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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Sep 6, 1905

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 l.t-blJ-W-l 11  VI.t  The  T3*  V  T*  ,\  VOL. 2,'  Y Led  S������p8-1905     _"-  WEDNESDAY,   SEPT.  C,  1905  PETITION FOR ELECTRIC LIGHT BYLAW  The Council Will  Grant The  Request of the Petitioners  ������______H____B_______p  Amendment to the  Streets Bye^  law Read a First Time-Dogs  Must  Wear Tags  At thc     Council meeting last.oven-  was     signed    by     owners of $53,000  < ing  Alderman Bevendge's amendment  woith or     property,  whereas it was  to the'  Street     By-law No.  1*1 w as _' necessary     to have the signatures  of  PRICE FIVE   CENTS  JAPANESE PEOPLE ANG*  ERED ATPEACETERMS  Hold Mass Meeting In Tokio and Vote in Favor  oi Resolutions Declaring Nation Humilated  and Denouncing "Terms  InOsskaand  Nagoya,   Meetings Ask   Government to  Resign-^General Sentiment Favors  Re-actionery Measures  read a first time and ordered to be  committed next week. The amendment provides that,no pcison" without fiist obtaining the permission of  the Mayor'    shall light any lire; bon-  Jire,  or firewon-s, or eli-schaigea cannon,  gun, revoUer,  or any mearni or  ���������bow  or arrow,'catapauH,    sung,   or  throw ,   stones     or any other unssiie  within tho    -limits of the City oi,Ladysmith.   Any     person   brea-wng  tins  act will bo  . liable to a     hue not exceeding U'UO.  The loiiowing petition' was read/  Lady-smith, li. C,  Aug. 3(1,  ti'd'O ..  To  the Mayor-    and Council.    Gen-  .tienien'   The undersigned citizc'is  and  taxpayers      of Hie cily oi lad\ smith  realize that a.system for lighting the  city streets, business houses, and res-  ; iclenccs,' is     most   desirable.   We  he  lie.e   that a discussion of lhe matter  toy tlic     introd.clicn    of   a prope-iiy  drawn-up by-law,   win gi\e us a more  thoiough Knowledge so far  as can  be  the   owners of    property assessed, at  .f.-l7,7,U0 only. " .  Upon a motion biy Alderman Blair,  seconded hy Alderman Beve-ridge tho  petition was received and tl.e.wish-  oi the petitioners granted.  The cleric     was instiucted to- write  (o Geo. Iluntci,     of Victoria, asking-  hun to address a     public meeting o>i  t-he subject of the , Jiibtaiiment .of an  e'CcInc light plant m the city.  Ihe i\la\or was asked to "see Hartley Gis-b-orne and endeavor to secure,  Ins- set vices also ui th.s lespett.  A ieticr wvs received from the  .inils Machine Company, of Rosstand,  asking for  ger oyer the  terms of peace arrang-1       ',                  , >                      "^  I a"d Mkod  U'Cn'   l0 resie������-  Tilc &������'  ed with  Russia took place today. A    iLlV?    n       n        T^"   U"n :'ro  \l'rnl ^mait   throiiglioul   the com.  mass   meeting   to protest  against the   gMmnun   . h?     J"        V'������   Kokum,������   trV ������������������������      lo   favor   reactionary  action, of thc government  was .called    ,-umbu"- thc S������venimci.t organ, and lU������'    "a<-l,0"������ll>  to'Lake place at Hibira  Park    hu    ^  8h������oU"ng-   'FlVce "P'W  o. Jl"0ASUrw'   bu4   ,l   ^^ ������"'ar ">*<  ��������� the  paper,  armed wilh swords,   an-   Il],c   "'"ajority of  the  people  will cv-  TALE OF DROWNING  ^  OF GIBSON FAMILY  Seems to    Have   Originated. in  the    Fertile  Imagination of  a Vancouver Reporter  For if Indian Sweeney Tells the  Truth Charlie Gibson and  Family are Alive  the  Metropolian   police  closed     Ungates and attempted to prevent the  assemblage of Uu people.  The' municipality  protested" against  the action  of lhe police," and  finally  the  gates   were   thrown   open   and a  large crowd  gathered ami  voted     in  favor or .resolutions-* declaring the" nation hum Plated, and  denouncing the J  terms  upon .which   the  treaty        0f  peace    was      arranged.    The  crowd  was     serious-in its conduct,   -ath.-i   '  than angry,  and tiie police  i.-uii'cd  -  it "discreetly.   The  gathering  eventu-'  swords,   appeared   at  the doors .of   the nuihling lenluallv      accept   the   icsult   of   the  Uel  n'!C,ine'dr!he ^f'  aIHl   ,I,C J������ l'IWaCe conference,  however disappoint,  lice again  dispersed the crowd.     It | .ng  ,t mav be.  n^edwtn    ,t'"r?,  T tr������Ub,������   ',ad f    **&***'   Sc^'   ���������WTuesdav noon  the cL������ i    '       ���������:  ^JOrti������"  ������f '-T,,c  ������*������* "ews  tms  received w.th  U.e c.owd  made a ru.h at the buHd- ' out  enthusiasm  i���������   {he  chief centres  For  the past week the Vancouver  papers Jia\*e occupied  a good  de,,l of  [-���������pace  in giving graphic  accounts of  lhe diowinig of Charlie  Gibson, the  Chemainus  half-breed,  his  wife     and  four  children.    The boat   was   found1  adrift,     upset,  and the bodies  were  afterwards found by one Rice, _ fish- j  erinan     on   the,   sandheads, off the  mouth of the Fraser.    A  g-iaphic ac-1  I name on it. Tn the large boat were  I'.limiiiie, another Chemainus IndiSjn,  Gibson, two klootchmen and four  children. The small boat of Gibson,  in winch Sweeney was crossing, was  upset and after picking up Sweeney  the birr boat \vith all parties aboard  crossed in safety, ,having allowed the  small boat' to go adrilt. Apparently  ihcLe were no Jives lost. Officer Gas-  sidy      believes  this  to  be   the true  of   Kin ..'Shin  J'rounce.   There   is  ing, hurled stones "and damaged som*  of the machinery.-. " ���������_,.���������._..  ,7 K;?   "T"'   f::ir-:im laS ������"* dc'���������'������������  ������' ������������ r.fih������ru'i  nail    clenvi   n       ,      (,0JCC CVC" ' rr,"',s of victor>'  a'������'   '^'������ *   *>**>���������  crowd .,   V1^^       ������f    lh3   ^"'^cnl,     especially     at the fact  tr Tho  dfr!    a.,,Un,i,er   Cf"������     U,aL   Pe������"-������������"*- *****   fom    Rus  es.       The  disc-ider. ,s   not     ,������������������,_���������    sian aggression has "not," been secuied'  count of the drowning,  by  thc rising f-story      and    has  today  gone       cut  ol   (he tide while  the father ami mo-' to     the    Islands to  confirm  Swre-  tlic-r  held  the children aloft, until fin-| j.ev's  uie.  He wishes  to  be certain  a.llv      thccjuel   wateis   swept   them, that      he is right, for  Indian   A-ent  installment of an electric light, j.iant  in the city The letter was nied, and  one irom J. Foreman, of Montreal,  Leaiing. on tive same subject, took the  same course.. '    '      f  The council      ordered the City As-  ascertained, of the cost lo individuals   scssor to start     work on the assess-  who- may     desire lights for business   men I roil      on     BepLo_ii.jfer 15th and  houses or residoiiCes.   It being, theft-'ha\e the same completed by Cct. 15.  fore'understood   , that tlie'signers or j    Alderman Nicholson not being pies-  this petition     do not'obligate them-je,'t- Hie   Electric Light     By-law was  selves   further"    than   to  ask for and | not introduced,      but Mr. Nicholson's  agree to participate   - ink fair discission of the     plans anil reserving  the  right     tc.support    or oppose such a-  by.iaw.   We respectfully petition your  ���������llonourabie body' lo pass such a   bylaw and   present it to the \oters for  action,   requesting         ..^ _    ..__  ..  or more experts on tl.e subject1'may -Mincial Water Factory on 1st Ave  be secured to advise, c^piam and sa.%lw the'same Icing nearly tilled up.' Af-  mit figures, estimates, etc., to a' pub  informal" on, regarding the I ally dispersed  i��������� 'airordeiir i,7inller~ j ^im!.0,,-55!'1"''/1-0"   jf  ,lo("Soliotls-        l^hs  (Jilpomatic  failure is considered  Later on,  however,  a crowd  ati,-m,H    Osaka Si   S If hsivie. bro������ *"���������'"���������������   to   be due  lo  the negotiations'  com-  whmwi an<i   iNagoja,   which,   in round ; mpiicin  ig prematurely,  notite'was rea.d again.  Sundiy accouutis ainountuig to $,12.-  10 were passed to-the Finance-Committee toko paid if found coirect.  THE EAGLES . !  IN SESSION  The regular meeting of thc     local  aerie F.O.E.   was held  last  evening  at  which a large amount' of routine'  work was  transacted. The,committee  having  charge   of  the   excursion   imported that'they had  met with the"  most     gratifying     success in every  way A ; The . remark  of  the  patrons  lie   meeting to "Le     held      before  thc  time    arrives     fcr \ cling on tlie'byf  law.  Respectfully -���������ubmilled,  W.  J.     Watson, U.      II.  Runnu-iig.  John 'ilia.   Jiarry Kay,  I).   11.  D.uis,  John Bickle,      A. S   Christie, A.  '-. i-  en, I   O. Winston, K. Cf. Jesiiip, '[he  Ladysmith     I-la,r.hvaie   Company,   11  Roiston.     JMgr.      A.  .1.     McMurii'i'j  Rohcit  Williamson, Robcit  lloyie,   J.  A. '.Knife'Iit,     Thos.     Cowan,   Ed   f",  I'anneii,   V.     Piaskett,   S      F.  .Mcln-  ��������� tosh,     '���������'.  D    Conway,   Geo..Cr:.  R.    lav.iU...     Lot .Jeiies, M. C.iir.p-  J)Cii. Geo.     Giachero,    Jno. A.  "i.n'r.  Simon     Leiser   &     Co- Ltd., \Y.  A.  Cornwall,  for Canadian  Hank  of Com  merce, Wm.     Sneddon,  a   O.  Knight,  H.     J. Wasson,     T. McEwan. W. G  Simpson.      Wm.     A.    Smith.    J. W.  Steele, D. McKinneii. B. S. Wcinrobe,  Jos. E.     Smith. 1).   L.  Jones, J. J.  Riand, M. Maliluson.  The clerk     stated that the petition  -   The     Clerk ".reported    'that.' several-  complaints had been made to him 're- I general!y-������agTe7'a.,,d ' vi-siLmT" Uke  further  th,at' onc I gard.ng the ditch passing' Rumniing's  -is  that .the Eagks certainly  know  now to run an excursion.  