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Daily Building Record Jan 11, 1912

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 Devoted to the inter
, Record   Publishing ^Co.,   Vancouver,
'*,* ,
^       v"J_
\'.<>.-*;v,-^4.*J- ���   ��-*"-
racting. Engineering, Irrigation and General Improvement News, t
or.tractors, Engineers, Material Dealers and others interested in the building trade of the N.W_-_
Covering British. Columbia.
'���/OL__2,NO. 28,-THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 1912.
Wm.lM. O'Neil ^Company
HigH-Grade Building Materials
548- 550 Seymour St. Vancouver.   512 Fort St. Victoria
Phones Seymour 4795,479tf~ , ,
BRICKS���"Hebron" Pressed Bricks and "Sparta"' Impervious.    "Pnll range  '
(>,_ colors. " -N ,
"Burmantafls" Terra Cotta���Marmo-Dull Cream Glazed, Plain, Semi-Glazed 't~
#��-. ,_ and'Faience for exterior and interior work. '
^ICwARBLE���Tile and Terrazzo work: all orders promptly,executed.
^^We,carry a complete line of Building Material of Every-Description
The Raeco Products Co.
301 Pacific Bldg.   Sey. 8144
Tar and "Gravel Roofing
Water   Proofing
Roof Repairing
All Work Guaranteed
Phone Seymour 7417
814 Metropolitan  Bldg.
B__l&7SfKS4nrlai    F_ TV Crowe & Co.
" <", 1 ���
,    Phone Seymour 9162, Private Exchang-e.        Office  and  Bunkers;-Granville  Street  Brian..'' '"
_. Description.
, Cost.   Street Address.
Lot and Block.
\\     ,_
.   1226���Boiler hse add.
1228���lV_-sto fr res..
Harris st ., 4-SS
1113 Sth ave E 18���155c:'
Address. I     Owner.
A.  ID.  Carter.
/loyal Crown  Soap Co	
Thos. F. Caravan 1-157 8th ave 13
Building- permits  for Victoria will he I found on Page 2, otliei cities on Page i.
We Absolutely Guarantee
Prompt Delivery.   Try Us
YH0NE  2988
Ft.ofColumb-A AV
Seymour 4674
Western Plate Glass
& Imp. Co. Ltd.
Reg. Office:  153'Cordova St.  ���� _
.   . .VANCOUVER,*B._C.     '
Leaded Art Glass
- i/ *
Thome  Metal  Store  Pront  Bars
Bevelling- and Silvoring1    .
{tore Pronto Glazed '"
���' i[
Our office issues your BOND AND L'ABiLETY INSURANCE
also  adjusts  losses without  delay or referring to any remote -
Head  Office
British American Trust Company, Limited.
Carter-Cotton Bldg-.
Insurance Department
.Phonfr Seymour 7620
ALCOLAC^I'ratt & Lambert
[i < The 20th Century Shellac
f!       An article of unique merit which may .he used as a primer or first coater
1   over hard or soft woods.   It forms a hard, impervious coating- which prevents
suction and holds out the* finishing- coats of varnish to a remarkable degree.
Is superior to sj^rltrsKellaca, liquid Fillers and similar preparations.    Alcolac
works' easy under the brusi.>,is pale in color so as not to darken the lightest
woods.    Dries I'to sandpaper Vver night.
-     , \-( ���������'.- \\
��� 70 Cordova Si. West
- Phone Seymour 6875.
Canadian Pacific Lumber Co. Limited
���"*"', '*      *"   l      ��� Successors" to   -
Manufacturers of
Railway and Salisbury specialties
' Drive riR   DOORS
VANCOUVER,  B. C. -       Steamed Fir Finish
Only Permits amounting- to less ihan
$1000 will be found under this head.
John Wheelen, Lulu Island; bid fr res,
3615  28th  ave E;   $125.
Vancouver Sheet Metal Works; bldg
l-sto,.store hs_,-____ Pender st;  $100. .
The  following  material  is  mentioned
. i .
to be used in the structures called!tux
^. <
in  the  permits   above,   whose   numbers
���_      ���> *
correspond to those preceding the (following'  items. '
" 1226���19,000 brick, 6 bbls. cement."
1228���1200   brick,   650   yds   plaster,   5
bbls  cement.
1320 Richards St.       J. FYFE SMITH & CO. Phone Seymour 1196
Doors, Sash,' Mouldings, Etc.
Mills, Offices and Factory:
Cor. Victoria Drive and Powell Street. Phone Seymour 8890
Western Steam & Oil Plants Co. Ltd.
Fuel   Oil    Installation   for   Heating   and    Power.
Vancouver Mlarble Si Tile Co., Ltd.
' *        \"...
The contiacf tor the West Boulevard.
sewer was yesterday awarded by the
engrs, Cleveland Sc Cameron, Winch
bldg, to McAdam & Co, on their alternate bid for vitrified brick of $27,412 91.
Below'are the figures:
T. R. Nickson ���& Co      $25'..61.51
McAdam & Co., cement cone ..   2-1,553 50
McAdam  & Co,   vitrified    27,412.91
Robt   McLean Sc Co    29,354 36
_I. P. Cotton    29,437.8.
Palmer Bros. & Henning    30,9 1S.9.
Romano Pinto & Co    31,277.15
Thompson & Stuart./.    32._24.40
Kibler _. Roseleaf    32,930 93
Pikers Contracting Co    33,296 55
Tiros. K. Calder :      33,513.81
Fraser,  Williams,  Stitt  & Ma-
tf^son      38,076 45
i-ruY  .  , Ford '.   38,586.70
Ledingham   &   Copper   39,930.15
McAlpine Robertson Const   Co   40,212.00
John Shunn      41.191.00
Laplaca Bros      16,902.85
J.  II.  Vickers '.    ,""2,133 00
103 Winch Building Phone Seymour 187 - 5929,
English " K-B & S " and California
Lime, Plaster, Fire Brick, Tin Plates.
Pig Iron Etc.
Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's
791  Oranville St. '
Phone Seymour 1487
Vancouver, B. C.
Sole Agents    '
Arcfaafoai-d PV.oir.cJ_ Co
�� The Map Men "
Drafting: f racing.
Reliability and Dispatch
Rooms 216 - 217 Empire Bide.     '      .' Phone Seymonr S37S
421-429 Dufforin St. XT.
Phone Fair. 1238
A.. R. Gcfeatts [Si Co.
Phone: Sey. 1204
Hamilton & Helmcken Sts.   .
Archts. Honeyman & Curtis, S21 Pender st W, are working on plans, but will
not be ready for any ilguies until announced in the.se columns, for a 2-story
brick and stone hank bldg for the Bank
of Montreal to be erected at Merritt,
B. C, and to cost about $25,000. The
bldg will have full basement, with heating plant, ofHces* of the bank on the
ground door, and apartments for banK
officials on the .second floor Pressed
brick will be used with ..tone dressings,
and the floors will be of some fiiepioof
material. The dimensions of the bldg
will be 50x5!). When plans are completed
they will have to be sent to Montreal
for approval, and on their return figures
will   be   taken  for   the  genl   contract.
As announced in these columns several weeks ago/ 'plans for a ten-story
steel and concrete store and ofiice bldg
for the SK coiner of Granville, and
Georgia st have been decided upon, and
April 1 will see the" beginning of the
demolition of the 4-story Strathcona blk
on the corner and the 3-stoi y Durham
bldg east of  it.
The property was bought last fall by
XT. J. Houten, who originally planned
the.bldg, and this week sold it to Henry
Bilks & Sons, Ltd., who will erect the
bldg. The price paid for the propeity
was about ?450,000, and 'the bldg to be
erected, for the jewelry house will cost
about the same figure.
George Trorcy, managing director of
Birks & Sons, stated to the Record yesterday -that his firm intends to push the.
work as rapidly as possible. Somervell
Sc Putnam, Pacific bldg, will ,be the
archts, -and will proceed with working-
plans at once.
The  bldg will   be  100  ft on  Granville
st  and   120   on -Georgia,   to   adjoin   the
Vancouver bldg,  will   be  of steel   frame
and concrete, with full basement, which,
together with the giound floor and about
half of  the first and second  floor.,   will
be   occupied   by   the   jewe'ry   company.
The   upper   doors   and   portions   of   the
fiist  and   second   will   be   fitted  up   for
offices.     The   ground   floor   will   have "a
ceiling   22   ft   from   the   floor,   and   the
floor space  to  be occupied  by  the owners will be largei   than that in Toronto,
in fact,  the second largest space in  the
company's manj' stores.
Probable, specifications will , call for
buff brick and ten a cotta facings, several high speed elevators, tile and marble, steam heating plant, and eveiy modern device. It is Intended to make this
the finest office bldg in the city. Definite plans with regard to the number or
size of offices have not been made as yet,
but will be announced with full details
in a short time. As soon as plans are
completed tenders will be called for the
general   contract.
Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd -
2 . 20 CEDAR ST.
Phone Sey 6136   NeerSlxthW
Standard Glass Co. Ltd
Phone S9ym0.tr 6476.   829 Barnard St.
Floor Layers  and Designer*
Sey. 6853���Bay. 139R. 557 Granville St
_      Also .    - 1 -'    ��
' Concreto Cement Coatings - White and Colours
Aquabar Waterproofing Compound
.diner Jolnson & Company
E_ar__wa_-er fViantefs, Grates, Tiles
Paints, Varnishes,  Heating and        -\  ,
Plumbing Supplies,: and General ,
S37-947 RMIM STREET Vancouver, B. C.
, Phone Seymour 9570 v t .
Contrs. Egdell & Dixon, 115 Carter-
Cotton bldg, who have the ge-ieral contract for the Mcl-ae bldg oiVPowell st,
Hugh Braunton archt, aie now ready for
tenders for all of the minoi contracts,
with the exception of the excavation,
winch is already under way. Thi.s will
include concrete and bnckwork, sheet
metal work, and all of the usual contracts.
importers and Jobbers
Phones Seymour 18 and Seymour 7565
211  Columbia Ave.
Archts. Honeyman & Curtis are now
drawing plans: for a 2-story . and basement frame residence to be erected near
the Country Club and to cost about $12,-.
000. Plans will be completed aboutj Feb.
1 and, figures will be] taken at thatjtlmo
only.. - :   | ���
The same archts are working on plans
for ; 2 residences for Shaughn)_._sey
Heights, each to cost $10,000. One'will
be 2 stories and basement, and the other
will be |a bungalow. Plans are not
ready for figures. .-"--- ���
W Griffiths, clerk of the municipal
council, Edmonds, will receive tenders
until Jan. 15 for the genl contr on a
brick pump house and f\>re shed to be
erected on Carleton'st in D. , L. 187.
Plans, etc., at the office of Cleveland &
Cameron, Winch bldg. Five per cent
reciuired with  tender. ���     .;,   1
Tenders for the general contract on
the Mahon bldg will be opened at the
office of the archt, XVm. Fi-edk. Gardiner,
347 Pender st W, today. Provided the
figures are right, the contract will be let
at* once.      ,        .. :'~ ���:     ;���
Ofiice and Work-.:    115.") Sl.th Avenue W.,  Vancomer, B. C.
Wo stock here a complete line of tho goods of the following- firms:
Contractor*' and   Builders'  Equipment caitied  In stock,  including:
Hoists,  Dei ricks  ami  Winches.
-'i.n.rete  .Ui*_eis.
Sct.ipeis,   Dump  Cars  and  l.el.iying  ].._ils.
Centi II UK<il  I'umps.
Steam  Slio.cls and Hock Ciusheis.
Motms, An  Compiossois, etc, etc
A\'e h_i\c a fully equipped machine shop.    Contractors' rush orders given
speci.il and piotnpt attention.
30 Satisfied   Users  Ira  Vancouver
"065  Pender St. Phone Seymour 571f
Office: 103 Alexander St.
Phone Seymour, 1733.
Warehouse: 821 Powell St.
