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Ladysmith Daily Ledger Oct 3, 1904

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 Ladyshith Daily Ledger
VOL. a, NO 13.
MONDAY,   Oct   3rd 1904.
Inspector Murray Gathers in
Another Large Lodging Outfit Near Boundary Line
Troubles About Export Said to
be Partly Due to Misunderstanding
There is a feeling of disconsolalion
in the .breast of one James Pierce,
who until Wednesday ran a-prosper-
ous logging camp near the headwaters of the Nicomeki river, which empties into Mud Bay, not lar from
)' the    boundary line between Canada
and the United States.
Mr. Pierce is woeful, says The
Province, because Timber Inspector
Murray of Vancouver made so Imld
as to call upon him yesterday afternoon for the purpose of looking into
his business affairs, for it was rumored that Mr. Pierce had been evading payment of tbe provincial special export lax and had also been
logging over provincial lauds without authority.
As a result of Mr. Murray's visit
the Pierce logging outfit and a boom
ol about 1,1)00,00(1 Icct of cedar amlj
lir logs were annexed, for the time
being at least, to the assets of the
province of British Columbia. After
looking over Hie ground) Mr. Murray
concluded that he would seize the
camp and its outfit. He accordingly
gathered in one heavy "roader," as
large road logging donkey engines are
known to the craft, and one smaller
donkey engine, which served Hie purpose of a yarder. One hard-working
horse was also impounded, ami be-
tween twenty-live and thirty men
were thrown out of employment.
It is alleged that Mr. Pierce is an
American logger who lias since last
spring been busily engaged 'in exporting without adtliorily logs cut on
provincial lands at the headquarters
of the Nicomeki. Such allegations
being proved, and Mr. Murray states
that he is certain of his facts, the
entire outfit is oilcu to seizure nnd
the only possible chance Pierce hits
of securing his engines is to settle
for all the timber he has cut since
be commenced operations In this
camp in the spring, lie would also
be required to remove his scene of
activity to the other side of the
The Pierce seizure is the fifth of
tile kind made by Mr. Murray ■within
less tlmn a week, and all of them
have been in the vicinity of the boundary line. The government now has
in its possession enough logging donkey engines to start- a second-hand
machinery depot- 'Should the seizures
he confirmed, the outfits will lie sold
by public auction. The plant now at
the Pierce camp in charge of a provincial constable is valued at about
$7,000. Just what the 1,000,000 feet
of boomed timber is worth Is a matter of conjecture.
Mr. It. L. Reid, a lawyer of New
Westminster, who knows the whole
territory where the seizures took
place, says no theft i'was intended
and that the whole trouble has arisen through ignorance of the location
of the Dominion und Provincial
crown lands.
In tbe first place, said Mr. Reid,
there is no question whatever of
stealing. All the firms which are
logging at present on the Nicomeki,
river are, with the exception of one,
Canadian, nnd all are carrying on the
business on a small scale. Those who
belong to this side of the boundary
are Messrs. Martin, Klnley and
Pierce & Pement. The Americans
are the one firm of Kaber & Mc-
Orath. Marlin has one donkey cn-
' gine, Kinley works with a six-horse
team, and Fabcr & McGarth have
two rented., donkey engines.
Trouble has arisen in this way.
The land south ot the river in this
district is In the Dominion railway
belt. A great many crown grants
have been issued by the Dominion
government, and under the act timber on Dominion crown granted lands
is not lialble to the Provincial export
' duty, as the timlicr regulations
therein are made by the Federal government. Through the centre of
Surrey und along the Nieomek river
are n few pieces of land, the titles to
which were granted by the Provincial government heforc the transfer
was made lo tile" Dominion government, and the timber on these is, of
[Japanese Placing Themselves in More Force
Southeast of Mukden at
Feng Tiapu
Garrison in Port Arthur Are Now Eating
Donkey Meat Which Sells at Enoiv
mous Prices
Ralph Smith M, P. Says Dominion Govern
ment Have Promised Construction
of Much Needed Work
St. Petersburg, Oct. 3.— -A des- had been captured by the Japanese,
patch received today from Gen. Sa- From semi-official sources it Is learn-
kharoft announcing that the Japanese ed that the attack began on the
have strengthened their adbaiice posts 10th along the whole line and lasted
at Feng Tiapu, 1(1 miles southeast four days, various positions changing
of Mukden. Klsewhere, he adds, .'hands many times.
there are no developments. j   The high hill mentioned was     a
Lieut. Gen. Klienes, Governor Gen. very important position to the Rus-
eral ol Kelft, has been granted leave sians. The Japanese attacked re-
of absence andt there is strong tea- peatedly, day and night, finally oc-
son to believe that it is preliminary cupying the position after sultering.
to his suspension as he belongs dls- severe losses. The attempt lo at-
tinctly to the Von Plehve regime, tack this height being extremely liaz-
Ile was formerly prefect of police at' anions, Gen. Stocssel refused to is-
St. Petersburg. The recent report 'sue the order, hut called for voltiil-
that the battleship Orel was damag-: teere. Everybody called upon resell turns out to be untrue. Shejpofltled, whereupon a requisite nuiii-
touched a sandbar, but got oil 1111- ber of men were selected, Lieutenant
dcr her own steam. The admiralty | Poggorsky anil Captain Scarfl lead-
says that not even a plate was   In-'tag them.   Soldiers and officers alike
carried grenades (explosive shells
weighing from two to six pounds
which are thrown) and with these
bombarded the Japanese temporary
and  drove ' the hitler
Political Campaign Has Opened and Both
Sides Are Preparing For
The Strife
Jured    _^^^^^^^_^^^^^_
New York, Oct. 3.—A French correspondent stationed at St.   Peters
burg telegraphs according to'
from Vladivostock it is expected
that the Japanese will attack that
port. The correspondent's informant says he personally inspected the
defences and found the town surrounded by an unbroken line of fortifications.
"Toil may telegrnoh Pl.uV;/' tfrdys
the Major;- "that "the Japanese may
come if they like. They will find
us superbly defended. Vladrvoslock
is a veritable Port Arthur."
Che Foo, Oct. 3.—The garrison of
Port Arthur has sufficient food, but
supplies of tinned ment are nearly
exhausted,-and the troops are now
slaughtering thirty donkeys dally for
fresh meat, which is'worth $1.30 a
poundi Eggs cost twenty cents
Chee Foo, October 3.—(3 p.m.)—An
official report from Gen. Stocssel
dated Sept. 23rd, reached Chee Foo
today confirming a previous report of
the repulse of the Japanese attack
on Port Arthur, which began Sept.
10th, and ended Sept. 22nd. The
lighting was of an extremely severe
character. The Japanese having retired, Gen. Stoesscl issued the following proclamation: "Glory, thanks
to God, glory to our heroic garrison,
glory to Ilhiianne, Scnrff and Poggor
sky, heorcs all. Thanks to our valiant volunteers who routed the enemy from the trenches, destroying
them. God has permitted us to repulse the enemy.   Praise to God."
The volunteers referred to by Gen.
Stoessel   were made up of regulars
Paris I fortifications
'"" 11^-■
mines were exnloded during-the general battle, causing several losses
The Russians calculated that the total Japanese losses for the four days
lighting roaehed 20,000 men.
-Shanghai, Oct. 3.—A Russian warship supposed to he the armored
crlltser Bayan, of the Port ArtlnrT
squadron, is reported to have anchored oft tint/lad Island in Hang Chan
Bay. Two tugs have gone to Shanghai. Tokio, Oct. :t.-(ll a.m.)—'Hie
Navy Department reports the destruction of another Russian steamer
used in clearing mines at the entrance of Port Arthur harbor. The
steamer struck a .mine on September
:!iilli and sank'
Navy oOicers say the Russians are
suffering from a shortage of small
steamers, useful in clearing mines.