The success of the venture is largely due to the worthy President, Bcrr  Forcimmer,   and   Secretary   Thornley  for      their  indefatigable    committee  work.  , The membership (>f  t,]ie acric is in.  creased    every  week,   and  the  pros-'  (er soma discussion Aideiman Bev  eridge mo\ed, Alderman Blair seconded, that the street foreman be au-  j thonzed to engage a. man to clear  th-s ditch out.  ' It was slated that a number of  cat He wore daily seen roaming on  the Esplanade. The' Clerk was requested to speak to the pounel-kccper  on this matter.  The matter of lagiess dogs was  discussed. Some of thc Aiderbicn were  of the opinion that an dogs ou the  streets without tags should lie impounded. It was decided that as a  gre-at many people had paid licenses  for their dogs, and the tags had-been  lost,, new ones should be supplied to  the owners Anybody who has a dog  whose license is paid and the.,tag lost  can obtain a new one upon appiica-  ticn to the Clerk. In the future a,u  dogs not having tags will be taken  up. so it would he well for those who  value their- animals to comply with  - this orieler. ""     >'        .  DYNAMITE  LOADED SHIP  AFIRE  London,  Sept.   C.-A  despatch  from Port Said' states that the  British  steamer  Chatham  fiom  1   London  for  Yokohama  took fire  * in the Suez     Canal and for    a  * time     held   up all canal traffic.  ^    The /ire caused great alarm  as  the   Chatham  had  seventy  tons-  * of  dynamite   on   board.  ���������***'*******������*������  MANY DEATHS FROM CHOLERA  Berlin,  Sep.   G~-Au  official  bulletin  just issued says that J3 new casoto*         c-lioieia an-d two deaths were rerort-  pects are  that, Lhe local  Eagles  will j od during   (he  21 houis endin-       at  possess  the  largest  membership  roll   noon  today,   mak.i.g   a lola,    ������(      00  in1 the very near Suture. I cases   and 2d "deaths  POLICE COM-  MISSIONERS  The  police commissioners  held      a  meeting "in the" council chambers last  evening.  Piescnt,   Commissioners   Co-  burn Blair and Hampson,  and Sccr-.-  lary       Stewart.       A communication  was  received from   Constable  Callender      asking  for  ten   days'   holiday,  commencing Sept.  2.Sid. All mpml-c-s  of   thc police   force  being  cnbllud  according     to  the commission,.']-:"'   bv-  lav.s,   to     a vacation  ..f ti.Is  length  each  year,  thc request of  C.-.n*- ulilc  Callcneler was granted."   The Com mis  sx.n-n-s   will   ask  Provincial   Constable Cassidy  to act   in  the   place     of  Mr.  Cajlender  during  the latlor's absence.  No      more  business aiming  before  lhe fooard,  the meeting adjouriu.d.  away. The finder of the bodies claim  ed, so said repot I, that the w0man  and children were able to make the  tide swept bars alive, as ovulence  showed. What this evidence was is  not '>>iven.  Now     cornelh   to     Ladysmith   ono  'Robertson, of Duncans, has asked  him to look the matter up so as to  be certain of the facts. One thing  is certain, n the Indian Sweeney  tells the truth, no one was drowned.  The giwng over to Officer Cassjdy of  the     $5.50  by  Sweeney,   as   having  Sweeny,  an   Julian   from   Chemainus, i been sent In   (Mi-son,  goes  to show  an-1  he   bringeth   to   Provincial   Offi- , that  this  is   true, but "in   order     to  ccr  Cassidy      $5.50,   an  installment J make cerlain   that t-he truth  is told  irom Gibson on a fine for being drunk ; Swccnev's  storv  is   to be confirmed  some time since.  Sweeney says that,1    The  only  thing possible  seems to  two boats started   fo "cross  the gulf. I bc  that  the Indians,  having it is belle was alone in a small boat .owned ,'lieveil,   whislev   with them,  may not  hy -   Gibsrn.   and   w th   the  Litter's    hav0 l0lil all   of Hip trulh  ARMENIANS HAVE KILLED  TWO HUNDRED PERSIANS  SERIOUS  DISORDERS  St. Peters-burg, Sept. (j.���������Private  advices from Kishinefl say that the  street lights continue theiv. Roughs  are .sacking the -Jewish shops, killing  or  wounding   many   of  the   inmates.  It is said that more than a score  of soldiers liave been killed. The  ���������Jewish self defence committee aie  organizing  resistance   to  the tioops.  DOMINION  FAIR NOTES  SALVATION   ARMY   ATTACKED   BY  A  MOB.  St.   Petersburg,   Sept.   6.-I'iivatc    despatches     irom Baku sav that the  SIGNING OF THE  PEACE TREATY  Portsmouth, N. H., Sept. 5.���������Three   t-remty, and  thc treaty of -Portsmouth  o'clock.was the hour set for  the I'm-J was  signed,  the ceremony being com-  . al    session   of  the conference.       An   ' jiletcei  at .'1.15.  hour before the time, a heavy Hum- j Up to this time no word had been  derstorm was in progress, but wlwn spoken. Throwing his pen aside, Mr.  Mr. Witte and Baron Rosen left the ( Witte, without a word, reached ac-  hotel at 2.25 for Hie navy yard the roj.K qw table and gnusped Baron  rain had stopped. When Baron' Ko- ! Komura's hand. His confcrers follow  mura .and Mr. Tal-i'iira entered the ' i,.,| and the Russian and Japanese  autos twenty minutes later the delegates remained for a moment in  sun suddenly shone out, which called .silence, their right hands clasped ac-  forth the remark from Baron K'omu-1 ro.ss the conference table. The war  ra: "It is a good omen for peace."'  The remark, was cheered'by the  crowd.  It   was   3.'15   when  tiie   plenipoten-  tiiaries entered  the conference ,'rooin.  When    they      were seated  Mr.   Sato  handed  Mr. Witte the Japanese copies   of  the treaty. At the  same   time  Mr.  was- over,    and Russia     and  Japan  "wcro      friends.    There  was  nothing  stagey about   the   simple ceremonies.  Baron de  Rosen  was  the first     to  break   the  silence. Looking  straight  at  Baron  Komura and Mr.  Tal'ahira  he began  by   saying  he wished,      on  behalf   of Mr. Witte  and   himself,   to  advices  from  Baku,  Cacaus-ia,   today  say  that the "Blac'i  Town" district  of that city  is still burning an-d also  the,works al Blackball,  Bibiebal, No  mani   and   Sabunt.    The  losses   am-  oiiiit   to millions  of roubles.     Baku  is overhung     with     dense clouds of  smoke     and'   the  flames  of  burning  buildings   illuminated   the   city      all  night   long.  It     -is alleged    that   the disorders  were started by Armenians,- who, <lis  gujsed as soldiers,  fired on both Rus  sians     and     Tartars..  The Persian  coiinsul was asked to act vas pacificator,  but he replied  that conciliation  was  .'impossible with the  Armenians,  who had killed   two hundred Persian  subjects.  FIGHTING-   BETWEEN  ARMENIANS AND TARTERS  St. Petersburg, Sept. 5.���������Fighting  continues between Armenians and  Tartars and the troops at Baku,  Caucasia, and .many of their dwellings are in flames. Reinforcements  have been sent      from Tift's.   Official  | woikniens' (punters weie burned last  night.  Baiiso, Sept. 5 ���������1 he miners of the  extensue coal regions 0i the \alley  of ArnaLci ha\cstruck Severe measures have been adopted (o preserve  order. ���������  St. Petersburg. Sept. 6.���������A despatch from Tiflis recched today,  says' -'  The whole of the .southwest Caucasia is now terrorized by Tartars.  Refugees are pouring in here from  Baku, Eiizabelhpoi and Slnislian.  Details freun Shusban show that, several engagemenLs were fought betweeni  Tartars and Armenians behind regular positions and thai apart of  the town was soon i;, ...ina-s. According to an official estimate over  2|Kl houses  were dost roved.  Baku.���������Sept. fi.���������Tido;s under the  direction of the go-irnor are acting  with the utmost vigoi. but they hav.y  not succecde'd in .restoring order,  although    (here is    rather less frin.r.  Armed rioters today attacked the oif ed  wens near Baku and after a hot  fight  sit hie  to  them       Tartar   bauds   are  .H'ounng tho     country murdeiuig tn.I  pillaging.    'Ibe    country  is   m  a  wild  state of - pamc  and     country hoi.scs  and      l'arns     are  being  aUwidoned.  The     famine in    many   parts of the  country     renders  the   situation  more  terrible. ' ������- ���������  St. Petersburg. Sept. C.���������The minister of financo has received a tele,  gram from the governing committee  or the bourse at Nizihni Novgorod urgently appealing to.him to1 adopt immediate measures for the establishment of order at Baku.  Eiixabcthpoi, Caucaria, Sept. (;.���������  Saii-giiinary fighting has occuri-d. 1 c-  tween the Tarters and Armenians in  the village of Kfliaiiaken. '.I here is  great alarm here. All the. Armenian  shops arc clc.scd and troops are patrolling  the  si reels  at  night:.  Kulais. <'aliens! s. Si-|,l il.-A < on-  Ilict betAveen nobles and pc.i.sjnIs occurred today in the viliaizc of Fr.mt ic  Eleven   persons   were  killed   or   woun-  Montreal,   Sept.   C.���������The   Salvation  Army ojiened  up a new corps in the  town of St.  Louis,  the northern sub-  tub  of      the city,   on   Sunday  night,  and  had  services  last  night.   The  opening    meetings      will  g0 down info  history      as  among  the  roughest   of  the .rough   n   Salvation  ai my   expedience,  scarcely   being   pis-od   by   any  t-Jiiiij,  soen   in   Canada   in   thc   line of  unpimoked   mob   violencp.  Women olhceis were lucked and  struck in (he face with haul mi s'ts  lhe mi'ii kicKod, beaten and inu-ri'i  ed wilh mud,, bi'uised and blocnh .  Windows and doors were smashed  and citizens who Iiad showed a  friendly attitude towards the Army  wore forced to flee and take refuge  in private houses. The police, three  in number, were utterly powerless  to  quell   the  disturbance.  The mob was made up of Fnuu-h  Canadian nu-n and boys, some of  whom dcL-kivd they did not waul  Ihe  Army   in   that   pari   of  the cily.  