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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Nov 17, 1906

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SATURDAY, NOV. 17, 19(10.
•■■   +■*—
| The Bowery and Centralia Football Teams Meet For the Sec
ond Time this Season
[H Centralias Win they  will be
^_ the Holders of the
Challenge Cup
Tomorrow alternoon the Centralia
and Bowery football teams come together in a gytme which ends the second of tire scries in lire ttirco-gpmo
league for the Dr. Wnsson Challenge
Cup. Continual practice liy both
teams will mnkc the game tomorrow
lively and interesting.   Money is up
Oth ways, and tlie chances are that
1 before time is called tomorrow, considerable more will be up.
Mr. H. Fulton will blow the whls-
|tlc lor the first time this scutum, rinj
when Hugh is behind the whistle ov-
Isryhody knows that they have to
play tie game
Thus lar, the Centaalias hare not
Jost a name, having played three nml
ton them all. Once, only, however,
rave they, met the Bowery, ami upon
|that    occasion thc match was not
1 ,b» an easy maiijjiii by any means
The Shamrocks have been playing
in hard luck all season and have had
some close chances ot winning, but
late seems against them, They are,
however, still in the game, and intend playing out the series and, it
possible winning their neit two
If the Centralias win the match
tomorrow, the cup is thelr's for the
season, but the Bowery do not in-
tend to let the cup slip, and will bt
there with thc goods. A collection
will !>■ taken up during the progress
of tlic game.
The Centralias will line up as lot-
Ooal, Greaves;    full backs, Halt
stones and Crossan; half blacks, Clegg
Moiirrj.1'1 and Nimmo; forwards, Miotic, McMillan, Adam, Forsyth    -and"
im nun
ft inn du
Tto local Burns Club, intend this
year holding a smoker on the evening of November 00th, St. Andrew's
Day, ia ths opera house. A general
meeting ol the cluh has Ibsen called
lor Wednesday evening next in thc
binrquetting rooms of the opern
house lor the purpose ol making final preparations for the smoker.
The club is also taking up a subscription for the purposcrot assisting
Iii the preservation ol the "Atilil
Brig o' Ayrc," and members are
reminded that the subscription closes, on Use Bath of Novemftcr. Thc
money will be forwarded to the Old
Country through tbe club.
A woman over 70, possessing f'00
ii to be admitted Into Newton (reran) workhouse. Her relet' -.. ,vho
are also over seventy, are incapable
ol taking can ot her. The board,
belore yhe woman Is admitted, will
take charge of the tank. book.
RumrlMMe potatoes haw hren
(rowo in the garden ol Mr. D.
Clarke, J.P., at High Wycombe, a
lew weighing ilk pounds each.
The local Aerie ol Eagles have issued the    following original Invitations, under son I ol their order:
Aiiuila, ifiirto   Oeulum Acrew Ballet.
In the matter of thc application of
the. Brothers ol said Aerie lor a
good time— Subpoena Duces Tecum.
.Ladysmith Aerie No. (1811, Greeting: You are hereby sultpoeiKted to
appear before tlur above entitled Aerie at Eagle Ball, Lanysmltti, B.C.,
on Wednesday, the 21st day. of November, 11)07, at 8..10 p.m. of said
day rind to show cause, il any you
have, why you should not participate
in the application to lm then made
lor enjoyment, and to be a party to
the order manic upon said applieuil ion,
Hereol fall not under penalty of
our displeasure and have ynu then
and there this writ.
Witness the hand and seal ol Ladysmith Aerie No. (1811, F.O.E., this
Ist day of November, A.D., 190(1.
The invitations are printed upon
the regulation blue paper used for
official summonses, ami arc stamped witli the seal of the Aerie.
3*e united ages ol a couple who
were married at St. lory's, church,
WteUntfireciotly, wai 130 yours.
* jadajneat.creditor at the South-
*ark Coat**. Court descried the d«|
** *» *W«nder»lzod man, but lull
Wednesday evening sonic party wlio reported to the police, the   identity
had nothing better tn do, again vis- of Uic miscreant was not discovered,
ited Mr. I Gould's) shrubs trees, which Evidently the party or partlei thou-
he has but recently   procured   Irom g„t th.-msclves perfectly sale la   ».
the nurseries of M. Henry, Vancou-       ,      ....      ,,    „   -.       . „ .
ver, and completed Uicir work     ol gain vlslt"* Mr- aM- »Bd **■
ruin, destroying all ol the trees with ncs<l!1>' "'ft*' attempted to complete
the exception of three. Some   time their work.   Needless to uy If they
ago   a few   of thc    trees were cut are caught they will have to explain
down, and although the matter was their actions in the police court.
So strongly Is modern   apartment I —
(We forcing the necessity lor ccono- First 0, al|) olle y,,,,. ^ mUitt
ailing space upon the up to date wn„.t s(fln(1 j() |rrfleutBI.ity. We cau-
bousekeeper that she is obliged to „,* MMy ^tito up sleep tonight
• every method to obtain it. Many (o|. ,<„„„„.„„ nirflt., UMi not totM
business women .who live and sleep' s,<)llttlc|,s onc ^i ,,„„„„ we
ln the same room and iierhaps do a ".j tol,at SBaI,lngl,, ^ MItI10t
little cooking,there, too, will Ond in ,,„,„„„, cthllu8U,d lfl  work|cg a|gM
the screen their greatest ally. It may ,„„, (klv  (!X]HK,t|ng to make It
protect   the couch—their     bed     by I     ■^—•^^au^^^n^^aa^aam
night/—Irom too close inspection. Tht),
tiny (is stove ami tlur little dining
' table may   bo concealed liehiiKl its'
folds, anil ittnuiy iilsln the waKh.sti.in4.
and towels. II Uic home is more ambitious and there arc several rooms, I
the screen has still its part to play. I
It ll so simple to make and    the
results obtained are so s-atislactory
that it may be well to give a   lew
suggestions as a guide  to any  wlm
wiih to attempt the tusk.
First determine   upon the size ol
thi screen, the height ol the panels,
their width and whether two, three
or lour shall be used. A screen    ol
good proportion is ono lormed     of
three panels, five, and a null lent liitgiA
by two leet in width. Have a frame
made by tbe carpenter, or, better,
■till, make it yourself If you     are
Clever at such work. It is a simple
matter to form the skeleton nt strips
ol light pine from am inch to un incli
and a half Lo thickness. Only the outline pieces and two crossplcccs are
required to hjrace the Irame and make
lt taut and firm. Once thc Irame is
completed thc rest Is easy.
Now stretch over the frame some
figured    burlap tliat can lie secured
lor 2H cents a yard.   Chouse    t' is
lor the lace of thc screen. Place the
frame upon the floor. Tuck Uic edge
0( the burlap to Uic top piece ol tlur
Irame and stretch tightly and tuck
to the lower piece and sides. In doing    (his,    the edge ol the burhtp
A notice ejoard which bras lust l.gen
erected oli Kofi* nursery ground at
Bialsop-Stortfofd reads: "Trespasser:!
will ke executed."
Mr*. S. Turner,, ol Hadleigh, Essex, has jut iiti at the age of 100.
Until a lew days before her death
she was able to darn stockings.
A man who was cycling along the
Semoutiers road 'Haute Marine,
Frances rode headforemost into it
cask of wine. He broke the cask, I ut
his bead wis uninjured.
A young woman In a railway car-
ridge the other day asked Uic permission ot Mr. J. White, M 1'., to
smoke a cigarette, says tbe Manchester Daily Despatch.
A volunteer Ore brigade composed
ot women haa been formed at Itado-
inlscbl, In Austrian Poland, to protect the. town during the winter
pattyon arriving at the church lound
place to And work in the country,
Thi master of Chelmsford workhouse has reported to the guardians
that a bread cutting machine bought
for the. workhouse has elected a saving of 1,113 loaves, valued at £32
14 a.
Owing to a tropical downpour ol
rain a main telephone cable conduit
at Dover was flooded during one
night last week, and six hund/rod su!t
scrtbers were lor several hours isolated as tar as .telephone connection
was concerned.
Nature does nothing before ber *n-
poluterl time, and any attempt to
hurry invariitbly means ultimate disaster. She takes note ot all our
transactions, physical, mental and
mural, and places every item to our
There Is no such thing al cheating
nature. She may not present ber bill
on the day we violate her law, but
il we overdraw our account ai tat
bank ami gave her a mortgage on
our minds and bodies she will wro-
ly foreclose. She may lend us all
we want today, but tomirrow, like
Sliylock, she will demand the last
ounce ol llesh. Nature does not excuse man lor wftlkness, Incompetence ^^^^^^^m^^^m^*^^—
or Ignorance. She demands that be I Ewena, the conductor ol Uie mo-
lic at Uie top ol bis condition. to' bus which met with the terrible
N«fu3e's machinery, as it exists k[ disaster on Haodeross Hill in July
the human Wody, Is most complicated. I»»t, when ten lives were lost, ami
and delicately adjusted. No machln-. twenty-all Injured, has just been
cry constructed by man can compare discharged as cured Irom the Sussex
with it In the perfection and propor- County hospital, Brighton.
tion ol all Its working parts Every I ~™
machinist knows that bis wheels and A Strange sight was witnessed at
cams must run absolutely true and, Baltsbite Lock, when, for a hundred
with uniformity or they will , soon yards on the CapbrMgc side ol the
break down. It Is the same with the lock the surface of the water    was
laehim' that keeps the human body'niterally oonered with dead and dyin-„i
sign over his establishment which
declares: "To enter, to visit,, to
choose, ami to'buy—tbat is thc duly
of woman. To |>ay—that is the duty
of man.
"Spring Onions," Un> East End
poet, has received a letter Irom Sir
Henry fnmpbell-Bunwrman, acknow-
! ;U-."t- ■ slsis "warm expfessinn otsym
path)" in Uie loss sustained by Lady
llriniierinrin's death.
Princess Christian ol SchleswiftHo
Isfein. won six prizes at tho annual
show uf the .U.mltinliciHl ami Wimlsof
branch of the National Poultry "Organization Society, of which Her
lioyul Highness is president.
The Bourne, (Lincolnshire) guardians presented their clerk, Mr. 0.
