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Ladysmith Daily Ledger Oct 1, 1904

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 Ladyshith Daily Ledger
VOL. 2, NO  12.
SATURDAY  Oct iit 1904.
Important Movements on Eastern Flank of
Kuropatkin are Veiled in
Denial Made At St   Petersburg Of
Any General Engagement With
the Japanese
St. Petersburg, Oct. (.—Important developments on the Eastern
flanli of the Manchurian army are
admitted by the War Oflicc to be
proceddinb. The /details, liowni/ir,
are withheld for stragelie reasons,
the authorities departing from silence only to the extent of saying |
that the Russian cavalry is executing important movements; leaving it
to In' surmised that It is trying to j
cut the Japanese line of communications and thus defeat the Hank '
An absolute denial is given to the
Shanghai Telegram rcarescnting that
a general engagement at Mukden has
been won by the Japanese. The War
Olllce declares that nothing is known
of serious liehling. It is pointed out
that the reports of the Russian re-
tircnipiil from iMukden are disproved
by yesterday's telegram from General SaskaroR showing that General
Kuropatkin's outposts are as far
south as Yen Tai. Further reconais-
sanccs continue and indicate that
the Japanese forces are still crossing
the Tai Tse at Bensitu, and that the
centre of gravity remains east of
the railroad. The Japanese 'have not
succeeded in detailing sutlicieut men
there! to drive home their flanking op-.
(Millions. Considerable significance
is attached to SaskarnlT's reportithat
Chinese bandits arc in the Japanese
ranks in the Lino river valley. Taken in conjunction with the attempt
of the bandits to cut the railroad
between Mukden aud Harbin this re
veals the widespread Japanese organization of bandits west, of the
The news from the front is extreme
ly meagre aud many confused state-
inents are made. It seems questionable whether Field Marshall Oyama
is ready to assume the oftensivo. The
army organ is still expressing skep
ticism of an immediate advance,
This paper is inclined to attach
great importance to the stories of
the widespread prevalence of disease
among the Japanese troops. No
late news is obtainable of the wide
Japanese turning' movement east,
which is regarded as the chief fca-
tifco of the Japanese operations.
Should Oyama be compelled to abandon the idea of advancing it is iti-
niated in a Mukden despatch that it
is possible with fresh troops constantly arriving that Genera! Kuro-
patkin may attempt some offensive
The Organ, replying to a critic who
complains that there is discriminat-
tion in favor of Japanese prisoners
over Russian soldiers inasmuch as
that the former always travel second class and receive an allowance
,if 211 cents per day, whereas the
Russians are oflen placed on freight
cars and are allowed only eight
cents, calls attention to the agreement made at the opening of the
war wherein Russia pledged herself
to good treatment of Japanese pris
oners by virtue of which, it explains,
the, Japanese must, receive food sine
ilae to that which they have been
accustomed to. The Japanese ofll-
cers captured are allowed the pay ol
i cuirospuiiriing rant in the Russian army.
The hew •minister of the interior
has selected Prince Bolensky, one of
the assistants of the minister of I'm
Alice; to be one' of his -chief lieuten-
The torpedo boat destroyers Rc-
zoy, Prousitelny, Prozorllvy, Gro/.uiy
and Grnmki have been ordered to lie
prepared to join the Baltic fleet at
Reval, October llth, which is considered a sure indication that the fleet
will not sail before then.
. The customs department has up-,
held the decision of Acting Collector
Newbury of Victoria in his contention that Mcnzics harbor, norl* of
t'omox, was lint to be construed as
contiguous waters under the Reciprocal Wrecking Regulations of 1813.
It will lie remembered that Mr. Newbury inflicted a line upon the United
States steamers Cottage City and
Humboldt for towing the steamer
AIM, also a United States craft, off
the sand bar at Mcnzics harbor. The
•AIM was resting easily on the sand
at the lime without any danger to
the steamer. Tljc Canadian steamer
Princess May and Tecs passed her,
but were informed that there was
no heed for their assistance. Tlio
United Slates vessels followed later
end towed , I lie AIM oil'. Mr. Newbury held that, this was a violation
of the coasting regulations, inasmuch
ns Culled Stales vessels were towing in Canadian waters. The owner's ol tlw vessels had the matter referred In - Ottawa. The contention
Was raised that this came linder the
Reciprocal Wrecking Regulations,
which allowed of vessels of, cither
nation carrying on wrecking operations without reporting the same.
Thle rule is distinctly specified to
pertain only to what are known as
cimtigi s    waters.     The question
was one, thcrefiue, of I he interpretation of this term, contiguous waters. Mr. Newbury fakes the ground
that waters such as the Straits ol
San Juan or the Great Lakes, which
touch the territory of both nations,
should have this name applied to
them. The Straits of Georgia,
the neighborhood of Comox, he could
not believe could he construed a
coul iguous waters. The customs de
partmcnli at Ottawa have, upon the
appeal holn* laken to I hem, decided
in favor of Mr. 'Newbury's conton-
lion, and enforce It, although reducing I he amount of the fine from MOP
(or each vessel to S200 each,
. Mr. J. E Gobicl returned this
week from Dawson, whither he had
been on a trip of inspection of the.
Uoiiijniliic Government's Iplcgjrapli
tine to the Yukon. He is now on his,
way to Ottawa.
Speaking of the difficulties in the
way of regular service, Mr. Gobicl
said: "The conditions arc such thai
It is not wonderful at all the line
keeps breaking. The wonder is Hint
the service has been as good as you
haue found it. It is only lair to the
service to point out that for a long
stretch south of Telegraph Crcnk ami
north ol Hazeltoii, more especially
between Iskoot and Nnkina, the country crossed by (lie wire is of the
wildest character. Slides down the
barren and rocky mountain sides arc
constant,, and a single slide will
sometimes lay low a whole string of
"Frankly, I confess, there is no
improvement possible there. Iron
poles have been considered, hut they
would be as Impotent against these
mountain slides as wooden ones. The
climatic conditions, too, are such as
to make improvement impossible tinier the present condition of science
of telegraph. Wires are not made
which will stand against a constant
accumulation of ice. However, we,
have made extensive repairs and improvements the past season, and I
confidently expect n latter winter
therefrom. It cannot be made absolute. Our experiment with cables
laid <m the ground was a failure. The
wood rats simply devoured the covering of the cable and In a very
?bort time left it grounded and useless. Expert telegraph builders from
all over the world, upon considering
thejength of this wire through wild
and mountainous country, have pro-
inounced its operation at all to be
marvelous performance,"
Sir William Vernon Harcourt
Expires, Suddenly at rib
Home in England
Death Quite Unexpected—Pat-
sing of One of Older Order
of Statesmen
London, Oct. 1.-Sir William Vernon Harcourt, "the finest political
gladiator of his age," died suddenly
today at Nuueham park, near Oxford, the county seat which he recently i nherited from his nephew.
When Sir William went to bed last
night he seemed fairly well, he had
been suffering from a slight chill.
This morning when he was called he
replied cheerily, "in a short time."
Later a servant entered the ,room and
found Sir William lying dead on the
I lis son, Lewis Vernon Harcourt,
member of parliament from Rossen-
dalc division of Lancashire, was hastily summoned from London. Among
all classes in the United Kingdom,
regardless of party, the unexpected-
news caused a sensation of genuine
regret. The somewhat pathetic announcement made March last of his
intention of retiring had prepared the
iiublie for Sir William's eventual dis-
apiierance from the. active arena/ ot
political strife, but there had been
no intimation that bis stalwart con-
litotiou bad been radically impaired by nearly 10 years of parliamentary strife.
