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Daily Building Record Jun 20, 1912

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 Record  Publishing   Co.,
Vancouver,  Publishers
Covering British' Columbia.
3,, No.  11, ThurBfiay, June 20, 1913*
lih !
High Grade Building Material
WALL BOARD. *"    ��� , '
Raajjoiith Plastic Flooring
301 Pacific Bldg. x Sey. 8144,
, i " Plain or Corrugated - Round or Square.
Can Give Delivery In One Week Jo IO Days. .
312 Pacific Bldg. '       F. T. CROWE & CO.      ,       '      .'       \   Seymour 942*
���n "Everything  in   Building Material"
Tar and Gravel Roofing
Water   Proofing
Roof Repairing
' '     AH Work Guaranteed
���Plione Seymour 7417.
814 Metropolitan Bldo,. ,
Phono Seymonr 9162, Private Excbang-e
Office  and  Bankers,  Granville   Street  Bridge.
Our Plant is Fully Equipped For Cutting
To Length and Cold Twisting
-Prompt Delivery Our Specialty
Our Office Issues Your Liability, Accident and Health Insurance
Also adjusts losses without delay or referring to any remote Head
Office     , , ' '       '      A '
��� British American Trust Company, Limited.
.    Insurance Department '   .wrntT1rEE   B   C
Cartel-Cotton Bid*.      -     ���     n��e   Seymour  7G20 -rANCOUTEE,  B.  C.
^fp$s*      * "
'-.^'Pliones   7385-6
1000 Homer "St.
Glass Importers and Manufacturers.
C. Manufacturers of Hester store front
Canadian Pacific [umber Co. Limited
The attention of ' Architects, Contractors and Builders is called
to the NEW ERA REVERSIBLE WINDOWS, which we, are now manufacturers of. Call at our factory and seetthem and learn of their many
advantages over any other windows made.
Factory:    Foot of Salsbury  Drive.
'Branch   Factory at  1618 Third Avenue West, Fairview. Vancouver,^. C.
�� **   '
,.    ~~ Phone  Bayview 888 "\T
Leon -"Melekov, 'is now taking- lender-;
liom selected con Irs onlv, for the election ot .i 2 slo buck bklg at the SY\'
ooi nor of Sevmoui "and Dunsmuir sts,
oiiKip.il announcement ,of which -was
made in these ��� columns some months
ago. The bldg will be 3(K1.20 it, with
lull conciete basement, ste.iin healing
plant," diid buck abo\e, with bloies on
the giound flooi and oflices above. 11
will be eon^ti uctcd to cairy I more
stone*.-    "tt"   T. "U'lule^'.iv, "Molson't. bank
��� *
The iollowing- material is mentioned
to bo used in the structures called toi
'in tlie permits above,' whose numbers
correspond to those preceding- the follow-,
ing-  items. ' '       '
270G���-600  br.
2707���7000 br,  2500 yds pi.  20 bbls cmt
270S���300  bi,  230   yds  pi,   f bbls  cmt
2709.J1500 br
900,yds pi, 12 bbls cmt.
10���l.1,000 bi, 1000. yds pi? 30 bbls cmt
2 I
br,   10,000   yds   pi,   400   bbls
, 2713���3500   bl
I       t
is the atehU.    The cost oi  the bldg will J i
2712���1200  br,  30  yds  pi,   6  bbls  cmt
000  yds pi, 20  bbls  cmt
be about ? 10,000     ^
Only  Permits  amounting to less than
$1000 will be found under this head.
WANTS LUMBER AND l 2706���T   W.   Pi ice,- 1  sto, fr  ies;   927-
GALVANIZED  IRON  TENDERS   24th ave E, II.  Simpson,  5375
A    V    Alder,   Evchange   bldg,    wants       270S���Itichaid  Lewis,   1136  Clark  Dr,
tenders   for   about   175,000   ft   of'iough   l std fr les; 416-23id ave E, owner; ?S00.
.                                                 j    .    *                                      ' --
lumber   and    150   squares   of   galvanized | ��� ,
iion at once? to be used in a warehouse  BOARD OP wbSKS'ECLSS
for the Dominion Bed Co, 2 sto and lOOx
120 ft, and to be erected on Front st
with tiackage The. office of the Dominion Bed Co is in the Dominion Trust
bldg ' "Mr. Aldei has the general contiact and is now dining piles for the
1320 Richards St.       J. FYFE SMITH VBc CO.
Phone Seymour 1196
Bank and Office Fixtures in  Nativo   and  Hardwoods.
Mills,  Factory* and  Offices,  Fowell-St.
Sey.  8890
1010    DOMINION    TRUST    BLDG. Sey.   7670
Entrance in rear Phone'Bey 3732
Vancouver Marble & TiSe Co., Ltd
The Piudential Investment Co, Ltd,
300 Ponder st AV, has let the genl contr
to Edwaid Hageiup, for a 2 story i evidence to be elected at 2025 16th a\e XV,
ioi themselves, and which will cost $",-
500. The bldg'will be ot fiame with
Bilck veneeir^wiiii-cunciete foundations,
and will ha\e a hot water heating plant.
The genl conti will handle all
The regular meeting of the board of
iwotks was held yesterday afternoon, at
j which a laige number of delegations
were recei\ed and'letters lead, but none
of much inteiest. A number of petitions
for opening of streets and lanes weie
bi ought in, as well-as for new seweis,
and lefened to the engineer for estimates.
Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd
. Phone Bay."646   NearSlxthW
Western Plate Glass
& imp. Co. Ltd,
VANCOUVER, B. C.   ^ \ ' f
1    *       Leaded "Art, Glass;    ,-
Thome   Metal^Storo.. Front  B&rB   '
Bevelling' and Silvering ,.
< "?tore Fronts Glazed    	
Standard Glass Co. Ltd
<���' ART GLASB   " '
Fhone Seymonr 6476.   829 Bernard St.
Floor" Layers  and  Designer*    V
Sey: 6853���Bay. 139R. 557 Granville Bt
Sherardized Metal Lath    r     '.
American, Wall Board      .
Samson Fibred Plaster   ,
Blue Cross Cement .
Hydrated Lime  _������������,
G. Gardiner Johnson& Company
-PHONES SEYMOUR-9146, 9147
w*.f.  .   At
S*:rf  -,
>\"'''\ '
544 Howe St.* *" Phones:   Sey.  1336,   7951
Aiclits VanSiclen & *Macoml),er, Canada T.ile Bldg, and Edmonlon, have been
commissioned to piepaio plans foi a 3
slorv. .50\120, luiclc and conciete liotel
bldg'' lo bo elected in Kdmonton, for
an Kdmonlon ownei The bldg "vv ill be
lioionghl\ modem and will be steam
heated Tendeis ioi the genl contr "ill
be called for heic when plans aie completed '
Eugene Fiset,, Dep llinistei ot the
Dep'aitment of Militian and Defence, at
Ottawa, i, calling foi tendeis to be in
b-s Julv C, foi the genl conti on-a new
dull hall at Chilliwack 10 rei cent of
minor t|le tenciel- lequned. Plans, and specif
mas be had fiom Dist Oilicei commanding District Xo. 11, Victoiia, oi trom
Capt A L Coote, 101th Regt, New
Westminstei. -
103 Winch Building Phone Seymour 187
English K-B & S " CONDOR " and
Partition Tiie For All Buiiding Purposes
Lime, Plaster, Fire Brick, Tin Plate, Pig Iron Etc
CHURCH   BUILDING   tonliacts
The liuslec or theVist Clmsti.in
chinch ha\e U t Hie contiact for a liumo
chinch bldg to be elected at 2015 Woodland dn\e lo AV IT Cielt/, and the bldg
will co-t *?J.".00 it will ha\e conciete
loundalions and hot water healing plant
The gent contr will handle all minor
cm'iti.ut-, and has mo.st ol his flguies
In  now.
Archts "Riaunton & Leibett, Kxchangc
bldg, \e-teidav let the contiact to J
R'l^angei, 1715 Woodland dn\e, foi a
C stoiv lemfoieecl conciole stoic and
rooms bldg to be erected at Gl-6*. J?en-
dei 'L XV, ior John Walker The bldg
will ha\c all modem convenience-., and
will cost "Sofl.iOO The genl contiact
^TPtake fi^mes  foi   scieial  of Hie  sub
Canadian Builders Supply Co., Ltd.
��� Dealers in '"   <
1901  Georgia St.
Sey. 7175
Sey.   4066
Office and Works:    1155  Sixth  Avenue  VV.,  Vancouver, B   C.
We  stock here a complete line of^tlie goods  of the following firms:
Contiactors' and  Builders'  Kquipment earned in .stock,  including:
Hoists, Derricks and  Winches
Concrete iMixeis
Sciapers,  Dump  Cars  and   Relaying   Rails.
Centnfugal  Pumps.
Steam  Sho\els and  Rock Crushers.'
Motors, Air Compi es*-ors, etc, etc
We  operate   a  fully   equipped   machine   shop.     Contractors'   rash   orders
given special  and prompt attention.
Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's
791 Granville St.
Phone Seymour 1487
Vancouver, B. C.
-   Sole  Agents        rf
City SVSap& White Print Co
432   Cordova   Street  West
Tlione.    Sevmour  GGD3
Archibald Mbir&'Co
" The Map Men"    '
"������������'blue printing
Drafting Tracing:
Reliability and Dispatcli
Rooms 218 - 217 Empire Bide. Phone Seymiur 5378
Aicht*, VanSiclen & Macomber, "il^Can-
jul* Lile Bldg. reciune the hei vices of a
fn-t cla-^s aicliitectural draftsman to go
to Kdmonton. 'Applicants may see "Mr.
ai.icomber .it  the nbo-te office.
Aicht XV V. Gaidinei, .'117 P-'ncler st
\\", li,i, aw.uded tlie conti .ict for a 2
stoiv stoie and .ipaitmenl hldg to be
elected at 2101-") -ith a\c XV, foi "Mi^s
Lowndes, to II. D Ciawford, 1704-W
ave 12. nt $9000 The bldg will he heated by a gas plant The genl conti has
all the figuies de=ned .it piesent.
We  inspect  cement,   all  structural
materials and construction -worlc.
152 Trounce,Alley. Seymour 7159
Kenned*. I'm-, Pacific bldg, will lake
toideis ioi the const of a conciete Mip
and planding nt tlio Counti> club l-'lg-
i,ie-, .ue de nod  at once
Tenders for a. large amoiin.t of whitewashing are wanted-at' once.' Particu-
laivs may be had by. applying at, Room
11, Fairfield bldg.
AVm McQueen, city cleilc, will take
tenders until 1 P m June 20 for the
puicha^o and lcmotal of tlie po'ice station on Coido-.a st Full paiticulais
mav be had fiom t'ne building mspe< tor,
citv  hall
In (lie mXOTU") -"osteid^ it v ,i<- = tiled that tho contiacl foi giading a P<>1-
tion of Keith Drive, North ��� Vancouver,
was awarded to MacKenzie, Broadfoot fr
Johnson, Exchange bldg. . This should
have read llial the contract.twas . let to
"Linburg & Lund, . Empire- bldg, at 56,-.
879. ���   "**
45 Satisfied  Users   Bn  Vancouver
1065  Pender  St. Phone   Seymour 5711
iJuiltlers and Contractors'' *
Metal  Lath, Metal Cell-
in c. Wire Rope, Tool &
Drill Steel and General
Offlco: 108 Alexander St.
Phone Seymd'ur 17'*3.
Warehouse: 821 Powell St.
