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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Sep 6, 1906

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 -_A   ,  *'-vy_i.  Pi  itW -���������"���������  EDGER  ~~a~_fr   .  VOL.,2  THURSDAY, SEPT. 0, 1906.  PRICE FIVE eBNTS  WOULD LET,  IN THE  see:  JAPANESE  ' Canada!''ho said witn onlhu<si*siu  -' Why, Canada, 'is such a glonous  count rj, so immensely ri.h in natural rcsouiees, that no lnibmaiunjc-  jiianfL _i>vciniuental or otherwise  could  ever  spoil   it.  Theso weie the words used to a  Witness interv rower at the (J. L'. It.  ollicer this moining by Dr. JMauuco  Raiim field,   special      coriospoudeni,  of  HAS BEEN  CONCEALED  WEAPON KHLS  THE LANDLADY  Havana',, Sept. ".���������Peace is in dlno  .ui'. and uii all sides tonigihl there is  hope that mutters will lie unlinked  between the nov eminent auid tho m-  as moid I'uilher blood-  up  tangible ovidonco towards definite  ariaiigenieiii ol n. basis foi- negotiation.     In the mean time   fighting has house at 528_   Fiist Avenue,   south,  .singents  so  .shed.      However,   tacie  has  boon  Seattle, Sept. (j.���������Afraid (hat soma  pel sou might steal bis concertina,  Julius AluisaudioJle, an Italian newly come to tins country, iiigenious-  ly anangcd a revolver in , the i.iutik  ���������with the musical instrument in sucn  a manner lhat opening the 11 mil'  would discharge the revolver. Ycstci  day afternoon, Airs. Enn'ina E.uly tho  piopneUess    of the Louvic looming  Dele!-1 was cleaning up his loom and >iu attempting to    iaise    the     lid of the  trunk.she discharged the revolver mid  throe  or   lour moullis    iu   exploring' gl ������������������,.   of  vcU.iaas   started  lur enmps'was fatally shot, dying a  few  the  famous   ' Neu  Jj'reio     1'ressc,'   of  been,  practically      suspended,  Vten.ua,,     mho     has    spent    tho last.) gales  jniormally  chosen  \,_   a   small  ���������nun-  Canada.      His primary object'    hn������| o1 |.into (Ju-ji-i-i, CaluSboio.    Cei^ial ul'Cs  later.     Marsattdiclle took gieat  been  to  write spec-uvl articles ior h'^j Ui.e/.man and others ot  the insurgent1 I"Ic "������ *������'������s concertina,  and it is-said  papei   desciibing  thc country,  and ho  , .    .leaders    with   tho   pin nose   ol      leant-)  particular  lUipuues   luto l     l I  ��������� that seveial times he had nude-' the  REV. J. G. SHEARER  SPEAKS ENTERTAININGLY  -     ��������������������������� ������������������*_��������������������������������� ��������� ������������������   .a>^Hf ���������   - < i  ���������������__������������������p.���������_>  Tells of the Difficulties Encountered tin House  of  ���������  Parliament When Passing Lord's  Day Alliance Bill  is     making:  the  question  ol'      immigration,   upon  .which he  the  1  <on -his   return  will    pit-sent  nig  aci  i a report   to  .    a        ^      -        , u tion  Ausli la-Ilung-ai Jan   Government1  .-..!,..        I. .              i   .i     .     .i   'assertion that the pciaon who Avent i   a  a,   ,       ,      /  *.    what   will bo occotJlahio , to  iho                                        f ance,   hut those  who  di  ,,,,.. ,   . ,               ,   N         ,    ucai his "trunk would leaiet it. ,          f i. ���������   '        ,  uial   liglituig leadens   oi   the   icvol-      ,                  ,      .,,..'.������. selves  of the opportum  A similai  committee   started  ' In  my report  to  the  government,  he      .said,   ��������� 1     shall  str'ong'ly lceoin-  inend  this countiy as  a Iicld ior tlic  '   sett'lcment of our immigrants. Do you  know   thet no  fewoi   than, _&(,''>,OOO ol  our    people from   '.Austria and Hun-  . gary have g'orio to  tho United Stales  li hove a    feeling  that      it  would b  .    much    better for them to come hc-i-o  whore  UVeio  aro   such  .splendid  prospects lor theilt.   Thc Canadian people  whom I have mot 'have told me that  the   Galicians  and   Hungarians   make  excellent    larmers  and railway men.  As  an instance  of  the  success  which  has attended my countrymen, in Canada.     I may tell you that 1 met    a  Gajlican at Star, 35 miles out    irom  Edmonton, ..who came to  Camilla,  as  he himself told 'mc, eight rveais ' ago  without* .so much as Ion do-llais in, his  (possession.       Today   -ho  luis   ,���������������(���������,500  worth of luachmeii,  all paid for,  lit!  he ' oyvi_xj=i_,Uiree    quarter sections       oi  land, he has a like house, 80 horses,  more  than   L50 bead  ol' cattle, and   [  do ndl "know"how  many luuulieil pigs'.  fowls, and so on      Ho is a veiy siin-  ple-minded and industrious man.    Al-  Ihougb    this may  be   an   exceptional  case, it shows what the Oalicnn.*- can  accomplish here.     IJ<> told me that'he  estimated   lie was worth at "east .<"'->>5  eoo.  Dr. Baumfield bas journeyed fiom  one end of Canada to the other, ami  has not only mv estigated lhe com-  muBities) close to tlio'maKn line ol I hi*  C. P. 11. but has driven lar out into  the remote settlements. Ho expressed the unhesitating belief that the  provinco which has the greatest luL-  uie beloiv it is lhe l'loviiin- of Brit  ii.li Columbia.  Jt it, uideod a marvellous piovince,  he lomarl^L'd���������'Mai vellous in- beaiiiv.  and in nut ui al wealth. Not onl^ is  n- a miiiuig and l'oie.sl. county, but  it has excellent agiicuKuial wigioiis  yet awaituijg development ...nud pai-  ticularly iii" ion go lailhet noith Inwards  tho Peace river.'  The ilocloi -was prodigal in his  piaiso ol tho sieneiy oJ liiitit.li Columbia.-' He. took, about four weeks  to .go tlirough the Canadian Al[is.  ond ho'was--particularly struck 'with  tho .wonderful.beauty, ot tbe Valley of  tke Ton Peaks, with JSiirgoss Pass,  iicnr the Cougni'i:' Vallej-, near wln-re  the Ctu'C'S of Chepos are   sit-uali-d^  "It is in ibis latter valley," be  said, 'that you g'Ot/jv really adcipiatc  impression, of what the'glaciers are  like. You. can look away far into  the distance and see, yes, hundreds  of miles ol' glacier. Tha ghicim- ut  rClhu.-ier Station is, too, very line.  I will not say1 it is as lino a������ the one.  at Olaciier, in Switzerland, but the  surrpunicling-s are far.beyond those in  Switzerland tor grandeur.  ���������Ho    had    much    to say   .about, tho  i tor    Cioniugoos    to consult   -undei  Mi  li   was   about 2 o'clock   that-1Mis.  Daly and Mis. ,J.  P. Pi entice, '^vho  iag  oi   Li-ulo   with the  dois  in  Mania  Claia provuijce.  a was a  visitor at the house, went up  uiMiigont lea- s|,.lUi)   (o  make  Ul_   bt,ds    Mlg   jj)u)y  '^'enteied the room  of Julius Maisau-  j Associated   1'ics*.   is   inioimed     thatj ,iiellu,  while her friend went into   a  thcf  government    cominandeis     havo'ioom  across thc hall.     Ablout fifteen,  been directed   to hiispoivd   active   op-'minutes laid Mis. Pientice heaid   a"  orations    until    it can  bo  delcimined  (wlnii   can  he   done   to  end   the  win  . TlM}  propositions   which Hhu   pioniot-  'ois  of  the jx-acc movemciit have  '���������-m  , mind   are geneially b|jeaking,  ti special .session ol   Congress  to pass acts  oi amnesty lor the holding  ol miinici  pal elections    withJu si.vt>    tUi.vs     to  be    supervised   'h_    members   of   bodh  parties,    a siu;w  geneial   olc-i. t iou   law  jii oviduig   ior     mmoiilv   leprosenta-  lion  m  a-U  blanches  of   the' national  and municipal governments.  