All machinery on exhibition at  the Dominion Fair will be in motion, elccti icily and steam both being sup;.hed by  the management.  Tiie lightidg scheme for Queen's  Park dining the eleven nights ofthe  Dominion Far will show ihe outlines o-f all the big buildings ' and  will illuminate the forest at tbe  rear  of  the grounds.  From   the   time  of open ng   in    the  morning'till  two o'. lock  in  the  afternoon      ot   each  nay   at  the   K05  Do-minion  Fair,   Scj.l    -_7  to  Oct.   7,  in-New Wesiminster will be given up  to   Mewiiin   the   exhibits,  and      the  Royal     Ir.s'i  Cluaitls  u ill, discourse  music all   the  \Auic.  Horse ruling with klootchmcir as  riders will io ��������� no ofthe daih at-  traetKii-: in n out of the grandstand  during   t'-.,-   l'dlj   Dominion fair.  The     Sockeje   Run,   which  will be  the   same   son   of  thing  al   the  1905  Dominion   F.iii    a-,   Lhe  Trail is     at  the Lewis  LV CLu-kc fail   in Portland,  wiMl-aw'    e.'ery      line  of atliaction  Known   ui  the,show man    There will  iu- in..ic  i f thi-c   onkrla nir.ents     ou  thc   e,ioinl   than   has c\er  been  seen  outside  of   the. world's, fair. -  The .Dominion Fair opens at one  o'clcck on Wednesday, Sept. 27, and  closes on Oct.  7. ,  IO  MAKE Tl 1 R'EE THOUS-  AND   PIES  PER HOiTR.  Fruit   pics  arc   the greVatesl   ua'ioii.  al      delicacy   of   America.     ' row   io  make      I he in   iu   suflicieiit'  .umbers,  MOW  TO  LIVE   TO   A  HUNDRED   AND  THRIVF..  sweet   and  juicy,  has    ong  uuz-  a\Ii's.   Rix.   who   this   week, reachc.l  the-  age of  103,  and  lives  at  Sprow-  slon,l-.'iigl.   lias views  of  her  own on  SENSATIONAL  SUICIDE  Pi-ancon  laid  the Russian copies | say a few words.   "We have just sig  ncd," continued' the .ambassador, "an  before   Baron   Komura.     Almost,  al;  the same moment the two men so- ] act which will forever have a place  1 acted pens from the fen ire'of the iu history. It is not for us as active participants in the conclusion  of this treaty to pass judgment on  its import and significance. As negotiators, on behalf of Russia as well  as the empire of Japan, wc may,  with  tranquil confidence, say  that we  to  the  VICTIMS  OF CHOLERA  IN  PRUSSIA.  table and. signed their names, firs I  to the French and then to tbe English text. The copies were then  signed by Baron'de Rrwen and Mr.  T.ak'nh'ra.    Mr.   Sato returned      the  Japanese  copies   for  the   signatures  _      __ .^  of Baron  Komura a'v.l Mr.  Takahii'a   have all done all  in  our power  Mr.  Witte and   Baron  Rosen  after- bring -about peace,  for which        ���������,*     U1K!  eueu  wards affixed their signatures to the whole civilized world was longing."   circumstances  St.  Petersburg,  Sept.   0.���������A  sensation  has  been  caused  at Moscow  by  the   suicide   of   Mine.   Witte's   nephew,  M.  Khotinsky,   who  shot   a g:cl  ��������� through   the   heart  and   I'len   turned  the revolver  on himself,  inflicting   a  wound   from   which   he died   after  he  had  been  taken  to   the hospital.  , Khotinsky      was  a volunteer  in  a  dragoon  regimen I.    Four  of his   brothers  died      under  somewhat  tragic  'Bromherg,   Prussia,   Sept.-, C.���������One  death from cholera has occurred here  and   at  Poscn,   Prussia,   the  wife  of*  a ship-owner,   Karl   SchcfTlcr,  of Ste-  tin,  died   of cholera.  Three fresh cholera cases and one  death have been reached in Mariesi-  werder,   West   Prussia.  At     Hamburg, a ease of cholera,  the  third  up  (0  date, was  found  today  in the  heart  of  the business  and .  hotel district.  ONE OF LAST  BATTLES  nice,  '������������������led    the   powerful   trust   companies,  I who   maiiufactin-e   them   for   the' mar-  ! ket  by  tens  of thousands  daily.  But  j a Pittshuig  inentor  is- now  believed  j(o   have   solved   ,1k-    .'oblcm ��������� \viUi   a  i wonderful  inaihine,   ���������   ���������' .ng '3,000 | ir-s  (per   hour.   Sm-li   a machine, can      be  I handled      by     three   men:   who   will  ���������now   to live,   to  old   age.   Speaking  to j take   (he  place of  100 bakers,  and at  1 a press  representative,   she   ascribed  Mho  same   .time  do-away ' with the  flier  long life to having  always  a con- ! I,ic l'a~is and the regulation oven.  I tented  mind,   never   takino- medicine J    Tllc  r"'"L������"'Iiine     will work on much  f except  a little "cooling   stun"'   in the '.X^ Sa",C pri"Cip,c ��������� 0lc ^dle-iron-  " . b u,and      it was from      that   I.istrument  spring,   eating  good,   wholesome rood   that   the  inventor,    whose     ame    as  and      plenty   of   it,   drinking      good, ' Johns,   got.      the idea-   The machine.  : home-brewed  ale,   and   living  in    the  | says  the Telegraph,   contains  a. groat  ". Tokio. Sept. 3-.���������(noon) ���������(delayed  in tii-ainsmission)v-An official repoi t  announces   (he eoinpi.-i-r   and  crushiiis;  i defeat   of  of  the Russian  hours   fighting  the roiiiiian  j  j "ones,   after   five  hours   ngiuiug      a  Naibutu, on  the west coast of the Island   of  Snkhalin.    The  Russians   killed  numbered   1,''(|.   The  casualties  the Japanese were slight.  open   air.   "The  simple   life," "     she-  said,   "is   thc   thing.    You   may   talk  about  it, but      you   don't  get   much  furl her.   People arc  all  after  money,  and   will do anything to get vjt.  They  rush   and tear  about,   and   cat       all  sorts      of new  tangled   foods,       and  what   thev   call   luxuries���������things with  no nourishment in   them���������and drink a  loti   of   stimulants, and   are   always  like   a 'waffle-iron,   cx-  "cups" are. in       the  endless   chain  ce-p.t   that   the  | shape      of  a round   pic.   A man   will  stand   at  one  end   of the machine  and  fill cups  with  dough.   They  will  pass  , through      the  furnace,  which       will  ��������� partly   ba'-e      them,   before  reaching  the- man who will supply the tiling.  : Then a, third will put the "lids"on  i and      the pies  will  pass through  en-  j Mrs. Rix has two pet aversions���������hi  i cycles and motor-cars. Her mo flier  died at the age of 104.  grumbling-  and  never  properly  well." j other      furnace  and   come     -it .teac'y  for   the table.    Experiments      ,v.le   so  far      prove   that   thc   machine-made  pies are completely  satisfactory. V  !>AitY T,TJDC_ItR  TttUtolLY LEDG^ ' 1 ^ViV^^W:iW  'ES f2.00 PBR DAY  .!, ROOMS  BAR SUPPUED WITH BK*'  WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS '  *ubli-_ed   every  day except Sunday.  t-Y        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  Offices,   Ladysmith and Duncans  *     '    SUBSCRIPTION  VRICE  '   |9  cents   a  month,    $5  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates  on ap.  plication.   ..  "."WODNKSDAY.   SEPT.  (i,   1!>05  .Till-:  NEW     CONSUMFTIOX  CURE  -   So many "diseases winch were a hun  ������������������'���������.dred years agu re-gaided   as  incurable  are     now either      unS'i o\mi  or   easily  cured,     that the     number of sciious  diseases     winch  tale-  then    ton  from  ������1111011"     the   young as wcu as oUl, is  '���������...fortunately     few.   Among   .them,  the  great  white plague, consumption,  has  .. so far been thc most balli'ng. for lime  a lid     again : a  "cure," has    been an-  i.ounc'ud, by sc-ienbl'c men who hy iro.i-  ,"MOn,   pei haps,, of a sines oi favoral \:  c.ses   tu-aU-rt      h) some  new   piocei-s.  h.id   been able     lo record a list numbering many c.ses, r.scuied  winch ordinarily      would   have    proved  fatal.  . I'liforlunateiy     tbe fuillur   in.esliga  1,i<rii of these     consumption  cures has  ������������������:..,not-pioven    them  lobe-  an   tlhat   was  rat first claimed for lhem.--But science  is..progressing, and lhe ihseasis which  have so far    bal'.U'd   ihe medical profession      are    one by one _i\ing way.  1 hcie seem.- reason c\-en to hope that  even   leprosy  may prove amenable  to,  Ileal incut. -|  Of t-oiisi fiption, many cases winch '  ���������would speedily have pre>.\ed fatal a  decade ago., aie now improved oi  cured, -ami while theie is as yet i.o  ct'i'taiivty that an 5 one case can be  ��������� tiuid, a large percentage which wilh-]  cuUre'atme-nl would result in death. |  now l ecus or.,. The Uli-st gi\ en-oat '  11 eatineiit, the \egctabie cuic is ic-'  Jeired   lo   by  a wcu-kmnvn  writer as  .--...  lOlloWSj  "Unelly, the latest cine, is two ounc  cs eury four bonis of the expressed  r.nxed raw juice-s of common market  ���������\e������eUi|l''cs, carrots, potatoes, peas,  turnips, " string beans, and so on.  '''hat tins ciuc should'be met with  Ekcpbcism ;s natural. Tlitre have  Leva-many curi-s heiore, and most, oi  them      lmegiu-ii"    disappointing   ie-  tsuits.  \\ luio-lhe      public will be pardoivsd  jf   >t wiuls for a few more specific instances of cuies eh'cck'd   through thc  vegetable     juice remedy it must concede     thai a     principle has been ap-  jpiie-il haat possesses sonic possibilities  Vegetable     juices have   some  value  ;is a diet.   The application of the prin-  iiple of nutrition in dealing with pui-  jnon.iry     troubles     may have a wide  lion  tins      method  en"  treatment has  significance,   in     actual  cxperimenta-  becii     \aiuabic   in      other  disorders  Good air and proper food are an that  '���������   Js needed    in many cases to cure disease.   Pure     blood often means  death  to the bacilli  that produce thc disorder.   