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Daily Building Record Jun 10, 1912

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 '' ^'  ���������v Jf *Ai_    "���������* ���������* *,  r     "l." t r      w-tr    try*        "V t   ?������ ���������\.r )  ���������f VI'"\    -"' *"���������  "   ���������'*<'.'..'"'  _ - (**->���������  nv.i'rt ,ii    *~"   'to ifi',1      I  to;i������ f*������'s ��������� s: iff!; itiT  rl-'J/l^ilf   jT_     .O.JT  J;   Record   Publishing   Co.,   Vancouver,   Publishers.  the builUins r^a-ae kf L^i^^  V  f������s'    r ,  c> |  wit'. \  - * CoVerilrigTBritish Colum-Sia^-*li ^"*<'W &^%i'**&***&*i)^  voi';3,;No/2,-;,iViondayr)June 10; 1912. '\trs-,   = ^==  .  -  I It *-      '      '      '      U *-*"    - "       *       '     "   _" IfVrV  AH'    i ���������'.<,>  UJi '.( '5  I*'  JH r^rs1  PRIVATE EXCHANGE,  SEYMOUR 4795.  548, 550 SEYMOUR STREET  IN OUR SHOW ROOM WILL BE FOUND'" SAMPLES,OF ALL KINDS OF MATERIAL  FOR BUILDING PURPOSES.. WE HAVE A VERY FINE DISPLAY OF MANTELS,  GRATES AND FIREPLACE FURNISHINGS, FLOOR, AND WALL_ TILE,..PAINTS,  VARNISHES, PLATE AND SHEET GLASS LEADED LIGHTS, AS WELL AS MANY  UP-TO-DATE DECORATIVE MATERIALS. .PLASTER BOARD AND WATERPROOF  WALL BOARD. .'    ��������� "       ������������������-';.      -    - ���������   ���������  THE'RAEC'OUTH FLOORING CO.*  :Raecolith'Plastic Flooring-'"  '��������� wAtsoniteflooring '!<***  301 Pacific Bldg.'- Sey. 8144  ���������A     -?.<���������> ; r--:-���������������   REINFORCING STEEL  I'll 1 I1       II  ~-l Plain or Corrugated - Round or Square. '    'r u, 1'S"^  Can Give Delivery In One Week To SO Days:     f|V*��������� *>'"''  312 Pacific Bldg.;  tF..T.,CROWE & COv,    ',?'"   '/"^ ,//seymo-Jr942a'';;f.;'  "Everyt'lilng* In   Building  Material" '        ��������� u    w   i - ��������� - t >      . ' A  TROY ROOFING CO  Tar-and- Gravel-Roofing"  Water - Proofing    ' ^ **  Roof Repairing '  Al) "Work Guaranteed,  Fhone Seymour 7417.       'A  814 Metropolitan  Bldo,.    i>  'REINFORCED STEEL, PL'AIN AND RIBBED.   ALL SIZES AND LENGTHS CARRIED IN STOCK  ���������   "������������������    A'.'V   "        " DIRECT rSHIPMENTS ATTENDED  TO   PROMPTLY "      '  ;' 'A  RITCHiE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY,  LIMITED  <     '���������       Fhone Seymour 9162, Private Exchange.     . Office   and  Bankers,  Granville   Street  Bridge.  BUILDING-PERMITS AMOUNTING' TO Sl.OOO OB OVEB    ISSUED AT THE VANCOUVEB CITY HALI. "STESTEBBAY.  Number.  '260ET  '2608-  DesorlptiOD.  Cost.  -1*1-2   sto   fr  les..   .'.   .    .     $1,200  *     ���������*    *���������      *- '*  -moie & addn to res, ���������    .    ,..$1,500  Street Address.  ���������"%  > v>-  2781. Powell St..  11G-I2th   ave   E  "Lot and Block.  ~~ ~~ ~    20���������1 fl  2���������42  J**  Subdivision.  Architect.  H   T.  302  Contr  Contractor.  Address.  A  E  Stevenson 2763 Powell St.  .     *   . ."Wallington & "Wheatley  Owner.  Address.1  H' Bell    .. . .'. ..  Rev/ A. Bonner..  Salisbury Dr.  1326-lOth E  ',,-/t'<f:t-',T"  Building permits  for Victoria -will be  ALL  KINDS  OF GLASS)  found on Page 2;  *��������� ������*   t   j** <  \y ^  *.*������������������"*��������� j  '���������*<'  r- t~' *t*-      **'-*���������" j. v  REINFORCING STEEL'  Plain," Square, Rounti and "Square'.Twisted Bars K*'  L*'Ir' *" Triangle"Mesh -.Column Hocping*    * i "-^-.  .,; ,>������ Largest stock In.city; \  ���������*������   *"  _; 'J < >  6   -A  ������������������B*tf-A->M:C^-!iii-'  LIMITED  JrlOFCOLUMBiAk    ipur Plant is Fully Equipped For Cutting/  To Length and Cold Twisting  ���������c^aaj.** yijf     -.*���������  ��������� ��������� i  'Prompt Delivery Our Specialty;;;.;  ' ' ,'       '   '      * -sliic' ( <!  Seymour 4674  Western Plate Glass,  & Imp. Co. Ltd.  Reg. Office: '153 Cordova 8U ft,:  '    VANCOUVER, B.C.w ���������  PLATE GLASS; WIHUOW GU3S  Leaded Art Glaua ��������� -  Thome Metal Store Front Baxv  .  Bevelling* and Silvering'  "More Pronta GUred     " "'*  =?'  Standard Glass- Go. Ltd  /-'AST aiiAtZ -  Phone Seymour 6478.   839 B������rnsrd ff%.  -i.������ i ?.< ���������     >'*-^ ^-i     - i     '  Liability,  -, Jl ���������."!.''"   li'l ,*.������*    J'"   ' "    > '  l_Our-Office ls3ues-Your.-Liabili.ty, AccideniAmAHealthlnsurance**  .Also adjustsTossesjwithput delay or^r^ferringito.anyjremote-Head  Office " '    "   t-^*'" xs"ivr  British Am.erjcanjfcusi:Xo'mpany,>Liinlted  >      Insurance Department  Carter-Cotton Bldg*.<-    ,'*-' '-    Plione^ Seymour ,7620  '���������TANCOTTTER, B.   C.  ,f\ *>���������'  isogari.-i������9L  Glass 'Importers arid Maniifacturcrsji J.-_  '-'-.**. <-     ���������;     ^        ^i *. v    ������f'*-r  . ' - -     -  B. C. Manufacturers of S-Sestsr store front  construction.  PIBST AECHITECTS CONVENTION* *  "WIIiI.   TAKE  PLACE   THIS  MONTH  I *  "Phones   7385-6^,  1000 Homer St.  Canadian Pacific Lumber Co. Limited  The attention, of Architects, Contractors "and Builders is called  to the NEW ERA REVERSIBLE WINDOWS, which-we, are now manufacturers of. Call at-our factory and see them and learn of their many  advantages over any other windows made.*        * ,  Factory:    Foot of  Salsbury   Drive.  Branch   Factory"at. 1618 Third  Avenue  West, Fairview. Vancouver,   B.  C.  Phone  Bayview ������88  t  The (ii \t convention of the ,,Bi,Hjsli  Columbia Society of Aiclntccls will lake  place at Victoiia June 21 and 22. iAbout  iTIj of the local membeis / of the local  cluplei ha\o signified their intention to  attend, and the "VictojJ.i. cliaptoi Is making picpaintlon.s to entcitain the \isiting  membeis m a mannei fitting the Occasion  Tlito main subpect at the comenticn  \\ill be The l'ogi-.ti alion 13ill" and  Llicic fill be an election of giand officoi-s  and council Ioi the pioMnccs In addition, numciuus inipoitaiil papeib -\\ill  bo discussed , '  Theio   are .about   50   membeis'in   the  Yield i.i   chaptei     so    that    Ihe   numbci  all cad j   piomised Itj altend will be about  150    and   bul   few   icplies   liom   ouliide  towns  ha\o  been   iecei\ed  Those de-mug to allend aie leque^ted  to send  then  names at oncfe to the Sec-  tetiiy    ol      tho    Vancomei    Con\ention  i  Committee, Olio Mobeig, 11 Inns of Coi.it  Bldg    A i educed uite is ofCeied b\  boat,  and Vareouvci membeis will lea\e on the  day  oi   night  boat,   Thuisday,   June   20  Ladies   aie   invited   to   attend   on    the  samo basis as delegates  ' , ,        MATEBIAIS TO BE USED.   ,  The 'following' material is 'mentioned  to be used in the structures called tin  in' the permits above, whose ^numbers  correspond to those preceding1 the following  items, i   >w       '  2605  2C0S  -J 500 br, .500  yds pi,   6.bblsvcmt  -1000 br, 230  yds pi,  7 bbls cmt  VANCOUVER BUILDING  PEBMITS,  'Only Permits amounting to less than  IS1O00 will he found under this head.  -   200*1  333 1  -Wm  Tnumph, Jos  2001���������A    D    McKenzie,  Nitilclnda,   1   sto   fi  Daniels,   $750  fr  addn   to  .'05fl-29th  axe,  cmnei,   $200.  " 2G00���������Mr   'Nelson,    fi*    garage,  Giant St -ownei,  $150.i  2007���������J ,11    Biown* addn   lo  leo,  Turnoi   St, ownei,  $75.  res,  2030  1S36  " Dominion Sash & Door Co.,. Ltd  '   ���������'     ,2120 CEDAR !sT. ���������    \.  Phone Bay. 646   Near Sixth W '  ���������(   BRITISH COLUMBIA  * BABOWOOD   TI.OOB   CO.'     '  .    ,Floor  ���������Layers  and  Designers  <  Sey. 6853���������Bay. 139R. 557 Oranville 8t  PIjANS^ ACCEPTED   TOR  CHUECH CONTRACT SOON "LET  BUILDERS and CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES  Sherardlzed Metal Lath  American Wall Board       <  Samson Fibred PJajier  a'.','  lireI Cross Cement       ���������  Hydrated Lime  CI Gardiner Jdhhsdri ^olpany  JOHNSON'S WHARF  WIEL  TAKE  TENDERS  FOE,  i  PREPARING   AND   RAISING ,  LARGE LOG HOUSE  The plans of Biesemann & Durfee,  Holden bldg, foi a new* bldg foi the  Fiii>t Congiegational chuich in Victoiia,  ha\e been accepted by the congiegation,  but none of tho tenders ha\e been accepted pending the consultation of the  financial   condition  of  tho chui ch  PHONES SEYMOUR  9146, 9147  NOW TAXING TENDERS  TOR X. OF P.  HAIiL  ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS  544  Howe  St. -1 ' Phonos:   Sey.  1336,   7951  ,1320 Richards St.  J. FYFE SMITH & CO.  Phone Seymour 1196  "LUMBER, SHINGLES AND FACTORY WORK  Bank and Office Fixtures in .Native  and  Haidwoods.  Mills,   Factory   and  Offices,  Powell  St.  Sey.  8390  Western Steam & Oil Plants Co. Ltd.  1010    DOMINION    TRUST    BLDO. Sey   7676  MACHINE SHOP IN EASEMENT OP 109 FOWEJCI*. ST.  Entrance in rear Phone Sey 3732  Vancouver Marble & Tile Co., Ltd.  LARGE  STOCK  OF  TILE  AND MARBLE ALWAYS ON   HAND AT  OUR  WORKS, THEREBY ASSURING   PROMPT  DELIVERY.  PHONE SEYMOUR 1518 843 BEACH  AVE.     ,  Aicht R Mackay Fnpp, Hutchinson  bldg, who ha^ completed p'ans ioi a  laige log house to be elected at Ppmt  Giev, deoiie^ figuies on the sciuaiing and  laising ot the logs, winch aie furnished  Mr Fnpp deques figuies* on the job  oi b\ the day  and these at once  PLANS COMPLETED POR  '        SHAUGHNESSEY .EG1S   HOME  Tendeis aie now being taken by Aichts  Biesemann & Duifee, Holden bldg, and  Victoiia, lor the geneial contract on the  2 stoij bi ick b dg to'be elected for the  Knights ol Pj Unas, on Noi th Paik st,  Victona. Tho bldg will contain a large  hall, lodge looms, oflices, etc, and will  cost about $'"0,0000  Canadian Builders Supply Co., Ltd.  Dealers in  SCREENED, SAND AND GRAVEL  CRUSHED STONE, LIME, CEMENT ETC.  19016 Georgia  St. - t Sev^oH  Sey.  7175 . ' *������y-    ������gg  TENDERS  POR  SCOW  \j  Aicht AA' T "V, hiteuaj, "M"ob-on Bank,  has completed ] lain Ioi a 2 stoi\* buck  and tough ca>l lcidence to be elected  on Shaii!jhne-.i,e> Heights ioi *\oiman  .McLean The st\ le ol the bldg u 1 1 be  Dutch lcnnai'.sam.c, and it will cunLiin  10   looms  Hot  water   Mil   be  installed      Tendeis  11om   selected   conliictois   h.i\e   closed I  and  the contiact will be let .sho'tU  P Singes, 21 "Ueichants Bank bldg,  will take tendeis for a scow load of fir  lath Tendeis to bo delneied at the  abo\o adaies*?.  ARCHITECT   BUSY   WITH  MANTt   HOUSE   PI.ANS  103 Winch Building ������     '   Phone Seymour 187 - 5929  English K-B &S " CONDOR "and  CALIFORNIA " GOLDEN GATE " CEMENT.  PartStSon TsBe For A!S Building Purposes '  ~ * ~   REINFORCING and STRUCTURAL STEEL.  Lime, Plaster, Fire Brick, Tin Plate, Pig Iron Etc.     T  WIJ"."". TAKE PiaURES  ON  SUB   CONTRACTS   IM  HOUSE  Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's  SYSTEM OF STATIONARY PLANTS  791 Granville St.  Phone Seymour 1487  Vancouver, B. C.  Sole Agents  THE DUNTLEY STORE  City Map & White Print Co  BRILLIANT   BLUE   PRINTS  DRAFTING TrtACING MAPS  432   Cordova  Street  West  Phone:    Sex raour   GC93  "U"   XV    lenett,   rtoom  1,  700  GianMlle  't, who has  the geneial conti acl  Ioi   the  huge ievidence to be elected on Shauhli-I  nessc>^    Heights   toi    T    Giecnliow,   will'  taUo lendcis  Ioi  all of the sub commit'  i  and m.iteiials   with  tho e\coption ol   the1  heating   and   plumbing      These   will   be  let scpaiateU   b\   tlie aicht, G   1?   Dow ic  Bank of Ottawa bldg  A 1 "TORTA���������Aicht J M AA'ai 1 en, 50'*  Certidl b dg. ib piepanng plans ioi a  I'uinlici ol le idonces to be elected in  all paita oi the citj Among them aie  an 8 loom house for .lames Holm** on  Che lei st ncai Dallas load, to cost $">,-  000 a "i loom ievidence foi C TI I'oiup-  io\, on Viewfield st neai Cbquimalt load,  10 cost ?���������; B00 a 12 loom lesidtncf* foi  X\r "WUhairt ol Xew YoiK at the Uplands, to co?t SIJ.OOO, and a 1 stoij'  fiame   looming  house   on   tho   coinei   of  Douglas   and   "Riiinsuli    load   foi     \     A  j  jllclbcck      Tlii.*������   bldg   will   li,n e   3   stoe=i  |and   20  loom"    md  will   ha\o  hot w atei  heat     To cost $12000  E!  RY DEPOT, LTD.  ENGINEERS   AND   CONTRACTORS  Office and Wor^ks:    1135 Sixth  Avenue W,  Vancouver, B   C.        '  We  stock here a complete line of the g-oods of the following* firms:,  AMERICAN HOIST & DERRICK CO.  HOISTING ENGIXIJS AND DERRICKS  E.   LEONARD   &   SONS,  UNGINj:S   Ai\D   BOIL1JRS ���������JJ-UKK-KS,  ���������WASKINGTON  IRON  WORKS,"-* DOAKEY   ENGINES,   HOISTS,   ETC.    ..  -   ','  Conti actors' and Bulldeis' Enuipment earned in stock, Including:    *"        '  Ilidsts, Dei ricks and  Winches  Cunrrete Mivpii  -Stiapors, Dump Cars and  Relaying Rails.  OVntiifugal  Pumps  Steam Shovels and Rock Crushers.  "Motors, All  Compiessois, etc, etc  "We  operate  a  fully  equipped   machine   shop.     Contractors'   rush  given  special  and prompt attention.  