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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Sep 2, 1905

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 ltjttriS..ATlVK  ASSKMBLf.  The Ladysmith Dai  vV  i,.vfe' -!'-'Lka3:  VOL.2,  _ j  SEP 7-1905  HE OUGHT TO HANG  FOR AN EXAMPLE  Shoat Bay Section Has Furnished  its Bad Man Who, as Usual  \ Ran  Amuck  _____**"  SATURDAY,   SE  1905  PRICE  FIVE  PEACE RECEIVED AT FRONT  Fortunauy^f e Shot but One but  This Was Good Luck More  Than  Good Intentions  Joe Domar, a drunken, "shoot-cm-  up" French Canadian logger at Shoal  Bay, shot and probably fatally  wounded Thomas Dunbar, barkeeper,  shooting'his victim in the hack, lie  afterwards tried lo kill several other people,  was captured while in  a  drunken sleep,  but again escaped   by  'burning* the cords off his wrists with  'alighted candle. , He Was  eventually  , arrested,   and   if  his   victim dies,   as  '.be probably will,  no. doubt he will"  ,V lie banged.  He will be if he gets his  K-deserts.  He.is now,in the, Westmins-  , ter jail      awaiting  the issue of   Uie  '-life or- death of his victim.  k , The  details  of the crime  as   told  -��������� by  Vancouver  despatches  are  as Iol-  ���������'lows:.,     -.  '    Vancouver,  Sept.   1.���������The  si earner  "(Cassiar    yesterday  morning brought  down from  the north-a had   French  i CaiiatLan   logger  named   Joe  Demar,  ; who  is   the centrepiece of  as hold  a  of what had happcn|r<d.   A.number pi  men set out for tlic hotel ,and finding  Demar lying in  the passage,  promptly disarmed him, and left h..������n, lying  hound   on      the .door.   Hut  a candle  had  boon  left 'within, his  reach.'and  when he  woke up he burned through  lhe rope which,bound him     with it  ami  freed himself.    A group of -men'.  wrrc in tho,bar -discussing, the, ������   affairs     of  the night  and  wondering  what,    should  be done with Demar,  when,      lo   Iheir  cons lei nation, "thc  desixsiado appealed  among tbem arm  ed   with  a cluh.    He   promptly cleared   lhe  bar  of everyone except       an  old "j*������������-i named' Ward,  whom he-forced   to   give   up   his   Winchester* ride,  and      taking some caitr'tlges out of  his ,pockel.     lie primed   it. and made  for  ihe- waler front,  where  he      demanded  a boat from   its owner  and  sfarted '    off     for his   hand   logging  camp  at Philips'  Arm.  "Meanwhile,  men had  gone   lo notify  Constable -Jones Tat ValdcK,     and  Foreign  Military  Attaches  Aiv  ranging for a Formal Leave  Taking of Cammanders  EXPECT TREATY TO  BE Organ,   but     M.  Witte's  message to.  COMPLETED TODAY Emperor Nicholas received today was  Portsmouth, N. IT., Sept. 2.- It , *10],- over f0l. tomorrow. Prom var-  is expected that ihe text of the iuus ��������� sources the news of the agree  treaty will be completed loday. Only .two articles remain to be drafted,  two calogi'al'hoi's from lhe state department are already here lo hegin  the work of engiossiiig and everything now .fcdical.es that lhe ceremony of signing (he treaty can take  place Tint-day at the lnlcst, possibly Monday.  The    statement,  in   the   Associated  Press despatches last night that the  series 'of conferences  which continued  until midnight  related  to differences,  over the article concerning lhe divis  ion  of  Sakhalin  is   fully  confirmed.  The., Japanese at first  were  inclined  to   lie obdurate,   but  an   arrangement  mutually satisfactory was provisionally- agreed (P<r.oni "s expected lobe  finally  ratified by-, the'chief plenipotentiaries during the day.  Gunsliu     I'.-.ss, Sept..  1.���������Tbe lirst  1   ^^#-'  CE^XS  \-  -1905      %\  <V*  ment percolated      into  thc communities at     Kercliikin and Gunsliu Pass,  Aii-rust 31.     buf, comment. <*���������;���������.=    -jth  held  pending      military   sanction   "or  its   publication,  mid   the news  is yet  too      vaguely   known or  rcali-Aed to  note its     elYccl.    Airangements  have  already been     instiluted however for  the  re-esta-blislinieiit     aiuT maiiitain-  ance of     a neutral zone iietwcen  the  arni-ies  pending   their  denioiyiliizaWon.  The aljuiy has had ample liiiit tt> <c-  custom    itself to     tho idea of .peace.  The men have followed the'discussion  as closely'  as the delayed despatches  permitted, and il ,is evident that the  ���������idea af payiiig an indemnity was most  luiwelcomo    lo the     Japanese conditions.   The  foreign military attaches  arc expecting     to be recalled and are  arranging  for formal   leave taking  of  the commanders.   The  industrial- and  DOMINION! DAY CELEBRATION  COMMITTEE RECEIVE DISCHARGE  Treasurer's Report Shows That [Nearly Six Hun^  dred  Dollars is Lett  In Hand to  Clear Sport Grounds  A Grounds    Committe  is Appointed  and Given  Full Control    of  the   Grounds  By the Meeting  Tox  'a.g-c;--������,  , piece of .villainy as, was ever 'xccord-  ; cd in the wonderful history ot Fiank \ two'others itook Dunbar, .who is pro^  ,- and Jessie James, or any other mod   1-a-bly  fatally  wounded,   over^ lo tlic  ." em  desperado-    As  a result of    his    hospital'at Rock-Bay.   All thc pco-  '.' devilish     escapade one    man lies at  pie at Rock Bay Rere having an an-  intimatiTji of an agreement between missionary interests are 'already pie-  Uie.' pej.ee plenipotentiaries was prin-' paring lo resume their enterprises  led'   in   today's     issue ofthe Army  disorganized by the war.  BUTTERCUPS  VS. DAISIES  ; the pointy of death en board the  mission sh (p Coliiiul.iia al Rock .Bay,  and the bad man .himself now lies iii  jail* at  New Westminster with ���������'  a  r! charge of murder hovering closely  near him. How he shut up the Wa-  verly hotel and held tbe whole settlement of Shoal Bay in terror for  three whole-days can be briefly told.  Last '.Sunday evening seven-ol  eight men were sitting in .lhe barroom of thc Waverly hotel when hi  stalked Demar, armed with a Winchester- rifle "and  a revolver.  "Come     up   and   drink;' everybody  ���������come,"  he  said,  flourish ing  a revolver   /n  the face of thc ama/cd group,  sitting there.  The men halted  for a moment, but  as there was mischief in Demar's eye  they decided to accept and  all walked up to the bar and drank.  During  a moment's      diversion   Ed.   Berber,  one of  the men,   made a move     lo-  towards the door, but -Demar followed him and clubbed  him over     thc  head  with  the  bntt of his  revolver  and  then  brought him back-at    thc  point of     bis gun.    Meanwhile, Dunbar,   the   bai tender,   was  going      on  with  his   work.    Demar engaged  him  in     conversation   for   a second,   and  then as  he turned   to   arrange some  glasses  on  the shelf,   brutally    shot  him through thc  backv.   The bartender fell  down  behind   the bar       mid  those  present, rushed   for  tbe  door,  while Demar discharged his  revolvoi  in .every  direction, smashing  mirrors  windows   and   furn'tlure.    One  bullet  passed  : through  the wall and stnicl.  the head  of Hie bed- in' which .  Mr.  and Mrs.  .JohnWard .were, lying,   her  rified by  the terrific noise.  Demar then started for  the   second  storey where   Mrs.   McDonald,      the  ,Wife of the proprietor; ami her two  children occupied a bed room. Mrs-  McDonald 'said-she heard the'man  stumble-and fall at the bottom of  the stairs, and, taking her two children by the hand, sho pluckily slipped past him and but into the n*>,ht  She,so'ight', the shelter of a neighbor-'  ing  house   and  informed   the ��������� people  xious and " sleepless time',"and th-e-  guardians of families were on the  watch for Denial' with" their rides.in  thei r  hands. ,      ,  On Tuesday-evening' De-mar return-,  od  to Shoal  Bay  and  offered  to give  himself   up   to- Postmaster   Forrest,.  but as he was still armed  with the  i i fie, this offer was thought''to'be'" a  piece  of  sarcasm  and  no one     .* attempted   to   arrest him. , lie walked  aroi iii I   all day, ,*aiid. on ---Wednesday,  when   the" Cassia'r' c-am'e  iii ��������� he -was  standing  on   the dock., Mr.- W.   ,',F.  Mel'ic-dy,  J.IV,-' manager "of- a   local  mining, company,  held a council     of  war     with the Cassiar people,With  ihe  result that Robert  Brycc, ' the  freight  clerk,  volunteered  lo  arrest  Demar,   and  was sworn  in then  and  there  as  a special' constable.       Mr.  Bryce, Mr. Chick, ,Mr. McCready and  two stout deckhands then started to  walk along thc wharf where Demar  Mood.    Mr. Brycc was-armed     with  nothing but  an electric  torch  sticjv,  which   he   thought   might  pass  off as  a gun,  or, if  recognized,  would       be  useful to tap his man on lhe head in  case  he p'i'o\ed   rebellious.   