llavaua, Sept. ,5 ���������The" peace proposals aie not .making any progress. C'eii. JUenocal is consulting  -w ith the local business men and a  lew politicians but nothing- definite  has resulted. Tho exciiit i\o com-  mit-tei*'- ot Uieanodorato fCational (As-  s'oiiiIjI.v will meet tlii1- ovennig Tins  is  regat'dod  as ,vn  encouraging sign  A local newspaper this 'allorjiooh  will publith a document signed by  tho majoiity of the Libcial and independent Souatois, members ot thc  hous-u and coiincilmen ut the plo-  ^ moe oi llalvuua, set ting 101 th their  williiigiiiess ' to resign though the-,  wcro not elected at the tune of the  disputed election. Sucli a slop Ls  deoiuod advisable m order to secure  peace.  CoiJiiniitloes of vetoians sla.led today    to   visit   insurgents   m  tho   pio-  The Rev. J. G. Sheater, Secretary  of the Loid's Day Alliance, lectured  m the lVesbytetiau Chinch last even  ing to what was, unfortunately,, a  comp.i ra lively .small audience. The  inclement weather had, perhaps,  . inuoh to  do  with the small   attend-  id avail them-  opportunity ot heating  All. Sheatet_ weie much ,lutciested.  Air. Shcaier is an evccllcnt speaker,  and one could not fail to listen witl|  inteiest to his descnption of the  passage of the Lotd's Day Bill  tluough lihc Dominion house of pa..-  li.uiH.nt.  Rev. Ivl't Bovvcn introduced tiie  speaker of the evening, aftci a few  pieliminaiy icmarks, iu which he ex-1  pressed lus'sinceic gtalitude foi the  success which had been attained by  the Lord's Day Alliance-Society and  exptossing his legret at the veiy ap-  paient non-obsetvunce of the Sabbath iby a huge lnwmber ot Ladysmith residents. r  The Rev. Air. Slieaict, iu lising to  address the assemblage, stated that  he had always found it advis.iWc, in  speaking to an audience, to choose  an int'Cicsting theme, and stick, to  that throughout the discourse.  in British Columbia he had found  the majoiity of people mostly interested in the battle for the Lord's  Day m Ottawa, ' and thcrcfoic, In*  would endeavot to show how this  battle had been won by the Society  sotting forth some of the difliculties  met and over  come by thc Society.  Fust,  hovvevei, he  vvished  to    ev-  pass.i'ge of ,the ai#, "and how much  moie," added the speaker, " would  the speech been effective had the  Premier been m a position o state  as' he would 'be today, that such a  law in France has actually been pass  ed, and today Sunday is observed  throughout the length and ityeadth of  Fraucc."  The speaket then went to detail  legarding the difliculties 'ncoautered  befoic the act finally passed. He  stated that in the fltst place theie-  was a petition- signed by 13,000, presented by the Seventh Day Advent-  lsts, asking that the bill be not  nude law; thc Jews of Canada had  made vigorous piotcsts to the act,  had been repie&entcd by veiy- able  laivvycis, and amongst their arguments advanced . the claim that theie  wexe in the neigliilKoihood of 40,000  Jews in Canada, who weie all opposed to the passage of  the bill. In  Dominion  isil party could  make to this  vmco ol Santa Ulai.i, Havana and Roslyn, wheie she lived with her hus*"*-  Finar del. Ilio, to learn whether or hand, -Andrew Daly, for eight years,  not they aie willing to cease bos leaving there four years ago and go-  t.lit ies on thc basis of the proposi- !"S 1" ������an Fia-ncisco. They letutn-  <ii.n   lo hold muiiKinul el.-,t,ons vv.tu ������l U\  SfatLlc ^out_f,ve weeks;   ago  shot, and tan into the hall, wheie  she met Alts. Daly, who cued \uVm  shot," and dropped to the floor. Alis  Pientice .called foi help, hut hy the  time Air. Daly and Mr. Prentice had  reached them, Alts. Daly was dqad.  Detective Kennedy took charge .of  the body and had it removed to'Bon-  ney-Watson-s. in the room where  thcr shooting- oecuired the olUccts  found an old trunk with tht( lid pait-i  ly "laised. A 38-calibie. Smith &  Wesson revolver was iiimly set near  the top of the trunk, and a. string  led fiom the trigger 'to thc lid of  the trunk in suoh a manner that the  revolver would be discharged "When  the lid was raised. Alis. Daly had  apparently laised the lid "and discharged the revolver, the bullet en-  teiing her body a little above* the  heart. -- "'"v  At 6 o'clock last evening, Alarsau-  dielle, an Italian laborer,' about 30  yeais old, returned fiom his work,  and was arrested by Detective Kent  ncdy, and lodged in the city jail'. ict cvcr ,,as_cli iu Canada, and it the Jews nearly succeeded in getting  No charge was entered against him, - W,IS somothing which would gieally a clause which would have exempt-  the matter Icing left for the   prose-  auvai,cc the .whole Dominion amongst   ed  them  fiom  the' law  provided     it  the nations of the ivvorld. In saying was put in force, and they haiL  it was the lust national act, he convinced Ihe committee of twelve  meant by that it was the fiist ua- thai, this should lie the case. How-  tional act which embraced the whole evei, the .Mhance officers had gone  of Canada. Of course, picvious lo lo woik on the remaining 2*10 mem-  the pas sane ot this legislation theie beis ol parliament and had succeed-  vvere provinces which had Sunday oil in getting this clause struck out,  laws ol their own, but on tho other consequently the Jews will io as  hand     thcic    weie     other piovmccs   much   affected    by   the  new law    as  any advocates of Sunday games.  Inferring to the Sunday newspapen.  clause, Mr.  Shearer, stated that   tha  Alliance had  expected much  opposw  tion ou this point, but asr-ain     sucli  had not  been the case.     In BritisS  Columbia there aie about  five     pa-*  peis which will be affected hy     the  change,  and three in Montreal.      It  was true that these papers sent in m  protest  to  the house of parliam mtt  hut this  protest had scaiccly     teen  eonsideiod.     In fact,  a clause     had  been added which the Alliance   - -mie  had not even asked for   to   the   ef- ���������  feet that  no Sunday papers from the-  United  States be allowed  to tircul-j  ate, or be btought into thc countirjj  on a  Sunday.    Speaking of the Sunday papers, the lecturer stated - thaH  he had done much tiaveling   in    the  United States, and he v'-as of the op-j  fnion from his observations, that tha  Sunday papers, ot   "Yellow journals"!  as he  designated Vome of them, were"  in-*  answer to this last argument,     the  speaket and his party had looked up c|oing I1101e hatiu'thau any other  the census, and found that in 1901 ���������__I10e ;n ((,10 Ulllted Sla(es  there weie in all 1,800 Jews in the Coming to the Railway question ,  The only reply the Jew- the speaker stated that this brought,  hot on the biggest fight of all. Alanyi  when confronted with the ics-.ilIs of railways were represented by some  the Society's investigation, was lo o[ _ie most able iawveis and ' ex_  the el.ect that most of the.Jcws had pen,s who adv_-ced man aml Tari_  been away from home when the am-, ous reasons whv. this law sho_ld not  sus had been taken.    Then, too, the j g0 in,lo eftect   "   Howevor>    am0n6s.  many other things done by   the   Al-  Alliance    had met opposition     fiom  manuiactuiiiig  concerns,   princes     of  JiancC) they had        ven lo the com_  cipiLil,       ttansportation   comX>anies,  etc,   etc.,   and  t-hc speaker   assured  the audience    that it  was a     large  contract to  undeitake lo  successful-  plaiu what  the act really was.      It   ly meet and defeat the arguments ad-  i\vas    thc    fust. National  obsciva nee j va need by  these factions.     In    fact,  cuting attorney's ollice today. Mai  saudielle staled that he was afiaid  that someone would steil his cects,  and that he had fixed -e r-volver  as a protection. He had a mc_ns  of opening the tiunk fiom wie leai,  so that the revolver would not bo  disturbed.  Airs.   Daly    rs well known   around  ol    a  pass  iu sixty  da.\ s aiul  the    luildiniJ  special  session   uf  C'oi-.gi ess   lo  a   wow   gcneial   .iiiineslv   for     everybody   concerned     in   the     revolution  The  same    propositions   will   he    mi|i-  mitterl     to   the  executive   committees  of both  political   parlies*.  BRYAN WELCOMED HOME  ind   tool  house.  