards St.. . . Sej. 410o
Undue Conti. & bup  Co, Ltd, Gran   St Bndge, bey, 916.
Li. V. Winch & Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg bey   279-1944
I'alkenbuig & Laucks, LtJ, 152 Trounce Alle*j, Sej-   71,*iS
WnjJit,  J    P,  iS3  Buiianl  bt Sey   72551.
13   C  Equrp   Co., 606-7 Bank of Ottaw a.. .Sey   705G-7SI i>
an   Equrp   & Sup   Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg .  Sey   2330-5021
anada 1 nuniltj   Co., Ltd,  1065 Fender St ...  Sej    5710
Dom   Equip  & buppiy Co, 50S Holden Bldg      Sey   7155
i\obt. Hamilton & Co, Batik of Ottawa bey     3S3
\.   G   Langiey & Co, Ltd, 319 Pendei  XV ... Sey   3S92
Mussens,  Limited,  365   Watei   bt Sej-   623.
XX in. N   OiNeil & Co, 518-50 Sejmour St.. Sey   4796-479b
Kitchie Contr  fr Sup   Co, Ltd, Gian. St Budge, Sej. 91b
Stiumbeit-Viitue  &  Co.,   319   Pender  St    W'..Sej.   69Ju
Ui\.on fr Sutton,  1624 Gia\elev St Sej'.  S505R
Vrmstrong, Monison fr Co., Lid , Bower Bldg. .Sey   1S36
13   C  Equip. Co.. 6U6-7 Bank of Ottawa.. .Sey. 7056-7818
Dom. Equrp  & Supply Co, 50S Holden Bldg Sey. 71*55
..   G  Blackwell, luS Alexander St.. 7 Sey. ,1733
Jan. Equip   & Sup.'Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-6021
."���anada Fpundiy co*.   Ltd , ^lOes.Pender St Sej'. 5710
Henry Darling, 28 Powell St Sey. 512
Hallman Machinery Co, Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey. 95S
Robt. Hamilton & Co , Bank of Ottawa....' Sey.    383
.Mussens, Limited,  365  Water St .' Sej'.  823"
���-Iitchie Contr & bup  Co , Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Strumbeit-Viitue &��� Co.,   319  Pender St   W...Sev.   6910
Van. Machinery Depot,  1155 6th Ave. W...Baj'. 470-471
E. G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St Sey. 1733
8   C.  Lumber Corp.,   Ltd.,  1605  Georgia Sej'. 6504
Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. 680u
Dom. Sash��& Door Co., 2120 Cedar St Sey.  6136
E, H. Heaps &\Co, 115 Victoria Diive Sey.  8890
C  Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sev 9146-9147
.Miliwork Supply Co., 1605 Main St Fair 958-516
W*m. XN O'Xeii & Co, 548-50 Seymour St.. Sey. 4795-479S
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd  Gran  St Bridge, Sov, 9162
Wm. C  Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W Sey.  3394
Vancouver Floor Co., 8th Ave.and Glen Drive..Fair. 1612
Can. Equip   & Sup. Co., Ltd.. Pac. Bldg. ..Sey.'"2330-5021
Canada FoundrjNCo., Ltd, 1065 Pender St ....Sey. 5710
Evans, Coleman'&fEvans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988
C  Gaiumer Johnson & Co.,J Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
A.  G. langiey & Co, Ltd, 319 Pender W Sey.  3892
Moms, S. M   & Co., Ltd, 2130 Cedar St >. Bay 1013
Kitclne Contr. & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran   St Brrdge, Sey, 9102
Wm. N   O'Xeii & Co:, 548-50 Sejmour St..Sey   4795-479S
Wilkmson Co, Ltd, 846 Beach Ave Sey   	
E   G   Blackwell, 10S AlexanderSt.** '. Sey.  1733
B   C   Supply Co, Dom. Trust Bklg *. Sey. 6161
Can   Equrp   & Sup   Co., Ltd, Pac   Bldg..  Sey   2330-5021
Canada loundry Co., Ltd,  1065 Pender St ... .Sev.  5710
r.  T   Ciowe & Co,  312  Pacihc Bldg Sey.  9422
Morns, S   M   fr Co, Ltd, 2130 Cedar St Bav  1013
W'r.. X O'Xnrl & Co , 64S-50 Seymour St. .Sej'. 47U5-479t>
Wm C Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St XV.. ..Sey 3394
UUciire Conti. fr Sup Co, Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sej, 9162
B  C  Supply Co, Dom   Trust Bldg Sey, 6161
F  T   Crowe & Co    312 Pacific Bldg       Sey   9422
C Gardinei Johnson <��. Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
\'o Van Coal S, Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V 198-179
Win  X   OXeil&Co    548-50 Se\mour St..Sey  4795-4798
Wm C  Thomson & Co , 319 Pender St  W Sey   3394
Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162
13  C  Supply Co, Dom   Trust Bldg   Sey. 6161
J Gndiner Johnson fr Co , Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
r   T   Crowe <��. Co, 312 Pacrfic Bldg    .   ..   .    Sey   9422
Ritchie Contr fr Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran   St Bridge, Sey. 9162
Gardiner Johnson fr Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147-
O   R   Monison, 712  Richards St    Sey   2151-2152
W'm  N   O Xeil & Co , 54S-50 Seymour St    Sev   4795-4798
Uitchie Contr. & Sup. Co , Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Raecolith  Flooring Co.,  301  Pacific Bldg Sey-8144-
~-    , PIGS���IRON AND  TIN.  ' , -     '
Balfour, Guthrie & Co,'Winch Bidg Sey ,187-5929
2 Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
R. V. Winch fr Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg., Sey   279-1944
PIPE���SEWER. ���       , ,<
Dom. Glazed Cem   Pipe Co., Dom. Tr. Bldg....Sey.   8286'
livans, Coleman & Evans, Ft.'Columbia Sey. 2988
J Gaidiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
Xo  Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,..N. V. 198-178
Point Grey Supply Co, 310 Richards St Sey. 4105
Ritchie Conti. & Sup  Co., Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162
R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey   279-1944
Icme Plumbing & Htg. Co., 131 10th Ave. E...Fair. 537
���Vrmstrong & Wolfe, 1510 5th Ave W Bay.    296
Barr & Anderson, 114 Hastings St.  W..* Sey. 61SO
1. E. Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St. W. Sey. 2736
Gurney Foundry Co, Ltd., 566-70 Beatty. .Sey. 7596-7597
lohnston-Thompson  Co,   525 Burrard St Sey. 7899
G. L. Kelling & Co., 505 Pender St.; Sey. 8228
���A'alter Kinsey,  1366  Granville St. Sey. 9053
Little & Lee, 682 Se-/mour St Sey
Murray Bros.,  721  Main  St Sey.
