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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Oct 30, 1905

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 _���������*��������� '������'.,.Ajr .  EADYSMITH DAILYLeDGER  WB.      NOV I-1905-    ^|  2S*s,  "\ .T^^tj.,^.,..-^!.-  V������L.2,  MONDAY'.     OCT   30,    ](K>5  PRICE FIVE   CENTS  WITH TWO RATTLESNAKES ON A RAFT  On  the   Okanogan and  the    Similkameen  River  Along  THE SPORTS GROiDS lifW MftTiNG OF MOTHER ANCIENT El  Rattlesnakes arc Found in Plenty  A Prospector Has An  6    Experience  A man named 1 Ian is, a wen known  prospector    in   the  Olanogan  section  acrost the    boundary     ime from Os-  ocyo&>iake,     had a most remark able  ride on ft raft a     few weeks ago, according to a *tory told by a prospector in     Spokane. Washington ,    Harris came     down to the banks of the  Okanogan and wanted to cioss to examine a section of the corntry across  the river,    which had looked  j-ailicu-  lariy pioimstngto him on a pro-nous  trip through    that section       He had  no boat and none was obtainable for  a    considerable  distance up or  down  she   rivei.      but tins did not   {rouble  him      He noticed an old log n jiig by  the nver     bank,  partly in thc water  at   a place ���������   where it could be easily  shoved mto thc     stream ,   He rolled  another     Jos,   down by the side of it.  and     with  his    pack ropes,  alter he  had hoppled Ins     hoises. he tied the  logs    together,    and taking      off Ins  clothes     he lashed    them on the lop,  raft    and     shoved it off.       Pemg a  strong     swimmer    he    calculated on  shoving    lhe raft    across and landing  with    his clothing diy.     As the raft  one     snlc of   thc log and thc intakes  took possession of the ship      As the  pair of .snakes threw  themselves into-  ������oils and began sounding their rattles!  H looked     had  to Hams     He could  have abandoned the raft and made for  the shore,  hut us lus clothes were oa  the iait     he could not consider that  proposition/ and furl her, to swim the*  sw.ft running Okanogan or be turned  adnft     in niiiicuirent   meant1 a Hard  stiujigie,  villi no certainty of making  it     . As he     was hesitating his hand  camp ui contact with a  piece of wood  that was somewhat loosened from onj  of the sliatl'sied trees which composed  his i.vt,r or rathei.  his'and his part-  ncis*, hut might meant right m that  case,   and   Harns   wienched  the stick  Jocse and with    a sWipe of it knocked  the nearest snake into the rivei where*  it  went     swirling down  the stieam.  lis    mate shuck     viscmusiy,  at  the  piospeclor,     but its    blowfei.  shoit,  landing ils fangs m, the log wear Har-"  lis'  hand'     A     blow from thc stick  and the fight     was ended.     The raft  meantime     had been    couismg Mown  Mr. Dunsmuir Promiiesto  Speak to C. P. R. Land  Commissioner  And Urge Him to Donate a  Site  for   the  Grounds  On Saturday.    Mr   Hugh Thorniey.  BexrcLiiy oi lhe    .(irounds Committer*' 'u tlie r������unCl1 Champs or. Saturday  leceived     a letter    nom   Mr. James'     '" "   "  Dunsmuir. Mr. Dunsmuir m response  to a request of lhe, sccrelaiy, promised in lus ictier to speak to Mr  Dennis, C. J'. R. Land Commissioner,  atcthe first opportunity icspccting the  site tor the proposed spot ts grounds  for LailyMtmth y.r Dunsniuu sa.d  -in Ins leltei that I be official was away  'from Victoria at the tune he wrote*  hut he would make it a po-nt to see  him directly he'ieluincd and would  ask him to donate the required site  io the cttv.   -  SCHOOL BOARD  Letters Ft om the  D part-  ment of Lands and  Works  Will Endeavor to Procure  Hydropiate for New  School  'The Doard  of-Schoji Trustees mot  evening last, those present being trustees (Heaven Hughes, Rofberlson, and  Trustee Robert-  ���������I  , the ��������� stream and was finally pushed  struck the current ot the stream and ,ashore nearly two miles-below where  the water fined lhe hollow of the old it had started to . cross, the river  log that had been lying on the bank", That eveinnjg Harris walked down tha  the flat evii-iooking head of a huge iner to the Tonosket crossing Tie  rattle-snake, followed by its mate, had. had enough, of crossing the Okja-.  pushed >ts way thiough a b������g hole on   nogan nver on a raft. '' ."  ATHLETICS���������  Smoke thirty cigarettes a day.  Puft a do7en pii>efuls of tobacco.  ,    Drink a few bottles 'ot beer. ^~  Do any  old  thing.  Don't train.  New York, Ost.~30���������Such is . tho  rule of John T." M6r't6n7~E7igi ami's'  champion splinter, now in this  country, and who has lost'only two  races to the hard-trained Yankee at h  letes.  It  is not  exactly  aiuie,      because  Morton does not tra-n on cigarettes  and   beef.      As he . smd      yesterday,  "Why,  bless me,  I don't train1     at  all."  Moiton     defeated every short-distant* runner m England,  and holds  two  marks  in  that country.  He ian  the 100-yaid  dasJi  in nine anil  four-  fifth seconds, only a fifth of a second  . slower than Arthur Dufiv's world's  record, and he cleared 120 yands in  eleven and four-fifths seconds. lfe i  not tiie thin little wiry-leggoel runner who usually makes a mark for  himself, but has 162 pounds to early, and has five feet ten niches      or  .height to catch the wind.   IJe is     a  big, good-natured jolly Iclhnv  ot  2(i  years,      and  has only  been running  two yeais.  He stood in Celtic Park Saturday  cigarette .in hand, and intently watch  i������g tho races of the Iush-Amoncau  Athletic Club. It was just after he  had won the special 120-yard dash in  twelve seconds. '  "Don't cher know,  I couldn't       do  what those chaps ilo," jro Slli(ji      as  a bunch of thinly-clad runners stiug-  tfled      round  the  trade.    v]3y h^  they don't he'njojt lilt.   Wen a chap  wants to  do   'is. level  best he must  feel   that he likes it.    Now,  how the  duece is a man  going  to feel  right if  'e don't do  what 'e wants to? . Why,  ^Ihey have to throwaway the best  pipe they've got and w'en a chap  says, says.'e, ,'Wofc'U you 'ave?' they  say 'O'iin iu taraining'���������just as you  scz, .'O'ini on thc water buggy.' No.  sir, not for me. J stick to my smokes and. grog and m.y logs go just.as  fast. "Ahy, I smoke thirty .cigarettes  a day, a few pipes of tobacco, and  nearly always a puff,between boats.'  THE MAT.-  What may he accounted the opening  of the wrestling ' season ';n London  took place at the Lyceum when a  Uige company witnessed ~ th"e~catc!i-  as-catch-can between Ahmed Madraiii  the "Terrible Turk," and Tom Jenkins, the champion of America. Thc  men contested the best two out of  threo fails ior ������50 a side,-and a purse  of ������J5U provided by the management  Time was when Jenkins was easily  fiist m the wrestling worrid, but he  is inoUas young as he was, and tins  told greatly against him this time.  Thc men took, the mat at four  o'clock For the fust two minutes  Jenkins took up thc attack, but from  that point onwards the Turk was the  only   man in it. Jenkins,  realizing  that ho was in the. hands of a superior man, did all possible to stave off do  leat lie repeatedly, crawled off the  mat amid ironical cheers from a pack'  ed hou-.c. He also kicked tho Turk  ui the lace  Madraii,nettled at these tactics, finally put forth an Ins strength and  "Avon the first fall in 19 min , 18 sec,  usuig /the crotch hold and bar-ncison'  alternately.  'ihe second-bout was a repetition/of  The lirst,    with     Mardaih always on'  top Jenkins,   who     had obviously  giown \pry weak, was unable to cs-  rrapc the Turk's ice'-', at the end of  the Iwciity-ihrce minutes, and Ma'iha-  h was awaided the match.  At the close Jenkins was facedown  wards o;i the mat. and-Madraii. v   '  Kssiy pushed  home his gelwantagc until ,called off by.his chief,. Antonio Pie  ern'.arnid   a   perfect uproar.  The  American     was-carried oft'  the  Victoria. R. C. Oct. 30���������;Special)  ���������Lionel Teiry, formerly of Nan.ut.io,  murdcicd a-Chinaman in Wellington,  New  Zealand, on  September  25th.  The murdered Chinaman was an old  man named Joe Kum Yung. Yung  was found with a bullet m the back  of hi"-1 head, and the next morning  Lionel Terry gave lnm^eit up as the  murderei.  Tcriy has written the Governor of  New Zfaland stating that he Had derided to brmg the evils of Alien Ln-  migiation .,befoie the jubiic ib such a  mannerras would compel attention.   o   There arc said to be blind pigs in  to.wn. Where are they, what" are  thyy, ^aiid JiO}V_a_bout it? With nearly'twenty license holders in town  they (the men who pay for the privileges) should be the ones to furnish  the liquid refreshments.  The hunting patties who havfe been  out from Ladysmith for the past  few days have as a rule been fauly  successful in their quest and ha*  brought home a fair amount of gaanc  Secretary    Stewart  son hi the chair  Accounts, teachers' salaries, etc.,  .'imounhng altogether to $<*30 CO, wcr������  onteird passt-d t0 thc city council for  payment.     ' II,  'Letiers' from If   O. Gamble, of the  Lnnds  itWoiks   Depaitment,  informing the    loard tint the contract r()n  installing     the heating '.apparatus in  the school     had been awaided  to the  Lad;.smith     Hardware Company and  that     Donald    Nicholson   , had  been  awaided  the    contract for cementing  the sihooi    |>asement-   weie read, ip  coned and filed '  'J he punctual wrote advising the  bonidoi' the recent visit of, Inspector  Wilson.  