Let us figure on your ELECTRICAL CONTRACTS. Nothing too large;
nothing too small. Our stook.of Electric Chandeliers is the largest in the
338 Hastirsgs Street West
k    8600
Electric Hoists,
Gasoline Hoists
And Elevators
fin Ail Sizes
3S5  Water  Street
Phone  Sey. 3237
gfay4,ai>aaga^"^sBmt!s*-s^ \'^i  ', ft:  11;������.  HI'  ���������*���������"!  Vf >*<  te  rO  ,   $c-* -  ?i*yw  i?l ������������������; 4 '  Mi ���������  \'0.A  l������M: *  #&  mi'  ��������� ifl-'/l ,������(���������!  \m.  lU.-.-v  P*&I  M ���������  p  m  ��������� *M.*������  vr'  m  U  m  I  m  HL'i^t'  lr''  m  IV, *J  KM-  w*  Iv-v  m  W  |*i il  m  IV-i  l>:i  ,am-riSH Columbia  ���������dacgt ���������Btrz^Bzaro BECOBD.  Published Daily Except Sundays  ^fc-BCOBB- PPBIiISHiarg COMPANT  .u*������  Address:  583 Homer-Richards Lane,  Rear of 431  Dunsmuir Street  Telephone Seymour 7808  Subscription Price       -        $1.00-a month  Payable In  Advance  BTTIUDING PEEUHTS.  ������.ine*lm!t'5 for ih<e various municipalities  lTwingP1d1fys:Un<3er tllis head ������n ������^"o?  Monday���������Victoria. ,   .  NeWS^er".   VanC������UVer*   Victoria,  Grw! vfffirN������rth   ���������Vancou^'*.   Point'  Thursday���������South  Vancouver   Shaughnessey Heights, Victoiia. onaugh-  Vlctoriay~'XOrth Vancouver. po'"t Grey,  Saturday���������South Vancouver, Victoria  As Issued���������W'e-,1 Vancouver.    * ,"ona-  99  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate? Roofing Slate..  ULLDOG" Wire Rope WHITE'S Cement.  COKTBACT BONDS Promptly Issued by NATIOKA-L SUBETY COKCPAITX-, OP HEW YOBK, \  "Santa Cruz" BLUE CROSS Cement.  SOUTH  VAlfCOUVEB  PEBMITS  1*139���������jr.   F.   Blackwell,    (nil   Dom  * Trust Bldg-;  l  sto fr ros;  lot  13,  blk 1*  ao������   10,   DL,   391-2;   owner;    $1200;   furnace. ��������� '  1440���������J. 13. Armlslinw (Hillcrost PO)  1 1-2 sto fr res; lot 3, blk 0S3, DL 52C;  OWner; $-2900; furnace.  1441���������Mrs. Chas. Filch (James Rd PO)  '   1 sto fr res;  lot S, blk ���������, DL 72; owner;, $S0O; furnace.  14421. 'Gibson (Cedar Cottage)'! sto  tv Yes; lot 33, blk ���������, DL 743; R A.  Hester (Cedar Cottage) SHOO; furnace.'  1445���������Babau "Singh - (Soutli Hill) two  i 1-2 sto fr res; lot 19, 12, b'lk'l, DL 617;  M. P. Pinley (South Hill) ?3,600; furnace.  . Western Bungalow  Company  Designing of homes our specialty  SUPERVISING and ESTIMATING  Sey. 1856. c 703 Dominion Trust Bids',  Producers Rock & 'Grave! Co., Ltd.  Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAY. '.   ROCK CRUSHING PLANT,'ALBERT HEAD  OFFICE AND BUNKERS TRONT AND MANITOBA STS   ' '  Keep down your pay roll expense by using lime which  slakes instantly. 99.5% pure.  201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg.   Vancouver,' b. c.        Phone  Sey.  9506  Head  Office  and  Bunkers:  Store St., foot, of Chatham  Phone 305 Victoria, B. C.  Vancouver Office and Bunkers:  Front and Manitoba Sts.  Phone'Fairmont 552.  Plans for Buildings ia this Table are in the 11-mds of the Architects,   and* the   Date   Given    for    iw  Completion is Approximate only.   When the Contract is Let, Name of. Contractor is* Given in Last Column-.  J  ~\V  QTelephone 1045  1318 Wliarf Street  CANADA MOSAIC TILE CO  Manufacturers Of  "Argilla" Mosaic Flooring Tiles  'a  P. O. Box 1171  , VICTORIA, B. O.  144(5���������R. E. Edge (1329-14U1 ave E) 1  Bto fr res; lot* 17, blk ���������, DL 352;' own-  *r;   $1700;   furnace.^ '���������    '  1447���������R. E. Miller (City Heiffhts) 1 1-2  StO fr res;' lot 25, blk'543, DL, V26; own-'  *r;  $2000; furnace. ������'     ,    -  1448���������P. J. Rolston; alter store; lot  SO, blk 30, DL 326a; owner; $500.'  1450���������Jas. XV. McKay. (City Heights)  1 ,6'to fr re's; lot 4, blk 5, DL 391-2; own-  *r,'   $1800;  furnace. , .'*       "  1451*���������Chas. Porter (Cedar Cottage) 1  Sto fr res; lot 9, blk.12, DL 754; Camp-  b*il   &   Cowan    (Cedar   Cottage)    $2000;  furnace.  , ��������� . i*.  ,,.   1464���������H.  H.  Blacker   (So.   Vancouver)  1  Sto  fr'res;   lot  23,  blk  1-B,  DL  326; r  B. jH. Tause;  $600. .   .   ' ,      |  1465���������Geo.   Tomlinson   (South   Hill)   1  Sto fr res; lot 32, blk'l and 10, DL 733;  tWner; $800. * ' '   . ,"   ^  ,       VICTORIA  BTJIUDIHG PEBMITS   '  :'', " ���������r     * r   *,"'  VICTORIA, June 19���������Building-'permits  issued yesterday'as follows: H. A'. Potts  add res'Fernwood road,'$350; P.-J. Pop-  nam,' res Wilson st, $2S00; Moore fr  "WhUtington, 2(res Minto'st, $6000; P. A.  Mcbiarmld, garage Belmont st, $150;  'C. W. ..Smith,, res Shelbourne st. $1200;  i. Holmes, res' Chester ' st, $3275;' R.  ilall, res Cambridge st, $3800; Victoria  Coif'Club, add clubhouse, $100.  4-sto  store  and  apmts         45,01  Add to apmts         40 01  9  sto  conc  ofc  bldg $100,0(  Sisters of Good Shepherd        75,0(  S sto conc office     $200 0(  3-sto  apt  hse  '     cii,0(  I   sto   brk   apnits .-. i5t0(  5 sto  brk & conc offices $240,0(  3 sto brk store and rooms 25,0C  1 sto   brk ,sto   &   rms $I5,0C  'Brk  school   bldg        90 00  4-sto brk add  to hospital         CO,00  Dawson ;school  . .- ".....      150 00  6-sto brk office bldg      200,'00  Powerhouse           40,00  Police'Headquarters  :      175*00  Club   bldg          230.00  10-sto conc office bldg ,'..,..      359,00  S-sto hotel  add...'.      150 00  3  8-sto  school  adds-     * 120 00'  8-sto  brk office, bldg ���������   uo.OOi  3-sto brk apmt *       '     40 00i  8 sto conc club, bldg .".". .$350,'OOI  3 sto brk stores & offices $40,00i  2 sto  brk  lodge $30,001  ^'sto   brk  apmts $85,001  3-sto brk apmt hse        35,001  3-sto'stone and brk hospital..'   225,001  4-room. add-        25,001  Brk and stone,church      150.00(  6-sto  brk bldg ;        95,00c  Brick   church    ��������� $12 501  10 sto store .'..���������': !'I!!".'2,ooo!ooc  Prov.  Girls'  Home       100 000  Brick  Church    : $35,000  3-sto, 80x90, apmt         75,000  3-4-sto apmts1 and stores ���������   160,000  Women's  Club    <������    ��������� 150,000  Brk or conc school        50 000  Power plant *.      "096,000  University bldgs   ,      ������,0,000  Steel  bridge    -    150,000  i?*"!!t<-U,0,fc bId*5   1,000,000  Club Bldg.   7-sto  conc bldg      225,000  3 fire halls 41,500  Bridge   ,'.  2.100,000  4-sto store & lofts     - "o.OOO  10 sto office bldg $350,000  15 'sto office bldg $550,000  3-sto. apmts     '.. :-....    .   55,000  5-sto 1 hotel , bldg     ��������� 60,000  4-sto brk apmts        75,000  2-sto fr apmts. ...- .'....     * 22,000  3-sto brk-stone res        20,000  6-sto   brk   whse '    ���������   75,000  10-sto brk apmt hse.'     250,000  Rmg house    '..,.      .21,000*  S-sto   office   bldg       230 000  6-sto   whse   bldg-        36,000  ,6-sto store & rooms         50,000  6-sto apmts -...:..'         60.000  6-sto  conc add         60,000  S-sto steel & brk office bldg..  ,   **S5.000  Stone church  ... ..'    .   50.000  4 to 10-sto conc stores & rooms     100,000  Brk and istone church L. 100,000  -Location     Owner Architect  Bro'idwny St Yukon n. McCallum  -n!? Vm'1-*. ,; -Miss  Jea������ -Mc-llison  (00 blk   Granville nt.-   Point   Grey      Hustlng.s & Hornby k.''A.'"'i\ior"riV  Kitsilano     T    H    ('.nll-lnrl  Burrard  & Hveleigh '.'..a  t. Roger,  i\e\v \\ estmlnster "vYe.-.t. Trust Co.  K<iefe''   "r   'Muln ' Sam   Kee  Albert   St      Chine e  tipperary   Park,  Xew   Westminster A.  .Nelson,* U. C....Kootenay Lake Hospital  ������ew. Westniinstei'.'..'..'.."..'.Peoples 'Trust" Co.  "'.arls Road ..: : b C  12  R  Soty*.of v������nc������uyer Powell st  Hastings and Hornby.. Vancouver Club  Granville & Georgia. .1-1. Birlcs Sons. Ltd.  Hastings and Main L. L. Mills  mi- Y-Jn--Vi"V--; S>9- ,Yan- School Board  Blk 12, Hast   Sf. .McDougal & Cameron  Hastings  st E   Georgia & Burrard, st.s... '."."."y."m;"c"a"  tt*18       Syndicate  Victoria  .     j;  0l> p  Hastings  & Jackson A.' G." Ferrera  Broadway W   New  Westminster.Roy.  CoVum'blTTro.sp.'  Central school School Board  Victoria... 1st .Baptist   Cchurch  Cordova st .".Scan-Meth. Mission  Quesnel    Anirllcan  Georgia & Granville Hudson Bav Co.  n2*h '"AUVV Hastings Townsite  vw^.?0ttage  ������������������������; Presbyterians.  Victoria. Lindsay & Roberts  Pender, Bute, Melville Sts.. .J. J. Banlield  Thurlow  St   Women's Clubs  w=S?ilS������ ��������� Sch001 1'rustees  Kamloops   -.  citv  Georgia-Harris st    City  Howe & Dunsmuir....Can. Home Inv. Co  Undecided ���������  VAC  Howe st B. C. B'lbie Society   -     CI ty  2nd Narrows..Burrard Bridge & Tun  Co  Pender, nr Columbia. .Story & Campbell'i  Hastings  & Abbott..*. A.  Grossman  Richards  &  Hastings....!nv.   Guar.  Corp.  No.   Vancouver.... 1 Stevenson   Bros.  Powell and Heatley st.  Alberni st   50S"-1S Semlin Drive  Shaughnessy Hts ..  C.  P.  R.   Reserve..  .. .McNeil Bros'  .Savalnar Bros.  .Di  Robt.   Tel for d  .Chas. Putnam  -Dom.   Trust  Co.  All  Items   below  this  rule  appear   in  -c^-                         ; ;  3 sto  frit sto & rms $11,500  'VT1X.X. EBECT APARTMENTS  AT  GOVERmHEITT AND  SIMCOE  VICTORIA���������Dun ford fr, Sons have prepared plans for a 4 sto brick apartment  bldg to be erected at the SW corner of  .,txOVernment and-Simcoe sts, and will  start on the contract within two weeks.  The bldg will'be 60x67' ft, with concrete  for the first1*story, 2nd and 3d of brick,  and plaster-finish for the top floor. The  tibst will be $40,000.  Powell and Hawkes  Victoria   Water st  .'   Seymour,  near Dunsmuir" ."5.  Cainp'beli  Carclero & Comox IX IX Hutchinson  Victoria* * '      -    a   irmnc  onn   1,11     -r-r   Vi ������     ��������� ��������� ��������� o. Jones  200  blk, Hastings E....- :..  Shaughnessy  Hts    Methodists  Homer & Georgia Sts E. AJahon  Carl and Pender Church of St. James  1 ownsend   &  Townsend.  ���������J-   S.   D.   Taylor   Pari*. McKenzie & Day.. *���������"  n-.;,a���������"ln���������rt0" & ^'heatlev.';.".:'  x hos.   Hooper  XV.   F. .Gardinei"*; "   Iv.   Bryan....    Gardiner .&  Alerc'cr   Bryun & Townley '     '���������'"  btuarl, *i\'hiie & Peters" '*"  Gartlnie;* & -Mercer.....?."."."  S. .B.   Birds.... ���������        *  N.    A-    Leach.. . ���������.'���������".".".   Gai-diner   fr   .Mercer '.���������.���������..'..'..:.;  B.   C.   I*,.   R   Competitive .         V  Sharp & Thompson   Somervell   &  Putnam'.".'.".'"**  J.'. M. Bender....  J. H. Bowman:....   VanSiclen  & Macomiie'r   'JTonSs &' Beatson          H.  S. Griffith!,         G.-*   B.   Kaufman....        ^resemann  & Durfee'.".".'.'   1<.  H.  Perkins     Horel* & Roberts   S.  B.  Birds...    N. 'A.   Leech 'A.   J.  M. Warren....        Otto   Moberg    Twizell   &   Twizell"   Burke, Horwood & white.'.'.'  A.   A.   C.OX  '  Not  chosen    ,,   Robt. Knipe   p. h. Perkins...;;;   Not chosen               Not chosen ....      ������"' "  "Dutclier & Maxwell.'.'.'   Not ''chosen      Not chosen   ....'.   Not   chosen .''' *'   C. A. Jones .'..".'   C. A. Jones   ......,,"."   Not  chosen   .          w^v^!y:***:*������"  Russell. Babeock & pj'ce"  .Plans Ready  ..Bids closed  ..Bids closed  -..3ids closed  ������������������Bids������clo������ed  ...L3ids closed  ...Bids Closed  - Bids Closed  ������������������Bids Clo.sed  - ..Bids cio.-ed.  -.:.SeI.  Contrs.   Now   Now   Njw   '. Now  ----- Now   June   1   June  1st  -��������� June   June 10   June 15*  7 June  15   June ,20   June   June   1   June 5   June  6   July 1   July 1   July   July   July  ������������������'��������� July*   August  Newton & GreerC^ToSiltedr  . *      " N. A. G. " Roof Compositions  ma Granviii0Fs������,r ^^^^S Or Fireproofing  Vancouver 132B Wharf St.  Victoria  this table  for first time  today.  Russell. Babeock & Rice'"'"  1 ownsend & Townsend :...'  Alder fr Campbell....  ^ownsend  &  TownsendV."."  m?w������s?!k* ,&  Townsend...'  W. P.- Goodfellow   G. p.  Bowie     '"  W.    M.   Dodd   Alder & Campbell.'.   H.   S.   Griffith  "   H. B. Watson,...! '   Huirh  Braunton  ..     '���������"*"  R. M. Fripp       Thos.   