She was 61 yeais  of age  STRIKE IS ENDFaD  IN  SAN FRANCISCO  LinccJn, Nob., Sept. 5.���������-Win. Ta  ISryati tonight rot ui'neil with bis wife  and daiigiili-r Grace', nnd the homo  folks welcomed them with every ovi  denco of approval. Liiiico'ln has  inoro .Republicans' than Democrats,  but there was no parti'/ari division.  It is doubtful whet her the city over held a larger crowd, than today.  It was a half holiday here, and every (rain.- arrived loaded with not  onily Nebraska people, but many from  nearby .states. .The city was handsomely, deco rated, and 'ho non-partisan   nature    of  the     reception    was  A  SHaRTES  OF RFA'-OLUTTONS.  good quality  of tho farming land  in  tho prairie provinces, and partieuU.-'0,nI>h'usizc''1 *"���������*-"������* wa* Vo^ihh-..  ly admii'dd t!ho great irrigation  ��������� scheme which tho O. P. R. is carrying out new Calgary. That -scheme,  ho 'thinks is destined to make Calgary a great city, nnd Edmonton, ho  thinks, will bo a city just as great.  T cannot say- which city will be the  greater, but I am iiticlink'd to think it  (Continued oft Page Four)  Now Orleans, Sept.. 5.���������The existence of nn alleged Junta, which is  said to bo collecting funds and -supplies for a revolution to be started  simultaneously about. TSTov. 1 i"  Costn Rica. Honduras, Salvador, Nic  arngua a.nd -Guatemala, was n'mnoxin-  ced here today.  Sun Francisco, Sept. (1 ���������(The carmen's union voted late tonight to go  hack to work and submit the question of. wages and Hours to, arbitration. -This action was taken at a  mass meeting of the union. Before  becoming effective, .however, it must  be ratified by the seven alliliatcd  unions. This, it is thought, will  be easily obtained and as a result  the strike will he declared off.  The action of the caniu.n Itiij-ht  was practically forced by their national organization, and is a complete back down from the position  taken at a mass meeting several-  days ago. It was persistently -rum-  bred during the day that President  W. T). Mahon, of the Amalgamated  Association of Street Railroad Employes of America, with which the lo-i  cal union is affiliated, had ordered  the men hack to work under throats  oV revoking their charter. This was  denied by the loaders, who, however,  admitted that they had received a  telegram'from. Mahon, the contents  ot which they refused to give tonight.  President Calhoun stated tonight  that he would take all the car men  back and could also use all thc mon  he had imported. The end of the  strike followed a day of intense excitement around the car barns, where  strike-breaker, guards fired severar-'  volleys at a mob.  which had no Sunday observance.  Fot instance, he had always heard,  and it was tho gcneial itiipicssion in  Mie .e.istcin piov luces, that on Yan-  eouvoi Island no Sunday law enisled Whoihoi this vvas the case at  piesent or not, as a icsult of the  Lotd's Day .vet, uftci the fust ol  "March, Vancouvei Island, as. well as  the rest of Canada, would have ,t  Sunday law, and nothing could be  mote a'dvanlaigeous to l-he islam*  than this should be the case  Again icicmiig to thc woik done  at the house of parliament in the  passage of this Act, the speaker  dwelt on the speech of' Premier Lau-  l'iisr, when the matter cam-c up for  discussion. The Premier had luriiod  to his Frciich-Caiiaidian followeis,  amongst w-lioni Wore many opposed  to-thepassa-gc of the act, and in an  eliKjjueiit speech, had reminded them  that sonic 200 years ago, in what  lie conceived to he an evil hour, the  great French nation had abolished all  Sunday  observance acts,   and     since  anyone  Reguuling the Sunday Excutsion  clause, not much dtfllcully had been  encountered heie, although il had  been expected. It seemed, however,  (hat the Sundaj exclusions had noi  friends, even among the transportation'companies, and hence this clauso  passed. Rogaiding the Sunday  spoils, this had received some opposition. The speaket then /went on  to explain the leal oh|oct of the Alliance iu putting a stop to Sunday  ���������...lines, etc. lie stated that fhoic  v.as a mistaken impiession prevailing in some, parts that the Alliance  wished to interfere with the personal' liberty of the people. The object  of the Alliance, was not to stop little picnic parties from going on excursions by themselves, or to try  and make a man sit with folded  anus all day Sunday. What thc  Alliance was after was to got a Sun  day for thc workin-gniau and others,  and then let them decide for themselves how  they would spend it.   Ac-j  that day no legal Sunday has been' cording to thc Bill, it would be unlawful for any games to be played  lo which an admission of any kind  was cliarejed, or in which any of lhe  principals were receiving pay for  their play. For instance, is a pitcher in -a basobtall game received pay  for his services during the game,  the whole team and any of the spectators present would be liable according to the Act. This was done,  in order (.hat no one could be operating amusements of any kind, in whicfcl  others were obliged to work, for  commercial gain.  In this respect, the speaker took  much pleasure in referring to the  speech of Ralph Smith, M.P., when  that gentleman had spoken in Nanaimo tho night previous, on this subject. Mr. Smith had advanced arguments which could not be   met by  known in France. 'However, the I're-  'inier had added, he had certain in for-/  mation that the French Chamber of  deputies were about to pass a Sunday observance act, and bo believed  that if such vvas the case, it would  be the best act for the whole nation which had been passed for many  years. The reason that these steps  'were being taken in France vvas owing to the fact that the-groat musses of the working "nicn had asked to  have a Sunday lavvi For 200 yards  Sunday had gradually rccod-.i from  a day of. vest and enjoyment, until  at the present time in France, it  was a working day for the working  man, and no  day of rest existed.  Mr. Shearer claimed that the  speech of Sir Wilfrid Laurier wa^  one of  the greatest factors   in " the  imttee,  and to the members  of par-  ment,      that ? two of  the  largest  railways  in   the  United  States had,  of their own accord,  within the past  two    yeais,      done     away,  with the  greatest part of their Sunday   tiaf-  fic, claiming that it  was bettei    for  the men,  for the tolling slock,   and  conscjcmently for the dividends    that  Sunday be observed as much as possible,    'lhe Alliance had also   introduced  expert  advice  which had beea  gathered    fiom all over the   Dominion, and tue  speaker had been    employed a year and a half previously  in gathering up information and facta  I to  be brought before the committee,  ��������� which had    in the end proved    suc-  Icessful,    and the Alliance had    trr-  umphod.     Of course,   this had taken  weeks and weeks to  accomplish, and  finally,    at     the end, it had almost  looked as if the whole matter would  be  laid over until another     session,  which would have meant no end    of  toil in     ordei     to     -fciing it   to tha  same     point of    vantage it enjoyed  just    befote     passing.     However, it  had passed,   and as a  direct   icsult,  about 75,000 pei sons in Canada who  have  in    the  past been  obliged     to  woik    Sundays,    would immediately  icap  the     benefits    of   the  bill,   and  there still    remained another  75,000  who     would,    at some future time,  very likely enjoy the fruits   of     ina  labor of  the Lord's Day Alliance..  ..   o���������: ' - ,, ,  CHANGE  IN RULES  London,   Sept.       5.