W. Wells, with a silver kettle on his
approaching marriage, Thc clerk's
grandfather, and lather formerly occupied tho position be now lllls.       '
Tlie iliiggest catch ol herring on
rocord at Scarborough for one night
was laiiKu'd recently hry the Inverness
vessel Bon Ami, and realized about
£2(10, One hundred and eigiitl craw—
180,000 herrings—were sold, ami a
great quantity of herrings colli a i noil
In the other nets were IiiuhIciI over
to the Scotch steam drifter Glengarry, which lowed the luckv    Imat
io. umanisii' i
Considera'trle tlcl.ry was caused ul a
wedding at. Ifiplay, Surrey, by lor-
getfiilness on tbe part of the clergy,
mnn and tlle bridegroom. The bridal
months, when Ihe men all leave Ihe
Unit tlie cleiyyiiian hud forgot ben Iln
appointment and hud lo Ire sent for.
It was next discovered that tho Iviile
groom hud tailed to bring the ring.
EVontually everything was in readiness and tlm ceremony procecdi-d.
I OF Sill
The body ol the sailor, Paul Knap-
pick, who was drowned near the {big
wharf here this weak, has not yet.
been recovered, although Provincial
Ollicer Cassidy has made a thorough
search for it since the night ol the
fatality. Kmappick, who was a
young German 21 years of age attempted to board his ship, thoTor-
denskjoid, from tlie wharf without
tlie use of the gangplank. In the
darkness he miscalculated the distance, dropping lo a watery grave
between the ship ami thc wharf, Although. ropes and lanterns were, lowered riliiiisTt fnimodiatcly, nothing
was fouiiil but Uic unfortunate man's
hut. He answered once to Uie calls
ol Uic searchers, but belore he could
be lucakil prutmaily succumbed to
the influence of the cold waters and
This is the second sailor who has
lost, his life here within the past
thrco weeks, lire other victim being
one ol the members ol thc crow ol
the liark Mohccatt. Knappick tell in
almost tire same s|Hit as did a sailor
six years rngo from tlie steamer
Amur. The latter was drowned, although his hoily was recovered almost immediately.
Search will lie conliiiiusl for Knap-
pick's body, although it is hardly cx-
jiected to terminate successfully owing to Uie strong tides. It may,
however, be Piilangled in the piles,
and rlsts lo the surface after sufficient^
lime has elapsed.
Tlic wonderful brevity of insect Hie
is curiously Illustrated In the case of
those Ural prey, upon different ipeciee
should be drawn over Uie corner of'of mushrooms. The life of the mush-;
the wood, so that when the luck Is
covered in the same way nll the surface ll smooth except tho rim of tlie
screen. This rim is then treated by
a covering ol gimp or braid or a
narrow piece ol burlap hemmed and
bound. Fasten it on with Mass headed tacks, and the panel is complete.
Light brass hinges join tlio panels,
and the screen Is ready lor use.
Many other cheap fabrics may bo
used to cover those screens. Figured
burlaps, blue denim, crcton or inexpensive tapestries all make admiral
room itself Is measured by bourn,
yet It Is often entirely ruined by an
Insect which deposits Iti eggs upon
tin fungi while it Is In the vigor ol
youth. Thoentlre span of lite of this
mushroom Insect Is so brief that the
grubs hatch from the'eggs and the
creature becomes fully developed and
capable ol laying eggs Iteelt belore
tlve mushroom dies, even though the
hitter's life may not extend over a
period of forty-eight hours from the
moment It flrM puasas tbrrasf> He
Amongst the many would-be fighters ond "boxers" who have visited
Lailysmith lor tbe purpose of taking
in some good money lor the privilege ol watching them get hammer
ed, Kid Scaler will be remembered.
He once made great preparations to
pull off a light in the local opera
house, but he did not have enough
spectators to pay hall rent, and the
mutch was called oil. Evidently Ihe
Kid has hud enough of tlie Uglrting
game, as ihe'lnl-lowiisig from Uk* Spokane Chronicle will show:
No more lighting lor Kid Scaler.
Tlur Kid hns hung up bis live-ounce
gloves ami a great blood-red "23"
on the iiatlilwl mitts tells what has
The Spokane boy who has ambitions, nml not conceited antthjtions,
at that, to become champion has finally decided there ure loo many
bumps on Ihe hillside lor him tu
climb uny higher.
Ile i.s going lo iuiit. Furthermore,
he i.s going tu work .mil try to
build up a competency lor old ago.
He says he can mnkc more at a
trade thai lie has limn he can at the
fighting game, and he believes il
belter for a mini.
The whole truth ol the matter
that Scaler is disgusted.
Ilctail a light last Thursday night
and holds lhat lie won by all that
was fair ami right, but begot rt
He was matched this month with
Crowe. Crowe was killed the other
day in a tight.
lie had tbe promise ol a mutch
with Hybrid and llrtiilon and Ban-
Ion fought another man.
He wanted to go up nguinsl      the
champions and tlie big ones    would
not give h    u chance.   He hnd earn-
Council Decide to Complete Work
on this Drain and put it in
First Class Shape
         srs-M > ——
Work will Cost in Neighborhood
of $450 before Ditch is
Entirely Piped
-* ♦»-
The principal business dlscussod al
the council meeting Monday evening)
was the advisability of buying more
piping and completing tlm drain along 1st. Avenue and down Kitchener street, known as "Gould's
Canal." Aid .lireir introduced the
subject, and in doing so cxplaiucs!
that il mis necessary lhat sonic-
Uiing he done at once. Where tho
water finds an outlet frosn tlio ililch,
just above the bridge on thc Esplanade, the speaker stated that much
damage is luring done to the property of Mr. Gould, und it would
be but a short"*" timo before more
ilainiige would result.
Aid. Campbell also Ihoughl the
ditch should be attended to ut once.
He wanted, though, an estimate of
Uk' wist. While none present knew
the exact length of Uie pi|ic ronsirod,
it was thought that about 1400.00
"""Id do all the necessary work.
Aid. Patterno,.. .IUI not want the
council to be in too big .. hqrrv;
about the mailer. He though! next
week, alter an accurate estimate on
Uic rost.iiad beep obtained, would
bc'olcnly ofr.triw. II il were going
to cost 11U0.0O thefe Wi'illd'not "
much money lor .street work.
Aid Uren thought it. best to stop
all street work anil attend, to this
.it once. He could sec no benefits to
lie derived t* delay.
Aid. Patterson moved Ihc matter
be I.ml over lor one week. No seconder being oMaincd, Aid. Uren
again addressed the council. "If we
do not attend lo tills at once,''
said the alderman, "a great ileal ot
damage may he done. The bridge he-
low, under which 1he water Irom Iho
away, as Its fotiutla lions are resting
on sand, and the water is constantly washing, this down. Another thing.
whicli is likely to happen is the
blocking of the culvert loading under
Ihe railway tracks. If Ihis were to
happen, wo would he in troublo."
"Do you think," asked Aid. Patterson, who evidently had uot been
much impressed    with the possibili
ties suggested by Alii. Uren, "there
i) any (hunger ol the shingju}) mill be-
ing washed away?"
Mil. Uren did mot think so, hut
be did Ihink it were time something
were being done to the ditch, ami
lhc sooner it was done the (totter,
lie .-s .ii It I sec no use of allowing tho
matter to stand over another week,
ll would have, lo lie done unywuy,
and why mil at once. ITistimateB
could Ih* obtained and the pipe ordered at once.
"Vou would think" remarked Aid.
''•."crson, who had the last word,
"lli.il tori in... nxpecUng siiine ships
in i uhl away lo sail iln.*,. Uiajr canal, rink-im: from Ibe hurry you are
be j in alioiit  it."
Alter more discussion, u motion
was carried tu lhc effect thai the
work Ih1 done at once. Since then
estimates have been obit-uincd and
ih,. pipes ordered, The work will
oosl iu all about 5lri0.no. The pipe
will lie eiirrhtccii-iuch, anil some
lluuiing will have In Irr done to carry
the water beiuwlh the bridge on the
No other business ol importance
c.iine before flic council. Those present    were:      Acl ing Mayor  Maione,
drain Hows,  is likely to Ih' washed' A lib   Patterson, Catnpbell ami lien
-% ♦♦-
The yucht Moyiina 1ms returned lo
Tolloebury, Essex, with a string ot
twenty-seven wiiuiing (lags, eighteen
of which represent llrst-elass prizes,
.iiid nine second-class. Her record is ed the right lo light In taut
the test In her class lor the season. iaS (bay aaid »SK,|,Joo."
.She Is owned by Mr. I.euehars, and ' There it Is in just enough words tu
is commanded by Captain Stephen 'make it plum. That does not fitting.
BurbWk. Her crew are all Toller,- i, Kf-ms. the Kid's feelings, '«t it
bury men, and two ol them sailed In :„ information to the public. Scaler
Sir   lnomas Upton's Shamrock II ; wullts the public to know he is out
I Ash-spike, roach, bream, dace, etc.-
polsooed by some unknown means.
A Masonic service, in which the
mtialc will be all by Masonic composers, trom Mozart to the present
time, will be held at Southwark Cathedral on November 25th. Ilr. Made
ley Richardson, the Catholic choir
director, hai composed a special anthem lor the occasion.
It mi stated recently at tho Tow
er Bridge Police Court that during
the three years since the London
County Counell has Introduced the
system ol having nurses In certain
■chools to look alter the children
the manner of unclean children in
one school has been reduced Irom 2 0
to S, and In another trom 200 to 2.
and Slummock III.      _^_^^_^__
Tile Mayor ol Hull has presented
the skipper o! the Hull trawler Poo-
mill with iii gfild watch and tho crew
wiUi a sum of money from the Gorman Umperoi lor rescuing thc crew
ol a Geriiiiin bulk. The fishermen effected Uic rescue under perilous conditions In the North Sea, in heavy
seas and a violent gale. The waves
were washing over the bark when
oleven ul thc crew were taken off.
The President ol llluckturn District, of the Lancashire Congregational I'nion, lu an address recently
suggested the format Ion of n Guild
whose rules should lorlnid the discussion of sporting matters on Sundays. Iln knew ol Sunday School
fiHillirll committee wlio met on. the
Sablxitli,     he said,    to fix up  their
ol Uic game and is now going to
lead the simple lite. He ihliiss ge
will live longer II he lorgcts the
strenuous existence.
"You can say in the Chronicle
that I 'will tight no more. There Is
Just one possibility and that is that
I get against a hig one. This is not
probabie.so just write my obituary,
and say 1 urn going to work," stated Ule Kid, und he didn't look happy. Kid Sealer has been lighting .»-
round Spokane lor a long time and
ho has made a good record. He has
lought 91 bullies and has lost but
three. One of these was against
Louie Long early in his career. Another was to HoijMe Johnson on a
foul and the other was a decision to
Kid Fredericks, when tho latter out-
Weighed him 25 pounds.
