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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Oct 7, 1905

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 ^^i^^f^^  Daily  VOL.2,  SATURDAY, OCT. 7, 4905.  OCT  PRICK FIVE   CENTS  OLD STOR1ESOF  GOLD RETOLD  Cariboo and  Cassiar  Men Tell  Stories of Their Early Life  in California  Scarcely One of Them but That  Has Had a Fair Fortune but  Failed to Keep It  THREE DEAD AND  DYING  ONE  Old Cariboo and Cassiar miners can  "nearly all of them le*' interesting tales of their early lite in Caiifo'rniu, for  a very largo pai'tof British Columbia  miners came Jioin or had inincJ m  California^   Canuuu has      yieide-u  large sums of ,gold.Williams CrccK has  alone yielded probably more tlia.11  $&0,<iOu,uUu,, a'though this, is more  than government repot Is hhow, but  probably not one-half of the early  mined gold 01 Williams Creek was ev-  ' er reported, at !eastn this is thc belief of' John Bowron. Gold-Commissioner for.Cariboo, who-is.now taking1 a deserved vacation" at Victoiia  after nearly fifty yeais residence in  that section ��������� -'  .Stones told the writer, of lhc richness of Cariboo by old Caiifoinbms,  would often inc'ude early experienc.'s  in Caiiiornia and the finding of nuggets thai aiwn.vs interesting subject  to young- and old, of bright gold,  Thc following stories told of big nuggets are- recaiiedi  The first big hi nip of gold found in  California created great excitement  among the - miners. They at once  began picturing, in .imagination great  masses of gold larger than a dozen  men could     lift.    Stories are toifl of  men who found great masses of gold  'and sat down by them nnd starved  'rath.r than risk leaving' them logo  -'for     a.ss.s:;nu'e The   'ir������t  r.uggfct  'louiid oi, .siilliciciifsize to create big  {excitement wa������ touiid *ya young soldier ui Stevenson's regiment.. He  soun-d it wlicn drinking irom the Wo-  Ivcinmna ri\er. It weighed nearly -25  .pounds. It- was sent'to New York  i.ntl j>iaccd on exhibition ihere. The  largest mass of gold e\er found m  California .was that dug out at Carlson's lliii, Calaveras County, in  lSli-1. It wci'.-hfd 195- pounds Other  lumps weighing several pounds were  found   beside it. August  18,   1860,  W. A Parr-sh and Harry Warner  look from the Monumental quartz  -���������nine, Sierra county,,- a mass of gold  and ;iiuart//. weighing 133 pounds. -It;  was sold in San franciscu for $21,-  (i.'{5,52. n was exhibited for some  lime ami was then melted down and  yielded gold to lho value of $17,65-1.-  i)l. In August, 1853 Ira WilUrnl  found "on Feather r-vcr a-nugget  weighing 54 pounds .avoirdupois. After melting it weighed- 4!).*. .pounds.  Jn    1S5U,   in Touluiune county,  was  found a    goi.d quartz nugget weighing  '151h pounds  TO BE IN FASHION WE  HAVE EARTHQUAKE  Stories Told by Ladysmith People  of How Their Sleep Was  Disturbed  As a Ledger     reporter .went oil his  usual rounds this morning he was besieged on all sides  with the question  -.   "Did  you     feel   the cturthiajuaiVe last  * ������  ��������� night?" At first as he heard the ac-  .counts of how the house shook and  mirrors danced, and lamps junnpod, ho  said to himself, in the lines of the  song '���������'they must have been a dream-  liig," Afti-r awhile, however, as dif-  iorent people. told thc same story, it  became evident that something more  .than dreams ,had happened. -  Undoubtedly     an     earthquake was  ifelt in. this   part, of  the island last  "Blight about 11.25.    The shock . >vas-  ielt-more in Nanaimo  than" here,  if  .stories  from  that city of  how brick  "buildings    shook,     how." people ".were  ' thrown to the flap-r-,   from the\ chains'  upon", - which they wereY*'itt'i'ig, and  how  loud  noises  which preceded the  shake caused people to  think  that an  explosion had.taken place are to   be  credited.  Here,  various, people tell stories of  how .they were .rudely -awakened from  sleep by  Hie shock..   Some say  they  were nearly thrown, from bed, others  remove their hats ho show, bruises on  the  top of their  heads which they  declare were not caused by i being whack  !cd on thc skull with a poker for coming" home  late,   but by   the knocking  of their heads  against   the bedstead  by the earthquake shock.  Many people declare   that  wash-ha-'  s.-'ig-j   hanging lamps,   pictures,   etc.,'  took;a notion to  dance,  while in all  cases the house is said  to lmve shaken  violently.      Residents; at   tho top  of the hill do nptt seem to have fi.lt  it much. .'-'...  Murder Committed in Mid-  ^d!eton,N.Y. Yest^r-  ������ day  Brothers Killed and Their  Bodies Concealed  in,  the Woods  Middletown,  N.  Y.,   Oct.  7.���������A triple -m'urder was  revealed  here today  when the bodies cf Willis and   Fred  Olney were found :ti the woods half a  mile from  their home at  which  last  night,   was found   the' murdered  body  of Alice Ingerick.  Both  brothers tad  been shot.  Before night the crime .s expected  to number onc more victim, .Mrs.. G.  ingerick, the mother of the grl".Alice.  The mother was  found   unconsrious  in     the .barn  of  bhe .jlnoy "-..���������.���������others'  farm last night,  and has  not it gained consciousness.  She is aaid  \r-   her  physicians to Le dying     with   three  fractures in her skull.  As soon as daylight .permitted,     a  search to  be made for Fred and Willis .Oiney,     who  were  missing fiom  their home  last  night  w'icii At s. tu-  gernick was     found  ���������ncoiiscious and  her   daughter   murdered,   tracks  leading across  two fields to some twoods  near   the house  were seen  hy       thc  searchers.      The   tracks   were   fresh.  Just beyond, them jn the. woods were  found the bodies of Fred and Willis,  each   lying  in  the  same  position���������on  their  bac-K's,  with one arm stretched  acic-ss  the^ breast. . ,  All the pockets in their clothiig  had- been turned inside vat. Marks'  in the underbrush showed that ihe  bodies had been dragged from. Uie  \vag,on to the place where they were  found.  The police believc that  thc wagon,  which cvidenth  carried  the murdered  brothers to\ the woods yesterday was  noticed in   tlie   vicinity   of theOiney  farm.   Two stranger's"' were in     the'  wagon and.   they drove into, an old  backwoods     road about  half a mile  away   from   Olney   farm-house.     The  wagon, was seen driving up "oho   old  roarl  about 3 p.m. when   it disappeared, in the \woods which- tord*r     the  road.    At  one o'clckrk  atnight several hours after the- time  when  it   is  believed  thc murder  was committed,  this  wagon  was  seen on  the     same  road  driving away  fri'ni   the vicinity  of Olney   Brother's  farm.    The   wagon     went    toward  thc  Shawangunk  Mountains.  The police have not secured witnesses to the wagons course between   3  o'clock in the afternoon and  11     at  night.    The      fact  that  au attempt  was made to kiij every "person who is  known tohavc been in the Olnuy house-  just   before     the   murderous   attack  was made has caused the police and  the   entire    neighborhood   to  ���������declare  that   the crime liad    other     motive  than robbery, and  that thc rilling cf  the {Mney brothers' hockcts jwas only  a ruse to  mislead pursuit. \  Willis Olney was  a widower  whose  wife died last August,  and  Fred was  a bachelor.    Mrs.  Ingerick  who    had  separated   from   her  husband; "r-' had  been employed as  a house-keeper    at  the  Olney brothers'  place only about  a month.. ..'Her  husband,  Martin Ingerick,   lived   at  Wvirlstibbw,   N.W.  NUT FISHERMEN LOST  STORM  S. S. Lome Rescued Eleven  Men During Yesterday  Capsized Boats Are Being  Washed Ashore on Gulf  Islands  The S. S. Lome was in fort late  last night, atnil the olhcers recounted  the stories of the fearful havoc  wrought .with the fishing fleet joff the  Fraser river by lhe storm of yesterday. The Lome spent half the day  searching Ior wrecked .fishermen and  Aiiccee-dcd in finding and rescuing eleven and in finding a pile driver.  