The reported loss of the .Japanese
gun boat south of Map Tung peninsula In striking a mine has not been
officially confirmed;
Gen. Oku's headquarters in the
field, Oct. 2.—(II a. m., via Fusan,
Oct. 3.)—The first south hound train
over the reconstructed railway left
this morning carrying 100 Japanese
wounded, 100 sick and 33 wounded
Russian prisoners eiiroiite to Japan.
The wounded are practically the last
of tire Japanese wounded at the hat-
He of Mao Yang. The hospitals are
now devoted to those suffering from
beriberi and other diseases. The positions of the Japanese armies remain unchanged. Skirmishes are of
daily occurrences. Thousands of fresh
Mr. Ralph Smith, M,  P., was   in
own today from Nanaimo consulting with his supporters, and no time
will he lost now in the campaign
which has opened. Mr. Smith expressed himself very pleased with the
outlook in so far as his re-election
was concerned ami will soon have
his list of meetings throughout the
constituency arranged-
lie made one important announcement that is good news for Lady-
sni'ith. Some time ago Mr. Smith
met the Hoard of Trade and tire
City Council here at their request
to discuss the question of the erection i.f a public wharf. They hod
been unable to get any. promise of assistance from the provincial government through the local member Mr.
Parker Williams,, hut Mr. Smith
promised to do his best, lo have tire
work carried out by the Dominion
government, Hie same channel
through which he secured other
works Tor bis district. This was
satisfactory to the committee and
Mr. Smith having referred the question to Ottawa, pointing out the
growing trade of Ladysmith and the
necessity for such a wharf, the Minister directed that the necessary
soundings and measurements be made
This was done Uy Mr. Keefer two
weeks ago as already published in
I he Ledger.
At the same meeting with tire
City Council and Hoard of Trade,
Mr. Smith mentioned the desirability of working in harmony with Mr.
Dunsimiir as the owner of the land
between the foreshore and the    Es-j
phinade and ottered to sec that gentleman on the subject. He did so,
and placed the matter before him,
discussing it from a business standpoint. After some deliberation Mr.
Dunsmuir fell in with the idea and
everything is moving along harmoniously.
A letter from the Minister of Public Works to Mr. Smith dated Sep-,|
tember 211b states that as soon*as
Mr. Reefer's report was received the
work would be proceeded with at
once. This means that Hie bridge
is to be built and without delay,
for by this time no doubt Mr. Kee-
I'cr's report is in the hands of tbe
Says  the  Nanaimo Herald of Sunday:
"Smith's committee rooms were
crowded last night on the occasion
of tbe first meeting of the cam-
paign and while the chief business of
tbe meeting was or^nizution,
there were two good hoi political
speeches made which roused the enthusiasm of those present not a little. Shortly after the meeting opened it was decided to form committees for the different wards to
carry on the City campaign. This
was attempted but finally it was decided to include everyhiwly in the
room in a general committee and
let those residing in the different
wards compose the committee for
that ward with power to add to
their number as a great many men
fully in sympathy with the election
of Mr. Smith were not present at,
the meeting."
John Ladou    of   Vancouver
Swallows Handle of Cup
in Police Cell
Crazed With  Delirium  Tre'
mens Takes His Lile When
Guard is Absent
catted upon lo take a high hill which Japanese soldiers arc arriving.
Copenhagen, Oct. 3.—A ministerial
crisis here which has long been
threatened has been, averted, assurances of support having been given
by bis colleagues to Minister of Justice Alhertia, who insisted off bringing ki alaw to re-establish tile whipping post for thugs. It will cause
an exciting session of the Iligsdagt,
which convenes today.
course, liable to the Provincial   export duty.
The firms now logging on the Nicomeki river, knowing that the Dominion lands were exempt, made amis
take' in assuming that tiic lands upon which they wero engaged in cutting timber were granted by the Dominion government.
The men who art) working in that
section arc not timber thieves, but
Canadians and Americans alike; I hey
are industrious and respectable cili-j
zens, carrying on their business in
an honest and straightforward way.
All   arc willing to comply strictly ''AIR KKCEIITS
with   the terms ol the law, and If     The  Victoria Fair  this year   far
they have     unwillingly transgressed exceeded 11)03 in receipts, the totals
the Provincial regulations, they arc |being for the exhibition that closed
ready    and able to make good all  on     Saturday,     $7,351 as
charges which should have been paid. 5.1,3(17.US  last year.
According    to a despatch to    the
Ashcrofl     Journal     from  1 larper's
Camp, dated Sept. 80, tt
and H. Mormon, ou the Mill of September, prospected the ground three-
Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. :,.-
The St. George, Utah advocate, published by Charles S. Wilkinson, a
prominent churchman, prints a sermon delivered by President Joseph
F, Smith, of the Mormon church. In
his sermon, President Smith counselled the people of the church
against selling lands to the "Gen
tiles" or aiding them in any way,
"The Gentiles are coming among us
to buy . our homes and land. We
should not sell to them nor aid
them as they are the enemies of the
Kingdom of God." the president is
tjuoted as saying. Continuing! President Smith said he had never
sought to be a vast land owner, but
he never sold one inch of ground to
an enemy of God's work. At- the
ollice of the First Presidency in Salt
Lake no confirmation or denial of
this ij not at ion was obtainable.
Edwin   Hughcy, the 2-year-old son
Campbell  of John  Hughey,   was drowned  in a
'pond near his parents' home at Uel-
I liiigham a few days ago.    He    had
(luartcrs     of   a     mile below Forks   heen missing from the house but
Horsefly River and took out twenty-
eight dollars in thirteen hours work
Quite a few new prospectors are ot
the ground.
No information     of what    result?
have been     obtained since the    dis- which she related to her mother tbe
covery  is available. _   The discovery
few minutes before search was instituted and the body found.
A peculiar incident in connection
with the sad accident is a dream
which the boy's elder sislcr, Gertrude had on the previous night aud
about fill miles from Harper's
Camp by lake nnd trail nnd on the
route to Enipirc and other creeks
at the head of the Horsefly River,
which just two years ago caused a
lot of excitement hut proved worthless.
next morning. She Mrcamcd that
Edwin was drowned and saw his
body floating in the pond. The fill'
flllmont of the dream in spite of extra vigilance, which followed, lias
made aprnfound impression ou the
members of the household.
Tbe regular mail stage which left
Asheroft on Saturday for Barkor-
ville(i met with a serioufc accident
near Bridge Creek in which Walter
Abbott, a teamster, was killed and
against I). Weeks, of Vancouver, and F-
Peters, the driver, were injured.
Tbe Yukon is expected to ship $l.'t-
000,000 of gold this season.   This   is
practicality  all  got  within a radius
of 5(1 miles of Dawson City.
The despatch continues: '.'Moregdld
has been shipped from Dawson to
the outside world the first three
months of open water on the Yukon
this year than for the same period
last year. During June, July , and
August of this year the shipments
to the outside aggregated $7,010,-
300.   In June, July aud August    of
last year, that is, in 1003, the shipments were $0,727,918. The figures
given show that S2S2.178 more has
been shipped from Dawson during the
three months mentioned this year
'ban last.
"The statement given in the foregoing is from the record of the Alaska Paoifie Kxpress Company, which
handles virtually all the dust shipped from the Yukon. Perhaps one or
two hundred thousand was shipped
down the river last year, and a
similar quantity this year by the big
trading companies, but it is known
that what went down the river was
near the same each year, ami
not of sullicient volume to affect
the relative showing of the big gain
of this year over last in tbe 'question
of aggregate shipments for the three
big mouths quoted,
The September shipments likely
will he the hist of any volume this
year. Shipments now continue heavy
Nearly every week there are two or
three shipments by the big banks,
which virtually send out all the gold.
Miners in early days shipped much of
the gold themselves, ami some even
at their own risk, hut now they
prefer to sell it and let the banks
place il in the hands of the mints,
o ship through the hanks. All
gold going these days is insured
iigainst loss on river, train or sea to
its full value. The aggregate of gold
produced by the Klondike since it
was first struck runs approximately.