The evening edition of the Standard, one of the deceased's opponents, appropriately and generously
says: "With the late Liberal leader
there has passed away one ol the
last of these titanic figures hound up
with the most brilliant traditions of
I he House of Commons. There are
hut a few left ot those eminent statesmen who received their political
training at the hands of Gladstone
and Disraeli. The occurrence of Iris
death after the intended withdrawal
of the distinguished statesman into
well earned repose after a career of
hard work and political activity gives added pathos to the event.'■'
In a similar vein the Pall Mall Gazette, out and out Conservative in
its views, pays a tribute to one of
the most striking figures of the political arena, while the Liberal afternoon papers deplore the loss sustained by their party.
Messrs. Beck and Baxter, examiners of engineers, have now completed their examinations of candidates
at Nanaimo. The following candidates have been successful- lor temporary certificates: R. iLaugilli;. fourth
class, B. Bryant, Jas. Ilird, Alt. Fo-
lier, I*. Newbury add W. Humming;
third class, Thus. Brown, Jas. Cow-
ic, William UlaekstaH, A. T. Wall,
John Browne, N. Henderson and
Thus. Nicholson; second class, Jas.
Empty Coffin Found in ShalV
low Hole on a Hill Just
Below Town
Bndence That Other Corpses
Have Been Exhumed From
a Hidden Burial Place
To the west of the railway right-
ol-way, on a little flat on the town
side ol bridge (03 a rather uncanny
lind was made, an open grave with
a coffin lying in it, the lid gone and
the receptacle empty. The coffin had
apparently been buried lor some time
but only a couple of feet below the
surface. It is of cedar and the punk
sticks In the ground near the- foot ol
the grave Indicate that Chinese have
exhumed the bones ol one of their
countrymen. The piles of earth
thrown around are fresh and a rice
mat is lying alongside. A glance
around the near vicinity discloses
several more of these empty graves
and here and there a freh hole, as
if the persons seeking the last grave
now empty had prospected for it before being able to strike the exact
While all sorts of theories might
be advanced of ghouls and body snat-
chers, It is more than likely that the
Chinese have had a private burying
ground there and have from time to
time dug up the bones for shipment
back to their native land.
If is against the law, however, to
exhume a body, without permission
of the authorities, and Government
Agent Thompson, on hearing of the
matter, at once took steps to see
that the Chinese who were responsible for. >■■ the grave opening, should
comply with the requirements of the
law. From the appearance of the
place it looks as if the bodies must
have been buried even before the
town was built.
During the construction of the ail-
way a number of Chinese were killed
near this poiat and the graves may
lie those ol the victims.
And in a Few Days the Campaign Will
Be Going Ahead With Great    .
Mr. Ralph Smith's Committee at Nanaimo
Already at Work^Conservatives to
Convene Next Week
Tho Pacific Wireless Telegraph
Company hope to open for business
iii Victoria early next week. Their
local station is at the Ilriard hotel,
where all arrangements are rapidly
Hearing completion. The aerial mast
is some 1.W feet high and rigged out
in the most approved style. Already
the company have stations at Tracy
harbor, Fort Casey and on the U.S.
S. Grant, all of which are working
well. They expect to install a station at. Seattle in the near future,
and to Increase their service to meet
the public demand. As might lie expected, the company are enthusiastic as to the advantages of wireless telegraphy, and claim that atmospheric disturbances will' in no
way Interfere with the sending or
receiving of messages. As to its
speed, it Is only limited by the skill
of the operator, Wireless telegraphy
is no experiment, they aver, and
while the cost is not probably less
than that, ot the ordinary methods,
the guarantee of speed and accuracy
is greater.   The communication be-
ilwcen Catalinn island and San Pedro has liceii carried on for over a
year with the greatest satisfaction
even the Island newspaper receiving
all its news from the mainland   by
I the wireless system.
The politicians are beginning to.
gather in groups and discuss the
coming election, so it will not be
long before there is something doing
in Lndysmith. The Conservatives
have not yet chosen their candidate
for the district, but a convention is
likely to be held in Duncafi on (Thursday for that purpose. Delegates from
here will be selected probably on
According to the Nanaimo Free
Press the Conservatives meet there
next Wednesday to appoint delegates
to the convention at Duncan which
is to nominate a candidate. It is expected that Mr. Olive Phillips-Wol-
ley will again carry the standard for
the party in this constituency. Mr.
Ralph Smith, M.P., has already engaged committee rooms in the Green
block, Nanaimo, and the first campaign rally is. set for Saturday evening, when the Labor Liberals will
line up.
The Victoria Times reviewing the
situation says: "In Nanaimo Ralph
Smith has received the Liberal nomination. Mr. Smith is primarily a
Labor candidate; but, in order that
there should be. no mistake as toihis
standing as a Liberal, his candidature has been specially endorsed by
the government.. It hasibeen stamped with the distinguished approval of
, the Prime Minister himself, on account of the many services Mr.
I Smith lias rendered the government
in tendering sagacious counsel upon
.all questions of practical Importance
I to the laboring classes. The department of labor acknowledges its   in-
the wm
Ladysmlth's importance as a port
is shown by the number ol vessels
that call here for cargoes, the statistics showing a wonderful record,
not only for such a young place but
as compared with other ports.
During the past three months the
number of vessels calling here was
no less than 259. Of these (69 were
coastwise, with a tonnage of 22,640;
while vessels clearing foreign hum?
bered 90 with a   tonnage of 04,811.
The value of .exports during the
same period was July, 131,700; August, 243,358; September, 147,532, or
a total of (512,540 (or the three
months. II the same ratio is retained during the remainder ol the
fiscal year, the increase over last
year's business will lie very large.
Ran Francisco, October I.— While
cruising down the coast from San
Francisco to Magdalcna Bay, .Lower
California, Admirnl Gooderich and
the officers of the United States
cruiser New York engaged in a chess
game by wireless telegraph with
Captain Hubbard and the officers of
the cruiser Boston. The ships were
several miles apart, but there was
no dilliculty in communication, and
the parties made their moves as
readily as il they had been together.
The game was finally won by the
players of the Boston.
Montreal, Que., Oct. 1—It is officially announced that the Grand
Trunk Railway will pay sixteen million dollars for the Canadian Atlantic and will give a guarantee of the
principal and interest of a total mort.
gage of sixteen million dollars, four
per cent, fifty year gold bonds, of
which a portion will be reserved for
capital expenditures. Sanction for.
the transfer will have to be secured
from the Government by the Grand
debtedness to the man who will he
the member for Nanaimo for many
suggestions which have proved of
practical value in the administration of the office and in the enactment of the legislation it desired.
And while Mr. Smith has been active and assiduous in the service of
the class he specially represents in
the country as a whole, he has not
been inattentive by any means to
the wants and the necessities of the
constituency he specially represents.
Vancouver district as il, was. known,
Nanaimo district as it will henceforth be called, has had in the past
no reason to complain of the attention that was paid to it by the government on the recommendation of
its representative. The public services have all been multiplied and
improved. Everything possible has
been done to make navigation safe
within the waters of this particular
section of the coast; public buildings
have been enlarged or renewed. In addition to all this, Nanaimo has had
a representative of whom she has
just reason to lie proud. His services have been of the most, unselfish
kind. There lias been no attempt at
self-aggrandizement, no thought of
self-seeking. One of the ablest debaters* in the House, when there is
any subject under discussion of more
than ordinary importance, Ralph
Smith is capable of expressing his
views with lorcc ami lucidity. Parliament is enlightened mid any subject illuminated by what he has to
Supt. Hussey, of the provincial police, Victoria, who has been on the
sick, list fur several months past, has
resumed his official duties. Mr. Bul-
loci>Webstcr, who has been acting
superintendent of provincial police,
has returned to Nelson as chief constable of the Kootenay district.
