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Daily Building Record Jan 29, 1912

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': r, **��*?! rVXfor**'-'
/ '^/_ .---'v- ''
���''  ', -     '  ��� <            ' !���.,'
Q    "
' ",       "'  '"  "
.        '           ...              '      ���-_.
���  ,    .>.���<   ��' :���?]'������-
'r-    ,s'!
���; ~.  -^v_-i        r   -,������
to the in teres
B-ji__Jir_s, Contracting, Engineering; irrigation and General Improvement News- '.    ���
ics of Architects, Contractors, Engineers; Materia! Dealers and others interested in the building tifad
tfade of the N.W,
r-e&eQl. V_!blisl.ing   Co.,   Vancouver,  Publishers.
Covering British Columbia.
Vol. 1,  No. 43, Monday, Jan. 29( 1912.
;.{    >50 SKV-JOUR STREET
Vancouver, B. 0.   ' Private Exchange, Seymour 4795
'' jVI ASTER  BUILD ER*3' M ET1T0D'' of repairing cement floors. Makes
olcl floors new and new floors waterproof, truckproof, dustproof.
'H_TDROLITE" for waterproofing; all classes  of (cement   and   concrete
���.vork.     ��� ' ���
-' ��� .' . ';
Rr e ;o!ith Plastic Flooring
301 Pacific, Bldg.   Sey. 8144
U- .     ,   1      i ;_
Tar and- Gravel Roofing ,
Water   Proofing
���   Roof Repairing -      .  a
All Work Guaranteed
Phone Seymour 7417
814 Metropolitan  Bldg.  '
312 Pacific Bide.
Phone Seymour 9162, Private Exchange.        Office  and  Bunkers,  OranvlUe  Street  Bridge.	
i;i3C���l1/-'- sto fr ios $2000
1337���fVi-hlo fi   ios .-"00
133S���1 Mi-bio lr res $1300
J339���9-,sto cone ofc bids .'. .J2I...0OO
13-10���l^s-sto lr res!.... ?,1.00
Streot Address.
Lot and Block.
2603 AV. Gill st...
2nd five XV	
117 Louie st. ..'. .
G20 Ponder st XV
���262Z  2nd .ive  XV..
..'. 13V6 of S_3'
 i.i/j of ir>���1.
 5   Sc  0���33'
..: B���(i
" A.   Al.' Morrison
!i!0      Conti
200    ,1...1   Owner
1541   Somervell & Putnam
192    '....*- -.   Owner
Owner     .'
Alex McDonald 20C0 4lh ave XT.
Can. Kerro Concrete Co t	
Owner   ''.....
F. M.  Chapman  .118 "Water'.st
.1. XT. Moore 2331  lth ave XT.
XV.  Eaton  Ill   Lome st
London British N'orth America, Ltd	
Reginalds, Band .'��� 2577  5th XV.
Building permits' for Victoria will be I found on Page 2; other cities on Page 4.
We Absolutely Guarantee
Prompt  Delivery.   Try  Us
'HONE  2988
Our office issues your [&&.*-_- tAH�� LUA-_--__TY 1WSUKANCE
also   adjusts   losses without   delay or referring to any remote
Head   Office T .-    -
British American Trust Company, Limited.
' '      Insurance Department
Carter-Cotton Bldg-.     " .    . . VANCOUVER,' B. C.
\Phono  Seymour 7620
Tlie Long-Life Enamel.'   Vitralite is an
absolutely  wliitB  enamel, uuequaled  for
Not only is
*��� _ ,
durability,and elasticity, either.in tlie Gloss or Egg-Shell Huish
Vitralite superior _o_yii-to_i-r. work l^ut it can be absolutely depended" upon
for'all o'iitside work and _iuc_i-.iiite_.ior work'subject to .frequent wotting-,-as
batlirooms, kitchens, etc. ;^>    *:'���  - - ,
70 Cordova*St. "West
Phone Seymour 6S75.
ariadBUn Pacific Lumber Ia. Limited
\"    " Successors to
Manufactuvors of
Railway and Salisbury   , specialties
Drive l FIR   DOORS
VANCOUVER,  __. C. Steamed Fir Finish
A permit to erect .their
concrete and .steel oflice bldg -"at
Pender st was granted to , the I London
tintl Biltl.h So r th .America Co. , Saturday at the building inspector's, LOfflfce.
The conciete work has been awardedjto
the Canadian Fe'i-ro Concrete Co., But
as yet no general contract has been let
The   building  wl.l   cost  about   $250,po"0.
Archts Somervell Sc Putnam,.*520 Pacific Bldg. will receive tenders for wrecking building.* at cor. of ^Granville and
Georgia sts. to make ready for Ilenry
T-iiks i.' Sons' new jewelry Store
Con tractors wishing to do this worlc'will
call  at above olllce  immediately. ,
Only Pormlts amounting- to less than
$1000 will be found under this head.
' The following material is mentioned
to be used in the structures called Xu_,
in the permits above, whose numbers
correspond to those preceding: the following items. .o
133G���2000 br, 600 yds.pl, 11 bbls cmt.
1337���2000 br, 550 yds pi, S bbls, cmt.
1338���1800 br, 650 yds pi, 6 bbls cmt.
1340���2500 br, 1800 yds pi, 750 bis cmt
, l FOR   NEW
1320 Richards St.
Phone Seymour 1196
Doors, Sash, Mouldings, Etc.
Mills, Ofllces and Factory:
Cor. Victoria Drive and Powell Street.
Phone Seymour 8890
Tho Raeco Products Co., 301 Pacific
bldg, has filed supplemental article's
changing its name to the Raecolith
Flooi ing Co., ibv which it will be known
in the futuie. The change in the name
of the company has been made in oider
to give it a better descriptive title, as
all of its products aie used-for flooring
I-tn-poses.  ���
Excavating has. been started for the
new concrete ancl i_steel ��� garage bldg
for the Ford Motor Co of Canada, to
to be erected at 1129-31 Howe st J.
,f. Donnollan, 319 Pender st, drew the
Plans for two other concrete gaiages
are now being piepared and will be built
In the same locality. Full details concerning the last two will be given In
these  columns  in  a short time.
Dominion Sash & Door-Co., Ltd .
<     2120CEDARST.
' Phone Bay. 646   Near Sixth W
Seymour 4674.
Western Plate Glass
& Imp. Co. Ltd.
Reg. Office:  153,Cordova Sv   ��_
.  '   VANCOUVER, B. C. .
' i?nw_fl*
Leaded Art. Glass
Thome   Metal  Store  Front  Bni^
Bevelling' and Silvering    fffiar
'   ,   *itore Fronts Glazed      Wsfi
Standard Glass Co. Ltd
Phone Seymour 6476. ' 829 Barnard St.
Floor  Layers ' and Designers
Sey. 6853���Bay. 139R. 557 Granville St ��
Vancouver IVSarbfie Sc Tile Co.,
103 Winch Building Phone Seymour 187 - 5929
English " IK-IB & S " and California
Lime, Plaster, Fire Brick, Tin Plates.
Piglron Etc.
Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's
791 Granville St. -
Phone Seymour 1487     ���
Vancouver, B. C.
Sole Agents
421-429 Dufferin St. W.    .
Phone Fair. 1238
^rchiba_c_ F-vHoiir ��& Go
����. The Map Men"'
Drafting Tracing
Reliability and IDispatch
Room. 216 - 217 Empire Bide. Phone Seymour 537B
���A. R. Gouifcfcs Si Co.
Phone: Sey. 1204
Hamilton- & Helmcken Sts.
'NOUTrT VANCOUVER���The management of the Palace Hotel has decided up-_
on extensive alterations and additions to
the present building Among other im-
piovements aie a new dining room, 107
by -10 feet and .a new kitchen 10 feet:
square. Work will be commenced within a short time
N'Ol-TiT VANCOUVER���The contract
Toi- erecting a 3-..tory .tore and apartment building to be erected on Lonsdale
n.vc between 1 Sth and 19th sts has been
awarded to John McEwan. Work will he
started immediately.
NEW. WESTM'TiNST-.."���The, proposal
to build a two-room addition to the wing
of the S.'-pperton School, which, had already been resolved on, was abandoned
at the meeting-of. the school Trustees
last week and the .architect instructed
proceed with the wing as already planned. The plans for the second school ut
the West End,- adjacent to the present
Lord Kelvin School, costing SIO.OOO,
were also inspected, but in the absence
of Air. John'Peck, chairman of the'build-
ing committee, nothing'definite v/as decided on.
NORTH VANCOUVER���Tho building
permits issued this month by Inspector
Fugler are very satisfactory, and denote a,. large : increase over the same
three weeks at the beginning of 1911.
Tlie figures are  :lfill. $S000;   1912.  $30,-
ooo.   '���'���'....���'
- AV. .1. Ilaulngton of Waddell & llar-
lington, Kanius City, has been in town
several days-.confei ling with officials of
the C. N. R. lelative to the construction
of ten new bteel bridges for -.\hicli hli
firm has receUed the engineering contract The ten steel bridges to be built
for the C N. R. company will lepiesent
an expendituic ol $1,300,000. _Ir. Harrington stated one will span the Kraher
at Cisco, with another at Lytton. There
will bo seven across the main Thompson
between Its junction with the Fraser and
Kamloop"-. The tenth biidge Is to be
built .icioss the Noith Thompson near
its junction with the main Thompson
just noi th of Kamloops.
Hardware, (Mantels, Grates, Tiles
Paints, Varnishes,  Heating and
Plumbing Supplies, and. General
937-947 IViAIN STREET    " "
Vancouver, B. C.
Phone  Seymour 9570
.: Archt. XV. P. White, Hutchinson bldg,
is preparing plans for a two-story frame
apartment and ������''store', building to' be
erected on 12th ave; E near Woodland
drive.  H.  S.  Howling .!_   the owner.  :
The North Vancouver Coal & Supply
Co., have.been awarded tlie contract for
coaling the "Morning Star" of the Taco-
ma-Vaneouver Steamship Co. during the
coming season. ��� "T"~
��� The Suply Co. is planning on un extension to, their present wharf to cost
about $3000. Work will be started immediately.
J. Dairon & Co., 513 Hamilton st. have
just completed the contract for the tile
and marble work on the. Grandview and
Wellington' theatres and have lately been
awarded the contiact for the same woii-
,on the Strand Hotel.
The Millwork. Supply Co. have taken
over the interests of the Clear Cedar
Mill Co., and offices of the concern have
been  moved  to 1005  Main st. '
;S & CO.. L3MITE
Importers and Jobbers
211  Columbia Ave. Phones Seymour 18 and Seymour 7565
Olllce and Works:   'llCfi Sixth Avenue W.,'Vancouver, B.  C.
Wo stock hero a complete line of the' gooCz it the following- arms:    ,
���Contractors' and Builders' Equipment carried In stock, including:   '
.�������.   Hoists, Derricks and Winches.'
-Concrete Mixers.
-Scrapers,   Dump Cars and' Relaying; Rails. , ,
��� Centrifugal'Pumps. '
Steam Shovels and Rock Crushers.
Motors, Air Compressors, etc., et,c.
AVe have a fully equipped machine shop.    Contractors' rush orders given
special arid prompt'attention. '-
30 Satisfied   Users  In  Vancouver
1065 Pender St.
Phone Seymour 5711
Office: 108 Alexander St.
Phone Seymour 1738.
Warehouse: 821 Powell St.
, (Builders and Contrac-
. .tors'
Metal Lath, Metal Celling. Wire Rope, Tool &
Drill Steel and General
Let us figure on your ELECTRICAL CONTRACTS. Nothing too large;
