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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Oct 19, 1905

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 i-jGlS!  rivK  ��������� KMHLY  [!   '  ��������� ^g^,*M������B^M������WgB  DQER  ��������� o  l i>  VOL. 2,  THURSDAY     OCT. 19,  1003  <3>  PRICE FIVE   CENTS -^     0Qr 21 i9()5  l",  i���������5 -������  L- *x.  NTS' BALL A  \  r'  BRiiXlANT SUCCESS  The Opera House   Last Night  was Crowded by Gaily  Dressed Throng    r   Queens and Courtiers,    Sailors,  School Girls, Clowns and Coons  Spend a Jolly Evening  WOMAN FOUND WINDY III KNOWN  ARM MINES  0  She Discovered Rich Pieces  of Float on Shores  . of Lake  ���������  lElTING MAN  VISITING TM WORKS  And Induced Her Brother  to Prospect the  District  The second  annual  masqtueradc Ban  orfour  Solomons a great time to ne-  heid last evening mine Opera House eidc who were'   the best.     Only two  couples entered     for the , cake walk  under   the auspices of the Ladysmith  Fire    Brigade, ,w.is from many points  of view    a gieat success, eclipsing the  one given a year ago by ihe same organization        Thanks  to the  untiring  efforts of Chief Smith and his land of  workers,     everything was in the best1  possible order, the music furnished by  '" Rb^eirUsion's '   oichc-stia,    ljcifc&t.and ,  the floor (in first,   fate condition aivl  the hail prettily     decorated, fo there  "- was nothing at ail.to mai  the tnjoy-  , ment of ovei  a hundred gaily dressed  1 masked ladies'and gentlemen,  who at  t nine   o'clock paraded -   in,    the grand  -  Match,"   ied,by "   Mr   Hugh '1 hovnlcy,  - who. by the way, deserved a word of  pfa'isc for     lus excellent judgment  m  selecting* for"a partner one of the best  dfesFcd>iadi'es nij the1 room.  The     judges'had     no easy dask, u\|  -awarding the    puves, for most of the  "cancels had "got themselves up'.' exceedingly well,and a great variety of  characters    were lepiescoited.     There  was a British Tar'walking arm in arm  with. ' astaiwait     representsti\e  of  con lest,  but     the  tliiout,.!  by    both  bie     slciu.       I1 ci  theie  were sever a,i  again paidded and1  Mr. Patil Johnson, the well kjiown  smelting man, was   a visitor in town  today, and, with Mr. Thomas Kiddie  visited the Tyee smelter.   Mr.   Johnson is the manager of the big smelting plant elected at Iladley, m south  eastern Alaska,  near  Ketchikan. The  building     of smelters    m the    north  help, the coal     trade of    Vancouver  Island.    Mr.  Johnson informs      us  that his company will  require 1,500  to  2,000   oi coke  from   Union every  to.the silver pioperties now be-1 month, while the smelter is m oper-  dcvelop*! with so much activityjation.   Also 500 tons per month  Wuidy   /inn  in  Hntish  Columbia,' coal-  performances  gone  shoyved  considera-  the best two-step  couples competing.  Mr. A.Davis on, be-  haii oi the judges, announced-the  n.-nies. of the wmneis. 'Ihe judges  were. Dr." Reynolds. Br Dier, Messrs.  A DaMS, S Weaving. H " Winsby, M-  lie:o, (J.. Campbell, and J Manuel.  Afttr midnight the maskers unmas-j pcuy came  Much has been said  of late in regard  ing  on  biirroui^'Og the discovery of these  but few ui'uiiviiuainlud with the facts  now famous uud rich claims.  It  was a woman  who  iirst  discovered nch pieces oi boat on.vthe shores  of these ncn-iooluiig mincraU'/.ed iocus  She '   wiote hci     biothei,     Ira  1 et-  t.v" of Seattle and advised lnm       to  .come     noilli and make an     efiort to  find     the  ledges  nom  which       they  came.       Letter   alter  letter   followed  the  first one  before his  sister   co..ld  peisuade 'Mr. Petty to come and pros  peel  Windy   'iim  country.  A little     ovei 'Jive  yeais   ago   Mr.  am',     shortly afterward  of  THE BATTLE FOUGLT j  YEARS AGO  The Collingwood Despatch  Telling of the Great Victory at iChicago  And the Death of the Great  Admiral   Lord  Nelson  ANOTHER ROBBERY  IN CAPITAL CITY  A Woman Leaves  $350  and  a  Sailor Has Money in  Plenty  ������T0  F?fAsB-  The  i.ed and .the sj ecutpis were invited located the .now ifcmous'&ud immcnsj-  to om in the dancing, which many of ]y riCh Moi.wina grojiip from wlndi  them did., the floor being crowded Mr.-Conrad is now taking out large  until, frpm sheer exhaustion, the .mu- i,jd|iititics oi the richest ot ore.  siciansweie una.;.fc to play longer ���������- - During thc'SVve years suite Mr. Tet-  'L'he ball was a financial success and j. tydiscovcred, this propeity, he has  ....        .    it is "roughly     estimated, devoted  at present  that the.;   sum of    $110 was cleared  'lifts amount win be used for the pur-  the Fire  JUncie     Sam's     navy,  the two occasionally separating,   the   British  .lack! ^n a���������1 Partner:  to flirt with coy-Miss Banada.  while   -A1,ss M-     McM.Uan. Britannia  Ms     American"    cousm    was paying .  '/pointed,attentions to Bntanina, who,  when she was     not occupied m luiing  .the     waves las*,     evening,  spent her,  \ tune    -lit ruling,    the hearts  of loyal  coyl.oys, com tiers oi the Stuart period, . whojiad     apparently^ risen  from,  their tombs ui Westminster Abby expressly    for the occasion, coons, and  clowns    and    do/eii������'gt other,young  men   In a     quiet corner Mephistoph-  oies and    a hideous     Zulu, who bad  loj'jed dead men a< clothing and wore,  U m  memory  of some hilarious feast j  or other could _bc seen together, doubt j  less forming    a plot to seize at their .  play simple, school or flower girls, or  ~ to rob of their    crowns two or three J  stately tueens     oi  diamonds or  per-  haps to steal the .hot tomaiies from est.y fr-hment. second, J. Mues. rep  \ SmUb's advertising agent, or to lesentmg \. Smith's candy store  pick the pockets of the young colored) There was no lady comic character  gcutieinan who had a great dispiay.ot j so tfocpme was awarded to Miss Mc-  ���������eweiiv, or to wicclt the happmess ofjMiuan, flower-girl,  the br.de and bridegroom. Rest as-| In additionJ^j^J^^'  ���������ured they were hatching mischief &Xmy 2nd pme, Miss Hugo. Sec-  Get a couple      qf aged spinsters to-,old for 'best Slistajned lady character  but, Mophis- ]Mrs. j. McMurtnc.   Special pn<?c K>  Mr.  T.  Ilarrup,  fancy  vest piece   by  {cr' -\h Wing  cV Co ,  also  donations  to  chase     01 paiaphernaiia foi  Department '-.  The" prizes awarded were as fcJiows:  . Best, dressed  fiieman,. 1st.  VV   Ellis,  2nd .  J.'    E   Smith;    Cake Walk, II:  Larrigan and     pal tner, and' G ������������������ dack-  nationai.     (lady),  original,  (gent) L. Ingham   cowboy: pug-  nab  (lady)  Miss L   Morgan, cowgirl,'  tlo,wer tgiii.     Miss McMillan. Mis   S  Weaving;,', gioup.     C.    'McMillan and  j aity, comic,  ( J.Mu'n. Zulu,    weaiy  Willie, V/. Morgan; coon, ,11   Larrigan,  .down. G.  Jackson. T.  Atkins,..sporting    character.. :T'. aicNieb Vasebaiier;1  sustained   character,  lady," Mrs".  Cor;  insb, bride, gent," Mr." 'Coriiish. groom,  vvaitzipg,"-MisSr'.-wMcMiUan,  C^   Jacob-  xon  and  Miss  S*  Morgan,    two-step,  \\"   Ems and     Miss M Thomas/   best  dicsscd  gent, # Mr   McFaiien, courtier  best lady!," Mrs! D.     AVlnte,'evening  ���������diess;     Chinese   character,     Mis7 J.  Stewart; best rep'icsentation of a business  house,    was  first Mr.   Hughes,  representing     B. Forcimmer's icweiry  gether,  it is bad enough  to and a cannibal oh, horrors!  The    competition  for  the pr.'/es lul .-;'������������������;������������!'consisting of boxes of cv  thevar-,..-.     h���������  John Tha and Mrs. T  Ah Wing  . 41"        icommitte<  wait/ing was    .very besen and the var-iE,ars     by  John _Tha  md  beautifully  that it took the throa) Brotheis.  ,,i-'j ���������~������" ���������-        j gars     ..j   -       - .  jous     couples     who   enteied danced / ;;onos an(i- box sodas from Lumming  eo  GREAT ACTIVITY AT  GRANBY SMELTER  Grand Forks, Oct. 17r-To a visitor, the Granby smelter with its  two big smokestacks running in full  blast appears to be a vertiabie beehive of activity. In addition to the  ordinary daily work, the task of  grading the -Great .Northern copper  spur is   being  rushed.  This spur is about thrce-cjuarters of  n mile Hi length, starting about half a  mile     north  of  the Granby  smelter,  running south,  thence paralleling the  main  line until  lit reaches  a tangent  point     at the southern extremity of  the smelter     close  to  the high-level  line,     whence it describes a complete  semi-circle around  the smelter oni    a  fwciiby-five    degree curve, paralleling  itself in adislancc-of four hundred and  sixty  foot.  This spur is built for the purpose of  providing for the loading of cars     of  of the buster copper.   This copper is  made  in  large cakes,   each  weighing  about     three hundred pounds, which  are loaded on the cars, three hundred cakes being in each car for ship-,  mentcast.  Superintendent    Hodges,  in.an interview,   said: '" At! present  we have  seven furnaces  running.   