"The Kid has lost three buttle..,
has (ought Ave draws, has won   live
times on decisions and has scored 59
Last Sunday was a record day lor
dog killing on the railway bbtwoon
Dunc.o. and Nam.iiino Upon lire noon
express pulling into Duncan a canine
who did not know any better,    at
tempted to frolic with tl nginc,
with the result that the dog w.is run
over and killed. Coming Into l.udy
smith a hunting dog belonging to Mr.
A, McMurtrie Jumped onto Ihe rails
in front of the engine, and although
lhe.iiiiin.il escaped with its life, it
is minus a tail, ihc latter hplng taken oil by the wheels of Ihe engine.
Proceeding to South Wellington, the
locomotive made its filial killing ol
the day, this time killing, two doge
belonging to Mr. McLachlan While
being taken oft the train the animals
iu some in.iiriH'i got unik'rm'rith Ihe
wheels, and one was killed outright,
while tlie other after having ils legs
broven, hnd to lie killed by its owner.
Beit, the South African Croosus,
who died not long sgo, was said In
be much averse to the marriage ol
young men in his employ. At one
time his secretary riHked lor n holt-
Iny to get married. Mr. Belt replied:
"If ynu get nurricd U shan't want
your services nny more. Vou can't
serve me as I want lo be served ami
can't look alter ynur wile as you
ought to II you serve me propc
Tho hsi/.t.ii" taibc held on next Tut*
day evening in the opera house under
Ihe auspices of lire Ladies' Guild o(
tho Church of England promises    io
be exceptionally   successful.    The  Irr
Ores haling charge of lire programme
have    secured      Borne    firs! class
talent, as the following programme
will shoit:
       Miss llnller
.. Mrs. Trohearno
Piano l it
......... Mr ir ■ Pannell
Cornel Solo
tlr    T. Whilcnmb
 ,.,. Mrs. Dryadale
ll.'irr il ...rr 	
. ... Miss 1.  rjipjialll
Violin Solo
Mr. .1. T. I.onias
The i lusioal programme commences
al i 11 i o'clock, For further purlieu-
hns ,if Utc hamar, read tho advertisement appearing in another column.
An apparatus for measuring lhc
sevenly millionth |mrl ol .in Inch has
been made by Dr. I'. Shaw of Not-
tingih.iiii I iriveisiiy, England, says
Tclinioal Wniiil Maruzine. It works
upon the piiueiplo ol electric touch
and consists of it line mlcronielcr
screw     ninl six levers.     The apar-
t nlus is so sensitive and delicate that,
erly.  it Is impossible to manipulate il he-
Come In later am! let me know uliai [tore an audience, II is hung hy rub-
Next Aiy lire  her Isiiuls. covered with thick     lolt
'und must be worked at dead   night,
A Pstrletaa mUt\,tf ** yosted
matches, ami of solwlars wlio would   .. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
not    attend   Sunday, school unless■! knockouts. Thnt Is an enviaHilc -ecrrd
they had the privilege ol using    tho and he closes the gamewhen holding
» lebool billiard table on wask days.   I all tneoarda, bat the Joker.
you are going to ,lo,	
secretary explained Unit he had ile
termlnrd to wed. Ills services were
dispensed with then and there, but
just 1 el .re the wedding Mr Boil sent
for him and wished hinu success ami
hand, hint an envelope, not to he
opened until nlterUie wedding. It
cofttiriiHil a cheque lor 15,000 and a
note admiring the young uiuii'sl cour-
aje.-JLo'iKJon Truth.
wheiitheis' is no laelory or Iraflic.
winking. The smallest distance that
this moohanism tneaoufen Is about
tire distance between u solid ami
liquid molecule. Dr. Shaw's Invention was liis! made irr 1900, but its
gfrcflt Improvements of late Ihis mode
it Uie womler of physicists throughout Uic world. ■'*
5! S3
One Tear (in advance)  ~ W-00
SATURDAY, NOV. 17, 1906
Another form of entertainment,
which causes a groat deal ol Interest
is to have a literary "at home"
when each guest is expected to topics'
sent a well known book.
On arrival each guest must hand
the hostess his or iter curd, on
which is written the hook tlicy
represent, and she in turn hands
theni a card on which aro written
Uie names of the guests, with a
space left by the side of each. The
object is to guess us many of the.
books represented as posshlilc, and
tire one who fills up most of the
spaces receives the prize.
No elaborate fancy costumes are
necessary, but all that is required
will he the addition ol a faded rose
to represent "The Rose of Yesterday," a girl in a while frock for
"Thc Woman in White," or a scarlet,
frock fur "The Woman iu Soarlet."
MEANS -"Tint Which Satisfies"
And you'll App.ec ate this Definition
qi[A jpri man, ajna nro nojt;
aq ii) OIBU93 isouiiB s{ ptiussausnli
•MIITO  UUIltUlOO  1S01U  3111  i° 300 ■!
laasw sn nr .ssonoi *sru luamtjl
*m .souirv '.<l"»l u»»U"t »U1 "I
asrasip jo osrilro nyHOJii isoiu Sl[l SI
There is no fresh air in the heart
of London according to Iho conclusions of n recent investigator, lie
says: "No evidence of ozone was an,
where apparent except at Browns
wood park, in the northeast. It was
from the northeast quarter tire wind
was blowing, and the air had losl
all trace of ozone before it hail
reached Hyde nark. At llushcy pail.,
although practically a country district, no ozone was present in tho
air. London had not only atictracteil
the goodness out ol the air thai
swept over it, but had added to Ir
thc exhalations from the Imcalh and
bodies of millions of human bciin. ,
innl lens of thousands ol animal..
Persons living within one or l«"
mile radius of Charing Cross canimi
.have fresh air entering their dwoll-
ings at any time."
"Close if up si»n if you cruli," saint
ihe manager, "we have put some of
our l»est men on the mutter, hut
Ihey can tell us nobbing. If wc don't)
manage to locate the cause ot these
robberies wc might as well go out
ui business."
"I'll do what 1 can," promised
Daniels, "hut it Symes ami Taylor
have given mi (lie case, I don't sec
where I get off."
"Neither do I," admitted the man-
rirrtT frankly, "except that you seem
1.1 have tools' luck and sometimes
that is belter Ulan good detective
Dancers looked about, for a coign
ol vantage,     hit upon a theatrical
boarding house at the rear ot     the
block. Here bo obtained it rear room   t
iiliil for several nights he kept vigil. 1
The union was in ils last quarter, i'
audit was not always easy to keep
watch, but he sat poring into the
dusk, looking to sec some one jump
lhc line ot lonces and attack     Ihe
.houses Irom the roar. That lhc en-1
trance was affected trom the rear he'
was certain, iH'cause the .watch   at
: lire pjont wus too strict to 1»! cvadiil
j    II was the llflh nsjjht that, ballpens.
ring to look up, be perceived a sha-
iilmv     crossing the skyline     ol the
j houses. He rirUbcd bis eyes that wcro
drooping with sleep, but he still saw
the shadow  advancing    toward  the
I opposite roof.
I "They can't have a Hying machine," he muttered to himself. If
Iliet  have It I.s no wonder the boys
Union.made Capita! & Nugget Cigars
llitlll,    ft!
shi1   wri s   a,
li r
•Hy girll
hut   the Iwo
even a look,
and kept  such close guard over her
that there    had been no   chance to
make her acquaintance.
"What are you up to'.'" he demand-.
Smoke Itig II Cigars.
I fr+K'-KK'+sl- ♦ ■* »■!■ ♦ ■!■.♦ •!•♦,.|-H +<M»>>K'**«i^"J-M-f+»>
-*        ..'.','•'.-'       ...
Any parties sifter this' n'bti be lound' selling or buying bottles belonging to' the U. D. Co'., will be prosecuted to the full extent ot
thclaw. "
A, reward'of .Ten Dojlavs (jlO) will bo paid  to any porson giving information that will load to the conviction ol persons guilty
'   of,the offence.
Union Brewing  Co
roof and hnvc 11 bettor
Smoke Big B Cigars
Danvers    bowed al   the     doubtlul couldn't locate thorn. I guess I'll go |
oiiipliiiu'iit    ninl     took himself olt. ,lll' "" tlie
.... ,.■      ,     .1   .   look."
lucre  might  he somelhing   11    that
theory, Since gqlng to work for the
burglary    Insurance people   be had
1 more Hum once stumbled against   it
clue lllrll  developed into rl conviction
Uul this promised to be a harder
caso than usual, and after he had
Interviewed tho ivatohmcn wlio wore
'on  thc night job innl thr men who
had been  working on  llie case      il
' Boomed hopeless.
I    The    burrraj.ny    insurance Included
j lhc seniles nl a iiirdlilwalchmanand
a   burglar alarm system.      Nothing ment to see if Bho, loo. »<"iiu essay
' seemed to be the matter with either to follow I""' coinpaiiion's example,
ol.thcse, and vet the block on ,x,,,i,....''i'"1' U"> alt, but she made no olTorl
I place had liecn repeat..'".'  robbed.      | ami  al lust      the detective    slipped
01 late ...'ircciul iintroliiirin     hnd j Hie opening and crept softly behind.
i..fii assigned to lhc block, and   all her. j
night  Ions he had tramped trom one'   .With .1 bound be was upon ber and '
end ol the short street to the other, i had clapped ihis hand over her mouth
Se.iton place was only it block long,   belore    she could  make    an outcry,
a  fashionable residence block,,   Hint ■ Even In the dim   llgln he could re-
ottered rich returns to the men who, cognize her as one ol it trio ol no
lle stole out of the room and up
the stairs to Iho roof. The trap
wus left open in pleasant weather to
ventilate the stuffy balls, nnd as
he climill'd softly through the sail tlo
hole he almost lost bis balance.