The summer session ol the Provincial Normal school closed at Vancouver on Wednesday when the undermentioned students received their
Normal School diplomas, and also
their certificates from the Education
department ik duly qualified teachers for the province of British Columbia:
John A. Bates, Florence Beattie,
Maliel V. Beattie, C'lytic L. Bowman,
Thomas B. Brandon, Gladys A. K.
Butler, Walter H. Campbell, Edgar
F. Clark, May G. Duncan, Edith S.
Fernie, Ruth George, Alexander Graham, Myrtle P. Hamilton, Margaret
A. Lewis, James M. A. Morrison,
Caroline E. Murray, Marie J. Murray, Gertrude M. McFarlanc, Gertrude McKinnon, Clara McNair, Edith Parker, George I.. Pedlar, Jessie
A. Robertson, Jessie F. Rowan, M.
hi. Shaver, Alexander Smith, Annie
Smith, Katherine ('. Smith, Laura
E. Stephens, Ina Jl. Urquhart, John
B. Watson, Ralph R. Watson.
In closing the session the principal
Mr. William Burns, first presented
the Normal School diplomas and the
accompanying teachers' certificates.
He then gave a brief address, using
as a text the well known pedagogical aphorism of Seneca "Longum
iter per praeceptn, breve per cxem-
pla." He urged bis hearers to act
up to this maxlum in every respect,
as it was the mission of the public
school teacher to set an example of
nil that was right, just and honorable to his classes, in order not onto develop the pupil's ability in attaining mere learning, but to inculcate by example those attributes of
character which tend to good citizenship. Principal Burns congratulated them on the good work accomplished while present during the past
three mouths, and trusted that the
exertions of the teachers of the
Model and Normal Schools infinding
out their faults and in bringing them
to their notice wopld be rewarded in
the manner most desired by them,
namely by an improvement in the
work of their own respective schools
and classes. The principal urged the
students to continue as students, as
education, like all other work of this
time, is continually changing and
progressing, and unless the teacher
desires to become a mere "moss-
hack" in the profession, he must ever be refreshing his mind from the
springs of thought which arc (lowing
so abundantly all around for those
who desire to search for them. In
conclusion' he expressed his regret at
parting with the class, and his hopes
for their fuller success in their chosen profession.
A Westminster despatch says: Everything here points to great work
by the Great. Northern Railway Co.
in the way of improvements and extensions of the line, and the erection of large car shops on the south
bank of the Frascr river opposite
New Westminster. Already the
Great Northern owns 28.000 feet
along the water, on which stands a
large floating dock mid ferry slip, a
Y and eight side lines parallel to
the main. Several days ago the site
was visited by several Great Northern officials, who allowed the information to get out that the Great
Northern Railway Company intended
erecting on this site large car shops.
Regular traffic over the Great Northern into Vancouver will not com.
mence until sonic agreement is arrived at between the Great Northern and the Provincial government
for running rights over the New
Westminster bridge lately constructed.
There died near Calgary last week
Miss Susan Greeley, aged (18 years,
who had taught Sunday school in one
place for 80 years.
Toronto civic authorities are seeking legislation from the Ontario government to compel the use of more
effective fender by the Street Railway company of that city. Several
people have been killed lately, LADYSMITH   LEDGER
pcarcd in the same courts.   It sliow-
) eel     liow closely the United States
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for nnd transfer    of licenses,   legal poly of justice and law, there    are
had retained her hold on the fundamental principles ol law drawn from,
the experience of the old motherland and from a common ancestry
with ourselves. The Hague Tribunal,
the various international questions
that come to the front and the
greater intercourse between the legal luminaries of various countries
may in time bring about results oven greater than Sir William anticipates.   No one country lias a mono-
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Now that the date of the Dominion elections has been arranged, tho
Dominion will be in a turmoil for
the next month. Luckily the excitement cannot last long, but there
will be warm times ahead and wc
hope to sec it little more argument
on political principles and less
personal bickerings introduced into
the campaign than some.Journals-'are'
now displaying. What the people
must remember is that great national issues are at state and it docs
not show argument or wisdom to devote attention to blackmailing an
individual opponent's character. The
cannidatcs who appear in tho fieltl
are there not as individuals, but as
representatives of their various par
ties, and it is as between the par-
tics that the people must choose.
The address of Sir William Kennedy before the congress o! justice
of jurists at St. Louis yesterday
touched on the fact that the trend
of laws among civijized nations was
towards, not perhaps altogether uniformity, but a general basis that
wuuld enable the laws oi one country to be respected, and to a certain
extent recognized in another. lie
cited as instances where a degree of
uniformity bad been readied, laws
allecting marine interests. Naturally
such a subject would be more susceptible to a uniform usage among
civilized countries, as shipping largely assumes an international character. Fur instance, the law o! contraband about which wc have heard
so much lately, touches all maritime
nations alike; consequently a cefn-
nioii international law must govern
it. Collisions at sea which Sir Wil-
Jiaiu referred to, frci[utjntly ati'eet
two. nations when the vessels in collision belong to two different countries. But with sucli a tiling as divorce, which be also mentioned, the
case is much more ilifTtoult lo deal
with. Of course with the various
countries forming the lltilisli Empire
having laws practically similar on
Hit* question ol divorce, there is an
object lesson to the rest oi Hie
world; hut wilb oilier nations it is
different. For example, in Hie United States cacli state has its own
■laws on the subject, some very
strict, others so lax that a great
deal of reform would be necessary
before they could be made homogeneous. Still that may come in lime
and certainly it would be far easier
for the British Empire and tho United States to reach a general basis
of agreement than lor any other two
countries. Both have tlicir systems
drawn from the same source, ami
it was remarked at various times
during the Bchring Tea arbitration
when it sal in Victoria some years
ago, anil lawyers from Canada and
/the United States appeared as counsel before the same tribunal, how
remarkably easy it was to agree on
the procedure and the general method of conducting the case. At times
one could hardly imagine that the
distinguished counsel wcic frni" separate nationalities nnd had ncucr ap-
dilterenccs that may be adjusted and
the family of nations will become
more interwoven and understand
each other better as the years   roll
As- rapidly as the change can be
brought about, the management of
the Burlington system has determined to substitute the telephone for
the telegraph in despatching and operating both passenger and freight
trains. The announcement has just
been made, after the conclusion of
comprehensive tests that have lieen
in progress for several years on various parts of the system.
Two flcmarknble Epitaph*.
The two most remarkable epitaphs in
'he United Stales are those of Daniel
Barrow, formerly of Sacramento, and
of Hank Monk, Horace Groeley'i
stage driver. The former rends as fob
lows: "Here Is laid Daniel Barrow,
who was born in Sorrow and Borrow
ed little from nature except his mime
and bis love to mankind and his hatred
for redskins. Who was nevertheless a
gentleman and a dead shot, whir
through a long life never killed his
man except In self defense or by accident, and who, when be at last went
under beneath the bullets of his cowardly enemies In Jeff Morris1 saloon,
did so in the sure nnd certain hope of
a glorious and everlasting morrow."
Hnnk Monk's epitaph reads thus:
"Snered to the memory of Haul: Monk,
the whitest, biggest hearted and best
known stage driver In the west, who
was kind to all and brought 111 to nous.