Proper   nutrition should have a  eorvective    inllucncc on  any  deterioration in the     quality ofthe blood, c r  supply any  deficiency in its quantity  Dr.   Russell     may have a cure and  ���������disappointment.    While it. is loo soon  Lis   discovery      may lie  only  another  [to say,   his     experiments have  given  ground  for  further hope'"  I  h  L 3 -     ��������� a ��������� ������  *���������"  0 WEARHATS* ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  FAD  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LOT OF NEW FALL  HATS, THE UP-TO-DATE KIND, AS USUAL. SOME  . PItETTY BROWN AND GREENS IN THE SMALL  SHAPE. THtS IS AN ELEGANT SELECTION. WE  WOULD L'TK'E YOU TO DROP IN AND EXAMINE THEM.  ____ -n infi ��������� *r^,Tr~T;vm-^ttTr<F_-mdummmmmmmmmammaeMamm���������Mm  Lies' Pretty fl-cta  IT- IS   NOT   NECESSARY THAT YOU  SPEND  A SUM  OF MONEY  TO  GET   A SUPPLY   OF   PRETTY   NECKWEAR  HERE.   DOZENS   OF  NATTY  NECK  PIECES  AT _.")  CENTS EACH.  mm HEW CLOTHING  ���������- i fiah'-i** in near vicinity.  Br.l accomodation in town.   Splendid huntm* and fl'b,B������ ADYSMITt|f B. c  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  I Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms        D  ANGELO TATE.PROP.  .-OTJVC   H-������  WHO   WANT     CORSECT     NEW FAIX  ������fL^1TS   HADS TO* YOXJSG MEM ESPECIAL  ST���������- 8T-.T.  COT AHB TABBIC  ,B *-"-  SOMEWHAT   GREAT,    wl  XH.ES-SELLERS.   LET   US  SHOW  YOU.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  Stocked  well  Canadian Pacific  Railway  ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������  ATLANTIC STEAMTHIPTICKETS  Tickets on Sale To and From all European Points  AT LOWEST RATES  ALL LINES   REPRESENTED.  For Sailing Dates, Rates and full information,  The New Western Hotel  Good'rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar" is newly i.Ucdup and well supplied ani is in charge of  <&  Fit-Rite  Clothing |  ������***.'AAA'"^  5 FROM    ������  \      $io       J  to       I  <���������.     '^5      |  JOS. PELLIGRINELLI  8C Govt. Street, Victoria B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight &. Pass. .\gt  Low Round Trip Rates  ���������VIA���������  This Hotel  ha.    been completely    Board and lodging $1.00 p.r day.  renovated.  u  JOHN THA, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied  with  the  Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-. :-: " Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and Cigars.  6B?_,BH  TICKET   OFFICE  and   Yates  Sis.,  Cor.  Government  Victoria, B*. C-  Transcontinentrl  Trains Daily  3  WE   HAVE   A'   GREAT      ASSORTMENT,     AND   ' AKE '  SUSE  TO  PLEASE , EVERYBODY.        GIVE      US , , A  TRIAL.  FROM $_!  TO  ?,.?>(\.  WE WILL NAIL THEM  FOR YOU  IF  NECESSARY.' .  -2  Nanaimo,  encery  Limited  -���������I ��������� _Ab<    *K-������  RESTAURANT  f  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal al any hour  Mea1s 35c. and Upward n  HOTEL  DOMlNlbN  I    There are now over-500 men on the  U The visitors subscqmenliy intimated oily' payroll. This- incar.e approxi-  that Mayor lUiscomhc received their Jliaiciv a wage bin of $1,000 a .-lay.  application very sympathetically. "I������������ or ^000 weekly, and over Ig2.i,l"00i a  ..uestion    win he. investigated j-om a . ^^^    La,)()r   :,isata   premium as  ThZr*! ^oTo*^Vway'-ny or.iHeeity emp.oyees have .������it  j recently to work on railway construc-  ' tion at  Spenoes Bridge.  ���������.VORK 1  Best accommodation  for  transient  ind permanent hoarders and lodgers^  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has heen comfort-  la* -ly furnished and  the har is up-to-  |d-te.     Rates $1.00 a day    and    up-  w vrds.  WM.  BEVERIDGE, Prop.  K-������la������-l*   -t ���������-��������� ���������-��������� ^: T-������*^mitk  ���������Ratee $125 at.d$l.B0���������  Free bua to all steamboat landings and  railway depots.   Electric care every fivt  minutes to all parts.of  the city.   Bar  and table unexcelled.  StlPaiiljDuluth, Sioux City,  ���������'       'I- ��������� r8*_ CAAnil  One of which Is the famous "North  Omaha, Kansas City $60.00   ^ l. .td ���������  qt   LOUS $67.50 Chicago   71.50   Up-to-date      Pullman   and     Tourist  bt. L.OU5 yyi .^ o sleepers   on all trains.   Cheap  round  Dates of sale, August 21th and 25th <jp  ticketS|   g0od'for three nionths,  ISeptomlier  16th  and  17th.  Philadelphia $87,00  Dates of sale,  September 7th to 11  Final return limit 90 days    .Irom  date of sale.  For-full particulars call on or ad  dress ���������',(     ' *  S. G. YERKES,     B. R- STEPHEN  GWP.A., ' :-78 Government st  Seattle, Wash. Victoria, B.C.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST., VANCOUVER B, C  HENRYS NlURSfRIES  to Eastern, and   Southern points, on  sale Sept. 16 and 17.   Round trip to ���������  Philadelphia,      Sept.     7lh, to   11th,  $8(1.50, good for three,months.  Excursion rates now n effect  to Portland Fair. Round trip  rate $9.65. Only direc* line  to Yellowstone Park. .  Steamship  tickets on  sale to    all  European   points.. Cabin  accommodation reserved by wire.  reserved by wire.  For     furthsr    particulars    call or  'write the ollice.        Phono "Vla'n 456.  A. D' CARLTON, C. E. LANG  A.G-_?.A..   N.P.,        General Agent  Portland, Ore. Victoria, B.C  $1,000  llest  tobacco, fruit and candles at  Carter's, First Avenue.  Look  in   Forcimmer's  window  something will surprise you  'CAPTURED BEAR IN  ATLIN .    LAKE  .Mr. W. T. Hcddie, tra-vei-er for \\'.  31. Maik'm & Co., w-ho returned, from  .the north to Vancouver, had_an exciting story lo ten of an aquatic bear  hunt which lie witnessed last Irrwlay  .while eri.ssin-j; Atrui Lake. ���������  lie was aboard the steamer'Cleaner  whose cap lain noticed a bear swim-  rniivg soine distance ahead of t-he  steamer.   First     mate  McDonald and  fi.hc.cook.o" tiki CiK'-aitcr were sent cut.  ,to bring in the bear.   The cook hail a  Mm ah    revolver from which he poured  live shots into bruin.       Ji  'I'W   resulting wounds merely made  rt.be bear     angry,   lie    turned on  i\v.  .small hoat    and nearly  overturned  it.  Then the    mate tried  to kill   lhe Lear  with     an-   axe, lint t-he     latter was  ] noi-Ued  out of     his   liand.   The mate  [broke  the ore      over   Uie bear's head.  ."but      the: latt;:rwas     still   swimming  f-ti'ongiy.  Kinaliy   lhe      boat's crew  got arope.  sirouud'bruin '   mini liair-sti'-angie'd    th  iiionaii-li     o(   the  foiesl,  was  brought  lo    the side of the steamer,  where hi-  Avas kilie-il   with  axes.  PER DAY  FOR STREI*";i  Reports from Vancouver sayj No  laboring man need be idle in Vancouver. .The city corporation in its desire to complete as many street im-  prenemenis and sidcwail s bofoic thc  wet weather sets in. is ready to hive  all comers.  H A RTLEY   G1SBORNE  Member  Can.   Societ3*  of   Civil  Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,_ Hngland  Member  International Electrical  Congress   at.St. Louis. 1904  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  P. 0. .BOX '357 LADYSMITH, B. C.  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooo Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Halt Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  ' McKinnell & Woodbank  Proprietors.  f,0  \cARS*  EXFEKIENCE  Modern and  Commercial Mens'  headquarters  Fire l?roof    Buildin*  NEW CROP���������  1 Home Or own 8c Imported  GARDEN, : FIELD     and FLOWER  SEEDS,  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL   TREES  ���������HODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.   Eastern prices  Strictly First Class,   or lesB.    Catalogue free.  3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver.  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   via  the  Mention 18 P^^t^SSSsSi^^f^^  tlonsBtrlctlycoiindcutlai. liii"^       pateni.������.  v*At.u/:'t:- Tf4Mi\f>t/  HOIELLEl  yplh Boat Jiiii?  tshbllsliiittol  TH6GITY  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue ., Uwlj&ijtftfi -B C.  Launch and Pleasure Boats of     ������H    descriptions  for  Hire.     Boats built  - -. v  ' to order ami Repaired. Spoon oars a  (T. J. Wellman, Prop;, Vancouver.)  .^.^.^  HARRUP AND HAYEDN.  BOAT     BUILDERS  One. block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and. re-modalled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Qranville and Hastings  streets.  Telephone, 1���������4.  iptclai notice, wltliout cunree,- iu .,..������  Scientific flmerim  A hnndsomely llluBtrated weeltly.   Lnrpest cli  r.ulatlon of any gcleiitlilc Journal.    Terms, ?3 u  fenr^.toiir mouths, $1. Sold by ������;l newsdealers.  WUNN & Co.3G,Broadwav- New Yor?f  .Tlrri;.������ll OfllCll. iK.5. W St-' WnflllJltttOll. 1.'. C  "���������^."���������^f*^.'������^.'������^^^.-������-^.r*^.^^.'#^.^r:'W^'^^  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd:     j  WM. MUNSIE, President  TO SLI'l'  ill  J. W.  COBURN, Man. Director  TelephoneU46.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co.,-Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDTCK   AND  LADY SMITH-Shlngles  a Specjalty.  ��������� Manufacturers    of���������  Rouuh and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Lath.,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Reasoned   and   Kiln   Dried   Flooring     and  Finishing    Limbec  ia  . Stock  i  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER. GOLD AND  V SILVER ORES.  ���������Smelting Wofksat  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  1  | CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  i General Manager.  THOS. KIDDIE.  Smelter Manager. |  DAY SCHOOL  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons giv-  en in classes ������r individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  lAdyBmitb, B   C.  