$125,000,000. The insurance placed
on the gold dust ♦■aving the Klondike has practically all been handled
through one New York house,'and it
A French-Canadian carpenter named John Ladoti, who has been suffering from delirium tremens, committed suicide in the Vancouver police cells last week in an extraordinary manner. Ollicer Deacon found
him raving on the street at about
great difficulty got him to the police Station, where it took two men
lo put him into the padded cell,
ate and'kept asking for things and
During the day he was very ohstin-
m. Gaoler McRac went to his cell,
and he asked for a drink of water'
McRac brought him a drink in a tin
can, hut Ladou refused to touch it,
saying that be believed they were
trying to poison him, and the gaoler went away leaving the can of
water in the cell.
About 3 o'clock Ollicer Edwards,
who is doing Gaoler's duty at pres-
came on to relieve Olficer McRac, and as is customary, they went
the round of the cells together to
see that the prisoners were all right
before changing off' On opening the
door of tbe padded cell, then saw
Ladou in a recumbent posture on
the mattress with his shoulders
against the wall, and his head hanging down on bis breast, while two
of his fingers were thrust down his
throat, lie was still warm, but
was quite dead His bare feet and
one side of bis face were scarred
and bleeding as if scratched with
some sharp instrument, Tbe police
looked around and saw that the
handle had been tojrn off Ulie tin
drinking cup and a broken fragment
with a ragged edge was found near
tbe dead man's side.
Dr. Underbill was summoned and
ou removing the man's lingers found
lodged in tbe throat the upper part
of the broken pannikin handle. It
was evident that the man had swallowed it in ln's frenzy and it had
choked hinr His two fingers were
soft and flabby as if they had been
in bis throat for some time and he
bad probably been trying to remove
tho tin after be bad swallowed it.
Mr. L. W. Shatford, ALP,P., of
Fairview, B.C., and bis brother,
Mr. W. Shatford, of Vernon, says
the News-Advertiser have just reached Vancouver. Mr. L. W. Shatford-
has just returned from a trip east
aud is spending a few nays on the
coast. He has in hand negotiations
for the purchase of a large tract of
land in the southern portion of the
Okanagan district, the great fruitgrowing section of the province. Options have been secured ou from 10,-
000 to -10,000 acres of land, lying between Peuticton and Osoyoos, on the
southern border. This is in the best
portion of the productive dry belt,
which is now one of the favorite districts in tbe province for settlers,
especially from other portions of the
Dominion. About 15,000 acres' of
this area will be irrigated, while the
remainder will be suitable for range,
purposes. The irrigated laud will he
disposed of in small holdings, and,
judging from the influx of settlers
nto that district during the past
few years, it will be soon taken up.
Mr. Shatford is largely interested in
the interior, and no cine knows belter than he of the wonderful capabilities of the Okanagan.
Winnipeg, Man., Oct. 3—Peter
Sparwood received seven years in
the penitentiary this morning for
stealing cattle in the Winnipeg district.
Tbe Liberals of Westminster district arc to meet October 6, to
choose acamlidate for the Commons
to oppose .1. D. Taylor, who has already been nominated by the Conservatives.
the $125,000,0(10 has profittcd tbo
insurance people something near $1,-
0(111,00(1 during the history of     the
camp,     which began shipping in the
is estimated that the insurance fees  sIui,lE of iy07'" LADYSMITH   LEDGER
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Ladysmith, British Columbia, by the
Ladysmith Publishing Company.
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The figures published in The Ledger on Saturday, showing the number of vessels calling at ihis port
during the first three months of the
fiscal year, make uleasanl reading
tor tlu» pcop.c of Ladysmith. It will
lie noted that, besides tho large number oi coast-wise vessels, there were
no less than one foreign-bound vessel
for each day of (he three months.
Such ;t proporl ion of arrivals, if
maintained—and there is every reason to believe il will be—means thai
the total shipping returns for fclie*
year will show a very handsome increase over (hose of the preceding
twelve months. This is the case not
only in respect lo foroigji-bonnd
trade, but equally applies to domestic shipping. As an instance tho recent impetus to the mineral industry may he cited. The outpul of
metals last year was not aftogcthcr
satisfactory, but tbe output of late
has been growing al n rapid rate.
This means that greater supplies of
coal and coke will be required, For,
smelting and milling purposes. The
population on the coast is increasing
rapidly and consequently a greater
demand must arise for fuel for the
many uses of industrial life, These
and other considerations go to show
that the present year in Ladysmith
should be a prosperous one. As another instance, if (be figures of (he
exports are taken, they prove that
the same rale as the last, three
months being maintained, tbe output
for the fiscal year will be more (ban
$2,000,000, as against $1,788,103 for
the last year.
The Winnipeg Commercial is up in
arms against(a proposal In the East
to hold a winter carnival in Montreal
this winter, with an ice palace as
one of the principal features. The
Commercial complains that it lias
taken much time and expenditure of
large sums of money to partially remove from the minds ol tbe people
of other countries tbe erroneous idea
that Canada is a land of ice and
snow, and that the revival of the ice
palace would serve lo undo much of
the missionary work among the un
enlightened natives of Great Britain,
the United States and other lands so
unfortunate as nut to know the truth
about the Dominion. It was only a
few years ago thai the Montreal
Star published a scries of amusing
caricatures on iihe Englishman in
Canada, showing (he exaggerated ideas held by many people in the Old
Country regarding our climate and
people. No doubt there is a good
deal, therefore, fo favor the objections made by the Winnipeg paper.
If il was generally known by the
people of other countries that an ice
palace in Montreal did not mean that
the Dominion was an ice-hound region, tiie carnival would do no harm,
but it is difficult lo remove a wrong
impression, once it is formed. Although we have in British Columbia:
the mildest of winter climates,
strangers coming here in Hie middle
of January arc utterly astonished
When they see neither snow nor ice,
The Ladysmith
Opera House
and can hardly rcali/.e they are in
Canada, so false have been the preconceived ideas they ha\c associated       J^^^^^^__M_^^^^^___
with the name.    No,w that; after so       _       . ,   _      .'
i    Law   be secured   for   1 heatrical
many years of missionary work   we purposeSi Dancing parties or ^uter-
are beginning to'attract  the tide of taitmynts generally,
immigration, it  is just as well to do D. NICHOLSON, Prop.
nothing     that might tend to inter-	
fere with the progress that is being
Somewhere in the wild woods
away up at the northern end of Vancouver Island there is now occurring
a stern chase, the cbasee being an Indian woman who is accused of kidnapping a Vancouver youngster, and
Nanaimo      - -       B.C
The Cily Market
R. Williamson, Prop.,
1st AVe,      Ladysmith
Ht'6t auotnmodation   for transient aud
permanent board em mid lodgers'
Thlfl new hotel Iiah been comfortably
furnished   and Hie-' bar   1b   un-lo-dite.
R-ftteB $1 00 und upward.
Wm. Beverukmc, Prep.
K planaila Lady smith
Esplanade, Lndyemifh
Spnvd by thewe"kor month etreason:
able rat™.   The leadiiiR bar in llie city.
Victoria Phoenix beer,
Esquimau &  Nanaimo   Railway
Time Table No. OS.
Effective April 14, mill.
Trains leave Ladysmllh, Southbound daily al 0:10 a, in,, and un Saturdays
Sundays and Wednesdays at 5:06 p. m.
Trains leave Udysralth, Northbound, at 11:57 a. m. and on Saturday*!, Sundays and Wednesdays at 0:46 p. in, ,
Excursion tickets on sale Irom and to all stations, good lor going j rarney
Saturday and Sunday, returning uot later than Monday.
' !•
—Rates $1,25 snl(l .50—
Free bus to ail steamboat landings nnd
nilwn/lcpute.   Electric oars every five
minutes lo all pails ol   Ilia cily.   Bar
and tabU> unexcelled.
F. BAYNES, Proprietor,
How Many People In Ladysmith?