Western Plumb. Co, Esplanade & St. George.N. V.
Federal   Lumber Co., 624 Pacific Bldg    Sej',
Canada Foundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St..'..Sey. fa710
Guiney Foundry Co., Ltd., 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597
Hallman Machinery Co, Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey   953
Robt. Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa Sey.    38J
A. G. Langiey & Co., Ltd., 319 Pender W. Sey   3891
Van. Machinery Depot, 1155 6th,Ave. W...Bay   470-471
Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd , 324 Drake St Sey. 8397
Henry Darling, 28 Powell St Sey. 511
Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey   298J
C. Gaidiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9141
Newton & Gieer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran... .'Sey." 1391
Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887
Wm. N. O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798
Raecolith Flooring Co, 301 Pacific Bldg Sey. 8144
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey,'9162
Wm. C  Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St VV Sey   3394
Troy  Roofing  Co.,   814   Metropolitan Sey. 7417
Vancouver   Roofing Co., 407 Loo'Bldg ......'. Sey 6949
(See Cornice and Roofing.) '   ,
E. G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St: Sev   1732:
F. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg '.-...Sey   942?
Gurney Foundry Co', Ltd., 666-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597
Henry Darling, 28 Powell St ....Sey   512*
7iil6 W-ians, Golernan fr Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 298S-
C. Gaidiner Johnson fr CO., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147!
Xewton & Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran Sey. 1397
Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887
������ I.
E   G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St..
"'   T   Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg.
. Sey
ni   Equip   fr Sup   Co., Ltd, Pac   Bldg...Sey. 2'430-502]
vans, Coleman fr Evans, Ft. Columbia Sev    29S��
Gardrrrer Johnson fr Co, John-orr's W'hf, Sey 9116-911
K   Morrrson,  712  Richaids  St     Sej'.  2151-215
urn   X   O'Xeii fr Co , 54!>-50 Sejmour St. .bey   4795-179**
Point Giej Supply Co, 310 Richaids St    Sey.   1105
..utclire Conti   & Sup   Co, Ltd. Gran   St Bridge, Sey, 9162
ci   C   Lumbei   Coip,   Ltd,   1605  Geoigia.." Sev.  6504
an   Pac. Lumbei  Co, Ltd., Rwy  fr Salsbury. .Sey   6800
jorrr   baUi & Door  Co, 2120 Cedar   St Sey   6136
..  H. Heaps & Co,  115  Victoria Dirve Sev   8890
Millwork Supply Co, 1605 Main St Fan   95S-5 16
s'o   Van   Coal <S. Supplv Co / 56 Lonsdale,. .X.  V   19S-171*
Point Giej  Supply Co, 310 Richaids bt Sej.  4105
tfalfour, Guthne fr Co, Wmch Bldg Sev   187-592!)
-'anadian Builders Supplj  Co, 1901  Georgra ..Sey   7176
I*   T   Crowe fr Co, 312 Pacific Bldg          bej'.  9122
"lans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia ... .Sey 2��SS
Jieat "W'e^t Sand fr Giavel Co , Ltd , 1029 Main, Sev S491
' Gardiner John-.on & Co, Johnson's Will, Sey 9146-914.
no Van Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .X. V 1*18-17!?
,\ m. X   OXeil fr Co . 54S-50 Sejmour St. .Sej   4795-179!*
Point Giej  Supply Co, 310 Richaids St Sev.  410t>
.Pacific Lrme Co , Pacific Bldg... .* Sey   950b
rtitchie Contr   & bup   Co, Ltd, Gran   St Bridge, Sev, 916.
onover  & Thomas,  959  Mam  St        Sey    136*i
tl. V. Wmch & Co.. Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey '279-1911
D   R   Morrison.  712  Richaids St	
Xonls Safe & Lock Co, 330 Cordova W.,
Robt   Hamilton & Co, Bank of Ottawa...
L   G. Pnrnell. 567 Hamilton St .'....
Win. X   O'Xeii & Co., 518-50 Seymour St.
Sey.  2151-2152
 Sej.  2447
 Sej      383
 Sey   158<*
Sey   4796-479
, .     -- -...tobn
titchre Contr. & Sup  Co . L.d.^ Vk��M Sey"^
blicer A: Thomas,  951  Mam  St ... . 7. . .. lev    Aci
/ancouver Sand & Gravel Co.. ft   Victoria Dr'.  ley   5161
C   Lumber   Corp      -   ~
F  T   Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg	
i.vans, Coleman ��k Evans, Ft. Columbia.
Fhone Sey. 6886
EWIahon, EVIcFar8and & Procter, Ltd.
543 Pender Street West.
HydrauBic and Road SVIaking
ALWAYS   00   TO   THE
J V'    ������ CO. LTD.      yj
 " Q ."���
Vancouver! "B.C.
13   C. Gran   & Contr    Co.,  Exchange Bldg   Sey.  229d
liurrard  Const   Co.,  301   Pacific   Bldg  Sev.   S144
I'omininn Const   Co,  433  Homer   St Sey    1973
Robinson,   L    G,   211   Holden   Bldg . Sey   3412
i inch, A   X.  207% Cai tei-Cotton Bldg bey.  7381
Ri/./or S., 224 Hnr is    St . Sej'.  7532
Can   & Anier   Conn    .Si ln\    Co.   Ltd
Murphy,  Ja.s ,  & bon,  112  Crown  Bldg Sey.  S707
B   C. Supply Co ��� Dom. Trust Bldg   Sey.
Canada Mosaic Tile Co,  1318 Wharf St, Victoria.