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARIORS  HIGH STREET.  :--*.���������: Best in the City .���������:���������]  The  only  line  now  making    UNION  DEPOT .connections at ST. PAUL  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with       the    '  through    trains    from    the    Pacific  "  Coast.;'       '.- ',.    . \'������������������'���������'  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST ;  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN ../:.."  MINNEAPOLIS,  ST.   PAUL,   CHI-  |CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,,  I and ALL" POI NTS EAST.  - ?or'-'.complete information  ask  your  local agent or write,, -  F. W. PAIiKER������������������;  General" .1 gent,  7"J0 2nd Ave., Seattle'. - , '  ��������� '  l.'.^S ISAl.l''- OF  Sl'NUAV   PAPERS  Win   the     sale* of   Sun-day   papm-*  ���������Viiiuo-.ivci'   !:.('Sii!-l-HSK(.il7    A  di-pu'taC-nconsistii.K  of    Uc   ^  j    -j      Sir ivr.   U.   A., and   thc   ilex  I,.'   A'   Moon-.   nfToroP.tc.   fir id   seen  iar|-lR  ���������r     Uu-  I-oni-"'-"-'   *���������<***   ������f{  .,,���������-.,������������������      tovi'tlu-r   "-vith   Rev.   .L   A-  W^hti'of   I'-an-view.   wailed   on   Ma>-  ,;1. i.uscnmU'     and  City Solicit r    ir- I  -,' ()V     at     ������,(��������� C'.iy Han    Satur'Uy  V;-,v  i������kcd  the officials tola'e steps  *|..";:���������Wi't' thf     provisions of the 'aw  jroliibilmg      11"' imbilealion  and   sale  t.i iw-wspapcrs on Sunday  Tht'v     rewhinl   the     (-'.ty  the othu  llRVa,wI were aina/ult,, see lhe news  toV piv.nR      th,ii'   ca.������nS    on  the  io a's dav.   They      took  especial  cx-  \.       in the sale  of American  Sun-  -day newspa,    s^ IT . ^ ^  ^^T^^Lrrep^  Geo.  Meat Market  Roberts Prop,  1 THEcSSdI AN BANK  1       OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  7   D IT EVER STRIKE YOU?  That the place to BUY YOUR M EAT  is  where  the slaughtering  done locally?    We are  not depending   on    what the Wholesalers send ������,  .nd      can     GUARANTEE' EVERY- THING to he FRESH AND CLI- "  PAN NELL   &    FLASKET  STFVENS BLOCK,  OAT^CR"3  Hi itCM.  LADYSM.TH  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  IB. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Managa  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWINQ RATES: '  $5 and under  ^ 3 cents  Over $5 and not exceeding $10  6 centa                               ,  "    $10        "             "           $30  10 cents                               \|  "    $30        "             "           $50  15 centa                                  '  These Orders are Payable ut Par at any office in C nada of a Chartered Baiifc  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking- points II the United States.  NEGOTIAISLR  AT A  FIXED  RATE A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC   . LONDON, ENG.  They form an excellent method of remittin   small gunris of monvf  with gaiety and at small   ;ost.  LADVPFJTH BRANCH  t>*i  W.  A: CORNWALL. Maaagw..  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  I ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED  AND FRESH.  Co-fectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken (or Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency  i . ������������������ ���������   . i '      ���������      .  .CUBANClGiVRJACTORY  Mannfacturers ofthe Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  None but Uni.cn. I,abor   Employed  fl J. BOOTH, Prop.  ���������iA(3 !"")   |30  '���������;0$$A$$^^_-  ���������ZOPHBIW./  ���������  6\  ISN'T THAT SWELL?  Our customers arc always pleased  with thc wall and ceiling papers  they have selected Troiii our charmingly varied slock, as well as with  the skillful way our workmen hang  it. General approlralion is given ouf  interior decorations. May, we make  up an estimate ior you?  Ladyssnith Wallpaper Depot  HARRY  KAY  FIRST AVENUE \,  V -  DAITVTLEDGER  aaft  1' +^&^J.'^&+^'l^^W^'*'l-<H' A4..j..;.^-^������5>.J.^.^-.t.4*|^.A^  Uni  Co J  c.  NANAIMO, [B.  flanufacturers of the    BEST   BEER  In {British Columbia  Lager  Beer and Porter Guaranteed   Brewed  J     from the   Best Canadian  Malt  Run   Hops  >���������  ���������  4  ���������  4  i'  i  "������2"3''S~!"9*"'S'^^^  FROM THE  FACTORY  TO YOUR  HOM������  Frer'&hl is a very ,consiilernble item  in the importation of Furniture���������es-  iccialiy  amongst   (he  cheaper  lines.  THESE WE MANUFACTURE  ourselves from Njaliivc Woods���������ensuring- the ' LOWEST POSSII'LE  COST���������and have',ineL with GREAT  SUCCIOSS   from all  inlro'l'iced.  WEHENriON  A hEW  Cooks treasure Tables  $5.00 ea  Kitchen Cupboard orOress-  kvs wilh Glass Doors in upper     half.  Size 7ft. 4,  hy  4ft 4   M3at      Safes,  Fir,   Ani i-me,  Outside   measurement  58x*!2-  x!7    <    $12.50'  $-1.00  Have you our Catalogue?!  "MMJM'im  VICTORIA.BC  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at shore  notice.    Drill Sharpened  by' ������-   ���������  ways gives satisfaction. Picks handled and repaired.  Shipsmithing   in  al1     its  Branhes  Horseshoers"and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSOI^  Buller Street   -    -    -     -   Ladysmith, b C  \x  LA DVSMITH TRANSFER CO.  ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD  FURNITURF MOVED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY. ���������        '  Stables in thc rear of thc Ladysmith hotel.  ���������'������������������'-������������������   Abbots ford.  Leave orders at  the  ".--������������������   ��������� i -   ���������-  WILLIAMS AND WASK2T.  X\  \  J  4  .     1  ���������    4.  ���������*  ���������4  ;.'-���������<  ������  X  X  X  X  r*  X  X PHONE 66  ���������^^���������X9X9X9X������X9X^X^f^X^������X������X������X������X  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK   A SPECIALTY.-  DAV ID J OH N SON  > LADYSMITH  ^���������*������*������*������*������3M*-������*������*������������*������^  Express Work  LIGHT TEA MING  Wood and Bark for Sale  BUGGIES-FOR HIRE '���������:������������������' ���������:���������:  See J.  KEMP, or leave orders with  BLAIR St. ADAM  FIRST AVENUE  ���������PHONE 2-1.  W. SILER  GENEEAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  DO-'���������:  Leave orders at the Abhot-sford.  IPSON  "LADYSMITH AERIE     NO. 686, F.  0. E.     :-:       :-: -    :-:       :���������j  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  3rd  Tuesday at 7.30  p.m.    Worthy  President,  B.  Forcimmer;      Worthy  Secretary, C. H. Rummings.  Solicitor,  Etc.  to    Loan  ey  st. Avenue  LADYStW  H.O. MILES  Contractor and Builder  REPAIRING  of  all  kinds  pror  attended to.    Shop on Oataert  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS.  ON DOMINION  LANDS  IN MANITOBA  THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can he acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the gioss output.  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners' certificates may  obtain'entry for a mining location.  A free nn._ei's certificate is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five years; upon payment in advance  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from ?50 to $100 pec annum for  a company.accordmg  to  capital.  A  free     miner,  having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by  marking out the  dame with  two  legal  posts,  bearing  location notices, one at each end   on  the line of the lode or vein.  The claim sh_U be recorded within  fifteen     days if located within    ten  miles of a mining recorder's ollice, one  additional  day  allowed  for every additional ten  iniles or  fraction.   The  fee for recording a claim is $5.  , At     least $100 must be expended  on the   claim     each year or paid to  the mining  recorder  in  lieu .thereof.  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon  having a survey made, and upon complying     with  other requirements, purchase th*? laud  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may  be granted by the  Minister  of     thc Interior  to  lor ate  claims containing iron, and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding n>0 acres.      '   -  'lhe     patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment   of   a  Royalty of 2������ per cent, of thc sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the   Yukon Territory���������Placer "mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square,      entry lecSo, renewable yearly. On the North Saskat  fihewan River claims are either  bar  or bench, the former being 100-   feet  long and extending between high and  low water mark.  The latter includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the I  (base of the hill or bank, but- not   ex- j  cceding 1,000 feet.   Where steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained.  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and thc N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A Iree miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed     or 'bars of the river  below  low  water matte, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or  bench claims,  except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where   the  lessee may drogde to high water mark  each alternate leasehold.  The  lessee shall  have a dredge  in  operation within one season from the  date of  the lease for each five miles,  but where a person  or company    has  obtained more than one lease       one  dredge for each fifteo   mi.es or fraction  is sufficient/ Rental,  $10     per  nmim for each mile ot river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2\_ per   cent,  ollected on  the output after it   exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six : leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable.  