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Daily Building Record Jun 13, 1912

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.  l ; <   ���,
,?  ���
���     ,,., ��_���, : ��� : : : * = ^fc..   f '>-. ������W^y
Building, Contracting, Engineering, (rrigatlon and General Improvement lyev^.^ ^'^*  "^--^     <  \ '    ***
Devoted to the interests of Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Material Dealers and others interested in trVe'f?uildingtrade of the IN.W.
'-' - J
Record   Publishing   Co.,   Vancouver,   Publishers.
Covering British Columbia.
Vol.'3, No. 5, Thursday, June   13, 1912."
Raecolith Plastic Flooring
301 Pacific Bldg.   Sey. 8144
Tar and Gravel Roofing
Water   Proofing
Roof Repairing
'       AH Work C-uarauteed
1 Plione Seymour 7417.
814  Metropolitan  Bldg.
Plain or Corrugated - Round or Square.
Can Give Deiiyery In One Week To 10 Days.
312 Pacific Sldgr.
"Everything   In   Building  Material"
Seymour 9422
Phone 'Seymour 9162, Private D-z.cha.nge
Office  and  Bunkers,   Granville   Street  Bridge.
Description. Cost, j Street Address.
'~'        $2,000   2012���jt'lTave  12.
-. $2,000 j 3022-Oxfonl    St..
.   .      $3,500   2S07 Alder St
..   .     $2,000 v 2510-4 th   ave   10
'<-     2G4C���11-2 sto fr res	
26-17���11-2 sto fr ies	
2G4S-���1 sto  fr re3	
2640���1   sto   fr,  res.   .   -".	
2650���1   sto   fr   ies $2,200
2651���2 sto fr res    $3,000
"���652���2 sto fr ies       $2,500
2553���2 sto br sto & offices     $12,000
'2654���-1 .sto   br   apmt      $0,600
"Lot and Block.
1���JO   II. T.
"W 1-
9,  10-
3019 Ontaiio St
]226-13th avo \V".
1925 .Albert St..
712. Gianville .. .
822-2 4   Broadway
.' 7���53
. S���133
. .3���G3
...   4���2
Sec.  33 .
520   .
204a   ...
<��� ,   Architect.
 /.  Conti s
 P.   S.   Combs   &   Son
 H.  Rice
  ..   Contr
. ..Parr McKnlght & Day
      F.   Fisher
Owner  .
Sands Bios
Owner . .. .
T. Payton .
J. Caldei   ...
..2175-Sth ave E.
.7 th ave W.
Chiverton & Green. ..14th ave *W, Pt Grey
E. J.} Ryan . - 768 Granville
Owner" ,	
Geo. "Wobrldgre  l!)56-3th E.
"Mrs. Mary Sands 2175-Sth ave 13.
Harry Bettss     160  Hastings XV.
XVm. Rice S60'Camble St.
J.  B. Dougan	
A.   Muir.". 1004-llth   ave  W.
R. Radosovith care Van. Shipyards
Mrs.  Sophia 'Cameron 909  Thurlow
W.  Simpson     1023   Pacific  ave.
E    ft
Plain, Square, Round and Square Twisted Bars
Triangle Mesh - Column Hocping    I
<. Largest stock in city < '
Phone 2988
FiofColumbia av 4 0ur P8ant lsFu,,y E��i"��pped For cutting
"  * * ,, To Length and Cold Twisting
Prompt Delivery Our Specialty
A   O
Western Plate Glass
& Imp. Co, Ltd.
Reg. Office:  153 Cordova 8k. &
VANCOUVER, B. C.      '*
, Leaded Art Glasa
Thorno  Metal Store "Front Duo   '
Bevelling1 and SUverinar
"Itore Fronts OUzad
Liability, Accident and Health
Our Office Issues Your Liability, Accidentand Health Insurance
Also adjusts losses without delay or referring to any remote Head   <*
Office   , - ,    .
���   British American Trust Company, Limited.
< "* - Insurance Department %.
Carter-Cotton Bldg*. >���       Phone  Seymour 7620'
Glass importer
B. C. Manufacturers of Hester'-store front
Phones " 72CG-G    . .
'Canadian Pacific Lumber Co. Limited.
The attention' of Architects, Contractors' and Builders is called
to the NEW ERA .REVERSIBLE WINDOWS, which wo are now manufacturers of. .Call "a* our factory and see them and learn of their many
advantages over any other windows made.
Factory:    Foot  of Salsbury  Drive.
Branch   Factory at  1618 Third Avenue  West, Fair-view. Vancouver,   B.  C.
1        Phone  Eayview 888 ��� ���
For the biloimation of those who did
not receive notice of the 'wciiilects
competition for plans ior tho Piovincial
Noimal School at Victoria, below aie
piactically all of theso conditions. Plans
aio to be submitted by> Aug 31, with
no 'names attached, a<? usual. There
will be two assessors to be appointed.
Conditions pio\ide for \eiv little They
do not piovide foi any scale, but state
that the Oilili? must ho,-\e .'it least ten
looms, to co-U fiom !f 1J5.000 to $150,-
000, and manual ti annus ilome&t.c supine moms, anil libifTiy aie lo be pio-
videl An up to date heatinff and \enli-
l.itnur of some, appiced t\ pe mu.st be
shown Tlio site computes 7 1-1 acie?, [
���doling to Ihe ->outli, and-at the-eoi nei ,.,
oJ'li.msilowi'e a\o ami "Mt Tolmie l oad, |
Mt Tolmie distnct The < omnetilion is
limited to aichitects piacticmg m thi-��'
, The following* material is, mentioned
to be used in the structures called iox
in the permits above, whose numbers
correspond to those preceding* the following'  items. '
2*GtG���1700'br, 700 yds pi, 7 bbls cmt.
2617���1000 br, 300 jds pi.
20 IS���2000 br, 700 yds pi, 23 bbls cmt
2CI!)���1200 bi, 000 yds' pi, S bbls cmt
2650���1S00 br, 100 yds pi, 7 bbls cmt
2631���1000 br, 1000 }ds pi, 12 bbls cmt
2632���2200 br, 700 yds pi, 9 bbls cmt
2G53���-100,000 br, 000 yds pi, 30 bbls cmt
265 1���1000  br,  2300 :*ds pi, 14  bbls cmt
.   Only  "Permits  amounting to  less' than
$1000 will be found under this head.'
,        ,.        '     WU.I.  NOT'BE   CHANGED
"M320 Richards St.
���Phone Seymour 1196
Bank and Cilice Pixtiues n  Native  and  Hardwoods
���factory   and  Offices,  Powell  St.    l
Se7.  SE90
Auhts  PeiM   & Xicolais, Pacific bid
.ue engaged in  the pi epai ation  oi plan^i
Ioi   ,i  Luge le-ulencc  Ioi   Sluuighne.sey j
I Ueiffhts, but no, flguies aie wanted until j
announced      1 lie   bldg   will   be   of   the
Italian    Villa   "Mfdiei   st\ le,   \\ ith   stone
lotind, tapestiv buck and loucrli ca=t ov,
let ioi,  haidwood lirj i *-li on  tlie In-t llooi,
and billiaid loom, con*-ei v.itoi \,  2 bath-,, I
o'c      It  \m 1  lie  60\I5   in  si/e,  and  will
cost   ibm-.t  fid,000
The '���amp aic.ht?  aie  now engaged on*
' pi,ms  Ioi   a  fine   tiamc   bungalow    to  be
'cictted   in   Xoi th   Vancou\ei      Plans   on
' Lin ^   will   be  fini-he'l   in   :i   few   da\ s |
I     Tho\   aie al*-o  de->isiniin  a JM e~b\ tci i-;
'.in (bin eh Km  Poirt Giev to bo of ri 'me
Local dcaleis in Poi tland cement, will
I mako no leduction in piice^, on account
of the reduction in duty to October 1.
Piacticaly <i,l of the larger denleib in
the city haCe a laige stock on band, and
theie has been no .shoitage at an\ time
in the last year
Cubtoms officials .stale that on shipments to tin-, countiy, dui ing tho penodl
of reduction, the lull duty of 12 1-2 cts
per bundled, and 10 cents on sacks will
be paid, and a lefund ol half of this
amount will be made aftei the shipments ha\6 ai n\ed
Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd
2 120 CEDAR ST.     *
Phone Bay. 646   Near Sixth VV
Standard Glass Co. Ltd
Fhone Seymonr 6478.   839 Barnard St.
Floor  Layers and Designer*
Bey. 6353���Bay. 139B. 557 O-ranvilla 8ft
herardized Metal Lath
American Wall Board ,
Samson Fibred piaster
Blue Cross Cement
Hydrated Lime  ,
C. Gardiner Johnson .&IoJiany .���.,
Aicht Daiid Jlahr, "i22 Pendei st XV,
\e--leidav awaided the ccnti.ict Ioi a
residence foi C T>nci, of "Merntt, to be
elected in that citj, to Pebeau & Com t,
Jane, Poad PO Change1- in the oiiKinal
plans   con-��idei.il>Iv   l.nsed    tho   coi=t   ol
544   Howe   St.
Phones:    Sey.  1336,   7951
Ouaiiders Sajp��ply Co.,
Dealers In '
1901   f?eorg*la   St.
Sey.  71 75
1 Bnnkora
Sey.    4066
laud   loi'sn   <-'i  t,    "Mission   st_\ le
nc  not  (umplilid   on   Mils   b'dg
Plan*- I
Western Steani & Oil Planis Co. Ltd.
1010    DOMINION    TRUST    BLDG, Sev    TfiTG
Entrance in rear riione Sey 3732
Vancouver Marble & Tjfle Co., Ltd.
!the hoi c, and tthe contia<t ]>i ice wis
ibour S1.S0O, cmIimio ot a pie-sino
water system ind DrL.uttc ga-, lishtin-;
���~j stem Si\ tendeis weie icd-ived tin
the   conti aet
OTTAXXA ,Ime* 12���."Justice Carols
handed out uidmnciu tin-, inoinini? in the
r\thei|Uoi   com t  sustain,nir   tlio   contcn-
tendere: wanted fob
school at ceilliwace
.lohn  r.olunson   Ser* Scliool  Hn.nd, Chil-
turn ol the P,iili-,li Columbia lumbei - I i,w,icU-, will take tondei.s lor the ffoi.l
men m the e.i o 01 the Toss Lumbei Co, i CC1 Ll on it ncllr,f. <;chcjol bld�� to be eictt-
\s  the   K'ihk     The  decision   means   tb it   0(|    on   ya'o    Uoad,   Clnlliwaclc       Plans,
103 Winch Building ,   . * *-   ��� Phone Seymour 1S7 - 5929
EhgSish K-B & S if CONDOR " artd
Partition Tile For Aif Building Purposes.
Lime, Plaster, Fire Brick, Tin Plate, P*ig Iron Etc.
Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company s
; 791  Granville" St.
Phone Seymour 1487 '
������" VancpuverrB. C
, "Sole  Agents
ArchSbaldl Moir.St Co|
"The Map Men "
Drafting; Traclnsrl
Reliability and Dispatch
Roonis Z16 - 217 Empire Bide.   ' Phone Seirmoor 537aj|
CityEVIap&White.Print Co
'��� ��� ��� '' J���'L
432   Cordova   Street   "West
..Phone:    Seymour   6693 j
\meinaii   lumliei
one side, liHIioito .ulmitted 'Uily free in
(he pi.iii'c rio\lnce^ lmi*-t l).'i> a rluU of
2S per cent
The  ca>e  will  likely  bo  apiiealed.
��n and diessed on ^.pgpif, etc, mav be *-een .it the oflire
of X A l.eeth, School Aicht, Hamilton
fr P\.*n*-inuii st. All oontiactois must
bo   ijiitish  subjects
The Tllet'ins-Kishei' Co, Ltd, Ebuine,
h.i\e Just completed Tin up to date bunker, on trackage at Ebuine. and will
shoitlv install a complete line of build-
ins matci luls
Oflice and  "Works:     115.**  Si\th  Aienuo  \V.,   \ranrou\er,  P.   C (
We  stock here a complete line of the  goods  of the following*  firms:
E.   *DE01:*rARD   &   SON"S,   1:.\G1VI.S   AM)   L��JILI.IIS
WAS*Kj;*IGTO*Sr   IRON*   WORKS,   UOMvl^Y   E.NGIXCS,   HOISTS.   CTC.    ^
C oiiii.ictoi ���>' and  Bmldeis'  Equipmeni earned in btock,  including:
ll'i~ts,  Dei 1 u ks  and   Winches
("���filicide  Alixeis
S< injurs    Dump  Cats,  and   Relating   Rails
Ui'iiti ifugal  I'umps
S'H.im  Shovel*-  and   Rock  Crushciv,
i'utois   An   Comjn es^oi *-. oti , etc
We   operate   a.   fully   equipped   machine   shop.     Contractors'   rush   orders
given   special and prorapt  attention
,,,��� n , '
Falkenburg & laucks,
"We  iiispect  cement,  all   structural
materials and construction work.
152 Trounce Alley. Seymour 7159
*\Iaik��   &  'J'lioitiiii,   Mam   st   PO,   want
the seiMces of  20 expei lenced ihingleis
at once.'    Letter's only,to  above address.
. Tlie; "VTestinghouse, Church, Kerr Co,
who are excavating for the new C.P.tt.
depot,   want  about   100   laborers   at   the
excavation, Seymour and Cordova.
���I:.- ��� ��� !
Pies R. J". Blown of the Vancouvei
Baseball club, has announced that ho
has seemed a lease of C P R piopeity at
5th a\e and Hemlock sts and pioposes
the_establishment of the uejt-equipped
ball paik in the Xoithwegt
Tenders are Wanted for the general
contract on 2 three room houses in No.
Vancouver. Apply by letter to Box L-'21,
North Vancouver.     ,'��� ,
The "Maune Depai Imont at Ottawa lia--
.s*ent a peremptory order;to city officials
to have the old Granville st bridge re-
mo.ved at the .earliest possible moment.
Demolition iproceedings will be taken by
tho 1:1 ty  forthwith..
. A. B. Pracna, mill archt,, S21 Pender
st XV, has completed plans for a sawmill
and drykilns, planing mill, etc, for the
Stlmson Lumber Co, to be erected in Seattle and to cost ��200,000.
45.Satisfied   Users   In  Vancouver
1065   Pender  St. Phone   Seymour  5711
Office: 108 Alexander St.
Phone Sejmour 1733.
Warehouse: 821 Powell St.
Builders and Contractors'
Metal Lath, Metal Cellini*;. Wire Rope, Tool &
Drill Steel and General
Let us figure on your ELECTRICAL CONTRACTS. Nothing too large;
nothing too small. Our stock of Electric Chandeliers is the largest in the
Electrical       ^ $% I3& K?      O       15 dFk B&J      Phone
Pla      Seymour
33S Hastings Street West
Electric Hoists,
Gasoline Hoists
And Elevators
In Ail Sizes
365  Water Street
Phone  Sey.  3237
-T~"-<B-i*->--w'iFi***-^.re^ ���t.'"nni",w,i -��� s-TK7zrm?f*Grry��-.-vf-v''-'; ���w'- v t*ym'.Ji.''. �����*^*i^?frT5t*:-!i'*r*-rrTT,*rr^*!if>K-1->','?7,r7sTr:5^ 'I1 $
1 ���' ��� '   I .��: 1. il*' <C<V JVrfill     I.*1'*    -��* ,:W \?j "t"*-!. ���-��� Jl V���   .. - J  .|'. v.-J��,.i''    '.���J1  a .'i  -I.M,.-,i     .c-i. -Ft.,. ',. ������.,��- -A ���������rT V ^l-i g." ^, ���*,.���.��.. c"r"   *!���  ���vil-..*".*!.'... "���rrf.". .^ifft ���,:��� Ji.iJj ..j'^.^* ^|.^T.�� lrt��� (I1..1   .''"'.IV   !".>v    ..--������'������   -*     -. * \,     .      i._s BRITISH COLUMBIA
���DAH.1l    BTJIXtDINa   B.BCOB.U.      ,
Published Dally Except Sundays
Address: 583  Homer-Richards Lane
Rear of  431   Dunsmuir  Street
Telephone Seymour 780S
Subscription Price
Payable  In
?1.00 a month
Permits for the various municipalities
*wlll appear under this head on the following days:
Monday���Victoria. "   ���
Tuesday���South Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster.   '
Wednesday���Xorth Vancouver, Point
Grey, Victoria.
