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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Sep 19, 1906

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 ^���������JEKL^^S-w-o^r*-- ���������-j****-*-* "���������- t-*"**-���������,* v 'i'-(. *������w*������*.   ^     -<  /a .*..  5 ������   Si.  VOL,a  WEDNESDAY  SEPT.  19,  1906  PRICE FIVE CBNTS  orrrr:  "OVER SEAS"  Mill MUG  iGAINST Til  Q  -���������������*-  LAC1EI1, H. C, Scjil.. IS. ���������  During tlie dark horns of Uie  night, the Over Seas mail train  dashed aloJng the furious reaches of the Vraser,' crossed the Gold  Range, and- when ,il arrived-at lion-  elstokc in the valley oi' Ihe Columbia this morning, half a-ii hour ol  thetsix hours' handicap it here was in  leaving- Vancouver' had been lopped  ol. Excellent sjjeed is being- maintained and here in the heart of tlie  Sell-irl;s the sloejj climb Js being easily made. Tn this homeward flight  of the Over Seas mail, an additional' sleeper is-mpcessary lo'accomodate the increa=*jd number of passengers,    a largo  portion  of  whom  w 11  *w  ���������go direct J>y the Empress of Britain  from Quebec to Europe. The travellers from the Far East express  themselves as being more than dcligl t>  ed at the now service by which Llicy  are to .travel half way around the  g-lobe within :50 days.  One of those who came", from Hong  iut-ucb OF  COAL ������RE SHIPPED  H0BTH  1ITLE visiting the oirice of Mr.  Fred. Ila'wes, who has charge  or  the'woik at the  wharves  of    the    Wellington   Colliery  Company,  today,' o������ec of  t-hc  Chinese coal  sackers ca.nie   in     iwith  a rrti-fiest for more twine for sacking  coal.     As Mr.   llawcs complied with  the request,  he remarked that a little over  one   ton  of twine  has  been  used at  the local wharves for   sacking purposes this season.     A's. can jlito  readily   seen,  this represents a large  amount of sacks  handled;' there having  been  fully    ^70,000 ��������� sacks     filled  and shipped North this., year. ., Todfiy*  the T'JUeno    leaves  for -!Nojne     with  .sacked  coal   on -hoard.     Iiei\ cargo,  however,   does  not consist ot sacked  coal altogothoi,  as her  foi ward hold  is  idled     with     the   lust   bulk  coal  which has      ever    loll this city    for  IS'oine. '   .  In lutuie, perhaps, more coal will  be shipped north in bulk t-hau hu***.  hitherto been possible, owing to  poor facilities loi unloading. However, tnero is a demand tor bulk,  and  il   will  have  to   be sent.      The  iUEPW  SWEPT BY A  TERRlf IG STORM  'SCORES or  LIVES ARE LOST  ���������++���������  ���������Kong remarked     lo your    contort   ^ColUei     ^  *'ill  hkeiy-be    in'  I within a     '  dent   that Uio route .-was a revelation  lew  days,  and if  so,  will  to  liiim   in ever  take a  cango of bulk coal noith.  way.      Ihe  passage,     Tj,c  biUkeill]11Q ArcLer   .     a,  , o.er tho Poodle was extremely on-1 hele mWj ;U1(1 .������������������. ^ W &boui  joyable, and (he land trip so far. nj I^00 tons, although she will not go  constant surprise. While the rosour- ',uoi th  ces  of  the    Canadian   ra'cifie   .seemed  inexhaustable,     and   lhe   service on  land   and sea    so   perfect   that > (be  long-  iourney  had  become   merely a  ' delightful' pleasure   outing.  Last evening the Terjc Vilcen reach  cd poit, from Nanaimo,' where she  bad taken on a partial cargo. She  will .complete'same here and leave  for T'Tisco. - x  SUCCESSFUL TRIAL  OF AN AIRSHIP  -��������������� >fc*-  The Milwaukee Sentinel, just to  hand, gives the following inteie&ting  account of the tiial of an air-ship  recently made in that city by U.K.  Hamilton:  Hamilton then took his po.si.tion  astride tho framework. Carefully  scrutinizing eveiy part of the machinery, Hamilton unconcernedly direct  ed his men jn the prepjrjaitory woikv  "Well, I'm ready, f el lows/' announced Hamilton quietly a few min  utes after 4 o.'clock. Surioiindingt,  the ship were about 10,000 people  ���������crowding around in, an endeavor to  see parts of the machinery. Hamilton beckoned to the people to stand  back' in order to give the nuiohine  an opportunity to get away and lhe  motor was started. Quickly lhe  propeller began to revolve like that  of a ship until  the  iate of 225    ie-  ol the crowd with a Ibow and wave  ol the hand, Hamilton again started upwaid. Busilv ihe mo I or kept  up chugging and the propullor kept  cutting the wind while, the ship  sky-tod lowuul lhe north tencc. lla-in  ilton limn dnected thu coiusc ol the  Ship toward the west, thence to the  south, following lhe course ot his  first (light.  When on the leturu toward the  north, the opciator was seen to  lean forward and tlnow out some ol  tho ballast. Tho sand lell into a  scattering crowd of people below,  and the ship, leleased of sonie of  its weight, daited laithei into thu  air. fueling aiound the giouudto-  waid the north, Hamilton then  started toward the stock pavilion.  The coiusc of the ship was lowered  utd slowly     it    .tye-gaii -steering   to-  volutions    to  the  minute had     been   waid'the st-ai ting point.     With   tho  reached. ! sojjimI, of   the motoi still chckingAuid  "Let her go," yetled Ilamillon and ' Hamilton still tugging ou the ropes  giacefuMy the ship darted inlo the the ship descended to a point about  air at an -angle of 45  degrees.    The ��������� "JO foot in  the air.  ship barely skimmed several trees as J "Cive me loom to get down," he Lii������ usual harbor work was in pi-ogiu>&  it rose into the air, but in a few, yelled to the crowd. In the mean- |���������iK.n lhc siovm struck the shipping  seconds  the apparatus was well sky-   tune   the aeronaut's assistants   wore |.withol.t ���������  ,viiminS,     vessels     pitched  busily     engaged in an endeavor,   to  OXG   KOXC,   Sept.   18,--A   terrific  storm   broke  suddenly   heu;  this   afternoon    lasting   '> hours,  mid   destroying   innumerable   'in-  ti\e eruft  and  causing much  loss    ji  Iilu.     'ihe hai bor is lucra.ll*>     strew^  With   w roc i. age,   and   the   streets       oi  ���������Jliu CJLj    aiu   mooni'd   -.\ ilJi   (Jem i������>.   jij,  un,vliOi\u   .-jiLtin.or     coiilucd   uuu   Uiu  Jii.L.su   steamer    ,-*>ti aihmoro   s>orioub-  1$   oaiiiUgiii^    thj   uttier.    j.Jil-  xii'iLi^u  saeumet   iiong  Jsang collided with tnt-  lijitisu     steamer    uho|J    bmg       with'  blight   damage.,   Tn.c  nvei   bout    J'a-,  tohang  loulcii   with   tho  j/renUi     man  ooiiL  i olviiesian,   the Jhitisii stcamei  Monteaglo,   tho   Cornum steamer   Signal,, the (Cieriuaii steamer Jiiiuua Lu^-  ken,  the Iti'itish 'sLc-umer Chang   Bha,  the Cieruiau ^teaW1!- Scxta,  thu Ku������  Loon,   lerryboat,   and  a   water    boat  \\*������ru dri\en *shor#.  The Amcricuii sLoainei- -Soi-sogon  and the Ucrmun steamer Johaune  are awash. A Japanese steamer is  stranded   on  Kelets   Island.,  Tlie British i-ivev gunboat lloorhon  is-loaking badly. One French torpedo  boat destroy or is ashore and two  others dragged their anchors the un  tire'length of the hnrboi. The l-.nt-  ish steamer Emfn-css of*Japan was  sa\ed,by the dock-company "s tug  J-.eeping her .steady. The American  sbi|i;B. P. Lliichcock was driven high  and dry on shore. The i Ivor steamei  [vwong Chow. San Chung find Sun  Lee foundered, the French steamer  Chub.  lfai-douL  was  damaged.  Xc\ York, Sept. IS,-The only American ship reported lost'so far is  the Hitchcock, which had just arrived at Lloug JCong Irom Manilla, and  was' preparing to .sail for Baltimore  and New York. The Hitchcock is  owned by 1. F. Chapman and Co. of  >Tew York and carried a crew of Ci-1  men. She was built at ISatb, Maine  in ISm:? and is of 20Si\ tons net register.  Hongkong Sepl. IS.���������A .aisastrous  tyj koon, occirced here today. A  cloven steamers in tho harbor have  sun,k, otluM's aie in a sinking condition or have boon driven ashore.  The American ship S. ['. Hitchcock is ashore thcl'rilish steamer  Ivwong Chow has* sunk1, two other  I'.ritish steamers the San Choung,  and the Wing Chai have sunk. Tho  Gorman steamer Johanna is lie'mg  beached to prevent her sinking The  German steamer Appenrndo is in a  sinking condition, and the German  .steamers Sognnl, Vetrach and ' Riri-  maliiyken. are all three ashore. The  German Pnnz Baldenar was damaged. The Mont eagle bad her stern  post broken and allempts are |)eing  made    to   float   her.  Manilla, Sept. LS.���������Although the  barometer was low this morning,  there was nothing- to show a h**"'-  ricane.      Under   ordinary   precaiition-s  IN 1R&IH PECK  0  ���������������*���������*���������  KLAirOMA CITYk Olda. Sept.  