Ho lived In a strange era and was e
hero, and tbo wheels of bis coach are
now ringing on the golden streets."
Ancient Football.
Philip Stubbes wrote In lfJS3 In ble
book on "The Anntomle of Abuses:"
"For as concerning football I protest unto you It may rather be called
a frcendly kinde of right than a play
of recreation; a bloody and murtberlng
practice than a felowly Bpoi'te of pas-
tyme. For dooth not every one lye in
wnlght for his Adverserle, seeking to
overthrow him and to plcko-him on hli
nose, though it be on hard stones, so
that by this inclines sometimes their
necks are broken, sometimes their
backs, sometimes their legs, sometimes
tbelr arms, sometimes one part thrust
out of joynt, sometimes another; sometimes the noses gush out with blood,
sometimes their eyes start out—fighting, brawling, contention, quarrel picking, murtber, homicide and great effusion ot blood, as experience duyly
Ofclneu Jtnatlce.
The Cblna Times relates an extraor*
dbinry case of Chinese "justice."
A Mr. Jen wns betrothed to Mlsi
Ban and paid bis money to the woman's parents. Then he called on the
parents to have the contract fulfilled
and was told that the promised one
was the brldo of another.
Having paid his money he considered
be was entitled to the girl and went
to ber husband's house to carry her
oh*, but she was not at home. He then
laid bis case before tbe magistrate.
The girl was arrested and sentenced
to bo "kua-ed," tbo magistrate arguing,
"If you nre so wicked at twenty years
of age, at the age of eighty you will
be a menace to the Celestial empire."
The process of kun-lng is very similar
to tho llng-chlh, or slicing to death
The Ladysmith
Opera House
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purposes, Dancing parties or Enter-
tainnunts generally.
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F. BAY NHS, Proprietor,
How Many People In Ladysmith?
A canvass of the city is being made for subscribers to
the Daily Ledger. It has been suggested by some of the
business men that it would be of interest and value to the
community to know how-many people live in Ladysmith
and immediate vicinity, 'i his means all of the actual residents within half a mile of the postoffice hi Ladysmith, exclusive of Chinese.
Each subscriber to the Daily Ledger will be handed a
card and asked to write dowu a guess of the number of
people our census, which will be taken with reasonable accuracy will show.
Envelopes will be given with the card. Write dowu your
guess, sign your name, put the card in the envelope and seal
it up; either hand it to the canvasser or leave it at the
Ledger office. All guesses must be in during October; none
will be counted after that date. ,_
The census will be computed by the 15th of November.
lopes will then be opened and the following prizes
1. Tii the person who guesses nearest to the exact number of people living within one-half mile of the postoffice
(exclusive of Chinese) $20.00 in gold.
2. The person coming second nearest, $10.00 in gold.
3. The person coming third nearest, $5.00 in gold.
If two or more persons tic for any place the money will
be divided.
This contest will be absolutely fair. No person in any
way connected with the canvass will either give out any information or be allowed to compete.
The Population af the Moon.
There is plenty of authority tor believing that there Is a man in the moon.
In fact, there Is authority for believing
that thero are women and other animals there. Dante declares that Cain
was banished to the moon and that he
can bo seeu there nt any time. Chaucer
declares that the man in the moon was
guilty of lurceny and that be carries a
tborn bush. Shakespeare loads him
with thorns and gives him a doff. According to tbe general version, lie was
banished there for gathering sticks on
Sunday, and the Germnns have amplified this theory by giving him a woman who had been caught churning but
ler on Sunday.
I  _    ..     ■        .    .       .      .   _ - I
In our Window wc arc showing
Tims Table
Effective April 14. lOOt.
Trains leave Ladyemith, Southbound daily at 0:10 11.111., anil on Saturdays
Sundays and Wednesdays at 0:06 p. m.
Trains leave Ladysmith, Northbound, at 11:57 a. m. and on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays at 6:45 p. in.
Excursion tickets on sale from and to all stations, good for going j ,nrney
Saturday and Sunday, returning not later than Monday.
Traffic Manager.
Coal!   ~   Coal!I
Wellington Colliery |
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Coal   Best household coal ou the Pacific
Cotnox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Bayues Sound.
Head Office Victoria, B. C
San   Francisco Agency.
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
5 ♦♦♦♦f+4-t*f++t+tt-t-f++>-»t-»ttH-f+*«-++++-K-♦*■♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦?
[ The Salmond [state is now on
i the market
l J.STEWART, Agent.
I Real Estate, Conveyancing, Loans, etc.     NOTARY PUBLIC.
♦ Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
\ Agent for the U.S. Fidelity and Guaranty Co., Baltimore
t ♦♦♦•♦• ♦+♦♦♦-♦♦•♦••♦>♦»+♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦.-++♦♦♦*•♦»♦•»■• ♦+♦♦•»+♦♦♦»
»3.*^*v?.»^.<^*v?.(«?}:<-^^^^^i«»s^»^f!^^B.»1'^%ft,*^w '«*•**
Smelting Works at
Convenient to E. & N. Ry or the Sea
I General Manager. Smelter Manager. \
RATES 11 no I'liR DAY
Best accomodation In town.   Splendid hunting and Ashing in near vicinity.
A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C.
Happy Home "otel
J. Dyer, Proprietor.
Slliivin" taken rvcr this hotel, alter having it all papered aid painted anil papered and iuipiovprl tlinitighoiit,wa are In a position to (Iter the
4 l:cst accommodation :holh forreitnlar and Irunsieiit hoarhers. Bar sup-
$ piled wlln tho ht-sl vtlnep, lii|ii.irs and cigars. Dining room under the
4 management ol Mrs l)i«j er will he found timt-class. •
•V*i Wt>(ftaMfU ►.■(,• *v,s ivfe* «rf)<WrtVM ti^M* St 1 Html* WflWIto mt^VflU*
BATES & KN1UI1T, Proprietors.
First Avenue,
 ■ |l
The Variety Store f
ia t Avenue, j $
It will pay you to go there for Honee* | ^
hold goods, or ixoit anything. Also get V
your Sewing Machine repaired. Oil and J
needles Tor machine?. $
T. W. Fletcher.     J
I Delivered in Any Part of the City f
Every Afternoon
On 1st Avenue
"Geo. Roberts  . - . Proprietor
The Daily Ledger!
B-ti supplied liar in Ladysmith. Finest accommodation lor transient guests as
well as lor regular boarders. Completely refitted and furnished. Inning room
and lioosi keeping in charge of Mrs, Tate.
The underBlgnsd linn has opened a manufactory and are now making the celebrated Empire Cigar.   Stock will be riady for the market about On. 10th.
50 Cents per  Month }
Solicitor, Etc.
!      Money to Loan
1st Avenue    - ■   •    LADYSMITI.
Dr- W. J. Quintan,
Stevens Blook, Lailytmllh, 11. O.
Dentistry in all Us branches; every new
SAKE    4
Coi/i/rf 0hf, J«W, by J. P. Cougtdan x
The flier which lott Snn Frnnclgco
Unit night carried me with It, although
Us first stopping place was ttJ miles
beyond Somersville, the village of my
destination. Such was the Impatience
of iny rage that 1 preferred the prospect of a ten mile tramp to the delay
and slowness of a Inter train.