Hooper ...    Parr   McKenzie &  Dav".".".";".  Cr.   A.   Horel   W.   F.   Gardiner....  ' '  Alexander & Brown..  ..AV  being drawn   Jan.,   1913   Jan.  1913.   Jan. 1913.   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite   Indefinite  ... .Indefinite  .. .Indefinite   Indefinite  'aiting fund .  CANADIAN EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO  l������  .       VANCOUVER, B,: C, AND CALGARY, ALBERTA  METAL SASH and METAL CASEMENTS  -,    Many of the largest buildings and residences of this  citv  SK&5?our Sash-EnquMes S0li^ed from -^ S  Phones Seymour 2330 and 5021.   '   ' A1a'      .���������    '  418 Pacific Building,  id  d  ."   We can supply immediately from Stock  Tin Plates, T'eHne Plates,'Black,Plates:  -Let,Us Have'Your Inquiries'  WILKINSON COMPANY LIMITED  846   Beach   Ave;     - *   .   VANCOUVER "*"   ' "   Ju     " -  ���������   Phone Sev. 7915  736  Powell-st....   I.   B.'Jolinson  Contr.   ��������������������������� ��������� Alex Dunlcp  HALLIWAN MACHINERY CO,u������,TO  We have them IN STOCK *���������&**%.  Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, Transmission *&W  PHONE,   SEV.  952,    VANCOUVER,   B.-C.'   3M3    "eW^S  Sisplay Boom, 570 Granville St.,  Less Space Required For Beds  Ventilation Simple, and -Perfect'  PERFECT CONCEALED BED CO.  VANCC-tfVJER.'B. C.  VttXI. TAKE TENDERS FOR  SUM-BAY SCHOOl BLDG  TEE   FO*LI.O*W"ING-   TABLE   SHOWS   B  UNDER  WAY,  OB ON WHICH CONTR  Phone: Sey. 5092  The Imperial Agencies Corporation  ELEC-RIMl SUPPLIES AND NOVELTIES        ���������.    'ONSffiOCTION SPECIALTIES  409 Hastings St. W. (Rear) ,  Phone Sey. 6122       VANCOUVER, B. C.  UILDINGS   COSTING   $8000   OB   OVER.      ON*      WHirTT     ���������,r=.m���������.. >  ACTS   HAVE   BEEN   X.ET   BUT   CONST RUCTXON ^ ^llllUT     ."���������   '  Character     ��������� CoBt   Location       Owner Architect   . ^W^D- .,      Contractor  VICTORIA���������Tenders will be taken by  J. C. M. Keith, 416-7 Sayward bldg,  "until June 24, for the genl contr on a  -Sunday school bldg to be erected for the  ist Presbyterian church at Quadra and  fisguard sts. Plans, specif, etc, from  &bbve".  WEW   GOLF   CLUBHOUSE  VICTORIA���������Archt Hoult Horton lias  awarded the contract to D.v Bell for additions to the clubhouse of the Victoria  Golf club( 2 sto in height, and with one  room on each floor, at ?400.  WILL    ERECT    BUILDING  COQUITLAM���������The Coquitlam Const  Co., Ltd., is preparing plans tor a 2 sto  bldg to be put up for the Fraser Valley  Investment Co., on the double lot at  feroadway and Simpson *sts. The first  hoor will be divided into stores and offices and the second floor will be made  Jnto 28 large rooms. The building will  ���������cost   110,000.  RAISING   FUND  NORTH BATTLEFORD, Sa.sk.��������� The  Voting on the bylaw to raise ?100,000  tor a new college was carried almost  Unanimously today, only one vote being  "recorded against it. Jlr. Holllngsworth  Of Saskatoon has the contract and work  Will be started  at  once.  Hospital      2-hfo   brk   hotel      S-sto office bldg *   10-sto hotel   ,  Water extension      Convent      3-.h>to stone & conc bldgs..  14-sto liotel   Power plant      Jetty      5-sto store and oflices   Concrete  docks    i*.  Adobe res    10-sto conc apmts '....  6 sto store-room bldg   S-sto brk  business  bldg...'  5-sto garage    Lonsdale    cliool bldg   7-sto  apmt   b.dg   l-sto  conc  rm   hse   6-sto  brk  apmt  bldg   6-sto brk sto & rmg hse..  6-sto brk hotel   6-sto bank  bldg   6-sto   hotel        6-sto brk hotel   \dd to Cecil Rhodes school  7-sto   apmts    ,  l-sto  brk sto & apmts   Dry   dock         4-sto  brk  oflice  bldg   ���������Vhse bldg    6-������to brk hotel add   :i-sto  brk  rmg  hse   8-sto   brk   apt-*   .l-sto   brk   whse   S-room   school   bldg   3 sto brk apnits ,  Depot & offices.._   l-.sto   rmg  hse   1st  Pres.  Church,   Victoria.  l-������to rmg hse   12-=tall   roundhouse      Frame   Church      5 sto  store   and   rooms   Conc.   Lighthouse   4 sto brk store & rms   2 sto stone & frame res   3 sto   brk   rmg   hse   3-sto apmt hse    1 sto bfk store & rms   3 sto   brk  apmts   3 sto  fr sto & apnits   4 sto  brk sto & rms I   Brick and stone church   3-sto   conc   wrhse   6 sto  brk  wrhse  &  oflice ...  3 .sto brk apmt * :   I sto  brk  sto  &  rms   ..     323.000  45.000  ..     300.000  .. . 620,000  ..     750,000  ..     300,000  , .   * 750,000  ,.   1,000,000  ..      500,000  171,000  .      100,000  .   1,000.000  25,000  .      400,000  ..."1115,000  SO.OOU  75,000  42.000  .      135.00U  35,000  .      125,000  80,000  100,000  100,000  100.00U  100,000  78.00(1  .--   100,000  55,000  2fiO.Ofi<  .   ,   59,000  75,OOu  30,000  45,000   250,000  35,000  53.601   $40,000  1.000,000  30.000  100,000  35.000   50,000   15.000   35.000  .....$22,000  ....$30,000   $25,000   $30,000  55,000  ....$60,000   $60,000  ....512,000  .... $29,000  .���������0.000  S0.090   62,000  Burrard & Comox Sisters of Chanty  ?^n1cet0IP'r?- C 1Jete"- Swans.011  Pender fr Homer Dom. Trust Co  Melville & Burrard W. H. Ramsev  Seymour Creek City of Vancouver  PointiGrey Sisters of Sacred Heart  Victoria, B.  C....Provincial  Government  Georgia and Granvilie C  P R  Pundledge River Canadian Colleries  bteveston    Dom.  Govt.  Victoria t. N. Ilibben & Co.  -North   Vancou\er jas.   Fell  UrmmJ*A Diu'fee" ' ���������^'r^ %,ltR\h*  H.   S.    Griniths:M^Xorton^ri^t^nc^  \v' S' Vnn iV   erro.-90nc- Const. Co.  C.-(l:'feelv.-.?"T*1'u ^'sr. Co. et al  J'A M.  Rattenbury.. .WcDonkid & 'wVlsSn  Shaughnessy Hts..'.  Georgia & Hornby.,  . .Mrs. Dr.   Mackay  .Mr. Evans  SE cor Homeiv& Duns. .Wilson fr Harris  Hastings   st jas.   Borland  Thuriow and Alberni Beggs Auto Co.  Lon-.da e   Thurlow and Haro .'. ."t. 'f. Pntersoii  Seymour and Dunsmuir H. Pvbus  nii,L ii0^01}- Chas.   G.   JIuIier  Goie & Hastings Hooper fr Snidei  Hastings and Dunlevy. .Dr. T. H. Wli&on  Hastings and  Main .'Jlolsons Bank  W. S. Painter  Company... .*  Thos. i-Ioopei'  Vancouver Roofing Co  .Contractors For '  Tar and Gravci Rootlnff. Dainpproofing  Expert Roofing Repairing  Sheet Metal Work of all Descriptions  Pohne   Sey.   6949   ' 407  loo  Bldjr  factory, 1921 Trinmpli St.   Sev. 4130B  Vacuum .Cleaner Plants. Church,  rv?iIg,������^ana School Furniture Theater  ?������? SF��������� JS*������*>-.. Metal' locta  Wall   Burlapi,  tnd   Office   Fixtures,  oi        * *. Eto-  Phone, Sey. 5476      532 Fender St   *W  Pertaining: -  To Floors Of  1 -*���������*��������� > WOOD  VANCOUVER FLOOR GO  8fh  .    ��������� Hardwood   Floor  layers  and  Finishers.  wen Ave. & Glen Drive p>hnn��������� b=_,  ��������� v������= KhoneFairmont 1612  Abbott & Pendrill  Iveeler & Gore   City   Bute &  N'elson...  Gore  and  Pender.  Prince Rupert   10th and Alain   P.  Mathews  .Jlrs. XV. Sant'ord  ... .School Board  Lig-htheart  Bros.   Lee Kee  . ..G. T. P. n. u.  D.  E. Harrit-  Davie  and  Hamllton....Otis-Fensoine  Co.  llarris and Jlain d. McClaren  Beach & Chilco sts A. D. Goldstein  Dun.s:r.t...- & Beatty C. A. God-,on  D. JL. Jul  .*  Cit\  Thurlow & Pender Jl"rs."s." Wood'  Granville & Cordova  .C   PR  100 blk, Cordova E A. C.  JlcXeii  Quadra and Fisguard st  Richards St..  L. 12. Gordon   H. L. Stevens Co.  A.   J.   Bird   Hugh   Brmintoii..  -V. A. Leach ,  Owners       S.  B   Birds   Coquitlam   So.   Vancouver     Alexander st   Pt.  Atkinson  .Haley  & Suttoi   C.   P.   R.  ----- Baptl--ts  ...Brown  & Howie   Dom.  Govt.  Powell nr. Gore K. Tsuchlda  Shaughnessey  Heights T.   Greenhow  New  Chinatown    Chine e  llth  and  Jlain J.  P.  Mathers  Eburne    Jlr    Grauer  610-1 Oth ave W J. G. Ciialmer,  2R3S-I0 Granville H. 13. Selman  633   Granville   St Akroyd   &  Gall  i-i-ei  a\e tiouili   H111  Baim-,1  L.  Powell St B.  C.  Sugar Refinery  "rt'ater  St Dr.   A.  Thompson,  $27,000  ���������$45,000  .Skene & Christie   Grant-Smith  &  Co.  o ���������������������������',* ,v ��������� ��������� ��������� T- 1". Sinclair  Sound Const. & Engr. Co,  \V   A' 'lYo'Atn,-    Norton   Griflitlis  e.'sA'jm'on ::::: ���������������' & $*<>*  pZrr������\������l������^;::::^  \Tk Sogl^^'c^nsi^u^!?^  ivmD������vt lclen������tlPr-J /? ^FlXt A Co  v d v?^^iCo'--'--^^^&co������:  inos.^looper  . .Frantz Const. Co  Dom. Const. Co., Ltd  ��������� ��������� :i1' J.J- Stevens Co.  ..R.   .McLean   &  Co.   ������������������12.   G.   Albln   McLain & Co.  _  *-.������������������"-������������������    ������w'������<*rsJ  Ti,oJ;. Ho0)',er.'.:.:.:.:.; jiebo^'i'r ������ $rh0c���������r  Townsend  fr Tow^hl^!!!^j^^  &'lIwF^"^"*^  W. P. Hv^t'e^^"^"^'t'^ ffi*  iv.1 r Mwl.,.^...&...^:'v''no^lI^t'r B,*^-  Compam-1  &   U������^...Dfti&SSlr������,&  ������lB������?f^l;;";":*^nlf"-n-"  g: R'3o0wibr.:v;J- ��������� ��������� "T'V^c^ft  ,?������������   &   P.....WOOC1   fr   Ji.&u .1  t.        i,^1,  Booker, Campbell &  XV  letiy  fr.  istcllais  p    j    i>...,n  ���������i'  k   Rf**;^16**0"  & SoM v"A>������*"''-o' Smith  o.  B. Birds  C   t     u-iiiin..,L  Horel   &   Robe.-Ls.      '.":���������;���������;.���������.    Duv   lflor  Kennerly Bryan  .. ..   .  Dav     lnr  S,Va,'Rr^���������T,!l?,np80n"Rou'-������������o.   JcDon Id  ROBT. HAW1ILTON & CO.  HEATING AND VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office Suite 614-615-616.  B������nk of Ottawa Building*.  B.C. Screen <& Manufacturing Co. Ltd.  SLIDING AND CASEMENT WINDOW SCREENS  CHURCH AND LODGE FURNITURE  STORE AND OFFICE FITTINGS  266 Bufferln Street But Pho^e. Foment 1643 .      VAWCOUVBS, B. C.  ALL KINDS OF  i������R '<!"t>V"o"\-'""X V"t '"'ri*:;���������.";        &  Moncrief. '   ���������-���������"'  Wholesale and RetaSI  . POWDER SUPPLY CO.  Successors To  POINT GREY SUPPLY COn  Phone Sey. 410S 310 Richards St.  E. G. PARNELL  Fire and Burglar Proof Safes  Vault Doors  School desks and Opera chairs  | "Phone:  Sey.  1584 5G7 Hamilton   st  6. E. BRENNAN g CO.  Turnout! Elevators & Lowerators  j Contractor's Material Hoists in Stock.  319 Pender St.     *Pliore Sey. 6910.  S. RBZZO Cionfrsctor  Sewer Connections a Specialty.  Excavating1, land Clearing*.  Phone Sey. 7532. 324 Harris St.  Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel  .Office: Sey. 4534 429 PENDER STREET WEST  Bunkers; Sey. B751  Dunham Vacuum  and  Vacuo-Vapor Heating  Systems  Ask   for  larest  Catalog-lie  and  Particulars.  ),157 Water St. Phone: Sey. 5632.  If you want any information or estimates on your  ElECTBICAli WOBK,  CAIiI  UP  s^.hrS3������   CRUICKSHANK 8 CO.    Richas������ts������.  Ag*ents for "Aston Z" Tung-sten "Lamps, the Best on the Market  tea  i-f s :i'jj-  BmmamBBiBimHnnamsMESiBGnBm ii  ."/.'HCO-l  ^/���������-���������l  DAILY BUILDING RECORD:* '���������-������������������������---  -j*".>-  - -*������*   r~  BRITISK COLUMBIA  CHAIN BELT CONCRETE MIXERS  ��������� i,i ' ~  Concrete Carts '  Concrete "Wheelbarrows  Concrete Skip Hoists for steel and wood guides.  Dominion Equipment & Supply Co.  Sey. 7155  Phone:  (Office: ,.508 Holden  Bldg.'  Warehouse:   345 Water-St.  ARCHITECTS.  The GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., LIMITED  *   Wholesale  Distributors-of  , Steam and Hot Water Boilers  Hot-Water  and   Steam   Radiators  Warm-Air Furnaces and JReg'isters  566-570   BEATTY'ST.  PHONES Seymour 7596-7597  North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co., Ltd.*  DEALERS   IrTCOAL,   BRICK,   LIME,   CEMENT,   SEWER   PIPE   AND  GENERAL   BUILDERS' SUPPLIES.  **   ���������  >  Office 56 Lonsdale* Ave.      ' <    Wharf foot of St. George Ave.  ' ' *.  ' ^ Phones  198,  178.   >��������� ; i  *-*" _ t *     L /  i    ,L). R. Morrison. 712 Richards  St. Sey. 2151-2152*  ,,,��������������������������� , Vo. Van. Coalr& Supply Co., 66 Lonsdale,..N. V.198-178  Alexander & Brown. Fairfleld Bldg iSey. 8848 -.Vm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798  Alder fr Campbell. Exchange Bldg..*.. Sey. 6974 Ritchie Contr. & Sup Co:, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge,.Sey. 9162  Badgely, C.  