Builders and Contractors'
.        SUPPLIES
Jletal Lath, Metal Ceiling, Wire Rope, Tool &
Drill Steel and General
Let us figure on your ELECTRICAL CONTRACTS.    Nothing too large;
nothing too small.   Our stock of Electric Chandeliers is the largest in the
338 Hastings Street West ___
Contractors British Columbia  DAI-T   BUHVDING   RECORD.  *     Published Daily Except Sundays'  RECORD PUBLISHING COMPANY  Clyde M. David      -.    '-.     -      Manager  A. B. St. John   - Editor  Address:  683 Homer-Richards'Lane-  '.JRear of 431  Dunsmuir Street "  Telephone Seymour 7808  Subscription Price    _ -       $1.00 a month  Payable in Advance  VICTORIA NEWS.  ?5  VICTORIA BUZLDZ2.G'PERMITS.  VICTORIA, Jan. .10.���������EullJIng ] ermit .  issued yesterday: A. XV. Simmon", 3-sto  brk store and olllces, Government st,  $7700; Mrs. Robert, re_, Dominion road,  $1000; Mrs. Olllphant, res, Olliphant st.  $1950.  2%i "  VICTORIA  ___^___I.a������^I._I __H#fl-_i%__-3M*i^-:-mk.^^^^^^m-^:^ -^/^l  -Vg.  VANCOUVER  IMPORTERS OF  Fire Brick, Fife Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  / '       _    _  " BULLDOG " Wire Rope  THREE-STORY  BRICK  BLDG.  r.   "  FOR   GOVERITMENT  STREET  Y  _ '  *  T_*.  -     VICTORIA���������A.   XV.   Simmons  has  had  . -   f plans completed for a 3-story brirk store  , >'.   and   office   bldg   to   replace   the   piesent  1   <"���������-frame,structure, owned by him on Government st near the Windsor  bar.    The  bids' will be 50x100 and'will cost $7,700.  Western Bungalow  Company  Designing of homes our specialty  SUPERVISING and ESTIMATING  Sey. 1856.    703 Dominion Trust Bldg-.  99.5% Pure  Pacific Lime Co., Ltd.', Lime Manufacturers.  . Others may talk   '  but chemical analysis  tells the true story.   ,  Producers Rock & Gravel Co., Ltdr       ,  '      . Washed and Graded Sand and Gravel  CRUSHED ROCK  GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL, BAY.       ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD.  OFFICE AND BUNKERS FRONT AND MANITOBA STS.  Phone Fairmont 552    * _. Vancouver B. C.  Head Office and Bunkers    -'-���������-.���������   ���������   ���������   ��������� - Store St. Foot Of Chatham  Phone 305  Victoria B. C.  Plans for Buildings in this Table are in the Hinds of the Architects,- and   the   Date   Givon   for   their  0 .     , Completion is Approximate only. _ .When the Contract is Let, Name of  ������ ��������� Contractor is Given in l_ast C olumn.  Character Estimated   Coat  HISTORIC  PROPERTY SOX.D.  VICTORIA���������Further particulars are at  < hand relative to the sale recorded'"so me  days   ago,   whereby   a   portion   of   the  Langley  estate  was  sold   to Vancouver  i parties. "The  property  in  question   runs  fiom-Yates st to the'coure house square  on  Langley   st.     It  includes  on" it   the  .old Bank Exchange hotel, at the corner  of Yates and Langley sts,  the Oakland  rooms,   the   Yates   hotel   and   the   well  '.known   Boomerang   hotel,   for   years .a  popular   resort.     The     purchasers     are  John,A. Burton  and Geo.  Steeves.    The*  new owners have not as yet leached any  decision as  to their plans for the property   In   the   immediate   future.    -It   is  more'than   likely^ that" on  some  portion  (*  i . '  of it  the old  buildings  will  give' plact.  to a large modern office block.     I  '  Apmts     40,000  3���������> to    apmts         SO,000  Sewer           27,.j00  7  sto  cone  apts -...$2GU,000  l-.sto brk apmti  . 5,000  I-sto  store  and  apmts ' 45,000  1  biidges  1,750,000  1-sto tr apmts  ..2,000  Theater  25,000  G-sto   brk.wl.-_e  15,000  5-sto  stoie  &  offices  75,000  .'-sto bank bldg  50,000  1-.to bi k .store & rms  29,000  .1-sto stoie & apmts  70,000  3-sto ir apmts  20,000  9-sto   cone   offices _....T. 225,000  3-sto brk stores & apmts  IS,000  -2-sto & b<*mt bldg  2S.000  50x120  cone whse  1 0,000  Fr & iron whse  10.500  6-sto* reinf-cone  hotel :.. 100,000  5-sto cone & brk rmg  1.1 MuG  3-sto brk apmts  11,000  2-sto cone laundry $1*0.').>'.)  Brick school  50,000  Add to apmts  .0,000  Brk  &  stone   chuich  7 5,000  Adobe les-  25,000  3-sto br). "stoie & apmts  -iu',000  1-sto   factory    *  1 5,000  5-sto brk addn $ 225.000  4-sto brick store-iooms  10,000  Stone and plaster les  S.flOO  Brick and stone church  25,000  5-sto store and offices  100,000  10-sto cone offices  400.000  10-sto office bldg  350,000  Ball  park  . .. ."  10,000  6-sto stoie & theater bldg    ' 125,000  Stone chuich " 50.000  Dry  dock      1,000,000  Smelters   :    1,000,000  ..location   Owner  KA__U_OOPS   Will.   HAVE  JSTEW   Y.  ax.  C.   A.   BUH.DH.O  KAMLOOPS���������The    directors-   of-- the  Y.  M.  C.  A.   have announced that  more  than  $10,000   is  alieady promised  for a  new  bldg for  the association, and  that  definite  steps   towards  its  erection  will  *        i -t -.i < ... i,  bade during the coming spring .  Brk and stone church  100,000  S-sto cone hotel  75,000  Apmts     50.000  Apmts    '....'  50,000  4-sto  cone convent  350,000  3-sto brk res  35,000  3-sto brk-stone re_  20,000  3-sto fr elevator  15,000  10-sto cone apmts  400,000  G-sto  cone add * T.. "    00,000  C-sto apmts />. 60,000  6-sto store & rooms ..*  50,000  Dept.  stores     1,500,000  Shipyards    .-. :  25,000  10-sto .office-theater  350,000  Saw  mill     50,000  Hotel    ...'... .* ."  1,000,000  Drill  hall    .'  200,000  Depot & offices  1,000,000  Alter      Lower Lake .'  250,000  Manufacturing plant     100.000  3-sto brk apmts r*. 40.000  2-sto fr sto-apmt  10,000  Elevator Factory '. .. . 300,000  Paiiiampnt BIdars     2 oni 0'*n  K"SK*r, ���������)Ni^i)-������'f_.*?,'"l  ���������fW^Jt^t&.iaiBQlInclude   boiler and  furnace   looms,  ...������.-._>.���������.,- ......M-_n,i/..  .,..,7  ni..t. ..-....-.-.   ..  lodge ioom  lodge rooms  auditorium and  w       ._._         capacity of 1500  K*Jj,-u.MV"<iPe*_-i_8, kitchen, check room, social and  *_.-& ���������}* i' ^--i' ���������**--*���������:���������>  _>*S. *A ^-*������_*waltjng rooms, etc.    The first prize will  work; second,  $300;   third,  $200;  ^r'v^-f^f-pinds^fiO0 to be divided among remaining  500,000  350,000  350,000  250,000  150,000  250,000  75.000  696.000  75,000  500.000  50.000  1,000,000  250,000  300,000  15,000  250,000  250,000  Bridge     2.100,000  15-sto office bidg.  10-sto cone office bldg.  Cone theater   Cone stadium   ���������Women's  Club      Club bldg   Hospital      Power plant   4-sto store & lofts   University bldgs      Hospital      Bridges     Theater   10-sto  reinf hotel   3-sto fr apmts   2 storage and canneries.  6-sto  reinf hotel.  .."������<_-  WI-CXi BUILD STORE.  SOUTH VANCOUVER���������G. Paonessa  has taken out a permit for the erection  of a one-story frame store and factory  bldg, 25x100, to be erected on Victoria  road, and to cost $3000.  All  items  below  this  rale  appear  in  West End ' C.  T.  Tweedale  3rd Ave & Larch McTavish Bros  Kerrisdale   Mun.  Pender & Thurlow.. . .Mr_>   C. T. Runner  Alberni st McNeil Bros  Broadway & Yukon D. McCallum  British Columbia C. N. R-  508-18 Semlm Drive Savainar Bros.  Main St   C.  P.  R.   Reserve   Main  &  Cordova Acadie  Tiust  Co  Hammond, "B   C...".'. .. Bank of Hamilton  800 Blk,'* Richaids St. .J. A. Montgomery  4th & Yew Syndicate  Cedar Cottage      Pender Mahon, McFarland & Proctor  Victoria . t   Cordova  st      Beach ave....-. r. .Col. Flouring Mills Co.  Victoiia .- K.  P. Rithet&'Co.  Victoria St   James Co., Ltd.-  569-77 Brdwy E. Gold bloom & Krauob*.!-.'  Victoria   Victoria -.Victoria Laundry  Co.  ICamloops    City  Victoria Miss Jean 31ollison  Victoria St.  John's  Church  Shaughneasy. Hts Mrs. Dr.  Mackay  lot.llano    H.  C.   Munn  Victoria Can. Mosaic Tile Co.  flaio & Thin low P. Agren  Powell & Victoiia dr XV. A. Ingram  .Shaughnessy Hts J. Keast  Fraser ave.- South Hill Baptists  Victoi ia .*... T. N. Ilibben & Co.  Hastings & Abbott Grossman'& Co.  Hastings & Richards. . . .Inv. Guar. Corp.  South Side Vancouver Ball Club  Mew Westminster Peoples Trust Co.  Shaughnessy Hts   ...... 7... .Methodists  Esquimau B.   C.   Marine  Rys.  Portland Canal. Gfranby Cons. M.-& S. Co.  Carl and Pender... .Church of St. James  223 .Hastings E L. L-Mills  Kitsilano   .'   Broadway <   Shaughnessy Hts Sisters of St. Ann  Shaughnessy Hts ".J. H. Senkler  Shaughnessy Hts .. .i.   '1606 6th Ave W. .McLellan McCarter Ltd  Georgia & Hornby .* Mr. Evans  Victoria S  Jones,  Cardero & Comox. D. D  Hutchinson  Seymour, near ,Dim_muir.. .D.  Campbell   : H. B. Co.  Burrard Inlet. .AV. D. Anderson, Toronto   , Uex  Pantages  Not chosen.. . .Bloedel, Stewart & Welch  Secnelt, B  C  P. P. Bigwood  Deadman's  Island   Dominion  Granville & Coidova C. P. R.  125-7 Hastings. .J. N. IIar\ey Sc Co., Ltd.  Buinaby '...'.'.. .Mun. of Burnaby  Burrard Inlet..-' G-. "B.  Bouiatteau  Park di Ive ..- J.-H. Richardson  No. Vancouver. .���������-..' ��������� Shrapnel  Not chosen... .Can. Van Emon Elev. Co.  Winnipeg .J.   ... t Manitoba  Granville st V   Granville & Georgia. . .XV .J. Van Houten  Georgia & Hornby Syndicate  Coal Harbor Vancouver  Thurlow St  Women's  Clubs  Not chosen '.'. Vancouver Club  Nelson, B. C. Kootenay Lake Gen. Hosp.  Kamloops   City  Pender, nr Columbia. .Story & Campbell  Point Giey    Province  Prince Rupert .., City  Hastings et al Sts City of Vancouver  Granville St L. Richmond, Jr.  Pender & Veinon M. Conlin  Broadwav & Burns M   Conhn  Porcher Island B. C.  Fisheries, Ltd  Hastings & Goie Chin  Wing Co  2nd Nairows. .Bunard Bridge &. Tun   Co  this table -for first time  today.  Architect Flans Ready  Shan* ������S_ Thompson Tenders closed  \V. U'O  II   Rochfort Bids closed  Cleveland & Cameron Bids closed  Hoi ton Sc Phipps Tenders Closed  Townsend & Townsend Now  Townsend & Townsend .'... Now  Waddell & Harrington -.. .Now  Townsend   &  Townsend Now  Pei ry & Nicolais lanuarj  G   P. Bowie Januarv  J.  B   Dutour -. ��������� January  Grant & llendeison.' January  *?-. ?��������� Bowie January  J.  P.  Mathieson   &   Son "January  Dawson  &-Pentecost January  L. XV. Hargiea-.es January 10  Somervell & Putnam January  Stuait  &   White.." Jan.   10  Somei veil & Putna'm Jan   15  J   C. M.  Keith January  15  Bresemann   &  Durfee Closo   Jan.   15  Townsend  & Townsend Janu.vv  15  J.  C. JL  Keitli January 20  Hutchinson & Ford..* Febiuf.rv 1  J..Parlett Feb. 1  J .D. S. Taylor ' February 5  TV-  It-  Wilson February  W. A. Doctor.. i February  J. B   Dutour Februar*.  J   M   Warren .,.' *. .February  Quandt & Creutzer. Febiuary  J. H. Bow man February  ���������Z- ��������������� bowman Fehi uary  G A. Horel Febi uary  Thos. Hooper '. M u-. li i  Russell, Babcock & Rice March  Russell, Babcock & Rice March  ;-.������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������" ���������    March  XX.  A.  Doctor March  G. A. Hoiel '  .Maich  Co.   Engrs    March  Co. Kngrs .-. March  Alexander & Blown.:.". March  F. M. Bender Mai ch  David Blair   March  David Blair  ...J. .'March  A   F. Heide March  F. L. Townley March  Smith & Goodfellow March  C. E.-Vogel March  E. StanleyvMitton  Maich  Thos.  Hooper    r April  1... M. Fnpp April  Hugh Braunton April  Co. Archt.   ...". June  Not  Chosen    June  J. J   Donnellan June  Not chosen    June  W. M. Somervell     Not- chosen .-.   W. S. Painter ��������� :...-,   Not chosen   /   Not. chosen    .<   Not chosen   J. II.  Bowman   J. H Bowman   Not' chosen    '.  Not   Chosen     '   J. W. Keagey .'   Not  chosen      Not Chosen   .....'    Fredk. Heath   Not .chosen      Not- Chosen    '.  Not chosen   Dutcher & Maxwell   XV. T. Whiteway   Not chosen      Competition     Waddell & Harrington..  CANADA FV.OSA.C TILE CO.  Manufacturers Of ,  "Argilla" Mosaic Flooring Tiles  Telephone 1045  1318 Wharf Street  _____  __-_-.  & Greer  ii  1*1! ��������� _T'''r*'J'4.jBy,j.s,jv  .,. A. G. "  Roof Compositiora������3$P���������  For Waterproofing Or Fireproofing ---  -  1118 Granville St. , " s        1326 Wharf St.  Vancouver ' , ' Victoria  CANADIAN EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  ' /    VANCOUVER, B. C.,.AND CALGARY,* ALBERTA. *  '  METAL SASH and METAL CASEMENTS  Many of the largest building's and residences of this city  ���������equipped with our Sash.   Enquiries solicited from .architects and  contractors. ,'*'������������������ '   "    '       , - <  Phones Seymour 2330 and 5021. . ,   418 Pacific Building.  'WILKINSON COMPANY LIMITED.  '.'Apollo" Galvanized Sheet, Black Bessemer Sheet,  Tin Plate, Canada Plate, Steel Bars,   -  846 'Beach* Ave.  Plates. Wire Rope, Etc.  Phone  Sey.  7915  .LIMITED.  We have them IN STOCK:  Saw Tables, Band-Saws,'Planers, Motors, Transmission Etc.  PHONE:    SEY. 952,, VANCOUVER^ B.  C.    37-43 ALEXANDER  ST.  The Imperial  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND NOVELTIES   . CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  Phone Seymour 6122      VANCOUVER B. C.      314 Pacific Building  ';H-.  r. !,|  .'"���������"I  .-_<!  AA  W-l  *_.,-.v I  u<!  ������ * i D  ������tey  i'_   S   ������ -*���������_  __r. '- .*-.  ",���������_;_ 1  J. 1 v J  ,V _^4������  _���������*  ** Qi  .--.I  P. J. Donohue ..*.*���������  P   J. Donohue   Company      P   J   Donohue Delayed  John Wolfe-Barry Now being drawn  ...Proposed  Not settled  ... Proposed  . .Architect  Proposed  MAKE YOUR BUILDING PAY LARGER DIVIDENDS.  IN THE BUILDING OF TODAY THE SAVING OF  FLOOR   SPACE   .S   ONE'OF THE   MOST  ESSENTIAL"  FEATURES.  YOUR  FLOOR SPACE CAN  BE INCREASED AT LEAST   THIRTY   PER   CENT, - NECESSARILY  INCREASING YOUR  REVENUE. .  Inspect Our Method * < Sole Agents All Modern Concealed Beds  PERfECT CONCEALED BED CO-  Display Boom. 570 Granville St., VAWCOTTVEB, B. C. -         Phone: Sey." 5092  Vancouver Roofing Co  Contractors For  Tar and Gravel Roofing;. DampproofIns-  Expert Roofing Repairing:  TABER'S DAMPPROOF COMPOUND  Phone:   Sey. 2015 407 loo Bldg*.  \  EXCAVATION, CLEARING AND GRADING  C. E. LUND J. F. LINDBERG  Metropole Hotel   865 Howe St.  $1  K  > i'  V'i.  -_l  Pertaining  To Floors Of  WOOD  VANCOUVER FLOOR CO.  ' Eardwood  Floor Layers  and" Finishers. ,  S&Glen Drive. Phone Fairmont 1612  PASS  B7I_A-WS POB WOBKS.  KELOWNA���������The ratepayers of thin  city have passed t������ laws provldingr $3000  for water and light service; $13,000 for  sewerage purposes, and $1000 for an Implement shed.  TIME EXTENDED.  Archt. P. Hammer, 1231 Woodland  drive, who is receiving tenders for the  genl contr In 2 huoses on 25th ave, has  extended the time for receiving same  until   Jan.   17.  the po-nownsra tabie shows buildings costing $oooo ob ovee,   osr   -which   cohstbuctiozt  UNDER WAY, OB ON WHICH COSTS ACTS 'HAVE   BEEN  LET   BUT   CONST BTTCTION  NOT   YET   STABTED.   .  IS  ���������1-  I ii  WZZ,I- ebect cottage.  John R. D. Wilson, 52 Dufferin st W,  will shortly erect a two-story residence  on Gladstone road, South Vancouver.  The house will be modern throughout,  will be heated by furnace, and will cost  about SI900.  Character    ... 7 Cost  Hospital     323.000  Match factory  25,000  I-sto brk stoie & rooms  '23,000  C to 10--to cone bldg  300,000  l-=!to brk store &  rooms  25,000  ���������I to 10-sto cone stores & rooms 100,000  7-sto cone apmts .' $275,000  Railroad     600,000  6-sto  reinf offices  125,000  Bank, 28x6 1  25,000  Dance  academy     75,000  3-sto brk stoie & rooms  30.000  2-sto bank bldg  1 00,000  1 0-sto office bldg  400.000  S-.sto ofiice bldg. .*  300,000  1 0-sto hotel    520,000  S-sto ofiice.    * ���������*. S5.000  7-sto cone apmts  1 50.000  7-sto cone stoies & rooms  50,000  Reset voir      15,21525  2-sto brk whse  10,000  3-sto dairv bldg  20,000  Waterworks   '  1,169,720  Water extension     750,000  4-sto store & rooms  30,000  1-sto cone store & looms  30,000  Telephone exchange    43,000  3-sto store & apmts  15,000  1-sto brk stoie Sc rooms....... 25,000  Convent  300,000  Sawmill   (50,000 capacity)  75.000  6-sto cone apmts  115,000  3-sto bik apmts  100,000  1-sto prison  400,000  3-sto stone & cone bldgs  750,000  14-sto hotel.. .* ,  1,000,000  3-sto rms & store '  18,000  3-.<-to fr store & ap>mts  14,000  Warehouse     333,500  Power plant     500,000  location  Owner  Stone-fiame church  3-sto  fr store & Apmts.  4-sto store and rooms...  Warehouse     5-sto   brk  apmts   18,000  9,000  35,000  83.000  60,000  Webster & Lindsay  PLUMBERS  HEATING ENGINEERS and GENERAL FITTERS  Phono:.1153  S07 Yates St.  Estimates Given  VICTOBIA,  33.   C.  E. G. PARNELL  Fire and Burglar Proof Safes  Vault Doors  School desks and Opera chairs  Phone: Sey. 1584       567 Hamilton St.  Buirard & Comox... .'.Sister, of Charity  Sappeiton Dom.  Jl.itch  Co.  324 Powell St Mali Sam Yuen  Water & Abbott Sts .-. . .Swut & Co  Powell & Hawkes lohn McRac  Homer & Geoigia Sts E   lUahon  Victoi ia    Syndicate  Vancouver Island    fi, N. It  Victoria    ~. Syndicate  6th & Granville Bank  of Commerce  Davie St Piof   Lester  251 Keefer St M   K.  Negoro  Richanls, in-Hast. .Can. lieim   Mor. Cor.  Pender  &  Gianville.. .Jonathan   Rogers  Pender & Homer Dom. Trust Co.  _MeI\llle & Bunaid XV. H   Kamsey  509-15 Richard, SI..N. W. Can   Trii.t Co.  Nelson, neai  Bunard J. M   Pattullo  Geoigia  & Hamilton  ..Herbert   Bentley  Burnaby    Burnaby  &9S Beach Ave R. Hamilton & Co.  418 Pendei  St   E H. E   Almond  Victoria City ot Victoria  Seymour Creek City of Vancouver  Sejmoui* <S_ Davie Pnscilla Hunt  52 Cordova St   13 D. Campbell  Turnei & Victoria Dine. . .B. C. Tel. Co  Dufferin & Main Da\ id & Lam  Main, near Prior Albert Paushe  Point Grey. ...Sisters of Sacred Heart  Ladnerd Landing... .McLelan Lmbr. Co  Haio & Denman.. .Cottingham Sc Beatty  2041 Beach Ave A.  A. DaMdson  Burnaby Provincial Government  Victoria,  B   C.. .Provincial  Go.emment  Georgia and Granville C  P. R.  Alexander  & Dunlevy... .Grier  Stan eft  2676 Granville St Conway & Biettill  Foot of Howe St Dominion  Pundledge River Canadian Collenes  No. Vancouver St. Andrews Pies.  Broadv.ay & Scott B   Barclay  Hastings st E Geo.  Woodcock  Shanghai alley.Wood Vallance & Leggatt  Thurlow & Buinaby.West. Securities Co.  Pumping-     Machinery,     Compressors,  Boole Crushers, Screens, Gravel  Elevators, Etc.  815 Crown Bldff, Vancouver  Phone  Sey.  6310  Architect    <.    Contractor  R.  1--   Togen .' Norton Griffiths  Gamble & Knupp Beer & McLellan  N. Symond.   Aicht.  A  E. Shank J. McDlarmid &'Co  Hugh  Biaunton Egdell ic Dixon  AV. F. Gardiner * Bids closed  Hoult  Horton    Norton-Griffiths  C. N. R. Cngr-....- Moore & Pethick  J. M. Wan en. .Sound Const. & Engr. Co.  Owner   Ownei  Thus.  Hooper J. J. Dissette  Stuart & White Dom. Const. Co.  J. D  S. Taylor. .. .Ferro-Conc. Const. Co.  Gould & Cnampney. .Purdy & Henderson  II    S.   Griffiths Norton-Griffiths   Co.   Ferro-Conc. Const. Co.  J. P. Mathieson & Son...Dom. Const. Co.  J   P. M_.thie_.oii & Son...Dom. Const. Co.  Stuart & White Dominion Const. Co.  Cle\eland & Cameron...A. L. Olts & Co.  Armstrong, Monison, Ld..Arm., Mor., Ld  E.  13.   Blackmoie Jas.   Layfield  Wynn Meieditli.. .Westholme Lmbr. Co  W.  S. Lea C.  E.  Pottage et al  A. J.  Bird R.  MacLean & Co.  Hugh Biaunton .'.Egdell & Dixon  Company ' Bids closed  Parr & Fee Reliance Const.  Co.  Hugh  Braunton M. Parsons  C.   G.   Badge! v S.   J.   Lund  E   H   Mitchell Bids Closed  Quandt & Cieutzer Bids closed  XV. P  White E Cook  Hugh A. Hodgson Smith & Sherborne  r   M   Rattenbuiy. ..McDonald Sc Wilson  W. S. Paintei ' Skene & Christie  W. T. Whiteway. Booker, Camp. & Whip.  XV.  C   F.  Gillam Owners   J.  McDairmid & Co.  Company Grant-Smith & Co.  Alexander & Biown Bids closed  Jl.  C.  Campbell Ownei  A.   J.   Bird Owner  Dalton & Eveleigh. .G. Snider & Brethour  Giant & Henderson J. J. Dissette  HEATING AND VENTILATING FANS  BOILERS, CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office Suite 614-615-616.  B -nk of Ottawa BuilOingr.  B. C. Screen Si Manufacture sag Co. Ltd.  SLIDING AND CASEMENT WINDOW SCREENS  CHURCH AND LODGE FURNITURE  STORE AND OFFICE FITTINGS  266 Dufferin Street East Phone. Fairmont 1643 VANCOUVEB, B.  C.  __.'  This Space Reserved For  .  Dunham Vacuum  and  Vacuo-Vapor Heating  Systems  Aslc  for Latest Catalogue and  Particulars.  157 "Water St. Phone: Sey. 5632.  an  Producers of and Dealers in  Crushed Rock, Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel  Office: Sey. 4534  429 PENDER STREET WEST  Bunkers; Sty. 6751  Firomn. Z67 SilasfcflrBg's Street East  Now Located At 584 Richards Street  PHONE SEYMOUR 5348  ** _������__-?���������  hfF_.'E--V  l-r* *I_V  !'.'_���������_���������'___ 5  L '_-.___>  giCT-.!--*-- >; *j* -  Vr  ^u .___^7.i7--t__Li^^^  mmmmmmm  s*.  i-Y. '*  >--.   _A_.i  '.[.������,���������..-t  I _������.������-.__���������_ *  IV. ----- ." DAILV B_JILDIW<3 RECORC  British Columbia  ARMSTRONG. MOR  IO., LIMITED.  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Telephone Seymour 1836  813-815  Bower  Bidg.  | j^S**v\> '<���������  The GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., LIMITED  Wholesale.Distributors of  Steam and Hot Water Boilers  Hot-Water  and   Steam   Radiators  Warm-Air Furnaces and  Registers  ^^^5^EATTY ST-  PHONES Seymour 7596-7597  ���������>'  I ARCHITECTS.'  :Sey." 884S  .Sey. 428.  ,Sey. 489'  t|| Vancouver Coal & Supply Co., Ltd.  a_COAL_;   BRICK,   LIME, CEMENT,   SEWER   PIPE   AND  TIERS' SUPPLIES.  