'The attendance leports for thc moil  th uf September were submitted to  thc Iruscecs  On a motion by Trustee Greavee,  seconded by Trustee Hughes, the sec  retaiy was instructed to write'to  Mi V,' Roiston, asking Inm to have  the hvdropiale put ui tbp new school  building without delay accord  .ng to his agreement with the  hoard _ ;*  The meeting aeljoumed until Satui '  day, Nov   ?5th. ,. .  o���������������������������  GUSH PAPER  *���������������  ��������� ***���������)> %  A Copy ofthe Portsmouth  Telegraph issued Oct.  11, 1779.  Owned by a  Resideit  of  the City-Naval and Military Journal  I A newspaper six  years older than  the one spoken of in  The   Ledger on  Saturday is owned  by Mr.  If.      C.  Lucas,  of this  city.    The paper      bti  fcucstioii is a weekly journal published at Portsmouth, England, and called   , the  Portsmouth   Telegraph,' or  Mottley's  Naval and  Military Journal.?'-The copy owned   by Mr.  Lucas  was-������pui>lished    on October 1*1 l-h, 117!)9  'J'he hews it contains is1 chiefly ofthe  ���������battles bemg fought  by England  with  ^Bonaparte.   The paper/ which is      a  small,;.four-page coiieein, contmns   a  large quantity  of advertising matter  which     shows   that  paople in'thes-e  days' hafl  ehscoveicd    the advantage  of advertdsing.     The paper is in     a  perfectJ state, of preservation' and can  be'read without difficulty.  ^Without Hiiy display of headlines,  the,"paper announces calmly an En-  giiaa TiCvory i?td an English defeat  m.vy "iuA'Co ji.TrtuvcrnpL no be sensational. No doubt, on account' of its  age,'it is of considerable value.  REPORTS ARE THAT  THE STEAMER JOAti  Is Not   Recommended   by   the  Ship's Officers to Would-be  Passengers ,   f  For Ladysmith and That They  are Discouraged From Taking  the Trip  u& km  Stones aie being circulated im La-  dysmilh to the effect that tho officers  only in the week the sicamcr lsschcd-  jiasscngprs irom- making the tup to  Ladysmilh from Nanaimo on Friday  or Saturday mghts, upon which days  o.ily m tne week the steamer is sche<l-  uicd lo run between the above'mentioned cities According to thc sto-  lus 'of cettaui gentlemen, both residents of Ladysmith, the officers have  a looted obicction to making tins triweekly trip irom >. Nanaimo to tins  poit and hope by inducing people not  to make the journey to reduce greatly  Uie receipts for the passenger seivicj  ant! so convince ibe C. P R. ofTnais  lhat it is not worth while keepmg the  Joa.ii on Tins run.*, On Friday night  ��������� I is alleged that certain of the ofli-  ceis, healing thlat a'commercial trav-  cici  intended making the trip,  advis-  -.O;���������  ';St Petersburg. ���������Oct. 30.���������Tonight  the oreier of Romanoff ceases to- exist. Emperor' Nicholas has appointed  Count -Witte Minister-President, and  mto Ins hands confides the fortunes of  l he{* dynas'ty. <  'J he pubhc will be granted more liberties, freedom oi speech, fieedom of  assembly, freedom of press, and freedom of peison.  TREATMENT OF CONSUMPTION.  '    EFFICIENCY  STATEMENTS.  The general efficiency statements  for the Fifth Eegi'mem-t for the last  year have been issued, and on inspection they are found to co-muiu'e very  favorably with any other regiment in  the     Dominion,   says  the  Colonist.  Since the amaigamatipn of the  Fifth Regiment with the Dominion  Artillery Association about June  last, tiie regiment has een brought  into direct competition with ,vi tbe  regiments of Canada, and that they  haye managed to hold their own is  very welcome news to Col. Han and  stage apparently badly injured, ut lie  subsequently recovered.  Owinir to the uproa. the referee was  unable to obtain a hearing for his  verdict, and the behavior of the crowd  was scarcely .jCoii.'suctve to tho best  interest of the sport..  Jenkins was not; thrown", hut. he  was too severely punished to continue, 'there was a strong American  contingent in the crowd whbi hooted  the decision: but the perfectly fair  tactics of Madraiii and his good humor throughout, rendered the verdict  extremely popular with the majority  oi  the  spectators. , in  It  was said by Jenlun's  supporters  The congress of Tuberculosis, arter  sitting in Paris foi a week, held its  f.nal meeting on Saturday afternoon,  when 'itiloiests was concentrated on  the explanation by Piofessor Beh-  iing of anew method of fighting the  disease,   says   n London  exchange.  The,-"professor in the course of an  elaborate exposition of-his'methods,  which was, howevei, guarded as to  thc true nature of his specific, declared tliat his reseaiches ha\c now  reached a stage pmalkl to that just  previous to the announteni)nt of Lhe  disco'W-'iy of nis anti-diphtheritic serum filteen yeais ago.  He explained that his curative pun  c,ple is based on thc impregnation of  the Ji'ing Cl'II-, of (he organism with  a .substance domed from tbe 'fius of  tuberculosis, temporalily desciibed  as "TIC." When the "T.C." bcconi t  an integral part of the organism of  animals treated with it, it is called  '".r.X." ' c'     ,  This   curative   principal   has    been  employed     with success on animals,  but has  not yet been  tried on   human  beings.    Professor   Behring is convinced  that'it  will be equally efficacious with men, and on his return U  Germany  thc "T.C." will   be.hande..:  to     his    confreres   for experimental  purposes. ^  Professor Bclning's      explanation,  whjch  was delivered   in  German, and  afterwards, in   French,  occupied about  twenty minutes.   At   its termination  the congrerr   applauded him   loudly.  His admission that the "cure"    has  never  yet been tried on human     be-  tfigs,   however,     caused some  disappointment.    It is even   thought       by  The local fire  brigade is  in leccipt  of    a donation  of UU   from  Mr.   A.  PJanta,   insurance  agent,   of  Nanaimo.   The fuenicn cleared $108 by the  recent niasMpcrade ba'l and  with this  sum of money ha\e bought a     controlling no/.zie, an underwiiter s stand  pipe, two   sets  of couplms  and      a  dozen sweateis for the   men.  Odtssa, Russia, Oct 30���������It is impossible to Ps.limate tbe number .01  .M'.siciday s \iclmis The infantry,  whose loyalty is doubted, aie ordeied  to rcnuun m the bnrlacks, and Cossacks who sIioav no disinclination to  shoot down the people aie relied up-1 TELLS TRUTHFUL -TALED \N1)  on  toque'i  d.stuihanccs and      keep jvtFRF<sti vr  order in the c.ty. UfeJ  INlh.RhSl l.VG  YesUiday .ifternoon, near the bar-  lacks, a student called upon a contingent oi Cossacks lo gi\e up thc attempt to stop theicl^eiiion and to jom  their- brothcis, wiio were'making an  effort to procure the freedom oi thc  people. The appeal was answered "''y  a \oilty. Mii'iig nme and wounding 10  a panic      resulted,  ,md people  (led  into then   houses  ior shelter  and  to  escape divu.li at tie hands of the soldiers.  Pnvafp houses ,ue bciiii; conveitcd  into  leinpoiaiy hospitals m winch the  victims ot   the soldiers  arc receiving  tieatr.ient   o   ed that gentleman nat.tbdo so, stating that the trip was unsafe, the  'Ioat having to pass through the nar-  ic\ys. Thc.v also are said to have  sti.ted that extreme difficulty would  bo expcnenoiid by the traveller in getting up from the wharf, arguing that  it would be far more convenient -' to  spend the night m Nanaimo, where  be would find better accommodation  and come on to Ladysmith by the  following .moimng's tiam  Another gentleman who proposed  coming down on the steamer is said  to have been taken to one ofthe officer's cabms, winch was completely  jare, thc officer stating that he had  removed an Ins valuables, as hecon-  s.deied the passage through the nar-  iows quae unsafe, expressing the opm  ion that the Joan might be wrecked  at any tune m attempting it---He������s  saiid tohaie strongly urged the passenger   to slay the night in Nanaimo  as they are accused of, some people '  who aie not familiar with the coast *  will decline \,0 make the journey, from":  Nanaimo to Ladysmith by boat, fear-''  ">g they by    doing so war be facing. -  ���������death, for     when a sailor    speaks ot''  danger, a   person  who is not used to' f,  the i������ea is eas.iy     intimidated.     This J-  would  undoubtedly     mean tha,t  tins i  coinminicatioa by boat with.Varicou- '  ut, and'to get which the Board  ^of   ',  Tiade woiked so hard, will he ston- ,  pcd. ' ' .  Needless     to say danger, in a seaworthy boat making a trip from Na- :  naimo to this port is imaginary. Sinca  -Nauaiuio has been in "existence a pas-   >  sage through    the yarrows, has been .  continually     made by boaViess seaworthy than the Joan, and oldtimers  say they do not remember a disaster  resulting  While of course the people of Ladysmith are anything but satisfied with  the present steamship communication  with Vancouver, they do not- wish,  this weekly visit of the t Joan 'to be  stopped until a leguiar steamship'  service to Vancouver diiect is, prer>  cured. v \   '   1    r_  These allegations     shouiil^ \wHhout'  delay be    investigated.     It has been   ���������  suggested that     the Boards of Trade  look into the matter.    Thc Ledger's -  sure the City Council^ would support   <  the Board, if the charges'against the  .loans officers were verified,rin bring-   4,  nig tlic inattc-r    before the C P. ������.  