Last night in the gulf beyond thenar  rows many boats, nets, etc., were to  be found: Thc olhcers J*f the Lome  came in in the hope of finding in  port steamers which would be able  to's'jotir the gulf, and with (the object of rescuing- more meii.who are  missing- and who might be floating  on upturned boats. Unfortunately  there were jio boats here last night  fit lo weather the heavy seas. The  Lome left again after taking coal.  It is said today that thc capsized  boats aie being washed on to the islands this-side of the ..gulf.  PS TO  FELL FIFTY-  FIVE FEET  A few bruises are the only visible  signs of a fifty-five foot fall,made  this mornrng by R. Crozier, a rcsi  dcnlof Fourth Avenue, and a well  known football player of the local  team. Mr. Crozier was at work" on  the short line bridge crossing the  creek near the .brewery early, this  morning when he slipped and fell-over the edge of thc bridge 'to tiie  ground below, a distance .of fifty-five  feet. Fortunately hc landed in a pjcol  ol .water a foot and ahalf deep,  wh''Ch had 'been made by. the recent  heavy . rains, and this undoubtedly  saved the breaking of bones.  RETURNS  OR - - - 64  AGAINST  99  CLINTON  COURT CASES  Aju     Ashcroft report of Thursday  '.'��������� says: At the Clinton   Assize this  ���������morning-,     Oie Oleson, charged  with  tthe   murder   of' CJcorge "Hopcrtlt    on  .Sept.   8th at Spencos  Bridge,       was  acquitted.     The evidence of his wife,  an    Indian boy and himself, showed  extreme   --provocation.    Mr.   Jus-lice  Morrison  charged strongly   in       the  prisoner's     favor,  and the jury .was  out only about ten minutes.  ���������      A.  Gergeti,   who   was  charged  with  horse-stealing-,    and   who     had  been  tried     twice before,  when the--,juries  disagreed, was ordered  to be sent  to  V!Vernon for- trial. -  Patrick Callaighan admitted stealing,, gold, specimens and jewelery from  A. Beaton's house at Slough Creek,  hear Barkerville, and was sentenced  to three years. Four witnesses were  bright  from  Burkerville.  v<-  NEWYORK'S  COSTLY FIRE  New     York,     Oct.     7���������Two  city  blocks burned  over  .15   business   - establishments,  luuifdrads  of   tenement  dwellers   . forced    to   flee for  safety  from   their   flame   threatened   homes,  one fireman,injured, a watchman burned,  250   fear-crazed  horses    an Hi lough   crowded  streets   for .nore  than  an  hour,  and  a desperate ..hod-hour  ���������struggle with flames were the lcsuits  of a Hire which threatened destruction  to  a large   portion of   the ipp-Jf  east  side   water   front  shortly  aft.u' midnight.     The loss was $100, J'0.  MANSHOOTS  HIS WIFE  SHOT   HIS   SWEETHEART,'  '    TI   .N      Hr" -1?-  St. Joseph, Mich., Oct. '.7���������Because  sho    refused      to - marry him,  Fred  Freerer  early today   shot  and   nv������>"-  fjally wounded Miss Violet  Lonsdale,  a telephone   operator,   and   then   fired  a bullet  through his  own' heart, dy-  ;ing instantly.  WILL BIS TOO BUSY  TO ACCEPT.  Jefferson  City,  Mo., Oct. ,7.���������Governor Folk last night received a telegram    fr0m Thomas' Lawson asking  him     to    accept a place with other  governors  on a protective committee  for     the   policy   holders  t������  demand  restitution of .tlie'money by  the Mutual  New  York  Life,   and Equitable  Companies, ^an-d  "to punish guilty officials."     The Governor is very busy  and probably will not be able to accept the position.  New York, Oct. 7.���������Don ton II. Hopkins,  a doctor  in  Brooklyn,   shot and  instantly     killed  his wife  in a duel  with her  in  the hallway  or her Hat in  Johnson ^treet; Brooklyn, today. Although married  30  years,   thc     two  were living apart,, having quarrelled  over money matters.   Today Hopkins  called at     his  wife's  flat, and  when  she ci'ciied the door, they ���������began     to  fire at cachobher with revolvers. Hop  kins  was wounded  in  the hand  by  a  bullet from  his wife's weapon     and  finally shot her in  the eye.   She died  instantly.  Hopkins   was arrested   and   charged  with  murder.  Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 7 .-At  thc semi-annual  conference of       thc.  Mormon  church  las^night all  of the  olliccrs wen*, isustained without, a dissenting vole    Because  of the charge  made .during ��������� the senate invosiiga' ion,  that    Senator Smbot  had s; .stained  President  Smith ,'n   polgamy  i ��������� actic-  es,   much  interest was   taken  rn his  vote.    The     voting was done by the  lifting of hands.    Observers  .say that  thc apostle senator did  not  laischis  hand  with the others  of  the .-uorum.  He did not,  however,  give   my sight the negative.  RAILWAY   RATE  . LEGISLATION.  Washington,    D.C.,   Oct.   7.^- The  Post, today says that  announcement  was niadc yesterday that the administrative programme relating, to rail-  i road  rate legislation is complotc and  that as already suggested,  the   plan  which   the President  will  faviejr  will  he    embodied   in the Townsend  bill,  which passed  the House last winter,  with     sonic   modifications  iu  important   particulars.    The  bill   will ���������provide,  the Post says, asfo'nows:  First���������that, the inter-state commerce commission shall be given tho  power to decide upon complaint after hearing whether a rate is unjust  or lawful, that the tvimmissiofii*shall  have authority to substitute a rate  which shall -become immediately effective and so remain, unless ami  until  reversed by the court.  Second���������Thc commission shall have  the authority to declare that a rate  charged for shipment- on private cars  is unjust and. unreasonable if it be  so, and the common carriers shall bo  held responsible, for such charges.  Third���������Thc . Intcr-Statc Commerce'  Commission shall have jurisdiction  over terminal railroads.  Fourth���������A lo.:ig and -short haul provision of the original inter-stale  Commerce Act will be reasserted.  Fifth���������The .shipment of merchandise  by water and railways to bo provided for as to prevent alleged manipulation 'of rates made possible -i������ such  circumstances  under   the  present law.  Sixth���������The commission shall have  full authority to examine the books  and records of railroads and to  prescribe the general form and manner in whioh such records shall, be  kept.  JAPANESE W&BSH  ViSIT. EUROPE  Togo Will Command Cruiser Squadron of the Nation's Best Ships  Thinks Appearance of Her  Ships Should Favorably  Impress Foreigners  New    York,  Oct.  7.���������According to  a cablegram from London  to the American  Admiral Togo, with his squadron of the best ships in  the Japanese navy, will  visit European      and  American  waters  some  timc      next  year..   According to  reliable sources  from     To!;io,   the  Japanese government  believes   that,  Japan's   position  in'the     fam',ly of nations will'    be  strengthened    hy     the     appearance  a'ir.,-ad  of  thc magnificent sea   fighting machines and  their crews,   which  have  accomplished  such  results       in  tire war just ended.  ,Thc understanding is that thesqua  (Iron"which Togo will  bring will consist of two of the first-class battleships, two arni/oured cruisers, and sev  oral smaller craft.    He will  go  first  to England, and may visit France as  well.   lie will then proceed to .America and from there go home.  -..>"'������" OFF  COAL |  IS IN DEMAND  HARVEST  THANKSGIVING  Harvest Thanksgfving services will  be held at the local Church of England tomorrow in the morning, afternoon ;uul evening services. Special  Festival music will be rendered.  This afternoon the edifice is being  suitably decorated by the ladies of  Uic church. Following arc the services:  Holy Communion at 8 a. ni. and  after morning service. "Matkts and  sermon 11 a. m. Children's Harvest  seri ice 3 p. in. Evensong and sermon 7- p.' in.  RECEPTION  AT THE  LADYSMiiTIT HOTEL  ������   There was great merriment last ev  ening at the Ladysinith' Hotel, where  .a large  number  of people assembled  to celebrate   the home coming of Miami Mrs,  J. McNeil,  who were married this  week  in  Reveliloke.     