JS.���������A special to the Times  Journal from Jinul tins afternoon states that fully UOL1'  persons were drowned this morning  in the wreck of the northbound Ohi  'cago Hock lslund and l'aciho passenger train. Xo. 3 2, which went into  the Cimarron river at Dover, '27  ���������miles south of Enid. The engine  and all cars with the exception ol  the l-'ullmans went into tho stream,  .wkieh has been, raised to unusual  height by a terrific storm lust, night.  Jt is reported that 1O0 passengers  wore in tlie climr car and that all  were di owned with the exception ol  one man. ' i'our men 'weie seen to  fall from the top of one of the  cars into the water and were drown  ed. Ao names of the victims arc  obtainable at  this time.  A report from Kingfisher states  that many persons on the ill-fated  tram rescued by a leliet train liave  arrived there. 3d an*, persons more  dead than alive as a result of their  experience have been placed in the  hotels at Jvingfisher, while a mnnbei  of   dead   bodies   have  been  taken    to  I  the morgue. A number ol Kingfisher  jjeople known to have been on Uu  train   have not  been  found  Wichita, Kancas, Sept. IS.��������� 'A  tclei'honc message from llennessy,  Okla., says that 22.T persons were  carried into the Cimarron river,  and of this number onl.v six arc reported  safe. "  llennessy is ouly'oiahr    miles   frojn  the' scene   of   the   wreck. <���������  All      cars,  excepting   the    rear  J'ullman are said  (o  have   gone  into  Ihe    Itivor.  .;��������� Guthrie,    Oklahoma,  Seplenibcr  IS  FOOTBALL MEETING  Will BE HELD  IHIS EVENING  A  MEETING- of the footliall  club is called for this evening,  ami it is very important that  ���������v representative meeting be  held. There are many important things lo come before  is the choosing of candidates to re-  piesonl Ladysmith at the coming  meeting of the association in Victoria on Saturday next.  Another matter which will come  up will be the foiniation ot a city  league, composed of teams from this  city alone, and a schedule of games  arranged. This is one of the most  important steps towards a successful football season, as it alionds the  best possible means of practice,  and  FREE TEXT  BOOKS FOB  PUBMC SCHOOLS  V  1CTOUIA,   Sept.   IS.���������(Special)  The Trades  and  Labor     Con-  gross   resumed   its   sitting   here  today.  The subject of seating the delegal-  es^from the Vancouver allied printing trades coum-il v.as referrc-d to  ihe Congress, and by a vote of 2G  to 42 it was decided to uphold .the  credentials committee in refusing ap-  pr������val. Permission, however, 'was  given the delegates to address the,  meeting, and they submitted a memorial .asking that the provincial  government    undertake     the  printing  .serves to keep   interest in the game  keenly  alive  throughout  the     entire  of all^ public school  text books with  reason., tho      ultimate  , Practice nights,   etc.,   will be     ar-  langed all the meeting tonight, and  it is high time that this were'hieing  done if the teams are to be successful this year. Victoria already has  had her men out practicing, and are  m fairly good shape for a match,  while Ladysmith has not yet had hei  men together.  Still another matter which will be  -arranged tonight .is a gvune for to-  moriow. It is proposed to have  two teams consisting of the cleiks  of the city and the Wellington Col-  lieiy employees oppose each other  tomonow afternoon at live o'clock  on the bunker, grounds, in the fust  game of football of the season. The  baseball matches held between these,  two teams earlier in the summer  were very successful, and created  coiisideiahile interest amongst the local sports, besides tuinishing. excellent practice ' lor the senior team.  The same should be the case with  Leg.uds to football, and it is to (be  hoped  that   good,  stiong  teams  will  object, of supplying  them free. A resolution on these lin-**s  was then submitted and passed unanimously. % \  CHINA IS MAKING VAM PROGRESS  BY SHIPS CAPTAIN  ���������i- Eighf persons are dead, twenty ;,)C ou ,uml ^ u,iuet>eil(, each side  more or lc<=s imured, .and ���������'Moiiioinnv. -TJie meeting will take.  many more  nursing as  the  icsult     t>r _ p|.n*c  in  the  ilowcry.  the   wrecking   of   a    Hock   Island    pas- j ,   ���������%���������    -. ���������  sengcr train   three   miles   from     IDov- miuilll.lini/  er.    Okla., at 8,i0  o'clock  .his morn-  ALLtGtD   INHUMANIIY  ing.   'The     engine,   tender,    bacgage  and   mail cars,  smoking  ear rind   day  coach   of   passenger   (rain      Xo.      If!.  orthbound. left tbiy high bridge thai  span.s Ibf. CJiinmarron river and plun  geel into the stream which is llankod  by treacherous ipiicKsnnds. 'l'iie locomotive disajipeared almost Jniuiodia-  tcly. The mail and baggage ih-rks  escaped from their eais and swam  to the shoro. The accident was due  to driftwood which piled against lhe  bridge and swerved if ont ol lino  The I inin vvas an hour late and was  running at n hit;b speed. The engineer did not see tho condition of  tho bridge until ho was wilhin a few  yards of it Tie shouted to his Are-  mannnd mmped and hmdod on th..1  verge of Iho ii\cr and ns'aped unhurt. Tlie fiiemnn sustained se\ore  itijui ie-s.  '��������� ashore   along  *"*. 7  tho    water  front, ami  ward.     Outlined against the sky was  the big .^as bag,   under'.which     was   clear    enough . space    for a  landing. | sea wa,ls wore streW11  the framew-qrk. on    which  the aero-   When about' tw-enty-five feet  in    the     . , , n ,-��������� i*    ,���������  naut tugged and nvaaiocuvered with' air the, motor stopped and the gus''-WUh wl���������k*S������-X,0������������������ hncrs Jun^'  the ropes co.il rolling the stc-ering ! bag lloated limply toward the .ground ��������� f=ailli,aus nnd Fc'r,:*-V ,watf "\, P "  gear.     " . j Standing about  the lowering.' mach- -ed l,������ in  tho  sireuts; 'and  th������  (loc"  ��������� < Tahinga. position in the air direct-! inc were the eager assistants await- ������l, highways woro blocked with wreck  ly back of the graii'dst'iiid. t-T-jim.il-1 ing to catch hold of the. framework aS'e- Thc los-S ot' lifo was amonS  ton steered toward the south. After j and ���������bring it to the ground. As thc Lllt! "Stives. I-'t'ttrl rtfcr was crowded  going    a  rtkstaiicc  of several    blocks   men caught  the  ship a  mighty cheer .<vith  'icats  and  the .storm sent lunn-  , beyond the south fence he directed j went up from the crowd. The land- dreds to lhe bottom.. If is mpos-  the ttolloon toward hjie east. ling   was made  just   twenty-live, min-  s-ible now to     estimnte    the number  "'He's going  down    town,"   yelled   utes after   the ascent and after    the   who  perished,  the excited crowd,  but-the ship then ' aeronaut had toured  the skies    for a  ^ started toward  the .grounds.   He re-   radius of  one mile and for a   height'   FKMNY  IDEA   FROM ENGLAND  turned to a  point directly 'above the   of 700 feet.     Carefully the ship  was ;    The  London   World   is  not  a     hu-  center of  the oval and  toward     the'towed-   into  the  tent and  Hamilton ]morons paper,  but it  is very   funny  grandstand.     Lowering the  direction   returned to his dressing tent. '.sometimes.     Thc other day it indul-  of the craft, he soon occupied a po-J    "Weather conditions  were fair   ar-'ged in a  bit,    of    hmnor by looking 'al fig-hts would follow in succession,  sition -about    100      feet above     the   ter all,"  said  liamilfon    after     the ; forward  to   the  time when thc   \.Tn"   wllon  tllc "P101*"  would  say:  "G-cn-  FOUnilT THE WHOLE CLASS  Many years ago a "plcb-e" at the  Naval academy astonished an upper  class man by going (o him and announcing, "See here, I don't like  the way my class is jilting treated.''  The upper class -man was nearly'sur  prisod out of his wits', but, recovering from his stupor (and only one  who knows thc full moaning of rate,  .among the midshionu-ti can have a  correct apjirecijall-ton of what tlml\on-������  liounceineiit from a "plebo" to an  upper class man carried), the "rating" demanded, "Midsliipman, do  you ��������� want to fig-hl?" "That's what  I'm looking for." The fight was'arranged and tin; "plebe" whipped his  man, says ��������� the New York Herald.  Then another, youujgfriter was supplied  land he went the way of the '".st,  and so on until a half dozen, had  been  discomfited.     Sometimes sever-.  