nothing too small. Our stock of Electric Chandeliers is the largest,in the
.city. ,
338 Hastings Street West.
i_jm---ssw-_---$E- _.-_*-  British Columbia  DAILY BUBLDING RIECO&D  1    DAILY   BTJH.DIHC.   RECORD.  Published Dally Except Sundays  RECORD FUBLISHIKa COMPANY   ''  Clyde M. David     - Manager  A B. St. John    - Editor  MEMBER BUILDERS' EXCHANOE  Address:  G83 Homcr-Rlchards Lane   -  Rear of 431 Dunsmuir Street  Telephone Seymour 780S  Subscription Price       -       J1.00 a month  Payable  in 'Advance  VICTORIA NEWS.  WILL TARE TENDERS FOR  EXTENSION OF WHARF  *- VICTORIA���������An extension of the garbage wharf at the foot of Herald st. has  been decided upon and tenders for the  , work will be received by Wm. Northcott,*  City Purchasing Agent up to 3 p.m. Feb  ..th. Plans and specifications may be  seen at olllce of Mr. Northcott.  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  IMPORTERS  OF  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  " BULLDOG " Wire Rope WHITE'S Cement.  Producers Rock & Gravel Co., Ltd.  Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAY.     < ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD.  OFFICE AND BUNKERS FRONT AND MANITOBA STS.  Phone Fairmont 552 Vancouver B. C.  Head Office and Bunkers Store St. Foot Of Chatham  Phono 305  Victoria B. C.  J' (  ���������ii-  110 '  \,}V.   ���������  w  :..  yi  .4  .J ,-  i '  ii  i  I.  V  I.  '        MR. SORBV RECOMMENDED.  VICTORIA���������The Harbor Association  lias forwarded a resolution to the Dominion Government recommending that Mr.  Sorby be appointed local engineer" in  charge of the proposed further develop-  -menls'of this port in apreciatlon of his  long and faithful service.  Western Bungalow  . ���������   Company  Designing of homes our specialty  SUPERVISING and ESTIMATING  Sey. 1856.    703 Dominion Trust Bldgr.  99.5% .Pure  1   <&  Others may talk  but chemical analysis  tells the true story.  Pacific, Lime Co., Ltd., Lime Manufacturers.  Plans for Buildings in this Table are in the'Hinds or the Architects,   and   the   Date   Givon  'Completion is Approximate only.   When the Contract is Let, Name of  " Contractor is Given in Last C olumn.  for   their  Character Estimated  Cost  ;iVT'T>>?-FBurnaby  plans  for  19  'AH'i-viiii road improvement of e  _    _- ^..-W1*r*. -  ."-.I-"      "J tll-ln   '   T.    It!  <-at<rr.r>._-_l   !  !. : /���������'  :<r  TO  IMPROVE  ROADS  DtrEiNO- cowaxa year  BURNABY���������The     .municipality'      of  912  a campaign "of  considerable magnitude. ' It is estimated that'approxlmately  ',,   '80,000   yards   of   crushed   rock, will   be  1      used this  year,  and in  order  to supply  ,, this  tremendous  demand,  it is .proposed  --   that a'Wharf shall be built'on the-munl-  clpality's property fronting on the,North  .    . - ���������   -Arm  of'the  Fraser/'on   which  a  large  ,   rock-crushing plant  may  be established  In 'order to handle the work projected  Engineer'  McPherson   has . requisitioned  for| additional  plant    at    an    estimated  'cost of ?12,930. /This will include a.port-  p.       able rock crusher and bin, a steam wa-  . *     ,*- '  gon   for long hauls  and   dump  wagons,  . | road graders, scrapers and ploughs, etc.  He   recommends   that    re-gr,ading    and  ���������  rocking'roads be,done by day labor, while  i     clearing, slashing and rough grading are  more economically done by contract.   He  favors   letting  contracts   in   small   sec-  ,   ./f^-i;,ytlons, in order that local contractors may  '-'^"''^.tie assisted to secure a laige proportion  Ai4!^oi the" work.  ---..* '/.-rV,                                      - - ��������� l  2\> -. i y ,     i;  ' l   7;3'������EW  CAR X.HTE   POR  SOUTH VANCOTTVEK,  _!.  ' SOUTH VANCOUVER���������The chief object  of discussion  at a- meeting  of the  3-sto   apmts ,  7 sto cone  apts.   6-sto brk liotel..'   3-4-sto apmts and stores.  ���������1-sto, brk apmts   4-sto  store  and   apmts...  4  bridges      2-sto tr apmts   Theater '.   G-sto  brk  whse   5-sto store  &  ofllces   2-sto bank  bldg. ...'......  4-sto, brk store & rms. . . .  3-sto store & apmts   3-sto fr apints   9-sto  cone  offices   3-sto brk stores & apmts.  2-sto St bsmt bldg   6-sto  relnf-conc hotel....  5-sto ,conc & brk rmg. . . .  2-sto cone laundry   Brick school      Add to apmts   3-sto   brk   apmts   2-sto brk; bank   Brk  & stone  church   Adobe res    3-sto brk store & apmts.......  1-sto   factory      5-sto brk addn $  Brick and stone church   5-sto store and offices   10-sto cone oflice bldg   '  10-sto cone offices.   15-sto.oflice bldg   6-sto store &' theater bldg.  Stone church   Dry dock     Smelters     Brk and stone church  8-sto cone hotel '  Apmts      Apmts   . ...'   4-sto cone convent...  3-sto brk res.'   3-sto brk-stone res...  3-sto fr elevator   10-sto cone apmts...-.  6-sto cone add   6-sto apmts   6-sto store Sc rooms. .  Dept.  s.tores      Shipyards     10-sto   office-theater..  Saw  mill   3-sto, 80x90, apmt   Hotel     .   Drill  hall      Depot & offices.......  Lower Lake   Manufacturing plant  3-sto brk apmts  SO.OOO  $250,000  100,000  160,000  75.0U0  ���������15,000  ,750,000  22,000  location .   Owner  3rd A\e Sc Laicli' McTavish Bros.  Pender & Thurlow. .. .Air . U. T.   Runner  KeOier <__ Gore .Mrs.  W.  S-mlord  Pender. Bute, Melville St. I. J. BunheUl  .. ..McNeil  Bros.   D.  .McCallum   C. N. R.-  . .Savainar Bros.  ts-  Alberni st.  Broadway & Yukon.',  British Columbia  .. .  50S-1S Semlin  Drive.  2������',00l)  Alain   St      75,000  C.   P., It.   Keer.e   75,000  Alain   Sc  Cordova   50,000  Hammond,  li.  (J.  Architect ...' Plans Ready  W. D'O. II. Rochfort  Horton  & Phipps   Bids- closed         --.,_ Tenders Closed  Hugh Braumon ���������.. .Tenders closed  it*"  .'_  ���������>r_t  I-H  N  m  m  W  m  m  Hf  (--_IU Ulll Cb_-111L_> *  Elevator Factory '  Parliament Bldgs  10-sto office bldg.  tion recently was concerning the construction of a "carline along the above-  named thro ugh fa re, while the widening  of the street to a width of SO feet is'a.so  contemplated. Tramway, publicirv and  street-widening committees have ' beer,  appointed. ���������   .  Cone theater  Cone stadium  Women's .Club,  29,000  70,000  20,000  225,000  1S.000  ���������'   2S.O0O  100,000  I.'CMijO  ..$60,0110  50,000  40,000  .$145,000  25,000  75,000  25,000  40,000  15,000  225,000  25,000  100,000  '  350,000  400,000  500.000  125,000  50,000  1,000,000  1,000,000  100,000  ' 75,000  50,000  50,000  350,000  .   35,000  20,000  15,000  400,000  60,000  GO,000  50,000  1,500,001'  25,000  350,000  50,000  75,000  1,000,000  200,000  1,000,000  250,000  100,000  40,000  300,000  2,000,000  , 350,000  350,000  250,000  150,000  .Acudu-  Tru.t  Co.  .Bank ir.t'  Hamilton  S00 Blk, Richards St. .J. A. Montgomery  4th Sz Yew Syndicate  Cedar   Cottage    .'.*   Pender _Ua|ion, AlcFar.and & Proctor-  Victoria    Cordova - st      Victoria >. ...c.i./aiiie.-. Co., Ltd.  509-77 Brdwy E.Goldbloum ... ���������.i-.~i.ob.!;.'  Victoria..'. Victoiia L._ui'Jry  '^o.  Kannoops  .' ���������    City  Victoria Miss Jean Mollison  1-t & Point Grey Ave R. II. Partridge  F. II. Perkins  rown&end & Townsend..  Townsend & Townsend..  Waddell & Harrington..  Townsend & Townsend.  Perry &, Nicolais.   G. P. Howie   .J.  B.   Dutour   Grant & Henderson ,  G. P. Bowie   J.   P. 'Alathieson   &   Son,  Dawson   &  Pentecost.  Now.  .... Now   Now  .... Now  . . . .Now  January-  January  January  January  January  January  January  CANADA MOSAIC TILE CO.  Manufacturers Of  "Argifla" Mosaic Flooring Tiles  Telephone 1045  1318, Wharf Street  P. O. Box 1171  VICTORIA, B. C.  " 1)1. A. G. "  Roof Compositions  For Waterproofing Or Fireproofing  1118 Granville St. ; ' * 1326 Wharf St.  Vancouver , ,'_-., Victoria  Somerveli'& Putnam.,_ - January  L. XV. .Hargreaves   -..lift.-.      AV     Wl.i.._ ^  Alerrit. ..  Victoria. .'   Shaughnessy. Hts.  Kitsilano      Victoria. ..'   Haro & Thurlow..  Fraser ave   Victoria..  Club bldg'  250,000  Hospital     75,000  Brk or cone school  50,000  Power plant .' '... 696,000  4-sto store Sc lofts .'  "    75,000  E.  & N. RAILWAY WH_X.  EXTEND FURTHER  OTTAWA���������The Government has approved the plans submitted by the DsikiI-  malt and Nanaimo railway company for  Its extension up the east coast of Vancouver Island from Union Bay to Duncau  Bay. Copies of these plans have b������ei*  filed with the provincial authoriUes and  Indicate ,the location of the line as well  as the intention of the company to establish extensive terminals at Duncan  Bay.- ' , ,  It Is understood that a very early commencement of construction is contemplated by the company, the clearance ol'  right of way and the beginning of the  grading of the line being nlre.id.. at  hand.  University bldgs         500,000  Hospital .  5-sto   brk  hotel   10���������-to steel & conc.ofc bldg.  Theater    2 storage and canneries.  50,000  65,000  00,000  250,000  250,000  Bridge       2,100,000  All  items  below  this  rule  appear  in  Add to Cecil  Rhodes school  7S.00O  Brk  and ."tone school  75,000  2   brk   and   stone 'adds  130,000  Add brk and stone .school  65,000  Dawson  ��������� ehool    *.-. 1 50.000  4-room  add     25,000  Cement  plant   . .*-  1,000,000  2  schoo's     200,000  Steel   bridge     150,000  . .Bank of Alontreal  .. .St. John's Church  . .. .Airs. Dr.  Mackay   1-1.   C.   Mumv  .Can. .Mosaic Tile Co.   :. ~.~-~t. P: Agren  .-.South Hill Baptists  ..T. .*.. Hibben & Co.  Granville Sc Georgia. .11. Dirks Sons, Ltd.  Hastings & Abbott. . . .������������������. .Gijossman Sc Co.  Hastings.& Richards... .Inv. Guar. Corp.  New Westminster Peoples Trust Co.  Shaughnessy Hts    '.Alethodlsts  Esquimau B.  C.  Marine   Rys.  Portland Canal.Granby Cons. M. & S. Co.  Carl and Pender.'.-. .Church of St. James  223 Hastings 13 .' L. L. Wills  Kitsilano   Broadway ���������" -   Shaughnessy Hts'.... .Sisters of St. Ann  Shaughnessy Hts '.'....J. II. Senkler  Shaughnessy Hts *.   1G06 Gth Ave XV.. McLellan AlcCarter Ltd  Georgia. & Hornby Mr. Evans  Victoria1 S. Jones  Cardero & Comox Ii. D. Hutchinson  Seymour,  near Dunsmuir.. .D.  Campbell   ' 11. B.  Co.  Burrard Inlet. .XV. D. Anderson, Toronto   Alex  Pantages  Not chosen... .Bloedel. Stewart & Welch  Victoria Lindsay & Roberts  Secnelt, B. C P. P. Bigwood-  Deadman's Island    Dominion  Granville & Cordova :.... C. P. R.  Burnaby Mun. of Burnaby  Burrard  Inlet..; G.  B.   Bouratteau  Park drive J. H. Richardson  Not chosen... .Can. Van Emon Elev. Co.  Winnipeg Manitoba  Granville st   .Georgia Sc Hornby Syndicate  Coal Harbor Vancouver  Thurlow fSt   Women's  Clubs  -Not chosen '. .Vancouver Club  Nelson, B. C..Kootenay Lake Gen. IIosp.  Nanaimo ' School   Trustees  Kamloops    City  Pender, nr Columbia. .Story & Campbell  Point Grey    Province  Prince Rupert ....' City  Powell st1 '...- He. Hemlow  Granville, nr Georgia Syndicate  Granville St ..L. Richmond. Jr.  Porcher Island B. C. Fisheries, Ltd.  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  January 10   Ian.   10  Clo.so Jan. ' 15  . .. Janu-i-y 15  '. . . Ke'.ru.ry 1'   Feb. 1  ... February 5   '..Feb.  15  .. February 15  ....: February   February   February   February   February  . February  this table for first time today.  City School Board  12th  and  Victoria dr School  Board  D. L. 301 . . .' School Board  Hastings    School  Hoard  -V. A. Leech . : Alarch  Central school  '....'.' School  Hoard  Tod Inlet, Vancr. Island. .Po. C. Const Co.  New   We-tminster j..School  Board  Georgia-! fai-ris st    '..:' City  Bresemann & Durfee.  Townsend & Townsend  Hutchinson & Ford....  