A canvass of the city is being made for subscribers to
It has been suggested by some of the
!£ business men that it would be of interest and value to the
the chaser. Provincial Constable Wol-
lacott, says the Vancouver Province.
Wullat(ill. left Alert Bay in a
steam launch for iFort Rupert, whither liis prize was last, seen heading as
last as site could travel. Some days
ago il was announced that an Indian
woman had sailed from Vancouver
lor Alert Day on the night of Sept-
emlier 10, with a little bluc-cyed,
flaxen-haired girl baby, This child,
evidently the off-spring of white parents, hail been given over to tbo barbarous mercies of the Hootch by peo-' the Daily Ledger,
pie who wished to lie rid of iter. The
kluoich discovered   that  her  posses-       ,^^„^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^_^_
sinn of (he infant   \va,s likely toJlitvdis  _ .,     ,     . . '....,, ..
,,,,,„,,       community to know how many people live in Ladysmith
turned, so site lost no time in leav- \ J j   i     i j
ing Alert Hay for Fort Rupert.  She" anil immediate vicinity,    'ihis means all of the actual resid-
has probably continued iter trip from i
tbo latter    point so that she may ents within half a mile of the postoffice in Ladysmith, exclu-
place herself as far as possible   from    . ,
the representatives of the law.   Cpn-ISlve of Chinese.
stable Wollacott  is, however, determined to secure tho child and return
it to Vancouver, and it is likely that
he will succeed.
It has 'been learned that the pater,
nity of the child is known io several
people in Vancouver. Not many
weeks ago the infant was placed in
the orphanage in New Westminster,
and from there she was taken only
when she was given lo the klootch.
Had the orphanage notified t'te an
thiirilies of the removal o! the child
from that institution, the Siwasb
woman would have been prevented
from leaving the city.
The National Council or Women of j T
Canada    at the Winnipeg convention
just closed, elected the following i
Each subscriber to the Daily Ledger will be handed a
card and asked to write down a guess of (lie number of
people our census, which will be. taken with reasonable accuracy will show.
Envelopes will be given with the card. Write down your
guess, sign your name, put the card in I he envelope and seal
it up; either hand it to the canvasser or Wve il at the
Ledger office. All guesses must be in during October; none
will be counted after that date.
The census will be computed by the 15th of November.
' ipes will then be opened aud the following prizes
National president, Mrs. Tltomp-
;  St. John, N.I!.
National vice-presidents, Nova
Scotia, Wis. P. L. Borden; Prince
Kdward Island, Mrs. Anderson; New
Brunsw'ick, Lady Tilley; Quebec, Madame Dandurnnd; Ontario, Mrs. Iload
less; Manitoba, Mrs, McEwanj
Northwest Territories, Mrs. Edwards; British Columbia, Mrs. Mc-
Corresponding secretary, Mrs. Willi, ughhy Cummings.
Recording secretary. Miss Uarroch.
Treasurer, Mrs. Frost.
lie Moscow correspondent of the
London Daily News writes: "Letters
from llie front state that the Japanese owe much ol their success to a
trained corps of scouts who, with
extraordinary daring visit the Russian camps at night and ascertain
the position of their guns and fortifications.
"During the outpost fighting which
followed the- battle of Wa-fang-tieii,'
writes Artillery Lieut. Poxnansjiy,
we were worried to deatli by these
so-called '"moonlight panthers." They
never used firearms, but depended upon lix'ir bayonets or knives, and
sometimes merely upon their super-
naturally muscular hands. Do/ens of
sentries were stabbed or garotted by
these little yellow devils at night.
Otic sentry who escaped said that he ji\
saw three forms creeping forward in
the darkness, and that though lie
challenged and fired, if had no effect,
for they seemed to disappear. Ten
minutes later something sprang out
of the ground and leaped upon his
back, and down he went with a paralyzed Feeling in his spine, and—as
he expressed it—"a hundred bony
knuckles kneading at my throat'"
Being a heavy man, he succeeded, after a desperate struggle, in rolling
over the Jap and pinning him with
Ills bayonet to the earth. Two other Japs then jumped out of the
ground     and     ran off into the dai'k-
1. To the person who guesses nearest to the exact mini
ber of people living within one-half mile of the postoffice
(exclusive of Chinese) J20.00 in gold.
2. The person coming" second nearest, $10.00 in gold.
3. The person coming third nearest, $5.00 in gold.
If two or more persons tic for any place the money will
be divided.
This contest will be absolutely fair. No person in any
way connected with the canvass will cither give out any information or be allowed to compete.
Tralflc Manager.
Coal!   -   Coal! j
Wellington Colliery | I
> 1
Company, Ltd. «
f Wellington Coal   Best household coal ou the Pacific \
+ Coast ;
Comox Coal—Best, steam coal on the Pacific Coast J
Alexandria Coal —First-class gas, steam aud house- ♦
hold coal I    .
The above coals are mined only, by the Wei- j
liiigton Colliery Company.    Wharves at Ladysuiith, j
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Bayues Sound. i
Head Office Victoria, B. C   ♦
San   Francisco Agency, t
t R. Dunsmuif's Sons Co'y t
340 Steuart St.
<,♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦+♦♦♦♦+-•■«-«•♦■♦■•*♦»•♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦■«■> e •    »♦*♦♦♦♦+**♦♦
♦♦♦♦+♦«■♦♦♦♦+■♦•♦+ ♦•*+f++-f*+*+ ♦♦+++♦++♦+•» (• r m+-H-H"f+++-i
The Salmons! [state is now-on {
the market
J. STEWART, Agent.
Real Estate, Conveyancing, Loans, etc.     NOTARY PUBLIC.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Agent for the U. S. Fidelity and Guaranty Co., Baltimore
5    THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     (
Smelting Works at
Convenient to E. & N. Ry  or the Sea
| General Manager.
'Smelter Manager,
•.•fefttS-WfefSteWfcfSfe*)**'******* INMrlHlWrmrmWUjHU tYtt KfcrM* *
Best accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting aud fishing in near vicinity.
A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C.
• • •      ■'*
The Variety Store
II. will |>ny you tu ^o there for House-
hold goods, or most onyfhi'ng.   Alpo ^rct
rour Sewing Machine repaired. Oil and
noeclten for iimr.hinpp.
T. W. Fletcher.
| Delivered in Any Part of the City |
I [very Afternoon
On ist Avenue
Geo. Roberts  . - . Proprietor
Happy Home potel
J. Dyer, Proprietor.
* Having tHrtmi over lliio holel, »fter Imvitig it fill papered at il pRlot-
-,\j ill nnd pa pored and iniprovvtl llimiighmit, we ure In a ponilion to < ffei" il-t*
jl- hoBt ncumrimodfltioii hoth for regular and Uaiipient hoatlierp.    Hurftnii*
I (ilu'il wild llie lit hi  wine?, liqiwira and   eiitar".    Diuing room under the
4 uittiiHgeiiient of Mra. Dujerw.ill be loiuid Hrtt-claHB.
UATKS & KNUilll', Proprietors.
First Avenue, - Ladysmith
Best supplied bar in LadyBmith. Finest accommodation for trnnsirnl uuoflsiia
well as for regular boarders. Completely refitted and furnished, liming room
and housekeeping In charge ol Mrs. Tate.
The undersigned Hrm has opened a manufactory and are now making the dele
hrated Empire Cigar.   Stock will be ready for the market about On. 10th.
I SO Cents per   Month $
Solicitor, Etc.
Money to Loan
1st Avenue
Dr- W. J. Quinian,
Sievt'MH Block, I.advfmiili, H. 0.
Deutiitry in all its branelieu; evury new
appliaoce. * LADYSITH LEDGER
r "avvvvwwv v vwvwvo
Hap 'py
:,Tl[jlit, 7.W1, !)|) ,.|. ,s'. Mchanlxm f 5
By Hie grace of Mary Jane (id Brou-
Hon Kyles were permitted to enjoy their
suburban .home, Happy Hilltop, for
tlfi'oe years. Tben came tbe deluge.