J. Daii-on & Co, 513 Hamilton St Sey.
D   R   Morrison.  712  Richards  St Sey.  2151-2152
W'm. X   O'Xeii & Co. 54S-50 Sejmour St..Sey   4795-4798
Wm   C   Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W Sey   3394
Van   Marble & Tile Co, 848 Beach Ave Sey. 1518
Western Marble & Tile Co , 3149 Main St Fair. 810
Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave  W Bay.    296
Grandview Sheet Metal Wks., 1729 Venables. .Sey. 52S4
Little & Lee. 682 Seymour St Sey. 4458
Trov   Rnofin*?  Co.,   814   Metropolitan ." Sej'. 741
Vancouver   Roo ng Co, 407 Loo Bldg     . Sey.  6949
Western Plurrrb  Co, Esplanade & St  George.X. V.      365
Alltree & Churchland,  976 Granville St Sey. 2707
Cope & Son,  338 Hastings  St   W. Sey. 8600
Cruickshank & Co.', 534 Richards St Sey. 5348
Elec  Construction Co, 544 Howe St Sey. 1336-7951
Imperial Agcys Corp., 314  Pacific Bldg Sey. 6122
Jarvis & Call, 570 Richards St Sey. 1409
Alltree & Churchland,  976  Granville  St Sey. 2707
Cruickshank  & Co.,  584   Richards   St Sey. 5348
Chapman   &  Walker,  448  Seymour  St .Sey.  9379
Cope &  Son.   338  Hastings  St   XV.. Sey.  8600
Elec  Construction Co, 544 Howe St Sej*. 1336-7951
Imperial  Agcys   Corp.,   314  Pacific   Bldg Sey   6122
NTo  Elec  & Mnfg Co, Ltd. 313 Water St Sey. 7400
Canada Foundry Co., Ltd,  1065 Pender St .|..  Sev. f. 7 7 < ���
Brennan,  G   E. fr Co. 319 Pendei  St W Sej    6910
P. T.  Ciowe <te-Co.,  312  Pacific. Bldg Sej.  9422
Wm. X. O'Xeii & Co., 548-50 Seymour; St.. Sey. 4795-479**:
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd.'Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916-"
Brennan,  G.  E. & Co., 319 Pender* St W... .....Sey.  6910
Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Winen Bldg .Sey. 187-592f
F. T. Crowe fr Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey.  942:'
Evans   Coleman fr Evans   Tt   Columbia Sev   298'
c Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
 Sej'. 942
     _..      Sey   29S-*-
Great We->t Sand & Gravel Co, Ltd , 1029 Mam, Sev. St9i
J  (jardirier Johnson & Co., Johnson's "W hf, bej 9146-91 I
l'acrfic Lrme Co , Pacific Bldg      Sej*. 950i
Undue Contr <t Sup   Co, Ltdf Gian  St Bridge, Sej. 91b.
Rallour, Guthne & Co, Wincn Bldg.       ...Sey   1S7-51-'
13   C   Lumber  Corp,   Ltd,   16U5   Georgia ..   ..Sev. G.V)
Can   i'ac   Lumber Co , Ltd , Rwy  & Sal-.bury. .Sej   OSo
Dom   ba*-h & Door Co,  2120 Ceuar St Sev    bl.ll
.Mlliwoik Supplj  Co, 1605 Main St Fair  ')jS-5I(
I,   H.  neaps & Co,  115   Vrctoria Drrve   Sc\"*SSln
Porrrt G*cy Supply Co, 310 Richaids St ... Se\ llu'
Piudential Buildeis, Ltd, 101 Dulfcrm St W . I.m 10.
Terinnml Lmbr &.Shgl   Co, 308 Cotton Bldg...Sej   799.
B   C   Etiulp. Co., 606-7 Bank of Ottawa..  Sey. 70j6-7S1!>
12   G   Blackwell, 108 Alexanders**-:?     Sey   173 i
A    G    Brown-lamrson,   10 IS   Main   St bev   2666
Can Buttalo Forge Co (G. A. Browning, 1201 Alberni St
Can Equip as bup Co, .era , .eac. Bldg.. bey 2330-5021
Canada loundry Co., Ltd,  1065 Perrder bt....Sev   5710
Chapman  fr   Walker,   448   Seymour  St Sov.  9379
Irom    Equrp  & Supply Co, 508 Holden Bk -      Sfv    7135
Henry Darling, IS Powell at Sey.  512
Hallman Machinery Co , Ltd , 37-43 Alexander    Sey. 953
Robt. Hamilton & Co, Bank of Ottawa Sey     383
O Gardiner Johnson & co , Johnson s W'hf, Sey 9146-9147
X. G. Langiey & Co, Ltd,  319 Pender W Sey. 3892
Mussens,  Limited,  365  Water St Sey   8237
Wm. N. O'Xeii & Co., 548-50 Seymour St. Sey. 4795-4798
Rrtchie Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Strumbert-Virtue & Co..   319  Pender St   W...Sey.   6910
W'm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St  W Sey. 3394
Van. Machinery Depot,  1155 6th Ave   XV.    Bay. 470-471
Millwork Supply Co.,  1605 Main St     Fair 958-546
D. R   Morrison,  712  Richards  St Sev.  2151-2152
Wm. N. O'Xer'l & Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co , Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162
.Vm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St **"V Sey. 3394
Van. Marble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave Sey. 1518
B   C   Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 6161
)   R   Morrrson,  712  Richards St Sey.  2161-2152
���Vm S O'Xeii & Co., 548-50 Sejmour St..Sey. 4796-479S
trtchie Contr & Sup. Co, Lid  Gran  St Bridge, Sev, 9162
'Vm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St W Sey. 3391
Van. Marble & Tile Co, 848 Beach Ave Sey   1518
Western Marble & Tile Co, 3149 Main St rair. 810
Western Stm. & Oil Plants, Ltd   Dom Trust..So   7676
tfenry Darling,  28 Powell  St     <;ev.  512
wm. X. O'Neil & Co.. 54S-.50 Seymour St..Sev.  1795-479.**
Western Plumb. Co., Esplanade & St. George.'X. V.   , 36.r
T. Crowe & Co., 312  Pacific Bldg... i.Sev. 942:
Vewton & Greer. Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey.  13..
Victoria.  1S2B Wharf St ..88"
���Iillwork Supply Co.,  1605 MainTst' ."!".'"' Fai? J��S    S
- m  ,X  ,��;Xe," &���Co- 518-50 Seymour sV..Sey   4796?47M
���.'eiminal Lmbr & Shgl   Co. 308 Cotton Bldg..  Sey  7997
(bee  Lumber   and  Shingles.)
"*   T   Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg.