BJP.Ave.-  v Wharf foot of St. Georg-e Ave.  'gSflf .  ,   Phones   198, 178.  PLUMBING,   HOT, WATER AND  STEAM   HEATING,  SHEET METAL  AND FURNACE WORK.^ . ''.-..--.  Warehonse -and ��������� Office: Esplanade  and St. George's' Ave.     - Phone 365  Western Plumbing Co.  Alexander Sc Brown?'Fairfield Bldg:.......  Bii d, J>1 J., Winch Bldg         Birds, .S   B, Loo Bids rf._        ...  Blackadder, H, Noi th Vancouver   Blackmore, 12   E,  Loo  Bldg- Sey   489'  Blair, David,   522  Pendei   W  Sey. 710.  BovvierGeo  P, Bank of Ottawa Bldg Sey   3511  Bowman, 3. H., Crown Bldg- .   .      Soy. 502.  Br. an,  Kennerley, Ciovvn  Bldg ..       .      Sey   550!  Biaunton, Hugh, Exchange Bldg Sey   392  Campbell, M   I), Exchange Bldg .     ..    Sev   597  Dalton ic Eveleigh, Davis Chambers .Sev     66.  Dawson &.P< ntecost, Holden Bldg ' -  Doctor, XV  A, Metropolitan Bldg ..Sey. 613  Dodd, XV  M, Can   Bank of Commerce Sey   698'  Donnellan,  J    I,   Riggs-Selman  Bldg Sey   G04'  Donohoe, P  J , Dom   Trust Bldg Sey. 9420  Dutoui,   J   B,   Riggs-Selman   Bldg   Dewar, Andiew, 81 Lon������dale, Noi th Vancouver.  Fripp, R  MacKav, Hutchinson Bldg         Sey   493  Gardiner, "Wm. Prodi., Hartney Chambers .... Sey. 261.'  Gould & Champney, RoBeis Bldg . . . Sey 814  Giant & Hendeison, Wil'mms  Bldg ... .    Sey. 139  _.ii_rtli3, H. S , Dom. Trust Bid? . Soy. 402  ia.diner Sc Fiercer, K". S   A., How Westminster  .lainnci <S. WagiU'i   12,1  Wcod  md Dii\c  Iargicavc._,  L   W,  425  faayvvaid Bldg,  Victoria  ...271  Heath, Gove & Neus-e, Metropolitan Bldg Sey. 783  Helyer & Archer, Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 419!  Heide, A. P..  Metropolitan  Bldg Sey. 5341  Honeyman At Curtis, 821 Pender W Sey. 162;  Hooper,  Thomas,  Winch  Bldg Sey. 535>  Hope, A. Campbell, Empire Bldg ' Sey. 592.  tECTRBCAL CONSTRUCTION C0.r LTD,  ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS  -^     544 Bowo St". - \\ "       Phonos:   Sey. 1336, "7951  1'jF.  -^.l__,r  *_.      *1  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE  . lDA_._L.Y-'  l- ���������J*'?'  ������*?__,'.������  J5^__j*,^x.*  ������i.._.-M'..\\  \5_ES__S_S^_-__-S-_----3i---S_S_^_-_SS^  R!ra_._c^-.?ftttira-.^^  If you want the latest  MiLtlNO-NEjWS  of British Columbia and  Alberta delivered to your  home or office EVERY  Horel, G.-A., 25th Ave  and Main St Pair. 1494-1  Horton Sc Phipps, Pacific, Bidg Sey. 709(  Hodgson, Hugh A., Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 626i  Jame������,  C.'D.,  Bank  of  B.  N.' A -. Sey.  953.  Jamieson,  R.,  S2I   Pender St.  W Sey.  162*  Jones,  Claude  P.,  Hutchinson  Bldg Sey. 602-  Jones, XV. P.,  619 Ha.tings  St. ,W ."...Sey.    811  lones  At  Aspell,   Hartney  Chambers Sey. 441}  Eanfma.an', G. B.,  Davis  Chambers Sey. 442C  Keagey, *J   W.,  821  Pender St.  W Sey. 274(  Reams, N. A., 127 Lonsdale Ave., No. Vancouver   MacDonald,   R.  J.,   619   Hastings   St.  W Sey. 430.*  MacLure At Fox, Pacific Bldg Sey. 439(  Matheson, J. P., & Son,  532 Granville Sey.  753!  Mitton,   E    Stanley,   Williams   Bldg Soy.  5121  Moberg, Otto W., Flack -Bids Sey. ,717  Painter & Swales, Metropolitan Bldg Sey.- 179:  Pair At Fee, 570 Granville St Sey.. 73(  Perkins, P. H., - Hutcliinaon Bldg- Sey. 472!  Perry  At  Nicolais,   Pacific  Bldg Sey.  899-  _?racna,_A.   Br;  821  Pender   St.   W Sey.  102'  Quandt & Creutzer, Pacific Bldg Sey. 453!  W. D.'O. H. Bochfoxt, 407 Pemberton Bldg-., Victoria, 180-  richlomer, It. S., Rlg_f*-Selman Bldg .".  Sedger, Thos. D., 512 Bastion Square, Victoria 9I<  Sharp & Tl.omp-.on, Old Safe Bldg  Sey.  106-  Smith Sc Goodfellow, 303% Hastings XV. Sej.. 069-  Somervell  & Putnam,   Pacific  Bldg Sey. 623i  Stioud, Angus B., Carter-Cotton Bldg Sey. 846.  Stuart ft White, Metropolitan Bldg : Sey. &64!  Taylor, J. D   S., Bower Bldg.- Sey. 831'  Tegen, R.'F., .Metropolitan Bldg Sey. 142!  Thornton & Jones,  Old  Safe Bldg '..Sey.    811  Townsend &-Townsend, 520-Granville Sey. 177t  TY.iz_.ell,  R.  P. <S.,  Metropolitan  Bldg Sey. 792!  Watson, H. B., ^Holden Bidg. '. Sey. 345*  White, W.' P., Hutchinson Bldg ' Sey. 873!  Whiteway,   XV.   T.,   Molsons   Bank Sey. 302!  Wilson,  John,  221' Pemberton Bldg, Victoria 1592  Wright & Mclntyre, Dom. Tiust Bldg.: Sey. 811_  Western Bungalow Co.,-Dom. Tr.ust Bldg.". Sey. 185C  DASH? PROOFING.   '  .ewton & Greer, Ltd, "Vancouvei, 118 Gran... Sey. 1395  .    .��������� -~  - - Victoria,-l.ie Wharf St    ������an  ELECTRICAL CONTBACTOBS.  Iltree & Cnu_i.ii_.iJM-,  97t> Granville fat Sey,  ii.tpi.iaii  & XX alKei,  44!>  Sejmoui   St bey,  ope 6.  bon, 33b  Hastings  bt   W bey.  xt <_o__... i. _o , Hd-iniion As Helmcken Sts. hey  auicl.-_iiaiik ic Co, o34 Ricnaids bt.... .. bej  .iec  Construction Co, 544 Howe bf* ....  Sey  1330-795  mpenal Agcys coip, 314 Pacific Bldg Sey   612  arvis 6c Caiir-57(> Richaids bt-   ELEC'-__--Iu__.__. SUPPLIES.  .Iltree Sc Chuicmand,  !>7C Gianviue. fc>t Sey  hapiiian  AL Walkei,  448  Seymoui   St   .       ..  bey  ope as  bon,, 338  Hastings   bt   W ."*.    bey,  R  coutts Sc <_.o , Hamilton At Helmcken fats, .bey   887  270  9_W  860.  120  534  .bey   140  270  .3..  800>  .120  -ruicltshaiik & Co, 534 Richaids St.   ...     ... bey. 534.  -ice   _onotiuction Co, 514 Howe bt    Sey  13.6-7.5  mpenal  Agcys  Coip,   314   Pacilic Bldg      .. Sey   Lli  o liltc & Mnfg Co, Ltd, 313 Watei bt ... bey. ' 10  ELEVATOR CABS AMD ENCLOSUBES.  anada J oiindij   Co, Ltd,  1005 1 _i aei  to.    ,.  __ey   571  .-       . . --1 . .-.Ill   ,      IX-     JL.1^     lijuj     __l .       ..     ..Cj ._3i-...  ., o . .1, iV. lo, . io-5o t>.j. oui st    o^y. 11*5���������t,-  iL.i.iti _.i li   _. oup  Co, Ltd, Gian. Mk __ii.ca<-, *_c. , _.u  FIBB   CLAY,  ..alfour, Guthrie Sc Co., Wincn Bldg Sey. 18.-o!>_:  ..vans, Coleman <__ Evans, Ft. Columbia. ..L.. .Sey.'2a������.  M 0 R NIN G  .       ENGINEEBS, CONS., B__.BC, STBVCTUBA1_.  Brown, Phillip P., Pacific Bldg Sey. S931  Cleveland & Cameron, Winch Bldg '.....'.Sey. 306.  McKinley,   Robt.- M.,   Flack  Bldg : Sey. 7171  AlGss,  Herbert B.,  Riggs-Selman Bldg '   F.  H.   Sprague,  305  Riggs-Selman  Bldg Sey.  7885  Business  Directory and Buyers Guide  221.  370  500.  6S71  123.  BlMSBBWI������a_^ -  Mail yoursubscriptions, Address Daily Building  Record, Our 'Phone Number Is Seymour 7808.  583 Homer-Richards Lane.  VANCOUVER B. C.  - .   ABCHITECTIXBAI, TBBBA COTTA.  D: R. Morrison,  712  Richards  St I Sey.  2151-2152  Ritchie Contr. &'Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  ASBESTOS  MATERIALS.  R. V.-Winch Sc Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  ASPHALT   PELT,  c Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  V.  R. Morrison,  712  Richards  St Sey.  2151-2152  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 51S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  BEDS���������PATEHT.       p ...  Holmes Disap   Bed Co., 319 Pender Sey. 6429  P.erfect Con. Bed Co., 570 Granville... Sey. 5092  BLUE PBIJSI TING.   , -     .  A.chibald Moh* & Co., '216* Empire Bld'g....'. .Sey.'537S  City Map & White Print'Co., 432 Cordova W..Sey. 669",  Commeicial Blue Punt Co., 329 Seymour St...Sey. 506i  BBICK���������COMMON/ , ���������      ,  Anvil Island Bride Co., Ltd., 321'Seymour Sey.- 597b  CoabL Shale.Brick Co., Ltd., 100S Metropolitan.Sey. 8150  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey.-298i>  Walter Haye-. & Co , Ltd , 211 Columbia Ave.'Sey 1.-7 50.,  Great West Sand & Giavel Co , Ltd , 1029 Main, Sey. S4!)j  C."G<_rdinei Johnson A_ Co.,-'Joiiiison's Whf, Sey 9146-914.  Mo. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .IS'. V. 198-17  Wm. _.. O'is'eu & Co., 54b-50 Seymour St..Sey.  1795-479.  Port Haney Buck Co., 615 Hastings St. XX Sey.  1389  Ritcnie Conti   & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gian. St Bridge, Sey, 9lG_.  BBICK���������CONCBETE.        .       <  Evana, Coleman & Evans, Ft.  Columbia Sey. 29Si>  C. Gaidinei John.on ic Co., Johnson's Whi, Sey 9146-914,  Wm. _>'. O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey.  1795-1791,  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9161.  BBICK���������PIBE.  Balfour.-Guthrle & Co,  Winch Bidg Sey. 187-592.  CoasL bhale Brick Co, Ltd, 100S Metiopolitan.Sey.  8450  Evans, Coleman & Evan., Ft. Columuia Sey. 2986.  C,Gardiner Johnson ic Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-911  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co, 50 Lonsdale. .N. V. 19S-17S  VVm. _\\ O'Neil Sc Co., 54S-50 Seymour St.-.Sey. 4795-479b  Ritcnie Contr. & Sup. Co, Ltd, Gian. St Bridge, Sey, 910_:  R. V. Winch Sc Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1914  BBICK���������PBESSED.  Anvil Island Brick Co, Ltd., 321 Seymour Sey."5973  Coast Shale Buck Co, Ltd., 1008 Metropolitan.Sey. 8450  Evans. Coleman Sc Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 298b  -Waiter Hayes & Co., Ltd., 211 Columbia Ave..Sey 18-75.5  C. Gardiner Johnson <_. Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 19S-17S  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 54S-30 Seymoui St..Sey. 4795-1798  Ritcnie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Biidge, Sey, 916_:  Win. C. Thompson & Co, 319 Pender St. W Sey 339*1  BBICK���������VITBIPIED PAVING.  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  C. Gardiner Johnson '& Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9140-9117  Win. _tf. O'Neil & Co, 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4793-479S  Ritcnie Contr. Ao-Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran   St Budge, Sey, 9162  ' BUILDING PELTS AND PAPEBS.  Ilemy Darling, 28 Powell St ' Sey. 512  Evans, Coleman & Evans*, Ft. Columbia Sey. 29...  C. Gardiner Johnson &-Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9117  D. R.  Morrison,   712  Richards  St Sey.  2151-2152  Wm. _.. O'Neil & Co., 51S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  BONDS���������STJBETY.  Brltish-Amer   Trust Co.,  Caiter-Cotton  Bldg..Sey. 7620  R. V.  Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1914  CEMENT.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co, Winch Bldg Sey.*187-5929  Champion & White,  937-17  Main  St Sey.  9570  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  Ft. Columbia Sey. 2H8S  Gieat West Sand & Giavel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8191  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9110-91 17  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 19S-178  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 518-50 Seymour St..Sey. 1795-1798  Ritchie'Contr. Sc Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1941  CEMENT  TESTING  AND  ASSAYING.  