WliL   TAKE   TENDERS   POR  MANHOLE   COVERS   AND   FRAMES I  AV A Dune m citv cleik, Xew \\ est-  inin^tei, is calling foi tendeis to be m  bv   Tune   17,  foi   70  manhole  co\ei  AWARDS SEVERAL CONTRACTS  FOE, FINE RESIDENCES  V1CTOIUA���������Conti acts foi 2 houses  foi Xagma Singh have been aw aided to  T   II   111 own bj   the aiclit J   1X1   "\\ ai ien, '  KOEHRING  CONCRETE   FIXERS  ARE THE BEST.    ASK  THE OP1NTON OF THE  45  Satisfied  Users   In Vancouver  PRICES  ON   APPLICATION  CANADA FOUNDRY CO. LTD.  1065  Pender  St. Phone   Seymour 5711  Builders and Contractors'  SUPPLIES  Metal Lath, Metal Cell  in*,'. Wire Rope, Tool &  Drill Steel and General  Supplies.  Office: 108 Alexander St.  Phone Seymour 1733.  Warehouse: 821 Powell St.  Let us figure on your ELECTRICAL CONTRACTS. Nothing too large;  nothing too small. Our stock of Electric Chandeliers is the largest in the  city.  Elec trical  Contractors  338 Hastings Street West  Phone  Seymour  w    8600  ArchibaBd Moir & Go  "TneMapMen"  BLUIE PRINTING  Drafting: TracinB  Reliability and Dispatch  "  Rooms 216 ��������� 217 Empire Bide.   ." Phone Seymour 537(1  Fafkefibiirg & Laucks, Ltd.*  CHEMISTS,   ENGINEERS  "We' inspect  cement,  all   structural  materials and construction work.  152 Trounce Alley. Seymour 7159  flames,, 70 k.iK non tint boxes- and  *-*i\ Umpliolo cn\ei s Fin tliei p.u titul.ii ^  ni.n  be obtained fiom tlio citj   on^i  "���������h r>03   Cential  bldg. 'The   samo  aiclit  has ,  TENDERS   POE  WEAEP  Tenders  will  be. taken  by  11.   C.  Des-  jrochers, secretary bf the Dept of Public  Works  at Ottawd,  until  July  2,  for  the  construction   of   a   pile, bent   wharf   at  Boswell, near Xelson. .Plans, specif, etc, |]y  from the District Egineer at New West  minster.  lot tlie contKut foi a lesulence foi A  \ *Moliciie\ to A XV , Adams and the  contiact foi <i le-idence foi C Kosclie  to Alficd bliiittlcttoith  OBJECT   TO  HEIGHT LIMIT        j.r  VICTORIA���������Objections to ,the proposed limiting of buildings in this city  to a height of 10 stories, is being1 strong-  objected to, and lt Is probable that  no restrictions will be placed on buildings.  Electric Hoists,  Gasoline Hoists  And Elevators  In All Sizes  S-  365 Water Street  Phone   Sey. 3237  "*v"iy'.'" .;'t:  Si-'Vv  fy^lg*^gJTV^^^r77^^^T^^^"TP.  ���������^w'   ,*-j    ,*���������������*  H'f  ��������� VjT   "���������'  ������������������y&  Vet J* ������������������������ #>i -   ���������"** ��������� --  V"7  vr  .   5  t>' -  "���������iW ,,  im  tf������i\  ire. 3-Ff |  fsiirXfi'  i**,^-^,*j' i  .A    '    '     '  "f'Vjl  : t<". vr ��������� i  njx- ���������������^.������:.a,**>;:-i**--.-~i^ Moa z������n������v<ur,**r=  YVA  BRITISH COLUMBIA  DAILY BUILDING RECORD.  DAILY   BUII.-DIHQ   EECOSB.    '"  Published Dally Except Sundays  &ECOBS PXTBLISHINO COMPANY  Address:  S83  Homer-Richards Lane.  Eear of 431  Dunsmuir Street  Telephone Seymour 7808  "Subscription Price -    -       ?1.00 a month  Payable  In Advance  ���������ra  BVILDINa  PERMITS.  ���������Perhiits for the various municipalities  will appear under this head on the following days:  Monday���������Victoria.  ��������� k Tuesday���������South   "Vancouver,  .Victoria,  New Westminster.     '  Wednesday���������Xorth Vancouver, Point  Orey, Victoria.  *    Thursday���������South  Vancouver,   Shaughnessey Heights, Victoria.  Friday���������North Vancouver, Point Grey,  .Victoria.  Saturday���������South  Vancouver,  Victoria.  As Is-sued���������West Vancouver.  +.   ; VICTORIA NEWS.  !���������':  I   s  ������������������P  Bill  l"l  i.i  (!  I  li'  VICTORIA, June S.���������Building permits  'issued yesterday a.s i'ollo\v.s: G.' IT. Slug-  gett, garage Dallas road, $200"; G. XV.  Mcintosh, res Ampliion st, $1,000; C. 13.  .Schreibcr, res, l*'o*jl Bay road, $3,300; II.  P. 'Dawson, res Montrose ave, '$2,000;  Miss Haas, res Cook st, $1"*,000; Br Is-  tol Bras res Richmond ave, $2,S00; Mc-  - Lean Bros, res  Victor st, $l,SO0.  Victoria West Methodist church, Ful-  lerton st, $1S,000; W. Barb'our, add res  Ontaria st, $850; A. B. St. John, res  Lillian" road, $2,500; O. XV. ' Day, res  Linden ave, $3,S00; Mrs. Munster, das  'Arnbld.st, $2,400.  VICTORIA   ,  (i  Fire  99  VANCOUVER  Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  "Wire Rope WHITES Cement  "Santa Cruz"  BLUE CROSS Cement;  Western Bungalow  Company  Designing of homes our specialty  SUPERVISING and ESTIMATING  Sey. 185S.    703 ���������Dominion Trust Bldg-.  Keep down your pay roll expense by using lime which  slakes instantly. 99.5% pure. *  '9   ������������������*���������*������������������  201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg.   Vancouver, b. C.        Phone   Sey.  9506  Producers Rock & Gravel Co., Ltd.  Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PUNT, ROYAL BAY.    , ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD.'  OFFICE AND BUNKERS TRONT AND MANITOBA STS.   ;  ti*                                                                                                             ^                                      j  Head Office-and  Bunkers:                  ��������� Vancouver Office.and Bunkers:  Store'St., foot of Chatham                   Front and Manitoba Sta.   "  Phone 305              .Victoria, B. C.         Phone .Fairmont 552.  ���������s Plans for Buildings in this Table are*in the Hinds of the Architects,, and    the   Date   Given    for   their  Completion is Approximate only.    When the Contract is Let, Name of Contractor is Given in Last Column.  Character Estimated   Cost  NELSON   BTTILDING   FEBMITS  ' XELSON���������With, last "month's building  "permits the total for the first five months  Of this year reacliel.'$175,'415, exceeding  the to'tal for the whole of last year by,  about $9,0000. ' For the first* five months  Of 1911 the' total was $S7,735.  ' For May the permits_ issued represented a value in building operations  Of   $25,240,   against' $1C,945   last 'year.  Over 100 per cent, increase is recorded In the total for the year to date,.while  the increase for "May, 1912, over the same  "month last year is about*'50 per cent.  With the contract for the' $80,000 hospital building yet to be let' the total  ���������permits for 1912 are expected to be considerably more than double the'' figure's  tor last year. .    " ,  WILL BUILD BBICE BLOCK  GRAND FORKS���������The Boundary Trust  and Investment Company has called for  tenders,.ior- the excavation of a basement  and 'the construction of the foundation  'for a brick block on the corner of First  and Bridge sts. * Work on the building  will bo started as soon as possible.  The new block will bo 90x57x30 feet,  Vlth a 30-foot frontage on "Bridge* stl  It will be one story in heoght with, a  16-foot ceiling.  4-sto  store  and  apmts   Add to apmts '... .v....  9  sto   conc  ofc  bldg :....  Sisters of Good Shepherd   8 sto conc oflice   3-sto ,apt hse    ���������1 'sto   brk   apmts   5 sto  brk &'conc offices   3'sto brk store and rooms   Brk  school   bldg   l-sto  brk add  to  hospital   Dawson school     6-sto  brk office bldg   Power house v   Police Headquarters    Club .bldg    "   10-sto conc oflice bldg   S-sto  hotel   add .'.   3  S-sto  school  adds.'...;   8-sto  brk office  bldg   3-sto brk apmt   8 sto conc club bldg   3 sto brk stores & offices i,  2 sto  brk  lodge .^. .'...,  6 sto   brk i apmts ,  .3-sto brk apmt hse   3-sto stone and brk-hospital..  4-room add   ...-..'. '....'...  Brk and stone, church   6-<sto brk bldg   lO"1 sto  store .....  Prov.   Girls'  Home   Brick   Church    '. .*..' .'.  3-sto, ,80x90, apmt   3-4-sto apmts .and stores..'....  Women's Club   ....'   Brk or conc school.. '   Power plant  ..".   University bldgs , '.../...  Steel  bridge      10-sto  ofc ���������bldg...."."...   Club Bldg \   7-sto  conc bldg   3 fire halls ...'.   Bridge   ���������'..  4-sto store .& lofts..."..- '  3-sto ' apmts   ..;...*:   5-sto   hotel   bldg:: '...  4-'sto brk apmts..'. .'  2-sto fr apmts.".   3-sto brk-stone,res....:: ."  6-sto   brk  whse   10-sto brk apmt hse   Rmg  house;. .* .'....  S-sto   office   bldg   6-sto   whse   bldg   6-sto store & rooms.....,   6-sto apmts \ .:....'....  6-sto conc add   S-sto steer & brk office bldg..,'  Stone church .-..'.   4 to 10-sto conc stores & rooms  Brk and stone church   45,000  40,000  .$100,000  75,000  ...$200,000  6(1,000  ...'....45;000  ...$240,000  , 25,000  90.000  60,000  150,000  ,    200,000  40,000  175,000  230,000  350.000  150,000  120,000  110,000  40,000  .$350,000  ....$40,000  ...-.$30,000  ....$85,000  u 35,000  225,000  25,000  150.000  95,000  .2,000,000  100,000  ..'.$35,000  75,000  ' 160,000  1'50,000  ,      50,000  696,000  E .,0,000  150,000  1,000,000  225,000  41,500  2.100,000  ,   "5,000  55,000  ,     60,000  75,000  22,000  ." 20,000  75,000  -250,000  ������     21,001'  230,000  36,000  50,000  '   60.000  ' 60.000  w   85,000  50.000  100,000  100,000  BIO   MILL   BURNED  TACOMA���������Fire stalling in the'planing  mill of the St. Paul & Tacom'a Lumber  Co here Saturday morning, damaged the  plant to the extent of $250,00(K Several  buildings and 100,000 ft of lumber were  destroyed. This is one of the largest  mills  in the north.  LET   CONTRACT    FOR    HOUSE  .VICTORIA���������Tho '.contract has 'been  awarded to George Calder by the archt,  Thos. Hooper, for a large' frame residence to be erected on Cook st, for a  "Miss Haas.  The bldg will havo every modorSj con  Venlence, and will cost $15,000.  lora co  "Wanted���������Good   rolltop desk.    Must be  cheap.    Phone 7S0S.  Civil Engineer,'Ago 31, desires position  as  Clerk  ol"  Works  or .'omo  position  of  responsibility   with   firm   ot   contractor!  Apply   Box   Jl,    Record. 12  CORPORATION    OF    POINT"   GREY.  The Council i-i prcpaied to receive ten-  dors up lo ."> p.m. on Monday, Juno lTth,  for the following:��������� '  Clearing 1.1th A\cnue from Ci own to  Bruce.  Clearing and grading 33 ft. roud between A   fr C.  D    L.  321.  Clearing anil grading 2l������l A\e fioni  Highbury   Un-ul,   we-t  330   dot.  Con ���������truetiiui ol   three bridges on  lanes  over Wlllon Creek.  ,'    Grading   Tupper   Street   33   feel   wide,  '1310  lln.   feet.  Clearing 21st A\enue thro' Hlk 3 1.  Grading Huckberry Rd, Oak to Granville   .Sticet-i.  Clearing lanes thro' lllka 21 and 2la  D. L. 526.  Laying I ft. wooden sidewalk on Xortli  Rd,  south side.  Laying I ft. wooden sidewalk on De-  banco Road,  west side.  Laying I ft. wooden sidewalk on Centre  Rd, .south  side.  The   Council   is   also   prepared   to   receive  tenders   up   to  3  p.m.   on  Monday,  June 2 Ith for the following:���������  '   Grading   12th    Avenue,      from   Crown  Street east and west 700 ft.  .building of.^j in Box Drain or stave  pipe on Johnson  ltd.  Specifications and further particulars  may be obtained from the Municipal Engineer.  All tenders must be accompanied by  a deposit of ."% of tlie amount theic-  of.  BEN.   A.   CUNLIPEE,  Clerk.  Municipal Hall. . * 7-13  Kerrisdale.  B   C.  Juno 5th,   1912.  All   items  below  this'rale   appear  In  Location    Owner  Broadway & Yukon D. McCallum'  Victoria Miss  Jean Mollison  700   blk   Granville *st i   Point  Grey    Hastings & Hornby E. A, Mori is  Kitsilano  t. T.  H. Calland  Burrard  &'Eveieigli B.   T.   Roger,  Sew AVestminster We^t. Trust Co.  Keefer   nr   Main Sam   Keo  Tipperary ,Park,  New  Westminster   Xelson, B., C... .Koot'enay Lake Hospital  New' Westminster Peoples Trust Co.  ""arls Road ..-,..: B. C. 15. R.  City of Vancouver : Powell si  Hastings   and vHornby". .Vancouver  Club  Granville & Georgia. .H. Birks Sons. Ltd.  Hastings  and Main.'....- : L. L^ Mills  So.  Van .". So. Van.  School court!**1  'Blk 12, HastPSt-.McDougal & Cameron  Hastings st B   Georgia & Burrard'sts Y. M. C. A.  Kamloops    *. *...   Syndicate  Victoria '. '. *.....K. of P.  ���������'Hastings  fr Jackson**. A. .G.  Ferrera  Broadway W : -'.....  New  Westminster. Roy.  Columbia Hosp.  Central school   School Board  Victoria...-..* 1st, Baptist   Cchurch  Cordova' st Scan.  Meth. Mission  Georgia & Granville...."....Hudson Bay Co.  Govt. ...; '...' Hastings Townsite  Cedar Cottage  -......'r.Presbyterians.  "Victoria.' '.-. .Lindsay & Roberts  Pender, Bute, Melville Sts...J. J.* Bar-field  Th'urlow  St   '.....Women's Cluba  Nanaimo.*. : School  Trustees  Kamloops   * City  Point  Grey   ...' Province  Georgia-Harris-st   '....' City  Howe & Dunsmuir....Can. Home Inv. Co.  Undecided .' V. *A.~C.  Howe st B..C."Bible Society  '. :..-Clty  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Pender, nr Columbia. .Story & "Campbell  So.   Vancouver...., Stevenson  Bros.  Powell  and Heatley st   Alberni st:.: McNeil-Bros.  508-18 Semlin Drive. ...*. .Savainar Bros.  Shaughnessy Hts '..'. '...  C.  P.   R.r Reserve    ,..' Dr.   Robt.   