Mary Jane' married tbe Iceman. Mr.
Kyle made unpleasant remtirka about
tbo iceman. Mrs. Kyle wept aud gav«
Mary Jane ber wedding dress.
Q.U'ing tlio next three mouths band-
nmlda came and buudmaldB went until
Mr. Kyle evinced no surprise wben tbe
(bird servant in one week brought in
Hie soup. Patience censed to be a virtue; however, when the latent acquisition "saw things" In the corner of the
kitchen and in lier efforts to dislodge
llie obnoxious intruders destroyed seven fine china plates, four saucers und a
family heirloom in the form of a blue
and white gravy boat.
Mrs. Kyle sent,the remains of the
gravy boat to a china repairer, cleaned
and closed the servant's room, hired u
boy to look after the cellar and tbe Ores
and took possession of ha* own kitchen.
: lie scored :i success In her undertaking. Mr. Kyle admitted Ihat they had
never lived soeicohomicnllyand so well,
htij he watched bis wife with growing
dismay. She never bad timetoaltdown
and chat with him. Tbe bloom faded
from ber cheeks, three tiny lines deepened iii her forehead, and night found
her too tired to run into Iowa for a concert or the newest play. ■
The theater had been one of (heir pet
diversions, and Mr. Kyle missed it sorely. Gradually be fell Into1 the ImbK
of stopping In town over night when
something particularly good was on,
not, however, without suffering qualms
of conscience at tho thought of tho devoted wife aud mother at Happy Hilltop."
Ah for Mrs, Kyle, she fairly reveled
in ber self sacrifice. The woman has
not yet born born who does not enjoy
playing the role of uiarlyr to domestic
duties—for n limited period—but with
the approach of spring she became languid aud listless, and Mr. Kyle, after
wiping dishes three consecutive evenings and running for his train ou top of
an ill prepared breakfast for two
mornings, unnounm] that something'
had to be done.
"I'm not going to watch you fnflc
away under my very eyes, Molly/' hf
'■■a'}       Wlilm
paid tactfully and solicitously. "WeTt
have a girl or rent the house furnished
nnd spend the summer at Sea View."
"A girl; a girl!" murmured Urs,
Kyle, n faraway look lu her eyes.
"Yes," maintained Mr. Kyle with the
assurance of inexperience. "I, shall
hire the girl this time.   Watch me."
From that day Itrouson Kyle bccitma
n familiar figure at Intelligence offices,
\Iq also advertised liberally. Desirable
girls objected lu vigorous terms to
leaving the city. Mr. Kyle was about
to yield to despair when Magenta appeared on the scene.
Gorgeous In n white pique filtlrt nnd ft
blue silk waist, figured In huge yellow
roses, she. faced the master of Happy
Hilltop. Her references were "Al."
Bho was neat In iijhhjbranee, deft and
quiet In iuoveinci}n Initaby reason of
various bitter erjWlehcW Mr. Kyle
was suspicious. There must be some
reason for ihis girl's anxiety to bury
herself la a suburban kitchen.
"You understand, do you--er~er"—
"Magenta, sah; mah name Is Ma-
"Well, Magenta, you understand onr
home is forty minutes' ride from town,
and It will cost you nearly ri dollar every time you come In?"
"Yes, sah," responded Magenta, with
never u sigh. "That'H jes* what Ah
want, sah, to get outen this yere town
ns fer as Ah ken. Ah've bad the.trouble uv mah life In this yere town. Ah
never wants to see It again."    ,
With dtflleulty Mr, Kyle suppressed'
a chuckle of triumph. He told Ids new
serving maid to return at 8:30 sharp;
then, just as she reached the door, a
horrible thought flashed through his
"Hce here, Magental You're Bare yon
hnveii'j a nweethcnrt who will per*
sunde you lo change your mind before
Hie iiflerimnil'B over?"   .
v ■■■'■■':!  iiu i upon him Ilka an
euragfd tigress.
"No, sah. Ah ain't got uo sweetheart!
Ah never want to see another man to
the day Ah die, sah. There's a man in
tlijs yere town us tried to break mah
heart, an' Ah nevah want to See him uo
Mr. Kyle Indulged in the extravagance of a message to his wife:
"Caught u bird,   Home on the 4:03."
Promptly at 3:30 Magenta reappeared. Sir. Kyle observed with relief that
she wns-sllll sober. She wore the same
vivid silk waist and carried a large
telescope, which fairly bulged with her
wardrobe. But Bronson Kyle was not
the man to quail before a shabby telescope—with a servant attached thereto.
He grasped the baggage and led the
way to the car. At the ferry house be
bought several monthlies aud weeklies
and half a dozen evening papers. He
had visions of'the Bronson Kyles once
more dipping Into literature ou the
front porch while Magenta sang over
the dishwashing In the kitchen.
He had just stooped to tuck his purchases under the telescope straps when
he was startled by an exclamation
from Magenta. She was atarlug, open
eyed, at a colored man, arrayed in true
sporting colors. The newcomer was
plainly relieved at the sight of Mageut
ta and twirled his cane jauntily.
"Ah've been lookiiT everywheres fer
you, Magenta. Ah wanted you fer to
go uptown an' buy that silk waist with
"I done got mah waist," responded
Magenta in frosty tones, but plucking
nervously at the tlpa of her yellow Kid
gloves. "Ah reckon Ah kin get along
'thout your help, man. Ah'm goln' to
work fer this yere gentleman's lady."
Mr. Kyle had been gnajug, fascinated,
at the flag pattern In the vest of this
rival for llw service-, and society of
Magenta.   Now he woke to action.
"Come on, Magenta,** he remarked,
picking up the unwieldy telescop* "We
want to catch this boat"
Tbe colored man lafid a detaining
band ou tbe telCEeoj»«.
"Oh. Ah doau' know about ttiafc Magenta here's mah wife, an' she doan'
have to work hi no man'a kitchen. Wo
Jes* ha* a trldin' disputation this morn-
ln' 'bout a tittle nattab uv uew clothes,
but Ah rockoq It ain't ferula' to tho
pans uv her loavhi' uw. A new waist
er two &ua't goln' to make ucr break
mo fl'long ss the game's ruiudn' good.
Come 'k>ngi Magenta, bnek heme."
Bronsoa Kyle realized that argument
was futile. The bcH rang sharply, and
be made a daub for the pier. When
half way across the river, he recalled
that the niagagmcn and papers wert
still strapped to Msgenta'a telescope.
Then ho sighed. What'matter, so long
as Magenta was with the telescope?
When he stepped off tae train, be
uifitle a boa hue for tiut nearest real estate office.
/'Put Happy Hilltop on the market,
Stnitbaoti- for sale or for rent, furnished or unfurnished. We're taking rooms
for the summer at Sea View, and In tbe
fall we take a lat In town."
The real estate man smiled. There
was a good t^tmuisslon lu sight.
"Not the leust trouble, I ensure yoti,
Mr. Kyle; beautiful location, delightful
outlook; will be snapped up quickly."
Mr. Kyle walked slowly down the
"Unkee me feel like a bunko steercr.
Heaven help 'etu if they expect to keef
The Une of Per fa men.
Modern science is returning to tbe
old belief that perfume has medicinal
and health giving properties. Perhaps,
physicians say, tbo orientals were not
wrong in claiming that a proper use of
scents prolonged life and enhanced
beauty. Violet is said to he especially
valuable in Its properties. It is suitable for nervous people, nnd tbe violet
cure for cancer Is coining to be thought
effective. Ail the citrene scents, berga-
inot, neroli and orange flower water
are refreshing and act as mild stimulants. Lavender water Is also refreshing and very valuable to people of high
strung temperaments. It Is very soothing und quieting in Its effects. Jasmine
tones and braces the system, and in
combination with neroli it Is very highly commended for persons of nervous
temperament. It Is to be observed that
all these flower scents must be pure
and derived directly from the blossoms
themselves, Chemical imitations are
irritant and apt to be poisonous.