officials  N/othmg in the foregoin** -"attiele is ,'  intended to be construed as making di-  jrect ciiarges against any-one or more   i  of the officers or the Jean.     It is on  ly as     a newspaper published in   the  and      comedown  to     Ladysmith by   interest of    Ladysmith     that cogni-  tram I zance of these reports is  taken.      If  Neither of the parties consented to I the repoits are true they cannot he  TilKN  THEV  WOKE  UP.  that their man. \youid have-been.������'trun'some that the whole exposition^ was  gled in another  second     or  two had somewhat  vague and  unsatisfactory.  not Madraii released his hold.  his stall'.   Under the old system     it.  was     impossible! for  the Fifth ttcgi.'  in order to do so a number of changes  iiient to compete with the others, and  iiad'tohe made in  the rules governing the local corps.  The method, will, however, be more  fully explained in tl������2 book, which  Professor Behring announces is to  be published next yoar.-  AT THE   ABBPTSFORD.  L.  Atkinson, .Victoria.  R. H.  Boyce, Winnipc*?.-  R, S, Pyk������,  Vau������>uver.  A  San      Francisco despatch says:  On the .night of August 15, when the  whaling bark Orayhead  was .cruising  about  75  miles  west of  Prijiyloff island in Uc-hring sen,  Mate Pease and  the  men on deck  were  tlHiiiderstruck  by   the  appearance ��������� of  a great  body  inimcdiutely-. ahead.    There ��������� was  V  shore  and  rising above it were thous  amis      ol electric    lights, v������\v ink ling  along  a hundred streets.   Here    and  there,   apparently at prominent corners,   were   larger  lights,  mid   along  shore       were   the   myriad   of   lights  showing at   the      wharvesBut     : the  and  his men knew that  this must be.  an   imaginary  city,   and that for hum  tlrcsls    of miles   beyond   where those,  lights flared out was only an expanse  of desolate  waters.  The mate called Captain Fisher and:  he looked upon the scene and was bewildered. There was no accounting for  the wonderful sight. The city seemed  as re:ii as San Fram'isco seems, to a  vessel anchored in thc channel r.car  Coat's island. When daylight came  the spectacle faded away and in .-all  directions was only the heaving bosom .i-f thc.cold sea, with no land in  sight and no great city within thous.  ands of uiiies.  "A Passing Race," from the guted  pen of D W liiggms, so long a wen  known British' Columbia Legislator  and ior sevciai. seasons spcakei oi the  Provincial Paiiiament, is a thoi-  oiifihiy iiificirsimg woik. Wierd,  iiuamt, -and truthuil tales arc ioid  ui a mannei that- holds the icadci s  ciasest attention until fims is icachctl  iiife m the eaiiy da\s of the Pi ounce  when Hudson Bay men were kings,  life among the ten thousand gold  seekeis ot '5!l, with an the wutcr  e'eaLs, and witl) occultism aiittic, and  while not advocating or insisting on  the truth of its supernatuiai teachings, quaintly as! s, 'How do you account for it.'j' As one whose e.\p<.-i-  iencc along the same lines has cros-  Ked equally mysteiious pheiiomeiiH.'  like the author! we can only ask,  "bow?"  The Passing Race deals with ovtiits  of early days, deplores the passing of  a race, and attributes it largely to the  c-vii and at that time unchecked use:  of strong drink.  Cariboo stories are well told and  adventures of early days along the  toast as far south as San l<"ranciseo  It is a book on similar lines to the  author's previous work, "The Mystic.1  Spring and Other Tales." but is even  more pleasing than any of his previously published works. Being a  work on local happenings it is a most  appropriate Christmas gift to mail a  present a frk-nd.     It  tins, standing by their previous de-  (eimniation to make the tup on the  stcainei. Others, it is said, weie intimidated L\ thc stories of the ofli-  ceis and piefeneel icniaining m Na-  namio to facing the supposed dangers  it these stones aie true the men in  question have been gmity of behavior  that should not be tolerated by the  e'lti^ens oi Ladysmth If they continue to indent stories of dan||<r, such  too soon made known lr not correct then an injustice is bang done  the officers of the Joan, and tins  'The Ledger has no desire of doing, so  that entire fairness requires that the  leports should be investigated Thc  Board of Trade can peihaps do this  better than can any other interested  parties in the city, and it will confer  a favor on the citi/ens by taking the  matter   up at an early session.  BASKETBALL  THURSDAY  KLONDIKE GQLD  PRODUCTION  ��������� o ���������  The fire hrigade  basketball players  aie determined  to  wipe out the   el.  fevat   they  recencd   at'the  hands  of  the Bowery (cam last week, and another      match  is arranged   with  il  same  tcim  foi   next Wednesday     oi  Tlui.sday evening.    Manager  Elks, oi  the fiie migaelc,   will turn  his    boy-  on I   to   piaetice  this e'ening anl   tp  moirow,   and  has   made up  his   pnnd  lhat   they  shall  not   lose   ugain lliio-  u.y,li lack uf      piaoLn.v.   The  Benvciy  men  will   also   devote  some   time  to  ge.tlihg      into  shape for   the  game,  which     promises   to   be a thoroughly  interest ing one.  Dawson, Oct. 29.���������-The Klondike's  gold production to October 19th was  ���������S7,OSf>.000 The per capita output  of the camp for thc ten months of  !190j is about $1,500. No other camp  'in the woild produces such a per  capita The gold output here is figured at ?15 pe* ounce, while on the  Aiiicii'vin  sk'o  it is  5>16 per ounce.  The Klondike,  despite the drought,  iias  beaten  the  Tanana in gold  output.   Tlic Tanana proeluction was ?������-  '.(Kl.tlbl).  j    Fred -Wiicr, a pioneer .mirier, ' committer] suicide on Bonanza Creek this  week.   He shot himself through the  head.    Drink  and despondency  were  Correspondence from Skagway un-    the causes leading to  the act.  dcr dale,  of  Oct.  22,  says:   A high1-  |    The- first stages of the winter seaway robbery which occurred Tn  Skag   son left      White Horse and Dawson  wav  is a reminder of the days when    yesleiday.  Tbe steamer Prospector left White  Horse Wednesday morning with   th  last mail and freight,  'the ice    -was  running  again  this  morning,   and  it  is doubtful ir the Prospector      will  make the passage down river.  Harvey  Robe of Seattle was lost  Soapy Smith held sway here. It  doe.y. not take much to callbackit.o  menu |y that time iu 1807 when  Soapy, now dead from a bullet wound  inflict ed one night when looking for  trouble,   terrorized   every  living soul  then sofourniiig at this place. ���������  N." L.  Burton, for nearly two years last  week on the  trail  near  Miller  city attorney at Chenn, was robbed .Creek.       He was helpless,  although  a few  nights ago somewhere  between in   hearing'distance of  a roaid-house.  sweetheart .or    present a frk-nd.     3 fc j'r,n0     Mascot   ' saloon and the New He fired his .revolver until help'camel's neatly bound and is to be found on ; j.-jonic restaurant, in thc,heart ofthe and was  about exhausted when     it  lhe'shelves of     the local  bookstores. ! Uy^ aI|(, hp is now stranded. Burton  Cciigraiula.tior.s are certainly  due 1l'eJ(U)CS' no(; know exactly where      the  genial   author.       The  old   quotation.  "if mine, enemy would write a book.'  arrived.  does not apply in the rase of "A Passing Race." for if Mr. Higgins bad  an enemy,  no matter how critical, he  roblK-ry took .place, but says it was   wound  up at the Mascot intoxfeatod  someplace between the two  points  'almost ,to  the- point  0f unconscious-  The Chena lawj-er cam.e up the  river on the last trip of the Prospector,  mid arrived in Skagway Mon-  ness.     At that place a stranger volunteered to pilot him,  he says,     to  would pass nip the latest effort ofthe'  .'  cvcm'ng He started  in   shortly   .^e New Home restaurant and  ?odg-  -.-���������''- ���������    i  j     ��������� ���������i,  ���������n     +1ip   ing house.    He awoke  at the latter  arrival to  sampi ? all    tne .,,.,,.  author and wait further work's to ci-it  after his  icize.   Read'the book and you win-so ~ 0(l wines stored in the several sa- 'place the following morning to, find  agree. ^ons uw&wt the town,   and   he   ������}s  P������������e,  containing $200   has been  iou fa stolen from his inside vest pockett <**Vi j ,  t   li,-  \d,  %"&���������'���������-]'' '���������'-:������������������ '''.'���������:������������������ -V''-'  |||iv||'Sf  HifSS  ������@-  DAILY LEDGER  ���������si  ^.W*S*^     ������*>ft,ti>v  HE DAILY LEDGfR     ^miiiiiiiiMiiim Wf*.W������  J'ublisued   every day except Sunday.  ;.l^^^-^iE|;;J:^flAaY;". , "LEDGER,  V:'-v%';y/'���������;<:.,:,';company.  ������������������    ���������.":''' ���������  y0:-'::iQWlCE::At' LAD YSMITH \ ���������'' ���������.  ?':'������j-^'SUBSCRIPTION-: PRICE'  . ���������  ,50 Icents;. a .month; , Jo- per year   in  r: 'Advance^ .Advertising.rates on ap.  ���������f'-'.-'plicatjioB.'.-'r .;, ''::i!. ,: ;^-:������':, -'"���������:���������,::'���������������', ������������������":'":;���������.'  MONDAY.   .OCT;,30, -1905  . ���������JS'JaV'.W-S MAKLNG;:  -CITY   IMPROVEMENTS-  ^ VALUES  Five pieces Gray Flannel, m   Twill or Plain���������light or dark shades,  unshrinkable.       