Thursday���.South Vancouver, Shaush-
nessey Heiprhts, Victoria.
Friday���Xorth Vancouver, Point Grey,
Saturday���South  Vancouver,   Victoria.
As Issued���West Vancouver.
VICTOIUA, June 12���riulldlliff permits were is.sued yesterday a.s follows:
Chas. AVatson, alter Government st, $10,-
000; "M*., Sweeney, garage Trutch st,
���$500; .Sohan , Sliiffh, .stable JlcXair st,
?200; John -Cohen, alter Jolinson st,
$,500; XV. C. "Minister, res "Moss st, $2,-
500; 'It. "Moffat, garage SImcoe .st, $">00;
Bldg & Finance Co, ies st Charles st,
$2,600; Louis Kbert, store "Menitt and
High View sts, $1,500; "MoCarter Bros,
3 houses, Moss & Woodland,  $9,000.
Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe; Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.
99 E2BSH B Fkt%f+ kk
"Santa Cruz"  BLUE CROSS  Cement.
Western Bungalow
Designing of homes our specialty
Sey. 1056.    703 Dominion Trust Bldg.
Keep down your pay roll expense by using lime which
slakes instantly. 99.5% pure. ' .   .
19     t-kxl!.'U!a
201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg.   Vancouver,' b. c. Phone  Sey.  9506
Producers Rock & Gravel Co., Ltd.
Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel
Head  Office and   Bunkers:
Store St., foot of Chatham
Phone 305
Victoria, B. C.
Vancouver Office and Bunkers:
Front and  Manitoba Sts.
Phone Fairmont 552.
Telephone 10*15
1318 Wharf Street
' Manufacturers Of     ������
"Argilla" Mosaic Flooring Tiles
"P. O. Box 1171
Plans for Buildings iu this Table are in the H-inds of (ho Architects,   and    the," Date    Given    for   their
Completion is Approximate only.   When the Contract is Let. iName of Contractor is Given in Last Column.
Character Estimated  Cost
, 1384���Mrs. C. Hanneysett (Britcoln) 1
feto fr res; lot IS, blk a of 2,' DL 50;
���M.  C.   Graham,   $-K)0.
1385���Mrs. A. Brown, Collingwood E,
1 Sto' fr res; lot 26, blk 9, DL 49; A.
���fclerrls, $1,000. *" *.
-1389���Mrs.   Bessie   Walden.   Y.W.C.A.
*.Room's," 2 sto fr res; lot 28, blk 603, DL
6S6; Jas.' Bitconjv-?2,400; itfuinace.
' 1390���D.   Wp^r^?-'S-*i!Sth\ve   E,   1
Mo  fr sto;   55th   ave, &; Victoria  Road;
"6-wner; $500.       A ,
'139i���Harry Reed (Collingwood E)' 1
StO fr res;(lot 9, blk,'3, DL 33S; owner;
$1,000.     '    ���
1393���B.   R. -Woolcombo   (South"Hill)
1 Sto fr res; lot^, blk 3, DL 659; Green
feros; $1,400;-furnace.
'    1399���Mark   Gosse '0327   Napier   St)
���   1 Sto" fr res; lot 2, blk 5, DL 723; own-
'  fer;' $2,000:   ' ,   "
,m 1*400���Robt. Roy (James Rd) 1* sto fr
���fes; lot 40, blk C ot.3,DL 336; owner;
���$800. '  '""
I 1401���R. ~Reed,   (South _ Hill)' 1  sto'fr
���res; lot 7, blk la,  DL 200;  E. Jackson;'
*i;ooo.'      * -    ���' "    ���*.
, H03���E: Wllley (City , Heights PO)
,11-2 sto_fr res; lot 14, blk 1 of 12, DL
$34;/owner* $300. . '    " "'' *  _
1405���J.  A.   Mohlin   (James   Rd)   11-2
>SlO fr res;'lot 49, blk 3; DL SW 1-4  332;
H. A.  Munroe;  $1,000.
'���LIENS  ��� F..f3    89)etosf!!n7m....
-W. S. 'White vs J. M. Brown and D. C.
"Williams; lot l'8,  blk 2,'dl 663;  $2,810.
.    Medicine hat,' alta.���Residence,
���cost $3,000, for L. Hewitt, A.  McCarter,
hrcht and genl contractoh;  1 1-2 sto, 26x
JU "
-U^sidence, .co^t $3,000, XVi Linton, architect and builder, 22x33, brk and tile
fconst.,   plan.s   ready. ���
��� , Two   story   flat,   $fi,000,   "Windsor   ave,
for Felix Dansereau,  1211   Ontario st E,
'   feenl contr;  archt,  Chas.   Bernier,   15  St.
James;   two storys,  22x44   brick.
Residence, $12,000, St. Hubert st, for
: M*. W. Lacasp-e, 914 Mount Royal E;
ftrcht, Alph Content, 17 Place d'Arme?;
genl contr, J. Damien Lalonde, 123 1'St.
Lawrence Blvd; 3 sto .stone and concrete, i
SK flats, $10,600, Gauthier and Papi-
iieau ave, for Denis Demer=, 1334 St.
Catherine t.t: aicht, L. A. Content, > 11
Place d'Armes TTi'l; genl contr, A. Ho-
"berge, 7SC Gamier st; plumbing and htg,
J. Lefruneoi-s, 528(1 Gilfoicl st"; roofing,
F.   Fortiei,  c-o  Conti.ictot:   3   *--to,  36:;C5.
Residence, $7,000, Monkland a\e, for
Luc rriKThomme Monkland and Ogilvy
' sts. Archt R. Mount Briand, 230 St.
Andre st, genl.co-ntr, Wm. Dc-laurlcrs,
238 Notre Dame de Grace ave; 2 .,to,
���56x45, ,stono \eneer.
Residence, $15,000, Fort "t; own?1*
and genl contr, Zepherln St. Pierre, 592a
St.   Denis   st;   3   sto,   26x89.
Residence, $9,000, Oxford ave, for P.
Blals, 296 Prud'homme ave; genl contr,
���toomtnn Cusson 194 Prud'homme ave;
��6x68. .
��� Residence, $8,000, Oxford ave; owner
arid genl contr, T. H. Lanouette, 523
���X'anet.jst;  2 sto 50x60.     -
Flats, $16,000, Park ave for J.' Drouth 1116 St. Denis st; genl contr, J. Marvel.-J220 Melssier st; 3 sto,' 75x40, brick
Residence, $10,000, "Dedpath ave, for
���ft. E. G-uderville, 256 Bishop st; archt-',
Brown & Vallance, Canada Life Bldg:
%ehl contr, J. II. Hutchinson, 69 Am-
brolse st;  2 sto, 40x12, brick.
4-sto   store   and   apmts',      45,000
Add   to  apmts  40,000
9 sto  conc  ofc  bldg $100,000
Sibters of Good Shepherd         75,000
S  s-to conc oflice .' $200,000
3-sto apt h.se         611.OOO
���1    sto   bik   apmts 45,000
5  sto  brk  & conc oflices $2 10,000
3 sto brk store and rooms 25,000
Brk   school   bldg         90.000
4-sto  brk  add   to   hospital         60,000
Dawson school          150,000
0-sto brk office bldg      200,000
Powerhouse          40,000
Police Headquarters       175,000
Club   bldg    '       230,000
10-sto conc office bldg      359,000
S-sto   hotel   add      150,000
3   S-sto  school  adds      120,000
S-sto  brk  office  bldg      110,000
3-sto brk apmt        40,000
8 sto conc club bldg.' .'.$350,000
3  sto  brk stores & oflices $40,000
2 sto   brk   lodge $30,000
&   sto  brk  apmts $85,000
3-sto brk apmt hse        35,000
3-sto stone and brk, hospital..   .225,000
4-room-add    ' '��� 25,000
Brk and stone church      150,000
6-sto  brk  bldg....:.:     *  95,000
10 sto  store : 2,000,000
Prov.   Girls', Home :.     .100.000
Brick 'Church    ..$35,000
3-sto, 80x90, apmt         75,000
3-4-sto apmts-and stores....'..     16,0,000
Women's  Club        J50.000
Brk or conc (school -     50,000
Power plant       696,000
University bldgs  .* r...     5^0,000
Steel-bridge    '       150,000
10-sto  ofc   bldg   1,000,000
Club- Bldg :...; '.	
7-sto  conc  bldg       225,000
3 fire^haUs           41,500
Bridge '. ." 2.100,000
4-sto store & lofts        "5,000
3-sto   apmts"         55,000
5-sto   hotel   bldg.'         60,000
4-sto brk apmts        75,000
2-sto fr apmts...: '.        22,000
3-sto brk-stone res       '20,00')
6-sto   brk   whse         75,000
10-sto, brk apmt hse: .*      250,000
Rmg house        21,001.'
S-sto   office   bldg :      230,000
6-sto   whse   bldg       ,36,000
6-sto store & rooms '        50,000
6-sto apmts'.....' -.        60.000
6-sto  conc  add         60.000
S-sto steel  & brk office bldg..        85,000
Stone church ...'. '         50.000
4 to 10-sto conc stores & rooms     100,000
Brk and stone church     '100,000
.Location       Owner Architect
...'....12. A. Morns
 T.  II   Calland
 B.  T.   Roger *
.West. Trust Co.
. ..Sam   Kee
...Y. M.  C.  A.
 K. of P.
..A.  G.  Ferrera
-All  items  below  this  rule   appear  In
Broadway & Yukon I"). McCullum
Victoria Miss  Jean Alollison
700   blk  Granville  .st	
Point  Gi ev   .'. ':.
Hastings & lloinby	
Burrard  &  Eveieigli	
Xew Westminster	
Keefer   nr   Main	
Tipperary   Park,   New   Westminster	
Nelson, B.  C... .Kootenay Lake Hospital
New Westminster Peoples Trust Co.
'���"arls Road B. C. E. R.
City of Vancouver Powell si
Hastings   and   Hornby. .Vancouver  Club
Granville'& Georgia..H. Birks Sons. Ltd.
Hastings  and' Main L. L.  Mills
So. Van '. So. Van. School Board
Blk 12, Hast. St. .McDougal & Cameron
Hastings  st  E	
Georgia & Burrard  sts
Victoria .'.	
Hastings  & Jackson	
Broadway W	
New  Westminster.Roy.  Columbia  Hosp.
,Central school   School Board
Victoria.. ? 1st   Baptist   Cchurcli
Cordova s't.*. ;; Scan.  Meth. Mission
Georgia &" Granville Hudson'Bay Co.
Govt. ��� .'..'..Hastings Townsite
Cedar Cottage  Presbyterians.
Victoria '..Lindsay & Roberts-
Pender, Bute, Melville Sts.. .J. J. Banfield
ThurloW  St  ....".'. Women's Clubs
Nanaimo' School Trustees
Kamloops   City
Point. Grey   .' Province
Georgia-Harris st    City
Howe-&'Dunsmuir....Can. Home Inv. Co.
Undecided :...V.'A. C.
Howe st B. C. Bible Society
'..'    City
2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.
Pender, nr Columbia. .Story & Campbell
No. (.Vancouver.. r Stevenson   Bros.
Powell  and Heatley st...;	
Alberni st McNeil Bros.
508-18'Semlin Drive Savainar Bros.
Shaughnessy Hts '	
C.  P.'R.  Reserve '	
 '..*...:..* Dr. , Robt.. Telford
Powell and Hawkes Chas. Putnam
Victoria Dom.  Trust  Co.
Water st  .....
Seymour, near Dunsmuir.. .D. Campbell
Cardero &,Comox D. D. Hutchinson
Victoria * S. < J ones
200   blk,  Hastings  E ."" .'	
Shaughnessy Hts    Methodists
Homer &.Georgia Sts E. Malion
Carl and Pender... .Church-of St. James
this table lor first time  today.
Tow nsend   fr   Townsend ...
J.   S.   IX   a\iylor '	
Pair. MoKonzie X- Hay..
Walling ton  &   Wlicaiiev.   ..
Tlio-.   1 loopcr	
XV.   F.   Gardiner  .A..'.'..
K.   Bryan	
Gardiner  &   -Mercer..."..'.'	
Bryan & Townlev	
Gaidmer   &    Me'ixer....
S.  li.   Birds	
N.   A.   Leach ".'".".'.
Gardiner   &   Mercer	
B. ,C   12.  R '
CompetltHe  .:	
Sliaip & Thompson..'..".	
Somervell   fr   Putnam  	
F. Jl.  Bender     '
J. If. Bowman	
VanSlclen  & Macomber '.'
.Jones  & Beats-on '... ..
11. S. Griffiths :>.*..'.".'
G. B.   Kaufman	
Bresemann  &  Durfee....	
F.  H.  Perkins	
Horel & Roberts	
S.' B.  Birds	
N.  A.   Leech	
J. M. -Warren j.	
Otto   Moberg      t
Burke, Horwood & White""'.'
A. A.- Cox  -
Not chosen   	
Robt. Knlpe *...."	
F. H.  Perkins	
Not chosen    '.....
Not chosen	
Dutclier & Maxwell	
Not chosen   	
Not  chosen   	
Not�� chosen.::...* .'.....'..'
C. A. Jones .'.".""
C. A.  Jones    *. ".",'
Not chosen   	
John Wolfe-Barry Now
W. T. Whitewavf.	
Townsend & Townsend ..
Alder & Campbell	
Townsend  fr   Townsend '
Townsend   &   Townsend	
XV. F. Goodfellow ,
G. P.  Bowie	
W.   M.   Dodd :	
Alder  & Campbell...'.	
II.  S.   Griffith	
H.'B. Watson   ;.... '.	
Hirnh  Braunton 	
R. M. Fripp	
Thos.   Hooper   	
Parr, McKenzie & Day..
G.   A.   Horel ...*..,
XV.   F.   Gardiner .*.	
Alexander & Brown \\'
.Plans Ready
..Bids closed
. .Bids clo-eri
....Bnl.s cloied
...Bids closed
..Hitls closed
...mils Clo,ed
.lilds Closed
..Bids Closed
..Bids close I.
 -". Noi\;
 June1 1
 June 1st
 lune 10
 June 15
 lune  15
 June   20
.'. June -1
 June  5
'. June  6
 July 1
���....'- July *1
1118 Granville St
" N. A'- G. " Roof Compositions
For Waterproofing Or Fireproof ins
1326 Wharf St.
���* (
canadianteqwpmenu suppLrcOfiT
,;: :^yANCptJVER;;iB.;0,rXND;(CALGkK;Y, ALBERTA.