Telford  Powell and Hawkes '..Chas. Putnam  Victoria  . .Dom:   Trust, Co.  Water-st  '....'.....  Seymour,  near Dunsmuir.. .D.  Campbell  Cardero & Comox' D. D. Hutchinson  Victoria . ..- ' S. Jones  200  blk,  Hastings E   Shaughnessy Hts   ...'.."..'-....Methodists  Homer & Georgia Sts.." K.  Mahon  Carl'and Pender... .'Church of St. James  Architect ...*...' * Flan steady'  Townsend ���������&  Townsend ..*... Bids  closed  ,)"   S' ���������."?��������� r.J nylor Bids   cloven  1'arr, McKenzie & Day Bids'closed  Ualliiigtoii   &  Wheallcy.." Rids  closed  J ho.s.   Hooper Wlds  closed  \\.   1*.   Gardiner Bids   Closed  Is..   bryan....... Bids   Closed   "Xow   ."...Xow   Xow   : Xow  : ��������� Xow  ..June ' 1  this table for first time today.  Guidiner A=,Meicer '.....Bids  Closed  Bryan fr "J ownley , Rids cloyed.  Gardiner   &   Meicer..  S.  B,  Birds :   X.   A> Leach '   Gardiner  &   Mercer....  B. C.  E.  R -  Competitive  ,     JUIla   1  Sharp & Thompson .'.      June 1st  Somervell   fr  Putnam .". .*.,)une  i^H* lender '. june 10  ���������jrnr-Bowman '..... June 15  Van Sielen, & "Macomber .'.".June * 15  Jones  & Beatson  Junp '*>ft  H* S.  Griffiths ~;.."jub"  G. . B.   Kaufman june   i  Bresemann  & Durfee ��������� rune  5  F.  H.  Perkins       june  6  Horel-& Roberts  juiy, i  S.  B.  Birds..., * :.'.....:.   * "-   July  I  N.  A.   Leech .-. . ,   fuiy  J. Jl. Warren  'thIv  Otto   Moberg    ^""^"july  Burlte, Horwood & White August  A. A. Cox ....: '.   Not   chosen      :   Robt. Knipe ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������...   F. jH.   Perkins ';.' "  Not  chosen * i        "***���������'  Not chosen   Dutclier & Maxwell...' ['A,   Not  chosen   .'.    "   'Xot  chosen    '...!'.!!!   Not   chosen   C. A., Jones .'...-. .".'.;.......   C. A. Jones   ....'...'."'   Not  chosen      i������h" ^'alf,e.:Barry Now' being drawn  W.  T.  "\vTiftoway : Tan./1913.  lownsend & Townsend  Delayed  Alder' & Campbell '. :..Delayed  Townsend  &  Townsend Delayed  T,?1"?sSJ,d  &  Townsend Delayed  Yv. F. Goodfellow Delayed  G) P.-Bow'e; -- ..Delayed  ^V,\* ^ ��������� IlSdd .'.....Delayed  Alder  & Campbell. ...:*......... .Delaved,  H.   S.   Griffith Indefinite  II. B. Watson  Indefinite  Hugh  Braunton   Indefinite  R. M. l;ripp....L : '....Indefinite  Thos.  Hooper  - ; Indefinite  Pan-,  McKenzie & Day Indefinite  ������;   -A*   J,1'11'?" .'...Indefinite  W   I1-.,Gardiner .' .'...Indefinite  Alexander & Brown..'- Waiting fund .  Telephone 1045  1318 Wharf Street  CANADA MOSAIC TILE CO.  Manufacturers Of  Argilla" Mosaic Ffooring Tiles  "������������������������  P. O. Box 1171  VICTOBIA, B, O.  1118 Granville St.  Vancouver  " N. A. G. "  Roof Compositions  r?   . For Waterproofing Or Fireproofine  j 1326 Wharf St.  Victoria   ���������  iigoiiMiii������roii*i������iBEK^i  .<.-:.  Less Space Required  For Beds  e and  '    i^ERfECT CONCEALED BED* CO.  Display Boom. 570 Granville St., VANCOUVER, B. C.  Phone: Sey. 5092  PERFECTLY VENTILATED  *|*s|MMMW*-W^  CANADIAN EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  ; /Vancouver; b, c, and calgary, abbjirta.  RflETAL SASH and METAL CASEMENTS ,  ��������� Many of the "largest building's and residences of .this city  equipped with our Sash. Enquiries solicited from**architects and  contractors. -'������...        ���������'*'.      *     "v '���������-.'..'.-  Phones Seymour-2330 and 5021. "    ' " . 418 p^cifjc BU,|dln'g/  B46   Beach  Ave. .'*  ' , -     ' : W1BE BOPB  -^���������Manufactured   hjr/American. Steel & Wire Co  -."   ���������'        -"  best qualities for *'- ,-  ���������     . "LOGGING,   HOISTING nnd other pnrpotses.  ..  "  Stock carried by -   -  WILKINSON COMPANY LIMITED  VANCOUVER  Phone Sey.o7915  '���������LIMITED.  We have them IN STOCK  Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, Transmission Etc.  PHONE: SEY. 952, ' VANCOUVER, B.'C. 37-43 ALEXANDER ST.  The Imperial Agencies Corporation  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AilD NOVELTIES '   CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  409  Hastings St. W.  (Rear)  Phone,Sey. 6122        VANCOUVER,  B. C.  E. G. PARNELL  Fire and BurgJar Proof Safes  Vault Doors  School desks and Opera chairs  Phone: Sey.  1584        567 Hamilton  St.  THE FOLLOWING TABLE SHOWS B  UlTDEH. WAY, OB ON WHICH COHIE  Character " . .Cost  Hospital      2-s,to  brk  hotel ���������   S-.sto office bids. ���������' ���������'   10-sto hotel      Water  extension, ..'   Con ven t       3-t.to atone'& conc bldgs   14-sto  hotel....'   Power  plant      Jetty      5-sto store and offices L  Concrete , docks    ;..  Adobe* res   ,   10-ito conc apmts ".  I) s,to stoie-ioom bid?   S-.sto  brk   business  bldg   5- .to  garage     Lonsdale    oimol  bldg   7-sto   apnu   bidg   l-.sto   cone   :*m   Ine   (l-.sto   brk   apmt   bldg   rt-.sto  brk  sto & ring  Use   li-sio brk  hotel   C^sto  bank  bldg   ���������i-sto    hotel        G--lo brk hotel   \dd to Cecil  lthodes school...  T-.sto   ap'nits      l-sto  brk .sto  & apmts   Urv    dock         l-^to  brk ollice  bldg   ���������.hie  hlilg      '"--���������to l)**k hotel add   .'--.to  brk  i mg  hse .'   S--to   brk   m,t* -  .!-sto   brk   whse   i-Miom   .*-clfnol   bldg   :i --to brk apnits   Depot i- offices   i- .to   rmg  hse   1st   Pres.  Churcli,   Victoria...  l-*-to rmg hse   U-stall    roundhouse      Frame   Church. ....'   .")  sto  store  and   rooms   Conc.   Lighthouse   4 sto brk store & rms   2 sto stone & frame res   3 sto   brk   rmg   hse   :"-sto apmt hse    4 sto bfk store & rms ~  3 sto   brk  apmts   Ti   sto   fr- sto  &  apmts   4 hto  brk sto  & rms   Urick and stone church   .'"-'-���������to   conc   wrhse   fi  .sto   brk  wrhse  &* office   UILDIITGS   COSTING   $8000   OB   OVEB,     ON.   WHICH      CONSTBUCTION     IS  ACTS   HAVE   BEEN   LET   BUT   CONSTBUCTION   NOT   "5TET   STARTED.  vLocation   ...' *..   Owner Arcliitect   ... . >    Contractor  323.000  45.0OO  300,000  520,000  750,000  300,000  750.000  1,000,000  500.000  171,OuO  100,000  1,000.000  25.000  400,000  , .$115.000  so.ono  75.000  -12.000  135,000  .���������",-),000  12.".,OOd  SO.000  100,MUO  100.000  100.000  100,000  its.U'itf  100.U0U  55,000  2no.no*>  59,000  "i !>.uun  "0.000  15,000  ... 2.--0.OU0  35,000  ������:*.<i!U  ....$40 000  1,000,000  30,000  100,000  35.000   50,000   15,000   35,000  ,....$22,000  .....$30,000  ....$25,000  ...$30,000  55.000  ....$60,000  ....$60,000  ....$12,000  ....$29,000  ^b.ouu  50,000   62,000  Burrard"& Comox..,  Prmceron, B. C   Pendei* & Homer.., .  Melville & Burrard.  Seymour Creek.  .Sisters of Charity  ...'....Peter Swan'soii  . . .Dom. Trust Co.  .... \\\* H. Raniaey  .City of Vancouver  3 .sto brk apmt-.  Point  Grey Sisters  of Sacred Heart  Victoria,  B.  C... .Provincial  Government  Georgia and Granville.'. ,.. ,C. P. R.  Pundiedge River. . .*. . .Canadian Colleries  Ste\ eston    Dom.  Govt.  Victoria T. N. Hibben & Co.  Xorth    Vancouver "....Jas.   Foil  Shaughnessy Hts Mrs.-Dr   Maekay  Georgia & Hornby * Mr. Evans  Sli cor Iloinei fr Duns. .Wilson & Harris  rrastings   st....' ."...las.   Borland  Thurlow and  Alberni Beggs Auto Co.  Lon -da e   Thurlow and  Ilaro T.  F.  Paterson  Seymour and Dunsmuir li. Pybu.i  il27   Rob.on Cha-i. ,G.   Aluller  Gore & ll.istings i-iouper &-Snulor  Hii-tings and Dunlevy. .Dr. T.  11. Wi.ion  1 L.i tin^s  and   ll.un Molsons  Bank  Abbott  & Pendull P.   ."Ualhew.-  Keoler & Gore Hi's.  W.  SanLoid  v'lty   v.. .School i>uard  Bute   fr   .Nelson L'lghtheart   Dro-  Goro   and   Pender Lee   Kee  Prince lUipert G. T. P. Jt. 1*.  10th  and  "Main.../ t...D.   li.   li.irri-  i)a\ie   and   1 [aniiUoii....Oti-,-l'*cnsonie   Co  Jlain- and Main .* D. -MeClaren  Powell st Mg.  Siinmimetli  Leach &. Chilco st< \.'D.  Goldstein  uun^muir it Beatty C. A. God-on  D. L. 301  City  Thurlow fr Pender  ^.....Mrs.   S   Wood  Granville fr Cordova C. P.   R.  100  blk,  Cordova K A.  C.  McNeil  Quadra and  Fisguard  st '   Richards   st Haley   &  Suitor  Coquitlam C. /P.   R.  So. i Vancouver    Baptists  Alexander  st ' Brown  & Howie  Pt.  Atkinson Dom.  Go\t  Powell nr. Gore  K. Tsuchida  Shaughnessey  Heights T.   Greenhow  Xew   Chinatown    Chine e  llth   and. Main.:.-.:.~.f.-.���������. J.   P.   Mathers  Eburne   ' Mi".   Grauer.  610-10th avo XV J. G. Chalmers  2S3S-10 Granville H. E. Selman  633   Granville, St Akroyd  &  Gall  Fraser ave South-Hill   Bapti-t.  10. Powell St B.  C.  Sugar Refinery  Water  SI Dr.   A.   Thompson  .t7 j'." Wl'meVide T  ,..!!*$27,"boo'''4:*'(i"sth "ave "li .'.'.   R.  1* .ftTegen Norton- Griffiths  Bresemann & Durfee C. P. Stanley  H.   S.   Griffiths. .<.. ..Norton-Griffiths   Co.  ������������������'��������� -A". Ferro-Conc. Const. Co.  w. S.  Lea Burrard Engr. Co. et al  C.   G.   Badgely..1. 7...S.   .1.   Lund  1*. Jl.  Rattenbury...McDonald  & Wilson  XV. S. Painter Skene & Christie  Conij-any..., Grant-Smith  fr Co.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������ T. F. Sinclair  Tlios. Hooper..Sound Const. & linsr. Co.   ���������' ��������� .Norton   Griflitlis  Y\.  A.  Doctor.'. Egdell  & Dixon  E. S. Mitton Egdell  & Dnon  Dalton & Eveieigli Baynes & ilorie  Parr, McKenzie As Day B. David on  L. J*>. Gordon Pom.  Const.  Supplv Co.  Jameson fr Blackadder.J IS Wright & Co  YV. D.   Van  Sielen Dom.   Conc.  Co.  U. L. Stevens fr Co..II. L. Sle\eus & Co.  W. IX Van Sielen. . .Dom   Const. Co., Ltd.  Thos.  Hooper Frantz Const   i���������,>  L. i*.. Gordon Dom. Const. Co., Lid.  H. L. Ste\cns Co H.  L. SLe\ens Co.  A.   .1.   Bird R.   McLean   fr  Co  Hugh   Braunton H.   G.   Albm  .N.  A.  Leach . . . : .McLain  fr Co.  Owners         Owners  S.  B. Birds C.  L.  Williams  Co^ lingoes. .. .British   X   A    Const.   Co.  A.   .1.   Bird Wile,  fr  Fi-ber  Thos.   Hooper McDonald   &   Wil-on  Townsend  & Town-end I*:   J.   I;*,an  ���������Owner  E. .1. Ryan  XV.  P.  XV.,   Booker,  Campbell  ....   Whipple  G.  P.  Bowie \.   Adams  N. A. Leech..Booker, Campbell fr Whipple  W. P. While     s. C.  Rn-eop  Contrs.. Westinghousc,  Church,   Kerr Co  J.   1*.   M.-ithcson   iX- Son... Dom   Const.  Cu.  XV.   11.   Wilson .'. Parlitt   Bros.  Braunton   &  Liebert....Davl.-i-S.mdcr*   Co.  Company S.   Gordon  fr Son  J. "-a-.  Mathcson  & Son Mr.  Thomp-on  Braunton & Liebert  Egdell  & Dixcn  Govt Rourke,   McDonald  &  Moncricl  'XV. il. Dodd v T. J.  Frants! oCn t Co.  G.  P.   Bowie XV.  XXr.  Jerrott  Stuart,   White  fr P Wood  &  McDonald  XV.  P.  While  Booker.  Campbell  & XV.  Russell,  Babeock & Rice A.  Williams  Perry  & Nicilais E.  .1.   Ryan  J.  P.   Mathleson  & Son.^ Uonzo  Smith  S.  B.   Birds r.....C. L.  Williams  Hoi el   &   Roberts Day   labor  Kennerly  Bryan Day  labor  Sharp   &  Thompson....Rourke,   McDonald  &  Moncrief.  t.    A.     Hodgson Owner  Vancouver Roofing Co  Contractors For  Tar and Gravel Roofing. Dampprooflng  .Export Roof ins Repairing    ' '  Sheet Metal Work of all Descriptions  ?ohne  Sey. 6949 407 Loo Slag.  ���������"actory. 1921 -Triumph St.   Sey. 4130K  Vacuum Cleanoi* Plants. Cliuroh,  Lodge and School Furniture. Theater  and Opera Chairs. Metal Lookers  Vud   Office   Fixtures.     Wall   Burlaps,  ,     " Etc.  Phone, Sey. 5476      532 Fender St. W.  * Pei-taJralng  To Floors Of*  WOOD  VANCOUVER FLOOR CO.  ,    * ' Hardwood  Floor Layers  and  Finishers.  8th Ave. & Glen Drive Phone Fairmont 1612  HEATING Afe'D VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS/CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office  Suite 614-615-616.   i : ���������  B *nk of Ottawa Building*.  ������.C. Screen Si. Manufacturing Co. Ltd,  .', SUD3MS A^D CUSZMZftT WINDOW SCKZENS  CHURC.W AND L03GE FU3M3TURE  STORE AWD OFFICE FiTTHNGS  26G  "Dufferin  Stroet  East  Fiiono. Fairmont 1643  VAUCCTJTEB,   B.   C.  T  ���������MMVtalWIMM  0. E. BRENNAN & CO.  T'jrnbull'EJevators & Lov/erators  Contractor's uraterial Eoists in Stock.  319 Bander St. . Fhone Sey. 6910.  S. R1ZZO CoBitr-sctor  Sewer  Connections  a  Specialty.  Excavating', Land Clearing*.  Fhone Sey. 7532. 224 Harris St.  il i  Dwkzm Vacuum  Vacuo-Vapor Heating  Systems  Aslr   for  Latest' Catalosrne   and  Particulars.  157 "Water St. Fhone: Sey. 5632,  <   ML KINDS OF  Wholesale and K eta si  B. C.v POWDER SOPPLY CO.  t  Successors To  POINT GREY SUPPLY CO.  Phone Sey. 4105 - 310 Richards St.  Ih   Ek**" Hn ww a~nmxk   ���������wtt&aj  Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel  , Office: Sey. 4534 - 429 PENDER STREET WEST Blinkers; Sey. G75!  If you want any information or estimates on your  ELECTRICAL  WOKK,   CALL  TXF  eJZZ%3������A MSMHK & 00.  534  Richards St.   '  Agents for//"Aston a-",', Tung'sten Lamps, the. Best on the Market |  Macwnurvf  -Vv  ?&������$$$*���������?*''AA;.i:'Aii'AfiA ��������� I*
�� 1 /- *
1' ji*;%.'*-
Deeds, Not Words!