Mr.  Mc-  Cready s-pot'e first to Demar  to   at'  tract   his attention,   and   then-    Mr.  Brycc coining up  on  the other  side  quietly      told him be was under ar.  nsl,   and   though   the 4)ad  man  demurred  for "air instant,  a few minutes  later  he was locked up safe and  sound in a strong room  on   thc Cas-  siai",  When  thc little vessel   was   a  little way . .out  Chey -were vmet by .  cons table J ones who., was. speeding to:  Shoal -.Bay.  He went, on board and  took .possession of  the ..-prisoner and  brought  him.to Vancouver."  lie  was  brought  before Stipendiary   Magistrate   Alexander   vvstcrday  morning, hut at the request if Constable      Jones,, who   wished   to see  whether' Dunbar would live or  He before laying a charge,  the case     was  remanded, till   September  7th. w  The latest report was received by.  the Cassiar when she called at Rock  Buy on her way south was that llun-  liai"  was not  likelv  to  live 2-1 hours.  The first basketball match  of   Hie  season will take place on the bunker  grounds itomorroP     afternoon, commencing' at two" o'clock.    The  competing teams,'  Buttercups and  Daisies," are as follows:  BiittercupK~Eno,  Hewlett,  R.  McMillan,   C  McMillan,   E.   Thomas.  Daisies���������A.  Hailstones,  J.  Dunbar,  J.- Adami A. McMiUan, -T.' O'Conneii  Mr. L.  Bland got the.nets  finished  this  morning,," and  they  are    , .very  satisfactory.   The gfime  promises  to  Ik*      interesting,  all   the. men- being  good players.  After the  basketball a  full football-'practice" will be held.  FRANCE ~  USING  THREATS  ,   Paris,      Sept.  2.���������The government  has  addressed  the Sultan   of Morocco another  peremptory  note ginouiil-  ing  to  an-ult-imatuin.    This       note  says that the release of the imprisoned  Algerian citixen  Boir/.ial   is not  sufficient,   and   demands   in addition,  first,   the  payment of an  indemnity;  second,  the punishment   of  the Cadi  who  made' the arrest,  and   third,   a  public apology.       If all these      de.  mands  are not granted   within       a  brut delay  the  1'ieiich  minister  will  be ordered  to leave Fez  preparatory  to the adoption of coercive measures  SHANGHAI  FLOODED  Shanghai,  Sept.   2.-Shanghai    was  visited  by .a typhoon  last night, and  this morning the entire "city"' is Hood  ed,  the  water rising  to a height  of  three leet.  This is the first flood which ha;.'  occurie,-| here within the last fifty  years.  - - o   STRANOE PHENOMENON  SEEN   IN "MAINE  Kittery Point, Maine, Sept. 2.���������-A  phcno'iiicnon which is attributed by  many persons to the earthmial'iS in  Main and New Ilanipshiic,. was observed on the beach diieclly in front  of a local summer hotel during last  ii*fght. -When the tide was"hah* way  in a brilliant while light, covering  Uie whole beach, rose from the sand  to a height of abouW six inches. At  the same time a strong sulphurous  odor was emitted from the same locality, it beig so offensive that it  was necessary fo close tightly all  doors and windows in .the hotel. The  light and odor lasted about five  hours, disappearing at full tide.  BY TROLLEY FROM  CHICAGO TO NEW YORK  Ch-icag'o,, 111.,Sept.. 2.���������The .Record- New York State, or, may nranch off  Herald-to-day., says'. Continuous- liol- a< Cleveland and take a king-distance  ley rides from Chicago lo New York routei through" Pennsylvania and eo  over two routes, and between Ch -;a- '<"��������������� lo ���������the metropolis;  go and Cincimvalhi are among tiie \ Tllc Chicago Electric Traction Co.  transportation probabilities of vhe 'which is now in the hands .,of are-  near future. Win. Reed, a builder reiver at Judge Kohsatt's court, is  of railroads, has organized a��������� syiidi- j to be taken' out o litigation and  catc which has purchased the Chic a- j will then be absorbed by the Chicago  go Electric Traction Company and * Southern Traction Company, a new  has organized two oilier companies, Indiana corporation, which is capi-  which will complete Uie gaps now tali ml for $2,000,0001'This will'be  barring a conlinuoi.rs rid .j on electric , im-i-rased to four million. The latter  roads between  the-cities named. coin]-any    is lo construct a line from  Mr.   Reed claims  that these  trans-   Harvey to     Kankakee, a distance of  portation .feats will be made possible , 3(i miles.   'Other lines then will take  by next     June and llvt   le traveller ,������P the   .connection,     completing the  may   go    from Chicago to New York j route     between    Chicago    and New v  by way of.'   Buffalo and then Ihrmigh.  York. '       ''  PREPARING  FOR  FERDI-  '"���������������������������-.'"'      NAND'S  WEDDING.  Madrid,   Sept.   2.���������Steps  have hecii  taken  for  the Spanish naturalization  of  Prince Ferdinand  of  Bavria,   who  will     receive-   appropriate   Spanish  rank  in connection  with   the  project  for  his  marriage    with   the   Infanta  Maria  Teressa,   youngest,  s'**ler     of  King:  Alfonso, v  SHIPPING  REPORT FOP  AUGUST  The  following shipping report  for  lash month was kindly handed to Tlr^j  Ledger     by'.Mr. I-I. Conway,      customs ollicer. -.-."'  The number of vessels dealing  coastwise during  August were:  No.,  02;   tons register,   11,-107.  No. of vessels clearing foreign, 25;  tons register, 12,223; tons cargo, 2-2-  (120.     Value of exports, $150,3!17.  At meetings held'in the opera  house baiu|iictiiig room last evening,  the July 1st celebration officers  made Iheir final report to the public  and received their discharge, a new  committee bcinn appointed- to take  charge of the,funds  left over and  io  procure    and   take  charge of sports  grounds.  The committee held a meeting hc-  foie the'Public meeting was called to  order.    The minutes' having'been ad-  optwLasy read,- .the chairman -rev-quested the treasurer, Mr.   B.   Iwircimnier,  to     male a report, re the pavil/pn.  Mr..   Foicimmer,    said   the pavilion  trustees,  in  order  to/clear' the debt  on the  building,  had  rented   it       to  Messrs.   Blair  &  Adam,  at  the  rate  of $8.CO pcr'moiilh.  'Up ,to the aoth  of Jine the sum of -U"2 was due from  this  firm.  However,  since  they   took  charge   of  the  building  Messrs. I'.lan  <& 'Adam had     put m some repairs  and presented to the  trustees a bill  for'SIT.50 foi the work. Unfortunately they had omitted  to get the pcl-  misRicui  of the-trustees  to'have  'tlic  work done. However,  'i. was for this  meeting  lo decide if the bill was  to  be paid.  The firm consider  now that  '..S.00 montIdjr'������is too much rental for  the     building;    as  sometimes  il  is  scarcely  in use, and have offered to  Pay  $5.00 pec ,tiionth   i'*r future. Mr.  Forciiuimer,/continuing, said  that  if  the meeting decided to pay  this  bill  of! *17.50,-Messrs: Blair ^ Adam had  iindly  promised t0 pay off all debts  on    ,the     building,   a matter   ci Mi!)  I rovided   they  could,have thc building for     storage    purposes  until  thc  rod  of  November.    In   Other   words,  they     weie offering to pay  the account standing against  them  less the  "17.50  for the   work-done,  and a!s>>  lo pay in advance for the building for  a Tew  months.    At  the  conclusion oi  this time, the place would  be  turned over to the  public  oi to whoever  ��������� s appointed to,take charge, absolute  Iv free of debt.  Mr.- Forciminer then moved that  the bill of $17.50 l>o paid, and Mes-  sr.s Blair & Adam he asled 1o pay  off all debts on the oavi'ion and be  granted permission to use the building until the end of November. It  being explained that the tru.'tces  would  favor this a-clii-n of  I'lenifet-  BaIanC(.,of cash  in bank     502.(.0  CllS-  ARE   DISAPPOINTED IN  THEIR     COl.iN.TRY  Cleveland,    Ohio',     Sept. 2.���������I>i������ap-  .TAKfNG STEPS TO PREVENT  SI'RljjAD'OF  CHOLERA,  Hamburg,    .Sept. 2,-The police an-' pointed because the .Japanese govern  thoritie-s have forbidden  the. transpor  tation  lb rough  llanvburg  of   Russian  ing,   the   motion   was   s-.'o ului     by  Mr. J. FSmith and cai'i'ud iinaninious  iy-  Mr. Forcinimer, the  tre.i^uier, then  read     the following  f'n.ineial  stata-  inent:  DOMINION   DAY CELEBRATION  1''0.-).  (Statement.!, of receipts  anil  . "burseiiVent'S.)  Rcceiiits".  Received from 1901 commit,  tee .$285. G5, less prize For  hose reel contest of I hat-  year equally dividr.l between Na-naimo and Lady-  smilii  teams,  $75.00      Collected  in the city of  La-  ilysnwth   Ce>ll:.ch'd   at   Wellington Colliery t'o.'s office and  at trie  olliee  of   the   treasurer      emigrants 'until I'lii'thi-r notice on  account of. the appearance of cholera  there. The Hamburg-American S.S.  