*    M-^y,,?-? the largest buildings and residences of this city
equipped with our Sash.   Enquiries solicited from architects and
contractors.' ..���*���''-'������:  ' -   a  ���
Phones Seymour*2330 andS021. /    v .  .  .    ,    '. , 418,Pacific Balding.
belnp drawn
 Jan., .1913.
V... .Delayed
.. .Indefinite
.. .Indefinite
tilting- fund-.
B46  Beach  Ave
BARS In Rounds, Squares and Flats
From Stock or To Import
Phone Sey. 7915
Less Space Required For Beds
Ventilation Simple and Perfect
Display Boom, 570 Granville St.,
Fhone: Sey. 5092
Character     *. Cost
j-t,to  brk  hotel  *.	
��-^to ofH<-.> hklg	
10-sto hotel   	
Water  extension   	
Convent   *	
3-sto stone & conc bldgs.
14-sto hotel	
Power plant   	
5-hto store and offices....
Concrete   docks   	
Aflobe 1 es"	
10-bto conc apmts..:	
fi sto Moie-i00111 bldg....
S-sto  brk  bus-lnes-s  bldg-..
5--.to  gainyc   '-.:	
Lonsdau-    cliooi  bids	
7-hto   apnu   b dg	
l-.sto   cuiu   nn   hje	
o-.sto   bin   cipnii   bid*,
o-.sto  brk  ��to & ring
u-sto bi k hotel	
ii-.s,to  bank   bids	
i-sto    hotel      	
6--to bik hotel..'	
dd  to Cecil  Khode-4 school...
.-.sto   apmts    i	
l-sto  brk   sto  &_npi��t��. .. .. .1
,r,.    ,i. ���i. t  - 	
l-sto  brk  office  bldg	
Ilo*1    Uiil^      	
;->to bik hotel add	
J-s-to  bik   rms  h.sc	
S-sto   brk   apt*	
l-sto "brk   whse	
>-room   school   bids	
i s-to brk apmts	
Depot fr oflices	
,---to   rms   h**e	
,st  Pres.   Church,   Victoria...
:-s-to rmp h��e	
12-stall   roundhouse  -;	
Frame   Church   	
5 ��to   store   and   rooms	
Conc:   Lishthouse	
4 sto  brk store fr rms	
2 sto stone. & frame res	
3 sto   brk   rms   hse	
8-��to apmt h<<e 	
4 sto bfk store & rms	
3  sto   brlc   apmts	
3 sto  fr  sto  &  apmts	
4 sto  brk  sto &  rms	
..rich, una -um-j-ciiurcli	
���(-sto  conc   wrhse	
6 sto  brk wrhse. & office	
���" sto brk apmt *..
son nno
-   100,000
. .$14.1.000
 .���.," nnji
���>(""> ,*iTir
.. ..2��o.noo
.. . $i0.000
- .-iS.OOO
triiDINGS   COSTIN��   $8000   OR   OVER,      ON     WHICH     CONSTRUCTION
.Location    ;   Owner Architect
Burrard & Comox Si.sters of Charity
Princeton,  B. C Peter Swanson
Pender & Homer Dom. Trust Co
Melville & Burrard XV. H   Haimey
Sejniour Creek City of Vuncomer
Point  Grey Sisters  of Sacied  Heart
Victoria,  B.  C... .Provincial  Government
Georgia and Granville C. P. R.
Pundiedge River Canadian Collenes
.Dom.  Go\ t.
.T. N. llibben &* Co.
. .* :...J.ts.    Fell
. . .Mrs   Dr   Mackay
 Mr. K\ aris
. Wil.son & Hams
 las.   B01 land
...BeuS*' Auto  Co.
Stu\ e.ston
.\01tl1    Vancouver....*.
Shaushness-y   Hts	
Gooryia & Hornby. . . .
\K coi   Homer &, l">un^>
Ma-tings   st	
Thui.ow and  Albeini...
Lon -cla e	
i'hurlc-w and  I-I.iro T.  F.  lJatei*son
Seyniour and Uuiisiiiuir U. Pybu-.
1J7    Hob on Cha->.   G.   Mulici-
Jore & lla-.tinss Hooper c& fc3nicloi*
1 in  tins-* and Dunlevy. .Dr. T.  11   vv 1 .son
Ha  tins-  and   Mam MoKoiis   I3anl.
vbb'itt  &  Peinlnll P.   Mathews
 .Airs.  XV. Sanford*
. sichooi  LiOan
. .Dishthe.irt   Kio^
 Lee   Kee
 G. T. P.  II. It.
 D.  E.  Um ri.
...Otis-Fensome  Co.
 D. McClaren
 Mr.  Sansuinetti
A. D, Goldstcii.
Kfpiei  & Gore.
Bute  &   Xelson	
Gore   and   Pender. . .
1'rince  Kupei t. . v. . . .
I Oth  and  Main	
Davie  and   Hamilton
Harris and Main	
Powell st	
Beach & Clnlco sts. ..
Dun.sinuir & Beatty C. A. God-on
D. L. 301  Citv
Thurlow & Pender Mrs.  S.  Wood
Granville & Cordova C. P.  R.
100  blk, Cordova E A.  C.  McNeil
Quadra and  Klssuard st	
Kichnrds   st Haley  &   Suttor
Coquitlam C.   P.   R.
So.   Vancouver   Bapti-ts
v'exander 'st Brown- &,Howie
Pt., Atkinson Dom".  Govt.
Powell nr. Gore K. Tsuchida'
Shaughnessey  Heights T.  Greenhow
New   Chinatown    Chine,e
llth*and   Main J.   P.  Mathers
Eburne   - Mr.   Grauen
610-10th ave W J. G. Chalmers
283S-40.Granville H. *E. Selman
633   Granvilie  St Akroyd' &  Gall
1'iit-er *<ive South   Hill  liaptl-t.s
K. Powell St B.  C, Sugar Refinery
Water St Dr.  A.  Thompson
 '..   Contractor
R. R  Tegen .*��� N01 ton  Griffiths
fcreseniann & Durfee C. P. Stan.ey
H.   &.   Griflitlis iN'orton-Giifflths   Co
:���������;���-, Ferro-Conc. Const. Co.
,V*> ^ea Burrard Engr. Co.  et ai
C.   G.   Badgely S.   .1.   l.und
I'\ M.  Rattenbury...McDonald fr Wilson
\\ . S. Painter Skene & Christie
Com..any Grant-Smith   &  Co.
������������������;��� ' ��� T.  F.  SuicKu 1
llios. Hooper. .Sound Const. & Engr   Co.
������������������������    Xorlon   GrifTUlis
\\. A.  Doctor Egdell  &   Dixon
';- ,&��� -51'tton '. .Egdell  i-  Di.\on
Dalton fr I'.velelgh Bavnes & l-lorie
Pair, McKenzie iSc Day B   David  on
L. K   Gordon Dom   Con^t   Supply Co.
.lamcsun &  Hlackadder.J E  Uiikiii & Co
W.  D.   \"an   SiUen. ...... .Dom.   Conc.   Co
11. 1.  Stevens fr Co..H   L. Stevens & Co
\V. D   \ iin Sielen
Thos.   Hooper....
u 1,  Gin una.
II. I j  Stevens Co
A.   .1.   liiiid	
liugli    l-irauntun.
X. A.  Leach	
S.  B   Birds	
Co.   EiiMiirs.
A.  J.  Bird
.Dom   Const. Co, Dtd.
. .. Frantz Con��i   >_���
Dom. Con -t. Co , Ltd
. . .11   L. Stevens Co
...!!.   .McLean   it   Co
 K    G.   Al bin
 .McLain  &  Co.
 C.  L.  Wil.iams
British   X.   A    Const.   Co.
Wiles  &   Ki^her
 $27,000"i43'5  ��th ave E...
Thos.   Hooper .McDonald   &   Wil-011
Townsend  & Town-end E.  J.  Ryan
Owner  j.;. j.  Ryan
XV. P. XX'., Booker, Campbell . .  Whipple
?.' ?' rRow,ie * A. Adams
X. A. Leeclu.Booker, Campbell & Whipple
XX'. P. White S. C. Briscoe
Contrs....We-tinshouse, Church, Kerr Co
J. P. Matheson  fr Son....Dom. Const.  Co.
XV.   R.   Wilson Parfitt   Bro��.
Braunton   &  Liebert....Davi.s-Sanders   Co.
Company .*. ......S.  Gordon & Son
J. P. Matheson & Son Mr. Thompson
Braunton & Liebert Egdell & Dixcn
Govt Rourke,  McDonald. & Moncriet
W. M.  Dodd J. J.  Frantz oCn  t Co.
G.. P. -.Bowie..:. \V. W. Jerrett
Stuart,  White & P Wood & "McDonald
W. P. White "...Booker, Campbell & W.
Russell,-Babeock & Rlce..t A.'Williams
Perry &  Nicilais ,E.  J.   Ryan
J. P. Mathieson & Son.....'...Alonzo Smith
S.  B. Birds .'..C.  L.  Williams
Horel   fr   Rbberts '.. .\ . .'.Day ' labor
Kennerly Bryan /...Day  labor
Sharp  &  Thompson....Rourke,  McDonald
& .Moncrief.
...T. J. White =ideH.    A.   Hodgson..".., Owner
. s-.    We have them IN STOCK
Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, transmission Etc
��� PHONE: t SEY.  952;*;;.VANpOUVER'; B.  C. .37-43  ALEXANDER  ST.
The Imperial' Agencies Corporation
Phone Sey. 6122      ,VANCOUVER,  B. C.        409 ^Hastings St. W.^Rear)'
Vancouver Roofing Co
Contractors.For /
Tar and Gravel Roofing. Dampprooftng
Expert Roofing Repairing
Sheet Metal Work of all Descriptions
?olme Sey. 69-19 407 too Bldg*.
"nctnrv. 1921 Triumph St.   Sey. 4130K
Vacuum Cleaner -Plants. Chnroh,'
lodg-e ana School Furniture. Theater
'?B? J?pera ' Choirs. Metal *C,ookBri
Ind   Office   Fixtures.     Wall   Burlaps
Phone. Sey. 5476      532 Pender St. W.
!,_ Pertaining
���|P**      To Floors Of
-52^ WOOD
_,     Hardwood   Ploor  tayers  and  rinishers.
Sth Ave. & Glen Drive Phone Fairmont 1612
Office Suite 614-615-616.
B *nk of Ottawa Building1.      4
B.C. Screen <& Manufacturing Co. iJtcJil
���66  Dufferin  Street  East Phone. Fairmont 1643 VANCOrrVEB,  B.  C.
Fire and Burglar Proof Safes
Vault Doors
School desks and Opera chairs
Phone: Sey. 1584        567 Hamilton  St.
Turnbull Elevators & Lowerators
Contractor's Material Hoists in Stock.
319 Pender St. ��� Phone Sey. 6910.
S. RSZZO Contractor
Sewer  Connections  a  Specialty.
Excavating*, "Land Clearing*.
Plione Sey. 7532. 224 Harris St.