If all the allegations of C. Swan-  sou, a seaman from tlie liritish  ship Lverneil, at prcscuL loading  lumber at JlasLings Mill, are true,  bus ca-30 is one of Lhe most extraonliu  ao over known m connection with  shipping in this port says Monday's  \aueou\ei World. Swaiison todai  laid umui million at the jiolaco court  charging Lhc captain ol tlie Lverneil under lhc section or tiie ALer-  cliAiit. t, .Shipping Act relating to cruc  lly.v Suansatis story as  lolci   at thu-*rising  Shanghai, China, &ept. Sept. 18.  ���������A competent authouty in tho ' Jfar'  Kast decJare-s that the Chinese have  made more progress during the lasL  live years than, urn. otlic-r , ua-tion,  not  e.\cootmg-  Japua.  He  says   that   China has  not made    '  such advances   m iron and  voal pro.  clucuon 'as has the b. a., but he eon- '  teads    that   China   has  made a wider and more .profound change ��������� iu hei- '  whole attitude toward western   civilisation  than has any  oih'er  nation.; '  The  latest pioot ih������t   Chma's fucc;  is set   lowatd progu-ss  is   found   in  the    imperial    decree   issued    recently  promising   a   change   of   laws.    Whilo  this decro-jc does not promise a const it ul ion, as careless readers have -inferred,  nevertheless   it   points   in  that  dircction-  A more vital indication of progress  is found m the reoent imperial decree, making some mastery ol western  learning a condition of future devel-  ojiment in the government service  This decree does not eneet existing  oltice holders and docs not apply  to candidates for oflice \vho ha.\o  ���������lread.s comoleted the prescribed  course of Confucian learning and  have received the first and second  degrees. lUit the significance of the  doci iv is found in the fact that it  prescribes the identical condition  for candidates for office, which the  young omiwror prescribed eight years -  ago and which led to the Boxer up ; .  ft   as   significant   that     the.  station and to a Uoild icportor, as 'dowager empress who then decried  Lkat he has' been sick and applied to the younger empeior for bis radical-  tho Captain loi relief Irom duij and ism, now issues m bis name the ld-  ���������U--.0 asked to be sent to the hos- 'outical decree which produced the  pital.      Lie  said  that,   he  was   refused Ivevolution.  uni was ordered back to woik. Tins  happened early last week, lie applied again and again was refused. Thc  third time, he alleges, the captain  took him to a hospital, where a  doctor looked at him and said there  was nothing- wrong with him and he  had better go back to work. Then,  on Friday, Swauson left the sh p amj|  went    to    Lir.    Hoycs,   who  examined  ���������16 BUSHELS TO ACRE.  AcoouUug to the Boiss-cva-in- Recorder the biggest yield- of-wheat per  acre for that district and no doubt  Cor the province of Manitoba, for  'this year, was threshed on William  Wil-son's farm, north of the town.  Off sixteen'acres of back-setting Mr.  Wilson got GDI bushels of wheat, a  fraction  over ,*i(i   bushels  per     acre.  him. thoroughly and gave   him a. cer-.  .j.,^   w.ja,at     w;lS   grown   from     pure  tilicftte   slating*   thus   be   was   not   lit. -   - ��������� -���������-������������������' '   r  t-'u"  'ground,-immediately  in  front of  cheering multitude.  Hamilton was plainly vislb/le in the  machine. Sitting astride the ���������triangular framework he pulled and jerked  at the ropes and as the steering  gear at rear switched from right to ���������  left the jbig gas jliiag changed its  course. Not once did the apparatus  falter but responded to every move  of its operator.  After acknowledging  tlie   applause  llight*.     '���������'!   would have gone'    down-! ited States    would become a consti- tlcinen,. I  am   tired  now.       I'll   see  town if there had been enough gas tutional monarchy, expressing, the  in the hag, but I did not. want to opinion that if an election on thc  get strandod a'vviay from the, c)i-oundti ! matter were to   be held now a large  Did you notice me throw out sonic  ballast? It wasn't because I "did  not have the. ship uiwlcr control, b'ut  I always have a little fun with Iho  crowds below when I am up in the  air. It is groat sport to sump out  some sand and watch the crowds ilfi-  low scatter.'-' .  vote would be polled in favor of a  king with constitutional limitations.  It is possible that some members of  the Newport and New York smart  set -would vote that way, but there  arc upward of SO,OOO,O0O people outside of the smart set who would  laugh at the  idea.*��������� Savannah News.  you again another day." The academy authorities found out vliat  was- in progress and sent for thc  "plciii-b," nun* then, -hiefore ollicral  authority, he announced, "I can whip  the whole class." It turned out  that thc "pie-be" bad been a prize  fighter .before  entering  the  academy, i ������������������''*- s(ati6n  to work Or lo be on n ship at all,  that, be w*a-s sulTi-ring from' facial par  alysis, deafness, severe headaches and  that he was in the first stages of  Ucomotor ataxia. 'This cert idea to  Swanson took to the Captain, who  he says, read it. burned it .ami order  cd  him   to   work.  Swanson says ' he was; so 'sick that  he could not work, and asked for a  discharge, but the Captain refused  this; On Sunday, Swanson claims  he was refused food. This morning  he got away again saw Dr. Hayes,  who gave him a fresh certificate  that he vvas unfit for vv0vk. Wan-Jed  with this Swanson went, to the po-  where be ' swore   out     a.  ; warrant     against   thc   captain.       The  Mr.   J.   Iviiight  is   in 'Victoria    to-'.caso   will   be    heard     by' Magistrate  day,  having  gone dawn this morning j Williams   tomorrow  morning.  Red Fyfc seed, .purchased Irom the  experimental farm at Brandon last  spring. The seed cost $1 per bush-"  cd. This will convince the farmers  of this district, says "Ac'Recorder,  thai the 'best seed grows thc best  wheat and  gives the largest yield.  Returns -from Dauphin district,  show that the avcrafeV yield of wdieati  is 25 bushels to the acre.   o   RAINDROPS.  A meteorologist -has. undertaken  the laborious task of measuring the  ���������dimensions of raindrops. Tie finds  that the larg-est arc one-sixth of ait  inch and thc smallest one-hundredth  of an inch in diameter. - ���������>' arc  larger in summer than in winter and  larger in hot than in cold cli-naus.  The size of the drop when 't reaches the earth depends on the height  frotn  which it has fallen. IHaCMHBCMM-H t.11  ���������"i^Ki^Oli^lT*^-*^--'^^ "J������������������*7���������r���������* -���������*-'-������������������tf-  iMhrM-v^ ��������� gjri-yiiMtrfrtwnw ���������h**-*���������- r*r*Yi-������ ***j *���������  THE LA.DI8MITH   DAILY LEDGER  m  DAILY   LEDGfR  every   -iay   except S������ud������y  .-BY���������  THE DAILY LEDGER COMPANY.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One Yen (Ik alvaaee) (3*00  One Month Ww._ ._.. ���������,,  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH,  HIGJU PRICE PEACHES.  .POINTED 'PARAGRAPHS.  If  a  man     asks  *fom a friend '-ml  William J., Bryau and his  wife and  daughter    will     never     again oider  fresh peaches     while in Paris.     One  Mm  mad.  of the    across'-tu'ble stories at    urn  dinner*  lor    Mr. Bryan on Satutday  a  ���������vut.did'.opinion  f", ',rs- it,  it iL-ij.-s  weie suid that he was calling ou fa er  to  make ai'ra������gement^'for -hMinjr   z  cook.  .WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 19, 1906  SIR THOMAS SHAUGH/  '     NESSEY INTERVIEWED  Tv-'icloria, Sept. 18���������To a doputa.-  -'-ciou irom tho .Board of Trade who '<,  interviewed him, Sir. Thomas Shuu-  ���������jhuehsoy^ President of; tho C. P. K.,  sLatetl tJiat so greatly bud tl-.e tourist trade lo Victoria grown that,  his comjiauy was now within measurable distance of supjilemeiiliiig the  ferry seivice with a steamer larger  ihan tho Princess Victoria. '  e also told the .Board of Trade  that it was the intention of tho government to extend the E. & N. 1 ail-  way. The only delay was in*! order  to make     no  mistakes.  The day before yesterday a syr-  vey party had been put ,in the field  to work on the projected extension  to   Alberni   and    Comox.  According to th������ map shown -the  committee the company has aKo tin  dor consideration a line from Duncans toj Cowichan Lake wilh ;*i steam  er on the lake, and continuation of  the line to near the mouth of Al-  ' bcrni  canal.  Sir. T. Shaug-hnesscy, President of  ,the C. P. R. and i-arty, consisting  of Hon. L. J. Forgot, Montreal; Vincent Hill, London,���������W. O. O. Matthews, Toronto, and R. Marpolo, sup-  erintendant of the Western division  of Vancouver; Duncan Ross, M. P. P.  and W. R. Ross, M. P. P., aro guests  at the Driard.  