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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Sep 25, 1906

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 T&l**!*  NU COMPANY  OF ALBERTA  H&SA RECORD  DISME  i.- - Sis*"-������c *sa  -**������������������������-  (-��������� -"**-'-i-"-,";j*ffl  BODY OFIA  ' M&K FOUND  -Victoria, Sept. 25.���������Mr^ N. H. Ga-  lcr, manager oi the international  Coal & Coke company; of Coleman,  Alfierta, who is on the coa^t, stia-te^  that the record oi all the mines in  the Crow's Nest Pass was broken  when his company mined and| shipped  1,751 tons oi coal in one shift. Thid  took place three or four weeks ago..  It was -doiie cwithout (any' special effort on tlie part 'of -the.company,  and during thc shift the box-car  loader was out of commission for  fully an hour. Mr. A. C. Fluincr-  felt is one of the principal0'-.officers  , of this company.'*  It is just four years ago' this  month since the .first'coal mined froifll  ���������this property_, was taken out and  tested "in the coke ovens at Fcruie.  The property at that' time was  known as tlie Paulson mine ami under the charge of, Mr. Newport".  The'coal was first opened up at a  point on the veins ail*k>ut three miles  back in the hills from the present  site of tlie town of Coleman, whore  .is now' situated the present "'nines  and workings of. the company. The  coal was sacked and Wrought, out. to  Blairmore 'by pack horses. A. P.  McDonald, now of Coleman, but at  that-.time running a livery st-ah-le af  Frank-having the contract. - iM'ore  depended - upon the test made on this  coal than anyone at .the time dream  ed of, for on it rested the fate of  what is today the International  Coal &, - Coke company," and tho  prosperous town of Coleman.'  At that time the present   site    of. place,     They aio looking for :i third  the mine -and -workings had not even   package.  a" prospect hole upon it or the veins - Coroner's Physician Weston, <'Who  uncovered, that portion of the pro- ' examined the body, said that " the  perty then belonging to the Hudson body 'had been washed after death,  , Bay company and the land' upon libcrately and skilfully done. The  which)! -are now -situated tho up-to-' work of dismom-bcrmeut had L/ee'n de-  date plant ami works was a. series which evidently bad,, preceded ..the dis-  bf^creek.'-,-bpttom,- , VfcjDgi ami brush., covery of the-iiiuuler only, a , few-  Tfie town" of Coleman, was, not .even "horns. There were three stab wounds  thought of, "and yet lacks a moiith 'on the Jowly, one*" over the heart.  of it being three years since, it- was The burlap bag bore the name of Z.  laid out . into" town    lots and     t'he ' R. lU-auo.  ifirst    (l-rUiildin-*;    started.     Many    of I    A Syrian importer of that     name,  Coleman'r'    foremost    citizens  were   whose  place  of     -business  was     38  , Nqw York, Bept. 25���������-A burlap l������g  stamped with the- name Z. K, Mano,  A strip of a woman's skirt and ���������in  oilcloth table/covering arc the only  immediate clues to the perpetrator  of a revolting murder committed  early today.   <-������ '  lhe dismembered body of a man  apparently an Italian, wrapped in a  bag, was accidentally found in an  excavation at GDI- West Thirty-sixth  street.  , The discovery was made by lhe  day watchman and later a systematic search by thc police disclosed  parts of a maiir-***. lugfc from the- knees  down and the arms and hands.  These were wrapped together in a  newspaper dated September JO, and  bound ;iljout thc bundle was a strip  'of a wonia-n's skirt. All was neatly, and securely tie-d with a stiing  suj-u'estii-.g deliberate preparation.  Tins latterbundle, was found uudei  a coveting . of hay in an empty*  freight car at Thiity-six'th . street,  .and'Eleventh avenue.'  - The head and thighs of the man  are"missing.' ' ���������   ,   '  Ir is the theory of thc police that  the murder was coiuiinitted neai  where the body was'found and that  tluee packages ot the dismeiulh'crud  parts' had boeu made, with the purpose of disposing of them 7>t some  distance" front the .scene of the crime  The police believe that the persons  carrying tlie bundles became alarmed and hurriedly disposed of them  at the    nearest   . convenient     hiding  FARMERS WIVES  OBJECT 10  KH������i-U������&  New Westminster, Sept. 25.��������� Women who reside on the Port Moody  road and in the district are becoming terrorized qy the Hindoo invasion. The men from India's coral  strand are very peremptory in their  demands and five or six of theni will  march up to a farm house, push open the door, and one of thc number  will say iu a peremptory manner,  "I want niiik.*' If the lady of the  house says she hasn't, got any, they  look very vexed, and inform the lady  to the flicst of;their ability that  they doubt her word "and still want  milk. If the men of the house are  around,  the Hindoos seem mote   in-  OU INDIANS  ARE On THE  RAMPAGE  CITY COUNCIL'S  WEEKLY SESSION  -**��������� ���������**-  i.  At the councitTnieeting last evening, it was shown that thc total  Cheyenne, Wj-o., Sept. 24 ���������Trouble 'cost of removing stumps since the  is expected as the result of tlie de- arrival of the-stumping machine fin  tlbion'of rjovciiioi- JJ. H. Urook** and' t'll<! city' amounts'to $1,121.77. This  the stale government to get ritl of  the    I't'e     Indians     now   camped near  Casper, Wyoming; who have made  preparations-' to make their permanent hoiue in thu .North Platte valley  and 'the army will be used to escort  tin* Indians' back to the reservation  in Utah if tho;,- fail to leave peaceably-  On   September   17  <'o\/ernor   Itrooks  wrote to Hie Interior department a--.-),  also   to   l'residi.-nt     Roosevelt   nskmg  clined to be peaceable, 'and a     num-   that' (lie Tenth  Cavalry,  which   will  ber of the ladies of the. district hav  informed their husbands- that . they  simply will' not l>e left alone. The  Hindoos seem to -have the idea that  what they want along thc line oi  eatables and drinka(b;!es. they arc entitled to, and where.they happen to  have their demands supplied they  show no signs of (Hping* willing to  pay the price.  be at Doug-las attending; the &tal������  fair on September 'J.',, be detained to  round up thc Indians', place them on  a train 'at Casper and suirf. them  back to their leservation. lie inlor-  med the "federal authorities that the  Indians wore killing- live stock, violating- ,lhe fiome laws and robbing  sheep' ca-'nps and ranch houses and  that*- the county authorities were  powerless  to   interfere as  they  feared  A fierce' battle lasting about half  an hour took place last evening ou ' an open rupture would occur if they  Columbia street -b-etweeu two Pun- attempted to arrest an}* of the red-  jabees on one side and Oifioer Burke  skins. - ,  on  the other,  and much  blood     Was |    Governor - llroo'.s   today   received a  shed  before the man of law aud or-  Ireply from ,Thomas Kjan,  acting sec-  then in' the'Pass, but took little interest in the tests being made upon  the coal.   o   SAYS U. S. COAL  WILL BE EXHAUSTED  Mr. J. J. Hill, the Canadian Morn  magnate^ the president of the Great  Northern ���������"'ailw-ay, has prepared a>pa-  per which may Jac rqgjirdod as one of  the most notable contrjjbutions ever-  made in America to economic science.  In it lie demonstrates clearly t/hc  spendthrift tendency of the Republic  to squanderer its great natural resources, and points out thc grave  dangers confroHtTing, America, with  its' rapidly growing population. Its  forests and mines will alike .o depleted within a comparatively bi-ei  span of years. The bjulwarlc ..gainst  national disaster, he -points out,  must be in a more intelligent -icel-  opment of our vast agricultural resources.  Regarding the coal of tlie United  States, the paper contains tlie following-. ������������������"������������������" -..: *'".. ., . "-  , "A general estimate of competent  geologists for the life of the bie.tter  coal measures of Europe as a whole  is less than one hundred years. The  output of the United States is now  more tli������n 350,000,000 tons annuvilly.  