Company has issued ins true lions to  all its" Russian agencies to refuse  steerage tickets to Russian emigran  steerage tickets- to Russian 'emigrants.'  CONTROL. OF   MACEDONIA  ;    CAUSING     TROUBLE.  Constantinople,    Sept.   2.���������      The  Porte has replied  to  the note of thc  six" embassies,  declining to     accept  the scheme proposed by  them for the  final control of Macedonia.  The. powers  will  insist on  the acceptance ot  the  scheme.  Donation from Nanaimo ...  ment renounced all iudeiiibity in the I Donation from Victoria .....  peace settlement,  and did  not- insist   Collected' on grounds dunni  MARTNE.  ���������S.S.   Princess  May -called   in    for  coal on her way north this morning;  ,��������� Seeamships Oscar, Albion, Venture  and   Selkirk  have  l>eeii   in   this  port  for coal during tbe day.  S.S.  Amur came in this  morning  for bunker coal,  on greater territorial aciijuisit'o.is  from Russia, Sin Osukc Kil.ini,  Cleveland's leading Japanese lit; v-  chanf, has renounced his allegiai.cj  to .the .Japanese Emperor by tak.n -  out his first naturalization papers.  Similar action on the part of h.s  fellowK'Oiinfrymeu is said to ho contemplated on the ground that. they,  believe their country showed great  weakness.  ,   The   funeral   of   the   infant    daughter  of Mr.  and  Mrs.   Wm.   Anderson  took   place   this   morning.   After       a  short service  at   the   house,   the   rein? ins were conveyed to the  railway  station      and  taken to  Nanaimo  on  the  n.-ion   train.    The   in term cut  will  take place in  the  cemetery   at  that  place.    A large number  of  friends  of  the   family   followrd   lhe  remains   to  the neifflvbor'ng  city,   and  the   floral  sports    v   Proceeds   of   Dance      Subscription  from   ..las Dunsmuir,   Esq.,   Disbursements.  Regatta ;...  Fool hall,   baseball,  races, etc  Band and dance  expenses  ...  Refreshments  .....\..^.........  Fixing' grounds  ;".'...   Collectors'  expenses,   Victoria.  Ladysmith,   etc   Rent of hall  for  committee  inecfings    '.   Printing  and 'stalioncrv      $1,301.5(1  Secretary     Geo.   N. Sutton,  Treasiiier      B.   Forcimmer.  (Audited and   found correct)  Wm.   Russell,  J.   Stewart.  In the receipts it is mentioned  thai $21'1.10 was collected al , the  Wellington Colliery Company's offices and at tbe treasurer's office. Mr.  Forcimmer explained in reference to  this lhat certain people had called  him and,,left, altogether, the amount  of $7.50, lhe rema'cung $200.00 was  eollected  at  the company's office.  Mr. Forcimmer also said that they  had promised them $37.50 more, and  he thought thai 75 per cent, of this  sum could |ie collected.  Dr.  Reynolds,  iu moving that, the  treasurer's     statement lie accepted,  said   the   officers   of  the celebration  committee had  every  reason  to congratulate   themselves   upon   the suc-  ! cess of the affair.     The sum left in  hand was   a handsome one, and would  do   much      low aids     niuk.'ng sports  grounds.    Mr. Thoinley,  .-u seconding  lhe   motion,   endorsed   Di.   Reynolds'  icinarks.       Thc motion   was canied  amidst   applause.  Upon a motion bv-Mr.H. Thornley,  seiondcd by Mr. James Steele, the  meeting passed a hearty vote of  llnin! s to j\l'.\ James Dunsimui for  h.s handsome donation to the funds,  the secretary being instructed to  write Mr. Diui&muir informing him  of  this  resolution.  The committee then adjourned and  the chairman called the publ c meeting lo order. Air. Cornwall, in  'isking for the discharge of himself  and lus colleagues said the committee were highly gratified with the  .-aiccess of the celebration. The work  in connection with it bad been haul,  huh thc splendid success repaid the  work.  Moved by Dr. Reynalds, seconded  by iMr. J. K. Smith, that the committee jinicluding the chairman, sec-  ictaiy, and treasurer, be dischaigcd  and a \ etc ot thank." foi their valuable- -work and their close wtieuhioii io  U be passed. The motion was earned.  Mr. Cornwall said the work m  connection with the cilchiaticm had  been hard, but he was glad to saj  he ai.d his colleagues had worKi d  luiinouioii&ly and the celebration ban  genu oli well lie thanked the meei-  ing for the vote of tliauks passed and  remai'ked that the work he had done  inccnnectioii with the "Dominion Day  celebration bad been a pleasure to  him. IL was in order for the meeting  to appoint a committee of. two oi  three gentlemen lo act'as the ground  commitko, t.) procure the land for a  recreation ground, to take charge ol  lhe funds and e\p-.-ud the .'money in  getting lhe ground  in shape, etc.  Mr. Fi-reiniiiKT in a fv.w well chosen wolds thanked the meiliug for  the vole of thanks. The woik had  been a pleasure to him. "Mr. Korcim-  iner spoke of the splendid manner in  which lhe collection work had been  done, and said it was largely, due to  the collectors thai the celebration  was such a huge success.  The..matter of appointing a number  of gentlemen      to     act as a grounds  coii'.iiiit-tee  was  then  discussed.  $ 257 MO      1,r"   Reynolds said, that   this    fiim-  '.100.50   mittee   wanted  careful  selection.   V.e  102.50   theiig'ht      tho     committee ..appointed  ���������   IS.SO  should     have, full       control     of the  $ 210-05  527.5HI  21 I.Ill  5'l.dO  125.110  JM.IIO  1111.25  1511.0(1  $1, Mill. 50  c-n the power of Park Commissioners  and when they had spent, all the money they should make arrangements  \vifh the city cryuiK-i! and turn the  ground ovei to Hint body to assume  control. Tho' speaker thought the  work would be much mote satisfactorily done if this course was pursued, but he would hke'to hear an  expression of opinion. r'  Reynolds. The grounds should be  Reynolds, its grounds should ' lie  turned 0vor to the council, but he  thought a percentage of the revenue  should\ be handed to the sport ng  clubs so that they might defray the  expenses which would necessarily be  saddled on them when a team .visited the cily.  The chairman thought that'the  committee should lie given absolute  control.  Mr. Thornlby suggested that a com  inillc-e be appointed to interview 1M  C.P.R. officials and endeavor t��������� get-  the same* iVi'e-r from them as was  made by the E. _z N. They should  then go to work and get grounds  into good shaiv as far as the money  oii'ha-nd woui-1 *.���������,*.', and when lhe fund  was expended report l0 apubiic meeting.  ATlcr some further discussion the  following resolution, moved l/y Dr.  Reynolds, seconded by Mr. Sanderson  was passed.-'  That a committee of five be elected  by ballot. That they take charge cf  the funds on baud an 1 all negotiation  for procuring the title o.f the grounds  That they have by resolution of qu-  theiily of this meeting; full power  to act to all things pertaining to the  grounds until such time as the  grounds aie prepared or thc money  expended, and that they then make  satisfactory arrangements to turn  the grounds o\cr to lhe city council,  it being understood iliat a _<.o it I.s  *en-eieel within one ,-.ui.  In making the moiiui Dr. Reynolds  said he wi'-hed. it lo be understood  by the public at huge that the committee appointed would have absolute  control of the giound. They would  not be e\pcetid to consul't a public  meeting a* lo how lo act. They  would do then work lo the best of  their ability and when it was com..  pleUii'. tliev should not ! e .'pen'to anj  criticism. Tin- speaker said that m  Vani ouvc-i a number cf men were elected as l'.uk Comnussioueis ������*nd  had F nil ct.ntiol, and there thc sys-  lem woike-,1 admirably, ami he felt  Mile it  would  be the same here.  The following g.-nti.-ie \vc":c llm  lioinii'ated and elected by acelama-  tionj  "Messrs. W. A. Cornwall, James  Steele. 11. Thornley, J. Sanderson,  and T. White.  Mr. W. A. Cornwall said he would  be in Vancouver next week and he offend t.o see V-r. Mar pole in regard ��������� to  iii!ling the land. Mr. Cornwall was  authuri/.cd to act  in this respect.  The niivting     tlu'n decided lo  '-.inn  the surplus     funds over -to the newly  committee and  the treas-  appoinU'-i  ui'er was so instructed.  liUOUNDS .COMMITTEE MEET.  At  a suhsequcnl   meeting   of      the  committee     appointed to look after  grounds,   clc,   Mr.   W.   A.   Cornwall  was appoinlo.1 chairman  anil treasurer   and   Mr.   H.   'I'liornU'V   secretary.  The   secretary   was   instructed       to  write  Miv Mnrpole,  general  superintendent  of flic   C.P.R.  at Vancouver,  asking him for   five acres of land    in  the.   vicinity      of  the jail      to     be  < leared      and      used   as  a recreation  "���������round. .     