How my hate burned on that November nlgutl My thoughts ran on to tin
accompaniment of the deep, mellow
murmur of the train as It Hew over Its
bed.of steel. Through and through my
brain like a molten ball of lead ran the
reivsmbrnnce of the wrong done me by
my treacherous friend, and time and
time again 1 dwelt longingly on the revenge Mi at should be nil no,
I waa still In my soldier's uniform,
But first let me tell you the story. Let
me explahi my fierce hate, Jim Bradley and I had Ihhsii &aumB—a fine, lovable fellow I thought him. We were
Ride by side In Cuba, and I believed
that we Jsncw one another as two men
who braved hardship and danger together should.
We went to the Philippines. Our
friendship remained fast and seemed
to be Impervious to any assault. But
that country must have made a sad
change In the character of my chum.
Lured on by some dark eyed native
woman, be turned traitor to bis country and sacrificed bis honor. He procured arms for the rebels and actually
contemplated Joining them. It was I
who discovered his perfidy. He confessed and tried to draw me Into his
traitorous schemes. My duty was to
denounce him, but 1 could not. Our old
friendship was too Btrong, and I had
foolish hopes of dissuading him from
his madness.
I cannot rake over the details now, I
do not want to, nor can I explain clearly the events that followed. He was
(inspected, arrested and brought to trial.
By some devilish trick lie reversed our
true positions and made mo appear the
guilty one. Dazed and staggered by
tliis turn In affairs, 1 admitted the
knowledge 1 had possessed of Bradley's
Intrigues with the rebels. For sit
months I was held waiting for trial.
When that trial came I was freed,
but It left me almost a wreck, with
BA1D.   ■
nothing but the vitality, fostered by
vengeance, to support me, In tbo
meantime Bradley had been invalided
home, and, knowing that he had been
born In Somersville, thither I raced to
gratify the burning desire for revenge
that I bad nursed for six months.
There, in brief, Is the reason why I
was on board this express, It was tbo
end of the chase, and 1 was hot ou the
trail of the false friend who betrayed
country and comrade with equal readiness, the one at the behest of n dark
eyed rebel witch, the other to save his
own worthless neck.
The motion of the express exhilarated uic beyond measure. The hundred
and one plans for vengenncc that I had
plotted across the 1'aclllc I reviewed
again and again, yet decided npau
none. I would let the clrcuinstances
of our meeting bo the arbiter of what
lgnomy I Indicted upon him before killing him,
Suddenly tbo air was filled with a
monster groan. A roar and shock confused my senses, and the car In which
I rode seemed to rise with a bound Into
the air, aud then I knew no.more.
I awakened In the white bed of a
hospital. There hnd been a dreadful
wreck, an entire train derailed aud almost crushed to atoms within a few
hundred yards of Somersville. The local hospital, generally an almost empty
Institution, wns now filled with the Injured, and ambulance trains bad carried scores of others to Dalton, the
next station ou the Hue.
I awoke to tbo sight of a sweet face
bunding tenderly over me, and n soft
voice bade me be quiet as I opened my
lips to ask a question.
"Now, you must He perfectly still*
You are not badly hurt—a broken arm
and a little shock. You will be up and
about very soon If you obey mo implicitly. I nin your nurse, 1 know
you will be obedient because you are a
soldier nnd accustomed to obey."
I nodded feebly and closed my eyea
again. Can yon understand how sweet
In the sight of a fair, tender American
face after nearly two years In the
swamps and wilds of the Philippines?
The nott> or compassion In her voice,
the pure grace of tier face, bound me a
slave to my iiui'dH, and her gentle pret
ence' Wan   restful   to  my *6vertnifc»
•nerves. .
In a few days I began to Improve
rapidly. I took an interest In my sur->
roimdiiigH, and, having discovered that
2 was actually in Somersville, I asked
many questions, trying to find out
through my nurse many things that I
desired to know concerning the man
whose infamy had caused me this
Journey to Somersville.
My nurse was a native of the town
and was. one of the generous volunteers who had given their- services to
the victims of the wreck. All who.
fcnew her called her Nannie, and when
1 asked how to address ber she told ine
to call her Nannie, as the others did.
One day I asked her, In as unconcerned a voice as I could muster,
whether she knew any Bradleys living
In the town.
"Indeed I do," she replied. "I know
tlinm very well. But why do you ask?
Do you know any of them?"
Id a reckless burst of confidence, having first bound her to secrecy, I told
my story, It was a relief to me, lying
there on my back, with my eyes staring at the white ceiling, to pour out
my wrongs to this girl in whose presence and touch I nlways felt a wealth
of sympathy. I did not note her face
during my recital, so engrossed was I
upon the picture my brain was painting.
When I had finished, she said lu a
curiously dry, bard voice:
"You were terribly wronged. Yon
have suffered cruelly, but I cannot
speak of this now. I will come to you
For nearly two weeks an intermittent
fover kept me in bed. My gentlo little
nurse was even more solicitous than
before, but she did not allude to the
story I had told ber. A trace of sadnesi
seemed to have crept into her manner,
which I could hot ascribe to any particular cause.
On the second dny I was able to dress
myself and sit on tlie edge of my cot
Nauuie 'seated herself on a chair near
"I want you to promise me something
today," she Bald iu a low, quiet voice, j
keeping ber eyes fixed on the floor In '
front of her.
"I'll promise you anything in renson, |
Miss Nannie," I answered, with more |
fervor In my voice than in my words, i
for this tender girl had grown Inez*
pressihiy dear to me. i
"This Is within reason. You must forgive Jim Bradley!"
"Nannie, I have sworn to kill him. I .
shall keep my vow."
"No, no!  You must not!   It would be :
terrible.   You must forgive him.   For
my sake, promise mo that you will for- !
give him."
I could only stare at the floor and try j
to frame words of strength, of determl- .
"Come," Bho whispered, and, taking
my bund, she led mc to the end of tbo
void where a screen hid a cot from
viow. We all knew the meaning of
that ominous screen.
Noiselessly she pushed It to one sltfa. I
There lay the man whom for months I
had been pursuing.   The ghastly pallor ■
of death was on his features.   The life
was flickering in the eyes that met
mine.   The mute, tilespnlring appeal on j
his face killed the last of my resentment Nannie bad taken his hand, and,
unconscious of what I was doing, I let
her put it In mine.   Bradley was the .
only one to speak.
"That smashup finished me. I am not
worth revenge now, but—I'm sorry"—
As be spoke be brought his bauds to- j
getber and placed Nannie's In mine, j
"Poor little sis!   I've been a bad lot!"    11
He fell back ou bis pillow.   A few j
days later he was beyond all vengeance i V
of this life, and as Nannie and I left his
grave we faced the future together.
111m  UU-nl.
He used to toil her that her eyes
Were grandest  'iieath  the  Hprctidlng
He used to honestly declare
That she was fairest of the fair.
Today, when people say their child
Looks like its mother, he gets wild;
But suy Its eyes and chin and nose
Are bis, and he forgets his woes.
Father!}- Ailvlce.
"Mr. Gotrox," began the nervous
young man, "I—or—tlutt Is, your daughter is the—er—apple of my eye, ami"—
•"That will do, young man," Interrupted the granite hearted parent.
"Here's $5 for you. Go consult an
Very Dull  [nilciil,
Mrs. Uphilght—My husband promised
to he home at 10 sharp.
Mrs, Newltt—llut'he wasn't.
Mrs. Uptaight~Not quite; ho got
home at il, dull.
TIlC  Kt'H!  Itfll'IMIKNl'.
Bho was pug nosed, and, my, how she'd
When    winter's   fierce   gales   gathered
"    rounder,
For she suffered great pain
When the slant driving rain
Han Into her nose and nigh droundcr.
Do tlredoBt people in the world Is dem
dat takes do moat case.—"Son."