i\lr.  McNeil   is well  known  in   Ladysni:-,th,  as for some ,iimc hc has been employ  ed, in-No. (i logging Camp.  His lnide  was Miss  F. McDonald, <:i  Boston.  The     reception  held  at  the Lailysniith Hotel last night was attended  by  many friends of thc groom, i:ii I  an  enjoyable evening  was  spent, excellent   refreshments   being   furnished  by the genial proprietor of the hotel.  Mr. and Mrs. McNeil are at   present  staying  at  the  above-mentioned  lios-  telery.  $100 REWARD,FOR  RECOVERY  OF   HAT.  The sum of .flOO, perhaps iho largest reward on record, is being- offered for-the recovery of a plain straw  hat. The  loser  of this  chei.sl.od  headgear is  the proprietor of a.'.uncus open-air restaurant in Mari-jnlnnI,  where     the    King^Jias recently l.eei-  staying.    The customers have ��������� i-*'ruled at    least a dozen  monarchs,  and  the hat in question was composed of  straws'.through which Royal and Imperial  patrons had imbibed   > <\z iced  drinks for whicii the 'establishment is  famous.    King  Edward  himself eon  triljatcd   numerous   straws  to       thc  treasured  headpiece.  Whenever royalty ordered a tumbler of iced "cup" or lemon squash,  ihe proprietor himself acted as waiter, and look care, to;secure the coveted straws. Now thc hat has been  lost,and the proprietor, is inconsolable.  BANK   CLOSES   UP  TO AVOID  A    RUN.  Peoria,    Ills.,   Oct.   7���������As  a result  of the   indictment  of   F.   C. Dougherty for  forgery,  the directors  of   the  Peoria   National   Bank,   of   which  he  was  president,   announced   early this  morning ���������   that they had ie^ide-l   to  suspend  business,   and   would  call  in  the    controller  of  currency   to  wind  up the  affairs  of  the   institution. The-  meeting of directors lasted all   '.-veiling amd was held behind closed doors.  It was  admitted   that a run would he  incvitablc  today,   and   lhe  only      resource was to liquidate at once. Quiet    withdrawals   from the    bank  had  been    going    on  all      day yesterday.  Most of  the    calls   came from  banks  in    neighboring     towns.   The Peoria  National     Bank     is    capitalized    at  $200,000.  The Coal of Nicola. Will Never  Compete With island Coal  Says Supt, Little  Is   not of the Same Grade    and  as Yet Shown not to be Classed With Wellington Coal  .Superintendent    Frank      Little returned    the   fore part     or  the week  from    a trip  t      cjhe   Nicola     coal  fields,and dunng a conversation with  a    Ledger     representative gave     his  views of the Nicola.    While Mr. Little  qualified  his      remarks  by saying  that the small  amount of work done  in that section did not allow of more  than  a     superficial  knowledge of ihe  coal  measures,      he did not see anything lo     justify the belief that the  coal fields 0f-   Nicola     would ever in  any manner compare with our Island  coal.   Mr.  Little   said  nothing  about  Mr.     Diinsinuir giving  fphis.option  on  Nicola coal lands,   nor did he intimate   that      work would    te done  I hern,  but the inference that his conversation gave was that -it would  be  many years before coal in quantities  would be mined in the Nicola country  and that     it would, never in any way '  compete with Island coal.  !   Mr.  Little said the demand hi San  Francisco is somewhat better than it  usually is this time of the year,  and  t stated  that      the  outlook for   steady  work at Ladysmith .is <;ood.   The opening up  of the  Nanaimo mines > was  'a good, thing for the .Island generally  and will make not a praticie of difference    with      work in  the  Wellington  i Colliery     Company's    mine*,    "For,  if ihey   do not  get   Nanaimo oo|al,"  said he,  '-'to fill the supply over and  above    what   Wellington     mines are  shipping, it simply means that much  more    Australian -   coal is used, but  this is not   in demand when Vancon-  vcr Island coal is obtainable.  "Prospecting     is    being  continued  along | the  short-line,"  said Mr.   Little,   ''and  eventually the coal  measures  now being  explored  will  be used in Ladysmith-shipments."  BUSINESS MEETING OF  C EXADIES' GUILD  Decide to Hold Entertainments in  Near Future-New Officer  is Elected  The    Church    of  England   Ladies'  |  Guild   is     certainly    an enterprising '  body.    The members have long since  recognized    that     the  annual   baz-a-ar  by  which  it has  been  thc custom to  raise necessary funds,  is what might  be  termed a "hold-up."   At a recent  meeting  they solved  the problem as  to what means,shvuld be adopted to  ���������dispose of the  work  done during the  winter  by  the ladies,  without  holding     the  usual sale of  work.   They  have decided to  take, orders  for needle      work   of   all kinds.    Plain  and  fancy knitting, and all kinds of darning and mending will he done by the  ladies   at   reasonable  rates.   Anybody  drs-iriii"    to have  work done  should  aptly to Mrs.   Bo-wen,  thc  president,  who  will  quo!   prices  that   arc to be  charged.  The plan is a purely  business  one,  and as is  well known,  the  ladies always    do thoroughly     anything they  undertake.    They  therefore Jitfe  to  receive from their friends liberal support.  The ladies  also  decided  to hold   a  social in the Church building on Wednesday next,  a notice of which     appears  in another column.    An entertaining programme is being prepared  for  the event.    In  the  near  future a  play entitled   "King. Winter's   Carnival'   win Le     presented m the Opera  house  by    the  juvcnille members  of  the   church,     the proceeds cf which  will, of   course, go.   to replenish the  treasurary.  Mrs. 11. Mack 1 in was elected to the  office recently vacated by Mrs. Thos  Kiddie, that of secretary-treasurer of  the  Gu>Td.  The   officers     now are     as follows:  President,     Mrs R.  J. Bowen; vice-  president,  Mrs. XV.  J. Watson;��������� secretary-treasurer, Mrs. I-I. Macklin.  ADVOCATE  PUNISHMENT  Chicago,    Ills.,   Oct.7���������A   despatch  to   the  Tribune   from   Houston,   Texas, .says   a   pe-tilion   from   a nunthcr  of citizens;  headed  by G.  XV.   Knight,  of   San   Marc\s,   has   been   presented  to    Governor   Lanluim,   asking   that  the state  permit, mob  punishment of  negroes who assault women.  The governor is asked to endorse a  policy of absolute uhprotection to  negroes guilty of assault, insuring  that they be given no trial by legal  inquiry of any kind; and that they  may be hanged instantly, as soon as  apprehended.  Governor Lanham's response principally 'is directed to the legal phrase  of the proposition. It is set forth  that it is impossible for him to countenance the policy in view of oath of  olliee and the state legislation,-whicii  he  .'k bound to  protect.  RANCHER  DROWNED  MR.  KIPLING'IN FRANCE.  In an  interview  with  a representative of the  "Figaro,"   Mr.   Rudyard  Kipling  is reported   to have  expressed  his conviction  or  the solidity  of  the   entente  cordialc  between   ���������"-real  Britain    and     France,     they hav'-ng  learned   in time   that,   as free nations,  l.liey  ought  to struggle against   the  I'aes-aris-m that prevails liit a certain  part of Eu������opo. j  Mr.   Kipling  did  nprt  appear  tobe-  licvc in the stability ,of German unity,  and  the development of  America  did. not seem to him' to present any  immediate danger.  The probable death of' William  Greer, on the Sqluunish river some  seventy ' miles from its mouth, last  week was reported to the provincial'  police authorities in Vancouver yes-,  lei-day morning- by John Greer, a'brother of the man thought to.be dead.  According to the statement made ���������  by .John Giecr, who obtained his information from a man named Punch,  tlierc_ is every indication vr.at William Greer, was drowned in the S-qua-  mish. William Greer was a homesteader .in the S&uamish V-alley, and  at times occupied a log cabin inr-com-  pany with some men named Hunter.  