I expect" to  blow in the eigth in ��������� a few days.     B  the river keeps up as it .is at- present  we will  be able to run an eight    furnaces   continuously  until" the   West  Kootenay   1'ower  & Light  Company  has its  power line completed to the  smelter,  which will be; in about throe  months"  timCi.     ~  "Since the Norttiport smelter has  closed down we have treated considerable more custom ore. as many of  the Northport smelter's contracts^  have been taken over by the Granby.  Among the latest shipping mines to  the Granby smelter are the Copper-  King, near Chewciah, Wash., and. the  First Thought, near Orient. It is the  intention of the Granby Company to  work an its mines this winter, including the recently acquired properties "  It was also ascertained that     the  Great Northern copper  spur will be  completed and ready for operation"by  Novembcr*30th next."-*"  ail Ins time, talents and  com age to the woik of bringing the  ores to the *- attention.of ncoplc with  the money lequired to make them  great pioducers. Much of his time  was spent developing the properties  on a sma" scale, "and many times he  vi.sitcd the claims with one prospec-  tuc investor aiter another, and he  has invested' much money in them  himseifT It was not until Mr J. 11  Conrad secured ahond for 90 per cent  mteicst in the" propel lies for $175,-  000 that wcrk wan,begun mearnest  Mi. l'etty still owns other -interests  in "the. Windy Arm country -  "Pauiliogan, with a gang of men. is  engaged constructing a telephone line  from Caribou to Com.id City byway  of the vanous mmes now being operated in the Windy Aim county. The  line wii run fust fiom Caribou to the  Big Thing -_ group, m winch Mi. Kd-���������  ward, Bustoi, M P., ei Toronto,'is  interested, the length of Ihe hrst section bang seven" nuics l;rom the  Big Thing the line will continue on to  the'J tustie and Auiora Claims, a dis  tance of five miles and thence on to  Bonanza MnnKtna and thcConrad  Consc-'idatcd gioup and.on to Conrad  City, the total length of the line being twenty-two nuics Prom Conrad  (.My the new Dominion telegraph luvc  extends along the beach to Caribou  tries completing ixcucuil of about 35  miles The telephone line will be completed  witlun   a few  da\s  Ai Davis, agent foi the Enterprise  Cigars, was one on the visitors nom  Nanamio who was m attendance at  the Masquerade Ban last evening, and  as usual made himself useful as one af  the uuliciary for many events  Associated with the Company    is  Mr.  Sam SiK'eiman,- the well known  mining man formerly of Ruby Creek,  Okanag^in, later     of     i'almer Mouti-  tiin, Slocan,  Buffalo Hump, etc. I?i  each place Mr.   Silverman made    a  hunch  of   money,   and   proceeded   to  J^se it in some other mining scheme.  Now  he stands to make a couple   ot  millions,  being a large owner in      a  \aluablc shipping 'mine.,. For* old acquaintance      salve,   Mr.   Silverman's  many friends hope he makes and saves a fortune���������for he has been  a bust-  l.r all lus days. ,". i  ESCAPED  PRISONERS i  Next Saturday,  Oct.  21st, is Trafalgar Day.   The most  authentic ac-  ount of the great Utile fought just  ne hundred years ago   -s        t   . 0n-  amod in the oflicial dcsiu.ch -J Ad-  liral Lfi^l  Collinwood,  win   :ssjja-  ed  command of the Britsh  i'eet u])-  '< i  the death of his superior ofhm.  'Hie despatch was  dated  October 22,-  lS05,   the  day  after  Nelson's   great  .victory and death,  from  his flagship  the   Eurayaius.  oft     Cape .Trafalgar  "On Monday,  the 21st instant,   ut  ajhgjit,  when Cape Trafalgar bore  *-  by  S. abouf    seven  leagues   the  nemy  was discovered,  six or  seven  riles     to     the eastward, the wind-  about west and very light,  tho com-  .mnder-in-chief immediately m,ade the  ignal   for the fleet  to  bear   up  in  wo columns, as  they arelormed m  order of     sailing; a mode of attack  h s.   ��������� lordship previously directed to  a oid  the inconvenience  and delay in  arming aline of battle in the usual  manner.  | 'the enemy's line consisted of 33  The Chippewa Fans, Wisconsin,,au- *>ups, ' 18 French and 15 Spanish  thongs, are making a search forFc-l ominanded' in chief by, Admiral Vi'i-  ux bciloi.1, that-ged with murder of 1 neu\e' the Spaniards under the thins uarer, who escaped' with another action of Uravma, wore, with tneir  piiSuiier fiom the county ja-.i Monday *,-ads to the northwaid, and formal  nioLiiiiig       ' to**1' line of battle with great eio&er-  It is believed he     has not gone tar Iw&s     aiid*#corrcctues>&;  out as tne ���������  but is ludurg soinewliere in the county I'*0('e Pf attaca was unusual, so tnc  and will be recaptured. ^ -ctuie ot  their line was new, ,ii  It is bei'ieved that the tools with f-jr'nci1 a crescent con.exiujr to lce-  which he escaped weie passed m by"v"ut1' so that, in leaning aowu io  parties from the outside. A small ,'Ve,r centie, l had botn tneu van  saw was used to sever a ceil bar and *JU rea'r abaft tine, twain, uciorc uie  tne bar made into a chisel to remove *'ie ������i-"eIK<li e^iy alternate-snip v.as  the section of'the stone wall through tt00Ut a cable's len^.ijn to winuwaru  which the piisoners ciawicd out. cl nei sec������nd ahead an,d astern, ionn-  The   enmc for winch Foui'Joul Was a"'S a hind oi uoui,lc  line,, an a appe-ai-  awailing  , tnai   m the    circuit cou)t cU'    wilcn  0^ their-beam,  to  leave  was I he     minder of lus father, Felix ^v'iy    hHle  interval between   thorn.,  I'ouinoui      The evidence a^a'nst him aI1(.1  U,JS    without crowding      t'heir  In  and  Prince   and    Princess  of  Wales Start on  Their  Trip  Victoria, B.C., Oct. 19 -(Special)  ��������� Alexandria Minnie was lobbed of  13r>u at the Occidentul hotel last  evening. An arrest has been made,  that oi a man named Scottu, a sailor  who was noticed spending moa,.  luvishly.   He is being held for trial.  London, Oct. 19.���������Prince and Erin-  cess of Wales started today on a  six months' tour of India.  King     Edward,    Queen Alexandra  and other members of the Royal family gathered at  the railway station  )o bid them farewell and ��������� a safe journey.   They ai-3 going overland      U  Genia, Italy, where they will     em-  burii on the British   ship r Renown.  They -will stay in  India until next  March,   visiting  the" principal  cities  and   states,  and receding  the  cluei  and primes of India on behaif ot . i  I Majesty, King  Edwaid.  I    Tonio,  Oct.  19.���������Thirty-three'military attaches,  who were with     the  Manchurian Army throughout ti.  cent Russian-Japanese war,   were re  cei\ed in a farewell audience with the  Empeior today.     Among them were  . cial Burnett, of the British army,  and General MacAitnur, of the American armv.  and  was purely circumstantial,  and  at the *-''"-s.'    Admiral Vilieneu\e was  "aTiTicc of his    attorney .he .waived ex: V10  Uuccntaure, in  the centre  am-nat'on  On  Api'ii  10 he'Went  to his futhei's  COURT HAS  ADJOURNED  . AT NANAIMO  Court convened,at Nanaimo today  at 11 o'clock. .In the I-Iannay Jcasc  Attorney King, for -the. defence, raised  the point that -\ the justices'having  once discharged'''Hannay. they had no  further jurisdiction and his subsc^^cnt  i>\imination- aa\d binding over, was not  legal His Lordship stated that he  considered the point wen taken, but  would'not'decide on it. at1 this silting,  lie ordered ehc'ease adjourned until  the next assizes, Hannay. to heat  liberty on the same hut) as heretofore.  In the case of Mai one the Grand .Jury found no- bin and the sitting is  now over.  jbho Pnnee of "'YStiuias "bore Gra\i-  ua's flag m the leai,  but the Fieach  bouse aiDil took     some, money from a all(i   Spanish  ships   were   mixed with-  trunk    '1'hat    evening the'father and ollt anY apparent lcgaid to ordci of  son, at  the'    father's request. Walked &ati&..ul sqi.auron.  to Ihc'subiubs oi the city    That was)    'Uie commaiiciei-m-cliicf,   Loid   Ncl-  ihe'last seen of     the fatbci, and the son.  ln the victory, led the weather  son was     aiissled    on     suspicion oi   oluniti".  and    the  Royal   Sovereign,  knowing something of Ins wherealfcuts vfl,cn M��������� my hag, tne lee  The buv. who is 20 yeais old, ac- 'Hie acbon began at 12 o'clock tiy  I ntjwiedged haung a fight with lus the leading ships oi. the colunaib  father, saying he had got the worst'breaking through the enemy'^ line  of it, and while be was lymg on the the couimandci-iii-chief about the  ground m a seuu-conscio^js condition tenth ship from the van, the sccoiui  Ins fn.ther, behevng, he had killed him'in command about twelfth fiom the  ran  away rear,   leaving the van of  the enemy  '1 be next chapter in the case opened unocupicd, the succeeding ships bu.ui-  vvilh Ihe finding of the father's  body,  mg  through   in  all   paits,   aslein  of  BUY YOUNG  ���������WOMbt  Major  Joly  do Lotbiniere,  son,  of  His Honor the. Licut.-Governor, Jjpenli  i subject of" electric plants.   He was  'accompanied by Mrs.  