Gaidniur Johnson At Co ,
Sey   9422
, ""strong & Wolfe,  1540 5th Avo W   Bav     29��
I,   I.   Cainpbe 1 fr Co..  1064  P.-mler St   W.....   Sov   2728
.Armey Foundrj  Co, Ltd.. 5H6-70 Ueattv    sVv   7?iip -r��?
��� alter Kinsey    1366  G.anvllle St.....\J.V .?/ SeyG"90S3
ittle Ac Lee,  582 Seymour bt ....... .. .. A.. . .Soy   4\H
Can.rI'ac. Lumber Co., Ltd., i{w*y  & SaMlmry. .Sey
m  riL-,70ar'\ *S Co-  ''i*3   Victoria LMI vo..
��� ���  , ��� TILE���DRAINING
r-��-"��s,TT?oIeman,^ Evan*-), Ft. Columbia
..Sey   2988
Great West Sand & Grave') Co. Ud'lOiO Main* Se'v i?g?
p-,Mncr Jo'-njon* Co.. Johiihon's Whf'.Sei' Slft.ai 47
5? n.t,G;-.ey .buripL?' Co* 3J0 Hlchiiids St...7;:.Sey 4 ok
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co. Ltu Guru siiVn.��� o �� ��;!:?
Shover & Thoma.s.959 Main  St.  . '.r.        dKe* &V' ?155
D.  R   Morrison,  712 Richards St. *ov   nr., n,ta
%Zm' {?  O'Sell&Co., 548-50 Se?inour St*.".Sey   "l^All*
XVm. C. Thompson & Co., 319 Perrder St W?.". .gey list
. Sej-.
��� Sey.
Henrj   D-irllng   28  Powell  St
?Kiil* JA ���������'"5    "�����  roweu  ar.      __,i .  sej    51
2 Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson*^ whf, Sey 9146-914.
1. -ti
Ci1** ���?���?   f
Barr & Anderson,  114  Hastings  <*r   w
EG   Blrickwelk 108 Alexanders'--^::::'    *ey   l7B,
The Duntley Store, 791  Granville St  ... si?' [Ir?
Larlo. L.  A.,  & Co,  532  Pender St   wl...."^' 6476
? ,Tarc^vTeTS^^?2Cp0aci^nB7dngSi Whf' Se>' |i��1iS
Win X O'Xeii & Co, 548-50 Seyriou'r St' 'Vo'v" *-& ?*o?
Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender st  W.'.. .^. Sej-   m"
B. C. Screen & Mnfg Co., 266 Dufferin <?t   r     rni.
Wm. X. O'Neil & Co. 548-50 Seymou? St. .Sey ���
Bowes, F. W. & Co, 1257 Granville St..
13. C. Equip: Co., 606-7 Bank of Ottawa.,
12. G. Blackwell, 108 Alexander St...
��� Sey.    84 J
Sey. 7056-7818
.-...Sej'.  173J
R ��V. iVi��u.ti & Co��� Ltd.. Win-b I��dff....'.'.sey lls-iwi
tf-Ws ,;*
_ 1 ** ' ���������
" ��<���    4-*    ,i~=.
r     V r*      V
)�����      *���<-       '       m   - jWAr,<i,1lir>\  ��    1    �����-j
& ~?j^m,r*r r a>A^rjiK^mm��^* \
1 ��V*K
���   <?n.��*< V*
"-^    -  *    *j ���<��� *��
-/������-       Tl  ,
Phones s'Seyimo'Lar,"-21 51, 2*3 52
e�� ��� we nave compt
prices .'asia-rigl
International AitaaS
Sprinkler Equipnient
PiionB Seynjour 6130   x
114 Hastings St. W.
'��� Vancouver B. C.
/' Limited p-
Public Works
Office: 873-815 Bower Bldg. Vancouver B.C.
Tile and  Marble Contractors
Mantels,   Grates,.  Baskets
and Andirons"'
513  Hamilton.    Fhone  Seymour 4730
Building permits for last week as lol-
lovvs: '
[     "Martin Uarr��on,  four* room vottngc, on
Wocd 't, lAu'u I'lard, ?7*i0.
"Martin Vci-reirr, o\ten-lou to hou:e
orr  Kerry  st,   $1,700.
Soerlos, and 'FaUara, 'rrti'nrul n'tcra-
lions 'to stoio lrr Windsor Hotel block,
"Mr?. M 12 Turnlrull 9 room bungalow,
on 5th avo,  ?3,*:00.' ' ,
J. A. Jolin��oii'i C  room cement ics on
Sell   st,'   $3,500.
��� I
II   K   Balcombe,  7  room bungalow on
Sth'ave and 14th st. ?2,500.
" J. A.  "McCallum,  kitchen extension  on
Cedar st, $300.     .
Hay  and  Clark,   addn   to  bakery,-5th
st  and  Sth  ave,   $350.
J.   A.   Hankey,   3   sto   and   apmt   blk,
Columbia and Burnette, $11,500.
XV.   A.   Bennett, *4   room   bungalow   on
Slides st, $1,500.
W.' C.  Bournes,
berland'St, $1,100.
Brick Work, Boljerc.
Brick���By Graff Const Co, Broadway
&. Keith Drive, lor* about 100,000 i>.i\ing
brick for .sewer work. fi
Clrlmncys���By P. P. Combs & Son, IGu
llir&tlng.s st XV. for* chimneys and prllar_i
in il*o lor* II. Bettz. 7
Canals,  Cement,  Concrete,
Cemoiit���By Graft Corfst Co. Broadway
& Keith Diive, for about. 5,000 bbl-, of
cement, 6
Concrete Work���By Kgdell & Di\nn.
.""OS Welton bldg, for concrete for bldg
on  Wilier st.        ' 1
Excavating, Elevmors, Electric Fixtures
il   Thompson.