It doubled within the decade from  1895. It now amounts to between  forty and fifty per cent., of the  world's entire supply. The estimated life of the Pennsylvania anthracite fields, whose -narrow area, has  per.mitted closer approximation, i.s  put at a little more than fifty years  (The larger supply of soft coal . has  to answer a demand many times as  great. It is certainly a moderate  statement to say that by the mid-.  die of the present century, when-our  population shall have reached the  two 'hundred mill-ion mark, our best  and most convenient "coal will have  been sq far consumed that the remainder can only -be ���������applied to  present uses at an enhanced cost,  iW-hich will prqbaibly. compel the entire rearrangement ot industries and  revolutionize the common lot and .the  common life. This is not a mere  possibility, but a probability .which.  pur country must face."  Washington street, died three weeks  ago. A number of sacks similar to  the one in which thc .h-oidy was found  were among thc euccts sold attar  the man's death, and the-police are  trying to  trace these sacks.  ARE GOOD  FRIENDS  der finally overpowered Iffs, opponent|;rotary of thc  jnteWor    m  whkll   he  aud iroirfialfed tbem off to tho  iocH'states that. Inspector"1 McLaughlin has  up. ���������  The Sikhs   had   been   drinking,1,      "       ,"    ,  ,      r,  .     .   ,        .   ,-   ,   .    . ,     ,   . ���������. , "been    ordered   to    Casper    to   confer  freely, and had indulged in a    fistic '  exhibition in Chinatown earlier in  the evening. When they wcre noticed by  the, officer they were   singing  and gesticulating on the street, each  carrying a bottle    of whiskey under  with thj** Indians and try to induce  them to, return to their reservation  and thai if they refuse Uie President  will,-order --out  the   Tenth  Cavalry  and  drive the Indians out  of  W\oin-  l'f  ..."���������  his      arm..      When requested  to be ,l-*������-      , j   ,   -  quiet,   they..dropped the whiskey and \    'rlle ">(ifi Utes arrived in  the Platte  busy' warding    off /Mows for a     few  Valley   country   a -month  ago    and  attacked the policemja-n, and ^ept hiiii kince   then   much* ��������� akxiety "has been  minutes  struggle  Uourke's   face  was  decorat-   presence.    When   the    reservation  1 includes cost of powder, labor, tca<m  woik, etc. It was decided that alter . the machine, has finished work  on Second Avenue through, to Sim-  onds sUeet, it will be taken along  First Avenue, removing the few remaining stumps ou that avenue, after which the machine will prajbab-  ly he linished in this city. This will  leave about $1,000 on hand foi-  gra-di-ng,'etc., and it is evidently tho  intention of the council to do all in  this line possible. According lo  the road foreman's report last evening, the cost of work on High St.,  towards which thc residents in that  vicinity donated $100, has amounted  to-J-UUl.SU.'  A letter containing the resignation ol Wm. Ingham as - poiiiidkeep-  er, was received last evening-. ..Aid.'  Alalone, in. speaking on thc matter,  thought that the poundkeeper had  not IVc-en very (busy of late and that  the, resignation should be accepted  by all means.  Aid, Tha also" thought much of the  poun-dkeeper's urork ha-d been overlooked. He complained of the numerous cows which are tied on tho  streets of the city, particularly on  Kitchener street. He stated that  icsidents of this street were complaining-, and thought their complaints' should be heeded. Bis Worship was also     in    favor of halving  naimo at ten o'cloclc.Jji, the forenoon, and remain there until one  o'clock.  From there the party will take  the train for La-dy)mith, and after  stopping off here, will proceed to  the Extension mines. The mines  will be working on that day.  In discussing the matter last evening it was decided that, awing to  the fact that no carriages will be  available, it would be useless to at*  tempt to show His Excellency anything cf thc city. A platform will  be erected at the ��������� station, upon  which thc address will' be��������� presented. If the -day is not fine, the plat  form will   be coveted.,  Mayor Nicholson introduced tho  subject, of a remuneration b^-law  to provide for the payment of tho  aldermen and mayor for their services. He explained that this, , oi  course, could not come into effect  during the present, council's term  of office, but ,it could be introduced  and passed for the next council. It  was hardly to be expected that aldermen could go on serving on * tho  board if they did not receive su'fli-  cient money to defray their actual  expenses. For instance, at the  present time, if one of the board  happened to be working, on tlie afternoon Lshift, and an important  meeting was to be held that night,  it would be necessaiy for the alderman to loose a shift, or miss tho  meeting. This was often the case'  at present not only with one alderman, but with several. His Worship suggested that the amount    to  d the polieemja-n, and^ept hiir-  kince   then   much* ��������� akxiety "has been  .     During the course'of     the. felt in'*t;ont''ral"*Wyoininij;"  over' their  j  Uourke's   face  was  decorat-   presence.    When   the    reservation " in  o  ed by the     addition of two    blacky utah \vas    thrown open    to set tiers! arrive Thursday afternoon i between j  "Those present at last night's ���������meet-  rings     around" this eyes, while    the' thoy. dUl noL Ulc  Lho lfin,,s allotted..*, and 1:30������ aiwl w������*l  likely    remain  ing  were His Worship,  Mayor Nich-  something done to prevent people' be received be fixed at about half  tying their cows anywhere they' that received by the councilm.cn of  pleased, and the new poundkeeper Nanaimo. The present board has  will be instructed , accordingly. It but three months more to serve, and  was decided ��������� to call for applications if .anything in the matter was to be  tor the position of poundkeeper and done it would have to be done soon,  gravedigger.    " .- (The     rest    of    the board coincided  In'speaking of tlie visit of     Earl  with tlie views extended by His Wor-  G-iey,  the Mayor explained, that__as' ship, and    something .will likely . be.<  nearly" as' can  be'asceVtafned' at the'done   shortly   in the Iway of intro-  present     tinie,     His Excellency" will Iducing a  by-law.  Sikhs presented-a sorry spectacle by   to lhom ia sovmil plai.PS  aml  hence/hero about half an hour.     The gjov-1 olson, and Aldermen Campbell,   Tha,  the time the officer got tired.  **fH>.-^*������  JS'ew   V'ork,   rfept.   -4..���������.John   Mitchell,    pLcsident     of  tlie   United    Mine  Workers oi Ameiiua aiwl Saimiol Goi.*������  be held  at Ajlmer  pors,  president,  of the American  lA-d-   ratify   the    choice   of     the  executive,  eraticm  of  LulJor,     had  u conference The reasons   ascribed   for  Hepburn's  SLANDERS  WERE CAUSE  St. Thomas, Out, Sept. 21.���������W. II.  Hepburn, Liberal candidate for East  Elgin resigned on Saturday afternoon. At a meeting of the executive  of tho Liberal association which was  held at Aylmer Saturday night G ran  -villo Haight a wclf known farnicr of  Sparta was unanimously selected to  suceces him, and a eomention 'will  on Tuesday     to  here today after a meet ing of otic of  the sub-divisions of tho Civic Federation. Mr. GoiupeLs alien*.ardb said  to a reporter ' * So far us published  statements of a breach between Mr.  Mitchell and niysell are concerned, t  ian say there is no truth in Lhom.  lie and 1 have worked in harmony  alt the ���������'time'",so far as the past is  concerned* and I trust, i he future, has  no change'"in our pleasant relations.'  Mr. ���������������������������Mitchell who'' was present said  '���������There is not- the ..slightest basis for  such  reports."  SURGICAL DISCOVERY  Stut'tgaI't*, Sept. 25.���������Prof. Garre,  of Bresl'au, gave yesterday, to the  Congress ot Natural* I two'; i ���������������������������wiu.i  and Medicine, now in session l-cic,  the result, of his experiment of trans-  planling Itilood vessels and' or;i,uiis  froiu one body to another. TV-s is  attention 'at the meeting of Iho IIri-  attention at the meeting; i*I "he l.ii-  tish Medical association: held im Toronto last August., Professor. C- ire  dcs.criibed the case of a ,four-year-  ol'd boy suffering from cretinism, .vi.o  had portions ..of his' motherV;. -hiroic*  gland transplanted to his spleen.  