Last week Greet left the Hunter cabin to go to his own house further  iij) the river. He took a canoe with  the invention of paddling upstreeam.  Since be left" thc Hunter p"ace nothing has been beard or seen, of the man  his canoe was found downstream subsequently, and it was concluded tho  man had been drowned. It is said  that he was an indifferent boatman-  .John Greer intends to leave for his  brother's ranch with grappling irons  in order to sec if the body cannot be  recovered, lie has obtained permission of the coroner to bury the body  on the Squamish if he finds it and  concludes that there was not fair  play in connection with the death.  It is not thought that the death was  anything hut accidental.        ,     .  ���������       -. Z- .,: :^;Y;rfe'v:;'  u5������*"iMW^*YWji  UJgggtSjiKSf^  DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every day except Sunday.  BY        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  office at--i;adysmith  SUBSCRIPTION ?RICE  10 cents  a month;    55  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  'SATURDAY, OCT.  7,  1905-  "   ^ ������ b ^tfc kts   ���������  ������������������    msm.ii nma ^^mfni^n^n      *������**""   .    ���������������       BARSDPPUEU WITH BKP:  WINUS,..UQUORS, CIGARS  .1-JLECTRlC  LIGHT  Before these     nncs arc  printed  the j  results' of the     vote for the electric j  light  bylaw      will be known,   and  if,  as now      seems     buite  geneiuiiy  bc-  iie\cd.     it js     defeated,  the question  will  be-., what     n������t.    Quite likely it  wiil   be a move on the part of ^ ihe  Council   to  make a     thorough exuini^  nation     of the source of  Bush creek  and of McLeod creek, liiul  out if they  , can     be   united, and     u so at-about  what cost. Also     look into  the Question of resenon-iiig     the head  wateis  and  its probable     cost of securing a  right-of-way   for a pole line,  and  get  estimates from competent men as to  about   the cost  of installing  a water  power plant.    *-\e say quite likely Ibis  wui     be done,    although  wc have  no  information  on  the subject, 'but     it  seems  quite clear  that  if l������c by-law  is    defeated today     it  is  not because  the   people     do'nol  want  an electric  light system,  but that they want only one the power for which is generated by   water. Such a     system win  cost  more and     will be worth more,  assuming     that the   general  belief is  j,oxrcou that enough water can be secured. Jt wm  lequirc months ,of work  torget   a system in  shape for operation.   It     win, of course, be too late  to do     anything this     winter in the  way of     lighting the city, but it will  he wise     to begin in time and secure  all  necessary     information  to  iay before   the  voters before  another   bill is  brought      forward.   If     people  mean  what they say there would be at this  time  no   opposition  to  a water power  electric lighting plant at any reasonable cost.   If this is what the peo-  , pic want it win be the plain  duty of  Uie_Council     to begin over, send out  a surveyor with assistants to map airtl  measure,  to  prepare plans and   make  '    estimates of   cost, secure on such reports,  if they     can show that water  power can  be  secured,   estimates from  contractors     as to about thc cost of  such a plant, and then lay the plans  before the people.    If  the plans  are  generally  endorse'    whether   the  cosa  be $-20 000,   $3,V.ii''.') ot  more, VI l'-e  them decide if they will vote ihe mon  ey.     It seems like beginning roi o'-cr  again,   and  yet  some'/iting  wiii   have  been'-learned   by the     lesson, ti-fay.  An  ox this is on.the nssump-ion that  thc by-law     being voted  on today is  not sustained  by   the  necessary  sixty  per cent of the votes cast.  h sjuEoTiDN  -of tryiDg to undersell-  Its where we buy, how wo buy and   being able to buy where no  other   house on the Pacific  Coast is    admitted.     You'll see our,  reason for explaining this to  you when you compare our pr<*es in  ttm���������w���������     s    im wi iii fc tm. ~ r~Ti   r<������������������    i     rn���������m>    ������������������*!  cTMENS UNDERWEAR,  You'll save in many cases just 20  cents on the dollar you spend������our  dollar underwear you pay one and  a quarter for anywhere on the  coast  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  Best accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and fishing in near vicinity.  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor . "tAOVSMlTM, B. C  &  Newly fitted up and  Furnished.  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLAND HOTEL  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  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Our liar is newly fittodup and well supplied and is in charge ol.  JOS. PELLIGRINELU  Esquimalt  & Nanaimo ftaiiWay  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������. ~  STEAMSHIP   SCHEDULE   BETWEEN LADYSMITH,, "NANAIMO  ,    VANCOUVER.  (EfTcctive Sept. 30th)  S. S. JOAN. ' *  Sails from Nanaimo  for Ladysmith Saturdays' ....    5.30 p.m  Sails  from  Ladysmith  for Nanaimo Saturdays   .'  6-00 a.ni*.  Sails  from Nanaimo for Vancouver Saturdays  ,.:..... 8.00 a.m.  Sails  from  Vancouver  for  Nanaimo Saturdays   2.30 p.m.  Sails from Na������aimo   for Ladysmith Saturday      '������������������ 5.30 p   m.  FARES   BETWEEN  LADYSMITH   AND' VANCOUVER,  one way,  S2.50  Return,   $3.75.-  FARES   BETWEEN   LADYSMITH   AND NANAZftlO;  one way   50 cents,   _ ��������� ; Return, 75 cents.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  IG Govt.  Street,  Victoria B.C. Dist. Freight &. Pass.Agt  This  Hotel  ha������   been completely  renovated.  Board and lodging $1.00 par day.  HOTEL  JOHNTKA, Proprietor  Bar" Supplied with the Best   Wines, 'st Avenue  Liquors and Cigars.  Low Round Trip-Rates  ���������VIA-  :-: Ladysmith B.C.  TICKET   OFFICE  and   Yates  Sts.,  J". ZHZ.  RESTAURANT  i Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  Cor.  Government  Victoria, B. C-  Best accommodation for transient  ind .permanent hoarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel' has been comfortably furnished and thc hair Is up-to-  d-te. Rates $1.00 a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  K^laa.-i. A ���������-��������� ���������--��������� >-' ������ ^ymlth  penceiy  Nanafnio, Limited. _  IF YOU WOULD  BE  POPULAR  Be sociable.  Be(unselfish. ,  Be  generous.  Be a good listener.  Never worry.or whine  Study the art of pleasing.  Be fran-t,' open and   truthful.  Always be ready to lend a hand  P.e kind and  polite, to cvcrybtViy.  Be. self-confident, but not conceited. '  Never   monopolize 'theconvcrsation.  Take a genuine interest in -'thcr  people.  Always look 0n theb-righti ������.*do    of  faces.  Take pains to remember names and  things.  Never criticise or say unkind  things of  others.  Look, for tlie good [n others, not  for  their  faults.  Forgive and forget injuries, but  never forget benefits.  Cultivate health, and thus radiate  strength   nnd   courage.  Always .lie considerate'ff lhc rights  nnd   feelings of  others.  Have a .good time, but never lot'  fun. degenerate  into  license.  Have a kind word and .n. cheery, rn-  cour;i.[T'iiig smile for everyone.  Learn In control yourself under the  most,  trying  circumstances.  Be respectful to women, and .chivalrous  in  yo-r attitude  toward them.  Meet; troiii 1-? li'c a man, and cheerfully  endure what, you curt cure.  Believe in the brotherhood ol" man,  and   rccogni'.e  no  clas--*   distinctions.  Do not lie snlf.-npiiumialcd, but listen with deference to the options of  others.  Never utter -witticisms at the risk  of giving pain or hurting someone's  f?elinrs.  Re  a;mbitiotis     and   energetic,  font,  never benefit yourself at  the  expense  of another.  He. as courteous orifi agrecbie to  your inferiors as fou arc to your  C(|1!-p1k and superiors.  Do  not bore people by telling I hem  long,   ted,'miis  stories,   or bv  continu-  nllv 'dilating  on  your   own  affairs.���������  Orison  Swe'tt Marden,   in   Success Ma  ga/inc.  GEO. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith ���������"      ^      ' W 'z     ������   c  HARTLEY   GISBORNE  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per. Day.  Gootf Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  I  "GALEDOyAN''  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY     v  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rales $1.25 aud$1.50���������  Free bus to all steamboat landings and  railway depots.    Electric care every h\������  minutes to all parte of   the city.   Bn  and table.nnexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER B, C.  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell &Woobank  Proprietors,  Modern  and     Strictly First Clais.  Commercial Mens' headquarters.  Fire Proof    Buildin*;.  St. Paul, Duluth, Sioux City,  Omaha, Kansas City $60.00  St. Lous $67.50 Chicago 71.50  Dates of sale, Sept, 16th. and 17th I  Final return limit 90 days     Irom '  date of sale. ,.      f  For full particulars call on or address  S. G. YERKES,     E. R. STEPHEN  G.W.P.A., 7> Government st  Ssattle, Wash, Victoria, B.C.  3  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  One of which is the famous "North  Coa^t Limited,"  Up-to-date Pullman and Tourist  sleepers on all'trains. Dining Car  service Unsurpassed.  CHEAP IIOUjND TRIP  R-ATE  LOS  ANC'ELKS,   ('At,.,  OCT.  -   * 20 21.  TO  HENRY'S NURSFRIES  NEW CROP���������  Home Grown to  Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and FLOWER  .   SEEDS- ''-!���������!  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  8010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  Excursion rales now ri effect  to Portland Fair. Round trip  rate ������9.65. Only direct line  loYellowstone Park.  Steamship   tickets  on  sale to���������all _  European    points. Cabin   accommodation reserved hy wire. A  reserved hy wire.  For     furthsr    particulars    call or'  write thc office.        Phone "Main,456. ���������  VICTORIA,   B.   C."  A.^D' CARLTON, C. E. LAN������  A.G.P.A.,   N.P.,        General Agent  Portland, Ore. Victoria, B.C  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   via  the  -:������:-  Member Can.   Society  of   Civil Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,^ England  Member  International  Electrical  Congress   at St: Louis, 1904  ���������Elestrical Engineer���������  T.  O. BOX 357, , I LABYSMITH, B. C.  R.P. R1THET,  &CoYLtd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA,  :���������: :���������: :���������?: .-: :-B.C.  HOTELLELAND  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamhoat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates'$2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets.  Telephone, 1���������4"  NOTICE.  /Persons found using our Patent  Bettle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  Y  RUMMING BRfS.  Pioneer Soda Water'Works.  Ladysmith. B.C.  TH6 CITY MKRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  fst. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  9  $  s  I  1  1  KKmwm������^^������w^*^w',6������ll���������,,,**,*'*!  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.      "j  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LvADYSIVTITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  WM. MUNSIE, President  The   Ladysrni  J. W.   COBURN, Man.  Director  TelephoneJ46.  Lumber Co   Ltd.  ������-���������  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK    AND   LADY SMITH���������Shingles  a   Specialty.  ���������Mnniifnctuie?H     ol���������  Rou^h and ! :v.ssed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln  Dried   Flooring     and   Finishing    Lumbd   ia    Stock  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  General.Manager,  W. J. WATSON,  Smsltyr Manager.  1  I  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual" subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal leesons given in classee ������r individually.  MISS BERTRAM  Ladysmith, B. C  DID   IT EVER STRIKE YOU?  That the place to BUf YOUR MEAT  is  where  the  slaughtering  done locally?   We arc  not depending   on    what the Wholesalers send us  and     can     GUARANTEE   EVERY- THING to be FRESH AND CLE A  PANNELL  &    PLASKET?  STFVENS BLOCK, UAT^R* 4&BJZ LADYS.l.T  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 '_ Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  [B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager  BANK MONEY  OR-DERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWJNQ RATES :  $5 and under     3 cent������  Oveff $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  ������    c;j0       <��������� ������' $30..   10 cents  ���������<    *30       ������ <<- $50   15 cents  KEGOTIAnLK AT A  FIXKD RATE A  THE CANADIAN BANK QF COMMERC , LONDON, ENG.  Thev form an excellent method or remittin   small sums of "oiouc>  They form an ex ^.^ ^^ ^ &t &maU   ,osU  M Ka A, CORNWALL, Manager  LADYSMIIH SHAVINti  PAR10RS  HIGH  STREET.  :���������:���������: Bent in the City :���������:���������]  The only line how making UNION  DEPOT connections/at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through    trains    from    the    Pacific  Coast. '���������"���������'  THE     SHORTEST '   LINE, THE  FINEST TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.    ."���������"  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,, CHICAGO,   OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information sask your  local agent or write,  F. W, PARKER"  -   - General   4 gent,  7*20 2nd Ave., Seattle.  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEJE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL1  BAKED AN������ FRESH.  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to he delivered at any time.  Employment Agency.  F  .Dea ers in  Pianos and  ��������� ���������  vv  I  I ADYPMITB BRANCH  Manufacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOn  None bu   Union Labor   Employed  IT J. BOOTH, Prop  Ladysn ':h, B.C  Dr. Dier can be foiiK.:  .it any time  at ���������his office on High s'*vct. His dental work is guarantee:! lo ho first-  class and xates reasonable.' st.  il DAILY LEDGER  ���������MM*  +4*i~<HrWr������<' ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� ���������I-H^:- v-H-^-K-^H^-M-H**-!-*  Una  irswins Co  NANAIMO KB. C.  4  /Taaufacturers of thfe  4  7  v  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO. 686, F.  0. E.     :���������:       :-:        :-:        :_j  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.   Worthj  President. B. Forcimmer;     Worthj  Secretary, C. H. Rummings.  IT���������  f  '<(>[  V'l  4  <*T  In IBritrsh Colurnbia  Lager  Beer and Porter  Guaranteed  Brewed  from the   Best Canadian Malt Run   Hops  ���������4HH~H^^*4^-M*-'MMH������-^  tsaeffm&&K&8M3BBBtsaBP&B&ss^  NOVELTIES  n  WEATHERED OAk  'hings that have sprung into popularity with a bound, beeause they  ire strong, they are artistic and they  Lre not expensive.  wagon Moorish TabGnrettes, 211.1. hln. $2.75 each  Jardiniere Stands, a very wide choice jjf designs in Flemish finish, $2.50 to $3,50 each  ���������'late Backs, Two shelves with   plate groves, brass cup hooks  under, 18x36,  Stein Racks, Gato Pattern, with pegs for stains",  $2.50 each  $2.75 each  $3.00 each  [Book Shelves, 3 shelves,  four shelves. 24x36,  fShelf.Braskats. 24x7 in.,  i  Umbrella Stands. 2 styles,  $3.75 each  $4.50 each  $3.50 and $5.50  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands  may  be purchased at $10 per acre for soft, coal   and  $20  for  anthracite.  Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by one ill-  dividual or company.   Royalty at the  rate    of ten cents- per- ton of 2,000  pounds    shall     be collected  on the  gross output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 por a������nuin for  a company,- according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  l',500 x ^1,500 feet.' XJie lee for recording a claim is $5.00  At least $100 must he expended on  the claim each year or paid to thc  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  locator may' upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with-other requirements, purchase the land al  $l-an acre.      ���������������  The' patent provides for the payment of a_royalty of 2J per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leases  to.dredge for  gold  of  five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the.descrction of the Minister of the Intsrior.  ���������  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation .within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at thc rale  of 2k per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of the In  erior. Y" *���������  Tb* "R������jU Good Old Pout and Rail*'*  of Anatralitt.  Tho tea drinkers of Australia rival  those of China and Japan, not, however, In the quality, but in the quantity, _ consumed.     The  men  especially  drink the beverage In large quantities  and all day long and at a strength  which would make the cue of a tea  drinking Chinaman curl.    On Sunday  morning the tea drinker starts with a  clean pot and a clean record.   The pot  is hung over the fire, with a sufficiency  of water in it for the day's brew, and  when this is boiled he pours into it  enough of the fragrant herb to produce  a deep coffee colored liquid.  On Monday, without removing yesterday's tealeaves, he repeats the process,  on Tuesday the same, likewise on  Wednesday, and so on through the  week. Toward the close of the seven  days the pot Is filled with an acrid  mash of tea leaves, out of which- the  tea la squeezed by the pressure of a  tin cup. By this time the tea Is tha  color of rusty iron, incredibly bitter  and disagreeable to the uneducated  palate. The natives call It "real good  old post and rails," the simile being obviously drawn from a stiff and dangerous jump, and regard it as having been  brought to perfection.  1  FARMER  AND  MEGAPHONE.  THE ROMAN ARENAS.  They Were Not Mere Rlm*a, ������������������ Theae  of (lie Modern Clrcua.  The arenas of ancient Rome were  not, as some people suppose, mere  rings or ovals, such as may be seen  in the modern circus. They were  broken up and varied in character according to the nature of the fighting  to be ("(one or to the caprices of those  iu authority. On one occasion an arena  might resemble the Numidian desert,  on another tbe garden of Hesperides,  thick set with groves of trees and rising mounds, while again it pictured the  great rocks and caves of Thrace.  With these surroundings the combatants advanced, retreated, encircled  their adversaries or kept wild beasts  at bay as occasion offered or as their  courage or fear "suggested. Men combated not only with the more common  brutes, but with such monsters as elephants,, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses  and crocodiles. On other occasions  flocks of galne, such as deer and. war  ostriches, were abandoned to the multitude, "and in some cases the arenas  could be turned into lakes, filled with  monsters of the deep, and upon the Bur-  face of which naval engagements took  plact.  I  Sow ������ Pilot on a   Boat  Stopped a EToiim  ' In a Cornfield.  1 was on the upper Ohio once when the  rtver was'luw, and was much amused over  the uso to which a pilot put u, megaphone.  He bought the thing to call nsborb an;  message that mi^ht have been given thi  boat to carry. This wns to save time, foi  those little bouts in tho local trades are a  great deal liko the old fashioned mail ear  riers���������anything to accommodate) the poo  Die along the bank.  "We were in tho pilot house, and the  boat, was running up a shoot near the-  West Virginia, side of tlie river. In a coru  field was an old farmer, who was follow  Ing a plow behind an old, flea bitten gray  that only needed a half invitation to stop  jt any time The pilot put the megaphone  to his mouth and shouted 'WhoaJ* and  the old gray whoocd.  "The farmer heard the sound, and he  thought, evidently, that a neighbor wa������  there or thereabout, for he looked around  to see whence tho sound came Then he  tossed a .clod at tho old horse and startod  him up  " 'WhoaI' 6aid tho pilot, and again tha  old horse stopped Then the old Rube  wont to tho river bank and looked clown  in tho willows, but not a soul uould ho  see Lio looked up and down and then at  the steamboat and Kuratnhcd his bead in  surprise He uouldn t afford to waste any  time in looking for the ghost, lor he went  back to the plow und started on with hi*  job  " Once more tho joki.ik pilot said' Whom*  wul again the horse stopped dead still  You could see from the boat that the old  follow was all mixed up^ for ho looked up  and down tho river and then at the hill  Bides behind htm to see il ho could IInil the  mun who was working him and his old  horse lie made up his mind that he  would take It out of the old uniy. and to  (1.1 tor the occasion he went to the under-  bnis-li and cut a stick tliat was 10 feet  long Ho started the horse with a vengeance When the pilot hollered 'Whoa I  again tho old man gave tho gray a lick  that sounded clear to tho boat. Wo could  almost hear bun say:  '' 'Thar, gol darn youi Til tench you  to stop when you heur u spook hollerin at  you '  "But the pilot kept  up tho  good work  and hollered 'Wheal   Whoa I   Whoa!' and  fig/tin ami again tlio old man hit the gray  Finally it looked as if ho had caught on  for ho   lot  the  old   horse stop  whllo  ho  watched the boat.  "Then .the pilot thought hc had had  enough fun und ho called out:  "'Feed tho old gray 1 Feed him I flo's  so hungry that ho can t work. That's  ail the malter with him.'-  '"Then old Kubo got his voice and w������  hoard him say: 'You go to thunder with  your old voicol It'll stop a railroad trail,  any w litres I' " ��������� Ciucumati Commercial  Tribune.  FRMND SAL BJRGAIN DAYS  LOOK FOR   VALUE. MOST PfOPLE D0~  YGUGlT IT IN WEiNROBfS FRIDAY AND SAT-  LIRDAY BARGAIN DAIS  Beautiful Silk Waists  The. newest and leading sty  les this season.     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LAW SON  fjller Street   -    -    -    -    Ladysmith, b C  |.  ���������   From     this date the  undersigned  will  not  be  responsible  for any  indebtedness      incurred except on      a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  '  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1905.  B< 5, Weinrobe,  HIGH STREET.  LADYSMITH, B.   C.  :>������**������������������������ .* '���������  r������- JttraSiSrs  iJBk  Vy������ LADVSMITH TRANSFER CO.   X  :.i PIANOS,  ���������If  ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A ND  SAFELY.  ���������A  iStables in the rear of the Ladysmitli hotel.  Ahhots ford.  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SIGGEHS.* Patent Lawyer, Washington, 6.C. ]  GAME  GOLD  SILVER  IRON  COPPER  .J      -J.IA.'-*  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land, when properly cleared,    will grow almost any product of the  soil known  to  man,  W"BAT VEGETABLES  OATS  RYE  Kootenay  Steel  Range  APPLES.  PRUNES  PEARS  BERRIES.  At  the  OF  ALL   KINDS  A WONDERFUL  SOIL FOR SMALL      FRUITS    AND  The Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt   a.lilncral   land   policy,   and  thb     1,500,000 acres controlled     by    them will be disposed of on rcasoii-  6le terms'to actual selllers.  Government  lands can he secured  and     money can be made by  those  who desire  anew home in  a country   possessing the  BE5T CLIMATE  In the World  Burns Coal, Coke  or Wood  Two sets of grates are  .- supplied with every  Kootenay Range���������on e for cool and the other for coke or wood���������  and the. floes are wide and deep, with no'sqoare corners, so that  the ashes and soot produced by soft fuels cannot clog up the  smoke and draft passages.  This feature of the Kootenay Range is a decided success.  The grates are so easily changed that a boy can perform  the operation. c  Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free.  McCIaryS  London,  smith Hardware Go  Office  1st   Avenue  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmiih, will supply any information obtainable bo ;those-who contemplate a visit with a view of investment if.  conditions are found as advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining    district;     a-beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers come in   each  year.  