The l^ssecrs right is confined to the  submerged bed or hairs in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the  Istday of August in the year of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge for  each five miles within six years from  such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year and $.10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer  mining.  Placer Mining in the Yukon Territory���������Creek, gulch, river and Mil.  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  evgth, measured on the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250  feet square.  Claims arc marked hy two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day allowed for each  additional ten miles or fraction.  Tlic person or company staking fl  claim must hald a free miner's certificate.  The discoverer of a new mine, is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet'altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary  claims  only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at lhe rate  of two and one-half' per cent,  on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the  fukon Territory to be paid t>������    the  WIDOWS  AT  FIVE  YEARS  OF  AGE.  The question of the early marriage  of girls   in -India  is  discussed  in   an  article  in  the  Times  based   on a pa-  ])t>r on   the subject   rend  la'-st week by  a young   Si Mi   Sidar  of   Kapurthala.  As a custom,   cu-n   amongst   Hindoos,  infant maU'iage is admittedly not coeval   with   the  must am lent and purest oT  their doctrines and     religion  The lecturer  was inclined io h :ii-:ve  that   it. aro-ie   in   th? troublous   Lines  when      the  piotection   of  a husband  was neu ss.iry to save the girls fiom  outrage*:,   and   illlre.al-ment,   whether  from      lie      Central   Asian   'iHndrjrs  thomselvc.'-, or     from the   'isoi .lerly  elements,   which  naturally    rose     in  times  uf     invasion ;;nil  war.     This  theory was,    however,  not ac-cjpicl  by  another  Hindoo speaker.   W! ."(ever may have been ,tbc history of the  rise  oi thc practice,   all   ci-iv  *< t_,i-''-���������''  in  condemning  it  as,  in nloile.n   ;im-  es   at   least, a curse   upon   its  -'otu'-  ics,   whether it   be considered fiom  a  physical  or     a moral  pu ���������n'f of ��������� i ;'v  0113 speaker,      a Mahomedan Mjentle--  man   whose pei feci  accent  and   command      of English    almost disguised  his   nationality-,   openly cxpresscPllie  opinion thai  Hie terrible i'lfanl  iiim-  tality   of Inilia   was   largely   due   to  the birth,  from immature parents, of  weaklings   unable   to  bear the  burden  of   lite. Some  of    tin-figures .quoted  iu   illustration   of  the prevalence    of  cail.r marriage arc astounding.  .".Irie-  than  a quarter of a million  girls   of  live years or less  weie already  married   when  the   last  census  was   taken,   and    or  these  necessarily  m.iiiy  were   alieady   widows.   Bel-v.cn   J:vc  and   ten  years   (he number of   named  giils  was well over  two million-;, 1 e-  Iwcen ten  and fifteen years it       --.v.)  risen   to neaily   seven   millions.      OI  couisc,  to  the girls in the first two  categories mairiage had   meant i-oth-  mg more than a contract entered into    for them by    others,   long before  they  themselves  were capable of '��������� u  (ierstaiiding  it;   many  of  them      had  been      bound    by engagements   when  they      wi re  still   children   in   arms;  some had even been hetrolhcd* 'icfoi'c  theyweio     born.  Most   of  the    wid  ows had become so before they could  know  what  widowhood  meant.       1(  was- only as Iht-y giew  out   o" iuf.in-  ry, tli.it they   could   leain   the       Mil  life to which  (her .were condemn*: i.  A life ol misery, which, as the lecturer remarked, is inconceivable to  Europeans, yet is cnfoicod by Hindoo custom. It is a life of hardship,  of unmerited shame, oT irksome pc-n-  (Contiiiucd     on    Page Four)  Colds  It ahonld be bonce ia mind that  every cold weakens the fangs, lowers the vitality and prepares the  system for fie more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia ana consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by  of this most conun  its  prompt cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. It counteract*  any tendency toward pneumonia.  %-������a________B������____ mmmmmmmt-w  _  y/.paVS-?.   .*���������������->l I^A-r--.;..-..-���������V  Kootenay  Steel  Range  VENTILATED  OVEN   t  The . health   of  a  family depends greatly  upon the hygienic nature "- of' -the"' cooking.  The oven in the Kootenay Range is ventilated,  and every dish baked in it is entirely free from  the effects of pent-up cooking gases.  A perfectly ventilated oven is one :of the most  | important features of a range, and yet it is given  | very little attention by most makers, and none  jj whatever in most of the cheaply gotten-up ranges  j  now offered to the public.  Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING-  RECUSATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft, coal and  5.20 fo-r anthracite. Not moie than  32'" acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty .at the  rale    of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds    shall     he  collected on  the  gross output.  Quartz��������� A free minor's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50   per   annum   for  an   individual,  and from $50 to $100 per aimum for  a company, according to capital.  A     free miner,  having  discovered  mineral  in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x  1,500  feet.    The  fee for  recording  a claim is   "'5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year or paid lo the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500  has  been  expended  or paid, the  locator   may,   upon  having   a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements,  purchase the land at  ���������?1  an acre.  The      patent provides for  thc pas'- i  ment of a royalty of  2i per cent on!  the sales. j  PLACER   mining  claims   generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leas-   ������  os  to  dredge  for gold  of five miles  each for a term of twenty years,  renewable at the discretion of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge    in  operation .within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for eachiniile  of river .teased.    Royalty at the rate    , T    ,       ._,���������>,  ol 2A per cent collected on  thc out-0' L^7sonth Hotel,  put after it exceeds $10,000.                                          J'.E' SMITH, Prop  W. W. CORY,       i   Deputy of  the Minister of  tbe In-  Di\ Dier can be found at any tinn  at his office on High'.street. His di-n  tal work is guaranteed to he first-  class and fates reasonable st  ���������j  H1LBERI  ���������?_a____i_������_*___>__l.  PAINTING,        PAPEKMANO, v< *  ETC.  Work done properly  and at     rie' *  prices.     Shop and  residence in  rear  enor.  McCIaryl;  London,       Toronto,  Montreal,        Winnipeg,  St. John, N. B.  Vancouver  Ladysmith Hardware Go  Ladysmith  remp'e.No. 5 Rat'iho*  Sisters meets in the Oddfellow''  2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7.30  p.  Urs.  Kate Tate,  secretary.  BOOTS AND SHOES AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and  making to order   a  speciality.  THOHAS   MCEWAIN  , 1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  * Plans,   Specifications  and  De- ������������������  ��������� tails     furnishda for all kinds ������������������  * of work in the CARPENTER ������������������  '   Line                                             ��������� ������������������  ��������� C.   B.  ROBELEE,   Carpenter *"0  "   and Joiner,     2nd ave, Lady- *���������  '. smith,  B.  C. ������������������  *    ������������������������*���������������������������    ������������������#'���������  Appointments may be made at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier's  on High street st  HAY. GRAIN AM)  f ARM DR0DUU  Orders will be delivered anywhere  ia the city promptly and at the low  est possible prices.   .  Leave orders, at Christie's, on t_������  Esplanade.  -US.  tTABNOOl  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after, this notice,  will be prosecuted.  RUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith. B.C.  iBM  OilLEDOMAN"  NOTICE.   '  From this date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on a  written oracr signed.by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V. 'I. .EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1905.  'omptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  f more than one mining claim     on  eaeh. separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     and  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2.00.   A claim may    be  abandoned  and  another obtained    on  the same creek, gulch 0r river by giv-  ng notice and paying a fee.  Work  must  be done  on a claim each  year to thc value of at least $200.  A certificate that work has      been  done must  be obtained_each year;     if  not, the claim .-tail be" deemed to   be  abandoned,  and     open   to occupation  and entry  by a Tree miner.  The boundaries  ol a claim  may   be  defined absolutely  by having  a survey  made and publishing  notices   in    the  ���������Yukon official  Gazette.  