The child after nine months is developing mentally, and can walk and  talk.- Prof- ���������(Jarre narrated .successful experiments in thc traiispla*n-ti"S  of blood vessels from one'living f.n.i-  mal to another. He bad also transplanted blood vessels from animals  that-had been dead for an hour and  a half to live animals.  resignation are vaiious, but Hepburn himself stated that his resig-  mation was the- result of systematic  slander, circulated by his opponents  within the party, but further than  that ho would not discuss the question.  -   ^.'   .  The editor who goes into the 'b-usi-  ness of office-seeking and .takes his  newspaper with him places both in a  position of omtbiarrassmcnt. 'it. is  too niuch to expect that he will allow his columns to he used to aid  and aibet the candidacy of his oppon  cut. tit il he uses the paper to  boost himself, by suppressing, coloring, distorting and exaggerating the  news, he degrades and (labia ii olios it  and injures its clu*,riact/ei-. A newspaper that is not fair in its news  reports is foul, and ���������cannot, long retain the confidence and respects of  decent readers. There,is no ��������� place in  modern journalism for the orgnn. A  political organ is bad enough; a personal political organ is worse, and  an abomination on the earth. An  established newspaper* is n q*uasi  puildic institution. It owes a duty  to the public which cannot he ignored, arid not even its owner has  the right to debase it for selfish  purposes. To do so is almost to  commit sacrilege. But, as a matter  of policy, it is doubtful if an editor in politics can help his own candidacy with his own newspaper. Mr.  Watterson thinks not. ������������������' il-dichmonS  Times-Democrat.  left their reservations and moved in-'crnor ii! expected to arrive in Na-|and Malone.  to the rich Platte Valley in this state. All the lands are taken up and  for the last month the fndians have  boejii trespassing on private land. .All  are 'heavily armed with the finest  Winchesters and although 'repeated  reports of tho killing of live stock  and other depredations have been  made the county officials have refused to act,  fearing an uprising.  EUROPEANS DO  NOT OBJECT  4.000 LYNCHED  IN 25 YEARS  BIG PERCENTAGE  UNDERFED IN U.S.  .New    York,   Sept.    2-i.���������The  World  today says:     Four thousand persons Uer.g  WeeUy says.  have been *put to death without wav-i  Refemig to the Clews bulletin,  Col-  ,-One person m  . ,        .    ..     T.  ..    .  _,A A        .   'every  eight   in  thc   United   States in  rant ol law  in the United States   in-  .,,... ,.-..,,.      I underfed,     underclothed     and  under-  the   twenty-iive  years.     JNuiety    five-,  char ��������� 'housed. The averag*- income of tho  ayeiage family is not far from $000  a year.    An  unskilled   laborer  earns  Paris,    Sept.    2L���������The   intimations  contained in   despatches   from  don  to  the    continental press  to  the |eis  effect that,  the powers are about     to  eagage     in      negotiations,  witk     the  view of taking- united action  to     induce  the  United  States to    recogni'/e  the principle    of Ihe.   open    door     iu  Cuba  in lhe   event    of an    American ]  protectorate     or  the.    annexation    of.  the. island/finds-  no sTmdow   of   con-'  firmation- hero,'    On  tlie contrary the  foreign   office      declares      specifically  that   nothing-    of  the   sort   has    been  suggested   from    any   cjiuarter.   ,  France assumes that the United  States is actiing in perfect good  faith and with the sole object. of  restoring order and is thus reply  iug to the inquiries cut the I-Youcb  merchants who are ninnii'est ing anxiety, about lhc-.il- status should Cuba, full under the domination oi  the   United   States.  per cent of them 'were negroes cnarg  ed with assaults on white women.  Ihe methods of execution comprised  hanging-, shooting, flogging, burning  at slake and llayii*|g. In one instance im Arkansas, the \>ictims arms and  Lon-_i0{rS Were twisted from their sock-  As  a 'rule t\h more    atrocious  ...     inc-  i>t- per  cent  the   crime    the   more    atrocious     tho     ���������  punishment."   jj .  PLAY FOR  BIG HONORS  '���������.'.'   ������������������������������������������������������������������-  Buffalo,  N.Y., Sept.   25.��������� All   cr-  less than ijcSOu ia the south and less  than *j*loo in the north. Une j-er  cent of the lamihes oi the couutr-,  posse&s more wealth tnau the remain  U\er l.TOO.oOo  children under tu'teeu years ol age  are toiiinjj ia holds, lactones, mines  and work steps. iu ..ho jcai luoo  lhero were 0,468,9(3-1 workeis ia jja a  ful occupations uncliuployad -. r u oin  one to turee months. 12*. cry \eur  (50,000 persons are kilted by accidents incident to their ..work and 6,-  00,000 axe .seriously, injured. J.\\o-  thii-ds    of    the    population    of ^'ow.  rairgements  for  the post-season  ser-I Vol.,c aro lurcod to live iu tenements,  in which there are 350,000 dark interior rooms. Last week a woman  was found starving in Madison s-ujiai**  WEALTH IN STOLEN TIES.  J. 0. Uetancuc, the South j :* ��������� a-  cific detective, has been tie-luietipg  for the-company for several . we.l-'s,  and h'fKR lo������*������a't*ed some-5,'000 J-v'm.V.iern  Pacific, ties on ranches and at in't ies  some of them forty miles from the  Southern Pacific rigjht-of-way. He  also found .many Santa Fe tics west  of Demiiig, where they had been carried by ��������� floods. An untreated tie  costs   the Southern   Pacific    on     its  ies  of giames    'between  the     Buffalo  team,  winners of the Eastern) league  pennant,     and   the  Columbus    to*.in, ,  winners  of  the American association] ���������   ...  pennant,  have been completed.,    Six  A  t"o"-^a ^Uo's ol ^c v  y������lk   alCf  erne's  will tie played,   three  in    Bui-: devoting themselves to the rasing of  fah)  ami-three "in  Columbus.   An ex- P������I  dogs  instead   of children.    What  tra   one,   if  needed,   will   be    decided'a   country'.       What   a     people  in some  city   to  be agreed  Uiun  ��������� t-   which the Dnver News adds:  er..     All     receipts     will  go    to   the  a   sad 'commentary, that   those,    who  players  and   the winners   of   the  set-,- are   qhiefly  concerned  with,   aad  who  ies-will   receive��������� ������0 per cent,  of  the  boagL    of   tno    V)igiu.ss,      might and  receipts,      while  the. losers   will     re-   weaR^ of  the    t.ount.ry  seldom   give  To  'It is  ccive -10  per cent.    The games   will  any    thought  to     other  side of     the  be  ror   the   world's  championship,   of ,     - here,vi{.h  presented. Were  it  class    A  leagues.       The first    three, *l'UL*'tluu - .       ,.pn=0n  .,,   .  .     ,       ,   -     o  n- i       ���������    'otherwise there  would be  less icason  games  will be played m  Buffalo   on  otnuw^t- ���������..",���������   *. 1lic.    iM.  Sept. 27,- 28��������� and 29. The next for Mr. Clews and others oi. h , nk  three will be decided in Oolum-Bjiis on deprecating the agitation which they,  Sept.'30, Oct. 1 and 2. Only biona assert disturbs business,  fide members of the teams will    be  allowed  to  take part in the games.  The I-'ast-cvn. loaiigue players :will    se-  AN  ANCIENT GRAPEVINE  There are now upward   of -100 bini-  New Mexico  division,   when    put   cfMect.   an    umpire    and  an  indicator^cites of grapes   on   the   faincm^. -vme  the car, $1, and a treated tie costs \ handler will i-lso be chosen from the  $1.25.���������AlluKfucrcn-c Citizen.  American association.  at fjampton  Court palace,  which   is  138 years old.���������London Mail.  & i^sM^A  Sfe  hi  THE LA������^SMITH   DAILY T.EOGEK  THC  Pi jl  LFDG  except Sunday  every   day  _BT���������  THE  DAILY LEDGER  COMPxiNY.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One  Ve������r (U aivanee) $5.00  One Month  _ ... _  80 cents  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  I CUBAN GOVERNMENT YIELDS.  . Havana, Sept. 24.