���,rt*��'������liTact��r: Don'J take our word for " that we have the best
j-ONCRETB MIXER on ttfe market, and that it will do this and do that
tor you, but ask any contractor who has used or Is using the '  '
Just what he thinks of it. ' *���  '   < '
Dominion Equipment & Supply Co.
Phone:   Sey. 7155
Warehouse:   345 Water St.
Office:   508 Holden Bldg.
566-570  BEATTY ST
. Wholesale Distributors of
1 - /
Steam and Hot Water Boilers -   ���
\      * ���
Hot-Water  and   Steam   Radiators ���*>
Warm-Air Furnaces and Registers
PHONES Seymour 7596-7597
Vancouver Coal & Supply Co., Ltd.   ,
Office 56 Lonsdale Ave.
*        *\       -
Wharf foot of St.  George lAve,
������� *
Fhones  198,  178.
Alexander & Brown. Fairfield Bid?	
Aldi*i  fr Campbell. Exchange r-Bidg	
Badgely, C. D., Riggs-Selnjan Bldg	
Barber & Barber, North Vancouver '.,.,	
Barker, H. M., Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 8831
Bayly, G. M., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 5643
Bird, A. J.,-, Winch Bldg ;.Sey. 42SS
Birds, S, B., A.B.I.B.A., 205-6  "Dnncan Bldgr. Bey. 4897
Blackadder, H., No   Vancouver.         351
Blackmore, E.  E,  306 Loo  Bldg Sey. 2379R
Blair, David, 522 Pender XV Sey. 7103
Bowie, Geo. P , Bank of Ottawa Bldg Sey. 3510
Bowman, J. BC., Crown Bldg- Sey. 5038
Braunton & Liebert,  81 Exchange Bldg Sey. 3921
Bresemann & Durfee, Holden Bldg, & Victoria.Sey. 2202
Bryan,  Kennerley, Crown Bldg Sey. 6508
Cox, Arthur A., Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 6577
Dalton & Eveleigh, Davis Chambers Sey.    662
Dawson, J., Ho den Bldg Sey. 8153
Doctor, VV   A.** Metropolitan Bldg - Sey.  6137
Dodd, W. M��� Can. Bank of Commerce..' Sey. 6986
Donnellan,   J.   J,   Riggs-Seiman   Bldg; Sey.   6045r
Dutour,  J.  B,  Riggs-Selman  Bldg .    Sey., 2912
Dewar, Audi ew,-84 Lonsdale, N'oith Vancouver	
Eraser, Kenneth, Metropolitan bldg..*: Sey. 9096
Fripp, R. "MacKay, Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 4932
Gamble & Knapp, Davis Chambers Sey.  5473
Gardiner, "Wm. Predlc., Hartney Chambers Sey. 2615
Gould  fr  Champney,   Rogers   Bldg  ""
Goodfellow, *\V. D, 303% Hastings St. XV
Grant fr JlendeitfDn,  Williams  Bldg	
Giiffltlrs, H. S., Dom. Trust Bldgr    .     ..
Gardiner Sr Mercer, M.S.A., New Westminster
Gillam.AV. C  F, llutcliin on Bldg    .. .Sey
vm' k 7vv��\i&jt !*S?pliX��*C?X 56 Lonsdale.. .N. V   198-178 Xew ton & Greer, Ltd.,'Vancouver, A18 Gran.. ..Sey. 1395
:h?Ahtco^irr ����Z,��i&~T0tJSeZmourc,?tI;-,SJ!:y- i'��6-4V98 Victoria. 1326 Wharf Sp;. ...887   .
R*v.winrh*.&P?Pi S,��"-��n*'P'gS St BridJFe- SW 9162 Vancouver   Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg...' ....Sey. 6949
R. v. wincli & Co.. Ltd.. Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944 Wm. .\. O'Neil & Co., 548-60 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798
Canadian and American Contracting and Investment Co..
' Limited.
Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work.'
Quality Work, Big-lit Prices and Promptness Guaranteed.
Phone Sey. 8480 ' '*    ' Office;   104 Empire Bldg.
*  "      -        *   ,      ���*' ���/'\* ���
THE process of 'manufacturingr brick is a very important matter!1^ Every
brick turned out of our latest improved. Berg* press 1�� made'.under a
pressure of 400 TONS. They are also cured in cylinder under; 120 pounds
���team pressure. s *.
'    '      -i  . '
ABSORPTION of moisture is only from 8 to 10 per cent. This is a vory important feature in. this olimate. Our brick .is" being* used in many important building's. 7 '     ^ _-��� '    .     '   - '       . *        ' .
WE can supply briok of all kinds and colors. Our prices are right. Be sure
to (jettour figure before closing order.   You will save money.
' . ~ ' .   . ' '     ' <
Vancouver Pressed Brick & Stone
Hammer, P., 1116  Bute  St Soy
IJaij reave*-., L. XV, 425 Sayward Bldg,  Victoiia.
..'Sey. 8448
..Sey. 6694
..Sey. 1393
gey. 4920
Heath, Go\e & Xeuse, Metiopolitan Bldg. . .i. . .Sey
liel\ei   & Archer,  Dom   Trust  Bldg Sev. 4499
Henle, A   r.  "Metiopolitan  Bldg Sey. 6141
Hodgson, Hugh A, Cartel-Cotton Bldg Se>    6160
UoiKjman isCuitis, S21 Pendei  XV Sey   1621
lloopei,  Thomas,  Winch, Bidg   Sey. 5351
Hope. A. Campbell, Lmpne Bklg.* Sev   5125
Iloiel & Robei t%  1101-2 Dom   Trubt .   . Se>    1901
Hoi ton & Phipps, Pacilic Bklg .'...Sey   7096
Hovt,  W   T    S,   709, DuiiMiuui   St Sey   2809
James,  C   D ,  Bank  of  B   N   A Sey.  9532
Jameson  & Duggan   70S  Metiopolitan Bldg...Sey-  994
Jones  fr Beatson,  Hutchinson   Bldg bey   5024
lones & Aspell, Haitnev Climbs and No. Van..Sey   4415.
Kaufmann,   G.  B., iDavib  Chambers     '...Sey. 4420
Keagej,   J    W,   82:   Pendei   St   W    Sey. 2746
Xearns, IT. A. No. Vancouver .
MacLuie & I'o'C, Pacific Bldg   ... Sey   439C
"Matlie-jon,   I   P, &. Son,r53J Granville Sey. 753b
Mitton    E    Stanlej,   Williams   Bldg Sey. 5422
Mobeig, Otto, 41  Inn^   of Couit Sey   7171
Pan.  McKenzie & Day,  570  Gianville  St Sev.    736
Perkins, P. H., Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 4729
Peiry fr Nicolais,  Pacific Bldg..   ,  Sey, 8994
Piacna,   A.   BTS21  Pendei   St.   W.. *7   Sey.  102;
W. "O.'O. H wnohfort, 407 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria, 1804
Rusbell, Babcoc ; & Rice, "Metiopolitan Bldg Sey. 987
Sedgei, Thus   u��� 512 Bastion Squaie, .Victoiia 944
B. C. Hardwood Floor Co., 557 Granville Sey. 6853
B. C.  Lumber Corp.,  Ltd.,  1605 Georgia -.Sey. 6504
B. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust'Bldg .'....Sey. 616x
Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy  & Salsbury. .Sey. 6800
Dom. Sash & Door Co.. 2120 Cedar St ...Sey. 6136
��������,?��� *��*��* &,CoA- 115 Victoria Drive Sey. 8S90
Millwork Supply Co., 1605 Main St Fair 958-546
i  F,yfe..S,rnithi,& Co' 1320 Richards  .Sey. 1196
Prudential Builders, Ltd., 101 Dufferin St  W...Fair 101
Acme Plumbing & Htg. Co., 131 10th Ave. E..."Fair. 537
Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 Sth Ave W .Bay.    296
I. E. Campbell & Co. 1064 Pender St W. ;Sey  2736
Grandview Sheet lleial Wks.. 1729 Venables..Sey. 5284
Gurney Foundiy Co , .L,td , 566-70 Beatty. .Sey. 7596-7597
Johnston-Thompson  Co,  525  Burrard  St.. ... .Se'-, 7899
G. L   Kelling Jt Co, t.05 Pender St Sey 8228
F. T. Crowe & Co.,'312 Pacific' Bldg... .'..T.. ..Sey. 9423
Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft Columbia Sey. '2988   '
C Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4794-
Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W..:. ..Sey. 3394
Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co.; Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9163
Holmes Disap;-Bed>C6V;319 Fender
Perfect Con. Bed Co.y 570;Granville
Armstrong fr Wolfe, 1510 3th Ave W '. Bav
Gi.md-.iew Sheet MclhI WIjs., 1729 Venables. .Sey
Vancouver Roofing Co, 407 Loo Bldg -
Buinside Gas Appl   Co., 1037-9 Gianville St
Waltei  Xvinsev,  13C6 Gianville St	
Vancouvei Gas-Co, 16 Hastings St   E	
' GIiAbJS���All,  KIHDS.
Wm   N   O'Xeii & Co, o48-50 Se>mour St
btandaid   Glasst Co , ^x^td ,   829   Bainaid
 Sey. 0919
. Sev. 13704
.Sey. 9053
.Sey. 5000
Sey   4795-479S
West   Plate Glass & Imp   Co,  133 Coi d'o'vaE' Sey 4674
ttilcov: Ait Glass,  i,/i  Bioad^vay XV "....Bay. 215
\\ in
.Sey. 1196
Shaip'& Thompson, Old Sale Bldg.	
Smith fr Goodfellow, 303% Hastings W	
Somervell  & Putnam,   Pacific  Bldg	
Stioud, Angus Bv Carter-Cotton Bldg....*...
Stuart, White & Peters, metropolitan Bldg*
Taylor, J. D   S ,  Bovver Bldg	
Thornton & Jones, Old  Safe  Bldg..'.	
Townsend & Townsend. 520 Granville	
Twizell & Twizell, 1019 Metropolitan Bldg
Van Sielen & Macombei  51'Can. Life Bldg
WalHngton fr Wheatley. Davis  Chambeis.'.
Watson. H. B, Holden Bldg .-	
White. W. P.,' Hutchinson Bldg   	
Whlteway,   W    T.,: MoNons   Bank	
Wickenden, C. O, 1062 Pender St. W	
Wilson, John,  221  Pemberton-Bldg, Victoria
Wright. Rushforth & Cahill, 709 Dunsmuii.
Wright & Mclntyre, Dom   Ti list Bldg	
Western Bungalow Co., Dom  Trust Bldg../.
Robinson, L G.-211 Holden Bldg
Sey. 1064
.Sey. 6694
, Sey
. Sey.
. Soy.
hakdwood noons.
C   Hardwood Floor Co,  357 Granville.' Sey. 6S53
tn1?!^  hum^err,L"'^hta,- RwJ'  & Salsbury..Sey. 6800
-laile.  Ji.   A    &  Co,  532   Pendei   St   W....... Sey   5476
"   U-JieWl> ^ 9��- -tJ3-VictoriaCDnve Sev. SS90
r*,-->   e^V,1 % 9��*.-5,"��S-50 Sevmoui  St  .Sey. 4795-479S
i, rvfe Smith & Cu,  1320 Richaids ..Sev   1196
Uillwoik Supply Co, 1605 ^lain St Fan* 95S-516
*. ancouver l*loor* Co , Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair. 1612
J   Fyfe Smith & *^o , 1320 Richards...',
Bailey  Haidwaie  Co, ,1107  Park  Drive
i-cme Plumbing & Htg   Co, 131 10th Ave. E.. :Fair.i*537
Armstrong & Wolfe, 154i?5th Ave W .Bay.    296
Bair fr Anderson   114  Hastings St   W -...Sey. 6180
Bums'de Gas Appliance Co, 1037-9 GianvilleASey. 3704
Jan Buffalo Forge Co (G A. Browning, 1261 Alberni St
J   E   Campbell fr Co, lOfal Pender St   XV.... .'.Sev���   '736
Dunham Systems,-157 Water St 'sev' 663��
?uiney Toundiy co., Ltd,-"566-70 Beatty. .Sey! 7596-7597
Langiey^ & Co, Ltd,  319  Pender W.... .Sey   38<)2
Evans; Coleman:���'& Evaris.'i'Ft.- Columbia'.:;..;.Sey>'298VP:S
Great West Sand &:Gravel'Co.;:Ltd.. 1029'Mairi/Sey:"8491"'>.
P. T. Ciowe & Co.> 312* Pacific Bldg-;; :;';ft.'.*.vSey.:;9422;;i
Xo. Van, Coalf& Supply;C6.K56;Lbnsdale;. ;N;'.iV: 198-178Si;
TVm. N. 0'Nell.,&'Co:',548-50''Seymour. St..Sey; 4795-4798'.:
PBint Grey SuppIyCo^^310vRlchards StrvV.;. .Sey-^lOSi'
Ritchie Cohtr.,'4:SupS'Cb.;''Ltd'.Grah.*'St'BHdge^
Shover & .ThomaS.^gSD^Maln^St;.;;;.:.-'.,.!;,;;;.':'^;.Seyi'iU<'S-AAAA:AAA4
H 'n.  Snnnlv Coi-'Dnm^.Wrnat A^lAr !��� ' '������::,��� "���^���'���- V^-^.'^'Q^^;'''. m fiiiir^^jitU'}^*!
PLaSTEa^OBNA"MENTAli;!fe ,., ,���,.... _,t.
C. Gardiner Jolinsoii; &;^Ga;^6h"nsV3n's^Whf, iSeyf9ii6--9147S;;
.Sey.   6870L
Raecolith  Flo6rihIgSC6.pi;3'0i;.:pa'clfic;iBldg;#;yf;s
Balfour, Gutlirie;&JCo;,:'^inch;;>Bldg>v-''>;vvSey>;;I87^
V   G
.Sey. 1770
Sey   7925
Pease Pacific Foundry, Ltd ,.324, Diake St Sey. 8397
...   <
.Box 546 CEMENT TSSTING Phono Sey. 2S64R.
.J. P. Wright, F. C. S. Esig. M.- A. C. S.;
Specialist in PortHand and Other Cements , -
���Esrpert Adviser on Building Materials, Etc. '      883 Burrard Street
School Heating* and Vantilatlng  Apparatus.
Ollce   and  Warehouse,  324 Diake St., Plione Sey. 8397.
Brstssh and Foreign Marble and Onyx
Office  and Works, 3149  Main St. " Phone Pair. 810
'���V Vancouver, B. C.
GUIDE.     ,>���
H   C. Equip. Co.   6U6-7 Bank of Ottawa.. .Sev. 7056-78.K<
Dom.  Equip  & Supply Co,  50S Holden  Bldg....'Sey. 7l'B5
1  G. Blaekwell, luo Alexander St  .lev   1733
"an. Equip  & Sup   Co, Ltd, Pac. Bldg..  Sey   *"���" ;"""?
Janada Foundiy h.o    Ltd, 1065 Pender St .. .'
-.-., SeP,ry Dai;llnS.  28 Powell St...: ^v   oii!
Uq9 J?**",11,.""?? M,lM!h,n?1*X, Co, Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey 950
:" Jsno *Robt- Hal?Ilt01 & Co . Bank of. Ottawa Sey.   3S3
'. 2snn Mussens, Limited,  305 Water St  Sev''so??
1 'itchle Contr ������& Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge/ Sey>-ll6i2
btrumbert-Vntue  Sr Co.,   319  Pender St    W?.  Sey   G910
Van. Machinery Depot, 1155 6th Ave   W...Bay.  470-471
'   - INTERIOR  FINISH. '<���
G""Blackwell, 108 Alexander St	
C   Lumber Corp,  Ltd.,  1605  Georgia.