Special per yard,  12 I-2C  VALUES  Five Dozen Ladies' Umbrellas���������Extra strong English make, with  steel    rod.     Our Big Special,  Each  $I.OO  ':r:-'-/;:Quite(j;::an./.���������';:��������� improvement-'has  been;;  ,'.'.-������������������ -i hade ��������� or v'ia-te; ������������������;',"; by, the/ city/authorities.;;  ������������������'.���������^���������n -Ji'igii/; ''.''str'i'et,'.- between    tliir.d and  ,;:;.-;i*ourth..''-avt,.iiiiesi:. .'The: street has-been'!  '���������:;��������� graded ilov/h   -.���������.wlj'ere it was,high and  , t lie/ground .:;-hau'ied ���������', down to the lower  r j.ar.t   of  the', street', near   the'..Chech's  :. 3;Iotc}{...aii(l'v,!iih,;il..-'in there./;'  The work  ',;'is ;an"'.'/improvement; : which' vhc resi-  ; jlSity V)f .that stcti;:.)ii; will nut fail to  :':;-������;ppi-fei-iftie !���������'. a.'ii't'tle.- iater. in ,,lhe sea- i  ;/.'"on, for 'ithas been     in 'wetweather !  ,'''���������". '���������    ���������'������������������,"        .���������-  ���������  '������������������' i  :./'{-;vii-!'������'s-l impassible,  heretofore.    ��������� Some  ���������': isP'-})!,'."��������� .."vvork'   .has also been, doner:; on' j  ���������: ' Vipt'A\cnuc.���������'.'.-. near the north end o(.  :'nHn -street, 'in'.-'   clearing out ditches, f  '.'��������������������������� ���������'������������������:������������������ -,.���������' -.-���������" >. '��������� ,'-,1 ..   ��������� ��������� ������������������'-." "'  '���������'������������������������''; ii..; 'iiraiiiiug ./  the road.     While tlic i  vC-'iioicii Jiave" had.-.but.-���������.Httie' monev to '  VALUES  Fifty Do7.en   Boys' Heavy, Pure Wool witle ri.bfted worsted Hose  a 35c. value for per pair  25c.  MAY   BE HAD' AT BO TH. OUR NANAIMO STORES.   .  VALUES  S^ty-two Ladies' Coats, B'ack, Fawn, and     Gray, in about tea  diiTcivnt  styles    Regular  J.8, $10,  $12 50,  Your choice Each  $5.oo  VALUES  Linoleums that ;viii   we'ar len years  My  ROOMS  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BItSl.  WINES, 14QTJORS. CIGARS  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  Best accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and fiehim? in near vicinity  1/  A. J. AUMURTRIE, Proprietor  LADYSMITH, B. C  Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway  -    ���������������������������������������������  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������+ *���������������������������������  Time Table No. 57,  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  PORTLAND  JOHN GOGO-PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates  Inlaid  the coast sens the emaiity at  the priev,  FREIGHT  PMD  ON  No otaer house on  Social iier sq, yard,  85c.  M.L ORDERS OVER ?5.  ?i������i&2^: V.^;V/ :/-;-"J;r  vje/}ri^i('..;i(!:!yti:e:el ; work, it: has counted  :; -iiii/ii'i:-;;t ivi'i'i.:' is. general I v.- believed if the;  ;;^'prj<,;; /d(>i!c. iri:aa/v>/:parts; of:the city ���������'  i:.Vtef& ���������/..f;.c'iaH''ined. ���������': / Aii'-Improyemcnt  i::':-byTJa\y/p.flp^iihl'/b_c;-'p  ������������������ion\^Ava.y.'-.���������. .to-bring- ab6ut/-ivee'fletl;'uii-j''  '.'������������������lVr.dy.eiiiiciits:..-'/';\^  ,:feyie/:';/;T.f/the';City/is to. -go- ahead- a**  //wes/ali'/Wishvit-tp/dd/let; :aii.;;,,uiii^te; in  paying'/ a: good' /j-vvdrd ioir /an improver ���������}  ^tiHnt^by^a^:/-'^  ������':it?punpii./lwni^ a?,  /;f^oup)e';: of months ".-to; su/bmit/sbmc plan/j  ;^'3>t,ic:>:yp,'t'crs :. ;for iiistaiimgVarwater i;  i/^ipiverceicctric^ light/sy'steiur.;'.,.If nieii;1  '���������^Jnea-rt-'-'y/'hat/'tihey--. sayia;-yp:teIon' the. ia /  WKtaiiatioji/ /of a /:./��������� wK;ter//systerii/. for/-  |/3igh'fe; /woiiiej:'���������...���������vbc^ca^iM^-njitli/'very,  !^Jitvle'i'i^:'anV^':oppbs'iii6'n^t //.  ;,:/,/'-?/:..;,.-.��������� /.;���������";;���������; .o.;.:,.;..;/ ;/������������������.��������� - /'';  i/;,/As,;1/'showing ./^tho/fjeniUS'/fpr/news-r  f juaTyir^.; nibskisscd', jiliy ;?."'fiir)^i'/ ,Vancouv'c(r  '.'.jjiaper.?/ ifc;ii!ii.y ;be/stated/that.an ..tiie:  / e'tiiff / Tiii bifehcei.;/:/by;/them :':r ci a t iyc: to  '''ii he: cause/;; tor ? th a/arrest- of ^hevi.Viii-  ':3att:o,-^Brown.'������������������ /the/other Vday,; .in/La-  ���������/kiysmi thi;. / was ������������������ //written:��������� oh-the/bare/  /r-trchgih'/pf'a 'tehsgranr ;frpn^;the,''siiei^  ^>/iripy-:..-^Topel'a,,":.fc^  iiioijclvihe^^  ,^Pk otflcer/f or Hii mv/r//.The/  /Scriptibii;otily- said;thathe/'was/.''vant-i  /cd 'for;asSauit. with intent^tdkili/:One;  ^)t;tJie/^'Vr)acoiiver ��������� , papers /said /he  (/stashed .an' .opposition barber, ^another  ���������stated ith'at.' the victim was a -woman.!  r;aiid/;detaiis:    .were punished that the  : writers;:har' no, knowledge' of As to  ,/Bi.6wii',s/.previous attempts-'to  escape  ;:jroip.-;oincers:iast; winter when he.Kvas-.  :|.-.'.r^stedi;frt -vagi'ii.'-y-he shnpiy, tried  to juihp.'through' a     window ;n.nd olli-  i.ei: Mu'^(^;rn    Ciiighi.'him by tho leg  ,;-ah.el'';'��������� drpv/'.him iii;';''while/the yellow  journals  at the '.' coast city had him  /rurtning;:-   dedging, twisting,  and giving - i'lie.'oflicers'"the: run of  their lives  rio,-catch him.   /./.'.: .,'.��������� '������������������  VALUES  Mens'  Navy Blue PuicWooi fine worsted   suits,  single or double  bieasleei,  lined Willi good (piahty Ila'ian     Goth, worth $1G,  Out Price  $13.50   ��������� sag     ��������� I ' ���������SSSSSSBSmm^immSS^i_M_fmm  VALUES  Thirty Pans Mens' Dark Ox fore! Gray Homespun Tweed Pants, a  $2.50  line with anv   person   else, Our       Price, ,     _  1.95  VALUES  Queen     Quality Shoes.���������No other shoe in the     country will compare at the price    Special   wmler weight with leather lining,  thc latest .idea    Our price covers all kinds, ,  .       $3.75  VALUES  Youths' Solid Leather Shoes with  won many customers foi us  Special Price  The New Western Hotel  ���������  ,1 1    -   -   ������ ��������� t    ������������������ ' l ' ~:  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fiUedup and well supplied anrl is m charge of  JOS. PELLIGRINELLi  EFFECTIVE-SATURDAY, OCT. 21st, 1905.  ^Traias leave Ladysmith for Victoria and all intermediate stations /at     Mi ant. daily, and at 4.00 p.m. on  Wcdmesdays,     Saturdays   and  Sua-  ���������    ' . I aays.      "'-'./'-  Good tables and good' '    Train* leave Ladysmith for "Well ington and all  intermediate stations  Rooms [^ 11-57 a.m.  daiky,  and at 6.00 p.'m.  on Wedr? days,  Saturdays     and  ' Suadays.  I , EXCURSION. TICKETS ON SALE TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going journey -Saturdays and Sundays, return.ng not later than  the following Mtiaaay.       -   ���������, '.   Steamer Joan   ���������, ��������� .     Sails from Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at 6.00 a.m. and  The bar is extra  well returning' sails irom Vancouver -   for  Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  Stocked  GEO.'.L. COURTNEY.    ���������  Dist. Freight' &, Pass;, Agt  16 Govt. Street, Victoria B.C.  This Hotel has   been completely   Board and lodging |1.00 per day!  , 1  renovated.  HOTEL.  JOHN TKA- Proprietor  Bar Supplied with the Best  Liquors and Cigars.  Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-: :-: Ladysmith B.C.  J.  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  screw  soles, a    shoe that has  A  great     school shoe.     Our  _������ _? 11 ff a j  (linn m  Mil- ?>'* % Hi  ;.kz ������������������ e;.';'T:r-;i"RS" or the west  They l.now tea nicety  -':.   i-iiuatic and   gcographi-  ���������-...I .*.:.,u>i;iiems   Lliiit call  for  ,i   s; :'-���������;,-..i  fii'.ss :-.ii' foo'twear  to ii--->:L tiicjse conditions.  i!;oU;!'i; ;ihoe iiic-,1 cannot-  ������n.'v-.      ii.;'.'-;e   things     from  il'i;!.';-   !,i".,Lr.'v.iy.  ''Mivy r;',i!:-,t. live "out  v.(;: ���������������������������.:<��������� 1 tiio "local coi-  e:*', ' .>;'.!.��������� x.'i.tc���������become  ���������������������������'-'��������� ;! ; iii v>Tsie;:i esperi-  ':.' : ;:��������������������������� i.i:-..wl.. .'gr oli'iaina-  I.'-. - '!;'" i'y living ihe life  0' ;-. iVii-irr-iiui'. l,-i'iore they  *'iWi ;-.op-..- l-o :,\V-e s-Jitisiac-  !'������������������;���������.-,��������� fouiv-.-;';-.,- for the sl.rcn-  llfil'-:   !!.'������������������   of   lliij   toiler   ill till.',  y?:.������������������-:.'!!      foiT.-l.s,  fields and  "TliK   I,I-:CKIE  LH'tbT"'  is  p.      v.t'oti'fii    product,  frit  wc.-i'if'i'n   ( r:(;[;ic.  I.-.u'-:  for     thc trademark-  iijion  Hi.-- sol".  r,n ������������������?,r; UFACTU P? ED BY  pi.������ _ <r     ft*  n  D, Spencer,  Nanaimo. Limited^ _  G  Ladysmith  O. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been, comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  d������te. Rates $1.00 a day and ap-  w txds.  ������     WM. BBVERIDGE, Prop.  BfnlaaaeJa '���������: ������������������'��������� ������������������'��������� >-��������� Laayamita  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Halt Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET- .- Ladysmith.  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rates $1.25 andfl.BO���������  1 r ,  Free bus to all steamboat landings and  railway depots.   Electric care every live  minutea to all parte of   the city. ; Bat  and table .unexcelled.  F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST.,  VANCOUVER B, C.  THC COHFOmASIX WAY.  