J. Parlett   J  .D. S.'Taylor:   F. H.'Perkins ,  Honeyman & Curtis   W." R.  Wilson   W. A. Doctor   J.  B.  Dutour   J.  M.   Warren   Quandt & Creutzer   G. A. Horel    Thos. Hooper Al t>-ch i  omervell Sc Putnam Alarch  Russell,  Babcock & Rice Alarch  Russell,' Babcock & Rice Jlarch  XX. A. Doctor March  G. A.  Horel .: Alarch  Co.,, Engrs    ; Alarch  Co. Engrs   Alarch  Alexander & Brown Alarch  F. Al. Bender Alarch  David Blair  .* Alarch  David Blair   Alarch  A. F. Heide..: Ularoh  1<. L. Townley March  Smith Sc Goodfellow : Alarch  C.  IS.  Vogel : Alarch  E. Stanley Mitton '....- Alarch  Thos.  Hooper  * April  ������' A!* n rlpp; ,- ��������� ��������� ��������� APril  Hugh Braunton ,......, .April  Co. Archt June  Not  Chosen    '. ". June  J. J. Donnellan : - June  Not chosen    June  Robt. Knipe   XV. M. Somervell    <   Not chosen   W. S. Painter   Not chosen    *   Not  chosen    :   J.  H.  Bowman   Not chosen      Not   Chosen      J. W. Keagey   Not Chosen   ���������  Fredk. Heath   Not  chosen      Not Chosen'    Not chosen .'   Not chosen   Dutcher & Maxwell....  XV.  T.  Whiteway   Not cho-en    ,  Competition  . ..'   m^HOIllE^I������R-?_MR_Ii������__-Eftm  PERFECTLY VENTILATED  ai-*,|_-U<--fi*--iEiM^  Miff.���������!. SUPPLY CO., LTD.  VANCOUVER, B.' C, AND CALGARY,,ALBERTA;  METAL SASH and METAL CASEMENTS  ; Many of the largest buildings and' residences of1 this city  equipped with our Sash:! Enquiries solicited from architects and  contractors. ' ,. ".  Phones Seymour 2330 and 5021. , 418 Pacific Building.  WILKINSON COMPANY LBR/HITED.  ,   ., -     - ". .STEEL WIRE "     .  846'Beach  Ave. Phone   Sey.   7915  We carry a stock of wire rope manufactured by the American Steel  ���������&4 VV ire   Company,   especially   suited for  Pacific  Coast  loggers''requirements. ',".''  Oi   j LIMITED.  We have them IN STOCK  Saw Tables, Band Saws, Planers, Motors, .Transmission Etc.  PHONE: v SEY. 952, VANCOUVER, B. C. 37-43 ALEXANDER ST.  Company      John Wolfe-Barry..      Not  settled   j Proposed  ..Now being drawn  N.  N.  N.  N.  Leech.  Leech  Leech.  Leech.  N.  A.  Leech      Co. engr.-.   . ...-   Gardiner & Mercer. ,  -'. t  chosen      .February   Alarch  . . . : .April   April  'A.'AAA.iiiiy   Now  . February  The Imperial Agencies Corporation  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND NOVELTIES CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  Phone Seymour 6122      VANCOUVER B. C.      314 Pacific Building  Vancouver Roofing Co  -Contractors For  Tar and Gravel Roofing-. Dampprooflng  Expert Roofing Repairing  Sheet Metal Work of all, -Descriptions  Phone:   Sey. 2015 407 Hoo Bldg1.  Factory, 1921 Triumph St.   Sey. 4130B  EXCAVATION, CLEARING AND GRADING  C.E.LUND    -      J. F. LINDBERG  Metropole Hotel    86S Howe St.  WILL CALL FOB TEKDEES  POB. OBADINO STBEETS  NORTH VANCOUVRR���������The city will  lake tenders very shortly for the improv-  ment of Kcth road from the city limits  to Nelson ave., also for grading Marine  Drive. It Is also probable that electric  light will he installed at the intersection of Lynn valley and Crawford roads.  MAKE..YOUR BUILDING PAY LARGER DIVIDENDS.  '   IN THE BUILDING OF TODAY'JHE SAVING OF   FLOOR   SPACE   IS   ONE   OF  THE   MOST   ESSENTIAL  FEATURES.   YOUR   FLCOR  SPACE CAN  BE   INCREASED  AT LEAST   THIRTY   PER    CENT,    NECESSARILY  INCREASING  YOUR   REVENUE., ,    ' - .  Inspect Our Method ; ' * Sole Agents All Modern Concealed Bods  PERFECT CONCEALED BED CO.    '"   ."  Display Boom. 570 Granville St.,  VANCOUVEK, B. C.  Phone: Sey. 5092  Pertaining:  To Floors Of  WOOD  VANCOUVER FLOOR CO.  Hardwood  Ploor Layers   and   Finishers. <  8 & Glen Drive .���������'   Phone Fairmont 1613  T������E   POLLOWINO' TABLE   SHOWS  B UXLDZX7G-S   COSTING  $8000   OB   OVER,     ON     WHICH     CONSTRUCTION     IS  TJNDEB  WAY,  OB ON WHICH  COKTB ACTS  HAVE  BEEN  LET  BUT   CONST BTTCTION   NOT. YET ' STARTED.  Character     Cost  Location    ,    Owner Architect       Contractor  TO  EESTJME   OPERATIONS.  f-.:|  5 I -,  N.  i.i  EVERETT���������Tho Weyerhauser Lumber Co.s-will resume operation, next  week with a crew of 200 men; the Canyon Lumber Co. with 25 men, and the  Clark Nickerson Lumber Co. will resume  cutting with a large force. The Ferry-  Baker Lumber Co., one of the largest  plants in Everett, resumed a short time  ago.  ''nt  I-  .    TO  SPEND PIPTY MILLIONS.  ���������AION.TRBAL���������According to present  plans the Canadian Pacific, Grand Trunk  ways will spend between them fifty millions of dollars in Western Canada in  extension'work.  Webster & Lindsay  PLUMBERS  HEATING ENGINEERS and GENERAL FITTERS  Phone:  1153  507 Yates St.  Estimates Given  VICTORIA, ���������B.'.C,  Hospital      aail.OOO  Match factory  _..,.l)U  I-sto brk .-tore & rooms  2-i.oOti  fi to 10--to cone bldg  :!00.00ll  l-_to  brk j-lorc & room*  2f>,(Mi(i  ���������I. to lO-'Uo cone .store-; & rooms 100,00(1  7-sto  cone  iipints $'2~, 5,000  Railroad    ,  000.000  C-sto  reinf office-;  12C.O0O  Bank, 2S..0-I   2...00D  Dance academy     7.>,000  H-sto brk store & rooms  '- .".0,000  2-sto bank bldg  1 00.000  10-sto olllce bldg  100,000  8-sto olllce bldg ...;...... 300,000  10-sto hotel  520,000  S-sto offices  ..'..;.'.������������������.....'.,...'.'-. . SS.OOO  7-sto cone apmts, ...... ..,..... 150.000  7-sto cone' stores & rooms. .... 50,000  Reservoir    . .. . .'j. .. . . .7... .   .- 15.2-15.25  3-sto dairy bldg... . ���������.-...-;.   -0,000  Waterworks    ....:... . . :..... . . .1.169,720  AVater  extension ,'.....;.......,  750,000  I-sto"store '& rooms..'. .....,:...      30,000  -I-sto cone store & rooms. ... .. ,    30,000  Telephone exchange   ........;. .  -15,000  3-sto store & apmts.....:..... 15,000  ���������4-sto brk store Sc room....'..... 25,000  Convent ........'.......'.......' 300,000  Sawmill   (50,000  capacity). ... . 75,000  G-sto cone apmts. .. ','���������.���������'. .'.��������� 115,000  3-sto brk apmts. .... .'... ... 100.000  4-sto prison  ,400,000  3-sto stone & cone bldgs  750,000  1 i-stoN hotel....... ............. 1,000,000  3-sto rms'.& store.  IS,000  3-sto fr store Sc ar>mts.....: .. 14.000  Warehoii .e ��������� .:- 333.500  Power  plant   ..  ���������.. 500,000  Stone-frame church   .......... 1 S.000  4-sto store and rooms  35.000  Warehouse   '���������  Sn.OOO  5-sto   brk  apmt............... 50,000  Sewer    . .  27,500  3-sto   brk   apmt-. . . . :  . .$33,000  D-sto brk, store and room-. .. ..' bO.OOO  Burrard Sc Comox. ,..  Sapperton   321 Powell St   Water Sc Abbott Sts. .  Powell Sc Hawkes   1 lomer & Georgia Sts  Victoria  '   Vnni-ouver Island   Victoria       0th  Sc Granville.  I.uvie St   251  Keefer St...  Kichards, nr Hast  Sisters of Charity  , .Dom. Alatch Co.  . . .Mali Sam Vucn   Swift & Co.   John AIcRae  .: IO.  Alahon   Syndicate   C. N. It.   Syndicate  ..Bank of Commerce   Prof.  Lester   AI. IC. Negoro  .Can. Perm. Alor. Cor.  It.   F.  Tegon Norton  Griffiths  Gamble Sc Knapp. . .'. .-.'.Beer & AlcLeilan  N.  ri.\ monds    Archt.  A. ,L. Slum!. I. AIcDIarmid & Co.  .Egdell  ic Dixon   Bid . closed  . .Nortoii-Grillith-i  Moore Sc Petluck  Pender. &   Granville.. .Jonathan   Roger.,  Ponder & Homer.; .Dom. Trust Co.  Alelvllle & Burrard........XV. II. Ramsey  509-15.Richards St. .N.W. Can. Trust Co.  Nelson, near Burrard. ... ..I. AI. Pattullo  Georgia  _i   Hamilton  ... Herbert. 'Bentley  Burnaby  ���������US Pendei--St. E.-���������  Victoria.  .  Seymour Creek..  Seymour. &  Davie.  52;Cordova St. E.-.......  Turner & Victoria Drive  Dufferin:& Main.'.'...... .,  Alain,' near Pi;ior..'.. .. ..'.  Point Grey:'..,. .'Sisters of Sacred Heart  ljadners Landing. .-.. .SIcLe.an Lmbr. Co.  Haro & Denman. . .Cottingham & Beatty  201-1  Beach  Ave. A. ,A- Davidson  Burnaby ........ .Provincial Government  Victoria,  B.  C... .Provincial Government  Georgia and Granville.. . ... ... ...C.'P. R.  Alexander  &  Durilevy. ...Grier  Starrett  2G70 Granville St. .. . .Conway Sc Brettill  . .Burnaby  ,'... .1-1. E. Almond  ..City of Victoria  City of Vancouver  . . ..Priscilla Hunt  . ... ..D. Campbell  .B. C. Tel. Co.  i.David & Lam  .Albert Paushe  1 lugli   Biaunton..  \V.  I-'. Gardiner..,  Hoult   Horton   ...  C.  N.  R. Engrs.. .  J. Al. Warren. .Sound Const. & Engr. Co,  Owner  .Owner  Thos.   Hooper  ..J. .1.  Dissette  Stuart Sc White..... ....Dom. Const. Co.  J. U. S. Taylor.... Ferro-Conc. Const. Co.  Gould Sc Champnev. .Purdy &, Henderson  li.; S.   Griffiths.;.. .-.Norton-Griffiths:. Co.    Ferro-'Cdnc. Const. Co.  J. P. Mathieson & Son...Dom. Const. Co.  J. P.' IUa'tliie..on Sc Son. ..Dom. Const. Co.  Stuart & White. ..-.'.Dominion Const. Co.  Cleveland Sc Cameron.. .A; L. Olts & Co.  E.   li.   Blackniore. .'. . ..,.. . .Jas.   Layfield  Wynn  Meredith.'. .Westholme Lmbr.: Co.  .C.  E.  Pottage et al  ..R.' MacLean. & Co.  .... :Egdell& Dixon  ........ .Bids closed  .Reliance Const. Co.  .........Al.  Parsons  Boilers, Engines, Contractors Hoists.  Office Suite 614-615-616.  B-nk of.Ottawa Building.  B. C. Screen Sc Manufacturing Co. Ltd.  SLIDING AND CASEMENT WINDOW SCREENS  CHURCH AND LODGE FURNITURE  STORE AND OFFICE FITTINGS  266 Dufforin  Street East Phone. Fairmont 1643 VANCOUVEB,  B.  C.  XV.  S. Lea  A.  J.  Bird.;. .....  Hugh Braunton.  Company .......:,  Parr &. Fee.   Hugh   Braunton. ..  C G. ������������������ Badgelv.. ..  E. H. -Mitchell'.'..'.  Quandt & Creutzer  W. P. White.   Hugh A. Hodgson.  F. Al. Rattenburv.  W. S. Painter. ; ...  . S.   J. . Lund  .���������.-.'..... '.BMs elosi-d  .'...... .'.Bids  closed  ........ .... .E. Cook  . .Smith Sc Sherborne  .AlcDonald & Wilson  .Skenia & Christie  E. G. PAR WELL  Fire and Burglar Proof Safes  Vault Doers                      j  School desks and Opera chairs   j  Phone: Sey. 1504     ' 7,117 HAinilton St. 1  Foot of Howe St..  Pundledge River. .  No. Vancouver   Hastings, st E...  .Dominion  , .Canadian Colleries  . ;st. Andrews Pres.  .Geo. Woocic-oc I  Shanghai alley.Wood Vallance <S_ Leggatt  Thurlow���������& Burnaby. West. Securities-Go.  Kerrisdale   Alun.  Pendrill & Guilford C. T. Tweedale  Hastings nr Columbia. Seabold & Roberts  Pumping     Maohinery,     Compressors,  Rock Crashers, Screens, j Gravel  Elevators,  Etc. ' v  215 Crown Bldg, Vancouver  Phone  Sey.  6310  W. T. Whiteway.iBooker, Camp. &,Whip.  W.  C.  F;  Giilain... ... .'.Owners   .....J. McDairmid & Col-  Company. . ... .. .j... .Grant-Smith  &  Co.  Alexander & Brown. . ..... . .Bids closed  A.   J.  Bird  ..... . ... Owner  Dalton & Eveleigh. .G. Snider & Brethour  Grant & Henderson J. J. Di .sette  Cleveland St Cameron. ... AlcAdam & Co.  Sharp  & Thompson ....A*irm.   Mascn  H.--A. Hodgson. ....... . R. AlacLean & Co.  This Space Reserved For  Dunham Vacuum     -  - and [  Vacuo-Vapor Heating  Systems  AbIc  for Latest  Catalogue and  Particalars.  157 Water St. Phone: Sey. 5632.  h  ma   n_-B_-WD_r-ai__   -������_.'<������#-h p   _&_a-i e b a u eii^___B  .   Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Washed- and Screened Sand and Gravel  . Office: Sey. 4534 429 PENDER STREET WEST Bunkers; Sey. 6751  ELECTRICIANS  From 267 Hastings Street East  Now Located At _584 Richards Street  PHONE SEYMOUR 5348  *-**|i_ '_'  ������5S  ft"' *' ���������ji"'C  ������'.���������.������������������������.���������.  rttl 1_ DA8LY BUILDING RECORD  British Columbia  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED,  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Telephone Seymour 1836  813-815 Bower Bldg/  ARCHITECTS.  8848  The GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., LIMITED  Wholesale Distributors 'of  Steam and Hot Water Boilers  Hot-Water and   Steam   Radiators  ' Warm-Air Furnaces and Registers  566-570  BEATTY ST.