-Sey. 4155
.Sey. ,S73S
.Sey. '3029
12vans, Coleman.^&i?Evaris'��Ft.'l;CoIumbia;i;v:';>;':Sey. 2988-
J Gardrner Johris0h;'&v,Co;'*!'X6H"hs'bn's..Whfc��^
Point ,Grey^Supply:Co;;":310:;Rlchards'StV'.*;v;;^Sey;"4105""*^
Ritchie. Cori tr^&iSup.-Co^'Ltd^Gran;;SKBHdge,'Seyi*'9162:'Svi'-''^^
AcmeiPlumbir]g;v&VHtg;i':C6'i'M3i;.'10thSAVe^E.^Falr;? 537^3 as%S?5t
Arms trorig>&5;W61fe;:''l540i 5th'' AveW':-;vv:"'K;';Bay.-V^
Barr^&yAnderson^vll4*Hastings^St.5'W;i;,;''.:;i;i';Sey.'?6l!i(> &!.��!'������ J-*^
G.';sL:i'KelIing*'& jCo*;- 605JPender ,'St*'.'.'. "'.""���'."���.r.'i*1;'."'.'Soy.!i'.'822'8 ?*.!#���""'"'""
Walter;Kinsey,^1366sGranville vSthff'.fei;"'.-;v;';vSey.?;9053 ' '-**
t;;'^.i;v.:. :.'.::\ ti'.;^^.'vSey..;8614 >-AAi
ifldfi '���'*���'! .fit-"'Y}bnrro"V ���" V ���!.-"*  ���}�����;'":
Murray-,:"Brps>;;;72r..'Main -St..
Sey   3412
F.  T   Crowe & Co,  312  Pacific  Bldg Sey.  9422
Wm   N. O'Neil & Co.JLtd, 5tS Seymour   St..Sey   17H
Wm   C   Thomson  & Co     319 Pender St   W...Sey. 3394
Ritchie Conti. & Sup Co , Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Vancouver   Roofing Co,  407 Loo Bldg '    .Sey.  6949
Aiolubald   Moir, & Co,   216 Empire Bldg Sey   5378
Cliy Map & White Print Co, 432 Cordova W..Sev. 669J
CommeiLial Blue Print Co, 329  Sevmoui  St...Sej    5A��*.
Anvil Island Buck*-Co, Anvil Inland, Howe Sound, B
iiillvvoik faupplv'Co , 1603 Main'St.'	
Coa c Shale Buck Co,.litd, 100S Metiopolitan Sey   8450
F-T   Ciowe & Co, 312 Pacihc Bldg Sey.  9422
'""va��.o, Coleman & Evans, Ft   Columbia Sey   298b
Gt,e<iL "We-it Sand fr Giavel Co, Ltd , 1029 Mam, Sey 84U]
C Gmdinei Jolin&on ii'Co, John .or.'s \\ lit, Sey 9146-9147
.No Van Coal & Supply Co, 56 Lonsdale,. X. V 19S-17b
Wm   X   O Aeil & Co, 54S-50 Sejmoui  St..Sej    4795-479S
Point Giey Supply Co,  310 Richaids St Sej.  4105
Poit Haney Buck Co, 616 HaUing*-, St   W    Sey   1389
Ritcme Contr   & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gian   St Bridge, i>ej, 9162
Win   Pies'd  Brk & Stone,  Ld,  101  Dulfer in   \V   r.m   101
li   V.  Winch & Co, Ltd,, Winch Bldg.   ...   Sey   279-1944
I"   T.  Ciov\e & Co    312  Pacific  Bldg Sej    912.
ileii.y JLi.uiing, 2b Powell  St bey.^o^
Uilivvoik Supplj  Co, 1605 Alain St Fair  95S-546
uvana, Coleman & Lvans. 1 t. Columbia tiej    2'lb.i
J  Gaidinei John ,on fr Co, .lolnison's Whf, Sej  9140-914.
i)   K   .Moiri^on,   712  Ricnaid*,  at be^    2151-2132
i\"m C Thomson & Co 319 Pendei St XX.. Sej 3J9-)
\ ancouver    lioolinr  Co,   107 Loo  Bldg Sev    6949
SVm   .*.   U *\ei. iL Co, 54b-50 bt.j moui  St..bey   4iii5-47y,-
Lon   & But   X   Am   Co,  Ltd, 343 Pender W    Sev    62Sb
li   V    Umc.li & Co , Ltd ,  \\ inch, Bldg '.   bev    2i��-1944
-" , CEMENT.
Udltoui,'Guthne i- Co, \\ inch1 Bldg . ... Sev 1S7-5929
Canadian liuildci-j bupplj   Co,  1U01  Geuigia      Sc>    71 io
l    T   tiowe ^ Co, 312 i'aulic Bld0'     aej    9422
ilvanb, Coleman  i*s Uv<ni��,   It   Columbia   ..       .Sev   29bi
Can. Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd., Rwy  & Salsbury
Dom   Sash & Door Co., 2120 Cedar St
E. H. Heaps & Co, 115 Victoria Drive...".'.":. .ac!J,..,.00i>u
C Gardinei Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147
Uillwoik Supply Co., 1605 Main St  . .Fairi958-546
XX m. X   O'Xeii & Co, 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey   4795-^4798
..Sey. 1733
. .Sey..6504
.. Sey. 6800
'air 161"
Can. Equip  & Sup   Co., Ltd, Pac. Bldg..  Sey   2330-302
Canada Foundry Co. Ltd ,  1065 Pender St      .   Sey   571
Evans, Coleman & Evani,' FtVcolumbia "^ '"* '  Sev   ��98S
-  Gaiuinet Johnson & Co--Johnson's Whf  Sey 9146-914,
Fan  ��J"'-*-54GA,   G', ^,nS'ey���**: Co, Ltd,  319  Pender   W      .  Sei    389'
lan  JaS-046 mo,lib, S   M. & Co, Ltd, 2130 Cedai  St Baj   1043
*^1c*'n- 9??-u',^ 6A1P  Co* Ltd' Glan  St Bridge, Sev, 910
'."*,  -^   ONeil fcCo, 51S-50 Sejmom  St.. Sey. 4795479b
Ailkinson Co, Ltd, S46 Beach Ave  .......V.:
i:   G   Blackwell,  1 OS Alexander St    ;.'.Sey   1733
B   C   oupplj  Co, Dom. lzus,t Bldg  . .Sey''fijfi]
-,an f-flu'P & Sup Co., Ltd, IMc Bldg.. Sey. 1'330-5"02J
Canada 1-oundrj Co., Ltd, 101,5 Pendei St ...Sey 5710
.' T Crowe & Co. 312 Pacific Bldg ... -Sev. 94*'"
Mom ii, Sll   &/Co. Ltd,  2130 CeJ.��  St ...Bay 1043
,\*-'"   ^   ry,"Nel1 ^ Co' *54b-50 Seymour t,t   .bey. 4795-479S
Win   C   Thomson &^Co , 319 Pendei  St   W.   ...Sev.; 3391
viiv.nre Contr   & bup  Co. Ltd, Gran  St Budge', Sey, 91C
:   G   Blackwell   108 Alexander St Sey. 1733
���   T   Ciowe & Co,  312 Pacific Bldg       Sej*. 94"
""   Lll��'l*   & Sup   Co, Ltd, Pac   Blda.     Sey.  aS30-5'0'2'7
..ant,, Coleman & Evans, Ft   Columbia  .     ...Sey>29SS
Crarilinci JOhn-on Jc Cot Johnson s V> hi, bev- 9146-914
Monisoir,  712   Richards  St       .   .     Sey"   2151-"15
Canada;Foundry;.Co;yvLtdv-?1065;"Pender St.:v.-;Sey.'v5710iS?v��^
Gurney,Foundry.;Ca^Ltd^s566--70fBeatty;:'Sey.i 7596-7597.v:i''Sf
Robt.;Hamilton,&,C0.rrBank of 'Ottawa^^'-..; 1. .'.Sey'-;38J'   "
Eyansr, Cpleman ��� &l'Eyans,sFt.tColumbia: i'^:-: .Sey^SiA^AMiiA^:]
C; Gar*diirer4Jolinson.&;Co.v;J:ohnsbri's=Whf,TSe
NewtonrfcGreer,:;Ltd^Vancouver,��,ll8-'Grah;-i':Sey "1391^ *^����r&^
.Wm^N^p'Nen'&'rCo;-.'; 548-50, SeymburlStASey^^S-^r^'S'^^
(Se'eiCb'rniceTandii.RbbHhEr *
_ . lofih^jAAA^AxAAAAAAAAft^AMA!:'
ROOPING. materiai,. AA^��AAiuSSMAh:SAiiA0^SA
5   O  Elackvvelli'/lOSMlexanderSfrK
r   T   Crowe & Co;��312^PaclncftBldir
- ���    ,     --��� J.v!566-7C -
HenryiDarling.^S' Powell  St:;S
""*'"'* *"^:vSey.\:9-122-^'""'',;v^"r"':B
Gurnej Foundry,^^Lt(L;!.566.-70 Beattyi'.Se'y^T'BSe-^Sgf
Fans, Heating and Ventilating Apparatus, Spiro Steam Turbines
Pumps and A:r Washers
0. A. Browning1 Vancouver, B. C. v 1261 Aloerni St.
Mahon, IV&cFarland -& Procter, Ltd.
���Phone Sey. 6286 543 Pender Street West.
GicaL \\e,t band ii Giavel Co, Ltd , lU_'y Jlain, &Cy  !>4U
J  Gaidinei Johnson ^ Co, Jolm&on's. \\ lit, Sev  9146-914,
UlliVVOl|> Supplj   Co, 1005 Alain  St lair   95S-546
So \ ,m Coal iS. Supplj Co, Dh Lonsdale,. "\. V l!)S-17b
\��m "s O i\en i- Co 54S-50 stj mom bt. ,Se> 4795-479*5
I'oint Giey Supply Co, .'10 Ricliaids bt . Sej 4105
Ritchie ^onti   fr bup   Co, Ltd, Gran   St Bridge, buj, 91C_
.1   V.  Wincli iS. Co, Ltd,  \\ men  Bidg bej   279-194J
ialkenbuig &-Laucks, Ltd, 152 Trounce Aliej, Sey  71.V
Airtut,  J    P,   ">8o   liuuaid   bt       bej   7J55u
B C Equip Co, 606-7 Bank of OU.uva.. Sey 7056-781!'
'an Liiurp & bup Co, i^td , Pac liklp*- t Sej 2iiO-ol)2'
iinada loumlij Co, Ltd, lOiio Pender Wt . . Sej 5710
Doi.i Lqurp & bupp j Co, ouS lloklen Bldg Sej 715,.
r.obt ilaimi ton i; Co, Ban!., ol Ottawa .... bej 3S
V G Lang.tj fr Co, Ltd, Alt) Fender \V ...bej' 3S1
Alus^en^,  Limited,  3uo   Water   at .     .       . Sej    i> '3
XX m   S    O.Neil iS. Co, 54S-30 bcvinoui   bt     boj     I7'l"i-479
Kitchie Conti   fr Sup   Co, Lid, Gian   bt Bridge, Sev, 916.
btr umber t-\ n tue   iS.  Co,   SI')   Pender   St    \\      bev    G'JH
Dr\on  & Sutton    102 KGi av elcj   St. ...   Sej.  S3051;
���.i nr-.tr ong, "Mnnisoii i.v. Co. Ltd     Bov ei  Bldg
K   C   Gi in   & Conn    Co,   i:\ili.irise  bldar
P.uiiaul   Const    Co,   301   Pacific   Uldg  .   .
'Kinunion  Con   t   Co,   IJ,"   llointi   bt        ....
.1. l)inson    L    G     Jll    lloklOn   Lulg
Mien   A    \     20, ii.  Ca  lcr-e.*-llon   Ml lg
Cnvl,"T',.iC'rCr.3-2*it,..VLlL]G,    ETC.
| \i//o, S    221 H  .ii      bi Sej    753
I x.CA.T"ajic"ro"tis���i,i .son.
i ..an    .^   Anici    t unti    A   jnv    Co.   Ltil
t    i.ax^TxirCTons���*?���iiv,ij:rcr and decob.iting.
Muiphj,  .las,  vv_  bon    IIJ   ciou n   Bldg       . Sey    !>70
II   C   Supplj  Co    Loin   Tru^t lilrtg Sey
���anaila   Mor.ii.li;*-.Trip  Co.,   1.138  Wliarf ..St,  Victoria.,
I. Uairon & Co., 513 Hamilton St .'.' ..Sey
��� rn   IN.   O.Neil VJ. Co    5 lh-50 Sej moui  St.   Sev.   1795-479.-
'oint Giey bupj.lv   Co, 310 Richards, St .". .Sey''4105
utelne Conti   i.-Sup   Co    Ltd   Grin   St Bildge. Sey. 916""
"LATH���WOOD. .,       ,������
"   C   Lumher   Coip,   Ltd,   1G05   Georgia  .   . . .Sev;-6504
an   Pae   Lumbei   Co, Ltd , Hvvj   tv. Salsbuiy. .Sey.> 6S0U
Jom   ba-h & Door Co    _'1.'0  Cedai   St..     .-..Sey.  6130
H   lieirp- ^ Co,   115   Vietona  Dine Sevv: SS90
ill.work bupplj  Co, 1605  Main St ..   r-air.95S-546
o   Van   Coal & bupplj  Co. 56 Lonsdale,.   X.   V   iyS-17.''
L'ornt Grej   Supply Co, 310  Richaids, bt Sey..410��
I.T3IE. ���.���;���;���;/;:'���
Jalfour^Guthrle & Co, Winch B.dg
. :Sey. 7915 ^^ns'iPol9���anv&i Evans,-?Ft; :Columbia. .OCv    .aas
�����-*.;l-:tfi"C. Gardrnei^Johnson &:Co;*Johhson'sVVhf/sey 9146-9147
Newton: fr: Greer, Ltd;,';Vancouver,:118 GranT^'Sev "l397
inn#  sq-F%"t'y,^4d,'i3.1""'.St1Bride*'. Sey.'9162
,rns',���?,";*  <,th ;Ave.: W..';.'... .....Fair   1'57
-���,������������,,.   AIinV*lle:iCo.;;Ltd;,:-Wir!ch Bldg..:.b*e">*'   44^7
^m-.C-,'Tliornson &:Co.-���319.Pender St., VV...^.'ley  3394
.���rroy;..:Rooflns:;,Co:,"V8].4' Metropolitan:  :; S^74    :
^j'COUye*";; ���*Rpo3ng: Co,V407,Loo'Biag*:d ..'   "lev   6949
Western ;Pluinb. :Cp���;Esplan*ade & St ^GeorgeV'N^V :'  V365
���:^'*   ^iA^A'i'iSAPBS-^VAVI.'liliOOBS: r<:>���:
'$���  P;">|o;rr.Ispn;/7l'2^Richai;ds)i-St:': A:':.:: ;Sev^2l''"l-'>i ���"���>���
Robt.;;Hamilton &.Co.,;Bank of Ottawa;.''���'���'"= Spv     im
12.  G;.Para.e 1. :567: Hamilt&n ^St^"rKA';    ':'s��^ ,1s/'
:.inadian Builder Supplv   Co,  1901 Georr
���    T   crov\e ..v: Co v 31.' Pacihc Bldg
-vans, Coleman &  Lvans,  ft.  Columbia
. uiiic uiej   auppij   co , diu Kicharc
facil.c Lime Co , Pacilic Bldg  '...
-..Heine Conti   & bup   Co, Ltd, Gian
Wio\ei   S.  'lliomas,  959  Main   St..
Si 1 1
Sey. 279-194/
.Sey., 942
.Sey. 29S:
Sey. lS7-.")9'i!
.. .Sey. 6.7a-.
.Se*y 6)>0i
air i95S-ol'l
..Sey. SS1I'
-Sey. 110
.. "���'air 10,
.Soy.  71)1)
Sej*. 4730
Sey. 3394
Sei-. 1518
.Pair! Sl'O
HydrauBic and Road R/SaJkErtg
1048 Main Street
Vancouver. 71. C.
O.   R.   Morrison,   712   Richards  St.. Sev,
XVm. S. O'Xeii & Co.. 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey.
Wm.; C. Thomson & Co., 319 Peii'ler St.  XV....
���'Van. .Marble & Tile Co., S4S Bench Ave.......
."Western'Marble & TilesCo., 314!) Main St......
���   -"���.      COBNICE AND BOOPING.