D, Rlggs-Selman.Bldg     Barber & Barber, North Vancouver   Barker, H. M., Hutchinson Bldg ,....Sey. 8.831  Bayly, G. M., Dom. Trust Bldg..'. Sey.. 5643  Bird, A. J., Winch Bldg * Sey. 428S  Birds, S. B., A.R.I.B.A., 205-6 Duncan Bldg:. Bey. 4897  Blackadder,  H., No. Vancouver ��������� .*.  351  Blfickmore,  E. E,  306  Loo Bldg Sey. 2379R  Blair, David,  522 Pender W 'i Sey. 7103  Bowie, Geo. P., Bank of Ottawa Bldg  .Sey. 3510  Bowman, J. H., Crown Bldg* Sey. 6028  Braunton'& Liebert, 81 Exchange Bldg Sey. 3921  Bresemann & Durfee, Holden Bldg., & Victoria. Sey. 2202  Bryan,  Kennerley, Crown Bldg Sey. 650t>  Cox, Arthur A., Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 6677  Dalton fr EvHelgh, Davis Chambers Sey. -662  Dawson,  J.,   Ho den Bldg  Sey. 8153  Doctor, \\ . a , Metropolitan Bldg Sey.  Dodd, W. II.. Can. Bank of* Commeice Sey.  Donnellnn,   J.   J.,   Kiggs-Selmun   Bldg.; Soy    604."..  Dutour, J.  13,  ltiggs-Selirian  Bldg   Sey.  Dewar, Andrew, h4 Lonsdale, Nuith Vaniomei   Fiascr, Kenneth, Meliopolitan bldg Sey.  9090  Fnpp, R. MacKay, Hutchinson Bldg Sev. 49X.  Gamble & Knapp. Da\Is Clumbei.s Suy. 547I*  Gardiner, Wm. Fredlt., Hartney Cliambors. .,... .Sey. 261t  Gould   &  Cli.mipiio*.   Rogers   Bidg ,Sev.  8441'  Goodfellow, XV. D��������� 303 "^  Hastings St. W So-.'. 6091  Giant & Ilendeison. Williams  Bldg  Se.w 1303  61b"  69Sr>  2912  GET  YOUR   ESTIMATES   FROM    <.      ~  Canadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..  limited.  '    Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work.  Quality Work, Bight Prices  and Promptness Guaranteed.  Phone Sey. 8480         | '      Office:  104 Empire Bldg.  W't  Br "*���������  IN  r)  Rough��������� Dimension ���������Finishing.  Fir - -Spruce - - Cedar.  SHINGLES AND BELL STUFF.    ,  No. I EDGEGRAIN FLOORING.   No. 2 FLOORING  s       '       ^   CEDAR V-JOINT SHEETING , v     *  1 11    Xiet us < Figure on Your Requirements o  PRUDENTIAL BUILDERS Limited  Phone Fairmont 101  Corner Dufferin and Manitoba Streets  Griffiths, H. S., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 4920  Gardiner fr Mercer, M.-S.A., New Westminster    .        661  Gillam, W. C. F, Hutchln-on Bldg ..   7 Sey   COO!"  ll.immei,,P.,   1110  Bute  St.   , ' '     . . ., .    Sey.  531(iL  llaigioa\e������,  L. XV���������   125 Saywaid Bldg, Victoria 27-13  Heath, Go\e it Xouse, Metiopolitan Bids Sev. 7S31  llel>er fr Arcliei. Doiri   Trust Bldg Sov. 4499  Heide, A.  F..  Metropolitan  Bldg ' !.Sev. 5311  Hodgson, Hugh A, Cartel-Cotton Bldg Sey. 6 'GO  Honeyman & Curtis, 821 Pender XV Sey.  ltlil  Hooper,  Thomas, Winch   Bldg Sey   535)  Hope. A   Campbell, Empire Bldg... .<���������.. .>. Sey.  5925  Iloiel & Robei ts. 1101-2 Dom   Tiust     Sey.  190'  lioiton & Pl-iipps, Pucific Bldg Sey.  7090  Ilojt,   W.  T    S.  709   Dunsmuir St "   Sev.  2S01  James,  C. l"D.,   Bank  of  B   N. A .. i. .' Sey.  953.  Jameson fr Duggan, 70S Metiopolitan Bldg...Sey 99!  Jones & Beatson, Hutchinson Bldg . ... Stv 5021  Jones & Aspell, Haitney Climbs and No   Van.,Sey   441b  Kaufmann,  G-. B., Davis  Chambers -.. .Sey.'4420  Keageyi J   \V ,  Si:   Pender St   XV Sey. 274(  Kearns, N. A.    , No. Vancouver   MacLuie & Fox, Pacific Bldg Sev   439C  Matb.es.on. J.  P., & Son. 532 Gram ille .'.Sey.  75ib  ���������Mitton.  13   Stanley.  Williams   Bldg Sey. 542J  .Moberg, Otto, 41  Inns   of  Couit      Sey. 7171  Parr, .McKenzie & Day, "570 Gianville St Sej.    Til  Perkins, F. H., Hutchinsonv'Bldg'. ,., Sey. 472S  Peny & Nicolais,  Pacific  Bldg Sey. 899-i  Pracna,   A    B.,   821   Pender   St.   XV Sey.  102!  XV. D.'O. JI. Ttorhfort, 407 Feniberton Bldg., Victoria^l80*s  Russell, Babcoc . & Rice, Metiopolitan Bldg.. Sev. 987  Sedger, Tiiuo.  D��������� 512  Bastion Squaie, Victoria...".. .944  Shaip & Thompson, Old Sale Bldg .** Sey. 10C1  Smith & Goodfellow, 303% Hastings XV Sey.  669-1  Somervell  &  Putnam.   Pacific  Bldg Sey.  6231  Stioud. Angus B, Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 846  Stuart, White & Peters, Metropolitan Bldg*. .. Sey. 8649  Taylor, J. D   S , Bower Bldg Sey. 8314  Thornton &,-Jones, Old  Safe  Bldg Sey.    810  ToiviT-end &~~ Townsend, 520 Gramille '..Sey.  1771  Twizell & Twi7ell, 1019 Metropolitan Bldg...   Sey. 7925  Van Sielen & Macomber 51 Can. Lite Bldg    Sey. 4150  Wallington &  Wheatley. Davis Chambers   Watson. H.  B.  Holden  Bldg L Sey.  3451  White, W. P.. Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 873'  Wlnteway.   W.   T.,   Molsons   Bank. .*. Sey. 302!  WicKenden, C. O, 1062 Pender St  XV Sey. 174-  Wilson, John,  221 Pemberton Bldg, Victoria 159:-  Wright, Rushforth & Cahill, 709 Dunsmuir.. .Sey. 280!  Wright & Mclntyre, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey., 8413  Westem Bungalow Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey.  1856  ENGINEERS  R. V. Winch & Co..'Ltd. Winch B*dgr..^".VsVy.T7"9'-i944  PI.OOB.INa. '   r  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co., 557 Granville." Sey.  6853  ��������������� ��������������� J^umPetA CorP ���������  Ltd-   1605  Georgia Sey. 6504  B ,C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg "..Sey. 61C*.  Can. Pac Lumber Co, Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury'..Sey.-,6800  Dom. Sash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St '..Sey. 6136  13.'H. Heaps & Co, 115 Victoria Drive Sey '8890  J. Fyfe Smith & Co, 1320 Richards Sey   119G  Prudential Builders, Ltd,'101 Dufferin St. W...Fair 101  FUBNACB AND SHEET METAL.  Acme Plumbing &'Htg  Co., 131 lOth'Xve. B...*Fair. 5  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave W Bay     ������  1. 13. Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St ,XX~. Sey   27  Grandview Sheet Metal Wks.,, 1729 Venables..Sey. 5284  Gurney Foundry Co, Ltd, 506-70 Beatty.'-Sey. 7596-7597  537  96  736  JJolinstnii-Tlioinp&on  Co  Pease Pacilic Foundiy, Ltd , 321 Drake St"  Vancouver   Roofing Co,   107 L         525  Bui iaid  St Sey.  ��������� "*- .Sey.  .Sey.  ���������Sey.  S99  S228  8397  6919  ���������296  52S4  Sey.  G949  :Sev."-3704  .Sei 9053  .Sey   5000  L   Kelling & Co., t>05 Pender St  ,    ,,.      .      . . .   Vii Drf|  Loo  Bldg   GALVANIZED  IKON WORKS.  Armstiong & Wolfe, 1G10 5th Ave XV Bav  ui.imUiow Sheet Meial  Wks.,  1729 Venables. .Rev  *  iiKouver Roofing Co,  407 Loo Bldg   '    GAS  APPLIANCES.  Buinside Gas App]   Co, 1037-9 Granville St  .\ultei   Kinsey, 1JCC Cliamillo St      v*������uicoiiM.'r Gas Co, 16 H.'ustliiga St. E '  A GLASJS���������ALL  KINDS. ,  ���������.Vm. N. O'Xeii & Co . o4S-30 Seymour St..Sey 4793-179S  standard Gloss'Co., j.td , 829 Barnard...'... .Sey. 647C  A est Plate Glass & Imp. Co. 153 Coidova B Sev 4674  ���������Ailcox  Art Glas.s.  uii  Bioadway W Bay. 215  HAmDWOOD FLOOB3.  3   C. Hardwood Floor Co ,  557 'Granville Sey. GS53  _an. Pac. Lumber Lo, Ltd, Rwy. & SaUbury. .Sey. 6!>00  i"tai;lo.   K   A.   & Co,  532  Pender  St   W........Sev. 5470  ;���������- 1I-Jie������!l'? f? Co- lJu vfctoria Dine..- Sey. 8S90  Am. N, O'Neil & Oi, 518-50 Sevmour St..Sey   1795-4798  J,  Fyfe Smith  & Co, 1320 Rlchai ds.......7.. s4y? 1196  *. ancouver Floor Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair 1612  HASDWOOB "LUMBER.  J. Fyfe Smith & co , 1320 Richards Sey. 1190  HAEBWAEE,  Bailey  Haidware  Co,  1407  Park  Dri\e...'. .Sey.   G870L  HEATING���������HOI- AIB, STEAM AND VENTILATING.  F. T.-Crowe fr Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 9422  Newtori'& Greer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 139(  -Victoria. 1326 Wharf St 887  Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg.��������� ."...Sey. 6949  Wm. si. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St^Sey. 4795-1798  PABTTKON���������FLBEPROOF.  F. T: Crowe & Co, 312Pacific Bldg *....Sey. 9422'  Evans,> Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey.>2988  C Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9.V46-9147  Wm: N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St W Sey. 3394  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 9163  PATENT ' BEDS. '  Holmes Disap. Bed Co., 319 Pender...' Sey. 642f  Perfect Con. Bed Co., 570 Granville Sey. 609J  Reversible Cons. Bed Co, Holden Bldg Sey. 1581  ,'   PLASTEB. .      |      -      '  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Winch Bldg Sey. 187-592}   ,  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft Columbia Sey. 2981.  Great West Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  F. T.  Crowe fr Co,  312,, Pacific Bldg..'. .-..Sey. 9422 "  Xo   Van. Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,.'.N. V. 198-178  Wm. N. O'Neil &<Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798 r  Ritchie Contr &. Sup  Co, Ltd. Gran. St Bridge���������Sey, 9162^  Shover fr Thomas, 959 Main  St...'.. ....Sey.  1365 -  PLASTEB,   BOABD.     ' (  Ii   C. Supply Co.,'Dom. Trust Bldg..." .' Sey. 6163  F.A1\ Cio-.\e'& Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey.'9422  0. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147*  .Vo  Van   Coal & Supplv Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. igs-lT1*  Wm. X. O'Xeii & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey  ���������f"*IS-1798  Wm.C  Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St   W S',',3354  Ritchie Contr & Sup  Co , Ltd, Ginn  St Bridge. So**   9162  PLASTEB, PARTITION BLOCKS. -        *  B. C  Supply Co, Dom. Trust Bldg ' Sey. 6f61  C. Gaidiner Johnson & Co, Johnsoifs Whf, Sey 9146-9147  l*\ T. Ciowe & Co.,  312 Pacific Bldg .\ .Sey. 9422  Ritchie Contr. & Sup  Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey? 9162  Robinson,   L.   G'A,   211   Holden   Bldg  ....;..Sey. .3411'  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   AND  'BUYERS  GUIDE.  P. O. Box 546 CEMENT TESTING Fhone Sey. 2E84R.  J. P. Wright-, F. C. S. Eng. RI. A. C. S.  Specialist in Portland and Other Cements  Expert Adviser on Building Materials, Etc. 883 Burrard Street     ' ,  CHEMICAL ANALYSIS ' VANCOUVER,   B.   C.  POLYGON CONCRETE MIXERS AND SPREADERS  BUILDER'S HOISTS, GASOLINE OR ELECTRIC   .  -s    AGENTS FOR WILLSON FLARE LIGHTS  Phono* Sey.  6910 -     ^ * 319   Pender   St.   W.  Furnaces, Boilers, Pipe and Fittings.  "*���������   School  Heating and Ventilating Apparatus.  Office and "Warehouse,  '324 Drake St., Phone Sey. 8397.  ARCHITECTURAL TERRA COTTA.  F. T. Crowe & Co, 312  Pacific Bldg Sey   942.  Wm. X. O'Neil & Co.. Ltd , 548 Seymour   St..Sey.   ������:���������  Wm   C   Thomson & Co.   319 Pendei   St   W..  Sev. 339--  Ritchie Contr. & Sup  Co., Ltd, Gran St Bridge," Sey, 916  ,    ASPHALT   PELT. ,  Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg      Sey. 694'  , 'blue printing.  Aichlbald  Moir & Co..   216  Empire  Bldg Sey 537.'  City "Map & White Print Co., 432 Cordova W..Sey. 669  Commeicial Blue Piint Co., 329'Sevmour St..Sey 5A*1*  BRICK���������ALL   KINDS.        '     ,  Anvil Island Biick Co., Am il Inland, Howe Sound, B  C  Coa.t Shale Brick Co ,*- Ltd , 1008 Metropolitan-Sey   8451  F   T   Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacific'Bldg Sey.  942.  lSvai.s, Coleman fr L"\ans, Ft. Columbia Sey   2USS-  Gieai Webt Sand & Gia\el Co , Ltd , 1029 Jlain, s>ey. 5>4U  C  Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's \\ lit, Sey 9146-914,  Xo   Van  Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,. .X. V   198-1*;'  XVm. .<   O'Xei' i1*: Co, 548-50 Sejmour St  .Sey   4795-479;-  PoitHanej Brick Co, 615 Ha-tings St   XV Sey   13S1  liitcuie Conti. & Sup "Co , Ltd, Gian. St Budge, Sey, 916  \ an   Pie*-'d Brlc i: Stone,  Ld,  101  Duffei in  W    Inn   IU  H   V. Winch & Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey   279-194-  BUILDING PELTS AND PAPERS.  F   T   Crowe & Co, 312  Pacilic Bldg Sey   94J  lleiiiy Liainns, 2b Powell bt Sey. 51  E\ans, Coleman & E\an->,  Ft   Columbia Sey , 2jt>  O  Gaidinei Jolinson & Co, Johnson's XX hf, Se> U146-J14  I)    K   Manison,  712   Richaids  St    Se.v.   2 151 - 21 f������  XVm    C   Thomson fr Co    319  Pendei   St   XX..  