Henry W. Grady less than a month !
before his death at the early age of ,
thirty-nine remarked to a friend: "Imagine me as an old man!   Picture me '
baldheaded, half blind, toothless and '
leaning on a canet  It can never be.   It j
is too ridiculous.  A man with my riotous blood, tremendous energy und rest-
lesB activity must die young!"
Shirt Sleeve« to Shirt Sleeve*.
Oliver Wendell Helmet counted only
three generations between ehlrt sleeves
and shirt sleeves. A daughter of Tolstoi In an Interview with Henry Nor-
expressed the same Idea in these
"No Russian ever 'founds a
£■)••?.' fti you say. A mas makes tee
tertune; bis son lavishes ft; Us son
lisperses it."
The Girl We Like*
The successful girl Is usually a popular one, and her popularity Is derived
from tho little things she docs and says
In life.   They may pot at the time'impress a person, but In the end they must
surely do so.   The girl who is popular
with men nnd women is she who appreciates the fact that she cannot have
; tho first choice of everything In the
I world.   She is the girl who is not ng-
i gressivo and does not find joy in lncit-
| lug aggressive people; she is the girl
j wiio never causes pain with a thoughtless tongue; she is tbo girl who, when
I you invite her to any place, compll-
! monts you by looking her best; she is
the girl who makes the world n pleas-
[ ant place because she Is pleasant herself. .
„_____^___ Time.
Kodd—Tew baby isn't three mouths
old yat h he?
3ofld-0b, yes. To be exact, I have
been awake now just ninety-six nights,
I Union Brewing Go,
rinnufacturers of the.
British Columbia
<3ftst), a writer of the dlteevtk ten-
tan** says, "If a hogge fceetA en eye,
fe* *jebi presently." Ales, "Goats take
nrtalh not ct the mouth and nose only,
but at re sates tears* also."
Oil Silk In GloTee.
I    If your hands are always so warm
! that you ruin your gloves with mois-
1 lure, you will welcome n useful Iden of
u clever woman. After she had wnsted
hundreds of dollars on gloves nnd yet
; never felt well dressed—for the palms
of her gloves were always damp nnd
dark—she discovered that oil silk would
prevent tho perspiration from coming
through.   Ou the palm of each glove
she pasted thin oil Bilk.   This was cov-
' ured with thin muslin.    The silk is
pasted on with just n suspicion of pure
gum arable.
Ivory Knife Handle*.
The Ivory handles of table knives
may be cleaned by the application of a
mixture of ammonia and olive oil in
equal parts, with enough prepared
chalk to make a paste. Hub this mixture on the ivory and let it dry before
brushing off. If not effective the first
time, try a second application.
Abnorbent Cotton.
A package of absorbent cotton Is one
of the conveniences appreciated by the
up to date housewife, One of Its uses
Is in removing grease spots from woolens. If applied immediately after oil,
milk, butter, cream or other greasy
substance has been spilled on a fabric,
it will absorb every trace.
A Cfttttly Cfceeae. j
b. Scottish farmer was on& day self- j
lug some wool te a carrier, and after :
weighing st In the yard he went lute i
the   house to  make out  an  ttrvoice. I
Coming back, bo missed a chncse'wbicli
bud beou standing ou a slifiJ; behind
tbe outer door, and, glancing at the bag
of wool, be observed that It had sudt
denly Increased In size.
"Man," bo said to the carrier, "I hae
clean forgotten the weight n* that bug.
Let's pit It ou tbe scales again"
Tbo currier could not refuse.
Being duly weighed, tbo bag was
found to be heavier by tbe weight of
tbo cheese inside. A new Invoice was
made out, and tbe crestfallen carrier
went sway.
Tbe farmer's wife at once missed the
cheese and, rushing to the yard, toll
her husband that some thief bad stolen
tbo cheese.
"Na, ua, Meg," replied the farmer
quietly. "I bae just seit the chouse fog
twa shllllu's tbe puml."
Coohintf UteuHlli.
Sometimes unused kettles, gem pans,
dripping puns and other Iron utensils
get covered with rust If unused for a
long time and the weather happens tq
be damp. In such case grease them
thoroughly, set them on the stove or lu
the ovuu nnd let tho rust burn off
A. 0. MoAdic,
Successor to R. Kilpatrick, Extension aud Nanaimo.
funeral Director I kUm
Residence, Abbolsforil Hotel; long distance phone iSo.
Ladysmith,   •   B. C.
Funeral Director
I Special nttciltioii piven lo mils nlghl
1 orclfty, I,ongdlstanc&'pliuuc ijj.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of tbe Famous
Kone but Union Labor employed
M. J. BOOTH, - Prjpriutor.
Merchant Tailor
(ist Avenue)
Fall Stock Just Arrived. Call early
and get your pick of the largest and best
stock in town.
4"M"H 4..H"f*'i"I"M.,l-'f"i.'M"M> *
Lager Beer and Porter Guaranteed Brewed   \
from the Best Canadian Malt rnn Hops.        »
c^ The Union Brewing CompAny will pay .flu reward for information $
w h ich will lend to the arrest and cdnvlut'on ■»! any person or persons (J
YL destroying Union Brewing Company's kegs or bottles, or /ailing to re- 2
> turn tbe same. $
t I
Miners' Drilling Machines,
Made to order end Repaired at short nolic.     Drills eharptned by a
alwayegivce satisfaction.    Picks bandied and repaired.
Shipsmithing in all its Branches.
Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.
David Murray
Buller Street -   -   -   - Ladysmith, B.C
Carpenter, Builder, Contractor and General Jobber
Awnings a  Specialty. |
 I LADYSniTii, B.C. J
The ESPLANADE,   between the
Grand and Abbottsford,
William Powers, Prop.
\Y. Mussni, Secretary. John W. Coiiuun', Manager.
Telephone 46.
The  Ladysmith Lumber Co.,  Ltd.
—Man ti fact nrera    ol—
Rou h and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,
Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.
Seasoned  and  Kiln   Dried   Flooring and Finishing Lumber always in Stock.
la Order «f TUelr Hani.
The fanclra of a person enduring the
pnngs of seasickness are souuetiiuet
funny to kla lieartlesa and bcaltby
When a retired army officer »!io bad
always abhorred tlio sea was pcrsiiuoV
cd by bis wife and young daughters
that his duty to thera called for a year-
nbroad, be groaned In spirit.
Ijitcr on be groaned lu flesh, and a*
old friend on sblpboard, who wns a Hut
Millar, nit with lilin In his stateroom,
llstcujng to bis laments. There was a
rough sea, and tbo waves pecmr-d t«
rise higher and higher und Uicn sfnlt
in regular recurrence. At lust the
listener realized that there was a metis.
od lu tbe sufferer's moans.
"rrlvate," be heard him mutter, "corporal, sergemit, lieutenant, captain,
colonel general," again aud again.
Livery Ri,
At Any Hour, Day or Night.
Expressing and Light Teaming.
Two Blocks North of R. R. Station, Ladysmith
We Are Slight
All our Choice Assortment of Beef,
Mutton, Pork and Veal ourselves and
can guarantee everything to be the
Nicest, Freshest and Cleanest on the
ronage at the old stand. We would ask for a coutlnu
anceofthe same at the new store in Williams block,
where we will be pleased to wait ou you after the ist
of October.
We desire to thank our many friends for their pat- Q ▲
30 ♦
All at Reasonable Prices
ist Avenue    -   -   -   Ladysmith, B. C.
Stnlilcs In rear of [.aclysinilh Hotel.   Leave orders :il [lit- Abbottsford.
r^rVrVAr^rXrXMr^sr^ss^svS^s^svSAVVVVVNVVVVV vs*r«v
Two colored men were deep In flls-
etiBBlon. "Yo' cait.'t git blood out ob ft
"Why calntyoT
"'Ohuse It flln't got no.blood."
"Yo* cnln't make er wblte nwn ont
ob a colo'd mmi .wither."