Standing Oh the edge of tho root
wns n second mnn, and even ns Dun-
vers looked he stepped out over tllc
edge of the roof and glided toward
ihe opposite Hiile,
There was the third figure, a woman's, and Dnnvors waited a    mo-
A Certain Cure tor Croup—Used for
Ten Years Without a Failure,
lis. W. C. Bott, a Stmt City, Ind.,
hardware merchant,  is enthusiastic 1
in bis praise of Climiuibcrlain's Cough/
Remedy. His children have all been
subject     to Croup and he has used
this remedy lur tbo 1111st ton years,
ami     though they iiuioh learcd the '
croup,    his wife and he always lelt
sale upon retiring when a Wot tlo  ol
1 Cluiiiilnerlain's    Coujgli Remedy was
in the bouse,   liis oldest child   was {
subject to .severe at lacks ol croup,
i but  this remedy never tailed to   el- I
lect    a speedy cure.   He has rccoin-
I mciiilcil     il. to bis friends ami neighbors    and all who have used it fcity
' lhat It ls unoqualotl for croup    und
I whooping cough.    For sale by  The
Lailysniilli Pharmacy.
Ticket and Freight Oilier,
Government Street.
!Tanscontinen 1   f)
Trains Daily      L
The New Train
Tin. Train of
Ease,  Elcgancs,  Excellence.
Every mile a picture,   and
tin smoke to spoil the   view.
Through Compartment,   Observation and Pullman Sleep-
era;    also   Through   Tourist
Cars to Chicago.
At antic Steamship Buslncsr, to Europe
is our Specialty
Ualon    Terminals  with  all
Stumer linos.
Berth reservations by wirel
Great Northern S.S. Co.
H   Steamships Minnesota and Hals kota, sail Irom Seat 11 ■ (or J»
pan   and China ports at  Ire
quenr dates.     Exact   tailing
dates can be secured upon application to any Great North-
fin representative.
A.O.P.A., Seattle, Wash.
Oen. Ajent,  Victoria, B.C.
tfinard'a Liniment cures Diphtheria,
had systematically looted the
None had seen them go in or out,
though strict watch lr.nl been kept,
Once they hail even placed il man iu
each buck yard to make certain Hint
r ire could enter throunjl thr- rem,
.mil yel during that week of special
precaution three ol the houses hud
neen robbed.
'lhc owners tvi.c ol the ultra-English set, who seldom came in town
irom their country places milII niter
the opera season set in, and already
the comueoiy stood to lose Hie belter
purl of lis capital in paying off its
rohuls he bud noticed ut the tables.
.More than once liebad sought lo at-
Try a Province Cigar.
Quinsy, Sprains and Swellings ("ureal
"In November, MM, I caught cold
nnd had the quinsy. My throat wob
swullen so I could hardly breathe. I
appliud Chamberlain's Pain Balm
and itgave me relief in a short lime,
sti two days I was all tight." says
Mrs L. Cousins, Ollerhiirn. Mich.
I'h.inilii'iIain's Pair] Bnliil is . liniment nml i' 1'spod.iH' I hi
sprains and Hwnllji  r   ' r r  m!     hy
'.      ■'
58 Government St., Victoria, B.C.
General Agency for all Atlantic Steamship Lines
For rate   chfets dates of sailirgs and all infoimation
Apply to
(leo, L,. Courtney,
District Pn Monger Ak<>hI
Cor. Port and Govt sis, Victoria, H. t'., '
itflgfW     cxGtXLENT
fBi Train Service
And ilu- Principal Business centers or
Ontario, Quebec, and the
Maritime Province*.
For Time Tnl'les, tie., sdilrc.1.
ABSIslnnt c.eu'l Pattutar nml Tl.-ket Aseiil,
I3S sniss ST.. CHICAGO, ILL.
Are Tou (Joins Cast?
it lurt yosr tickets rra#
North Western Line
Tha only Una now making UNION
DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL
and MINNEAPOLIS wit* tbr
through tralm Irom tke Pacilli
Kor complete information ilk 71
local ajHil or write,
(lanrral   *»•>
"1J11 lasl Att., Statlla.
Mil. It. J. ABLIiSa.       .     .
Mr. li, .T, Arleaa,<101 City Hall Ave.,
Montririil, Qnoboo, ts an pld Rontleman
of wide neqiuilritiiiico, having, sorved-.
thirty-eight years In tho Ooncral Posfrr,
odlco of Jfontrcal, a record which
speaks for ilnolf. Concerning his use
of Peruna, Mr, Arless says:
"/ nave been afflicted with nasal
catarrh io such a degree that It at*
tected my hearing.
o'riiis was contracted soma twenty
years ago by being exposed todraughts
and sudden changes of tompcraturo.
"I have heen under the treatment ot
specialists and have used many drugs,
recommended as specifics lor catarrh
In the head and throat—all to no pur*
"Ationt threo years ago I was induced
by a confrere In ofilcb to try Peruna.'
"Alter some hesitation, aa I had
doubts as to results after to many
failures, I gave Peruna a trial, and am
happy to state that after using eight
nr ten bottles of Peruna I am'much
Improved in hearing, and In breathing
through the nostrils,"
'Consumers are requested to call at   the office    on Roberts  Street
lay Water    Rates, between tho 10th   and the 25th of each ni.,11th.
OfficeHjiira ! P.M.439
1.1 BLAND*
*                                              SILVER ORES. t
Smelting Works at J
t      Vancouver Island, B. G,
I,    *.+4..H.:.i..i..4.l1„t.si.+.|,.[..H .,.,. ■. i . .-.
General Managai.
r i H-H+H -H-I .i..i..|..|..r}.L.|. |.|..i..h..l.m ,
mi loiiglily. "1 am a detective."
"Tlicy thought you werc," she
gasped, ns lie raised liis hand to
Hermit, her to reply. I'Don't loi tliem
catch ino, will you? They liuvc gone
In rob the houses." : ,.
"Hut how?" he risked, curiously,
"Tlicy seem to walk on air."
I'ThcV used lo lie wire walker's,"
she explained, "but lliey tried tumbling laltcrward. They are winking
on telegraph wires."
Tlicy won't bold up." lie scoffed.
'Yes,    Ihey   will," she. persisted.
(Continued on Piigo II.)
Solicitor, Btt.   j .,:
Monty to   Loan ',
(.   «vent   --- - UDVSI N
Hathbnne Sisters, meets in thc Odd
Icllows' Hall cicry 2nd and 4tb
Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.
M. ol R. & C.
Ask for ^mmmt
-* The Cream of Scotch Whiskies
Sole Agents for B. C.
When Ordering Flour
Say to Your Grocer Distinctly
Moffet's Best
The uniformity and superb i|tinlity of this
Western Family Flour that 1ms mndc it so
|nipnlnr lins caused cotnpetltotl to represent
thcir flours ns "BEST"
There is only one "BEST" flour on the
B. C. Market lixlay and that is' MOFFET'5
Avoid disappointment in Bread Making
In- r eiiiR that your suck Iwars the words,
"Mufftt'i But"
Columbia Flouring Mills, Co. Ltd
—Dealers in— J
Lime, Plaster Paris, ■ Blickj;
Kite llrlek and Vancouver is-'
Irind cement.
3 Fandora St. Victoria. BrC-
i.   ■     ■■:■ \i
Ai : ":\   ..;>v
£M; 'tf&Vh'. ■•■••; "i ,-.'-J8
Vie   are    justly proud ol   this
Hoot.    The greatest pi:ai'.is,,lins
Iwcn henptil upon It jiin e   its.,
inlioiliictioii. 'JI»r"r r-r
L 100  Mentff in.
Logging Boots
t'lcircli Calf throughout, with
evlrn No. I. heavy hemlock
oles; nave outside counter*!,
ire pegged and have standard
•crew reinforcing til around
tne sole.      '    '
Manufactured by
* *>*»»*1s»»»»*»»%»^sk»%%
» »»«-'*»»'«>»»<s»»sisSVa>»sv»sv»«
IVM. MUNSIE, President   J. W. COflUKM, Managing Dlroctoi. (
Telcphane l-b. 5
The Ladysmith Lumber Co. Ltd,
Shingles a Specialty
RoiiKli and Drensed Fir ami Oodar Lumbers i
LATHS, 8HINOLES, MO ULDINOS,     ETC.,    of   the BEST \
s.«„s..t"..4-s..s.,s-a»fl'.s..s'...... s.^,,,^^,
s>sasHtss|Hassassissass»is».sWsssassi ,a,.a„a,^
First Clnss
■»■—».§■».!..».«,,■ 11 n ■».».»■» .-^■♦♦.■-».>.^..>H«w«..»,».».t->.».<..>..«..t.....«.s<.»^#.-»-«
Express Work
Llgkt Teaming.   Wood ar    Bark for sale.    Sae J. KEMP, or   leava
Otden With—
*********************************** ******	
V ' .      .    GD PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.
i    Stablw In the rear ol the Ladysniilh hotel.
♦ Abhotafnrd
Leave orders at  thr
'Mi»   aaa i      i
"I have been afflicted with sore eyes
for thirty-three yeors. Tliirlcotiryoar*
rytii I lierniiie totally blind and was
lilin/1 lor six years. My eyes wcro
hsiilly iiiil.imnl. Onc of my neighbors
Insisted upon my trying Chnntbcr-
Inin'ji Salve and gave mc hall a
bo\ ol it'.' Tu my surprise It healed
iny eyes and my sight crime hack to
inc.—P. C. EARLS, Cyntlilanal Ky.
Cliiiiii.lK'jlain's Salve Is lor sale by
The Ladysmith Pharmacy.
W. BILI li
Leave orders at tbe Ahnolsfiim
Synopsis ol Canadian Homestead
Any    available   Dominion   Ltnds
• Itbln the Railway Belt In British
Columbia, may In bomeetwded by
any person who la th* solo head  ol
• faintly, or any male ovor e ghteen
yean ol age, to the txtcit of one-
quarter section ol UO acres, more
or lew.
Eatty must do made perionally at
the local land office lot the district
In which tht land to iltu.W,
Tha homesteader la required to perform tha eoaditloaa connected therewith   under  ono   ol tho   lollowlag
(1) Al least all months' residence
upon,and cultivation of the land In
each year for three yoata.
(1) II tha lather, (or mother, if tho
lather Is deceased), ol the homeatead-
er resldei tipon a tarm la tha Yletat-
ty of thc land entered lor, the requirements ai to residence may ha
latlaflcd by such person ref Iding wltL
the father or mother.
(8) It the settler hat hit permanent resilience upon farming land owned by him In the vicinity ol hla homo
steal, the rei|*ilrementa aa to residence may be satisfied hy residence
upon the said land.'
six month*' 'notice In wrllir.j
should he given to the Commissioner
el Dominion Landi at Ottawa ol Intention to apply for patent,
Coal Innds may be purchased at (10
per aero for loft coal nnd 120 for
anthracite. Not more than SM
acres can be aOn,ulr<<d by ono Individual or company. Royalty at the
fate ol ten crnts per ton of 1,000
pounds ihsll be collected on tho
(roll output.