The only wife Investments are education and health.-"Daniel Everton."
The thing I did not pey for I found
most expensive.—/-TheWorld's People."
You may bo sure the devil will hump
himself If you don't.—"Those Delightful Americans,"
There is uo Much certainty of knowledge on uil subjects as one holds nf
eighteen and eighty.—"Captain Mack-
There are greater virtues than thrift.
It is better to die penniless; than to have
been too much of a saver.—"The Unspeakable Soot."
"Let me get over this difficulty somehow," says youth, "that I may play the
game of life well." And our hair is
turning gray before we learn that the
(liiileulty is the game.—"The Way of
The knights of the world no longer
fight In armor, but in every street of
every city there are still men "sans
pcur et sans reprochc," who not only
live for love, but who are ready to die
for love's sweet sake.—"The Loom of
An ImiiresNloiilHt.
Harry—Site evidently made an Impression with him.
George—How do you know?
Hurry—1 saw him developing some
snapshots of her.-
a.' c. umw. I
• R. K(lpntrtek, Extc
and Nanaimo.
tai Directof I Walr
AbbiHslbril Hole
e phone 180.
The  Critic.
Ida—They Buy It wns a case of love
at first sight with liliu.
Muy—Whnt 11 pity he wasn't a me- s&iuMxsbw&zxsiissssBB&aai
diuni and could have taken a second _ .	
B. 0. j
Only the (Jowl Die Young,
"Prepare for the worst!" snid Dr. GUI,
And every voice grew hushed nnd still;
Delations  from  far  und   friends  from
Did crowd with u vim Ids words to hear.
"Prepare for the worst!" said Dr. Gill.
"There's plenty of Ufo In Robert stllll"
Fiineral Director
•i?clnl attention Riven Lo wills nlglil
rilay, I.oiiKttlslatice.'|)lioue 124.
Brewing Co,
flanufacturers of the_^a
*m.       in British Columbia
Lager Beer and Porter Guaranteed Brewed
from the Best Canadian Malt rnn Hops.
The Uliiou (Slewing Company will pay $10 reward for information
which uill lead to the arrest and conviction of any person or.persona
destroying Union Brewing Company's kegs or Bottles, or failing to return the Paine.
leers' Drilling Machines,
Made to order and Repaired at short notice.    Drills sharpened by nc
alwaysgiveii satisfaction.    Picks handled and repaired.
Shipsmi'tTiing in all its Branches.
Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.
David Murray
Buller Street -   -   -   - Ladysmith, B.C
Why Johnny Wiin Krpt In.
Teacher—How many silent l&tcra
are there In your flrst inline, Johnny?
Joumiy—All of 'oiu, ma'am, when I
spell It in the dent' und dumb alphabet.
How It llitpiieneil.
There was 11 yoiniK mi
Whom u Inily to call ilia
lie kicked lit-r pot Sky
As lie tried 10 pass bye
And run when he tut a jvu.nl bight
Guban Olgas1 Fasfurf
M.uuufaplnrerBof the K.uimua
n^w-rf* CUBAN    -    BLOSSOM
A PliiloKtipher,
"He's a philosopher, Isn't ho?"
"Yes. That Is, he bus found out how
lo he happy In every other condition
but the one he happens to be In."
eTonn bill Diunn Labor
I'r 'prletor.
wimt 11 .'.I no.
If I were culrnaseil knight nnd you
Were lovely queen ot May,
I know whnt I would ilo-l'il ride
Up. to (he fellows ut your sido
And chase, 'cm all away!
Merchant Tailor
I-'all Stqck Just Arrived.   Call earl;
nnd get your pick of the largest nnd bes
Sli'Ck ill   lOWIl.
A  Wise   Woman.
"They sny ber husband gratifies her
smallest wish."1
"Very likely. Rhu knows better than
to have any big wishes."
The ESPLANADE,   between
(.'.rami mid Abbottsford,
William Powkrs, Prof
When the KlnB I.nnirlietl.
Ono of the three occasions on which
Philip IV. of Spain laughed wns as follows: Philip's first wife, Isabella of
Bourbon, died in 1015, and the next
year lie married the Austrian Archduchess Mnrln Anna. This princess
understood Spanish but very Imperfectly. Passing on her way to the cap-
Ital through a certain town which wns
distinguished for its silk manufactures,
she was presented by the Inhabitants
with n few dozen silk stockings. Heedless of the queen's presence, the master
Df ceremonies snatched the parcel out
of the hands of tho towu councilors,
flung It ou the ground nnd exclaimed in
n rage:
"Are you not aware that the queens
of Spain are not supposed (0 have any
Tho queen, with her Imperfect know!-
Idge of Spanish, hero began to weep,
called for her father confessor, licit-
hardt, and told hill] (hat she meant to
return to Austria. If she had known
that In,order to become queen of Spuln
it was necessary to have one's limbs
cut off, she would rnthor have died In
Germany Hum undergo the opcrallon In
Spain. When this Incident wns rein ted
to the king, be burst Into loud laughter
before tho whole assembled court.
Mas.Hi, Secretary, .loux W. Oonuiix, Manager.
Ttleplipne 40.
The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co.,  Ltd.
MILLS   AT  FIDDIC'K   AND LADY KMITII—Sliinfilffs a Specially.
—Manufacturers    0!—   ■
Rou.h and Dressed Fir nnd Cedar Lumber, Laths,
Shingles, Mouldings, Etc, ol the Best Quality.
Seasoned  and   Kiln   Dried   Flouring and   Einishing'Lumbor always in Stock,
I Carpenter, Builder, Contractor and General Jobber
_f_   CABINET.
Awnings a  Specialty.
I Livery Rigs
At Any Hour, Day or Night.
I Expressing and Light Teaming.
: Two Blocks North of R. R. Station, Ladysmith
re Slaughtering
All our Choice Assortment of Beef,
Mutton, Pork and Veal ourselves and
can guarantee everything to be the
Nicest, L'reshest and Cleanest on the
♦ to
♦ 0
♦ 5
We desire to thank our many friends for their patronage at the old sliind.'   We would ask for a continuance of the same at the new store in Williams bl
where we will be pleased to wait on y
of October.
Their Own lionkont.
Thoro was an Irishman who after
reaching America was full of homesick
brag, In which nothing In America
even approached things of a Blmllar
variety In Ireland. In spenklug ot tho
bees of tho 011UI sod he grew especially
roseate and said:
"Why, the bazo In thnt countliry II
twice as big us In this, bcdnile. In-
dado, they're bigger than that—they're
as big as the sheep ye have In this
"Bees ns big as shecpl" sulci his Incredulous listener. "Why, what kind
of hives do thoy have to keep them
"No bigger than the ones In till!
countliry," was the rupty.
"Then how do flic bees get Into the
hives?" he was asked.
"Well," replied tbo IrlBhman, "that'i
their own lookout!"
All at Reasonable   Prices
isf Avenue    -   -   -   tadysmitl
Slnlilcsln inn ofl.Btiysiiiith Hotel.   I.enveorders al the Abbotltlord
,i«.^x«aau>»«im««««««i«« iWrYfifWWuVWUV v*w
is^wsssmBswwBrssnrafSis:.' 'SKKBSasmES-nsraajk. i +
We are among
pleased to see all
new store on First .
»Tt^t+++t+tTtttTttt.ttm»+mH.t 11 Mfft)t.tt
Ave the BEST.   We have them.
Is a   PEACH.     We   have it.