Read DOwn ReadUp  9.55 ��������� m. T.v. Fertile Arr. 9.00 p.m.  10141a.m. Ar. Elite Arr. S.io p, m,  13.30 p. iu. Arr. Rexford Arr 6.35 p.in  7. 45 p. m. Arr. SPOKANB Arr 9.30 a.m.  7.30 a. in, Arr. Everett Arr. 9.31 p.m.  9.00 a. m'. Arr. Seattle ' Arr. 8.00 p.m.  J45P.���������. Arr. VANCOUVER tv. 400 pni  3.45 p. m. Arr.'    St. Paiil   I.v.  5.00 p. m  . *; '    ' ONE NIGHT  .'To   Seattle and Vancouver.  TWO   NIGHTS  To    Winnipeg and St. Paul  .   -.       Close Connections  . F)or     Chicago, Toronto. ,  ''   Montreal and  All Points East & West  Acetylene     Lighted     Cars,  ,      Family Tourist Sleepers,  ,     I'aiace .Sleeping Cars  Dining . Cars (Meals a   la  Carte).  Library Obser\ation    "Cars,  'through     tickets and baggage checks to an points!  Steamship Tickets  ���������    For tickets, maps, beiths  reservations     and complete  information c can on or ad-  diess,,  JAS.  SLOAN,  Agt.  G.NR  '       ',   FERNIE, B.   C.     -  TICKET   pFFICE  -o- ,  Cor.  Government     and  Yates Sta.,  Victoria, B. C-  3  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  J  One of which fs the famous "North  Coast' Limited^"  ' Tickets on sale to an Eastern   and  Southern points at lowest rates.  Up-to-date     Pullman    and  - Tourist  sleepers     on ail  trains.   Dining  Car  service Unsurpassed.     ���������      .���������-���������'.  Steamship* tickets on sale to , and  from all  European  points.  Cauin ae>  commodation" reserved by  wire."  I  ii  GALEDOMAN"  *ng  B.  C  HARTLEY   GISBORNE  Member   Can.   Society  of   Civil  Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,! England  Member InternatioiAdl  Electrical  Congress   at St. Louis, 1904  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  ;P.  O. BOX 357, |i ! ,  !     I 1  1  ,   , i  1  j  j)   1  I  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Leads Them    All  IN 'QUALITY  -:o:-  TH6CITY 7VYKRKeT  R. Williamson|Prop  1 st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  ������ }pf\  j.'iLUl'1  LTD  Ui  WM. MUNSIE, President  J. W.  COBURN, Man. Director  Telephonej46.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AM)   LADY SMITH-Shingles  a Specialty.  ��������� Manufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dres ; *d Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouk: ~gS, Etc., ofthe Best Quality.  3ftfcSoned   and   Kiln   Dried   {flooring     and   Finishinf     LimMC  ia   Stock  R. P. R1THET,  &Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :���������: .*������������������ .-: .-B.C.  >   Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo. B.C.  McEinnell & Woobank  Proprietors.        ;  Modern and     Strictly First Clans.  Commercial Mens' headuuarteis.  Fire Proof    Building.  HOE LELAND  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates (2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets.  Telephone, 1���������4.  HENKV'S NIIRSFMES  NEW CROP-  .  '.'. '   /  Home Grown 8c Imported  GARDEN. ��������� FIELD.   and.FLOWER  SEEDS,'  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL   TREES  i  .HODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS. _____  For Spring planting.   Eastern prices  or less.   - Catalogue free.  8010 Westminster Road, Vancouver.-  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  RUMMINO BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith. B.C.  DAY SCHOOL.  *������^'^'#:*.-������^.''i^.'������^.r*������^'������������^*^^^^^  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.      \  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, dOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Srrielting Works at  Convenient to E. & N.^Ry. or the Sea  | CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  J General Manager.  W. J. WATSON,  Smelter Manager.  4  Usual subjects taught;  also      languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons giv- laad ALL JOINTS EAST  en in classes or individually.  CHRISTMAS  RATES   NOW  EFFECT-,-l  IN  For fuithsr particulars call or  write the office. Phono Main 456.  A. D" CARLTON,    ,       C. E. L<ANG  A.G.P.A.. N.P., ^ General Agent  Portland, Ore. Victoria, B.C  Are You  Going East  Then be Bure your- tickets read   via  the  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains Irom the Pacini  Coast. _.      . I  THE     SHORTEST     LINE,  THE  FINEST TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL, 'CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  T advsmith.  MISS BERTRAM,  B   O.  ���������fc'*^**f>*,*S-������*^'fe^''^*'fefc'^^^^  cTMONEY TALKS���������  AS  LOUD TO  US   AS  ANYONE.  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' ���4*��*H~I- fl fr-H1*>���I��>-1"�� ���!���������!��� fl.fr��.^>H^;;<>>r4>'I^��I^��H^H;4-^'-*
Union  Brewing
flanufacturers of'the
,   :.                             In |British Columbia 7
Lager Beer and Porter Guaranteed  Brewed *
J     from the   Best Canadian  Malt Run  Hops I
n4��H'��frfl-*l''4'*4>4^ *
Brass Hearth Suites
; -
f^ " Q^yam<_^r-a'"^^
n_,_._d.\\i\9Vi _ms:^,ll__4mmrsaZ_.l^i:,U._r_Vl_!^iL,l-^___/      	
We have just opened  out some choice
Kerbs and Brasse
' ' '       .       , I     v ���       -
in Suites, all  to match'.   The    xlesigiis'   are  dccielaelly   novel  and
handsome Suggestive of the Louis  Period,   with a dash of     the
__   Colonial Massive  sqJHaro    Rails, set diagonally, heavy moulded
Brass Bases and Scroll  Suppoits.    Tbe  Deigs  in, each design are
attached to the Kerb, adding  digm.ly  to' its  appearance,  and  ' of
great utility.
is'one of the first con^ielerations m the successful furnishing Vol
each room., The effect 'of a handsome Hearth Suite-is very striking it adds  a "tone"r to   the surroundings   unattainable >Ai oth-,
er1 ways. '"        -.       ' '      '    ,' "        ��� '       '
,  These new suites all  piicod at, '.
$15.00.      $16.00,      $18.00,      $27.00,,    $35,00 Complete ,
the hearth
Mr*. EnipHOu's Stolen Book and Hoi*
She AdjiiNteil Mattem.
"It is tlic easiest thing iu tiie world,'
eaiC Sirs. Empson, "to be a shoplifter.
I turned one myself today. I stole a
book called 'Happy Thoughts For llap-
py People.' 1 didn't mean to steal it.
I pickeel it up by mistake' and walk*?d
away with it. I didn't know-I had it
until I got almost home."
"In that case," said Empson, "I suppose you will take it back."
'���y-y-yes. I suppose so. The only difficulty about that is that I don't know
where to take it. I don't know where
I gut it. I was in the book department
of half .a dozen stores and at every
count'jr I looked at a 'Happy Thoughts'
book. I don't know which place it wan
that I really turned thief."
"It was probably tho lust place you
were in," suggested Empson. r'"At any
rate, f advise you .to go there and explain your mistake1. They wijl probably know their own goods."
Mis. Kmpson promised to attend to
the restoration of purloined literature
early the following morning. Evidently his wife's misdemeanor weighed
heavily on Mr. Empson's mind, lor his
first question that night was about tha
"Did you take It back?" he asked.
"Belonged where I thought It did, I
suppose V"
."Yes���that is, the floorwalker thought
,lt was theirs."
"That's  good,"   said  Empson.    "I'm
A   despatch from St.  Paul  to the
Seattle P.-I.  says:
.Jacques     I,,    emperor  of Sahara,
will    visit Seattle   with  his  retinue
soon. , C.   E.  Stone, passenger  agent
of the      Great   Northern,   announced
today  that he has been requested  to
provide   a special   out   of St. Paul/for
the emperor and empress for Seattle
where they will lakte passage on the
Minnesota  for  the Orient  Novemiber
5jlh.   .An  imperial suite may have to
be provided in the steamship Minnesota and a special bulletin may     be
issued  to' employees  of the     Great
Northern setting forth thc etiquette
to  be followed in the presence of an'
impeifal   personage  and his   "entourage "
His ma'cstv's intendant of, the
household fust suggested a separate
drawing room ' for the emperor of
, Sahara and each of the five memUiers
of his suite, but, the latest arran��re-
mpnt is that when. Jac^ics I., oilier
wise M. Lebaudy, sugar refiner of
Paris, France, starts for Seattle on
the Gieat Northern flyer tomorrow
morning, he and his suite will occupy a Piivate car.
11 -.s majesty, as Assistant'General !
. PiWengcr Agent C. E. Stone, of thc j
Great) Northern road, is infor e<i,
I left New* York for Chicago on the
���23th. The ciicumstancc that, the
'imprfiial entoiuage is fimitcel during
i this journey    to
three wives apiece,  which,  by     C.e
way,  is only one-hall the regulation
Mohammedan   matrimonial  allowance
He wants  no outside  interference anil
discourages    the  settlement  of   for
eiyners    until    such   time as he has
more 'fully developed   the commercial
resources   of (he country.
"There  is now under  the emperor's
ru e. about 1,000 square milts  and   a
population of something like    J 2,000
people.    Through  his   domains   there
are constantly  passing  camel   trains,
originating in  Cential. Africa.   These
caravans chiefly     go to Morocco car-
lying'ivory, cereals,   figs,   dates, hides,   gold,     etc.    Before  he  appeared
these caravans   weie subject to constant depredations by   brigands,  Jtac
qhes   I. exacts   tribute   f)om     these
caravans,  it'is  true, but in return, he
gives  them military escort,  watering
privileges at the wells, and full protection.