���������An  important'  change   was made in tho   Cambridge**'  ll'arvord    university    boat race   rules  which were signed last night by Capt  Coldismith,   for   Cambridge  and Capt.,  Filley for .Harvard,      and  by  referee  IL   C. Lekmanu to tho effect thai   if  at any point in  the race tliere should  bo   a serious* accident to cither boat,  not due   to  the fault of any one'  individual and .materially alTocting   the  result,  the   Umpire    is  empowered to  re-start the  race,  thc same or   sonio  other  day    after      consultation,   with  Goldsmith and  Capt.   J? i I ley.     Similarly    the  nice!   may  be  .restarted     if  cither  boat should   be interfered with;'  by    a  steamer  or  barge    or      othea  obstacle. IffiEK  K Mr f.l_j)J i< n���������'1"//"-Wflf1  i"_2t..i7S. ""V"  .- **        * *** * **     A ...  ,-������������S'.^__?*5^*r1!!?5  'Lb  THE  DAILY,  ���������very 'day   except Sunday  -BT���������  DAILY LEDGER COMPANY.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One T������������r (fa advance) $5.00  One Month  _ ... _.  (10 cots  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  THURSDAY   ,  SEPT.  MOUNT MA-RG1IERITA.  Fully two ..months have elapsed  since the Duke of Abruzzi won his  freshest laurels as an explorer, but  only within a few days has a del ailed account of his achievements in  Central Africa become available for  scrutiny. I-loncc it is now possible  for the. first jtimc lo dispel several  uncertainties which have existed  since the success of tho Italian was  briefly announced by cable.  Geographers will be glad to learn  that the height of the loftiest peak-  in thc Ruwenzori range is determined beyond a doubt by barometric  measureiment, and is no longer a mat  ter of guesswork, however shrewd.  This summit, which in honor of the  Queen Dowager of Italy, has been  named Margherila, rises to an elevation of IS,220 feet, and is, therefore  one hundred feet higher than M-l. St.  Elias, which the Duke of Abruzzi  ascended in 1897. The difficulties of  mountain, clirn"bdng are not, of course,  exactly proportionate to height  above sea level, but "on the face of  the returns" the performance of nine  years ago has been surpassed.���������New  York Tribune.  the iaOXSjiuxu daily U3U.G-ER  _______���������____&���������'  ������������������������������������������������������"���������>��������� urn  PAIN FROM,A BURN PROMPTLY  RELIEVED BY CflAMlJER-  LAIN'S PAl-N BALM'. "  A little child of "Michael Strauss,  ol Vernon, Conn., was leccntly' in  great'pain irom a burn., on thc hand,  and- as cold applications-only increased,the inflammation, Mr. Straus  came, to Mr. James N. Nichols,-a  local merchant, for something .'to  stop thc pain, Mr. Nichols says' "I  advised him _to use Chamberlain's  Pain Balm, ami thc fust application  diew out the infiain.ma.lion and gave  immediate iclief. 1 have used this  liniment myself and recommend it  very often for cuts, burns, strains,'  and, lame back, and have never known  it to disappoint." For sale by  Ladvsmith Pharmacy.  W MM l%MI*1*\IZV*******'  Ladysmi  MEDICAL SCIENCE.  It is" interesting at a time when  the greatest Medical Association in  the, world is about to,, gather in Toronto, to note some of the most  xecentadvances in thc science of medicine, and acknowledge once more,  the great debt humanity owes to tho  noblest of professions. Medical research has more than kept pace wil'^  the increasing strain and worry of  modern conditions, and 'has made tho  average life longer than in the iq,uiel-  ���������er, soberer days of our grandfathers.  More than statesmen or philanthropists, the doctors must be recognized  as the chief benefactors of the race.  Of all diseases that are common,  cancer is the most dreadful, and at  the moment it is the most interesting to the medical profession. Many.  have been the alleged cures discovered, wealthy have become the quacks  who profess to heal; but aonong the '  leading medical scientists who have  devoted themselves to its investigation none has been able to report  such progress as Dr. Beard. Some  of his results were discussed in these  columns a few days ago, and the  hope held out that his researches  had been in part successful. Bux a  day or two later the London cables  brought the news that Beard's trypsin hall been abandoned by a leading  hospital. Should this be credited  witli important discoveries, even,  should they not immediately result  In' a remedy for the disease. Only a  year ago another distinguished medical man, Dr. Doyen, of Paris, had  to acknowledge failure in his efiorts  to cure cancer. Doctors were not  disappointed in this result, for Doyen based his claim on a theory of  the disease that was at v.niancc  with established conceptions. JLe, inT  sisted on regarding it as caused by  liacterial and his^Jailurc to diagnose  and cure was complete.  Against this failuie of medical science,   or  rather the postponed     victory, many notable triumphs may be  set.    Tuberculosis    is no  longer   the  scourge it.  was  ten years  ago.     No  new    medicine   has    been discoveicd  that will conquer it, beyond thc sui-  geon's knife it  lies,  and if  year   by  year   its ravages   are less,     we may  thank common sense as  much as doctors.       Good    living,    in a hygienic  sense of the expression, is the    curt)  lor consumption; and it almost ranks!  as a specific like iron,  mercury   and  quinine.'   To die of  typhoid fever is  becoming more    and more    difficult,  thanks to preventive measures.  "For  every fatal case  of typhoid,," declared a great    doctor recently,  ''someone ought to be hanged for criminal  carelessness."     Diphtheria  is  another disease whose mortality has been  almost removed, thanks to,antitoxin  A few years ' ago it was as  deadly  as a plague.  Smallpox has been conquered    by  sanitation, and its most  dreaded results���������disfigurement���������has been banished by Dr.  Finsen's    light cure.    Appendicitis, which under the name    of  colic,  and |,obscure 'terms  ending    in  ���������"itis," has    -been    slaying its thousands for hundreds of years, is now  at the mercy of the surgeons.    How  sure are the results of  expert opera-'  ��������� tion in this disease, may be   judged  ' irom the    fact     that Sir Frederick  .Treves, the English surgeon who re  cently retired, opeiated on :i thousand private' cases of appendicitis,  and lost not   one.  Pneumonia remains a growing menace, but the sleuth hounds of medical research are on its trail, and  sooner or later will deprive it of its  terrors. Rheumatism probably; causes  as 'much suffering as ������all these diseases put together, although it is'a  malady that many profess to cure.  Nevertheless it persists, mysterious  and universal. Medical men n-enei-  ally explain it as the result of bacteria in the system, but a minority  maintains that it is produced solely  and directly through the operation of!  well known chemical laws, resulting  entirely from improper eating. Dr.  Winters, a Cornell lecturer, takes  this giound, and insists that a vegetarian and non-alcoholic diet is a  sure prevention and a sure cure for  rheumatism. He declares positively  that so long as a person troubled  with rheumatism takes alcohol, it is  impossible for him to  be cured.  Blood poisoning, which has become  much less common since   Lord Lister's  *t"H&"_"-*"!"^^  IT DEFIES  COMPETITION  /T-">"="">  I*..'.. .������;���������?  J*  '' i tftm  MM  :' *! *Vifl''-*M  '"''M^il  great discovery was given to the  world, finds another foe "in formalin.'  Tn tho treatment of hip disease Dr.  Lorenz has shown some marvelous  results, although reports differ as-lo  the success of his treatment of the  Armour child. Entering thus the domain of surgery wc find an art,  scarcely fiO -years- old, already  brought to perfection. That future  surgeons will be able to ilo "much  more than those living today may  well be doubted. Into every part of  tho body the skilled operator now'  thrusts his healing knife -���������into the  heart and the brain. There remains  hut one small portion of. the brain  that'may not be' invaded, for here  the wall between death and life is  thinner and finer than any blade.  