EVERYBODY knows tbem. We have them
shall be
fiends at our
I 1 11111 rHrrrrrrH 111 f 111 tt M 1111 M > M . >) t M t») III j
Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, painting ill oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons,
given In classes or individually.
Ladysuiith, B. C.
Messrs. Blair and Adam have se-
cured    the   agency of the Chryrttl
Laundry Co.   to Victoria.   All parcels and orders lelt with them  wtll
receive prompt and careful attenlloj. LADYSMITH   DAILY   LIDGER
Small Coal Stove, No. 22 Climax,
Used only two months; good as new;
price, 15.    Apply
One bay mare, gentle; good speedy
traveller, 10 years old;"weight, be-
Itwcen 1,000 and 1,100.   Price, $70.
East Cedar District.
WANTED-For Ladysmith a lady or
gentleman to introduce our rapid
Bellers; experience unnecessary; a
rustler can make big money. Apply
quick, J. M. MacGrcgor Publishing
Co., Vancouver, B. C.
A small Clold Watch Ihis first day
of October. Finder will confer a lav
or by notifying Miss Chirk at The
Ledger ollice.
Tug . Dauntless, from San Juan,
was in this morning for coal.
The barge Georgian has arrived
with a load of concentrates for the
Tyec smelter and leaves for Todd
Inlet with freight for the cement
works at Todd Inlet, Saanieh.
Dresden, Oct. I.—King George, Who/,
was ill last Wednesday at his family
residence in Saxon Court, recovered
ill an astonishing manner and went
out driving for hall an hour on Fri-,
day. He drank light wines and
champagne for dinner yesterday and
followed it with a glass of beer according to German custom.
W.   E.  Morrison  took a trip down
the line by this morning's train.
J. H. Penketh went to Victoria by
today's train.
Robert Bryden
train today.
arrived by the noon
Dr.     Quint on
Biaiiiu.s by-today'
went down to Che
s train.
Mrs. Thomas Kiddie and Mr. Wm.
Kiddie were among the passengers to
Victoria today.
W- E. Campbell lias quite recovered his health and will be ready to
resume work on Monday. -
The bridge across the Nanaimo river near the railway bridge, having
outlived its usefulness, the provincial government lias decided to build
another one to replace it.
Rev. H. Howeii tomorrow conducts
the English Church services at Che-
inainus and Westholm. Rev. II.
Baugli Allan coming from Victoria
to replace liim for the day.
The Rev. Dr. L'liown, nf Toronto,
will deliver an address on ''The Politics of Canada; What tliey Are, and
What lliey Ought to Be" at V.IIO on
Tuesday evening, Oil. Ilh, in tlie
Methodist. Church) Ladysmith. All
arc cordially invited to hear Dr.
Chown. A collection will lie taken to
defray expenses.
The Tyco Smeller furnace blew
out today for Ihrce or four days to
allow for some repairs that arc needed periodically. During last year the
furnace ran on an average of 20 days
a"monlh, but llifs-'ycar Mr. Kiddie
expects to keep flic average at 21!
days a month, the supply of ore available being larger than in 19113.
Rev. W. II. Sehlichtcr, paster.
Morning Service—01:00    a. m.
Sunday School—2.30 p-m.
Evening Service—7.30 p.m.
Rev. R. Boyle, pastor,
Morning Service— 11.00 a.m.
Sabbath School—2.3d p.m.
Evening Service—7.3d p.m.
Rev. R. ISowen, Rector.
Morning Service—11.00 a. m.
Children's Sunday School—2.30 p.m
Evening Services, Vespers—7.30p.in
Harvest  Festival  services  will  be
Ten to four was the score heaped
up by the victorious Black Diamonds
last night, but it must not be supposed from the score that the Snow-
Hakes fell soilly before the on
slaught. Far from it—the game was
a hot one from the tool, of the whistle, and there was all the fun the
crowd wanted. Down near the door
in the gallery aloft the Gods shouted their approval and almost broke
their necks in their excited endeavors to hang as far over as they
could without falling from above. On
the platform there were many ladies
who in a milder way expressed their
appreciation of the play and the
spectators were thoroughly delighted
with the efforts of the teams to
down each other.
Mr. John McMillan was chosen referee and after the whistle blew away
the teams went with a tush. The
first incident was an attempt of
Manuel to score three times in succession, and a little later on a free
throw he placed the hall in the basket, winning the first point for the
lllack Diamonds. For a time the
Diamonds kept it hot on the Snow-
llakes' goal in spite of gallant reliefs by Adam, and desperate endeavors by the Snowilakc forwards to
score. It was cheek quickly and
rush in lively style and one of the
sights to behold was how Simpson
and Kerr gravitated together and
spread each other on the lloor Manuel iiad two more free shots and a
goal from the held before half lime
was called, making the score Black
Diamonds 5; Snowilakes,,0.
There was a change in the position
oi the Snowilakes this time that served to *suit the team better. Adam
went lo the forward line and thereupon Hailstones devoted his attention to keeping as close to him at
if lie were afraid the stalwart form
of his rival would suddenly vanish.
The two seemed inseperaible, especially in a mix up, when one could
not tell at a glance whether it was
one man Willi four legs or two heads
with one pair of arms The Snow-
flakes were making a much more even light for if and before long Dodds
scored a goal from the Held for the
Snowilakes, giving them their lirst
i points. Tho compliment was
soon returned by Manuel, who duplicated the performance for the Black
Diamonds, keeping their score still
live to the good. Leahy was the next
to add two more to the Black Diamond score by a goal from the Add.
Snowilakes now renewed their efforts and almost succeeded in securing another point from a free
throw nail later got a goal from the
field, bringing the score up to four
for the Flakes. A goal from a free
throw and later got a goal from the
Black Diamonds 10; Snowilakes 4,
and soon after the whistle blew and
the game was over. During the half
time rest and before and after the
game, the spectators listened with
pleasure to the concert by the Ladysmith city band, who played very
San Francisco, Oct. 1.—Jesus Rivera, a three-year-old hoy, has been
debarred from landing by the immigration authorities and ordered deported because bis father father was
at Chinese! His 19-year old aunt,
Miss Arcadia Rivera, was also denied a landing for the reason that
she had to care for the baby.
Itenl Hannlnefll*
Never seu tie sheriff
llungin' roun' de place;
Bread en meat
En health tcr eat,
En time fer suyln' gracel
Tho Sise of It,
"Wisdom won't die with some people."
"No, and from all appearances she
won't live with 'em either,"
The Hero of the flour.
You want to lionize him, and
He gladly lets you.
He smites and shakes you by the hand
And then forgets you.
Usually the Way.
"What Is the meaning of a 'straight
"A straight tip, my. son is a sign
that you lose." .
unshrinkable Underwear-
made to fit all kinds of men.
The long, thin man, and   the
short, stout man. There is
none too small and none too
large hut what will Just find
his .fit right here.
These goods need no recommendation. They are well
known to us. We have opened
up a little bunch of 20 dozen.
New Fall patterns that we
would like you to see.
made to fit the shirts.   No
trouble when you buy W. G.
R.     shirts and collars.   You
would think they grew togeth-
Co, Ltd.
A Sllffht Dlfflcnltr*
The dictionary to my sight
Discloses words and words again.
If I could but arrange them right,
I'd be a genius with the pen.
Fourth  Avenue.
Hoard by the day, week, or month
at right prices.    Bar well supplied.
held tomorrow
Ian, of Victoria
and evening.