���������It was lumoied  late this afternoon that the government and the -moderates had tacitly  decided to concede practiceally everything to  the Liberals and rebels  TUESDAY     SEPT.   25,  190G  STIRRED THE  UPPER  CRUST OF SOCIETY  Some ajnusuig incidents have occurred along the ioute ot Lhe Vico-  lirgai party on. their present 'trip  A i .Kelson, for instance where tho  party stopped lour days a report tal>  en fiom  a Uieenwood paper says:  'lhe coming of feo many titled pei  nonages   to Nelson sturred the uppoi  crusL  of society  until   it  was t,oft  in  tho upper  sLope,  and caused a'  \ai>t  amount oi iriction between  the mas.  tes,   and   the so-called  classes.     The  .Council  decided   Lhat   tho     reception  would    be as     informal  as possible,  .with   no dance as the 'Go\einor Gen  ���������ral  came  here  to meet all  the people   and., not any particular clafeb   or  clique,     in spite  of   Un.s   facL   ' two  ladies  came to the Mayor and spoke  about- giving a  dance    to   the ladies  of sub.-royalt-.     The      Mayor intei-  ���������viewed   Captain  Trotter  who staled  that the ladies wcic   tired  'and     did  toot  wish any dance.     However,   the  ���������society of Kelson is  resolute so     on  rJ'hursday   a committee   of  nine    ladies   issued  imitations    to a    certain  number  of people  Lo   attend   a,damce  in, honor   of Ladies Sibjl and    Eve-,  I*>n,   and  the war  began.     According  to   Court      ethpict Le      the  vice-regal  paitvV  were guests of  tho Mayor and  ���������all      invitations    should   have    come  thiough him,   but  his   wife   was   noL  even on   the committee.  The leaders,  or   would-be  leaders   of  Kolson    society,  parveniT~aHd  patrician,   as  this  is  a free country had a perfect right  lo get  up   a ball  for  the delectation  of  nobility   and   themselves,   even   if  many m  the community  did consider their conduct of the  affair contra  bonos  mores.     But  in   inviting    the  iwhitc-shirted" boys    'of   the     Rocky  Mountain  Rangers  to   appear  in  full  dress,,  and   lorgetting   Lhe   -jlue-shirL-  ������d chaps,  or asking  then:   to appear  fai regimentals,  a 'bomb   was  thrown  into  the camp that is  still  sizzling.  .The   west  is too  now   for  snob  rule,  and  those members of  tho  sub-royal  fciarty   who   pandered   to   it   -in  Nelson, seemingly stepped aside from tho  finely drawn lines of exact, etiquette,  but,  perhaps their curiosity   to     see  a,  western hoe-down was greater than  their judgement..   The Earl  of Gre>  and' his party  did not" come here  to  raise  envy   and strife   in  the     community  by   favoring   any  clique     or  band   of    tuft-huntcis.      They     -were  here   in  their   official   capacity      to  meet   all on an equal plane.     It is  stated the Earl   regretted  the      unpleasantness,  that  occurred and issued   orders   that in future  cici*") thing  ��������������� his  tour ,��������� would be  sti'ictly   official    and  not    swayed    in   the   least  toy    the . desire    of     uppertendom to  bask   'in,,the. sunshine    of   blueblood  .to the exclusion of their neighbors.  His Excellency took groat inLciesL  tn -Nelson and consulted Lhe Mayor  and others upon a variety of matters concerning Lhe district. He en  iterLained thc mayor and his wife  to dinner, and won the** respect of all  frith, whom tic earno m contact Up  .was much interested in Lhc subject of labor and at his TOquest F-  ���������Phillipps gave his side of Lhe question. He no doi'bt .was familiar  (with the woes of the poor capitalist,  Nelson now awaits the coming oT tho  Prince of Wales, for it is now ready  ito  exclaim, *Sic transit gloria' mundi.  SENATOR LOVITT 1N.HTKI5D.  Halifax, N- S. Sept. 24 ���������At Yarmouth today, senator LoviLL, fell  from a tree in frpnL of his residence  to Lhe side walk about fifteen feet,  and had two ribs brol-cen and his  back injured. His physicians say the  injuries are not fatal.  CONTINENTAL POLICY HOLDERS  i'aria, S"i*t. 2-1 .���������The proposed gen  eral meeting of representatives of  continental policy holders in American Life Insurance Companies scheduled to take place in Pans tomorrow  has bectfi abandoned. Samuel Unit'cr-,  un er< upon his arrival here from New  York finding Lhnl such a meeting is  iiiipincliuible. ,  JUS'llCI-: DUFF  TO THE  SUPREME COURT  \ lcLo.'ia, B. C. .Sept. 2<L.��������� Mi  .Justice Dull, who since February  190L ha,s ,bcen a member of the Sup-em e court bench of British Columbia has accepted the \acancy o the  Supicmc Coun of Canada, lie will  leave Victoria, for Otta.wa in order t<4  be swoin in in lime to be present at  Lhe titling of the court on October  ���������HtMry-fw^^r-n^*-*1  & Nanaimo ga  >-  VICTORIA EXHIBITION  ������ J i  SPECIAL   EXCURSION   RATES  to Victoria. RETURN fiCKET trom Lndysmith W  r       ~ ' ' dJL<* *'. L'   l3U.    ������'.('!���������'������������������ -II'  Victoria $2.00. Good from Sept.. -25 to 36th.  TRAIN   gETRWCE  Geo, L������*. Courtney,  District,Passenger Agent  Victoria, B.C. >  RELTAXCF. TEAM WINS <  Sunday afternoon in the presence  of a small crowd thc Reliance baseball team defeated Lhe Eagles by  the scoie of lu to 5 and won tho  cily championship for the season of  J DOG. Tho Eagles had thc strongest team, Lhey have put on the field  this season, Lheir line-up containing  Miller, Little, Farmer and D. Aitkeh.  Tho game at times was good, some  snappy'plays being made on both  sides. While tho Eagles made all  their tuns/in one inning, tho victors  got theirs in scvcial innings. This  is thc last game of thc season unless the boys can be persuaded to  put 'on ah exhibition game or two  before Lhe wet weather sets in, Mr.  William Ashman acted referee in a  very impartial manner  very   impartial   manner.  AtlanLn, Ga., Sept. 24.���������The body  of Z/Cbe Long, a negro was found  hanging in the woous early today  noar East Point, a suburb, eight  miles south of Atlanta. Long 'was  located in the l-last Point jail charged with disorderly conduct. The jail  was broken into shortly after midnight n������i<l Long was taken Lo his  doom Tno usual mystery "surrounds  the  alTair.  Union-made Capital & Nugget Cigars  Minard's  where.  Liniment for sale  every  Liberal Premiums & Valueble Prizes���������Thc Best Stock  Market in the Province���������Live Stock Parade Daily���������.3  Days Horse Racing���������$5,000 in Purses and . Valuable  Trophy Cups���������Splendid New Attractions including  Grand Broncho Busting Competition for Championship  of British Columbia  Lot'Jones,".Prop,  Best Supplied Bar in Town  (Half Block from Depot)  GATACRE  STREET-     Ladysmith.  SPECIAL EXCURSION   RATES FROH ALL POINTS  i������  si  For entry blanks,  Prize L ists and other information, Address,  A. J. Morley, Mayor, President '��������� J. E* Smart, Secrefay^ LB  Syiopsls of Canadian Homestead  Regulations.  Any available Dominion lands  within the Railway Belt in British  Columbia, may b# homesteaded by  any person who is the sole head of  ��������� family, or any male over e ghteen  yean of age, to the extent of * one-  quarter section of 160 acres, more  or less.  Entry must be made personally at  the local land office for the district  in which the land is situate,  The homesteader is required lo perform the conditions connected therewith under one ot the following  plans:  (1) At least iix months' residence  upon and cultivation of the land in  each year for three years.  (2) If the father, (or mother, if the  father Is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm la the vicinity of the laud entered for;..the . requirements as to residence may be  satisfied by such person residing with  the lather or mother.  (3) It the settler has .his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of hia home  stbad, tlie requirement* as to' residence may be satisfied by residence  upon tlie said land. ,      -. i  Six   months'   notice ' in    writin'-  |should he given to the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent. -  Coal lands may be purchased at $10  per acre for soft coal and $20 for  anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can bc acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rate of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds shall he collected on the  gross output.  W.  W.  CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of Interior  PAIN FROM A BURN PROMPTLY  RELIEVED BY CHAMBERLAIN'S PAIN BALM.  