Newhall, Smith Sc Co., Seattle   CONCBETE  MIXERS.  B. C,Equip. Co., C06-7 Bank of Ottawa. . .Sey. 7050-7S1S  Can. Equip. & Sup   Co, Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5021  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd.,  1065 Pender St Sey. 5710  Robt. Hamilton & Co , Bank of Ottawa Sey.    3S3  A. G. Langley & Co., Ltd.,  319 Pender W. Soy. 3892  Wm. N. U'Neil ic Co . 5 IS-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-1798  Ritchie Contr. Sc Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  CONTBACTOBS,   BBICK.  Shone Sc Summerfielu, 100S Dom. Trust Bldg. .Sey. 8946  CONTBACTOBS���������GENEBAL.  Armstrong, Morrison & Co., Ltd., Bovver Bldg..Sey. 1S36  Burrard  Const.  Co.,  301   Pacific  Bldg Sey.   8141  Dominion Const   Co,   133  Homer St Sey.  1973  W. W. Jerrett,  S47 Granville St Soy.  6179  CONTBACTOBS���������TILE���������TEBBAZZO.  B. C. Supply Co. Dom. Trust Bldg  Sey. 6161  Canada Mosaic Tile'Co.,  1318  Wharf St,  Victoria. .1045  J. Dairon & Co,  513 Hamilton St Sey.  4730  Walter Hayes & Co., Ltd , 211 Columbia Ave. .Sey 18-7565  D.  R. Morrison,  712  Richards  St.........Sey.  2151-2152  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 54S^50 Seymour St.-Sey. 4795-479S  Wm. C. Thompson Sc Co., 319 Pender.St. W....Sey 3394  Van. Marble Sc Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave........Sey. 1518  CORKER BEAD.  Champion & White,  937-47 Main St...........Sey.  9570  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  D. R. Morrison;  712 Richards St.. . ..Sey.  2151-2152  Wm N. O'Neil ������&. Co.* 54S-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795.4798  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St,Bridge, Sey, 9162  COBNICE AND BOOPING. ..  Armstrong & Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave.; W.. .... .. .Fair. 3095  Grandview Sheet Metal-Wks., 1729 Venables. .Sey. ,5284  Little & Lee,  682 Seymour St.. ...'........... .Sey. 4458  Troy  Roofing Co.,   S14   Metropolitan  Sey. 7417  Vancouver Sheet Aletal Works, 748 Cambie St..Sey. 2219  Western Plumb. Co., Esplanade & St.:George.N. V.      36_  CBUSHED   BOCK.   -  Champion & White,  937-47  Main St  .Sey.  9570  J  A. Dewar Co., 429 Pender St. W..... ..Sey. .4534-6751  Great West Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Producers' Rock & Grav. Co., Vancr., Front & Manitoba  Victoria, store ft Chatham  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Shover & Thomas, 959 Main St Sey. 1365  .. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey-9H6-914  j. R. Morrison,  Vj.2 Richaids ___...��������� Sey. 3131-216  .0. Van. Coal 6c Supply CO., 56 Lonsdale,. .1\. V. 198-17.  , m. N. <j_.eil i__ Co., o4b-ou be>iiiuui &t..Sey. 4795-179.  ���������itchie Contr. A_ bup. _o., __._u, i������iai.. ������__ __-riuao, bey, 910.  I. V. Winch & Co., Ltu.,   tiiiiiii _jiUii sej.  2i9-194  < P-UOOBINCr.      -  .earn Manfg. Co., 298 Puur St Sey. 170  j. C. Hardwood Floor t_.o.,  55<  Granviue.... :.aey. 6b6  ..   C.  Lumber Coip.,  l_iu.,   1603   Georgia aey. obo  i. C. Supply Co., Loin. Trust Bldg bey. Uio  .an. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .bey. 080  join, bash Sc Door Co, 2120 ,_tdar St Sey. 613  j. it. neap. Sc Co., no  victoiia Drue Sey. 88yi  .  lyie  bmith  & Co.,  1.20  _._icuaid_i bey.  lla.  ,o. _r\ic. Lbr. Co., Ltu., _oth 6c -Aiijuuis '. .bey. bCi>  '    - __-OV-...0_-_T10_>.S.   -  .und & Co , Metropoie uoiel Sey. 42  _..2.I._lCJ-AJ_J. SHEET ___J_!T__.L.  -cme Plumbing'A. i_-_;.--0., a3l lutn Ave.,K.. .Fair. 53  -rn.stiung 6c  i>o.le, _.-i-0 5lli -\.ve.  vV..." I'lur. 3Uj.  ,. E. Campbell 6c i_.u, lubl 1-ender bt.   \V Sey. z.3>  jt rand view bneet _.ic__i_ .ji.ks., Ii2'J . enables, .bey. 52b  jumey houiiury _o.,-__t~-i r'&oo-iO Beatty. .bey. ibub-iob  lodgson Heating _c J_riuii.i-. <_.o.,,643 beymour. .Sey.'241.'  oiiii._ton-Tiioiup.__.ii "uo ,   j2W isuriai'-L *_3t Sey.  781/  1.  i-.-Keiling 6_ ������_.o., uO.i Pender ot bey.  822.  .ancouver bneet .liuim Sioiics, 7 48 Cambie St. .Sey. 221.  .v'estein Plumb.  _u��������� j_._>],.aiiaue o_'bt. George.N.'V.      30.  GAIiV-.i.I__._* IJ-OM   WORKS.  '  u-mstroi.g & Wo.lu, johj uth __ve. VV Fair. 309.  jiandview bheet _.i__a.. w u., 1,-9 Venables. .bey. 528  .ancouver bneet Aitiai  Uoilis, 7 lb Cambie St..Sey,  u-__._-   __.1'_-'__.I--.1.CES.  Jumside Gas Appi. Co., io.ii-u Gianville St...Sey.  , ancouver oa_ __., ju-xla.lmgs bt.. l bey.  -   u-__...-&S���������_.LL   KINDS. S  3ogardus, Wickens, wegg, Ltd., 7 0 coidova XV, Sey.  ,V.   Holt,    121-429   Duneiin.St.   \\..' i-air.  vVm. N. O'Neil _t Co., o4b-50 beymour St. .bey.   li!,5-4'.9.  standard   Glass  Co.,  utd.,   829  Barnard Sey. 6,4<>  ,vest. Plate Glass & Imp. Co., 153 Cordova E. Sey. 467-  ,ViiCO.*_< Art Glass,  l_/l Bioadway'W ...'. Bay. 24.  HAttDW.OOD PLOOBS.  3. C. Hardwood Flour Co,  557 Granville Sey.  b85.  Jan. Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. ObOv,  _..  H. Heaps & CO.,  ii5 Victoria Duve Sey.  8891  J.  R.  Morrison,'71_i  Richards  bt Sey.   2151-215.  A'm. N. 0'Neil-& Co., SIS^SO Sej mour St..Sey.   1795-179^  J.  Fyfe"Smith & Co., 1320 Riciiards .".Sey. 119t  /ancouver Floor Co., 8th Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair. 161  HAKDWOOD LUMBEB.        -   ,  j. Fyfe Smith & l.o.,'1320 Richaids Sey. 1190  HOISTING ENGINES.  8. C. Equip. Co.. OU6-7 Bank of Ottawa.. .Sey. 7056-7811  _0. G. Blacltweil, ~lvii Alexander St .'. Sey. ITil  Jan. Equip. & Sup. Co., Ltd., Pac. Bldg. . .Sey.< 2330-502.  Canada-Foundry  i_.o., Ltd.,  1065 Pender St....Sey. 5711  Henry Darling, 2b Powell St ". '..Sey. 51:  ilallmaii Machinery Co., Ltd.,  37-43 Alexander. .Sey. 953  Robt. Hamilton & Co., 615 Hastings St. W Sey. 383  Robt. Hamilton Sc Co., Bank of Ottawa Sey.    38C  Hitchie Conti. & bup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916:  Van. Machinery Depot, 1155 Gth Ave. >W.. .Bay. 470-471  XNTEBIOB   PINISB.  Ueam Manfg. Co , 298 Pi ior St. .*. .". Sey. 170.  __. G. Blacl-vve.l,- 108 Alexander St Sey. 173.  d.   C.'Lumber  Corp.,  Ltd.,   1605   Georgia Sey. 6304  Jan. Pac. Ltinibei Co,-Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey. OSOO  D_m.  Sash Sc Door Co,  2120 Cedar St Sey.  6130  __. H. Heaps & Co,  110   Victoria Dfive Sey. 8890  J. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey ill iG-S* 14*,  .vlilivvork  Supply  Co., i213o  Main 'St. ...-.-...-.. .Fair.  510  .no. Pac. Lbr. Co , Ltd.,' loth & __rbutu-.' Soy. 8651  ,Vm. N O'Non 4t Co., .-48-..0 Sev moui St. .Sey. 47S.5-1VSt.  ���������.-.itchie Contr & Sup Co., Ltd,"Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916.  Vancouver i-loor Co., bill Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair. 1012  IBON   AND   STEEL���������STBTTCTUBAL.  Jan. Equip. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Pac   Bldg...Sey   2330-5021  Janada loundry Co.,  Ltd,  1063 Ponder St ..   .Sey.  5710  __vans, Coleman Sc l_.\aiis, Fl. Columbia Sey. 29S8  A'aitei Ha_ e _ isc Co , Ltd., 211 Columbia Ave. .Sey 1S-7366  J. Gaiuiner JoluisOn A. Co, Johnson's Will, Sey 9146-alli  v.  G.  .uangiey & Co, Ltd.,   319 Pender  W. Sey.  389-  J.   R.  _.lori-isOn,   712   Richards   St SejO 2151-215-  .titch.ri Contr  A. Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 91o_:  IBON  AND   STEEL���������OBNAMENTAL.  Vustui   Sc  Hurst,   26 1   Prior  St Sey.  52S0  ._   G. Blacl-Wu.l, 10S Alexander St Sey.  173.  B   Or Supply Co , Dom. 'n ust Bldg     Soy.  616J  ;anr"-_.(-uip. ot bup   i_o., Ltd, pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5021  Janada I'buiidi >  Co., Ltd,   1005 Pender St Scj..5710  \Vaicer Haves & Co., Lta , 211 t_.olun.bia Ave..Sey 1S-7563  .'.'in. N. (J'Nei. & Co., Olb-50 Seymour Si. .Sey.. 1795-4798  ���������.iiLonie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916:  IBON WORKS.  -Jumey Foundiy Co., Lta., 560-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597  LATH���������MjUTAL.  i-_. G. Blackwell, 108 Alexander St    Sey. 1733  __.,i. Equip. Sc oup. Co., Ltd., Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5023  ,_nins, Coleman Sc Evans, Ft.  Columbia Sey.  29SS  waiter Hayes & Co., Ltd , 211 Columbia Ave..Sey 1S-7565  _.  Gardiner Johnson Sc Co, Johnson's VVhl, Sey 91 I6-911i  j.  R. Morrison,  712  Richards   St Sey.  2151-2152  wm. N. O'Neil Sc Co., 54b-50 S.ymour St..Sey.  1795-1798  ititchie Contr. & Sup,. Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  LATH���������WOOD.  oeam Manfg. Co., 29b Pi ior St Soy.  170S  a.  C.  Lumber  Coip.,   Ltd,   1605   Georgia Sey.  6501  .an. Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey   6800  .join. Sash & Door Co., 2120 Cedar St Sey. 6136  .0. IT. Heaps & Co., 115 Victoiia Drive Sey. 8S90  so. Pac. Lbr. Co., Ltd., loth & Arbutus Sey. S051  Xo. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 30 Lonsdale,. .N.  V.  19S-178  LIME.  Balfour, Guthrie"& Co, Winch Bldg Sey. 1S7-5929  ���������"vans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey.  2')8b  Great West Sand Sc Gravel Co., Ltd , 1029 Main, Sey. SI91  Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey i������l)6-9147  .N'o. Vancr. Coal Sc Supply Co., Ltd., No. Vancr.. .19S-17.  Xo. Van Coal Sc Supply Co., 36 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 19S-17S  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey.  1793-179.  I'aclfic Lime Co , Pacific Bldg Sey. 9500  ititchie Contr. fr Sup   Co. Ltd, Gian   St Bridge, buy, 9162  __nover & Thomas,  959  Alum  Sc Sev   1365  K. V. Winch Sc Co., Ltd.,  Wincn Bldg Sey.  279-1944  LIME���������HYDBATED,  I'.vans, Coleman Sc Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2'i8b  Great West Sand <s_ Gravel Co , Ltd., 1029 Main, Sev. 8191  J  Gardiner Johnson & Co , Johnson's Whf, Sey 91 16-91 17  Pacific Lime Co., Pacific Bldg Sey. 9506  Riicliie Contr. A. Sup. Co, Ltd, Gran. St Biidge, Sey, 9162  LUMBEB.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co, Wincn Bldg Sey. 187-5926  Beam Manlg. Co., 29S Pi ior St Sey   1708  I..  C.   Lumber  Coip,   Ltd.,   160b   Geoigia Sey.  6301  an. l-ac. Lumber Co., Ltd., Itwv   ic Salsbury. .Sey. 6800  Dom.  Sa h  Sc Door Co,  2120  Cedar St Sey.  6130  Ft. H. Jlcapr, Sc Co ,  115   Victoiia Dilve Sey.  8890  Xo. Pai.. IA,r. Co , Ltd., 10th & __rl.utus Sey. 8651  Terminal Lmbr & Shgl   Co, 308 Cotton Bldg...Sey. 7997  MACHINERY,  B. C. Equip. Co. 606-7 Bank of Ottawa. . .Sev.  7050-7818  ii G   Blackwell, 10b Ale.andei   bt Sey.  1733  Jan. Equip   _e sup. Co,  __tn , i',io.  Bldg..   Sey. 2330-5021  Janada i uundrv Co.,  Ltd.,  106!>  Pender bt Sey.  5710  Champion & White,  937-4.   .\iain bt Sev.  9570  Henry Darling,  28  Powell  St Sey.  512  Hallman Maclimciy Co. Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey.  953  Robt. Hamilton A. Co , Bank of Ottawa Sey.    383  C  Gaidiner Johnson <fc <_.o , Johnson s Whf, Sey 91 16-91 17  A. G.  Langley & Co., Ltd.,  319  Pender XV. Sey. 3892  J. D. Mudse,  215 Crown Bldg. ...:.'........ ...Sey.  6310  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 54S-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr. &.Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge. Sey. 9162  Van. Machinery.Depot, 1155 6th Ave. W...Bay.  470-471  MANTELS���������BBICK, TILE AND WOOD.  Champion & White,  937-47 Main  St...... Sey. '9570  J. Dairon Afc-Co.,  513 Hamilton St.. . ..Sey.  4730  D.  R.  Morrison,  712  Richards  St Sey.   2151-2152  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 54S-50 Seymour St..Soy. 4795-479S  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Wm. C. Thomp.on & Co., 319 Pender St. W.. ..Sey 3394  Van. Marble & Tile Co.,. 848 Beach Ave........Sey. 151S  MABBLE AND  ONYX.  B. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust Bldg. ...........Sey. 6161  r. Dairon & Co., 513 Hamilton St........ Sey. 4730  D.  R, Morrison,  712  Richards-  St.... .Sey.   2151-2151  Wm. N. O'Xeil & Co., 5-IS-..0 Sevmour St..Sey. 4795-479S  Ritchie Contr. Sc Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Win. C. Thor-ipon & Co.. 319 Pender St. W... .Sey 3394  Van. Marblei& Tile Co.. 848 Beach Ave ....Sey. 1518  MIRROR PLATE.  D.  R.  Morrison.  712  Richards  St Sey.  2151-2152  Wm.' X. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-4798  OIL  BUBNING  PLANTS.  Western Stm. & Oil Plants, Ltd., Cotton Bidg..Sey. 7676  MOBTAB CO-COB. *-  3ogardus, Wickens, Begg,-Ltd, 70 Cordova XT, Sey. 6876"  .���������hampion & White, 9S7-47-Main St Sey. 9570  Vm-N. O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  PAINTS AND OILS.  Jogaidus, Wickena, Begg, Ltd , 70 Cordova XT, Sey. 6870  'hampion & White, 937-47 Main St Sey. 957"  -lenry Darling, 28 Powell St Sey. 512  Vm N O'Neil Sc Co, 548-50 Se.mour St..Sey. 4796-479K  Vestern Plumb  Co , Esplanade & St George.N. V.^   365  PAINTS    (DAMP   PBOOP). -  3ogardus, Wickens, Begg, Ltd , 70 Cordova W, Sey. 687i.  hSmpion Sc White. 937-47 Main St Sey. 9570  tlenry Darling, 28 Powell St Sey. 512  .Gardlnei Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9141  Jew ton ic Gieer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran Sey. 1397  " Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887  PAINTS���������OH-RE-PBOOP.  s'ewton AL Greer. Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sey. 1397  Victoria, 1326 Wharf St 887  , PABTITION���������PIBEPBOOP.  Jhampion Sc Wnlte, 937-47 Main St Sey. 9570  _\un., Coleman & Evans, Ft   Columbia Sey. 2988  ' Gardli ci  lownson As Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9117  Vm   X   G_.cil &��������� Co, 54S-G0 Sevmour St.  Sey  4795-4798  tilchle Conti   _w Sup   Co, Ltd, Grun  bt Budge, Sey, 9162  PLASTES. - *'  Jalfour, Guthiie At Co, Winch Bldg Sey. 187-5929  Jhampion Sc White, 937-47 Main St Sey. 9570  Svans, Coleman A.'Evans. Ft. Columbia Sey. 2983  Ireat West Sand A. Gravel Co.,-'Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  >'o Van. Coal & Supply Co., 50 Lonsdale,.. N. V. 198-178  ,Vm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 479S-479J  .itchle,Contr. A. Sup  Co., Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9162  .hover Sc Thomas,'959 Main St ' Sey. 136_.  PLASTEB   BOABD.  1. C. Supply Co-, Dom. iTrust Bldg 7 Sey. 6161  '. Gaidiner Johnson Sc Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  >'o. Van. Coal Sc Supply Co., 66 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-178  Vm. N. O'Neil A. Co., 64S-50 Sevmour St..Sey. 4795-4798  litchie Contr. ic Sup. Co , Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  PLASTEB PABTITION BLOCKS. .  3. C  Supply Co , Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 6161  '. Gaidiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914 7  litchie Contr Sc S>ip  Co , Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  <    PLASTEB���������ORNAMENTAL.  '. Gardiner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  i   R   Moirison,  712 Richaids  St Sey.  2151-2152  /m   N. O'Neil Sc Co, 548-50 Sevmour St..Sey. 4795-479S  .itchie Contr & Sup. Co, Ltd, Gran. St-Brldge, Sey, 9162  PLASTIC  FLOORING.  ���������he Raeco Products Co., 301 Pacific Bldg Sey. 8144  PIGS���������IBON AND TIN.  Salfour, Guthiie Ac Co, Winch Bldg ...Sey. 187-5929  . Gaidiner Johnson & Co . Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  1. V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  PIPE���������SEWEB. i  hampion A. White, 937-17-Main St Sey. 9570__  ..an_i, Coleman Sc Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  ,. Gardiner Johnson At Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  .o. Van Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. ,N. V 198-178  titchlc Contr At Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162 ,  .. V. Winch At Co.,-Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944  PLUMBING-  AND   HEATING.  erne Plumbing At IItg   Co., 131 10th Ave. E...Falr. 537  -rm.tiong At Wolfe, 1510 5th Ave."W. Fair. 3095  i. E   Campbell At Co, 1064 Pender St  W. Sey. 2736"  Dunham-Systems,  157. Watei   St Sey.  5632     ,  "rurney Foundij Co, Ltd, 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597  olinston-Thompson  Co,   525 Burrard  St Sey. 7899    _  fodgson Heating A. Plumb. Co, 643 Seymour. .Sey. 2412  .. L   Kelling At Co, 505 Pender St ~ Sey. 8228  ,'altei "Kinsey,  1366  Gianville St Sey. 9063  ,ittle Sc Lee, 0S2 Seymour St ." Soy. 4458  .lunay  Bros,   721   Main  St Sey. 8614  Vebstei  Sc Lindsay, 507 Yates St., Victoria J.153  .Vestein Plumb Co, Esplanade At St. George.N. V.      365  RADIATORS AND  BOILERS.  Janada Foundiy Co, Ltd,,1065 Pender St Sey. b710  lurncv Foundry Co, Ltd , 566-70 Beatty..Sey. 7596-7597  lallman Machineiy Co, Ltd., 37-43 Alexander. .Sey. 953    -  lobt. Hamilton At Co , Bank of Ottawa'. Sey..  383 '  -.Valtei Hayes At Co , Ltd , 211 Columbia Ave..Sey 18-7565  v. G   Langley At Co, Ltd,  319 Pender W- Sey. 3892  Van. Machinery Depot, 1165 6th Ave. W...Bay. 470-471  BOOPING COMPOSITION.  Henry Dai ling, 28 Powell St. .Sey. .512  fivans, Coleman At Evans, Ft. Columbia Sey. 2988  J. Gardiner Johnson & Co , Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147.  NTevvton As Greei, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran... .Sey. 1397    ,  Victoiia, 1326 Wharf St 887  .Vm. N   O'Neil At Co, 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4798  [���������he.Raeco Pioducts Co, 301 Pacific Bldg Sey. 8114  Ritchie Contr. At Sup. Co , Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9102  Troy  Roofing  Co:,   814   Metropolitan Sey. 7417  "-- BOOPING���������SHEET  METAL.  Vrmsliong At Wolfe, 1540 5th Ave. W Fair. 3095  ji-andvievv Sheet Metal Wks, 1729 Venables. .Sey. 5284  kittle At Lee, 682 Seymour St ' Sey. 4158     ,  /ancouvei   Roofing Co,  407 Loo Bldg Sey.  201b  /ancouvei Sheet Metal Works, 748 Cambie St..Sey. 2219  BOOPING MATERIAL.  Henry Bailing, 28 Powell' St *.   ���������."vans, Coleman At Evans, Fl   Columbia..  J. Gauhnei Johnson At Co , Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-91 i7  N'cvvton & Greet, Ltd, Vancouvei, 118 Gian Sey. 1397"  Victoiia,  1326 Wharf St..   ...8S7  Vancouvei   Roofing Co,   407 Loo Bldg Sey.  2013  ..itenie Conti   & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran. St-Bridge, Sey, 9162  i.dvv_ud Timmons,  S3S  7th Ave   W Fail*   1257  Croy  Roofing  Co,   811   Metiopolitan Sey. 7417  .Vestein Plumb  Co, Esplanade Sc St  George.N. V,      365  SAPES���������VAULT   DOOBS. '  tobt. Hamilton At Co , Bank of Ottawa.*- Sey     383  j.. G   Painell,  507  Hamilton St Sey.  1584  SAND AND GRAVEL.  f. A. Dewar Co, 429 Pender St. XV Sey. 4534-6751  Jreat West Sand & Giavel Co , Ltd., 1029 Main, Sey. 8491  J. Gardinei Johnson At Co , Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  nto. Van Coal At Supply Co., 50 Lonsdale,. .N. V 198-178  s*ioduceis'_.Rock As Ciav. Co, Vancr, Front & Manitoba  i Victoria, stoie ft Chatham  litchie fonti At Sup Co, Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sey, 9162  .hover As Thomas,  959 Mam St Sey.  1365  >-.  ..Sey. 512  .Sey. 2988  "   'N.  SASH,   DOOBS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  3eam Manlg. Co , 298 Prior St Sey. 1708  3.   C.   Lumber  Corp,   Ltd.,   1605   Georgia Sey.  650t  .an. Equip. At Sup   Co , Ltd , Pac. Bldg. .  Sey. 2330-5021  Jan   Pac   Lumbei  Co, Ltd, Rwy   At Salsbury. .Sej'. 6S00  Oom   Sash At Dooi  Co, 2120 Cedar St Sey   6136  i. IT. Heaps At Co , 113 Victoiia Drive Sey. 8S90  Millwork Slupply Co,   2136  Main  St Fair.   546  <o  Pac  Lbi. Co, Ltd, 10th At Arbutus Sey. 8651  .Vm. N   O'Neil At Co , 348-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-4798  Terminal Lmbr At Shgl   Co, 308 Cotton Bldg...Sey. 7997  SHINGLE   MANUFACTURERS  AND   DEALERS.  Beam .Manfg. Co, 29b Pi ior St Sey   1708  3.  C.  Lumbei   Corp,   Ltd.,  160,.  Georgia Sey. 6501  Jan   Pac   Lumbei Co, Ltd, Rwy. At Salsbury. .Sey   6800-  ���������_>om'  Sash At Dooi  Co,  2120 Cedar St Sey.  6136  C. It. Heaps & Co, 115 Victoiia Diive Sey   8890  Co   Pac  Lbi. Co , Ltd ,  1 0th As Arbutus Sey. 8651  I'ernnmil Lmbi &. Shgl. Co, 308 Cotton Bldg...Sey. 7997  SLATE.  .. Gaidinei Johnson At Co . Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  A'm. N   O'Neil At Co,   . IS-50 Sejmour St..Sey. 4796.4798  iitchie C.nti   & Sup   Co, Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 9162  ,Vm   C. Ihompson As Co, 319 Pender St. W Sey 3394  STEAM FITTEBS.  Vrmstiong Sc Wolfe,  1510  5th Ave. XV. Fair. 3095  i. E. Campbell At Co. 1004 Pender St   W. Sey. 2736  -uiney Foundiy Co: Ltd, 506-70 Beatty. .Sej'. 7590-7597  Waltei   ICinsej-.  1166 Granville St Sey. 9053  ..lttle Sc Lee,  0S2 Seymour St Sej-. 4458  STOBE & OFFICE FIXTURES & STOBE FRONTS.  U   C. Scieen At Mnlg  Co. 266 Dufferin St. 13...Fair.  1613  .an   E'tulp   At Sup   Co, Ltd, Pac. Bldg...Sey. 2330-5021  r.  Dairon it Co,  513 Hamilton St Sey   4730  .rillvvork  Supplv Co,   2I3C  -Main  St Fair.   046  .Vm. N   ONell ic Co, 548-50 Sejmoui- St..Sej'. 4795-4798  .Vest. Plate Gloss & Imp. Co, 153 Coidova E. Sey. 4674  ~ TANKS.  Beam Manfg. Co, 29S Piior St Sey. 170S  Jan. I'ac  Lumber Co. Ltd , Rwy. At Salsbury. .Sey. CS00  .���������:.  H.  Heaps As Co,  115  Victoria Drive Sey.  8890  ;. G.idlinci John-ton & Co. Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  \. O.   I.anglpv  At Co, Ltd,  311 Pendei   XV. Sey. 3892  ,illlt   i. Lee,  6S2 Spj mour St Sey.  4 158  n'o   lac   Lbi   Co, Ltd , 10th At Arbutus Sey. 8651  .Vestein Stm   At Oi! Plants, Ltd , Cotton Bldg. .Sey.  7670  TILE���������DRAINING.  