LADYSMITH  Toronto,  Vancouver,  Montreal,      Winnipeg,  St. John, N.B.   o-  IT IS  THE  JUNCTION  OF THE      LINE.    FROM    VICTORIA* TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to  grow i������-  '.mportance as  the Island is  '  developed.  Subscribe for and read THE DAILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, B. C.   *���������  Public Notice  Attention is called to the    fact that the  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co.,  Limited  makers of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing flour in a  vastly  improved and purified  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control  of    all the b������.sic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising  the  public  that any unau.a-  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will be prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Limited  ave the    only    mtll9P3 ia Oaa ila,wiisa     Flour  s purified by tlie    electric process  ���������,  r  v?~'v tj&xsxuttt^&'fljx*. u^=, ~  IEDG,  i;nKttii������������asacBa������.i������<na^p-.������  SH  ^*>  s  ~222252������3S  LOCIL ������  THE CITY BAKERY  MAID M.ARGARET-S.   R.   Crockett's latest hook,' at Knight's Book  Store.  FOR SALE  Fifty acresi eight fenced, improved,  fifteen slashed. :small house and ham,  cow, chickens, two tons hay. Tkic������  miles from "Duncans. $900 cash, apply M. P. DOUGAN, Cohbic H*H-  Mr. \V. Akenhcad returned to Ladysmith ibis morning.  "Now the long evenings have come,  get your rcaiiajj matter at Knight's.  Book Store.  .  Mrs. J. Muir was among thc passengers to .Nanaimo  at jihon  today.  Mayor arid Miss Coburn went up  to Nanaimo at noon today*  Mrs.   A.   M.  Hutchison,   accompanied hy Mrs.- M.   Ingham,   went   to Na-  naiino on  the noon  train.  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The futuie  of  the  Cowichan      District  and   Vancouver  Isla������d  will exceed  e\pectations  and   this is a good chance for  a safe aid  profitable  investment. U������ ,-:���������...>. r-*  ���������  ii  ���������_!���������--h.      '.������   r\  SEE PLANS AND F1UCES  Agents, J. STEWART J. Hj WH1TTOME  Ladysmith,  V.  I. Duncans,  FOOTBALL  MEETING  A special meeting lot lhc Ladysmith  i fool lull   club is called  foi   tomorrow  ���������DECEPTION  PRAC'I ICED  ON  CITIZENS   cvc,,llls   ,|B  bC '"        '  iMoirison's  looms.    A full   attendance'  "UNSUSPECTING.  YMr. . .James    Adam returned on the7  ; S." S'.    -Jo������i.n    last ���������   "night from .'New..  Westminster.:;     This - morning Yi the.:  .window of the store, of. tlie civlcrpris-  jjig fuiii ������������������  of which Jim is a partner,  is a cup brought     from Portland. It;  stands     about    six    inches high anil  < 'hears' ���������'"���������'the     inscription. o'n one side,  *'LatlysmiUi   Football Club,"   and on.  the    other    the      words,- "Lewis   &  Clarke'     Exposition,     1905.".   Many  people    .sulTercd a severe shock when  they saw this     ornament, standing on  .the'lop of a i75.li}. pumpkin, and were  loud in-their expressions of disgust ah  .the meanness . of the 'management in  awarding such a paltry article.    The |  crowd  having  exhausted   th:-ir energy  in  giving  vent to  their contempt,  thc  ���������worthy,   secretary volunteered  an explanation    This  was not  lhc real cup  it ���������w-as    only   the  ''christening  cup,  sent as a forerunner of the onc thai; is  to conic,-'   which is a magnificent; ornament  is     requested,  as  business  of importance is lobe  transacted.  The Giand Jury have thrown out  the case .of Mr. Prentice. Mr. Prentice, who was formerly Minister of  Agiiculluic, it will 'he remembered,  >\as up charged   with assault.  Best tobacco, fruit and candles at  Carter's,  First Av^ue.  Children  $2,00 $500  Walter* &  Akenhead  TTv      /T\      sY\      /T\      /t\      ?t\      /t\      7!\      /K      **t\      /(\  MARINE  ..,       \i/     ���������.������/���������      Nir      M^  ���������"���������K���������-rtr-yfc���������rr���������;k  -*r  -tK-;K  New .York, Ocyt.  7.���������Anivcr,  mer  Erturia,  from  Liverpool.  stca-  Ncw York, Oct." 7���������Ariivcd Steam  er St. Louis, from Southampton a.njtl  C'o.lnc  fi  nil Liverpool.  CHURCH NOTICES  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Rev. R. Boyle, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  ..Sabbath  School���������2.30  p.m.  Evening   Service���������7   p.m.  Bible study class, Wednesday evening' at 7.30.  "���������"������       CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Morning- Service���������11 a.m.  Children's   Sunday   School���������2.30.  Evening ser-rtoe and sermon���������7 p.m.  Rev. R. Bowen, Rector.  METHODIST CHURCH.  Rev. W. C. Schlichter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  Evening Service���������7 p.m.  Use Porter's Antiseptic Healinj  Oil. freely guaranteed, for sale only  at the Drug Stcrc.  run *������������'������U.IK������  "notice.  1 Notice is'hereby given���������that .the un  dersknwl will apply at thc next, regular sitting of thc Licensing 15' hrd  for lhc transfer of the retail liquor  license hehi liy him for the Portland  Hotel, located on lot 5, block 2, 1st  Avenue, City of Ladysmith, to John  Cogo. ANCilOLO   TATE.  Russell   Simpson,  Solicitor  for  applicant.'  Lad\ smith,  II.   C,  O.-lobcr 4,'1905.  STOVES    AT  BARGAINS  A  BAD  MAN'S  BAD  ENDING   IN  PRISON.  Sacramento,  Oct.  0��������� Benjamin LiU  lie!on,,   a convict  at  Folsom,  died at  the prison  yesterday  from  the effect  of punishmsnt in the straight-jacket.  The facts in' ihe case have just come  to  light,   although  there  was  no   inquest  anil   LilAlcl/.Mi,   according      to  the  ollic'al  records,   died   from  "natural   causes,"    Littleton  had  refused  to work and Warden Yell ordered  that hc  be  put in  a straight-jacket.  After he  had   been : laced in   the case  liiiL  a shoit  time  thc prisoner  fainted   from   the agoni/.ing pain.  He was  liniiiediaicly  unbound  and  taken      to  the prison  hospital.-.  After  lingering  a few days, he died.  He had been internally  injured.    The attending  physicians   pronounced   urctic   poisoning  of the kidiicys as the cause of death.  The case has- not yet. come before  the  prison directors,   but  it   is  safe  to say lhat as soon  as  thrs facts are  known an in\estimation will be order-  id.  Littleton hail been sent  to .Folsom  rrom  Los Angelos foi burglary-     He  ! had   bcoii  a troublesome convict.  SPORTS  THE RING-  San Francisco,* Cal., Oct. 7-J������h������-  ny Crowe, of Chicago, was given a  decision over Teeny Moran, of New  York, on a four in the fourth roumd  before the  Colma Club last night.  Baltimore, Md., Oct. 7.���������Joe Lip-  man, of this city, obtained tke decision at thc end of thc fifteenth  round in ��������� thc 'fight with Kid Stein of  Philadelphia last night. Lipman  landed many more blows than Stein  did, but was unable to make any, of  them a knockout. Stem showed poor  judgment of distance and. several  swings that might have made him a  winner fell short.  M  Fresh  Groc  One No. 8 Cook Stove with  Reservoir $7.50  One N0.8 Ccok Stove $10.50  Heating Stove from $3,50  and upward  ;  PETERSON'S Store  Cor. 5th. and Roberts St  =x=z:  GILVIES'  Rial Household  FLOUR  TIIIO POPE AND  THE  .JEWELER..  Pius  X.   has  had   many  shocks   to'  his   religious  feelings   since   cnteiiiig  lhe Vatican, and  these upset      him  more than     thc confinement or the  state bus ficss.  Just     lately his sense of honesty"  has ,been oi'tiagcd, and those icspou-  ���������sib'lc ha\c felt  the weight of a icpii-  mand .On various occasions .'>the Pontiff,  wishing to mark his benevolence  not  only   confers  a title,   but makes  a iiifl of the iivsigna of office.   Recent  ly     lie happened  to ask  the pr'tc of  one  of   these ornaments,   and       -was  stiuck by  thc cvhorl/ilance.  He look  the cioss  and had it estimated,  finding   thai   its market   value   was  just.  half 01" what was demanded.   