"Why caln't yo'?"
"'Cnuso yo' enln't."
"Caln't yo' mnke er colo'd man out
ob n monkey?"
"Whnt 're yo' fwlne to uiuke monkey
out ob?"
"Uunno."   '
"Why donn't yo' know?"
"'CiuiHO I'm no •loeutlonlfit.'*—New
I«XT'fflML~' _.   -. —.»
We are among you and shall be
pleased to see all our friends at our
new store on First Avenue.
Are the BEST.   We have them. " X
Is a   PEACH.     Wc   have it. 2
EVERYBODY knows them. We have them I
I Ladysmith     	
Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, painting in oils and water colors, pianoforte and Tocal lessons,
given in classes or .Individually.
Ladysniltli, B. 0.
Messrs. Illair and Adam have so-
ciirod the agency ol tho Chrystal
Laundry Oo. to Victoria. AH parcels and orders left with them will
receive prompt and careful attontln.i.; LADYSMITH   DAILY   LEDGER
Small Coal Stove, No. 22 Climax,
used only two months; good as new;
pries, (5.    Apply
I   SPORTS   r
■t :
The District     Basketball    League
which met at Nanaimo last   night,
J. Miir-
One bay marc, gentle; good speedy had as delegates:
traveller, 10 years old; weight, be-1   Mosojuitoes-O.  Bosewall.
tween 1,000 and 1,100.   Price, $70.
East Cedar District.
, Athletics-R.
The election resulted in the choise
Eno,. J. Adam.
Vlpond,  J.  W.Free-
WANTED-For Ladysmith a lady or'of the following:
gentleman   to introduce our rapid!   President—J. W.
sellers;  experience unnecessary;      a
rustler can make big money.   Apply
quick,   J. M. MacGrcgor Publishing
Co., Vancouver, B: C.
A small Gold Watch this first day
of October. Finder will confer a favor by notifying Miss Clark at   The
Ledger office.
Thos.  Kiddie went down to
cans this morning.
.The Tyce Smeller
again on Wednesday.
will blow    in
Rev. H. Baugli Allan returned
home to Victoria by the morning's
Miss Mollis Fisher left for Vancouver yesterday to attend the Normal school.
The funeral of the late Miss L;
Morgan will he held on Wednesday,
by the noon train to 'Nanaimo, where
the burial takes place.
Last evening the train from Victoria had five coaches well flllcd
with passengers, many returning
from tho fair which closed at the
capital on Saturday.
W, A. Cornwall,, manager ot the
local branch of tbe Canadian Bank
of Commerce left last night for Ottawa to bring hack his family to
Ladysmith. He will return in three
weeks and during his absence, N. F.
Ferris, accountant of tho Nanaimo
branch will be in charge ol the bank
^^^^^ Freeman, (re-elected.)
Secretary—V. W. Stewart.
Re-election of Vicc-Brcsitlcnt ^tas
laid over till the next meeting which
will be held on Saturday to see
what teams will enter the league
this year.
W. 1). Lc Butilllerl Montreal;
Lindsay, Victoria.
Four Victoria men rushed into
town on Sunday on veritable fiery
steeds, lor they were mounted on
motor cycles, and puffed along at a
great rale on their two-wheels "go-
They were .1. W. Fisher, F. Moore,
Dr. Garcsche and Mr. Colberg, and
starting from Sliawnigan lor Nanaimo, they reached Ladysmith in
two and one-hall hours—a good run
lor 38 miles. They went home by
train in the evening.
The Ladysmith delegates returned
this morning Irom Nanaimo, where
they attended the meetings, of the
B. C. Football Association and the
District Basketball Association, held
on Saturday and Sunday ovenings. i
The following clubs were represented at the football association meeting on Saturday: Ladysmith, J.
Adam, J. Eno.
Nanaimo—P. Gilmorc, R.  Adam.
Garrison—Capt. Renecle, Bomb.
Victoria-Rev. W. W. Bolton, F.
G. Wilson.
The officers elected were:
Hon. President, Major Bland, RrTy-
al Engineers, Victoria.
President, Robert Adam, Nanaimo.
Vive-president, Rev, W. W. Bolton,
.Secretary-treasurer—J . W. Freeman, Nanaimo.
Rev. W. W. Bolton brought up .the
project of Inviting an amateur team
from the Old Country, a suggestion
which was favorably received and
Mr. Bolton, Capt, Renecle and F. G.
Wilson were appointed a committee
lo secure turtber information and re_
The same committee will have
charge of drafting a new constitution and by-laws to be considered at
the next meeting, which will beheld
December 3rd, when entries for the
cup contest will also be received.
the question of final games between
tbe Island aud Mainland winners will
also come up then.
Mr. James Crossan, tbe retiring
president, was thanked for his long
services extending over ten years
and the league will present him with
a gold badge and a life membership
as a mark of appreciation.
The management of the Intermediate Football Association will be
assumed by the Association and all
games are to lie played tinder the
rules of 1003 and 1004.
Our $7.50 -
set in 14k gold are winners.
Should you think! to! getting
a larger size diamond, we
have them in different styles
aud prices up to $125.00.
Call and see us.
Jeweler - -
- - Optician
Ladysmith, B. C.
Richard l{. liozzancc and William
Ciillom, of the Tyce mine, Ml. Sicker, won the miners' drilling contest
at the Victoria fair on Saturday.
A Greenwood team was second and
the Van Anda learn third. Tho Van
Anda team met with an accident,
one of the drills hrcakibg in the
hole, but the Tyce men would have
won in any event. The results
First—Richard R. Rozzance and
William Cullom, Tyce, Mount Sicker.
Down hole, 21 12-10 inches; upper
hole 11 8-10 inches.
Second — -las. Fotilds and George
Foulds, Greenwood. Down hole 22
14-10 inches; upper hole, 8 8-10 inches
Third—Wm. Leroy and J. Prender-
gast, Van Anda.    Down hole
dies;   upper bole
III in-
8 1-Hi
The sportsrnen who went forth
from Ladysmith on Saturday and
Sunday, returned well pleased with
their outing' Messrs. Bcvcridgc and
McMillan brought in a nice bag of
giousc and pheasants from riiemain-
us, and Mr. Cowan, tbe postmaster,
bail something (ar better than "fisherman's luck" at Somenos lake, for
he did not require to tell about the
big lisli he saw, but could show them
to the doubting in his basket..
Berlin, Oct. 3.—Emperor William
is fixing the course of study of
Princes August William, Oscar and
Joachim, lias prescribed lectures
commercial studies, embracing' railway probleT.s and the relations of
great international, financial and
commercial bouses.
Tbe returning officers for the various constituencies in British Columbia arc as follows:
Victoria, H. A. Siddall; Nanaimo
0. H. Barker; Comox-Atlin, F. M.
Young of Nanaimo; New Westminster, Sheriff Armstrong; Vancouver,
G. V. Frascr; Kootcnay, John
Boultbec, of Rossland; Yale-Cariboo, D. O'llara, of Ashcrofl.
J. II. Ross, of the Yukon and T.
O. Davis, of Saskatchewan have
been appointed Senators.
An order was also passed on Saturday appointing Sir Richard Carl-
wrlgbt to the Senate.
Mr. Justice Routhicr, of the Sup-
leme Court ol Quebec is promoted
lo tbe Chief Justiceship in place ol
Sir- L. N. ('assault, who has retired.
Sir O. A. Pcllctlcr, Senator, has
been appointed in the place of Mr.
Justice Routhicr, and Mr. Justice
Cbotjuellc retires from tbe Bench
and lakes "the place of Senator Pel
letter in Hie Upper Chamber.
The collier Titanla is here to load
coal for San Francisco.
bark wrecked:
Frcdcrlckstadt. Norway, Oct. 3.—
The Norwegian Hark John Lawrence
from London has struck on sunken
rocks outside this harbor and bork-
en up. The crew were drowned.