Jolly and also  bv his father,  Sir He^iri Joly     de  Moaiday in an inspection, of tih-e works |I;otL.li.cl.e_     During    fteir    s(.ay   in  of    the Vancouver  Power  Company,    VanC0UVer the party W6re tUc guests  Major  Joly in his capacity  as civil  lQf  R   H    Sperllngf   gpnorai manager  and electrical engineer  at Kashmir,  '  o������ t,h2 B c   Electric Raihvay Co-m-  In|dia, isx very deeply interesssd in tbepaIty  t-  The Cumberland Enterprise says:  H������ P. Wilson, formerly accountant  of the East End branch, Vancouver,  arrived Tuesday .'tb. assume management of the Royal Bank bare.' Mr.  WWson has had considerable experience in banking-. He has held positions in Victoria, Atliu, Tteinii.tic,  Wash., and Vancouver-branches. '. I'h  both Republic and Atliu he worked  with Mr. Von Cramer, the .first, manager of the Rojal Bank in Cumberland .  The  long-  distance  telephe      Mm  between Ladysmith ano Victoria has  fcicen    dolwn    since   jester-day.   The  break is reported near Coldstream.  Aveiglited with raiiioad iron, in the  nver The head was broken m on  eitbei side The. coroner's jury placed  the blame upon young Fourboui because theie was evidence produced to  show that on tl,c night the murder is  believed to have been committed he  appeared at his home \\ Hh yioody  clothes and covered with pitch, supposedly fiom the logs in the nver.  lie also told conflicting stories about  noivv bcieccued cuts on Ins face and  hands. ,  Orin ;  Fullmer, the-   oth<M\ prisoner,  was serving a light term for forgery.  .������������������. o ���������-  MRS.  TOTTER   PALMER '  ,  .IS SORRY NOW  King Edward,  or the Duke of Lau-  casier,   .--sip he is  known  while  incog,  at Marlcnhad.     mot Mrs.  Potter Palmer 'in (he gardens,  and jocularly reproved .  her for driving her motor so  rapidly.     And     Mrs. Palmer replied.  "Wen, certainly you can no ^ talk,  for  you yourself    drove so furiously when  you   went to  Carlsbad  the other day j  that you knocked  over a man, and. if.  you  had not     been    King of England  you   would have):cen taken into custody."        His majesty     did not like  this free and easy retort, and the English king and Chicago  queen no longer     speak as they     pass by.-    Mrs.  Palmer's     only response  to the subsequent royal snub was that his majesty    was  either      incog or wasn't,  and. if  he  was.  he should  1)0 .addressed   like anyrody     else���������which seem?  logical enough, though we sikspect -accompanied    Uy some  heavl-ftiprning.���������  Harper's Weekly-  Whv is it that bovs w-:ll learn to  smoke? It makes them sick and uses  them up generallv. Still, they will  keep it up, and in time troy get to  be -accomplished smokers, then they  would give rood coin of the realm if  they had riot acquired the habit.  the leaders,  and engaging the enemy  at the muzzles-0f  their guns the conflict  was severe,  the  enenn 's   ship^  were fought   gallantly, but  the      attack on  them     was lrresistabie* and  it  pleased the   Almighty   Disposer of  all      events to grant Tlis Majesty's  arms a complete and glorious       \ ic-  tory.   About 3 p.m.  many  of the enemy's ships having struck  their colors,     their line gave way,  Admiral  Griivma.-with.ten ships, joining their  frigates     to leeward, stood towards  Cadi?..   The five headmost ships     iu  (their'van' taoked, and standing      to\  the southward, to the windward   of  the   British  line,  were engaged,   and  the     stern-most of  them tu'ievt;  ihe  others  went  oft", leaving   ill-;  Marty's .squadron  nineteen ships <..l    tilt  line,     of     which two  are  first class  the    Santissima,    Truiidada  and   the  Santa  Anna,  with   three flag tMoors,  iz.,  Admiral Villencuve, oommander-  hi-cb.ef;  Don  Ignatio Mama-d'Aliva,'  ice-admiral;  and the   Spanish Rear  Admiral  Don  Baltazar Hidalgo  Cis--'  neros.  A circumstance occurred  during the  action  which so strongly  marks    the  invincible  spirit of   the British    seamen,   when  enasviing  the enemies   oi  their     country,   that  I cannot resist  the pleasure  I have in  making       it  known to your  lordships.  The Tem-  eraire was  boarded by  accident    or  design,, by a French ship on  one side  and by a Spaniard   on   (be  other; the  on test was vigorous;   but,  in     the  end   the combined ensigns   vere  Urn  down  and      the    British  Hoisted   in  heir places.  The ' Royal  Sovemp,-n,  having   lost  her masts,  except the -tott?ringfoie-  mast; I called the Euryalus lo me  while the action continued, which  ship lying within hail,  made my sig-  (Continued    on Page Four  Chicago,  Oct.  18.���������Traffic In yount-  women,     purchased in Chicago    for  practical sale in all parts of the em  pire of China, has Leen dis^o-erea r,.  local federal and  police authorities,  but thus far no law has  uecu foutt  prohibiting the exporting  of Au.eri  can women to foreign countries,  rtn.  police ate in possession cf the nan.e-  of two   women,   one   -n   Chicago anu  and another in Shanghai, China, who  are thought to be. leaders in      the  piacticc.  The plan'used in  the operation oi  the alleged ring  was, it is behe.ed,  to     first  hire unsuspecting women,  tempting them with lurid stories   of  wealth in the Orient.   A position of  maid      or high  servant  in  wealthy  Chinese lamilies  is said lo have been  the bait offered.   To bind the' - contract the. applicant for  the position  "was told that  her  traveling ���������and liv������  ing expenses would be paid and  all  the clothing  necessary  furnished.  When  the      women   reached  China  they weie immediately placed    .tinder  guard and     sent to the purchasers,  who   had  previously  paid  from $500  to U,0(J0 for each. Many are supposed to he held in palaces ' of wealthy  Chinese undei  heavy guards.  41-  LAUGH AT   THE  VANCOUVER POLICE.  Vancouver     Socialists  are openly  luighmg tit the police and  immensely enjoying the joke of Mr    Arthur  lAIouow Lewis,  Socialist orator, who  ���������was last  week fined ?5  and costs for  obstructing the streets, evading payment of the fine and   umping out of  town before  he could be  put in jail  foL ten days in lieu of payment, says  the Vancouver  Province  On the understanding that the case  was  to  be appealed  from  the decision     of Police Magistrate Williams,  Mi.  Lewis  was  allowed  his liberty,  and apparently the police omitted to  insure  payment  of  the fine in     case  Mr.  Lewis left town.  On Sunday..-it-was given out, bv  the Socialists publicly that Mr. Lewis intended to leave town yesterday  mor|iii;rig. Last night, shortly after  midnight' a,policeman appeared at  the room of 'fte'Spcialist speaker in  the, Masonic block and served him  with notice that he must either pay  the fine or go to jail for ten days.  "Lewis  just  laughed and  said     he  would not par the fine,"  said  a prominent   Siocialist  today,  in  relating  manner  in   which  tihe fine or imprisonment  has been evaded.   Today Mr.  Lewis  left the city.  Winnipeg, Oct. 19 ���������So alarming has  ihe typhoul   epidemic in Winnipeg become that Premiei    Robhn re^tst-d  Dr. R.  M.    Simpson, chairman oiu-  provincial Board of Health, to make ������.  special     examination of the tv et il, -  incts .     lie has     ust completed tr.e  task, and finds that since the u'rsl -of -  August there has been 596cases -n the  city     or     an average   of 242 c^s-'is a  month.     The chairman of the He*rih  Board scores    the sanitary system c.i  the city, and calls the box-ciosot system iniquitous     and penr.cio-'.. . ihcie'  being 8,0(10 of these in the .:tty s /Ihe  prevalence of fever in the' foreign tt,uar  tei is mest marled, there being located more     than half the cases; *. Regarding the system Dr S .iiupson s- ys:  "It is beyond comprehension hov.  such adiacoucai arrangement toutd  ever have i>ren authorred or "������. i une-  nancerTV-the cTty"oT~Winnipe!������. '  M-stem- ::! all houses where there is  none, as a sort of local improvement  Ihe doctcr sayo further  "I   cannot reflain itom  charaGtcnz- -���������  nig the system of sewerage m Wmiu-  ipeg���������a system which emits loatli������lome  offensive  and foul  air.-and  relies    for  its consumption upon the systems of  human     beings���������as a public nuisance,  and ci such a nature that it should be  no  longer toJei ated    In  my  opinion,  the gas from these seweis is not alone  disgusting and abhorrent to  the sense  of sme'i,  but is a distinct menance to-  public health and'eannot fan injurious  iy to affect human \tta.uty "  'Ihe doctor lecommends an increase  in the supply of water for the Pushing of sewers  A large number of boys and girls  were present m the Presbyterian  Church yesterday afternoon to hear  Mr Rodger. The subject of the sermon was Heaven Mr Rodger also  told some of his experience in connection with Childrens' services. Anoth  cr service for girls and boy? will be  held next week. At the evening ser  vice the subject of address was. "The  new birth." The-. .-speaker .forcibly  pointrd-out that being born again was  not . viz.. not baptism, not going to  church, not believing" a er<-ed .rV  After showing the necessit-v rf-tbr  New Birth.'