Sir Thomas in an interview said  his present visit West was the annual lour of inspection of the company's holdings in the West and had  no special significance. TTe was pleas  ed irnmcnsly with the progress to be  noted on all sides in Canada and  quite satisfied with the company's  business and prospects in the West.  The original plans of the Empress  hotel have not been changed, and  .while an additional wing had been  planned, the immediate future did  not seem to warrant sueh an' under  /taking, though tho tourist business  .was increasing by leaps and bounds.  The company could bo depended upon  io meet the requirements of the situation as soon as they eventuated  Respecting the general western policy of the Company, itwas not intended to invade Seattle in an independent fashion; (lie present tvau'ii-  arrangement with thc Northern Pacific, may be continued  in'definUolv.  ���������"���������u������ ���������- ���������  SO cefcts [-Qi-Skt zi    Healcy's  restaurant     was  as follows:  Mutual friends invited the Bryans  to lunch at a Paris hotel. The little girl, Grace, had become weary  of the everlasting recuiLcnce of  chickens aud lettuceirin going from  place to place, and ,wben she learned)  that peaches wore on the bill of fare  she said she wanted some. The  waiter was asked about Lhe peaches,  in'd he said that they had some  nice ones, just from Algiers, *. he  would bo delighted to e,eu Ihe .1 fot  Mile. Bryan, lie got them. j hey  came in a bmall wooden box, a/bout  a doxen in all, and were small aim  inferior in every iway to tke fc'on-  ous products of the Delaware,; Georgia and California ircharjs, Vat  they were peaches, and the best to  be ob-tained in Paris.  When the waiter prnsen',el >'i&  check there was an explosion, lhc  bill for the peaches was $7.20 in Am  erican money. Thc American host  of the Btyans, who had ordered the  dinner, did, not try Ho restrain his  feelings. He "roasted" the waiter  tlie-restaurant, the peaches and the  Algerian who grew the little peaches  The proprietor explained that . ths  peaches were a rarity in Paris, and  that importing^ them from Algiers  was a costly undertaking, I-Ie called them beautiful peaches, a characterization that nearly caused thc  American to hit him, mt ce -nule  thc Bryan party 'pay thc $7.20 for  thc' peaches.  "-When I saw the ibill for thc  peaches," \said Mr. Bryan, "I was  reminded of that line in 'Bingen on  the Rhine,' which we used to t-pcak  in school. It went '''IA. s.oldier or  the legion lay dying in Algiers.' 1  suspect he ate one of those mica-  able Algerian peaches, costing 70  cents."���������New York Tribune.  Some people 'invariably <>ct the  worst ol it. because thoy~.ue~ "Ti-  'ways  demanding Ihe best of it.  As soon as a man gets 'a uotio.i  that .his employer can't get dona,  "without him he 's getting jeady to  lose his job.  There is -always thc dinger th.it  every man will become the hired  man and every mother the hired giil  to their family. V    '  WAS A VERY SICK BOY.  Brit Cured by  Chamberlain's   Colic,  Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.  "When my bay  was two years  old  he had a very severe attack of bowel   complrint,  ,but   by -the   use    of  Chamberlain's    Colic,    Cholera    and  Diarrhoea Remedy we brought    him  out all right,",.says Maggie Hickov.  of Midland, Mich.    This remedy can  be depended upon in thc most severe  leases.        Even Cholera  infantum    is  Esquimaii   & Nana.  way  SCHEDULE   OF TRAIN SERVICE  When ;i   young man begins i<��������� an Ice I cured by  it.     Follow the plain print  regular    visits    to a    e,n-l,  how    >t  would  knock  out  flic  romanc  jf   it  cd directions and a cure Is - certain  1 For sale by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  Miners' Driiline Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPA1RED   AT   SHORT   NOTICE.      DRILLS**-  SHARPENED  BY  US      ALWAYS   GIVE  SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED A Nl) REPAIRED   -S II I P S M IT1I1 N GIN      UL   ITS   B R A N C WOS  Morseshoers -and Genera' B.acksniitns.  Passenger Irain, No. 2, leaves Ladysmith daily, Northbound 11:57 a.m.  On Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. No. 4 leaves -Northbound 6:45 p. n.  Passenger train,  No.  1, leaves Ladysmith Southbound,  daily, 9:10 a. in.  On Wed.. Sat' and   Sunday   leaves  Southbound 4.48 p. m,     ���������  Geo, L*. Courtney,' - '.  ' District Passenger Agent  5S Oovernment St., Victoria, B.C.  R.. WRIGHT  Bullet" Stree t   -  Ladysmitti, B C  Union-made Capital & Niifget Cigars  Minard's  where.  Liniment for sale   every  one^  more  IN SELF DEFENSE  "Why do you yell at a 'baseball  game?"  "Because," answered the man who  is evidently dig-bified, "1 dislike to  hear the yelling of other people. I  sacrifice my throat to save my ears.  ���������.Washington Star.  IT DEFIES  coaiPETiTiosr  WATSONS  Synopsis of Canadian Homestead  Regulations.  Any available Dominion Lands  ���������within the Railway Belt in British  Columbia, may lit homesteaded by  any person who is the sole head of  m family, or any male over e ghteen  years of age, to the txtemt of  quarter section of 160 acres,  oi less.  Entry must be made personally at  the local land office lor the district  in wkich the land is situate,  The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following  plans:  (1) At least six months' residence  upon and cultivation of the land in  each year for three years.  (2) If the fatner, (or mother, if the'  father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upo* a farm in the vicinity of thc land entered for, the requirements as to residence may be  satisfied by such person residing with  the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of his home  stead, the requirements as to resilience may be satisfied by residence  upon the said land.  Six monthe' notice in writing  should be given to the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased at $10  per acre for soft coal and $20 for  anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be- aOccuired by one individual or company- Royalty at the  rate of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds shall be collected on the  gross output.  W. W.  CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of Interior.  Scotlands Best.  MIlUDSOft'S DAT CO.  Sole     Agents for Ji. C  <3~t**..*������M3.if���������h-M-f-���������i*v!^-'I-^*-*I-*^������I-*>-f   ���������s������-i������-^*'v"I*-*"I-������-!-W-*"lrf^HJ-'    '  ������ ���������  J      Any pai ties after this noti.ee found selling or buying 'bottles be- .  ���������3* longiag to the ,U. B. Co., will  be prosecuted to thc full extent of  "f thelaw.-     - ' '  % A  reward of Ten Dollars  (   $10) will be paid to any poison giv-  f- ii'g information that w(ill loa4  to the conviction of persons guilty  7 of tlie offence.  Limited  c  ���������<*4"^-f'!***I-*H~������-**,>^-f*I-^*rfc*-    -f-^-J-*s*w.J***^*}.*<r-.T.^.].^.JH������*^������^**I---:-'-f'*l>'I*������  STE.VM   iii:ati:d  mjKNrsui-.u   rooms  4BB0T  A. J. McMURTRiE^r^rleYbr  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  BAR]SU1'JT,TKI> WITH Ill-It T  WINKS.jUQUOliS, CIGAR?  LADYSJW1TH,    . C  Good table's aud good  Rooms  LADYSMITH   WATER,WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street aJK  my Water    Rates, between the 10th   and the 25th of each month.  ���������������hj  T, J BLAND .  SUPERINTEN D KNT.  This  Hotel  has   been  completely       renovated.  Board aad lodging $1.00 per day.  HOTEL    PRETORIK  JOHN THA, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied  with the  Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-: '���������-'��������� Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and Cigars.  /$  P   VOU   WANT  AGOOD   First  CALL AT���������  J* X. Smith's Restaurant  AI/TCA������S OPEN FIRST AVENUE.  E  Lot Jones, Prop,  Best Supplied Bar in Town  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE  STREET-   - Ladysmith.  ���������Under(NewjManagment  HOTEL WILSON!  Jus. R. McKinnell, Prop.  NANA1MG~'  Commercial Mens' headnBarters.  Modern and     Strictly  First Clais".  Fire Proof , Buildup.  Try Capital and Nuggei Cigars '  When in need of a refreshing  F  ge  Shave, Haircut,    Beard Trinwning,  Bath,  eic, 'etc., call 'at  THOMAS LEWIS  Shaving Parlors, etc.,    High Street  - Special   .appointments for   Ladies'  Massages and Shampoos.  Best accommodation   for  transient  /tnd permanent boarders and lodgers.  ^RAND      MOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar Is up-tb-.  d������te. Rates $1.08 a day. and up-  w.<\rds.  -WM. BEYERIDQE, Prop.  ifi-'pltn&H-P -'.