Dunham Vacuum
Vacuo-Vapor Heafmg
.   Aslr  for Latest Catalogue  and
157 Water St. Phone:  Sey. 5632,
'.fcfc.iiir.. DAILYBUILDING RECOED/  BRITISH COLUMBIA  CHAIN BELT CONCRETE MIXERS  Concrete Carts  Concrete Wheelbarrows  *    'Concrete Skip Hoists for steel- and wood guides.  Dominion Equipment & Supply Co.  Phone:   Sey. 7155  Warehouse:  1 Office:-  345 Water St.  508 Holden  Bldg.  The GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., LIMITED  Wholesale Distributors of  Steam and Hot Water Boilers  Hot-Water  and  Steam   Radiators  ' Warm-Air Furnaces and Registers  566-570  BEATTY  ST.  PHONES Seymour 7596-7597  North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co., Ltd.  DEALERS   IN   COAL,   BRICK,   LIME,   CEMENT,   SEWER    PIPE   AND  GENERAL  BUILDERS' SUPPLIES.  Office "53 Lonsdale Ave.  '    Wharf foot of St. George Ave.  Phones  198,  178.  ARCHITECTS.  Alexander & Brown.'' Fairfield Bldg Sey   8S4b  Alder & Campbell, Exchange Bldg /...Sey. 5974  Badgely, C.  D, Riggs-Selman  Bldg '   Barber & Barber, North  Vancouver   Barker,  H.  M,  Hutchinson  Bldg -...Sey   8831  Bayly, G   M, Dom   Trust Bldg ....Sey   5643  Bird, A.  J.,  Winch Bldg Sey,  4288  Birds, S. B., A.B.I.B.A., 205-6  Duncan Bid*? Sey. 4897  Blackadder, H, So   Vancouver   . ._**".     351  Blackmore,   E   E,  306  Loo  Bldg             Sey   2379R  Blair,  David,  522 Pender W Sey. 7103  Bowie, Geo  P , Bank of Ottawa Bldg Sey   3510  Bowman, J. ST., Crown Bids' Sey. 5028  Braunton & Liebert, 81 Exchange Bldg Sey. 3921  Biesemann & Duifee, Holden Bldg, & Victoria.Sey   2202  Bryan,  Kennerley, Crown  Bldg Sey. 550b  Cox, Arthur A, Cai ter-Cotton  Bldg Sey.  6577  Dalton & "Cvpieigh, Davis Chambers Sey     062  Dawson,   J,  IIo den  Bldg   . ..       .        Sey   8153  Doctoi, XV   A , Aletiopoluan Bldg Sey   blew  Dodd, XV  JI, Can   Bank of Commerce Sey. 69S5  Donnellan,   J    .1,   Riggs-Selman   Bldg, Sey.   0045  Dutoui,  J    B,  Riggs-Selman   Bldg .    .    J Se\    2912  Devai, Andievv. SI Lonsdale, Noi th Vancouver   Fusei, Kenneth, ���������Metiopolitan bldg Se\    90i)C  1'iijip. rt  MacKav, Hutchinson Bklg Sev    I'M.  Gamble & Kn.ipp   Da\ Is Cliambcis Sey   5473  Gardiner, Wm, Predk , Hartney Chambers. .... .Sey, 2615  Gould   fr   Chanipncv    Rogei ���������>   Bldg Sej    844 <  Goodfellow, W   D    303 >/2  Hastings St   \V..   .   .Sey   G09I  Giant &  Mendei-oii. Williams  Bklg soj    1393  Gliiaths, H. S , Dom. Trust Eldg* ....    ���������    Sey. 4920  Gardiner Sr IKeicor, M.S.A., Mew Westminster CGI  Gillim, \V 'C   F. UiHchin on Bldg .   S<">    (������l)09  Hammci, P.,  111G  1-tute  St Sej.   5.111.1.  iU   R   Morrison,  712 Richards St Sey. 2151-2152  So Van Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,..N. V* 198-17S  *A'm. X O'Neil fr Co.. 548,50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795M798  Ritchie Contr & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9162  R, V. Winch & Co.. Ltd ^ Winch Bldg .-Sey. 279-1944  Hardwood Floor Co, 557 Granville Sey.  6853  Lumber Corp.  Ltd,   1605  Georgia Sey. 6504  Supply Co, Dom. Trust Bldg   Sey.  6IG1  Can. Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Rwy  & Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  Dom "Sash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St Sey.  6136  E. H. Heaps & Co, 115 Victoria Drive Sey. SS90  J   Tyfe Smith & Co. 1320  Richards Sej'. 1196  Prudential Builders, Ltd, 101 Dufferin St. \V...Fair 101  -    PUBNACE AND SHEET IlTETAL.  Acme Plumbing & Htg  Co, 131 10th Ave. E . .Tair. 537  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th A\e XV Bay.    296  I   D. Campbell & Co,  1064 Pender St   W Sey   2736  Grandview Sheet Metal Wks., 1729 Venables. .Sey. 5284  Guiney Foundiy Co, jutd , 5C6-70 Beattv. .Sey   Johnston-Thompson   Co  G   L   Kelling & Co. o0i>  Pease Pacific roundiy,*L  wincouver  b.Hiittid Bldg"* Victoiia.  .   Sey  GET  YOUR   ESTIMATES   FROM  Canadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..  "Limited. , .     '  Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work.  Quality Work, Rig-lit Prices and Promptness Guaranteed. '  Phona Sey. 8480 ' - Office:  104 Empire Bldg.  BEST BUILDING  BRICK  TSCS  process of��������� manufacturing' brick is a very important; matter.    Every  , .   briok tarried oat of  our latest improved' Borer., preii is  made under  a  pre������������ure ot 400 TONS.   They are also oared in cylinder under* 120 pound*  ���������team pressure. t "��������� / i  ��������� <'',���������. -'    ,1  ABSORPTION of moisture, i������ only.from 8.to 10 per cent.. This-Is a very im-  ! "portant feature in'this climate.   Our briok is being* used in many important buiiainffs.  ,   - >      .       f  7    *-   * '       r > -   > ^      i  WSJ can supply'briok of all kinds and colors.   Oar prices are rlffht.   Be'sure  to get oar figure before .closing* "order. "-'Yon will save money.  ; Vancouver Pressed Brick7 & Stone  ^PHOUTE:  BBICK,   ABT  STONE,, CEMENT  LAUNDRY  TUBS  PAIBMONT 101 -    COB. DUPPEBIN AND MANITOBA  STS.  Bldg.  Van  Sev  , .Sev  .bej  faey  .Sey  *f*ev  Sey  Sey  Se>  Sev  Sey  Sej  S>-y  13  7831  1 199  5'i-ll  G '00  lo.'l  5351  5').5  1 301  7oye  2S01  9,>32  994  5021  HI*-  .Sey. 4420  -Sey. 274b  4396  753b  5122  7171  730  Hair.iea\ua,   L   XV,  4  lieath   Gove fr Xeuse   Mi uopolilMi Hid  lleijei   A. Aichei, Dom   Tiust  Bldg..   .  Ilelde, A   P.  Metiopollian   Bldg   riodg-on, Hugh A, Cai tei -Cotton  Bldg.  IIoneMnan & CuilK SJ1 Pundei   XV..   ..  llooppi,   Thonu,   Wincli   Bldg       .     ...  Ifope   A   Campbell, Lmpiie Bldg.       ...  IToiel & Roberts, 1101-2 Dom   Ti iibt  Hoi ion  A.   Philips, Pacil.c  Bldg ....  Uovt,   \\     T    S     70*)   Dunsmuii   St  lames,  C   D .   Bank  of  B   N   A .  Taiiieson  it  Duggan.  70S   Metiopolitan  Jones  fr  Beatson   Hutchinson   Bklg  lone-, & Aspell, Uai tnev   Climbs and No  Kaufmann,  G. B, Davis  Chambers  . ..  Keagev,   I   XX ,  hi:   Pendei   St   XV  Kearns, N. A, . No. Vancouver  MacLuie & Fo\, Pacific  Bldg     .      Sey  Mathe-on,  I   P, S. Son, 512 Grainille Sey  Mitton    F.   ���������"���������Unnlcv,   Williams   Bldg       Sey  JUobeig, Otto, 41  Inn3  of  Couit ��������� Soy  Pair.  .UcKen/.te/������. Day,  570 Gianville St ..   .  bej  Perkins, P. H., Hutchinson Bldg. '. Sey. 4729  Pen j   AV Xicolais,  Pacilic  Bldg Sey   S994  Pracna    A    B,   821   Pender  St   W.."    ...     .  Sey   102S  W. D.'O. K ffnohfort, 407 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria, 1804  Russell, Babcoci & Kice, Metiopolitan Bldg      Sey     987  Sedger, Thus   D, 512  Ba-stion  Jsifuaie,  Victoria.   ...   Sill  Shaip & Thompson, Old Sate Bldg Spy. 1004  Smith & Goodtellow, 303% Hastings \V Sey   0691  Somervell  &  Putnam,   Pacihc   Bldg Sey   6230  Stroud. Angus B, Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 8469  Stuart, White & Peters, Metropolitan Bldg-        Sey. 8649  Taj lor, J.. D   S.iBovvei   Bldg Sey.  Thornton & Jones, ,Old  Sate  Bldg Sey  Tn\\n*-enrt & Townsend, 620 Granville Sey  Twizell & Twizell, 1019 Metiopolitan Bldg        Sey  Van Sielen & Mucombei 51 Can. JLile Bldg.        Sey.  Wailinglun fr VVheatley. Davis Chambers   Watson, H   B,  Holden .Bldg Sey  White, W. P., Hutchinson Bldg Sey.  Whiteway.   W.   T���������   Molsons   Bank. .\ Sey,  Wlckenden, C. O, 1062 Pender St  W Sey, 1744  WiKon. John. 221 Pembei ton "Bldg, Victoria 1592  Wright,  Rushfortli & Cahill,  709 Dunsmuir.. .Sey   2809  Wright & Melntyie, Dom   Trust Bldg Sey   8413  Western Bungalow Co., Dom  Trust Bldg Sey. 1856  ENGINEERS.  G.,  211   Holden   Bldg     .  PLOOBZNO.  B- C  B C  B   C  St  Roofing  525   Bunard  Pendei  St ..  td, 324 Diake St  Co,   107 Loo Bldg  GALVANIZED  IBON WORKS.  Armstiong fr Wolfe, 15*10  5th Ave XV   Gramlvieu   blieet Meial  Wks,  1729  Venables.  \unvou\er Roofing  Co,   107-Loo  Bldg  GAS   APPLIANCES.  T596-  .Sey.  .Sey  Sey.  Sej.  Bay,  .Sey.  . bey  7597  7891  8228  S397  6919  296  52S4  C9I9  Sev.  "5p\  Sej  3701  ���������1053  5000  Robinson,  8314  810  1770  7925  4155  '345.1  8735.  3029  Sey. 3412  Bum-side Gns AppI   Co, 1037-9 Gran\Ille St  A .liter Klnsev. 1300 Gian*\ille St..   .  \.mcou\ei das Co, lo Hastings St   IS   GLASSS���������Alii, 3CINDS.  f  Wm S O'Xeii fr Co, ulS-50 Sejmour St..Sev 4795-179S  stand ud Gla-ss. Co, ^td , S29 Bainaid Sej. 6176  \e-t Plate Glass fr Imp Co. 153 Coido\a D Sev 1671  \\iicos.   Ait  Glass,   1-wl  Bioadway  W Bay.  245  HAttDWOOD  i'LOOKS.  B   C   Ilaulwood Door Co,  557 Gran\ille Sev.  6S53  an   Pac. Lumber (,0, Ltd, Rwj   & Salsbuiy SeyV 6S00  aile,   E   A    &  Co,   532  Pendei   St    XV  .   . Sev   5 176  ������   11   Heaps <S^ Co,  ii5  Victoria Dme  ..       .   Sej    SS90  A'm   X   O Xen L Co , 54S-5U Sejmour St. .Sej 4795-479*  1    Fvle  Smith  & Co,  1320  Richaids..           . .Sov   1190  \'ancou\ei rioor Co, Sth A\e and Glen Dihe. Fair   1612  EASSWOOD LUMBER.  j   Fife Smith & co, 1320  Richards Sey.  1196  HABDWABE.  Bailey  Haidware  Co,   1407   Paik  Drive . *.  Sey   6S70L  HEATING���������HOI AI3, STEAM AND VENTILATING.  vcme Plumbing ta Htg  Co, 131 10th Ave. E   .Tair. 53  Vimstioug & Wolle, 1540 Sth A\e W       Baj*.    296  ���������Jan   &  Anderson,   114  Hastings  St   AV Sey.  6180  Buinside Gas Appliance Co, 1037-9 Gianville    Sey.' 3704  -an   Buffalo Toige Co   (G  A. Browning. 1261 Albeini St  J   E   Campbell & Co,  1004  Pender St   W Sey.  2736  Dunham Systems, 157 Water St Sey   5632  Juiney Foundij co , Ltd, 5G6-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597  ���������    G   Langiev & Co, Ltd,  319 Pender XV Sey   3f-.''  Sey   8397  F. T. Ciowe fr Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 9422-  Ke-*Aton fr Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. \39t  Victoria. 1326 Wharf St:: 887  ���������/ancouier   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg   .... _*���������Sey. 6949  Wm. st. o'Ken & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798  PARTITION���������PIBEPBOOP. "^-     '    V'  T. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg '....^Sey. 9422  E\ans. Coleman & E-van-s, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  C Gardiner Johnson & Co .'Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Wm   N   O'Neil & Co.. 548-50 Seymour,St..Sey.'4795-4798  Wm C. Thomson & Co , 319 Pender St 'W Sey. 3394  Ritchie Contr. &. Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9163  PATENT   BEDS..   -  Holmes DIsap   Bed Co, 319 Pender ,...'...Sey. 642f  Perfect Con. Bed Co. 570 Granville Sey   5091  -  Reversible Cons   Bed Co, Holden Bldg._. Sey. 1581  PLASTEB. '    '-'*",     /'    ���������  Balfour, Guthrie* & 'Co , Winch Bldg..'.' I A :Sey. 187-592T  l^anb, Coleman & F.\ans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2&8V  Great West Sand & Gravel Co, Ltd , 1029 Main, Sey. 849X  l\  T. Ciowe fr Co.  312  Pacific Bldg '..Sey. 9422  Xo Van Coal &. Supply Co, 5C Lonsdale,. .X. V .198-li8  Wm X O'.Veil & Co , 64S-50 Sevmoui St..Sev 4795-1798  Kitchie Conti <SL Sup Co . Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9163  Sheer & Thomas, 959 Main  St. bey.  1305.  PLASTER   BO&BD. '  C  Supply Co . Dom   Trust Bldg..-. '. Sey. C16J  J\ T.-Ciowe fr Co. 312 Pacific Bldg   Sej   9422  (J  Ganllnoi Johnson fr Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  ,'o, 56 Lonsdale,..N.  V. 198-17*i  "<> -?n  ���������   -rt  471R.I798  JSS-4  UG3  .Vo  \an   Coal & Supplj Co,  Wm' X, O'.Seil fr Co    548-50 hey mom   .St..fcpv  Wm  C  Thomson .*>.- Co, il'J Pcndoi St   W...,  Ritchie Conti. &. Sup  Co. Ltil, Gi.iii   St Bi itlg>  PLASTEB PABTITION BLOCKS.  B   C  Supply Co , Dom   Tiust BMg .fScy. 6161  ���������J  Gaidinei Johnson .t Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 'M4C-9147  P.  T. Ciowe fr Co",  312  Pacific  Bldg. . ^ Sey. 9422  Ritchie Conti. & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gian  St Bridge, Sey,'9162  PLASTEB���������OBNAMENTAL. 4    , '  *;  Gardiner lol*nson & Co, Johnson's'Whf, Sey 9146-9147  O   It   Monlson,   712   Richards  St... Sey    2151-2152  Wm   \   O'Xeii & Co, 548-50 Seymoifr St.   Sey   1795-4798  Ititchie Conti   fr Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  PLASTIC   PLOOBING. \  rtaecolitli.rioonng Co',  301  Pacific  Bldg Sey <8144'  PIGS���������IBON AND  TIN. ,  Balfour, Guthrie fr Co, Winch Bidg Sey   187-5929  ;  Gaidinei John-on <S. Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  ft   V. Winch & Co., Ltd , Winch Bldg Sey . 279-1944  PIPE���������SEWEE. -   '\ <  BUSINESS ' DIRECTORY   AND   BUYERS'  GUIDE.  F. T  Wm  Win  9422  I" 1  3394  F. O. Box S46 _. CEMENT TESTING Phone Sey. 2S84B.  J. P. Wright, F. C. S. Eng. M. A. C. S.  "' Specialist in Portland1 and Other Cements  /Jjjtpert.Adviser on Building Materials, Etc. 883 Burrard Street  CHEMICAL ANALYSIS  " VANCOUVEB,   B.   C.  OUB SYSTEM OP MIXING AND DISTBIBUTING CONCBETE 13 OP IN-  3EBEST  TO  CONTRACTORS. ** ^    ������  MT  OUR  PRICES  ON NUT***  AND   SECOND   HAND, EQUIPMENT.      WE  BENT OB SELL. Agents for WILLSON PLARE LIGHTS.  Phone  Sey. ,6910  319   Pender   St.   W.  ARCHITECTURAL TEBBA COTTA.  Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey.  N. O'Neil & Co, Ltd, 548 Seymour   St..Sey  C   Thomson & Co    319 Pender St   "W..  Sey.  Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sej-, 9162  ASPHALT   PELT.  Vancou\er   Roofing Co., 407 Loo Bldg        .       Sej\ 6949  ' BLUE PRINTING.  A������ohibald  Moir & Co,  216  Empire Bldg Sey. 5378  City Map & White Print Co, 432 Cordova W..Sej-. 6693  Commeiclal Blue Plint Co., 329'Seymoui  St  BBICK���������ALL   KINDS.  Pease Pacific Foundiy, Ltd , 324 Diake St.  HOISTING ENGINES. '     ,,  ���������:   C  Equip. Co   tu6-7 Bank of Ottawa. ..Sey   7056-781S  Dom   E'iuip  & Supply Co, 508 Holden Bldg      Sey. 7156  .   G   BlacKwell, lu8 Alexander'St Sey.  1733  Jan  Equip   & Sup  Co, Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5021  Canada 1'oundiy Co.   Ltd, 1065 Pender St Sey   5710  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St....'...'. Sey.  512  Hallman "Machinery Co. Ltd,v37-43 Alexander. .Sey   955  rtobt   Hamilton & Co, Bank of Ottawa > Sey.    383  "Mussens, Limited,  365 Water St Sey.  823  ���������titihle Contr & bup  Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916  Strumbeit-Virtue Sr Co.,   319  Pender St.  W .  Sey   6910  Van   Machinery Depot, 1155 6th Ave   W...Baj\ 470-471  '    XNTEBIOB   PINISBC  i2  G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St Sey   1733  3   C   Lumber Corp,  Ltd.,   1605  Georgia Sey. 6504  'an. Pac   Lumber Co, Ltd, Rwy  & Salsbury. .Sey. 680o  Dom   Sash & Door Co. 2120 Cedar St Sej'. 6136  12. H   Heap-i & Co, 115 Victoria Diive Sey   8890  Gardiner Jolinson & Co .Johnson's Whf, Sey 9116-9147  Wm. N O'.Nell fr Co, 548-50 Sejmoui St..Sey 4795-4798  "titclne Conti & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sej, 9162  ,V'm C. Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St W.. .. Sej'. 3394  Vancouier Floor Co., 8th Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair  1612  IBON   AND   STEEL���������STRUCTURAL.  v.'an. Equip  & Sup  Co., Ltd, Pac   Bldg.. Sey  2330-5021  Canada Foundry Co. Ltd, 1065 Pender St   ...Sey   5710  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey   298S  J Gaiuiner Jolinsont& Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-91.47  Sej. 5P*1* a   G   i-angley & Co, Ltd,  319 Pender W Sey   3892  iritis, S   M. & Co, Ltd, 2130 Cedar St Bay 1043  \  Dom   Glared Cem   Pipe Co, Dom  Tr   Bldg.... Sey.   82S0  c\ans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey.,2988  J Gardinei Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  .Vo 'Van Coal & Supply Co.. 56 Eonsdale N. V_ 198-178  liitchie Conti. & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Brii'ge, Sejv9162  R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd, Wincli Bldg Sey. ,"79-1944  f' , PLUMBING. ���������, ,    Jrt  Vcme Plumbing & Htg  Co., 131 10th Ave. E.. .Fair. 537  \imstrong & Wolfe, 1510 5th Ave W Bay.    296  Barr & Anderson,* 114 Hastings St. W Sey. 6180  J   1"!. Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St. ,W. Sey.i2736  Gurney Foundry Co, Ltd.; 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597  lohnston-Thompson  Co f  525  Burrard'St Sey.j7899  G. L. Kelling & Co., 605 Pender St Soy. J5228  ���������.���������/alter Kinsey,  1366 Gianville St Sey . 9063  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St Sey  4458  .Vluiray  Bros.,  721   Main St.' , Sey./8614  ., POLES .AND  PILING.      " ,'     ,  Federal   Lumher Co , 624 Pacific Bldg Sey. (2065  BADIATOBS'AND  BOILERS. i  Canada Toundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St... .SeyA K710  Gurney Foundry Co, Ltd, 666-70'Beatty. .Sey. 7698-7697  Hallman Machinery Co, Ltd ,,37-43',,Alexander.-.Sey, 953  Robt. Hamilton & Co, Bank of Ottawa.....". .Sey ,' 381  V 'G. Langiey &*Co, Ltd.  319 Pender **W. Sey. 389f  Van   Machinery Depot, 1155 6th Ave   W..:Bay   470-471  Pease Pacihc Foundry, Ltd , 324 Drake St     .. ..Sey. 8397  ' BOOPING COMPOSITION.  Henry Darling, 28 Powell'St-. Sey. 534  Lvans," Coleman & Evans, Ft, Columbia Sey  2981  J Gaidlner Johnson & Co , Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9141,  Newton fr Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 1391  '   -, . Victoria,"1326 .Wharf St 887  Wm. N O'Neil & Co. 548-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798  Raecolith Flooiing Co, 301 PacificBldg, .'..'.Sey. 8144  Ritchie Contr fr Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge. faey.'9162  Wm  C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St- W Sey   3394  Trov  Roofing  Co.,   814, Metropolitan Sey.-7417  Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg  Sey**6949  BOOPING���������SHEET ��������� METAL.     /  '  ECONOMY FURNACES  School Beating* and Ventilating*  Apparatus.      *  Office  and "Warehouse, 324 Drake St., Fhone Sey. 8S97.  \\ i  WESTERN MARBLE AND TILE CO.  British and Foreign Marble and Onyx  Office  and Works, 3149 Main St. Phone Fair. 810  Vancouver, B. C.  CANADIAN BUFFALO FORGE CO., UfMTED.  Fans, Heating and Ventilating Apparatus, Spiro Steam Turbines  Pumps and Air Washers  . A.  Browning "        Vancouvei, B. C. 1261 Alberni St.  I--**-  ���������5*  CONTRACT, JUDICIAL AND FIDELITY EONDS  EMPLOYERS, PUBLIC, TEAMS AND AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY INSURANCE. PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND HEALTH  INSURANCE, PLATE GLASS, BURGLARY, MOTOR BOAT.  STEAM BOILER, SPRINKLER LEAKAGE, REGISTERED  MAIL, TOURISTS' BAGGAGE, COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS'  SAMPLES A-ND FIRE INSURANCE.  i*  London & British North America Co., Ltd.  wrf h ws*ica ia iNco'aPORAT'C'o  ftlah&n/ip������Far8and & Procter, Ltd.  Shone 8������y. eass . 5*3 Pender ^Street West.  Anvil Island Biick Co, An\il I~land, Hov.e Sound, B C  ���������"���������on  .. Shale Buck Co    Ltd, 100S Metropolitan Sey   8450  F. T. Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg   Sey. 9422  l.,\aii������. Coleman fr L\ans, Ft. Columbia Sey^ 2988  Gie<u West Sand & Gia\el Co , Ltd , 1029 Main, Sev 841)1  O G^rdmei Jolinson & Co, John* on's Wlif, Sey 9146-9147  .Vo Van Coal & Supplv Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V 19S-1 iS  \\ m .< O'Seil&Co 54S-50 Se.wnour St..Sey 4795-479S  Point Giey Supplj  Co, 310 Richards St..   ..     Se>.  4105  Port Hanej   Buck Co, 615 Hastings St. \V Sey.  15S9  Uitciue Conti .������. Sup Co, Ltd, Gian St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Van   Pies'd Bik & Stone, Ld,  101  Duftenn  W   Fan   101  1**.   V. Winch & Co. Ltd, Winch Bldi? Sey   279-1944  BUILDIITG PELTS AND PAPESS.  F. T.  Ciowe & Co,  312  Pacific Bldg        Sey   9422  lien.y Uinmg, 28 Powell bt      Sey   51  Evans, Coleman fr Eun\  Ft. Columbid Sey   29&S  C Gardiner johnson fr Co, Johnbon's, W'hf, Sey 9146-9147  I) R .Mom-son, 712 Kichaids bt .... bey 2151-215.  Wm C ThoiiT-on & Co 319 Puidei St W Se>. 339)  Vancouvei   Roolm<* Co, 407 Loo Bid*?   . bey   6U19  Win. i\   O Sen fr Co . 548-50 bej moui  St.   Sey    1795-471I*-  BONDS���������StraETY.  Lon. & But   N   Am   Co, Ltd, 513 Pender XV  .Sev    62Si  H    V     V\ inch & Co., Ltd ,   Winch  Blus beV   -'9-194  CEMENT.  Balfoui,-Guthne & Co,  Winch  Bldg Sey   187-592  Canadian  Buildeia bupuly Co,  1901  Geoigia  .'Se>    711  1\ T   Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacihc Bldg bej.  942  I.vans, vJoleman & Lvans, l't Columbia . . .be>'i2)l>  Gieat We-,t band i Giavel Co, Lid , 102!) Main, sej. S4 *  ' Gaidinei Johnson A: wi, Johnson's. \\ hi, be> 9146-Jl 4  N'o   Van   Coal fr Supplj  Co, 56 Lonsdale,.   N   V   19S-17  .in \ v) Nei ���������������". Co .i48-5(i bevmuui s>t bev 4795-179  Ritchie Oonti & Sup Co, Ltd Gian St Budge, bej, ')lli  U   V.  Wincli At Co, Ltd, W men Bldg.   ..   .bej   279-19 1  CEMENT TESTING   AND   ASSAYING.  I'alkenbuig & Laucks, Ltd, 152 Ti ounce Alley, Sey   71 "i  \\ light,  J    P,   SS3  Bui laid   St       bej   7255  CONCBETE MIXEBS. , '  ti C Equip Co, (iU6-7 Bank of Otiav\a.. Sey  ian   h.quip   fr bup  Co, Ltd, Pau.   l(lrt0       bey  anada  I onndiv   Co,  Ltd,  Khio  I'pndei   bt  l")oni    Cqulp  & bupp J   CO,  SOS   Holden  Bldg-  Robt   Hamilton ������.*v Co, Bank oi   Ottawa  A   G   Laiirfiej   A. Co,  Ltd,  319   Pendei   VV  Mussens,   Limited   3G5   Watei   bt  \\ m    \    ONeil iV, Co    Slb-50 btvmoui   bt     bev  Ititchie C on ti   A. blip   Co  Altclue Contr  fr bup   Co, Ltd, Gran   St Bridge, Sey, 9162  \\m. N   O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey   4795-4798  , (See Cornice and Roofing )  ' BOOPING MATERIA!,.  G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St   T   Crowe & Co.,., 312 Pacific Bldg.  Sey. 1733  ...Sey. 9422  Vllklnson Co, Ltd, 846 Beach Ave Sey. 7915GT*jrney,r������VPd,y���������90-ALt<:l ��������� 566-70 Beatty. .Sey. 7596-7697  -*��������� Henry Darling, 28 Powell, St      sev   iij  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia.. !=**���������-*"  7056-7SJ  2>30-5D2  Sev 371  Sej i 15  bej u*n  bey 3S.J  bev s2  17 0 *> -17 *������  Ltd, Gian   bt Budge, Sev, 9 lo  W  b(,J     OS i  Sej    S505I  Sev  1.SJI  bev  i   1\){  bev  S3 H  Sej  1 <J7 i  be\  311.  Sej  73SI  ETC.  bey  FOR  Hydraulic and Road fifflakiitg  :::: ^JACHgNEE^Y ::i::  gggmssjtg: ALWAYS Ago to the  QSW/mRMW.  %/3Jiyapk^^^potecr3cp()^  1048 -1\ Fa in .'RtrRPt:''  Yannnnvp'r. P>. C.  stiumbeil-\ ii tue  A."  Co,   3C4   I em!t>i   bt  CONTBACTOBS,   BRICK.  Di\.on  fr Sutton    ld21  Gia\ole\   bt  CONTRACTORS���������GENERA I,.  ���������vimstiong, Monison A. Co, Lid     Bnwei  Bldg  li   C   Gian   A*. Conti    Co,   LvcliaiiKe   Bldt,   .  Luii aid  Const   Co,   301   Pacific   Bldg   (���������uniiinuii  Const   Co,   |3',iloinei   bt    ..  Robinson    L    G,   211    Holden   Bld���������'  ��������� inch, A   N     207 y, Cu tei-Cotton  Bklg  CONTRACTORS-EXCAVATING,  vi//o,  S    224  Hu lis    bl  CONTBACTOBS���������MASON.  Can    &  Amcr   Cont^   A.  Inv    Co.   Ltd  CONTRACTORS���������FAINTING   AND   DECORATING.  .Muiphj, Jas,  A. bon    112  Ciovvn   Bldg    Sey   8707  CONTRACTORS���������TILE���������TERBAZZO.  B   C   Supply Co, Dom. Trust  Bldg Sey.  6161  Canada  .Mosaic Tile Co,  1*18   Wharl  St.  Victoria.. 1046  I)   R   "Moirison   712  Richards  St Sey   2151-215.  Wm. N   O'Neil & Co. 518-50 Sejmour St..Sey. 4796-479.-.  Wm   C   Thomson & Co , 319 Pendei  St   \V Sey   3394  Van   Marble & Tile Co, 848 Beach Ave Sey.  151s  Western Marble & Tile Co , 3149 Main St Fair. 81'  CORNICE AND BOOPtNG.  \rmstrong & Wolfe, 1640 5th Ave W Bay.  Grandview Sheet Metal  Wks., 1729 Venablea. .Sey.  Uttle & Lee, 682 Seymour St . ~ Sey.  Troj   Rnnfln"  Co.r Hi   Metropolitan Sey.  v'ancouver^Roo ^ng Co, 407, Loo'Bldg    Sey.  EI.E'CTBXOAX,    CONTBACTOKS.  Ultree '& Churchland,  976 Granville  St Sey. 270  '"ope &*Son. 33S  Hastings  St   W ..' '.Sey.*860  Cruickshank & Co, 634 Richards St Sey   534  Elec. Construction Co, 54-J Howe St    Sey  1S36-79.".  Imperial Agcy* Corp, "314  Pacific Bldg Sey   612  .Tarvis & Call, 570 Richard* St Sey  EI.ECTBICAZ, .SUPPLIES.  Ultree  & Churchland.  976  Granvillp'St Sev  1    IBON  AND   STEEI��������� ORSJAMENTAI,.  E  G   Blackwell, lo\ Alexander St ..   X Sey. 1733  B   C   Supply Co, Dom. Tiust Bidg Sey   6161  ..'an riquip & Sup Co, Ltd, Pac Bldg.. Sey 2330-5021  Canada Toundry C,o , Ltd,  1005 Pender St .   ..Sey   5710  P   T   Ciowe & Co,  312  Pacific'Bldg      Sey    9422  lUoiris, b   ar   At Co, Ltd, 2130 Cedar St Bay  1013  Wiu. iN O'lNeil & CO, 54&-50 b'ejmolii fat. Sey 4795-J7SS  Wm C Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St XV. .Sey 3394  Liiu-me Contr & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  Si Biidge, Sey, 9162  LATH���������METAL.  