> PHONES Seymour 7596-7597 ^  Alexander & Brown, Fairfield Bldg Sey.  Badgely, C.  D., Riggs-Selman Bldg '....-   Bamforth, T. H., 612 Hastings W  Sey. 6621  Barber & Barber, JCd-tli Vahcouver   Barker, H. M., Hutchinson Bldg Sey. 8831  Bayly, G. M., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 5G43  Bird, A.  J., Winch Bldg Sey. 42S8  Birds, S. B.. Loo Bldg Sey. 4897  Blackadder, II., North  Vancouver '   Blackmore,  E.  B.,  Loo Bldg Sey.  4897  Blair. David,  522  Pender W Sey. 7103  , North Vaiic:!/er Lea! & Supply Co., Ltd.  DEALERS   IN   COAL,   BRICK,   LIME,   CEMENT, .SEWER   PIPE   AND  GENERAL BUILDERS' SUPPLIES. . < "  Offlce'*56 lonBdale Ave. ,. "Wharf foot of St. George Ave.  o  ������ ���������       Phones  198,  178.  Bowie, Geo. P.. Bank of Ottawa Bldg Sey. 3510  Bowman, J. H., Crown Bldg  Sey. 5028  Bryan,  Kennerley, Crown Bldg Sey. 5508  Braunton, Hugh, Exchange Bldg Sey. 3921  Cox, Arthur A., Carter-Cotton Bldg...: Sey. C577  Campbell, Al. D., Exchange Bldg Sey. 5974  Dalton & Eveleigh, Pavis Chambers Sey.,   66"  Dawson & P.ntecost, Holden Bldg   Doctor, XV. A., Metropolitan Bldg   Dodd, XV. M., Can. Bank of Commerce  Donnellun,   .1.   J.,  Riggs-Selman   Bldg  Dutour,   J.   B���������   Riggs-Selmun   Bldg   Dewar, Andrew, 81 Lonsdale, North Vancouver....  Fripp, R. AlacKay, Hutchinson Bidg..' Sey.  Gamble & Knapp, Davis Chamber.-. Sey.  Gardiner, Wi-_.,Fredl_., Hartney Chambers Sey,  Gou.d  Sc  Champney,   Itogcr-5   Bldg Sey.  Grunt & Henderson,.-Williams  Bldg , Sey  .Sey. 6137  .Sey. 6985  .Sey. 6015  4931!  5473  26U  8443  1393  Western Plumbing Co.  PLUMBING,   HOT- WATER AND  STEAM   HEATING,  SHEET  METAL  AND FURNACE WORK. ��������� '  War-house  and  Ofiice:  Esplanade  and Sti George's Ave. Pi_one 365  CO, LTD.  ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS  544 Howe  St. Phones:   Sey. 1336",   7951  --.' ; best builqing; brick  THE ,process  of _-ianufact-.i-_.il" brick  is  a  very  important  matter.    Every  '- brick turned  out of 'our latest  improved  Berg  press  is  made , under  a  pressuro'of 400 TONS.    Tlioy are alco cured in cylinder under 120 pounds  steam pressure. -' ���������' ,  ABSORPTION of moisture is only from 8 to 10 per cent.    This is a very Important feature'in this climate.    Our brick is being used in many import-  . ant buildings. , ���������  WE can supply, brick of all kinds and colors.    Our prices are right.   Be sure  ���������   to get our figure before closing order.   You will save money.  Vancouver Pressed Brie  ,   BBICK,   ABT  STONE,   CEMENT   LAUNDRY   TUBS  PHONE:' FAIRMONT 101  - COB. DUFFERIN AND  MANITOBA  STS.  G-i-i_!itlis, H. S., Dom. Trust Eldg Sey. 4920  Gaidiner a Mercer, HI. S. A., New Westminster   Hummer & Wagner, 1231 Woodiand Drive   Ilaiv.rou\e.,  L.  W., 425  Sayward Bldg, Victoria 2743  Heath, Cine Sc Neuse, Metropolitan Bidg Sey. 7831  lle:\er Sc Archer, Dom. Tru.t Bldg Sey. 4499  HefJe, A. 1<\.  Aletropolitan  Bldg: Sey. 5341  Hoilg-on. Hugh A., Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey.  6260  IIon-Vtjian<& Curtis, 821 Pender XV Sey.  1021  Hooper,   Thomas,  Winch   Bldg Sey. 5351  Hoi is, A. Campbell, Empire Bldg - Sey. 5925  Horel, G. A., 25th Ave. and Alain St Fair.  1494-L  Horton ._ Phipps,'Pacilic Bldg Sey. 7096  Hovt,  XT.  T.   S..   709  Dunsmuir  St Sey. 2S0!,  James. C. D.,   Bank of B.  .NT. A'. Sey. 953:  Jainieaon, R.,  S21 Pender St. XV ' Sey.  162.  Jones,  Claude  P.,  Hutchinson  Bldg "....Sey.  502-1  .lone-. 'Sc  Aspell,   Hai tney  Chamber.- Sey. 441!  Kaufmann,  G.  B., Davis Chambers Sey. 442C  Keat-ev,  J. XT.,  821 Pender St.  W Sey. 2741  Kearns, H. A., 127 Lonsdale Ave., No. Vancouver   JIacLuie Sc Fox, Pacilic Bldg Sey. 439(  Aluthe.ou, .1.  P., Sc Son, 532 Granville Sey. 7531  Mitton,   E.   .Stanley,  Williams   Bldg '...Sey. i>42:  Moberg,  Otto W., Flack Bldg Sey.< 717  Parr <& Fee, 570 Granville St Sey.     <3'  Perkins, F: H., Hutchinson Bldg...' Sey. 472:  Pei rv &  Nicolais,  Pacific Bldg Sey.  t>'J9  Pruena,   A.   B���������   821  Pender  St. AV Sey.  102  XT. D.'O. H. Rochfort, 407 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria, 180  Schlomer. H..S., Riggs-Selman.Bldg..'   Sedger, Thos. D., 512 Bastion Square, Victoria 94  Sharp & Thompson, Old Safe Bldg ��������� Sey. 106  Smith & Goodfellow, 303% Hastings XV Sey.  609  PIBE  CLAY.   , ,    -  Balfour, Guthrie St Co., Wincn Bldg Sey. 187-5929  F. T. Crowe.& Co., 312,Pacific Bldg....' Sey. 9422  ���������ilvans, Coleman Sc .Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  " Gardiner Johnsori & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 1)146-9147  L>.  R. Morrison,  712 Richards St Sey.  2151-2152  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-178  vVm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr. Sc Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wm. C. Thomson & Co.,.319 Pender St. XV Sey. 3394  R. V. Winch Sc Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1914  FLOORING.  ./?  Beam Manfg. Co., 298 Prior St.  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co., 557 Granville   B. C.  Lumber Corp.,  Ltd.,  1605  Georgia   B.-C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg   Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Sulsbury  Dom. Sash Sc Door Co., 2120 Cedar St   a, H. Heaps Sc Co., 115 Victoria Drive   1. Fyfe Smith Sc Co., 1320 Richards   XO. Pac. Lbr. Co., Ltd., 10th &��������� Arbutus   ,   FOUNDATIONS.  Lund & Co., Metropoie Hotel...: ' Sey. 421  '   FURNACE AND SHEET METAL.  .Vcme Plumbing & Htg..Co., 131,10th Ave. E.  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave XV7   r. K. Campbell & Co.,  1061 Pender St. XV   Grandview Sheet Jletal Wks., 1729 Venables,  Gurney Foundry Co., i_,td., 566-70 Beatty..Sey  Hodgson Heating Sc .flumb. Co., 643 Seymour,  Johnston-Thompson  Co.,   525  Burrard St.  G. L. Kelling & Co., o05 Pender St...  .Sey. 1708  .Soy. 6853  .Sey. 6504  .Sey. GlOi  .Sey. 6800  .Sey. 6136  .Sey. 8890  .Sey.-1196  .Sey. 8051  .Fair. 537  .Bay. 296  .Sey. 2736  .Sey. 6284  , 7596-7597  .Sey. 2412  ..Sey. 7899  .Sey. S228  Vancouver Sheet Aleittl Works, 748 Cambie St..Sey. 2219  Vancouver Roofing  Co.,   107  Loo  Bldg Sey. 2015  Western Plumb. Co., Esplanade Sc St. George.N. V.  GALVANIZED IRON WOBKS.'        "   '  Armstrong Sc Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave W .'.Bay.  Grand\iew Sheet Alecnl  Wks., 1729 Venables. .Sey.  Vancouver Roofing Co., 407 Loo Bldg Sey.  Vancouver Sheet Aletal Works, 748 Cambie St..Sey.  GAS   APPLIANCES.  Burnslde Gas Appl. Co.,'1037-9 Granville St...Sey.  Walter -Kinsey, 1366 Granville St Soy.  Vancouver Gas Co., 16 Hastings St. 13 Sey.  GLASS���������-ALL  HINDS.  Bogardus, Wickens, uegg, Ltd., 70 Cordova W, Sey.  W.  Holt,  421-429  Durrerin  St. XV Fair.  ,Vm. N. O'Neil Sc Co., ������18-50 Seymour St.-.Sey. 4795-4798  Standard  Glass  Co.,  __td.,  S29  Barnard Sey. 6176  iVest. Plate Glass Sc Imp. Co., 153 Cordova JE. Sey. 4674  -       -- " ���������  Bay. 245  365  296  5284  2015  2219  6875  1238  957(1*  942.'  2988 '-   Sey.  6429-  . ....Sey. 5092   Sey. 1515  ��������� Sey. 187-6929   Sey. 95'.. ���������  .Sey. 298S  Somervell &  Putnam,  Pacific-Bldg Sey. 623  Stroud, Angus B., Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. Sib  Stuart Sc White, Metropolitan. Bldg Sey. 1.641  Taylor,  J. D. S., Bower Bldg Sey. 831  Thornton Sc Jones, Old  Safe Bldg Sey.    Ml  Townsend & Town_.end, 520 Granville Sey.  Ii7i  Twizzell,   R.   P.  S.,  Metropolitan  Bldg Sey.   <92i  Watson, H. B., Holden Bldg Sey. 345.  White, W. P., Hutchinson Bldg   Sey. 8i3f  Whiteway,   XV.   T.,   Alolsons   Bank Sey. 3021)  Wlcl-enclen, C. O., 1062 Pender St. W Sey. 1741  Wilson,  John,' 221 Pemberton  Bldg, Victoria .159.  Wright,  Rusliforth & Cahill,  709  Dunsmuir.. .Sey. 2S0!  Wiight Sc Alclntyre, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 811.  We tern Bungalow Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 1S5C  P. O.  Phone Sey. 7255R  i   As   Vn   __>������    ,  Bos 546. CEMENT TESTING  J. P. Wright, F. C. S. Eng.  Specialist in Portland and Other Cements  Expert Adviser on Building Materials, Etc. 883 Burrard Street  Large contracts  by  agreement VANCOUVEB,  B,  - ENGINEERS, CON_-.,* ELEC, STRUCTURAL.  Brown,  Phillip  P, Pacific Bldg Sey. 8937  Cleveland & Cameron,1 Winch Bldg Sey. 3061  AIcKinlev,   Kobt.   Al.,   Flack  Bldg Sey.   .171  .Uc-s,' Herbert  1-.," Riggs-Selman  Bldg  .. .  F.  IT.  Sprague,  305  Riggs-Selman  Bldg Sey. 7885  Suekow, V. C, 13 Hartney Chambers Sey. 2615  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY, AND   BUYERS  GUIDE.  - "  HAVE YOU?    NO?  YOU OUdHT TO!  AND JOIN THE  Phone Sey. 6839  1404 Dom. Trust Bldg.  ARCHITECTURAL TERRA COTTA.     '  F. T.  Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 942:  D. R.  Morrison,  712 Richards  St Sey.   2151-23 5:  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey,- 916.-  ASPHALT   PELT.  Vancouver Roofing Co., -107 Loo Bldg Sey. 201.  BLUE PRINTING. <  Aiohibald'Aloir & Co.,  216  Empire Bldg Sey. 5378  City Alap & While Print Co., 432 Cordova W..Sey. 6693  Commercial Blue Print Co., 329  Seymour St. ..Sey. o068  BBICK���������ALL   KINDS.*'       <  Anvil Island Bilck Co.', Ltd., 324 Seymour Sey. 5973  Champion Sc While, 937-47 Alain St Sey. 9SmI  Co,.-- Shale Brick Co., Ltd., 100S Metropolitan.Sey. SlaO  F. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey. 942:.  Eva..s, Coleman & livrnio, Ft. Columbia bey. 29SS-  Walter Haves Sc Co., Ltd., 211 Columbia Ave..Sey 1S-75G.'  Great West Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Alain, Sey. 819.  C. Crdiner Johnson Sc Co., Johnson's Whl', Sey 914G-914,  No. Van. Coal Sc Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-17.  Wm. ii   O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey.  1790-4 .94  Poit llanev Brick Co., 615 Hastings St. XV Sey.  13S!  Ritcnie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916.  Win. C. Thomson Sc Co , 319 Pender St. XV Sey. 339.  R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey. 279-19-1.  BUILDING PELTS AND PAPERS.  Ken. y Darling, 2S Powell St Sey. 51:  .-"vans, Colem.in & Evans, Ft. Columbia bey. 298;  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914.  D. it.  Aloii-Uon,  712 Richards  St Sey.   2151-21D.  Vancouver  Hoofing  Co.,   407  Loo  Bldg Sey. 201!  Wm. _.. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey.  Ii9.i-1.9_  BONDS���������SURETY.  Britibh-Anier.  Trust Co.,  Carter-Cotton  Bldg..Sey. 762(  -    -   -         .bey.  279-1914  .Vllcox Art Glass,  1-..1  Broadway XT.  HiBDWOOD FLOORS,  3. C. Hardwood Floor Co., 537 Granville Sey. 6853  Jan. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  ���������:.  H. Heaps Sc Co., i!5 Victoria Drive Sey. 8890  .  It.  Morrison,  7la Richard.  St Sey.  2151-2152  .Vm. N. O'Neil & Cu., 548-50 Seymour SI..Sey. 4795-1798  I. Fyfe Smith  Sc Co.,  1320 Richards Sey.  1196  .ancouver Floor Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair. 1012  HARDWOOD LUMBER.  i. Fyfe Smith Sc co., 1320 Richards Sey.  1190  HEATING���������HOI- AIR, STEAM AND VENTILATING.  Vcme Plumbing 6c Htg. Co., 131 10th Ave. E...Fair. 537  vrmstrong Sc Wolfe, 1540 nth Ave AV Bay.    296  3arr & Anderson,  114  Hastings  St.   