Deputy of the Minister of Interior
Sunllihl Soar la bsttsr than oltMr Slaps. Ial
btst whsfl ussI In lbs .sunlight way.
T» S«nll|hl Soap nnl loi low lllr.ctlsns THE  WEEKLY   LEDGER
|t'il to Ilu1 depths of tho cavern, and
coal and wood grates
are supplied with every!
Kootenay Steel Ranpe
i London«Toronlo!
NMilreal*Winnipeo I
Ladysmith Hardware Co, Sole Agents
f\ pi^t \jj\ti) Sixers
Some years ngo in company with
Captain Wharton, nn English naval
ollicer, and a young midshipman
named Lincoln, I decided to explore
the forests of the Amies alioul tjiiitu.
While winding around Chluiborra?.o'b
oasc we were orcrlakon by storm
which was preceded by nu atmosphere so suffocating .mil damp that
tho stee-work ol our watchos was
covered Willi rust und tlic wnlchcs I monso n{me
themselves stopped. Wo sought shel-|ncar ii
ter in a spacious cavern discovered
by one ot our guides. Tire noise and
raging ot the storm continued with
so much violence thai we could not
hear the sound of' our own voices.
Through tliu opening, of tho cave wo
could observe, lhc singular scotto
Thehlghest,cedar trees worostruck
down or bent like reeds; monkeys,
parrots, ami even serpauls lay
strewed upon the ground, killed by
the rushing water or falling Ih.iihIn •
The cave in which we had taken re-
luge was so extremely dark lh.it it
we moved a lew puces from the en-
. trance we could not see an inch he-
lore us. .Suddenly we hoard it singular groaning or growling in tlic Infant] ol tho cavern which instantly
fixed all our attention. Our daring
and inconsiderate young fricitri
Lincoln, together wilh my huntsman
Frank, crept about upon their hands
and knees and endeavored to ills.
cover whence tho sound proceeded,
They had not advanced far into tlie
cavern belore we heard Uioiu utter
an exclamation ol surprise, and tlicy
returned to us each carrying iu his
arms an animal singular)! marked,
anil ithuut the sue of neat, seemingly ol great strength and power
Wharton bad scarcely glanced at
them when be exclaimed in consternation, "(loud Heavens! We lr.iv,
come Into a den ol—"
He was    Interrupted hy a fearful
Cty ol dismay Irom our guides, who
came rushing pi'eciplta-tcly towards
us, crying out, "A tiger! A tiger!"
nnd at the same lime with extraordinary rapidity they scrambled up a
cellar tree which .stood ut the eni
trance of lite cavern, and bid themselves a lining the lorinches. I, grasped
my lironriiis; Whurton called In us to
ussisl him instantly in blocking up
the mouth ot Urn rave wilh nn im-
wlneli,  fortunately,  lay
The. sense ol
align anted our slraiglh, for
distinctly  heard  the growl r
sve now
   if       llie
ferocious niiiiii.il. ami we were lost
beyond redemption if il reached the
cnlmnec Irefore wo could get it closed, lire tills was dono we could distinctly sir the tiger pounding towards the spot ami stooping in order In creep Into hi* dnn by thc
narrow opening. At this tearful nro-
meii'l our' exertions were successful,
ami ibe unal slone kcpl the wild
bears! at bay. There was a small
open .space, however, left between
iln- r ,p ol tlic oiitrnincC! ns.nl the stone)
tJirotsnb which we could sec tho bead
of tlic animal illuminated by his
glowing eyes, which he rolled, glaring v iih fury, upon us.
His irnflriiuf roaring, tooponolraU
■rat AsBawavEKmraiHsnt^war
Wellington drove, N„. 4, U4A.O.D,
moats in the l.O.O.I--. Hall, Ladyamlth, tbe Second and Fourth Wcd-
■eadaya ol each month, commencing
Wadntaday, 13th, 1005.
Visiting Druldt are invited to  al-
tead.   Uy Order
WM. RAPTRR, Itcc. Sec.
Will be received by the undersigueil
up to the 13th day ol November, instant, for tlie purchase ol the lifty
H.P. Standard Oasnlinc Engine In
tbe schooner "North" now laying nt
the Government docks, New Westminster.
The highest or lowest tender   not
•aceaaarlly accepted.
Inspector of Fisheries.
November 8th, 11)00
Manufacturers ofthe Famous
None bu  Union Labor   Btnploytd
H J. BOOTH. Prop
Fletcher Bros.
..Hcaleraln ...
Pianos  & Organs
Lasty.mlth, B.c
Victoria, B. C. ■
answered hy the hoarse growi-
( the cubs, which Lincoln ami
i had now tossed irom theni. !
Oiiiicroeinrir. enemy attomptcd first
to remove tho powerful stone with,
his claws, nml Ihcu to push II with
his head from ils place, and the efforts,  proving itartivc only seemed j
10 inct'COBO his wrath. Ile littoral a!
frighlflll howl, and his  llamiiig eyes ;
darted light into Iho darkness of our
retroat, "
'■'Now is the tlino to lire!"   said ,
Whnrton,    with liis usual calmness.'
"Aim nl'liis eye:,!" Frank seized liis
douhled-Wrrellcti    gun'ninl   Lincoln
his pistols.   Thc former placed the
muzzle within a lew inches'of    tho j
tiger, and Lincoln did the saiue. At
Wharton's command they both drew
their  triggers at  tbo same moment
but no shot followed. The tiger, who
seemed aware that tho ilusli indicnt-
erl all attack upon■ llllll, Immediately 1
turned inch again rjr.d stttlUoncd him-1
self iu his former place. The powder
In hotlr nieces was wot; thoy, therefor,    proceeded  to draw  lhc useless
loading,  whilst Wharton and myself 1
hastened to seek our powder   flask.
11 was so extremely dark that     we'
were,   obliged to grope    about the j
reave, anil rrl last, corning inlo coll-;
(net with the cubs, wc soon discov-1
civil the cnnislcr wo were looking
tor. .Most unfortunately, however,
Iho animals had pushed ofi the lid
with their claws, mill lhc powder
Innl been strewed over the damp
earth and rendered entirely useless.
This discovery excited Ule greatest
"All is over now," said Whurloti;
"wo have only to choose whether we
shall die of hunger or opeii lhc entrance lo the hi l-thirsly monster,
rlltd     so  Illrll'C   a\'Lliccr    end   ol   the
So saying; lie placed himself close
hr'liir.rl  the sloire. which for the 1110-
meiil   defended us,     uud  looked  undauntedly upon lire baleful eyes     of
llie ligii'.  Lincoln raved, and Frank
look     soine cord Irom his     pocket
ami  hastened to the farther end   of
cave, ilrrrt'iv not  vvhal his design, Wi;
soon! however, heard a  low, stilled
groaning   Mid the tiger,     who had
hoard it also, became more restless
ami disturbed tllllll ever'.     lie rnenl
backwards and forwatds bctoro   the '
nil ramco ol Un' cave In llie most trilil1
nml impel 11.ur-    maimer, then stood j
still, ami stretching out his neck iu
the direction ol tlic forest,     brovo !
buckwaids   nml forwards before   the
entrance ofthe cave In tho most im-J
acinous   and    wild     manner, then:
stood sllll, iiiitl    slrelehingi out his'
neiis   in Un'   direction ol lire forest, |
broke forth     juts, a di-aicniiig howl. I
Our two   Indian guides look udvan-1
hug,, of ihis opportunity to disolinrxilf
scleral arrows   from llie tree      lie I
was .struck more Ihan once, bul   the '
light  weapons    bounded hack barm-
loss trbmliis thick skin.    Al length,
IIIM[   >| .Ul.llS       lll,ll[| JO  .11111     \l.l.\,t.s\(>l|
near  tin1 eye, and the arrow remained     slicking in lhc wound. Ile now
broke    anew inlo the wildest  fury,
sprung ai  the tree and tore iI Willi I
his claws. Hut having at length succeeded in gelling rid ol the arrow ho
became more calm, ami laid himself I
down as before in Iron! of the cave. I
Frank now returned Irom the low-.
er end oi the den, aind a glance showy
ed us what he had boon doing.      Ho
had strangled two of lhc cubs,   and
belore     wo were aware oi his inlcu-1
lions he threw them through llie opening   lo Ihe tiger.    No SOOtlOt.   dill
thai  uninial perceive him  Ilr.in     he
gaaxl earnestly upon them and began  Ui examine Ihem closely,  turning thorn cautiously Irom side    lo
•siili-.    As 1 11 as he became awaro
Uldt   Ihey   Were  dead   ho  nil,'led    sir
piercing a howl ol Borrow tlml wo
were irbjigeil In put our hands to
our ears. Mien I censured my huntsman for tlur rashness and cruelty of
ihc action, 1 perceived by bis
blunt und abrupt answers Hint he
also had Inst all hope of rescue ami
with il all,sense 1,1 Hm tics between
master nml scrvnut.
The thunder had now ceased ami
the storm had sunk lo gentle gab';
ini could bear linr songs ol birds in
Hie iieir;l,lr<iring loiesl, ami lire sun
was streaming among the wot
brunches. Tin- liger stretched himself down beside Ills dead whelps. Ile
was a beautiful animal of groat slzu
und strength, and his lliitbh stretched
out at lull length displayed his immense power ol muscle, All at once
ano}hcr roar was hoard nt a dis-
1.1 ms-. ami the liger Immediately
rose and answered it with a mournful howl, a lnw minutes confirmed
our wurst fears, for another tipyr,
mil iiiiite so huge us thelirsl. came
rapidly towards Ihe spot where wo
were  "This enemy will prove more
cruel Ih 111 the oilier," snid Wh.ui	
"lor     tills  is  the     lamule,  ami  she
knows no pity for those who deprive'
her of her young."
The howls which Hie tigress gave
when she had examined the bodies
ol her cubs sin passed every conception of Ihe horrible, and the tiger
mingled his mournful erics with liors.'
Suddenly her roaring was lowered
10 a lloorso growling, nnd WO saw
her anxiously BttotOll out her head
extend her nostrils, nnd look around
ns il in search ol the murderers ol
her young. Her eyes quickly fell upon us, anil she made a spring forward with lhc Intention ol ponotm-
I ling to our place ol saleiy. Perhaps
sin' might have been enabled, by ber
immense slienglh, to push away
Ihe slone had we not with nil our
united power, held it against her.