Tbe  chairman   announced  ���������oj v*   grounds.   Thev should  be given  pow-   that he expected.to be in Vancouver  er lo select a site, procure from the   in  the course  of a week  or tcn<tays,  on no   C   V   11   if  possible the titledeeds of   and     would  make a pointrot calling  "'"   upon .Mr. Mnrpole in   this connection  As   soon  as   the land can  be secur-  Thcv'should not be cspectod   cd   the   committee  expect  to   call for  w and again at a    tenders   for clearing  and draining the  land.  Uirs site     and expend ,��������� the money  in  1 1.(1(1   clearing the  grounds as they l-bougiit,  JI2.25   proper   to report   every no  S^OS.00 public-  meeting.'   They should be  g v-  Mr.  and  Mrs. "MeGarrigb dn,ve up! brother,   Archie Kerr,  is  lying  seri-,.[    A  large number of sportsmen spent  Terminal''City.  J.-at-y^^'lay    in  1h.s vicinity shooting,  to      Nanaimo last pec-ning and  ibis lously  ill at  the  morning went over-to Vancouver on   est reports say,tba.t Mr. Kerr is par-  hut      the  bags   brought   into   town  were,   generally  speaking, small.    In  tributes   were  numerous   and   beau ti-   the   Joan.    As  stated  in   these col-    alyzed   on the side and his conditiqn { the immedLitc vicinity of Ladysmith  ful.  limn     yesterday,  Mrs.  MeGatrigle's  js still very bad.  game fs said to be scarce.  ���������*>- bAILVLBDGER  THE DAILY LEDGfR  'tlU  Published   every day except  Sunday.  BY        TIIE        DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  Ofiiccs,   Ladysmith and  Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION  VRICE  SO cents  a month,    $5 per  year    in  advance.     Advertising rates on application.  STORE  Of  I OI'l LAP.  PRICES  >*<     "i^STST __i  0ER.LTD.  THE STORE VOL  GET DOLLAR FOR  DOLLAR  S.TLRDAY,   SEl'T.  11)05  SAD DISASTER ON  THE FRASER RIVER  A sad stcry ot imexpccttd disaster and sudden death overtaken .111  Ind an iisiiei'iiiau and his entire family as they weie on the. r way home  alter 11 succcsslul season fishing on  the l-'raser nver has just been brougb  to light by the discovery of a bat-  lei ed boat at the mouth of I hi* liver  it was taken into port anil bandwl  over lo the piovinoial police. Cn its  bows were painted the le'tleis D-13  and th" mini her M101. D-B is thought  by the polite to signify that the boat  was fishing for the Dawson andI'.ut-  tnncr canneiy, an independent one,  erected this year opposite Stcveston  No. 3101 proved on investigation to  be that of Charley Gibson, an India  who had gone over from Cowichan  -to take, part in the fishing on the  Fraser, taking with him bis wife  and ainily, five or six persons in  all.  NO NEED TO FEAR CHOLERA  IN  GERMAN TERRITORY  Berlin, Sept. 2.���������The M-m'slry of  the Intel ior has issued a notice as,  fciuiiu; the public that theie is no  reason foi anxiety on account ol the  appe-aiauce of cholera in German lei.  ntoiy. 'lhe government has long  leekuiu-d on lhe present situat.on. A  ciiuilnr despatch was sent bv the  linpenal Dcpaitinont ol the Intel 101  lo the Conledi rale-d States in .l.uiu  aiy, calling attention lo the possibility o; chnleia and m-fiesliiig then,  not  lo he     unprepared lor   lhe mlec-  fion.   ,0   ECCENTRIC SPORTSMEN  A most unusual wager was im.uU  by Mr. 1'ierre l.orlillaui and a vci\  well known member of the llou>,e 'jl  Pi-ors. Mr. Lovillard watered 1-lij.l  in one yeai he would spend the sum  ot   .1:20(1,(100     upon  his  own  pusoiiai  *   1   '( ' '  It is worth your ^while to come to  Nanaimo to see the new goods we have  in stock for you  Fall Ready to Wear Hats, Neclwear, Blouses. 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Ies:,  gifts, 'or ".' from "''spending:, "'"il in uiv.  iiia-iiiier which .would hot all'ord -iiiiii  distinct-gratification.,.,:; "���������-������������������'    .���������'���������"'���������  .-���������'Many'��������� restrictions were cn farced in  order that the expenditure of, ill-  money) should! y.-e. iairly niunagi'U. *iul  thus the Ust should be a fair one a.-.  to the amount of uio-ncy a man iait  .spend on lviius-jlf.  .Alir.l.-oi'illai'-d lost." 1-1 c set to v.orU  with a. will anil did his ht-si Uo wm.  lie went in for every ex-penshe amusement conceivable, hut at the -wm  of the twelve months he had. still  unexpended     balance.     of  more  ,!'ossi|)ly     the most famous man foi  eccentric      walrus   was '   '."Old   U.'  When'ho     Avas Lord March he held ;.  wager     with Lord  Egliutou that   la  would drive one person on  a carriage  .with four  wheels  and lour horses -a*.  the ���������rate of exactly i!) miles an hour.  Lord .March    got a special-carriage-  built for    him- which Weighed only i-\  stone,     inciiu'ding  the postilion,  with  box  seat of  velvet hung on straps,  leather  harness  v. hie...  with sill-.   '.Ibe  wIktIs  had boxis     built, in theiu  w.iicbvu'.,  gently dropped oil  on the. axels,  l.oni  'March    won      very easily,  as be Hid  the  distance in a  lil'tle over  ulcs.  curious     wager made by  he-ion: express   trains  thought     about,   was that he  'elU-r  fid miles iu  When in Nanaimo come in and try one of bur suits  on and let the mirrors do trie convincing  FIT-RITE  Clothing is the kind we sbll  :~i   l.,ja������ ______���������  '   '- '  D Spencer,  iSlanalmo,  ���������J ��������� -sCaL.   IS������  RESTAURANT  , Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street .  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Prices   Moderate  One of which Is  ICoa^t Limited,"  Up-to-date     Pullman    and     Tourist          - sleepers   on all  trams.   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Two   llurv  as- the resull  oi  man wal'lcc-d  from 'Maw  Ion  bnckwiii'ds i  half hours  A n nil i er  ra   eomplelc the   circuit  of  was made between a  colliers.   This   was  whiib could balance a  the   lip   of his   nos.-.  Garden  porters for a  lo walk lo lla-inp-  ���������.uid  back  asain.   < ne  had  to walk on st 1 s  \vb le  the  other had   !o  k cf     potatoes.    In 11.;���������  with the stills won.  lli*'.i'-rts. once, for a wa-  lo play billiards with an  against      a   ^ond   aivalcir  'n this cas-.- lloV/.-rts  J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  Telephone"|4C.. .   :   . ,. .....r, ;������������������-  .;'���������..   :/-...,.,  Ladysmith  Lumber Co   Ltd.  AT   F1DDICK   AND  LADY SMITH-Shlngles a  SpeclaHl.  ���������MamifiicturerB    ol���������      .    Rotijih and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., ofthe Best Quality.  Reasoned   and   Kiln   Dried   Flooring     and  Finishing    Lwnbec  ia    Btoea  ���������VM.  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PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS  CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  ?or complete information  ask your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  Geueral   A gent,  .SO 2nd Ave., Seattle.   .  (K������*'fe������>'-'^'-k'-*'te^  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARI0RS  HIGH  STREET.  :���������:���������: Best in the City :���������:���������J  cue  sportsmen had  * ���������'fl\  hid.  a Mar-clesueh.  .���������csfield   to '"hi-  ..side of   Ibrec and  n  voir  was  curious   w-ap;er  r which a e'e'ritle-  one in ������-���������������������^,^ 0vcr the^orld  manisnowrl.iH^'1^ cvde 70,(.0d  This gentleman    has   ^..._ ^  ������lilt'si".rr     Ct'as be expect-  ^rtr^oledisiancein.our.  an  to  The Fapmips  Meat MarKeit  Geo. Roberts  1 THE CANADIAN BANK; ^Sl ::fRV  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  DiD IT EVER STRIKE YOU?  That the place to BUY YOUR M EAT is  where  the slaughtering  done,  locally?    We. are not, depending  on    what tbe Wholesalers send w  and      can     GUARANTEE   EVERY- THING to be^ FRESH ANILCLI-'a ;���������  PAN NELL  &    PLASKEfT  STFVENS BLOCK, OA? * i L *   S,\ 1. 1 LADYSM.  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  IB. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'I Managt  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING! RATES I  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL1  BAKED. AND FRESH.  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken tor Pastries to be delivered at any time.  ,  Employment Agency  $5 and under :   Over  $5 and not exceeding $10   "������    $10        " *' $30   "    $30       " " $50......  These Orders are Payable at Par al any office in C  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking- point:!  NECOT1ABLK  AT A FIXHn RATK A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMi^LERC ���������  They form an excellent method of remittin  with safety and at small  3 cents  6 cents  10 cents  15 centa '  nada of a Chartered Sftdk  a the United States.  .LONDON, ENG.  small sums of mona'f  :ost. !  -'.o.  LADvpyjTH BRANCH  W.  A.  CORNWALL. Manager.  Manntacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  None but Unicn Labor    Employed  fl J. BOOTH, Prop,  ^opsniOH  ISN'T THAT SWELL?  Our  customers   are  always   pleased  wii-tli      the   wall   and   ceiling   papers  they  have selected   from  our  charmingly  varied  stock,   as   well as  with  the skillful way our workmen   hang  it.    General approbation is given our  interior   dccoralions.   May   we   make  up cm estimate for yon?  Ladysmiih Wallpaper 'Depot  HARRY-KAY  FIRST AVENUE    ...  \ DAILYfLEDGER  IU) ~rit<fitonr rrA_*���������i,lf{'r''itilfml*  ______  "T ���������$~b<i"l"if*l-$ ���������!��������� $ 'I������ ***> -I������ ���������fr-fr'H'"'- ��������� ;���������*  .4..T..!.^|..:..s.4-'-!*4������*i'-^''I~^*I"H*4:'*I"  Co  NANAIMO,  rianut icturers of the  1  ���������f  I  J  .  SAVED J3Y A DOG  In {British Columbia  Lager  Beer and Porter 'Guaranteed  Brewed  f     from the   Best Canadian Malt Run   Hops  *)  +  t  4  s������H"~-"'""r;'"-'-^ tSS������S^^JfA^erS!i3  FROM THE  FACTORY  TO YOUR  HOME  Freight   is  a very  considerable item  in  the  importation of  Furniture-  pecially  amongst   the cheaper  cs-"  ...   '$  lines, ir-  THESE "WE MANUFACTURE  {ourselves frpm Native W-oofa���������ensuring the LOWEST F0SSIULE  COST���������and have���������)mct. with GREAT  SUCCESS  from all  iulroU'ced.  WEHENTION A. HEW  Cooks treasure Tables  ".5-00 ca  Kitchen Cupboard or-Dress-  fis with Glass Doors in  upper     half.  Size 7ft. <1,  hy  4ft 4.   :  ?I2.50,%  Maat      Safes, 'Fir,   Anli'-j-.ue,  Outside   meastiiemc-nl,  58x*l2-  xl7    '.   $1.00  Have you our Catalogue?  ffj Jf_f_%wj^j_jjj ,_T^J^-^wi  VICTORIA. B.C.  Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at sborti   notice.    Drill Sharpened by  ������������������<   ���������  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks band! cd and repaired.  Shipsmittiing    i**  &J1     its  *3rantie������  Horseshoers^and Genera! Blacksmiths.  R. LAWSOI^  Bullei* Street   -    -   - Ladysmith.B! C  ������������������������������������������������������������������������^������������������-fi++-f-'>--''-+-^^ ,  X*  ������  *  4  x  LA DVSMjf H TRANSFER CO.  PIANOS,  ���������ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A  ND SAFELY.         Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith holel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   the  WILLI A VI 3 \ I >   / \ s i: r  t  1  FOR DISPOS.AL OF MINERALS-  ON DOMINION  LANDS IN MANITOBA THE  NORTHWEST TERi  R1TORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite. Not -more than 320  acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on tbe gioss output.  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen . years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners' certificates may  obtain entry for a mining location.  A free iui_ei's certiiicate is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advance  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company,according  to . capital.  A  Ires     miner,   having  discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  same with two legal posts, bearing  location notices, one at each end   on  the hue of the lode or vein. '  . The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen     days if located within     ten  miles ot a mining recorder's ollice, one  additional  day allowed  for every additional ten miles or fraction.  vThc  fee for recording a claim is $5.  .  At-     least $100  must  be expended  on the   claim     each year or paid to  the mining  recorder  in  lieu  thereof.  When $500 has been expended or paiu  the .locator may,  upon having a survey made, and upon complying    with  other requirements,  purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may  be granted by tbe  Miuistcr  of      the Interior   to   loi ate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding ltiO acres.  < The     patent ior  a mining location  shall. pro' ide for the payment   of   a  Royalty of 2_  per. cent, of the sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Alining���������Manitoba and   the  N.W.T., excepting the  Yukon Tern  tory���������Placer  mining claims guneiali}  are 100 ft. square,      entry fcc^5, renewable yearly   On the North Saskat  ���������diewaa River claims are either  bar  or bench, the former  being 100   feet  long and extending between high arid  low water mark.  The  latter  includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  base of the hill or bank, .but not   exceeding 1,000 feet.   Where steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide,may  be obtained.  Dredging in the' rivers of Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  of the  A despatch     fiom i\e\v York says:  Had it not been tor the howling ol a  dog in the Selkirk mountains in   Br;-  ti.sh Columbia, twenty-live years ago,  John F.   Sle\ens,  the  celebrated engineer,  would not have gone  to Panama lo supervise  the consliuction ot  the inter-oceanic   canal.   Lost in tho  wilds,  traiellmg on   snowshoes  with  a madman for a companion, he would  ha\e peiished of staivation.   At that  tunc TJIr   Stevens was division superintendent      of the     Canadian Pacil'c  As sjcb he assisted in laying out the  ro.nl which crosses the Selkirk mountain    range     between thc     peaks of  Donald and  Glacier House,  al an ������il-  titud of 4,300 feet.  Winter     had     set in sevciely.   The  snow was six     feet deep and the engineers and      workmen  in advance of  thc track   laying  gang had established     quart eis   J 00    miles    or     more  fiom     eh ili/ation.   Stevens,    an  expel t    at 1ra\elling that way, set out. J  cn Miowshocs   for the nearest set tle-  n.eiit,  accompanied by a labojei, 'lhe  two     men    carii^d a pack of piovr-  ion.s  (hat    would  have betn .sulT eient  to supply 1be;r     wants on that   Ion*:;,  cold,   lonesome,   per lous  journey, had  they not lest     their bearings, out  in  lhat great,    w Id,   while waste.   The  provisiefiijs became exhausted and they  were without loud foi two or tiiu-e  days. Ste\cn's assisLmL became delirious and desperate on account oi  exposure and hunger. Hut they kept  moling, and for. safety Stc\ens compelled the te-iy *)orarily demented man  to fraud ahead of him. Suddenly  Stevens stopped.  "J hear a dog lark,'' said he  "Naw, yc don't hear no dog b.u'l-''  growled the man in the lc.i,d, and  ti udged on. '  "Yes, I     do hear a dog bark," insisted   Stciens,      and  convinced  that  lie was right, half pushed bis unwilling* assistant into another direct,on  and finall'y intercepted a pack train,  which supplied them with food and  .shelter.  BANJO     FOR  SALE  CHEAP��������� A  Yiclor & Dobson banjo in i'ust-cUss  condition   for sale'cheap.   Apply.   11.  Shanks'  baLber  shor,  1st  avenue.   . ^> .  Best   tobacco,  huh  uiid  candies at  imm&mz __*  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MLVING REGULATIONS.'  Coal���������Coal   lands   may   be puic-bas-  Ctuter's, Fiisl  11 111 l    ;|l  a.u-iiuc.  From Ibis dati on five eenls  buy a nice, cool glass of beer  Jones'   Hotel.  will  ut  Tickets for  the St.  Ledger stakes  are  on   sale at J.   Stewart's.  _n_____wsi_sg������.  Kootenay Steel Range  A GOOD BAKER  The oven in the Kootenay Range is scientifically proportioned to the size of the fire-box, so that no more fuel can be  burned than is absolutely necessary to heat the ovenP  . The oven is lined with heavy sheet steel, which' is a- great'  radiator of heat and insures  a uniform heat thi-oag-ho-.it  the oven���������no danger of ;i  loaf of bread boiii? half done  ohdne side and burned' on  the other.  The Kootenay Range is  built on scientific principles  throughout) and "should be  carefully -examined before  buying any other.  Sold   by all  enterpri-aiiig  dealers.  j  Booklet free.  McCIaryl3  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver,  St. John, N. B.  ������"-3  fl  6  I  I  ti  &  S  re  I-  1:  ed at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  "20  for   anthracite.   Not  more than  ^20 acres can be acquired by onc individual  or company.   Royalty at the  rate    of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds    shall     be collected on  the  gross output.  Quartz���������A tree minor's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  "w.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A      free ru-.ner,  having  discovered  mineral  in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x  1,500  feet.    