Before just such a gathering as  Toionlo is to witness have rmnuy  ���������important discoveries been announced for thc fust time. It may be  that' before the nieiiibcrs of the Association depart" they will have  grasped one more of the- secrets of  life. Tho world of medicine awaits  with.-the keenest interest the discussions for which -thc British Medical Association is famous.���������Toronto  "Mail and Empire."  ��������� II ���������IHMIWir   'II ���������**!���������  L ^on-rm. le Capital & Nugget Cigars  WAS A VERY SICK BOY.  "i But  Cutcd  by  Chamberlain's    Colic,  !<���������     Cholera and Diairhoca Remedy.  |    "When my boj   was two years  old  he had  a very scveic attack of bow-  ' o.l complaint, but. by the. use of  Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy we brought him  out all right," says Maggie Hiclcox".  of Midland, Mich. This lemcdy can  be depended upon in thc most severe  cases. Even Choleia infantum is  cured by; it. Follow the plain print  ed directions ami a cure Is certain  For sale by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  Minard's    Liniment for sale   eveiy  St.  Tsidoio, PA).  Aug.  18, 1901.  Minard's Liniment Co , Limited'  Gentlemen.���������I have frequently used  MINARD'S LINIMENT and also pr'c-  sc-iibc it for_ my patients always  with the most-gratifying results and  T consider it. the host, all-round Liniment- extant.     Yours iiuly,  DR. JOS.  AUG. STIITOS. '  , ( ,  ���������njT__l''--.j������rw_'T**-aira������;t������ra^������^  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 'I intend to apply to the.Board of Licensing Commissioners at their next  sitting, lot a transfer of thc retail  liquoi license now held by me for  the Pmr'aini Hotel, Ladysmith, from  niyselJ to Christina Hoggan.  '       * D. P.. HYND.  Ladysmith, flth Aug., 1900. I in  Esquimau   & -NtMiaiiiib -- ftallwajf  SCHEDULE   OF TRAIN SERVICE  Passenger;train, No. 2, leaves Ladysmith daily, Northbound 11:57 a.m.  On Wednesday, Saturday,'aud^Sunday- No." 4 .leaves  Northbound G:45 -p.-m.  '��������� ' ' , '       '  Passenger train,  No.   I,  leaves/Ladysmith, Southbound, daily,  9:10 a.  m.  On.WfecL Sat. and- Sunday   leaves  , Southbound 4.48 p. m.  Geo.L.Courtney,  District'Pa sseHi'fft"!" Agent  58 Government St., Victoria, B.C.  I  (I  ��������� m    i    HrNRY/f ������  .......  t  ..������..������..������..,:  J  i ntn;  1st. Avenues Ladysmith, 8. C j  Uf. I taiiii?, Prop. 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LADYSMITH    !  ..������.-.o*.o������<)������������a-������'<<ii**  ���������������a)>.o������9"'B"  ..a"*<-a-o������e.o<.������..<}���������.���������������������������-&���������������������������������._..������.������������������ >.*..a*'-|''-F>*  STOVES!.  we are making HEATERS .andRANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Pattern������--We do  , Al| kinds of Foundry and Repaif- Work  -Nickei Plating in all its brandies a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53 P. O. Box 42.  LI PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  ^Smelting Works at  ^LADYSMITH,   B.C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION. CLERMONT LIVimSTOH.        I  Vancouver Island, B. 0. Genera! Manager. J  TMe CITY MKRKGT  R. Williamson Frop  ist. Avenue ;;   ��������� Ladysniitli.B. G.,  f'^r"^"*''^'^^^*'*-^>.'t^tt-f^t-ft'f-t-t--f4^>^ ������������������-������- +  LADYSMITH TRANSFER STABLE |  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOV. J  ED PROMPTLY A  ND SAFELY. ''+.  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The Ladysmith Lumber  "aa*-  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH-^ -^  S^'^gle^s ex i&ip&cieilty  MANUFACTURERS OF-������������������  Rough ami Dressed Fir ami Cedar Lumbers  LATHS, SHINGLES, MO ULDINGS,     ETC.,    of   th-a BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.     AND   DRIED    FLOORINGS     AND  FINISHING LUMBER IN STOCK  I THE LADYSMITH 'DAILY   LEDGER  LODGES  LADYSMITH   TEMPLE,"  ,No.    5 ���������  Rathbone Sisters, meets in time Odd  lellows'Hall - cvciry^nd   and   4th  .Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  - ' AIRS. KATE TATE,  , i   M. of R. & C.  UNITED ANCIENT ORDER OF  - ' DRUIDS.  'Wellington Grove, No. 4, U4A.0.D.  meets in the I.O.O.F. Hell, Ladysmith', the Second and Fourth- Wednesdays of each month, commencing  .Wwinesday, 13th, ^1905. .     ,  Visiting Druids, are invited io   attend.    By Order  WM.  RAFTER, Rcc. Sec.   ���������  PATRICK BURK, N.A.       ;  . SMPSON  * r ' ' > *        '  SBllciter, I Eta". -,'  .'   '  ,t.   Avenu-j LADVSrVfllH  Leads Them  '���������'    IN  QUALITY  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., L  Pacific Coar::  '���������/tOTORIA,':���������: :���������:  A_eucy.  ���������-    .-: .--���������B.C.  Mann&ctnrers ofthe Famous  CUBAN   BLOSSOH  None bu   Union Labor   Employ-eel  n J. BOOTH. Prop  ' .        DAY  SCHOOL^  dual -subjects taught; also language*, (ha-ing in pencil and cr&y-  ons,, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,    .Ladysmith, B.C  Dr. R. B, Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed and,at reasonable rates!  RESIDENCE  AND OFFICE  Gatacre St Ladysmith  Open at all hours.  LADYSMITH   BAKERY  CHOICE    CAKES    AND   PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding    Cakc������  '"lade    lo ,Ordor  I'TtL'lTS 'Attn    CANDIES OF ALL  KINDS.    FRESH   I3KEAD EV-  NEWS NOTES  -FROM NANAIMO  The corner stone of the new St.  Paul's church will he laid at' Uiroe  o'clock, this ���������afterjioott by tho Lord  Bishop of Columbia, the Rigkt Rev.  W.   "V. renin,  1).   D.,  The service will ho fully choral wiiUi  u siu'pliccd choir, aind, weather permitting, it will lake place .outside.  Should tho rnin continue the service will be held iu the Institute, thc  clyrgy and choir withdrawing for the  .actual net of laying; lh������ stone. A  collection will be made for the building runt, during thc .singing- of tho  Inst, hymn.  "Pescripfion or the Building.  . The building, which presents a  church like appearance, with, high  g'siblcs, sloping roof, ctestings, crosses/and liniahs, together wilh Gothic  butlrcsses  unci  projecting  porch,     is  ERI'   DAY  Prices    arc     Very Reasonable.     AU  '"������������t- ."'accrul in 'eft'ect while still re-  Customers are Treated  Alike.  , serving  dignified  repose,    so    esw-ntir  HOP   LEE & CO.  ON THE -SSPLANADE.  ���������-arc>t'^w-MM������j������-f*rw--re-"  NOTICE.  3.-n-|~~  RAYMOND & SONS  1  1 ,      \ t  ���������Dealers in���������  ,Lime,  Plaster Paris,   Brick,  - Fire, Brick and Vancouver island cement.  3 Pandora St."Victoria B.C..  Friy.Ti this date the undersigned  will rot he responsible Ior any indebtedness incurred except on '*���������  written orhcr signed by the secretary  Rowland Macliin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & BEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.     .  "������������������Ton Persona! Liability.  VJc.toila. B. C. M^  18tb. '"01.  MW_������I1II  ll'MMW���������  . PIEROY & CO.  Manufacturers OL���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,   ,  ETC;  WHOiiSALEMY GOOD  TOTGItW, B. G.  al to Kngllsh churcli architecture,  and is from tho plans of Mr. W. If.  -Vroher, -F.A.T.A., Architect.  A projecting water-table forms a  base all round U116: edifice and gives  stability to the whole.  ���������The Go.tliic doors with their massive foliatod^jiron hinges upon diagonal patterns, as well as tho Gothic windows filled with Enjglish dia-  tinoud pattern cuthcdial"glass, are  in, strict keeping with the stylo of the  building.  Tho church has two entrances, Ike  principal   one  is  on      Church  street,  to paiinellcd bajs, .giving an elongated perspective. .Loaded ca-lliodi-l  gla,ss windows pierce the front gab  Ies.  