Thc l'a-  I al jeweller was called and protested  his   innocence,   proving  thai   he   had  only asked      the  market   pi ice,  and  had never lccencd moic for anything  'Whereupon      pandemonium ..arose.  Whose     fault was if? Into,    whose  pocket  had all   Un tc  thousands     of  fiancs      gone  in   the course  oi many  years?  Into somebody's at the Vatican,', hut  whose'.'    Even   thc  caidinal  who is  at the head  of  the  administration  whcie   tie   irregularities look  place,   although   not directly  responsible, cameYn for his share of diicct  censure from  Pius X.,  who is broken-hearted that  even in church     iul-  ministra+WHi  dishonesty  exists. Now  a contract has  been  made  with   the  Papal  jeweller  for  certain  fixed .prices, and  all  business  of  the kind will  lie done  with only  one intermediary,  and not  through  the dcparUnent.  ���������'OLLSniCS   "HELLO" * GII^LS.  Is the tcloplionc Sirl  doomed      to  become an    institution  of thc   past?  That is the -question  that will agitate     the minds of thousands  upon  thousands      of  fair  operators  when  they learn of thc action taken by the  Consolidated Telephone Companies of  Pennsylvania, at a meeting at Allen-  town, Pa.,  iu adopting the "girlcss"  telephone and abolishing  thc girls.  Thc  new  telephone is  anautomatic  deuce whereby each subscriber calls  whatever  other he  wants by  setting  a dial and pressing a button.  A statement to the directors showed that a manual telephone exchange  run at a cost of $50,000 ,c0uhl be operated by,the "giUess" system   for  ^.^0,000.   The management entered into contracts to have "the Allen town-  and - iWleton     exchanges    equipped  with the system at a cosl^oL^lUO,-  U00  each,   to  lie completed  by    .December 1st.  it tlie venture proves successful, all  the otlur principal exchanges of the  Consolidated, at Heading, Mauch  Chunk, Leh'ighlon, Weisspoit, Daniel-  sy'lle, blatington, AVilketfiAurc, ricrau  ton and Cai bondale, besides a number of. auxiliary exchanges, will be  equipped similarly.--'  More than one hundred gii;ls   will  be thrown out of work at AUenlown*  md l-Ia'/.lelon hy  the experiment, and  an  aggicgatc of four  hundred       and  thirty  by      the use of the* "girlcss"  telephone      throughout  Consolidated"  territory.  Thc chairman of 'the .committee  that in-vestigatcd the. device and rcc-  oiiiimcnded, its adoption is Alvan Mar  le'.'thc Ilaxlcton coal magnate. The  directors.say> they are s0rry for the  giLls,   but that the old equipment is  nerfuai  to thc demands. .   .  $375���������Cash secures, a fine residence in  the choicest part of the cjty. Only;  $2-11 more to pay at thc rate of  $12 per month. Owner has invest^-  ed over $>("(0 in improvements.  Water laid. on.   Eine gaiden.  WE   ARE   RECE1VINF  FRESH GROCERIES EVERY DAY.  AVE  AIM'TO  PLEASE  OUR' CUSTOMERS   AND   WE'GUARANTEE THE'QUALITY OF   OUR  GOODS,  OTHERWISE' .-WE  -CHEERFULLY   EXCHANGE   TIIE   ARTICLE.  SPECIALS FOR TODAY  MILCHNER HERRING in Kegs  Good Island POTATOES  #1.00 per sack  FRUIT of    all   kinds. FRESH EGGS and  COWICHAN   BUTTER  Always on hand. .  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd  GAT ACRE ST  Mmnnrng^mmnmrnwimtm  IAEYSMITH  osasa  *  W. G. Fraser  ���������?* .  Merchant Tailor/  -](i bt| Avenue)  Fall Stock   on   hand. Call early and  get your choice  A  .'���������*%������>:  4  *  &BKRi  Hammer  Gutns at  20 PR CENT  Discount for .  CASH  Saturday Bargains R  We have decided to reduce  our stook of  HAMMER GUNS  So.offer  the*5e snaps  foi'  Saturday.  The LadysmithJiardware Co., Ltd,  *a  i  $1,500���������Cash   and   $1,500 .in   5   years  at���������C  per   cent,   buys   20-acre   farm  one     mile  from iDuncan.   12  acres  umleii   , cullivatipn.   Eightwroomed  *house and  large, flame  barn.  $280���������Cash    and    $100  on  mortgage  buys  two  lots  each  00x120  only  a  few  yards   from ���������.post-office  investment.  Fine  WATCHES,  J  LOCKS & JEWELRY  Repaired on the premises,  moderate  charges  $100���������('ash and balance "of $210 on  timc buys a fine corner lot-in good  locality.  FOR RENT���������A nice five-roomed  house; all neatly papered and painted.   FOR RENT���������Nice four-roomed house  Water laid on.  $7 per  month.  B.FORCIMriER  WATCHMAKER,  JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   XXX      Ladysmiih,  .  B. C  ^^jte Lately Occupied by John  Thompson, complete with counter  and fixtures.  Rent $15 per month,'Appfy to  RUSSELL SIMPSON  A-  lave you  NABOB TEA?  Best 50c.  Ceylon Tea in the  Morrison's, Ladysmitii, B  WILLIAMS   BLOCK.      -   -    -   ��������� ���������-   ��������� TELEPHONE  6-7  c.  Another ship>  ment today, the  best flour in Can-  clClci,  AND m  'PHONE   2-4 PHONE  24.    U  THE  FRIGHTENED WAITER  AND    THE DUTCHMAN  A clii I oilman with a goat ami a  go ae met a milkmaid leadincna-cow  whereupon tiie maiden screamed with  tcrr(,r.  "What frightens "you?" asked Hans.  "Yo 1 arc K0,11!"' *-o kiss mo against  my will," said  the coy maid.  How can .Idol-hat with-these  eraivVy  animals on  my hands'.' "asked  Hans.  'What prevents you from thrusting your cane into the ground so. as  to fa������icn     the-goat   to  it,  and then  ] put thc goi Ke un-dcr  my pail?" queried the maiden.  "Ilecausc     that    cross-looking cyvw  'might book mc," said Hans.  "Oh, that fool cow ".wouldn't hook  nobody, and what is to prevent you  from driving all three of. th.cm into  my pasture field? " replied thc terrified maiden. And. right here comes  a most interesting pir/.vlo; for during  the subsequent V'scussion following",  that the goat, and the goose ti fcethor  would cat just as much grass i us the  cow, so that if the field would pasture the cow and.,the goat for '15  days, yr the cow and the goose GO  days; or the goat and .thegoose for  90 days, how long would it pasture  the cow, the     goat and  the ���������'goose?.  Fire,   Life   and   Accident  Insurance.  Deeds,  Wills,    Mortgages,   Contracts   and  Agreements Drawn.  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     ~|������       Notary Public  Phone. 3.  ..;.-. " ���������    I  '  ������������������/''  P. O. BOX a*8  Stov es  We are making them oi ths NiW^st    Pattern and Lates*  Styles.[  WE DO 'ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY WORK '      : 'i  Our.Prices are Rea������ona~hle '  i 1  SEE OUR   NBW STOVES IN BLAIR AND '-ADAM'S WINDOWS.  'and at tsdytmilh Hardware 'Company;  LADYSniTH IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, ������ TD  M  Zm  n  u  I ���������{  ' Y  c  It ������hcmld be bore* ia atiad that  every cold weakens thm lungs, lowers the vitality and prepare* the  ���������ystem for tie more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of hnman life,  pneumonia and consumption  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity "by it������  prompt cures of this meet common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the hmgs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  ^permanent cure. Jit counteracts  liny tendency toward pneumonia.   ,  - "Price 25c, Large Size 50c.  ���������1  Dr. Dier'B office is ��������� open_ evenings  and appoiiutmeats can be made for  work at any time through the week.  Only first-olass dental work is turned out and it is done at reasonable  prices s " ���������  1 r  BOOTS AND SHO ES  AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and-making-td order   n  ipeciality. .  THOHAS   MCEWAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Dr. R.B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reason- / ;.J  able rates. ' l;*'  A  ���������/ (  li  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  ���������J  PAINTING,  PAPEKMANQ1NG  ETC.  "Work done ^properly and at    rlpM  prio������s.     Sboin  and residence  in  rear  of Ladysmith;  Hotel.  1     jj_ __ ^ J. E. feMITH, Prop  Ah  Merchant  llors  1  1  Ladies' srd Gcnfs' -CU 1I.1 s JWade<- 4  Order. !  PERFECT  FIT  Gil A RAN IK ���������'. ),  LADYSMITH,   B. C.  VJ


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