. He pointed his prrHnrc-  to.the Lamb of God who boreth away  the sin of the world.. Meeting |or  prayertonight at 7.30 p. m.. service  in church at R p. m.   o���������'���������   And now wood is in (ien������TS       in  Ladvsmitb.  The snpctmtnrs seemed to em'ow the  evenine at the onera house lost niHh*  as much as did the .particirants.  TRAFALGAR DAY  IN LADYTMITH  Trafalgar Hay. Saturday. Oct. 21st. band, finding that arrangements were  is to be celebrated in Ladysmith, the not being made by any other orgam-  Cify Band having decided to g-ivc a , iza'tion determined to do their best to  concert and dance in the Opera House! celebrate the anniversary of the great  on     the  evening    of that day.     Tho   battle.  program, including songs,  by the band, etc., will b������  after which the floor will  and    a dance held.     There  band  does not  aim to make anything      A short  by the afiair     and will charge for ad-   selections  mittiince the sum of 25'cents'only, to  rendered,  clear   the. expenses.     A few days sjgo | be cleared  it looked     as  if    Nelson's centenary  was to be allowed     to pass    without  any celebration in Ladysmith, but the made the success that it should be^  &  is little    doubt   but that     the Opera  House wm be crowded and the event DAILY LEDOHR  \TKS $2.00 PUR DAY  ROOMS  BAR SUl'PMKD -WI-TH'SSSI"  WINES, LIQUORS. CIGARS  Published   every day except Sunday  BY       THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  SO cents  a  month;    $5  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap-  plication.  ���������._   t,,c   Professional.   B������.e   Them  H        .n ��������������� PnbHC- Emotion..  couDutd with the wails of that organ,  ZvltoZvn than mortal child ever ut-  tored was worth dollars a day to the  oW ieUow. It was reprehensible nit,  ocVoursel but art "CverUie.ess     And  to bKbe owner of many bouses in He  L������Sn could there be anything more  Ukerv to Scito compassion than the  cnis throwing trick? H was inventedby a German beggar named Lang,  Shose French disciple, Lemaire, prac- ,  Seed it subsequently. I have seen a  ornst thrower operating in Sixtu ave  nue He was a semi-well dressed man,  who walked swiftly down through the  crowds of shoppers. Suddenly he ut  SSfa Ursa cry and, darted out into  Sel'oadvvay, where, pouncing upon a  crust of bread which he bad thrown  there previously, he began gnawing it  -������   ravenously. He did not wait for sj-m-  * ������t������/ h������ ���������lked rapidly awa^buLt  number of women who saw the act  l'Jm after him and crowded one another  ror\he privilege of Hvln* Wjm������  -Theodore   Waters   in   Everybody ���������  Magazine.   Conceit o*  the Roo.ter.  ������   Were it not for the disgusting self  conceit of the roosters one might en-  Sy a Poultry show.    The rooster is  near to nature's  heart.    He' has not  cMbzation enough to veneer his options with common politeness and savo.r  fau-e  and bis disgusting e-WWtum g  the art of being it offends good taste  and refinement    How the hen manages to put up with it is certain,  of the mysteries of the coop.  If six or  efgbt  Sb  would join  a hens'  cub  modeled after Sorosis and throw the  rooster down good and hard ojee or  twice, he would soon discover that he  WU8 not the only kernel on the cob.  A Spelling:' Kule  At a school inspection some of tht,  , boys found a difficulty in the correct  placing of the letters "i" and "e" In  eueb words as "believe," "receive," etc.,  ���������when the Inspector said blandly, "My  boys, I will give you an infallible rule,  one I invariably use myself." The  pupils were all attention, and even the  master pricked up bis ears. The inspector continued: "It is simply this  Write the T and 'e' exactly alike.niKl  put the-dot in the middle over th'em."���������  London Telegraph.  Not "What lie Meant.  , Mother (to her daughter)���������W1U you  play that new sonata for the doctor?  Daughter���������But,-' mamma, the doctor  has bad bo. much sorrow lately��������� Doctor���������But, my dear young lady, to bear  you play, will not be pleasure.  m mm pa  AT CRESCENT STORE  Under the Supervision of Miss Perrin.   late of  Toronto  FIRST CLASS WORK.    MODERATE PRICES  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  , i-     ���������    f������������������     Rnlendid hunting and fishing in near vicinity.  BeBtaccomodatioumtown.   Splendid nunu k LADYSMITH, B. C  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  Esquimau & Nanaimo Rati way  I ;pfs ; - ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������  STEAMSHIP   SCHEDULE  BETWEEN  LADYSMITH,   NANAIMO  VANCOUVER.  (Effective Sept. 30th)  .    " .   " ' S. S. JOAN. " ^  &  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  JUST OPENED  Two cases  of Childrens'  P. 'ue Serge, and Red, Brown and Green  Fancy  Dresses.    Childrens' cloth,   Hcur-skin,   Velvet  and   Eiderdown I'oats    The best seicc tio������ c\er     shown-     .See our tw������ big  windows,  which  only  represent   a few of them.  Infants' Dresses from $1.00  '   Coats,    "   $1.50  PORTLKND  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked  ON-SALf WfDNDSBAY  in white,   black,  brawn  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fittcdup and well supplied and is in charge of  JOS. PELLIGRINELLI  This Hotel has   been completely   Board and lodging $1.00 per day.  renovated.  Sails frera Nanaimo for Ladysmith Fridays     5.30  p.m.  " Sails frora Ladysmith for Nanaimo Saturdays^  G.00 a.m.  Sails from Nanaimo for Vancouver Saturdays   8.00 a.m.  Sails from  Vancouver for  Nanaimo Saturdays   2.30 p.m.  Sails from  Nanaimo for Ladysmith Saturday    ...'. ������������������������������������ 5-30 P   m.  FARES   BETWEEN  LADYSMITH   AND VANCOUVER,  one way, $2.50  Return,   $3.75.  FARES   BETWEEN  LADYSMITH   AND NANA^IO,  one way  50 cents,.  "" "~       " "~ 1       1 Return,' 75 cents.  1  ,  .  i I' <  ���������  ,    ���������  1  ' GEO. L. COURTNEY.  . 86 Govt. Street, Victoria B.C.      . Dist. Freight &, Pass.Agt  *!  Ike Wort* Jajj  EverthlngThat's GeodSinl,Travel is?  Yours if You Use the '*&  10 Doxen Pair Ladies' Suede   Kid Gieves  Tabs and modes.  Regular, $ 1.25, for 75c. Pair  JOHN TKA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied with the. Best   Wines, 1st Avenue  Liquors and Cigars.  Ladysmith B.C.  ON U\ f WDNfSDAY  .Three ihv/en brown and black Coney     Fur Ruffs with four tails,  Regular $1.25 for 95c.  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor. Government  Victoria, B. C-  and  Yates St3.  5S 20 DOZEN  "3?      Mens'  Oxford gni&fcam   and mole sshin. top shuts, worth,  3 75c. For Each 50c.  aj ��������� .X .    Km  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  * - _Ci  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward '  2Hight������toSt.Paul  3Hights to Chicago  4 Might* to New York  Across the Mountains in Daylight.  Up-to -Dale Palace and Tourist Catsj  Trains. Meals a la Carte. y    J  Thiough Dining'Cars on All Overland  Up-to-date  For fun particulars Call or address,  S. G. YERKES,    E. R. STEPHEN  3  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  5  3  Don't Forget the Store, at  if mo. SLimitc  Best accommodation for  transient  a.  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  " This 'new Hotel has been comfort-  a ly furnished  and the bar is up-to-  d*tc.     Rates $1.00  a day    and    up-  to \rds. /  '  '      WM. BEVERH>CE, Prop.  B������������lasa-ia'������':���������: :���������: >-'��������� La������y������niit������  ^S.  rVanaimo,  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rates |1.25 and$1.50���������  Freo baa to all steamboat landing! and  rail way .depots.-  Electric care every fiv*  minutes to all parts of   the city.   Bv  and table .unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST., VANCOUVER B, C.  G.W.P.A.,    k  Seattle, Wash,  71 Government st  Victoria, B.C.  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  GEO. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith ^        i/P  B.  C  HARTLEY   GISBORNE  Member  Can.   Society  of   Civil  Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,^ England  Member  Internatioi������il  Electrical  Congress   at St. Louis, 1904  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  P.  O. BOX 357,     .,   -I  l   -,     !,  i.,'|    I  |       ||  ||   |  I   LADYSMITH, B. G.  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Good Table, Good Bed and Good Bat  (Hall Block from Depot.)  GAT ACRE  STREET-"   Ladysmith.  '���������GALEDOMAN"  Leads Them    All  ; IN QUALITY  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell &Woobank  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly Firs* Clais.  Commercial Mens' headquarters.  Fire Proof    Buildiajr.  HENRY'S NURSfRlES  NEW CROP���������  Home Grown & Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and FLOWER  SEEDS, .1  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TIJEES  .HODOpENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  v.  or less.    