Wiion she found thai nil her efforts
la Your leisure Tlingkl
If you could itarl at one* in a aW*1
ness which would add a good round
sum to your present tarniuga—WITHOUT   INVESTING   A   DOLLAR—wouldn't
you do it?
Well, we art willing to •tart you in
a profitable business and we don't aik
you to put up any kind of awfollar.
Cur proposition is this i We will
ship you the Chatham Incubator and
Brooder,, freight prepaid, and
You Pay No Cash Until
After 1906 Harvest.
Poultry raising pays.
People who tell yeoffcat there is no
money in raising c#W- -»ay have tried
to make money in tri»*m»iiiess by using
setting liens as hatchers, and they
might as well have tried to locate a
gold miiki in the cabbage patch. The
business of a hen is—to lay eggs. As
a hatcher and brooder she is outclassed, Thai's the business of the
Chatham Incubator and Brooder, nnd
they do it perfectly and successfully.
The poultry business, properly con*
ducted, pays far better than any other
business for tho amount of time and
money invested.
. Thousands of poultry-raisers—men
and women all over Canada and the
Unitetl States—have proved to their
satisfaction that it Is profitable to raise
chicks with the
No. J-120 Eggt
No. S-MO Etfi
"Yours Is the first Incubator I have
ufiod, and I wish to stuto 1 lnul 5tf
chicles nut of 63 cffgu. This wiw my
tli-Ht lot; truly a liiu nor cont, batch.
1 am well pltmscd villimy Inuulmtor
and brooder, Tuos. McNauuhtom,
Chtlltwack, B.C,"
"My flint hatch came off. I sot
lTtlttno chicks from lUOefffM. Who
can heat that for tho flrit trial, und
ho curly In tho spring. I am well
i.K'.iM'tl with incubator, ami If I
could not get another money coutil
not Imy it from mo. Every farmer
should liavoa No. 8 •Jnalhuin liiru-
bittor.—F. W. lUuiar, Dumivlllo,
■ Tin» tnnuhator row, furnished me
works oxoeoaWv Well.  It Is easily
operated, and only --.*■■ 0i,ollt, io
minutes attention every u**,. »
McGuwie, Moon* Jaw, Assa."
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
i* honestly constructed.   There is no
humbug about it. Every inch of material
is thoroughly tested, the machine is
built on right principles, the insulation
is perfect, thermometer reliable, and
the workmanship the best.
Tlie Chatham Incubator and Brooder
is simple as well as scientific in construction—a woman or girl can operate
the machine In their leisure moments.
Vou pay us no cash until after 1906
Send us your name aud address on
a post card to-day.
Wo can supply you quickly from oor
distributing warehouses at Cnjonry, Hrau-
don, Uoglna, Winnipeg, Now Westminster,
ll.c . Mtinlrcftl, Halifax.(.'ImttKiin. Ailrtroat
all 1 i'.'k.'.ipoDdoncu to Chatham. 311
"* Manson Campbell Co., Limited
dories nt Ciutiiam, Ont.,and Ditkuit.
et us quote you prices
on a (food Fanning Mill
or flood Farm Scale*
gained Lhc sale side of tho gulf, aud
test 0! us wore clambering up the
rooky cliff, except Liuculu, who remained at tlie reedy bridge to upsist
his friend to step upon Arm grotond.
Wlmi'lon. (-hough the ferocious utii-
mals were close upon him, never lost
his couniigq nor presence of mimd.
As suon as he lnud gained Ulu idgti
nf tho cliff, lie knelt down and with
his iii il; divided the fastening hy
which tlie bridge ,was attached to
the rock, lie expected that an effectual harrier would thus he put to
■our pursuers. Hut he was mistaken
Tlve tigress, without a moment's
pause, rushed towards tlic chasm
ami attempted to hound over it. lt
was a fearful siglit to seo the mighty
animal for a moment iu thc air a-
bovo the abyss; hut her strength was
not tlfual to the distance, she fell
into the gulf and before she reached
the bottom .she was torn into a
thousand pieces by the jaiqgod points
of the rocks.
Her fate did not in the least dismay her companion; ho followed Iter
with an Immense spring, and reached
tbe opposite side, hut only with 'nis
forcclaws, and thus he clung to the
odge of tlie precipice, endeavoring to
find a roofing. The Indiana again
uttered a wild shriek as if all were
lost. But Wharton, who was neatest
the edge of tlie rock, advaiicil courageously towards the lig\ r and
struck his dirk into the uiiinial's
breast. Maddened witli pain, the furious beast collected all his strength,
and fixing oue of his hind legs upon
the edge of the cliff, he seized Wharton by llie thigh. The heroic man
slit) preserved his fortitude he
grasped the stem of a tree with his
left hand to steady himself, while
with his right he wrenched and violently turned the weapon in the
breast of Ibe tiger. Ml tills was
the work of an instant. The Indians,
Frank, and myself hastened to his
assistance; hut Lincoln, already at
his side, had .seized the gun, which
lay on tlie ground, and si ruck so
powcrfuo a'blow witli tlie tmtt end
upon the head of the tiger, that the
animal, stunned and overpowered
let go his hold and fell U.ick into the
ab,yss. The unhappy Lincoln, however
haul not calculated on theforce of his
blow; he staggered forward, reeled
upon the edge of Ihe precipice, extended his hands to save himself,
but in vain. For an instant he hov-
tui/d „ver the gulf and then fell into
il, to ri.se ..,» more.
Poor Whaiton was iyii.tr insensftilo
on the brink. He was dreadfully torn
but the Indians majiagvd to stop the
j bleedlno; with n bandage of leaves,
and he in process of lime oajpe round*
Lincoln's body was eventually recovered, and, amid thc most unfeigned
lokens of sorrow on the part ot thc
natives, for the young fellow was
a great favorite, his body was burnt*
on adlier of tiger skins to thc bsirial
place of the tribe.-t'. E. IV Black,
in Cassell's magazine.
The Hag of the Unitetl States may
not l». used for advertising purposes
i neither may the couts of arms of
I the several slates, according to a
-decision of the court of appeals of
tho district ot Columbia on an ap-
I peal taken by Calm, Belt & Co. of
I Baltimore from the decision ot the
.   . , I commissioner of patents refusing to
were fruitless, she approached the rcg|8ttH; Q trademark coataintag the
liger, and ho rose and joined in her Icoal of arms of the state ot Mary-
hollow routing. They stood togpUicnl land. The opinion was written by
for a few moments as if in consul- j Justice McComos.—tttashlrgton S**f<
la tion,  and   then suddenly  went  off] *    **"
at a rapid pace and disappeared from* Generally speaking, races living al
sight. Their howling died away in ' high altitudes luvo weaker and more
Uiq distance, ,and Wten.entirely,ceased) highly pitched voices than those llv-
Wc now began to entertain better Ing In regions (Whore Iho supply ol
hopes of our condition, but Wharton! oxygen is more pleutilul. Thus
shook his head. "Do not Halter your- among llie Indians living on the
Boif," said he, ".with the belief that 1 plateaus between tho ranges of Uie
the.se animals will let us escape out! Andes, al an elevation of trom ten
of their sight till they havo bad. to fourteen thousand feel, tlie men
their revenge. Tiie hours we have to j Kavo Voices like
live nre numbered, ^
Neverlhelesss,   there still  appeared ' Is
%*\ C\C\Ci REWARD will
OJ.WU bo paid to my
pt.T-.oii    who    prove)   till '
Smilih'ht Soup ciuitalm
injurious ctienilcnli it
Km 111 ol uJulU'r.  '
is a perfect cleaner and will
not injure anything.
Best for all household pur-
poses, Sunlight Soap's superiority is most conspicuous in
the washing of clothes.
Common soaps destroy
the painted or varnished
surfaces of woodwork and
take the color out of clothes.
Even the daintiest linen
or lace, or the most delicate
colors may be safely washed
with Sunlight Soap in the
Sunlight way (follow directions).
Equally good with hard
or soft water.
Your money refunded by th? dealer
from whom you buy Sunlight Soap if you
find any cause for complaint
Uvcr lirolhsrj Lis..l>»J. Toronto
l'X('f.Al.Mi:t) BRITISH
The days -wWii prize money was
looked upon in this navy as an nidi-!
nary Boutxe ol Income arc recalled
by n notification from the Admiralty
of money waiting to bv claimed—tho j
nrocooda ol,bounties lor the destruction (it pirates anil nf the sale nf
shire ships.
There is a sum ol £5,000 Irom the '
sale ol slaving vessels captured in
the'iio's awaiting claimants, .iK" i
goodly amount of naval prize money
ami £2,800 bounty lor llie destruction nl pirates whloh nobody applies
lor. Some of those, to whom lite I
money is due ale, nn doubt, still a-
llve, but il ihey are dead Ihey probably lelt ili'M's'iidairls who if their
names were advertised would lit* fm lb
cimiing to substantiate their claims.
As it is, there is Utile demand 'or
the money in hand, liming twelve
months dealt iii wilh the statemenl
issued fintri  Whittle!! under  £ft   has
been paid out.—Court Journal.
women and Uie women like children, and their singing
a shrill monotone, 'I'he Austru-
a chance, of our rescue, fur to our linn noUvo hns awoak voice, bsit u
surprise we saw both our Indians kiinek of sending it n long distance,
siaiidiiig before the entrance, nml ami llie lowest tribes African hush-
lieanl them call tn us to sei/.e the men al.n |Hisses> weak \uices, DI all
only possibility nl night, Inr that human bpllrJB il would seem tb.it thi)
Ibe Hgcrs had gone around the ilw.ul race rliseoveresl by Stanley in
height, possibly tn seek another In- central Africa have, in point ol vol-
lei In the inve. In Uie guwtest, ume ami eiuup.iss, the weakest nt
haste Ilu, stone was pushed aside, , human Voices, ami this is only what
anil we stepped forth Ironi wtal we ' .olio would OXpcCl Irom tbe fcelrt|'m'ss
lr.nl considered a living grave. Hilar-1 nl their physique generally.
toil was the last that Jell it; he was ' _. _^r=r;
unwilling to lose his ilou.blc-liiinelloil
gun, ami .slopped lo lake il up. We
now heard once more the roaring uf
lire tigers, though at a distance, und
precipitately struck inlo n side path.
tie Innl proceeded thus lor aboul
a quarter ul w. hour, when wo found
lli.rl nui way led nl,H>g the ishw ol
ni ,r rocky elift with innumerable (1s-
siiiis. Suddenly the Indians, who
went before us, uttered one ol their
piercing shrinks, ami we Immediately
became aware that the ligers woro
iu pin suit nf us. Urged by despair,
we rushed Inwards one of the gulfs
ill our way over which was Ihin.vn
a bridge ol reeds thai sprang up and
down at every step, ami could lo
trodden wilh snlely by the light
tool ol the Indiana alone. Deep in
Ibe hollow below rushed an impetuous stream, awl ii thousand pointed
and jagged rooks threatened ile-
sl luel inn nu every side, I.inenlii,
my huntsman, and myself passed
over Ihe elm sin in safety, lull Wharton was slill in the middle nl Ibe
waving btidgo and euilnavoi ing to
steady himself, when bulb ihe tigers
were seen to Issue Irom tlm adjoining
loresl, and tlie moment they descried
US they bounded toward us, roaring.