C   G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St ... .< Sey   1733  F. T   Ciowe fr Co, 312 Pacific Bldg..   .     . Sey   9122  an   Lquip   & &up   Co, Ltd, Pac   Bids..  Sej    2io0-502  Lvans, Coleman & Evans,  Ft.  Columbia    . Sey   2US'  ^  Gaidinei   Johnson fr Co, Johnson's Whf, bej 9116-914  R    lYlonison    712   Richards   bt    ...   .     bev    .151-213  -.in   X   O.Nen fr Co, .*i4*-,-50 Sevmoui  St    bej    4795-479  unit Giej  Supylv Co, 310 Richaids bt .  Sey   410  .itclne Contr  fr bup   Co, Ltd, Gian   St Biidge, bey, 91b  LATH���������WOOD.  C   Lumber  Coip,   Ltd,   1605   Georgia Sev   650  an Pac Lumbei Co, Ltd, Rwy A: Saisbuij. bey .6S0  'Oin   ba  li & Dooi  Co, 2120 Cedai   Si bej    MJ  U Heap- & Co , 115 Victoiia Dine . . Sey SS9  .0   Van   coal A". Supply Co. 56 Lonsdale,    .\.  V   19S-17  LIME.  alfour,  Guthrie & Co, Winch  Bldg.     .   .  Sey   1S7-592  anadian Buildeis bupplj  Co,  1901  Geoigia      bev    71 i  1    Ciowe A: Co,  312 Pacific Bldg .       .   bej'.   ')4.  vans, Coleman A:  Jivana,   l't   Columbia Sej    2US  rieat \\ e-t band Ac Gia*.ei Co, Lid, 1U21) Main  Sev   il'i  Gaidinei  John on A. Co   Jonnson's W lit, Se> 9146-911  o   \ an   Coal A. Supplv  i o , 56  Lonsdale     N    V   l'iS-17  in   X   U \en fr i. o    54s-iO btjnioui  at    bej'   1715-179  aclhc Lime Co, Pacific Bidg   . . Sej    950  itclne conn   & bup   Co , Lid   Gran   St Bi id^e   bev,9H  novel   & Thomas,  951  Main   St .       . &ej     13(j  .   V.   \\ Inch Ac Co.   Ltd,   Winch   Bldg   .   ..   Sey   279-194  C Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Xewton,& Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran...  Sey. 1397  Victona^ 1326VVharf St 887  7  Troj   Roofing Co" 8T4' MetropolUan*.."..'.".'!!!lev   ?4?7  Vancouvei   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg    .     ...    Sev   6949  SAPES���������VAULT  SOOB3.  D   R   Monis-on,  712 Richards  St Sev   2751-21<!2  Xonis Safe fr Lock Co, 330 Cordova XV.,..?'.*'. .Sej'   2447  Rabt   Hamilion & Co , Bank ot Ottawa &ev     38.1  E   G   Parnell,  567  Hamilton  St  Sev   158/  Vm. A.   oxeil fr Co, 548-50 Sejmour St..Sey   4716-47a  SAND, GBAVEL AND  CRUSHED BOCK.  anadian  Builders Supply Co,  1901  Georgia  A   Lewai  Co,  429 Pender bt   \V  .Sey   7171  4634-b7.*"j"  ... *-" '   "-���������' -rciiuer 01    w bey    4634-b7ii  " c1Ia e",t -?*1,"*1 * Gra!,el Co ��������� Lt(1' I02y AIdi". Sey 84<S  Gardinei Johnson Ac Co , Jolmson'-s VVJit, Sey 9146-914  o   Van   Coal Ac Supply Co    56  Lonsdale     XV   t98-J7l  LIME���������HYDRA TED.  T   Ciowe & Co, 312 l'aciiu  14.  2'*S  S4  11,  Unit  91'  j92  b50 1  CaOO  blub  SV)0  10  79')  211  62S  445  741  694'  140  27������  534 ���������*  93.  86������  Cruickshank  & Co, 584   Richards  Sit 'Sey  Chapman  &  Walker,   448  Sev mour J3t Sev:  Cope  &  Son.   338   Hastings   st   XV Sey.  Elec   Construction Co. 541 Howe St .   Sev   13*6-7'iri  rmpenal   Agc>������   Corp.,   314   Pacific   Bldg...   .  Spj    612  N'o   Elec  & Mnfg Co, Ltd    313  Water St.. Sey   7H������  ELEVATOR C/ r,"J AND ENCLOSURES.  'in.T-ln   I'm n'ir\   Co    Ltd     1065   Pem]pr St S������v    =i7  iiienran   G   E   & Co     !3������ Pendei   St XV Sev    69  1  1'    i'   ciovvc- (>s Co    SI2   Paci'lc   Bldg be      'Tl  Wm.  X. ONeil A.* Co.. SiS-fiO Sevmour Rl..f"ev,  47f)5-47!'  '{itchie Contr. & Sun   r"'1    T '���������1   ^'"in   St Bridge. Sev. 91 r  '   ET/EV/iTOES "������������������"������������������,'  Brennan,  G.   E. & Co.. 31 fl Pender St W*.. Seyf  601  PIRE   CLJ>Y.'  Malfnur. Guthrie A*- Co.   Winn,   B'dg: -. ... .Sev.  1 87-59-.'  '"  .T... Crowe fr Co., S12   Pnr-ifp'Rlflg. ..'.,....���������:. .t5f*y.   94-  ������������������\:iti=.  PoleTiiari  ,*!���������   l-'vsip-    i7*' ' r-oliuiibia'. . . . . . .Se'v.   2':^  C Gariiiier.John-con & Jo., Johnson'-i W'hf, Sey SitG-yn,  Whig Sej  an., coleman ,*c Lvau-,,  Lt   Columbia bev  u.it Wei band A. Gia\ol co , Ltd    10.1 Jl nn   S(A  ciuaiini  .1 ot 111 011 A. Co    jolinson s W hi, bev  91 10-  ici.ic  Lune co    Pacihc Bldt, .. bi'\  luliioComi   tt Mi|i   Co    Ltd   Gian   St  Nudge   be\.  LUMBER AND  SHINGLES  1'a.lloui, Guthne AL Co, Winch  Bldg .  faev    1S7-  C    cuinlici   coip,   Ltd,   LGub   Geoigia .bej  Can   1 ic   Lumbei  Co, Ltd, Rwj   Ac Saisbuij   .Sej  U0111   .-s.i-h  & Dooi  Co,  2120  Cciiai   St ..     .       bev  I.   IT   neaps A. Co ,   115  \ictoim Jjnve   ..   .       feo  Piudontial   Buildeis,  Ltd,   101   DuITciiii  bt   W      I "ui  letiniii.ti Lmbi  Ac Shgl   Co, 30b cotlon Bldg ..Sej  ' "dlACHINEBY.  B   C   T.quip   Co    606-7  Bank of Ottawa      Sey   7010-i"R1 b  G   G   Biackwell,  10b Alexander bt      S*-j-   1713  A    G    Biown-.Ianiison,   1018   .Main   St be \    2bGl>  Can   Buftilo Foige Co   (G   A. Bi owning, 1261 Allicinl bt  an   Imiuij;   nc sup   CO., i-.cu, Pac. Bldg..  bey   2330-5021  Canada 1 uundij   Co,  Ltd,  10C5  Penacr bt .... Rev   5710  whapindn   fr  Walker,   J1S   Sej'inour  St Sey.  9379  Horn    Equip  & aujip'v   Co,  SOS  Holden   Bii -      Sej    "IS.",  Henry Lai ling,  28 Powell  at Sey.  512  Hallman Machinery Co, Ltd, 37-43 Alexandei. bey 9j3  Robt Hamilton & Co , Bank of Ottawa.. .. Sey 3So  C  Gardinei Johnson <t co, Johnson s Wl.f, Sey 9116-914,  \    G   Langiey & Co,  Ltd,  319  Pender W. Sey.  3892  Mussens,  Limited,  365  Water St Se>    S2.'-  Wm. iV   O'Xeii & Co, 648-60 Seymour St..Sey   4795-479}*  '���������Itchle Contr & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 916  Strumbert-Virtue & Co.,  319   Pender St   XV. Sey   691o  Wm.C Thomson & Co. 319 Pender St. W Sev. 3394  Van   Machinery Depot, 1166 6th Ave   W..,Bay. 470-471  ' MAMTELS���������BBIOZ, TILE AND WOOD.  Millwork Supply Co,  1606  Main  St Pair 958-546  L>   R   Morrison. 712  Richards  St Sey. 23 51-2116-  Wm. N. O'Xeii & Co, 648-50 Sejmour St..Sey 47')5-479h  Ritchie Contr & Sup Co, Ltd. Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 916.  Wm.C Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. M' Sey. 3394  Van   Marble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave Sey. 1618  UABBLE AHTD OSTZX.  )   R   Mort-is-on,  712  Richards  St .'.    Sey   2151-215.  \ m X O'Xei! &. Co. 5J8-50 Seymour St..Sey 4795-4791--  Iitchie Contr  & Sup  Co. Ltd   Gran   St Bridge, Sev, 9102  \'m  C Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St   \V bey   3394  an   Maible & Tile Co. 84S Beach Ave   Sev   15T*  Vestein Maible & Tile Co, 3141 Main St   .   ..   Fair. SK  OIL   BURNING   PLANTS.  western  Sim   fr Oil  P'ants   Ltd    Dom  Tiust Sev   7676  PAINTS AND OILS.  fenrv   Hailing   2S  Powell  St . <-.ev     'ii  . til. X. (J Xeil A.- Co. .548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-471*'  PAINTS���������FIRE-PROOF. ���������'-'*'���������'  icducers' itock & Giav   Co.,  Vancr.  l*'ront &  Minitobi  Jtclil) Contr fr Sup.Co. Ltd.^aTVr0,'.^. ^^Si  iio\,er & Thomas,  959  Alain  St .     . Sev   nai  ancouvei Sand & Giavel Co    ft   Victoria Dr'   ley   5161  SASH,   DOOBS,   WINDQWS,   ETC.  C   Lumber Corp     Ltd.,   1605  Georgia Soy   G504  -quip   & sup   Co, Ltd. Pac   Bldg..   Sev   2330-502?  W   Lumbei   Co.  Lid , Rwy   & balsbOr/. .ley   bSOO  ,r i?Tl*'i* &JUoor Co, 2120 Cedar bt ...Sey   6136  H   Heaps A: Co,   115   Victoiia  Uiive   ..faey   8890  . .n   X   y Neii &. Co, 54t,-6() Sejmour St    SeV   4795-179*  eii.nnaJ Lmbi A. Shfc]   Co. JOS Cotton  Bldg      ley   7997  SHINGLE   MANUPACTUBEBS   AND   DEALERS  (See  Lumbei   and  shingles )  SLATE.  T   Ciowe & Co,  312  Pacific   Bldg  an  in  om  {  STEAM TITTERS.  itn,tiong A.  Wolle    l.,|y  ���������ih   A*.c  \\* B ,y      ,,,.  L   Caiiiplicll  i   Co     10bl   Pendei   bt    VV suv'  27;i������  imiev   I oundu   Ci.    LLd    =���������(,'���������-70  Lleativ     &������v   tvir -fii���������  a tei   Klnsev.   uC6   U, ,nw.le  St   .     y y   Sev    OaVi  illle fr  Lee   6S2  bej mom   St      . ..   *       |^    ^53  STORE & OPPICE  mTURES &  STORE   PRONTS  C  Stieen fr Mnfg  Co , 206 DuiTei In bt   12.   .Fair   1613  an   L.n,ip   Ac bup   Co, Ltd    Pac. Bldg   .   Sei     ' ,iu-5u  1  imNuNfllfcCo, 1ID-1D bejmoia li    bey  ������;������������-4t5s  vest   Plate Glass A. Imp   Co    l",j Coidova  13 Sey   4G71  TANKS.  Can   Puc   Lumber Co, Ltd ,  Uw j   & Salsbury. .Sey   GS0O  L. JI   leaps A. Co,   115   V icto. ia Uilve.. .   ....&(   8S90  r  Gaidiner Johnson A. Co, Johnson's Whf Sev 91 16-1I47  ,\,,G   Langiey At Co,  Ltd,  319  Pender   \V.7.y bey   389 >  Ultle. fr Lee, 64,2  Seymour bt    . c^.   4)rS  .V extern btm Ac Oil Plants. Ltd, Cotton Bldg''. Sey. 7078  TILE���������DBAININO.'  Kvaris, Coleman &  Evans,  Ft. Columbia        Sev  ������������������.  T.  Crowe Ac Co..  312  Pacific  Bldg '.'.-.Sey'.'  94'."  ."fivtiin Ai Giver.   Ltd.   Vancouver.   11.������ Grnn., .. Sev    UVi  1 .    "''.'/.:-'*i   ,"***��������������� ,'Vhnrf St.. .*... SS*  P**.IXTS���������DAI.TP   PROOF.  Ipnry  Parllng.' 28-r*('\vo]i   st  TILE���������PLOOB  AND  WALL.  D. R Morrison, 712 Richards St.. .. Spv ���������Mr.1 -"Ms*  ^m' S O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Sejmour St '.sey iWwn  Wm   C. Thompson & Co., 319 Pender St. W...  Sey 3394  TIN PLATES.  Balfour  Guthrie & Co. -WUn-h B!j3g Se'y. 187*69'9  ���������fTr.���������^i7^dl:ne^^Jo,1,���������'-0'' & Co- JohnsoS's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Wilkinson Co. Ltd.. 846 Beach AVe..... y aPV   ?ifl  K. V. Winch & Co., Ltd.,, Winch JBhlg...... Se'y:   279-1944  ���������AC-fflTM Clr-EAXhtWOf "STSTE'ttB.  Ma^' ^Anderson,  114* flatting's, St, W.....��������� Sev   GIRi  lI   (i   Blackwell, 108^Alexander ���������Sti."sev'!7'<5  The Duntley Store; 791  Granville'St'. ,".'.'"ley   1487  Carle,  E.   A.. &  Co.   532  Pender  St   W.!;....Sey   6478  WATEBPBOOP   COMPOUND.  <_Iardlner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9T46-9147  ''"*"  "'''" Sey "������423  Sey   4715-1798   Sey. 3394  C  Sey  I' T Crowe & Co. 312 Pacific Bldg.. ..  Vm X O'Xeii & Co 548-50 Sejmour St.  Vm. C. Thomson Ac Co , 319 Pender St  W  WINDOW   SCREENS.  .   C  Screen & Mnfg  Co . 266 Dufferin St  \'r,i   X   OXPil&Co    54X-50 S( .niour St  WINDOW   SHADES.  ������������������owes,  P   \V   & Co.   12 >7  Gianville fat Sey  WIBE   BOPE.  -   ������  'S,1"1','' C?,-. 6^"7 .p,nnk of 'Hiawa.-. .Sey.  7056-7S1-*  .   u   Hlnckvvell,   10S  Alexander St..     st.v   ivij  111.  ICdnip. A- Sup.  Co..'l.t<l..  Pac.  Bldg. .'.Sey''-'SSO-snM '  >���������;   G.. Langiey. &  Co..-Ltd..   319   Pemle'r   U'i gev   3S<)'  G;i|.,ilin"er Johnson At Co.. Jolmsttn'x Whf.''Sov *M 'lii-'il 47  ���������iU-liU'Contr & Slit, i'o I.t'd. Gran St 'Bridge S.-v SIC  Vilktn.-.on Co., .Ltd..'s-16 "*.u li A-.-*:... .;.   . Sev   7915  P-ilr    1513  4795-479S  S4*S  H  s  .. Gai-diiiur Joluiaon Ac Co. -.fnh-nson's W'ht.Soy fl]4 6-'ji 4.7, it   V. Wi ������ci-&'.Co.. Ltd.,  vVin-b  '-'idg'..'.'.'.'.Sey.  27!J-i?iS  Am A;;' AAA.', ^%S'';,"fS8)  m  ���������M Phones "Seymour," 2151, 2152  lant eis, urates ana a lies.' Let iss figs  and wall tile. .We have competent 'men to do the work,  our,prices are  712 RICHARDS STREET  ARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International Automatic  Sprinkler Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  114 Hastings St. W.  1   Vancouver B. C.  SHORTAGE   OP  PLXJMBEES.  KUMOXTOiV���������A slmrtago of carpenter., IjileklayiM**-, and plumber., is being  evjM'i lenced In (lie city and It is expected that within a rev,' days ouch organisation' will tiiko some..stops toward  remedyhig tlio slluiitlon. The Mailer  j PIuiiiIh-xj.' .'Hhorliition aio muKing ar-  i i*angenir>nts vvlieiohy moru plumbers can  lie secured and induced to come liere  from   tlio  oii^t.  Brick   Work���������By   I'.1   12.    Nelly,'   J ISO       Paintlng*2-By S.  C.  Brl-coe.'100 Thur-  Gi'invil'o st,  for Illicit work  ior  103.")   1 Ith   ave  XX'.  Briclt���������By XX'. AV. .lei rett. *79t!  ville st, for lirk work 1'jr large  Sliaiigline-fKcy Jlt������.  nt  17  Grnn-  re^   ������t  n]5  ��������� i  i  i  8  .I-'  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO. ���������  ~ Limited  Public Works  t, .Contractors  Office: 813-815 Bower,Bldg. Vancouver B.C.  