"The imperial army is composed of
2,000 men, each with a camel, and a
rtscr\e forte of 700. E\ery soldier
is well eqoipptHi with the most modern small arms. These men, as well
as everybody in the empire, can al-
wavs count on plen' v to eat winch
i? something thev ecu Id nc\cr do before*. It is self-inteiest which hinds
them to the new order of tilings. '1 he
national faith is Mohammedan.''
at  Weinrobe's
Silverware & Jewelry Will be Given Away FREE
OUT CH ARGE. . ' ,
From now on until the Is t of January, 1306 for the Coupons
we have been giving for free Silverware, we win give the following articles: rl
It win give you'a cUance to get     presents free of charge for
Christinas     gifts for your friends.
Our prices are the lowest
by tiading in our store.
and you     Can get 10 per cent.
gbid you've got it settled.  I've worried j unS jouiney    to     five persons,  hints)
about the matter all day.   1 see you j that the     empci'o is travelling incog.
made good  by  buying more stuff as   n,it,0.   Ikr
well  as re turn .'ng the  book.   Bought'
majesty,   the empress, ac-
tbis there, didn't you?"
conling to late.cable messages,   has
Miners' Drilling Machines,
Made to order and Repaired at shore   notice.   Drill Sharpened by, ><- ���>' ,
ways gives satisfaction.  Picks ���handled and repaired. '
Ships mi tiling    in. a!1     its   fSraa'u s
i _, *
i l *���
Horseshosrs and Genera! Blacksmitns.
���'���������'��� R.LAWSGN
���     ' . ��� .'    '     .        . * ,.*,?��� ...--:���
Buller Street   -    -   -    -    Ladytamitri, B C
Empson took a short length of lace ' c������lescended  to distinguish the Ber-
from the table and dangled it- before ��� lln staSe-   Before her elevation'ta, tin,
.throne she claimed  high.rank in vaudeville.    His   majesty,   as .will  be re-
Trade WIarks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending n sketch nncl dcacrljition um��
quickly- ascortuiu our opinlo.i free -wnetlier an
liiTcnlion Is probably p.itentut)le. Cumrmiiiicn.
Uoiu utrictly contttlentlal. llmidbook on I'm outs
���tent fioe. Oldest agency for sccurlnif putents.
Patents taken tliroucli Muun &. Co. receive
tptcial notice, without clmnie, iu tbo
Scientific Mm Km.
A hniidsomely illimfratoil weekly I.nrrrcst circulation of miy selfnttao lournai. Terms; ��j a
tonr: four nio'iths, (I. Sold bye I nev.'Hduaierh
W.M & Co.Mis����ta-��- fef Yorif
.. -     -  o-o,.,,  iii ��" SI- Wnrhliwion. T>. C
his wife's eyes.      ,
��� "Yes," she said.   "You see, It wa��
awfully hard to explain, the floorwalker seemed so cross.*. I was afraid he
wouldn't understand' and would, have
me arrested or something, bo when he
said the book was^theirs"���
She looked at Euipson appealingly.
"Yes." he said, "and then"���
"Why, then, I didn't have the courage
to confess that I bad stolen tbe book.
I pretended that I wanted to make an
exchange, so he gave me a credit check
for 98 cents, and I bought this lace
with that."���New-York Press.
��+4++++ -f-f-f ������������+��������� ������t-M~M*>-�� �������<����� ������������������������ ��i
Stables in the rear oi the Lad ysmith hotel.
Abbots  ford.
Leave orders at  the
Would Tire His Jam.
A Cambridgeshire fartner was recent*
ly nrgliiog with a French chauffeur,
who hud slackened at an inn, on the
merits of the horse.and tbe motor car.
/'Give me a 'orse," remarked the
farmer. "Tbem travelin' oil shops is
too oncertain for me."
"Eet ees prejudice, my friend," the
chauffeur replied. "You Engleesh are
behind the times.1 You will think deef-
airent some day.,"
"Behind the times be blowed!" came
the retort. 'TVaps nerx' tiine the
Proosfans ,are round "Paris and you
. 'ave to git your dinner off a steak from
tbe 'Ind wheel of a 'rooty car you
Frentjhies '11 wish you wasn't so jolly
well up to date!"���Birmingham (Eng<
laud) News.
"   X
��� ��� -
The Proper Material.
'ft suppose they'll make a successful
airship in time."
"They'd be .more likely to make one
out of time."
"Out of time?"
"Yes; 'time flies,* you know."���Pbll��
adelphia Press.
Keeping Up the Interest.
Fuddy���Do you think there ia anj-
thing immoral in dancing?
Duddy���No, I don't know that I do;
*c)ut, then, somebody has to say there Is
now and then in order to keep dancing
in fashion.���Boston Transcript.
Express Work
Wood and Bark for Sale
BUGGIES FOR HIRE :���: :���: See 3. KEMP, or leave orders with
'PHONE 2-4.
. (������.��� ;	
Leave orders at the Abbots ford.
Dr. R.B. Diei
Surgeon Dentist
All work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.
Solicitor,  Ete.
Money  to   Loan
t   Avtrue -     lADYSW 1
0. E.     :���: .-;    :���:        :-:        :���j
Meets in the Opera Home 1st and
3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.    Worthy
President.  B.  Forcimmer; ���    Worthy
Secretary, 0. H. Rummings.
������What do you mink or tnat college
professor who says he never kissed a
"Possibly," said Miss Cayenne, "it ia
tbe simple confession of an unworldly
soul, and then again it may be a very
sly way of advertising: for bids."���
Washington Star.
A Palpable Hit.
Bunker���You've seen Miss Dash oO|
the liDks. eh? Then you must bav��
noticed bow recklessly she approaches
tbe ball. |
Newcome���Yes, that was the first
thing to strike'rny eye.���Catholic Standard and Times.
called, is Jacqu3s Lebaudy; son of a
wealthy P'rrnchman who owneii sugar refine'ries, but seized with ambition, thc son left his home,in Pans,
founded'a^colony in the Sahara de-
serl.Jiired an aimy ?nd conferred upon  himself  imperial  honors.
An   English traveler   who  recently
visiteel  the capital 'of the emperor of
Sahara, gave  to a stall  conespondent
of  the Buffalo Express  a dose range
view  of Jacques I.
'The    Emperor  of  Saraha,"  said
this   Englishman, "has done wondeis
in a'Country that formerly produced
hardly anything and was wholly given  up to     brigandage  and   poverty.
Two years  ago,  when he went      to
Sahara,  the territory  over which he
now  rules   was  in  a most  primitive
state.   Now law" and order have been
established  there,  schools have been
opened,  an embryonic o.ty of     6,000
people     has  bcon brought into'existence,' many acres  ha"-c been brought
under      cultivation  and  yields .sugar,
cotton,  rice and tobacco,  while stores, granaries and other improvements
have been introduced.   His  empire is
self-supporting     and   well  go.erned.
He himself .leads a most  industrious
life and   is  the hardest worker in Ms
kingdom.   His role is that of a beneficent      autocrat.    He has  instsalicil
Frenchmen at tbe heatl of the various   departments  of his   government.
They arc practical men and good or-
ganizcis  and have displajed  remarkable  tact in dealing with  the Arabs,
who  are   naturally  a most  intractar
ble  race.
It is true that Jacques   maintains
a harem,   but  he elros  so solely      because,   to  obtain lespect  for his  authority, he finds   it necessary  to conform     to   thc customs of his people.
There     is nothing-    of    thc libertine
about  him.    All   the  men   in  his employ aie given  pay aiid rations sufficient     to enable  thorn   to maintain
Coal���Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft, coal and
420 for anthracite. Not more than'
320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the
rate of ten cents per ton o! 2,000
pounds shall be collected on the
gross output.
Quartz���A free miner's certificate is
granted uponr-"payment in advance of
$7.50 per annum for an individual,
and from $50 to $100 per annum for
a company, according to capital.
A ' free miner, having discovered
mineral in place, may locate a claim
1,500 x 1,500 ieet. The fee for re^
cording a claim is $5.00
At least $100 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has  been expended  or  paid, the
locator  may,   upon  having  a survey
made, and upon^complying with oth-'
er requirements, purchase the land at
$1 an acre.
.The     patent provides for thc pay
ment of a royalty of  2J per cent on
the sales.
PLACER mining claims generally
are 100 feet square; entry fee ?5, renewable yearly.
A free miner may obtain two leases  to dredge  for gold  of  five miles
each for a term of twenty yeais,  renewable at the descretion of thc Minister of the Int3rior.
The lessee shall bavc a dredge in
operation .within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles.
Rental, $10 per annum for each mile
of river teased. Royalty at thc rate
of 2* per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.
Deputy  of the  Minister of  the  Interior.
. ���   ���.���
~^mm uiAsmmmmmmmm
Done, Promptly and
ETC.    .
Work done properly and'at', rls-nt
prices. Shop and residence In rear
of Ladysmith Hotel. '
Repairing and making to order   a-    /
meciality. _ j   -
1st Avenue,   Ladysmith", B. CV i" V,' \
,_ '_   NOTICE.,''���r,-\ "   v\":
From     this date the "undersigned,,
will not be responsible for- any .indebtedness     incurred except on   , a ���
written order signed by Jfche secretary
Rowland Machin. " t   \
Non Personal Liability.
Victoria. B. C. May 18th. 1905.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned wifl apply at the next regular sitting of the Licensing Bford
for the transfer of the retail liquor
license held by him for thc Portland
Hotel, located on lot S, bloek 2, hat
Avenue,  City of Ladysmith,  to Jab*
G'ogo. ANGELO   TATE.    ,
Russell  Simpson,  Solicitor for applicant.
Ladysmith, B.   C, October 4,  1905.
High St.