Polling   down
Painting���By Ja's. Bryan, care Book-
r, Campbell & Whipple, for pntg ur
pints  for- .1. B. Mather. io
apmts  for
Steel Pipe���By la~. Stuart, Crty Pur
Agt, until June 12, for- 5 1,000 lt .steel
and C. J. water pipe, *-everal .srzes
Specif from. HermorrJ& Burvvell, Inns of
Court. j 2
Water "Pipe���By Ja** -Stuart, Cltv Hall,
untrl noon, June 'J. for- 10,000 ft 21-m
steel pipe, and 4.000 lt lS-in. F J.C.J
pipe. Specif .it office of Ilermon'& Bur-
well,  Inns  of  Court bldg. 12
Plnsterinrr���Dy Jas. Br-yair, caie Book-
er, Campbell ,*i Wlripp'e, ior platrg for*
apmts for .1. 13   .Mathers io
.    ..   ...       ,     P.'a'utcrln?���By P. S  Combs & Son, 1G0
bldg   und   excavation   at   liichards   arrd   Hasting-, .st XV, for plstrg rn res for* 11
Georgia,   st-4.     Plans,   .specif,   etc,   frtm   DelU. * 7
above.     Tenders   mu.st   be   in   by   J,���. 1     P,qsterIl]ff_Ey   Rsile"���' &   Dlxcni   B0S
] Welton  bldg, lor* plstrg in  bldg on Wa-
Puriraces,   Siioct   BCotal,   Plro    Escapes, Her* st
. Fixtures
Excavation���By   SI1.11 ii
"II   Ha-ting.-,   st   \\,  'ior
1   room cottage Cum-
Common,   Imperyious   Face,
and Building Pavers.   -
Coast Shale Brick Co. Ltd.
��� Sash; Boors, 'Moulding:
Mail Oriiers Prcirplly Attsnrlcil To
'millwork, SUPPLY CO.
Office and Warehouse
PIrone "Pair 546-958 1605 Main St-
���mcu ta xzxxmcr^r namrvo!
���*     GAS  CONTRACTOR.   _,      ;
^ i,
X366 G-ranvjilc  St.   -*     Vancouver. B C.
'>?hone   Seymov.i   9053
CAJ.GARY���Burldiripr permits for Uie
first five months of the year, total ?6,-
330,090; a slight decrease from the figure
of the same time last * year. For the
month of, "May the total was $2,215,39:2.
One notrceablc feature of the permits
this year is the large number of superior dwellings that are being taken out
In the list there were two $.'3,000 houses,
one berng for R "McFar-lanp in .131bow
Park and the other for C. It  Jlembury in
I ' '
I     Chas    Nieman   is   building   a   $10,000
���Jbusiness block rn  the  car shops district.
j J   XV., Young lias-taken out a permit foi
lan apartment house in the**Mi^sion, which
lis to cost SS.000, and arothcr* rs to bo
j 1 built on Seventh street west for R C.
Colgro\e, which is to cost $7,000.
"Foreman Carpenter ls\ open for job.
Can handle concrete construction' Pr e-
fer large residence work Apply Box: 10,
Reoor d. ^ 1
tfujj-H^y &o.T
BuaLoiiN&s FmmcE��
T. ,1. .Martlen.  Mngr   . Plwm^Sev   S-Oo
35   CANADA   LIFE   BLD5.
Tov ���Rent���Cheap Small oflice with
l.-e oi phenol "U itli ci without fuini-
tme.'    GIG  Holden   Bldg. .        S
ri*mxir^t*t*-*mcirruL*nasa��*Mc*.^m** ^xamarvn
Sh-eet Metal Works
Worm   Air   Heating
Furnaces  and  General   .ToTbbing
1729  Venable   St. Fhone  Sey  5284
The Councrl rs prepared to receive bids
up to Jl oriel a/, June 10th, at 5 p.m. tor
he purchase of a rock ci u hoi. The
crusher mar be seen at any trrne 011 the
iMrrnicipal Hall grounds, Kern dale, B C.
Fur ther par trculars mav be obt tincd
from the JMunrcrpal Engineer
���Municipal Hall,
Kerrisdale, B   C
June  ls,tr 1912.
Fixtures���By P. S. Comlis & Fori, 100
Hastings st W, for light, bath and plbg
Mixtures for res for II. Bettz 0   7
Fire Escapes���By Kgdell & Dixon, 50S
Weltorr bldg, ior fire escapes for 1 story
b"dg on "���jValer st     '
Fire Escapes���Bq Davis-Sanders Co,��
3*11 Carnbie st, for lire escapes for bldg
on Richards st. 5
Grading,  Glass,  Gravel,
I Grading���By Angus Smith, city engr,
No. Vancouver, until June 10, for grading Keith road, cut ,13,250, fill 12,900.
25 per cent bond required. 10
Sand���By Graff Const Co, Broadway &
Keith, for 5,000 yds sand. 6
Gravel���By Graff Const Co, Broadway
& Keith Drive, for quantity of gravel.    6
Glass���By P*> Si Combs\& Son, 100
Hastings st XV, for all glass (antrum.)
in res for H. Bettz. 7
Glass���By Egdell fr Dixon, SOS Welton
bldg, for plate wire and prism glass
for bldg on Water   st.     * .5
Glass���By DavK-Sanders Co, 3-11 Cambie st, for plate, wire and transom glass
for  bldg  on   Richards   St. 3
H't'g.,  Hard-wood.   3"osb.0 E'dware,
Heating���By .las Brvan. caie Booker,
Campbe.l & Whipple, for htg toi apmts
for .1.  B   "Mathers _ 10
Hardware���By P S Comb'* & Son, 1G0
Ha tings st XV,, 101 hdwe for reo for II.
Beet/.,   ' , 7
Keating���By P S Comb- & Son. 1C0
Hastrngs ,sl XV, for- furnace ht.j rn re
lor II, Bettz ' r 7
Keating'���By Egdel' & DKoir, 308 Welton bldg, for* steam htg plant lor- bldg on
A>" a ter st. " 5
Keating���E5 Davii-Sarders Co 311
Carnbie .st, lor htg plant for bldg on
Richards   st , , ,*
Hardware���By Tgdo'l & Di::on, 508
We'ton bids;, for hdwe for -1 sto bldg
on AVater st **
Plastering���By PavN-Snndors Co. 3 11
Camble st, ior plstrgf in bldg on Rrclr-
ardsi -st. <" , 5
Plumbing���-By 'Jas. Bryan, care xlook-
,,cr, Campbf*lP'& Whipple, for plbg in
apmts for J. B. "Mather. ��� 10
Bf    Baa *�������%����� H
'      .       Caleclonran Wire Rope, Parker Derricks,  Electric  Hoists
Otto'ie Gasoline   Engines,  Grab  Buckets, "Glebe" Marine Engines
��,.# Aw��.r-,. ~. Steel Tarks and Water Towers of any-capacity
Phone  Seymour 3892 " ,~        ��. , 319  Pender Street W.