.Meanwhile    Wharton  had    nearly
I wns cured ol a Severe cold     by
Ovfnrd, VS.       It. V UKWSiiV
I was cured ol a terrible sprain by
FRED 001 I.siin
Yarmouth, N.S, Y.A.A C
I was cured ol Black Erysipelas in
Inglesville .1   W   RUQOLES.
Dear Mother
Your little ones arc a cooitant care in
Fall and Winter weather. They will
catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh's
Consumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and
what it has clone for so many ? Il is ukl
to be the only reliable remedy for all
diseases of the air passages in children,
lt is absolutely harmless and pleasant t-i
take. It is guaranteed to cure or yom money
ii relumed. The price is 25c. per bottle,
and all dealers in medicine sell 314
This remedy should be in every household
I Continued from Page Two;
llOvei bete Uiuy have fastened Uieiu,
and ihey uic strong un iho uthci:
sulc. It's easier W walk ou a slack
wire Uiaii; ou a UgM one, yuu kiww..
litis gives just tlie right sag."
"liut how Uo they bring ihu stufli
b.ick.v1 Uo Hersisted.
11 Wait, ami you'll see," she cau-
Dauvers slipiJod behind a uliinmey,
and presently the naii returned,
pushing before Uioiu .1 wlicol'marrow
with .1 grooN'od wheel. One ui bhem
earriod a Japivneso umbnulla with
wliu'ii he preserved their balance
while vlio olther pushed. They itumpeU
their load 011 the root ami turned
bttok, When they hud dissappeared
down u-ne of the seuttles ou thc other .siik-, Danvers stepped out again.
"How long have you been with
these men?'1 he deniu>mlod. "Vou
dun'1 look like that sort."
"They wero wilh a circus," she
explained. "1 can gvuy with Jim
that's the smaller oue. He watches
'nv bo that i do not have a ohanco
to gel awaj  from him."
"Is Ihis a regular trick'.'' ho do-
mundod. She shook her head.
"Business is bad this ycsir. 'Ihe
boys can't get work. They wore
[oolfng one night on the roof and
iuund thai Ulu wiie was strong
onoilgh to l)(;ir I'leui. They useil to
carry me in the whoelbarrow in the
show, and they gut the idea of rolling houses. Thej cut tho alarm wire.i
.nui liin come and go US they please.
When the men were watching they
walked right over their heads."
"I'd like lo get after them," he
said: "1 could drive them down to
ihe street where the watohinau is."
"If you won't tell. I'll t.ilie you."
.sin- volunteered. "Don't be afraid,
I can do it."
Sae caught up another parasol
from tho roof and spread it. "Hiile
pick-a-buck," she demanded.
Danvers put his anus about her
shoulder and raised liis feet clear.
Slowly she adjusted her weight lo
'i"i wire and bey,ui to make hei way
across, SomewWre he had read that
11 would not do to look down, so
It   shut his eyes and hung on.
om*i' or twice the girl Becmed to
lose her balance, and for a moment
worked the parasol violently while
.sin roguined 11 ^ Then she prcaped on
again, and at last, with a sigh, she
stepped oil the wire, and Uanvers
ofwued his eyes.
Tlwy wcro on the further side and
lust beyond the open scuttle.
"U't me go back,'' pleaded the
girl. "They must not know that I
helped yiou or they will kill me wheil
iluy got out. Vou must never tell
how you made the trip. Protend that
you saw them and c United a fire OS-
cupe, lam going to be gone by Iho
liiiii- you get back to the house.
"Huh how can I reward you? ho
She threw a glance at him.
"I am got a divorce if J m is yin-
vii'h'ii   Mj fnvdom is a rich rouaird'*
Sin kissed her hand to him in im-
ilaliim of the circus ring, and he
WiUt'i'il with admiration as nor
lithe lii-urc sjntl atnss the opon. Thetl
he dn.|ipeil through tbo scuttle.
"litill link, I suppose," laughed
ihe uianai-'T. when Da avers reported
next morning.
'Musi     thai,"    assented  Danvefs,
"hull luck and a woman."
"But he would not explain the lat-
tei  pnrt, and the manager imagined
it to be tho girl lie  man ini on    tbe
•liv «iii of hi-- Increased pay."
' YOU CAN  SAVE $13,15*
Wa will pratant atorj
RNsdar of this papfr who
place* an order for our calibrated lll.lt Suit with tha
two aoat icrvi, mm* Pram-
luma avar offend to tha
publu- of Canada.
Aflorttt Wanted.
Our Great Free Premium Offers
Ono Pair of $6,00 Trouaara (modo
to moaouro) and o roally ologant pa*
taut SuitCaia givon ontlroty FREI
with ovory ordor.
liUY, and w ■ will RTtFUNP yvar monar It
)ou find flilfr the Stwolot lutta or tha FRBll
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nnw maturod for tho Fall
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ol fumigation or Innirectlon.
Hcadquaiteta lor t'aclflc
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nnrl Flower Seeds In season.
Bee Supplies, Spray'Pwnps
Whale Oil Soap, Greenhouse
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Catalogue Free,
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Smith, Fotos,
1 hat's All
TO   RENT-Two bright    furnished
rooms. Apply P.O. box 855
Local Items
!>„ a Capital or Nugget Cigars
Ilr. T. Waskett spent a couple ol
days in Vancouver this week.
Messrs. Walters & Akeulioad are
making somo very tempting offers
at their place uf business this week.
Mrs 0, illctinrgle, ot Northliold, is
in the city this week visiting relatives.
Mrs F, L. Reynolds is spending n
couple of weeks in Vancouver visiting relatival. . ,
Parker Williams, M.P.P., was a
visitor in lhc   city Thursday after-
A larj;c number of people will visit Mt. II. Forciuiiuci's auction sale
this morning and
School Inspector D. Wilson nude
an ollinrrl visit to the local schools
this week.
Another two dollars has heen subscribed lor the sports grounds, Par-
kcr Williams, M.P.P., being
dona tor.
Messrs. Walters and Akciiliaul havo
a, sale luiiiouuced,which should prove
a money-saver to all piuolmsots ul
their place of business.
Mr. 0. II. «umlui„g and family
will remove tomorrow to Tucom.,
where it is thcir intention to reside
'r future.
Mrs. Christie, who was spending
somo time in Ladysniilh as the
guest of Mrs. SaWston, returned to
her home at iNortlilidd Wednesday.
Mr. Jack Richards left on  Wodues-
day  for Ashcroft,  B.C.,  where      ho
has accepted a position. It is   Mr
Uiehard's  intention  to remove    hi.
family to the interior town shortly.
Mr. W. 0. Sainton, chartcrod ac
countant, made his semi-annual visit
to the local branch ol Messrs. Simon
Leiser & Co.'s this week, where he-
was cngngod auditing tho books etc
for thc season.
Mr. Robert Grant, who fur some
time has been employed at the loci
shingle mill, left hut 8Tenillg fo,.
Vancouver, from wlic-iico be will proceed to ins home iu the Northwest
where he will reside for some time.
On Wednesday last the death occur.
ed oltleorgio liossi, the fifteen
months-old son of (linarino Rossi
Thc funeral will be held (his morning
tlie ceremony being held at the lam
liy residence at 0.30 alter which the
cortogo will proceed to tbe local
Tlic Excelsior club held their first
ol their fori nightly dances on Weil
nesdny evening hist, and, as is usual
with this club, the nllruir proved mos|
.successful. The next dance will be
hold on Friday evening, Nov, with.
today and evening.
Hlnard's Liniment Cures Dandruff
6JRoomed House and Lot,  fenced,
on Second Avonuo.    Apply to
Mr. Balatti, Ladysmith, B. C.
Capital* Nugget Cigars-Union  Made
Walkover Shoes and Stanfteid's underwear tor men—Blair & Adam.
Ilr. .1. McKinley returned to l-i-
dysniitli this week from the north,
where he lias IKc«i spending the summer, lie will remain the rest ol
the winter in Ladysmith.
It should lie only a tow weeks now
liefore Lailysmith will be plentifully
supplied witli musicians, il golden
promises held out by some gentlemen who visited the city this week
Hunters of deer have been fortu-
irriie in this vicinity recently. The
fore part of this week olio party of
two killed six doer in two hours,
while another party also secured six
in one day.
Several men who have been In the
city for the past few weeks and who
had previously been working in the
urines at Pernio up until the time of
the strike, left on Thursday] tor I bill'
city, where it is their intention to
resume work.
.Hi. T. Lewis, ul the High street
Shaving Parlors, has secured the sei;
vices of Iwo lirst-elass barbers, so
Mini his customers can now secure a
l.iir-eut, sluivir or anjihUfc in Ihis
line without having to wail.
Tye Sing lias removed his shoe rind
iiinfirrdlii repairing and omployincni
nihil- next rliior to the City Market,
1st Avenue.
A meeting ol ihe Ladyouitth Board
ot Trade has lieen called for next
Thursday evening lor the purpose ol
electing a new secretary, the position being rendered vacant by the
removal from the city of Mr. W, A.
Cornwall. Other matters oltmpor-
l.inei'will also come up for discussion.
Today a collector will Ire BlaMon-
eil .il Uic Iwuk to take up Ule sub-
-.t-i iril isms fin lhc spoils grounds
whicli have not already been collected, The money is needed lo pay off
.villi nnd complete contemplated
work, coiisist|uonlly this method of
collecting srsnie has been adopted hy
the eoiiitnitliK1.