��� Notice in "Inventive Age"
��� Book "How to obtain Patents"
' Charges moderate. No feo till patent is
Letters strictly confidential.   Add
letters strictly confidential.   Address,
E. G. SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D. C
-.AAA.    A.     .     ���..      A..      A     1-i..A     .      .      .      tft���\if
A Forecast.
Little six-year-old Dot while con-
versiug with her mamma the other day
as!:ed, "Mamma, if I'm alive when I
get. married may I please live at home
with you and papa?"���Lippincott'3
T i f '.' '..
Unite Natural.     ,  -^     ;    .
"What's his namer       ���        ':���]':'A
"Bill Short."
"Why does every one call him
Jones?" '
"For Short."���New Orleans Times-
An  Opinion.
"She didn't speak to ber husband Cot
*ix months."
"My! It must have been very uncomfortable." |
"Yes; for her."���Chicago Inter Ocean.'
What It Wn��.
"That's a very pretty new cloak Miss
Blicksley has on."
"I thought there was something nice
about her I hadn't noticed before."���
Boston Traveler.
Far, Far Away.
"Papa, will you scud me to Europe
to study music?"
"No; you can study it here, and I'll
send you to Europe to practice."-���Hous-'!
ton Post
Burns Coal, Coke
or Wood
Two sets of gratis arc
supplied with every
Kootenay Range���one for cool and the other for coke or wood���
and the. floes are wide and deep, with no square corners, to that
the ashes and soot produced by soft fuels cannot dog: ��P ^-e
smoke and draft passages. ���
This feature of the Kootenay Range is a decided success.
The grates ore so easily changed that o boy can perform
the operation.
i ..
Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free.
London,      Toronto,      Montreal,      Winnipeg,
Vancouver,      St; John, N.B.
He���Too much wit is a bad thing.
She���Yes.    It's depressing to stupid
people.���Detroit Free Press. j
1st   Avenue
it ihotdd be bene ia miad that
every cold weakens the Innga, low-
era the vitality and prrefiares the
aystem for tfae more aariooa diseases, among which arc tbe tws
greatest destroyers at humaa life,
pneumsraia and cooannpiiaa-
Cough Remedy
has won iU great popularity ay its
prompt enires of this most common
ailment. It aids srxpectermtion, relieves the lungs and opens the
secretions, effecting a speedy and
permanent cure. Ik cotmteracts
any tendency toward pneomonia.
. 'Price 25c, Larie Sixe 50c.   .
W�������������� J
'^'^7iW',fil'���^frl^^���^^ ��-��lAWI
Public  Notice
Attention is called to "-he   fact that the
gilvie   Flour Mills Co.,   Limited
makers of ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD   FL0UR      have for some time
past been producing flour in a  vastly  improved and purified form
by the aid of ELECTRICITY
anil having secured control of all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising the public that any unauthorized users of the electrioal flour purifying processes will he prosecuted.
Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Limited
are tiie    only    millers iu Canida w>3*��e     Flour
is purified by the   electrio process
\ 1  THE   DAILY   t'BDGEtt  jwrjjj^^^  -������*���������-*������������������:���������"���������"  a i   Trar TJS  ML  TO LET���������Furnished Rooms, with or  without board. Corner 3rd Avenue  and High Street.  THE CITY BAKERY  PHOTOS-^-Frick������ * Schenck  have reopened their Ladysmith braaca   at  the  old  stantl.    For tha next      tea  days   photographs   irom   $2.������6      aar  aoztta up.   Come  today.  3TOR RENT.----Four     room lions*  cu  . Waxien Street.     Apply this officg. "  Mr. W.     Akenhead returned on the  morning train from Nanaimo.  Mr   and Mrs   Walter Thomson, who  spcul      Sunday in Nanqiiuo,  returned  home this morning.  * m^mwm.mm  Smolr* Big B  Cigar.  Mrs.  E.  Walls,  of Chemainus. spent  yesterday    in     Ladysmith,   returning)  home en tins morning's train.  THS BEST,. AND NOTMsNG B������T THE BEST  X BREAD ��������� CAKES ��������� COOKIES ��������� and  A ��������������������������������� assart-seat af FRESH fit ���������NFECTMNHRY  -.PIES X  1ST AVE.  A. LUCAS  PAINTING   AND  FAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders Promptly  Executed  S. ROEDDING LADYSMITH  F  A Beautiful Bunch: We  have just got hold  of them]  ���������e*aecceeoe*=~  Kev.  T,     Y.  Rodgcrs    returned  to  Victona on tin: nine o-ciock train this'  morning.  MARINE.  S.S.  Otter was  in   at  11*3  wharl^  for a cargo of coal this morning:.  S.S.     Iltnrictte  was  in  for   three  hundred   tens  of coal  for   Ketchikan  on Saturday.   She also had on hoard  anew   caigo wirking  winch,   anil  seven hundred tons of Britannia ore for  the  Prince of Wales  Island,  and  returning  to Vancouver, took on     8.')  head   o* cattle   and   a hundred       and  twenty-five sheep for Skagway.  Everybody's  for November  Knight's.  at  The Ladysmith Pharmacy jives no  lice   that   a bottle of  Porter's   Anti-  reptic f-fc-aling Oil will  he given with  onfc cost to anyone call ng  for     the  , t-'ame until further notice.  The Pacific Mail Company's steamship Siberia has failed 'in her effort  to beat the Canadian Pacific Railway  Company's record ior a trans-Pacific  voyage. She "lost by'just twenty-  eight minutes, and the attempt cost  the Siberia about $6,000 over      and  abo\e  the ordinary expenses  of  The      Chemainus  Recreation  Club   '  ���������will   hold   their annual   hail  on Nov-  ember  30th. A    goo<i  time is  always  i-ssured  those who attend. :   Robert-1 "oya^e from  Yokohama to San! Fran  son's.orchestra will, furnish the mus  ic  ������-Z9 bow being printed at The .Ledger  job   office  Cisco    not counting business  lost by  Announcements, programme;'etc.  cutbi'     out the call at Honolulu.  The record of     ihe Empress      of  Japan from Yokohama to  Victoria,  Friends  of Wm.  Bragg; a one time   madc   eight  or nine years  ago,      is  resident  of   Ladysmith.   being     em-  " ten da) sand  ten hours.  The Siberia  ] loved at the Tyec smelter, will hear ' " '  v/itii  regret that he is'a patient     in  '1he   Jubilee Hospital,   Victoria,   as a  result' of a had    accident at     Port  Renfrew.    Botli  legs arc smashed he-  low the knee,  one of them, verv baxl-  which sailed     from Yokohama      on  October  13   with  Miss  Alice Roosevelt,   E.   II.   llarriman and R.       P-  Schwerin of (he     Pacific Mail      on  boaul, made t-hc.ruA.to ������*an Fran.is-  co m ten days  leu hours anelUvci.ty-  ; eight minutes, despite thc fact that  '.fifteen  extra coalpasscrs  were     employed and the coal used on thc\ov-  agc was all picksd. ,  DANCING CLUB  A    MEETING  OF TIIE   ABOVE  CLUB ON MONDAY, OCT. 30th AT  S.p.m.    SHARP,    AT   A.   SMITH'S  (the Mi,t).     CWITLEMEN WISHING TO 1CNROLL, AND MEMBERS  WILL   KINDLY   ATTEND.  HAY, GRAIN and  fARM PROllUlf  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in' the city promptly and at the low  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, oa tk������  Esplanadt.  James Warnock  An English set of samples- no two ali'^e  and every one a  winner.  $,50���������Per acre ior 5-acre blocks 1' ������i'S  from City.  $375���������Cash secures a fine residence in  the choicest part of the city. Oalj  $244 more to pay at the rate of  $12 per month. Owner has iavesfc-  ���������d over $GUs in improvtnaeats.  Water lajd on.  Fine gardes.  It means that you not  only get the assortment but also you  . save the duty on the  furs���������there is no du  ty on sample furs.  It means a e'ear saving of 25 per cent.  Just think of it, but  don't think too long  $280���������Cash , and   $4s0 oa  Mortgage  buys two lots each  6������xl2s aaly a  few  yards  from  ssst-oMcc.     F������������e  ia vestment. ���������  $500���������Cash and balance oa time burs  two first-class     stores in business  portion of city.  For Rent���������A nice stars on First Avenue.  For Rent���������A nice two-roomed si ere  For     Rent���������Nice two-roomed cabin  <> near station. ���������  ^  ���������-Come in "and  them  see  Walters &  Akenhead  Deeds,  Wills,    Mortgages,  C#s-  . tracts and Agreements Draws.  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     #      Notary Public  o     ' Phone, 3. '  P. O. BOX 268  Appointments may be made at any  time for dental work , at Dr. Diet's  on High street st  Now the long evenings have corns,  get ��������� your reading matter at Knight's  Book Store.  II. O. Pearson from Chemainus was  \ in  the city, yesterday.  The bis- lumber shin Deccan, sailed  T'fim Chema/Vnus on Saturday with a  I ill cargo of lumber.   The Eclipse is  r.ow loading: and  another  big ship is  in   the  hrrhor   wail-inn   to   load. The  Chemainus mill is'runnine at full ca-  'p.icitv both sides during the dav and  one s'r'drj at nicht., Only one s-irlc runs  &K night, as otherwise too many skilled men would  he required.   As it is,  some pypert erlgers, sawyers, etc.-,  -1\ ork considerable overtime.  Anthosv     Hope's latest book,  "A    ..���������~~  -   ---        . ���������  ��������� Servant of  the Public,"  at Kkigkt's  of the Amur.     Capt. McLcs le     io  Eook Store.          ' lecntly became interested ii a sawmil-   "-                        "    'ling  enterprise at Hartley Bay,   a������'l  Like many others who have    died ' m \tX_n_ ventures at other.* points  from   lung troubles,  poor  Dick  Roberts.  who.se death at Kamioops  was  ���������announced last week,   el id  not consider  Liir.seif   nearly   as had   off as he really  ���������vas. Mr.  MeMurtne has  a letter  fiom  him   written   the  day before he  B.ed. in  which he refers to a poor spen .  but expects  to he up   and around again   j,-ro!n 35 cents to 75 cents per yard  soon, remaikinc:     that ho had been,   1 [jpj.'ORE   SELECTING   YOUR   LE  until   tha  last  aitack,  gaining steaeli-1  ly.      Mr    Roberts'  only known reia  ti\c  is  abrolher in  South  Africa.  S.S.   Amur arrived in   this      port  last   night   from  Vancouver   to lead  coal  for the  north.    The   Amur      is  now  in command  of  Capt.  Huglws,  Ca.pL.  AloC skie having  resipned   thc  position.     Capt. Hughes w,ll retain  ���������command uiilii  the Princess May    >s  tal-en of!"the Skagway run, when he  will  be given some other appointment  Pnd      Captain    HfcLeod,   thc present  master of the May, will take charge  111  tho north, and he will henceforth devote his full attention to them.  LINOLEUM AND OILCLOTH  A  full carload of ore will be ship-  pod from  ihe  Nightihawk next week  to the  Ladysmith smelter.   This property is under option to A.  L. Gwin  ; and his associates.���������Kamioops  Stan-  <laUi'' ' Mr. Thomas Spratt  returned  Saturday  from  a short  \isit  lo  The special  union  Evangelistic ser- famny in Vancouver.  \iccs will he continued during     this ���������    week at the Methodist C^V The j    Nanaimo is already  recovering nice  services,    which commence at eight    ly  from   the  late  depression  caused  o'clock,' are  preceded  by  a song  sea-   by' the four  months'   stoppage  vice at 7-'15.  All are welcome.  . 'work   in the coal mines.  on  his  NOTICE.  . Notice is hereby eiven that the first  sitting of the Court of Revision    oi  the City of Ladysmith will be held  in the Council Chambers, Ladysmitli,  on Wednesday, u29th November, at 7  Pm' J.   STEWART,  O.M.C  Laurel Rebekah Lodge No.s 9 will',  give a Hallowe'en social for the Oddfellows and their friends in the Oddfellows' hall on Tuesday evening next  Oct. 31st. The sisters promise, a  01 pleasant eveninsr,. No admission will;  tbe'charged.      "  3  Sale .of Mineral Claims  <- SOUTH 'NANAIMO  ASSESSMENT  DISTRICT.  I hereby -ive notice that on. Monday, the 6th day of November, A.D., 1905, at the hour of 11 o'clock a.  m at the Court House, Nanaimo, 1 shall offer for sale by public auction the Mineral Claims in the list  hereinafter set out, ol which Crown Grants have, been issued, for all unpaid taxes accrued due and payable  oa the 30th dav of June. 1915. iM for  the expenses of  advertising  this notice. ' l  If the taxes and expenses of advertising, as set out in said list, are not paid I* me on or before the  dav of sale the claims may be sold to the highest bidder and a conveyance executed to the purchaser of all  i-i-'hts and'interest in said claims lcgallv allienated by the Crown by the Crown Grants thereof.  6 In the evert of there being; no lurcliaser or if the price ottered shall  not be    sufficient to pay the taxes  and  expenses, the land shall absolui -'ly revert to the Province and   Crown    Grants  thereof shall  be seen**  X"d" LIST ABOVE MENTIONED.  Call  in  and  get a free  bottle       of  asiticsptic    healing   oil   at   His   drug)  store.  It is a good  thing to keep  oil  hand.    Call  sooi  sr   it   will be  too. 1  late. ';.-������������������  NOLIUM,   COME   AND    TAKE  \   LOOK   OVER   25   NEW  DESIGNS.  11 Mil)   FINISH   AND   VERY      ATTRACTIVE.       THE LATEST  AND BEST fN THE MARKET  FOR THE MONEY.  PETERSON'S Store  Kama si Persoa  '1     'IT-II'  Name of Claim Description of  I      Claim  >  Total       [Expenses  1 Taxes  [Unpaid  ITotal  and     I amount  Costs "      D������e  Cor. 5th. and Roberts S  Forbes Ausic E.  Forbes, James  ��������� a  Forbes,  Robert  jStoneway iLot 72 Texads Is. (12  Lucky Jack !Lot 79 "Texada Is.  12  Vaiiderbill |Lf)t 76 Tcxada   Is. 13  Milner Lot 77  Texada Is. JlO  B-   c- Lot  71  Texada Is. |i0 ."  Minuapolis       Lot 78 Texada Is.   9 : 75  Nslsos Lol 73 Texada Is.112' 75  Paystreak |Lot 75 Texada ,ls.U3 - 75  25  50  50  50  25  r;  I2  2;"  2:"  14 t 25  14; 50  15 50  2-"  12   5B  2."  12   25  2."  11^75  2 ' "  Wm15  2s"  15t75  btiee"  ! ������  /, THE 6TH OF NOV.,  A.HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, will open the MEAT-  MARKETlately owned by W. Ward, on Roberts street  ' WITH A FULL LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEAT   ,  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A  HOWE  M.  BATE,  South Nanaimo Assessment District,  Nanaimo, B. C.  Nanaimo,   II Oct.,  19������5.  We have just received another CAR of  C  Store    Lately     Occupied  by   John  ���������Thompson,   complete  with . counter;  3 si  textures.  Rent $15 per month, Apply to  RUSSELL SIMPSON  &*_Z_2_5WC___  _ u     ^rjyy -i-->r-c-w;;rr: t'���������y^'-nrrTrrfrT"'.'1-!"  ^V.2.^'Si^:������r3J3SSllS31^^  Have you tried  NABOB TEA?  Best 50c.  Ceylon Tea in the  Market  ivivj. jisoifs, Ladysmifli-a B. C.  Id      WILLIAMS   BLOCK. TELEPHONE  8-7  INI     ";  and are prepared to  supply you at REASONABLE PRIGES  Iff^3 Iff  PROMPT DELIVERY  Misses' and Childresis  JACKE  ��������� 1 c ��������� 1  ,       *        i*"  F *    1 . , ���������>  ���������^P*^9*^sWa^W*re^b*  JUST ARRIVED. NO TWO  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  Best material and goods, value from  $2.75 to $7.50,  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  OATACBE ST  IAEYSMITH  W. G. Fraser  MerchantTailor^  \^ t(ist|Avenue} {'  Fall Stock   on   hand. Call early and  get your choice  I Hammer  Gtaris at  20 PR CENT  Discount for  CASH  Saturday Bargains  We have decided to reduce  our stook of  T v  ;   HAMMER GUNS  So  offer  thsss snaps  for  Saturelny.  The Ladysmith Hardware Co.. Ltd  JUST ARRIVED���������   A large Shipment of the very latest  Styles In LADIES' aod GENTS' CHAINS,   LOCKETS, RINGS,  Etc.-Etc. -  GILL  III  SEE  THEM   *  The PRICES ARE MODERATE tor the BEST QUALITY ������-5  B.FORCIMHER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   XXX      Ladysmith,   B. C  '    "'    '''''���������COALMINES  REGULATION   ACT  Notice of  Examination. '.      ,  Notice  is  hereby given that exam iriaticps will l>c ���������liclel for 1 st  2nd a������d  3rd class certificates of competency   under     thc  provisions  o   ^   ^  Mines Regulation   Act,"  on the 1-ltl,,  15th      and  16th  days  of November,  1905,  commencing   at  the hour     of " 0.30. o'clock  in  the lorenoon.  Ths examinations will he held at Ferine,     Nanaimo and Cumberland.  Tke subjects will  he as follows:  Stoves  1st Class Candidates I       2nd class candidates I       3rd class .candidates  OBLIGING CLERKS  BL&iB &ND ADAM.  'PHONB  2-4        PH������NE  24.  Mining act and  Special  Rules  Mine 'Cases-  Ventilation ���������  General  Work  Mining act anel Special   Rules  Mine Oases and  .General-Work  Mining act and Special  Rules  Mine Gases  Ventilation   .  General  Work  Mining Machinery  Surveying.   Applications must be mae'e to the  undersigned,   accompanied    by.   the  statutory fee, as  follows: ... <-in 00  By an applicant for  iTlrst and Second  Class Exam.nat.on $1_0.00  By an  applicant  for  Third  Class   Examination     .    ��������� -���������      "'J  '     The applications must be accomranied      by    testimomals  -r en     h^  cpies thereof,  (a) If a candid for First   Clans,   that   h        *  a        ^  sasjeetand has had at .east live vears'expenence ,n  oi   arbout   the practice  yarkiSK     of a coal mine, and  is :..t   least  2o  years  of age.  i.)  Ifacandidat. for    '.co.ul  Class,  that he has  had .at  ^    .v.  wan* experience in or about t:,e practical  working  ol   a coa    n ne.  (c)  If a candidate  for Third  Class,  that he has had  at least  ,JS 'eUrSlce in   or about  thc  practical  working of a coal ni.���������.  By order of  the Board, prAMOis   H.   SHBPHBBB  il Secretary.  Nanaimo,"B. C, September 30th,   1006.  We are.making them pi ths IN^Jst    Pattern and Latest  Styles.]  WE D������ ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY WORK .  ���������  ���������ur Prises are Reasona   bis  SEE ������VR   NEW.ST0VBS IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  ("and at Ladysmith Hardware Company  LAD/ilir.T [.< ) I *  STOV E WORKS CO,, LTD.  .,a, ��������� ,- .-..-Kr.--."������������������ --'��������� ..  TO POULTRY FARM1  100-ACREFARM NEAR LADYSMITH  Five acres cleared and cultivated,'four-roomed house  Five Poultry Houses, 5oo Laying Hens, one Plough-  Clover Cutter, Axes, Hammers, Siws and Tools f every defcriptioni two Spray Pumps, ^owo.tho.  Blasting Powder, Wire Netting six feet high cevsrin*  3 i-2 acres, i i-l Tons Hay, $20 worth New Laths.  Pirle, Shot Gun and two good Sail Boats.  $450 Cash and $750 ������n Tlortgage  J. STEWART,    .  P.O. Box 268. Ladysmith Phoney  f


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