A little child of Michael Strauss,  of Vernon, Conn., was recently in  great pain from a -burn on the hand,  and. as cold applications only increased the inflammation, Mr. Straus  came to Mr. James N. Nichols, a  local merchant, lor something to  stop the pain. Mr. Nichols says' "I  advised him to use Chamberlain's  Pain Balm, and the first application  drew out the .inflammation and gavo  immediate relief. I halve used this  liniment myself and recommend it  very often for cuts, burns, strains,  and. lame bade, and have never known  it to disappoint." For sale by  Ladysmith Pharmacy.  r  v# ASK TOT  -aasinsmsB  tfip*-  DUNDEE  -lhe Cream of Scotch Whiskies  Sole  A sent������ for B  AY GO,  F   VOU  WANT  AGOOD   First ���������lm&   Meal  CALL AT���������  i  J. X. Smith's Restaurant  ALTOAIS OPEN FIRST AVENUE.  Exp  o'rk  Light Teaming.     Wood ar     Bark   for sale.    See J.  KEMP, or   leave  Orders With   W. CARTER.  FIRST  AVR-NTJE PHONE     6-0  UnderlNewlManaginent .-���������  HOTCLWILSfON  Jus- B. tecfOnnelK Prop.  NmAmo  CbmmereiarMens', headaMrters.  Modern and    Strictly Flint Clan.  Fire Proof   Buildi������������.  Try Capital and Nugger Cigars  t. ,.���������&.!      II Mil  When ..in needoLa refreshing  iIj-T  Shave, Hajrcut,    Beard Trimming,  Bath, etc., etc., call'at.  THOMASLEWIS  Shaving Parlors,'etc.r "High .Street  ��������� Special    appointments for   Ladies'  Massages- and Shampoos.  '-      *    ���������' ���������'  .', Beat - accommodation = for', transient  And permanent, boarders and iodge~������.<  OR AND      HOTEI*  . Th,1". ne^rr-JJHotoi,*. l^^i^ jMmfort-  a������������ly luriiJshed arid the" bar hi ������p-to-  .a^te.   Ratea >i^|| fitoj,   ^    ^.  A".' "'.WM. BEVERifeQ'fi', -Prof.  Fletcher Bros.  _.-" '   J-.' .'.n������������i������ra io V...  Pianos )& Groans  Ladysmith, B.C  NURSERIES, & SE������D HOUSED Xi  Large Stock of .Home grown  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  now matured for the Fall  Trade. -    ,' - '  No expense, loss or delay  of fumigution or inspection.  Headquarters    for" Pacific '  Coast grown. Garden, Field,  and Flower Seeds in season.  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CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  General Manager, t  First  Class  RIGS FOR HIR.EI  WOOD AND DARK FOR S ALE ANI) DELIVERED.  EXPRE SS WORK.  fe. Williamson Prop  ist Avenue  Lady$fnith B. Q0!  DAV!  PHONE 66  ���������an w**njMamaMxi mm r. s*tuast wwu&m Hcnmnt m$a������i  LADYSMITH  :9~ 1 ���������F-.f---T"'*"T*-*-***' #..t"i..<"t*>.'*"t"*"**-*">"** '-*���������'���������-.���������������������������������*������������������������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ^..������.-*��������������������������� ..���������������������..���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*'  ........������..������..������������������..������..���������..������..������..��������������� *  ������������������������������������������������..������������������������������..������������������������>���������.������������������������������������������������������������*������������������-���������������"������"������->������"**������������������****  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest 5tyles"and Newest Patterns--We do  AI| kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 83 P. O. Box 42.  .������..������..������..������..���������������~������������������.,������..4..������..������..������-������..<)���������������������������������.������"���������������������������������.>���������������������������*���������"*������������������  ..������..������..f.���������������.������..������"0.������������������>"*���������������������������������  .���������**������-.������.<***0***"**   IH������*^*  > +���������*++ ���������f*ft-f*H^*^,>r**^H^*^-f*t-M-f-l  | ladysmith transfer s^^  J;   PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE (HOY*-  ED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY. . i  Stabled In the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.'9  Abbots lord  Leave orders at  tha - - * f  A.   I. WASKETT PROP.  ���������*-������*M-4.������4 4 ��������� ���������,���������;*;f4*-������.������������'.^  ���������������������������* ��������� *'������������������' * -"*-*;���������'*��������� ��������� * t ������������������  WM.  MUNSiE, President    J, W. COBURN, Managing Director.  Telephane, 4-6.  r Go, Ut  HILLS  AT  r  WVi  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done���������- ���������--��������� ��������� :���������     '   Orders Promptly    Execute  S   ROEDDSNG    -   ---.-��������� LADYSMITHl^  PIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITKfr-> C W  ';. . \;m^i^f|actijrers op-*--' ''-,'''.  Rough and Dressed Fir aiid Cedar liiimbers  LATHS, SHINGLES, MO ULDINGS,     ETC.,     of   the BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.     AND   DRIED    FLOORINGS     AND  FINISHING LUMBER IN STOCK  I THE TjWXSMITH, PAILY    LEDGEK  2  1  Ticket and Freight Office, 75  Government Street.  Tanscofitinental  ���������Trains Daily  ���������.        The New Train.  opiENrA. Liviir-: d  "'X       Tke Trala ol  Ease,  Elegance^ Excellence.'  >Everj* mile & picture,   and  ftcTimoke to spoil, the   view.  ..Through Compartment,   Observation and Pullman Sleepers;    alio   Through . Tourist  Cars to Chicago.,  ,  At'intle Steamship .Business to Europe  .   ' is our Specialty -  JUnion    Terminals  -with  all  Steamer lines. '  ���������vjjert-h reservations by wirel  .j-preat Northern S.S. Co.  $QR JAPAN   AND  CHINA.  Steamships Minnesota and Da- l|  koja sail from Seattle for J a- _L"  S*n' and China ports at   (re-  f  o^uenr dates.      Exact    sailing |  Sates can be secured upon ap  plication to any Great North  ern representative. u  S. G. YERKES,  A.O.P.A.,   Seattle, Wash.  E. R. STEPHEN-,  yGen. fAgent, Victoria. B.C.   fl  Public Notice  Attention is called to tke   fact that the  OgHvie Flour fiills  Co    Limits  i** j * <j .o'..  J  HO'  makers  of   ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,  past been, producing flonr In a    Tastly improved and parifl  .  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  i-I.  hare for some tlmi f>  'nrro  and having secured control o!   ������H the basic patents relating,there ^  "..-- - - ������������������   .    ,11.  to, take this opportunity of advising  the public that aiy unauth-  . .������ . ,,,  -orized users of the electrical   floir purifying processes   will  *>e pro-  <&   ���������"���������ficuted. > ���������,.,''  I Ogilv'o rioar Millg Company Iiimi*������d [  fj are1, ihe onjy millers in Canada whose       Flour)  r^  G-dA.H-9  EXCELLENT   1  Train Service  'between  CHICAGO, LONDON.  HAMILTON, TORONTO.  MONTREAL QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  i^.* And tbe Principal Business Ccntera of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  r Maritime (Provinces.   '  ALSO TO BUFFALO, HEW YORK AKO  fHIUDElPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS. |  *i'v'"     For Time'rubles, etc., atlilrc* f  's;-.: OEO. W. VAUX,. "       H  AMltunt Gen'l'Passenger nnd Ticket Agent, 5'  ll������.<>D������������.������ ������T.. CHICAGO, ILL.' J '  t ^  -  x'-j-j:.;',,NOTICE.   ,  From-j - this .date tbe .undersigned  Will Jiqt .be responsible for any in-  lebteoness    incurred except on      *  written forher* signed by the secretary  Rowland -Machin.  $ irEXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. .v     -  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. B. C. |f������*������~ 18th. "tOI  ^    "--���������- ' W. SILER.  *EHEKAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY OOn'-;  Leave orders at tbe Abbotsford.  LODGES  LADYSMITH TEMPLE, No. 5.-  Rathbona Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall every 2nd and dth  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  .   MRS. KATE TATE,  M. of R. & C.  m m i     a--*-������������������ ������������������. ���������-  UNITED ANCIENT ORDER OF  DRUIDS.  Wellington Grove, No. 4, U.A.O.D.  meets"in the I.O.O.P. Hall, Ladysmith, the Second and Fourth Wednesdays of eaeh month, commencing  Wednesday, 13th, lf05.  Visiting Druids are invited to   attend.    By Order  WM. RAFTER, Rec. Sec.  PATRICK BURK, N.A.  St'.  Joseph Lewis, July 14, 1903  Minard's Liniment-Co., Limited.  