The fee for  recording a claim is  $5*/' <0  At least $100 must' be expended on  the claim each year or paid to the  mining recorder in lieu thereof; When  ?500 has been expended or paid, the  locator may, upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  $1- an acre.  The patent provides, for the payment of a royalty of 2* per cent on  the sabs. i  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; enl.iy fee $5, renewable yearly.  a<\ free miner may obtain two leas-1  os  to  dredge  for  gold   of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Intsrior.  Tiie lessee shall have a dredge in  operation.within one season from the  date ot the lease for each five miles.  Rental, HO per annum for each mile j  of river leased. Royalty at the rale  of 2\ per cent collected on thc output after it exceeds $1.0,000.  W. W. CORY,.  Deputy of  the Minister of  tbe In-  "erier.  GSr  r  Colds  It should be borne ia salbd that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares tbe  system for fie more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consumption  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by  of this most comm  its  prompt cures of this most common  ailment. It aids sxpectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts  any tendency toward pneumonia.'  I "Price 25c, Large Size 50c.    ������  -W-S-BSMBKB-JBBM MHSHISV/  1)1'  Dier ami be found at any ti: *e  at his olhee on High street. His di-v-  tal work is guaranteed lo be fii5-***  class and rates reasonable sfi.  . 1  *������ 3______g5A*2������82G^3S&Bgi  1  PAINTING,  P.APEKHANajNa  ETC.  Work done properly and at rl?1-';  prices. Shop and residence ln rear  of Ladysmith  Hotel.  J. E. SMITH, Prop  Ladysmith  Temp'e No. 5 Rat'iho*  Sisters meets in the Oddfellow'  2nd and *ltb Tuesday at 7.30  p.  Mrs. Kate Tate, secretary.  Plans,   Specifications  and  Details     furnishefl for all kinds'  of work in the CARPENTER  Line  C. B. ROBELEE, Carpenter  and Joiner, 2nd ave, Ladysmith,   B.   C.  ��������� ������  ���������������  X  X  X  X  0  X  X  *PHONE 66  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHN SON  LADYSMITH  ������  *  *  *  x  ���������  ^^9y^^X^X^X���������X���������X���������X���������X���������X���������X���������^^*^^���������^9'k9!k^^^^^^^^*^^^9  Express  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  BUGGIES FOR HIRE ���������:���������:  See .J.  KEMP, or leave orders.with  &'  ADAM  FIRST. AVENUE  'PHONE 2-4.  W.. SILER.  GENERAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVERY .  WORK PROMPTLY  DO *'������������������':..  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO.  686, F.  O. E.     :-:        :���������:        :-',        :-j  Meets ln the Opera Hou.se 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30  p.m.   Worthy  President,  B. Forcimmer;     Worthy  Secretary, C. H. Rummings.  it, SIMPSON  Solicitor,  Etc.  sy  to  st. Avenue  Loan  LADYSMl  H.O. MILES  Contractor and Builder  REPAIRING  of  all  kinds  prop  attended to.    Shop on Gatacre  the discretion - of the Minister  Interior.  The'lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars of the river  below low water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan River, where the  lessee^ may drcgde to high water mark  each alternate leasehold.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five iniles,  but where a person or company has  obtained more than one lease one  dredge for each fifteei nii/es or fraction is sufficient.. Rental, $10    per  nnurn for each mile ot river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2_ per   cent.  ollecled on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable.  The "'���������"���������ssec-s right is coBlined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to bs fixed by its position on the  lstday of August iu the year of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge ia  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge for  each fiVe miles within six years from  Biich date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year     and     $10 per     mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer mining.  Placer Mining in the Yukon Territory���������Creek, gulch, river and hill  claims shall not exceed 2f)0 feet in  e������gtb, measured on the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  Claims are marked by two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing no^  tices. Entry must he obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day allowed for each  additional ten iniles or fraction.  Tbe person or company staking a  claim must bald a free miner's certificate.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royally shall be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary claims only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at the rate  of two and one-half per cent, on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the  ���������Aikon Territory to be paid tie    the  BOOTS AND SHOES  AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and  making to order   a  speciality.  THOHAS   MCEWAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Appointments may be made at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier's  on High street st  NOTICE.  From '-. this date tbe undersigned  will not be responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on. a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin. .. .A       .  V, I.'EXPLORATION':&;DEVELOPMENT'CO., LTD. v  Non Personal Liability. :    ,'r ".,'*.  Victoria, B. C, May .18th, 1905.  Any  HAY, 6RAIN AND  FARM ORODIM  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the low  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, on th*  Esplanadi.  JAS, VAS1TOOK,  NOTICE,   v  Persons    found -, using our  Bottle or Stoppers after this  will be prosecuted.  RUMMING BROS.  Patent  notice,  Pioneer  Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith.  B.C.  'omptrollcr.  No free miner shall receive a grant  f more than one mining claim     on  eaeh separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     ami  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2.00.    A claim may    be  abandoned . and another obtained     on  the same creek, gulch or river by giv-  ng notice and paying a fee-  Work  must   be done  on a claim each  year to the value of at least $200.  A certificate that  work has      been  done must be oM&ined each year;     if  not, the claim i\.&\\ be deemed to   be  abandoned,  and     open  to occupation  and entry by a Tree  miner.  The boundaries  of a claim may   be  defined absolutely  by having a survey  made  and publishing .notices   in    the  Yukon  official   Gazelle.  Petroleum���������All   unappropriated   Dominion lands in Manitoba, thc Northwest Territories, and  within lhe Yukon Territory,  arc  open to  pros-peeking for  petroleum,  and the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company  having  machinery  on  the  land  to be prospected, an .area of 1920 acres for such period as he may decide,  the. length of  width  shall not cxceei  three limes the breadth.  Should   the  prospector  discover  oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly  establish such  discovery,   an area  not exceeding G40 acres, including the  oil  well   will be sold lo the prospector at the   rate of $1.00   per acreA&A  the  remainder  of  the  tract rese;  namely,    1,280     acres     will be "&  at   thc     rate  of   three    dollars .J ah  acre, subject to royalty at such irate  as may be specified by brder-in-coun-  cil.  JAS.   A.   SMART.  Deputy  Minister of   tho  Interior.  Devartmont of the Interior,  ...  Kind  of  .Dealers in  Leads Them    All  IN QLTALQT  -:or-  Pianos and  Organs ..  R.  P.  P  THET,  & Co.,  Ltd  Ladysmith, B.C.  'Pacific-Coast--Agency.--'  VICTORIA.  :���������: :���������:  ;-: .���������: :���������'B.C.  O.VUEN  Merchant Tailor  Done Promptly and  1  Ladsymith  ^������������������*������������������. w  B   C  At  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDING  Orders  Promptly   Executed  --   LADYSMITH  Office  1st   Avenue  K  __i%E_-mwg������  Public Notice  Attention is called to the     fact that the  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co.,  Limited,  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing flour in a   vastly  improved  and  purified form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of   all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity ol advising  the  public  that any unauthorized users of the electrical    flour purifying, processes  will  be prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company L?suited  are the only    miilerM) in Can*ia wi^ss     Flonr  is purified b 7 til a  elas* io pr333S ���������w<r..  <  fHE   DAILY   LEDGER  LOCAL IIS  Jfi!  -*^^"? .' E"SH  Miss K. "Michael passed through ta  the  capital   this  morning.  Look  in   Forcimmer's   window  and  something  will surprise you.  Monday     being     L-a������or Da-V������  Thc  Ledger will not issue.  Mrs. ,D. Ray, of  Cumbciland, is in  the hospital  al  that P'a<'c-  'Mi.  W.   Russell   went- up  to  Nanaimo at   noon   today.  Lame ripe Tomatoes, s-ix ei-nts Per  pound  at Simoi   Lrisrr A  t o. s M'i.  Mr J Mnir, jr., Ml. ibis morning  for Nanoose Ray when- be will spend  a few   days   hunting.  ������������������  " ' " l  Miss      E.      TiliHig.in  and  Miss  If  Boyle  went   up  to  Ni.naiinn  at noon  today.  NCANS  TOWNS1TE EXTENSION  Adjoming tho old lownsite of  DUNCANS, V. I.  A small .area has been laid off   in town lots which are no w offered  at  \      LOW   PRICKS   AN   P ON  EASY TERMS.  The  I'utuis  of  tbe Cowiebs.      District ,an-   Vancouver   Ma*  W1H   oxceed   expectations   and   this  .s a good chance ������~ a safe aad  proiiUhle   iii\est>ii'.-nt. .   . - -  Mrs.   Geo.   Thompson,   of  Vb'toiin^  airivnl   in   Ibis  eity  .it   noon  on     '<   ,  MsiL   lo   hei   son   and   daughter, Mr  .-and   Mrs.   Walter   Thompson.  Good   eating  .������Pl������lr'*.   ^   ,n   *\'f  pel   box at  Simon  Leiser-A*  Co.   Mil.  Moudav   being   a holiday,   stores in  Vneral  '  jull  be  <��������� ���������������-   AU  ������'col'U'  arc  advised   lo do their sboppmft  '<>-  day  to  l.isl   "iibil  Tue.Ml.iy   next.  The     Joan will leave  Ihe ���������so-vern-  incnt   whaif on "tf* n:l.iy on  lhe event'  sion   to   Yaneouvei,   winch   is   beim!  nm   under   rhe   auspices   of  tbe    R*"-   ;  gles.    The   t fl els   Tor   this  c\c rsion j  b.^e sold   will   owl  tbeie will   le     a  Ur-e     ciowd on hoaid.  The  l-.Ae.hf-  'a,;.'    deieimined      lo   m.ikf  U'<"  l"!1  .atross      and   ret inn  a pleasant   one,  and   as  is well   kno vn,   when   lb"   Ka-|  glow   make   a determination   like   this  thine-s are sure  to be first rale  AT   Till'"   ABB0TSFO11D.  IT. M.   Ta\l"i',   Toinnlo.  Thos.   Ciiul.in,   Tormto.  IL  Chad wick,  Nanaimo.  If.   Fil7.gii.bons,   .Montreal.  W.   A.   Montgomery,   Vancouver  T.   R.   l-'Ua.  Vancouver.  .].  T.   Bcal.lie,  Nanuimo.  You can  gel  vour Sunday  CVl.inisi  at  Knight's  Rook   Store,   whi.'h      is  open between 12  and   1   for  tbe   rim  \enience  of .customers.   ! O   The     Cumberland News says' M"'-  C*    A.   Saiwliford,   surveyor  in charge  of  lhe  central   C.V.R.   sunev  \uily,  &EU Fi.ANS AND PRICES  Agents, J. STEWART J. H  WIIITTOMB  .   _. Duncans,     V. I.  1 a'lysinith,   V.  T.  DOMINION EXHIBITION  -���������   ;-    *:������������������ <   ......  1905-SEPTEMBER 27 TO  OCTOBER 7-1905  Under the  Auspices of the Royal   Agricultural and  Industrial  Societyo  NEW WESTMINSTER  B.   C.  $100,000.00  IN  PRIZES AND  ATTRACTIONS  $100-1300,00  0  Enlarged grounds, new-, handsome and spacious buildings.  WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS in ROWING and LACRDSrtE,  HORSE RACING; Broncho "i usting," Military Parades and Exercises.  ROYAL IRISH GUARDS and ell'or   Famous  BANDS.  C  GRAND   WATER   CARNUWL���������Parade oi     Fiuser .Rivei  Fishing   Fleet  Patrol Boats, II.M. Warships, Indian   War  Canoes, etc.        Indian sports.  For  all  information write W.  H.   KEARY,   Secretary   and  Manager,  New Westminster, R.  C  arri.veil  in town yesterday' with some '  of his;;sbafi- from' the bead  of    :.1-he.-|  lake   where  they  are  now .-camping."'  The      party  left   Alhemi  six  weeks  -ago   and  have  since explored ���������     the  ���������country  cast of  the line  anil   about  the head   of  flic lake.  Mr.  Sn.ndi'ford-  reports  h-aving  traversed  some     exceedingly rough     rfounlry.   Speaking  of  the  reports   in  the Nanaimo  papers of the Hodgson party being badly   treated. ;���������' in   the  matter   of  food  supplies, both   Mr.   Sandifcrd       and  ."Mr.   McFarlanc,   an  experienced   tim-  . her   cruiser,   expressed   the   greatest  surprise,   and   emphatically   dciiav-ed.  that they  were fully satisfied in lhat"!  respect   an-d   that  Mr.  Thompson  bad  accorded, tbem  the best of treatment]  ft.,   is staled   that   the, provincial .j  government, lias claims of ,$11,1)00 for  timber   dues   which   constitute   a pre-'  f erred'-    c-laini  against,'lhe estate of  Andrew   llaslam  ol 'Nahrumo.   Much.  '���������surprise is manifested   that Mr. l-Tas-  lam  should  li-.-ve heen  allowed   to be'  come so  he .wily  indebted  for timber  liniils,   dues,   elc.    It   will" serioiisly  effe't   the   per   eeiitiii>-e-'lhat  can   be  paid  to  other creditois.  OPENING UP BUSINESS  SEP. 1ST. 1905  A. LUCAS. OF THE CITY BAKERY, OFFERS  A CHANCE ON   '  THREE-S'IORV   ORNAMENTAL     CAKE,   VALUE,*!5  FOR EVERY PURCHASE  OF $1,0   0 WORTH  Ol" BREAD TICKETS  DRAWING   TO   TAKE   PLACE   SEPTEMBER  PAYDAY,   1905.  '  Cake on view tt City Ba'.erj-  Fall  Suits  Do you wear  clothes that look  as if they belong  to you?  It takes Skilled  Cutting    niid  Tailoring   lo  make  tbem look  that  way.   Our  Garments  are  Talloicd with so     much Talent  and Skill that tbey  adapt  themselves   to the .figure  with  a grace and ease that at once  ind lea Ies   that the clothes belong  lo  the  wearer.  We  have  , just  spread  out our  Fall  lin-  ���������es and  they   are  Realities.  '/���������'.Fancy Tweed  take  ihe tead.  '<���������  We've 'suits at  $7.50, $10, $12,50,  way up to $20  Come in and inspect them.  School  Suits  We still have  some of those  suits for strong  boys, suitable  for school at  $2:95     '.  ii  ESome   of   these  were as high as  $4.50,   but ,we  want the space  for    the    new  suits,   so    out  they go.  POUND  AT LAST  ADVICES.  The Mining Journal,,London, says  "Le Roi shares have advanced sharp  ly lo ������1. Whether the amalgamation has fallen through or not is unknown, but the position of the company  has   been   improving  for  some  time. past.  m    ���������  WILL BEGIN   SMELTING  IN  OCTOBER NEXT.  It  is understood "that smelting operations     are  to  be commenced  in  October at  the smelter of the Alaska Smelting & Refining  Co., erected  for      that   company  by  Mr.     Paul  ���������lohnson,     the    well known smelter  man at  Hadlcy,  Prince of Wales Island,     S.  E. Alaska.   Mr.  B.      D.  Brown, of  New. York,  president    of  thc company,  was, in  Victoria this  month,    an-d     confirmed  thc report  that     preparations arc  being made  for  blowing in  tbe  furnace shortly.  Sample Qood&  WE HAVE RECEIVED  A CONSIGNMENT OF   SAMPLES    IN  'i *"���������  DRYGOODS WHICH WE OFFER PO OUR CUSTOMERS       AT  25 PER CENT.  BELOW  ORDINARY      PRICES. THESE  GOO?)S ARE ALL THE LATEST DESIGN S-l������0f> PATTERNS  ���������AND GOOD VALUE FOR THE MONEY. ' COME AND INSPECT OUR BARGAIN  TABLE,  WHICH  INCLUDES,  LACE MATS  LACE   COLLARS  ASSORTED   APRONS  CURTAIN SAMPLES  is  SHAWL GOODS    ,  FLOOR* RUGS  ., '.   ��������� *���������  MENS'   SUITS  MENS'   UNDERWEAR  MENS'.TOP SHIRTS  'MENS'  SWEATERS  MENS' GERMAG SOCKS .  MENS' MITTS AND GLOVES  -TRAVE LUNG RUGS   MONEY  IS LOST  A  CHURCH NOTICES  PRESBYTISM AN CHURCH  Rev. It. Boyle, pastor.  Morning Service-���������11 a.m.    ���������   '   ' .-  Sabbath   School���������2.30   p.m  Evening   Service���������7   p.m.  Bible study class,  Wednesday even  ing  at  7.30.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Morning Service���������11  a.m.  Children's   Sunday   School���������2.30.  Evening service and sermon���������7 p.m.  There will be a eelel.ral'on of tho  Holy Communion at K o'clock to-  nioiTow  morning.  Rev. R. Bowcn, Rector.  METHODIST CHURCH.  Rev. \V. C. Schliebter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  Evening Service���������7  p.m.  Sunday School���������2.30 p. m  NANAIMO   COUPLE   MARRIED   IS   VICTORIA.  "Mr.     Albert,    Booth   and   Miss  J.  Meirifiebl     passed  tbiougb on      tbe  ! morning    ' train - to   Victoria... where  they     will    he   united   in   marriage.  Both young people aie'Well known iu  lli-i-s  city.   The Herald  of '-this morning  savs:  A  wedding of considerable  inlerest  in   Nanaimo   will   take  I'livce   in   Victoria this afternoon,   when   Mr.    Al-  l,prt   Booth, nigh I   opeialoi   in the C.  i\R.     te'egiaph   office  of  tins city,  will   be uniU'd   in  marriage   to Miss  .Jennie  Meirifield,  eldest   daughter   of  Mr.   and   Mrs.   Thos.   Menifield,      of  Milton slicel.    