Sej    339  Vancou\ei    Roofitr* Co,  407  Loo B.dg .     Sej    694  Wm. is. u'Xei, A; Co , 5IS-50 bej moui  St..Sey.  Ii95-47'.l  EONDS���������SURETY.  Acme Plumbing & lite.  Co., 131  10th A\e. E.'Fair. 537  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1510 5th Ave W Bay     -><>b  Ban* & Anderson,  114 Hustings  St.  W -....Sev   6180  Buinside Gas Appliance Co, 1037-9 Granville. .Sey. 3701  Can   Buffalo Forge Co  (G. A. Bi owning, 1261 Alberni St  J. 13. Campbell & Co, 1064 Pender St   W Sev   2736  Dunham Systems,  167  Water St sev   563'  Guiney Foundry <jo , Ltd 666-70.-Beatty. .Sey. 7596-7597  A. G. Langiey & Co, Ltd, 319 Pender W.... .Sev 389-'  Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd., 324 Drake St Sey! 8397  HOISTINO' ENG-INES.    % (  B C. Equip. Co..606-7 Bank of Ottawa.. .Sey. 7056-781&  Dom.  Equip  & Supply Co, 508 Holden Bldg.:   Sey. 7155  E. G. Blackwell, luS Alexander St..:   Sev   173i  Can. Equip  & Sup. Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey  2330-502]  Canada "Foundry uo.   Ltd, 1065 Pender St.... .Sev1 5710  Henry Darling. 28 Powell St.............        Tsev   512  Hallman Machinery Co   Ltd., 37-43 Alexander .".Sey! 95D  Robt. Hamilton & Co , Bank of Ottawa Sev     383  Mussens, Limited,  365 Water St sev   8*'-?7  Ritchie Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Strumbeit-Virtue.Sr Co., 319 Pender St. XV.. Sej* 6910  Van. Machinery Depot, 1165 6th Ave. W...Bay   470-471  INTERIOR PINISH.  E. G.  ���������   ���������  Blackwell, 108 Alexander St Sey   1733  B.  C.  Lumber Corp.,  Ltd.,   1605  Georgia..' Sey." 6504  WESTERN MARBLE AND TILE CO.  British and Foreign Marble and Onyx  Office and Works, 3149 Main  St.  Phone Fair. 810  Vancouver, B. C.  CANADIAN BUFFALO FORGE CO., LEIVIBTED.  Fans, Heating and Ventilating Apparatus, Spiro Steam Turbines  Pumps and Air Washers  a. A. Browning ������      Vancouver, B. C. 1261 Alberni St.  Lon   & But   N   Am   Co, Ltd., 513 Pender XV.  It   V    U nioh & Co.v, Ltd . Winch  Bldg Sey.  CEMENT.  U.ilfour, Guthne & Co, AVinch  Bidg Sey   IS:  Canadian Buildeis Supplj  Co,  19U1  Geoigia .   Sey  I*'   T   Ciowe tic Co, 312 Pacific Bldg Sey.  K-van*.   Coleman & b\an������,  l"t. Columbia Sey  Se-\    62S  9-19J  -592  717  942  20b  Can. Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Ewy.t& Salsbufy'.'.Sey. 6S0o  Dom. Sash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St   Sev   6136  E. H. Heaps & Co, 115 Victoria Drive!... A.. .sly   8890  C Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey,9146-9147  ^���������.^���������^-V'^cP0-^48-50 Seymour St.'.Sej*. 4795-479S  Ritchie Cpntr & Sup. Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wm. C. Thomson & Co, 319 Pender St  XV. ... ...lev   3394  Vancouver Floor Co., Sth 'A\e and Glen Drive..Pair  1612  I     IRON   AND   STEEL���������STRUCTURAL.    *  Jan. Equjp  & Sup   Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg. .'.Sey   2330-502,  Canada I*oundry Co.. Ltd., 1065 Pender St.....Sey   57H  bvans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sev   298'  ^ (jdiuiner Johnson & Co.,~Johnson's V\ hi, Sey 1146-914  *^r G ^^PA*00 ��������� I'w- 319 Pender W...;.Sey 389  >/<*���������*������������������������������������>. S   M.' & Co., Ltd , 2130 Cedai  St .    Bay 104?  Ritchie Contr. fr Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge Spv  9lfi  T-i?.* N* ������'^ei1 f^'M^0 Sejmour St.VseV^7!?3-478f  ���������Ailkinson Co, Ltd., 846 Beach Ave Sey.  7916  -    IRON  AND  STEEL���������ORarAMENTAL.  .2  & .Blackwell/10S Alexander St  . .Se'v   1733  8  C   oupply Co, Dom  Tiust Bldg   Sev   G161  an. jiquip   & Sup' Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg... Sey   2J30-5021  .an_o.da loumlij   Co. Ltd,  1065 Pender St Sey. 5710  LIME.  Balfour, Guthiie & Co, Winch Bldg...  INDS - LIABILITY - INSU  CONTRACT, JUDICIAL AND FIDELITY BONDS  EMPLOYERS, PUBLIC, TEAMS AND AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY INSURANCE. PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND HEALTH  INSURANCE, PLATE GLASS, BURGLARY, MOTOR BOAT,  STEAM BOILER, SPRINKLER LEAKAGE, iREGISTERED  MAIL, TOURISTS' BAGGAGE, COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS'  SAMPLES AND FIRE INSURANCE.  London & British North America Co., Ltd.  WITH WHICH IS INCORPORATED  fViahon, MicFarland & Procter, Ltd.  Piono Sey. 6286 """ ������43 Pender Street West.  Gieat Weot band fr Gia\el Co, Ltd, 1029 "Main, sey. Sl'i  '  G.iMlinei   lohn-on i- Co. Johnson'*- \\ lit, Sej' 9146-'iH  Xo   Van   Coal & Supply Co, 36 Lonsdale,.  >*. V   19S-17*-  \ m \ >) \ei. A. Co, *)4S-o0 beMiioui bt .Se\ 1795-479*  Uitchie Conti & Sup Co, Ltd, Gian St Budge, Sej, 910.  it.  V.  Uincli & Co, Ltd,  Winch Bldg bey   279-194  CEMENT  TESTING  AND  ASSAYING.  PalUenbuig & LaucUs, Ltd, 152 Tiounce Allej, Sey. 71.l'i  \\ light,  J    P,   SS3  Bui iaid   St Sej   72551.  CONCRETE  MIXERS.  B   C   Equip. Co., 606-7  Bank oi Ottau a... Sey. 7056-7S1&  an. Equip   & Sup  Co, Ltd, Pac   Bldg...Sey   2330-502,  anada Inmulij Co., Ltd, I 0b5 ppnder St .. . .Sey 571U  Dom.   Equip  & Supplj'  Co. 50!*,  Holden  Bldg.    Sey   7155  Hobt   Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa sey     Shi  X   G   Langiey fr Co,  Ltd.,  319 Pendei   W....Sey. 3S9-  Afus>seni,  Limited, 365   Watei   St Sey    S23   I'"   T. Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg   \X m. S   OWeil & Co, 548-50 Sejmoui St..Sey   47115-479S l������\ant., Coleman fr Evans. Ft. Columbia.  LATH���������METAL.  .2   G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St Sev   1733  1*    1    Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacihc Bldg Sej    91"  mi   Equip   & Sup   Co, Ltd,  Pac   Bids... Sey   2,'30-502.  i-vans  Coleman & E\arib, Ft   Columbia Se-.    29SS-  "  <f'*-r4i,riel John-on A: Co, Johntcon's ^ hf, Sej 9H6-'il4,  ,   R   ilojnson,   712 Kiehaids,  St Sev   'MS 1-M3  t} m .-N^ ������ *NS" &,Co ' 54's-������0 -Sej moui* St. .Sej I79n-'t79'-  Point Giey Supplv Co, J10 Richards st. . Sej 110."  ��������� utehie Conti. & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gian  St Budge, sej, 916.  LATH���������WOOD.  i  >s   C   Lumbei   Corp,  Ltd,   1605   Georgia.   ...  Sev.  an Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Rv\y fr Sal&burv .Sey  ~iom   bash fr Dooi  Co, 2120 Cedai   St ".. bev  .*. H   Heap*. & Co,  115  Victoiia Dnve    Sey  \o   Van   Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lontuale,. .N. V   19S-17S  PLASTER���������ORNAMENTAL.  Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey'9146-9147  D   R   Morrison,  712  Richards  St '.Sey.  2151-2152*"  Wm. X. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr. & Sup  Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Se>'. 9163  > PLASTIC  FLOORING.  'taecollth  Flooring Co.,  SOf Pacinc Bldg Sey.  8144  r ,      PIGS���������IRON  AND TIN.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co, Winch,Bldg Sey   187-5929  2 Gardinei Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  It. V. Winch & Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey   279-1944  PIPE���������SEWER. -   '  Dom. Glazed Cem. Pipe Co, Dom. Tr. Bldg..:.Sey.   82S6  C\ans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co , Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Xo Van. Coal &' Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale...N. V. ,198-178  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  PLtr*KBING..t  Acme Plumbing & Htg. Co., 131 10th Ave. E...Fair. 531  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave W Bay.    296  Barr & Anderson, 114 Hastings St. W Sey. 61*10  J. E. Campbell & Co., 1064 Pender St. W. Sey. 2736  Gurney Foundry Co., Ltd., 666-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597*  Johnston-ThOmpson  Co,  525  Burrard  St Sey. 7899  G. L. Kelling & Co., 505 Pender St Soy. 8228  Walter Kinsey,  1366 Granville St..?*. Sey. 9053  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St Sey. 1458  Murray Bros.',  721 .Main St Sey. 8614  POLES  AND , PILING.  Federal   Lumber Co., 624 Pacific Bldg..." Sey. 2065  RADIATORS AND BOILERS.  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St Sey. 5710  Gurney Foundry Co., Ltd;, 566-70 Beatty. .Sey.>7596-7697  Hallman Machinery.Co., Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey. 953  Robt. Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa Sey.    381  A. G. Langiey & Co, Ltd.,-319'Pender W.....Sey. 389*  Van. Machinery Depot, 1155 6th Ave. W. .'.Bayr; 470-471  Peas,e Pacific Foundry, Ltd , 324-Drake St Sey.''8397  Smith, W. J. &Sons, 809-10th ave E    Fair. 274R  *    ROOPING COMPOSITION.  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St Sey. 51(  Evans, Coleman & Evans, l*t. Columbia Sey. 2981  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9141  Newton & Greer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 1391  Victoiia,'1326 Wharf St 887  Wm  N. O'Neil & Co., 648-50 Seymour St. .Sey 4795-4798  Raecolith Flooring Co, 301 Pacific Bldg. Sey. 8144  Ritchie Contr. fr Sup. Co , Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St-W Sej'. 3391  Troy   Roofing  Co.,   814   Metropolitan '.Sey. 7417  Vancouver   Roofing Co., 407 Loo Bldg Sey 6949.  ROOPING���������SHEET  METAL.  ���������"(See Cornice and Roofing.) v *  ROOPING MATERIAL.  G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St.,...l  T. Ciowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg '  Gurney Foundiy Co , Ltd , 566-70 Beatty.  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St   Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia. _  C Gauliner Jolinson fr Co, Johnson's Whf,'Sey 9146-9147  Newton & Gieer, Ltd/Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 13977  ���������.,  ..    ��������� ��������� ��������� Victoria. 1326 Wharf St 8S7  Ritchie Contr. & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge. Sey, 9162  Edwaid Timrnnns, S3S 7th Ave. W Fair   1257  H   XX'.  Jolins-Mumlle Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg  \\ in  C. Tiiuniaun & Co , 319 Pender St   W "  Troy   Roofing  Co,,   814   Metropolitan...."   Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407. Loo Bldg    SAPES���������VAULT  DOORS.  D   R   Morrison.  712  Richards   St    Sey  Norns Safe &. Lock Co, 330 Cordova W '.  Uobt. Hamilton & Co, Bank of Ottawa   L   G   Painell,  567  Hamilton  St   W'm. N   O'Neil A: Co, 54S-50 Sejmour St..Sey  SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK.  Canadian Builders Supply Co,  1901  Georgia ..Sey   7171  '   A   liewai  Co., 429_ Pender St.  W Sey.   1534-1)75;   '.Sey. 173S-. <  '. Sey   9422.  .Sey. 7596-7597   Sey. 513  .Sey. 2988.  Sey  Sey  Sey  Sey  4427"  3394,  /4J7  6049  2151  Sey  -2152  2147  Sey  4796  3S3  15S-*  -4 79,  6504  6*30ti  613t<  SS9U  .Sey   1S7-592D  Canadian  BuildPis Supply Co ,  1901   Geoigia  ..Sev   717a  1*. T   Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacific  Bldg Sev.  94"  li\ans, Coleman & L\ans, Ft   Columbia Sev   29SS  Ureat West Sand i: Gia\el Co , Ltd . 1029 Main, Se\   S4U1  O  Gauliner Johnson L*c Co., Johnson's Win, bej 9146-1(14 ,  Var>   Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,..N.'V   19S-17S  i\ m. X   O'Neil & Co    5IS-r>0 Sej-mour bt..Soy   4795-179!!  i'aclfic Lime Co , Pacific Bidg Sev  9506  Kitchie Conti. & Sup, Co, Ltd, Gran   St Biidge Sc*y! 910 ���������  biiover & Thomas, asq iiain  St  ~  It V. Winch & Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg.   tobi  Victoiia, ������tore ft Chatham  iitchie Contr  & Sup  Co , Ltd.GranSt Biidge Sev. 9162  bliosei   & Thomas,  959  Main  St        Sev    I3G5  \antou\ei  Sand & Gravel Co., ft   Victoria Dr..Sey.  51G1  SASH,   DOORS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  3   C   Lumber  Coip,   Ltd..   1605   Georgia '..Sey. C50t  yan. Lquip   & Sup   Co, Ltd., Pac   Bldg. ..Sey   2336-502������  LIME���������HVDRATED.  Ritchie Conti   & Sup  Co . Ltd  Gian  St Bridge, Sey. 9162  Stiumbert-Virtue A: <"o..   319   Pender St    \V...Sey.   6910  ,    CONTRACTORS,   BRICK.  