Petroleum���������All   unappropriated   Dominion lands in Manitoba, thc Northwest Territories, and  within the Y.u-  kou  Territory,   are open lo  prospecting  for  petroleum, and  the Minis!cr  may reserve for an individual or company  having machinery  on thc  lam  to be prospected, an'area of 1020 acres for such period as he may decide,  the length  of width shall not exceei  throe times lhe breadth.  Should the prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding G40 acres, including the  oil well will be sold to the prospector at Uie rate of $1.00 per acre r.r."  the remainder of Hie tract reservco  namely, 1,2S0 acres will be soli  at thc . rate of three dollars an  acre, subject to loyalty at such rate  as may he specified by order-\n-coun-  cil.  JAS.  A.  SMART.  Deputy Minister of thc Interior.  Department of the Interior,    ,[i,  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  :or-  R.P.RITHET,  & Co.,  Ltd  Pacific CoasrT Agency.  VICTORIA,.:���������: :-:���������������������������-��������������������������� ���������: :��������� B.C.  O. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  w-  B.  C  Neatly and Artistically Done  ROEDDING  Orders  Promptly   Execute"  -.-    -���������   LADYSMITH  Public r Notice  Attention is called to the    fact that the  | Ogilvie Flour Hills Co.-  Limited,  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR      have for some time  past been producing flour in a  vastly  improved  and purified form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of   all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising  the public  that any unauthorized users of the electrical    flour purifying processes will be pro--  "ecu ted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Coir_ipany IL?raited  are +3_.a oaly    miliars iu Oa_'itla wln39     Flour  is purified by the el33t  ic5'p*r? cas  A\t': V  THE   DAltY   LEDGES  um HEWS  Large ripe Tomatoes, six cents per  pound  at Simor Leiser 6i Co.'s Ltd.  Thc   hoaid  of  license  commissioners  meets  on  Wednesday,   Sept.   1-3-  s__-Z2S  Mis.    ,1.   Hutchinson     went  up   to  Nanaimo al noon  today.  Tn  all probability al the naxl regular   meeting  oi the city  council on?,  ot the aldermen  will  give  notice  oi  his   intention      oi introducing  a mil'*  by-law.   H  is said  that  some  of the  milk being sold to the citi'/ens  is impure,   and   the proposed   .iv-l.iw   will  guard'   against the sale <.,i aivthlu,*;  but  the best.  Good eating  apples,   f>5c  to   11 25  per box at Simon Leiser >& Co.  Ltd.  Mr.   13.   S.   "McDonald'S   night school  is now open evenings al  the   public  school   building.    The   regular   evenings   thtoughout   the   Tall   will       be  Tuesday  Wednesday  and   Friday     <-'f  each week.  Time,  'i.30.   All who   desire  instruction   can call  and       arrange cm  any   oi the above  evenings,  and  can  join  regular  classes  AT  THE   ABBOTSFORD.  F.   L.   "UcFarlawl,   Vancouver.  J.   11.   1-ranck,   Victoria.  W.  II.  Lewis,   Vancouver.  K.  K.   1'iescr,  Victoria.  Rubl.   Wilson,   Vancouver.  Chas   Holmes, Victoria.  W.  S.   Newman, Victoria.  The following, committee appointed to secure "ways and means" for  the foot-ball club's trip to Foi Hand  aie requested lo meet in W. E AIoi'-.-  iis-on's rejoins this evening: Messrs.  W. Simpson, W. F.. Morrison, IL  Thoinley, .J. Callendci, J. Eno, .1.,  Sandeisoii, N. A. Alonison, J. 'Adam.  S    .S.     Edith is ui  sacked    coal.       She  compU-te today.  MARINE  Port loading  v>iii pi ol,ably  Alhiatroi-s,  now  belonging  Vox'.  Sine'  once a torpedo  to the Crofton  U-r Company was m the lvr'.vji  yesterday ailernoon having on board  Supeii'iiti-ndcnt' Robertson. a,iul a pai-  tv oi   the Company's officials  -o-  II'  Aid. Reveiidge's amendment to  the sbiTct by-law passes, as ��������� o  doubt il will, ciIl/ens' windows v. ill  he safrr than they ai'e now, the amendment slnclly l"*>rbidiling lhe throw  ing of stones inside the city Units  If children wiml, lo have "cock  shies" they will have to betake  theinseUo outside of I he limits *>l  the city.   _o   HOW   DISTANCE   Ev. AG CERATES  NI-'US   ITEMS  The following account of the Spen-  ccs' Bridge disaster is copied irom  the Glasgow Ik'iald, of Augusi tlu.  1 tli. Il will be mucin" ried thai  Ihcic were m all 13 victims, all Indians, no flood, no iji-ui'v to iaiii.-ail.  no Hood, no injury to railwav, etc.  It goes to show how news Urnis n  envc.se  with d stance.  "A   lan.i-liile  is reported    in   Yale  county,     I'riush   Columbia,   and   the  village of  Spencc's  Budge has   been  overwhelmed     Sevcial   houses    wcu-  completely  buiie<l   under   the  fall  of  cur Ui   and   12 residents  aie missing,  wli'.le   a Luge   nuiuhei   have   been   injured.    The   fall  also blocked   Thomp  son river, and  work is-proceeding to  l.revint  a flood.      Renter's  agent  a  Victoria,   B.C.,   say-s   thai   about  Mil  persons  were -killed owing to       the  landslip.     Most     of them were Indians.    An express train had   just Parsed  Spcnces'  {."-ridge safely  when  Ilu  disaster   ,  occurred.    The   Thompson  river was  completely blocked  by the  fail-n   earth,   and     the water, flowed  back,  covering  the   railway  and destroying  thc village."  . o   You can get your Sunday  Colonist  at   Knight's   Book   Store,   whit-h      is  open between   12  and   1   f-or  the.  venieiice  of customers.  i;2li!i,lil.(l   MANSION   FOR  AN   AMERICAN  con  BOY  D UNCANS  T0WNS1TE EXTENSION  Adjoining tho old lownsite of  DUNCANS, V. 1.  .  A small area has been laid off  at  in town lots which are no w oflere*  LOW   PRICES   AM    D ON   EASY TERMS.  Tke future of  tke  Cowichaa'    District  and   Vancouver   Islaad  ���������will   exceed   expectations   and  pi oli table   invest meat.  this is a seed chance  a safe aad  bEti 1'LAiNS AND PRICES  Agents, J. STEWART  Ladysmith,   V.   I.  J.H  WMITTOME  Duncaas,  ������  "*-  DOMINION EXHIBITION  1905-SEPTEMBER 27 TO  OCTOBER 7-1905  Under the  Auspices of the Royal   Agricultural and  Industrial Society  NEW WESTMINSTER  B.   C.  COMING  EVERY  DAY ���������  YOU   CANNOT  MAKE     A  MISTAKE    IN WALKING,  INTO  OUR STORE       ANY  DAY THAT YOU HAPPEN  TO   BE   DOWN   TOWN   OR  PASSING THE   STORE.  TODAY WE PASSED INTO STOCK A BEAUTIFUL  RANGE   OF   FANCY FLAN  NELETTE SUITABLE FOR  DRESSING   JACKETS,  KIMONAS,  BLOUSES, Etc.  ALSO    ALARGG RANGE  OF   FURS.  EVERY DAY TELLS ITS-  LITTLE TALE. DROP IN  AND  SEE US.  WALTERS&  AKENHEAD  I  Philippe mauled a wealthy woman  whom he h_d cured. By some he was  legarded as a miack, awl Ins success  at the Russian court caused him to  be bracketed with Cagi.ostro for impudence, audacity  and intrigue.  Two peisons m Paris have, however, testified to his remarkable curative power. One is Dr. Encausse,  and the other M. Serge Basset, -dramatist and writer on theatrical matters for the Figaro Dr. Encausse  distinctly states that he saw Philippe cure a child alll'cUd with tubercular meningitis. Thc healer looked  at the child and then asked an the  persons present to give their word of  honor that they wouitl not say any  thing evil of the absent for two days.  This extraordinary request was complied with and the child recovered as  ir by enchantment. Dr. fincausse  adds that he himself took the child  homefily the hand flU'l* recovered;  a,nd able to walk wen. M- Serge  Basset says that Philippe cured in-  given up as hopeless by thc doctors.  stantaneousiy    his son. who foadPteen  SIOO,000.&9  IN PRIZES  AND  ATTRACTIONS  SI 00, COO. 00  Enlarged  grounds,   new,  handsome and spacious buildings.  WORLD'S  CHAMPIONSHIP   EVENTS    in  ROWING  art   LACROSSE,  HORSE   RACING,   Broncho "i i-sting," Military Parades" and Exercises.  ROYAL  IRISH GUARDS  and ether   Famous  BANDS. e  GRAND   WATER   GARNI/AL���������Parade  of    Fiaser   River   Fishiaf   Fleet  Patrol Boats, 11.M. Warships, Indian  War Canoas,  etc.       Indiaa sports.  For  all  information  write W. H.   KEARY,   Secr-stary   aad  Mauaser,  New Westminster,  P.. C.  gcrs*  and running at  the rate of  l(:  miles an     hour she crashed into thc  - Madison street dock at Scat-tie, .ow-  i  nig to     her reversing gear failing tq  work. The accident ^v���������as due lo the  bieaking of a small pm howling the-  reversiiig gear, 'lhe Flyer drove un  der and through the whan" f<|ir- about  18 feet and was wedged ui so tightly  that not_unt.il the tniiU.is were loos-  t-iK-d could live'tugs pull her oft'  '1'lie dan-age amounts to several thou  sand doiiais. When the boat was  finally tern loose, the framework of  the Olympia Oyster Company-s -build  nig fell, and a iarfc*e chest- containing*  about 4,0(11 pounds of . halibut was  lost- In the Washington Fish Co-n-  panys store next "door, another ui_  ch st containing 7,C00j>c-unds of halibut, was lost 'there was almost a  I amc on boaid (he boat for a tune  but no one was seriously hurt.  OPENING UP BUSINESS  SEP. 1ST. 1905  A.'LUCAS. Ol*'THE CITY  BAKERY,  OFFERS   A  CHANCE ON A  TIIREK-STORY   ORNAMENTAL    CAKE,   VALUE,$15  FOR   EYERY  PURCHASE  OF  $1,0 0  WORTH  OF  BREAD TICKETS.  DRAWINO   TO  TAKE   PLACE   SEPTEMBER   PAYDAY,   11105.  ���������Oaks on view. 11 Hy Bakery���������  tiees,     bushes     and  hills,   and      ul-  ihougli  lie  is only   in   his   sixth  -/ear,  i billiaid    room    with  a t ny   table.  I'lic  little boy is one of   the  rich.st  Uiildien  in   the world,   and  can wil  d'Toid     the  ������200,000      that  *s  1������ ''c  .pen I   upon  his hoi.se.    When he was  nine  weeks  old his   father left  him a  million  pounds,   and   ten   days   later  lus   uncle  left   him   another   mi'Moii.  