Rev.  II.  Baugli  Al-
Wlll preach morning
News was received from Nanaimo
Ihis forenoon that Miss Lizzie Morgan, who was taken lo the hospital
from Ladysmith this week, had died
during Hie morning. The young lady
was the daughter of Mr. T. C. Moi"
gan, oi Ladysmith, and has been ill
only a Tew days, her early death l>e-
Ing a painful surprise lo her many
friends. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan were,
in Nanaimo with their daugltlcr and
oilier members of the family
tor there by the noon train.
The Seattle P.-1. says that     the.
big collier  Lcelenaw has been chartered   for three years by the Duns-
muirs to carry coal from Vancouver
Island to the Trendwell rhino) A!',s-
ka, and bring back cargoes of concentrates tfor the Taeoma smelter. Capt,
'George Munroe. commands her.
The steamer Amur is expected here
to take on coal before going to Vancouver.
Collier Titanic
Monday to load
Is expected here on
coal for San Fran-
After the match last evening the
Ladysmith baskelballcrs elected J
Eno and .1. Adam as delegates to
the district league meeting to be
held at Nanaimo on Saturday evening.
The belting public ol New Westminster is quite wrought up over the
Gotch-McLeod wrestling match
which lakes place there next week
National sympathy is up in arms,
Soldi having his friends from Uncli
Sam's land, while McLcod gets the
Canadian support. MeLcod's action
show that Hie result nf the comin
match means everything to him,
while to a freind he said' "It has
come to a time when 1 have to earn
my money and you may safely bet
that my American friend, Gotch, will
have to earn his*" McLcod thinks
that a man's ability docs not wither
wilh time, but attributes his late
poor showing to hick of good training, Gotch is of the opinion that he
can work up a pace too fast for McLcod, anil he quietly sits back with
his Pierpont Morgan cigar and pictures for his friends the grand finale
St, Louis, Mo., Oct. l.-Major H
T. Alverd, chief of the dairy division of the United Slates department
of agriculture, died today from an
attack of paralysis. He was attend
ing the international Pure Food con-
Marry Kay
for ... t    i: fainting and Paperhang-
ing.  Hi i ic Framing.
FIRST AVENUE, Ladysmith.,
Repairing and making to order   a
1st Avenue,  Ladysmith, B. C.
Merchant Taylor
All kinds of clothing cleaned and
RATES-Jl.OO     per    day.     Finest
Wines,  Liquors and Cigars.
First Avenue, Ladysmith, R. C.
A good assortment of Note Paper.
Tablets from 10 cents up, plain or ruled
Boies of Writing Paper and Envelop,
from 20.: up lo 60j. Pluin or ruled
■aper ami tronil quality, at Knights
Biub Store.
Done Promptly and
On 1st Avenue
All Work Done at
Reasonable Rates.
Watch This Space!
We shall soon be   able to announce^
something to satisfy everybody X
Fresh Family Groceries and Supplies <
always on hand, and delivered to any<
part of the Town. Fine Apples, Pears,;
and Fresh Fruit arriving daily.
Simon Leiser &
Company, Ltd,
►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦
B. FORCIMMER       f
Stevens Block,
Optician J
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ ♦♦♦♦
Valises,  Telescope drips, Ueess
Suit Cases.   All Leather Goods.
Enterprise Harness Store,
C. R. BRYANT,   Proprietor
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
The Bank of British Columbia
Capital Paid Up $8,700,000
Hoet || 000 0011
Agyrgate resources exceeding 811,000 000
Hon. Gho. A. Cox, President. B. E. Wai.kbb, General Manacei
London Office, 60 Lombard St., B.C.
The Bank hae 1011 Branches well dlslrihuled throuiihonl Hie Dominion a;..
o'sewliere, including Hie following in British Colombia end the Yukon Territory
Brunches in the United States
Every description of banking business transacted.   Letters ol credit on air
part of the world.
Savings Bank Department.
I't'poBitB of one dollar ($1.00/ and upwards received and Interest paid at cm
rent rates.   Depositors are subject to no delay in depositing or withdrawing fund
tst Ave. Ladysmith
Shingle spaltsi .good cedar wood,
$3 a load, (cord, more or less), delivered.  Leave orders at office ol
Per Cent Lower'than
—Elswhere— '
.» Marks
' rnn •     Copyrights Ac
Anrone itntjtni ■ ikttoh and dworliitlon nmr
oulcklr ucertnln our ontnlihi free wtictlitT an
Invention la probably pntentuble. Coin tun nlrn-
tlonantrlotlrooiiflderiUal. Handbook on Patents
nent free. Oldest linens fornemrlliiMmlentii.
PutoiitR taken tiirmiuli Jluim jfc Co. roeolw
tpteial notict, without cbnrgo, ill the
Scientific American.
A handsoniotr lllntitratad wmMt.   IjitbwL clr-
culntloii nf any •detittuo JournaU,   Tornifcia n
MUNN&Co.30'*"*'" New York
Sloan Sttoffa » »U WMhlnmoo. 1). C.
Dentistry in all its branches as fine as
can be done in the world, and absolutely
free from the SLIGHTEST PAIN. Extracting, filling, fitting of crowna and
bridges without pain or discomfort.
Examine work done at the West Dental Parlors and compare with any you
have ever teen and then judge for your
Painless, Artistic, and Reliable.
Consultation and your teelh cleunrd I'l.KK
Pull set, 17.50; silver filling*, ft up; gold Hillings,
U up; gold crowus, Js up. In fact, all operations
as reasonable as our watchwordscan make them.
Will be In IMysmlth, Friday, Aiit.uth
and same date of each succeeding
month, and remain 3 days only.,..
The West Dental Parlors,
Corner   Yale*   and   aovernment   Streets.
Oltioe hours, 8 a. 111. lo 0 p. in,; eveu-
ngs, from 7 to 8.30.   Offline in P. O.
Take a Trip East
■     OVER THE
Canadian Pacific
Tickets on Sale   October 3rd, 4th,
and 5th.
SS.  Princess Victoria sails daily
at 7 p.m. for Seattle, and at 7.30
a.m. for Vancouver.
Steamers for Skagway, West Coast
and Northern B. C. ports.
Corner Government and Yates streets
Victoria, B. C.
If You Are Going to the
RY., either via St. Paul or Billings.
New Tourist Cars on all trains.
Flno connections made from Victoria
by night or morning boats.   Only
Hue having through service to St.
Louis without change of cars. Tickets on salo October 3, 4 and 5.
Fare to St. Louis and return,
J07.5O, good for three months, returning any line; also cheap round
trip rates to all points East, on account of the Fair. Parties going via
St. Paul to St. Louis or Eastern
points should not miss a trip on the
famous "North Coast Limited."
Steamship tickets on talc to all
European points. Very low rates
now in effect. They will not last.
Cabin accommodation reserved by
For further    information   call or
phone (No. 456) to the office.
A.G.P.A.N.P.R.,       Gen'l Agt.,
Portland, Or.        Victoria, B.C.
Knight's Book Store is the place to
tet stationery,etc.
Eicellent soda water from the new
■ounteln at Jettop's Drug Store.
Get your school books at Knight'*
Honk Store,
Now is your time lo get your winter
npply of wood, we will deliver you four*
iot diy wood, which la equal to three
rlcki of 16 inch wood, for t2 60
Yes, we've all kinds of wheels; we are
agents for the Canada Oyole end Motor
Co., of. Toronto, and carry their "Perfect whiol In Btook."
Wenlsoiepair wheels; If vours does
not run to tuition, tend it up tout.
Allklodenf Unlit machinery repairs,
we are gasoline launch mpnrts
R. J. Wellborn
Frater Street,


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