Dixon & Sutton,  1624  Gravelej   St Sey.  S506R  CONTRACTORS���������GENERAL.  Aimstiong, Morrison & Co., Ltd., Bowei  Bldg,.Sej-.  1S36  B   C. Gian. & Conti    Co.,  Exchange Bldg Sey.  2296  Bunard  Const.   Co.,  301   Pacific   Bldg Sey.   8144  liomimon Const   Co,  433  Homer St Sey.  1973  Robinson,  L    G.,   211   Holden   Bldg     Sey. 3412  1 inch, A   N. 207% Cai ter-Cotton Bldg     Sey. 7381  CONTRACTORS-EXCAVATING,   ETC.  Rlzsso. S., 224 Hauls    St  Sey. 7532  CONTRACTORS���������MASON.  Can   &  Amei    Contr.  &  In v.  Co.  Ltd  CONTRACTORS���������PAINTING  AND   DECORATING.  Murphy, Jas.,  & Son,  112- Crown' Bldg........Sey. 8707  CONTRACTORS���������TILE���������TERRAZZO.        A  B. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg..... i .'���������'..... Sey. 6161  Canada Mosaic Tile Co.,  1318, Wharf St, Victoria. .1045  D.  R.  Moirison,  712 Richards St.........Sey.  2161-2162  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey.v 4795-4798  Sej-. 942  Giuat West Sand & Giavel Co!, Ltd","ioT9 Main," Sey'. S191  C  uatdlner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Pacihc Lime Co , Pacific Bldg Sey  9506  Ititchie Contr & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey! 9162  LUMBER AND SHZNGLES  Balfour, Guthiie & Co., Winch Bldg Sey. 1S7-5929  i"    C    Lunuier Corp,  Ltd.,   16U6   Georgia Sey. 6504  Can. l-ac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Rwy. & Sals>bury. .Sej*. 6b00  Dom. sash fr Door Co, 2120 Cedar St bey. 6136  10.  li.  neaps fr Co,   115  Victoria Drl\e Sey. 8890  Prudential  Builders, Ltd,  101  Dufferin St. XV ..Pair 101  rerminui Lmbr & Shgl  Co., 308 Cotton Bldg...Sey   7997  SHINGLE   MANUPACTURERS   AND   DEALERS.  (See Lumbei   and  Shingles.)  Se.v    13651 SLATE.  .Sey. 279-194 1 l;\ T.  Ciowe fr Co.. 312  Pacific  Bldg   Sev   9t<>2  o O.irdiii.ii .iohrison & Co., Jotin.sou a Whf, Sey 9M6-9H7  )YmVr SU.P ->elJ ������ Co ' 54S"50 Sevmour St. Sej- 4796-4798  >-. ^���������.WJ,ncl������ & Co" -jtd- Winch Bldg.7. ../ley 279-1944  R tchic Contr. & Sup Co, Ltd. Gran St Bridge Sey 9162  Western Maible & Tile Co, 3149 Main StV....,.Fa*tr Sio  STEAM FITTERS.   Bay.    2D������  W Sey   2716  Beatty.   Spy. 7596-7597   Sej-. 9053  STORE & OFFICE FIXTURES & STORE FRONTS  B. C.  " -   *-    "      - ������������*a.  Armstrong & Wolfe,  1510 5th Ave \V.  J   E. Cauipbeil & Co., 1064 Pender St  Guiriej Foundry Co, Ltd, 666-70 Beatl  Walter Kinsey.   1366  Gianville  St.  Little fr Lee, 6S2 Seymour St.  MACHINERY.  FOR  Hydraulic and Road taking  ���������:::  MACHflNERY :s::  ALWAYS   GO   TO   THE ,  P-TISOTj  Vs/      CO. LTD.     J  tfec?>  cjoi  Sey  1048 Main Stn>M.  Vancouver. B. C.  Sey. 3394  Sey. 1518  Fair. 810  Bay. 296  , Sey. 5284  Sey. 4458  Sey. 7417  6949  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W.  Van. Marble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave......  Western Marble fr Tile Co.. 3149 Main St.....  CORNICE AND ROOFING.  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th-Ave W........  Grandview Sheet Metal  Wks., 1729 Venables  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St   Troy   Ronfine-  Co.,  814   Metropolitan........  Vancouver   Roo ing Co,  407 Loo Bidg.............;:.;:Sey  ELECTRICAL    CONTRACTORS.  Alltree  &  Churchland,   976  Granville  St...... ISey. 2707  Cope  &  Son,  338 . Hastings  St.   W .Sey.  8600  Cruickshank &.Co., 534 Richards St...:.... ...Sey. 5348  Elec. Construction Co.. 544 Howe St..... ..Sev. 1336-7951  . .."..Sey. 6122  .... .Sey. 1409   .Sey. 2707  ... .Sey. 534S  . ... .Sey. 9379  :Sey. 8600  133G-795!  Imperial  Agcys Corp.,  314  Pacific Bldg.,  Jarvis ������& Call, 570 Richards St. .A ...... i.....  "ELECTRICAL .SUPPLIES.  Alltree  & Churchland.   976  Granvilie  St......  Cruickshank  &   Co.,  584   Richards   St. ..     ...  Chapman  &  Walker,   41S   Sej'mour St.......  Cope  &  Son'.-338   Hastings   St.  W..   ..:......  Rlec. Construction Co., 544 Howe St.......Sey  Imperial   Agcys   Corp..   314   Pacific   Bldg. .. .-...Sey.  6122  Xo. Elec. & Mnfg Co., Ltd.. 313 Water St... .A. Sey. 7400  ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSURES. (<  '���������"nnada   Fm-Wrv Co..  Ltd.,   1015  Penrlf r. St.. .. .Sev   57l'\  Brennan,  GAE...-& Co.,,31 9'Pender St W.. .....Sev.  6910  l-V T.  Crowe fr Co.. 312   Pacilic   Bldg ..Se'v.  942:  Wm.  N". O'Xeii fr Co.   54S-50 Sfvmour St. .Sej".   1795-479.*.  Ritchie Contr. & Sup  *"������    r.M   Gn>o   st Bridge. Sey. RI*1-  ELEVflTOKS  Brennan,  G.  E. & Co... 319. Pender St W Sey. '6910  PIKE   CX.AY.  Halfouh Guthrie & Co.. Wlnci,  B'dg   F. T. Crowe fr Co.. 312 Paritic Bl.lg.....  Kvans. Coleman & Bvans. Ft. Columbia.  >'. ^���������ar'i.'-'Jer .lohnlson SL Co . Jolinson'; W.h  ..Sev.   1S7-S9'"P  . ... .Sev.   0 422  &'.���������.:    29<!'-  'q,-'i;-5i47  Set'  C. Equip. Co., 606-7 Bank ot Ottawa.. .Sey. 7056-781 u  G   Blackwell,  108 Alexander St Sey   1733  A.   G.   Brown-Jamison,  1048   Main   St.. Sey. 2666  Can. Buffalo Forge Co. (G. A. Browning, 1261 Alberni St.  v.an. Equip, ec sun. CO., L,ia., pac. Bldg. ..Sey. 233U-502I  Canada i*oundry Co:, Ltd;, 1065 Pender St... .Sey. 5710  Chapman   fr   Walker,. 448  Seymour  St........ .Sev. 9379  Horn.  Equip  & Supply Co, 60S  Ifoldeh Bur !Se*y. "155  Henry Lmrling,  28 Powell  St Sey. 512  Hallman  "Machinery Co., Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey, 953  Robt Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa.. Sey.    383  C. Gardiner Johnson & co., Johnson s Whf, Sey 9146-9147  A. G- Langiey & Co., Ltd., 319 Pender \V.....Sey. 3892  Mussens,   Limited, , 365  Water St............ .Sey.   8''3  Wrn. N. 'O'Neil'& Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479S  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 9182  Strumbert-Virtue & Co.,  319   Pender  St.  W...Sey.   6910  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W Sey.  3394  Van. "Machinery Depot,  1155  6th Ave. W. ..Bay. 470-471  MANTELS���������-BBICK, TfLE AND WOOD.  Millwork  Supply Co.,  1605  Main St ....Fair 95S-546  I.i.  R.  Morrison,  712  Richards  St'' Sej'.  2151-2152  Wm.N. O'Neil ���������& Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wm.C. Thomson & Co.; 319 Pender St. W.. Sey.  3394  Vain. Marble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave -...Sey. 1518  MARBLE AND  ONYX.. f!  IX  R.  Morrison,  712   Ricliards  St  .ISey. ,2151-2152  \*m. N. O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St. .Sev. 4795-4798  Ititchie r-ontr. &jSup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sev, 9162  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. XV .Sey.  3394  Van. Marble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave...'.'.. .-'Sev. 1518  Western Marble & Tile Co., 3149 Main St.. .... .Fair. 810  OIL   BURNING   PLANTS.  Vestern Stm. & Oil Plants, Ltd. Dom Trust..S������v. 7676  ;.,      .,.a^~::% PAINTS AND OILS.      , '   *     ,  ITeriry Darling.  28  Powell  St... A Sev ��������� 51"  .Vm. N. O'NeiKiS: Co.   54S-50 . Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479.'  PAINTS���������PIRE-PaOOP.  '���������'.  T.  Crowe  frCo..  312  Pacific   Bldg.-... .Sev-.   0422  -<ewum fr Git-er.  Ltd    Vancnuvpr.  1.1 8'Gran... .Sey.   1;-;:<7  ,     1-U.tn-U,    <'i"F.   ^'hiirf  St 8S7  P.'CTTS-DMP   SEOOP.   .���������.''.  lenrv  Parlliig.  28'.Powell   St. A.: :...Scv   51'  ���������.'Gardiner Johnc-on & Co.   .Inhnson's Whf. Sov fli-iR-m 4-  TANKS.  ri'/i ���������   w'"5',^ Co"  US, Victoria Drive Sev. 8S90  C. Gardiner Johnson At Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  ft.S-   pa?K'ey,^ 9.������"  Ltd- 3IS  Pender W.?;:.Soy   3892  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St..         c|gv   aix  Western Stm. & Oil-Plants, Ltd.. Cotton Bldg!'. ley! 767S  TILE���������DRAINING.  Evans   Coleman & Evans, Ft, Columbia...  Shover & Thomas. 959.,Main St.. ....Sey   1365  TILE���������FLOOR  AND  WALL."' ''''������������������  D   R. Morrison   712 Richards St......... Sey.  2151-������ 15������, ���������  Sm- ^* S>e������ & Co., 64 8-50 Seymour St. .Sey;'.4796-479**  Wm, C. Thompson & CO., 319 Pender St W?::   Sey 3394  '':.   :'"���������  ,. '' .    TIN PLATES.  Balfour  Guthrie & Co., Winch* Bldg...... .sey   isf-Bs'-'o  ?��������� Gardiner'Johiison & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey'9146-9147  Wilkinson Co., Ltd., 846 Beach Ave.........^ Sey  791 k  ������. V. Winch &, Co.. Ltd.. Winch Bldg......Sey".* 279-1944  VACUUM  CLEANING  SYSTEMS. 1  Barr & Anderson, 114  Hastings St W..   .        qPv  E. ii. Blackwell. 108 Alexander St.. ./.!" Set'  The Duntley Store, 791   Granville St..... ."AA Sev  Earle,  E.-.A.,  & Co.,  532   Pender  St.   XV.... A. lley'.  CIS?  173J  1487  5476  WATERPROOP   COMPOUND.  2- -i.ari!'ner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf. Sev 914G-Q147  ���������*. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg..   ..V.     y l\l*l\zl  )lm- ^���������r?.'Xeil & Co" 5'1S-50 Seymour St..Sey   4795-4?qs  Wm. C. Thomson fr Co.. 319 Pender St. 'W... ... ;sey   3394  WINDOW SCREENS. '.���������  K. C. Screen & Miifgi.Co., 266 Dufferfn St'  E...Fair   154*?  ���������Vm; N. O'Xeii fr Coj; 548-50 Sevmour St. .Sey   4796'4=5s  W'XNDOW   SHADES. *"������0*l.y8  Howes. F. W..& Co..  1257 Granville St...  I VTXxtE  KOPE.  B   C. Enuip. Co.. CH'J-7  I'ank of Ottawa. . .Sev  E   G. Blackwell,  I0S Alexander St.    "  'in.  Equip. ,<i Sup.. Co.. Ltd., Pac. Bldg... Sey '  V.  G.   Langiey & Co..   Ltd.,  319   Pender   XV    .  . Gardinei Johnson fr Co., Jolins-on's- W'hf   Sev  Iitchie Contr. & Sup  Co ..Ltd. Gran   St  Bridge  Wilkinson Co., Ltd., S4C *~".fc.ul. ;,*;a   .������:���������   V.     \Vi..,., 1   fr   (.������������������..   S^ldA    ���������Vl.vfl    "l(l? '<.U,  -Sey.    841  7056  7S1-J  Suy..  I73S  2.--30  5031  Sey.  3S92  1* I 1 fi  -9147,  St-v.  9102  Sev.  7915  ' ���������?*"-.  1?*L-  ���������sBiBiMaiaaMMj^iigiaa^^  IB"*;;*  ���������  i> ! "I  ��������� ?iW i' > i  } i  Phones "Seymour," 21^51, 2152  .7  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  Internationa! Automatic  Sprinkler Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  114 Hastings St. W.  Vancouver B. C.  MENS FILED.  'C.'F. Bart vs  Wm. McHutchinson"; lot  46,  blk -29, DL-2027;   $35.33. ,~  (   J.   D.'  Hudson   vs   J.   E.   Bralthwaite;  lots  '3,   4,   16,   and   18,   blk   71,   DL   54;'  ?16t.C8.  Mairtels,'-Grates and Tiles. Let us figure on your fidor  and wall file. We have competent men to do the work.  " our; prices are right. ~^���������^  r     .   ���������-   - > & " 712RICHARDS STREET  DBAPTSMAN "WANTED ���������    '  WANTED���������First class architecture  draltsman to go to Edmonton. Apply  at once to Van Sielen & JUueombei*, 5*1  Canada Life  blc*g.  < ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO.  Limited  Public Works  Contractors  Office: 813-815 Bower Bldg. Vancouver B.C.  -    FOREMAN WANTED.  1'irst cla^.s foreman wan ten for con-  cl*eteo\V01t APPlv Carver, Jones fr Carver,   329  Pender  St.   E  ,   " MATEBIAIiS   FOB   SALE  6-3 cu ft steel wheelbarrows., 6 picks,  6 hhovols, 15-5 ft bcaffold liorses, 3000  So. 2 picsed brick, quantity of planks,  lor sale cheap Applv Canadian Banl-  I ot Commerce, Cth a\e and Gianville .<-t  Baj view   751.  J. DAB RON 8c CO.  Tile and Marble Contractors  Mantels,   Grates,   Baskets  and Andirons AA.  513 Hamilton.    Fhone Seymour 4730  22  Wanted���������Good  roll top dusk,  cheap.    Phone 7S0S.  Must be  CORPORATION OF POINT GREY.'  \  '<* i  ,f/;!* <���������'  Common,   Impervious   Face,  and Building1 Pavers. ���������  Coast Shale Brick Co. Ltd.  "1008" METROPOLITAN B(I!LDING *  PHONE SEY. 8450 VANCOUVER B. C  Fresh Water Sand  For Sale ���������  In Scow Load Lots.  Silica Sand And  GraveB Co.   ,  .  434 Bobson St.  Tel.  Seymour 4465   Water Meters. ''  The Council is piep.irerl 'to recene  tenders up, to .Monday, June 2 1th, 5 p.m.  foi, the supply of 1000 Disk meters, si/e  o-S inch. Paities tendering- to supplv  ���������-pecihcation oOthe parts of the meter  tcndeied upon and the safe maximum cle-  U\E!y In JlnP*?",f'*-l  Gallons per minute.  