J. DAIRON & CO.  Tile and Marble Contractors  Mantels,   Grates,   Baskets  and Andirons  r i i  513 Hamilton, i Phone' Seymour 4730  CONTRACTS   AWARDED  CAL.GARV���������The contracts* for two  combination fire halls- and police stations  have been awarded to Jl. S. Jones &  Son of this city, exclusive of the heating and plumbing. Tlie contract for one  was let at ?3C,901, and the other at  ?29,SSS. '  "Wantod���������Good rolltop desk.    Must be  cheap. ' Phone 780S.     , ���������  I"  &  w  i������  W  Common,   Impervious   Face,  "  and Building Pavers. ,    ".  Coast Shale Brick Co. Ltd.  . 1008 METROPOLITAN BUILDING  PHONE SEY. '8450 VANCOUVER B. C.  FreshWater Sand  For Sale'      <���������  Bn Scow Load Lots.  ; Silica Sand And  Gravel Co.  "      .434 Robson St.  Tel. Seymour 4465  ' .WALTER BCS^SEY  PLUMBING,'HEATING  J.   AND  GAS CONTRACTOR. '  -  1366 Granville St.S     ' Vancouver, B.C  'Phone  Seymour S053       CITY OF VANCOUVER.  Competitive   Flans,   Georgia-Harris  Via-  **; dUCt.  Competitive plans will be received by  the undersigned up to Friday, June 2Sth,  1912, at 12 oclock noon for the proposed  Georgia-Harris Viaduct, the envelope to  be marked "Competitive,Plans, Georgia-  Harris Viaduct."  Specifications,,plans and conditions of  competition" may  be obtained at tho office of the City Engineer, City Hall.  WM. McQUEEN,  ,     ' , ,. City Clerk.  City Hall.' Vancouver,  B.C. 11-1-1  >   June Sth, 1912.  Dominion Construction  Supply Co., Ltd.  BUILDINGS FINANCED  T. J. Madlen, Mngr     I-M-one Sey. 82Go  35   CANADA   I.IFE   BLB3.  Sheet IVSetal Works,  Warm,, Air   Heating  Furnaces  and  General  Jobbing-  1729 Venable  St. , Phone  Sey  5284  =lbllRCIAL,BLufpRrNT'CO.   ' |  MAPS. DRAFTING AND TRACING  *-h' ne   Sey. 5068    329   SevrtioiirSt^|  G. L. KELLBNG & COll  Keating' and Plumbing Engineers  305 Fender St.    'Plione Seymour-egaS,!  j^T1wurphy"& son  G-enora) * Panitingr    and    Decorating-  COHTKACTORS  OlHce: 112  Crown Bldg. S_e_y_^J7pl  CORPORATION    OF   POINT   GREY.  The Council i.s prepared to receive ten-,  Jersmp to 5 p.m. on "Monday, June 17th,  for the  following:���������  Clearing 13th Avenue from Crown to  Bruce. - ,   ,  Clearing , and grading 33 ft. road between,A. & C. D.  L. 321.   ' .  Clearing and grading 21st Ave. from  Highbury  Road,  west 330 feet.  Con truction of tlnee bridges on rlanes  over Willon Creek.      ,.        ',���������,..  Grading Tupper Street 33 feet wide,  1310 'lin.  feet. ,  Clearing 21t.t -Avenue tino   Blk .il.  Grading Buckberry Rd, Oalc to Gian-  vill6   Street-- ������  Clearing lanes thro' ttlks 21 and 21a,  D   L. 526. ' , ..  Laving 1 ft. wooden .sidewalk on "North  Ed,   south   side. , .     *'  Laving I A- wooden sidewalk on "De-  banco 'Hond,  west side.     a  -.  Laving -I ft. wooden sidewalk,on Centre  ltd,  south  Mde. "  The Council l^ also piepared to re-  ���������eive "tender-; up to 5 p.in on "Monday,  June  2 Ith'for  the  lollovvmg'���������  Grading 3 2Lli Avenue, 11 o m_ Ciown  ���������Jtieet ea-t and we t  700 It.  Building of 5 ft Box Diain or stave  ,;ipe  on  Johnson  ltd.  Specification*-- and furthor particulars  nay be obtained from the "Municipal "I*.n-  ���������jineer  ,    BBID&ES, BULKHEADS.  CANALS, CEMENT, COKCRETB.  Concreto Work���������By S. C. Hrl������cop, -100  Tluii'Iow ht, for concreto woik lor upini-i  bldf. ,. 1 .*".  Cemont���������By AV. *\V. Jerrett. 790 Granville st, for cfniPiit and work for large  re*  at  Sliuuglinesnoy JIts.f " 15  CL-SaSING AND GEUIBING.  Excavating, Elevators, Electric Picture*  Excavation���������By Ernest Kbbuge, 1st st  13, Xortli .Vancouver, for excavation ol  lot in Xorth Vancouver. Tenders to  give price per yd a? well as* whole job  15  , Rock Excavation���������By "McAlpine.. Robertson Const Co, 701 jretropoiitanvbIdg,  for roclc excavation, about 300 cu.-yds, at  Todd  Inlet,  B.  C. , q20  Excavation���������By F. H. Perkins, 07  Hutchinson bldg, for excavation ior 50x  122  ft apmts  at Hastings  and  Jackson.  in  PUBMTACES,   PIXTS.,   FIBE   ESCAPES.  'Fixtures���������By S. C. Briscoe, 4 09 Thurlow st, for fixtures for 4 sto apmts at  above address. , 15  GRADING, GLASS, GRAVEL.     >  Glass���������By XV. XV. Jerrett, 790 Granville st, for art and plate glass, and window glass for large res on Sliaughnassev  ,Hts. * 16  ' HDWE, HEATING, HOSE, HDWOOD.  Heating*���������By F. E. Nelly. 13S0 ' Granville st, tor htg for res at 1635 14th ave  W.      , .   - 17  Hardwood���������By F. E. ,Xeiiy, 1380 Granville st, *for hardwood, floors for res at  1635 1-lth avo AV.    ' ' --17  Hardwood���������By- W. XV. Jerrett, 790  Granville ' st, tor hardwood for large  res  on  Shaughnessey Heights. - 15  Heating���������By Booker. Campbell &  Whipple, Ltd, 413 Gianville st, or htg in  apmts tor J. B. "Mathers, llth and "Main.  .'   13  t  Heating���������By S. C. Briscoe, 109 Thurlow st, or 3 011 Comox, for htg tor -I  sto brk apmts. 15  Hardware���������By'S. C. Briscoe, -109 Thurlow st, for hdwe for 4 sto. brk apmts at  abovo addiess. ' 15  Hardwood Flooring���������By.C. G. Oster-  man, 1725 12th ave XV, tor hdwood lloor.s  for fiame res. - 15  Hardware���������By C. L. Williams. 319 Pender st AV, for hdwe for bldg at 633 Granville st. .     t l-i  Heating���������By'C. L Williams, 319 Pender st W, for htg in 1 sto b.dg at 6������3  Gi-anv ille st 1-  .. Heating���������By   S.   B    Bird., uncan   bldg,  until   June   11.   tenders' address,   to   Gei.  Johnstone,  Xelaon,  lor htg  lor hospital.  u. 31  low <-i, for p.tinting for,4 sto br apmt"  ut above a|l<li <*.-?������.     ��������� ������ 13  Hydrants���������By H. Floyd, C.M.C. Kerrls-  dale, until June 2 1, for hydrant", under  "Hydrant Contract Xo. 20." Partk-ulais  lroin C.eveliind & Cameron, Wincli b.dn.  2 1  Painting���������By "Mi-liofiollt.in Invp-tnrs'  ,1 Conti-., Ltd, 1 IH3-7tli ave W,,loi' painting apmt at "7I2> Hiougliton n. 12  1 Painting���������By ' /looker, Ciimpboll , fr  Whipple, Ltd, 413 Urunvllle ������t. lor painting in  apmts  for J. IS.  .Mather* at  llth  790  res  15  and   Main.  Plastering-  _ By  Granville st. for  on SlmushnesFoy  All   tenders  i  deposit   of  '.t  m u ���������=* t  Z%   of  BEN.  be  accompanied   by  the   amount  there-  A.   CUNLIFFE,  t    Clerk.   *"  XV.    XXr.    Jerrett,  plstrg   for   large  lit-!.'  P]a3teriiis*���������By "MacConneU Lmbr Co.  113 Granville St. lur pl.-trg for ies nt  11 th & C.vpiess  St. 15  Plastering���������By Booker. Campbell &  AVhipple, Ltd, 113 Granville st, for lathing and plstrg in apnits for J. B. Mathers at llth and Main.'- 15  . Plumbing���������By Booker, Campbell &  AVhillpe, Ltd, 113 Gianville .st, for iplbjr  in apmts for J. B. Mathcis, llth and  Main.                           ���������                                    15  Plumbing*���������By C. L. AVilllanv-., 319 Pender st W, ior plbg in 1 story bldg at G'*3  Granville st.  ' ' 12  Plnmbing-���������By .MacConneU Lmbr Co,  413 Granville st. for plbg for 2 sto fires on llth ave and Cypress st. 13  Plumbing-���������By S. C. Briscoe, 1041 Comox or 109 Thurlow, for plbg for 1 sto  brk apmts.   . , . 'VS  Plumbing-���������By F. E. Nelly. 13S0 Granville'st, for plbg in res at 1635 14th ave  XV.   ��������� ,17  Painting-���������By F. E.'Nelly. 1380 Gran-  ���������vllle st, for pntg in res at 1635 14th,ave  AV. . '    17  ROOFING,   RESERVOIRS.     ,  Roofing���������By Booker, Campbell &  Whipple, Ltd, -113 Granville; for tar and  gravel rfg'for apmts for J. B. Mathers  at  llth  and  Main. '     15  Koflng���������By.S.   C.   Briscoe.   409   Thurlow st, for tar and gravel rfg for apmts  at  above  number.  STONE,   STEEL,    SEWERS,   STREETS.  ' Stono Work ��������� By F. E. Nelly. 13S0  Granville st, for stone work for res a*  1C35  14til ave  AV. 17  Stone���������By AAr. AV. Jerrett, 71)0 Granville  st, for stone work for large res ,at  Shaughnessey  Hts. < * 15  Stonework���������By R. Mackav Fripp, Hutchinson bldg, for stonework for large  res  at Point Grey. 1 1  Steel Pipe���������By, H. Floyd, C M.C., Ker-  ri^-dale, until June 24, for S miles sti el  pipe, 4 to IS inches. Plans, ppecif, etc,  from Cleveland & Cameron,. 506 Winch  bldg,  on   deposit  of  S10. ��������� ,24  SHEET METAL WORK.  Sheet Mo'al Worlt���������By Booker. Campbell & AVlnpp'e. Ltd. 413 Granville, 1*<"1  slit nietl work "for, Mathers apmt.3, lltij  and  "Main. * 15  1     _ SUPPLIES. I  , S-'v-olies���������By J. B Snrin^ord. CM.1"1.  So. A'ancouver. until June, IS, for wafer  pine, Milips, nvdrnrl������. meter', lUtnuc--.  etc. Sppcif from AVater Supt M.ullett  13d  and Tin-or. ' 1 S  -    TILE, TEKKAZZO,  TERRA CCTTA.  WIRING, WATERPROOFING,  in   ^in   BHt-Ksaia^B-^rf-j^   ,w   ���������^^���������^cnji  ENGINEERS AND AGENTS      <  Caledonian Wire,Rope, Parker Derricks',  Electric  Hoists     *  "Otto" Gasoline  Engines,  Grab  Buckets, "Glebe", Marine Engines  Steel Tanks and Water Towers of any capacity , *"-  "WAYNE" GASOLINE TANKS and PUMPS  for  PRIVATE    or    PUBLIC  GARAGES '  Phone  Seymour 3892 , '-,319  Pender Street W.  Machinery Dealers  CONCRETE   MIXERS,   STEEL   CARS,   ROCK   CRUSHERS,   ELECTRIC  STEAM    AND    GASOLINE    HOISTS.  " WHEELBARROWS,  TRANSMISSION MACHINERY, GASOLINE  ENGINES ���������      -  PUMPS AND   ROAD   MACHINERY.  Phones:  Seymour '7056-7818.  Offices: 606-607 Bank of Ottawa Bldg.  SUPPOET HOME INDUSTRIES.  CREOSOTE SHINGLE STAINS & COLORS, GROUND IN OIL  '     "GUARANTEED"  i Manufactured on the premises. '  Phono  Seymour  ������12     HENRY DARLING    *��������� 28 Powell St.  We are the aolo manufacturers ot  Machine-made Glazed Cement Sewer  Pipe  in,; British  Columbia.  DOfVUBNEpN GLAZED CEMENT PIPE CO., LTD.  Office:   Dominion - Trust   Bldg".,   Vancouver,., B. C.        Phone:   Sey. 8286  THI  '.    \'    ^DMANUr/^TURINGCp.uriiTEn;c  Electric Supplies and Telephones. 313 Water St.  Municipal Hall.  Ken i^iliih*.  M   C.  Juno  5th,   1U12.  Acme Plumb35ig&H'tg. Co  13)    T.llitli    A.vu     Jl ���������,,_    .  'Phone   I'.urmum   53 (    [  a.������������wi������������^w.w^������J'"^1."  |"nneiMVoFKinaiiship "txclusive Designs  I Wi!cox Art Glass Stiydio  ' IA71 Broadwny W. Phone Bayview 245  EDWARD TsfifliVlGNS  SLATER & ROOF TILER  1338���������7th Aye. W.    Plione Falr._lggg^  R. Nelson Finch  Exnert   Builder   and   rinancler  finy. 73B1      P.07M Carter-Conon vui<r  THE BURNSIDE :: ::  GAS APPUANCE CO.  1037-39   Granville  Street  Telephone Seymour 3704  J. E. Campbell & Co.  PLUMBING   &   HEATING  1 nil Pen-lar SI. W. Phnn** <PViwnr 771B   "600D"CHnR"C(IICLE WATER PAH HIRKACE  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  SHEET METAL WORKERS  BUCK'S LEADER and GURNEY OXFORD FURNACES  Plione Bay. 296 1540 5th Ave. W.  PERFECTION GLIDING DOOR CO.  Phone Sey. 164?       719 Pender St. *W.  rORRAY BROS.  PLUMBING and HEATING  721Main Street. Phone Seymour 8614  ^~OTTEE~& LEE'  Siieet Metal "Workers  Boat Tanks, Cornice. Roonnr, Furnaces,  ii82 Seymour St.*    Phone Sey. 4458  L. G. ROBIINSON  Consulting'   Engineer   and  :'������������������ ,           General Contractor        _  Spy.' 3412 g]j__Hol'1e-n".Bl'1^.  CORPORATION OF BURNABY.     '  "ensineebiitg depabtkent.  TO    E-UIBDIISG-    CONTBACTOBS.  Tenders are invited and v.ill lie re-  '���������ened bv the umleroigned up till 5 p.m.  on  Frida'v,  2T-t June.  1912. I'pi'.���������    . ,  Alterations ,md (Frame) Exten-sions  to Old Hall, "Municipal JU11 Grounds,,  '���������"dmondy,  1'. C.  Plans   and   specifications   ma>  tamed    at    Unslneer's    Ollice.    IM.  Hall. Edmonds,  IB   C. on depo.iting $ SO 0,  wincli  will  be  returned  to-all  bona Title  l0Ter'dei,*i will not be considered unless  -ubmitted on oflicial foinn and orcom-  panied bv certified cheque ior i-% ol  amount ot Tender.  '���������wrrjiifi.M  GRirriTHS,  -_',n Compti oiler.  be   ob-  irunicipal  IEONWOES,    INTERIOR   FINtSH:.  Interior Finish���������"By Yv*. AV. Jerrett, 700  Granville -st, ior interior finisliingb ior  largo  ies on  Shiiusluie.-5.-ey  l-lt->- 15  Interior Finish���������By 8. C. Briicoe, -109  Thuilow st. ior interior gmiig ior apmts  at abc.0 addiess. ! I5  Interior Finish���������By C. L. Williams,  31!) Ponder i������t XV, ior Interior ''mush for  bldg at G.'l:* Gianville it. 12  Sheet "Metal .Wori���������By F. 12." Xeily,  n3S0 Gianville St. lor slit metal work tor  ro^ at  1635  1 -4tli  a\e XV. ' 1 '  ���������LUMBER, I.ATHING-, "uIKE.  