The Sir John Lawrence was of 1,002
tons net register, and was built at
London. She was owned by O L.
Reed, of Tonsberg, Norway.
The showing made by Canadian
sportsmen abroad this season has
demonstrated that lack of opportunity and not lack of prowess prevented them from winning before
now. Lou Scholes no sooner wins
the world's rowing championship
than Perry carries off the King's
Prize. Then Dcsmnrtcau goes in
anil walks away with Olympic chant-
pionship In disc throwing and another Canadian, Thos. S. Hicks, ol
Fredcrlckton, N.B., wins the Marathon race at St. Louis.
Hon. G. E. Foster is Conservative
candidate for North Toronto,
London, Oct. 3.-The St. James'
Gazette says: "It is understood
that tbe laic Sir William Harcourt
who .twice refused a peerage, eventually accepted the honor and would
have been gazetted Baron Mai wood
in the next birthday honor list."
"Fate,", the paper adds, "has rendered the event impossible, but it is
deemed probable that a barony following the procedure on the death
of W. II. Smith, (who was minister
gl war in Lord Salisbury's cabinet
of 1885 and 1880) will nevertheless
be conferred on Lady Harcourt."
The following strange scene was
witnessed at Ilwaco, Wash., a few
days ago: Travelling in immense-
hordes which resemble ihuge black
clouds sweeping over the water, millions of sea pigeons came in from the
sea last week close in the wake of
mammoth schools of sardines, which
they were intently pursuing, says
Hie Journal. Flying three or fo)ur
deep, and a score or more abreast,
millions upon millions of the small
birds were seen floating over Bakers
bay and the lower Columbia, forming lis.lid, iut ever changing mass,
aim- ' ;.:; 1 uelriiblc to the human
The speed at which they flew was
largely a matter ol conjecture, hut
probably was not less than fifty
miles an hour. One Itock ol pigeons
was more than two hour's passing
over the bar-
Thousands of Hie birds became entangled in the incsb of the lisli trap
leads at high tide, and the weight
of their bodies is a serious nienance
to tbe gearing.
One day last week one ol the largest schools was floating near Mc-
Gowan's cannery, where the current
is unusally strong. Tide was coming-
in, and thousands of tbe birds, becoming entangled in the leads, were
strangled to death. When the tide
was again out the weight of their
bodies was sufficient lo break down
a number ol the trap leads.
At scathe pigeon can generally be
found where the sardines exist, but
I bey come to the river every summer. Their usual custom is to follow schools of whale, which also feed
upon the sardines. Waiting till the
whales are about to rush upon their
sardines arc surrounded, and the
victims, the 'pigeons slip in and gorge;
themselves upon fish.
A good assortment of Note Paper.
Tablets from 10 cents up, plain or ruled
Burs of Writing Paper and Envelop,
from' 20c up to 50c. ' Plain or ruled
"i»jfir and mood quality, M Knights
H ink Store.
unshrinkable Underwear-
made to lit all kinds ol men.
The long, thin man, and   the
short, stout man. There is
none too small and none too
large but what will just find
his (It right here.
"These goods need no recommendation. They are well
known to us. We have opened
up a little bunch of 20 dozen.
New Fall patterns that • we
would like you to see.
made to lit the shirts.   No
trouble when you buy W. G.
R.     shirts and collars.   You
would think they grew togeth-
Co., Ltd.
Done Promptly and
On 1st Avenue
All Work Done at
Reasonable Rates.
The Bank of British Columbia
Capital Paid Up _....»8,700,000
R«Bt -. 11000.000
Ag?rgate resunrc.es Exceeding 83,000 000
Hon, Geo. A. Cox, President. B. E. Wai.khk, General Manager.
London Office, 60 Lombard St., B.C.
The Bank has 100 Branches well distributed throughout the Dominion a;.d
elsewhere, including tbe following in British Colombia and the Yukon Territory:
Branches in tbe United States
Every description of banking business transacted.   Letters ol credit on ani
part of tbe world.
Savings Bank Department.
I'eposlts of one dollar ($1.00| and upwards received and Interest paid at current rates.   Depositors are subject to no delay in depositing or withdrawing fundi
1st Ave. Ladysmith
Shingle spalts, good cedar wood,
$2 a load, (cord, more or less), delivered.   Leave orders at office ol
Watch This Spacel
We shall soon be able to announce
something to satisfy everybody
Fresh Family Groceries and Supplies
always on hand, and delivered to any
part of the Town. Fine Applet Pears,
and Fresh Fruit arriving daily.
Simon Leiser&
Company, Ltd.
Valises, Telescope Grips, Deess
Suit Cases.   All Leather Goods.
Per Cent Lower'than
Enterprise Harness Store,
C. R. BRYANT,    Proprietor
Victoria CrrNcerit,,Nat.aiii.o.
Dentistry in all its branches ae flue ap
can be done in tbo world, anil abeolutely
free from the SLkiHTKST PAIN. Extracting, flllinn, fi\tiiig of crowns and
bridges without pain or discomfort.
Examine work done at tlie West Dental Parlors and compare with any you
have ever seen and Ihen judge fur jour
Painless, Artistic, and Reliable.
Consultation and your teeth cleaned FRRE
Full set, $7,50; silver fillings, $t up; gold Hillings,
$2 up; gold crowns, $5 up. In fact, all operations
as reasonable ai our watchwords can make them.
Will be in hady»mltht Friday, Aug.iath
and same date ot each succeeding
j      month, and remain 3 d«ya only...,'
The West Dental Parlors,
Corner   Y.tw   and   Government    Street!.
Office hour., 8 a. to. to 6 p. m.; evenings, from 7 lo 8.30.   Offilce la P. O.
Knight's Boot Store it the place to
get stationery, etc.
excellent coda water irom the new
fountain at Jeiiop't Drag Store.
(Set your ichool booki at Knlght'i
Book Store.
Harry Kay
for artistic Painting and Paperhang-
lng. Picture Framing.
Repairing and making to order  a
,1st Avenue, Ladysmith, B. 0.
Merchant Taylor
All kinds of clothing cleaned and
UATES-J1.00     per    day.     Finest
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Avenue, Ladysmith, B. C.
D. C. WHITE,   Prop.
Take a Trip East
Canadian Pacific
<    .  AND (JET
Tickols on Sale   October 3rd, 4th,
and 5th.
SS. Princess Victoria sails dally
at 7 p.m. tor Seattle, and at 7.30
a.m. for Vancouver.
Steamers for Skagway, West Coast
and Northern B. C. ports.
Corner Government and Yates streets
Victoria, B. C.
If You Are Going to the
RY., either via St. Paul or Billings.
New Tourist Cars on all trains.
Fine connections made from Victoria
by night or morning boats.   Only
line having through service to St.
Louis without change of pars. Tickets on sale October 3, 4 and 5.
Fare' to St. Louis and return,
(07.50, good for three months, returning any line; also cheap round
trip rates to all points East, on account of the Fair. Parties going via.
St. Paul to St. Louis or Eastern
| points should not miss a trip on the
famous "North Coast Limited."
Steamship tickets on sale to all
European points. Very low rates
now in effect. They will not last.
Cabin accommodation reserved by
For further   information   call or
phone (No. 456) to the office.
A.G.P.A.N.P.R.,      Gen'l Agt.,
Portland, Or.       Victoria, B.C.
Yff, we've all kinds of wheels; w«are
agents for the Canada Cycle and Motor
. Co., ol Toronto, and carry tbeir "Per-
| feet wheel In stock."
We also repair whee'e; if yours does
not tun to suit >ou, 'end it up to us.
All kinds of light machinery repairs.
We are gasoline launch experts
R J. Weiiborn
Fraier Street,
Fourth Avenue.
Board by the day, week, or month
at right prices.    Bar well supplied,
Now is your time lo get your winter
supply of wood, w - will deliver you four.
foot dry wood, which II iqni.l to thrre
rleki of 16 inch wood, for J2 50
3. M. LEIGH,


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