XV Sey.'6180  3urnside Gas, Appliance Co., 1037-9 Granville. .Sey. 3704  I. E. Campbell, & Co., 1064 Pender St. XV Sey. 2736  Dunham Systems, 157 Water St Sey.  5632  -urney Foundry Co., Ltd., 56G-70 Beatty..Sey. 7590-7597  Hodgson Heating o_ Plumb. Co., 043 Seymour. .Sey.  2412  A. G. Langley & Co., Ltd., 319 Pender XV Sey. 3892  HOISTING ENGINES. "  3, C. Equip. Co..'0uG-7 Bank of Ottawa. . .Sey.'7056-781S  St. G. Blackwell, lu8 Alexander St Sey. 1733  Jan. Equip. & Sup. Co., Ltd., Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5021  Janada Foundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St.....Soy.  5710  Henry Darling,  28 Powell St Sey.  512  rfallman MacliiOery Co., Ltd., 37-13 Alexander. .Sey. 953  Robt. Hamilton Sc Co , Bank,of Ottawa Sey.    383  Ritchie Contr. & bup. Co , Ltd, Gran. SfBridge,- Sey, 9162  Van. Machinery Depot,  1155 Cth Ave. W...Bay.   170-171  INTERIOR. FINISH. ,  Beam Afanfg. Co., 29S Prior St Sey  "   G. Blackwell, 10S Alexander St.  Sey  PAINTS���������DAMP PROOF,  Bogardus, Wickens, Begg,'Ltd., 70 Cordova ,Wi,,8ey. C875  Ch-impion &'Whlte, 937-47 Main St..... Sey. 957u  Henry,Darling, 28 Powell, SI....' \ Sey. 51:!  C. Gardlner.Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Newton & Greer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 1397  Victoria, 1328 Wharf-St.: 887  Vancouver Roofing Co., 407 LoO -Bldg...:.',������, .Sey. 2013  ' "   PABTITION���������FIREPROOF.  Champion & White, 937-47 Main St.... Sey.  F. T. Crowe, Sc Co., 312 Pacific Bldg Sey.  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia'. Sey.   C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-60 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-4798  Wm. C. Thomson & Co.r319 Pender St. W Sey. 3394  Ritchie Contr. Sc Sup. Co.. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  PATENT  BEDS.        -  Holmes Disap. Bed,Co., 319 Pender...*..  Perfect Con. Bed-Co., 570 Granville   Reversible Cons. Bed Co., Holden Bldg..  , PLASTEB.  Balfour," Guthrie & Co., Winch Bldg.'...,  Champion & White,  937-47 Main St   Evans," Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia ucj. _._.o..  Great West Sand Sc Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 66 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-17..  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour,St. .Sey. 4795-47!-'  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9102  Shover & Tliomas, 969 Main St ' Sey. iSfi..  PLASTEB   BOARD. <  B. C.Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg ':.'..... .Sey. 6i61-  C. Gardiner Johnson. & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9116-911.  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,.-N. V. 198-178,  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 648-50 Seymour St'. .Sey. 4795-479 .  Wm. C. Thomson &,Co., 319 Pender St. W Sey. 3394  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  PLASTER PARTITION BLOCKS.  B. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 6161  J. Gardiner Johnson & Co.. Johnson's Whf, Sey'9146-914.  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9H-2 i  PLASTER���������ORNAMENTAL.  3704|C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914.  9053 D. R. Morrison, 712 Richards St Sey. 2151-2152  5000|Wm. N. O'Neii & Co.,548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-4798 .  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. (Co��������� Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, S162  ���������    PLASTIC "FLOORING.  The Raeco Products .Co., 301" Pacifla Bldg...'. .Sey. 814 1 ,;  '   PIGS���������IRON AND TIN. r'  "  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Winch Bldg Sey. 187-5929  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914,'*,  R. V. Winch &.Cp.���������Ltd., Winch Bldg..' Sey. 279-1944  PIPE���������SEWEB.  Champion & White,  937-47 Main^St:.-. 7. Sey. 9570  Dom. Glazed Cem. Pipe Co, Ltd, Dom. Tr. Bldg, Sey. 6382  Evans, .Coleman & Evans,'Ft. Columbia Sey.'2:iHt\  2. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  N'o. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale.. .N. V.-198-17.1  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 916.  il  "J  / ' V  ...Sey. 279-194 1  Bay. 296  .Sey. 618'  .Sey. 9570  .Sey. 2736  R. V. Wincli & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg.  PLUMBING.  .erne Plumbing &Htg. Co., 131 10th -'Ave? E.. .Fair.537  Vrmstrong & AVolfe,-1540 5th Ave W   Barr & Anderson, 114 Hastings St. W...  Jhampion & White,  937-17 Alain St   I. E. Campbell & Co., 1064 Pender St. W.  3urney Foundry Co., Ltd., 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-759',  lohnston-Thompson- Co.,  525  Burrard St Sey. 7899  Hodgson Heating & Plumb. Co., 613 Seymour. .Sey. 2412  G. L.-Kelling & Co.. 505 Pender St '. Sey. 8228  Walter Kinsey.  1366  Granville St..- '.. .Sey.. 9053  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St Sey. 445S  Murray Bros.,  721  Main'St Sey. 861-1  Webster & Lindsay, 507 Yates,St., Victoria l]5'i  Western Plumb. Co., Esplanade & St. George.N. V.      365  , i RADIATORS  AND  BOILEBS.  3.  C. Lumber Corp.,  Ltd.,  1605  Georgia  170������  1733  .Sey. 6504  C80u  6136  SS90  an. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. /Sey,  Dom. Sash & Door Co.. 2120 Cedar St Sey.  Si. II. Heaps Sc Co., 115 Victoria Drive...'. Sey.  2. Gardiner Johnson & Co.', Johnson's Whf, Sey 9116-914.  .Iillwork Supply Co.,  2436 Alain  St Fair.  546  .S'o. Pac. Lbr. Co., Ltd., 10th & Arbutus...* Sey. S65)  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 5 IS-50 Seymour St.. Sey. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr. & Sup  Co., Ltd, Gran.' St Bridge, Sey, 9162  ,Vm. C. Thomson Sc Co., 3111 Ponder St.-W . .Sey. 3394  Vancouver Floor Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair. 1612  IBON   AND   STEEL���������STRUCTURAL.  Jan. Equip. & Sup. Co., Ltd., Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5024  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd., lOi.r. Pender St Sey. 5710  Evans, Coleman & Evans,'Ft. Columbia Sey.  2988  Walter Haves & Co., Ltd., 211 Columbia A\e. .Sey 1S-7565  2. Garuiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-911',  V. G.  i_angley ���������& Co., Ltd.,  319  Pender W Sey.  3892  D. R. iilorrison, '712 Richards  St Sey.  2151-215:.  Ritcl..e Contr. St Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  IBON   AND   STEEL���������ORNAMENTAL.  Vustui  &  Hurst,   261   Prior St Sey.  52S6  0. G. Blackwell,* 1 OS'Alexander St   ���������3. C. .-Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg...  .an.'.equip  Sc Sup. Co., Ltd., Pac.  Bid  Janada Foundry Co., Ltd'., 1065 Pender St..*...Sey. t>710.  ..urney Foundry Co., Ltd.,- 566-70 Beatty..Sey: 7596-7597  Hallman Machinery Co., Ltd., 37-43 'Alexander. .Sey. 953  c  Robt.- Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa - Sey. ���������  38:; .<  .Valter Hayes & Co., Ltd., 211 Columbia Ave..Sey 18-7565'  .V. G.'Langley & Co., Ltd., 319 Pender W.... .Sey. 3892  Van. Alachlnery Depot, 1165 6th Ave." W.. .Bay. 470-471  1 '    ROOFING COMPOSITION.  Henry Darling, 28 Powell St Sey.  512   '  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia '.Sey. 298S  J. GordinerUohnbon & Co., Johnson's'Whf, Sey 9146-9147  s'ewton Sc Greer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran Sey. 1397  ��������� *  .Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887  ,Vm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  The Raeco Products Co., 301 Paciflc.Bldg Sey. 8141-  Ititchle Contr. Sc Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge,,Sey, 9162  Troy   Roofing A2o.,   814  Metropolitan....' Sey. 7417  .ancouver Roofing Co.. 407  Loo Bldg.'.'.' Sey. 2015.  .ROOFING���������SHEET  METAL.  Vrmstrong & Wolfe, 1540.5th Ave XV ...Bay.    296<-',  3randvlew Sheet Aletal Wks., 1729 Venables. .Sey. 5284  Little Sc Dee, 682 Seymour St Sey. 4458  Vancouver Roofing Co.,  407 Loo Bldg Sey.  201 n  Vancouver Sheet Aletal Works, 748 Cambie St. .Sey. 2219  ���������  i   . ROOFING MATERIAL.  Henry Darling, 28'Powell St Sey. 512  i_*vans, Coleman &'Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  C. Gardiner Johnson Sc Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Newton. & Greer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran Sey. 1397  Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  ..   Sey   i733|fidward Tlmmons, S3S 7th Ave. XX Fair. 12"  ...Sey. 6161 Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W Sey. 3391  Sey. 2330-5021 |Troy   Roofing  Co.,   Sll   Aletropolitan. Sey. 7417  *&  .ai._ida" Foundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St.... .Sey. 57101 Vancouver  Roofing Co.,  407  Loo Bldg Sey.  .Va.ier Haves & Co., Ltd., 211 Columbia Ave..Sey 18-7565 Western Plumb. Co., Esplanade & St. George.N. V.  .Vii.. N. O'Neil & Co., 518-50 Seymour St..Sey.  1795-479S . -      SAFES���������VAULT DOOBS.  Ru.nle Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162 R0bt. Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa Sey.  LATH���������METAL. E. G. Parnell, 567 Hamilton St ��������� Sey.  R. X.  Winch & Co., Ltd., Wincli Bldg.  CEMENT.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Winch Bldg.....  Champion <&  \*. lute,  937-47 Main St   F. T. Crowe Sc Co., 312 PacilicBldg   Evan.., Coleman Sc Evans,  Ft. Columbia  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE  if you want the latest  BUILDING NEWS  of British Columbia and  heme or office EVERY  IflRNIN  Mail yoursubscriptions, Address Daily Building  Hecord, Our Tine Number Is Seymour 7808.  583 Homer-Richards Lane. l  VANCOUVER B.C.  Sey. 187-592!  . . . .Sey. 957i   riey. 942.  _   _  Sey. 29S.  Great'"west"Sand Sc Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Alain, Sey. 819.  C Gardinei Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whl, bey 9146-914.  No Van Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-171  Wm N O'Neil Sc Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4791  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916:  R   V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-191.  CEMENT TESTING AND  ASSAYING.  Newliall, Smith Sc Co., Seattle   CONCRETE MIXERS.  B   C  Equip. Co., 606-7 Bank of Ottawa.. .Sey. 7056-7SU  Can. Equip. & Sup. Co., Ltd., Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5021  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St Sey. 5 r 11  Robt. Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa bey.    38.  A   G   Langley & Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender W Soy. 389:  Wm N. O'Neil ic Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-1791  Ritchie Contr. Sc Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 910:  CONTRACTORS,   BBICK.  Shone & Summerlleki, 100S Dom. Tiust Bldg..Sey. S9I  CONTBACTOBS���������GENEBAL.  Arm .tiong. Morrison & Co., Ltd., Bower Bldg..Sey. 1S30  Burrard Const.  Co.,  301  Pacific Bldg Sey. 81 U  Dominion Const. Co.,   133 Homer St Sey. 19i.i  XV. W. Jurretl, 847 Granville St Sey  CONTRACTORS���������TILE���������TERBAZZO.     ,  13. C. Supply Co.. Dom. Trust Bldg Sey  Canada  Mosaic Tile Co.,  131S   Wharf St,   Victoria.  J. Dairon & Co., 013 Hamilton St. a-S0,o ^rrr  Walter Hayes Sc Co., Ltd., 211 Columbia Ave..Sey 18-.565  D.  It.  Atorri.son.  712  Richards  St Sey.  ^51-215-.  Wm   N   O'Neil 'Sc Co., 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey.-4 (95-4 <9_  Van.. Marble & Tile Co., 84S Beach Ave........Sey. IBli  'CORNER BEAD  Champion Sc White. 937-47 Main, St  Sey. 9570  F. T. Crowe Sc Co., 312 Pacific Bldg.......... .Sey. 942:  017!  0161  .1015  4731,  .  COBNICE AND ROOFING.  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave W.... Bay.    296  Grandview Sheet Aletal Wks., 1729 Venables. .Sey. 52S4  Little & Lee,  082 Seymour "St .'...-... Soy. 4458  Troy  Roofing  Co.,'Sll   Metropolitan... ...Sey.  -411  Vancouver, Roofing Co.,  407  Loo  Bldg Sey. 2011  Vancouver Sheet Aletal Works, 748 Cambie St..Sey. 2219  Western Plumb. Co., Esplanade & St. George.N. V.      30  CRUSHED   ROCK.  