Xuraljer���������By AV. W. Jenett, 700 Gran-  -M'le st, for lmbr lor. large res on  Shaughnessey Hts. ��������� 1������  ���������Lath���������By P. Surges, 21 "Merchant-;  Bank bldg,  for ^cowloacl  of fir lath.     3 j  "Lathing'���������By "MacConneU "Lmbr Co, 113  Gran--, ille st, for lathing ior res at 1 Uii  and Cypres^  St. L>  "Lumber���������By S. C. Bri'-coe, 109 Thurlow ht, for lmbr ior sto brk apmt-, at  abovo  address. | . 1 ������  ���������Lumber���������By C. I.. "Williams, 319 Pender st AV, for lmbr ior I sto bldg at 03 i  Gianville   st. , '      12  MACHINERY,    MARBLE,    IHI*LI.*WORK.'  Marble and Tile���������By S C. Bn--coe. 409  Thurlow st. lor maible and lie ior 1  stO\brk apmts at abo\e addie-,s.  Tfn^v   r-ni'-TiP'* Ev   G    T    Pcake.   102'   'Victoria���������By     ,T      E.  Me^cant.^���������  bldff   until  June  17,  lor lock , Public   Wo, ks,   until   Ume   12.   lor   larire  WHARVES.  ���������WiriuEr���������Bv T. E iVollv. 13'*n' r������ .n.  li'le ' t, for wiring foi res at 163S llth  a ve XX'. ��������� 17  v.riring-���������T.v XX' XV. Jerrett 7()(1 Gr.xn-  \i'le ������t <*or wiring large res for Shnuirli-  ne-'-cy Tleishts. 13  ���������Wiriu?���������5v Booker Campbell fr V'lilp-  nle, l.t-1. 4'3 GrnnM1!" -t. for whine  in .ipnits for J. B.i IMatlier.-*, llth ard  "Main. , 15  Wiring*���������By S C. Bri~coe. 109 Th"'-low  = t. for wiling for 1 hto bik Apnits a*  above addi ess. -      15  Wiring*���������By C. L. AVIlM.-un-. 319 "Po"-  der' st AV, tor Aviiing for bklg-at G3"  Granville  -t. ' 1 1    0 2  TENDERS WANTED.  OUT  OF TOWN.  Biri*LBINGS.  ���������Rassmno���������By Bev. T-I. AA*. Svkp- B^\-  1S9. Bassann, ^\lta, until Ji'ne 1"\ for  genl conlr nn biick churcli. Plans iioni  Holman  fr Gntch.  Ca'gai-y. , 17  Victoria���������By Rresemnnn .<*������������������ Purfee. ?'���������>  Savwaid hide, for genl con'' of K of P  ball on "N'oith Park st. Bik and conc  bldg ' is  .     Clinton Welded  Fabric  THE IDEAL REINFORCEMENT.  SLABS.   ' .     SEWERS. .     WALLS.  .'" '     '  L. A.:MpRRISCO.  Exclusive  "Pacific Coast Sales.  RESERVOIRS.  PHONE SEY. 2190.  -20G BOWER BLDG.  CHEAPEST AND BEST  BAILEYMardwareCo.  "���������rag  GET Oil' PRICES  1407 PARK DRIVE.  BAILEY Hardware Co.  PHONE. 'SEY. 6ET70 L  !  Shingles, Slates and Sheets.  '    . W. .d THOMSON & CO.  319  Pender St.'West. Main Floor Phono .Seymour  3304  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY LTD.  Successors  to J.  T.  Ilerr'ett Co.,  Limited.  s  OIL'ce, 'Warehouse and-. Wharf: .1029'.Main St.  ^  Phone Seymour 8491  Grimtlix  Pcpt  OF    POINT    GREY.  CORPORATION  Tenders  for  Fire  n-jilting* Appaiatus.  Th*-* Council,!- prepaied to receive ten- ,  ���������Ipi-  nn  to !* 1: in. on .Alondav. .lunp I'th, ,  '���������.Tr p   co iibme.1   auto   lm-o  and  chemical,  u L'.,i,  c(  appK.x.matelv SO hoi ,0 power, -  *���������    1      ,,,.!.     :.'      '.I'll:.,- wit.i -i-'commi -  iatlr.11 li r at le.ist V200 leet ol Ji-eJieaM- ���������  e t   ���������-.t.inil.ucl   fiie   Uo-u   and  fhe'iiual   hn*.c,   uii l.vinK  k    "1   not le-i*,  than   10 gallons ca  , mil. hand chi*.i.u*als ladder*, and  the 11-u.il olhor lire lih'hrinp apparatu*-.  The  loiM-l   or  anv   tender  not   nece.s-  un.y ac ceptfd.1 '  EEK.  A.   CUNLIPrB,  ^0(1  of  feet  chemical   tank  Clerk .At. C.  cliool    tt   Diamond   Cros'-ni"-  i<!iiict. 1 *'  Ifelsnn���������Bv Gf>n.  .Tolni<=tr>ne   Nol'--nn. 1"!  O.   1111(11   .lime   11    for   penl   conti act   on  Kootena\    Lake   Genl    Howiittl.    Xo,s-nn  rinn<! and *--pccif at office'of S   B.'liu 1r;  Duncan  bldu.  Vancouver. .'11  Nelson���������By Geo   .rolinMono   Vel^or. B  C.  unt'l .Inno 11    for'���������stenm  littr for ho--  pl'nl    'if    -S*|>1    , j, Tl- -,,.���������    fii-rl     -t--of-������f    Jt    Of  fice   of   S.   B.    Ili>fl������!.   Duncan   bldsr.   A'.ip-  cotnoi* 31  Saskatoon���������Bv i^itv Pomnra. until .lunr*  Erectin"-  Lotfs���������By  1!   *M.   1 Fipp.  Hut-'-'<">��������� for conmlet^ in--lnM  of all  I.Hltfs an']  Chilian   bids    for   sqiMn.iK   and   .a.-inn   apparatus  Jor   ,0-tnn   inc.norator -..  loss for lai^c re. at iJoiiil Giev.    JCuliei I     Reffina���������By Tll-2hw.1v Coi)-nr<- lor ���������5lnpl  I flay work or .nob. I-J.'work  for 'e\oral  bridcte'' " Plans, spe'*if.  !     Electrician vrn.11t.ed���������A-o-Dlications bv S ! etc.   will   be   furnished   by   comnrs   all  I \\*.   liarelay, C  lc.usl.er, complete, .oad  .oiler and'-.team , "/-f.������>"   ^  wagon, for AA'e-t V.nuoiner municipant\\   Ae-'.CJM.JO  u  (Tenders   to   be  in   by .lune   17. 1,' '  ���������    --  'Mill   "Work���������By   Hooker,   Campbell    &  1 AYlnppTe,  Ltd,   IIS  GianMlle st.  lor  mill  work   in   apmt,   for   .1.   li.   "U.itners    at  I 11 tji  and  "Mam. 1������  C   L   AVilliams,  -h and doer-   lt 1  Sasli  and  1 or  Doors���������By  t  VV.  .nr  Support "hfJome Industries   By Specifying  THE ANVIL ISLAND BRICK CO., LTD.  BEST PRESSED R������D BRICKS  Office and  Works:   Anvil   Island,' Howe Sound,  B.  C.  SELLIN-ft AGENTS     ' " ,  RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, lTD.  PHONE SEYMOUR 9162.-    OPriCE Alill WHARF ORAKVII1I1E  ST. BRIDGE  bids at d  l'i Gi ,m\ i le *=t  MISCEr-LAKEOUS.  li  r  .Municipal   Hall.  Kci ri -dale,  11. C.  .lune  ���������"���������tHi  li"2-  7-13  ,  13 , work  lor .... ,  '���������Wanted���������Applications bv S 'etc.   will   be   furnished  "Jitv Clerk,  Pciine,  lor poni-   June 1.  MISC.,    MATERIA!-,.  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED.  VANCOUVER  SELECTED   CONTRACTORS  ONX.Y.  Tenders inserted under this head, are  desired only from tliose contractors wlio  iisruie resrularly from tlie oiace of Hie  a?cliitect mentioned. Piffures from otli-  er contractor,, are not desired.  By liorel fr Roberts, from sei. contrs  only,   for   frame   church   ut Point  Grev^  GENERAIi CONTRACT.  Municipal Hall���������By X. A. McDiarmid.  Ladner. B.C.. for genl contr on ^^e  mun. hall, at Ladner. Plans, etc. from,  A. Campbell Hope .Lmpire bldg-, on d-e-  ������osit of $10.    Tenders to be In by-Jtine  2i. ������������������'";''       ,.; ��������� "���������;:   ��������������������������� ��������� V.*.1.  A, Bridges���������Bv "Mackenzie-&!'ilarin,-,Metropolitan bldk. until noon.:.TulyS, for  sub-structure and superstructure of 10  steel* bridges on Fraser, Thompson and  No Thompson" rivers, between -Poit  Mann and .��������� Yellow heacV'-Pass. ���������Pans-',  specif 'etc, at office : of 'Waddell .& Harrington, AVinch bids, after June a,, on  deposit of $50. Tenderers can bid on  all   or.  any   part   of  work   or   material.  Hospital���������By S. B.' Bird, Duncan bldg:,  tenders addressed to Geo. Johnstone,-Nelson, for hospital in'that,city, until June  ii. ; A '������������������' ���������  *   BRICK  WOR3C,   BOIIiERS.  Brickwork���������By R., Jlackay Fripp, Hutchinson Ultlj', for brick Avork for large  res  at Point  Grey.. ;l*'  Brick By  S.  C.  Briscoe,  '109  Thurlow  st. for brick for -1 cto brk apmts al above  address. lo  tion   of   city   ensineei-      Applicant,  -,tate expeiience and i.iiaij- wanted.  Electrician   Wanted ���������-Applications  XVm. AlcOueen. city clerk,  until |.lune  1-  lor  position   of   Vancouver  City   Lleclir  po  cian.  - PLASTER,  13  PLUMBING.  PAINTING,  PAVING,   PIPE,   PILING,   PUMPS.  Painting-���������By AV. AA*. Jerrett. 790 Granville   .st,   for     pntg   for     huge   res   on  Shaughnessey Heights. **>  Valves���������By   1-T.   Floyd,   CMC    Kerrisdalc,   until   June   2 1,   for   valves    under  Va ves   Contract   No.   IS."     Part.eu ars-     ^i���������. d���������n,i  av n.imcron.  AA inch   bldg  21  from cie\eland & Cameron, AVinch bide  Castings���������By TL Floyd, C.31 C. Kpyls-  dals, until June 24. for cst-js under Special Cn-tings Contract No. 11). Particulars from Cleveland & Cameion, AVinch  bldg.  "VOTSnffllTH & SON  Heating Engineers  Steam. Hot Water 8c Vacuum* Systems  Plione Pair. 274-R    - 809-10tll Ave. E  Contractors  . We ������*re at your;servlce to  give you any information required regarding installing  gas, pipes and appliances.  Also location of mains.   ,  Phone S. 5000 and ask for  New  Business  Dept.     ��������� ������������������  779   GranviHej   Show    Room  New Business Show Room  16   Hastings   E.,  MCHY.,   MISC.,    MATERIAL.    ttl/VRINE  Merritt���������By Pitv Clerl'.  until June  2 I  for  2  return   tubular  boiler-..     Sppplf  at  office of Dulchei* & "Maxwell,  3I9 Pendc-  st AAr., A'ancouver. 2 1  Boswell���������Bv Jt. O. Dosroscers, Sec  Pcpt Pub AVkj, Ottawa, for pile bent  wha'T at Bo* wc'l. Tenders to be In  bv .Tu'v 2. and plan.s. specif fiom Di I  Encrr, Xew AVestminster 2  Richmond���������By C. L Blight. C. "M* C.  for loadlnf and haulinc* 1000 vds of  rock from Ewen to No. S road. Tender-  to   bo'in   by   June   17. - 17  New Westminster���������Bv AA*. A. Piincin,  cit vcleik, until June 17. for .paving- 3 1  ���������Ith, nth and 6th ave- from 1st Xo 'Ith  sts: l.st st from J".oval to 6th avo; 2nd  st, from Clinton PI* to -fith ave; Ith st,  from Colukbia to 6th ave. Tendeis  will be reed for any or all Of the following kinds 'of pave: Asphaltic concrete', Bltullthis. Hasaam, Vitrified brick.  Credsoted wood block. Contractor to  lay- concrete walks and lateial ������torm  =e"wer,s. Plans; an'd rfpecif rom,J. XV. 1i~.  Blackman, city engr,  on deposit of $25.  Pentioton���������By F. TT. Latimer. Hun.  Ener until June 1 4. for supplv and install of 200 h.p. "Diesel engine. .Plans,  spefie. etc. at office of Mather, -Yuill fr  Co.   TTutcliii'son   bldg. . '     ..,      U  Merritt���������By City Gle'rk, until June 15.  for pipe, specials, valves and hydrants.  Plans, *--pecir. etc. at office of Dutclier fr  Maxwell,  3)9 Pender st W. 15  IMerritt���������By City Clerk, until June 1 !*>.  for Moam engine geneiator, pumps,  transformers, transmission poles and  arms. Plans, specif, etc. at office of  Dutcher  &   Maxwell,   319   Pender   st   AA".  .A-,.:-.:   ��������� l*r  New Westminster���������By' L. A. White,1  sec school board, until June 12, for. btg  for new high* school. Plan's, specif,  from Gardiner & Mercer, Westminster,  Trust bldg.    ���������.������������������;. 12  Edmonton���������By K. C. Desrochers, Sec  Dept. Pub. AA'ks, Ottawa, until June 17,  for pile wharf at Edmonton.- 'Plans  from L. B.  Elliott., Calgary.' ,,li  Victoria���������By City Clerk, until 4 p.m.,  May SI, for 211,000 sq yds 'asphalt pave.  Specif, etc from C, E- Bust, City. Enfrr.  ' I1 3X  CHAPMAN St WALKER LTD.  ENGINEERS. ���������  v  ���������*  DEALERS   IN   ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KEEP  COOL.  USE   ���������  "C.  &   Vf"                             .               .     ,  ���������v J-  c                           ELECTRIC   PANS.  "���������s(  (All types.)    ORDER NOW.  ; I-"  PHONE SEYMOUR 9379    448    Seymour St.                       P. O. BOX  1353,*  Chemical and Efficiency Engineers.  Inspection   of  Cement,   Concrete,   Oil   and  Road  Materials.  Geological Reports  on Raw Materials.'  Waterproofing1  of Concrete.  newkall, mm & CO.  OFFICE:   1106 Dom. Trust Bldg., Vancouver.  PHONE:   Sey. 2814  British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.  Manufacturers  1605 Georgia St. Vancouver Phone. Seymour 6504  -~*~=  AUtree & Churchland  '��������� ELECTRICAL CONTBACTOBS  976 ,&ranville Street  'Phone,   Seymour  8707  Thompson  Plumbing and Heating  Engineers  525 BURRARD SI Phone Sey. 7899  SHOVER & THOMAS  Sand   Gravel  and  Building Material  'Phone Seymour 1365.  Office and  Wharf  959 Main Street  NOBTHWESTEBN IiEAOTJE  '������������������''��������� Base' Ball.''  . Recreation ���������Park  Admission 25    and 50c  TERMINAL LUMBER & SHINGLE CO.  "LIMITED.  - MAKUPACTUBEBS  OP  FINS  LUMBER AND SHINGLES  W. B. COOKE & CO.  308 Carter Cotton Bldg*.  Phone.'    Seymour 7997  Great West Mfg. Co., Ltd.  CABINET  MAKEBS  BANK, STORE AND  OFFICE  FIXTURES        '||.  Phone Pair. 1471    52 Dufferin'St. W.  '.���������"���������  Estimates Pnrniah'ed


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