Armstrong & Wolfe,  1540  5th Ave W.........Bay.    296
Grandview Sheet.Metal Wks., 1729  Venables' .Sey. 5284
Little & Lee, 6S2 Seymour, St...... ...........Sey. 445S
Troy   Ronfln.sr.. Co.,'-81'4   Metropolitan .. ... .Sey. 741 7
Vancouver.  R'OO .ng'Co.  407' Loo  Bldg.. ;...;...Sey. 6949
Western Pluiub. Co., Esplanade & St.-.George.'N. V.      365
Alltree  &  Churchland,   976   Granville   St . .'.Sej'. 2707
Cope  &  Son,   338   Hastings   St.  W...:......; ..Sey. 8600
Cruick.shank & Co.,, 534 Richards St...........Sey. 5348
Elec. Construction Co.; 544  Hovve'St.."..'. .'.Sey. 1336-7951
Imperial   Agcys  Corp.,  314   Pacific  Bldg ..Sev. 612��
Jarvls & Call, 570 Richards St. .;..... Sey. 1409
Alltree  fr Churchland,   976   Granville  St.. ...*". .Sey. 2*707
Cruickshank ;.&  Co.-,   5S4   Richards   St...     . ,.';Sey   534S
Chapman" & Walker,   448  Seymour  St. ....'Sey   9.179
Cope &, Son.  338..Hastings   St. TV......... ...Sey. 8600
Elec. Construction Co., 544 Hnvve St  .Sej'. 1 336-7051
Imperial   Agcys   Corp.,   314   Pacific . Bldg..... .Sey.  612""
'"       7400
Sej'.  1S7-592S;
gra . .Sey. '71,76
Sey.,. 9422
,,,-.-           -   ..Sey.,29Si>
_*reat %\ eot band i. Giavel Co. Ltd, 1029 Main, Sey: 8491
Ganlmei   John on ..v. Co, Johnson a W hi, bey 9146-914*'
no   Van   Coal & Supplj  Co    56 Lonsdale,.   IN   V. 19S-17
, m. **-,   O.Neil fc Co    51S-50 Sevmoui  bt    boy.  4795-479.T
i oint Giej  bupplj   Co, 310 Richards bt  .   .   ..Sey.   110
" " ~   ' ..Sey.' 950'.'
in   St Bridge. Sey, 91 Of
V   \\ inch & Co.'. Ltd .AXX inch" Bldg "..     ' ~ " Sey*' ���3C:
T   T  Crowe & Co, 312 Pacific Bldg .   .
'"vans, Coleman fr Lvan-,  i< t   Columbia
���ireat We-t Sand tv_ Giavel Co, Ltd    1029 Main, Sev. Slii
^   Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnsons W lit, bey 914*6-1) 14
E'aeilic Lime Co , Pacific Bids,..   /. Sev   950'
1'iu'hie Conti   frSuv   Co, Ltd, Gran  St lir ldge.'bej*,' 91C;
���""..iliour  Outline & Co, "Winch  B.dcr
tl    C   j.iunbei   Coip,   Ltd,   1605   Geoigia
an   1 ne   Lumljei   Co, Ltd, Rwy   t\.bal,ljuiv
ncun   ba  li   i1..  Uooi   Co,  2120  Cedai   bt      .   .".
Uillwoik  Sli])irlj   Co,   1 GO";  Main bt .       1
.      II    neap- iv.  l'o ,   115   \ ic tmia  Dnve
Point G.ej  Supplj   Co, 310  Richards st
Prudential  Builder-,   Ltd,  101   Duller n< *-t   W
Teimm.u Lmbr & SlriJ   Co    30S collon B.dg
B   C   l.iiinp   Co    606-7  Bank or Ottawa.
1:   G   Biackwcll,  IDS  Alexander   St
A    G    Blown-J.uni  on,   1 u IS   Main   bt
Can   BuUalo I 01 ���e Co   (G   A   Bi owning,
e-an. Lqmp   *. sup   Co ,  1^,10 , i'ac   Bldf,
Canada. .roundry Co.,  Ltd.,   1U05 Perioer bt.
,a.,couver;Sand ;&'Gravei;Co;, :"ff.: Victoria :D*.; J^lf gf >J
''��� ��� ' h ^t ',",r'? ���ASHr;;DppB'S, ;��� WINDO VVsAiETC. A:'ri ri'--.A-
' VmT>*b& �� c��- :l5^^gin ::3t" ���'������'��� ^Pa'r 958-54^
.���viii. .>.-o t\ei.,i: Co., 548-50 Sej'mour "st    <!��,       ��.��-��<��
r-enninaPLmb** & Shgl, Co.t 308 Cottonr Bl'dg.:
Sey.'7 997
���/���, ���.,^'*;.;     (faee,: Lumber arid .Shingles.)     ..<? . ;���..-���,,���,"'
. ���  ,   - SLATE.
_T. Cr-owe ��� fi: .Co'.',' 312; Pacific Bids
'.rms'trong &^"o!fe,: 1540 5th,Ave XV... ^.V-bAV - 2->��''
I.  E. C'arnpbel & Co.,������ i.o64   Pender St. -W ' Sev   ''7?��
..riirriey   ���oundry Co.,:Ltd., 566-70 Beattvl' Shv"'^^ r'J-
���\alterKinsey.-.1306,Granville  St..:..* y" ? !* ;���
l.ittle & Lee,  SS2 Seymour St......::.:       "lev' ?irl
B.C. Screen &.Mnfg. Co., 266 Duffer
.Soy. l'73.'l
..Sey. 2C0C
1201 Alberni St.
bev 2330-51)2)
No. Elec. & Mnfff Co.. Ltd.. 313Water St .Sey.
Oahnda  Foi*inlry Co., Ltd.,   1 dfio Pender St Sev   571"
'Brennan,   G.���"���E. .t'Co..-319 Pender St XV: :..  Pe'v',C!)10
F. T/ Crowe. & Co.,  312  Pacilic  Bldg;.-,-,��� .���;.. Se'v.'  91***'
W'm.'N. o:\eiI fr Co.. 648-60 Soymour St. .Sev. 47!)5-47<'":
Ritchie ;Contr. & Sup cn T.t.v Ornn. St Bridge Sev 91 fi*'
���������'   ���   ���������; "���������<ET,BVA TOBS "
Brennan,   G; E. & Co.. 319 Pender St XV... ...Sey.  6010
������    .'   ;.-PIRE   CLAY.
Balfour. Guthrie .& Co., W'Inci'.- Rlilg....;.'.Sev. lS7-S��',n
E. T. Crovye.&Co.;. JU2  Pacific  Rlrtff. ....'.... .".Spy   'M">
J'lvans. Coleniai' r& Evrnns, .Fx. Columbia' *.Sr-v.  "9SS
U. Gardiner Johnson &.Co.,' Johnson's ,Whf, Sey 914C-!)14i
Chapman   &  Walker,   44S   Seymour  St Sev.--93.7S
om.   Kciuip  & Supply Co,  5US   Holden Bi. ~ Sev,'7155
Henry, Darling,  28  Powell   est...:... .....Sey.  51'2
Hallman .'Machinery Co., Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey.. 953
Robt. Hamilton" & Co., Bank of Ottawa. .......Sev.    3S3
X Gardiner Johnson at Co., Johnson s Whf; Sey 9146-9147
A. G. Langiey & Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender W.....Sey. 3892
M^ussens,  Limited,   365   Water  St........... ...Sey   S''37
Wm. S. O'seli & Co., 548-60'"Seymour St. .Sey.-4795-479S
liitchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162
Strumbert-Virtue fr Co.,   319  Pender St.   W.. .Sey.  6910
Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St; W. .Sey. 3394
Van. Machinery Depot.   1155  6th  Ave. W...Bay.  470-471
Millwork Supply.Co.,   1605,Main  St '. ..Fair   958-546
O.  R. Morrison,  712  Richards  St.. Sey.  2351-215"
W'm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-4798
Kitchie Contr. &'Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916''
Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319' Pender St. TV.' Sey. 3391
Van. Marble & Tile Co., 848 IBeach Ave ...Sey. 1518
B. C. Supplj" Co., Dom. ������'Trust Bldg.. '.. .Sey. 6161
!>.  R.  Morrison,   712  Richards  St......... Sev.  2151-215'"
.Vm.' X. O'Xeii & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St. .Sey..4795-479S
I'.itchie Contr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sev, 9162
Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. XV: ..... ,Sey   3394
Van. Marble & Tile Co., S4S Beach Ave.      -
Western Marble & Tile Co., 3149 Main St .
Western' Stm.- & Oil Plants,  Ltd.  Dom Trust
Henry Darling, 28  Powi'II  St: '.. .-      sPV   .5*-
U"m. .X. O'Xoil & Co.. .r)4S-.'in Sevmour St..Sev    !7<l5-47'f
Can. Pac. Lumber Co.,
K.   H.  Heaps * Co.ni/'vlctoVla"',?rl?5!^SW j^
^:fe,ey,TrJo.&a:.^i^^!Jr'^ ** l��rtf$.
Uttlo &Lee. 0S2 Seymour St.......... s^' S,b.H
Western Sim., & Oil Plants, Ltd.. f��.*-�� n>-'-��� '�����'������ il"*
��� Cotton Bldg,.Sej-:  7C7S
D. 'R.  Morrison,   712  Richards' St.1;
w^-n- ft*6*' &' C0,*' 5A8-50 SeymouV StV.Sey '4795-179
U'ni.C,Thompson & Co.. 319 Pender St. XV..    Sey 339
.Sey.  151X
.Fair. 810
.Sey. 767C
Western Plumb. Co.. Es*plaii.i.i1e.*A St.. George.K; V.      36?
'���".  T:  Crowe  & Co..  312   Pucific  Bklg..    Spv   91"*
Vewltun & Gr��er. Ltd.. Vancouver. 11S Gran... Sev Ct'i
���.��� _ V'-tov.-n. i.T>�� Wharf St. . .".'.. SST
Tenry  Darllrig.  2S  rovvell   St.. '.��� ..Sey.   51'
'..Gardiner Johnson & Co,   .lolmson's Wlif/ sVv fl] 4filqi4;.
Ltd., Winch Bldg... ...Sey. 279-1944
Barr & Anderson,  114  Hastings  St   W
E. G. Blackwell, 108 Alexande? S t.. .AAA '���'
The, Duntley Store,,791 Granville St "
A., ^&=Go.-,-- 532  Pender  St.   XV. .'.
Karle, E.
^Sey. 6180^
��� Sey.  1733
��� Sey.   1487
.Sey; 5476
!ui?" Scre^en;&-ainfg. Co;.. 266 Dufferin St
Wm. iV.; O'Xeii & Co.., 648-50 Sevmour  ";t
Bowes, F. W. & Co.. 1237 Granville St..
Fair.  15J3
4 7!i5-4 7a8
������Sey.   ,84"<T
n'-Js-  "^"'P- C?,v ,616**7  ,3i,,,k of Ottawa...*Scv'
K  G, Blackwell;   10S��� Alexander* St ���
��� in   Lquip.' & Sup. Co., Ltd.,  Pac."'"'"'   "'
A. G. i:ariBiDy-&:CoT;'Lid:;*3/9'PendL?" W^'jffll!
1 : Gardiner Johnson & Co.. Johnson's'Whf Sev '.ih; ij =
���tiu-liie.Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Brid * ���Ii,,-'1*!'
Wilkinson Co., Ltd., SIC 3e,u 1. A-=>
���i   V. .Wb.c.i1 & Co.. Ltd.. "'Vi>i-ti  ruijV	
e, .-soy, 91 fi;
��� .. . ;se*y. 7915
��� bey. -279-1.044
,. -���Jtr*"j
Wftr, - f
.ft \-tp ��-
rlr^TWJ*-*' '    ' ,"*'
*-/ir-��'l'*-i,i   .���.     " W
.pr   | '.��*v' fi �������� ���""���* ��� J.\.*.|P>Sj'-ii��^rf*f1 jit^i--"  VsV-'- t "#���   i";?"'������tj,*''X 1  '�� ,'*!���'��-"!*'L i^V   ">/^fl~.V>i .' V'        ""l  0  'iff "���'?*��� + ���*'.' -i <!'��� "������-���" *-*���>�� i'W'""13*1..'j ��� * -V"-,' "'* ,'*��"f,' :��.,\'-,
��� *���-: 'M.rvi\r,;.i\.J hvU-'.>- *r'   ���!:-fl-.v/*'Ki'.-'H*,"'i����s��iv��   s .-:.-i, Jt 'Jt, '..B ���.n-:*'.t- v    -^���*i*^'">.:^ ���ofc* i1-.. ���rJ.J!s*^.**:^rv^,K �����������::���. J..-^:''.'-;^-!!^.' ��>���*:.��� ������i,..-*S*-l''VV\' v'-WA'.I'UIIMOiM *  M*ra^r-������<-wroif*tu������*^^BWW.'i r**^iT'T'i-������**iit*********rr'ufT'^^  jf-,������A.i������<' -U-^.jr.AJi-tJifja. J* i*-J*"  S^fl'^  mm;.  hM0:A  mm  lipi'-v''���������?.-;;  ''-'H"***".'-', "; '_;'. .jli. ���������;  Ilii  m  ,:������^:Ai  ImAAi  -'.it    <.'  *. *   ^j  BRITISH COLUMBIA  DAILY BUILDING RECORD.  " T"        1  c1  ' 'T '' 1'. VT*'  , L .       .      -     '1.   J.   '   .   ' !>'  ,;   "    y Phones " Seymour," 2151, 21 52    ;  -, ^a ������*^,���������������������-������,,������ aH^Hl j-^-^us .figure  and. wall tile. We\Kave;:coinp|etent *men^:io^o'c:'the:'work,'  our prices aie rig ''"  .jj*/. ��������� ������i  t r<  .'-���������   .i  j   ', j i.f" il ' >i ' ".i''// ."- "'-  /7T2RICHARDSSTRlEEf^  I-���������-���������'���������i  i|g;v  l> a  &."<���������'"���������:*?. -  -  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International Automatic,  Sprinkler Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  114 Hastings St. W.  *  Vancouver B. C.  i  ..idSTRONG, MORRISON & CO.  Limited  Public Works  '    Contractors  Office: 813-815 Bower Bldg. Vancouver B.C.  J. DAIRON & CO.  Tile and Marble Contractors    -  Mantels,   Grates,' Baskets     ���������  and Andirons  513 ^"Hamilton.    Fhone Seymour 4730  'TENDERS.  j  ,' '   *    ���������, June 6th, 1<)12.1,  Tenders will be receHed "by "the" uri-  'dersigned until Wednesday, June 12th,  at 5 o'clock p m tor electric wrung In  sp\ er.rl of the schools ",' I  ''Full par trculais to be had at the Secretary's oflice.       *���������  Tlio lo>\e-.t or any tender not ncces-  f-.arllj   accepted.  c. w. aniBBAY,  Secretary, School Board.      7-10  fg.:",,Vi  :}&-A  'f:  'Common, \ Impervious ,V Face,  'a&d Building1! Paver's."/   '.',  Coast Shaie Brick Co. Ltd.  1008 METROPOLlf AN .BUILDING f:  PHONE. SEYr/ais 0//VANCOUVER B.C  'A ' ���������"���������   * ���������*_:   VANCOUVER SCHOOL BOARD.  , June   Ith.  191**.  Tenders ackliessed to the under-signed  \ill bo received until Wednesday, the  12th of lime, at 5 o'clock p.m. for kalso-  mlnlng and painting the various schools.'  Copies of specili(.ationt> to be had at  the secretary's office  All   contractors  must  be  British  &ub-  jeet-  The lowest or any tender not nocessar-  11> accepted  C. "W. UTBBAY,  Secietarj   of School Board  June 4 th, 1912.  VANCOUVER SCHOOL BOARD.  n  Tenders addressed to the undersigned  will be received untrl "Wednesday, June  '12th, at 5 o'clock p m , for nre hose for  the various schools  Par trculars to be had at the secretary's  office  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  (, ,   C. W. MURRAY, "  Secretary ol School Board  $!$���������'���������  m  ''.���������"i*���������  ',"*���������,' -J.,  /  Fresh Water Sand  ."���������-.ForSale *--** -'">-*'  mi^*?i:i^^^v^i:i^^*,Aii'AA:;  "JSXii. *mi;������ .434'i-Rbbsbn- 'St;? */rj*. %  ������������������"';���������/'<*?;���������' ���������';: '"'i.Tel? ?SeymOur' '4465  CITY   OF   VANCOUVER.,  Tenders, Regmding* Broadway "West.  Tenders will be received by the undersigned cup to Tuesday, June llth, 1912,  at 2 p m , for the grading of Broadway  We-t to, a width ot 50 feet, from Trafalgar Road to Alma rtoad        >       <.  Plans and specifications may be seen  at the office of the Crtj Engincei,*City  Hall iv o    ,       , ,  A, deposit of an amount equal,, to 5  per cent of the contract pi ice must be  made with ' each tender, by maiked  cheque payable to the Crtv Tioasurer  ' The lowest, oi any tender not'neces-  'sanly'accepted , j     i .  ' "      ' ������ W*M. McQUEEN,    '  , ,    |       '     '  '.        ,     \    ' Crty Clerk  ,'  City Hall   Vancouver, B^ C,    , 7-1U  .��������� ,,   Juno  6th,  1912 ) ,  < ,  y.'-rtr.  ������e������1  SiSHBii������|iDi^riNG  i:Ai:i::i-:Aii:iii'-i^sbff:im *yfc "<  :fe|fi';pvG^S:';:C0N*^RA'C*T3OR.  "ises^Gran-rtiiG*^ B.C   'Phone;!1'Seymour,;*'; 9053  '"-"CORPORATION OF BURNABY.'   \  '///r'l'E-WGiN^ERING DEPARTMENT, i  n i TO    B"triI,DIMrQ    CONTRACTORS.'.    >  Tenders are rnvlted and will be received bv the undersigned up till 5 p m  on l"i idav,, Jltt June   1012   J'pi ���������'  Alterations and (l*"iame) * Extensions  to s Q\& yi ill, "Municipal Ha'l Gibunds,  Cdmnnds, B   C   l  * *"t  Plans and1 specifications 'mav' be pb-  UU'erl at ISne; neei's1 Oflice "Municipal  Hall, "Cdmonds, B C on' depositing^,*") OU  which, will, be relumed "to all bona fide  tenderei?      ''   '   * '!    ' '  Tender-,  vill  not'bc  con  ideicd unless  unmittpd  on  ofhcul JCoi mi "and  accompanied   bv   ceilifed   cheque   lor    ',%   ot  amount of Tender ���������"       ,     , ���������<,  , ^  , wibliaim: grip-piths,  7-13 v      i ���������"' Coniptiollei  tA-A  0i:A  I :d :''���������-.���������  ���������  MAi-  im  ������A'i:-  ���������������������������������������������������'������������������.���������'.  Il^l ���������.������������������-���������*���������  Cf; Ltd.  BUILDINGS FSNANCEZ)  T   J  Jladlen   Mngr     Phone Sev  35   CANADA   "MFE   BIDG.  82G5  ������$'���������  GRAN DVB EW  Sheet SVietal Works  Warm   Air   Heatlnff  , Pnrnaces  and  General  Jobbing:  1729 Venable St. Phone Sey 5284  Ai  COMMERCIAL BLUE PRINT CO.  :rviAPS, DRAFTING AND TRACING  Phnne  Sey. 5068 ��������� 329 ' Seymour   St.  ;G. L. KELLING& CO,  ��������� : Heating and Plumbing- Englneer-a      |  "JOS' Pender St.'-' 'Phone Soymonr 8228 |  ii'   .  JAS. W3URPHY & SON  'General .Painting1  tand, Decorating  -  * ' - CONTRACTORS  Offlce: 112 Crown Bldg. Sey   8707  CORPORATION OF POINT GREY(  The Council is piepaied to leceive blrl*=  up  to   "Monc'av,   lune 10th,  at  5  p"m    for  he   purchase   oi   a   ioc*k   cruglier-    The  ci usher may be seenCatrmv time on  the  "Municipal Hall siounds7)-KeiirNdale   B   C  Tuither particulars  mav     be obtained  from the "Municipal JLngineer v  BEN a: CUNLIFPE,  Cleric.'  Jlunicipal Hall, .  Keirsidale, B   C  June 1st,  1112  i, Grading*,  Glass,  Gravel,   .,-  Glass���������By,\V AV Jerrett, 790 Granville st, foi art and plate glass, and window, glass ioi*'luige rts'on Shaughnessey  Hts*. i 15  Grading���������iBy .Angus Smith, , city engi,  No iVancouver, until 'June 10, tor grading Keith road, cut M.250, fill 1"2,U00.  25.per cent bond requned .,      10  Glass���������By P. S Combs fr Son, 100  Hastrngs .st XV, for all glass (aiitxji't)  in re��������� for H   BetU * 7  ,   H'fg.,   Hardwood.  Host,   a'awaro,  Hardwood���������By XV XV Jerrett, 790  Gianville st, lor hardwood foi laigp  le.   on   Shauuhne .������ev   Heights 3 3  Ho a ting���������By Bookei, Campbell fr  Whipple, 1-td, 13,1 Gianville st, oi htg in  apmts lor J. B   "Mathcis,  llth and Alain  I  If.'  Heating���������By "MacConneU Lmbr  Co, -I'.li  Gianville st, Ioi   hl^ foi   2 ,sto f;   l es  nn  llth avo  and  I'vpiess 1.1  Heating���������By b C iiiUcoe, 109 Thurlow sc, or 30 11 Comox, Ioi 'htg Ioi 4  ������������������to  bik  apmts In  Hardware���������By S C Bi iscoe, 4,09 Thui -  low st, for hdwe for 4 sto bik apmts at  abovo addiess 15  Hardwood Flooring*���������By C G Oster-  man, 1725 12th ave XV, for hdw ood floors  for  frame res 15  Hardware���������By C L Williams 319 Pender it XV, toi hdwe ioi bldg at G33 Granville st' * 12  Heatinff���������By C L Wlllrams, 319 Pender st W, for htg in 4 sto b.dg at 633  Granville st 12  Heating*���������By Jas Br van, care Booker,  Campbell & Whipple, for htg for apmts  for J   B   Mathers 10  Hardware���������By P S Combs & Son, 160  Hastings st W, for hdwe for res foi H.  Beetz '    i Al  Heating���������By P S Combs AL Son, 100  Hastings -st ,W,������foi furnace ht^ in re;  for  H* Bett^       < ' 7  Heating*���������By   S    B    Bird,   uncan   bldg,  until   June   13,   tendeis   addiess   to   Gei  Johnstone, Nelson, for  htg for hospital  % ; 31  Iron   Worlt,   Interior  rlnlsh.  Interior Finish���������By W W Jerrett, 790  Granville -st, for mterlor finishrngs for  large res on  Shaughnessei   Hts 15  u Interior Finish���������By S' C 'Bi iscoe, 409  Thuilow st for inteiloi ginisg for apmts  at above'addies������ , .     1C*  Interior Finish���������By< C I-.' ��������� "Williams,  119 Pendei st XV, foi intenoi fininsh for  bldg. at 633 Granville st     ' '���������12  Galvanized Iron���������By Jas Bi van, care  Bookei, Campbell & Whipple, for galv  non foi apmtslfoi'J B'.Mather1;' ' 10  ' Interior Finish���������By 'P-,1 S 'Combs 'fr  Son, 160 Hastings st XV, foi intenoi finish foi res.foi'H Bett/1 j 1 i  'Lumlror,, "Lathing,  "dime  ������ "Lumber���������By XV XV Jenett. 790 Gianville" st, for lmbi foi laige���������iea oj)  Shaughnessey Hts"     .,    ��������� ' 15  "Lath���������By P i Suiges 21 Moichant"  Bank bldg,  for   scovv'lo.id of in   lath      15  "Lathing���������By JfacConnell Lmbi Co, SI i  Gianville st, ioi lathing foi ies at llth  and  Cvpress  St .        " >   ,  '���������     '   '     lo  "Lumber^���������^By S C Bii-coe, 109 Thin-  low st,** foil lmbr for slo ibrloapmt- al  abo-\e  address' "   i '      ,, n \5  "Lumber���������By. C. L William* 319 Pendei st XV' ioi lmbi tor 1 slo bldg at l).',<  Gianvjj),e   st  *- * -- 1-  ii.- .. .-{. ^    ���������<_  '.Plastering���������Byi'W , XV. Jerrett, . 790  Granville st, for plstrg ifor.ilarge res  on Shaughnessey* Hts ; w' j . 16  Plastering���������By- MacCoiinell ��������� Lmbr Co,  113, Gianville St.>,foi iplntrg for re������ at  llth & Cypress St.' , oil . ' . -35  Plastering���������By (Jas -Br van, care Booker, Campbell & Whipu.c, for* plstrg for  apmts'for J, Ii   "Matucrs.        , ('10  Plastering���������By P S Combs & Son, 1C0  Hastings st XV, for plstrg in res for J]  Betts?     ' 7  Plastering���������^By    Booker,  .Campbell    &  Whipple, l-.td,   11 a Ginnville st, ior lath-  ing and plstrg in iipmt^ for J   B   "Mathers  at  llth  and  Main. '    , 15  Plastering���������By   Kgdell   &   Dixon,    50S  Welton bldg, foi  pKtig in  bldg on Water st. ,5  Plastering���������By Davis-Snndeis  Co.  311  Cambie st,   ior plstrg in  bldg on  Hich-  ai is st                                                           i    5  PJ nmbing���������By    Bcokei.    Campbell    &  Uhlllie, Ltd,   133  Granvillo .st, ioi   plUg  In   apmts   lor   J    B    Muthers,   llth   and  Main.                                                                 IS  Plumbing���������ByC, L  William", 319 Pendei  st W, foi plbg in  1 stoiy bldg at 613  Gianville st     <                                             12  Plumbing���������By  MacConneU   Lmbr   Co,  113   Gianville  st,   for   plbg  for   2   sto   fr  res on llth avo and Cvpre������s st             13  Plumbing���������By S   C   Briscoe,  1011   Comox or 409 Thurlow, for plbg for   4 sto  brk apmts                                                       15  Plumbing���������By Jas   Bryan, care jiook-  er,   Campbell   &   AVhipple,   for   plbg. in  apmts for  J. B   Mather                             10  Plumbing���������Bo. P   S   Combs &, Son, 160  Hastings  st W,  for   plbg in  res  for H.  Bettz 7  Roofing,   Roads,   Reserrolm.  Roofing���������By     Booker,     Campbell     &  Whipple, Ltd, 413 Granville, for tar and  gravel rfg for apmts for J   B   Mathers  at llth and Main       <              >                 15  Rofing���������By   S   C.   Bi iscoe,   409   Thurlow st, for tai  and gravel rfg for apmts  at'above  number      .                                    *  SEWERS,' STREET WORK, STEEL.  ��������� Steel Pipe---By H" Floyd, CMC, Ker -  risdale, until June 24, for S miles steel  pipe, 4 to IS inches Plans, specif, etc,  fiora Cleveland & Cameion, 506 Winch  .bldg,  on  deposit,of. ?10      .  * 24  Wiring,   Waterproonng,   Wharves,  Wiring���������--By *W   XV   Jenett.  790 Gianville st, tor wiring'large res for'Shaughnessey Herghts '-*, 15  Wiring���������By Booker, Campbell '& "Whipple,   Ltd,    113   GianvrllQ-'st,   for    vvinng  in   apmts   for   J.   B o Mathers, * 11 111 . and  Main         "     <*���������      '          ' "     A    '      ''   15  Wiring���������By S ,Cl Br iscoe/109 Thuilow  st,   Ioi   wning  lqr    1 'std   brk'apmts   at  above addie-.s     ",  '    l   '         '                 '15  1    Wiring���������-By'C   L   William**"   311   Pendei   st   XV,   toi    wiling   toi   bldg   at   Ool  Gianville st ���������               <              '              '12  Winng���������By, Jas    Bi v an    cai o  Booker,  Campbell   &   Whipple,    Ioi    w n mg   foi  apnits Ioi _J, B���������Mathea _..   . ������������������ ���������  Wiring���������-By,P S Combs & Son, 160  Hastings .st XV, foi vvlung.in ie3 tor II  Bett/ ^    <-     "  Wiring���������Ey Dav Is-Sandei s Co, 311  .Cambie st for elec wiun^iin bldg on  P.ifhnds  st    i ...    i'  5  .-Sidewalk Lights���������By Davis-Sanders Co,  111 Cambie =t, ior .sidewalk lijjhts for  bldg on  Richaids st   , i ,     >  "ENGINEERS AND AGENTS  i   c --   'Caledonian 'Wire" Frope, Parker"Derricks.  Electric  Hoists  ,,"Otto"; Gasoline^ Engines,  Grali* Buckets,'*"Globe" Marine, Engines  Steel-Tanks and Water Towers of any capacity *   * "-rs,^  "WAYNE" GASOLINE/TANKSVrid PUMPS  for  PRIVATE    or- FIUBCiC  GARAGES .,-,,.,,   \vj '      ��������� "'..,,  Phone Seymour 38S2  319 Pender Street W.  B. C. EQUIPMENT CO.  Machinery Dealers  CONCRETE    MIXERS,   STEEL   CARS,   ROCK   CRUSHERS,   ELECTRIC  STEAM    AND    GASOLINE    HOISTS.     WHEELBARROWS,  TRANSMISSION MACHINERY, GASOLINE  ENGINES i  PUMPS AND  ROAD  MACHINERY.  Phones:   Seymour  7056-781S.  Offices: 606-607 Bank of Ottawa Bldg.  SUPPORT HOME INDUSTRIES.  CREOSOTE SHINGLE STAINS & COLORS, GROUND IN OIL  '.    -'/GUARANTEED"  - ,,   ^ Manufactured on the premises.     "     ' ' L*  Phono  Seymour "512   'HENRY DARLING 28 Powell'St.  "We are the sole maanfaotarors of  Machines-made Glazed Cement Sewer'  Pipe ,In  British  Columbia.,  DOMINION GLAZED CEMENT PIPE CO., LTD.  Office:   Dominion- Trust   Bldgr.,    Vancouver,  B/C.        I������lione:   Sey. r8286���������,..  "' and MANUFACTURING GO.un.Tmi  Electric Supplies and Telephones. ;\' 313 Water St.'  Mill   Work  , "Maclnri^^v    aaarble.  Mill Wort���������By Bookei \ Campbell &"  "O hippie, Ltd, 413 GicnMlle'st, foi mill  woik in apnit-i foi . J B "Matlieis at  llth   ind "Main .. 1 >  Sasli and B-oors���������By C L XX ilham-,  310 Pemlei -=t AV foi ^a&li anil dooio for  ,blilur at, G'3 GiaiiM le *-t 12  Millwork���������By Jas Bi\an, cue Bookei,,  Campbell & Whipple Ioi miluoik foi  apmt-, foi  .r   B   Slathei  axiscellaneoaa.  Stone���������By XV XV Jenett, 700 GianMlle  st, foi stone woik Ioi laige les at  Sliaughnebsey Hts ' l"  Erecting* "Log's���������By R   JI   ll'ipp,  Hut-  chin^on   bldgr.  for   sniiaiing   and   laibing,  at Point Gie*>.    Eithei  TENDERS WANTED.*   ���������,  ,OUT OFJOWN.     ,  ,   ,  ���������     , ,        it   ' BUlIiDINGS.- ,  Victoria���������By Bie.semiuin''& Duifee ."ilO  Sa\waid ibidg\-foi grenl conti ot K ot P  l.all on Noitli''Paik bt Bik and conc  bldfe ii ������������������ 16  Sew "Westminster���������By L A W'lun.,  Sec School Boaid, until lune 12, foi elec  w u fin new high school Pan:., ^pecii,  etc, from i Gaidinei it "Ueicei, We tmln-  stei   Tiust  Bldg 12  Nortli Vancouver���������By Geo Campbell,  sec School Boaid until June 11 foi m-  tenoi finish foi uppei flooi in Lonsdale  school " ��������� ii  Victoria���������By .7 13 Gilfflths, Dept  Public Works, until June 12, ioi l.nge  one-ioom school at Diamond Closing,  ise\\ castle Distnct ]  CORPORATION s OF    POINT   GREY.  Tenders for Fire Piffhtlng1 Apparatus.  The Council i^ piepaied to receive tendeis up lo 5pm on JIonda\, >7une 17th,  foi a combined auto ho*-e and chemical  uagon of appiccimately SO hoi.se powoi,  -A L and A M " rating with accommodation foi at least 1200 icet of the heaM-  e t standaid fiie ho^e'-and 200 feet of  chemical hose, caiiMiig chemical tank  oi tanks of not less, than 40 gallons capacity -with hand chemicals, ladders and  the u = ual,other fiie fighting appaiatu-.  The  lowest  or  any  tendei   not neces.-  ail ���������*  accepted  BEW.  A.   CimiilFFE,  Cleik M   C  Municipal  Hall '���������'-13  Keiiitdale, B. C  Juno 3th,  1912  logs ioi  laige ie=. ���������-         . ��������� .. .    .        ��������� -.   --  dav woik oi   job to      TIew   Westminster���������By   L    A    White,  Stonework���������By R "M.'ckav J"*i ipp,*.TIut- sec school bo.n d, until June 12, foi genl  chinson bldg, foi stonewoik toi laige1 conti on 3 sto bik and stone s-chooi  ie.s at Point  Giev       ��������� ' '  * ���������*   Plans,, specif, etc, fiom Gaidinei  & llei-  Fire Hose���������By C AV "Munay, Sec of cei, Wrestminstei Tiust bldg, on deposit  School Boaid. until June 12, foi  hie hose, ol   $10 , 12  foi   se-ieial   schools      Paiticulais   from*.   