Champion & White, 937-47 Main St ..Sey. 957C  I   A   Dewar Co..   129 Pender St. W....... .Sey. 4534-67,51  Great AVest Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd., 1.029 Alain, S.y. S4U1  C Gardiner Johnson Sc Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Producers' Rock & Grav. Co., Vancr., Front,& Manitoba  Victoria, store ft Chatham  Ritchie Contr. __Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Shover & Thomas, 959 Alain  St. ...Sey.  1365  DAMP PROOFING.  D   R   Morrison,  712 .Richards  St.... ... ... .Sey.  2151-2152  Newton Sc Greer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 1397  . Victoria. 1326 Wharf St......887  Vancouver Roofing  Co.,  407   Loo  Bldg ....Sey. 2015  ELECTRICAL CONTBACTOBS.  Alltree & Churchland,   976 Granville  St.. Sey. 2707  Cope &  Son,   33S  Hastings  St.   \V._. Sey. 8600  A. R: Coutts & Co., Hamilton & Helmcken Sts..Sey. 1204  Cruickshank & Co., 534  Richards St Sey. 53 IS  Elec. Construction Co.,'544 Howe St... '.: . .Sey. 1336-7951  Imperial- Agcys  Coil*.,  314 Pacific Bldg Sey. 6122  Jarvis & Call, 570 Richards St Sey. 1409  ELECTRICAL  SUPPLIES.  Alltree Sc Churchland,   976 Granville  St. Sey. 2707  Chapman  & Walker,  448  Seymour St. Sey. 9379  Cope &  Son',   33S  Hastings  St.  ������... ..Sey. 8600  A. R. Coutts Sc Co., Hamilton & Helmcken Sts..Sey. 1204  Cruickshank & Co., 531  Richards St ...Sey. 5348  Elec. Construction Co., 544 Howe St Sey. 1336-7951  Imperial   Agcys   Corp., ,314  Pacific, Bldg ..Sey: 6122  No. Elec. & JInfg Co., Ltd.. 313,Water St Sey. 7400  ELEVATOB CABS AND ENCLOSURES.  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd., 1065 Pender St.....Sey. 5710  D.  R.  Morrison.  712 Richards  St Sey.  2151-2152  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 51S-50 Sejlmour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Ititchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  !. J-.  Blackwell. 10S Alexander St Sey. 1733  '. T. Crowe & Co., 312 Pacific Bldg ���������. . .Sey.  9422  un. E..LU)-   Sc Sup. Co., Ltd., Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5021  _,wins, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 298S  ..filter Hayes & Co , Ltd., 211 Columbia Ave..Sey 1S-7565  .. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Will', Sey 9146-9117  ...  R   Jlorrison,  712  Richaids  St Sey.  2151-2152  .vm. N. O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. -1795-4798  ititchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  LATH���������WOOD  -.earn Alanfg. Co.. 29S Prior St Sey. 170S  ���������_.  C.  Lumber Corp.,  Ltd.,  1605  Georgia Sey. 6501  an. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd'., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  jom. Sash & Door Co., 2120 Cedar St Sey. 6136  ;. II. Heaps Sc Co., 115 Victoria Drive Sey. SS90  .0. Pac. Lbr. Co., Ltd., 10th & Arbutus Sey. S651  io. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lon.sd.ile,. .N. V. 19S-17S  LIME.  -.alfonr, Guthrie & Co, Winch Bldg Sey. 187-5929  ���������'. T. Crowe Sc Co., 312 Pacific Bldg *?.Sey. 9422  Cvans, Coleman Sc Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  li-eat West Sand Sc Gravel Co, Ltd., 1029 Alain, Sey. S491  J. Gardiner Johnson Sc Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9116-914.  s'o. Vancr. Coal Sc Supply Co, Ltd., No. Va^cr.. .198-178  s'o. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 19S-17S  ���������Vm. N. O'Neil & Co., 518-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479S  t-acific Lime Co., Pacific Bldg Sey. 9506  ititchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Lid, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  _>nover & Thomas, 939 Alain St Sey.  1365  it, V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1911  LIME���������HYDRATED.  -Ivans, Coleman Sc Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  J runt West Sand Sc Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Alain, Sey. 8191  J. L-nidlnor Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 91 16-91 1  1 .iciflc Lime Co , Pacific Bldg Sey. 9506  Ritchie Contr. Sc Sup. Co.. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916  LUMBEB.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Wincli Bldg Sey. 1S7-..929  f3eam .Manfg. Co., 29S Prior St Sey. 1708  1.  C.  Lumber Corp.,   Lid.,   1605   Georgia Key. 6501  Jan. I'nc. Lumber Co., Ltd., llwy. Sc Salsbury. .buy. 6800  Uom. Sash & Door Co, 2120 Cedar St   J.. II. ileaps & Co., 115 Victoria Drive   \'o. Puc. Lbr. Co., Ltd.. 10th Sc Arbutus   Terminal Lmbr & Shgl. Co., 308 Cotton Bldg  , MACHINERY.  3. C. fciiuip. Co., 606-7 Bank of Ottawa  Si. G.. liiuckwell, 10S Alexander St ..  Jan. Equip, o. Sup. Co.,,Ltn��������� iJae. Bldg  Janad.-L'fouiulrj; Co.. Ltd.; 1065 Pender  Jliupmun' Sc Walker, 418 Seymour St..  Jhampion & White, 937-47 main St....  Henry Darling,  28 Powell  St  . .  Hallman Alachlnery Co.. Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey,  Kot.tr Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa........Sey  2015  305  383  1584  SAND AND  GRAVEL.  r. A. Dewar Co., 429 Pender St. W Sev. 4534-0751  Great West Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  0. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  No. Van. Coal Sc Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-17S  Producers' Rock & Grav. Co., Vancr., Front Sc Manitoba  r ,    , Victoria, store ft Chatham  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd,'Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9102  bhover & Thomas, 959 Alain  St Sey.  1365  SASH,   DOORS,  WINDOWS,  ETC.  Beam Manlg. Co., 298 Prior St Sey. 170S  B.  C.  Lumber Corp.,   Ltd.,   1C05  Georgia..... .Sey. 6501  . .Key. 0130  . .Sey. SSilO  ..Sey. S051  ..Sey. 7997  ...Sey. 7050-78! S  ..,-... J Key. .1733  ...Sey._2330-r.021  St.. .. .Sey. 5710   .Sey.  9379   Sey. 9570  .Sey.  512  953  383  J. Gardiner Johnson Sc Co., Johnson-.. Whf, Sey 91.40-9147  \. G. Langlev & Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender W Soy. 3892  I. D. Aiuilge, 215 Crown Bldg ....... .Sey. 6310  Wm. N. O'lN'ell Sc Co., 5IS-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr. Sc Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St [Bridge, Sey,'9102  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender SL W..... .Sey. 3394  Van. Alachlnery Depot, 1155 6th Ave. W.. .Bay. 470-.71  MANTELS���������BBICK, TILE AND WOOD.  Jhampion1 & White,  937-47 Alain St ." Sey. 9570  J. Dairon & Co., 513 Hamilton St. ............Sey. 4730  D.-R. Morrison,  712  Richards  St ..Sey.  2)51-2152  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479S  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9102  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W..... .Sey. 3..91  Van.~_-url.le Sc Tile Co., 848 Beacli Ave. Ji Sey. 1518  MARBLE AND  ONYX. /���������' ���������  B, C. Supply Co.. Dom. Trust Bldg....... .'Sey. 6161  J. Dairon & Co.,  513 Hamilton St  ...Sey. 4730  D. R. Morrison, 712 Richards St. Sey.  2151-2152  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 54,8^50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479S  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Se.v, 9162  Wm. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W... . . .Sey. 3394  Van. Marble & Tile Co.. '848 Beucb Ave  .Sey. 1518  MIRROR PLATE.  D. R. Morrison. 712  Richards "St........Sey.  2151-2152  Wm. N. O'Neil Sc Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479S  OIL  BURNING PLANTS.  Western Stm. & Oil Plants, Ltd.. Cotton Bldg..Sey. 7076  MORTAR COLOB.  Bogardus, Wickens, Begg, Ltd., 70 Cordova XV, Sey. 6S75  Champion & White, 937-47 Main  St. ...Sey. 9570  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  FAINTS AND OILS.  Bogardus, Wickens, Begg, Ltd., 70 Cordova XV, Sey. 6875  Champion & White,  937-47 Alain St... ...Sey. 9570  Henry Darling,  28 Powell St Sev.  512  Wm. N. O'Xeil Sc Co., 5;'.8-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479S  Western Plumb. Co., Esplanade & St. George.N. V.      365  PAINTS���������FIRE-PROOF.  Newton & Greer, Ltd., Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 1397  Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887  Can. Equip. Sc Sup.1 Co., Ltd., Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-6021  Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  Dom.  Sash Sc Door Co., 2120 Cedar St Sey. 6136  E. II. Heaps & Co., 115 Victoria Drive Sey. 8890  Millwork Supply Co.,  2136 Alain St Fair.  546  No. Pac. Lbr. Co., Ltd., 10th & Arbutus Sey. 8651  Wm. >.. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Terminal Lmbr & Shgl. Co., 308 Cotton Bldg...Sey. 7997  SHINGLE MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS.  Beam Alanfg.' Co.. 298 Prior St '. Sey. 1708  B.J2.  Lumber Corp.,   Ltd.,   1605  Georgia Sey. 6504  Can. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. Sc Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  Dom. Sash & Door Co.. 2120 Cedar St Sey. 6136  E. II. Heaps Sc Co., 115 Victoria Drive Sey. 8S90  No. Pac. Lbr. Co., Ltd.. 10th & Arbutus Soy. 8651  Terminal Lmbr Sc Shgl. Co., 308 Cotton Bldg...Sey. 7997  SLATE.  2. Gardiner Johnson A- Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Win. N. O'Neil Sc Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  STEAM FITTERS.  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1510 Sth Avo W Bay.    296  J.  13. Campbell & Co., 1064 Pender St.  W. Sey. 2736  Gurney Foundry Co., Ltd., 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597  Walter Kinsey,  1366  Granville St Sey. 9053  Little & Lee, 6S2 Seymour St Sey. 4468  STORE b OFFICE FIXTURES & STOBE FRONTS.  li. C. Screen Sc Alufg. Co.. 266 Dufferin St. E...FaIr.  1613  Cnn. Equip. Sc Sup. Co.. Ltd., Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5021  J. Dairon .K. Co., 613 Hamilton St Sey.  4730  Millwork  Supply Co.,  2136 .Main  St Fair.  646  Win. N. O'Neil a-Co.; 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 47S5-4798  West. Plate Glass Sc Imp. Co., 153 CordOva E. Sey. 4074  '���������:;���������'-   TANKS.-   -.   ���������      . ��������� .   -,������������������   .  Beam Manfg. Co;, 298.Prior St. ;Sey. 1708  Car,. I'ac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  13. 11. Heaps & Co., 119.Victoria Drive..' .Sey. 8890  C, Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  A.G. Langley & Co., Ltd., 319 Pender W Sey. 3892  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St .Sey. 445S  No. lac, Lbr. Co., Ltd., 10th & Arbutus... Sey. 8651  Western'Stm. & Oil Plants, Ltd.,,Cotton Bldg..Sey. 7676  TILE���������DRAINING.  Canada Mosaic Tile Co., 1318 Wharf St, Victoria. .1045  F. T. Crowe &'Co., 312 Pacific Bldg.. Sey. 9422  Champion & White, 937-17 Alain St...........Sey.  9570'  Evans, Coleman <S- Evans, Ft. Columbia.......Sey. 2988  Great West Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd.. 1029 Alain, Sey. 8491  C. Girdiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Win. N. O'Neil'&.Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge,' Sey, 9162  Shover'& Thomas, 959.Main St.......:...... .Sey.  1365  TIN PLATES.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.. Winch Bldg Sev. 187-5929  Champion & White,  937-47 Alain St .".Sey.  9570  "-.'Gardiner Johnsoii & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Wilkinson Co., Ltd., 846 Beach Ave.  .. .Sev. 7915 .  R. V. AVinch Sc Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg .Sey. 279-1944  .  VACUUM  CLEANING  SYSTEMS.  Barr & Anderson, 114 Hastings St. W ... .Sey. 61S0  E. ... Blackwell, 108 Alexander St .Sey. 1733  The Duntley Store, 791 Granville St..........Sey.  1487  WATERPROOF   COMPOUND.        ''-,'���������  Champion Sc White,  937-47 Main St....... Sey. 9570  C. liardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf,.Sey 9146-9117  Win. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4796-4798.  Win. C. Thomson & Co., 319 Pender St. W...'.. .Sey. 3394  WINDOW  SCREENS.  B. C. Screen St Afnfg. Co., 266 Dufferin St. E. ..Fair. 1613  WINDOW   SHADES.  Bowes, F. W., & Co.,  957 Granville St... Sey.  843  WIRE HOPE.  B. C. Equip. Co.;.606-7 Bank of Ottawa.;.Sey. 7056-781"*  E. G. Blackwell, IOS Alexander St ........Sey. 1733  Gin. Equip. Sc Sup. Co.. Ltd., Pac. Bldg. ..Sey. 2330-5021  VS alter Hayes Sc Co., Ltd., 211 Columbia Ave..Sey 18-7565  A. G. Langley.& Co., Ltd., 319 Pender W Sey. 3892  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Ititchie Contr. & Sup. C������., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sev. 9167  Wm. C. Thomson It Co., 319 Pender St. W... ..Sey. 3394  Wilkinson Co., Ltd., 846 Beach Ave ..Sey. '7915  I R. V, Winch & Co., Ltd., Wincli Bldg..... .Sey. 279-19 li  *���������-*SB*fs-**ffi-^^  vmmm&mmMtmmmmmymsm������  strnmumsamemils^MmMiimii -T~~~  It  i  it.',  \l  li  ������  li.  i * i  r j I  w  I'i-'l  k  I  fc.  I  lr  ���������sQf  In  9' i  Itfli!  ft  K  is  i*  liW  1    Vi*  |M  f<  til  J'S  Y������  1  fir  Brtfcteh Cfiiumfolsi  Lmm  -4.-^r������_ ������j������&������m  DAILY BUILDING RECORD  ���������f������T..*������ hi ��������� pJi*���������nurt-. i  m^ummjIVva:/!/^. -ctin-ax  ���������*Trfr~-^-������^=3i  i^Hrffa'wwwt^ ���������^���������wx.tx>������.g^i������cfwjimtii  ,'i>'  etal Lath, Ceiling and Plasterers Corner ^eaci.  Phones "Seymour," 2151, 2152  Let us' quote on your requirements  S ?ju;  hdi  712 RICHARDS STREET  MM & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International Automatic  Sprinkler Equipment  Phone Seymour 6130  114 Hastings St. W.  Vancouver B. C.  J. DAIRON <& CO.  Tile and .Marble Contractors  Mantels,   Grates',   Baskets  and Andirons  513 Hamilton.    Phone Seymour 4730  Common,   Impervious   Face,  and Building- Pavers.  Coast Shale Brick Co. Ltd.  1008 METROPOLITAN BUILDING  PHONE SEY. 8450 VANCOUVER B. C  ��������� - '      ���������Jl  Sash, Doors, Moulding.  Mail Orders Promptly Attended To  -  MILLWORK SUPPLY CO.  Office and Warehouse1  Phone Pair. 546 ���������    1605 Main St.  WALTER KINSEY  PLUMBING,, HEATING  , AND  GAS-CONTRACTOR. .     .  1366 Granville St.       Vancouver, B.C.  , 'Phone  Seymour 9053 ^  Dominion Construction ;Co.  LIMITED  BUILDINGS  FINANCED  T. J. Madlcn, Mngr.      Phone Sey. 216  35  CANADA LirE  BLDG.  MAKING PBOGRESS  AT MAPLE  RIDGE  POUT lIAiN:ICY���������Within a year Maple  Ridge will have many of the conveniences of a city, among- them, electric light  and power,' electric car service lo and  from the towns and municipalities of  the north bank of the Kraser. The double  tracking of the C. P. R. to Ihe'Coast will  also have'the effect of giving a fu-sier  and better service between the,municipality and the cities. A movement Is  also under way ,to secure the opening  up of the Lllooet district.  Klectrlc light is 'expected to be supplied to the town of Port Ilaney ami  Port Hammond at a very ��������� early date.  The houses throughout the country  have (been wired In readiness for'the  coming of the electric fluid and now  the poles are being erected with all  speed possible. This and the outside  wiring completed, the current 'will bo  supplied from the generating plant of  the Western Canada Power Company at  Stave Lake.  A substation ,will -be erected at Port  Hahey. The contract has been let  to G, I-Iynes, and the necessary  lumber has been ordered.  The . preparations for the double  tracking of the' C. P. It. main line to  Vancouver are being, pushed ahead  as rapidly as weather conditions wil!  permit. Tlie construction of masonry  to the extent of about $100,000 has been  practically completed between Port Hnn-  i r-  ey and-rWestminster Junction since last  fall, and the,work is only waiting favorable weather conditions before being  carried westward to Vancouver. Three  large extra gangs are being"licld Fn"readiness at 'Port Hammond to commence-  grading at an early date.  Opening- Up of Lllooet. '  , Strong endeavors .are being made' b.v  the Hammond and.I-Ianey boards of trade  to secure the opening up of the fertile  country north of the Lllooet river. A  deputation , is^ now at Victoria'pressing  the matter on the provincial government.  Tlie request is that'the"government provide' for a bridge oyer the Lllooet. When1  this is done, the, municipality will ''lit  asked to construct a road.  ,   GBNEBAL CONTBACT.  ALTERATION'S���������Tenders ,wlll be reed  by lluwley & McMullen, Holden bldg, for  alter in stoles at 119 Hastings st K.    23  BUNGALOW���������Tenders wlll'be reed by  P. "Hamper, 1231 Woodland drive, for  gt'nl contr on bungalow In Central Park.  APARTMENTS���������By II. 13. Wiltson,  Holden bldg, for gfiil contr on frame  apmts in North.Vancouver.     ' 5  A PA RT.MliNTS���������Tenders will be rocrt  by F. II. Perkins, 67 Hutchinson bldg;  until Jan. ^7, for genl contr on .'i-1 sto  brick store  and npint bldg. "7  CHURCH���������Tenders will be reed by ,G.  W. Sugden, secy.. No. Vancouver, until  Jan. 26, for genl contr on church in  Lynn Valley. Plans and r-pecif at olllce  of Dawson & Pentecost, Wolilen bldg,  Vancouver, or Martinson'& Co., Lonsdale iivp, No. A'aiifouvor. 26  IIOUSK���������Tenders will he rr-cd by Jone-,  &. Aspell, 3 17 Pender st 'XV., for genl  contr on residence, Sliautfhnes.-;y Hts.   .:!  PAINTING���������Tenders will be reed by  Egdell Sc Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, for  pntg in bldg on Powell si. SO  PLASTERING���������Tenders will be reca  by E. K. Sheble, 622 Howe st, for plstrg  In garage bldg. ,   31  PLASTERING���������Tenders will' be ,rocil  by Egdell Sc Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, for  plstrg in bldg on Powell st.   (i 20  PLUMBING���������By Otto Moberg:, "��������� 36  Flack bldg, for plbg in stores and rooms  at llnstings and Jiuwkes., ' ''        3  PLUJU3ING-^-Tenders will bo reed by  Jones and Aspell, 317 Pender st W., for  plbg in res, Shuiiglinessy Hts. 8  PLUM RING��������� Tenders will be reed by  E.  K.   Sheble,  622  Howe st,' for plbg In  garage.  Jl  GRANDVIEW  Sheet SVIetal Works  Warm  Air  Heating-  Purnaces and General Jobbing:  1729 Venanle St. Phone Sey 5284  WII.I,   CLEA.B. TOWNSITE.  Tho Imperial /Cur, Shipbuilding and  Dry Dock Corp. will take tenders for  clearing townsitc of. 500'acres, at Roche  Point. Office in Mount Crown blk, 1st  st  E.,   North   Vancouver.'-     ���������   ' ���������-   '  STORES AND ROOMS���������By, Otto Moberg, 36 I-'Iack bldg, for genl contr on  stores and rooms at Hastings' and  Hawkes. g  STORK AND FLATS���������Tenders will be  reed by'W. F. Gardiner, 317 Pender st W,  for genl contr on 2-sto fr store and  flat  bldg. ' 3 j  Brick Wort, Bollorn.   -  BRICKWORK���������Tenders will he reed  by R. .MacLean &'Co��������� Pacific bldg, for  brk  work in   bldg on  Hastings "st.      25  BRICKWORK���������Tenders   will   he   reed  by Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, for  brk work in  bldg on Powell st. . 20  Canals, Cement,' Concrete,  CONCRETE���������Tenders  will  be reed by  Egdell   Sc  Dixon,   1J 5. Cotton   bldg,   for  cone in bldg-on Powell st." 20  Excavating, Elevators, Electric 'Fixtures  ELEVATOR���������Tenders   will'  be   iec.l   b.v  11. JIacLean & Co., Pacilic bldg, for elec  elevator for  bldg on  Hastings  s>i. 2i1  Q   Grading,  Glass,  Gravel,  GLASS���������Tenders will be' reed 'by E  K. Sheble, 622 Howe st, lor glass in  garage. ,        . '      -31'  ��������� H't'g.,  Hardwood.  Hoot.  K'tlwdio,  HEATING���������By Otto Moberg, ,'1g" Klack  bldg, for 'hot water Mb ��������� in stores and  rooms  at  Hastings and   Uuwkes. '3  HEATING���������Tenders will be reed' by  Jones &��������� Aspell, 3-17 Pender st \\\, for  htg  in   res,   Shaugliiiessy   1.1 ts. 3  HEATING���������Tenders will he reed ' by  C. iW. Murray, sec. school board, until  Jan. 21, for htg in school. , '31  HARDWARE���������Tenders will be reed by  R. MacLean & Co., Pacific bldg, for hdwe  in bldg on  Hastings st. 26  HEATING���������TendersrtwIIJ' be   reed "by  COMMERCIAL BLUE PRINT CO.  MAPS, DRAFTING AND TRACING  Phone Sey. 5068   329  Seymour  St.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  AUSTIN & HURST  Ornamental Iron and Bronze  264 Prior St.       'Phone Seymour 5286  G. L. KELLING Sc CO  , Heating and Plumbing- Engineers  505 Pender St.   'Phone Seymour 8228  Shone & Sumrnerfield  BRICK   CONTRACTORS  1008 Dominion Trust Bldg.  Seymour 8945. Fairmont 363-B  Acme Plumbing & H'tg. Co  I 131 Tenth Avo. E. enn  'Phono   Fairmont  537  "GYAINASTUM NORMAL SCHOOL.  SEALED'     TENDERS,      superscribed,  "Tender    for    Gymnasium   ' Norma) | R. MacLean & Co., Pacific bid  Fiaest Workmanship Exclusive Designs  Wilcox Art Glass Studio  1471 Broadway W. Phone Bayviow 245  LAMOND & HOWDEN  CONCBETE CONTBACTOBS  Cement Floors A Specialty  Plione fair. 793L Bx 164 City Hts P.O.  W. W. JERR^TT  Contractor and Builder  Phone 6479 847  Granville St..  EDWARD TJJV3IVBONS  SLATER & ROOF TILER  838���������7th Ave. XT.    Phone Fair. 1257Ii.  THE BURNSIDE ::.:':.  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-30  Granville  Street  Telephone Seymour 3704  School," will be received by the Hon  the Jllni-ter of Public Works up to 12  o'c.ock" noon of Wednesday, Hie 31st day  of January, 1012, fur the erection and  completion of a gymnasium for tho Provincial Normal School. Vancouver, B.' C  Plan-, specif cation^, contract, and  form1:- of tender may be- seen on and  after the 17th dav of January, 1012, at  the oflice- of the Timber In pector. Vancouver, 13. C: tin' Go\eminent Agent,  New Wi'--tmln-.ter, B. C.; and the Department of Public Works, Parliament Building-;.   Victoria.  Eaehi proposal mu������t be accompanied  by an accepted bank ohciiuc or certificate  of dopo It on a charteied bank of Canada, made payable to the lion, the Min-'  i-ter of Pi.bllc Works, for the .-inn of  $:;no. which "-ball be forfeited If the  party tendering decline to enter into  contract when called upon to do so, or if  he fail to complete the work contracted  for. The cheques or certificates of dc-  po-it oi mi ncce-tsful tenderers will be  returned to tliein upon the execution of  the contract.  Tenders will not he considered unless  made out on the tonus supplied, signed  with the actual signature of the tenderer, and undo ed in the envelopes furnished.  The lowe t or any lender not necessarily accepted.  J.  IS. GRIFFITH,  Pub Ic   Works  Engineer.  Department of Public  Work",  Victoria, B. C, January 15th, 1912. ja.'ll  F. H. Perkins, 07 llutc'iilnson blilg, until  Jun.  27, for htg In store and apmt bldg,  HEATING���������Tenders will '.be i-ecd "|jy  'Egdell Sc Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, for htg  In bldg on Powell st. 20  HARDWARE���������Tenders will Ue reed  by Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton 1'ldg, for  hdwe in  bldg1, on Powell st. 20  HARDWARE���������Tenders will be reed  until Jan. 27, by Jas. Stuart, City pur  Agt, 'for supply of hdwe. 27  Iron   Work,   intoriar   Finish.  CASTINGS���������Tenders  wlll'be  reed  until Jan. 27, by,Jas. Stuart, city pur agt,  for supply of C. 1. cstgs. '      27  Mill   Work    Machinery,   Marble.  JIILL WORK���������'fenders will bo ro'cd by  for mill  PLUMBING���������Tenders will be reed' by  F. Hypericins, 07 Hutchinson bldg, until  Ja:i. 27, for plbg In 3-1 store and apmts.  27  PLUMBING���������Tenders will bo reed by  lOgdell Sc Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, for  plbg in bldg on Powell .st. 20  VALVES, ETC.