Gentlemen,���������1 was badly kicked by  ir.y hoise last Way and after using  several j> reparations on jny lag* notliT  ing would do. My leg-was black as  jet. I was laid up in bed for a  fortnight and could not walk. , After  using three {bottles -of your MINARD'S LINIMENT I was perfectly  cured, so1 that I could start on the  road.  JOS. DUDES.  Commeiri.il Traveler.  Are You doing East?  Then be- aura your tickets rea#   fir  the   \.       -        '"  '    '���������'  North Western Line    ^  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections'at-ST. PAUL  and^ MINNEAPOLIS with thc  through' trains from the Pacifl-  Coast.  THE      SHORTEST     LINE, TF  FINEST  TRAINS,  THE  LOWES'.'  RATES,   THE  FASTEST  TIME.  -���������   ���������   BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.' PAUL,  CI1K  CACio;  omaha;  Kansas en \  and ALL POINTS EAST.'  For complete information  aak.y  iocal agent or write,  P.-W. PARKER ���������'  Gtncr**-,!   A ���������?"*���������'  >W 2ni Avo., Srattle.  Si CiGlMCIROY  Manufacturers of tlie Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  >>.one bu   Union Labor   Employed  H J. BOOTH, Prop  NANAIMO  NEWS NOTES  'The Dominion Government Fisheries steamer the Georgia arrived in  tho  harbor .last evening.  . Mr. Parish and ' wife of Winnipeg  are visitors in Iho city, and are lhc  guests oi Dr.' nnd Mis. Mason,  Church Street. Air. Parish is a member of, tho Winnipeg Grain Exchange.  Mrs. LoPenotierc, ot* Vancouver  who at one time resided iivNanainio,  came over with Mr. and Mrs. Parish  and is also stayiag vvkh Mr. -a/id Mrs  MaiSon.  ill*. J oaufcou (.anie o** ur on Bat,urda>  ni^hu  \\hilo JJLr.  iti^Kinaii and lamily  sxjent   toilndai   in   lhe  'reniimal   city, ;  co*min<; o\er to Xauauoo on the Joa, '  last uijj-ht.  Mr. J obnson is looiviug halo and  hoait^ aii-ei hi^. &luy in the noitb,  '���������ind will yiooably return tlu-ro in  tlie oarli* ^ai t oi next year. ' lio  .speaks in hoiicful tonus oi the future  oi the ivloudike, which bu UnitUs is  .only in iu, infancy as a sold pro-  dueinjf counLry. For ioung men- especially, says 'Mr. .Johnson, the  Yukon presents many golden oppoi-  tunitiiis, and his adxice |o young mo4  who aie Ihniiving . ol changing thuir  environ^nenL is  to  try   the   Yukon.  Tho  wagus paid in thai   country at  present aru lor    labormg    men  iroin  ijl to s?o a day and boaid, ,afid thuio  is all kinds ui- work to  bo had.  Tho i  Guggciiihenu-j   alone   employed   about I  Among the passengers that ' came  down from the north oii the.'Piinccss  31 ay, which arrived in ,Vancouver  on Saturday, were Mr. Ralph, Jobn-  soui, aud Mr. and Sirs. Abraham  Hickman   and    family    of  this city.  WAS A-VERY SICK BOY.  But, Cured by Chamberlain's   Colic,  Cholera and-i Diarrhoea Remedy.  "When-myiboy.*was two years old  he bad*.a. .very severe attack of bowel   complaint,  but. by   the ,use   of  Chamberlain's,  Colic,, Cholera   and  Diarrhoea Remedy we . brought   him  .out all right," says Maggie. Hickox.  of Midland, Mich.    This remedy can  be depended-upon-tn the.most severe  cases. . ���������, Even Cholera infantum   is  cured by it.    Follow the plain print  cd directions and a cure Is    certain  For sale by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  ���������J00U men this season, and this  number will be largely increased dur  ing-1 tliu ne}.t seasons work.  Mr. Johnson was engaged -with a  Dominion ,Sur\i>y party, which was  surveying along tlie ri\.eis and  streams oi  the Yukon District.  ilr. and Mrs Hickman and famil)  will spend the winter in tliiis city, and  will return to their home on Dominion Creek in April nexi. IL is about  three years and a no.U since'they letl.  Nairnimo foi tho northern gol'l fields,  which Mi-, riii'iviiuin thinks conUun  great future possibilities. '  ilr. Hickman in partnership with  Mr John Dixon, also a Nanaiinoitu,  arc inserested in several claims i,n  Dominion Croeiv which'aie turning  out'fairly well. They aie proposition  fields, that cm only be w orkeil prohU  ably in the s .. mir time-, so (bat Afr  Hickman ileculod, to coino 'out this  winter, and for a thange try the  old town \onro more.  Messrs irdlon, WiJbBtei ��������� Charles and  Albeit Deeming- and J. Gilhspic, all  from this i-ity are working lays on  Do-minion Creek and are doing fairly well is the news brought out b>  Mr. Hickman.  Of course, he says, the dredge is  now the great proposition for securing gold and will continue Lo be so  for years to come.  The Kootenay  .-       I-      ������   ���������, i .   '-        i   i        a.*'!.  Steel Ranpe has  a Itrpe  m\\*  1       W I  i    Ufa".Hi1".  Winnipeg~VAncouvef-v5hJ<>hn H.  mmmmt ^ .   ���������*��������� . mmm  The  Ladysmith HardwareCo,, Sole Agents  ing had been adopted as read, a com  munication was read from the Cen-  era 1 Manager of the Canadian Service and Colonisation Company, slat  The Full board was present at  last flight's mcctin&jof the,city'conn  cil, which was called to older by  Mayor Tlanta.  After  Ihe minutes* of the last meet  ONIAN"  Tbls Hotel has   been completely  renovated.  Board aid lodging $1.00,per day.  JOHNTKA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied with the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-* :-: :-: Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and Cigars. , ������i . ������������������     ��������� ,lt_.-.:3 ������s-i  RAyiVlOND  & SONS  ��������� '., . (    ���������Dealers in���������  Liihe, Plaster Paris,   Brick,  i -���������-'.'        -  Fire Briclc and, Vancouver is-  i'  land cement.  3 Pandora St. Victoria B.C.  Leads Them    AH  IN QUALITY  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  '/ICTORIA,  :���������;  :-:  ���������-:  .���������: :��������� B.C.  J. PIERCY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ��������� .:ETC,;v,.. '.:.:.:..;.  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  NOTICE  LADYSIVHTH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested .to call at    the office    on Roberts   Street an  ���������lay Water    Hates,,;between the,-10th    and the 25th of each month.  Office Hours I P. M. 4.30  1.1 BLAND..  SUPERINTEND KNT.  ih{j- that clients of Ins. who were  interested in street pa\ements were  j-oing to pay a'-visit to the , coast  cities this fall, vand wished to know  if- jN'iuuum'o intended dotng any work  ia that line in the near iuture.  On motion by Aid. Hodgson, seconded by-Aid. Barnes, the. communication was r-jceuco- and filed.  , A communication w as received from  J. a. D'lo*,d, City "clerk of the rnun.  lciipality  ol Oak Bay,  a������s follows:  Tlio Council are dcsirious oi bringing in a oy-law to regulate the  .speed of automobiles in this district,  and as ihey .understand that the  other municipalities and cities are  about Lo do the same and feeling  that many By-laws of different natures im-jht work a hardship on the  owners of drivers of motor cars,  Ihey aie anxious to try and arrange a meeting of representative  membeis from all of the councils.,  and would suggest that if this meets  with Lhe -approval of your council  that a meeting be arranged on the  afternoon of Wednesday, the -3rd  of OcLobei- in ihe City Hall of Vic-',  toria, wi(h the , object of obtaining  uniform I3*-law& and endeavoring to.  get the Legislative Assembly to  bring in an act govcring the same  at  its  next session.  The communication was acknowledged, and in reply thereto Lha  clerk is to state that the Nanaim*  Council will be prepared to fall in  line with whatcer action is taken  ������f" the proposed meeting.  Tho Finance Committee recommend  ed that the sum of   $25 be   donated  to   tho    Children's  Aid   Society,     to  aid  Lhe      furnishing      of their    new-  quarters in Vancouver.  On motion of Aid. Dick, seconded  by Aid. Erandlen, the repoit was received and the recommendations carried   out. ,  As chairman of the Railway Committee, Aid. Kirkham, reported that  Lhc committee was not prepared to  recommend any definite plans in reference   to  thJ request  of the Nana-  AN iKiSH M-XiUO.'  New  'York,      Sept.   2 1.'��������� .Ma^istraLo  liieen, who ,boa.s,l& of hi-*. Irit.li paiun-  lagc,   was      amused   today   by     the  claims of i'aiuck 'Jackt>ou,  who said  he was   an Irishman,  'but who looked like a negro. ' v  '" .Jackson    appeared   against   James  Brown,   a mulatto.     