Catalogue free.  S0IO Westminster Road, Vancouver.  One of which fs" the famous "North  ���������-  Coast Limited," '  Tickets on sale to a"  Eastern  and ,i-  Southern points at' lowest rates.  Pullman   and     Tourist' ".  sleepers      on ail  trains.  Dining Car  service Unsurpassed. -"  , ,- -  CHEAP ROUND TRIP RATE     TO  LOS ANGELES, CAL., OCT.   .  20-21.  Steamship tickets on sale to and ,  from an European- points. Cabin ac- %  conimodation icser\ed   by wire.  For     furthsr-.  particulars    call or  write" the^office. -     Phone Main 456.  A. D" CARLTON, C. E. LANG  A.G.P.A-   N.P., x     General Agent^  , Portland, Ore.        {Victoria, B.C  ���������:o:-  R. P. R1THBT,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :���������: :���������: ���������������������������: ������������������= :���������B.C.  HOTEL HUM  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and     re-modelled.    Rates  $2 per  .day.   Corner Qranville and Hastings  I streets. Telephone, 1���������4.  ^Ssm1*^.*  Have    heen pronounced  by experts  TH6 CITY 7VTKRKeT  BEST FOR IHE WEST  ;x % fst. Avenue  R. Williarnson|Prop  They are made hymen who  know     Western, conditions  and     requirements from .c  pcrienee. Though   durab-iity  is   their     long     suit, many  lines conform to all  the re-..  rjuire.me.nls  of general dress-  Ladysmith B. C.  I"  i  \:^^^^:<^^^:^^^^:^p_^KU;9.^K^Pi^^^9i^������.^^i'^^t*i^  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  PURCHASErTaND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,B. C.  Coav.nientto E. & N.^Ry. or the Sea  NOTICE  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers alter this notice,  will be prosecuted.  RUMMINO BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith, B.C.  Are Vou  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   rial  the  I CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  General Manager.  W.J. WATSON,   _  Smelter Manager.  .ecme  *       1  !i������      IS  specialties a  I uenerai Manager. mm.��������� .������-..-&-. s  WM. MUNSIE, President  for   Loggers,  Jliners,  Pros-  peetors, ���������     Doys and Youths  are   'as near   indes-t-ructille  ars     footwear can lie made.  - In buying boots for service  insist on getting-  IE OKIE   BOOTS  J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  Telephone^.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT  FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH���������Shingles  a Specialty.  ���������.Mamifactuiers     of���������  Rough and Pressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Ai >u!ding\s, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln  Dried   Flooring     and  Finishing    Lunbec  la   Stock  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  ������ E. WALKER, O^-l ������*������^        ^ WR������- ^ ������^ ""'"  BANK MONEY ORDERS  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, ;pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  ladysmith, B. C.  If you like-���������  A smooth, easy shave,..'an even,  well-finished beard trim, a good  bath, or a stylish Hair-cut.  You will go to  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PAfilORS  HIGH STREET.  The only  line now making" UNION  DEPOT    connections at ST. PAUL  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with"      the  through    trains    from    the    Pacini  Coast.  TIIE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST  TRAINS,  THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General   h gent,  1?0 2nd Ave, Seattle, -  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL1  BAKED AND FRESH.  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to be de  livered at any time.  iFi-wn  ...Dea ers in  Pianos and  ���������'Organs'-..  Lady sit i\h, B.C  ip/BflK  i   H   f  ������*    '���������>  m  "V  LTD  WIANUrACTURERS OF  LEOK IE BOOTS  VANCOUVER, B. C  DID  IT EVER STRIKE YOU?  That the. place to BU Y YOUR M EAT  is   where  the slaughtering  done locally?   We  are  not depending   on    what the Wholesalars send u?  and     can    GUARANTEE   EVERY-THING to be FRESH AND CLE A  PANNELL  &  r  ISTFVENS BLOCK,  UAT/.^R1'  J/iJEJT,  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWINQ RATES  $5 and under ^    3 cents  Over $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  "    $10       " " $30   10 cents  "    $30        " w $50......  15 cents  'hese Orders are Payable at Par at any office in C  nada of a Chartered Baati  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking point;;   n the United States.  NEGOTIABLE AT A FIXED RATE A *  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC   , LONDON, ENG  They iorru an excellent method of remittin   small sums of moucj  with safety and at small  ;ost.  LIDYPEITH BRANCH ������ W, A, CORNWALL. Hanagor  Employment Agency. |    Dr   Dier CaR hQ foUR;, at any time  at his office on High street. His dental work is ��������� guarantee-! I'o be first-  class and rates reasons...le at.  Manufacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  None bu   Union tabor   Employed  I! J. BOOTH, Prop  HILBERT  h DAILY LEDGER  Union  Brewine  NANAIMOMB.1C/  Co  ������?-  flanu? *c fearers ofA the  ���������CSS. -  barter .���������������!���������������������������: um.  A museum founded at Berlin by William I. is intended solely for the reception of royal garters. Garters from  the limbs of all the princesses that  have been married in Europe since 1817  may be found in this unique collection,  In |British Columbia  Lager Beer an J Porter Guaranteed  Brewed  from the  Best Canadian Malt Run  Hops  Snake'n BIr Meal.  A number of coolies working in th<  Gaya district, India, saw a huge snake  fourteen feet long come out- of a thicket, seize a sheep .out of a flock which  was grazing and devour it.  ERBsaaaxiflMHBetai  BRASS HEARTH  SUITES  Papered  Willi   Pawn  Ticket*. ���������  A gentleman in n London suburb hag  covered the walls of one of bis rooms  with pawn tickets. It is a somewhat  expensive bobby. Each ticket has been  procured by the gentleman himself in  a legitimate maimer, but the articles  pledged are, of course, only of small  value.  The  Peacock.  The peacock is found in a wild star*  In India, Ceylon. Madagascar and many  other parts of Asia and Africa.  The Semaphore.  Shortly before tho   French revolutl jn  Claude Chnppe at Angers invontod u suin-  upbore  telegraph, consisting of relays of  towers   surmounted   by   movable   arms.  This plan, with modifications, was adopted in France, England and other countries.  In  August,   179-1,  tho first ot   Chappe'*  lines was  completed   between  Paris and  Lillo, and on Sept. 1 at noon tho welcome  news of tho recapture of tho town of Conde  fvpm the Austrians was transmitted by it  from  Lillo and announced  by Carnot to  tho deputios in Paris the same evening.  The Inventor, who. was the first person  that received the "title of telegraph eDgi-  neor (ingeniour telographo), as head of ��������� j  telegraphic department in the military  service of the first republic, was succeeded  In this office by his brothers, Ignatius and  Reno. During the directory, the empire  and the reigns of Louis XVIII and Charlea  X numerous linos of this description were  constructed in Franco. Louis Philippe  secured the introduction of the eluotrlo  telegraph, but both systems were in uee  down to the time of the Crimean war, after which tho semaphore was finally abaq-  donnd.���������Cornbill Magazine.  i' We HAVE JUST OPENED  OUT SOHE CHOICE  KERBS  AND BRASSES'  in Suites an to match. ; The designs are decidedly novel and hand-  some���������suggestive of the Louis Period ��������� with a dash of the Coion-  iai���������massive square rails,  set diagonally   , heavy" moulded brass  bases and scroll supports. The dogs in ,each design are attached  '' to the kerb,   adding dignity  to its appearance and qr great utility- ^ ���������-        , -"'';_ '     ,   ," i -     1    J   i   I.T  ;. ��������� COMFORT on,>he HEARTH  is one of ��������� the first considfer-ations nf the- .successful funishing of  each room. The effect of-a ban'dsome Hearth Shite is very striking,��������� it adds" a "tone," to the surroundings,unattainable in other  ways. '_-..'-,'[ /���������''''���������-  ...These-new suites are priced at��������� ^ . "-     * .'/j--;,i.>  BritiHj-   SiivliiKH.  In England and Wales about one in  four of the population bus an account  In the Posto.Tice Savings bank, in Ire-  bind one in ten and in Scotland ouc in  eleven.  I/Oiik: Time Wldowi,  According to an ancient inscription  In Cambervvoll church, England, an old  lady named Agnes Skuncr died in (lie  year 3-J00 at tho patriarchal ago of 11?>,  having survived her husband, Richard ^pounds  Skuncr,   for   ninety-two  years. ' Jean   gross  output  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands  may  be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  $20  for  anthracite.  Not more than  320 acres can lie acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty at the  rate    of ten cents per ton of 2,000  shall      be  collected on  the  Countess of Roxburgh, who died in  1733, aged ninety-six, was a widow for  seventy-two years.  -.' i  $15.00 $16.00 $18,00  $20.00   $25,00  Train  Stopiteil   by  Butterflies.  A train on the Central Argentine  railway has been "slopped by the crush-  ed bodies of nomads of white butler*  flies.    -   .  Oldeftt  EnnllHli  Comedy.  The oldest known English comedy In  "Ralph Roister Doister." It was mod-  eled on the comedies of Terence, and  the exact date of its publication la"  unknown, although it is thought to'  have been .written prior to 1351. _ Its  author, Nicholas Udall, was ouo. of'the  masters at Eton college.  Ilamnn notion.  Ill the bones of the aged is a greater  proportion of lime than in the bones  of the young. This accounts for the  fact that" elderly persons are, more liable to boue fracture than young people.  The Jupanene.  Rheumatism seems to bo practically  unknown in Japan. A French observer  attributes this to the sobriety of the  -people, their vegetarian diet-and their  great use'of water. - They .not only  drink large quantities of pure water,  but take two or three baths daily  throughout the year.  liners' Drilling Machines,  ���������', -", "       ' r v   . - ���������      " 1 * ,      '     .  tide to order and Repaired at shore   notice.  -Drill Sharpened by ik  ���������' -~  fays gives satisfaction. Picks handled and repaired.    _'* ';>  Stiipsmittiing   iri aH     its   BraciViss  Horseshoersjjand Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSGN  fuller Street   -   -   -,   -    Ladysmith, b C  l-f+'f-H^'t+f ������������������ ������������������^���������f+^+^-t^++*-������+4"������ ������������������������������������ ���������������������������-?-��������������������������� ��������� ��������� ���������������������������������������������������    .  [* L(V C/SMITH TRANSFER CO.    *i  , Planting- Postn.  s It has been practically demonstrated  that postsv planted in the earth, upper  end down,' last much longer than those  planted In the.position in which the  tree grew.    " . -���������  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in'advance of  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A     free miner,  having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x  1,500  feet.    Tiie  fee for  recording a claim is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year or paid to the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  locator may, . upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  U an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2_ per cent on  the sales. .  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable ycaiiy.  A.free miner may obtain two leases  to? dredge  for gold  of  five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Intsrior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation .within one season from the  date of the lease'for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2J per cent collected on- the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy' of the Minister of the Inferior.  i PIANOS,, ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD  FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.  , Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   the  WILLIAMSAND  VXUZT  ���������-"������������������"''ST  ��������� c  ���������  ������������������������������������*.  t  *'  LADYSMITH .j  ���������     *  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  ���������     ������������������ ��������� ' .   -        ��������� ������������������������������������'������������������ ���������..������-��������� ;  EXPRESS WORK  A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  [PHONE 66  ���������Mllllll     .1,    0.^11.. zoBrmzmff,  Kootenay  Steel  Range  STRONG   CRATES  Just one  turn  is  necessary   to   operate  the Kootenay grates, and they are made in such a  way that live coals are never dumped into the  asnpan.  This makes the Kootenay Range much easier to  operate and more economical on fuel than the  ordinary cheap range fitted with common grates.  The Kootenay is equipped with many other  exclusive and special features, which should be  examined before buying any other range.  ���������f'   ;SoId  by  all  enterprising dealers.   Write for  booklet.  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  [IvGGIES  FOR HIRE ���������:���������:  :���������:  See J.  KEMP, or leave orders with  BLAIR &   ADAM  SRST AVENUE  'PHONE 2-4.  London,       Toronto,        Montreal,        Winnipeg,  St. John, N.B.  I  Vancouver  Ladysmifh Hardware Co  It Pays to Buy  - Extra Special Sale -  - This Pay Day -  All the Styles are here for Men, Women and Children X the  ZZZI        Prices are Very Low  New Fall Coats and Jack.t  LATEST Models  and Styles.  Womens'  Coats,  37 in.  long,  black, heavy' clAh,   made with   trimmed   black-  body and  sleeves lined   with satin.  ONiLY     $11.85  Misses Cloth Coats  The  latest   Styles,   Regular,   $7.50,  PAY  DAY   BARGAIN  $5.95  Separate Skirts  From $2.95 up to $10.00.  We are selling  twice as many separate     skirts as we ever sold before.  Simply      on account of our modest  Prices.  THREE ONLY WOMEN'S GREY  Walking Suits   $10.00  Regular      PAY DAY BARGAINS  $3-95  THREE ONLY���������Womens' Black Ladies' Cloth,  REGULAR      : ,..:..   $13.00  PAY DAY  BARGAIN     $6.95  One Only���������Womens' Light Blue,  nicely trimmed with short Jacket  REGULAR   $22.  PAY DAY BARGAIN    $9 50  One Only���������Nice Grey Suit, long coat,  lined ��������� with Blue Silk.    Gold Braid  Trimming.     .   .  REGULAR    $22.00  PAY-DAY  BARGAIN     $9,95  SALE      OF     WOMENS'   WARMER  UNDERWEAR-  PRICES   50c,  75c, $1.00   $1.25.  Hens $3.50   Boots  $2.50  Ribbon Remnants  We've been gathering our Ribbon  Remnants; pieces from one- yard to  three yards long, of as Dainty Ribbon as you would like to see.  These Remnants of ribbons will  present some Rare Chances to Early  Shoppers.  ALL REMNANTS AT HALF-  PRICES FOR PAY DAY.  New Wrist   Bags and  Purses  Just arrived bv Express.  Specials     in New Styles of Wrist  Bags and  Purses.  Prices 25c. to $4.00  Hand 1 Knitted  OPERA SHAWLS, .BABIES' ^CAPS.  BONNETS,   BOOTIES   and   JACKETS.  Thirty-five per cent Discount     from  Regular prices.  Japanese Silk Waists  $3.50  JAPANESE SILK  WAISTS FOR  $2.95.  Japanese Silk Waists, made      with  rows  of insertion down the front and  on  the Collar Band, and  cufis.    Colors, White, Blue and Cream.      Has  hoen"one of our Best sellers at $3.50  PAY  DAY   BARGAIN  $2.95  Ladies' Golfs and Childrens' Bear Skin Coats  GOLFS, all Colors and Styles, from  $1.50  to $4.50.  BEAR     SKIN COATS���������The newest  Styles,  nicely tiinimed.  Prices from $2.25 to $4.50  MENS'  SPECIAL  for Pay  Day.  Box Calf,  leather lined, good weight  of soles, and  double .shanks.    Special  value at  $3.50,  regular price.       All  Sizes, 6 to 10  PAY  DAY  BARGAIN    $2.50  Womens' Fine Lace Bo ts  AT $1.50 a PAIR.  WOMENS'     FINE DONGOLA-Bo.v  Calf, Lace Boots, with either medium  or Heavy Weight, for  FALL  AND  WINTER  WEAR  All  sizes,  REGULAR    $2.00 and $2.25  Pay-week $1.50  BOYS  AND  GIRLS*   SCHOOL  BOOTS  ON SALE FOR P4.Y-DYY  ald0SATl!lFACT?0NCOlmlry  make'   "**   WiU   ehe   LASTLXG   WEAR,  Si7es from S to 10.  REGULAR ...-  t1   -n  PAY DAY. BARGAIN   ."'....   ......   ..'.'.'.*'" " ..*:.,.....   51.50  ,"***'���������* * .*    $>1.1U  R. &. Weinrobe  W.  SILER.  flERAL EXPRESS AM)  DELI-VERY  '   WORK PROMPTLY DO'���������"I.  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  M.R, SiSIPSOR  Solicitor,  Ete.  ESeney to   Loari  st Avenae -     IADYSV1  Public   Notice  Attention is called to the    fact that the  Ogilvie  Flour Hills Co.,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR.     have for some time  past been producing flour in a   vastly improved and purified form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising tho public that any unauthorized users of the electrical flour purifying processes will be prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Comp^���������ay Limited  re ib._     j x\y      ���������[{{_ .������i i i   3ml; rnn       Flour  s purified by the    electric process  High St,  9  Ladusmith  i  ?5fiS.*-.  686, F.  LADYSMITH  AERIE     NO  O. E. .-���������:��������� :���������: :_:  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30. p.m. Worthy  President. B. Forcimmer; Worthy  Secretary, C-. H. Rummlngs.  NOTICE.  From this date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on a  written orfler signed by the secretary  Rowland JMachin.  V. I. EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1903.  PAINTING,        PAPEI<HANQ1NQ  trrc.  Work done properly and at     ri>rV'  prices.     Shop and residence In rea>  of Ladysmith Hotel.  J. E. SMITH, Pror  BOOTS  AND SHOES  AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and  making to order   a  speciality.  THOHAS   MCEWAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that the urn-  dersigaed wifl apply-at the next regular sitting of the Licensing Btnrd  for the traasfer of the retail liquor  license held by him for th������ Portland  Hotel, located on lot 5, bloek 2, l������rt  Avenu������, City of Ladyeroith, 1������ Joh������  Gogo. ANGELO   TATE.  ���������o���������  Russell Simpson,  S������lieitor for applicant.  Ladysmith,  B.  ������.,  Oct������b������r-4, 1905. THB  DAILY   LBDGSR  LOCAL ITEMS  THE  .*.*%  ::.W  Y BAKERY  FOR   SALE  Fifty acres, eight fenced, imprsvetl,  fifteen si ajehed,' small house and -.barn,  cow, chickens, two tons hay. Three  miles from Duncans. $906 cask, apply M   P. DOUGAN, Cobble Hill.  'THE BEST, AND NOTILNG BUT  THE BH&T  X BRcAH ��������� CAKES ��������� COOKILS ��������� and  a ao*������  rilOTOS���������Fncke &  Schonck have re-  ojiencd their Ladysmith branch      at  the     old    stand.    For the next  ten  dajs  photographs fiom $2.50 per'clo/-  en up-   Come today  2PIES X  issertment of FRESH C ONFECTWNBRY  1ST AVE.  A. LUCAS  PAINTING   AND  FAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDING  ���������M    M       *  Best tobacco,  fruit and.. candies at  Carter's, First Avt^ue. .  _o_ ���������        |   As will be seen by  their notice m  BasUlban cnU.us.a-sls are remmded 1'iis issue, Fnckc and Schenck are  that Un.^on.ng a meet.ng at winch ^-opening their photograph gallaj  thcr attendance >s requested .s to be en Fust A^enuc. lhcy do good  held m the Bowery a^ 8 o'clock.    At york.  tins meeting plans for the coming  season win lie made, so -everybody  uilciestCil in the game should turn up.  'Blair &     Adams'  window, in which  !*<   displayed the various trophies  won  li} the      Ladvsnutli      spoits,   is most  laslefi'iiy     aiipiigcd    and if is woith  uni.ie walking lound to sec it- The  ijliotogiaphs oi the foot hail and basketball teams iepn&entnig Ladysmith  during the past two o,t (luce yeais  aie on show  The e\ent refened to a d,w or Iwo  ago m these columns has not \el  come ofl. tiie lady inlciested altering  her mind a few minutes before the  ceremony was to have taken place.  Her pleasure is now awaited by the  ; gentleman and the officers who were  lo  have assisted  m the ceremony.  lAmejiis ^IcKinncn. wen known to many Ladysimih people, who left heie  last '"~~-<>J is backagain and _wiii r  sumt wotk hi the mmes Angus has  visited Cumbciiand. Ferine, Coleman,  Caigan. and Vancouver, stopping a  few week's at each place, but says  work in Extension mines is grod en  ou������h  foi   him at  piesent.  REPAIRING TIIE ROAU LEADING TO THE WHARF  A force ot -inch under a foreman is>  at wcik today on the' road leading  np fiom the whaif It is  that the fence being erected by the  Wellington Coal Company is to uo  extended down to the V. I' R tucks  Ir this is'done' it will-mean that there  must be airangenicnls of son e kind  made for a way to gel to the whan".  \Vhat these aiiangenicnls will be remains to he seen  Orders Promptly"; Executed  -   LADYSMITH  WANTED  A HOME  $50���������Per acre tor 9-iere sleeks 1  from City.  ���������tilft  A  Seattle report says:    The young  deer     caught a few "ays ago by  the  officers of the     Sound steamer Dodo  ,..   . ��������� is becoming a white  elephant on  the  stated'hands  of the employees  of  the  Col-  'maii dock.   The  j retly little  animal  'is making  IHltslK   many   IiUfcus, Wit  COLONS  IS  STILL  PLAYING  TIIE GAME  The Times  styv    Geo.   D.   Collins  brands the repoit t/iat  he lias   been  abandoned    by   'Trs.   McCurdy   and  her    daughter"   ns    a dastardly  lie.  They both returnorl to San Francisco  he  says, at   hjs instance, and to give  attention to his affairs    Mr. Collin's  claims  that  he wail take action asj-  ainst  Hio.se who have slandered him  in the press of San Francisco.  MARINE.  The PS   Tern  Viken is now load-  inc coal at  the wharf.  Mr.   James W.atnock,  who has late-  ly i shippedf in a large supply  o[ fee!1  1 J hay and gram, thinks that there wil'  ! :>e a good fall  and winter business m  Lad) smith.       Collections   are  good,  and      the    general   business  outlook  seems  favorable-  S.SVv'Transpor't  coai here early  loaded  a cargo    of  this morning  THE BATTLE FOUGHT ONE  HUNDRED   YEARS   AGO.  (Continued fiom Parj3 One)  iials,      a service Captain    'lackwood  pci formed  with great   atten\ion.    AS.  i.������r the action 1 shifted   my dag     to  lur,   that   1 might' more   easily  communicate my orders to  all the .".hips,  and   towed the Royal Sovereign out  was m  port for coal | to sca^  'inc whoie fleet was out in a  ���������very perilous position, many difmasted,   all   shattered,   in   Hi    alii ims of  water,     off the shoals of  and  when  I made the signal  paic to ancMor, lew of tho   ships had  an anchor left, their cables 1 cing shot  but  the same ^ , ��������� euce which    aided us through such a day pre?civ-  You .are invited to inspect  the bar- eH us  in the night,  by the win 1 shift-  gains in dry goods, boots and slv fcs, jng  a few  points and  drifting       the  ships off the land, except foui  ot the  The tug Lome called  hi tins morning ror coai  ���������   ���������   ���������  S S.  ficrmiida  took on  fuel  at  the  colliery whan'  this morning.  'S.S.  Capiiano  Jthis   morning.  AT THE  ABBOTSFORD.  Paul Johnson  Had ley,  Alaska.  Thomas Kiddie, Crofton.  C. II. Samuel, Montreal.  G.   li.  Benedict,  Vancouver.  she is a nuisance, and the employees  of the dock and the men who caught  her want to be lid of her.  The deer  was offered to   the   park  boaijd,  but  the donors were informed  that   the   parks ��������� wore  as well   filled  with  deer as was necessary and  that  the newcomer would not be welcome  Game  Warden  Reif  says  that     the  deer cannot be slaughtered, so     the  people who now have" her  are in    a  quandry.     The  deer  is not. yet two  years old, and although' she h������������������ bceji  in captivity but a few days she is as  tame as a house cat.  ��������� -  A $40,000  DITCH.  IS COMPLETED.  Walla Walla,  Oct."^.���������The big irrigation ditch,  which was promoted  by the Columbia Irrigation Convpjany,  a company     composed principally of  Seattle capitalists,  in the vicinity of  Walluia. has been completed and jtis I  expected" that   water  will  be tunned  in by the middle of the present week.  The intake is at tie Nine-mile  bridge on the Walla Walia river and  tho ditch rims in a northeasterly direction  a distance oi  fifteen  miles.  It is expected that the ditch will  lie the means of reclaiming neaily  7,0fl0 acres of lands in the southwes.  twn portion of Wailla Walla county.  The company has expended aljout $40-  000 in carrying out the project  An extra pair of trous=  ers will double the  lite of a boys' suit.  Boys who are boys are  always long on coats  andshort on trousers.  With several of our  best style boysr su'ts  we have  EXTRA PANTS  the additional expense  is only 75c.  Try apair with the next  suit you buy  $375���������Oath secures a ifce iesiies.ee in  the choicest part ef the city. Oaty  $244 more to >ay at the rate of  ,(13 pec stoati. Owaer hits invested* ������rm (101 im isasrovemeats.  Water 1*W o*W R������* catties.  (380���������Cash   and   UQ9 ���������* mat  buys two lots each 64x164 ealy S  few r������r������*������ frees poet-pftee*    Fine  investment.    *  (500���������Cash and balanos on time buys  two first-class     stores is business  portion of city.  For Rent���������A nies stor# oi First Avenue.  For Rent���������A nice two-roomed store  For     Rent���������Nice two-rcomed c������bi������  near station.  Deeds,   Wills,    Mortgages,  Contracts and AgceemeRts Draws.  J. SJEWART  Conveyancing     *      Notary Public  ' - Phone, I. I  P. O. BOX a*������  V  Walters &  Akenhead  SEND US IN LOCAL ITEMS.  Said a business man yesterday:  "I  read The Ledger every evening with  Interest.   It wo'dd be more interesting," he added, "if you could give us  more in the way  of local news."  The repoiter agreed with Ihe gentleman ent^ely, diut stated- that Ladysmith ' being a small p:ace to publish a daily paper in, it was not always easy to get a great deal of local news  .     "How many items      a  nionfji  do  you give us, -Mr. ,'"he  add ('.'I, ' foi you l.-pow, if every one  would call us up and give us-ainy locals we^ always appreciate them.']  But Mr. ���������77���������1 after thinking it over, said Ue had never thought of it,  and was afraid he had never given us  Land covered* by the new canal has  any    local;; news, allhoush, always  taken a l������g jump   in "value and tracts  ready to read sue- items.  that  were sold a year ago for  $5 an  acre arc now   being sold, at (100 an  the Columbia Irrigation  "   consideiaL'lc  g tne uiten, is knowjn, and  Lhcv   will   plat the same  into  smiali  iracts 11/nd phvee them on the marh;t  rr-if-ileu- - acre.    That  the  ColumL  ;���������/ h    '    Company   has   acquired  al  lo   1)IC"   land along the ditch,  is  Smoke Big  B  Cigar.  now being offered at Simon Loiser *  Co., Ltd.'  Use . Porter's Antiseptic Healing  Oil, freely guaranteed, for sale only  at the Drug Store,  Smoke Big-B  Cigar.  