*���������-*: .������������������������: :������������������: .:w.������; LaVjfaialUi  I ft. J. ilEIHT'S  A NURSERIES, & SEED HOUSES  Large Stock of Homegrown  Fruit and  Ornamental Trees  now -   matured for the   Fall"  Trade.    l  No expense, loss or delay  of' fumigation -or inspection.  Headquarters for racific  X Coast grown Garden, Field,  |������  and Flower Sieods in season.  4 See Supplies. Spray Pumps  ^| Whale Oil Soap, Greenhouse  p Plants, Cut Flowers, Bulbs  ^       For Fall Planting '  ^     We do businsss on our own  A frounds-no rent to pay and  tare    prepared    to meet   all  competition.  Let me price your list' before placing-your order.  Catalogue Free.  Fletcher Bros.  . ..Dea-ers in  Pianos |& Organs  Ladysmitli, B.C  s    M. J. HENRY,"  3oio Westminster Road  VANCOUVHR  Plumbing and Tinsmithing  DONE AT  Reasonable Prices   By   J. ANDERSON  Leave orders at Peterson's Furn-  ture Store, or telephone No 5S.  Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps, but  s best when used in the .Sunlight way.  Buy Sunlight Soup and follow Direction.-*  **-������-M-*'l'-J'*>**4"l'*'^  1*  Light Teaming.  Orders With--  FIRST   AVE'NTIE  W<xjd an     Bark  lot sale.     See J.   KEMP,  or  I  leave  .i.n  W. Ci  PHONE      R-O  ^���������������*..*..*..o������t>..������**-������..���������**���������"*���������������  ..���������..������. .������"������..o..o.-o..������.>.<_<,���������,..c..<���������6..B.,9., (,.. ������������������ .������..������..e..������..������.^> ..���������������������������������������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������  First  Class  R  .^*,������T������������������������������**-  WOOD AND DARK FOR g> ALE AND  EXPRE SS WORK.  DELIVERED.  ���������wnxnmtn  ���������nucmiXHKLu  PHONE 66  OHNSO.N"  LADYSMITH  .���������H������..������..������..������..*..  ������oc ������*HM-a**������������*������**������..4i>*#*^������������������������ ������������������>������������������������������������������ .-n,.������������*..������>-o..������*'ie.>(>>*������<*������'-'a-������c,*������"|**|0*<  1.���������^^.���������������������������������������������->���������������������������"���������������*���������������������������������,,  ���������������.������������������������������������'���������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������**���������'*#���������*<  >������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������-���������������-������������������  ..0.*C.*>***������f<������>*'e"*0*>������>*(><-,**a'  t������****0i,a���������B*9*  STOVES!                         STOVES! {  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of |  Latent Styles^and Newest Patterns--We do j  All kinds of Foundry and Repair Work j  ''.-������������������                     ** >  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty !  L��������� ��������� IL '-===: f  Ladysmith Stove & IronWorksCo.Ld |  TELEPHONE 53                                                             P. 0. Box .42. \  ���������������������������������*.���������������-^~���������������������.^.<..^M.���������.lM������������������~������..������������������.���������..���������..0������������������*������������������������������������������������������^������^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'������������������������������������������'���������������������������o���������������������������'���������*"���������'���������*���������'���������''^'���������"**^ '"  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  and Artistically Done ;    ������������������-��������� ; -���������   ��������� ������������������ Orders  Promptly    Execute  [S   ROEDDING    -   ���������   -  +  +  +  +  *  *  *  *  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  - I PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  ' SILVER ORES.  r     |Smelting Works Qt  LADYSMITH,   B. C. |  t  ���������W-***-***M*******.^  HEAD OP^FICE  DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver Island, B. G.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON.  General Manager.  TH6 CITY MHRK6T  R. Williamson Prop      ;  ist.��������� Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  - ���������������*-������ *������ *  p *��������� + ���������*���������+���������< ^i-*v-f-f^++f*t-^*+^-f*t4^-t^-<-t4*4-������-4->-+-������--(  ^SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  ^JgfiaiimilTim ���������mmn. ������������������  ' '  . PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEFIOLD     FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.  Leave, orders &t   the  Stabled In the reat of the Ladysmith hotel.  Abbots ford  A.  J. WASKETT PROP.  4.-t^.^.^*4-+-4-+4*4-*-*^-V-**+ ���������  4--*.4.������ -<-+���������*  '���������'*''*"*  ���������% ���������������������������������������������'���������*-*-'������������������'������������������-���������������������������*^%--������.-%^m^m.-%.*%.*^."^^^^%,^'  WM. MUNSIE, President    J. W.  COBURN, Managing Director        t  Telcphane 4-b. ���������-''*'*  The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd,    I  MILLS   AT  FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH- *--*v*W *W^      |  Shingles a Specialty i  MANUFACTURERS OF ������������������ .   ���������<  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumbers J  LATHS,  SHINGLES,  MOULDINGS,      ETC.,    of   the BEST       *������  QUALITY SEASONED.     AND   DRIED    FLOORINGS     AND      #  FINISHING LUMBER IN STOCK J  I  '���������I  I  4S THE LADYSMITH DAILY    LEDGER  I RAYMOND   & SONS  E ���������Dealers in���������  Lime, Plaster Paris,   Briclc,  Fire Briclc and Vancouver is-  . land cement:  3'Pandora' St. Victoria B.C.  Manufacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  None bu   Uni.m Labor    Employed  |i  J. BOOTH, Prop  THE COKrORrABLE WAV.  Ticket and Freight Office, 75  Government Street..  2    Tans-continental  /Trains Daily  The New Train  O 11 ������* f-A..LIMITS D  TkeTn.hu>!  Ease,  Elegance,  Excellence.  Every  mile*-a  picture,   aud  no,.smoke  to spoil the   view.  -Through  Compartment,   Observation :and Pullman Sleepers;, catoo , Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago.     a    ,,.  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty  Union    Terminals   with   all  Steamer lines.  '  ,  Berth reservations by  wirel  Great Northern S.S. Co.  FOR JAPAN   AND CHINA.  Steamships Minnesota and Da-  , kota sail from Seattle for Japan   and China ports at   fre-  quenr dates..    Exact .sailing  dates can be secured upon application to any Great Northern representative.  S. G. YERKES,  A.G.P.A>,   Seattle, Wash.  E. -R. STEPHEN, ft;  Gen. Agent,   Victoria.'B.C. %  s       W. S1LER.' ,  *EHEKAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVEET .;  WORK PROMPTLY DOV"-.  Leave'orders it the <Abbot,slord.  ^.tt~at>luxatumj**m*n*m****.*-XTt*1*MmM r"wm*"���������-******"mmm'  kt In loin? last? :-  Then be sure your tickets read ������lp  the  Noith Western Line,    ,  The only line now making UNIOfc  DEPOT 'connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains' from the Pacilli  Coast.  THE SHORTEST " LINE, TP  FINEST TRAINS', THE LOWES'.'  RATES, THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS, ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CLT\  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ant y '  local agent or write,  - F. W. PARKER  Gamerfcl  *%**  730 2n< Ave, Se'atth**.  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual- subjects taught; also language^ . -dialing ,in pencil and crayons, paint'*rig in oils and water colors,' jjianoforfcc -and, vocal lessons given in classes or, individually.  MISS BERTRAM,     Ladysmith, B.C  NOTICE  .Boots' and Shoes made and repaired. ' Contracts talten lor clearing  land.  TAI , SING  FLETCHER BLDU. ist.; AVENUE  r  Low Excursion  Rates  Round Trip.  Tickets!  on [i  '}. PIERCY ���������& GO  Manufacturers Of.��������� ,  IRONCUD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TO? SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE JjRj^JBOODS  INSURGENTS  -.      OVERHWED  IN CUBA  Washington Sept. IS.������������������ .Vet ing secretary' of .State, Adee today received  a dcspalcli irom Ur. Sleeper, the  Aiiucricau charge at Ilavarn which.  is believed to havo dea'r with the  altitude of 'flu- Cuban government,  and the insurgents toward tho American officials and the conbidcra' ion  to   be    given  (heir  mission.  Commander Fullmnn of the' gunboat ..Marietln cabled the nav.y department toclny ili'nt thc landing  force seems to have overawed the  insurgents, and that there is no antic i|>nlion of further destruction of  properly. (.ommander Ftillom has  120 blue jackets on the .Marietta,  I.jO on lhc Dixie and 200 marines.  