���������Tenders wlll.be reed  by H. Floyd, C, M. C, Kerrisdale; until  5 p. in. Feb. 19, for suppiy of valves,  hydrants-and special casting:,, oh contracts 11, 15 and 16. Specif at olllce  of Cleveland & Cameron, Winch bldg, on  payment of $20. - tell)  Hoofing,   Bonds,   Beservolis,  ROOFING���������Tenders., will , be reed by  Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton-bldg, for rfg  in  bldg on Powell st. '   20  ROOFING���������Tenders >wlll bo reed by E.  K.,Sheble, 622 Howe st, for rfg on garage. , ' 31  Sheet. Metal,   Stone  Work,   Steol.  SHE1LT METAL AVORK���������Tenders will  be reed by R. MacLean Sc Co., Pacilic  bldg, for silt mtl work in bldg on Hastings st. ��������� "   25  SHEET .METAL' AVORK���������Tenders-will  be reed by E? K. Sheble, (122 Howe it, lor  galv iron wk in garage. , 31  , SHEET METAL AVORK���������Tenders will  be reed by Egdell Sc Dixon, 11 f. Cotton  bldg, for'slit mtl .work in bldg on Powell  st.     '      _r " ��������� 20  Wiring,   Waterproofing,   Wharves,  ,,AVlRL\G-^-Tend'ers  will  be reed by  F.  II.   Perkins,'  07   Hutchinson   bldg,-''until  Jan. 27, for elec wir in apmts and stores.  e>'   " . ''-'27  AVIRING���������Tenders will be reed by'Egdell & Dixon, 116 Cotton bldg, lor 'eiec  wir in   blilg on Powell st. 20  gi  ���������ENGINEERS AND AGENTS;-      '/  Caledonian Wire Rope, Parker Derricks and Electric Hoists, "Otto" Gasoline'Engines, Grab Buckets, Oil Fuel Plant, Wayne   ' i  , Oil and Gasoline Tanks.   '[��������� "  Phone  Seymour 3S92 ' 319  Pender Street W.  ' fVfACHBNERY  Concrete Mixers,  Deep Well Pumping Machinery, Gasoline ,and Electric '  Hoists,  Koppel   Steel  Cars,  Gasoline   Engines,  Etc.,  '��������� :    '.in  stock.  _, '  Phones:  Seymour  7056-7818. Office's: C06-607 Bank of Ottawa Bldgr.  : ARRIVED  ;CONTRACTORS' PORTABLE ELECTRIC HOISTS  '���������'2-TON SINGLE LIFT      '���������  HAND DERRICK CRANE,* 1-TON LIFT  Phonj  Seymour  512  2S Powell St.  VTo are the sole manufacturers of  Machiuo'-made Glazed Cement Sewer  Pino  in British  Columbia.  DOMSNEGN GLAZED CEMENT PIPE. CO., LTD.  Oflicw: . Dominion. Trust   Bldg-.,'   Vancouver,  B.  C.  Phone:  Sey.   6382  .,      ANDM^SlfFACTURINGCO.uMiTtDi  Electric Supp55������������ and Telephones.        '313 Water St.r"  J. E. Campbell! & Co.  PLUMBING  &   HEATING  1064 Pender St. W.  Phone Somniif 2736  "6000 CHEEK" CIRCLE WATER PAN FURNACE  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  SHEET METAL WORKERS  BOCK'S LEADER anil SUHHEY OXFORD FURNACES   .  Phone Bay. 296 1540 5th Ave. XT.  IWUBfRAY BROS.  PLUMBING and HEATING  721M3iii Street. Plione Seymour 8614  COMTSACTOES,   NOTICE.  ��������� '��������� BUIUDINGSori lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, blocK  153. 13. L. 5-11, must bo removed.-to make  ready for Henry Birks & Sons' new  jewelry store: There are several tlious-  and* dollars worth of 'valuable"lumber!  atone,'glass, brick, fixtures, etc., In''these  buildings. Parties wisbing to give a  proposition to wreck these bldgs please  call immediately v on Somervell & Putnam, architects, 520 Pacilic bldg, city,  for   full   particulars.   ���������'���������.'���������. '       ; '29  POR   SAIE. ;  112 new box window frames at $1.25  encli. Size about 4 ft -1 ins by 4 ft 4 ins.  Apply ,T. J. Dissette, general contractor,  570 Granville st." .    '    ' .25-26  POB  SALE   OB  EE1TT.  Steam shovel, Little Giant, for sale or  rent.     Good   condition.     Terms., reasons'  able.    1 %-yd dipper. ' Apply .'12.1 8th ave  W���������   Fairmont  101 OR. .'������������������'.  work in bldg on Hastings st. -       25  MARBLE���������Tenders will bo reed by P..  MacLean & Co., Pacific bldg, for marble  for bldg on Hastings st. 25  MILL AVOHK-Tenders will bo reed  by Kgdell Sc Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, for  mill work in bldg on Powell st. i>0  Iiumber, Xathing-, Ume  LUiVBEH���������Tenders will be reed by R.  MacLean & Co., Pacific bldg, for lmbr in  bldg on  Hastings si. 25  LUMBER���������-Tenders, will bo rood by  Kgdell At Dixon, 11.-) Cotton bldg, for  lmbr for bldg on  Powell  st. 20  . Miscellaneous.  MOVJ.VG���������Tenders will be rcc-d b.v C.  W. Murray, sec. .School Hoard, until Jan.  20, for removal of cottage.  TlLIC'TendPi-s will bo reed by R. Mac-  Lean, Pacific bldg, for tile for bldg on  (fastings st. 25  TILING���������Tenders will be reed by Wm.  Xeve, First Cong. Church, cor. Pendrll;  and Thurlow sts, for tiling for church. 25  KXGIA'ICJCR'S .SUPPLIES ��������� Tenders  will be reed by City Pur. Agt. .Ja-;.  Stuart until Jan. 27 for.engrs,supplier.  PIG. LKAD���������Tenders will bo rood by  City' Pur. Agt. .Ias. Sttiarj for supply'of  pig lead and lead pipe. 27  OILS AND GREASK���������Tenders will be  reed.-until ��������� Jan; 27, by City 'Puri Agt.  Stuart, for supply of oil and grease. 27  .SUPPLIES���������Tenders will Jje. reed until 'Jan. 27, by City Pur.' Agt. J as Stuart,  for city supplies  for 1912.,      ;'���������' "27  Plaster, Plbg-., Ping-., Pav.. Pipe, Piling-,  PAINTING���������Tenders   will   be   red - b.v  E.  K.  Sheble,  022  Howe st,   for pntg'in  garage. '���������'....     ��������� .-'      _\ . ,   >   '.''��������� ,' '' 31  ^"LrrrrE~Sf lee ,  Sheet Metal -Workers  .Boat Tanks, Cornlci, Rooflm, Furnaces,:     ���������' n  ��������� !S2 Seymour St.     Phone Sey. .4458  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED.  VANCOUVER  No charg-e is made for the Insertion  of notices for tenders in this. column  unless they are in the regniar legal  form ot -official advertisements.  Architects Builders  Contractors  We are" at-your service to  give you any infq.rrri'ation're-\  quired .regarding    installing  gas    pipes    and    appliances.  Also location ,'of mains.  Phone S. 5000 and ask for..  New  Business  Dept.  779   Granville,   Show    Room  New Business Show Room  '    16  Hastings  E.,  TENDERS WANTED.    "  l .     OUT OF TOWN.  BUILDINGS.  Keremeos���������Tenders will be reed by A.  L. Jiirvis, As.st. Dep. Min. and Sec. Agri.,  Ottawa, until Mar, 1, for (iiiarnntJno star  tion ati Keremeos. Information from  Win. Thompson, V. S., Keremeos. Check  for 10 per cent requited. mar. 1  ,,Port Alberni���������Tenders will be reed by  J. IS. Grifliths, pub whs engr, Victoria,  until Feb. 11, for 2-room school at Port  Alberni. - ].j  Quathiaski Cove���������Tenders will be reed  by J. K Grilllth, pub wks ongr, Victoria,  until Feb. '7, for jail and constables"  quarters  at  Quathiaski  Co\c. _ 7  SCHOOL���������Tenders will be i-ecd by  minister of public works, Victoria, until  Jan. 31, for gnl contr on Wgu one-room  school at Delta. Plans, etc., at olllce'  of dept, .New Westminster and \ ictoi-ia.  ?250  reiiuired  with   tender. ill  BRIDGES, BULKHEADS.  BRIDGE���������Tenders will he reed by the  city clerk, Calgary, Alta, until Feb. 10,  for material ami con.-,t of :iu it htr-el  bridge, with 3 ISO-l't spans on concrete  substr across Row river.' Plans ' and  specif at ollice of city. engr. ^."lOo iu-  (luired with tender. ]0  Victoria���������Tenders will be reed by Tho*.  Hooper, Royal Bank Chambers, until  noon, Jan. 31, for. genl contr on 5-.-.LO  rain-eonc oflice and sto bidg.      , 31  MCHY., MISC., MATEBIAI., MABINB,  NORTH VANCOUVER���������By ii. C. Electric Co., for clearing blk 21, dl.st. lot 273.  New Westminster���������By XV. A. Duncan,  city cleric, until S p. in., Jan. 21), for 2u,-  000 on yds crushed granite rock. 29  Nanaimo���������By Arthur Paul, drawer T,  Nanaimo, for purchase of 211,000 <-apy  shingle mill  with  full equipment. 31  North Vancouver by J. R. Cosgnue,  (list engr. mun, ball, Lynn Valley, fur  clrg. grubbing and rough grading road-,  until Eel), a. Plans on payment of ?l,  al'ler .Inn.   2!*. S  Kerrisdale by JI. Kloyd, C. Jl. C. Kerrisdale, until .Inn. 20, for clrg, grubbing  anil grading roads. Plans from engr. 2!)  SUPPLIES���������Tenders will be red by  J. XV. Mitchell, chairman city coinmnr.s,  Calgary, A ltu. Irom whom specif may  be had, until Jan. 25, for supplies for  city   for   11)12. 25  . .Escinimalt���������Tenders will be recii by  G..J. De-duirat;, dep. min. naval service,  Ottawa, until Eel). 15,'for schooner. Particular:; at oflice of oflicer in charge,  Dockyard,    E.s������iuimall., ' 15  PAVING,  PH.ING.  SASKATOOK���������2y city commissioners  until noon   l-'eb. 10, for 125,750 yds pave.  Specif from Gi-o. T. Clark, city c-ngr.     1G  SASKAT0013'���������Hy city coniml.jsionei'3  until/noon 1'eb. 1 G; l'oi- 02.1,200 sci ft cone  walkii, and 100,!>u0 It curbs. , Specif from  Geo.  T.   Clark,   city en.gr..'.-;.   \:-...      10  .    SUPPLIES.    :'  EKHXOlfD-By C..L. Blight. 6. JL C,  until noon Feb'.' 3, (.,r lmbr-delivered'to  different, part,   of.,Mimieipa ity. '     , :    ,'J  , BICHiCOKD���������By C. I.. Blight, C. JI." C,  until noon 1- c-b. 3, for 10,0(10-y:l.i crushed' rock or gravel delivered at several  points. ���������;'��������� .    :- '3  TUNNELS, TBACKS, TOWEBS.  Saskatoon, by, City Comrs.,' until Feb.  23, for. substructure of subway under  C.N. 11. at 23rd .st. Plan.-:, etc., from XV.'  D. Mackenzie, Winnipeg, and city engr,,  Saskatoon.  . .. ���������    ' ., 23  North Pacific tafer Co.  '    IiIMITED"    '   '  Superior Finishing Lumber.,  10th Avo & Arbutus.   Phone Bay. 1019  I''  ==������..- .rrT-r-wEurT!  Manul'ncturers   of r  \? ' - .,  Lumber, Sash, DoOrs, Mouluing-s, etc.  Phone Seymour 1700.      293 Prior St.  CHEAPEST,AND BEST       , BASLEY HardwareCo.  GET OUR PPICES  1407 PARK DRIVE.  BAILEY Hardware Co.  HHOflE. SEY. 6870 L'  ii  ft tPhone  Seymour 3394  319  Pender' St.- West,' Main  Floor  Agent In gSritish Columbia For  ������^  Sidewalk and Floor Lights  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY LTD.  - Successors  to .1." T. Herrett Co.,  Limited.  " i  ��������� n   a*  ������3>  Oflicei AVarehouse anil Wharf: 1020 Main St. Plione Seymour 8491  , Support Home Industries, By Specifying  THE ANVIL ESLAND BR8CK CO'., LTD.  B^ST PRESSED RED BRICKS  .Works:    Anvil Island, Howe-Sound, B. C. l  SELLING AGENTS  ,.  RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, LTD.  PHONE SEYMOUB 91GS.    OPPICE AND WHABP GBANVILIiE ST. BRIDGE  CHAPMAN Sc WALKER LTD.  DEALERS-IN  ENGINEERS.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  We have electric motors in stock for 'immediate delivery. The machines  are right, so are the prices.  ENQUIRIES   SOLICITED (.  PHONE SEYMOUR 9379    44S    Seymour St. P. O. BOX 1353  Inspection of  Concrete  Chemical and Testing Lafooratorses  Waterproofing of Concrete.   Fuel Value of Coal.   ,  NEWHALL, SMITH & CO.  Office:    603-6  Northorn Bank Eldg", Main  819. a     f+i      ttt-    i ���������   ~+  Laboratories:     1810   Wostlako,   Trimblo   Bldg-.      &8aUie,   WasllMgDOn.  Chemical and Efficiemcy Engineers  British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.  1605 Georgia St.  filianufacturers  Vancouver Phone. Seymour 6S04  City R/lap & White Print Co  BRILLIANT  BLUE  PRINTS  DRAFTING TRACING MAPS  432   Cordova  Street  West  Phone:   Seymour  GGD3  SHOYP.-,& THOMA  Sand   Gravel and  Building Material  OClce and  959 Main Street ���������',.  'Phone Seymour 1365,  Wharf-  Johnston - Thompson Co.  Plumbing and Heating -  Engineers  525 BURRARD ST. Phone Sey. 7899  (^TERMINAL LUMBER & SHINGLE CO.  LIMITED.  MANTIPACTTTREIIS  OP  PINE  LUMBER AND SHINGLES  .--W.B.;cb'pKE&cb.  308 Carter Cotton Bids--  .Phone:    Seymour 7997  Alltfee-'&'  ELECTBICAI. CONTBACTOBS.  976 Granville Stieet ���������'-,'���������  'Phone,   Seymonr  2707  I.  CABINET  MAKESS  BANK, STORE AND  OFFICE  FIXTURES  Phone Pair. 1471    52 Dufferin St. W.  ' Estimates Purnished


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