Janada  Mosaic Tile Co,  1318   Wharf St,  Victoria.. 1045  .hai-ipion As White,  937-17  Main St Sey.  9570  .vaii-i, Coleman Sc Evans,  Ft   Columbia Sey.  2988  IreJt West Sand & Giavel Co , Ltd , 1029 Main, Sej'. 8491  ;. Girdln-M Johnson Sc Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  .Vm X O'Xeil S. Co, 518-50 Sevmour St..Sej*. 4795-4798  .itchie Conti   & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gian  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  Sho/ei   & Thomas,  -)59  Main  St Sey.  1365  TIN PLATES.  Bail'oui, Guthiie & Co, Winch Bldg Sey. 187-5929  Jhampion & White,  i',"-17  Main St Sey.  9370  J. Gardinei  lohnson At>Co , Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Wilkinson Co, Ltd. 846 Beach Ave Sey   7915  R. V. Winch At Co, Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey.  279-1914  VACUUM  CLEANING  SYSTEMS.  ���������.. ... Blackwell. 108 Alexander St Sey. 1733  The Duntley Stoie,  791  Granville St Sej-.  1487  WATEBPBOOF   COMPOUND.  .hanipion As White,  137-17  Main St Sey.  9570  ;  Gardinei  Johnson At Co, Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  Win. N   O'Xeil At Co, 5 18-50 Sevmour St..Sey. 4795-4798  WINDOW  SCREENS.  B. C.Scieen At Mnfg  Co. 2GC DulTerin St  E...Fair.  1643  WINDOW   SHADES.  Bowes,  I-'. XV, Sc Co,  957  Gianville St Sey.  843  WIBE  BOPE.  3   C. Equip   Co, 000-7  Bank of Ottawa.. .Sey. 7056-7S18  i.  G. Blackwell,  10S Alevandei  St Sey.  1733  Jin. Equip At Sup Co. Ltd . Pac Bldg.. Sey 2330-5021  ..alter Haves St Co , Ltd . 211 Columbia Ave .Sey 18-7565  \.  G.  Langlev At Co, Ltd,  310 Pender W Sey. 3892  ". Gardinei Johnson At Co Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9147  iitchie Conti & Sup Co , Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Soy, 9162  .Vm. C   Thompson At Co, 319  Pender St   W...   Sey 3394  Wilkinson Co , Ltd ,816 Beach Ave    Sey. 7015  .. V. Winch At Co, Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey. 279-1944 British Columbia  DAB LY^^giiE>lN^RE<DCiRP  Phones "Seymour," 2151, 2152  Rflanteis, ������rates and Tiles- Large stock always on hand.  us quote on your requirements     T12 rbchards street  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  Intematiosaf Fire Protection  -Apparatus   .  Phone Seymour 6180  114 Hastings St. W.  Vancouver B.C.  __* 'f*  i.  J. DAB_RON & CO.  Tile and Marble Contractors  ,     Mantels,   Grates,   -Baskets  ,  and Andirons  513 Hamilton.    Phono Seymour 4730  Common,   Impervious   Face,  and Building Pavers.  Coast Shale Brick Co. Ltd.  ' 1008 METROPOLITAN BUILDING  PHONE SEY. 8450  VANCOUVER B. C  SOUTH   VANCOUVEB   PEBMITS.'  197���������I. C. Burnes, Britcola P. 0.;;1-sto  fr res, Clarendon or Gilbert st; $800.  198���������O.   T.   Nelson,   Hillcrest   P.   O.;  I-sto fr res, Windsor st;  $1500..  199���������Arthur Paine; 1-sto fr re.-; $1500.  20:,'���������John   R. ,1).   Wilson,   52' Dufforiii  t   \i;,-.'--to'  res,   Gladstone   rd;   $1900.  Furnace.  205���������Thos. Run-}', Cedar'Cottage; 1.4-  sto bungalow, Gladstone rd;  $1400.  206���������R.,Dvvan; 1 "4-sto bungalow, 27th  ave;   $900.  207���������E. L>odd;pl-sto bungalow; $1200.  H. Baker contr.  208���������--Percy Stone,' Janes Rd P. O.; 1-sto  bungalow;  4Ctli ave E..   $1000.  209���������G. Paone.ssa; store and fatcorj*,  Victoria rd; $..000.  210���������C. F. Wilson, City Heights; fires. Prince Edward st; $2500.  211���������M. A. Handy, 575 13th IC: 1 "4-sto  bungalow, > 28th ave; $1600". Champion  & Knead contr.    Piped for furnace.  WILL   ASK   POB   CAB   LINE.  Sash, Doors, Moulding.  . -  'Mail Orders Promptly Attended To  MILLWORK SUPPLY CO.  'Office and Warehouse . '  Phone Fair." 546.    2436 Main St.  A Reputation from the Board of Trade  vvill shortly take up with the .Western  Canada Power Co. the matter of constructing an electric car linei along the  North Arm of the Fraser from .Vancouver, for the purpose of extending the  trade territory of this city.  *       l . (     "   \  LIENS FILED.  1197���������James, Jr. Clark vf_ Mary Wakolin.  Materials.    N*������   blk 42, D. L.  631   and  -R%   1_.'L.   632 /. ...?8s  HARDWARE���������Tenders vvill be reed  by,Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg. for  hdwe in  bldg on  Powell st. \        20  HARDWARE���������Tenders will be reed  until Jan. 27, by Jas. Stuart, City pur  Agt,' for supplj' of hdwe. 27  HEATING���������Tenders will be reed by  M. F. Blackwell, 1414 Dom. Trust bldf*,  ior li. vv. lug in re. at Point Ore..-. If,  Iron   Worlc,   Intori..*   Piniah. _  CASTINGS���������Tender., will be reed until Jan. 27, by Jas. Stuart, city pur agt,  for supply of C. I. cstgs. '        27  GALV. PIPE FITTINGS���������Tenders will  be reed until Jan. 27, by City Pur. Agt.  Stuart,  for supply of galv. pipe ftgs.   27  Mill   Work    "Machinory,  Marble,  MILL   WORK���������Tenders   vvill   be   reed  by Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg,  for  mill work in bldg on Powell st. 20  MILL AVORK���������Tenders vvill be reed  by Townsend & Townsend, 520 Granville  st, for mill,work in bldg on Davie st.  MILLWORK���������Tenders will be reed by  Townsend & Townsen.d, 520 Granville st,  for  millwork  in  apmts  on  Broadway.  VALVES���������Tenders will be reed by.  Jas. Stuart, cit.v pur, agt., until Jan. 10,  1912, for 392 hub and gate valves for  steel and cast iron pipe. Specif at office  of above.  Lumber, Lathing-, lime  LUMBER���������Tenders will be',, reed by  Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, for  lmbr for bldg on  Powell st. 20  sriscellane^ao.  ������&������___'  .WALTER KINSEY. ���������.-���������"  PLUMBING, HEATING  -      ���������       '.      AND     t  GASCONTRAtfl'OR.  1366 Oranville St.       Vancouver, B.C.  11   j'Phone  Seymour^9053  LIENS RELEASED.  1098���������Andrew Borstrom  vs Calvin Grey.  D.   L.   1325   and   1330. ..$..0.95  1099���������John  Quayle  vs Calvin  Grfy     D  L.  1325  and   1330. $78.55  -100���������John Nestrom vs Calvin.Grey.   D.  L.   1325   and   1330 $63.95  H.if.-i' JsJi -Wfr  |K^-���������'<">'<  <;,!*-___.. ���������>.-'..  __<&  llOominion Construction Co.  - LIMITED '..v.., ..    ��������� .     .  , ��������� _  'BUILDINGS,FINANCED     "~  T. J. Madlen, Mgr.  433 HOMER STBZSET  Plione 'Sey.  1973  You will save two dollars hy paying  a year in advance for the Becord, besides saving- considerable time > and tho  annoyance of paying- a small'bill each  month. Sixteen and two-thirds per cent  is pretty g-ood interest on your money,  isn't it? Worth saving! The price for  one year paid in advance 1b ten dollars.  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED.  r     .      .  VANCOUVER    "  GRANDVSEW  Sheet SVIetaS Works  1    Warm   Air  Heating  Furnaces ^aud General Jobbing  1729 Venable St.--.,.' Phone Sey 5284  No charge is'made for the insertion  of-notices for tenders in this^colnmn  unless they are In tho regular legal  form of official advertisements.  'ENGINEER'S SUPPLIES ��������� Tenders  will be reed by Citj' Pur. Agt. Jas.  Stuart until  Jan.  27 for engrs supplies.  PIG LEAD���������Tenders will'be reed by  City Pur. Agt. Jas. Stuart for supply of.  pig lead and lead'pipe. <        27  OILS AND GREA'SE���������Tenders.,will, be  reed until Jan. 27, bj- City Pur. Agt.  Stuart, for supplj- of oil and grease.    27  SUPPLIES���������Tenders will be reed until Jan. 27, by City Pur. Agt. Jas Stuart,  for city supplies  for 1912. ''������������������   27  Plaster, Plbg1., Pntg.,' Fav.. Pipe, Piling*,  PAINTING���������Tenders will be reed-by  Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, for  pntg in bldg on Powell st. . ,   ,20  PAINOtfNG���������Tenders will be reed..by  Townsend & Townsend, 520 Granville  st, for pntg in 4-sto brk bldg on Davie  st. .  ROOFING���������Tenders will be reed by  Towiioend & Townsend, 520 Granville st,  for rfg on bldg on Davie st.  ROOFING���������Tenders vvill be reed by  Tjivvnscnd & Townsend, 520 Granville st,  for  rfg   on   McCalluin   bldg,   Broadway.  r - <*_  Sheet   Motal,  Stone   Work,   Steel.  ..lilCl.T MKT..L WORK���������Tenders will  be rccJ by Egdell & Di..on- 115 Cestui,  bldg, for slit mtl work'in bldg on Powell  st. '        , ,     ��������� ,20  SHEET METAL WORK���������Tenders vvill  be reed by Townsend & Townsend, 520  Granville st, for slit mtl work in apmts  on   Broadwaj-.  i '  SHEET METAL WORK���������Tenders will  be reed by Town.send & Townsend, 520  Granville st, for slit mtl wk in bldg on  Davie st. ' '  Wiring-,  .Waterproofing-,   Wharves,  . '  WIRING���������Tenders   will' be   reed    by  Townsend & Townsend,' 520 Granville st,  for" wiring In stores'and apints on Davie  st. ' - '  ',    ���������  WIRING���������Tenders will be reed by Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, foi- elec  wir in  bldg on Fowell st.      _ 20  AVIRING���������Tenders Will be reed by  Townsend & Townsend, 520 Granville st,  for wiring in_apmts on Broadway.  WIRING���������Tenders will be reed by M.  F. Blackwell, 1414 Dom. Trust bldg, for  elec wir in res at Point Grej-. -15  DREDGING���������Tenders are being reed  by Engr. Dept., G. N. R.v., Seattle, Wash.,  for dredging in Burrard Inlet.    Tender.-!  A. 6. Langley & Co., Ltd.  ENlbiNEERS AND AGENTS  Caledonian Wire.Rope, Parker Derricks and Electric'Hoists, "Otto" Gasoline Engines, Grab Buckets, Oil Fuel Plant, Wayne    ���������  .' Oil and Gasoline Tanks.   ������������������' ,'  Phone Seymour 3892 319 Pender Street W.  B. C. EQUiPMEN  MACHINERY ' ' -'*0  Concrete  Mixers,' Deep Well  Pumping Machinery, Gai  Hoists,  Koppel   Steel  Cars,  Gasoline   Englrf  in  stock. 'S  Phones:   Seymour'7056-7818. Offices: 606-607, Bai  . JUST ARRIVED  CONTRACTORS' PORTABLE ELECTRIC HOISTS  2-TON SINGLE LIFT  HAND DERRICK CRANE, 1-TON LIFT.  Phonj   Seymour  512  HENRY DARL9NG  28 Powell.St.  Hot Air Furnace  ������.  Have you seen St ?  IF NOT WHY NOT ?  643 Seymour St.  THE HODGSON HEATING & PLUMBING CO., AGENTS  close Jan.  12.  12  TENDERS WANTED.  OUT OF TOWN.  _        - *  *_     BUILDINGS.  APARTMENTS���������Tenders vvill be reed by  I^ang & Major, li" Board of Trade bldg,  Calgarj', until Jan. 15, for genl contr on  3-sto   stone   and   brk   apmts. 15  AMORY���������Tenders will be reed by R.  C. Desrochers, Sec. Dept. Pub. Wks.,  Ottawa, until Jan. 24, for genl contr on  and MANUFACTURING CO.uti.TEtt  Electric Supplies and Telephones. 313 Water St.  COMMERCIAL BLUE PRINT CO. .  MAPS, DRAFTING AND TRACING  Phone Sey. 5068.  329   Seymour  St.  GENERAL COMTTBACT.  - SAWMILL���������Tenders will be reed hy  Alfred Shaw, Bovver blclg, until Jan.' 10,  for mill, machinery, .tug, scows, -launch;  PAINTING���������Tenders vvill be reed by  Townsend & Townsend, 520 ' Granville  st, for pntg in apmt. on1 Broadwaj',     '"  PAINTING���������Tenders vvill be reed t>y  M. F. Blackwell, 1111 Dom. Trust-, bldg,  for pntg in  res at Point Grej'. '    '"     15  PLASTERING���������Tenders- will be reed  by Townsend & Townsend, 520 Granville st, for plstrg in apmts on Broadway. ..    ,.  ���������J  PLASTERING���������Tenders will be reed  by Egdell & Dixon, 115- Cotton bldg, for  logging outfit, timber; land's ami- license .,���������   Plstrg in bldg on  Powell st.  AUSTIN & HURST  Ornamental Iron and Bronze  264 Prior St.       'Phone Seymour 5286  G. L. KELLING & CO  Heating and Plumbing- Engineers  505 Pender St.   'Phone Seymour 8228  Shone & Summerfield  BRICK   CONTRACTORS  1008 Dominion Trust Bldg.  Seymour 8945. Fairmont 363-B  Acme Plumbing & H'tg. Co  131 Tenth Ave. E.  ' *   -  .        'Phone  Pairmont  537  rioist Workmanship Exclusive Designs  Wilcox Art Glass Studio  1471 Broadway W. Phone Bayview 245  W. W. JERRETT  Contractor and Builder ,  Phone 6479 847" Granville  St.  EDWARD TIMEVIONS  SLATER & ROOF TILER  838���������7th Ave. W.    Phone Fair. 18571-.  THE BURNSIDE :: ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-3S Granville  Street  Telephone Seymour 3704  J. E. Campbell & Co.  PLUMBING   &   HEATING  1064 Pender St.W. "   Plione Seymour 1136 ���������  -'GOOD CHEER" CIRCLE WATER PAN FURNACE  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  SHEET METAL WORKERS  BUCK'S LEASER and GURNET OXFORD FURNACES .  Phone Bay. 296 540 Sth Ave. W  "TV!  PLUMBING and HEATING  721Main Street. Phone Seymour 8614  LITTLE Si LCt  Sheet Metal Workers  Boat Tank., Cornice, Rooflnr, Furnaces,  .582 Seymour St.     Phone Sey. 4458  etc.. of Bed Fir Lmbr 'Co., at Rocl.e  Point, and lands on Vancouver Island  and  mainland.      ���������  HOUSES���������Tenders will bo reed by  Hammer & Wagner, 1231 Woodland drive,  until Jan. 10, for gen contr on 2 bouses  on  25th  avo,  So.   Vancouver.  STOBE AND APMTS.���������Tenders vvill  be recti by Stuart & White, 910 Metropolitan bldg, for genl contr on 2-sto fr  and brk veneer bldg on  4th ave W.  PUMP'HOUSE���������Tenders will be reed  by AVm. Griffiths, C. M. C, Edmonds, until Jan. 15, for genl contr on pump house  and store shed. Plans, etc.,'at office of  Cleveland & Cameron,  Winch  bldg.      15  Brickwork, Boilers.  BRICKWORK���������Tenders will be reed  by Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, for  brk  work in bldg on .Powell st. 20  BRICKWORK���������Tenders will be reed  by To'wnsend & Townsend, 520 Granville  st, for brk work in bldg on-Davie st.  BRICKWORK���������Tenddi-s will be reed  by Townsend & Townsend, 520 Granville  st, for brk work in  apmts on  Broadway.  Canals, Cement, Concrete,  CEMENT���������Tenders will be reed until  Jan. 27, by Pur Agt. Stuart, for supply  of cement. 27  CONCRETE���������Tenders will be reed by  Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg. for  cone In bldg on Powell St. 20  Excavating, Elevators, Slectrlc Fixtures  EXCAVATION���������Tenders   will   be  reed  by   Townsend   &   Town.send,   520   Granville st, for excav for stores and apints  Grading, Glass,  Gravel,  SAND AND GRAVEL���������Tenders will  bo reed until Jan. 27, by City Pur. Agt.  Stuart,  for supply   of  sand  and  gravel.  H't'g-.,  Hardwood.  Hoot,  H'dware,  HEATING���������Tenders will be reed by  Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, for htg  in bldg on Powell st. 20  HARDWARE���������Tenders 'will be reed  by Townsend & Townsend, 520 Granville  st, for hdwe in bldg on Davie st.  HEATING���������Tenders vvill be reed Jiy  Townsend & Townsend, 520 Granville st,  for htg  in sto and  apmts [on Davie st.  -_  HEATING���������Tenders will be reed by  Townsend & Townsend, 520 Granville  st, for hot water htg in McCallum bldg,  Broadway and Yukon.  20  PLASTERING���������Tenders vvill be" reed  by.M. P. Blackwell, 1411 Dom. Trust  bldg! for plstrg in res ak'Point Grey.    3 5  ' PLUMBING���������Tenders will be reed by  Townsend & Town������end, 520 Granville st,  for plbg in store and apmts on Davie st.  PLUMBING���������Tenders will be reed by  lOgdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg,"'for  plbg in bldg on Powell st. 20  PLUMBING���������Tenders will be reed'by  Townsend & Townsend, 520 Granville  st,  for plbg  in apmts  on  Broadway.  PLUMBING���������Tenders will be reed by  M. V. Blackwell, .141! Dom. Trust bldg,  for plbg in res at Point Grey., 15  SEWER PIPE AND FITTINGS���������Tenders will be reed until Jan. 27, by City  Pur. Agt. Stuart, for supply of sewer  pipe and ftgs. , 27  FENDER PILES���������Tenders will be reed  by Mr. Lemcl-e, 719 Leary bldg, Seattle,  for a quantitj' of fender piles for wharf  at Carrall  st.  Booting,   Boads,   Beservolrs,    '  ROOFING���������Tenders will be rccd by  Egdell & Dixon, 115 Cotton bldg, lor rfg  in bldg on -Powell st. ' 20  Architects  Builders  Contractors  We are at your service to  give you any information_re-  quired regarding installing  gas pipes and appliances.  Also location of mains.  Phone S. 5Q0O and ask for  New  Business  Dept.  armory, Fernie, B.-C. Plans and specif  from Wm. Henderson,rres archt, Victoria.  10   per, cent  required  with   tender.  , FREIGHT SHED���������Tenders . will be  reed by Sec. Dept. of Pub. Wks., Victoria, B. C, until noon, Jan. 11, for,genl  contr on fr freight shed at Prince Rup-  ' ������ .,*...'  ert  wharf.     $2500  bond "required.   -  CHURCH���������Tenders will -be reed by H.  T. W. Forster, sec. bldg committee, Medicine Hat, Alta,' until Jan. 20, 1912, for  brick and sTone church. Plans and  specif from W. T. Williams, same citj*.  HOTEL���������Tenders_ will be " reed by  Bresemann & Durfee, 516 Sayward bldg,  Victoria, until Monday, January is! 1912,  for genl contr' on 6-sto reinf-conc hotel  bldg on Johnson st for Hayward Sc Barnard. ��������� .   ���������  OFFICE BUILDING���������Tenders will be  reed by H. S. Griffiths, 1000 Government  st, Victoria, until Jan. 15, for genl contr  on 3-sto bldg for Grant & Lineham.  ,   15  SCHOOL���������Tenders ��������� will    be ��������� reed   by  Wm. Millar, P. O. box,12S0, Calgarj*, for  genl contr on 2-rm school at Nose Creek.  Plans and specif at 150S -Fifth st E.    15  i  SCHOOL���������Tenders _ will   be   reed    by  minister of public works, Victoria, until  Jan.  .11, for gnl contr on large one-room  school   at  Delta.     Plans,   etc.,   at, office  of dept, New Westminster and Victoria.  $250   required   with   tender. - 31  BBIDGES,   BULKHEADS.  JETTY���������Tenders will be reed by R. C.  Desrochers, sec. Pub Wks. Dept, Ottawa,  until Jan." 19, 1912, for construction of  jettj- at mouth of Fraser river. Plans  and specif at offices of G. A. Keefer,  master, Steve.ton. 10 per cent required  dist engr. New Westminster, and post-  vvith  tender.  North Pacific Lumber Co.  LIMITED  Lumber, Mouldings, lath and Shingles  Vancouver .Yards,  cor.  10th  and  Arbutus  St. '  Phone  Seymour 8G51.  Mills   at  Barnet,  B.   C.  : BEAM MFG. CO: LTD.  . . Manufacturers of '< ' 1!__^'  Lumber, Sash, Boors, Mouldinsfs,. etc.  Phone Seymour 1708.      398 Prior St.  ii  11  '-.'Phone ���������Seymour 3394  319 Pender St.  West,.Main  Floor  Agent In British Columbia For     "  ?__t  Sidewalk and Floori Lights  GREAT WEST SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY LTD.  "   " Successors  to J. T.  Herrett*"COfl"-*Limitod.- \  Office, Warehouse and Wharf: 1029 Main St.. Phone Seymour 8491"  Support Home Industries   By Specifying  THE ANVEL ISLAND BRICK CO., LTD.  BEST PRESSED RED BRICKS c  ., Works:    Anvil Island, Howe Sound, B. C.  SELLING AGENTS  ' .RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, LTD,  PHONE SEYMOUE 9162.    OFFICE AND WHABP GRANVILLE ST. BBIDGE  CHAPMAN & WALKER LTD.  DEALERS .IN  ENGINEERS.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  Before purchasing electric motors, ask for our prices, and  call  and  see  our  stock of A. C. and D. C. machine's. " ���������   "' ������  PHONE SEYMOUR 9379   448    Seymour St. P.O. BOX 1353  773   Granville,    Show    Room  New Business Show Room  16   Hastings   E.,  MCH7.,   MISC.,   MATERIAL,   MARINE.  HEATING���������Tenders will be reed until'  Jan. 15, by Lang & Major, 11 board of  Trade bldg, Calgary, for htg in 3-sto  apmts  house. - 15  (-PLUMBING���������Tenders will be reed until "Jan. 15 by Lang & Major, 11 Board  of Trade bldg, Calgary, for plbg in 3-sto  apmt house. 15  TRADES���������Tenders will be reed by  Lang & Major, 11 Board of Trade bldg,  Calgary, until Jan. 15, for genl contr or  all or part trades in 3-sto stone and brk  apmt house for Dr. W. E. Spankie.        15  EXCAVATION���������Tenders will be, reed  by J. Jr. Telford, 406 Agnes st, New  Westminster, for excav lot at 10th ave  and  Royal  st.     ' IS  REPAIRS���������Tenders vvill be reed by  Wm. Henderson, res archt, Dept. or  Pub. Wks., Victoria, "until noon Jan. 13,  for repairs to dockyard office and navy  hospital at Esquimau. Work to be done  will be '-���������liovvn bj' applying to dock yard  gates, Jan. S, at 11 a. m. Plans and  specif at office of above. 13  _  SEWERS, STREET WOSK, STEEL.  CLEARING���������Tenders will be reed by  .1. F. O'C. Wood, Jit. Crown blk., No.  Vancouver, for clgr townsite of 500  acres  at Roche Point.  "  /  _29>  Inspection of Concrete.  Chemical and Testing Laboratories  Waterproofing of Concrete.   Fuel Value of Coal.  NEWHALL, SMITH & CO.  Office:    603-6 Northern Bank Bldg,  Main 819.        en .t+ln   Wo_'i,,ti_._ti  Laboratories:      1810' Westlake,   Trimble   Bldg.      ������eaiue,  wasningTOn.  Chemical and Efficiency Engineers  British Canadian Lumber Corporation Limited.  1605 Georgia St.  Manufacturers  Vancouver Phone. Seymour 6504  City Map & White Print Co  BRILLIANT  BLUE PRINTS  '   DRAFTING TRACING MAPS  432   Cordova   Street  West  Phone:    Seymour  66U3  Thompson Co.  Plumbing and Heating  Engineers  525 BURRARD ST. Phone Sey. 7899  SHOVER & THOMAS  Sand   Gravel   and  Building IVIaterial  'Phone Seymour 136S.  "Wharf  959 Main Street  TERMINAL LUMBER & SHINGLE CO.  LIMITED.  _OA_Sft7__*ACTUBEBS  OT  TINS  LUMBER AND SHINGLES  W. -_.. COOKE & CO.  C08 Caster Cotton Bldg.  Phone:    Seymour 7997  :;&__t^e#. & Churchiand  "J?t-**V"1,.*- " *"  EI-ECTBICAL CONTBACTOBS  976 Granville Stteet.  'Phone,   Seymonr  2707  di  CABINET  MAKEBS  BANK, STORE  AND  OFFICE  FIXTURES  Phone Fair. 1471    52 Dufferin St. *W.  Estimates Furnished  ...  .*.' -


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