Both   these  young peo  pie. are well  known  and  popular am  ong   tbe   young   people  of   Naii'ai-nio,  and' hotb  are conne/jled   with  families 'that   have i. resided .in. Nanaimo foa  ninny  years,  and   arc held, in      the  very highest   esteem.      The   wedding  will  take place at the parsonage of  the  Metropolitan  church  by tbe Rev.  Mr.   Adams, and will be a very quiet  wedding, attended by only immediate  personal friends.  The honeynicon,     which will      lie  short on account of the company being  unable  to spare Mr.  Booth from  his    duties  ior  any length of   time,  will   he .spent at the Mount     Baker  hotel,  Victoria,  and  in Seattle,  th\->  young    couple   returning   about   the  end  of next week  to reside in Nana-  ino.  BOYS'. S "IFF &  SOFT FRONT  i i-e  will   be  a ���������"P''''i-11   service  FORViaiBiUHiiiifilO  S.S. IROM'  WILL    CALL     REGULARLY  LADYSJI1TM  ���������    ���������    ���������  At the      Dominion   Wharf  Tues'  and Thursdays...  '.  ' PaRHcn-gers     can go'!') Vicl.H'ia on  TUESDAYS and   ivIm ion  THUR'S-  i-..'!i;Hi.-:(.  is   at  ,hiIllmi   iM   !hs church  ���������t   I.   oM.ck   l.AMj    Key  U,    1  ,   nilirr���������w       morning.   Subject,   " A     ������!���������������    Customs      Olm������  ���������s   PorlM."   All   are  wel-:ome. Wharf  to  Shippers.  i'ree  Have you tried  NABOBTEA?  Best 50c. Ceylon Tea in the  Market  Morrison's, Ladysmith, B. C.  WILLIAMS   BLOCK.      ���������   -   ��������� TELEPHONE  6-7  Cool Mr  fai Data'"'!  Now   the  weather   i.s changing    it, is    -time  to get   into  your   FALL   UNDERWEAR.  This season we are carrying  a full line of .  STANFIELD'S  UNSHRINKABLE  UNDERWEAR.  Price ragging from  $2.50  $5.00 a   Suit.     Sizes 32 to 44/  CALL AND INSPECT.  SBBBBSSBaBSSSSSaaBBBJSBBSHBSBBC  BLAIR IND ADAM.  'PHONK  2-4 PH������N������   24.  including the W. G. &  R, make, pretty  patterns, They run from  65c. to $1.00  IN  BASEBALL  President James  A^ Hart^  ���������;   the  Chicago National  League,  says:  "I contend and, know  that     more  money  is   put  into  baseball      each  year than  ever comes out of it.   In  organized   baseball there  are  seldom  more than .three clubs   in any of the  1111 .nor leagues that make r  money or  break even on the season. It is praei  lically  an   impossibility   for     more  than six clubs in any league to get  hack flic money Invested.  "It     may sound strange to some  persons,  but I know that the Chica-  | go .'Natiional league'club has put back  every cent  that it ever made.  '���������It costs approximately $700 a day  to open the grounds.    It costs-     us  that much a day every flay for over  live mont/'S.   Counting spring training trips, money, Ior the purchase of  playcis and     such things,  we must  make    at     tbe "gate  approximately i  % 120,10    before there is a penny,even'  for     improvement's of  tbe  grounds,  and that means that we must play  lo     nearly  500,000  penile at home  and abroad beiore our - money * comes  back.   That means an average      of  nearly   1,000 a day for  150 games.  ' "Wc have had some years��������� in which  we have ��������� made monej��������� and lotsol it  ���������but many more     years that,     we  have lost money���������also lotsol it. The  net earnings .of  thc team in twenty  years are  represent���������!   in  tlic    ' improvements on the west side grounds  "Many  men  get into" the game because I hey love it, and some stick  because    they      arc  willing 'to lose  gamely for the love of fighting for' a  pennant, "while  others stick because  they can't get out. , ���������  "If     wc cannot1  make big .money  there' is little chance for  the' other  teams.    Each  small  league lias    its  financial troubles and usually by July lib is carrying two'or three losing clubs.    Merchants,' inspired      by  loeal    patriot ism,  put, up thc coin.  Sometimes  a shrewd  manager     scUs  players     and breaks even, just at the  (inisb.  More often "six clubs quit loser.      Tho  situation   is  so precarious  and the  margin so  slight that  each  league   makes   a salary   limit       and  agrees  solemnly  that  no  club  shall  pay more than a stated amoiint    to  any     player.   Then   tbe     owners go  home and violate that agreement in  half a do*/en  cases  in hopes of beating the other  teams  and making up  the additional cost,.    Baseball in tbe  1 minors niiajht. bo     placed on a business basis if salary limits were   ad  he rod   lo   and expenses  cut in every  way,   only  the  people demand- good  players.   It is a gamble all  Uie way  through,  with  the odds heav'iy       in  favor of losing."  Remember these are,sample  goods and NO TWO ALIKE.  miM LEISER & CO Ltd.  OATAOBE ST  "LADYSMITH  W. G. Fraser  MerchantTailor,*  < (1st Avenue!  Spring Stock on hand. Call early and  get your choice  GUNS   RIFLES   SHELLS  COMPLETE STOCK JUST  ARRIVED  and they     include the following well known make mak������s-  -   PARKER * LEFEVRE SHOT  GUNS, SAVAGE & WINCHESTER  RIFLES, BROWNING AUTOMATIC SHOT  GUN,  KYNOCK, Eli  BY A VULCAN SHELLS:  LAQYSAUtH HARDWARE* CO., Ltd  to  REfFER  For    Roys  and   You lbs  have  just arrived,   ihe  fabrics    arc  Cbint-hilja,   Kiie'/e   and   ChcV,  bits.'  Every  boy en=  joys a Reefer  Boy  lots   i.it  play.  V    A\0\[V,   pilTJ   .ti 1100.1   0.11!   X.nn  ASK TO SEE MM"  We    ask- voir'to  call   in ��������� and  sec our   Leader in   the way of  LADIES'   KID GLOVWS,  All  the   latest  shades  and all  sizes.   Special   al  $1-00  a pair  Also    another 'small   assortment  of  LA DECS  TIES,  r-hey.arc    well woilb seeing-  Come   early   and   get        "isl  choice.  If'you can get first-elass goods    at     low  prices from a  .lab  Lus. .t hinr.   The  peddlars that call 1.010 try to jot r,d of^uch  traah as they cannot sell *t home. If you get an aiticle fiom    a  ������_*"    C..1 ul compare <m. P**������ ������<1 ������������' <-������������"s- a������" '""t "*  deceived. Ialti=-. 1  B.FORC1MHER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER. OPTICIAIN  First Avenue,   XX   X  Ladysmith,   B.  C  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     ������      Notary Public  P. 6. BOX a68  $1 TiOO-Cash   and   $1,500   in .5 > years,  ���������'it 0' per  cent,  buys  20-acre .farm  one     mile  from .Duncan.  12 acres  : uiideii    , culUvaWlpii.   Eigjit-lrolomwl  house  iiriri  large frame barn.  Stoves  Stoves  Pattern and Lates*]  $'J0(j���������For   lot   and   two- stores;  ���������centre of city. Good terms.  in  We are making them of ths Newest  Styles.  WE DO ALL KINDS OV FOU NDRY WORK  Our Prices are Reaaona.   hie ,  SEE OUR   NFaW'-STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  LADYSniTH IRON & STOVE WORKS CO., !TD.  $280���������Cash  and      $400  on  mortgage  buys   two   line lots  few  yards from  I'ostoflke. '  $.200��������� Cash   and  $10   per uioULh   buys  line,  fout-roo-ined bouse with   pantry  and   bath-room.   Water laid  on; fine  garden.  .,. FOR RENT.  The hotel apartments of tbe Portland    Hotel,     consisting  of   twenty  rooms,      includiig   kitchen,   pantry,  store-rooms,   14  bedrooms,   well  furnished,  stc.   The house,  without the  bar, will be leased by the undersi|jn-  ���������d  at  very  reasonable  rates.     Call  and look over   the premises.  A good  boarding house keeper can  do  well.  ANGELO TATE,  ��������� .     Proprietor.  $300-Cush and $250 on time buys a  nice 7-roomed house. Everything m  (ii'st-class   order.  Dr. R- B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at-reasoa-i!  able rates.  High St. Ladysmitlj  ��������� it  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  ���������4  $10���������Per month rents a nice bouse on  Second Avenue. SpKndid cellar.  Chiel.cn and Wash-houses.  From this date on five cents  buy a nice, cosl glass of beer  Jones'   Hotel.  * ���������  will  at  For  Sale���������Pure  Brwl  Gordon  setter  dogs,     best,    pedi'gres.   Also   Black  Cocker  Spaniel-.  Call   and  get  rar-  Ilouses  to  rent,  tieulars.  Fire,   Life  and   Accident  Insurance.  Deeds,  Wills,    Mortgages,   Contracts and  Agreements Drawn.  Dr. Dier's office is open evenings  and appointments, can be made for  work at any time through the week.  Only first-class dental work is turned out and it is done at reasonable  prices  Ah Wing ^ Co  Merchant Tailor  Ladles' and Gents'  Clothes Made  ill  Order. til  PERFECT FIT GUARANTY -V>J  LADYSMITH,   B.  C.   *  Use     Porter's  Antiseptic rica.lii.-JJ  r-s-ss 5S^ri^^|or-���������v"ii���������<������-. -��������� -*��������� <*  '.


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