Good Cook Stove  One No. 8 Cook Stove with  Reservoir $6.50  HeatirsgStovesfor  wood and coal both.  Also the Ladysmith make  in-stock  C  PETERSON'S Store  Cor. 5th. and Roberts S  captured dismiantled ships, wjbich arc  now at anchor off Trafalgar, and I  hope will ride safe until those gales  arc o-'.cr.  Having thus  detailed  the  s-rreeed-  ings of the fleet on  this 'occasion, I  beg   lo   congratulate   tiheir   lordships  on  a victory  which   I hope,   will add  a ray  to the glory  of H'is  Majesty's  crown and  attend w'Hh public benefit,  to our country."  The  despatch  also  contained  a generous tribute not only to the deceased      commander-in-chief,   but to  the  other officer's and  men  who bad  fal-  ^n  at the post of duty.  NOTICE.  jMotice is hereby given that the first  sitting of the  Couit of Revision    of  the Citv  of Ladysmith will be held  in the Council Chambers, iLadyemith,  on  Wednesday,  29th November,  at 7  p.m.  J.   STEWART,  C.M.C.  It  is the 'same with  too many  others,   The Ledger will very gladly pub  lish any news items���������a visitor, aln advent uns, atrjp  out of town, or any/  of these little things wh'ch," all combined, make a local paper interesting.  Telephone  the   office,   drop  a line in  the pas'loffice, or  any'othcr way, .but  send   us  in local  items.    The  names  of those  sending in  local  matter w 1)1  not    be disclose^ at the office vtile  the sender of  the items so wishes.  NOTICE.  Notice is  here-fly given that  I will  not be responsible for any debts contracted  by  my  wife,  Lena Casorzo,  frrun or after this date.  C.  CASORZO.,  Ladysmith,  B.C.,  Oct.  10,  1805.  Appointments may be made at any  lime, for dental work at Dr. Dier's  on High street st  Now the long evenings have come,  t%t your reading matter at Knight's  Book Store.  NOTICE.  The Rathbonc Sisters of Ladysmith  intend having an At Home-on Tuesday evening, Oct. 24th. in the A.O-  O.K. Hall. All��������� K. of. P's. are cordially invited to attend. Each one has  thepiiuiege of inviting a friend. Admission 25  cents.  KATE  TATE.  M. or R.  C.  NOTICE.  Ticket No. 50 Jias got the pretty  table-cloth, drawn" at George A nen s.  Please call for it.  BULGING GUN BARRELS.  Tli* Rata That la Wroavht by Cave*  - !��������������������������� Handlist-,  I have sold guns for ten years, anA  In that time "four of them have had  their barrels bulged, one by enow, one  by dirt, one by sand and one by something else getting into, it One man  crawling through a fence got a little  snow in the muzzle. He could not remove it with bis finger, so concluded  to wait and shoot it out, which he did,  but he found a bulge like a pullet's egg  en the'end ot the barrel. Another got  Borne earth in the muzzle and shot it  out, and he, too, found the same kind  of a bulge on the end of bis gun. Another fired his gun at ducks, which  knocked him over on his back and fairly got away from him. When he picked up the gun be found a narrow raised  band around the barrel fourteen Inches  from the muzzle. In this case a wad  had probably lodged there. This customer thinks tbe manufacturers ought  to give him a new set of barrels. I tell  him If tbe. barrels bad not been good  ones it would bave been a burst in-'  stead' of a bulge, which might have  maimed or killed him. Another man ly* j j  lug on a point brought down a duck with  a broken wiug which scurried for the  water. The man ran and struck the  duck, with the muzzle of ihe gun and  in sckdoiog got sand In It He blew'  most of it out and shot out tbe rest of  it. Well, after that shot be found a  little blister two inches from the TOUS-  eie about the size of a man's little finger.  Moral.���������Do hot shoot obstructions ot  any kind out of your gun if you value  your life or gun.���������Uncle Dan in Ama-  tfur Snortamaa.  A Kerr HooaeTelt AneeAot*. -  A personal sketch of Governor La  Toilette contributed to Harper's Weekly by Earle Hooker Eaton contains ���������  new and entertaining anecdote of President Roosevelt which Mr. Eaton  quotes In the president's own words.  Mr. Roosevelt, It seems, was present  at a reception attended by Governor  and Mrs. La Follette. The president  and Mrs. La Follette were standing in  one corner engaged in conversation  and eating ice cream. He was doing  the bulk of the talking, and she was  an attentive and unwavering listener.  "Suddenly I discovered," says the  president, "that for at least five mln-  utes I had been pouring- lee cream  down the front of her handsome evening gown. She had known It all the  time, but had not indicated It by even  the quiver of an eyelash or by the  slightest change to the smiling, Inter*  ested expression upon her face. Sh������  bad simply been too polite to inter-  I rapt mo by word or look or move, M  matter what happened to the gown."*"  Woollen  Goods  We Carry.-A Large 'Assortment Of |  these goods and offer attarctive   selections in all the different lines���������  WOOLLEN UNDERWEAR  WOOLLEN BLANKETS  EIDER DOWN QUILTS  FUR LINED GLOVES  HOSIERY  :<A,  1 T^  ������x-:  5   We   Want You to Cair And  amine    the QUALITY and   PRICE  of these articles  I  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATACRE ST  IALYSMITH  99  W.G. Fraser  1 *������������������������..* .  Mercian tTailor,  , ( jsMAvenue).'-.^'v   - ."''        .  Fall Stock   pri   handf Gall esrly and  get your choice   ;  s&-  Hammer  Guns at-  20 PR CENT  Discount for  Saturday Bargains  We have decided to reduce  our stook of  HAMMER GUNS  So -offer these: snaps, for Saturday.-  The Ladysmith Hardware Cov Ltd, |  JUST ARRIVED   --A large.Shipment of the very latest"  Styles ifl LADIES' am? GENTS' CHAINS, LOCKETS, RINGS,  Etc.-Etc. ^  CALL   AND  SEE  THEM  Ths PRICES ARE MODERATE for the BEST QUALITY 1^3  B.FORCIMHER-  WATCHMAKER,  JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   XXX      Ladysirstth,  B. C  COAL MINES  REGULATION   ACT  Notice  of Examination.  Notice  is..-hereby given 'that, examinations -will <>c Uield for 1st, 2nd and  8rd class certificates .'of competency   under     the provisions  of the "Coal  Mines Regulation  Act," on the 11th, ,15th     and 16th days  of November,  L905, ;conim������ncing  at  the hour     of   '9,30  o'clock in  the forenoon.  '-r'The' eVaminaUOns will be held . at   Fornic,     Nanaimo and Cumberland;  Tke subjects will be as follows:- -tt' ,'.'.'���������.'���������  Stoves  We ar������������maklng them oi thi Nivvist  Styles. |  WE D������ ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY WORK  Our Pfioes are Reasona   bis  SBE ���������UR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S  tove������  Pattern and Latest  WINDOWS.  a  re    Lately     Occupied by   John  ompso'ri," complete with  counter  fixtures. .  Rent $15 per month, Apply to  RUSSELL SIMPSON  r^aBSSESSESSSESsaasassES  ave you tried  NABOB TEA?  Best 50c. Ceylon Tea in the  Market  [orrison's, Ladysmith, 1. .C.  WILLIAMS   BLOCK.'      -   - ' ��������� TBLHP-ONfi  8-7  Nutritious,  Refreshing  Invigorating  LARGE BOTTLES  SI,25  BLMR AND IDiM.  'FM������NB   2-4        PH������N������  U.  1st Class Candidates!       2nd class candidates I       3rd class  candidates  Mining act and Special  Rules  Mine Gases  Ventilation  General  Work  Mining Machinery  Surveying.       Mining act and Special. Rules  Mine  Gases  Ventilation  General Work ,  Mining act and  cial   Ruh'S  Mine Gases aad  General Work  Spe-  K and at L������dy������milh Hardware Ccmpany  L V> YSniTtt IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.  by    the  Applications; must be made to the undersigned,  accompanied  statutory fee, as follows:  By an  applicant for l^irst and Second Class Examination ......... $10.00  By an  applicant  for  Third'Class 'Examination       '.  ...      5 .Oil  The applications must be accompanied by 'testimonials '< r urtiPf-d  ���������opies thereof, (a) If acandi.'alp for First Class, that- he -s a'Piiti.sh  subject'and has had a.t least five yea.rs'expericnce in or'about the practical  working     of a coal  mine,  and is 'at   leant  25 ��������� years  of  age.  (fc.)  If a,candidate for    '.���������jcoiid Class,  that he .has had   at  least  years' experience in or about t'ie practical  working  of a ccal  mine.  '(c). If a candidate for Third  Class,   that'he has had  at least   :  years'  experience in   or about  the practical  working of  a coal  nii-ic.  By order of the Board,  ... FRANCIS.'H.. SHEPHERD  ���������  Secretary.  Nanaimo, B. C, September 30th,   1905.  Ivt  .e������  TO POULTRY FARir^^v  i OO-ACRE FARM NEAR LADYSMITH  Five acres cleared and cultivated, four roomed house  five Poultry Houses, 5oo Laying Hens, one Plough,  Clover Cutter; Axes, Hammers, Saws and Tools >f ev-���������������  cry deicription, two Spray Pumps, ^20 w .>.��������� th o,  Blasting Powder, Wire Netting six feet high covering t  3 1-2. acres, a 1-2 Tons Hay, $30 worth New Laths..  ?ifle, Shot Gun and two good Sail Boats.  $45o;Cash and $750 on flortgage  .-.:"���������'    J.STEWART,    '  P. O. Box 268. Ladysmith        ���������������������������!���������   Phone


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