LADYSMITH   BAKERY  CHOICE    CAKES    AND   PASTRY  ALWAYS   FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding    Cake*  -ttade   to  Order  FRUITS   AND    CANDIES OF. ALL  KINDS.    -FRESH   BREAD EVERY   DAY  Prices    are  ' Verj Reasonable.     All  Customers are Treated Alike.  ',  ' HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE IfiSPLANADE.  NO CHANGE  MADF IN THi  IPASIORAl TERM  Dr. R.B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work  guaranteed ' and at reasonable rates.  -     RESIDENCE  AND OFFICE  Gatacre St Ladysmith  Open at all hours.  July 10 to 15.  To        Denver ���������]    ' {55.00  August 7, 8, ?  To       Milwaukee     $69,15  Sent. 8, 9, 10.  To < Toronh $83,15  Aug. 7, 8, 9.  Sept. 8 &  -.0.  TO ALL. P 01 NTS     ^  For particulars call on    or  wrlle E. E. Blackwood, Gcn-  N.P.,   Portland, Ore.  v Dr. ' ,wr can be found at any time  at his oifice on Clatacrc street. His  dental work It guaranteed to bo first-  class, awl rates reasonable.   _������ .. .        . i ���������    i ���������-.  LODGES  'LADYSMITH TEMPLE, No. 5.-  Rathbone Sisters, meets in thc Odd  fellows' Hall every 2nd and dth  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  AIRS. KATE TATE,  M. of R. & C.  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND,  And the Principal Business Centers or  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AKD  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  '< ForTlmo Tnblcs; etc., ndilroA  QEO. W.VAUX,  ABBlBtant Ooii-l Passenger aud Ticket Agent, ������  ' 10G Adams St.. CHICAGO, ILL  NOTICE.  Prom this date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any ln-  Bsbtedncss incurred except on a  written orh'er signed by the secretary  Rowland Machln.  V.   I.  EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  iVlctorU, B. O,, Mat 18th, ������������9I.  UNITED  ANCIENT  ORDER OP  DRUIDS.  Wellington Grove, No. 4, U./A.O.D.  rcioets in the I.O.O.F. I-Iall, Ladysmith, the Second and Fourth. Wcdr  nesdays oi cacli month, commencing  Wednesday, 13th, 1905.  Visiting Druids are invited t0   attend.    By Order  WM. RAFTER, Rcc. Sec.  PATRICK BURK, N.A.  8 HS3S5K3������i2iaM8!P    'SSS^E-ESSSH-EIB!  ������  |i*;S?-5KS3"^i^.5^^ It  St.  Joseph Lewis,   July M, 1903  Minard's Liniment Co.,  Limited.  C+cnUcnicn,��������� 1 was badly kicked by  niy horse hist May and after using  several piepuia'tinns on my li-ig) 110U17.  iug would do. My leg was black as  jet. I was laid up in bod for a  fortnight and could not walk. After  using three jbottles of your MINARD'S LINIMENT I was perfectly  cured, so that I. could start-on the  roiul.  JOS. 1WRF.S.  Cnmnmreinr' Traveler.  i Pioneer Dottle WorKs  I 1st. Avenue r Ladysmith,  1 f I tali Prop.  I     MANUFACTURER OF  i Carbonated Beverages.  i Ginger,  Beer  i  Montreal, Sept. IS���������A decision has  been, reached in committee on reorganization ol tho lipw'orth. League  aUil Sunday school departments 01  the MetliodifeL churches. Jf the general conference adopts tlie ' u-port  oC Ihe committee thu oflice o.i gon-  er<\I sccrelary will remain, and he  will be assistetl by. t wo associate  secretaries. One of the secretaries  will be\atlac}K'il to ihe u-r-st and life  other to the '^ast of I lie western end  of  lhe  (.'rent   Lakes.  There will be no change' in the  j>n.storal term. The is the decision  of (he committee, .and will probably, be acccjited by the conieience,  though against thc wishes of lh������  western delegation liettdcc] Jjy Vancouver.  .'J'he teiiipqrance nnd moial i-el'orm  committee this morning* adopted a  partial repoit reiterating the Methodist condemnation of tlie,liq-uor traf  fie and devotion to prohibition as  the sole directive remedy. It was declared to be the.duty of every Methodist with a franchise to urge the  nomination and vote for the "candid-  jito known to favor prohibition. A  *Ic>claration was also made in favor  of' teaching- scientific temperance in  every  grade of  pulVlic  schools.  ATTEMPT TO BURN  .POLITICAL PRISON  I  i  Pruit Syrups *  P.   O.   Box   248  *  ���������^.^.���������������������������������������������.^'.���������.���������������������������������������������.������������������.���������������������������������������������..���������..���������M#.^..**W.(9..C..#..������M������.  TRADE  MARK  Unscrupulous dealers have  been known to place* inferior  boots in our cartoons and represent them as "LECKIE  COOTS." Don't he Imposed  upon.     There are   no   others  "JUST AS GOOD."  Thc above trade mark Is indelibly brandedf on the sole  of every genuine "LECKIE  I300T." It stands for ALL  LEATHER BOOTS made to  resist the roughest western  wear.  Ask     for   and INSIST upon  gutting LECKIE ROOTS.   Manufactured by  -J.'LECKIE-Oft  VANCOUVER  B.C.  Odessa, Sept. 8.��������� Revolutionaries  to-day made an- attempt to bum  down the political prison lucre. They  ���������rily succeeded liowe\er, in partially  burning the    roof.  Policemen accompanied by* soldiers  made tours of the city last night  and cut marks otit on thc trunks of  tree& standing* close to a number of  shops belonging to-Jews. These sections are supposed to be marked for  iacrcased  attacks.  ���������, Itepresuyitativcs of the Jews appealed to, the Mayor to investigate,  -aai.d  tho    investigation     is    said    to  kavm  ir  I MS-iEa It ���������  AT  I*,  Under the patronage of His Honor, the Lieutenant-\  Governor of British Columbia 0  SOTtM! 21. TO 2i. tit  IBD EVENT OF I 9  i*  Libei-al Premiums & Valuable Prizes���������The Best Stoc  Market in the;Province���������Live Stock Parade Daily���������31  Days< Horse Racing-*-$5,000 in Purses and Valuable J  Trophy Cups���������Splendid New. Attractions including^  'Grand Broncho Busting Competition for Championship |  of British Columbia  SPECIAL EXCURSION  RATES FROM ALL POINTS  For entry blanks, Prize L ists and other information, Address,  A- J. Morley, Mayor, President ������������������ J. E- Smart, Secretay  i  1  SiTE IS CHOSfNj  FOR SAMTORIIM  Vancouver,   Sept.  18.���������Dr.     C.     J.  GAMBIID WITH  DEATH AND LOST  Geneva���������Mile. Nestho of Soleure,  Fag*an, provincial medical health of- :a handsome Swiss-g*irl, gambled with  ficer,   was in  the   city  this  morning, ^death   yesterday���������and   lost. -.  returned from  his trip of   in-j    Her   father,   who   died   recently   by���������  have  confirmed , the  story.   A  police 'spPcUon   \a search    for   a site  for  a^ own hand, was regarded     as"   a  oflicial was tried here   today   on. char- lJH.OVin(.iai   'sanitarium   for' consump- ! wealthy    man His   only  daughter  ii-cs   of  having   killed   It   .lews   thu- '^^     JJe   bU;^  thgil   ^  sanitar. | was,   however, left   penniless   owing.  ing    the     Anti-.Jewish,   attacks     last  year.    Although     the   murders    were  fully  pro\jon.   the  man  was  eondomu-  inm   would   probably   be  erected     on  J to serious losses in speculations.  Knmloops Lake, and  that he was in I  ocl   to only three yeai-s imprisonment.   fa\or   of  building   a   smaller  sanitar  wlin  Three   other     police   ofVu-inis     ������,���������������   luni     aL    & pojnL h.gh(i|. thau Kaim  were   convicted      'of   having -   loo-U-rl  and destroyed a Jewish dwelling were,  arrested.  LEAVES FOR  CAMPBELL RIVICR  loojis Jjake, where it would not be so  hot and were patients should be   removed  from Kamloops.  In order   to take advantage   of the  I*  When the house and furaUure were  sold by public auction to meet the.  father's liabilities, iJlle. Nesthc went  to live with some fiiends, and her  mind seems, to have become unhinged by her troubles.  ���������'ALy lucky day is Friday," she.  said 10 a (.girl friend; "but even my,  to     have   deserted    mo,  Victoria B. C. Sept. IS���������(Special) lion. James Dimsnmir's offer, it wa*. luck seems  TTis TSxcellency. the Oo\ ernor-CJenunil necessary for the citizens of the pro- and 1 cannot bear life any longer."  and party did not start todav on! \i������ce to raise ������10,000 in a monlJi. j Yesterday, being Friday she aslced  the-ir intended fishing and bunting A committee of business men in New her friend to come and see her play  triji to Campbell ri\cr as the oiinsts Westminster is aliendy worhing to  of His Hon. Lieut. Go\ernot Punrf- raise Westminster's share of the con-  muir in his yncht. They will. how-,J  ever   lca\e   tomorrow   niornSng.  tribution and Iir.   