We are in receipt this week ot     a
; letter which, until we learn who the
| writer   is. wc cannot publish.      Al-
lliough il is slurried, bho niinm sounds
il minus, and upon making impiiiiii's
u   can  locate no one nl that name
iu the cily.   It the writer will make
himself known to us, we will publish
any correspondence which he    may
svislr, providing it is ot interest locally.
omokc Little B Cigars.
is on show al our slorc, and
not been shown in the cily he-
lore.     These ,; Is ale       ill
new and Imve very rich elicits.
We have
Tea Pots
'..',   Cups anil Saucers, flales, vas-
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jt Dainty Cups, Saucers
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Fancy Plat s from 15c
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stock Is COMPLETE and it
will pay you to look over our
Blair & Adam,
Tlir silver plated: buss, valued al
$175.00, which tho bawl have just
Miiclu.'i'd from W. Wailt & t'<»..
UirougJi Ah. Knighl is a maffniflconl
ilniment, ami has a splendid tone,
II Ih ,1 v,1 in,,iik addition in tbelAinri
ml  will lie performed upon by   Mr
us   Berry, A clarionet und trom-
mc have also been purchased re-
1 ntly, and make a valuable addition
in llie .land's stock of iusUiiiiiPiits.
Freeh EaBtcrn Oysiers-Hluii A
10-4 All Wool White—
Blue and Pink Border
Ir—4 AH Wool While
Blue and Pink Border
m hop
12-4 AH Wool White-
Blue and Pink Border
NO' H I.'     IS     L1BUEBY GIVEN
thai. -'(I) days after date, I Intond to
apply to llie Chief Commissioner of
Land:, and Works for permission to
cut and curry away timljiKir from llie
following described lands:
No. I. Commonoing at a stake
planted at the South-We.sl. corner of
Lot 5, near Port Neville, tlwmco 81)
chains west; thence M chains South;
thence Nll cliains East; thence 80
chains .North to point of commencement.
No Jonimonotng at the North
west turner uf No. I; thence West
Ml chains; thence south SO chains;
I hence Kast Ml chains; thence North
so clifvlns to point nf commencement.
No. It. Co4.lllumcil.fl at the slake
planted at llie head of Little Hllnlt-
insoii hay; thence 10 chains North;
thence 160 chains West; thence Smith
to shore 10 chains more or less;
thence Kast along slime lo point of
No. I. Commencing at a stake
placed al the South-west angle of
Lot Ul, Tlmrlow Island; thence
West, along Southerly line of a
Lease Lot 111 fo Southwest corner
some 10 chains; thence North along
West side of Lease Lot 111 20
chains; thence West SO clioins; thence
Soulh to .shore 10 chains more or
less, then East along shore to West
shore corner of leased lot 111;
thence Norlh along Ihe West side of
same lot t > no-in-l of commencement
E. S. McTutyrc.
Ladysmith, Nov. 17, 190G.
Try a Province Cigar.
On and after Monday, Sept. ■;. I will
be found In our new shop o First
Avenue, next to Carter's Fruit
Store. Shaves and Haircuts a specialty. - - _
Tlic pleasant purgative effect experienced by all wlio use Chamberlain's Stomach nivd Liver Tablets,
anil tlic heal thy condition ol the
body ami niinii which tlicy create
makes one Iccl joyful. Price, 25cts.
Samples free at the Ladysmith
Ml. M. Dlftokjborough, represent in;
Ihe Columbia Flouting Mills t'n. Ltd. j
of Enilerbj, B.C., was a visitor m
Ladysmitli this \\vt.k on business fur
his linn. Mr. Blackborougl) repre- :
sents an excellent firm, anil in securing thcit brand ol isoihIs, one is as
srirerl uf every satisfaction.
Nu wonder every one is talking ahsjiil UlO BARGAINS Utcy are
Setting al WHIN HUME'S, a ml Ihe Public know when Ihey r.cl a
We can .ifiuril in SELL I'll BAP, ninl we are giving UioPultlio
Ihe hi'lll'lil   i.f  it.
have jui
I   leeeiverl
75 einls
of the N
ES.   I.
.nnl ou
•-lr.rll yan
S   tu   tWO   V.I 1
Is will III
nt   Iln
1   •
[ill    nut'
ills .nnl
rend thei
r over
. It
WILL PAY YOI   TO DO SO. Yon will save cimsiilcinjile liv It.
II Aiii thing you buy in ou C sic
nol  pi'nie sntislricliiry,
ill gladly return your
now to curb a coLr
The quest ion of how to cure a cold
without uniiK'cssaiy loss ol time ls
one In which wc are nil morc or less
Interested,tor the quicker a cold Is
lijotlen rid of the less the danger ol
pneumonia anil other serious diseases, Mr. It. W. L. Hall, ol Wavcrly,
Va., has used Ciiamlicrlriin's Cough .
I'.cmcily lor years, and says: "I firmly bolicve Chamberlain's Cough Hem
wly to be absolutely the best preparation on the market lor colds. I
have recommended It to my friends
ami llrey all agree with me." l'or
salr nt the Ladysmith Pharmacy.
Weinrobe and Co.
Chas. Peterson,
in Ladysmith, call and see my list
(Late Robertson's)
Comet  I. Whiteombc
Violin   A. Auohinvolc
Pinno   F. G. Ashton
Can \w, eiicjriK'cd for Dances, Socials
etc. A* larger number ol pieces can
be engaged if required.
Terms, etc., Ho.* 223, Ladvsmilh.
Under New Managment
Jus- R, iVcKinnell. Prop,
Commercial Mens' tiead.ie.irters.
Modern and     Rtilctly I'lrst ClaH
Fire Prool    I'.ulldlif.
—Rah* fl.te >nd(l.B0—
friebusto nil irtpriinlmat landings an.'
railway iletrotP.   Kleirlrlu cnrr. every Qvr
minutes to all parte ol  the city,   lim
uul table unexcelled,
K. BAYNE8,1'ropiietor,
Smoke Capital and Nugget Cigars
$3 Fountain Pen for
r$ noon mi
DANCE TOIM'GHT    Hpusowitoa aro apt to Judge    tlic
%. ,(|\iuli.y nf groceries by tho prioo paid
fur Mian. As an Illustration »f this
Tlio (.'ity Hand arc Riving a dunce   a grocer  lolls    the  following .story:
"1 luul two   qualities of (lour—ono
in the opera house tonight, starting nn0 .ml )lu. othM po(ir> Ono lUx). {
at 8 p.m.   tats 50c. Ladies Free.   ! accidentally sold one for     thc  other.
I My customers paying a high prioo tor
-*   ■ ■'"■ poor quality, said that it     had
under    tlie Auspices of flic Ladies'
Guild of the English Church—
—to bclrclil ini Ire
Nov, 20th. Admission Free
Hlglt Ton s,  .cd Irmn IS p.m. 25c.
Concert commences at H p.m.
Admission 25c
Now's the time to buy Christinas
glvoti entire satisfaction, wliile llinse ' presents, both useful and fancy arll-
An anecdote i.s told ol Richard wno |l<1(i ccco|vod the (|m. Hour lor'oles. Lovely dressed dolls, nil ready
Soildon, thc late premier of New ,, |ow ,,riet. IJbmplnlnod ol lt, nnd n for Santa ('Inns. Pith Ponds lot
/.•aland, lie. wan very activo in send- ,,.w ,,.|„nicli it iUi ullm rnr use. [the little ones, llniiic-iiiadc Cniiily,
Iflg troops lo the assist.,,,,.,, ol lireA - - likc Mother.usen to make.' .
Iirilstin  in  Iho Soutli  Ali'lcrun War.   — ■-	
This lintel has   been completely renovated.
Board aid lodgiig f 1.00 per d»y.
On one occasion he wns taunted hy
rn Opposition menilrt'i with.his rwirl-
liu.ss to saeiiflcc flic lives ol     the; .   .   --, ,- , -—,. - __— — m a rm t -w-t
colony's niiinhood.     "Ynu are ready, HH C_J   I    aH*^. 1    ■ p»W(2   |   vJ l^t 1 jTii
JOHN THA, Proprietor
liar Supplied with the Rest Vines, 1st Avenue !•' :-: X Ladyimith ll.C.
Llnuorn and Clmrs. ("'■' '   	
enpugj) to send our sous and broth
err, to be shot at, but"—iwas the
opening ol n taunt by bis apponent,
When the Premier broke in: Sir, this
morning I signed a commission lor
my own son. lie will \p shot at, too,
a ml I have dared him to come back
without a wound.
Hlnard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
J. X. Smith's Restaurant
Best accommodation for transient
and   permanent boarders and lodgers
This new Hotel has liecn comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to
date. Kates $1.00 a day and upwards.
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
We will put on sale
Saturday Morning
100 Men's Youths' & Boys'jSuits
At prices that will give Satisfaction.
iti? Mre
REMEMBER, the stock is new, tlic  majority of
the goods being purchases made this Fall, but we
^    must make room for our Christmas Goods.
! ilimen %ewr tite.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦«>♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
P.       When ordering your MEAT don't forget to !
^ call on us.  We keep nothing but the BEST :
t that the Market can afford and guarantee :
A fptJialty
—wr • ■' — :.
12 Mt. II. ^
W. Q. Fraser
Suits Made (o order to Fit and to your satisfaction.
Call and see Stock.
Lot Jones, Prop.
Best Supplied Ber In Town :
(Hall niock (rom Drpot.)
OATACRE  STREET-    Liulysmltl.
Fresh Meats
In the City, Always on Hand
"e. g. pa nITell
• •••••*•••••••••?•••••*• l' sl«>0*(. iij*gB»tn,.».sl«ai
Buller Street, -    -   -   - L,adv»mith, p. C
R. Williamson Prop
ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.
Dr. R. B. Diei
Surgeon Dentist
All work giiaratitswl anil at- reason-   ^->     ^Itll I ll
Gatacre at        Ladysmitli U
op* .t an m,..       jg 'GIABROUGII
 "        |^ "RtMINGTON"
ALWAYS   FRESH   ON HAND     r tjg
Wedding    Cakia flmle   to Order       *}5
'rices   are    Vcrj Reasonnlilc.    All >i,j
I'listomtiri are Treated Alike. frO
••wraitMf R" I
Fresh Bread Every Day      £,      C^l J V% Q      m
Neatly and Artistically Done
Orders Promptly Executed
LADYSMITH   - -    •    .     U. C,
Full Sbck


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