Hardware���By Dai is-Sarder�� Co. Ill
Gamine, for hdwe for I ��,to rmg house
on   Richards  St. - 5
Heating���"Ey S Ti' Bird, urican b'dg,
until June Jl, tenders address to G��i
Johnstone   Nelson, for htg for"hospital
V2    ' .       31
Iron   Work,   Interior   Fiuish.
���Galvani7e!l Iron���By Jas. Bryan, caie
Tlookei, Crimpbcll fr, AVhipple, for galv
iron  for apnits for ,1   B. "Mathers. 10
FlumMng*���Bij P.> S. Combs fr Son, 1C0
Hastings st'AV, for plbg in res for JI.
Bettz. ��� 7
��,II1^m,-.Iv-f���By Egdell & Dixon. 508
Welton bldg, for plbg rrr 5 sto bldg on
Water st. 5
Boofing,   Boads,   Besorvolrs,
c St?^!5 ^PO--By Graff Const Co, Bdwv
& Keith Drive, for about 500 lln ft of
6, 10, 12  in.  vitrified sewer pipe. 6
Steel���By Gr-arT Const Co,' Broadway
& Keith Drive, for about 120 tons twisted  reinf  steel. .,   g
Steel Pipe���By II. Floyd, CMC, Kerrisdale, untrl June 24, for S miles steel
prpe, -I to IS inches. Plans, specif, etc,
from Cleveland & Cameion, 500 AVinch
bldg,  on   deposrt of ?10.   v '        041
Steel���By ISgdel! & Dixon, 50S AA'el-
ton bldg, for structural steel for bldg
on  AVater  st. ' 5
Steol���By Da\is-Sanders Co, 811 Cambie. st, for steel*, girders for bldg on
Richaids   st 5
"Wiring,   "Waterprooflng,   "Wharves,*"   '
Wiring���By Jas Bryan, care Booker*,
Campbell & AVlnnple, ior wirmg for
apmts  for  J.   B.  "Mather.
Wiring-���Ey p. g Comb*? & Son, 100
Ma*tlngs st XVj tor winng rn re, lor- 11
Betl,: r     ^
Wiring���By lOgdell & Divorr, 508 AVol-
ton bld=r, for* winng in 5 sto bldg on
AAdler 1 t. .3
Winng���By Da\is-Panrtor�� Co, ',7-11
Can-bie st. for elec winng in bldg on
Richards   st 3
Sidewalk lights���By Egdell & DKcn
5<*8 Welton bldg, for suleua.k lights at
bldg on  Water st.'
1 Sidewalk Iiigl-.ts���3y Davr*---Pander^' Co,
3 11 t'arrb.e ���-1, 'ior- sidewalk .lights foi
bldg on   Richards  it 5.
Offices: 6C6-607 EanJi of Ottawa Bldg*.,
Phones:  Soymo'nr  7056-7818.
��� Mi
��� ���
Phono  Seymour' 512   ' HENRY DARLING-
28 Powell St.
,'    We are the sole manufacturers oi
Machine-made   Glazed   Cement  Sewer
Pipe  in British  Columbia/
Offlco:    Dominion ,Trust   Bldg.,    Vancouver,  B.  C.      ��� Phone:   Sey.! 8288 "
Electric Supplies and Telephones.
Fresh Water-Sand
For Sale   '        '
> In Scow Load Lots.
SsSSca Sarid AroeS
GrsveB Co. ���,
43*1 "Ron-son st.
Tel.   Seymour 41C5
Manufacturers   of
Lumber, Sash, Doors; Mouldings, etc.
Phono Seymour 1708.      238 Prior St.
���""���h' re  Sey. 5068    329 ''Seymour   St,
G. L. -KELOID<G Si CO J s<
Heating- and Plumoing* En-rineers     ]j
">05 Pender St.    "Phone Seymour S228 ||
Crenmal    Painting:    and    Decorating
Offlre: 112 Crown Blug. Sey. 8707
Acme Plumbing & H'tg. Cojj
Ji     'ttMlt'l     .".I
rinest Workmanship Exclusive Designs
Wsicox Art GSass Stwdio
1471 Broartway W. Phone Bayview 245 j
038���7th Ave. W.     Phone Pair. 1257:E.
R. NeSson Finch
Expert   Builder   and   Financier
Sey. 7381      207 V,, Carter-Co "-ton Tn_g<^
1037-38   Granville  Street
Telephone Seyniour 3704
Scaler"! tencleia. superscr ibetl "Tender
for Ilr!>h School," and addressed to L.
|A\ory "\Vliite, E q , Secretaiy New West-
I p.m. ter School Boaid, will be received
up to 5 p m of "Wednesday, 12th of
June, 1912, for the erection and com7
pletron ot a Three Story Brick and Stone
School, to be erected on Tipper rary,
noval   A\enue.   New   *\VestrTirn-,ter
Separate tendera .will be recerved for
F.lectric Lightrng and Ileatrng and "Ven-
til.itmj," r
ricin^ and speclfrcatrons can be obtained on appflcatron to the unclert.rgned
on receipt ot a depo-il of $10, which will
be lefumled on the return of plans.
"Cach tender mutt be accompanred b\ an
accepted b.ink cheque or ccitif.catc o f
deposrt on a. chartered bank of Canada,
made r^ able- to the Secretar-y of the
Xew   "Westminster   School   Board,   for  a.
,   ��.      t.e ,   ~i      f^     1-  o      C^**!      -Orr.     Crtv��t     Of     tllS
Under, w iircli bi.all be iorfeneJ 1- the
paity tendoung decline to 'enter into
conract when called upon to do s,o |
The oheques or cer trficates of deposit of
.jn-uccessfu1 tenders wrll be returned to
them upon tlie ��-ignrng of the contiact
The lo^c-t or any tender not neces-
sarrly accepted
Aichitects   to   tho  School Tiustees,
Xew "Westminster,  B. C.
Interior Fini3h���By P. S Combs- &
Son, ISO lTa*tintrs =t XV, lor mtor'oi* finish foi res Ioi II. Beltz. -^ -7
^ , ' ,
Cralva-nizcd. Iron���By K^del' fr. Drxcn,
50.'' Welton b'dg. for g-alviion work en
Mdg*-on  Watei! it.   - 5
. G-?Ivanized Iron���ByPavi'-Sanders Co.