On attaining his majority i"; wil'- be  worth     .jiili.O'U,00o. Some  t.ine'Ego  newspaper   reports   desert be-1  the  extraordinary   precautions   ��������� i '��������� h   were  ;,ak-en   to prevent   the   little   i- illion-  lire  from  illnesses,    '"verylhing    he  ats  and  drill's   is Krc'''.;.Ily  prcpatcd  and   sterilised,  a special i-' kept  to supply  him with milk,  wh'V-.   his  .oys   are   treated   in   ..lie        c  manner.  lone woman before ..eath    elicvcs her  and her  baby  of their sufferings.  Traces of Johnson and Stuckman,,  who were supposed to have been  murdered by Montgomery, ihe v> an  who deserted his family, .������������������������ ��������� n  fqund on the Nabe pa Riv?r, wheie  thev left notes on  blazed  tier:  .SHOCKING  DEATH IN  ALASKAN  WILDS.  I\Irs.   Brown,   the   mother   of    little  .John   Nicholas   Blown,   "the   ten-million dollai'-l.ji'hy,"   is,   says   the   New  York   American,   employ.������ig   two emi-  nc.it   ''rm   of ai'.-hilrcls   to  design    a  summer   l.ionir   for   her son   at   Hex-  poi't,   U.S.A.   Every care i.s  licing taken   lo ensure  i,.s  comfort an 1   j'iv-'-  uri-. On   the-   s'-v-mil. door,   when-   bi--  li\ ing aparl-iiK ins  are   to  be   siluai-  ed.    I iw.-rc-   arc   night   and day   nurseries, a gn-;:t     i lay-room,   with   mimic-  trees,.-' bnsli.."-s,.a'id   hills,' fashioned like  Skagway,   Sept.   5.���������Fear   is  entertained that .dealh ..has overlaken     a  lone   woman  and   a young baby      in  Alaskan   wilds,   according   to   a despatch  jifst   received from   Eagle.     It  was   reported  to   the  United   Stans  commanding ollicer at   Eagle in .1 i.ly  lhat   a man   natm-d  Montgomery   had  abandoned   his   wife   an-d   baby,   who  were out  of provisions,  near the l.ir.d  of   (he White  River.  On   receipt  of   the   nrr-ws   a < ovarii,  nient   pack train,   was   s.larleil to  the relief of thc uni'orti'.ii.ilc vo.inn  and' her child. The rt-'V-f uai 1/re-  li.riifd and report lmvi;, got with n  ���������'10 milirs of its destine i!. n, hut was  tlicii unable to prod-i-d i". :'ther owing  to high water. It is tb ...,ht il'.i.ljt-  fui  now  thai succor   iviil        *:h    the  ACCIDENT TO FLYER.  The    steamer   Fuer,     the clipper  steamer, which plies lietwecn Seattle,  ami    Tacoma, came to grief on Sunday afternoon.   Crowded with pa'ssen  FLOUR  THE  FAMOUS  0GL1V1ES'  HOUSEHOLD  FLQUR  $1 75   SACK.  '"sSSS^K-fJS:,  Hav  you tried  NABOB TEA?  Best 50c.  Ceylon Tea in the  arket  DRll'TED SNOW PASTRY  FLOUR,   $1.60  sack.  UOTCII  STILL  ANXIOUS  TO    ENTER  RING  Frank Gotch. who-claimed Buffalo  as his home while he was busy with  the wrestling game, is sincere in his  intention to enter the pugilistic ring  and seek shekels and fame with the  padded gloves. Gotch is endeavoring  to secure a match wilh jYlaivin Hart?  Some time ago Gotch was willing lo  secure t-he scalp of Jim Jeflries," but  wiser counsel pievait-.d, and the CaU-  lornian giant ictired,  Gotch evu/ntiy sees easier game in  the Ltuisviiio man. lie docs not  seem to think that Hart has it-'.n  luni in many respects, admitting  dial Marvm is a husl-y fellow and an  Gotch does not think he would have  much difficulty in reaching the top  rung 01 the champioi ship ladder. He  -s >oung and  slrong  and  ambitious.  In speaking of the prospects of a  match with Hart, the former wrestling champion sa\s-  "I have seen Marvm in action, and  am forced to admit was not seriously impressed with lus work. He is  big and husky enough for a champion,  and I presume.capable of taking 0011-  sideraibic punishment, but I dp not be  lievo he has'anything on me outside  of science .'and-experience- I -think 1  can ou trough hiyn,, and by so doing  We-akcp him 10 sj'.eh an extent that  hp would not-be h.^d to beat���������that  is, provided he does not put me away  early in the game. I am in earnest about this affair, and with big  Jed' out ofthe. way Tconsidcr 1 have  an excellent, chance of ���������Vcconiiiig the  heavyweight  champion.  "  WIDOWS AT FIVE  (Continued Irom Page Three )  anccs,   and   ot wearisome  attendance  at religious functions.   Though     the  English law  would recognize the legality of .rc-marriage, inexorable custom forbids it, and its occurrence is  rare. There     were,    in 1901, nearly  126,000  widows under 15 years     of  age,     of whom   nearly   20,000  were  less than  live years old.  Whence can  we expect the remedy for this terrible state of affairs,  this mass of human misery?   Sirdar  Arjun  Sing  advocated a mild measure of more    or  less permissive  legislation,' and quoted the example set by thc 'great Hindoo States " of Mysore and Baroda--  To other Indian speakers  it  appeared, as itm.sl appear to Englishmen  who know India,   that such a course  was  un practicable  for  a government  in thc position of ours.  Absolute neutrality  in respect  of religious     customs'has always been, and must -ai_  ways  he. the  policy  ot the   IVritish  government in India, save only wh:n  such customs  as  in tho  case of "salt"  are opposed to essential* princi-  ials of Western  criminal law.  That  was the principle  which  guided    .the  government   in  refusing  to accept ������er  ci in  proposals for legislation on this  subject in 1W,   and also  warr mted  the passage  of the1 Age of Consent  ���������Vet in 1801. That  Act" was valuable  in'preventing actual marriage,  in the  European    sense,' irom taking place  before a girl   reaches  the  age  of  12.  There is nothing to prevent early betrothals,  Reform - in    that respect  must,  as--the government  said,     be  left to "the gradual operation of the  mental  and   moral  development     of  the people by the spread ot education."     To.   that  remedy  alone  the  Indian speakers  at the  recent Mieet-  ing looked  with hope.  It was pointed  out  Hint   female education   must  play   the  most  important part,   and  that the education of men was pow-  cilis.s wil hint  it to complete there-  form.   In  domestic affairs female influence is  as powerful  in the East as  in    thc West,      and .until    education  turns H in  the direction of marriage  reform' it must remain an almost irresistible   obstacle to   thc bettei-in-  fotiiiod ���������.iews  of  the  male members  of   thc family,  "lhe   impulse   must be  iii veil    by       the people  themselves.  Some progress has been made in the  education of men; very little '.n't at  of  woment  Hope of gradually  eiadi-  cating a custom    so deleterious     as  that of early marriage must rest on  ther. appreciation by men of the benefits'.of the education they, receive and  of ths desirability of extending it <p  women. .-'   '   .''.. ���������;"  Sample Goods  WE HAVE RECEIVED A CONSIGNMENT   OF'  SAMPLES   IN  DRYGOODS WHICH WE OFFER PO OUR   CUSTOMERS       AT  25  PER CENT.  BELOW ORDINARY      PRICES.   . T1IESB >  GOODS ARE ALL' THE LATEST DESIGNS- -I'JOG* PAlTERNS  _ANf> GOOD VALUE FOR  THE MONEY.      COME'. 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Me   began   life   at   Lyons  man.   Having   a ilesire  to    become a  doctnr,  says  the. Paris correspondent,  of the "Telegraph.-' Pluiikpc managi'tl;  to    attend      lectures  iu   the     Lyons  school     of  medicine,  but  Ids  poverty  find  his peculiar calling  wire against  him-   H is     said   also   that the- professors    resented     bis  healing prae'ti-', ~ '    :    '  ccs,     which  in  the hospital  wlu-re l:e  For  Sale���������Pure   Bred   Gordon   setter  Stoves  Wo are making them^of thi Nawsst  '",'." -Styles..'.  -"OS  Pattern and  t^at.5^  "WE DO ALL KINDS OF'FOLI NDRY WORK    ;  Our Prices are Reaaona.   hie  SBB OUR   NEW STOVES IN BL AIR AND ADAM'S WINDO\ V*.  LADYSillTH IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, I /ro  $300���������C_sh and $250 on time buys a  nice 7-roomcd house. Everything in  lirst-class  order.  $10���������Per month rents a nice huuse on  1 Second Avenue. Spkndid cellar.  I    Chielen  and  Wash-houses.       ,. -  ���������PHONB   2-i  PM������NE  24.  he     w-as admitted a.s a resident student.   Philippe   was  expeii-d   from   -l-.r  hospital  and   the faculty,   never 1.-: 'ng  able to obtain   a  medical  degree.   I!e (  tailed himself a chem'st. and began to i  travel.   Tlis fame,  as a healer reached,  the ears nf somo of tbe Russian Grand  Dukes, and he was iinvitod  to St. T'e.  tersburg.   There lie was.  it  is affirm-1  ed.'"" particularly     patronized by the  Tzar and T/.n.ritsa.   To  1 he .latter he'  predicted that  she would  have a unm.  It is said that the Tzar tried hard to  get a medical     degree for the hen'rr  from the     Paris     faculty, hut failed.  dogs,      best    pedigres.   .-.lso  Black  Cocker   Spaniel.  J. STEWART.  Conveyancing     +       Notary Public  P. O. BOX 268  FOR  RENT. -  The hotel apartments of the Port-  laad    Hotel,     consisting  of   twenty  roonaj,      includiag   kitchen,   pantry,  stbra-fooms,  14  bedioonui,  well  fur-  nish-d,  stc.   The house,  without the  b_r, will be leased by tbe undersigned  at  vary reasonable   rates.     Call  and look over   the premises.   A good  '���������joariiag; house keeper can do  well.  ANGELO TATE,  Proprietor.  Frora this dats oa five centa will  buy a nice, coal flas* of beer at'  Joaas'   Hotal.  Dr. S. B. i>ier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and atl    leasa*-  able rates.  HiflhSt. Ladyi ���������Jitiith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS   .,  Houses   to  reut  ticiilars.  Fire,   Life  Call   and   get.   ������������������ar-  Dr. Dier's office is open evenings  and appointments can be made for  work at any time through the week.  Only first-class dental work is turned out and it is dona at reasonable  prices st  and   Accident  Insurance.  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