Jackyson   spokw  up and in a bioguc that startled Lhii'-'  policemen ia the   coun, declared that  the -prisoner      had slashed   his left  arm with a razor.  "1 am an Irishman, your honor,  and 1 was born in Cork.'j said the  prisoner. ile was questioned in  Gaelic and replied in the same ton-  ���������fue.  "I'Am black, said Jackson, " but  I am not a negro."  Jackson admitted having a knife,  but said he used it for peeling potatoes.  Magistrate Breen, in disthargin^  Brawn, said he believed - Jackson  provoked the quarrel and deserved  wkat he got.  "Real Irishmen," ho said, address-  mi Jackson, -'don't use knifes."  t    ���������   ���������; 0   t  -' Minneapolis, Sept. 24.���������Six persons  are, reported dead, and a score or .  more injured in a iear end collision  oa the Minneapolis and St. LoiiK  railroad about noon today at New  Prague Mmnoiot a.  **8ti������3  mm  p^'-'- - -**���������  ^4  ��������� v.*'. 1>  -������������������~-*5v\   ��������� ��������� .-.'  1-C3C'"-- *"  V"    .A"--' .  ;a  -'���������ir-JScS***'  STEAM   HCATCD  IffJRNrSHEl. , .ROOMS  bar surPi.iKDWi'JirB������*T,lmo Lumliei* Company  re the branch  A. J. McMUR rRIE, Proprietor  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  WINKS, UQUOR.S, CIGARS  HOTEL  LADYSMITH,    . C  Good tables and good  Rooms  lino.  lhe     comnuLt-ec,    said   Aid.  M. R. SIWIPSO  ...���������:���������,."^jSelleltbr,4Btjo. '  Money to   lem  DAY  SCHOOL. _  U������ual subjects taught; also language0- drawing in Pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte j.nd vocal lessons j-lv-  en in classes or individually.  MISS BER.TRAM,*    Ladysmith, B.C  HiMMklM  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������RateB $1.25 and$1.50���������  Fre to all Bt(eamboat landings aiid  railway depbtBl Electric care every fi ve  rainutea to all parts of the city. Bar  and table unexcelled. ,   .  F..BAYNE8, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST., VANCOUVER B, 0,  NOTICE  Boots.; and Shoes made and repaired. Contracts taken, for clearing  land.  TAI   SINCi  FLETCHER BLDU. ist. AVENUE  Dr. ' v������i- can be found at any time  at his office on G-atacre street. His  dental work 1������ guaranteed to be first-  class, and rates reasonable.  ^Mf^^;������^������.������.|.^.|.������.-.r.fr4 ,i.4^4..i^4^.   *I-4-I*%"!*-*-I-f*I*>*l*>^!-M*^*!*'  t!' Any; parties after this notice found selling or buying bofct.Ies ib'o-  longiaig to the >U. B. Co., will be prosecuted to thc full extent of  thelaw.  A rciward or Ten Dojlars ( $10) will be paid to any porson giving information that wll load to the conviction of persons guilty  of the offence. i      ' ) . ���������.     I  HU-'Z'-CU'l  2  Limited  NANAIMO    B. C.  ,;..*.^'^4^>4.*.������.'.4.^.;4 ,j.4.j.������.].������ 4++,-^���������*r*���������^-^���������^���������^^*H"-<H���������*���������������������������^������������������^*���������^���������  , Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT   NOTICE.      DRILLS  SHARPENED  BY  US      ALWAYS   GIVE  SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED A ND REPAIRED   -S H I P SMI T H I N ft   IN      4 L L   I* T* s3    B R A N C IIRS  Horseshoers andQenera'BSacksmitos.  R. WRIGHT.  Buller Street   -     -   -'     -  lvady������rnithi, B c  lCirkhaiu bad Lwo routes under con.  sirii-raliio.il, and Lbo qnebLion was,  which one should it be. The only  iL-al report LhaL could be made on  the qruestioa was (o brin^-j in Lhe  b\-law, but as the Committee was  not pie-paved to do this, they had  to  ask   for further  time.  On. motion tin* ruipie&L for furLher  (.inn;   whs   granted.  Tho poundkeeper reported one animal impounded during the past  week. -      V.  Tho Manager, reported expenditure  for wages during the week as follows:  Streets,   sidewalks,   etc.,    $72 75  Wafer  Works Maintenance   .   .23 .75  Total   ... ....$96 50  Both reports were received and filed.  On mnLlon of j\ld. Dick the further  discussion of-, the Local Improvement  By-law was postponed for two weeks  Before adjourning .the Mayor stated thai. (lie. Council as a whole had  been invited -'to act on the Committee for the reception of  Gr������y  and party on   Thursday  **   ���������* ���������?>���������-... -".iFi***     *i *������*. *     ^"* ��������� J>������  XtT" .- '  ���������   ^-������--.-,.**.ViJ'--*x  Vs*       - '"*"**��������� l* **--******-^'**N  .������-   ���������;:���������-  "- - ' "r:-'v^\  . - *   *       . - ~s\  ' *        -.   - -      -*    f"i  *   ..    -������������������<.,  .     *     ,*.*���������-���������'���������/  ''"'-- ' .'Mr-j-y  We are justly proud of this  Boot. Tlie greatest praise has  -been heaped upon it since its  introduction.  L 100   Mens' 10 in.  loggi"j Boots  Fiench Calf throughout, -with  ' extra    No.  1.    heavy    hemlock  oles;   nave    outside    counters,  are pegged and have standard  , screw    reinforcing    all   around ���������  tac sole.  .Manufactured by  J LECKIE Co Ltd  VANCOUVER  B.C.  ��������� M  Earl  next.  BROTHIER ACQUITTED  AND RE-ARRESTED  Vancouver, Sept. 21.���������Desire Bro-  thier Avas acquitted on technical evidence on the charge of forgery today, but was immediately rc-arrested  on the charge of uttering false documents.  CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDY ACTS ON NATURE'S PLAN  Tke most successful medicines are  those that aid nature. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy acts on this  plan. Take it when you have a cold  and it will allay the cough, relieve  the lungs, aid expectoration, open  the secretions,, and aid nature in restoring the system to a healthy condition. Thousands have testified to  its superior excellence. It counteracts any tendency of a cold to re---  suit in pneumonia. Price 25 cents.  Large size 50 cents. Forge size 50  Large size 50 cents. For sale byj  lthe Ladysmith Pharmacy. \  PITA >n \lirrrlDUfiY IiSOGrBR  38=  ������|i ���������$������ $������$ $ $ $ 'I' $ -fe $&&^&$^*&&&&&f  1 THE BEST MINING SHOES f  I Shoes that Wear & 1  O.IV.E   SATISFACTION  AT REASONABLE PRIGES   ft T   '\A*WW\f\r%rW"<? rtV^A'VVW/Vi.  fyfyHMfr ���������^^���������^���������^���������^^#^^##*^^^^^^ ���������$#������������������  Smith, Fotos,  ���������oa *������������-*4 ciifttffSteaa ->  ������:������ r-koua MMnimnKi-fttw  Local Items  J. Menghenni, of ilie N'ew Western,  is  in Nanaimo this- afternoon.  Mr.  and Mrs.  E.  Jones were  passengers for Victoria this morning.  1        ��������� ��������� l  Mrs. .1. Fa-gan was a' passenger on  the nine o'clock  train   today.  Mr.   J- Warnock  day on business.  is in Uie citv  to-  "Mrs. E; Leahy was amongst the  passengers on tlie Victoria liouiul  train this mc.ning.  Mrs. F. Baby and daughter arc in  Victoria on a brief visit, haviifg  gone down this morning. *   *������������������  . Miss Christie and Miss "McKincllcy  were amongst those who took passage on -.the, morning train todfay.  Ask for Capital and Nugget Cigars  -Dr. <R. B. Dier'lcfl, on this morning's train for "Victoria, where lie  -will remain for several days.  Robertson's Orchestra has reorganized,-as their advertisement in another column will show.  The .sports grounds committee wish  to acknowledge, through our columns, the receipts of $6.0(kfro*n Mi._  J. Callander; $5.00 from Mr. A. S."  Christie, and $3.00 from Mr. K. Mc-  Askill, to he applied in work on tin:  .sports grounds.  The Sadie and scow, Jesse Mack  and scow, Bermuda and scow and  the Robert Dunsmuir were callers at  the local wharves today for coal.  Collier Quito is expected to reach  port tomorrow.  Murder  is punished    with  a  fine  oil  about'  S3   in  lhc  land   of  the   Ma/a-'  That's All   dayas,    a  Malay   tribe  living-  on  tho  island of   Mindiano,   in the PhiUipp-  ines.    The highest penalty which,can'  be  imposed Lu the  tribe   is    a    fine  of  about   $'2o,   computing  in    American money.    This is for publicly insulting-   an old man.     This race has  many peculiar customs,  according to  reports    brought      by men returning  from service   in  the Phillippines.  All  J of them arc carefully    observed,  and  coiistitule the law,  of the land.   Any  violation of thorn are punished.   Tho  old men constitute a   legislative, jud  ical   and executive  body, and all mat  tors  in  dispute -are     brought   before  them for  settlement.     