3 11 Carrb'e 'S-t for galv iron work rn
bldg- on Richaids st. 5
Interior Finish���By Esrdell & Dixon,
r,0<? Welter bldg for interior, finr.sh for
bldg on  Water .*=t G
Interior Finish���By "Davis-Sanders Co,
3 11 Cairhie -st. for interior finrsh foi
bldgcon  Richards st 5
. """inniber,  Lathing-,  Dime .
Latl'ingr���By Ka-dcll & Pi\on, 5QS Welton bldg for lathing in bldg on Wate-
st. * "  6
���* Latiiinrr���Ey T)a\i--Sanders Co, 341
Cambie st, tor* lathing'.for bldg'on Rich-
aids st. 5
Mill   "Worlt    Slachin ��rv.   filarbie.
��� MinworS:���By Jas Brvan, ca��*e Booker,'
Campbell fr \\ hrpple. ior mirlwoik ior
apnits for J   B   *Mather
Mlsconanerus. ,
Electrician "Wanted���Applications bv S
XV. "Barclay, City Clerk, Feinre, foi posr-
Lion of citv engineer Applicants to
state experience and salary wanted       13
Granite���By Egde'l & Dixon, SOS Welton bldg, for gianite-bases for bldg on
"Water  st. 5
Granite���By Dayrs-Sanders * Cn, 3 11
Cambie st,-for granrte baaes for bldg on
Rrchnvt'.s  "t. B
���By Egdell & DiKOn, SOS "Welton
s tone sills ior b.dg on  Wate'
J. E. CampbeSI & Co.
lillil Pen-in- St W Phant Scynnur 7716
Phone Bay. 296 1540 5th Ave. VT.
Phone Sey. 1649        719 Fender St. "W.
721M3ifi Street. Phone Seymour 0614
Sheet Metal Workers
Boat Tanks, Cornice, Roofing, Furnaces,
,582 Seymour St.     Phone Sey. 4458
Notices for tenders wanted will be
published under this heading* until time
for closing* ter-'lers has arrived, or until
all figmies desired are in.
No charge is made for the insertion
of notices for tenders in this column
unless they are in the regular legal
form of official  advertisements.
"bldir, foi
*��t. ��
BuuWe Koclt Worli:���Ey P S '"Tombs fr
Son, 1G0 Hastings s-t. lor urbbl-i rock
work on re-t foi  II. Belt.!. .7
Camp Equipment���By R. "Mac"Lean &
Co Pacific bldg, lor complete 'camp
equipment 1
Stone���Sy T*n\ rs���'.inrteri Co, 3-11 Cambie st for- btone bills for bldg on Riclr-
aids pt 5
���Marine���Ey TZridpIl fr Dixon, 50S Welton blclir. foi rrr.iible stairs in bldg o"
Water st/ 5
New   ���Wost-miMter���By   L , A.   Whit",
Sec fcplrcol  IBoard, until .lune 11, lor el-^e
wrr*  In   new   lii��r|i   school.    Pan',  "-pecrt
etc.   from   Ganllner &  "Mercer,   XVe trirrrr-
s-ter^ Tiust  Blckv "       j 2
Ahbotsford���By Abbot--foriJ Temple Co,
Ltd. icr firing and n>ctirros and steam
htg 1 Lint in Temp'e Plans. =pPCif, etc.
at cilrce of .7. G Gamon, 710 (tolumbfa
-.t. New "\\ e-tminstcr, or- above  ' ���>
Victoria���Ey TCmprre Uo.iltv Co, CI]
I'ort =t. unti" .rune 3, ior general jnd
plbg contrs for house on Rookland ave
Plans and specif at nbo\e office.
KTortU   ya��con^er���By   Geo    Campbell,
jpec .School  Board,  until  June 11,  for- Ini
terror   finisli  for* upper* (loor   m Lonst'ale
school. j!
- Victoiia���Ry'D C. Frame. ' 1011 Government st, until .lure 5, for* a frarve
phuro'i bldg at McPliei\,on and l-'uner-
ton  dm e. , 5
Victoria���Bv ,T K *-GiilTiths, Dept
Public Works, until June 12. lor Iaifte
one-room <-Chool at Diamond CrosMnsr.
.Newcastle Drstrrct. jo
New Westminster���By Lr. A White
pec school board, .until June 12, for geni
contr on 3 sto brk and stone schoo1.
Plans, specif, etc, fiom Gaidiner & Mercer, Westminster Trust bldg, orr deposit
of   $10. jo
Nelson���Bv Geo. Johnstone, Nelson B
C, until June 11 for gerrl contract on
Kootenav Lake Genl Hospital, Nelson
Plan-, and specif at office of S. B. Birds
Duncan bldg, Vancouver. 31
Nelson���By Geo Johns-tone, Nel=on, B.
C, until June 11, for* steam htg for I10--
prtal at Xel~on. Plans and specif at office .of S. B. Birds, Duncan bldg, Vancouver*. , ji
Calgrary���Ey J. *xr Miller, Citv C'erk,
"i-t'1 T ,.n ����� "c- i-tK- -\nr .���>!���*,.. 1,, - i.c
and police .stations in Calgary. Separate tenders wanted
Saskatoon���By Citv Comnivs, until June
2d, for complete install, of all b'dgs and
apparatus  lor  70-ton  incinerator 25
Begina���By Highway Comnrs for steel
work for ��-evei.il budges Plans, specif
etc. will be furnished by comnrs after
Juno 1. 20
\':t"' ''Sfr"^'l\ ���
.Shlngles^Slates and Sheets.   W'^'I's?.^
Phone  Seymour 331)4
319  Pender St.  West,-Main  Floor'
, Successors, to J. T   Herrett Co.,  Limited.
Oflice, Warehouse and Wharf:  1029 Main St.
Phone Seymour 8491
,      TTSB      "C. 85   W"
(All types.)    OEDE3 BOW,
PHONE SEYMOUR 9379   448    Seymour St.     .   . P. O. BOX 1353
Consulting-   Engineer   and
General Contractor    ^
3412  211   Holtlen   BMcf.
Bunrjalow���By E. Stanley Mitton, Williams bldg, for genl contr on bungalow
at Nanaimo. 10
Addition���By C XV. Murray. Sec School
Boaid, Hamilton '& Dunsmuir sts, until
June 3. for additional story on School
Board bldg. Quantitres, plan.s. etc Irom
NT A Leech, .school archt. Deposrt of
$J5 lenuireJ and temlerei-s nnibt be Birt-
lsh subjects.