The chancel ]_is a largo and graceful arch wilh double chamfer -mould  and a roof -somewhat lower- than thc  'lime, to insure acoustics wilh open  trusses and panelling in natural  woods. . A large eluinl.-I window in  three panels, heavily iinulliiinec and  cu.sjK'd, will be Jilhd with cathedral  glass.  The sniictuary and chnnccl, approa-  i-hccl liy thiii' steps aru 'very large,  niensurmg 'tlM.',) feet, with organ  chamber al ono side and entrance  from chu'gy \eslry ou lhu<othcr.  The sanletuary is npsidal with octag  onul panel U-d roof and has two side  windows 111 addition to tbe largo  chancel  w inilow.  The walls of the building arc in  cement plaster, a painted ilnclo iur-  rounils t'ko church, chance, chancel  and sanctuary; all tho wood , work  resembles old oak and the iatorior  doors are covered with green baize  with brass nail panels.  The church is lighted by clusters  of electric iridescent flowers, which  with' tho small aiul '"crossing lights  give a "soft brilliance lo every part  of the church; thoy 0 re so , arranged  as not to cross the line of viis.ion-.il  The chancel;'' sanctuary and nave are  similarly  lighted. -  Klcetric   hells,  (return   call)      com-"  VICTORIA, I (.  Under the patronage of His Honor, the Lie.utenant-  Governor of British Columbia  stwmiri a to m. \%  11 MM  li  principal   one   is   on      ~"-        * .,,,-,, ... .  . ^,.~-w ,������.i,, dnu inunicatc between     the vestries   nnd  through a  handsome povA with Slou' /  ble doors and approached by a spacious flight of- steps with coped sides.  The Rectory's vestry opens on the  Rectory side of, the chmch. where  tho choir and vestry' enter.  Upon entering the '(Church, the interior has a lofty coiling divided' by  open   timbered,  chamfered trusses (in-  front    porch.  h  Thc  heating .apparatus,   organ mo-  GENERAL EL  Miners' Drilling! {Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHCKT  NOTICE.  SHARPENED BY US      ALWAYS   GIVE  SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED A ND REPAIRED   -S H I P S IYI I T III N CT    IN      ALL   ITS    B R A N C IIES  Horseshoers and Genera1 Blacksmitns.  R. WRIGHT.  Buller Street  -     - -     -  Ladysmith, B C  DRILLS  \  .-t^H^rW'  ^.4._- 4..^���������.^^.A^<.������^^^������^^>I���������^4-^^I^^���������'^^'I���������������������������^������������������I^^���������H������������������.!f������^>l���������<f^ * ���������  ICE!     ICES    ICE!  WiLl be Delivered on Mondays,  Wednesdays.  Fridays and Saturdays  Orders must be ln by eleven o'clock on day of Delivery,  CHAMBERLAIN'S  COUGH  REMEDY  ACTS ON NATURE'S PLAN-  '��������� ' -. -��������� '  The most successful medicines aro  .those that aid' nature. Chamber,  Iain's Consli Remedy acts on - this  plan. Take it when you have a cold  ar.d it will allay thecou_h, relieve  the lungs, aid expectoration, open  thc secretions and aid nature in restoring thc system to a healthy-condition. Thousands have testified to  its superior excellence. It counteracts any tendency of a cold to result in pneumonia. Price 25 cents.  Large size 50 cents. Forge size 50  Large size 50 cents. For sale hy  the Ladysmith Pharmacy.  ���������>  Limsted  if*  j.  >  W.  SILER.  ���������iENEKAL hXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY DO*.-*"..  Lea-* orders at the Abhotsfor*!.  Liberal Premiums & Valuable Prizes���������The Best Stock  Market in the Province���������Live Stock Parade Daily���������3  Days Horse Racing-1��������� $5,000 [in Purses and ;*, Valuable  Trophy Cups���������Splendid New Attractions including  Grand Broncho Busting.Competition for Championship '���������  JBt_M_mm________9^ British Columbia __-���������-a_B____" '  SPECIAL EXCURSION RATES FROfl ALL POINTS  For entry blanks/Prize L ists and other information, Address,    ���������& ^  A- J. Morley, Mayor, President J. E- Smart, Secrefay. | J  1  I  TJSli. GW-Kit&AntJZ WAY.  Ticket and Freight Office,  75  Government Street.  2Tanscoiitinental  Trains Daily  The New-Train   ,  OR1E NFAL LIMITED  /   The'Trail- of  Ease,  Eleganco,  Excellence.  Every mile a picture,   and  no smoke to spoil the   view.  Through  Compartment,   Observation and Pullman  Sleepers;     also    Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago.  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty  Union    Terminals   with   all  Steamer lines.  Berth reservations  by wirel  Great. Northern S.S. Co.  FOR JAPAN AND CHINA.  Steamships Minnesota and Dakota sail from Seattle for Japan and China ports at Ire-  o-uenr dates. Exact sailing  dates can be secured upon application to any Great Northern representative.  S. G. YERKES,  A.G.P.A.,  Seattle, Wash.  E. R. STEPHEN,  Gen. Agent, Victoria. B.C.  ���������r4-^^*^-J-'^->*:-4--I-^-I-^-t'^':-<^''*'-I* -M������+*-K^rI.-*-:^*'K--M������*K������>  STEAM   HEATI.D  F   URNISJ-rn i>    ROOMS  J  Synopsis ot Canadian Homestead  Regulations.  Any available Dominion Lands  ���������within the Railway Belt in British  Columbia, may '_��������� homestcaded by  _ny person who is the sole head of  t_ family, or any i~-lc ������v������*"- e ghtccn  years ,of age, to the extent of one-  quarter section oMGO acres, more  or less.  Entry must lie made personally at  the local land ollice Ior the district  in which the land is situate,  The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith    under   one    of the   following  plans: ���������  (1) At least six months' residence  upon and cultivation of the land in  each year for three years.  (2) If the father, (or mother, if the  father Is deceased), of the homestead-  Br resides upon a farm in the -vicinity of the land entered for, thc requirements as to residence may he  satisfied by such person residing with  the father or mother.  (3) If the settj-cr has his permanent residence upon farming land own-  stead, the requirements as to residence may be satisfied by residence  upon the said land.  Six monthe' notice In writing  should be given to the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  ' Coal lands may be purchased at $10  .per acre for soft coal and $20 for  anthracite". Not more than 320  acres can be .acquired by . one individual or company. Royalty at the  rate of ten cunts per ton of 2,00'J  pounds shall he collected on the  gross output.  W. W.  CORY,  Dcnuty of the Minister of Interior.  BOOTS,& SHOES   ������<  REPAIRED   ���������=)  J. A. REED, C  >0      Roberts St.    Near 5th, Ave.      ������<  Lfc ���������JL8J.'.flJU? OJUlJ  ABB0TSF0RD  BAI-T-'UPPLTKn WITH B.->T  WINES, i'.IQUORS, CIGARS  A. J.rAlcMURTRlE, Proprietor  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  LADYSMITH,    .C  Good tables and good  Rooms  This  Hotel ha*  been completely       renovated.  Board aid lodging $1.00 per day.  'tor and fuel are located in the base-  menti with separate - entrance, and  the floors of the church are all insulated   ay������i,i;ist  damp.    ,  A luassive square tower is placed  at tho northpast corner of tho  church front, facing- on Church  street with Gothic cntranco having  a radiated hood, above which is lo  ���������ealed elongated Loirverecl belfry op  cuing, the whole surmounted by open  Q-ktllcmcnts, from which rises a grace  ful octagonal coronated spiro with  small Dormers on four sides terminating with a wrought iron cross  105 feet from tho sidewalk.  ures witk a club 'than the one that  tried to strangle them by , abortion.  A number of humorous strokes niadu  ln "Mr. William's Welch brogue were  highly relished by the audience, who  laughed and applauded loudly. , In  answer to "some questions at the  close of his lecture. Mr Williams expressed Himself as ,ppot.ed to the  Hindu immigration, and in favor of  an all-round tax against Asiatics.  JOHN.TKa; Proprietor  Bar Suppli?d with the Best   "Wines, 1st Avenue .