Theft is   punished  by   the    return    of   the    stolen  property, "and  if   that   is    .impossible  the   council   appraises     thc    property  stolen,   and   Lhe    party  who   commit  ted  the Lheft must pay in work,,this  amount    to  the one    from whom the  property  was talct-n.        The greatest  wrong* Lhat   a  Ma.nda.ya can do is to  show disrespect     to  the old.  To kill  a  stranger  is   thu greatest ambition  of the Mapdalayas.    They attempt to  kill  all  strangers   who]; come     among*  them, not as enemies, but merely bo  cause  they  are  strangers.     1-Je    who  Mils  a' stranger  or an enemy is g-iv-  ,cn    an  important     standing in     the  tribe,   and  after    lie bas killed  thirty he  is entitled   to the   highest hon  or,  that of  wearing -scarlet clothing.  Like the Moros,  the Mandaya's are a  deceitful   and treacherous people,  always pretending    to  be friendly,  but  only awaiting a  chance  to take   advantage  of   the  unwary,    Thej'  never  forget   a  wrong  done  them    by any  other tribe,  and,    if it  be the killing  of one of  their number,  they  will  ,if  possible,   lull two   in  return.      They  will   never   attack    openly    or   where  iheir   adversary    has   any  chance   to  defend    himself.      In  their  raids  up.  on   other   tribes  they   kill  thc     men  and   make  slaves   of the   women   and  children.  Cur Stock is now Complete and [it would be  worth your while to fiave  a look through our goods  before you decide on  your Fail Suit* We have  them in Plain Cloths, in  "all the Leading Shades,,  in Tweed effects, in  Tweed effects with Invi.  sible Plaids, in Plaids,  with invisible Plaids  Walters*  Akenheadl  but we have laid the foundation for  a universal arming of the people. We  have gone still further. We have  made a beginning- by 'organi/.ing the  sold ers by whole regiments', to stand  by our side. They will not dccAaru  themselves by open mutinies, but  they belong, to us. Wc do not expect  to win over the whole army, some  soldiers will b-- true to iho Emperor  but we .expect to shake their morale  to such an extt-nt that they will.cas  ily come over. All this followed tho  declaration of martial law at Warsaw   in August last.  A.  Bryden.  John Michclc.  J. McLeod.  M. O'Connell,  \Y. A. Cornwall.-  S. Teusz. .  Geo. Robinson.  W. Haworth.  H. Pulton-  . C. McMillan.  0. P. Anderson.  E. Clarke.  R. Wright.  J. McMillan,  K.,McKcnzie.  Jas. Kemp.  ���������W. L. Carter.   ,  H. Blair, Jr., '  W. Sneddon,   .  E. <J.. Conway.  Roht. Rolslon,  S. Frcctlry.  P. Fisher.  II. Michie.  W.  E. Bray.  A. 0.  Frost.  A. Portray.  S.  Decker.  II.  Wright.  H. Pagan,  C. Docile.  Hop Lee.  R.  Callemlar.  A.  Howie.  Ci.  Jackson,  It-. J. Bowen.  R. Boyle,  E. Morgan.  Angus Cameron.  Jas. Kerr.  S- Rollcndini.  A. Meredith.  C.  Mains.   t*  R.  Rafter.  J.  Cox.  F. Jug-ham.  R.  Barclay.  A.  Crossan.  Jno. Muir.  W. ,W. Walkcm.   '  IE.  Manuel.  K   Mc A skill.  J. Tilichelc, -  Business in the painting -lino in  Ladysmith is rushing al present. Mr.  H. Ray reports more work in sight  than he can attend to as fast as  he -would like, owing to scarcity of  help. In Vancouver and Victoria he-  states it is almost impossible to obtain painters.  At the meeting of the Dominion  Day celebration commit tee held last  evening the final accounts wcre turned over, and it was* found tha-l- after  all expenses had been paid ajhhlance  of $102.00 was left on hand, and  ���������this the secret-,!ry was instructed lo  (urn over (,o the sports grounds  committee. All the subscriptions  with the exception of one have been  collected. -  ,* Mannheim, Gormamy, Sept. 2d.���������  Llerr Rooter, a. aelogate of thc Socialist party ut Russian Poland, in  course of a speech before the national convention or Herman Societies  said: "1 com-* from the land of  bloodiest measures against the people. Let me tell you what we have  done since the declaration of martial law in August, 190*5. The country is organised. We have freedom  of the press never before known, and  boys sell our papers In the streets.  It was a rare thing before the declaration of martini law for a private  person to hruc arms. Today thousands arq, armed. Wo have purged Uie  police of their worst elements. .We  have  not  risen against the autocracy  PERT PARAGRAPHS.  Don't chase bag joys so hard that  you  trample down little ones.  It doesn't ma tier so much about  your clothes so long as your intellect doesn't hag at  thc knees.  You can't pump a gallon of information into a pint of brain.  Opportunity wouldn't gel snirvlr-ffcl  so often if she did not -have tlie bad  habit of going about  disguised.  Even a deaf rnvui can hear thc  noise a fifty dollar hill makes.  But it isn'L certain that you will  find your sins out if thc police do  not lend a hand.  THE LADYSMITH ORCHESTRA  ' (Laic Robertson's)  Cornet   I. .Whitcormbe  Violin  :..: .*... A.  Auchinvolo  Piano  ., .'f.'g. Ashtoa  Can -foe enigjajg-ad for Dances, SocHal-*)'  eic. A larger number of pieces can  bc engaged if -required.  Terms, etc.,'Box 223, Laidysttnltli.  ���������*������- **������*��������� ftt a-it-iti-^njun  FOR SALE ��������� A  cheap.     Apply  MRS,-"  child's crib ' b*ed-  H. POLLARD,  Second  Avenue.,  4  ���������  Millinerii  adies' are invited fo attend our Millinery Opening on  181  Display ot Choice  PATTERN HATS  ���������'' and the Latest  MILLINERY NOVELTIES  t  :  dimen %amr d"Cc.  ��������� limited  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   ' t *������������������ _-, ���������  & -  *  ������        When ordering your MEAT don't forget to  s������ call on us.   We keep nothing but the BEST  g: that the Market: can afford and guarantee  g SATISFACTION  ROUID CORN BEEF - ��������� 121-2C. LB.  i a; howe  MEAT   MARKET  3  3:  tfjttjikittftjttjujujttittjttji. m Miimimimmiiim  NOTICE  On and after Monday, Sept. 17, I will  be found in our new shop on First  Avenue, next to Carter's Fruit  Store Shaves and Haircuts a specialty.        ��������� ���������  HOT and GOLD WATERBATHS  J. OILMAN  LADYSMITH    BAKERY  "Smith," <4Clabroilgh/^  "Parker," "Remington"  and "Winchester" Guns  FULL    STOCK  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIMITED  SPORTS GROUND  SUBSCRIPTION LTST.  Hugh Thomley.  N.  A. Morrison.  T,  O'Connell.  J. Sanderson.  J. Eno.  D.  O'Connell.  J.  C. Gillespie.  Wm. Sanderson.  R.  McMillan,  W. S. Morrison.  Jas.  Adam.  James Dunbar.  John O'Connell,  C. Hewlett.  Ed. Leahy,  W.  Akenhcad.  W. Siler.  D. Johnson.  I-I. Hewlett.  A. Michie.  Thos. Lewis.  Jno Dunbar.  Eddie Jones.  Tom White.     ;  R. Maguire;  Doc. Ellis.  CHOICE    CAKES     AND   PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding    Cakes Sladc   to  Order  FRUITS   AKD    CANDIES  OF ALL  KINDS.    f.KESa   BREAD'EV-  -  ERY   DAY  Prices    arc     Vcrj Reasonable.      All  ���������Customers are Treated Alike.  HOP  LEE * CO.  ON THE -ESPLANADE,  ^ronrrnrrpnn  ROGERS' BEST  SPOONS,   KNIVES,  FORKS,   ETC.  A large Shipment just received, and now on exhibition in our window,  and look thern over   .  Call  B. FORCIMnER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  asia  ^^f^SSS^<i^3lSSlSliSSSiSSS&SSBSm.  W. Q. Fraser  Merchant Tailor  PIKST AVENUE. I i* :  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  Want Advertisements   '  rk,  Lamb  NOTICE.  Miss Dobeson will resume her class  es in vocal culture in Ladysmith the  j first week in October.    Terms on application.     Box. 12.    Nanaimo.  B.C.  'Phone 1-4-0.  NNELL  GATACRE ST.       LADYSMITH  ���������������������������������������������������������������  None Better-Capital & Nugget Cigars  FOUND���������On Friday last, a watch.  Owner" can have same   hy calling  here and    paying  ���������'for this advertisement.  FOR SALE���������$300 buys a 4-ro'omed  cottage, situated between Third  and Fourth Avenues, Roberts St.  For particulars, apply, between the  hours of 5 and 6 p.m.  'R .^WILLIS. o-l  Dr.R.B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work  Minard'B  where.  guaranteed and at reason-  ��������� able rates.  RESIDENCE  AND OFFICE  Liniment for sale   every jGatacre St LadyFItlith  j Op#n at all hpur^ '������������������'..


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