1 he succe^^ful partv or parties tendei mg-, to guaiantee deliverv of 5% of  the_tiuantit.\ allotted to thorn'within sev-  , en davs and a further 10% within 21  days of wntten acceptance, and tho balance within GO days ot, signing the, contiact  -V deposit  of  $50.00  must   accompany  eaHi  and  pvcry  tender  The   Council   does   not   hind   itself  to  accept  tne lowest  or any  tender. *"-���������      '  i     .      BEIT.   A.   CUWI.IPPE,  C.  M. C.  "Municipal   TTall  Keinsdale, B.xC."  ���������Juno  12th,   1912.  CANALS,   CEMENT,   CONCRETE.  .Concrete -Work���������By Carver, Jones &  Carver. 32������ Pender st E, for concrete  work for school bldg at Nanaimo.        29  Concrete Work���������By Kennedy Bros.,  Pacific Bldg, for const of concrete slip  and landing near Country Club. 29  Concrete Work���������By S. C. Briscoe. 409  thurlow st, for concrete work Cor apmts  bldS- , 15  CLEARING AND OJatrBBINO.  Excavating*. Elevators, Electric  Fixtures  Excavation���������By   j.    if.    Vickcr-i,    310  Ciown  bldg. ,lor excinating  1600  cu  yds  ol earth.     . ��������� ��������� 05  Sock'Excavation���������By McAlpine Robertson Const Co, 701 "Metropolitan bldg.  Ior rock excavation, about 300 cu. vds at  Todd Inlet, li. C. -. *        20  rUBNACES,   FIXTS.,   FIBE  'ESCAPES.  plxo*V?e?^B7 Carver, Jones fr, Car-  vei'"' :-'?,,Pen<J<*'* st 12, for fixtuie'-s for  school bldg at Nanaimo. 29  Fixtures���������By S. C. Bi iscoe, 101) Thurlow st, for fixtures for 1 sto apmts nt  abovo addiess. - . 15  ' CrBADING,  GLASS,  GBAVEI,.  Plate Glass���������By Allen fr Jones, Leigh-  Spencer bldg, for .plate-glass for 4 ,sto  bldg  at  7G7   Hastings  st  E. 2G.  HDWE,  HEATING,   HOSE,  HDWOOD  ���������"��������� *,  Plastering���������By Carver,* Jones &-Carl  ver, 329 Pender st E, for plstrg for  school  bldg  at. Nanaimo.     . 29  *}a*}orias���������By- Booker, Campbell &  "Whipple, Ltd, -113 Granville.st, for lathing and plstrg in apmts tor J. B. Math-  ers-at  llth  and .Main. " 15  ,*-T?rV;mbl?8--_ By Booker, Campbell &  ���������Uhillpe, Ltd, 413 Granvillo .st, lor plbg  in apmts for J. B. .Mathers, llth and  Main. \ ( , j 5  - PlumWnff���������By Carver,-Jones & Carver, 329 Pender st E, for plumbing for  school   bldg  at   Nanaimo. -,29  Plumbing*���������By F. E. Neily, 13S0'Granvilie .-t, lor plbg in ies at IG35 llth ave  XV. 17  Painting���������Ey F. E. NeilyJ 13S0 Gian-'  \ ille At, ior pntg in res at 1033 llth ave  ROOFING,   BESEBVOIBS.  Boonnj���������By Carver, Jones fr Cai ver,  329 Pender st E, ior roofing ior school  bldg  at Nanaimo. , ^9  STONE,    STEEL,    SEWERS,    STREETS.  Siieet Metal "Work���������By Cai\er, Jones  & Carver, 329 Pender ������t 13, for slit mil  work ior school bldg at Xananno. >fl  A- Q. Langiey & Co., Ltd:  l\    - " ENGINEERS AND AGENTS     :     -~ ���������'  "Otto" f>������������������nnlaiIr'W.'re R������Pe������ Pa^er Derricks, Electric  Hoists   "  Otto    GasoMne   Engines,--Grab1 Buckets, "Globe" Marine  Engines'  ������������a/ auu���������, ���������*���������.     Tanks and Water Towers of any capacity  * .     i  ���������  GARAGES      SOUNE TANKS and PUMPS   f0r<  P������'VATE y������Jr    PUBLIcj  I  Phone Seymour 3892,    .       ,    ' ',     '    ' (- 819 Pender street ^  '��������� ,5F*"J*-tlng-���������By Carver. Jone-i fr Car\er.  329 Pender st J5, for heating tor school  bldg at  "Nanaimo. v ' 29  Ventilating���������By Carver,-Jonas & Cai-  yei, 329 Pender st IS, ior \ entllating system   tor  school   bldg  at  Nanaimo. 29  Hardware���������By Allen & ..Tones, Leigh-  Spencer bldg. for hdwe ior looming h*=q  at 7C7  Hastings st 1*3. , .   oq  Heating���������By  F    E.   Xeily,   13S0   Gianville st, lor lug ior res at 1635,11th ave  A "        ,, \ 17  Hardwood���������3y F.' K Neily, 13S0 Gran-  Stone Work ��������� By F  Gianville st, for stnr.n  1C35 llth a\e "\V.  K    Neily,    13S0  work for ie-,  ai  17  ��������� Steel Pipe���������By TI Floyd, CMC, Ker-  ri'dale, until June 21, lor S miles steel  pipe, 4 to IS inches. Plans, specif, etc  fiom Cleveland & Cameion, 506 Winch  bldg,   on   deposit  of  310. '        .21  SHEET MEIAL WORK.  Sheet Metal Work���������By Allerf'& Jones,  Leigh7Spencei-   bldg,   for   shf mtl   wo< k  for  bncy  bldg at,.767   Hayings M  15.  26  1 ,      SUPPLIES.  ���������*    ������        " 0 _  THE,  TERRAZZO, TERRA COTTA.  B. C. EQUIPMENT, CO.  Macjhinery Dealers  CONCSTlAMM'AXroEnS;?JEEL <?ARS' ROCK Pushers, electricj  STEAM,   AND, GASOLINE    HOISTS.      WHEELBARROWS,      -  TRANSMISSION  MACHINERY, GASOLINE .ENGINES '        '  PUMPS AND   ROAD'MACHINERY. ' '   '  Phones:  Seymour  7056-V818. offices: 60G-607 Bank of Ottawa Bldg.  PttOIlv  '   ,   ' "��������� CABOT'S QUILT  The Scientific Heat insulator and  (      Sound Deadener  Seymour. 512  , HENRY-DARLING  2S Powell  St.  ville  -j-t,  for' hardwood  1635 I-Ith avo XV.   /  lloors  ior res  Tiling���������By  ; Spencei   bldg.  rooms at    7(17  '���������-v.  I     WALTER KSMSEY  PLUMBING, rfEAJING'  ,   1     ���������*     AND   '  v    ,        GAS CONTRACTOR.  1366 Granville St.  .    Vancouver, B.C.1'  'Phone   Seymour. 9053,  CORPORATION    OF    POINT    GREY.  The Council is piepared to recene  tenders up, lo 5 p.m. on "Monday, June  24th, 1912, ior the sulfate treatment-  of , Whitehead Road, fiom Granville  Stieet to Jonnston Itoad. Tenders to  include wooden kerbing 3 in x 10 in. and  to gi\e speeilicatioiv-ol  tieatment.  BEN ~A.   CTTB--LIPPE,  '   ' ,       . O. JI. ,C.   .  "Municipal TTall, '     , ,     '     '  Keinsdale,  B   C  Juno  12th,' 1912.  IK'  m  Dominion Construction  Supply Co., Ltd.  BUILDINGS FINANCED  T. J. Aladlen. Mngr.'  Phone Sey. 8265  '       35   CANADA 2>XPE   BLDG.  , LOCAL'TENDERS WANTED.,',  * .Notices   for   tenders   wanted   will   Tbe  published under this heading until time  for closing tenders has  arrived,  or until  -ill flg-ures desired are in.  '  No charge -is made for the insertion  of notices for tenders in this column  unless they ^are in the regular legal  form of official advertisements,     j-  ,  Heating���������By S C.' Briscoe, 109 Thuilow si, vor 1011 Comox, ioi lug ior 1  sto bik apmts jj  Hardware���������By S. C. BiNcoe, 100 Thurlow -t, ior hdwe foi 4 sto bik apmfs at  above address. jj  Hardwood Plooring-���������By C G. Oster-  man, '1725 12th a^ e XV, foi luluood lloors  ior iiame ie$. 15  IRONWORK,   INTERIOR   PINISH.  Iroivworlc���������By Carver, .7ones fr Carver, 3 29 Pender st 12, ioi ;ion \\01k  foi   school, bldg- at Nanaimo. 29  Interior Pinish���������By ''Carver, Jones ' &  Cai\er,' 329 Pender si E, ior 'interior  finish  foi   school at  Xansumb.     ' 29  Galvanized  Iron���������By JA.  <V.   Alder    ..  Exchange'bldjj, for about 150 squaies of  sralv.non for waiehou.se. *- 22  Sheet Metal Worlc���������By F. ~E. Xeilv  13S0 Gianville st,-lor slit metal work for  ie-, at 1035 14th a\e "VV.  " 17  Allen & Mores/' Leigh-  for tillne; for stoies and  Hastings sL IO ,,    20  "WIRING, "WATERPKOOPINCf,  WHARVES.  . .  *o >  ���������W-Iria*?���������By Car\er, Jones & OiiVei,  i'r? le"iei' sl- *-, ior niiing ior school  bids: at X.uuiimo:' -, 29  Wiring*���������By F. FA- Xeily,' 13S0 f^an-  ville Ft, for wiring 101 res at 1035 llth  aiofl.   , . ^ ,    .    iy  Wiring;���������By Allon\& Joiies, 'Leifrh-  bpencui bids, "tor*, wiring ioi 1 stbrv  rooming   hse  at   707  Hastings  st  K      >G  Offics:    Boniiniou    Tittst  ,We are - the sole manufacturers of  Macliine-mado Glazed Cement Sewer  Pipe  in  British* Columbia..   " ~     ���������  GLAZED CESVSENT PIPE CO., LTD  Sey.   G286  Vane onver,  B.  Phone:  51  GRANDVIEW  Sheet IVletaS Works  Warm   Air  Heating*       ,  Pnrnaces and  General Jobbing'  1739 Venable St;  Phone Sey 5284  VANCOUVER  COMMERCIAL BLUE PRINT CO.  MAPS. DRAFTING AND TRACING  -"���������������������������lTe  Sey. 5068    329   Seymour   St.  G. L. KELLING & CO  Heating and Plumbing Engineers  505 Fender St;    'Phone Seymour 8228  I JAS. MURPHY & SON  - General    Paintiig   and    Decorating"  ' AA  ���������      "CONTBACTOBS  Office: 112 Crown Bldg.    *.   Sey. 8707  APPLICATION'S  WANTED.  -Applications' Wanted���������By ���������Wnv Kirkland, Sec School Board. Box 39, Cedar  Cottage P.O, for position of clerk of  works s for South Vancouver Schools  Pergonal solicitation of members of the  boaid   a   disqualification.     State' salavv.  t -u  Architectural Competition���������Pa rticulars  from C. E. ArcHanus, 54S 2nd st, Ed  monlon, and plans Xo, be in to him by  July 15, for- Masonic temple for Edmon-  tno.     - r 15  SELECTED  CONTRACTORS  ONLY.     I  *��������� ' I  Tenders inserted under this head, ore  desired only from those contractors who  figure regularly from the office of the  aichitect mentioned. "Figures from other contractor,, are not desired.  Apartments���������By- A.   G.   Ferrera,   Hut-  j cluii^oti   bidg,   fiom   contrs   who   figure  I from office of F. H. Perkins,, only,  until  June 22, for genl contr on  6 sto (apmts  By Jloiel  fr Robert's,  from sei.  contrs  only,   for   frame   church   at   Point   Grey.  -    17  Acme Plumbing & H'tg. Co  131    Tenth  AVe.   E  'Phone  Fairmont   537  PI  mm-  in  fete  mm  Finest Workmanship      , ^ Exclusive Uesigus  Wilcox Art Glass Studio  1471 Broadway W. Phone Bayview 245  EDWARD TBRAEVIONS  SLATER & ROOF TILER   -  838���������^7th. Ave. .W.    Phone Pair. 1257L.  R. Nelson Finch  '   Experi   Builder   and   Financier  Sey.-7381      207*^ Carter-Cotton Bldg-  THE BURNSIDE :: ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-39   Granville  Street  Telephone Seymour 3704  GENERAL  CONTRACT.  Municipal Hall���������By N. *A.   "McDiarmid,  I Ladner,   B C.   tor   ger.l   contr   on   irame  inun.   hall,  at  Ladner.     Plan-=,   etc,   liom.  A.   Campbell  Jlope  .Jimpire  bldg,   on   deposit oi $10.    Tendcid  to be in by June I  21. "* 21  Moving Buildings���������By  Wm. "McQueen, I  city   clerk,   until   June   26,   lor   purchase |  .mil   removal   ot   police   station   on   Cor-  do\a   s-t.     Specif   from   Bids   Inspector  Citv Hall.  "LUMBER, LATHING,' LIME.  , ,?u,?l,,,e,lv-B*7 Car\er.   .Tories  &  Can or,  320  Pender  St E.  for lumber 101   school  bldg:  at   Nanaimo. , '���������       29  Lumber���������By A. V. Alder, 51  Exchange  bldg,  tor about  175,000' it  rough  lumber  aor   warehouse.    1 *��������� "        " %>>  ia-lung���������jJy-AIacConnell Lmbr Co,' *lio  Giannlle ,st, for lathing lor-rea at 41th  and Cypress  St. #        ���������      ��������� ]j  MACHINERY,    MARBLE,    MILLWORK.  Marlble���������By "Allen -& Jones, Leisrh  Spencei--bldg, for marble .ior stores and  rooms   at   767   Hastings   st 13 *>6  Marble and Tile���������By S. C. Si Iscoe. 109  Thurlow st, for marble and ti e tor 4  -to brk apmt-i at abo\e address.  o Mill Work���������By Booker, Campbell &  Whipple, Ltd, 113 Granville st, for mill  woik in apmts tor J. B. "Mathers at  llth  and  "Main ] 5  s MISCELLANEOUS.  ���������Fuel���������By   Wm.   KirJjland,   Sec   Schcol 1  Board,   Box   59,  Cedar  Cottage,   for   foi- f  lowing,   tenders ,to   be   in   bv   June   25: I  One bundled,cords fir coul wood and 20  tons   coal     delhered     to   Lord   Selkirk  School,   Cedar, Cottage;   10   tons  coal   to  Carleton  "School,   Col ingwood   Ea^-t:   10  I tons   coal   to   Tecumseh   School,   "Wilson  road;  GO  cords, fir cord wood and  5  tons  I coal to Richard "McBride School, Ring-  moie avenue; 75 "cords fir cord wood and  S tons coal to General "Wolfe School, corner T\venty--.e\entu iivemie and untano  street; 75 cords hi- coid wood and 7 tons  coal to General Brock Sehool* "Main  stieet; 90 cords fir cord wood and 7 tons  coal -to Sir Alexander "MacKenzie School,  Fraser street: 5 tons coal to Sir AVm.  