-'. >* :-: Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and Cigars.  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rates ff.1.25 and$1.50���������  Fre to all steamboat  landings and  railway depotH. Electric carB every five  minutea to all parts of the city. Bar  and table unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  Bnt residence upon rarmmg ������������������������'��������������� ""- g       VANCOUVER  B   0  ed by Wm ln tlic vicinity of his home ABBOTT ST., ,VAXNCOU\LR B. "J,  P   VOU WANT AQOOD���������������������������  First Class   Meal  CALL AT���������  J. X. Smith's Restauraat  ALWAVS OPEN FIRST AVENUE.  Mr. Tarkcr Williams, M. P. P  Newcastle in (he local Legislature  addressed a. large Socialistic gatrkcr  i.ng in "tho Grand Theatre on Cordova  Street Vancouver on Sunday evening  Mr. WiUiaims dealt al leng-th with his  record in the L-egislaturo, antl pointed to the labor legislation he and  Mr. Uawthornthwaito had succeeded  in passing in spile of bitter opposition. Tie said th.it of tho tw0 political parties, he would rather have  thc Conservatives than the Liberals,  because ho liked better the foe that  came out and killed their laTvor mens-  Are loo (Join, Ml  Then b������ iurc yosr tickets re������f  ������1|  the  North Western Line  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS witk the  through traini from tke PacilW  Coast. -  THE SHORTEST LINE, TP  FINEST TRAINS, THE. LOWES'!  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,   Omaha,   Kansas:city  P.i-1 ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information  ask ye  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  Gtneral  Ag*r.  720 2nd Ave., Seatfl?.:  Canadian   Honored.  Whitby,   Ont.,   Depxr.  5.���������Citizens *i  Whitby last night   honorctl     Ilamar  Greenwood,  the Canadian member of  tJae English parliament who ,is a nat-  for   ive of this place.   o   Methoists Have A Surplus.  Toronto, Sept. 5.���������The annual  meeting of the superannuation board  of the Methodist church was held  yesterday. The annual statement  showed that all claims had been  met, and that a surplus of ?4,750  remained on hand, the first time,  the board has been in such, a happy position for twelve years.  Destroyed by   Fire.  BowmanrviUe, Sept. 5.���������Buildings  o-. King Street east, formerly occupied by Durham Rubber, Company^  for manufacturing, purposes before,  removing to tae new buildinga  was totally destroyed by fire this  morning with its contents. The build  ings were used for storage purposes  and compounding room. The loss .is  estimated at $35,000, mostly ..covew  ed bv insurance. -  NOTICE  LADY5MITH   WATERWORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street anci  gay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each month.  Office Hours IP. M. 430  T, I BLAND..  ,      r  ,     ��������� , SUPERINTEND      '     ?*XN5l  riUfHllpanKi  EXCELLENT  Train Service  Preston's   Successor.  'Montreal,   Sept.  5���������Star's     London  cable:     Hon.  Frank  Oliver,   Minister,  j of the Interior      interviewed     today  ' says  that  he  has   gone     thoroughly,  into   emigration matters. The   nama  of Preston's     successor     -in. London  will    not   bo    published    until    'Mr.  Oliver has conferred  with  his  eolloa-  rgues   at Ottawa.  Two names .are mentioned  in    official   circles namely,      Bruce  Walker,  now Canadian agent in. Glasgow, ������nd,  Ralph   Smith,'M.   P.    for Nanaimo.'  BETWEEN  !  And tfio rrli.clpnl Bualnesn Contcrs of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA I.IAGAF.** FALLS.[  For Time Tables, etc., nddro.*.  CEO. W. VAUX,  ARslstant Gcn'I raaseuger mid Tlckot Agent, j  IDE ADAMS ST.. CHICAGO, IlL.  Ai'tJi-baskaville, Que., Sept 5-^  The Cimoral of the late ,Honri I.aur-  ier, half-'brothcr of Sir Wilfred "Lanr-  ier took place here, this morning  and was very largely attended, a-  niong those uresent being nearly all  thc members of the provinicial govi-  ernment, scweral members of the federal house and House ot Commons  and professional men of all classes.  The pall bearers were: Hon- Senator  Choquctte; Hon. Rodolphe "Lemtevv/.,  Postmaster General; R. Boudreault,  private secretary to Sir Wilfred Lwl  rler,  and others..  F.J  .sar-  I:  ���������v'fl  I  ' 1*  I .y"_j ������*���������������.*--r*.* ".3  ���������KLl_urutJ������i_w#'i  THE LADYSMITH DAILY LBBGrER  ���������:���������������������������'������������������.     ������  ���������  *  *-$*$H&$--$H$--$ ^########^^^ $ $ $ "|l ifr $  [Always On  Hand  BICKLE'  Best of [Groceries  A Large Stcck of  DRY GOODS. BOOTS & SHOES g  That Can'Be Beat  ^W'-M^M^** WWNI#M ���������* #**$���������  CL_-M-i'-f l-B        H-?,rk _"_"* /C    lal1   J'"'  oxhi,)ils   w,,i('h   llilVU  l"-'e'1  P"1'  ^lOltlly   Jr    O L0^59!thcrc.k (Uuiug the last  two or   .lirei  That's A  Local litems  i i������t-K iir-_rt--__j  There were no visitors, with thc  exception of one, or two small boats  at the local wharves today.  .We -have just received direct from  the Old Country a shipment of McGregor's Football Shoes. Lady smith'  Hardware Co.  Many   of   the local clerks   are today   wearing a   woe-begone   expression.     The half-holiday system   ended    last    Thursday, and today     the  -stores kept open all day.  Air. ,1. Richards, who was last  week taken suddenly ill, is reported  today as somewhat better, although  very weak, and it will likely   be    a  yeais, and this in itself mjkos a  good display of thc ininci.il lcsoiii-  ccs of the Pacific Noi t'h-wcst. "Besides  these, however, man}' camps .re send  ing in new specimens which vill  freshen up the displays and slioi-vi the  latest developments of their .--nes  and thc now discoveries. ,  George William Cornish,       ,(,'��������� cm-  wood,   B.C.,  is preparing entire new  exhibits    of    the big mines     l    the  Boundary country, which     ill    > M ip  ped to  the fair -this year.     ������������������ a   " -miliary in the    past   has, had some of  the best ore ever seen  at Spokine.  Many new exhibits.1 will be made hy  (he    mines   'of    the Cocur d'Alencs.  This- district has been forging   ahead  with great rapidity during lhe    past  year    and    the mining men     .iclievo  that while in the past they ha*, i had  representative showings of their properties at the Spokane fairs,   it is is  quite    necessary that these *-c added  to in  order to properly represent th������|  mines  of  this now famous     section.  considerable time  before he  will  be  n is  the desh.e 01- the   management  enabled to leave the house. j of the fair t,hat all the districts   in  "** 'the Pacific Northwest follow the ex-  Mr. R. Harrup returned on tho' alHplc o[ 'tll0 Cocur _>Aimcs jnithe  noon train from a shooting trip to ' Boundar7| and strengthen il,c. dis-  .Westholm. While previous hunters p]a_g a". the , fair> , (wluch lasL two  have reported the bushes too dry for weeks this yeai-; instDad of 01ie, and  hunting, Mr. Harrup's complaint is wiU be _ gieater benefit to all min-  that they are too wet. at present. > ei.s who eX]Ubit. Several new camps  ,.,   _ ^ anj discoveries will make a showing  We have just received direct from  the Old Country a shipment of McGregor's Football Shoes. Ladysmith  Hardware Co.  /Victoria   i<   C.  Sept. 5, ���������Dr. Pagan,  Air. McDonald, who has charge of Secretary of the prowiu'-il board of  .the work on the new wharf, states health announces tkat His Honor  that the stiucture will be practical-. _,'*eut. Governor Dunsnia"' h-x'-> \. om-  ly completed and ready for use bylised a donation of ������LO,000 towards  the end of nevt week. The miim! lhe establishment or" ������ in i-nulo-'s  portion of the whaif is 'already com-j hcsp,u* as ;00, as the societies now  pleted, and the approach is now  be-  al  wor].  rai.,mg money for this pi"-  SPORTS GROUND      ,  SUBSCRIPTION LIST.  