Fngan    hojics,   )>e  the   fore lie leaves   Vaiu-oincr,   to   have a  Countess   who   has   completely   reeov-  committee of local  business men bus-  slight   indi^po'siiion  ily pmg-aged     'in     laising money  oi-ert from her  will form one or Ihe party. The visitors spent the dnv nulomobiling and  night-seeing.  in  PAIN FROM A BURN PROMPTLY  RELIEVED BY CHAMBERLAIN'S PAIN BALM.  A little child of Michael Strauss,  of Vernon, Conn., was recently in  great pain from a burn on the hand,  and. as cold applications only increased the inflammation, Mr. Straus  came to Mr. James'N. Nichols, a  local merchant, for something to  stop the pain.   Mr. Nichols says'   "I I"  Vancouver.  AMIDST THE FIRING  OF SALUTES  Gibraltar, Sejit. IS.���������The American  sjipiadrnni arrived here unoxpectojdly  and .two ' days ahead of schedule lime.  Hear    Admiral - Brownson immediate-  cards,    and  as  her   manner'    seeoncd  strange,   her   friend   humored   her.  "You will see that hearts, my  lucky color will not turn up," Mile.  Kesthe explained, and, true enough,  ���������no matter how she cut and shuuled  ,a black suit always apjvCiirecl.  At last sfce announced to her unsuspecting friend tliat the cards foro  told "a long and peaceful sli-op," aml.  wont up to hen room -\\itliout uttering  another   word.  The friend being used to Mile.  .Vethcs's eccentric, humors, look no  more nolice of tho atiair, and went,  on I shopping- On her return, on entering hoi friend's bed room, ,sho  found Mile. Xasthe dead, still holding in her hand   a   small phial  which  ]y landed  . detachments-to   assist .'in - had   eon tabued   prussic   acid  fflSBIMHSfflBiBSMillil^^  o  Limited  1  P  Attention is culled to tho   fact that tto  Ogi'lyie-.'. Flour mils'. Co.  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     hare lor some *Vmt  /past been producing' flbkc in ������    T������atly inxproTed am!, pmrlflr-*  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and  having scourod control of   all the basic patents relatinX ther*  to, take this opportunity of advising  the public that amy unauthorized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will be prosecuted. ���������  .   .      .  Ogilv^o TIojxt Mills Company Limited  ai*������-. tlie only millers im Canada whose       Flour  -pi.riCLs-1 by tHia. a'sctcic Pj*ooas3  advised    him  immediate relief. I have used this  liniment myself, and recommend it  very often for cuts, burns, strains,  and lame back, and have never known  it to disappoint." For sale by  Ladysmith Pharmacy.  the conveyance of lhc   body of Rear  to use  Chamberlain's jA<UuLml  Sir  Kdward   Chichester,-'on  Pain Balm, and the  first application >*"������������'*   ^   l!l'lL sh   butllosh-p      For- I coudclm,t><1 to dcaih fo, pa,  drew out the inflammation and gave   ai)le-   wl������ch  l^ves here lor  Kugland  tonight.                  ,                              .            .                                                       ..               .  ,.,���������,,-,-,          ������*i    ���������     I wci-e shot today.    Hie court -martial  The  body  of   t.he late Hear  Ad-unr-i_ ���������[   al was conveyed on board the Formidable amidst thc firing of salutes  from the shore batteries, and thc  British and American fleets. The  ceremony was most impressive. Rear  Admiral Brownson and the Spanish go vera men t boat followed thc  corte-^e.  IS  Solicitor,  Eta.  L  st.   Avesiu? ~   -- .--. LADYSMH  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rates ifl.25 and$1.50���������  Fre to all steamboat  landings and  railway depota. Electric cars every live  minutes to all parts of the city. Bar  aod table unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST., VANCOUVER B, C,  Helsingiors, Sept. IS.*��������� Seventeen  Lo death I  licipating in tno Svcatiorg mutiny  w.ci-e shot today. Tlie court  bus sentenced eighty otV������v. sailors ^t'o  various terms at bard labor or to  j service with the disciplinary battalions. Eleven of the men wore tried  and  acquitted.  ��������� 4   ������qi  If  IV  IN QUALITY  R. P. RITHET,  &Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :-: :--; ;-: .-: :--P.Q.  CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDY ACTS ON NATURE'S PLAN  The r*ost successful medicines are  those that aid nature. Chamber������������������  Iain's Cough Remedy acts on this  plan. Take it when you have a cold  and it will allay the cough, relieve  the lungs, aid expectoration, open  the secretions and aid nature in restoring the system to a healthy condition. Thousands have testified to  its superior excellence. It counteracts any tendency of a cold to' re--  suit in pneumonia. Price 25 cents.  Large size 50 cents. For/je size 50  Large size 50 cents. For sale byj  the Ladysmith Pharmacy.; ^ss^  KOMVmynni  l4UM -i������jti*,fct>,J3*������i������*M-i#W**rJ'8X!^������<* ltil^b^UKl.S*-MlwWJV*'.f ^J  THE LADYSMITH-DAILY LEDGER  THE BEST MINING SHOES  j������������utr������ ������������������������ ������^fc ������������������������ ������*r������ mff* ������y. ������*fr. .**������������������ ��������������������������������� .-y. ������.T. ������T. ,T������ ������<i>. .������������������ tT. .T. .T������ .���������. ������*fK ������*r. .*r. ������Tr������ V*rt  ���������+.* ,4.* *������JJ* -^ -.j,* *$? 'j.* 'X,* ���������$,' n* ���������$,' *j.* -**' 'J.114.' ������������������J.' 'Xr v**.-' ������������������** ������������������*>��������� ���������*��������� **J *+��������� ���������+* ������������������**������������������ '+���������  | Shoes that Wear & f  | GIVE   SATISFACTION |  t AT REASONABLE PRIGES !   AT���������    ; &  ������fi>AWkf*w*������w**Kwv%f^jkw<&ilf\ifa\^  LE'Sf  Smith, Fotos,  That's /  MiunMin'.-������������Hi������'.MM ww nuv������������������HittMu> irMKarn Mi-nraii khhhw ;  Local Items  hie getting near the buildings, and  31 r. Gpswald thinks they can be saved.  <  The Misses Morrison a 1 rived in the  city  this morning from  Nanaimo.  Mr. D. Plaskett, of -Duncan," arrived in the city at noon today.  .������  Mrs. S. Davis was a   passenger to.  Nanaimo at noon today.  transferred to  another branch of the  bank in   thc  Northwest,   at  tho end  -ri   a    -ml ������f (ho present-month.   Therefore Mr\  That s All   _. '        ,,...,       ...     .  Cornwall and his family will     leave  Ladysmith for their new home short  ly.   .Who will  succeed Mr.  Cornwall  to   the    manaigoment    of  the     local  branch  has not   yet  been decided.   o   BOX CALF,  BOSTON CALF,  VELLUM  CALF,  PATENT   COLT,  6(ffVMETAL FINISH  <  SEEING NEW YORK.  Among the group of men who  come to New York every fewsmont-hs  from Charlotte, N.C., partly on business and partly on pleasure is a  lieutenant of the Bumblebee rifles,  a  militia  organization  of some     re  Regular or Bluclier Gut  UMHMNiWM  Lace or Button  Provincial Constable Trawfoul, ;of  Nanaimo, was a visitor in ihe city  this morning.  Mr. B. Forcimmer is in Vancouver  on business, having gone oyer yes.  .teiday morning.  Mrs. Teusz was a passemg-er to  Victoria this .-morning, wheic she  will pay a brief visit to her daughter, who resides in the Capital City.  Judge Harrison arrived in the city  at noon today f^r thc purpose of  holding county court here this afternoon.  Mrs. C. C.  Muir, of South Welling  lon,   arrived in  the city  this morning on the 9 o'clock "train.   *      -  Two brothers of Mr. R. ITanup,  arrived in the city yesterday, and  will spend a few days visiting Mr.  Ilarrup and family. ���������*-  "unite in the Tar Heel State.' Not  long ago one of the .Mewls of the  lieutanant meeting him- at a Broadway hotel, proposed-a trip to lhe  polo grounds'to  see a ball game.  "Where are' thc grounds?" inc-juired  the North ��������� Carolinian.  "At One-Hundred and Fifty-Fil-h  street,"  was the reply.  "Say, you don't mean to tell me  this town has grown to be as big  as that?" 'the visitor exclaimed. "I  have been coming here every few  months for ten years, and only last  year everything was woods north ol  Fifty-Ninth street."'  It developed that the lieutenant  had taken a walk up Seventh avenue and upon seeing the trees of  Central park had decided he was at  the -end of civiliaa-ln'o-n.���������New York  Post.  ThcE. & N. announce that from"  Sept. 25th until Sept. 29th, they  will sell return tickets from Lady-*  smith  lo   Victoria for $2.00:'  If you haven't had a  pair,  vour fiicn-d alj'out them.  Zdalters  ask  -o.-  We are informed by the secretary  or the Dominion Day C el rib-rat ion  committee that the meeting of thc  committee will be held on Friday  next, it, having been postponed liom  last Monday night.   *   , Mr. ('. Barker, banister, of N'ana-  imo, anived in Larlysmit-h this  morning for the purpose of attending county court here this afkunoori  Mr. Barkei made the journey down  in his automobile.  