Bungalow���By David Blair*. 522 Pendoi
st "VV, for genl contr on bunailnw for
C T>ner at Merrit. Owner will furni-h
heat'and  hdwe .*i
Eridgres���By Mackenzie & Mann, Metropolrtan bldg, until noon, Julv S, for
sub-structure and .superstructure Of 10
steel budges on "Fiaier, Thompson and
No' Tnornpson rivets, between Port
.Mann and Yellowhearl Pass. Plans,
specrf, etc, at office of "Waddell & liar-1
1 ington, Winch bldg, after Juno 5. on |
deposrt ot $r>0 Tenderers can bid on
all   or   any   pai t   of   work   or   material
Hospital���By S B Bird, Duncan bldg,
tenders addressed to Geo. Johnstone, Nelson, for hospital in that city, u'rtil June
"Warbl/���3y Pa\ |s-Sander�� Co. 311
Cambie/st, tor* marble stall's m bldg on
Rrchaios   st 5
Tile���By Egdell & Dr:on, ,*"0S AVolton
bldg. for tile waiiiscoating In bldg ori
Water st 3
Tile���By Da\is-Sanders Co, llll Cam-
bro st. 5
Plaster. Plncc.. Pntg.. Pav���  Pipe.  Plllner,
Painting���By P. S. Conihs, fr Son. 1G0
Ilastrngs bt XV, foi pntg in res tor 11.
Bettz. 7
W. J. SiVSlTH. & SON
Heating Engineers
Steam, Hot Water & Vacuum Systems
Phone Pair. 274-B      809-1 Oth Ave. E
We are at your service*to
give you any information required regarding installing
gas pipes and appliances.
Also location of mains.
Phone S. 5000 and ask for
New  Business  Dept.
779   Granville,   Show   Room
New Business Show Room
16  Hastings-E.,
Merritt���By City Cleric, urrtil Juno 15,
for pipe, special-!, valves and hvdiant*-.
Plans, Miecif. etc. at oflice ot Dutclier ,t
"Maxwell,  319  Pender-st  W. . if,
I Merritt���By City Clerk, until Juno 13,
for steam engine, genei-atoi, pumps,
transformers,     transmission     polos   and
1 arms Plans, .specil, etc, at oflice ol
Dutclier  &   "Maxwell,   Sll)   Pender   st   XV.
New "Westminster^���By L. A. White
Sec School Boaid, until June 1_\ lor
plbg in 3 sto high school Plans, specif,
etc. from Gardiner & "Mercer, Westminster Tiust Bldg. 12
ITew Westminster���By X, A. White,
sec school board, until Juno 12, for htg
for new high school Plans, .specif,
from Gardiner & Mercer, Westminster
Trust bldg. ' , \o
<��� Vernon���By D. C Tate. City Clerk, until June  10,  for supply f.o b. Vernon of
2 orl .storage tanks. Specrf at office of
"Mather, Yuill & Co, Hutchinson bldg,
Vancouver. 10
Edmonton���By R. C. Desrochors, Sec
Dept Pub Wks, Ottawa, until Juno 17,
ior pile wharf at Edmonton Plans
fiom  L   B.  Elliott,  Calgary. 17
Victoria���By City  Clerk,  until   I pm,
*Mav  SI, for 211,000 sq yds asphalt pave
Specif,  etc from  C.  E.  Rust,  City  Engr
/ 31
Tramway���Ev Board of Director-, Brrt-
Ish-Pacific Coal Co, this citv. until 6
p m June 5, for con��tr of tramway from
waterfront to company mme, 11-5 miles,
also poei* and bunker Plans, specif, etc,
at 312  Pender st XV. ' ' ���     5
Vernon���By D G. Tate, citv clerk, until June 10, for elec equip Specif a*; office of Mather, Yuill & Co, Hutchinson
bldg. 10
Vernon���By D. G. Tate, city clerk, until June 10, for 17,000 ft 4 in, and 10,500
ft 6 rn C. I. water pipe. Specrf from
Crty  Engr 10
Vernon���By D. G. Tate, city clerk, untrl June 10, for 125 gate valves and 36-4
to S in hydrants.   Specif from City Engr
Chemical and Efficiency"Enffineers.
Inspection  of Cement,  Concrete,  Oil  and Road Materials.
Geological Heports on Saw Materials.
Waterproofing of Concrete.
OFFICE:   1106 Dom. Trust Bldg., Vancouver.
PHONE:   Sey. 2814
British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.
1605 Georgia St.
Vancouver ~ Fhcne. Seymour 6504
Alltree & Churchland
976 Granville Stvoet
'"fhone,   Seymour  2707
Johnston ��� Thompson Co.
Plumbing and Heating
1    Engineers'
525 BURRARD ST.. - '   Phone Sev. 7899
*yqir*��T ibiii'1 ��� ������ ��� i*****-* ���rc*rmvi*-i-m���tm*���-mniiumimim    ������ ������ ,��%������ ���'�����'* ��� nii"i"i  rj'"t ���yawu ��������� r- l-^������M*ffr,^ ������/rf���Vr nnr1, �����l,*^"*li*
*' J/JJ7��^3i v. jp,  ip '.-t-i-l' *���* T-i ' -^ ���^1b'*i*''-r*L *--!' i TaF��T -V-i   . *   ������ **' ���*-�����*- t.      "i\ij"
"A >   'i'l-*   ' <   ���! ils .   i    <     �� t< ��� -    L   \\\. .1      <��.** i . r�������� .       ,     �� i.    .
Sand   Graved  anci
Building Material
'Fhone Seymour 1365.    Office and
959 Main Street
308 Carter Cotton Bldg-.
PhoiiS:    Seymonr 7997
"Wee's   commencing*  June   3d. ""
Recreation Park
Admission 25    and 50c
Great West Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Cabinet makers
Phone Pair. 1471 ,*- 52 Dufferin St. W.
Estimates Furnished
t"v:i'."���?*)iji n-   t,; ^���p^^<j.1.iy-ff*-y-*y"-��^g^P^'^*V'*""rii,''a,^.'*,'*ll T-T1
*j    '."'[Vi'*"!1 |��f'.<;-.���  ������'-.-    \\      .�� "-.   ��- .i ��   ���A" ^ j , -svi
-    '���*��� ft.
f-. I.


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