Hugh  Thornley.  N. A. Morrison.  T,  O'Conneii.  J��������� Sanderson.  J. Eno.  D.  O'Conneii.  J.  0. Gillespie".  Wm. Sanderson.  R. McMillan,  W. S. Morrison.  Jas.  Adam.  James Dunbar..  "John-O'Conneii;  C. Hewlett.  Ed. Leahy,  \W Akenhcad. .  W.  Silcr.  D. Johnson.  It. Hewlett.  A. Michie.  Thos. Lewis.  .3 no Dunhar'  Eddie J ones.  None Better-Capital & Nugget Cigars  rtf tyy OT^mc^  FIRST CLASS  c  *++���������++-������++-+������������������+ ������������������***���������* ���������������������������������������������������������������  f ���������. ���������  ��������� New Fall Goods ���������  in   '     ���������  *-    Fw  ��������� ���������  ���������  ���������y-X  X  ���������  ���������  ���������  ������������������  ���������  m BOOR STOH o<  ��������� ��������� *- -        *  for the  lirst time  PRINCELY DONATION.  ing worked upon.  More than seventy-people left Ladysmith for Nanaimo today, the mn-  rjority of them going to be in attendance at thc funeial of the lute  Martin Woodburn, which took placo  at two o'clock this afternoon. They  will return on a special train at G  o'clock.  On Wednesday evening next, Sept.  12th, the Juvenile Bostomians are  billed to entertain the Ladysmith  public in the local Opera 'House,  while on the following evening Miss  Nannie Strachan and Gavin Spencc,  illustrated song and story entertainers, will appear. Both attiactions  should prove good, and will doubtlessly be well patronized.   o   NEW ORE EXHIBITS  AT TIIE  SPOKANE F VTR  Word comes that a good mining  exhibit will be seen at thc Spok inc  Interstate fan this year, winch opens Sept. 2*J. Robt. H. Cosfrrovc,  manager  of    the fair,  has  preserved  pose ha-te secured ������50,000   o   Smoke Little B Clj-nrn.  SEPARATION  OF  CHURCH AND STATE  Paiis, Sept. 5.���������Tho French bishops and archbishops met twice tc-  day. It is understood that a definite decision regarding the attitude  which the French church and state  separation law has not >et been  reached. There is considerable division of opinion among the prelates.         _________________  NOTICE.  I will not he responsible for   any  debts    contiacted    hy    Oscar RTotti-  shaw without my written order.  S.  MOTTIS1-IAW.  Nanaimo,   B.C., August 22,  1006.  Ask  for Capital and Nugget Cigars  WANTED ��������� Girl for  geneial  house,  woik.     Apply  SIRS. RALPH WRIGHT  Minimi's   Liniment  Cures Dandruff.  Minard's  Liniment  Cures DandiufL  in this country. It is the labor profb  loin.    The need of labor here is    un-  THE JAPANESE1 -1-' Ever*wh^ ^'^ ;af  y I uig we (Would do'this or we^ would \iq  that ii wc could get the men, but wc  cannot get them. l'think the solution lies in,not restricting your' country to Europeans and American immigration. You * should let in th '  Japanese. ' The labor people need  have no  fear  that  they' would lower  DRESS GOODS,   '"  MILLINERY,  .'���������   CLOTHING   ''  and various other articles of  DRY GOOD'S  X      ' are  arriving daily from thc  east ^T  Y ,      t_mmm������w_mia^ms!mmmmm w  ��������� .    ���������  ���������   We invite you to Call and Inspect   ���������  '������   Our Stock,     Everything marked in  - j  X' ''   " Plain Figures 'f  nwuMiitt  M*v*Mt*������*u-> MM is***** wwmiwwwi  I' tfimcii _fefeer d t������# %  4>    ,_.-._. LIMITED . ���������  ��������� "     ���������  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ##*<M> <&><&������������������������������������������������������'  * -" t*t wm-" pm i c h t*t_aa iti ioj-ti *owh������������w antn-i t n_,tj>>������>iTti _un  (Continued from Page One.)  will be ISdmonlon. rrhe finest. agricultural land J. have seen in Canada  rs'in that distnct���������-lond that does  not require 'irrigation or anything  else, il" anyone had been,rash enough ' the standard or wag'es, for they are  to lnne said ten jeaiis ago that the I not like the Chinese, who do work  wheat belt extended that far north, j at any price. They make excellent  'ho would have been laughed at, but' laborers, and they would to a great  many people luuc told me that there' extc.t set free the people of Europ-  is quite ns good country for our! ean origin for abetter class of work,  hundred miles, nortli oi" Edmonton, and assist immensely in the develop  and that wheat is aheady being ment of this splendid country,  grown successfully that fai   north.      t - ' - ~  'And   now 1 will tell you  what   Is"     Minard's    Liniment for sale   every  the greatest problem >ou have to face   where.  STAN  UNS  UN D  ; ar  "Mmwnni'MfmmwiifnntmfiiPwmww'wwwfwiirw?^,  n���������- -^  fc" When ordering your MEAT don't forget to .Hs  j������j call on us. We keep nothing; but the BEST =S  s_j that the Market can afford arid guarantee _s  E SATISFACTION ,_t  CORN BEEF A ������������������ 121-2C. IB. 1  i A. HOWE 1  _: MEAT  MARKET 3  ^1'uiuiitiujiuuju lUiUiuJu iii mo\miMmmumfc  on  ^mith," "Clabrough^  a~~~i--M~-~-~~~~___BB_________n*~K~~-_--BMB������____~~~-ai'~~~^  /'Parker," "Remington"  and "Winchester" Guns  FULL    STOCK  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIMITED  W. Q. Fraser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST AVENUE.  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  _"��������� This UNDERWEAR fs put up to suit the ���������climate,  nothing but the  :"������ Finest Quality of Wool used. We have it in any size from 32 to  SjJJ 43, Prices,  % $2.50, 2.75, 3.00, & 4-50 SUIT  ���������������<������_    Stf3S  Si  -< \fkwm  ;<ei&.  TEE BIRMINGHAM OF B.      C.)  123 GOVERNA1ENT STREET, VICTORIA, B. C.  I     ^~~������^>^ FOR TO-DAY  Just in  Prices Ranging from  75.CENTS   3, DOL  ������r_  Iww^w^  i    EG. P ANN ELL  l   GAT ACRE ST.        LADYSMITH  .*  ,.���������.������������������ ���������"B.������ ������ o ������ 0 9 ������ o o o������.e.o.������,e o������. .���������a������.������J*L.0.0 .0.0(B ������ ��������� O ���������.������..���������.������ ������.������.��������� ���������Jfe'ft  t~___l_'~3i'f'"j_~-"^  REST YOUR EYES' l  If your eyes tire easily, you need glasses. Docs tlic type become  blurred? If so you need glascs. If your eyes burn, you need  glasses. Do you surfer from headaches? If so, glasses will help  you. If you have any of the aoovc symptoms, let us examine  your eyes and fit you with gl asses that will give you relief.  We make no charge for examination and    can, supply you   with  GLASSES  . .'-'���������';  FROM "pi.So AND UP  B. FORCIMTIER  .'  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  % ��������� ������������������ ".'.        .... ���������' ���������' ������������������ "-a  ill Ml 11 inimiiiiiii iiliiii.itffmiBTTrrrnimn���������nBifiiiiMiii _i��������� ��������� ���������-��������� in iiiiwiiimiu iii.ii> ii... iiiiii iiiii ���������ii'ii  We are still in tr^* Wall Paper nnd  Paint Business, and are selling slathers' of it, which shows that our  prices are right and give gpod ��������� satisfaction.. '    ��������� ,  If you wish to do your own Plaiiit-  ing or Papcr-hu������_-<ig, make your  Picture Frames and Futniturs look  ne\y, come and have a talk with us  and we will cheerfully give you any  information that you desire and  make your task easy.  LADYSiVllTH WALL PAPER DEPOT  Harry Kay, Proprietor  NOTICE  Boots and Shoes made and ^repaired. Contracts taken for clearing  land.' ,.'��������� '-J'���������".���������    ' ��������� ��������� '  ���������  :..���������'���������;;':���������   :PiOP;SINa;; /,/'V'  ���������  FLETCHER BLDG. ist. AVENUE  -nvwinH-unfiu tmnifcnM"  Dr. ' ..-r can be found at any time  at his oriice on Gatacre stree-t. His  dental work in guaranteed to be first-  class, and rates reasonable.  moke a Big B Cigar.  LOST���������On Aug; 7, rough-c.oateil Airedale terrier, black back.with tan  head and legs; tail docked. Anyone  returning same to the Bank, will  be regarded..


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