Nelson���������By Geo  Johnstone, Nelson, B  seoietaiv .' 12   CV until  June   11   foi   genl   contiact  on  E'ect-ician Wanted���������Applications bj S | Kootenav Lake Genl Hospital, Xelson.  XV Barclay,' City C'cik, Keinie, ior posi- | Plans, and specif at office of S B Birds,  tion    ol    city    engineei       Applicants    to   Duncan  bldg, Vancomei 31  state e\penence and .salai v*"wanted       L|     Nelson���������By Geo  Johnstone, Nelson, B  Bubble Bock Work���������By P   S   Combs fr   ~    Son,   160   Hastings   st    lor   nibble   lock  woi k on i e  t for H   Bett^  Marble and Tile���������By S   C  Bi iscoe  rP : ,;     Clinton We!ded  Fabric  "\ I   * Aj -V   Vi   TB:E II>E-iI' BEOTFOBCEMESi".   "  '  SLABS.' SEWERS. '/    WALLS.  v /      ' l  L. A, NO'RRIS CO.  Exclusive   Pacific Coast Sales.  "fi  RESERVOIRS.  . PHONE SE*?.1 2190,  ���������ICG BOWEE BI.DQ-.  A'ckso Plumbing &. H'tg. Co  131   Tontli   Ave  Fairmont   537  fii  rinest Workmanship Exclusive Designs  Walcox Art Glass Studio  1471 Broadway W. Phone Bayview 245  EDWARD T8SVSIIVIONS  SLATER & ROOF TILER  r<nn���������7th Ave.. W.   Phone Fair. 12571J.  R. Nelson Finch  Eirpert   Builder   and   Financier  Soy. 7381      207*^ Carter-Cotton i*uiv  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED.  VANCOUVER     '  GEKEBAL CONTBACT.  Bung-alow���������By R Stanley "llitton, V.*il-  liains. bldi^, foi genl conti on bungalow  at Xanaimo ,, V  Endg-es���������Bv "Mackenzie & Mann, Met-  'opolitaii bldg, until noon, Julv S foi  ub-<-tiuctuie and supeistiuctuie ot 10  -.teel budges on l"*iaser, Tliompson and  \o Thompson rnei.s, between Toit  .Mann and Yellowhead Pass. P'-*-*"*"--.  recil, etc, at office of "Waddell & ll.n-  rington, Winch bldg after June *i, on  deposit ol $30 Tendeieis can bid on  all   oi   am   pait   ol   woik   oi    material  mlS  Hospital���������By S B Bird. Duncan bldg,  tendei- addies*-ed to Geo Johnstone, Xel-  'oii, foi   lio.-.pit,al  in  that city,  until  June  11.  II  Moving1 Ho'-se���������By KennPiley Bijan,  317 Cio\mi bldg, foi pui clm^e arid le-  mo\.il ot house at S\V coinei Bunaio  ���������iivl  I3\p eight sts I"  Bosidence���������By G L W light, Hit  Dom Tiust Bldg, Ioi genl conti on fiame  at,Point Gicj      Plans,  sped .  fiom  i r*-  abo\e  10  THE BURNSIDE :: ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-39   Granville   Street  Telephone Seymour 3704  J."E'.-Campbell''&.-Co.  PLUMBING  &   HEATING  ���������IIIFH PM-lif'-St. ���������*���������������������������-"  '. Phom'Setmnur 2736  Brict Work, Boliore.  iP  "GOOil CHEER" CIRCLE WATER PAN FURHACE  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  SHEET METALWORKERS  '. ��������� BUCK'S LEADER and GURNEY OXFORD FURNACES  Plione Bay. 296 1S40 5th Ave   W  A  PERFECTION GLIDING DOOR CO.  Phone. Sey. 1649        719 Pender St. W.  URRAY BROS.  PLUMBING and HEATING  721Hain Street.    '" *'.       Phone Seymour 8614  TITTLE & LEE  ������������������.   Sheet Metal Workers  Boat Tanks, Cornice, Rooflnz, Furnaces.  ���������582 Seymour St     Phone Sey. 44o8  Sey.  L. G. ROBINSON  Consulting1   Engineer   and  General Contractor  3413 ' 211  ITQlf'e'n    BT'ltr  Cliimnoys���������By S P Combs fr Son, 180  Ila-.lliiK.s st XX', Ioi cliimnejs and pillai;  in  ic ^  foi   FI   Bett/ '  Brick���������By S G llil^eoe, 109 Thuilow  n foi biiclc toi 4 cto bik apmt-, at above  field I c "S  ���������oricic -B.Y  XX'    XXr    Tenett     790   Gian  \ille  <-t,   foi   bik  woik foi   laige  Sh.iujjhne'sej.  Hts '  Canals, Cement, Concrete,  Concrete Work���������By S C Briscoe, 100  Thuilow st, for conciete woik foi apmts  bldi, ld  Concrete���������By C L Williams, 119 Pender st XV, for conciete work foi blclK  at  613  Gramille  st !<���������  Cement���������By W AV Jenett, 790 Gianville st for cement and woik foi laicre  re, .it Sliaughncs������-ev Hts 1"  Excavating1, Elevators, Electric -Fixtures  Brickwork���������By R "Mackay 1*"PP. Tlut-  chinscn hd?, Ioi buck work ior l'"-1!*fe  tes  at  Point  Giev \ *  Bock Excavation���������By Mc.Mpme Robei t������on Const Co 701 Jletiopolitan bldg,  foi lock excavation, about 300 cu jdb, at  Todd   Inlet    H   C , , 20  Excavation���������By F IT Teiklns, 6i  Hutchinson bldg, foi excavation foi G0\  122  ft  apmts   at   Hastings   and   Jackson  ID  Furnaces, Sheet Metal, Tire Escapes,  Fixtures  Sheet OTetal Work���������By Booker. Camp-  boll fr Whipple, Ltd, 413 Gianville foi  slit mctl woik foi Mathers apmts, llth  and   Main ���������    1J  Fixtures���������By S C Bi iscoe, 109 Thurlow st, toi fixtuies for 1 sto apmtb at  above addi ess 1 5  Fixtures���������By P. S. Combs,& Son, 160  Hastings s-t "W, for light, bath and'.plbg  fiixturess for res for H. Bettz.    ������������������'���������.'     7 .  109  Tluuiow st for'i mai ble and tie foi 4  sto brk apmts at above addiess  Electrician , Wanted ��������� Applications bv  AVm McQueen, city cleik, until lune 3o,  foi1 position of Vancouvei City klectii-  cian ���������    '     i6  Plaster.  Flbaf..  ���������Pvzst.. Fav.. Fipe.  Filinsr,  Fainting-���������By AV. XV  Jerrett. 790 Gianville   st.-v foi      pntg   Ioi      laige  Shaughnessey Heights  C, until June 11, foi steam litg foi ho  pital at N'elson Plans and soecif at ol-  fice oi S B Buds, Duncan^bldg, Vancouver. 31  Saskatoon���������By City Comms, until June  25, foi complete install ot all bldgs and  appaiatus for  70-ton   incineiatoi 25  I Begina���������By Highway Comnis for steel  woik foi seveial biidges Plans, specif,  etc,  will  be  furnished  by  comms   attei  I June I , 20  |     Trail���������By A   McLean, sec Bldg Comu-.  i until   lune   S,   foi   lemoval   of   bid  ��������� "ASBESTOS'   ^  Shingles, Slates and Sheet's.  W. ^THOMSON & CO.  319 Pender St."West, Main  Floor  Phone Sevmour 3394  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY. LTD.  Successors to J. T.  Heriett Co , limited.  S  Oflice, Warehouse and Wharf:  1029 Main St.  Phone Sevmour 8491  on . ........   ,....v;   u,   m.   .^...u.ai   of   bldgs .011  15   fair giounds, and election of bldgs, giad-  Valves-By H Tioyd.' C M C Kenis-1 "JS &���������M^F���������'" ^^ ^ imms  ^���������ve"nConUact 2Ko ' 1S ' ^t.cuTns I "������C=^ ���������C.. MATERIA"*. .IABINE.  Horn Cleveland fr Cameron, "Winch  bld<r I     Boswell���������By���������    R    C'     Desiosceis,     Sec  oi   no...   i3���������i%   Twi,.,    pttavya,   Ioi    pile   bent  21 "Dept   Pub   AVks,  Castings���������By Ft Floyd, CMC lveiiu-.-  daK, until June -24, foi c^tgs under Special Castings Contiact No 19" Paiticulais fiom  Cleveland &- Campion,  A*i inch  blHydiants���������By II Flojrt,C*MC Ke.is-  dalel until June 21, for hvdiants undei  "llvclrant Contiact Xo 20 ' Paiticulais  fiom Cleveland  A: Cameron, AVinch  bidg  Kalsomining���������By Sec School Boaid until June 12 kalsomining and painting  \auous schools     Specif fiom secietai^  Fainting���������By S C Bi iscoe, 109 Thuilow st, ioi painting foi 1 sto bi apnits  at above addiess Jp  Fainting"���������By F. S. Combs, & Son, ,160  Hastings   st  AV,   foi   pntg  in   i cs  BStMl Pipe-By   -la-   Stinit   C.tv  Agt    until   June   12,   foi    > 1 000  and   C    I.   vvatei     pipe.  foi   11  Pur  ft  steel  ^    j     ��������� ���������ww     seveial    sizes  SpeVifJiiom"Herrnoii fr Bunvell, Inns of  C������Fainting-���������By    Metiopolitan  Tnve-tni ���������>  whaif at Boswell Tendeis to be in  by Julv 2, and plan.s, specil fiom Dist  l^nsi, Xew AA'ostmmstei 2  'SRicliinond���������By  C   L,   Blight,  C   M   C,  ior   loading   and    hauling   1000   v cK   ol  lock iicn.  .iv en  to -so   3  toad      lencei  to   be an   by   June   17 17  New Westminster���������By AA' A Duncan,  cit vQlerk. until June 17 ioi paving 3d,  4th, 5th and Gth a\es fiom 1st to 1th  sts, 1st st liom liovil to Gth ave, ind  st, fiom Clinton-Pi to 6th ave, llh *-t  fiom Colukbia to Gth ave Tendeis  will be lecd ioi any 01 all of the following kinds ot pave Asphaltic con-  jciete, Bitulitlns, llasaam, Vitillied biick  Cieo-oted wood block Conti actor to  lay conciete walks and latei al stoi m  seweis Plans and spl'cif 10m J AV B  Blackmail,  citj   engi,  on  deposit .of $25  Bed Deer, Alta���������By  Citv  Comms  until   June S, toi  laige amount of conciete  .sidewalks,    cm Us    and    gutteit.       PI,in  fiom Sevmour & Dawn,  lied  Dcei S  Peiiticton���������By   F     If     Latnnei,    Jlin  Hngi    until   June  1 I.   Ioi   supply  and   in  Support Home Industries   By Specif vine  .    THE ANVSL ISLAND BRICK CO., LTD.  *      BEST PRESSED  RED BRICKS '      V  Office and Works:    Anvil  Island,  Howe Sound,  B.  C.  SETTLING AGENTS , _    -  RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, i_TD.  FHOITE SETMOjrB 91S2/   OFFICE AND WHABF OHASTHLE ST. BBIDGE'  CHAPMAN & WALKER BlTO.  ENGINEERS.        ** * "   "   /  ,   DEALERS   IN .ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES. *"    ^  KEEP COOI,.  use    "c. a w  . 'ELECTBIC   FANS. ...  v      (All types.)    OB3>l!B NOW.  PHONE SEYMOUR 9379 r443    Seymour St. -   "��������� P. O. BOX 1353  Fnmtlng-���������By  ei,   Campbell   &   AA hippie,  apmts  foi    J   B   IMaUiei  TA���������,r     Water Fipe���������By Jas   Stuait   C.tv Hall  GS   lB^nUianSon.^une'l2fo,   10 000   ft   24 In  steel   pipe    and    1000   ������   IS-m     F 111  pipe     Specif a. _  well   inns  of  Couit bldg  t office of Heimon  4; Bur  ~W77TSWIITH & SON  Heating Engineers  Steam, Hot Water & Vacuum Systems (  pSjglir^BV^B       S09-lOth Ave.  E 1  Architects guilders  Contractors  We are at your service to  give you any information required regarding installing  gas pipes and appliances.  Also location of mams.  Phone S. 5000 and ask for  New   Business  Dept.  VANCOUVER GAS COMPANY  779   Granville,   Show   Room  New Business Show Room  16   Hastings   E.,  Merrit";���������By Citv Cleik, until June 1.1.  foi ste.yn engine veneiatoi, pumps  tiansfoimeis, tiansmis^-ion poles and  .11 ms Plans, &peeii, etc, at office ot  Dutchci   &   "Maxwell,   31'J   Pendei   st  XV  13  New AVestminster���������By L A AA'hitc.,  Sec School Boaid, until June 12, foi  plbs in'3 sto high school Plans specif,  etc. fiom Gaidiner fr JMeicei, AVes-tmin-  ,stci   Tiust Bldi? 12  New,. Westminster���������By T, A AA7hito,  *=ec .school boaid, until June 12, for litR  foi now high school Plans, specif,  liom Gaidinei fr Meicei, AVeitminstPr  Tiust b'dg 12  Vernon���������By D C Tate Citv Cleik, until June 10, foi-ssupplv fob Areinon of  2 nil s-toiage tanks Specif at office of  Mather, A'uill & Co, Hutchinson bldg,  Vancouver 10  Edmonton���������By R C Desi ochers, Sec  l")ept Pub AA'k=!, Ottawa, until June 17,  foi pile whaif at Edmonton NPlans  from  I.,   B   Blliott   Calgai v 17  Victoria���������By Citv Cleik, until 4pm,  ATav II, foi 211,000 sq vds asphalt pave  Specit,  etc fiom C   D   Rust,  City Engr  31  Vernon���������By D G Tate, citv clerk, until June 10. foi elec equip Specif atiof-  lico o'f "Mather, Yuill & Co, Hutchinson  bldg 10  Vernon���������By D G Tate, city clerk, until Tune 10, for 17 000 ft -t in, and 10,500  ft C in C I water pipe. Specif from  Citv  Engi 10  Vernon���������By D G Tate, city clerk, until June 10, for 125 gate valves and 36-4  to 8 in hydrants. Specif from City Engr.  ���������'���������������������������"        '���������:���������".���������'��������� :      10  Chemical and Efficiency Engineers.  Inspection  of  Cement.   Concrete,   Oil   and  Road  Materials.  Geological Beports on Baw Materials.  Waterproofing* of Concrete.  NEWHALL, SMITH  OFFICE:   1106 Dom. Trust Bldg., Vancouver.  CO.  PHONE:   Sey. 2814  British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.  1605 Georgia St.  / Manufacturers  Vancouver Phone. Seymour 6504  Alltree & Churchland  EIiECTBICAL CONTBACTOBS  976 Granville Street  'Fhone,  Seymour  2707  SHOVER & THOMAS  Sand   Gravel   and .  Building Material .  'Plione Seymour 1365.    Office and  Wharf   "  s 959 Main Street   ,  Johnston - Thompson Co.  Plumbing and Heating  ^   Engineers - >  525 BURRARD ST. Phone Sey. 7899  TERMINAL LUMBER & SHINGLE CO.  LIMITED.  /MABrUPACTUBEBS, OP   PIKE  LUMBER And shingles  W. B. COOKE & CO.  308 Carter Cotton Bldg*.  Phone:    Seymour 7997  NOBTHWESTERN *LEAGUE  Base  Ball  POBTI.AND jVS.   VAHCOUVER.  Week   commencing1   June  3d. "  Recreation Park  Admission 25    and 50c  Great West Mfg. Co., Ltd.  CABINET   "HAHEBS  BANK, STORE  AND  OFFICE  ** FIXTURES  Phone Fair. 1471' 52 Dufferin St. W.  Estimates Furnished  /;  E Mff'V


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