VanTlorne School, corner Forty-fourth  avenue and Ross street, ami 20 cord������ fii  cord wood to the Annex, coi ner-Eraser  sti eet  and  River  road. 23  Competitive Plans���������By XVm. McQueen,  city clerk,  until June 2Sth, ior Georgia-  II an Is    st    % induct       Particulars    fiom  (R.  S.  Lea,  Cons Engr,  City  Hall. 2S  PLASTER,    PAINTING,    PLUMBING.  "TENDERS WANTED. N  <��������� OU"T\OF TOWN.  BUILDINOS.      , " '  -- . -      A  New Westminster���������By D Sin Vni<iv"  EUa.d bldg, 6th and-.Colombia, lor ISii  contr  on   G   100m   residence ���������>"  and MANUFACTURING QO.i������nn.  Electmc Supplies and telephones. 313 Water St.  ^^t^l^ne^Z IM ^  ft^rV, ST    C',Ureh    "U    ������������������--. ������na  ui^PfnTv^T337 Co'/ E- Fis"2t' Ottawa.  \ J oim-y G', f0I',-i?enl contl" ������n -irill'ha'l  at  Chilliwack.    Plans,  specil,  etc,   fiom  mmstd*:    ' C'6U>' iqUh Rm^ew'\YesU.  Ar.t'le A*r E,ay���������57 ���������������1 J- De-barats, Dep  M.n Jrarine, Ottawa, until.,Ju*Iy 1, foi  Efo ,-,?.? nV on PPeratlns hou=e and double dwelling at->Aleit!Bav, B. C. Pian--  ������pecil, etc, liom Radio-Tel. Dept Vic'  dera-   ^Clleck, tor 1C% squired with ten-  Burnaby���������By ''"Win. GrifiHhs. Edmonds  ro'UAr,;',}"'*-TT-,V 1-SI; altT Ana etension'  to arun. Hal', Edmonds. Plans and  specie from ."Mun. lingr, on deposit ol  ���������po. . ,_,v (������j  Victoria���������By   DaMd    w!    living,    117  bavward   bldg,   until   June   25,   for  genl  contr,on St. Paul 12\an. Luthe.an chuich  Q -  25  - Saskatoon���������By Citv Comnrs. until June  25. for complete install of all bldgs and  apparatus for 70-ton  incinerator. 25  I Regrina��������� By Highway Comnrs for steel  work for several bridges Plans, specif  etc,   will^ be  furnished   by  comnrs  alter  June 1, o������  SLABS.  PHONE SEY. 2190.  Clinton Welded  Fabrii-  -    THE IDEAL REINFORCEMENT.  -SEWERS.    (       ''   WALLS.  L. A. NQRRBS CO.  , Exclusive Pacific Coast Sales.  RESERVOIRS.  /���������30O BOWER BLDG.  W. C. THOMSON & CO., Limited  STRUCTURAL  SPECIALISTS'  ���������     will remove .from 319 Pender St  W '  To   LABOR   TEMPLE,   Cpr.   DUNSMUIR &  HOMER  STS "  On 1st July.  ' ���������,?Tew    Westminster���������By    D,   "HcAuInv  Rlnrd   bldg,  for.painting res  for S. H  'Thompson. , *        jj  Kei-risdale���������By B A. Cunliffe, Mun.  Clk   until June 2 1, tor grading 12th 'sue  n nl C������������������������ns->���������?f  B   ft ,box   dra"������   ���������������������  "tavS  pipe  on- Johnson  rd. n (  Edmonds���������By Wm. Griffiths,Comptroller, until June 21, ior clearing about-*  Ar.Vf,'5 ������** Rumble *oad-"   Plans,* etc, iiom  Edmonds���������By Win Griffiths, compti ol-  ler, until June 24A for clearing about -J  acres on Johnston road. Plans, etc, fiom  -Mun. jLngr. - _ -   ���������' 1  i������,?a1m.0Mds7-By Wm Grimths, compti o"'.  l.er, Edmonds, until June 24. for gliding  in .stations oji Johnston road. rian������ etc  from "Mun. Lngr 2II  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY LTp.  Successors  to <.j7~T.  Herrett Co., Limited.  mchy.,  msc; material,'aiabine. [, 0fflce. Warehouse and Wharf: 1029 Main St. Phone Seymour 849!  ���������Vfl������>^rt Hor"c Industries   By Stffecifvini?  THE ANVIL ISLAND BRICK CO^LTD  BEST PRESSED RED BRICKS      -  Office and Works:   Anvil  Island, Howe Sound,  B. C.  -   . SELLING AGENTS  ^RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY  LTD  26  J. E. Campbell & Co.  PLUMBING  1051 Peninr St. W.  &  HEATING  Phona Seymour 2735  I'fl'K 1  M"*  m  1  pi  m  PI  m<  "GOOD CHEER" CmMI WATft PAN niRNACE  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  SHEET METAL WORKERS  BUCK'S 1EADER ind GURHEY OXFORD FURNACES  Phone Bay. 296- ;       1540 5th Ave. W.  PERFECTION GLIDING DOOR CO.  Phone Sey. 1649        719 Pender St. W.  fVi U,R"RAY- BROS.  V * PLUMBING and HEATING  72!Main Street.  Phone Sevmour 8614  ; LITTLE.STEE  Sheet Metal Workers  Boat Tanks, Cornice, Roollng, Furnaces,  582 Seymour St.      Phone Sey. 4458  Sey.  L.G.ROBIINSON  Consulting:' Eng-ineer   and  General Contractor  3412        . 231   Kolflen   Blflg.  Br'idg-os���������By Jfaekonzie & *\Jnnn, STet-  lopolltan blclK, until noon, July S, lor  -,iib-~tiuctuie and super^tructuie of 30  steel bridges on l'-raier, Thompson and  Xo. Tlionip-on inci*. between Port  "Mann and ��������� Yellowliearl l"\'i������s. Plans,  -.pccil*. etc, at ollice of AVaddell & llar-  rlngton, Wincli ljklff, after June 5, on  deposit of $.")0. Tendei01.-, cm bid on  all   01'' any   part   of   work   or   mateiial.  JiilS  Hotel���������Ey   L   L.   Mills,   237   Hastings  Bl  E,  until  June ill.   for  genl  contr, 011  S  sto  leinf concrete  hotel  at  235   Uastlnffs  -,(.   E.     Plan,, ..specif,   etc,   Irom   abo\e.  ' 21  School���������By .Tno. Robinson, Sec Schl  Boatd, Chilliwack, until June 2S, lor  Kenl contr on high school on Yale road.  Plan.s, etc, from N. A. Leech, Hamilton  fr Dunsmuir -sts or from  above. 2S  Schools���������By Wm> Kirkland, Seo School  Board. Box 59, Cedar Cottage P.O., until June 25, for 2 additions to each of the  following schools at South Vancouver, including heating and ventilating:: General  Wolfe. Caileton and-Tecumseh. Plans  and/specif, etc,, at office of Jos. Bowman,  Crown   bldg,   this  city. 25  Schools���������By AVm. Kirkland, Sec of  School Board. Box 59, Cedar Cottage,  until June 23. for Iv. o 2 room frame  school houses at South Vancouver. Plan.s  etc, at office of Jos. Bowman, Crown  bldg,  this, city. , - '  BBICK   WOHK,   BOH.EBS.  BridcworJi���������By Allen & .Tores, Leigh-  Spencer bldg. lor bi iclcwork ior 4 storv  bldg at  707  Hastingst st  E. 2G  Brick���������By S C Bi ncoe, 109 Thurlow  M 1 or brick ior I ctu brk apmts at abo\e  addie-.s. * 3 5  Cliimneys���������By jNTacConnell Lumber Co,  113 Gianville, for chymneys and fn 0-  placcs in houses at llth and Cvpi ess.    22  Brick *Worlc���������By 1* 12. Xeily, 1"!S0  Gi.uimI'c st, for bink work for rts at  1G35   1 Itn  a\e   XV. 37  BRIDGES,   BUXKHEADS.  Pa-VITTG,    PIPE,    FIXING,    PUMPS.  '    Painting-���������By Carver.  Jnn'es  & Carver, I     Victoria n-,r   w    ���������������- - x-    .,  329 Pender st E, tor painting for school ��������� p���������i,  RlfW3t,,'  ^.Northcott,   Supt  bldg  at  nanaimo. - *������   ��������� M&\XuJuK   Duchesf^t C������^  Painting-���������By   Allen   &   Jones,     Leigh-   Leighston   rd.   -Plans,  specif   etc   nt-of  Spencer    bldg, \for   painting   for   4   sto   fice of above -        *'-l"<-t11.   etc,  at  ol-  bldg   at   707   llastlngst   st- E ���������'������    ** 2i  Valves���������By 1 r l*'loyd, CMC. Kerris-  da'e, until June 2 1, lor vaHes, undei  "Va ves Contract Xo IS." Ps.rticulars  from Cle\ eland & Cameion, AVinch  bldg.  Casting-s���������By TT. T**loyd. C AT C. Kerris-  d.il~, until June -'1. lor cstgs under "Special Ca tings Contiact Xo. 19." Particulars fiom Cle\eland & Cameron, AVinch  bldg. 21  Painting-���������By S. C Briscoe, 109 Thuilow *-t, lor painting for 1 sto br apmts  .it  above  addiess. - 3 5  Hydrants���������By H FloydyC."M C Kerris-  dalp, until June 21, for lvydiants. under  "H.wlrant Contract Xo. 20." Paiticulars  from C.e\ eland & Cameron, AVinch  bldg  24  Painting-���������By Booker. Campbell &  Whipple, Ltd, 113 Gianville st. for painting in apmU for J. B. "Mathers at 13 th  and  "Main.   ��������� 3 5  Plastering*���������By Allen & Jones, Leigh-  Spencer Bldg, for plstrg in 4 sto bldg  at 767 Hastings st E. -        2fi  Kamloops���������Byjj   J   Carment, citv clfc  &������ fov'M,m-iPlaV> ,ailf- s"ecir'  ������������til June  2if ior cluster lighting system. 27  ,.i^ni?erland-"������?y -*<J- ^IcKlnnon, citv  clerk, for concrete walks lor citv Contract to include I3G cu vds fill "and 710  cu yds exca\ation. Deposit oi $100 reciuired. , *   o  Burnahy���������By AVm. GrifHUis, Compt  until June 21. for supply of side"' k  lumber.    Specif from mun. engr. V,s  Kerrisdale���������By *B.    A.    Cunlin-e.    Mun>  Clk.   u 11 til   June  21.   ior  1.000   Alitor  me.  re^ilrea    ^    ''"   SW'C'     Dfi"0a,t   "f   'j������  OFFICE ANB WHABP eBAlTV-|xi.E ST. BBIDQE ).  CiiAPIVBAIM & WALKERLTD  ,       *' ENGINEERS.   .  DEALERS   IN   ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES  r v '   KEEP COOL.-      ��������� "'  "USE      "C. &   "W" " (  ** ELECTRIC - PA3S-S/  ou^.,^. ���������_w (A11 tyP63*)    OBDEB NOW. ''  PHONE SEYMOUR 9379    448    Seymour St. P. O. BOX 1353*'  t.   ���������    j.������        Chemical and Efficiency Engineers.    _c  Inspection of  cement   Concrete,  Oil HSd  Road Materials  Geological Beports on Raw Materials.   "**,,I'erlals-  O   Waterproofing of  Concrete.  SMITH & CO.  OFFICE:   1106 Dom. Trust Bldg., Vancouver.  PHONE:   Sey. 281*-*f  Kerrisdale���������By   B.   A  Clk.   until   June   21,   for  ment of AA'hitehead road,  x   10 > in.   wood   cuib.  Cunlilfe,  surface  includini  "\Tun  tieal-  ��������� .1 in  21  W. J. SftilTH & SON  Heating Engineers  Steam, .Hot Water & Vacuum Systems  Phone Pair. 274-R      809--I Oth Avo. E  Brickwork���������By  Cai^ <*r,  ver.   320  Pender st  E,   .ror  school bklDr at Xananno.  Jones   &  Car-  brk woik for  29  Architects Builders  Contractors  ������������������  We are at your service to  give you any information required    regarding    installing  gas    pipes    and    appliances.  Also  location of mains.  Phone S. 5000 and ask for  New   Business  Dept.  779    Granville,    Show    Room  New  Business Show Room  16   Hastings   E.,  Chilliwack���������By John ���������Robinson. School  Sec until June 2S, for genl cbrtr on  hiffh school on Tale road. Plans, specif"  etc from N A. Leech, Hamilton & Dun.smuir sts, this city, or from abo\e  Contrs  to be British subjects. 2S  Merritt���������By'Citv Clerk, until June 2 I  for 2 return tubular boilers. Specif at  ������^$. of Dutclier & Maxwell' 319 Pender  ���������st AA.,  Vancouver. 94  Boswell���������By p c. Desroscers, Sec  DfvtJ "b ^Vk"' Ottawa, for pile bent  whaif at Boswell. Tenders to be in  by July 2. and plan.s, specif .fiom Di^t  lingr, New AA estminster. -'       2  Richmond���������By C.  L   Blight.  C   "IT.  C  for   loading   and   hauling   1000    **, ds   of  rock fiom  Ewen  to Xo. S road.    Tender-  to   be   in   by   June   17. 17  1J  iNevj Westminster���������By XV.  A.  Duncan  cjt  ^ cleik.  until  Juno  17.  for paving 3d.'  Ith,   .itn   and   Gtli   ave,   fiom   l&t   to   Ith  st-,;   1st   st  from  "Royal   to   Oth   ave:   ������ncl  st.   from   Clinton  I'l   to   Gth   a\e,    1th  .<-l  fiom    Colukbia    to    Gth    ave       Tenders  will   be  reed   for-'any  or  all   of   the  following   kinds   of   pave:   Asphaltic   conciete, Bitnlithis, Ilasaam, Aritnfied brick  Cieosotecl    wood    block.      Contractor    to  lav   concrete   walks   and    lateral   .storm  -ewers     Plans and specif    rom .1   AAA B  Blackman,  city  engr,   on  deposit  of  ?2"*.  Victoria���������By City Clerk, until ���������! p.m ,  May 11, for 211,000 sq yds asphalt pave.  Specif,  etc from C. E.  Rust,  City Engr.  31  British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.  1605 Georgia SI.  Manufacturers  Vancouver Phone. Seymour 6504  Alltree & Churchland  ELECTBICAI, CONTBACTOKS  976 CrxanvlUe Stieet  ,    'Ehone,   Seymour   2707  Johnston ��������� Thompson Co.  Plumbing and Heating  ���������    Engineers  525 BURRARD ST. Phone Sey. 7fi  SHOVER & THOMAS  Sand   Gravel   and  Building Material  'Fhone Seymour 1365.  "Office and ���������,  ��������� Wharf  959 Main Street  TERMINAL LUMBER  '��������� 'DZMZTEZI.  MANTT-FACTtraEBS  OP  FI1TB  LUMBER AND SHINGLES  W. B. COOKE & CO.  308 Carter Cotton Bldg*.   ���������        Phone:    Seymour 7997  ITOBTHWESTEBN I.EAGTJE  Base  Ball  "Week  Commencing  June   17.  VANCOUVEB VS VICTOBIA  Becreation Parle  Admission 25    and 50o  Great West Mfg. Co., Ltd.  CABINET  MAKEBS  BANK, STORE AND OFFICE  .    FIXTUBES  Phone Pair. 1471    52 -Dufferin St.  Estimates Furnished  m  :Ji  fit TH TfTliOTHnlTfl {'flrrHnHirCn fnltit' "rnWilf a


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