Constable Cassidy accompanied -lo-  .seph Mason to his new losidencc in  Victoria today. Mr. Mason will  spend the next three months in thc  employment of the "government as  the icsull, of 1 lying (o sell .stuff In  which he h-ad no claim.  Mr. W. A. Cornwall, manager of  the local i-./ranch of lhc Canadian  Bank of Commerce, today received  word to   the elk-cf   that he  will     be  Ask for Capital and Nugget Cigars  ���������   ***������  Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.  NEWS OF THE MINES'.  A mining deal of some magnitude  was closed at Nelson recently,  when an agreement was signed1 whero  by Barney Crilly, the well known  Lardcau mining man objlaincd a  bond ou the Golden Bell group of  three claims situated near Salmo,  and adjoining lhe .much-talked-of Mother  Lode group.  '1 he owners of the bonded property arc Charles K. Bennett and Fred  P. Drumond, both of Salmo. The  agreement is a woiking bond, calling for SSO.OOO and runs 18 months.  Mr. Ciilly will commence work almost immediately. Not .much is  known of the group in question but  assays of ore taken from (he-surface;  showings have given high gold values.  Incidentally it is stated that thc  reported an alignments for bonding  the Mother Lode a-nd Kootenay| Belle  propci ties have fallen through and  (he owners arc considering another  offer.  Mr. S. D. Griswald, Man-ager and  one of (lie owners of the Inland Empire, in the Gianvillc Mountain section, is in Uossl.ind, and repot ts  dial good pi ogress is being made  with the development of the Inland  1'hnpiie and that the development is  resulting satisfactorily. It lias not  been derided yet whether ,i steam  hoist will be put in 1his fall or eai-  iy in the spring, but that one will  be installed  is certain.     In/the mean  ^���������AAAArt(ivv\^'iiAA^i-*������VW^iiVVVvA-*V*  time drifting will be proceeded Avith  on the ledge 'oii thc 75-foofc level  for the purpose of developing ��������� the  ledge and .extracting ore for shipment to thc smelter. 'The reason  for working on the 75-foot level is  because it would be too difficult a  task to hoist ore from the'150-foot  level by hand power. Tho heavy  iron oi-c will be shipped, because a  good price will be paid by the smelters for this class of pre, while thc  richer and liig-her grade ore, will be  saved on thc dump for" milling or  concentration. Thc intention is to  begin shipping just as soon as tho  snow gets in proper condition for  sleighing.  Mi. Giiswald's partners, who reside in'Walla Walla, have ample  means to put the Inland Empire on  a paying basis, and he says they  say to him: "Don't monkey with  bunco stccici-s. '.but go ahead and  develop thc property and ship the  oi e."  Mr. Hill, of New Yoik, is still negotiating with Mi.^Giiswald for the ���������  purchase of tho Inland Empire. Spo- '  kane people arc also endeavoi ing to  purchase it, -and it is wilhin tho  range of possibilities that they may  secme it.  Mr. Oiiswyild- says that Mr. Englc-  son, of the A-fl-rioii, has 'L-hen, r.nd is  still building a waignn road to iho  Albion,with lhc intention of shipping, The Albion is located between the . Cascade and the Alice  Ii., and within about five miles of  the railway. Hans iFeteison, of the  Albion, airived -in Vancouver on  Thuisday evening, fiom wheic he has  been contiac-line, on the main line ot  thc Canadian Pacific Railway, and  will begin work on it with a view  to  shipping oic  or  selling  it.  Although Mr. Griswald has not  visited the MolJie Gibson, owned by  Messrs. Singer, McNcely' and Schw-ar  zen-haucr, he understands from a reliable source that it is looking very  well. He has seen some of thc ore,  and from all he can learn he is  strongly inclined to believe that it  is a  very valuable property.  On the road between Paulson and  thc Cascade mine the upper bridge  was burned out by fire on Wednesday. The bunk houses and thc ore  bunkers arc in danger of being destroyed by forest fires, but the force  at thc mine is engaged in taking all  necessary precautions to prevent tho  SPORTS GROUND  SUBSCRIPTION  LIST.  Hugh Thornley.  N. A. Morrison.  T, O'Connell.  J. Sanderson. _     X '    '    "  J. Eno.  D. O'Connell.  J. C. Gillespie.  Wm. Sanderson,  R.  McMillan,  W. S. Morrison.  Jas.t Adam.  James Dunbar.  John O'Conncll,  C. Hewlett.  Ed. Leahy,  \V".   Akcnhead. <  W. Siler.  1). Johnson.  11. Hewlett.  A. Michie.  Thos. Lewis.  J no Dunbar.  Eddie Jones.  Tom White.       - ,    " -  It. Maguire.,  Doc. Ellis. ,    ' -  A.  Bryden. '    c*'  John Michclc.  J. McLeod.  M. O'Connell,  W. A. Cornwall.  S. Teusz. , , .  Geo. Robinson.  W. 1-Iaworth. -  -   '  I-I. Fulton.  C. McMillan. v        ,   '  0. F. .Anderson.  'E. Clarke.    ''       ,       . '   -  R. Wright.    '  J. McMillan,  K. McKcnzie.  Jas./Kemp. '  W. L. Carter.  H. Blair, Jr.,  W. Sneddon, ,  E." J.   Conway. '  Robt. Rolstou,  S. Free thy.  F. Fisher.  1-1/ Michie.  W. E. liray.  A. C.  Frost.  A. Portray.  S, Decker... ' f  I-I.  Wright.   '  II. Fagan,   ���������    ���������  C. Docile.  Hop Lcc*.  It.  Callendar. ���������  A. Howie.  G. Jackson,  It. J.  Bowen.  It. Boyle,  E. Morgan.  Angus Cameron/  Jas.  Kerr.  S- Rolientlini.  A. Meredith.  C.  Mains.  R.  Rafter.  J.  Cox.  I<\ Inglnian.  It. Barclay.  A. Crossau.  J no. Muir.  W. W.  Walkcm.  40*+**++*++++ ���������+������*������<$*'#*���������������������������������������������������������������  ���������  ���������  ���������  Our Latest censigmnent consists of  ' ������L  Ladies' Furs,  Ladies'  Under*   J  ���������  '���������.  ���������'  ���������'  X  ���������  til'   teVe     X  LIMITED ',    Y  $ wear.   Ladies'   Raincoats,  | Umbrellas, Wool Sweaters  1 #      - Wool Underwear - -'    _��������� -  j$ *���������  Y and other Goods too numerous to mention.   '.  ^' No trouble to show goods and . everything marked  ^ in Plain Figures.  ^WfWWWWWfTfWWTTfW mwmi!FmW!!fWWWf1ff!ff1Wfi"  t\  (I:  r���������������������  (IP*���������  ������������_  Kl���������  ������**���������*  When ordering your MEAT don't forget to ^  call on us.   We keep nothing but the BEST =3  ^ that the Marked can afford and  guarantee 3  t: SATISFACTION 3  <���������*��������� SI  IF.J C3IH  A Specialty  12 l-tt. U.-1  i A. HOWE  MEAT  MARKET "'-"*"3  JiUlliiWtWiiJIWIliUJUJUJUJU/tlK  "Smith," "C!abro.iio;h,"  mr n 0v winiraniMi  "Parker," "Remington" 1  tnrm rtunw mniurinti  HMntaeui z-uznm uxkz  and' aWinchester" Guns  wmttm u i>-*m������i7������ vnn uj-umtu -tn*  F UL L    STOCK  ji  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LJMI H D  NOTICE  3ft*23^^H6S^iiMS5^^ .  ' BARGAINS BARGAINS  On and after Monday, Sept. 17, 3 will  be found in our new shop on First  Avenue,   next to    Carter's   Fruit j  Store   Shaves and Haircuts a spec-*'  ialty. -       .  - _ j  HOT and COLD WATERBATHS"  J.  G1LM AN  prrr������innrTnrT>  During 4lhc Uakince of this month, and until October 1, v c are offering a  BIG REDUCTION  o[n   all   lines   of       ���������  Watches- Clocks, JeweSry, Silverwar-e, Souv -   r  Pins, Novelties, Etc.  ������<!  im^BHKnmia'i^Mnwxm('*-raw'WmnMraRV''iiiaKU<ni'ii  B. FORCIMI1ER  ���������������������*���������������������*(*���������������.'���������������  Watchmaker, Jeweller,  Optician  ! .-x.,ffiEJiOl.*'i,;i.,*f-.rV>*Wi.' i*-  ^astiin������niuauWiMnKUxn.M������Mxtim������wk-x%vttmf^rvrc������ziiuAnxaaviu,KaamtKnamawmai.i..fi  -������4  erchanf Tailor  y<JUUULJLSL^.5UULJU  * FOR TODAY:   THE FOLLOWING 2  FIRST AVENUE.  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  Want Advertisements  VEAL BEEE  MUTTON,  nm������������nru imjuoh** a  E. G. PAN NELL  GATACRE ST.       LADYSMITH  it9s*).so>������a������c(s-j4-)i-*-}-}|tt.tiii.'}iii>.iiioetiii9������ ������'������  notice;  Miss Dbbeson will resume licr class  ^es in vocal culture in Ladysmith thc  first 'week in Octotocr.    Terms on application.     Box 12.    Nanaimo.   B.C.  o  a  9  9  ������������8) BO������  'Phone 1-4-6.  None Better..Capital & Nugget Cigars  WANTED���������Men to work at thcTyec  Smelter.    Apply to  H. WRIGHT.  Foreman.  Minard's,   Liniment for sale,   every  where.. '  WANTED���������Fifty  (50)  cords of   good  dry Wood.  ���������I-I. LEE & CO.,  Ladysmith Bakery.  NOTICE.  I will not be responsible for   any  dobts   contracted   toy    Oscar Motti-  shaw without my written order...  , S.  MpTTISHAW.  Nanaimo, B.C., August 22, 190G.  FOR SALE���������$300   buys   a  4-roomed -  cottage,*   situated    between Third  and Fourth Avenues,  Roberts   St.  For; particulars, apply, between the  hours of 5 and 6 p.m.  ..,.   .    K, WILLIS..        o-ll  V


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